Bachelor Party: Dream Come True Ch. 02

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Michael was now on cloud nine. Dani had just given him the greatest orgasm of his life. He knew that he wanted to return the favor. Upon re-entry to Earth, he rolls her over and starts kissing every inch of this gorgeous creature. He doesn’t want to miss a single spot on this lithe, young body.

Dani is in ecstasy. This man is hitting every erogenous zone she has and is finding new ones that she didn’t know existed. Her nipples are on fire as she pulls on them in response to his lips and tongue teasing and pleasuring her body. She is shocked by their size and sensitivity. No one has ever gotten her this distraught. She can hardly breathe; the feelings are so exquisite.

As Michael nears the folds of her clean-shaven pussy, he watches her face and enjoys the screams of ecstasy she emits. Her juices are copiously running down her lips, through the crease of her ass cheeks and are soaking the bed. He laps at her engorged lips, sending her to a newfound state of pleasure. Her clit is begging to be touched, but he wants to prolong her pleasure as much as possible.

He Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort drives his tongue as deep as possible into her vagina. He cannot believe how tightly the walls squeeze his tongue. For a moment, he fears that it may be torn form his mouth. Dani is now screaming uncontrollably. They are oblivious to everything but the pleasures they are receiving from each other.

As her orgasm subsides, Dani realizes how loud she was screaming. The neighbors are banging on the wall, but she doesn’t care. All she wants at this moment is to feel Michael’s big cock slide into her pussy. She wonders how much it will stretch her or if it will fit. It is so-o wide.

Michael is lying next to Dani, watching her face as she recuperates from a tumultuous orgasm. Seeing that she is back in reality, he moves to position his cock at the entrance to her tunnel. She reaches down and guides it to her opening, telling him to go slow as she has never had a cock this big before.

He slides in the head as she moans with surprise at the feeling of her walls stretching. Only the head is in, but it is enough to trigger another orgasm. She pleads with him to drive it all the way. Michael obliges, slowly pushing his entire 8” into the writhing woman beneath him. The feeling of her fiery, tight depths coupled with her moans of pleasure cause a second eruption to flow from his manhood.

The feeling of Michael’s explosion inside of her makes Dani know that she will want this man for the rest of her life. How can she keep him coming back for more? Unbeknownst to her, Michael is wondering if this will be his only chance at enjoying Dani’s body. He readies to leave, hoping that this is not the last time he sees her. She kisses him goodbye, wondering if he’ll be back.

As the two lovers bask in the glow of the tremendous bond they share, Dani is imagining sharing this wonderful cock with her “group”, as she calls them: the group of friends that gather twice a week for an unbridled orgy. Recalling the passion of their cum-filled kiss, she knows Michael will be more than receptive.

Meanwhile, Michael wonders if he will be invited to the get-togethers that Jenifer told him about. Jenifer is Dani’s favorite bisexual lover who has confided in Michael all the details of the group’s sexcapades. At 5’-0” and about 95#, Jenifer is one hot little number that he would like to sample.

At the moment they both are about to bring up the group, the doorbell rings. “Shit!” Dani yells as she gets out of bed to see who has interrupted her blissful thoughts. Just as she reaches for her robe, Jenifer rounds the corner of her bedroom door.

“I thought I might find you two in here!” the little minx exclaims. “No need to cover up now, I’ve seen it all before”, she tells Dani. Turning her attention to the now excited man on the bed, “You, on the other hand, are a sight I’ve wanted to see for a long time.”

“I hope you’re not disappointed”, Michael replies.

“The only way I’ll be disappointed is if I don’t get any of what you are stroking right now.” Michael hadn’t even realized that hi cock was in his hand as he watched Jen undress. He was on the verge of exploding, imagining what was about to happen.

The two sexiest co-eds he knows are about to give him the sendoff of his dreams.

To be continued…………

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Night Cap

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It was my first business trip after my promotion. It had been a long day of meet and greets across the state. After catching up on email and eating dinner in my room, I decided to head down to the hotel bar for some company. I found a seat at the bar, the bartender (Mandy) takes my order for my first cocktail of the night. The first sip was almost ecstasy; I could feel the tension in my body melt away. There were only a few other patrons in the bar. Mandy kept me company for awhile until SHE walked in.

She was 5’8″, brown hair down to her shoulders, curvy and an inviting smile. She decided to sit next to me although there were plenty of empty bar stools around the bar. I’m not complaining – I was in the mood to talk to someone and I had already spent plenty of time bending Mandy’s ear. Let me start by saying that she smelled REALLY good. She had a friendly disposition about her so it was pretty easy to start a conversation. She introduced herself as Becky from Washington DC. We talked about everything – movies, TV, music, sports – you name it, we talked about. Mandy interrupted our conversation to tell us that we had reached last call. It was only 10:00, I wasn’t in the mood to end my time with Becky, so I suggested we both get another refill and take it to my room. She accepted my invitation. We ordered another drink from Mandy and paid our tabs.

I was feeling extremely relaxed after having a few cocktails and I felt very comfortable with Becky. My room was on the sixth floor. Our conversation never wavered during our elevator ride, if anything it felt slightly more intimate in the smaller area. We entered my room which was more like a suite and for the first time that night I felt a little shy. I was also feeling some sexual tension and butterflies started fluttering in my Gaziantep Escort İlanları stomach. We sat on the couch – I got up to turn on the radio for some background noise.

We talked for awhile; ever so often Becky touched my arm or leg throughout our conversation. Each time she touched me, my skin felt like it was on fire and tingled. I knew that I wanted to have sex with her and I was pretty sure that she felt the same way. The sexual tension was getting unbearable. I decided to make the first move – she was mid sentence when I leaned toward her and kissed her. She hesitated slightly, then parted her lips and let my tongue explore her mouth. I pulled away to make sure that she was okay with what was happening. She had a look of lust, shocked that I had stopped kissing her. She reached around and pulled my head to her. She started the kissing this time – our tongues were vying for each other’s mouths. She tasted so good; I could taste the coconut rum from her cocktail.

My hands move to her breasts, rubbing her nipples through her blouse. Her nipples were instantaneously hard as my thumb made circles around her areoles. She let out a gasp as I pinched her nipples – I had to touch them. I unbuttoned her blouse, reached in and held her breast in my hand. I placed a thumb inside of her bra to rub her nipple again. She let out a moan; I stopped kissing her and gave her nipple a lick. I put both hands inside of her blouse and unhooked her bra, now her breasts were loose. I took her entire breast into my mouth and started sucking on her nipple, I could feel her hands in my hair and rubbing my back. She was starting to squirm, I could feel my panties start to moisten.

I stood up from the couch, grabbed her hands and pulled her up. As I removed her blouse and bra, I walked backwards to the bed. We were kissing again, my hands were roaming her body as we made our way to the bed. I laid her down on the bed, our mouths still locked together. I unbuttoned her pants, pulled down the zipper and slipped my hand inside of her panties. She was so wet. I stood up, removed her pants and panties and also removed all of my clothing while her eyes explored my body. I laid back down on the bed next to her and resumed sucking on her nipples. My hand moved across her stomach and down to her wet center. My finger slipped easily inside of her pussy. I inserted another finger and moved them back and forth. She was really squirming now, asking me to make her cum. I kept up the motion of my fingers going in and out, as my lips travelled their way from her breast, up her neck and found her mouth again. I removed my fingers from her pussy, with the wetness, I used my fingers to circle her clit. Her hips started to rotate with the circular motions of my finger. She pulled away from my kiss, to whisper in my ear, “That feels so good – you’re going to make me cum. Don’t stop.”

Her clit was hard under my touch, as I used my thumb to continue circling her nub, my fingers re-enter her wet pussy. I whisper in her ear, “Ride my fingers Becky, let go, cum for me baby.” I can feel her walls constricting around my fingers, as her waves of orgasm course through her body. I cup her mound and nuzzle her neck as she comes down from her orgasm. I slide down her body to get between her legs to lick up her cum while Becky’s body shakes subside.

Becky reaches down to pull me up to her. She caresses my face as she kisses me. We hold each other, our bodies slick with sweat, enjoying the moment as Becky’s heart rate gets back to normal. She shifts her weight so that she can play with my nipples. She takes a nipple and rolls it between her fingers. She rolls me onto my back, massaging my breast and sliding a leg over me. I can feel her wet center against my thigh. Her hand cups my breast, holding its weight while we continue to kiss. My nipple misses the feel of her fingers. I grab her hand and place in on my breast, squeezing it so her hand was squeezing my breast. Arching my back, wanting to keep her hand on my breast, wanting her to roll my nipple between her fingers.

Becky moves between my legs, now both hands playing with my nipples. I feel her tongue lick the inside of my thigh. My body comes off of the bed, sizzling from the path her tongue is taking. Her tongue parts my pussy lips, she wraps her lips around my pussy lips and sucks the juices. One hand on my breast, twisting my nipple, the other hand is on the top of my mound, pulling my lips apart. Becky’s tongue is ravaging my hood, tempting my clit to appear. She flicks my clit, then sucks it into her mouth. My hands grab the sheets, as my hips gyrate under her tongue. The first wave of orgasm courses through my body. Becky doesn’t let up on her assault of my clit, as my body shakes under her. My hands let go of the sheets and caress Becky’s head, applying slight pressure so she keeps her mouth on my clit. The second orgasm crashes wave after wave of pleasure through my entire body. I let go of Becky’s head, sit up to grab her, pull her up to me so that I can taste myself on her lips.

With Becky laying on top of me, our breathing is heavy, our bodies are hot. Our lips meet again for slow passionate kisses. We lay in each others arms as we drift off to sleep.

The sun is shining into the room as I wake up the next morning, I’m alone in bed. I get up, still naked and find a note. “Thanks for the night cap. Enjoyed our night together. Call me when you get back to Maryland. Kisses, Becky”

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Iffy Gig

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With my shift over, I made my escape through the gauntlet of leering bus boys and cat-calling prep cooks. Sighing in relief as I reached the back door, I pushed it open and stepped into the afternoon sun. I blinked and squinted and raised a flattened hand to shade my eyes. I could see nothing. Has she stood me up again? I wondered. A flash of panic tickled the base of my brain.

“Over here, dummy,” came Maddy’s voice with a hint of a laugh.

I melted in relief. “Heeey!” I cried out as I followed her voice.

As my vision returned I could make out her yellow Camaro with the twin black stripes running up the hood: a twentieth birthday present from her parents. I could see her face in the driver’s side window; bobbed blonde hair bracketing big Dolce and Gabbana sun-glasses, themselves bracketing a perfect little freckly chip of a nose: all also gifts from her parents. But best off all was her big, toothy smile: her gift to me.

“Hi Maddy,” I said as I dropped down into the passenger’s seat. I looked at her, but the big sunglasses told me nothing. Tentatively, I leaned in for a kiss, but she pushed me back.

“Hey, we’re in public,” she said.

I looked around. The back of Oak Glen Plaza was sprawled around us: dumpsters, grease traps, employee cars, delivery vans. No people. I looked a question at her, my eyes betraying just a fraction of my hurt feelings.

“Besides, you stink,” she added.

“I stink?”

“Like shitty food. Grease and onions, you know.”

“Well, let’s go to your house. Let me use your shower.” I leaned in closer. “Maybe we…”

“My dad’s home. Why don’t we just go to your place, it’s closer?”

“Our shower’s broken, I’d have to take a bath and I always still feel greasy after a bath.”

“Your shower is broken again?”

“No, still. Our landlord is worthless.”

Maddy shook her head at the low-rent annoyances of my life. “OK. But if my dad asks where we’re going, don’t tell him.”

“I thought we were going to your uncle’s,” I said. Not that I particularly wanted to meet her uncle, but at least that wouldn’t be the type of situation where she’d be spending all our time trying to convince me to try a three-way with some jerk.

“Yeah,” Maddy rolled her eyes. “You know how it is… family drama. Just don’t tell him.”

I gave her a questioning look but she said nothing.


Forty minutes later, my skin was rid of its greasy sheen and my thick, dark hair lay wet and heavy against my back. Maddy confirmed I no longer stank and handed me a small wad of clothes.

“Put these on.”

She liked to dress me up. I didn’t mind. She had much nicer clothes and I liked when she thought I looked sexy. The only problem is that Maddy has a short, willowy gymnast’s body and I’m taller and curvier, so anything of hers is both too short and too tight. The little yellow tank top that ended well above my navel and the stretchy pink mini skirt that barely came down to my mid thigh were a particularly bad example. And the high heeled pumps certainly didn’t help. She wanted me to go braless too, but that was where I drew the line.

“Jeez, Maddy, I look like a hooker!” I said, looking at myself in the mirror.

“I think you look great,” she said as squeezed my ass and kissed me wetly on the neck.

Well, what could I say to that? I followed meekly as Maddy escorted me downstairs, though the marble-tiled foyer into the kitchen, where her dad sat at the breakfast nook reading his iPad. The light reflecting in from the pool outside was sending crazy wavy snakes of light dancing around him, but I could still see his eyes pop open lasciviously when he saw me nearly bursting out of his daughter’s clothes.

“So where you girls headed?” he asked as he sat down his tablet and forced his eyes away from my tits.

“Out,” said Maddy.

“Damn it, Madeline,” he said. “I’m your father. Tell me.”

Maddy rolled her eyes. “We’re gonna do some crack and bang a bunch of black guys. We’re both ovulating so…”

“Jesus! Don’t kid around like that.”

“What? The crack part or the black guys part or the ovulating…?”

Cold stare.

“We’re going shopping.” I said, improvising. “I got paid today.”

“A young woman with a job!” said Maddy’s dad. “Those are pretty rare around here,” he said, turning a baleful eye towards his daughter.

“Screw this, I forgot my phone,” said Maddy. She strode out of the room, leaving me behind.

There as an awkward silence as he tried (and failed) not to let his eyes linger on my body. It made me feel uncomfortable, especially because he looked so much like Maddy that I actually felt a little echo of attraction to him. And I wasn’t even into guys anymore.

“You work at that Mexican place, Dos Perros, right?” he finally said.


He looked at me like a specimen. I could read his face as he gauged how ‘ethnic’ I looked. I really hoped he wouldn’t ask me. Truth is, I’m not really sure. My mom says my father “looked Latino” and that’s as much as I know.


“Hostess. Gaziantep Escort Reklamları I show people to their tables, work the register…” I could hear Maddy’s heels tick-tacking back across the foyer towards the kitchen, so I let myself trail off.

“Yeah, the fat perv who owns the place always puts the girls with the big tits up front,” said Maddy as she walked back in. “Obviously, Lily was a shoe-in.” She reached around me and squeezed my breasts at her dad, twice. “honk, honk,” she said.

His face turned beet red. He turned away, grabbed his tablet and walked out. “Have a good time ladies,” said his voice, retreating into the labyrinth of his house.

“God, he’s such a fucking wimp,” said Maddy under her breath.

