A Done Deal

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*Note: John in this story is same character my other series “The Run”. You don’t have to read those to follow this though. Hope you all like this one.*

If this were a meeting like any other, Chet would have simply pulled something from his closet full of stylish suits without much thought and with the confidence that it didn’t matter because he had excellent taste. But today’s meeting was different. Most of the involved parties were no different from his law firm’s usual straight, middle-aged, upper middle-class clientele. But one was different. John was nice-looking, sure, and just that fact alone would not have driven any changes in Chet’s usual behavior. Upon their first meeting Chet, a fairly high-ranking lawyer within his new firm had merely seen him as another party in yet another of the seemingly thousands of meetings taken throughout his career. However, over the course of several meetings Chet had developed an infatuation.

At roughly five-foot-nine John was three inches shorter than Chet. He had dark brown hair, light blue eyes, and a demeanor that was somehow shy and confident at the same time. It was an attractive combination. As a tall, handsome, lawyer Chet had more than enough confidence and was not at all shy.

He stood in front of his walk-in closet, skin still damp from his morning shower, lower body wrapped in a towel. Chet wanted to look appealing without looking like he was trying too hard. In the end he decided on crisp, pale-blue shirt purchased before he’d added the current level muscle to his naturally lean frame. It hugged his biceps and chest in a way that was noticeable but not uncomfortable. He laid it on his bed next to a pair of tailored pants and black trunk underwear in an ensemble that he hoped would draw the right kind of attention.

Dropping the towel, Chet headed back into his bathroom to finish air drying in the nude and put a small amount of product into his short but still wavy blonde hair. After a sufficient amount of grooming, it was time get dressed and make his way to the office.

Through professional chatter Chet had been able to sketch a basic outline the man he’d developed an interest in. John had started out as an accountant, working in that field after finishing his degree in college. Over time he’d finished an MBA and slowly started taking on side projects and other financial work. Eventually these projects had developed into his own successful business. That business had grown steadily through hard work and great connections and now John was selling his stake for a sizeable sum and being shuffled out of sight into a cushy position out of the purview of the higher-ups.

Through less than professional chatter a more in-depth picture was painted. John had been married throughout most of his career, had two sons, and was recently divorced from a woman. A bit more prying had revealed that the reason for the divorce was that John liked men. The details were uncertain but many in his circle knew that it had been messy. Chet didn’t care. That was all the information that he needed and after the closing the deal there would be no conflicts of interest. Chet had had some say in when the deal would close and he purposely lobbied for an afternoon meeting. Knowing that it would take several hours, Chet was sure that the emptying building where he worked would be safe for him to make a move.

Although Chet could detect a bit tension breaking through the surface with some of the parties involved, (one of which happened to be John’s former brother-in-law) the meeting went as planned with few deviations.

“Congratulations,” Chet said and held on to John’s hand a little longer than necessary while making smoldering eye contact shortly after the meeting had ended. They’d had some communication throughout the process but now that the deal was done Chet had more freedom with their interactions. “Why don’t you hang back and let’s chat for a moment.”

John seemed surprised but also intrigued. “Sure,” he said.

Chet watched as the rest of the suited men congratulated each other and made their way out of the glass-doored conference room, leaving him alone with the man he had slowly become infatuated with over the last few weeks. He stood confidently, letting his height, tight body, and good looks draw John in.

“Would you like to come back to my office for a drink to celebrate?” Chet asked.

“Aren’t you representing my buyer?” John wondered.

“Not anymore, the deal is done.” The confident lawyer continued, “and you deserve a little bit of fun.”

John’s eyebrows raised at the phrasing and flirtatiousness of Chet’s words.

“OK,” he said. “Lead the way.”

As they walked back to Chet’s corner office at the end of the hall, he felt his pulse rise. But not by much. He was not at all nervous, merely excited and encouraged that things seemed to be going his way. Entering the office Chet closed the door but did not shut the blinds.

“I have to admit I’ve asked around about you,” Chet said as he looked at John intently Ankara bayan escort as he handed him a Whiskey, neat.

“And why would you do that?” John still seemed unsure but was clearly starting realize what might be happening. It was totally unexpected but not unwelcome.

“You’re a handsome, successful man and I’m interested in you.”

John perked up at the complements. “Well, you’re also a handsome successful man.”

“I know,” Chet said. “And as it turns out we have more than just that in common.”

John took a sip of the Scotch in his glass. “I rarely ever drink anything straight,” he said. “I have to admit I’m a bit of a lightweight.”

“Relax, you earned it,” Chet said.

John shrugged. “I guess I did. So… you’ve asked around about me?”

Chet decided to take it slowly; gauge John’s reaction to things.

“I did,” he said assuredly.

“And what have you heard?” John asked as if slightly afraid of what might come next.

Tact seemed to be the best course at that moment.

“That you’re newly single and might be in the market for someone like me,” Chet said slyly.

The reply was equally sly, confident and playful. There was a black leather couch in the spacious lawyer’s office and John quickly made himself comfortable there. Chet sat at his desk and the two conversed cautiously over drinks. During his second whiskey, the man who had previously described himself as a lightweight began to open up a bit more. Eventually, he admitted to having several “friends”, one of which was currently residing in his home.

“Is it serious?” Chet asked masking a bubbling disappointment.

“No, not at all. Actually, he hasn’t been around much lately.” John said this as if it was just occurring to him. “He probably met someone.”

“Does that bother you?”

“Nah, as long we’re still friends I’ll be happy for him.”

Chet could tell that he meant it and could also tell that his new acquaintance was eager for the conversation to continue. During a third whiskey the conversation started to get a bit more risqué. The light coming through the blinded windows was getting dimmer and afternoon was turning into evening. The conversation wasn’t quite explicit but the way that John was able say what he meant without quite saying it impressed the lawyer in Chet. He decided to stop beating around the bush.

“So, it seems like you ARE in the market for a guy like me,” Chet said,

John took a big swig and drained the final sip of his Scotch. “Why don’t you go close those blinds and let me show you exactly what I’m in the market for.”

Chet was not expecting that. On the surface he maintained his cool, almost cold demeanor. But inside his heart was pounding. John had seemed like a person that might be shocked by Chet’s forwardness and abashed by his total confidence. Now he was suggesting – seriously or not, Chet couldn’t tell – that something might happen right there in the office. Most of the people in the building would be gone for the night. John looked at him expectantly with an empty glass in his hand and Chet knew that he couldn’t back down. He stood up and headed to his office door, noticing as he did the set of eyes that brazenly focused on his crotch. He must be bluffing, Chet thought. He just didn’t seem like the type of guy who would do this.

Turning around, he stood looking down at John sitting comfortably on the couch with lustful eyes, right ankle resting on his left knee. He took a deep breath, walked past John, and sat at his desk, chair facing to the side. Chet had often fantasized about getting head at his desk. The idea made him feel like a boss, powerful. He put his hands behind his head.

“Come blow me behind my desk,” he said.

With that the next move effectively shifted to John. Chet still wasn’t sure if their flirtation would go anywhere beyond just that. But a hazy eyed John stood up, sat his empty glass on a coaster and made his way around the polished oak desk where the confident lawyer sat expectantly. He got on his knees. Chet’s pulse raced as hands were placed on each of his thighs. They ran along the lean muscles underneath Chet’s expensive dress pants and up to the washboard abs of his torso. John buried his face into Chet’s lap and breathed deeply, his nose grazing against the quickly stiffening cock. It was hot but for a moment Chet worried that John might lick the outside of his pants. They were high quality and designer and he really didn’t want to get spit on them. Luckily, the man on his knees couldn’t wait any longer. He unbuckled, unzipped, and ventured inside.

A hand groped underneath the black Calvin Klein trunks and suddenly Chet was exposed. His cock was long with a fat head and a prominent upward curve that posed a challenge for beginners. John was not a beginner. He took a firm grip and without hesitation slid the entire length into his mouth. The feeling of being totally engulfed by John brought out a moan that was quickly stifled by a closed fist to his lips. The Escort bayan Ankara moan was followed by heavy breathing, partially from the sensation of this hot mouth in his cock and partly from shock.

John’s head of neatly trimmed dark brown hair bobbed quickly and deliberately up and down in Chet’s lap. His thumb and forefinger made a ring at the base of the cock and held it steady under the slow yet strong movement of his eager mouth. This well-off professional had seen and done his fair share of brazen acts but the way that this seemingly mild-mannered father shamelessly sucked his cock behind a desk in the office was something else altogether.

After a few minutes the intensity increased. John began to stroke the wet shaft of Chet’s cock with his hand as his mouth followed in unison. He slurped up and down the full length, casually taking the entirety down his throat. Chet took control. When he next felt the tip prod the back of John’s throat, he placed a hand on the back of the man’s head gave it small push. He could tell that John wanted to make him cum.

“You want me to cum?” he whispered.

John only offered a muffled grunt as confirmation.

“I want you swallow it all.”

John finally came up for air. “You have to earn that,” he said slyly, before again filling his mouth.

“And how do I do that?” Chet moaned.

A quick laugh from John. “Fuck me,” he said before getting back to work.

Chet, for his part, decided to do just that. He grabbed John by the back of the head.

“OK. Get up. I’ll bend you over this desk and fuck you right here.”

John sank back on his haunches and thought for a just a moment. He stood up between the cocky lawyer’s legs and splayed his hands in an acquiescent gesture.

“I guess we’re doing this,” John said hazily.

Chet reached up from where he was sitting and quickly unbuckled his future conquest’s belt. In a daze he hooked his fingers under the pants and underwear and pulled them both down at once and noticed the similarity in their underwear. The black briefs wrapped around John’s well worked thighs while the slacks fell to his ankles. Chet couldn’t resist leaning forward. He swirled his tongue around the tip John’s erect cock and from where he sat took it into his mouth bobbing his back and forth for just a few strokes. Long enough to taste the precum that already seeped out and tease John before grabbing him by the hips and roughly turning him around to face the desk. Chet knelt down behind and took a moment to admire just how nice of ass sat just inches from his face. It was firm, high and more muscular than John’s build would indicate. He grabbed both cheeks and pushed them apart. John started a bit as the air hit his exposed hole and then again when he felt Chet spit on it.

Chet wanted to dive in, swirl his tongue in it, even suck on it a little. But they weren’t at his home, in his bed. They were in his office and as hot as this was, it needed to be quick. Knowing that he needed to make the most of this time Chet lifted his right hand to his mouth, wetting it with his tongue to use as lube, and then applied it to the fat head of his cock. It was still slick and hard from John’s mouth and Chet was beyond ready to get down to business. Grabbing the base of his swollen dick, Chet pointed it forward and pressed it against John’s tight wet hole. He felt the man in front of him raise his hips to push against it. He was also ready.

As slowly and methodically as he could, Chet pushed into John. As the tip of his cock parted the tight pink opening John bent over fully, hands and forearms bracing on the desk. When the head finally made its way into the slick walls, John stifled a moan by gritting his teeth into his still sleeved arm. Chet looked down at light blue shirt covering John’s back and leading down to his bare ass and pushed in deeper. He wanted to strip this man down to nothing. Have him naked right there in the office. Chet pushed the shirt up exposing the muscles of John’s lower back and grabbed him by the hips, finally pulsing in and out rhythmically. John, for his part, held steady. He arched his back and braced himself against the desk as the man behind him picked up the pace. His strokes were short and quick. He pulled and pushed just over half the length of his cock in and out as the willing recipient fought to keep quiet.

“You like that?” Chet grunted quietly, yet forcefully. “You like that cock in your ass?”

To which the eager recipient looked back and replied, “Harder.”

Chet finally let loose, no longer worried about the sounds his partner might make. John took everything that Chet gave him and wanted more. His pants were tangled around his ankles but he managed to free his right leg and place the knee up on desk, his toned leg bare except for the long black dress sock that stopped mid-calf. Chet couldn’t believe that this was happening. John had seemed so wholesome and reserved. A far cry from the cock hungry, shameless bottom draped over his desk Bayan escort Ankara now. The dichotomy drove him wild and he pounded into this man even harder.

“I’m close,” he announced. “I’m so fucking close.”

Chet bucked his hips with more force now, watching the dark head of hair jerk forward in sync with each thrust. In response John lifted himself up, palms flat against the desk. He began to push back against this half-dressed lawyer all while contracting and squeezing himself around dick in his ass. John let out barely muffled moan as the force of pushing his ass back met with the force of Chet fucking him forward. But this burst of control was short lived. Chet pushed his bottom man back down on the desk with a hand on his back and rammed into him uncontrollably. Pinned to the desk, John arched his back and raised his rear in total submission. The man inside of him pushed his dress shirt up exposing even more of his smooth muscular back. As the tension rose through Chet’s body, he struggled to contain the desperate moans caught in his throat. Until finally he let go, shooting a geyser of cum into his willing vessel. The muscles of his buttocks tensed and drove the full length his cock deep into John over and over again until the last his orgasm had faded.

Breathing heavily, he collapsed atop the body on his desk. He knew that sound of his breaths must be all John heard as his long, lean body shuddered on top of him. They were both bent over now. Two bare-assed business men in dress socks and dress shirts stacked over a work desk. Chet suddenly remembered where they were. With a shake of head, he stood up and pulled his now limp cock out of wetness he had just created. He looked for the box of tissue that normally resided nearby and saw that it had been haphazardly knocked to the floor. Picking it up, he took a few out and quickly wiped his cock clean of his own cum.

“This was totally unexpected,” Chet said to John, now starting to stand and gather himself. “You’re really clean.”

As soon as he said it Chet wondered if he shouldn’t have.

“Thanks, I like keep myself ready,” was the only reply.

Now mostly clean if not a bit sticky, the deeply satisfied lawyer slid his underwear up from his thighs and wasted no time pulling up his pants up before collapsing back into his chair. John required a bit more effort to pull himself together. He had lost a shoe while freeing his right leg from his pants, which now were now tangled about his left foot. His black briefs were rolled up just under his buttocks and it took him a second to straighten them out and get them back up. Eventually, with his pants up and belt buckled the freshly fucked bottom made it over to the couch to get his shoes back on tied.

Chet didn’t know what to say as he looked at the once again mild-mannered and almost boyish man on his couch. The way he went about getting himself together was almost… cute. Chet then remembered that this quick, dirty fun was not actually what he had in mind.

“I know this is probably the incorrect sequence of events but could I take you to dinner?” Chet asked.

“What, tonight?”

“Yes, it’s still fairly early and there’s a very nice place nearby with an excellent wine selection.”

John, now fully dressed, simply replied with a shrug and a nod as if to say “Why not?”

The restaurant was busy and it would have been difficult for most people to get a table. But Chet knew the owner and treated his new friend to excellent meal full of good food, good wine, and great conversation. As they exited the place there was a mutual feeling of comfortableness between them. There was also still a very strong physical attraction that the night’s earlier events had not yet quenched. They were closer to John’s place and agreed to go back there for a night cap. But before they left John excused himself to make a phone call. A call which Chet happened to place himself within earshot of.

“Hey,” John started, “I know you haven’t been around much lately but I might need to place to myself tonight if that’s not too much for you.”

Chet couldn’t hear the reply but whatever it was it got hearty laugh out of its recipient.

“Great, thanks.” Another laugh. “I know, but I just didn’t want it to seem like…” more chatter from the other end. “Well, I already did…. I’ll tell you all about it…. have a good night.”

Sounded like an easy exchange between two casual friends, Chet thought as he surreptitiously returned to a spot front of the restaurant they were leaving.

“All set?” he asked, as John turned and made his way back to him.

“You bet.”

With that they both drove separately to John’s house, Chet following closely behind. Even though he had already climaxed recently he still found himself eager for more. Not just more sex but also more of John in general. They spent a good amount of time talking on John’s couch while sipping wine before the night felt like it was coming to a natural conclusion. The handsome guest sat on the couch as John once again got on his knees. This time it was slower and more sensual. It was amazing and it didn’t take long before Chet finished in John’s mouth. Chet wanted to spend the night but knew that it was too soon for that. As he stood in front of the door about to leave, he simply issued a “Thank You” for the night.

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Silver and Gold Ch. 11

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Wooofff it’s been a rough few weeks but I’m back! I hope you enjoy this installment as our boys face the fallout from Brody’s death. This chapter is a bit of a [sad] mood, but I promise there’s a rainbow at the end of all these gray clouds.


