Hallowiener Pt. 10

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Things had calmed down in Dani’s life since his brush with danger in the park. He had called Officer Millar a few times; Dani enjoyed their chats. Officer Millar, or Ryan, as Dani had come to call him, began to show a healthy interest in Dani and many of his pastimes. As a younger man, Ryan was interested in sports mainly, which weren’t Dani’s forte, but the pair found plenty of things to talk about. Dani even found that talking to Ryan about his other unique talents was an excellent way to work through his reservations. After a few months, Dani was far more assured of what he had to offer the men of his town. Ryan had cemented so many choices for Dani, making Dani feel happier to be of service to the city’s men. And as the Christmas holidays faded into the rearview, Dani prepared himself for a busy new term.

When school restarted, Dani’s schedule was again filled with the usual appointments. Whenever a new report card was due, Dani would be summoned to Mr Hamilton’s office to pursue Becca’s spotless record. Dani had witnessed more than one teacher question why their grading was being overruled constantly, but that was due to damaged pride more than a genuine suspicion. Given time, even these protests petered out, and Dani’s assistance in maintaining Becca’s GPA continued unadulterated. Bolstered by the confidence-boosting chats with Ryan, Dani kept his eyes and ears out for any possible opportunity to help.

This was his life now. Five, sometimes six, days a week, Dani would be on his knees or his back, helping one of the many men in need of his services, begging for Daddy’s cum. The location, and the Daddy in question, often differed, but the result was forever the same, much to Dani’s growing satisfaction.

The list of Dani’s clientele hadn’t changed in some time, that was until the fourth week of term. He was in his English class when one of the other students knocked over two full boxes of paperclips, not by accident. The entire class watched as the boxes exploded on impact with the floor and shed their contents in a massive shimmering pile around Mr Lasky’s desk. The student in question just stood still, unable to answer the teacher’s repeated request for the boy to explain his actions. The usually calm Mr Lasky almost lost his cool as he swore under his breath. Not something his students were used to hearing from the skinny man. At that point, the bell rang, and Mr Lasky stared blankly at his class. He tried to find something to say but waved them all away instead. Everyone but Dani hustled out of the room without a word.

Dani left his bag on his chair and approached his teacher’s desk. Mr Lasky slumped in his chair and didn’t pay the boy any attention. Dani sunk to his knees and righted one of the boxes. Taking handfuls of the shiny metal pile, Dani began to refill the box. After about ten minutes, Dani reached up and placed the first box onto Mr Lasky’s desk. The teacher looked at Dani quizzically. Not sure how long the student had been there, he said, “Dani, w–what are you doing?”

“It looks like you need some help, so I’m helping,” Dani replied before bowing out of sight to retrieve the second box.

“Thank you,” Mr Lasky said, a little surprised. The teacher stood up and peered over his desk at the young student. “There’s no need. I can see to it.”

“It’s no trouble, Sir. I have a free period, so I’m all yours.” Dani was enjoying his new freedom of expression. It often gave Dani a thrill to make little innuendos here and there, knowing exactly how far his promises would stretch if any man were willing to test them.

“Careful. Offering that, I may take advantage of you.” Mr Lasky stepped over to Dani and put his hands on his lips. Dani froze for a moment. Bent over the pile of paperclips, he craned his neck to look up at Mr Lasky. Danis’ eyes roamed up his teacher’s legs and paused for a second on his groin before continuing upwards. “I could have you doing all kinds of things.” Mr Lasky added.

“I–” Dani’s voice croaked, and his throat was dry. Although he was settling into his role, Dani was still naïve about what desires men truly held. “I don’t mind.”

Mr Lasky cocked his head to the side and smiled at this student. It was hard to read his expression, but Dani didn’t see any of the usual signs he had come to expect from a man in need. “I’ll be right back.”

Dani watched his teacher step over the remaining paperclips and walk out of the class. Dani could hear Mr Laskys’ shoes clipping on the tiles of the corridor until he heard the familiar creaky door of the toilets. “When you gotta go, you gotta go,” Dani said to no one and smiled, returning to his task.

Dani busied himself with hoovering up the paperclips as quickly as he Bostancı Escort could. After a few minutes, he heard the creaking door down the hall, and the clip-clop of Mr Laskys’ shoes began getting louder. Dani sat back on his heels, waiting for Mr Lasky’s entrance, but a moment before the teacher reached his classroom door, another familiar voice called out to him from somewhere outside. It was Mrs Hutchinson, the Principal’s assistant. Dani couldn’t hear the conversation, but it seemed important, so Dani returned to his clean-up duties.

Mr Lasky was still in the hallway talking to Mrs Hutchinson when Dani picked up the last paperclip he could find. Looking around for any more wayward stationary, Dani was about to close the second box when he spied a shiny metal tab under the desk. Mr Lasky’s desk was a traditional wooden build, with very little clearance beneath it. The footwell was enclosed, and the desktop rested on two three-draw units on either end. Dani couldn’t hook the paperclip with his nail, so he crawled around the desk and shuffled inside the footwell. Underneath the desk, Dani found several hidden paperclips that had slid under the wooden panel, so he duly began clearing them away too. Satisfied that he had retrieved the last one, Dani was about to reverse out from the cubby hole when Mr Lasky returned to the classroom with Mrs Hutchinson shuffling behind him.

Mr Lasky rounded the desk and stood in front of his chair, blocking Dani’s retreat. Dani was about to speak up when Mrs Hutchinson said, “Look, Marvin, all I know is what I heard. He sounded like a wild animal, and the poor girl screamed like she was being stabbed.” She paused, and Mr Lasky, Marvin, tried to speak before being cut off. “Stabbed with a knife. I didn’t mean his, well, you know. It’s just not right, Marvin.”

“And you didn’t see anything?” Marvin said, pulling his chair closer.

“No. The door was locked, and the blinds were down. I saw Mr Hamilton leave about twenty minutes later, but no one else.”

“Well then, perhaps he was watching porn. You’ve met Jeanette; she’s an old prude. The poor man probably just needed a quiet place too–. All men need to from time to time.” Marvin pulled his chair up and sat down, shuffling forward and almost hitting Dani on the nose with his knee.

“Perhaps, but–but what if it was a student? Sex for good grades. You hear about it all the time.” Mrs Hutchinson said, sitting at a desk.

“Hazel, come on, we both know that goes on, and it’s not just Hamilton. Remember that kid? What was his name? Banner? The all-state linebacker. Didn’t he proposition you to get out of detention?”

“Yes, but that’s all it was, a proposition. There was no acceptance and no follow-up,” Hazel said defiantly.

“I know, but you thought about it, didn’t you?” Marvin paused and waited for Hazel to respond. “Didn’t you?” He added, letting a small laugh slip.

“Okay, so maybe a little,” Hazel replied, allowing herself to smile. “But I didn’t. And no teacher should take advantage of a student. There’s no excuse.”

“Oh, Hazel,” Marvin said, pulling himself forward and wheeling himself farther under his. Dani retreated into the recess as far as he could but failed to steady himself. Falling forward, Dani put out his hands and grabbed onto Marvins’ thighs.

“They should all be reported no matter how innocent it may be. When I speak with Margaret tomorrow, I will suggest instant suspension for any teacher or student discovered in a compromising situation.” Marvin released a surprised gasp and kicked a knee into the air thumping the underside of the desk. He wheeled back, pulling Dani with him. Marvin looked up at Hazel, who stared at the English teacher with a look of concern. “Are you okay?”

Thinking aboutHazels’ last words, Marvin nodded and slowly wheeled himself forward again. “Just a little cramp.” He glanced under the desk but couldn’t see anything from his upright position. “Please–continue.”

Hazel paused and looked at Marvin through narrow eyes. Relaxing her stare, she said, “I’ll catch Mr Hamilton and whoever it is. Then we’ll go from there. That should be enough of a deterrent for the other teachers.

Dani was listening to the conversation intently. He knew Hazel was referring to him when Mr Hamilton’s name was mentioned. Dani squeezedMarvins’ thighs involuntarily as he remembered his last visit with Becca’s teacher. Mr Hamilton had been particularly rough that day. Dani had bruises all over his back, legs and butt from the hard fucking he’d taken. Dani had screamed, and loudly too, both begging to be fucked and begging for Mr Hamilton to slow down. Hazel was right, however. No one could exit the class into the hallway Ümraniye Escort without being seen. That was precisely why Dani never left that way. Mr Hamilton’s classroom was situated at the end of the building. It had two windows that overlooked the alley between Blocks C he felt around again and found Dani’s hands. Taking a hand in each of his, Marvin planted them on his upper thighs. With a gentle pat, Marvin held up a flat palm, the international gesture of wait. Dani decided that listening to his teacher was probably better for everyone. So, Dani settled in for a long afternoon. “…suck you dry, you big stud,” Hazel said.

“Excuse me?” Marvin said, surprised at what the older woman had just said.

“That’s what I saw on that girl’s phone. She’d sent it to one of the other seniors. And that’s just the first one.” Hazel proceeded to run through her catalogue of indecent acts she’d personally witnessed over the last twelve months.

Dani had rested his head on Marvin’s right knee. He smiled as he stared into his English teacher’s crotch, imagining all the other men who’d have Dani doing other things than just waiting, given a chance. “And–did you see the photo?” Marvin asked quietly.

Hazel paused, then said, “No.” She composed herself for a moment, then said in a low voice, “You won’t say anything, will you?” Dani couldn’t tell what the answer was, by the lady continued. “I saw it. In the flesh, so to speak.”

“What?” Marvin said, sitting up.

There was a pause, shortly followed by a sigh of resignation; then, she said, “He’s fucking that cheerleader, the one with the blue hair. She’s sleeping with another six students, maybe more.”

“How the hell do you know that?” Marvin said, his interest piqued. Marvin slumped back down in his seat, pushing himself closer to Dani.

“I know these kids. I know how they think. I can almost plan my day around that little slut’s schedule. All you have to do is find the correct empty classroom, and bam! Like clockwork, there she’ll be, on her knees, bent over, or in any of a thousand similar positions. Last period, Thursdays; That’s his day. In the AV studio, the one having the remodel. That’s where I found them.” Hazel paused for a moment before continuing. “She was on her back on the desk. She was moaning so loudly I thought he was killing her until I saw his–equipment. He was really going at her; it was obscene. Boobs bouncing around. His muscular body jackhammering the girl to dust.”

Dani was enjoying the stories. He made a mental note to discover who this mystery man was. Just then, he felt something against his finger.

“And? How long did you watch?” Marvin said quietly.

“All of it,” Hazel said without breaking stride. “To my shame. The lad yanked her off the desk by her hair, pushed her to the floor and straddled her chest. He covered her from nipple to nose. She was painted. That’s when I properly saw his–well, you get the idea.”

Dani pictured the scene in his mind and wondered if Hazel might have enjoyed the show more than she was willing to admit. Hazel described the antics of his fellow students so well that he thought she might not hate the indecency as much as she claimed. Then, Dani felt it again. Just faint, a tickle on the tip of his index finger, then again, and again.

“Must have been a mess,” Marvin said.

There was no answer for a long time, and a hush fell over the room. Dani couldn’t breathe. “Yes. So much cum.” Hazel coughed and shuffled in her chair again. “He wasn’t the last of the day either. That girl ended the day with the Janitor, believe it or not. That big hairy Arab man.”

“Really? Khalid fucks the students?” Marvin said, intrigued.

“I’m not sure about more than one, but probably, yes. And fuck is not the term I’d use.” Hazel’s voice trailed off again as if something had stopped her from speaking. “Destroy is more like it.” She added hoarsely.


Hazel blushed and tried to clear her throat. “She looked so small next to him. Khalid spoke, and the girl just undressed without a word. He undid his belt, and she dropped to her knees and opened her mouth. I remember thinking that teaching obedience like that would make him a great addition to the staff.” Hazel let out a derisive snort.

“Did the girl suck him?” Marvin said. Dani felt the nudge move to his middle finger.

Hazel took an audible breath in, “She just opened her mouth. He did the rest.”

“He–” Marvin started to speak but stopped. Dani felt the nudge beneath his little finger. He lifted his head from Marvin’s knee.

“He used her mouth. Yes. He wrapped his hand around her shiny blue ponytail, pointed his cock at her mouth with his other, and Kartal Escort went to town.”

“Wow,” Marvin said. Dani squeezed once. The bulge beneath his fingers resisted, and Marvin groaned.

“I know,” Hazel said. “It annoys me too. It’s crazy to think of what goes on in this school behind closed doors.”

“Again,” Marvin said. Hazel looked at him quizzically.

“I said, it’s crazy to think of what goes on in this school–“

“Sorry, I didn’t mean you.” Hazel looked at him strangely, and Marvin fumbled his words. “I mean, again, another school struggling to cope with this type of attitude within its population.” Dani paused. The bulge under his hand throbbed and twitched as Marvin spoke. In response, Dani squeezed his tiny hand against the prominent bulge again, causing his teacher to groan.

“Oh, of course. I’m so glad you feel that way, too,” Hazel said, shifting forward in her seat.

Marvin swallowed. “I can’t wait for it. Don’t let me hold you back. We both know what you need to do and what you want to do. And I want it too. It’s been a long, long time, and it’s so damn hard.” Hazel smiled and nodded. Dani squeezed harder.

“You’ve made my mind up. I’ll speak with the Principal. It may be presumptuous, but I think I’m the right person for the job.” Hazel said with renewed vigour. “Do you agree?”

Dani stroked the bulge squeezing down the length. “Yes. That feels so good.” Marvin said.

“I cannot begin to tell you how gratifying it is to hear someone else say that,” Hazel exclaimed. “I thought I was going out of my mind. Although, when the parents find out, it will be a scandal.”

Danis’ fingers teased Marvin’s zipper. “Slowly. You need to be quiet.” Marvin said, leaning back in his chair and pushing his crotch towards Dani. Dani squeezed with one hand while his other reached for the little metal tab.

Hazel stared intently at Marvin for a moment. The teacher didn’t break eye contact with the woman the whole time. “You know, I think you’re right, Marvin. There’s no reason this has to be a big song and dance. I can root out all the bad apples in the student body and contain the scandal. No one has to know.”

Dani’s fingers trembled as they tugged at the zipper. Marvin’s trousers were ruffled around the crotch because of how he was sitting, so it wasn’t the most straightforward job. The zipper snagged a few times, but Dani kept working it down until he reached the bottom. His hand shook, but Dani slipped it inside the warm confines of Marvin’s trousers and ran his delicate fingertips along the bulging shaft of Marvin’s thick cock. The teacher purred. “God, your hand feels so small.”

Again Hazel looked at the teacher quizzically, her brain deciphering his words. “Oh, what a fool I’ve been?” Hazel said, standing abruptly. Marvin froze as he watched his colleague soar to her feet whilst his student’s hand gently caressed his hardened length beneath the desk. Hazel squared up to the desk and leant forward, staring intently into Marvins’ eyes. Placing her hands on the desktop, she smiled. ” You think I don’t know what you’re doing?”

It was Dani’s turn to freeze in place. One hand still clutching his teacher’s thigh, the other buried deep in his pants, gripping Marvin’s thick, veiny shaft. Dani’s hand trembled. He waited. “What–what do you mean?”

“It’s over. Your fun has to stop.” Hazel said calmly.

Marvin’s heart began to race, and his face lost all colour. Dani didn’t remove his hand; his fingers started to stroke Marvin’s thick shaft’s rugged, warm skin. The teacher groaned again. “I’m sorry, it just feels so damn good.”

“I’m sure it does.” The older woman said softly. “But it’s too late for that. I’m not about to sit here and just let it happen.”

Although his reach was hampered, Dani’s hand stroked up and down the thick veiny shaft of Marvin’s cock with surprising ease. “Please. I beg you, just a little bit. You can look the other way. I’ve needed this for so long.”

Hazel straightened up and put her hands on her hips. She cocked her head to one side and smiled. “Relax, I’m only kidding. I know you’re teasing me. Saying my hands are so small. I know I’m only one person, but you can handle big things even with tiny hands.”

Both Marvin and Dani let out a collective sigh. Marvin gasped and said, “Yes. Of course, I was teasing you, Hazel.” Dani squeezed and rubbed Marvin’s shaft. Tugging the thick slab of cock. The cockhead scraped against the rough, coarse fabric of his trousers until it slipped free and out into the fresh air. Marvin groaned. “Yes, oh god, yes.”

Hazel sat back down and stared at her colleague. Marvin closed his eyes and let his head roll back while Dani teased the head of his impressive cock. Pointing it straight at his face, Dani allowed his hands to take long, languid strokes along the entire length. The pointed tip glistened in the dim light under the desk; it made Dani’s mouth water. Hazel sighed. “Maybe it’s too big a job for me.”

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The Break In Pt. 01

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I was out part of the night till late with friends at the bar, it was terribly slow in the bar so I would be home alone tonight. I walked into my apartment and something seemed off, there was a plate and a glass in the sink. I am one to keep my place spotlessly clean, never a dish in the sink, I assumed I forgot to wash these.

I pulled off my shirt and dropped my pants, folded both, then cleaned the dishes in the sink. I played on my phone for a bit then made my way to the bedroom. I flicked on the light switch and there was a man, a very naked very handsome man in my bed, he was sound asleep.

Legs spread open, cock semi erect, his body was magnificent, hairy upper chest a full beard, long flowing hair all dark brown almost black. Long, hair covered legs, huge balls with a furry ball sack, his cock was perfect.

That cock had to be nine once it was rock hard and at least six if not more, he did not move he continued to sleep. Now should I just crawl in or should I wake the man and find out who he is, first I said “Hey you wake up”.

