Business “Meating”

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I imagine meeting you in a hotel. We are both there for a business meeting but after hours…We had set up another “meating” to deal with.

We meet in the hot tub. We are sitting near enough to talk and relax. Under the bubbling water I am lightly rubbing your crouch with my foot. On the surface we seem like two traveling business men. Under the water we are as hard as nails.

After a few minutes a few other people come to the hot tub, a young couple and another business traveler. I slide over near you and say to them “There is always room for more.” They all sit down and begin to talk about nothing like strangers do. This gives me the chance to get my hand on that hard cock of yours. I slid my hand up under your swim trunks and wrap my hand around that hard shaft.

With all the bubbles and waves no one can see that I am jacking you off as we talk about the travels and conferences and nothing in particular. I love how your dick feels in my hand. I lightly squeeze your balls and rub your shaft. I know you are enjoying it because you are not talking look rather lost in thought. Cemre Escort I take my hand off your shaft and whisper to you “I’ll finish later.” I want to let you relax and not have a huge boner when we step out of the tub.

We talk to the others and to each other for another ten minutes. “You ready to get back to work on those hard things were trying to get our hands around?” The others in the tub just think I mean some business issue. They don’t suspect that I really want your hard cock in my mouth and ass and mmmmm.

We leave and head up to a hotel room. After we enter, we drop our swim trunks and start to rub each other’s cock. We are soon both hard and horny as can be.

We lay down on the bed and move into a 69 position side by side. I love feeling your tongue and hands on my dick and ass as I play with you. MMmm I start by licking you from tip to ass crack. Since we have just come from the chlorinated water of the hot tube I don’t mind liking around your tight hole.

I use the tipoff my tongue and swirl around the outside of your Cemre Escort Bayan brown love tunnel. I love how your cock jumps as I flick your clean, tight ass with my tongue. I am pumping your shaft with one hand as I lick. When I have your ass well wet, I lick my finger and slip it into your ass up to the first knuckle.

I move down to your big, cum filled balls. I lick around your sack and then suck one of your balls into my mouth. I gentle play with it with my tongue. I then take the other in my mouth and love on it a while.

Soon I move on up your shaft and lick and kiss and suck up the shaft to the spot where your head joins the shaft and then I go back down to your balls. I make this journey several times before I finally take your head into my mouth.

I love how your cock head is dripping precum. I lick it like a lollipop. I flick the tip of your dick with my tongue and swirl it around the slick head. Mmm I love the feeling of your head on my tongue.

As I swirl around the head I move your cock deeper into my mouth. Soon your shaft Escort Cemre is mostly in my mouth. I begin to suck your whole cock. My nose is buried in your ball sack as I get to the bottom. When you are fully inside my mouth I move my head as if I were trying to draw a figure 8 in your ball sack.

After a few minutes of long deep trips up and down your cock I feel your balls tighten up and know that I will soon be rewarded with that hot, thick cream that I love. Mmmmm I begin to pump your shaft with one hand and suck firmly on your head. My other hand is around on your butt and I start to quickly finger fuck your tight ass.

I feel the first shot of cumm power up your dick. I suck hard on your head and feel you blast deep in my mouth. Damn! It is so hard a shot that I feel it at the back of my mouth first. I keep sucking and pumping your cock until the last shot of cum shoots out on to my waiting tongue. I lean back a little and see that you are looking at me. I stick out my tongue to show you the hot goo all over my mouth and then swallow it all. I lick your cock until all cumm has been removed. MMmm

I lean back and pull myself up on one elbow as I look at your face. “You know my favorite thing to do is to suck your cumm filled cock but then again…” and I begin to swirl my finger around your tight, spit-wet man-pussy and add “But then again..” MMmmm

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My Cousin’s Gymnastics Trainer

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I was walking home after my morning shift at the local supermarket, in a bad mood as was typical when I left work, and quite hungry. Still, I wasn’t in a hurry to get home because I knew there would be no one there for at least another six hours and the feeling of being in an empty house again was even worse than the feeling of my empty stomach.

“Damn those jerks!” I cursed my co-workers. “Damn them all to hell!” It was my afternoon ritual that occupied the twenty-five minute walk home after work. They would spend six hours at work making my life a living hell and I would spend that half-hour coming up with all the things I wished I had had the guts to say to their faces.

The cursing that day though just didn’t seem to work for me as my mind kept wandering back to the empty house I was headed to. My mother had gotten a new job so the one person who would typically be waiting for me at home with a sandwich made, a pile of chips and soda as well as some encouraging words to brighten my day was no longer there. She was now scanning items at a nearby pharmacy store and I wouldn’t see her for another six hours minimum.

I rounded the final bend toward my house, only a few doors on the other side of Penn Drive which I was about to cross when I saw the empty driveway and its cold reminder of the loneliness that awaited me therein. Actually crossing Penn Drive made me think of my older cousin, Brianna, though. She was about 3 to 4 years older than me and had lived on that street for several years. As children we had always gotten together to play; tag, Nintendo and especially house. She always loved to be the mommy and make me be the daddy for all the stuffed animals and baby dolls in her house back then. In those younger days we were like peas in a pod whenever she wasn’t practicing her beloved gymnastics.

Brianna had moved after high school, though. Her parents had separated and each moved to a different town following work so Brianna had gotten a place on her own closer to the college which was about a forty-five-minute walk for me. She had long since graduated from college but still lived in that same little place. Though I was hungry, I just couldn’t cope with the idea of going inside my lonely house so I passed my driveway and kept going, searching out Brianna’s apartment for a surprise visit.

It was nearing on two in the afternoon and as I got only a few minutes away, it dawned on me that I didn’t know what her work schedule was any longer. Would Brianna even be home? Would she be busy? Still, there was only five minutes to go so there was no point in turning around now. I figured I’d see if she was there and if not, I’d grab a bite from a place on the college campus across the street. I just couldn’t bring myself to go back home yet.

Knocking on the door, I heard Brianna’s distinct voice inside shout ‘who is it?’

“It’s your cousin, Oliver.”

I guess I expected to hear the bolts of the door unlocking or a chain being undone but instead she just shouted back ‘It’s open, come on in.’ I nudged the door open slowly, unsure whether I had heard her correctly. Her voice had been muffled after all.

“Brianna?” I called.

“In here,” she called back, her voice trailing into the hallway from the living room to the left. She sounded like she was winded or breathing heavy. I poked my head around the corner before walking into the living room.

I was warmly greeted by Brianna’s petite but well-formed bum bent over forward in mid-stretch, her hands touching the floor between her feet. She was wearing her typical one-piece gymnastics outfit that exposed her bare legs all the way up to her hips. I had always appreciated those outfits that she wore as they were amazingly sexy. I remembered being especially fond of a little red one with sequins she would wear back in high school. It didn’t always cover the entire bum.

“To what do I owe this great pleasure?” she asked, not standing from her stretching position until she counted a full thirty seconds.

“Mom’s working and I didn’t want to be alone at the house so I thought I’d come visit you for a while. Hope you don’t mind.”

After standing, she had turned around to face me before continuing with her stretches, this time crouching on her left leg and extending her right. The faintest hint of separation between her skin and the outfit’s blue material gave view to some pleasant cleavage even if it was just a little.

“Can I get you something? Are you hungry?”

I was starving but I didn’t want to make her stop her stretching. That was always the best part about visiting Brianna; watching her workout. “Yeah, but don’t worry yourself about it. I’ll grab something from the kitchen if that’s alright.”

“Grab me some bottled water from the fridge, will you?” she shouted back to me when I was digging around to look for something. I always knew she was a health nut but I had forgotten that included only healthy foods too. Her fridge was packed with fat free and Örnekköy Escort low fat everything along with piles of vegetables and fruits. Bleh! I grabbed her water and an apple to start with.

“So what’s a handsome boy of 20 like you doing alone all the time? You should be across the street chasing college skirts or something.” Brianna had always teased me about my shyness around girls but she was the only person in my life that ever referred to me as handsome which always made me feel good. Most people just referred to me as ‘nerd’, ‘geek’ or ‘loser’ because of my glasses and I couldn’t afford Lasik yet. I was saving up though!

“Ha, you’re funny,” I gave her the bottle of water when she stood back up from stretching the other leg.

“No, I’m serious.” She opened the bottle and took a swig. “You’re alone way too much. When we were kids, you were always with me so I understand why you didn’t care so much back then. But now you’re 20, almost 21 and still living all cooped up with your mom. You should be working on finding yourself the right girl…,” she took another swig of water. “or what? You don’t like us girls or something? I know a particular girl who would be just dying to go out with you given the chance.”

“No, it’s not that…, I do like you…,” I paused realizing I had just suddenly blurted out something that had been held secret deep within me all these years and unsure how to correct it. Brianna raised her eyebrows in curiosity. “I mean… you girls. It’s just you’re the only girl that’s ever said two nice words to me ever.”

“Oh, I don’t know about all that. My friends and I have all dated guys who weren’t even half as nice as you. You just need a little self confidence, that’s all. You’re definitely handsome enough and you’re damn sure smart enough. You’d make any girl proud.”

Yeah, sure! Intelligence gets you no where with the ladies and all they saw anyway were my bug-eyed glasses. But I knew she was just trying to pick me up. She always had a sense about when I needed a little encouragement and I appreciated it. I wanted a girl just like her; exactly like her. That would be the perfect girl for me.

“Don’t be filling my head with your lies, Brianna. You’ve never dated anyone besides those dumb jokes, I mean jocks.” It was our usual tit for tat conversation but it was true enough, at least as far as I could remember.

“That might have been true in high school because I was totally retarded, but when I was in college, no. I went only for the smart guys who were fun to be around and could help me with my math. Hell, even now my ex-boyfriend is as smart as they come though not even half as smart as you. He wasn’t exactly your typical lady’s man but he made me laugh and I enjoyed being with him.”

“Then why’s he your ex? Why’d you leave him, for being too smart?” For the first time since our friendly battering began her smile faded away… immediately. She sat down on the couch, her sweaty golden brunette hair falling on either side of her neck down to the base of her chest.

“I didn’t necessarily leave him.” She was playing with the water ball in her fingers. “He found a prettier girl and told me I wasn’t what he wanted anymore.” I could see it was a touchy subject that I had unwittingly opened as she put her face in her hands. I thought perhaps she might have even started crying.

“I’m sorry. I had no idea.” I sat down on the couch next to her, unsure what to do. I didn’t exactly have much experience in that arena.

“He was a jerk…, that’s all. I say good riddance.” she said, lifting her face once more. “Gotta keep going while I’m still warm,” she stood up from the couch and immediately started stretching again. I stayed on the couch, watching her, admiring her form. I couldn’t possibly see how any guy could ever let go of such a beautiful girl. I assured myself that I never would, that if I ever got so lucky as to have one even half as good as her, I’d hold onto her forever.

Brianna stood with her back toward me and started to lean over backward until she fell onto her hands, her back arched in a letter ‘n’ and the tight strain on her outfit pulling more breast flesh from beneath the material. I couldn’t take my eyes off her though I feigned looking at her upside down honey eyes instead of hoping to see some nipple color peek out from behind her outfit. She lifted up on her hands and toes then relaxed once more, followed by another backwards pushup.

“I can’t ever seem to get my back high enough,” she said finally, collapsing on the floor, her knees bent back making the soles of her feet nearly even with her hips. “I really need to find someone to train with me.” She tilted her head back at me with a pensive look. Just then, she popped up off the floor, demonstrating some extremely impressive muscle control in her stomach. “Hey, you don’t happen to have some free time every day, do you? I could really use your help and… I’ll pay you, though I admit it won’t Escort Örnekköy be much.”

“What do you need me to do? I work at the supermarket right now but I’m free in the afternoons.”

“Afternoons are fine. I could use you to come her and help me train; make sure I’m getting the forms right and give me a little push to get to the next level.” She chewed on her bottom lip, a habit I knew all too well from her to be nerves. “What do you say?”

Seriously? She had to ask if I wanted to come see her every day in her tights? She actually thought to be nervous about it? To top it off, she wanted to pay me! Hell yeah!

