A Death, Baked Bob, and the… Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

A Death, Baked Bob, and the Personal Ad

Part 2 – Baked Bob To The Rescue!

(F/F, oral, anal, exhibitionism, jewelry, drugs, tattoos, piercings, food, bad accents)

DISCLAIMER – This is a fictional story to be read and enjoyed. If you can’t read, stop reading. If you can’t enjoy, stop reading. If you don’t like any of the story codes mentioned above, stop reading. If you can’t stop, it’s not my problem.

* * *

I lost my job three months later. By that time I didn’t care, which was probably a good percentage of why I got fired. I would show up late, blow deadlines like they were suggestions, and get belligerent with my bosses. Oddly, none of that was enough to fire me. The combination of screwing up a major project and my co-workers noticing that I seemed ‘medicated’ earned me a boot out the door. The happy pills did a great job of keeping my mind off of Monica. Unfortunately they kept my mind off of everything else as well.

No one at work had any sympathy for me about the death of my lover. It wasn’t because they were callous; fact is they didn’t even know Monica had ever existed in my life. When I got the job I had a strong sense that coming out at work would impede my chances of rising up in the company. Monica said I was putting my ambition ahead of my self-confidence. My response was that I was working in a very competitive field, where anything can be used against you and even your best friend would sell you out. But now the fact that I didn’t come out was working against me. Maybe if they knew what I was going through, what I’d lost, company management and my co-workers might have given me another chance. Maybe. I wasn’t really worried though. For now, I could get any job and still be okay. The rent on the apartment was cheap enough, since Monica and I had been trying to save up for a house. Now all I had to save up for was my next stash of happy pills. Life had become so simple.

Baked Bob sent me to this grief therapy group he found on the Internet. I sat there in a circle with ten other people who’d lost someone, all of them still grieving. One woman had lost her husband over seven years ago. Seven years and she still couldn’t let go. It drove me crazy listening to her drone on about how much she loved and still missed her husband. I felt a vicious anger towards her as well, but I couldn’t exactly put my finger on why. The rest of the people there weren’t in much better shape. They all cried on and on about what they were missing. When it was my turn I had a hard time talking. The seven-year woman told me to let it all out because it feels good to talk to someone about it. That made me even more angry, I felt like she wanted to hear my sorrow so she could feed off of it, like she fed off of her own pain. When the meeting was over everyone told me they hoped I’d come back next week. I couldn’t imagine why. I went there to find an answer to my pain and all I found were people wallowing in it.

I spent my nights hanging out at Renee’s, partying and enjoying carnal pleasures, but during the day I had nothing to do but sit around the apartment. It wasn’t hard as long as I had my pills. They took the pain away, or kept it from getting too bad when I had what I’d dubbed a “memory fit”. Thinking about Monica and the times we’d spent together, the laughing and joking, the disagreements, the experiences and traveling we’d shared, the problems we encountered living together, the sex, the things we learned from each other, the loud screaming arguments and the quiet, tender moments we spent cuddling. Sometimes I thought about what the future would have held for us. The worst was those moments when I realized how permanent the situation was. I would never hear her laugh again, or see her smile, her pout, or her funny face that she used whenever I was sad. Moments like those were just devastating.

It was during one of those particular moments when I decided to try and watch a movie to keep my mind off of it. The pill I had just taken wasn’t strong enough to keep my sadness at bay. I wasn’t sure what a second one would do, and I wasn’t looking to find out while I was alone in my apartment with no one around to call for help. So I decided to use a movie to transport my thoughts elsewhere. Looking through the DVD’s I came upon an unmarked case, and suddenly felt dread slither through my body as I remembered what it was. But I had to watch it. There was no way I wasn’t going to watch it. I put it in the player and paused for a moment. I reached for the pill bottle, stopped myself and hit the play button.

The screen went from black to showing our bedroom. There I was, lying naked on the bed with Portisehead playing in the background. Then the picture shook like there was an earthquake.

“You sure you know how to operate that thing?” I asked, followed by a laugh.

“Shut up!” Monica said from behind the camera. “I just want to make sure I have the right angle.”

“Do I get a close-up?” I asked in a mockingly hopeful tone.

“Only if we want to break the lens.”

I grabbed a small pillow and threw it to the left uşak escort of the camera. Monica shouted, “Hey!” and ran into the picture, herself naked, and jumped on top of me. We smiled at each other for a moment and suddenly started kissing, small, passionate kisses building up to a full open-mouthed kiss. My hands ran up and down her backside as our bodies pressed together and our legs moved about like we were doing some slow dance without a floor. Occasionally our mouths would pull apart but our tongues were still playing with each other. Then Monica pulled away and traced her tongue along my jaw line. She wrapped her lips around my chin and let them slide away as she pulled back, straddling my stomach as she sat up. Monica looked down into my eyes as her arms stretched out, letting her fingertips play on my nipples. I remembered that moment, staring up at the serious look on her face and wondering what she was thinking. I was about to ask when she leaned down and took my right nipple in her mouth. My eyes rolled back and I moaned, forever losing the opportunity. Monica moved over to tongue my left nipple as she rolled the right one between her thumb and index finger. I put a hand on her head as she licked and sucked on my nipple, her fingers lightly tracing the underside of my breast. I loved that sensation. She stopped what she was doing and crawled up me until her face was over mine. I leaned up and we started kissing again, our arms wrapped around each other and our breasts pressing against one another.

Monica brought her leg between mine and started pressing it against my sex. I moaned and broke the kiss long enough to whisper her name. “I love you,” she returned and we kissed again. My hands glided slowly down her back and came to rest on the globes of her ass. I squeezed softly a few times and then pulled them apart. Monica made a noise I couldn’t decipher as I ran my fingers up and down her crack, driving her to grind her leg harder against me. When my finger found her rosebud I toyed with it a little, running my finger along the small folds of skin around the outer rim. She moaned and broke the kiss. I took the opportunity to grab her and roll us over so I was on top. I started licking her shoulders, which was her odd little sensitive spot, and made my way down to her breasts. My tongue ran around the area underneath the right one, slowly moving back and forth like the swinging of a pendulum, arching its way upwards until I reached her areola. It was bright pink against her pale skin. My tongue stiffened and I used the tip to trace the outer rim all the way around several times. Then I slid the entire face of my tongue over it slowly, stopped to watch the reaction on her face and did it again. After the last lick I placed her nipple between my lips and started sucking. Inside my mouth my tongue was alternately flicking over the tip and pressing down on it. Monica’s mouth dropped open and she emitted a low gurgling sound. After a minute of this I let her nipple slide out between my lips. I brought my lips close to her ear and whispered, “Did you like that?”

“Yesssss,” she breathed.

“Good,” I said. “Because after I’m done, I’m going to do the same thing to your asshole.”

Monica let out a gasp. I turned around and straddled her stomach so I was facing her feet, then leaned forward and grabbed her foot so I could suck on her toes. My other hand reached down to Monica’s fur and played with the hair for a moment before delving further between her legs. The area around her clit was dry, but when I got to her hole and past it I felt an ocean. My fingers scooped up some of her honey and spread it around her clit. Monica reached to the nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lube, spread it on her finger and ran it up and down my ass.

Sitting on the couch and watching all this unfold on the screen, I started rubbing my left nipple through my T-shirt. For a moment I stopped and thought I shouldn’t be doing this…right before I pulled the shirt off and rubbed and pinched my bare nipple. Maybe this would be a way for me to come to terms with it. Feel less pain. Start moving on. Bullshit myself.

We were moaning on screen. Monica’s finger had made its way up my ass and she was pumping it in and out. I had moved on to her other foot, sucking and licking her toes while my fingers worked magic on her folds. My present day folds wanted some attention and my hand found its way inside my pajama pants and started working some magic of their own. I put my feet up on the coffee table and spread my legs for easy access. Sometimes just the act of spreading my legs caused a sexual reaction in me, and tonight was no different. On the screen Monica was using her other hand to pinch and pull at her nipple, and I found myself mimicking her movements.

Suddenly Monica let out a loud cry as she came. I brought my fingers to my mouth and sucked her juices. Monica lay completely spent, her finger still stuck in my ass while my fingers were stuck in my mouth. Looking at it from the couch made me laugh. Then on-screen me hopped off Monica uşak escort bayan and we cuddled. All alone on the couch me grabbed the remote and fast-forwarded until the image changed. Monica had taken the camera off the tripod and given it to me so I could record her going down on me from my point-of-view. I hit pause and ran to the bedroom. In the closet sat a large box full of the sex toys Monica and I had collected over the years. There were vaginal and anal beads, various dildos and vibrators, a blindfold and handcuffs, a small, soft whip, nipple clamps, and a feather. I settled on a smooth, red vibrator and ran back to the living room.

I took off my pants, got into my previous position and hit play on the remote. The image was looking down my body to Monica’s head between my legs. In reality you couldn’t see anything of what was going on other than her head moving and hearing my moans and words of encouragement. But it was good enough for what I was looking to do. I started the vibrator and rubbed it against my pussy, using the juices I’d already created on the surface. Then I moved it around trying to mimic Monica’s effect on the on-screen me to the on the couch me. I slid the whole thing up and down my folds when her head moved up and down, centered the tip on my clit when her head was still, and slid it inside when I remembered she stuck her tongue into me.

We were sliding up and down my folds when I moaned, “Uhhhh, uhhhhh, slower.” I remembered she started fingering my ass. I brought my left hand under my leg, slid my finger along my pussy to get it lubricated, and brought it to my rosebud. I toyed with the outer rim, getting it relaxed until I started pressing on the hole. After getting it lubricated in my juices again, I was able to push it in to the second knuckle and start pumping in and out. I kept my eyes glued to the screen, imagining it was Monica causing all my current pleasure. A series of high-pitched moans came out of me from the television, so I concentrated on my clit until I started coming. My moans couldn’t compete with the ones on screen, but I managed to orgasm just behind the videotaped one. Monica crawled up my body and the camera shook for a moment. Suddenly it dropped and there was an incredible view of my hip.

The sound of kissing came from the television and my breathless words. “I love you, Mon.”

“I love you too.”

“You’re the best fucking thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“I know,” she said, followed by infectious giggling by both of us. We continued to whisper sweet nothings to each other while the camera recorded my hip.

I turned off the vibrator and sat there, naked, my legs still spread with my feet on the coffee table and my finger in my ass. Suddenly I started crying. The vibrator hit the floor. I found something else I’d never share with Monica again.

Later I got a call from Baked Bob. He said he wanted to talk to me about something but wouldn’t be specific until we met face to face. This is classic Baked Bob mentality. Bob hated telling people any of his so called ‘brilliant ideas’ over the phone because he wanted to see the reaction on their faces when he said it. The next time we had plans was three days away when he was performing with his band. Bob played guitar, Asian Andy played bass, our friend Trilly sang and some guy named Steve played the drums. They called themselves Carcass Crowd Surfers.

Even thought I was intrigued I managed to go three days without running to Bob’s store, throwing him down on the counter and demanding he spill his guts. It was hardly a test of will, between my happy pills and hanging out over at Renee’s I had my mind other places. I swallowed a pill before I left the apartment that night, and it was working nicely by the time I got downstairs. This helped me blow off the taunting comments from Ronald and Tim as I passed by them, and kept me from shooting my ride after she picked me up. The whole way there she kept asking about was how I was doing since Monica died. I knew she meant well and was trying to be a friend, but every question was like salt on an open wound.

The band was playing at a small underground club called The Stoned Tongue. It was the kind of place that looked like it was decorated on fifty bucks, and most of us felt more comfortable there than in some of the glitzy high priced clubs around. The walls were covered with psychedelic art and movie posters and the lighting in the room was subtle, mostly in splashes of red, blue, green and the occasional black light. There were couches and cushioned chairs, a bar along the right wall and a large stage in back. But the most impressive part was the black floor that anyone could write on. All you needed to do was ask for a marker at the bar. Some people drew artwork that was truly impressive and others drew things that struggled to be called ‘work’ much less ‘art’. When I walked in my eyes intentionally avoided the floor. Near the doorway there was a big heart with the words “Monica and Keisha forever”. Forever was much shorter than we thought.

There escort uşak was a table near the bar selling band T-shirts and the one CD the Surfers had recorded in Trilly’s basement. I was the one who came up with the album title. It’s called ‘Sip Hard Fish’, and yeah, I was drunk at the time. Bob was sitting behind the table. When he saw me he got up and came over.

“You find a new job yet?” he asked. I shook my head. “Are you looking?”

“Dammit Bob…” I started, but he held up his hands.

“I just wanted to know the situation,” Bob said. A smile came across his face and I prepared myself. “I have an offer for you. Come to work for me at the store.”

“Are you not high again?”

“I’m quite fine actually, thanks.”

“Do you know what I was doing at my last job? How much I was making?”

Bob’s mouth twisted a little. “Was is the operative word there. Nowadays you’re just hanging out with Renee.”

For a second I wondered if Bob was going psychic on me too. “How the fuck do you know that?” I asked. A guilty look came across Bob’s face and I felt anger welling up inside of me as I realized what he did. “Your buddy?”

Bob had an old high school friend who took the opposite direction in life. He became a cop. “I just asked him to keep an eye on you every once in a while.”

“Well you can tell him to stop. I don’t need a babysitter.”

“I’m just worried about you.”

“I don’t need a mother either. I can handle myself just fine.”

Bob nodded, even though the look on his face said he didn’t believe me. “So what about the job offer?”

I thought for a moment. There’d been no response to the jobs I’d applied for. Working at Bob’s store would be easy and I already got along with the boss. Besides, for the condition I was in, working there would be paradise. Literally.

“Okay,” I said to him. “When do I start?”

Bob owns a place called Baked Bob’s Paradise. It’s a combination movie rental, liquor and convenience store, since he got tired of having to drive all around town to get everything he wanted whenever he got high (Bob also repaired electronics like VCR’s, which scared me). Working at Baked Bob’s Paradise was a paradise in itself. I’d come in at nine-thirty, and the first order of business for the day was to sit in Bob’s office and have a smoke. We would discuss which movies to play on the monitors throughout the store, then open at ten and sit behind the counter watching movies and helping the occasional customer. Lunch was at one-thirty, after which we’d smoke again and discuss afternoon movie options. Bob was easy to pick movies with because he liked all types of films, from art house to action, foreign films to horror, dramas and even the occasional romance film.

At every customer service job I’ve ever worked there was always at least one oddball customer, and at Baked Bob’s there was Jiminy Cricket. He was an older man, maybe in his mid-fifties, with a tall, bulky body and thinning white hair he kept at a crew cut’s length. You could tell from his eyes and face that he was a lifetime drinker. We dubbed him Jiminy Cricket because in under a minute he would come in, quickly grab a movie from the porno section without even looking at the title, and check out. He moved like he was in a rush to get to a bathroom and it was hard not to laugh. Bob and I and the people who worked the night shift all tried to make conversation with him to no avail. One day as I was helping him I asked, “Are you afraid your wife is going to catch you renting pornos?”

He stared at me like a kid who just found out Santa Claus wasn’t real. I swallowed and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

He grabbed his movie and bumped into Asian Andy as he rushed out the door. I shook my head and said, “What the hell is up with that guy?”

Andy walked up to the counter and said, “If you really want to know…”

“No,” I said sternly. “Not like that.”

We quietly stared at each other for a moment. Then Andy said, “I haven’t seen you around in a while. Wanted to find out what you’re up to.”

I snorted. “What, you don’t already know?” I turned around and started doing busy work behind the counter.

“It doesn’t work like that,” he said. “I’m just worried about you.”

“Everybody’s so worried about me and yet no one seems to believe it when I say I’m okay.”

“They’re worried about what’s happened already. I’m the only one that knows something worse is coming.” He paused. “And I feel it’s going to happen soon.”

I spun around to face him. “Listen, even if I believed in your…powers, I don’t know any blondes, and I don’t plan to meet any. So thank you for your concern, but I think you got it wrong this time.”

Andy stared at me. Then he gave a nod and said, “Be careful.”

The next week Bob was out of town on what he called business. Whether this had to do with videos, chips, Slushies or drugs I had no idea. But for five days I was in the store by myself, and for some reason I watched all sad romance films where someone died. ‘Love Story’, some movie with Sidney Poitier in France, ‘Here on Earth’ and a bunch of others, and I cried through each and every one of them. Of course, it looks pretty strange when you go to rent a movie and the checkout person behind the counter is in a full out bawl. Customers would ask what was wrong and get an earful.

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A Girl Called Sami Ch. 21

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Sami and Jena did venture across the river that following week, as planned. Both were dressed to attract, and attract they did. Their plan was to dance and tease with some of the locals that hang out there, at the Loft, but the surprise turned out to be on them.

Even though it was the middle of the week, the bar was crowded with patrons; drinking at the bar, sitting in the darkened booths, mingling, or dancing on the dimly lit floor.

Jena and Sami squeezed in at the bar and Jena ordered for them both. The bartender looked at Sami for maybe a second or two, but fetched the beers, smiling at Sami when she handed one to her.

They found a spot off to the side and silently sipped at their beers while taking in the crowd. Butches, soccer-moms, older, younger, married or single; If you couldn’t find a partner here, there was something seriously wrong with you.

Jena and Sami had plenty of offers to dance and they took most of them up. Each was having quite the time playing kissy-face on the dark dance floor with their many partners, each getting themselves worked up for what they hoped would be a monster fuck-session later on that night.

It turned out to be so, but not as they envisioned it.

Their eyes met, there, on the dance floor, as they were both being led around by their partners. Sami was dancing with a Butch, letting the Butch nibble on her ear and feel her ass as they danced to the slow soulful tune.

She, Dr. Michaels, Sami’s fine-arts teacher at the college, was in the arms of one of the soccer-moms who was having quite the time kissing and licking Dr. Michaels’ long, slender neck.

