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Subject: SLUTTY NAUGHTY JOCK – The Beginning, Part III For more stories from Paul, pictures and videos of Jason and every other hung stud in Paul’s life, please check out my blr/blog/sluttynaughtyjock Please donate to Nifty and make sure that we keep on cumming from the hot stories on the site! SLUTTY NAUGHTY JOCK – The Beginning, Part III “Yo-your… your boipussy?” Mumbled Jason, his eyes fixed on my twitching pink pucker, his huge hard cock encased in his right hand. He was slowly jerking off his big dick while I kept circling and tapping my sweet hole with my spit-soaked fingers, and I loved to see how my big bro’s engorged cock pulsed with every slap against my tight boipussy. “Yeah, big bro… that’s my boipussy… I kinda of didn’t believe the first time I heard about it too, you know? But after I thought long and hard about it, how could it not be a pussy? I mean, let go of that big cock of yours and come a little closer for a minute, big bro. Spread my cheeks, please” I asked Jason in between moans. He was kneeling on our daddy’s bed right behind me, and as his big muscular hands held my hot asscheeks apart, exposing even more of my tight, pink hole, I pressed my face against the pillows and closed my eyes in pleasure when I felt the head of that huge dick slapping directly against my hole. Jason was so close behind me that his huge fuckstick lodged itself in my asscrack, and his fat cockhead kept hitting incessantly against my tight hole. He kept my ass spread with his big hands all the time, and I could tell he still could not take his eyes off my tiny hole. It was almost like he was hypnotized, the rhythm of my twitching hole driving his eyes and mind to the perfect boipussy in front of him, unable to let him think of anything else. “Take a look, Jason. A long, long look. Don’t you think it looks like a pussy? Yeah, me too big bro. After I read about how bottom jocks need so much protein inside their boipussies, I took a lot of pictures of myself on all fours in front of a mirror, ass spread out and hole exposed… And I was so surprised to see that I indeed had a boipussy in between my round asscheeks… it’s so pink, tiny, tight, smooth and perfect… say bro, what do you think? Doesn’t it look like the most perfect boipussy you have ever seen?” I whispered huskily, taking Jason more and more into the deceptive web I was weaving for him. “Fuck little bro, it does. It does look like a fucking pussy, but different. Like, a better pussy? It’s simpler, and hotter, and way more beautiful than any other I have ever seen. I couldn’t believe what you said before, but seeing that hole up close, there’s no doubt in my mind that this is a boipussy. The best boipussy, little bro, you must be so proud of yourself…” Jason whispered back, and as he said those words, I felt the tip of his index finger starting to touch my twitching hole lightly. He kept pressing the tip of it softly as to feel around my hole and maybe figure it out in his dumb, jock brain. A few minutes later, he had almost all of his fingers rubbing and spreading my hole apart, while his big cock kept banging against my crack and thighs. After I enjoyed the feeling of my handsome big bro’s fingers in my tight jockhole, I raised my head and looked straight back at my big bro, loving the sight of that All-American, perfectly hunky jock, his handsome face looking back at me and his innocent eyes trying to make sense of the whole situation we were in. His eyes were so naive and kind that I felt a deep rush of love for my big bro, and as I put my left hand against his disheveled hair and patted it for a little bit, I said: “You know what bro, it even smells like pussy. Come on, move your head closer and take a big sniff of my hole. Here, I’ll spread my legs more… yes, there, like that, just put your whole face in there… are you ready? Come on, just smell how clean and juicy my boipussy is…” While I said that, I kept pushing Jason’s head down so in instants he had his whole face and nose deep inside my crack, and I could feel the tip of his nose just against my hole. I guess my big bro was super horny, because as he planted his face inside my ass he started to sniff my hole real hard, like he was doing a line of coke inside Giresun Escort my asscrack. He kept sniffing and smelling my smooth, clean hole like a dog, and it was like the smell was intoxicating him. “Yeah big bro, smells good huh? I just know I have the most delicious, tasty pussy this side of Kansas. Looks like you’re enjoying it, aren’t you? How does that pussy smells like?” I asked him, still pressing his head against my spread ass. Jason came up for air and said in between gasps: “Good, little bro, oh fuck Pauly, it just smells so good. It smells like sex, and it’s so clean and fresh and like… like… like a pussy!” He shouted. “And what if I told you it even tastes like pussy too, big bro? What would you do?” I winked at my dumb big bro. His eyes immediately darkened at my words, and I felt his hands squeezing my big, soft buns to the max while he spread my asscheeks again. Without even answering, Jason pushed his whole face against my ass while he went to town in my tight, pink hole, his big tongue spreading out and lapping against my tiny pucker, coating my entire hole and asscrack with spit. The feeling of his fat tongue all over my hole made my body tremble and I just lost all of my strength, falling face down against the bed, ass up in the air, moaning and grunting while my hunky big bro ate my ass out like a madman. I screamed a sequences of “Ahs!” and “Ohs, oh, oh!” while Jason made one of my main dreams come true. It turns out the 20 year old stud I called big bro was just as good as eating ass as he was at playing sports or working out at the gym. He munched and licked and lapped and slurped and bit all over my tight hole, which at this point was spasming and pulsing uncontrollably while he ate my ass out feverishly. The feeling was so pleasurable that I came right there on the spot, still feeling his mouth all over my asscrack and hole. He loved doing it so much that he continued like that for a long while, and I let him. I needed to make my big bro want this as much as I did, event though he was doing it for different reasons. I mean, he just wanted to help his little bro with his protein problem, after all. “Oh my Jason, you eat pussy so well man… no wonder girls are all over you all the time! That girlfriend of yours just doesn’t know what she’s missing… Jesus fuck! Right there bro, that’s a good boy… such a talented tongue you have… you’re going to eat me out more, big bro? Are you? Are you going to kiss and lick and suck and tongue fuck my hole all the time now, Jason? Will you?” I asked him, and as he was going to come up to answer, I pushed his face back against my crack, so he had to mumble “yes” with his mouth against my hole. After minutes of this delicious ass eating, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I just had to lose my virginity to that huge fucking cock bobbing in between my big bro’s legs, I needed him to fuck my tight cherry hole into oblivion right then and there. So I pulled him up and asked him: “Come on big bro, it’s time. It’s time for you to breed my ass and pump me full of your load, give me all the protein you have. Come on, put that huge cock of yours against my tight, virgin hole and just rape me. Fuck me like a street whore, hard and fast, I don’t mind. I just want your cum bro, I want to be football captain this year, just do it, come on, come on, fuck me, fuck meee!!!” I was so horny that by now I was moaning incoherently, wanting nothing more than to feel my big bro’s huge cock spearing my ass. “Okay little bro, I’ll do it… you deserve to be captain of the football team this year, just like I was. And if for that I have to fuck you silly everyday, I’ll do it! I love you little bro! Oh fuck!” Jason screamed, cause he was not ready for the feel of my tight hole and ass walls holding his huge cock tightly inside of me, practically chewing on his big dick with every squeeze of my hole. Jason kept pushing inch after delicious inch of his huge fuckstick and I positively loved the stretch, the little pain I felt just adding a little more to the situation. I was just in pure bliss to finally have my hunky big bro inside of me. A sharp, strong pulse of pleasure that made my whole body tremble showed me that Jason Giresun Escort Bayan now had his whole big cock deep inside of me, up to the hilt in my tight ass. His fat cockhead gave precise hits against my prostate with every move he made. His dick has just so big that any little movement or shift in position banged against my love nut, and I was almost passing out with pleasure. And he didn’t even start to properly fuck me yet. Jesus. Jason held my hips with both hands and started a few slow thrusts, and I used that to push my ass against his huge cock every time he slammed against my body. I could feel his fat balls hitting the back of my tighs and the top of my ass making contact with his ripped groin, and he increased speed with every thrust of his big dick against my ass. He had his eyes closed and drool was practically coming out of his mouth, so much was the pleasure my hungry, tight jockhole was giving him. He picked up the pace faster than I thought and before I knew it, my loving big bro was piston fucking my ass like a seasoned pornstar. I couldn’t believe it. That was the fuck of my life! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! “Ohhhhn, oooh, oh yeah, ohn yeah, come on big bro, just like that! So big and thick, I love that big bro cock all the way inside my ass! So hot… can’t wait for all the protein you’re about to give me Jason… do you like fucking your little bro’s ass Jason? Huh? Do you? That feels so good, the way you’re just raping my boipussy… that’s it big bro, that’s just what my hole needed… a perfect 10 inch cock to fuck it raw and pump it full of stud cum… your cum, stud, your cum is going to make me so big… soon i’ll be as handsome and hot as you, with that fucking movie star body. It’s so ridiculous. You don’t even know how fucking hot you are, do you Jason? Shit bro, you’re so oblivious. You don’t even know how every guy at your college, even the straight ones, looks at you with so much lust and desire in their eyes. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen the way the straight jocks at your school check you out, taking long looks at your muscular body and the big bulge your pants, that huge cock always showing through them for everyone to see… every little detail of your fat cockhead and thick length outlined right there for everyone to see… I’ve noticed how they lick their lips, thinking how fucking good that big cock must feel inside their mouths, how hot it would feel to have a big stud like you pounding them from behind with your huge cock… And not to mention the older, closeted gay dudes… they want you so bad. They want that ripped body so much I bet they would do anything to have you in their beds, fucking their asses hard. They want nothing more than this huge cock of yours in their mouth, raping their throaths, or having you above them fucking their asses like sluts. They’d love to spend an entire afternoon and maybe even the whole night boucing up and down on your big cock, feeling your jock body, until you make them cum untouched, just by fucking their holes… but that would never happen, right bro? I mean, you’re straight as an arrow. You’re just fucking me like a slut now because I’m a bottom jock, I don’t have an asshole, I have a boipussy, and I need stud protein. Right Jason?” I screeamed while I pushed my ass violently back against his big cock, his thrusts now so fast that I didn’t know how much longer I (or he) could hold up from cumming. “Yeah, y-eah, Pauly, you’re right… I’m so straight bro. I like pussy. But as my baby bro I’ll fuck you as much as you want, who knew it was so hard to be a bottom jock? You just need dick everyday, right? Ah! Ah! Fuck!” Jason was know going completely mad against my ass, his hands leaving red marks on my hips and his huge cock going in and out so fast that I could barely register the pleasure. He hit my prostate by the second. Such a good fucker. “Yeah bro! I NEED DICK EVERYDAY! I NEED YOU TO FUCK ME EVERYDAY, PUMP ME FULL OF YOUR CUM! OH SHIT, I think I’m gonna blow big bro! Come on cum inside me! Cum inside me now!” I screamed, absolutely crazy and desperate about the rough fuck my big bro was giving me. “Shit, YEAH, FUCK YEAH FUCKING TIGHT HOLE! I’M GONNA CUM TOO PAULY, CUM INSIDE YOUR Escort Giresun HOT JOCK ASS! GET READY FOR MY CUM BRO!!! FUCK!!!” And with a few violent, fast thrusts, Jason came like a fountain inside my ass, and I spasmed and trembled with the hottest assgasm of my young life. The stud held me from behind while he pumped me full of his jizz for about five minutes, jet after jet after jet after jet of thick, hot jock cum. I never saw that much studmilk before, not even in porn movies. I was finally feeling full and satisfied, hole sore and battered, although I was as fucked out as I wanted to be. Jason came so much inside of me that I felt a thick, regular stream of his cum leaking out of my tight hole and making a small pool on our daddy’s sheets. After coming down from both our orgasms, I held Jason close to me, wrapping my arms around his muscular body and putting my head against his chest. I took one of his hard, big brown nipples into my mouth and started to chew and bite it softly, to my big bro’s exasperation, while my hands felt around his smooth, muscular pecs, abs and trimmed pubs. After I sucked his right nipple for a few minutes, I put my mouth on his left one, and did it all over again, until both of his nipples were puffy and red, hard and pointing straight up. When I felt that Jason finally was able to talk again, I started to caress his sweaty hair softly while I still had my head on his chest. “Thanks big bro, you were so good. You’re the perfect stud. That big cock of yours will surely keep me satisfied through the year, I’ll have so much cum I doubt there will be any boy on the team that will be able to compete against me for football captain. I love you so much, Jason. I love how you’re always there for me bro. Thank you for fucking me so good. I really needed that” I closed my eyes while I kept feeling him all up, head pressed against his big pecs. I felt Jason wrapping up his arms around me and giving a little kiss on the top of my head. “Don’t worry little bro, that’s what big brothers are all about. From now on, you can have all the cum you want, at least from me. Love you so much too Pauly!” He said softly, as he drifted into a heavy sleep. ***** After that day, it was a complete, unabashed, horny fuckfest around the house every time we were there together. We weren’t wearing any clothes around the house anyway, so from that day on, it was easy to get fucked by Jason anytime I wanted. I just needed to get in all fours in front of him, exposing my asscrack and tight pink hole, and seconds later his already rock hard cock would be slipping inside my ass and he would fuck me like that, on all fours; or I just went to his room when he was watching some game or pissing around with the tv, and I would put the fat head of his soft cock in my mouth and suck it until he was hard, only to then straddle his lap and sit on his huge hard cock, bouncing up and down until my big bro would give me his load. Thinking about it, it seems like evey time I was at home with Jason we were fucking, or I was sucking his cock, or he was eating me out. Yeah, the stud liked that so much that he didn’t pass any opportunity to have me sitting on his face with his tongue deep inside my hole. Although our fucking and sucking and rimming all became commonplace in our daily lives, Jason still didn’t think that was anything wrong with it and he completely bought my whole story, like a small child that believes in everything you said. The ass eating is to lube my ass properly for your huge cock, I said, and the stud believed, rapidly putting me in all fours and digging in. I have a big game tomorrow bro, I need to be strong for it, let me fuck myself up and down on that big pole of yours for a little bit. Oh Jason, I’m feeling so weak today bro! I can’t even get out of bed, really. Would you come up here and put your big cock in my mouth? I just need to nurse it until you cum, and I’m sure I’ll be strong again. Thank you, big bro. You’re the best. I love you so much. And every fucking time he complied, with a little smile on his face, so happy to be helping his little bro. I knew I was in gay porn heaven. But Jason was only the beginning. He was my first test, the one who took my anal virginity, the one who I could count on to fuck me anytime I wanted. But this is a big world, and I knew there were lots of dumb jocks to manipulate still. I couldn’t wait. I would make tricking dumb straight studs into fucking me my life’s mission. And for the looks of it so far, I succeeded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Subject: Rugby coach pimps me out Rugby coach pimps me out. The following is a true account of being fucked by my hunk rugby coach and some of his mates when I was 16. Read the prequel servicing the coach in the gay adult/youth archive first. Comments gratefully received at [email protected] Usual blurb about don’t read if you are underage, etc. Also why not make a donation to Nifty so they can keep up the good work. When I was 16 almost 17 years old I was lucky enough to get off with my hot hunky hairy rugby coach. From the moment I saw him I was besotted. He was just so hot in every way. He looked to be in his late 20’s and oozed sex. The first time I saw him he was wearing a black tracksuit but you could see he had a very muscular body underneath. He had short slightly wavy blondish brown hair with a receding hair line showing a lot of forehead. His face was so sexy in a ruggedly handsome way. He had dreamy bluey grey eyes, sexy face and rugged stubble. In the club house after I got to see him without his tracksuit top and the sight boned me up immediately. The tight white tee shirt clung to his buff body as if it had been spray painted on. The armbands were tightly stretched around his big biceps that bulged even at rest. Even his forearms were well toned and dusted in hairs. His muscular chest showed through the tightly stretched material and begged to be groped. You could see some chest hair around the neck band so you could see he must have a nicely haired chest. It looked like he had a six pack stomach and thick muscular legs. The moment I got home I sucked on my knob and wanked the base of my thick 9.5 inch cock. I pumped a nice big thick load of tasty teen boy cum into my mouth. I’d been eating my spunk ever since I could shoot it so it was a familiar taste but I imaged it was the new coach’s cum. It took a few weeks but eventually my wank fantasy became a reality. We started having regular hot rough hard sex and when he realised how sex mad and cock hungry he decided to pimp me out to some of his mates. John realised my assets and that he could make money from them. When I was close to 17 years old I had a nice lean well toned body as tanned and buff as the British diver Tom Daley. My hair was blond and parted in curtains. My face was blemish free and boy next door cute that looked sweet and innocent which was at odds to my sex mad nature. My eyes were blue and I had lush red cock sucker’s lips. As my family were nudist I had a deep all over tan that I was proud of especially in the showers at school, the rugby club or local pool. I’d been going to the gym regularly since turning 16 so my already sports toned body was bulking out. My biceps were getting good definition and my hairless chest was buffing out. My hairless abs were forming a nice washboard. My arse was a nice asset being a very firm pert bubble butt. My cock was another asset as it was 9.5 inches long and a nice thickness at almost 17 years old, it would top out at 10 inches. I was uncut and when hard my foreskin would peel back to expose my pinky pale thick ridged knob. The shaft was nicely veined and thicker than average for a man let alone a teen aged boy. I had big balls that were real cum producers that I needed to drain several times a day. My legs were well defined and dusted in blond hairs. Despite my age my arse was unbelievably cock hungry and very well used but I exercised it every day to keep it really tight and I would work the muscles on whatever cock was fucking me. John invited me to a BBQ one Saturday and told me he was having a few friends around. Little did I know what he had in mind but being a sex mad teenage boy I was more than happy to go along with it. It was a hot day so I went wearing a tight fitting sleeveless muscle top which showed off my lean toned deeply tanned arms with good definition to my biceps and my forearms lightly dusted with blond hairs. My sculpted chest showed through the tight material as did my washboard abs. Below I was wearing a tight pair of white satiny football shorts which hugged my perfectly pert bubble butt arse and hinted at my big cock and balls especially as I wasn’t wearing underwear as usual. When I knocked on the door John answered the door wearing a cooking apron. I took in the sight of his head turningly sexy rugged handsome face top by wavy dark blond hair. He had dreamy blue eyes, lush pink lips and sexy short facial stubble. He was bare chest with the top of his mat of brown chest hairs visible above the top of the apron. His muscular well defined arms were on show with big bulging biceps and toned furry forearms. Below the apron were his muscular hairy legs. Just the sight of him made me start to bone up but I fought it as he had company. He let me in and pulled me close and began to passionately kiss me his facial stubble tickling my skin. I reached around to grope his arse but got a shock. I was expecting to feel his arse through shorts but my hands connected with the bare fleshy of his rock hard downy haired arse. “You’re naked.” I asked in surprise after breaking our kiss. “We all are. It’s a sex party and you’re the entertainment.” He said with a sly smile on his ruggedly handsome. “I only have sex with guys I like the look of.” I said as although I was a cock hungry slut I had high standards. “Do I look like the kind of guy who’d hang out with dogs?” He joked. It was true with his stunning good looks he could have any guy he wanted. John led me to the garden and I watched his muscular arse flex. There were three other guys in the garden and all naked. John was right they were all definitely doable. John was definitely the hottest of the group but there wasn’t much in it. The first one John introduced me to was Dennis. He was a sexy blond guy who looked about 26. He had short blond hair and a really sexy handsome face with blondish stubble. He had hazel eyes and thin pink lips that broke into a heart melting sexy smile when he saw me. He had a buff body being well toned rather than muscular. He had nicely toned biceps and toned blond haired forearms. He had a subtly sculpted chest with a dusting of blondy brown chest hairs. His flat firm stomach was also covered in blondy brown hairs that met up with his naturally short pubes. He was limp with an average sized uncut cock with nice sized balls in a pale sack. His body was lightly tanned but his groin was pale. He had sexy shapely blond haired legs. Next John introduced me to a light brown skinned black guy. He was called Trey and he looked about 28. He had short black hair that was spiked up. He had a sexy handsome light brown skinned face with a short neat jaw line beard and moustache. He had deep brown deep eyes and lush pinky brown lips. He was muscular with big bulging brown biceps and toned forearms lightly dusted in black hairs. He had a muscular well sculpted chest that had a light smattering of black chest hairs. He had lickable washboard abs also with a light covering of black hairs. He had a naturally short bush of black pubes above a limp thick light brown circumcised cock. Even limp you could see it was bigger than average and he had big balls in a tight light brown sack. Below he had sexy muscular shapely legs dusted in short black hairs. The final guy was also really sexy but I put in last place looks wise. Yes he was sexy but he had some stiff competition. He was called Paul and there was some light skinned Brazilian in him somewhere down the line. He had short black hair and closely cropped beard. His face had subtle Brazilian features but it must have been from a few years down the line. It was sexy in a handsome way and he looked about 25. He had a fit toned body that was well sculpted. He had big well shaped biceps and his forearms had a dusting of black hairs. His well sculpted chest and washboard stomach were covered in black hairs. It looked like he had shaved they not so long ago and they were starting to grow back. He had an average sized limp uncut cock and it looked like he trimmed his black pubes. He had nice sized balls in a tight black pubed sack. His legs were sexy, well toned and hairy. John had been right I needn’t have worried about their looks and now that I’d seen his mates I was more than happy to offer up my slutty teen boy arse to my hunky rugby coach and his four mates. After the introductions I was told to strip. Being a nudist I had no qualms about being naked around strangers. John’s three friends eager watched me strip as he was busy with the BBQ. As I was only wearing a tee shirt, shorts, ankle socks and trainers it didn’t take me long to get naked. I peeled off my tee shirt exposing my upper body that was as fit, tanned and toned as the droolalicious diver Tom Daley. Next came off my socks and trainers. Seeing four very fit sexy man naked had made my cock start to chub up a bit. Soft it is a chubby 5 inches but when fully hard a fat 9.5 inches. It was as deeply tanned as the rest of me and I had a small tuft of blond pubes. I had big balls that were very productive even for a teenage boy. My legs were sports toned, deeply tanned and dusted in golden hairs. Around back I had a really firm pert bubble butt arse with baby smooth cheeks but a few wispy blond hairs in the crack. John told me to help myself to a drink so I poured myself a glass of red wine as I didn’t like larger which the rest were drinking. We began chatting away acting like normal guys talking about sport and politics and stuff except we were all stark bullock naked. After eating we drank some more before the party started if you know what I mean. It was Dennis who kicked it off. “John says you’re a great cock sucker. Why don’t you come over here and show me how good.” He said with a sly grin on his sexy stubbled face. I walked over to him, straddled his legs and sat on his lap. My hands reached up and began to grope his toned furry chest as I leaned in to kiss him. I loved feeling the soft mat of chest hairs tickle the palms of my hands as I groped the hard muscles of his chest. At the same time our lips mashed together and our tongues fenced as I stared into his dreamy hazel eyes, his facial stubble grazing my boyishly smooth face. We both began to bone up. His hot hard manly cock grew up along the crack of my pert young arse as my big boy cock grew up his firm furry stomach. We passionately snogged for a couple of minutes before I lifted up his gym toned left arm to expose his armpit. The blondy brown hairs in there were matted with sweat and I could see a few beads of the stuff. Eagerly I dove in and began licking it clean. I drink in its pungent highly erotic aroma as I greedily licked up his delicious salty manly sweat. We both began to purr with pleasure, him with the pleasure of a tongue tickling his armpit and me from the smell and taste of his manly sweat. Once I’d licked it clean I dragged my tongue through his mat of chest hairs to his left nipple which I circled with my tongue. Then I flicked over it and gently nibbled it. “Harder.” Dennis begged. Realising he must be as into nipple torture as I was I began to really chew his nipple. When it became red, sore, swollen and sensitive I dragged my tongue over his furry chest to his right nipple which got the same rough treatment. When his right nipple became too sensitive I licked my way to his right armpit, Dennis lifting his own arm to expose his sweaty hairy pit. I dove in and eagerly licked it clean savouring its delicious taste and pungent highly erotic aroma. “Shit kid if your tongue can make my pits feel that good my cock is going to love it.” Dennis purred. Taking that as a challenge I licked over his hard toned chest to between his pecs and started licking southward. As I dragged my tongue down the furry central cleft of his firm washboard abs I savoured the tickle the hairs gave my tongue. As I got closer to his groin the all too familiar sweaty manly aroused aroma filled my nostrils. Even though I wasn’t even 17 yet I’d had my face buried in so many men’s crotches not to mention teen boy’s on top of that. My Tom Daleyesque tanned toned body, big cock, pert sexy arse and outgoing personality seemed to make me a cock magnet and I was just about to chalk up another one. Dennis’ cock was sexy being about 7 inches long. It was pale and the shaft was of average thickness and lightly veined. He was uncut but his pale foreskin had peeled all the way back to expose a pink knob which glistened with clear pre-cum. His cock twitched in eager anticipation of the oral pleasure I was about to lavish on it. Bypassing his hard throbbing cock I began to nuzzle his furry sweaty balls. Then I began to lick them before sucking one into my mouth and swirling it about. Once I’d sucked that ball of man sweat I sucked the other clean. As I sucked on his balls our gazes were locked and I saw the look of sexual hunger and lust in his dreamy hazel eyes and the expression of sexual pleasure in his sexy face. Then I began flicking my tongue up the sensitive underside of his throbbing cock. When I reached the swollen crown I swirled my tongue all over it, licking up its tasty pre-cum. Our gazes were locked as I spit polished his swollen sensitive knob with my knob. Dennis began to purr with pleasure and leak even more tasty pre-cum as I tongue danced all over his knob. After spit polishing his knob I kissed the tip and pushed my mouth all the way down onto his cock. My lush red cock sucker’s lips slid down over his swollen knob to clamp tight around his throbbing shaft. Dennis moaned with pleasure when the hot wetness of my mouth soaked into his sensitive knob. As I sucked away on his pre-cum leaking swollen knob I swarmed I tongue all over it. Then I forced my mouth all the way down onto his manhood. “Oh fuck wow.” Dennis gasped partially in surprised that a lad as young as me could deep throat with the rest being made up of the hot wetness of my mouth soaking into his hot hard throbbing 7 inch cock. With all of his cock in my mouth I drank in his pungent highly erotic sweaty horny aroused aroma as I ground my lips around the pubed base and flicked the underside with my tongue. At the same time I worked my throat muscles around his swollen knob that was lodged back there. Then I began to deep throat his hot hard throbbing cock eager to show this sexy 26 year old that although I was only 16 I was an accomplished cock sucker. My hot wet strongly sucking mouth rapidly bobbed up and down his steely hard throbbing cock. I’d pull up until just his swollen sensitive knob was in my mouth which I’d strongly suck and lick before forcing my mouth all the way down onto his cock burying my nose in his sweaty pubes. As my hot wet sucking mouth rapidly bobbed up and down his hot hard throbbing cock my lush red lips wanked it. As I deep throated his sexy 7 inch cock my hands were busy caressing his muscular hairy thighs or stroking his firm furry stomach. Sucking cock really turns me on and my big untouched cock was achingly hard. My horniness was intensified by my feeling of slutty submissiveness at sucking a guy off I’d only just met with three other guys watching eagerly awaiting their turn. As I expertly deep throated his hot hard throbbing cock he purred with pleasure or uttered words of compliment. For several minutes I sucked on his cock and although I was going a good job Dennis was eager to fuck his first teen boy since he was a teen himself. “Shit you are one great cock sucker but I’ve got to nail your hot arse.” Dennis moaned. “Cool my arse is itching for a hot hard fucking.” I lustfully begged. We both stood up and Dennis pulled the mat off the sun lounger and laid it on the floor. I lay on it and pulled my tanned sports toned, golden haired legs into my chest and out to the sides offering Dennis my smooth pert toned arse. I watched as Dennis buried his sexy face in my lightly haired arse crack. I began to purr with pleasure and my sphincter quivered as he repeatedly dragged his hot wet tongue up my sweaty arse crack. As he did so his facial stubble grazed my boyishly smooth skin. Dennis would drag his tongue from the base of my spin, up through my sweaty crack, over my quivering arsehole and over my cum laden balls. His long licks got shorter and shorter as he homed in on my sphincter. Soon his tongue was circling around it and flicking over it. Then Dennis started tongue fucking my arse. He would stab his tongue in and out of my arse like a small cock, worming it in as far as he could. He also sucked and gently chewed my arsehole all of which had me moaning with pleasure and squirming about. For a few minutes Dennis tongue fucked my boy cunt inflaming its cock hunger until it got too much to bear. “Fuck me.” I lustfully begged in a way that belied my innocent boy next door looks. When Dennis pulled his sexy face from my saliva slobbered arse crack it had an eager grin on it. John tossed Dennis a tube of lube and I watched as he greased up his cock as my arse quivered in eager anticipation. Dennis got into the push up position above me and I admired his sexy ruggedly handsome face, the way his biceps bulged as they supported his weight and his tensed furry chest. I could see the sexual hunger in his dreamy hazel eyes and the eager grin on his face at the prospect of fucking a 16 year old boy, 10 years his junior. I felt his knob connect with my tight quivering sphincter. “Oh fuck yeah.” I cried out in intense pleasure as Dennis brutally rammed his 7 inch cock ball deep into my arse in one go. I enjoyed the pleasurable sting in my sphincter when his swollen knob punched it open, the ridge of his knob working over my hole. His knob then punched open the walls of my tight young arse firing off every receptive nerve ending in there. At the same time his hard cock shaft sawed against my tight sphincter making it burn with pleasure. With a loud slap his pubed groin connected with my smooth pert arse. When he bottomed out in my hot wet tight arse he briefly held it there to savour the pleasure. The eager domineering grin on his handsome face melted into one of pleasure as I tightly squeezed my arse muscles around his cock. “Fuck me hard.” I begged as he was so sexy I wanted him to fuck the hell out of me. I didn’t need to ask twice as Dennis launched into a rough hard brutal fuck. He used the full length of his 7 inch manly cock on my boy cunt. He’d pull all the way out with the thick ridge of his knob making my pucker quiver when it popped out. Then my sphincter stung pleasurably when his knob battered it open. His swollen knob then punched open the receptive walls of my quivering arse as his hot hard cock shaft stretched and sawed against my tight sphincter. For the first few minutes Dennis used the full length of his 7 inch cock on my arse which really set it on fire with pleasure. Already my sphincter was burning with pleasurable friction. The receptive walls of my arse throbbed from being repeatedly punched open by his swollen knob. My big hard cock twitched and dribbled pre-cum every time his knob boxed my prostate. My buttocks also began to tingle from having his pubed groin repeatedly slapping against them. As he fucked me I flexed and squeezed my Giresun Escort arse around his hard pounding cock. At the same time my hands were busy groping his tensed toned furry chest or caressing his bulging biceps. My eyes feasted on his handsome face with its expression of sexual dominance and pleasure with sexual hunger burning in his hazel eyes. Not only was there the fact he was so dam fit and sexy to turn me on he was also a great fucker. As he was 10 years older than me and three other guys were watching us made me feel so slutty and submissive which was a really turn on. Dennis then stopped pulling his cock all the way out but carried on fucking me rough and hard. He’d pull back until the ridge of his knob butted up against the inside of my tight sphincter. Then he’d brutally slam his hot hard 7 inch cock ball deep into quivering young arse. We were both loudly grunting and groaning with sexual pleasure or complementing each other. I told him how fit and sexy he was and what a great fuck and how good he was making my arse feel. He told me how cute and sexy I was and complimented on how hot and tight my arse was. He also told me he couldn’t believe his luck at being able to fuck a 16 year old boy. As Dennis fucked me fast and hard his fit furry body glistened with sweat some of which dripped onto me. His chest hairs tickled the palms of my hands as I groped the hard muscles underneath. My eyes feasted on his dam sexy face and fit body. My tight young arse was on fire with well fucked pleasure. His swollen knob was pulverising the throbbing walls of my boy cunt as my sphincter burned with pleasure. I was more than happy to surrender my sports toned lithe young body to such a fit sexy man for his sexual gratification and that gratification was about to happen. Dennis had been brutally fucking me close onto 30 minutes before he slipped into the pre-orgasm fucking frenzy. Dennis started fucking me even faster and harder than before and I saw the battle against orgasm in his sexy face. Sensing he was close I increased the frequency of squeezing my arse around his pounding cock. I knew the expression of the need to be bred like a bitch was burnt on my innocent boyish face. Already I knew the effect of the highly erotic sight of such adult expressions were on such a innocent boyish face to an older man. Since then I have also experienced it from the other side with a sweet boy beneath me. For a couple minutes more Dennis managed to hold out before his orgasm hit. He then slammed his hot hard 7 inch cock ball deep into my quivering arse. His sexy handsome face scrunched and he loudly cried out as the first bolt of man spunk powerfully exploded out his cock and deep into my boy cunt. His fit furry body violently shook and shuddered as he drained his balls into my arse. As he spunked up in me he stabbed his cock in me with short deep stabs. I rapidly flexed and rippled my arse muscles around his orgasming cock to milk him dry. “Breed my bitch boy arse.” I moaned as I felt his cum splatter against the sensitive walls of my arse. Dennis fired 7 big jets of cum into my arse before he collapsed on top of me in a sweaty heap, his 7 inch cock sinking ball deep into my spunk splattered satisfied arse. “Thanks that was a great fuck.” I contentedly purred as I continued to flex my arse muscles around his spent but still hard cock. “I should be thanking you.” Dennis chuckled as he pulled his spent cock from my battered cum filled arse. My sphincter pleasurably tingled when his knob popped out. After a brief passionate kiss Dennis moved out of the way to make room for the next man to tag fuck my teen boy arse. That man was Paul. There was an eager grin on his bearded face and sexual hunger in his brown eyes. I took in the sight of his gym toned body with furry chest and hard abs. His cock was about 7 inches long and of average thickness. He was uncut but his foreskin had peeled back to expose his pinky purple swollen knob. He had nice sized balls in a tight sack. My gaze then ran down his muscular hairy legs. Paul didn’t waste any time in getting into the push up position. As he did so I reached and groped his tensed toned wiry haired chest. Despite only being 16 years old he’d seen I could take a brutal fucking so he launched straight into one. I loudly moaned with pleasure when Paul’s knob punched open first my tight swollen sphincter and then the throbbing battered walls of my arse. “Oh wow such a hot tight arse.” Paul moaned when he bottomed out in my cum splattered arse. A further groan of pleasure escaped his lips when I tightly squeezed my arse around his hot hard cock. I saw the dreamy look of sexual pleasure on his ruggedly handsome face. I lifted my head up and kiss him, his closely cropped beard tickling my smooth skin. Then I let my head fall back and begged him to fuck me. At the time I didn’t know my rugby coach had charged his mates to fuck me but he had so they were determined to make the most of their money. Paul launched into a rough hard fuck, really slamming his hot hard 7 inch cock in and out of my arse. Paul was as good a fucker as Dennis was. They both used all their muscled might to fuck the hell out of my schoolboy arse. Paul’s hips were pistoning away slamming his manly cock in and out of my tight young arse. My sphincter that was swollen from the brutal fucking Dennis had given me burned with pleasurable friction. The walls of my arse throbbed from being repeatedly punched open by his swollen knob. My pert upturned buttocks tingled from Paul’s groin slapping against them. He must have waxed or shaved his chest a few weeks ago but it had started to grow back meaning the hairs were wiry and prickled the palms of my hands as I groped his tensed toned chest. The wiry hairs on his rippling stomach grazed my big hard cock. The pounding my prostate was taking meant my balls ached with pent up cum and my tight abs were slick with sweat and pre-cum. Paul’s sweaty manly aroma really turned me on as did the fact he was 9 years older than me. Paul had as much stamina as Dennis, fucking my arse for a good 30 minutes before his orgasm hit. Although he was already fucking me fast and hard he found some reserves from somewhere and upped the pace a bit more. Sensing he was close I increased the intensity of flexing my arse muscles around his pounding cock and started roughly tweaking his nipples. “Cum in my boy cunt.” I begged as I gave him my most sultry slutty look which I knew was at odds to the sweet innocent boy next door appearance of my face. I saw the battle against orgasm on his sexy rugged face but it was a lost battle. He managed to hold out for a few more deep brutal thrusts before his orgasm hit. He slammed his hot hard 7 inch cock ball deep into my young slutty arse and let go. I felt the first jet of cum explode out of his cock and splatter against the walls of my arse. Whereas when Dennis came inside me he fucked my with short deep hard thrusts Paul didn’t let up and continued to fuck me hard with long deep thrusts hosing down the full length of my arse. Paul loudly grunted with each of the 8 big powerful ejaculations as I purred with pleasure as I felt a second man breed my boy cunt that afternoon. When Paul’s intense and copious orgasm ended he gave me a quick kiss before pulling his spent cock from my battered cum filled arse. My sphincter pleasurably tingled when his knob popped out of my arse. My arse felt a bit sore but its cock hunger was far from slatted. Trey started walking towards me and my eyes feasted on him. He was so dam sexy being a hunky light brown skinned black guy. His black hair was gelled into a duck tail. His face was really sexy in a rugged way due to his short black beard. His skin was light brown and flawless with deep brown eyes. He had a muscular well toned chest that had a light covering of black hairs. He had big muscular arms with bulging biceps and toned forearms dusted in black hairs. He had perfect washboard abs that also had a light covering of black hairs. My arse throbbed when I saw his cock. Despite being 9 inches long it jutted upwards with a big pair of balls in as tight light brown hairless sack. The shaft of his big brown cock was really thick but tapered slightly towards the tip. He was circumcised with a light brown pink tinged knob. It was one big juicy veiny cock which I couldn’t wait to feel raping my willing young arse. My gaze then ran down his sexy muscular legs that were lightly dusted in black hairs. After John I thought Trey was sexy with Dennis coming third and Paul coming fourth. They were all smoking hot though so it didn’t really matter. Trey got into the push up position above me which made his big biceps bulge even more and his downy haired chest tense. “I can’t believe I’m going to fuck a schoolboy.” Trey said as he stared into my boy next door cute face. “I might be a schoolboy but I like being fucked like a whore so rape my white pussy boy arse with your big brown cock.” I lustfully begged eager to feel my arse stuffed full of his big cock. “You’re right he’s a right cock slut.” Trey said to John. Trey then turned his attention back to me. “Oh fuck I love that.” I groaned when he started knob fucking me, just pushing his swollen circumcised knob in and out of my arse, the prominent ridge of his knob really working over my tight swollen sphincter. The sensations in my arsehole were intense, sending waves of pleasure through my young lithe body. My hands reached up and groped his muscular downy haired chest as I stared into his sexy handsome face. I saw looks of sexual pleasure playing across his face and the sexual hunger and lust in his dreamy brown eyes as his swollen circumcised knob received as much intense stimulation as my arsehole. “Fuck yeah.” I cried out in intense pleasure tinged with slight pain when Trey brutally slammed his increasing thick 9 inch cock ball deep into my throbbing slightly sore arse. “Such a hot tight sloppy arse.” Trey purred as he held his big cock deep in me. My arse felt so stuffed full of hot hard throbbing cock and the entrance to my colon ached when his swollen knob slammed into it but it was a good pain. “Talented boy.” Trey moaned when I started squeezing his big cock with my well trained arse muscles. After briefly holding his cock ball deep in me, to savour the hot wet sloppy tightness of my teen boy arse, he launched into a brutal fucking. I’d taken plenty of big cock before but it always hurts to start with but that is the good thing about it because you know if you ride out the pain you are in for more pleasure than when being fucked by average sized cocks. Besides I’d begged him to rape my arse so could ask him to ease up now. He could see