Insurance Slave Ch. 02

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For Helen Bryant, the experience of being a kept slave for Ned and Roxanne was more than just painful. It was the end of her career. What she didn’t realize was that she would run into her former boss again, very soon. Her new owners ran in the same circles. Master Ned and Mistress Roxanne had recently enlisted the services of Maxwell and Worthington, the law firm at which Helen had been employed as an associate.

The legal changes involved in keeping Helen as their slave more permanently necessarily involved an attorney, not to mention a few other matters, so it made sense to have Chelsea Worthington on retainer. Rumor had it that the aging senior partner, Warren Maxwell, was in ill health of late, and Chelsea was the designated successor to the top position in the firm. The lovely Englishwoman kept up a very cold and distant veneer, but there was a warmer side to her as well. Naturally, she hadn’t let Ned and Roxanne onto that yet, but they had met in a fetish club and she offered to represent them. When this contingency happened, they decided that it was time to take her offer.

Helen’s jaw extended to almost her bosom when she saw Miss Worthington enter Ned’s house with all of her requisite paperwork. She knew that Chelsea would see her, and she blushed at the idea of being found nude, while serving this couple, by her former employer. The fact that she was turned-on by Chelsea didn’t help her, either. Her lust for the British-born lawyer was only supplemented by her enjoyment of her new life under the thumb of Ned and Roxanne.

As much as it had hurt for the past couple of weeks to be their chattel, Helen had ceased resisting and defying them without any pretense otherwise. She was still embarrassed by the notion that others in her social circle would know about this, especially Chelsea. Even so, she had not seen much of anyone lately, so she had been able to relax and finally accept that she loved her new role. She had eagerly given her consent to award Ned and Roxanne title and deed to all of her remaining assets, as well as power of attorney in all future dealings that affected her.

It was actually a relief not to have to scheme and plot for things. She didn’t have to push anyone to do anything. She didn’t have to get up and go to work outside the house. Her only duties were to satisfy the desires of her Master and Mistress. The price was that she had no say over her daily life, but she had found it liberating in an inexplicable way. The only thing that made sense to Helen’s mind was that she really craved this new status in life, in which she lived to please other people and win their approval. Her life was safer, less tense, and yet unpredictable in a positive sense. Everything depended upon the mood of her owners.

Why was it that Larry had never seemed that way when she clearly ruled the roost, and neither had she? Apparently, she reasoned, he wasn’t submissive and she wasn’t dominant. He had yielded only to threats of sexual frustration, basically submitting under duress. He wasn’t comfortable turning his life over to others, but she clearly was fine with such a situation, as she had acclimated to it by now with ease.

Guilt over her husband’s mistreatment at her hands occasionally plagued her, but she tried to put it past her. There was nothing that she could do about her misdeeds in terms of her late marriage. Cruelty toward a spouse couldn’t be undone. He was dead, she was a widow, and she had gone from a stressed-out attorney to a happy and well-adjusted slave. Well, truth be told, she felt more useful in this role than in her previous one.

It didn’t pay cash, but she didn’t care. With her transfer of assets and the online stripping routine that she was required to perform each week, they should be able to take good care of her for a long time. She wasn’t rich (in fact, she had a lot of financial trouble recently), but liquidating her holdings would pay off her debts and leave some net profits. Money didn’t matter to her, now, anyway. She was a very different Helen Bryant: she accepted that the pursuit of happiness was about more than the bottom line. For her, in fact, it was about being at the bottom of the heap. Service to her loving owners was more important to her these days.

When illegal bahis Chelsea recognized Helen, she smiled in a manner that suggested a pleasant surprise, to say the least. She even winked at her erstwhile associate, but promptly resumed her discussion with Ned and Roxanne. Catching up with Helen about her new circumstances could wait until after she had transacted the legal business and worked the hours for which she billed her clients. She wasn’t one to fool around on the clock, unless it was with Warren and her female colleagues at the firm. Nevertheless, she reveled in the news that her old girlfriend was now a sex slave for two of her clients.

“So, you want to essentially put her finances in your hands, as well as prepare for the change of legal status on Roxanne’s part from male to female, right? Congratulations, by the way! I love the idea that you might get married to her, as you said. As for your slave here, I must point out that I know her from my professional capacity, but trust me that there is zero conflict of interest from where I stand. I bloody well enjoy the idea of her as a slave to you and your future bride!

“My favorite former associate, a sex slave of my new clients; that is definitely a small world, but a sexy one from where I stand. I just hope that you’ll let me borrow her some time. I’ve wanted to fuck her ever since we met. She’s saucy and delectable, as I am sure that you know by now. Naturally, I’d demonstrate my appreciation in whatever way pleased you most,” Chelsea remarked with a grin, as the last phase of the red tape was signed by a willing (and secretly wet) Helen.

“We have no problem with that at all, Miss Worthington. Well, depending on your sexual preferences, we could figure something out, I’m certain. Regarding the other matters, I believe that our business today is finished. We’ll be sure to pay you as soon as possible and we trust that the right paperwork will be on file very soon. I’ll be happy to engage your services in the future, as well as refer you to others. You’re more than competent. You’re an excellent lawyer, as far as I am concerned. You’re even a bit warmer than you first seemed to be,” Ned agreed, as he shook hands with Chelsea on the formal reasons for her visit.

“If she has time, maybe she should stay the night, Master. I doubt that she’d regret it at all, even if she just slept with Helen. You know that I’ll make sure that you’re satisfied yourself, one way or the other. However, I love the idea that she would finally fulfill her fantasy of screwing her old friend here, in our presence. Besides, I know that you are as curious as I am to see her in action with someone. You want to see her naked as much as I do,” Roxanne licked her lips, personally hoping for a complete orgy. Chelsea looked absolutely scrumptious, and she couldn’t wait to share her with both her Master and their slave.

“Well, I’m not a lesbian, if you’re wondering about that, love. I’m a true bisexual woman. We’re not just a fantasy from smut, you know. I have always wanted to fuck a transsexual, by the way. Trust me, we can have a real Bacchanal tonight, if you please, Ned. What’s more, we’ll all do as you wish, though I hope that you’ll let me top Helen a bit. How does that sound to you, darling Roxanne? I badly need a good shag, anyway. Normally, Warren covers most of my needs, but he is sadly not in the best of health. I fear for his life, very much.

“Oh, and I should mention that I frequently get myself examined for social diseases. I have also had my tubes tied, although I plan to untie them soon enough. There is no reason why you should have to use a single condom tonight, especially when I love the taste and feeling of cum in my cunny and my other orifices.

“If you don’t mind and you prove man enough for it, I could arrange for regular liaisons with you for the foreseeable future. I particularly wouldn’t mind shagging my dear Helen often. I owe her a few, not just for myself, but also for Larry, the poor sod who deserved better at her hands. By the way, please call me ‘Chelsea’, love,” the gorgeous Briton declared, thus pleasing her hosts a lot.

The way that Chelsea referred to her deceased husband had Helen a bit puzzled, at least for the moment, but illegal bahis siteleri she didn’t disagree with the assessment that the attorney made about him. She simply thought that Ms. Worthington had a low opinion of Larry, although she hadn’t said much about him at all. She had shown unusual sympathy at his funeral, but the widow had assumed that it was purely directed at her. However, in retrospect, it was a bit odd that she even attended the funeral, friend of Helen’s though she might have been. Apparently, she wasn’t as cool toward the late Mr. Bryant as had been believed.

“Well, Chelsea, if you don’t have to return to work today, you can proceed with fucking Helen. Roxanne will take care of me in the meantime. She’s very good at that, as you’ll see when we swap and she goes down on you. Hell, you might very well like sucking on her, too. I’d enjoy it while I could, if I were you. She’ll have a snatch instead very soon, as you know, not I am going to complain about that. Good pussy is irreplaceable and Roxie here is eager to become an anatomical woman.

“Her dick is largely impotent, after all. The last time that it functioned was when she buggered Helen two weeks ago. I’ve tested it since and the hormones have finally stopped any future erections. That doesn’t mean that her cock doesn’t taste good, however. Sometimes, a good blowjob is its own reward. I have a strap-on dildo here if you want to use it, too. Both Helen and Roxie love to be well-fucked, so I’ve been waiting impatiently to see this used on them by a girl. I don’t let Helen wear it, because she is a pure sub, whereas you are apparently a switch,” Ned encouraged Chelsea.

“By Jove, I’d love to use a strap-on with your slaves, especially Helen, but including Roxanne! Well, perhaps when your dick needs a respite, we can make your fantasy come true! You have to promise to fuck me, too, however. I know that there are three of us, but I think that you can manage. If old Warren got it up for half of the office, so can you. You shall just need some breaks in between shagging each of us. Luckily, we girls shall pleasure each other as well. Now, my dear, let me show you just why no bloke can ever stop fucking me once he has tried me,” Chelsea replied smugly, undressing until she was completely naked.

Ned didn’t fail to take in the full and fair beauty that was his foreign guest. Her jet-black hair and blue-grey eyes, along with her saucy lips and her voluptuous figure were enough to prove her just as sexy on this side of the pond as on the other. She kept her hair short, unlike Roxanne and Helen, but it was still quite feminine from his perspective. Roxanne’s auburn locks and Helen’s wavy gold contrasted with it in a way that made all three of them seem very sensual.

Not wishing to waste more time at all, Chelsea approached Helen and began French-kissing her in front of her hosts. The slave gladly reciprocated, pleased to finally get a chance for Sapphic delights with her old girlfriend. When her former colleague pushed her head downward toward her cunt, Mrs. Bryant sighed with relief and anticipation. Licking that cool, pale skin all the way down to her shaved pussy, Helen hungrily sampled her first clit.

As he watched his slave eat Chelsea out, Ned felt Roxanne’s lips enclose his dick and her tongue lick it from base to head. The T-girl once again reminded him of the carnal delights of her mouth, gorging herself on the thick cock that now approached her tonsils. Roxie deep-throated her Master with enthusiasm, also rubbing his balls to enhance his arousal.

“Now, my turn, love! Bend over, Helen, darling! I want to rim your arse,” the Brit informed her newest sex partner.

Helen couldn’t believe just how pleasurable it would be to finally have her girlfriend lick her butt-crack. She swore to herself that she would repay the English siren with compound interest! Having a tongue move from her tailbone to her clit gave her chills and goose bumps that didn’t let her restrain herself from her first climax at Chelsea’s hands. Once or twice, Ned and Roxie had rimmed her since she arrived, but it was mostly the other way around. This was to keep her in her place, with analingus performed on her only as a reward. As great as they were canlı bahis siteleri in the sack and the dungeon, when it came to eating ass, Miss Worthington was far more of an expert, or at least was more motivated to rim her.