“I think… uh, I could… you know, probably do that for you,” I tried to sound as cool and nonchalant as I could. She didn’t really need to know how much I enjoyed watching her. “I’m not much of an athletic person but… I’ll help you the best I can.”

“Come here,” she offered her slim delicate hand to me. “I’m almost done for today but I’ll show you some of what I need.” I took her hand and hoisted myself off the couch. Brianna returned to her backwards pushup stance.

“Put one hand here,” she balanced on one hand and patted her stomach with the other and I put my right hand where she showed, “and the other back here,” and she patted the small of her back before putting her hand back on the ground. “When I say ‘lift’, you need to push on my back and when I say ‘push’ I want you to push on my stomach. Not too hard on either, just give me a little pressure to work my muscles more. Got it?”

I nodded but of course she couldn’t see me as her head was upside down just inches from the floor. “Yeah. Got it.” Her body felt so good under my hands, firm and tight. Standing above her from that angle was amazing too, the ‘v’ of her outfit between her legs was stretched tight, pronouncing the female mound beneath. I couldn’t see her chest that well due to the curvature of her outfit for the breasts but I knew they were pulled tight just like before too.

“Lift.” I pushed with my left hand into the small of her back while she pushed up with her toes and walked her hands backwards toward her feet so as to lift the arch even more. The outfit stretched tighter and I glanced down at the mound which was beginning to show the crease of her venusian lips. I had to turn away, blushing from what I had seen. I couldn’t believe myself, admiring my unobtainable cousin with such dirty thoughts still after all these years. Was I right in the head? What was wrong with me? Eleven years of the same thing and I still haven’t changed one bit.

“Push” I pushed with my right hand on her stomach, amazed at the strength and power I felt beneath my hands as she pushed back against me. When she told me to let up, I was so thrilled by her feel that I started to caress my hand along her stomach unconsciously. It was a dreamy feel to me, like when a poor person rubs their hand across those expensive soft silk sheets in the department store; those same luxuries that he would only ever dream of actually owning some day.

“No fair,” she fell to the ground, laughing, “That tickled.” I hadn’t thought to do so but she must have figured I was being smart as she jumped from her spot and tackled me, tickling my sides aggressively and making me laugh until my sides hurt before she stopped.

“Well,” she was breathing heavily, “you get the idea at least. Can I expect to see you here tomorrow at 2 again?” I nodded, a shit-eating grin spread across my face which I could not make subside no matter how hard I tried. I had been so lucky as to have an excuse to come see her every single day. It was like heaven opened up on Earth and chose me for the first time ever. “I’ll hold off on starting until you get here. I need a lot of help with my splits too.”

“Sounds good. I uh…, guess I should be getting home. It’s a long walk you know.”

“You walked here? No way. How long did it take you?”

“It’s about forty-five minutes from my house, another thirty from work.” It hadn’t felt like as much when I was doing it but I suddenly realized it was quite a ways.

“Let me drive you home then.” Brianna was running a towel through her sweaty hair.

“That’s alright. I like to walk.” Seeing her beautiful freckled cheeks that I was crazy about and wearing that outfit all this time, especially seeing that beautiful mound so close had worked me up quite a bit. I figured I needed some time to cool off before I got home.

“I’ll go with you then. I could use a good walk after my workout.” I loved the idea of her company but given she was the very reason I wanted to walk off my overactive hormones, I only reluctantly agreed. Still, I was in heaven. I always was when she was around me. Brianna disappeared into her bedroom and a few moments later emerged in a less revealing though equally appealing pair of jogging pants and matching jacket. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail too.

“Ready?” she asked. I nodded to her Örnekköy Escort Bayan that I was and we set out the front door.

During the forty-five minutes which turned into more than an hour and a half because we were walking so slowly, we talked about everything under the sun; our lives, past relationships, college studies, her gymnastics competitions, everything. I saw Tommy from the supermarket where I work from across the street as we walked and wanted to run and hide. He was my primary adversary who lived on making my life hell at work.

He did the strangest thing though, as I forced myself to keep walking with my head held high so as to not lose face in front of Brianna. I saw him watching me with my cousin and put his thumbs up in a congratulatory motion followed by his ‘sweet’ sign. She didn’t know it but I felt prouder than I ever had before at that very moment.

Brianna left me on the porch, reaching up with her toes the six inches or so in height difference that I had on her to kiss me on the cheek like she had always done when we were younger. Then she turned around to leave and I watched as she moseyed back to the sidewalk, her tight ass wiggling enticingly with every step. She turned to me and waved with a cute little twiddle of the fingers before starting her jog home. I went in straight to my room as my mother wasn’t due home for another half-hour and immediately jerked myself to relief. There was just too much tension that had grown in my groin all afternoon while watching Brianna’s beautiful body. I even ended up calling out my cousin’s name when I had my orgasm.


Rumors spread like wildfire in a workplace and the result was one of the best days I’d ever had at work. Tommy made sure the entire staff knew I had gotten a girlfriend and to top it off, he said she was hot. He ought to know as he was the official judge of hotness according to himself. Though I know I should have corrected him and the others, the pats on the back and the congratulations along with requests to see pictures and the like felt so good compared to my normal treatment. Not even once did I get called a ‘loser’ and Jim even invited me to a pool party he was having that weekend provided I take my ‘girlfriend’ with me.

By the time I was walking home, I had heard Brianna referred to as my girl so often that day even I was starting to believe it. I was imagining my arrival at her house and being greeted by a warm passionate kiss. Can you imagine? Getting a kiss from a girl like her? It had to be heaven. There would be no other way to describe it.

I didn’t have to waste time or energy cursing that day. It had been near perfect for me. The only thing better would have been if it were true but hey, can’t have everything in life, right? In my backpack I had taken shorts and a tee shirt which I stopped at a gas station nearby to change into so I could jog to Brianna’s apartment easier. No more walking for me. If I was going to be her trainer, I was determined to get myself into shape too. Besides, I wanted to get to her as fast as I could. I had seriously been thinking about her all day and couldn’t wait to see her any longer.

I guess I never knew how much work jogging really was until that moment. I had pushed myself as hard as I knew how but still had only made it halfway before I had to walk again. Little by little I figured, marking the spot in my mind so as to beat it the next day and mark more progress every day thereafter. I was still breathing heavily by the time I reached Brianna’s apartment and knocked at the door.

This time after a few minutes I did hear the bolt turn and ‘my girl’ opened the door. Her hair was a wet mess that magnificently outlined her gorgeous face and brought out those precious freckles of her nose and cheeks. She had a towel wrapped around her body but her shoulders were bare showing off a few freckles there too that I hadn’t ever noticed before.

“Sorry to take so long in answering. I was in the bath.” She let me in and closed the door. “I had a key made for you,” she passed me a key, “so you can come on in whenever you want. I’ll be back in a minute…,” she looked me over in surprise. “Nice outfit by the way.” Then her eyes went big as she smiled wide, covered her mouth like she was embarrassed and blushed. “I love the shorts!” She quickly disappeared into her bedroom.

I looked over my shorts, unsure what would have made them so special for her to react in such a way but then I realized that seeing her in the towel had had an immediate effect on me. A faint yet distinct outline of my manhood who was obviously interested in what he saw in Brianna could be easily detected through the thin material. I was so embarrassed I felt like running away, hiding, whatever I could to not have to face her after that. It was like I had betrayed our family trust or something. How could I have been so stupid as to let her see what she did to me? Was she mad? I didn’t know what to do.

I was just about to walk out the front door again and run home to hide under my bed forever when Brianna came out of her bedroom wearing an outfit very similar to the day before. This one was green though.

“Where do you think you are going?” she had her hands on her hips when she caught me wiggling the front doorknob.

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Amnesty Program Ch. 04

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This is a continuation of the story that began with Amnesty Program.


Rebecca sat cross legged on the couch with Jason’s laptop in front of her, typing their daily report. She felt small in his clothes, and the sleeves fell over her hands. Jason sat next to her, concentrating on sewing the button back on her grey dress. Hunched over the cloth, with an endearingly earnest air, and she saw that he had some skill. He had matched the thread to the other buttons perfectly and she watched his long fingers do the tiny needlework. It occurred to her that his hands were strong enough to tear the dress from hem to hem. She smiled.

Cookies were baking, filling the house with a delicious smell.

“How’s that look,” he said, showing her. She thought she heard a hint of worry in his voice. He really wanted her to be pleased.

“I love watching your hands,” she said quietly,

Jason smiled and she saw his eyes flick up towards the kitchen. “The button, is it okay?”

“It’s perfect. Thank you.”

Jason’s mom, Diane, was taking the cookies out of the oven.

“Does she always make that much noise in the kitchen?” Rebecca whispered.

Jason grinned. “Decibels are an ingredient in everything she cooks.” He looked down at the thread in his hand. “Damn. I forgot the scissors.” He stood and went into the kitchen.

Rebecca heard his mother asking him questions in what she thought was a quiet voice.

“Where did you find her?”

“Mom, I didn’t find her- we met at school. We were kind of thrown together for a group project. She didn’t want to work in a group and neither did I.”

“So, a match made in heaven?”

“Come on, Mom.” Rebecca could hear the embarrassment in Jason’s voice.

“It’s about time you noticed that there are two kinds of people on the planet. You’re one kind and she’s the other kind. A girl. And if you aren’t going to make the first move, then I will.”

Rebecca set the computer aside and walked quietly to the kitchen door.

“I already did, Mom…”

“Really? How?” she interrupted, her voice sarcastic, “By showing her your calculator?”

“He bought me a cup of coffee.”

Jason and his mother both startled.

Rebecca walked over and picked up a warm cookie. They watched silently as she took a bite, unsure what to say. One of the melted chocolate chips split and left a line of chocolate on her lower lip and her chin, dark against the pink of her lip. She didn’t notice.

“And he held my hand.” Rebecca said around the cookie and noticed them staring at her.

“What?” she said, puzzled.

Jason pointed at her lip, dropped his hand. “Chocolate.”

His mother turned to find a paper napkin and when she turned back, Jason was already wiping the chocolate from Rebecca’s chin with his finger. She coughed, not used to this tenderness in her son. He quickly licked it off his finger. Chocolate was still shining on Rebecca’s lip.

“Well.” Jason’s mother said, “When I was in college…”

Jason kissed Rebecca, gently and deliberately, silencing his mother forever on the subject of girls and getting the chocolate from Rebecca’s lip all at once. Rebecca smiled as he stepped back.

“Thank you,” she said, smiling at him demurely. “That was sweet.” She took another bite of her cookie.

Jason heard his laptop bing in the other room. He had an email. He touched Rebecca’s lip once with the tip of his finger and went to check the message. He read it and then called Rebecca in to read it too.



We’d like you to do some work in preparation for tomorrow’s task. Rebecca will be doing the same preparation, but please don’t share your work with each other before we give you some further instructions.

Make a list of ten requests- things that you would like to ask Rebecca for, and that she is capable of granting. It will be best if you don’t just memorize the requests or make it up on the spot. Type them out and make a hard copy. The requests should be simple and in command form, so questions like “What is your favorite color?” should be phrased “Tell me your favorite color.”

You are free to put any request at all on your list, but keep in mind that you will be sharing this list with her tomorrow.

Meet Professor Suarez and me in her office tomorrow at 10:00 and we’ll explain the rest of the task.

Professor Denton


Rebecca grinned. “I think I’m going to like this one.” She took the dress and went back to change in Jason’s room, leaving his jeans, his belt and his shirt folded neatly on his bed. She left her yellow panties in his underwear drawer and hoped he’d find them before his mother did.


Rebecca woke the next morning smiling in her bed, still wearing Jason’s boxers. She knew she probably should have given them back when she changed the day before, but she liked wearing them. When she had undressed for bed the night before she stood in front of her mirror, looking at herself in them, liking how they hung low on her hips, liking how it made her feel close to him.

She Ostim Escort wore Jason’s boxers while she ate breakfast, and while she brushed her teeth. After a shower she sighed and stepped into her own panties, a pair of jeans, and a white summer blouse.