He kind of stirred a bit, but did not fully wake up, I leaned in and shook him, his eyes opened and he looked at me. He knew he was in the wrong apartment but he did not realize till this very second. He and I our eyes on each other both thinking who the hell are you and why are you in my bedroom.

“Oh fuck I’m in the wrong apartment aren’t I?”

I laughed out loud, here he was naked on my bed his cock slowly growing as he and I stared at each other.

“This isn’t Theresa’s place is it? She used to live here.”

“No she moved out six months ago, I am the new tenant, who are you?”

“I’m Theresa’s I guess now ex-boyfriend, she seems to have moved on.”

He did not make a move to cover his engorging cock, the small bubble of precum at the tip of his cock stayed in place waiting for someone to lick it up. I ran my tongue along my lips, I knew I had to taste it, I wondered was he gay? Would he let me suck a load out of him? He was after all in my bed naked and now rock hard and ready.

I got on my bed and sat beside him, he looked at me, I was pretty sure he wanted me to suck that big cock of his. He and I stared at each other, what do we do now, he sat up on the far side of the bed, he mumbled something.

“What the fuck do I do now?”

I sat there clad only in a very tight pair of underwear, he was sitting on the edge of my bed completely naked. The man even had a nice back so muscular and dusted with hair in all the right places.

“I’m sorry I better get going, I really am sorry I did not have anywhere to go so I thought Bostancı Escort I would surprise Theresa.”

I looked at him he only got better looking, he was a sweetheart as he slept but he was even better looking standing there his cock pointing out at me, with a small droplet of precum oozing out and spilling to the floor. I of course once again licked my lips, such a waste of something so tasty.

“You could stay the night, you are ready for bed and half asleep, not like I can throw you out on the street.”

He did not even answer he got back in bed and laid his arm out so I could cuddle in close to him.

“Shut the light off Babe and get in here.”

Like he had to tell me twice, I tore off my underwear and turned to shut off the light, he made a comment that he liked that ass of mine. I crawled in bed with this handsome stranger and he pulled me in close to his hot body.

My hand on his chest, my rock hard cock against his thigh, my leg on his two legs, my own leg brushed his balls. My hand felt his pecs, tweaked his nipples, I ran my hand over his torso, down his abs to his bush. His precum soaked cock on the back of my hand, I managed to catch most of what he was putting out.

I pulled my hand to my mouth and licked all he had dripped on me, he turned to me and smiled.

“You could just get it from the source, I can give you all you can lick and I do have a creamy reward for you if you suck it just right.”

Like he had to tell me twice, I was on top of him in seconds, I took his cock in my hand and looked at it. The man was cut with an ample knob, it was covered in precum, I licked the tip to catch what he was pouring out. My tongue on his velvety soft knob, his balls rolled in their sack as I slowly took the mans cock in my mouth.

I took his cock to the base then slowly back out, it felt good, it tasted even better, I wanted this man in my bed every single night. Now if he was to let me suck him or even better fuck me with this cock then he was never being allowed to leave.

I sucked I swallowed, I had that cock deep in my throat, I worked it till it fed me what I wanted, what I craved. His balls reacted, his cock throbbed, his breathing labored, he pulled my head to his cock, shoving it in deep. His hips pumped his cock into my wanting mouth, he fucked my face till his cock exploded.

The man could not have had sex in a very long time as the load was massive, his cock continued to shoot more and more, his hand let go and he fell back on the bed. His cock finally slowed down it dribbled out yet more.

Once cleaned up he was Ümraniye Escort done, he needed sleep and he needed me to snuggle with him. He pulled me in and held me close to him, my own cock still rock hard and dripping. I would jerk off tomorrow, cuddled in close to him, the scent of his body, the movement of his chest as he took in each breath, that hairy chest.

It took some time for me to finally fall asleep, my cock slowly went down, I got myself comfortable snuggled in close to him. The man snored but that too was attractive to me somehow, I knew it was a man I was in bed with that I had just sucked off.

I woke in the morning like I always did at the same time seven fifteen, he was still asleep, I lay there watching him as he slept. He really was an attractive man that was for sure, he really needed to be cleaned up, his beard needed to be trimmed, the ends of his hair also could use a trim.

Overall he really was a handsome guy, I would guess about thirty two give or take a few years, his overall body was in good shape, muscular, but with a small amount of fat to fill in all the right spots.

His cock and balls both perfect, if I was to make a wish for a boyfriend this would be what I would wish for in a cock and balls. Hairy but not overly, trimmed or shaved, I liked the hairy parts of him. He had great legs, muscular toned well shaped, even his feet were attractive, they too needed attention.

His nails on his hands and feet both needed to be trimmed and filed, his eyebrows trimmed, this is a man I could watch doing porn be it straight or gay. He must have noticed that I was checking him out cause his cock reacted to my leering at him.

He slowly woke up, he stretched then opened his eyes to me, he seemed a bit surprised once again, then realized he was in bed with me. He stared at me, it was his turn to check me out, he surveyed my face body all of it. He laid back and stared at the ceiling, he finally turned to me.

“Thank you for letting me sleep here last night, and for the blow job, one of the best I have had in a very long time.”

“You are welcome, I’m Billy by the way and you are?”

“Nice to meet you Billy my name is Steve, I guess I better get dressed and out of your home, I really am sorry for breaking in like I did.”

“How did you get in?”

“I still have a key from when Theresa lived here, clearly they do not change locks when a tenant moves out.”

“You will stay for breakfast, you can shower if you like, get yourself cleaned up, do you have a place to stay?”

“No not really kind of burnt all my bridges before Anadolu Yakası Escort I went to prison, my friends don’t want much to do with me anymore.”

Prison, that would explain the load last night and how horny the man really was, of course I wanted to know why he had been in jail for.

“You have the same look as anyone I tell I was in jail, they all want to know why, hoping I did not kill anyone.”

“I have to admit I am curious, I do have a naked man in my bed that I slept with all night and now he tells me he is just out of jail.”

“No it’s just traffic tickets, DUI, speeding, all stupid juvenile things a guy my age should know better than to do.”

I can tell you I was relieved, laying here next to him my cock reacted and so did his own, I so wanted to suck another load out of him even if he did not do anything for me.

“Could I ask a favor before you leave?”

“Yes of course you can ask me anything Billy.”

“Would you let me suck another load out of you, really enjoyed sucking your cock last night.”

“Just so you know I am straight, but last night I was so horny thinking Theresa would be in bed with me. But damn Billy you can suck a cock, not many can take the whole thing in their mouth and throat. Yes you can suck my cock anytime.”

My chances of getting this man to fuck me went out the door it seems, I got between his legs and took his cock in hand. It even felt good in my hand, I held it, I gently stroked it, I brought my mouth to it. His cock tasted so good, I slowly slid it down my throat he pulled his head up to see me take his entire cock deep inside my mouth.

I sucked I slurped, I made love to this man’s cock, this would be the last time I would be able to suck it so I would take my time and enjoy every last second. His balls quick to pull in, I did not want him to cum yet.

I held his cock but did not interact with it, he was getting very flustered by the fact that I was not actually sucking his cock. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head back onto his enormous cock.

“Suck the fucking thing, I need to cum for fuck sakes cocksucker.”

He rolled us over and he fucked my mouth hard, I gagged a bit and almost choked, but once I got the rhythm his cock pounded my mouth. His nuts pulled in and he shot me, six full shots of cum that I quickly ate.

He rolled off of me and lay there cum still dripping from his magnificent cock, I took it and licked the man clean.

“You are on hell of a great cocksucker my man, most would have choked or puked having my cock shoved in them like I just did to you.”

I smiled, I so wanted that cock in my ass, I wanted him to fuck me hard, pound his big meat in me till he screamed as he came.

“You could fuck me and find out how tight my ass really is.”

“No way man, I’m not a fag, I will let a guy suck me but that is where I draw the line.”

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My First Gay Experience

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Group Sex

Hi, I’m 40 years old and this is how I turned bisexual and gay.

I was 21 when i joined the gym in the hope of getting some muscles and get in a fit body. the first day was very exiting and i enjoyed looking at the big muscled guys, and was very happy that some of them were interested in giving me few advice and help me with workout.

Everyday I went there during the early hours, and enjoyed the hot pool in the gym after a hot steamy sauna in my small speedo.

One time, when i was in the sauna, three older man came in, well build and had only towels on them. Not knowing that they had nothing under that towel, I was very surprised and shocked to see dicks under the towels when they got comfortable in front of me with slightly open legs.

I though this was a normal thing at the gym and tried to look as normal as possible. We used to always be there in the same time and every time i was in the sauna, or the pool, they showed up. Day after day they used to come in and sit there and a conversation with me used to take place, and every time I used to get out to jump in the pool they fallowed me and always stay very close to me teaching me how to swim.

One day, while being in Anadolu Yakası Escort the pool all four of us one of them got very close and i felt something poking my back. I didn’t pay attention until he took my hand and put it on a huge cocks. I was shocked but didn’t want to loose my cool since i was very young and was very happy that older guys were spending time with me.

I then got very excited and seemed to enjoy the feeling of that enormous cocks in my hand until the two others took off the shorts and exposed the biggest cocks I ever saw. I used to look at porn magazines and see cocks and sexy nude guys and touched my friend and he touched me but this was a first for me.

The guys asked me if it was ok they stayed nude in the pool and told me that it would be very cool for me to remove my speedo which I did without hesitation.

It felt very nice to be free and one of the guys took me on his lap while the others were talking to me about sex and what a little sexy ass I have. I told them that I saw few gay magazines, until I felt the guy behind me scrubbing his big dick on my hole and touched my small shaved dick.

One of the guys next to us asked me Avrupa Yakası Escort to touch his penis which I gladly did and started masturbating him and felt aroused every time it got bigger in my hand.

The third one already hard with a big uncut cock asked me if I wanted to try sucking him.

I didn’t hesitate and took his thing in my mouth while the guy behind me hand a finger already in my ass. I was getting fingered, and played with two huge cocks in my hands and every now and then sucked one. i guess the magazines did a good teaching job. I was licking then took the head first and the rest was in mouth next in no time.

They decided to take me to the showers next to the pool, and all four of us walked naked out of the pool. The showers were right next to us so we got in and I got on my knees in front of three hard cocks and started masturbating and sucking them. I could see the balls hanging in front of my face which made me very horny.

One of them got behind me and fingered me again till i got very horny and asked him to put his cock inside me. I was reviewing the pictures I saw in the sex magazines my friend had in his room and remembering the İstanbul Escort looks on the faces the guys in the magazines and I knew I was gonna have a good time.

The guy behind me positioned his cock straight to my hole and started going in. It hurt at first but I didn’t want to go back since it felt really sexy.

Now that the head was inside he got deeper inside until my butt hole was ready to take the whole thing in and the minute it got inside i felt very horny and continued to suck the two cocks I had in front of me.

The guy now behind me was deep inside me, fucking my ass very hard and roughly, as if he was enjoying my virgin anus and just as I was loving the feeling of his cocking hitting me so hard I felt a warm big load of filling my ass and this was my first cum inside experience.

When he was done with me, he pulled his cock out and moved to the front giving me my first taste of cum and letting the guy with the uncut cock take turn in my ass.

That one was thicker and longer and I was fucking him like a real bitch when he couldn’t take it anymore and pulled his cock out to give me his thick sperm in my mouth. the third one finished with his big mushroom head inside my ass and his cum dripped on my small dick like a river. I sucked them again and made them cum in my mouth for a second time and we kept doing this every time during summer sometimes we met there at night and two cleaning guys would join until it was over and I had to go back to school.

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Do You Think I Need It Fertilized? Pt. 02

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Mark literally skipped down the hallway like a teenage girl as I followed him. His plump firm ass jiggled and bounced in those short shorts. How could this boy have an ass like that. Most women would kill to have such a firm, plump, rounded butt like his. I’m sure he knew my eyes were glued to it, as he probably made it jiggle purposely in front of me as I followed behind him into his bedroom.

His bedroom, oh my God, you would have to see it to believe it. When I entered it behind him, it was obvious that not only did his parents know he was gay, and not only did they accept and condone that he was gay, but they apparently encouraged his life style.

The room was girly beyond belief. It was immaculately clean and organized. The bed was perfectly made and had a pink bedspread with a matching pink dust ruffle. Pink, really? My daughters would have been so jealous. His pillows had matching pink pillow cases and for good measure there were a couple of fuzzy pink throw pillows to match. Pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, I just smiled to myself.

He actually had a make up vanity with a chair and a big mirror, like where a women would sit to scrutinize her face. There were three wicker baskets on it, one with a dozen or so various shades of fingernail polish bottles. One with several dozen lipstick tubes in it. And the third had a row of neatly arranged perfumes in decorative bottles.

Hanging on the walls was even more proof of his persuasion. Over his bed hung a large picture of Brad Pitt with his hair tussled, posing with no shirt on. All the other walls had about a dozen or so expensively framed charcoal sketches of men in various nudes poses. Some of them engaged in oral and anal sex. What liberal supportive parents I thought to myself.

“Make yourself comfortable Mr. Morgan, I need to get dressed for you, It will only take me a minute please.” he seemed to almost beg thinking I might leave if he spoiled the moment and didn’t hurry. Dressed for me? I just smiled again to myself as all I wanted was for him to peel off those short shorts as quick as he could, so I could tap that ass. I’m guessing he knew I had no intention of leaving til I got a shot at popping his fine looking girly ass. He was well aware his ass was a very desirable and coveted asset. I’m sure he knew the power it had over me. I just openly stared at his unbelievably hot ass, as Mark started rummaging through his dresser drawers, frantically grabbing this and that and God knows what. After he gathered up various clothing items, he finally scampered into his bedroom’s bathroom, shutting the door til it almost closed behind him.

I sat on the bed, still totally naked as my cock was getting harder, me trying desperately not to touch it, saving it for him. I was trying to patiently wait for him to return as I heard him humming happily inside his bathroom.

When he entered just a few minutes later, I couldn’t believe what I saw. Holding a bottle marked “Anal Lube” in his dainty little hand, he did a girly twirl for me to show off as I just stared in awe at him.

This boy was wearing a tight pair of thigh high leg warmers or stockings, I’m not sure what you call me, but they were so fucking hot. They extended all the way up from his ankles, to the very bottom of his prominent butt cheeks and made his ass look so fucking perfectly globular and firm. They were a rainbow design, with horizontal pastel colored stripes of pink, orange, light blue, red, yellow etc…

He had on matching rainbow elbow gloves or arm stockings, that went a few inches past his elbow, stopping up his upper arm, over his skinny girly biceps. He reminded me of a walking candy cane with a big buxom ass. His soft hands and fingers were bare and un-gloved, starting at the wrist, as there was a single loop holding the gloves in place that went around his middle finger. This combo was so sexy that my cock went full on hard for me. His thigh high stockings and matching gloves made him look so prissy.

If not before as I imagined earlier outside, he definitely İstanbul Escort had lipstick on now. It was a perfectly applied bright red color that undeniably and thickly coated his plump lips.

If all that wasn’t enough to rattle me, not that I’m into men’s cocks at all, Mark’s cock was erect and fully on view. His cock was about the only thing on him that confirmed he was a boy and not a girl. Everything else about his body screamed female. Surprisingly, the boy was actually pretty darn well hung. I don’t know how he hid that thing in his short shorts in the yard or when sucked my cock before. But he was undeniably pretty well endowed, much more cock than I thought his frail, petite effeminate body could possibly possess.

Mark sported a full fledged boner as he both shamelessly and proudly paraded his sexy body in front of me. While I had estimated him earlier at about 5′ 8’s tall and 145 lbs., this kid had a cock that a lot of men would be jealous of. The boy had about 7″s of cut meat, that was actually more than average in thickness. And he had that young man’s erection, you know, where his cock stood up at a 45 degree angle from his pelvis and was unwavering. It swayed back and forth like a rigid pole pointing towards the ceiling as he bounced around the room.

“I want you to fuck my ass real good Daddy, it’s been a long time for me. I want your big thick cock to fuck me into submission this morning and I want my ass leaking your cum all day long after you’re gone. I purposely sucked your cock to completion early, so you could fuck me for a long time now.” he squealed as he approached me. “My ass is soooooooo hungry for your big cock.” he giggled. “You’re an absolute gorgeous piece of Daddy eye candy, just my type, and I’m going to thoroughly enjoy fucking your huge cock this morning.”

I was a little surprised that his flattering comments turned me on immensely. I do think I’m still a pretty attractive guy, about 6′ 2″s tall, and 185 pounds. I worked hard to get this look and I never grew tired of woman’s appreciative stares or compliments.

I’m lean, no body fat yet, and even at 39 years of age, I take pride in caring for my body. I no longer had that 6 pack of abdomen muscles like I did when I was in my 20’s, but I was definitely still toned, no flab on me. My dark head of hair was still thick and full, and my goatee was always neatly trimmed. My wife always teased me about her girlfriends commenting on my sparkling green eyes and body, telling her that she was lucky as I was very handsome. I definitely had muscles, especially in my arms and chest, maybe not like a blacksmith, but I always got stares from the ladies when I wore a tight t-shirt.

I couldn’t believe my lucky stars as I was about to finally fuck an ass, and what an ass I was being offered, my fantasy was about to come true.

Mark crawled into the bed along side me, and assumed the buns up kneeling position while pressing his shoulders deep into the mattress. He arched his ass up as high as possible and spread his knees wide for me. His ass was simply spectacular, the finest specimen of an ass I had ever seen, man or woman. Those perfectly formed symmetrical globes were unbelievably sexy. Comparing it to my wife’s ass, there was really no comparison to be made. Mark’s ass was perfect!