While Helen climbed toward her orgasm under Chelsea’s tongue, Ned felt his hardness grow from Roxie’s blowjob. He ravaged her throat, which prompted the tranny to gasp with pleasure. She was unable to achieve an erection, but pre-cum emerged from the limp vestiges of her manhood. Within a few moments, she spilled what seed she could still produce, mostly due to the animal thrill of having her face fucked by her lover. It was the kind of aggressive sex that both pleased and humiliated her. It kept her aware that she was the slave, though she never questioned that he loved her.

Once Chelsea was busy enough munching on Helen’s derriere, Ned pulled out of Roxanne’s throat and thrust without warning into the British immigrant’s cunt. Instead of complaining about the rough entry, the Englishwoman moaned with delight and begged him to push as far inside her sex as possible. She also kept licking her ex-associate’s bottom, savoring the sweat and body oils that softened and flavored her pucker.

“Fuck, Chelsea, I’m cumming now!” Helen announced, not having the chance to say more than that.

She gushed her juices down her thighs, only to feel Miss Worthington’s tongue and lips clean them up for her. Far from stopping her feast, the English lawyer devoured her friend’s cunt with relish and sucked on her clit as well. Her mouth traversed the length of the chasm between the thighs and buns of the pretty widow.

As she ate Helen, Chelsea groaned in response to Ned’s dick. She wondered when he would take her, as she could sense his lust where she was concerned. Well, now she was glad that the rustic had entered her with a great deal of raw desire on his part. She worshipped hard cock, even more than she adored wet pussy, sweaty ass, and soft tongue. One thing was sure to her: she wanted to come back to this house as many times as possible. There were 3 very good reasons to return to this homestead, and she had already experienced two of them.

“Roxie, get in front of Chelsea and let her lick your ass now! That will help me cum!” Ned commanded his transgender mate, who was naturally happy to comply with him.

Once more, the redneck witnessed the ravishing sight of Ms. Worthington’s mouth on a sexy tush, this time being his favorite slave’s heinie. It was even more of a thrill for the British tart, who came at last on the Dom’s cock. She then alternated between sucking Ned’s dick clean of her fluids and giving head to the tranny. She was pleased to realize that Ned hadn’t exaggerated the delicious taste of his slave girl’s anatomy, as she even resumed licking her butt.

“Damn, Master, this English vixen really knows how to use her tongue!” Roxie shivered, but wasn’t able to cum again, in reaction to the sheer ecstasy of sharing Chelsea’s mouth with her beau.

Ned, meanwhile, became aware that he was going to cum soon, so he gestured for Chelsea to swallow him. She didn’t disappoint him at all, especially since she motioned for Helen and Roxanne to join her. They collaborated to push him past that point, causing him to shoot part of his load in his guest’s mouth. Before he could finish, Helen took Chelsea’s place and sucked out the rest of his jism.

“Hey, I didn’t get any cum!” Roxie whined, at which point Chelsea and Helen silenced her with a “snowball” from each of them.

“Well, I think that we need a breather, don’t we? Let’s grab something to eat,” Ned told the girls, rolling his eyes with amusement when they twisted his meaning into a suggestion of oral sex.

“Well, it’s a Saturday, and I am normally off, anyway. This was my only labour for today, and it has turned out well worth it in several ways. I certainly want to fuck all of you more, so it pays to have a full stomach. How about we order some pizza, so we can just kick back until we’ve sated our hunger?” Chelsea proposed with a charming smile, quite unlike her sometimes frosty persona.

“You’ll get along very well in these parts, ma’am. As I am head of this household, you have an open invitation to come here whenever you please,” Ned winked.

“Well, I simply must accept that invitation. I love to cum together with friendly chaps and dames like you,” Chelsea punned mischievously, as Helen ordered the pizza for them (which was one of her duties).

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Opening Laurie

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Terri and I had been married for about seven years when, out of the blue, she left me. I had no idea why. She returned about a month later.

During the marriage counseling sessions that followed, we spent many hours talking with a psychologist. Terri said she didn’t know who she was. She also told the shrink, I wouldn’t let her be her.

What the hell does that mean? I have what the psychologist called a “concrete personality.” I prefer the term realist. That means I see most thing in black and white. I had told Terri to, “…look on your driver’s license. That’ll tell you who you are.”

Anyway, I remained hurt and angry for quite some time. Though I tried my best to not let it show, I soon found I was weak. I was too weak to resist temptation when it presented itself.

Meeting Laurie

A short time after returning home, Terri took a job at a local hair salon. A few weeks later, she brought a young, single, friend, and co-worker home for dinner.

Laurie seemed friendly and outgoing, and she knew how to play chess. Chess was my favorite game, so, Laurie instantly became my friend as well. Terri had tried playing a few times, but she just couldn’t grasp the game, didn’t like it, and quickly gave up trying to learn. Therefore, I took full advantage whenever an opponent became available.

Laurie was only 19-years-old, and she was built very similar to Terri. She was 5’5″, a little on the heavy side, and had a hugh set of tits. Her cute round face always seemed to be smiling. I was fascinated by her.

After dinner, Terri left us to take a shower, and Laurie and I set up the chess board. Several hours later, Terri had gone to bed, and I had beaten Laurie in three out of five hard fought games. I then took Laurie home, and she promised to return soon for a rematch.

Over the next several weeks, Laurie came by to play chess many times. Our relationship seemed to be getting friendlier as time went on.

Getting Closer

Later that summer, Terri and I planned on attending a rodeo held in the northeastern mountains of Arizona. Terri had told Laurie about the event, and Laurie wanted to go with us. She had never seen a live rodeo. Of course, I said yes. I called Laurie, and made sure she knew we would be leaving very early the following Saturday and confirmed she wanted to go with us. I also made sure she understood the rodeo would be an all day event, and we would be returning very late that night. Early the following Saturday morning, Terri and I picked Laurie up and headed for the rodeo. The ride up was uneventful. The rodeo was exciting and the three of us had a great time. The bull riders seemed to really excite Laurie, and she was jumping up and down with every ride. Every time she’d jump, her hugh tits would nearly hit her in the chin.

I became excited as well, but not because of the bull riders.

After the rodeo, we stopped for dinner at a small local joint. When we finished dinner finished, we began the four to five hour drive home.

Terri said she was tired and got into the back seat. She was fast asleep within a half an hour. Laurie was soon nodding off too. She was sitting in the front passenger seat, and her head kept bouncing off the passenger door window. When I suggested she put her head in my lap, she quickly agreed. As she tried to get comfortable, I gave her a light pat on her right side.

As she lay in my lap, Laurie began rubbing the inside of my right leg. It wasn’t long before I started getting a hard-on. So here I was, traveling bahis firmaları down a dark, lonely, highway, Terri asleep in the back seat, and Laurie making me horny. What’s a guy to do.

I began gently rubbing Laurie’s side and gradually pulled her blouse out of her jeans. To make sure Laurie knew what she had started, I reached down, grabbed a hand full of jeans-covered ass and squeezed firmly.

Laurie responded by returning my squeeze and giving a soft moan. As she squeezed my leg, she pushed the back of her head into my hardening cock.

I returned to stroking her now bare midriff and worked my way up to those big tits. We still had a three or four hours to ride, and I was in no hurry. I massaged her tits and gently pinched her nipples through her bra for quite some time. Occasionally, I’d reach down to squeeze or pat her ass.

Getting bolder, I reached down and slid my hand inside her jeans. They were too tight to get more than my fingers under her waistband. A quick snap, a zip, and I was easily rubbing her ass through her panties.

Laurie, in the mean time, had slightly rolled onto her right side and started rubbing my dick through my pants. My hard-on was at full staff by then, and she was moaning almost constantly.

With Laurie on her right side, I took the opportunity to unhooked her bra. When I reached around and took a firm hold of her right tit, she loudly gasped. She put her hand on mine and pushed it hard into her tit. Her tits turned out to be one of her most sensitive erogenous area. When I found her nipple and gently pinched it, she put her hand into her pants and began rubbing her pussy through her panties.

Whispering, “Here, let me help you with that,” I reached down inside her jeans and began stroking the length of her outer pussy lips through her panties. Her panties were soon soaked with her juices. She rolled onto her back and spread her legs as wide as she could, given her confined location. Reaching into her panties, I gently spread open her outer pussy lips and continued slowly stroking. She began firmly squeezing her own tits with both hands. I began alternately dipping a finger into her tight hole and gently rubbing her clit. When she seemed to be near orgasm, I curled my finger so it was constantly rubbing her clit and still in her hole to the second knuckle. Almost immediately, Laurie closed her eyes, slammed her legs together, raised her hips off the seat, and mashed her tits together.

When she begen to settle down, in a breathless voice she asked, “What was that?”

“Haven’t you ever had an orgasm before?” I asked.

“I guess not!” she replied.

“I think you have now! Haven’t you ever petted yourself or let a boyfriend pet you like that before?”

She said, “Yes, I’ve played with myself, but nothing like that ever happened, and I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Then your a virgin?” I asked.

She smiled up at me and said, “Yes!”

She put her clothes back together and fell asleep in my lap. That’s where she stayed until I dropped her at her home.

Laurie’s Opening

Two weeks later, Laurie again came over for dinner and a few games of chess. After dinner, Laurie and I set up the chess board, and, as usual, Terri went to take a shower. While getting us something to drink, I decided to take a chance. Coming up behind Laurie, and without warning, I reached over her shoulders, into her loose fitting blouse, and grabbed both tits. She instantly gasped, brought her hands to mine, and held them tightly to her chest. She tipped kaçak iddaa her head back, and I gave her a deep passionate kiss. With a squeeze to both tits, I let her go and retrieved our drinks. Nothing further happened that night, but I could tell Laurie was on edge. Later, after another passionate kiss, she left for home.

A few days later, Laurie called and told me she had played with her self for hours after getting home after our last chess game. She had been unable to get off like she had on the ride home from the rodeo.

The next time I saw Laurie was on a weekday afternoon. She had the day off while Terri worked. She showed up unannounced supposedly to play chess. The chess board never got set up.

As we sat talking on the couch, we began petting each other. Laurie was rubbing my thigh while I rubbed her clothed tits. She was soon rubbing my dick through my pants. That produced a ragging hard-on.

She told me that, after our ride home from the rodeo, she realized she knew practically nothing about sex. Her parents had never spoken of the subject to her. They changed the subject whenever she asked questions. So, she had been reading every how-to book she could find on the subject.

“What have you learned?” I asked.

“Let me show you.”

With that Laurie unzipped my pants and took out my hard dick. What a relief. She stroked my dick and kissed its head. She then licked the entire shaft and sucked my balls. Then, without a word, she took my cock into her mouth. She slowly slid her mouth up and down my dick stopping when she got to the entrance to her throat. She was sucking hard the whole time.

In the mean time, I had unbuttoned her blouse and released the clasp of her bra. I was firmly squeezing her tits and pinching her hardening nipples.

It didn’t take long before I told her I was about to cum. Instead of taking her mouth off my dick, she put it to the back of her mouth. A couple of seconds later, she pushed down and swallowed my entire length down her throat. As soon as she had me completely in, she pulled up to where only the head was still in her mouth. Without hesitation, she dove all the way back down on my dick. She repeatedly swallowed and pulled off my dick until I started cuming. Even then, she didn’t stop deep-throating me. She just bobbed up and down faster. She took my entire load down her throat.