the discomfort in my face and felt my fingers digging into his muscular chest but this just spurred him on to fuck me harder getting turned on from sexually dominating a boy 12 years his junior. The first few minutes of the fuck hurt especially as my arse was already tender from already having taken two brutal fucks. But then Trey’s big thick cock fucked me over the pain barrier. Where there had been pain there was now intense pleasure. My tight young arse felt so stuffed full of big black cock. My sphincter was stretched to the max and glowed with pleasurable friction as his long thick veiny cock sawed against it. His swollen knob repeatedly punched open the throbbing walls of my arse and boxed my prostate. A sly smile spread across Trey’s sexy face when he realised he’d fucked me over the pain barrier. “Fuck you’re good kid, most men can’t take the pounding I’m giving you.” Trey said. I was too far lost in intense hard fucked sexual bliss to answer except grunt with pleasure and give him a dreamy look. Trey fucked me fast and hard for ages, really pulverising my boy cunt. I wasn’t passively taking it but was actively flexing and squeezing my well trained arse muscles around his big thick thrusting cock. At the same time I was groping his muscular sweaty downy haired chest or caressing his big bulging biceps. I was also giving him my sluttiest sultry look that I knew was at odds to my cute boyish looks, making it seem all the more erotic. I felt so slutty and submissive at being pinned under his big muscular body, our 12 year age difference, the fact he was black to my white and with three other guys watching. Most 16 year old boys may have baulked at being used as a cum dump by four men especially as three of them were strangers but I was highly turned on by it. Despite felling sore my well fucked arse felt so dam good. My widely stretched sphincter was swollen and on fire with pleasurable friction. The battered walls of my arse throbbed with hard fucked pleasure. My prostate pulsed from the repeated blows against it. My balls ached with pent up cum from all the stimulation and my untouched cock ached for stimulation and sexual release. My tight abs were a mix of crusty and wet pre-cum. My nose was full of the highly erotic aroma of sweaty man on teen gay sex. My hands were savouring the hard sweatiness of his muscular body as my eyes feasted on it. Having an audience made it all the more erotic. From his grunts and groans of pleasure and the vigour of his fuck let me know he was really enjoying fucking his first teen boy in years. Trey fucked me for ages before he slipped into a frantic fucking frenzy. He started ramming his big really thick 9 inch black cock up my tanned white pussy boy arse even faster and harder than before. Sensing he was close I started tweaking his nipples and increase the intensity of squeezing my arse around his big thrusting cock. “Oh yeah cum in my arse.” I begged which pushed him over the edge. He brutally slammed his aerosol can thick 9 inch cock ball deep into my battered quivering boy cunt and let lose. He threw his head back and his sexy handsome face scrunched up as he loudly cried out as the first bolt of man spunk raced down his cock and powerfully exploded into my boy cunt. I felt it splattered against the throbbing walls of my arse where it mingled with the two loads already up there. Keeping his big cock deep in me he fucked me with short deep hard thrusts as he powerfully spunked up in me. As Trey spunked up inside me I rapidly flexed my arse muscles around his big orgasming cock to milk him dry. He was a huge spunker powerfully firing 9 big jets of cum into me and I felt each jet squirt into me. “Oh wow you’re a great fuck.” Trey breathless gasped his handsome face glazed in orgasmic bliss. “So are you.” I contentedly replied as I continued to squeeze my throbbing arse muscles around his big thick cock. Trey remained inside my arse savouring his orgasmic glow as we passionately kissed. Dennis and Paul were just visiting London whereas Trey had moved to London so although all three of us had sex again Trey became a regular. Once Trey had recovered from his intense and copious orgasm he pulled his cock from my battered cum filled arse making my sphincter tingle when his circumcised knob popped out. With Trey out of the way John, my hunky hairy rugby coach approached me, a sly knowing grin on his stunningly sexy, ruggedly handsome face. He knew how sex mad I was and that I’d have no problems with letting his mates fuck me. Check out the porn star John Magnum and you will get an idea of the sexy hunky walking towards me. They had similar short wavy dark blond hair with high foreheads. Their dam sexy faces could have made them brother except for the time difference. John’s eyes were as sexy blue as his latter porn star namesake. They both had blond stubble that gave their sexy faces a ruggedly handsome look. They were as muscular and hunky as each other. John had huge biceps that bulged even at rest with well sculpted triceps and deltoids. His forearms were muscular and covered in dark blond hairs. His muscular well toned chest had a luxuriant mat of dark blondy brown hairs that also covered his six pack abs before merging into a dense but trimmed short bush of pubes. His aerosol can thick 9 inch cock dangled down under its meaty weight. The eye wateringly thick shaft was heavily veined and circumcised with his cock ending with a prominent ridged bulbous knob. He had wonderfully sexy muscular hairy legs. All in all he was one dam sexy hot hairy hunky and I felt proud to be his favourite. Although I was the only openly gay player in the rugby club there were three closeted ones that I had sex with and had introduced John too but about them in other instalments. “Thanks for introducing me to your sexy friends.” I said to John as he got in the push up position above me. “I knew you’d be up for it.” He said with a sly knowing smile. “Your friends might get the wrong idea and think I’m a slut.” I said giving him a cheeky smile that I knew drove him wild with lust. They all laughed at my comment knowing full well what a cock hound I was. Once John was in the push up position above me I reached up and groped his muscular hairy chest savouring the soft hairs tickling the palms of my hands as I felt the hard muscles underneath. Taking three brutal fucks in a row my sphincter was swollen and slightly sore but not painfully so, just the way to let you know you have been fucked good. John started knob fucking me, just pushing his bulbous knob in and out of my arse. The prominent ridge of his swollen knob really worked over my swollen sensitive sphincter making me moan and squirm about in intense pleasure. John knew how much I loved this and kept it up for a couple of minutes before brutally ramming his eye wateringly thick 9 inch cock ball deep into my arse. “Fuck your arse is so sloppy.” John moaned as he felt his three mate’s cum bubble around his circumcised knob as he rammed it in ball deep. “Thanks to your mates.” I replied as I tightly squeezed my arse muscles around his really thick cock. He just gave me a cheeky smile in reply before launching into a long rough hard fuck. He used all his muscled might to pound his big thick cock in and out of my throbbing cum filled young arse. John fucked me good and hard for ages. As he did so I looked up at his stunningly sexy ruggedly handsome face with its expressions of sexual dominance, lust and hunger. My hands were busy groping his now sweaty muscular hairy chest or caressing his big bulging biceps. His furry rippling washboard stomach was lightly caressing my achingly hard untouched cock. His really thick long veiny cock shaft had my sore swollen sphincter stretched to the max making it burn with intense pleasurable friction. His bulbous prominent ridged knob was pulverising the tender throbbing cum splattered walls of my tight young but promiscuous and precious arse. His knob also boxed the hell out of my prostate with my balls feeling like watermelons about to explode in the microwave. John was making my arse feel so good I repaid him but flexing my arse muscles around his pounding cock, squeezing it as tight as I could. His pungent highly erotic sweaty aroma mingled with my subtler sweaty teen boy smell. I felt so slutty and submissive being pinned under his huge hunky hairy body. I might have been pretty cut for a lad my age but I was like a stick to Giresun Escort Bayan him. The 11 year age difference also added to that feeling as did the fact his three mates were watching. John then slipped into a pre-orgasm fucking frenzy pounding his fat 9 inch cock into my arse. The entrance to my colon was taking a serious battering which was uncomfortable but in a pleasurable way. My arse was sore but also in a pleasurable way and I felt proud as some men wouldn’t have been able to take the four brutal fucks in a row my teen boy arse had endured. “Fuck I’m going to cum.” John moaned. John slammed his big thick 9 inch cock ball deep into my throbbing arse. The expression of physical exertion melted into one of intense sexual pleasure and release as he started spunking up in my slutty sloppy arse. He carried on fucking me with long deep hard rough thrusts of his big cock as he powerfully squirted 8 big jets of man cum into me. I flexed and rippled my arse muscles around his pounding orgasming cock to milk him dry. When his orgasm ended he sank his thick 9 inch cock ball deep into my cum filled arse squashing me under his sweaty hunky hairy body. I lifted his left muscular arm and buried my face in his sweaty hairy armpit which I greedily licked clean of delicious sweat. John began to purr with pleasure as I licked out his pit and he savoured his orgasmic glow. Once I’d licked his left pit of sweat his right pit got the same treatment. Once John had recovered from his intense and copious orgasm he pulled his big spent cock from my sore but very satisfied cum filled arse. We both got up and they gave my arse a rest as we had some more drinks. However within the hour I was on my knees servicing Dennis and Trey at different ends. Again it was Dennis who started it. “I’ve got to nail that tight little arse again.” He said with a sly eager grin on his really sexy face. “While Dennis is screwing your arse you can show me if you’re as good a cock sucker as John says you are.” Trey added with a smile as devious as Dennis’. I gave them a sly smile back and moved the sun lounger mattress in front of Trey, his light brown cock starting to chub up. I knelt on the mattress in the doggy position in front of Trey, my face inches from his groin. Dennis knelt behind me and gave each of my pert buttocks a playful slap. “Oh yeah spank my arse.” I begged. I like being spanked at the best of times but I was so unbelievably horny and sexually wired I was totally swept up in the moment. Dennis began to lightly spank my arse making it tingle as I started licking and sucking Trey’s big brown balls. “Stop pussying about and spank it.” I lustfully begged, taking a break from licking and sucking Trey’s balls. “Yeah spank him like the naughty schoolboy he is.” Paul encouraged. Dennis didn’t need any more encouragement and began raining harsh slaps on smooth pert arse. Each slap had me loudly yelping in pleasurable pain. Soon my arse was as on fire and stinging as if I’d just sat on a hotplate. When the pain passed the point of being pleasurable I begged Dennis to fuck me. “Fuck yeah.” I cried out in pleasure tinged with mild pain when Dennis brutally rammed his unlubed cock up my arse. The first few thrusts made my sphincter burn as he steely hard cock wasn’t lubricated. However it quickly became greasy from the four loads of spunk up my arse and the lube from taking those fuck. The repeated slaps of his pubed groin against my arse kept up the burning stinging sensation in it. He had a tight grip on my hips so he could yank my arse onto his forward thrusting cock to make sure he got maximum penetration. Although it was painful to start with it soon felt out of this world. My pert buttock stung and burnt in pleasurable pain. My swollen sore sphincter was burning with pleasurable friction. The sensitive walls of my arse throbbed from being repeatedly punched open by his knob. His balls kept bashing mine like a Newton’s cradle. My really thick 9.5 inch untouched teen boy cock was constantly dribbling pre-cum onto the mattress. As Dennis brutally fucked my cum filled arse Trey got in on the action. He grabbed my hair, but not painfully so, with his left hand as he aimed his big thick veiny 9 inch brown cock at my mouth and forced me on to it. I let my lush red lips part and slide down over his swollen circumcised knob and over its prominent ridge to clamp around his cock shaft. I didn’t get a chance to suck his knob as he carried on forcing my mouth onto his big cock. Sensing he was going to test my cock sucking abilities to the max I relaxed my throat and jaw. The increasing tapper of his cock forced my lips further and further apart. Inch after inch of his big brown cock disappeared. I surprised both myself and Trey as although when his knob plugged my throat I started to gag I had managed to swallow 8 out of his thick 9 inch cock. Trey held my mouth impaled on his cock and I really had to fight my gag reflexes or pass out. I’d sucked plenty of cocks in my young promiscuous life to know how to get my gag reflexes under control. “Shit kid you’ve swallowed more than most can.” Trey gasped making me swell with pride even is tears were running down my cheeks. Trey then began to bounce my hot wet mouth up and down his manly cock but didn’t make me take as much as I had the first time. For several minutes Dennis pounded my arse as Trey fucked my mouth. Being dominated by these two sexy hunky guys and used for their sexual gratification with no thought to me really turned me on. As did the fact they were older than me and we had an audience. They made me feel a submissive slut and used me as a rent boy which as they’d paid John to fuck me technically I was. Trey then let up on bouncing my mouth on his cock. Although I was free of his hands I took to sucking his cock as deep and vigorously as when he’d forced it into my mouth. My lush lips wanked his big hot hard thick cock as they slid up and down it. I could taste their cum and my arse on his cock and his sweaty manly aroused aroma filled my nostrils. My hands were resting on his muscular lightly haired thighs. They were both moaning with sexual pleasure and I was muffling moans of hard fucked pleasure down Trey’s cock. Soon the combined pleasure of having a hot hard cock in my mouth with another up my arse got to me, especially as I hadn’t cum yet. I felt the warning tingle start in my cock. “Fuck me harder you’re going to make me cum.” I begged Dennis, briefly pausing on sucking Trey’s cock. Dennis upped the pace and power of the already brutal fucking he was giving my arse as I returned to deep throating Trey’s thick veiny 9 inch brown cock. I became so lost in the dual pleasures of sucking cock as I got fucked up the arse that I didn’t notice Paul come over to us and lie under me. I muffled moans of pleasure around Trey’s cock when the hot wetness of a mouth soaked into my sensitive knob. In seconds I knew it was Paul as I was now very familiar to John’s blow jobs. Paul started strongly sucking my swollen sensitive knob that was slick with my pre-cum as he swarmed his tongue all over it. His muffled purrs of contented pleasure reverberated up my cock increasing the need to come. I didn’t last a minute. My balls ached so much with pent up cum it felt like someone had kicked them. Then Dennis’ knob punched my prostate again and I lost it. My orgasm was so powerfully and intense my sports toned teen body shook and shuddered as if I was being electrocuted. My big boy cock twitched and throbbed as it powerfully blasted 12 jets of cum into Paul’s eagerly awaiting mouth, a record for me at the time. My record at present is 14 but that was from being tied to the bed for hours with a vibrator up my arse, a vibrating cock ring around my cock and a guy edge sucking me, getting me to almost boiling point but stopping to let me cool down before starting up again. My orgasm was so intense I practically fainted. My balls went from feeling like watermelons to walnuts as I drained a huge load of teen boy spunk into Paul’s greedily sucking mouth. Trey’s cock was forgotten about although it remained in my mouth as waves if intense sexual ecstasy flowed through my body. Dennis continued to brutally fuck my arse which when coupled with Paul sucking on my bell end fuelled and prolonged my orgasm. Eventually I drained the last of my balls into Paul’s mouth which he pulled off my cock. Then he surprised me and went to Trey and they snowball kissed sharing my schoolboy spunk with each other. It was such a hot sight watching two sexy men passionately kissing sharing my cum with each other. As I was too dazed from my orgasm Trey began to wank the thick base of his cock as I sucked on his swollen knob in too much of a daze to make much difference. Dennis on the other hand was fucking me even faster and harder than before because when I orgasmed my tight young arse spasmed uncontrollably around his rapidly thrusting cock. It took me several minutes to recover from my intense and copious orgasm. Although I’d been gently sucking on the end of Trey’s cock as he vigorously wanked the base I resumed deep throating it so he no longer had to wank it. The orgasmic glow was replace with the pleasure of sucking a big hot hard cock whilst being brutally fucked up the arse by another cock. I also resumed flexing my arse muscles around Dennis pounding cock. My mouth and arse are highly receptive to being fucked but more so now that I’d orgasmed. I felt the heat, steely hardness and throbbing pulse of Dennis’ cock pounding my arse as I felt the same from Trey’s cock in my mouth. As they had already cum they lasted even longer than the first time so my young body got a real pounding. My arse was on fire in a pleasurable way from the brutal fucking Dennis was giving it. My jaw ached but it was worth it for the pleasure of bobbing my hot wet sucking mouth up and down Trey’s big brown cock which tasted of cum and my arse, his sweaty manly aroused aroma filling my nostrils. Ages after my orgasm theirs hit. Dennis was the first to let go. From somewhere he found reserves and started fucking me even faster and harder than before. Sensing he was close and being a good bum boy I increased the flexing of my arse muscles around his pounding 7 inch cock. “Fuck yes.” Dennis groaned at the increased pleasure of having a slutty schoolboy work his arse muscles on his rapidly thrusting cock. He managed to hold out a few more thrusts before he rammed his hot hard 7 inch cock ball deep into my battered cum filled arse. I felt his cock swell, throb and pulse as he powerfully orgasmed in my arse for a second time. His fit manly body shook and shuddered against my sports toned teen boy body as he stabbed my arse with short deep hard thrusts. He powerfully squirted 7 jets of cum into my already sloppy arse. Dennis loudly grunted in sexual ecstasy and release as he orgasmed in my arse. As for me I muffled moans of contented pleasure which reverberated down Trey’s big brown cock as I felt each jet off cum splatter the receptive throbbing walls of my arse. I rapidly flexed and squeezed my arse muscles around Dennis’ cock to fuel his orgasm and milk him dry. When Dennis’ orgasm ended he kept his cock ball deep in my arse which I continued to flex around it. At the same time I was expertly sucking Trey’s big cock eager to taste his man cum for the first time. Trey’s muscular body started to tense up so I upped the blow job, taking less of his cock into my mouth but at a faster speed. He managed to hold out for a couple of minutes before his orgasm hit. Trey didn’t bother to warn me he was about to cum as he guessed I was a jizz junkie. Besides I’d sucked so many cocks in my short but highly active sex life to know when a cock was about to blow. I felt his muscular body lock solid as his big thick cock swelled, throbbed and pulsed in my mouth as the first bolt of really thick strong tasting man cum exploded out of his cock and splattered onto my tongue. I strongly sucked his large swollen sensitive knob as I started furiously wanking the thick base of his cock to milk him dry. Trey gruffly grunted groans of intense sexual ecstasy as he spunked up in a schoolboy’s mouth. He powerfully squirted 7 big jets of thick delicious salty cum into my mouth making my taste buds tingle with pleasure. When he stopped spunking up I pulled my mouth off his cock and made a show of swilling and savouring his delicious man cum around my mouth before swallowing. “Very tasty.” I said licking my lips. “The way you suck cock kid you can have my spunk anytime.” Trey said in an orgasmic glow. “Our turn now.” John said. John replaced Trey and Paul replaced Dennis. I purred with pleasure when Paul’s knob punched open my sore swollen sphincter as it popped inside. His knob then punched open the tender throbbing walls of my arse making the five loads of cum up there bubble around his cock which sawed against my sphincter. Soon all 7 inches of his manly cock was up my teen boy arse. I tightly squeezed my arse around his cock making him moan with pleasure. He grabbed my hips in a tight grip and began to fuck me fast and hard. “Fuck that’s good.” I purred as my arse lit up with pleasure. Sure my arse was getting sore but that was far outweighed by well fucked pleasure. Paul’s steely hard 7 inch cock was sawing against my swollen sphincter making it burn with pleasurable friction. His knob was repeatedly punching open the highly sensitive and receptive walls of my cum filled arse. Whenever he bottomed out his pubed groin slapped my pert buttocks and his balls bashed mine. John then commanded my attention by slapping his beer can thick 9 inch cock against my lush red cock sucker’s lips splattering them in pre-cum. Instinctive my tongue snaked out and licked up his tasty pre-cum. With my right hand steadying myself on his left muscular hairy thigh I took his huge cock into my left hand enjoying the colour contrast of my deeply tanned hand against his big pale cock. I gave him a mischievous grin as I gave his big thick cock a few wanks. Then I held it still and gazing into his dreamy blue eyes I began swarming my tongue all over his big bulbous knob. As my tongue danced around the prominent ridge of his knob his cock strongly throbbed in my hands and he started to purr with pleasure and he oozed pre-cum. After giving his bulbous knob a good spit polish I took it into my mouth. My lips slid down the increasing flare of his knob, over its thick prominent ridge to clamp shut around his fat cock. John gasped in pleasure as the hot wetness of my mouth soaked into his sensitive knob. I started strongly sucking his knob as I swirled my tongue all over it, being rewarded with lots of tasty pre-cum. As I worked on John’s knob I drank in his pungent sweaty aroused aroma that I was getting so used to. After giving his knob a good sucking I began to bob my hot wet sucking mouth up and down his cock. Due to its unbelievable thickness I could only work on the top couple of inches before my lips and jaw was stretched to the max. Despite that the way his cock was wildly throbbing and the amount of pre-cum he was leaking I knew he was enjoying it. “Shit his arse is so hungry for me cock.” Paul moaned as he continued to brutally fuck my boy cunt which I was flexing around his pounding cock. “I told you he’s mad for cock.” John moaned in reply and I took it as a compliment. John was right as although I had a cock to put most men to shame I got more pleasure from being fucked up the arse or sucking cock. I wasn’t a total bottom and had done my fair share of fucking I just preferred to be the bitch boy. I was certainly being a bitch boy then. Not yet 17 years old on my hands and knees with one fit sexy fury 25 year old guy fucking my arse bareback as I greedily slurped on my even hunkier hairier 28 year old rugby coach as two other men watched on. It all made me feel so slutty and submissive which was a real turn on. Even though I’d recently cum my big boy cock was steely hard again and my highly productive teen balls were working up another load. For ages I was spit roasted by two dam sexy men both of them setting my lithe teen body on fire with pleasure. My lush red lips tingled from sliding up and down John’s really thick veiny cock as my tongue buzzed with the taste of his free flowing pre-cum. My nose was full of John’s sweaty horny aroused aroma. At the other end my sore swollen sphincter glowed with pleasurable friction as Paul’s hot hard cock sawed against it. His swollen knob repeatedly punched open the tender throbbing walls of my cum filled arse. My smooth pert buttocks tingled from his pubed groin slapping against them as his balls hit mine like a Newton’s cradle. The warm summer breeze wafted over my sweaty naked body and achingly hard cock. The fact I was being spit roasted by two men as two more watched also turned me on. Then Paul slipped into a fucking frenzy, pounding my pussy boy arse even faster and harder than before. The increased fucking set my arse on fire with well fucked pleasure making me moan muffle moans of pleasure which reverberated down John’s big cock. “I’m going to cum.” Paul groaned as his fucking reached its intensity. Not letting up on his fuck Paul began to cum in my arse. I felt his hot hard cock swell, throb and twitch in my arse as he began powerfully pumping spunk into me. To fuel his orgasm and milk him dry I rapidly flexed my arse muscles around his orgasming cock. Paul loudly grunted and groaned with each powerful ejaculation squirting seven jets into my already cum laden arse. Even when his orgasm ended I kept working my arse on Paul’s spent cock as I greedily worked my mouth on John’s cock. John managed to hold out another couple of minutes before his orgasm hit. I’d had enough sex with my hunky rugby coach to know when he was about to cum. I felt his muscular body start to tense up and his breathing became more laboured. Then his already really thick cock swelled even more and then started to throb and twitch in my mouth as his intense and copious orgasm hit. He started pumping seven big jets of really strong tasting thick delicious man spunk into my mouth. Immediately my taste buds began to tingle with the delicious taste of his cum. When his orgasm died down I pulled my mouth off his spent cock and made a show of swilling his thick delicious cum around my mouth before swallowing it. Afterwards I licked my lips and gave him a cheeky grin and he smiled back and ruffled my blond hair to let me know I’d done a good job. A shiver of pleasure ran through me when Paul’s knob popped out of my sore sensitive but very satisfied arse. Luckily they gave me a break as my knees were beginning to ache. We had some more drinks but soon as I was on my hands and knees servicing Dennis and Trey but at different ends. There I was a cute innocent looking but slutty boy, not quiet 17 on my hands and knees with a dam sexy blond haired 26 year old guy sat before me with a hunky 28 year black guy knelt behind me. “Fuck yeah.” I cried out in pleasure when Trey brutally rammed his big thick black cock up my sore battered boy cunt. I felt the prominent ridge of his circumcised Escort Giresun knob punch open my sore swollen sphincter before battering open the tender throbbing walls of my tight young arse making the six loads of cum already up there bubble around his big black cock. “Well sloppy.” Trey groaned when he bottomed out in my arse with all 9 inches of his hot hard thick cock in me. After the briefest pause he launched into a rough hard fucking, pounding my boy cunt as if he was trying to break it. This set my sore but still cock hungry arse on fire with hard fucked pleasure. My tight swollen sphincter burned with the pleasurable friction of Trey’s long thick veiny shaft sawing against it. I particularly liked the increasing tapper of his cock which got thicker at the base so my sphincter got a good working over. My sphincter also felt the bump of every vein in his thick meaty shaft. His swollen prominent ridged knob repeatedly punched open the sore throbbing walls of my cum filled arse, whipping the cum up there into a cappuccino. His big balls kept hitting mine as his groin slapped my arse. He had a firm grip on my hips to make sure he got maximum penetration with his big thick 9 inch cock. I couldn’t help but moan with well fucked pleasure as Trey brutally pounded my pussy boy arse with his big black cock. However Dennis soon silenced me as he forced my mouth onto his steely hard 7 inch cock. I offered no resistance and let Dennis force my mouth all the way down onto his hot hard 7 inch cock until his swollen knob was plugging my throat with my nose buried in his blondy brown pubes drinking in his strong pungent sweaty horny manly aroma. Dennis then began to bob my mouth up and down his sexy 7 inch cock as I began to strongly suck it, flick it with my tongue and wanking it with my lush red lips. For ages Dennis and Trey spit roasted me, making my fit sports toned body tingle with pleasure. Dennis had stopped bobbing my mouth on his cock but I was deep throating it just as vigorously. I loved feeling his hot hard throbbing veiny 7 inch cock sliding over my lips and tongue. My taste buds tingled with the delicious taste of his pre-cum as his sweaty manly horny aroused aroma acted like an aphrodisiac. When his knob plugged my throat I squeezed the muscles back there around it as I ground my lips around the pubed base. As I bobbed my mouth up and down his throbbing manhood I wanked it with my lips as my tongue stimulated it. My hands were busy caressing his sexy shapely hairy thighs or fondling his balls. At the other end Trey was brutally fucking my arse with his big brown cock. I was working my arse muscles around his pounding cock giving him as much pleasure as he was giving me. My sore swollen sphincter burned with the pleasure of his long thick veiny cock shaft sawing against it. The walls of my tender cum filled arse throbbed from the pleasure of being repeatedly punched open by his prominent ridged circumcised knob. My big boy cock ached for attention and my highly productive teen balls had already worked up another load that ached for release. My oral talents beat my anal talents as Dennis was the first to cum although after a really long blow job. I’d stopped deep throating him and was working on the upper half but at a faster harder pace. “Shit boy you’re going to make me cum.” Dennis groaned as I felt his fit body tense up. With my mouth sucking like a vacuum cleaner on overdrive Dennis started spunking up in my mouth. His sexy cock started throbbing and twitching in my mouth as he began powerfully spunking up in my mouth. His thick, really strong tasting man cum coated my tongue making my taste buds tingle with its delicious taste. Dennis loudly grunted in sexual ecstasy with each powerful ejaculation as I muffled moans of contented pleasure whish reverberated down Dennis’ orgasming cock fuelling his copious orgasm. Dennis pumped 7 big jets of delicious man cum into my mouth which I let pool so I could savour it. When his orgasm ended I pulled my mouth off his spent cock and made a show of swilling and savouring his cum before swallowing it. At the other end Trey was fucking me faster and harder so I knew he was close. I increased the frequency of tightly squeezing my well trained arse around Trey’s big pounding cock. “Yeah squeeze that cock boy.” Trey groaned at the increased pleasure. I was an experienced bottom boy who knew how to use my arse to get a guy off and I was pulling all the tricks on trey’s cock and it had the desired effect. Several more thrusts later and Trey started to spunk up in my already cum laden boy cunt. Trey continued to brutally ram his big thick brown 9 inch cock up my white pussy boy arse. The interracial thing was a real turn on for me, made even more erotic with our age difference. He loudly grunted with each of his 7 jets of cum he squirted into my arse. “Breed my pussy boy arse.” I moaned as I felt Trey cum in me. He didn’t disappoint and pumped a big load into my battered arse that burned with well fucked pleasure. When Trey’s orgasm ended he pulled his big spent cock from my arse, a shiver running through me when his bulbous knob popped out of my arse. I had so much cum up my arse it ached as if I’d taken an enema. However I needed to take at least one more load as my hot hunky rugby coach knelt behind me. At the same time Paul came and sat in front of me. I grunted with pleasure tinged with pain when John brutally rammed his aerosol can thick 9 inch cock ball deep up my sore well fucked cum filled arse. I felt his bulbous, thick ridged knob punch open my sore swollen sphincter and then the tender throbbing walls of my arse. I felt the 7 loads of cum up there bubble around John’s big fat cock as he bottomed out, his pubed groin slapping against my pert smooth arse. He tightly gripped my hips and launched into a fast hard brutal fuck, pulverising the hell out of my already sore well used arse. There was pain from taking such a big thick cock so harshly but that was outweighed by intense well fucked pleasure. Paul had a devious grin on his ruggedly handsome face as he watched the cute blond 16 year old schoolboy on his hands and knees before getting brutally fucked by a hunky hairy 28 year old guy. As John pounded my cock hungry arse with his massive manhood I took in the sight of Paul’s fit sexy body. The devious grin on his ruggedly handsome face with its stubble and dreamy brown eyes made it look even sexier. Then he put his right hand behind his head exposing his sweaty hairy armpit and making his muscular bicep bulge. He then put his right hand on the top of my head and pushed it down to his cock. My eyes scanned down his fit toned stubbly body before resting on his steely hard 7 inch uncut cock whose partially exposed knob was glistening with pre-cum. I allowed Paul to push my mouth onto his cock. My lush red lips slipped over his slick knob pushing his foreskin back. I started sucking his swollen knob which started oozing really tasty pre-cum which set my tongue buzzing. Paul let me suck and lick his sensitive knob for a bit before he forced my mouth all the way onto his cock until my nose was buried in his sweaty pubes. I drank in the pungent erotic manly aroused aroma that drove me wild with lust. I savoured feeling Paul’s steely hard, hot 7 inch cock throb in my mouth as I strongly sucked it, ground my lips around the pubed base and flicked it with my tongue. Paul then released his hand from the top of my head and put it behind his. Free from Paul’s control I began to deep throat his sexy cock. My hot wet strongly sucking mouth rapidly bobbed up and down his steely hard throbbing cock. My lush red lips wanked his smooth hot hard cock as I flicked the underside with my tongue. My mouth was sucking like a Hoover on overdrive as I drank in his pungent highly erotic horny aroused sweaty manly aroma. His free flowing pre-cum made my taste buds tingle with delicious pleasure. My muffled moans of hard fucked pleasure reverberated down Paul’s cock as John brutally fucked my schoolboy arse with his baseball bat thick cock. My poor sore swollen sphincter was stretched to the max as his eye wateringly thick really veined cock sawed against it. His big bulbous, prominent ridged knob would punch open the tender throbbing walls of my arse and then slam into the entrance of my colon, causing me to wince in discomfort. When he bottomed out my arse felt fit to burst as it was so full of cock and cum. When he’s pull back the prominent ridge of his circumcised knob would scrape down the cum splattered walls. It must have been a great sight for Dennis a Trey watching a cute innocent looking blond haired, blue eyed schoolboy being brutally fucked up the arse by a hunky hairy 28 man with a fit furry 25 year old guy at the other end getting his cock sucked. For ages John fucked the hell out of my arse as I greedily sucked Paul’s sexy cock. I could sense they were getting close as I could feel Paul tensing and John was fucking me even faster and harder. I upped the tempo of squeezing my arse muscles around John’s pounding cock as I started fucking Paul’s cock faster and harder. “I’m going to cum bitch boy.” John groaned as his brutal fuck reached it crescendo. Even though my mouth was full of Paul’s cock I muffled “Cum in me” which reverberated down his cock. John slammed his huge thick cock ball deep into my arse, his big bulbous knob lodging in the entrance to my colon. I felt his cock swell, throb and pulse in my arse as he began powerfully spunking up in me. I felt every jet of the 7 squirts splash against the sore walls of my well used arse. I rapidly flexed my arse muscles around John’s big thick orgasming cock to fuel his orgasm and milk him dry. John cried out “Fuck” with each powerful ejaculation as I muffled purrs of contented pleasure down Paul’s cock. When John’s orgasm ended he kept his baseball bat thick 9 inch cock buried ball deep in my really sore battered cum filled arse which I kept squeezing around it. “Yeah suck the cum out of him boy.” John said as he roughly grabbed my hair and bounced my mouth up and down Paul’s cock. With his other hand he reached under me and began roughly tweaking and tugging on my left nipple making me muffle moans of pleasurable pain down Paul’s cock. Being roughly dominated like this by my smokingly hot hunky hairy rugby coach turned me on. My muffles moans of pleasure reverberating down Paul’s cock pushed him over the edge. He didn’t warn me and just started spewing his thick strong tasting man cum into my mouth. He started loudly grunting as he drained his balls into my mouth which John was continuing to bounce up and down. I muffled moans of pleasure around Paul’s orgasming cock as his spunk made my taste buds tingle. I’m such a jizz junkie and Paul’s was so tasty and there was so much of it. He pumped 7 big jets of really thick strong tasting cum into my mouth. When Paul’s orgasm ended John released my head. I pulled my mouth of Paul’s cock and looked into Paul’s ruggedly handsome face that was flushed from orgasm. I made a show of savouring and swilling his cum around my mouth before swallowing it. John then pulled his big cock from my battered cum laden arse. My sphincter burned and was really sore, swollen and gapping open. The throbbing walls felt very tender, bruised and battered from taking 8 brutal fucks in a row. My arse ached it was so full of cum. I had four loads of man cum in my stomach to match the 8 loads up my arse making me a real cum pig. My balls ached with pent up from all the prostate stimulation I’d received and my cock yearned for attention but it didn’t have to wait long. John hoisted me up and dropped me onto a seat. Dennis and Trey came over and knelt before me. They then assaulted my achingly hard really thick 9.5 inch cock with their lips, tongue and mouth. It was so hot having two such sexy men fighting over my big boy cock. It was also a thrill know that although I hadn’t quite hit 17 yet my cock was bigger than the four men there. They both started licking my big cum laden balls which sent shivers of pleasure through me and made my cock twitch. Then they licked up and down my cock as if it was a flesh lollipop. I watched their pink tongues battle around my tanned bulbous knob, eagerly licking up my free flowing pre-cum. Dennis was the first one to take my knob into his mouth. Immediately the hot wetness of his mouth soaked into my swollen sensitive knob as he strongly sucked and swarmed his tongue around it. As he did so Trey sucked and licked one ball and then the other. Dennis then began to bob his hot wet sucking mouth up and down the top couple of inches of my really thick cock. For a couple of minutes Dennis sucked my cock as Trey sucked and licked my balls. At the same time John stood behind me and roughly tortured my nipples, tweaking them really hard making them red raw and swollen which despite the pain or maybe because of it really turns me on. Dennis and Trey then swapped with Trey sucking my cock as Dennis sucked my balls. They then started to kiss each other with my cock between their lips. The sight of their stunningly sexy handsome faces was enough to make you cum more so to watch them battling over my big thick tanned teen cock. Now, with lips covering their teeth, they were nibbling my cock, Trey to the right and Dennis to the left. This, along with the nipple torture pushed me over the edge. “Fuck I’m going to cum.” I groaned as I tried to hold it back. Dennis and Trey intensified the nibbling of my cock which was the final straw. My aerosol can thick 9.5 inch cock began spewing schoolboy spunk all over their lips and faces. Most teenage boys pump big loads but my cock goes off like a fire hydrate knocked over. Even now my loads are big and copious. I groaned with the intense pleasure of my orgasm. I powerfully pumped 10 big jets of cum all over their faces. Their already sexy handsome manly faces looked even hotter covered in my cum. The second my orgasm was over they attacked each other’s face with relish lapping up my boy cum before passionately kissing. Once Dennis and Trey had licked each other’s face clean of my cum in was my turn for a facial. John pulled me over to a sun lounger and lay me on it. The four of them knelt beside my head, Paul and Trey to my right and Dennis and John to my left. They then began to wank each other off. It was such a hot sight watching four hot hunky men jerking off over my face. The sight was so sexy I was wanking my still hard cock with my left hand as I harshly fisted my sore aching arse with my right hand. Dennis was the first one to cum. He batted Trey’s hand away and gripped his own cock in his right hand. He started furiously wanking his sexy 7 inch cock and aimed it at my open mouth. I saw him handsome face scrunch up just before the first bolt of thick white cum exploded out of his cock and scored a direct bull’s eye in my mouth. Immediately my taste buds tingled with it strong salty taste and thick texture. Due to the jerking motion of his cock the second jet hit my left cheek. The third and fifth jets squirted in my mouth with the fourth, sixth and seventh splashing on my cute teen boy face. Trey went second but he pushed his swollen knob into my mouth which I started strongly sucking as he wanked the thick base. “Eat my cum boy.” Trey growled as his orgasm hit and he started pumping jet after jet of hot thick tasty cum into my mouth. He pumped in four jets when John’s orgasm hit. The first jet splattered on my face but I let Trey’s cock go and twisted my head taking the end of my hunky rugby coach’s really big cock into my mouth just as he let go of the second. John fired the remaining five jets of his orgasm into my mouth as the last three jets of Trey’s orgasm splattered my face. When John’s orgasm ended I carried on sucking his spent cock as Trey and Dennis sucked each other’s clean. “Going to cum.” Paul groaned but with not enough warning. The first jet hit my face but I managed to get my hot wet sucking mouth on the end of his cock to take the remaining five. When Paul’s orgasm ended I pulled my mouth off his cock and swilled around all the spunk in my mouth savouring the taste of the cum from four different men. Even though I’d just cum I was a randy teen age boy in a hot scenario so I started powerfully spewing long thick ropes of white schoolboy spunk all over my deeply tanned sports toned body. The four of them dived on my spunk like a pack of hungry dogs and licked up every last drop. As they did so I savoured the dreamy orgasmic glow as I sucked my fingers clean of the delicious taste of their cum and my arse. All five of us were now sweaty, sticky, totally drained and sexually satisfied. We sat down and carried on drinking. Even though my arse throbbed almost painfully and ached from all the cum up there I resisted the urge to shit it out as I wanted it up there as long as I could. After an hour or so I headed home. On the way to the tube station I regretted not crapping out the cum from my arse. Taking 8 brutal fucks in a row meant I didn’t have the usual sphincter control and farted some cum into the crotch of my shorts soaking them. As I wasn’t wearing underwear some started dribbling down my inner thighs but I discretely scooped it up with my fingers and licked them clean. Luckily I only had to go one stop on the tube because I stank of sex. There was the pungent smell of my teen boy sweat mingling with the manly sweaty John and his mates had dropped onto me. There was also the unmistakable bleachy smell of cum and slightly earthy smell of arse radiating out from the crotch of my shorts. From the wrinkles of the noses around me I knew they could smell it but it kind of turned me on. You’d think after all that sex I would be satisfied but my mind couldn’t help but replay the hot sex I had experiences that afternoon which made me horny again. I gently finger fucked my sore tender arse with the fingers of my right hand as I wanked my huge cock with my left. It was a long slow tender edge wank. I stroke my cock but stop just before orgasm, let myself cool down and repeat the process. When I finally did let myself go the first two jets arched through the air and went straight into my open mouth. The third jet hit my chin with the remaining six jets splattering my sweaty smooth sports toned body. Once my orgasm ended I pulled the fingers from my arse and sucked the clean of the delicious mix of the cum from four very sexy men and the taste of my teen boy arse. Then I used the same fingers to scoop my boy cum off my body and suck them clean before falling into a deep and contented sleep. Then next thing I know I’m wake with a morning glory with my Mum at the door asking if I intended to get up to day. Being found by their mum with a stiffie would mortify most boys but as we were a nudist family it was no big issue. I got up and opened the window as the rank smell of gay sex on my body had permeated my room. In the shared bathroom between my bedroom and the guest bedroom I drank in the smell of my sweaty pits and tried to lick up as much as I could before I showered. When it came to cleaning my arse I felt my sphincter was still a bit sore and swollen but I just grin at the fun I’d making it more than worth it. I hope this one got you off and you’re sat there splattered in cum. If you did please let me know at [email protected] as although I enjoy reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it.

