Chapter 4: Reoccuring Thoughts

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Big Tits

It had felt so real that night with him. Even though I knew it was only over the net, the feelings were there. I would think of it and feel the moistness as it grew within me. I had an experience never before felt. The passions, like a composition filling to its highest crescendo in a crash of emotional waves. I still shudder at the thoughts, of him in my mind.

I try to get control of myself as I begin having these reoccurring daydreams of you. Why do these thoughts of you plague me so? I don’t understand, and cannot fathom as to why. Why are they so constant? I know that I cannot help but smile when I do. I stop to shake the cobwebs from my head, and decide to start my day. Looking over to the clock, I see it’s only 7:10 am; I have time before I can give you a quick tingle on the phone. I get up and head off to do the mundane chores.

Yes, that dreaded thing of every woman’s nightmares housework! I could think of a lot better things to do with my time. Rising from my desk, I head off into the kitchen. I put the kettle on for a fresh cup of coffee and begin running the dishwater from this mornings breakfast. Once done I put on a load of clothes, and begin straightening around the house. I try to find things to occupy my time, trying to find things to occupy my mind is even harder. I can’t rightly understand why you plague my thoughts so.

Heading back to the kitchen, I fill the sink with the dishes and begin to wash them. Amid washing the plates, I stop. An impish grin plays across my mouth, as I look down and stare at the soapsuds on my hands. I lightly rub my hands together. Squeezing the suds within my grasp and watching as they slip from between my fingers. My thoughts turn to what it would be like having you in the shower with me. Thinking what delicious fun we could have. My word. I’m missing you so much.

I find it troubling that I cannot keep you from my thoughts. Taking a deep breath, and once again I shake the thoughts loose from my mind. My day goes with relative ease, as the time slowly ticks away. I thought of the times we shared together. The many hours spent in deep conversations. However, most often my time spent at your side; with whom I love beyond all others. Love with such a passion, so intense that it is like a wound to my heart. Laughing and chaffing one another, we would spend so few hours together, but each one of such quality, always treasured always remembered in my heart.

I fix myself a coffee and decide to sit on the computer to chat. I greet online friends, our chats casual. I talk to one of Travesti the girls I had met on a trip earlier this year in the states. She has been my friend for a very long time and one whom I care for and respect highly. I travelled several days to meet with her and when we did, we had such a ball! We talked much of the times and experiences we had in the chat. We ribbed one another of times, many jokes and tricks played to one another in that time. Many happy times as well as sorrows that have passed between us as well. She is an online sub, one who meets her Master face to face…I envy her.

The one thing that I would give in this whole world would be to meet him. I would love to have that opportunity, but that is not on our side, living so far from one another. I guess that is good in a way. Maybe, one day we will stand face to face, looking up into each other’s eyes. I want to feel him hold me in his strong arms and warm embrace, and see the real depth of the passion and love that we share within ourselves for each other. I think that it is but a dream for both of us, living in a torrid fantasy, alone in our own thoughts. My yearning for him is always there, and I crave his touch. Just once to hear him once, whispering my name softly against my ear. It is a dream that we both dream, the one thing most of all that binds us together.

I guess you could say we are both old fashioned and most hopeless romantics. We crave the sweet attention and give it so readily, both of us lavishing what we give in return. I tell my girlfriend that I will return and pick up the phone to call him. Our talk is not long, but hearing his voice moves me in so many ways. The chime of his laugh is infectious; you cannot help yourself to not smile or even laugh with him when he does. I start to pout because I know I cannot talk long, as he is at work, but we talk many times during the day through messages and quick calls. I bid him goodbye and he tells me we will talk soon, I feel a sense of loss as I hang up my phone. It is like, an emptiness in the pit of my belly. I know he is with me always. I have but to touch my heart and know that he is there. Shaking off my sorrows, I regather myself and return to talk to my girlfriend awhile.

My girlfriend and I talked for quite some time, but the clock was still ticking away too slowly for me. After awhile she told me, it was time for bed. “Chuckling”, I think we were both tired of listening to each other talk of our men in our online lives. We prattled on for a long time about them. With us being a world Antalya Travesti and a half, away time is so different. It didn’t help much, so we bid each other sweet sleeps and she signed off. I fumbled around for something to do. I folded a load of clothes and proceeded to put on another load. Time passed as I sent him a short note in ICQ, telling him that I loved him and would see him later. I signed off and went to start my dinner.

I remember one night in the chat he told me of a dream he had. He told me that he envisioned me in white, we were facing one another looking into each other’s eyes, no words said between us. He was fishing you see, finding out what I thought of online marriages. You see, in our chat couples can have an online marriage and be that of a couple, permanently bonded by rings or tags. It would show others that they belong to one that means the most to them. I recollect that I had told him that no one would DARE catch me dressed in white, as I laughed. He seemed disheartened. The months that we had been together online, were precious to us both. We always looked forward to our time together and distraught when we could not be together for some real life drama or another. Our understanding was the one thing that kept us bound together.

This one particular time I was waiting for him, I was going through my avatars and came across a set of rings, ones that people would wear upon their names to show that they are bound. I pulled them from my bag and set them to a corner, hidden but not fully out of sight. That night when he came online, I was not at my computer at the time. He is very observant as he pointed them out to me, circling them with a red drawing as to show me where I had put them. I commented on his eyesight, but said nothing. Then I had asked him “Do you have something to ask me?” You could feel the tension as if nothing was even there. We had our cams on and I could see the turmoil in his face, wondering if that was what I was thinking as well. I let it go for a time; he jotted me a note in the chat telling me that if what he thought I meant was wrong he would feel most foolish. I enquired as to what he wished to ask me that made him so uncomfortable. I must admit it was very hard to try to keep a straight face on cam without busting a gut immediately.

Time passed as I let him stew on his thoughts, as I would not reveal anything in my eyes or words to give him inkling as to my meaning. After quite some time he typed a question, He asked if I would be his and his alone. He asked if I would Bursa Travesti marry him online. I said nothing; I gave no indication of acknowledgement for him to see. No words issued forth from my mouth, just utter silence. Then I frowned, I think you could see the sweat bead on his forehead from the hush and stillness between us. I watched as he shifted in his seat uncomfortably. I watched his eyes darting this way and that. I saw him drop his head and he began to type and enquired of the weather where I was.

I could not hold it in any longer. Laughing aloud, I told him it was about time he asked me…and he called me a mean bitch. I wondered if I would have to do it myself. The joy he showed was most contagious, as I got caught up into it myself. This for months is something I longed for, to be a part of him.

He asked that I stay in the room we were in that he would return for me. I did not know what he was doing only that he said it was a surprise. Finally, he bade me to come to him, when I did, my heart started in surprise. The room he made in which he was asking me to be his bride. He said he had had this a very long time but afraid to ask as I said I wouldn’t wear white. He was afraid I would turn him away, or not wish to be with him if he did. I blushed and told him I was waiting for him to ask this of me for a very long time, because the strong feelings between us and I wished to be with no one else.

“Will you marry me?” He asked quietly.

“I will,” Delighted beyond all measures, my heart feeling as if it has taken wings in flight.

“I want you to belong to me and no other,” he said.

“That I already do, I will be yours for my life.” My heart beat so hard I felt as if it would burst from my chest.

“Do you swear it? “He looks into my eyes, his face sombre.

“Upon the brightest star, the highest wave in the ocean, my heart beats for you and no other. “I speak ever so softly.

He holds out his hand. I reached out to put my hand in his and it felt as if a lightening bolt seared through me. The convulsion sizzled from my finger to my feet and arched then to my head. Tears begin to trickle like pewter rain, down my cheeks. Turning to me, he reaches up and gently wipes away my tears with his thumb. He tells me of his love for me and the tears run anew. Reaching down to gently kisses me, and I feel him smile against my lips. Long and passionate his kiss was, I felt as if my whole body was going to melt. I languidly soften into his arms. I thought there could be nothing that would ever go bad with what we have together. He tells me now that there is nothing that could make him any happier. I don’t think that I could agree more. The circle is now complete. We are both happy in our lives being able to give one another something of due happiness.

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At The Clinic

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I have worked at the clinic for some years now. When I first came through these doors I was a young medical student about to donate my sperm. I was nervous and shy but driven on mainly by my need for some extra money earned quickly and, well, easily. I little realised that this place would become such an important part of my future professional life. Within this specialist unit we deal with all aspects of fertility and human reproduction including full fertility treatment for couples who have problems with pregnancy and also the increasing numbers of women who need our discrete skills for donor insemination in a sympathetic personal service.

The patient I am about to see is a typical case, a professional woman in her early 30’s who does not want to leave starting her family any later and who came to us searching for trustworthy and discrete donor insemination. After a detailed but relaxed consultation and full examination by one of our gynaecologists, she eventually decided on a course of anonymous natural insemination as the most direct and suitable route to motherhood.

After showering and changing into a fresh theatre gown, I settle down to carefully trimming and filing my fingernails, removing any hard skin and working cleansing cream into my fingertips and hands while refreshing my memory with the patients file. I carefully note her sexual and reproductive history along with her questionnaire answers and finally I take a look at the gynos exam report. I notice from this that the patient has relatively small external genital features and a curved vagina that will not be ideal for my technique, so I will have to be especially careful and proceed cautiously.

As I walk through into the insemination room I can see that Senior Procedure Nurse Debbie Colinson and her nursing assistant Sandra have already prepared the patient. Sandra is just leaving for other duties, and gives me a knowing grin as she passes. I have worked with Debbie for several years and we have developed a mutual admiration for each others professional skills and become a very efficient team As usual Debbie is wearing a neat white uniform that reflects her reassuring manner with the patients and looks every inch the capable professional that she is.

I kick off my sandals and pad barefoot across the warm rubber floor of the insemination room which is a clinical tiled procedure area equipped with everything we might need for virtually all fertility treatments. The insemination couch is similar to the examination table used for internal exams but instead of stirrups for the patients feet there are adjustable pads and rests so that she may arranged in various positions to suit the practitioners needs. Knowing my methods well, Debbie has placed the patient kneeling on her front with her knees on the pads, her naked buttocks up in the air and thighs spread apart. The top half of the patient’s body is hidden behind a small screen at the top of the couch and Debbie is standing talking to her in quiet reassuring tones.

One of the Travesti many pleasures of my job is that I never tire of looking at female genitals. Every woman is different, although there are distinct types too. As I inspect between the patients shapely thighs and buttocks I can see her small but well-shaped vulva with the labia majora, or outer lips, sparsely covered in dark pubic hair which fans away from the clitoris still hooded in coral pink membrane and peeping out between her labia. Much of my interest is professional; however, I am also a hot blooded male like any other and as I admire the sight of the dark vulva between the trim and well-rounded buttocks I feel the unmistakable beginnings of arousal course through my body and centre in my groin.

I exchange a glance with Debbie that tells me everything is ok with the patient and I also reassuringly pat the bare back and glide my hand gently up and down her spine before kneading the tops of her thighs slowly and deeply. I look upon it as a great honour to help women become mothers and take the responsibility or starting a new human life very seriously as an act of infinite kindness. I feel this deeply as I stroke away any tension in the patient and hopefully get her started on her first orgasm as this is very important to ensure a successful and natural insemination because arousal will enlarge and lift her cervix.

When the patient seems to be quite relaxed I stroke the inside of her thighs and casually let my fingers brush the hairs of her labia. I continue gently stroking her splayed buttocks and bring my fingers ever closer to her waiting genitals. Debbie is now ready with warm scented oil in a small dispenser so as I gently part the patients vulva, Debbie applies some oil to the tips of my fingers and I start to massage and work the labia slowly and calmly, spreading the oil along the main crevice and up and around the small puckered anus. The whole process is designed to first relax the patient and then increase her sexual tension and arousal without making any threatening movements and we have found it to work very successfully with most women.

Once I feel the patient become sensual and a little aroused under my touch, I manipulate her genitals more boldly by parting her outer lips and gently pushing my finger tip inside to tease the entrance to her vagina. I now gently stroke the shaft of the clitoris and then coax it out from its pink hood until it’s stiff and throbbing. By now the patient is beginning to stir slowly under my touch and her breathing is deepening so while softly rubbing her clitoris with one hand I push a couple of fingers more deeply into her vaginal opening and stretch the entrance by revolving my fingers around the membrane until I can easily add one or two more fingers to fully dilate the vulva and vagina. The patient is clearly enjoying the process thus far so I spread my fingers inside her vagina and stimulate her G spot firmly. The patients genitals are fully aroused now, the lips darkened in colour, more izmir Travesti swollen and prominent, and as I gently circle my finger around her stiff clitoris I watch her vulva spasm into orgasm and hear a small growl from behind the screen.

Its now time to get on with the insemination and I realise that my penis has been slowly thickening and filling out while I have stimulated the patient. My foreskin feels tight around my glans and as my burgeoning erection pushes out my gown, Debbie is not slow to note and moving behind me pulls open the kimono style gown and fastens it at the back. This lays bare my chest belly and thighs and I take my stiffening penis in hand squeezing the hardening shaft as it thickens and easing back the foreskin off of the head. I stimulate the rim of the bared glans and rub the frenulum lightly. I annoint the thick shaft with pure vegetable oil from the small bottle that Debbie has carefully placed for me and then work my foreskin up and down over the taught swollen head. A droplet of secretion soon appears in the small slit of the head and my shaft is now fully erect and drawn up almost against my belly ready for coitus.

Now I take my stiffened penis in my hand and gently rub the straining head between the patients distended labia. My penis is quite thick with a large plum like glans and I will have to take care with my penetration. I make small rocking thrusts to work the big head in and out of the slick vulva until the patients vaginal opening has stretched around the ridge and my penis is beginning to ease up into the vagina aided by the oil and her secretions. I can feel the patient’s internal muscles starting to grasp my penis as I work it gently up into her passage. Once I have the patient half penetrated, Debbie comes round beside me and watches my progress. I can see she has the oil dispenser in her hand ready and a small clitoral vibrator is beside her. The base of my penis is very thick and we both know that things must be taken slowly when I penetrate fully. As I start to stretch the patients vaginal opening more Debbie quickly applies some more oil to the base of my shaft with her gloved fingers and then my penis is sliding right up into the patients pelvic space, filling her vagina and distending her labia as I penetrate her fully. Some deep gasps come from the top of the couch and Debbie goes round to talk quietly to the patient.

I move very slowly in the patient until Debbie looks up at me with a slight nod to tell me that the patient is quite comfortable with being penetrated completely. Now I need to fulfill my function and inseminate the patient. Like all donors at the clinic, I have refrained from ejaculating for three days and I can already feel the semen gathering as my male tension mounts. I take a firm grip of the patients hips and stroke my penis up and down her vagina with long firm thrusts. At the end of each stroke my thick penile base stretches open the labia and I can hear her quiet regular grunts as I press right up into her each Konya Travesti time. I need to stimulate my penis enough to ejaculate and inseminate the patient as efficiently as possible. This is not the sex of the bedroom, more of the farmyard and just an efficient coupling to make a start a pregnancy and make a baby.

