Unauthorized Entry

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Anna Bell

Not long after I turned eighteen, I was out with some friends. We were driving past the local county jail which we had done many times before, but we’d had a few drinks and I was pretty loosened up and I told my friend Jenny to pull the car over. Recently, I had begun having fantasies about being arrested: cuffed, controlled, locked up.

“What’s up,” said Jenny as she did as I asked.

I opened the door and got out of the car and Jenny, Nicole, and Lisa followed. We walked up to the gate at the side of the facility.

“I’ve always been curious about this place,” I said.

“Curious about what,” asked Lisa. “It’s a jail.”

I’d never told them about my secret fantasy.

“You know,” I replied. “About what goes on in these places.”

“People are, like, locked up,” Nicole said.

“You’ve never fantasized about being in a place like this,” I asked, as if it was completely natural.

“Um, no,” said Nicole, giggling.

“I’m going to see if I can get a closer look,” I said as I started climbing the chain-link fence.

“Angie, are you nuts,” said Jenny, the only one of us who hadn’t been drinking as she grabbed me and pulled me back down before I could get anywhere.

“What,” I asked. “I just want to get a little closer and see if I can see any of the cells.”

I pulled myself back up onto the fence and climbed up and over. I was able to make it over the spiked wires on top of the fence with only a few minor scratches on my hands and legs due to my nimble and flexible body.

“Are you fucking crazy,” Lisa said as I started looking around and making my way closer to the building.

These places are no joke when it comes to security, even local county jails. I managed to just make it to the building before there were two officers literally tackling me, pulling my arms behind my back, handcuffing me, and screaming at me.

“What the fuck are you doing here,” the one who appeared to be in charge asked me.

They didn’t really seem interested in an answer though as they pulled me to my feet and forced me forward, walking me around to the front of the building where I was led inside. I was tossed into what, I assumed from tv shows, was an interrogation room. I was left handcuffed behind my back and sat down in a chair at a table. The officers who had caught me left the room and I was forced to sit with my hands cuffed behind me.

I knew this was no fantasy, no joke, but I couldn’t help but feel that twinge of arousal.

It was thirty minutes before someone came into the room. He sat down at the table across from me. Another man in uniform entered with him and closed the door and stood at the side of the room.

“Hello, Miss,” he said. “I’m the Chief Administrator, here, Mark Klein. What’s your name?”

“Angie Munro,” I replied quietly.

“And how old are you?”


“Well, Ms. Munro, would you explain exactly what you were doing climbing over the fence outside?”

I shrugged.

“I just wanted to, you know, check the place out,” I said.

“Check the place out,” he repeated as a question. “You realize this is a jail, correct?”

I nodded.

“What exactly were you trying to check out?”

I shrugged again.

“I was just curious. I’ve always been curious about these places.”

“Curious about canlı bahis şirketaleri jail?”

I knew explaining myself would just sound stupid and weird, so I continued to shrug.

“Ms. Munro, do you realize that what you did is a felony?”

I shook my head.


“It is. It’s called unauthorized entry of a correctional facility.”

“I mean, I guess I knew I shouldn’t do it, but I didn’t think it was a big deal.”

“It’s a very big deal. You could actually end up in jail for it. For up to a year.”

My eyes went wide as I looked at him.

“So, maybe you should tell me exactly what it is you were doing entering the grounds.”

I had to decide if I wanted to embarrass myself by telling him the truth. I was silent for a few moments as he sat there staring at me.

“Alright,” he said, “we’ll just file the charges and let a judge make a determination.”

He stood up and began walking for the door.

“I’m just sort of turned on by the whole thing,” I blurted out.

He sat back down.

“Turned on?” he said.

“Like, I fantasize about begin frisked, cuffed, locked in a cell. Even those orange uniforms are a turn on for me. God, this is so embarrassing.”

The other officer in the room had a smirk on his face. And it looked like the front of his pants was even bulging.

“Wow,” said Mark. “That’s…that’s a new one. I haven’t…I mean, I know there are people where bondage and control is a fetish, but I’ve never heard of someone actually trying to break into a jail to satisfy it.”

If my hands hadn’t been cuffed behind me, I would have buried my face in them out of complete humiliation.

“You do realize that jail isn’t actually a porn video, right?”

“Yes,” I said in an embarrassed voice.

“Maybe the best thing to do would be to let you spend a couple of days here, see what it’s actually like.”

I didn’t answer. Mainly because, even given the circumstances, I was still aroused by the idea of spending a couple of nights locked in a cell.

“Vince,” said Mark, turning to the other officer, “why don’t you get Angie here situated, turn her over to a female officer, let Angie understand that jail is a very real and a very scary place.”

“Yes, sir,” said Vince as he walked over to me, took me by the arm, and walked me out of the room.

He led me down the hall and into a private room. Stacks of orange uniforms lined the shelves.

“Aren’t you supposed to take me to a female officer,” I asked him.

“Well, based on what you described in there, I thought maybe you’d be more comfortable with me.”

I gulped.

“So, like…you’d be the one frisking me and…getting me changed.”

He nodded.

I looked at him. He was young, muscular, and incredibly handsome. The thought of his hands all over me made me tingle. I wondered if him hearing my confession in the other room was making him comfortable enough to take advantage of me.


He didn’t give me a chance to say anything. He aggressively spun me around and pressed me up against the wall and I felt his hands on me, patting me down, feeling me up through my clothes. His hands were on my chest and I felt my nipples stiffen. His hands moved downward below my waist and one hand slid up each of my thighs and groping canlı kaçak iddaa me through my panties.

I felt him release the handcuffs from my wrists and turn me around to face him.

“I need you to strip, Angie. All of your clothes off, except for your panties.”

I nodded, wondering if my fantasy was actually about to be fulfilled. I unbuttoned my blouse and slid it off, dropping it do the floor. I slid my skirt away from my waist letting it fall down with my blouse. I stepped out of my shoes and then reached around and unhooked my bra and slid the straps off of my shoulders. I stood wearing only a pair of purple thong panties. There was a noticeable damp patch right in the front.

Vince went to the shelves and retrieved an orange shirt, matching pants, and a pair of grey canvas shoes for me. He handed them to me. I quietly put them on and then he stood behind me and pulled my arms behind my back and handcuffed me again. He led me out of the room and then through a secure door and down a corridor of cells. I looked around nervously. Several cells were occupied by other women.

“We have four wings, here,” Vince told me. “Men’s Lockup, Women’s Lockup, Men’s Inmates, Women’s Inmates. The lockup wings are for those who have not yet been convicted but are awaiting trial, charges, or bail. The Inmates wings are for those who have been convicted and sentenced. This is the Women’s Lockup wing.”

He ushered me into an empty cell, removed the cuffs from my wrists, and closed the door locking me in. I turned around and stepped to the bars.

“Is it what you thought it would be,” he asked, a sly grin in his face.

I gave a sheepish smile.

“Well, I guess I was hoping I would…”

I let my voice trail off figuring he knew what I was trying to say. I could see the bulge in his pants and figured he was hoping for the same thing.

“We’ll see about that,” he said, the same sly grin on his face. “Right now what Mr. Klein wants, and what you seemed to want, was to for you to get an idea of what jail is like. So, you’ll just have to wait in a cell for a little while.”

He turned and walked down the hall and I couldn’t keep myself from grinning. I went and laid down on the cot in the dimly lit cell and let my thoughts take over. I was living out my fantasy right now and chances were I was going to get fucked by that sexy guard later on as well.

It wasn’t long before I found myself touching myself through the thin fabric of the cotton pants. I closed my eyes and thought about where I was, letting words associated with the situation run through my head: handcuffs, jail, arrest, prisoner, inmate, naughty. Even the words were enough to make me feel tingly and I was already wet from everything that had happened so far.

I had expected that Vince would come back that night, but the night went on and I was left alone in my cell. I drifted off to sleep and the next day arrived. I was taken to the cafeteria for meal times throughout the day and no one seemed to know the circumstances of why I was here.

After dinner, I was back in my cell again and, despite the arousal and excitement, I completely understood why being in here long-term would not be a lot of fun. Boredom set in.

Finally, around eight-o’clock, Vince appeared at the cell door.

“Not canlı kaçak bahis exactly a picnic, is it,” he asked.

I grinned. Since I was still hoping to have him fuck me, I wanted to keep up appearances.

“It’s not so bad,” I replied.

He chuckled.

“Step to the bars, back to me, and place your hands behind your back,” he told me.

I did as I was told and I felt the handcuffs lock around my wrists. He then opened the cell door and led me out of the cell and back down the hall. He walked me into a private room out of the presence of the other prisoners.

“So, if I understood you correctly,” he said, “you wanted to get fucked like this, right?”

I gulped and nodded, my heart pounding.

He backed me up against a table, my hands pinned behind me by the cuffs, and he pulled my pants and my panties away from my waist. He knelt down in front of me and with his hands on my thighs, he pressed his lips to my cunt and I felt his togue slide inside of me. I threw my head back in pleasure as I felt him eating me and I closed my hips around his head. The excitement of my situation already had me well ready and I quickly had my first orgasm. He continued pleasuring me orally for ten minutes before he stood up and he turned me around so that I was bent over the table.

I heard him undo his pants and drop them to the floor. I felt has dick pressed against the crack of my ass. I breathed deeply, waiting for him.

His foot kicked my ankles apart, spreading my legs wider and almost immediately I felt him penetrate me, his dick sliding into my pussy which was already wet and ready for him. I let out a squeal of pleasure as I felt him throbbing inside of me, my wrists tightly held together by the handcuffs. As best I could, I returned his thrusts, pushing myself back against him.

Being handcuffed, I was essentially forced to let him do all of the work, with the exception of the small thrusts I was able to return. I stood, bent over the table, moaning in pleasure as I felt his hands move over every part of me. My body was still covered by the orange shirt but the material was thin enough that I could feel his hands through it. Then his fingers were on my clit, rubbing, and I could barely catch my breath. I felt myself climax intensely almost immediately and I screamed out in pleasure. I felt my cum squirt out of me, dripping down my thighs, landing on both the table and the floor.

He pulled out and turned me back over, sitting me up on the table. He lifted one of my legs up in the air and I was absolutely breathless as he continued to fuck me, his dick pulsating deep within my slit. I climaxed again and as I did I felt a steady flow of cum rush out of him and deep into my insides.

He pulled out and I tried to catch my breath, the experience of three powerful orgasms having exhausted me. I smiled up at Vince, a smile that was a mix of satisfied and hoping for more.

“That was fucking unbelievable,” I said as my breathing finally began returning to normal.

“I kind of feel like you shouldn’t have been rewarded for breaking in here,” he said with a smile.

“I won’t tell if you won’t.”

He grinned and leaned down and kissed my lips. I could still taste my juices on his lips.

“So, what happens now?” I said.

“Now, you spend a couple of more nights here and then we’ll let you go home with a stern warning.”

I giggled.

“Do you think when I leave I might be allowed to keep this uniform,” I asked.

“Only if I get to keep your panties,” he replied.

I grinned.


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Mum’s Dementia Ch. 01

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Hi, I’ve disabled comments. This is meant to be fun, and the shitty comments and trolling are tedious. I hope that you enjoy it.


Jack was sitting on the balcony of his Penthouse; he was sipping a Chablis as he watched the sun disappear into the sea. He had a fantastic sea view. Jack was forty, single but active. He had a law and an accountancy degree. For ten years, he had worked in the City as a high powered trader. He had made millions. He had an extensive property portfolio which enabled him to live very comfortably. Six months ago, his parents had separated; Jack’s mum, Jill, had asked Jack if she could live with him. She told him that she wash and cook for him. She had beautiful foresight; she even said that she would be very discreet when he was entertaining ladies.

Jack was so happy as his mum was an excellent cook and housekeeper. Jack had many valuable antiques in his apartment; it would have worried him if an outsider was involved in cleaning them. Mum then joined him on the balcony; mum loved her wine too. They then sat and talked there and finished the bottle. Jack got a shock as mum couldn’t remember where they had lunch last Sunday. She also seemed a little confused about what day it was. Jack thought that it might have been the wine as they had finished two bottles between them that evening.

They were both going to bed early. Jack phoned Bill, his doctor; he told him what had happened and asked if mum could have dementia. Bill replied, “Jack, I’m seeing a patient in your apartment block at nine tomorrow morning. I should be with you say nine-ten, make me a cup of tea but make sure I have got the chance to have an informal chat with your mum. I’ll say that I wanted to talk with you about the surgery that I rent from you.”

Jack was pleased that he had phoned Bill. Bill arrived at five past nine. They all sat in the kitchen drinking tea which mum had made. Fate played its hand, Jack’s phone rang, it was a wrong number, but it allowed Bill to have a long chat with mum. Fifteen minutes later, Jack heard Bill moving; Jack went into the kitchen then Bill said, “That was wonderful; Jill and I had a great chat. Jill hasn’t had a Medical for over five years. She is going to come to the surgery at twelve. Jack, I’ll talk to you later about the other surgery; thanks so much for the tea.”

After he had left, mum said, “Bill is a first-class doctor, silly me hasn’t had a Medical for so long. He’s going to give me a full medical at twelve; I had better have a bath now, so I’m bright and shiny for it.”

