Amy’s First Time

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The look of pain on Amy’s face was, at once, both worrisome and a huge turn-on. I had worked my cock half way into her virgin pussy when she cried out, “it hurts, it hurts!” I asked her if I should stop. “No,” she said. “Give me a minute. I want to do this.” I held still, caressed her pretty face and waited for the pain to subside. “Okay,” she told me. “Keep going.” I carefully pressed on, sliding in another inch. Amy took in a sharp breath through clenched teeth. “Oooh”.

I pressed forward again, overcoming the last of her hymen’s resistance. I was completely inside her. She continued breathing through pursed lips. I let her rest again. “That’s it,” I told her. “You’re not a virgin any more.” I kissed a single tear from her cheek.

“Does it get better?” she asked.

“I promise it does.”

Amy, a 24-year-old elementary school teacher, was 6 years younger than me. We met at a party thrown by mutual friends. She was a transplanted Iowa farm girl, naive in every charming way. She was raised conservative and Christian. She had a sweet, innocent look about her, needed no makeup. She was a natural redhead with a freckled nose and paper white skin. She looked no more than seventeen and you’d swear if you saw her that you’d seen her before in a Norman Rockwell painting. She had a small body, nicely proportioned with small breasts and hips that flared out invitingly.

Amy and I had been seeing each other for about six months. Her move to the city had left her feeling isolated and lonely. By our third date, she told me she was a virgin, though I had already guessed that. I told her that she could remain a virgin for as long as she liked, that it wouldn’t affect my desire to spend time getting to know her. The next time we were together we had a long make-out session on my couch after a dinner of Chinese takeout and a movie.

I whispered into Amy’s ear, after breaking a long kiss, that there are lots of ways we could enjoy each other without having intercourse and asked if she trusted me. She said she was willing to let me show her. We ended up in bed together that night beginning with a long hour of foreplay before I gave her her first orgasm from being stimulated orally. She was initially very shy about letting me near her labia, though she had seemed to relish the attention I had lavished on her small breasts.

I told Amy how beautiful her pussy was, as I kissed the lips of her vagina for the first time. I licked slowly and deliberately, taking my time. She seemed to relax as her young pussy dampened with dew. I pressed the issue, splitting her pink lips with my tongue, licking the length of her slit from bottom to top, flicking over the bud of her clit, which brought forth a deep sigh. After ten minutes or so she forgot her anxiety and started to respond with a natural enthusiasm. When I inserted my tongue into her as far as I could extend it, she took my head in her hands while she bucked her hips up to me. I knew she was getting close to her first orgasm so I backed off a bit. I wanted to make this last, eventually teasing her to a full blown hurricane of pleasure. I brought her to the edge three or four times before finally pushing her over the brink with my upper lip grinding her clit while my tongue was buried deeply in her sweet vulva.

“Wow! That was fantastic,” Amy puffed between gasps to catch her breath. I moved up her body and kissed her deeply with the taste of her pussy on my lips and tongue. I guessed this was probably her first taste of her own juices. I lay beside her caressing her tummy and the mound of her pubis, letting her bask in the experience, demanding nothing from her in return. She reached for my cock and told me she wanted to do the same for me but she didn’t know how.

I took Amy’s hand and placed it on my hard cock. “Wrap you fingers around me,” I said.

Amy told me she had done hand jobs on her college boyfriend. “Is that what you want me to do?”

“Not just yet,” I told her. “Right now I just want to feel your hand squeezing me. Feel how hard being with you has made me? That’s what I get out of pleasing you. The taste of you was such a turn-on. Don’t try to make me cum right away. Just play with me for awhile. Get familiar with how I respond to your touch. Discover for yourself what makes me feel good.

I kissed her some more while she held my cock firmly and gently stroked it. I moved my hand up to her breast and caressed a small nipple, bending my head down to take the other between my lips. “Do you like this?” I asked. “What does it make you feel.”

“Kind of warm and maternal,” she said. “I like it.”

We lay together like that for a long time. I may have even dozed off for a couple of minutes when I felt Amy scoot down in the bed until her face was even with my cock. “How do I do this?” she asked.

“Start with some kisses,” I suggested, “on the tip and up and down the shaft. You have to take your Escort Eryaman time. When you feel ready take a little in your mouth, careful not to scrape with your teeth. Get comfortable with me between your lips. You can suck a little, but not too hard. Stroke with your hand at the same time. Take it out of your mouth and rub it on your face and breasts. That’s another way to keep me turned on. Handle my balls gently. Enjoy the sensations and don’t worry about making me cum. Have fun feeling me respond.”

Amy allowed her curiosity to lead the way. She gently caressed and kissed me to hardness. I caressed her face and played with her hair. She was getting comfortable and familiar with my cock. I let her play for a long time – until I couldn’t take much more. Finally, I told her, “I need to cum now, Amy.”

“How do I do this?” she asked. I don’t think I’m ready to have you do it in my mouth.”

I pushed Amy over on to her back then climbed astride her body with my cock in front of her face. I promised not to cum in her mouth. “I want to feel it in your mouth, but I’ll pull out before I climax. When I do, stroke me with your hand. Squeeze tight while you do. I want to see my cum on your breasts.”

I pushed my cock forward between Amy’s lips. She opened for me. As I fed her my cock a little at a time, I told her to cover her teeth with her lips and take as much of me in her mouth as she could without gagging then to wrap her hand around the rest. I told he to use her hand to control the depth as I gently pumped into and out of her mouth. I built up a slow rhythm. “Look up at me, Amy. Keep looking into my eyes. Damn, you look so sexy with my cock in your mouth. You’re going to make me cum soon. I love how you’re doing this. It feels so good.”

I neared the edge of the earth, watching Amy suck my cock. Before I fell off the cliff, I pulled out of her mouth and grabbed the hand that was holding my cock, squeezing it tighter around me. I thrust into her hand as I scooted down her body so that I was pointed at her tits. I let go a torrent of sperm, two, three four spurts on her flat her belly, over her milky white tits and up to her neck. “Keep stoking, Amy. Oh, that feels so good. You’re making me cum so hard.”

When I was fully depleted I leaned over Amy and kissed her long and hard. She sucked at my tongue. I broke the kiss and slid back down to the foot of the bed, spreading her legs and diving back between them with my face. I planted my lips firmly to the lips of her pussy. My tongue darted into her and my lip pressed into her clit. Amy’s back arched. It didn’t take long to bring her to an intense second orgasm. When it was over we lay snuggled together in the bed, me caressing the smooth skin of her back. She asked, “what’s next?”

“I think we should both sleep for a bit,” I said. “Stay the night with me. I can show you more in the morning.” I took her hand and placed it on my flaccid cock. “This is your play thing, now. I expect you to treat it well.”

We slept until morning. Amy woke to my gentle teasing of her nipples with my finger tips. Her nipples were small and rosy pink. They hardened to my touch but didn’t get very large. It was a bit of a disappointment to me. I was accustomed to my ex with her large double d tits and sensitive nipples that hardened into bullets. Amy’s seemed less sensitive and she didn’t seem as turned on by nipple play. Still, she got the message and reached for my cock, already half way to harness and yearning for attention. After a few minutes of play, I rolled onto my back and pulled Amy on top of me. “I want you to lay on top with the lips of your vagina on my cock,” I told her. “I want you make yourself wet by rubbing up and down the length of my cock with the lips of your pussy.” She seemed hesitant. “It’s okay,” I said. “There won’t be any entry. You’re just going to pleasure both of us with contact between your clit and my penis. It’s called a pussy job and you’ll be in complete control.”

Amy got the idea and was soon sliding her labia up and down the length of my rigid cock. I could feel her wetness growing as she slid herself against me. Soon she was panting and stoking me with a regular rhythm. She gradually increased the speed according to the needs of her own pleasure, varying the rhythm. Tiny whines and moans escaped from her lips as she drove herself toward a shattering orgasm. She collapsed on top of me with a final squeal and ground her hips side to side over me in apparent ecstasy.

When she stopped shaking, I rolled Amy off of me. We lay side by side as she recovered. I turned and kissed her. “Good?”

“Fantastic,” she said. “I want to do you now.”

“Okay,” I told her. “I want you to curl up with your head on my tummy. Don’t touch me yet. I just want you to watch my cock. Watch until it goes completely soft and when it’s small I want you to take it in your mouth, the whole thing. Eryaman Escort You should be able to do that. I want to feel it grow in your mouth. As it does, you can back off as you need to, but keep as much of me in your mouth as you can for as long as you can.”

Amy scooted down in the bed and curled up as I suggested. We lay still except for me again, caressing the tender skin from her shoulders to her lower back. I felt her lurch a couple of times as my attention came close to a tickle. It took quite awhile for my cock to go soft. That was mostly due to my anticipation at having my entire organ in Amy’s mouth, a dick that was now well seasoned with the juices of Amy’s sweet pussy.

Finally, I was ready and I gave Amy a little nudge. She dutifully open her sexy mouth and took my cock completely in. It started to swell immediately and Amy did her best to hold me as deeply in her as she could. By the time I had reached full hardness, Amy had about half of me in mouth. I rolled us over so that we were on our sides facing each other. I began sawing my engorged cock into and out of her mouth, pausing from time to time to savor the pleasure she was giving me. As I neared my own orgasm, I gripped my cock so I could thrust more forcefully without choking Amy. At the last moment I pulled out and shot a load of cum onto Amy’s neck and cheeks. After the last thick stream of jizz left me I shoved my cock back into her mouth, leaking that last few drops onto her tongue. I felt her swallow. I rubbed the tip of my cock through a pool of sperm on Amy’s cheek then touched it to her lips. She responded by opening her mouth so I could make another deposit. Again I watched her swallow. I gathered more sperm with the tip of a finger and dabbed it on Amy’s lower lip then watched as she swept it into her mouth with her tongue. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. So much for her fear of cum in her mouth. I finished up by rubbing the cum on her tits into her translucent skin as if it were a moisturizing lotion.

Over the next few weeks, Amy and spent our weekends together. It wasn’t all sex. We talked, went for walks and often cooked together. We listen to music, mostly classical, with the lights off, often with Amy kissing, caressing and gently sucking my cock as if it were an object of worship. We’d end up in bed getting each other off by any means we could think of. My only regret was that I couldn’t really tit fuck with her because her breasts were too small. I once coated her small tits with baby oil and had her drag them up and down the length of my cock. It felt nice but I couldn’t come that way. Mostly we just ended up making a mess. Several times I lubed my cock with oil and fucked Amy’s thighs from behind her. I did cum that way, but really I longed to fuck Amy’s cunt. I didn’t put any pressure on her though. I didn’t want to be that guy.

As we talked, I learned much about Amy’s upbringing and her past, what little of it there was. She went all through high school, having had only a couple of dates. She was just too shy as a teen, could hardly talk to a boy. She had never masturbated, wasn’t sure how or even why someone would to that. Our first night together was her first orgasm ever. She was completely knocked out by it and didn’t stop thinking about it for days afterward. She had read or heard about it and knew what it was but the actual experience shocked her. In college, Amy finally had her first boyfriend. It was a small religious school that produced teachers. The boy, Nick, was nearly as repressed as Amy was. Sex was limited to him feeling her up her tits while she gave him hand jobs in the front seat of his car, usually at a drive-in movie. They cleaned up with napkins from the concession stand.

It was January and the city experienced a huge blizzard. I ran to the grocery to stock up on what I could but there was little left on the shelves by the time I got there. I barely made it Amy’s apartment through the deep and drifting snow. We both were relieved that we wouldn’t be snowed in alone. One thing I did find at the store was a package of condoms. It was almost the last one. A lot of couples were expecting to be snowed in. I didn’t mention it to Amy.

The storm lasted three days. On the second night we were together, and just after I had brought Amy almost to tears with my tongue, she said, “I’m ready for you. I want to do it. I want to give you my virginity.”

“Are you sure?” I asked her. “I will if you want to but only if you’re really sure.”

“I’m sure,” she said. I’ve been thinking about it for weeks. I want you inside me.”

“Of course I want it too,” I responded but I have to be sure. What if we sleep on it tonight and if you still want to, we’ll do it tomorrow night. Think about how you’re likely to feel about it a week or a month after and how it’ll be for you if we do or if we don’t end up together.”

Amy put out Eryaman Escort Bayan her lower lip to express disappointment. I laughed at her and took the lip between my teeth, growling like a bear as I bit down. “OUCH!” she feigned pain from the gentle nip. “No biting.”