I now have the innate male urge to thrust vigorously but I am aware that I can easily hurt the patient so caution prevails as I increase the length and pace of my thrusts. I let the soft ridges in the patients vagina pleasure my glans and stretch back my foreskin. I feel the excitement and tension spread into my groin and belly. Soon the tiled walls echo with the sound of my hips slapping urgently against the patients rounded buttocks giving a slightly lewd flavour to the proceedings. The patients grunts are turning to low moans and the pleasurable voluptus is flaring the glans of my penis as it readies for orgasm. Debbie watches me reaching full sexual arousal and sees that I am nearly ready to ejaculate.

The patient is also close to orgasm which will swell and dilate her uterus for ideal conception. I breathe deeply to hold off the climax that is about to take over my whole body. Debbie walks round to me and I feel her small gloved hand press between my belly and the patients buttocks. I look down and watch her oiled finger stir and revolve in the puckered anus as my own fingers strum the stiff clitoris. Our combined efforts are clearly successful as muffled orgasmic screams from behind the screen signify a final big climax and the patients pelvic muscles firmly clutch my hard length and her vagina ripples delightfully around my swollen glans causing my embedded penis to twitch involuntarily as my orgasm takes over my manhood.

As Debbie watches I grip the patients undulating buttocks, pull her hard against my groin and hold her firmly in place as my rigid engorged penis bucks and flexes in her belly and my semen jets forcefully against the end of her vagina and splashes around her cervix. My grunts of release mix with the patients orgasmic cries. The pleasure of a powerful orgasm floods my brain and body but I am careful to get all of the valuable sperms in the right place by forcing my penis right up into the vaginal cul-de-sac as it twitches and jumps through my orgasm.

I pause still inside the patient while my brain absorbs the endorphins. Debbie holds out a surgical wipe and watches as I gently slide my still thick penis out of the saturated labia. I take the tissue and wipe away the residue semen and secretions from my glans before pushing my foreskin forward over the swollen head. Debbie gently cleans the patient, wiping the folds of her labia and around her clitoral hood. As I close my gown and retrieve my sandals, Debbie is already covering the patient with warm towels and settling her for a rest to allow the semen to break down and liquefy in her womb. I exchange a glance of thanks with Debbie and make my way back towards my office. Next week I will work with Debbie again when we help a married couple with infertile husband. We usually get such couples to make love in one of our small lounge rooms and then at the right moment Debbie will help me to supply the sperm,…however that will be a story for another day…

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Chicago Love Story Ch. 04

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Thank you for all the feedback and emails on Izzy’s love saga. It took a while to help her decide because as a writer, I fell in love with Josh and Jeff both. Imagine how hard of a choice it was for our heroine! Please leave your feedback and as ever, thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more stories like Izzy’s!

The End

Sunshine filtered in through the window of Isabelle’s cozy bedroom. She turned and stretched in her bed, slowly waking up to a serene, late autumn morning. She stretched and turned, fully aware of the fact that she was not alone. She smiled to herself as she watched him sleep. He looked as though he were really enjoying his rest, so she resisted to urge to snuggle into him in fears it would wake him. After a moment, she couldn’t help herself. He groaned low, slowly wrapping his arms around her and burying his face in her hair.

“Mmmm, sweetie, you feel good,” he uttered.

She closed her eyes and settled into the comforting strength of his embrace. It was with this man she had finally found her true love and solace. They had shared their amount of difficulties to finally be together, but she regretted nothing that had happened along the way.

She closed her eyes and settled in to fall asleep again, as she giggled to herself to hear him snoring peacefully. She thought back to a few months earlier when she had returned to her beloved Chicago after a brief stint working in New York…. It seemed like ages ago now. She closed her eyes and replayed the events that had paved the way to the very second she was living now….

“Izzy, look, I really need to talk to you,” Josh said impatiently. “I- I just missed you so much. There were so many times I just wanted to pick up the phone and call you.”

” Josh,” Izzy said carefully. “For what it’s worth, I missed you too.”

She carefully checked her watch and figured she’d have plenty of time to run home, change, and then head down to Midway Airport to pick up Jeff. Her mind was whirling as she thought of Jeff’s impromptu decision to come out to Chicago. But for now, she needed to focus on what Josh needed to say.

He bent so that they were eye to eye, and he placed his hands at her shoulders. He noted the confusion in her deep brown eyes. He was happy to see that the scar of the pain he’d caused her was now absent. There was a glimmer in them again. He hoped… Well, he hoped it was because of him.

“Izzy, I’m so sorry for the pain I caused you,” he said, his crystal blue eyes glittering like ice. “When you were gone, it gave me a chance to do a lot of thinking. It made me realize that with you gone, it just didn’t feel right to me. I know that we took our friendship to a pretty intimate level and I hurt you deeply when…well, you know when. But the truth is, Izzy, I was scared to admit to you and to myself that I love you. Plain and simple. Isabelle, I’m crazy in love with you.”

Izzy gulped and closed her eyes, forcing herself not to cry. These are the words she had waited to hear from him, but the game now had another player. Jeff. She smiled a little thinking that as they spoke he was headed to Chicago. For her. There was no mystery with Jeff. He was mature, and best of all, there was no Molly to mess things up. Without another thought, her words tumbled out of her mouth like someone had just dropped a crystal vase.

“I… I met someone in New York,” she said in a rush. “In fact, he’s on his way to Chicago right now. I’m so sorry, Josh.”

She watched his face fall, and for a very painful second her own misery from the spring mirrored itself on his handsome, albeit crestfallen, face. She hated that she felt the payback was due, but then, she felt pity.

“Oh,” he said brokenly. He stepped back from her and looked as though he didn’t know what to say. “I… I guess that’s it then.”

“Josh,” she whispered, taking his hand in hers. “I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.”

They stood silently, a bittersweet moment lingering. She awkardly slung her laptop case onto her shoulder and took her leave. She didn’t look back.

Josh stood frozen and numb. It didn’t seem real, but just as he had been feeling guilty all summer for what he had done to her, he supposed he deserved this moment.

Isabelle let the tears win as she rode the El home to her apartment. Why was life always throwing her crazy curveballs like this? She admitted she had feelings for Jeff and wanted to see where they would go. She had no idea what to expect when she saw him at Midway. But then, there was Josh. She tried not to think about all she had buried deep down inside of herself. The thoughts and memories dared to haunt her as she drove along the Stevenson Expressway towards the airport, but as she edged closer, her heart warmed thinking about Jeff. It would be an interesting story to hear as he explained the reason for this crazy, impromptu trip.

She finally pulled up to the pick up area where he stood with his luggage. He looked dazed, but happy in a pair of jeans, a gray t-shirt, and his Yankees ballcap turned Travesti around backwards. She giggled when she saw him as he reminded her of a teenager waiting to pick up his prom date. He held out his arms and held her closely to him.

“You’re insane, dude, seriously,” Isabelle said, her heart thumping. “Really?”

“I thought you’d be surprised,” he laughed as he put his things into the trunk of her car. “In any case, Bella, you are like medicine for a sick man. I’ve missed you like crazy.”

He kissed her gently right before the airport security shooed them away from the curb. They drove in silence for a bit before she broke it with her nervous chit chat. That was so Izzy.

“So, I know you’re dying to see the city with me because I know you’ve only been here a few times, but I figured we go get something to eat and then just relax by my place for the night. I assume you’re coming into the office with me tomorrow?”

“Right on, babe. Sounds like a good idea.” He was silent for a few seconds before talking again. “So, just wanted to let you know that I didn’t get a return flight yet. Cavanaugh said I could work remote and email my work. And he also talked to one of your guys about doing that New York to Chicago swap thing. It totally looks like things could go well here.”

“Ok,” Isabelle replied, not exactly knowing what to say. “I mean, this is just so off the wall surprising to me. I guess we’ll-

“Bella,” he interrupted. “Here’s the deal. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. When you left New York, it felt like a piece of me went back with you to Chicago. I know it hadn’t even been a day, but I can’t describe it. You just… I dunno. You make me feel right again. I haven’t felt this way since… A long time.”

“So you were just moping around Manhattan and the notion suddently struck you to book a flight to Chicago to see me?”

“Um,” he laughed low. “I had some help. From Bradlee. I think she saw something that we couldn’t see before you left. When she got to work this morning, she had gone to my computer and had the airline website called up waiting for me. She saw me looking and told me to go for it.”

Izzy laughed and felt her heart yearn for the friend she had made in Bradlee, her New York confidente.

“Ok,” Isabelle giggled, assessing the situation. “You’re suddenly here in Chicago to stay indefinitely while we figure out what’s going on between us. You’re a piece of work, Augustino. What am I gonna do with you?”

“Oh, I can definitely think of a few things,” he said devilishly. “Wow, take a look at that skyline. Divine.”

“Yeah, we’re pretty proud of it.”

Isbelle drove into the heart of the city and soon pulled up to the front of her apartment where luckily she was able to find close parking. Her small apartment certainly wasn’t as lavish as Jeff’s Manhattan digs, but it was her home and she was proud of it.

They ordered Chinese take out and relaxed on her couch sipping cold beers. Pixie her curious and friendly cat sat and purred contentedly.

“It feels good to relax,” he said quietly. “I wouldn’t mind turning in soon, but first, I would love to have you come over here close to me, baby.”

Izzy smiled, setting their beers down on the cocktail table in front of her couch. She went right for his lips as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She felt the stubble of his black 5 o’clock shadow tickle and scratch her chin, but she didn’t care. She let herself go in his embrace as his warm hands explored her body.

“You really are a crazy one, you know that?” she said between kisses. She ran her hands through his trim black hair and noted the dreamy, faraway look in his deep brown eyes.

“If I’m crazy and I can be in this moment for an extended amount of my time, then please don’t make me sane again,” he said as he pushed her back on the couch. He slowly raised her shirt and began to kiss her stomach up to her breasts. Their clothes fell to the floor as softly as a whisper. As he undid her bra, he kissed her neck and grazed it with his lips, blazing a trail to her shoulder where he took the strap between his teeth and slid it down.

She shivered and ran her fingernails down his back in ecstacy, letting out a tiny moan of pleasure. He kissed her lips again, cupping her chin and then slowly caressing her face. He stopped and met her gaze, his brown eyes meeting hers. He smiled and winked before he kissed down her torso again, and when his tongue flicked against the most sensitive part of her, she began to shake with desire.

His fingers dipped deep inside as he looked up at her in marvel. He was taken by her simple, classic beauty. Her dark hair fell about her, reminding him of a beautiful creature from a fairy tale. Her rosy lips parted in joy as he couldn’t wait to taste her.

“Mmm, Jeff,” she uttered. “Don’t stop. You feel so amazing, baby.”

Her sensual voice drove him mad with desire as he took her tiny jewel in his mouth and teased it. He only barely heard her cries as he felt his own desire Ankara Travesti for her mount.

“I can’t wait to feel you so soft and warm around me, sweetheart,” he said as he kissed up her tummy again. She panted with longing as he met her lips again and kissed her deeply. She was satisfied, but not completely. She wouldn’t be until she felt him inside of her, and they fell from the clouds together.

He entered her swiftly and they both let out a sigh of pent up desire and longing.

“I dreamed about this moment,” he said as he moved softly inside of her. “I dreamed about you lying beneath me, your eyes closing everytime I thrusted deep inside you. You like what I’m doing to you baby?”

“Oh yes,” she whimpered. “I love it.”

“Good,” he uttered. “So good.”

He took her hands in his and raised them above her head, pinning her down as he pushed himself deeper and deeper into the very core of her. She broke out of his hold to bring his face closer to hers when she kissed him deeply and furiously, her hands dancing in his hair. They traced down his shoulders to his hands, and she found them and laced hers through his. Her hips bucked up to meet his, and then she wrapped her legs around his waist.

“It feels so good to be wrapped around you like this, Jeff,” she whispered between kisses. “I’m going to make you cum so hard.”

His eyes closed as he continued to move quicker on top of her, his nostrils flaring slightly. He sighed and moaned as he pushed in and out of her deeply.

“I’m gonna make you cum first, gorgeous,” he whispered, his voice passionate and deep. “Feel my cock working you like that? It’s because you drive me wild, Bella. Wild.”

“Oh, Jeff,” she cried, feeling the pangs of her desire mounting. “Don’t stop, baby. Oh yes. Keep going.”

“You like it like that? You like how I fuck you baby?”

“Yes,” she uttered. “Yes.”

She squeezed his cock hard in her iron grip and let the molten waves of passion carry her. She dimly heard his own cries above her as she was carried adrift on her release. Her heart drumming, she kept her eyes closed for a moment. It was over.

Her eyes fluttered open only to see him gazing at her through half-closed lids, his expression one of relief and satisfaction. She smiled and giggled.

“Wow,” she said. “That, babe, was freakin’ amazing.”

He carefully pulled out of her, but held her close in his embrace. He buried his face in her neck and waited till his breathing calmed down a bit. He kissed her gently, nipping her with his teeth.

“Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe it,” he said coolly. “We need to send Bradlee a bouquet of flowers or something.”

“Mmmm,” Isabelle sighed, playing with his sweaty hair. “I would agree.”

They at last settled into the comfort of Izzy’s bed. Jeff slept his first night in the arms of Izzy.

Morning came quicker than expected. It felt different to have someone sharing her bed and her morning routine. As Izzy slipped into a pair of casual gray capri pants and flowy black shirt, she listened and giggled as Jeff sang in the shower. He emerged damp and grinning, which made her smile and laugh. He tried to embrace her, but she moved quickly to avoid messing up her outfit.

“I’m fired up today, Bella,” he said after he dressed himself in a simple pair of jeans and a navy blue shirt neatly tucked in. “I get to meet the Chicago crowd.”

“Yeah,” she uttered, grabbing her purse and work bag. “Let’s hope they’re not too hostile.” She wondered what Josh would think of this whole situation. She shivered and was glad that Jeff didn’t notice.

“They’ll be cool,” he said confidently. “What’s not to like about me?”

“Mmm,” she uttered. “I haven’t found one thing yet that hasn’t pleased me.”

He laughed low and kissed her deeply, gently. He wanted to crawl back into bed and ravish her, but he knew that couldn’t happen. Not till this evening, he thought wickedly.

After stopping for coffees and muffins, they stepped out of the elevator together to the office of the Windy City Times. Jeff felt right at home in the busy atmosphere of the newsroom. Isabelle did the proper introductions to the important ones- editors, assistants, and the like.

“Jeff, this is Josh Daniels,” she said tersely and somewhat uncomfortably. “He’s our very own music and entertainment guy.”

Jeff immediately picked up on the tension. He eyed the tall, stocky man wearing jeans and a button down black shirt speculatively. He saw raw emotion in his blue eyes as they searched him with animosity. He eyed Izzy longingly and it made Jeff’s heart wrench a little. It dawned on him who this man was. He had to have been the reason why Izzy ran off to New York.

“Welcome aboard, man,” Josh said stiffly as he shook his hand. He barely made eye contact with Jeff. He looked at Izzy and simply nodded.

“Looking forward to working with you,” Jeff answered as he walked away with Izzy. When they reached the confines of her cube, he leaned against istanbul Travesti the wall as she sat and gnawed at her lip. “Wanna talk about it?”