I said nothing. I’d learned to stay out of Maddy’s family shit.


We’d been driving for about twenty minutes when Maddy finally got the hint. “OK. What’s wrong Lily?”


“Bullshit. I can tell… come on, don’t be an asshole.”

“Well…Are we gonna get any time alone today?”

“We’re alone now.”

“You know what I mean.”

“God, you’re such a horny slut.”

“I’m not…” I started to protest but stopped myself. Maddy liked to pretend that I would sleep with anyone, perhaps because there was a time when that had been more or less true of her. I wasn’t a virgin or anything. I’d had a couple of regrettable hetero experiences before I gave that up and I could count my total sexual partners on one hand. But if I tried to protest that fact to Maddy she’d just make it worse. It was best just to let her nurse her weird little fiction. “It’s just been, like, two weeks since we…” I finally said.

“OK, you big lezzie slut, let’s see what we can do for you.”

Maddy pulled off the highway and turned under a dilapidated bridge into a sketchy industrial-looking area beside an ugly, brown river. She pulled into the weedy parking lot of an old abandoned warehouse and parked around back. She turned to me, her smile hot and wicked. My heart jumped in my chest.

“Look at you. You just can’t wait for it, you dirty bitch,” she cooed at me. Her left hand found my lap and slid beneath the hem of my skirt..

“Mmmm,” I said. “Yesss.”

“Oh. There’s that hungry lil’ kitty,” she said as her fingertips brushed aside my panties.

I moaned and leaned back.

“Come on kitty, come, come, come,” she said teasingly as her fingers danced up and down along my moistening lips before dipping into my wet slit. I opened my legs wider and she slipped two fingers inside me while she began to thumb my clit.

“Ohhhhh,” I moaned.

“I wanna see those gorgeous tits of yours,” she said as she pushed the shirt up my chest. I eagerly popped the clasp on my bra and she brushed the cups aside. Maddy’s face sank into the pillowy valley of my chest as her tongue quested over, beneath and around my breasts. Finally, her teeth settled on my left nipple. As she bit down lightly on the tender flesh, she flicked the tip with her tongue. I pushed myself back into my seat as I felt my whole body start to tingle.

“Such a hungry fucking pussy, Come on, you dirty, horny, fucking lezzie slut. Come on,” She growled through her teeth.

I was so close. My back arched and I bit my lip as I felt the climax begin to engulf me as the warm tingle spread beneath my skin… but, suddenly, Maddy pulled her hand away and sat back in her seat.

My eyes popped open. “What’s wrong?” I sat up with my fingers over my nipples, my head turning this way and that.

“Nothing. I just don’t want to let you come just yet.”


Maddy laughed. “Look, you got me all slimy,” she said, holding up her left hand, which was indeed very wet looking. “Tell you want,” she said as she shoved her fingers into my mouth. “I’ll let you taste your pussy, slut.”

She made me taste myself all the time. I usually didn’t mind but I pushed the hand away. “Pleeease, Maddy. You’re torturing me.”

“Trust me girlie, when I finally let you come, it’s gonna change your fuckin’ life.”

“When?! Why not now?”

“‘Cause were late,” she said as she took out her phone. She placed a call, saying only, “Hey! I’m right outside.”

“This is where we’re going?” I asked, looking up at the boarded-up brick edifice.

Maddy just smiled. “Trust me.”

I didn’t, but what could I do?


The big door rolled up and we pulled inside. The building wasn’t abandoned, but only barely. Inside there were a few cars and a motorcycle parked along one side of the room and several tables with multicolored stacks of garments toward the back. A couple of guys were setting up some kind of equipment by the tables while another stood watching. In the center of the floor stood a steel shipping container where a big guy in a welder’s mask was using a blowtorch to scorch the serial numbers off the surface. They all turned to watch as we got out of Maddy’s car.

“Hey Frankieeee!” squealed Maddy across the empty space.

“Hey,” shouted a short, muscle-bound guy who looked exactly like Maddy’s dad – if Maddy’s dad wore a pony tail and could bench press 300 pounds. “How’s my favorite niece?”

“Great, as always,” she said as we reached them. She went in for a hug. I stood back and waited while they all openly ogled me. I did my best to ignore their stares although I still felt flustered. You’d think that after putting up with that shit since middle school I’d be used to it by now.

“And who’s your pretty friend?” said Uncle Frankie.

“This is Lily”, said Maddy. “Lily, this is my Uncle Frank.”

“Hi,” I said.

“So you’re gonna to help us out, huh?” asked Frank.

“Uh… What?”

“I, um, haven’t told her why we’re here yet,” admitted Maddy.

I must have looked a more than a little suspicious because Frank rushed to explain with a practiced smoothness. “Well, it’s nothing really. Me and my associates have come into the possession of a large quantity of high-end designer women’s fashions and we’re gonna sell them on the internet. Of course, we’ll need some pictures and I think we’ll get best results if we had pictures of these dresses on attractive girls. My darling niece is willing to help, of course, but many of these things don’t come in her petite size. And frankly, a lot would just look better in a taller girl with more… womanly features.”

“So, a modeling gig?”

“Yeah,” answered Maddy with a big smile, but worried eyes. “Exciting right?”

I was pissed. I’d been getting offered iffy modeling gigs from low-life creeps since I was 15 and, when I finally let my mom convince me to give it a try, my appointment with a well-regarded photographer only resulted in my reluctantly popped cherry. So I’d sworn off the biz for good. And Maddy knew that. What the hell was she thinking?

“I don’t model,” I said flatly, looking hard at Maddy.

“Please,” she breathed as she moved up to me and took my hand. “Do it for me.” She crushed her body into mine and kissed me on the nape of my neck. I pulled away in shock. Honking my tits to embarrass her pathetic father was one thing, getting openly sexual in front of her ‘roided-out uncle and his seedy friends was going way too far.

I cast a concerned glance at the four men now standing around us. Other than the fact that they all appeared to be vaguely dangerous meatheads, they were a pretty diverse crew. There was Uncle Frank, of course: short, middle aged and pony-tailed. There was the barrel-chested welder guy with a bushy beard and lots of tattoos: they called him “Spider”. There was Steve, a huge guy with spiky blond hair and an unfortunate face atop an elaborately muscled body. And finally there was Hal; a muscularly lithe, mocha-skinned guy with a wry smile and a head shaved in an obvious concession to early male pattern baldness. Except for Frank, who was only a little taller than me, they were a tall bunch of guys, all well over six feet. It was intimidating. There was definitely an interested look being passed among them, but at least they weren’t pulling out their dicks or anything.

“Come on, Lily. Please,” said Maddy.

“Can we talk about this privately?” I said, tensely.

We went back to her car. “I’m not showing off for those creeps,” I said once we were inside.


“You’re going to get us raped!”

Maddy laughed. “It’s my Uncle Frankie, Lily. Trust me, people don’t cross Frankie. We’re safer here than, like, anyplace else in town.”

“Well… Maybe you are.”

She leaned in close now, I could feel her hot breath on my neck. “And it would be such a turn-on to see you dressed up all sexy and glamorous; posing for the camera while those dumb grunts have to watch, knowing they can never, ever dare touch you. God, just thinking about it gets me so fucking hot.”

I let that thought sink in. I hated to admit it, but her scenario had my pussy drooling a bit too. “Oh really?” was all I could think to say.

Maddy smiled coquettishly and snapped the top two buttons on her shorts. I didn’t object as she guided my hand inside. She was really wet. “See?” she said.


Maddy’s phone bleeped. She had a text from Frank. Reading it, her face lit up. “Awesome! He says we can keep any dress we model… And this is designer shit, Lily.”

Earlier, I had glanced at the table where the dresses were stacked. It looked like there was some really nice stuff. And wouldn’t it be nice to have some fancy clothes? I got so tired of feeling jealous whenever we met and I was wearing stuff from Walmart while Maddy was wearing stuff from Saks. Or maybe I could sell them. I could probably get good money. Probably enough to get my car fixed… or maybe finally take some classes at the community college… or even get enough money so I could move out of my mom’s apartment… Damn, wouldn’t that be nice.

“So what’d’ya girls say?” asked Frank as we got out of the car.

“OK,” I said. “But no funny stuff.”


There was no changing room. We ended up changing out on the floor, out of view around the other side of the shipping container. We borrowed one of the lights the guys were setting up so Maddy could help me with my makeup and I could help her with hers. She posed with me when we could find something in her size, which Frank liked because we had “chemistry” together. I think was just his way of saying I acted a lot sexier when I had Maddy at my side.

After we worked though the handful of styles that came in Maddy’s size I had to pose alone. I was palpably nervous as Maddy got me ready. As I was about to get in front of the camera, she trotted up to me with a smoldering joint.

“Where’d you get that?” I asked.

“Uncle Frankie,” she said. I looked over and he smiled and winked.

“I better not,” I said. “You know how weed makes me.”

“Yeah, really horny,” she said, accurately, with a sexy smile that made me feel that might be a good thing.

So I took a couple of puffs and was feeling frisky and giddy as I got back in front of the camera. Maddy – looking adorable in a little slivery cocktail dress with a ruffley skirt that would have made anyone else’s butt look too big – was back among the guys, tempting smiles from me by flashing her little tits and golden pussy when they weren’t looking. Or sometimes when they were.

It went well. They’d take some pictures of me then Maddy and I would go back behind the container to change, stealing kisses and caresses as she tricked me out and kept my make-up looking fresh. It seemed like the guys were getting more interested too as I got more relaxed and started modeling the sluttier stuff I’d skipped earlier; high leg slits, plunging necklines, bare backs and scandalously short hems grew more and more common as I worked down to the dregs of my pile.

And I was loving it.

For once, I was actually enjoying the power of my desirability: my ability to cause mental disruption and even a kind of pent-up physical pain in these brutes. As I brashly flaunted my sexuality they were increasingly enslaved; helpless moths pulled by biological imperative toward a hot, hot flame (me!). For once the conspicuous lust of horny men seemed like rocket fuel for my ego rather than a wearying psychological burden. Under the protection of Uncle Frank, I grew – for want of a better word – cocky.

Back behind the container, Maddy was squeezing me into the last dress; a particularly slutty strapless red thing with a dangerous neckline. We kissed for a long while until Maddy accidently backed me into our light and it tipped over with a loud clatter.

“We’re fine!” shouted Maddy. We giggled and left the light laying on the floor.

“I can’t believe how turned on I am,” I said, still laughing as Maddy tried to touch up my lipstick. “And those poor guys, they’re so horny I think they’re going to pop.”

“I know how they feel,” said Maddy.

“Well, let’s get this finished and we can go someplace to be alone. You owe me,” I said hotly, although what I really wanted to do right then was spend a few long hours slowly feasting on Maddy’s pussy.

“Yeah, I have an idea about that,” she said as she followed me out to the camera.

My smile was big and bright with the anticipation of getting between Maddy’s thighs as Frank took the last few pictures. When he said, “Great! That should do it,” I turned to give her a smile but she was already at my side. She reached up, looped her hands behind my neck and pulled me down for a deep kiss.

Horny and bold now, I kissed back and squeezed her little tits in my hands. I could feel the guys watching us. I’d never been so turned on. I pulled back from the kiss to look Maddy in the eye. She looked into mine. A wordless spark of inspiration passed between us. Maddy didn’t even pause. Reaching up, she took hold of the low neckline of my dress and pulled it down, spilling my tits into view. Her mouth was on them in a second, her tongue, lips and teeth working across my flesh as she forced a deep gasp from me.

“Shiiiiit,” said Hal.

“Oh fuck yeah,” said Spider.

The warm waves of lust we been churning up surged into a fierce, disorienting tide. Before I knew it Maddy had pushed me back to one of the tables on which lay a deep cushion of high end formal wear. I let her reach around and pull the down the zipper on my little red dress. Soon she was tugging it off me and I was eagerly helping. The men moved in closer, standing in a ring no more than a yard away as I lay back on the table, naked but for my panties, which Maddy immediately tore away. I opened my thighs and reached out with my legs to pull her to me. Her face sank down. Her lips met my labia and her tongue began to work a circuitous route up to my clit. I moaned deeply as I took double handfuls of her golden hair and pulled her tightly to my pussy.

Time was suspended as Maddy worked her magic down below. My mind was blank but for the thrilling pulse of pleasure that throbbed through my body. When she suddenly stopped (AGAIN!) I opened my eyes in annoyance and was surprised to be reminded that we were doing this in an old warehouse, for an audience. I blushed as I looked up at their strained expressions. Maddy’s glistening face rose from between my thighs to catch my eye.

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Nichole’s House: Alone at Last!

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Eighteen year old Toby could feel the nerve-wracking butterflies creating havoc in the pit of his stomach and fluttering down to tickle along the nook where his balls connected to the base of his penis. Facing the foggy mirror in his bathroom, standing with a still damp towel tied loosely around his slender hips, he leaned close to wipe some of the gathered steam on the mirror, scrutinizing his smooth features. Part of him wished that he would grow some fucking whiskers instead of this damned peach fuzz that lay scattered above his upper lip. He couldn’t help but wonder if Nichole would notice and grabbed a razor, scraping a bit off, a quick curse released as he pressed a bit too hard, a drop of blood appearing.

Tearing off a small bit of toilet paper and pressing it to the small cut, Toby turned and moved back out into his bedroom. Pulling off the towel, he couldn’t help but notice how hard he already was just at the anticipation of being with Nichole tonight. He could feel his cock twitch just remembering how she let him finger her hot little cunt last time and he groaned, slumping down on the edge of the bed as his hand began to stroke his now rigid member, precum oozing out to slicken his movements. Toby’s breath grew ragged as his hand pumped in quick, fast strokes. Closing his eyes, he remembered how hot and tight her little hole was with his finger moving in and out of her. A deep groan filled the room as he shot his load up into the air, hoping maybe tonight he might finally feel a hot tight pussy around his spurting member for the first time.

“Oh shit!” he exclaimed as the thick cum oozed out onto the carpet at the foot of his bed. Hunched over, still quivering from his release, Toby scrambled for the bathroom for a wet washcloth to clean up the mess before it dried and hardened, a sure fire excuse for another lecture from his mom. A quick look around and he was content once again, his mind turning to his evening with Nichole and quickly began to get dressed … not that much thought into it, at least overly: blue jeans, pull over sports wind shirt with a small zipper, and lace-up Ropers. Running firm fingers through his unruly blonde hair and with one last look into the mirror, hastily pulling off the dried piece of toilet-paper from his shaving accident, wry grin telling him all he needed to know: STUD.