“Meanwhile, you can give me one of those perfect hand jobs,” I said. “Let me cum on your lips so I can watch you lick it off.”

That brings us back to the opening of the story, the third day of the storm. Amy and I spent the day together doing non-sex things and looking at each other not sure of what to say. She finally asked, “do we really have to wait for tonight?”

“Not if you’re still sure,” I said.

The wind from the storm made the old building drafty and cold. I suggested we start in the shower to get warm before we slid under the covers of the bed. We had a long shower and played a lot of sexy touching and teasing games. Once in bedroom I asked Amy about the issue of birth control. I was relieved when she told me that her period was due tomorrow of the next day (she was very regular). At least I wouldn’t have to explain the condoms I’d bought at the store. It also meant I would be able to cum inside her, making my first time with her that much more satisfying.

We started slowly, petting, teasing and kissing until Amy was soaking wet and I was rock hard. I put Amy on her back and brought her to a first orgasm by eating her out. I was sure to leave behind a lot of saliva mixed with her natural lubrication. After resting awhile I set Amy to sucking my cock, leaving me good and wet to provide even more lubrication. Then I positioned myself between her legs and massaged her slit with the tip of my penis, eventually spreading her lips and inserting just the very tip of my cock. I had never done this before, so I was only guessing at the proper way to approach taking a woman’s virginity. My toying seemed to please her and I pushed in a little, stopping to measure her reaction. She gave me a nod.

I had worked my cock half way into her virgin pussy when she cried out, “it hurts, it hurts!” I asked her if I should stop. “No,” she said. “Give me a minute. I want to do this.” I held still, caressed her pretty face and waited for the pain to subside. “Okay,” she told me. “Keep going.” I carefully pressed on, sliding in another inch. Amy took in a sharp breath through clenched teeth. “Oooh”.

I pressed forward again, overcoming the last of her hymen’s resistance until I was completely inside her. She continued breathing through pursed lips. I let her rest again. “That’s it,” I told her. “You’re not a virgin any more.” I kissed a single tear from her cheek.

I withdrew just an inch or so, pushed back into to the hilt, then out again, being as careful and gentle as I could. From Amy’s reaction I could tell the pain had lessened. I kept up my motion, gradually speeding up until my in and out motions seemed not to be causing further pain. It didn’t take me long to spill a pint of cum deep inside her. When I finished I lay still until my cock shriveled and slid out of her pussy on it’s own. The thin film of virgin blood on it is something I’ll never forget. I had rarely felt more satisfaction and I told her so. I asked how it had felt to her.

“The pain never went completely away but it wasn’t so bad once you were all the way in. I’ve heard the first time isn’t that great. What I’m really looking forward to is when it’s normal, but you have to promise me two things.”

“I can’t refuse you anything right now, Amy. What two things?”

“No matter how much we both like having the regular kind of sex, you won’t stop using your tongue on me and you’ll still want me to use my mouth on you. I love both of those things. I think you’ve made me an addict.”

I quickly agreed.

Amy and I didn’t end up together. She was the kind of girl who belonged in the country or in a small town. That wasn’t the life for me. That eventually became clear to both of us and we parted company after just over a year, when Amy’s contract expired and she didn’t renew it, realizing she didn’t want to stay in the city. She ultimately did go back to Iowa. We didn’t communicate after that. Forty years later, I found Amy on Facebook. That’s what prompted me to write our story. I didn’t try to message or friend her. I just wanted to see how life treated the only woman who ever gave me the gift of her maidenhead. Amy married. The husband wasn’t a farmer but he owned an insurance company that sold crop insurance. They had just one child, a daughter who looked as though she had stepped out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

A friend once told me that a woman never forgets the man who took her virginity. I always hoped that was true and I know for sure it’s true for the man, at least it has been for me. Amy will never know the number of times I masturbated to the memory of that look on her face when my cock hit bottom inside her that first time. I like to think she has pictured that third day of a blizzard at some random hour while she’s washing dishes, listening to her favorite Dimiti Shostakovich , or teaching the children in her class the definitions for a noun and a verb – all with no regret.

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An Embarrassing Beginning

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Not all my sexual adventures have been fun. In fact, some have been downright unpleasant. For instance, I just was passed on the way home from the post office by a woman speeding in an old burgundy Town Car, acting like she had to get home before her husband called, or something, and I was instantly reminded of my brief but painful affair with Bobby Abrams. It was doomed from the beginning.

I met her at a faculty party at the beginning of my second year as a law professor. She was the very pretty and curvaceous wife of Stan Abrams, a former Methodist preacher who was the assistant director of development. I guess you know what they do…help rich old widows get their affairs in order, making sure they remember their alma mater.

Bobby was as drunk as anyone could be and still navigate. Nevertheless, she could talk, so we struck up a conversation which became increasingly intimate as the evening wore on. Before we said good night, I had her telephone number and a tentative date for the following Friday when her husband would be in Chicago doing his duty for the university.

I called her on Thursday to see if she remembered our date. Somewhat to my surprise, she did, and we agreed to meet downtown in an out of the way bar called The Office that she knew about. At the appointed hour, I was Escort Ankara there, sitting at a table, anxiously waiting. No Bobby.

I waited nearly an hour, and was about to conclude I had been stood up when in she rushed, all out of breath. It seems her husband’s plane was an hour late and she hadn’t been able to find a plausible excuse to leave him waiting along for the plane. We had a drink, and soon the conversation picked up where we had left off at the party. She was lonely and horny. But she didn’t think we should go to her place because it was still broad daylight and the neighbors would probably notice.

My wife had our car. She had had to take the kid to the doctor at the last moment, and I had gotten her to drop me downtown on some cockamamie pretext or other, so I couldn’t take Sybil home.

Des Moines was a very small town in those days and she and her husband were very active in the town’s social life, so she was afraid she would be recognized if we tried to go to a motel.

At least we could go out to lover’s lane and make out in the back seat. I knew she had a big Continental — there’s room in one of those things for a king-size bed if you go about it just right!

So we went out to get her car and guess what? In her haste, she had parked in a no parking Ankara Escort zone, and her car had been towed. Jesus Christ! My sexual excitement was ebbing strongly when we went back to the bar to call a cab to take us out to the impound yard.

Common sense and ordinary prudence should have warned me that this wasn’t going to work. But I wasn’t thinking with my head. $100 later, we were back in her car going out to the woods where kids of all ages gathered to study nature in its most natural setting. The usual necking spots were all taken so we went deeper into the woods and came upon a lovely little clearing, with nobody around, seemingly, for miles. Sybil didn’t have a blanket, but never mind. There were some low bushes that would make a delightful bed, so I trampled out a nest for us, while she raised her skirt and removed her panties.

She lay down and treated me to a wonderful view of her pretty little pussy, as I struggled to get my pants off. I finally gave up because she was holding our her arms and moaning her eagerness. She was so hot, her labia was dark, engorged, and unfolding like a flower. I longed to taste it but instinctively, I didn’t think this was any place to be fooling around with a lot of elaborate foreplay.

I slid into her cunt so easily that for a moment Ankara Escort Bayan I didn’t think I was in, but then she began massaging and encouraging me with her unusually well trained vaginal muscles. We gave those bushes a pretty good workout for about five minutes. The woman was insatiable. Scary. She started coming the minute I penetrated her, and it seemed she came again and again with virtually every thrust I made into her.

Luckily, as it turned out, I was wearing a condom. We tidied each other up, and got back in the car. She dropped me at the corner near my house and drove on home.

The next morning, I had peculiar red spots on the backs of my hands. By noon, those red spots had turned into blisters. Then the phone rang. She had already been to the doctor and knew the worst. It seems that neither of us knew enough about indigent plant life. I had selected a lovely clump of poison ivy for our tryst. And her ass looked like my hands (which, of course, had been cupped under her ass holding her close while I fucked her).

“What the hell am I going to tell Stan?” she demanded. “He’ll be on this afternoon flight from Chicago, you know.” We tried to think of something plausible, and finally gave up. I don’t know what she told him, but Sybil and I continued to see each other from time to time for a year or so afterwards. She got over being so nervous about the neighbors, and we spent many happy hours fucking in the big bed she shared with Stan while Stan diddled the old ladies into making suitable testamentary decisions about their estates.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Alouette did not need to shut her eyes, because the Prince was ravishing her from behind. He had her bent over the brothel’s elaborate chaise with every layer of her favourite stage-dress peeled inside-out over her back. She only closed her eyes to do as the other girls taught. To conjure up a lover and put him in the place of the client. Then the juices might flow, and it might not hurt so much.

She evoked her ‘Rock’, the fantastical man of her dreams. The man she pictured in the audience when she stepped trembling onto the stage, a smile curling the scar on his cheek. The one who watched over her as she bathed; and whose deft, strong fingers she imagined in bed on troubled nights, while her sisters worked.

Rock’s strength and calm appeared again, overpowering the Prince’s rushing, brutal thrust. The young royal overcompensated for a small manhood while Rock — she imagined — would fill her deeply, but tenderly. Alouette’s fingers reprised her fantastic lover at her bud and soon she burst little sighs, just like the breathy prayers her sisters made to their own phantoms.

Earlier, when the visiting Prince plucked Alouette, their treasure, from her protected place on the stage, the brothel had filled with gloom. In a private chamber, Madame prepared Alouette personally, gently shaving her sex over a porcelain bowl until she looked like the other girls. This rare personal attention should have made her feel special, but instead the moment had a suffocating horror to it. Alouette was a singer. Just a singer.

Madame’s thickly painted lips pressed into a hard line when she surveyed the shaven pinkness between Alouette’s legs. “If someone — even someone as important as the Prince — is to de-flower you, Gentille Alouette, then I will be by your side,” she said when the royal party rapped at the bedroom door and Alouette jolted. “You are the beauty that draws in and beguiles our guests,” she added. “I will not risk my livelihood for one spoilt royal!”

Now, Alouette’s fantasy had gained such a fluid solidity that her fingers grew slick with her arousal and a crisis blossomed between her legs. But her mounting gasps only enflamed the Prince further. He gripped her naked hips and drove harder, until the obscene slapping together of their flesh sounded like a punishment, not love at all. Rock turned to thin, cold air.

She glanced over at Madame, who had offered to service the royal guard, so staying close. Alouette hoped she might intercede, but found her guardian’s eyes closed in expertly portrayed bliss as the bodyguard nuzzled between her spread thighs.

Alouette started to panic. They said the Prince might as well carry a pistol between his legs, for the girls who had received his climax always ‘disappeared’. There could be no risk of royal bastards turning up at the palace to claim the throne. And Alouette may be inexperienced but she had lived in a brothel all her twenty years. She knew well enough when a man was about to peak.

The Prince started panting, then to Alouette’s horror blurted, “Madame! This girl… may receive… the royal seed!” Madame opened one eye. She shook her head emphatically at Alouette, tapping her mouth before arching into a perfectly feigned orgasm for the royal guard.

The Prince’s thrusts already frenzied, Alouette leapt off his manhood and spun round, quickly taking the slippery, twitching organ in her mouth. He cried out in surprise and climax and she closed her eyes again, desperately evoking her Rock as thick, hot pulses flooded her tongue. She consumed the next frantic moments as quickly as possible.

Later as the Prince’s servants dressed him, with Alouette still on her knees at his feet, Madame smiled and stroked her head like a prized animal. Alouette was happy, too. Despite the chilling between her thighs and the Prince’s stubborn taste in her mouth, she wanted to sing for joy that her ordeal was over. However, Etimesgut Escort she had made up her mind. It was time for her to leave home. With her share of monies from this tryst she would seek her own fortunes abroad as a singer. The minute the Prince left, so would Alouette. In the opposite direction.

Unfortunately, the Prince was impressed.

“Madame, this beautiful little songbird will come with me to the palace. You must name your price,” he said.

Alouette dug her fingers into her thighs. Nevertheless, she bit her tongue, and let Madame speak for her. She had trusted this woman all her life. Madame knew Alouette only wanted to sing, that her voice was her destiny. But her guardian’s hand stopped stroking, and that halting caress chilled her.

“Your majesty.” She addressed his jewelled slippers. “This creature is priceless to us. She earns us over a thousand a year. I could not–“

“Very well,” the Prince proclaimed. “One hundred thousand it is then, good day.”