Feldspar stared at the two empty backpacks on his bed. Silver had given them to him and asked him to pack while he hiked down to the border. He’d said something indecipherable about reception and cell signal, and Feldspar could tell it one of the many human things that was not worth the effort for Silver to explain to him. All he needed to know was that Silver needed to be on the border in order to contact his friends to make transportation arrangements.

He glanced at his closet and back to the backpacks, frowning. He hadn’t been willing to ask Silver what to pack. This was the least of what needed preparing before they were to leave for Paris to take care of Brody’s affairs. He cast his mind back to his time before the Wood for any memory of what the weather was like in Paris. It was a fruitless task. He had no idea what season it even was, let alone what the typical weather would be. He needed to swallow his pride and ask for help, and aside from Silver there was only one other person he could go to.

As if summoned by a thought, he heard Daniella’s voice calling to him from below. “You up there?” she called out.

Feldspar poked his head out and looked down the ladder. “Hello, Dani. Come up.”

A moment later the human woman was standing in front of his bed, arms crossed as she surveyed the empty bags. “Looks like you’re making a lot of progress here.”

Feldspar frowned at her. “You know I haven’t a clue what I’m doing. Silver asked me to get our luggage packed while he arranges our transportation.”

“When do you leave?”

“I suppose as soon as we’re able. He’s anxious to get there as soon as possible, but Silver said it would take at least a full day to get to Paris depending on the flights he is about to secure.”

Daniella chewed on her lip. “A full day? You’re taking a plane?”

Feldspar nodded sharply. He tensed for what he knew would come next.

“You know that Mal could take you,” she said cautiously. “Gneiss could host the delegation for half a day and he could take you.” Her words were a smidge more confident than her tone, and Feldspar’s frown deepened.

“The fact that he might delay our departure to care for the delegation is exactly the reason I’d rather not speak with him right now. I can imagine how that conversation would go and I’m not eager to deal with him right now. Aside from that, I don’t want to risk a major delay if something should happen that he feels is more important than getting us to Paris. I can’t put that stress on Silver, and I’d rather not set myself up for disappointment.”

Daniella winced and her body sagged. “Fair enough,” she said, pained. “He is wound pretty tight with the European faeries here and trying to strategize a plan for making contact with the federal government. It kills me to see you two fighting though. You’re one of his oldest friends and he needs you, even if he’s shitty at showing it.”

Feldspar had nothing to say to that, so he turned back to the still-empty backpacks.

“How long will you be gone?” Daniella asked after an uncomfortable silence.

Feldspar shrugged. “As long as Silver needs. I believe that Brody’s family in — ” he looked at the ceiling as he struggled to remember the name of his birthplace. “Kentucky — are managing most of his affairs here, but Silver will likely have duties to attend to on his behalf in Paris. I believe he is also organizing a memorial service for Brody’s friends in Europe. I haven’t a clue truly, but I suspect at least a few weeks.”

“Okay, so you’ll need a decent amount of clothes. Let’s see,” she pulled out her thick journal and leafed through it to a page of calendars with each day scrupulously checked off. “It’s December out there and from what I remember it gets pretty cold in France. I don’t think it snows though. Or at least, not a lot of snow. As long as we pack some decently warm clothing I’m sure Silver can borrow from friends if you need more.” She walked into Feldspar’s closet and started rifling through his clothing. “Based on Silver’s style, I’m guessing you’ll want things that aren’t too obviously faery-ish. Here,” she passed a somber suit and white shirt to him. “You’ll need that for the funeral and anything else fancy you might go to.”

“Silver doesn’t like fancy things.”

“Just in case.” Feldspar nodded dumbly as he let Dani take over. She continued sifting through his closet, passing him what few clothes he had that passed for human-made. In the end she’d gathered barely half the amount she thought he’d need. “Please tell me Silver’s closet is a bit better?”

He led the way to Silver’s tree and Daniella quickly started pulling things from Silver’s closet for both him and Feldspar. Feldspar made sure to grab Silver’s favorite hoodie and sweats, along with anything else he thought might Ankara bayan escort add a measure of comfort. Half an hour later Daniella stood back from the two piles of clothing, running a mental checklist on everything she thought they would need.

“Thank you for this, Dani. It’s been so long since I’ve been outside, I doubt I would have been much help to Silver without you.” Feldspar chewed his cheek as a slip of anxiety wriggled in his stomach.

“Hey,” Daniella said gently. “It’s going to mean a lot to him that you’re there. So you won’t know how to navigate the human stuff. I promise that won’t be the stuff he needs your support for anyway. He’s going to be grateful you’re there no matter what.”

“Thanks,” Feldspar said hollowly. “He told me I don’t have to go. He said he can handle it on his own and that I should tend to my duties with Mal and the delegation.”

“And what did you say to that?”

“There’s no way I would allow him to face this alone.”

Daniella gave him a tight, sympathetic smile. “Are you at least going to say goodbye to Mal before you leave?”

Feldspar shook his head, crossing his arms defensively. The last thing he was interested in was a human woman less than half his age piling guilt on him about his broken friendship. “I do not have the capacity for Mal, besides which he will try to convince me to stay or delay and my mind is already made up. I don’t see a point in arguing with him when I already know what each of us would say. He would tell me to stay here for him. I would tell him he’s a selfish asshole. I’d rather go without making it worse between us, if it’s all the same.”

To his surprise, she sighed and said, “I get that.” She peeked at him and seemed to consider her next words carefully. “Fel, I know Mal is being a stubborn dick. I love him, but even I can see that.” She hesitated, twisting her hands in the hem of her shirt. “Maybe I shouldn’t even be saying this, and if I shouldn’t, please just forget I said anything. It would make me really, really sad if you two never get past this. You have been friends for such a long time and you’ve been through so much together. It might not seem like it but it’s killing Mal that you aren’t on good terms. Go on your trip, be there for Silver. I mean, god, you’re going to the most romantic city on earth! By the time you come back, I just hope that Mal will be ready to fight for your friendship. You both deserve that.”


Feldspar and Silver left early the next morning. Gneiss and Nephrite walked with them to the border and hugged them. Nephrite had given him a bundle of letters to post and a kiss on the cheek. Gneiss had given him one of her best throwing knives and slap on the ass. Feldspar hesitated for a few minutes, making superficial conversation with his friends. He knew it was time to leave, but some small part of him hoped that Mal would show up to say goodbye. Despite what he’d said to Daniella, it felt wrong to leave without him. Since becoming a faery he’d never gone into battle without Mal at his back.

With a falsely bright smile Feldspar took Silver’s hand. It was time to leave whether he was ready or not. As they crossed the border he could feel his friends at his back, the warmth of their love and the chill of things left unsaid. He picked out the trail, deliberately turning his mind to getting Silver safely down the mountain.

Before he knew it the world around him had greyed subtly, all magic leeched from the atmosphere. At the foot of the mountain they followed a human hiking trail to a crumbling parking lot. Silver dropped his backpack heavily and rolled his shoulders, eyes fixed on the entrance to the parking lot. He shifted restlessly and checked his phone with a frown. Silver held the phone up and waved it around, then peered at the screen again. Feldspar tensed, his body taut with the desire to step in and help. He didn’t know what Silver needed, and so he could only watch impotently as the other faery grew anxious.

Twenty minutes later a sleek silver car slid into the lot, humming with a distinctive harmony that tickled Feldspar’s ears. He shook his head fruitlessly to dispel the odd sensation. The car glided to a stop in front of them and the humming stopped to Feldspar’s relief.

“Hey Dave,” Silver said as a scruffy man emerged from the car. “Thanks for picking us up.”

“Yeah, man. No problem.” Dave gave Silver a quick one-armed hug in greeting and held out a hand to Feldspar. “You must be Silver’s boyfriend. It’s nice to meet you.”

Feldspar shook his hand. “Nice to meet you,” he swallowed, fully aware that he was supposed to use the human’s name. Knowing and doing were two very different things, he was finding. It had been so long since he’d had to get by outside the Wood. “I’m…” he gave Silver an uncertain look. They hadn’t had time to discuss how much he should try to blend in and what their protocols should be around humans. Besides which, giving out his name felt so intimate. The idea of doing it in front of Silver Escort bayan Ankara sent an unpleasant quaver through him. Silver gave him an encouraging, understanding smile. Feldspar cleared his throat. “Fel. Please call me Fel,” he said.

Silver rubbed his lower back soothingly and Feldspar’s discomfort receded a bit. The human had already moved to open the back of the car for them to stow their bags, the exchange of names inconsequential to him. Feldspar could only laugh internally at himself for how daring the exchange felt, and how insignificant it was compared to what he would navigate over the coming days and weeks.

Silver open the backdoor of the car and got in first. Feldspar took one last look at the forest behind him. The ache in his chest went deep, driven as much by what was behind as by what lay ahead for Silver. He drew in one final breath, savoring the crisp breeze carrying the scent of the Wood on it. He silently said goodbye to his home and refuge, and slid into the car.

Once he was settled Silver leaned over him to show him how the fasten the seatbelt, and then retreated back to his side of the car. He held himself stiffly, as if loosening his hold on himself would unleash a tornado. Feldspar found himself clenching his jaw with anxiety. Silver had been quiet since they’d left. He wished he knew what to do or say to comfort Silver.

“This is great. Thanks again man,” Silver said as Dave guided the car silently back onto the road. “It’s so quiet compared to your other car.”

“Ah yeah. I figured I should bring an electric car since you said it was his first time. I know how sensitive your senses are.”

“Thank you,” Feldspar said. It was sweet and embarrassing to realize that Silver had been worrying about how he’d cope with the human world. It went against his instincts to not be leading and protecting Silver. He would have to rely on Silver completely, like a helpless little lamb. “Your car is much superior to the one I rode in some decades ago, though I admit it’s still unsettling. Please don’t trouble yourself on my account though. I’m eager to be on our way.”

Silver picked up a thread of the sparse conversation with Dave, catching up on the status of various mutual acquaintances. He was keeping the conversation just alive enough to not offend his friend, but Feldspar could tell his heart wasn’t in it. It was unsettling to see Silver attempting to behave naturally when he knew he was a mess inside. He hated that he felt the need to mask his feelings. Feldspar wanted to hold him, to be strong for him so that he would let go of being strong.

Since he couldn’t force Silver to stop trying to keep up a brave face in front of Dave, Feldspar began cutting into the conversation. Soon enough he’d coaxed the human into a lively discussion of the methods of roasting chicken. He soon was learning the intricacies of dry brining versus wet brining and the secrets behind his barbecue sauce recipe. It wasn’t much but at least he could save Silver from the effort of entertaining his friend.

Pine trees, aspens, and craggy granite slid past them as they drove down the mountain. Soon they had entered foothills of golden grass and oak trees. Feldspar watched in mute fascination as the landscape changed. He could hardly remember when he’d last seen this region. As he gleaned information on the previous few decades from Dave, he watched Silver from the corner of his eye. The faery had fallen into silence as soon as Feldspar had taken over the conversation. He leaned against the window, resting his cheek on his bicep as he watched the scenery flow past. Feldspar slid his hand over onto Silver’s knee and squeezed gently. Silver glanced at him and gave him a thin, perfunctory smile before staring back out the window. He didn’t move to shake Feldspar off his leg, and Feldspar decided to take that as a modestly good sign.

After they’d been driving for well over an hour the car suddenly slowed to a crawl. “Sorry, looks like there’s traffic around the airport,” Dave called back.

“We’ve got time,” Silver said.

Feldspar sat up and looked out the front window. There were cars as far as the eye could see. The car jerked forward, then stopped almost as quickly. Somewhere another car honked, followed by the blare of a truck horn. The smell of exhaust permeated the air. Feldspar drew in a shaky breath and tried to quell his roiling stomach. He could feel a light sweat starting to form on the back of his neck.

“You okay?” Silver said, turning away from his window to gently touch his shoulder. Feldspar nodded unconvincingly. Shit. He really didn’t want to make Silver take care of him. He pulled in another deep breath, only to feel a stronger wave of nausea roll over him. Silver watched him closely and immediately dug into his backpack. He produced a packet of dried ginger candy. “Here,” he said, holding out a piece to Feldspar. Feldspar chewed the candy gratefully. The spicy flavor filled his senses, blocking out the noxious smells of the bumper-to-bumper Bayan escort Ankara freeway. As soon as Silver was satisfied that Feldspar wasn’t about to vomit, he turned back to his window, immersed in his own world again.


“Passports please,” the young woman said crisply as she stuck her hand out to Feldspar. Her hair was pulled back so tightly into her sleek bun that it had to hurt. Feldspar wondered if that’s why she sounded so irritated under her sweet customer service voice. He blushed as he looked at her outstretched hand. His first instinct had been to step in front of Silver when they’d reached the counter. It felt natural to take care of him. He sighed. If only he knew how anything worked. He looked back toward Silver, who quickly stepped up to the counter, nudging him to the side.

Silver looked down his nose at the woman and heaved a disdainful sigh that reminded Feldspar of a stuffy noble. He’d never seen Silver treat anyone like that before, and he found himself frowning at this reminder that Silver might be a different person in the human realm. “We’re nonhuman passengers,” Silver said cooly.

The woman’s eyes widened and she leaned forward slightly. Feldspar had the strong urge to slap her as she gawked at Silver’s unusual coloring and pointed ears.

“Are those real?” she blurted, her professional facade cracking under the strain of the situation.

“Yes,” Silver said in a tone that invited no further inquiry. The woman turned to Feldspar and scrutinized him. He frowned at her. He didn’t appreciate being stared at, not did he like seeing Silver acting so stand-offish. It wasn’t like him, which could only mean that enough humans treated him this way that he had to put up his defenses.

“I’ve never… I’m sorry. It’s my first time serving your kind. I’m new, and uh, we don’t get many… Anyway. Yes. Let me look you up in that system.” She called her manager over to help her check them in. When she handed over their boarding passes her hand was shaking.

Silver led him through the maze of the security checkpoint. While the humans had to line up and go through machines that put Feldspar’s teeth on edge with their strange magnetism, the screening line for non-humans was entirely empty. Silver handed their boarding passes to the guard mutely, who examined them briefly before waving them through. Once they were clear Silver muttered that the humans had decided a few years prior that there was no point in checking non-humans for weapons when they had magic at their disposal.

From there Silver confidently led them through a sea of people milling about as they waited for their planes to take off. Feldspar hated everything about the airport. The aimless, slack-jawed travelers. The artificial, stifling stench of low-quality food. The overly bright lights and garish items for sale.

The only redeeming thing about the experience was that it was crowded and Silver had taken firm hold of his hand to keep them together. Feldspar didn’t like not knowing how to get where they were going. Never in his life had he entered into battle without surveying the ground and making a plan of attack. Now, he had no choice but to go into the unknown with nothing but faith that his love would be enough to help Silver through what lay ahead, even though there was so much he didn’t know.

As soon as they found their seats on the plane Silver began taking things out of his backpack with military precision. He passed earplugs to Feldspar and watched carefully to make sure he inserted them correctly. He gave Feldspar a pair of warm socks and small pillow, along with an eye mask and bottle of water. He pulled a book out and tucked it into the seat pocket in front of him.

Feldspar watched him in fascination. He was thrown back to the first time they’d run into each other at the crater lake. He’d been so intimidated by Silver’s worldliness. A wave of affection and desire coiled within him. Dani had been right. He had never known anything about half the things Silver had experienced. Silver didn’t care about that, he adored Feldspar just the same. With that comforting thought Feldspar felt a weight lift from his heart.

As the plane taxied slowly to the runway, Silver’s brave facade began to crack. A light sheen of sweat formed on his upper lip and he began to shift in his seat. Feldspar reached for his hand and pulled him closer. “Silver, are you alright?”

Silver turned to him, his eyes darkened with fear. “Sorry,” he whispered. “This part really sucks.”

Just as he finished speaking, the plane began to accelerate. Feldspar felt his stomach drop, even as his ears screamed at the all-consuming roar of the engines. He gripped Silver’s hand, his eyes wide in shock at the overwhelming sensations as the plane began to take off.

Silver’s face was frozen in a mask of terror, his eyes fixed in the middle distance. Feldspar recovered from his surprise when he saw how frightened Silver was as the plane rose into the sky. He pulled Silver into his shoulder, letting him bury his face in his neck so that his vision and hearing were obscured in the protection of Feldspar’s arms. He put his hand over Silver’s other exposed ear, hoping to muffle the horrible roar that had filled the aircraft. He rubbed Silver’s back for the entire ascent, feeling useful for the first time all day.

