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Chapter One

The old expression that Boys Will Be Boys was never more clear to Alex Barnett than the Sunday afternoon when her eighteen year old son came home from an overnight outing at a local lake with some friends. It was almost one that afternoon when Craig walked into the family room, still dressed in a bathing suit. It was evident by the pain etched in his face that the simple act of walking was excruciating and the thirty-nine-year old mother gasped in surprise.

Alex and her husband had been sitting in the family room watching television and the two adults stared at their son with shocked expressions. The slender young man, who had left with friends the morning before with pale skin, now resembled a boiled lobster. Had it not been for the evident pain that Craig obviously felt it might have been funny.

George and Alex leaped from their chairs and hurried to the side of their son and helped him upstairs to his bedroom. Their family physician, a good friend of George’s, agreed to stop by and look at Craig. Since George and Dr. Benson were part of a foursome that had a two 0’clock tee time at the country club at three, stopping by the Barnett home was not a problem. George and Dr. Benson would leave from there for the club.

“It’s just your everyday sunburn,” Dr. Benson pronounced with a chuckle after a quick examination. “It won’t kill him but it’s gonna hurt.”

“That’s a relief,” Alex sighed audibly.

“I brought some samples, Alex, of a good cream that should alleviate much of the pain and help him through it. It’s over the counter so you can pick up a tube at Grady’s Pharmacy if you run out.”

“He’s going to be alright?” George asked his voice filled with concern.

“Yeah. He’ll be great in a few days. But you’re going to peal like fruit, young man,” he grinned down at Craig. Then he turned his attention back to Alex and George. “One of you will have to apply the cream until the pain lessens.”

“I’ll take care of him,” Alex said.

“Ok. My work is done. You ready to beat those bastards at a round of golf, George?”

“Robbie and Jack don’t have a chance,” George laughed.

George and Dr. Benson left for the club and Alex settled into help her son. She breathed a thankful sigh of relief that Craig’s sunburn wasn’t as bad as she and her husband had originally thought. She told her son to take off the skimpy looking bathing suit and roll over onto his stomach so she could apply some of the cream to his back and the back of his legs. She left to get a washcloth from the hall bathroom so she could wipe the excess medicine from her hands once she was finished. When she returned to her son’s room, she found Craig struggling to remove the tight bathing suit. It was apparent that the eighteen-year-old young man was in too much pain to do even something as simple as undress.

“Here. Let me help,” she said quickly.

It wasn’t as easy as she thought. Alex could see the pain on Craig’s face as she slowly prodded and pulled the bathing suit off his hips and down his legs. She even had to lift his feet to completely remove the swim trunks. She was so busy that she hadn’t really paid much attention to the fact that Craig held his hands cupped between his legs to hide his cock and balls from his mother. When she had the trunks off, he rolled over as quickly as possible, which wasn’t that fast.

Alex started with Craig’s shoulders and worked her way down his beet red back. His skin was hot to the touch and the cool cream elicited low, satisfying sounds from him. Alex’s soft hands worked slowly, taking care not to cause any more pain than necessary. When she finished with her son’s legs, she asked him to roll over. Slowly, the young man complied and Alex understood immediately that he was embarrassed since he would be exposed to his mother.

Alex nearly gasped when she saw her son’s cock. Even flaccid, Craig’s cock was impressive. Maybe it was because he was her son and the last time she had seen her son naked he hadn’t been nearly as well endowed. Her eyes met Craig’s briefly and she saw the unease he felt at being exposed in front of her. That, she knew, was understandable but there was nothing she could do since someone had to apply the medicinal cream to his tortured skin.

Alex worked the cream into the red skin of Craig’s chest and stomach with fingers that had become a little hesitant to touch him. It was impossible to keep her gaze from his cock and it came as a shock when she saw it twitch and begin to grow. She held her breath as she rubbed his stomach slowly, her eyes staring wide and disbelieving when he was finally hard and throbbing.

Craig’s cock was huge! Before George, Alex had only had sex with one man and she had never seen, nor believed a man’s cock could be so big and fat. Later, she would learn that her son’s cock, when fully erect, was an astonishing nine and a half inches long and gaziantep ateşli escort nearly three inches wide.

Shaking her head and bringing herself back to reality, the incredulous mother began working the cream into the skin of Craig’s legs. Her pulse had quickened noticeably and her breathing was labored as she fought to keep her gaze from her son’s massive manhood. When she began working on his thighs, though, it was impossible not to look. The way his balls rolled slowly when she worked on his thighs nearly took her breath away.

“Ok, bud!” she said, feigning an ordinary voice as she quickly pulled the top sheet over his naked body.

“Uh, thanks, mom.” Craig could barely meet her eyes.

“No problem, kiddo,” she smiled. “I’ll be back later to check on you. Is there anything special you’d like for dinner tonight?”

He shook his head. “Anything will be fine, mom.”

A very uncomfortable Alex left her son’s room and headed back downstairs to the family room. She sat in her recliner for a long while, unable to do anything as her mind replayed what she had seen. Wasn’t it natural for a young man – or any man – to get an erection in a situation like her son had been in? Sort of a physiological problem? George told her he’d had a similar problem the time he was being prepped by a young nurse just prior to an operation and there was nothing he could do to prevent an erection. It had been embarrassing for him as Craig had been embarrassed a few minutes ago.

So it was obvious that she had not aroused her son, and that he had wanted to have sex with his own mother. It had simply been a quirk of the mind, something he’d had no control over. Still, the image of such an enormous and gorgeous cock would not leave her head.

Chapter Two

Later that evening after Alex fed Craig, cleaned the kitchen and watched television with her husband, she sat on the sofa thinking about all of the nasty thoughts she knew she shouldn’t be thinking. Earlier, as she applied more ointment to Craig’s sunburned skin, he again became aroused again. It caused her to think that maybe the first time hadn’t been a fluke after all, that her son was really aroused by her. It was a disturbing thought.

The strange thing for Alex was that she didn’t seem to feel the same remorse and guilt she had when thoughts of her son’s hard cock first came to mind. Maybe, she thought, she didn’t feel guilt and remorse – at least not as intensely – because the state of her arousal masked those feelings. Maybe she really did want to touch his manhood.

The thoughts, though, had been there all afternoon. Nothing she could do chased them out of her mind, at least not for long. Alex tried thinking of anything, whether it was gross, sad or anything terrible, but nothing worked. And by the time she stood in front of the stove that evening, preparing supper, images of her son’s gigantic cock stayed in her mind’s eye. And before long all she could think about was having him. It was wrong, wicked and she should be ashamed of herself but suddenly the need to be with her son in a carnal way was simply to great.

“Well, it’s time to go to bed,” George said, breaking her reverie.

“Yeah. I think I’ll take a quick shower and check on Craig.

“Good idea. See you in the morning.

Alex felt terrible as she watched her husband head toward the stairs. It was bad enough to cheat on your husband, she realized, but to do it with your own son was the epitome of heartlessness. And even that knowledge, she learned, wasn’t enough to dissuade her. By the time she finished showering and drying her short brown hair, George was in bed sound asleep.

Craig was lying in bed staring at the ceiling when she walked into his room. She smiled at him and sat down on the bed. Only a top sheet covered his body and she knew he was nude under it. Her eyes glanced briefly and saw how the sheet revealed the slight bulge of her son’s limp cock. She looked away quickly, feeling her face flush with embarrassment.

“Well,” she said brightly. “How are you feeling?”

“I still hurt.” Craig grinned at her. “I guess I screwed up.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Alex smiled at her son. “Maybe next time, though, you’ll remember not to spend so much time in the son until you at least get a little brown.”

“I don’t think there’s gonna be another time. Once is enough.”

During the exchange it had been difficult for Alex to keep her gaze from Craig’s midsection. Thoughts of what it would feel like in her mouth, what his cum would taste like and how it would feel to have her son’s fat, hard cock pushing into her pussy would not go away. She was ashamed, yet strangely aroused with what she knew lay under the top sheet. Her pulse quickened and her breath became irregular as she sat so close to her son.

“You, um, want me to put more cream on you?” bakımlı gaziantep escort

Alex heard the telltale sound of her voice that revealed how she felt. And she could see in Craig’s face that he’d heard the tone of her words as well. She was certain that her son knew that she wanted more than just to put cream on his skin.

“Yeah, sure.”

“Ok. I’ll, ah, just get the cream and be right back.” She stood and moved to the door. “Roll over onto your back.”

Her legs felt like rubber as she walked down the hall to the bathroom. She reached into the medicine cabinet with hands that trembled badly and nearly dropped the tube of ointment that Dr. Benson had given her earlier. When she got back to the room, Craig was on his back and he’d pushed the sheet down and off his body.

She pulled a chair close to the bed and set everything she’d brought on it, then took the ointment and began to apply it to his back. She worked the cream slowly into the skin of his shoulders and back, then moved down to his legs. Her heart beat fast and hard and Alex felt lightheaded. Her mouth was dry as she anticipated seeing his cock again; hoping that the first time hadn’t been just a fluke and it would be limp this time.

“Ok. You can roll over now.”

When Craig rolled over onto his back, Alex sucked in a big breath. He was hard again! Even the jolt of shame that struck at the moment when she looked at his hard cock with wide, pleased eyes seemed small and inconsequential. She stared at it for a long, shameless moment before she finally began to rub cream onto his sunburned arms and chest. She knew at that moment that she wanted it and forced herself to open her mouth and say the words that didn’t come easy/

“I, um, like what I see,” she said in a voice that reverberated with nervousness. She locked eyes with Craig and saw that he understood what she meant.

“You do?”

She nodded. “Tell me why you’re aroused.”

“Because I like you touching me.” Craig’s face colored and he added, “I also like you seeing me, you know…”

“It makes you hard to expose your cock to me?” She asked softly.


Alex was quiet for a moment, and then she said in a very soft voice, “I’m your mom.”

“I know but I’ve been attracted to you for a long time.”

Alex began applying the ointment to her son’s legs. Her pulse raced as she stared at her son’s hard cock. She replayed Craig’s words in her head as she gently rubbed the cream into his hot, red skin. He was attracted to her and that didn’t make what she wanted to do with him right. Still, it made her decision easier. And his revelation that being exposed to her, his cock hard and throbbing, seemed so wicked and sexy that she could hardly breathe.

“There is one thing I want you to know,” she said, then locked eyes with her son again. “I’m not a whore.”

“I know, mom. But you’re so hot, so desirable that I can’t help wanting you.”

Alex finished Craig’s thighs and screwed the cap back on the tube of ointment. She reached for the damp cloth and wiped her hands, then dropped it on the chair. With her eyes on her son’s face, Alex laid a soft hand on Craig’s cock and gently caressed the long, fat shaft. He gasped softly and she took it in one hand.

“No one can ever know about this.” Her voice was shaky with lust.

“I know.”

“It’s so beautiful!” she exclaimed softly as she began to slowly pump his cock. “So big and beautiful!”

“Oh, that feels so good!” Craig gasped.

Alex lowered her head until her mouth was little more than an inch above her son’s manhood. She could smell the slight musky scent of him and she breathed deeply. Then she breathed deeply and began to lick his shaft slowly from the base to just under the enormous purple head. She couldn’t actually believe that she was licking her son’s cock!

When she took him into her mouth, Craig groaned. She could tell by the sound that his teeth were clenched to keep from making much noise. Her tongue swirled around the head, tasting and reveling in the flavor of his pre cum. With one hand slowly jacking his fat shaft, she bobbed her head up and down, letting her tongue swirl and caress his sensitive head.

She was on fire. Never had she done something like this to another man, or even thought of doing it with her son! She realized quickly that it was the knowledge that she was committing incest, doing something that was so wrong that society had long ago abandoned it as depraved that made her feel so hot and aroused.

She took her son’s cock from her mouth when she was sure he was close to an orgasm. She didn’t want him to cum – not yet. She had other plans for her son’s huge manhood. Alex stood and quickly shrugged out of the robe and smiled down at Craig as she saw his eyes widen. She was naked and she stood shamelessly in front escort gaziantep of him as he devoured her nude body with his wide, incredulous eyes. She had know he would like her body; her pale skin was flawless, her heavy tits still without much sag and the light brown patch of her pubic hair was trimmed neatly, exposing the pink, wet lips.

“You like what you see?” she asked with a grin.

“Oh, yeah!”

“I’m glad,” she said as she helped him into a sitting position so he could lean back against the headboard. Then she gently got astride his hips and lowered her ass until her pussy lips pressed snugly against the fat shaft. She cupped both of her breasts and smiled. In a thick, lust filled voice, she asked, “Would you like to suck my tits, baby?”

Craig’s only response was a groan of ecstasy as he reached for and cupped his mother’s heavy tits in his hands. She leaned forward a bit and gasped with pleasure when Craig’s tongue escaped from his mouth and flicked the hard, fat nipple of her left tit. She moaned softly, her lust mounting as her son alternately sucked and nibbled her sensitive nipples.

Alex leaned her head back and lightly grasped her son’s head with her hands. His tongue and lips and teeth were sending shivers of delight deep into her tummy. She reached down and took his hard cock in one hand and began to slowly stroke its fat shaft, occasionally rubbing a thumb over the pre cum slick head. When she could take no more, Alex raised up and rubbed the head of Craig’s cock along the wet slit of her pussy. Then she slowly lowered her ass and gasped loudly as the massive head spread her swollen lips and began to penetrate her pussy.

“So good!” she murmured, excitedly.

“You feel good, mom!” Craig’s voice was tremulous and revealed the intense pleasure his mother’s pussy gave him as she slowly rode his cock.

“I’m glad you like it.”

His hands were on her tits, kneading and toying with them, the fingers pinching and pulling the fat nipples. Alex was careful as she fucked her son’s cock, working hard to keep from hurting his sunburned skin. When she looked into his eyes, though, it was apparent that Craig was feeling no pain.

“Fuck me, mom!” he hissed. “Fuck my cock! Let me cum in you!”

“Yes! Oh, yes, baby! You make mommy feel so good, driving your hard dick in me.”

“Kiss me, mom!” Craig blurted as he took her head in his hands.

Alex was startled. Her first thought was that kissing, especially tongue kissing was something that lovers do. Then, just as suddenly, she realized that fucking her son was also something that lovers do. She leaned forward and touched his lips with hers. With a long, low, animal groan she parted her lips and took his tongue deep into her mouth. They kissed with wild abandon, their tongues caressing and exploring. Suddenly, it all felt right and Alex felt her desire increase substantially.

She began to rock her hips harder, faster, searching for that mind-numbing climax she knew would hit soon. She couldn’t believe how nice her son felt inside of her; so full from the enormous girth of the fat shaft and huge length. Up and down she rode his cock as they continued to kiss with the intensity of a storm. She could barely contain the force of her desires and it was all she could do to keep from screaming.

“I don’t think I can hold off much longer, mom,” Craig groaned. “I’m gonna cum soon.”

“Cum in me, baby.” Alex kissed his eyes and cheeks. “I want your cum in me, Craig! Please cum in me!”

“Oh, mom!”

Suddenly, without another word, Craig lifted his ass off the mattress and grabbed his mother’s hips as he began to forcefully drive his hard cock in and out of her dripping wet pussy. She could feel her own orgasm approaching and she bit her bottom lip to keep from screaming. Then her son shoved his cock back into her one last time, hard and fast, and she felt him explode deep inside of her.

When the second rope of cum exploded into her pussy, Alex mashed her lips to Craig’s lips and began kissing him wildly as she began to cum. She sucked his tongue as tiny whimpering noises escaped her mouth. It seemed to last forever and felt more wonderful than anything she had ever felt in her life. When it was over, when both were finally spent, she didn’t move.

Alex sat astride her son for a long while as his seed slowly dripped from her pussy. It was the most incredible experience of her life. Right or wrong, she had loved every minute of making love to her son. As she sat astride his hips a string of fear began to unravel deep in her tummy. As much as she loved what they had done she realized that this would most likely be the last time. Now that they had made love Craig would undoubtedly come to his senses; she was not only his mother but also much older than he was and the first time was simply a novel experience for him.

“I, um, hope this isn’t, well, you know, gonna be the last time,” he blurted. Craig’s voice was hesitant, almost timid.

Alex raised up and searched her son’s face. She was stunned. For a moment, a long and uncomfortable moment, she had been afraid that he would not want her any more now that he’d had her this once. She let a smile touch her beautiful, full lips.

“I’m yours as long as you want me, darling.”

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Surprising Camping Trip

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Hailee had been looking forward to that camping trip for weeks! It was supposed to be the best trip of the year! Yet now that she was here, she had spent the first two days moping and frustrated. It wasn’t her fault. None of it was her fault! Currently, Hailee was alone high on a hill that overlooked the small lake and beach where they were camping. The place was magnificent and she was sure that the others were having a great time down there. She had taken this short hike alone hoping to clear her mind and enjoy the remaining days.

Sitting on an outcrop of rock just after lunch, the bright sun hot on her skin, she thought about how things went wrong for her. First of all, this camping trip had been planned for six couples, all good friends of Hailee as well as her brother and his girlfriend. That girlfriend, Amy, was the only person in the group Hailee didn’t like. “Well, one out of eleven isn’t too bad.” she had told herself.

But then, a week before the camping weekend, two tragedies struck. First, her very best friend canceled because of a death in the family. Second, Hailee’s boyfriend decided to break things off with her. A fucking week before the weekend she had spent months planning! Fucking bastard!

Hailee was still pissed about that even if, she’d had to admit to herself, she had known that the relationship was would not have lasted long beyond that weekend anyways. But regardless, she had been looking forward to fucking that guy every night in their tent before sending him off. He had been damned good in bed, the bastard!

So now there were only four couples and her. But that wasn’t even the worst part. That first evening, as they were all setting up their tents, she had realized in horror that hers was completely unusable. About half of the fiberglass poles had been crushed in the car’s trunk and she couldn’t possibly fix them. She had been on the verge of tears, more of rage than sadness. And so she’d had to go and talk to her brother and ask him if she could sleep in his tent. He had said yes but she knew that it would put a damper on his plans with his girlfriend. When Amy learned of this she was visibly pissed but couldn’t do much.

Hailee stood up and looked down at her friends and took a few deep breaths of the clean air. She spotted Amy sitting next to their tent and wondered what her brother saw in her. “She was pretty and sexy enough, obviously, but still.” Hailee thought, smiling in the process. She was smiling because everybody said that they looked alike, she and her. Hailee and Amy were the first to deny it but Hailee knew that it was true. When asked, her brother Peter didn’t want to commit to an answer. With good reason: admitting that he was dating a girl that looked a lot like his sister would be a bit weird.