“Talk about what?” She said quickly.

“Izzy, c’mon, babe,” he said gently as he caressed her shoulders and bent low to kiss the top of her head. “He’s the guy. I figured it out.”

“You don’t need to go there, Jeff,” she said. “I have a lot of phone calls to make this morning. You’ve already met Mike, and he’s going to set you up with what you need to know. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask, ok?”

He sensed immediately that this was something she simply didn’t want to discuss. He didn’t press the issue, but later, after the work day was over, he suggested a walk by the lake. He had never been around the museums and Soldier Field, so that is where they went.

“So, this is where it all goes down,” he said as they faced the front of the Bears stadium. “When I was a kid growing up out east, I wanted a copy of the Superbowl Shuffle, but my dad wouldn’t let me. He’s a diehard Giants fan. “

“My Walter Payton jersey that I had when I was nine is still in mint condition,” she said proudly.

They walked silently, hand in hand, near the water’s edge. He sensed something was amiss with her. It unnerved him.

“Her name is Michelle,” he said softly. “I realize I’ve never really talked about her much. In fact, I haven’t talked about her at all.”

“I assume you’re talking about your ex?” she inquired gently. “You don’t have to, really, Jeff, it’s-“

“Izzy,” he interrupted, stopping her and taking her hands in his. “Let me talk, ok?” They began to walk again, and Jeff continued.

“We were college sweethearts,” he said. “I just… Ugh, I just fell in love with her so fast. It was crazy, ya know? But in retrospect, we were kids. We both got a dose of reality and figured out that the adults we’d become weren’t as compatible as the kids we were in college.”

“That makes total sense,” she said logically. “But, I’m not exactly sure why you’re telling me this.”

“Because I figured out that Josh dude is the one you ran away from,” he said with a smile on his face. “You’re a smokin’ chick, babe. I can see he digs you. Still.”

“He broke my heart,” she said softly. “And I realize that he still has feelings for me. In fact, he admitted as much last night before I came out to get you.”

“And you’re completely over him?”

Isabelle noted the neutral tone in his voice. She knew there was no good way to answer his question. The truth of the matter was that she didn’t know what her heart held. When she told him as much, he simply nodded.

He stopped her and held her closely to his chest, running his hands through her dark hair. He felt her relax in his embrace and it made him happy.

“It’s been a year since my divorce, and I know a part of me will always love Michelle,” he said softly. “But my heart is open, Isabelle. I told you before that there is something about you… I dunno. You just make me feel alive again. “

“I don’t know what the future holds for us, Jeff,” she said softly. “I’m willing just to live a moment at a time. What’s meant to be will happen no matter what.”

He smiled and whispered gently in her ear how he couldn’t wait to take her home and ravish her. It was enough.

Josh cranked the music on his iPod as he found his way to the El stop that would take him him. Fucking New York bastard. His smarmy “right on, man” was irritating, and instead of saying “cool” or “awesome”, he said “solid”, and it was enough to drive him insane. Petty and immature? Of course it was, but damn it, he had Izzy and Josh didn’t. Josh pursed his lips and stood facing the door of the train. He didn’t see anything except a blur. He gripped the silver pole with vengeance, imagining it was Jeffy boy’s neck. It was Josh’s own damn fault that Isabelle was probably getting naked with the asshole right that second… and he was on the El wishing he could give Jeff Augustino a nice punch in the jaw for stealing away the woman he loved. Yes, damn it. He loved Isabelle. So much it hurt.

“You fucked up, man,” his friend Mike told him later that night as they commiserated over a case of beer. “That Molly chick was the nail that sealed your coffin shut.”

“Yeah, don’t I know it,” he slurred, opening his fifth beer. “If I could turn the clock back.”

“Let me guess,” Mike laughed as he slurped his beer. “Jeff is a preppy jagoff. I bet he was in a fraternity and he has a sister named Mimsy or some shit like that.”

“Who knows,” Josh sighed. “I just know that I’ve lost her. She’s into this guy big time, Mike. I need to find another freakin’ job. It just hurts, man. She’s gonna marry him and move to the Gold Coast with all his money he made on Wall Street.”

“Yeah,” Mike sighed, trying not to laugh. “He’ll buy her a lakeside condo and season tickets to the Bears. I bet he eats her out every night.”

“Enough, you bastard,” Josh bellowed, slamming his now-empty beer can down on the table. “Why not put more fuckin’ salt on my wound?”

“So what does New York have that you don’t? ” Mike said after a moment. “I mean, you fucked her first. Technically, she’s yours, right? He stole her from you. Fight for what’s yours, man.”

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Caught In The Act

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It was a rainy Saturday afternoon and you were out of town. I didn’t expect you until tomorrow morning. It had been awhile since our last visit together and I was shall we say very needy. I had candles burning and a porno movie in the VCR. I was naked on the couch with my toys close at hand. The ladies of course were beautiful and the men were built like Greek gods. I had the sound turned down but was watching the TV screen intently. Along side me was the lubricant that I hadn’t needed to use yet and my various toys: a gold tipped vibrator, a vibrator shaped like a cock, a double headed dildo and a dildo with a studded handle.

I was trying to decide which toy to start with. I decided to start with the vibrator. I started it out on low speed and gently pulled my bright pink pussy lips apart, and slowly pulled the tip through them, getting it wet. My eyes were on the TV screen watching the latest gorgeous couple… she was sucking him and it was getting me wet. I love to please you orally. The feel of your cock growing in my mouth makes my tight pussy water like a faucet. I love to feel it bounce on my tongue as it grows and hardens. I lick the head first, getting it wet and then slowly, inch by inch, suck you into my mouth.

I was so lost in my memories that I didn’t hear the door open. You were home early. You closed the door and walked into the living room. Your eyes popped open but you didn’t say a word. You quietly shed your clothes and started stroking the wonderful cock I was at the time dreaming about. I had dropped the vibrator but my fingers were busy working their way from my pussy to my hardening clit. As I reached the clit, I stopped and squeezed my lips together, teasing it. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. I was remembering the last time you were here, enjoying me.

Seeing me pleasure myself on my wet pussy was too much for you to take. You came forward, kneeled before me and buried your face between my thighs. My eyes shot open and a scream escaped from my mouth until I realized it was you. You looked up between my thighs, your eyes lit by passion, and I caught my breath. I smiled at you and you took that as permission to continue. I felt your warm breath on me before I felt your hard tongue dive between my pussy lips to bury itself into my pussy, sliding in and out like your cock will.

I love what you do to me and moan my pleasure. Your tongue now sliding between my pussy lips from my pussy to my hardening clit. You decide to concentrate on my clit. You suck at it like I do your cock. It grows in size and becomes as sensitive as the head of your cock does. With growing passion you continue to suck Travesti at it, wanting to taste my essence. I am moaning and pressing myself onto your wonderful tongue. I want to give you what you want so badly. I have no control of myself, you have taken that from me by your passion. You suck and lick extracting my juices until my body starts to quiver and my orgasm starts. What I don’t expect is that I don’t just cum, I squirt.

It feels unbelievable. I can only imagine that it is similar to what you feel as you cum in me. My gawd, what a feeling. You slurp up my juices, making noises that excite me even further. You raise your head and smile at me as you work your way up my body to kiss me deeply, passionately. The taste of me on your face and tongue drives me crazy and I have to have you. Your cock is rock hard and I have to feel it in me. I reach for you as our kiss deepens and I guide you into my aching pussy. You break the kiss as you enter me, slowly stroking in and out. The sensations are phenomenal.

I am so HOT, I want this to go on endlessly. I look into your eyes and the passion that I feel is mirrored in them. Words are not necessary as I moan my pleasure. You kiss my ankle as you continue to stroke in and out. I love the feel of you. I don’t want this to end and by the look on your face neither do you. I lose track of time. You are all that exists for me. I am all that exists for you. That is as it should be.

As we cum, filling my pussy with our juices we each shudder. You lower yourself onto me to catch your breath. I love the feel of you there. As we recoup your cock stays in me. You roll off of me whispering that you don’t want to hurt me. I smile at your thoughtfulness and gently help you to get comfortable beside me on the bed. I raise onto my elbow and look at the smile on your face.

I want to make that stay in place. I lick your nipples and dot butterfly kisses down your belly toward your still throbbing cock. It glistens with our shared cum in the candlelight. My mouth waters just looking at it. I have worked my way down to your hard cock. I look up at you with pure lust in my eyes. I start at the base of your cock and lick our shared juices off of it. It makes me hunger for more. I want to taste your cum. I lick around the head, down to the ridge, getting it wet. I then slowly take inch by inch into my wet mouth. As I reach the base I stop for a minute, enjoying the feel of you completely buried in my mouth.

Your cock feels wonderful. The silkiness of it, the hardness of it, the warmth of it, all combine to make it totally scrumptious to me. I slowly start to pump it in and out Antalya Travesti of my mouth, loving the feel, the taste. It starts to grow even more. My mouth gets tighter around your cock. My tongue licks along the bottom as I stroke it. I feel it throb in my mouth. I want more. I want to taste your essence. I hear you moan your pleasure and it drives me crazy. I start to pump my head up and down on your cock, faster and faster.

I feel your fingers bury themselves in my hair, holding my mouth closer to you. I moan my pleasure around your cock. I love how you feel in my mouth. Your cock bouncing up and down on my tongue. I vary the speed of my mouth, first fast and then slow. I want it to continue forever and yet I also want to taste your essence. I want you to share with me the way I did with you only minutes ago. I wrap my hands around your thighs, pulling myself closer to your cock. Pumping it faster in and out of my mouth. I reach down and insert a finger into my wet pussy getting it wet. As I continue to stroke your cock in and out of my wet mouth,

I take my finger and tease your asshole with it. I rim your asshole with my wet finger and you moan. I want your cum NOW… give it to me love. I moan and increase my speed and the pressure of my mouth on your throbbing piece of meat. As I slide it in and out of my mouth I feel your body tense as it does just before you cum. I hear you whisper that you are gonna cum and I bury my nose into your belly and the head of your cock is at the base of my throat. All of a sudden I feel your cock explode. Your essence shoots down my throat and I swallow every drop. I stay completely still as you continue to drain down my throat.

I hear you catch your breath as I start to slowly move my mouth back up to the tip of your cock, milking it dry as I go. I don’t want to lose a drop of your essence. When I get to the tip I gently kiss your cockhead, showing that I appreciate the pleasure it has just given me. I look up at you and there is a look of pure contentment on your face.

I love the fact that I have been able to put that look there and can’t wait to put it there again but for now I move my way back up your body and we share a deep passionate kiss. This time sharing your essence. You deepen the kiss, wrapping your arms around me. I am home.

After resting in your arms for a few minutes, I start licking on those nipples of yours and I hear a moan of encouragement. I look up and to my surprise I see lust in your eyes… you want more. I don’t question it I just work my way down to your cock. I want to feel it hard again and the best way for me to get it that way Bursa Travesti is with my mouth. I cup your balls gently as I suck your cock into my mouth. I suck it down to the base and gently suck it as I pull my mouth up to the head. I love the feel of you.

I continue this until you get hard again. My pussy is wet and ready for you again. I decide to try something fairly new for us. I work my way up on top of you and settle my tight wet pussy over your hard cock. I slowly lower myself down until you are buried deep in me. I start to slowly ride you, getting my balance and loving the feel of you slowly in and out of me, deep in me.

I look into your eyes and they are lit by an inner light. I call it pure lust. I love that I can put that need there. That you desire me so completely is an added turn on for me. My needs are strong, my desires are many but to know that you want me as much…. myyyyyyyyyyyyy what that does to me. You have no idea. I love how deep you go when I’m like this. Riding you, at my speed, is new to me.

Sometimes I go fast, other times I go slow and enjoy every inch of you as you slide slowly in and out of me. I lose track of time and just drift on the sensations that you are giving me. You gently start to lower me and raise yourself at the same time. We switch positions without losing a stroke. You are now above me stroking in and out of me, faster and faster. During one stroke you go completely out of me and enter in another hole. Although surprised the fit is comfortable and you start to stroking me again. I am loving the feeling of you and the look of wonder in your eyes thrills me.

This is something new for us and it is something that we are definitely going to explore. The feel of you filling me so completely… it is indescribable. You push back on my ankles which are raised above my head to raise my hips so that you can go even deeper. Every stroke goes deeper into my core. I feel you tense and know that your orgasm is close. I take two of my fingers and suck on them, getting them wet and lower them to my clit. I rub it forcefully and that is all that I need to trigger my orgasm.

As I start to quiver, I pound my fingers into my wet pussy. You are pounding my ass and I am pounding my wet pussy. What a wonderful feeling. We cum together. Yours being emptied in my virgin ass and mine covering my fingers. I take them out and lower them towards my mouth. You lower yourself between my legs to share my juices and kiss my lips. You then work your way behind me, spooning with me.

I feel you lean over me and you whisper in my ear how much you enjoyed yourself tonight and I turn my head to capture your lips and whisper against them that I enjoyed it just as much. You lower yourself and we settle down to sleep. The last thing I feel as I start to doze is your cock settling between my asscheeks. I can’t wait to see what the morning brings.

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Catching Up

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I arrived at the door at 1pm as arranged and she opened the door as I walked up the path.

‘You found it ok then,’ she said. ‘Good to see you after all these years.’

It had been nearly 20 years since I last saw her, she was 15 then and I was in the year above her at school. I can’t remember how long she had a crush on me at school and at that age I was immature and to be fair girls weren’t high on my priorities – I preferred to be out with my mates playing football.

She had changed in so many ways but she still looked like the innocent girl from school. We had found each other through a social networking site, and had been chatting for a while. She was living with her partner as was I, but our chats were innocent but we did relive the past and on occasions we did talk about the what if’s.

One night she was annoyed because her computer wasn’t working as well as it should and during an online chat I asked about the system security settings she had in place, as I worked with computers and had a good knowledge – the response I got was a confused emoticon – meaning she didn’t know.

I offered to pop round and have a look for her and to sort the computer out for her as any friend would. Well that’s how I came to be walking up her path that day. Both our respective partners knew what was happening, it was two old friends catching up while one did the other a favour by sorting out the computer.

She wandered down the path in her jeans and an old band t-shirt to greet me, we hugged and I smelt her sweet perfume.

‘You coming in then?’ she asked and I followed her into the lounge, closing the door behind me. We chatted for a while and then she showed me where the computer was. I checked the files and made a quick assessment.

‘Right, I know what I need to install for you to sort this out, we’ll have it running faster than ever in about 30 minutes, Hun,’ I told her.

She offered me a drink and asked if I would mind if she left me to it while I did my nerdy stuff on the PC. I didn’t mind to be honest but the conversation while programs installed would have been nice, still plenty of time for that afterwards I thought.

I worked on her PC, installing and running the new ad-ware programs and the automatic cache cleaner program and was installing the new antivirus software when I heard her come down the stairs.

When she walked through the door my chin hit the floor, the jeans and band t-shirt had gone and before me was a sexy vixen with a naughty look in her eye. She had scraped her hair back into a short ponytail and was wearing a halter neck top through which her nipples were clearly visible, she had Travesti a leather mini skirt on with stockings, the lacy tops showing beneath the bottom of her skirt, and she had knee-high boots on with a nice heel.