Rebecca had written and rewritten her list. She had trouble picking just ten things, she could think of so many things she wanted to ask Jason for, but was just too chicken. The task gave her an excuse to be much more direct without seeming demanding.

Jason met Rebecca at the door to Professor Suarez’s office at 9:58. He felt like his list was burning a hole in his backpack. He hoped he didn’t have to share it with the professors.

Rebecca grinned mischievously. “I’m going to have you so busy you won’t have time to eat for two days.”

Jason took a deep breath. “I just hope you don’t slap me.”

“Why,” she said as she stepped in close to him and batted her eyes. “Is spanking on your list?” She knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Professor Suarez called and they entered, Rebecca first, in high spirits, and Jason following, with a touch of apprehension.

“Have a seat. There’s something I’d like to address before we get to today’s task. You made a recommendation, Rebecca, for another test subject for the Amnesty Program, Emily Andrews, your roommate.”

“Yes,” Rebecca said, “We told her about the program in broad terms and she seemed interested. I hope that was okay?”

“It’s not going to end up in the university newspaper, is it?”

Jason answered quickly. “No. I made sure she understood that we were speaking off the record.”

“Good. I’ve taken a look at her records and she does seem highly motivated and capable. She also is fairly overcommitted. I’ve talked this over with Professor Denton and we think she’ll make just a mediocre candidate for our purposes.”

“Why?” Rebecca asked, surprised.

“In Journalism, there isn’t as big a difference between educational expectations and work expectations. With you two studying sciences, that big gap is what we’re trying to exploit. We want to close that gap. She doesn’t have that much of a gap to close. She would probably work out well as a partner to a better candidate though.”

“Well, thanks for considering her,” Rebecca said.

“You’re welcome. You’re actually in a fairly good position to identify candidates for the program. Feel free to bring names to us any time.”

Professor Suarez closed one folder and opened another. “Now. With your permission I’d like to look over your lists just to make sure they’ll be appropriate for today’s task.”

Jason’s heart sank. He had been hoping to just keep this between himself and Rebecca. Their daily reports had been frank and open, even describing the nature of some of their sexual play, but it was one thing to write about what had happened, and something else to write about what you wished would happen. He dug his list out of his backpack and caught a glimpse of Rebecca’s face as she handed over her list. She was looking a little startled too.

“Thank you,” Professor Suarez said, looking over Jason’s list first.

He sat uncomfortably and watched her face for signs of shock or disgust. There was none. In fact, she could have been reading a grocery list.

“Excellent,” she said, handing the list back, “that’s going to work fine.” She turned her attention to Rebecca’s list and had a similar reaction, although Jason thought he saw her suppress a grin.

“Very good. Those are exactly the sorts of things we’re looking for. Rebecca,” she said, her professional composure cracking briefly, “Number 5 is a work of pure genius.”

Rebecca reddened. “Thank you.”

A knock came at the door and Professor Denton walked in.

“Have a seat, Philip,” Professor Suarez said. “I’ve taken a look at their lists and I think we’re ready for the instructions.

“Thanks, Sandra,” Professor Denton said, then addressed Rebecca and Jason. “Stress is a major health factor in most high-performing environments, both in and out of the educational system. Some of that, of course, is unavoidable, but we want to help equip you to avoid the stress that you can. Often, that comes by simply saying “no” to things that you will have to pay too high a price to complete. Disappointment is also natural product of competent environments and learning to be disappointed gracefully is a skill.

“We’re going to kill two birds with one stone today. When you leave here, take some time to sit down together privately and make each request on your list to the other verbally. The other will refuse every request with a simple “no.” In order to have the desired outcome, the refusal must be real and in force for at least twenty four hours.

Jason sighed deeply. Rebecca looked angry.

“There are some elements here that are unfortunately not congruent with the workplace,” Professor Denton continued, “as in the likelihood that you will each be refusing to do things that you would much prefer to do. My hope is that this will reinforce the Escort Ostim graceful disappointment aspect of the task. Do you have any questions?”

“Yes,” Rebecca said, a slight waver in her voice, “what will you do if we cheat?”

Professor Denton thought about this for a moment. “Well, that would depend on the nature of the cheating. There are types of cheating that would probably enhance the success of our overall goals and there are types that will undermine it. I will leave it to you. Blindly following the rules of a task is ultimately of no consequence. The educational goal is primary. If you change the task, be prepared to explain how the change better suits the goals of the Amnesty Program. Maybe you’ll have something to teach us.”

Rebecca nodded, folded her list crisply and slipped it into her backpack. “Is that all?”

“Yes,” Professor Suarez said, “unless you have any more questions.

Jason shook his head.

“Let’s get started,” Rebecca said coldly and headed for the door. Jason followed, his list crumpled in his fist.

Professor Suarez sighed once the door slammed shut. “They’re ready for one of the societal norm challenge tasks, I think.”

“You’re right, Sandra. Let’s get one in the pipeline and put it in front of them this afternoon while they’re still angry and watch the fireworks.”

Professor Suarez sighed. “Damn, I wish you had been one of my professors.”

Professor Denton raised his eyebrows at her. “If I had been, I would have gotten fired.” He winked and smiled before walking out the door.


“My house,” Jason said to Rebecca’s back as she stormed down the hallway, “Mom’s not back until dinnertime.”

“What difference does it make,” she said bitterly, “I was all excited, and, now it turns out I was making a list of things that are never going to happen… and they’re not going to happen because I put them on my list.”

Jason had to jog to keep up with her. “It’s 10:09 a.m. right now.”

“So… so… fucking what,” she said, brushing a tear from her eye.

“At 10:10 tomorrow morning, I’m going through my list with you again. I promise. And if you don’t tear yours into pieces before then, I’ll answer your requests too- honestly, not with some prescribed psychology bullshit.”

She turned around and hugged him suddenly, burying her face in his chest. He was startled, but he put his arms around her, backpack and all. “Thank you!” she said into his shirt, then, after she sniffed once, “you’ll be sorry.”

“Why,” Jason said, warily, “is spanking on your list?”

Rebecca laughed and shook her head, squeezed him once and stepped back. She looked up at him.

“Good,” he said, grinning down at her, “then there’s something we can still do today.”


“Let’s not flip a coin,” Rebecca said, sitting next to Jason in his living room. Jason’s house was uncomfortably silent. “I’ll go first. I want to get this over with.”

Jason nodded, feeling strangely sad.

“Get me a glass of water.”

Jason was on his feet headed for the kitchen before he saw the crestfallen look on Rebecca’s face. It was her first request and he had to refuse it. He sat down again, slowly.

He swallowed. “No,” he said, “but why…”

“Because,” she said, “you would do it so sweetly.”

“I would try.”

“Tell me about your hardest crush. Include fantasies.”

Jason closed his eyes and saw Miss Johnston, his calculus tutor, leaning over an integral he had made a mistake on, her breast brushing his arm. He opened his eyes, smiled at Rebecca. “No.”

“Wash my hair.”

Jason put his nose behind her right ear, breathed the fragrance of her hair in deeply and sighed. “No.”

“Let me fall asleep with my head in your lap.”

“No.” Jason felt a physical pang in his stomach. He knew this was just an exercise, he knew it was temporary. His stomach still hurt.

“Let me and some other girls watch you play basketball with your friends. You’re skins.”

“Really?” he said, surprised, “That’s the one Suarez thought was genius?”

Rebecca was impressed that he had been counting, but she narrowed her eyes at him. “They’re all genius.”

“Oh, uh no.”

“Too bad,” she said, looking back at her list. She took a deep breath. “Tell me everything there is to know about your cock. Answer any questions.”

“No,” Jason said, but he raised an eyebrow at her and smiled.

Rebecca put her list down. “Does he have a name?”

Jason laughed. “I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of a name for my cock.”

“Wanker,” she said, trying for a British accent.

“Guilty,” he said, “as you well know.”

Rebecca grinned crookedly, remembering how she hadn’t cleaned his come off her canvas tennis shoe when he had masturbated for her.

“Tie me up and make me trust you.”

Rebecca searched Jason’s face as he processed her request. She saw his eyes flash to her wrists for a moment, making some secret calculation. When he looked at her eyes again, his “no” was so convincing, Ostim Escort Bayan she thought she had offended him, but just as she felt her face flush with shame, he took her hand in his and bit her wrist just hard enough to leave neat marks.

“No,” he said again, looking at her ankles, calculating.

Rebecca felt like she had just taken a step beyond her control. She tried to sound calm. “I was really excited about that one,” Rebecca said, and heard her voice tight with the promise of another chance. She looked at her list. “Find and write down every blemish you can find on my body.”

“No.” Jason emerged and looked at her speculatively. She shrugged and grinned, pointing out a minor crescent scar on her shoulder. Jason covered it with his lips.

“Tell my pussy a story.”


“It’s one of my favorites on the list,” she said, trying to convince him. “I would be exceedingly grateful…”

“It’s a wonderful idea. No.”

Rebecca didn’t look at the list for the last request. Her eyes brimmed suddenly with tears.

“Promise,” she said, slowly, “to make love to me when the time comes.” She covered her face, waiting hopelessly for him to speak.

“Yes,” Jason said, “yes.”

Rebecca snorted a watery laugh. “You’re supposed to say no…”

“I’m not even going to pretend to reject you like that. I promise.”

Rebecca threw her list across the room. She straddled his lap and kissed him. “I’m crazy about…” she started, stopped when she heard herself, swallowed, started again, surprised at herself. “I’m crazy about you.”

Jason laughed. “I’m crazy about you too,” he said, “and it’s a good thing you said it now, because you couldn’t have later.”


Jason nodded. “It’s number eleven on my list.”

“You only get ten things on your list,” she said, smacking his shoulder with her hand, “you should have seen the nine things that didn’t make the cut for my list. There was talcum powder and a rolling pin… and sushi!”

He laughed and folded his list so only the last line was visible. He showed her.

“11.I’m head over heels for you. Tell me how you feel about me.”

Rebecca beamed at him and kissed him again. “No,” she said into his mouth and touched the tip of her nose to his. She flicked his upper lip with her tongue. “Anything else you want?” She slid off his lap, crossed her legs and waited.

Jason looked at his list. “Wash my car,” he said, “make my neighbors jealous.”

“Is that one request, as in ‘make my neighbors jealous by washing my car?'”


“Are these the neighbors you play basketball with?”


Rebecca smiled and nodded, but her mouth said “No.”

“Tell me what parts of my body you like to look at.”

Rebecca ran her fingers lightly down Jason’s arm and rested her hand on his thigh. “No.”

“Find a dirty story and read it to me.”

She sighed, disappointed. “No.”

“Tell me what you would do if you caught someone having sex in plain view.”

“I have caught someone having sex.”

“Really? Who was it?”

Rebecca smiled. “My cousin and her boyfriend.”

Jason swallowed. “What did you do?”

“I won’t tell you,” she said, “today.”

“Shit. Fine. Tell me every swear word you know. Use each one in a sentence.”

“Hell no,” Rebecca giggled, “I mean fuck no. Shit. I just mean… no.”

Jason’s eyes lingered on the next request. “Teach me,” he said, “how to touch your breasts right.”

Rebecca’s breasts lifted a little, as if to begin a lesson right then. “I’ll teach you something, she said, unbuttoning her blouse.”


“Shut up,” she said, draping the blouse carefully over the back of the couch. She sat close to him. “This bra has two hooks in the back. Feel them with your fingers.”

Jason put his arms around her. His nose was an inch from hers.

“The eyes the hooks are in are small and they’ll tend to bind when you unhook them, especially if you try to force them. Take my bra off.” She looked steadily into his eyes as his fingers fumbled behind her. “Relax and you’ll do fine. Are my eyes beautiful?”

Jason was temporarily distracted. “I love your eyes. They keep on talking when your mouth stops.”

The clasp came undone.

“What,” she breathed, “are my eyes saying now?”

“‘Look at me’ is what they’re saying,” he said quietly.

“Look at me.”