Jack was relieved when mum said this; she still knew what she was doing. Mum went for her Medical; she came home an hour and a half later. She was delighted. She told Jack that she had her blood taken and every test imaginable. Mum was happy that she had gone. Mum needed to go to the butcher for this evenings meal. Five minutes after she left Jack’s mobile rang, it was Bill, he said, “Jack, canlı bahis your mum’s very healthy but she’s got early dementia, can you come to the surgery as I have got a few papers which can give you advice. My best advice is to change her diet and make sure that she has plenty of exercise.”

“Bill, thank you, I’ll come now. Can I cope, or would it be better if I put her in a care home?”

“Jack, that’s why I want you to read these papers. If you put her into a care home, she’ll be dead within two years. She’s lucky to have you. Physically she is in excellent condition for a sixty-five-year-old. She’s a body that a fifty-year-old would love. Come now, and I can spend some time with you.”

Jack went immediately to Bill’s surgery. Bill spent forty-five minutes telling him what to expect. Mum’s short term memory was going apart from things she really liked. Bill told him if she took her clothes off or walked around in her underwear, then not telling her off but telling her she would look lovely in a dressing gown. Then Bill said, “Your mum lost her little dog over a year ago; she misses the affection she had with her dog. Jack, try and give your mum as much affection as you can. I think that her little dog was a big thing in her life, she misses that.”

Bill told Jack to expect his mum sometimes to use vulgar language or talk dirty. She may even want to masturbate in front of you. Never get angry when she does these things, as that will make her worse. Tell her it’s better if she does it in the privacy of her bedroom. Bill also warned him that she might become very sexually active but not chastise or be angry with her. Allow her to do it in the privacy of her bedroom. Bill then said, “Jack, as I said, your mum has a wonderful body, she was also wearing some very erotic lingerie, I complimented on how good she looked. She then told me that she hoped that she would still be able to give a man pleasure one day. Jack, you must be careful that she doesn’t start to kiss and touch strangers sexually as that could be a big problem.”

Jack was shocked. He then asked, “How do I react if mum comes on heavy to me?”

“That will probably happen. If you feel that it’s because she loves you, then that’s good. If it’s just for sex, then that’s not so good. Jack, your mother, is in the twilight of her life. You’re all she’s got. There’s the incest question to be asked. I’ve experienced many cases like this. I believe that if it’s consensual, then you can give your mum a great end to her life. I know a woman of eighty-four who still has regular sex with her son. He’s in his sixties; I now need to give him viagra sothat he can keep her satisfied.”

Bill finished by saying that mum’s hygiene needed to be watched. She must keep herself clean and shower at least three times a week. Bill told Jack to give mum as much affection as he could. To hug and cuddle her at every opportunity. To kiss as often as he could. To make her feel bahis siteleri wanted and loved. If mum ever did something wrong, never discipline her. To do that would make mum so depressive. Jack thanked Bill then left.

There was a wine bar close to Bill’s surgery. Jack went in and studied the information sheets Bill had given him. They were very comprehensive; Jack still Googled a couple of things. Jack was so happy that he’d phoned Bill last night. Jack loved his mum throughout his life; she’d been wonderful to him, she’d always put him first. Jack would look after her for as long as he could. Then he would employ staff to live in the Penthouse to look after her. He would spend every penny he had to do this. Now he would go home and hug and kiss her at every opportunity.

Jack got home, mum wasn’t there, but he checked his phone, he had a message from mum it read, “I phoned the butcher, I’ve bought three full filets of beef, they were on special and have been hung on the bone for four weeks. He is going to Vacuum Pack them, two eight-ounce filets in each pack; the freezer will be full. I also got a session at the beauty salon. I was a bit embarrassed at Dr Bill’s this morning. I’ll be home around five. Pity, it’s such a shit day, or we could have had a barbecue tonight. Be a darling and peel the potatoes for me. All my love, mum xx.”

Jack had a tear in his eye as he started to peel the potatoes. When mum came home, the potatoes were peeled, the mushrooms and onions were also ready. Mum was impressed; Jack was standing beside her as she put god knows how many Vacuum Packs in the freezer. She hugged Jack; he hugged her back. They were looking into each other’s eyes when mum said, “I’m glad Dr Bill came this morning. I will go every year now. He told me to eat more vegetables. I want to be healthy. When do you want to eat, darling? I didn’t have any lunch today.”

“Let’s eat now, mum; I am glad that it went well. You are looking beautiful.”

Their mouths met, mum’s tongue was swirling inside Jack’s mouth, they had never tongue kissed before, Jack was enjoying it. Mum said, “You open the wine, darling, and I’ll get started though you have done all the preparative work. Let mummy give you a big kiss for that.”

This time as they kissed, mum was pulling Jack so close to her. Mum’s tongue once again was deep inside Jack’s mouth. Jack could feel the weight of mum’s massive melons on his chest. He also felt her pushing her pussy against his leg. They kissed for several minutes. It all seemed so natural. Mum said, “Do you like how I kiss Jack? I love to kiss and cuddle. It is very important for me. I’ve missed not doing it for years now. It feels so good when we kiss.”

As Jack got the wine, he thought that mum couldn’t have said that better. He felt the same way. They generally chatted as mum fried the steaks. Mum’s coordination was excellent; Jack was starting to think what a dreadful affliction dementia bahis şirketleri was. Mum had changed into a top and leggings before she started cooking. She had an apron on. Her massive tits were jiggling as she moved. Jack, who usually would be watching television, was sitting in the kitchen sipping wine and talking to her.

Then mum said, “Jack, Dr Bill is an excellent doctor. He checked my prostate. It is over ten years since that was done. It’s crucial to have that done. I couldn’t believe it as he slid his finger up my ass. He was wearing surgical gloves and had lubed his finger. Everything was good. Then he slid a finger up my pussy. I was so wet. He kept both fingers in for around a minute, checking everything that he could. Everything was perfect. I enjoyed what he was doing. Don’t ask why my pussy was wet. He had been feeling my tits for five minutes before he checked my prostate.”

Jack couldn’t help himself; he started to laugh, then mum started laughing too. Jack said, “Mum, I love your style. Please always be as honest with me. I will always be honest with you.”

Mum came over and hugged Jack. They tongue kissed then she turned the steaks. Mum then said, “I got so embarrassed when I stripped naked. My pussy was just a big hairy mess. It looked disgusting. I had let it go to the dogs. Nobody is looking at or even interested in my pussy. When I left the doctors, I went to the beauty salon. They shaved my pussy for me. It feels so much better now. Jack, could you find out what the best men’s flexible headed razor is and get me one with some extra blades? I could use yours if you allowed me?”

Mum had such a beautiful look on her face, as he went to top up their glasses, he hugged her, they tongue kissed again, but this time Jack was feeling mum’s massive left tit. They kissed lovingly. Mum was pushing her pussy hard against Jack’s leg, then Jack said, “Mum, I’ve no problem with that. You can use my razor, the foam that I use has no alcohol in it, and there’s also Aloe Vera in it. That should help keep everything soft and smooth.”

It was so relaxed and natural. Mum then kissed Jack passionately, then said, “Thank you for allowing me that. It says so much. I would do the same for you. Jack, I like it soft on the outside, but I love something hard inside.”

As they kissed, Jack knew that he could look after his mum. He must find ways to slow down her dementia. They then ate, the steaks melted in their mouths. Jack said, “Mum, these steaks are delicious. We have plenty of room in the freezer. We should buy some more. How is that butchers sausages?”

“Jack, great minds think alike, I was thinking the same today, but I didn’t buy any. I will phone in the morning; I’ll buy their sirloins and T-bone as well as their sausages. The steaks are beautiful.”

It was too cold to sit on the balcony. Before they went into the lounge, mum said, “Jack, when we’re alone in the house, I’d like to dress a bit more casually. I like to wear lingerie, today I bought some gorgeous lingerie. I also bought some beautiful negligees, is it ok if I put one on when we sit in the lounge? They are see-through, but I feel so comfortable in them.”

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Vacation Pt. 01

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Margo and I have been married for a little over five years now. As with most married couples our love life has cooled a bit from that sex-crazed first few years. I’ve been relying more and more on porn to satisfy my sexual urges. I’ve watched my tastes in porn migrate from the mundane guy on girl vanilla porn to more and more exotic genres. I’ve gotten into more things like glory holes and forced bi kind of stuff. Not that I have any desire to experiment with another man, but for some reason the idea of sucking a cock has become a more central part of my porn leanings. I have kept my porn and masturbation activities from Margo as I am not sure that she would understand nor accept them.

Lately I have had the feeling that maybe she is cheating on me. I don’t have any direct evidence, but her demeanor in bed has become a little more aggressive and frequent. She would occasionally initiate sex, but lately it’s like she can’t get enough and she has jumped me more than ever.

It was her idea for us to take a vacation to an expensive luxury tropical island resort. She said that we needed to get away from it all and go where no one knew us and we could just cut loose. The resort had a small private island about 100 yards offshore that had a small beach hidden from view of the resort.

It was known for nude sunbathing. We decided to paddle out to check it out. When we got to the secluded beach there was only one person there, an attractive man lying naked on his stomach.

As we came into his view he looked up and greeted us with a smile. “I was wondering if I was going to be the only one here today. Welcome.” He gave a look at my wife that sort of gave me the indication that they had met before. He nonchalantly rolled onto his side facing us to expose a cock that was bigger soft than mine is erect. He simply smiled at us and said “hi, I’m William. You do know it’s rude to be clothed here when others are naked right?”

My wife just looked at me, smiled and took off her suit, and got down on the blanket next to him.

When she reached out and grabbed his cock I shouted “what are you doing??”

“Relax, we are on vacation and no one knows us here and William so nicely invited us. Why don’t you join us?”

Next thing I know I am naked lying next to her watching illegal bahis while she strokes his growing cock. I was in shock when she gets between his legs and leans in to start licking the head of his cock

I can’t believe what I am seeing. She has been faithful to me throughout our marriage and always a bit of a prude yet here she was sucking a complete stranger’s cock right in front of me!

“Oh honey, this is amazing. Come here and feel how hard this thing is.” She reached over and pulled me closer and placed my hand on his cock. I held it while she went back to sucking it.

I was in a trance as I started to jack him in rhythm to her head bobs. His cock really was amazing.

“You’ve got to taste this” as she pushed my head towards William’s monster. The world was spinning as I felt like I was watching the three of us from above and not really part of what was happening on the blanket. I instinctively opened my mouth as she guided it past my lips. Now it was her turn to stroke it while she pushed my head deeper onto his shaft with her other hand.

I started to get into a rhythm bobbing up and down, trying to get a little further with each down stroke. Soon I could feel his cock getting even harder and then he moaned and grabbed the back of my head

Even though I knew what was coming, I was surprised by how much cum erupted into my mouth.

“Don’t swallow honey, I want to share”

After we finished sharing his sweet cum I realized what I had just done and jumped up in embarrassment

I had never wanted to give another man a blowjob but I got so caught up in the moment that I did it without even thinking. Now all kinds of thoughts raced through my head: Am I gay? Did I subconsciously want to do that?

“It’s OK honey, I am so turned on that you just did that. That was the hottest thing I ever saw.” I noticed that she had his still erect cock in her hand and was slowly stroking it

When she climbed on top of him and guided it into her pussy I just couldn’t believe it.

Through this whole thing William hadn’t said anything.

He told her “Spin around”, and to me, “get down there and lick her clit and my balls”. When I hesitated he stared me in the eyes and said “NOW!”

I did as I was told

I alternated between her pussy and his illegal bahis siteleri cock and balls, tasting their combined flavors. When he was close, he pulled out and said “I want to cum in your mouth again”

I immediately plunged my mouth down on his cock as he erupted another huge blast of cum.

“Show me before you swallow it. I want to see you play with it”. Like a little puppy dog trying to please his master I did what I was told.

When we were finished he stood up and put on his swim trunks and before he got in the water to head back to the resrt he told us “OK, I like you two. That was fun. If you’re up for it we can make this trip even more memorable for you. For the rest of your stay here you will both do whatever I tell you and be ready for me whenever I wish. Are you game?”

We both looked at each other and mindlessly nodded in agreement as he swam back.

That night as were ready to go to bed we had a long talk about what happened that day. My wife asked me how I felt about it and I told her I was both ashamed and embarrassed but that it also turned me on more than I would have expected. She said “that makes sense. I kind of expected that”. Her response made me think, but I just left it.

The next day we went around like typical tourists enjoying all the things the resort had to offer. We never saw William.

Right after dinner when we returned to our room we found a note that had been slipped under the door. “Come to my room at 10:00. The door will be open. Strip naked and Michael, you sit silently on the chair. Margo will wait on her knees facing you. When I enter neither one of you will speak. Be prompt.”

Of course we showed up at exactly 10:00 and did as instructed. We waited for what felt like hours but was probably only ten minutes before William arrived. Without saying anything, he walked over to us, pulled his cock out of his pants and shoved it into my mouth. He told Margo to start sucking my cock at the same time.

What an incredible feeling to have my mouth stuffed with his marvelous cock while mine was being sucked by my loving wife.

It wasn’t long before I felt those familiar stirrings and I knew I was about to cum. Just then without warning William grabbed my head and held it still as he began to fill my mouth. As canlı bahis siteleri the first jet pumped into my mouth I tensed and started to do the same.

It was the most intense orgasm I ever had.

“Margo, give Michael a kiss and share all of his load so he has both of them in his mouth. Michael, you are to hold it in your mouth until I tell you that you can swallow. You may play with it if you wish,”

“OK Margo, now get me hard so I can fuck you.” She did as she was told. They fucked for quite a while as I sat there mesmerized with a mouthful of cum.