‘You can kind of thank my other half for this,’ she said. ‘As I was running him to work I said I’d better pop and get you some beers to say thank you and he told me “Fuck him – he’s an old friend he’ll be happy just to chat and catch up with you while he does the computer”!’

In all fairness – he was right – if she had offered me the beers I would have declined her generosity – after all what are friends for?

‘Anyway,’ she said, ‘as I drove home I thought to myself, well he does like me to do as I’m told and he did tell me to and I have been waiting 20 years for this chance, so…’

I moved to get out of the chair to go to her.

‘You sit yourself down on that sofa there, young man. You teased me at school for all those years, now it’s my turn to tease you, it’s time for me to show you what a bad girl you missed out on all those years ago.’

I sat on the sofa as she moved to the stereo and turned it on and pressed play. The sounds of Madonna’s Erotica started to fill the room and with that she moved closer, reached behind her back and undid the tie at the back of her top and slowly revealed her breasts. She stood just out of my reach and started to play with her nipples, making them harden even more. She pulled the top over her head and continued to play with her nipples, lifting one to her mouth, and her hips began to sway to the music.

Her hands slid down her tummy and over her skirt and ran up and down her thighs, slowly sliding her skirt up her legs. She turned around and bent over, showing her ass and looking into my eyes from between her legs. I could see the thin black strand of cotton that went between her cheeks, which indicated she had a thong on. She slowly ran her hands up the inside of her thighs and rubbed at the gusset of her thong, moaning as she did.

Slowly she stood up, still with her back to me and reached behind her, slowly undoing the zip on her skirt and it slid down her stockinged legs to the floor. She stood there for a moment allowing me to gaze at her firm ass, and then her hand rose behind her back and came down on her ass cheek with a slap.

I let out a breath and said ‘Wow!’ I was sure she heard me, but she didn’t let on, she walked towards the stereo and opened a drawer. She reached in and took something out, before slowly turning around with a vibrator pressed to her lips. She licked it seductively before taking it in her mouth deep. Slowly she moved to Ankara Travesti the arm chair and sat in it. She raised each of her legs so that they hung over the arms of the chair and she knew I had a front row seat of her sat there topless spread-eagled. She continued to tease the toy with her mouth using one hand to slide it between her luscious lips and her free hand slid again down her body, to her black lacy thong and she began to rub herself again. A moan slid from her lips as she rubbed gently at her pussy and slowly she pulled her panties to one side.

Her pussy came into view and what a pussy it was! Smoothly shaven skin and swollen lips. She used her hand to spread her lips, allowing me to see how wet she was, and she took the toy from her mouth and slid it straight into her pussy. As she did, she became more vocal and let out a louder moan and began to fuck herself with the toy.

She started sliding the toy in and out of her slowly but as the passion built inside her she began to go faster and deeper. I could hear her getting wetter and wetter as she started pounding herself with the toy.

‘You like the bad me?’ she asked. ‘Bet you’d love to see and hear me come for you wouldn’t you?’

‘You bet I would,’ came my reply.

‘Oh yes’ she moaned as she began to rub at her clit as the toy slid in and out of her, she began to rub harder and faster and I could tell she was about to come.

‘I’m a bad girl, one you never had – I bet you want me now don’t you?

‘I do – I never thought of you like this – you were such a goody goody at school.’

‘That’s what you think, I used to do this twice a day thinking about you and me together, feeling you slide deep inside me. Ohhhhhhhhh yes.’

With that she gave a final deep push of the toy so it was deep inside her and she rubbed her clit furiously as she came. When her orgasm subsided the toy was taken from her pussy and went to her lips and she licked it. ‘Mmmmm I taste good.’ She sat there for a few minutes stroking her pussy and then pulled her panties back over her pussy.

‘Time to see if I have teased you and made you as horny as you made me all those years ago,’ she said as she got on her knees and crawled across the room to me. She climbed onto the sofa and kissed me, her hands caressing my cheeks for a few minutes until she let them roam my body. Her hands slowly and teasingly made their way to my crotch where there was a plainly visible bulge. I mean after the show I had just been given what man wouldn’t?

‘Ohh someone is feeling very aroused – I see I have your attention now don’t I?’ Her hands undid my trousers and slid inside. istanbul Travesti ‘Mmmm it feels better than I ever imagined and much bigger too, stand up and get your kit off babe.’

I did as I was told, I stood up and firstly I took my top off, then off came the shoes and socks. As I pulled my trousers and underwear down, she slid of the sofa and fell to her knees in front of me. As I stood up she grabbed my cock with her hands and pulled it to her mouth, sucking me in greedily.

She slid her mouth up and down my cock, taking me deep in her mouth and throat while cupping my balls with one hand, moaning each time she took my cock deep in her mouth. The vibrations felt immense on my cock and this was the best blow job I had ever had. She slid her mouth up my cock and let it slip from her lips, she gripped my cock with her hand and teased the tip of my cock with her tongue, pushing it into the slit on the end of my cock, fishing the pre-cum from my cock.

She moved her head away from my cock and stroked it with her hand first of all, then she used both hands on my cock and looked me in the eyes. ‘You know I would have gladly done this for you all those years ago don’t you? I used to dream about you and me after school going down to the playing fields and you asking me to suck your cock. Well now I am going to get what I wanted all those years ago – your cum filling my mouth.’

With that she took my cock back in her mouth and began to fuck me with her mouth, her hand rubbing my cock as she slid up and down and sucked on my cock. My hands moved to her head and I held her ponytail and started to thrust in and out of her mouth.

‘If you keep going like this you’ll get your wish, Hun,’ I told her and again I moaned with pleasure.

She carried on sucking and rubbing my cock and my thrusts became faster and faster until my knees buckled and I exploded in her mouth with a loud groan that I was sure everyone in the street would have heard.

We both sat on the sofa and kissed and caressed each other’s bodies,

‘My you have changed, and you certainly aren’t the goody goody girl from school now are you?’ I said.

‘You haven’t seen the half of it. I want you to take me upstairs, tie me to the bed and use me in any way you want but I do want you to promise me a few things first?’

‘What are these things then?’ I asked, intrigued, wondering what else this vixen could be into.

‘You have to put me over your knee and spank me before you tie me up, and I want your cock in my pussy and I want to see if you’ll fit in my ass, I want to be yours completely even if it’s just once.’

I was lost for words at these requests. In my mind she would still have been the innocent churchgoing girl I knew at school – I never for one minute imagined she would be like this – but hell I was enjoying this and was looking forward to more fun with an old friend.

To Be Continued

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Chain of Fantasies

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Sitting on the frayed edge of downtown, Hamitor’s Books is a paradox of commerce. As much as being a bookstore, it is an archive, warehouse, library and dustbin/mold repository of record proportions. Urban sophisticates – if they are even brave enough to venture into the neighborhood – will likely flee moments after breaching the door; defeated in their shallow expectations of finding a trendy mix of best sellers, coffee table compilations, the latest Vanity Fair and a nouveau chic espresso café in which to see and be seen. For the student with less than 24 hours before the deadline on an assigned book report, it’s a nightmare of frantic searching that might reward the procrastinator with the only remaining copy in town of some obscure work by Edward Bulwar Lytton. But for the browser with plenty of time to spare, it can be nirvana. It’s a paradise of volumes long out of print, each one with a story more obscure and more fascinating than the other. It’s very presence as an active (albeit quiet) enterprise defies the prognostications of conventional business experts who thrive on terms like cash flow and return on investment. It’s a family business that exists on whim as much as mission, with more than a few secrets tucked away amongst the volumes.

With her stylish long dress and tweed jacket, Linda probably looked out of place as she stepped off the bus in front of Hamitor’s. Had the sidewalk vagrant resting against the wall been paying attention, he would have been treated to a brief but satisfying peak of her long, bare leg revealed courtesy of the slit skirt. With full dark hair, cascading below the shoulders and dark brown eyes, she could boast of a classic beauty that seemed all the more appropriate for a legal secretary. Linda had stepped off this bus hundreds of times; she was a regular visitor to the store, even to the point of being recognized by Elsie, the current overseer of the cash register. Time and income limited her outings to about one lunch hour per week, but each visit tended to yield a gem of some kind and she had no expectation of ever running out of new shelves to browse or bargains to discover.

She passed through the doors, receiving a cheery nod from Elsie, and set off on her exploration, delighting in the temporary respite from the regimentation of her job in the corporate legal office. Sometimes, she would roam the aisles of the three floor facility with a vaguely defined goal in mind; but today was a day for wandering and she elected to begin on the top floor, working her way down in the event that she lose track of time. At least that way, she’d be closer to the door when the image of her priggish (and younger) boss interrupted her reverie with a mental reminder to return to the real world.

She never paused to consider what it was that drew her to that particular nook on the third floor, totally unaware that a magnet of sensuality had already focused on her.

It was a nondescript book, slim in size, perhaps no more than 150 pages. Of indeterminate age, but obviously very old, it almost seemed to leap into her hand as she neared it, enticed by the embossed gold title “Chain of Fantasies.” The it suggested something dark and kinky, albeit from the Victorian era. Upon opening it’s pages, she was surprised to discover something more akin to a sexual how-to, written and illustrated for a readership long since departed to age and death. The chapter entitled “The Passing Kiss” particularly entranced her. Its picture of a couple in ardent, yet fully clothed embrace seemed vaguely familiar for reasons she couldn’t define. The writing reflected a style of erotica long since abandoned, one that was simultaneously chaste and sensuous.

She might have lost herself in the story had she not become aware of the nearness of another person. He was attractive, with a hint of mystery. She noted the trim build and short blonde hair framing a face highlighted by deep, promising eyes. “Pardon me,” she mumbled as she moved to allow him passage down the aisle. “Not a problem at all” he replied with just the twinge of Midwestern accent. He slipped past, making just a little too much contact between his butt and her bottom, resulting in a comic cascade of dropped personal belongings on both their parts.

They knelt down to retrieve things, simultaneously touching the book. Describing the incident to her bemused roommate later that evening, she said, “an almost electric charge traveled up my arm. It was if I was about to be propelled into the story I was reading, as if the woman in the book was me and her lover this perfect stranger that I had just encountered.” His reaction suggested a similar effect on him and as their eyes met the book dropped again to the floor with no further awareness from either man or woman. His hand moved slowly to her cheek. In silent confirmation her lips pursed and moved closer to his, her eyes closing while her mind raced with thoughts not thoroughly consistent with lunch hours in a bookstore.

The kiss began gently enough, but grew Travesti in urgency and passion. His hand ran through her hair, drawing her face to his as their tongues began to entwine and dance together. They rose as one, her arms around his shoulders, her head cradled by his right hand with the left encircling her waist. It was more than an exchange of kisses supported by an embrace; it was mutual hunger, fed with passion and nourished with body heat. “Damn that belt!” she though as her hand wrestled with the leather around his waist. The swelling below it suggested a more than clear desire on his part. But he seemed less interested in relieving his obvious physical discomfort than in placing his lips on whatever patch of skin they could reach.

His kisses began to cover her neck, touching nerves she had previously been unaware of. His hands raced his mouth, moving from her shoulders to her hips and back to her breasts. A fleeting moment of lucidity left Linda uttering a silent prayer of gratitude to the Victoria’s Secret Catalog (specifically the royal blue bra and panties set on page 5). His face was burying itself in the deep vee of her neckline now, his hands caressing and kneading the globes positioned so nicely within Victoria’s finest satin. As testament to the flexibility and give of things, his fingers had little trouble finding her nipples, growing more firm and attentive by the moment. With the first pinch, a moan began from deep within her; escaping with her breath, loud enough to generate notice by anyone on the third floor.

“Not a word,” he hissed, “say nothing unless it adds to the moment!” Whether her assent was in the form of a clear yes, or intake of breath, the meaning was clear and she threw her head back, surrendering what little reserve she had left. She no longer knew whether she was guiding him, or whether he was simply having her. It didn’t matter; she was willing at this point to give him what ever he wanted.

He knelt down on one knee, kissing her blouse and caressing her calf. Smiling with the realization of the slit in her skirt, he lifted her thigh placing her now bare foot on his leg. His hands massaged her ass, and again thoughts of appreciation to the Queen of Catalogs passed through her consciousness. The bikini panties had just enough stretch to allow him access, although they had long since become soaked with her juices. This only spurred him on, as silently validating for him as the bulge within his pants had been for her. He obviously loved the aroma and relished in the wetness. His mouth had moved from kissing to licking, fervently lapping and devouring her private juices.

The skirt was now open to the waist, buttons had come undone in a way that was a mystery to both. Neither lover cared by now about the “how” of things, only with the touch of lips and tongue on labia and clitoris. His face worshiped the mound of neatly trimmed hair above her pussy. His tongue split her pussy lips with the urgency of a hungry cock. His fingers spread her wider and wider; giving more intimate access to her clit while his nose tickled her pubic hair.

Her breaths became shorter and shorter, his tongue action quicker, punctuated at times with a deep, longing suck that drew her clit into his mouth for what seemed an eternity of pleasure. One finger slipped easily into her drenched love box; a second joined it with the ease. Three fingers now, she began to feel stretched, to feel full. And somehow she heard her voice quietly moan “more,” shortly before a fourth finger worked it’s way into a pussy that was developing a mind of it’s own. She’d never been filled like this, never this overwhelmed and she could feel the orgasm as it formed and began to envelop itself over her body. The crowning touch occurred when his thumb found room below his tongue to exert just the right amount of pressure on her clit, and she abandoned herself to a cum that inundated her.

Collapsing into his arms, she fought disparate, unconnected questions of love (“who is he?”), lust (“what/when next?), career (“omigod, what time is it?”) and appearance (“how many wet spots are there, and can anyone see them?”). Without another word, he kissed her lips, the sheen of her vaginal juices still adorning his cheeks and chin, and vanished somewhere in the jungle of bookshelves. She was too utterly exhausted to follow.

A brief examination of her clothing, followed by a quick rearrangement ended with the sighting of the “Chain of Fantasies” book, as it lay open on the floor where it had been dropped. It was open to a new page now, the same story, but a new page, one that featured the woman with her skirts open, leg elevated and foot resting on his thigh, the obvious recipient of her lover’s most ardent oral attentions!

A glance at her watch pushed the similarities between book and the encounter to the back of her mind, as she gathered up her things and rushed to leave. Elsie smiled demurely as she rang up the purchase price of the book. The look in her eyes suggested izmir Travesti that she was familiar with its contents, and was no longer suspicious about the nature of the sounds from the third floor. The squeak of the bus as it jolted to a stop just outside the door, spurred Linda on, denying her the opportunity to question the matter any further.

She practically leapt onto the bus, moments before it was to resume its route, collapsing into the only available seat, one toward the rear. As it pulled away from Hamitor’s, her thoughts drifted back to the feelings created by his tongue and fingers, and the wetness that remained between her legs. She almost missed her stop, realizing at the last moment that a number of people had already left the bus and that the doors were about to close. Jumping up, with visions of the twenty-something stuffed shirt preparing his tardiness lecture on her mind, she lunged for the door. Within a moment she was standing on the sidewalk, conducting one last inspection and rearrangement of her rumpled clothes, watching the bus drive away… with her newly purchased volume of “Chain of Fantasies” still sitting on the seat she had occupied.