They stared for the brief second or two in recognition of each other, their eyes registering the knowledge, but without saying anything as they passed each other. Sami was thinking about whether or not she was surprised at seeing Dr. Michaels, and decided that she wasn’t.

Funny thing is that Dr. Michaels was thinking the same thing.

Turning down an offer to go to a motel with the Butch, Sami walked back to the booth that she and Jena had finally secured for themselves shortly after arriving. Standing at the table, Sami sipped her drink-they had switched to Mimosas-and scanned the floor, looking for Jena. She found her, locked in a grope-fest with one of the Butch gals, both of them kissing and fondling each other lustfully.

“Well, what a pleasant surprise to find you here, Sami,” the voice said from behind Sami’s back.

Turning, Sami saw that it was Dr. Michaels, and smiling, she replied, “Yeah, well, I could say the same thing, couldn’t I?” Sami jokingly said, adding, “How ya doing, Dr. Michaels?”

“Nope, outside of the classroom, you may call me Nikki; Dr. Michaels is locked in the classroom until eight tomorrow morning,” smiling brightly at Sami as she said it.

“Sit down, Nikki, take a load off,” Sami offered as she slid into the booth, dragging her drink along the table with her.

Nikki did and turning, called a waitress over; “I’ll have what she’s having and bring her another one, okay Bobbi?”

“Sure thing, Nikki, and by the way you look hot tonight, as always,” Bobbi replied and blowing Nikki an air-kiss as she walked away.

“So, I guess this isn’t your first time here?” Sami said jokingly.

“Oh hell no, Sami, I’ve been coming here since way before Katrina, almost from the first opening night,” Nikki replied, her eyes taking in Sami’s classic beauty.

Nikki Michaels was forty-two, single, and held a Doctorate in Fine Arts and had been teaching at the college for ten years. She was a brunette with medium length hair, and was 5′ 7’ish and probably 130 pounds or so. She was dressed in a blouse and skirt that showed off her body nicely, especially her twins.

“You don’t seem surprised to see me here,” Sami threw out onto the table.

“Nor you, me,” Nikki parried back to Sami.

“I sort of suspected that you preferred the ladies,” Sami offered truthfully.

“And I, you,” Nikki tossed back.

Interrupted by the delivery of their drinks, they toasted each other, and sipped, both staring at the other as they did.

“Dance with me?” Nikki asked when she put her drink down.

Sami answered by sliding out of the booth and holding out her hand to help Nikki from the booth. Taking Sami’s hand, Nikki slid gracefully from the booth, revealing a pair of nice looking thighs as her skirt rode up her legs.

They danced close to each other, their arms wrapped tightly around the other. There were no words, no feels, nothing but the sensuousness of each other’s body sliding across their own as they moved slowly on the floor.

Opening her eyes at one point, Sami saw that Jena had moved to a booth in a dark corner and was busily fondling and kissing with two Butches now, yalova escort bayan both of them with a hand up Jena’s skirt, Jena’s legs spread a bit to accommodate their play.

Smiling, Sami closed her eyes again, and pulled Nikki tighter to her body, loving the feel of Nikki’s larger breasts as they pressed against her body. Feeling Nikki moving her head upward from where she had rested it on Sami’s shoulder, Sami leaned towards her.

When Nikki’s tongue slowly began its dance along the side of Sami’s neck, Sami’s response was to drop one her hands to fondle Nikki’s ass. Planting her mouth on Sami’s neck, Nikki sucked slightly while flicking her tongue on Sami’s skin which caused Sami to moan acceptance and delight at the feeling.

Breaking her mouth from Sami’s neck, Nikki whispered into Sami’s ear, “Want to step out for some fresh air with me?” then kissed Sami’s earlobe in punctuation.

“Yeah, that sound like a good idea,” Sami agreed, then kissing Nikki on the lips briefly, but full of promise.

They finished their drinks quickly and walked out into the cooler night air together, stepping towards the parking lot, away from the crowds near the entrance.

As Sami followed Nikki to wherever it was they were going, Sami noticed a few of the vehicles had occupants in them, the fogged windows betraying their actions. Sami thought that a bit hot, she admitted to herself as they cut between the two last rows of parked cars.

Pulling a remote from a skirt pocket, Nikki pressed it, resulting in a flash of lights from a Cadillac sedan on the last row. Opening the door and reaching above the driver’s visor, Nikki retrieved a joint, looking at Sami when she did so.

“Join me, or if you’re not so inclined, promise not to report me?” Nikki laughingly asked.

“I am so inclined,” Sami replied with a smile, “and you have to promise not to report me to Coach, okay?”

They both laughed and firing up the doobie, took turns with the herbal treat, savoring its effect to them as it did its magic on them. After Nikki took the last hit, she ground it under her shoe and reaching to Sami with her arms, she kissed her student passionately.

Sami responded by kissing her back just as passionately but coupled it with a slow, sensuous fondling of Nikki’s breasts through the thin material of Nikki’s blouse. Leaning against her car, Nikki sucked on Sami’s tongue, her moans of delight a bit loud in the night as Sami fondled her breasts, both of them now, her fingers kneading hungrily.

Breaking the kiss, Nikki took a breath, and with a voice full of want, asked Sami, “Back seat with me, please?” her voice pleading almost.

“Yes,” was Sami’s short answer, pulling Nikki to the side and opening the rear door of Nikki’s caddie. Closing the door when she got in last, Sami flew into Nikki’s arms, her mouth opened to suck Nikki’s tongue while her hand flew to Nikki’s blouse.

When Sami had unbuttoned Nikki’s blouse, she then pulled down her bra; Sami’s mouth sucked on Nikki’s breasts and nipples while Nikki held Sami’s head between her hands, her head thrown back and eyes closed in desire and delight at what Sami’s talented mouth and tongue were doing to her ‘girls’.

Sucking hard on Nikki’s tits, Sami slipped her hand under Nikki’s skirt, her fingers sliding her panties to the side and finding a bare, naked pussy that was moist and warm, begging to be touched.

Sami continued to suckle Nikki’s breasts as her fingers expertly pealed back the folds of Nikki’s pinkness, and slipping two of her fingers into Nikki, she began a slow, rhythmic fucking motioning which drew loud moans of contentment from Nikki’s mouth.

Sami’s thumb rotated slowly over the swollen love-bud of her teacher as she sank her fingers deep into the warmth of Nikki’s snatch. Lifting her mouth from Nikki’s breasts, wet and red now, from her mouth, Sami kissed Nikki hard, driving her tongue far into her teacher’s opened mouth.

“Mmmph, oh yes,” Nikki murmured between her gasps for breath, her desire for more overtaking her completely, making her dizzy with lust for Sami-girl.

“Sami, let’s go to my place, baby, what’d ya say, sweetie?” Nikki gasped as she spread her legs even more to Sami’s fingers which had not stopped playing.

“I came with a friend, Nikki, I can’t just leave her,” Sami replied though she wished she didn’t have to, because right at the moment, Sami wanted to be between Nikki’s legs in the worse way.

“Why don’t you speak to her while I sorta dress myself, and I’ll pull the car up near the entrance and wait for you, okay?”

“You’re sure that I’ll be able to, are you?” Sami replied.

“Oh yes, baby, I am; you want to fuck me as badly as I want to fuck you,” Nikki replied as she pulled yalova escort her bra-cups back over her breasts.

Well hell, Sami thought, she wasn’t wrong.

Win-win as it turned out for both Jena and Sami. When Sami found Jena, she was walking towards the restroom after leaving the table where her two butch friends were eyeing her ass as she walked from their table.

“Jena, got a bit of a situation,” Sami said as she stopped Jena with a hand on her arm.

After explaining the situation, Jena just smiled and said, “Whew, that’s a relief, Sami; I was trying to figure out how I could not leave you here alone while I finished entertaining my new friends.”

“Entertaining?” Sami asked.

“Well, for me it’s entertainment,” Jena explained, “but for them, it’s a threesome with a ‘curious’ married chick; they think I’m just another curious housewife whose husband is out of town and that this is my first time ‘fooling’ around with other women.”

Sami smiled at the revelation and kissing Jena on the cheek, she said, “Have a good time, you curious wench,” laughing afterwards.

“You too, baby, and let’s do plan a night for just you and me, real soon, okay?” and off she went, waving to Sami over her shoulder.

“Slide closer, Sami,” Nikki said when Sami had jumped into the front seat and they had driven off, heading for the bridge to take them back to the City. Smiling, Sami did as asked, hiking her skirt around her hips, revealing her thin, laced panties. Grabbing Nikki’s right hand from the steering wheel, she placed it between her now, spread legs, right on her honey-pot.

Squeezing Sami-girl’s moistness with her hand, Nikki glanced quickly to Sami, and smilingly said, “I like a girl who anticipates my wants,” sliding a finger under Sami’s panties, now, to rub the swollen clitoris of Sami’s womanhood.

Driving into the garage of her townhouse, located near the University, Nikki parked her car and removed her hand from inside of Sami’s panties and sucked it of Sami’s juices while looking into Sami’s eyes. Leaning towards each other, she and Sami kissed lustfully, both hornier than hell for each other.

“Follow me, sweetie,” and taking Sami by her hand, Nikki led them from the garage, through a very comfortable, though small, garden-patio, and into the rear door of the townhome.

“I’ll give you the nickel-tour at some other time, Sami, but for now, let’s show you our playroom for the evening,” and pulling Sami along with her, Nikki mounted the stairs to the upstairs bedrooms.

Nikki’s master bedroom was huge; large enough to accommodate a loveseat, as well as a couple of reading loungers, besides all of the massive bedroom furniture. Lighting several candles quickly while Sami’s eyes took in the hugeness of the room, Nikki suggested that they shower the humidity and bar smells from their bodies.

“I’ll go first, baby, then you, okay?” Nikki said, adding, “Make yourself comfortable; there’s some reading material you might find interesting by the lounger and bookcase.”

Sami turned on a small reading lamp and looked at the several books that were on the table next to the chair. They were all books of photography, the subject matter all women. Sitting and picking up one of the books, Sami relaxed into the lounger and gazed upon some of the most incredible, artful, photographs of gorgeous women that she had ever seen.

As she took in the photos, Sami found that she was becoming even hornier, as if that was possible; when she came across a section dealing with lesbian women, Sami felt her juices start to flow.

“Your turn, baby,” Nikki’s voice said, breaking the silence; looking up from the book, Sami was greeted by the sight of Nikki’s nakedness, her body glistening in the candlelight, and a sweet smell of Azaleas faintly reaching her nostrils.

“I won’t be long,” Sami said as she stood and started unbuttoning her blouse, but her eyes taking in all of Nikki’s body.

“Don’t be; we have things to do to each other,” Nikki replied seductively.

When Sami emerged from the quickest shower of her life, she was greeted with a kiss and a Mimosa. Silently, they clicked glasses and drank while eye-fucking each other. Setting the empty glasses down, they held hands as they walked to Nikki’s bed. On a table, near the bed, there was an array of various sex toys out, and which caused Sami to pause a bit.

“For later, you know, to mix things up a bit; but for now, I want you straight up,” Nikki explained as she climbed onto her huge king-sized bed, bringing Sami with her.

Sami quickly took control of the situation and while they kissed on their knees, in the bed, her hand dropped between Nikki’s legs and began a slow, rhythmic stroking of Nikki’s pussy. Pulling Nikki onto escort yalova her back while still kissing her, Sami’s fingers began rubbing and teasing, bringing moans of delight from Nikki’s mouth.

Slowly, teasingly, Sami kissed a trail down Nikki’s body while Nikki threw her head back in ecstasy and her hands gently encouraged Sami’s downward movements. Nikki was butter under Sami’s touch and kisses, her level of arousal far higher than it usually was with these undergrad students.

And there had been an awful lot of undergrad students that had been in Nikki’s bed over the past ten years. And, God willing, thought Nikki, there’ll be more for years to come, but Sami was something special, there’s no doubt about that.

Moving between Nikki’s spread legs that now closed behind her, Sami gripped Nikki’s upper thighs and dropped her head to Nikki’s swollen clit and sucked it into her mouth with a slurping sound.

“Ah, Jesus,” was Nikki’s response to Sami’s clit-sucking abilities, and thrusting her hips upward, she tried to drive her clitoris deep into Sami’s mouth. Had Nikki been a guy with a thick, 10″ cock in Sami’s mouth, the motion would have been the same.

But Sami responded and wrapped her mouth around Nikki’s clit and pussy, driving her tongue into the warm, wetness of Nikki’s pussy. Chewing with her mouth and her tongue fucking Nikki, alternately, gave Nikki an orgasm to surpass all orgasms, and a cry surely heard for blocks around her townhome, never mind right next door.

Grabbing Sami’s head with her hands, she pulled Sami deep into her crotch as she ground and humped Sami’s face.

And Sami-girl loved it! She fucking loved it when she made ‘them’ scream.

Crawling up Nikki’s body, taking her time to place small kisses all over it, Sami finally kissed Nikki on the lips, letting Nikki taste her juices on Sami’s tongue before dropping onto her back, next to Nikki.

“My turn now, Sami, my turn to fuck you, baby,” Nikki said slow and seductively as she fondled Sami’s breasts with a hand, squeezing hard enough to be ‘almost’ painful, and pinching Sami’s nipples between her fingers.

Dropping her head to Sami’s breasts, she sucked and licked her student’s firm tits, loving the largeness of Sami’s nipples in her mouth.

Moving her tongue to Sami’s belly, her hand squeezed and teased Sami’s pussy, Nikki loving the feel of a young woman’s pussy in her hands. Feeling Sami’s hands on her head, slightly pulling, Nikki stopped and turned to face a smiling Sami.

“I want you to eat me, I want to feel you there, but when I’m ready to cum, I want you fucking my ass with that,” pointing to the table with the sex toys with her hand. Turning to follow Sami’s finger, Nikki saw that Sami wanted her to use the strap-on, the one with the 6″, slender dildo.

Turning her gaze back to Sami, Nikki moved between Sami’s legs, and said, “Oh, babygirl, where have you been all my life?” and smiling, she lowered her head to taste the nectar of her student.


Nikki dropped Sami off, the next morning, and drove off with a friendly wave; they had already said their goodbyes earlier, in the shower, at Nikki’s townhome.

Running up the stairs to her floor, Sami dashed into her room, moving the notes and letters and crap aside with her foot. As the RA, she had a small slot in her door for residents to leave requests for a meeting, or ask questions and the like. Picking up the several pieces she tossed them onto her desk.

I’ll go through them later, Sami thought as she picked out her clothes for class, and once changed, she headed off to her classes. Ironically, her first class that day was Dr. Michaels’ class. Sami smiled at what Nikki had said on the drive over, earlier this morning.

“It’s a good thing that you’re already an A+ student in my class,” Nikki smilingly said, “I’d have a hell of a time flunking you after what you did to me last night; you do know, I hope, that I’d like to see you on a regular basis, don’t you?”

“Works for me,” Sami said even though her ass was still a bit sore from last night. Though she was not trying for a personal best, Sami thought that three butt-fuckings were just a tad too many; but it wasn’t Nikki’s fault, she had asked her to.

It was a long day for Sami with classes, a team meeting to discuss the upcoming nationals, and a server’s meeting at The Grille, so it was after five as Sami approached her dorm. As she had done a million times, it seemed, Sami started up the steps, glancing over towards her scoot as she usually did.

It was four steps before she stopped dead in her tracks and reran her mind-movie of the last fifteen seconds. Walking back down, backwards, she paused to look, again, at where the scoot should be; only it wasn’t.

Slowly, as if she were in a time-warped, slow-motion, movie, Sami moved towards her parking space; looking, but not believing what her eyes told her, she gazed at the empty bike rack that she always chained her scooter to.

On the ground, with one of its links broken open, was the scooter-less chain.

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A Journal of Truth Ch. 11 Pt. 02

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Chapter 11, cont’d….

Ken had left for the airport and Sue and I stayed in the pool for another hour or so, watching as the sun slipped behind the mountains to our west.

“There, did you see that?…Don’t look yet,” Sue admonished me when I started to raise my head to look for whatever the hell I was supposed to have seen.

“Where?” I asked as I laid back into her body.

We were on one of our loungers, on the patio, Sue sitting with her back on the inclined back-rest and her legs opened. I was sitting between her legs, my back leaning against her body, facing the same way she was. Her boobs pressed against my back, her hands soft on my tits, as she freely fondled and pinched my breasts and nipples while we watched the sun go down.

“Wait…okay; look to your left and a bit higher, don’t let them see you, the pink house. Look carefully and you’ll see a shimmer of light, almost like the sun’s reflection on glass or a lens or something.”

Sliding my eyes slowly towards the direction that she had indicated, I did see a glint of light for a split-second, gone and then back again.

“Yeah, I see it,” I said, conscious, now, that someone might actually be watching us, watching me, watching my life.

“Told ya,” Sue said sort of smugly, “hope they’re getting off from what they’ve seen.”

“Kinda’ pisses me off,” I said, taking her hands from my breasts and interlocking her fingers with my own and hugging our hands to my chest, “I mean, if my sex life is going to be on display for your pleasure, then be man, or woman, enough to introduce yourself and ask if you can play in my yard,” laughing sarcastically afterwards.

“Get up,” Sue suddenly commanded, getting off of the lounger when I sat up, “I need a marker and something sort of large to write on,” She said walking back into the house with me trailing behind.

“What are you going to do?” I asked with a bit of concern. I mean, I lived here, not Sue.

“You’ll see,” She said as I helped her gather her requested items. Taking the garment-box top and opening it to lay flat, she started to write.

“There!” She said when she finished, “What do you think?”

Looking at her creation, I read:

“Like what you see? Join us or leave us alone. Keep up the spying and the next call is to the cops!!!”

“Join us???,” I asked increduously.

“Well, hell, you never know, could be somebody hot,” Sue replied with a chuckle, “And if they’re not, the bit about the cops might scare them in stopping.”