When he was ready to cum he called me over and placed the head of his dick in my mouth and pumped out another load.

“OK, now you can swallow. Make sure not to spill any.”

When I had gulped down the cum, Margo got up and called for room service. When she sat back down William looked at her and said, “What do you think Margo, did we make him a cocksucker?”

WHAT??!! Have I just been set up? WTF is going on? Margo saw the look of astonishment on my face and started to explain what was going on. “Honey, I love you madly but our sex life has been a little stale lately. One day a few months ago I was looking for a website on your laptop and I came across your browser history. It took me a while to process all the gay blowjob porn that you have been viewing. I met William around that time and we had immediate chemistry and we started to have an affair. I don’t want to leave you and I hope that you feel the same. When I shared your viewing habits with him he suggested that maybe we should give you a safe way to experiment to see if it was something that you would try in real life and not just in fantasy. Well, I think we all know how that turned out.” “So William, I think his training is almost complete.”

Just then there was a knock on the door. I started to get up to get dressed but William commanded me to stay where I was. When the waiter came in Margo told him that she had a very special tip for him. She guided him over to stand in front of me (I was still on my knees), unzipped him and pulled out his cock.

“OK honey, show us what you learned.”

Without hesitation I pulled his growing cock into my mouth and got to work. It wasn’t long before he cried out and flooded my mouth with a large, sweet creamy load of cum.

As the waiter left (very happy might I add) Margo turned to William and said, “Yeah looks like we made him into a great little cocksucker, although he obviously really wanted it as he is a natural.”

“So, what’s next?”

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The Asslicker

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During this pandemic and the stay-at-home orders, I remember the other time I was at home and could not leave for a while. This story is 100% true and it happened approximately 18 years ago. I remember it clearly because I was cleaning out some old photo albums and I happened to see some photos of long-ago friends and ex-coworkers. If you read on you’ll know why I titled this story the ASS LICKER. Here is what happened.

I was in a minor fender bender accident. At my job, we used our cars to run errands and keep in touch with our clients in the community. It was a non-profit agency so using our cars was no big deal as we would get reimbursed for any mileage we put in. It was part of a larger non-profit and after working there for four years we all knew each other pretty well. In any event, I was in a fender bender, was taken to the hospital, put in a neck brace but released a few hours later. My car was driven by a co-worker and he parked it in the parking lot where I always kept it. I was sore and doctors told me to stay home for a few days. As it turned out it was longer than that because I needed to see a chiropractor twice a week. I lived alone so I had to take a cab to/from the doctor’s office. The agency reimbursed me for part of my expense.

The day after the accident I received a call from Human Resources about filling out some paperwork. The lady who called (i’ll call illegal bahis her Cathy) told me she’ll be happy to bring the papers over for me to sign. Remember this is going back when faxes were ancient and forget about cell phones. They didn’t exist. I had met Cathy a few times during luncheons and office parties. She was a cute lady about 6 to 8 years older than me. I was surprised by her offer but didn’t think nothing of it. In fact, she had done the same for a few other people in our department. She had my address so I just gave her directions. Cathy was married and had a son who she brought to parties. Her husband also worked at the agency but I don’t recall in what capacity.

Cathy was punctual and arrived before noon. She actually brought chicken soup for me. I was surprised by that gesture. I signed the papers, and she put them away in her purse. She complimented me on my apartment and how neat it was. We eventually sat on the couch and she asked if I had a girlfriend who cared for me and kept the place clean. I said no I was not seeing anyone, which was true at the time. With that, Cathy gave me a big smile and placed her left hand on my thigh caressing it slowly. She told me about a great chiropractor she knew and he can help me out with no out-of-pocket cost. I forgot what she said afterward since her hand was slowly inching to my crotch area. I remember I had shorts illegal bahis siteleri and a tank top as it was warm in the apartment. Having Cathy caress me made me hotter than ever.

We eventually kissed while I put my arm around her. Her hand was well into my shorts and was searching for my dick. She found it and also caressed it lightly. The next few minutes were insanely hot. She told me to take her to my bedroom. I led the way and pulled off my shorts and tank top. Cathy was wearing a dress and she slowly pulled it off being careful not to wrinkle it and laid it on the dresser. She asked to make a call and told the person on the other line to pick up her son from the bus stop…this was getting good.

She laid on her back and asked me to caress her gently. I did as she asked and she put her hands above her head. She had great floppy tits and a super wet hairy pussy. I’m not too crazy about hairy pussies but what the hell, if it’s offered I’m taking it. As I was caressing her pussy she spread her legs and I bent down to lick it. Cathy had other plans in mind. She pulled one of my legs over her head and positioned herself in a 69 position. I thought I would get a nice blow but no…Cathy was interested in something else…now you’ll understand why I titled this the ASSLICKER.

Cathy reached up to my ass cheeks, spread them as wide as she could, and gave me the best canlı bahis siteleri ass licking I’ve had to that point. I’m not talking about little licks and done…i’m talking about spreading the cheeks, finding my asshole, and using her tongue to lick as deep as humanly possible. She wanted to taste my asshole regardless of whether I had to take a shower or not. She was on fire and moaned as loud as she could into my asshole. She pulled me down onto her and I squatted on her face. It was heavenly. I’ve never had my ass licked like that up to that point. Remembering it makes my dick hard. I looked at her pussy and Cathy was having contractions as she licked my ass clean. There was nothing I could do but enjoy it. I eventually started touching her pussy and the licking got even more serious. I fingered Cathy to several strong orgasms. She reached around and began jerking on my dick while continuing to lick my asshole. She was insatible. I thought I would smother her and tried to adjust myself but she did not let me go. If anything she seemed more determined to lick as much as she could. It seemed like an eternity before I was ready to explode and I did all over the tits and stomach. I stayed in that position for about 10 minutes more with Cathy licking away. I reluctantly got off of her as she spread my come all over her tits and pussy while having another orgasm.

This was our first but not our last encounter. Cathy licked my ass on many occasions in my apartment, at work, it didn’t matter to her. She just enjoyed licking ass. She wasn’t bad at sucking dick either, but that’s another story.

I want a good ass licking now…

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Hawaiian Sexcapades

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Angel and I have been online friends for years sharing our deepest and most intimate thoughts as well as things of interest in our daily lives.

We decided to meet in person for an adventure in The Philippines. The adventure ended up being so amazing with steamy sex and escapades that had so many twists, turns and surprises that we decided to write about it. We had such a great time on our first adventure in the Philippines that we decided to do an annual adventure.

This is a story about our second adventure in Hawaii. Some of the chapters are written by Angel with her point of view and others are written by me. When you read them, you’ll be able to tell the difference.

We hope you enjoy our naughty adventures in Hawaii and share it with your friends. Please leave us a comment because we would love to hear from you!

Finally, all characters in this story are over 18 years of age and we would like to thank erotoscribe for editing assistance.


Angel and Carl

Part 1 – DREAM

I was laying on the sand staring up at the stars; warm sea water lapping at my feet. I feel hands I know all too well moving up my legs… my hips… moving to my breasts, gently kneading, pinching my nipples. I moan, relishing the touch, arching into those hands, eyes searching for an anchor. His face comes into focus near mine, breath against my lips.

“Hey cutie!” he says with a lazy smile.

“Hi Sunshine”, I say back.

I raise my head to give him a kiss. He gently lays on top of me. We were surprised to find ourselves naked right on the beach.

“Are we still in the Philippines?” I asked.

“Maybe”, he playfully replied.

We kissed and embraced tightly. He then held my hands above my head, opening my legs as I knew what was coming and I feel his cock nudge against the opening of my pussy. He pushed inside me balls deep…

And I wake with a start, finding myself back in my bedroom in my own house, alone, save for the purring of my cats fast asleep on my bed. My sheets kicked back, night dress hitched up, straps falling from my shoulders as I sat up, heart beating fast. It was a dream and it felt so real. I shake my head, it was still dark out but I doubt if I could get back to sleep.

Weeks after our adventure with Carl in beautiful Palawan, Philippines, and I still dream about it, think about it. It was the most fun I’ve had in the shortest amount of time, it seemed, with a man who was physically a stranger to me until we decided to just go for it and meet.

We had the most daring liberating encounters that we would’ve never imagined we could do, I blush just thinking about it. We had sex on the beach, sex on boulders, we’ve tried out every nook and cranny of our bedroom and bathroom. We tried anal with an audience, debauchery at every turn, swinging with another couple. Outside those encounters we had great talks, drinks, and quality time in between.

I reached for my phone to check the time, and as if on cue, the phone vibrates and Carl’s message pops up.

“Awake already?”, he asked. It was only 4 a.m. Philippine time.

I replied “yes, I doubt if I can still go back to sleep”.

The phone rings and I pick up. Carl is back in his time zone, the afternoon sun streaming through his window. I, on the other hand, am still sitting in the dark.

“I still think of our time together”, Carl said.

I replied, “Go figure. I just dreamt about us naked on the sand. Are we going insane?” We both laughed.

Carl’s face turned a little serious, and he said “I meant what I said before. I want us to meet on an annual adventure.”

I replied “Okay, I’m open to it, but I need advanced notice so I can plan it better; vacation leave, visa, etc. I don’t want my bosses holding a hunger strike” and we both laughed.

“Where are we headed?” I asked.

Carl said “What do you think about Hawaii? It’s tropical, we can do more frolicking on the beach, a different place, different people?”

I replied that Hawaii sounds perfect and it’s not too far of a flight for both of us.

I have been to Hawaii before as a little girl, and only remember Pearl Harbor and not much else. I thought it would be exciting to see it through an adult’s eyes. Carl has been there in the different islands various times and he seems to love the place. Also, it is not as overpoweringly warm as in the Philippines, so I won’t be complaining as much.

We decided to plan the trip for November, when it’s not too hot and not too cold, and it seemed to be the slowest time for tourists to come. It would be perfect for us to avoid the crowds.

I asked if we could do it mid-November. Carl can escape the winter in Seattle for a couple weeks, and I can finish my important meetings at work before the year closes.

I am excited and giddy all over again. I resisted the urge to pack a suitcase right away, telling myself I am better at packing last minute anyway. I wonder what adventures we’d get into this time.

Part güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri 2 – ANTICIPATION

Sometimes, I have difficulties focusing on work. I find myself daydreaming and going back to that indescribable adventure that I had with Angel in the Philippines. I think about the hot, steamy sex that Angel and I had on secluded beaches, at our resort or on the boat that we booked for a few days. I think about the scary time we had when we were kidnapped on the beach and forced to participate in a public sex ritual. I think about how we awkwardly met Jay and Lina while Angel and I were messing around on the beach.

The four of us became great friends, having many adventures as a foursome. I think about going to the karaoke place with Jay and Lina and the escapades that went on while we were there. I think about being held by pirates for ransom and how lucky I was that the pirates were found right away.

Some of our adventures were so scary that I prefer not to even think about them. I just can’t get the indescribably fun events, a vast majority, out of my head. I think about them in detail and it’s hard to keep focused on other important things.

We had a lot of freedom in the Philippines and could do just about anything that we wanted. We could walk for miles on the beach in the nude. There were days that we never put any clothes on.

We drank a lot, swam a lot, messed around a lot, slept under the stars, watched beautiful sunrises and sunsets, kayaked, snorkeled, jet skied. You name it, we did it. I have never had such a fun getaway in my life.

Angel and I had discussed doing an annual adventure and I couldn’t get this off my mind. We had just talked about doing our next adventure in Hawaii in November. Now I would be joyfully consumed with planning out our trip. I was so very much looking forward to it!

I was also feeling a bit distressed about our next adventure. How could we possibly have as much fun? Would we still click like we did on the first adventure? Would Angel think that I’m boring on the second adventure?

I had to do some good planning to make sure that this one would be just as exciting. There are so many islands from which to choose in Hawaii. I wanted to make sure to experience great scenic spots, the nightlife, great bars and restaurants, the culture as well as find some secluded beaches and islands. I was also wondering if Jay and Lina might want to join us for a few days. We were still in contact with them from time to time and they kept telling us how amazing our time together was. We wanted to see them again sometime.

I’ll consume myself later about all of this. Right now I need to get back to work or at least try.


It was finally here! The big day that I had been looking forward to for a year. My Uber ride was on its way to take me to the airport. I was scrambling around trying to pack the last things in my carry-on suitcase.

This extra stress was punishment for procrastinating too long as I usually did when packing. Angel always said that underwear was always the most important thing, so I made sure to pack plenty.

My Uber arrived and took me to the airport.

I went through security and walked to my gate. My flight was down to the wire and I barely made it on time. They had already started boarding the plane.

Soon I was in my seat on the plane that was going to Maui. I was glad that this was a five and a half hour flight. I had been on much longer flights to The Philippines, Asia, Europe and I could surely handle this much shorter one.

I planned to meet Angel at the airport in Maui. We tried to synchronize our flights as best we could. My flight was supposed to arrive about an hour before Angel’s. Providing she was able to get through her airport with no delays and her plane left on time. It should work out fine.

Soon, the plane was in the air and headed towards Maui. My heart had definitely kicked up with excitement. I was going to meet Angel in person once again and I had a hard time containing myself.

Angel had an incredibly cute face, long dark hair, and pretty eyes.

I also felt some insecurities about meeting her again. Would she like me as much? Would she have as much fun? Would we click together like last time?

I was mad at myself for having these thoughts. My adult and rational self would discount my insecurities. It was like I was having a consciousness war with one side debating the other. Who would win the battle? Thankfully, my adult self generally ruled.