For the remaining afternoon, the bus followed its route with no passengers taking the seat near the rear. The first to encounter the book was an older woman, who noted the word “Fantasies” in the title, picked it up with the thought that it might be of interest to her grandchildren. That interest was short-lived as soon as she opened it to the page that bore a prurient picture of two elderly lovers reclining naked together. “Filth!” she exclaimed as she threw it on the floor before she had the opportunity to note that the male bore a striking resemblance to her next door neighbor, Mr. Atchison.

The book remained on the floor, undisturbed until late in the afternoon as one by one other seats were filled by weary commuters on their trips homeward. Jeff was finished for the day, heading home to his wife and daughter. Thoughts of work in the insurance office gradually became replaced with musings on the coming weekend. He’d been looking forward to this weekend for some time as it presented something on the order of a marital vacation. Beth and Amanda had already packed the SUV and at this moment were already well down the interstate on their way to Amanda’s baton twirling workshop. It was too good to resist! He could crank up the stereo with Beethoven and Tchaikovsky and not have to watch Beth’s eyes glaze over in boredom. Nor would he have to deal with the look of a twelve-year-old being subjected to music more than 20 minutes old. He was beginning to realize the wealth of possibilities open to him with uncontested access to the VCR and the local video store when his foot made contact with something under the seat in front of him.

Leaning down, he discovered the book – a bit more scuffed now than it had been in its previous resting place at Hamitor’s – but basically none the worse for wear. He offered it to the guy in front, on the assumption that it belonged to him. The young man’s reaction left little question about his potential ownership, not to mention his basic willingness to even pick up a book with the word fantasy in it’s title. Being a naturally curious soul, he began to leaf through it. “Hot stuff!” he thought as he viewed a picture of the Victorian couple engaged in some spirited vertical pleasure. And the text that accompanied the picture of the elderly couple gave him an idea or two that had him anticipating retirement like never before.

He admired the illustration for the “Hours of Bliss” story, for more than a few moments, when his reverie was interrupted with another stop. Looking out the window, Jeff wondered how all of the people lined up for the bus would ever make it on. The question was answered for him as the driver closed the doors, and accelerated away from the curb leaving five very unhappy riders to wait for the next bus. The brisk departure also created some ill will within the vehicle as the last person to board (a man of substantial girth) was thrown against a line of standees stretching down the aisle. The resulting domino effect was not pretty, except for the final one to fall – a twentyish woman with short blonde hair and the type of body that makes thirty-something men rent X-rated movies or read fantasy books – and she fell right into Jeff’s lap.

Her fall ended with a hand squarely between his legs, with proximity to his privates that can make a divorce lawyer upgrade his next auto to Corinthian leather interior. Her lips were mere inches away from his; any closer and he would have had his face fanned by the lustrous eyelashes that flashed over her lovely blue eyes. Never at a loss for a smartass remark, Jeff couldn’t resist, “I’ll give you just one hour to move you hand away from there. Her response was to pucker up and plant a lingering kiss on him, followed by “baby, if you can last an hour, what are we doing on this bus?” Before things got too out of hand in Konya Travesti front of too many witnesses, they both began laughing and rearranging themselves into more conventional positions. The teenager that had been sharing the seat with Jeff graciously offered the seat to the blonde. Whether he did so to be gallant or to have a better position from which to study the ample cleavage of her tank top is debatable. The end result though featured Jeff sitting next to a sexy woman, who interestingly enough seemed more than content to leave her hand on his thigh.

Her name was Cammie and she was one of those dot com survivors making an itinerant living as a travelling consultant. Somehow they were hitting it off better than Jeff had any reason to expect, evident the feminine hand that had shifted from resting on his thigh to lightly stroking it. The weekend was getting off to a spectacular start. Jeff forgot about the turn of the century pillow book he’d just discovered and settled back to enjoy the moment. After fifteen of the most enjoyable minutes he’d ever spent on public transportation, he decided to throw caution to the wind. “Now what makes you think that an hour’s worth of endurance is such a feat,” he asked with a mildly lecherous grin? She responded not with a word, but by cupping his thoroughly swollen balls in her hand and offering a tongue-tooled tonsillectomy. Breaking away after a moment, she checked his crotch for signs of any telltale emissions. Satisfied that premature ejaculation was not an imminent danger, she finally said “I’m only one stop away and there’s only one way to find out.”

Had the teenage male been listening to them, instead of the hip hop pulsating in his earphones, he might have signaled thumbs up to Jeff as they rose to exit the bus. The book provided a convenient cover to disguise the rampant hard-on that was tenting his pants. As they stepped down to the sidewalk, she practically melted into his arms for a more lingering tongue dance, highlighted by a full body press that practically begged the question “are they real or fake?” With her arm in his, she led him across the parking lot and to the pricey residence hotel that was her current base of operations. “Itinerant living?” He began to regret never taking any HTML classes when he realized that the $800 dollar a week hotel room was part of the “and expenses” portion of her professional fee. It offered all the comforts of home, if the comforts of home included a blonde hottie who was already slipping off her skirt to the accompaniment of a Carly Simon CD.

“Now sit there and let me take care of things” she whispered as she lifted the tank top over her head. Strangely enough, she looked more demure partially undressed than she did when she first ventured onto the bus. The miniskirt and tank top had covered a low cut sports bra and simple cotton bikini panties. But the body within was as enticing as ever, even more so with Carly crooning in the background and a luxurious hotel room all to themselves. Kneeling in front of him, she interrupted her striptease by reaching for his belt and unfastening his slacks. The waistband of his briefs was no match for the combined assault of his swollen cock and her lithe fingers. His penis celebrated the end of its confinement with a triumphant throb that brought a knowing smile to her face. “Even if it’s only thirty minutes, I think you’re going to be worth it” she breathed. Deep within the logical recesses of his mind, Jeff began to assemble a list of home improvement projects, actuarial charts, weather prognostications… anything that might enable him to delay the inevitable release of his sperm.

As she massaged and cuddled his member, he finished the removal of his pants and briefs; then ever so politely leaned forward to remove the sports bra from her body. Her breasts reacted to their release with the same enthusiasm of his cock, the nipples already red and perky with desire. And as he admired their shape, Cammie leant forward, sucking his cock fully into her mouth as she simultaneously shed herself of the cotton bikini bottom. The words “oh God!” escaped his mouth and he labored to study the pattern of the ceiling. Slowly she brought her lips back to the tip, kissing it ever so lightly before looking back at his face. “Mmmmmm… you’re off to a fine start, I know of at least three guys that would have spunked and retired by now.” Had either of them the ability to notice, they would have realized that the “Chain of Fantasies” book – resting where it landed on the floor shortly after they entered the room — had grown by three pages since their exit from the bus.

It was clear that Cammie performed fellatio with enthusiasm, the difference between her technique and that of his wife Beth could not have been greater. He experienced a slight pang of guilt at the realization that he had already performed a mental comparison, but that was quickly lost in the heat of the moment. The long languid strokes of the tongue, the way she sucked each ball wholly into her mouth one by one, transported him to a happy place that would live on in many a meditative moment for years and years. The way that she was pacing things suggested that in spite of her sixty-minute challenge, she was under no compulsion to hurry things.

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Case of the Executed Evangelist Ch. 01

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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The Case of the Executed Evangelist, Ch. 01

by TheWifeWatchman

The order of my stories to read is:

Todd & Melina series, Interludes 1-5, Sperm Wars series, Russian Roulette series, Case of the Murdered Lovers series, Case of the Murdered Chessplayer series.

Case of the Executed Evangelist series.

Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas.

This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

There is a lot of background information mixed in with the hot sex. Please bear with it, as the information is important to this story as well as upcoming stories. Thanks in advance.

Also, I have received private comments that have been very complimentary of my writings. I want those commenters to know that I am deeply grateful for the kind remarks and positive feedback! – WW.

Part 1 – Prologue

The man grunted as he thrust into the young woman beneath him, fucking her with raw power. Sweat trickled off his back and her legs as they copulated with deep intensity.

“Oh Jonas!” the eighteen year old beauty sighed, running her hands through the man’s thick black hair as he pumped his cock into her virgin-tight cunt with merciless abandon, his thrusts getting harder and faster as he neared his climax. Even in the throes of lusty sex, he made sure to think of the sinful actions he was performing, acts of defiance of the spectacle that he had become in the eyes of the world.

The Reverend Jonas Oldeeds was considered the Nation’s top tele-evangelist and seen by some as a near saint. But the Public did not know the man’s truly dark side. He always enjoyed seducing young girls, girls that looked at him with eyes full of worship, taking advantage of their trust and love to bed them. He had popped many sweet young cherries in his years as a Messenger of the Lord God. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. The thoughts of his deeds and his true nature gave him a surge of sexual pleasure as he pounded his meat into the teen babe rutting beneath him.

Unknown to the young blonde girl, the physically fit tele-evangelist’s gorgeous wife Vicki was secretly watching their intense coupling, fingering her sopping wet pussy as she enjoyed the site of her husband’s cock sliding into the girl’s tight cunt, seeing his balls swinging and thudding against the girl’s ass as he fucked her in sinful adultery.

The beautiful blonde wife didn’t feel jealous; indeed, she knew she’d be getting plenty of young college cock during the upcoming visit to the University and the hell hole of a town next to it. She also was thinking of her public image, of the sweet, loving wife totally devoted to her loving, incorruptible husband. The deeply sinful actions she and her husband enjoyed committing gave her a deep sexual thrill. Her reverie was broken by the harsh rasps of her husband’s voice as he fucked the girl beneath him.

“Oh baby, do you feel it? Do you feel the Lord’s spirit filling you as we make love? Do you feel the Lord’s power flowing through you?” Oldeeds grunted, his voice in rhythm with his powerful, hungry thrusts.

“Oh yes… oh yes, Jonas! Oh YES!” the girl cried out as another orgasm exploded inside her. Her clamping cunt was too much for Oldeeds. He drove his meat as deep as he could into her teen pussy and began pumping his load against her cervix.

“Oh yes, take it! Take the Lord’s offering into your sweet body!” Oldeeds gasped as the pleasure of his climax flooded up his back and through his whole body…


The girl had left some time ago, after Jonas Oldeeds had cuddled with her for long minutes, telling her that their mating had been the Lord’s will. He was always amused at how these sweet young girls believed every word of it, that they would fuck like whores on his cock thinking they were feeling the blessings of God.

“So, was she as good as the last one?” Oldeeds heard his wife say, her voice a languid drawl, as he dried off after his shower and entered the bedroom of their luxurious home.

“She was okay.” Oldeeds replied. “Like most of those young sluts.” He came up to his wife and slid his arms around her waist. “Nothing compared to you, though, baby.”

“Mmmm, I’ll bet.” the blonde replied as she shared kisses with her immensely wealthy husband. “So, why are we going to this hell hole of a town for a Revival for a few old ladies and a school Protestant student group?”

“Oh, there’ll be tens of thousands at the football stadium service the last night of our trip, giving us generous donations.” Oldeeds replied. “But it’ll be good publicity to do the small appearance, too. And I’ve got some business in that Town I Travesti need to get done. Serious business, baby. Our little empire might depend on it.”

“That important, huh?” Vicki Oldeeds said. “I guess I’ll find a couple of college studs while you’re preaching. I heard that benefactor of yours, the one that died, Douglass something-or-other, has a grandson at that school who has a really big cock.”

“I heard that too.” Oldeeds said. “And that reminds me, we’ve got to keep Douglass’s son Don very close during this trip. His successes are starting to stir up talk in our ‘professional’ circles. Maybe you can… distract Don with your feminine charms?”

“Sure, baby.” she replied, not really eager for the task, but willing to do whatever it took to help her husband’s cause: their personal enrichment.

A thought occurred to her: “What about Don’s sister, Elizabeth? Think you can find her and fuck her? Like you were fucking her under her daddy’s nose all those years?”

“Baby, that’s past history.” Oldeeds said, maneuvering his wife towards the bed. “Let’s just forget about the past and create some new sex memories…” Their kisses deepened as Oldeeds began removing his wife’s clothing from her smoking hot body…

Part 2 – Promotion

“Congratulations!” the chief said as he handed me some papers in one of the small Lieutenant offices across the hall from MCD at six o’clock in the morning. “You are now officially the Supervisor of the Major Crimes Department.”

It was actually a Lieutenant’s position, and the Supervisor rank simply allowed me to fill the position with some semblance of authority. Tanya Perlman, also a Supervisor and too young to officially be a Lieutenant, had one of the other offices. We officially did not yet have any Lieutenants in the Detectives division.

“Thank you, sir.” I said. “I’m still in charge of I.T., also?”

“Yes, for now at least. We’re close on the Lieutenant bar for MCD, though.” the Chief added. “Councilman Lewis is willing to take some bait offers. Adams is still against you, but she’s nothing without help.”

Councilman Reginald B. F. Lewis was a black man and a skilled politician who represented the mostly black areas of Town. He was sincerely concerned for the people of the district he represented, especially when it came to racial relations. Councilwoman Malinda Adams was virulent in her politics, and made her disdain for “peace officers”, as she called the Police, well known.

“Uh oh, what’s the bait?” I said, knowing. The Chief cut me no slack.

“Precincts, of course.” Chief Griswold said, his voice a growl. I groaned, having put forth many a debate point for why this Town and County did not need police precincts, and that we did not need our Police Force divided. But Councilman Lewis did make some good points that a precinct primarily in his district and those around it would be helpful in relationships between blacks and police. Malinda Adams simply wanted to divide the Force and make it hard for us.

Ironically, it was Captain Harold Malone, who held considerable sway among some Council members, who was most stridently against precincts. I knew of course that Malone simply didn’t want to do anything helpful for blacks or racial relations. He also wanted to keep his concentration of power within one Police station. And I also knew that he was working to force me under his control.

Captain Malone was technically over all Detectives. But when I had taken the job with the police, the “Powers That Be”, the powerful people that had brought me in, had arranged that I would pretty much answer directly to the Chief, since the chain-of-command over I.T. was unclear, and since Malone pretty much paid attention only to Vice, leaving MCD somewhat rudderless. I had filled that void in MCD, but it was now chafing Malone. And Chief Griswold was putting me into a Lieutenant office just to chafe Malone even more.

“Don’t worry, Don.” the Chief said, his eyes twinkling a little bit and his big mustache quivering even as his voice maintained the growl. “Lewis thinks you’re great, and he knows you’re no friend of Malone. He just wants to talk about precincts in exchange for supporting your early promotion. It’s all politics, and Lewis is good at politics.”

Then the Chief brought up his next subject. “Keep thinking about more staffing for the MCD Department. Get with Captain Forsyth.” I understood what he meant: with Tanya Perlman promoted already, and with my desire to also promote Cindy Ross as well as to get Hugh Hewitt leading a S.W.A.T. team, I knew we needed to bring in some more Detectives, either by promotion or hiring from the outside.