He shuffled his feet back til they hung over the edge of the bed, scooting back and kneeling patiently for me to make my move. I got up and stood directly behind him, what a sight to see, what a fetching ass he had. Looking down on his stocking covered legs and gloved arms, his ass cheeks were wide open for me to really get a good look at. I just loved that tattoo on his ass cheek, “Slut Puppy.” It told me all I needed to know. His little sphincter was perfectly pink and round. That tight round muscle of tissue forming it, had the cutest little wrinkles, that only God could have created. It was a very inviting little rosebud that beckoned me to use it for my self gratification.

Before I could process Kadıköy Escort what happened next, I found myself doing something I would of sworn to God I would never do in my life. I don’t know what came over me, but I had an unwavering desire to lick it. I loved giving my wife head, as her squealing and moaning when I did it, really turned me on that I had so much control over her physical reactions. The next thing I knew, I had knelt behind his gorgeous ass and spread his cheeks as wide as possible with my hands, to get an even better look at this tight little ring that twitched and winked involuntarily at me.

I leaned forward and tentatively licked at his tight little hole. At that moment it wasn’t like I was licking a man’s asshole, it was more like I was licking a woman’s beautiful pussy. It was so perfect and feminine, not a single hair on it. So inviting to look at, his smooth unblemished complexion of skin on his ass was like a canvas of perfection. I couldn’t help myself. He smelled so clean and fresh, like soap and a hint of perfume, that I just started devouring it with my tongue, lips and teeth.

Mark openly squirmed and moaned as I made a meal out of his little rosebud. Throwing my inhibitions to the wind, I just attacked that twitching little ring with my mouth and devoured it. Mark grunted from my oral manipulations as I watched his little ring convulse and spasm. Every lick seemed to make him quiver and tremble as he now moaned loudly pressing his ass back to me.

“Ooooooh yea Daddy, eat my hungry little ass, I absolutely adore that and it’s yours to use whenever you want it.” he begged of me.

Enjoying the pleasure I was giving him, I must have licked and nibbled on his little muscle ring for 10 minutes. I especially enjoyed how he flinched when I nipped at it gently with my teeth. Finally my own desires became too much and I needed to stuff it with my engorged cock.

I stood behind Mark and picked up the bottle of anal lube, squirting a large dollop on his little fairy ring. I inserted my index finger pushing the lubricant in deeply hoping this would allow my cock an easy entrance. I was already making way more progress easier than I ever had with my wife, as she would usually start resisting my intrusion by now. Mark was different, he actually pushed back on my finger’s insertion, his ass demanding more.

Amazed at his tolerance to my finger, I stood and placed the tip of my cock at his entrance. I didn’t really try push it in, I just lined up and nudged gently at his ring with the tip of my cock. He hungrily shoved his ass back on my cock, swallowing over half of it in one quick gulp. I was in, I had breached his ass. Maybe only halfway, but my cock had never felt anything so tight and silky smooth in my life. I stood motionless, hoping he could relax and devour more. Mark didn’t disappoint. He twisted and ground those perfect ass cheeks both left and right, scarfing it down as he quickly devoured the entirety of my cock into his bowels almost effortlessly. Within seconds I was buried to the hilt in his butt.

I stood still for a second or two, trying to let him acclimate to my thick cock, but passion overwhelmed me and I began slow rocking thrusts, withdrawing and re-entering maybe 3-4 inches. Mark just groaned his approval and let me take over.

“Ooooh yea Daddy, use my ass anyway you want, I can take that cock anyway you need.” he almost begged me.

That was all the prompting I needed to overlook any discomfort on his part, and I went to town on his sweet ass. I grabbed those plump, fleshy orbs with both hands and started grinding him slow and deep. He groaned like a bitch in heat as I fed my fat cock in and out of his obscenely stretched sphincter. His bowels were so smooth and silky as my cock slid back and forth in his tight channel. His ring and anal canal provided a perfect friction as he let me sate my passion. I knew I would do whatever was necessary to keep this boy a part of my life if I could fuck his ass regular in the future.

Resting Ataşehir Escort the side of his face in the mattress, he reached back with both hands between our legs. He scratched and tickled at my balls with his long manicured fingernails with one hand, while he jerked his rock hard cock with his other hand. Squeezing and rolling my nuts between his dainty fingers was pushing me over the edge. I knew I couldn’t last much longer.

After a few more minutes, I felt the cum churning in my balls and knew I was ready to cum with just a few more thrusts.

“Mark, I’m getting ready to bust in your ass, are you ready for it? I moaned.

“No Daddy, no wait just a minute please, don’t cum yet.” he whined as he quit jerking his cock and expertly unscrewed his bottle of poppers, shoving them under his nose. He inhaled several time over and over as I tried my best to slow down and suppress my orgasm, til he finally screwed the lid back on the bottle and started to frantically jerk his cock again. Within just a few seconds he moaned urgently, “Come now Daddy, cum with me.” he pleaded.

As he started to squirm and convulse, his leg muscles began twitching uncontrollably, and that put me over the edge as I began to blow squirt after squirt into his bowels.

“Oooooh God Daddy, I’m cumming now, shoot that load in me. Give me every single drop of your Daddy juice.” he screamed.

As Mark ejaculated all over his pretty pink bed spread, I unloaded probably the biggest load of my life deep in his bowels. It seemed endless as my cock spasmed over and over sending heavy pulses of cum into him. We both moaned and groaned as we came simultaneously. Pumping over and over, my cock spewed cum into him til I had no more. As I became more and more sensitive, I tried to withdraw, but he wanted more and held tight onto my balls not allowing me to retract my cock from his ass.

I finally had to stop him and firmly pushed his stomach down into the bed as I withdrew my hyper sensitive cock. He laid down in his own puddle of cum as I stared down at his obscenely gaping pink asshole. It twitched and winked at me as copious amounts of my baby batter drooled out his stretched out sphincter. As abused as his gaping hole looked now, I still admired it as a thing of beauty.

“Mr. Morgan.” he whispered jokingly while giggling softly, “I think I’m in love.”

That was the first time me and Mark had sex, but hardly the last. We have enjoyed a very comfortable arrangement now for about 6 months, where we both get what we want. While I still fuck my wife maybe once or twice a week, actually maybe less now, I definitely prefer saving myself and hooking up with Mark. I get to fuck Mark’s ass leisurely at least 3-4 times a week in his bedroom, sometimes even more. Quite often, as our school schedules are somewhat flexible, and as our respective families are on rigid schedules, we have time to meet up in his bedroom for a quickie or a longer session.

Sometimes, late at night, if possible, I will sneak out to my garage, feigning some odd job in the garage to my wife and have him just suck my cock while she is occupied inside. It doesn’t always work out when he texts me, because it’s hard to get way with children in the house, but he has never turned me down even once when I text him, not ever. I do love that deep throat that he provides, that she can’t even come close to, not to mention the way he just takes his time and worships my cock.

Mark has told me that he actually has friends at his college who live similar lifestyle to his. Absolutely gorgeous, sexy, young, effeminate men, like him, that he claims are even hotter than him. Hard to believe that part, but, he swears there are guys at his school that adore to deep throat and fuck Daddy dicks. I have no reason to doubt him as he has no reason to lie, so I guess it’s true. So if you’re not getting what you need at home, you might look that way. Maybe take a night class at the University of Arizona.

Me, I have never been happier. I just love his tight round firm ass and the deep throat he loves to give me, it really puts my wife’s ass and efforts to shame.

I feel blessed to have such good neighbors.


thanks for reading…

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Scoring My Brother Ch. 01

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Sorry haven’t posted anything in a while. Was recovering from surgery & started going back to school.

As always, feedback is welcome!

**Any sexual activity happened with characters 18 or older**

Jon always felt out of place in his own family.

He was the older brother, handsome with reddish brown hair and green eyes that looked turquoise in the right light. He wasn’t skinny, but not obviously muscled. He was lean and firm from swimming laps in the family’s backyard pool. Jon wore his hair long with side swept bangs that always seemed to hang in his eyes. Instead of going out with friends, Jon preferred to be alone – spending his time drawing or losing himself in television and movies.

Hidden away in his room on the third floor, pencil and paper in hand, sketching anything he saw. At times Jon felt like his parents didn’t know he existed.

Jon’s invisibility wasn’t an issue. His parents had – as Jon referred to him – The Golden Child.

His brother Jim was 2 years younger. His parents favored him, and as much as they tried, did a poor job of hiding it. He had brown eyes and light brown hair streaked with blonde. He kept it short and tightly cropped to his head – easier to keep under a helmet or hat and easier to maintain when he sweat. He was muscled from weight training and playing sports. Jim was popular and always seemed to be traveling with an entourage. While Jon sought solitude, he always thought his brother would implode without someone nearby to massage his ego.

Jim loved all sports, but they weren’t only Jim’s passion, it was the Wolfe family pastime. Jim played baseball and football, his father coached the teams every league as Jim got older – eventually helping train him at home once he hit high school – and his mother took charge of every fundraiser imaginable. While everyone was at the fields cheering on Jim, Jon was home waiting.

Jon was left feeling Jim was the son his parents always wanted.

Their mother planned out their futures for them before high school even began. Jon was going to college to study accounting – a stable job always in demand – because the career in art he dreamed of was unrealistic. Jim was going to learn a trade – his Mother believed his grades weren’t good enough for college – so his mother chose carpentry. He could play sports in local leagues but any hopes of a professional career were squashed. No questions. Not open for discussion.

Jon took out student loans and worked two jobs to pay for college – he was assistant manager at a high end gift shop in the mall and worked as a front end supervisor at Bridges, a local department store.

Jim worked with a local construction company apprenticing his trade, working towards the goal of joining the union and living his life as a carpenter. He played weekend warrior baseball with a small team, Philly Phire and small club soccer wIth FC Liberty. Jim had a steady girlfriend and his mother expected marriage.

Neither young man was pursuing their dreams. Neither one was happy.

“Jonathan, take your bags upstairs” his Mother called from the front porch – her hand propping open the screen door “you can set them down in your old room.”

Ugh… he groaned out loud. His old room. He had nobody to blame but himself – no one forced him to move back home.

Jon’s father passed away two years ago. His aunt – worried that his mother still wasn’t coping with being alone – persuaded him to come back home.

Jim had selfishly moved out almost quicker than his Father’s casket was lowered into the ground. He rented a small apartment across town with his childhood girlfriend Rayna, leaving their Mother alone right away.

Jon could only afford to be away a short time – he had school and two jobs to get back to – he needed to head home quickly.

In hindsight, things happened fast – everyone resuming their lives – except their Mother.

“Oh, by the way, Jim and Ray are coming for dinner tonight!” she announced almost giddy. “Both my boys home together again.”

Jon forced a smile. He was 21 now and still harbored the same resentments to his family he did as a teenager. Nothing changed. He had to leave school – 6 months and not a day longer he promised himself – while his brother worked a menial construction job nearby. Why was he summoned back? Why was his life interrupted when Jim could have easily moved home instead?

“Great Mom” Jon said flatly. He no more wanted to see his brother as he would volunteer for a root canal. “I’m going upstairs to unpack my things.” He headed to his old bedroom, pretty much the same as he left it before he went off to Boston. It was inevitable he’d cross paths with Jim, but fuck – already – his first night back?

While opening suitcases and unpacking boxes Jon heard a loud engine pull up. He came down to the second floor and looked out the front bedroom window. A filthy, jacked-up truck had stopped out front. Climbing from the drivers side was Jim. Jon nearly creamed himself on the spot. Jim Bayan Eskort was 19 and fucking hot, much hotter than he remembered the last time he saw him.

They hadn’t been together since the funeral, Jon making sure they were never in the same place at the same time. The world still revolved around Jim, but Jon made sure his orbit was never synced with his brother.

Jim walked up to the house, his normal short cropped hair replaced by a wild mane of curly, bushy light brown hair. He was clean shaven, except for a shadow of light stubble. Wearing torn jeans, a plaid flannel shirt – even though it was July – opened almost all the way down, and brown work boots.

Holy. Fucking. Shit. Jon wondered what happened to his brother. He also wondered why his cock was getting hard! It was his brother for sure, but he looked like he just stepped off a porn set – playing the hunky repair man whose broke customer couldn’t pay. Ready to fuck the poor bastard raw.

Jon always felt an attraction to his younger brother. When they were kids, hanging around the pool in the backyard, he found himself staring at Jim. He didn’t understand it at the time – he chalked it up to being envious of him – but he grew to realize his brother turned him on. When their mother would call them in for dinner, she’d send them to the laundry room downstairs to take off their wet swimsuits. Jon started doing everything he could to see his brother’s dick – wanting to touch it.

Warm Summer nights the boys would swim in the dark, no lights except the stars and fireflies. While their parents sat on the patio at the other end of the yard, Jon and Jim would canon ball into the pool from the deck. Inevitably, someone – looking back now it would usually be Jon – would suggest they strip and swim naked. The rush of cool water over his bare body, and being near Jim, always made him hard.

Mom met Jim at the door “where’s Rayna?” she asked.

“Umm, yeah, about that” Jim stammered “she’s not coming tonight.”

His Mom looked at him puzzled “why? What’s going on?”

Jim just stared at the ground, he rocked back and forth on his boot heals before finally saying “Rayna kicked me out. We had a big fight and she just kicked me out.”

She stared at him, that disapproving Mom look on her face “what did you do?” she groaned.

“You know Mom, I’m your son. Why do you always assume it’s my fault?” Jim huffed

She laughed “I’ve known you for 19 years… I don’t have to assume.”

Jon came downstairs pretending not to have heard anything.

“Jim. Nice to see you.” He was lying of course, but out of respect for his Mother he wasn’t going to be rude.

His brother replied in the same cold tone, probably for the same reason “you too.”

Lies, all lies. Jon hated Jim. Jim merely tolerated Jon as well.

“So, where are you going to stay?” His Mother asked.

“I was hoping to stay here for a couple days… at least until Rayna calms down a little.”

Jon let out another low groan.

“Of course baby… of course you can” she brought him in for a Mom hug “I’ll just make some space in your old room.”

She had turned Jim’s old room into storage space after their Dad died. A sort of landing pad for things she wasn’t quite ready to part with. Her goal was to sort through things – keeping the memories and discarding the rest. However, after two years the room hadn’t been touched – and probably wouldn’t be.

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll just take the couch in the family room. It’s more than enough – fuck, I’ve had worse.”

“James! Language!” she shot back.

Jim turned to Jon and rolled his eyes.

Mom set the table, bringing out the fancy dishes and flatware she only used for guests and special occasions. Geez, this was hardly special Jon thought. He was forced to come home from college and his Brother just got kicked out of his apartment by his girlfriend. Not a freakin’ Norman Rockwell painting.

“You both get cleaned up, dinner’s almost ready”

The guys both headed upstairs to the only bathroom in the house. They shared it as kids, they’ll manage now.

“You go first” Jon offered “I assume you just left work?”

Jim slapped Jon on the shoulder “thanks man. We’re working at the turkey farm off Rt 95 and I smell like bird shit.” Ah, yes. Another prized moment.

‘I’ll make it quick… and I promise I’ll leave you some hot water.”

Jon went upstairs to continuing unpacking. He took his laptop from his book bag, launched an indie playlist he liked, and sat on the bed – closing his eyes and laying his back against the headboard – resting his head against the wall. The music quickly became nothing more than white noise. He could hear the shower running downstairs and all he could think of was his brother, wet and naked in the shower. Muscled and tan from working outside in the sun. A small part of his brain told him it was wrong to think about Jim that way, but that piece was quickly smothered by the lecherous thoughts Jon entertained.

He Anadolu Yakası Escort popped all the buttons on his 501s, sliding his hand inside to fondle his growing cock. He wrapped his hand around the thick shaft, giving it a firm squeeze and a few solid tugs. A few drops of precum leaked from the head – Jon quickly ran his index finger through it and smeared it over his cock. Touching the sensitive tip of his dick sent shivers through his body.

Jon opened his eyes and listened. Was the water still running? Was Jim still in the bathroom?

Slipping his jeans down over his hips, Jon jerked his cock slowly until he was solidly hard – the pool of precum he created was the perfect lube he needed. He closed his eyes again – tighter this time – concentrating intently on his visions of Jim. Fuck! He was so aroused right now. Jon wrapped both hands around his long, girthy cock and switched to fast strokes, fucking the hole he created with his grip – an imaginary ass taking his his dick.

“Ummm, hem-ahem” the sound of someone clearing their throat snapped Jon back to reality. He was so engrossed in his fantasy he missed Jim coming up the stairs.

“Don’t let me stop you” Jim grinned as he spoke “just wanted to let you know the shower was free.”

“Shit! Shit!” Jon muttered, turning bright red “sorry… sorry.”

Jim, standing in the doorway – wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist – didn’t seem fazed catching his brother jerking off. He stood there broad chested and amazing abs – his body forming an almost perfect V.

“Dude, I’m sorry I interrupted. I tried calling you from downstairs but you didn’t answer”

Jon reached over to pause his music, embarrassed he was caught.

“Keep going” Jim said flatly “you’re obviously still… uhhhh… working something out.”

Jon turned to look at him, now fully aware his cock was still visible, hard and wet.

“Oh, god! For fuck’s sake.” He muttered. He looked for something to cover up with, finally just removing his shirt, dropping it on his lap.

Jim laughed “Christ Jon, I’ve seen a dick before” he continued laughing “I have one too.”