Well, that’s true, I thought as I followed her back out onto the patio. Looking around the patio, Sue decided to place the sign on the hot tub’s deck edge, facing towards the pink house above mine.

“Okay, I’m hungry; I mean I love your pussy, sweetie, you know that, but I need something a bit more substanial if I’m going to properly fuck you,” Sue declared with a kiss to my lips afterwards, “I’m buying; let’s go get cleaned up and go out for some food, okay?”

Well, Okay!

We went out for some fabulous Tex-Mex at a cantina-styled restaurant a few miles from the house. We were feeling no pain and while I had a slight buzz from the three Margaritas, I was still very much okay to drive. Trust me, if I wasn’t, we would have gotten a cab.

“Strong Margaritas,” Sue commented, her buzz a bit more pronounced than mine. Sue’s sort of a ‘cheap date’ as far as liquor is concerned, not much capacity at all.

“Yeah, they were,” I replied as we steadily climbed up the moutainside that was my home’s home.

Swinging into my drive from the winding roadway, my headlights swept the front of my house, illuminating a female figure standing in the recessed entryway of my front door.

“What the fuck?,” I said as I sped up and slid to a stop in front of my front door, blocking any escape should this mystery girl decide to try to bolt.

“Who are you? What are you doing on my doorstep?” I demanded, quickly exiting my car, clearly not thinking. I mean, what if she’d had a knife? or a gun? Looking back on it, it was really reckless on my part.

My headlights lit up the front of the house and the recessed doorway. She looked young, very young, scarily young, I thought at first glance. But, after a bit of study while she fumbled to say something, the red of embarassment spreading across her face, I realized that she was young, yes, but no younger than nineteen or twenty.

She turned out to be nineteen, but I’m getting ahead of myself, here.

“I’m sorry…I’m really, really sorry,” She finally managed to say as Sue joined me near the front of my car, “I was just leaving this,” raising an envelope towards me that she had in her hand.

Still looking at her, harshly, I’m sure, I took the envelope from her and ripped it open. Shaking out the folded piece of stationary, I read:

“I’m sorry for spying on you. Please don’t yozgat escort call the police, I promise, I won’t do it again.”

No signature or name…

“About two years,” She said in answer to my question. We were now sitting at my breakfast nook’s table, Sue and I sipping wine, and Beth (that was her name) drinking water.

Brief rewind…

Sue pulled me to the side after reading the note and suggested that we cool down, cool off, ask her inside and find out what the fuck is going on.

Reasonable suggestion, so that’s what I, we, did.

Beth said that when she was in High School, she was in the ‘Skywatchers Club’ at her school and would spend hours upon hours on her patio, with her telescope, scanning the heavens, star-gazing, planet-watching.

One night, when she was a Junior, her scope slipped down on one of its tripod legs and as she fought to right it, she looked into the eyepiece to check if any of the lenses had shifted. The lenses hadn’t shifted, she said, but the scope was pointed at our patio and she caught a quick glimpse of my husband and I having sex on one of our loungers.

Hmmph! I thought.

“And no matter how hard I tried not to, I found myself watching your patio more and more,” Beth said with her head down, in embarassment, in shame, no doubt.

“Oh lordy, girl, I can’t imagine what you’ve seen,” I replied, a bit flabbergasted and embarassed now, “How long has this been going on?” I asked.

“About two years,” she had answered.

“And so, you’ve seen me…..?” I tried to spit out the words but my mouth wouldn’t let me.

“I’ve seen you do a lot of things,” Beth said with an attempt at tactfulness.

“More like a lot of people,” Sue interjected, and busting into laughter after she said it. Hell, I tried not to, I really did, but the absurdness of it all…well, I couldn’t help myself and joined Sue in laughter.

Beth, reddened a bit but sorta’ smiled. As my laughter subsided, I took notice of the fact that she had a rather large birthmark that crept up the right side of her neck. Her face was ‘cute’, her body, teen-ager trim and firm, and if the swelling under her blouse was to be believed, rather well-endowed it would appear.

Really? You’re really thinking about this girl’s boobs? Are you out of your fucking mind???, I questioned myself when I realized what my fucked-up mind was generating in the way of thoughts.

“You’re still in High School?,” Sue questioned.

“Oh no, no, I’m a Freshman at ASU, now,” Beth answered, a bit more relaxed, knowing now that we weren’t going to call the cops.

“How old are you?” Sue asked.

“Just turned nineteen last month,” Beth answered.

Sue didn’t say anything, but she did keep her eyes on Beth’s face, almost as if she were trying to divine ‘something’ unseen, unsaid.

“How’d you get here? I didn’t see a car on the street,” I asked when I suddenly remembered that fact.

“There’s a hiking trail near my house, well, my parent’s house, and it runs near your neighbor’s house, up the block a bit,” Beth answered, her eyes switching from me to Sue.

“I stay at my Soroity house during the week and come home on the weekends; sometimes I run the trail,” Beth explained further.

“Well, I suppose I can drive you back to your part of the mountain rather than having you walk it at night,” I offered, not sure why I did.

She was quiet, her eyes darting to the floor, fidgeting, as if she wanted to say something else.

“I don’t have to go yet,” Beth replied quickly, “I mean, it’s just me at home this weekend, my parents are away for the holiday.”

“Any boyfriends, Beth?” Sue asked from out of the blue, her eyes searching Beth’s face with intensity.

“No, I don’t date boys.”

“Ahhh, then, girlfriends?” Sue pressed on.

“Not really ‘girlfriends’,” Beth clarified, “more like ‘special’ friends.”

“‘Special’, how?” Sue pressed further.

Beth reddened again, and cast her eyes downward, then taking a deep breath, she looked at both of us full in the face. Taking another breath, she began.

“My gift from God,” referring to her birthmark with a flick of her eyes towards the right side of her neck, “has limited interest in being my friend or hanging out with me. Young people, especially young teens can be very mean, making fun of others for stuff,” she explained.

“About the time that I started watching your patio, a classmate, a girl, started spending weekends and stuff with me, showing interest in me. She was the first girl who wasn’t ‘forced’ to be friends with me because their parents told them to. I mean she really seemed like she liked me,” Beth continued.

“Anyway, we sort of started fooling around with each other at night, you know, kissing and stuff, and when I saw you with other women sometimes, it just made me want yozgat escort bayan to learn more about sex and stuff,” She explained further.

Now it was my turn to blush.

“And, your ‘special’ friends?” Sue continued pressing her.

“They’re some of the girls in my soroity that come to my room, late at night, for me to do things to them, but secretly, you know?” Beth answered.

“And you like that?” I asked.

“I like the attention,” she admitted, “I don’t care if they’re just coming to my room to have sex with me, I like having people seeing me, not my birthmark.”

“And do they return the favor to you, after you’ve made them feel good?” Sue asked Beth.

“Sometimes…not often, but, sometimes,” She replied, a bit sadly, I thought.

“That’s not right,” Sue said and reaching across the table to place her hand over Beth’s, “I mean, it’s only common courtesy to return a favor, right?”

Beth didn’t answer, and she didn’t move her hand, either, but their eyes bored into each other, almost as if they were mind-melding.

“Want to come swimming with us, Beth?,” Sue asked as she softly squeezed Beth’s hand with hers.

“I don’t have a suit,” Beth answered, still not moving her hand from Sue’s grasp.

“Are you too embarassed to swim au natural?” Sue pressed further.

“No, I skinny-dip when my parents aren’t home,” She answered.

“Are you afraid that we might try to take advantage of you, Beth? Or is that the real reason you came over tonight, hoping to join us? That is what you read on my sign, right?” Sue continued to press her about her intentions.


“Were you hoping that you could have the reality of sex with us and not just the fanatsy from watching us?”


Standing and taking Beth’s hands in hers, Sue pulled her, gently, to her feet, putting her hands on Beth’s arms, holding her in place, it seemed.

“Do you want us to make love to you, Beth? Is that what you really want?” Sue said further, her lips moving slowly closer towards Beth’s mouth, Beth seemingly frozen in place. With one of her hands, Sue slowly unbuttoned her blouse, parting it, slightly, exposing the swell of her breasts to Beth.

“Kissing you? Touching you in all of those special places that you’ve found to bring you joy when you’re alone in your bed?” Sue’s lips almost touching Beth’s now, her voice soft, sultry, seductive, “is that what you hoped would happen tonight?” saying this as she took Beth’s hand in hers and placing it inside of her blouse, placing Beth’s hand onto her breast.

I watched as all of this unfolded before me, not believing it was happening, my mind not being able to wrap itself around what was actually occuring. I was silent, stunned you might say, but not too stunned to notice the heat that began to build in my crotch, the dampness making itself known to me.

It was hot, folks, that’s all I can say, It was very hot. It was a turn-on watching Sue and Beth. And when they kissed, softly at first, tentatively, I felt a shudder of pleasure begin to throb in my panties.

Pulling her lips from Beth’s, Sue just stared into Beth’s eyes, her arms around Beth, Beth’s hand still inside of Sue’s blouse, softly squeezing and caressing Sue’s offered breast.

“Pool or Bed? Where do you want us to take you, Beth, pool or bed?” Sue asked softly.

“Bed, please, take me to your bed, I want that, fantasized about it for longer than you can imagine,” Beth replied, looking at both of us in turn after she said it…..

We did.

Sue and I led Beth back to my bedroom, lighting a few candles for soft light. Turning to face them after I lit the last candle, I saw that they were kissing again, this time with more intensity. Moving to join them, I flipped Beth’s hair from her neck so that I could kiss it. Running my tongue from one ear across the nape her neck to the other ear, I left a trail of wetness, my breathing becoming labored as I became excited by the feel of her nineteen year-old skin to my lips.

As my tongue played with the nape of her neck, my hand reached around, slipping between Sue and Beth and began fondling both, one at a time, feeling and fondling them both. Their kiss got even more intense as I felt them, their breathing betraying their excitement of the moment.

Beth’s breasts were at least a cup-size larger than mine or Sue’s, my hand barely able to cover them as I fondled her. Stepping back, Sue quickly stripped, joining me in undoing Beth’s buttons and such, while Beth stood there with her eyes closed, her breathing rapid and excited. Taking Beth by the hand, Sue led her to my bed as I quickly joined in their nakedness.

Placing Beth between us on the bed, Sue and I attacked her teenage body with lustful want, my tongue deep into her mouth, Sue’s mouth sucking feverishly at her breasts escort yozgat and nipples. Beth returned my kisses with eagerness, her mouth opened wide to accept my tongue, her hands darting about, touching, feeling Sue and I as we devoured her body.

Quickly kissing her way down Beth’s body, Sue slipped between Beth’s legs which opened wide to accept her, Beth’s soft moans of excitement coming from her mouth as she and I continued to kiss.

“Oooohhhhh, my God!” Beth exclaimed as Sue’s tongue found it’s mark between Beth’s legs, “Oooooh that feels so good,” she moaned aloud, her hands squeezing and caressing my breasts now.

Too late to turn back now, I quickly thought as I leaned over Beth’s head so that she could suck and lick my tits that were just above her head as she lay on the pillows of my bed.

“Mmmmm, mmmmmmph,” she cooed as she sucked my breasts as Sue continued to lick, suck and eat her pussy.

“Do you want to taste me, sweetie?” I asked softly as I pinched her nipples between my fingers, “Do you?”

“Oh, yes, yes, I do, I really do,” Beth answered, her voice gasping from excitement.

Moving so that I could kneel with her head between my legs, I slowly lowered my pussy towards Beth’s mouth, the look in her eyes telling me that she wanted me to do so.

“Aaaah, sweet Jesus,” I moaned as Beth’s mouth and tongue attacked my pussy with wanton lust, her hands now griping my hips and ass, tightly.

Beth’s hips were bucking, now, rubbing her crotch against Sue’s oral assaults of her sex, feeding, it seemed, her own oral attack of my pussy.

Beth climaxed first, her hands flying to grip Sue’s head as it moved up and down, between her legs, Beth’s moans of release, loud, in my softly-lit bedroom. As her body bucked and writhed with orgasmic spasms, I suddenly exploded with my own orgasm, rubbing and pressing my pussy even harder against her face and mouth.

Weak, my body still shaking, I lifted myself from Beth’s mouth, falling onto the bed to lay next to her, my mind a jumble of emotions.

Moving quickly from between Beth’s legs when Beth’s spasms had subsided, Sue quickly took my place over Beth’s head, lowering her pussy to Beth’s mouth, her hands gripping my headboard tightly, as she did so.

“Eat me, girly, make me scream, sweetie,” Sue said with a heavy breath of excitement, her eyes glowing with desire, with need. Beth responded to Sue’s demands quickly, raising her head so that her mouth and tongue could taste Sue’s pussy.

Watching them for only a few minutes, I moved to replace Sue, between Beth’s legs, my excitement growing as the scent of this nineteen year-old pussy reached my senses.

I cannot describe the feeling when my tongue slipped between Beth’s pussy-lips, a rush of impending climax, again, making itself known to my freshly-licked pussy. She tasted delightful, the musk and juices from Beth’s pussy driving my own need to climax again as I eagerly ate this girl.

And I did, my body rocked with pleasure when the climax attacked with a vengence, my pussy seeming to flood with my juices.

“Mmmmmmmm,” I moaned when I came, my sounds of pleasure muffled by Beth’s pussy against my face.

And, as my orgasm slowly ebbed, the bed shook as Sue and Beth reached their journey’s end, both climaxing together, the headboard banging against the wall as Sue rocked back and forth over Beth’s face….

I drove Beth to her home just after midnight, a short couple of minutes’ drive. We left Sue laying in my bed, exhausted and smiling at us as she waved goodbye when we left the bedroom. Parking in the circular drive of her home, I turned to her, pulling her to me for a kiss, a kiss that said goodnight, not goodbye.

“Come and see me again, sometime?” I said softly as our foreheads leaned against each other’s, my fingertips softly stroking her cheek.

“I’d like that, I really would like that,” Beth answered, one of her hands holding my breast, squeezing, caressing it, the other stroking my cheek.

“You’ve got my number, baby; call me sometime, okay?” I replied, kissing her one last time, that night.

Driving back to my home, my mind was a jumble of disconnected thoughts and questions. A nineteen year-old? You’ve eaten a nineteen year-old’s pussy? You’ve just had a threesome with a nineteen year-old?

Yeah, I said to myself, I did…

Crawling into my bed, I had just gotten settled when I felt the bed move, Sue sliding over towards me, her lips finding my cheek before she nestled into the crook of my arm that I placed around her, to hug her tightly against my body.

“You okay?” Sue asked sleepily.

“Yeah, baby, I’m okay,” I replied, kissing the top of her head afterwards.

“Didn’t see that coming,” She said further, “But, I surely did enjoy that wild-assed romp with you and Beth.”

“Have to say that I agree with you,” I replied, honestly.

“Baby?” Sue’s sleepy voice said as I was drifting off into the arms of Morpheus, “I’m so happy that you’re in my life.”

Smiling to myself, I kissed the top of her head, my nostrils drinking in the scent of magnolias from her hair.

“Me too, sweetie, me too…….”

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1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 08

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Her mind was overflowing with a flood of thoughts and emotions, almost to the point, thought Tess, of making her wanting to find a ‘hidey-hole’ to crawl into, to find some time to reboot, to recharge.

She and Becks’ had the ‘BIG TALK’ with Jean and, as Tess had correctly surmised, Becks agreed that neither of them had any moral high ground to stand on, no right to preach to Jean about her promiscuous behavior. Jean took the talk well, understood their concern for her reputation and, outwardly, at least, agreed that she needed to be a ‘bit’ more selective and less whore-like in her demeanor with other gals.

Would she? Well, that was the question now, wasn’t it?

Tess asked for, and was granted, the use of Dr. Willie’s Escalade in which to go to the airport to pick-up her step-sis, Jolene, or Jo as she preferred to be called these days. Oh sure, Dr. Willie extracted a ‘quickie’ in her office as tribute for the use of her car but Tess had no problem with that at all. Since she had started as the student assistant to Willie and Bea, there had been quite a few afternoon ‘quickies’ with one or the other in their offices. Wasn’t part of the job description but what the hell, it still happened from time to time and to Tess, it was no big thing.

Jo was three years older than Tess and now, a Second Lieutenant in the Army following her graduation from college. She, Jo, was on leave between Advance Training Schools for her Specialty and would, eventually, be shipped overseas to one of the many wars in which our troops were engaged.

A slight smile came to Tess’ lips as she thought about Jo, her step-sis-NO! Fuck that! Her sister!-her first lover and in many ways, her one true love. Thinking of the first time when they had made love, when Jo had showed her the pleasures of making love with another female , well that always brought a smile to Tess, always.

‘They’ say that you never forget your first time. Tess would agree with that, loving to think about it often and, at the end of the day, Tess cared little about other people’s reaction that Tess’ first time had been with family. Fuck ’em, was Tess’ thought on the matter; it is what it is and she would change absolutely nothing about that fact, plain and simple.

As is her usual bent, Tess was early, her preference always to be early, rather than late, for anything she had on her schedule. After parking the Escalade in the underground covered parking lot next to the terminal, Tess sauntered inside, grabbed a latte and found a seat to wait for her beloved Jolene. Sitting there, slowly sipping her hot latte, Tess’ thoughts drifted to that first time with Jo…….

“Are the ‘rents asleep?” Tess had asked Jo when she closed Tess’ bedroom door behind her, closing it softly so’s not to make any noise.

“Yeah, they’re down for the count,” Jo replied, her voice in a whisper as was Tess’. The ‘rents, or parents, had a bit too much wine at the family’s celebration of Tess’ birthday and would sleep the sleep of the dead that night. Tess had lost her mother when she was eight years old and when she was eleven, her dad married her step-mother, a nice woman who also had a daughter, Jolene, who was three years older than Tess.

Growing up together over the next few years, they both grew close, bonded quickly as step-sibs, sharing the secrets that kids do as sibs. Tess grew to love Jo very much as a sister, never tiring of being able to hang out with her whenever she could

“What’s that?” Tess whispered her question to Jo, referring to whatever Jo had concealed in her hand, behind her back.