Douglas Forsyth was a longtime veteran of the Town Police Force, having served most of it in Personnel and Records, of which he was now Captain. He had brown hair and a somewhat sour disposition. Though seemingly fit enough and not fat, my observation of him was that one day he was going to have a massive heart attack.

I also didn’t like him: he aspired to the Chief’s office, Antalya Travesti was extremely political and would throw anyone under a bus to advance his own ambitions, and he would be strongly considered for Chief of Police when Chief Griswold retired… but in my opinion he had no “connection” with the men and women, the officers of the Police Force, and never tried to make such connections nor understanding of what police officers deal with on a daily basis. One consequence of his political games: he was called “Captain Brown Nose” behind his back.

It did not take long to move my few personal items from the basement IT office to the new one. I told Myron Milton to make as much use as he could of my old office, a hint that he needed to consider the I.T. Supervisor job. Once installed, I sat down in my new office, wondering just why a Lieutenant’s office was so much smaller than my old one. At least I had a window, a small one, but a window nonetheless.

Looking out the window, I saw that the sun was just rising on a beautiful late Spring/early Summer Monday. School had let out for the semester the week before. Things were settling down quite nicely, except for my impending divorce, of course.

Even that was going as well as could be expected, with no contesting of property divisions, and my lovely lawyer Jeanine Olivet had told me that it might be only a matter of days before it was finalized. I had not seen Melina in some days, but Laura had more than filled that void in my life. I already was making payments at the jewelry store for the engagement ring I’d picked out for Laura.

I reached for the morning papers. The Town paper headline immediately caught my full attention. It said that the Reverend Jonas Oldeeds was coming to Town in two weeks to lead a “Spiritual Revival”. That such a world-renowned tele-evangelist as Oldeeds was coming to our relatively small Town for such a relatively small event seemed very out of the ordinary to me. After a moment of thought, I reached for the phone and called Laura’s office. She was already there.

“Good morning, darling.” she said huskily and sweetly, perhaps thinking this would be a flirtatious personal call.

“Good morning, Professor.” I said, letting her know that this wasn’t ordinary. I could almost feel her coming to rapt attention on the other side of the line. “I need to ask you a rather professional question: Are you or your department doing anything in particular two weeks from now?”

“Uhh… why yes, we are.” Laura replied. “Our series of symposiums is going to be here at the University…. why? Is there some kind of threat to the symposium?” Laura knew that some religious-based groups did not like the sexual research that she was doing, nor the seminars that were being held.

There had been no trouble in San Francisco, but the one at the University of Georgia had been marred by protests from religious groups, and the recent one scheduled for Salt Lake City at the University of Utah had been cancelled due to strong protests within the school and the city. Laura told me that she had never understood why they’d tried to schedule a symposium on sexual subjects in heavily-Mormon Utah, and was glad that one had been moved to Las Vegas: it had been much more fun during the evenings.

“Check the morning paper.” I said in reply. Laura said she’d call me back. In the meantime, I read an online news service usually read only by police, and paid attention to the ongoing investigation of the strange murder of the wealthy gambling magnate and Korean national Soo-Yung Kim in Las Vegas. The FBI had been called in, and could not add any explanation to how the man was shot dead with one well-placed bullet to the head while standing on the balcony of a penthouse during a party.

The nearest tall building was about 800 yards away and the place Kim was shot was at a bad angle to it. That nearest building, the hotel where Laura and Melina were staying during the symposium that same weekend, was very secured. Even Hugh Hewitt, who said that only someone as well-trained as an Army sniper could’ve made that shot, was at a loss to explain how a military sniper rifle could’ve been sneaked into the building and extracted without getting caught.

And then there was the mysterious death of Professor Al-Saheem in Athens, Georgia. An autopsy had come out showing no evidence of poisoning, which had been the first thought of the authorities there. He was a guest speaker at Laura’s symposium there, discussing Middle Eastern sexual habits and mores. I had drily remarked to Laura that his speech would be very short considering Islamic suppressions of women there.

Professor Al-Saheem had collapsed at the dinner banquet the last evening of the three-day seminar, and died at the hospital the next day. I’d heard the name of Professor Al-Saheem before; he’d caught some flak protesting the University of Georgia’s mascot, which was a bulldog.

Apparently Islamists don’t like dogs very much… and certainly UGA fans did not like their beloved Bursa Travesti mascot being besmirched. I thought to myself that I personally would rather face an entire army of Islamist terrorists than Georgia students and alumni angry at the insult to their mascot.

Still, something about these murders was bothering me… and I also wondered why I was noticing them in the first place. I had more than enough to deal with right here in this good ol’ Town. And as if on cue, the phone rang.

“I see it.” Laura said when I answered the phone. “Your friend Jonas Oldeeds is coming to town. Some coincidence, huh?”

?”My friend? I don’t think so.” I said, knowing Laura was teasing me, if a bit too roughly. “But you’re right, it’s not a coincidence.”


“How’s the new office?” I heard that sweet but mischievous voice say.

It was Tanya Perlman. It was 9:00pm and she was checking in on me as she left her office right across the way from mine.

“Just fine.” I said, glancing up at her, then doing a double take. “Wow, you look fine tonight. What’s the occasion?” Tanya was wearing a tight, form-fitting black mock turtleneck blouse that really outlined her big, high-riding breasts and her tight body, a gray skirt that matched the gray jacket she had draped over her arm, no stockings and black pumps… much higher heels that she normally wore.

“Well…” Tanya said, entering the room…. and locking the door. As she approached my desk she said “I want to be the first woman to help you break in your new office… by fucking your brains out.” She came around the side of the desk and stood between it and myself. Sitting down, I was inches from her torso… and her cunt, barely concealed by the skirt.

“Well, I think I can take you up on that offer.” I said, standing up as Tanya perched her cute ass on the desk. “And as hot as you look,” I said, sliding my arms around her waist and giving her mouth a deep, hard kiss, “I can’t think of anyone I’d rather break in this office with, right now.”

Our kissed deepened as Tanya’s hands nimbly went for the zipper of my pants, opening them and fishing out my cock as it began to lengthen and harden. I was kissing her mouth and nuzzling her neck, enjoying the taste and smell of the lovely woman as our sexual temperatures soared quickly.

“You’re hot tonight, baby.” I said. “How long has it been since you’ve been fucked?”

“Days!” Tanya replied, her voice a mixture of need and exasperation. “I was going to call Pete Feeley if I didn’t get some dick soon.”

“I think you’re sweet on that guy.” I said, teasing her as I kissed her and roughly massaged her breasts through the blouse.

“He’s better than nothing.” she said, and I knew she was hiding deeper feelings. “But I want your big dick inside me right now, Don. Fuck me, baby!”

Tanya brought her legs up until her heels were planted on the desk right next to her pussy. She was wearing no panties, and it was a very easy, quick move for me to step up and, with her guiding my size, penetrate her and sheath my meat to the hilt in her soaking wet twat.

“Oh God damn, that’s good!” she gasped. We continued to kiss and clutch at each other as I pumped her with short strokes, unable to get a real good rhythm going at this angle. After a couple of minutes, I slid my cock out of Tanya’s cunt and sat down in the chair.

“Baby, this desk is never going to be this clean and free of papers again.” I said in response to her confused look. “Why don’t you lie back on it. I want to eat your pussy!”

Tanya wasted no time in complying. She lay back, lifting her luscious legs high up in the air and pulling them back. Still sitting in my chair, I eased forward and buried my face between the lovely policewoman’s legs. Inhaling the musky scent of her womanhood, my cock throbbed as I eased between Tanya’s legs and began licking.

“Oh sweet God!” Tanya gasped, trying to keep quiet, but unable to completely control herself. Her hands massaged her breasts through the blouse, then ran through my hair, then back up and down her body, often squeezing her own breasts.

For myself, it was heaven. Tanya’s cunt was delicious; I knew she’d been eating lollipops and sweets all day, and the sweetness definitely enhanced the taste of her. Eating her cunt was like eating a sweet, juicy Georgia peach, I thought to myself as my tongue delved deep into her quim. Then I licked her slit and roughly tortured her clit as I drove one, then two fingers into her wet hole, making her moan.

After several moments of orally enjoying that truly delicious pussy, I stood up and guided my throbbing cock, achingly hard with desire, to Tanya’s twat. Fitting the thick cockhead between her swollen labes, I drove forward, once again burying my hard male meat balls-deep inside her.

“Ohhhhh yesssssssss!” Tanya hissed as I plunged into her. “Oh yeah, fuck me with that big thing!” I guided Tanya’s legs so that her ankles rested just over my shoulders. I did make sure to turn my head and get several tasty licks and kisses of her feet and ankles, taking off her shoes one at a time and sucking on her heels. Tonguing a woman’s feet while fucking her was one of my hottest fetishes, and my cock was throbbing as I held Tanya’s hips and vigorously fucked her.

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Carmilla’s Perfume

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Molly was a typical housewife who lived in a “white picket fence” life. She was a mother, cook, gardener, and a wife to a respectable businessman name George. The only problem with Molly’s perfect world was her marriage. Despite his busy schedule, George didn’t seem to be intimate with Molly like he use to.

One day, a friend of Molly’s came over to her house for coffee and treats. They started to get into the conversation about sex. Molly’s friend bragged about her how great her sex life was while Molly gazed down at her coffee.

“Molly, when was the last time you and George had sex?” her friend asked.

“In a very long time,” Molly answered. Her friend had an idea and dug her hand in her purse. She pulled out a beautiful black bottle with a red ribbon around it.

“It is called ‘Carmilla’s Perfume’. I brought it a week ago. It has a sweet scent to it that makes you feel so naughty,” she said. She pushed the bottle towards Molly.

“Try it and see what George thinks,” her friend said. After her friend’s visit, Molly went to go take a bath. As she lied in the tub, she stared at the perfume bottle and began to put a little bit on herself. She smiled while she daydream about George. Her hands traveled down her body. Before she knew it, one of her fingers Travesti made its way inside of her. She moan as she opened her legs wide. Molly didn’t know why she was doing it, but she liked it. She gazed at the perfume bottle and began to slow down. She had to have George soon. When she got out of the tub, Molly called her husband and beg him to come home right after he got out of work.

Molly went back to her daily routines and then went shopping. That night, Molly put on her a lace corset with fishnet shockings. She positioned herself as George entered the house. He sat his briefcase down and called out for Molly. She answered him from his home office room. There he spoted her sitting on his desk. He had a grin on his face as he went closer to her.

“So where are everyone?” he asked.

“The kids are with their babysitter so it is just you and me,” she answered.

“So what is the occasion?” he questioned her. Molly smiled.

“George, you know you are the man of my life, but lately I haven’t really show you,” she began to explain.

“I love what you are showing me right now,” he responded, letting his hands roam around her breast, smelling her neck.

“I want us to do more together if you know what I mean,” Molly said while izmir Travesti one of her hands started to play with his dick through his pants.

“And I know how to start doing that,” he responded. George picked Molly up and carried her to his big chair. He kneeled down and pressed his face between her legs. His teeth grabbed whole of the side of her thong. He took her corset off of her and ripped the thong off of her with his own bare hands. She ripped the shirt and tie off of him. He grabbed her face to kiss her. Putting her back in his chair, Molly spread her legs letting George play with her pussy with his tongue. She threw herself back while he ate her out like an animal. He, soon, began to finger her. She moan and cried with excitement. She stroked his head. When he put out his wet finger from her, he gave it to his wife to lick. His tongue started to work its way up to Molly’s lips. She made her husband stand up and drop his pants. Molly was no longer an ordinary housewife. She became a sex monster. She let her tongue play with the head of George’s big dick and worked it into her mouth. She grabbed whole of his ass while she continue to stroke him.

George wanted more. He placed her on top of the desk and kissed her lips and breast.

“I Konya Travesti want it, George. I want it now!” she cried. He teased her with his dick and then slide it inside of her. She watched her husband hold her legs apart while he fucked her. George was just in much sexual heat as Molly. He pick her back up while keeping himself inside her. Molly cried with passion as she started to bounce on it. George never seen his wife that way for all the time they were married, but he didn’t complaint. They kissed to slow the hot tension between them but it was too late. Molly bend over at a window, letting George taste her from behind.

“Honey, I don’t know if it is your perfume or the thing you just did to me. I can’t get enough of you,” he said, sliding himself back inside her.

“Slap my ass, George! I am such a whore!” she shouted. He did just that.

“You are a sexy whore,” he responded. Molly’s breast were pressed against the glass. Sure anybody could see them in plain sight but the couple didn’t care. George’s dick then became a ticking time bomb. Molly and George fell to the floor. She got on top of him to make the big finish. As she made her ass slam up and down on his cock, she let out a scream. Their lust exploded into the hot air, leaving them soak and worn out. They gazed into each other’s eyes again just like any married couple. From then on, the more Molly use the perfume, the more sex she got from George. Whither she was influenced or found comfidence, Molly’s friend never saw perfume bottle again.

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Black Femdom: Goddess Ayiti

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“Sometimes, I get tired of playing the Bull,” Caleb Tully said in that deep, sonorous voice of his as he sat in the office of Dr. Alexandra Moreau in downtown Toronto, Ontario. Pacing back and forth as is his custom in times of excitement or distress, Caleb finally paused, and fixed his almond-shaped brown eyes on the psychiatrist who sat behind the desk, her face impassive.

Standing six-foot-four, broad-shouldered and muscular, with dark brown skin and thick, curly Black hair, Caleb is definitely a natural-born athlete. A ferocious man who once helped his homeland, the Commonwealth of Dominica dominate the Inter-Caribbean Rugby Alliance. Born of a Black Dominican father, Carl Tully, and a White Canadian mother, Elisabeth Vincent-Tully, Caleb spent most of his life in Dominica.

Later, Caleb moved to Ontario, Canada, after his rugby career ended. Being born to a Canadian mother ( and having a birth certificate issued from the Canadian Embassy in Dominica ) granted him citizenship, although Canadian society was something of a culture shock for Caleb. Adapting proved tough but worthwhile. Caleb went back to school, graduated in business management at the University of Toronto, and began working for the Toronto Dominion Bank as an internal auditor, but felt unfulfilled.

One night, at one of Toronto’s chic night clubs, Caleb Tully met an alluring woman named Nadia Hernandez, a tall, curvy, bronze-skinned and dark-haired cutie from the Republic of Guatemala. Nadia Hernandez and Caleb had a fling, and he introduced her to the world of BDSM and swingers. In this world where almost anything goes, Caleb was admired and downright fetishized as a tall, masculine, well-endowed man of color.

“There’s more to being a Black man than having a strong body and supposedly a big dick, dammit,” Caleb said, and he closed his eyes, recalling what he did last weekend. Mitchell and Angela Piazza, a middle-aged White couple living in Brampton invited Caleb to their townhouse for some fun. Angela, a thick, alabaster-skinned, green-eyed and blonde-haired slut, delighted in sucking on Caleb big dark dick while her husband Mitchell watched.