That phrase didn’t help Jon at all – now he was fixated on thinking about Jim’s dick.

“You don’t jerk off to porn?” Jim asked intrigued

Jon relaxed a little. Maybe his cock would too. “I just got here… I don’t have anything set up. I don’t even have WiFi yet.”

“Yeah, right, stupid question” he laughed.

Jon wondered why Jim was hanging around… didn’t he feel uncomfortable too?

“Ok, I’ll let you finish your business at hand” he laughed and turned to the doorway to go downstairs. “Unless you want me to stay?” he turned partially around, looking over his shoulder, waiting for an answer.

Jon was almost at a loss for words “NO! Oh my god Jim, no!”

“Alright, alright” he paused “It’s just, I have friends who like an audience… and I wouldn’t mind… ” his voice trailing off

Jon thought about it… really thought. Why not? Might as well jerk off to the real thing. “If you want” Jon replied, suddenly feeling bold.

Jim turned around, looking directly at his brother laying on the bed.

Jon removed his shirt from his lap, exposing his still hard dick. He began stroking himself again – still hesitant but wanting to cum. Jon closed his eyes again, trying to pick up where he left off. Only now, he had new images he could add to the slide show in his mind.

Knowing Jim was standing there watching excited Jon. He rapidly stroked his cock, taking occasional pauses to tease himself, and when he couldn’t stand waiting any longer, blew the long and creamy load he was working for. Blowing strong shots up his chest and onto his face.

He opened his eyes, panting heavily – fingers full of his own cum now dripping off his hand – and looked at his brother.

“You’re welcome” was all he said as he left the room and headed down the stairs.

Jon pulled himself together and went down to shower, unsure if that really happened or if it was part of a masturbation fantasy.

After he hurriedly dressed, Jon headed downstairs for what he imagined would be an awkward dinner.

Jim was already sitting at the table, wearing the same clothes he wore when he got there.

“You didn’t even change clothes?” Jon asked, a little disgusted.

Jim glared at him “I was going to change when I got home, but I wasn’t planning on being kicked out of my apartment.” He was pissed.

Their Mom interjected “Jonathan, get your Brother something to wear.”

“‘Fine. I’ll see if I have anything”

Jim relented a little “thanks, man, I’d appreciate it.”

“C’mon” Jon said “let’s look”

The guys made their way back up to the third floor again – neither one softening to the other. Jon still disliked his Brother, but his Mother wanted Jim in clean clothes. Apparently, whatever Jim needed Jon was obligated to provide.

Jon dug through suitcases until finally pulling out jeans, the largest size he had – all Pendik Escort he wore were skinny jeans – that might fit Jim.

Even though Jon didn’t have the opportunity to swim as much as he used to, he still managed to sneak in few days a week for some quick laps at a campus pool… maintaining the same tight, muscled body from when he was a teen.

“These will probably be tight” Jon warned “you’re legs are a lot thicker than mine.” He also grabbed a white t-shirt and tossed it to Jim. He took the jeans and struggled to pull them up, finally getting them to his waist. Jim took a big inhale and forced them closed. He took the shirt and slipped it over his head. Jon watched as his brother lifted his arms, exposing that hot 6 pack again. The shirt was snug, hugging his body perfectly.

“How do you wear these pants? Oh my god they’re tight!” he laughed “they’re crushing everything down there.

Jon shook his head a few times, trying to shift his mind to another image – something other than Jim’s dick in those tight jeans.

“Sorry” Jon apologized “I’m a little slimmer than you are.”

“Yeah, I noticed that earlier” he smiled “but you’re a lot bigger in other areas.”

Jon blushed again. He’s always wanted his Brother, so maybe he was just imagining there was flirting going on.

“About earlier” Jon took a large breath “what was that all about?”

Jim laughed loudly “Did it make you uncomfortable?” he tilted his head “you looked like you enjoyed it.”

“Stop messing with me” Jon said, his tone a bit annoyed “what’s you’re game here?”

“Wow, you really don’t trust me, do you?” he wasn’t angry, more amused

Jon fough the urge to walk away, his usual solution when it came to dealing with his Brother. Not this time though, he welcomed the confrontation.

“No, I guess not. We don’t see each other for like 2 years – which believe me is more than fine with me – and you suddenly show up and offer to watch me jerk off? We’ve never been that Wally and Beaver Cleaver close.”

Jim stared at Jon – like a cartoon character with smoke coming out of it’s ears – and grit his teeth.

“Did it ever occur to you I’m trying to make an attempt to improve our relationship? Make up for all the shitty years?”

“Well don’t” Jon huffed “unless you can turn back time, the damage is done. I can’t forgive this family… or you. I was ignored my entire childhood while everyone focused on you! I’m sorry if I’m not impressed because your making a pass at it now.”

“Who was the one forced to change their life because Mom needs help!? I live hours from here while you live across town. I left school to be here when you could have easily moved in or checked up on her – but no, it’s only Jonathan, so who the fuck cares!” he was visibly angry and this time he wasn’t holding back.

“Fuck you Jon” Jim shot back “it’s not my fault you spent all of your childhood locked in your room. Did you ever think you were the one who pushed us away?”

“Pushed you away? Are you fucking kidding me!? This family did nothing but indulge every one of your whims! Football, baseball, cub scouts… whatever Jim wanted. I stayed in my room with my artwork because I didn’t have a choice!”

Mom called from downstairs “what’s taking you boys so long? Dinner is getting cold.”

Both of them weren’t in the mood to eat anymore, and certainly didn’t want to sit at the same table with each other, but their Mother went to the effort and they’d put their issues aside for her sake.

The guys ate their meals, everyone sitting in silence. Mom knew something was wrong, but didn’t know where – or who – to start to press for answers.

Jon finished his meal first “excuse me please, I still have unpacking to do. I’d like to set up my room” he said firmly. He took his plate and utensils to the kitchen and put everything in the dishwasher.

“What’s that all about?” their Mother asked.

Jim shrugged his shoulders “just Jon being Jon as usual.”

The evening was uneventful and quiet. Each brother making no attempt to speak with the other.

Around 2am Jon came downstairs to raid the fridge, as he walked into the kitchen he could see a light was still on downstair, in the family room where Jim was sleeping. Even though he felt everything he said was true, Jon was having regrets for putting his feelings out the way he did. Instead to taking the time to talk to Jim civilly – or ignoring him altogether as usual – he just released the whole resentment tsunami at one time.

Jim opened the door and came down a few steps.

“What?” Jim groaned “something more you want to blame me for?”

Jon took a couple steps closer “I’m sorry Jim, I really am. You didn’t deserve the way I unleashed on you.” He was truly apologetic. “I guess the years of animosity finally just burst out – this whole coming back home shit.”

Jim sat up on the sofa – covered in a blanket and an afghan their Mother knitted back when they were kids – turning to face Jon.

“I’m sorry too, man” Jim admitted “I told myself I didn’t know how you felt. Truth is, I always knew. I always felt I was treated better than you and I… well… I liked it.” Jim sounded sincere. “Plus, I think I took this whole Rayna thing out on you too. You were in the wrong place and I was the wrong time.”

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The Gym Janitor Ch. 03

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Big Tits

*NOTICE* Everyone in this story is above the age of 18. Never participate in foreplay of this sort without any formal consent of any parties involved. Language used may be offensive.


I arrived to work the next evening contemplating on actually not going in.

Sitting in my car I realized, nothing is going to be the same. Nothing.

If I walk in there, I’ll just be reminded of it all.

Cause what the fuck happened last night?

First off, the usual was me gawking at the muscular daddy during his workout.

Then, me stuffing his oh so tasty jockstrap down the depths of my mouth.

Leaving him to catch me in the act and doing it himself?

“See you around, faggot.”

The phrase rang in my ear during the day, even in my sleep.

‘See you around.’

I see him then what? What will he do?

Tell Kyle? Call the cops? What exactly did he mean?

I was eager to know but too afraid to actually find out.


The front desk clerk often just clocks in and goes back to her car to sleep since no one besides him ever really comes in. Regulars get the privilege of not having to strictly check in.

Like yesterday, not much cleaning besides ass stains left on certain machines and very few plates laying around.

I look over to the dumbbell area and reminisce of his smirk.

That’s damned smirk.

A little tweak on his devious smile that exuded alpha, as if in he knew why I was so starstruck.

He did, in all fairness. My question was, why would he further feed into my creepy intentions? Cause let’s be honest, what I did rummaging through his belongings was perverted as hell and he could easily call the police and file for sexual harassment or something but no.

He shoved his crotch-scented jockstrap further down my throat…

Since she’s in her car I often just lounge around the front desk, making an accordion out of sticky notes, play snake on the computer, or just take a nap as well.

Today I just felt very philosophical in a sense. Last night’s encounter changed my perspective on…well me.

Why the fuck did I let him degrade me like that? And why the hell did I enjoy it so fucking much?

I grabbed a sticky note and wrote:

What would life be if submission didn’t feel so instinctive? I got degraded by a muscle god in the most disrespectful way and I liked it…?

What am I to do if he’d take more control of me? Am I just another faggot of his? Or am I of upmost importance that he’d reuse me?

Somewhat of a poet when life brings no meaning. Except that’s what I’m questioning.


The wondering is what aches me. The lingering question of whether that is my purpose, eat, shit, work, sleep, repeat. Or if my purpose was to enhance the life of someone far superior than I am?

My epiphany gets cut off as the front doors open.

All of a sudden, life went slow motion. Think of the shorty shot of the lifeguards in Baywatch but slow motion, only this was dirt in comparison.

From the floor up, I gazed as I took in the massive frame of the man who vulgarized me.

He walks in with his gym bag strapped over his shoulders and chewing gum.

“Hello,” I quaked,”welcome. Just sign in a-and go r-right ahead.”

FUCK. Why was I shaking? Stand your ground. Your legs may turn to jelly when you’re near him but don’t give him that much control.

“Oh what,”he smirked,”you don’t recognize me?”

“I’m sorry?”I asked.

“Don’t act hard to get you runt,” he affirmed.

I Kartal Escort simply looked down at the computer keyboard. Why was I so turned on right now?

“Now,”he begun,”where’s that little miss priss that’s usually here?”

“In her car, napping.”

“Excellent,” a devious smile formed on his face.

“Now,”he continued,” I’m assuming since you aren’t tidying up the place you have some free time?”

Before I said a word he stuck his hand out in motion to cut me off.

“Never mind that, get up.”

I followed him over to the dumbbell area, the same place as yesterday. He turns and hands me his gym bag.

“Hold this.”

He dropped the bag on my held out arms and turned around to adjust the seat on the bench to an inclined angle.

Him leaning over caused a plump on the back of his shorts. Fuck his ass was plump, firm, round. You can easily tell he does not skip leg day.

“Go fetch me a towel rag, boy.”

‘Boy.’ What the hell? I know he’s more mature than me but as far as me being such a low for him I would not drag me to being deemed as such a fragile person.

Regardless, I did not want to get on his bad side. One punch would send me flying to next week I fear.

I “fetched him the towel” then he placed it on the seat of the bench.

He went to grab a set of 65s from the rack.

Woah. Incline 65?

“Grab my lock combination and take my bag to the same locker as last night,” he said,”DON’T go through my shit, I’m giving you thirty seconds, if you’re not back by then you’ll see.”

I pace rapidly to the locker room which wasn’t too far. The same locker as last night, how could I forget.

I grabbed the already lock combination and opened the locker. Jammed. SHIT. I yanked as hard as I could until it finally budged and I tensely place the gym bag in and managed to click the lock combination closed.

I RAN back out there and headed towards the dumbbell area.

“THREE…Two…one,” he barked.


“Oh,”he said sarcastically,” you JUST missed it.”

I was panting, man I’m out of shape.

“Get on the ground now, runt, facing down.”

I did so.

In anticipation, he lifted the pair of dumbbells from his sides and placed them flat on my back.


He leaned forward to meet eye to eye.

“Here’s what e gonna happen alright you cunt,”he ordered,” anytime you disobey me I’ll have you do far more humiliating shit than this and last night combined, is that understood?”

I nodded.


“Yes sir.”

“Good,”he smiled.

He began hawking then he spat on my face.

He then grabbed the weights, leaned back, and began pumping his biceps.

I gasped for air and managed to get less light headed enough to fully see. I look up and behold the sight of his bulging biceps getting meatier and redder with each rep. Slowly, the skin surrounding his muscle began glistening.

“Yeah I see you staring,”he said,”you like that fucking view?”

I nodded.

“Say it.”

“I like the view.”

“Why do you like the view what’s so great about it?”

“Your body,”I said.

“What about my body?”

“Your biceps, they’re…getting bigger, like a football.”

“What else, faggot.”

“Your chest, it’s nice and firm.”

“Oh this?”he began to bounce his chest as he set the weights down on my back again.

“You like that shit?” He smiled.

“Yes sir, very much!”

“Get up,”he Tuzla Escort ordered.

He grabbed the weights and I immediately stood at attention.

“Take these back to where they were and grab me the 80s.”

I did so.

I paced back nearly passing out in carrying these dumbbells. I grab the 80s one on each hand.

DAMN. My arms feel like they’re about to fall out of their sockets because these shots are heavy as hell.

“Yeah you’re struggling huh,”he chuckles,”look at this.”

He grabbed the 80s off me and began to do hammer curls with ease at a steady pace.

Each rep he looked at his biceps and grunted.

Mesmerized by his pump, I stood there eyeing his biceps.

“You see that,”he gestured to his left bicep as he kept pumping,”it’s getting bigger huh?”

I nodded.

“Go ahead,”he kept pumping,”feel that shit.”

My jaw quivered. My legs started moving on their own, almost as if I was in a state of hypnosis. My arms levitated forward, reaching out for his bicep.

Then. Skin to skin.

Holy shit.

“Hell yeah boy!”

I cupped the football sized arms with both hands and felt hit firm skin growing against the palm of my hands.

He set the dumbbells down and my hands remained on his bicep.

“Watch this,”he said. He removed my hands from his bicep and rose his arm up to my face and began to bounce his bicep.

“Wow,”I whispered.

“Damn right wow,”he said,”isn’t that shit beautiful?”

“Yes sir.”

“Not many can do that.”

I didn’t move my hands to touch it even though I deeply wanted to, I awaited for his approval.

“You wanna taste it faggot?”

Oh goodness…

“Yes,”I pleaded.

“We’ll have room for that later,”he said,”grab my phone for me faggot.”

I reach for his cellphone that’s on the floor.

“I want you to record this next workout and tell me how beautiful I am, got it?”

“Yes sir!”

He reached around the inclined bench and took on of the dumbbells with him.

I held up the phone horizontally as he was checking his form through the mirror, I assume he was about to make concentrated curls.

“Start recording,”he barked.

I did so.

“Get closer to my bicep.”

I made sure to not block the lighting because as he slowly concentrated his curl, the vein on the side of his bicep began bulging, almost appearing like it’s about to bust…just like my cock in watching this all happen.

“How great does that shit look?”

“Amazing sir!”

“You like how much my shit is growing faggot?”

“Yes, very much sir?”

“You like me getting nice and pumped and riled up for ya?”

“Fuck yes sir!”

“And are these the biggest biceps you have ever laid eyes on bitch?”

“Yes sir, no other biceps that I see in this gym let alone in my life have ever amounted to the grandeur of your muscle.”

“Atta boy,”he smirked,”you crave to suck on them don’t you?”

“With everything in me sir!”

“And you crave to please your alpha?”

“Absolutely sir!”

“Atta boy, why don’t you go ahead and give my bicep a nice slap?”

I carefully made sure the camera captured my tiny hand slapping the mountain of a muscle this man carried on his arm.


I slapped.


I slapped.

“Again, harder!”

I slapped with everything in me.

“Graagh!”he exclaimed,”atta boy, that shit feels good don’t it!”

“Yes sir,”I beamed.

“Stop recording faggot.”

I did so.

“Now, Anadolu Yakası Escort put the phone down and follow me here,”he nodded to the pull up bars.

We walked over a few feet behind us where the joint cable rows and pull up area was.

“Stand right there,”he pointed right bellow the pull up bar.

“Now,”he continued,”what I’m gonna do for this last workout are supinated pull-ups, know what those are?”

“The one’s that concentrate on your biceps?”

“Atta boy,”he laughed,”you know that from all that time you spend gazing at others don’t you faggot?”

“Well,”I admitted laughing.

“Of course you do,”he continued,”now, I usually attach the weighted belt on me but since I knew I’d require assistance I left on my gym bag so, I’ll use you as my extra weight for today.”

He gave me a knowing look as if he knew I’d love this. A devious smile formed on his face that exuded pure alpha dominance.

“Now I’m gonna turn around,”he began,” and what I want you to do is to jump on my back and wrap your legs around my waist, your arms carried under my pits then lick your hands locked at my shoulders, understood?”

“Yes sir.”

“No funny business,”he commanded,”I catch you trying to fondle me and I’ll let go of the bar and land my entire weight on you so fast you’ll crack a rib, understood faggot?”

“Yes sir.”

He stood facing away from me and I was facing his wide back.

“Get to it faggot!”

I climbed on top of him in one light jump and wrapped my legs around his waist, arms under his pits, hands locked behind his shoulders.

“We’ll damn,”I said,”you’ll do just fine for this weight.”

As soon as I was set, he breathed in and jumped with his hands held high, and caught the bar.

Just like that, he began the pull ups.

With each pull I leaned my ear on his back, hearing his thundering heartbeat, feeling the heat of his body, made full by the loud roar of each of his grunts.