Within the hour, Alouette was speeding across the icy hinterlands in the last coach of the Prince’s entourage, tossed about with the other treasures claimed on his travels. Unlike the courtiers and servants, she travelled in a goods carriage, with a barely adequate, light canvas roof. She clung tight while trying to calm her shivers at the bitter cold, her tears freezing on her cheeks.

It had been a tough love between the women at the brothel, but it was still love. Her erstwhile sisters had wailed from the windows while she was put into the carriage as if into a grave. As they embraced, Madam would not let Alouette see her face, somehow making the betrayal even worse.

Another heaving jolt threatened to toss her from the coach, the horse’s hooves thrumming like the devil’s own heartbeat, and she scrabbled again for purchase. Then it occurred to her, what was she saving herself for? A life as a concubine? Her songs reduced to the foreplay of a sexual slave? She would stand better odds against the winter… Then her sobbing stopped, her limbs relaxed, and she knew what she needed to do.

She let go.


It was dawn when Cephas — hauling his own laden cart to the village — was surprised by an unfamiliar outcrop on the road. “Oh, not now,” he cursed in a thick plume of breath. If he didn’t sell the season’s last crop today he would have nothing to see him through the rest of the winter. No seed for next year either. Nontheless he knew he would be too dim witted to pass a soul in need.

Approaching, he surveyed the bundle of red silk suspiciously. He prodded it with his boot, as if it might unfurl and strangle him. He hoped it was just a body. He had not expected to be shocked, and melted, by the sweetest song. Whatever it was, it sang as well as any bird.

He stooped and dusted away snow the snow. A woman, not much more than a girl; her head folded in her arms and singing as if her life depended on it. He peeled back her arm, and her beauty made him flinch.

“Mademoiselle, you are dying!” He muttered as the girl, eyes shut, sang in oblivion to her peril. He rubbed her hands and face, breathed on her, trying to thaw her dreadful icy pallor. Without a further thought, he wrapped her in his coat, buried her amongst his produce and spun his cart round. Back toward his cabin.

Once inside, he wrapped the girl in all the furs he could find and put a weeks’ worth of wood on fire. However, when she stopped singing, he knew this wasn’t enough. He could only find the tiniest thread of a pulse on her wrist. Was that just the insensitivity of his toughened fingers? He was no doctor, but he trusted his instincts. He needed to raise the girl’s temperature, and quickly.

He heated buckets of water in anything he could lay his hands on, and filled his old tin tub. Then — trembling with the sheer impropriety of what he had to do next — he unfastened Escort Etimesgut her snow-sodden clothing. Quickly, he unlaced and tugged off the frozen layers as gently as he could, unwrapping the delicate creature’s luminous skin to the warming room. The girl felt alarmingly inert as he pulled her dress off over her head, unlaced her corsets and peeled off her stockings. Finally, taking a deep breath for courage, he removed her cold, wet undergarments.

Distressingly chilled in his arms, he carried her over to the tub and lowered her into it, quickly covering her pale nakedness with a tarpaulin. He doused her neck and shoulders in more warm water until she was roused enough to start shivering. Then her renewed, soft humming encouraged him and he took her out of the quickly chilling water, wrapped in the canvas, and dried her vigorously all over.

He watched the ceiling while rubbing blood back into her, as if averting his eye might protect him from the mental pictures his hands made of the forms beneath the stiff cloth — the tempting resilience of her curves and clefts — before quickly wrapping her back up in the furs and laying her by the fire.

Then all he could do was wait, shake the echo of her body from his limbs, and the afterimage of her nakedness from his eyes. Despite his precautions, he had seen between her legs. The petals of her sex were shockingly bare. This woman might look like an innocent little bird, but she wore the professional grooming of a whore.

Her singing stopped again, fading out as she drifted into sleep, and Cephas sat poised beside her until her breathing was even. He was lost in her face, so smooth and so perfect it made him feel itchy with hairiness. His scar throbbed in warning, as if to remind him of their differences; forbidding him even the dream of her.

Soon he grew pragmatic, if she was to live she would live, he could do nothing more. He headed back to town with his cart, his hulking frame at a lumbering trot to get there before the markets shut. With a bit of luck he might just make the bathhouse too before it closed, he suddenly felt desperately unclean. He left the girl a note which, he hoped, would help when she awoke.



Alouette blinked swimming vision at the childish handwriting, scrawled in charcoal on the floor. The hovel around her strobed yellow from an enormous fire. Her head throbbed, her mouth papery. She passed out again.

Time passed in a flicker, and suddenly a lump of granite, an oddly familiar one, was poised above her. A cup of warm water nudged cautiously at her lips. The liquid filled her with a swell of wellbeing, immediately trickling from her eyes. The granite smiled. Blackness.

A cold draught stirred her, and she lifted her head to a slamming door. Outside there was the sound of chopping. An enormous pot of water bubbled. Then he appeared, a block of a man with an armload of timbers. He looked chipped from the mountain itself, dark hair and eyes, and a weathered beauty to him. Half way to diamond.

“Rock,” she croaked. He jumped, dropped his pile and ran over to her, scooping up a cup of water on the way.

“What was that, little bird?” he whispered, gravelly, as she drank. He dabbed her mouth with his sleeve. He smelled of smoke and air.

“Rock,” she said again.

He shook his head. “Cephas.” His smile turned the scar across his cheek into a question mark. “Though it means the same. Who are you?”

“I am–”

With an implosion of shock, Alouette realised the exquisite softness of furs all over her body. Her naked body. She widened her eyes at her saviour, and he flushed, as if reading her mind. His embarrassment said it all; she need not worry about the intentions of this man. Alouette sighed off her shock, leaving behind it an odd sensation. A very pleasurable one. What did it matter? This could not be real. You Etimesgut Escort Bayan could not fall from a coach, in the middle of nowhere, and be rescued by your fantasy lover. She smiled and reached out a hand, stroking her fingers along that question mark. Alouette was dying. One more protective dream to smooth her passage to eternity.


Cephas had never seen this expression on a woman before, certainly not a woman in his bed. He wondered if it was just the reflection of the fire in her eyes. It could not be lust. A delirium, surely. Her hand stroked his face and it felt like a memory, it felt right. Without a thought, he kissed it.

Or had this creature fallen from the sky? A common farmer, visited by an angel? No. Her palm felt too hot against his lips, and her cheeks were too crimson. This was a fever. It had to pass. Or not. Her life was in the balance. The grimmest of ironies; fever from cold.

“Little Bird,” he said before her hot lips silenced his, and her arms wrapped around his neck. Bewitched, he couldn’t help himself against that kiss, and had to respond, but she was so soft. It was like trying to kiss the sunrise. Her voice hummed a yearning little song of a sigh as she pulled him toward her and he took her in his arms. He wondered if this was what she needed. A simple injection of life.

Her kisses grew demanding, he felt power stirring in her. She threw off the furs and pulled at his clothes, gleaming at him as he took in the fire lit upturn of her breast, the sweep of her belly, the willowy strength of her legs and the plump folds of her mound. Alouette sat up, tugging down his breeches and biting her lip as his eager member bobbed out. She caressed it like a favoured pet and squeezed even more blood into it; then reclined, drawing him with her, wrapping every limb around him.

Cephas watched her glorious, elated face, as he poised his hardness at the hot, yielding flesh between her thighs. He dropped a kiss to her lips, frowning at the shimmer of sweat on her cheeks.


Alouette had witnessed much cruelty from men in her life, the only gentle loving provided by other women. She had wished for just one man. This one. She whimpered as her dream plunged firmly within her now, and at the same time became possessed of an insatiable urge for more of him. He fed himself to her, and the more he fed the more she needed, deeper, quicker.

She wriggled under him, pushing his shoulders, twisting him onto his back so she could take control of her needs. She felt frantic on this magnificent mountain of a man. Chewing, writhing and spilling over his body. Her body wild with hunger for him. For life.

Cephas kissed all that she offered, lips, cheeks, neck, breasts; each met with a bursting sigh. He dug his fingers into her buttocks, pushing hard, hardly able to keep up with Alouette’s nimble dance on him. She was deeply aware of his climax, unbearably close, how he bottled it up. It stiffened him inside her, lighting her up. She locked rigid, arched in stifled silence. Sparkles flashed to white and removed all skin between them. She curled into him, drew him into to her, crying out into his mouth.

He erupted beneath her, the mountain become a volcano, jetting hot lava into her body. She clamoured for his pulses with internal spasms of her own, sucking at him, onto life. For one… more… sweet… beat…

Then her breath sighed out its last, long, descending note and released her soul with it. The song soared, swooping up, and out into the dawn. With all the other birds.



Cephas leapt off the bed with the singing woman still impaled on his throbbing member, frighteningly limp and searingly hot. He charged outside and plunged her into the snow, expecting steam to puff up from her skin but worse, the single plume of her song grew thin. Then disappeared.

Ice burned his feet and knees and he curled over the woman, her face still. The pink in her cheek dissolved until she seemed made of snow. His chest wrenched sobs, and he bit his fist. Tears flowed, so hot and heavy they could not be frozen. They dripped onto her face. Into her sealed eyes. Onto her cold lips.

Kindling a smile.

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Alice Ch. 02

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Previously… On a high from a long run, Ryan discovered that an attractive geeky primary school teacher fancied him and flirted before unexpectedly ending back at her flat and discovering a sexy minx beneath the shy surface.


As I watched Alice’s lace-covered butt disappear towards the kitchen to grab us each a cold drink, I shook my head in a combination of wonder at how cute she was and amazement at where i found myself right now and headed into the ensuite to splash some water on my face and use the facilities.

This sort of thing just didn’t happen to me, I was used to trying way to hard with girls I fancied and either ending up friendzoning myself so far that search parties had to be sent out, or in relationships with girls whose controlling and needy behaviour left me feeling utterly useless and undesirable. It was amazing the difference it had made to hear that she was attracted to me as I was able to just relax and be myself instead of trying too hard.

Leaving the bathroom and becoming a little self-aware of my nakedness, I grabbed my boxers from the floor where they’d been thrown and was in the process of pulling them up when Alice returned through the doorway with a couple of glasses of iced lemonade. Seeing me putting my boxers on she stopped and a genuinely sad look came over her face… “Oh… are you… you’re not leaving are you?”

I could instantly tell that despite her sexual confidence not so long ago she was completely normal in that she had insecurities of her own and instantly recognised in her the same paranoia and self doubt I had experienced myself after first dates or first sexual experiences with girls didn’t feel attractive enough around.

Pacing over to her, I took both the glasses from her and set them down on a bookcase beside us. Pulling her into me and gently pushing her long hair away from her face I leant in and kissed her. This kiss was unlike any of the other kisses we had shared. No longer frantic and passionate, this was slow and soft, her lips parting ever so slightly against me and feeling so light and warm that I felt a shiver of attraction travel down my body.

Leaning back, I paused for a moment and looked into her eyes and she smiled before looking Escort Çankaya down slightly, almost embarrassed, “I got insecure didn’t I?” she started, “I do this sometimes, just when I like someone… I mean, not like lots of guys… I mean oh shit! I’m sorry I’m crap at this.”

I laughed, put my finger to her lips and with confidence high due to her bumbling smiled as I spoke. “Alice, will you let me take you out to dinner tomorrow night?”

She paused, her caution melting and her self-esteem returning and visibly relaxed, “That depends”, she said, sexily taking the finger I had placed by her lips into her mouth playfully.

“On what?”, I asked, playing along and seizing the opportunity to reach behind her and squeeze her left buttock.

“Oi,” she teased, batting my hand away momentarily before pulling me into her, my naked torso pressing against her wonderfully framed chest, whispering into my ear, “…tomorrow we can have a date if tonight we can stay here, get a take away, watch a film and,” she paused again for effect, “get to know each other a bit better.” With that last comment Alice ran her hand down my chest, turned it around so that her fingers pointed downwards and ran her hand over the front of my boxer shorts, where my arousal had announced itself by springing back to life.

Feeling bold and brave, I firmly, yet carefully, pushed her back against the wall and pinned her arms above her head by holding her wrists. Bending down iIthen softly started to kiss her neck while she offered no resistance and instantly began to moan at my kisses revealing an, as yet unexplored erogenous zone. I was aware that my approach was having the desired effect of driving her wild as she thrusted her hips forwards, desperately trying to make contact with me as I maneouvred my waist out of reach and continued to lick and kiss her neck and around by her left ear.

