Vacation to Mexico Ch. 03

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To the literary purists — This is a short story specifically designed to fit on one page. As such, there is no character development and no witty dialogue. I am not writing the next great novel. To everyone else, I hope you enjoy.

Recap of the story to here — Husband and wife go on vacation to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico, where they happen to run into the wife’s old flame. At this point, two nights of debauchery have ensued.


The alarm screeched me awake to an empty bed. It was time to get ready for the tour and my wife was nowhere to be seen. Well, she has made her bed and I guess she has decided to sleep in it. I stumble to the bathroom, relieve myself and turn the refreshing water on in the shower. This is an extended shower, soothing my muscles and washing me clean. As I am about to finish with the shampoo, my last act in the shower, the shower door pops open and the woman who was semi-comatose last night bounces in, revealing my crusted deposit high between her tits and clearly matted pubic hair. Again this morning, a little too giddy. She backs me up, planting another pussy flavored kiss on my lips. I let her know I am done with the shower and she can have it, exiting to finish getting ready for the tour.

I hear the shower shut off and the whine of the hair dryer. At least she is making an attempt to get ready for the tour. I have tossed on a loose fitting shirt over the top of cargo shorts, my best safari look. She has gone with a minimal amount of makeup and left her hair almost natural. She realizes she will be wearing a hat almost all day and there is little reason to do more with it. She throws on a sports bra, loose fitting top and cargo shorts as well. We put on our heavy socks and sturdy hiking shoes, pick up our backpacks and head down to the main lodge to catch the tour bus. We leave the 1,000 pound gorilla behind.

We go over the itinerary and the optional hikes to the top of the pyramids. We decide on some things we definitely want to do and agree there are some things that may interest us if we aren’t too tired and it isn’t too hot. The trip is fairly short, about 45 minutes, the shuttle is air conditioned, the scenery is lush and tropical. We pulled into a crude parking area in a clearing, I suppose to maintain the integrity of the site. It was going to be a little hike to the temple. We step out of the bus and the heat and humidity hit us. This is going to be an exhausting challenge.

We wander with the other twenty or so visitors down a narrow path to the ruins. When we arrive, we are on our own to explore, with one of the options to climb the exterior stairs and enter the temple. This was one of the things on our to-do list and we felt it best to accomplish while we were relatively fresh. While we started up, most of the others decided to just wander at the base and take photos. It wasn’t a fun trek, but the view from the top was worth the time. We entered the room at the top and were greeted by shade and a cool indoor space. It was a sacrificial altar room, with a large stone table. I got my wife to lie down on it, assuring her it was safe as they only sacrificed virgins. I started to perform my version of an ancient ceremony, ultimately lowering my cargoes and stroking my cock. I told her she better raise her shirt and expose her stomach and a couple strokes later I sent several ropes of cum onto her midsection. We now hear other voices and I quickly wipe her off with my hand and she pulls her shirt back down. I duck behind the altar, hitch up my cargoes and we act like nothing has happened. As we exit, we hear someone comment that it stills smells like sex after all these centuries. We can’t help but chuckle.

Several photos from the top, more back on the ground, some of them involving public exposure and it ateşli gaziantep escort was time to reboard the shuttle for the ride back to the resort. About halfways back, in the middle of the jungle, we hear a blowout and a rear tire comes apart. Now this is not the kind of vehicle you just jack up and change the tire, this requires professional help. And we are in nowhere Mexico. The driver contacts his dispatcher and they will send the next available shuttle to pick us up, should be about an hour. Not a serious issue for me, as the resort has provided a cooler filled with adult beverages for the trip. Concern clouds my wife’s face and I tell her that we are safe, not to worry. She tells me she is not worried and then it hits me, she has made another “accidental” dinner meeting and we aren’t going to make it. Long story short, it takes an hour and a half for the shuttle to arrive and another 25 minutes back to the resort.