Hailee thought it flattering. She was pretty sure that Peter hadn’t chosen Amy just because she looked like her anyway. But that left the question wide open: why had he chosen her? Beauty and sex appeal were all very nice, but Amy was as dumb as they came. Her dream job was to be a manicurist, for christ’s sake! Hailee shook her head. “Well, maybe I shouldn’t be too harsh on her,” she thought. “After all, she has a boyfriend and will be having sex tonight!”

Hailee sighed. Fuck! She was aroused all the time! Even now on this exposed rock, she felt like slipping her fingers under her panties and… But why not? Hailee smiled. Standing she could see all her friends, but sitting she wouldn’t be visible from down there. Grinning for the first time since getting here, she moved away from the ledge and found a nice, soft mossy patch on the ground. She sat down, slipped her hand under her skirt, pulled her panties aside and gently began to caress herself.

Spreading her legs wide and reclining fully on the soft moss, Hailee took a deep breath and enjoyed the first small waves of pleasure. With the palm of her hand she could feel the patch of hair above her lips and remembered that she had wanted to shave it all off. Her lips were all shaven, as was everything below down to her asshole. She had never dared to shave the hairs above it but as she was pleasuring herself, she swore to do it soon.

A few minutes later her second hand joined the first and she used her deft fingers to stimulate her clit with one hand and her pussy and g-spot with the other. She briefly thought about her ex-boyfriend and his marvelous cock, but quickly forgot about him. None of the guys here interested her in the least. They were all nice guys, but not boyfriend material for her. Now Peter, if he hadn’t been her brother… That was a guy she could date. They shared many hobbies and passions and he certainly was hot.

Without being fully aware of what she was doing, she remembered how he had looked this morning at the beach, either playing catch with a friend or showing everybody how he could actually do fifty push-ups. He had done it with ease. When he had stood back up, he had been flushed from bayan escort the exertion, his powerful arms covered in raised veins and his body covered with sweat. As they had all applauding him Hailee had seen quite a few of the girls looking at his abs and pecs, herself included!

On the ground, as sweaty and flushed as her brother had been earlier, Hailee kept thinking about him, about how he’d look naked coming out of the lake or splitting logs or carrying her naked body to their tent. “What the fuck?” Hailee though, laughing and temporarily stopping her fingers. “Am I so in need that even my brother… Shit!”

She tried to think of something or someone else as she let her fingers resume their holy work… but she failed. Now she was remembering the very awkward moment when, last night very late, she had been woken up by a moan from Amy. Opening her eyes in surprise, Hailee had heard very faint sounds that had confirmed what she had quickly surmised: her brother and his girlfriend had been fucking right next to her. On the one hand, she had understood them perfectly well, yet on the other, she was still right there!

To her surprise she had realized that hearing them and imagining what they were doing had stoked her own fires. Soon her pussy had become warm and had been calling for her. Very slowly, inside her sleeping bag, she had slipped her hand between her legs and had started to masturbate. When she had heard Amy’s moans coming faster and then stopping on a taken breath, Hailee had felt her own climax rising fast. But when she had heard her brother’s grunt it had finally triggered her climax.

On the rock under the sun, Hailee tried one last time to think of anything else but her brother. “Fuck it!” she finally thought, a naughty smile on her lips. Soon she brought back the image of herself nude in his arms, feeling his big hard cock poking against her back. In her mind’s eye she saw him laying her down in his sleeping bag and diving between her legs to eat her pussy like a god. “Peter…” she was moaning, both in her fantasy and in real life.

Hailee was surprised by the intensity of the pleasure she was feeling and by how quickly she felt her climax burgeoning. In her fantasy she barely had time to move Peter up and into her pussy before she climaxed on the moss. She bit her lip and managed not to cry out but she writhed and twisted on the moss, taken by a climax a lot more powerful than she had expected. A bit later, as she walked back down towards her friends, she was smiling. She was still surprised, but at least now she was smiling.

In the middle of the afternoon, most of the girls decided to go to the stream to wash their clothes. They had been here for two nights and some of their clothes really needed a good wash. She decided to join them. After the twenty minute walk to the stream that fed the lake, the girls stripped down to their underwear and proceeded to quickly wash most of their clothes. When Amy removed her bra, some of the others were surprised, but soon they all followed suit. One of them joked that if the guys were to join them, it would make for an awkward situation.

Hailee saw Amy topless for the first time and was surprised to see that even their breasts were alike. “And damned sexy!” she added mentally, smiling to herself. Looking at Amy’s breasts was a very special experience for Hailee, like looking at a clone or a living mirror reflexion. Like hers Amy’s breasts looked like they were 32C and like hers she probably sometimes tried 32D cups.

Hailee realized that they both had really big breasts for their frames. Despite their size and fullness, they were still very perky and thrust out of her body with no regards for gravity. Damn, even their nipples were very similar! They both had aureolas that were slightly bigger than expected with prominent nipples pointing upwards.

Subtly looking around at the other girls’ breasts, she saw that she and Amy had, by far, the best breasts. Julia’s were bigger, but Julia was slightly overweight and her breasts were not nearly as perky. The rest had smaller breasts that, while suited to their slim frames, were not in any way spectacular. Hers and Amy’s, on the other hand… Maybe that was why Peter had chosen her? Maybe he was a breast man and had been swayed?

Hailee laughed at her own thoughts and soon began talking with Julie to take her mind off of that. The girls spent close to two hours at their spot, giving the sun as much time as possible to dry their clothes. They came back wearing their swimsuits anyway, as even a bright sun wasn’t as efficient as a dryer. Back at camp, they spread their clothes as much as possible and hoped they would be dry before nightfall.

During dinner, Amy and Peter got up and went behind their tent. When they came back, Amy was visibly angry and Peter was red faced. Something had happened, but Hailee had no idea what. Later, after dinner and quite a few bayan escort gaziantep beers for Peter, he retired early to the tent. After that and for the rest of the evening Hailee saw that Amy was, because there were no other words for it, flirting with all the guys. Not too ostensibly, but it was clear that she was being nicer than usual, more smiles, more references to her bikini or even breasts, that she was sitting just a bit too close to the guys…

“The fuck was wrong with that girl?” Hailee wondered. She looked at their tent and saw that Peter had turned the lantern off. It was still relatively early, and the others wouldn’t go to bed for hours yet. She waited a bit more and feigned sleepiness. She wished the others a good night and went to the tent. She found three more empty bottles of beers in there and threw them out. Peter was already sleeping. She stripped down to nothing in the darkness, kneeling right next to her brother.

She had no idea what had happened between him and Amy, but as she heard her laughing seductively at one of the guys, Hailee felt angry. “Regardless of what happened, you don’t just go around flirting like this when you have a boyfriend.” She moved closer to Peter, unafraid that he would catch her naked. He seemed to be deeply asleep and in any case, it was very dark in the tent. Hailee touched his forehead and brushed her fingers through his hair.

She was surprised when he grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips to kiss it. Hoping he would let her go and fall back asleep, Hailee let him kiss her hand once, twice and three times before she felt him pulling her closer to him. “Peter,” she whispered. “Let me go please.”

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled. “I’m so sorry.” Hailee wondered what he was talking about until she realized that he thought that she was Amy. In the dim light, the two of them must look exactly the same. If he even had his eyes opened. “It won’t happen again, I swear.” he mumbled again.

“Peter,” she whispered again. “I’m Hailee…”

“What? What about Hailee? You can’t fault me for looking at my sister! Besides, you two look so alike that if I find you beautiful, I can’t help but find my sister beautiful!”

Hailee smiled, realizing that Peter was in a strange mix of sleepiness and drunkenness, not really awake. Nevertheless, he pulled her harder towards him and Hailee ended up on all fours, naked, her breasts hanging just above his head. Before she could pull back, she felt him lift his head and kiss her breast, capturing one of her nipples in his mouth. She gasped as she pulled away, and Peter said, “Oh, I’m sorry… I didn’t know where you were and I wanted to kiss you. Your lips I mean. I’m sure you’re not in the mood for anything else tonight…” He sounded so sad.

But she was in the mood! She so was! Hailee knew that her nipples were hard right now and her pussy was getting wetter by the second. The burst of pleasure she had unexpectedly felt when he sucked on her breast had shaken her. Even as she was still on all fours above him, Peter pushed his blanket away to reveal his cock. “See?” he slurred. “You still make me hard, don’t worry about Julia.” In the very dim light, Hailee’s dark adapted eyes could see the outline of her brother’s cock below his hard abs and she gasped again. Damn, it was big and looked so fucking nice!

Suddenly she realized that she was naked, on all fours, her pussy on fire and that she was staring mouthwateringly at her brother’s hard cock. This had to stop. “Peter!” she whispered. “Stop this.”

“Oh come on Amy… If you want, I could eat your pussy like you’ve been asking…”

Hailee’s eyes opened wide, both at the surprise that he had never done that and at the fact that it reminded her of her own fantasy this afternoon. Deciding to play along instead of risking him waking up and recognizing her, Hailee said, “No. You’re right, I’m not in the mood. Not after what happened.”

“I just looked at her! Nothing more!”

“Still…” she tried to understand why Amy was so jealous that even him glancing at Julia’s breasts made her so angry. “Let me go, I wanna go to sleep.”

“So come here… I promise I’ll be nice,” he replied, pulling her down next to him.

Hailee knew she could have resisted him. She could have stopped him physically, she could have said “No!” more forcefully, she could have said who she really was or she could even have slapped him! But she did none of those things. She had taken a few beers herself, was burning up and here was this beautiful and willing male with his equally beautiful and willing cock. During her hesitation, no more than two seconds, Peter had managed to pull her down on the mattress and was now spooning her.

She gasped as she felt his hard cock between her buttocks, surging and spasming. “I’ll be nice!” he had said! “Sure!” she thought. Out loud she said, “Peter, let me go please. I’m not… I’m gaziantep escort not in the— Shit!” she stopped talking, as she wasn’t even convincing herself. “Just don’t move,” she said in a sharp and low tone, hoping it would work.

“Ok,” he replied, but immediately grabbed her breast.

Hailee felt her own defences failing badly. “I can’t let my brother fuck me!” she thought, angry with herself. But she was also aroused beyond words. She knew she was dripping her juices on her thighs and that if Peter moved, even slight— Fuck! She swore mentally as he repositioned himself, guiding his cock lower between her buttocks. His tip was pressed hard against her anus and she felt a thrilling sensation go up her spine. Hailee loved anal sex and given that her ex wasn’t into that at all, she really needed a cock back there. “But that, fuck, was neither here nor there!” She thought, slightly angry with herself.

She was breathing hard, her body responding without her consent and soon she was pushing back against his cock. When he squeezed her nipples, Hailee moaned out loud. “That’s it baby,” Peter said. “Let yourself go. You know you want me.” Peter took her silence as compliance and he tilted his pelvis until his cock slipped right up against her lips. “Oh shit,” he said, laughing. “You’re never this wet baby! Oh fuck that’s good!” he added, pushing his cock inside her.

Hailee was in no position to answer or comment, her entire body and mind aflame with lust and pleasure. She hadn’t had a cock inside her for two weeks now and her body had clearly been craving one. Any cock. But her brother’s? Shit that was insane. She had gone from a few years of admiring his body, to a few months of thinking about him in a sexual manner, to masturbating thinking about him this afternoon and now feeling his very real cock inside her. And he was big! Hailee reeled with pleasure as she felt his thick cock spreading her insides. Completely insane. And completely delightful.

Even half asleep and drunk, Peter was a very nice lover. The way he held her, kissed her neck, whispered sweet words to her, caressed her body with his hands and most of all the way he fucked her, both hard and sweet at the same time… Shit! As she enjoyed his thick cock splitting her pussy open, forcing her walls apart, Hailee writhed against him in pure pleasure. She had never though a first time with a guy could be so fucking good!

Shit! She had her brother’s cock inside her pussy and he didn’t even know about it! Soon he pushed her and forced her on her stomach while never pulling out of her. With better leverage, he pushed himself even deeper inside her and kept fucking her. When he pressed his hands against the sides of her breasts she lifted herself up instinctively and gasped as she grabbed both her breasts in his big hands.

To her astonishment, as Peter began nibbling on her ear with his lips and teeth, Hailee buckled under him and felt her climax rising faster than fucking fireworks! “Don’t change anything you’re doing!” she moaned. He didn’t. Less than a minute later she was ravaged by an orgasm that shook her to the core. “How the fuck could my own brother make me cum so hard and so fast on our first time!” she thought as she shook and trembled beneath him.

When she groaned louder, he giggled and said, “Shhh! You’re going to wake Hailee!”

“I don’t think she’ll mind,” she replied, through clenched teeth, still overwhelmed by too much pleasure.

“Think she would join us if she woke up?” he asked, his voice still slurred by the alcohol. Hailee didn’t say anything to that, still breathing hard. Peter added, “I think she would. I think she needs a good fucking right now.”

Hailee refrained from giggling as he heard his words. Then, right into her ear as he kept fucking her past her climax, he asked, “Would you mind if she did?” Hailee cursed in her mind, but smiled: if she had been Amy she would have thrown such a fucking tantrum! Amy had been jealous of him looking at Julia and now Peter thought that it was a good idea to ask her if she would mind fucking her boyfriend’s sister?

Still drunk on pleasure, she replied, “Would you? Would you fuck your own sister?”

“Shit yeah! She’s smoking hot, just like you!” he whispered in her ear.

“Interesting… How do you want me now?” she asked.

“How about in cowgirl?” he replied.

Moments later she was riding his big cock like there was no tomorrow, throwing everything she had: she was keeping a steady rhythm, fucking him hard and long, making her hips twist and rotate from time to time, letting him play with her breasts, etc… But Peter felt like a machine with his relentless fuck tool. In all the positions. He had been plowing her pussy tirelessly for about least half an hour now and he just kept thrusting up against her every downward motion.

Knowing that Amy would eventually come back to the tent, Hailee had to do something. Trying to make him cum, she leaned forward and whispered “About your sister, you’d really fuck her?”

“Of course… She’s at least as hot as you and I’m sure she’s wild in bed!” he said.

Hailee thought that if he talked like that with Amy, her jealousy was justified. But since she wasn’t his girlfriend, she said, “Imagine that I am her… Just for tonight.”

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Stuck Again Ch. 04

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It’s been a couple of days since my wild night with my mom. I still find it difficult to believe we actually had sex. Not just normal sex either, but some wild stuff including anal where not only did I get stuck in her for a little while but I shot a big load of cum in my mom’s ass. At least that’s what I think happened. I was pretty drunk that night and it looks like I might have said and done some shocking stuff. Don’t get me wrong, from what I remember the sex was amazing, it’s just that I fucked my mom. I still can’t believe it, I fucked my mom.

Needless to say it’s been a little weird around the house the last couple of days. Neither of us has quite known what to say to the other. There are stolen glances and smiles and the quick touch, but we really haven’t talked about it. She admitted that night to having thought about having sex with me for quite awhile and it looks like I had been thinking about it too. For being 40 my mom is really hot. She’s tall and slender with a model’s build. She has great tits, that aren’t obnoxiously large, about a full C cup. I think they are perfect and speaking of perfect, that describes her ass. It’s shapely and firm and looks great no matter what she wears. She looks great naked as well. The most bizarre thing is that she was able to take my cock without one complaint of it’s size. It’s like her pussy was made for it. It’s tight, but fits like a glove.

It’s late at night and I’m in bed thinking about her. I’m stroking my big cock as I remember how it felt to be inside her. It’s a warm night and I’m naked as usual under my sheet and I drift off to sleep. I am not sure how long I was sleeping but in my dreamlike state of waking up I feel someone crawl into the bed with me. They snuggle up next to me and after fully waking up I realize it’s my mom. She’s naked and holding on to me. I feel her warm breasts pressed into my chest and her leg is draped over mine and her pussy is rubbing on my thigh.

She whispers in my ear, “I couldn’t take it anymore. I just had to be with you again. I know this is wrong to do this, but I can’t help it. Please forgive me, I love you so much.”

As I roll over to face her I look at the clock and see it’s 3 AM. I kiss her deeply. Certainly not a mother/son kiss, but a kiss of desire. She presses her body to me in response and reaches between us to stroke my huge cock, which has gotten very hard. I break our kiss and work my way down her body. I linger on her tits. They are perfect. I pull on her big nipples, nipping them slightly with my teeth. She whimpers a little at this. I move down kissing her soft belly. As I moved lower she opened her legs to give me access. I have thrown the sheet back and move down lower to her pussy. I inhaled her scent. She smells wonderful. A mixture of her perfume and a woman’s natural scent when she was filled with desire. She had shaved herself. There was a little patch on her mons, but her labia was bare. Her large inner lips were hanging down and starting to swell. I took each one into my mouth and sucked on them. Her hips were moving off the bed as I worked on her. My tongue found it’s way past her lips to her entrance. I swirled it around the opening tasting the juices flowing from there. I stuck it inside her and felt her opening clenching. Finally I moved up to her clit and licked it quickly a couple of times. She jumped a little like she’d been shocked. I placed my lips on it and sucked hard. This sent her over the edge and her hips were bucking off the bed and her thighs clamped on the side of my head. It was a strong orgasm and she finally settled down when I quit pulling on her clit so hard.

I raised up and looked at her. gaziantep escort She was breathing hard and had her eyes closed with a smile on her face. I wiped my face on the sheet and moved up to lay next to her. She began stroking my cock again and then pushed me on my back and climbed on top of me. Straddling me she rubbed her pussy up and down my stiff shaft finally raising up to line things up. I helped by grabbing my heavy cock and pointing it at her entrance. She was able to get up on her feet to squat down on it and use her weight to force entry. Even though I had been in her pussy a few nights ago it took some effort to get in. She pressed down and after a moment of hesitation my cockhead slid into her as if by magic. She let out the breath she was holding and continued to lower herself on me. More of the shaft went in and she stopped again to rest. Finally she loosened up enough to where most all of me was inside her and I hit bottom.

I knew this was the pussy for me. I would never find another one like it. My mom started to rise up and down on my cock. The grip her cunt walls had on my cock felt so good. She had her hands on my chest and was riding me up and down. Mom would stop when I was all the way in and grind her clit on the base of my shaft before rising back up to where only the head of my cock was in her. A couple of times when she did this I heard her cry out a little and I felt he pussy spasm. She was having quit a few orgasms riding me like this.