When I finished cuming, she pulled off my dick and licked me clean.

“Wow! That was the best blow-job I have ever gotten. Where did you learn that?”

With a giggle, she said, “Really! I told you I’ve been reading. One of the books I read was on oral sex. I’ve been practicing with bananas and carrots. I thought it sounded like fun.”

“Was it?”

“Uh huh,” was all she said with a shy grin.

“Well then, you’re going to love what happens next, because it’s my turn to return the favor.”

With that, I took her hand and led Laurie to the bedroom. We finished undressing each other before lying down.

I began by sucking and gently nipping her nipples until they were fully erect.

Laurie said they had never been so hard.

I then licked my way down her belly, pausing at her belly-button to give it some attention. Proceeding to kiss mey way down her plump body, I was soon at Laurie’s virgin pussy.

Laurie slowly and tentatively spread her legs, and I crawled up between them.

As I began licking up and down her sweet slit, she slowly spread her legs wider and wider. She was soaking wet with her lubricating juices. I separated kaçak bahis her outer pussy lips with my tongue, and she started moaning loudly. When I reached her clit and licked and sucked it, she placed her hands on the back of my head and pulled me firmly to her pussy. As I ground my lips and tongue into her hot hole and clit, Laurie had the second orgasm of her life.

She wildly thrust her hips up to me while moaning, “Oh yes! Oh shit! That feels so good.”

I continued to minister to her pussy with my tongue as she came down.

I then moved up to lay beside her, and she licked her juices off my face. Holding each other closely, Laurie asked, “Are you going to make love to me now?”

“Only if you want me to.” I answered.

“Will it hurt?”

“Probably a little.” I told her.

Laurie pulled on my arm to urge me on top of her, and said, “Please, be gentle.”

As I positioned my dick at the entrance of her virgin love hole, I could tell she was getting tense. So, I slid down and warmed her up some more with my tongue. She raised her knees and began rapidly humping my tongue. I again moved to position my dick at her hole’s entrance. She smiled and closed her eyes.

With a gentle push, I inserted the head of my dick into her opening. Two or three inches more and I was pushing at her hymen. I took a few short strokes without breaking through her cherry.

She was really naive. She said I felt good in her, and I hadn’t hurt her at all.

I told her we hadn’t popped her cherry yet. I returned to pressing against her hymen and told her, “If I go any further, you will no longer be a virgin.” Holding still, I asked if she wanted me to continue. She answered by squeezing my neck, raising her knee, spreading her legs wider. She whispered, “Please, yes.”

I pulled back until only the head of my dick was in her pussy. With one smooth, firm, long push, I fully entered her. Her hymen mildly resisted penetration before giving way as I passed through. Laurie gave a yelp and held me tightly. When I had my cock fully buried in her freshly opened pussy, I held still for a short time. I wanted to allow her time to get used to this new experience. Before continuing, I asked her if she was OK. She said it hurt but not too bad. She said she wanted me to go on. I began slowly pumping in and out of Laurie’s tight pussy. Since I had already cum from her great blow-job, it took a while before I was ready to cum again. By that time, Laurie was starting to enjoy her first fuck. Trying to remember I had promised to be gentle, I warned her I was about to cum, and I wanted to pump into her a little harder.

She grinned and said, “Good!”

Slowly picking up the speed of my thrust into Laurie. I was soon hammering in and out of her tender pussy.

Laurie had a slight grimace on her face. Any pain she felt didn’t stop her from wrapping her legs around me and returning my thrusts. As I came, I thrust deep inside her newly opened pussy, Laurie arched her back and used her legs to pull me as deep as possible into her.

We stayed together until my cock softened. I pulled out of her, and we cuddled closely. As we lay with her head on my shoulder, Laurie hugged me and softly cried.

I asked, “Why the tears, Honey?”

She said she was sorry she had waited so long to have sex and thanked me for being so gentle with her.

Over the next few months, Laurie and I had numerous rendezvous. We either fucked, which she was really getting into, or she gave me one of her fantastic deep-throat blow-jobs.

That fall, Laurie moved out of state, and I never saw her again. I believe somewhere out there is one well fucked and sucked guy. I hope he knows just how lucky he is to have a lover like Laurie.

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Nude Party

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Jasmine was so nervous. In just one hour her first big party was going to begin and she hoped everything would be ready.

The doorbell rang. It must be Nadia, she had promised to come earlier to help her with the last decorations. Jasmine ran to the door. When she opened, her best friend jumped and hugged her so tight.

“Jazz! Oh my God. I’ve missed you so much! You gotta tell me everything about Europe! How long has it been? A year?”

Jasmine had left the United States the day after she finished high school and went for a gap year with her aunt to visit Europe. Her aunt was a famous painter and convinced Jasmine’s parents to let her go with her. She had come back only a couple of days ago.

“Almost,” she answered. “But the important thing now is that we have a party to prepare. I’ll tell you all about Europe in the morning.”

As she spoke, Nadia started walking around the house.

“Wow Jazz! This place is even bigger than your parents’! What did you say your aunt did for a living? I surely made a mistake with architecture…”

Her aunt had let her use her two-story house for the party. In fact, it had all been her idea. “Jazz, you’ll be back right before Nude’s Day… you should throw a Nude Day Party for your come back!”, she had just let out one day while having dinner. Jasmine almost choked with surprise. It was true that she lived in a quite liberal neighborhood, and her parents had taught her since she was a little girl not to be shy about her body (they had even taken her some times to nude beaches with some friends when she was younger). But Jasmine thought it might be a bit scandalous. So she was really surprised when the FB event got so many affirmative replies among her old high school friends.

“Well, Nadia, almost everything is ready, but I want you to help me check it out, ok?”

“Let’s get this party started!” Nadia shouted.

Jasmine couldn’t believe her friend was so excited about the party.

“So, first point, the changing room. I asked everybody to come here wearing clothes, well, if they wanted to, so they’ll have to take them off somewhere. Here is where. I’ll be opening the door, but you might have to guide someone here if I’m busy…”

“What’s this?” Nadia asked, grabbing a robe from a pile next to the door.

“Well, those are the ‘friendly robes'”, Jasmine unfolded a blue piece of cloth.

It was a transparent gauze robe. There were about 30 of them folded on a chair, different colors and sizes.

“My mum suggested that,” she tried it on, her shirt and jeans could be seen through it. “It’s for the shy ones, it gives the unreal feeling of wearing something that covers you. We could be wearing them at the beginning of the night.”

She folded it again and placed it on top of the pile as they left the room.

“That way is the swimming pool, no bathing suits allowed, and the dinner table.”

Nadia approached the back window to check the backyard garden. There was a quite big swimming pool, partly covered with foam, and some small bamboo tables with all sorts of appetizers and snacks on them. Colorful floor cushions were scattered around them.

“Hey! That looks so nice!” Nadia complimented.

“Thanks! And here’s the most fun room: body paint!” She pointed to the nearest door on the right.

“That is so cool!” Nadia rushed to the room and was astonished by the thousands of jars, brushes and colors in the room.

“I want to try that right illegal bahis now!” She said as she took off her shirt, now wearing just her purple bra above her waistline.

“But. Have to finish preparing…”

“Is there anything else?”

“Well, no, but…”

“Everything I’ve seen is more than ready. The party is going to be a success! So just relax, Jazz. And come here and paint a flower on the back of my neck,” she determined as she wound her blonde hair around her left hand. “Make it purple and green, will ya?”

Jasmine grabbed one of the brushes and a jar with purple paint, and started painting the petals on her friend’s skin

“Hey! That tickles,” she said giggling. “Try with your fingers.”

Jasmine dipped her finger on the cold purple liquid and continued painting on her friend.

“That’s much better,” she said, “and it is less cold this way.”

As soon as she finished, Nadia turned to see the flower on one of the mirrors in the room.

“Beautiful! Now take off your jeans, I’ll paint one on your ass cheek.”

Jasmine looked at her skeptically.

“What? Shouldn’t we be naked and painted when everybody arrives? How else are we going to convince them to do the same?”

She was right, so Jasmine undid her jeans and left them on the floor as Nadia went to get one of the yellow paints.

“Ooh, what a nice thong,” she said as she sat on the floor at Jasmine’s feet. “Now tighten your butt, I don’t want my flower to be blurry,” she joked

And thus they went on. Nadia took off her skirt to get a butterfly on her lower belly. Then Jasmine took of her shirt to get a sun on her shoulder.

“Well, bras off?”, Nadia said then.

“I think so!” Jasmine was more lively now.

Soon, her tits were bouncing free.

“So, to make this less strange… Think about what you’ll paint and we’ll start together at the count of three, ready?”


“So, three, two, one, paint!”

The touch of each other’s hands on their breasts was weird at first, but then they easily got used to it as they started laughing at their designs. None of them had thought about anything special, just doodles, circles and dots in every imaginable color.

Soon they were laughing out loud, most of their skin painted, the floor dirty with fallen droplets of paint.

“This is so much fun! I’m glad you talked me into this.” Jasmine said as she placed a pink happy face under Nadia’s right eye.

“I won’t say I told you so… But I did.”, she laughed.

Suddenly she stood quiet.

“I’m a bit turned on right now…”

Jasmine looked at her surprised. She couldn’t tell by her friend’s face whether it was a joke or a true fact. While she was abroad, she had got some news about her best friend becoming “too affectionate” with other girls in college. But she hadn’t listened to those stories, as she had imagined they were just rumors set by some jealous people. She had always heard things like that about any of her friends, and they were never true facts.

“Are you making fun of me?” She finally said.

“No, Jazz. I find your body very appealing. I always have. And I needed you to know,” Nadia was so serious now.

As her friend showed no displeasure at her words, Nadia moved forward and placed her lips on her friend’s. Just a quick short kiss. As Jasmine didn’t back off, she tried again, now more insistently, more passionately. She was starting to introduce her tongue into illegal bahis siteleri her friend’s mouth when they heard the doorbell. Suddenly Jasmine pushed her away and got up.

“They are here!” She said as she quickly ran to the front door.

Nadia stayed a while on the floor as she was, wondering what would have happened if they could have been alone for a little longer. Soon she recovered and got up, ready to help her friend as she had promised her.

The party was a complete success, at least for all the guests. Some of the girls were a bit reserved at the beginning but with the help of the ‘friendly robes’ and some drinks everybody chilled out and they had a great time. Soon everybody was naked. Some spent more time bathing in the swimming pool. Others decided painting their body was more fun.

However, Nadia wasn’t having such a good time. As soon as she tried to approach Jasmine, she would quickly run away. Nadia was beginning to fear she had scared her friend, though she hadn’t seemed displeased at her first advances. Finally she decided to leave her alone, and she stood most of the time in the painting room, trying new designs on her own and other bodies.