We disembark the shuttle and head over to our bungalow. Between the climb, the heat and the humidity, I am seriously sweaty and tired, but also starving. I get ready to take a shower, but my wife has beaten me in there. It’s OK, we’re going nowhere until she does her face and hair, so she usually goes first. I take a quick and refreshing shower as she primps. I slip into some casual clothes and check on her progress. It’s going to be awhile and she asks me to go reserve a table and she’ll meet me in the Tiki bar. I won’t turn that down and walk the short distance to the restaurant, cautiously looking around for the table with her ex-lover. I make the reservation for two and head to the Tiki bar for a frozen margarita. I take the drink and wander a short distance to the beach. I see her approach and start back, then stop and watch. She is stunning in a little black dress, hair and makeup perfect. Quite a change from her plain jane look of this afternoon. As soon as she sits down, the sharks start to circle her. I watch in amusement to see her reaction. While she giggles at some of the things they are saying, she is fidgeting and looking around for me. I stride back up the steps, apologize for wandering off and tell her our reservation should be ready.

We wolfed our food down, me because I was starving, her because she was in an obvious hurry to be somewhere. I’d be willing now to go back and take a nap. Did I mention I’m not as young as I used to be? Someone has other ideas and is in no mood to let that LBD go unnoticed. Off to dance again. This time I am determined to get my fair share of dances with her whether she likes it or not. Fortunately it is a swing band playing and we dance well to that. She searches for her posse and locates them near the dance floor. She grabs my hand and drags me to the table, but something has changed, there are four people sitting there. The new addition is an attractive young blond, about 110#, maybe a 34B, in an extremely low cut white dress, exposing a lot of cleavage and most of her back. If she is going to join in, this may be a game changer.

Now, I have been a more than willing participant in the proceedings so far. As long as I can keep my emotions out of it, there have been some fun times. In the last two days, I’ve seen and done things that I never believed would happen to me and seen a side of my wife that she has ALWAYS denied and I never imagined in my wildest dreams. It will be interesting to see where my wife chooses to sit as her choices are her ex-lover’s wife or their son. I also get a vibe that the dynamics of the group have changed with the young blonde’s addition.

The band starts to play again and as usual, I get the first couple dances. We work our way through some of swing steps, realizing we have become a little rusty. We come ateşli gaziantep escort bayan back to the table and she is clearly expecting to be asked to dance by one of the other men, but no offer is forthcoming. As the saying goes “She is all dressed up with no place to go.” Even the conversation is awkward. This is killing her and she takes me back to the dance floor. This is more like the vacation I thought we booked.

But, lo and behold, as we return to the table, her ex-lover asks her for a spin on the dance floor. This apparently opens the floodgates, as the young couple follows them out. As I am left with his wife and we aren’t even sitting together, it makes sense to join the dance floor as well. She is actually quite good and we manage to perform some stunts. During a break between songs she asks if we are still coming over again tonight. I am mildly stunned as the atmosphere has been so cool at the table. I stammer a reply about how it looks like they have the bedrooms filled. Her reply is that it’s fine, they have a little change planned for this evening and leaves it at that.

We danced through another set, changing partners occasionally, much more subdued than the last two nights. I got a few twirls with the young blond and had some visuals of her nipples burned into my brain during a few of the routines. Of course the four of them were wearing down, having arrived to dance quite awhile before us. We decided to call it a night at the dance club and headed again to their bungalow, walking as couples.

Arriving, there was no stampede to the bedroom like last night, just leisurely drinks in their living room. That is when his wife announced the format for the evening. She called it performance sex. Each couple would be expected to have sex in front of the other two couples! She invited everyone to refresh their beverages and then the youngest would go first. That meant that at least we would be last. Her husband spread a blanket on the carpet and turned the music on.

The son and his blond walked to the blanket, she shrugged both her shoulders and her dress puddled around her ankles. The son pulled his shirt over his head, dropped his shorts and they stood naked facing each other. She took a step toward him, put her arms around his neck, lifted herself up and wrapped her legs around him. He lined his cock up, dropped her slightly, impaling her on his cock. They fucked this way for awhile, then he laid her down on the blanket and went to work. She was trying to squirm, but he pretty much had her pinned underneath him. Her breathing became ragged and she started to cum. He kept pounding until she was finished, rolled her over and took her doggy style. A dozen good hard thrusts later and he deposited his load into her.