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From Behind

Subject: Grease monkey’s bitch boy part 2 Grease monkey’s bitch boy part 2. The following is a true account of being gang banged by six men when I was 16. Comments gratefully received at [email protected] Usual blurb about don’t read if you are underage, etc. Also why not make a small donation to Nifty so they can keep up the good fty/donate.html From part 1 When this happened I was taking my GCSE exams so I was the tail end of my sixteenth year. At the time my blond hair was spiked up into a duck tail. My deeply tanned face had flawless skin and was as cute as Alexander Ludwig’s when he was 16. It looked sweet and innocent and hid the sexual deviant beneath very well. My eyes were blue and I had lush red cock sucker’s lips. Playing rugby and cricket had given me a body as tight and toned as Tom Daley. My deltoids were sculpting up and my biceps buffing up. My forearms were dusted with golden hairs. My chest was nicely chiselled and my abs were forming a washboard. I had yet to grow a treasure trail but I did have a small dense bush of blondish brown pubes I kept trimmed short. My cock was the envy of the school changing room and showers. At the time it was just shy of being 9.5 inches long and 6 inches in circumference. Growing up in a nudist family meant my cock, groin and arse were as deeply tanned as the rest of me. The long fat shaft of my cock was nicely veined and uncut. Around back I had a high firm perfect pert bubble butt arse. To finish of I had tanned sports toned legs dusted with golden hairs. After one exam I went to a public toilet to cruise for some cock and was lucky enough to pull a sexy beefy bear of a man. We went into a toilet cubicle and he started fucking me. However half way through someone came into the toilet, used it and left. So as not to be disturbed again we left and finished off the fuck in the back of his tyre mechanics van. He was so sexy and such a good fucker that I wanted more sex with him. He gave me his business card and we arranged to have a few more shags afterwards. It was after one of those shags that he brought up something I had said after our first fuck. His beefy bear body was a sweaty heap on top of my lean teen body with his thick 8 inch cock throbbing in my arse he had just fucked the hell out of a despotised a load of cum up there. “Were you serious about letting my mates fuck you?” Bruno asked with his usually pale face flushed red from orgasm and the vigour of the harsh fucking he had just given me. “Sure as long as they are as sexy as you.” I purred as I savoured the contented pleasantly sore throb in my well fucked arse as I twirled his wiry sweat matted chest hairs with my fingers. “Cool. I know my two flat mates are interested and it would mean we could start fucking at my place.” Bruno replied. So far our sex had been confined to the back of his van. Not that I minded as I was starting to get turned on by the smell of man sweat and gay sex mingling with rubber tyres and grease. “I’m game.” I replied as I’m new one to turn down a new avenue of gay sex. My reply got Bruno horny again and he gave me another fuck and pumped a second load of man cum up my bitch boy cunt. Then I left the van and went to school to sit an afternoon exam with my arse throbbing contentedly and leaking cum into the crotch of my school trousers. That weekend I went to Bruno’s house that he shared with two other gay guys. When I knocked on the door Bruno answered it bullock naked and fully erect. He had short black hair that was buzz cut at the back and sides. He had a pale oval face that was sexy in a rough rugged blue collar worker way. His rugged manly look was further accentuated by his black stubble beard and moustache. He had dreamy brown eyes, a classical nose and lush pink lips. He had a beefy body that whilst being strong didn’t have that much definition, it was pure bulk and no fat. There was some definition to his deltoids and bulging biceps and his thick forearms were dusted with black hairs. His big barrel chest had some sculpting as did his abs, both of which were under a luxuriant mat of black hairs. Normally I prefer smooth guys but on some guys a hairy chest works and it sure did on Bruno. His pale thick 8 inch cock was jutting upwards from his dense but trimmed short bush of black pubes. The thick shaft was nicely veined, pale and uncut. His pale foreskin had retracted to expose his swollen pink knob. Hanging beneath in a pale tight sack dusted with black pubes he had big balls. His thick tree trunk legs had some definition and were covered with black hairs. He was the polar opposite to my smooth “sweet innocent” posh schoolboy appearance, so much so that I wanted him to brutally bugger me then and there on the doorstep and to hell with who saw it. Luckily Bruno had more sense and invited me in and closed the door behind me. Once inside we shared a quick passionate kiss with his big calloused hands groping my pert bubble butt arse through the satiny material of my skimpy shorts as my hands caressed his hairy beefy barrel chest. It was a good job I didn’t bump into any police officers on the way to Bruno’s place as I’d had a stonking boner the whole way there. The bulbous knob of my fat 9.5 inch cock had been a whisker away from peeking out of the left leg hole of my shorts. The long fat tube had been an obvious bulge in my shorts that had attracted disgusted, humorous and amorous glances in equal measure. Growing up in a nudist family meant I didn’t have the physical hang ups that some people do. Every male pops a boner from time to time so what is the point in being embarrassed about it. Now that I was in Bruno’s beefy embrace my hard on ached even harder. After our welcome kiss Bruno led me to the lounge. When we entered I saw there were five naked men rather than the two I was expecting. Bruno shared the house with two gay guys and it was them I was expecting to see but Bruno had managed to rustle up three more. Of Bruno’s mates four of them were definitely sexy enough for me to offer them my arse. The fifth had a cock and body that appealed to me but his face only just about did. It is a guy’s face that floats my boat the most and his only just about appealed. Not that I’m saying he was ugly as I’m not that judgemental, a guy’s face either works for me or it doesn’t. He had dark blond hair with a high but not receding hairline. His face was bony like a skull covered with pale flawless skin. He had prominent cheek bones, sunken eyes and a square set jaw which gave his face its skull-like appearance. He had bluish grey eyes, an angular nose and thin pink lips. He looked to be in his late 20’s and I would soon find out that he was 28 and called Stefan and of Swedish stock. His pale body was more appealing as it was tight and toned in a lean swimmer’s fit way. There was lean toned definition to his deltoids, biceps and forearms which were dusted with dark blond hairs. His naturally hairless pale chest was nicely chiselled rather than bulging muscle. His pale stomach had the ridges of a subtle six pack and the nice hip V. It too was naturally hairless saved for his blondish brown treasure trail which led to an almost shaved off bush of equally coloured pubes. His cock certainly was appealing to a cock whore like me. It looked to be a fat 9 inches with the shaft pale and nicely veined. His foreskin had retracted to expose a bulbous prominent ridged pink knob. His milky white legs had lean toned definition and were dusted with dark blond hairs. He was 50/50 in terms of appeal but I was horny enough to bitch for him especially as he did have a big thick cock. The guy sat next to him was called Steve who was 29 years old. He was more appealing to me than Stefan was. Not that he was classically sexy but his cheeky chav-esque appearance did float my boat. He looked like an East London market stall holder and had the cockney accent to match. If you are an American reading this I can assure you that Dick Van Dyke’s accent in Marry Poppins certainly isn’t cockney. His pale oval face was a mixture of cheeky chav and street mean. He had short dark brown hair that was almost black. His brown eyes burned with lust and sexual hunger as they scanned my toned teenage body covered only by a tight muscle top, skimpy shorts that showed a big blatant boner, ankle socks and trainers. He had a slim lean body that was three tones of colour. His face and most of his arms and legs were tanned. His chest and stomach, along with the tops of his arms and upper legs were tanned but not as much as his face and lower arms and legs. His groin area was pale having never seen the sun. He had a lean sinewy build with definition rather than muscle. His deltoids, biceps and forearms were toned rather than being bulging muscle. His flat chest and stomach had subtle definition. His upper body had an hour glass of hairs being broad on his chest which tapered to a thin strip leading down to his navel and then expanding towards his cock. He had a broad but trimmed short bush of dark brown pubes. His pale cock was of average thickness and about 8 inches long. Its pale foreskin had peeled back to expose a swollen pink knob. Considering it was only of average thickness the shaft had several prominent veins. He had average sized balls in a tight pale sack dusted with brown pubes. His legs that had pale upper thighs and tanned for the rest and were covered with brown hairs and had lean toned definition. The guy next to Steve was pure sex appeal and could easily have been a male model. He had dark brown hair spiked up into a ducktail. He had a stubble beard that followed the jaw line before broadening by his mouth and had a moustache to match. His pale oval face was classically sexy and chiselled like a Greek statue. His long angular nose gave his face a distinguished look. He had dreamy bluish grey eyes and lush pink lips. He had a pale gym fit body that begged to be worshiped by your tongue. Broad shoulders led to defined deltoids, bulging biceps and toned forearms which were dusted with brown hairs. He had a gym buff chest and washboard abs all under a luxuriant of brown hairs. From his dense but trimmed short bush of brown pubes jutted a thick 9.5 inch cock. The really thick pale shaft was nicely veined and uncut. His pale foreskin had retracted to expose his swollen pink knob. He had big balls in a pale semi-lose sack dusted with brown pubes. His legs were muscular and hairy, the type of which I could spend all day caressing. His name was Scott and he was 29 years old. The remaining two had real arse busting cocks and I describe them only in the way they were sat in the circle. The first was called Barrett who had dark brown hair gelled back into a retro 1950’s quiff. He had a pale sexy oval face that was perfectly proportioned. His eyes were bluish grey and he had lush pink lips. He had a bit of dark facial stubble which gave his sexy face a ruggedly handsome look. He was tall, about six feet three inches, with a lean subtly toned body. There was some shape to his deltoids and biceps but they were far from bulging muscles, more subtly sculpted. His pale chest was lightly chiselled and his abs had a faint washboard. Both were under a light mat of naturally short brown hairs. His cock was a beauty and a good 11 inches long. It was thicker than average with a nicely veined long shaft. He was uncut with his pale foreskin covering half of his swollen knob. Behind he had big balls in a pale sack dusted with brown pubes. To finish off with his had long pale subtly toned legs covered with brown hairs. If Barrett was well hung the guy sat next to him made Barrett’s cock look like a minnow. I say that as an opening line as it was his face I saw first. He had dark brown hair with it gelled in a wave sweeping from left to right. He had a really sexy face made to look ruggedly handsome by a day’s growth of brown facial stubble. His oval perfectly proportioned face had a hint of a golden tan. He had dreamy brown eyes you could drown in, a classical nose and lush pink lips that begged to be kissed. He had a lean swim fit build that was chiselled rather than buff. There was sculpting to his deltoids, biceps and forearms which were dusted with brown hairs. There was definition to his chest which was studded with two pointy light brown nipples surrounded by large halos and covered with a light mat of brown hairs. Those hairs also lightly covered his subtle washboard abs leading to a broad expanse of trimmed short dark brown pubes. From those pubes dangled an arse busting cock that made you salivate in cock hunger and quiver in apprehension in equal measure. It must have been a blessing and a curse for him. It was so thick, 7 inches in circumference, you couldn’t suck it save for slurping on the prominent ridged big bulbous knob. The long fat shaft was 12 inches long with prominent veins to keep the huge member pumped up. He was circumcised with a large but neat scar. His cock was so huge and the scar so big there must have been so much removed foreskin that a purse could have been made out of it. There was no doubt his cock was going to hurt my arse but fuck would it be worth it once he’d fucked me over the pain barrier when the pleasure would be intense. Hiding behind his huge cock he had a pair of big balls in a tight sack dusted with brown pubes. To finish off he had lightly tanned subtly sculpted sexy legs dusted with brown hairs. His name was Leo and he was 31 years old. Bruno really had come up trumps. He and four of the others were sexy all over packages. The other guy had a big cock and lean fit body which made up for the mediocre appeal of his face. Because of that I was happy to be their bareback bitch for the day. This was at a time when HIV/AIDS was at its infancy and I ran more risks than I should have so I strongly advise not to bareback these days. Anyway after eyeing up my tricks for the day it was time for me to join them in a naked state. As I was wearing a muscle top my sculpted deeply tanned arms were already on show. All Hatay Escort the sports I did coupled with working out at the gym for a year had given definition to my deltoids, biceps and forearms which were dusted with blond hairs. Then I peeled off my muscle top to reveal first my washboard abs and then my chiselled chest, both of which were smooth. I had already kicked off my trainers in the hallway so I peeled off my ankle socks. Next down come the shorts and as I was going commando underneath I was soon bullock naked. To finish off were my deeply tanned sports toned legs dusted with golden hairs. Check out the British diver Tom Daley to get an idea of how tanned and toned my body was at that age. “Shit he’s hung like a horse.” Steve said in his cockney accent when he clapped eyes on my fat 9.5 inch teen boy cock. It was kind of a thrill knowing he was 13 years older than me but my cock was an inch and a half bigger. In the centre of the circle of sofas and chairs was a large footstool that was to be my stage. I had arrived expecting to entertain three men but it was now apparent that I had to service double that amount. Being a cock hungry 16 year old I had no problem with that. As the organiser of this little gang bang Bruno got first bobs on my slutty little boy cunt. He was a beefy bear of a man who was bulky and strong rather than muscular. He had dark brown hair that was short on top and buzz cut at the back and sides. His pale oval face was sexy in a rough rugged workman way that pandered to my posh pussy boy nature. His dreamy brown eyes were burning with lust and sexual hunger whilst his lush pink lips were curled up in an eager domineering grin. He got a real thrill out of dominating and brutally buggering a slutty 16 year old schoolboy 19 years his junior and I got an equal kick for the exact opposite reasons. The fact he was a beefy bear of a man with a hairy upper body and facial stubble beard compared to my sports toned smooth teenage body were the perfect foil. Then there was the cross generation and cross class divide. He had big deltoids and biceps with thick forearms dusted with brown hairs. His big barrel chest had some definition as did his stomach, both of which were under a luxuriant mat of wiry brown hairs. Jutting up from his broad dense, but trimmed short bush of brown pubes was a thicker than average 8 inch cock. The pale shaft was nicely veined and uncut with the foreskin having peeled back to expose his pink swollen knob. Hanging beneath were a pair of big balls in a tight pale sack dusted with brown pubes. Even though we had only fucked a few times I was more than aware of how much cum his balls produced. His loads were as copious as the most randy teenage boy. Then there was his strong thick legs dusted with brown hairs. Around back he had a muscular meaty arse that was the powerhouse of the blissful brutal buggering he could give. After getting onto the footstool I pulled my tanned sports toned legs into my chest and out to the sides. That offered up my tanned pert arse to Bruno. He looked at my winking arsehole as he greased up his thick 8 inch cock. Then he finger fucked some lube into my arse. Feeling his three fingers drilling my arse was like poking a hungry lion with a stick. “Fuck me Daddy.” I lustfully begged, my posh schoolboy voice sounding odd uttering those dirty adult obscenities. Due to our age gap we had naturally taken father/son roles in our sexual relationship. Not that I fancied my own father or wished to have sex with him, it was just role play rather than substitution. “Fuck yes.” I purred with brutally breached pleasure when Bruno rammed his manhood up my boy cunt. First there was the pleasant burning sting when his swollen knob popped past my sphincter. That then turned into pleasurable friction as his thick veiny 8 inch cock sank ball deep into my arse, its shaft stretching and stimulating my sphincter. His swollen knob punched open the walls of my arse and boxed my prostate. Then his pubed groin slapped up against my smooth pert buttocks. He briefly held his thick 8 inch cock ball deep in my arse. Even though it was body temperature it felt like a burning rod of iron up my arse. Bruno then began brutally buggering my cock hungry teen boy cunt. He knew I liked to be fucked rough and hard which was perfect as that is how he preferred to fuck. His arse was pumping away like mad and his thick thrusting cock was a blur. Not only could Bruno fuck fast and hard he lasted ages so I knew I was in for a blissful long haul fuck. It was heaven on Earth. My blue eyes were filled with the sexy vision of his pale ruggedly handsome, stereotypical gay bear face with its expressions of sexual dominance and physical pleasure. My tanned hands, that were groping his beefy barrel chest, savoured the wiry tickle of his chest hairs on my palms. He stank erotically of musky man sweat as he hadn’t showered that morning knowing how much the funky stink turns me on. My arse was on fire with hard fucked pleasure. There was the blissful scrape of his swollen knob sliding up and down the walls of my arse making them throb with pleasure and fired off all the nerve endings up there. His swollen knob also pounded my prostate which made it pulse and my achingly hard cock dribble pre-cum. My stretched sphincter was burning with intensely pleasurable friction as his thick veiny 8 inch cock rapidly sawed against it. My pert buttocks were tingling from the relentless spanking Bruno’s pubed groin was giving them. As if all that wasn’t enough there was the kinky thrill of being a posh schoolboy being brutally buggered by a bit of workman rough 19 years my senior in front of an audience of five other men eagerly awaiting their turn to tap my boy cunt. Bruno mercilessly fucked me for nigh on thirty minutes before his orgasm hit. He was fucking me so good if he could have held out a bit longer he would have given me a fuck induced orgasm. From the winces on his ruggedly sexy face I knew he was close so I upped the tempo of flexing and squeezing my arse on his rapidly thrusting thick veiny 8 inch cock. That coupled with me tweaking his pink pointy nipples proved the final straw. “You ready for Daddy’s cum Son?” He groaned in his guttural voice. “Yes breed my bitch boy arse Daddy.” I moaned eager to feel his cum flood into my arse. The long deep hard thrusts of his thick 8 inch cock turned into short deep and hard ones once his orgasm hit. With loud cries of sexual ecstasy and release Bruno began spunking up in my arse. His thrusting hot hard cock throbbed like mad as it powerfully squirted eleven large ropes of cum into my throbbing boy cunt. My highly receptive arse felt each and every single squirt fire into me. When his intense and copious orgasm ended he collapsed on top of me in a sweaty heap. His sweaty hairy barrel chest squished against my smooth one. He panted into my left ear with his facial stubble tickling my smooth cheek. As he savoured his orgasmic high I continued to flex and squeeze my arse on his spent but still hard cock. “Thanks Daddy.” I said in well fucked bliss. It took Bruno several minutes to recover from his orgasm. When he did so he pulled his cock from my pleasantly throbbing arse. When it popped out my arse felt achingly empty and was eager to be stuffed full of hot hard cock again and luckily I didn’t have to wait long. Before I had arrived they had organised the fuck order. As I was Bruno’s bitch he got first dibs and then the rest would fuck me in order of increasing cock size. That meant next up was cheeky chav Steve with his iron rod hard 8 inch cock. His stereotypical chav face had a light tan and was sexy in a rugged way. His brown eyes burned with lust and his pink lips were curled up in an eager grin. The youngest guy he had ever fucked had been 21 when they lost their virginity together so he was more than eager to fuck a willing 16 year old schoolboy. His chav appearance was accentuated by his thick gold neck chain and a few text tattoos. His subtly sculpted chest and abs had a mat of brown hairs. Jutting from his brown pubes was a thicker than average, nicely veined 8 inch uncut cock. It was ruler straight with a pale nicely veined shaft ending with a pinkish purple swollen knob. He had nicely shaped legs with a light tanned covered with brown hairs. Steve knelt before me and aimed his cock at my arse. As Bruno had already fucked me Steve didn’t bother greasing up his cock and he just rammed it home in one deep harsh thrust. As his cock wasn’t lubricated the stinging burn in my breached arsehole was more intense in a pleasurably painful way. He briefly held his thick 8 inch cock ball deep in my arse for both of us to enjoy it. For him he savoured the hot wet, steamy tight confines of my teenage boy cunt splattered with cum soak into the full length of his thick throbbing 8 inch cock. For me I savoured the blissful feeling of a long hot hard, thick cock throbbing away in my arse. Steve then launched into a long rough hard fuck that I knew was going to finish the job Bruno had started. From taking a long rough hard fuck from Bruno and the pounding my prostate had taken meant that my highly productive teenage balls were painfully aching with pent up schoolboy spunk. Steve’s swollen knob had taken up the prostate pounding that Bruno’s had started. The prominent ridge of his swollen knob scraped up and down the throbbing walls of my arse and fired off all the nerve endings up there. The long thick vieny shaft of his 8 inch cock rapidly sawing against my arsehole stretched and stimulated it and made it burn with pleasure. The wiry hairs of his subtly sculpted chest tickled my palms as I groped it. He stank erotically of fresh man sweat. His cheeky chav face was so sexy. Pleasure upon pleasure built up until it all became too much. About ten minutes into the fuck and I was ready to blow. “Oh fuck yes you’re going to make me cum.” I moaned when I felt the pressure in my teenage balls reach critical mass. A few more thrusts of Steve’s thick 8 inch manly cock was all it took. “Fuck yes!” I loudly cried out as an intense copious and messy orgasm hit me. The first four bolts were so powerful they squirted into my mouth that was open from moaning in orgasmic delight and splattered my choirboy cute face. The remaining eight jets splattered my tanned tight teenage body with decreasing distance but equal volume. Once my orgasm had ended I became like a zonked out pot head. My hands fell from groping Steve’s hairy subtly sculpted chest. My well trained arse no longer flexed and squeezed Steve’s thick rapidly thrusting 8 inch cock. Instead I passively took the brutal buggering Steve was giving me. Although I had become passive rather than my usual power bottom self my orgasm had further intensified my already high receptive senses. Sure I couldn’t act on then but my arse seemed to burn even brighter with intense pleasure. It was as if the throbbing walls of my arse became even more responsive to being mercilessly punched open by Steve’s thick 8 inch cock or feeling the ridge of his swollen knob scrape up and down them. Even though I had just had an intense and copious orgasm the pounding my pulsing prostate was taking from Steve’s swollen knob had another load brewing in my balls so soon after the first. My nose seemed even more aware of the musky manly erotic stink of Steve’s sweat. The fact he was thirteen years older than me made me feel even more slutty and submissive. However a few minutes later and I had recovered from my orgasmic high and could resume being my usual power bottom bitch boy self. My hands reached up and began groping Steve’s subtly sculpted chest that was beaded with sweat and covered with brown hairs. My eyes actively drank in the cheeky chav sex appeal of his lightly tanned face with its expressions of sexual pleasure and dominance. My arse resumed flexing and squeezing his thick rapidly thrusting 8 inch cock. My stretched sphincter burned from the pleasurable friction of his long thick veiny cock shaft rapidly sawing against it. The cum splattered walls of my arse throbbed with hard fucked pleasure as his thick 8 inch cock brutally buggered it. My prostate pulsed from the pounding it was taking and my abs were a sticky mess from my own free flowing pre-cum. On top of that there was the kinky thrill he was thirteen years older than I was and the fact he was fucking me in front of five other men. Steve lasted as long as Bruno and blissfully buggered me for a good thirty minutes before he was ready to blow. “Going to cum in your arse.” Steve moaned as his sexy chav face scrunched up. Continuing to fuck me with long deep hard thrusts of his thick 8 inch cock Steve began orgasming in my arse. He loudly grunted with each of the large ten ropes of cum he fired into my arse to mingle with the load Bruno had already fired up there. As he spunked up in my slutty little boy cunt I flexed and squeezed it to milk him dry. When his orgasm ended he rammed his thick 8 inch cock ball deep into my arse and held it there to savour his orgasmic high. As he did so I continued to flex and squeeze my arse on his hot hard throbbing cock. As for me I was on an intense well fucked high. My arse and sphincter burned and ached with hard fucked pleasure but I desperately needed more. “Who’s next?” I lustfully begged not caring if Steve had recovered or not as I needed to be fucked again. The next guy to fuck me was Stefan who was the least sexiest of the group. Not that he was ugly as he had a lean toned body and big thick cock; it was his face which only just about appealed to me. Steve pulled his cock from my throbbing arse. The ridge of his swollen knob scrapped down the cum splattered walls of my arse before making my sex swollen sphincter tingle as it popped out. He then moved out of the way to make room for Stefan. He too had never fucked a schoolboy so was eager for his first time. Like Steve Stefan had shagged schoolgirls to keep up appearances but had only fucked guys once past the dumb Hatay Escort Bayan law age of gay consent at 21. Therefore he was more than eager to tap a slutty 16 year old schoolboy’s arse and although his face only just met my standards his fat 9 inch cock certainly did. “Fuck yes.” I cried out in the slightly painful but pleasurable feeling when he roughly rammed his 6.5 inch by 9 inch unlubed cock up my arse. First there was the pleasant sting as his prominent ridged bulbous knob popped past my sex swollen sphincter. The ridge then scraped along the cum splattered walls of my arse as it brutally punched them open. The long fat shaft of his cock stretched and stimulated my arsehole to the max. When he bottomed out in my arse his bulbous knob rammed open the entrance to my colon and made me groan with deeply penetrated pleasure. Once Stefan had bottomed out he held his fat throbbing 9 inch cock ball deep in my arse. His cock felt like a fat rod of iron buried deep inside me. His pale skull-like face looked down at my cute boy next door face with lust and sexual hunger. He was going to have his wicked way with me come what may. Even though he had a lean fit body and big fat cock if I had seen him in other circumstances it would have been 50/50 if I would have had sex with him. However he was part of a gang bang so I had little choice. Therefore I concentrated on his positive points like the burningly hard fat 9 inch cock lodged deep up my arse and my hands groping his smooth sculpted chest. He also proved to be a blissfully brutal fucker and made me reassess his sex appeal. “Dirty little slut.” He moaned when he felt me squeeze my cum splattered arse on his fat throbbing 9 inch cock. That enticed him into a long rough hard fuck. The prominent ridge of his big bulbous knob scarped up and down the walls of my arse and fired off all the nerve endings up there. It pounded my prostate which made my cock throb and dribble even more pre-cum onto my already sticky abs. The long fat veiny shaft of his 9 inch cock stretched and stimulated my sex swollen sphincter with toe curling bliss. Whenever he bottomed out his big bulbous knob pummelled the entrance to my colon and made it ache with deeply penetrated pleasure. On top of the intense pleasure of being fucked so harshly by such a big fat cock my hands also savoured caressing his sculpted chest and tensed biceps. Stefan also proved to be a long distance fucker. He mercilessly pounded my pussy boy arse with his fat 9 inch cock for a good thirty minutes. His face may have only just met my standards but the rest of him was hot. His pale swimmer’s toned body was sexy. His cock was long and fat and could fuck hard. He was twelve years my senior which made me feel a submissive little slut. The scrape of the prominent ridge of his big bulbous knob on the walls of my arse had me moaning with pleasure. It pummelled my pulsing prostate and pounded the pleasantly aching entrance to my colon. The long fat shaft of his veiny cock stretched and stimulated my sex swollen sphincter to the max. Bruno had fucked me to the brink of orgasm and Steve had finished the job. Stefan’s big fat cock was going to do it all by itself despite my previous orgasm. “Full dick fuck me, you’re going to make me cum.” I lustfully begged when I felt the pressure in my balls reach critical mass Stefan willingly obliged. That intense pleasure proved too much. Sure there was still the pleasurable scrape of his prominent ridged big bulbous knob up and down the throbbing walls of my arse. There was still the pounding my prostate and the entrance to my colon were taking. There was his erotic musky manly sweaty aroma and feel of his smooth chiselled chest under my hands. But the pleasurable burning friction in my widely stretched sex swollen sphincter was intensified by feeling his big bulbous knob repeatedly popping past it. A few more brutally hard fuck dick thrusts of Stefan’s fat 9 inch cock was all it took. “Fuck yes!” I screamed as another intense and copious orgasm hit me. Yet again I hosed my open mouth with my schoolboy spunk whose flavour I was all too familiar with as I can self suck. This time only the first three jets hit my mouth and face but I still fired off twelve in total. Even for a teenage boy I could sure fire a lot of spunk. “Shit he is one horny bitch.” I heard Leo say as I sprayed myself with my own jizz. The intensified pleasure of full dick fucking me coupled with my arse orgasmically spasming on his rapidly thrusting fat 9 inch cock proved too much for Stefan too. “Take my cum bitch.” Stefan moaned as he rammed his really thick 9 inch cock ball deep into my sloppy arse. His prominent ridged big bulbous knob lodged in the entrance to my colon where it swelled even larger. His big fat cock then twitched repeatedly as it powerfully squirted ten large ropes of man cum into my well fucked boy cunt. My receptive slutty little arse felt each and every squirt which was intensified by my own orgasmic high. “You are one little hot fuck.” Stefan breathlessly said as he collapsed on top of me in a sweaty heap. “Any time.” I replied as I had now reassessed him and we would have further fucks. It took us both a couple of minutes to recover from our orgasms. Stefan then pulled his cock from my blissfully battered boy cunt. The prominent ridge of his big bulbous knob scraped down the cum splattered walls of my throbbing arse. It then popped past my sex swollen sphincter and made it sting with toe curling pleasure. Then my slutty little arse felt so empty and so hungry for more cock. Luckily it was a short wait. As Stefan moved away from me Scott approached. Stefan had a swim fit body and big fat cock but his face in my eyes was mediocre but Scott on the other hand was pure sex appeal. He had dark brown hair gelled up into a ducktail. His pale face was classically sexy with chiselled perfect proportions. His short brown stubble beard gave him a ruggedly handsome look that pandered to my posh pussy boy nature. His pale body was gym fit with bulges in all the right places. His bluish grey eyes dragged you in and held you captivated. He had a classical nose above such lush pink kissable lips. Broad shoulders led to defined deltoids, bulging biceps and toned forearms covered with brown hairs. His pale gym buff chest and washboard abs were under a sexy luxuriant mat of brown hairs that I couldn’t wait to twirl with my fingers. Just looking at his cock made my arse twitch with hunger. The thicker than average shaft was pale and nicely veined. He was uncut but the pale foreskin had peeled back to expose his swollen pinkish purple knob which glistened with pre-cum. He had nice sized balls in a pale sack dusted with brown pubes. He had really sexy gym toned legs that were pale and covered with brown hairs. All in all he was the perfect manly well hung hot hairy hunk that complimented my sweet innocent boy next door appearance to the tee. He was so fit and sexy I would have happily have paid him to fuck me but luckily I was going to get it for free. After admiring the vision of manly perfection that Scott was he got into the push up position above me. Like steel to a magnet my tanned hands reached up to begin groping his hard gym buff hairy chest. It was perfectly sculpted and the palms of my hands savoured the wiry tickle of the hairs beneath them and the hardness of his fit chest. “Mmm.” Was all I could purr in blissfully breached pleasure as he thrust his thick 9.5 inch manly cock into my hungry boy cunt. It was a rapidly penetrated but my arse felt it in heavenly slow motion. Having already taken three fucks in a row my arsehole was swollen and hypersensitive. Therefore it stung with the most intense pleasure when his swollen knob popped past it. That turned into a pleasurable burn as his long thick veiny cock shaft sawed against it as it sank in ball deep. My arse felt like it had been custom made for his big thick cock which throbbed in my slutty little boy cunt already bred by the spunk of three men. With a domineering leer on his classically sexy face dusted with brown facial stubble Scott launched into a rough hard fuck. When this happened Viagra hadn’t been invented but all six guys had their own natural stimulants and could fuck for Queen and Country. My arse is so receptive I’m sure it is really a pussy slapped on the back. For me having an orgasm is naught compared to the pleasure of being fucked good and hard. There is the blissful burn of a hot hard cock rapidly sawing against your sphincter. The pummelling the throbbing walls of your arse takes and if in the right position your prostate also. You get to drink in the sexiness of the man fucking you as you grope his fit upper body. If he can stay the distance you get to cum anyway so why bother doing all the work to cum? Sure I like to fuck but if it was one or the other being the bitch wins hands down. It was all those pleasures Scott was currently lashing on my arse. Scott’s gorgeous ruggedly handsome face filled my vision with its expressions of sexual pleasure and dominating leer as his bluish grey eyes burned with sampling forbidden fruits of fucking a 16 year old choolboy. The fact he was thirteen years my senior turned him on as much as it did me. My tight sex swollen sphincter was giving his long thick veiny cock shaft a great wank job. The hot wet, cum splattered walls of my schoolboy arse were giving his bulbous prominent ridged knob a blissful caress. My tanned hands lovingly groped his pale gym buff hairy chest. My Alexander Ludwig cute boy next door face expressed its intense lust for the hot fit man fucking me. Five of the six men were fairly equal pegging in the looks department but I think Scott just about came out on top. Even though Bruno had initiated this gang bang it was Scott who I returned to the most for future fucks. The pleasure I was giving him he was returning in equal measure. The ridge of his prominent ridged knob was a blissful scrape up and down the cum splattered walls of my arse and fired off the nerve endings up there. The blissful buggering his big thick cock had the walls of my arse and entrance to my colon throbbing with hard fucked pleasure. The pounding my pulsing prostate was taking had yet another load of cum brewing in my balls. His musky manly sweat was an erotic stink that turned me. For a good long while Scott fucked me causing intense pleasure. Even though he fucked me for ages he didn’t last quiet long enough to give me a third fuck induced orgasm but he got me close. Instead he started loudly grunting with sexual ecstasy and release as his orgasm hit. He continued to fuck me with long deep hard thrusts of his thick 9 inch cock as he orgasmed in my already sloppy arse. His gorgeous ruggedly handsome face scrunched up in orgasmic bliss as he powerfully squirted ten large ropes of cum into my slutty little boy cunt to mingle with the three loads already up there. As he spunked up I flexed and squeezed my arse on his throbbing pounding cock to milk it dry and tweaked his pointy nipples. When his orgasm ended he rammed his thick 9 inch cock ball deep into my throbbing arse with his hairy gym buff body collapsing on top of me in a sweaty heap. As he savoured his orgasmic high I continued to flex and squeeze my arse on his big hot hard cock that was still twitching from trying to fire cum his balls no longer had. It took Scott a couple of minutes to recover from his orgasm. When he had done so he pulled his big thick manly cock from my battered boy cunt that ached with blissful hard fucked pleasure. He made way for Barrett whose huge cock was going to finish the job Scott’s had so almost completed. Barrett’s cock was a meaty 11 inches long and I couldn’t wait to feel it fucking my arse. He was also quiet sexy with a tall lean toned body. “Oh fuck yes!” I cried with brutally penetrated pleasure when he rammed his big thick cock ball deep into my arse that was already throbbing with the pleasure of having already been fucked four times in a row. When Barrett’s big bulbous knob popped past my sphincter it stung with breached pleasure. His hot hard long thick veiny cock then intensified that pleasure as its 11 inch length sank in ball deep. His knob then lodged deep in the entrance to my colon which made it ache with deeply penetrated pleasure. He gave me no time to recover or adjust to the huge size of his manhood and launched straight into a long rough hard fucked that had me loudly groaning with pleasure tinged with slight pain. Feeling his long fat cock rapidly sawing against my sex swollen sphincter made it burn with such intense pleasure it was a fire risk. Its bulbous knob pummelled the throbbing walls of my arse and entrance to my colon. The four loads of man cum already up my sloppy boy cunt bubbled from the blissfully brutally buggering his big cock was giving me. For about ten minutes Barrett fucked me with his huge thick cock. As he did so he talked dirty and derogatory to me which turned me on. He said things like how tight my young arse felt but there again an old whore’s pussy would have felt tight on his huge cock. He called me things like faggot, cock whore, bitch boy which pandered to my pussy boy nature. Being a power bottom I returned the compliments by telling him how good his huge cock was making my slutty little boy cunt feel and begged him to fuck me harder, not that he could as he was already giving me everything he had. Barrett was gay but a male escort who fucked rich women for cash and he treated them the same way. To increase the pleasure for both of us I flexed and squeezed my overstuffed arse on his big thick rapidly pounding cock. My hands were groping his subtly sculpted chest under a light mat of soft brown hairs. My eyes drank in the sight of his sexy face with its expressions of sexual pleasure and dominance. Then the relentless pounding my pulsing prostate, battered boy cunt and pleasantly sore entrance to my colon was taking finished off the job Scott had almost completed. “Fuck yes I’m cumming.” Escort Hatay I cried out when my orgasm hit. “You horny little faggot.” Barrett moaned as he maintained to mercilessly fuck me with his massive manhood. My cock twitched and throbbed as it powerfully squirted out nine large ropes of cum that splattered my body that was already crusty from my previous orgasms. “Shit the kid is full of cum.” I heard one of the five men watching say. My orgasm turned me into a limp rag doll sex toy for Barrett to have his wicked way with. His long fat 11 inch cock was pounding my pussy boy arse as if he was trying to break it. My arse ached but in a pleasant hard fucked way. The entrance to my colon was taking a blissful battering. From the domineering grin on his sexy face and the way his bluish grey eyes were sparkling Barrett was really enjoying fucking a schoolboy, his first since he was a schoolboy himself. His overstretched sex swollen sphincter was giving his long fat cock a great wank job. The hot wet walls of my cum laden arse were giving his bulbous knob a velvet caress. Once I had recovered from my third intense and copious orgasm I resumed groped his lightly haired chest and started up flexing and squeezing my slutty sloppy schoolboy arse on his brutally pounding massive manhood. The fact he was 14 years my senior was a turn on as was the fact five other men were watching us fuck. Barrett fucked me really hard for about a further twenty minutes after my orgasm before his hit. He only fucked at one speed which was full throttle so there was no pre-orgasm fuck frenzy. Instead he gave me a verbal warning. “Going to breed your little faggot arse.” He growled as he harshly rammed his fat 11 inch cock ball deep into my sloppy little arse. His bulbous knob rammed into the entrance to my colon where I felt it swell and then twitch as it began powerfully pumping a fifth load of man cum into my boy cunt. Barrett held his massive manhood ball deep in my boy cunt as he orgasmed. His sexy face scrunched up in the throes of orgasm and his bluish grey eyes glazed over. His big fat cock gave twelve massive twitches as it powerfully squirted cum into me and I purred with well bred pleasure with each one. When his intense and copious orgasm ended Barrett collapsed on top of me in a sweaty heap. His really thick 11 inch cock felt like a hot rod of iron buried ball deep in my overstuffed throbbing arse. It carried on twitching as it tried to fire cum his balls no longer had. To fuel and prolong his orgasmic high I continued to flexed and squeeze my cum laden arse on his big thick throbbing cock. It took Barrett a few minutes to recover from his intense orgasm and vigorous fuck. “I could sure get used to fucking your arse.” Barrett breathlessly said after lifting his sexy face up. “Just give me a call and I’ll be around and bent over in a flash.” I purred with intense hard fucked pleasure. Barrett then pulled his massive manhood from my battered boy cunt which felt its retreat in blissful slow motion. There was the scrape of the prominent ridge of his bulbous knob down the walls of my cum laden arse whose never endings pleasantly tingled under the stimulation. Feeling his long fat veiny cock shaft sawing against my overstretched sex swollen sphincter made it pleasantly sting. It then tingled when his swollen knob popped past it. Freed from his massive manhood my arse felt achingly empty despite the five loads of cum up there. Barrett made way for Leo whose massive fat cock would make a horse feel inadequate. His wife was blissfully unaware he was into buggering men behind her back despite the fact he was straight. He wasn’t attracted to men but he knew faggots could take his massive cock easier than his wife. He had to fuck her overstuffed pussy lovingly and tenderly but his natural instinct was to fuck mercilessly, therefore he occasionally vented his sexual frustrations on any fag available. He was a 100% top with a virgin arse which he intended to keep that way and he wasn’t into kissing and certainly wouldn’t suck cock. To him a fag’s arse was purely a hot wet hole he could fuck how he wanted to and I was about to be on the receiving end. His face was classically sexy and had hints of his Italian heritage. He had dark brown hair whose fringe was swept into a wave. He had a sexy lean sculpted body. There was good definition to his deltoids, biceps and forearms that were dusted with brown hairs. His chest was nicely chiselled and under a broad sparse mat of brown hairs which thinned out a bit more on his subtle washboard abs. He had sexily shaped legs covered with brown hairs. Dangling between his sexy legs was his pussy and arse busting cock. The fat veiny shaft was 7 inches in circumference and 12 inches in length. He was circumcised with a large scar below a prominent ridged bulbous knob. Looking at it made my mouth water and arse quiver in apprehension. His cock was so massive I knew I was due some pain before the pleasure kicked in but my cock hunger was so great there was no way I was going to back out. Over the years I have been fucked by some huge cocks and never have I run away from one. “Get on your knees bitch.” Leo commanded to assert his straight masculinity. Obeying his command I got onto my hands and knees at the foot of the bed. Leo had a really sexy face and lean fit body so I wanted to be able to see it as he fucked me. Luckily Bruno had a full length mirror in a door of his wardrobe hence me plucking for the foot of the bed. It was an erotic sigh looking at my reflected image in the mirror. There I was a seemingly sweet innocent 16 year old boy with a tanned cute face, blond hair and blue eyes naked and on my hands and knees. Then a sexy lean fit 31 year old man knelt behind me. My eyes drank in the reflected image of his sexiness. His oval face was perfectly proportioned and classically sexy with a hint of dark facial stubble. His brown eyes were so deep and dreamy and his lush pink lips were so kissable but that was the sole preserve of his wife. “Beg for it bitch.” Leo said as he repeatedly slapped his heavy bulbous knob on my pleasantly sore sex swollen sphincter. “Please fuck my pussy with your massive cock.” I lustfully begged whilst bracing myself for pain. I had deliberately used the word pussy rather than arse as I knew he was straight but open minded enough to fuck arse. After all an arse is an arse and feels just as good regardless of its owner’s gender. “Arrggh.” I couldn’t help but cry out in pain when Leo brutally rammed his eye wateringly thick 12 inch cock ball deep into my arse that had already been battered by five long rough relentless fucks. The pain in my arse was intense but not unbearable. It was if a red hot poker had been rammed up my arse. My sore arsehole stung like mad when his prominent ridged bulbous knob popped past it. That was intensified when his eye wateringly fat 12 inch cock sawed against it as it rapidly thrust in ball deep. The ridge of his bulbous knob thrusting into my arse fired off the nerve endings up there which helped alleviate some of the pain to a small degree. However that was countered when it harshly slammed into the entrance to my aching colon. When he bottomed out in my arse it felt like it was on the brink of bursting. Check out the black porn star Castro Caliente’s cock and then imagine it being white, straight and 12 inches long and that is what I had stuck up my tight teenage arse. The pain on my cute boy next door face was obvious but my blue eyes burned with “bring it on.” My arse had felt it in painful slow motion even though it had been a rough rapid penetration. The knuckles of my hands were white from the tight grip they had on the duvet cover in a bid to counter the intense overstuffed pain in my arse. Leo cared for naught any pain or discomfort I was suffering as he needed to fuck and cum. He’d seen five other men fuck my boy cunt coupled with the fact it had been a couple of months since he’d fucked a fag. The regular but tender loving fucking he had been giving his wife meant he had two months of pent up sexual frustration to release and my poor young arse was to be that valve. Giving me no time to recover Leo launched into a long rough hard fuck. The pain in my arse was intense but I bit my lower lip to stop crying out as I didn’t want to appear a wimp. Feeling Leo’s eye wateringly fat 12 inch cock rapidly sawing against my sex swollen sphincter made it sting as bad as if a rusty blade was doing it. The walls of my arse and entrance to my colon ached in brutally battered pain. To further assert his straight man masculinity Leo also started harshly spanking my pert buttocks. I love being spanked and I was enjoying the pleasant sting and burn but the pain in my arse was overriding it. Looking at the reflected pain in my innocent looking face I wondered what the hell was I doing but my blue eyes burned with the sexual deviant beneath that said you can take this. As for Leo he had his eyes closed to block out the fact he was fucking a schoolboy’s arse rather than a woman’s pussy. It was strange as he was straight but open minded enough to fuck a fag but he’d never cheat on his wife with another woman. That was good news for us gay bottoms but it was a shame he saved his massive manhood for one woman alone. Not that he’d only ever fucked one woman as he’d been a pure sex machine since losing his virginity at the age of 12 to his family’s 18 year old female au pair, but since marrying his wife she was the only female to savour his huge cock. For the first ten minutes of the rough relentless fuck Leo’s massive manhood gave my overstretched schoolboy cunt was painful but not enough to make me quit. Then the overstuffed, brutally buggered pain in my arse starting morphing into increasing pleasure. The sting and burn in my sex swollen overstretched arsehole started to become pleasurable rather than painful. The walls of my cum laden arse and entrance to my colon began to enjoy the brutal buggering they were taking. The pained looked in my cute boy next door face was turning into an expression of hard fucked the pleasure the kind of which you can only receive from being fucked by a really big fat cock. “Shit I can’t believe the kid is taking it, I sure couldn’t.” I heard Stefan say which made me swell with pride. There I was a 16 year old boy being fucked by a man 15 years my senior with a cock so huge the other five men in the room had never had the guts to take. “I told you he was a right little slut.” Bruno then said which I also took as a compliment. Considering Leo had watched five guys fuck me before him coupled with the fact this was the first time he could fuck at full tilt and an arse at that he lasted ages. The overstuffed pain in my arse at the beginning was now pure hard fucked bliss. The feeling of his 12 inch long fat veiny cock shaft rapidly sawing against my overstretched sex swollen sphincter was toe curling pleasure. The nerve endings in my arse buzzed intensely from the pleasant scrape of the prominent ridge of his bulbous knob rapidly thrusting back and forth. The walls of my arse and entrance to my colon ached with blissful hard fucked pleasure. My initial groans of pain were now unhindered moans of hard fucked pleasure. My blue eyes drank in my slutty reflected image. Sure I may have looked a sweet innocent 16 year old schoolboy but there I was bullock naked on my hands and knees being brutally buggered by a horse hung man of intense sexiness with five other men watching on. Even though I had already had three fuck induced orgasms feeling Leo massive manhood pounding my pussy boy arse was enough to fire off a forth. Leo fucked me for over thirty minutes which had been pain turned into pure pleasure. Then the hard fucked pleasure became too much to bear. The joy of being a teenager meant my highly productive balls were already full of cum despite my three previous orgasms. The burn in my overstretched arsehole was intense. The walls of my arse and entrance to my colon ached with hard fucked pleasure. My achingly hard 9.5 inch untouched cock had been wildly swinging back and forth from the brutal buggering Leo was giving me. My eyes had been drinking in the highly erotic sight of watching me, a cute blond 16 year old boy, being fucked rough and relentlessly by a seriously well hung man 15 years my senior. My arms gave way and my shoulders and face collapsed onto the bed as my fourth intense and copious orgasm hit. My big fat teenage cock violently twitched as it began powerfully squirting ten large ropes of schoolboy spunk to stain Bruno’s duvet cover. My orgasm made my arse spasm which proved the final straw for Leo. “Take my cum bitch.” Leo cried out as his orgasm hit. He continued to fuck me with long deep hard thrusts as he pumped his man cum into my boy cunt. For me it was like an out of body experience. 90% of me was lost in a glazed orgasmic high but my normally receptive arse seemed to burn brighter with pleasure. It felt each and every large powerful squirt of man cum that Leo pumped into me to mingle with the five loads already up my arse. With his right hand he roughly pushed the small of my back to push me off his cock. He then left the room without saying a word which I was only vaguely aware of due to my intense orgasmic high. “Good job kid.” Bruno said as he gave my arse a playful slap. It was like flicking a switch. There I was a zonked out sex zombie turned into a greedy cock hungry bitch. “We can’t be done yet.” I pined like a disgruntled teenager. It was strange as my arse was really sore and ached yet I was like Mister Creosote in the Monty Python film ‘The meaning of life’. My arse was stuffed to the max but was hungry for more. “Well if the cunt is up for it I sure am.” Stefan said. And so that was how I ended up being half way through my ordeal. The rest will follow shortly. I hope this one got you off and you’re sat there splattered in cum. If you did please let me know at [email protected] as although I enjoy reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it. Check out my other true encounters in the Sexual Experience folders on the Gay Adult/Youth, Bi-sexual Adult/Youth, Gay High School and Bi-sexual High School archives or search for John Mcquilliam under prolific authors