I plugged in my earphones and listened to some music. Soon I was getting drowsy and took a nap. When I woke up, we were getting close to Maui.

We landed and exited the plane down a ramp onto the airfield. The sky was deep blue, there was a slight breeze and I could feel the humidity. There was also a sweet tropical smell in the air.

We were directed towards the main terminal. I stopped at the gate to track Angel’s flight. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I found the gate for her flight and headed in that direction. It looked like the plane was going to be on time and would arrive within an hour. Hopefully she was on it.

I walked down to her gate and grabbed a seat. I checked my emails and some other information on my phone and the hour seemed to pass quickly. Soon Angel’s flight landed and I began to feel so many mixed feelings and emotions, mostly I was just very excited.

I knew that when I saw her again, everything would be okay and all of my insecurities would be laid to rest.

The passengers began to exit her plane. I nervously looked for Angel. Where was she?

After several passengers exited, there she was, just as I remembered her. I could see her overpowering smile beaming at me. I couldn’t wait for her to reach me so I rushed toward her. We gave each other a giant hug that lasted for a long time, and told each other how much we had missed each other. I knew right then, that everything would be fine.

My insecurities could go take a hike. We kissed each other deeply before deciding we’d better get moving.

We drove off in an Uber ride. Angel and I had so much to catch up on.

Before long, we pulled up to our resort and it was spectacular. It was right on a white sandy beach and had multiple swimming pools with swim up bars, restaurants and highly rated spa services.

We checked in and headed to our room. We had done a lot of planning for this getaway and so far, everything was turning out beyond my expectations.


The hotel was breathtaking. The climate was just right for me, not too hot and the breeze was pleasantly cool. I looked at Carl as we walked hand in hand towards our room. I saw him sweating and I giggled.

He pulled lightly at my hair, tipping my head back for another deep kiss.

We reached the end of the hall where we had our booked room and Carl opened the door with a flourish

“Tadaaa!” he said.

My breath caught in my throat. The view was spectacular.

It was a corner room with a wraparound terrace with floor to ceiling windows all around. To the right of the terrace was the beach and the ocean beyond. To the left were rolling mountains covered in lush vegetation.

We explored the room which had a spacious sitting area and kitchen, a very large bed in the bedroom and an extra-large hot tub inside the bathroom.

I glanced at Carl and he looked a little nervous and uneasy. I ran to him and gave him a big hug, looked up and kissed his frown away.

“It’s perfect, you thought of everything.” I said.

“Thank you. I love it, too” he replied.

He flashed his wide smile and lowered his head for more tongue dueling.

It was late afternoon and I moved to look out at the terrace facing the ocean. Our room was high enough for some privacy, but low enough to be able to hear the wave’s crash into the beach below.

I hear Carl tinkering with some glasses at the stocked bar and I called out “I hope it’s not tequila. A little early for that.”

He walked over and handed me a glass of wine and we clinked glasses.

“To more times like this…and to vanquishing insecurities!” Carl toasted.

I raised my eyebrows and he promised to tell me about it later.

I toasted “To quality time and safe adventures! No more kidnappings and men with guns!”, and we both laughed.

I turned around and looked at the horizon, taking in the fresh air. I feel Carl move and hug me from behind, letting me feel his very hard erection. I leaned back, head on his chest, rubbing my ass against his crotch. We could hear some faint music from somewhere below and we did a slow sway in time with it.

Carl’s hand moved to push the top of my strapless sundress down to expose my breasts. I gasped and tried to cover myself.

Carl said, “Let me”.

I feel both his warm hands cover my tits and squeeze them, rubbing against my erect nipples. I feel his mouth on my neck…kissing and lightly sucking, leaving red marks in its wake.

“Hands on the railing Angel” Carl commanded.

I dare not refuse. Carl lifted my dress to my waist, tore my panties off.

“No! Underwear is important when travelling! I’m going to run out!” I whine.

He laughs and says “You won’t be needing your panties tonight…and I can always buy you more.”

That got me really hot, and I lifted my ass in the air and swayed it in time with the slow music. Carl could see that my pussy was already visibly wet. He unzipped his pants and released his already hard cock, grabbed my hips, and entered my pussy in one thrust, going balls deep. I gasp, feel a little sting as it has been almost a year since he’s been inside me.

In an agonized tone, Carl says “I’m sorry, I’ve been waiting a year to be inside you. You feel so warm and wet and tight. I’m doing everything I can not to cum right away. Does it hurt?”

I güvenilir bahis şirketleri replied, “A little, but don’t stop. I want you balls deep inside me. It’s where you belong. Don’t wait! Fuck me, Carl!”

And he did, ferociously going deeper with every thrust until my pussy involuntarily contracted around his cock as I cum, my mouth open with incoherent mumblings.

I feel myself getting wetter, my pussy juice leaking out to wet Carl’s balls and drips down my thighs.

I pushed back against Carl, mindless with passion, unmindful that we were out in the open.

Carl’s hands moved back to cup my breasts, and he pushed in one last time, feeling him bump against my cervix as he cums inside me.

I felt pulse after pulse of cum inside me and I came again, forgetting to breathe for a few seconds.

Carl fixed my dress to cover my breasts, his cock still inside me, and rubbed his hands down my back to help me wind down.

He pulled out and I felt a little bit of a loss as his and my cum trickled down my thighs.

“I think I always want you inside me” I say.

He apologized as he cleaned me up with some damp towels.

I asked, “what for?”

Carl said he was selfish by being so fast and aggressive. For just taking.

I held his face in my hands, and told him I took as much as he did too.

I cleaned him up with some wet towels too, and suggested that he change his damp pants.

We both erupted in laughter.

The sun was just about to set, and we decided to use the time to clear our heads after our vigorous activity and explore the beach area and grab some dinner.


We held hands as we exited the room and headed to the lobby.

I was blushing the whole time. I still wore the strapless sundress that didn’t need any brassiere, and Carl had asked me not to put on any panties. I sputtered that it was indecent.

Carl said, “people won’t know.”

I countered that “he will!”

And he replied, “that knowledge makes my cock hard all over again.”

So I relent, after all, this is a vacation, a time to unwind and relax, and nobody will know how naughty we will be.

We walked down to the beach and found a beach bar that was laid back. Carl ordered a bottle of tequila, promising we would only drink half of it before dinner and the other half after. Crazy man.

We were enjoying our shots, watching the red sun go down over the ocean, while listening to the strums of the ukulele and the songs that the live performer was singing.

A waitress in a grass skirt came up to take our orders and we decided to share a Poke Bowl (cubes of raw fish marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil, with steamed rice and vegetables) and a Laulau (traditional Hawaiian dish of Pork wrapped in Taro leaves and cooked in an underground hot rock for hours.) The food was delicious and very filling.

“Ooomph. I ate so much I must have burped three times.” Carl said as we stood to do a little more walking after dinner.

“I must have burped six times, which means I ate more than you” I said, and we laughed.

“That was the tequila eating!” Carl managed to blurt out in between laughter, and we laughed so hard again that some people were looking at us funny.

We decided to walk towards the dock and sit there with our legs in the water, so we could see the lights in the nearby harbor without having to stray too far.

We brought the remaining half bottle of tequila with us and two bottles of water which I stashed in my tote.

I feel Carl’s hand on the small of my back as we walked, and I loved the feeling of warmth it gives off. I also lean and bump against him every so often.

“I love that I know you’re not wearing any underwear, and that you still have some of my cum inside you” Carl said.

I tell him he is insatiable and he counters that I am too.

We were taking swigs of the tequila as we walked and talked. We couldn’t stop drinking and talking!

Having been buzzed by the tequila, we sat on the dock and looked out into the water.

I handed him a bottle of water to drink, to minimize tomorrow’s very imminent hang over.

“I can’t believe we’re here! Like we actually made it” Carl said.

“I know!” I replied, “I didn’t think we could manage this again.”

I gave Carl a good look, and asked “What was that earlier in the hotel? For a while there you looked worried.”

“I was unsure and insecure as to whether you wanted to be with me again. Whether we’d have as much fun on an adventure the second time around. I was having those kinds of thoughts”, Carl replied.

I leaned my head against his shoulder and said “I was having those thoughts too. But I trust you enough that if you didn’t want to spend time with me, then you’d not have asked me to join you this time. Plain and simple as that. I will always want to spend time with you. It doesn’t have to be all fun and games, it doesn’t have to be always some kind of adventure. We can be both be boring couch potatoes and I’d still want to spend time with you. Hey, we’ve been going about our boring lives for years online and we’re still here talking to each other. I hope you know that.”

Carl gave my head a kiss and said he does. He saw the hickeys he made on my neck, and said he was getting hard again.

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Private Lessons Ch. 06

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7:10 pm, Volleyball Gymnasium. The next day.

A thundering boom echoed throughout the empty gym as Shani drilled another spike over the practice net. Her form was perfect, as usual, despite her mind being elsewhere.

Part of her was mad at the coach for getting her in trouble with Professor Mubarak. Part of her was mad at herself for putting herself in a position to get in trouble in the first place. I may have been a bit… overzealous. In her excitement to get tutored by Professor Mubarak she may or may not have forgotten about Volleyball practice. For almost two weeks. As the team’s captain. It’s not like they can’t survive without me. So what if I missed a few practices. Shouldn’t my grades be more important?

Another exemplary spike shakes the court as her thoughts shift to the moment when Professor Mubarak confronted her about her responsibilities. She had been ready to start another session of tutoring but instead was met with a scathing gaze. She had to withstand five minutes of being berated while staring at her hands folded in her lap and her cheeks burning in shame. She repeated “Sorry, Professor.” at the appropriate points and weathered the storm. The worst part was when Professor Mubarak said she was disappointed.

And so here she is. Doing “extra practice” for the next week and suspended from her tutoring sessions. This practice wasn’t exactly a punishment for her. It was well known that she usually stayed after practice to continue on her own. The real punishment was keeping her from seeing Professor Mubarak. She wasn’t exactly subtle with her doe eyes in their interactions. It’s not my fault she’s so perfect. Am I supposed to not admire her?

A third spike resounded through the gym. She hit a cross shot, aimed at the very corner of courts, just within the lines. She was showing off for no one. When she had a lot on her mind she practiced harder shots out of the hope that they would distract her. What did distract her was how the ball landed inches away from someone who stood just outside the lines.

She couldn’t mistake that blonde hair and short stature for anyone else. One Lacey Cambell stood at the edge of the court, glaring at her. Shani didn’t know exactly why she was here, but the obvious animosity towards her sparked her to return it in kind.

“What do you want, Lacey?” Shani called out across the court.

“You.” Lacey said back, barely audible. Cryptic response.

“Well obviously. What do you want from me?” Shani decided now was as good a time as any to end her practice. She ducked under the net and started walking towards Lacey’s side of the gym to collect the balls. She had collected two of the three and was wondering why she wasn’t responding when Shani turned and jumped, finding that Lacey had been standing behind her, holding the last one.

“Thank you.” Shani begrudgingly said the words. Their rivalry was no excuse for lack of manners, or so Professor Mubarak told her.

Lacey stayed silent and continued her glaring. Rude. Shani decided to ignore Lacey and finish cleaning up. All the while Lacey just watched her. Waiting for something it seemed. At some point it felt like the gaze had changed. From hate to hate mixed with something equally as intense. It made her skin crawl and she felt the heat of Lacey’s eyes on her body. Shani decided enough was enough when Lacey had followed her into the locker room.

Shani was walking to her locker when she snapped and turned on her heel. “What do you want, Lacey? Why are you following me?”

Lacey just sighed in what Shani interpreted as disappointment and shook her head. “I knew you were stupid, but are you also deaf?”

Anger welled up from within Shani. “What!?”

Lacey continued as if Shani hadn’t spoken. “I said I was here for you.”

Exasperated by the circles they were going in, Shani spread her arm out, in gesture to herself and the situation as a whole. “Well! I’m here. You’ve got my attention. What do you want?”

Lacey appeared to be equally fed up with the situation. Why is she fucking mad? If she explained herself properly then we wouldn’t be here. “You. “

“And what the fuck do you mean by that?!”

“And now you’ve lost your composure. Not very ladylike. Not that I expected much from you to begin with though.”
“Just shut up and explain yourself or leave!”

“Fine. Since you can’t seem to understand words with that thick skull of yours, maybe your eyes work.”

Enraged by her words, Shani opened her mouth to shoot an insult back but was paralyzed by what she saw. As she spoke, Lacey casually lifted up her skirt, revealing to Shani her erect penis. All of the anger was replaced by confusion and embarrassment. Shani quickly averted her eyes, finding a very interesting spot on the wall to look at.

“What are you doing!?” her composure wavered as she contemplated what was currently happening.

“Now do you understand, idiot?” The insult caused Shani to look back at Lacey for a second, canlı bahis şirketleri meeting her gaze before her eyes naturally drifted downward and the embarrassment returned and she looked away again.

“No. I don’t. Put that thing away!”

Lacey’s voice was condescending. “Why? From the stories you tell it’s not as if it’s the first time you’ve seen one. Not to mention all the glances you take whenever we are changing for an event.” She knows about those!? I mean, no this is different. Super different.

Defensive, she said. “It’s different when its one not attached to your sibling.”
Lacey’s voice suggested that this whole situation meant very little to her. She shrugged “Not like I would know.”
“And of course I would get … curious. It’s not like I have… one of those.” Shani could feel her cheeks get even darker. Why is this happening? And how is she so casual about all of this?