Sure strides took him from the house, a curfew yelled towards his mom in acknowledgement and Toby moved to his old beat-up 72′ Ford pick-up. His confidence grew with each movement closer to his ultimate goal, building up in his mind that this WOULD be the night. Once on the road, Toby’s nervous state began to grow a bit, but more from the fear that his hopes might be dashed by the lovely girl known as Nichole. She wasn’t the prettiest senior girl in school, by any means, was she was definitely hot enough to fuck. She had these huge tits that Toby had finally had the pleasure of fondling without the restriction of a bra and even now, got hard, thinking of her little squeaks and moans as he suckled on her nipples.

Adjusting in his seat as his foot grew heavy on the accelerator pedal, Toby’s truck hastened in its journey to Nichole’s. The crunch of gravel beneath huge tires and a few pings of loose rocks hitting the underside of his truck’s body indicated that he was finally there and Toby took a deep breath as he glanced up to Nichole’s house, eyebrows furrowing to find it strangely dark except for a lone light. Setting the truck into the park and extracting the keys, he eased out of the truck and slammed the door shut on the old creaky machine. He had almost reached Nichole’s front porch when the door opened and she emerged from the screen door loving as lovely and fresh as he imagined; dressed in a short skirt and halter top, Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort long legs ending in strappy sandals. Light brown hair with strands of golden blonde hung like a waterfall of smooth silk down her back, hazel eyes sparkled when she saw him taking the steps up to the porch in sets of two. “Hi,” he heard her say in that soft sexy drawl and he couldn’t help but get a kind of lopsided grin on his face.

“You ready?” he asked, ready to get this show on the road and possibly get that little skirt off.

“Actually,” she began, glancing to the bulge in his jeans and then back to his face, “my parents had to go to my aunt’s for the evening and I thought …” She faltered for a moment as Toby’s entire face lit up, a shit-eating grin taking place of the one before. “Well, if you want to, I thought … that we might, well, you know … stay here.” She glanced upwards to him and damn if she didn’t look nervous too. This might be easier than he originally thought!

“No,” he almost blurted out in his excitement, “No, that’s great … I don’t mind.” Toby could feel his cock get hard just thinking about having the whole house and Nichole to just himself. As she stepped aside, allowing him to come in, Toby had to reach down and adjust himself through his jeans, his eyes making a beeline for the stairs that he knew led upstairs to her bedroom but hell, the living room couch would do just as well. He grinned a bit to himself and then turned to look at her, obvious excitement and nervousness in his green eyes.

He could see Nichole’s shy smile and then she moved towards the kitchen, casing him a look as she said, “Want something to drink?”

“Sure,” Toby answered, following obediently behind her like a little dog even though he wasn’t really thirsty. But at this point, he would do whatever she asked, hoping in return, that she, in turn, would do whatever he asked. As they entered the kitchen, Toby couldn’t help but notice the natural motion of her ass as it moved on top of her legs. What he wouldn’t give to see it naked about right now. He almost ran into her and kind of laughed in time with her. “Sorry,” he mumbled and took a position in front of the counter, leaning back to watch her.

Nichole retrieved a can coke from the refrigerator, popped the top and handed it to Toby with a grin. He took it, a part of him wanting to draw her in close but took a swig as they stood there a moment looking at each other. “Want to see my room?” came the question in a soft voice and Toby blinked, almost choking on his coke as he sputtered in response.

“Sure,” he finally got out, wiping his mouth. He could feel the strain in his jeans just at the thought of getting Nichole up in her own room and set the coke on the counter before following her through the small hallway from the kitchen, past the dining room and then turned to head up the stairs. The natural sway in Nichole’s hips was fascination and Toby couldn’t help but lick his lips, his eyes drawn to them like a moth to a flame, wanting to scoop her up and bound up the steps two by two.

At the top of the stairs, they took a quick left and then, casting him a glance back over her shoulder, Nichole opened the door to her room and Toby followed her in. He couldn’t notice but how girly the room was … white furniture, canopy bed with pink and lace, walls plastered with memorabilia, her megaphone and pompoms in one corner. His gaze turned to hers as she sat on the edge of the bed with a soft of nervous smile and inched over, giving him room to sit beside her. As Toby sat down, his thigh brushed hers and he wanted so desperately to grab her and lay her down and finally go all the way but something held him back. It was as if he could see his mom scolding him about taking advantage of a sweet girl.

But then Nichole made the first move, her head tilting up to his and her lips quivered and that’s all the invitation that Toby needed. His lips pressed to her, his eager tongue thrusting as his hand slid over her lap. Nichole’s lips parted beneath his and that was his green light. Toby could feel his cock aching inside of his jeans as his other hand slid up over her shirt to her breast and gave it a quick squeeze. He wanted to lick her nipples again and took the liberty of pushing down one of her straps on her halter top to expose one breast and he almost gasped aloud to see it bared to his gaze. She wasn’t wearing a bra!

Toby glanced up to Nichole, almost as if asking her for permission. All he saw was her eyes closed, lips slightly parted and leaning back a bit on the bed, her hands planted on the lacey bedspread behind her as if in offering to his mouth. Who was he to refuse? Bending down to catch a nipple in his mouth, he saw this as an opportune moment to slide his hand up Nichole’s thigh and underneath that short skirt that was hiked up. Suddenly he felt her hand push him away. “No,” she whispered through a moan.

Toby glanced up, shocked to be honest. “What?!” he asked, almost incredulous.

Nichole’s eyes opened as she looked at him, a blush rising in her young cheeks. “I’m not sure we should do this,” she said and sat up, pushing him away, her fingers drawing her halter top back up.

“What?!” Toby repeated, sitting straight up on the bed, his eyes wide. What the fuck was going on?? She practically invited him into her panties! “You’re kidding, right?!”

“Toby,” she pleaded, turning her eyes away. “I just don’t want you thinking I’m that kind of girl.”

Toby was flabbergasted. “I don’t think that,” he said, without even thinking.

Nichole looked at him again, her eyes wide and trusting. “You’re just saying that.”

“No I’m not,” he argued, desperation beginning to grow. This was crazy … this was his chance and all the sudden she was going prudish on him. They had done more in the front seat of his pick-up truck! “Nichole, come on. We’ve done a lot more than this and you invited me up here for a reason.” Toby was starting to get more than a bit angry. He had enough of this shit and angrily stood to his feet. “Just forget it,” he replied and started to leave but Nichole was suddenly beside him, her arms around his waist.

“Toby, no … I’m sorry. Don’t leave. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” Toby felt her breasts pushing into his back and her fingers splayed out across his stomach and as much as he wanted to turn her around and kiss her, he couldn’t take any more of her games and teasing tonight.

“No,” he said, pulling away and started to leave her room. His cock was throbbing but yet he couldn’t take this tonight. Here she had invited him up to her room, no parents, and now this.

Nichole stumbled after him and he could hear the sharp intake of her breath as she reached for him. “Toby … don’t leave. We won’t stop! Please don’t go!” Toby stopped suddenly at her words, his belly suddenly flip flopping at he looked over a shoulder at her and slightly turned. If she was messing with him, he’d make sure the whole school knew she was a tease.

Nichole moved into his arms and he could feel her trembling as she pressed against him, her lips reaching up to seek his out. Toby was standing a bit stiffly, still not believing her but wanting to so badly. “Toby, please … I love you,” she whispered and he could tell she was close to crying. Maybe she meant it if she was saying that.

Toby allowed his hands to rest on her hips, his body still stiff and rigid as she tried to convince him that she wanted him to stay. Maybe this would work to his advantage. When Nichole tried to kiss him on the lips, he turned his head and sighed. That seemed only to drive Nichole on to try harder and he felt her hands skim down his body and slide up beneath his shirt to the bare flesh of his belly. He felt a shudder go down his spine as her lips moved to his neck and he could hear her pleading with him against his flesh but he couldn’t make out the words. Hell, they didn’t really matter anyway. He tried hard to control himself but her lips were so sweet and her fingers were playing with the button on his jeans. Damn her … if she was toying with him again, she’d pay at school.

And then, when he could take no more, he pushed her against the wall and claimed her lips once more with his, his tongue thrusting into her mouth. He was harder than ever before and wouldn’t be satisfied until he had cum. She was too tempting to resist. He could hear her whimper beneath his lips but her fingers still fumbled with his jeans and Toby thought for a moment that he might cum right then and there with the intense building up. He was throbbing right through the thick material! Finally she broke through the barrier of his jeans and he felt her fingers on his hard member for the first time. He groaned and backed up from her, trying to control the urge to cum as distance was between them. He was stopped at the railing of the stairs and she came after him, her eyes wide as she stared at his long rigid cock. He couldn’t help but grin with pride, knowing his eight inch monster must have looked huge to her. The thing is though, she didn’t look scared … she looked hungry!

Toby almost came as she suddenly dropped to her knees and took the head of his cock in her mouth. Holy shit! He would have never expected this of Nichole. What the fuck … ohhhhh shit! Toby’s mind was reeling as her hand wrapped around the base of his cock, giving it a squeeze as her lips locked around his throbbing pole just beneath the head, forming a delicious seal and began to stroke the head with these passing little laps, purring around his flesh like a satisfied cat. The sensation of her hot mouth and the feel of her hand squeezing the base of his cock were too much for Toby and he grunted, shuddering uncontrollably as his balls began to swell. “God damn, Nichole …” he began, knowing he was about to shoot his load into her mouth.

He glanced down and saw the twinkle in her eye and suddenly he realized that she had done this before. His fingers curled into the rail of the stairs behind him as he leaned against it for support. His long legs were beginning to tremble as she began to stroke him with both her mouth and hands and Toby groaned low. The sight of her going down on him was delicious torture and he could feel it building quickly, his ball sac tightening and his back arched, causing his cock to push deeper. That was all it took … suddenly Nichole seemed to take his whole being into her mouth and it was so hot … so wet … so tight that Toby bucked against her mouth, crying out, his cum shooting into her mouth like an explosion. His mouth went slack as he watched her gobble him up, swallowing his load and lapping at him like a hungry little puppy. Holy shit! This was a whole new side to Nichole that he had never seen!

Thankful for the support around him, Toby gasped for breath as Nichole slowly pulled off him and looked up at him with a grin. He then saw her face change into concern as she slowly stood to wrap her arms around him and Toby tried to hold her back in return even as his body felt so limp, leaning against the rail for support. “Forgive me?” she whispered into his ear as she held him close.

Toby couldn’t help but grin. He might not have gotten in her panties yet but if this was how she apologized, it would do for now. “Yeah, I guess,” he replied, trying to catch his breath. No sense in wasting an opportunity to possibly get more…

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New Tricks

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


“I said, I’ve sold you.”

I’m Louise. I’m five foot six, auburn hair, green eyes, and a fairly shapely figure. I’ve just gotten home from work.

The trim blond, five foot three Tammy was waiting in my townhouse . We’ve been dating for over a month, I gave her a house key. She’s my latest conquest.

The sheers are pulled across the patio doors so the pervert across the common can’t see in. We’re standing in the middle of the living room, and two large women wearing coveralls and carrying a tool box just stepped out of the kitchen.

“Who the fuck are you, and why are you in my home?”

“They’re here for you, darling. I’ve sold you.”


“I said, I’ve sold you. They’re slavers.”

“But, Tammy. Fuck!

They were big, but not fat. They moved swiftly. I was torn from Tammy and face down on the carpet in an instant. They took a ball gag, ropes and belts from their tool box.

Tammy put on my red fox fur jacket and was going through my purse. “Oh, here’s the car key.” She took the key as one of the big ladies handed her a thick envelope. She opened it’s flap, checked the contents, and dropped it into my purse. “Thank you ladies. Tell your Mistress it was a pleasure, and don’t hesitate to call if I can be any further service.”

She snuggled my fur’s collar to her cheek. “I’ve always loved this coat, and wanted one. Thank you darling.” She lifted the long strap of my purse onto her shoulder, and swinging my car keys from her finger walked away.

Needless to say, my Lexus was gone from the attached garage. In it’s place was a minivan with blacked out windows and ‘ City of ——- Public Works’ painted on the side.

The two ladies carried me, tied, gagged and belts every foot from just below my shoulders to my ankles, they tossed me onto the floor in the back of the van. It was a long scary drive. Some city, some highway, some gravel. I was too confused and terrified to cry.

“Strip it and put it in number seven.”

They did just that. The cage was a six foot cube of steel bars. There was a foam mattress along the back with a blanket. There was a hole in the floor for a toilet. A steel number plaque was welded to the door. Some of the other cages were occupied. There was some subdued crying and whimpering.

“Right. For now, you are Seven. Rules. Simple, do as you are told or you will be punished. No talking. This area is under full time surveillance.

“Three, stand and turn your back to the door.”

The girl in number three obeyed. She was whimpering and shaking. Her back was a colorful pattern of red stripes and blue and yellow bruises.

“Understand Seven? Three, you may lay down.”

A while later. An hour? Hard to tell. Everything I thought I understood changed again. Tammy was brought in tied up like I’d been. She was stripped and thrown into number fourteen, given the same talk I’d just had and shown number Three’s injuries.

Food arrived, well, you couldn’t call it a meal. Some slop in a plastic bowl and a plastic cup of flavored water. I think it might have had something like Valium in it because I felt slightly disconnected after. The cups and bowls were collected and the lights turned out.

‘Louise, Louise.” The bitch was calling in a stage whisper. I pulled my blanket over my head. Tammy Cunt was the last person I wanted anything to do with. Besides the fear of the whip.

In a few minutes the lights came back on. There was a lot of subdued crying. Three guards came in.

“Right, things. To the door of your cage, hands through the bars, two bars between them.” Handcuffs were locked on my wrists outside the bars, so I had to stand facing out to the aisle. Tammy was dragged out, a rope and pulley were lowered in the middle of the aisle. Tammy’s cuffed wrists were lifted over the hook on the pulley and the rope pulled until she was standing with her hands well above her head. A black braided whip was produced and the three guards took turns giving Tammy five lashes each. Her cries and screams were terrible. Everyone except the guards were crying. Our cuffs were removed, then she was lowered,dragged, then thrown into her cage. The lights went out. After a while the crying and sobbing tapered off.

A loud klaxon woke me as the lights came on. Another bowl of gruel and cup of water. One at a time we were collared and lead away.

I was taken to a cement block shower, given a towel, soap, tooth brush and comb. My guard led me away when I was finished.

The room had deep, soft ‘dusty rose’ carpet. The couches and chairs were finely upholstered, everything was very expensive, but tastefully done. The lady sitting on the couch looked like a sweet, elegant grandmother or rich aunt.

“Good morning Seven.”

The guard poked me between my shoulder blades.

“Ugh! Good morning, er?”

“You may call me Mother.”

“Good morning, Mother.”

“Looking at your file here I see that you are forty seven, divorced twice, no Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort children, have had your tubes tied, and have no health problems.” She set down the device she was reading from.

I was stunned.

“Now, Louise no longer exists. Her town house was thoroughly cleaned, not a trace of her DNA was even left. Her tax and financial records have disappeared from the records. If her friends or family try finding her, police and investigators will have a hard time believing she ever existed.”