So much of this was turning me the fuck on. My crotch pressed against his ass working up and down assured my blood flow to head to the tip of my cock.

“You like that shit faggot?”he barked,”I can feel you getting hard!”

“Yes sir, this feels amazing!”

“Yeah? Look at my arms you see that?”

I look above me and holy shit! His biceps looked as if they tripled in size from the first workout. Each pull up only furthering the growth, droplets of sweat running down his shoulders.

“Lick my sweat bitch!”

I lathered up his shoulders with my tongue, catching drift of the sweat that was cascading down the mounds of muscle on his arm.

“Fuck yeah,”he grunted,”lick my shit.”

I kept devouring the glorious sweat that sparked my addiction to him.

He landed on his feet as he finished.

“I’m not even gonna finish this,”he caught his breath,”get off me.”

I landed behind him, he turned around.

“You got me all riled up boy,”he said as he grabbed the bulge in my pants,”and I see I’m having the same effect on you.”

Gosh I felt like I was going to explode when he did that.

“How’d I taste?”he asked.

“Fucking delicious sir!”

“Yeah,”he rubbed his fingers over his armpit and brought them to my mouth,”open up!”

I let his gigantic calloused hand invade my mouth, dominating it. In one motion he slid his hand in and out.

“That’s right,”he smiled,”take in all of my essence, all of my testosterone, all of my power, boy.”

I began to suck on his fingers, i taking as much of his sweat as I could.

“Oh shit,”he laughed,”you’re hungry for it aren’t you boy?”

I nodded as I was busy sucking his hand.

“There’s more where that came from,”he said with a cocky grin,”you want it?”

I nodded.

He pulled his hand out.

“Follow me.”

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If I Had You Ch. 05

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This is my final chapter of Jay and Paul.

I hope you enjoyed their journey and what I created. Thanks for the support. Again, this was my first attempt so hopefully I’ll get better at this. Any feedback is appreciated.

Other than the kisses and confessions, the day ended uneventfully. The guys bundled up and were making their way out the door, Brenda following behind them – stopping to give Paul a kiss on the cheek as well.

“I’m happy for you too honey” she said “Jay is a great guy.”

The group paused when someone called out from the office.

“Quinn, could I talk to you a second? I’ll keep it brief.”

Jay nodded to Paul “I’ll wait for you at the car.”

It was Craig, one of Paul’s sales reps. He was always friendly enough to Paul, just a bit stand-offish. A little older than Jay, buzz cut blonde hair, always looking slightly annoyed – good mood or bad.

Paul walked back the Sales department to talk with Craig.

“Can I offer you some advice?” Craig started “I saw you at the restaurant with Summers and Wyatt – you two kissing.”

Paul was a bit confused, not really sure where Craig was going with this.

“Look, you seem like a good guy, so for what it’s worth… don’t derail your career with flaunting that gay stuff.”

Gay stuff Paul thought. Who the fuck says that?

“You’re smart with a great future ahead of you. While that lifestyle might be OK with Andy, it’s not going to fly everywhere. Unless you intend to work here forever, keep your private life just that… private.”

Paul was stunned “Craig, you do realize it’s 2019 and most people don’t care who other people love?”

“Yeah, but a lot still do. I don’t want you regretting choices you make now, that’s all. Just think about it. Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say, have a good night.” Craig gave Paul a slap on the back and grabbed his coat from the back of his chair.

Paul left the office and walked to the parking lot, Craig’s talk running through his head. He was feeling conflicted now. Before meeting Jay he was, for all purposes, straight. He enjoyed dating women… looking at women – hell, they’re what he jacked off to. Now he thought he could be bi, loving all the things he and Jay did together, and wouldn’t change a thing. Would his life be altered that drastically if he just loved Jay for who he was… a guy who loved him back?

“So, what did he want?” Jay asked.

Paul was uncertain. Did he tell Jay the truth and risk worrying him, or worse, cause Jay to confront Craig and stir things up.

“He just wanted to run things past me for tomorrow, nothing important.” He chose lying to Jay and regretted it the moment he said it.

Jay looked at Paul asking “do you want me to drop you off at your place tonight?”

“Why?” Paul was puzzled “Nothing there I need.”

“Well, you’ll need clothes for tomorrow won’t you?”

Paul looked disappointed “oh, yeah, back to my place I guess.” He left out a heavy sigh.

“Are you OK?” Jay asked, a little concerned with Paul’s mood. “Tell me, what’s up?”

Paul took a deep breath “Would you mind if I picked up a couple changes of clothing so I could spend more time at your place? I mean, if that’s ok? It’s not like I won’t ever leave or anything… I just enjoy the time we spend together.” Paul took another deep breath. “I’m sorry if that sounds weird.”

“Sweetie, you could move in for all I care. I love spending time with you, too.” Jay could feel himself smiling, no matter how hard he tried to force himself to stop. “Are you hungry? Wanna stop at the diner?” Paul wanted to say yes, but worried about Jay bumping into his friends from the bar, and now with Craig’s speech still running through his head, he felt confused.

Paul finally conceded. “Yeah, let’s do dinner. I am kinda hungry”

The guys entered the diner, the bell clinging on the door like always, heads swiveling to see who entered. Paul did a quick scan of the room to see if those two guys were there. Nothing, so he felt a little more relaxed. The waitress brought menus and the guys asked for coffee right away. Paul still seemed a little uneasy as he fidgeted at the table.

“Ok, spill it. Something is bothering you, and don’t tell me nothing.” Jay was matter of fact but trying to sound sympathetic.

“Do you ever think us being together is a bad idea?” Paul sighed “I mean, like I could hurt your future?”

“Where is this coming from?” Jay asked concerned. “Are you having second thoughts about trying a relationship with me?”

“No, no, no!” Paul reassured Jay. “Ok, look, Craig saw us kissing at the restaurant this afternoon. He said I could be risking my career or my future if I were gay… if I acted gay.”

Jay looked away, trying to keep his composure, but knowing deep down this is what he suspected was going to happen all along. Right guy, wrong circumstances.

“I understand, I really do.” Jay tried to remain positive. “I’m secure with who I am, and I’m happy with you. However, I’ll never force İstanbul Escort you to be anything… decide anything. Just know whatever you choose I’ll always be here”

“You’d actually let me walk away?” Paul looked sad and shocked.

Jay got up and walked around to Paul’s side of the booth, sliding in next to him and wrapping his arm around him.

“Sweetie, I’d do anything for you – and if that means letting you go to experience different things – it’d break my heart but I’d do it.”

Grabbing Paul’s hand Jay continued “hiding being who you are, and not loving who you’re attracted to… those might be Craig’s perceptions, but they’re not everyones. They’re not mine and they don’t have to be yours.”

Paul realized he was worried of a future that may or may not exist. Craig had put a doubt in his mind he could choose to ignore, he was only 22. He could love Jay and decide the rest of his life later.

The guys ate their meals, both happy and relaxed now. Any doubt Jay had with his feelings for Paul were gone. He wasn’t falling in love, he was there. Jay loved Paul.

They stopped at Paul’s apartment, packing a large suitcase of clothes and things he’d need for a week of work. Jay walked through Paul’s apartment again, looking in drawers and opening unpacked boxes. Paul came out of his bedroom to find Jay going through a stack of his Playboy & Hustler magazines.

“So, what do we have here” Jay teased.

“Hey, I was a celibate virgin. Cut me some slack.” Paul laughed “Just because I never had sex, doesn’t mean I didn’t think about it… a lot. I brought those with me from college.”

Jay mindlessly flipped through the pages of the magazines, stopping to look at photos every now and then.

“So, have you ever been with a woman?” Paul asked curiously.

“Oh, god no” Jay laughed, faking disgust “women are missing that one important part I like, you know.” Laughing again, patting the bulge in Paul’s jeans.

By the time the guys got to Jay’s place, they were both a little worn out. After the snow, the fun they had over the weekend, and now the emotions Craig stirred up, this one day felt like two.

“Would you like a drink” Jay asked “I feel like I need to unwind.”

“Yes, absolutely! I’ll have more of that whisky” Paul replied.

Jay walked to the bedroom “Perfect. Give me a sec to get out of these clothes first.”

“Oh, wait, I didn’t know stripping my boyfriend was an option, I choose that!” Paul laughed

Jay stopped in his tracks, he just stood there. “What did you just call me?”

“Oh, umm… Boyfriend?” Paul smiled nervously “sorry… sorry… too soon.”

“No, it’s perfect” Jay smiled back “it’s a word I didn’t think I’d ever hear anyone call me, that’s all.”

Paul followed Jay into the bedroom. He sat on the end of the bed while Jay undressed. He watched as Jay kicked off his shoes, then removed his shirt – Paul loved seeing Jay’s hairy chest – and finally, as he started undoing his pants, Paul leapt up and exclaimed “dibs! I call dibs on those pants.”

Jay laughed “they’re all yours… boyfriend.”

Paul grabbed at the waistband of Jay’s jeans, pulling him closer. He undid the button and pulled them down, Jay’s pants pooled at his ankles – now standing naked in front of Paul.

“Fuck!” Paul exhaled in appreciation. He knelt in front of Jay, taking his dick in his mouth, slowly sucking him to hardness. Paul moaned gratefully, eager to let Jay know how much he loved sucking his cock.

He inhaled Jay’s scent, a mixture of cologne, sweat and sex. Paul closed his mouth around Jay’s fully hard cock. He steadily sucked him, barely wrapping his fist around the massive meat, and slowly jacked him off. Jay was in lust. He put his hand on the back of Paul’s head, slowly guiding him down, encouraging him to devour more of his cock.

“Take it, baby. Take all of my cock” Jay coaxed. Paul did as he was instructed. He opened his mouth a little wider and tried to relax his throat. Jay stepped back, letting Paul catch his breath, then force fed him once more. “Open wide… C’mon, take me down.” Jay was being authoritative yet supportive. Paul gagged slightly, but improved from his last attempt.

It wasn’t long before Paul found his rhythm, sucking Jay’s cock like a man possessed. Licking the shaft, slapping Jay’s solidness against his face and sucking his balls. Paul was doing everything Jay had taught him, plus trying things he’d only seen in porn. Before long Jay had his cock sliding easily – and deeply – down Paul’s throat, face fucking the blonde. Moans of pleasure filled the room, both men wanting the other.

Paul slowly stood, gently kissing his way up Jay’s torso. He briefly stopped to nuzzle his face on Jay’s chest before grabbing his hard dick, using it as a handle to pull him closer for a long, passionate kiss. They wrapped their arms around each other, letting their hands wander over each other’s bodies.

“C’ mere, get on the bed with me.” Paul said, continuing Escort Bayan his hold on Jay’s dick, giving it a few firm tugs.

Jay followed Paul’s direction. They laid together in a 69, each guy sucking and jacking the others cock.

“Fuck, you’re leaking like a fire hose” Jay ran his finger through the precum oozing out of Paul’s slit, coating his finger and inserting it in his mouth. “I just love how you taste.”

Paul copied Jay, taking a finger full of his own nectar and licking it clean “you’re right, I do taste good” he chuckled.

Jay broke their chain, rolling over on his back “I want you to fuck me” he all but demanded. “Slick me with your wetness.”

Paul got up on his knees, leaning forward over Jay “no, not this time” he told him firmly “this time I want you to fuck me.”

His tone changed completely. “let me show you how much I love you.” Paul’s voice was sweet and soft.

Jay sat up, looking Paul in the eyes. “Oh, sweetie, just knowing you love me makes me happy. Seriously happy. I never thought anyone could love me” he swallowed hard “or I’d ever feel this way for anyone else.” Jay reached out and hugged Paul, pulling him close to his chest.

He thought about his next words carefully “but no, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Not yet.”

He was legitimately concerned for Paul. He was inexperienced and worried that the size of his cock could hurt him – that maybe now wasn’t the time for firsts. He also worried Paul wouldn’t enjoy it – be turned off by it – and he would lose him. He didn’t want this to be right guy, wrong circumstance again.

Jay continued “I’ve been with guys for years, for you it’s only been days. That’s a really big step.” Jay gripped Paul tighter, like he was preventing him from running away “I don’t think you’re ready for that yet. There’s nothing wrong with you just fucking me for now.”

Paul broke free, an angry look on his face “you’re not my Father, you don’t just decide what’s best for me.” He stood there a minute glaring at Jay before eventually softening “look, I appreciate what you’re doing, but do you really believe I haven’t thought about this… thought this through?”Jay realized he wasn’t giving Paul enough credit.

“Sweetie, you’re absolutely right” Jay conceded “I’m the last person who should be making decisions for anyone else. I’m sorry.”

Paul reached out and enveloped Jay in a large hug. “Thank you, I appreciate that.” He leaned in, giving Jay a deep kiss. “Does that mean you’ll fuck me now?” Paul grinned and gave Jay a wink.

“Yes, dear, I’ll fuck you now.” Jay laughed. He took him by the hand and led Paul back to the bed. “We’re just going to kick back a little first.” Jay went to the living room and made them both a drink. He wasn’t looking to get Paul drunk, just a little relaxed.

Jay felt nervous, this wasn’t just any one night stand, this was Paul – and he was concerned for his well being and comfort. Jay knew he’d have to go slowly for both of them to enjoy this. Tonight would be for Paul’s pleasure.

The guys laid on the bed enjoying their drinks and enjoying each other. They took their time kissing – hands wrapped around each other. Jay couldn’t believe he had butterflies in his stomach, he didn’t feel this nervous his first time. Of course, there was more at stake now.

“Are your ready” Jay asked?

“I’ve been ready. I think I’ve been ready since I met you.” Paul leaned in to kiss Jay again.

They kissed passionately, their mouths meshed together into one – both men were solidly hard. Jay thought its now or never.

“Do you trust me?” Jay asked

“What do you mean? Of course I trust you.” Paul seemed confused, he wasn’t quite sure what Jay meant.

Jay closed his eyes, gathered his courage “Ok then, I want to set some ground rules” his tone was serious but the look on his face was filled with love and concern. “If at any time you’re in pain, if at any time you want me to stop, if at any time you change your mind and feel this whole experience is to much for you… I want you to tell me. I need for you to tell me. Promise me.”

Paul reached for Jay’s hand and gave it a squeeze. Paul was touched by Jay’s concern. “Sweetie, I’ve wanted this ever since I fucked you for the first time. I want to enjoy the same feelings you do. I promise, I’ll be fine.”

“Ok then, get on the bed… kneel on all fours.” Paul did as Jay asked. “Now, arch your back and raise your ass in the air.” Jay guided Paul into position, helping him adjust so he’d be the most comfortable.

He moved behind Paul, confusing and overwhelming him as he started rimming his ass.

“Jay! Oh my god, what are you doing!? Holy shit that feels amazing! Shit! Jay, Fuck! Paul was squirming as Jay dipped his tongue in and out of the perfect pink hole. “Fuck Jay, oh my godddd, fuuuuck!

Jay moved a little lower, swiping around Paul’s taint. Licking around his balls, swiping back to his hole. Jay’s sucked Paul’s balls in his mouth, one at a time, then Eskort both together. Paul moaned loudly and deeply. He’d never been touched like this before and wasn’t sure what to do with these feelings. Occasionally Jay would hit the perfect place and Paul’s voice would rise to a whimper of ecstasy.

“Jay, I feel like I’m going to cum. Do you want me to cum?” Jay spun Paul around so that he could get his cock in his mouth. “Yes, cum for me baby… let me swallow your load.” Jay jerked Paul off until he was close “Dude, I’m gonna cum. I’m ready… here it comes. Jay dove down on Paul’s cock, letting his cum explode into his mouth. Wave after wave of Paul goodness down his throat.

Jay laid on the bed, out of breath from his latest actions. He licked his lips determined to get every drop of Paul. Waste not want not. “Do you think you can cum again later?” Jay asked.

“Fuck, I could cum again right now. You just get me so fucking worked up. Dude, the way you use your mouth. Holy shit!”

Guess that answered his question – Paul seemed to be enjoying himself so far.

Jay took the lube and dildo from his nightstand. “Ok, were going to try something else, are you’re ready?”

“Will it hurt?” Paul’s voice let slip a little hint of worry

That’s a question Jay was hoping Paul would ask at some point. He decided to be upfront with him, instead of giving the stock answer he gave random guys he hooked up with in the past – when they saw the size of his cock for the first time. He’d always assure them they’d be fine, even though he knew most couldn’t handle him. The guy would just be in pain through the whole thing. Jay was going to help Paul through it – help him enjoy it.

“I won’t lie to you, it will be a little painful or uncomfortable at first, but I’ll be gentle. I promise.”

If after having sex Paul decided this was too much, if he’d rather try to live a straighter life, Jay would make sure he left Paul with sweet, loving – but hot and passionate – memories.

“Alright sweetie, get back on your knees. We’re going to start small. I’ll lube your hole and then my fingers.”

Jay knew a virgin hole like Pauls wasn’t going to take that dildo, or his cock, right off. “Now take a deep breath, and when you exhale, push your ass out. it’ll help your hole open easier.” Paul did what Jay suggested and as he pushed out he could feel Jay’s finger slowly sliding in. He flinched in pain and let out a loud groan of discomfort. Jay stopped for a moment so Paul could catch his breath. It took a moment or so, but little by little Jay fully inserted one digit up Paul’s ass. “Now big breath out” as Paul did, Jay slipped his finger out.

“Great job Paul! Really great!” Jay was trying to be encouraging. He could tell it wasn’t anything like Paul thought it’d be, but he didn’t want him to just give up.

Paul shook his head “great job?! You’ve got to be kidding me. Dude, at this rate it’ll be next year before you can fuck me.”