When the party came to an end, Jasmine saw everybody to the door, thanking them for coming and receiving their compliments for a great party. Some of them even left the house with their clothes in their hands, being so confident with their bodies after spending those hours naked.

Everybody but Nadia. She stood for a bit longer waiting for everybody to leave. She wanted to apologize to her friend, not wanting their friendship to finish like that.

As the door closed after the last guest, she approached Jasmine. She had got dressed with one of the robes, in an attempt to make her friend less uncomfortable.

“Jazz, I’m so sorry about what happened before,” she apologized, staring at her friend’s eyes. As much as she wanted to admire her beautiful round and painted tits, she tried not to lose eye contact. “I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

“That is the thing, Nadia,” she started, looking down at the floor. “You didn’t. It was quite pleasing. I just don’t know what to think…”

She seemed quite confused. Nadia lifted her chin with her right hand and talked directly to her eyes.

“Then don’t overthink it. Just enjoy.”

A smile formed on her face as she waited for the slightest confirmation from her friend. As she saw her starting a smile too, Nadia went again to taste her lips, but slowly. She knew Jasmine would run again if she went too quickly with her.

So she took her time to savor her friend’s glossy lips, they tasted of raspberry and felt delicious. She waited until her friend started returning her kiss to get her tongue in the game. Quick licks to her upper lip and around her teeth, and she felt Jasmine was beginning to feel more relaxed, so she started the hand dance.

Nadia placed her hands on Jasmine’s hips and started caressing her right side, up and down, each petting a little bit further, until she reached her tit. She waited around there for a second, checking her friend was ok with where she was going. Their kissing didn’t slow down, so she took that as a confirmation.

Soon her right hand was embracing her boob, caressing all of its flesh, pinching her nipple now and then, which soon was hard and pointed. Nadia felt the urge to leave her lips and surround the button she was now teasing, but canlı bahis siteleri she guessed it might be too much for this time. She preferred to keep it simple for the first time. She just just took a second from her lips, to breathe a little and admire her perfectly rounded breasts.

“They are so beautiful,” she complimented her friend, staring at the green-painted globes.

“Than…” Jasmine started replying to her but couldn’t finish and Nadia quickly went back to eating her lips, now a bit anxious as her passion was flowing hungrily through her veins.

As her caresses started turning on her friend, Nadia could hear soft moans and sighs in Jasmine’s mouth. She realized it was time for the final blow. She could have pleased her friend’s body for hours, but she guessed it might be better to make it not too long.

So she moved her other hand up to the forgotten left breast and her right hand started descending, caressing every inch of her hot skin down to her belly. She stopped there for a while and let their lips rest for a few moments.

“I know you’ve had some guys please you down there,” she started whispering in her ear, and she licked and nibbled its lobe. “But girls always know better…” she added as she went down further.

Her fingers touched her lower lips at the same time she sucked her upper ones with her own. Her hole was damp and Nadia felt so turned with that. She was making her friend wet, something she had dreamed about for a long time, but had thought she would never get to do it.

And there she was now, just about giving her best friend her first female orgasm. She wanted to make it memorable, so that she might ask her to repeat it.

Seeing she was quite comfortable Nadia decided to finally go for it. She alternated some raids into her wet hole with some rubbing of her pointed and hot button. Soon Jasmine was breathing more intensely and louder moans escaped her lips. That was when Nadia let her lips free and concentrated on kissing and licking her neck. She wanted to hear her scream when she got off. Which wouldn’t take long, as she started rubbing faster and faster.

Soon Jasmine was trembling hard against the wall and secretly wanting Nadia to finish her off promptly. Her wishes were fulfilled as, with an expert pinch, her friend finally broke the barriers of her pleasure and it scattered all over her body, touching each and every fiber of her skin, coming out as a yell through her mouth.

Jasmine slid down the wall against her back and sat on the floor, as she started to recover her normal breathing. Nadia sat down by her side and left some butterfly kisses on her cheek, neck, shoulder, and nipple. She couldn’t help it.

“So, I’m guessing you liked it, right?”

It was more a confirmation for her friend than for herself. She knew quite well when a girl had been satisfied.

“Yes… It was… So good, thanks.”

Jasmine was a bit shy yet, as she kept looking to her own naked body. So Nadia thought she should leave her alone. She started getting up.

“Wait, uhm, do you want me to… You know…”

Yes, of course she wanted her to return the pleasure, but it shouldn’t be today.

“No, sweetie, you’ve done more than enough,” she said as she kissed her forehead. “I have to go now, but you can call me when you are ready for more…” she said as she started leaving the house.

Once outside she sent her a reassuring message, “u r gorgeous” she typed on her cell phone. She waited to hear her friend’s phone beep before she started walking.

As she crossed the street she heard her own phone ring.

“come back now. i want more.”


Thanks to azure_skies for editing assistance with this story

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Cousins With Mutual Feelings

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Cousins with mutual feelings! This story is true so I will change the real names to avoid any problems.

I was 18 when everything started. My cousin Daphne, that was living in another country with her family moved back. I have seen her many times before on visits that my family or hers would have done through the years. She was a brunette with very sensual lips and dark brown eyes.

She was 17 when they arrived to their new home. I was attracted to her in the second. And I think she was also.

Immediately I took advantage to meet her and offered to take her for a walk around the village neighborhood. I was so excited when everybody said yes. Her little sister didn’t want to join and her brother was 3.

Walking through the small streets we started talking and discussing things from the past and she told me that she wasn’t really happy to leave all her friends behind and all her interests. I ensured her that I would do my best to keep her smiling and to start her new life.

Now there were no sexual feelings at that time but there was this strange feeling. I brought her along with me to parties and introduced her to many of my friends and helped her adjust to the new country. I would go often to her house, almost everyday and she would come to mine when I didn’t. About a year and a half later and during Christmas break, she came to my house with a friend of mine and his sister. I was playing a game of solitaire when the door knocked. I was surprised to see them come at this time cause it was getting late. It was around 9 or 10 at night.

My parents went to visit my friend’s parents. They didn’t find them there so they decided to go to my cousin’s house. To their surprise they were there. My mother suggested them to let my cousin and my friend and sister to go to my house and cheer me up cause I was feeling a bit depressed.

“Daphne? John? Maria? What are you guys doing here?” I asked.

“Your mother suggested it.” Daphne said. “What’s the matter with you? Why didn’t you go with your parents Alex? They missed John and Maria’s parents so they came to my house.” I told them that I was just being lazy and my girlfriend was out of town but I was very happy to see them. So what were you doing?

I told them, and they suggested playing too, but not solitaire. We were going to play a game that had to play in teams. John wanted to be on Daphne’s team but she wanted to be on my side. He was upset cause I know he had a crush on her. But my cousin didn’t like him at all. She was just happy to be near me all the time and that was enough for her even though a lot more were about to follow.

John said, “ who ever loses the game has to do what we will tell them to do.” We agreed knowing that he always asked everybody to do something crazy but not difficult in previous games I played with him before with my girlfriend. But what was to follow was going to change many things in the future. My girlfriend was a very attractive girl and sexy for her age. I know that John was always jealous of me cause the girls at school really liked to be around me cause I was mature in my mind and did not follow the other boys crazy behavior.

After a fast 30 minutes we finished our first game and we lost. So Daphne and me waited for the brother and sister to decide what we had to do.

Maria said “kiss your cousin on her lips!” I was shocked and surprised but deep inside I was feeling good cause I always wanted to taste her red sensual lips.

Daphne was stunned also. “Are you serious?” I said, trying to hide any feelings I had inside. He told me if I didn’t do it, he would tell everyone that I did not know how to keep my word.

Daphne said “ Its just a kiss. Lets get over with it.”

That made me think that she probably didn’t really care. I walked around the table and lowered my head and placed my lips very fast on Daphne’s and kissed her briefly not to bring any of my inner feelings out to them.

John and Maria said, “that is not a kiss, we kiss my mother like that. We want to see tongue!”

“What the hell I don’t feel good about this but lets get over with it and I will get even with you next game.” I kissed my cousin and when I met her tongue I was trying to hold myself from shivering and moaning. Daphne almost lost it cause when I stopped she was spaced out. From what she told me the next day that was her first kiss! That was a shock. Usually a pretty girl like her would’ve tried that by the age of 14. I kept my head near her so that she would catch her breath. The second game never ended cause my parents arrived home.

John took his sister and went home. Our houses were on the same street and very close to each other’s.

That night I was masturbating with my mind on my cousin. I have never had sex in my life but I had seen porn video and magazines and knew a lot about sex. I was coming for so long that my chest was loaded with my cum and my stomach was also. I went silently to the bathroom and cleaned myself illegal bahis and then went back to bed.

The next morning around nine I was at my cousins house knocking at her door. It seemed like forever until the door opened. We spent a lot of time together and everyone knew I had a girlfriend so our parents were happy with the bound that was created between us was very good.

Daphne opened with her pajamas and rubbing her eye. When she saw me she hugged me and said that she was glad to see me this time of the day. “My mother and dad just left with Angela (her sister) and Greg (her little brother). Come in.”

She ran to her room and left me behind to shut the door. I walked slowly thinking about yesterday. When I got in her room she was already under the blanket. She looked at me and told me to come and lay down next to her cause she didn’t want to get up yet. I lay down behind her but not facing her but facing the ceiling.

“What are you doing? Get under the blanket and lets take a little nap together. I still am a little bit sleepy. Don’t worry about my parents cause they had an eleven o’clock appointment with the doctor and Angela and Greg have to do there check up and after that my mom wants to get some clothes and then they are going to the supermarket. They wont be back before 3. I always wanted to feel how it is to sleep with someone else in my bed.”

I didn’t say a word. I took my shoes and sox off and got under the blanket with her. She grabbed my hand and forced me to hug her. I could feel her body on my own and my cock was hard as stone immediately. I tried not to touch her with it cause I didn’t know what she really was asking for. Just a hug or more? I started getting hot and cause I was used to sleep in my own bed without a T-shirt and only my underwear. I told her I was getting to hot under the blanket trying to get away cause I started to think of what could happen and that would me feel guilty about later.

She told me to take off my Sweater.

“I can’t sleep or stay under the blanket like that. I told you before that I sleep only with my underwear.” I said.

“Well then take them off. I want to sleep for an hour more and I want you to hold me. Is that difficult?” she said.

Actually it was, cause I would have a beautiful young body that I was the reason of me masturbating last night but I thought this was the close I would ever come to so I said what the hell.

She grabbed my hand and placed on her stomach and she was holding it with hers. In a few minutes she was sleeping again and I was holding my waist just a bit back trying not to touch her with my cock. I could feel her breath deeply. Her hand lost the grip from mine and fell on her bed. I was ready to pull it back slowly but while I was taking it back I touched her breast just a little bit. I stopped and didn’t move for a while. My cock was getting harder and harder and did not know how long I was going to be able to hold on. But then I thought that this would be maybe my only opportunity and maybe my last to get this close to Daphne. I added a little bit of pressure on her breast and that almost made me explode. I was thinking of masturbating while I was touching her breast.