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Subject: “Male Sorting,” part 7 _________________________________ This story, modified to protect the anonymity of those involved, blends fact and fantasy. Reader feedback is welcomed, and the author will do his best to answer questions and respond to comments. Contact him at hoo. Thanks for visiting Nifty, a great site that for years has rendered a great service. Please consider making a fty/donate.html ______________________________ I bowed down between Rich’s legs and began to worship his cock. With just the tip of my tongue I gently traced its length. He sighed as it twitched in response. I flicked the tip of my tongue against his frenulum — that ultra-sensitive spot just beneath his piss slit, which started to glisten with his transparent pre-cum. I dipped my tongue into the nectar, tasting his sweetness. I licked my lips and slowly enveloped his dickhead, sucking while swirling my tongue around his helmet. “Damn!” Rich exclaimed, clasping my head. I released his cock from my mouth. “Did I do something wrong?” “Hell no,” he panted, a big smile on his face. “It feels so, so right.” This spurred me on. Using broad tongue strokes, I painted his shaft with my saliva until his rod glistened. Covering my teeth with my lips, I then went down on him. My descent was gradual, enjoyable, and unstoppable. I took it slow — and damn he felt and tasted good — but yes, my throat was hungry. My gag reflex was gone. All I wanted was to consume him. As my throat embraced his meat, my nostrils relished the heady scent of his pubes. As my lips slowly ascended his pole, my hands rapidly undid my belt and unzipped my fly. All at once I pressed down my khakis and my boxers, freeing my turgid cock. Bracing my hands on the mattress alongside Rich’s hips, I shimmied my pants off my legs. Now both of us were totally naked. Having regained full freedom of movement, I hunkered down over Rich’s crotch. As my mouth bobbed up and down my tongue swirled in little circles. I intentionally varied my rhythm, going slow at first but then faster. Rich, meanwhile, went from sighing and clasping the bedsheets to moaning and clawing my head. Sensing he was nearing the brink, I decided to dial the pleasure back a notch. I loved the taste of his cum, but tonight I had no intention of having Rich deposit it in my mouth. I went all the way down, pressed my nose into the forest of his crotch, inhaled deeply, and held steady for a good 30 seconds. Finally, when my throat started to protest, I quickly released his cock. As it swayed before me covered in a sheen of saliva, I turned my attention to Rich’s pendulous balls. First, I licked them, wetting down the fine, soft hairs. Then I took his left nut between my lips, swallowed it into my mouth, and gently pulled. “Fuck!” Rich exclaimed. My eyes darted past his cock and up his muscular torso to see the look on his face. First I saw his mouth, wide open but silent as if the sensations he was feeling overwhelmed his ability to speak. Then we locked eyes. His were squinted but not shut. His expression seemed almost plaintive. My lips released his nut. “Am I hurting you?” I asked with genuine concern. “Hell no,” he gasped. “The opposite. It feels really good.” My confidence regained, I took his right ball into my mouth and bestowed on it the same treatment I’d given its counterpart. Rich softly moaned and panted as his fingers massaged my scalp. His nuts tasted slightly salty; his sac had contracted to give the skin a more crinkly texture. The testicle that rolled inside seemed like a large scallop in terms of its size and somehow simultaneous firmness and softness. In a word, Rich’s balls were succulent. They were at once intensely masculine — the symbol and source of his virility — yet also a true delicacy. It wasn’t easy to get both his balls in my mouth, but when I did his grip tightened. I could feel his fingernails pressing through my hair. As if he were fearful of hurting me, his hands grabbed beneath his knees, pulling them back as he steadied himself. This elevated his hips and caused to blossom before me a whole new world. Rich’s ass looked amazing. Majestic, actually. Up until that point I had never really had much interest in asses, but up until that point I had never been treated to an up close and very personal view of Rich’s posterior. The light of his desk lamp caused the dark blonde fuzz on his ass cheeks to shimmer. It also cast a shadow over the denser and darker hair that lined Rich’s trench. I didn’t think. I couldn’t think. Passion had reduced me to instinct and impulse. Releasing his balls from my mouth, I extended and flattened my tongue. My hands joined Rich’s behind his knees to press them further back. I buried my face in his ass. “Yessssss!” he hissed, as I licked up and over his asshole. I repeated the action, over and over, wetting down the hair of his crack with a generous supply of saliva. Only a few days earlier I had neither the interest nor the inclination to press my tongue into another man’s ass crack. Even now, years later, the appeal of such an action isn’t easy for me to intellectualize or even describe. But at that moment I discovered a ravenous hunger I never suspected I possessed. Everything about his ass was such a goddamn turn-on: the indescribable taste, the heady aroma, the gentle scrape of his hair against my tongue, the yielding softness of his ass lips, Rich’s whimpers of gratitude, and — maybe most important of all — the absolute and utter intimacy of it all. Dicks are on display in locker rooms and dorm showers from sea to shining sea. A man’s asshole, however, is his truly private part. And Rich was offering his to me. As I continued to press back behind his knees, his hands slid out from under mine. He reached down to grab his ass cheeks, pulling them farther open, spreading himself before me. I softly kissed his left cheek and then his right one. Then I extended my tongue and aimed straight for his hole. At first I just traced circles around his lips while Rich panted in pleasure. When I rolled my tongue into a tube and started to press into his opening, his panting evolved into grateful moaning. “Amazing,” he whispered — which of course caused me to smile. I lifted up from the bed so that I could use my left forearm to push back on both his legs. This freed my right hand. I moistened my middle finger in my mouth. Rich gasped as I started to slowly sink my finger into his incredibly tight ass. “Is this okay?” I whispered. His wordless response was to hand me the tube of KY Jelly. I slowly withdrew my finger, coated it with the lube, and then gently pressed back into Rich’s hole. His ass offered a bit less resistance this time, in part because of the lube, no doubt, but also in part because my finger had already stretched Eskişehir Escort him just a bit. At first I just sort of let my digit fill him. Then I slowly turned my hand left then right, coating his insides. When he seemed ready for some slow finger-fucking, I took note of his dick, still hard and leaking, and lowered my head to allow my tongue to trace the length of its underside. I tasted the sweetness of his pre-cum as I took him back into my mouth. As I slowly withdrew my finger from his hole I felt his cock twitch at the same time my fingertip grazed a little lump inside him. That, I told myself, has got to be his prostate, the male pleasure spot. I pushed back in, trying to synchronize the rhythms of my finger and my mouth. When my finger was all the way in I was deep-throating him. When my finger was retreating my lips were ascending his shaft. When my finger was circling his prostate my tongue was circling his helmet and savoring all the nectar leaking from his piss slit. All of this was just so incredibly erotic for me and, given Rich’s moans and sighs and how tightly his hands were now gripping my shoulders, incredibly pleasurable for him. But rather than satisfying our passion, my sucking and finger-fucking only seemed to inflame it. “I need you inside me,” Rich panted. “I want you to make love to me.” I honestly didn’t expect I’d be fucking Rich tonight. He’s bigger and stronger and more masculine — I just assumed I’d be on the receiving end of things. But now, somehow, the tables had turned. I couldn’t wait to get my cock inside him. I couldn’t wait to satisfy his need. Releasing his meat from my mouth and easing my finger from his ass, I lifted up on my knees and applied lube to my dick. “How do you want it?” I asked. His eyes betrayed his confusion, so I clarified: “What position do you want to be in?” “Like this,” he said, “on my back. I want to see your face.” I smiled. That’s what I wanted, too. And I also wanted to be able to kiss him. It had been too long since our lips had connected. But then I remembered where my mouth had been. “Can I kiss you?” I asked. He answered by raising his torso off the bed, wrapping his muscular arms around me, and pulling me in for an wanton, panting, open-mouthed kiss allowing each of us to express the depth of our desire. After our lips disconnected, Rich leaned his head on my shoulder for a long second, resting it there while he dragged his fingertips over the muscles of my back. Then he released me, fell back on the bed, and hooked his ankles over my shoulders. “I’m all yours,” he smiled. “You’re mine,” I replied. “I love you.” His face was just beaming with joy. So was mine. I leaned down to kiss him again. Our tongues danced like it was their wedding night. Then, he said it: “I love you, too.” My cock was already aligned with the entrance to his hole. I raised up on my arms for better leverage and pressed forward. He pressed back. As just the head of my dick entered him his mouth fell open and his eyes rolled back. I leaned down to plant a kiss on his hairy chest. Regaining eye contact, I asked, “Are you okay?” “Yeah,” he panted. “But you feel really big. Go slow, okay?” I nodded my head and then looked down toward his ass. I saw my raging erection, glistening with lube, piercing Rich’s hair-fringed hole. As I pressed forward and saw another inch disappear inside him, I heard him inhale sharply and glanced back up to see his hands, which had been hooked under his thighs, land on his chest to pinch his nipples. I nodded at him again. He nodded back. I redirected my gaze at my cock. I pulled out just a bit and saw the hair around his hole cling to my shaft. Then I sank back in, just a little bit deeper than before. I closed my eyes for a second to revel in his heat and tightness. Rich’s ass felt incredible. When I opened them I saw Rich’s cock, hard and leaking pre-cum that was pooling in his belly button. I looked back at Rich’s face. Beads of sweat dotted his forehead. “Ready?” I asked. He nodded. I looked down and watched myself sink all the way in. I bent forward to kiss him. His hands landed on my back as our lips made contact. “I love you, Rich,” I said. “I love you, too,” he whispered, thrusting his tongue into my mouth. I pressed my body against his torso. I could feel the heat of his muscular flesh, the dampness of his sweat, the hairs of his chest and treasure trail brushing against my own smooth skin. I lowered my abs to press down upon the throbbing intensity of his erection, the head of his cock wet with pre-cum. That’s when I felt his ass relax just a bit. He’d been positively clenching me, as if to keep me out. Now, ever so tentatively, he was beginning to welcome me in. Wanting to give Rich’s ass time to adjust, I held still inside him. Meanwhile, my lips moved to the side of his neck. I planted wet kisses and then started sucking and tonguing his salty skin. “Ummm,” Rich said, “that’s such a turn-on.” What turned me on was Rich’s body hair. He was just so goddamn masculine. I started kissing and then tonguing the hair that feathered across his muscular shoulder. As if he could read my mind, he then tucked his arm behind his head, exposing his armpit. I loved how this caused his bicep to bulge; I loved how so many of Rich’s muscles intersected in his damp, hairy hollow. I pressed my nose against his pit and inhaled as Rich’s free hand palmed the back of my head in encouragement. His pit wasn’t funky; instead his sweat was fresh, clean, and apparently bursting with pheromones that sent my libido into overdrive. I extended my tongue to taste him and received the triple reward of a deep baritone moan, the clench of Rich’s ass, and the tightening of his hairy calves around my back. I swiveled my hips in order to move my cock in little circles inside him, stretching the walls of his rectum. I looked into Rich’s eyes. They seemed almost glazed over from what I hope was pleasure. “Ready?” I asked. His eyes regained focus and he nodded. Lifting myself up off his torso, I slowly withdrew my cock until his sphincter grasped my helmet. Then, just as slowly, I sank back in. Rich gasped as I bottomed out but then smiled and nodded his head to give me permission to continue. I withdrew and sank back in. Another gasp. I noticed that Rich was playing with his nipples. I deep-dicked him again, a little bit faster this time. Then again. And again. And again. The look on his face was pure ecstasy. Wanting more leverage, I turned Rich’s body 90 degrees so that his ass was facing the side of the bed. This allowed me to stand over him, my feet firmly planted on the floor. I took advantage of the break in the action to trace my tongue up the shaft of his cock, drink from the pool of pre-cum that matted down the Eskişehir Escort Bayan hair around his navel, and then slowly swallow his pole. I only allowed myself a few seconds to inhale the fragrance of his pubes. I didn’t want to make him cum — not yet, and not like this. I withdrew from his dick and then licked a path up his treasure trail toward his chest. As I sucked on his left nipple something caused me to reach toward Rich’s mouth with my right hand and place my fingertips on his lips. He immediately grabbed my wrist and sucked my fingers into his mouth. There was something really hot and really wanton about that moment. Nipples, fingers, whatever the body part — Rich and I couldn’t fight the urge to basically consume each other. As his tongue danced around my digits I licked a path through his chest hair to his right nipple, the nub of which was already erect. But so was my cock — almost painfully so. It was time to fuck. After withdrawing my fingers from Rich’s mouth and briefly replacing them with my tongue, I raised up off of him and stood at the side of the bed. I threw his legs back, looked him in the eye, and sank back into his ass. Rich’s mouth hung open as I started to piston in and out of him. I grabbed his shoulders for greater leverage. My dick felt like it was on fire inside of him. He ass was tight, wet, and hot, and it felt like he was gripping my shaft, milking it, working it with his rectal muscles. When Rich’s hand reached down to grip his own shaft I pulled his hand away, pinning it down on the mattress. His eyes flashed a look of disappointment — or maybe it was just desperation. We were both so close. My body was dripping with sweat. I looked down and saw a droplet of perspiration clinging to my nipple splash down onto his torso. I felt my balls tighten and my nipples contract. Rich’s heels dug into my ass cheeks, keeping rhythm with my thrusts to turbocharge my fucking. Then, suddenly, it happened. My body tingled with goosebumps, broke out in a cold sweat, and convulsed as I shot one, two, three, four, five volleys of cum into Rich’s ass. I had never felt pleasure so intense. I collapsed onto Rich. As we made out I felt his muscular arms envelop my torso. I felt the scratch of his jaw against my neck. I felt my cock, softening only slightly, marinating in the molten load I’d just injected into his ass. And then, still throbbing between our bodies, I felt the heat and hardness of Rich’s cock. I grabbed for the tube of K-Y. I winced just slightly as I inserted a lube-slicked finger into my ass. I broke our kiss to apply the lubricant to Rich’s erection. Then, on pure instinct, I felt myself start to slowly fuck the hot, hairy, muscular, ROTC cadet whose ass still engulfed my greedy cock. For a moment I considered a change of plans, but then I willed myself to withdraw. Standing on the side of the bed, dragging my forearm across my forehead to wipe away the sweat, I looked down at the stud who was not only my lover but also, I felt certain, my love. “You’ve given yourself to me,” I whispered. “Now I want to give myself to you.” Rich raised up on his elbows as a smile washed across his handsome face. “You’re sure?” he asked. For only a half second I hesitated. “Absolutely,” I then said, although in truth I wondered if I’d be man enough to take him. His dick, remember, was not only longer than mine but thicker. Of course I was a little bit nervous. Suddenly Rich rose up off of the bed. He wrapped his arms around me, then cupped his hand beneath my chin to tilt my head upwards. He looked me in the eye. It was as if he had read my mind. “You’re sure you’re sure?” he whispered. “It’s okay to feel nervous,” he reassured me. I practically floated upward into his lips. This time I kissed him not as a result of passion so much as a show of gratitude for his empathy. I did want him. I wanted to make love to him. I wanted him inside of me. And while I still felt anxious about my ability to please him, at that moment any doubt about my desire to please him was wiped away. When I felt the tickle of his pubes against the head of my upturned cock, my desire intensified. “I’m gonna coach you through it,” Rich purred as his lips grazed my ear. “I learned some things just now that should help you. It will probably hurt a little at first, but if I’m half the swordsman you are, a little bit of pain will earn you a whole lot of pleasure. Lay back,” he said, so I did. I couldn’t help but notice that the sheets were damp with Rich’s sweat. This turned me on. So did the sight of him above me: his earnest, almost goofy smile; his bulging muscles; his hirsute frame glistening with perspiration; his erection, jutting out proudly from the thatch of his pubes, bobbing in excitement and glistening with lube. Speaking of which, he reached for the K-Y, coated his middle finger, and slowly pressed into my ass. It was probably smart to augment the lube I’d already applied, plus this gave Rich an opportunity to share something he’d figured out. “One of the reasons it hurt at first was that my body’s natural reaction was to clamp down when you entered me,” he explained. “But then, almost by accident, I used my ass muscles to push out, and it opened me up to you.” He moved his finger in and out of me. “Feel how tight you are?” I nodded. “Now, push out like you’re taking a dump.” I did. This time his finger met with less resistance. As he withdrew his digit, his fingertip dragged over my prostate. I gasped in pleasure. Rich smiled. “I think you’re going to learn to really like this,” he said. “Me too,” I panted. He leaned down, quickly flicked his tongue against the underside of the tip of my dick, and then traced a trail from my belly button over my abs and up to my sternum. A second later his mouth engulfed my left nipple, then my right one. Finally his lips met mine. As our tongues danced together I pulled back my thighs. I could feel the head of Rich’s cock just tickling the entrance of my ass. I looked up into his eyes, which were locked on my own. His pupils were dilated in the dimness of the light, compressing his irises so that they resembled halos of hazel. I reached under his arms to grip from behind his muscular shoulders. His erection was now pressing against me. “Take a few deep breaths,” he instructed, “and push out.” I opened my mouth as his lips returned to mine. I felt his tongue enter my mouth as I bore down to open my sphincter. I threw my head back as his helmet parted my asslips. Everything got a little blurry for a second. “Keep pushing, keep breathing,” Rich whispered, the heat and moisture of his breath washing over my ear. I gasped in pain as the big head of his cock stretched my ring. But then, as he pushed ever so slightly deeper, the pain Escort Eskişehir diminished since his shaft, while plenty thick, is still not quite as broad as his helmet. “Keep pushing out,” Rich said. I obeyed. Meanwhile, he nudged forward. At first, there’s no denying that my ass was on fire. The pain scorched me. Rich could see it in my eyes. “You can do this,” he reassured me. As I surveyed his body — chorded muscles gleaming with perspiration and matted with hair — I resolved that yes, I could. The next thing I knew, the scratch of Rich’s dense pubes discovered the itch of the smooth skin that surrounded my hole. He was in me — all the way. He leaned down to kiss me. I clutched the back of his head, running my fingers through the silky bristle of his crew cut. My other hand clutched his broad, muscular back, steadying myself as I learned to accommodate the enormity of his manhood. The pain eased a bit when I remembered to push down against his rod, dilating my ass muscles. He rotated his hips, gently stirring inside me. I felt the line of hair dividing his six-pack abs tease the underside of my own erection. The pain was being drowned out by a more neutral sensation of fullness. Then the feeling of fullness was augmented by the triumphal realization that I’d done it. I had taken him to the hilt. Rich was in me! We were joined as one. I looked up to see his eyes smiling down on me. He kissed me again — just a peck on the lips — and nuzzled my neck. The stubble of his jaw sent little jolts of electricity through my body. His tongue extended to lick my earlobe, introducing me to a previously unknown erogenous zone. I pressed up against his abdomen to maximize the pressure on the underside of my cock. I could feel myself leaking pre-cum. My cock felt almost impossibly hard. So did Rich’s, sheathed inside me. He slowly withdrew, almost all the way, and then sank back into me. Suddenly, I was on the brink of ecstasy. The thing that made the moment so delicious was the mind-blowing sensation of connection. It wasn’t that he was in me; it felt like he had become a part of me — and me a part of him. His cock felt like it was the internal root of my own erection. My dick felt like the external manifestation of his rod at its root. I hope this makes sense. It was an experience that was difficult to comprehend, let alone explain. But that wasn’t the best of it. As Rich began to slowly inch back and forth within me the ecstasy intensified. He was stirring within me a hunger, a wanton desire, an aggressive need I only then realized I possessed. I started to buck back against his cock. I gritted my teeth and lowered my hands to pull against the cheeks of Rich’s ass. “Harder!” I commanded. “Fuck me!” A model ROTC cadet, Rich had no problem following orders. He started thrusting in and out. He dicked me long, deep, fast, slow, shallow, then deep again. He raised up on his arms for leverage, panting and grunting. Meanwhile, I was moaning in pleasure. Thank God the cinderblock walls of our dorm building provided good sound insulation; otherwise, the entire floor would have heard us. I tilted my head forward and let my tongue trace a path through the hair that feathered over Rich’s collarbones. He scooted upwards. I lapped up the rivulets of perspiration that flowed down his chest. He hunched higher above me, pounding into my ass as my lips encircled and sucked his nipple. “I’m so fucking close,” he panted. So was I. I needed him so bad. I’d never felt such intense desire. “On your back!” I ordered as I shifted his weight and rolled on top of him. Rather than breaking our connection this move cemented it. I was above him now. He was thrusting up and I was using my thighs to piston my ass up and down. My dick was waving over him, achingly hard and sprinkling droplets of pre-cum across his midsection. That’s when time stood still. There was so much tension, so much pleasure. I hung by my fingernails on the edge of the abyss. I’m not sure if it lasted seconds or several minutes, but, unfortunately, it couldn’t last forever. When I saw Rich’s meaty paw encircle my rod and felt him squeeze, I knew this ride had reached its climax. I opened my mouth, breathless and silent as I felt my balls convulse. Long ropes of cum erupted from my cock, painting lines across Rich’s chest. Each burst caused my ass to clamp down on his hot iron rod — now not only thrusting but also throbbing as he delivered deep within me his molten load. I could feel him surging inside of me, filling me with his warmth and wetness. It’s a moment I’ll never forget. Exhausted, I collapsed down on top of him. His dick still firmly lodged in my rectum, as we embraced and made out I could feel his cum start to ooze over my asslips. This caused my own half-hard dick to twitch in the hairy, semen-soaked swamp of Rich’s abs. As I nuzzled his neck I closed my eyes to say a silent prayer of thanks. I had never before felt so connected to someone. I had never felt such passion. I had never felt such love. I also, apparently, had never felt so tired. The next thing I knew it was morning. I heard the shower running, then stop. I could hear Rich pull open the shower curtain and reach for a towel. I turned to face the half-open door to his bathroom. A long second later, Rich emerged with a funny grin on his face. His was wearing the jockstrap that had been hanging on the inside door knob. He stood before me, planted his feet a good twelve inches apart, and lifted his arms to flex. There he was, in all his hairy, muscular, goofy, and utterly majestic glory — imitating the pose of the stud featured on the inside back cover of the Undergear catalog. Rich and I made lots of memories during the rest of that school year, but now, more than 25 years later, when I think of him I picture him at that very moment, big and beautiful and bulging before me. He was my first love but not my last. It was painful to see him graduate and head off to his Officer Basic Course, leaving me behind to finish college. We continued as a couple for a while, but distance takes its toll. We parted ways, still on good terms, while he was in flight school. We’ve kept in touch over the years. He’s remained a good friend. He coached me through several subsequent relationships, including an unsuccessful one with my now ex-husband. Rich is still single after an Army career that took him from commanding an Apache helicopter to serving as an Army chaplain and ordained Episcopal minister. With the Army behind him and my ex-husband out of the picture, we’re both starting over. That’s why I’m excited that he’s agreed to come for a long visit. If the timing and circumstances of life worked against us back then, then maybe things can be different now. That, at least, is my hope. I never wanted to admit it to myself during my marriage, but now I’m ready to face facts. I’ve sorted through lots of relationships with lots of different men, but not a single one has even come close to Rich. He’s my one true love. The end. PEASE SEND YOUR FEEDBACK to me at hoo. I’d love to hear from you!