She was tired and I was getting close so I held her by the waist and rolled her over to where I was on top and she was underneath me never letting my cock withdraw from her. It was my turn to take the lead and I started to pump with conviction. My cock was slick with her cum and it was still tight in her but I was able to move it in and out easier now. I was raised up on my arms above her while I pounded away. Her arms were around my neck and her legs wrapped around my butt.

“Please Baby, cum in me soon. I want to feel my big strong son shooting inside his mother’s pussy.” She said.

This was so surreal. I was about to cum in my mother’s pussy. It felt so good and so right. I knew I was close. The pressure was building. Was she ready for this, was I? I was past the point of no return. My load was rising up. I stopped and stiffened and then exploded. Rope after rope of my thick cum jetted out of the end of my cock which was pressed as far as it would go inside my mom’s pussy. My big glans acted as a plug and forced my huge load way up inside her well passed her cervix.. I just kept pumping and shooting not caring about anything else. I think she was unprepared for the volume of cum and the strength of my spasms. It caused her to have another big orgasm as her cunt clamped down and milked all the remaining cream out of me. Things finally subsided and I laid on top of her breathing hard and still firmly implanted in her. I didn’t want to crush her so I rolled off to one side and we lay there with limbs intertwined, holding each other. I didn’t make a move to withdraw my cock and I didn’t think she would let me anyway. It was 4:30 AM and I knew she had to go back to her bedroom where my dad was asleep, but I just wanted to hold her and lay here for a moment longer.

It seemed like I had only closed my eyes for a moment and when I opened them it was getting light outside. I looked at the clock and it said 7:00 AM. She was still there in bed with me sound asleep and my cock was still inside her. Panic started to set in because I knew my dad was probably already up getting ready for work. He would wonder where she was and might come in my room adıyaman escort to ask me.

I shook her awake and said, “Mom wake up, we fell asleep. It’s 7 and dad’s probably already up. We need to think of something fast.”

She looked around suddenly comprehending our situation and said, “Oh no, what will we do? Listen Brian, you get dressed like you just got up and go in the kitchen and stall your father for a minute. I’ll think of something and then join you. If he asks where I am just say you heard me in the back bedroom.”

I said, “Sounds like a plan, but first we need to get unhooked here. We both looked down at out still joined crotches and laughed a little. I slowly pulled my huge cock out of her. It was almost like her pussy had molded around it and didn’t want to let it go. My cockhead finally popped out and very little of anything oozed out of her. We had made a big mess in my bed so I just wiped my cock off on the sheets and then got dressed. I walked down the hall to the kitchen where I found my dad making coffee.

I said, “Morning Dad.”

He looked up and said, “Oh morning Son. You’re up early. Hey have you seen your Mother this morning? She was already out of bed when I woke up.”

I said, “Well I think I heard her in the back bedroom, but I’m not sure.”

Suddenly Mom appeared in the kitchen wearing a conservative nightgown with a matching robe. She smiled and said, “Morning guys.”

My dad looked at her and said, “When I woke up you weren’t there.”

I thought to myself, “No she wasn’t she was with me and my cock was still inside her after fucking her all night.”

Mom smiled and answered, “No Honey, your snoring was really bad last night and I couldn’t sleep so I decided instead of waking you up I just went to the guest bedroom to get some peace and quiet.”

She smiled at him when she said this and then turned to me and smiled. That was quick thinking on her part. I guess that made sense to my dad.

“Oh OK, I guess I need to get that check out by the doctor huh.” He said.

I made myself a bowl of cereal while my parents did their thing in the kitchen. After I finished my dad was still there getting ready to leave and I had an idea.

“Dad,” I said, “I’ve been thinking. I know I was planning to leave for college in a week or so, but I really have no idea what to major in or what I want to do for the rest of my life. I don’t want to waste you money, so what do you think about me staying here for a semester or two and going to the Community College until I figure things out some more.”

He was quite for a moment then said, “Well son I don’t want you to waste my money either. If you think you would be happier doing that for a year I will be fine with it. Have you talked to your mother about this?”

We both looked at her and she said, “No he hasn’t, but if he wants to stay here for a little while longer I am will be glad. I was going to miss my baby boy anyway.”

She walked up behind me and hugged me around my neck. I had found a way to stay close to her and keep fucking her when we could find the opportunity. She knew that was really my motivation for not going off to college. Dad left for work and that left Mom and me alone. I went into the den and she joined me on the couch sitting close.

“Honey are you sure this is what you want?” She asked.

“Mom,” I said, “I want you. I love you and now that we are lovers I can never go back. Everything had changed. I want to keep doing this with you for as long as I can.”

She leaned over and kissed me and smiled saying, “Brian are you sure you won’t akkent escort get tired of me? I’m just going to get older. Don’t you want a younger girl?”

“Mom, I’ve tried younger girls. Very few could take my cock. It’s like you are a perfect fit for it. I love you already and that makes you the only one I want to be with. You are at your sexual peak and so am I. We are a match.” I answered.

She hugged me and we kissed awhile. I had to ask her something.

“Mom, you haven’t said anything and I guess I need to know. Are you on any kind of birth control? You can still get pregnant and have a baby right?”

“Yes I can still get pregnant and have a baby, and no I am not on any kind of birth control right now. You father and I rarely make love anymore and when we do I make him use a condom. I think he has a a couple of affairs in the past and basically has lost interest in having sex at least with me. Way back when I tried the pill but the hormones reacted bad for me. I’ve thought about this and since I doubt we would be able to find a condom big enough to fit your cock, plus I hate them anyway, we will just have to be careful. I keep track of my cycle and I know when I am ovulating. Besides, would it really be so bad if we had a baby?”

This kind of shocked me. My mom having my baby would be difficult to explain away. I was only 19, but I knew I would probably give her anything she wanted as long as we could still be together. It was mid morning and she got up off the couch and took my hand and led me to her bedroom and into the master bathroom. There was a big double shower in there and she turned the water on to warm up. She took off her robe and gown and I shed my clothes too. We stepped into the shower letting the warm water wash away all the signs of last nights fuckfest. I took some soap and started washing her front. There were multiple sprays coming at us in there. I washed her breasts. They were beautiful, all wet and shiny. I could see some blue veins running through them just under the skin. I turned her around and washed her back working down to her ass. She leaned forward some and I washed between her legs. I like her pussy shaved and would suggest she get lasered there for permanent removal.

She turned around and started to wash me. My chest and arms then on down to my cock. She stroked it in her soapy hands and it came to life. She turned me around and did my back and butt, reaching underneath to wash and pull on my ball sack which was hanging down low from the hot water. There was a bench seat built into one of the walls of the shower. I sat down on it with my cock sticking up. She turned around and backed toward me. She squatted down as I guided my cock up into her. The wetness from the shower helped me enter her a little easier. I helped her move up and down on my shaft. I sure am glad we has a endless hot water heater. The hot water spraying on us and her hot cunt moving up and down on my cock felt great.

I stood up and bent her over and turned us around. She put her hands on the bench and I plowed her from behind. Ten minutes later I started unloading a huge amount deep inside her again. Each time I came in her it was better then the last time. I pulled out of her and we allowed the water to rinse us off. Huge globs of cum would fall out of her and go down the drain of the shower. They finally stopped and we were clean enough and turned the water off and dried each other. She sat naked in front of the mirror with her hair up in a towel. I hugged her from behind and told her how beautiful she was. I left her alone to do what women do and headed back to my room to get dressed.

I was actually pretty tired and my bed looked inviting. I stripped off the dirty sheets and threw a comforter over the bed. I put a t-shirt and gym shorts on and laid down for a nap. I had no idea where this was leading. My mom, my lover were the same person. As I drifted off to sleep I tried to picture us together forever,

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Summer of Sex Ch. 04

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Enjoy the first few chapters for more background on this story.

I ran Joslyn a bath. She stripped off her shirt, and climbed into the tub. I sat on the edge, swirling the water with my hand.

“So…” she sighed deeply, leaning back and closing her eyes. “Is it always this good?”

I laughed gingerly. “Well. I guess it depends on how good your partner is.”

“Oh. You are good. Very, very good.” She sank into the tub so that only her face was out of the water.

I stared at her body again. My pussy was still aching, waiting to cum. She was so peaceful as she rested in the water, letting go of all that tension that had built during her orgasm. There were so many things I wanted to do to her, and for her to do to me. I got lost in imagining, and she took me by surprise when she spoke.

“Do you think I’ll ever be that good?”

“Certainly, Babygirl. You just have to learn.”

“Will you teach me?” She was looking at me now, intent in her eyes.

“Yes, ma’am,” I smiled. “Whenever, whatever you want.”

Joslyn relaxed a bit longer, as we made small talk. Eventually she got out as the water was starting to get cold.

“Brrrr!” she shivered, reaching for a towel and rapidly attempting to dry off. “Can I get in your bed? Y’know… just to warm up?” She was already making her way to the bedroom.

We climbed up into bed and cuddled. She ran her hands over my body, more in an explorative way than sexy. She really liked my breasts, cupping, squeezing, batting. Then, she wriggled down under the covers, and took my nipple into her mouth. She began suckling on it, as if she were really trying to make me lactate.

“Hold on, hold on…” I gently pushed her away. “You aren’t actually going to milk me!”

“Am I doing it wrong?” she looked up concerned.

“Start slow, go easy, use your tongue,” I instructed.

She went back to my tit, cupping it from below. She sucked on it softly, then ran circles around my areola, shrinking into my nipple. Then she flicked it back and forth with the tip.

“That’s good,” I said, sucking in my breath.

She reached over to the other breast and squeezed hard, groping and mauling it. Then she tweaked my nipple until it was hard. She kept working over the other one with her mouth, and I could feel my pussy growing hot with anticipation. I think she was able to read my mind, because her hand left my tit and slipped between my legs. She used her whole hand to rub my pussy, massaging my clit with the heal of her palm.

“Mmmmmmm,” I moaned, closing my eyes and trying not to explode right then.

She lifted her head, sucking my nipple hard and taking it with her. When there was no more give, it popped out of her mouth and slammed back into my chest. She removed her hand from my groin, and began sucking on two fingers. I nodded, encouraging her to continue. Joslyn split my lips open, rubbing my clit and around my inner labia.

“That’s good, keep going.” I opened my eyes and saw her staring at me.

She rubbed and rubbed until my entire pussy was soaking wet with my juices.

“Play with my clit a little.” She had a hard time making good contact. “Why don’t you go take a look.”

She crawled under the covers as I lifted my knees, spreading my legs and laying them on the bed, so that she could have good view. She pulled back my lips escort gaziantep and began rubbing my clit again. Just as I thought I would burst right then, she would change the pattern and I’d start all over again.

“Pull back my hood,” I reached between my legs, showing her what I meant. “Then my clit is fully exposed. Remember it is incredibly sensitive.”

She took the hint and licked her fingers again, leaving plenty of saliva behind. She reached down and pressed her fingers onto my hard nub, applying pressure, but not moving. Then, she started to tease up and down, left and right. She leaned down and took my clit into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the entire area, sucking it deeply into her mouth. She ran her tongue flat against it in big laps before flicking it gently.

“You’re doing great,” I said, brushing the hair away from her face. “Now, put your fingers inside me.”

Joslyn kept working over my clit while she put the tips of her index and middle fingers right at the opening of my pussy. Slowly she began to push into me. She slipped in and then pulled out a bit, then further in and out a bit, and continued until she was knuckle deep. She lapped at my clip and gently began pumping her fingers in and out of my wet cunt. It felt great, but I needed more.

“Use another finger,” I urged her. “You’re doing excellent.”

She pulled her two fingers out, and then inserted three. I moaned slightly and bit my lip. She was still going slowly and while her tongue was doing an amazing job, I really needed to get fucked.

“You can go harder. Give me a good fuck!”

She lifted her eyes and looked at me as if to ask if I was sure. I most certainly was, I nodded at her. She dove back onto my clit, and started to plunge deep and hard into my pussy with her fingers. She had found my g-spot, which was becoming swollen, preparing me to cum. I began pumping my hips against her and knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

“I’m so close,” I hissed through my teeth. I gently grabbed the back of her head. “Give me another finger and really fuck me hard!”

She sucked hard on my clit as she drove all four fingers into my cunt. She pounded me and I bucked my hips against her in rhythm. She sank her tiny hand into me, and I could feel her knuckles rubbing against my bulging g-spot. She turned her hand back and forth while pounding me. I held on as long as I could, and then I felt like the dam broke. I thrust my hips off the bed and pushed her mouth onto my clit. Her hand thrust in and out while my pussy squeezed hard on her. And then I came, moaning loudly. I squirted hard and Joslyn sat back quickly. I sprayed her tits and stomach. She stopped and pulled her hand out in shock.

“What was that?!” she yelled?

“I’m squirting!! I’m cumming!!” I yelled back. “Don’t stop!”

She shoved her fingers back into my cunt and pumped hard again. I let the tension built up and told her to pull out, and again, I squirted, spraying her. She laughed and went back in for more. This time, she sucked and licked on my clit while she fucked my sopping wet cunt. Again, I was on the verge of losing it, and told her to pull out. But she didn’t, she kept thrusting and licking. I was shaking, trembling below her and screaming. Just when I thought I would pass out, she pulled her hand out just past the knuckle, leaving araban escort her fingers in me. I squirted again, but she didn’t sit back. She opened her mouth and took my spray in. She kept fucking me with just her fingers, forcing my spray to pulse and continue much longer than I thought possible. She drank every drop she could, then lapped at my soaking pussy when I was finished. She slurped my juice off me as I dropped my hands and felt my blood pumping through my veins. Eventually she flopped on the bed next to me, using the sheet to wipe off her hands and face.

“Whew!!” She said. “That was fricking amazing!!”

“You are absolutely right!!” I sighed. “I don’t think you need much instruction.”

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m glad I did good.”

“You did very good, Babygirl,” I laughed, pulling her to me. She cuddled against my breast again. We slept, embraced like that, for what felt like only a few hours.


I awoke suddenly, not really sure what did it, but certain I had heard something. I brushed the hair away from Joslyn’s face; she was still sleeping, nuzzled on my breast. I heard something in the doorway and turned to see Zach standing there. He shook his head and scoffed, walking away. I carefully slipped from under Joslyn and chased after her brother. He had dropped his stuff in a chair in the living room and was digging through the fridge.

“Again?” he said as he closed the fridge. He looked me up and down, and suddenly I realized I was still naked. He smirked and walked to the couch, flopping down.

“Yeah…” I said, sitting on the other side of the couch, curling myself to cover my nakedness.

“Tell me about it,” he pulled his limp cock out of his shorts and leaned back into the couch.

“What?!?” I wasn’t sure what he meant.

“Tell me about it. Tell me about fucking my sister.” He began running his hand back and forth against his cock.

“I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this.” I pulled my knees closer to my chest.

“You don’t have a choice,” he looked over to me. His eyes were stern, his facial expression matched. For a second I was actually fearful of him. I swallowed hard.

“Okay,” I closed my eyes and did my best to recant the events of the day.

Zach continued to rub his dick, which was now hard and pink. Soon I finished my story and opened my eyes. He was looking eagerly at me, licking his lips and holding his massive cock for display. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

“So, you like it big?” he laughed. I nodded. He scooted next to me. He pulled at my legs, exposing me. His hand ran up my leg and stopped on my pussy. He leaned in to my ear and whispered. “Then let me give you ‘BIG’.”

Zach started rubbing my pussy with his whole hand. I had gotten wet from reliving my excitement with his little sister, my step-child. He spread my lips and began fondling my clit. I moaned quietly, pinching my mouth closed in an effort to keep from waking Joslyn. She was sleeping in just the other room. I had worked so hard to gain her trust; I couldn’t allow her to see this.

Zach sensed this and stood up. He took my hand, and led me upstairs to his room. I stood shyly, trying to cover myself. He stripped off his swim trunks and t-shirt, revealing his chiseled body. He took me into his arap escort arms, pressing his body against mine. He kissed me hard and deep. It was one of those kisses that I could feel throughout my body; it made me melt. For a minute I felt something stirring in my belly, like the first kiss of young lovers. When Zach pulled away from me, my eyes were still closed. He pushed me back onto the bed. He grabbed my knees and yanked me across the bed so that my ass was at the edge. He dropped to his knees in front of me.

He began licking my pussy with vigor I hadn’t experienced in quite some time. I tossed my head back and moaned. He rubbed his hand on my pussy, covering it with my juices. He slid two, then three fingers into me. He thrust in short, hard, quick strokes. I pushed my hips against him, forcing him in deeper. He inserted another finger, reaching the knuckle. I moaned, gripping at the sheets around me.

He continued to flick and lick and suck on my clit as he drove his hand into my sopping wet cunt. He rolled his fingertips, folding them onto themselves. At this point, his thumb was jabbing me in the leg and the hilt slammed into my pelvis. I wriggled my hips, trying to reposition his hand. He stopped licking, and looked up at me.

“It hurts,” I said softly.

“Let me fix that.” He sucked his thumb, leaving his fingers inside me. Then he pulled out, rolling his fingers back out to an extended position. He squeezed his fingers together, making a wedge shape. He tucked his thumb into his palm and slowly began sliding it back into my hole. I growled as he stretched my pussy. I pulled my knees up, planting my feet on the edge of the mattress, my heels against my ass. Gradually Zach worked his hand into my cunt, easing the knuckles past my opening. He managed to get wrist deep and held his position.

“Big enough?” He asked gingerly.

“Yessss…” I hissed.

He gently pumped, only about an inch at a time, back and forth. Then slowly he began to rotate left and right, his knuckles running across my swollen g-spot. I reached for a pillow to contain my moans and screams of pleasure. As my muscles relaxed and became used to the presence of his fist inside me, Zach began to thrust a little harder, farther. He turned his hand and my cunt made slurping noises. I toyed with my nipples, pinching and rolling them in my fingers. My hips began to buck slightly, and I breathed heavily.

Zach lurched at my clit again, frantically lapping at me while he plunged his fist into my cunt. He pounded away at me. My muscles resisted his hand exiting and pulled him back, making delicious noises each time. My orgasm built, creating a tension deep within my belly. He threw one of my legs over his shoulder, pulling my ass to his collarbone. He continued pumping and twisting inside me and I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer.

“I’m, I’m, ahhh… g-g-g-oing to cum!!” I managed to stammer. “I’m going to…unh!…Squirt!”

“Awesome!” He leaned back, fucking me harder, deeper with his fist. “Don’t hold back, Ma! Fucking cover me with your cum!”