Lacey sighed again. “It’s a penis, you prude. A cock. A dick. A fuck stick. For god’s sake you’re a grown woman, act like one.”

“That still doesn’t explain why you are showing me yours!”

“And now we are back to this. You really are stupid. My penis is erect, correct?” Shani was too busy trying to ignore the penis in question to get mad at the insult. “Answer me!”

Something about her tone forced the answer out of her. “Yes.”

“And you know that when a penis is erect that means that the owner is usually in a state of sexual arousal, yes?”

Shani nodded.

“Then as I already stated several times before, I’m here for you. I. want. you.” Shani still couldn’t wrap her head around the situation.

“But- but why me specifically?”

Shani heard Lacey sigh again, but this time she heard a different sound along with it. It echoed throughout the locker room. Shani’s eyes whirled back to Lacey’s and was met with that gaze again. She looked annoyed… and hungry. Did she get closer? The noise had been Lacey taking a step. And then she took another.

Shani knew she could take Lacey in a physical altercation. She was over a full head taller and had at least thirty pounds of raw muscle on her. But all of those things meant nothing in the face of the strange phenomenon that was taking place before Shani’s very eyes.

Lacey was walking towards her, yet she hadn’t gotten any closer since the first step. Why? What’s happening? Shani couldn’t pry her eyes away from Lacey’s. They were so … intense. Everything else in the peripheral melted away until it was just her and those eyes. It made it all the stranger that despite walking, those eyes weren’t getting any closer.

The reason became all too apparent when she felt the cool touch of metal on her back. Am I touching a locker right now? A quick turn of her head confirmed her suspicions. How did I get over here? There was only one solution. Was I… walking backwards? She heard another step. The eyes were finally getting closer. Am I scared of her? That didn’t make sense. Lacey posed no threat to her whatsoever. What reason did she have to be scared of her?

Whatever the reason, the fact remained that the fear was there. Shani felt like Lacey was towering over her despite her small size. She felt like a deer, frozen in the bright glow of headlights. Or in the eyes of a dangerous predator. Her head had to shift downward when Lacey finally made it to her.

Lacey took the extra step that went from invading personal space to body to body contact and she pressed against her from the side.. Lacey put one hand on the lockers next to Shani. She could see clearly over Lacey’s head, but Shani felt like she was trapped. Shani tensed as she felt Lacey’s small chest through her blouse touch her through her own shirt and Laceys head leaned against one of her breasts. But those paled in comparison to the other sensation, a warm feeling on her thigh as Lacey pressed in close. There they stayed for a second or two, but to Shani, it might as well have been hours.

Lacey took a deep breath, her head being level with Shani’s breasts and near her armpit. “You smell.”

For some reason Shani felt the need to explain herself. To try to excuse her… transgression? “I just got done with practice.” Shani on the other hand could smell Lacey’s flowery perfume rising to her nostrils. A stark contrast to herself and the locker room.

“I didn’t say it was bad. Though it also isn’t entirely pleasant. It’s… tolerable. Barely. Like you.” Why did she feel a wave of relief come over her at being called tolerable? “To answer your previous question…” Shani flinched as she felt a hand touch her thigh. She got goosebumps as she felt the hand make slow circles on her sensitive flesh. “Despite your many, many, many…. many flaws, at the very least you have a physical allure.” Lacey’s hand gripped her flesh hard before going back to it’s gentle circles. Why did I just have the urge to thank her? I know I’m hot. In fact, why am I allowing this to begin with? Before she could interject, Lacey continued. canlı kaçak iddaa “I know Headmistress thinks so too.”

At that Shani gasped. And blushed harder. The hand traveled slightly upwards. “Professor Mubarak? She- she wouldn’t think of a student that way.” Would she?

Lacey let out a single laugh. A sound harshly contrasted to her previous, serious air. “I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I would know, she’s fucked me enough times.” She what?

Shani couldn’t believe it. She refused to believe it. Her idol was an upstanding woman. She always followed the rules and did what was right. She didn’t spend her time fornicating with students. Lacey seemed to pick up on her reluctance.

“Don’t believe me? Fine, I’ll prove it to you. Let me think… What was it you said? Oh yeah.” Her voice became an exaggerated version of Shani’s own. One dripping with adoration and fawning. “Because we’re both from Egypt. I respect you a lot and I think that you are a very good role model for girls everywhere, especially from the homeland.” Shani tensed again as she recognized the words.

“How-how do you know about that?”

“You know how you found my bag near the door and Headmistress said that I had left it there? That was only half true. I did leave it there, but I didn’t leave her office. In fact we were fucking up until you rudely interrupted us.” Why did she have the urge to apologize? “I was under the table, sucking her dick while you were gushing all over her. And thats not all. While she was talking to you I felt her get harder in my mouth. Proof that she likes you. And while she was looking at you she came nice and hard down my throat.” She didn’t feel Lacey’s hand start to travel further up.

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I know you have a pathetic crush on Headmistress. I also know you got suspended from your little tutoring sessions for your vain attempt to best me. And I can assume that you touch yourself every night to the thought of Headmistress.”

“Not every night-” She slapped a hand over her mouth. Why did I correct her?

“Close enough. I have a proposition for you… you.” That slip up finally brought to the forefront something she’s only passively noticed since Lacey showed up.

“Why don’t you use my name?”

Lacey for the first time broke character, growing flustered along with angry. Her words came out fast. “Because you barely matter! I’m better than you. I’m number one and you’re number two. No one ever remembers number two’s name.” Seeing that her words didn’t have the desired effect on Shani she added in a “Shut up!”

Is she threatened by me? Why? Then Shani turned her sights on herself. Wait why am I surprised? She should be threatened by me. I’m better than her and one of these days I’m going to prove it. Or so she told herself.

Lacey gathered her composure. “Anyway, I have a proposition for you. A chance for me to get back to my status quo, and for you to get what you can only dream of without me.” Shani was made all the more aware of their closeness when she felt the hand reach her hip and start toying with the waistband of her shorts. “It’s a win-win and honestly more than fair for someone like you.”

Shani tried to ignore how nice the hand feels as she breathes out her question. “And-and wh-what would that be?”

Lacey couldn’t exactly whisper in her ear, so she did the next best thing and went as low as possible while still being audible to Shani. “Because of recent… complications, Headmistress won’t fuck me again unless I bring in another student. I’m giving you the chance to be that other student.”

Shani still couldn’t believe everything Lacey was saying. This had to be some sort of sick joke. Some sadistic ploy to play with her emotions. But yet, some part of her wanted it to be true. “I don’t know Lacey.”

Another dry laugh. “Of course you don’t know. I thought we already established that there are many, many things you don’t know. That’s why I’m here. Because I know more than you.” Shani felt angry about the constant attacks but there was something else now. Something she couldn’t quite explain. The thought vanished entirely when she felt Lacey’s hand slide along her hip to her abdomen. Then without any preamble it shot down the front of her shorts.

Shani shuddered when she felt Lacey’s fingers slide over her folds.

“Oooooo, no panties. Looks like you are quite the little slut.”

Shani was distracted by the sensation of new fingers on her most sensitive parts. She may have experimented a few times, her and her friends kissing each other just to see how it would feel. But it never went farther than that. She didn’t think that another person’s touch would feel so good. She barely got out her response. “Am… am not. It’s just embarrassing to have everyone see my panty line at games.”

“And so instead of having everyone see the outline of your underwear, you just decide to not wear them. Seems pretty slutty to me.”

“What about canlı kaçak bahis you? Yo-you aren’t wearing any either.”

“Oh that’s simple. I am a slut. A slut for Headmistress. You, on the other hand, appear to be a slut for anyone lucky enough to get their hands on you. Surprised you aren’t dying of dehydration with how soaked you are.”

“It’s not my fault. Anyone would get we-aroused if somewhere where to start playing with them… down there.”

“For the love of-Anyone would get wet if you started playing with their pussy. Jesus, you must be the only slut in existence who’s embarrassed to talk her trade. Besides, you were already wet when my hand got here. You must have been thinking about how lucky you are that I’m being so nice to you.” Lacey’s hand slowed, teasing Shani’s petals and coaxing an involuntary moan from her.

“That I’m offering you the chance to get fucked by Headmistress. To suck her big, brown cock and feel it explode in your mouth. To feel her hold you tight as she fills you. Don’t pretend you don’t want it.” Shani knew that she couldn’t refute the statement. Not when Lacey’s fingers can feel how her quim quivered at every lewd suggestion.

“Or maybe. Maybe you were wet before that. Maybe you got wet when I showed you my throbbing, hard cock?” She felt her pussy throb at the accusation. Which meant that Lacey felt her pussy throb at the accusation. “Oooooo. That’s it isn’t it? This isn’t about Headmistress. You just saw any old penis and your whore body responded!” Lacey proved her point by rubbing her dick along Shani’s thigh, causing her pussy to shudder some more.

“I’m not a whore.” Shani whined. I probably look really convincing with her hand down my pants right now.

“I don’t know many people who aren’t whores who get turned on at being called one.”

“I don-“

“Oh please. Ever since I put my hand down here I could swear I was holding your heart, the way this thing throbs whenever I mention Headmistress, my dick, or your sluttiness.” She paused for a second.

Shani felt Lacey’s hands get bolder. The one on the wall curved inward to wrap around her waist. Or at least try, it didn’t quite make it all the way around given their difference in size but it was enough to press her harder against Lacey. The one in her pants inserted a finger. That finger quickly rooted around until it curled upwards and found her special spot. Then the thumb on that hand was none too shy about abusing her hard clit. The sudden increase in stimulation turned Shani’s legs to jelly and she leaned heavily on both the wall and Lacey to hold her up as devolved into a mess of moans.

Lacey’s voice brought her back to the present. “You hear that?” She contributed an additional finger to Shani’s snatch. Along with the finger came the louder, squelching noise that her pussy was making.

Shani rarely ever fingered herself internally because of that very noise. It always sounded too loud to her. She was paranoid that all of the rooms around her’s could hear it. Growing up in a house full of brothers, getting caught was not an option. Inside this empty locker room, to her ears it sounded like it echoed louder than ever.

“That’s the sound of your slutty pussy. It’s absolutely dripping. I bet you would just let anyone stick it in here. Anything just to stop this whore pussy from leaking all over the place.”
Shani tried to deny but could barely form words around the pleasure. “Stop… I don’t- ngh… Th-the noise…”

“Oh it’s too loud is it? Well then you should do something about that, seeing how it’s your body that’s making the noise. I think you like the noise. I think you like being called a whore. I think you like what I’m doing to you right now.” Lacey paused again, her mouth, not her hands. “Do you even know what I’m doing to you right now, dummy?”

Some small part of Shani’s brain told her to not give her the satisfaction. But the rest of it was curious to see where she was going. Even though it already assumed where it was going. Oh, god she’s right. I just want to hear her say it. “No.”

“Of course you don’t. Pay attention, slut I’m number one and you are beneath me. You don’t matter. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t even have a name. This whole thing? This locker room? This situation? You could have easily removed yourself from my grasp at any point. You could have easily beaten me up or simply ran away the second I touched you. Instead here you are, making whorish noises from your pussy and even whoreier moans from your mouth. You aren’t resisting because you don’t want to. It’s because you can’t. Because deep down inside, probably somewhere inside this gaping pussy, you know. You know I’m the top bitch and you’re just a side character. You know your place. And you love that I’m putting you in it right now.”

If Lacey kept talking, Shani sure as hell didn’t hear it. The rest of her bodily muscles followed her pussy’s example and seized up as the orgasm took control. The only thing she could feel was the pleasure radiating from her pussy as Lacey had not stopped her hand in the slightest, prolonging and heightening her cloud nine. She let out some noise in the form of a squeak that was meant to be a scream, but her throat muscles constricted.

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New Apartment and a New Deal Pt. 01

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This is my first story and is part of what I hope will be a very fund series. A bit of set up in this one so less sex, but don’t worry, plenty of that later on. Feedback welcome!


Claire was in trouble. Trying to get through college was hard enough, but she now was staring at an eviction notice that had been posted through the door of her and friend Lauren’s place. The two girls had both been trying to hold down waitressing jobs at a restaurant that recently went bust and they’d quickly fallen behind on their rent.

“What are we going to do?” Lauren asked, taking the notice out of Claire’s hands.

“What can we do? We’re going to have to find a new place to live where we don’t have to pay much if any rent!”

The next couple of days were spent apartment hunting but both girls struggled to find anything they could afford and in desperation Lauren told Claire she was so sorry but she’d decided to take the room her cousin had offered her, leaving Claire to find a place by herself.

This is what brought Claire to answer an ad she saw online. The ad read

‘Room available. Spacious room as part of apartment share with three college boys. Apartment comes with longue and fully equipped kitchen plus two bathrooms. Rent negotiable if terms can be agreed.’

The idea of living with three other college boys was not Claire’s idea of a good time. However the place did come with 2 bathrooms so maybe she could try and get one exclusively in this ‘negotiation’ the advert mentioned.


Bill opened the front door the next day to see a young college girl standing in front of him. The girl was short with long reddish hair. She was dressed in a vest and shirt combo with the buttons undone. He could clearly make out her decent sized chest and the edges of her bra poking through. The girl had completed the look with a pair of brown leather boots and some tight fitted jeans.

“Hi, I’m Claire.” The girl nervously said, “I messaged about the room you guys are advertising?”