I soon became aware that her moans and pants were almost desperate and, smiling into her hungry eyes I crossed both her wrists, enabling me to hold them in just one hand and freeing up my right hand to slide her bra strap over her shoulder and down her arm. As her beautiful firm breast became free from its lace prison, I dipped my head and Çankaya Escort delicately ran my tongue over her small, very erect nipple.

Alice froze and shuddered with pleasure at this new sensation as I teased and flicked her, caressed and ran my tongue around in slow, wet circles.

As Alice’s breathing quickened and her writhing intensified, I realised with surprise that there was a very real chance Alice could orgasm just from the attention her breast and nipple was getting alone, coupled with her clear arousal at being restrained by me. Reaching behind her, I released her bra with a snap of my fingers, a skill I’d acquired playing drinking games with the Mixed Hockey team at university, and she looked at me with a look of surprise and lust. “I want you Ryan… so…… so……Ryan….. what are you….. whoa!!…. Ryan…. Ryan…. RYANNNNN…. ngngng.”

As she had been talking, I, with increasingly deeper breaths, had dropped to my knees, finally releasing her hands from above her head, slid her black lace knickers down her thighs, discovering that she was absolutely soaking wet. I then raised her right thigh over my shoulder and, after admiring the closely shaven pussy before me, found her clit with my tongue and began to caress it.

Alice went crazy with desire, thrusting herself against me and swearing with raw lust as i licked and sucked her, circling around her clit deliberately until she exploded in body trembling explosion on my tongue. Her hand grabbed the back of my head and she continued to spasm, pulsing against me as wave after wave of orgasm coursed through her. She half cried, half whimpered with sheer pleasure as her legs buckled and she slid down to the floor, her knees either side of my unrelenting kisses and licks. Feeling her tense again I was incredibly aroused as she pulsed in another smaller orgasm, this time collapsing on top of me and moving herself back until she collapsed onto my chest. Her breasts rose and fell with deep breaths as she recovered her composure and sighed my name several more times contentedly. “That. was. something. else…. you bastard…” she smiled as I grinned cockily, proud of my efforts.

Adjusting her thighs slightly so she was either Çankaya Escort Bayan side of my waist, I suddenly became aware that her moist pussy lips, coated in her liquid arousal were gently oscillating against my swollen penis. Alice bent down and kissed me passionately on the mouth as, with the smooth sexy fingers of one hand she guided me inside her.

I lay there in heaven as I felt her contract around me, the perfect blend of her slick juices allowing me to glide in and out while her tight warm vagina tensed and pulsed around me and rapidly brought a growing animal reaction out of me. Seizing the opportunity, as Alice paused momentarily with her vaginal lips over the end of my now engorged cock, I surprised Alice by flipping us both over, grabbing a pillow from the bed next to us and placing it under her head.

Resuming our kissing, I thrust powerfully into her as we both moaned our separate appreciation for the feelings each one elicited. I would love to report that I went on like a stallion for a long time, sad to say, this was not the case. All too soon, I felt myself coming to the brink of release and, as Alice sensed this, she sexily started to talk to me, in an effort to push me over the edge. “That’s it Ryan, come for me… yes…. oh… come…. fill me up…. I want it….. harder baby….. mmmmm…… yes baby…… oh oh oh…. yesssssss mmmmmm”

On her final ‘yes’ I could hold back no more and with a masculine scream I erupted into her, our bodies perfectly thrusting in time with each other and the most powerful, head-spinning, eye-rolling orgasm I had ever experienced washed over me.

Alice and I embraced as i gradually recovered my senses and my breathing started to return to normal. “That was amazing Ryan” whispered a suddenly shy Alice as I enjoyed after shock ripples still passing through my still firm cock deep inside her, “We can definitely do that again…”

She smiled the most beautiful smile, one which was half confident and half reserved and kissed me in a sweet peaceful manner.

“I definitely think I’d consider it if there nothing on TV”, I joked, my confidence and teasing returning. “Though I’m not sure which lips I prefer more”

Alice grinned and, as I rolled to the side of her, whispered sweetly in my ear once of the sexiest sentences I have ever heard and one I never expected to hear from any woman, let alone someone as sexy and beautiful as Alice.

“Whichever you prefer is fine by me, My lips are yours whenever you desire them.”

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All Work and No Play…

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You are standing by the side of your lorry, watching me walk towards you in this short skirt, swaying in black high heels. As I get nearer you notice that I am wearing a white shirt with three or four buttons undone at the top. You wonder why I am wearing a scarf knotted round my throat, useless, impractical thing.

I have drawn level with you and I glance at you briefly before looking up at the door of your truck, which you have left open while you finish off your cigarette.

You see a faint smile cross my lips before I brush past you and stretch up to climb onto the first step to climb inside your lorry. My skirt rides up and you can see that my legs are bare, save for this pair of black high heels. Your fingers itch to trace the hem of my skirt and reach beneath it and you clench them by your side as I make myself comfortable on the backseat, the back of which you have left almost horizontal, you were having a short nap before I turned up.

I lean back, my legs straddled either side of the seat, my skirt riding high on my thighs, until you can just see the black thong underneath, disappearing between my legs.

You move nearer to the seat, glancing over at my handbag that I have left open beside the seat. Peering out of the top you can see a small pink vibrator. Your eyes edge back towards the hem of my skirt.

You can’t make up your mind, you want to get the vibrator out of my bag and put it between my legs so that you can touch the wet material between my legs, but you want to blindfold me and keep my hands out of the way so that I am helpless to interfere. You then find a use for the impractical scarf that is tied round my neck.

You undo the scarf, along with a couple of buttons on my shirt to reveal the tops of my breasts. You let yourself slip Escort Kızılay for a moment and trace the swell of my breasts right into my shirt, before you remember what you set out to do.

You place my hands behind my head and blindfold me, gently fixing my hands in place. If I really want to I could move them, but I am getting wet at the thought of what you plan to do, the feeling of being blindfolded is really turning me on.

You push me back against the back of the seat, this makes my breasts rise against the material of my shirt. You reach down each side of the seat, gently sliding your hands from my ankles, up the calves of my legs, to my thighs. You have come across a problem, you want to remove my thong, but you don’t want to move my legs in order to do it. Eyes gleaming, you reach into your jeans and pull out your pocket knife.

You open it up and trace it gently so as not to cut me, along the inside of my knee, up under my skirt along my thigh until you reach my thong. You run the knife delicately up along the crease between my legs, pausing to enjoy the sight of me shaking with excitement – and a little fear- at the thought of what you are going to do, before sliding the knife under the material and cutting through it. There, problem solved.

You pull the material away from me, inhaling the scent of my wetness, before discarding the scraps of material to one side. Now the fun begins. You pick up the vibrator and turn it on, watching my reaction as I hear the faint humming. You place the vibrator against my lips, pushing it until I open my mouth and lick at it, before taking it fully into my mouth. You change position, your jeans are getting tight at the thought of what else you want to put in my mouth.

You remove the toy from my Kızılay Escort mouth and slide it under my chin, down my neck, towards the edge of my shirt, your other hand undoing the buttons to bare the skin you are sliding the vibrator along. You play it over my breasts, watching my breathing getting shallower and my skin getting flushed as I get excited. You can’t help yourself, you stop to take one of my nipples into your mouth, making me gasp as you nip at it with your teeth.

You continue your journey with the vibrator, along my midriff. You grab hold of a cushion and urge me to lift my hips, placing the cushion under me and pushing my skirt right up at the same time, bearing my soaking pussy to your heated gaze.

With my legs either side of the seat, you can just see along my tunnel and smell my getting wet, and it is this that pushes you beyond control. You drop to your knees, pull my legs towards the edge of the seat and over your shoulders, before burying your head between my legs and your tongue inside me as far as you can reach, the vibrator forgotten, for the moment. Again and again you stab your tongue inside me, sucking on my clit until my hips and back are arched way off the seat and my teeth are clenched against the scream that you can’t wait to hear.

You want to continue sucking at me and licking all around my lips, but you stop, you also want to try out the other ideas that have been running round your mind, what you would do to me if you had the chance. You glance down at the vibrator, that will do for starters.

Picking the vibrator up, with my legs still over your shoulders, you insert the humming vibrator into my pussy, watching my arousal increase again after having had a few seconds to ease. Plunging it into me almost savagely Kızılay Escort Bayan so that I can feel your excitement and the fact that you are rapidly losing control, keeping the vibrator inside me, you push my legs off of your shoulders so that the angle of my body changes, but the vibrator stays the same. I can feel it causing an erotic discomfort, vibrating against one side of my tunnel.

I can also feel your fingers, trailing lower than my clit, to my other hole. You insert your finger alongside the vibrator feeling the tightness. You remove it and slowly push it inside my other hole, my anus clenching with arousal at the vibrator, around your finger. More and more wetness is coming from my pussy and you smear it all over your fingers and hand. You push the vibrator deeper until I can feel it against the neck of my womb, and then push your fingers deep inside my hole, stretching me.

You withdraw your fingers and the vibrator, and pull me up to a sitting position, my legs wide apart. You stand up in front of me and undo your jeans, your cock straining against the zip so much it’s painful to undo them. You dip your hand inside your jeans and pull out your cock, guiding it towards my mouth. Pushing at my lips you nearly cum then and there as I open my mouth and take you deep inside, the heat of my mouth and the strength with which I suck making it hard to resist.

You push me back and I fall back against the seat. You pull me towards the edge of the seat and part my legs wide, so wide it’s almost painful. Putting my legs either side of your hips so that I am on my back with my hips arched high, you plunge your cock deep into my pussy, your thumb rubbing my clit in a erotic vibration. This time I am unable to hold back my screams as you slip out of me, only to push as many of your fingers as you can, into my pussy and your cock into my other hole. It’s too late, I’m too far over, and I arch up high as I cum, with you pumping into me, your cock enveloped by the vibration from my orgasm, making you slam even harder as you reach your release.

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Alan and Beth

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Alan sighed as he watched Beth cross the yard to his greenhouse. She was such a help to him. She loved plants almost as much as he did and together, they had cross-pollinated many new species of exotic foliage. His private greenhouse was not only his solace from work, but also a showplace of blossom and vine, an oasis of sweet fragrance and heady perfume that aroused and thrilled the senses of all who came to marvel at it. He put down his potting spade and removed his gloves. This morning he would transplant the graft from their newest creation—a spider orchid in shades of umber and pearl. It had thrived under Beth’s tender attentions. He smiled thinking about how her gentle hands pressed the soil around its fragile roots, how she was so specific about measuring its fertilizer and water.

He pushed aside the wave of want and need surging up inside him. He had loved a woman once—a raven-haired beauty with mesmerizing eyes and soft alluring curves. But alas, she belonged to another. The affair had left him with bitter memories that tainted his efforts to pursue others. Then, at age forty, he met Beth. She was thirty, tall and thin with long brown hair that curled softly on the ends. One day she came to visit. She seemed to enjoy his creations and so he took the opportunity to invite her to become his assistant—explaining that he needed someone to help keep notes of his creations. She had eagerly accepted, smiling up Escort Eryaman at him with her pretty face all aglow.

For months that had worked side by side, sometimes touching hands while moving a transplant to a larger pot or brushing shoulders while staking up an eagerly growing vine. His feelings for her had blossomed and at times he believed she was harboring feelings for him, but they never spoke of their inner thoughts, choosing rather to focus their energies on coaxing beauty out of seed and soil.

Suddenly a shrill scream broke into his thoughts. He lunged through the door of the potting shed, thoughts of Beth’s safety filling his mind as he sprinted across the yard to the greenhouse.

Entering the greenhouse he found Beth sitting on the floor, her thin legs spread, her upper body braced by both hands. Potting soil was strewn across her body and sprinkled in her long brown hair. She blinked sad tear-filled eyes up at Alan. On the floor beside her lay his beloved orchid, its new growth broken and mangled, its tender roots exposed.

“I’m sorry.”

Alan sucked in a quick breath. The sight of Beth sitting on the floor, her summer blouse and Bermuda shorts covered with dirt, her long legs exposed up to her crotch sent his mind reeling toward the erotic. He felt his prick begin to harden. He crossed the floor and kneeled beside her.

“I don’t know what happened…”

He Eryaman Escort was overcome with wanting to console her and his lusty need to fuck her.

He stroked her hair, brushing the potting soil from the silky tresses, all the while his cock grew in his crotch. Sweat popped out on his forehead. He brushed the dirt from Beth’s shoulders, then lowered his hands to her chest. His palm felt the thrust of a nipple.