I started rubbing my cock over my underwear and was about to cum when she moved her sweet round ass towards me touching my hand and scaring the heck out of me. At the same time I released the pressure from her breast. That little ass touching the back of my palm was making me crazy. If I didn’t have my hand there I would have been touching her ass with my cock. I slightly moved back and took my hand from my cock and her ass and was waiting for her to move again.

I seemed like forever but after a while she moved back towards me again and this time she was with pushing her waist back more wanting to get close to me and stopped when her ass cheeks were holding my cock. I was trying to think about something else cause I was going to come. I didn’t want to get her pajamas through my underwear wet with my come cause I still didn’t know how she was going to react.

She always told me that she thought that I was the most mature and good guy that she had ever met. I didn’t want to loose that but I didn’t want to disappoint her at the same time.

I came like crazy and my under wear was getting wet and so was her pajamas. I always come a lot. The quantity of my cum got her entire pajamas between her ass cheeks wet. I was breaking into spasms and was afraid she was going to wake up and get really pissed. Even though I had finished I still was hard as a rock.

For my surprise she started to move her ass on my cock and she moved her hand started rubbing her pussy out of her pajamas. Was she asleep or awake? She probably was sleeping cause she would’ve had her hand under her pajamas and underwear.

I heard her moaning and after a while she was getting louder and faster and my cock was having the best experience until then. Then she suddenly realized I was touching illegal bahis siteleri her with my cock and when she completely woke up she took a deep breath and got up and went to the bathroom.

After five minutes she came back but only with her underwear and her top pajama shirt. I pretended to be sleeping and she stopped for a while. Then she got under the bed again and grabbed my hand again and placed it again on her stomach. I thought she was going to be angry cause I got her pajamas wet but that didn’t happen.

She came with her ass again back and rested it on my cock. I was pretending still. She then, to my amazement, wrapped her legs between mine and that was so warm and sexy that I had to react but I still pretended to be sleeping. I just made a small respond and hugged her a little bit tighter on me.

I wanted to grab her and tear off her underwear and screw the hell out of her that moment but I was going to wait for a little more to be sure. The next thing I remember is waking up and was fully surprised and frightened at the same time cause my hand was on her breast and I was holding her tight. Was she asleep? Did she put my hand there or did I while she was sleeping? Was she aware of it? I pulled out of her pajama shirt slowly but at the same time she woke up and I moved to get up from bed.

“Hey! Where are you going? Get back here. It is only 10 o’clock.”

I got back to her and told her I was sorry if I made her feel uncomfortable before. She said that I didn’t do anything to make her feel like that.

“That was my first kiss yesterday. It was amazing. I am glad that you were the first guy that I kissed. You were always so good with me and never did anything to hurt me. Thank you.”

She got over me and kissed me. I think we just continued the kiss from last night. It felt like it lasted for a long time. She thanked me once again and then got up and asked me to stay in bed.

She left the room and I was going crazy not knowing what was really in her mind. After five minutes she came back and was wearing only her underwear.

“Do you think that I have a sexy body?”

I lost my voice. Her breast were much more bigger than I thought they where and the area around her nipples were in a perfect circle and had the most desirable red color you could ever see. She was wearing a white breech that was almost seeing through. I could see her black hair on her pubic area right through her undies.

“ You are the sexiest girl I have ever seen in my entire life”. She thought I was just saying that. I told her that I was telling her the truth and I wished that she wasn’t my cousin.

“Do you really mean that? If you do, that is the sweetest thing anybody has told me.” She said. She ran towards the bed and jumped on me. She kissed me like there was no tomorrow.

My cock was hard as a rock. This was the first time I have seen a real breast and feel it on my chest. I was touching her all over her back and pushing my cock on her pussy. She was moaning with me and we were getting very wild. We kept kissing and rubbing on each other for a long time and then we stopped and looked at each other.

“ I am glad we moved here. You have made me feel so happy. I never felt this happy.” She told me. We got up and went to the living room half naked holding each other’s hands and sat down on the couch.

I asked if we should get dressed cause it was kind of chilly and I didn’t want her to catch a cold. Then she lifted my arm and made me hug her and told me that now she was warm.

She told me that she felt so safe near me and free to do anything. “You respected me Alex. You didn’t try anything. If it was another guy he would’ve raped me.” I thought that this was it. She was just kissing me. She didn’t want to have sex with me.

“Lets get dressed Daphne cause your parents may come and then we wont see each other again for good if they see us like this.”

“Alex I told you they are not going to be home before 3 and maybe longer. We will have a 40 minutes advantage to get dressed cause mom is going to call me before the come back so that I will turn the stove on cause she wants the food to be ready when they get back. She got early up in the morning to prepare it and all I have to do is turn it on. I want to relax with you like this and watch some TV and talk with you. You know that you have a really sexy body? I like the hair that is growing on your chest. You look more like a man. How are you getting along with Crystal (my girl friend)?”

I didn’t know what to say cause my feelings were mixed. “We are getting pretty good along together Daphne but nothing serious”.

Alex; have you ever done what you just did with me today?”

“I only kissed her but never got close to a girl as I am with you right now.”

She didn’t say anything for a while and we watched TV. I was though staring at her pubic hair that was visible through her undies. My dick was getting harder and harder. I know she canlı bahis siteleri a lot of things about sex but I didn’t know if she had ever seen a cock or understand what I was going through right now.

Around 12:30 she told me that she was going to take a shower and that she wanted to go and buy some things from the store and it would only take a five minutes since the grocery store was a minute with her bicycle. If her mother were to call I would be there to answer and tell that Daphne was at the store and that she would be back in a minute.

“Come upstairs and keep company to me?”

I didn’t even think about it. I was right behind her.

“You want to take a shower with me Alex? We both smell sweat from sleep and I don’t want to put anyone under thoughts when they come home.”

I was loosing it totally. “Ok Daphne”.

“Just wait until I call you to come in ok?”

That I didn’t understand. But I was going to the following days.

“Ok Alex, you can come in.”

I took off my underwear and got in behind her and cause I was embarrassed to let her see my hard on. Her ass was stunning. I just wanted to grab her and fuck her.

When she turned around she saw my erection and stared at it with a smile. I pretended to be looking somewhere else. But with every moment I peaked a mesmerized her pubic hair that were covering her pussy lips. We washed up and then got dressed.

When her parents got home they insisted of me to stay and have a bite with them. I called my house and told my mom and stayed late until 8 in the evening. I went home after I kissed my aunt. I thought that it was over. Maybe she just wanted to feel close to me and that was all. Anyway I was masturbating all through the week like a maniac at nights. I had to get her out of my mind.

The following weekend was going to be fun. My girlfriend was coming back and there was going to be a party. There was no way I was going to loose it. Daphne was going to be there too. I always took her with me to party’s cause her parents wouldn’t trust anybody but me. But something unbelievable was going to happen that Friday night.

Daphne’s mother arranged to go for a trip to a nearby island and wanted to take her with them. But I saved the day!

Daphne was crying, “All you care is about yourself. You promised I was going to the party. What am I going to do? Watch the 2 babies. I hate you”

That’s where I came in. I suggested calling my mother and asking her to let Daphne stay with us for the weekend. But she would have to sleep on the couch cause we didn’t have a guest room. Now here is the best part. I offered to come at nights and sleep in Angela’s bed and the rest of the day we would be at my house. That way nobody gets to spend the weekend on the couch. I didn’t think that they were going to accept my second offer but to my amazement after my uncle and aunt finished talking to my mother they agreed on my second offer. It was going to be only for night sleep.

Everybody agreed that I was capable of protecting my cousin cause I proved them all by this time.

Daphne looked at me and smiled and then she ran to her mother and father kissed them and apologized for her reaction but they said that it was ok and that they had been in her age too.

I didn’t think about sleeping with Daphne cause she never mentioned anything about that morning. But I also didn’t think that we never had been alone to discuss about what we did.

I was getting ready and Daphne was already dressed up with a little bit of lipstick and she was wearing tight orange pants with an also tight shirt without sleeves and revealing her belly button. She was so sexy. We left and went to pick up my girlfriend and then we all walked together to the party. The party was taking place at John’s house. So you can imagine that he was waiting to see Daphne.

When we arrived John was looking at Daphne like he had never seen her before. He was trying to make a pass to her but she kept avoiding her. She was dancing and looking at me all night.

I was dancing with Crystal and after a while I went outside with her for a while and the moment we got in the back yard I started kissing her so passionately.

“Wow! What a kiss! You never kissed me like that before?”

“I missed you” I replied even though I know I was lying. But she didn’t. I know John is so unpredictable so I was going to tell her about the game and the kiss with Daphne. She laughed out loud.

“He is so crazy about her. Maybe he was giving you a hint of what he would want you to ask him to do next time you play against Daphne and him. You think we should give him a chance and play against them together?”

I didn’t say anything for a moment but I got jealous of the thought that John would be kissing Daphne. “Naa! I wouldn’t do that to Daphne cause she doesn’t like him.”

“She hasn’t been out with anybody ever since she moved here.”

That gave me the chills cause maybe she was understanding the attachment between us. “She is just waiting for the right guy”.

We went back in and had a good time. Around midnight it was time to go home. John was so upset cause he once again didn’t what he wanted and we were on our way home.

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Jamie – The Journey Begins Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 – Time to mend a few fences.

The summer weather had slipped away today. It was cold and raining out. Everything looked cold and grey – not an ideal day off. At least this time I didn’t have to run out of Sam’s house like a madman.

I couldn’t do that to him for the third time – he’s a really nice guy.

Sam was quietly sleeping beside me, looking so peaceful almost innocent. I had texted him after my shift finished, asking if there was any chance that I could make up for the past two fails?

To my absolute surprise, he said “yes-but”.

There’s always a but!

“No running out of the house. Not to work or anywhere”, till he said so.

I laughed, “You got it, Sam.”

I slipped back down the bed, pulling the covers up till just the top of my head was sticking out. ‘Hmmm, it’s so nice and warm.’

I slipped closer to Sam so that my legs just contacted Sam’s, touching from our waists to the souls of his feet. A small whimper escaped from Sam. He gently moved back against my chest. Somehow my arm was now his pillow. We had locked together like human Legos. His scent and warmth was intoxicating. I could feel myself relaxing and almost floating away. Loved playing with Legos as a kid, but god, don’t stand on this shit at night – it’s transformed into ninja stars in the dark almost. I let out a chuckle.

What must have been an hour or so later, I woke to Sam’s head against my chest, his leg over mine and hand resting near my right ear. I had obviously rolled onto my back at some point while sleeping and Sam had sprawled across me without even waking me up. For such a well built, defined guy, his body felt so light resting on me. Why did I have to meet him now? I’m just about to go away for three months. Is he right for me, or are we just going to be friends with benefits? Who knows…

“Hello sleepyhead.” I could feel his warm breath across my chest when he spoke.