Jason pulled the bra down and Rebecca slid her arms out of the straps. He had seen her breasts before, but it always seemed like some other beautiful, exciting thing was competing for his attention. Now Rebecca wasn’t touching him, wasn’t moving. All she was doing was sitting there, being beautiful for him. She took a deep breath, and Jason watched her breasts rise and fall, handfuls waiting for hands. She picked up her blouse after a long, charged minute and started buttoning it up again without putting her bra back on. She left the top three buttons open.

“I’ve forgotten,” she said quietly, “what your request was.”

“Teach me how to touch your breasts right.”

“No,” she said, but she raised her hand to her left nipple and pinched it gently through the fabric. She let her eyes close and shuddered. She opened her eyes. Jason touched her other nipple lightly through her blouse, but she shook her head slightly, reluctantly.

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Angie’s Education Ch. 1

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Angie stood at the edge of the sidewalk waving, as the red minivan pull away. Alone, she stood for the first time in her life. Her parents and her younger brother were in the van, leaving her standing alone to face her first day at college. To say she had lived a sheltered life would completely fail to capture the degree of social isolation she had experienced over the last six years.

Yet, here she was, nineteen, a first year student at a small liberal arts college in central Michigan. A year older than all the other incoming students, Angie realized that was one of the smaller differences between her and them. For some reason that no one fully understood, Angie had not made a good transition from Elementary School to the middle grades. A year of poor performance had lead to her being held back a year. A lack of improvement the following year had lead to her parents’ decision to home school her. So, while her brother continued to attend public school, Angie had stayed home with her mother. Absorbing knowledge in a way she had never been able to in a typical classroom. At issue had never been her intelligence; rather it was her inability to deal with the increased pressures of socialization required during those awkward preteen years that had lead to further isolation.

“Hey, don’t look so down in the dumps!”

A friendly voice broke her thoughts, as she turned, she gave a slightly startled jump as she realized the speaker, was a boy, obviously not a first year student standing only a few feet behind her.

With a casual grace she had never learned, the boy stepped closer and said, “I’m Jon, welcome to Andersen College.” Continuing as she tried to find something to say “I’m an RA in ‘Davidson’, the guys’ dorm over there, stop in and say ‘hey’ sometime.” With that he smiled again and walked away.

Angie was left standing, numb, realizing she hadn’t said a word…”God, he must think I’m a moron…” she thought. With a soft sigh, she walked back into her new home “Chapman Court” the only “girls-only” dorm on campus, known to everyone as the ‘virgin-vault’.

Jon dodged another van full of stereos and beanbag chairs and walked across the quad to his dorm. “Cute girl” he thought, “kind of odd, but cute.” With a smile he mentally undressed the silent student. Slim, long blonde hair, big brown eyes, small perky breasts under her “Andersen” t-shirt, and a tight little butt in those white shorts. “Wonder how long it will be ‘till some drunk frat boy is pile driving her?” With a chuckle, Jon walked into the RA office to get ready for the arrival of the upper classmen tomorrow.

Angie climbed the stairs to her dorm room “Why did I bring all this junk?” she asked as she started to unpack. After about forty minutes of sorting through clothes and shoes, she heard a soft tap Şentepe Escort on the door. Opening, she was greeted by a short brunette and her parents.

“Hi!” the girl said “I’m Tina, you must be Angie… this is so cool!” Angie met her new roommate and the girl’s parents she began to wonder what she had gotten herself into. This girl, “Tina” was everything she was not. Tina was full of personality, always laughing and joking.. the minute she walked in she sat her CD player on her desk and popped in a CD. The music filled the room and between cheerful comments and sidelong glances at her parents, Tina managed to compress her entire life into ten minutes of rambling monologue. As Tina’s dad lugged chest after chest of clothes up the stairs, Tina and her mother rapidly unpacked more clothes than Angie had ever seen. Continuing to organize her items, Angie realized it would take a minor miracle for her to fit a word in edge-wise as the good natured girl continued to fill the air with interesting but ultimately meaningless details about her high school friends, their problems, and how happy she was to be “FINALLY” going to college. Tina’s parents were saying goodbye, giving both girls a hug and pulling away. Only when Tina’s continuing conversation broke into her thoughts did Angie realize Tina’s dad had given her a $50 bill just as he had Tina. “For pizza and stuff” he had said. She had been too lost in thought to even thank him.

The days went by quickly, adjusting to a new routine, learning how to find her way around campus, days spent in the classroom and lab, evenings spent in the library. Angie was a good student, to be fair with herself, she was an outstanding student. Better trained and better motivated than her peers. She found she liked college. There was none of that endless, overwhelming, peer pressure she had felt in public school. That endless aching need to be popular. Here, at Andersen, no one even noticed her. She moved in quiet anonymity through her days. In fact, other than her lab partners, Tina, and a few other girls on her hall, she hadn’t spoken to anyone at all.

It was Friday evening and Angie was packing her book bag for her usual after supper trip to the library. “Oh no you don’t you bookwork!” laughed Tina. Pulling the chemistry book from Angie’s hand she continued “It’s Friday night, we are going to do something…”

Stammering something about the important quiz on Monday, Angie realized Tina was sorting through her clothes, tossing things left and right. “Finally, yes, this will do…” turning to Angie, Tina held up a yellow cotton sundress. “Put this on.. “ she said, “…you can’t wear a sweatshirt to a party!”

“A party, what is Tina talking about?” said Angie. “I don’t even know anyone.. why would I go to a party?”

“Duuu… Şentepe Escort Bayan to meet someone… and with any luck not just one ‘someone’” laughed Tina.

As Angie thought about this development, Tina pushed play on the CD player and began to change clothes. The girl had lost all self-consciousness after playing sports in high school. She readily tugged off her t-shirt and wiggled out of her jeans.

Tina was a small girl, only 5’1 or so, with thick dark hair and green eyes. Her Mediterranean heritage was obvious in her olive skin and rounded figure. Despite her small size, she was very curvy. With full hips, thighs that were slightly chunky, and very large full breasts.

As Angie turned away, she accidentally caught a glimpse of dark areolas and large, hard nipples, as well as a small patch of dark pubic hair as Tina bounced around the room to the music.

“Well, are you going to get dressed or what?” Tina asked. Looking up from her history book, Angie answered “ahh.. well.. sure.” Looking around, Angie found the sundress and glanced at Tina. “Oh, go on…” Tina teased, knowing Angie had been skittish undressing in front of her.

Turning away, Angie quickly stepped out of her jeans and pulled her sweatshirt over her head. “God, I wish I were as slim as you are..” Tina said, “maybe I should start running and going swimming with you!”

“Sure, that would be great” Angie answered…”Where are we going anyway?”

Putting the finishing touches on her make-up, Tina turned to Angie. “This guy, in my psyche class, invited me to a party. I said I would come if I could bring my roommate, so.. that’s where we are going.”

“Oh, ok.” Angie wondered “Where does he live?”

“He’s really cute, a sophomore, tall, really big hands.” Tina laughed, “He lives in Davidson.. It will be fun.. are you ready to go?”

The party was everything Angie had thought it would be. Tina danced and laughed and talked with everyone. Angie had hung near the edges, not dancing and hardly talking. She didn’t drink any of the beer that everyone seemed to have. The only person she talked with to any degree had been Jon, the RA she had met, but hadn’t seen since, her first day on campus. He was nice enough, and seemed genuinely interested in talking. He hadn’t asked her to dance and he hadn’t tried to get her to have a beer. He had even kept a couple of the louder, more drunk boys away from her. Finally, about 12:30, Tina came over and asked if she was ready to go home. Stifling a yawn, Angie replied “I suppose, if you are.” and the girls made their way across the moon lit quad. A few times Angie had to support the slightly staggering Tina, obviously the beers had affected her more than she had realized.

When they reached their dorm room, Escort Şentepe Tina turned on a small bedside lamp and began to undress. Again, Angie had to turn away as Tina’s rounded body was quickly exposed. Without bothering with her customary long t-shirt, Tina climbed under the covers and turned off the light. Standing in the silent darkness, Angie began to undress. Across the room from her, Tina lay in bed watching the silhouette of her quiet, nervous roommate outlined against the window curtain.

Later that night, Angie awoke from a fitful sleep. She could hear a muffled buzzing and low rhythmic moans coming from Tina’s bed. Trying not to move, fearing to even breathe, Angie looked over. She could see Tina had kicked off her covers, her dark olive skin shown in the moonlight. Her knees were drawn up. Her head moved slowly from side to side. After a few seconds, Tina’s hand snaked its way over her rounded and tummy and up to her large breasts.

Angie was in shock, “What is Tina doing?” she kept thinking to herself…. as her roommate cupped her left breast and pushed it up to meet her tongue. Angie watched as Tina licked and sucked her own nipple, all the while the buzzing grew louder and more obvious. After a few more seconds Tina’s moans grew louder and then ended abruptly with a long low groan. The only sound was the panting of Tina’s breath and the drumming of Angie’s heartbeat echoing in her ears.

After a few minutes, Tina climbed out of bed and tugged on a robe. She left the room and Angie could hear the bathroom door open down the hall. It was only as Tina left the bathroom and started back down the hall to her room that she realized she had forgotten her key. “Damn…now I have to wake Angie.” she thought as she knocked slightly. A second later the door opened. Angie didn’t say anything, just stood there in her short pink cotton pajamas as she held the door for Tina. “I’m sorry, I forgot my key.” said Tina.

“It’s ok” Angie said softly. The bright light from the hall fell diagonally across Tina’s bed. There in the middle of the crumpled sheets was a small pink cylinder about four inches long and no larger around than Angie’s little finger. As the girls’ eyes met, the realized they both had looked at it at the same time. Angie’s eyes blinded and Tina let out a little laugh. Busted…” she said, “sorry I woke you up, I was trying to be quiet.. but.. well.. you know.. sometimes.. “ she laughed again and shrugged off her robe and crawled into bed, hiding her soft brown curves and the pink cylinder at the same time.

Angie stood silently for a minute and then got into her own bed. After a few minutes she worked up her courage and said “ahhh, Tina, .. ah, what.. what is that .. thing?”

A soft giggle came from the nearby bed.. “God girl, are you still in Laura Engles Land?” again she giggled, “It’s a toy, a vib…”

A what?” Angie asked softly.

“It’s a girl’s best friend, a vibrator.” another giggle, “my mom picked it out for me and sent it in the last care package, with the oatmeal raisin cookies .She thought I would like it .. and she was right.”

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Alex Sucks Cock for the First Time

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As promised, here is what I wrote about Alex’s first ever blowjob.

I can say that he has gotten better since, but the first time was pretty amazing – gotta love breaking in those str8 boys!!

I left off yesterday just as Alex had listed the things on his sexual bucket list.

Alex was still sitting down on the other side of the breakfast bar so I couldn’t see if his cock was rock hard but he couldn’t definitely see mine and there was no doubt that I was excited about where this conversation was going. I suggested to Alex that we start at the top of his list and get him sucking some cock. Alex said it sounded like a good idea and stood up from behind the breakfast bar and it became apparent that he was just as excited as I was.

“Sit on the couch Dave and let me suck my first cock.”

“Do you like honey Alex?”

“Yeah why?”

This is a little technique I’ve used with guys and girls who aren’t as enthusiastic about sucking cock as I am… I went to the cupboard, grabbed the honey and turned to face Alex. I pulled the front of my ADIDAS speedo out and poured honey down the front of my speedo.

Then I moved Macunköy Escort towards the couch.

I sat in the middle of the couch, spread my legs and Alex got on his knees between them. Alex pulled my cock out the leg of my speedos which were a mess with the honey I’ve poured into them.

Alex went to work cleaning the honey off my cock.

He really does like honey!!

I wanted to grab the back of Alex’s head and ram his mouth but being a blowjob virgin I held back and let him explore my cock with his mouth. He was a little all over the place and didn’t get any real rhythm which is what I need when I’m getting sucked off but he was working on getting all the honey and he spent a lot of time licking my cock which probably wasn’t going to make me cum but it looked amazing.