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The Vancouver Ranch

****The following tale is a gay diaper love tale of men and/or boys enjoying wearing and wetting thick diapers, and having gay diaper love sex while wearing them. If this is not the sort of tale that you”re interested in, I strongly urge you to leave now. If this sort of tale is illegal or immoral for you to read, then I strongly urge you to leave now. However, should you wish to continue, I truly hope that you enjoy, and would love to hear your thoughts on it, though comments aren”t necessary to keep me writing, I do so enjoy them. Now, this tale was inspired and encouraged by one of my followers, he gave me the idea and the direction, and I ran with it, he knows who he is, he got to read the first draft and name it for me. If any that read my stories would like to see their ideas done, I can”t promise anything, but give it a shot. Now, if you”d like to contact me, I would love to hear from you, email me at erich5748 at ail. Remember that this site requires our generosity to continue, so please do what you can, and if you feel I”ve earned it, donate in my name as well. Now, onto the story.****

Geoff and I”d been talking for years, mostly just over email, but we”d started calling and talking to each other a few months back now as well. Even though he”s old enough to be my father, we have so much in common, and became fast friends because of it. Getting to talk to someone who”s not only older than I am, but has gone through everything I have as well, has been so nice. What we share in common, we”re both gay baby boy diaper lovers.

Both of us, in our youth, were not only scared of our illness, but petrified that someone would find out our secrets, and then we would be as good as dead. Geoff had buried it so far that he even got married in his younger years, as was expected of him back then, but that did not last, only a few years before he came clean and came out as gay. He got himself a boyfriend, and they lived many happy years together, though Geoff still buried his diaper love, and never let his wife or his husband know about that.

I, however, am still a virgin, at the ripe ole” age of thirty five, I”ve never had a boyfriend or a girlfriend, I buried myself in my work so much, and honestly, just buried my feelings, that I was crashing. When I first met Geoff on the website that we”d both been visiting, and clicked because we had so much in common, it was great. Of course it was a gay diaper lovers website, pictures, videos, stories, and of course the chat room, it was great, I finally found a place where I felt like I wasn”t a freak. I even wrote a few stories and posted them there, as an outlet for my feelings and creativity, and Geoff was my biggest fan, and encouraged me most of all, though many others also enjoyed what I wrote and clambered for more.

I left home at the ripe ole” age of sixteen, hiding my feelings and who and what I was from my family, was getting to be too much, so I moved out, moved almost three hours away from the family who always hounded me about when I was going to get a girlfriend, oh, I”m sure they knew, and now I know that they do, because when finally in my twenties my mom asked me if I was ever going to settle down and start a family, I simply said no, there”s absolutely no chance of that ever happening, and when she said, you”re gay, aren”t you, that”s why you left, I finally said fuck it, and said yes, but please tell no one, I”m not ready for that yet. She claimed that it wasn”t a big deal, or surprise, but the calls came far fewer after that, until they just stopped, and now it”s been more than five years since she called. I tried calling a few times, but they never picked up, and so, I gave up on them if they gave up on me. Oh well, no real big loss anyway, and besides, none of my family had been good for or too me, and a good portion of my self esteem problems are because of them and all their horrible words to me.

The reason I chose to leave home at sixteen, was because that”s when I graduated high school. The reason I moved three hours away, was because that”s where the school I wanted to go to was located, just outside of Vancouver. I”d received a pretty amazing scholarship, got several grants and bursaries, and with the little money I”d saved up through growing up and almost always working, I didn”t really have to get any loans. When I completed school, four years worth crammed into only two, so when I was eighteen, I took what little money I had left, found a fixer upper house that was being sold at way under market value, managed to get a mortgage because I had nearly quarter down, and with the very good job I”d already had for six months by then, even though I”d still been in school when I started for them, I managed just fine. As soon as I finished school, and got the highest marks possible, I became a full architect at the firm I was working at already, got a really nice raise, and started fixing up my house.

Because Vancouver”s a very expensive place to live, I decided to rent out a few rooms of my house while I did the renovations, to help afford it all, and I rarely went a month without someone renting at least one of the rooms, but I had four to rent, and they were almost always rented, so that helped to offset some of the cost, but also helped them as well, since I gave them a fair price for what they got, of course they had to understand that there would be lots of noise at times, and I did have a rather strict list of rules about living there. Still, most of my salary went into the bank, I wanted the rental income, so that I could live, but still be able to save. Honestly, I don”t really even need the added income any more, but I got so used to having people living with me, and really adding that much money to my accounts didn”t hurt, that I just never stopped.

The only problem with having room mates, though, is that it severely limited my freedom to just wander around in my diapers, like I very much wanted to, but was much too ashamed of to actually do. From the day that I moved out, and finally got some freedom, I started wearing diapers in secret as much as I could. No one could ever see my shame, at least that”s how I felt. At first it was only just occasionally, but now I”m in them almost every day, but still when no one can see me. I was a constant and ceaseless bed wetter all my life, and even still I can and do have accidents at night, I was never taken to a doctor, it was a massively huge shame to my mother, and every time that she found out about it, she acted far more ashamed than even I felt, though I was always scared of telling her, so, after the age of eight, I just never did, but she usually knew, because of the amount I had to wash my bedding. Usually those mornings coincided with my mother saying snottily, “Again, when will you learn.” So, I guess that”s where both my shame at loving diapers, and my love of diapers comes from, because, trust me, I”d known about them my whole life, had even asked for them multiple times, but of course that was never to be, my mother was absolutely aghast at even the mere mention of her then seven year old still needing baby diapers, how shameful.

For some reason, though, even though I know I do still need diapers at night, and do absolutely enjoy wearing them during the day when possible, I just can”t make myself wear them to bed. Granted, again, I have room mates, and they don”t always understand the concept of privacy. Once I had a lady and her two kids living with me, and the kids would go into my room, which was supposed to be forbidden territory, and snoop around, fortunately I keep all my diaper supplies in my closet, which has an automatic locking handle on it, so they didn”t find them, as well I”ve actually had something like six or seven drunken room mates come home in the middle of the night, and end up in my bed for some reason, and because I”m such a heavy sleeper, I never realized until morning. I had never put the same type of handle on my bedroom door, so that it locks as well, because that was some of my childhood trauma coming out again, I was to never lock a door, ever, however I now do, but it”s an electronic one that I can punch in a code, and I took off the one on my closet, since my bedroom door automatically locks now. So, if my bedroom door locks, why don”t I sleep diapered like I deserve, well, I don”t really know, but I have a few times now, and have done so a lot more recently.

Geoff has often told me that I should see a therapist about my childhood, but, honestly, it”s been his help that”s helped me most of all, but then, he says I”ve helped him as well. Truthfully, it”s been with his help that I”ve even left the house diapered a few times now, clearly while clothed so that no one would see my shame, for I do still see it as that.

We”d been talking a lot as of late at meeting each other, but, we live opposite sides of a continent, in two different countries, he lives in the lowest part of his, and I in the lowest of mine, so thousands of kilometres away. I don”t have a passport, and honestly never had the desire to get one, because my views on travelling were, why go somewhere when I already live in one of the most beautiful places around. Oh sure, there are places I would love to visit, but I just can”t justify spending that kind of money to do so either, I”m supremely cheap. Geoff has a passport, but can”t really afford to travel, because he”s retired and on pension, so doesn”t exactly make a lot of money. He owns his house, so he”s doing okay for himself, but doesn”t have a lot of extra either. I”ve also been very leery of ever meeting anyone I meet online, because I”ve never heard good things about it.

I live very near to Vancouver BC, one of the most gay friendly places, whereas Geoff lives in the deep south of the US, which has never been very open to anyone who”s classified as different, if you”re not a bible thumping, white, redneck, then even though it”s supposedly illegal, you”re gonna be discriminated against. Because he lives very near to a large tourist area, it”s not quite as bad where he is, but still bad. He has often said that he wishes he could move to my area, find himself a boyfriend, because we know that we cannot be, and not have to always hide who his partner is. In some ways, I would very much love that, having a friend, but not only a friend, but one who absolutely understands.

I don”t have friends, I have acquaintances, I have co-workers, but I don”t have friends. Again, some of the trauma of my childhood showing through, friends only hurt you, because boy did they. My best friend in elementary school, even though we”d never slept over at each others houses, and honestly he almost never came to mine, so that he wouldn”t smell my room, found out in grade seven that I was still a full time, every night bed wetter, and blabbed it to everyone. He had also seen more than a few of the wet pants accidents I”d had over the years, but trust me, he never saw them all, so told about how I wet my pants during the day as well, and then refused to ever be near to me again. He also, just to make it worse, started the rumour that I was gay. I mean, I am, but how he could”ve known that is beyond me. So, yeah, friends hurt, so I never allowed myself to get close to anyone ever again. I completely shut everyone out, ignored everyone and everything that they said, just pretended that they didn”t exist at all, and poured everything I had into graduating school as early as I possibly could, even going so far as to start taking some of the university courses while still in high school that I wanted to take and could, and they allowed it. Hence my graduating university so fast, because trust me, I did my first nearly three years of university while still in high school. Shortly before I was to graduate high school, the one I”d once thought was my best friend must”ve finally felt guilty for what he did, and attempted to apologize. Finally he cornered me after trying for a week or more, and made me listen.

“Look, I”m sorry I did what I did, it was mean and the worst thing a friend could do. It really doesn”t matter that you wet the bed or pants back then, and even though I still think you”re gay, that really doesn”t matter either.”

“Thanks for apologizing, but that doesn”t make up for the past five years. You taught me that having friends is a mistake, that friends will only be by your side when you”re perfect, but if we”re not, then we don”t want, need, desire, or deserve friends, because friends only hurt you more than a simple apology can ever fix. I have a disability, and guess what, I do still wet the bed, and my pants some times, feel free to spread that around now as well, because I know you”re gonna anyway, as for whether I”m gay or not, not sure how you could think I am, when not even I know, but, whatever, I know that”s all this was about, you”re just trying to get more ammo to harass me even more, but guess what, I don”t care, you, none of these other fucking assholes here matter, all you are, are just a bunch of pesky mosquito”s constantly buzzing around me, and in less than a month, I”m gone, I”ve pretty much already graduated, and I”m moving to Vancouver, and I”ll never think of you again, because you mean absolutely nothing to me.” Is what I said.

“I deserve that, I really do, but I truly am sorry, and even though I know you still wet your pants, because I saw it happen last week, I won”t ever tell anyone. I figured you must still wet the bed if you still wet your pants too. I”m sorry I drove you to go away to school though, I”ll miss you.”

“No, you”ll miss your target.” I said, and then turned and walked away, and that was the last we ever spoke, even though over the next month, he tried, but I just point blank refused to talk, and avoided him at all costs.

I was wrong, though, I do think about that conversation a lot, hence it still being burned into my mind. I wonder if he knew I was gay, because so is he, and he was hoping that I”d forgive and forget and be his boyfriend. I hoped beyond hope, back then, that I”d hurt him at least a little, and the look on his face as I turned and walked away said that I”d achieved that, but, I do now hope that he”s gotten over it, and moved on with his life, never to be a bully again. I”ve even thought about looking him up and seeing how he”s doing, but just couldn”t.

So, no family, no friends, there”s no one in my life but the few people online that are like me, but no one close. Like Geoff has told me numerous times, I need something more.

I”ve been feeling depressed as of late, though, not having anyone near me, I want a friend, I want a boyfriend, but I”m too shy and scared to go out and find someone, to be rejected and ridiculed again, I”m just not sure I”m strong enough to take it again. I”m also a boylover, so I”d love a baby boyfriend who”s somewhere between ten and thirteen, but of course that”s insanely illegal, so know that I can”t possibly find that, but I also know I”m fully gay, so even finding a late teen to early twenty something gay baby boyfriend would be great, but, again, too petrified to go get what I want. It”s funny, I”m super shy, and, honestly, antisocial to do so, yet at work, I can put all that aside and talk to a room full of people about their newest project I”m designing for them. I suppose because that”s one of my two main passions, three if you include diapers. I also love wood working, and do have a small shop at home now where I go and play for hours sometimes to keep myself busy and not thinking too much of what all I want, but I do love the creativity.

My shop at home is my solace, and the one place where no one is allowed to enter without my express permission, and also the one place where I”m almost always diapered. I keep a good stash in there, and whether I”m going out for only an hour, or for the evening, I get diapered up pretty much as soon as I enter. Some nights I even just go out to the shop to be diapered, and just play on my computer if I”m tired. Yes, I have worn my diapers in the house when my room mates are there, but rarely, because I”m always so afraid they”ll see and bully me for it, and/or spread it around, so, I almost never do. The amount of times I”ve thought of kicking them out and being diapered all the time I”m home is shockingly high, but I just can”t.

So, being utterly depressed with not having anyone near, I finally allowed Geoff to talk me into meeting. I can”t leave the country, so, we decided that roughly half way for both of us would be Toronto, and so, even though I really didn”t want to spend the money, I do kinda make a lot, and I know that Geoff doesn”t, so, we each paid for our own flights, but I covered the hotel room, and got us a really nice two bedroom suite, it”s not in the highest end hotel, it isn”t even the biggest and best that the hotel has, but it is nice, and was actually more reasonable than I thought it was going to be, but then, I live in Vancouver, where everything is at least twice as expensive as nearly anywhere else.

We booked for an entire week, arrive Sunday, and leave the following Sunday, but my flight arrives at nine am, but his won”t get in until nearly noon, and since I can”t go check in at the hotel until two, and it”s a two and a half hour city bus trip to our hotel, there”s little point of leaving until he gets there anyway, so I just made sure to bring a good book as well.

To say I was nervous the morning I was to take my first ever flight, and to meet the one person who could maybe truly be a friend, would be just a tiny understatement. Geoff made me promise to be diapered, the entire time, well, with my nerves being the way they were, it”s honestly for the best that I was diapered anyway, because I”d peed, a lot. I had to change my diaper when I got to the airport in Vancouver, and I had to change again when I landed in Toronto, which I was a little late getting in, but by not even half an hour. What”s funny, both bathrooms had adult diapers in the garbage cans, and both had adult diaper change tables in the handicap bathrooms. So, clearly Erzurum Escort I”m not the only diapered passenger, and from both garbage cans, clearly the passengers were very wet.

Once I collected my bags at the Toronto airport, which took a shocking amount of time, I went to the gate where Geoff would be arriving at in a couple to a few hours, and sat down with my book to wait. Shortly after arriving, though, a boy of around eleven to twelve years old, came and sat just down and across from me. He looked shockingly sad, yet so pretty. He is clearly all alone, he has a beat up old duffle bag, and no one else near him. A few times as I was reading, I heard sniffles coming from him, and looked over surreptitiously to see that he”s crying softly.

Finally I couldn”t hold it in any more. If there”s anything on this planet that”ll make me forget my horrible social anxiety, it”s to see a stunningly beautiful young boy in distress. I moved down the seven seats, so that I”m sitting right across from him.

“Are you okay Young Man, is there anything I can help you with?” I whisper to him.

“Please just leave me alone.”

“I will if that”s what you really want, but I can”t help but to notice that you seem to be in trouble, and all alone. Is there someone I can call to come get you?”

“There”s no one. Just, just leave me alone please, if you find out about me, you”re just gonna ditch me anyway, just like my parents did.”

“What exactly does that mean?”

“They lied to me, okay, they sent me here, telling me they”re sending me to a summer camp specializing in my disabilities, but I”ve been here since just before eight, and no one”s come to get me, I”ve searched the entire airport, and now it”s getting close to eleven. I finally opened up the envelope they gave me with everything that I”m supposed to have, they said the forms and my ID and signed waivers were all in there, but, they”re just a bunch of blank sheets. Now I”m stuck in a city clear across the country to where I”m from, I only have supplies to last me for a day, because they said that the camp would have everything I need, I have no ID, no money, I”ve wandered around like I said, to make sure that no one”s holding up a sign with my name, and there”ve been no announcements calling me to anywhere. I even asked at the counter, and they said that no one”s asked about me, or know about any youth going to any camps.”

“And exactly what disability do you have? You appear to be in good health, you talk well, you even sound above average smart for your age, that I place about twelve?”

“Yeah, I”m twelve, but, just leave now, save me at least that shame at having you leave me after I tell you anyway.”

“Tell you what. You tell me, I do what I can to help you out, regardless of what this issue may be, and I promise not to judge.”

“You promise?”


“Fine. I”m high functioning autistic, and I have no bladder control.”

“So, high functioning autistic means you have many of the traits, but it doesn”t cause you any real issues, other than probably social skills.”

“Yeah, you could say that.”

“Yeah, well, I”m probably the same, though I was never diagnosed, I”ve known for years that I likely am anyway, since I just have too many of those same traits. No bladder control, as in none at all, all day, every day?”

“Really, you are too?”

“I think so, yes.”

“And yeah, no control at all.”

“And how do you manage it, with catheters or diapers?”

“Diapers. I can”t use catheters, trust me, my parents tried, to the point they actually damaged me further and caused a week long hospital stay to help repair what they did.”

“Wow, fate sure can be strange some times.”

“What do you mean?” He asked warily.

“Well, I have bladder control, if you really wish to call it that, but it”s questionable at best. I still wet the bed many nights, and while daytime accidents are thankfully far more rare than when I was a kid, they do still happen, because I swear I have a bladder the size of a three year old, and I have to go to the bathroom sometimes as much as every hour. I”ve wanted diapers my entire life, but my mother was absolutely aghast at and against her son being a baby, and so, therefore diapers were never even thought of, and when I did screw up the courage to ask for them, because, let”s face it, I desperately needed them, and very much wanted them, wow, she nearly freaked out on me and told me that she”d never buy me any such thing, and forbade me to ever wear such a thing, or to ever even talk about it ever again. But, I still desperately needed and wanted them, I grew to love the very idea of them, and so, as soon as I left home at sixteen, and went to university, I started wearing them in secret, and now, I”m a full on baby boy diaper lover. I don”t wear all day, every day, because I”m so scared anyone would ever find out, but, I”m here on vacation, my first ever vacation I might add, to meet another baby boy diaper lover, and he made me agree to be diapered the entire time I”m here, and so, as such, I”m diapered as well.”

“Wow, you mean it?”

“Absolutely. You”re also the very first person I”ve ever said any of that to, other than nearly anonous people online.”

“Thanks.” He smiled brightly to me.

“So, what”s your issue then?”

“Not a clue. I”ve tried asking my parents, but I”m just a stupid kid and am not to waste their fucking time asking stupid fucking questions. All I know is that I can”t control my pee at all, and that somehow catheters are a huge no no. So, diapers are the only choice. Most of this all happened before I even started in kindergarten, so I don”t really remember too much. My mom makes me go in to buy my diapers, she hates that she hasta take me there even, and truly despises that she hasta pay for them, but has said that the only reason she does at all, is because she gets it all back anyway, but if she hadta pay for it, she”d just let me suffer like the pig I clearly am.”

“Sounds like your mom and mine might just be the same, maybe not the same person, but the same none the less. So, you”re twelve, that”d put you in grade seven, then, right?”

“I was supposed to have just finished grade seven, and be going to grade eight, yes, but, no, I”m gonna be starting grade ten, even though the schools didn”t wanna skip me ahead, I kinda didn”t really give “em a choice in the matter. It”s so stupid, my mom calls me fucking stupid all the time, how I”m too dumb to do anything right, and here I am, going to grade ten instead of eight, and honestly, had they”ve allowed me to skip before last year, I think I”d already be graduating. I even yelled at her, called her a bitch and everything, saying if I”m so fucking stupid, why am I so far ahead in school, instead of failing and dropping out like she did. Boy did she ever try and smack me hard for that, good thing she was drunk and couldn”t have hit a wall. That was only five days ago, the next day she must”ve hatched this brilliant plan to get rid of her useless piece of garbage. So, now here I am, stuck on the other side of the country.”

“What about your dad?”

“Yeah, not entirely convinced he”s actually my dad, even though that”s what I”ve been told to call him all my life, but meh, whatever, I don”t care, I don”t have parents any more, and I”ll never go back to them, ever. He”s an abusive drunk as well, but mostly he just completely ignores me, even when I”m in the room, he pretends that he can”t see me. Funny, I do the same to him, he”s been nothing to me since I was five.”


“Oh sure, he”s reddened my backside more than a few times, but nowhere near as much as my mother has. My last spanking for being useless was when I was ten, though, when after the third hit, I finally had enough, jumped up, grabbed the hair brush she was using, and broke it clean across her useless ugly fucking face, and told her if she ever hits me again, that I”d make sure all the police found were a bunch of little pieces of shit. I think she knew I meant it too, and I did, and she”s never tried spanking me again.”

“Good for you.” I nearly cheered.

“Thanks. It felt good, and it got better after that. Almost as if she almost respected me a little for having a back bone or something.”

“What about the one you called father, how”d he react to that?”

“He laughed his ass off, and told her that he”d warned her that eventually I”d react. He never tried to hit me again after that either, mind you. Oh, they still yelled, a lot, called me horrible things, but I just gave it right back to them.”

“Again, good for you. Wish I coulda done that, but I wasn”t very strong.”

“So, you were raised pretty much the same way then?”

“Yes, to some degree. She didn”t hit me, that woulda made her a bad mother you see, she never really even truly yelled at me, but still, the words she did say, and the words she didn”t, but I could see in her eyes, hurt sometimes more than any ten hits possibly could. She called me disgusting, useless, animal, dirty, freak, and probably a thousand more horrible things, and she still somehow thought she was a good mother. Hence my no longer caring to try and contact her, or any family for that matter.”

“When did you leave home?”

“I left home when I was sixteen.” I said, and then gave him my history as well.

“You know, the worst abuse she gave you, I think, was she didn”t get you diapers like you not only wanted, but clearly needed as well.”

“Yeah, I agree. So, you said you lived clear across the country, so do I. I”m just outside of Vancouver.”

“Really, I lived in Vancouver. That”s too funny how that could happen.”

“Yeah, I know, it”s kinda freaky, really. So, I could have the hotel add a cot to our suite, saying my nephew is joining us as a last minute guest, and you can just have a vacation with us, but first, we needta figure out how to get you a ticket back home with me. Even if you don”t stay with me, we needta get you back home and get your parents all straightened out.”

“Really, you”d do that for me?”

“Sure, I like you, we”re both shockingly similar, and you need the help. It”s not gonna cost me all that much, really, and I do make lots, so no worries there.”

“But, what about the fact that I have no ID?”

“Well, I never even showed my ID when I bought my ticket, nor when I boarded or landed, so, hopefully it”ll be the same for you. Not a clue. If it ends up being an issue, then I guess we just rent a car and we drive home. Not gonna lie, hope we don”t haveta go that route, I actually kinda hate driving at the best of times.” I laughed.


So, we went to the nearest ticket counter and asked about getting another ticket on the same flight that I”m scheduled to be on, and she never even questioned who he is, just simply said that flight”s booked now, but that the next one is only four hours later, and has a few seats left, so, I asked if I can transfer my ticket to that flight, and get another ticket, preferably with adjoining seats, and she looked, then said yes. So, I paid for it. She never even asked for his name or anything.

“Well, that was shockingly easy.” I said when we sat back down in our seats.

“No kidding. So, outta curiosity, then, since we”re gonna be together a lot over the next week, and maybe more, but, what”s your name?” He asked me.

“I was leaving that up to you. My name”s Alex, but I go by Lex most of the time. And what”s yours?”

“Shelby. But most of the time I go by Shelby.” He grinned brightly to me.

“Cute. You have a beautiful smile, but then, you”re beautiful anyway, so that makes sense.”

“No I”m not.”

“Oh, yes you are. Look, I know where you”re coming from, no one ever said nice things about me either, it”s to the point now that I”m not even at all comfortable with compliments, I hadta deal with it so much, and for so long. I know you”re the same, but, I do want you to know, you truly are beautiful, especially to me.”

“Thanks. I think you”re really good looking too.” He whispered.


And Shelby is beautiful. He is just over one and a half meters tall, he”s really slim, so I”d be shocked if he weighs even as much as thirty five kilos, he has beautiful brass coloured hair with natural streaks of darker red in it that is left a little long and wavy, he has intensely green eyes that are stunningly beautiful, button nose and ears that fit him very well, and he has nice lips even, very kissable indeed, but I have to be careful thinking like that, because I”m sure he doesn”t want someone as old as me, but that doesn”t stop my dick from dreaming he”s a very real possibility.

Myself, though I think of as very plain, I”ve been told I”m good looking, I just never believe them. I”m just about two meters tall, weigh just barely eighty kilos, I have mousy brown hair that I keep mostly pretty short, eyes that shift from blue to green from time to time, a little bolder nose and good lips.

“So, what do you do for a living then?” Shelby asked me.

“I”m an architect, I design mostly commercial buildings, but also design large scale residential, and even single family homes from time to time, but they”re usually special ones.”

“Cool, large scale, so apartments and townhouses and stuff like that?”

“Yeah. Mostly apartments and condos and stuff like that. I”ve got two condo towers nearing completion, as well as a hotel, plus I”ve got a couple others that are anywhere from just in groundbreaking to nearly complete as well, and that”s just this year. One”s a brand new city library, and I”ve got a new office and warehouse for someone, and two houses, but one of them”s very special.”

“Why”s the one so special?”

“Because it”s mine.”

“Oh, as in you”re building yourself the house of your dreams?”

“Yeah, have spent way too much money on it, but I bought the land several years ago when the original owner was going bankrupt and needed the cash, so he sold it to me for pennies on the dollar what it was actually worth, but, considering it”s so far out of town, and up in the hills, it was already not very highly valued land. There”s no power or anything there, so, I”ve got six windmills and twenty solar panels that”ll charge up an entire storage shed full of batteries, but I”ll also have a backup generator that runs off of propane, and I”ll use satellite for all my communications needs, because there”s absolutely no cellular there, but, I am putting in a cell repeater that hooks up through the internet connection, so that I can just keep and use my cell phone, so that it makes my life easier, and I”ve bought one big enough that it”ll cover almost my entire property.”

“Wow, how big”s the property?”

“Little over a hundred acres, but the nearest property that”s inhabited is something like ten kilometres away.”

“Wow. What”s the house gonna look like?”

“I”m calling it a rambling rancher. It”s two stories, so a full basement and then the main living level. I”ve got ten bedrooms, each with it”s own bathroom, nice large office, kitchen, living, and dining room that are all one large area and very open, there”s a large wood burning fireplace in the living room that separates all that from the games room and lounge, and the fireplace is two sided, so that you can see it from both sides. The furnace and hot water tank hooks up to it as well via a hot water system, so that I use less gas in the winter time, which is just propane as well, so it keeps it nice and cozy and efficient. There”s a large five car garage that”s right next to that, and then there”s the basement, which is the entire size of the house and the garage together, and that”s gonna be my new shop. I love wood working, so I”m making it the shop of my dreams. There”s also a pool in a pool house off the living room, since I”ve always wanted one, but I”ve had nothing but troubles with the above ground ones I”ve had at my place, but then, they”ve always been outside as well, so that”s never helped.”

“Wow. That”s gonna be a helluva house, but why so big if it was just gonna be you?”

“Few reasons, and please don”t tell my friend any of this when you meet him, but, I think I”d like for him to move here, and when my new place is finished, I plan to offer that to him. Next, if I”m gonna do it, I”m gonna do it right. You haveta understand that a property like that, so far outta town, it hasta have a nice big house, or it”d never sell. I also wanted certain things for myself, and I wanted the big shop, and honestly, that”s kinda where I started. I was just gonna go six bedrooms, but then I hadta sacrifice a little shop space, and the scale of it also looked off, so now it looks more to scale. Same reason for the garage, I don”t need one that large, at all, but the scale was off, and that actually made my shop larger than I”d intended, which I was totally not against.” I smiled brightly.

“Cool. I love wood shop at school. My teachers all told me to concentrate on other things, that being in the wood shop was lower than my abilities, but I didn”t agree. They said I should be a doctor or a scientist, but, I”d rather just play with wood.”

“I”ll just bet you would.” I giggled like a preteen boy.

“Huh…..Oh, I get it. Yeah.” He said, also giggling. “Totally didn”t mean it like that, but true none the less.”


“Good.” He grinned brightly.

“So, I happen to know a good family lawyer, I designed his dream home for him a couple years ago, and he absolutely loves it, so, I think I”m gonna email him and Erzurum Escort Bayan ask him about you, and what we can do.”

“Okay, but, just make sure and let him now that I”d rather die than go back to my parents, and I”d really rather not go to foster care either. I think, if you”re okay with it, I”d kinda like to live with you.”

“That”s what I was gonna tell him anyway, because, as much as I never thought I”d have kids, and really didn”t want any either, you can”t argue a chance meeting like this. With that being said, though, you”re certainly not a child any longer either, you”re twelve, which makes you a preteen, and you”re smarter than most sixteen year olds are. Add in the fact that I actually feel fully comfortable talking to you, which is rare at best, normally it takes a miracle to get me actually talking, I have a feeling that we”re meant to be together.”

“Thanks, and um, how together?” He asked, and the only way I can describe how he sounded when he asked that, is husky.

Uh oh, he”s horny for me. Well, I”m horny for him, so I guess it”s only fair.

“To the outside world, father and son. Inside our home, if it”s what you want, once you become legal, which is sixteen, maybe more, but that”s entirely up to you.”

“What if I wanted more, like now?”

“You know I”m not allowed to answer that how either of us want.”

“So, you do too. Good.”

“God yes, you”re stunningly beautiful, you”re smart, you”re gay, and you”re a diaper lover, you check off all my boxes, and then some.”

“Same for you to me.”

“Thanks.” I said, and then grabbed my phone.

I emailed my lawyer client, and as I was typing, I asked Shelby all sorts of questions, that he happily answered as best he could, though he couldn”t answer all, such as his parents birth dates, but he was able to give places of work, and other very crucial information, so, hopefully that”ll be more than enough. I made it very clear to him what Shelby wants, and that I”m allowing it if it”s possible.

“There we go, done.” I said when I was finished.

“Thanks. When do you think we”ll know anything?”

“I told him we come home in a week, so we would like to know then if possible, but that you”re more than welcome to stay with me until everything”s all ironed out. The only problem is my room mates, if I come home with a clearly gay baby boy, and honestly, I think most people will be able to tell you”re gay, and I”m reasonably certain they must know I am too, just what they”re gonna say. At least I do have one bedroom left at the moment.”

“Easy, just tell them I”m your nephew, but that you”re adopting me, because of problems with my parents. Most of it”s true, so easy to remember.”

“I suppose that”s all we can do.”

“Yeah. So, when”s your new house gonna be ready?”

“Our house now. It”s supposed to be ready in just under a month now. I haven”t even gone to see it, though I”ve wanted to so bad, but it”s an hour and a half drive from where I live, so I didn”t wanna make the drive either.”