“Sweetie, relax, this was the first time you’ve ever had anything in your ass” Jay smiled, offering him comfort “it’s not going to happen instantly. We’ll just take our time.”

Paul got off his knees and sat back down on the bed, he looked at Jay “what was your first time like?” he asked

“Honestly, it was horrible. Two teenagers who really knew nothing about sex, other than we both wanted it with a guy.” Jay let out a huge sigh. “No lube, just two hard dicks with a little spit sliding in and out of dry holes. It was painful as hell. He came in my mouth, I came on his stomach and it lasted maybe ten minutes because it hurt so bad.” He paused a few seconds. “This is why it’s so important to me that your first experience be wonderful. I want it to be special – something you’ll remember.”

Jay’s words took the sting out of Paul’s inability to succeed on the first attempt.

“Can we try again?” Paul asked “I really want to do this.”

Jay was excited that even after what Paul perceived as a failure, he was still willing to continue trying. “We can absolutely try again. How about this time you lay on your back and we’ll see how that feels.” Paul couldn’t believe how patient and reassuring Jay was. “Just remember to breath.”

After about an hour of practice, and lots of lube, Paul was able to take 2 of Jay’s fingers comfortably. Yes, he was sore, but it was a start. They both considered that a major accomplishment for someone who never touched their ass before.

“What would you say to another drink?” Jay asked

“No, not for me” Paul decided, “I want to be totally sober when you’re in me the first time. I’m in your hands.

“And soon I’ll be in your ass” Jay winked and smiled

Paul was trying to be calm, trying not to act like a horny teenager looking to score at prom, but he was really excited to get fucked. Wow, he chuckled to himself, that was a thought he never expected he’d have.

The guys sat on the end of the bed, Paul massaging Jay’s shoulders. “Penny for your thoughts?” Paul asked.

“Me?” Jay asked lazily, relaxed from Paul’s touch, “just thinking about how happy I feel… how happy I’ve felt lately, actually.”

Paul leaned forward, kissing the back of Jay’s neck.

Jay laughed “This is all on you… you know that, right?”

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White Sucks Black – Reparations Ch. 03

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of rough, reluctant, dubiously consensual, or non-consensual sex or scenarios as well as scenes of incest or incest content.

If stories about dominant Black men turning straight white men and their families into cocksucking sex slaves offend you, then try reading some other story. If you are looking for loving relationships between men, try the gay romance section; this story isn’t it. If you don’t like bisexuality, father-son incest, lots of facial cum or the occasional golden shower, this is not the story for you. If degrading sex and over-the-top racial stereotypes offend you, stop reading now. All characters are over 18. This is all pure fantasy, none of this is real; do not attempt this at home. In real life consensual interracial sex by adults is great. non-consent is not great. In real life, everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. And of course, in real life, always practice safe sex (or better yet, maybe just jerk off to these stories and nobody gets hurt.)


Finally, everyone decided to call it a night. My younger son’s friends left, or so I thought. My sons retired to their respective rooms. Black Roommate was going to sleep on the sofa in the family room. My wife and I retired to our bedroom. Normally my wife and I slept naked, and we did so as usual. I’d no sooner got under the covers, than my wife asked, “What is that noise?”

I heard it too, so I said I would check it out. Forgetting that my sons were home, I went out of the bedroom nude. The sound was coming from the family room. I assumed Black Roommate was watching porn on our TV because it was the unmistakable sound of someone being fucked. I carefully peered around the corner and saw one of those sights you can never un-see. A Black cock was plowing a white boy’s ass, right in the middle of the family room. It wasn’t the TV. It was live, and my oldest son was the white boy being fucked.

My cock immediately sprang to full erection at the Black cock ramming in and out of my son’s ass. They were facing away from me, so I don’t think they knew I was there. I couldn’t believe the audacity of Black Roommate, because it hadn’t been five minutes since my wife and I left before he started fucking my son, right out in the open. I knew I couldn’t dally too long without my wife becoming suspicious. So I returned to the bedroom, hoping my wife wouldn’t notice my erection.

“So, what is that noise?”

“Uh, Black Roommate is watching porn on the TV.”

“What kind of porn?” That was not the question I was expecting, so I stammered before deciding to answer as close to the truth as I could.

“It’s gay interracial porn.”

“You mean like Black men fucking white men?”

My jaw about dropped, as I’d never heard my sweet, church-going wife talk like that.

“Uh, yes, as a matter of fact,” wondering why she jumped to the conclusion that it was Blacks fucking whites.

“I hope he’s not screwing our son at college.”

No, he was screwing our son right in our house only a few feet away. But, I knew full well that he was fucking our son at college, and a lot of other white boys too.

“I’m sure he’s not.”

“Why do you think that?”

“We didn’t raise our son that way. I’m sure he’s straight,” I said, as I knew he was being fucked in the ass as I spoke.

“Looks like this got you all excited.”

Shit, she’d seen my boner.

“Can’t let that go to waste.”

Before I could react, my naked wife had her mouth on my dick and was sucking it like she’d never sucked before. It wasn’t like she never gave me head, but she was always kind of hesitant and a little bit reluctant. Now she was sucking me like a wanton slut.

“Gee, darling, what’s gotten in to you?” Then I remembered that Black cock had gotten into her. For the first time in our marriage she had been unfaithful, but now it just seemed to make her horny. Thinking of my wife being fucked by Mr. Big and Mr. Blackboss this morning, just made me incredibly horny too, and my cock incredibly hard.

My wife shoved me down on my back, and with what seemed uncharacteristic eagerness, straddled my head and planted her pussy right on my face, grinding it pretty hard. “Eat me, baby. Eat my pussy. I want you to taste me.”

I did as ordered, knowing that a few hours earlier her pussy had been full of a Black man’s cum. I couldn’t really tell if she tasted any different, but I wondered if she wanted me to taste another man’s cum in her pussy. She moaned in an orgasm as my tongue penetrated as far inside her as I could get. Then she mounted me and we fucked with her on top. She came twice, before I blew my load deep inside her. It was the best sex we’d ever had.

Then with an evil grin, my loving wife planted her pussy on my face and ordered, “Eat out your cum, you bad boy.” I did as she said, and I think she seemed just a little surprised that I didn’t put up a fight. “You like eating your cum out of my pussy, don’t you?”

What could I say with my Escort İstanbul face muffled by her muff? We both then fell into a deep sleep. I had no idea what time it was when I woke up because something was poking my face. I nearly bolted upright, but a hand on my forehead held me down, and voice whispered “shhhh.” It was then that I realized that Black Roommate was rubbing his hard cock all over my face, right next to my sleeping wife! I felt him probing at my mouth. He was expecting me to suck his cock, right next to my wife in the bed. I knew if I resisted I might wake her, so I did the only thing I could and opened my mouth and started sucking. My wife stirred some, but then showed no signs of being aware of what was happening right next to her.

After awhile of this, Black Roommate decided the position was too awkward, so he motioned me to get out of the bed and get on my knees next to it and resume sucking his cock.

“Baby, are you OK?” muttered my wife, without turning over.

“Just need to use the bathroom.”

“OK. I love you baby.”

I pulled off the monster cock long enough to say, “I love you too darling. Go back to sleep.” Black Roommate then immediately stuffed his cock back in my mouth. My heart was pounding so loud I thought my wife might hear it, so frightened I was that she would wake up and see her husband sucking a Black man’s cock right next to our bed. But she seemed to fallen into a deeper sleep.

Black Roommate held my head as he shoved his cock down into my throat. I stifled any gagging noise in an amazing act of self-control. After what seemed like a very long time, Black Roommate pulled me to my feet, guided me around to my wife’s side of the bed, and shoved me down onto all fours. Jesus, this Black guy was obviously intent on fucking me right next to my sleeping wife. She was even facing our direction as she slept. It was all I could do not to squeal as his huge cock penetrated my ass.

Fortunately I was becoming used to being butt-fucked, so it wasn’t overly painful. But, soon he was fucking me with vigorous strokes. It actually started feeling so good that I kind of didn’t care if my wife woke up and saw me getting fucked in the ass right next to the bed. Eventually, Black Roommate pulled out of my ass and stuffed his cock in my mouth. Then he pulled out of my mouth and gave me yet another facial cumshot.

Through it all, my wife showed no sign that she knew her husband had just been facialized by a Black man, only inches from her naked sleeping body. Mindful of the “Black Cum Rule,” I crawled back into my bed and laid face up, feeling the cum slowly congeal on my face. Black Roommate hung around just long enough to confirm that I hadn’t wiped his load off my face and then he left. I laid there all night, scooping up cum that started dripping from my face and eating it, hoping there wouldn’t be any obvious evidence when my wife woke up in the morning.

Nevertheless, I fell asleep anyway and when I woke up it was just starting to get light. I could feel the dried cum on my face, but fortunately when my wife had gotten up to use the bathroom, she hadn’t turned on the bedroom light. I got up and went to use the bathroom and take a shower. I was in the habit of using the hall bathroom, because it was easier to control the shower temperature, and it freed up the master bedroom bath for my wife’s use when she got up to go to work. On the mornings when I knew my youngest son would not be up early, I always went to the bathroom in the nude. It was one of my guilty pleasures. Today, my son would be going to work with me, since I was told it was “Take Your Son to Work Day,” so I expected that he would still be asleep.

Too late, I realized that Black Roommate was sleeping on the couch, so I couldn’t guarantee that no one would be about. So, when I barged into the hall bathroom, I saw another sight I could never un-see. Kneeling naked in the tub was my oldest son. Standing over him was Black Roommate, who was hosing my son’s face with a high-pressure stream of piss. Piss flowed all over my son’s face, down his chest, and onto his erect cock.

“Oops, I’m sorry,” I blurted out as I started to back out of the bathroom. There was irony that this Black man was using my son as a toilet, in my own house, and I was the one who was sorry. In a flash, I thought of all the little league games, church-league basketball, all my son’s high academic honors, and here he was, a urinal for a Black man. My, god, what would my son’s fiancé think?

“Get back here,” ordered Black Roomate, shaking the last piss off his cock. “Your son already knows you’re a cocksucker. So, how about you suck your son’s cock.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“You heard me white boy. It wasn’t a request. Get on your knees now and suck off your son. Show him how much his dad loves him.”

I knew this was going too far. I knew this was illegal. I knew I shouldn’t do it. So I got down on my knees and started sucking my son’s decent-sized dick. My son İstanbul Escort Bayan moaned, “Oh, dad. Oh, jeez. Suck me dad.”

“Tell your dad how much you love him.”

“I love you dad.”

“Yeah, you love the way your dad sucks your dick. That’s what you really love.”

Just then I was startled by a rap on the door. “Honey, have you seen Black Roommate, or our son?”

I had our son’s cock in my mouth, just not the son she was thinking of, so I had to come up with something. “No, darling,” I lied, “maybe they went out for a work out.”

“Well, you know Mr. Big said you had to bring our son into work today. He said it was important. And you don’t want to make Mr. Big mad.”

“Yes, dear” I said, as I resumed sucking, and as my son flooded my mouth with his cum. I swallowed as much of my son’s semen as I could, but some squirted out of my mouth. As I tasted my son’s cum, I was overwhelmed by shame that I liked it. It felt so natural to be sucking my son’s cock and swallowing his cum.

“I’ll probably be home early today.”

I gulped down the last of my son’s cum, “Yes, dear,” I stammered.

“Are you sure you’re OK, you don’t sound well.”

I could see Black Roommate snickering under his breath.

“No, I’m OK. Had my sleep interrupted a couple times last night, that’s all.”

Then I heard my wife walk back to our bedroom, and a minute later I heard her shower turn on.

“Way to go, cocksucker. Lying to your wife while you suck your own son’s cock. What a pervert.” I couldn’t exactly argue with him. “Your wife’s a hot little bitch, prancing around in that dinky bikini. I can’t wait to drop a load in your wife’s hot cunt. And you know I will. And look at your hard dick. Are you more excited by the thought of me fucking your wife, or you sucking your son’s cock, or me using your son as my toilet slave?”

I thought, “All of them.”

My wife’s shower stopped. “Better get back to the bitch,” said Black Roommate. I got up, having no idea what he planned to do with my son, or my wife, after this. I went back to my bedroom, just as my wife came out of the shower. She was naked and beautiful. I was just naked.

“You shouldn’t be walking around naked when we have company, what if Black Roommate saw you?”

“I’m sorry, dear. Force of habit.”

“Hard again? What’s gotten in to you?”

With out saying any more, my wife dropped to her knees and sucked my cock. She’d never given me a spontaneous morning blow job like that. Was she feeling guilty for fucking two Black guys yesterday, I wondered? She really took me deep and it wasn’t long before I had to warn her I was about to cum. Instead of finishing me off with a handjob, as she usually did, this time she let me cum in her mouth. Then she stood up, with a sly look on her face and kissed me. When she did, I was surprised when she forced a mouthful of cum from her mouth into mine.

“Swallow your cum for me, baby,” she said. So much for feeling guilty.

What could I do except as my wife asked. I gulped down my cum.

“That’s so hot, baby. Eating your own cum for me. You must really love me.”

“Of course I do love you,” I said as I burped up the taste of cum. As my wife got dressed for work, I went out front to get the paper off the porch, at that point just wearing a towel. Paperboy was there waiting with his three friends. There was no question what they wanted and what I would have to do. The question was where. With my wife and two sons still home, where was I going to suck off four high-school senior boys. I asked them to be quiet as I led them though the house toward the pool area out back. But when I got as far as the family room, I could see that Black Roommate was fucking my older son, again, right out on the diving board, missionary style. All four boys could plainly see what was going on, and they stopped to watch. Paperboy snatched my towel and put his hand on my head, shoving me to my knees. All four boys unzipped their flies, and I started to suck them one after the other.

“Oh, hi. I didn’t expect to see you boys here this early,” said my wife. I kept sucking. Quietly, hidden from my wife’s view by a couch.

“Tom invited us back to use the pool.”

“Oh, well he’s going in to work with his father. But, his brother should be here. As long as he’s here, you boys are welcome to stay and swim.” Well the boys knew full well that Tom’s older brother was here. They were watching him get his brains fucked out by his Black roommate.”

“Something interesting out there?” asked my wife. Apparently the four boys standing together formed enough of a phalanx that my wife could not see me kneeling in front of them sucking their cocks, nor could she see through them to the live sex show going on by the pool.”

“Uh, an interesting bird.”

“What kind?” asked my wife as she approached a little closer.

“Uh, don’t know.”

“Let me see,” she said as she came yet closer.

“It just flew away.”

“Oh, damn, look at Anadolu Yakası Escort the time, I have to run. Where the blazes is my husband?” My wife didn’t want to use bad language in front of the boys, while I was in front of them, naked and sucking. “Oh, well, I’ll see you boys later.” And then she was gone.

I then began sucking in earnest, trying to get four boys off as fast as I could. My younger son would be waking up any time now. As if on cue, my younger son walked in and in a somewhat surprised voice asked, “what are you guys doing here?”

“Watching your older brother get fucked in the ass.”

“No, seriously.”

“Sure, seriously. Black Roommate said we could come back and swim.”

“I didn’t know Black Roommate owned this place.”

“Well, he certainly owns your brother.”

“My brother’s his roommate, not his sex slave.”

“Whatever you say.”

“And, have you guys seen my dad?”

“He’s sucking our cocks.”

“You fucking perverts. My dad would never suck a dick.”

“If you say so.”

With that, my son wandered off back to the hall bathroom to get cleaned up, without realizing that I was in fact sucking their cocks only a few feet from where he stood. Finally, one of the boys blew his load of cum on my face. Right about then, Black Roommate noticed the boys watching out the sliding-glass window where he no doubt saw me sucking. The boys were unsure of what to so, Black Roommate pulled out of my older son’s ass and walked toward them, his massive erect slime-covered dick jutting out.

“Open the door,” he ordered, and one of the boys did. Black Roommate unceremoniously put his hand on Paperboy’s head, shoved him to his knees, and stuffed his cock in the white boy’s mouth, as the kid’s three friends looked on in shock. “All of you. Naked. Now.”

So intimidating was the Black college kid that the white boys wordlessly did as he ordered. The Black Roommate stuck his cock in a different boy’s mouth. The kid gagged, but the Black cock would not be denied. Then he fucked the mouth of one of the other white boys. Then he stuck his dick in my mouth, before he said, “You have more important things to do today. Go get your son and take him to work.” Then he stuffed his cock in a third boy’s throat, and then the fourth. “Man, Martin Luther King would be proud. Six white boys sucking my dick in less than five minutes. That’s got to be some kind of record.”

As the four white boys slurped and sucked the Black cock, my eldest son continued to lay naked out on the diving board, his hard cock pointing at the sky, while I made my getaway.

I found my youngest son coming out of the shower, naked. He looked at me and at my naked body, and my hard cock. “Sorry son, I couldn’t help it.”

I had an over powering desire to drop to my knees and suck his dick too, but I managed to restrain myself. Jeez, what had come over me? I actually wanted to suck my son’s cock. How disgusting and perverted.

Finally we were both dressed. I quickly got my son out the garage door and into the car without seeing the orgy that was now going on in our family room, as four of my son’s friends sucked a Black dick.

The drive in to work was agony. I knew full well that Mr. Big and Mr. Blackboss intended to fuck my youngest son, and I was aiding and abetting. I felt like Abraham, sacrificing his son on the altar of Black cock. I was ashamed that, as usual, my dick was hard at the thought of their Black cocks pounding my son’s mouth and ass.