Alex worked without stopping for probably 10 minutes or so and I was switching between throwing my head back and enjoying the feeling of him between my legs and looking down enjoying the view of this guy who 3 weeks ago had never ever been with a guy working my cock

Finally I decided to give Alex some directions and Macunköy Escort Bayan make me cum.

“Stroke me with your right hand, rub my balls with your left and keep your mouth on the head of my cock mate.”

Alex didn’t need to be asked twice and followed my directions to the letter. Now he got some rhythm and I started getting close. My now my arse was off the couch and both my hands were on Alex’s bare shoulders.

Then I felt that I was really close. I was moaning pretty loud and encouraging Alex telling him what a great job he was doing and then I felt my orgasm beginning and I warned Alex but told him not to stop.

My cock started spasming into Alex’s mouth.

I think that orgasms from a long blowjob are just crazy intense and this orgasm was exactly that. I couldn’t see it because the head of my cock was inside Alex’s mouth, but it felt like I unloaded a huge amount of cum. When my cock finally stopped spasming I told Alex he had done a great job.

With that Alex got up and went to the kitchen to spit out the load that I’d just given him. Looking at the front of Alex’s speedo Escort Macunköy as he stood up, he was still cock hard and I could see a little bit of pre-cum oozing near the waist band which was trying valiantly to restrain his cock.

As Alex washed down the residual cum of mine in his mouth with a swing of bourbon I asked him:

“Suck or fuck Alex?”

Suck was the decision. Alex and I swapped position, I pulled his cock out the leg of his speedo and went to town on his cock. Again, I thought about fingering him but he was rock hard, moaning loudly so I thought he didn’t need any more stimulation.

And I was right.

I worked Alex’s cock just the way he finished me off, one hand on his balls, one hand stroking his cock and my tongue working the head of his cock.

It wasn’t long until Alex’s moans got really loud and his hips were thrusting off the couch. Then he unloaded!! And what a load. I suppose he had been hard for going close on half an hour and he had one hell of a load.

For those of you who have read about my other sexual experiences you know there is no spitting from me.

I rested back still with Alex’s cock in my hand and both of us had big smiles on our face.

That was pretty much it too guys, after that we decided to go to the pool for a swim. I changed out of my honey infused speedos.

Hopefully this coming weekend Alex and I will tick off something else on his sexual bucket list.

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A Year of Firsts Ch. 01

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Chapter 1

My name is Melanie and I was a fairly late developer and quite shy so I had little to do with boys through most of my time at school. In fact it wasn’t until I was almost eighteen that I really began to take an interest in boys generally and in the whole issue of sex. Up until then I had kind of assumed that it would all happen at some time in the future. I really didn’t have much time for boys anyway because I was very focussed on academic success. I was a good Catholic girl who still went to church every Sunday.

I had developed, finally, very nice breasts, B-cup but very well shaped. I was tall, brunette and not unattractive but certainly not beautiful. I had great skin which I looked after carefully and like all of my friends I was very much a virgin. In my case, although I knew about the mechanics of sex I knew nothing of the thrill of it. At that stage, even though I knew it was possible for girls to masturbate, I didn’t really know how and had no real burning desire to find out. It was all somewhere in the future. Any vague fantasies that I did have were more romantic than sexual and usually involved some movie star rescuing me and kissing me before riding off into the sunset.

But it all changed on my eighteenth birthday. It led to a whole series of first times that I will never forget.

My girlfriends and I had gone to the movies and shopping for my birthday and by the time I got home I was tired. My family had celebrated with me the previous night so after two long nights I couldn’t wait to get into bed and sleep. It was a hot night so I decided to just wear a white tank top and plain white underwear. That in itself was unusual for me because I almost always wore a nightie to bed. It felt kind of daring to be laying in bed dressed so scantily, for me at least.

I fell asleep straight away and slept very deeply for hours. When I woke up I realised that it had been raining but now it had stopped and it was still and quiet and much cooler. I went to close my window.

My room was on the side Karşıyaka Escort of our house and very close to the next house. My window was only about 8 feet from the window of the main bedroom in that house. Up until a week before the window was almost never opened. An old lady lived there but she had moved to an old age home and it had just been bought by a couple in the mid-twenties. It was their first home and they seemed like quite nice people. She was petite and quite pretty. He was well built and, in the brief glimpse I had seen, quite good looking.

Their window was opened and I was just about to close mine when I heard a low moan. At first I thought it was a cat but then I heard another and it was definitely human, female and coming from next door. I stood in the dark listening. At first it was pure curiosity to peek into the lives of these strangers. Then it suddenly hit me, the reason she was moaning. It became much more interesting.

Her soft moans continued and then I heard her speak. It was half-spoken, half-moaned. She said, “Yes.” Long and low and drawn out. I think it is the sexiest thing I had ever heard anyone say, just that one word. And it affected me in a way that nothing else ever had.

My nipples hardened instantly. They had already been slightly erect from standing near the open window but this was different. I felt them harden. I felt them respond to the sound. I felt them rubbing against the material of my tank top, more sensitive than they had ever been. I looked down to see them outlined against the fabric. My mouth was suddenly dry and my heart was racing. And then…

I felt a warm tingling in my groin. I felt suddenly sensitive down there too, as if I could feel the cotton of my underwear against me. The whole thing kind of swept over me in a wave. I couldn’t move, straining to hear more sounds from next door, my whole body tense. It was silent for several moments, then the moans began again but with greater intensity.

She was moaning and panting, Karşıyaka Escort Bayan occasionally she would half-moan a long ‘yessss’ and each time I felt my body respond. I knew that I was wet. I could feel it soaking the crotch of my undies. The lips of my vagina felt unbelievably sensitive. I was holding on to the window sill because my legs felt weak. I wanted to hear everything. I looked into the darkened room wishing that I could see them. My breathing was shallow, my body tense, every sense seemed alive.

Then he moaned, slow and deep. The sound of his male voice caused me to actually gasp. I can still remember the powerful effect even now because I had never felt like this before. He moaned again and then he said, “Ohhh, God” in a way that left no doubt that he was in heaven, or some place very close to heaven. Without even realising that I had done it, my hand was rubbing my underwear, slowly against the growing wet spot. It gave me a shock when I did realise what I was doing. I even pulled my had away for a moment. Then she began to moan more urgently and my hand returned to my sensitive, tingling vagina, rubbing the cotton of my underwear against the swollen lips. I had never felt so good.

She began to gasp urgent sounds, little “yes’s” and “yeah’s”. They were faster now and she was clearly building to something. He began groaning in time with her, I could sense the urgency in their sounds. My own hand was rubbing urgently now too. My fingers had found one spot that felt particularly good and I simply kept rubbing through my now drenched underwear. My legs were trembling and even though my other hand was still on the sill helping to support me, I had a need to rub my breasts. That’s what it was, a need. I had to touch my breasts, to feel them, to rub the hard nipples. My hand carressed them through the light material of my tank top. And that made me moan. I moaned very softly but it wasn’t a conscious decision. My body was responding without me even thinking about it. I cupped one breast, Escort Karşıyaka pinching the nipple lightly, then rubbed my hand across it to cup the other breast. Then back to the first and so on.

From the open window next door the sound of the man had died away, but she began to pant, which merged into short squeals of pleasure, then they too began to merge into a single long “yess”, high pitched and rising higher. Then there was a very brief silence. And then they groaned long and low, together, his deep male voice mixed with hers. It lasted for seconds, during which time I pushed my fingers hard against that extra sensitive spot on my underwear and pinched my nipple harder than before, holding both of my hands in those positions for the duration of that final groan of pleasure from my neighbours. I didn’t breathe and it seemed every muscle in my body was tense as I listened to the dying sounds from next door.

My legs were shaking and I knew, somehow instinctively, that the show was over and I moved over to my bed, lay down and felt my body slowly return to normal. I heard a few soft sounds from the window, a woman’s soft laugh, some quiet conversation for a few moments, then the sound of the window closing and then, finally silence.

I lay on top of my sheets, hot and suddenly tired. It was only then that it occurred to me what I had been doing. I had been masturbating. Something I had never contemplated actually doing myself. I guess I had associated it with prostitutes and ‘bad’ girls and the nuns at school had certainly encouraged that belief. I never even imagined that my friends would do such a thing. I felt suddenly embarrassed and a little guilty. It felt like I had just done a bad thing but it also felt so amazingly good. I promised myself that it was a once only event and that I’d never let it happen again. I got up and changed to some dry underwear, kind of disgusted with myself for what I had done to the white cotton ones with the little pink bow I had been wearing. I made a mental note to myself that I would probably have to throw that pair away.

I finally got back into bed, pulled the sheet up and tried to sleep. It took quite a while. My mind kept replaying the sounds I had heard and vague images of what I imagined they were doing flickered in my mind’s eye. Finally, just before dawn, I drifted off to sleep.

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A Special Weekend With Alexis

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It was one of those magical times that so rarely happen. Alexis and I finally had some time together alone. Both our families and significant others were safely tucked away for the weekend, the whole weekend. It was magical because we would actually have an extended period of time alone together.

Alexis is my twenty-four year-old virgin girlfriend. I am a fifty-six year-old law professor, married for thirty-two years. I also have a private criminal defense law office where Alexis and I usually meet. Alexis and I have been having this very sexual relationship secretly for almost two years. Secrecy was necessary because of my wife and family as well as Alexis’ boyfriend and her family.

Alexis is a trial advocacy student of mine; we spent too much time too close together, and one thing led to another. She is, at least in my mind, ravishing. She is tall with a good figure, large firm breasts, a narrow waist and long shapely legs. She has a long mane of heavy, wavy, dirty-blond hair. She does not have a classically beautiful face, but she does have intense blue eyes and a killer smile. She is very conservative by nature in her clothing and her behavior. She is also very self-confident. Thank goodness she has the self-respect to distain tattoos, body piercing and other attention-getting body decor. Generally, she is aloof from the pranks of her less mature classmates. She also doesn’t take any shit from anyone, including me.

Life has been kind to me. I grew up with the proverbial silver spoon, private school, country club, summer camp, beach houses, Gucci loafers, debutante parties and absolutely no direction in life. After college, and still without direction, I got into a top ten law school where I spent three years absorbing as much knowledge in class as I could without actually opening a book. Now, thirty-some years later, I have developed my own niche in the world, a criminal defense trial lawyer and professor of trial advocacy. I am real good at it. It comes easily to me.

I got married while in law school. My wife’s family was also wealthy, and when her parents died, she became the beneficiary of several substantial trust funds. I love her and care for her very much, but over the last thirty years, her interest in sex has dwindled completely. In spite of that, our financial, personal and social lives are so intertwined that even during our worst arguments, divorce was never a realistic thought. For the most part, I have been faithful, but recently, I have become increasingly aware of my own advancing age and the increasing unavailability of the bright and tender young things that fill the halls of the law school. I have become almost obsessed with the reality that young beautiful women have no interest in sharing themselves with me.

I am not the handsome older-stud-type with silver hair and a great tan you see on daytime TV. I don’t take very good care of myself. Well, actually I take very good care of myself, if you count being overly self-indulgent as “taking good care”. I drink too much bourbon and wine, smoke very strong handmade cigars, never exercise, unless you call sailing exercise. In spite of that, I have all my hair, with only a little grey at the temples, and no wrinkles. My aging contemporaries complain I haven’t aged in the last fifteen years. I am a little overweight, but that is well hidden by custom tailored suits and trousers.

In my private practice, I try a lot of cases, all are criminal defense. I win most of them. That has given me somewhat of a dangerous, but useful, reputation. My fees are high and my clients struggle to make sure I get paid. My students are quite successful in mock trial competitions on a regional and national level, and they get very good offers from big litigation firms when they graduate. Accordingly, competition among students to get into my trial advocacy program is fierce, but that doesn’t necessarily depend just on grades and class rank. My students are hand picked for their personality, ability and presence.

My wife and twenty year-old daughter accuse me of being arrogant and intimidating, especially to the young men who buzz around my daughter like honey bees. I probably am; I do not suffer fools lightly and I will not tolerate second best for her. God forbid that she should end up with someone like me. Then again, I couldn’t be that bad though; all of her girlfriends flirt with me and hug me whenever they see me. I guess they enjoy attracting the attention of someone who scares the piss out of their boyfriends.