“Oh, so what are you gonna do about work then?”

“I”m still gonna work, only mostly from home now. I do most of my work at home already anyway, since there”s no point in me going into the office just to do what I do, when I can very easily do so at home. Honestly, nowadays, and with so many of my clients being so far away, we do most of our meetings via video chat anyway. For the few times a client needs to see me, they can drive to me just as easily, since I”ll likely not be that much further away anyway, and I can go into the office when needed too. With that being said, though, I am partially retiring too, and my boss knows that already, I”ve told him I”m staying working for him exclusively, so no worries there, but I”m only doing certain specialty things now. Over the past ten years, I”ve bought more than a few parcels of land, and I designed mixed use buildings for all of them, the final one”s just about complete, and between all of them giving me massive amounts of income, I truly don”t haveta work any more, but I want to.”

“Cool, what do you mean mixed use?”

“Most of them are condo buildings, but with retail in the lower sections, they all have large secure parking garages, gs, lounges, and pools, since they”re all high end places. But, I also bought the land next to the hospital, and that”s my building that”s just about finished there. Only the top three floors are residential, and they”re six huge penthouse suites for doctors, which are all already leased and they”re just waiting, but the rest of the huge building is all office space, I”ve designated it mostly for medical use, and already the hospital”s leased six full floors, and I”ve got something like sixteen doctors already on the hook. So, yeah, trust me, I won”t be doing too bad for myself. Granted, I went into massive debt to build the fucking places, but with nine of them now fully leased, and the last one almost fully leased as well before it”s even complete, I”m already starting to pay everything off, and have less than half the debt I did. Trust me, though, that was some scary, looking at my accounts and seeing negative forty some million dollars at more than one point. Oh well, it”s only money, and honestly, the bank took most of the risk on that, there”s no way I coulda covered it had something bad happened. Mind you, I owned all the land, because I paid for it in cash.”

“Fuuuuuuck. That”s ballsy.”

“And then some. But, meh, whatever, it”s just money.”

“True.” He laughed. “You”re mega rich then. Cool.”

“To look at my accounts, no, I”m absolutely not. I have a little better than a million left in my personal accounts, but I”m still in the hole with the banks for something like nearly twenty million, but they should be fully paid off in ten years or less. I”m actually trying for five years or less, but all my papers say just shy of ten. I”m keeping none of my income from all of them, though, I”m dumping it all back into the banks to pay them off as fast as possible, I hate paying their rates.”

“Eek.” He giggled.

“Eek, exactly.” I laughed as well. “But, like I said, it”s only money. If you”re smart about it, money is easy to make, but trust me, it”s even easier to lose.”

“Yeah, I know. Even though my parents never gave me anything, and I”ve never really done much work for anyone, I did still, and every time they gave me money to go buy what I needed, such as my diapers, I made sure that they gave me extra. My mom never asked for receipts for some stupid reason, and so, I”ve actually got a lot saved up. Oh, shit, it”s all in my bedroom at home, though, I couldn”t get a bank account without them.”

“Tell me where it is, and I”ll make sure that the lawyer goes and gets it for you, as well as anything you want from home.”

“Okay, thanks.”

As he told me, I typed it into my phone for the lawyer to go and get as well, and when that was done, we just sat there for a while longer, talking, getting to know each other.

“So, when did you know you were gay, and a diaper lover Shelby?” I asked.

“Well, I think I”ve always been a diaper lover, because for as long as I can remember, I”ve always loved them, and never wanted to give them up anyway. As for gay, well, I think I was still in kindergarten when I started to realize I liked boys in a more than friends kinda way, but it wasn”t “til I was eight that I really knew and understood. What about you?”

“Actually, not all that different really. Of course, I never got diapers, but I was five the first time I started dreaming of being diapered. It was also around then that I started dreaming of seeing the other boys in my class in just soggy diapers, and even naked, but it wasn”t “til I was about ten that I started to truly understand my feelings there, because they were getting way stronger, so, I finally put a name to what I was, a gay baby boy diaper lover, but I”d suspected it for a couple years at least, but, especially to me, being gay was an absolute death sentence, and I knew it. My mom said it was okay when she finally asked and I finally admitted, but I knew it wasn”t. The calls that were already sporadic at best, pretty much dropped off, and even though I called a few times after that, she never picked up, and now it”s been well over five years since I talked to her last, and now I couldn”t give a damn. I bet if she knew how much money I”m worth, though, oh, she”d be right here, pretending to love me, but, no, not any more.”

“You”ve never mentioned your father, what about him?” Shelby asked.

“Not a clue who he is, where he”s at, nothing. I asked about him once when I was around eight or so, I suppose, mostly because I hated my mom so much, and she told me that he”s a loser who fucked her then fucked off, and that she has no idea where he”s at. She wasn”t even sure of his name, so, I”m guessing he was either a drunken one night stand, or he was a customer, not sure, and I certainly wouldn”t have put it past her either.”

“Yeah, to tell you the truth, that”s what I think my mom did as well.”

“Useless sluts, and then they take out their anger on us, just “cause they couldn”t keep their disgusting legs closed.” I laughed.

“Actually, I”ve nearly told her exactly that a billion times.” Shelby laughed.

“Yeah, I damn near did too. Oh, that”s the call for my friends flight just exiting now.”

“Cool, do you even know what he looks like?”

“Yeah, we”ve done video chats a few times now.”

So, we stood up, grabbed our things, and headed near to where Geoff would be coming out. It was only about ten minutes for him to exit, and when we saw each other, we headed toward each other, I stuck out my hand to shake, but he grabbed it, and pulled me into a hug instead. Honestly, that”s the very first hug I”ve ever had, at least that I know of.

“Lex, it”s so good to finally see you.” Geoff said.

“And it”s so good to finally see you as well. Do you need a soggy baby bum change before heading out?”

“Yeah, I do, actually. I”m not a terribly good flyer, and it usually scares the piss outta me.”

“Yeah, it did to me as well. As you know, that was my first time ever even in a plane, of any sort, on the ground, or in the air.”

“Same.” Shelby whispered from behind me, and at first Geoff had no idea that he was really even there, or that he was with me.

“Oh, right, Shelby, come out and meet Geoff, he”s the friend I was telling you about.”

“Who”s this Lex?”

“Well, this is Shelby, and once we”re free to do so, we”ll tell you all that details.”

“Well, it”s good to meet you Shelby, I”m Geoff.”

“It”s good to meet you as well Geoff.” Shelby said in at least a little louder voice this time.

“Come on, change room”s over this way, and they have an adult diaper change table in there for you to use, so it”s nicer than trying to get your diaper on correctly while standing.”

“Excellent, thanks.”

When we got there, Geoff went in, while Shelby and I waited. He was back out only a few minutes later.

“Okay, now we just have to go out to the bus stop and wait for the next bus to get us to our hotel.” I said once Geoff said he”s ready to go.

So, all of us with our bags headed out to the bus stop, and as it turned out, we only had to wait not even ten minutes for the bus heading toward our hotel. Of course we”re going to have to transfer three times, so it”s something like two and a half hours to get there, but that”s okay, we have lots of time, and it”s cheap. I”d already downloaded the bus schedule and what buses to take to get us to where we need to go, and I have that information printed out, so that we can easily get there. I paid for the day bus pass for all three of us, for all zones, so that we don”t have to worry, and as soon as the correct bus arrived, we hopped on, and got seats, we took a set of four that face each other, but of course left one easily accessible for another passenger, I may hate being around other people, but I”m not an asshole who won”t allow someone a seat. Granted, with all three of us with our travel bags, since we”re travelling fairly light, since extra baggage on a plane is really rather expensive, we didn”t really have all that much room, but we kept them on our laps, again, so to give other people a chance to sit as well.

Because the bus was noisy and crowded, and yes, the extra seat was taken at the next stop, that didn”t allow for us to really talk any, so, we just waited until we arrived to the hotel. I went up, gave my name, asked for an extra cot to be brought up, because my nephew ended up joining me after all, but I was told the couch folds out, so no worries there, she didn”t even bother charging me extra for it, not that I cared all that much, but, hey, I”m cheap, why would I complain right. Once I had our key cards, and I asked for three so that we each have one, we head up to our suite.

“Wow, nice room.” I said when we walked in, but I wasn”t the only one, I think both the others did as well.

“So, Geoff, you go ahead and pick the room you want, Shelby, you get the other, and I”ll take the couch.”

“No, you get the bedroom, I take the couch, no arguments.” Shelby said.

“Thanks, but you do deserve it.”

“Thanks as well, but, trust me, the bed in the couch will likely already be way better than I”m used to.”

“Probably true too. Fine, Geoff, you pick your room first, and I”ll take the other.”

“Since you”re paying for it, you really should pick first.” Geoff said.

“Yes, true, but I”m giving you first dibs, so, take it. Chances are, they”re pretty near the same anyway, it”s a two bedroom, three bathroom suite, so we”re each gonna have our own bathrooms anyway.”

“Okay, fine.” He smiled warmly to me.

Geoff chose the one that overlooks a park a little ways away, so I got the other, that overlooks the parking lot, which is just fine by me, chances are I won”t even open the drapes anyway, we”re too damned high up for my liking. We got our stuff put away, Shelby figured out how to open up the couch, and put his stuff in the end tables beside it. Once we”re all done, we sit at the table, fortunately there are four chairs, and Shelby and I told Geoff all that he now needs to know.

“That”s amazing that you two met like that, and though I”m sorry your parents treated you like that, I have a feeling you”re gonna get so much more because of it now.” Geoff said happily to Shelby.

“Thanks.” Shelby smiled as well.

“So, none of us has enough diapers to last the entire week, since there”s little point in packing that much, which means we needta go find a medical supply store. You did say you were gonna stick to disposable baby diapers while here, right Geoff, so that you didn”t haveta worry about washing and drying your cloth baby diapers?”

“Exactly. I prefer the cloth, but I don”t mind the disposables either.”

“Yeah, whereas, as you know, I prefer my disposables, and so too does Shelby. Since you and I”ll likely be the same size anyway, I”ll just buy one large case for the two of us to share, and then I”ll get Shelby a smaller pack in his size as well. Even though, normally, I”d never allow anyone to see me at all diapered, I”m only buying us the thickest diapers, so that we don”t haveta waste any more than is necessary.”

“Okay.” Geoff and Shelby said together.

I asked at the front desk where the largest medical supply store in the city is, and we were told that it”s actually only three blocks away, and where at, so, we decide to just walk, since why not. As we walked, we talked more and more, and had a really nice walk. We also saw a few neat places to visit, as well as a few restaurants that smelled really good, and since it”s well past the time for food anyway, and we”re all hungry, we stopped in at a pasta place that smelled absolutely inviting.

I asked for a bottle of wine, and house salad and bread to start, as well we all asked for glasses of lemon water, and Shelby also got tea. We talked more and more as we sat and enjoyed our late lunch, then even though Geoff attempted to do so, I paid the bill.

“Now, Geoff, I”m covering pretty near everything, no arguments. I have lotsa money, and for the first time in my life, I actually wanna spend it on something like this, so, let me. I know you can”t afford too much extra, so, save your money for something you wanna buy if you find something. Of course, anything any of us finds will haveta be shipped home, since that”s gonna cost way less in the long run.”

“That wasn”t what I agreed to.” Geoff said.

“Yeah, but only because we didn”t talk about it. Now, no arguments.” I grinned brightly to him.

I left a good tip on the table for the great service and the even better food, and then we headed out to our original destination. Well, the lady at the hotel was right, it is a very large and well stocked medical supply store alright. We went and found their very best and thickest diapers, Geoff and I get adult medium, and Shelby gets youth medium, but they”re the same otherwise. I grabbed three bottles of good lotion as well, so that we each have some, as well as three packs of wipes, and three jars of diaper rash cream for the same reason. I went and paid the bill, and the lady bagged it all up for us, and we headed back to our hotel.

Once at the hotel, we went up to our room and put our supplies away.

“Shit, we should find somewhere that sells backpacks, so that we can each make a diaper bag, that way we don”t always haveta come back to here just to change.” I said.

Escort Erzurum “Not a bad idea.” Geoff said.

So, back to the front desk, to once more ask where the mall was, and found that the Eaton Centre is only a ten minute bus ride away, and the bus picks up every ten minutes or so heading there, so, we headed back out to wait for the bus. We hopped on only a minute after getting there, and the only reason it took that long to get there, was because of the other stops. Honestly, it was only a little better than twice the distance as to the medical supply store, only the opposite direction.

Wow, big mall. Granted, even the malls at home I rarely go into, and the largest there isn”t too much smaller, but definitely smaller none the less. We found a sporting goods store, and each picked out the back pack that we like, they”re all the same, other than colours. As we passed an area for work wear, I happened to notice that they carry one piece gnast outfits, and so, I splurged and got each of us three, two white and a black in our sizes. Then I looked down at Shelby”s feet as we”re passing the shoe department, and saw that his shoes were probably well past their best by date at least three months ago, so, we picked him out a good pair that fit well, are comfortable, and look good too. I asked Shelby how he”s set for clothes, and he says he has three more sets, and they”re at least reasonably new and still in good condition, so doesn”t really need more yet, other than socks he says, so, we grab him a fresh pack, since you must have a fresh clean pair every day, sorry, socks must never be worn two days in a row without washing first. Shelby laughed at me when I said that, because he said he usually has to wear his socks for a week before they get washed, which gave me a full body shudder. Both he and Geoff laughed at me.

Once all paid up, we stuff all our things into our packs, except Shelby”s new shoes, which he put on, and threw out his old ones, since I didn”t even feel they were good enough now to donate to someone else.

“Thanks Lex, that”s more than I think my parents have spent on me all year.”

“Hopefully not, but especially if they buy your diapers for you.” I smiled happily to him, it felt nice to buy him nice things.

“They do, begrudgingly, and usually with a lot of insults hurled at me because of it.”

“Yeah, I don”t doubt that, and I got the same for my wet pants and beds. At least they bought you your diapers at all, mine didn”t.”


We continued searching around the mall, all of us seeing things that we”d like to have, and we even bought a few of them too. I have a whole brand new house that”s going to need things, because I”m taking nothing but my personal stuff from my current place when I move, so I”ve actually bought a few more things. The bill to ship all mine and Shelby”s things home will probably be pretty steep, but that”s okay. We actually shopped until it was dinner time, so, we hopped on the bus back to the hotel, took our things up to our room, and because by now we”re all in need of soggy baby bum changes, we all take care of that. For some reason, though, having Shelby near to me, knowing who and what he is, and who and what he wants, made me stupidly hard, so, I had to jack off three times in a row just to be able to tape up.

Before leaving my room, to make sure that Shelby is presentable, I only cracked open my door and called out, “Are you done?”

“Yeah, just finished.” He said, so I exited. As soon as I”m fully in the room, he grins and says, “You and Geoff took as long as I did, hopefully for the same reason.”

Before I could answer, Geoff also cracked open his door, saw me already out, so came out.

“Oh, good, you two are done. I wondered if you”d take a good while to change. I”m getting a little too old to do that at every diaper change now, but I do still remember when a simple diaper change could take me an hour.” He grinned brightly to us both.

“Yeah.” We both said.

“Now, let”s pack up our diaper bags and head out for dinner Babies.” I said.

So, all three of us did so right away. As soon as we”re ready to go, we head out, and walked to another nearby restaurant that smelled delicious, went in, ordered way too much food, and another bottle of wine, which officially puts me at more than I”ve drank in the last month combined, maybe even three, but that”s okay too, I am on vacation, and we do have a lot to celebrate.

“So, what all are we gonna do then while we”re here. I looked at some of the attractions, but I wasn”t sure what the plans were gonna be?” Geoff asked.

“No real plans, to tell the truth, I liketa just kinda fly by the seat of my soggy diaper.” I grinned. “However, I do wanna check out the museum and the art gallery, and of course you can”t visit Toronto and not go see the Niagara Falls, so that”s on my list of places to visit. Then there”s both the zoo and the aquarium, as well they have an amazing science centre here, and they have a stunning park here as well, so there too. There”s probably a few more I”m forgetting, and smaller places we can visit too when we have less time available.”

“Okay, and what about the CN Tower? I read up on that too, and apparently it”s amazing.”

“And I”ll happily take you two there, so that you can go up, but, sorry, I”m not going up there. Way too fucking high up for me. I”ve designed buildings nearly as tall, but I”ll never go to the top of them, nope, no way. Even our hotel room”s a little higher up than I”m strictly comfortable with, and we”re only on the tenth floor, hence my not caring what room I had, because I more than likely won”t even open the drapes.”

“Baby.” Geoff laughed.

“Yes, and very thickly diapered at that, thanks for noticing.” I laughed as well.

“Well, if we can”t all go, then there”s no point. It”s not that big a deal to me anyway.”

“I”m kinda with Lex on that one too anyway, I”ve heard of it, but have no interest in going up that high either.” Shelby giggled.

“Baby.” Geoff laughed again.

“Yes, and also very thickly diapered at that too, thanks also for noticing.” Shelby giggled, he has a very cute laugh.

When we finished our dinner, we headed out and just walked the town. There”s no real point in truly going anywhere this late in the day, and the downtown area where we”re staying has a lot of really nice shops, and we all enjoyed going in and looking around. We all bought way too much, though, there were just so many amazing souvenirs and awesome things for our homes, as well as for ourselves that we just couldn”t help ourselves, but that”s okay too. I”d told Shelby that I”d buy him almost anything he wants within reason, but to not go insane either, because we do have to ship it home, but that I don”t mind that at all. We actually had a really good night, and by the time we got back to the hotel, it was later than I”m usually awake for. I did stop at the front desk, though, to ask a question.

“Just out of curiosity, do you guys have a courier that stops in to pickup? We”ve all bought stuff, and it”ll cost a small fortune to take it on the plane with us, so, we”re gonna ship it home instead.”

“Yes, we have two, one that gives our customers a great rate for in Canada, and another that”ll go virtually anywhere in the world. We even have boxes and packing materials here for sale, it”s shocking just how much we sell.” He said, laughing.

“I bet, because you guys have lots of amazing things for sale here, and we haven”t even hit the markets yet. That”s awesome, though, saves us having to find a shipping store.”

“I strongly suggest you hit the St. Lawrence Market, I try to only go once a month, otherwise I just buy too much. Granted, some of the food vendors there are spectacular as well, again, only once a month, or I”d look like Jabba The Hutt.” He laughed.

“Yeah, I”m reasonably certain I”m gonna finally gain a few kilos this week, but that”s okay. This is my first ever vacation, granted, same with my dad and nephew here, so, what”s a good vacation without going home a little heavier right.” I said.

“Yeah, try going to Greece or Italy, did that, they had to refuse entry to the plane I was on of at least three people for the amount of weight I gained.” He laughed.

“That”s too funny. Hope your boyfriend also did.” I asked.

“Yeah, he did, I figured you for gay as well.”

“Yeah, same for my dad and nephew, in case you missed it. By the way, we”re all also the same as you in another way too, and it looks like you”ve started to leak.”

“Yeah, I thought they were as well, and shit, again. It costs so damned much to live here, I can”t afford very good diapers, and with still paying for school, even having a good paying job like this, I just can”t afford much.”

“Try living in Vancouver, everything there”s nearly twice as expensive as it is here.”

“Yikes, I wouldn”t be able to survive.”

“Not sure how some of the kids do nowadays. Now, I know they”re more expensive, but if you buy twice as expensive diapers, they”re likely to last you three times longer, or more, so, in the end, they”d be cheaper.”

“Never thought about it that way. You”re probably right.”

“Trust me, I am. I”m a super tight ass when it comes to money, I normally don”t spend any money unless it can”t be helped, but the reason the rich are rich, is because they look at cost versus value, then choose the highest value for the lowest cost, trust me. I”ll go grab you a few of our diapers, try them, I guarantee you, not only will they be more comfortable, but they”ll hold probably twice as much. Also, unless you haveta wear the tan slacks for work, I strongly urge you to wear dark blue or black, they hide the leaks better, trust me, I still leak a few times a week, just because I loveta feel nice and full, but can go for too long too.”

“The tan were all I had clean today, I already know about the darker colours hiding leaks better, because that”s normally all I wear. The only reason I have these, was because my ex boyfriend had bought them for me.”

“Fair enough. So, single at the moment huh?” I said.

“Yeah, finding gay diaper lovers or wearers is hard, my last boyfriend was neither, he thought it was kinky, but it didn”t last. Oh well, he was fun, and because he was pretty rich, and loved to travel, I did get to see a few really cool places I”d likely never gotten to see otherwise.”

“Yeah, know how you feel there actually.” Geoff said.

“Yeah, but I”ve met lots here now.” He grinned, looking to all three of us.

“I bet. So, what are you in school for?” Shelby asked.

“Just finished art school, I love painting and drawing. Sadly, there”s not a hell of a lot of call for that, but I”ve done a few that”ve sold rather well.”

“If you have a gallery, we”d love to come see your paintings. I, for one, would love some art that I know was gay diaper lover made?” I said.

“Same.” Geoff and Shelby said together.

“I”d really like that. I do the night shifts here, so, nine pm to six am, I do all my stuff first thing in the morning, and go to bed around noon. I have nowhere to go tomorrow, so, any time tomorrow before noon would be great.”

“Then consider us there. Gimme a minute, I”ll run up and grab you some diapers, so that you can go and change, I hope you always keep a spare pair of pants, as you should being a diaper wearer, and while I”m doing that, give Geoff and Shelby the address and directions to your place.”

“Absolutely, thanks, and yes, of course I do, I always keep two, for just such an emergency, and most nights I need at least one of them.”

“Be right back, then.”

I headed up to our room, threw six diapers into a bag, and headed back. I would have just given him some from our packs, but neither Geoff nor I had any left, we”d only taken enough for the time we were out. I see now that that was a mistake, in case we find any other deserving baby boys, we should be able to give them a gift, so, I”ll happily urge both Geoff and Shelby to pack a few extras from now on. I”ll also go and buy our friend a gift before going to view his art. When I got back, I passed over the bag.

“Go change, we”ll stay here and ensure no one comes in. If the phones ring, we”ll just let it go to voicemail though.” I grinned, passing over the bag.

“This is awesome, thanks.” He said happily, and slipped to the back room. He was back out only a few minutes later, but while he was gone, I confirmed that Geoff got his address, and he did, saying that the young man, who Geoff called super cute, walks to work, and is only four blocks away, so that makes it way easier on us.

“These diapers are amazing, thanks.”

“You”re very welcome. Now, these are normally what I”d call our night diapers, but on vacation, we didn”t wanna buy more than we needed, and we”re pretty much all beyond caring. These will likely last you a good solid twelve hours on average, our daytime ones, which are thinner, last six to eight I find.”

“I love these ones just the way they are. I haven”t cared in years what anyone thinks of me. Everyone knows I haveta wear diapers, and why, so, I wear “em thick and proud.”

“Wish I coulda been as confident, but it”s coming slowly.” I said, and Geoff agreed.

“Yeah, well, after having my parents mentally, verbally, and physically abuse me, crashing from it all and attempting suicide when I was thirteen, end up seeing a shrink for a good solid two years, getting a new family who didn”t care who and what I was, and treating me with care and respect, it all helped me to be far more comfortable with who and what I am. I know I”ll forever need diapers, that much is a given, the nerves to my bladder sphincter just never developed, and while I can use catheters, I was just getting too many infections, so, I stopped using them when I was eight, and honestly, by then, I loved my diapers anyway.”

“Fuck, what happened?” Shelby asked.

“Well, my parents were abusive assholes, they constantly teased and berated me for being a useless baby, and would spank me any time I leaked or pissed them off, which seemed to be a lot. So, like I said, it became too much when they found out I was gay when I was thirteen, attempted to jump off a bridge, but someone pulled me off before I could do it, took me to the hospital, told them what I was about to do, and so, I was in the psychiatric ward for a couple months, at which time I learned from all that I”d told the doctor, was more than enough to have my parents jailed for a long time. In fact, they”re both still in jail, and I”m twenty five now, so that”s twelve years now. They were both supposed to get out a couple years ago, but when I went to their parole hearings, I asked them both the same question, how do you feel about me being a gay baby boy? Their answers now keep them there for the full fifteen they were given by the judge who was sickened with my testimony.”

“Wow, that sucks. Glad you”re doing way better now, though. Were they a foster family, or were they related to you?”

“Related, my uncle and his husband, that my mom knew nothing about, because like he said, she was a raging, abusive bitch, took me in and I had a great life. My uncle died last year, third bout of cancer finally took him, and my other uncle moved down to Costa Rica. So, yeah, now I have no one, or nothing, at least close to me. My other uncle, I still call dad, calls all the time, and I call him too, but he”s moving on, as he should, and I”m left here all alone.”

“That sucks, but we”re all alone as well, but we get to be together here, though my nephew here”s gonna be coming to live with me, because of troubles with his family as well.”

“That”s great, you”re both gonna love it so much, getting to be there for each other, that”s what helped me more than I can possibly say.”

“I bet. I haveta say good night now, though, I”m not used to being up anywhere near this late, and I”m done, but my diaper”s pretty near done too, so I haveta go get changed and get to bed. We”ll see you tomorrow morning, we”ll go for breakfast first, and I wanna stop somewhere that”s right by the restaurant I wanna go to, so, we should be to your place shortly after eight. It was good meeting you.” I said.

“Same.” Geoff and Shelby both said together.

“It was good meeting you all as well, so, see you tomorrow morning.”

As soon as we”re in the elevator, and the doors are closed, I turned and grinned to Geoff.

“You like him, don”t you?”

“He”s hot, gay, diapered, and yeah, I”d liketa get to know him really good. Sadly I doubt it could happen, and, besides, I”m old enough to be his grandpa, so I doubt he”d want someone my age anyway.”

“Mmmm, I don”t know about that, he looked at all three of us pretty hungrily, I don”t think he cares about that too much. We”ll all haveta trade email addresses, so that we can all keep in touch. After breakfast tomorrow morning, I wanna stop at the medical store, they open at eight, and we”ll go to that diner that was just a few doors down for breakfast, then as soon as the store opens, we”ll go get him a couple large packs of diapers and doublers. Then we”ll all go see if we can cover his living expenses for the next few months.” I said happily.

“That”s great.” Shelby and Geoff said together.

Once we got to our suite, we all headed to our bathrooms after saying goodnight to each other, where we all desperately need to change our soggy baby bums, and then head to bed. I wasn”t lying, this is the latest I think I”ve stayed up in more years than I should admit, if not ever. Then again, Geoff has told me many times that he”s a morning person as well, and doesn”t stay up late either, and it sounds as if Shelby is much the same. I got myself all cleaned up and into a fresh baby diaper, then crawled into bed, and passed out fast, even for me, and I rarely ever have a problem going to sleep.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.
(This is a parallel story to “Schoolie”, but through different eyes.)
This chapter aligns, partially, with Chapter 39 of “Schoolie”.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?


From Chapter 20:

“Sorry, guys,” William says to Karl and me. “I”d love to stay, but we promised to help Marty with some stuff.” He climbs up the bank and it”s like Mr Grant doing it all over again. Beautiful body. Just like Ron”s. Nice glutes too!

He faces us while he is getting dressed, like Mr Grant did. His wet pubic hair looks even darker against the whiteness of where he was wearing a pair of swimming costumes at the beach and didn”t get tanned. And, I was right about him having an erection when he was mucking around with us.

“Maybe I”ll see you tomorrow, guys,” he calls to us as he and Mr Grant head off.

Karl and I stay a bit longer, but it”s not the same without William and Mr Grant. A lot of the excitement has gone.

We head home, have a hot shower, dry each other and get dressed. Jacking off can wait until tonight, and I have a lot of things to think about while we”re doing it. Especially Mr Grant touching me and saying that he wanted to play with me `another time”.


Chapter 21 � The Big Willy-Willy

I”m feeling terrific, but when Dad gets home, much earlier than usual, he doesn”t look happy, which `lets the air out of my tyres”.

He hugs us, kisses us and goes to his room. Karl and I look at each other. Something”s wrong. I”m sure that Ron would be able to tell it from Dad”s aura, but I can definitely sense something, feel something. Something bad.

I decide to make him a cup of coffee.

He comes out of his room and I have to ask, “What”s wrong, Dad? You don”t look happy at all. What happened?”

“Nothing,” he says. “Nothing”s happened, yet, but I think that something might be going to happen.”

“What do you mean?” Karl asks.

I hand him his coffee. He thanks me and sits at the table. Karl and I join him. “Mr Cameron was not in a good mood today,” he starts. “When I got there, I could tell that Mrs Cameron had been crying. Neither of them wanted to talk about it, but Mr Cameron asked me if I could come out tomorrow for a while to have a chat with him. It”s very unusual to ask me to come out just to talk on a Saturday.”

“What do you think is wrong, Dad?” I ask.

“I”m not sure exactly,” he says. “But, if I was to hazard a guess, he”s either having trouble finding the money to pay me or it”s likely to be something to do with the drought. Maybe he needs to sell off his breeding stock and some of his best horses.”

“What does that mean exactly?” Karl asks. “It isn”t good, is it?”

I”m starting to get a really bad feeling about this! My stomach is really tight, like it sometimes gets before I throw up when I”m sick!

“I”m afraid boys, that it could mean that I no longer have a job. No job, no money. No money, no food. We wouldn”t be able to last very long because, even though I have some money in the bank, it wouldn”t keep us going for more than a couple of months.”

“What would we do?” Karl asks.

“I would probably have to go and find work somewhere else, because there”s none around here. There”s a lot of people without work. I speak with some of them in the pub. I”m afraid it”s quite possible that we wouldn”t be able to stay here anymore. And, possibly, you two would have to go and live with your mother for a while. I don”t know.”

I can see tears in my Dad”s eyes. My heart is breaking for him. I feel my mouth start to quiver and my face starts to do strange things. Twisting things. Ready-to-cry things. I get up and put my arms around him from behind and hug him tightly and lean my head against his. “It”ll be OK, Dad.” I say, hopeful, but not actually being able to believe it myself. Karl joins us, and we both hug him, one from each side.

“Sorry, guys,” he says. “I”m making you really miserable, and it may not be that bad at all. Maybe I”m being over-sensitive and over-reacting. Let”s have dinner and talk about something more pleasant.”

Dad cooks. Karl and I try to help but seem to just get in the way. “Why don”t you guys go and have a bath?” he says. “Dinner should be ready by the time you”re done.”

I feel guilty that Karl and I didn”t get dinner started for him, especially after he”d had a bad day. But, he did come home early!

Karl puts the plug into the bath and starts the water running. We strip off in our room. Junior is in no mood to be playful at all. Karl obviously feels the same. It”s unusual for us to see each other”s penis just hanging normally.

Karl does something that I don”t expect. He wraps his arms around me and holds me. “Are you OK?” he asks. “You looked worse than Dad out there? And that made me feel bad.”

Even though he and William seem to pick on me, I can tell that we still have this brotherly bond. This twin bond that I”ve heard people talk about. I love my brother. I just hold him too and say, “Thank you.”

After washing, my opinion is that we”re getting too big for the both us to fit in this bath together! Awkward! It looks, in future, as if it”s going to be either one at a time in the bath, or both together under the shower!

We dry off and put our pyjamas on, even though it”s not dark yet.

Dad is just putting three plates of food onto the table when we emerge from the bedroom.

“Right!” he says. “Here are the rules… No talk of jobs; no talk of money; no talk of moving. OK?”

Karl and I agree.

Dad continues, “Everything must be positive… things we enjoy; and things we”d like to be doing here for the rest of the year; or a funny thing that we”ve seen or heard. Get the idea?”

It sounds good to both Karl and me. We nod.

We start to eat. Karl says, “I”ll go first. I thought it was funny the way that the possum out at `Whispering Gums” told Kurt and me to piss off.”

The recollection of that night, and the boldness of Karl”s colourful expression in front of our Dad has all of us chuckling.

“Me next!” I say. “The other day, when Karl and I went for a walk on the other side of the river, there was a peeing possum and we didn”t get out of the away quick enough.”

“What?” Dad asks, smirking at us. “You didn”t tell me that.”

“It was disgusting,” Karl tells him. Then, when I think that he might be going to spill the beans, he just adds, “Kurt and I had to come home, wash our clothes and have a shower.” I laugh, more from nervous relief than the telling of the story.

Before Dad can ask any questions about it, I jump in. “Your turn, Dad.”

He says, “I”m proud of my two talented boys who are quickly growing into handsome young men. One can ride a horse almost as well as I can and the other one can drive the Land Rover. Maybe not as well as I can, though.” He smiles a loving smile at me.

Karl jumps in, “And one of us can cook everybody lamb”s fry for breakfast and an apple pie for dessert!” It”s the first time that I remember when Karl has actually paid me a compliment. Well, a sincere one, anyway.

I return the favour. “And his brother gives the best hugs!” There are other positive things that I would like to say, about him and William and Ron and Mr Grant. But I can”t or I wouldn”t. I have made promises.

Nearly forgot!” Dad says. “Mrs Cameron sent home a container of fresh scones for us. She thought that there would be none of that apple pie left.”

She”s right!

“I like her, Dad,” I say. “She”s a lovely lady.”

Scones. Coffee. Bed. Huckleberry Finn. Hugs. Kisses. Lights out.

“Do you want to do it, tonight?” Karl asks.

I tell him, “Actually, I really don”t feel like doing it tonight. Is that OK with you?”

“Me either,” he replies. “I was just seeing if you wanted to.”

Sleep comes quickly. Sound sleep doesn”t. I”m not the only one. I finally climb in with Karl and we just comfort each other into a more restful sleep.


We wake up together. I like the feel of my brother”s warm body against mine. Even with our pyjamas on.

I make breakfast. We don”t have all the things that I need to cook lamb”s fry, but nobody complains about scrambled eggs on toast with bacon and tomatoes.


“OK,” Dad says. “Instead of the usual Saturday morning clean up, why don”t we leave that until tomorrow? I”ll go out and see what”s on Mr Cameron”s mind, then we can spend the afternoon together. Can you guys find something to keep yourselves busy, and out of mischief?”

“What mischief could we possibly get into?” I ask, pretending to act hurt at Dad”s suggestion.

“I don”t even want to think about that,” Dad says. “And I certainly don”t want to mention any possibilities, just in case you had never thought of trying any of them.”

“Like what?” I ask, anticipating that he might share just one.

“Like cleaning the outside toilet, for instance,” Dad jokes.

“Very funny!” Karl tells him.

“Why don”t you wait and see whether William comes over. I”m sure that the three of you can think of something to do to fill in the time.”

Karl and I look at each other. I”m sure that there are a couple of things in his mind, as there are in mine.

“I”m Erzincan Escort not sure how long I”ll be,” Dad says, and hugs us both before he leaves.


William doesn”t come.

Karl and I play a game of gin rummy.

And still, William doesn”t come.

“What do you suppose he”s doing?” I ask.

“I dunno!” Karl replies. “Perhaps he”s still sleeping… with Mr Grant.”

“That”s not funny anymore,” I say, feeling a twinge of jealousy. Then I add, as if to reassure myself, “Perhaps they have all gone into Big Town together.

“Or, maybe, William and Mr Grant are just helping Marty with something, like how we help Dad around here,” Karl says, seemingly to downplay his first suggestion and my annoyance.

Even after a game of poker and one of dominoes, William doesn”t come.

“He”s not coming!” Karl says. “So, what are we going to do? We could walk down the other side of the river again to near Marty”s place and see if William is there. If we see him, we could call out. There are places where he could cross the river to come and play with us.”

“Or maybe I can start reading your Tom Sawyer and you might like to try Peter Pan. I think you”d enjoy it.

After all of our suggestions are considered, we start a game of Monopoly.

After about an hour I say, “This is boring. It”s better with three or four people.” Karl agrees, and we pack it away.

“Why don”t we have a cup of tea and the rest of the scones, then sit down and read until Dad gets home, or lunchtime, whichever comes first.”

It”s one of Karl”s better suggestions, but it”s a long drive and I doubt that Dad would be home for lunch, even if his discussion with Mr Cameron was a short one. If I was him, I would stay for one of Mrs Cameron”s meals and then drive back.