“Thought we’d have our own celebration of your big birthday,” bringing the unfinished bottle of wine that her parents had left sitting on the counter.

What Tess remembered next about that was while Jo had poured them both a glass, it was only Tess’ that kept getting refilled and when it was all said and done, after a half-hour of sitting on Tess’ bed, giggling about the school gossip of the day, Tess had a fairly serious wine-buzz going and she remembered that it felt really good, really ‘adult’.

Reaching with her fingers, Jo tweaked the budding breasts of Tess through her tee shirt that she always wore to bed, saying, “Looks like you’re starting to grow some boobies, li’l sis,” smiling at Tess when she said it.

“Yeah, but they’re not as big as yours,” Tess observed correctly, for Jo was sporting a pair of 34-Cs, a very handome pair, at that.

“Give it time, baby, you’re still growing,” Jo replied, stroking Tess’ arm lovingly, a stroking meant to show her care for her baby step-sister, the step-sister that had been giving Jo wet dreams at night since she first started noticing how Tess was entering into woman-hood. So many wet dreams had she had about Tess that she was bound and determined to do something about it that night, step-sib or not.

Jo knew that she liked sex with other girls, had known it since her first time when she was with her BFF and lover, Allison. Oh sure, she was fucking the boy she was dating but trabzon escort that was for show, in Jo’s mind anyways, nothing more. There were only a few of Jo’s peers that knew of her love of other girls’ pussies. Those that knew, kept it secret because, afterall, they benefitted from Jo’s love of eating other girls’ pussies.

“So, kissed any boys yet?” Jo asked Tess, changing the topic, letting her fingers linger on Tess’ arm just a ‘wee’ bit longer than sisterly, others would say.

“NO!” Tess answered in a loud whisper, frustrated in many ways because she really wanted to, really wanted to kiss a boy, “I don’t even know how; probably make a fool of myself if I ever do,” Tess lamented to Jo.

“Oh, well, no worries, lil’ sis, we can teach you how to kiss, I mean, if you really want to know how,” Jo offered, reclining now, supported on one elbow, her other hand tracing invisible lines on Tess’ knee and thigh, almost absent-mindedly it would seem to the casual observer.

“Really?” Tess replied, her eyes lighting up at the prospect of learning how to properly kiss another person, “You’d do that for me?”

Well, really, its more for me, Jo thought but replied, instead, “Yeah. No biggie, you really want to?”

“Well, yeah…” Tess replied as if she were talking to the village idiot for asking such a silly question. Of course, she wanted to, I mean after all, she should know how to kiss was Tess’ view of the issue.

“Lay down, here, next to me,” Jo commanded Tess, patting the space next to her on the bed, “And, just close your eyes, relax, just respond naturally as you feel ‘things’,” not really explaining to Tess what ‘things’ she should expect to feel.

But Tess quickly found out about those ‘things’, and by the end of their first time, she really liked feeling them.

“Relax, baby,” Jo’s soothing voice said, her voice soft, low, her hot breath on Tess’ face making Tess aware of strange stirrings in her belly, in her head.

Jo’s lips were amazingly warm Tess thought when she first felt them on her own, and wet, very wet, Tess thought further as Jo’s mouth kissed her step-sister.

“Like that?” Jo asked, pulling her lips from Tess’, Tess’ head rising a slight bit to stay attached to Jo’s lips.

“Oh, yeah, that feels good,” Tess replied, a strange warmth starting to develop in her privates, in her ‘nookie’ as she called it.

Jo kissed her again, this time a little harder, her tongue slipping past Tess’ lips and into Tess’ mouth. Tess didn’t question it, didn’t want to question the tongue in the mouth thing, she just wanted to feel more of it. As their kissing of each continued to develop into something more serious, something hotter than a quick sisterly peck, Tess didn’t stop it. Oh hell no, she didn’t stop it, she liked whatever was happening, that much she knew for sure.

With her tongue now deeply probing her sister’s mouth, Jo slipped her hand under Tess’ sleep-tee, her fingers crawling slowly up her sister’s flat belly, loving how the abs rippled under the touch of her fingers. When Jo placed her hand over Tess’ small titties, her voice murmurred arousal, muffled by their mouths clamped together, both of them showing an increase in their breathing, both getting aroused.

“Like that?” Jo asked when she pulled her mouth from Tess’, her hand fondling Tess’ small boobs with increased urgency, increased desire.

“Yeah, that feels good,” Tess answered dreamingly but truthfully to her older step-sib.

Smiling at Tess, Jo raised Tess’ tee, gathering it above her chest and quickly, before Tess could object, dopped her mouth over one of Tess’ tits, sucking it deep into her mouth for her tongue to tease and tantalize.

As far as how Tess felt about all of this, well, Tess felt absolutely wonderful. She didn’t know what all she was feeling but she did know that it all felt delightful to Tess and she certainly didn’t recall having any second thoughts about what she and Jo were doing, that night, in her bed.

It went on like that for a short time, all the while Tess becoming more naked as Jo, expertly at that, peeled Tess’ tee and panties from her, her mouth and tongue keeping Tess excited, keeping Tess wanting more of everything.

Pausing a second or two at Tess’ pussy, light pubic hair starting to show above her tight slit, Jo just smiled, saying to Tess, “Close your eyes baby, just enjoy this.”

And Tess did just that, closing her eyes as she felt Jo’s warm breath create a hurricane of feelings between her legs. But when Tess felt the tip of Jo’s tongue slowly lick across her pussy lips and Jo’s fingers sliding into her pussy to the first knuckle joint, she had her first orgasm in that quick second or two, not knowing, then, what it was she had felt.

But, she did know that, whatever it was, she liked it. She fucking liked it a lot, her hands reflexively, it seemed, grabbing Jo’s close-cropped hair with her fingers, squeezing tightly as if holding on to the reins of a horse on a runaway trabzon escort bayan gallop….

“College life sure seems to agree with you, li’l sis, looking good, sweetie,” Tess heard, the words echoing as if in a canyon, almost as if she didn’t hear it at all, the words and sound of Jo’s voice snapping her out of her revery.

“Army’s really got you stylin’, hon,” Tess said teasingly as she hugged her BDU-dressed step-sis to her body, kissing her in welcome as they embraced.

The desert camouflaged BDU’s did little to show Jo’s toned, muscled, sexy body, just draping, no, covering her best assets. Such is life in the regular Army.

“Well, I’m sure I won’t be walking any runways in Paris in this getup, that’s for sure,” Jo laughingly agreed as they walked with arms around each other’s waists to retrieve Jo’s luggage from the baggage claim of the airline.

“So, you’ve already been home? Seen the ‘rents?” Tess asked as she wended her way from the airport, turning to take the interstate to the exit for her college and, her neighborhood.

“Yeah, saw them first, saving the best for last,” Jo replied, placing her hand onto Tess’ arm, giving her arm a little squeeze of affection.

“All good at the house?” Tess probed further.

“Yeah, yeah, baby, it’s all good,” Jo finally replied after a noticeable hesitation.

Tess picked up on the hesitation but didn’t push or probe as to why. Jo’ll tell me if there’s anything going on that I need to know about, was Tess’ view of the matter.

“So, you got a spot for me to bunk for a couple of days?” Jo asked, changing the subject quickly.

“Yep. Choices, always good to have choices,” Tess replied, “Becks is away for the weekend at a tournament, so her room is available; my slut-housemate, Jean, said you could sleep with her if you’d like since she’s never fucked a soldier,” laughing after she said it, “And, of course, you can always share my bed, you know you’re always welcome in my bed,” turning to smile at her beautiful Jo.

“Jean? That the one with the big rack you drooled over?” Jo asked for clarity.

Yes, they kept themselves abreast-no pun intended-of their sex lives and conquests. They were sisters for God’s sake.

“Yep. That’s the one,” Tess affirmed for Jo, “Great set of tits has that one,” winking at Jo after she said it.

“Well, we might have to give the constantly horny Jean a tumble before I leave; you good with that?” Jo asked in earnest.

“Always good with doing somebody with you, Jo, you know that,” Tess answered.

True enough, thought Jo, they, the two of them, certainly had their share of threesomes over the past few years.

“Well, we’ll see,” Jo remarked as Tess pulled into their unused driveway. Unused because, unless they had visitors with a car, The Three Amigoes did not have a set of wheels between them. They were good with that, having plenty of ‘rides’ whenever they needed such.

Schlepping Jo’s bags into the house, the two sibs made their way up the stairs, Tess leading, Jo following, her eyes fixated on Tess’ muscled ass, a pleasant view thought Jo, sis or no sis.

“Damn girl, you been working out or something? That ass of yours looks fine,” Jo commented as they reached the top landing.

“Running; I run a few times a week when I can,” Tess answered, giving her booty a bit of a shake for Jo’s benefit, “You like?”

“Always have; Well, it’s working, just so that you know,” Jo said in compliment.

“Thanks, sis. Well, you gonna’ use Becks’ room for your stay or do you want to bunk with me?” Tess asked, turning to face Jo afterwards.

Jo’s face took on a serious cast for a brief second or two before she replied.

“Won’t see you for a while after I’m deployed, sis; Any problem with sharing your bed with me for the weekend?” Jo asked.

“Seriously? You’re asking me that? Seriously?” was Tess’ reply.

“Just checking, babygirl, don’t want to get in the way of anything you might have had planned for the weekend,” Jo retorted.

“Only plans I have for the weekend is to enjoy your visit,” Tess answered as she moved towards her room with one of Jo’s bags in hand.

“Me too, baby, me too,” Jo replied with a grin on her face and a smile in her heart at Tess’ answer.

“So, what’s on the agenda?” Jo asked, dropping her bag onto Tess’ bedroom floor.

“Up in the air; I have the use of Willie’s car for the weekend since she and Bea are at Willie’s mountain retreat, so we have wheels, if needed,” Tess replied.

“If you don’t mind, I’d really like to just hang here, chillin’, if that’s okay,” Jo answered.

“Yeah. Sure, that’s fine, don’t really want to be driving anyway if we’re drinking or anything,” Tess said truthfully.

“Smart girl,” Jo smilingly replied, “Maybe, just order in tonight for food?”

“That’s what I was thinking. Jean’s got labs on Fridays and she’ll be able to join us a little later for supper, so, yeah, let’s go with that,” Tess replied, adding, escort trabzon “She’ll be home in a half-hour, give or take a few minutes, so if you want to take a shower and freshen up, you have time.”

“Great! I’d love to get out of these BDUs and feel like a normal human being for a while,” Jo answered enthusiastically.

“Use the bath across the hall, it’s bigger and I’ll figure out someplace to order from, okay?” Tess answered.

Taking Jo into her arms, Tess embraced her sis, so freaking happy to have her here to do so. Stepping back, Tess gave Jo a quick peck on her lips, saying, “You have no idea how happy I am to have this time with you, thanks for making room for me in your busy schedule.”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way, baby,” Jo replied, truthfully at that. Jo loved Tess, probably a bit more than she should but, fuck it, it is what it is.

“Better have a cold beer waiting for me after I get out of the shower or I’ll whip your ass, li’l sis,” Jo cheerfully said to Tess as she closed the door to the bath for her shower.

“Yeah, yeah, you and what Army? Oops, can’t say that now, can I?” Tess answered in laughter, “Be waiting for you downstairs, sis,” skipping down the stairs afterwards, Tess as happy as she’s been in a long time.

Jo had that effect on Tess, no doubt about it.

“Hey there, so where’s your sis?” Jean asked Tess, laying her backpack on the counter.

“Upstairs, showering; she’ll be down in a bit,” Tess answered while taking in the fact that Jean, unlike when Tess had first seduced her, was now dressing so that her rack was ‘showcased’; not hanging out but you couldn’t help but have your eyes drawn to her chest.

“So, what’s your plans for the evening? Gonna’ eat with us?” Tess went on to ask Jean.

“Sorta’ have a date but nothing definite, you know? I mean, I can get outta here so that you two can catch up and all that, I don’t want to be in the way,” Jean answered.

In truth, Jean wanted desperately to be asked to join them in hanging out at the house. Ever since hearing of Tess’ introduction to gal/gal sex by her step-sister, Jean’s wanted to meet her, to see what she was about.

“Won’t be in the way at all, Jean, you’re welcome to chill with us if you’ve got nothing else going on tonight,” the voice said from the top of stairs, getting louder as the disembodied voice came down the stairs.


The attraction was just that evident to all but the blind when Jean and Jo set eyes on each other for the first time. Jo was dressed in shorts and a tank-top, cut off at the mid-driff, her 34-Cs, braless and still bouncing when she hit the main floor at the bottom of the stairs. Had you been listening for it, you would’ve heard Jean’s short intake of breath at the sight of Jo.

Jo’s eyes were immediately drawn to Jean’s cleavage, the swell of her 36-Ds begging to be looked at. Taking in the rest of Jean in a quick scan, Jo was smittened. Not in a want-to-spend-my-life-with-you way, no, it was very much of a I-will-fuck-you way, nothing else, but it was enough.

Tess noticed the invisible bolts of sexual energy fly between Jo and Jean in that quick second. Of course she did; Tess might be only nineteen, but that doesn’t mean she was oblivious to such things. Her reaction to that, though, was pure Tess; gutteral, instinctive, and basically predatory. She quickly envisioned the three of them in a menage-a-trois and felt her pussy dampen at that mind-pic.

“Hey you two, how ’bout we order some food and eat before y’all fuck each other’s brains out,” Tess interjected with a chuckle.

“A good thought,” Jean said, finally finding her voice.

“What? Eating? Or fucking each other’s brains out,” Jo laughingly commented as she took the offered beer from Tess’ hand.

“Both,” Jean answered honestly as she also took a beer from Tess.

“So, Pizza? Chinese? Chicken? What? Give me a clue, people,” Tess asked as she sipped her beer, perusing the various take-out menus from the menu drawer.

“Jean?” Jo asked, tossing the hot potato to her as she sipped her bear, her eyes locked onto Jean’s face.

“I’m easy, don’t care,” Jean said, sipping her own beer, and exchanging eye-fucks with Jo.

“Yeah, baby, we all know you’re easy,” Tess joked, “But, hey, fuck it! Y’all had a chance so I’m saying we’re eating Pizza tonight, thick crust, double-cheese and Pepperoni,” picking up the phone and placing an order for such.

“Mmmmmmm, great choice baby-sis,” Jo commented as she fought to lick the string of cheese into her mouth with her tongue.

“For sure,” Jean agreed, all of them laughing at Jean’s inability to avoid a string of cheese from dropping onto the swell of her breasts, stinging just a bit from the heat.

“I’ll get that,” Tess said and leaning over, she swiped her tongue across one of Jean’s exposed tit-swells in the vee of her low-cut sweater.

“You missed a spot,” Jo declared, quickly flicking her tongue on the other tit-swell, getting the cheese onto her tongue.

“Ooooh, wait, let me drop some more cheese for you to lick,” Jean joked; well, sorta’ joked, ’cause she did like it, afterall.

“Won’t need any cheese, sweetie,” Jo said, her voice a bit lustful, “those puppies are just begging to be played with,” taking a bite from her last piece of Pizza she was holding.

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A First Time For Everything

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All Fours

“Lisa’s off today, can I help you with something?”

Tina knew immediately the guy was Lisa’s ex and she didn’t want to tell him where she was. He looked around slowly and avoided the question. “NO baby I’ll find her my damn self.” He looked through her then walked off and Tina shivered inside. She took the plates she had picked up back to the kitchen and told Irene she’d be right back. “Hi can I use the phone it’s important, she squeezed by Tinker and he knew from the look on her face she was serious. ‘What’s going on Tina? “Oh hell Lisa’s ex just showed up and the last time he was here she got beat up something bad.”

“Was that the time she was out for three days and didn’t want me to visit her?” Tina nodded, She was pacing back and forth when she finally spoke. “Get your ass out of the house he’s back. NO, god no, I wouldn’t tell him a thing. Lisa please don’t be foolish. When’s he coming over?” The fucking court’s crazy then, why should he have a right to see Timmy?” No he hasn’t been drinking; at least I don’t think so.” Lisa you call me every half hour and if you don’t I’m calling the police you hear?”

“Damn” she whispered as she sat down abruptly and looked at Tinker. He waited for her to speak. “She says Jason’s coming over, but she doesn’t know when, can you call her about work or something in a half hour and then I’ll call her in about an hour?”

“If you think it will help sure, but don’t you think it might be better to call and kinda warn Jason.” Tinker asked?”

“I was thinking I might but I hate to interfere in her life that much.” She was undecided about it and thought she’d wait for awhile. Tinker went back to his paper work and his mind was quickly on other things.

“Karen! HEY wait up girl.” She stopped and looked around and saw Julie running for the elevator. “Hey Julie, How’s Kevin doing?” She caught up and smiled at Karen, “Damn girl I got rid of his ass a month ago,” she grinned and caught her breath. Then pushed the falling hair out of her eyes. “Shit, I have to get this cut” she blew a puff of breath up and laughed as it flipped around. “How’s married life?” Karen almost blushed, “Oh my god I love it,” she turned to Julie and grabbed her by the arm then she really smiled, “I’m not waiting for the damn phone to ring, and Get this.” She bent towards her ear and whispered to her…”I’m not horny all the time now…WELL I AM, but I do something about it.” They both laughed and headed for the elevator. “God I hope it’s a slow day, Mondays are usually the shits.”

“Probably four gall bladders waiting for us.”

“OH MY GOD DON’T EVEN SAY IT.” They both laughed again.

Kalo greeted Tina and smiled. “I not used to you here in daytime, is nice change.”

“Ya Tinker worked it out so Lisa and I could have two days a week off together every other week.” She smiled thinking about what she would do with two days off at the same time. “How is Kathy working out in music booth, Kalo pointed to her as she went down the stairs.”