“Oh, hey you,” I replied. “See! I didn’t run off, still here…”

“Well, Jamie, I think I have you pinned to the bed, so there’s no running off this time.”

“Hmm”, I could get used to something like this.

“Ok, so you’ve got me pinned down. What would you like to do to me, or me to you Sam…?”

“Well, I have an idea.” With that he slipped over me, straddling my morning wood.

My hard cock was wedged between his sexy butt cheeks. I was sure I had clothes on when I jumped into bed last night. This guy must have the softest touch.

Sam started to rock back and forward. His hard cock was rubbing against my abs. My cock was wedged in his sweet butt crack and pre-cum was leaking from both of us. Clearly, we were both keen to play.

I looked up into those beautiful eyes staring down at me, filled with lust and something else that I couldn’t quite make out. I was mesmerized, “Oh god, Sam, ah…” I started to moan, he leaned in close, resting a gentle kiss on my lips. It deepened quickly, our tongues meeting, dancing like leaves twirling in a fall breeze. The combined moaning filled the room.

Sam slipped a hand into an open draw, fishing out a condom and small lube bottle. He broke our kiss. Smiling and wiggling his eyebrows, I reached up to grab the condom. But Sam pulled it back out of my reach. “Oh no you don’t, Jamie! I’ve got this,” he said with a cheeky smile. In a swift smooth movement, he rocked forward, further up my abs his cock was rubbing on me, its own pool of pre-cum forming on my chest.

“Oh god, this is so hot…you’re so hot, Sam,” I moaned his name over and over. The view was amazing – his lean upper body was almost all I could see, his hair had slipped to one side, and those eyes – oh those eyes – were so, so intense. His fingers were digging into my pecks and thumbs rubbing my nipples. Oh god, this guy is going to do me in at this rate.

Sam reached around behind himself, twisting some more getting a good grip on my hardness, stroking me a few times, then stopped, and with both hands rolled the condom over me.

While he was distracted, I grabbed the lube bottle he had at some point placed on my chest. I thumbed the lid open. ‘Click’ … the sound caused him to turn his face, looking over his shoulder at me, shooting me a look of ‘don’t!’

I jokingly put both hands up in surrender, with the lube in one hand still. He narrowed his eyes for a second, taking the lube from me. With a small smirk breaking out across his face, then squeezing the lube into one of his hands and reaching back and stroking me up and down, he gave me a generous coating.

“Can I …” was all I got out.

“Jamie, I’ve got this.” Sam squeezed more lube into his hand. Reaching around, he started to work himself up. He was magic to watch… he knew his body well. The expression on his face said it all: he was getting off on just preparing himself. When his attention turned back to me, those sexy eyes were filled with lust. His hands returned to my chest. Using me like an anchor rail, illegal bahis he slowly slipped down my abs, till I felt the tip of my cock against his hotness. At the contact, “Oh god, Sam,” slipped from my mouth.

Sam reached around with one hand, grabbing me by the base. He lined me up with this sweet tight hole. With only a seductive smile as any signal, he pushed down on me slightly. My head started to push past his tight ring muscle where he paused for a moment. I was looking up at his face – those eyes… his mouth hanging open, drawing in as much air as he could … clearly, lust was taking over.

Without warning, he pushed down on me in one long mind-blowing movement. A cry of pleasure mixed with pain escaped his open mouth. He threw his head back, crying out my name, as he was now pressed against my thighs, stopping for a moment, adjusting to my size filling him up. Slowly, Sam began lifting till I was almost fully out of him, just the tip remaining in his warmth. Then, he slammed back down on me in one movement.

Sam started rising and falling faster and harder each time, his cock flicking pre-cum over my chest and neck. God, watching him ride me, pleasuring himself with me, guiding me against those spots inside him that only he knew, was intoxicating.

Our combined moaning was on the rise. Clearly, Sam’s flatmates could hear us, and music started to fill the room from outside. Not a bad soundtrack too now that I think of it.

“Oh god, Jamie, I’m so close,” Sam kept moaning over and over.

“Oh, Sam…ride me… oh god… ride me…”

I started to meet his thrusts, pushing up into him. Sam’s hands gripped my chest for dear life. ‘I’m sure there will be fingerprint bruises after this’ entered my mind for a Nanosecond.

“Oh, Jamie, I’m cumming. Oh, Jamie, I’m cumming!” Sam was moaning over and over, louder with every thrust from the both of us.

I wanted to! I needed to!

I buried myself deep into him, to have as much of his sweet body wrapped around me. With every thrust I could feel his body trembling, tightening and pulsating. My god, this was the best sex of my life!

With a moan that started deep within him, his release came. I felt his cock expand and pulse in my hand as his hot ribbons of his seed flew out, ripping across my chest, cheek, and even the headboard behind me. Sam’s entire body responded when he came, clamping down on me so tightly it was going to drive me over the edge.

“Oh god,” was all I could hear rolling out of my mouth like I was almost disconnected, listening from afar. I drove harder and harder up into him. , arching my back with only my shoulders and heels touching the bed. With every thrust, I pushed deeper into Sam, letting him down, then ramming back up into him again with every ounce of my being.

A surge of what almost felt like lightening ripped through my body, emanating from my groin as I started to cumming into the rapidly filling condom. When our movements slowed, finally stopping, I was still hard inside him. He leaned forward, licking up some of his juice off my cheek, smacking his lips.

“Hmm, I don’t taste too bad, really.”

I reached up, wrapping my hand around his head, guiding his mouth towards mine. Our lips met. The contact was like a wave of warmth spreading from my mouth outwards across me. My tongue speared into his mouth. “Yeah, you don’t taste bad at all,” I mumbled into Sam’s mouth while our tongues fought for supremacy.

He moved forward, letting me out of him. I was still hard and not far from being ready to go again. I was hooked. A groan of disappointment came out from us both as I exited from him. If I had stayed there much longer, although, I think Sam might have had an uncomfortable afternoon.

“Well, if that condom failed, Sam, I think you might be pregnant.”

Sam replied with a sincere look on his face, “You’d better be ready to take time off for babysitting, Jamie. I’ve just changed jobs, no leave entitlements yet.” We both laughed.

Rolling over onto our sides, I pulled the condom off, tossed it into the trash can near the door. Sam passed me some baby wipes to clean ourselves up. Come to think of it, he always has wet wipes on hand. No matter what we were doing – be it eating take away Fish and Chips or Nachos somewhere – I’d pause for a moment to look for a napkin, and voila, wet wipes!

We lay in each other’s arms for a while, kissing and enjoying the sensations still coursing through our bodies, the warmth after sex, those sated relaxed feelings…what just pure bliss until Sam’s stomach started rumbling, signalling it was time to shower and get him some breakfast.

“Come-on, Sam. Let’s get showered and cleaned up. I’ll cook you breakfast.”


After showering, we headed out to the kitchen. One of Sam’s flatmates was sitting at the kitchen counter watching Netflix on his tablet with ears buds in. Music was still playing throughout the apartment. There illegal bahis siteleri were a few uncomfortable looks shared around the room for a moment as his flatmates saw us walking in and made for the hallway.

Sam started, “Jamie, this is Jefferson, Jeff for short.”

Jeff smiled, “Oh hi, Jamie” or is it “Oh-god, oh-god, Jamie?”

My face flushed red in an instant. Both Sam and Jefferson exchanged looks, then roared laughing at my expense. I was, for once, speechless. “Oh-um” was all that I could manage to get out.

“Talkative guy you got there, Sam,” Jefferson offered with a smile on his face.

“Only joking, Jamie. Nice to meet you, buddy.” Jeff reached over the counter shaking my hand. “You the guy that ran out of here the other morning, yeah? Got to be the best walk of shame I’ve seen.”

I wasn’t sure if Jefferson wanted an answer or not. If he did, wasn’t going to happen for a while. Seems my voice has gone out to lunch.

He added, “Oh, they were nice boxer briefs you were wearing, too. ‘Bonds’ yeah? ”

“Yes,,.um…thanks, Jeff,” I finally managed to get out. “I promised Sam I’d make breakfast. Would you like some as well?”

I gave Sam a peck on the cheek and walked over to the refrigerator, pulling open the door and looking in at an empty cabinet. The expression on my face wasn’t lost on Sam – he walked over and looked in, turning back to look in Jeff’s direction.

“Where’s all the food gone, Jeff? You know… the stuff I bought the other day?”

“Oops, my bad” Jeff said, turning a nice shade of busted red, and making a fast exit to his room.

Sam just looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders.

“It’s ok, Sam. I know a great place to get breakfast. Come on, my treat.”

We grabbed our cell phones and wallets from his room and headed out the front door to my truck. About fifteen minutes later, we pulled up at Café 47.

“So Sam, this was an old fire station – Station House 47 – if you’re wondering why the name. I am kind of a regular here. There’s a fiery backstory too.”

We climbed out of the truck, heading in the door where Mike the owner was talking to another customer. “Hi, Mike,” I waved as we sat at the table nearest to the side window.

It was one of my favorite places to sit, it looked straight out to the local parklands beside the place. There was a small lake and river running through it. Loads of green grass around for kids to play on or for adults to just to lay and let the world go by for a while.

There were three old huge red gums – they would have had to have been three, four hundred years old – they were gnarly, twisted, but so majestic and beautiful. They held a commanding presence over the area like old guards from the dawn of time looking out over us all.

“So, Jamie, what’s the backstory of this place. It looks kind of familiar for some reason.”

“Yeah, well, I remember Dad telling me as a kid a story about one of the many bushfires that came through here in the late 1960’s and burnt most of the area out. The area had been getting slammed for weeks. One fire had swung down the small gully over the back near your place, pretty much making a straight-line at the park and farm houses surrounding here. The local fire brigade made up of dedicated volunteers were in this very station, and they made a last stand two hundred yards from those old trees, trying to stop the fire before it took the station house and the few houses that remained alongside the river.

Apparently, legend has it, the old captain was heard to tell the fire as it approached, that he’d had enough of its crap for one day and the bastard thing was stopping here, and, by god, it did. They brought in earth-moving equipment, cutting breaks and then burning out sections between the lines to starve the main fire of fuel and a whole host of stuff. The weird part is nowadays many those ideas and improvements make up the backbone of how we fight wildfires.

I learned about the fire – it was named ‘the Plenty River stand’, had to evaluate it and understand the strategies in combatting wildfire as a recruit firefighter. Those guys probably wouldn’t even understand the labels we give those tactics nowadays, but they were humbled when they found out that it forms part of firefighter learning nowadays. They were years ahead of their time.

In fact, the guys at Cal fire loved it so much, aspects of it were adopted over there too. Hard to believe that we have the same high-risk wildfires here as they do. Sure, the forest make up is different, but our eucalypt forests just explode in wildfires as do the pine and redwoods of California, plus they’ve got some native eucalypts too. So, they started the sharing of information and tactics started at this humble little station and eventually kicked off the secondment programs between the fire services too.”