“If you make the tea, I”ll butter the scones,” Karl says.


Alerted by movement, I look out of the windows towards the pub. “Isn”t that Mr Grant”s car?” I ask Karl, pointing, as, instead of it turning in towards the school, I watch it heading east.

“I”ll bet that William”s driving,” Karl replies. “And the only reason that I can think of for him going that way is to visit Jake.”

“What? Instead of us? Why?” I ask.

“Well, he did spend yesterday morning with us,” Karl replies. “Maybe he just wants to tell Jake about his holiday at Mr Grant”s parents” place. He and Jake are cousins, you know.”

“Yeh, or maybe he wants to have a wank with him instead of us,” I suggest.

“You reckon?” Karl asks.

“Why not?” I put to him. “You do it. I do it. William does it. Why wouldn”t Jake do it? He”s older than us. And he”s got a dick that”s bigger than ours and his balls hang down like a bull”s do.”

“How do you know that?” Karl says, staring at me.

“He showed me one day in the toilet.” I say.

“You never told me that!” Karl replies, seeming more surprised than offended that I wouldn”t have shared that kind of information.

“That was ages ago. Maybe even last year,” I tell him. “I didn”t think anything of it back then.” I add, “And I”ll bet that he”s grown a bit since then, too. Maybe William just wants to play with someone who”s got a bigger one than ours.”

“Well, that”s OK,” Karl says. “Think about it… Do you like to play with one that”s bigger than mine? Like William”s?”

Thinking of Ron, I say. “True!” Then I add, “But I wouldn”t mind playing with Mr Grant”s. It looks just like William”s, doesn”t it?”

“In your dreams!” Karl says.

“Yeah. I already do that!” I tell him, and laugh. “You with William, and me with Mr Grant.”

He laughs. “Well, that”s the only way you”ll ever get to play with Mr Grant. While you”re in dreamland.”

“What about when we were in the weir?” I put to him.

“That was different!” Karl tells me. “We were just getting clean after all that dusty work.”

“What about the horse and rider game, then?” I say, desperately trying to convince him that Mr Grant really does want to play with me too.

“He was just helping you against William and me,” he says.

I remember when Mr Grant was washing himself and he kept touching my cock, deliberately. No, he definitely wants to play with me! Really! And I don”t want to hear Karl”s version of reality!

“All right! If you say so!” I tell him. “Where”s Tom Sawyer? I may as well get started on it.”

We swap our books and settle into the two comfortable lounge chairs. I make sure that I have a plate of biscuits and a can of drink beside me.

“Sandwich?” Karl asks, reminding me that lunchtime has crept up on us.

“Yeah. Thanks,” I tell him, and put my book down.

I make the tea. We sit at the table and, while we eat, we share what each of us has read of our book so far.


I look out of the window and see it coming before it gets to us!

“Quick!” I tell Karl, pointing “Make sure the door and all of the windows are closed tightly.” I run to the bathroom for a towel, then roll it and lay it at the bottom of the door with one of the chairs holding it in place, as I saw Dad do once before. Then I help my brother.

Everything is secured. We sit and watch it speed towards us. Hear it roar as it comes. Over us. The house shakes and rattles and everything goes brown. It may as well be night time, for all we can see outside. It”s got us.

I can smell it, almost taste it. Then I see where it”s getting in. Down the chimney. Karl has already run to our bedroom and grabbed his mattress, discarding its blanket and sheets as he hurries back. “Hold one end, and I”ll hold the other!” he tells me.

Blocking the fireplace is mostly successful. We lean against the mattress, keeping it in place.

Very scary! Briefly.

The house stops shaking. It”s quieter. Except for my heart. Through our bedroom door and our east-facing window, we watch it head off in the direction of Jake”s place. We both relax.

“What the hell was that?” Karl asks. “It was too big for a willy-willy. Was that like a tornado?”

It”s weird. The first thing that I do is run to the kitchen window and look out to check if the outside toilet is still there. It is. “That”s really gonna need a good clean out tomorrow!” I tell my brother, knowing that it”s his turn.

“Just as well we didn”t do any washing this morning and hang it out!” Karl says. “Or it would probably be on its way to Ma and Pa”s place by now.” We both laugh.

“Let”s finish our lunch and then see what we can clean up,” I suggest. “In here first, and then the verandah. Have a look at it!”

We both peer out of the window which is next to the front door and see, covering the verandah, a layer of brown dust from out west and gum leaves which would have been ripped from the trees along the river.

“What”ll we do?” Karl asks.

“Well, I”m going to finish my lunch! I tell him.

We sit, eat and drink our tea, all the while rehearsing what to tell Dad about the swirling dust storm, and what we should do before he gets back.

The first thing we do is to take Karl”s mattress outside. Then I set about using the `house broom” and dustpan to clean up inside, especially in front of the fireplace. Karl uses the `yard broom” to sweep the verandah clean. It”s just like we have switched our Friday jobs at school.

Then the fun stuff. Beating the daylights out of Karl”s mattress! Well, the dust, at least. We soon work out that it”s easier for one to hold it while the other one pats, punches, hits, swats, whacks and wallops it. Then we swap over. It”s actually pretty tiring! Even more than wrestling against both William and Karl together, or painting a shed.

We have another snack and settle back to our reading. Karl has an apple. I take a banana and have some wishfully rude thoughts about Ron as I eat it.


We hear Dad”s car and both jump up, keen for him to tell us the news, whatever it is. It”s still early afternoon, so the discussion with Mr Cameron mustn”t have been a long one.

Dad”s not frowning or miserable like he was yesterday, so it must be OK.

He starts with, “Hey! What happened around here? There are leaves and bits of trees everywhere and all the cars at the pub are covered in a thick layer of brown dust. And so are the buildings � the pub, school, even the old church.” Then he looks around and adds, “This place doesn”t look too bad though.”

Karl describes in great detail how he saw it coming, how he got the mattress to block the fireplace, how he swept the verandah and how he beat the dust out of his mattress. The only bit he left out was how he single-handedly fought off a ship-load of blood-thirsty pirates!

“And what did you do, Kurt?” Dad asks, smiling at me knowingly.

“Nothing, by the sound of it,” I reply. Then I add, “Karl must have a better memory than I do, and be really good at multi-tasking as well.”

“OK. So, you just stood and watched while Karl ran around and did everything by himself, eh?” He”s smiling. Even though he”s looking at me, his comment is intended for Karl.

My brother looks sheepishly from me to Dad, then, “Did I forget to mention what a great help Kurt was?”

I let it go. Dad knows. And I know that he knows.

“Cup of coffee, Dad?” I ask.

“Thanks, son,” Dad replies. “Oh, and Mrs Cameron gave me some apple tarts for us all. She said to tell you that they are only mini versions of the apple pie, and that you might like to have a go at making some. Basically, the same recipe, but shorter time in the oven.”


We sit at the table. Karl has tea. Dad has coffee. I join him. The apple tarts are amazingly delicious. I can tell that Mrs Cameron Erzincan Escort Bayan has added extra cinnamon and sultanas to the apple mixture. Yum-O!

“Right, boys,” Dad begins. “There”s good news and there”s bad news. So, I”ll tell you the bad news first.”

“Why?” Karl asks.

“Because, that way, I”ll finish on the good news and you won”t be so upset,” Dad replies.

He”s a smart man, my Dad. When I grow up, I want to be just like him.

“So, the bad news is that the Camerons have decided that they are definitely going to sell `Whispering Gums” and retire back east,” Dad says, without any sadness in his voice.

I”m not so unaffected. In the time that it takes Dad to bite into another apple tart, have a sip of his coffee, and take a breath, my whole world caves in. I”ll never see Ron again. We”ll have to go and stay with Ma and Pa, and leave William, and I”ll never get to play with Mr Grant. It hits me hard: I”m never going to see Ron ever again! Ron, who has taught me so much and who said that there is much more to tell me, and show me, and do with me!

Dad, sitting opposite me, sees my eyes fill with tears. I”m trying to be brave and grown-up and not burst out crying. He leans across and reaches for my hand. I give it to him and my eyes just silently overflow as I blink.

He lets go of my hand and wipes my cheeks. One side with his finger and the other with his thumb.

“Do you want to hear the good news?” he asks.

“Of course,” Karl says. I can”t speak at the moment so I just nod and make `uh-huh” sounds.

Dad continues, “It may take a long time, with this drought, to find a buyer at a reasonable price. Mr Cameron said that I can stay on, and he”ll be able to keep paying me until that happens. He also said that if I was able to find another job in the meantime that he would understand if I needed to leave.”

“So, where would you find another job?” Karl asks the question that was in my own head.

“And how soon?” I manage to add.

“I”m not sure at the moment, boys,” Dad tells us. “The good part of this is that I really don”t need to hurry, and you can stay on here, at the school, for the time being. It gives me time to find something really good. However, unless it is something locally, maybe even in Big Town or Cunnamulla, you should get your minds ready for going back to your mother. Hopefully, only until I find somewhere so that you can live with me again, if you want to.”

That does it! I can”t be brave and hold back the crying any longer. How could he possibly even imagine that we, that I, might not want to live with him, let alone suggest it?

“Sorry, son,” Dad says, getting out of his seat and wrapping his arms around me. “What I meant was, you might get to be comfortable with your Mum and Ma and Pa, and who knows what my accommodation might be like? The choice would be totally yours.”

Karl just looks confused.

My heart is breaking with these prospects. No William. No Mr Grant. No Ron. And, now, no Dad. My life is shattered! I push my chair back, unwrap Dad”s arms and go to my room. I shut the door and fling myself onto my bed and just cry into my pillow. Something I haven”t done since the day Mum left.

Then I feel the two things that I treasure, under my pillow, on the inside. Mum”s Christmas note and my thirteenth birthday card from her. Both bring back memories. I feel good and I feel bad. Good, to perhaps see her again and have her hug and kiss me. Bad, that I haven”t thought of her often enough.

There is a soft knock on the door. It opens and then closes again. “You OK?” Karl asks, laying himself alongside me. I move over to give him more room, but still with my face buried in the pillow. I feel his arm across my shoulders and then he starts to rub my back. “Come on, Kurt,” he says in an encouraging voice that I very rarely hear. “Dad has a lot of time to find work, and if we do have to go and live with Ma and Pa for a while, we can think of it as just a holiday.”

I think of all the people I will miss. “Won”t you miss William?” I ask him.

“I”ll still have you and you”ll still have me,” he says.

I think that we will both miss William, but he won”t miss Mr Grant like I will, and he doesn”t have a Ron to miss like I do.

I turn on my side and face him. “You won”t ever leave me, will you Karl?” I ask and hug him.


“Dinner!” is the next thing that I hear, and I open my eyes. Karl is still with me. He didn”t leave me. We must have simply dozed off together.

“How are you feeling?” Dad asks, putting the plates on the table in front of us.

“OK, I guess,” I say, without much enthusiasm, but with dry eyes, at least.

“Good,” Dad replies. “I looked in on you earlier, but you were both sound asleep, so I thought that I”d leave you there. Sleep can be very soothing. Now, let”s eat, get you ready for bed, and get back into Huckleberry Finn, eh? Tomorrow there will be a lot of cleaning to do.”

Over a delicious dinner, Dad tries to be positive for us. A couple of his jokes actually make me smile. I”m beginning to feel better. But, now, with no chance of ever seeing Ron again, I”m determined to make the most of any time that I can have with William and Mr Grant.

Even though Dad offers, I insist on doing the washing up. Kind of like Mrs Cameron in her kitchen. I wash. Karl dries. Dad puts away. Team effort!

Karl and I wash each other, under the shower. More room than sitting in the bath. And more manoeuvrable so that we can get to all parts of each other”s body. If everything else falls apart, I”ll still have my twin brother! “This feels terrific,” he tells me while I soapily wash his erection and balls.

“Would you like me to do it properly for you tonight?” I ask.

“Yeah. What about you?” he says, lathering up my soft one.

“Maybe,” I say. “I dunno yet.”

After another chapter, a kiss from Dad and lights out, Karl slides into my bed and immediately pulls down his pyjama pants. It only takes one touch from me and I feel his dick swell to being hard. I enjoy that. Although he plays with mine, I can tell that there will only be one lot of wetness on a spunk rag tonight. I take time and do it for him the best that I can, being thankful for that time that I was able to spend with Ron.

At the thought of Ron, and the memory of some of the nights that we spent together, Junior wakes up. “I”ll take that as a `Yes””, Karl tells me.

The rag actually gets doubly wet. “Thanks,” I whisper to him as we cuddle. “I guess I really needed that!”


Sunday morning. After I pee and rinse, Dad, sitting in one of the lounge chairs and drinking a mug of coffee, says, “Mrs Cameron sent you home some lamb”s fry to cook. I thanked her and said that some more practice would be good for you.”

Dad”s broad grin betrays another motive. He loves lamb”s fry.

I set about cooking, and it”s probably the aroma that arouses `Sleeping Beauty”.

“Morning, son,” Dad says as Karl hurries to the bathroom. There is a faint, muffled reply.

Dad has done the coffee and toast by the time that three large helpings of steaming lamb”s fry are served. I love the smell and I can already feel the saliva building in my mouth.

“OK, guys,” Dad starts in between mouthfuls. “Here”s the plan for today. There”s inside and outside. I have to fix a couple doors in here that stick and squeak, especially after that dust storm. I”m sure that you know the ones I”m talking about.”

“Yes,” Karl tells him. “Your bedroom door and the bathroom.”

“I might need a bit of help, but it should be OK,” Dad tells us. Then he asks, “So, who”s doing the outside toilet?”

Surely, he hasn”t forgotten that it”s Karl”s turn today!

Karl and I point at each other. I frown at him.

At that moment William arrives at the front door. My brother and I both alter the direction of our fingers to the same target! Then we laugh. So does Dad. William doesn”t get it.

“William likes to work with Karl,” I say, “so why don”t they both do it? It will take them half the time.”

“Excellent idea!” Dad says. Then he adds, “Would three make it even quicker?”

Karl laughs, pointing at me. William still doesn”t get it. But he will.

“No, actually, three would be too much of a crowd,” Dad answers his own question. “Kurt can do the spider webs around the house, if the wind has left any. I”ll start on the doors.”

The three of us head outside. William and Karl step away from me and whisper to each other. William comes to me and says quietly, “If you like, why don”t you go and visit Mr Grant at the school? Karl and I will do your chores and help your Dad.”

“Why? What for?” I ask.

William and Karl look at each other and smile. What are they up to?

William takes me by the shoulders, stoops a little and looks me straight in the eyes. He says, “You keep telling us that you”d like some alone time with Mr Grant, so now would be a good opportunity for you to try your luck.”

Karl adds, “We”ll tell Dad that you thought you”d like to help Mr Grant clean up after yesterday”s wind and dust storm, because school goes back tomorrow. William and I will stay and help Dad over here.”

“Really?” I ask.

“Well, you”ve let Karl and me have time alone together,” William says. “So, we”re just returning the favour.”

I don”t need any further convincing!

“OK. But I”ll go in and tell Dad myself. Otherwise he”ll just think that I sneaked off, and left you to do my work,” I say. I lean the cobweb broom against the house, and head inside.


Dad ruffles my hair and tells me that he”s really proud of me Escort Erzincan for offering to help clean up at the school. “Why don”t you invite Mr Grant over for a cup of tea? When we”ve finished here, I”ll give you three blasts on the horn of the ute.”

“Thanks, Dad,” I say, then head out and start to walk towards the school via the short cut. Then skip. I slow down when I get to the steps and walk quietly along the verandah. My heart is beating really hard. Will he do it? Will he play with me? Or will I be left really disappointed and miserable, knowing that I may not have many other opportunities if we have to move?

I see Mr Grant working at his desk. I knock on the door.

“Come in, Kurt,” he calls to me.

“Good morning, Mr Grant,” I reply.

“How are you, Kurt?” he asks.

“OK… I guess,” I tell him, although I”m in two minds about what to say. I decide to just smile.

“Where”s your brother?” Mr Grant asks me. Then he adds, “I”m accustomed to seeing the two of you together. It”s unusual to see only one of you by yourself.”

“Oh, he”s helping my Dad with a few things,” I say. “I was too, but William came and insisted on giving us a hand and, as my dad often tells us, `two”s company but three can be a crowd”. So, I decided to leave them and come to see if you would like me to help with anything instead, like cleaning up after yesterday”s dust storm.”

“That”s very kind of you,” he says. “Thank you.” Then he thinks and tells me “Well, apart from sweeping the verandah, there”s not a lot to be done, Kurt, but you could check the other room for me if you like, to make sure that everything is tidy and all of the things are in their correct places. You know where everything belongs.”

I grab the broom and do a quick, expert job on the wooden verandah. I enjoy watching the puffs of dust and fluttering leaves each time the broom reaches the edge of the boards. Then I go back into the craft room.

It doesn”t take me more than a minute to see that everything in here is OK, exactly as we left it when we tidied up before the holidays.

I walk through the store room into the classroom. Mr Grant looks as though he”s concentrating on something so I say nothing and just stand near him.

It”s only when he looks up that I tell him, “Everything”s fine in there, Mr Grant.”

I”m not sure what else to say, so I just stand silently.

Mr Grant looks at me. “Are you all right, Kurt?” he asks swinging his chair around to face me. He grips the edge of his desk and uses it to pull his chair closer to me and gazes at me with his kind eyes.

I step right up close to his desk, lean my weight against it, right where his hand is, which he hasn”t moved, and I focus on him too.

It”s sort of like the staring game that I sometimes play with Dad, I concentrate and don”t want to blink or look away before Mr Grant does. I shift my weight back and forth from one foot to the other. I”m aware that my penis and balls are resting against his hand. He doesn”t move. His hand stays between the table and my body. I can feel his knuckles as I move my hips from side to side.

I”m working up the courage to tell him Dad”s news. “Mr Grant…?”

“Yes, Kurt. What is it?” he asks

“Something bad, Mr Grant,” and I continue to shift from one foot to the other, back and forth, nervously but intentionally touching his hand, which he still hasn”t taken away.

“Can you tell me?” he asks softly, looking at me with concern. He glances quickly at his hand but says nothing or does nothing. He can feel my body, like I can feel his hand.

“It”s my dad.” I say, then take a big breath. “He might have to go and find work somewhere else.”

Nervous now, I rub my body more obviously from side to side across his hand and I can tell that Junior is starting to get chunky. I know that he can feel it, but he keeps looking into my eyes. I wonder what he is thinking of me.

I let it all out in one breath. “The owners of the property are going to sell up and move away. But they said that they will keep paying Dad until it is sold or until he finds another job.”

I keep moving and pressing my body against his hand and my cock is now really chunking up. Then I feel one of his fingers move, checking me out and deliberately touching my hardening penis. One finger is enough for him to start playing with Junior. The harder Junior gets, the more Mr Grant feels it, and the more he feels it, the harder it becomes.

I have to blink! He wins. I look down, then back into Mr Grant”s eyes. I hope that my smile says, `thank you” and `don”t stop”. Two of his fingers and Junior are now playing with each other. I”m kind of pretending that nothing is happening. I think that he is doing the same.

Is he happy to keep doing this? Does he really want to play with me? But, what if he doesn”t? I”ll give him the chance to move his hand, then I”ll know. I back away from his hand so that it”s not trapped between me and the desk. I wait for him to move it. He doesn”t. I push Junior against his hand again, so he knows that what I am doing is deliberate. I back off again.

Not only does he leave his hand there, but he turns it around, with his palm facing me instead of his knuckles. Is this an invitation? Does he want me to lean against his palm so that he can feel me properly?

“That”s awful, Kurt,” he says, looking into my eyes and ignoring everything else. “I”m really sorry. What will your dad do? Is there anything that I can do to help?”

This is the moment that I”ve been dreaming of. I slowly step forward and raise myself a little so that Junior and my balls fit right into the palm of his hand, which closes a little to gently wrap around them. I manage to say, “Dad thinks he”ll have to go somewhere else, and…, and…” before my eyes fill with tears and everything goes blurry. I”m not only upset about Dad but I”m also overcome with happiness that Mr Grant is finally holding me. Gently. Intentionally.

I see him swallow. I can tell that he”s nervous, but that he wants to do this.

He puts out his other arm, like offering me a hug.

I remember something that Pa once told Karl and me, `There are only two fools in this world: those that offer something and those that say `no”.

Well, I”m not going to say `no” to Mr Grant”s offer!

Instead of just allowing him to give me a friendly hug, I turn and move so close to him that I”m almost sitting in his lap, but half on his thigh. I move my legs apart a bit as I sit, and I hold his warm hand in place over Junior and my balls.

He hesitates for a moment and then wraps his other arm around me, hugging me, pulling me even closer to him. I can rest my head on his chest. This feels so nice, just like it did with Ron.

I finish what I started to tell him, “…and if dad goes somewhere else, then we”ll have to go too, except not with him, but back to our mum in Brisbane. It”s what she”s always wanted. But we don”t want to go now. We want to stay here.”

I feel Mr Grant”s hand pull back a little. I don”t want him to move it away. Not now. I cover it with both of mine and start to guide his hand to rub Junior up and down. He gets the idea and begins to do it by himself while I just leave one hand softly over his. Junior starts to do push-ups, jerking as Mr Grant rubs it. I relax the full weight of my head and body against his chest.

I”ve offered him my body, and he hasn”t said `no”. He”s no fool either, according to Pa”s wisdom. I”m going to miss Ron dreadfully, but my birthday wish has actually, and finally, come true! It wasn”t Ron after all. It really is Mr Grant! William”s twin is playing with me, because he wants to.

We don”t talk about what”s going on, but Mr Grant continues our other conversation. “I”m sure that it won”t come to that, Kurt,” he tells me. “Something will come up for your dad so that you can all stay here.”

“But nobody can guarantee that, can they Mr Grant?” I say.

“Maybe,” he tells me.

Now he”s kidding me! “Dad told us that we should never make promises that we can”t keep,” I say.

He replies, “And if I make a promise, Kurt, I always keep it. So, I promise you that I”ll be very sad if you have to move away.” As if to indicate why, he gently tightens his grip on my cock and balls.

I take that as a green light. I stand up and pull down my shorts and underpants and sit straight back down, on his lap. I take his hand and replace it between my legs. Ooh, his hand is so warm down there. Junior jerks.

Mr Grant plays with my `chicken feathers” a little, and then wraps his thumb and first finger around Junior and puts his other three fingers under my balls. He continues to play with me. All of me.

I move my body right onto his lap, so that I am more comfortable, and with my back against his body. He keeps on playing with me. “Ooh, yes,” I say. “That feels really good, Mr Grant!”

I know that he”s enjoying this, because I can feel the hardness in his pants, under my backside. I decide to be really brave and feel it. I put my hand under myself and take hold of his big penis. It”s as hard as mine.

Suddenly he says, “Kurt, we can”t do this.” Then he adds, as if giving me a reason why not, “Somebody might come and see us.”

“No, they won”t!” I whisper, smiling up at his face. “Karl and William said that they wouldn”t.”


(to be continued)