I guess Alexis was first attracted to me because I was her mentor in law school. She is exceptionally bright and will become a gifted trial lawyer. I even had her assist me with a lengthy murder trial. I didn’t really need any help, but I enjoyed having her near me and whispering in her ear during trial. Everyone else thought I was just conferring on strategy, I was really whispering to her that I wanted to kiss her breasts or lick her pussy. That drove her nuts and made her a little miffed at me. With no real experience, she was struggling İvedik Escort to pay attention and learn. I disrupted her concentration. She has not yet learned to think on multiple levels at the same time. She will learn. When she does, she will be formidable.

I guess my affair with Alexis first started with hugs of support and congratulations at her successes in mock trials. Then, she seemed to be finding excuses to be around me, to visit my office at school. Each time there were hugs. I really looked forward to that; it wasn’t everyday that I had a pair of the world’s most perfect breasts thrust hard against my chest. Eventually, she made an appointment to visit my private office on what seemed to me like an obvious and flimsy pretext. I made sure it was after-hours and that my secretary would have left for the day. Considering the nature of my practice and clientele, I am not in the habit of hugging people in my office, particularly in front of my secretary.

When Alexis arrived, she looked very sporty in a striped boat neck blouse and khakis. She actually wore Weejun penny loafers, with pennies in the slots. I hadn’t seen a woman wear those in years. My wife wore those when we met in college in the late 60’s. They were considered old fashioned and very preppie, as in went to prep school, even back then. It gave me a nostalgic moment before I focused on Alexis.

I sensed that she was uneasy so I offered to rub her shoulders. Few women can turn having their shoulders rubbed by a friend or lover. I didn’t know it then, but that is very erotic for her. After a few moments, she turned and hugged me tightly for quite a while. I enjoyed feeling her firm young breasts pressed against me. I backed away slightly. Our faces were very close. Our lips were only a few inches apart. I was nervous as hell. I mean, I may be a cocky trial lawyer, but I was also a middle-aged man and certainly not the usual fare for smart and very attractive young women. Also, I can’t stand the idea of personal rejection or, even worse, being thought of as an old fool. Trembling with desire and expectation, I threw caution to the wind; chances like this were not going to come my way very often.

Very softly, I asked, “May I kiss you?” Even softer, she replied, “Yes.”

We kissed, softly at first, then she backed off and said, “Oh, my God! I can’t believe I just kissed a married man.”

I kissed her again, this time she kissed me back hard, with a growing passion. My heart was pounding. Our bodies were together. Her pelvis was pressed against mine, her thighs were pressed against mine. I reached up and felt her breast. She didn’t flinch. Through the fabric of her shirt and bra, I could feel her nipple begin to harden. I scratched at it with my fingernail. I felt it harden even more. Alexis gave a deep gasp and held me tighter against her. Then, in a really bold move, I put my hand under her shirt and around her back and with a quick pinch of my fingers, her bra came undone. Some things are like riding a bicycle, once you learn the one-hand bra release technique, it is never forgotten. Thanks to a fine misspent youth, I was back in the game. I reached around to her front and gently cupped her naked breast with my hand. There is a thrill that comes with the first touch of a perfect breast. It made me breathless.

I pulled her shirt and bra over her head, leaving her naked to the waist. Her breasts were magnificent, truly magnificent, fully rounded, heavy, creamy white, with hard pink nipples protruding. I brought them to my lips, devouring them. They were very sensitive. As I sucked, licked and nibbled on her nipples, Alexis moaned and drew in her breath. As I continued, her knees almost buckled. As I came to discover, Alexis’ breasts were incredibly sensitive.

I was on a roll. I reasoned, don’t stop now. I tried to unbutton her khakis, but she stopped me, softly saying “No”. In such matters I had come to realize that “No” may actually mean no, or it may actually mean, no, not yet. I prefer the latter. If I was ever going to get at her pussy with her pants on, it wasn’t going to be from the front. That is when I found out how sensitive her back was. I stood behind her, pressing my enraged cock into her butt and kissing her shoulders and neck from behind. She loved being approached from the rear. My arms went around her and massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples. She moaned and almost collapsed.

She whispered hoarsely, “Harder, I like it harder, a lot harder.” I pinched her nipples very hard and rolled them between my thumbs and forefingers.

She let out a sharp gasp and her head fell backward onto my shoulder. Her knees almost buckled beneath her. That’s when she reached back with one hand and grabbed my cock through my pants. Taking that as a very good sign, I lowered one of my hands from her breast, down across her stomach, and tucked my fingers under the waistband of her pants and into her panties. Her lower stomach muscles quivered at my touch. I continued to kiss the nape İvedik Escort Bayan of her neck. My one hand pinched her nipples. My fingers went lower. She was completely smooth shaven. Her smooth, soft, warm pussy welcomed my fingers. She was very wet by the time I first touched her lips. My fingers rubbed between the slippery lips of her pussy. I rubbed lightly over the small nub of her clitoris. She started making sharp moaning sounds and soon cried out and then collapsed into my arms. She had just experienced a very quick and violent orgasm. It was several moments before she could stand on her own again. She must have been very nervous and completely primed by when she first walked through my door.

That was as far as it went that day. But, on her next visit, a week later, after an initial embrace and some passionate kisses, she kneeled before me and unbuckled my pants. She unzipped me and lowered my pants to the floor. I kicked them off. This was incredible. I was standing in front of an exciting and beautiful young blonde who was pulling down my boxer shorts. My cock popped out hard and aimed directly at her lips. Alexis started stroking my cock with one hand and gently feeling my balls and between my thighs and butt cheeks with her other hand. Soon she took me into her mouth with such eager enthusiasm, and with such loving attention and reverence, that I could not demean that act by calling it a blowjob.

She took me deep, completely inside her mouth and throat. I could feel the rough taste buds of her tongue on the tender underside of my cock as she slid me in and out of her mouth. She was very good at this and took her time, bringing me to the brink and then letting me down. She did this several times until I was ready to explode. As I got closer, I began to worry about whether she would want me to come in her mouth. Finally, I just said, “I am about to come.” Actually, I didn’t just say it, I sort of panted-squeaked it out. I didn’t have to tell her, she already knew very well that I was about to come. As it happened, instead of speeding up, she slowed down so that my orgasm was extended far longer than any that I had ever had control over myself. As I was just about to come, she began tickling my asshole with her fingers. I almost fell over. It was the most incredible sensation that I can ever remember having. It was even better than the first time that I jerked off as a little kid. Everything just sort of went black as I shot my wad into her warm sucking mouth. After I came, she didn’t stop, she continued to suck me softly and kiss my cock until I was completely limp. Then she stood up, threw her arms around me and kissed me passionately.

That’s when I realized that Alexis really enjoyed oral sex. My wife never embraced it any more than she did taking out the garbage. She never took out the garbage either. Consequently, our sex life tended to be missionary style. Alexis was totally different. Once, she misjudged how close I was to coming and lifted her head up to get some of her hair out of the way. Her other hand was around my cock as I came and then there was sperm all over my stomach. Without missing a beat, she greedily slurped and licked me clean as if she was a little kid licking chocolate icing from a desert plate.

That second visit was when she nervously told me that she was still a virgin. She was afraid that I would be angry with her for coming on to me and leading me on, only to have her back out of actual intercourse. Is she nuts? A fifty-six year-old man who is having incredible oral sex with an attractive and voluptuous twenty-four year-old is not going to complain. Certainly not this one.

Alexis and I began meeting at my office once a week. My private law office occupies a small, hundred and fifty year-old, two-and-a-half story brick townhouse. There is a parking lot in the rear, behind a small yard and garden. Alexis would park in the back parking lot and phone me to make sure that I was alone. I made sure the front door was locked and the “Closed” sign was displayed in the window. I would watch her walk through the garden before opening the back door, and welcoming her into my arms. We would go upstairs where I had a private office and sitting room, complete with full sized sofa. Alexis would always take off her shoes first. Then, we would kiss. We would kiss hard and passionately. I would feel her breasts and her hard nipples. Clothing would come off quickly until we were both naked. Then, we would make full use of the sofa.

Alexis is a virgin because she and her long-term boyfriend, Bob, an MBA type who is her age, are saving themselves for marriage. I have never understood that. I have been subtly trying to get her to give herself to me first for a long time. She is persistent, I’ll give her that. So am I. I write these stories to entice her to submit to my charms. So far, I have not been successful. Oh, we have sex and lots of it, just not vaginal intercourse.

We have also fallen in love with each other, pretty seriously in love. Escort İvedik That has made things a lot more complicated.

Recently, Alexis has been telling me that her boyfriend Bob has been getting more serious about settling down and that a formal engagement between them may soon be forthcoming. That would be the end of our sexual relationship. Even though I believe in my heart that she has come to love me more than Bob, I have long known that it must end someday. However, I cannot quite reconcile my own position in the equation. If she was so much in love with Bob, why did she seek me out. I have come to the conclusion that there are qualities in me that are seriously lacking in Bob. I know we could be happy together, but it would never work. I am seriously married. I can’t give her any future. Even if I was single and available, her family and friends would disown her if they found out she was having an affair with someone older than her father. She is young and needs their emotional support. As for me, I am of the age and status in life that I can just tell anyone to fuck-off.

Alexis has always felt guilty about our affair and she is terrified that Bob may find out about it. To say that he would not be understanding is to abuse understatement. He would walk out of her life forever. She has dated him for years and they have long assumed that they would one day be married. Their families were both very supportive of the union. For Alexis, it was her hope at happiness with someone she loved. She has tried to end our affair several times, but every time we are together there are always sparks and fireworks. We always end up in each other’s arms, and then we would be naked, touching, sucking, licking and probing. We have been unable keep our passion for each other at bay. I certainly never wanted to. I really need Alexis in my life. I treasure her. But, I can’t put her into a position where she becomes engaged with me still in her life. When she does become engaged, I must bow out. Her guilt would be overwhelming if I didn’t. Until then, I happily take the position that she is fair game. Fortunately, she has agreed with my position.

We have been physically intimate for almost two years now. It has been the most exciting and rewarding period of my life. I have found a person whom I love so strongly, so intensely, that I will give her up, for her sake, when the time comes. I will let her go for her own happiness and for the sake of her future. When, and if, that time comes, I will be sad for myself, but happy for her. I will have the many delicious memories of our times together. I have saved many of our e-mail letters; and I have the dream world of the stories I have written to her.

I will also have the one story that she promised months ago to write for me. It has taken her an awfully long time to finish that story. I believe that she has been unable to finish that story because it was her emotional link to our intimate sexual past and present. We both know that she couldn’t try to put me out of her mind while still writing a story for me that graphically expresses our love, desire and passion. In fact, we have agreed that it is unrealistic for us to attempt to end our sexual relationship until that story is completed and delivered. Until then, we will continue our sexual relationship. I have jokingly told her the story must be at least a thousand pages long.

But, back to the weekend. It was early in September, the weather still mild and warm, but there was a freshness in the air. The first vestiges of fall had yet to make an appearance. The foliage was still lush from the summer’s growth and hid the back of my house from my neighbors. You could sit outside on the patio and look out onto a dense forest of green.

I left the office early on Friday to go shopping and make sure the house was clean and orderly for her arrival. I also wanted to have all of the dinner preliminaries completed before her arrival. Alexis was going to stop off at her house on the way home from school to pick up some things for the weekend and then join me at my house.

I straightened up the house and started dinner. It would be simple enough. I wanted to have only things that Alexis really liked. A bottle of Tanqueray gin was resting comfortably in the freezer along with two martini glasses. For snacks, I put out a bowl of salted peanuts mixed with white raisins, and I had some Crabbies ready for the oven. Crabbies are simple; the mix of jumbo lump crabmeat and sharp cheddar cheese on pieces of English muffin comes out of the oven golden-brown, toasty and rich with the flavor of cheese and crab.