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The Layover

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Life and a little writer’s block has been getting in the way. I’ve got three sequels and a half dozen other stories in an unfinished state and slowly I’m cycling through them working on where I’m at. Covid has put a real damper on some ongoing real stories. This one is based on a real unexpected layover I had before Covid. It’s fiction with some of true mixed in as many of my stories are.

I told myself again, never fly United and never connect through O’Hare. The idiots that decided to put major hub right near the Great Lakes acted like weather never happened. Inevitably I’d either miss a connection or get stuck on the way back.

We flew in a holding pattern for a long time before they diverted us to St Louis and at 9 pm they put us on bus to a hotel. My seatmate Jason was from Wisconsin and we had a spirited discussion about the Packers and my Niners in the half hour it took to get to the hotel.

And of course the hotel didn’t have enough rooms for all of us and I started to go back to the bus when Jason waved at me from the lobby. “Hey, they gave me a room. It has two beds so if you want to crash with me you can.”

I thought about my options because it was 10 by now and I was jet lagged after a week getting up three hours earlier than normal.

“Thanks, yeah that sounds great.” The idea of waiting another 45 minutes to get some sleep was repugnant to say the least.

We made our way to the room and each picked out a bed. Kicking back the TV came on and we lounged full clothed and took in a movie. Now I was tired but for some reason second wind kicked in and I found myself wide awake.

“Hey Steve, feel like a nitecap? I have a dutyfree bottle of my favorite scotch and I’m feeling pretty wound up now but don’t like to drink alone.”

Now I’m not much a scotch drinker but figured what the hell and accepted a couple of fingers in those little hotel cups. Funny thing is it started to go down easier and smooth out after a couple of sips. And I let him refill my cup not much longer after that.

“Hey I’m going to get ready for bed if you don’t mind so I don’t have to do it when I start to get drowsy.”

And with that he got up and stripped down to a pair of black briefs before going into the bathroom and brushing his teeth. His underwear was like a pair of speedos and I averted my eyes but not before noticing he was more muscular than I thought and his underwear protruded quite a bit around his package. I wasn’t interested in guys and hadn’t seen many cocks since my high school days but he was packing a sizeable bulge. I noticed it again when he came back from the bathroom and then lay on top of the bed.

After a few minutes I said “You have the right idea. Maybe getting ready will help me get some sleep.”

I stripped down to my boxers and headed off to the bathroom myself wobbling a little bit as I realized I had a bit more booze than I was used to.

Finishing up I walked back in and realized the TV had changed to pay for view porn. “You don’t mind do you? I’ll pay for it. I own the company so my expense reports don’t get looked at.”

What was I supposed to say? “No problem” was the only response I could think off. I was the guest.

The porn was the typical no plot. Big titted blondes getting railed in any number of ways along with the usual cum shots across their faces.

Despite my shyness I felt myself grow hard and glanced over to make sure Jason didn’t notice. He wasn’t hiding it at all. The head and more than half the thick shaft stuck out of his briefs as he rubbed it absently.

I quickly averted my eyes but my own cock quite rebelliously got even harder and I felt myself blush in embarrassment. The screen action continued and I waited a few minutes before not being able to resist looking again.

He had the fronts pulled down and all of him was out there hard against his belly. Long and hard with big heavy balls as he rubbed the near the top with his hand.

I stared too long and he caught me. “Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve gotten off. Look all you want.”

“Uhh okay. It’s been awhile for me too.” My trip preceded by my wife’s cycle meant it had been over a week. I’d jerked off a couple of times but it wasn’t the same.

I watched the screen and rubbed myself through my shorts. I glanced over a couple of times but didn’t want to stare. Just focus on the screen I told myself. I was alone in the room I told myself and slid my underwear down for a better feeling.

I almost jumped off the bed when his hand grasped me as the bed settled with his weight. It was startling in both action and how good it felt. Thoughts of having him stop flitted through my mind but I didn’t voice them. It felt too good and I closed my eyes ignoring who was doing it.

I knew the wet warmness was a mouth. His mouth. Slurping me in deep and a warm hand around the balls, kneading and stroking. My hips came off the bed with the need and my breathing got raspy.

It was best Ankara escort blowjob I had ever had. Delivered by an expert in what felt good. Exceeding every previous attempt by a variety of women including my wife. The sheer eroticism of it hit my brain and then my balls clutched and fired off the nerves in a wave of pleasure as I emptied myself in the most powerful orgasm I could ever remember.

My eyes flew open and I saw the curly black hair in my lap before he pulled off and left my softening cock flopping wet on my belly. With little fanfare he sat back next to me and tugged at himself as I puffed heavily from the experience.

I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock. Flat against his stomach it throbbed. The veins standing out clearly and a glint of moisture at the tip. He grabbed my hand in his and moved it onto the shaft and I let him do it but felt myself go red.

The thing that surprised me was the warmth and softness. My own I guess probably felt similar but there was something different about somebody else’s. He spit into his hand and rubbed it on himself before pulling my hand up to cover the wet skin. And I began rubbing which provoked a moan from his lips.

I’m not sure why it pleased me. I was rubbing my first strange cock and he was responding. It jerked at my touch, having a life of its own. I leaned forward to see it better. To watch it pulse and produce a droplet at the tip which helped lubricate the flesh.

A hand touched the back of my head. Just a gentle nudge and I let myself move. Closer to that turgid flesh. The nudge reappeared and for whatever reason I obeyed. The shiny head less than eight inches from my face and filling my vision.

I didn’t resist. The gentle pressure that ended with the soft, hard, hot flesh pushing at my lips and I naturally opened.

As a straight man you’re not prepared for the size of a cock in your mouth. There’s nothing similar really. The size and the man musk. The burst of salt from precum and filling.

It approached the back of my throat and my gag reflex kicked in.

“Relax, relax” he cooed. “Just suck the tip. Run your tongue over it.”

As the reflex diminished I found myself sucking top three inches. In and out. The bell end rubbing against my lips and I knew what would feel good. And it hit me at that moment. I was a cocksucker now and it confused me.

I enjoyed the fact I was giving him obvious pleasure from his moans and the way his hip rose as I bobbed. But I was sucking off a man. A man that would likely want to come in my mouth. He’d expect it as he had done it himself. And I couldn’t stop now nor really did I want to. There was a power there. To give pleasure. To make his balls give forth and it was destined since it slid past my lips.

My head slid further down his stomach. Resting there and my hand came up to cradle his balls. The big orbs moving loosely and provoking another moan. I felt his hand on my back. Stroking and then reaching down to cup my ass. It felt so erotic to be in that position and I moved into him so he could reach.

Fingers stroked between my lower cheeks and I moaned around his cock at that which inspired him. A feathery touch across my anus that made me gasp again. There was a pause as he stopped and then a spit covered finger pressed and probed at my hole.

It was a foreign feeling. Just like the cock slipping in and out of my mouth. Nasty and exciting at the same time. I found myself pressing back against. Wishing it would go deeper and I pressed my face deeper around him.

“Oh god, yes” he said. “I’m going to cum” and I felt his balls contract and twitch along with the bursts of liquid that filled and coated my mouth. He jerked and twitched with each shot and the salty taste and pungent smell filled my senses.

When it was finally over I gulped and swallowed. The gelatinous mass sliding down my throat while leaving a coating in my mouth that I would remember forever.

“Was that your first?” Jason said.

I just nodded. I was forever a cocksucker now and didn’t know how to process that.

“You were really good. Guys always know what feels good and you have a hot mouth.”

It was an embarrassed pride. I couldn’t say anything. His hand continued to stroke my flank and would slide up to cup my ass for a few minutes before he got up. He pulled the speedo the rest of the way off and dropped them to the floor. Digging in his suitcase he produced a small container and then came back and sat beside me on the bed.

His hand slid over and grasped my cock which was showing signs of life. A stroke here and a rub there and it soon was standing proud again. The container turned out to be lube and he squirted some in his hand and began giving me a slow handjob.

He stood and pulled me to the edge of the bed before kneeling between my legs. His tongue caressing my balls, my legs bent and spread, I gave him access and lay back to enjoy the sensation. He hovered Ankara escort bayan over me now. Licking my shaft and hand going beneath my balls. My taint was the recipient of lubed caresses that moved further down. I knew his finger was going there and I didn’t stop him. Thick and long it pressed in and I shivered when it hit my gland, rubbed and pressed.

I moaned at the new feeling. Like nothing I had experienced before. Plunging, swirling around the edge and rotating I was in bliss. His other hand pushed my leg back further to tilt my hole up and then gave it more attention as I held them there.

He squirted more lube on my exposed pucker. Rubbing it in and then pushing another finger at the opening. The pleasure was interrupted briefly by the stretch of a second finger joining the first and then he finger fucked me. The digits slipping smoothly through muscle, tugging and splitting and I lay there realizing he was going to fuck me. And I was going to let him.

The inevitable came and he stood between my legs. His hard shaft stood straight out and he put a coating of lube on it as I stared. Hoisting my legs up to his shoulders I felt his hot cock rub against me there. Sliding up and down across my hole in smaller strokes until the indentation retained it. “I’m going to fuck you” he stated plainly. Waiting for me to object.

He stared down into my eyes and I couldn’t look away. Especially as the pressure increased and the flesh separated in response. I couldn’t hold back “Uhhhhh . . . Ohhh” with a rising voice came from my throat as he penetrated.

The muscle made its protest before it gave and he slipped through. “Oh god” I rasped. The sensation of being fucked so new along with the idea. I was letting a man force his cock into my body. He was going to fuck me. Mount me, take me, remove the virginity I had left. And there was nothing I could do about it. The vulnerability of position, legs back and spread invitation with my ankles now firmly in his grasp.

Once breached there was nothing preventing him from going all the way in. The crinkly feel of pubes, flesh and then the feeling of his balls swinging into my upturned ass. I looked up into his face which was a study of concentration, determination and lust.

Then it started. The fucking. The in and out where my flesh clung to him both ways. I grunted with each impact in harmony with his. The liquid squelches and slaps announcing my fucking. The loss of any straightness I might have still had.

“So fucking good” he rasped as he pounded away in long strokes. He let my legs dangle onto his shoulders and chest and reached down and grasped my cock. He stroked and tugged and it came on me fast.

“Ahhh . . . ” I moaned as my cock exploded all over my chest and his hand but he didn’t let up sodomizing me.

He pulled out. Standing there with his cock shiny with lube. “Turn over” he ordered and I moved into the unfamiliar position. On hand and knees like a supplicant. My ass in the air. He maneuvered me with both hands. Nudging my legs wider to get the height right. Then he penetrated again and I arched into it as I was penetrated the second time. Something about it made him seem bigger and the air went from my lungs as he went up to the balls.

It was the hard fuck of someone trying to get off. His hips colliding with my ass in a rapid slap. Hands with a firm grip on my hips, pulling me into it. “Can I come in you?” he queried between pants.

I didn’t answer. Not willing to accept that I was getting fucked and yet but not sure I had any modesty to preserve. “I’m gonna come” he stated and I didn’t say anything. I didn’t know if I was ready to be a man’s receptacle but couldn’t make a decision.

“Ahhhhhh” came the moan with the hard pull of my hips back to his groin where he pumped and deposited his seed inside me like a bitch. Taking my lack of decision and making me another man’s bitch at that moment. Receiving his cum in my body like a woman would. A faux insemination. A wave of shame followed as he pulled out and I felt just how sore my ass was and I hid my face in the bed.

The shower came on and he walked back out. “Come take a shower.”

I rose on shaky legs feeling the unfamiliar ache of being fucked. I hobbled to the bathroom and felt the further indignity of his juices running down my inner thigh.

The shower was running and the steam was billowing out. It wasn’t built for two men yet we were in there. Being washed should have been nice but it really just reinforced the subservient position I found myself. A bottom is what it was called and the meaning of the word was very evident. Being spread, bent over, sodomized and filled with jism created a submissive feeling I had never felt before. Confused but enjoying it the conflict ricocheted around my head.

I fell to sleep quickly and deeply after that. The blackout curtains of the hotel did their job and only the sound of a text woke me with a start. Escort Ankara Jason was spooned behind me and the heat between the split of my ass was undoubtedly from his erect cock resting there. A cock that was moving slightly. Rubbing up and down slowly. Humping me.

A hand came around my hip and grasped my own morning hardon. Jacking it slowly while grinding more into my behind.

There was a brief respite and then his lubed hand returned and eased the friction. I was so hard it was painful and the humping was more insistent. Getting much closer to hole.

It shouldn’t have surprised me when he stopped and then his lubed finger slid between my cheeks. He anointed my hole. Lubricating, probing, massaging the sore flesh. I could have stopped him there but didn’t do anything. The new feeling of submission filled me again.

The brief pause ended with the blunt cock tip feeling its way against me. Centering against my opening , rubbing up and down as it searched and then moved forward.

“Ohhh” I groaned as it slid in. I wasn’t the tight virgin any longer but was sore from last night’s deflowering. “I’m really sore” I moaned.

“I’ll take it slow. You’ll get used to it. Your ass is opening up now. I’m not going to let you close up. Train you to take my cock. Any cock ” he answered as he fed more of himself up me. His hand returned to my cock and pulled me back to him as he fully mounted himself.

It was a slow fuck. Long languorous strokes that plumbed my depths in time with the hand jerking me off. There was no hurry. Just a gentle mating that soon had me panting as I dealt with the internal and external massage.

My hips were moving back into him to my shame. That age old humping instinct that I’d never thought I would be on the receptive end of. “Uhhh . . . Oh. Fuck me” I begged.

“Come on baby. Come with my cock up your ass. You feel so good.”

The bursts hit my chest, his hand and the bed in hot jets as my cock pulsed with him fully ensconced. After the last spurt he massaged it into my chest. Rubbing it through my chest hair into sticky tangles.

The hand came away and then I was pushed onto my stomach while he remained inside. Pressing me into the bed and then fucking me with more insistence as his hot breath hit the back of my neck.

“Oh baby, I’m going to breed you again but not until you tell me to.”

It was outside my comfort zone and he knew it but there was no point in fighting it. He had already bred me once and one more wasn’t going to change the path I had taken. “Breed me. Shoot your cum up my ass.” There was a sense of relief to admitting it finally. Admitting I was a willing participant in receptive sodomy not once but twice. Any idea that it was an accident was refuted by my actions.

Relieved I humped my ass up into him as he thrust between my spread legs. It became easier as I relaxed and concentrated on the physical feelings. The weight of him on my back. Heavy pressure on my ass being pressed into the bed. My sensitive cock rubbing into the sheets. His breath and pants into my ear.

“Yeah baby it’s coming” he whispered. “Right up your sweet ass to drip out the rest of the day. When you’re sitting in that plane seat you’re going to feel it and remember this moment.”

The rutting continued as I thought about what he said. I’d be home by the end of the day. Still fresh from being fucked. Knowing the new reality that I had been taken by another man in every way. How would it change me? Could I hide it? I had to hide it. I still loved my wife and was attracted to women. What label fit me now?

His breathing got faster and I knew that he’d be injecting me again with his jizz. The surprise was after his first spurt my own body reacted and clenched in its second orgasm in a short time. My ass noticeably tightening and releasing around the member that filled it and was emptying itself into it.

The aftermath was lying there in my own spend and the feeling of his shrinking cock retracting itself from me as he puffed over me. It slipped out and with that he rolled off me heavily. “God that was a great fuck. Let’s clean up and go get some breakfast.”

Again he insisted on showering together. I couldn’t help the feeling of submissiveness as he soaped my chest, genitals and then ass crack. He handed me the soap and looked down at his cock. I got the message and cleaned him.

I was then rotated so the spray hit my hair and he ran his fingers through it in a very intimate moment. He poured shampoo into his hand and spread it through my hair. There was downward pressure and I got to my knees as he massaged my scalp continuously.

It wasn’t lost on me that his cock was less than eight inches from my face. And then it was four inches then touching my lips as his fingers continued the kneading. I opened as was expected and was able to take it all in its temporary soft state.

I ran my tongue around him. Surely he couldn’t be ready again but here I was sucking his cock not twenty minutes after it had been up my ass. The water was cascading down my face now and I felt life in the flesh filling my mouth.