For some reason this was enough for me to lose it. My hand shot to my clit and I rubbed ferociously as an orgasm ripped through my body. I screamed through clenched lips and Zach tore his hand from my cunt as I sprayed him with juice. I shook and trembled, clamping my legs together and covering my pussy with my hand. Every muscle in my body was tense, draining the energy from me. When the contractions in my cunt ceased, I dropped my legs and arms across the bed. I took in several deep breaths, sighing loudly. I lifted my head and saw Zach sitting there, a big goofy grin on his face.

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Summer Chores: Last Day of Summer

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(This is the 9th story in the series)

It was finally the day to move into my apartment at college. We had realized last year that paying room and board was much more expensive than simply renting an apartment. I had also decided to take on some roommates to help pay the bill. So, I found a 3 bedroom for rent. Out of careful planning, I told my future renters/roommates that their move in day was the week after I moved in. I wanted to be able to pick my room, figure everything out and get settled before any ensuing troubles.

Everyone was helping me move. Dad drove the truck crammed full of my furniture and some boxes. Mom had her car full of groceries from a grocery run. Some friends of mine also came over to help with the physical labor of moving.

I decided to take the room in the back of the apartment so that I could seclude myself and study in the event there happened to be a small party or game night due to my new roommates. Once my bedroom was set up I went to the main living area to help with the sofa and TV. I quickly found that my friends had decided to ‘test’ my TV and game console. Turns out, it worked fine.

Mom was busy organizing the pantry as I walked to the kitchen. Dad was quick to follow, as were my friends. We all needed a drink. Mom handed us all glasses of water.

“How’s everything going?” Mom asked.

“Well, his room is ready and everything is here. He just has to unpack and put his clothes away.” Dad said. “I think I’ll head home and start making dinner.”

“The TV and game system work really well,” laughed my friends. “We are going to head to the sports bar for some dinner and a beer if you’d like to join us!” They mentioned.

“Yeah, I’ll do that!” I replied.

“As soon as I get finished with putting away these groceries, I’ll be home to help with dinner.” Mom added.

“I’ll get some clothes put away, change, and I’ll meet you guys at the bar. When are you going to be there?” I asked.

“Probably in about an hour. Long enough to go back, change, shower and get there.” They replied.

“Perfect, see you there!” I yelled as I headed to my room to find some clothes worth wearing to the bar. The hard part was how I packed… I just threw it all in a box without folding anything. I should have listened to my mom and folded my laundry.

“I’m about done in the kitchen. Do you need anything else before I go help with dinner?” Mom yelled across the apartment.

“Nope. I’m good. I really appreciate the help!” I replied. I had found my new jeans and a nice button up to wear. I had already stripped down to my boxers and was about to put on my pants.

“I wanted to have a quick chat with you.” Mom said as she walked into my room. “It’s about this summer.”

“Uh. Yeah. Sure. What’s up?” I replied nervously. Sitting on my bed in my boxers was not how I expected to say bye to my mom.

“Well, I want you gaziantep escort bayan to be careful here at college.” Mom said as she ran her finger down my chest. She then traced the top of my boxers and gently grazed across my cock over the fabric.

“You see, us older women can’t get pregnant anymore. You shouldn’t be cumming inside these young girls. You need to use protection.” Mom stated as she handed me a box of condoms.

“I already figured that mom.” I replied.

“Well. I want to make sure. Go ahead. Put one on. Show me you know how and then I’ll leave you alone.” She said.

“Uh…” I replied.

“Oh. I’m sorry, that’s rude. You need some encouragement? I can do that.” Mom said as she took off her shirt. Mom then slowly unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor. Her breasts are amazing. Her nipples were hard and a decent size. She was still freshly tanned from this summer as well. I couldn’t help but stare as I felt my dick start to thicken.

“Oops. I almost forgot. Maybe this is better.” She said with a grin as she raised up her arms to expose her armpits to me. She stepped closer and leaned in a bit, “kiss them. I liked it at the pool party. Do it again. Use some tongue. Kiss mommy’s armpits.” She teased.

I kissed her underarms and gave them a slight lick each time. She was freshly shaven and her armpits were warm. Mom reached down and rubbed by dick through my boxers. I was rock hard and starting to soak boxers. Mom looked down and smiled.

“I guess you need to take those off. Here, let me show you how to put on a condom.” She said as she reached for the box of condoms. I proceeded to remove my boxers.

Mom took one out of the box, carefully opened it and held it up.

“You need to pinch the top, rest it on the tip of your dick and then unroll it all the way.” She said. Mom then began putting the condom on me. She grasped my dick gently and placed the condom at the tip of my cock. Mom then started to unroll the condom by expertly jacking me off. Her grip was tight going down my shaft and loosened when going back up. It felt amazing and I could help but watch her tits jiggle a bit.

“There. That’s it. But it will feel different than normal.” Mom said. “Have you ever used a condom before?”

“Uh. No. Mistress Sarah was my first time.” I replied honestly

“Oh. Well you need to know what to watch for then.” Mom said as she turned around and took off her shorts. She was wearing a lacy thong that fit perfectly between her ass cheeks. As she bent over to pull her shorts off her feet as she turned her head to smile. “Don’t worry. This ass will be on your face in a few.”

Mom pushed me onto the bed and climbed on top of me. She scooted up so that she was seated on my chest with her red thong in my face. The fabric was pulled tight across her pussy and made a wonderful outline of her lips. anal yapan gaziantep escort

“Rub me until my panties are wet.” She ordered.

I reached up with one hand and started rubbing my fingers up and down her slit that was visible through the panties. Mom started tugging on her nipples as I played.

“Ooh. That feels good.” She said.

I kept going and added a bit of pressure. That’s when I felt her panties start to get moist. It developed into a soaked area on her crotch.

“Stick a finger in me.” Mom begged.

I slid one finger inside her. She was warm and wet. I ran my finger in and out of her a few rapid times as I slightly curled my finger.

“Mmm. That’s good. You’ve learned something this summer!” Mom said as she moved off of me. Mom slowly took down her thong and laid it on my night stand. “Just a little something to remember me by.” She said.

Mom then climbed on top of me and positioned my dick at her opening. Mom then lowered herself onto me. She was right. It felt different. Rather underwhelming honestly. She started grinding her hips.

“Mmm. See how this feels. Oh. Oh.” Mom gasped as she stopped and sat up straight. I was amazed at her beauty.

Mom went up on her knees to allow me to fall out of her. She grabbed my dick and said, “now, this is how it feels if your condom breaks.” Mom then pulled off my condom and impaled herself on me again.

“Oh. That’s nice. Feel the difference?” Mom asked as she curled her lips.

“Uh. Uh. Yeah. Damn.” I replied.

Mom increased the speed that she was fucking me at, “then fucking cum inside me. Cum inside your mother’s pussy!” She yelled. Mom new I needed a bit more so she reached her left arm across me to the right side of my head putting her armpit in my face.

“Uh. Uh. Cum in my pussy bitch!” Mom growled.

“Ohhh. Fuuuuck.” I grunted at I blew my load into my mom’s pussy. Her armpit was the last straw. Her smooth skin, slight stretch marks and glistening sweat on her armpit sent me over the edge. Mom’s pussy was twitching on my cock because of how close she was to entering her own orgasm. Mom sat back upright to ensure I was in deep.

“You really do like armpits huh. I guess I’ll have to send you some pictures after I get my laser hair removal like Lisa.” Mom teased. “Now you know the difference in how it feels. Just make sure if a condom breaks, you know to stop. Mmmm. I also think you need to know how it tastes… one last time” mom said as she lifted off my dick. Mom threw a leg over my head and quickly positioned herself above my face, facing my feet. She had her left knee to my ribs and her right foot to my other. This ensured that her cum filled pussy was above my face and out of my tongue’s reach.

“Lick it all up boy.” Mom encouraged. “This is mommy’s fetish. Lisa and I antep escort both get off on guys eating cum. Once I’m good and ready, you’re going to feel my pussy grind your face!” Mom warned.

The first bit of cum was beginning to gather at her opening. Mom started to gently rock her hips to get it to drip. She looked down at me, “get it in your mouth and I’ll reward you.” She promised. Mom hovered her pussy just inches from my mouth as the first drop of cum fell from her pussy. It landed in my mouth with a salty hit.

“Mmm. Fuck that’s hot!” Mom growled. She lowered her cum filled cunt onto my mouth and began gently rocking again.

“Fucking lick me clean!” She grunted. Mom shifted on my face as she reached to grab my my cock.

Mom was just holding my dick in her hand and slowly massaging me as she was grinding herself on my face.

“Mmm. Oh. Come on. Uh. Uh.” She moaned.

Mom’s pussy started to get excessively wet. I saw more of my cum oozing out of her and I tried to lick it up. Feeling, smelling and licking my own mother’s wet cunt was getting me hard again. Having her hand on my cock while she was moaning added to it. I reached a hand up to guide her so that I could lick my cum from her pussy. I placed my thumb on her asshole as I grabbed a handful of her cheek to move her.

“Oh, you’re a dirty young man. Oh god that’s good.” Mom said as I pressed slightly into her ass. “Uh. Uh. Lick your cum from mommy! Uh.” She moaned.

After I finished with my salty cum, I pushed her slightly forward so I could lick her sweet asshole.

“Oohh. Fuck, make me cum!” Mom yelled as she started grinding my face again. Mom finally let go of my cock and placed her hands on my hips to help her move.

I felt my face get more wet as she kept grinding her pussy on my nose and mouth.

“Uh. OooOooOooh. Uh. Uh. Fuuuck!” Mom grunted as she started to cum. My face got flooded with her juice and she filled my mouth. She squirted with her orgasm. Mom kept shoving herself down onto my face hard with every pulse of her orgasm. Finally, she collapsed down onto me. Her wet pussy was in full display right in front of my face. I suddenly felt a warm and wet embrace on my cock. Mom started sucking on my dick! After I was at full attention, she stopped.

“Yum. We taste good.” Mom said as she got off of me. “You’ll need to take care of that later.” She added while pointing at my hard dick. “Don’t clean your sheets. I want you to smell us every night and need to get yourself off. If you send a picture to Lisa or me, we will send you one back.” Mom teased as she placed one hand behind her head and glided a finger across her armpit.

“Sounds fair.” I replied.

“Maybe I’ll check my phone later tonight. I know you’ll be out late but I’ll be ready.” Mom said as she put on her shorts without panties. “You still have my thong here also.” She winked. “You’ll be fine here at college. Just use those condoms no matter what any girl says. If you want condom free sex, you know who to call.”

Mom started walking to the door, “don’t forget you meet up with the guys, it’s almost time.” She said as she waived through the door.

I didn’t have time to shower. I was going to the bar smelling like sex with my mom.

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Naomi’s Pride

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Big Dicks

This is something a little different for me. It is a May-December type relationship but a little different. It is all made up, names, boats, stories, people. None of them are real. Some of the places are real, but it is all out of my twisted mind. The people in the story are consenting adults as well.

I write these for a couple reasons. First, I like exploring a tapestry of life that is different. Second, I want to get better at writing. The writing itself, then editing and prepping the story for consumption begins that process. But the second half is all of you, reading this. I would love to hear what you think. What did you like? What did you not like? If you are not voting a five, I would love to hear why not. What stopped you from voting a five? Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy.


I was three days out into the Pacific on my way to Hawaii when I heard the radio call. “Mayday, mayday. This is Galloping Ghost and we are going down.” The voice gave a string of navigation coordinates and called again.

“Galloping Ghost, this is Naomi’s Pride,” I responded, “I am, several hours away. How quickly will you lose her?”

“Thank the gods!” came the female voice. “I don’t really know, but the owner took the life raft and just fucking left me here. I’m scared as hell.”

“Okay, Ghost,” I said calmingly, “I will rev up as fast as I can, but if I go too fast, I will lose the ability to get to the next fuel. Grab a vest, a second one for anything you want to keep with you, then remain calm. I will get there as quickly as I can.”

“Okay, Pride, but hurry.”

“Pride out.”

I calculated the course and corrected the fuel consumption and pushed my speed near the limit. I figured a minimum of ninety minutes. I am running a largish boat, no sails, but with a powerful, untested electric motor backing up my diesel engines. I uncovered the solar panels and began charging my Tesla battery. I hadn’t actually gotten to test it out yet, I had another day to go before I was to begin that process. Naomi’s Pride is a prototype. I designed it with my wife who died of cancer two years earlier. Naomi was a brilliant engineer and I am a marine engineer. I design boats, she designed power. We worked on Pride for ten years before she got sick. Two years of chemo, while I built the prototype and she looked on, making corrections. It was only a month after we finished building it that she passed. She hadn’t even seen it in the water.

The first test was a failure. The battery system we used just didn’t have the power. I ran across the Tesla Home battery banks and rewired a pair into the system. It should work, but hell, it could blow up. I am nowhere as brilliant as Naomi was. Checking the charts, I saw that there were numerous reefs in this area with underwater islands pushing them up near the surface. This would be prime grounds for a shark or two and probably accounted for the damage causing the boat to sink.

Around sixty minutes later the radio started again. “Pride, are you out there?”

“I am here, Ghost. You okay?” I asked.

“Not really,” she replied fearfully, “the water is up to the edge of the boat and it will be underwater soon.”

“Okay, hey, what is your name?” I asked, “I am Charles, though folks call me Chad.”

“I’m Lisa,” she said.

“Well, Lisa, I am maybe half an hour away, possibly forty five minutes,” I told the frightened girl. “While you wait, I’ll tell you a story. Let me know just before the radio goes underwater.”


“So, this boat was designed by my deceased wife and myself…” I began and told her the story of the design. About fifteen minutes later, I saw the top of the mainmast as she told me the radio was about to slip under the water. “Okay, I can see you, but I cannot come direct. There is a reef in the way. Fifteen minutes and I should be there. Stay with the boat as long as you can.”

It was actually about twenty minutes when I pulled up to the mast where she was clinging. I dropped a ladder over the side and she climbed aboard, pulling a waterlogged overnight case along with her. She threw herself into my arms and sobbed as I moved us away and back on course.

“Oh goddess,” she exclaimed as she got a grip, “I thought I was so dead.”

She was a slight thing, right around a hundred pounds and standing maybe 5’6″ tall. So, she was thin. She was also soaking wet in a pair of shorts and a tube top with some deck shoes. I set the auto pilot and sat her down. She had a very cute face with long natural lashes and pretty blue eyes. “You’re okay,” I said as I sat down next to her.

“Because of you,” she said with a wail, “Look, anything you want, if I have it, it is yours. Anything, you just say it.”

“How about we start with getting you warm and dry,” I said soothingly, “Then we’ll talk about me getting a good nap while someone else steers the boat.”

She laughed, a full sound, without any pretense, “Okay. Is there bayan escort a place I can hang out some clothes to dry?”

We got her clothes out of the bag and hung them on the lines to let the sun dry them. She looked at me then shrugged out of her tube top and shorts, hung them and slipped into a still wet bikini. I watched. I mean hell, I’m a man and I’m not dead yet. She had a sweet ass, skinny though shapely legs and a couple tiny tits that were perfect, well, in my opinion.

“If you like what you see,” she began, “feel completely free to take it. I meant it when I said anything.” She looked at me to verify my desire. I smiled back at her, though I couldn’t do much right at the moment.

“Well, I need to get back to the wheel,” I said blandly, “Though taking you was certainly on my mind.” I reached out and took her hand then stood up and wrapped one of my huge towels around her. I moved to the wheel and checked course, then corrected slightly.

She was looking at me strangely, then seemed to come to a decision and moved to my side. I let the autopilot steer and kept my eye on the course as I rested my butt on the seat. I put an arm around her and pulled her close. “You are still shivering. I can warm you up,” I said. I wrapped my arms around her and she opened the towel and snuggled in. I round myself pressed up against her hot young body and damn I got excited fast. It had been four years since my wife died and a couple before that as she was being diagnosed with no sex. At forty-one, I was still occasionally quite randy feeling, though I hadn’t been with any other girl since my last year of college when I met my wife.

Lisa had lain her head on my shoulder and the shivering continued. I checked position and determined autopilot was doing okay for now. So, I moved to the bench seat behind the steering position and sat, then pulled her bare legs across my lap and began to rub and chafe them to improve her circulation. She adjusted her legs and suddenly, it was impossible to hide my erection from the leg that leaned upon it.

“Oh, sorry,” she said but didn’t move her leg, “It feels good, don’t stop.” I continued to chafe and she wiggled a bit under the towel then dropped her wet suit on the deck. “It was getting cold. I’ll let it dry.”

I looked in her eyes and she was almost daring me to say something. So, I did croak out a few words, “You know…” I started then paused and cleared my throat, “I’m just a man.”

“And your wife died,” she said, “four years ago if I heard you right. Look, I’m here, I’m grateful and I’m so fucking ready.” She reached down and untied my shorts then pulled until I lifted. She bared my turgid member and quickly straddled me then aimed and pushed me inside.

“Fuck,” I groaned and she nodded.

“Yes baby, fuck me,” she said with a growl, “What I got is yours now. Use me like the horny slut I am. Take me.”

I clamped down on her waist and held her above me then began to lift and relax, sliding myself in and out of her prime body. She groaned and kissed me as I used her. I took one of her lovely tiny breasts in my mouth and licked, bit and sucked it. As my excitement rose, so did my speed and I leaned back to enjoy the view as I took what she offered.

“Oh goddess, that feels good,” she said, “Does it… oh… does it feel… ughn… feel good for you?”

“You keep saying goddess,” I grunted, “but you are the only goddess I see and feel here.”

“Mmm, right there,” she said and clung to my neck, “there, oh there, right… oh… cumming!”

She began to shake and convulse then her pussy clamped down on me and I lost it. I spurted my load deep into her like a proverbial fire hose. “Fuck, me too! Cumming!”

We shook and clung to one another through our orgasms and she just started kissing on me. My neck, my face, my chest and murmuring, “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was so dead. You saved me.”

“Shh, baby, you’re safe, I’ve got you,” I said and stroked her hair and back. As she calmed I noted that she had stopped shivering. “At least you aren’t shivering any more.”

She pulled back and looked at me with sorrowful eyes, then just started laughing. As her guffaws calmed, she snuggled in, “Damn, I was so scared.”

I softened and slipped from her and she groaned, “I want it back in there,” she said then pulled back and kissed my lips. She stood and moved to the drying clothes and grabbed panties off the line and put them on. “Show me how to steer this thing and where you want us to go.”

I pulled up my shorts and moved to the inside station for course and navigation. I showed her the GPS plot and how we were off course just a bit. The computer showed the +35 for the estimated time over schedule and the +360 for the overall schedule. That meant we were 35 minutes behind schedule on the original course I’d set based on the correction from this morning and six hours behind for the overall trip. escort bayan I explained why.