“Of course,” Bill replied, “Come on in.” He gestured with a smile as he stood to one side allowing her into the apartment.

Once inside Claire walked through the entrance way straight into the living room where two more guys were sitting on a sofa watching TV.

“The blonde haired guy at the end there is Joe and the dude in hoodie is Shawn. Guys, this is Claire from the advert.”

After they’d all exchanged hello’s bill gave Claire a tour of the apartment. Claire had to admit, they made it hard to refuse. They’d left her the largest bedroom which clearly had previously been held by another girl with how it was decorated. Both bathrooms were a good size and one was right next to her room.

This made Claire even more nervous as she sat at the breakfast bench opposite the three young good looking guys following the tour.

“So what do you think of the place?” Joe asked as he passed out 4 bottles of beer to everyone (Must be a senior Claire thought).

“It is certainly very nice and I am tempted but I suppose I should say upfront I’m current in-between jobs so I might struggle with the rent for such a nice place.” Claire answered honestly.

“We can always come to terms on rent illegal bahis no problem, question is, are you interested in the room and do you think you could handle 3 guys”? Bill replied

Claire thought the phrasing of 3 guys was a little odd, but moved passed it to ask a couple more questions.

The guys all agreed they’d be happy to let her have a bathroom and said everyone was responsible for their own food and cleaning so it wouldn’t be a case where she would be expected to do it.

The three guys all seemed nice enough, no jocks which was a plus for Claire. So it was with hesitation she asked about terms and rent.

“Well, see here is the thing,” Bill began. Claire noticed all the boys had gone a little bashful and awkward, “The last roommate we had was also a college girl and well, she also ran into rent problems while living here.” Bill trailed off leaving Claire confused.

Shawn then added “She missed two months payment and couldn’t find a job. Trouble was the 4 us really got on well together and didn’t want her to leave so one night she proposed a new arrangement which worked out great and we now she has graduated and left we hoped to find someone who also fit into that arrangement.”

“What kind of arrangement?” Claire asked very cautiously, fearing she had an idea where this was going.

“Well, to put it in the terms she used, she put her body up as compensation for rent.” Bill answered. This was clearly awkward for the boys to say as they all stared at their feet. Claire couldn’t believe what she was hearing. However, she also found herself sipping more beer and asking more questions.

After 10 minutes of questions she had the story and what they were proposing. She would be their slut, their fuck toy, their entertainment! She would pay no rent and was still allowed the privacy of her own room, but otherwise she would be their plaything.

What scared and surprised Claire the most was that she still wasn’t heading for the door.

Claire considered herself fairly sexually adventurous with her previous partners. She’d never been with more than one person at once before, but she had a kinky side she liked to explore and push. That said, this was a whole new level.

Seeing she was torn Shawn jumped in

“You have to understand this is a mutual thing and about respected. Everything we do stays between us and no still means no. We want you to be happy living here and feel like it’s your home to.”

Claire liked his sentiment and they all seemed genuine but she was still leaning towards no she noticed something. She felt fire in her pussy. Her mind had wondered off into several different scenarios with these 3 boys and while her head was telling her to leave, the kinky devil in her had other plans.

This would also take care of her money problems for the rest of college. After a deep breath she answered

“If you swear this stays totally private, I still have my own space and if I’m not in the mood I can say no, then yes, I think we can have a deal.”

The boys all cheered and beamed at her.

“You won’t regret it.”

“This will be amazing.”

“Welcome to your new home”

They said one by one. They agreed Claire would move illegal bahis siteleri in Friday and there would be a special welcoming night to celebrate their new arrangement.


So here Claire was, moving boxes in Friday afternoon. The boys were all gentleman and helped her carry everything in and left her to unpack. They even brought her lunch as she unpacked.

At about 4 a note was handed to her by Bill before he left her alone again.

Claire open the note to find it was an invitation to a night of ‘getting to know the roommate’. The note told her to come looking her best and ready for a night of thrills and debauchery. She was also told to text the three of them with anything that was off the table/ a dislike to them before hand so there was awkwardness.

So this was the moment Claire thought, she was now committed. This meant she had to make a decision she’d be wrestling with all week. The decision to tamely go in and see how little she could get away with, or embrace her new life and see where it would lead her.

The answer came when she text the 3 boys a simply devil emoji and nothing else.


Shawn, Bill and Joe all sat in the living room with a beer each waiting for Claire. She had come out of her room 2 hours earlier in a dressing gown to grab a bottle of wine and get ready. She’d not come back out since.

“Do you think she is really going to go through with this?” Shawn asked

“I don’t know man, that text was certainly teasing, but she might chicken out at last minute.” Joe replied.

“Have faith guys,” Bill said looking at his phone as a text from Claire arrived asking if they were ready, “I think we’re all good.”

He replied yes and put on some music.

They heard the heels first. The boys all turned their heads to be greeted by what might have been the hottest thing they’d ever seen.

Claire had her hair up in a pony tail, her makeup done to reflect that of a porn star or stripper. Her outfit however, was where she really had them drooling already.

Black heals with stockings running up her shapely legs to meet a very short plaid skirt. This had braces and barely covered her pussy and ass. Claire’s toned midriff was on full display. Her breasts covered by a white shirt with a knot in. The dark red lace bra clearly visible through it.

Shawn was the first to notice the collar on Claire, clearly meant to set the mood. It simply read slut.

Claire strolled past the three of them on the sofa to stand legs apart and hands on hips in front of them in the middle of the room. She looked directly at each one of them in the eye, a sly smile on her face.

“So boys, do I meet with your expectations?” she asked

“My god you are the sexists woman I’ve ever seen.” Bill managed to say. The other two just nodded in agreement, taking it all in.

“You don’t think it’s too much do you?” Claire asked solely, slowing turning round to show off her backside.

“Perfect.” Was all she heard back.

“In that case, what happens now? How does this little dirty deal of yours work now? I’ve followed the instruction on the invite well I believe.” Claire said. She could feel how hot and wet her pussy was already. canlı bahis siteleri The wine had given her a little courage, but to tell the truth she couldn’t wait for these boys to use her however they wished.

Bill they surprised her by standing up and handing her 6 cards. Each card had a different sexual act written on it apart from the last one. It simply read, master wants.

“For your first night and make you comfy with us you can hand these out, whoever has the card will do what is on it. She will be one of the rare times where we’re not going to be pushy or dominant in any way.” Bill explained.

Claire was a little disappointed they weren’t jumping on her likes wolves, but reading through the cards again she had an idea.

“What does Master wants mean?” She asked

“Master wants means whoever has that card is fully in charge of everyone.” Joe replied.

Claire smiled. She threw the other 5 cards away and held up the master wants card.

“I didn’t come here to control 3 boys, I came here to be used by 3 men. So here is what is going to happen. 1 by 1 you will each come up here, get on your knees and make me cum. I will judge who then earns this. After that, I expect nothing but to be treated like a slut. Is that understood?”

The boys all nodded. Shawn then moved forward before the offers and knelt in front of Claire.

He lifted up her little skirt to reveal her soaked matching red lace thong. He pulled it to one side and dove straight in. Claire grabbed the top of his head for support and moaned. His tongue was so good, this boy knew what he was doing! Shawn would switch from licking at her folds to nibbling her clit slightly, diving Claire wild.

“ahhhhh” Was all she could say. It did not take long for her to cum, she was already so excited. Shawn slowly backed away, his face glistening with her juices.

Bill went next. He turned Claire around and bent her at the waste. He then stuck a finger in a wet pussy along with his tongue while also showing off her butt to the other 2. He took longer and was not as experienced, he did spend more time exploring the folds of her pussy though and occasionally his finger really would hit the spot. but Claire was cumming within minutes still.

Joe then stood up and walked over to Claire. She smiled at him as he kept her gaze walking up to her. He then slowly sank to his knees and began to tease her clit with his tongue. Claire moaned in pleasure and soon began to plead with him to do more.

“Please Joe, mmmhmmm, please eat my pussy.” This did the trick; Joe dove into her wet pussy. He also ran a finger along her soaked slit and then her Claire’s surprise, pushed it into her ass while her carried on licking. This sent Claire over the edge and soon she was cumming again.


It took Claire a few minutes to recover and come down. When she did she was met with three faces, all with her cum on them. She smirked, stood straight again. Deciding it was time for some real action she lifted the braces offer her shoulder and pushed her skirt to the floor. She then undid her shirt knot and threw the shirt away.

She stood in front of the boys in just her matching bra and soaked red lace thong, along with her heals and stockings. Well boys I guess it’s time for me to award the master card. She picked it up from the floor and looked at the three boys, I think it should be….

To be continued…

(Who do you think will win?)

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Ingrid’s Tit

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I’m a second year college student at my local community college. I’m on the football team. I get great grades. And I’m muscular and good looking. I’ve had a couple nice girlfriends, though not now.

But I don’t fit in. I used to stutter really bad though now I almost never do. It’s not about nerves – I’m actually very confident and happy with myself. It’s just the way my brain works.

The reason I don’t fit in is mostly because I’m really quiet. Not shy. I just don’t ever feel the need to fill every silent moment with talk.

In class, I rarely raise my hand. In social settings I like to watch. My past girlfriends liked me as the big strong silent type but eventually wanted more communication. And that’s ok. I’ll find someone who doesn’t need chatter.

I never dated Ingrid, she was an exchange student. She talked incessantly. She was nice on the eyes and many guys wanted to take her out.

She sat next to me in the cafeteria out of the blue one day. Girls like Ingrid always wanted something. Maybe she wanted my notes, maybe she wanted to be seen with me – to make someone jealous. Sometimes girls felt the need to break past the veneer; to get me to open up and talk. There is no veneer.

The cafeteria was crowded enough that no one would pay attention to any particular conversation. Still, Ingrid leaned close, whispering in my ear, because what she had to say was particularly secretive, “Can I watch you jerk off?”

Now this was new. Obviously she wanted something more, I just didn’t know what it was. I gave her an incredulous look. “I let you suck my tit if you do it.” I got the sense that this was a concession, that if I had agreed right away she wouldn’t have offered.

I’d practically memorized what she looked like in different outfits in class and the idea of sucking on her medium sized tits sounded good enough for me. But one had to be wary of an offer like that. With a less than fully committed smile I nodded.

She lived in the exchange student dorm which is where we met that evening. She invited me in, got me a glass of water, and asked me to sit on the couch, motioning for me to unzip. I liked that she didn’t ask me what I wanted to drink, or how I wanted this whole jacking off thing to go. Less small talk.

She was wearing a knit one piece dress that hugged her thin curves. Her ass was to die for.

Ingrid wasted no time. She pulled the neckline of her top down letting one beautiful perfectly shaped boob hang out. I had kinda hoped for both. But this was still real good. I had also hoped that she really intended for more to happen. I had a pocket full of condoms.

Rising up to her knees, she leaned her thighs against the throw pillow between us and fed a delicious pink nipple to my waiting lips. It was wonderful. It grew hard as I sucked and so did I.

I jerked with mellow strokes at first, building to a crescendo, at which point in time I dropped a big creamy load on my stomach. Ingrid’s hands clutched at my head to maintain her position with her tit between my lips and teeth.

I caught my breath, reaching for tissues I spotted there by the couch, I got one last look at her wonderful boob from less than three centimeters sway before it left me. Ingrid sat on her heels tucking her still wet boob back in its home.

Now would come the time when she would say what she wants. I could read her like a book. “Will you do it again for me?” I nodded my assent.

Ingrid got up, straightening the apartment. “Oh, Goody. That was fun. You thought it was fun, right?” She didn’t wait for an answer. “Tomorrow?”

I smiled, “But…”

I wasn’t the only one who could read. Ingrid cut me off, “You want more.” I nodded once. She went on, “I want more too.”

She picked up my wallet which had fallen on the floor, handing it to me, while ushering me out the door, she confirmed our plans while the latch clicked, “Tomorrow, more, while you jerk off.”

Her spectacular tit had me under her spell. Can you believe that just one solitary tit could make me such a slave?

I arrived freshly showered. Ingrid seemed nervous. She looked both ways down the hallway and pulled me in. Josh from the team was there. I didn’t know he knew Ingrid. Did she rope him in too?

I imagined a circle jerk with the two of us performing for Ingrid.

She brought us over to the couch where we both stood dumbly. Ingrid started to explain like a parent to a child, her English wasn’t that great, “Josh is my boyfriend. He wants nasty things so I found a solution. You get to jerk off again while you blew him.” Sensing my discomfort she added, “And you get to suck my tit again.

We were both nervous too now. The fact that we knew each other didn’t help. I wondered if Josh picked me for her “solution.” From the look on his face it kinda looked like he didn’t know about it.

I also wondered how she came to this idea. The way I figure it she hated giving blowjobs but he really wanted one. I was gonna canlı bahis şirketleri need a whole lot more than sucking on her tit.

I guessed if this was about her hating blowjobs. That therefore, I couldn’t ask her for a blowjob as her end of the deal.

I could ask to suckle on both her titties, but that wouldn’t really be enough either. Then it hit me. I knew what I wanted.

Ingrid took charge, “Ok boys, this is what you get. Strip!”

Josh objected, “This isn’t what I wanted. I wanted you to…

“And you’re to be getting one.” She cut him off. He didn’t look super happy but he accepted it.

Turning to me she said, “It would make me happy to see you jerk off again.”