“Oh, yeah, now I remember. When the old Captain died, they had that huge guard of honor down the main canlı bahis siteleri street of the town. Everyone was there. It was like the entire district came out to see him off. Didn’t they rename the park after him too? Were you in the honor guard, Jamie?

“Yep on both. The park was named in his honor and there is a scholarship fund at the local college that the community set up as a perpetual reminder, too. He was one of my first instructors in recruits – taught me many, including a life lesson about trauma and booze, but also so much more. His funeral was the first time I wore my dress uniform. I can remember where I was standing to the inch. Was proud and sad, too, being part of his funeral but honoring his service to the community for forty-five years”

“Wow, that’s amazing, Jamie,” this guy can be so easy going, like a sixteen-year-old trapped in a thirty-year-old’s body, but then he surprises me.

“Ok, enough of the history lesson. Sorry, Sam – hope I didn’t bore you. Just Captain Stafford holds a dear spot in my heart – kind ‘a hero worship thing, I guess, ha-ha.

Can I order for you, Sam?”

“Sure,” Sam replied, not taking his eyes from the view outside. “Nice place, Jamie, to sit and watch the world go by.”

I nodded in agreement. “I come here to think at times, trying to stop the work-me and the everywhere-else-me from colliding too often.”

“Mike, can I get two breakfasts, please?” I lowered my voice for a moment. “Do you want an espresso or juice, Sam?”

“I’ll have what you are having, Jamie.” Looking back towards Mike, two lattes as well, please, Mike?

“Sure. On its way, Jamie.”

Breakfast was relaxed and easy, a major improvement from my previous efforts in the morning with Sam.

“Ok, so you can function in the morning, Jamie. I was beginning to think that morning was not your best time, although I do like the way you woke me up. ‘Firefighter Spence.'”

“Um, thanks, Sam. I’ll take that as a compliment,” wiggling my eyebrows as I smiled back at him. “Sam, I’ve got a few errands to do today. I’m happy for you to tag along if you like, or I can drop you home after we finish here? Whatever suits you.”

“Thanks, Jamie. Drop me home after breakfast. That would be good. Jeff is going to be taking me to the store and restocking my empty refrigerator,” he said with a very pissed look on his face.

“No problems. Maybe we can catch up later today, or tonight.”

“Sure, no problem.”

Our breakfasts came out quickly – scrambled eggs, two bacon strips, chorizo sausage fried up. Even fried tomatoes and mushrooms. But, the best of all was the small plate Mike placed in front of me.

My eyes almost fell out of my head, and I looked up at Mike.


“Oh my god Mike! Sweet cornbread!”

Sam didn’t know what the fuss was all about.

“Your Mom was here yesterday, saying that you were going away, and that you’d probably eat your body weight in cornbread at your cousin’s house the first night you arrive. So, I thought I’d make some up – was going to drop it at the station later today for you. Then bang, you walked in. So, here you go, Jamie. Have a great holiday, and I don’t think you’re running away like your mom does either,” Mike said with a huge smile.

Sam took a bite. The smile that broke out said it all. “Are you running away, Jamie?” Genuine confusion was on his face.

“No, I’m not. It’s Mom – she’s flipping out. Doesn’t matter what I say, she’s convinced that I’m a runaway thirty-year-old and that I’m going to come to all kinds of harm without her to look after me.” I rolled my eyes for added effect.

Sam just smiled, letting out a small laugh. “Well, at least you can be sure your Mom loves you, Jamie.”

We resumed our breakfast. I needed two coffees to counter the feeling that maybe my

Mom had a point. Apparently, I can be a bit naive outside of the work, so I’ve been told by my sisters and a few others recently – jeez!

“Sam? Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, Jamie. Shoot.”

“Am I naive? Or a bit-” Sam cut me off.

“Ah distracted, by bright and shiny objects? Maybe Jamie, but it’s cute,” Sam offered with a look on his face that would melt the coldest heart.

“Ok, thanks,” I said, returning to my coffee and last forkful of breakfast.

A few moments passed. I was just lazily gazing out the window while looking at Sam through the corner of my eye. He seemed…so relaxed with the world, but also, more settled or even adult maybe? Whatever it is, he’s damn sexy at it too. I don’t know, I’ve never been a big one for over thinking stuff outside of work. I see enough pain, suffering, and loss there to last me a lifetime. I kind of like my laid-back approach – it is a nice disconnect I’ve managed to keep.

“Suppose we had better get this day going, Sam. You have shopping to do, and I’ve got a few errands to run as well, though I much prefer just sitting here with you,” I smiled at Sam.

“Smooth, Spence, smooth,” Sam smiled back at me.

Standing up from the table and heading over to the counter, I called out to Mike, who had disappeared out back for a moment. He reappeared with his bigger than life grin.

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Basketball Diaries Ch. 01

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Part I: The Game

“Okay, that’s it!” called Coach Johnson, announcing the end of practice, much to the relief of his tired players. “Wrap it up! Hit the showers!”

“You guys played like old ladies today!” the Coach yelled, and the team yelled in unison, as they always did at the end of each practice. It never failed to elicit a smile or grin on the face of each player, no matter how hard the Coach had pushed them during practice.

“Kevin!” growled the Coach. “Give me ten laps, then come see me after your shower. You played like shit today!”

Kevin groaned and changed direction, jogging now towards the perimeter of the high school gym, as the rest of his teammates looked over their collective shoulders at him, laughing and taunting.

Kevin knew he had been playing like shit. He didn’t need the Coach to tell him that. He just couldn’t keep his mind on his game. All he could think about, as he tossed up brick after brick, was last night, and how he had been beaten by his next door neighbor in a game of “horse”.

Kevin had been outside, shooting baskets at the hoop his father had set up for him in the backyard after hearing that he had made the high school team. It was his father’s dream, to have a son who played on the varsity team that he himself hadn’t been good enough to make.

But Kevin was more like his father than either of them would admit. Even though Kevin had been good enough to make the team, he spent most of his time on the bench. But because he was tall, and athletic, he had edged out a lot of better player at the tryouts. He was an okay shot from the free throw line, but from anywhere else, he needed a lot of practice. The point was mercilessly hammered home, when his neighbor had beaten him at hoops last night.

By the time that Kevin had finished taking his laps and dragged himself over to the showers, the rest of the team had already left. He cleaned himself up quickly, eager to not keep Coach waiting for him any longer than was necessary. He didn’t want to piss him off any more than he already had. But most of all, he didn’t want to get cut from the team. He wouldn’t be able to face his father, if he did.

A few moments later, Kevin was knocking on the frame of Coach’s open doorway. “Come in, Kevin,” Coach said, sounding concerned. “Sit down”. Kevin did as he was told and took a seat on the opposite side of his metal desk.

“I noticed you’ve been having some problems on the court lately, anything you want to talk about?” Coach asked.

“No, Coach,” Kevin answered, his head bowed, avoiding Coach’s eyes.

“Well,” Coach continued, “You really played like shit today. Either there’s something going on, or you’re just a shitty player.” He had used this speech over and over during his glorious tenure as a basketball coach of a small liberal arts community college. “And if you’re just a shitty player, than you’ve got no place on this team.” He paused to let the words sink in.

Just as he was about to speak, Kevin spoke up. “Sorry, Coach,” he blurted out. “I guess there is something.”

“What is it,” Coach asked, genuinely concerned and also glad that his little coaching trick had worked again, “Girl problems?” Eight out of ten times, when a player had a problem at this age, it was a girl. The other times, it was usually drugs or family problems. He was glad that it was a girl. If he had said “school” or “grades”, Coach knew the player was usually lying.

“Yeah, sort of,” Kevin mumbled.

“What is it, son?” Coach asked, assuming a fatherly tone.

All at once, Kevin erupted with emotion, nearly knocking Coach out of his chair. “It’s my fuckin’ neighbor,” he exploded, “She beat me at horse last night. I fucking suck as a basketball player!”

“Okay, calm down,” Coach reassured him. “What happened?”

Kevin continued. “Nothing. I was out shooting baskets in my back yard last night, when Joey – actually its Josephine, but everyone calls her Joey – she’s my neighbor, anyway, when Joey calls out from her upstairs bedroom window, that I suck. So I tell her that she couldn’t do any better and then she challenged me to a game of horse. But then she comes down, and then kicks my ass!”

Coach tried hard to suppress a laugh. “What’re you kidding me?!” he asked incredulously. “You got beat by a girl?”

“No, I’m not kidding you!” Kevin erupted again. “I fuckin’ suck! Even a fucking girl can beat me!”

“Okay, okay, calm down,” Coach said. “Let me guess, she’s good looking ain’t she?”

“Yes,” Kevin said, exasperated, “She’s fucking gorgeous. But that’s the worst part. A nice piece of ass like that shouldn’t be able to beat me! At first, I thought I’d give her a break, y’know, maybe even let her win, but when she kept sinking her baskets, I tried everything, but she totally blew me away! I totally suck. Maybe you should just cut me, already.”

“No, no,” Coach said reassuringly, “I’m not gonna cut you. At least not yet. You’ve got a lot of talent, but you just need some confidence in yourself.”

“Confidence?!” illegal bahis Kevin roared. “Confidence?! I just got my ass kicked by some dumb skirt, and you want me to have confidence? Have you lost it?!”

“Listen,” Coach said sternly. His fatherly manner had quickly disappeared. Kevin was getting dangerously close to stepping over a line. “You need to reach down and gut it out. Maybe this girl’s got some talent. Maybe you were having an off night. Maybe she beat you because you were too busy staring at her ass. But you gotta take her on again. Challenge her to a game of one-on-one. Drive hard to the basket. Push her out of the way, knock her down, even. But do what you gotta do, because until you beat her, you’re never gonna shake this.”

Kevin was taken aback at Coach’s sudden ruthlessness. Knock her down? he asked himself. But then he realized that Coach was right. The fact that he was questioning Coach’s advice, meant that he probably subconsciously let her win last night.

“Okay, Coach,” he said, “I’ll try.”

“Try, nothing,” he said. “Kick her ass, or I’ll kick your ass off the team.”

“Yes, Coach,” Kevin said, standing up and leaving the room.

* * * *

Later that evening, after his homework was done, and his chores were finished, Kevin looked out of his bedroom window, and saw that the light was on in Joey’s room. How many nights had he laid in bed, jerking off as he remembered the one time when he was lucky enough to watch as Josie undressed in front of her bedroom window which she had absent-mindedly left open one night. Normally, she kept her curtain closed and tied, but that night had been unusually warm, and she had left them open, hoping to catch the occasional cooling breeze.

She really was exceptional. Even though she had a reputation for being somewhat of a tomboy, Joey’s slim athletic body was to die for. She had long, shapely legs, which were topped by a nice, firm ass and slightly rounded hips. Her waist was narrow, her stomach flat. He still remembered that she had been wearing flower-patterned cotton panties, and a matching bra. It surprised him that a tomboy would choose to wear such delicate-looking undergarments.