“Look at you. Twenty four hours ago I bet you didn’t know you’d be doing this. I’m guessing this is your first ever cock isn’t it?”

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Emma and Joe Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

Writers note: This is the next chapter of my meetings and experiences with Joe. Based on true events, with names and some info changed for privacy. This was my second time meeting Joe in person, as most of our relationship was online in nature, and long distance. If you haven’t already, read “Meeting Joe, PT1 I should be there in about an hour.”

Emma: “Sounds good, drive safe. And see you soon.”

Joe: “I will.”

I decided that I should get myself up and going so that I would be ready by the time Joe got here. I downed a couple protein drinks and some cereal, my usual breakfast. I then turned my attention to getting ready. I fixed my bedhead hair and brushed my teeth. I stood in the bathroom looking in the mirror, and debated on putting on clothing, even though Joe had instructed me not to. I decided against it, and went back to sit in bed, scrolling through my email and waiting for Joe.

Before long there was a knock on the door. Shit. How was I going to answer the door naked? I thought. It could be anyone out there. I grabbed the sheet off the bed, and almost tripped getting off the bed. Great Emma, injure yourself in a bedsheet, that makes a great impression. I wrapped the sheet around me the best I could and opened the door.

And. There. Stood. Joe.

I let him in, and then turned to walk back into the room. I didn’t make it two steps before Joe grabbed a fistful of my hair, turned my head around and pulled me into a kiss. I melted into him and lost my grasp on the sheet around me, and it fell to the floor around our feet. I was suddenly very aware that I was standing in front of Joe, naked, for the first time. My nerves began to set in, but I didn’t want to pull away from his kiss.

Joe was carrying a backpack, and all I could wonder is why he needed to bring a backpack of all things, and what did he have in there? He slowly let the backpack slide to the floor, while keeping my hair in a firm grasp in his hand. He pushed me into the wall while still kissing me and brought his other hand up to my nipple teasing and twisting it. I pushed into his hand, wanting him to explore more, but he suddenly pulled away.

“Hi,” I said.

“Hi to you too.” replied Joe.

“How was your drive and morning?” I asked.

“Much better now.” Joe stated.

I couldn’t help but smile at his response.

“You stayed naked, good girl!” Joe stated.

I couldn’t help but remember I was fully nude, standing in front of a fully clothed Joe. I quickly crossed my arms trying to hide my nakedness and looked down at the ground embarrassed. As if to read my mind, Joe quickly replied to my actions.

“Uncross your arms Emma, you’re beautiful.” Joe stated.

“Easy for you to say, you’re still fully clothed.” I replied, still standing there with my arms crossed over my tits.

“Go over to the bed, bend over, and place your hands on the bed.” Joe commanded.

I stood there staring for a few seconds contemplating my next move. But I complied and made my way over to the bed. I disliked standing like this more than I did just standing there naked. I couldn’t see Joe this way and I felt even more exposed. I could hear Joe rustling around, and then heard the familiar swish of him pulling his belt out of his pants. I went to turn my head, as I wanted to see more of him, but got interrupted before I could.

“Face the bed Emma, and do not turn around until I tell you to.” Joe stated.

Ugh. No fair. I don’t get to see him, yet he can look at me all he wants. He slid his hand over my back and down to my ass, which made me jump at first. I hadn’t been touched in any way since I had last seen Joe the month prior, so any type of touch felt foreign and took me a while to get used to. His hands stopped on my ass, and he firmly grasped and rubbed it softly.

“You have a great ass, Emma.” Joe said in a low voice.

“Yeah, I don’t think so.,” I replied, “And gets in the way according to my husband.”

“Not following directions and arguing with what I say. Should make for an interesting morning.” Joe stated almost chuckling.

Joe reached around my body, and grabbed my tits, leaning his body against mine. I could feel he was completely undressed. His warm skin felt nice in the cool, air-conditioned room. Joe slid back up and reached with both hands and rubbed my ass some more. I then felt him step away from me and fumbling with something on the ground. I suddenly felt a familiar sting that I hadn’t felt in many years.

Joe raised his belt and struck me twice across my ass with it. Only twice before saying:

“One for keeping your arms folded, and second for arguing about your great ass.”

I stood there, wanting him to continue and strike me again. I missed being spanked, and craved more, though I wasn’t sure how high my pain tolerance would still be since it had been so long. I then felt Joe come up behind Ankara escort me and felt his skin on mine again. I could feel the warmth from his body again, and his hard cock pressed against where my ass met my thighs. I wanted to push back onto him, but he held me still with his hand. I heard a familiar click sound of the camera on a phone and I stiffened. What kind of picture did he take?

“Look at the picture Emma…. Your ass is NOT too big, and it is amazing.” Joe stated while laying his phone on the bed next to my face.

On the phone was a picture of my ass, with Joe’s hard cock nestled against it. Fuck, it was a hot picture, more so for his cock than my ass, though I wasn’t going to tell him that.

Joe turned me around and pulled me into a deep kiss again. I pressed my body against his, wanting to get as much skin-on-skin contact as I could get, and it still wasn’t enough. I pressed my tits into his chest. Joe’s chest was covered in hair which was soft and perked up my nipples as his chest hair grazed against them. Joe pushed me onto the bed and collapsed on top of me, never pulling away from our kiss. As we laid on the bed, Joe’s hands wandered up my thighs, stroking them, over my pubes and up my belly to my tits. His hand was big enough to almost grasp my tit fully in one hand, and he returned to playing and twisting my nipple.

Joe pulled away from our kiss even though I tried to keep him there. His mouth moved to my nipple and began sucking, lightly flicking his tongue over it, while slowly twisting it in his teeth. As he was doing that, his hand wandered down to my pubes and was rubbing them as well. He then began exploring with his fingers as he slowly slid two fingers down around my clit and began encircling it, but never touching it. He slid his fingers further through my folds to find my pussy was dripping wet. He pushed his fingers into me slightly. I attempted to thrust my hips onto his hand, but he pulled away bringing his fingers to his mouth, sucking on them

“Someone is very wet this morning.” Joe stated.

“I wonder why? Could be the great company,” I replied, “Too bad I can’t be doing any sucking on you.”

“That can be arranged,” Joe stated. “Swing your legs over my shoulders, we can 69.”

I laid there frozen for a minute, processing. I hadn’t done 69 since high school, and that was before kids, and before gaining weight. There’s no way this can work.

“I’m… I’m not too sure about that, I don’t think that will work.” I whispered.

“Do you need another reminder of what not listening will get you?” Joe replied.

I smirked, liking the thought of additional spanks. As if reading my mind Joe replied to my smirk with:

“It won’t be more spanks Emma, you enjoyed that too much. It may be no spanks.”

“Grrrr, fine!” I growled under my breath.

I bent over, kneeling on the bed, and swung my leg over Joe’s shoulders getting into position. I wasn’t sure still, but man did I love the view. Joe’s hard cock was directly in front of my face, and I had my chance. I slowly began at the head, and took it into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the tip.

Fuck he tastes so good, I thought.

I began taking him into my mouth more, and almost gagged. Fuck fuck fuck. it had been so long since I had given a blow job, my gag reflex wasn’t the greatest. I continued to suck on Joe’s cock but immediately got distracted at what Joe was doing. I attempted to keep my concentration, but it was so hard with Joe’s tongue expertly licking up and down my labia, again encircling my clit but not quite touching it. My skins senses heightened as I wished he would just touch my clit already, and as if reading my mind, he began lightly flicking my clit up and down with his tongue. Shifting between up and down, then encircling it, with light and heavy pressure. I was already overstimulated from all the skin-on-skin touch. I froze with his cock in my mouth stifling my moans, as I began to cum from his tongue on my clit.

I slid his cock out of my mouth and all I could get out was:

“I want you to fuck me so bad.” I said to Joe.

“How can you ask nicer?” He asked.

“Pleaseeee?” I replied.

“Please what?” Joe asked.

“Please Daddy, fuck me.” I said while looking at him.

I laid back on the bed and Joe climbed on top of me. Within seconds, his cock was buried deep inside of me, as he kissed me again. I wrapped my legs around his ass, wanting to feel all of him. His cock was so large and thick, it stretched me more than I had been in years, and I could feel every inch of his thrust inside of me. It wasn’t long before I began to orgasm again and got louder with my moans while he kissed me. Joe slowed his thrusts and then slid off me, laying down on the bed next to me. Joe pulled me close to him and cradled my head on his chest. His chest hair felt nice against my Ankara escort bayan cheek, and I brought my hand up to run through his chest hair. It was one of many of my favorite physical features of Joe. I couldn’t remember the last time I was held. It was nice and comforting in a way that I had not felt in a very long time.

We continued to lay in bed, Joe holding me close and trailing his fingers up and down my back and my arm. I suddenly realized all the water I had drank that morning was catching up to me, and I badly needed to pee. I laid for another minute until it was too bearable because I didn’t want to get out of the bed or Joe’s embrace.

“Be right back,” I said “Gotta pee.”

I got up and walked to the bathroom, leaving the door open. We had previously chatted about a story we read on Literotica about watching others in the bathroom. I was hesitant, but still left the door open just to see what Joe might do. Almost immediately after I sat on the toilet, Joe appeared in the doorway. I never thought I had a shy bladder, but apparently someone staring you down, makes one not want to pee.

Joe walked over to me, held my face in his hands, and leaned over to kiss me. This was…. odd. No one ever watched me in the bathroom. Not even my husband. Joe’s hard cock was directly in front of my face when he stood back up, and I couldn’t help but take it into my mouth. Within seconds of sucking on Joe’s cock, I began to pee. I pulled back letting Joe’s cock fall out of my mouth. Joe stood there and just stared at me while I continued to pee. I finished up, washed my hands, and went and laid back on the bed.

Joe followed me out but then turned around and said, “I guess I need to go too.”

I continued to lay in bed, thinking about what just happened. I could hear Joe peeing, and all I could think of was him watching me, and how exciting it was. I heard Joe finish peeing, and it wasn’t until Joe emerged from the bathroom that I realized that I completely missed my chance. I should have gone in there and watched Joe as well. I’d always been curious watching people but had only ever seen things in porn. Hopefully I would get another change at some point. We both curled up in the bed again, the same position of Joe’s arms around me and my head snuggled into his chest.

“Umm…you didn’t cum,” I stated while still playing with his chest hair with my hand.

“No, I didn’t. I want to make sure you get all you need,” He replied “Besides, there is more I want to do with you before I cum.”

I giggled, burying my head into his chest, and just laid there next to him, trying to wrap my body around his as much as possible. I wasn’t sure when I might get this much skin on skin contact again and wanted to soak in every minute I could. We laid there for a while, and I could hear Joe’s heartbeat through his chest, as he was tracing up and down my arm with his fingers again. He raised his head up and kissed me on the forehead. I just laid there unsure of what to even do, I’d never had anyone do that before, it felt weird, but I wished he would do it again.

“Turn over and lay on your stomach,” Joe said.

I continued to just lay there with my head on his chest and trying to hide my smirk.

“I’d rather stay like this,” I replied.

“Are you arguing again?” He asked.

I growled under my breath and rolled over to lay onto my stomach, groaning the entire time.

“I heard that!” said Joe.

I laid there and rolled my eyes, glad that he couldn’t see my face. I could hear Joe playing with zippers on his backpack that he brought. Joe threw something on the bed, but I couldn’t see what it was. Then he walked over to the side of the bed, leaned over, and whispered:

“This is for not listening, when I gave you an instruction.”

As soon as he said it his hand spanked my ass twice, and I couldn’t help but just lay there and grin. Joe climbed on top of me, laying his full body weight on me, with his stomach to my back. I could feel his chest hair and warmth from his body on my back. I’d never had anyone do this either. I was surprised at how good it felt, especially when I began to feel Joe’s hard cock against my ass. I could have spent the rest of the morning laying like that. Instead, Joe reached up and kissed me on the forehead again and told me to roll over to my back.

Damn it. It was like every time I was sinking into some new feeling, he moved on to the next thing. I rolled over, and Joe was sitting on the bed next to me. Joe laid something very cold, hard, and metal on my chest between my tits. I couldn’t tell what it was at first, but the coldness made my skin perk up with goosebumps, and I shivered.

“Do you trust me?” Joe asked, sitting next to me. I just stared at him inquisitively, not moving.

Joe picked the item up, and with a flick, it opened. It was a knife. Joe slowly Escort Ankara brought the side of the blade to my chest and trailed it over one of my tits and over my nipple, and then down my belly, finally laying it down again on my skin. I just laid there, super still, and looking at Joe the entire time. I trusted Joe, but in the back of my mind, I was still thinking oh fuck, what does he have planned?

Joe brought out a bundle of blue rope. I recognized the rope from a picture Joe had sent the week prior in our chat and stating that he has plans for it. Joe unraveled several feet of it, then took the knife and cut it off. Joe closed the knife back up, put the remainder of the rope away in his backpack, and laid the knife on the table beside the bed. Joe climbed onto the bed, and knelt above me, straddling my legs, his hard cock resting on top of my pubic mound.

“Give me your hands Emma.” Joe commanded.

I put my hands in front of him, palms together. Joe wrapped the rope around my wrists tightly but with enough room to move around some so that it didn’t cut off my circulation. Joe moved the remainder of the rope under me so that my hands were pulled above my head, and I was unable to move them. Then Joe’s hands began to wander and made their way back down to my clit, as his mouth and teeth were on my nipple. Joe’s fingers encircled my clit again and I attempted to thrust my hips to get him to touch my clit where I wanted him to. His fingers seemed to know what I was doing, and ensured he touched everywhere but right on my clit.

Joe’s fingers slowly slid down to my wet pussy, and easily slid in and out, just as he bit down on my nipple and twisted it in his teeth. I moaned, and pulled harder on the rope, wishing I had my hands free so that I could reach out and touch him. After a few strokes of Joe fingering me, Joe brought his fingers out and slid them up and over my clit. He began slowly rubbing up and down, and then began to get faster. Joe leaned over, kissed me, then whispered “Cum baby” as he continued to pick up speed with his fingers. I pulled harder on the rope restraining my wrists, Joe kissed me, and I moaned into his mouth as I came hard. Joe then pulled his fingers up and held them to my face.

“Open your mouth Emma,” Joe stated, “See how good you taste.”

I opened my mouth and Joe slid two of his fingers in my mouth and over my tongue. I closed my mouth around them, sucking on them and wishing it was Joe’s cock instead of his fingers.

“You taste much better.” I replied.

Joe reached over to the table, grabbed the knife, and cut my wrists free before putting the knife back on the table. He laid next to me, and pulled me into his chest, wrapping his arms around me. My body felt like every nerve was standing at attention and on fire from so much skin-on-skin contact, it was almost overwhelming. After a few minutes Joe rolled onto his back.

“I want you to use your hands to make me hard again, and then get on top and ride me,” Joe stated.

Fuck… seriously? He was really pushing on all my anxieties today. I hadn’t been on top since high school and before gaining some weight. I’d attempted once with my husband a couple of years ago. My husband was on the small side, cock wise, and he told me I was just too heavy to be on top and that it made him hard to breathe. I laid there mentally freaking out, because this was likely going to fuck up the whole day and go terribly.

I trailed my hand down Joe’s stomach, to his thighs. Tracing his legs up and down on each side of his cock, but never touching it. I then trailed my fingers and gripped his cock in my hand, at first slowly stroking him up and down as I felt it grow between my fingers and harden. I felt it was a waste in only my hands, so I pulled away from Joe’s arms around me, and took Joe’s hard cock into my mouth. Joe grabbed a fistful of my hair, pulling my mouth off him. I just looked at him and grinned.

“I don’t believe that was part of the instructions.” Joe stated.

I continued to grin at him and attempted to pull against his hand in my hair, to suck his cock again.

“I want you on top Emma,” Joe said.

I got to my hands and knees, and then straddled Joe’s legs. My anxiety shot through the roof, with every scenario of how this could go wrong. I lined up my hips with his, and slowly slid down onto his hard cock. Every inch of him that slid further into me, sent an electric shock to every nerve in my body. When Joe’s cock was buried deep inside of me, I began to slowly move up and down, rocking on Joe’s cock, and grinding my hips into his. I was only able to do this twice before I just froze, unable to move. My body was so completely overstimulated from all the morning’s activities, that if I continued to move and ride Joe’s cock, I was likely to become an incoherent puddle. I wasn’t sure how Joe would respond if I became incoherent. I hadn’t felt this good, and this much pleasure in close to 13 years. I continued to just sit there motionless, as I searched for the words to explain it to him.