I replied quickly, pointing to my phone, “On your face.” She looked horrified. I doubt she thought I would stand up to her. I’m quiet, not spineless. But the terms of our bargain needed to change and she knew it too.

Josh understood my words and gestures completely. A true compadre, he raised his hand for a high five which resounded joyously in the air, “Yea, man, get a video of doing it on her face!”

“Too much!” She complained.

I countered. “Gotta have video. To suck I need a lot.”

Josh echoed, “The vids non-negotiable, pay the man his dues.”

She considered this, knowing she had to give something. “You get video and tit. That’s it!”

It was Josh’s turn to complain, simply saying, “Naturally, he can’t suck a tit and a cock at the same time.”

Josh offered to her, “You kneel between his legs and give him a boob job then.” Given her choppy understanding of English he added gestures to clarify.

The gestures and the logic were inescapable, she gave in, “Video and boob-dick. That’s it!”

I took a long time trying to decide if a boob job was really worth sucking a cock for. I’d heard it was just like sucking an elbow. No big deal. Ingrid pushed up her boobs showing off her cleavage. I considered that the BJ would be over in seconds but the video would last forever.

In answer I dropped my pants and sat down on the couch with my legs spread. Ingrid set up her phone to take video then reluctantly got between my legs. Again she simply pulled her top below her breasts. The taught fabric held them up and framed them beautifully beyond fucking belief. Yea, it would be worth it.

Josh didn’t seem to know what to do with himself. Slowly he took off his clothes. I could see him struggling with how best we could do this.

Eventually he straddled my chest, (I had to scootch down a bit.) presenting a very shriveled dick to me. Even though I have one, I never considered how hairy a guy’s bush would be. But with it right there in your face you get a different perspective.

From down on the floor behind Josh, Ingrid shrieked, “Gawk! Butt-face. Butt-face.” I could see the tips of her painted fingers reach around his thighs as she pushed his butt away from her face. “Let’s get this over boys.”

One would imagine that Josh would be ready for his blowjob to start, but instead he told Ingrid, “You first. Get him hard.”

I could see between Josh’s legs. Gingerly she pushed on the sides of her boobs being careful not to touch my dick with her hands. Her jugs brushed up against my dick. They were amazingly soft. With my hand I rubbed my soft dick around on her tits.

She made all sorts of noises of displeasure as she tried to keep my gradually stiffening member away from her hands and face.

Meanwhile Josh’s wasn’t getting stiff at all. And it was still only inches from my face. It hung there limp and heavy, maybe six inches long. His balls hung there too. Quite low, with the left being lower. Overall his stuff looked a lot like mine. I can’t say I ever noticed mine smelling so masculine. It wasn’t a horrible smell. I just didn’t expect any smell at all.

I had my head tilted to the side, away from his menacing dick, and looking down so I could watch the titty-fuck before other things started for real. The sight of her plump titties wrapped around my cock was quite exciting.

Ingrid’s boobs were a little dewey which created friction. When our skin caught against each other’s I would occasionally wince. Additionally, it made it so I couldn’t slide between them sufficiently. I suggested, “Ingrid, it’s not gonna work unless you wet it. Make it slippery.” She grunted with obvious dissatisfaction.

I was sensing that Josh and Ingrid weren’t on the same page. Fortunately, he took my side, “Yea, Ingrid! It’s the only way.” Josh winked at me. “You gotta lick it.”

She threw up her hands saying something in German as she stood. When she came back she had a bottle of hand cream which she spread liberally on her tits, but not on my penis. Apparently, the little Prima Donna would never touch a man’s dick.

I did discover that boob jobs are much better with lube. I’d fucked both my previous girlfriend’s pussys and had blowjobs, but this was my first titty-fuck.

When I was fully canlı kaçak iddaa hard and pistoning nicely between her boobs she announced impatiently, “OK, Josh, do your dirty thing now.

Josh’s hands were on his hips, then he lifted them up as if to grab my head. Next, he rested then by his side – he just didn’t know what to do with his hands.

I took hold of his cock with my right hand. I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything with the same kind of squishiness. I mean I’ve touched mine. But another guys felt different somehow.

The thing was warm and alive. I glanced up nervously as if to say, “I’m holding your cock and it’s alright.” He didn’t see. Josh’s head was craned back to watch me sliding my dick between Ingrid’s full tits.

His cock rapidly rose to its full height. It filled my vision completely. I held my hand up to it, it was longer than my hand from wrist to fingertips. Did the odor change? I think it smelled more musky when hard. Not musky like a dead animal but musky like that back scent in cologne.

Did I mention that I’d heard a cock was like an elbow? Well it wasn’t. Like I said, at first it was squishy, but then it was both soft and hard. It was also kinda moist. I mean, elbows aren’t moist. It wasn’t wet, just definitely not dry.

I gave it a firm stroke from base to tip just like I like. Josh moaned and Ingrid told us to get on with it. I wasn’t at all ready to put it in my mouth. But I was absolutely ready to spend some time getting to know my new friend.

The head really flared out quite a bit, being significantly bigger than the straight tubular shaft. My head isn’t as big and mine gets thicker closer to the base.

I tried jerking it with a few fingers, with my whole hand, and with my other hand cupping his balls – just because I wanted to see what these different experiences were like.

Josh was watching me and when our eyes met I shrugged as if to ask him, “I guess we should get started?”

Josh rested one hand on my shoulder in a friendly gesture, answering verbally, “I’m good with whatever you want, Bud.” We smiled at each other as we heard Ingrid making all sorts of disgusted grunts and sighs. Then Josh mouthed silently to me, “Don’t cum fast.”

I gave a single nod of approval, mouthing back, “You too.” For better or for worse, here I was about to suck a cock, and I was asking my cocksman to take his time! But we had fun torturing Ingrid.

I bent his big cock down, pointing it at my mouth. I stared down the tip looking into the tiny hole. I’d never looked at a dick from this view before. It had been about a half hour since I’d arrived and honestly this was the very first moment that it dawned on me that another man’s cum was going to come out of a cock and go into me.

I considered calling this whole thing off. Screw Ingrid. Her breasts felt fantastic but I could always watch porn on my phone. Would the video she was presently making even be good enough?

Josh saw my hesitation too, “Craig, if we stop now I’ll never mention it again and no one”ll know. We can just go home…”

He was interrupted by a short string of foreign profanity from Ingrid, followed by her pitiful whining, “We can’t give up now. Look at me! Meine brüste are wrapped around this dork’s cock. There is lotion all over them and it’s getting all over my shirt. My knees hurt and I’m getting tired.” Her tone became more commanding, “You suck that cock and make it good, so, so, just make it good!”

“It’s OK Josh. I want to.” I lied at that moment. I felt bad for him and he was being such a good sport. The opposite of the blonde bitch girlfriend of his. “For us cocksuckers sucking cock is our favorite thing to do.”

It was everything we could do to keep from laughing. Imagine the sight, a big angry cock was pointed at my mouth, Josh was getting ready to stick his throbbing pole into my mouth, and instead of being lust-filled or serious, we were cracking up.

It helped ease the tension for me. I opened wide, preparing to swallow the beast. I made a failed attempt, then tried again. If you’ve ever read a story about sucking cock you know that this is the exact second when a drop of precum always appears on the end. However, you don’t always hear just how important that moment is. That is when things are just about to get meaningfully real.

I was not just going to only suck a mere elbow. It was going to feed me fluid from another guy’s balls. Cock-juice was going to actually touch my lips, my tongue.

Rather than engulf the hot, moist, aromatic club outright I kissed the tip, I suppose to avoid starting. That drop of cum was wet, and sticky, and it stretched when I pulled back from that perverted kiss. I needed it off my lips. I wanted to wipe it off but without thinking I licked my lips instead.

My feelings changed from realizing that I was tasting cum, to realizing that it strangely tasted good and sweet. I looked up from the red knob to Josh’s face and flashed my “It-tastes-good canlı kaçak bahis smile”. He smiled back just as enthusiastically, “You’re doing fine, Man.”

I thought about Ingrid’s distaste of cocks, it bewildered me. I tried to make eye contact with her too. To question why she didn’t like it. But I couldn’t connect. I couldn’t see her face at all down there. Though my leaky cock smashed between her jugs looked amazing.

My fear was gone. With a juicy French kiss I took half the head between my lips, exploring it with my tongue. I made a point of circling it and sticking it in the hole. I pictured my tongue going into the slit, scooping out precum, though of course nothing of the sort could happen.

Having a cockhead in my mouth was fantastic. The texture was smooth and firm, but with give. I needed to get more in me. I pushed up from my reclining position to impale myself as deeply as possible. It wouldn’t go; the sides were dry. Pulling off, I gathered up an ample amount of saliva then bathed the entire stick, running my tongue back and forth, around and under.

Screw Ingrid again, this was fun. It was made a hundred times more fun as I was listening intently to Josh’s appreciative noises and Ingrid’s various sounds of revulsion.

After wetting it, I returned to the task of getting it as deeply into myself as I could. It was considerably easier to swallow the sword now. I made it past the crown first try. It felt really cool when the ridge squeezed past my tight lips. I concentrated on how my lips first expanded while the pointy tip widened, then how they closed in again on the narrower shaft. It was fucking exciting!

I had about three inches in my mouth, but when I tried to go deeper, half reclining and scooted down like that, it was like doing crunches against gravity. I couldn’t rise up higher. No worries, Josh saw me struggling and helped out.

Josh started thrusting into me but started to lose his balance. To keep from falling he touched my head lightly, steadying himself. Josh apologised, “Sorry for holding your head, Dude, I’ll fall over otherwise.” Ingrid grunted her disapproval of our delay, I mumbled my approval of his head grabbing. Josh’s voice got high, “Really? It’s alright?” I nodded, causing his cock to bob along with my face. “Dude, you’re the best ever! Can I… can I, like, grab it hard?”

Shit! That sounded hot. I wanted to scream “Yes.” I nodded vigorously vocalizing, “Umph, uh mm rrghh.” By which I meant “Yes, fuck my face.”

He placed both hands on the sides of my face. My ex used to hold my head like that and gaze into my eyes and It felt good. It felt good to be held by Josh too.

He thrust his dick a little deeper. I saw him looking up at the ceiling while he did it and I knew it must have felt fucking fantastic.

He pulled out, then looking back at me and tightening his grip he pushed forward even more. I remembered that urge to drive all the way, just like when pounding a pussy. I wanted to let him drive into me. Putting my hands in his legs I helped him get deeper.

His big dick reached the back but there was still an inch and a half left to go. He started to pull out, to make another go of it. Instead of allowing that, I held onto his thighs tightly, pulling hard.

Josh understood but needed to ask. “Should I fuck it?” I nodded in earnest. He shifted his hands back behind my head further then tightened his grip even more. I tightened mine too.

He tried a few more times. I tried to help as much as I could too. Clearly, his cock was too big. I gagged. I choked. My eyes filled with tears. And I almost threw up. Finally, Josh said he was gonna quit hurting me. His cock lost a little of its hardness too. I guess gagging isn’t all that sexy.

He resumed fucking me, just not as deeply. His cock was no longer steely. In fact, it had a little bend to it. Then I was inspired. The next time that gorgeous cockhead was near the door to my throat I pushed with my head and pulled with my hands. That’s what it took! The less rigid dick popped through. It hurt just a little but also filled me so nicely.

Josh cheered, “You did it!”

I’d forgotten about Ingrid but she cheered too, “Fuck him, Josh. Feed it all to him and get that nasty urges out of your system.” She also pressed her boobs together to hug my dick better. The warm slippery boob tube felt even better.

Josh kept thrusting erratically but shallowly. He said that he was proud of me but that it just felt better that way.

His wild stabbing was making it hard for me to suck without my teeth getting in the way. I grabbed his balls to yank him into me and also pull him out; but in a more controlled way. Josh yelled out, “My balls love you man! Keep doing that.”

“I’m coming! I’m coming” Saying that, he unloaded a colossal stream of thick goo on my tongue. Josh’s sexy frenulum was swimming in his cum and my spit, rubbing frantically against the flat of my tongue. He jabbed it aimlessly around for a bit, spreading his seed.

Now that he was done he wanted to pull out. But this was all too thrilling for me to let it stop just when I was about to cum too. I grabbed those big hairy sweaty balls tight, not letting him go.

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Breaking and ‘Entering’

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Big Dick

She had given him a key to her place. But he knew she wasn’t expecting him this morning. Still the thoughts of her laying in bed nude had aroused his lust and he just had to see her. The drive to her place, even though short, seemed to take forever…

At last he arrived, quietly let himself in and pondered his next move. He wanted her but didn’t want to scare her. Silently he stripped off his trainers, socks, t shirt and soft shorts, took out his phone and texted her a pic of him in her kitchen to get her thinking about him. The pic wasn’t too bad, considering he had opened the refrigerator for light. At least his dick had already begun to grow in anticipation what lay ahead. It was before 5 so maybe she wouldn’t wake with the first text. So he sent another describing how he came to be at her apartment. He hoped she would like it.

He crept to her closed door and put his ear up listening, hearing the sound of her easy breathing he knew she was still sound asleep. She slept fitfully though so could wake at any moment. Slowly he turned the handle and opening the door, stealthily entered the room, her room. His heart was already racing with anticipation and his cock had continued to grow with the thoughts of her body swirling in his mind. He hoped his plan worked.