The aroma of moist potting soil and female phonemes assaulted his senses. He gazed down at Beth, a vision of loveliness despite the black smears of dirt on her silken flesh. Suddenly he took hold of her blouse and raised it over her head, pulling it off. She gasped slightly, then smiled up at him.

Her compliance fueled his actions. He reached behind her and released her bra. He reached out both hands and covered her small breasts. She sighed and pushed her body against his, reaching one hand to press against his erection.



He stripped out of his shirt and loosened his belt, pushing his jeans off his hips. His erection sprang forth, bobbing at his crotch and begging to be touched. He took hold of Beth’s shorts and yanked them down, exposing her bushy pussy and causing the dirt to spray across her white smooth flesh.

Beth gasped and filled her hands with soil. She rubbed his chest, tweaking his tiny male nipples with gritty Eryaman Escort Bayan fingers. He laughed and swiped his hands across her belly sliding them low until he dipped one fingertip into her navel, leaving a black dirty smear as he preceded to lower his fingers to delve between her pussy lips.

She yelped and spread her legs. She grabbed his prick in one dirty hand and began pumping her fist. “For Gods sake, Alan! Play with me!”

He rubbed her pussy, fingering her clit and making her buck her hips in the spilled dirt. He grasped her breast and smeared the round mound with black soil. He breathed in the aroma of cunt and moist loam, filling his lungs as he bucked his hips against Beth’s pumping hand.

Finally, the heat building inside him exploded in a crescendo of carnal need. He pushed her hand away and mounted her lush body. He drove inside her tight sheath and speared her warm insides.

Beth grasped his shoulders and arched her back, opening herself up for his lunging thrusts. A cloud of dust rose around their thrashing bodies.

He hammered her insides. He pumped his hips and thrust deeply, making Beth cry out. Suddenly the orgasm was upon him. It came full bloom, ricocheting inside his body, spiraling along his limbs until he bellowed his release.

Beth panted and bucked her hips. She grasped his ass in grimy hands.

“I’m coming!”

“Beth, I love you.”

She writhed beneath him. Dust billowed up and coated their naked bodies.

“I love you, Alan.” She panted to catch her breath. “I’m sorry about your plant.”

“We’ll create another.” He stroked her hair. “We have a life time to create new varieties.”

“Yes, darling.”

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Against The Wall

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The Underground was a nightclub, situated in the bowels of the city, that catered to all the alternative subcultures- the punks, the goths, the rivetheads. Every mainstream castoff. Known for loud, stomping music and nothing in the way of a dress code, it’s patrons crawled from every hole and seedy corner of the city.

Lynn looked out over the dancefloor, which was already keeping a couple dozen people occupied. Thick, heavy beats mingled with cigarette smoke, choking the atmosphere as lights pulsed on exposed skin.

Weaving through the maze of bodies, Lynn staked her usual territory near the center of the floor. Exertion and sweat had already formed an encompassing vapor of humidity. She hadn’t been dancing for two minutes when a man appeared next to her. She recognized him as a regular, a long-haired goth type that took his cues from an Anne Rice bible. Too pretty, not her type, not by a mile.

“Hello, beautiful.” he purred against her ear.

“Not interested.” She spun around, dancing with her back to him.

“I’m only asking to dance with the most alluring woman here.” he said, insinuating himself in front of her again.

Lynn couldn’t stop herself from laughing. She wondered how much time he spent in front of the mirror perfecting an air that was undoubtedly meant to be hypnotic.

“I don’t think my boyfriend would like that.”

“I don’t see anyone with you now. Who is he?”

“He’s Jack.”

The vamp moved a few paces away, which she had been counting on. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

With that, he was gone. The two things that commanded respect there were boots designed to stomp, and Jack. Lynn didn’t like tossing his name around, because it was more of a hindrance than anything else. But it had it’s uses. Normally, only the new arrivals approached her. Her attachment to Jack kept everyone else at arm’s length. Most nights she danced by herself, or with her only good friend, Wilma. Jack never danced, just watched. Night after night she would sink herself into the crush of bared, sweaty bodies that writhed to the music, allowed only to look, not touch.

Not that Jack wasn’t great, he was. Every other girl’s dream. Rock solid and faithful to the end. But Lynn already felt that familiar itch. Their sex life was fantastic, and she might even have been able to carry on with him as the only man fucking her. But she needed adventure, variety, and she needed her occasional lust for women satisfied. She brought it up once and Jack listened to her, patiently, and agreed to a threesome, even though Lynn knew he was the one-woman type.

Lynn liked bad girls and big tits, but that wasn’t Jack’s type. So she went out of her way to pick the perfect girl, an adorable blonde with a sweet smile and firm, perky tits. Lynn and the girl made out in front of Jack, and made it as far as getting topless and very friendly. Lynn urged him to touch her, but his mood remained somewhere between discomfort and anger, so she sent the girl on her way.

The music was getting louder, and more bodies squeezed onto the floor. It was as close as one could get to an orgy without actually fucking, although many were close to it. It wasn’t unusual to see people begin their foreplay right on the floor, grinding and groping, kissing and licking.

She always dressed with the expectation of overwhelming heat. Her skirt was short and vinyl, with a zipper that was more decoration that utility running it’s length that, if pulled, would have had her skirt falling off her like a wet towel. A black strapless shirt clung to her tits, her hardened nipples exposed to the crowd. Sweat rolled down her skin, from her neck to the swell of her tits, and down over the demon skull tattoo that sat under her navel and spread from hip to hip, watching over one of her most prized possessions.

She watched a devastating brunette dance next to her. The girl had eyes that could fuck you from across the room, and a body that promised more. As she watched her hips Escort Sincan sway, Lynn imagined getting her tongue in her mouth and her hands around those full tits. She turned and closed her eyes, continued dancing as the area just below her demon friend began to throb to the latest beat. She needed to get fucked, but it would be hours still before Jack would take her home. And she would never be able to convince upstanding Jack to take her to the car, or out back, and give her a good, quick pounding.

She wiped sweat from her face with the back of her hand and, as she did, noticed a man standing by the bar watching her. He was new, she would have remembered him. Tall and lean, wearing a black wife-beater that showed off his chest and arms, dark cropped hair and dark eyes. He had her attention.

He smiled at her, sending chills from her stomach down through her thighs. Before she could smile back, she felt someone tapping on her shoulder. Fearing Jack, she turned, but was faced with Wilma. Lynn had to lean down to hear the shorter girl.

“I’m leaving for a while with Sean. I’ll be back.”

“Okay.” Lynn hadn’t heard Sean’s name before, and chances were that Wilma was hearing it for the first time that night, also. Just a week earlier she had been tossed out for a symbolic five minutes after the bouncer had busted her getting head from she didn’t even know who in the back of the club..

Lynn turned back to the man at the bar, but he was gone. She thought it was probably for the best, as nothing could come of it save further aggravation for her. But she couldn’t help feeling slightly disappointed. She continued dancing, but soon felt someone come up behind her, boldly securing an arm around her waist. She turned her head to find the man from the bar.

“I’ve been watching you dance.” he said.

“Oh.” was all she could think to say.

“I saw you looking at me”

“Oh, that, I was…I was just-“

He pulled her back against him. “Don’t talk.”

With his hands on her hips, he took control of her body’s rhythm. The song changed, slowed, it’s beats viscous. She found herself leaning back into him, his breath against her neck. His hand found it’s way under her shirt, smoothing a trail across her stomach. She let her head fall back against his shoulder, felt his mouth so close to her neck. The music obscured the sound, but she felt the moan escape her. She broke his hold abruptly, turning to face him.

“We have to stop.” she said. His body felt so good against hers, but she couldn’t continue, not there.

“You don’t want me to stop.” he said, using her wrist to pull her forward, her hips against his.

“That’s not what I said. My boyfriend is around her somewhere, and I-“

“I don’t see him with you. You can keep dancing with me until he decides to come and get you.”


He grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her lips to his, quickly dipping his tongue into her mouth. “Stop talking.”

Anyone could have seen. Jack could have seen. But she found that she didn’t care, her desire for the stranger greater than anything else right then. She could feel his hard cock against her hip.

“I want you to fuck me.” she panted. She didn’t mean to say it out loud. She had lost herself for a second, and carelessly let the words form on her lips.

“I know you do.” he said, and then pointed toward the bathrooms “Why don’t you go cool off.”

She looked at him, mouth open. “What?”

He said nothing, just turned her and swatted her ass to get her moving. And move she did, hesitantly, bumping from one body to the next on her way to the bathrooms. What had just happened? She thought, maybe, she had come on too strong. Something had come over her. She was too forward, desperate.

Through the ladies room door and across the small vestibule. Although ladies and mens were only suggestions, as two women were standing at the sinks showing off their below-the-neck piercings Sincan Escort to a very accommodating man. She ignored them, moving to a sink in the back. She turned on the cold water and splashed it over her face, her body still responding to currents of desire. The derelict florescent lights flickered and cast a blue sheen over her skin. At the back wall were the paper towels, which she used to dry her face and blot sweat from her cleavage.

Before she could register what was happening, someone grabbed her from behind and shoved her into a stall. In a matter of seconds, her body was pressed between the plastic wall that partitioned off the stalls and a warm, firm body.

“Cool off yet?”

That was why he sent her to the bathrooms. His breath was skimming her shoulder, and very little was separating her from his hard cock, which was pressed firmly against her ass. Her hips and tits were crushed against the cold plastic, which had been marked with various words and sketches to suggest the very thing that was happening right then.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m giving you what you want. This is what you want, isn’t it?” he asked, as he reached around and slid his hand between her legs.

“Oh…fuck.” she moaned. “I can’t.”

“That’s not what I asked you.” He lifted her skirt and tore the black mesh panties from her. A second later she heard his zipper, and then felt the head of his cock sliding up and down her soaked pussy.

“Is this what you want?” he asked again.

“Yes.” Everything was happening so fast. She should be thinking of…she couldn’t remember.

“Say it.”

“Fuck me, please, fuck me.”

The man outside the stall whistled, and one of the girls yelled “Fuck her!”. As they did, his cock pushed up and into her, her body driven hard into the wall.

“Oh, god.” she shuddered

With one quick movement, he swung them both around, putting his hand on her back to bend her over. Her hands were braced against the tiled back wall as he kicked her legs apart, gripped her hips, and held her in place as he slammed into her. He was fucking her to the beat of the music, which invaded the restroom as a dulled echo. He ran his hand under her shirt, up her spine. It came to a rest on her shoulder, which he used to pull her back onto him.

Taking a handful of her hair, he pulled her upright, turning her and forcing her back against the partition. He kissed her roughly, his tongue sliding into her mouth, teasing her, slipping it out again before hers could return the dance. With one hand he held her jaw, bringing his mouth down and biting her lower lip. As he did, his other hand was bringing her leg around his waist. She put her arms up to get a hold on the top of the partition, supporting some of her weight herself as she hooked her other leg around him.

His cock slammed into her waiting pussy once again, drilling into her as he continued biting at her lips.

“That’s the way you do it!” someone yelled.

“I need to get laid.” someone else complained.

The back of her head knocked against the hard plastic to his rhythm, but she barely noticed. He yanked her top downward, releasing her tits. He watched them bounce sharply with his thrusting, then leaned in to take a hard nipple into his mouth. He bit down hard, causing her to cry out and, at the same time, grind against him.

“Harder!” she yelled. Whether she meant his biting or thrusting, she wasn’t sure.

He turned her head to the side, running his tongue up her neck and stopping with his lips against her ear.

“Sweetheart, I could bruise this tight body of yours all night.”

Without slipping out of her, he sat down on the toilet, bringing her down hard on his cock. He folded her arms behind her back, keeping them pinned there with one of his hands. She rode his cock like that, with only her legs as leverage. With his free hand he squeezed her tits, sucking and biting her nipples. He brought his Sincan Escort Bayan hand to her mouth, sliding his thumb between her parted lips. Sucking it into her mouth without hesitating, she rolled her tongue over it with as much enthusiasm as she would have if it were his cock he’d put in her mouth. She moaned, sucking and riding him, her arms still trapped behind her back.

“That’s it.” he said. “Ride my cock.”

He slid his thumb out of her mouth and used the hand to smack her ass. When she moaned louder, he smacked it again.

“Fuck, yes. Again!” she yelled.