“I have lost about one to two hours a day because autopilot just picks a direction and goes,: I explained, “It doesn’t account for things like tidal drift or ocean currents. So, when I nap, we get a bit off course and I have to correct.”

“How off course can you get before it becomes a surety that you won’t make it to the next fuel?” she asked.

“Well, there really isn’t a surety one way or the other,” I said. “This boat is designed to never need fuel. However, it is untested. My late wife was brilliant, but a part of the design didn’t work. I adapted the new Tesla batteries for the purpose of holding power. I’m not sure whether it will work or not.”

She moved to me, her naked body shimmering in the afternoon light. She swayed a bit and walked with a sexy little walk and I felt myself reacting. “So, let me sit and watch our course. You nap. Then, when you wake, we’ll get something to eat and you can fuck the shit out of me again. Then we’ll turn those fuckers on and you can become rich and famous on the new design.”

I couldn’t help it, I reached out and pulled her to me. “Damn you are sexy,” I told her. “I’ve been alone on this boat for only three days, but alone working on it for far, far too long.”

“Then take me again if you want me,” she said seductively, “I want sex all the time. And you, I find you sexy and desire you. So, I’m half way there already. Take me then nap or just nap. I am good with either option.”

I pushed her panties down and sat. This time, I took the time to appreciate her body. She had a beautiful, even, all over tan covering her soft smooth skin, “You are a beautiful woman, Lisa,” I said and turned her so I could take it all in. She had two dimples on her butt cheeks and I kissed each one as my hands caressed her skin. I lifted her left leg and placed her foot on the bench next to me. Her legs were thin, but I noticed now the beautiful symmetry of her muscles, not tiny, but wiry and strong. She moaned as I kissed the inside of her thigh and ran my fingertips from knee to butt cheek. Her pubes were thinned down, not gone like many women today, but trimmed. She obviously took great pains with the hair there as well since she only had hair above her vagina in a triangle. I kissed the patch of hair and she moaned with a grin.

“Goddess, you are revving me up, Chad,” she said with a moan, “Look a bit lower and you will see I am ready for you.”

So, I dipped down. She may be ready, but I wanted to experience this pretty woman. I took her sex in my mouth and laved her with my tongue. Yes, she was juicy and her tasty clean juices rang into my mouth and down my chin as she moaned through the experience. “You taste like ambrosia, Lisa,” I said briefly before returning my mouth to her luscious pussy. She was grabbing the table behind her as she thrust her pelvis forward and I lapped her labia then shoved my tongue into her canal. She groaned again as my hands cupped her ass and kept her where I wanted her.

“Yes, oh fuck, I can’t believe, fuck,” she was panting and groaning constantly now with the occasional word or three. I’d always been rather good at cunnilingus and she was into it now. I struggled to keep her in place and pushed her top leg out and off the bench to help with that. Finally, I just lifted and her legs went wide. She was juicing considerably now and was rising to the edge of a really big orgasm, and I stopped. “No, don’t stop, don’t,” she started, but I stood and flipped her over. I set her feet on the ground, spread them apart and pushed my shorts down. I rubbed my head on her slit then slid my length across her labia and she groaned as I held her hips in place.

“Now, little one,” I began, “Now I will have you like I want.” Then I slowly pushed inside her. Her hands gripped the table and her knuckles went white as she groaned out a yes. I pulled back and pushed in a bit further until the third stroke I was deep inside, my groin pushing her ass. Her legs were pinned to the table and I reached to find her titties. “You have a gorgeous body and you’re right, I have needed a woman for four years. I will have you, and I will have you over and over.” I leaned forward as I pinched her nipples and began to stroke slowly. “Your body is perfect. The right size, the right shape, in the right time. By the time we dock in Hawaii, you will be so sore and so satisfied. I may even keep you after that. What do you think about that?”

I was stroking faster now and she was groaning with each stroke forward as her body drove away the ability to talk. There was just a breathless yes occasionally exploding from her as I pounded her sweet young pussy. I watched her body tighten and she went up on her toes as I drove her over the line and she came with a cry.


I turned her to the bench and flipped her to her back then spread bayan escort gaziantep her legs wide and reinserted into her spasming cunt. I fucked her hard and fast now, my head reaching inside to push her cervix with each stroke in, I pulled back against her G and thumbed her clit. She never really came down from her orgasm and I was almost there. “You feel good, little one. I will cum soon. Tell me you want it.”

She struggled for a minute, her breath not supporting talking, but finally got a hold of the ability and said, “Please baby, cum in me. This time, claim me with your seed. Make me yours. You are a fucking god of the sea, baby. Fuck me, cumming again!”

She arched and wrapped her legs as her pussy convulsed and I lost it. I pumped at least ten squirts of cum deep into her. My cock was against her cervix and each one drove her a bit more. I gently pulled her face to mine and looked in her eyes. “Mine,” I said and she nodded.

“Yours, all yours, any time,” she said and we kissed until we could relax. I finally pulled from her and dropped to her pussy. I cleaned out all the drippies and used the nearby towel to pat her dry then slipped her panties back on. She went down on my and cleaned me off then stood and kissed me. “Now, you lay down, my man, lay down and sleep. Sleep as long as you want. Then in the end, wake up and we’ll fire up your dream.”

I slept. I woke refreshed for the first time in three days. Looking over, she was standing at the controls, still in just her panties. My first sound was a croak, I cleared my throat. “How long was I out?” I asked and looked around. It was the next morning. Early, the sun just up. I stood and walked to her. “You stood there all night, baby?”

She looked up at me with a grin, “Yes lover, and I would do it again,” she replied and kissed me. “Will you make us some breakfast?”

“I have some eggs and bacon,” I said as I ran my hand over her ass. “How does that sound?”

“That sounds heavenly,” she said. I kissed her and went to the galley.

I whipped up some bacon and eggs, with a couple slices of toast and took them up to the table. I started the coffee pot up top as well we sat to eat, her body pressed to mine. She ate with obvious delight, enough that I had to ask, “How long since you had bacon and eggs?”

“It has been a very long time,” she said. And when I started to ask why, she simply kissed me and forestalled the question. I let it go and just enjoyed the meal and the company. Afterward, she took the dishes below and washed them while I prepared the boat for the test.

Both the Tesla packs registered as full, so I dropped them in line as I cut the engines. Then I pushed forward the controls on the electric engines and felt the hum as Lisa took my arm. She was wearing a kind of almost tennis skirt and blouse combo. I ran the engines at one quarter for fifteen minutes and checked the batteries. No registered drop in power, so I pushed to half power and we surged forward, faster now than the speed I’d been at with the diesel engines. I feathered them upward until I was at seventy-five percent and we were cutting along at a good pace. We ran like that for an hour and I finally saw a drop in the power levels in the batteries. At this rate, we could go for maybe fifteen hours at seventy-five percent. I pushed up to a hundred and could feel a vibration that was too much for the hull. But the engines could do it. Some hull redesign and we could handle that problem as well. I cut us back to three quarters and sat down with a laugh.

“It works, it really works,” I laughed. I played with the speed and checked my relative speed and marked everything down while Lisa napped. She had been at the wheel for close to 12 hours while I slept and was tired. She curled up on the bench next to me and refused to go below to the bed. I watched her while she slept. I kept us on around twenty knots for the three hours she slept and did so without the solar collectors turned on. If I pushed the extent of the hull, I could get around 23 to 25 knots per hour depending on the sea. In those three hours, I used right around a quarter of one battery bank. I did some calculations and at 20 knots, I would shave almost four days off my original estimate. I cycled the solar collectors back online and went below to make some lunch. I put together some sandwiches and made sure that the electronics were all off outside of the GPS.

When I returned to the main deck, there was Lisa, just sitting up and stretching. I slipped the meal onto the table then went to her. “Hi, getting hungry?” I asked and she nodded then slipped her arms around my neck and kissed me.

“Hello, my lover,” she said with a grin. “Will you carry me so I can feel your arms around me?”

I smiled and lifted her. She kept her face where it was and I kissed her before moving then slipped into the chair with her ending on my lap. She squirmed a bit to get comfortable, at least until my erection was pressing against her, then she relaxed and started eating. I joined her, one hand around her waist and one holding my sandwich. It was a simple meal of ham and the last of my tomato and lettuce. But there was also a slice of cheese that she completely loved. I guess the last guy didn’t have cheese or eat cheese or whatever.

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North Shore Whore

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One Saturday afternoon in September 2004, Dan was lying on his couch watching college football when his phone rang. A friend of his from work was on the other end. “Dan, this is Scott, what’s up?”

“Just watching the end of the USC game. What are you doing?”

“I’ve been in the office all day and need to meet Lauren for dinner at 8 or so. Wanna grab a few drinks with me before.”

“Mmm, sure. I’m supposed to meet a few friends later. Mind if I have ’em meet us?”

“Not at all. Why don’t you meet me at Gibson’s? We’re having dinner at Hugo’s.” Hugo’s Frog Bar was right behind Gibson’s.

“Sure. Give me half-an-hour or so. I need jump in the shower and then grab a cab. Should be down there by 6:30 or so.”

“See you there.” Dan got up from the couch, took a shower, and hailed a cab to Gibson’s. Gibson’s was located in what has become known as the Viagra Triangle. It, and many of the bars and restaurants near it, was frequented by forty-something’s looking for love. Or sex, whatever was convenient. Gibson’s was particularly renowned for catering to older men looking for younger women, and older women for younger men.

As the cab neared Gibson’s, Dan called one of his friends that he was supposed to meet that night, but got his voicemail. “Steve, this is Dan. I’m meeting a friend from work at Gibson’s for a few drinks. Meet me there at around 7:30 or so. Oh, and call Jeff and let him know. See you later.” Dan folded his phone as the cab pulled up to the curb in front of Gibson’s.

Scott already had a high table, drink in hand, when Dan entered. “Long day at the office?” Dan said, taking a seat.

“Not really. I just went in for a few hours.”

When a waitress appeared, Dan ordered a Stoli and tonic. “What do you have going on?” he asked Scott when the waitress left.

“Nothing much. I just have a big report due in New York Monday morning, and I wanted to take a last look before I e.mailed it over.”

Dan and Scott spent the next half-an-hour or so talking about office gossip, complaining about high-maintenance clients, and people-watching. Even though it was still early, the Gibson’s regulars (or at least Dan assumed they were regulars) were all present, staking out their turf. It was comical to watch, really.

Dan was about to respond to something Scott had said when something – someone – caught his eye. At one end of the bar, he saw Donna Morgan. He had known Mrs. Morgan for upwards of ten years. He and her son, Steve, went to high school together and had run with the same crowd. They still did; in fact, Dan had just left a voicemail message for her son. The Morgans lived down the street from Dan’s family in Winnetka, and he and Steve had been best friends in junior high and high school. They drifted apart some during college, but still maintained a very close friendship.

Their friendship when they were younger had been such that Steve sometimes accompanied Dan’s family to their house in Beaver Creek, and Dan on occasion traveled to Naples, Florida with the Morgan family. Dan had always found Mrs. Morgan extremely beautiful, in the trophy wife sort of way, but she was a complete bitch, cold and aloof. She acted as though everything was a bother to her, like she was way above everyone surrounding her. When he and Steve were growing up, she couldn’t be bothered to drive them to the mall or pick them up from football practice. The PTA? Forget it; not in a million years. She’d rather be shopping on Oak Street and downing bottles of wine with her friends at Tavern-on-Rush or Bistro 110.

Part of that was her upbringing; her father had been a top personal injury attorney in Chicago. Rumor had it that her trust, which she received when she turned twenty-five, was in the eight-figures. Another part was her husband. Mrs. Morgan was clearly a trophy wife. Dan didn’t really know her age, but with Steve being her son, and based on how good she looked, he guessed she was in her mid-forties. Mr. Morgan, on the other hand, was in his late-fifties, at best. He was in venture capital, and provided very well for the family.

At the end of the day, being born into money and then marrying it all over had given Mrs. Morgan a serious superiority complex. Dan remembers that when they were growing up, she would barely acknowledge Steve’s friends when they were around the house. She would breeze in after shopping all day, and march through the house, bags in hand, with barely a hello. Given their financial security, the Morgans had full-time help; in Dan’s view, Mrs. Morgan did not treat them very well, but instead ordered them around with a distinct lack of respect and compassion. All in all, Mrs. Morgan was a fucking cunt.

Despite this, she was absolutely stunning; no one could rightly deny that. Looking at her across the bar, Dan estimated her height at five-feet-eight-or-nine inches. She had long, dirty blonde hair that flowed over her shoulders and hung a few inches past. Dan cannot recall ever seeing her hair in anything so pedestrian as a ponytail; rather, it looked like she went escort gaziantep bayan to stylist every day, and that night was no exception. As rude as she typically was, Mrs. Morgan usually kept her eyes averted from anything as bothersome as Steve’s friends, so Dan could not really recall ever seeing any magic or brightness in them, and only knew that they were a shade of blue. This night was a little different; he could see life there. She was enjoying herself.

The small crowd between Dan and Mrs. Morgan parted, giving him a more complete view of her. ‘Wow,’ he thought. He had to revise her estimate of her height, because she was in three-inch open-toed heels crafted in black patent leather; her toenails gleamed with red polish. As his eyes traveled up her lean, lightly muscled legs – one straight and the other cocked at the knee – he noticed no telltale signs of stockings or pantyhose.

A tasteful black skirt hung from her trim waist, falling two or three inches above her knees. A white knit top clung to her upper body. It was sleeveless, and had a button in front to keep the two sides together. Dan had never seen a top like this, and didn’t know what to call it. Whatever it was, it exposed a large part of her flat, tanned stomach. The button – there was only one – joined the lapels at her breast line. It must have been a strong button; Dan had never noticed before, but Mrs. Morgan’s breasts were quite large, a large C-cup or a small D-cup, at least. He could see her nipples tenting the fabric. A large diamond pendant hung from her neck and fell between her cleavage. When she turned away from him for a moment to order another drink, Dan was treated to a tight little ass hiding beneath that skirt.

When her drink arrived, Mrs. Morgan brought the low-ball, now filled with a brownish liquid, to her red-painted lips just as Dan turned back to Steve. He saw her French-manicured nails gripping the glass, and her wedding rings sparkled in the faint light of the bar. “Yeah,” he said, answering Steve. “I worked on that account for a few months about two years ago, before I got pulled back to Chicago. Not fun. The client wants miracles, and thinks it can happen overnight.”

As their conversation continued, Dan’s eyes strayed back to Mrs. Morgan. He was alarmed to see her staring at him, her drink paused right before her lips. Dan thought he could see the color drain from her deeply tanned cheeks. After a moment, she appeared to regain her composure, and put her drink to her lips, placing it back on the bar after taking a strong pull.. She leaned over to the person she was talking to, placing a hand on his arm, and walked away from the bar towards the main entrance. As she did so, she beckoned for Dan to follow, crooking a manicured finger at him.

“Gimme a minute, Steve, I’ve gotta say hi to someone.” Dan met her at the main entrance. “Mrs. Morgan, so good to see you,” he said with mock sincerity, holding out his hand. He really did hate her. He would kiss some of his friends’ moms on the cheek when seeing them, but not Mrs. Morgan. You’d probably get slapped for messing up her make up.

“You, too, Dan,” she responded with the same artificiality, taking the offered hand. Rather than continuing, she just stared at him.

“What can I do for you, Mrs. Morgan? You summoned me over here.” Sarcasm dripped from his voice.

“I . . . I didn’t want you saying anything . . . to Steve, I mean. Well, er, anyone, for that matter.” The usual confidence was missing. Dan knew what was going on: Mrs. Morgan was on the prowl. Needless to say, this surprised him. He couldn’t image this bitch being friendly enough so that anyone would want to deal with her. And despite her beautiful face and sexy body, he had never really imagined her having sex. Her holier-than-thou attitude – which is to say ‘bitchy attitude’ – did not inspire such thoughts.

“What do you mean, ‘say anything’? You’re here having a drink. What’s there to say?” Before she could respond, Dan continued to play with her, looking around the bar area of the restaurant. “Where’s Mr. Morgan? I’d like to say hello to him. It’s been at least six months since I’ve seen him.”

“He’s not here. He’s traveling this weekend,” she said, too quickly. “I came downtown to do some shopping, and then met some girlfriends for a few drinks before I go home.”

“Girlfriends?” Dan inquired, continuing the game and looking around the space where Mrs. Morgan had been standing. “I don’t see any ‘girlfriends.’ Just that guy you were talking to.” Dan nodded his head towards a kid about his age – mid-twenties or so – dressed up for a night on the town in black pants and a silk shirt. ‘Probably a trader,’ Dan thought. ‘What a fuckin’ shithead.’

“They’re not here yet. They’re coming soon.”

Dan returned his gaze to Mrs. Morgan. “Really? I’m sorry, Mrs. Morgan. I thought you said you ‘met’ some girlfriends here. ‘Met,’ of course, implies past tense, something that has already occurred. Not something that is going gaziantep escort cim cif bayan to occur in the future.”

Mrs. Morgan just stared at him. He could almost feel her hatred of him for intruding on her like this. “I meant I came here to meet them.” She paused. “They’re not here yet. They will be soon. In the future.” She was mocking him. What a fucking bitch.

“Well, enjoy your evening, Mrs. Morgan.” As he began to walk back towards Steve, he turned. “Hey, when they get here, why don’t you introduce me? Maybe they know my mom, too.” Dan smirked and walked away. He knew there were no girlfriends; Mrs. Morgan had to be squirming now. “Sorry about that, Steve. A friend’s mom I haven’t seen in a while.”

Dan watched as Mrs. Morgan made her way back to the bar. Unfortunately for her, Trader Boy had found another mark. She grabbed her drink and took a long pull from it. He expected her to leave then, to find a new hunting ground, but she didn’t. She resumed her pose against the bar, but faced away from Dan. ‘Does she think that if she can’t see me, I can’t see her? Wouldn’t surprise me, she’s so self-centered.’

Dan pulled out his cell phone and dialed Steve, again getting his voicemail. “Hey, it’s me again. Cancel those last plans. I’ve gotta run home for a few minutes after this. Why don’t we meet at North Side in Bucktown around 9:00 or so? Call me and let me know. Call Jeff, too.” The last thing Dan wanted was for Steve to walk in here and see his mom playing the role of cougar. He hung up his phone and he and Scott resumed their conversation. As 8:00 approached, Steve paid the tab and got up to leave. Dan did, too, taking a last glance towards Mrs. Morgan. She saw him in a mirror behind the bar, and turned to look at him, and then again beckoned him with a long, manicured finger.