My son had only just turned 18. He was a star athlete, student council president, and National Honor Society. And now he was going to be a sex slave for Black men, possibly for the rest of his life, and it was all my fault. I’d sucked cock to pay for his college tuition, not so that he could be enslaved, like his older brother obviously already was to Black Roommate.

When I got to the office, my co-workers were strangely quiet. They were polite to my son, but they knew what was going to happen because they had already been through it. It didn’t take long before my immediate boss, Mrs. Boss Lady, informed me that Mr. Blackboss expected us in the Board Room immediately. I was expecting to be summoned to Mr. Blackboss’ office and I had never been to the Board Room before. When my son and I got to the very imposing door, there were two very large and imposing Black men who looked like they were guarding the entrance. “Mr. Blackboss is expecting you.”

As the door swung open, I could see a luxurious table, floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall picture window on the far side, about ten Black men sitting around the table, and I about dropped a load, in a seat near the front was my father! Holy shit, I did not see that one coming. My mind was a whirl with questions. How did they find him? On what pretext did they get him here? What the hell was their plan for him and us? I had raised my sons to be liberal and racially tolerant (although I was now having second thoughts about that,) but my dad had always been fairly hostile and intolerant of Blacks, so I knew inside he had to be feeling pretty uncomfortable surrounded by so many Black men.

My father actually stood up and shook my hand, and said, “Congratulations son. Your boss said you’re getting a very prestigious company award.”

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Spin Ch. 04

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Liv lets out a squeal-scream to show both her shock and excitement, and I flinch, my ears already ringing. I’d completely walk away from her if she wasn’t latching onto both of my hands while she jumps up and down in place. “I knew it!” she cries. “I! Knew! It!”

“Can you please calm down?” I ask, gently trying to pull away.

She’s not letting go, though. “I fucking knew it! Oh my God. Oh my God!” She looks positively giddy. It’s laughable, but she’s good-hearted, so I let her have her moment — that is, until she lets go of my wrists. “Guys! *Guys*!” She turns away and before I can stop her, she rushes out of the kitchen and into the living room.

“Liv, wait a sec–“

“Guysguysguys!” she says, unable to stay still or keep her mouth shut. Bruce, Sasha, Corb, Trish, and the twins all look towards Liv in surprise. “Jackie and Gus are dating!”

I sigh, leaning in the entryway. I was hoping to tell everyone myself, but she’s so quick to open her mouth. This is something Gus and I talked about, too. Just a few days ago, when it more or less dawned on us that we’ve been dating for a little over a month now, I asked him if he wanted to keep it a secret from the group. Liv was getting more and more curious about the nature of my relationship with Gus because, according to her, he and I were hanging out a “surprising” amount. I told Gus that if she sniffed it out, she’d tell everyone within earshot. “Do you want everyone to know?” Gus had asked me, and when I told him I didn’t care, he smiled, appreciating that I valued his level of comfort. I just wanted to know how he felt.

It’s a good thing he didn’t mind, because it took Liv all of five seconds to tell all our friends. When she breaks the news, everyone turns to me, looking surprised, and a few of their eyes flicker towards Gus when he comes out of the kitchen to stand next to me.

“You couldn’t wait two minutes?” I ask Liv.

“Oh, don’t be like that,” Liv says, playfully scowling. “You should have told everyone else before me.”

“Then I would have never heard the end of it,” I tell her. “You’re selfish.”

Liv is about to retort when Bruce gets his piece in. “Wait wait,” he says, “you guys are seriously dating?”

I hold his gaze and nod. “Yep.”

I’m trying to figure out what his expression says. He doesn’t look angry, or irritated, or anything negative, I suppose. He just looks confused. “I thought you were straight?” he asks me.

I shrug. “So did I,” I murmur — and suddenly, everyone laughs, breaking the tension. A few of the girls are quick to mimic Liv’s reaction but on a smaller scale, all looking particularly enthralled with this news once they get over the shock. The collective surprise makes me wonder if Liv was keeping her suspicions to herself. If so, I’m quite impressed. That’s so unlike her.

The only person who doesn’t seem to initially care one way or another is Kyle. Personally, I think it’s because he and Liv got into a fight and now she’s holding out on him. Kyle’s lucky that Liv lets him anywhere near her body because he doesn’t exactly have a line of eligible bachelorettes waiting at his beck and call. “That’s so weird,” Kyle says, squinting at me and Gus, as if not yet understanding the situation.

Liv is quick to snap at him. “Fuck off, Kyle,” she says, clearly not wanting the good spirits soiled. Of course, this sparks some not-so-playful banter between the two of them that inevitably grows into an argument. Kyle spits back, and Liv approaches him with a threatening walk and a wagging finger.

In the meantime, Bruce approaches me. “Yo,” he says before gesturing between me and Gus. “How long has this been going on?”

“Uhhh…” I’m not sure how to answer that, and when I look towards Gus, he just shrugs. “You could argue when we met,” I finally say.

“Damn,” Bruce says, surprised. “I had no idea.”

“We keep things low key,” I tell him, and Bruce nods approvingly.

“Respect,” he says.

He seems to eye us weirdly, though. “All good?” I ask him.

“Totally, man,” he says, meeting my eye and smiling finally — and it feels genuine. “I’m honestly just super surprised, is all. You’re happy, though?”

I grin back at him. “Yeah, I’m happy.”

“That’s what I wanna hear,” he says, affectionately patting my chest.

It feels good to get that approval from my buddy — not that I needed it, per se, but it’s still nice to know that I can just openly be with Gus without any complications. Out of the group, Bruce’s opinion is the one I care about most, so it would hurt if this had gone any other way.

The complication only comes from Kyle, who’s still engaging in an argument with Liv. At first, I think it’ll blow over. Quickly, though, it turns into a full-blown fight, with Liv’s raised voice and heated emotions taking precedence. I wouldn’t put it past her to lay hands on Kyle (and honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing that), but we all want to deescalate the situation. Corb, who towers over all of us, steps in between them and nudges Kyle away from Liv. Liv tries to keep shouting into Kyle’s Ataşehir Escort face, peeking around Corb’s sides or under his arm, but I take her shoulders and pull her aside. I’m the only one of our friends who’s not intimidated by Liv, so it makes sense for me to calm her down.

“Breathe, Liv,” I say in a level voice, more or less holding her in the corner of the room like a chastised child.

“God, I fucking can’t *stand* him,” she says, red-faced and fiery.

“Stop thinking about him,” I say, keeping my hands on her shoulders. “Come on. Breathe.”

“Jackie, I–“

“Breathe, woman,” I tease.

She gives me a frustrated glare but relents, inhaling deeply and then exhaling. I breathe with her, going through a few cycles until I finally notice that she has calmed down.

“You good?” I ask, trying not to laugh in her face.

“Yeah, I’m good,” she says, brushing it off and sweeping her hair over her shoulder. Then, under her breath, she murmurs, “He’s such an asshole.”

I chuckle. “Yeah, he’s an asshole now, but I’ll give it two weeks before you’re riding his dick again.”

She looks scandalized, slapping my arm. “Why would you say that?”

“Uh, because it’s true,” I tell her. “You do this every time.” She opens her mouth to retort but thinks better of it, and I grin, validated. “Why do you still fuck around with him anyway?”

“Because,” she says, “he’s really good at eating pussy.” She says it with such a sadness in her eyes that I burst out laughing. “Don’t make fun of me.”

“I’m not, I promise,” I say, stroking her arm to reassure her.

She just sighs before looking up at me and smiling slightly. “Thanks for telling me first, by the way.”

“You would’ve been pissed if I hadn’t,” I remind her.

“And that’s why I’m happy you told me first,” she says before her eyes flicker towards Gus, who’s watching everyone berate Kyle with amusement. “I really like him for you.”

I laugh. “Thanks for the approval.”

“I’m serious,” she says. “He’s sweet, and you two look good together.” Then, she grins a bit. “What I’d give to be a fly on that wall.”

“You wouldn’t look at me the same,” I say, smirking back at her.

Her mouth drops a bit. “Don’t tell me…”

I know what she’s wondering with that look: if I’ve bottomed. “Oh, no. I’ve been, uh, quite on top of things, lately,” I say, and she snickers. “But I’m much more of a tender lover than you would have ever given me credit for.”

“Guess I’ll never know, Casanova,” she says, playfully patting one of my pecs. “Should’ve taken you for a ride before you got a boyfriend.”

I laugh. “You had plenty of time before.”

“True,” she says, tilting her head. “This really is, like, the first relationship you’ve had in *forever*.”

I blink. She’s right. I hadn’t even thought of that. Things developed so easily with Gus that I didn’t even think about the logistics of things. “Yeah, you’re right,” I say, my mind drifting a bit.

She drops the playful tone and looks concerned. “You okay?” she asks. “You look worried.”

“No, yeah,” I say, nodding. “I just… hadn’t thought of it that way.”

“It’s not a big deal,” she reminds me.

She’s probably right, but I wonder if it *is* a big deal. Am I actually ready for a relationship? I haven’t been in one for so long because I’ve always considered myself bad at them. I’ve been too inattentive or didn’t feel connected enough to the person or refused to compromise. It got to a point where I figured relationships just weren’t for me. Although things feel pretty simple with Gus, is it a risk? Are we just in our honeymoon phase? We’ve never even had this kind of conversation.

We all hang out for a while longer, making the most of our more frequent get-togethers. All of us realized that, even with our increasingly busy lives, we need our support systems — so we’ve all made an effort to see each other more. However, I have tons of research to do and Gus has work, so we’re the first to take our leave once the time is right.

Ever the gentleman, I decide to walk him home, so once we say our goodbyes to the group, the two of us head off towards his apartment. This works well, too, because I want to discuss a few things before I completely forget to bring them up.

“Well,” I start to say, glancing over at him, “now it’s out.”

He looks over at me and laughs. “Us, you mean? Yeah, it feels… I don’t know. Good?”

I smile. “Yeah?”

“Yeah. Just that you’ve been so cool and open about… y’know… doing this with me,” he says, blushing a little. “Makes it easier.”

“I try,” I say with a little grin before clearing my throat. “Hey, so, listen. I haven’t been in an actual relationship with anyone in a long ass time, so… I don’t know. I feel like I’m out of practice or something.”

As the words leave my mouth, I feel a bit silly — but luckily, Gus just smiles. “I think we know each other well enough to know that we don’t take things too seriously.” Then, he touches my arm as he clarifies something. “Not that I don’t take this seriously, but… Acıbadem Escort I just mean that this is really easy. And I like that about us.”

I smile, a little bit relieved that he feels the same vibe that I do. “I like that, too,” I say, not wanting to complicate things. “But that being said, I do have one request moving forward.”

He cocks an eyebrow but nods. “Shoot.”

“I’m the kind of person who tells it like it is, and I know not everyone’s like that, but… if you have a problem with me, or us, or whatever it is, let’s just talk it out,” I say. That’s really been the root of all my past relationship problems: not enough communication. What little communication there was was not open or honest enough. My girlfriends would keep their issues with me to themselves, complain to their friends, and then let it fester until they inevitably blew up on me — and I have no patience for that. “Just be blunt,” I ask him. “No harboring resentments.”

He tilts his head a bit, pondering this. “Well, in that case… I have something to tell you.”


However, as soon as my face drops, Gus bursts out laughing. “I’m just kidding.”

Immediately, I punch him in the arm. “You fucker,” I mutter, smirking when he recoils while still laughing.

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist,” he says before composing himself. “I like this idea, though.”

“It’s just easier that way if we make a promise to be honest from the jump,” I say. “I don’t wanna be with you if you don’t like how I am in a relationship. And I’m sure you feel the same.”

“Totally,” he says before laughing a bit. “This is… kind of refreshing. I’ve never had a talk like this when I started seeing someone. Or… ever, really.”

I grin. “Well, I actually like you, so I wanna keep you around for a little longer, at least.”

“What an honor,” he says, playfully bowing before laughing.

As we continue walking towards his apartment, I feel even more excited about the future than before. Even though I’ve told previous significant others that I need open communication, Gus is the first one who I feel will really take that to heart. We both want the same thing, after all.

When we finally get to his apartment, we stop in front of his steps, looking at each other. “Well… Guess this is goodnight,” Gus says.

I smirk a bit. “Guess so,” I say. I of course want a goodnight kiss, so, after licking my lips, I lean forward slowly, and Gus doesn’t stop me. In fact, he bridges that final gap, pressing our lips together with a light sweetness. We hold the kiss, both of us gingerly grasping each other’s sides while standing on the sidewalk in plain view of any potential passerby. It feels like a particularly nice kiss: gentle and tender, perfect for a “Can’t wait to see you again” sort of sentiment.

But then, just when I’m about to pull back, Gus takes it up a notch by sliding his hands to my waist and pulling me closer. There, he lets me feel how hard he is behind his pants, and I grunt against his lips, smirking slightly. “Horny?” I ask.

“Very,” he murmurs, kissing me again. “Wanna… come up?”

He looks so shy and demure asking me that question that I can’t help but laugh. Sometimes, when we’re both in the mood for making out or oral, things unfold in an extremely casual, no-big-deal kind of way. However, there’s a certain look in Gus’ face when he’s in the mood for more. When he wants to get fucked, it’s almost like he’s sheepish about it. I find it kind of adorable.

I grab his wrist and check his watch. It’s past Gabe’s bedtime, so he’s probably dead asleep by now. “Your mom’s going to work soon, right?” I ask.

“Yeah,” he says, dipping his fingers behind the waistband of my jeans and tugging a bit. “C’mon.”

“Needy, huh?” I tease.

“You have no idea,” he murmurs.

Oh, I think I have an idea. But before I can respond, Gus grabs my hand and tugs me up the stairs. I smirk to myself, my cock already twitching at the thought of fucking Gus again. Ever since that first time, it’s been quite a regular occurrence. It’s something I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of.

However, when we head up to his apartment and greet his mother in the living room, Gus pauses, looking confused. “How come you’re not ready for work?” he asks.

She just smiles, tossing a piece of popcorn in her mouth, fully decked out in her pajamas and nightcap. “Mama took the night off,” she says, looking particularly energetic and giddy.

I don’t blame her. The poor woman has been working daily shifts for weeks now, so she’s probably taking a well-deserved break — but Gus is making a face that seems like he knows he’s about to get the biggest case of blue balls in recorded history. He turns to me and gives me a pleading look, unsure what to do, and I just chuckle, leaning in to whisper, “Wanna just come to my place?”

He nods. We could fool around here, but the apartment is small, and if his mother is awake and potentially wandering around, it’s quite likely she’ll hear her son getting dicked down — and I don’t think Gus wants that. “I’m İstanbul Escort just gonna grab a few things, Ma,” Gus says. “Gonna stay with Jackie.”

“Alright, honey,” she says, waving him off and focusing her attention back on the TV.

I follow Gus to his bedroom and watch as he starts stuffing a change of clothes into a backpack. “Desperate for dick, ain’tcha?” I tease.

“Shut up,” he mutters, his eyes scanning his bedroom for important things.

I just smile, watching him grab his laptop power cord. “You think you’ll ever tell your mom about us?” I ask him.

“Honestly, I think she knows already,” he says, laughing. “She’s always like, ‘So, how’s *Jaaackie* doing?’ while giving me a look, but she never pries.”

I snort. Such a mother thing to do: pretend to be sly. “I love your mom,” I say.

“She likes you too,” Gus says with a smile. “Makes things even easier, I guess.” Then, as he’s stuffing his laptop into his bag, he looks at me. “Am I gonna meet your parents someday?”

“You wanna meet my parents?” I ask, surprised. He’s never really expressed interest before.

He shrugs — but it’s clearly an automated response because he quickly nods after.

“That could be arranged,” I say, tapping my chin. “They keep wanting to visit but I keep putting it off because I always get so busy.”

“Would they be hard to impress?” he asks, grimacing.

I laugh. “My parents? Definitely not,” I say, smirking at just the thought of them meeting Gus. I know they’ll appreciate that he’s kind, because that’s what they value above all else.

“Don’t know why that still makes me nervous,” he says with a little laugh before swinging his bag over his shoulder. “Ready?”

After grabbing a few of his toiletries on the way out, Gus and I say goodnight to his mom and then take the short walk to the train in order to expedite the trip to my place. We make it right before the train is about to leave the station, sighing with relief as we take our seats. It’s not very busy tonight. In fact, we nearly have a cart to ourselves, save for two other passengers, both of whom are laser-focused on their phones. I sit close to Gus, our arms and thighs pressed up against each other, Gus’ backpack sitting squarely in his lap.

Luckily, the train ride is short — but even then, we can’t keep our hands off of each other. Gus keeps reaching over to grip my thigh, inching ever closer to my cock before groping it and then quickly snatching his hand away. Press repeat. I just sit back and smirk whenever he gets the urge.

“Patience, babe,” I murmur.

He blushes and laughs. “‘Babe’,” he repeats.

I smirk. “Don’t like it?”

“No, I like it,” he says quickly, smiling sheepishly. With a smile, I put my arm around him and keep him close for the remainder of the trip.

After we make it to our stop, I can tell he’s particularly antsy due to his walking speed. His pace has quickened dramatically, and I kick it up into a higher gear to keep up with him, laughing slightly. Even though there’s no real rush, I kind of like this sense of urgency. It makes things exciting. It means that I’m gonna get it good tonight.

When we finally arrive at my studio apartment, I make a show of pretending to fumble with the keys — and Gus makes a noise of impatience that makes me laugh. He stares intently at my hands as if trying to bend them to his will, to pick the right key and unlock the door with the highest efficiency possible.