He let her arms go. “Hands behind your head.”

She complied, lacing her fingers together behind her head as if she were under arrest. Her tits were on display for him, shoved forward, within inches of his face, bouncing up and down to the rhythm she was working on his cock. He took advantage of the position, squeezing her tits so hard she knew there would be bruises, pushing them together and running his tongue up the cleavage.

“Ride my cock harder.” he said.

She did, crying out as his cock reached as far as it could go. With both hands free, he alternated smacking her ass and thighs. The sound of her mistreated flesh flashed off the cold walls.

He stood, slamming her back against the wall again. She threw her arms around his neck and rode out the pain as her weight caused her to become impaled on his cock.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked.

“No, don’t Stop!”

“Beg me.”

“Please, please don’t stop! Oh, god, don’t stop. I’m going to come!”

A small group of people began cheering them on as he fucked her soaked cunt harder. The partition shook violently.

“That man deserves a fucking medal.” someone laughed.

Getting a good handful of hair, he yanked her head to the side and began biting her neck, the stubble on his face abrading her skin. He had her pinned between him and the partition so tightly there was no room for her to move. She was at his mercy, a complete stranger. He took her ass in his hands, squeezing it hard as his cock continued digging into her.

“Oh, fuck, oh, fuck!” she moaned.

He smothered her mouth with his, shoving his tongue into her and muffling her voice. She felt her orgasm winding up inside her, growing larger until it burst and spread in convulsing ripples throughout her body. She shook and cried out as he continued his assault on her pussy, driving the last of her orgasm through her.

She felt his body tense, and knew he was also on the edge of finishing.

“Come in my mouth.” she pleaded.

“No,” he smiled, “I want you to take this home to your boyfriend.” And as he said that, he threw his head back, growling low in his throat as he released a torrent deep inside her.

She moaned as her cunt milked every drop from him, his come already spilling out of her, coating her swollen lips and bruised ass. His head fell to her shoulder as he rested against her for a moment. Finally, he let her down, zipping himself up as she tidied her skirt and top.

“Wait.” she said “I can’t let anyone see me come out of here with you.”

“Stay here.” he said, letting himself out.

She locked the stall door behind him as she heard back slapping and a flood of congratulations. His come was already leaving a sticky film on her inner thighs. As she stood there, her cunt throbbing and aching, legs shaking, she wondered how she would get out of there, what she would say to Jack. Only a minute passed before the shrill squeal of the fire alarm startled here.

A chorus of curses followed as the bathroom was emptied of everyone. Lynn smiled and stepped from the stall, peeking around the corner to make sure no one would see her. As she hurried back out onto the dancefloor, which was rapidly clearing, she caught a glimpse of the man heading to the back exit. He smiled at her before leaving.


She turned to see Jack.

“I was looking for you everywhere. Where were you?”

“I was in the bathroom.”

“Come on.” he said, putting his arm around her and leading her through the crowd of departing bodies. “Let’s go home.”

“Okay.” she said, already excited again as she felt the other man’s come making her pussy slick.

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Afternoon Delight

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Big Boobs

“What’s that coming in?” I asked half-awake.

“Ended up DOA you want to go out?” The nurse said with an edge of tired in her voice.

“No, bring the person in.” I answered.

I had a choice to meet the ambulance on the drive to pronounce or inside. Lot less paperwork on the drive. I couldn’t do that; this was a living human. After that was taken care of I walked back to my call room. I fell upon the cot, which they had the nerve to call a bed. How did I ever do this? Taking some extra hours on for a friend was teaching me the agony of ER medicine again.

The phone jangled my nerves awake before my mind woke up. I reached out to stop the annoyance in hopes to not wake up. Too late I was awake and listening carefully. A four-car pile up was careening in, I leapt to my feet hit the floor running.

Orchestrated chaos was a thing of beauty. Commands shouted, it was a fine oiled machine when the ER was on. The last patient to be taken to surgery found me at the end of this shift. I was facing two days off. First would be slept away the second would acclimate me back to life. I needed to be with Mel. So I called him he didn’t answer I fell asleep exhausted. He would be here in the wee hours of the morning.

I always enjoyed Mel he knew my needs, desires, and passions. No commitments were needed, none were ever implied. I was a woman with him his masculinity was my lust. We would spend the day making love long before going to the bedroom.

I felt the bed sink down in the early morning hours. I felt his arm slipping around me before I felt his lips claim my exposed nipple. Once his lips playfully pulled on my nipple the moan met his approval.

“MMmmm you do know where I live?” I laughed throatily.

“I not only know where you live my darling Alex. I know your passions they are on the same level as mine.” Mel said with his sexy accent.

I rolled over a little so as to allow him better access to what he and I enjoyed. I was warm from sleeping he was wide-awake. Snuggling into him I fit perfectly in the circle of his body and arms.

“You sleepy head what a beautiful day we have together. You’re wasting this day with you sleeping my Alex. I think you and I should get to the market then a beautiful country picnic. How’s that sound?” Mel whispered in my ear.

All I could do was roll further into his body he laughed deeper hugging me closer.

“Okay I’m up I will shower then we can go. You sure though I mean look I have a little something here you might enjoy playing with.” I teased as I pulled the covers back.

His eyes widened as he leaned into my lips kissing me with promise. I knew that kiss it just struck the pilot light on my passions. I jumped out of bed showered dressed in a beautiful summer white dress. Sandals along with tying my hair up, I was ready. For what promised to be sensually a build up day.

The market was exciting the scents the sounds. The people it was so alive we enjoyed the shopping. Cheese’s, wine, some exotic fruits, thrown into our wicker basket. We jumped into the car drove towards the country side we knew where we could be isolated.

“I’ve been thinking of this picnic for a week Alex. It’s something you and I need to be with one another.” Mel whispered touching my face.

All morning he had touched my arm, hands, and face. His touching was always welcomed I enjoyed being touched by him. When we tried some different fruits the juices’ running I licked my lips. Looking him in the eyes, I sensually Escort Keçiören licked, while riveted to his face. I did my teasing bending over a little too far. Showing him my desires we were building the fire steadily.

Now in the car I allowed my skirt to hike up above my knee. Creeping higher Mel was enjoying the tease. I took my hand laid it on his thigh. He relaxed his thigh so it fell open towards me. I took my little finger and brushed his zipper. He jumped moaning from the sensation. I felt his cock respond I smiled as I took my hand back.

“Oh so you enjoy playing?” Mel laughed.

“Who me, play? Noooo…. You know I wouldn’t tease without the please.” I teased back.

His face cracked into a beautiful smile I loved that face. He was handsome he also was such a sexy thang. I laughed at my thinking of him as a sexy thang at our ages. He was though. His hand lying on my thin skirt brought me to attention. I felt like a hot poker was burning through to my flesh. I moved he moved. We were playing the cat and mouse game.

Only the stopping of the car brought me back to the surroundings. We had found the field it was so isolated, with a pond, tall blowing grass. Taking our blanket we walked under the weeping willow tree. Laying out the spread, we placed everything out. Mel poured us some wine, handing me my glass he smiled at me he had me melted.

“Oh this is so perfect let’s live right here.” I breathlessly said.

“Nope, I think we should keep this for our passions.” Mel replied.

“You are playing so hard to get today, Mel. You know that makes me insane with passions. First in my bed, secondly not getting into the shower. Well, I am going to have you my friend. Do you know how much I want to fuck you?” I was teasing him as I was placing my glass down.

“Come to me.” Mel whispered.

I leaned into him our lips touched we knew it was time. It was time to start building a faster, higher plane to fall from. I straddled his lap being certain to sit on his upper thighs. His hands cupped my ass; he tried to scoot me up. I wasn’t moving; I was tonguing his throat. Wrapping my hands around his head I was grinding myself on his legs.

“MMmmm now you’re talking.” He said when I gave him back his mouth.

I was enjoying the circular motions. Looking at him with deep stares he kept cupping my ass. I was beginning to become hypnotized with this sensual throbbing. I felt his fingers nimbly undo my buttons dropping my dress to my waist. I had a lightweight corset on his fingers happily made short time of that.

Throwing it over onto the blanket he hungrily started his sucking. Sucking, pulling using his lips. He pulled, tweaked, and brought me to many small climaxes. I was feeling sensational; his shorts were becoming quite wet. I felt the hard ridge of his cock straining to be freed.

Pushing me back onto my back he managed to undress us both. I was wrapping my long legs around his upper body. He was content with kissing my face my neck. I was enjoying the closeness we were in no hurry. We didn’t need to rush at least not yet.

“Mel I want to suck your cock.” I whispered sexily.

His shoulders were flexed his back stretched for me to see. I wasn’t making him see that I needed to feel his cock. I needed to suck it make him feel spacey, too. I tried with my thighs to turn him over; he laughed with my nipple still in his mouth. I loved the carefree, relaxed feeling we shared.

“Okay, please pretend Keçiören Escort Bayan I can make you turn over. Please?” I begged.

“Yes mam. How’s this?” He said laughing turning over.

Cock was rock hard I was between his legs quickly. Placing my hands on either side I walked up his body. Once even with his mouth I leaned down for a passionate kiss. He responded with one back. Kiss for kiss, touches, and licks, blowing I found his erogenous zones. Making him shiver, I felt in control knowing he was though.

As I got to his hipbones I was licking him careful to not touch his cock. He was patient all though his hips were making thrusts. I patted them to make him stop which caused him to increase. I knew him so well. His hands were starting to move down towards my hair. I felt the weight of his hand resting on my head. He was becoming aroused.

I loved the weight of his hand I knew he needed me, more. I moved down where his cock was just thisclose to my lips. I made eye contact we enjoyed this. Without hands I put my lips around his cock. Same moment darted my tongue inside his opening. His body tensed his hand hugged my head closer. I was in heaven. Sucking his cock was pleasurable for us both. I worked its length, width. Along the underside I had sucked his cock hearing his encouragement’s. His body was responding in deep moans. I wanted to hear him so I made sure to lick him sensually.

“Ahhhh I’m so close Alex. Come here get on me.” Mel hoarse voice strained from trying not to cum.

I felt the swelling increase in his cock, I hurriedly moved up his body. Allowing his Cock to drop out he let out a deep moan. My pussy was spread just above his cock. His hips instinctively shoved upwards, his hands shoved me down.

“Mmmmmmmm……. Mellllll.. Ohhhh fuckkkkkkk Yesssss…” I shouted out.

His shoving upward was met by my pressing down. We had the perfect rocking Going to bring us both maximum enjoyments.

“Oh yes, Alex this is it. Oh you are so fucking hot inside. I can feel you squeezing me. I’m aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….” Mel’s voice faded.

I leaned down kissed his lips feeling his spurts bathing me deeply. I was rocking on him throwing my arms over my head. His cock was semi hard he allowed me to enjoy myself. I wiggled my pussy all over that cock. His hands kept busy with my nipples sending little electrical shocks deep in me.

We enjoyed the after play we had worked on the leisure play. Feeling his cock rubbing inside of me. Slipping out sliding all around my lips. The head flicking my clit caused me shivers. He loved the heaviness of my tits weighing in his hands. The pinching of my nipples caused me to cry out at times.

I took my hands placed them between my thighs feeling his cock. It was solid again grinning I picked up a little speed. Riding him like a bronco I was delirious in the moment. His hands lay upon my hips making me centered. After each full circle he would use his fingers and stroke my clit.

“Mmmmmm nice baby.” I moaned.

Closing my eyes I fell into the eroticism. Mel, the outdoors, sensually being stimulated we were in no hurry. We had the time, desires, and the need for one another.

We didn’t note the first rain drops the clap of thunder brought us into focus. We were in for a thunderstorm; here we were both nude. Grabbing everything we ran towards the car. Mel couldn’t find the keys. The lightening brought into focus our predicament. Looking around we saw the old barn. Keçiören Escort Making a straight run for it we made it as the lightening lit the sky.

Fresh hay was strewn around we fell upon a heap laughing. In seconds we jumped up the sticking in our nakedness hurt.

“Well that was just dumb. That just damn hurt. Are you okay Alex?” Mel asked pulling a few lingering pieces out of his thigh.

“Mel are we safe here?” I asked timidly.

He pulled me close to him we had forgotten we were naked again. We felt comfortable like that. He kissed my lips softly, held me until I quit shaking. I left my head upon his chest.

“Yes Alex we are safe. The barn looks relatively new. Let’s just relax. How about some lunch?” Mel said casually.