I was dumbfounded.

“So, what is your future? Well, we’ve had a special request, so to speak, for a middle age fuck doll. Unusual, yes? Usually clients want young things for fuck dolls.’

I was too stunned to speak. There must be a way of escaping. What the Hell is a ‘fuck doll?’

“So, lets start your training right now. On your knees.”

Mother lifted the hem of her ankle length pale yellow and grey vertically striped skirt. Nylons, garter belt, but no nickers. I sank to my knees. Wait for an opportunity to escape Louise .

“Smile, darling. Your owners and their guests want to know you live to please them.”

I did my best to smile. Her return smile was warm and, well, motherly. Her hand went to the back of my head and firmly, but gently guided me down. This is fucking lesbian rape!

No young puffy camel toe cunt this. Folds and flaps of soft cunt lips. Might as well humor the bitch. Pick my fights.. I began kissing and licking. Mother responded with a happy sound. Her hands stroked my shoulders and combed through my hair. Her cunt was instantly wet. I lapped her cunt. She must have used a flavored douche, cherry, soon I licked it to real womanly flavor.

“Good girl. Good fuck doll.”

Enough, I found the girl in the pink canoe and gently kissed her. Mother let out gasp and pushed me back.

“Tammy was right about you. Too bad she wasn’t able to enjoy her finder’s fee. Guard, take it back to it’s cage.”

I sat on my bed, trying to get my head around everything. Sooner or later I’d escape.

The others came and went.

Then two guards and a tall, solid black man came in. He was very handsome and extremely well dressed. They went to Tammy’s cage.

“Come Here.” His voice was deep and very sexy. I couldn’t place his accent. Tammy cowered to the back of her cage.

“Wild and untrained. Just what I’m looking for. Package it, my jet is ready to go.”

The guards went into Tammy’s cage and forced her to her knees. As they hog tied her a third guard rolled in a plywood crate on a trolley. They lowered her into it, closed and padlocked the lid, handed the key to the gentleman. That was the last I ever saw of her.

Same routine for supper, then again in the morning.

I was taken to what looked like clothing store without windows. A severe looking man looked me over. “Try this on, dear.” He handed me a red sundress with a sweetheart front. There was no changing room, but I came naked anyway, so why be shy?

“Well, don’t you look adorable? Gracie, take her to the shoe department. That a dear.”

Red two inch pumps were chosen.

There was a dark haired hunk waiting in the room. “Good morning Sir.”

He slapped my face. “Fuck dolls never look a Sir or Mam in the eyes.”

“Sorry, Sir.”

He grabbed my arm just above my elbow and pushed me to the couch. He handed me a condom and, standing in front of me pulled out his quite impressive cock. “Put it on.”

I started to roll it onto him.

“Don’t you know how to do that with your mouth, fuck doll?”

“No Sir.”

Three condoms later I could do it without using my hands.

He yanked me to my feet and shoved me over the couch’s arm. He lifted the hem of my dress. Then he violated me. He stuck his cock into my rectum. I screamed. He rammed all the way in.

“Cunt. Cunt. Cunt.” He grunted with each ram.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” I cried with each ram. Tears ran down my face. Pain, humiliation.

He pulled out, spun me around and pushed me to my knees. “Take it off and lick me clean, fuck doll.”

I sat on the carpet with my back to the couch crying when he left. A guard took me to Mother.

“Come, give Mother a kiss, dear.”

Her kiss was very friendly.

“Why, you’ve been crying. How sweet. By the way, the gentleman was very impressed with your service. Now, come, it’s lunch time.”

We went through a door to a room with floor to ceiling windows. In the distance I could see the haze and skyscrapers of the city, a city. There was a table with a white tablecloth and real silver ware set for two. A cute young thing wearing a skimpy black dress with white lace trim that didn’t quite cover the little pink nipples on her sweet handfuls size boobs brought a tray with two garden salads, then poured the white wine.

“Thank you Cathy.”

She curtsied then went to stand by the kitchen door.

“Go ahead and eat,Seven.”

As we ate Mother talked.

“Are there any other sex acts you don’t like, other than sodomy, dear?”

“No, well, not that I know of, er, Mother.”

“Good, if you think of any, Coach would like you to tell her.”


“You’ll meet her after lunch. And dear? Fuck dolls never speak or ask questions without permission. Understand?”

“Yes, Mother.”

Coach was a pleasant lady about my age. She was dressed in a fairly conservative charcoal pant suit.

“Come in dear. Have a seat. Call me Ellen.”

Her office was more like a living room. Pastel shades, comfortable furniture. One wall of drapes with a desk along it. We sat on armchairs arranged at ninety degrees around a small coffee table.

We talked about all sorts of things. She drew out my life story. We drank tea.

I’ve no idea to this day how any of my visits to Coach Ellen ended. Somehow, it would be morning and I would be back in my cage.

After my morning routine I as taken to the store and given a silver, white and blue printed sarong, and silver lace up stilettos.

I seemed to recognize the room and the dark handsome man. I lowered my eyes. “Good morning, Sir.”

He patted the couch beside himself. We kissed and cuddled. It was so nice feeling his hands all over me.

“Stand up and take off your dress.”

I realized that’s exactly what I wanted to do. For him.

He stood and dropped his trousers to the floor and handed me a foil package. “You know what to do with this.”

Using just my lips and tongue I rolled the rubber along his hard beautiful cock. he stroked my hair. “Good girl.” I felt so proud.

“On your hands and knees. I’m going to fuck you in the ass.”

I realized that’s exactly where I wanted his big beautiful cock.

God, it was beautiful! He drilled me so so well. His strong hands gripped my waist as he pounded my ass. I came with a whoop of joy as he plowed me. Then he let me take off the condom and lick his gooey member clean.

I felt so special as I licked and kissed his dick. He stroked my hair and told me I was a very good fuck doll.

Mother again gave ma a very tender kiss. Lunch was soup and sandwiches. Cathy looked yummy as always. Today she wore a French blue ankle length skirt, and a little bikini top with French blue fur cups.

Ellen was wearing a snug cream long sleeve knee length dress when I got there. We sat and talked. We looked at picture books, although for the life of me I don’t remember what the pictures were about.

I woke up in my cage. I’d had a nice dream, although I couldn’t remember anything about it.

I was escorted to the shoe department of the store. They gave me the most beautiful shoes I’ve ever worn. They were gold four inch spikes with thin gold leather straps and lots of little gold buckles.

Then to the jewelers. A thin foot long gold chain was locked between the ankle straps of my shoes. Another gold chain was locked around my waist. It had foot long chains hanging on each side of my tummy. Gold chain bracelets were locked to my wrists and the short chains.

I was taken to a kitchen, given a tray of finger foods and told to serve.

There were lots of smartly dressed people in the hall. There was some sort of architect’s model of a building. Some sort of presentation was going on. At a bar, serving coffee and tea, was another girl I recognized from the cages, dressed the same as me.

Towards the end of the meeting, as we picked up the cups and saucers she whispered to me. “Isn’t it wonderful to be allowed to serve such important people?”

I realized how right she was. I was proud to have served.

“Come Kitten, kiss.”

Mother’s hand lingered on my left butt cheek as we kissed.

Lunch was salad and red wine. Cathy wore a short, pink, sleeveless dress of translucent chiffon folds. It did nothing to hide her trim body. A dribble of drool hung from her lips, spread by a red ball gag.

“Mother. May I ask a question, please?”

“Yes, go ahead Kitten.”

“Why is Cathy gagged?”

“Well, you see dear, she was a bad girl last night. She said ‘no’ to one of my guests.”

Ellen asked me the strangest question. “Now, tell me, what was your name before it was ‘Kitten’,dear?”

“I don’t understand?”

“Think hard, dear. Your name is ‘Kitten’. What was it before you came to live with Mother?”

“I don’t know what you mean. I’ve always been Mother’s. My name has never changed.” I began to cry. I didn’t want to answer incorrectly. “Please, I don’t know what you want. Please. Don’t have them whip me. I’m Kitten.” I was sobbing.

Ellen gently held me. “That’s OK Kitten. No one is going to whip you. You’re right. You’ve always been Kitten. I was mistaken.Calm down Hun. Lets have some tea and cookies. Kitten is a very good fuck doll. That’s a good girl.”

“Come, Kitten.”

Mother sat on the couch in her parlor. She wore silver slippers, an ankle length maroon linen skirt, with a wide pink leather belt, and a pink angora sweater with a big collar that flowed so softly over her shoulders.

Cathy and I were dressed alike. Black flats, knee socks, blue grey and white plaid mini kilts and white cotton short sleeve blouses over pink lace bra and panties. Cathy had already been ‘inspected’.

As I stood to attention in front of Mother she slid her hand up the inside of my thigh. Her thumb pointing up. As her index finger touched the hem of my kilt, her thumb pushed my panties hard against my cunt. It felt so nice.

We were playing ‘naughty school girls in the principal’s office’.

“The hem of your skirt does not meet school dress code. Lift up it’s hem so I can inspect your undies.”

“Those are not regulation either. Take them off. Now.”

I was already so excited.

“Instead of the cane, you two little sluts will entertain me. On the rug. Now.”

There was a big white fleece spread out on the carpet. Cathy smiled. “Lay back, Kitten.”

On her knees between my legs she pushed the hem of my kilt up and began to kiss and lick at my pussy’s lips. I lay back and enjoyed the attention. I unbuttoned my blouse and pinched and pulled my nipples through the material of my pink lace bra. I pulled my bra straps off my shoulders and got my boobs free. Her tongue and lips, her fingers and warm breath were doing everything perfectly. I came. She kissed some more. I came again. She kissed up to my mouth. I held her snugly as we kissed. Something fell on the fleece beside our heads.

“Put that on and fuck Cathy’s brains out.”

I got to my knees and finished removing my blouse and bra. I wiggled out of my kilt, than strapped on the big cock Mother had tossed down. Big and purple, veined and circumcised. Cathy let out a delighted squeal as she rolled onto her back and spread her legs.

No need for extra lube. Her cunt lips were glistening. Using both hands I guided ‘my’ cock into her. She bit her lower lip so sweetly as I buried it inside her pussy. I began to stroke. She reached up and began to fondle my big swaying hooters. She pinched and pulled my nipples. I picked up the pace. She made the sweetest little whimpers as I nailed her to the soft fleece. I slowed the pace and dipped my mouth down to her lips. We kissed as I drilled. What a yummy kisser. No wonder Mother kept her close.

“Kitten. Roll her over and bugger her.”


“What did you say Cathy?”

“No, please. I haven’t cum yet. Please, please. Let her finish me. Please?”

“Do it. Now!”

She rolled over and whimpering , put her cheek to the fleece and her rump in the air.

“Now, Kitten, or you will share the discipline.”

I tried to be gentle as I worked my big cock into her rectum. Deep deep in it went. Cathy emitted a pitiful little grunt. I slowly stroked her sexy little ass. In and out. Long slow strokes.

“Pound her. Pound her harder. Fuck her naughty ass. Harder!”

I obeyed, pounding hard into her hole. Ramming and ramming. I knew the cost of disobedience.

“Stop! Kitten, stand over there. Cathy, get it from the cabinet.”

From the glass china cabinet behind Mother’s couch she retrieved it. Two feet long, as big around as my thumb, pink rubber. It had a molded grip at one end, the last three inches of he other end were a flexible flap.

On her knees she presented it to Mother on upturned hands. Mother held it to Cathy’s lips. She kissed it from Mother’s hand to the flap end, then licked it with one long stroke back to Mother’s hand. Cathy had an odd,almost pleased smile as she looked into Mother’s eyes.


Cathy stood, went to the middle of the room, locked her fingers together and put her hands on the top of her head. She spread her feet apart and stood straight.

Mother appeared to really enjoy beating Cathy’s back until it was covered with red welts. Cathy screamed in a high pitch voice with each lash.

“Go fix your self. Wear your silver backless gown. I’ve given you to Lady Victoria tonight. Make sure she’s completely satisfied. Go.”

Cathy picked up her cloths and left after thanking and kissing Mother.

“Come, Kitten, it’s lunch time.”

There was a waiter. Young blond sculpted body. He wore a leather harness, no shoes and a chrome wire cock cage. Like the one I kept my second husband in. What! Wait. Where did that thought come from? I’ve never been married. I’ve always been a fuck doll. Must ask Ellen about that weird thought.

One morning at the store I was given a white bra and panty set, the softest powder blue, long sleeve scoop collar sweater, blue jeans and ankle boots with two inch heels.

My minder took me to a part of Mother’s home I hadn’t been before. A grand entrance hall.

Ellen was waiting for me, wearing a long white fur coat, snug black jeans and knee high soft beige leather spike heel boots.

My minder held a red fox fur jacket that seemed somehow familiar when I slipped into it’s luxury.

“Let’s go for a drive Kitten.”

She drove us to a mall on the edge of the city. I wasn’t sure about this. We went into the mall. I held onto Ellen’s hand for security.

“See this clock? I have to go to meet someone in the mall office. Let’s meet here in, say,half an hour. You walk around and window shop. I’ll see you here. OK?”

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It’s Been a While…

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All of the people in this story are older than 18.

I thought the urges would go away but they didn’t. Every time I would jack off recently the things which turned me on more and more were the thoughts of sucking cock. I experimented when I was younger but thought that that’s all it was … experimentation. Since cock had now become a driving force in my fantasy world, it was all I could think about some days.

I went online to fulfill my desire for cock. Mainly it was just watching straight porn and admiring those hung men as they nailed some woman to the mattress. But it all started to turn more and more towards two men fucking. Thats what would really turn me on. Or maybe a couple with a bi male where the lady really got off seeing her partner being pleased by another man.

The next step towards making reality out of fantasy was to start cruising online looking for an opportunity to break out of the normal ho hum life I was living. The woman I was with had no idea but why would she? We hardly ever had sex anymore and we never could discuss sexual things. So I started finding times to break away and try and meet up with men to have some fun.

At first I chickened out repeatedly. I would set up the meet up and would almost get there but then I would bail. How could I really be a cock sucker? Was I gay or bi? What would everyone think? I hit a point though in my cock lust where none of these things mattered. Instead of responding to ads on craigslist, I put up my own ad.

It’s Been a While (M4M)

I haven’t done this in a while. WM looking for someone to suck. Maybe more. 6’3″ 200lbs 6.5cut cock. DDF and HIV- Want to please you.

My hands trembled as I hit the submit button. I wondered what the hell I was doing. I got an email saying it had posted and then the emails started pouring in. Mostly from travelers or young guys. I didn’t really respond to the emails with no picture. Then His came through. He said He was an older man who was married and He liked time with guys too. There was a picture of His cock with His hand wrapped around it. It looked to be almost 8 inches long and pretty damn thick.