“Oh she’s getting really comfortable, she wanted to come in on her day off and set up the booth more to her liking.” They entered the kitchen and Tina said, “what you doing here on your day off, If Tinker sees you he’ll have a fit.”

“We have delivery of new meat supplier I want to make sure is all good.” She laughed. “OK, but if I was you I’d avoid him” and she smiled at Tinker coming across the room. van escort She Left Tinker and Kalo to talk, then went down the stars to say hello to Kathy. “Hi” Kathy turned around and smiled at Tina. “Hey boss, want to dance across the floor and see if the sound level is better, I got some complaints Saturday night.”

Kathy was a lot better at this then she thought but Tina figured she’d grow into it in time. “Kathy, you worry to much, everyone’s loving you.” Tina asked her if she’d like a coke and then just started pouring one for her. “Here take a load off. What are you going to move I have a few minutes I’ll help you.”

“Just the CD racks I need them closer to me.” They unloaded the racks and moved them and Kathy started putting the CD’s back into the shelves in a proper order. She turned to Tina. “I promised a friend I’d drop off her boxes she left at my place so I really appreciate the help, I told her I’d meet her at four and it’s a long drive.”

“Hell this could have waited.”

“Ya I know but I’m trying to keep busy. My girl friend and I just broke up and I’m not doing really well with it.” Tina was shocked for a moment but recovered. Kathy smiled and quietly told Tina “I’m a lesbian, Will that bother you?” Tina didn’t know what to say for a moment but finally said, “I don’t know why it should.” Her head was trying to see how her feelings actually thought about it. Kathy looked at her worriedly, “Look I’m not going to hit on you, honest.”

“It’s ok really” Tina was relieved to know she didn’t have any feelings about it at all. “Look I have to get the dinning room ready I get off in a half hour and as soon as I’m done I can leave, It takes me an hour to catch the damn buss if I’m not out there in time.” Kathy looked up; “You live with Lisa right? I can give you a ride if you want, I live right off of Pagiet square.” Tina smiled “god I didn’t know that, small world huh?”

“Ok if you’re sure, I could help you with the boxes.” That would be cool, I hate to have to face Janice alone.” She wrinkled her nose. “Meet you up stairs ok?”

Tina called Lisa one last time and was worried when it took more then ten rings to get her, “You ok girl, I’m on my way home soon.”

“OK good, Oh thank god, he got there then, how did that go?” She laughed “No shit I bet he was surprised, well fuck he’s built like a tank. Just told his ass to calm down and leave huh?” God I’d have loved to see that.” She thought about Lisa and Jason as she set the dinning room for the dinner crowd.

The drive with Kathy was fun and Tina was surprised to find she liked being with her and it was surprisingly comfortable. Carrying the boxes in was kind of hard as she seen Kathy looking at her ex and her new friend, watching the two of them tease each other and then having a hard time controlling her self. Kathy was almost in tears as they finally got to the car. She slumped forward on the steering wheel and cried softly. “Kathy why did you bring the things over for them, they could have done it themselves.” She was feeling so bad for her and didn’t know what to say or do. Kathy looked through the tears running down her face “I just couldn’t say no.”

“We were together for almost five years, ever since high school.” Tina thought about what it felt like to feel alone and empty so she reached out and hugged Kathy “Look my roommate is going out, Why don’t escort van we split a pizza and have a glass of wine.” Kathy looked through her glassy eyes and tried to smile. “Oh god that would be so nice, you sure you’re up for it?”

“Ya just take me home to change, I hate being in my work clothes when I’m going out.” She squeezed Kathy quickly and clasped her hand smiling. “But let me drive ok?”

“OK” Kathy said softy. “Tina,” her voice was soft and very warm. “You don’t need to do this you know, I mean, Well you know.”

“Oh god Kathy, it’s ok, If it’s about your being a lesbian, I honestly don’t care.” I don’t feel much about anything anymore, to tell you the truth.” Kathy looked at Tina and said, “Maybe we both have things we need to get over.” Tina didn’t answer her; she was driving and remembering. Kathy looked at her then slumped into the seat and just looked out of the window at the passing street scene.

The evening slowly turned into the most fun Tina had in months, Kathy told her about discovering she was a lesbian in high school and she was funny as she admitted all the problems she had keeping it from her parents and friends. “What about you?” Kathy finally said “Is your secrete to dark and deep to tell?” Tina looked at her and sat back. “Kathy, If it got out at work it would cause me a lot of embarrassment.” her voice was soft and very unsure of her self. Kathy looked at her and said “Then don’t tell me ok, because if you do and it ever came out I’d be the one you would blame.” Tina looked at her eyes and saw the caring inside of them. “Oh my god Kathy I feel so different with you, I don’t know what it is but I feel like we’ve always been friends.” She looked around and smiled “Take me home with you and we’ll talk ok?”

They spent the evening lying on the floor, drinking wine and talking. Tina talked about the past three years and told Kathy everything, It was like casting off the rest of her costume and letting her see inside of the real Tina. Kathy just listened to her not saying much. She did finally reach out and held her hand. Tina finished and Kathy looked at her and softly said. “Tina you just got lost for awhile that’s all, and I’ll never tell anyone, it’s none of their business anyway. Tears started running down Tina face and she tried to control them but they wouldn’t stop. Kathy moved to her and hugged her, their faces were touching when Tina felt a tingling starting in her and she knew she wanted to kiss Kathy, maybe it’s the wine she thought. She pulled back and looked at Kathy, then they slowly drew together, as there lips met Tina shook inside. She felt herself falling into Kathy’s arms and knew what lay ahead was going to be something she never expected in her wildest dreams. Kathy held her and kissed her tenderly, every movement she made was slow and loving. As Tina’s fingers unbuttoned the front of her top she looked at Kathy and she shivered.

“Do you want me to stop?” Kathy asked. “No” she whispered to her “Oh my god no, not this time.” Her voice was shaky and her head was spinning as Kathy pulled her blouse off and then her bra. When her warm lips touched the tips of her nipples she stiffened up and pulled Kathy into her body. Kathy was everywhere, it seemed like she knew everyplace to touch and tease. As her fingers slowly entered her, enfolding her tip between her fingers she stiffened up humping them van escort bayan and wildly kissed her. She almost didn’t know how they got there but she felt the bed beneath her and then Kathy’s lips touched her center. Her fingers found Kathy’s hair pulling it hard, then touched her cheeks softly as Kathy began to slowly lick her everywhere.

“Oh my god, Oh my god, please,” she moaned, “please come up here so I can do things to you too.” Kathy stood, then pulled her clothes off all the time looking into Tina’s eyes. Getting back on the bed she swung her leg over Tina’s body and moved up further so she could easily reach her. Tina watched her own fingers caress Kathy’s firm butt, lingering over her warm skin and then she drew her down as she timidly licked her folds for the first time. The feeling on her tongue was slippery and the taste was the most erotic thing she had ever imagined. It was engulfing her mind so much she kinda drifted in and out. The third time she cam they were tenderly kissing each other’s lips and pressing their bodies together slowly.


Tina looked at the early light of dawn and felt Kathy besides her she thought about what she had done and wondered if it was something she’d be ashamed of in a few hours or days. She rolled to her back and Kathy’s arm went around her. She looked at her and saw the smile she had. “Morning baby.” She whispered to her. Kathy saw she was deep in thought and knew she’d be thinking about what she had done. “Is it ok? Please say its ok.” Her voice was soft and pleading. Tina smiled and said “Ya I think its ok, yes it is, I’m just trying to decide if I’m a lesbian.” She rolled to her and moved the strands of hair back from Kathy’s face. “Your so pretty, If this had to happen I’m so fucking glad it was with you.” Kathy lifted up and moved over Tina’s breast. She stroked Tina’s hair and laid her head on her, “I wish you were a lesbian, but your not. I don’t even think your totally Bi-sexual, I just think you needed someone safe to hold and love last night.” Tina thought about that and took her time. “I’ve always liked boy’s,” she admitted. “But this was incredible, my god I never felt anything like this.” They both looked into each other’s eyes and Tina knew she didn’t want it to end it yet either. “Kathy” she said softly, “I can’t promise you anything.”

“I know, but I’ll take it for as long as it will last.”

“Why would you do that.” Tina wondered out loud. “Because last night I knew Janice was right, We grew out of our relationship, I knew the moment we kissed I could love you so it made me think about how I was feeling.” Tina shivered inside and looked at her closely, she reached out and touched her face. “Kathy… If we continue this I never want to hurt you, I’ve fucked up to many things already. Please lets always be friends.” Kathy slowly nodded her head. “Ok, hey your off today and I don’t have classes until late this afternoon, What do you want to do?” Tina grinned and pinched her nipple, “first lets shower and then lets fuck, I don’t know what I am right now but I know I’m still horny I haven’t had sex in over a year.” She kissed her “and it felt so good” Kathy smiled, “god you’re a dream come true. Want to live with me, You said last week your looking for a place to live.”

“Kathy I can’t, I really need to live alone for awhile, I don’t understand why I just know I do.”

“K, shower then?” Tina smiled. “Oh my god yes. Right now.”


“Ya,” she whispered, “you, And then coffee, and then lets go out and get some sticky buns.”

” Ok look.” Kathy smiled, “How about us, and then sticky buns and then coffee?”

“o…K baby,” Tina slowly kissed her.

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A Conversation Online with Clara Ch. 02

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(More edited exchanges between me and Clara, in which she becomes more involved with her older friend, Fiona, and loses herself in virtual sex with me.)


‘Mmm Clara! Lucky old Fiona!! And here was I thinking poor you was working, not wanking!! I thought at one time you were going to beat her bottom with her belt until she cried for mercy – or sexual relief – or both! Or perhaps tie her down and pee all over her. Does she have a nice vulva and dripping vagina like me? Tell me what it was like. Sue says since it was all my fault, I should send you a pic of mine to feed your imagination next time you feel horny – which is most of the time I think! This is one she took some time ago! There are times I wish I’d never bought her the camera!!’

‘Sarah. So very grateful for the picture – more than I deserve I think … but lovely all the same. I mean, seriously, you really do have a gorgeous pussy, no wonder every woman in the village wants you. I want you! Want you beneath my tongue, all juicy and wet, coming for me, telling me what to do for you, making me pay for neglecting you so much … mmm, make me suffer for it Sarah.’

‘Clara, I’m glad you like water sports – so do Sue and I actually. Sitting on the loo with me straddling her, pulling my labia apart and peeing over her nipples, between her breasts, the golden stream running over her belly, through her pubic hair, and pouring from her labia, mixing with her own pee. We’re also into swapping knickers so that we can walk around for the rest of the day with a memory of each others wet vulva pressing against ours. Sexy!

How will you behave with Fiona when you next meet professionally. Just smile I guess!

Now I need to bring myself to the climax that’s been hovering for the past few minutes, dreaming of your perfect vulva and beautiful body, Clara!’

‘Saturday again, Sarah. I’m really, really sorry not to have been around at all this week. Life is wonderful, but somewhat manic right now … well, no, not actually right now – right now I am alone and really rather jealous of you. OK, so I was shamelessly naughty with that delectably submissive Fiona, who did have a wonderfully attentive tongue and quite gorgeous breasts … but, I have not had a beautiful lady’s pussy to kiss and lick for simply ages! Whereas you’ve been so busy. Meaning, I’ve been feeling so-o-o horny since hubby went off to rugby – and sometimes, when I get to feel really sexy, like now, I get this irresistible desire to play out a little fantasy.’

‘Fantasy? Join me right this minute Clara! I’m here!’

(We go on line.)

“Hi Sarah – are you there? WONDERFUL!! Perhaps you could dress to surprise and excite me a little?”

“I am wearing the lace knickers for you – the ones in the pic I sent ….”

“And a kimono?”

“No bra – just for you.”

“Mmm, sexy … does the kimono undo at the front? – something to let me get my fingers and tongue working on the vital parts?”

“It’s a wrap around actually.”

“What would you like me to wear?”

“The sexiest thing you have -“

“How about a silk blouse with loose wrap skirt.”

“And keep those black stockings on Clara! They are very very erotic.”

“OK, I’ve got this very nice navy blue camisole – silk’n’lace – which buttons up, and a pair of loose matching french knicks … I can do black stockings for you!”

“Mmmm… sounds erotic.”

“And I do have a very nice silk skirt, kind of blue and pink stripes and on top I think I’ll wear a loose white blouse and black silk stockings … tie my hair back in case you want to unfasten that and make me shake it around … maybe let it glide over your naked breasts.”

“Gosh yes – after I’ve finished kissing your face all over – ears – nose – eyelids – lips – cheeks – neck – oooo yes! all of you.”

“Once I’ve unwrapped the kimono? I’m all yours darling.”

“Though I do really yearn to explore your beautiful vulva and worship your shrine – watch you slowly masturbate for me – gosh I’m getting over excited already.”

“Are you getting excited already! Sarah?”

“Yes I am – what about you?”

“I’d love to masturbate for you … watching your eyes watching my fingers …”

“I shall bury my head between your thighs and inhale your special scent … inhale deeply and blow gently on your clit … I would like to bottle it – spray it on my wrists for frequent sniffs! But first, Clara, I MUST play with your soft breasts … suckle your stiff nipples.”

“My breasts are quite small … but perfectly round, with sweet little berry-nipples that love being licked and sucked.”

“Well, mine aren’t exactly big – they’ll be very sensitive though that’s what I shall do whilst dabbling my fingers in your puss y – pay homage to your body – make you squirm with lust – agitate your clit.”

“Mmm, I love to squirm!”

“Your thighs trembling – wanting more – and writhe!!”

“Gosh, I want you to undress me, Sarah… take me somewhere very public, urfa escort and take off everything – first your blouse – then kiss me and lick me – and your bra – that’s got to go whilst I kiss your berry nipples regardless of who passes by!”

“Try to think where we ought to go together – how public do you want it – had the real thing last week – want something erotic and virtual.

“When you said you had the real thing last week – what did you mean?”

“My little fling with Fiona … it’s purely physical. This – ie, with you – is the emotional balance for such wilfulness! You don’t mind, do you?”

“Of course not – she sounds like a submissive lady with big breasts and large soft labia.”

“She certainly does have a very special bosom! And an indefatigable tongue!”

“There’s nothing quite like another woman’s tongue pleasuring you.”

“Well, I can’t say I know her that well yet – other than physically – but she might well go for it. A threesome I mean.”

“Well – I shall soon have to clean myself up – you dirty beast!!”

“Are you serious? Sarah – you haven’t? Am I going to give you an orgasm before lunch … wow, watching you with another woman is going to be wonderful fun.”

“Look Clara, I leak copiously … the stuff of your stories … and very juicy!”

“I can taste the bitter-sweetness of you bum right now … wow …”

“Mmm, lick me while I play then let me take the whole of your vulva deep between my lips and chew on them as I tongue your vagina.”

“Do you really want me to come for you? Here?”

“Yes … yes.”

“Now? … tell me how much, Sarah … I love having my lady friend come on me … tell me how much you want me to do these things for you also … writhing all over your body …while I play … inside my tight panties … inside my tight jeans … it’s time they came off … inside my tight pussy … just let’s do it … okay. Mmm, feels good …”

“Come on then Clara – I’m ready to blow.”

“Warm sticky lips … I can feel your lips on my labia … tongue slipping onto my vagina … my head is between your thighs … don’t go yet! … yeah, gonna kiss and lick your blonde bush … then nibble your swollen clit … lick avidly at the syrupy vagina, then taste your …”

“Finger me … lots … you’ll have me coming in no time … hard – I’m finger fucking you now – tip of tongue circling your bum.”

“Push my jeans down.”

“They’re round your ankles.”

“And my panties.”

“Yes … yes.”

“Smell me.”

“I can see your eager pussy lips.”

“Am I sweet?”

“I can inhale your delicious scent.”

“When did you last taste a pussy so young? … so succulent? … so open … so willing?”

“Not for ages and ages – if ever!!”

“Naughty Clara … making herself come for Sarah … there’s something so wonderfully soft and succulent about young pussy … you can have me!!! … honest.”

“I’m tongue fucking your bum – fingers deep in your pussy.”

“Whenever you want …”

“I want to hear you come, Clara … now … this minute.”

“Fingers in your vagina and tongue in your bottom…very wet and sticky and syrupy … my fingers losing themselves inside my knickers … and so very tasty.”

“Come on then – come for Sarah.”

“Mmm … I’m playing with mine – imagining its you playing there … keep going … is your pussy wet? Mine is … ooo, I’m coming … sopping … yes … mmm … mmm … mmm … and shaking wildly … mmmmmmmmm gosh – yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. ‘ xxxxxxxxxx … oh my gawd … ffffffffffffffffffffffff … woweeeeeeeeeeeee … kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.”


“kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk … ssssssssssssssssssssskkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.”

“Phew – I heard your moans … a beautiful sound.”

“Ffffffffffff mmmmmmmmmm eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …’

(After a pause to get her breath back.)

‘Mmm, that was lovely Sarah.”

“You are so wet darling … I can feel the juices trickling down your thigh … I came on your face … really lovely … did you taste my juices … I certainly am juicy. Yours tastes of acacia honey.”

“And just a little sore! Gorgeous! Naughty, lovely Sarah.”

“You came over my face! A lovely cocktail before lunch. I hope I didn’t get too many fingers in there … to make you sore. Take off your knickers, let me see your come.”

“Later, I may be a three finger girl for you.”

“You are so very very delectable, Clara. I could cuddle and caress you all day.”

“No, clitty’s sore! But she’ll get over it!”

“There – my thighs are wide open … juice smeared all over – and in my hair!!”

“Mmm, want you -“

“And I want you too – like crazy.”

“Now, stop typing and do as I say.”

“Go on then darling.”