“Steve, I’m gonna say goodbye to this lady. I’ll see you Monday, huh?”

“You bet.”

“Say hi to Lauren for me.”

This time, Dan joined Mrs. Morgan at the bar. “Care to join me for a drink?” she asked.

“While you wait for your friends, you mean?”

“Yes, while I wait for my friends. That’s what I mean.” She sure was confrontational, especially for a married woman found in a bar with a twenty-something on her arm.

“Well, I can’t stay long. I’m meeting Jeff and Steve in a little bit. You know Steve, your son?” She flagged the bartender and ordered two of what she was drinking, single barrel bourbon.

“Of course. Don’t be an ass.”

“Sorry. Just wanted to make sure. It’s like I’ve never seen you before, so I guess I’m just making sure I have all the facts straight.”

Mrs. Morgan again just stared at him, not responding. After a minute, she placed her hand on Dan’s arm. Dan looked down to see her long fingers rubbing his skin, her diamond rings shining in the bar’s light. Past her hand, her tanned stomach was exposed to his gaze. Dan felt his cock stir in his pants. “It’s getting crowded in here, Dan. Why don’t we go somewhere quieter and talk?”

Dan raised an eyebrow. “Quieter, Mrs. Morgan? Or more private?”

Mrs. Morgan paused before answering. “More private,” she whispered, squeezing Dan’s arm for emphasis.

“What’s the plan here, Mrs. Morgan. I catch you on the prowl, and now you’ll buy my silence? Is that it?”

“No, that’s not it. Not at all. I’m not buying anything, except a drink for you.”

“Well, let’s think about this. You’re at a bar here in the Viagra Triangle without your husband, who is traveling. You’re talking to this young guy, laughing and flirting, touching him. You see me and go absolutely pale. You then tell me that you’re meeting your girlfriends here, but you want to leave with me and go somewhere private – even though you’re meeting your friends here. Sounds like you’re trying to buy my silence, Mrs. Morgan. And, by the way, Steve was supposed to meet me here, but I called him a few minutes ago and told him I’d meet he and Jeff somewhere else in a little bit.”

Mrs. Morgan’s eyes went wide at this, and were then cast downward. She could not imagine the shame if her son had seen her here, hitting on a young man the same age as him. “That would have been embarrassing,” she muttered.

“I’m sure. So, do I have it right, Mrs. Morgan,” Dan asked, as she continued to stroke his arm with her long nails.

She now dropped the pretense. “In part. The only part you have wrong is my trying to buy your silence. I didn’t suggest somewhere quieter – more private – to buy your silence,” she said, dropping her voice. She leaned in to his ear. “I want somewhere more private where I can fuck the shit out of you.” Her hot breath in his ear and her filthy mouth sent Dan’s blood flooding his cock. “I came downtown tonight to find a no-strings fuck with a young cock. You fit the bill. Ready?” she finished, moving away from his ear.

Dan lifted his glass to his mouth, and took a pull of the bourbon into his mouth. He gazed around the bar, thinking, and set his glass down. cinsel bilgiler He then took Mrs. Morgan’s hand in his, leading her from Gibson’s. “Is my condo private enough? It’s only a fifteen minute cab ride.”

“Probably. But the Ritz is only a five minute cab ride. I have a suite there.” As they exited Gibson’s the doorman offered to hail a cab for them, and they stood on the curb waiting. “Dan, do you remember Christina?”

“Steve’s old girlfriend?” Mrs. Morgan nodded. “Of course. They dated for a while in high school and during our freshman year at college. She and I went to school together.”

“What do you know about her?”

“Enough. Why?”

“Why did she and Steve break up?” Dan had the feeling that Mrs. Morgan knew the answer to these questions, but was asking them for a purpose.

“She cheated on him. You know that. Listen, Christina’s a slut. Or she was. Maybe still is, I don’t know. I haven’t seen her in a few years. Last I heard, she was in South Beach. I’m the reason they broke up. Well, not the reason, but during our freshman year, the first semester we were there, she hooked up with two or three different guys a week. It was ridiculous. She and Steve were still dating. I told her to stop or I’d tell Steve. She said she would, but nothing changed, so I told him. That’s when they broke up. She never had a boyfriend in college after that. She just slept with a new guy or two every week. She’s got to be the biggest whore Winnetka ever produced.”

“I doubt that,” Mrs. Morgan replied matter-of-factly.

“You don’t know Christina then.”

“Well, you don’t know me.”

Dan didn’t know what to make of that, when a cab pulled up for them. He held the driver’s side door for Mrs. Morgan and let her in, going around to get in the other side. He slid in as Mrs. Morgan directed the driver to the Ritz-Carlton behind Water Tower Place.

“What’s that mean?”

She didn’t even pretend to not understand. Her hand floated across the seat to Dan, causing him to shudder as her nails lightly raked his thigh through his pants. “It means that I’m much sluttier than Christina, that’s what it means,” she said, sidling over to him.

“That’s . . . that’s ridiculous. I’ve never heard of anyone messing around with you. I hadn’t even thought it was possible.”

“Of course you never heard anything like that. I don’t fuck my neighbors, Dan. I’m not stupid.” Mrs. Morgan continued to stroke Dan’s thigh, but her hand strayed further and further towards his crotch with each upward movement. “I drive out to places like Fox Lake and go to Wokini’s. Or Hunter’s in Highwood. Sometimes, I’ll go to the Two Two Lounge or Toby’s Tavern in North Chicago.”

Dan’s eyes opened wide. “North Chicago?” he muttered in complete shock.


“A real equal opportunity woman, aren’t you?”

“Woman?” she asked rhetorically as her fingers finally found the thickening length of Dan’s shaft as it grew down his pants leg. “Mmmm, very nice,” she interruputed herself. Whispering in Dan’s ear, she continued, “Equal opportunity whore is probably more accurate. White, black, brown, yellow. I don’t care, as long as they’re a rough fuck, and only if they’re young. I love young cock.”

“Never would . . . have occurred . . . to me,” Dan managed to get out, his breath ragged now from Mrs. Morgan’s manipulation of his cock.

Mrs. Morgan could feel the heat of Dan’s cock through his pants as the cab pulled under the Ritz’s portico. “The last time I was here, two weeks ago in fact, I received very disapproving looks from the doormen and the concierge,” she said with a smirk, getting out of the cab.

“Why’s that?” Dan said as he followed her out of the cab, adjusting his cock to a more comfortable position.

After they made their way through the revolving doors, Mrs. Morgan leaned into him and whispered, “It seems they didn’t like me bringing the twenty-year-old busboy from Hugo’s back here.” Dan’s heart skipped a beat.

Exiting the elevator, Mrs. Morgan strutted across the lobby, imperial as ever, to the concierge’s desk and ordered a bottle of wine to be brought up to her suite. She and Dan then boarded an elevator to the twentieth floor. When the doors swooshed shut, and they were alone, Mrs. Morgan leaned into Dan.

“This is going to be fun,” she giggled, one of her hands gripping Dan’s belt buckle and pulling him towards her, the other wrapping around the back of his head. “I’ve never fucked one of Steve’s friends before.” Mrs. Morgan pulled Dan’s face towards her own, her shiny red lips parting to allow her hot, pink tongue to escape. Then their lips touched, and Mrs. Morgan’s tongue slipped into her son’s best friend’s mouth, probing. Dan was quick to respond; he let Mrs. Morgan’s tongue find his as he placed on hand on her trim hip, pulling her closer to him. Their lips – and bodies – parted as the doors of the elevator opened on the twentieth floor.

They entered the suite and Mrs. Morgan began turning on lights throughout the suite. “Make yourself comfortable, Dan. I’ll join you in a second.” Dan took a seat on the couch in the living room. A moment later, Mrs. Morgan entered the living room again, strutting toward him with her sexy, trim hips swaying. She joined him on the couch, tucking a leg underneath her, and turned toward him and began to speak. “So, Daniel . . . .” A knock on the door interrupted her. “Be a dear and get that, wouldn’t you?”

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My Future Father-In-Law Ch. 05

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I was reclining in a large leather arm chair in Mike, Sr.’s den trying to get my breathing and heart rate back to normal. My big bust still heaved a bit and my nipples were slightly engorged. Mike, Sr. was trying to do the same sort of recovery, only he was covering his massive man bulge with the morning newspaper. It would take the New York Times Sunday paper that’s for sure. Big Mike and I had nearly been caught by my fiancé, his son, Mike, Jr., in the midst of my monumental orgasm as Mike, Sr. licked me off. I was starting to return to normal but I knew that Big Mike was still, well, BIG and that he probably would be for quite a while.

I’d had truly experienced a MONSTER orgasm. Big Mike knew how to lick and that was for sure. Little Mike licked me whenever I wanted and he was good, but ‘Dad’ was definitely at a whole different level. I had been treated to the orgasm of my life. It was the orgasm of dreams – no, fantasies – as he literally licked me into oblivion. I knew that part of the intense pleasure came from the fact that my sweet husband-to-be lay snoozing in the next room while his father had his head between my thighs. But, it was also probably partly because Big Mike’s loaded, heavy weapon hung just inches from exposed vulva. I’d felt it’s smooth warmth touch my leg more than once as it bobbed and swayed with Big Mike’s efforts. I was completely vulnerable in that posture and I was in absolutely no position to stop any attempt at invading my tiny tunnel. The thought of his huge hanger ripping me asunder was constantly fleeting in and out of my thoughts as I lay with my thighs completely splayed. I wondered if that big beauty would fit!

Mike, Jr. was in the kitchen getting himself a cup of coffee in hopes of helping get rid of his hangover.

“Hey, Dad! Do you have any ‘morning after’ stuff around the house?” Mikey asked as he sat down on the footstool by me and placed a hand on my bare upper thigh.

“Not a bit, I’m afraid.” his Dad replied. “You’ll just have to go and get some.” he said taking a quick and expectant peek into my eyes and then down to my bust.

“Yeah, the 7-11 is just 5 minutes away.” Mikey offered. “You wanna go along, Honey?” he asked me as his Dad looked up at me again with a hang dog look of disappointment.

“Sure, Sweety, I’d love to.” I replied, “Just give me a few minutes to throw on some more clothes. OK?” I replied and stood up. I bent over as I stood to pick up my coffee, but I mostly wanted to give Big Mike another eye full of my cleavage.

“I don’t think I can wait that long, Honey” Mikey said getting up “I’ll be right back. It’ll only just take a minute. Ok? I’ll take our car.” In response to this exchange Big Mike’s expression swung back and forth from elation to subdued resignation and then back to elation and back to disappointment. Five minutes or so would allow Mikey time to pick up something to ease his hangover but it was just not enough time for what Mike, Sr. was after.

Mikey headed out the door jingling his keys and I glanced at Mike, Sr. and mouthed silently “Don’t be too disappointed, ‘Daddy’. I’ll make it worth the wait. I promise.” He smiled at me as the garaged door closed behind Mike and then I asked softly, “Is ‘He’ still big and hard for me?”

“You know I’m as hard as a rock for you, you cute little tease.” Big Mike said in a friendly, joking tone. “And you love that reaction, don’t you?” He asked looking at my snugly covered bustline.

I had to admit to myself that I just loved the thought of keeping Big Mike aroused. I kept Mikey aroused constantly too, but he was much younger and inexperienced and you would expect that state from him. But, my future father-in-law was a handsome, widowed man-of-the world and you just had to believe he’d had his share of physical experiences. It was a real boost to a young girl’s ego and self-esteem to influence this mature male who could probably have his pick of the female gender rather easily. I just had to go on with this for even the few minutes we had.

“Well, a few minutes might be enough for just a quick, little peek, huh?” I asked rhetorically as I began unbuttoning my night gown. I stopped just before I would have exposed my ‘lap’. I just left it like that for a moment so that my future father-in-law could see my cleavage and part of my sheer nylon bra. He swallowed and licked his lips staring at my full bosom. I knew he could see my nipples protruding. His package was as fully visible as was the outline of my full nips. I tilted rearward into the chair a bit and pulled my shoulders back at the same time. I grasped each half of my nightgown and I opened the front completely and exposed both of the large globes that were only minimally covered by the white ‘F’ cup I wore. I knew he could clearly see my large, dark areolas and swollen thick nipples through the thin material now.

“Unh…unh…unh…” he grunted, “Unh…unh…unh… What a beauty you are! Do I get to see more?”

“Maybe, maybe,” I replied coyly, “But only if you promise to look but not gaziantep ateşli escort bayan touch. Maybe then.”

Big Mike had laid the paper aside and was sitting back enjoying the view. His bulge was still huge and it had resumed throbbing.

“Take it out for me, Daddy. Please! We have time for a look at least.” I said “I just love to watch it throb and pulse while you enjoy the ‘view’. Your a beauty, too.” I smiled.

Mike, Sr. stretched the thin nylon material out with his right hand and pulled his big log out with his left. He laid its throbbing mass on his left thigh. It lay there and pulsed and rose and fell as if it were breathing; as if it had a life of its own seperate from Big Mike. Wheeewww! I longed to hold it and fondle it and stroke it and make Big Mike my toy to play with at will. I knew I could and it made me moisten a bit more. I wished Mikey wouldn’t be returning any minute. My cheeks reddened as Big Mike’s meat throbbed under my gaze. We were both nearly entranced. He and I seemed a perfect matched pair. I truly believed in ‘chemistry’, now.

“Come closer to me” I breathed. “Just for a minute.” He was up a striding toward me in a flash with that huge organ bouncing and swinging. Jeeeezzzzz, what a glorious site.

R-R-I-I-N-N-N-G-G-G!!!!!! The cell phone jangled us both back to reality and my heart jumped into my throat. Mike, Sr. froze in mid-stride. I picked up the phone from the end table to my left and answered.

“Hello?” I said. “Oh, Mike, it’s you.” As the words came out of my mouth I glanced at my father-in-law and beckoned him with a crook of my right index finger. With one step he stood directly in front of me and his massive meat swung and swayed to a halt hanging just bare inches from my face. His bountiful, big plum almost filled my entire visual field. I grasped him gently and stroked his thick foreskin back off the glans and I sighed as I enjoyed the sight of his huge corona. He moaned low in his throat as I stoked his big meat up and down slowly and he gazed down at my full orbs nearly spilling out of their thin containment.

“You’re what?” I asked into the phone. And I continued to stroke the big warm girth in my hand as it’s owner quivered and teetered above me. Mike, Sr. was obviously in heaven and he didn’t realize that I was also. I had become nearly addicted to handling his equipment in the past day or two. The writhing of Big Mike’s huge sack told me the he was MORE than addicted to the same thing.

“Are you hurt?” I asked after Mike explained about the accident. And as my fiancé’ explained that he had been side swiped pulling into the convenience store his father groaned loudly as I gently squeezed his long, hard shaft repeatedly in a milking-motion and stroked him slowly. I looked up into an expression of ecstasy on my father-in-law’s face. A large, large drop of clear fluid formed at the big orifice in his firm and turgid glans and grew like a balloon about to burst. I continued to stoke up and down his meaty staff.

“Its OK.” I said to Mikey on the phone. “I don’t mind that you had a few too many last night. Just get home safely. I can keep myself busy some how.” I said with a tone of mock disappointment as I smiled up at Mike, Sr. After this last statement I leaned forward and lathed my tongue from the frenulum of Big Mike’s cock up across the orifice in the center of his glans and quickly swallowed the copious balloon of fluid. I hissed inwardly through clenched teeth and I released his meat from grasp. My tongue ran around the rim of his glans and then I quickly pulled my lips off Mike’s cock head and spoke into the phone.

“How soon will it be?” I asked Mikey slightly breathlessly over the phone after he told me that the police and wrecker were on the way. As my fiancé’ tried to explain what was happening I reached down and unhooked 3 of the 4 hooks holding the front of my bra together while looking up into the ecstatic face of my father-in-law. I then leaned slowly forward and gently suckled just the end of the big glans hanging in my face and placed the tip of my tongue in it’s orifice. Big Mike gurgled, trembled and looked down into my nearly visible bust. I suckled him like a baby on a teat, a huge teat. I quickly let his glans slide backwards from my lips.

“Take your time and just be safe, Sweety.” I swallowed quickly and spoke immediately into the phone as I looked up into Big Mike’s eyes. “Don’t worry I’ll still be here for you when you get home. I can find something to do to keep occupied. I love you too, Sweety. What was that?” I asked Mikey to repeat his question over the phone.

I cocked my head to the left to hold the cell phone and I grasped Mike’s shaft with my left hand and cradled his big heavy sack in my right. I commenced to stroke him again as I gently palmed the mighty flesh that spilled over both sides of my palm. Boy, was he equipped!!! I continued to stroke and massage him.

“Sure, we can go visit your Grandparents when you bakımlı escort gaziantep feel up to it.” I said as I continued to stroke my father-in-law. “Fortunately, I’m feeling great right now and I’m sure you’ll be better, too, when we have some ‘quality’ time together.” I giggling-ly teased my fiancé’ as his Dad’s Big Boy throbbed in my grip. ‘Uuuuummmmm….!!!!!’ I thought. What I was feeling was more than great! “Okey Dokey, Sweety, see ya’ soon.” I finished my sentence just as another big ooze formed at the mighty meatus that filled my vision.

I clicked off the phone and laid it down on the table to my left as I closed my mouth over ‘Daddy’s’ big glans and swallowed the huge puddle of pre-cum the he had just produced. I then leaned back and let his cock head slide back over my lips and I started to unhook my bra completely. I changed my mind as Big Mike swayed forward a bit and his big warm meat touched my lips again. I formed as large a circle with my lips as I could and I began pushing my mouth over the big head. My lips were still a bit battered and bruised from the punishment he gave them the night before. And as Big Mike slowly invaded my mouth I was reminded that my jaw still ached from accommodating his huge girth deep in my head for the first time last night also. I took his big slab in an overhanded grip with both hands and stroked him as he pumped slowly into my face grunting and groaning.

“Ungh…ungh…ungh…ungh…ungh…ungh…” I grunted in pace with his movements as he repeatedly wedge into my face deeper and deeper and my discomfort increased. As he pulled back a bit I released his big tool from my grip and leaned back allowing the big head to pop from lips. Relief… I loved the feel of his rubbery, spongy cock in my mouth but I needed a little recovery time after last evenings oral assault by his great girth. But, I needed more practice, too. Practice makes perfect!!!!!

“Huh? What’s the matter, Gorgeous?” he asked with a look of disappointment as his limb swung freely in front of my face. “You were doing so great!”