I hesitated and didn’t respond right away. The thoughts that went through my mind that night as I stroked my hard cock were of His nice cock that I’d seen earlier. I thought about what it would be like to feel it in my mouth. To taste the precum and swirl my tongue over the tip. As my cum surged out of my cock all I could think of was that I had to meet Him. As soon as my orgasm was over though those thoughts went away, or so I thought.

The next morning when I got to work I turned on my Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort computer and started to check my email. There was another response to my ad from Him. He said that He was going to be in a nearby town at His rental property doing some maintenance and He would really like to meet me. I didn’t know what to do. My mind raced with thoughts. All those objections seemed to loom in my head but the picture of that thick cock seemed to blast every objection away. I simply responded to His email and asked Him where and when He would like to meet.

I must’ve checked my email 30 times in the next 30 minutes hoping for a response. Then there it was. Simple and to the point. Just an address and just a time. No bull shit… no back and forth… There were no objections. Nothing at this point but cock lust. He wanted to meet in about an hour and It would take me at least 45 minutes to get there. I left my office and went to my car. I almost turned around three times on my way over to the apartment where we would meet, but I didn’t. I almost chickened out as I turned onto the street by pulling into a convenience station parking lot. My inner dialogue was intense but as my mind called me a cock sucking faggot for the first time in a long long time I smiled and knew that’s exactly what I was and I was ok with it.

I pulled back out onto the street and then slowly cruised down the road looking for the address. I found the complex and then the apartment building and then the particular unit. I breathed deep as I shut off my car and walked up the steps to the unit. I almost panicked when I knocked on the door but as I was about to turn and leave the door swung open and there He was. Truly a man’s man. Dark skin from working in the sun. Messed up hair… wearing coveralls. He smiled and invited me in His apartment.

I walked in and noticed how sparsely it was decorated. Almost no furniture. He told me that His last tenants had just moved out and He was cleaning things up and had just repainted and re-carpeted the apartment. The new tenants wouldn’t be in for over a month. All of what He said was a blur. I was nervous and didn’t know what to say or do. HE could tell and He offered me a drink. As He brushed by me I caught His scent. Manly and clean… electricity shot through my body when we touched. As He handed me the drink He reached over and rubbed my cock through my jeans and smiled.

I was enamored as I followed Him down the hallway to the last door on the right. Seeing the faint outline of His ass in the coveralls was nice. It had been a while. He went into the room and there was a mattress in the middle of the floor. There was a TV with a DVD player against one wall. He plopped down onto the mattress and patted the bed indicating where He wanted me to sit. I was nervous but I sat down beside Him and put my drink down away from the bed.

Using the remote He started a video. It was two men and woman all pleasuring each other. My eyes were transfixed on what was happening on the screen. I felt Him draw close and His lips brush my neck. It sent shivers down to my toes. My cock was getting hard and I wasn’t sure if it was the kiss or what was on the screen I just knew the cock lust was about to take over. I took off my shoes and laid back on the bed. The two men on the screen started to suck on each other.

I feel His hands start to rub down my stomach to my jeans. He deftly unbuttoned them and give release to the tension my hard cock had built pressing against the fabric. I had no underwear on and His strong calloused hands easily found my hard cock and wrapped around its tender flesh. He leaned in again but instead of my neck He kissed my mouth. His stubble was rough on my lips, but His tongue was soft as it entered my mouth slowly.

“Relax,” was all He had to say. And I did. I wiggled out of my jeans and pulled my shirt off. There I was completely naked next to this man who was old enough to be my dad. All my senses were firing. The touch, the smell, the sight, the taste, the sounds… All of it was too much to bear. His kisses became more rough. His tongue more forceful. He grabbed my hand and placed it on His cock. Fuck He was huge. He unzipped his coveralls and revealed He had nothing on underneath. My hand wrapped around his cock. I stroked HIM. I wanted HIM.

I had sucked cock when I was younger but never one like HIS. I lowered my self down His body and put my face beside His manhood, breathing in his aroma. My mouth found its prize. I stuck my tongue out to taste HIM. The first touch of my tongue on that cock and I knew what I needed. I needed HIM in my mouth. I wrapped my mouth around His huge cock and started to lick and suck like a baby starving for its mothers milk. I felt His hands firmly on the back of my head. Forcing me to take more of Him into my mouth. I felt His cock hit the back of my throat and my eyes widened since I was barely halfway down that glorious cock. I felt the pressure at the back of my throat and thought I would gag but there was no gagging.

He was pushing farther and deeper into my throat and suddenly like a pop I lurched forward and felt His pubes against my face. I couldn’t breathe but I was doing what I had dreamed of… deepthroating a real man. He started to slowly fuck my face and was grunting as He pushed His daddy dick in and out of my throat.

At this point I was on my back and He flipped around so that we were in a 69 position. Taking daddy’s cock into my throat became easier at this point. I could feel His tongue on my shaft and then my balls and then He pulled my legs up and that tongue slithered onto my open waiting asshole. Just sucking His cock was my only plan but as that tongue slid into my open waiting pucker hole I knew I wanted it all. I felt my asshole loosen and He worked his tongue deep inside and then a finger and then two fingers.

I felt Him spit onto my open man pussy as He took His cock out of my mouth and throat. It was covered with spit and it glistened in the light that the TV cast off. He grabbed my ankles and got between my legs. I felt the head of His cock press against my hole and any reluctance that my ass showed was soon shattered as His head popped into my rectum. I took a deep breath and felt every inch of His daddy dick enter my under used man pussy. The pain soon turned to pressure and then to pleasure. He held my ankles and started to pump slowly in and out of my now sloppy and slutty ass.

A wicked grin spread across His face as He made me HIS bitch. I could feel each deep stroke as He hit my prostate. I could feel Him get even bigger and longer and He pounded my hole with out any mercy. I could feel an orgasm brewing inside my balls. I moaned and that just seemed to drive Him wild. I moaned out, “Fuck me Daddy.” With those words His pounding hit another gear and I could tell that He was close. His strong body pinned me to the bed. I wrapped my legs around His back and locked Him into my hole. I felt Him shudder and then a torrent of His hot sticky daddy juice flooded my man pussy.

It felt like I was on another world. He pumped until His load was securely inside me and then I felt Him pull out. The cold air hit my gaping hole. He quickly dove down and started to eat my ass again. His tongue lapped up the load He had given to me as if it was a delicacy. I was in need and He knew just what to do. He took my cock and deep throated it for about 30 seconds until my balls exploded and filled that gorgeous manly mouth with spurt after spurt of my cocksucking faggot juice.

I could feel Him swallow all that I gave Him. He worked His way up my body and finished the way He started by kissing me deeply on my mouth. Our flavors mixed together as our tongues danced. I whispered, “thank you.”

It had been a while. But it wouldn’t be a while until my next adventure. I got dressed and quickly departed. Smiling as His seed continued to seep out of my sore but happy man pussy. He had opened a gate that will never close again. Thank you Daddy.

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Hove Housewife’s Awakening Ch. 02

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The Times, they are a changing!

Thank god for online shopping is all I can say. Parcels arrive at my door in plain brown boxes, I smile at the delivery drivers, take in the packages unknown to them there passing me such rude things!

I’m currently at flat on the Seafront waiting for some special guests, a surprise treat arranged for me in a little while. I’m to be the hostess with the mostess, or is it moistness? I was sent the keys and a little list of instructions. I’ve followed instructions that were given to me, the Cava is chilling and currently there is a line of sex toys laid out on the coffee table. I’m dressed as requested, a slutty bunny girl with thick red lipstick on. I’m so turned on I can’t resist having a little play while I admire the Sea view (though I’m still not sure about the wind farm) and reminisce. So much has happened in a short time.

So, where were we, oh yes, the next few days after the night out we’re uneventful, I had welcomed Bill home and we made love, he loved my new bald fanny and paid it a lot of attention bringing me off several times, I enjoyed the orgasms and I tried to believe this new excitement, interest and passion would be enough. I worked hard to make it extra sexy, I hinted we could try some new positions and asked if he wanted to do anything we hadn’t done before but, unfortunately he wasn’t interested other than the usual positions. I acted raunchier and tried to talk dirty to him but having not done it before I think it made things worse.

By Tuesday I was getting desperate and resigned to my new desires and lusty feelings I’d realized I now needed more adventurous interesting downright naughty sex and a lots of it. I’d had many fantasies’ over the last couple of days and they were getting quite extreme and risky. But I was more turned on than I had ever been, I masturbated everyday replaying many of the scenes in my head.

Wednesday was my first day back at work and certainly there were butterfly’s as I walked in. I thought everyone was going to look at me and give that knowing look of we know what you did and we know how much you enjoyed it! The weather had been really hot so I was wearing a smart knee length summer dress.

Jay and Carl were working on a new mailer on a workstation, I was glad it was them in first and walked over and offered to make the coffee, some of my confidence restored, when I returned we had a quick look at the artwork, soon we were chatting about the night out. They had apparently gone back to Carl’s parents after as they were abroad and had a little party themselves with Hillary and Jane, I just said that we had some more drinks and left it at that. The conversation was light and put me at my ease in the office. The morning passed without incident. There was a strategy meeting going on so were on our own most of the time.

A little after three the conference room door opened and out came the big boss David, followed by Steve, Paula and Hilary.

David announced we were starting a whole new project to be headed up by Paula and Steve with Hillary running the day to day work. There would be exciting things for us all and Paula would call us each into her new office and discuss our new roles.

Various meetings happened through the day and I was happily working away, I hadn’t noticed that most people had left for the day until Hilary called me over to join Paula, Steve and herself Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort in Paula’s office. I looked around realizing we were probably the last few left. A small flutter of nerves went through me but I thought “don’t be so silly, its work.”

On entering Paula told me to sit down across from her and I was there to understand the new structure and its effect on me. Slightly bemused I sat thinking I was to get some part of the new project. After a few minutes of discussion between Steve and Paula they seemed settled, then with a look from Paula (that wicked look returned to her eye) and with a nod in her direction, Hilary got up and immediately pulled down and off her jeans followed by her panties then she pulled off her sweater. She turned to face me now nude, I got a good look at her. She was a waif like girl, slim, pale skin and very ginger hair tied back in a ponytail. I couldn’t help myself, I Looked down and noticed she had Very white skin, pale nipples and what’s described as a landing strip.

Then Paula spoke matter of fact, “Chloe, so you understand where we are at, we all play together, Hilary here is showing you a little of what else is available, though Hilary is more of a sex slave and not just a horny nympho like you, take a good look.”

Paula then asked if Hilary had done as instructed after the party. Hilary blushed but, keeping her eyes on me confirmed she had. “tell Chloe what you did then” Paula said “I asked Carl to fuck my arse” she replied. I caught my breath, heart pounding, unsure what was going to happen next. Hillary still kept her eyes fixed on me. Paula was clearly pleased with the response “you’re such a good girl” she said. Hillary blushed more and nodded, and after some further questions Steve said that Jay would be next up her bum, Hilary’s expression changed to a look of slight concern, (I found another time why- hung like a horse he was!)

Hilary was then told that to fully introduce herself, she needed to bring me off. I was frozen in my chair seemingly unable to move, although I had done it to Paula another girl hadn’t ever been near my fanny at all!

I was seated in a standard office chair. She looked at me intently then walked over and dropped to her knees in front of me, I looked down as in what seemed slow motion she started to push my dress up from my knees to my waist, she looked up and winked at me, then started to pull my knickers down, awkwardly I raised my bum so they slid down easily, I wished I’d worn sexier knickers now!

Wow, just wow, Hilary was extremely talented, she started off with long licks up and down then started to build up her intensity and more focus on targeting my little bean, soon after this she started sliding a finger in and out of me. God that was good. She slowly increased the pace and added another finger, “oh god, oh god “I said through gritted teeth. I only lasted for a couple of minutes till I came and oh god yes, there it was, this was defiantly what I needed, I had to bite my lip to not shout out remembering that we were still at work. When my vision cleared I was greeted with the sight of Steve sitting on the edge of the desk slowly stroking his erection. Paula looked on grinning “why don’t you help him with that” she said. Transfixed I just sat and stared as he hoped off the desk (my god it wobbled) he moved over to me and I just knew I had to have it. Hilary had stood up and walked over to Paula’s side, Paula leaned over and said something to her, I couldn’t make it out but Hilary looked pleased and climbed up onto the table and got on her hands and knees, her bum was facing me, the cheeks were so tight and beautifully round and in the cleft I could see her rose red pussy lips pouting.

Steve helped me up by pulling on my dress, once standing he continued to pull and my dress went over my head so standing knickers round my ankles and a pale thin bra he shuffled me over to the desk. Faced with Hilary’s pert bottom I was unsure what was expected, Steve slide his hand between my legs and turned his hand forcing me to part them, now my knickers strained to stretch across my ankles he rubbed my sopping slit from behind. “Do you want my cock,” he said, I nodded, “ask for it then” he said “Steve, take me now, please.” I replied a little more desperate than I hoped to sound. “Ask me nicely to fill your CUNT” he said in my ear. Now getting desperate for more satisfaction I loudly repeated his request “Steve, will you please fill my cunt.”

I caught the look on Paula’s face, the huge grin was evidence enough of how much she loved hearing me use that word.

Steve pushed me forward and with nowhere else to go I rested my head on Hilary’s bum. He stroked himself up and down my lips using my wetness to lubricate his cock. Then in one motion he pushed in all the way. I let out a deep groan of pleasure, he slowly started to stroke in and out of me, long strokes building in pace. Paula moved over beside me and kissed me deeply, pushing her tongue into my mouth. She returned to her upright position and turned my head, now my face was just above Hilary’s tight round arse, then she pushed my head forward right between Hilary’s arse cheeks “Your turn” she said. I knew what was expected and started to lick Hilary’s juicy pussy, Paula increased the pressure on the back of my head my nose was right on Hillary’s bum hole, it seemed quite obscene but in my aroused state I couldn’t care anymore. Steve was now pumping in a steady rhythm, he reached round and tugged my boobs out of the top of my bra, I tried to compose myself. (difficult with your nose up a girl’s bum!) after a few minutes he stopped and pulled out of me, “no don’t stop.” I squealed.

He pushed me down onto the ground. His cock glistening with my juice in front of my eyes, my face just released from between another girl’s arse cheek’s I couldn’t believe the level I’d sunk too. He looked down at me, on the floor next to where my knickers had ended up was an empty champagne bottle, they had obviously been toasting their ideas before, Steve grinned from ear to ear. “ride it” he said, I looked up into his eyes, “go on, get on that bottle.” Slowly I moved over and straightened my legs to give me room, I put myself over the bottle and slowly lowered myself onto it. I eased myself down the thick neck and began to slowly ride up and down. It felt so rude, what was I becoming. I was so wet I had no problem with accommodating it and soon I was determined to fill myself as much as I could, I wanted to impress and got into a steady rhythm, the slick bottle stayed in place and I took him in my mouth. My mind was racing, brazenly I wanted, no needed him to come, I couldn’t wait to taste it. What must I look like?