“Umm, I just need a minute,” I stated while looking at Joe, still straddling him, his cock deep inside me, “Just a bit overstimulated.”

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The Arms – End of Virtue

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You could hear the woman’s strident voice all the way down the corridors of the fifth floor.

“Stop it, you bastard! I told you, I don’t do that shit!”

This was followed by the sound of a slap and a man’s voice, though his was softly spoken, impossible for Julianne to hear. She put her head against the wall, even as she heard her parents moving about in the other room.

‘Dammit, be quiet!’ she willed them. This was too exciting! That man, Fareikh, was clearly trying to do something to one of the whores he routinely brought back to his apartment, and it sounded like she wanted nothing to do with it. Julianne looked around the room for a glass, as she had seen used, but there was nothing in her bedroom that could help her hear better. Just then her mother knocked on her door.

“Julie? Honey, are you done with the invitations yet? It’s almost dinnertime.”

Julianne sighed. “Yes, mother,” she called, “I sent them out an hour ago.” She hesitated, then added, “Jeeze!”

Her mother insisted on a holiday party every year around this time. Grace Beechler had been doing it since Julie was nine or ten. Only now, she delegated to Julie the task of sending out the invites to her list of friends.

‘Thank god for email,’ Julie thought. She and her father both put up with this part of it, but dreaded the actual night. It would be all of her mother’s co-workers and some of their boyfriends and husbands, most of them wishing they were somewhere else. ‘Still, tradition and all that,’ Julie mused with a grim smile.

She heard what sounded like furniture being shoved around from down the hall, and left her bedroom for the kitchen, where she grabbed a glass from the dish drainer and scooted back into her room. Her door locked again, she put the glass to the wall and her ear against the glass bottom.

‘Fuck!’ The glass did nothing to enhance whatever was going on in Fareikh’s apartment. The few muffled sounds were impossible to hear clearly. Then, the woman’s voice erupted with a wail.

“Oh my god!”

Julie slapped the glass back against the wall. ‘What the fuck is that freak doing?’ she wondered.

The sound stopped as quickly as it had begun. Julianne imagined his hand around the whore’s throat as he… what was he doing? Her smooth slick thighs moved against each other without her even thinking about it, capturing her little bud in a tight grip. She only became aware of her arousal as her hand slid under the hem of her knit top and across her belly, headed downward.

At eighteen, masturbation wasn’t new to Julie. She could feel her clit swelling even now, and knew it would be enveloped in dampness when her fingers contacted it. Still, the almost-electric shock when she did, surprised her. She moaned softly, tracing two fingers around it before sliding further down into the tiny V of her thong panties. They were damp at the bottom, as they always seemed to be. Julianne sighed, letting one finger slip into her moist opening. Her labia parted easily, greedily allowing her probing finger inside. She shivered, stroked her inner lips a couple of times, and pulled her hand free.

‘That’s all I need,’ she thought, ‘to get myself all worked up, then have to go out and face my folks at the dinner table!’

“Julie! Dinner!” her mother called, as if sensing the correct moment.

‘She does that,’ Julie thought, and smiled. Her mom was perfect in so many ways. ‘If only throwing a party was one of them,’ she thought ruefully. She set the glass down carefully on her bedside table and left her room.

Later that night, she slipped her pajama bottoms off and lay naked from the waist down, pushing the sheet down so she could finish what she’d begun earlier. The whole time at dinner, as her mother prattled on about the coming weekend and her father grunted noncommittally, her mind had been conjuring up thoughts of the hairy middle-Easterner down the hall. She wondered what he looked like naked; what his cock was like. She’d seen videos of uncircumcised men, and was convinced he would be too, as that seemed to be the custom among their people. His lifestyle intrigued her, to be honest. She knew he was a programmer and that he spent a lot of his time working from home. She also knew about the hookers.

‘That man must be insatiable!’ she thought, as her fingers once again found her dripping crack, and slid smoothly inside. With one finger wet from the fluids she was drooling, she moved that hand up under her pajama top and rubbed it all around her tight left nipple.

“Oooohhhmmm,” she softly groaned. She had to be quiet, she knew, but it was getting impossible; her need was overpowering. Julianne Beechler’s teenage body was producing massive amounts of oxytocin and estrogen, as it always did just before she ovulated. She didn’t rationalize all this out; she just knew her horniness was off the charts. It certainly didn’t help when she could hear their fifth-floor neighbor having loud sex with women, right down the hall! Once again, she set her mind to Ankara escort imagining Fareikh, and what his body must look like.

“He’s a big hairy bastard,” she muttered to herself, and the finger that remained inside her curled upward, lightly scratching the ceiling of her tight hole. This was enough to make her moan again, and she clenched her thighs tightly around her hand, as if restricting her movements was the same as muting her voice. “Ohhhh, fuck! I bet he’s covered in hair, like a fuckin’ animal.” Her voice trembled when she spoke those words, and she flashed briefly on the video of the horses mating she’d seen on youtube. It hadn’t lasted long, but the image of the stallion’s impossibly long penis stabbing at the mare’s vagina had stayed with her. She imagined her finger as the horse’s cock, then as Fareikh’s. In her mind, it came at her out of a growth of thick black hair, sinking into her with the same fury the stallion had displayed. Two fingers now mirrored the movement she imagined.

“Ohhhhh, fucking yesssss!” she spat, as the first pulse of a rapidly approaching climax made her flex her legs, raising her hips off the bed. “Nnnnngggghhhh” was all she could manage as her pelvic floor muscles tightened in anticipation of the impending orgasm, and her fingertips danced briskly over her throbbing clitoris.

Julie abandoned her breast and grabbed the pillow from under her head with that hand, and slammed it down over her face as she fantasized the man thrusting deeply into her; just in time, as she almost screamed at the vision she had. Her lower body thrust upwards three or four times and she groaned loudly into the pillow, literally displacing her hand from her vagina as she came.


At last her writhing ceased, and she collapsed back onto her now-wet bed. Her bare ass felt the clamminess of the sheet below her, but she didn’t care. ‘Fuck me, that one was huge!’ she said to herself. She knew she must be grinning, ear to ear. Kevin, her last boyfriend, had never been able to do that for her, with his clumsy fingers and over-eager fumbling, even after she’d taken the time to show him how to please her. He only seemed to want her mouth on his penis. ‘For about thirty seconds,’ she giggled to herself, ‘then he’s done for!’ Julie had heard Fareikh go on for more than an hour with his trollops. Again, she briefly imagined the middle-Easterner before taking a deep breath and reaching for tissues, to mop the juices from her thighs.

Julie was a pretty girl, with wavy blonde hair that cascaded down to mid-back. She’d only had one boyfriend, but they’d had sex numerous times, and she considered herself pretty good at giving head. Her excessive wetness often bothered her, but she could never ask her mother about it. She imagined her proper mother saying, “Good girls don’t leak” or something similarly embarrassing, so she took extra care to do her own laundry. As an only child, her folks thought it was very mature of the teenager, and often complimented her on taking such initiative. For Julianne Beechler, it was a question of emotional survival.

Friday afternoon. Julie had just gotten back from her class at the community college, and wasn’t paying attention as she bounded up the stairs towards her apartment. She never took the elevator; that thing looked like a certain death-trap! Suddenly her face was right up against a pair of denim-clad legs.

“Ogod! Sorry,” she said, backing down a step and looking up at the person she’d nearly face-slammed into. It was Fareikh, grinning lewdly down at her!

“Not at all, young lady,” he said, his English as impeccable as she’d noted in the past. He added, “Anytime, in fact.”

Julianne blushed furiously. She looked down from his face; then realized that, at her elevation, she was staring directly at his crotch. Nor did she fail to notice the sizable lump in those fresh denim jeans.

“I… I…well,” she stammered, desperately trying to cover her embarrassment, “I mean, sorry about that. I should have been looking where I was going.”

He ignored her comment, instead closing the distance between them and extending a large dark hand. “I am Fareikh,” he said in his proper English, “and you are Julianna, correct?”

She tried to recover. “Uh, it’s Julianne,” she corrected him. “But everyone just calls me Julie.” She took his hand awkwardly, noting how warm and large it was. It swallowed her tiny hand up! He held onto hers for the longest time, looking down at her. Still a step above her, he towered over her. She wondered if he was going to let her hand go. When at last he did, she was trembling.

“Hello then, Miss Julie. I am happy to finally meet you.” He grinned down at her, then added, “any time you would like to run into me, I would find that pleasant.”

‘Oh my god!’ Julie knew her face must have turned crimson. She nervously dodged around the man and raced up the stairs even faster, but taking care now to look where she was going. At the door Ankara escort bayan to her apartment at last, she found it was locked. She quickly unlocked it and called out, trying to put the embarrassing feeling behind her.


Silence. A quick check of the kitchen counter showed a note, telling Julie that her mother had gone to the butcher’s for steak for tomorrow night’s party.

“Okay. Cool.”

Julie wondered how long ago her mother had left, as there was no time given on her note. She felt nervous and took a deep breath, realizing that she was shuddering slightly, still. That man, Fareikh, had left her feeling embarrassed and…frankly, insanely horny. She remembered a couple of nights before; the strained voice of that whore, not the first or last one she’d heard. She felt herself dampen at the images that brought.

“You little slut,” she chided herself aloud, knowing she was alone. Turning to look at the front door, she made a decision. She hurried to her room.

Her climax was no less spectacular than that of a few nights ago. Again, she moaned into her pillow, wishing it was someone’s shoulder. Maybe, his — the Muslim? Shocked at her own imagination, she sat upright quickly.

‘God, he’s like, forty,’ she told herself. He was not only older than her by more than two decades, he was tall — at least six feet — and lean, and hairy. ‘And I bet he’s got a big dick,’ she imagined, even as she rebuked herself for even thinking these things. She cleaned up her bed as best she could and went to the bathroom to clean herself. Her mother was standing there when she came out, surprising her.

“Got everything,” Grace announced, grinning. “This is going to be the best party ever!”

Julianne smiled and nodded. ‘Not as good as the one I just had,’ she thought. Together, they began to dice onions and carrots for tomorrow’s stew, and Julie got the air fryer out for the potato wedges her dad loved so much.

‘Tomorrow just might turn out to be okay,’ Julie told herself.

Saturday evening, guests began to arrive. There were five couples, two single women and one nerdy-looking man, whom Grace introduced to Julie as her newest associate. Gerald was balding, wore glasses with thick lenses, and seemed to stare at Julie as if he were studying her. Fortunately, Clay, Julie’s father, steered him into the den with the other men, where they had a college football game on the TV. After the steaks and sides were served, Julie ate quickly and slipped out the door, her ears ringing with ‘adult’ conversation.

“Jeeze, this is even more boring than last year,” she moaned to no one in particular. She walked to the elevator and listened as it wheezed to the floor beneath her, its cables and pulleys clanking dangerously. She began to descend the stairs, alert to her mother figuring out she had escaped and calling her name, but things remained quiet. At the third floor she met Mr. Cobb. ‘Probably on his way from that Chinese woman’s place,’ she thought with a barely subdued grin.

“Hi, sweetie,” he said, and fell in step beside her. “Where ya goin’ all dressed up?”

Julie was wearing the dress her mother had approved, with low heels and a lot more eye makeup than she normally wore. Grace had commented on it, but as her guests arrived, her mother had other things to think about, and so the issue of Julie’s eyes was dismissed. She felt sexy, and now Mr. Cobb seemed to appreciate her, too.

“Uhm, nowhere special,” she sighed. “Mom’s having her annual b-o-r-i-n-g holiday party. I just had to get away for a while.”

Brady Cobb grinned. “Yeah, I saw them earlier filling the elevator, getting ready to head up your way,” he said. “I had to tell them to go up in shifts, as the elevator doesn’t like more than two people at a time.”

“Right? I don’t think I’ve ridden it since we first moved in,” she laughed. “I was afraid they’d find us down there, wherever that thing calls home, with all of our furniture and our rotting bodies!”

Brady laughed loudly. “Probably not a bad choice,” he agreed. “I only take it when my knee is acting up.” He hesitated at the second floor, waiting for her to go past him in the narrow stairwell, so he could turn toward his apartment. “Hey,” he said, “you look nice. If you hang around the lobby you’ll give this place a little touch of class, but watch out for the punks out there.”

“Thanks,” Julie said. “I’m not planning on going out anyway. It is a jungle out there, isn’t it?”

Brady mock-shuddered. “They only come out at night,” he joked somberly, causing Julie to laugh. He watched her descend the steps, her little ass swaying with each step in those heels.

Twenty minutes later, who should come through the front door but Fareikh, dressed in a track suit and running shoes. His face was glistening and his shirt was stained with sweat. He saw Julie and smiled.

“Hello, Miss Julie,” he greeted her, his eyes running up and down over her. “Are you waiting for your date?”

‘He Escort Ankara looks good in sweat,’ Julie thought impishly, as she shook her head.

“No, I’m afraid not,” she said. “Just getting some air.” She moved aside as he began to walk past her, unconsciously inhaling. He stopped before her.

“There is no longer any air on the fifth floor?” he asked, then grinned.

As before, his nearness confused Julianne. Her senses swam in his aroma as his eyes roved over her, and when he grinned she noticed the way his eyes crinkled at the edges. She tried to guess how old he actually was.

“I…” There it was again; her tongue getting tangled at the most inopportune time. “No,” she suddenly said, and broke into laughter. “I mean, yeah, there’s air. It’s just…”

He leaned toward her, stopping her from thinking again. She suddenly was hearing the woman’s voice she had heard earlier this week. She had sounded angry, but after the smacking sound, she’d gone quiet. Fareikh’s voice assumed the same soft, yet commanding tone tonight, as he said to Julie, “Walk up with me, then. I would like to show you something.”

He extended his hand again, and Julie took it without answering; she wasn’t sure why. As they mounted the steps to the fifth floor, she told herself she’d say goodnight to Fareikh and return to her own apartment. Her mother would be missing her by now, she felt sure.

His grip on her hand was soft; entirely appropriate, but she felt that if she tried to pull away, it would tighten. For some reason, this excited her. He was, after all, of a different culture. ‘His people,’ she thought, ‘don’t act the way we do.’

‘Wait a minute,’ she told herself, ‘what am I thinking? His people? What the fuck does that mean? Is that some kind of racist bullshit? I’m better than that.’

Her inner dialogue was interrupted when he pulled her onto the fifth floor landing and away from her end of the hallway.

“Oh,” she said, surprised they were already there.

Fareikh glanced at her. “Is this okay, Miss Julie? That you are coming here?” he asked as he unlocked the door.

Julianne hesitated, but only for a moment. “Uhm, sure. Just for a minute, okay? I… you know. I have to get back soon.”

“Of course.”

His apartment was much classier than theirs, with their worn carpet and thrift-store furniture. Fareikh’s floor was polished wood, which gleamed. There were throw rugs of woven tapestry in each room, and the curtains that shrouded each window before her were thick and lush-looking. Julie’s first thought was that he must make a lot of money.

“Oh my gosh,” she breathed. “This place is gorgeous.” It was as if she was walking onto a movie set; so different from the claustrophobic feel of their apartment, yet she knew the square footage must be roughly the same.

Fareikh shut the door behind her and softly turned the deadbolt. “It pleases me that you like it,” he said formally, placing a hand on the small of her back. He pushed her gently towards a large futon, urging her to sit. She did, still looking around in wonder. He slipped into the kitchen and pulled two glasses from the rack.

“This is wine from Tajikistan,” Fareikh told her as he poured, “produced in a valley by members of my family. It is…” He brought her a glass with a small serving of an amber liquid. “…sweet, as you shall see, and very rare. Are you allowed to drink?”

Julianne took the glass and swirled the liquid around, as she’d seen wine connoisseurs on television do, then sipped carefully.

“Of course,” she lied. The drinking age was twenty-one, but she’d had sips of her parents’ wine before. This was much stronger, but delicious.

“So, is that where you’re from?” she asked.

“Yes,” Fareikh answered, sitting next to her on the futon sofa, “from a small province named Sughd. It is very beautiful.”