Dinner would start with a cup of creamy smooth Vichyssoise, served cold and topped with chopped scallions and a little fresh grated nutmeg. I had a nice sauvignon blanc in the wine cooler to go with the soup. I planned to grill a very fresh piece of wild North Atlantic salmon over a charcoal and hickory chip fire. I had whipped up some Béarnaise sauce from scratch, complete with fresh tarragon from my garden, to top off the salmon and we would have some steamed baby spinach on the side. A salad of ruby red grapefruit and romaine lettuce with poppy seed dressing rounded out the dinner. I found some wonderfully crusty, chewy bread from an Italian bakery in South Philadelphia. A good bottle of pinot noir was open on the table.

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A Good Person

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This one is the closest to a true story as anything so far. As always, comments of all denominations are welcome.


Julie Brown was something special. Opinion was universal. She was bright and worked hard, the teachers respected her. She was a great swimmer, so the coaches loved her too. She broke records and kicked ass in inter-school meets from her early years. Our school started winning, something that never happened so all the students applauded her. She was humble and happy and her friends adored her. The boys, well, they all wanted to fuck her. Whenever guys gathered to speak of mischief, her name came up more than any other girl. Model legs, an ass built for a swimsuit and conspicuous breasts that sweetly fit her lines. Her face was Cindy Crawford without the spot, as was her hair. Or perhaps a more modern-day comparison was Vanessa Hessler. It’s not very often a girl is the genuine and complete package, but Julie Brown was the real deal. The school, in fact the whole town, was proud to call her home-grown and one of theirs.

Me, I was just plain in love with her.

That didn’t go very well, though. It’s difficult to compete with 300 guys who all wanted to be her man. To make things worse she was a girl’s girl, she wasn’t one of those chics that needed a boyfriend. She was so nice to everyone. I couldn’t tell you how many boys thought they were ‘in’ only to find out she simply liked them as a friend. Julie said ‘no’ so politely that no one ever felt bad. No one ever had a cross word to say of her afterward. I should know, I was one of the first.

Julie and I were in the same year from the beginning of high school. For us that means six years, grade 7 through 12. I had always been a popular kid before we met, I could use my boy charm on most girls I wanted into liking me – but not Julie. Part of my obsession with her, and part of my respect for her, was that she saw straight through me. She was the beauty I couldn’t get, no matter how hard I tried. Yet she still liked me. I was one of her friends. Her face brightened when she saw me. When there was an empty seat in class she would slide effortlessly in beside me and chat like we were brother and sister. She wasn’t flirting, she wasn’t teasing, she was just nice. When people outside of school saw us together they thought we were a couple. I had to explain she’s like that with everyone.

Sadly though, I have to report it didn’t stay that way.

It took two years but finally somebody cracked the code. The bastard Michael Hendy. He never used to be a bastard, I used to quite like him but one year the rumor flew around over summer that Julie and him had hooked up. He was two years older than us. According to rumor Julie had liked him from the beginning, saying ‘no’ for two years to all the wrong guys until the right one finally asked.

He was ordinarily a decent guy, a fairly good footballer, straight A student, okay looking but no prime stud. Not entirely the sort of guy that you would expect to win the biggest prize of all. What was the big deal about older guys, why do girls always think the grass is greener in higher classes?

Anyway, suddenly most people’s estimation of the bastard Michael Hendy shot up. Me, I hated him. With a passion. He was kissing my girl and it made my toes curl.

Tortuously it didn’t change Julie one bit. Over the next couple of years she was as nice to me as ever. Her and Michael were completely conspicuous; they ate lunch together every day, had quick kisses before going off to class and all that mush. Yet she would leave her beau and run straight over to accompany me to Chemistry, and sit with me as always.

I cannot admit to mutual magnanimity. It tore me to see her happy. I hoped Michael would make her miserable, or serious, or flighty, or vain, anything, something different that would let me say “you’ve changed”, to make her feel bad about the affect the relationship was having on her. But I couldn’t. She was better and more adorable than ever. It was gut-wrenching.

I lay awake at nights wondering if she had done it with him. There were hickeys on her all the time. At first they were just on her neck but over time they drifted down. Her friends teased her about the ones they could see on her cleavage or coming out the side of her swimsuit. One time a group of us had been at the beach and she wore a tiny bikini – I have a worn-out photo – and every part of breast we could see had bruises at various stages of decay.

Yellow and purple patches covering the chest of a girl would usually look cheap and slutty, but not with Julie. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I could cum just thinking about how it must be to have my mouth latched onto her bare tits, sucking until she screamed half in pleasure half in pain. How glorious it must be to so obviously stake a sexual claim on a girl like Julie. My only consolation was there were never any on her thighs. Maybe, just maybe she was holding onto her pants. I hoped she was. I Batıkent Escort hoped the bastard Michael Hendy would get sick of her not putting out and drift away to looser women.

It never seemed to happen, though.

As we moved into year 11, the bastard Michael Hendy was no longer at school. He’d made his way to university, a two hour drive away. I wished it could have been further but it was enough to reduce his relationship with Julie to weekends. As the months passed I found her developing new patterns, getting more involved in after-school activities, going out with friends more, having more time for the likes of me.

I was so proud when she asked me to go with her on to the premiere of the Bond movie she won tickets for. Walking into the theater as a couple with Julie was the pinnacle of my own shadow relationship with her. But the slap-in-the-face was watching all the couples around us kissing and cuddling and stroking while we sat like mannequins in our seats, cold and formal. It put me squarely in my place. I learned that even if the atmosphere was right, even if the bastard Michael Hendy was out of town, even if no one would ever know anything, there was no romantic room for me in her soul.

After that night I fell away. I didn’t put myself in the right spots in the hall to be found by her, I left no empty seat by my side in the classroom, I didn’t stop boys sniggering disrespectful comments about what they would do to her in a dark corner. I lost the energy to care about Julie.

I did my best to find solace in the nubile body of Maggie Huang, a girl who in the absence of Julie Brown would rate a top score. But Julie wasn’t absent, and I felt hollow and shallow every time I talked Maggie out of her pants. Not that Maggie minded, she was one of those girls that adored using her vagina for fun. Not only did she squeal in delight when a cock went in her, she would let me put anything in there that fit. But my mind was elsewhere every time.

I didn’t know if Julie noticed I wasn’t around as much. I wasn’t paying attention. I was depressingly moving on past my dream. I’d had my shot at flight school and had failed the eye test at round one. It was time to think about being an accountant.

Funny things happen in life, though.

Three times a year there is a school dance, all year levels bunched in together. It’s a big show on a Friday night. The students’ social committee does much of the work on choosing the theme, the band, the schedule for the night, raising funds beforehand for decorations and prizes. Last dance is at 10 o’clock and the hall cleared by 10:30pm. Tradition states that the year 12s then have an after-party, all of them descending on a secret location, every time different and every time undisclosed until the day of the dance. The location is decided by the head boy and head girl in private. At the third and last party of the year, the year 11s aren’t exactly invited but a few of them are tolerated to help soak up the atmosphere and pass on the legacy.

No way was I not going to be there. For years I had heard stories of what went on at these parties, I needed to see for myself. I got my buddy Bobby to ‘borrow’ his Mum’s people-mover for the night and a group of us nervously fell in with the line of cars trailing out of town and into the back-blocks.

Usually the parties were at a karaoke box or at a privately hired bar or hotel suite, but this particular year’s head boy and girl were a serious couple and had had every intention of getting away from the bright lights of town and into the darkness for some snogging. We were driving for nearly 25 minutes before the trail turned right down a track. Dust kicked up everywhere. It wasn’t long until cars were parking higgledy-piggledy over an un-ploughed field.

My friends and I let the darkness hide the anxiety in our faces as we followed older people, walking to a flickering light in the distance without getting in their way. There were trees, a small wood had to be passed through until we came to a natural clearing. There were 3 big bonfires spaced around it, already well lit and established. It seemed a group had arrived some time ago to set up. There was a small area covered with canvas roof that was serving as a bar and some of the year 12 boys were pouring sausages onto a huge portable barbecue. There were a number of gas lanterns on the end of long poles sticking up from cylinders, giving light to dark corners of the bar. Logs with blankets over them were placed neatly back from each fire. It was far more organized than I expected given there were no adults anywhere. There were a couple of people I didn’t recognize, but no one was much older than us. I breathed in a sense of freedom and adulthood I’d never had before.

At the beginning we had no idea of whether we could have a drink but some of the year 12s literally shoved a beer in our hands and told us to go get our own from now on, year 12s weren’t there to serve year Batıkent Escort Bayan 11s! All in all it was a good-spirited crowd. As you can imagine there was a lot of drinking and yelling and fooling around and pairing off and my personal adrenalin was pumping. It wasn’t exactly what I had expected, but it was fantastic. The feeling of being unsupervised at a party full of people who had always known supervision was interesting to say the least.

After a few beers I felt both relaxed and excited. A few of the year 12 girls started flirting with me, though I was smart enough to know they were probably setting me up for a prank. The head year 12 boy spotted me and pulled me over to cook, saying year 12s weren’t there to serve year 11s. I guess they all had that said to them last year.

Then, through the spit and smoke of the sausages I saw her. At first I thought it was a trick of light, but after stepping out from the heat to look properly it was true. Julie was here. I laughed at the irony. If I was still a disciple like I used to be, I would have prayed she was here and she wouldn’t have come. Now I didn’t care, there she was. Not that it mattered. Even if I was trying to get with her it would have been a bust. I went back to my job and realized I should have asked Maggie to come out with me after all. I thought she would be in the way, but just at that moment the thought of a couple of hours out here in the dark with her sounded good.

It wasn’t for a while that Julie saw me. After I’d wrangled myself away from the barbecue I was on a log trying to fend off the barbaric teasing of two of the year 12 girls; they were trying to see what tolerance I had for questioning my manhood. They wanted me to drop my pants and show them how I masturbated and I was doing my best to keep my cool and not act like an embarrassed year 11.

“Oh, look what’s arrived, little boy has a little girl!” one of them shrilled. I was confused, but turned to see Julie come sit next to me. The year 12 girls laughed and went to find a new target.

“Hi,” she said.

“Wow. You’ve been drinking,” I said back. I could smell it on her. Bourbon?

“Can I have some?” she asked, reaching for my beer.

I let her and watched her chug most of it down.

“Another?” I asked, a little surprised.

Julie nodded.

I stood and she came with me to the bar tent, holding onto my upper arm. We got two bottles each to save a trip, and went back to sit in a warmer spot near a quieter fire. We talked for the first time in a long while.

“Where have you been?” she asked slowly, having to think about her words. “You left me.”

“No I didn’t.”

“You did. One kiss from that Maggie girl and you never see me again.”

“You’re slurring. And anyway, you’re the one with the serious boyfriend.”

“What do you think of my boyfriend? Do you like him?” she asked grinning.

“The bastard Michael Hendy?”

Julie frowned. “Bastard? Really? You think he is a bastard?”

“Julie, forget it. You’re drunk. It’s not important.”

“No I’m not.”

“Okay. You’re not. Have another drink then,” I teased her.

She did.

We talked for a while about a number of things. It had been so long since we’d really spoken, there was a lot to catch up on. I’d forgotten how easy it was to talk with Julie, how nice she could be. I didn’t even hope for too much when she leaned in on me, looking at the fire. It was getting chilly and I put my arm around her waist. When she rested her hands on my forearm my heart fluttered and my jeans stretched.

With nothing to disturb us but the occasional slug from our beers we talked and held each other casually. It may have only been minutes, but it felt like forever. When her fingers ran gently over the back of my hand I began moving my own hand slowly over her abdomen. Julie turned her head to look back up at me. I couldn’t help myself, I leaned down, I kissed and nibbled on her ear. I worried she would creep out and run away but it didn’t happen. She liked it, holding my arm tighter and pushing her face at me to gently kiss her cheeks, then her eyes. Our faces were rubbing together.

When lips met lips it was electric.