Paula had pulled Hilary round to face her and raised her own skirt, she unlike me earlier wasn’t wearing knickers. “now eat me.” she said standing tall and Hilary dropped and got on with her job. Paula’s eyes stayed on me, grinning. I was riding faster, bobbing my head back and forth in a frantic motion sucking and bottle fucking for all my worth when Steve suddenly tensed, realizing I was about to get my reward I sped up and yes, their it was, a great big boiling hot mouthful of just what I needed (also known as spunk to you and me). I recovered myself but continued to ride the bottle now more slowly and actually licked my lips to make sure I had gotten all of the delicious Juice then I watched the others in a state of ecstasy. Hilary was now working as hard as she had on me. When after a few minutes Paula’s eyes started to roll and she gripped Hilary’s ears and rubbed herself against her hard against Hilary’s face. I remembered from my own experience how much she had squirted in my face when I made her cum before. Suddenly she moved back and frantically rubbed herself then she came, the liquid shot out all over Hillary’s chest and body. It was an awesome sight to see, after a minute Paula straightened and then once her breathing had steadied she waved dismissively and told Hilary to sort herself out.

Hillary just wiped herself down with some tissues she had grabbed from the floor having been knocked off the desk along with most other things, once she had got up she put her knickers back on. Paula pulled her in close and kissed her softly, “good girl” she said “now off you fuck,” as Hillary moved off to put on the rest of her clothes Paula gave her a cheeky slap on the bum “I think I’m going to have a bit of that arse too later” she said almost to herself.

After fixing her skirt she turned back to me, “it’s getting on a bit, clean yourself up then let’s go and get a coffee and make some plans shall we.” She started out of the room. I hastily got myself together. I put my knickers back on over my puffy and red pussy and then my dress. I went to the toilets and re applied some make-up. God what a sight I was.

Soon we were sat in a cafe in Church Road with a coffee and a slice of cake. To all others we just looked like a couple women sitting together, maybe just friends chatting, maybe a business meeting. Pretty sure they didn’t comprehend what was being discussed!

Paula also gave me some idea of what would to expect, I could barely keep from stroking myself as she talked. She said she had had her eye on me for a little while but was shocked how quickly I turned into the wanton woman I had. We chatted about the next steps of my so called development as it were, she would help me full-fill my needs and break me in gently, I was both exited but a little disappointed to hear this. Paula saw this and explained that there was a lot to experience and she wanted me to love it all and not be overwhelmed. That after my initial thoughts was actually a bit reassuring, I suddenly realized I was very much out of my depth and her taking control was what I needed. She asked if I was free the next day, I said yes. “Yours at midday then, a lunch date and you’re the main course! Dress up nicely for me, oh, I’m bringing a few extra special surprises.” Paula finished up and left leaving me feeling a little surprised but incredibly turned on. “Get plenty of rest,” were her parting words to me “you’re going to need it.”

Thanks for reading!

Chloe X

Join me in part 3 as my awakening continues, I get thoroughly put through my paces and something changes my outlook completely!

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Iron Rose Ch. 03

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Hello guys and welcome to another heart rocking chapter of “Iron Rose.” I really hope you guys are gonna love it like this the previous one because this one is the bomb I promise you. Don’t forget to comment and rate this chapter.

Now get ready and relax as you continue the tale of a legend, Miguel, a really beautiful young man who’s on a fight for love and justice. Will his justice prevail and can Christian’s love save him from his disastrous revenge or has his heart frozen with him?

Iron rose, feel the passion…

Ps: I didn’t thoroughly edit this chapter. I just did a quick read through as I was busy with something. But I promise the chapter is great.


Miguel entered the big mansion and he couldn’t understand what he was feeling. Now that he had the stupid man in his possession, he felt really mad. He had even more hunger for revenge. He just wanted to kill the rest by the snap of his finger but it wasn’t gonna be as easy as that. He needed to take things slowly.

He was deep in thought when suddenly, he felt himself bump into something. He quickly moved his eyes and just met with Gabriel’s piercing eyes. Looking into those eyes again, Miguel felt really weak. His past hit him so hard that he suddenly started breathing harshly, clenching his fists.

“Are you okay?” Gabriel asked, getting close to him. He had no idea why Miguel acted the way he did when he got close to him. “Is there anything wrong?”

Miguel chuckled but with a stern look. “It’s funny, you know.” He said with the most serious voice Gabriel had ever heard from him. “You love someone, give them everything and they just betray you without thinking about it. How can someone be so heartless and ungrateful?”

With those words, he moved to the other side and rushed to the elevator. He was filled with so much emotion that he felt like he might make a mistake if he decided to be there.

Meanwhile, Gabriel remained standing there as Miguel’s words haunted his very soul. His entire world came crushing to the ground as his eyes watered. His heart sounded like a washing machine, pounding in his chest like it wanted to be free. He slowly moved his hand to his chest, feeling like he was being constricted.

“How can someone be so heartless and ungrateful?”

“God!” He breathed in deeply, feeling really scared. “Why does every day of my life feel like I am getting closer to paying for what I did to you? If I could turn back time, I’d definitely change some decisions that I made in my life.”

He shook his head and went straight to the small bar at the far end, feeling like he wanted to drink something, something that would knock him out. He was having so many headaches and he just wanted them to go away.

Reaching the bar, he took a bottle of his favorite whisky and poured a whole glassful of it and without even thinking about it, he took it all in one swing. Then he started pouring another before a hand quickly grabbed the glass.

He slowly moved his eyes to the person and sighed…

“May I have my glass, please?” He said in a rude tone.

“Really?” Jack barked, staring at his husband like he was doing something abominable. “This is what you’re resorting to now? Wow!” He laughed.

Gabriel wasn’t in any mood for arguments. “Jack, please, I am not in any mood for arguments. Can I have my glass, please?”

“No!” Jack shook his head. “You are not getting this glass. In fact, you’re going to talk to me right now because I have no idea what’s going on with you. You have totally changed. You don’t listen to me. You don’t speak to me like you should and for the last two days, you haven’t slept in our room. What the hell is wrong with you?”

Gabriel sighed, hitting the bottle so hard on the counter that it broke. Then he furiously started going away towards the staircase. If Jack wasn’t gonna give him any chance or rather peace to drink then he was gonna make use of the wine dispenser in his room.

“I am talking to you.” Jack glowered, furiously throwing the glass on the floor. It broke to pieces. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing? Gabriel!”

But Gabriel wasn’t even talking to him. He just kept on going till he reached the stairs and started rushing up. He was starting to feel the effects of the glass he had taken because it had been long he had drank like that.

“Gabriel, for fuck’s sake…”

Jack followed upstairs because he wasn’t done with his husband. He just couldn’t understand why everything was falling apart and he wasn’t gonna let that happen.

“What’s going on?” One of the maids that had been watching the entire drama asked, her eyes gaping.

“I have no idea.” Another one answered. “But this has been going on since that day at the party. I think Sir Gabriel has just had it with Sir Jack.”

“Who wouldn’t?” She laughed mockingly. “That man is a demon and I wonder how Sir Gabriel has been keeping up with him. I am enjoying the drama if you ask me.”

“It’s called karma.” Alicia answered, staring at the stairs that the couple had been Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort rushing a few seconds back. “When you steal something that doesn’t belong to you, it will fall apart. I know that Jack is paying for his sins, for betraying Angelo.”

She was happy because Gabriel had finally grown some balls to tell Jack what he felt. He deserved everything that he got.


Miguel was walking slowly towards the garden, feeling his heart racing. He was staring at Gabriel who seemed lost, staring at the statue and the fountain. He had a small glass of what looked to be whisky but he seemed really bothered. Of course, he had to be bothered because his house was now on fire and he deserved it. His relationship was crushing and he was gonna see it burn to the ground.

Taking a deep breath, he rushed to him.

“I am sorry.” He apologized.

Hearing Miguel’s voice, Gabriel quickly moved his eyes up and almost lost his breath.

Miguel was standing there looking really lovely. He was wearing a really tight designer’s skin jean which showed off his wonderful feminine shape just like… Angelo, the name that gave Gabriel nightmares during daytime.

He was just putting on a vest and black sandals but he looked like an angel, especially with his striking red hair. His eyes, oh those eyes, Gabriel felt tears building in eyes when he looked at them. They seemed to be telling him something, they were crying to him. And his pink lips, his gorgeous lips, Gabriel licked his lips because he wanted to kiss them, to feel them.

Shit! Was he actually thinking that or was it the whisky talking, he thought as he sighed.

“For what, Miguel?”

“The way I spoke to you.” He sighed. He didn’t want Gabriel to suspect anything. “I was just really angry and I shouldn’t have vented out my anger on you. I am sorry.”

He quickly turned to leave but got the surprise of his life when he felt Gabriel quickly grip his arm and pulling him back with such force. The next thing he felt was Gabriel’s body closer to him and his whisky breath on his face.

Miguel felt like something had just crawled up his skin. All the memories, everything that had happened between him and Gabriel in the past hit him like a tornado at the same time. He got really weak but to his surprise, he was just standing there like a statue without even moving an inch. He couldn’t even blink.


“Why Miguel?” Gabriel was feeling really weak and helpless. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“What are you talking about?” He slightly closed his eyes as he felt Gabriel’s hand moving to his waist, giving him powerful vibrations. “Please, I have something I was doing before I came here.”

“Why Miguel?” He was slowly moving to Miguel’s neck, dying to kiss there. He was just so damn crazy at that time. His hormones were preying on him and he felt his cock responding. He wanted Miguel. “Why do you look so much like him?”

Miguel wanted to open his mouth but when he felt Gabriel kiss his neck, he got shocked. He felt like needles were piercing him all over his body.

“I can’t sleep…” He kissed him on the cheek closer to the lips. “…I can’t eat. I can’t even fucking think about anything because you always pop up in my mind.”

Miguel was starting to feel sick because of Gabriel’s closeness. He angrily released himself, standing at a distance and breathing like a predator was chasing him.

“I can see that liquor is starting to get to you.”

“No! You’re starting to get to me.” Gabriel literally yelled. “I think I am starting to fall in love with you, Miguel.”

“Can you hear yourself?” Miguel laughed, starting to fight off his tears. “You are falling in love with me? You’re a married man and you barely know me.”

“I don’t fucking care.” Gabriel angrily gripped his hair. “I don’t give a fuck about my marriage or how long I have known you. It doesn’t matter.”

“Well, it matters to me.” A war was going on in his heart. “I don’t care what you feel for me because I don’t feel it. It’s better if you concentrate on your marriage.”

With those words, he furiously turned and started walking away with a stern look on his face. Gabriel’s confession had taken him back to the first time the guy had proposed to him. He had been using the same words on him.

“You’re really making things easier for me, Gabriel.” He thought, an evil grin appearing on his face. “You’re gonna regret your decision. And Jack…” He chirped, shaking his head. “…get ready for the storm because you haven’t seen anything yet.”

He walked as fast as he could away from Gabriel. Seeing Miguel leave, Gabriel furiously thrust his hand, throwing everything on the small table to the ground. He was breathing harshly with his fists clenched. What was he really feeling for Miguel, he thought as he felt tears building in his eyes? It was getting stronger and stronger. He couldn’t control it.


“You’ve had to suffer for something you didn’t even deserve.” Miguel thought as a tear went down his cheeks. “For so long now you’ve been crying for judgement. There’s a lot of injustice that you went through, things that you shouldn’t have gone through.

Miguel was seated on the staircase near the living room with Angelo’s picture in his hand. He was slowly passing his hand on his beautiful picture, wishing he could wear that face even just for a day. But it was impossible. They had destroyed it the day they’d brutally raped him and killed him which was still embedded in his mind even at that very moment.

“It won’t be long now.” He chuckled as more tears fell to his cheeks. “You’ll get the justice you deserve even if it will be the last thing I will do. I promise.”

He remembered how he had pleaded with Gabriel, how he had told him he loved him and how he had responded. It was the most painful thing ever. Even at that moment, he was so much in pain because deep down that pain and hatred, he couldn’t deny the fact that he had loved Gabriel so much only to be betrayed. And why did he feel weak at time, he thought as he cried even more? He didn’t need an answer to that question because he didn’t think he could bear the answer.

“You remind me of him.” He heard Gabriel’s voice suddenly behind, making him frozen.

Miguel was quiet. He felt his heart sink deep down as more pain got in him. Slowly clearing his face with his hands, he took a glance behind and found Gabriel standing there looking like he was in pain. He was wearing a dark blue short with a brown shirt with nothing on his feet.

Gabriel on the other hand felt really guilt when he saw Angelo’s picture in Miguel’s hand. It had been really long since he last saw that face and honestly, he didn’t care where Miguel had gotten the picture. All he wanted was to pour his heart out to him.

Rubbing his hands through his hair, he slowly sat on the staircase, close to Miguel.

“You remind me so much of Angelo.” He said, feeling a huge lump in his throat. “The way you walk, talk, smile, your body, your eyes, your lips, everything.” He was getting emotional but he got surprised when Miguel just stared at him without saying anything.

“You are almost him except the fact that you’re loving, kind and your personality is just to die for.” His heart was racing as he confessed to Miguel. “Ever since I had set my eyes on you, Angelo came back to me, in my dreams. It’s like he’s telling me something.”

Miguel couldn’t fight his tears. He got weak right there as the pain got worse. He felt a tear go down his cheeks and he couldn’t even bother to rub it.

“What about my friend, Gabriel?” He said in the weakest voice he’d ever spoken to anyone with. “What about Jack?”

Gabriel rubbed his face, sighing softly. “I don’t know what I feel for him, what I have been feeling. I always thought it was love but I think what Jack and I feel is nothing more than sexual desire for each other, an obsession.” He didn’t regret what he said. “Yeah, I will accept the fact that I married him but I don’t think it was out of love but just for… Sex.”

Miguel was getting weaker and he couldn’t afford to break down in front of his ex-husband.

“Jack is my friend, Gabriel.” He said, trying to gather his strength. “There is no way I am going to betray him. You two are married and are in love so what are you telling me?”

“What I feel?” He tried to touch Miguel’s shoulder but he shrugged it off, getting up.

Then with one look at his face, he started rushing upstairs without looking behind him. Gabriel didn’t even bother to follow him. He felt he needed some time to think and digest what he had confessed to him.

“I hope you understand me.” He sobbed softly. “I need my Angelo back in my life.”

He regretted ever betraying him. He was gonna live the rest of his life regretting. That was what he deserved for treating someone that loved him to death.


Gabriel was busy on his laptop, going through his emails to check if there was something important that he needed to go through, perhaps a business email. He hadn’t gone to work since the party because all that had been going on in the house was drama. Plus, he didn’t think he was in his right frame of mind to work. He just left it all to his workers since it was what he paid them for. The only thing he needed to attend to himself was a meeting and that was all.