I don’t tease him for too long. When that latch finally clicks and I swing the door open, Gus pushes me through. We barely make it through the door frame before we’re all over each other. Gus drops his bag to the floor with a thud, and even though I wince knowing his laptop is in there, he doesn’t seem to care. He pushes me into the apartment, kicking the door shut with his foot, never letting his lips leave mine. I push back against him, both of us almost sparring like male deer. There’s a real sense of intention behind our movements, of intensity. All we can do is slip out of our shoes using only our feet because our hands are so insistent on grabbing hold of each other.

I somehow get a bit of the upper hand and push Gus back into the wall as my hands go straight for his belt. He grunts against my mouth, almost frantically grasping at the hem of my shirt, desperate to get it off. Grinning, I break the kiss for a moment, just to let him strip me before our lips meet again. Then, my hands are back at his waistline, eager to feel him, touch him.

Once I finally get his belt undone, I unzip his fly and tug his jeans off of his hips, letting them fall to the floor. Then, I move my hand right to his bulge — and I’m surprised to find a nicely-preserved package there. I break the kiss and look down, my eyebrows arching when I see he’s wearing a jockstrap. “I didn’t even know you were wearing this,” I say.

He licks his lips. “Makes me feel kinda sexy,” he says, blushing and laughing.

I grin at him. “As it should,” I say before grabbing his hips, spinning him around, and pinning his chest into the wall. He grunts but doesn’t resist, letting me press one hand between his shoulder blades while the other slides down to grab one cheek of his supple ass. “God, you’re fucking sexy,” I growl in his ear, nibbling on the lobe.

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Carnival of Delights Pt. 04: Aiden

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Aiden found himself staring wide eyed at the site before him. For some fucked up reason he seemed to be the only one fighting to keep his pride. For some fucked up reason the group of half naked young men all shuffled with their heads lowered, accepting the forced submission.

Like the others in his peer group he had been scurried off to a bizarre building housed to entertain those with twisted desires. When he was first brought to a bathroom his mind raced with fucked up tales of piss play and beer enemas. Luckily it had seemed a small building with closed confinement was all the freaks were looking for because there was no hint of a bathroom. He was one of the last ushered in giving him glimpse of what he would be taking part in. Where the stalls would be was a wall and holes every one or two feet. Pressed against the holes he could see mouths and tongues eager to show their talent.

Without his cohort Aiden was left to his own thoughts, and unfortunately they were filled with panic to stay alive. He didn’t fight the men when they brought him to his designed location. All he had for them was cold glares as they explained the task at hand. Even as they attached chains to his limbs to assure he couldn’t run off all he did was to stare them down. It was when the cruel bastards took a step away and he was faced with the others sharing his predicament could his cold nature surface. It was a cold environment anyway. Paired with the heavy shackles, glory holes and enslaved men there was no sense in sharing fake pleasantries.

The humiliation of his up-and-coming assault was starting to be matched by the humiliation of sharing a room and title with such cowardly men. The reconstruction of the bathroom had meant none of the captives were in private to face their humiliation. Each one would be forced to endure a cruel task with the eyes and ears of those around. How in the hell these bastards decided Aiden was one of them was still lost upon him.

Age wise they were all similar, look wise had gifted some more generously than others. He could proudly state he was far better looking than any of them, well all but one. The young man to his right seemed to sense his cold gaze and shot him a smile. This one was different than the others, pathetic for sure but his level of acceptance hadn’t read as coerced. The sick fuck seemed to be enjoying it. Before Aiden could say anything the man to his right spoke up.

“The new ones are always easy to spot. Hint, you want to leave here walking straight do as your told.”

Aiden looked the young man over before coldly snapping, “If I need a whore’s opinion I’ll let you know.”

“The men pay good money to be here. Trust me, a whore’s opinion will help keep you alive.” The strange man’s eyes twinkled, “Although I can’t deny the curiosity in watching you get your ass handed.”

Aiden was moments from responding when another pair of heavy boots entered the building. A few of the men instantly shoved their face forward and wiggled their tongues, but not the one beside him. Following suit he silently waited. It was now had he been faced with another way to keep the boys in place. A shiver of fear ran throughout as a heavy-set man with a studded club entered. He eyed the young captives before barking at them.

“I ain’t looking to get violent but you give these fine customers a hard time this bat will become your next boyfriend. Unless you want to be fucked until you’re jelly you’ll enjoy whatever is presented to you. You boys should consider yourself lucky, only one hole of yours gets used today.”

To further the point the man pulled out his phone. Aiden’s stomach immediately dropped as the screen drew closer to the frightened group. His eyes then shut and he went to block his ears. He didn’t need to see the video to understand the threat. None of them needed to see it to understand. Whether they wanted it or not they were going to be a group of good boys. A youthful group of tongues Damien Black would no doubt enjoy.


Aiden wasn’t sure to be thankful or submit to the growing tension but for some reason he hadn’t been picked yet. In no way had that meant he was spared from hearing or seeing what was happening around. It was a piggish feast for twisted minds and unfortunate souls. Hairy ass cracks would be showed in excitement to have tearful boys lick them up and eat them out. On occasion there would be a sniffle of shame or gag of repulsion. The times he looked to those around he could see curly hairs decorating their face or tear stricken eyes of crushed souls. The only one who seem to glow in the situation was the man to his right.

It was infuriating really. The creep would press his long tongue out that dirty hole while making eye contact with Aiden then proceeded to give the sloppiest session Aiden witnessed. Wet squelches along with groans of ecstasy would bounce off the walls and into his ears. On a cruel circumstance would the man to his right be forced to end the oral with Maltepe Escort some head and loudly slurp up the cum. It was when the man gave him a slime-coated kissy face did the urge to vomit come up.

No one had the ability to count time but the ache in his arms had told Aiden he was there for hours. Eventually a deep voice paired with girlish laughter caught everyone’s attention. Aiden couldn’t help but hide his confusion as all the men but him jumped in excitement to present their tongues. He cautiously did so, still unsure why the recently shy men got a bout of enthusiastic consent.

“Oh daddy look at them all!”

The excited tone carried sinister weight that kept Aiden from falling into the same enthusiasm as those surrounding. His eyes darted around before accidentally landing to the man on his right. The young man pulled back momentarily to address his long lasting confusion.

“Young, little twink ass. Closest thing to a real pussy. Far better then the hairy man who’s with him.”

Aiden immediately shot forward pressing his unnaturally long tongue out. Yes, he was straight but he knew the type the man was talking about. He had seen them before; gentle men, smooth as silk with soft features that could tempt anyone. Bend them over and close your eyes… what’s the difference? His eyes shut tightly and he continued to work his mouth.

“Daddy look at this one! My god, look how long it is.”

Aiden pressed it forward, moved it in a wave, flattened it to show how much space he could take, pointed it to show how precise he could be. He did everything he thought this little whore would need.

“Well boy you choose the one you want and we’ll see if great minds think alike.” The deep voice said.

Aiden worked tiredly, taunting that smooth hole to make its way over to him. The footsteps grew closer, they were hovering right by him. Now was the belt, it was falling to make room for the pants to slip off. The excitement pulsing through him was threating to reach his cock. He curled his tongue one more time promising a trip around the world. The person was so close now and any second he was waiting for smooth skin to be pressed on him.

“Oh fuck daddy, he feels so good.”

But it wasn’t him. Aiden jerked his head in confusion to see where that clean ass had run off too. A curse of frustration left when the man to his right was enjoying the soft snack. His rude comment didn’t go unnoticed as the man with the bat pointed back to the hole.

“Good choice,” the gruff voice called out. “You actually grabbed the tongue beside the one I wanted.”

Aiden’s stomach cramped… no, no no. Fuck no.

“Can’t wait to feel it worm its way into my ass.”

Now tears were falling. He just knew he would be the unlucky soul to taste such a perverse meal. The footsteps approached and once again a belt dropped. Unsure if it was to try and run away or bask in the horror he pulled back to look out the hole.

A gasp escaped him followed by a chuckle from the one presenting. Firm, muscular cheeks were pulled apart to reveal a thick bush of hair that would surely get stuck in his teeth. A tight asshole closed up into a wrinkled crack winked at him, causing a gag to be released. There was no way in hell he would shove his face in the furry thatch.

“I know I ain’t as beautiful as my boy, but you still got a job to do. Eat up son.”

His mind raced with the image of the studded bat. He closed his eyes, nervously stuck out his tongue and pushed forward. Taste wise there wasn’t much, the smell was over powering for sure but rancid wasn’t the proper term. There was a heavy musk accommodated with an unmatched flavor. It wasn’t terrible, well physically it wasn’t. But Aiden’s proud mind was running with the idea of his mouth being shoved into a hairy crack. With tear filled eyes he gagged and pulled away.

“Come on boy, you barely got in there!”

It was now had reality fell upon him rendering him immobile. Nothing about this was right and no one was going to help. He dissolved into a puddle of hysteria begging for mercy. The previous fear had proven cute but now that he was rendered unable to preform a wave of anger fell through the building. When the gruff customer cursed at waisted money did the man with the bat step up.

Aiden’s tears stopped the moment a hand gripped his waist band ripping his bottoms off. He was seconds from begging for help before a gag was forced inside. His trembling body was now held by the man with the bat who began to spit on the weapon. He shook his head begging beneath the gag, promising to deliver.

He thanked that the man believed him as the gag was swiftly removed and he was shoved forward. The man however didn’t have complete confidence and did not let up on the tight grip. With no choice Aiden stuck out his tongue and felt a rough shove.

“Fuck yes, that is it!”

Aiden strained under his restraints as the hairy ass continued to push back and the man Anadolu Yakası Escort holding his head pushed forward.

“There yeah go boy. Get it nice and wet before you go probing.”

He flattened his tongue proceeding to wet the entire area. Stray hairs would catch on his tongue causing fear he have a hairball. On occasion a wrinkled ball sack would be pushed backwards to receive some love and he obliged. That’s where he found a horrid taste. It was strong, salty and reminded him of the strong men at his grandfather’s retirement home he tried to avoid. He would lap on the nut before moving to the crack and circle around the little bud.

“Get it deep in there now.”

Shaking with rage he pointed his tongue and darted it forward. He was surprised at the ease it slipped past the barrier but that brought another world of sensations he wasn’t ready for. The heavy panting from the other side had told him he was doing a wonderful job. It wasn’t hard to imagine that meaty hands would be furiously stroking a throbbing cock. Desperate to have the contents of those heavy balls spill on the floor and not down his throat he moved faster.

It was by now had Aiden abandoned the shame of eating out a man’s ass. There could be no shame when you had to save your skin. He read men carried a sweet spot deep within so his next goal was to hit that. Pressing forward with more vigor he tried to get his tongue as deep as possible. He wasn’t just doing well, he was doing phenomenally. The ass pressed against him was now shaking in delight with deep moans radiating throughout. His panic and drive to complete a task had him abandoning the erection he was sporting.

“Shit, shit you’re getting me close.”

It didn’t matter that they were spoken in a deep voice, he was almost done this task. He opened his mouth wider trying to get deeper into the tight ring. Again his own desperation had him in complete ignorance that he was starting to thrust his own hips forward.

“Fuck yes,”

Before his task could end with a triumphant roar his sweaty meal pulled away. Aiden found himself lurching forward simultaneously placing his hands on the wall to steady himself. He took deep breaths getting as much air as possible before his meal returned. Only when the man with the bat took a step forward gripping his head did panic start to set in.

“Alright,” the deep voice said. “Curious to see what else this mouth is capable of. Talent like this truly is a rare find.”

Aiden tensed within the grip of the man. His legs began to kick upon the ground as he heard pants being dropped to the floor. His distress was rewarded with a kiss on the cheek and the man to his right mimicking a blowjob motion. Now it was time to fight. Nowhere had it been stated he was going to have to suck cock. Grunts of frustration left his mouth as he tried to keep as much space from him and the glory hole as possible. When the tip of a cock began to poke through a scream of anger escaped.

“Relax kid,” the man with the bat snarled. “Unless you want me to go to town on your ass then you’ll swallow this sausage.”

Aiden clenched his mouth in defiance. One hand dug into his cheeks trying to pry his mouth open. His feet continued to kick and his body still struggled under his cruel restraints. The grip got tighter and the base of the weapon was now wedged between his legs. Defeated he opened his mouth two inches and was cruelly shoved forward.

He could have sworn the bat was being forced into his mouth. He stretched wider and wider, trying his hardest to accommodate the massive cock inching in. If the size was the only discomfort perhaps his kicking would have stopped, but a powerful taste came over him matched with the musk of one hundred percent man. It was only with a massive tool lodged in his throat did Aiden realize this was the man he and his friends dreamed to become. The entire world would bend to his will and the people in it mere decorations for the party known as his life. And currently such a man was raping his mouth.

The overpowering force thrashing into Aiden was causing a slew of gagging and slurping to be heard from the kid. The barrier preventing any eye contact was shaking madly, threatening to come crashing down on the poor kid. The man gripping his head seemed to be doing it more for support than force at this point. Aiden knew there was nothing to be done anyways. His mouth was nothing more than cumdump to be deposited within.

Damien growled thrashing forward. The mouth proved to be just as talented as the tongue. The warm throat would open just enough to let his meat slide in but would retain a tight fit. The consistent choking had given a wonderful massage around his cock driving him harder. No, it was not the best blowjob he had received but it was getting pretty damn close.

Drool was now spilling down Aiden’s neck as the oversized cock continued to batter and bruise it. The most uncomfortable position was when the man İstanbul Escort holding him would push him as close as possible while the man raping him would insert every last inch. There was no way to actually know how large the sausage he was choking on was but he could swear a footlong was making his way down his gullet. The only thing to do about was cry, gag and try to massage his erect member.

It was now had Damien felt water being spurted up and around him. He couldn’t withhold the smile as pounding could be heard from the other side. There was no doubt the poor kid choking on his cock was praying for an end while beating his fists on the door. He was sure the kid was scared of suffocating. There was nothing to fear, the end was soon in sight. His eyes rolled into his head and he slipped one hand into the hole to feel the swollen lips around his cock.

Being touched was just another bit of humiliation Aiden had no control over. A strong hand was gently trailing his lips taking a feel at how wide they were stretching. A finger would occasionally scoop up a bubble of drool and wipe it across him. Again, there was no escape in sight and only the hand of torment to look forward to.

“You’re doing well. Don’t worry, almost finished.”

Aiden was now screaming over the cock in his mouth. Any moment now a warm tsunami of man juice was going to move through his system cementing his role as a bitch. The chains rattled as he pulled fiendishly on them. The man with the bat held him still and the group watched as his mouth was repeatedly rammed into. Having the man on his right wink at him was all it took to get the waterworks going. He cried causing his cheeks to puff around the engorged member as he huffed warm air on it. There was no doubt this proved delightful since the man raping him let out a low rumbling growl.

“Just like that kid. Just… like…”

And then it happened. The throbbing increased and the warm member seemed to expand in his mouth. With one more thrust a torrent of creamy filling was injected into the twenty two year old’s gullet. It didn’t stop. Aiden gagged and hacked trying to rid the foul substance and heavy meat from his mouth. With each thrust the tool would push it’s juice further in his mouth threatening him to choke on it. His cheeks were soon filling out like a chipmunks as the spunk continued to unload in him. And there was more on its fucking way…. He had no choice. Reluctantly Aiden began swallowing.

Damien’s knees shook as the remainder of his spunk was greedily slurped from his cock. Alright it was official, that was the best blow job he ever received. Once he softened he slipped out of the mouth and heard a slump he assumed was the young man falling to the floor. He gave a wink to Reid as hacking and gagging immediately followed.

“I thought you were going to drown him daddy!” The young man giggled pulling up his pants.

“Wouldn’t be surprised if it was coming out of his nose,” Damien joked placing an arm around his partner. “Hope your stall treated you well.”

“Oh he did daddy. We’ll need to come back here before the weekend is over.”

“Sure kid, anything you want.”

Damien may have been in a carnival populated by twisted minds and captured souls but that didn’t erase his capacity for love. Seeing Reid’s eyes sparkle up at him had him pulling the young man for an intimate embrace and long kiss. He ran his hands over the young man’s back before resting them on the area he so brutally tore into earlier. Before a bout of excitement could tempt him for another round the door opened.

“Damien, sir! There was a moment of concern when we couldn’t find you but glad to know you’re right here.”

The man that spoke held a glittery cane dressed in well put together, albeit campy attire. The sudden intrusion had sparked agitation in the former marine who gave a cold look hinting on the need for knocking. The carny seemed to be too excited to address his mistake but still held the respect to wait for Damien to speak.

“Is every alright?” The ex marine asked running a hand over his partner’s back.

“More than alright, just here to inform you we’ve had our first raffle. You sir, have just won grand prize.”

Damien’s smile seemed to spark electricity in the room causing the carny to move about his feet making grand gestures while Reid jumped up and down clapping his hands.

“Yes sir! And this young man waiting for you, he’s,” the carny kissed his fingers. “He and a group of college kids had been found on the outskirts of Keeseville, each more beautiful than the last. Each one promising a world of pleasure to eager men. But this one! Oh this one… A handsome man, strong like an ox, eyes as blue as the ocean and hair as dark as the night. And more importantly a virgin at that.”

Aiden lay on his side trying to steady his breathing. The overwhelming taste of cock, balls and semen was still on his tongue while his body trembled in desperation to try and remedy the shock of what he heard. His hard cock had finally been given some release when the bastard beside him gently fiddled and played with it. Despite the glow and horror of what just happened he couldn’t refrain from thinking to his leader. What were they going to do with Ezra?

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