“Relax, let your arms hang by your side wiggle them a little, shake out the tension – right – relax Sarah, think of me, concentrate on thoughts of kissing me … of unbuttoning urfa escort bayan my blouse … then my cami … then … mmm … now, caress your neck gently, massage your neck and shoulders, arms crossed across your bosom, maybe pressing your forearms tightly against yourself , feeling your nipples harden inside your kimono, longing for my mouth, run my tongue around your tight little nipples … keep caressing your neck … and up the side of your face … and down again … sliding your hands underneath your kimono now … feeling your smooth warm skin … thinking they are my fingers stroking you now … caressing your shoulders … my sweet breath in your hair … my trembling fingers sliding dangerously down towards your nude breasts. Will you open your kimono for me? open so I can caress your lovely breasts … not huge, but so wantable Sarah … tell me how much you want me … tell me how you want me to love your breasts.”

“I’m tingling … my breasts are alive … I want you so desperately.”

“Your nipples … squeeze them … nip them … open your mouth … pull them … slide your tongue around your lips and imagine you’re kissing me.”

“Oh yes baby …”

“Kiss me first … you’re so delectable … kiss me and stroke my thighs … your hand slipping up inside my skirt … so gorgeous … stroking my soft silk stockings.”

“I adore those thighs.”

“Worn just for you! Squeeze your breasts for me now Sarah … hard … harder … roll your nipples … tightly … squeeze them and believe they’re between my lips … believe they’re between my teeth. Oh jeez – finger pads sensing the trembling muscles of your thighs … nibbling … is that good? … do you feel sexy? And horny? … and wanton? …”

“And how … you do that to me always … I only have to see your name come up on the message board and I lubricate!”

“Like you’d do anything for me?”

“Anything – yes.”

“Not yet sweetie, you need to be very naughty before Clara will let you inside her panties.”

“How naughty?”

“Feel her wet, juicy pussy … open your kimono for me … let me see your naked breasts … that is so wonderfully exciting … feeling your wet pussy – showing you my beasts … your hard nipples … come on – take them again … lick your fingers and then run the tips around your nipples … yes … mmmm … make them shine for me … now slip your hand down to your thighs … I want to feel your tongue between my legs … stroke and caress yourself … tight against those peachy panties … so very erotic … love that lace … want to feel you come through it … taste my juice … lick your fingers again and the … stroke your vulva through your panties … the gusset is soaking wet … can’t you feel how wet it is… I’m trembling down there … that’s my tongue! … not yet, push your fingers inside … mmm two fingers … stretch that lace … ease it inside the juicy opening … to your luscious vagina … d’you want Clara to take you now?”


“Make you push your panties down? … I want you close … push them down your thighs Sarah … right down … to the floor … off … to feel your face on my belly, in my hair … lips tugging my labia … I want to lick your pussy while you masturbate for me … finger yourself angel, for Clara. Two fingers sliding deeply inside … so warm … yes – that’s so good … so succulent … such a wonderful pussy … shall I come?? It won’t be long … just for Clara now … three fingers darling … I’m saving it for you … yes all three. I know that’s what you want … love to have you here now … it’s you I really want – leaning over my desk, my fingers inside you, all of them … tongue circling my bum … I’m reaching for it … the orgasm … your come all over the oak top … open your legs widely … yes … go on … lean back in your chair then and open your legs wide … let me gaze at your juicy pussy … while you take yourself … there – I’m fingering it for you … have yourself … mmm, how much do you want to come now Sarah?”

“I’m shaking … I need you baby … come and take me … enter paradise with me.”

“Mmmm, fingers grappling my clit, open and wet, nipples hard … trembling. Can you see the juices dribbling … panting … juicy … mouth open … aaaarrrrrrrrrrrr … love to see you now … agony … ready for my tongue? Can I lick you?”


“Lick your come from your fingers? … and thighs?”

“Yes please.”

“And bottom? …”

“All over.”

“And pussy … in every orifice … suck your fingers for me Sarah … all of them. Can you see me … can you feel me … deep into your mouth … I’m coming … can’t stop it now … lapping your juice … do it baby … loud … pee in me … and dirty … rub your clit over mine … get in close.”




“Fuck fuck fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk escort urfa …”

“Don’t stop … feel my pussy against yours Sarah … my trimmed bush … my God – its still there … your lush and wet pubes … like the crest of a wave … I can’t breathe … your spread labia … your clit … your vagina … coming against me … coming … trembling … I love them.”

“And I ADORE yours … I want you.”

“You want me so much?”

“Want you.”

“Want to kiss and lick me.”

“Yes! Want you baby.”

“And come all over me.”

“Wowwwwwwwww … phew.”

“Just had to let go … will you come for Sarah … is the keyboard all gooey? … glistening with your come? Love to lick that clean for you … me bending over the keyboard… you behind me … yes bend over … show me your buttocks … kissing my bottom! … let me drive my fingers deep into that divine vagina.”

“Pull down my panties Sarah.”

“That heavenly shrine.”

“Don’t go all coy.”

“They’re round your ankles.”

“I’m your only Clara … pull down my panties … I’m bending over your bottom … and lick between my buttocks … while using your longest finger to rub my clit … that’s exactly what I intend doing … tongue licking your bum … and two more to twist inside me … and make yourself come again … pushing deep into the little brown bud … against my bottom … oops, OK, lick me first!! Mmm, using my finger … my fingers are rubbing all over your vulva … think it’s your tongue … your clit is hard and throbbing … want your tongue inside me there Sarah … love that.”

“It’s there.”

“You would too … deep in your bum … my clit is trembling … devouring that gorgeous tangy taste of you … fingers in your vagina with my thumb on your clit … you’re shaking – shaking – lurching – heaving – come on. God, I can feel how much you want me … come on … I’m loving it … I shall come with you … do something naughty for me… I’m ready for another … pick up your panties.”

“You’re such a sexy devil.”

“And push them inside yourself … anything … anything … I want to dream I’m there with you … your panties wrapped around my fingers … then make me come!! … there I’ve screwed then into a ball … now I’m pushing them into my vagina … for you darling … feeling inside you again … you’ll love it … imagine they’re my fingers … deep inside you now … for ever … to stay!!”

“But I MUST have you whole vulva in my mouth ….”

“Loving you … Clara feeling and twisting inside you … chew on it … pull each labia with my lips … making you come … tongue your sweet vagina … while you spread your mouth … around my labia … sucking my vulva …”

“Teeth biting into your soft flesh … finger deep inside your bum now … finger fucking your bum … tongue fucking your vagina … sucking on your clit … that little hard centre of ecstasy …all yours …”

“How dirty is your bottom?”

“Come for Sarah … come … come.”

“Can I lick it? I’m going to spurt all over your face … can I lick you while I come?”

“Yes yes.”

“Want you to be dirty for me Sarah … clean my bum … lick it spotless …”

“Make yourself squirt into my mouth …”

“Clean away all the juices that have dribbled over it …”

“Love to … whilst I squirt into your mouth … here I come … are you ready …”

“Love that mature taste … mmm, think I’ll need to be spanked soon … wow … naughty Clara.”

“I’m coming …”

“Making a respectable woman undress.”


“And masturbate.”

“Deep into your mouth … again and again.”

“Dirty woman.”

“Yes I’m filthy.”

“Lovely woman!!”

“Do it sweetie.”


“Come over me.”

“All over my mouth … lips … there … breasts.”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa … here we go again.”

“Whole body … too late …”

“Finger your bottom while I finger mine … together … both. Stand up … hold your pussy in front of me … her lips open … and I’ll do the same for you. There … see me.”

“I’m thinking about you masturbating for me – gosh… baby, I shall have to … I’ve got a very wanton pussy here … it needs …”

“Go on Clara …come for me … quick … quick … you want to … you NEED to … come for your lover”

“I want to come over your pictures Sarah … over your pussy …and nipples … like we were for real … at Fiona’s.”

“If only Clara – if only.”

“Think I’ll fix up that little three-way tryst! … feel me … feel me coming … warm … juicy … do come … come … come. Oh shit! Dirty … rude naughty Clara … knickers off. Oh God, I love this … LOVE IT … yes, want you to take me now Sarah … NOW … do it for me with your fingers … yes yes … fffffffffffffffff … there just there … kkkkkkkkkkkkkk .”

“Come for me – mmmmmmmmm … just for me.”

“Weeeeeeeee – YES – tell Sue … ooh …”

(A pause.)


(Another pause.)

“Tell Sue … you just fucked Clara … 17 November 2009ffffuuuucccckkkkkeeeedddd … a twenty-seven year old girl … and she loved it!! GREAT! LOVED IT!”

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A Birthday Favor Ch. 02

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Jennifer wildly bucking and moaning incredibly loud. “yes! Oh god, yes,” She couldn’t hold back any longer. She spread her legs and hips as wide as they could possibly go and thrust her hips into he air. Brenda continued to suck on her clit, and fuck her pussy with her fingers. “ooooooo” was all Jennifer could say. GOD she was cumming and it felt so great. She soaked Brenda fingers with her cum. Brenda stopped and looked up to meet Jennifer’s gaze.

Jennifer was smiling now “why don’t you bring yourself up here and let me return the wonderful favor you gave me.”

Brenda smiled widely and stood up slowly. She hooked her thumbs into her shorts and panties, quickly pulling them off. She climbed up onto the bed. She was about to lay next to Jennifer. Jennifer got up and walked over to the nigh stand, pulled something out and walked back over to the bed.

“I’m gonna make sure you get the favor returned,” she said with a devilish grin.”

‘What are ya gonna do,” Brenda asked.” Well, that’s for me to know right now, and you to soon find out.” Jennifer said with the devilish grin again.

Jennifer walked back over to the bed, stood at the bottom, and motioned for Brenda to move downward. Although Brenda had a puzzled look on her face, she moved down and waited with anticipation to see what was going to happen.

Brenda now had her ass at the edge of the bed. Jennifer knelt down, and spread Brenda’s legs wide. She cupped Brenda pussy in one hand, giving it a light massage. she gently worked her hand to one side, and allowed her thumb to touch the increasing wetness of Brenda pussy. Jennifer massaged her pussy hole, encircling it. She teased it slightly by pushing just the tip in, and massaging the very inside before pulling it out. tunceli escort Brenda was so far enjoying what was happening. It felt so good.

She was so incredibly wet Jennifer thought. Her thumb was soaked already. She moved it up to the backside of Brenda clit. Brenda thrusted her hips up slightly to give more access to her pussy. Jennifer bent her head down stuck out her tongue and licked her clit ever so gently sending a shock wave of pleasure through Brenda. ” Oooohhh, Yes!,” she said. Jennifer drew the clit into her lips and began sucking on it. She played with it with her tongue, wiggling it back and forth. Brenda was bucking fiercely with the pleasures Jennifer was giving her.

Jennifer could tell Brenda was getting closer and closer to having an orgasm. ” not yet” she said. It was just like that. All of a sudden Jennifer stopped sucking on her clit.

“Oh GOD, don’t stop,” Brenda said. Jennifer pulled out her vibrator and stuck it at the entrance to Brenda’s hole. Brenda started bucking fiercely, trying to take it in. “OH GOD, yes that’s it stick in my wet pussy” replied Brenda.

Jennifer did as she was told this time. She pushed the vibrator into her, and pulled it out. She began fucking her with it as she continued to lick the underside of her clit. Brenda being so close before couldn’t hold back long. It was just a few moments and she was bucking wildly and moaning incredible loud.

“Oh, Oh, Oh I’m gonna cum.” She said

She exploded with an orgasm she never though was possible. It was so incredible and so intense. She shook for what seemed like ten minutes or so. With her thighs still quivering she looked down at Jennifer who turned to look up.

“Thank you, for returning tunceli escort bayan the favor. That had to of been the best orgasm I’ve ever had” said Brenda.

Jennifer didn’t say anything. She got up and climbed onto the bed and laid down next to Brenda. Jennifer laid there only a few minutes before she got up again. OK this time I have to jump into the shower and get ready for the party tonight, Jennifer thought. “Brenda, I have to jump into the shower again and clean up, I’ll be right back” she said.

“OK don’t be long cause I have to jump in now myself.” Replied Brenda.

Jennifer grabbed her towel and headed for the shower again. This time she managed to soapy up and finish normally, without any interruptions. She started heading back to her room and thought wildly of what had just taken place there. wow! That was the first time she had ever experience something like that. Never in million years had she ever thought of trying it either. She wasn’t sorry for what she did. She liked it and totally enjoyed every moment. She found herself wondering if and when she’d be trying that again.

“Brenda, showers all yours. But you might wanna hurry its getting cold,” Jennifer said.

“Gee thanks! “replied Brenda.

Jennifer went into her room and walked over to the closet. She looked through all the close and decided on a nice sleek short black dress. This one was her favorite. As she slid it on it hugged her body nicely. It accented her breasts in just the right way. showing off the curves. As she turned different ways looking in the mirror again she started thinking back to her encounter with Brenda earlier. The way Brenda felt, her smell. The way Brenda teased her and made her escort tunceli cum. Oh god she thought she was wet again.

She hadn’t put her thong panties on yet, so she figured she’d just give herself a quickie and god hopefully be able to focus enough to continue with tonight. She put her foot up onto the dresser in front of the mirror. Pulled her dress all the way up, and parted her pussy lips from underneath her thigh. She began to make circles around her clit, moving her fingers over her hole. wow was she wet. She pushed just the very tips of her fingers in and then pulled them out again. Licking and sucking on them. Remembering the taste of Brenda’s pussy.

It felt so good she was moving her pussy against her finger to her own responses. She moved her hand from behind her to in front where she placed her 2 middle fingers to her entrance and slid them all the way in. As she pulled them out slowly she ran them right up the backside of her clit. She slid them in again this time bringing her body down to take even more in. Little moans escaped her lips. She was fucking her fingers and it felt sooo good. She was there she was about to cum oh god yes she thought. The cum just shot all over her fingers and into her hand. She couldn’t help but taste her fingers again, sucking and licking her own juices.

Jennifer stood up took a deep breath and smiled at her self in the mirror wow now that was good she thought. She grabbed her towel and wiped her fingers off. she put her thong panties on and finished getting ready. She applied her makeup and put on a hint of perfume. She went to the mirror on last time, she smiled happily. She knew she looked great.” Brenda, c’mon “said Jennifer.” Were running behind as it is, we have to go. ”

Brenda walked into the living room wearing a tight hip hugging red dress. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she looked great. she smiled at Jennifer and said “OK sexy, lets get a move on. Can’t have the birthday girl not be at her own birthday party,” Jennifer smiled at Brenda as the walked arm and arm out the front door.

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Double Fantasy Ch. 02

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“Hank, come on! We’re going to be late for Emma’s game!” Colleen called up the stairs.

“Be right down, babe,” Henrik replied. “I’ll only be a minute, just grabbing my phone.”

“What for? You see one football game, you’ll see them all.”

He walked down the stairs with a grin. “Sure, but I want to get a few shots of Emmy in action on the sidelines.”

Colleen laughed. “I should have guessed.”

“Can’t a guy be proud of his girlfriend’s daughter? Emmy’s going places. Next thing we know, she’ll be running the country and have men lining up with marriage proposals.”

“Don’t remind me! Her graduating this year already makes me feel old.”

“Old my ass.” Henrik gave her a deep kiss and patted her ass. “You’re one sexy woman for forty-five.”

“Hmmm…now I know why I switched to dating younger men from other countries.” Colleen ran her hands over his broad chest and snaked her tongue in his ear. “Too bad we have to leave or I’d drag you back upstairs.”

Emma walked in on their interaction dressed in her cheerleader uniform. “Damn, can’t you two go five minutes without molesting each other?”

“Not quite,” Henrik replied with a wink.

Colleen quickly pulled away from him, embarrassed. “Are you ready, sweetheart?” she asked Emma.

“Yeah. Thanks for giving me a ride. I didn’t know how I was going to get to the game since Jason’s being an asshole again and don’t need a repeat lecture about driving Hank’s car.”

“I don’t like you driving alone at night anyway,” Colleen said. “By the way, Hank will bring you home since Aunt Cindy’s taking me to the airport after the game.”

“You have to go out of town for work again?”

“Yes, unfortunately.” Colleen gave her a sly grin. “But I trust you to make sure Uncle Hank behaves himself while I’m gone.”

Emma laughed. “Oh, I don’t think that will be a problem. I’ll kick his old man ass if he gets out of line.”

“Hey!” Henrik protested. “Watch your mouth, young lady.”

“Make me,” Emma said with a giggle. “Race you guys to the car!”

He admired the way Emma looked as she grabbed her bag. The tight sweater accentuated her beautifully firm tits, skirt rode high on her hips, showing samsun escort off her perfect round ass, its hem stopping mid-thigh, and her hair was pulled back in the ubiquitous cheerleader ponytail.

During the game, Emma realized the effect she had on Henrik and the thought of sex under the bleachers later that night got her worked up. Her cheering became more enthusiastic; she wiggled her ass seductively and kicked even higher, which gave the crowd a full view of her panties. Emma was always a bit of a show-off, and all male eyes were on her from the bleachers.

The sight of her teasing from the sidelines aroused Henrik, making him barely able to concentrate on the game and take pictures.

Colleen broke into his thoughts. “Great game, huh?”

“Um…yeah,” he replied, catching a shot of Emma flashing her panties once again while shifting the blanket they shared to conceal his growing erection.

“Doesn’t Emma look beautiful? She’s doing such a fantastic job tonight.”

He slipped an arm around Colleen. “Gorgeous like her mother.” He pinched her ass.

“Hank!” she whispered. “Stop it!”

“Such a shame you’ll be gone for a week,” he growled in her ear and placed her hand on his bulge. “We could’ve had a lot of fun later unless you want to live on the wild side with a quickie in the ladies’ room.”

“Let’s not,” she replied with a giggle. “I don’t exactly relish the thought of Emma being humiliated because my Swedish stud and I got caught fucking in a public restroom.”

“Can’t say I didn’t offer, baby.”

“Just finish watching the game, Hank.”