“Damn, lady, your mouth is like a vacuum,” Caleb said to Angela, who winked at him as she ran her tongue up and down his dick. After she polished his knob, as they say, Caleb put Angela on all fours, spanked her thick White ass and then fucked her. All the while, her husband Mitchell jerked off and shouted cuss words at them. The sex was fun, Caleb had to admit, but afterwards, he felt dirty. When he got home, he showered for so long that his skin felt like it was on fire when he exited the washroom.

“Tell me more about your experiences, if you please,” Dr. Alexandra said, and Caleb sighed and shrugged. To be fair, Caleb wasn’t too keen on this psychiatry business. Where he came from, a man didn’t blab his business to random strangers, especially women. Still, Dr. Alexandra was definitely not what he expected, that’s for damn sure. Caleb thoroughly researched the good doctor prior to contacting her. Due diligence as far as Caleb was concerned…

Dr. Alexandra Moreau was born in the City of Montreal, Quebec, to a Haitian immigrant mother, Nadege Robillard, and a White father, Justin Moreau. Standing six feet two inches tall, curvy and study, Alexandra Moreau excelled at a variety of sports from early on. She graduated from Notre Dame Academy in 2002, and went on to study psychology at the University of Montreal on an athletic scholarship.

For the next four years, Alexandra Moreau was a standout on the University of Montreal women’s basketball team. After graduating in 2006, Alexandra moved to the U.S. and joined the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA. The Women’s National Basketball Association was just starting to come into its own as a sports and commercial entity, and Alexandra delighted in being part of the avant-garde of a new generation of fearless sportswomen.

A legend in her own right, Alexandra Moreau was quite successful with the WNBA, until she sustained a career-ending injury to her left knee in the summer of 2011. Returning to Canada, Alexandra Moreau earned her Ph.D. in psychiatry at York University and got licensed as a psychiatrist in the summer of 2015. Now, a year later, here she was, administering to troubled souls such as Caleb Tully, a former professional athlete plagued by demons.

“I like to dominate women, especially the career women and professional types, I enjoyed fucking Angela in front of her husband because she’s a cop and he’s a retired judge,” Caleb said with a smirk, and Dr. Alexandra cocked an eyebrow. This brother is simply too much, she thought. If Caleb only knew what the good doctor was up to, when she wasn’t practicing psychiatry, that is…

“What about these professional ladies makes dominating them so appealing to you?” Dr. Alexandra asked, a bemused smile on her lovely face. Caleb looked at her, and told her in detail what he liked to do to career women, Travesti especially the uptight ones he was forced to work with every day. The corporate world was so stifled and dead that Caleb loved to cut loose in the world of swingers and BDSM enthusiasts. In this underworld of sexual debauchery, as a well-endowed, masculine Black man admired by legions of women and men, Caleb was king.

“Dominance is a man’s natural state, in Canadian society, women like to make men forget the natural order of things and it isn’t right,” Caleb said, and Dr. Alexandra bristled, but smiled frostily while forcing herself to be calm. In her halcyon days as a WNBA player and later champion, Alexandra encountered a lot of men who were impressed and at times intimidated by her due to her height and athleticism. Sexist bozos were always afraid of female power, it would seem. Alexandra expected better from Caleb, and felt disappointed by his words…

“Well, Mr. Tully, you are certainly entitled to your views,” Dr. Alexandra replied in a calm, even tone. If Caleb only knew how his words offended her. Growing up in the north side of Montreal, the biracial daughter of a Haitian immigrant woman who married a White Canadian man, Alexandra grew up getting teased by both the Afro-Caribbean youths in her neighborhood and the White students at the private Catholic school she attended. Later, when she grew taller and stronger, those same people who once mocked Alexandra grew to admire her athletic skills and natural beauty.

“Look, I’m not a sexist pig or anything, alright? I simply believe our modern Canadian society doesn’t let men be men anymore, I’m not afraid of female power, hell, I let one of my ex-girlfriends, this Jamaican cutie named Mildred, tie me up and spank me once,” Caleb said, laughing. Dr. Alexandra leaned back in her chair, puzzled by his words and wryly amused by this most unexpected revelation from Caleb. The macho biracial stud from Dominica was definitely full of surprises…

“Did you enjoy it when your ex-girlfriend Mildred dominated you?” Dr. Alexandra said, a wicked smile on her face. Caleb nodded, and she could see by the glazed look in his light brown eyes that he was lost in thought, probably reliving the moment. Desire shot through Dr. Alexandra, and she crossed her legs, for she could feel a wetness gathering deep in her core. Nothing turned her on more than male submission to female authority…

For Dr. Alexandra Moreau wasn’t just a practicing psychiatrist. Indeed, unbeknownst to her clients, friends and family is the fact that she has an alter ego. Anyone who looks regularly at the back pages of various local newspapers would know of Goddess Ayiti, the exotic dominatrix advertising her services there. Said services include bondage, face-sitting, trampling, cock and ball torture, and strap-on dildo fucking. Ooh la-la, some might say.

“Hell yeah, it was a lot of fun, I even let Mildred finger my ass,” Caleb said, and then he stopped speaking abruptly. Embarrassment bloomed all over his handsome face as he realized what he’d just admitted to. A macho man who admits that Black female dominance turns him on. Dr. Alexandra smiled, and there was a look in her lime-green eyes that wasn’t there before. The pretty psychiatrist licked her lips, and crossed her arms, then smiled at Caleb in a way that sent shivers down his spine.

“Well, Mr. Tully, the way I see it, you really should continue to enjoy this hidden desire of yours, in fact, I have a friend who might be able to help you,” Dr. Alexandra said, and then she got up from her chair, and took a wrinkled newspaper page and placed it in Caleb Tully’s hand. The dumbfounded patient looked at the smiling psychiatrist, and nodded before pocketing the piece of paper. Dr. Alexandra nodded, and thus concluded their session.

“Doc, you’re full of surprises but I think you’re right, I have to explore my desires some more,” Caleb said, and he shook hands with Dr. Alexandra and then exited the office. Dr. Alexandra/Goddess Ayiti smiled wickedly, and then returned to her desk. A few hours later, she had another session, this one with a married woman named Lily Benedict, who was hiding her lesbian tendencies from her husband, Canadian Border Services Agent Elroy Scotts.

“Another one bites the dust,” Dr. Alexandra/Goddess Ayiti said to herself as she relaxed in her office. The session with Lily Benedict had been quite fun. The five-foot-six, plump and red-haired, green-eyed housewife and mother of three was a real freak behind closed doors. At first, they discussed Lily’s desires, and what they signified in Freudian terms, and then a passionate fuck followed. The dominatrix known as Goddess Ayiti spanked Lily and pulled her hair while fucking her with a strap-on dildo. Dr. Alexandra smiled and fingered her own pussy as she recalled that fun session…

Caleb Tully went to work the next day like a new man. As an executive with the Toronto Dominion Bank, he had a lot of responsibilities. Ankara Travesti As he walked past his assistant Debra Stirling, a short, blonde-haired and blue-eyed Caucasian cutie whom he’d fucked numerous times, he checked out her rather thick derriere which looked hot in her stylish gray pantsuit. Damn, what Caleb wouldn’t give to bend her over his desk and fuck her one more time. Unfortunately, Debra recently learned how to say no, so Caleb wisely kept his distance from her…

Later in the afternoon, Caleb went to the private washroom in his office and pulled out his long and thick, dark and uncircumcised dick. This thick bar of chocolate had filled the eager mouths, creamy pussies and tight assholes of a lot of women of all hues in the Greater Toronto Area. Black women, Chinese women, Indian women, Arab women, Latin women, Caleb didn’t discriminate at all when it came to pussy. And the ladies loved him for it…

“Oh yeah,” Caleb said, closing his eyes as he masturbated, pumping his hand up and down on his long, dark dick. At first, he thought of Debra and that plump White ass of hers, and visualized her on her knees, sucking his dick before he put her on all fours and fucked her from behind. For some reason, Caleb’s dick remained unimpressed. Licking his lips, Caleb switched his train of thought, and interestingly, the woman who crept into his thoughts was Dr. Alexandra Moreau…

With a wicked smile on his handsome face, Caleb visualized the good doctor on her knees, sucking his dick. Once more, Caleb’s dick remained unimpressed. He found himself thinking about their last session, and how he surprised himself by admitting that he did enjoy it when his ex-girlfriend tied him up. What Caleb didn’t admit to the good doctor is the fact that his ex-girlfriend did much more than that. Indeed, Caleb’s ex-girlfriend fucked him with a dildo…and he liked it.

“What the hell?” Caleb whispered, surprised by his own thoughts. The more he thought about his ex-girlfriend with her dildo, the harder his dick got. As he continued stroking his big dark dick, the mental image of his ex-girlfriend Mildred was replaced by that of Dr. Alexandra Moreau in a Black leather/fetish outfit, holding a whip in one hand while stroking her strap-on dildo with the other. With a wicked smile on her face, Dr. Alexandra Moreau bent Caleb over, and began fucking his ass with her strap-on dildo…

“Fuck,” Caleb hissed, and he groaned sharply as he came, cum shooting out of his dick like a shot from a cannon. The burly executive looked down at his right hand, which was covered with cum, and he wiped his sweaty brow with the other. He came like never before as he masturbated to the fantasy of getting fucked in the ass by his bossy female psychiatrist. Hot damn. This was too freaky even for him. Get a grip, Caleb told himself. After washing his hands and readjusting his clothes Caleb went back to work as if nothing had happened.

“Hello, this is Mr. C, I’d like to speak to Goddess Ayiti please,” Caleb said in a loud and clear voice as he spoke into his iPhone. The number of the professional dominatrix on the wrinkled newspaper page given to him by Dr. Alexandra Moreau had been burning a hole in his pocket. Caleb waited, and the phone rang three times before someone picked up. His heart skipped a beat as a sultry feminine voice greeted him in a warm, deeply sensual tone.

“Goddess Ayiti speaking,” Dr. Alexandra Moreau said, chuckling softly. At times like these, she loved having two different cell phones…and two different identities. Caleb Tully, macho brother with hidden submissive tendencies called her, just like she knew he would. In fact, the fool even brought up his shrink’s name as a referral, and Goddess Ayiti almost died laughing. This was all too easy…

“Alright, I’ll be straight to the point, Goddess Ayiti, I’m curious about bondage and pegging, and maybe face-sitting, I’d like to book a two-hour session,” Caleb said swiftly, and Dr. Alexandra Moreau pictured him pacing back and forth in his plush townhouse in the affluent Laurence Park area of Toronto. Pausing for effect, Goddess Ayiti gave Caleb the illusion that she was pondering his proposal, and then she finally gave him her answer.

“Sounds good, sir, my first-time consultation fee is three hundred dollars for a two-hour session, please shower and cleanse all your cavities before coming into my presence, I’ll text you the address shortly,” Goddess Ayiti said in that husky, sultry voice that she knew would send chills down Caleb’s spine. The overeager bozo hastily agreed to her terms, and she burst out laughing once she hung up the damn phone. This was going to be fun. Goddess Ayiti couldn’t wait to see Caleb’s face once he saw who he was dealing with….

“This is going to be fun,” Caleb said to himself as he stepped into the shower, and turned the dial all the way to hot. For the next twenty minutes, he cleansed himself with soap and water, and carefully istanbul Travesti washed his dick and balls, and also his ass. Later, he brushed his teeth. After exiting the washroom, Caleb put on a blue silk shirt, Black silk pants and Black Timberland shoes. Time to go, he said to himself. A sense of excitement Caleb had never known before filled him…

Hopping into his bright red Rav4, Caleb drove to the suburb of Ajax where Goddess Ayiti awaited. Caleb smiled to himself. He couldn’t believe that he was going to do this, especially with a dominatrix recommended to him by his psychiatrist. In all of his adult life, Caleb had never had any problems finding sexy women to bring to his bed. He’d never paid for it a day in his life. Well, the services of a dominatrix didn’t count as paying for sex, at least not to Caleb, so that was that…

“Welcome to my den of iniquity,” Goddess Ayiti said to herself while in front of the mirror, practicing for when Caleb arrived. Decked out in a Black leather miniskirt, thigh-high Black boots, and a Black and red tank top, she looked every bit the dominatrix. A sultry siren designed to entice and dominate the male of the species. The living embodiment of Black female dominance, what most Black men couldn’t handle…

“Hello,” Caleb said, as he stood in front of the door of a nice townhouse located in Ajax’s east end. The place looked really nice. Not what he’d expect from the dwelling or place of business of a professional dominatrix. Then again, to the best of his knowledge, Caleb had never met one. Patiently he waited, and upon hearing the sound of approaching footsteps, Caleb held his breath. The moment of truth had come…

“Good afternoon,” came a feminine voice as the townhouse doors swung open. Caleb’s eyes went wide as a decidedly familiar face looked him up and down, and smiled. A gasp escaped Caleb’s lips as Dr. Alexandra Moreau, his normally conservatively attired and button-down psychiatrist appeared, clad in a sexy Black and crimson leather outfit that would make a hooker blush. Taking a deep breath, Caleb looked at the smiling woman with barely contained fury.

“Dr. Alexandra Moreau, what on earth are you doing in that crazy getup?” Caleb asked, and Dr. Alexandra/Goddess Ayiti grabbed him by the collar and, with surprising strength, pulled him inside. The doors closed behind Caleb, and at once, he was in a new world. Something fishy was going on here and he wanted to get to the bottom of it. Speaking of bottom, Dr. Alexandra’s looked absolutely scrumptious in that Black leather skirt of hers…

“Caleb, you silly goose, seriously, you need to wise up, I am Goddess Ayiti, I’m a psychiatrist moonlight as a professional dominatrix,” she said haughtily, hands on her hips. Caleb looked her up and down and smiled, understanding replacing shock and disbelief on his handsome face. Grinning, Caleb followed Dr. Alexandra Moreau/Goddess Ayiti into the townhouse basement, and once there, all was made clear.

“Well, this is a nice surprise, ma’am, shall we begin?” Caleb said, smirking, and Goddess Ayiti grinned happily. Once they got to the basement, the dominatrix/psychiatrist showed the macho brother from corporate Canada everything that she was made of, and then some. It wasn’t Caleb’s first foray into the world of BDSM. He’d tied up and spanked women while fucking them, and enjoyed it. Now, the shoe was on the other foot, so to speak…

“Cute ass you got there, sub,” Goddess Ayiti said, and then she lashed out at her submissive, striking his ass with her belt. Caleb yelped as Goddess Ayiti began whooping his ass with the belt and struggled in his bonds, but to no avail. Once they got to the basement, Goddess Ayiti, Dr. Alexandra Moreau’s sinisterly sexy alter ego explained the rules to him, and once Caleb agreed to them, she started his erotic punishment right away…

“Hmm, this actually feels nice,” Caleb said, a few moments later, as Goddess Ayiti stopped paddling his bum. After donning gloves, Goddess Ayiti dipped her fingers in oil, and then began digging into Caleb’s ass. The burly Dominica-born and Canadian-bred stud gasped at the intrusion, and Goddess Ayiti playfully smacked his ass when he bucked wildly. Time to show this sexy stud who’s the boss…

“Wait till you feel my strap-on, stud, ” Goddess Ayiti said in a tone oozing with lust and menace. While fingering Caleb’s ass, the sexy and very voluptuous dominatrix stroked his long and thick, uncircumcised dick. Soon Caleb was moaning in pleasure, seemingly overwhelmed by the sensations that Goddess Ayiti was triggering in him. This “femdom” stuff was turning out to be a lot more fun than Caleb could have imagined…

“Oh I feel it,” Caleb said, a few minutes later, as the moment of truth came. Goddess Ayiti pulled her fingers out of Caleb’s ass, and replaced them with something a bit bigger. Rolling a condom on the dildo, Goddess Ayiti got ready to peg her latest sub. Caleb gasped as the dildo slid into his well-lubricated ass. At last, his fantasy was coming true. Goddess Ayiti gripped Caleb’s hips and thrust into him, sinking the dildo deep into his ass. A lot of subs were freaked out the first time their tight male asses got fucked by a woman, but not Caleb.