“This is good. You must be very proud. Tell me about your home,” Julie said, settling back into the cushions, and Fareikh’s arm, as she sipped. She sat spellbound as Fareikh told her about the history of his native country, and about escaping Russian rule.

“They were not good. They bankrupted us,” he said suddenly, his eyes flashing as he looked down at her. “And their women are ugly.” He smirked, and Julie laughed.

“Well, we’ve got our share of those,” she quipped, unsure of exactly what he meant by that. She swallowed the last of the sweet drink and handed the glass to Fareikh, preparing to leave.

He took it and set it on the floor, still staring at her. “But you are beautiful,” he told her, his eyes never leaving hers.

Julianne began to feel nervous. The alcohol in the drink had hit her, and her toes were tingling. “Thanks,” she said, “but I’d better be going.”

Fareikh gripped her upper arm with his free hand. “But I have not shown you yet,” he said in a voice tense with unseen meaning. He leaned into her suddenly and kissed her. Julie felt herself being pressed back into the futon cushion. His mouth covered hers, his tongue probing at her lips. She parted them slightly to take in air, and sucked in the sweet breath of this handsome older man. Relenting briefly, she kissed him back, caught up in the eroticism of the moment. His tongue swiped across her lips and she opened her mouth, inviting him in.

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Haitian Adventist Femdom Blues

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“Monsieur, I’ve got the cure for your problems,” Marjorie Celestin said, and the six-foot-tall, busty and dark-skinned, chubby Haitian woman cackled with glee. This was going to be tons of fun and wicked to boot. Without further ado, Marjorie gripped Jules Celestin’s hips and thrust the strap-on dildo into the depths of his ass. Jules gasped as Marjorie began to fuck his ass with her huge phallic toy. Who says a strong Black woman can’t fuck a Black man up the ass with her toys? Black male asses need Black female domination too! Never let anyone tell you different…

Jules Celestin is a man who leads a very kinky life and he has been with women of all races but his wife Marjorie Celestin was one scary bitch. Marjorie is the kind of woman that a man thinks of as soft and sweet, and then he learns the truth. Jules likes a challenge so he pursued Marjorie and put a ring on it. Too bad Marjorie can be a pain in the ass of Jules, sometimes quite literally. The tall, chubby Haitian man gasped as he felt the lady’s dildo deep down where the sun doesn’t shine. It would seem that female domination in the bedroom is something that Haitian men are no longer exempt from. What in the actual fuck?

“Oh fuck,” Jules groaned, and Marjorie laughed as she reached for his cock and balls while slamming the dildo up his ass. Marjorie wanted to show her husband Jules who is in charge and there was nothing he could do about it. In the master bedroom of the Celestin household, located in the Dajabon township of the Dominican Republic, things were heating up. Marjorie squeezed Jules cock and balls, causing the big and tall Haitian man to squeal like a little bitch. A lot of Haitian men like to act macho in the bedroom but Marjorie’s strap-on dildo is the cure for that. Black on Black pegging can cure sexism in the Black community!

Marjorie felt her pussy get wet as she continued ramming the dildo up Jules ass. Since Jules is obsessed with big-booty women Ankara escort and likes to stick his dick into whoever lets him, Marjorie decided to teach him a lesson. Marjorie remembered the night she let Jules fuck her up the ass. Getting Jules huge cock up her ass proved to be a challenge for Marjorie, but he had his fun and didn’t seem to care about her side of the story. When Jules made anal sex a regular part of their bedroom activities, Marjorie complied with his wishes like a prim and proper Haitian wife. Unfortunately, Jules continued to mess around with other women, and that pissed off Marjorie. It’s payback time in the Celestin household!

“Sing the Haitian National Anthem for me,” Marjorie shouted into Jules ear, and he groaned and complied. Marjorie allowed herself a smile as Jules began singing La Dessalinienne, the glorious national anthem of the Haitian nation. Jules is one of those Haitian guys who’s always chasing the Hispanic ladies in the City of Dajabon and Marjorie has had enough of it. Seriously, Haitian women are tired of Dominican women stealing their men. Haitian men shouldn’t run around chasing foreign women. The smart Haitian man loves and worships Haitian women. It’s about time that Marjorie taught Jules to get with the program…

“Pour le pays, pour les ancêtres, » Jules sang, and Marjorie smacked his chubby ass, demanding that he sing louder. The other day, Marjorie caught Jules ogling Marianna Lopes, the brown-skinned, big-bottomed Hispanic lady living on Scarcella Street in the Valdez District of Metropolitan Dajabon. Marjorie has had it with those Hispanic broads who tempt Haitian men like Jules away from Haitian women. That’s why the tall, fiery Haitian dame decided to teach her wayward husband a lesson he wouldn’t forget. When a Black woman fucks a Black man’s ass with a strap-on dildo, he tends not to forget her…

“When Black women fuck Black men’s asses with dildos, Ankara escort bayan it makes the world a better place,” Marjorie murmured as she continued ramming her toy up Jules ass. As the dildo filled his ass, Jules felt as though he was being split in two. Marjorie bucked her hips, ramming the dildo into the depths of Jules ass. This was the other side of anal sex, the one which most Black men dread. The average Black man is terrified of a dildo going up his ass, and he fears the day his woman will strap it on and give it to him. For Jules Celestin, macho Haitian man, that day is today. Marjorie is clapping them cheeks and there’s absolutely nothing that Celestin can do about it.

“Oh yeah, fuck me,” Jules moaned, and his words surprised the Hell out of Marjorie. The tall, sexy Haitian woman felt her husband’s cock harden in her hand as she continued working the strap-on dildo into the depths of his butt hole. Jules moans and grunts turned Marjorie on so much that she felt her pussy get wet. Laughing merrily, Marjorie continued stroking Jules hard cock and big balls while pounding his ass with her strap-on dildo. Haitian men have nice asses and those asses don’t belong to gay men or to women of other races. The butts of Haitian men belong to Haitian women, and pegging is something hot and intimate which a lot of Haitian couples are starting to explore. Marjorie was thrilled to see her husband Jules get with the program.

“I am your Haitian goddess, Jules,” Marjorie crowed proudly as she plundered Jules ass with a passion. Jules moaned and his hard, masculine body shuddered as Marjorie’s relentless pegging took him to the edge of passion. Jules cried out as he came, his hard cock spewing hot cum all over his wife Marjorie’s hand. Marjorie pulled the dildo out of Jules butt hole, and then had him lie down on the bed. As Jules lay there, stroking his cock, Marjorie sat on his face, and smothered Escort Ankara him with her thick ass cheeks. To reward Jules for such a fun pegging session, Marjorie farted on his face. That’s right, big-booty Black women sometimes fart on Black men’s faces and it’s a beautiful thing!

“Praise to the Haitian goddess,” Jules said, and he grabbed his wife Marjorie’s thick ass cheeks and swallowed her fart like a good Haitian husband should. Afterwards, Jules put Marjorie on all fours and thrust his hard cock into her pussy. Marjorie sighed happily as her husband Jules gripped her hips and slammed his cock into her pussy. Yeah, Marjorie is mean as hell and likes to do mean things to men’s butts but she also likes having her pussy and asshole filled with a hard cock. Jules smacked Marjorie’s big ass, making her yelp as he rammed his dick into her pussy. This is how passionate Haitian couples get down, wherever they are.

“Fill my asshole,” Marjorie said as she spread her thick ass cheeks wide open, and Jules grinned. Without further ado, Jules took some cream and lubricated Marjorie’s butt hole then pushed his cock into her backdoor. Big Haitian cocks fit perfectly inside the booty holes of Haitian women as long as there is lubrication involved in the process. Jules gripped Marjorie’s wide hips and slammed his cock into her booty hole. Mean ladies from the island of Haiti sometimes need a good ass fucking and when it comes to clapping Marjorie’s cheeks, Jules is definitely the man for the job. Jules tagged Marjorie’s ass, filling her booty hole with his cock until she begged for mercy. The Haitian King is back, and the Haitian queen most definitely felt his true power, for real.

Afterwards, Jules Celestin and his lovely wife Marjorie showered, got dressed and headed to the Iglesia Santa Maria De Dajabon, the local Haitian church, for Friday Night Vespers. They’re just another attractive, well-dressed Haitian couple heading to church on a Friday evening. A lot of people think of Haitian Adventists as a boring lot and such people surely haven’t met Jules Celestin and his mean, sexy wife Marjorie Celestin. The Haitian people are doing well in the Dominican Republic and it won’t be long until they own the place. Let the good times roll!

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Diamond in the rough

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I’d recently taken on a foreman role for a catering company in a new area to get away from my perilous ex-girlfriend. I was initially living in a bungalow out the back of my current bosses house and was keen to get a place of my own as soon as possible.

The region of Albany was nice, however, due to the high demand for housing, I was forced to take a two-bedroom apartment in ‘west Albany’ which was considered ‘the slums.’

It was a regional area and not your typical country town that was easy to network and make friends.

It had more of a suburban type feel and everything seemed to have an ashen gray tinge to it, even the ‘blazing colors’ of the fast-food outlets were dull and coated in grime.

The overall mood of the place seemed to match the ashen gray tinge of the area and was void of any kind of life or human spirit. People weren’t courteous and just wandered around in a state of fear or drug-induced paranoia.

The area had a bad reputation for crime and drugs and seemed to be filled with arrogant people who had no excuse to be arrogant, considering where they lived and what they were.

I’d lived in the area for 6 months and failed to make a single friend. The only people I saw were my work colleagues who were less than desirable and my pot dealer, whom I met at a local tavern one night as I was plowing myself with drink due to the constant feeling of isolation and oppression resulting from living in west Albany.

I was taken back one afternoon on my way home from work when walking down the sidewalk of one of the many derelict neighborhoods I drove through on my way home. I saw a 5ft 6′ blonde wearing the shortest red dress I’d ever seen. It wasn’t tight or hugged her body, the dress was rather frilly at the ends and quite visibly displayed the girl’s creamy buttocks.

Although I couldn’t make out her thong from the roadside, it was obvious she was wearing one due to her buttocks being on display, either that or she wasn’t wearing any underwear at all!

The busty blonde wasn’t what I would describe as a 10, she was more of a 6 on the scale and was desperate for attention. Why else would she be wearing such a dress I wondered? Especially in the area of west Albany, where everyone seemed to be self-conscious and looked at the ground as they crossed paths.

I noticed a typical, west Albany loser walking towards her who seemed to move from the sidewalk and over the gutter onto the side of the road as he was approaching her, true to form of such uncivilized degenerates from around here.

I wondered if the girl felt just like I did? — Of course she did. How could she not, living here? Her presence was a breath of fresh air. She wouldn’t have looked out of place on a beach in Marseille! There, would have blended in perfectly. Here; however, She might as well have a sign hanging around her neck saying ‘rape me.’ She knew she was safe though, as nobody talked to each other in west Albany.

Due to the covid restrictions ending, people were no longer wearing masks, she must have felt so cooped up and frustrated during the past two years or so and was venting her sexual frustration and lack of human affection of late in her dress sense.

I read a quote recently from Eleanor Roosevelt. ‘Do something that makes you afraid at least once a day,’ and thought I’d take my chance.

I cut a lap around the block and pulled up to the curb and waited until she approached with google maps opened on my phone as if I were looking for directions.

I had the latest VW Jetta that had a touch of class about it, considering what most young guys my Ankara escort age around here drove, most of them never drove at all!

And this girl was walking, she didn’t have a ride. As she walked past I wound down the window;

“Excuse me, sorry to bother you! I’ve just moved to the area and I’m trying to find the liquor store before it closes! I’m sick of driving around in circles.”

What was the worst she was going to do? Ignore me and keep walking? Give me directions and keep walking?

Her response answered all of my earlier queries.

“Hah! That makes two of us.”

She seemed really ‘nice’ and friendly, she was appreciating the fact, someone, anyone, had bothered to engage her, she must have felt as if people were frightened of her the way the last loser shuffled out her way and avoided her like the plague.

I then said to her ”Great minds think alike I suppose! This stupid GPS is gonna cause an accident!” I was making out I was genuinely in a rush. Once she gave me directions, she said, ”I’d better hurry too, before it closes!”

It was then I offered her a ride. I didn’t look like a serial killer, more like Freddy Prinz junior, therefore was no threat and she knew it. Even if there were an element of danger about me, it still wouldn’t have bothered her. West Albany was like living in a world where you were invisible.

She jumped in the passenger seat and I marveled at her gorgeous thick thighs.

I could see the crotch of her red panties due to her dress being so short. It came up even further once she sat down and the hems got caught under her ass. She began tugging at the ends of the dress in vain, pretending to make it longer to no avail.

”Nice dress — It’s hot,” I said very casually.

“You think so?” as she turned to me seeming unsure of herself. I’d instilled a sense of assurance into her regarding her outfit to which she casually said;

“You’re too nice” and smiled, she looked like she was a little on ‘the chubby side,’ only very slightly though, it didn’t bother me because her figure was nice, I considered it puppy fat. I hadn’t been with my girlfriend for over 6 months and would have almost fucked anything with a pulse at this point. The more I looked at her, the prettier she appeared to be. The excess puppy fat could be easily fucked away.

As we continued driving, we made conversation about how we both despised the town and how people were weird and abnormal here, sharing a common interest. We then walked into the liquor store together as if we were boyfriend and girlfriend, within 15 minutes of meeting each other were laughing like school-children and hitting it off like old friends.

She told me her name was ‘Jessica’ with a K.

The word ‘easy’ came to mind, such was my first impression of her. She had to be a little different and stand out from the crowd. This girl loved the attention!

Once getting our drinks, we got back into the car when I asked “What’s on for the evening?”

“Just having a couple at home and putting up with my mom’s bullshit!” She replied

Jessika was 19 and still lived at home with her nagging mother. I explained I had my own place and she seemed to be impressed by this. She asked me what I had planned for the evening.

My response; ”Probably just having a few at home as well, unless you got anything better in mind!” — Throwing it out there.

Jessika just laughed and took the hint when she said ”Anythings’s better than going back to my place and putting up with my crazy mother!” To which I responded;

”We can have Ankara escort bayan a few at mine…if you like.”

Jessika took a sip from her drink and said ”Suurrree why not,” nodding her head in approval before looking into her lap and smiling whilst brushing a locket of her blonde hair over one ear.

Her reaction gave me an instant hard-on. I’d gone from heading home from work like clockwork and having a boring night like usual whilst resenting my place in this area, pondering greener grass elsewhere, to having a hot, spur-of-the-moment date with a sexy blonde!

All of a sudden West Albany looked entirely different. It was where I would come to meet Jessika and it wasn’t so bad after all; In fact, it was best thing that had ever happened to me and the gray tinge had begun to lift. I was now seeing west Albany and the world in color.

As we got into the driveway and entered my place through the garage door, Jessika seemed to be impressed very easily. My place was neat with not much furniture, I’d only just moved in, I explained to her.

“This is awesome.” She said, scanning the walls as if she was decorating the place in her mind.

I played it down of course and said “It does the job for now.”

She threw herself down on the sofa as if she owned the place and was feeling comfortable in my presence. I was beginning to become the shy one. This girl was confident and very forward. You only had to take one look at her to see that!’

What surprised me about her though as she wasn’t a ‘stuck up’ skank’ type. She was a bubbly and nice person, a little insecure at heart I’m sure — like everyone! But you’d never know it from the outside.

I sat down next to her and couldn’t get my eyes off her sexy thighs and red panties, now revealing a visible wet spot! This was too good to be true I kept thinking, as my heartbeat increased, knowing where this was heading. I almost had to pinch myself.

Jessika began saying how she’d love her own space away from her mother because of all of her issues.

Our shoulders were now touching and she was slightly leaning on me the more we talked.

The flesh of her arm against mine felt amazing, and her body warmth and presence made my heart full.

Our thighs and knees were now touching as well as our shoulders, she was wet! And I was hard — although it was difficult to make out, I kept adjusting my pants and she sensed why!

Jessika was using her mom as an excuse to gain my sympathy and keep the conversation flowing as both our minds wandered elsewhere. I took the hint and tapped her thigh twice and said ”it’ll be alright.” She then grabbed my hand next to hers and held it and said “You’re sweet” as I started to run my fingers through hers.

We both stared directly forward pretending to be interested in whatever was on the TV whilst hand in hand.

Both contemplating over what was happening, had happened, and was about to happen.