Spreading out the blanket I looked over at him. He was so sexually superior to any other man I knew. He wasn’t rushed. He knew the secret that the journey was the real deal.

“Oh look its truly beautiful the lightening. Here, some more cheese?” I asked excited.

The lightening was nature’s most stunning work of art. Crackling across the darkened sky the long fingers of silver seemed to have a life of their own. The rain dropped the temperature by at least twenty degree’s causing my nipples to hardened. I wasn’t aware of how cold it was getting until I felt the warmth of the wine spreading through me. I felt Mel coming up behind me his touch came at the clap of thunder. I jumped he pulled me to him kissing my neck. He made his chest available for me to lean upon.

Lightening was giving us her best show. I was losing focus on the storm. Mel had taken my legs spreading one on each thigh. He opened his legs a little I was exposed as the storm now. His hands came around finding my clit, I reached down found his balls. I was massaging them leaning back to kiss his mouth. We had gotten so aroused by the storm.

“Oh fuck baby it’s I mean oh fuck……..I’mmmmm cummminnnngggggggg….” I shouted into space.

I sprayed us both as lightening unfolded across the inky sky.

“Oh that’s it come on Alex. I know you have to cum again. Give it to me.” He commanded.

I wasn’t able to hold back the waves they started in my spine. Captured my brain numbed my tongue. No thoughts would come. His fingers were slipping around my clit causing me to shake.

“Nnnnooooooo moreeeeee…Pleasseeeeee moreeeeeeee….nowwwwww…” I whispered biting my lip.

I felt him shuffle us before I knew it he was behind me. He had my ass in the air sliding around my pussy. Feeling his powerfully built cock moving around behind me I began pushing back. Mel needed some piston pumping. I felt his hands clasp my hips, center me he plunged in fully.

“Oh fucckkkkkk….” I spat into the hay.

Mel’s hips were slamming into my flesh. Slapping sounds being buried by the sounds of the storm. Screaming echoing from the stalls. He pounded harder, I felt his changing need. He was going to cum with a full showering of white-hot cum. Mel’s fingers dug into my hips the barn filled with screams from passions fulfilled.

The heat from his cum brought mine ripping out of me. We were joined in the dance of sheer animal delights. Moving in unison, making each other feel the power of desires.

Finally we fell upon the ground entwined. Mel managed to grab the blanket wrapped us inside. We laid there in the opening of the barn watching the storm. Exhausted completely, totally consumed, we found ourselves tucked safely away. Our bodies felt bruised by so many tender touches. That delicious feel of being touched by one another. Our minds were on another plane above our bodies. We didn’t need to speak.

It turned out to be the worst electrical storm of that year. We remembered it as being our own afternoon delight.

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After the Party

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me. Your opinions are welcome but your attacks are not.

As I lay there, not even half awake, I was surprised when, instead of slipping quietly into bed and turning off the lamp, my wife decided to try to engage me in conversation. It was late and I was tired after our annual holiday party. I’d slipped off to bed after our guests had departed while she’d remained up chatting with her friend Susan, who was spending the night in our guest room downstairs. They hadn’t seen each other in a while and Susan was going through a divorce, so I was surprised that she’d even made it to bed at all. As I woke a bit more, I could only assume that she wouldn’t be waking me up if she didn’t want something, which I hoped was sex. It turns out that she did, but not for herself.

“I want you to go downstairs and have sex with Susan,” she said, once she was certain that I was awake.

“What?” was my reply, followed by, “How much have you had to drink?”

“I’m completely sober,” she replied, “and I am asking you to have sex with my friend. She hasn’t had any action since she and Jeremy split up. I promise you that she is okay with this and so am I.”

I wasn’t quite awake enough to formulate an argument against being given the opportunity to sleep with my wife’s friend, not only with my wife’s permission, but with her insistence. She had grabbed my robe as I slowly got up while trying to wrap my mind around how exactly this was happening. Susan wasn’t bad looking, a bit on the voluptuous side but with impressive knockers. As I realized more what I was being asked to do, I certainly couldn’t see a problem with it. I pulled on my robe and headed for the bedroom door.

“Thank you,” my wife called after me.

By the time I was at the bottom of the stairs, I was fully awake and wondering what sort of reaction to expect from Susan. I headed down the hallway and stuck my head into the guest room where she was standing in a night shirt, apparently with nothing on under it.

“Hi,” she said as I entered and closed the door behind me.

“Hi,” I replied, “So, apparently there’s some service I can perform for you?”

“Well, hopefully you will be getting something out of this, as well,” she said with a smile.

I stepped over to her and caressed her tits through her nightshirt, feeling her hard nipples, before reaching for the hem and raising it up. I watched closely as her nicely-groomed, light brown bush was exposed, followed by the curves of her hips and abdomen. She raised her arms up and her luscious breasts were revealed as my cock started trying to peek out of my robe. My attention was on her large, light pink areolas and hard nipples as the night shirt slipped over her head. Once her arms were free, I tossed it aside and started to caress her tits before dropping to my knees.

I had her sit on the edge of the bed with her legs spread as I kissed her soft inner thighs and lower abdomen before running my tongue up her slit. She was flowing with pungent juices which I eagerly lapped up as she held my head. She was moaning softly as I licked her pussy but, once I slipped a couple of fingers into her and focused my licking on her clit, she seemed to get a bit louder. She leaned back on the bed and started to rock her hips rhythmically so I glanced up because I knew her tits would be bouncing rhythmically, too. Sure enough, those beauties were moving hypnotically and all those times I’d seen a little cleavage and wished I could see more were beyond realized.

It seemed that, just as I’d assumed, because she was so sexually pent up, it wasn’t Escort Etlik going to take long before she came. My goal was to make sure that her orgasm was long and intense. It certainly appeared that she was experiencing some intense pleasure and I could feel her pussy becoming even wetter and more engorged around my finger the longer I ate her. I fully intended for this to be just an appetizer, though; my wife had said to have sex with her and, like Bill Clinton, I wasn’t counting oral as sex. Susan was tensing up a bit as I assumed she was getting even closer to cumming and I just kept up what I was doing since it appeared to be working. When she finally went limp with a low moan, her body trembled as she came.

I continued licking her clit and fingering her wet pussy until she went still, then slipped my fingers from her pussy into my mouth. I was still admiring her body, first from my knees then standing over her as she recovered. My cock was rigid, tenting out my robe so, when I’d cleaned her juices from my fingers, I started to untie the belt. She was looking up at me, her chest heaving and drawing my attention, until I started to open my robe. She sat up as my throbbing tool was revealed and reached out to stroke it. I enjoyed the feeling of her soft hand until my robe hit the floor, then I climbed onto the bed and lay in the middle of it. Susan briefly licked my balls and ran her mouth up and down my tool a few times before straddling me.

As she guided my cock to her pussy, I was fondling her luscious tits and caressing her hard nipples. She lowered herself onto my tool and we both moaned as I was engulfed in her hot, wet pussy. She started to slowly ride up and down on me but my attention remained on fondling her tits. There had been so many times where I would have been content just for a look at her tits so, to have them in my hands while she was naked and impaled on my cock, with my wife’s permission no less, was more than I could have even hoped for. As such, I was going to enjoy them as much as I possibly could, assuming that this was not going to become a regular occurrence.

She started out humping my cock slowly with her eyes closed and a big smile on her face but gradually increased the pace and, eventually, leaned forward, planting her hands on either side of my head. At first, I continued to fondle her tits as started to lick and suck her hard nipples but my hands started wandering around to squeeze and caress her ass, as well. I was also able to push up into her each time she rocked backward onto my tool so that I was penetrating her as deeply as possible. Again, she was getting louder as her pussy became wetter and more engorged and she rode me harder. I could feel my own orgasm beginning to build but I didn’t want to be done fucking her because I was not expecting to get another chance. Before I reached that point, however, she slammed herself back on me and froze momentarily while tremors coursed through her body.

I was still licking and sucking her nipples when she let out a sigh and began to move off of me, taking them out of my reach. I was only briefly dismayed because, kneeling beside me, she leaned forward, her tits swinging, and took my cock into her mouth again. I was admiring the profile of her dangling tits and round ass as well as my cock disappearing into her mouth, as I enjoyed her oral skills. With one hand, she was pumping the base of my cock as she was sucking it while the other hand gently massaged my balls. I let her know how much I was enjoying her cocksucking as my orgasm began building up rapidly and with significant pleasure. I tried to just relax and focus on the good feelings, which were considerable.

Her cocksucking left nothing to be desired and, as my cock swelled even more the closer I was to cumming, the more voraciously she was sucking me off. While I knew there was no way she was enjoying sucking my cock more than I was enjoying having her sucking it, she made it pretty obvious that it wasn’t just about me. Based on the noises she was making and her enthusiasm, it appeared that she was appreciating having a hard cock in her mouth almost as much as she’d enjoyed having it in her hot pussy and experiencing a couple Etlik Escort of highly pleasurable orgasms. As such, I was expecting that blasting my load down her throat wouldn’t make her the least bit unhappy.

I was still murmuring encouragements right up to the point where I exploded into her mouth with a grunt. As I’d thought, she wasn’t the least bit put off and swallowed my load while continuing to suck me off. Only after she’d nursed every drop of cum from me and my cock had started to soften did she let it fall from her mouth. She crawled up and lay beside me in the middle of the bed.

“Thank you,” she said, “You may have figured that it has been a while since I’ve gotten any action.”

“You’re very welcome,” I replied, “I think I enjoyed it almost as much as you did. It’s probably good that you live down in the Springs because I think I’d be tempted to try to get together again if you lived nearby.”

“Yeah, I don’t think we’ll be getting permission for you to continue helping me out until I find somebody else,” she said.

“No, probably not,” I replied, “but you can bet that I will remember tonight and will think about it often.”

“So will I,” she confirmed.

I was planning to head back upstairs once I was fully recovered but we both must have been more tired than we realized because we both fell asleep. When I woke up, the lamp was off, the covers were over us and Susan was snuggled up against me, still naked. I figured that, if we’d fallen asleep, my wife probably had, too, so she wouldn’t have been waiting for me to return and I fell right back to sleep. When I woke again, it wasn’t because it was getting light or because the covers had been turned back; it was because I felt a warm, wet, pleasurable feeling on my cock. As I blinked the sleep from my eyes, I saw Susan on all-fours, her ass close to my head, sliding her mouth up and down my cock, which was rapidly awakening.

I reached over and caressed her pussy, feeling the abundant juices she was producing, so I encouraged her to shift over. As she continued to suck my cock, she moved to straddle my head and her pussy was soon directly over my face. I gazed up at her trim, light brown bush before running my tongue along her slit, lapping up her nectar. I heard her moan as I felt the vibrations on my cock so I kept lapping at her slit for a few minutes before slipping a couple of fingers into her dripping pussy. It wasn’t lost on me that this was an unexpected opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of Susan’s body presumably one last time, so I was savoring the taste of her pussy as well as the warm wetness engulfing my fingers.

I don’t believe I was fully erect when I woke up but it didn’t take much of her oral stimulation to get me all the way there. It turned out that she hadn’t started sucking me off with the intention of swallowing one more of my loads, but one of the results of that early-morning blowjob had been getting her even more aroused than she had already been when she’d awakened. Her pussy continued to get wetter and more engorged the longer she sucked me off and the longer I licked and fingered her. She removed her mouth from my cock at one point, though she continued to pump it, and I could feel her body tensing up right before she gasped and it started to shake. I kept licking and sucking her clit as she came, only slipping my fingers out of her once she’d gone completely still. As I was slipping my fingers into my mouth, Susan caught her breath for a moment, then started to crawl toward the foot of the bed.

My attention was on her ass and pussy as she straddled my cock, facing away from me, and lowered herself onto it. We both moaned as her hot, wet pussy engulfed my throbbing tool and she just sat there for a moment with it inside her. I reached out to caress her soft, smooth ass as she started to slowly ride up and down on my cock. With the morning light filling the room, I could see very clearly her pussy lips sliding up and down my cock and I realized that I could also occasionally see her fingertips. I surmised that she was stroking her clit as she rode me, which I suspected was only going to make her pussy feel even better.