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Bisexual Man’s Wife

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Hey, there. My name is Alicia Sloan Rayshawn. I’m just a curvy and very voluptuous black woman living in Boston. I work as a nurse at Mass General Hospital. My husband Jack Rayshawn is a corrections officer down in Plymouth. He is currently studying Criminal Justice at Bridgewater State College in order to become a police officer. His father Armand Rayshawn was a member of the Massachusetts State Police until he retired a year ago. His mother Lisa Brown Rayshawn was a police officer herself and had died on the line of duty. Shot by some gangsters. We’ve been living together for some time now. Jack is one sexy black man. Tall, broad-shouldered and good-looking. He’s going to make a fine cop someday. I love him something fierce. This summer got really hot. I got laid off, so I was spending a lot of time around the house. Sometimes, I got really bored and horny.

Whenever I’m bored and horny, I get these wicked ideas. I wish Jack were always around when that happened. I’d give him the ride of his life. Jack and I aren’t like other couples. You see, my boyfriend Jack is bisexual and I am totally cool with it. In fact, I’ve gotten my rocks off by watching him with Luther, a good-looking older black man he knows from work. Luther is on the down low. He’s the head construction worker downtown, but he’s also got a wife and family. They don’t know that he swings both ways. I don’t know what the fuss is about. Many people think it’s hot when two females get it on but they hate it when it’s two men doing the same thing. What a bunch of hypocrites.

One time, I went to visit my neighbor Madeline Stone. She’s a tall, good-looking woman in her late sixties. She’s got blonde hair, green eyes and alabaster skin. A good-looking broad if you ask me. No, I’m not like that. I may be living with a bisexual black man, but I’m strictly straight. I’m not even curious about girl on girl stuff so don’t ask. Madeline is a good friend of mine. When Jack and I moved here from Boston, she was the first person to welcome us to the neighborhood. This very friendly southern gal had raised three sons and two daughters with her husband Albert, who worked as a lawyer downtown. You wouldn’t know it to look at us but we’re best friends.

Part of the reason why we became best friends is because we were both living with hard-working black men. Yeah, Madeline’s husband Albert was also bisexual. I’ve lived with Jack since I was fresh out of high school and had known about his bisexuality ever since his days as a small town football player. I can spot a gay or bisexual man when I see one. It doesn’t matter how straight and manly they look. It’s a gift. I guessed right and quizzed Madeline about it. Instead of being mad at me for being all up in her business, Madeline opened up to me. She told me that she had been carrying Albert’s secret for years. Being married to a bisexual man was no picnic for a woman, especially if she loved the man in question.

There were the usual relationship issues, of course, and brand new ones. Madeline confided in me. She had met Albert thirty years ago. Back then, he was an ambitious rookie lawyer and she was a nurse. They had fallen in love and gotten married. Then, she found out that sometimes after work, Albert went to gay bars. She confronted him about it. He was honest with her. He was bisexual. She had thought this would end their relationship but it actually strengthened it. They worked out an arrangement. Albert could have discreet encounters with men on the side but he had to be very stealthy and safe about it. It must have worked because they were still together, decades later.

After Madeline bared her heart to me, I stared at that woman. Wow. You just never know people. I pressed her with questions. She told me that she loved Albert enough to accept his affairs. For decades, she was the only woman in his life. He had his dealings with men but there was no other woman in his life. They raised their kids and grandkids together. They had their ups and downs. Overall, they had a pretty good life together. She surprised me by telling me that she never regretted any of their years together. I was astonished. I mean, I love my Jack and all but that’s because he’s been upfront with me about everything. He hasn’t lied to me and strayed behind my back. He told me about his bisexuality before we started dating, izmit escort back when we were just friends. Back in high school, he was a lineman on the football team and I was his secret admirer.

In high school, Jack was dating this heifer named Nikki Gilbert. Think blonde hair, big tits, big ass and no brains. I always wondered why a smart young man like Jack would be spending time with the likes of Nikki but hey, I thought the answer was bleeding obvious. She was hot, and definitely a football groupie. They had their fling. I had met Jack years ago when he and his father moved next door to me. He was so tall and gorgeous that I was taken with him immediately. I was a chubby tomboy with braces back then. I was on the girl’s soccer team and I was one heck of a goalie but although I had lots of male friends, I didn’t have a boyfriend. The boys liked hanging out with me. I liked sports, comic books, action movies and video games. I wasn’t a drama queen, had a stoic disposition and loved playing rough. Sometimes, they forgot that I was fundamentally different from them. Most of the time, I liked it. Until they started noticing the gals, and forgot about me. Hey, I still loved my boys but still…

I remember precisely the moment when Jack and I became more than friends. It happened just after that whole mess with Nikki. You see, Jack had a best friend named Gregory Kilpatrick. Dear old Greg was a tall, athletic young black man. He played for the school’s basketball team. When Jack met him, his world changed. You see, Jack had been struggling with same-sex desires for years and hadn’t shared his pain with anyone. Then, he met Greg. The sexually experienced, gorgeous young black athlete. They started hanging out. One night, Greg showed Jack the wonders of man-to-man sex. Nikki the bimbo didn’t stand a chance afterwards. Jack dumped her. Well, Nikki didn’t take kindly to being dumped. She began stalking Jack and one day, she caught him and Greg kissing. That’s when all hell broke loose. The news spread faster than wildfire.

What followed was a very difficult period in Jack’s life. He had it all. He was a good-looking, eighteen-year-old black man. A brilliant student and outstanding athlete. He could have gone to any college he wanted to. Lots of brilliant, good-looking young black men play college football and basketball. Many of them get their college degrees and become very successful. Then, they have to practically fight off the chicks who want them! Well, my Jack could have had all that, but something came along to take it away. Nikki Gilbert and her big mouth. She turned the entire high school against its most popular student. Jack had become an outcast overnight.

All of a sudden, young men and women who looked up to him gave him cold stares in the hallways. Teachers who praised him gave him dubious looks. His football coach who practically worshiped him weeks before now eyed him coldly. Girls who once wanted him looked at him like he was an alien from another planet. His own teammates treated him like he was a freak. They roughed him up during practice. All because he was suspected of being queer. As for Greg, he had transferred to another school. Last I heard, he was playing college ball at a division one school.

Jack didn’t know who to turn to. His father still loved him but their relationship was now strained. Armand Rayshawn hadn’t raised his only son to be a queer. That’s precisely what he said to Jack one Sunday morning, loud enough for all to hear in our Catholic church. Jack’s world was falling apart. The poor lad didn’t have a chance. One day, I went to visit him. I knocked on the door. He came and opened it. The first thing I noticed was that he was shirtless. His muscular torso looked positively sexy. He had well-cut abs, very little chest hair and was very appealing. I involuntarily licked my lips. His handsome face was grim, though. I could tell that he was in no mood to talk to anyone but I still wanted to talk to him. Since the news broke out at school, he hadn’t returned my phone calls. At lunch, he sat alone. In the hallways, he stared straight ahead and didn’t seem to notice anybody. I could understand him wanting to ignore the fools who mocked him for being who and what he was. But I wasn’t one of them. I wanted to stand by his side through his ordeal. gölcük escort I already got flack at school for being the chubby goalie, so what did I care what others thought of me? It couldn’t get worse for me.

Back on topic. Jack stared at me a long time before he let me in. I entered the Rayshawn household. I had been there many times before. I looked around. Here and there were familiar faces and familiar places. By faces I meant the pictures of Jack and his parents on the walls. I looked at the carpeted living room floor, where Jack had wrestled me one afternoon. This six-foot-three, 240-pound lineman had almost broken every bone in my five-foot-ten, weight-is-unmentionable body. Yeah, I liked playing rough but sometimes, my male friends forget that I wasn’t made of steel, like they sometimes seemed to be. Jack led me to the kitchen, and offered me a drink. I took the Pepsi he offered, and tried not to stare at his half-naked, muscular body.

What should I say? I asked him how he was. He told me that he had been taken off the team. I stared at him blankly. Could they do that? Throw a young man off his high school football team simply for being, well, queer? The implications of that bothered me. Jack told me that the coach let him go and that he wasn’t interested in playing anymore. I frowned. I knew how important playing football was to him. I loved watching him run with his buddies on the field under the Friday night lights. He was amazing. So strong, fast and agile. The best lineman in our high school football team’s history. Colleges would be fighting themselves to get an athlete like him. Instead, they wouldn’t get to meet him. Why? Simply because of a rumor started by some witch. Which reminds me, I did punch Nikki Gilbert the next time I saw her. Oh, yeah, I punched her twice. That’s what the bitch gets for messing with my man’s reputation.

Speaking of reputation, I hadn’t really thought much about what Nikki had said as much as I thought about its effects on the school. I mean, I didn’t think Jack Rayshawn was anything other than straight. He was tall, good-looking and masculine. He was stronger and faster than any man I knew. He was a brilliant student. High honor roll. Every semester. In many ways, he seemed perfect, at least in my eyes. Could he be all that, and still be…that way? I have to admit, when I think of a gay man, football stud isn’t the first image that comes to mind. Damn!

I looked at Jack. He looked so vulnerable, so uncertain. I had never seen him like this. Jack often looked as confident as Superman, with a little Shaft thrown in. Suddenly, it didn’t matter to me whether he was straight or gay. He was my friend, and he needed me. I wanted to be there for him. Never mind that if the rumors about him were true, any hope I had of being with him would be crushed. I simply held him in my arms. He wrapped his strong arms around my body. For what seemed like forever, we held each other.

I don’t know how, but somehow we made our way back to the living room. Once there, we talked. Like we had never talked before. Jack told me the truth about himself, about his sexual adventures with Greg Kilpatrick and Nikki Gilbert, about his emerging bisexuality and how society responded to him. I was shocked by many of the things he said. I guess deep down, I had always hoped that the rumors were unfounded. Jack had always been like a prince in my eyes. The perfect man. I worshiped at his altar. Yet here before me was a flawed but wonderful human being.

I was flawed myself, believe me. I often wished I were shorter and sleeker. I also wished I had a smaller butt. I wished I looked more like a supermodel and less like a female lumberjack. I can’t change a thing about myself. I’m just the way nature made me. And thus I reached out to Jack. I accepted him just the way he was. We held each other for what seemed like forever.

When Jack finally looked up, I was looking at him. Usually, when I looked at him, I was careful to hide my feelings. I had gotten amazingly good at that. But not today. Today, everything showed and I didn’t care. I wanted him to know how I felt. So I kissed him. He was a bit surprised at first, but he kissed me back. When our lips parted, I told him the secret I had kept inside for years. I was in love with him. Loved him escort bayan as I watched him play football like a god. Loved him as I watched him hop from the beds of girls, and at least one boy. And you know what? I didn’t care about his past, or what the entire school thought of him. I wanted to be with him!

Jack looked at me for a long moment, without saying anything. Then, he smiled and kissed me again. Picking me up in his arms, he took me to his bedroom. He put me on his bed, And once there, proceeded to undress me. I was suddenly feeling very nervous and excited as I watched him go to work on me. Excited because I was finally getting to be with him, and nervous because I had never done this before. Yep, I had never been with anyone before.

Jack took his sweet time kissing me and feeling up in all the right places as he undressed me. He unbuttoned my shirt, and I almost shrieked. I was suddenly feeling very self-conscious. I didn’t exactly look the way his past loves did, all perfect and supermodel-like. Jack smiled at me, and told me that he found me beautiful just the way I was. I looked into his eyes and knew that he meant it. Emboldened, I practically ripped my shirt off. I pulled my sweatpants down, and off came the boyish boxers I usually wore. Jack laughed when I took off those boxers. I laughed too, making light of the moment.

He kissed me again, and this time licked a path from my neck to my chest. I felt his mouth on my breasts, sucking on them and flicking his tongue over the areolas ever so nicely. I felt his hands roaming over my belly, and gasped as they slid between my thighs. My eyes widened. Whoa, this was new territory! I gasped again as I felt two of Jack’s fingers slip inside me. He began working them into me, twisting them in a myriad ways. My breath came out in slow, ragged puffs as he put me through the most exquisite of tortures down there while nibbling on my breasts.

Jack stopped focusing on my breasts and began licking a path down to my pelvic region. Once there, he began to work his magic. I felt his tongue darting inside of me, exploring my gentle folds. Snaking in and out of me. I cried out in sheer pleasure as his magic tongue and agile fingers brought me pleasures I had only dreamed of before. My eyes fluttered rapidly, and for a moment, I was so caught up that I almost forgot where I was.

Jack looked at me, grinning. I looked at this wonderful young man whom I had loved for so long. He who had just brought me pleasures I had only dreamed about before. I wanted him, right here and now. I told him that I wanted to feel him inside me. A look of happiness shone on his face. He dropped his pants, and my eyes widened in shock as I beheld his manhood. My man’s tool was both long and thick, and completely natural. I tentatively reached out to touch it, as I had dreamed of doing for ages. Jack smiled as I ran my hand up and down his shaft. His cock was magnificent. I couldn’t wait to feel him inside me.

Now, we had come to the actual moment. I was suddenly very nervous. Jack told me to relax, that he would take it slow. He pressed his hard cock against my womanly portal, and entered me. I gasped as I felt him breach my wall. There was a very slight pain, but that was it. None of the atrocious pain I had imagined in my forbidden fantasies. Jack entered me, and I felt him inside me. He felt so hard, strong and powerful. I winced as he put more of himself into me. My man was taking me at last. I welcomed him inside of me, every thrust and every inch of him. Looking me right in the eyes, he took me. My powerful, wonderful man thrust into me, and I screamed, loving every stab of his wonderful manhood deep inside me. Our bodies were entwined on the bed, constantly changing positions as we romped away. I was on top of him, feeling him thrusting deep inside me as I rode him. He took me from behind and I delighted in being taken this way, abandoning myself to the sensations and surrendering to him as I had never done before. It was intense, it was rough, and tender at the same time. In the end it left both of us breathless.

That was to be the first of many such nights for Jack and I. A very exciting, adventurous and passionate life awaited us together. The next time we showed up at school, it was walking hand in hand. Some of the students and faculty members admired us. Others scorned us. Jack and I looked at them defiantly as we walked through those hallways. We were together. I can’t tell you how happy I was to finally be with him. In spite of all the obstacles and hard moments. In spite of the haters and dream crushers. The man I loved was now mine. Forever.

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