I noticed her looking at me through the corner of her eye and turned my head slightly, her hair was kind of covering one eye. I took the hair from her face and swept it over her ear and saw her smile; beautiful straight teeth and succulent lips, slightly glossy from her lip balm.

I then put my arm between the couch and squeezed it behind back as I leaned in and kissed her — slowly, as my left hand began tracing her thigh. She started to sigh as our kissing increased.

I began circling her clit with my left hand across her red panties while we continued making out.

I would say I had her in the palm of my hand, however, Escort Ankara I had Jessika wrapped around the tip of my finger! My middle finger! That was circling her clit as I then began to insert it, my finger on the outside of her panties at this point pushing them into her vagina opening as she started to groan and I increased the tempo.

She had her left hand on my cock, rubbing it through my shorts as we sat there making out and masturbating each other.

I then sat up slightly and pushed my basketball shorts down, now my raging erection showing through my briefs, the end of my cock outline visibly wet from pre cum, as were her panties.

“Omg it’s massive,” she said

At that moment, Jessika, the initiator climbed into the doggy style position without any input from me. This bitch liked being fucked doggy! More than the traditional romantic missionary type sex I was expecting, especially since it was our first time.

“I want you to fuck me!” She said

As I pulled her red dress up and rested it on the middle of her back.

Now her red lacy thong was on display, the perfect mixture of perfume and wet pussy in the air was amazing.

I undid two bottoms from my cotton briefs and my cock sprung free. I then began massaging the tip of my cock over her soaked panties, still covering her vagina.

The lace felt amazing alone! I ran my cock up and down her wet slit; as if the lace from her panties were a condom, I began ‘fucking her.’ My knob pressed against her panties as I teased her further!

I wanted more! So I parted her panties and began to push my cock into her. She was tight! It was as if I were pushing my cock a silky elastic band that ran down my shaft before bottoming out in the depths of her plush vagina cavity.

One foot firmly planted on the ground, whilst my right knee was bent on the couch and she was of course, on all fours, as I continued to penetrate her saying;

“This is the best sex I’ve ever had!”

“Ohhhhhhhh!” She moaned followed by “Same!” And began fucking me with her pussy, thrusting her hips back.

I then took control as I held her firmly in place by the hips and started fucking this bitch hard, just as she desired!

“Ohhh fuck!!” She said “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“Ohhh fuck, your pussy feels so fucking good!” I responded

“Yeah??” She said gasping heavily by this point

“Yeah! Wrapped around my fucking cock!” I said primitively

“Ohhh!” She moaned as I continued fucking her hard and fast. I couldn’t get over the amazing smell in the air! Her scent was beautiful and there was no way I was pulling out, nature never intended for that! I shot my load deep inside her as I pressed my thumb into her asshole.

It was the longest orgasm I’d ever had! I was mounting her like a proud lion and continued to very slowly push my dick into her long after I’d cum. There were zero regrets in my decision to not pull out of her! I was showing her how I truly felt! My appreciation of her.

She then turned around and kicked her panties to the floor and laid her head on my chest and smiled as she slapped my semi-hard hard cock that was slowly losing hardness.

At the moment we didn’t have to say another word, we just lay there enjoying each other’s company before we started reflecting over the day; how we just met, and how we were far more ‘comfortable’ with each other, as if we’d known each other our entire lives!

Jessika wasn’t the stuck-up kind, but she was sure to make other guys jealous everywhere we went.

I never considered her a whore either. She was just like me and took her opportunity.

She just liked a good fuck and was sick of living in the area. Sick of being ignored and people being afraid of her. I guess she admired me for being the one to take her up on what she had to offer since everyone else was too scared.

As they say: ‘fortune favours the brave!’

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Vern Invites for a Visit Pt. 01

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

All characters are over 18.

All are clean and the females are all safe.

There may be scenes of: GROUP, MFM, FMF, ANAL, MM, FF & FETISH


It was almost 18 months since we visited Vern in Florida, with the pandemic & everything else that was going on. I was now living in New York with Lisa.

One Saturday in July my phone rang and it was Vern.

“Tony, Vern here. How the hell are you? How is Lisa?”

“Hey you old fuck, how are you. What’s up?”

I yelled out to Lisa that Vern was on the line… She yelled back to tell him hi from me.

“Lisa said hi. So what’s up?”

“For one thing I survived the fucking pandemic. In the middle of it, I sold my house & bought a nicer one.”

“That’s great. I’m glad for you.”

“I wanted to see how you guys were and if you two still fuck around.”

“We are fine and we still do, but it’s not as good without you and not as often.”

“That’s the reason I called. How would like to come down and be my guests for a week and we can break in my new house?”

“We would be delighted to visit.”

“There is one other thing. I found a very private sex club that I joined and they asked me if I knew any potential members & I thought of you two. I hope that was ok.?”

“That’s very flattering. We might be. We can discuss it when we come down.”

“Sounds good…See you in three weeks then?”

“Yes. We will be there. I’ll call you with the date & info when we will be there.”

“Ok. Looking forward to your visit.”

“We are too. Thanks. Bye.”


Then I told Lisa that we were going down in three weeks and that Vern joined a private sex club & wanted to know if we would join. I told him we would discuss it when we got there.

Lisa smiled and said, “I don’t know about that. I think I’m too old for all those cocks, but we’ll see.”

Over the course of the next couple of weeks we got ready for the trip. Lisa made sure she brought extra sexy outfits. She also left her bras at home. She even went smooth because Vern liked her that way. She packed her nipple jewelry as well. For me, I didn’t pack much at all, just the necessities.

I called Vern and gave him all the details and he said he would meet us at the Melbourne airport.

The day finally arrived and Lisa and I finally arrived without incidents. Since we had no checked luggage, only carry on, we went straight to the exit where Vern was waiting.

Lisa rushed to Vern and smothered him in kisses. I caught him giving her braless tits a nice feel and just smiled. We went to the car and were on our way to Vern’s new house. The trip was going to be about an hour. I sat in the back and Lisa sat up front.

Lisa wasted no time in moving her dress up to her waist to give Vern a good look at her smooth pussy. Vern smiled and said, “This is the best drive I am ever going to take.” Then he laughed and grabbed her tit which she took out for him.

The drive got even better when Lisa removed her dress and sat there naked. I yelled at Vern to pay attention to his driving. We all laughed.

We finally arrived at his house and he pulled into the garage. We got out & since Lisa was naked, Vern quickly closed the garage door. We were all laughing.

Finally inside, Vern showed us where we could put our stuff then gave us the tour.

The house was a sprawling ranch. It hade three nice sized bedrooms, one being the master suite with bathroom, jetted tub, shower stall for four and a king sized bed.

The other two bedrooms had their own bathroom & shower stall.

There was a dining room, eat in kitchen and a family room with a fireplace.

He showed us the backyard which featured an in-ground pool, a hot tub and an 8′ high security fence around the entire property and an outdoor shower and cabana.

There were no neighbors around his house which sat on an acre.

Vern brought out lunch and as we ate I said, “So, tell us about your sex club.”

Vern replied, “I got in because I am close with the founder, Don, very close. It’s all couples though. They meet once a quarter at alternating homes for a weekend of sex. Their next meeting is this Saturday.”

Lisa said, “That sounds pretty normal.”

Vern continued, “It pretty much is. Are you guys interested?”

“Yeah. It sounds ok to us.”

“I’ll call Don and invite him over for dinner tonight.”

Then we finished lunch and went out naked to the pool.

The day was spent relaxing and taking the sun.

Vern said, “Lisa, I must say you look terrific. How much weight did you lose”

“I lost 20 pounds and started lifting weights.”

Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for dinner.

I showered and put on shorts & a tank top. Lisa showered and put on short shorts & a tank top that was quite sheer. Of course Vern was naked.

Just about 6:00, the doorbell rang and Vern let Don & his wife, Emily in.

Vern introduced us to them. They were dressed in shorts and tank tops as well. They must have been in their late 40’s Ankara bayan escort or early 50’s and in good shape.

Vern set up the food on the patio and we enjoyed a nice meal with wine. As we ate, the conversation turned to the sex club.

Don said, “Vern told us a lot about you two. And we would like to know if you would be interested in joining our club.”

“Vern didn’t tell us much about the club except you meet quarterly for a weekend of sex.”

“That’s true. Couples only except for Vern here. Do you two have any inhibitions?”

Lisa replied, “No. We’ve fucked in front of others before. It’s no big deal.”

I watched Don and he couldn’t take his eyes off of Lisa’s tits, which were clearly visible through her sheer top, so I said, “Lisa, why don’t you show Don & Emily what they would be seeing if we joined.”

Lisa smiled, stood up, looked at me and removed her top, then let her shorts fall to the ground. She stood there naked.

“So, do you want us in your club?” I asked.

Emily replied, “Yes, very much so. And I can assure you Don wants you to join as well.”

I replied, “Ok, we’re in but we have a couple of requests.”

Don asked what they were.

“First, Lisa is to be treated with utmost respect by your members. Second, if she says no, then it’s no. Is that understood?”

Don replied, “You have my word that Lisa will be treated extremely well.”

“Ok. We’re in. Now how about showing us what you two offer?”

Don & Emily got up, dropped their clothes and stood naked. They were both in great shape. Emily had pierced pussy lips and Don’s cock must have been at least 8″ and it was semi hard.

Lisa smiled and said, “Hey Don, all the men like you?”

Don replied, “Actually Lisa, most of the guys are bigger than me, especially Dave. If you like big cocks, you will not be disappointed.”

Vern was smiling and said, “Well, I’m glad that’s all resolved. Now, why don’t we enjoy ourselves. We have the whole night if you & Emily can stay.”

Don smiled and said, “We can stay.”

We all relaxed and in short time, we were all in the pool. Our naked bodies touching each other. I kept watching Don who never missed an opportunity to get a feel of Lisa. I could see his cock was rock hard and must have been at least 9″ erect. I moved over to Lisa and whispered to her, “Fuck him.”

Lisa smiled and nodded an ok.

Then Lisa got out of the pool and turned to Don & said, “Why not join me and I’ll give you a taste of what you might get at the club.”

Don got out and moved to Lisa. They hugged and kissed. His huge cock pressing up against her nakedness. She knelt down and started sucking his cock. She couldn’t get it all in her mouth but she tried. Eventually, she got on her back and told Don to fuck her.

We watched as he slowly pushed his cock into her cunt. It wasn’t long before his cock disappeared completely in her. He wasted no time in fucking her. Then he yelled out that he was going to cum. He arched back and gave her one last thrust and he filled her cunt with his cum. His limp cock was still spurting cum as it was now out of her cunt.

Lisa’s cunt was well stretched and his cum was clearly visible oozing out her wide open cunt.

I said, “So, what do you think?”

Don & Emily both replied, “God, she’s terrific.”

After some rest, the five of us found Vern’s king sized bed and enjoyed each other throughout the night.

At breakfast Don said, “There is a club get together Saturday at our house. Will you be there?”

I answered that it would be fine and that we looked forward to it. After we ate, Don & Emily left.

As we cleaned up, Vern said, “You guys are terrific. You both will make a big impression on the members.”

Lisa replied, “Come on Vern, let’s the three of us make a big impression now.” And we went into his bedroom.

Lisa got between us and Vern was all over Lisa. As they were hugging & kissing, I was sucking on Vern’s big cock and then eating Lisa. I lined up his cock to her slit and gave it a push and it easily slipped into her cunt. I was licking his shaft as it was going in and out of her cunt. When he was cumming in her cunt, I managed to get my tongue in her cunt and lapped up his cum as it was still spurting out from his cock.

As soon as his cock was out of her cunt, I got my cock in her and shot my cum into her already cum filled cunt.

At some point, we fell asleep but I was woken up to see Vern fucking Lisa in her ass. I just smiled and rolled over. I suddenly felt Vern’s cock at my asshole and I felt it sliding in. I pushed my ass back to accept his cock. Once it was in, he started fucking my ass and Lisa was sucking my cock.

It didn’t take long for Vern to fill my ass with his cum at the same time I filled Lisa’s mouth with my cum. That’s the night it was…

The next morning we all showered together and Lisa and I gave Vern a blow job and he shared his cum with both of us. Vern & I gave Lisa a golden shower before Escort bayan Ankara we got out.

After breakfast we lounged by the pool. The sun was hot but there was a nice breeze.

I said, “Vern, your place is terrific. We love it.”

He replied, “You know, it’s big enough for three. I wouldn’t mind if you two moved in with me.”

Lisa smiled and said, “If Tony gave the ok, I’d try it.”

I looked at her and said, “If you’re both serious, it might work.”

“So why don’t you both move in with me? I’m serious. We get along well. We have no inhibitions and it would be fun.”

“Vern, here is what we’ll do. We will go back to NY, pack some stuff and plan on staying a month with you to see how it goes.”

“That’s a good idea.” Echoed Lisa & Vern.

I suggested we discuss arrangements like sleeping & sex, among other things.

Lisa said, “Look, I’ll be available to you two all the time. I will sleep with Vern one night then Tony the next unless you make other arrangements. Once a week we can sleep together or more if you want.

Sex would not be an issue…

We agreed and it was all settled.

Over the next few days, we enjoyed each other often as we prepared for the sex club get together.

Saturday finally arrived…

We all showered and dressed casually. Vern & myself in jeans and t-shirts and Lisa in white spandex shorts and see through blouse.

We drove over to Don’s house which was pretty big. We rang the doorbell and Emily opened the door & let us in. She showed us around and introduced us to the members, 8 couples in total, all of whom were pleasant and cordial. I’m guessing that the average age was around 50. All the women were attractive as well.

Emily then made an announcement, “Dear friends, if you haven’t met our new members, Lisa & Tony, please say hello to them and make them comfortable and enjoy them.”

Lisa and I mingled and were attracted to one particular couple, Dave & Andrea. We hit it off with them got to know them somewhat in a short time. As we chatted, the house lights flickered and I thought we were going to lose power. Then Dave said, “No, it’s Don’s way of saying it’s time to get naked.”

Lisa and I laughed and I said, “So, what do we do now…just get naked?”

Andrea laughed and replied, “Sort of, but we go into one of the rooms to undress and get ready. Come with us.”

We followed them into a room down the hall. We all went in and then Andrea said, “Now, we can get naked and put our clothes away. You guys are ok with being naked in front of others, aren’t you?” Lisa smiled and replied, “We have no problem being naked in front of others. We’ve also fucked in front of others.” As she said that, she removed her clothes and laid them on the chair. I followed and now we were both naked. In the meantime, Dave & Andrea removed their clothes.

We all smiled and I said, “You guys look terrific.” Dave’s cock had to be at least 8″ soft. Andrea’s pussy was smooth and her tits sagged a bit but were perfect.

Andrea said, “So what are you guys into?”

I replied, “Just about anything. Oral, Anal, Golden Showers, Threesomes, Swap, Group…makes no difference.”

Lisa continued, “I like big cocks.” And she laughed.

Dave replied, “Well Lisa, I think you & I have something in common.”

Lisa looked at me and I nodded an ok and in an instant, Lisa and Dave ventured out of the room to join the group. Andrea and I got friendly in the room first. It was a matter of minutes when I got my hard cock in Andrea’s cunt and fucked her, cumming in her. Then we went to join the group.

I watched as Lisa made the rounds with Dave. She eyed every large cock and I could see her almost salivating at the supply of them. Don was right, they all had big cocks. The guests all had their eyes on Lisa who looked gorgeous. Her flat stomach, smooth pussy and her big tits were a sight to behold. I could see her nipples were already hard & erect. The women were equally taken with Lisa.

As Lisa & Dave made the rounds, guests would just go over and give her a kiss or get a feel of her. Then one guest yelled out, “Hey Dave, fuck Lisa so we can see her taking your big cock.”

Dave looked at Lisa and she whispered to him. The next thing I saw was Dave & Lisa getting on a blanket on the floor in the middle of the room. Everyone gathered around and just watched the two of them.

Dave & Lisa wasted no time in getting into action. In seconds Lisa had her legs wide apart and Dave was on top of her. His cock was fully erect & hard. It must have been 10″ and thick. I wasn’t sure if Lisa would be able to take it all in.

Dave wasted no time and gently started pushing his cock into Lisa’s cunt, going slowly. We all watched as Lisa pushed her cunt down to get his cock in her. After a couple of minutes, we watched his cock completely disappear into her cunt. I could hear the guests gasp as she took his cock all in.