Emma’s panties were soaked by game’s end. She darted into the ladies’ room, stripped off her sweater, removed her bra and panties – per Henrik’s request to be naked underneath her uniform – and stuffed the undergarments into an athletic bag.

She caught up with mother and Aunt Cindy, hugging Colleen goodbye after briefly chatting with them. Emma barely contained her impatience waiting for everyone to leave before her latest clandestine encounter with Henrik.

They met under the bleachers once everyone was gone. Emma pushed Henrik against a beam escort samsun and started kissing him, feeling his hard cock as he ground it against her.

His tongue probed deeper into her mouth while his rough hands pulled up Emma’s sweater and fondled her naked breasts. She then broke the kiss and started to remove the sweater.

“Leave it on, but don’t pull it down,” he ordered and pushed Emma to her knees. “Suck me.”

She kneeled and began kissing his now pulsating cock through his jeans. Henrik began stroking her hair as she unzipped his fly and flicked her tongue all over the head of his cock soon as it popped out. He then dropped his pants, stepped out of them, and kicked them aside.

“I’m so horny,” she said. “Promise you won’t come in my mouth. Guys always want to and I hate it.”

“I won’t. I want this to be enjoyable for both of us.”

Emma took his entire length into her mouth and began sucking him while her soft hand caressed his balls. Totally into giving him the blow job of his life, she fastened her eyes on Henrik, who was in the throes of ecstasy.

“Ohhh, fuck…” he grunted, grabbed her ponytail, and began thrusting in and out of her mouth. “You sure know how to suck cock, baby. You’re definitely your mother’s girl.”

He pushed his throbbing tool down her throat, causing Emma to gag a little, but she was so turned on that she didn’t care.

She sucked him for a good ten minutes, constantly monitoring his level of arousal, making every effort not to bring him to the point of release.

After a few more minutes, he pulled his throbbing manhood from her mouth and lay on the ground. “Ride me, baby. You’re so fucking sexy when you ride my cock.”

Emma quickly obliged and began bouncing on his shaft as if she hadn’t been fucked in months. She dropped herself onto Henrik’s erection, pushing him deeper into her pussy with every thrust as one of his hands squeezed each of her breasts while the other slapped her ass.

Emma wildly flailed her head, squeals of ecstasy emerging into full-blown screams of the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced.

She slowed her riding pace as her climax subsided, samsun escort bayan dropping her head and whispered in his ear, “Am I still a bad girl?”

“Yes,” he replied, “You’re a dirty cheerleader slut. I want to fuck you all week long while your mother’s out of town.”

She gave him a wicked smile. “And I want to make all your dirty fantasies come true.”

“Then flip over and and lift your skirt for me.”

Emma climbed off him and kneeled on the grass, hiking her cheerleader skirt until her bare ass was exposed. Henrik dipped two fingers into her slick pussy and enjoyed watching her squirm, begging for his cock. He then knelt between her legs and pressed the head into her wet opening.

“Do it!” she moaned. “Ohhh, Hank! Fuck my cheerleader slut pussy!”

He couldn’t hold out any longer. One deep thrust and he was all the way in her. She’d asked for it, so he aimed to plow her like a filthy whore. He banged her more intensely with each thrust, hips slamming into her ass as she pushed back to meet each of his strokes.

Emma placed a hand between her legs and rubbed her clit as Henrik continued to fuck her doggy style. He could tell that she was getting close to another climax, her moans louder and more unrestrained.

“Fuck me…fuck me. Keep ramming that big Swede cock in my cheerleader pussy like the whore I am!” Emma screamed as she came.

She didn’t need to ask twice. Henrik felt his own orgasm approaching and couldn’t hang on much longer.

“Oh fuck…oh fuck…oh fuck…ohhhh fuck!” He pushed deeper inside and fucked her with fury. “I’m going to come…I’m going to come!”

“Yes,” Emma hissed, glancing back at him. “Come in me, Hank. I need all your hot cum inside me!”

He emptied a torrent of semen deep in her pussy with a guttural groan before collapsing onto her. He laid still for a few moments before withdrawing his limp cock and ran it over her slit, leaving a trail of his seed over her mound.

“Oh my God,” Emma gasped with satisfaction. “I didn’t realize outdoor sex could be so hot!”

“Are you serious?” he asked. “You never fucked your boyfriend in public?”

“Not exactly. Jason isn’t one to experiment much. The most exciting thing we did recently was a quickie in the custodian’s closet between classes.”

“Sounds like you need to broaden your options, baby. We have all week, you know.”

Emma began stroking his shaft back to life. “We also have rest of the night. How about another round before we go home?”

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Driving to Her Rescue

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Big Tits

I was spent, my cock was slowly deflating, still wrapping loosely in the sticky condom. My wife lay snoozing beside me sent to dreamland by a late night fucking. This was an anomaly in our household. Monthly sex in the morning or early evening was our typical fare after five years of marriage, two kids and never enough time.

But that night I was horny as hell, groping my wife at every opportunity, pressing her into corners just outside our kids gaze, whispering dirty words into her ears and making her blush. What got into me?

It was the day of our daughter’s third birthday party. Family and friends came, and overall it was pretty successful. Enough kids and toys to let them mostly to themselves, and give the grown-ups time to chat.

One late arrival, was our kids long time late babysitter, Sandy, up from college. We had witness her blossom into a beautiful young lady and missed her being around to babysit the kids. She was in town and stopped by for the party, looking as hot and pert as usual in a pair of tight jeans and unseasonal t-shirt. She had long red hair, big tits and a tight athletic body. Her green eyes and freckles might make you think she was four years younger, but her body was clearly adult. I had seen her grow from a early developed adolescent, to a stacked teen, and now a curvy adult. She was my cousin’s husbands little sister, so I knew her before she was our babysitter.

When she was in her early teens, I would banish any dirty thought I had when she would bend over showing off her blossoming breasts, or when she was wearing those tight sweats that were the rage a while back. In her teen years, I would look away when she showed up in a belly shirt and low rise jeans. Later, a couple of years into her babysitting, I would more brazenly gaze upon her beauty as I drove her home, counting on her to assume no man my age would even look. I sometimes asked her questions about boys and such, dancing around questions of sex and lacing my thoughts with innuendo. She was, by all accounts, the measure of a pure and virginal girl. A devout Mormon, with a desire to do things right. I wanted her then, but, the absurdity and perverseness of it, kept me at bay. What 18 year old could be attracted to a stout 30 something? At best, it would cost me marriage, at worse some jail time. So I kept my dirty old man routine to something I could plausibly deny, a mere healthy interest in her wellbeing. She eventually went off to college, and we saw little of her except holidays and such.

I had been feeling horny all day, I don’t know why, but I caught myself watching her across the room and decided to leave her proximity, lest I betray myself. I wound up in the kids’ room, watching them and trying to clean up after them. It was like trying to control the chaos in the kids playroom, picking up toys as yet another box of them was burst open. As the only adult in a room full of kids I was about at my wits end. Then, I felt a presence behind me.

Leaning down she said in a normal voice. “Steve, you are looking really good. How much weight have you lost?”

I felt a small blush, she was pretty close behind me. Nearly touching, her mouth close enough to my ear that she could have bitten it, if she chose to.

“About fifteen pounds, last I checked.” I managed

I had begun a low effort diet, mostly just avoiding snacks, desserts, and seconds. And it was paying off. Moreso than I imagined.

“Well, you look really good. Really” She said in tone of surprised discovery, like ‘what have we here?” Her hand was touching my back and lingering for a moment. I didn’t respond. She was barely nineteen, and I was happily married right? But I felt a stirring, there in the playroom, that I was afraid to address. If she noticed anything, she didn’t betray it. Perhaps she thought I was coming off coldly to her. Maybe it was best she did.

But all those nights imaging her hot body under, atop or around mine had built up a fantasy that the slightest provocation could set off. I pretended not to notice, as she broke contact and headed back to the party.

The rest of the party went as usual, I played host, and tried to keep things in order. Eventually people started leaving. She was among the first to go. She gave everyone bigs hugs, and when she came to me. She moved in close and her lips seemed to brush against my neck. As we hugged one of my hands strayed down her back and lightly touched her ass as we parted. It was like one of my fantasies, but it was never supposed to happen. It felt as amazing I imagined, but I quickly withdrew my hand fearfully. She couldn’t have not noticed it. But she said nothing, she didn’t even look at me. Perhaps she had other dirty old men groping her, and had learned to shrug it off. I felt guilty as sin as she left the house.

That was several hours ago. We’d cleaned the house, put the kids to bed, and fucked like bunnies late into the night. I will say that whiled fucking my wife, I thought only of her. But I wouldn’t have felt siirt escort so passionate if it weren’t for Sandy and our touches.

So here I was enjoying the post coital bliss of some teen induced eros. When the phone rings. I glance at the clock 2am. My wife stirs a little, I pull myself out of bed and answer.

“I am so sorry to call you. But I didn’t know who else to call. My jeep broke down, I am stuck in the middle of nowhere!” She was sobbing.

“It’s okay, of course, you can call us.” I reply trying to sound awake “Do you know where you are?” I ventured.

“I think I saw a sign for exit 234 on I40.” She answered. “It’s raining and the car won’t start, and it is so dark, I’m scared.” She sounded panicked.

“Who is it?” My wife called from bed, “What do they want?”

“It’s Sandy, She’s stuck in the rain, her jeep broke down.”

My wife got up and and got to the phone. She tried to calm Sandy down and coax some more information from her.

Meanwhile, I got up and pulled some sweatpants on.

“She’s just past Bolton.” My wife said. “About 45 minutes. Do you mind. She can’t call her Mom, because she is Florida.”

I sighed, pulled on a shirt and sweatshirt, and a jacket and headed out.

It was not a pleasant drive, hard rain, pitch-black, and nothing on the radio. But eventually, I got closer and saw the flashing lights of her Jeep on the side of the road.

I pulled over and got out. I pulled my jacket close, but the rain was beating down hard, and I could feel it getting under my clothes and getting me wet. My socks were soaked by the time I got to her window. She was frozen into her chair, eyes glued ahead. I tapped on the glass and she jumped. When she saw it was me, she pushed the door open and jumped from the car.

“Let’s get out of this rain!” I yelled, and the two of us ran to my car. She hopped in and sat there shivering. She must have gotten out before I got there because she was soaked to the bone. In the dim light of my dashboard I could see her stiff nipples poking through the thin fabric of her bra and t-shirt. She didn’t seem to have a coat. I pulled mine off and gave it to her, but she was still shivering.

“Thank you so much! I can’t believe you drove all the way out here for me.” She gushed, her teeth chattering through the words.

I turned on the engine and cranked up the heat, but before I pulled into traffic, I paused.

“No problem. But listen, Sandy, I don’t mean to be weird or anything, but I think maybe you should take off those wet clothes. You can have my sweatshirt I offered.”

She didn’t say anything but immediately began to pull off her jeans, not an easy feat as they were tight before they got wet, now they were practically glued on her. Eventually she struggled out of them, giving me a glimpse of her white g-string, transparent with wetness, a few matted red hairs poked through. My breath caught a little short. She stopped, looked at me, then proceeded. She pulled off my jacket and peeled her t-shirt off. I turned away as she presumably removed her bra as well. I heard her pull on my warm sweatshirt and then turned around. There she was, the bottom of my sweatshirt barely covering her thighs, her large breasts visible in the open neck of the large shirt. She didn’t seem to notice or care. I stole a few glances and then turned to the road.

“So where I am taking you?” I asked. She didn’t want to go all the way back to college without her car, and home was a long way off. We decided to head to the next exit and see if there was a motel.

“I was so scared. Every time I saw a car drive by I thought someone might pull over and kidnap me or something. I can’t tell you how grateful I am you came down here. You must be exhausted.” She said gratefully.

“You’re like family.” I offered

“Carla is so lucky. You are the best guy ever.” She said looking at me with big green eyes, her legs up on the dash and her knees stretching the fabric of my sweatshirt. I could see the bottoms of her thighs as she did this, and my cock started to rise in my pants. She glanced down at my crotch and then turned quickly away.

There was an awkward silence for the next few minutes as the miles passed and the rain continued to pelt the vehicle.

She let out a sort of resolved sigh and adjusted her legs so the hem of the shirt rode up her thighs further and further, until it was barely below her waist. The way she was sitting I couldn’t see between her legs, but I could see all of one leg, all the way up past her hips. Again my cock twitched pitching a tent in my sweat pants. I immediately regretted not wearing any underwear in my haste to leave the house. She definitely seemed to notice this, and she bit her lip a little. I could feel my heart pounding. I was about to apologize when she turned my direction and leaned forward, again affording me a view down the wide neck of the sweatshirt to her large unclad breasts heaving against the soft fabric siirt escort bayan of my sweatshirt.

‘I wish I could thank you.. properly.” She said as she moved a hand to my leg.

I felt embarrassed by my body’s betrayal. I turned to her and began to apologize.

“I’m sorry Sandy, it’s just, you look so damn hot.” I apologized my face getting redder.

“Don’t be sorry.” She consoled me. The hand on my leg moved up and started to grip my growing erection through my sweatpants. The other hand began to pull at the strings holding them up. I should have told her to stop. I should have said something. But I didn’t.

“Wow. Carla, really is lucky!” She marveled, running her fingers up and down the eight fat inches of cock she had pressed through the fabric. A little bit of moisture was leaking through the material at the tip of my cock.

With a quick flick of her other hand she yanked my sweatpants down to mid thigh and my cock sprang into the air. A droplet of pre-cum landing on her wrist.

She flicked at it with her tongue and then bent over and sunk her mouth over my swelling cock. The fact that I still had my wife’s juices drying on my cock didn’t seem to occur to me, and if she noticed, she didn’t say anything. Instead she began bobbing up and down on my hard shaft with growing speed and vigor. My image of her as a religious and chaste little girl was rapidly disappearing. This girl knew how to suck cock.

I did my best to pay attention to the road, but I knew I couldn’t keep this up if she did. Soon I spotted a rest stop and pulled us into it. She kept going as if nothing changed. As the car stopped in the deserted parking lot, I was able to lean the seat back and give her some more room. She shifted position and forced another inch or two into her mouth. I could her little gasps for air as she nearly choked herself forcing me inside her. Girls were never like this when I was 19 I thought briefly as I enjoyed the blowjob. After a few more minutes, she took a long pull on my slick rod and let it pop out.

“Damn. I’ve never had a guy last so long.” She said exhaustedly.

“I guess age has some benefits.” I offered, holding back the fact that I had cum twice in my wife already that night.

“You’re not that old” she chided and she maneuvered her body over me, until she was straddling my legs. It was a bit uncomfortable, a Camry is not the world’s most spacious car, but all I could feel her bare flesh on mine. Her sweatshirt rode up even further and I could see a small patch of red hair between her legs. She put her hands on either side of my head and leaned forward. My hands slid under the sweatshirt and reached those enormous orbs. She cooed in pleasure as my palms rolled over her thick nipples, and my hands stretched wide to encapsulate the whole breasts. Don’t get me wrong, my wife’s breasts are very nice, a hefty handful, especially after being pregnant. But Sandy’s breasts were both bigger and still had the firmness of a nineteen year old. They were a delight to hold, and they seemed hardwired to her wet pussy because the more I fondled and gripped them, the more she shivered and rocked her pelvis over my legs. The motion was slowly but surely bringing her wet snatch in contact with my hard cock. A little at first then more and more. Soon her pussy was sliding over my cock gripping it slightly as though trying to get purchase. My hips were rising and back was arching to meet her movements.

I let my hands slide down to her ripe ass cheeks and tried to lift her higher so the tip of my cock would connect with her open hole. That tight firm ass so athletic, both cheeks neatly fit into my outstretched hands. I could pull them and spread them with ease. She moaning in time with our movements.

Finally I felt the slippery wetness of her hot cunt move over the tip of my cock. She enthusiastically if ineffectively tried impaling herself on my big fat head, but having some more experience in this matter, I slowed her down. My hands steady on her ass pulled her up and lined up her body for an easier entrance. My head firmly wedges in her tight opening, I rocked her back and forth. The tip of my cock pressing against her clit and down to the opening of her wet pussy.

Slowly I pressed into her as I let her weight down on me. The thick head of my cock slowly forced it’s way in between those tight wet lips. She was holding her breath in a combination of pain and pleasure. As the head finally pushed through she let out her breath and her body slid down several inches atop my rock hard member.

She seemed momentarily alarmed, my cock was wedged to deeply, so quickly, she didn’t know how to handle the myriad sensations coursing through her body. I was feeling the same. Her pussy was like a slippery vise touching every part of my cock simultaneously and alternatingly tugging and squeezing it. She started to pull away, but I tightened my grip on her ass and ground my penis deeper inside her. The force escort siirt seemed to push any resistance away, and she sort of gave a sigh and slumped a little, as though low in the saddle. I began to pump in earnest now, and she rode me like a champ. Our bodies began to move in sync undulating like a wave. I kept kneading her ass as my cock pistoned in and out of her. Her chest rose and fell in heavy motions, her glorious tits bouncing before my face. I would lash out at them with my tongue as they passed and she press them deep into my lips.

I could feel the tension growing her her body as her languid movements became more and more urgent. She was lifting a little at every push so as to meet the next one with the force of gravity, my fingers were gripping her tight enough to leave marks. She was moaning softly, almost plaintively, a soft mewling, as though she were struggling with something. Our tempo increased as did the pitch of her cries.

I was deaf to my own animal-like grunts and groans, all thought was gone, my passion and lust in charge. I had this amazing body glued to me, and I was going to enjoy it. She seemed totally committed to the moment, no hesitancy, no fear, maybe she was feeling the same thing as me. Honestly, at this point I didn’t really care.