I couldn’t reach her tits in Etlik Escort Bayan this position but was determined that, since I was given one more opportunity than I had expected to be with her, I was going to spend some of that time appreciating those beauties. I was able, in this position, to hold onto her curvaceous hips and pull her down even harder while pushing my cock up into her for maximum penetration. I wished there was a mirror nearby so that I could see her tits, which were undoubtedly bouncing like crazy as she rode me hard in pursuit of yet another orgasm. I could feel her pussy becoming wetter and hotter again and assumed that her fingertips deserved some of the credit for that. I certainly couldn’t fault her for that, especially if she, like me, was initially thinking that the previous night might just have been a quickie and hopefully an orgasm for her. For her to be on the verge of a fourth was definitely beyond what I had been expecting and I hoped it was the same for her.

She sat down hard on my cock as her body trembled and I think I felt her fingertips still moving as she came again. I just lay there, knowing what I planned to suggest next and expecting that, after two orgasms just that morning, she’d be more than willing. When the long, intense orgasm finally tapered off, she climbed off of me and turned, my attention going right to her tits. She knelt beside me and gently stroked my cock in her hand.

“I figured there was no point in wasting another opportunity,” she said kind of sheepishly, “Now, though, it is all about you. Whatever I can do to make you cum, your wish is my command.”

“Let’s trade places, then,” I said and I don’t know if she got right away what I wanted to do.

I sat up, then moved onto my knees as she reclined in the spot where I’d been. I straddled her ribs and lay my cock between her tits, then squeezed them around it myself. My attention was completely on them as I caressed the smooth skin and her hard nipples while sliding my cock between them. Her attention was on them as well, though, presumably, she was watching my cock more than her own cleavage. Her hands briefly caressed my ass then may have actually gone between her own thighs as I was fucking her tits. This was the ultimate way to cap off an unexpected and highly pleasurable encounter with Susan. I was savoring the feel of her tits not only along my throbbing shaft, but in my palms as well. I was also committing this visual, including her pretty face watching intently, to my memory and knew that I’d be replaying it plenty in the future.

I’d like to have had more time to spend fucking her tits, but it felt too damn good and, combined with already having had my cock in both her mouth and pussy, I was very quickly building to another intense orgasm. I managed to maintain a slow and steady pace as I slid my cock between her fleshy beauties and was relishing the pleasure that I was feeling but, all too soon, I exploded with a grunt onto her sternum. Her eyes went wide and she jutted out her tongue, trying to catch some of my spew, but I think it fell a bit short. I continued fucking her tits until I was completely spent, then let them drop away and moved to lie beside her. She cleaned up my cum with her fingers and fed it into her mouth as I caressed her tits for what I assumed would be the last time.

“Thank you again,” she said finally, “and I think you’re right that it is good that I don’t live nearby. I’d be jonesing for more orgasms like that in no time and probably wouldn’t be thinking about it not being appropriate or acceptable.”

“You’re welcome again,” I replied, “though I’m sure you realize there is another person you should thank and I might suggest that, since I don’t expect that she’d give us this kind of freedom again, you acknowledge that and see if she might be up for a night of sharing me.”

“Threesome?” she asked, with an expression that showed intrigue.

“Better than nothing, right?” I replied, “It could still end up being nothing, so feel her out first and make sure that it wouldn’t be overstepping the boundaries of your friendship.”

“I’ll see if I can sell it so she knows that I just want to get fucked and I’m not trying to steal her man,” she said.

“It’d make me happy and it’d make you happy,” I said, “so you just need to convince her that it’d make her happy, too.”

“I’ll figure out a way,” she said and we tracked down her nightshirt and my robe so we could go get some coffee.

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Chat Friends Meet

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What a romance it has become, but more than that, what a friendship that has built between us. We have a bond that is like no other. We have our world here, in it, you are my one and only love, and although I know that you have other women in this world, when we are together, you make me feel like I am the most important one of all, as, I try to do the same with you. You are the most important one. I have many friends, but none as true as you!!

At the beginning of our relationship, it was always made clear that we would never meet, or even talk on the phone. You love your wife, and I respect that. I would never do anything to come between your reality. Here in our world, my love for you is unconditional, to see you happy is what makes me happy.

Then one day, I have the opportunity to visit your area. I tell you this, after some discussion we decide we will meet. I will go to your house, where you feel safe that nothing will happen between us, with your wife being there and all. I knowing how much you love your wife, would not do anything to hurt you, because no matter what we are friends.

Friends respect each other and their decisions, whether they agree or not, although I knew that my wanting you would be hard to control. I also knew I would not do anything to destroy our friendship, that was my one priority! The day arrives when I drive to Fort Worth, and after giving me directions to your house I arrive, a few minutes late, but I do arrive.

I am not good with directions, and got a little lost. Anyhow I ring the doorbell, to see this gorgeous specimen of a man standing there before me, hardly able to contain myself, but knowing that I must. My juices flowing just at the mere sight of you.

Holding out my hand as I say “Hi, I’m Lynn, I’m so happy to finally meet you my dearest friend.” You smile that devilish grin you have, and open your arms to greet me. God, now I know I will have a hard time containing myself, but I do my best.

You wrap your arms around me, as I hold you tight, not sure of how I will be able to control my feeling. The wetness in between my legs growing. You pull away from me and press your lips gently to my lips, a pecking kiss, and tell me that you are glad I finally arrived. That you two have been waiting for me. As I walk in and meet your wife, beautiful lady she is, and even Cosmos, the amazing poodle that shared our secret online encounters. We begin small talk, you ask about my trip, and if I had any problems getting there. I explain to you that even though your directions were excellent, my sense of direction was terrible, and I almost wound up in Kansas.

Your wife mentions that she has errands to run, that she was sorry, but she must do these at this moment, and that she would be at least 4 hrs, asking if I could stay until she at least got back. I look Escort Ankara at you and you shook your head in a yes motion and I agree.

As your wife walked out the door, you suggest that we get online together. Me on your web, and you on the computer, so we do. We both go into the same chat room and start conversing with the other people in the room. Suddenly I get a whisper across the screen, someone wanting to cyber, at first, I think no way! The only man I cyber is sitting next to me, I am not going to do this. Unknown to me, you also saw it pop up on the screen, and tell me, “Lynn, go for it. I got things to do around the house, make yourself comfortable on the couch and go for it.”

Not really wanting to do this, but the wetness I feel in my love nest for you needs to be released some sort of way. Since I can’t have you, I guess I will settle for this! Anyhow I can imagine its you while I do this since I have now am seeing you, I can have a better picture. The muscles of your body, the strength of your embrace…the handsomeness of your face, the beauty of your smile, the depth of your eyes, and the aroma of your scents…your voice so deep and true….this fantasy, could be almost real. So I type to this guy yeah sure why not, as we go to a private chat room and you walk out the room.

I get comfortable on the couch. This guy starts putting words on the screen as to what he is doing to me, kissing me, as I close my eyes and imagine the feel of your lips as you gave me a kiss hello. I touch my lips, the guy writes how he takes me in his arms, as I think of your embrace when we greeted, my nipples become erect, my juices get hotter. I move my hands down to my breasts while this guy describes how he would be touching my breasts with his hands. I think again of the softness of your lips, and feeling them against my skin sucking on my nipples. The guy tells me how he will lick me up, thinking of the times we had cybered, and your words, your actions come to mind.

My hand moves down over my body to my wetness, placing my hand to my clit and stroking it…my mind thinking of the lesson you had taught me tap, tap, fingers move down to the edge of the lips, while I continue to stroke my clit with one finger. The other hand and fingers move up and down from my clit to my ass, in a figure 8. My eyes closed as I imagine you doing all this to me, totally not paying attention to what this guy is typing on screen. My nipples are so hard from the sexual energy that is flowing through my body. My juices flowing out of me, as I feel the wetness against my fingers. I moan of pleasure as my breathing is controlled in through my nose out through my mouth, distributing my sexual energy throughout my body.

Short strokes to my clit, as I run my fingers up and down my love nest, my hips moving up Ankara Escort and down….caught up, in our world that you and I live in, only you in reality, are in the next room, as I fantasize about you, my fingers continuing to make the figure 8 up and down the lips to my honey pot, while my other finger strokes my clit. My wetness filling the tips of my fingers, as I move my hand up to my lips, placing my fingers to my lips, my tongue darts out and licks each one, then placing them into my mouth sucking on them. Moving my fingers downward caressing my breasts as do, and pinching the nipples slightly. Moving down to the opening of my love nest again, running my fingers up and down, my breathing begins to quicken, and I feel my body, tensing up, stroking my clit with firmer, longer strokes, moving all the sexual energy from all parts of my body…

I hear, a soft moan coming from near me. I open my eyes to see you standing there before me. Your hardness in your hands, as my body, shakes at the sight of your loveliness. Oh god, how I want you. I look at you and smile, seeing the pleasure in your face as you have watched me caress myself. You stroking your hardness.

I sit up on the couch, you stand there directly in front of me. Moving my head forward, I lick the tip of you hardness, swirling my tongue around the head, tasting the precum that has formed on the tip, and savoring its delicious taste. I look up at you and wink, with a little grin on my face, as I open my mouth, my tongue darts out, pressing against the small opening of the tip of your swollen head, licking up the precum that has formed, the velvety feel of my wet tongue with the warmth of it, covering the head, while one hand caresses your balls.

Your fingers move down your shaft holding the skin down at the base, as my mouth begins taking all of you inch by inch into my mouth….sucking you, as my tongue strokes and caresses your shaft. My head moves downward on it, my hand still caressing your balls, while the other strokes my clit. Your other hand grabs the back of my head, your fingers entwine in my hair as you push my head further down on you, until your hardness fills my mouth. Feeling you deep within my throat, the warmth of my mouth all around you as my lips touch your balls, sucking your hardness, feeling you push deep into my throat, and wanting more of you.

Your hips move back and forth, with each thrust, deeper and deeper into my throat as you push my head down on you, sucking you, tasting the juices that are emitting from you, licking around your shaft as your hardness slides in and out of my mouth…harder, faster, deeper, in and out, as you move your hips back and forth…in and out, as you feel your throbbing intensify within you, my clit swollen and wanting to release all this sexual energy all over you as I continue Ankara Escort Bayan to stroke my clit with my fingers. My hands feeling the tightening of your balls, and I know that you are about to explode wanting to feel your heat within me.

You pull my head from your shaft, standing me up, you turn my body around so that my knees or on the edge of the couch, with my butt to you and my hand are against the back of the couch. You rub your hardness down the crack of my butt, to the wetness, just stroking the outside with the throbbing of your glorious manhood, teasing my clit. Then you place it to the opening of my love nest, as your other hand reaches to the front around my sides, your fingers find my clit stroking it, as you push hard into me, stretching me open as your huge thick cock enters..pulling my hips back with your arms and hand thrusting your hips forward, filling me completely. So deep within me. You begin to move your hips back and forth, pulling my hips back, as I push back…deeper, and deeper, with each powerful thrust in and out of me. Your pace becomes faster and I feel my juices flowing from within me.

All my sexual energy, moving to my wetness. The walls of my love nest tighten hard around you, feeling my walls grip your pulsating member, stroking me with your huge thick hardness, deeper and deeper, faster, and faster, harder and harder, sliding in and out, in and out…your sexual energy, about ready to explode all in me. Not being able to contain it anymore, we begin to explode. The throbbing of our love, releasing all over each other as our sexual essences combine. The hot juices of my love nest surrounding your throbbing hardness, as I feel your hot juices hitting deep within me, harder, deeper you thrust into me, in and out, as all our juices are unbridled… in and out, tightening my honey pot around your pulsating love shaft…cumming in each other so hard and intense that our bodies or shaking, and quivering.

Our cries of pleasure surround the room, as we just stay in that position for a minute, not being able to move if we wanted to, you then bend down over me, kissing the back of my neck. I turn my face to the side and look at you smiling, as you smile back. You help me to a standing position, turning me around in front of you, placing your hands to my neck and pulling my face to yours as you give me a very hot sensual, passionate kiss, our tongues caressing massaging each others in a love duel, sucking in each others essences, our breathing combined. Our souls connected.

This is our love!!! We look into each others eyes and see into each others souls the love of this friendship, has just reached a newer higher level, the level of reality.

We look around the room, and see that this guy that started this cyber is still in the room. Looking at the screen we can see him going oooooo baby you are so good! Wondering what is this guy talking about, I never even typed a word. Then we look at the keyboard, and you know it. COSMOS IS TYPING! Well its a dogs life now isn’t it.. Oh baby…. lol… Cosmos is the amazing chatting dog!

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