“I just need a bit of a break, Mike, Sr.” I cooed. “My lips, face and jaw got quite a work out last night, remember.”

“Yeah! And what a work out it was! I came a river and you swallowed it right down.” he gleamed as he ogled my bulging juggs that were nearly out of my barely closed bra. I followed his gaze downward. My firm but fleshy breasts were exposed diagonally down to the edge of my large dark areolas. A drop of his fluid fell in to the crevasse of my cleavage. Ahhhh…yessss…I thought, he’ll love that!!!!

I looked up at him with a gleam and unbuttoned the bottom clasp on the front of my bra. I opened it just a little to expose the inner curvature of each mound to his view. I tucked my elbows tightly to my side to hold the ‘Girls’ in place as I leaned back and slid my hips forward. I finished laying completely back and ended up fully horizontal with my back on the footstool and the back of my head just on the seat cushion of the big leather chair. “Come straddle me, ‘Father’, please.” I breathed.

Big Mike’s eyes grew big and he gingerly stepped forward with a leg on either side of my waist and his monster meat swung menacingly over me. Another great blob of fluid fell from his glans and landed on the inner slope of my right breast and oozed into the deep gorge. I looked up at him and I pulled my bra opening ever so slowly apart without fully exposing my nipples or areolas and said, “Lay that large load between the ‘Girls’. Please, Big Mike?” I teased “Snuggle up right here.”

He leaned slightly forward and place a palm on either arm of the chair and eased his monstrous male mass downward into my cleavage. His scrotal sack and his goose-egg testicles touched me and we both shivered and ‘Oooohhhh-ed’. His big bag was drug upward across my soft belly as he positioned his massive shaft and lowered it between my breasts. I pulled my bra together and hooked it across the top of his thick, fleshy shaft. The movement wiggled his foreskin and pushed my nipples firmly across the inside of my sheer bra. We both ‘Aaaahhhh-ed’ audibly almost in unison. We smiled at each other.

“Do they feel OK, Daddy?” I gave him a big-eyed quizzical look as he repositioned himself to get just the right angle of attack. His movement sent two bolts of electricity through my nipples.

“Aaarrrggghhh…” I groaned. “Pump’em, Daddy, pump’em. Pump’em good! You’ll love it!”

Mike, Sr. plowed between my breasts slowly and I looked down to see his huge meat head emerging from between my big mams just inches from my face. His foreskin was stretched backwards and the rim of his crown was just exposed. He pulled his hips back and pushed ahead again just a fraction faster than the first time. His giant gonads slid back and forth across my warm skin and his cock throbbed in their makeshift meaty tunnel. My areolas were puff-ing up and my swollen nipples were pulsing as they were stimulated by gaziantep bayan escort the friction of moving within my bra.

“Ooooohhhh…..yuuuuhhhh…..ooonngggh….woooooo….” Big Mike groaned as his motion continued and his slab slid up and back between my mounds. His movements were still just a bit jagged and irregular. “Aaaaannnggghhhh…God that’s GREAT!” he gurgled.

My puss was starting to purr and the moisture and heat intensified. I arched my back slightly to increase the friction on my now hugely distended nipples. The sensation was brutally profound and I knew that one day I might be able to orgasm with nipple play only. I wondered if this might be the time as Big Daddy settled in to a comfortable, consistent pace. Each passage of his hot, thick shaft up and back between my breasts sent powerful stimuli rhythmically through each nipple and into my breast. Each new pump spread the shock further out into my areola and deeper through my breast into the depths of my gut. Again and again came the strokes…deeper…and deeper…two converging streams of powerful electrons that might end deep in my ‘V’!

J-o-l-t…j-o-l-t…j-o-l-t…j-o-l-t…j-o-l-t…j-o-l-t…j-o-l-t… The penetrating segmentations of fire continued their journey as my father-in-law to-be plowed my cleavage with his throbbing drooling side of beef. I watched the glans moving to and fro with his foreskin lathing up and back. I looked up into his face and saw that his gaze was transfixed to the juncture of our flesh. His huge cock and my monstrous mounds.

“Oh, Lordy, Daughter, this is magnificent! I love it! I love it! I love it!” Big Mike almost slobbered.

“Are you coming close?” I cooed with big eyes. “Is it gonna be good?” I asked as I lay the index finger of each hand on his glans and began to polish it as it moved in and out of my flesh.

“Great, GREAT! That’s what it’ll be! This may be the biggest ever for me!!!” he grunted out. “Aaaaaaawwwwwww,” he groaned “I’m nearly, Nearly, NEARLY ready!”

I could tell he was close and miraculously I thought that I might be able to go with him. My sensitive nipples, areolas and breast mass had never been worked like this. The repetitive jets of fire were deep in my pelvic cavity now and straining for their goal as each of Big Mike’s jolts send them further into my pelvis. ‘God, please!’ I begged internally. ‘Let it happen!’

R-R-I-I-N-N-N-G-G-G!!!!!! My heart rate instantly doubled! R-R-I-I-N-N-N-G-G-G!!!!!! I couldn’t focus. I was dazed by the fire in my gut. R-R-I-I-N-N-N-G-G-G!!!!!! Mike, Sr. froze. R-R-I-I-N-N-N-G-G-G!!!!!! The huge tube buried in my cleavage almost continuously oozed a thick stream that ran over my friction-warmed skin. R-R-I-I-N-N-N-G-G-G!!!!!!

I swallowed gratefully with recognition. It was the cell. I picked it up with my left hand and with my right urged Big Mike standing slightly bent, statue-like above me to continue his magnificent motion. He needed little urging!!!

“H-e-l-l-o,” I half gasped into the phone. “Oh, Mikey, Sweety. Nothing, I was just running to grab the phone that’s all.” I said as two huge thick streams of fire jolted through my body all the way to the upper edge of my mons. Big Mike had continued to pump and now with a renewed vim and vigor that stimulated me more.

“You’ll be just a few minutes longer? Huh?” I looked up into my father-in-law’s eyes and he began to stroke his meat between my globes a bit faster and with just a touch more authority. The twin electron streams were knocking on the door of my vulva – almost, Almost, ALMOST there. I thought.

“Sure, Honey, why don’t you bring home something to snack on during the game.” I replied. “Actually your Dad is getting a bit of exercise right now I think.” I responded. “Sure I’ll get him.” I said and handed my father-in-law the phone as he continued to pump my flesh. My ecstasy was uninterrupted as my father-in-law’s massive meat massaged the valley between my breasts and sent repeated shockwaves from my nipples…n-e-a-r-l-y…all the way to my vulva. ‘Please, go, please, go, ple-e-a-a-s-s-eee’ my inner voice pleaded. ‘Get there, get there, get there, get there…..’ it chanted.

I looked at the huge leaking meatus of my father-in-laws meat riding back and forth between my big ‘Girls’ and arched my back a bit more. The friction intensified on my nipples and Big Mike gasped.

“What…is…it…Son!” he rhythmically panted in time to his building thrusts. “I’m…work…ing…out…!” My big juggs jiggled and danced just barely contained by the thin nylon bra. Big Mike’s great scrotal contents now slapped back and forth across my tummy. The thick girth between my breasts swelled and throbbed and jerked. The voltage in my torso built in length and intensity in the power surge that ran from my nips to my ‘V’. Mike, Sr. picked up the pace and the power! The friction between my mounds was monstrous and I could not help myself from trying to imagine his mighty plunges elsewhere in deep in my body. I shook the thought out of my head with a shiver.

“Sure…sure…Jun…ior…Sure..” Mike, Sr. puffed out the words. “My …truck…can…be…used…! I…have…to…go…!” he clicked off the phone and arched his back and bellowed loudly as he began to thrust wildly through my fleshy bosom. The pounding began in earnest and my prayer’s were being answered…I hoped. The fiery tingle neared my triangle. I was dangerously close.

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My Neighbors

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He heard the shouting from his neighbor’s house through his open window. It seemed to be an all too familiar sound to him lately. He felt for their children, since they were just a couple of years younger than he was. He knew all about parents preparing for a divorce, and that seemed to be where his neighbors marriage was headed. His bedroom was directly across from the Mason’s bedroom, so he could hear the argument almost word for word.

“What’s the problem now, Brenda?” Mr. Mason said. He sounded like he knew this was coming, and Rick couldn’t blame him. The two of them had been fighting all week.

“This is the problem, Michael,” he heard Mrs. Mason snap back.

“What’s this?” Mr. Mason asked.

“Open it and find out.”

There was a couple of seconds of silence before, “What the fuck is this? You had me followed?” Mr. Mason yelled.

“Yes, I did,” Mrs. Mason yelled back. “I knew you were sneaking off with someone behind my back, but I was surprised when I saw there were two of them! I figured you had been fucking your secretary for a while, but Denise? How long has that been going on?”

Rick’s head turned away from his computer screen when he heard that name. Denise was the girl who lived across the street from he and his mother. Rick and Denise had been friends all their lives. He knew she had a crush on Mr. Mason but was shocked to hear she had acted on it.

“Does it matter how long?” Mr. Mason asked. “I think the real issue here is that you had someone spy on me!”

“No, it’s not,” Mrs. Mason said. “The real issue is that you’re fucking your secretary and our 19-year-old neighbor!”

“This is nothing!”

“That is the last straw!”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying pack a bag and get out!”

“I’m not leaving, you are,” Mr. Mason shot back.

“You would throw your two teenage daughters out on the street?”

“They could stay here with me!”

“The hell they are!” Mrs. Mason shot back. “Just pack yourself a bag and go stay at a hotel, Michael. That would be the best thing for all of us.”

“Before I do that, I want to talk to the girls. I want to tell them what’s going on.”

“There’s no need for that,” she told him. “I told them I was going to do this this afternoon when they got home from school. They are handling it well for now. Let’s try to keep it that way.”

It went quiet for a few minutes so Rick figured they were finished with their argument and from the sound of it Mrs. Mason had won. His feeling were confirmed about ten-minutes later when Mr. Mason stormed out of the front door and threw a gym bag, some suit jackets, and some other things on some hangers into the back seat of his car and drove off.

Rick got up from his desk after shutting off his computer screen and went downstairs to the kitchen, where his mother was making supper.

“The Mason’s just had it out,” he told her.

“It’s not polite to eavesdrop, Ricky,” his mother said. “How many times do I have to tell you that?”

“I couldn’t help it, Mom,” he said defensively. “Is it my fault they argue in their bedroom with the window open?”

“No, it’s not, but you should’ve shut yours when they started,” she said.

“Why? It’s nice outside, and I wanted to have the breeze through the window while I did the research for my term paper.”

“I’m just saying you should have shut it, that’s all,” his mother said. “You should have given them some privacy.”

“If they wanted privacy, Mom, they shouldn’t argue with the window open.”

She looked up at him and smiled. She knew he had a point, but she wasn’t going to tell him that.

“Go get washed up for supper,” she said.

Rick left the room and came back a couple of minutes escort bayan adıyaman later. He set the table for them and then took his seat. His mother dished out their meal and as they got started eating, Rick said, “She threw him out.”


“Mrs. Mason,” he said. “She threw Mr. Mason out. I saw him leave before I came down.”

“That doesn’t mean anything,” his mother said. “She could have him back in a few hours. That’s what most couples do.”

“I don’t think so,” Rick said.


“Mrs. Mason has some pictures of Mr. Mason with his secretary and Denise?”

“Denise? The girl from across the street?”

“Yeah,” he said as he took a drink from his cup.

“Oh, no. She must be devastated,” his mother said. “After we’re through, I’m going to pack the rest of this up and we are going to take it over for Brenda and the girls, ok?”

“Sure, Mom.”

After they ate Rick’s mother packed up the leftovers and the two of them brought them to their neighbor. Brenda answered the door after they knocked on it and smiled warmly at the both of them.

“Anne, Ricky, what can I do for the two of you?” she asked politely.

“We came over to check on you and the girls,” Anne said. “We just wanted to make sure you’re all alright.”

“We’re fine,” she said. “Why wouldn’t we be?”

“Ricky overheard you and Mike arguing this afternoon,” Anne said.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Mason,” Rick said. “I didn’t mean to, but my window was open and so was yours. I couldn’t help but overhear.”

The smile faded from her face and turned into a look of horror. She opened the door wider and invited the two of them inside. After she closed the door she asked Anne and Rick to sit down. She looked at the plastic containers Anne was holding.

“I figured after this afternoon you wouldn’t feel much like cooking,” Anne explained. “I made plenty for Ricky and I, so I wanted to give the rest to you and the girls.”

“Thank you, Anne,” Brenda said. “That was very thoughtful.”

“Ricky, take these into the kitchen for Mrs. Mason.”

“Sure, Mom,” he said as he took the containers into the other room.

When he was through the kitchen door, Anne looked to Brenda. “Sorry,” she said. “I told him he shouldn’t be eavesdropping on other people’s conversations.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Brenda said. “I should have checked to see if the window was open. I forget how much sound carries between houses.”

“Ricky told me you have pictures of Mike with a couple of other women?”

“Yeah,” Brenda told her. “I’m sorry, would you like something to drink?”

“No, thank you.”

“Do you mind if I fix one for me?” Anne told her she didn’t mind at all, so Brenda went to the bar in the dining room and made herself a gin and tonic. She came back and sat down on the sofa next to Anne. “Yes, I do have pictures of Mike with a couple of different women, one of them being the girl from across the street.”

“How did you get the pictures?” Anne asked.

“I hired a private investigator,” Brenda said. “He followed Mike around for a couple of weeks. He said that most of the affair stuff was with his secretary, and that it wasn’t until the end of the second week that he started sleeping with Denise.”

“Oh, God, Brenda. I’m so sorry,” Anne said.

“Don’t be. I’m not. I should have gotten rid of him a couple of years ago when he had his first affair.”

“This isn’t the first time?”

“No,” Brenda answered. “The first time it was with one of his clients from the law firm. That went on for a while, I think.”

“So you knew what signs to look for?”

“Oh, yes. And when I started noticing that escort baya nakkent he was up to his old tricks, I hired the P.I. Even though it hurt to see him with another woman again, I feel like I did the right thing.”

Rick reentered the room and he overheard some of the things that they were talking about. He couldn’t believe that Mr. Mason would ever cheat on his wife. In his mind, she was the most incredible woman he had ever seen. At the age of 48 she looked like she was at least 10 years younger. Her hair was sandy-blonde and had just a touch of gray on the sides by her temples. Her body was slim and fit, due mainly to her daily exercise routine. Rick had often spied on Mrs. Mason and her daughters as they tanned in their backyard by the pool. His eyes stayed riveted on Mrs. Mason on her oldest daughter, Amanda, more than Becky, the youngest. Amanda was the same age as Rick, eighteen, and Becky was a year younger. He stared at Amanda more because she looked just like a younger version of her mother. He remembered a hot day this past spring when Mrs. Mason and Amanda were both tanning out in the backyard. From his bedroom window he had a clear view at their lounge chairs by the pool, and he could see them both getting ready to turn over onto their stomachs. He could tell they were talking but he couldn’t hear their words. Not that it mattered, because at that moment, Amanda reached behind her back and undid the top of her bikini. She held the bra to her chest, trying to keep herself covered, but when she slid the straps off of her shoulders, Rick had a clear view of one of her breasts. Amanda quickly covered herself up and lay down on her towel. He was starting to remember how Mrs. Mason rubbed the suntan lotion on her daughter’s back when his mother calling his name brought him out of his reverie.

“Rick. Rick,” Anne said. “Would that be alright with you?”

“Huh? What? I’m sorry, Mom. Would what be all right with me?” he asked a little embarrassed.

“Ricky, you were sitting right here,” his mother said with a look of wonder on her face, “how could you not hear me? I asked if you would be all right with helping Mrs. Mason around the house like you help me? You know, mow the lawn, paint some walls, and do some minor repairs. Would you mind doing that for her?”

“Oh. Oh, yeah. That would be fine. I’ll do anything to help you out, Mrs. Mason,” Rick answered.

“Thanks, Ricky,” Mrs. Mason said with a smile.

A few minutes later, Rick and his mother left the Mason’s house, with Rick agreeing to mow the Mason’s lawn the next morning. At 7a.m. the next morning, Rick was up and cutting the grass of both yards. When he was finished, he raked up all the clippings and bagged them. When he was finished with both front and back yards of the two houses, and fixing an old picnic table for Mrs. Mason, it was mid-afternoon. Mrs. Mason brought Rick out a glass of iced water as he was putting the last nail in the table.

“Here, Ricky,” she said as she handed him the glass. “I thought you could use this.”

He thanked her and took a long draught from the glass. When he brought it away from his lips, the tall glass was half full. He then noticed that Mrs. Mason was in her bikini and had a bottle of suntan oil in her hands, her breasts barely contained by the pieces of fabric that made up the bikini’s top. She turned and walked away and Rick watched as her ass swayed with every step. He could feel his shorts starting to get tighter so he quickly finished his water, set the glass down on the table, and left the Mason’s backyard.

When he got home, Rick ran upstairs and into the bathroom. He had been in the same sweaty, grimy clothes since early that morning escort gaziantep anal yapan bayan and he wanted to take a shower to get all of the sweat and dirt off his body. As the warm water cascaded down his body he remembered how Mrs. Mason looked in her bikini when she came out and gave him the water. He remembered how her breasts swelled from her chest and how they were almost busting out of her top. His member started filling with blood as he saw in his mind Mrs. Mason’s ass as she walked toward the pool. When his cock was fully hard, he reached down and stroked it a few times with her ass still on his mind and closed his eyes.

His own hands reached out and grabbed Mrs. Mason around her waist, turning her towards him.

“Oh, Ricky,” she said suggestively as she touched his arms, “you are so strong. I want to thank you for doing all of this yard work for me.” She reached behind her back and untied the knot that her top over her chest. When it just draped over her breasts, she pulled the other strings over her head, exposing her chest to his gaze. “Like what you see, honey?”

“Yes, Mrs. Mason,” he said. “I like it very much.”

“Good,” she said with a smile. “Wanna touch ’em? Go ahead.”

Rick’s hands reached up and felt her breasts. They were soft and supple and he loved the feeling of them in his hands. As he felt her up, he felt her hands reach down and into his shorts, where his cock was straining against the fabric. He heard Mrs. Mason groan.

“Mmmmmm. What have we here?” she whispered. She dropped to her knees and pulled Rick’s shorts down. “I think he wants to come out and play.” Her hand wrapped around his hard cock and started slowly stroking him. “Thanks for everything, Ricky, honey,” she said as she plunged her mouth down on Rick’s rock hard cock. He could feel her lips move up from the base and meet at the head. She gave the mushroom a little kiss before taking him all the way in once more.