Her movements continued and I was beginning to sense in her frantic movements a need to cum on her part, she was rubbing her body hard against mine, one hand of hers had begun tweaking her nipples to speed her relief. Having cum twice already that night, I was a long way off, but I accelerated none the less, far be it for me to deny a lady her wee deserved orgasm. My cock rammed harder and harder into tight pussy, each time eliciting a cry of pleasure. So the cries were a scream, then her whole body seemed to come apart, her legs spasmed with her hips and cunt. Her arms flailed in the air like a woman swatting at imaginary bugs before her, her eyes had a look of panic and then tearful calm. After what seemed like several seconds she collapsed atop me whimpering softly. My cock still rock hard inside her.

I held her there, her body felt half the size of my wife, and easy load to bear, and with the slightest of effort my legs and hips maintained a subtle rolling that kept the tip of my cock moving just enough to feel, just enough to keep me hard. She didn’t seem to notice at first. She lay there drenched in sweat, her body pressed against mine, and hair a tangled mess draped over my head.

After a bit as her body seemed to relax a little, I let my movements become little by little more pronounced, until she was slowly again rolling like a wave atop me, in gentle small arcs. She pushed herself up from me, her breasts dropped and then bounced with perfect elasticity. I gazed happily at them as they described tiny circles. She adjusted her position and then looked at me with wide eyes.

“Are you serious?” She said in wonder.

“Well. I said, if it doesn’t hurt, I can go on a bit more.” I said quietly.

“Oh my god. Where were you prom night instead of that minute man Bill?” she laughed.

“I was out buying you condoms as I recall.” I said. My wife and I worried about a naive school girl with a conservative parent partying at modern school prom, so we dropped a package into her purse before she left our house, just in case. As I said the words a small worry crossed my mind. Not that I slowed the rocking of my pelvis in the least, but she must have sense the worry on my face.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I’ve got that covered now.” She said, alluding to the pill, I guessed.

I let that worry slip my mind and kept moving, she looked a little dizzy from the motion or the emotions, and let her head drift back as though dancing to a soft beat.

I felt her fingers curl around the base of my shirt and pull it over my head. Then she mashed her body against mine. Those enormous tits pressed hard into my skin. I jumped a little at the feel, and she let out a little squeal.

“I want you to cum inside me Steve, I want to feel it inside me.” She said this in such an authoritative way, she hardly seemed like the little girl I watched grow up, the pimple-faced girl I left my babies with. She seemed truly a woman on top. With that she started to take control. Her hips growing taut and lax pulled my cock inside her, squeezing it tightly, then pushing it out. I let her lead me. She began to accelerate her movements, lifting her amazing ass off my legs and slamming her pussy down atop my aching cock. Again and again she fell the whole length of my cock until my legs were buckling and my balls were boiling. With each little hop, her big firm tits rolled past my face and down my chest. Her hard nippled scraping against mine. Finally I began to feel the burn. I could sense the cum rising in my balls and ready to blow. She seemed to sense this too, and redoubled her efforts.

“Oh god Steve! Yes, Fuck me. Fuck my tight pussy!” She cried, egging me onward.

My body reacted with equal force, rising to meet each assault. My fingers gripped her ass cheeks and prodding at her her tiny rose bud. This seemed to push her to greater heights of pleasure. She wasn’t just trying to make me cum, she was well on her way as well. The sedan was rocking and rolling from the energy we imparted into it.

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MILF Book Club Pt. 03

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MILF Book Club pt. 3

The final part of this story, but there are more in the works as they continue to read and be inspired.

On the day of the meeting it was clear that both Sharifah and Athena were eager to begin, as both were grinning. Finally as all were sipping their tea Sharifah gestured to Athena.

“Athena, why don’t you begin?” Athena set her tea cup aside and looked around to see she had everyone’s attention before speaking. After she had related the time she had spent with Devon she spoke to sum up.

“It was…amazing. Such passion, it had been too long.” Rosalia looked as if she would burst as she gathered herself.

“Again, you seduce a boy young enough to be your son, aren’t you ashamed?” Athena laughed.

“Not in the least and he is a little too old to be my son.” Before Rosalia could continue Sharifah spoke.

“I guess now is the time to share my experience.” So she launched into her own afternoon with Devon and noted Rosalia was becoming increasingly agitated. When she finished it was Marina who spoke.

“Dominated him? I don’t think I would have the nerve.” Sharifah shrugged.

“I didn’t think I would either, but you never know. In my usual experience it is equal.” Rosalia nearly jumped to her feet as she spoke.

“How dare you corrupt that boy? And then behaving like a shameless slut?” Miyu burst out laughing. Rosalia attempted to continue, but Miyu’s amusement made this impossible. Soon Rosalia gave up and made much of drinking her tea. At last Miyu calmed down and wiped a tear.

“Rosalia you protest so much, that I feel quite certain if I were to check I would find your panties quite soaked.” Rosalia’s eyes shot open and Sharifah winced as Rosalia set her tea cup down a little too hard.

“How dare you? To suggest such a thing…” She trailed off as she became too worked up to speak coherently. Miyu grinned and shook her head.

“If I’m wrong I will apologize and we’ll say no more about it.” Sharifah spoke up in an effort to deescalate the situation.

“Okay everyone let’s breathe, Now who still needs to finish?” Marina immediately raised her hand and after several awkward moments Rosalia nodded. “So next week we can start a new book. Anything else?” They all shook their heads. “Next week then.” Rosalia was the first to leave and Marina avoided everyone’s eyes as she slunk out.

A few days later saw Marina set aside the novel and sighed. She was in her living room, curled up in a chair and remembering what Miyu, Sharifah and Athena had said about their time with Devon. Truthfully it sounded amazing, but she didn’t think she would have the guts to go through with it. She was just thinking about what to make for dinner when her phone rang. She saw that it was her husband.

“Hi Vanya, you going to be home this afternoon?” His deep voice came back with regret.

“No, but I will be back for dinner, we’ve got a game of pick up football organized. But Coleman is coming over to fix the doors upstairs. Sorry I forgot, he should be there about now. Dosvidaniya.”

“Dosvidaniya.” She sighed, Vanya was an amazing man in many ways, but remembering things was never his strong suit. Just as her thoughts were returning to dinner, the doorbell rang. She went to the door and unexpectedly it was Devon.

“Devon? I thought your father was coming over.” He smiled, obviously trying to be reassuring.

“Hi Mrs. Lebedev. Sorry about the confusion, dad called your husband to say that today wasn’t going to work. Didn’t he tell you?” She shook her head and laughed hesitatingly.

“My husband rarely remembers to tell me about these changes in plans. Come in.” She led the way to the hall closet. She struggled to open the door in demonstration of the problem. He nodded.

“Ah, happens a lot with older doors, they usually weren’t treated right and moisture warps them. The doors will need to be treated, but I can make them work for now.” She nodded and he got out his tools. She watched him for some time as she considered how to go about this. She started by imagining him doing the job naked. She grinned, but while a definite turn-on it wasn’t enough. The answer was not forthcoming. So she waited as he completed work on the hall closet door. Then he moved to the master bathroom to work on its door and she sat on the toilet. The whole time he seemed to ignore her, despite her showing her legs and some cleavage.

So she grabbed some moisturizer and set to work on her legs, seemingly heedless of him. While she was becoming increasingly sivas escort turned on, he continued to ignore her. Marina wanted to scream, she wanted attention, but actually asking for it still felt beyond her. Finally she could delay no longer and set aside the moisturizer. She adjusted her clothes to show off more of her body, however she couldn’t bring herself to expose the more intimate parts of her anatomy.

In time he finished with the bathroom door and moved to the bedroom door while she moved to the bed. Now she decided to go a little further as her horniness was starting to overcome her shyness. So she sat on the bed, after a moment’s hesitation she removed her shirt exposing small bra covered breasts. She worked her hands over her breasts.

However it was only when a low moan escaped her lips that Devon looked over to her. To her disappointment he quickly went back to working on the door. She wanted to yell her frustration, but decided to switch tactics. She spread her legs, exposing the dark blue panties. A hand soon found its way to rub against her panties. This time she moaned a bit louder and once more he looked up. He stared for several moments, but soon returned to his work.

She said a curse under her breath, and repeated it as she usually cursed under her breath, never out loud. Suddenly the idea struck her that maybe he wasn’t interested because after sex with the others, she simply wasn’t as appealing by comparison. Struggling harder not to scream she swiftly removed her bra and flung it in his direction, but it fell short eliciting no response. So she focused on going further, now pinching her nipples. She gasped and whimpered softly. He briefly looked up before returning to the door. Frustration mounting she tossed her skirt aside and returned to rubbing herself through her panties, while continuing to pinch a nipple.

Now she was moaning audibly and he looked up to stare for several moments. This attention didn’t last long before he was again fully occupied with the door. Suddenly she stood and stepped deliberately over to him. She considered a moment before removing her panties and shoving them into his face.

“Inhale.” He hesitated, but she held until he took in her scent. She grabbed his shirt collar and pulled.

“Come.” His reaction was slow, but ultimately he allowed himself to be pulled across the floor to the bed. She remained standing, looking down at him.

“Lick.” He looked up at her, then at her pussy and back at her. She cocked an eyebrow and slowly he nodded. He leaned in, tongue extending, and licked the length of her slit. She moaned and took his head in both hands to pull him tighter. She moaned and ground harder against his face, even as he continued to lick for all he was worth. She briefly shifted her feet apart a bit further and redoubled her thrusts against his face.

Her first orgasm came swiftly as his questing tongue found her clit. She held on as he continued to lick until she collapsed onto the bed. After a short time to catch her breath she looked up. He was now standing by the bed, cock hard, dripping precum and he was looking intently at her.

“Lie down, on the bed.” His mouth opened briefly in surprise, but quickly closed it and complied. She swiftly mounted him, lowering herself onto his cock with a small sound as he refilled her. She rested on top of him, looking down at him and grinning. Positioning her legs she lifted herself up and slammed down with a moan from both of them. As she continued to ride, his moaning soon became louder than hers. Her hands went to her breasts and groped herself hard, pinching her nipples occasionally. She rode him harder as she worked her breasts with equal vigor. As she squeezed him tighter with her legs, her pussy tightened around him. She cried out as her orgasm it and she slammed down on him. Her hands went to his chest and she leaned forward to catch her breath.

Once more she was eager for to continue and moved off of him. She grinned when she saw he was still hard. With one hand stroking him, she worked his balls with the other. She listened carefully to his moaning and paid careful attention to the tightness of his balls. When she felt certain he was about to cum she stopped. He groaned and reached for his cock. She smacked his hand away.

“No, you will cum only when I say.” She repeated this process twice more, each time eliciting louder groans of frustration from him. After the third time she moved to mount his face. This time he did not begin licking as readily sivas escort bayan as before. She smacked his balls and he groaned, pressing his face into her. In a moment he was licking with enthusiasm. She moaned softly and reached for his cock to stroke it slowly. His tongue penetrated between her lips and she ground harder on him. He continued to work his tongue, while she maintained a slow, steady pace on his cock. He sucked on her clit as hard as he could and she almost stroked him harder. Suddenly she slammed down hard on his face, crying out her orgasm. After a moment she climbed off of him and kneeled alongside. She returned to stroking him as she spoke.

“Beg.” He stared a moment before he blinked and spoke.

“Please.” She stopped stroking and stared hard.

“Please…mistress, may I cum. Please, please I’m so close, let me cum.” She smiled and stroked him harder and gently squeezed his balls. In a short time he cried out loudly as his cum spurted out. She continued to stroke until no more came out. She leaned down to clean him up, he moaned softly. Satisfied she lay back on the bed with a small smile on her face. She barely noticed as Devon climbed out of the bed to dress and finished the doors. She reached for her phone and texted Rosalia.

-Just you now

Rosalia blinked and realized that she had nodded off. She was just returning her attention to her computer when she realized that what had woken her was the chime on her phone. She groaned when she saw the message from Marina. She just stopped herself from tossing the phone aside.

“Is Miyu right? Am I protesting too much? And now they will never let me hear the end of it. Even shy Marina has managed it.” This would occupy her thoughts for the next couple of days.

Rosalia finished the book and set it down. Truth be told she liked the ending and so she was starting to reconsider the rest of it. However she still wasn’t sure if she would participate as well, despite how she knew the others would react. Her phone chimed and she saw it was a text from Sid Coleman.

-Is now good for Devon to take measurements?

She sighed as she remembered Devon was supposed to come over to measure the main floor interior walls in preparation for some remodeling.


“You’d think someone wanted this to happen.” It was about ten minutes later that the doorbell rang. She opened the door to reveal Devon.

“Hi Mrs. Garcia.” She nodded.

“Come in, Devon. The wall we want to remove is the one on the left.” He set to work taking measurements and consulting the notes on what she had told his dad on what they wanted. Rosalia considered how she would go about seducing him, although she was still uncertain about actually going through with it. She decided to start by adjusting her blouse to show some cleavage.

However he ignored her despite having seen her when he adjusted his position. She tried leaning in to make sure he got a good look, but he continued to ignore her. She stood up straight to reconsider her strategy, as well as if she even wanted to. Waiting until she was sure he wasn’t going to make any sudden movements, she moved in close to rub her breasts against his back. He looked up, but pointedly moved forward away from her breasts.

She stood up straight and felt herself blushing. What the hell was she doing? Trying to get a barely legal boy to notice her? However this thought was quickly replaced by irritation as she considered his reaction. What was wrong with her? And how dare he reject her? As these thoughts swirled in her head he finished his work. He deliberately put his stuff away and made as if to leave, but merely put his stuff by the door. He stood in front of her and pointed to the floor.

“Kneel, you MILF slut.” She meant to object, but suddenly found herself on her knees. He looked away, dismissive as he sat in a chair. “Strip.” She tried to make the strip a proper tease, but knew she really didn’t have a clue. When she was naked she realized he was naked as well, but still seated in the chair. Devon pointed to the floor by his right leg and she immediately knelt by him. “What do you want?” She stared blankly up at him as she considered the answer to this. However the answer was obvious.

“Your cock.” He shook his head.

“My cock…what?” She looked down as she considered this.

“Your cock…sir.” He nodded.

“Beg, MILF slut.” She blushed and considered the fact that she was calling a boy about half her age ‘sir’.

“Please, sir may I have escort sivas your cock.” He slowly spread his legs and she briefly eyed his cock. This did not last long before she took his cock in hand and stroked it for a moment before licking up the length of the shaft. A few more strokes before she took the head in her mouth and slowly sucked. She stayed on the head listening to his soft moans and adjusting according to his reaction. His hands went to her head and pulled causing her to slowly move down his cock until she was all the way down. She almost immediately tried to pull off but he held her in place till she began spluttering. He held her a moment longer before releasing her. She continued to splutter and drool on to his cock for several moments before he patted her head.

“Good job, MILF pet. Bend over.” She blinked as she gathered herself. However she complied with his order. Once she was in position he moved behind her. Without warning she felt a sharp smack on her rear. She flinched and cried out. He smacked her ass several more times before speaking. “Well, what does the little bitch want?” Her voice came in a whine after a stream of curses in Spanish.

“Please, master fuck me. Give me your cock in my dripping cunt.” Another smack and a cry from her before he began rubbing his palm against her wet pussy. She moaned and pushed back against him. He plunged two fingers into her, finding no resistance. He thrust in and out for several moments, with her pushing back against him, her desperation growing.

Suddenly he stopped and she whimpered. Before she could say anything he smacked her again, however this time it was followed by him rubbing her reddened checks. She pushed back against his hand and moaned softly, almost purring. He stopped and she turned her head, only for her to feel the head of his cock penetrating her lips. As he plunged in all the way her responding moan was louder than ever. The thrusting was soon at full speed and his moaning was nowhere near as loud as hers.

He squeezed her ass tightly as he continued to thrust into her. Her head slowly lowered to the floor as she focused on matching his efforts to fill her completely. The moaning filled the room and her breathing came harder as his cock continued to move in and out of her. He stopped occasionally to smack her rear, but didn’t entirely pull out of her. She felt herself tighten around him and she cried out as her orgasm hit and she collapsed, only held up by him and his continued thrusting.

She would occasionally whimper, but overall she allowed herself to be used in this manner. He grunted and continued to thrust, but soon this became increasingly erratic before he stopped suddenly. She mumbled incoherently as he moved around in front of her. He thrust into her mouth several times before he suddenly stopped and made one last thrust into her mouth. It took several moments of him cumming down her throat before he released her head, while she struggled to swallow his cum. He stared at her for several moments on the floor before gathering her up and moving to the couch. Once she became aware of her surroundings she realized she was in his lap. She looked up and he leaned into kiss her. The kiss was brief and he smiled.

“I should probably go, I don’t need to ask if you enjoyed it.” He set her down once more on the floor and dressed. She curled up on the floor and pushed down the feelings of guilt and regret. She smiled.

“Prude, huh? Wait ’til they hear about this.”

At the next meeting Sharifah served the tea as usual and waited until she was seated to speak.

“So, Rosalia are you going to share? You appear fit to burst.” Rosalia tried to glare, but somehow couldn’t manage it. So instead she launched into an explanation of her own experience with Devon. When she finished everyone was stunned to the point where they struggled to find words. To their surprise it was Marina who spoke.

“Well, I’m almost afraid to share my experiences after that, but here goes.” The silence that followed her story was nowhere near that experienced by Rosalia. Finally Sharifah spoke.

“Wow, I think this was a particularly successful one. Does anyone have an idea of what book we should do next?” Marina looked away shyly and Rosalia shrugged. Sharifah turned to Miyu.

“No, after that I think someone else should take a turn.” When attention was turned to Athena she spoke readily.

“Oh yeah, I have an idea. I just got the sequel to Miyu’s book. I’ve only just started, but I can’t wait to see where our heroine goes next.” Marina brightened up and nodded eagerly. Rosalia sighed.

“Alright, let’s go again.” Miyu grinned.

“Nice to see you loosening up at last.” Sharifah smiled.

“Okay everyone usual drill. See you next week.”

To Be Continued in MILF Book Club: Book 2

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