My wife’s ex and his spouse were up next and had already stripped out of their clothes. They started missionary and the wife must have been very ready as she came almost immediately. He pulled out, moved between her tits, allowing us to see the view of his cock as it grew towards orgasm. Just before he came, he moved up and fed his wife his throbbing penis. She took it into her mouth and he painted her tonsils. She swallowed while stroking him lovingly to milk the last drops out of him and into her mouth.

They left the “stage” and we were on. While my wife moved to the blanket and did a slow striptease to show off her LBD, I stood off to the side and quietly shed my garb. She slowly slid the zipper down, seductively slipping out of her dress. There she stood in another lace push-up and for tonight, a tiny lace thong. I crawled over to her for effect and removed the thong with my teeth. As long as I was right there, I decided to attack her clit. She lasted awhile, ateşli escort gaziantep then started to shake and dropped to her knees and kissed me. I laid her back down and again went after her clit, only this time I penetrated her with first one, then two fingers. She was bucking against my hand and my tongue and begged me to fuck her. I obliged and slid my stiff cock into her slippery passage. She came quickly. Before she could react, I rolled her over and positioned the head of cock at her ass. It was slick with her juices and I drip pre-cum like a leaky faucet, so lubrication was not an issue. I heard a mumbled protest, but she had given this to her ex-lover last night and I was not going to be denied. I went gently, but persistently. There were some unintelligible words coming from her mouth. I started to ram my meat in as far as it would go, picking up the pace. I could feel that I was swelling, pulled my cock out and sent ropes of cum onto her lower back. Act 3 was over and the stage was empty.

We took a break and I went to wash myself off, realizing somebody might be turned off with where my cock had just been. As I was finishing up, in walked his wife in search of mouthwash for the same reason as I was in there. Before she had a chance I was kissing her, exploring her mouth with my tongue. I’m not even sure why I did it, it just seemed to happen. I told her I hoped we had a chance to get together again tonight and left their bathroom.

Back in the living room, I got a refill on my drink and surveyed the room. The only one with any clothes on was my wife with her push-up bra. It was a good look for her as the support accentuates her curves. Shortly his wife returns and my wife’s ex announces that round two will commence, this time with the women picking the men. I try to imagine the pairings, believing the son will not have his mother and that the husband will not have his daughter-in-law. That would leave my wife to service them both and me in the position to have both his wife and the young blond.

The naked blond walks straight to me, straddles me and drops down on my pole. I had long ago forgotten what young pussy felt like. I am in heaven. She starts to bounce, I try to control her by grabbing her hips, to no avail. She is possessed, in control, positioning her clit for maximum contact. I’m hard, but not coming anytime soon. She hops off, turns and jumps back on reverse cowgirl. I reach around and cup her tits, rolling her nipples between my fingers. That seems to be the answer for her and shortly she is screaming out her orgasm. She slips off and curls up with her husband.

Before I get much of a chance to savor the experience, I feel lips on my cock and a leg is thrown over my head, presenting me with a dripping snatch. I dive right in, knowing her husband came in her mouth and all these juices belong to her. She does have a very experienced oral technique and I can feel the pressure build in my balls. I increase my efforts on her clit, getting a couple fingers involved stroking her G spot and another couple up her ass. She starts to buck and that is my cue to fill her mouth as she unexpectedly squirts into my mouth. I am spent.

This leaves my wife and the other two men, her ex-lover and his son. The situation sets up similar to last night, with positions reversed. Again, her ex lies on his back, but this time she rides him cowgirl. He fondles her tits through her bra before pulling her down and kissing her. This leaves her ass up in the air and the son wastes no time in taking advantage of the situation. I wish I had been thinking clearer earlier and instead of the money shot on her back, had filled her with my cum to use as additional lubrication. He eases into her ass, which has at least been opened up by my earlier thrusts. They establish a rhythm, moving in sync with each other. I sense her hitting her “hurry up and finish” mode which drives the men over the top and as they unload in her, she rides her own wave of bliss. They untangle and she snuggles up to me.

It’s time to leave. We are exhausted. We toss on our clothes, say our goodbyes and head back to the sanity that is our bungalow. How has this gotten so out of control?

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