Then Dave started to slowly fuck her. His strokes were long Bayan escort Ankara & slow. Soon, Lisa was fucking him back with each of his thrusts. I could tell she was ready to orgasm as her hips and back arched upwards and she started moaning. Then she clawed his back as she had an orgasm. At that time, Dave filled her cunt with his cum and Lisa had multiple orgasms. Finally things quoted down and Dave pulled his cock out, we could all see the cum oozing from Lisa’s stretched cunt. Everyone applauded.

After a resting period for Lisa, the men were all around her wanting her. I looked at Lisa, who smiled at me and nodded an ok & I then made an announcement, “People, Lisa will be available in the bedroom down the hall for anyone who wants to get to know her better. Please be respectful and enjoy your time with her.”

As I finished, Lisa went down the hall to the bedroom. In no time at all guests lined up to be with her.

A couple of hours later, the gathering quieted down and many of the guests left. I finally got a chance to see Lisa who, by that time was not only exhausted but covered in cum and female juices.

“How are you?”

“Besides being tired and sore, I am fine.”

“Well, you were the star of the evening. And you thought you couldn’t take all those cocks.”

“God, Tony, I never saw so many huge cocks. And, you will be happy to know, I took everyone of them in my cunt, something I didn’t think I would be able to do when I first saw them all.”

“I spoke to Don & Emily and they said you were the perfect addition to the club and hoped you want to join.”

With a big smile on her face, Lisa said, “I did enjoy myself but I’m not sure if I want to join the club as a regular. I need some time to think about it. I felt funny not being with you & Vern tonight.”

“That’s not a problem. I’ll tell them that we are thinking about it. You ready to go?”

“Yeah, as soon as I get cleaned up.”

“You don’t have to. I kinda like seeing you covered in cum. I’ll tell Vern we are ready to go.”

We dressed and left…as soon as we got back to Vern’s place, the three of us undressed and jumped into the shower. Vern & I gave Lisa a thorough washing and she enjoyed it. We gave each other a golden shower before we finished.

It was very late and Vern made coffee and we discussed the evening and we were glad we went. Then Vern said, “When are you guys going to get your things & come back?”

I replied, “I am going to fly up the day after tomorrow. Lisa will stay here and I’ll bring everything back. I will be driving back & should be back by next Sunday. In the meantime, you two can play house.

Vern smiled and said, “We’ll have everything ready by then.”

The Lisa said smiling, “I think I’m going to really enjoy this…two men at my beckon call 24 hours a day…mmm.”

I left on Monday & got everything we would need for our stay at Vern’s and drove back. I did make it back a day earlier and rolled in Saturday around noon.

I brought everything in and Vern & Lisa helped me get things squared away. Finally, we were all settled in.

As soon as we were finished, I got naked and the three of us went out by the pool. As I sipped my soda, I said, ” Ok, who wants to tell me what I have missed out on?”

Vern laughed and replied, ” Well, actually, nothing much. Unless you want to hear about me & Lisa fucking.”

I smiled and said, “Yeah, bring me up to date.”

In the meantime, Lisa had a big smile on her face. I then caught a reflection on Lisa’s thigh. It was still wet cum.

Vern said, “Well, Lisa and I fucked every night. She was insatiable. She wore me out. Right Lisa?”

Lisa added, “Well, what woman could not want that big cock in her? You know, I think it’s bigger now than when we got here. Anyway, whenever we fucked, we talked about you and threesomes and how much I love it when you both do me.”

By now, Vern’s cock was hard as was mine. I couldn’t resist and went over to Vern and started sucking his cock. Then Lisa joined me and we shared his cock. It wasn’t long before I knew he was going to cum and sure enough, his cock exploded and filled our mouths with his cum. We swallowed every drop. Then we went back to lounging and taking the sun. Lisa laid on the blanket on the ground instead.

After awhile she was fast asleep so I whispered to Vern that I wanted to give our sleeping beauty a shower. He nodded an ok. Then we stood over Lisa, who was on her back, and we started giving her a golden shower which went on for a few minutes. She woke up and smiled as our last drops landed on her tits.

“I’m going to get even with you two.” She yelled out with a smile on her face.

The phone rang and all we could here was Vern saying, “It’s fine…Yeah…no problem…bye.”

When Vern hung up he said, ” We are going to have guests, Don & Emily & Andrea & Dave are coming over.”

About an hour later the doorbell rang and Vern let everyone in and they immediately joined us by the pool. Needing no invitation the three of them got naked and joined us.

Vern then asked, “So, what brings you guys here?”

Don replied, “We just wanted to stop by to see if Lisa & Tony made a decision on joining the club.”

I replied, “To be honest, we haven’t decided. We had a nice time but Lisa was exhausted by the time we left.”

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The Lonely Wife

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‘Bye Honey’

With that the front door slammed to a close and Maura collapsed back on to her pillow, dismayed. This morning’s lack of affection had marked a particular milestone on Maura’s phone — it had now been exactly 365 days since her husband had bothered to fuck her. She had tried in vain to rekindle the passion in the early months. Lingerie had gone unnoticed in the bedroom, discussions about sex had petered out unsatisfied and even an impromptu blowjob from Maura after a late work social had not restarted her husband’s libido. Instead, he had dumped his load in her mouth, gone upstairs and fallen asleep.

Although acutely aware of the fact that she was no longer in possession of all the looks she had held in her twenties, Maura was proud of her wrinkle free skin and her breasts held up much firmer than that of her peers. Her brown hair hung down smoothly on either side of her pale cheeks. There was a real fire in her blue eyes, if you ever got close enough to see them. As she regarded herself in the mirrored wardrobes on the other side of the room, she turned slightly to admire her curvaceous backside concealed by her dressing gown.

Not that Maura’s sex drive had diminished, a delight to her considering that she had just passed her fortieth birthday. In fact, given her untouched time at home she had experienced a sexual awakening of late. Typically her husband leaving in the morning signalled a rush to her laptop, where she would browse internet porn for hours, fascinated. Over the past year she graduated to tentatively from vanilla softcore to much more advanced genres. She watched in awe as a never ending selection of big cocks passed on the screen, satisfying woman after woman. Finally, she would pull out the two sex toys she owned — a bullet vibrator and a pink dildo — and orgasm within seconds, brought close by the sordid scenes she had seen. This morning; however, was different for Maura. She knew nothing but a real cock would satisfyingly end this year long dry spell. A familiar wetness was between Maura’s legs and she was just reaching under her dressing gown when there was a knock on the door downstairs.

Through the fogged glass by the door, Maura could see Ankara escort the outline of James, the postman, standing outside. The husband of Maura’s friend Sophie, James was a regular visitor to her house and she opened the front door warmly. He stood there in his postmaster’s uniform holding a cardboard box and smiling, standing under the porch to avoid the rain that was pelting down.

‘Expecting something? Just saw this lying out in the garden so said I would bring it in’

In fact Maura wasn’t, so smiling in greeting she took the box in her hand and rattled. The cardboard vibrated with a heavy thump.

‘Not sure what this is…surprise maybe?’

It was at this moment that the box decided that amid all the rain it was going to collapse. Simultaneously, Maura remembered a late-night purchase after a few glasses of wine the previous week. A luminous pink rabbit vibrator slipped through the wet cardboard and bounced onto the porch. Maura scrambled around, blushing, trying to recover the toy while James awkwardly stepped aside, not knowing where to look. After what seemed like an age, Maura recovered the cargo and looked up, pink faced. James averted his gaze.

‘Well that certainly was a surprise…enjoy Maura’

With a smirk he turned on his heel and retreated down the garden path. He made a mental note to wank himself off to the thought of Maura scrabbling around in her dressing gown and thinking of her pleasuring her clit and pussy with her brand new toy. He wondered what noises she made as she writhed in pleasure, about to cum. His fantasy was startled by Maura calling his name.

‘James? I have something for you too’

James turned as Maura dropped her dressing gown to her ankles, exposing her perfectly naked body. His mouth dropped open as he stared at her beautiful form. Her big, round breasts exposed for all to see and her nipples stood up to attention, stiffened by arousal and the cold of the outdoors. He could see her perfectly maintained trail leading down to her swollen pussy lips. This was every man’s fantasy, but he remembered himself at the last moment.

‘Maura…What about our partners’ he spluttered.

‘I won’t tell if you won’t’ she grinned. Ankara escort bayan ‘It’s been a whole year since my fella fucked me. I can’t go any longer without cock’

James pushed all thoughts of Sophie aside and pushed Maura back through the door. Their lips locked in an impassioned embrace as their tongues entwined. Maura shuddered as her friend’s husband rubbed his course hands all over her pointed nipples. James pushed her hair aside and she moaned softly as he kissed and nibbled her neck. Jittery with arousal, Maura blindly fumbled with James belt buckle before eventually sliding it open. Moving backwards into the sitting room from the hall, Maura pushed James back into the sofa before pulling out his erect cock.

James’ tall cock stiffened in Maura’s hand. She was now close enough to smell his musty cock, standing tall amid a smattering of red pubes. She was impressed by its size, tall and fat with several bulging veins to be seen. She rubbed her hand over his foreskin and pulled it back, exposing his wet head. Maura wondered if Sophie had woke up this morning and sucked this cock as well, had it explode into her pussy before work. Aroused by the thought, she slipped her red lips around James’ stiff prick.

‘Mmm…does your wife suck your cock like this?’

Maura had almost forgotten the wonders of cock sucking. Tasting the building wetness as a man gets more and more excited, feeling the cock swell in her mouth. Kissing their balls and working their shaft, knowing that they are getting ready to unload all over her. She worked James vigorously as he groaned and ran his hands through her hair. Excitedly he decided he could take no more, and spun her around, exposing her soaking pussy.

Diving forward, he gleefully tasted her soaking slit as she gasped and cooed. Her salty excitement flowed over his tongue as he lapped at her clit with his long red tongue. She gasped in delight as he sucked her clit and plunged two fingers into her pussy, rubbing upwards and pleasuring Maura.

‘Oh my goooooood…..don’t stop’

She began to writhe and press her hips to James’ face while grimacing and gasping. A familiar warm feeling began to envelop her as he frantically Escort Ankara serviced her pussy. The feeling flowed over her face and arms, before passing over her breasts and up her legs. Finally, the warm feeling enveloped her pussy and she orgasmed on the tongue of James, grinding and panting as the last throes of orgasm jolted her body up and down. Finally he pulled her around and they kissed, her tasting her wetness off his tongue and feeling it over his beard. She revelled in the warmth at an orgasm inflicted by another and they snogged passionately on the sofa. But James wasn’t finished at that.

Spinning Maura around, he parted her legs as she knelt over the sofa. Giving himself a few tugs on his cock while looking at her pert bottom, he angled down and pressed his cock right up Maura’s wet pussy. Maura groaned at the sensation of a cock entering her for the first time in one year. She envied Sophie at the thought of this fine cock entering her whenever she pleased. Her hand found its way to her clit and she rubbed gently as James jammed his hard cock into her. He altered his pace, getting closer to his own climax as he followed fast, noisy fucking with deep strokes, filling up Maura’s pussy. Knowing that this may be his only chance to carry out such a fantasy, he savoured every stroke into his wife’s friend’s pussy.

‘I want your cum James, and I want it now!’

Maura had started backing into James, encouraging him to fuck her faster. There was a popping noise as he picked up the pace, slamming his hips against her arse, sweat beading on his brow. The smell of her sweet ass and wet pussy wafted up, making him groan and redouble his efforts. With a sense of bravado, he pulled his cock out of her pussy and shot ropes of hot cum all over Maura’s arse as she cooed in delight. She pulled her cheeks apart as drips of cum ran down her crack toward her pussy. James fired one last rope with a dull groan, before collapsing alongside Maura, their lips entwining once again.

Much later, once alone again, Maura plopped four batteries into her new rabbit in the kitchen, still thinking about James’ cock. Despite her lingering pangs guilt, she grinned at the memory of the feeling of a man’s cock in her once again. With a flick she dropped the final battery into the compartment and slid the toy closed. Smiling, she headed back upstairs. She was already looking forward to her husband leaving for work again tomorrow.

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Dreaming Of Jesse Part One

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I began writing the letter to my best friend Nina, to try to tell her what happened. To tell her it wasn’t entirely my fault what had happened between her husband and I. That he had part in it too, and that I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean for it to happen. My house had caught on fire and it was impossible to find another place at this time of the year. Two weeks away from Christmas, no one was worried about renting right now. So I called Nina, who I had been friends with for years and told her what happened, she offered to let me stay with her family until the holidays were over and I accepted.Her husband Jesse, is a different breed of man from what I’m used to. I date business men who wear suits and ties and keep their feelings locked deep within themselves, only allowing them to show when faced with tragic consequences for their secrets. Jesse does hard labor, and he is gregarious. He always knows how to make me laugh. He has a farmers tan and shoulder length blonde hair with sparkling green eyes. His broad shoulders complete the picture.Nina is a large woman, but she does have a pretty face. When Jesse and Nina got married she was my size, a petite 4 but over the years her eating habits have caught up with her and now she is a large Kurtköy Escort size 16. I know Jesse loved her but is no longer sexually attracted to her in any way. Especially when in the room with me, seeing her next to me makes me look like an exotic dream.I called a cab from the hotel I was staying at and grabbed my small suitcase, the only thing that was left from my former life. I watched the neighborhood where they live loom closer, I felt comforted and happy almost. I would now be living in a decidedly middle of no where neighborhood. There were fields of cows, horses and other various animals all around. The fields were covered in a light blanket of snow adding beauty to otherwise plain landscaping.I was excited. I hadn’t seen Nina since her and Jesse had gotten married, they had been married for three years so far. Our extent of communication was through e-mail and some phone calls here and there. I couldn’t wait to catch up. The cabbie pulled up into the long drive. “That’ll be $80.00 flat.” He said turning around to look me in the eye. He smiled and held out his hand. I shoved a hundred dollar bill into his palm then grabbed my suitcase and purse and slammed the door behind me.I had enough money Kurtköy Escort Bayan to get a house, or apartment and replace some of the furniture and clothes I had lost in the fire. Even though I hated shopping normally I was kind of looking forward to buying all new panties and bras. I had gotten in a slump recently since I hadn’t had sex in months I just wore frumpy underwear everywhere. Now, after having my life threatened I was feeling quite thrilled and aroused.At the hotel, I had even shaved my pussy, gone was the thick bush of curly black hair. Now all you could see was creamy white, and delicate pink. I was thinking of this as I knocked on Nina’s door. Jesse answered, once he saw me he had a strange look pass over his face and in a flash it was gone. I smiled at him and gave him a hug. “Good to see you again Jesse!”“You too Scarlette.” He squeezed me quite firmly. “Where’s Nina?” I asked, setting down my suitcase on the green carpet. “Oh, she got called in last minute to drive the bus. She’s been subbing for bus drivers for a few weeks now.” Jesse motioned for me to follow him to the kitchen and pulled out a stool for me to sit at. I sat down and ran my hands through my long, silky, chocolate Escort Kadıköy brown hair. I readjusted my sweater because I knew my cleavage was adamant to be shown. But I didn’t want to give the poor guy a boner so I covered it up. He watched me from the corner of his eye as I did this.“Would you like a beer, eggnog or something?” Jesse asked while pouring himself a drink. I looked outside through the french doors of their patio and saw the sun setting quite beautifully in the distance. The sky was a light purple with smears of orange. “A stiff hot chocolate would be fantastic. I think I’ll sit with it on the porch and watch the sun go down. God, it sure does go down early out here huh?” I replied while unwrapping the red scarf around my neck.Jesse nodded and heated up the hot chocolate and poured a generous amount of spiced rum into my cup. He then topped it with whip cream. “Mmmm, tasty. Care to join me?” I asked as I opened the french doors to a blast of frigid air. “Oh, Jesse! There’s a fireplace out here too? You have so got to light a fire.” I said to him and curled up in a big white chair next to the porch railing. “Can’t. Don’t have any firewood right now. Nina’s supposed to be brining some from town. I frowned into my hot chocolate. “Oh well.” I responded.Jesse got up and walked over to the edge of the railing. I watched him thoughtfully, taking in his plaid jacket, wranglers and steel toe boots. I felt a familiar tingle between my legs. ‘My god Scarlette, he is your best friends husband stop!’ I thought to myself.

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