The parallel version to this story, is told through the eyes of Tom Grant, the `Schoolie”.
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Subject: A Trial Of Strength – Part 106 by Rob Williams A TRIAL OF STRENGTH – PART 106 By Rob Williams IN THIS CHAPTER: Bob tops Zack as the black muscle-stud lies spread-eagled, staked to the ground. “Harder, man,” Zack moans. “I need you to hurt me, man. Make me submit.” Later, Mark finally brings Hassan to the house … and a surprising member of the group falls in love with him. “As he choked on the cock his one desire was to give pleasure to Hassan, to prove himself to him, show him the depth of his desire.” ************** As I always say, guys, I welcome your comments and suggestions. They can be very helpful in planning future chapters. E-mail me at rw6789@aol. I always reply. ALSO, I urge you to visit my Web-site gth. You can read the whole story, all the many chapters, with extras, including some great artwork. Click on the Our Story tab to read it chapter by chapter. Then click on the `Support’ tab, go to the `Contact Us’ page and send me your comments and story ideas. Enjoy! ***************** A TRIAL OF STRENGTH � CHAPTER 106 � “In Love with Hassan” Zack was helpless, his magnificent body spread-eagled naked on the sand, wrists and legs roped to stakes. His ebony muscles strained and gleamed in the bright moonlight as he looked up at Bob, standing over him holding a thick black whip. The moment had come for Bob’s revenge. But Bob hesitated. Was he really ready for this? He was a man of peace, conciliation. He did not believe in retribution … an eye for an eye … so could he really take revenge on this beautiful man he had come to love … especially after making such intense love in the waves? True, Zack had ended it by fucking him brutally … but Zack always did that. And that was just the point that haunted Zack. His words still echoed in Bob’s mind … “Shit, man I did it again. Like that first time … you looked so fucking hot, so incredibly beautiful, that I had to hurt you. That first time I whipped your perfect body, and this time I reamed your ass like a wild animal. What is it about me that wants to dominate you so brutally? I can’t live with this obsession inside me, buddy, this need to hurt you. I have to … I dunno … make amends, put it right somehow.” He had recalled what Hassan had recently made Mark do to him in the desert … whip him as retribution. “I gotta purge myself of the guilt I feel, just like Hassan did,” Zack said. “Bob, the only way is for you to do to me what I did to you … that first time and now tonight.” Zack had brought out the whip he had used the day before on Darius. He threw it at Bob’s feet. He pointed down to the stakes jutting up from the ground, just as they had been when Zack had tied Bob spread-eagled on the sand weeks ago. He stripped off his shirt and shorts and threw himself on his back on the sand. He stretched his arms and legs outward and gripped the stakes in his fists. Bob stood and looked down in amazement at the magnificent black bodybuilder, spread-eagled buck naked on the sand. “Come on, buddy,” Zack groaned. “Help me, man. You know what you have to do.” ************* So Bob had tied Zack’s his wrists and ankles to the posts and he now fingered the whip as he walked round the muscle-stud staked to the ground. Bob too had stripped naked, but he would have called a halt right there except for the pleading look in Zack’s eyes as he said plaintively, “Please, man. Do this for me. It’s the only way we can be equal … really seal our friendship.” But in the end it was not only Zack’s need that moved Bob to action … it was the spectacular sight of this glorious man in helpless bondage. Zack was always a stunning sight, but this! … this was a pornographic drawing come to life. Looking down now at his superb physique, muscles straining against his restraints, Bob felt his cock getting stiff. So he ignored his natural scruples and allowed impulse … lust … to guide him. With his gaze focused on the Zack’s sculpted pecs, he raised his arm … and cracked the whip across his chest. He watched the black bodybuilder spasm with pain, saw the eyes open wide and the jaw clench. God he looked beautiful! As the body heaved and flexed Bob became lost in the visual fantasy and lost all sense of restraint. It was no longer Zack, no longer his buddy, but a stunningly erotic black muscle-god, bound naked, being savagely whipped. Lash after lash curled over the writhing body, the chest, shoulders and arms that pulled helplessly against the ropes. Bob saw the pain in Zack’s face as it twisted from side to side, saw the body stretched to its limit, veins etched in the tortured muscles. But Zack made no sound, determined to take the punishment he felt he deserved. Stoically silent he looked up in awe at the perfect man … this Superman … striding around him naked in the moonlight, wielding the whip. This was the man he loved, the man he had hurt, and he needed to feel the pain of retribution. “Harder, man,” Zack moaned. “Let me feel you hurt me … I need it, man … God I love you.” The words drove Bob to even greater effort, and as the whip cracked again and again he gasped at what now riveted his gaze. Zack’s huge cock was standing up rigid, hard as steel, as the body writhed in pain. Instinctively Bob curled the whip around the shaft, watching it spasm and spring free as the leather uncoiled painfully from it. He did it again and again until … suddenly everything stopped. Their bodies heaving, drenched in sweat, the two men gazed at each other with a look of hypnotic intensity. One last time Bob curled the whip round Zack’s rigid cock. Zack screamed, his body shuddered and a huge plume of whit juice blasted from his cock, high in the air, and then splashed down onto his chest and face. It was followed by another ribbon of cum as the cock kept erupting. The effect on Bob was electrifying. Suddenly the spell was broken, the fantasy dissolved. He looked down in horror at his friend, his buddy, staked to the ground, his shuddering body striped with welts from the whip, face twisted in pain and exhaustion. And it was he, Bob, who had done this, had tortured this beautiful man, the man who a short time before had made spectacular love to him in the ocean. “NO!” Bob howled. He hurled the whip away from him in disgust and fell to his knees. “Oh, man, this is not the way. I love you man … we love each other. There’s no room for revenge between us, no hurt, no pain. I completely lost it, buddy. I’m sorry. Forgive me.” Zack opened his eyes and managed a smile. “Go easy on yourself, buddy. You gave me just what I needed … what I asked for. I needed to submit to you, to see you dominate me, to feel your strength. And you were spectacular.” Bob looked into Zack’s eyes with a look of bewilderment. But then his thoughts cleared and he returned Zack’s smile. “There is another way, Zack … a better way.” Quickly he untied the ropes from Zack’s ankles, eased forward between his legs and pushed them up high. “You want me to dominate you, to make you submit? I don’t need a whip for that, Zack. This is how you really feel my strength.” He pushed his rigid dick against the hole, then with one savage stroke plunged it deep inside Zack’s gut. Both men howled with the euphoric sensation of their usual roles being reversed. The powerful black stud, the man who was always the aggressor, the top man, was now being savagely fucked by the man whose ass he had so often penetrated. It was always Zack who gazed down at Bob beneath him as he fucked him, but now he was on the bottom looking up, feeling the full force of Bob’s cock ramming inside him. Zack pulled frantically at the ropes binding his wrists, longing to touch the rock hard body. Bob’s cock pistoned inside him mercilessly but Zack felt no pain. “Oh, man,” he groaned. “You’re fucking incredible, man. Now I know … that’s what I wanted, that’s what I needed. Fuck me, man. Fuck your buddy’s ass. Come on, man. Make me shoot another load.” Bob rested his hands on Zack’s chest, and Zack felt the full weight of the muscle-jock heaving above him, pinning him to the ground. He saw the soft brown eyes gazing into his, heard his voice. “I love your ass, buddy. I love fucking you. You feel my strength now, crushing you? You gonna submit to me?” “YES! Fuck me, man. Cum inside my ass. Please, sir. I submit!” And once again Zack’s cock exploded as he felt Bob’s cock erupt inside him, felt the unaccustomed sensation of Bob’s juice pouring into his ass. ************** Their hearts were still pounding in unison as Bob reached forward, untied Zack’s wrists and fell on top of him. Zack threw his arms round him and they rolled over and over in the soft, warm sand. They were still in the same tight embrace as they fell asleep, under the waning light of the full moon that was finally setting over the far horizon, its last gleams Diyarbakır Escort bathing the ocean in gold. ************** “Well, we haven’t heard from them, so I guess no news is good news,” Bob said as he and Zack jogged along the beach in the direction of Mark’s shack where Darius and the twins had spent the night together. The two men had woken late, had a swim, and decided to go pick up their boys for breakfast. And there is no doubt that the boys would have called their night `good news.’ Contrary to Darius’s expectations the twins had shed their shy image and taken charge, giving him a spectacular sexual experience. Tied to the workout bench he had been treated to one wild act after another … and everything had been double … sex in duplicate! “No sign of life,” said Zack as they neared the shack. “Darius said he would take care of the twins so I hope he lived up to his promise.” They came up to the door, knocked quietly and pushed it open. Their jaws dropped as they took in the scene. Darius was propped up in bed with a huge smile of satisfaction on his face. A breakfast tray was on his lap and the twins stood on either side tending to him, one with a coffee pot, the other with a skillet. “Hi, guys,” Darius beamed. “Join us for breakfast?” “Shit damn,” said Zack. “I guess you took care of the twins just fine, bro.” “Well, not exactly, sir. Actually, it’s the twins who took care of me … all night.” “I bet they did,” Bob smiled, seeing the gleam in the twins’ eyes. “And I suppose that ten-inch piece of meat of yours had nothing to do with it.” “Oh yes it did, sir…” Kyle blurted out but was silenced by a sharp nudge from his brother. Breakfast on the small patio was a noisy affair as high spirits overflowed, resonant of the extraordinary night they had all spent. Afterwards they all went for a swim, then cleaned Mark’s shack and locked it up. They walked back along the beach in the same formation as when they came the day before … Darius and the twins walking slightly ahead of the men. Zack and Bob grinned as they listened to the animated conversation going on in front of them. Darius was again in charge and had assumed the tone of authority he always used with the boys. “You guys did really great. We should do it again sometime.” “That would be awesome, sir,” said Kevin. “See, we really look up to you. You’re so … like … so macho. We wanna work hard so we can become exactly like you, sir.” Darius was flattered. “Well … sure. I guess if you work hard at it you can end up like me … except …well, not exactly.” “Why, sir?” Kyle asked, disappointed. “Well, face it dudes … no matter how hard you work, you’re never gonna be black.” Behind them Zack and Bob collapsed with laughter. Darius turned round and faced them, walking backwards, his arms outstretched, his eyes sparkling with mock seriousness. “What? … did I say something funny?” He turned back to the twins and continued their conversation. “‘Course, there’s another thing too.” “Yes, sir?” “Yeah, well … no matter how hard your work you’re probably never gonna end up with a ten-inch dick like mine, either.” **************** Late that afternoon Randy and Mark were sitting at the poolside table when they heard two trucks pull up outside. They immediately saw the change in all five men the instant they walked through the gate. Darius seemed taller somehow, moving with the confident stride of an assertive man rather than the youthful saunter of a boy. And the twins appeared to have shed their shyness as they talked animatedly with Darius. The glow around Bob and Zack was unmistakable. Their friendship had evidently undergone a reinforcement that was no doubt the result of renewed sexual intensity. At the table Mark saw Randy stiffen and he put a restraining hand on his arm. Randy had long since given his blessing to Bob’s intimacy with Zack, but his proprietary instinct still took over when he imagined his lover being fucked by the magnificent black stud. Randy relaxed and smiled at Mark. “Thanks, buddy. What would I do without you to rein me in? Sure don’t want another tongue-lashing from you like the last one.” He leapt to his feet and took Bob in his arms. “Had a good time I see,” he whispered in his ear. “Zack treat you as you deserve?” Bob grinned. “Let’s just say we both got what we needed.” “And I never crossed you mind, eh?” “Bullshit. You know I always miss the hell out of you, man.” “Oh yeah? So let’s go and see how much.” He grabbed Bob’s wrist and pulled him toward the house. “Excuse us,” he shouted to the others. “See you in a few. We have some business to take care of.” Mark looked at Zack and laughed. “‘Business!’ So that’s what they’re calling it these days.” In fact Randy was all business when he and Bob were alone in their bedroom. “Strip,” he said abruptly. Bob threw off his T-shirt shorts and sneakers and threw himself down on his back on the bed. Randy towered over him and smiled at him. “And I missed the hell out of you too, buddy. You know, I’m OK with you going off with Zack … on one condition. That you make it up to me the minute you get back.” He stripped naked, knelt on the bed, pressed his hard dick against Bob’s ass and pushed it forcefully deep inside. His pale blue eyes penetrated Bob’s as he said. “I’m glad you’re home, buddy.” “Oh yeah,” Bob moaned with pleasure, clenching his ass muscles round the cock he knew so well. “That feels like home. And you know … there’s just no place like it.” *************** Dinner that evening at the long table by the pool was a celebration, a feeling everyone shared that their group had matured, had come a long way from the days of “ownership”, where sexual experiment could be met with punishment and pain. Even Randy, the boss, the most territorial and possessive of them all, had come to realize that whenever Bob coupled with one of the other men, his love and lust for Randy was intensified … as they had just proved splendidly once more upstairs. The boys were especially animated as Darius was falling over himself to relay to Pablo and Jamie every detail of the trial of strength Zack had subjected him to, followed by his extraordinary night with the twins. “No way,” Jamie gasped over one especially lurid detail. “They never did!” “I kid you not,” Darius said. “And I’m not exaggerating.” “Hmm, that would be a first,” Pablo grinned. The twins were eager to show their love and respect for all the guys in the way they knew best, and produced a spectacular meal, to great applause that made them blush. It seemed that harmony was completely restored … until Mark stood up and made an announcement that promised once again to rock the community boat. “Guys, I want you to know that this weekend I have invited my friend Hassan to stay a couple of days with us.” All movement and noisy chatter stopped instantly as eight pairs of eyes were riveted on Mark’s face. “He’ll be sharing the room with Jamie and me.” As he looked around at them his gazed lingered a few seconds on Randy. “Now I say `my friend Hassan’ because that’s what he is … a friend to me and my boy Jamie. Most of you are aware of our history but that was in a distant time and place, in wartime. We have made our peace and I hope that those of you who resented him in the past …” (again he glanced at Randy) “…can make your peace too. Now Jamie, stand up. I want you to tell the guys how you feel about this. You know you can speak freely.” Jamie stood up and blushed, uneasy at being the focus of attention. He cleared his throat. “I … er …well, as you guys know we recently had a little … adventure … in the desert with Hassan. But it all turned out fine and I agree with Mark that he’s a great guy and I … I like him a lot.” “Way to go, dude,” shouted Darius. “And later you’ve gotta spill all the details of that little `adventure’ of yours.” The gust of laughter broke the uneasy silence that had settled over the group, and Darius and Pablo pulled Jamie down beside them and quietly started to grill him. The boisterous atmosphere resumed and it was a contented and fairly drunk group that broke up for the night. The only place that discomfort lingered was in the bedroom of Randy and Bob. Instead of moving around authoritatively as Randy always did, tonight he was clearly irritable as he pulled off his clothes, banged around in the shower and then threw himself down on the bed. Bob knew the mood well and waited a while before he confronted it. They were both lying on their backs staring at the ceiling when Bob finally spoke. “You know, buddy, he’s Mark’s friend, and Mark is our friend, and that should just about say it all.” “He’s an asshole,” Randy growled. Bob tried levity. “Who, Mark or Hassan?” “You know who I mean. I’ll never forget what that sadist did to Mark in the military Diyarbakır Escort Bayan … torturing him the way he did.” “Look, if Mark has got beyond that so should we. At least be civil to him when he’s here.” There was silence for a minute. Then Randy blurted out, “You’re gonna be here all the time aren’t you?” “Sure I am.” Bob sighed deeply. “And it looks as if I’m gonna have my work cut out.” Randy looked at him … and his face broke into a grin. “You think you’re pretty hot stuff, don’t you, asshole? Looks like I’m gonna have to fuck that arrogance out of you.” As Randy wrapped his arms round him Bob relaxed. “That’s more like it … sir. You’re the boss.” “Oh yeah?” Randy said. “Sometimes I wonder about that.” *************** It was the boys who were most on edge that Friday evening as they waited for Hassan to arrive. Darius and Pablo had dragged Jamie’s story out of him, every last detail, and it had whetted their appetite for another look at the soldier. The twins had never seen him and chatted excitedly to each other as they prepared dinner. Jamie, of course, had been the closest of the boys to Hassan, but Darius too had had his fantasy fulfilled earlier on when Randy had made him push his huge dick inside Hassan as a final act of retribution. Pablo had only seen Hassan briefly when he and Darius helped clean him up after his beating by Randy. Hassan had called Mark to say he was on his way, coming straight from the Marine Base in his work clothes as he was running late. The men were drinking their first beer of the evening and were fairly relaxed, even Randy whose glowering look had given way to a more benign mood after Bob’s persistent peacemaking efforts. The twins were setting the table for dinner when suddenly all heads looked up sharply as they heard the sound of tires on gravel outside. Mark stood up and hurried out to meet Hassan. After a few minutes the gate opened and Pablo grabbed Darius’s arm and gasped, “Jesus Christ.” “Not quite, but close,” Darius said. The two men looked spectacular as they stood side by side … contrasting images of the perfect male. The group was used to Mark, of course, the blonde Greek god, but Hassan’s exotic, olive-skinned beauty stunned them into slack-jawed silence. They gazed at his finely sculpted Asian features, square jaw, high cheek bones, his jet-black hair hanging over his broad forehead, almost into his slanted dark eyes. As he had told Mark, he was still wearing his Marine Corps work-clothes, dark green fatigues tucked into heavy work boots and a green work-shirt that hung open, revealing a tight green tank top underneath and his military dog tags hanging round his neck. His body was the kind of perfect physique that no amount of clothing could disguise … broad shoulders, bulging pecs and a slim, tight waist. Mark broke the stunned silence by stepping forward and saying, “Gentlemen … allow me to introduce my buddy Hassan.” Hassan flashed a brilliant smile and they heard for the first time the musical lilt of his low, accented voice. “It is an honor for me to meet you all. Mark has told me much about you, and I see he has not exaggerated in the slightest.” Jamie was the first to move. He jumped to his feet and Hassan opened his arms to greet the boy he already knew intimately. After a quick glance at Mark for approval Jamie walked forward and accepted Hassan’s prolonged hug. “Great to see you again, sir,” Jamie said. “Me too, Jamie.” The ice was broken and Mark smiled. “Actually, Hassan, I think you’ve met everyone before, at least briefly, except for the twins … Kyle and Kevin.” Shyly the twins shook hands and, blushing, quickly returned to their table-setting tasks. It wasn’t long before the boisterous enthusiasm of the boys and their men enfolded Hassan into the group. The meal was almost ready and Mark took him into the house so he could rinse off the dust of the highway. When he came back out there was one more stunning visual treat for the boys. Hassan looked at the casually dressed group round the table … mostly shorts and tank tops … and he smiled. “Guess I’m a little over-dressed.” He pulled off his loose shirt and tossed it over a chair. There was an audible gasp as the boys saw his muscular body under the tank top … broad, sinewy shoulders, wide V-shaped lats sloping down to the slim waist cinched by his military belt. The tank was tight enough to show off the washboard abs rippling underneath. Darius nudged Pablo. “Dude, will you look at that! It’s just like that porn drawing I’ve got … `Military Fantasy!’ Oh, man, I gotta get a video of this. This is gonna be one hot fucking weekend.” And he ran indoors to get his camera. *************** Everyone behaved well … even Randy. With Bob firmly at his side he felt secure in the knowledge that at least this man wouldn’t lose his head. In a quiet moment he reassured himself as he said into Bob’s ear. “I see you looking at him, buddy. He’s quite the stud. But you would never …” Bob frowned in mock frustration. “You know me better than that, Randy. I’m all yours, big guy.” It was the boys who made the most noise. They grilled Hassan about his life abroad and his work in the U.S. attached to the Marine Corps. Hassan took it all good-naturedly and gave them enough information to fill Darius’s fantasy file for months to come. Jamie was glowing with complacent pride, knowing that he was the one who would sleep that night between Hassan and Mark, getting fucked by both of them, and a lot else besides. One thing was remarkable, though Bob was the only one sensitive enough to pick up on it … the silence of Pablo. He did not join in the rapid-fire questions of the others, though he listened intensely to Hassan and kept his eyes fixed on him throughout the meal. The same was true when they went for a swim after dinner. Pablo’s eyes were saucer wide when he saw Hassan strip naked with everyone else before they all jumped into the pool. Nobody bothered to hide their stiff erections as they gazed at Hassan’s glorious naked body for the first time. When the evening finally came to an end Bob sighed with relief that it had all been an untarnished success. As conversation wound down Mark took the lead. He pulled Hassan and Jamie to their feet and threw his arms round their shoulders. “Bed, guys,” he smiled. “You must be exhausted, Hassan.” “Yeah, but not too exhausted,” murmured Darius as he got one lost departing shot with his camera. “That Jamie is one lucky fucking dude,” he said to Pablo. “And tomorrow he’s gonna give us every last, steamy detail, even if we have to torture it out of him.” Bob and Randy were next to leave, as Bob grinned. “Well done, buddy. You didn’t lay a finger on him.” “Ah, he’s OK I guess. At least he’s all man. Anyway, it’s your ass I want, not his.” Zack and the twins went back across the street … and Zack suggested they spend the night with him rather than in their own guest house. “Maybe you can do for me what you did for Darius in the dunes, uh?” They couldn’t wait. That left Darius and Pablo chatting by the pool. Darius looked at his friend quizzically. “Dude, you sure were quiet tonight. Couldn’t take your eyes off that hunk either. You fallen in lust with Hassan or something? Couldn’t blame you if you did. He can put his boots under my bed any night of the week.” “Asshole!” said Pablo. “Hassan’s OK, I guess … but I could take it or leave it. No big deal.” ************** But that was not true … not true at all. The next day he maintained his stand-offish attitude to Hassan, who in any case spent much of his time with Mark and Jamie. Hassan kept his distance from Randy, even though the boss man seemed no longer to have any animosity toward him. At the same time Hassan couldn’t help noticing that Pablo was also keeping his distance … from him. Hassan wanted to clear the air, though, and his opportunity came on Sunday morning when they were all hanging out lazily in the garden. Pablo was sitting alone under the shade of a tree, rather sullenly, and out of earshot of the other guys round the pool. A shadow fell on him and he looked up to see Hassan towering over him, looking stunning in swim-trunks. “Hi, Pablo,” he said with a dazzling smile. “Mind if I join you?” He sat on the grass next to him. “You know you haven’t said much to me since I got here. I get the feeling you’ve been avoiding me. Did I do something to offend you?” “Oh no, sir,” said Pablo hurriedly, blushing. “No way. In fact … well …I guess I was too shy to ask you questions like the other guys. I wanted to, though.” Hassan laughed. “Well, here we are, so fire away.” Now that they were alone Pablo gazed into the handsome face and the floodgates opened. He became alive, firing questions at Hassan, mostly about life in the Marines. It wasn’t long Escort Diyarbakır before a warmth developed between them. Hassan really liked the handsome kid, his exotic dark-haired features a junior version of his own. As for Pablo, what always turned him on most was a man who was rugged and tough … like his master Randy … and Hassan certainly filled the bill there … apart from being spectacular looking. And the sight of him in his Marine uniform had been an erotic thrill all on its own. The military had always held a special fascination for the boy. As their conversation progressed and became more relaxed Hassan asked what kind of work Pablo did, and the boy poured out all his youthful enthusiasm for the big machines and vehicles he worked on at the construction sights. “Would you like to see, sir?” he suddenly asked on impulse. His enthusiasm was so infectious that Hassan was caught up in the moment. “Well sure, kid. Sure I would. If it’s OK with …” Pablo ran over to where Randy and Bob were sitting. “Sir,” he said, his eyes sparkling, “is it OK if I take Hassan to the construction site and show him the work I do on the equipment there?” The question came like a bolt out of nowhere and Randy instantly stiffened. His immediate reflex was to refuse permission, but he felt Bob’s hand squeezing his wrist. Bob leaned over and spoke in his ear. “Look at the kid, Randy. I’ve never seen him so excited. You gonna pour cold water over that?” Randy glared at Bob, then softened. “OK, kid,” he said grudgingly. “But the meal will be ready soon, so don’t be long.” As he ran off excitedly they gazed after him … and an uneasy feeling started to crawl up Bob’s spine. Maybe he had given Randy the wrong advice. ***************** Pablo put on his sneakers and Hassan pulled his fatigues over his swim trunks and put on his heavy boots. Pablo drove them in his truck and as he sat shoulder to shoulder with Hassan he felt alive, empowered somehow. He had a sense of opening a new chapter in his life, of leaving the past behind. He was very aware of how Darius had changed since his experience with Zack in the dunes … become more assertive, dominant. That was hot, but it made Pablo feel more subordinate than ever. But next to Hassan he felt a renewed confidence, felt an affinity with the soldier. With his Mestizo background Pablo had the same exotic looks as Hassan and he looked on him almost as an older brother. At the construction site Pablo was really in his element. The big heavy machinery was his kingdom and he explained with pride their intricate servicing needs. Whenever he turned to face Hassan and their eyes met the boy faltered for a spilt second before his mechanic’s enthusiasm took over again. Hassan was at first amused by the young boy’s energy and passion for his work, but gradually felt a stronger affection, something close to the affinity Pablo felt. Pablo was like the younger brother he had always wanted. That, plus he was, of course, extremely beautiful. They had been there a while and Pablo was on his knees beside a big earth mover, showing off the enormous wheels and drive shaft. He was focused on the vehicle at first but then turned to speak to Hassan … and fell suddenly silent. Hassan was standing over him, his arms stretched up as he leaned on a bar above his head. The sun was behind him giving his body an almost ethereal glow. Stripped to the waist, his muscular torso gleamed, tapering in a V from broad shoulders down to the slim waist at his fatigue pants. Pablo fell into a kind of trance, riveted by the spectacular face smiling down at him. Slowly he lowered his eyes over the neck, down over the bulge of his magnificent chest, over the ripped abs and down to the wide leather belt tight round his waist. His gaze went lower, over the pants … and it was then that he let out an audible gasp. The pants were stretched tight round his hips throwing into sharp relief the bulge at his crotch. The boy was mesmerized. The world he knew dissolved, receded into the shadows. This was his new world, his new reality. Only then did he realize that his cock had been rigid ever since Hassan had sat down beside him in the garden. But he had been so enthralled by the man himself that he was not even aware of his own sexual arousal. It went beyond lust. He was captivated by Hassan. And there was only one thing he could do now. He had one burning need that went beyond thought, beyond reason, with no reference to past or future. This was now …this time and this place. This was Hassan. He raised his hands to Hassan’s waist and quickly unbuttoned his pants. He reached inside, pulled down the waistband of the swim trunks and curled his fingers round the iron-hard shaft inside. His eyes misted over as he pulled it out … Hassan’s cock … Hassan’s beautiful cock. He leaned forward, breathed in the scent of the man, then opened his mouth and pushed forward, taking in the whole length of the cock deep, deep inside his throat. He squeezed his throat muscles tight around the huge rod and heard Hassan’s deep voice moan above him. There were no conscious thoughts of love or lust … except for one. Pablo loved Hassan’s cock. He loved it! It was his, in his mouth and he wanted it to be there forever. He pulled his head back, then lowered it again … and again and again. He reached round and planted his hands over the mounds of Hassan’s ass, just as Hassan clamped his hands behind Pablo’s head and pulled it toward him. Pablo didn’t care about the pain as the head of the cock pounded the back of his throat, didn’t care that he choked, gagged, that his eyes were streaming with tears. His one desire was to give pleasure to Hassan, to prove himself to him, show him the depth of his desire for him. The piston action went on and on and he heard Hassan’s rasping breaths, the moans of euphoria, and then heard his voice. “Oh Pablo, that feels sensational. Suck my cock, man. Show me how much you love my huge prick. Eat it … take it all the way down. Oh, man, you’re gonna make me shoot my load inside you. Take it, Pablo … drink my semen.” Pablo was in a world where the only thing that mattered was the taste of Hassan’s flesh as it swelled in his mouth, as it spasmed one last time … and poured hot liquid deep inside his throat. Pablo gulped, almost choking, then swallowed again and again as the juice streamed inside him. So intense was his focus on Hassan that he was unaware that his own cock had exploded in his shorts. It seemed a long time before their cocks were finally exhausted and the semen stopped flowing. Pablo pulled his head back and gazed upward, white juice spilling out of his open mouth. Hassan pulled him up by his shoulders and clamped his mouth over Pablo’s, probing with his tongue, sharing with the trembling boy the taste of his own sweet cum. ************* They were in the truck and Pablo was taking the long way home. He needed time to talk to Hassan, ask him questions … hell, just to be with him. Hassan’s own thoughts were reeling, at once ecstatic but horrified at what had happened. This was Randy’s boy. It couldn’t happen … but it had …spectacularly and irrevocably. And so they talked, not really about what had just happened but about each other, their shared interests and pleasures, their lives, their hopes for the future. They got to know each other beyond the heat of passion. Hassan’s affection for the boy deepened and his overwhelming imperative was to guide him, to shield him from pain and sadness. It was the protective instinct of an older brother. But Hassan knew that it could not end right here. What they felt would not go away no matter how much they suppressed it. They needed time for their feelings to evolve, to mature, and then perhaps diminish until they disappeared. Maybe, Hassan thought, it was simply lust, infatuation, and maybe reality would take over and propel them back to where they had been before he ever arrived on the scene. Only time would tell. Pablo seemed to dwell on the Marine Corps, asking a million questions about Camp Pendleton, about the life of a Marine, the comradeship … “Semper Fi”. It was clear that Pablo had a fixation, a fascination, with the military. As the boy talked Hassan formed a sense of what they should do, what might help to clarify the situation. At that moment Pablo made a suggestion. And Hassan agreed. ************** By the time they arrived back at the house they were calm and relaxed, almost as if nothing had happened … except of course that it had, and they knew it. They walked through the gate and saw the men already seated round the table at lunch. Hassan felt Pablo’s body stiffen beside him as he pulled himself up to his full height and took a deep breath. Then Pablo strode ahead and stood before Randy. He looked deep into Randy’s steel blue eyes. “Sir. I want to ask you something. When Hassan leaves later today I would like him to take me down to Camp Pendleton, to show me the Marine Base there. He has said he would and I want him to. See … I think I might want to join the Marines.” *************** TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” … Part 107

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By Wes Leigh featuring the contributions of Rob the Scribe


This is a work of fiction intended solely for the entertainment of our readers; any resemblance to any real people or places is purely coincidental. Readers who would like to chat are encouraged to contact us at weston.leigh@protonmail ail.

This story is the property of the authors and is protected by copyright laws. The authors retain all rights. No reproductions are allowed without the authors” consent.

If you enjoy this story, please support the Nifty archives today with a thoughtful donation by visiting fty/.


Chapter Four


Roderyk woke in middle of the night, startled by that unsettling feeling that he wasn”t in his own bed. He sat up, looked around the dark bedroom and glanced out the window, finally realizing where he was. His body was still struggling to adapt to living half a world away from Germany. He fell back down and tried to go to sleep, but it did no good.

Climbing out of bed, he sorted through his clothes and found a pair of black jeans and a black tee-shirt that wasn”t terribly wrinkled. He put them on and tiptoed into the front room, where he sat on the piano bench and looked around. Was he really living on a small chicken farm in rural Georgia? It was deathly quiet outside. He was accustomed to the sounds of traffic, sirens, and alarms, even in the middle of the night. Bamberg never slept, not near the apartment where he had lived. Having the Hainpark across the street helped some, but it was still a vibrant and noisy place. He wondered how his little songbird was doing. He”d hated leaving it behind, but there was no way he could have brought it with him.

He heard a shuffling noise in the kitchen. Auntie peeked around the corner and saw him sitting there. She smiled and trundled over, sitting down next to him on the piano bench. “Couldn”t sleep?” she asked with a gentle smile.

He shook his head. “Still getting used to the time difference, Auntie.”

She patted his knee. “It”ll get better, my boy. Would you like some coffee?”

“I”d love that,” he replied, grinning.

She stood and took his hand, pulling him after her into the kitchen. As she puttered around, boiling water and setting out cups, she said, “Sunday”s our day of rest. A couple of the workers do everything on Sunday so I can take the day off to worship the good Lord. I give them a day off during the week. They ain”t much for church, which I understand, and I don”t hold it against `em. Every soul has a right to believe what it wants, but this old soul loves to tell the Lord how grateful she is for all he”s done to bless me.” She poured hot water into the cups, added instant coffee and stirred. “You”re most welcome to go with me, my boy. I don”t insist, but I would be mighty grateful if you joined me for church this morning.”

She carried the cups to the table and set one in front of Roderyk. He added cream and sugar and stirred. Then took a sip and sighed. It was just what he needed to wake up completely.

He placed the cup back on the table and said, “I don”t have anything to wear to church.”

“Them”ll do fine,” Auntie mumbled, gesturing at the black jeans and tee-shirt he was wearing. “We ain”t high-falootin” at my church. Simple folk lovin” Jesus. That”s all we are. You could come in suspenders and overalls, and you”d be welcome as Christmas mornin”.”

And that”s how, after a large breakfast of sliced ham, fried eggs, hash browns, toast, and several more cups of coffee, Roderyk found himself back in Auntie”s old pickup, holding a basket of food in his lap as she cranked up the old vehicle.

The sun was well up in the sky, so the heat was beginning to build. With both windows down and Auntie”s high-speed driving style, the breezes rushing through the truck kept them reasonably cool.

She retraced their journey down the rutted farm lane, back onto the unpaved county roads, and then onto a two-lane highway headed for a few trees and buildings just ahead. As they hurtled down the road, Roderyk saw a cluster of buildings at the intersection of two paved highways. There were large towns no more than 10 miles away, but this village had survived the passing of time without noticeable upgrading. There was a country store, a few houses, and a white clapboard church.

Auntie spun the wheel and slid to a stop next to an old Pontiac station wagon. There were quite a few cars parked outside the old church, surprisingly.

Auntie came around the truck and hooked Roderyk”s arm with her own. “They”re gonna love you, my boy, and you”re gonna love them. Good folk. Every one of `em. Come on, boy. Let”s get inside now.”

Roderyk had to walk quickly to keep up with Auntie as she tugged him up the front steps to the open doors of the church. It was a bit cooler inside, with ceiling fans humming above at full speed, sending cool draughts of air down onto their heads. They were standing in a narrow alcove, with a small table along one wall underneath a bulletin board covered with notices of upcoming meetings, pictures drawn by little kids, and a lost cat poster.

“This way, my boy,” Auntie urged, pulling Roderyk into the next room, where a large woman took the basket out of his hands with a booming thank you. Auntie led him to the other end of the room and into an auditorium with a wide aisle down the middle and a dozen pews along each side. At the front was a raised dais with a simple wooden pulpit in the middle, an organ on one side, an upright piano on the other, and a large cross hanging on the back wall.

“We ain”t got a baptistry,” Auntie whispered, noticing Diyarbakır Escort where Roderyk was looking.

“What”s a baptistry?” he whispered back.

She looked at him with a hint of surprise. “It”s for baptizin” new believers,” she explained. “It”s like a big bathtub, big enough for you and the preacher to stand in `fore he dips you down in the water, showin” you”ve become a new creation.” She leaned in closer. “We”s a bit more old-fashioned here. If anyone wants to be dunked, we take `em down to the river behind the church.” She giggled when she said that.

Roderyk gulped. This certainly wasn”t like the cathedrals he”d spent his youth in back in Bamberg.

An old man, slightly balding, with an enormous grin, dimples in each cheek, and smile wrinkles in his eyes hurried down the aisle to greet them.

“Pastor James, this is my nephew, Roderyk Meyer,” Auntie said with pride.

The pastor”s hand was soft and warm in Roderyk”s as he shook, obviously delighted to meet him. “Welcome to our church, Roderyk. Your auntie”s been telling us all about you. We”re so glad you”re finally here.” His voice was gentle and sincere, and Roderyk felt his own nervousness easing.

Other people slowly approached and introduced themselves. A young couple with three children. A pair of elderly sisters. A thin woman and her teenage son. A man with twin daughters, probably in their late teens. Roderyk couldn”t remember all the names and didn”t even try, but he did remember their smiles. They made him feel warm. Loved. Wanted. It was quite a strange and amazing feeling.

͠ ͠ ͠

RJ peeked around his mom to get another look at the new man in the black jeans and black tee-shirt. The guy was very handsome and muscular. Someday, RJ hoped he would look like the man … what was his name? Rodrick or something like that. Like the name in his story for school. How odd! The man was standing next to the Chicken Lady, old Miss Meyer. RJ knew the guy in black was her nephew and he was from Germany. He had really nice arms, with bulging biceps and large forearms. And his chest was broad, but his stomach was tight. RJ glanced down, noticing the man had thick, powerful thighs. He must work out a lot, RJ decided. I wish I looked like him.

͠ ͠ ͠

Roderyk tried not to stare, but he”d noticed one particular boy in the mass of people there in the church. Not a boy, but a young teen. Probably thirteen or fourteen. Slightly overweight, much like Roderyk had been at that age. But that wasn”t what caught his attention. The youth had incredible pale blue eyes, just like Roderyk”s, and dark curly hair, also like Roderyk”s. They both wore wire-framed glasses. They both had shy smiles, and though they pretended not to look, they kept studying each other, discretely. Roderyk couldn”t help himself. Everything about the young man reminded him of himself when he was that age. Who was he? What was his name? He couldn”t remember now, not with all the names tossed out at him as he was being introduced.

͠ ͠ ͠

The pastor invited everyone to take a seat. RJ sat next to his mom. He didn”t mind her dragging him out of the city to attend church way out here in the country. He really enjoyed listening to Pastor James. He was kind and didn”t yell at you like some preachers. And the other kids at the church were nice too. Jasmine and April were wonderful. They were twins. Seniors next year, so they were oldest kids in the youth group. Timothy and Jared were nice too. Brothers who lived on a nearby farm and were about the same age as RJ. Timothy and Jared loved baseball, and they were looking forward to playing in summer leagues. RJ tried to play softball with the other kids when they started up a game in the grass behind the church on Sunday afternoons, but he couldn”t hit or throw. The other kids never made fun of him. Jasmine and April made sure everyone played nice.

͠ ͠ ͠

Roderyk sat next to Auntie on the hard wooden pew. It was surprisingly comfortable, and the air blowing down from the ceiling fans above kept everyone cool. The pastor”s wife played the piano. Another woman played the organ. They sang a few songs from tattered hymnals, songs Roderyk had never heard before, but he was able to pick up them up quickly and join in.

Next, the pastor stood up to preach. His voice was soothing. He talked about a woman who lost a coin and searched for it everywhere. He said Jesus treated us the same way, not worrying about how we got lost or where we ended up, but simply searching and searching until he found us, because we were too precious to leave us alone and missing.

Roderyk felt his heart melting when he heard those words. A tear escaped one eye and rolled down his cheek. He wiped it away with one finger.

͠ ͠ ͠

From the next pew over, RJ noticed Roderyk wiping away a tear. Why was the man crying? Did he miss someone, someone he loved back in Germany, someone he”d left behind? Or was he all alone and wishing he had someone to love? The man was certainly handsome with all those big muscles. He should have no trouble finding someone to love.

RJ”s mom tapped him on the knee. He blushed. He”d been caught staring at the man. RJ turned back to look at Pastor James. He tried to listen to what Pastor James was saying, but he couldn”t pay attention. The new man was all he could think about. Did he like movies? He looked like a movie star. Did he like to read? He wore glasses like RJ. Maybe he wasn”t into sports, although with a body like that, he probably played football or … if he was from Germany, he probably played something else, like rugby or soccer, although Diyarbakır Escort Bayan RJ remembered that they called it football in Germany, even though football was something totally different here in America.

None of that explained why the man was crying.

͠ ͠ ͠

Roderyk couldn”t describe the emotions welling up inside him. Fear and anxiety he could explain. Pain and rejection he understood. But this was all foreign to him. He had never felt … loved.

He saw the preacher talking and heard his voice, but it was all fading away. He felt Auntie”s hand holding his own as she sat next to him in the pew. Her hand was warm, accepting. He knew there were other people all around him, but his vision began to cloud and the room disappeared. He started to panic. Not here. Not now. Not another of his visions. But he was helpless to stop it. He was alone now, surrounded by light. Bright, piercing light. He heard a voice say, “Alone no more. Searching no more. You are found and needed.”

Roderyk blinked. He was back in the church. Pastor James was praying, his eyes closed, his head bowed. Next to Roderyk, Auntie was also praying. Her hand still held his own, gently embracing him. He sighed with relief. He hadn”t done anything to draw attention to himself.

He blew out his breath and turned to look around. The boy was looking at him. Their eyes connected.

͠ ͠ ͠

RJ was supposed to be praying, but he couldn”t help himself. He opened his eyes and looked at the man in the black clothes, the man with the lovely muscles and the gorgeous blue eyes. The man wasn”t praying like everyone else. He was staring up at the cross at the front of the church, his eyes filled with tears, his brow furrowed as if he was hearing something that confused him. Then the man”s features softened and he relaxed. He took a deep breath and blew it out. He looked around and his eyes locked on RJ”s. RJ was embarrassed to have been caught staring, but he couldn”t look away. He met the man”s gaze, and he smiled. The man smiled back.

Then something really bizarre happened. RJ saw colored lights all around the man, rippling, like some kind of an aura. RJ wasn”t scared. The aura was warm and inviting. It told him the man was someone he could trust, someone who would help him and protect him.

RJ quickly bowed his head and closed his eyes. The man seemed to like him. He hoped that was true, because he liked the man.

͠ ͠ ͠

Pastor James finished his prayer. He whispered, “Amen.” The congregation said, “Amen.” The organ and piano began playing a hymn, but Auntie didn”t sing along. Instead, she turned to Roderyk and studied him carefully for a moment. Then she smiled gently and said, “You”re found now, my boy, and you”re needed.”

Roderyk gasped. Those were the same words he”d heard in his vision.

She smiled even bigger. “Don”t be surprised, Roderyk, my dear. Jesus shows me things too. He showed me what he has in mind for you, and it”s not what you”re thinkin”. No. I don”t always understand why God does what he does, but I always trust him to know what he”s doin”. You”re goin” to be a blessing to many young people in the days to come.”


“Oh, don”t”cha worry none,” Auntie said, patting Roderyk”s leg. “It”ll all work out just fine, though there will be times when you wonder just what God”s gotten you into, but you”re needed, and you can”t turn your back on God”s callin”.”

The hymn ended and the people stood up and began shaking hands with one another. Auntie took Roderyk”s arm and pulled him out into the center aisle. The pastor was shaking hands and thanking people for coming. Auntie waited until he finished talking to a young couple, then pulled Roderyk forward.

“Pastor James, God”s hand is on my nephew.”

The preacher smiled and looked from Auntie to Roderyk. “Oh?”

“He”s gonna be our new youth leader,” she announced with a smile.

“Really?” Pastor James said. “Did your aunt tell you about our dilemma?”

“What? Ummm, no … uhhh, Auntie?”

Auntie patted his arm. “We lost our last youth leader a few weeks back. He had to go to Ohio to take care of his mom when she was in a bad car accident. I”ve been fillin” in for him, but these old bones just can”t keep up with these wild kids.” She giggled. “They”re not wild, really, just full of joy and energy, like young people ought to be, but God told me to do my best until he provided someone else, and now you”re here, nephew. Isn”t that wonderful? You”re going to be a blessing to these kids!”

Roderyk stared at her in shock. What was she suggesting? He couldn”t work with kids. No. Girls maybe, but not boys. It would be too hard. Too dangerous.

Auntie hugged Roderyk. “God showed us both, Pastor James. While you was preachin”. Told me Roderyk is the one. Then God told Roderyk he was needed. God found him and brought him to us. Isn”t that wonderful?”

Wonderful? That was not the word Roderyk had in mind.

͠ ͠ ͠

No one left after the preaching was over. They moved to the other room, where tables were now covered with food. Meats and side dishes. Desserts and drinks. The congregation filled their plates, then found seats around the edges of the room where they sat, ate, and chatted.

Auntie and Pastor James sat with Roderyk, explaining what was expected of him as their new youth leader. Roderyk”s head was spinning. How had he been roped into this so quickly? Didn”t they want to check on his background? Make sure he was safe to leave in charge of kids? But Pastor James didn”t seem at all concerned that a complete stranger had just Escort Diyarbakır flown in from Germany and would be given responsibility for the dozen or so teenagers that attended the church, including teaching them spiritual lessons. With Auntie”s endorsement, Pastor James needed no other recommendation.

Roderyk wasn”t worried about teaching the teens. He”d spent years in church schools and attending church services. He knew what the Church taught about God and felt comfortable teaching others. That wasn”t what worried him. What concerned him was getting too close to the kids. It always happened. They were drawn to him. They loved being near him, talking to him, spending time with him. And that worried him, because he couldn”t afford to get close to kids. The danger was too great. The cost would be too high.

Auntie and Pastor James either didn”t notice or didn”t concern themselves with Roderyk”s apprehensions. They rattled off the plans for the coming months … youth services every Sunday afternoon with softball games or any other physical activity Roderyk wanted to try … Wednesday night studies with a snack Auntie would provide … a lock-in coming up in two weeks there at the church from Friday night until Saturday morning … and a week-long summer camp in July at Lake Hatchabee. Auntie promised to go too, as a chaperone for the girls, and Roderyk, of course, would be the chaperone for the boys. It was the only vacation she took from the farm, and she went every year, loving the break and the opportunity to spend time with young people. Roderyk would love it too, she promised him.

Roderyk sighed. While he was chaperoning the boys, who would be chaperoning him?

͠ ͠ ͠

They finished eating and Pastor James called all the youth to come over. He introduced them to Roderyk. There were the twins Jasmine and April, who offered to assist with anything needed (Auntie put in a good word for the girls, saying they were both dolls). Two brothers, Timothy and Jared, promised to help run softball games. Michael, Kitty, and Rebecca were siblings. Anthony was only ten, but he was allowed to participate in youth activities as long as he behaved. Sarah and Aaron were away that weekend, but would be back the following week. And last, there was RJ.

RJ offered his hand to Roderyk. Roderyk reached out. When their hands touched, they both felt a tingle from deep inside. Their eyes met, and once again they wondered why there was such a curious connection between them.

“Nice to meet you, RJ,” Roderyk said, breaking the handshake, but continuing to study the teen.

RJ bowed his head, suddenly feeling bashful. “Nice to meet you, too, sir.”

Auntie stepped up and pulled RJ and Roderyk into a hug. “You know, RJ, the two of you have the same initials.”

RJ looked up, smiling. “We do?”

Auntie nodded. “Yes, indeed … Roderyk Jan Meyer and RJ MacMahon. But you”ve never told me what your initials stand for,” she teased.

“I”d rather not say,” RJ replied, blushing.

“That”s okay, dear,” Auntie said. “You don”t have to tell us, but my RJ is going to be watchin” out for you now. Big RJ and little RJ. Isn”t that wonderful?”

Roderyk smiled tentatively. If only he had some way of knowing that it would indeed be wonderful.

͠ ͠ ͠

After finishing up the meal with a healthy slice of chocolate cake, Roderyk was practically dragged out of the church by Timothy and Jared. They took him into an open field behind the church where a simple baseball diamond had been set up in the grass.

“We play softball after church every Sunday,” Timothy explained.

“You any good?” Jared asked.

Roderyk shook his head. “I”ve never played.”

The teens stared at him in shock and shook their heads sadly. “Them Germans don”t know what they”re missin”,” Timothy said, sadly.

“They sure don”t,” Jared agreed.

The rest of the youth trickled out of the church along with a few of the younger parents. Timothy and Jared ran back inside and came out with a large canvas bag that they opened and dumped on the ground, spilling out bats, softballs, and gloves. Jasmine quickly divided everyone up into two teams, pulling some of the parents in to fill out teams of seven each. Roderyk, having no clue what to do, was taken under April”s wing, who showed him where to stand and explained how the game worked.

Auntie stood in the shade of a nearby tree, laughing softly.

Roderyk looked at her, frowning, but she only laughed more and motioned for him to pay attention to the game.

He was awkward at first, but he picked up the rules quickly and even made a catch at one point. He couldn”t hit the ball very well when he was up at bat, but he tried, and the kids laughed and encouraged him.

He had fun. Even when they hugged him and held onto him. It was no different than back in Germany, where he led a group of scouts. Once again, Roderyk found himself in the middle of a group of kids who yearned for his attention and love.

͠ ͠ ͠

As the game wrapped up, Auntie walked over with a stack of papers. She handed one to each of the youth. “The lock-in is comin” up soon. Here”s what y”all need to bring. And at the bottom, there”s a place for your momma or poppa to sign. Tear it off and bring it back next Sunday.”

With eager smiles, they each took a sheet and ran off, showing their parents.

Auntie looked around. “Where did RJ go? He forgot his paper.” She shrugged. “I suppose his momma had to work this afternoon. That poor girl works too hard and gets paid too little. Well, we”ll have to take it to `em ourselves, I suppose.”

Auntie hooked Roderyk”s arm in her own and led him back into the church to pick up her now empty basket. She smiled at Roderyk and said, “Them kids love you, my boy. You did fine today, and this is gonna be good for you too. Mark my words.”


The end of UNCAGED, Chapter Four


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