He was seated in the room with only a towel and his dripping wet skin. He had been going through the emails before he decided to take a quick shower. Now he was back and just needed to dress up before starting some important work.

“You look sexy in the towel.” He suddenly heard a really sexy voice followed by a lustful moan.

He didn’t even need to raise his head to know that it was Jack that had entered his room. Taking a quick glance, he found Jack staring at him like he wanted to devour him. His hands were seductively rubbing on his chest while he bit his lips. He looked really horny.

He started cat walking to him, moving his hands up his body. Reaching him, he slipped his right leg between Gabriel, rubbing on his crotch. Gabriel sighed and continued what he was doing.

Jack knew on the other hand that he was gonna get his husband back. All he needed was to seduce him, give him some great sex, make him beg for it and he was gonna come back to his senses. No man had ever resisted his advances and Gabriel was no exception. Of course, Jack knew that Gabriel was so mad over heels in love whenever they had great sex and that was what he was gonna use.

Slowly going towards his head with his head, he took his husband’s ear and nipped on it, enjoying him moan a bit. He was gonna get what he wanted and that was gonna be it.

“Hmm…” Jack moaned, nipping harder. “I missed your sexy body.”

He slowly rubbed on Gabriel’s sexy chest seductively going down to his belly.

“I know you want me too, Gabriel. I am so horny.”

He started licking Gabriel’s ear as he felt his cock start pulsing inside, rubbing on his underwear. He couldn’t help but moan. His hole twitched so crazy that he felt like he was gonna die if he didn’t have that cock giving him crazy pleasure. Gabriel hadn’t touched him in days and he needed that at that very moment.

“I need you so bad.”

He started moving his hand faster and just when he was about to slip it inside the towel, he got the surprise of his life when Gabriel gripped his hand and removed. Then he looked at him sternly, shaking his head.

“I am not in the mood.”

Gabriel got up to go and dress up but got surprised when Jack quickly gripped the towel, pulling it off of him. Now he was standing there completely naked with a bare hairy ass and a flaccid cock. For some reason, what Jack did made his heart beat so fast and his temper to rise. He started breathing harshly as he clenched his fists but he didn’t even bother to turn because he didn’t want to look at Jack’s face for fear of what he was gonna say.

“Baby…” Jack came behind him, wrapping his arms tightly around him. Then he kissed his back as his hands found their way to Gabriel’s nipples, starting to play with them. “…I need you. I need to feel your strong arms wrapped around me while you make sweet crazy love to me. I wanna feel your cock deep inside me while your lips explore mine. I wanna scream your name like I am crazy and I wanna dance on that cock while I hear you moan my name out. Please, my love.”

Gabriel rolled his eyes and ripped his husband’s hands away from himself. Then he stood at a distance, turned and looked at Jack while he did his best to try and control himself.

“I am not in the mood. Maybe later.”

Jack’s anger came back instantly especially after staring at his husband’s cock. They hadn’t had sex in days and it was still flaccid despite him touching him seductively. He was really mad.

“What the fuck is wrong with you, Gabriel?” He snapped, breathing like a predator. “Why are you proving to be difficult? Is it a crime to ask my husband to make love to me? Isn’t it your duty to…”

“My body, my choice.” Gabriel said, raising his hands. “I don’t wanna argue with you, Jack. I already told you that I am not in the mood for sex with you. If you are feeling really high, why don’t you use your hands and jerk off or better still, use a dildo and leave me the hell alone?”

Ouch! Jack was hurt. His husband had just treated him like some whore and he couldn’t take it. He had had it with begging Gabriel and he needed answers. He was gonna get them there and then. He furiously got closer to his husband, staring at him.

“Who is he?” He asked, chuckling angrily.

Gabriel was confused. He looked at Jack before looking all around the room, trying to figure out what the fuck Jack was talking about.

“Who is who?”

“Who’s the bitch you’re screwing?” He yelled in Gabriel’s face. “You have never rejected my advances before, never. You always go instantly hard whenever I try anything with you. What’s…” He pointed to Gabriel’s cock. “…what the fuck is going on? How dare you cheat on me, Gabriel?” He warned, pointing right in his face. “Tell me, damn it!”

To say Jack was surprised would be an understatement. “Did you smoke weed this morning? Please!” He furiously put his hands together. “I know you like causing trouble in my life these days but please, get out of my room. I left your room so I can stay in peace.”

“You won’t have any peace, Gabriel!” Jack yelled, literally jumping. “You will never have any peace as long as…”

“Shut the fuck up!” Gabriel furiously gripped Jack’s arm and started pulling him towards the door.

“Get your hand off me.” Jack tried to get loose but his husband was just too powerful. “I am not done talking to you.”

“But I am done.”

Reaching the door, Gabriel threw Jack out of the room, locking the room behind him.

“Open this door!” Jack hit harder on the door. “Gabriel you idiot, open this door. I will not leave you alone, Gabriel, you’re my husband. Open this door.”

But all Gabriel did was turn back, dress up smartly, pick up his big headphones and play some loud music while he did his work. He couldn’t hear any noise from his annoying husband anymore.

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I Protested

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I protested. Admittedly I only protested gently. It was more of a tease for effect than a genuine desire for her to stop. It wasn’t the first time I’d played games with Abi since we started dating. We tied each other up, dressed up, role played. We’d been rough and gentle. We’d bitten and spat and talked dirty. The dirty talk was the only thing that had been kind of a turn off. I couldn’t take her seriously and she didn’t take me seriously when we tried. As far as everything else went however, we were open to it and eager to keep trying new things. I could see that things were escalating and I was open to it, was enjoying it. When she called me up that day and told me to meet her at a hotel I was ready for the next step. I dutifully showered beforehand wondering what she’d planned. My dick couldn’t avoid getting hard as I soaped up my genitals. It briefly crossed my mind to rub one out quickly as my mind raced. I slipped my hand up and down my shaft till the head was swelling, ready to go. I let go. I breathed and tried to think about work, the drudgery of the day and the inevitable next day, till my excitement became something more manageable. I dried off and dressed nicely; my dick persistently and aggressively pushing against my trousers as soon as they were on, trying to escape. Throughout my uber ride I thought the driver would say something. He didn’t seem to notice and if he did, he didn’t seem to care. The same went for the busy lobby of the plush hotel. I had the room number of the suite. I almost ran out of the elevator and up to room 1452. My only instructions were that I should arrive there and I should do whatever I was told. I knocked and adopted what I thought was a suitably submissive stance.

The door swung open. I might have been a little disappointed. I didn’t know what to expect. I figured at the very least she’d be clad in leather or latex, whip in hand. She still looked stunning though. The long tight black dress showed off her athletic body, her perky breasts. She had gone all out on the makeup and jewels. It was glamorous more than slutty. She looked like some 1950s movie starlet. Over her shoulder I saw a little table with candles and some food. A champagne bucket stood next to it. Deflated that this would be an excursion in romance rather than perversion I stepped up to give her a kiss. She gave me a look of anger and held out her hand in a stop motion. The angry face was a little too theatrical to be genuine but it had its affect. I stopped. She pointed inside and with as much dom as she could muster she said – sit down.

I smiled, which probably annoyed her. She had put so much effort into her part and I was struggling to take mine with the same dedication. I moved toward the table before she slammed the door shut and yelled at me – Not there!

The sound of the door slamming startled me. I was impressed by the way she was committing to her character. I looked at her and shrugged. She pointed, this time more emphatically, scowling as she did so. About three feet from the table there was a second wooden chair. I gave a quizzical look, shrugged again and sat down. She went to the bed where I saw, with relief and excitement, various restraints laid out. It looked like the start of some horror movie. My dick started to stir again. She handcuffed my arms behind my back. She tied the handcuffs to the chair. She tied my biceps to the chair so that not one part of my arms could move even an inch. I was impressed by her workmanship. She tied my ankles to the legs and then more ties around the bottom of my thighs. I was completely immobile, my legs splayed apart. She stood back and smiled for the first time at her handy work. She then walked up to me. Lifting her skirt a little, her naked knee pressed into my groin. I groaned a little. She reached down to my fly and started to unzip. She looked satisfied to see the inflated head of my penis struggling to get out. She stood back again and made an exaggerated motion of confusion. She even scratched her head and furrowed her brow. She went back to the bed and lifted up a huge pair of cloth cutting scissors. Gaziantep Oral Escort This was where I began to protest. The fact that the scissors were about to be in close proximity to my dick did not terribly concern me. The fact that I did not have a spare pair of trousers and didn’t fancy walking out of the hotel dick in hand did. She gave me a stern look and ignored everything I said. Carefully, the scissors were slid down my boxers and trousers. I felt the cold steel slide precariously along my genitalia. In 3 snips she’d cut a line past my testicles and almost to my asshole. My dick was definitely free. I had never felt so aroused. She went back to the bed, carefully placed the scissors down and walked to the table and casually poured herself a glass of champagne. Then nothing happened. I expected a slap, a fondle, some more of the dreaded dirty talk but nothing happened. She refused to make eye contact. It was as if I wasn’t there. After a few minutes I started to speak – So what now?

Abi let out a loud exasperated sigh. It felt a little rehearsed. I began to realize how carefully she had planned this out. – Mark. You have this one warning. You will not speak again for the rest of this night.

I was about to agree and then stopped myself. My confused dick started to deflate a little. Abi began to chew on a breadstick. Then there was a knock on the door. For a second I was worried that it was room service. I shot Abi a concerned look. My chair directly faced the door. My dick would be seen by anyone on the other side of that door. She didn’t look back at me. I said nothing remembering my instructions. As she walked to the door, her tight ass moved up and down, straining against the fabric of her dress. We hadn’t broached the subject of anal sex yet but I felt as though it was on the cards; another flutter in the groin. Abi opened the door. On the other side there was a man. Instinctively I moved my arms, desperate to cover up my exposed prick which was still contemplating Abi’s anus. My arms were stuck fast. Abi and what looked like a very handsome man, taller and more muscly than me, kissed on the cheeks. I tried to pull my legs away but they wouldn’t move. Something like anger caught me as I saw the man place a handsome muscly hand on Abi’s ass. A rage came over me and I thought I would pull the ties apart but Abi apparently knew her knots. I could have shouted but I didn’t. My movements were instinctive but the more rational part of me was still playing the game. I looked at Abi to try and get some recognition of where the evening was going. She did not look at me as she led the man across the room to the dining table. I did not look at the man’s face but I was sure that he was under instructions to ignore me too.

She poured him champagne and they began to talk. The talk was inane. It was first date chatter and not even good first date chatter. With some relief I realized he was dull. He was a fitness instructor. He liked boats. He didn’t vote because he wasn’t very political. He chewed and talked at the same time. He slurped his champagne. They poured another. I was thirsty. My limp exposed dick even thought this was terrible as it began to shrivel away. Still though, I said nothing. As they finished off the last bites of the starter, Abi carefully dabbed her mouth with her napkin. The boring handsome man was still eating but she clutched his hand and put it on the table. She leaned forward giving him an unobstructed view of her beautiful, beautiful cleavage. My dick tapped once on the wooden chair. – Greg

Boring name, I silently thought. – In a moment I want to pull your cock out and suck your dick. Then I want you to lick my pussy. Then I want you to bend me over on all fours and fuck me really hard. I enjoy my hair being pulled but not like your trying to remove it, more like you’re steering a horse. I like to be slapped like you mean it but not like you hate me. Understand? Oh hang on.

She tapped a finger on the side of her face. Again, it looked like a rehearsed move. – Just one problem.

For the first time in about half an hour she looked directly at me. I must have looked a sight. I had entered into some profound sexual shock. My mouth was open. My dick was stuck in some weird semi hard limbo. I had started to perspire. Abi stood up and went to the bed. She picked up a piece of black cloth and walked towards me. She tied it around my eyes. I think I tried to dodge but my impudence was rewarded with a slap around the neck and then as if to say sorry a slight and gentle caress of my dick. That little touch was enough to pull me into fully erect mode. Her nail lingered on my tip as I caught a whiff of her perfume.

She walked away. There was a moment of silence. I heard a chair being shifted. Abi made a noise as if clearing her throat, then the unmistakable sound of a zip being undone. Abi said in a way that was definitely deliberately too loud – Oh my god this is so big. Are you going to stick this in my pussy and fuck me hard?

Greg grunted something that signified assent. I eye rolled from inside the blindfold. I fucking hated this guy. Then he gave a little moan. I knew that Abi had started to go to work. She moaned a little and then a loud slurping sound. Every noise she made was louder and more pronounced than it needed to be. Her sucks became deafening. I heard her spit. – Do you like this Greg? Do you like when I play with your balls?

Involuntarily I imagined Greg’s balls being held, Abi doe eyed looking up at him, her lipstick already smeared. – Oh my god Greg, the thought of your dick in my cunt is making me so wet.

Greg grunted. I pulled again at my restraints. My cock pulsated. After a few more minutes the slurping stopped. Another zip could be heard being undone, slower and longer than the last. – You like what you see Greg? Tell me what you’re going to do to me again?

I’m going to fuck you hard babe.

Oooh Greg. I told you what you’re going to do to me. Don’t make me tie you up too.

I felt as though I could even hear Greg thinking. – Oh, I’m going to lick your pussy and then fuck you hard

– And?

– Pull your hair and slap you?

– Very good Greg and maybe less of the ‘babe’ too. Now, what to do with these. Oh I know.

A moment’s silence and then I felt the silk panties pushed firmly into my mouth. I smelt her on them. Their wetness touched my lips. I thought of her wet cunt. I hated Greg again.

Greg did not show much interest in the theatrics as he performed. It was only Abi’s moans that gave away that he had begun. At first they were over the top but then they gave way to gentler more authentic whimpers as the theatrics gave way to real pleasure. Her breathing became loud and quick. – Oh my god. Okay. Okay stop stop.