Rick couldn’t believe this was happening but he didn’t want it to stop either. He felt her tongue caress the underside of his prick and it made his hips thrust forward. She pulled him out of her mouth completely and guided him to the picnic table, telling him to sit down. When he did, she continued her oral assault on him. Rick watched as her head bobbed up and down on his cock, and he could see her breasts sway when he pulled her hair back. He reached down and grabbed one of them with his right hand. He pinched her nipple, which caused her to groan. That groan reverberated around his cock, and it made his orgasm begin to swell. He knew he would soon be at the breaking point.

“Mrs. Mason, I’m going to cum,” he said breathlessly.

“Mmm, yeah, baby,” she said as she took his cock out of her mouth and stroked it with her right hand. “Cum for me. Cum in my mouth. I love it.”

She went back down on him and he could feel her trying to suck the semen right out of his prick. He wrapped his fingers in her hair and grunted loudly, shooting what felt like a gallon of his cream into her mouth. He could hear her moaning as her mouth filled with his stuff.


“RICKY, ARE YOU OKAY IN THERE?” he heard his mother yell from the other side of the closed bathroom door.

Rick opened his eyes to see his entire load of cum dripping down the back wall of the shower tile and his hand still firmly gripping his hard cock. “UH, YEAH, MOM. I’M FINE,” he shouted back.


“YEAH, MOM,” he answered. “MUST HAVE PULLED A MUSCLE OR SOMETHING.” He raised the showerhead so that it washed all of his spunk off of the wall and eventually down the drain. He could hear his mother still talking to him through the door, but couldn’t understand what she was saying. “WHAT, MOM? I CAN’T HEAR YOU. I’LL BE OUT IN A MINUTE!”

Anne, hearing her son tell her he would be out of the shower soon, turned and walked back downstairs. When she was halfway down the stairs, she looked back at the bathroom door and said softly, “Sometimes, I don’t know where that boy’s head is.”

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My Soccer Toy Boy

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Was that the stairs creaking I wondered just as I was dozing off? Was it? No it couldn’t be, I told myself, my desire to go to sleep outweighing my curiosity. I heard it again. It definitely was the stairs creaking.

Open staircases are prone to making noises as they are used. In my very modern flat where the walnut wooden stairs start in the large lounge and rise up to the mezzanine floor the slightest sound seems magnified. But then if most of the space is taken up by the hard surfaces of the floor to ceiling glass doors, dark grey tiling floors and charcoal coloured steel arms and legs of the furniture, it’s to be expected. I really should have listened more closely to the interior designer instead of wondering what she would look like naked.

I heard it again and knew for certain that it was the stairs. There was one creak after another as obviously he made his way up the fourteen stairs.

My bedroom was on the top floor. In fact that and a lovely secluded balcony that was accessed through the floor to ceiling windows on two sides of the room was the top floor. Well along with a big wet room with a deep kidney shaped sunken bath and two showers and a dressing room.

The creaking stopped. That told me he had got to the mezzanine floor. I heard a door open and then close. There are three rooms on that floor. A small bedroom that I use as a gym, a tiny box room I use for storage and a reasonable sized bedroom. It was the door of that I had heard open and close. And that bedroom is where my daughter stays when she is home from university as she was now. And it was that bedroom that her boy-friend had just entered.

The idea of my eighteen year old daughter being fucked just yards from where I lie naked in bed concerned me. But it also excited me.

There were no more noises, but I lie awake for some time. Without realising it I had cupped one of my breasts. The nipple was fiercely hard, it was like an acorn. I squeezed it. Both of my nipples were aching and my D cup breasts felt so full and heavy. A heat travelling from the pit of my stomach was filling my body. My skin was tingling and I was wet. I couldn’t believe what the thought of my daughter having sex was doing this to me. But then as I masturbated and made myself cum I rationalised that not having been with a man for six or seven months plays strange tricks on a forty five year old, divorced woman.


I knew that I had to have it out with her. Although we were very close and had become more so after the divorce three years aog, since when we have lived together in my London Docklands flat, I knew it would be difficult. It was.

“Oh come on mum, get serious” was her reply when I said I heard Jack going to her room last night. “I am nearly nineteen and at uni.”

She was right. I had to let her grow up and having sex was part of that. After all I was at her age.

We chatted about it for some time and I lost on every count.

“Good night mum,” Sara said around eleven that night. “We’re going up we’ve got an early start tomorrow.”

She gave me a kiss as Jack said. “Goodnight Amanda” looking me in the eye and smiling, his thanks I assumed.

I went up shortly after. I undressed slipped into a floor-length, pale pink, silk dressing gown and took the glass of wine I had brought with me out onto the big balcony. Although we were into mid-September it was quite pleasant. I love standing or sitting there seeing the Thames in one direction, the tall buildings of Canary wharf in another and the lights of London in the third. I sometimes read for a while as I sip a glass of wine. Tonight there was no way I could read, my mind was buzzing too much with the thought of my daughter and Jack in bed together. I was wondering if I had been wrong giving in so easily. Maybe I was making it too easy for her, but then I had no control over what she does at uni. I kept vacillating. Just because she can do as she wishes when she’s away there was no reasons for her mother almost aiding and abetting her get laid, I was thinking. I was contradicting that almost immediately, however, by suggesting to myself that girls at nineteen nowadays are no longer girls, they are women. I would add to that by recalling that at the same age as Sara, I’d had sex with four different guys and had experienced my first taste of other women.

As I finished my wine with these thoughts running through my mind so I found myself becoming aroused. My hand slipped inside my dressing gown and found my boob. I squeezed it as images of Sara with Jack came into my mind. This is fucking terrible I said to myself as my other hand slid between my legs. I ‘saw’ Sara kneeling on the floor, Jack sitting on the bed naked, my daughter holding his full erection, pulling it so it was nearly horizontal and then taking his nicely sized cock right into her mouth. I stopped myself and went inside to my bedroom. I dropped the robe on a chair and got into bed naked.

I just couldn’t get Sara and Jack out of my mind. I had to fight myself escort antep hard to stop getting up and going onto the landing and listening for any sounds of them having sex. I didn’t though, but I couldn’t resist masturbating and quickly I made myself cum just as I imagined my ‘baby’ groaning her ecstatic pleasure as Jack gave her an orgasm.


I had borrowed a friend’s apartment in Juan les Pins in the South of France for a few days and was taking Sara and Jack there before she went back to uni.

Jack was a professional footballer. Although he was a London boy he played for a team in Birmingham called Aston Villa, a premier league club. He obviously wasn’t a first team player being only nineteen, but had been in the first team squad a few times until he got injured playing for one of the youth teams. He had a ligament problem and wouldn’t be playing for a few months, hence his frequent visits to Sara and him coming away with us.

Sara and I had been to the apartment several times before. It was quite luxurious and the complex had a nice pool.

“Well I’m for a swim” Jack said sliding his shorts down and pulling his tee shirt off. He stood up. “You coming Sara?”

“No I’ve just put my sun cream on.”


“Not right now Jack” I replied looking up.

I was sitting in a chair with Sara beside me lying face down on a sun bed. Jack was standing a few feet in front of me looking towards us. I was wearing a white bikini, which because I was in one of those times when I had put weight on, was slightly too small for me. I shouldn’t really have been wearing it for my tits that bloat up to DD when I add weight were almost tumbling out of the cups. Through my fashionably large dark glasses I saw that Jack was staring, but I wasn’t sure whether it was at his girl-friend’s bum, at me or at them.

What I did know, though, was that he had a fantastic body and that in his tiny Speedo shorts he looked to be hugely well-endowed. As I looked at him I felt a surge of arousal.

“Ok, by myself then” he said turning, looking over his shoulder at me, winking and saying. “You sure I can’t tempt you Amanda.”

“No” I retorted probably a little too sharply.

“Ok” Jack smiled walking away from his beautifully pert bum seeming to sway and wiggle far more than usual. Was he putting that on for me I wondered as I watched him dive gracefully into the pool and swim powerfully to the far end. Trying to make it look as if I was reading my Kindle I watched through the dark glasses as he cut through the water doing a quick ten lengths or so.

“He’s a good swimmer Sara.”

“Yes mum, he’s good at most things” she replied laughing, for some reason making me feel as if she meant sex included.

Without thinking really I idly said as I watched him climb out of the pool and walk over to us. “Yes I imagine he would be.”

He picked up a towel and again standing facing me he dried his body.

“That was great you two should really try it.”

“I will later, but I’m not a good swimmer like you” I told him unwisely adding. “I only do the breast stroke.

Smiling and staring at me or my boobs he said. “Well I imagine you’re good at that.”

“Not very.”

“Just going to the loo” Sara advised us getting up.

“Is there a gym around Amanda that I can use?” Jack asked

“Yes in that next apartment block, we get automatic membership.”

“I have to do some exercises so I’ll pop up there later, can’t let the body go because I’m injured.”

“No sign of that.”


“Your body going, you have a great physique.”

“Thanks Amanda” Jack replied lying on one side and looking at me. “And so do you Amanda, you have a lovely body er figure” he went on now quite obviously looking at my chest.

“Thanks” I said pointedly staring at my Kindle.

I had to avert my face from both Jack and Sara when she returned as I said thanks, for I was flushed or blushing. ‘Is he flirting with me?’ I asked myself. I ran over some of the exchanges we’d had and it seemed as though there was a saucy edge to some. ‘Sure I can’t tempt you.’ The reference to him thinking I would be good at the breast stroke as he looked at my breasts and him telling me I had a lovely body. There had been other ‘suspicious’ remarks previously that hadn’t hit home to me and of course there was now the more and more obvious glances and stares at my body, particularly my boobs.

As I got ready for our dinner I ran it all through my mind again and put it down to me imagining things.’ It’s because you’re so fucking frustrated’ I told myself.

“That really was a great dinner mum” Sara said as we climbed into the back of a cab outside the restaurant in the old town part of Cannes. Jack was in the middle. Our arms and shoulders, legs and knees were inevitably pressed together.’ Was the pressure increasing on my outer thigh?’ I asked myself as the driver sped too fast along the Corniche.

“It’s escort araban one of my favourite restaurants down here” I replied feeling Jack moving his arm against mine. Surely he was now pressing that harder I thought as Sara was saying something about her studies. I couldn’t take in what she was saying and that wasn’t just the excess of wine I had drunk as I had sat across the round table from Jack with Sara between us at dinner.

I was wearing a white blouse with a black linen jacket and thin yellow, slightly flared skirt. As it was a fairly dressy restaurant I had my long, unruly, chestnut coloured hair half up with tresses falling down onto my shoulders. His eyes had seemed to be almost permanently on my chest. Twice he had smiled unnecessarily as I caught him staring or, was I imagining that. What I most certainly hadn’t imagined was his foot pressing against mine a few times during dinner. They were just brief touches. Each time I felt the pressure I moved my foot, but soon it was back again.

I was becoming convinced that he was pressing his leg more firmly against me. I couldn’t really believe that he was coming on to his girl-friend’s mum particularly with his girl-friend next to him.

“Fantastic views” he said looking first at my chest then past me and out of the window turning his body a little as he did. His hand brushed against my knee. Was that on purpose? He looked right at me, smiled and I am sure pressed his hip harder against me. Jack leaned further forward and towards me and this time he rested his hand on my bare leg just above my knee. That made me jump, but not with surprise no it was the sudden surge of excitement that went through me. Sara and I had a fair amount to drink, Jake didn’t touch alcohol, and I guess I was a little tipsy so I put my sudden arousal down to that. Deep down I knew that was wrong, but for my self-esteem I couldn’t admit to anything else.

“Oh sorry Amanda” Jack said moving his hand away and smiling.

After we got back home there were several more covert actions over the next few weeks. Jack spent most of his time in Birmingham, but due to his injury he was able to come home most weekends when he was now a regular at my flat and in Sara’s bed.

I still had some guilt about them sleeping together, but on balance I gained more arousal than anything else. Each night I strained my ears for any sounds fearing with mounting excitement that I would hear my daughter moan with orgasmic fulfilment.

During those three week-ends or so Jack: twice came out of the bathroom wearing just a towel coincidentally as I passed by; seemed to wear his shirt open most of the time flaunting his awesome physique brought about by the soccer training he’d undergone since he was ten or so; stood far closer to me and held my gaze longer than was necessary and appeared to find ways and mean of touching me with his hand, arm, leg or feet.

He also made more come-on remarks such as I’ve always had a thing for older women and complimented me more often. It was all very flirty and provocative, but fortunately down without Sara’s awareness, or so I hoped.

With some men that sort of behaviour would have been sleezy and pervy. For some reason it wasn’t with Jack, fuck it for it would have been easier for me to handle.

Fortunately until the last weekend before Sara’s return to university in early October, it was all covert. That Friday we all went to a dance at Sara’s and my tennis club before which Jack had said “I’d love to see you in your tennis gear Missus W. You wear a skirt?”

He pulled me onto the dance floor during a slow dance. It was quite dark and we were in a corner of the crowded clubhouse. I was in his arms. He had his arms round me and slowly his hands slid downwards until both of them were on my butt. It felt good and I probably left them there a tad too long before saying.

“No Jack that might be ok with Sara, not with me though.”

Smiling he slid them up my back and rather provocatively put them right on my bra strap. “Thought you might like it.”

The next day Sara was in the bathroom I was in the kitchen. I knew Jack was around somewhere. I was reaching to the top shelf in a cabinet in the kitchen.

“Here let me” Jack said.

Still with my hand reaching onto the shelf I turned so I was side on to the cabinet and facing Jack. “No it’s ok.”

“I insist” he went on moving closer. He was also side on to the cabinet and reached up to the top shelf. As he moved closer he easily reached the bowl I was looking for, but didn’t bring it down and for a moment or two we stood there facing each other. He moved his chest forward a little until it pressed lightly against my boobs.

“Want it?” He asked.

“What?” I said genuinely shocked.

He smiled. “The bowl Missus W, what else? A kiss perhaps?” He smiled brushing his lips across mine in a gesture that was far from innocent. I didn’t react at first and for a moment or two I savoured the gaziantep arap escort bayan feel of his lips on mine.

“Stop it” I said moving away.

“Just joking Mands, you know me” he replied as we held each other’s gazes.

“You shouldn’t do that you’re my daughter’s boy-friend.”

“Would it make a difference if I wasn’t?”

“Don’t be silly” I replied thinking that what he was suggesting was far from silly. Wrong and unthinkable for sure, but certainly not silly.

Sara and Jack were out somewhere and I was alone. I thought about the dance at the club and what had happened in the kitchen that afternoon and evening. Although obviously I couldn’t be sure I was becoming pretty convinced that I wasn’t mistaking his actions and words. ‘He is trying to pull me’ I said to myself as I poured a glass of wine. I couldn’t believe that a guy well young enough to be my son could be trying it on with me, his girl-friend’s mum. I thought it was a terrible cheek and awfully disloyal of him. I felt sorry for Sara and part of me wanted to tell her. She didn’t need such behaviour from the shit that I was beginning to think he was. She needed to know for if he was having a go at me then probably he was doing it with other girls and maybe women as well. But I knew there was no way I could tell her. I felt that if I did she might think I had been leading him on. That thought shook me. Had I? After all I had sat beside the pool in Juan le Pins in a white bikini that was too small for me so that my tits were tumbling out. After all I hadn’t stopped him when he pressed his chest against my boobs and he would know that I hadn’t mentioned to Sara the other things he’d done and said.

I acknowledged that he was a very good looking guy with an awesome body. He was a talented footballer earning very good money, he had a degree of fame and thus, to many women he would be a good catch. I suddenly found myself thinking ‘would he be a good catch for me?’ Almost as soon as I thought that I cast it from my mind. ‘He’s your daughter’s boy-friend for fuck’s sake’ I told myself. All evening I tossed this around in my mind before going to bed around eleven. Even as I went upstairs I knew that I would masturbate, And I did, lying in the middle of my bed naked. And as I masturbated so, to my horror I was being fucked by Jack.


“Mum, Jack and I have split up” Sara said down the phone a few weeks later.

“Oh dear, I’m sorry darling.”

“No it’s fine mum.”

“How do you mean?”

“I have met someone else.”


Later that evening just after I returned from the gym, the intercom buzzed.

“It’s me Amanda.”

“Hello Jack.”

“I assume you’ve heard?” he asked as I saw him on the tiny screen.


“Can I come in?”

For some reason I replied. “I’m not sure it’s a good idea.”

“What do you mean?”

“Er nothing.”

“Then can I come in I want to pick up my stuff.”

“Ok” I said pressing the button that unlocked the high wrought iron electric gates that guard the ‘compound’ as the residents call it. Feeling edgy and a little nervous I watched him on the screen as he walked across the cobbled courtyard and approached the front door of the apartment. As he got near I pressed the button to unlock the front door and went to it and pulled it open.

“Hello Jack.”

“Hi Amanda.”

He looked terrible and I guessed that he had been crying. I felt sorry for him and did nothing to stop him putting his hand on my hip and pecking me on the cheek as had become our custom. As his face neared mine I could smell drink on him, something I had never done before; in fact I had never seen him touch a drop. After he kissed my cheek he didn’t move away nor did he remove his hand from my hip.

“You know she dumped me” he murmured as I involuntarily put my hand on his shoulder.

“Yes Jack, Sara phoned.”

“It was right out of the blue, I had no idea.”

“It happens.”

“Not to me it doesn’t. Well hasn’t before.”

“There’s a first time for everything” I said as I felt his arm slip from my hip and go round my waist a little way. It was an awkward situation. I felt very sorry for him for over the year or so he and Sara had been seeing each other I had got to like him as a person. And recently, of course, I had in unguarded moments had lurid thoughts about him. My feelings towards him were confused and garbled. He was, well had been until a couple of hours ago, my daughter’s boy-friend. Even had I have been attracted to him I could never have let anything happen and I quite resented him for the overt advances I felt he’d been making towards me; he should have shown more respect to Sara. On the other hand I wasn’t totally sure that they were real advances. He was a bit of a joker, he had a quick wit and a good way with words and he was always sending me up in an affectionate sort of way. But this was more overt than anything else he had done, but there still was a get out of gaol element for him and a doubt for me. He was upset and maybe slightly drunk. Did he really mean anything by holding me like that and leaving his face resting against mine?

And then I got my answers.

He moved his face away and looked right into my eyes from very close up. He smiled and said quietly.

“Yes Amanda even a first time for this.”

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