That night, he sat in his surreptitiously darkened room, staring at her as she undressed, trying to will her to take off each piece of clothing with his mind. Take off your bra…Take off your panties! His heart beat wildly as she obeyed his psychic instructions, reaching behind her back, and maneuvering around her long brown hair which she usually kept tied back in a ponytail. When her bra fell away, Kevin found himself staring at the most beautiful pair of breasts he had ever seen. They were a little on the small side, but they were firm and round, and topped by a perfectly centered dark circle which Kevin knew to be her areola and nipples.

He watched as she massaged her breasts, more out of discomfort than desire, although that did not stop Kevin from presuming the latter. Seconds later, Kevin was massaging his own organ as Josie slipped out of her dainty panties, exposing her light brown patch. Oh fuck! he thought, memorizing the glorious vision standing before him. Even though it was only for a fraction of a second, before she stepped away from the window, the image was burned in Kevin’s memory forever, and he recalled it often.

But not tonight. Tonight, he had other plans. He took a deep breath, grabbed his basketball, and stepped downstairs. His mind was focused on the task at hand. He stepped through the sliding glass door that opened to the back yard and began dribbling the ball. It bounced noisily against the concrete surface, announcing his presence.

Sure enough, just as Kevin had finished warming up with a few practice shots, he heard Joey calling down to him from her bedroom window. “Hey, Kevin! Haven’t you given it up, yet?! I’m surprised you’ve still got your balls!”

“What?!” Kevin called back, his ire raised, causing him to break concentration and release a brick that bounced noisily off of the rim.

“After I beat you last night, I thought you’d probably get rid of your basketballs!” she taunted.

“You didn’t beat me,” he called up to her, as he chased down his errant ball. “I let you win.”

“What?!” Joey cried out, laughing. “You didn’t let me win. I creamed you!”

Kevin’s mind raced for a retort as he shot – and made – his next basket. Before he could respond, Joey called out, “Tell me, what’s it like getting beat by a girl?!”

“I don’t know,” Kevin insisted. “You didn’t beat me.” He knew that this would draw her out for another game. What he didn’t know was that she played basketball for the private girls’ school which she attended.

“Hang on, then,” she yelled amusedly. “I’ll be down in a minute. You can tell me what it’s like in about five minutes. That’s how long it’ll take for me to kick your ass!”

“Come on down, then!” he called. He was as eager to see her firm ass and tight shorts again, as he was eager to put her in her place.

“If illegal bahis siteleri you insist!” she said happily, bounding away from the window.

Kevin expected Joey to appear as quickly as she did last night. Instead, she seemed to be taking her sweet old time. He didn’t know if it was his anxiousness, or if she was purposely taking her time, trying to psyche him out. Then, just as he was about to write her off as a “no show”, Joey made her way outside. She was dressed in her high school team’s varsity uniform; an oversized orange tank top, and matching baggy shorts.

“Are you kidding me?!” Kevin asked incredulously.

She laughed. “I just thought you should know what you were up against,” she smiled wryly, slapping the ball out of his hands. She dribbled the ball and ran for an easy lay up, catching the ball as it fell through the net, with a large smile on her face.

Kevin had a smile on his face, too. As surprised as he was, he was pleasantly surprised to know that she was a practiced player, and even happier to notice that Joey had not had time to put on a sports bra. Instead, she was still wearing her ordinary bra, which from the lack of support it gave her, Kevin guessed to be as delicate as the one she had unwittingly shown him earlier.

“What are you smiling at?” she asked, even though she figured it out for herself in the very next instant, when his eyes couldn’t help but dart down to sneak another peek at her chest. “Oh,” she said. “Is that what this is about?” she asked, playfully cupping her breasts in a show of defiance. “You think you can beat me because of these?”

“No,” Kevin said, confidently, now understanding why she had been able to beat him the other night. “I just know I’m going to beat the pants off of you tonight.” He extended his arms, indicating for her to pass the ball to him. She did, and he shot a quick basket from the free-throw line.

“And what makes you think you’re going to ‘beat the pants off of me’?” she challenged.

“Oh, nothing,” he replied, knowing that she was already so confident in her skills that he had to try and psyche her out. “Now that I know your secret, this’ll be a piece of cake. I was too easy on you before.”

“Easy?!” she said mockingly. “Easy?!” she repeated. “You’ll be lucky if I don’t beat the pants off of you!” she charged.

“Yeah, right,” he scoffed. He could tell that she was starting to get shaken up. She hated being challenged by guys.

“You wanna make it interesting?” she asked suggestively.

“What do you got in mind?” he asked.

“I bet I can beat the pants off of you,” she said matter-of-factly. She knew from their contest yesterday, that she was the better shooter, and nothing would make her happier than to see him standing in his underwear. To seal the deal, she crossed her arms, so that her forearms rested underneath, and innocently pushed up, her firm young tits. “Loser loses his pants.”

“Deal,” he said eagerly, walking straight into her trap. Or so she thought.

“What the game?” she asked, stretching her arms and legs, as much to get them ready for action, as to cause him a major distraction. She jogged furiously in place, knowing that it would cause her breasts to bounce.

“How about a little, one-on-one, winner takes the ball out, first one to 15 takes it all,” he offered.

She was a little intrigued. She knew that he would be stronger driving to the basket, but she also knew that he couldn’t shoot from the outside. All she had to do was stand in his way. Like most guys, he would be intimated by a pretty girl, and wouldn’t force her out of the way. She would have the advantage. “Okay,” she said, “you’re on.”

Then, she decided on the spur of the moment to up the ante. “But,” she added, “instead of winner take all, how about, loser takes it all off.” She looked at him seductively, trying to lure him into taking the bet. Most guys were too shy about their bodies to risk it, unless they had something really good to gain.

Kevin smelled a rat and looked at her suspiciously. She stuck her thumb into her waistband and pulled lightly downward, giving him just the slightest peek at the top of her white cotton panties. “Or don’t you think you’re man enough to get my panties off?” she challenged him. He quickly agreed.

“Sucker,” she chided him. “Who goes first.”

“We’ll see who sucks, and who gets sucked,” he replied awkwardly. She glowered at him. “Ladies first,” he said apologetically.

Joey accepted the ball, and looked over her shoulder at him, as she took her place at the top of the key. Did I just hear what I thought I heard? This guy’s too stupid to come up with an intelligent response. She shook her head, and checked the ball.

Kevin checked the ball back, and took up a defensive position between Joey and the basket. Joey started dribbling the ball. With her back turned to Kevin, she easily pushed him backwards as he shied away from making physical contact with her ass. This is going to be easy she thought to herself.

“You canlı bahis siteleri think you’re going to drive me backwards?” he taunted playfully. “You think you can drive to the basket?” But still, he was already unwittingly letting her have her way. He just couldn’t bring himself to be physical with her . . . . Something that she had counted on. After pushing him backwards a little more, Joey faked left and moved right, executing a perfect lay up as the ball rolled off of her fingertips and dropped into the basket.

“Your shirt, please,” she commanded, holding out her hand, palm upward.

“What?” he asked. “Strip basketball?”

“Why not?” she answered. “I figure you need some incentive. Otherwise, this looks like it will all be over too soon. I probably won’t even break a sweat.”

“Okay,” he said, huffily removing his shirt. Pausing stupidly after knowing that he had already agreed, he asked reluctantly, “How does this work. I only have two more things on, not including my shoes and socks.”

She giggled as she admired his strong chest. “Okay, I have four things on. We’ll space them out evenly. Your shorts come off when I reach ten, and your underwear comes off when I reach fifteen. And they better be clean,” she taunted. “Mine’ll come off when you reach 4, 8, 12 and then 15. Okay?”

“Okay, your ball,” he said, checking the ball back to Joey as she took her position outside the key, then quickly snapped her wrist, sending a quick three-point shot into the net.

“That’s five,” she gloated, holding out her hand, with all five fingers raised.

“Five?” Kevin complained. “What do you mean, five?”

“Five points,” she retorted. “Or don’t you know how to keep score, either. You should, after all the time you probably spend on the bench,” she laughed viciously.

“Okay, five,” he huffed. “Winner still takes it out?”

“Yeah,” Joey laughed, “but you’re not gonna win, and you’re definitely not taking anything out!” Then, for some reason, she reached out and pushed her hand against his hard chest, moving him backwards. She just couldn’t stop herself. But it was worth it, she thought to herself. Wow.

The sensation was distracting. She had never touched such a hard chest before. As a result, after Kevin checked her the ball again, she was quickly disarmed. What am I doing? she reprimanded herself. I gotta keep my mind on the game. But even then, she found herself distracted by his strong chest and back, and soon discovered that he just as easily pushed her backwards for a lay up, as she had done to him.

“That’s two for me,” Kevin said, checking the ball. “What number did you say I needed to get to before I got your shirt?” he asked. But before Joey could answer, Kevin stopped and popped an easy basket from the free throw line. He grinned at her.

Joey sneered back at him. She took off her jersey with an audible huff, and threw it at him.

“You might be able to shoot,” he said laughing and holding the jersey out, waiving it in front of her face, “but you gotta work on your defense.”

“Maybe,” she said, feigning a large sigh, and checking the ball back to him, “but you’ve just used your only two offensive moves, and I know you ain’t got nothing else to show me — including what’s underneath your shorts,” she chided, as she deftly separated him from the ball. She took the ball out to the back court, and then drove to the basket for another easy lay up.

Kevin’s mind was focused not on the ball, but on her heavenly breasts, bouncing and straining against the girlish fabric of her bra. He kept staring, in hopes that one of her tender orbs would break free of its delicate confines.

“This is going to be easier than I thought,” she reproached, “Getting a good eyeful?”

“Not as good as what I’m going to get,” he responded, breaking out of his trance and into action, as he stole the ball in the back field and swished a turn-around jumper from three-point range. “Seven up,” he said with a twinkle in his eye. “Half-way home”.

Kevin reclaimed the ball and tried to repeat his prior performance. It bounced off of the backboard and Joey recovered the rebound, but not before their bodies had slammed against each other in the struggle for the ball.

“Nice brick,” she said, taking the ball out, “you should have been a mason.”

“Actually, I was thinking about becoming a gardener,” he retorted, “I’m gonna enjoy looking at your bush.”

Joey was taken aback at his immature sexual reference, and in that instant, she was separated from the ball. She spun around and tried to locate the ball, but it was too late. Kevin blew past her and took the easy lay up. It was an awkward throw, and it nearly rolled off the back of the rim. But it went in.

Fuck! she thought. But she couldn’t show weakness; physical or mental. “Well, if that’s how you drive to the hole, maybe there’s no point in me getting your shorts off, after all.” She was proud of her retort. She had never been this brazen before.

They both laughed, releasing some of the competitive and sexual tension that had been building up. They were both in new territory. Each wanted to win the game, each knew how easily they could lose, and each was eager to see where their little game would lead them.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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