As his eyes adjusted to the semi light of early morning he could just make out her silhouette. He was glad he had turned on the light in the hallway because he could make out her bare shoulder and a portion of her magnificent breast. He knew she was at least sleeping topless. He traced his fingers down her neck and dragged them across her breast as he did she moved and that delightful nipple popped into view. With her hair wildly arrayed around her on the pillow and now this bonus of seeing her right breast bahis firmaları fully he brought his phone up and snapped a low light pic of her. He didn’t care if it turned out, just the idea of getting this shot without her knowing was hot. His dick grew even more, she was beautiful and he wanted her.

Ummmm he just needed a taste of her breast, it had been a week since he had sucked these. His lips closed over the bud of the nipple, it was cool in the room so it had already begun to react. He loved the texture , her nipple was soft yet substantial. His other hand slipped beneath the covers and discovered her bare ass, Yes! She had slept nude as he asked.

He went to the bottom of her ass and grabbed and lifted a slow kneading process, again and again taking his time but hearing the results. Doing this while still teasing her nipple with his tongue, teeth and lips, her wetness was beginning to build. With each lift of her cheek her pussy would separate and come together causing it to respond. He also noticed a change in her breathing, it was coming in more shallow, he could tell she was waking up but still in the dream state, he didn’t have long.

His hand crept lower reaching thru he found the smooth skin of her shaved pussy. Rubbing his fingers along her slit he felt the moist lubrication, this brought an audible moan and she began to roll toward him onto her back. He removed his hand and mouth allowing her freedom of movement. She indeed rolled to her back and brought up her leg causing her knee to pop out. He stood back watching her, his cock now in his hand being stroked slowly. Once she was settled he delicately slid the covers lower to reveal not just one but both of her amazing breasts(this was going to be fun)

His hand went to her knee and he slid kaçak iddaa up under the covers up her thigh seeking her wetness. He grinned wickedly as instead he found her hand already circling her puffy lips rubbing slowly. She was playing high, near the small poof of hair she kept above her pussy. So he went low, slowly inserting a finger, her began fucking her with it, her moans were increasing she was definitely closer to awake but probably thought she was alone doing all this herself. He inserted a second finger and then increased his speed. She slid the covers off her curvaceous body and brought her knees up. One of her hands was playing with her nipples the other rubbing her clit.

It was time to let her know he was here. He kissed her ankle, then her knee as he worked his lips closer to her glistening pussy. He climbed onto the foot of the bed and sat back enjoying the view. There she was in front of him slightly asleep and playing with herself. Her legs pulled up and spread open he could see all of her, nothing was hidden. His cock reached its full potential and began to bob in anticipation. He took his fingers and slid them back into her beautiful slit for a moment, this time seeking her moisture. He brought his hand back to his erection and rubbed her wetness and his precum thoroughly around the head and slid down the shaft all the way down to the base.

He couldn’t take it anymore he needed to fuck her. Going in closer to her glistening pussy he moved her hand and placed it on his head, it was time to eat. Sliding his tongue from bottom to top he tasted her sweetness, her nectar. Um this was going to be fun. He felt her begin to pull at his hair and press into his mouth. He found her clit and nibbled with just his lips. Slowly and gently he ate her, at the same kaçak bahis time inserting two fingers and slowly fucking her with these.

Wait, he paused, had she just said his name? He began his tongue dance again listening, she softly repeated his name again and then again. Suddenly her thighs clamped onto his head blocking out all sound but he felt her buck and with a final thrust up with her hips, his tongue and mouth pressed against her hot silkiness, he felt warm liquid gush into his mouth and run down his chin.

Once she released his head from between her thighs, he looked up and saw her eyes were partially open now and she beckoned him to come up. Slowly his kissed his way up, taking his time on her delightful nipples. Then their mouths met and tongues intertwined. Kissing her caused his erection to fully return. He knew she was ready and he was on top of her, so he backed up pulled her knees higher to open her more and slid in the tip of his cock. She was well lubed so he gave more, he watched her face, it was a cross between slight pain and intense pleasure.

After two minutes, excruciatingly slow minutes he was in and fully laying on her again he began to fuck. She whispered in his ear ‘don’t cum too fast, I want more…’ So rolling him into his back she mounted his dick and sitting up on him began to play with her tits in front of him.

This was too much, he wasn’t going to last long, he could feel the tingle in his balls and it was building. As he watched her face, her eyes closed mouth open it only intensified his growing passion, suddenly he erupted and began cumming. As his dick pulsed shooting his sperm deep inside her, he felt her pussy lock on it as she too began cumming.

She continued to ride him their cum mixing together and leaking onto both of them. She slowly fell to his chest, leaving him inside her she snuggled in and he heard her breathing return to normal and become deep and long, once again she was asleep and soon with her in his arms so was he…

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Inspired Ch. 03

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After breakfast, Sue texted Gail to tell her we had a great time last night and hoped they were good with everything. Gail texted that they were good and had enjoyed themselves as well. I then asked Sue if she wanted to text an invitation for them to come over again in the evening. After dinner for some cocktails. Sue flashed a big smile at me and asked if I had enjoyed myself that much last night. I said that I thought last night was the most erotic evening I’d ever experienced and wanted to do it again so why wait. I asked if she was ok with that and what did she think about it? Again she smiled and agreed it was very erotic and yes, she would like to do it again. Sue just hoped we won’t scare Tom and Gail. Then she sent the text. It took a couple minutes before Gail texted bak. Her response was “Cocktails huh? LOL We would love to come over. See you about 8:00”. Sue exclaimed she couldn’t believe it. Last night was kind of spontaneous but tonight was very deliberate.

We spent the afternoon joking about throwing a sex party and what did we need to do. We put extra towels in the basement along with candles and bottles of water. I made sure there was actually cocktail supplies in our bar and a bucket full of ice. I noticed Sue reading and sending a few texts during the afternoon so I asked who it was. She said “It’s Gail, you don’t think women get together for cocktails without discussing what they were going to wear?”

We had a very light and early dinner then went to our bedroom to shower and get ready. Sue took my beard trimmer and gave my pubes a little trim. I then used them to trim her pubic hairs nice and short the way she keeps them over summer. Then she went to shower and did some extra shaving to really make it look sexy. The whole time my cock was semi hard and leaking a little. I noticed Sue’s vaginal lips were a little puffy and she looked wet. I showered, shaved and dressed quickly then went to get the last few things ready for our sex party.

Gail and Tom showed up right at 8:00 with smiles on their faces. We gathered at the bar and we all admitted we couldn’t believe last night happened. Dave said he was relieved. He had worried for years about his explorations at a young age. Now he could relax with us. I said I felt fortunate at this weeks run of events and enjoyed myself immensely. The girls just laughed and called us perverts. Sue then told Tom and I to go make the basement comfortable and said she and Gail would be down in a couple of minutes.

Tom and I did as directed. We made sure the lights were down low, candles were lit and some nice music was on at a low level as well. We kicked bahis firmaları off our shoes when the girls came down. They were wearing short robes tied loosley. Sue came up and gave me a tonsil seeking kiss while Gail did the same with Tom. Then she stepped towards Gail and said you guys got to do most of the exploring last night, Gail and I want to start off with some exploring of our own. Sue stepped close to Gail and gave her a light kiss on the lips then shrugged her robe off. Gail did the same and the girls were each wearing a skimpy thong and rock hard nipples. Then they embraced and really kissed. My cock was rock hard and busting to get free so I dropped my shorts and pulled off my shirt. I saw Tom doing the same. The girls were passionately kissing and letting their hands explore each other. Gail pulled back a little and rubbed her nipples across Sues nipples making Sue moan out loud. They then took their hands and explored each others tits playing with the nipples mostly.

Gail was the first to bend her head down to lick and suck on Sues nipples. Then Sue returned the favor. Gail put her hands on Sues hips and pushed her thong down. Sue stepped out of it and Gail said she owed her from last night and directed Sue to sit on the couch. Sue sat and spread her legs wide. Her pussy was already open and leaking. Gail got on her knees and lowered her face. She slowly explored with her tongue and Sue started moaning. Gail must have been doing a good job because Sues face looked like she was in heaven. I could tell Sue was having many little orgasms.

Tom and I stroked our hard cocks and I placed my hand on his cock for a few strokes too. Then I told him let’s join the fun. I got up on the couch by Sue with one knee on the back of the couch putting my cock at head high. Sue turned her head, grabbed it and licked at the precum. I motioned for Dave to get on the other side and he did the same. Sue grabbed is cock with her other hand and licked at his precum too. Sue alternated between licking at our cocks and moaning as Gail ate her pussy. Finally Sue had a huge orgasm with tight grips on both our cocks. Gail finally relented and looked up with a soaked face and a naughty grin. Tom stood, took Gail’s hand and pulled her up for a deep kiss on her mouth. They kissed a lot and Tom would gently lick around her mouth to get as much of Sue as he could. Sue was drained and laying back on the couch.

Gail said she needed to be fucked. Tom sat on the couch near Sue. Gail turned around and lowered herself onto Toms cock. I got on my knees in front of them and licked the part of Toms cock not in Gail’s pussy. I would kaçak iddaa run my tongue up to Gail’s clit when she was down on Toms cock all the way. Then when Gail would raise up I would lick up and down Toms shaft. Every couple of strokes Gail would come all the way off and I would suck Toms cock into my mouth. Then I would point his cock back at her pussy and Gail would lower back down on it. Gail’s pace picked up and I licked Toms balls. Gail squished down hard onto Tom in orgasm and I could see Tom shoot his load into Gail. Gail lifted until her pussy was just off of his cock and held still. A nice mixture of their juices dribbled down onto Toms cock. Then Gail lifted her leg over my head and rolled off. I stuck out my tongue and did the best I could do to clean all the juices off of his cock.

I stood up with my cock bobbing in the air. The only person yet to cum. Sue was first to recover and slid to her knees to suck my cock. Tom also slid off the couch to take turns with Sue. Then Gail joined them on the other side of Tom. All three passed my cock back and forth bobbing on my cock a few times before passing me on. It was wild, each felt different and totally erotic. I noticed while Gail was sucking me, Sue and Tom would kiss and while Sue was sucking Tom and Gail would kiss. I finally said I was about to cum. Tom asked if he could have it and took me deep into his mouth. I let go and gave him a nice load. He held my cock in his mouth trying to milk all of it and then slowly pulled off. Tom turned to Gail and they kissed sharing the taste of my cum.

I passed out waters and Sue passed out towels. We all kind of cleaned up a little and relaxed along with taking turns in the bathroom. We all stayed naked and close. I mentioned that it was hot seeing Sue lick Toms cock and that I had no problem with any combination of the four of us. I said Sue and I had often talked about her having two cocks in a spit roast. Gail quickly said that she would like a turn at that too. We talked a little about things we would like to try and us guys were recovering as our cocks began to rise again.

I said I would like to start again and dropped to my knees in front of Tom. I started to lick and kiss his cock. Then I would suck it in my mouth and then lick it again. I knew he could last a lot longer now so I was in no rush. Sue came and got on her knees in front of Gail. Tom and Gail would watch us and kiss moaning into each others mouths while Gail and I did our best to pleasure them. Every once in a while Sue and I would also take a break and kiss sharing the taste of our partners. After a little while I asked Sue if she would kaçak bahis like to trade. We switched places and I lowered my tongue to Gail’s open pussy. Her juices were flowing from Sues work and I enjoyed the taste. I started to lick her clit and felt her put her hand on my head and hold me in place. She and Tom were kissing and talking. I could hear her telling Tom that I was licking and sucking her clit. Tom was telling her Sue was swallowing his cock.

I tapped Sue and said I wanted Toms load so we traded back. I really went to work on Tom and heard him saying I was doing a great job. Gail was moaning a lot so I assumed Sue was working enthusiastically like I was. I felt Toms legs stiffen and he cried out and released his load into my mouth. I also heard Gail having a good orgasm at the same time. I gently released Toms cock and swallowed his load. Sue and I kissed swirling cum and pussy juice with our tongues. Gail and Tom were spent for a while and I was nice and hard so I asked Sue if she was ready for a fuck from me. Sue said, no, let’s keep it an oral night and asked me to lie on my back. Sue then got on top in a 69 and lowered her sweet pussy onto my face. It didn’t take long for us to get each other off. Sue got off of me and went up to Gail to give her a kiss with my cum in her mouth. Then Gail turned to Tom and shared what was left of the taste.

We all kicked back with a drink to relax again. I said I was exhausted. I haven’t had this much sex in 6 days since my early 20’s and that I will need to sleep all day tomorrow. Everyone agreed it has been an exciting week and that we need a few days to recover. Tom said he was so happy to be able to suck cock again and with Gail’s support. Gail laughed and said it’s been a lot more than support, look at everything she had done. Eating pussy, playing with boobs, sucking a cock besides Toms. Sue chimed in and said yeah, the girls were keeping up with those pervert men. Heck, she said the girls could probably go another round while the guys look spent. We all agreed we need a few days to rest but that we should get together again.

After Gail and Tom left Sue and I were quickly asleep in bed. We slept late and had a lazy morning in bed with a nice slow round of making love. We both agreed it had been a fun week. Sue laughed and said it was amazing how we all turned into cum sluts so fast. I joked that between Tom and I draining each other and Gail and Sue taking their turns, Tom and I won’t have much cum. Sue joked maybe we should take care of Sean and his friends, four young men should provide us plenty of cum. Now I was positive Sue was really a cum slut but it got me hard again thinking of four young cocks to suck. Sue noticed my recovering cock and said I think someone likes that idea. Think of the fun we could have with four cocks to suck and all the cum we could taste.

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