I heard the first the first slap loud. Abi gave a grateful yelp and then an unrestrained groan as I imagined the much vaunted Greg dick was placed into her pussy. Another slap, another groan. I imagined Greg grabbing her hair like a bridle as he had been instructed to do. The wails were becoming louder and more and more real. The sound of Greg’s groin thumping against Abi’s ass became noisier, faster. Abi yelled something unintelligible. There was silence, then suddenly her voice close by. My heart quickened. For a moment her breasts swayed against my face. They were soaking in sweat. She made a rip at my shirt. Buttons tumbled to the floor. A sharp twist of one of my nipples was the most attention she’d shown me in an hour and I was grateful for it. She placed her hands on my legs. The rhythmic beat of Greg’s fucking resumed. Her moans were now inches from my face. Her nipples danced across the top of my dick, sweat dripping onto it. – Fuck me harder

She said breathlessly. Slap, moan drip. She was about to cum. I could feel it. I wanted to beg her to start sucking my dick. It was so close to her now. But as if she could read my thoughts she paused and moved away, increasing my torment. I moaned something through the panties. I yelled again as I heard them resume their noisy, sweaty mess on the bed. I marveled at Abi’s ability for torture and then, to my surprise, I felt a mouth close around my dick. A small pair of delicate hands cupped my balls. A tongue worked the shaft from top to bottom. For a moment I thought I was imagining things. Abi screamed from the bed, it was the unmistakable sound of her cumming. I was disorientated. My own blowjob stopped as if Abi’s end was also my own. I felt a pair of breasts in my face. They weren’t Abi’s. They were smaller, drier. The petite hands worked the knot behind my head. Suddenly I could see. In front of me was a woman, probably of Indian descent, dark brown and slim. Her hair was in a short bob and she looked at me with something like fascination. I’m guessing she wanted to know how I was going to react. I must have looked furious, which seemed sufficient to her. She pulled down her panties and straddled across my dick. I guessed she had been watching the whole event from the other side of my blindfold, because her pussy was wet and she slid onto me with something like relief. She moved slowly, not wanting to knock the chair over. I was raging though. I pulled at the restraints. Over her shoulder, Abi was laying on her side. Her smile showed the contentment of someone recently cum. The twinkle in her eye was someone who was already getting turned on for round too. She looked intensely at me. Greg was there too but who gave a fuck about Greg. – Greg. Go and untie him.

This struck me as the greatest indignity. There was something like fury boiling up, as first my legs were untied and then my arms. The Indian lady that I now realized was incredibly beautiful (Abi had chosen well) seemed to feel something changing inside of me. She started to quicken her pace. She whimpered more meaningfully. Part of me thought I was going to punch Greg as soon as I was free, but instead I stood up. The girl instinctively wrapped her legs around me. I realized I was unstable on my feet, my legs having gone to sleep, but managed to stumble to the bed. I held Abi’s gaze for a moment. She seemed fascinated by my reaction, maybe even a little afraid. I threw the girl down and drove my dick hard inside. She screamed appreciatively. I drove it in firmly a few more times, before I pulled out. I turned her over and fucked her again on all fours. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Abi. Her one hand in her cunt, the other holding on to Greg’s hard dick. It wasn’t as big as she’d described.

I began to fuck with even greater intensity. I slapped her ass, harder than I’d intended but she didn’t protest. I pulled her up so her back was against my chest and twisted her nipples more severely than I had wanted but she only moaned appreciatively. I pushed her back on all fours. I saw Greg push his average size dick back in Abi’s mouth while she lay down. She vigorously began to work her cunt. I angrily fucked harder, my weight pushing her down so that she was flat on the bed. I scratched my nails down her back. My dick was pumping furiously now. The sound of the pillow muffled the sounds of her cumming. Greg’s dick muffled the sounds of Abi cumming, but her arching back gave her away. It felt like a nuclear bomb was about to go off in my dick. I pulled out as semen fired out like gatling gun. Nobody was spared. Indian girl’s back, Greg’s leg, Abi’s stomach all got a piece of my white liquid. I roared like some kind of animal.

My shoulders fell down. Semen hung down from my now exhausted dick. Greg, Abi and anonymous girl all looked at me expectantly. Abi stared the most intently. She looked a little nervous as she wiped a dribble of Greg’s spunk that was coming down her chin. I finally spoke. – That was great

The relief was palpable. Greg laughed. The anonymous Girl, whose name turned out to be Jane giggled nervously. I opened another bottle of Champagne. Greg wasn’t such an asshole. It turned out I was fucking his girlfriend, which seemed to make things fair. There was some more messing around before they finally left a few hours later. Abi explained the intricacies of the arrangements and then she said – So it’s you’re move next time.

Then she rolled over and gave me a little wiggle with her ass. – But you reckon there’s energy for one more. And for being such a good boy I might even have a special place for you.


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Could I? Ch. 02

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I was glad to read all of your emails, liking my story. Here is the sequel. I hope it’s good and lives up to you expectations. Email me with your thoughts.

I avoided my mother as often as I could. Whenever she was at work, I would be home. When she was home, I’d try to get as many hours as I could at work. It wasn’t unusual though. I mean, it was Christmas break, and I had said I was trying to make as much money as I could in the 5 weeks. I wasn’t avoiding her because I was ashamed. Far from it actually. That night a week back had been one of the most erotic, exciting, sexually gratifying nights of my life. I had jerked off so many times afterwards, thinking of it. Her warm, soft hand encircling my hard, hot cock. I remember as I looked into her face as she moved it up and down, stroking my dick, cupping my balls with her other hand. She looked so beautiful, so hot, sexy. I didn’t even see her as my mom. She was a woman who was making me feel amazing. Her short, blonde hair had framed her face. I could close my eyes and see it, shining beautifully. Her eyes filled with lust and desire. Her pouty lips parted. Her lovely, large tits poking through her t-shirt, her nipples sticking out. Usually by that time, I had already blown my load. I was mostly avoiding her because of how she had reacted the next day.

I had woken up that morning feeling amazing. I could still smell my mom in my room, her scent filling it, sticking to my sheets. I almost didn’t want to shower, lest I lose her scent. But, I did, and I went down to breakfast. I was filled with excitement. My mom, a beautiful, sexy woman had jerked me off, and had liked it. And I had been officially ushered into incest, and wanted more. I wanted more, and I thought mom had wanted more too. I walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table with a bowl of cereal.

“Morning Mom”, I said, cheerfully.

“Hi honey, sleep well?”

“Oh, you better believe it!” I ate my cereal, expecting her to say something. I figured I should make my move now. She was busy feeding my sister her breakfast, and dad was at work. I though that if we were gonna do anything, it should be soon. My sister would nap in the afternoon, and we’d be alone. All alone. Just the though started to get me hard.

“Good”, she said, without looking at me.

“Well, uh, mom, I was thinking that, um, when you put her down for a nap, we could, you know, watch a movie, or something.” I looked at her, hoping she’d get my drift.

“No honey, I’m busy today. I have laundry to do, and I have to go shopping, and I have to work tonight, so I have to make dinner before dad comes home.”

“Well, I was just thinking about last night, and I thought…”

She interrupted me before I could finish. “What about last night? That was nothing. And I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t bring it up again; I don’t need you dad finding out about it.”

I was crushed. How could she do this to me? I mean, how could she deny me the immense pleasure she had one given me? She was my mother, how could she be so cruel? I didn’t respond to her, I just clear the table of my stuff, and went and sat in my room. For the next week, I avoided her so I wouldn’t have another Gaziantep Anal Escort embarrassing conversation with her. But, I jerked off like a madman, thinking of that hot night. Finally, after a week, I had had enough. I couldn’t stand by and jerk off anymore. I needed my mom, and I had a plan.

That Monday I put my plan into effect. My mom had worked that night, and was planning on resting for the afternoon. She was giving my sister to my Grandmother for the afternoon she could have a good rest. I chose that day to, so we were alone and unfettered. While she was in her bathroom, I went into her room with the picture I had of us, took my cock, laid on her bed, and started to jerk off, making my cock hard, and I waited. My heart fluttered with anticipation when I heard her leave the bathroom and walk towards her room. I closed my eyes, stroking, and waited.

“What are you doing in my room??!!” I heard her exclaim.

I opened my eyes and looked at her. She was wearing what she normally wore when she slept. It was a long t-shirt that barely went past her waist. I couldn’t tell if she was wearing panties, but the idea of her not made me more excited. Her hair was lightly tussled, but still looked beautiful around her face. She had no make-up on, so I could see her natural beauty. Her full lips were drawn tightly. I could tell be them she was not happy. Her sparkling blue eyes looked at me, annoyed. Her soft, beautiful features seemed to be upset with me, but I also detected what I had seen the other night. Lust. Pure lust. Her long legs seemed to go on forever from under the bottom of the shirt. Her large breasts were mounds under it. I could see her nipples through it too. All of it was making me more and more excited.

I smiled at her as I kept jerking. “What does it look like I’m doing?”

“Well, stop it! Not in my room at least. Do it in your own room!”

“Come on mom, I thought you liked it. I mean, you seemed to like it the other night. I mean, you licked your fingers clean of it!”

She opened her mouth to yell back, but stopped. She sighed and sat down next to me on the bed. I had stopped jerking. I just looked her, waiting for her to answer.

“Your right honey, I’m sorry. I, I guess I just confused you the other night. I didn’t mean to, and I’m sorry.” She sighed again. “It’s not your fault.”

I scooted up next to her and put my hand on her shoulder. “It’s alright mom, you didn’t so anything wrong. I liked it.”

“That’s not it honey. It was, I mean, your dad and me haven’t made love in 6 months. I was out of my mind, and when I saw you, I just lost it. I didn’t see you as my son, I saw you as a young man who found me attractive.” She started to cry.

“Don’t cry mom. You didn’t do anything wrong. But, if you felt like that, why didn’t you take it any farther?”
She wiped her tears away. “I thought it was wrong. I mean, after I finished you, I wanted to go back, but I couldn’t bring myself to. For the last week, you’ve been all I’ve thought about. I’ve masturbated almost every night, imagining being with you.”

I hugged my mom. “I’ve been doing the same about you mom. I need you.”

She hugged me back, and then she looked at me and kissed me. But it wasn’t a mother kiss. It was deep. Our lips touched and we felt each other’s warmth, the electricity we felt, the lust passed through out lips. Our tongues met and danced together, intermingling. It was the most passionate kiss I had ever had. She tasted amazing. After a couple minutes, the kiss broke. We just looked into each other eyes. Then she lowered her eyes to my hard cock and put her hand around it. Her warm hand felt great around my hot cock.

“mmm, looks like someone’s ready”

I took her hand off. “You already did me. Why don’t you just lie back, and I’ll do you?”

She lifted her shirt off, and I gasped. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her huge tits were revealed to me. They were amazing. They had a tiny sag, due to their weight, but they were still beautiful. The nipples were poking out, and her areolas were large. I looked down and saw she was wearing panties. They were red satin, high cut. I could imagine how she looked in them, cut high on her thigh, a thong highlighting her tight, perfect ass. She laid back and I lay on top of her. I kissed her mouth and neck.

“My god, your gorgeous mom.” I told her. “Close you eyes.”

She smiled and closed her eyes. I moved my lips down to her glorious tits. I kissed them and licked them, running my tongue and my lips all over her massive cans. I moved them onto her nipples, sucking on them, tasting them, feeling them get harder and harder in my mouth. Mom let out moans as I did, softly first, then louder. She began to breathe heavier and heavier. As I licked one, I massaged the other with my hand, squeezing them, rolling the nipple between my fingers. Mom put her hands on my back, moaning and groaning as I caressed and kissed her boobs. Then, I moved lower, kissing her belly, then her thighs, and then I moved inward, to her inner thighs, kissing them. Mom moaned more and more and wrapped her legs around me.

‘Please son, stop teasing me, and lick my pussy! Please!” She pleaded with me between moans.

I couldn’t wait either, so I ripped her panties off, exposing her pussy. She was completely not shaved down there. Usually, I didn’t like the hair look, but I found it so erotic on my mom. I put my nose in it and smelled, taking in all of her odor, savoring it. She smelled amazing, just like she had smelled the week before, like sex. Then, I slid a finger in, feeling her warm, wet pussy engulf it. I curled it up, remembering what I knew, and started to rub, stroking her. I felt her tighten her pussy around it, so I slide another in, so both of my fingers rubbed her, stroked her, reaching back. She moaned more, squirming, thrusting her hips, squeezing her legs around me. I leaned down and started to kiss her pussy, and then I began to lick it, sliding my tongue all around her pussy, tasting her. I heard her breathing get heavier and heavier, moaning louder.

“Oh god, yes son, yes, yes!!! Here cum, I cumming!! Make you mommy cum!”

When she mommy, I licked harder, wanting her to cum. She screamed when she came, squeezing her legs around me so hard it hurt. She came with my face buried in her pussy. She laid her head back, gasping for air.

“Oh my god honey, that was amazing. Mommy hasn’t cum that hard ever.”

I kissed her. “Good mom, I’m glad.”

“Now, you lay back honey, and let mommy take care of her little boy.” She strattled me and took my hard cock in her hand. Then, in one quick motion, she gobbled my 7-inch rod up in her mouth. I grunted as I felt her throat muscles around my cock. She took my cock all the way in, and all the way out. I watched as my mom took my cock all the way in her mouth. It was slick with her saliva, and she looked so damn sexy taking it in.

“Oh fuck mom, that’s amazing.”

She took it out and stroked me. “Glad my baby likes it.” Then she leaned down and sucked my balls as she jerked my cock, which was slick and slimy with her spit. I had never felt anything so good, as she rolled each ball in her mouth. Then she went back to sucking my cock, filling her mouth.

“oh shit mom, I’m almost gonna cum!”

Then she stopped. “Oh no honey, first you have to fuck mommy.”

“Oh god mom, please.”

She sat on my and lowered herself onto my cock. I groaned as each inch slid into my mom’s soft womb. Then she started to bounce on my, fucking me. I couldn’t believe my cock was now filling the same hole I had come out of. And it felt so fucking good! I bucked my hips to match her bounce. I was fucking her. Her tits bounced and flopped. She leaned her head back as we fuck. Our moans filled the house.

“Fuck mommy! Harder! HARDER!!”

She screamed as she came again. It drowned out my moans of pleasure. She got off of me and got on all fours. “Fuck me from behind! Hard!”

I got behind her and shoved my cock into her hard, filling her up in one thrust. I grabbed her hips and pulled her onto my cock, shoving myself into her. My body slapped against her ass as we fucked. I felt her pussy spasm as we fucked. She came once more. I stopped thrusting as she did, so I could feel it shudder.

“Oh mom, let me fuck your tits before I come.”

She rolled over and I got on top of her. Our bodies were shining from all the sweat. She reached over to a bottle of baby oil on her bureau. She squeezed a generous amount all over her tits. I slid my cock between them and started to fuck them. She held them together, against my cock as I fucked them. I could feel their softness as my hard cock disappeared in the massive expanse of flesh. The lotion slipped and slid, making squishing noises as I fucked harder and harder. My cock head peaked out of the top, shiny and slick with the oil.

“Yes honey, fuck mommy’s titties. Cum all over them. Let mommy taste your cum!”

That did it. I screamed as I orgasmed, cumming harder then I ever had before. My cum shot out, spurting all over her massive tits. My greasy load coated them, splashing all over the tops, bouncing onto the nipples. I was shocked, it kept coming. It felt so good I almost blacked out. It showered so high it hit her chin and lips. Then it dribbled out all over her stomach. I fell back, exhausted, and happy.

Mom scooped my cum off her tits and licked it all up. Then she leaned over and sucked my cock clean.

“Good boy. Now get out so mommy can get some sleep”. She smiled as I got up to leave. “Well talk later”.

I looked back and smiled. I hope I knew what she meant by talk.

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