I’d never in all my life felt as explosively happy as I was at that moment. Our mouths went wide and our tongues entwined. I took one hand up to the back of her head to support her, to hold her in the kiss for as long as I could, forever if I could. Neither of us stopped, it went for such a long time.

Eventually our necks were sore from twisting and we had to break. Julie dropped her head to my nape and held me. I couldn’t help myself, I couldn’t just sit there and do nothing after the most wonderful moment of my life. I had to have it again. I had to know if I could or not. I moved slightly and leaned down. I went to kiss her a second time. She let me, though more gently; slower and more deliberate. To be lip-to-lip with Julie Brown. My Julie Escort Batıkent Brown. I had flutterings in my chest that would drive a more skillful man to poetry.

The heavens, however, could not allow me to live this dream so easily. At first it was just a few drops but as our kiss intensified so did the water from the sky. Sooner than I could believe it was a problem. I looked around to the beer tent. Not only was it full of people, it was full of holes. Water was pouring through. Old canvas. Maybe the party was not as well organized as I first thought, not for all weather. We stood up and tried to use a blanket for cover but it wasn’t waterproof. The fire was strong enough to brush aside the attack, but we were getting soaked.

“Hey you two!” my buddy Bobby yelled from nowhere, “This way. And grab some beer!”

Bobby had pilfered a torch somewhere. Him and Alice and Mary ran with us (via the bar for a beer each) back to the cars. By the time we got to his van, unlocked it and piled inside the rain was serious. We did what we could to dry off with his family’s picnic blanket in the back, but it was one of those prickly types that was rough on your face.

For 40 minutes we sat in his car and drank. Julie and I were on the middle bench seat, Mary was in the front by herself and Bobby and Alice in the back. No one was boyfriend-girlfriend so we were just mucking around and talking, drinking what we had scrambled with us. The rain occasionally let up, but only enough for a quick pee in the dark before bucketing down again.

“We need more beer,” Bobby declared after it was all gone. “Come on, it’s almost stopped. Let’s get some more.”

Julie opened the side sliding door and felt light drops still falling. “It’s still dripping.”

“Come on Alice, you can help me,” Bobby said, going anyway, climbing over the back seat and through the rear door. “We’ll be back in a minute.”

Which left Mary with me and Julie. I wasn’t in the mood to talk anymore. All I could think of was the kiss. After years and years of knowing Julie and dreaming of touching her, we had kissed. I had given up on her, and yet we kissed. I could hear my heart beat, I worried they could too.

Mary did what she could to talk to us but Julie was clearly distracted, too. I wondered which feeling was stronger for her; excitement or guilt?

“Umm, I’m going to see where they are,” Mary said, bored. She opened her door and took off into the wet before any discussion on it.

Immediately I turned to Julie and ran my hands through her hair.

“We shouldn’t have…done that,” she mumbled, looking forward. Her words were slurring.

I ignored her and pulled her toward me. I tried to kiss her again. She turned and let me. Our lips touched and our mouths opened, tongues touching.

“We can’t,” she said, stopping briefly. “They will be back any second.”

At that moment a roar hit the roof of the car. The rain started again, heavier than before.

“It’s okay,” I assured her, “Its dark enough in here. When we hear anyone come we can stop.”

“You have to. They can’t find out.”

“They won’t.”

Facing each other on the seat we kissed until our mouths hurt. Our tongues danced. I ran my hands through her hair and around her neck. I could feel her heat rise at the touch.

I had to do something more, I had to try. I couldn’t just kiss her. This would be the only chance I would ever get to feel up the woman of my dreams.

I reached down to her chest. I pulled at the first button on her shirt. Julie moved back to give me better access, to let me do it. It was like she was on autopilot. Holy shit. We kept kissing as I opened the second button. Was it really going to be so easy? I fumbled with the third, the one below her bra line, I couldn’t get it open. This time Julie broke the kiss.

“We can’t,” she whispered, changing her mind. “They’ll be back any minute. We’ll get caught.”

“As soon as we hear anyone I’ll stop,” I said again.

“You have to.”

With two buttons down, rather than fumbling with the sticky third button again, I took a chance and dashed my hand into Julie’s shirt. I went at the top of the bra cup and pushed my fingers down inside. Julie wasn’t expecting to be felt up so suddenly. She sucked a deep breath and dove her tongue into my mouth, groaning as I palmed the bare skin of her warm tit. I almost came in my pants. I had to suck a huge breath through my nose and tell myself ‘no’ just to keep the sperm in me.

The way she responded, I could tell that Julie was no stranger to having her breasts fondled. She pushed into it rather than pull away from it, like she missed being touched. Her kissing became crazy. Slyly and quietly I got my other hand behind her and up into the back of her shirt. I flicked the bra snap, after a couple of tries it came open. With the bra loose I openly held the breasts of the woman I had adored all my post-puberty life.

Julie reached up and took my forearm as I squeezed her bare skin.

“Please. You can’t. You know they’ll be back any minute. We’ll get caught,” she said again, looking around into the rain and darkness.

I stopped squeezing, instead running my fingers lightly over her, circling her nipple. She held my arm tight but didn’t stop me.

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A Crash Course In Losing Virginity

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Author’s Note: This is a true story. It happened on the night of August 30, 2003.

It wasn’t the most exciting weekend to start with. I was going to St. Mary-of-the-Woods College, an all-girl school, which meant that I never got to have any “fun” unless my boyfriend Brandon came down to visit me. Nothing really interesting had been going on, so Brandon had come to get me and take me back to his house for the weekend. At least, that was what was supposed to happen. We never actually left Terre Haute. No, it wasn’t because we had exquisite sex in my dorm, but rather because of a freak accident.

While driving through a busy intersection, a car blew a red light and nailed us in the side of Brandon’s black s-10. The force of the car caused our truck to completely spin around and skid sideways. I always used to think that traffic was supposed to stop while there was an accident. However, it didn’t seem like it as the next two semis flew past us at over 70 mph, missing us by mere centimeters. Neither Brandon nor I were hurt, and neither were the people in the other car. However, we now had no car and it would be out of police jurisdiction to take us back to St. Mary’s. We both (usually) lived 3 hours away from the campus, so going home was not an option. In fact, the only place we could go (that the police could take us) was a Days Inn down the street.

So they took us there. The police had to talk to the manager, since the motels in that area would only rent rooms to people 25 or older, and we were just lowly 18 year olds. Or so they thought.

As we walked into the room, we flicked on the lights. “Hey, look at that, there’s only one bed!” Brandon commented suggestively as I looked over at the king sized bed. The thing was, although we had technically been going out for awhile (as of the next day it would be three months), we had yet to actually have sex. We always ran out of time, were interrupted, or were just flat out tired. What we needed was a little time to explore each Yenikent Escort other’s souls. We needed time where we didn’t have to worry about time. The motel was where we found that time.

We had dropped our bags on the floor when we came in. After we had closed the door, Brandon came up to me and embraced me in a tight hug. The hug escalated quickly, moving to a soft kiss, and then getting more passionate. As we broke from our kiss, breathless, I reached for Brandon’s shirt, pulling it up and off. Once I had gotten his shirt off, he removed mine. By the time my shirt was gone, my hands were tugging at the buckle of his belt, trying to get it undone. I unbuttoned his button with ease and pulled down the fly. I reached for the waistband of his pants and pushed them down off of his hips. He similarly took off my clothes, pausing to undo the clasp on my bra until we both just stood in our underwear. Stepping out of that last item of clothing, we stood completely nude in front of each other. By that time, we had resumed our tonsil hockey.

It wasn’t long before we were sprawled out on the bed. My eyes followed his hand as it traveled down my body, softly caressing everything it touched. His hand reached my shaven pussy and lightly stroked my mound. He used one of his fingers to lightly stroke my clit, making small circles around it until I couldn’t take the teasing anymore. He stopped teasing me and directly stroked my clit, sending waves of pleasure down my spine. He then buried two of his fingers deep in my pussy, pistoning them in and out as my juices dripped all over his hand.

My hands were not idle all the while. I had reached over and taken a hold of his manhood, stroking the length of it. He groaned as I fondled the head of his cock causing him to bury his fingers even deeper into my pussy. Not wanting to cum to soon, Brandon moved down my body, making me release his throbbing cock. Brandon paused at my breasts, glancing up at me before he Yenikent Escort Bayan actually did anything. Once he was sure he had my full attention (as if there was any way he hadn’t had it), he lowered his mouth to my right nipple, lightly licking it with his tongue. He then took it into his mouth, alternating between sucking it and flicking it with his warm tongue. All the while, Brandon kept eye contact with me. He had a devilish grin on his face, and the hunger in his eyes could have written volumes. He alternated between my two breasts, pausing only to give me an even more devilish grin than he had previously.

When he looked up at me, I had my eyes closed in pleasure and my breathing consisted mostly of shudders. I opened my eyes to look down at him, only to watch him move up and kiss me. The kiss was light and quick. Brandon lay down next to me on the bed and looked deep into my eyes.

“What are you thinking?” I asked him, grinning.

“I don’t know, what are you thinking?” I knew that he was kidding. He knew exactly what he was thinking and what we both wanted to do, but both of us were just afraid to actually bring it up.

“Do you want to?” he asked me.


“You sure? Cause I don’t want you to just because…”

Cutting him off, I replied, “I don’t want to do it just to do it…”

And he cut me off, “It’s not like that, I don’t want you to do it just because I want to…”

“It’s not like that…I want to.”

“You sure?”


He knew that I was really nervous about having sex. I’d never done it before and was nervous about the whole thing (of course, he had never had sex before either, but guys are a whole nother story). Well…I was actually more nervous about getting pregnant than about having sex, but since one can follow the other, I was nervous about having sex.

“Ok.” Brandon got up from the bed and went to his bag that lay on the floor to retrieve a condom. Within seconds, Escort Yenikent he had it on and was climbing back into bed. Positioning his body on top of mine, he paused, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

With that, he reached one of his hands down to position his cock at the entrance to my dripping pussy. He lightly kissed me as he pushed his cock into my virgin pussy for the first time. I was so tight that I wrapped around him like a glove. With the first stroke, he buried himself to the hilt in my pussy. His cock stretched my pussy to its limits. With a quick intake of breath, he closed his eyes and started pistoning his cock in and out of my pussy. I wrapped my arms around his back and moved my hips to meet his thrusts. We quickly fell into a rhythm, moaning as our pleasure built.

Through our erratic breathing and the intense pleasure of our coupling, I managed to focus on his face and say “I’m glad it’s you…”

“I’m glad it’s you too, baby….” he groaned.

My climax hit first, as my pussy contracted around his cock, gripping it like a vise. I inhaled sharply, clinging to Brandon as I had my first-ever intercourse induced orgasm. My pussy throbbed around his cock for longer than I’d ever had an orgasm last before. Right before my pussy stopped convulsing, Brandon let out a long sigh as he buried his cock deep in my pussy. I could feel the muscles of his cock pumping his cum into the condom. Collapsing on top of me, we both lie panting on the motel bed. What fun the cleaning lady would have the next morning.

We lay like that for awhile, until Brandon started to get soft. Reaching between us, he held the condom on his cock as he pulled out of me. Leaning over the side of the bed, he threw the condom in the trash and turned back to face me. I scooted over to him, spooning with him. Within minutes we had fallen asleep.

If you liked the story, do me a favor and please vote. Vote even if you didn’t like it. And please leave me feedback! I just want to hear what you thought, and since you’ve gotten this far, please do vote and leave feedback. And since it’s a true story (personal experience with my boyfriend), I really want to know what people think. Thank you. Also, e-mail me at the link below with any comments, suggestions, or if you just want to talk.

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A New Friend

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Nathan and I had just recently became friends. We met online, in a forum online. We agreed on a few certain topics and started private messaging soon after. We discovered we lived in the same town, and immediately made plans to meet up and have a coffee.

I felt something in the pit of my stomach when we met up for the first time, was it lust? No, I wasn’t attracted him that way. But I was attracted to him in a friendly way. He had a bit of weight to him, not fat, but not skinny. A cute little beer belly, if you will. He wore a plain hoodie and jeans that fit him perfectly, and his scruffy facial hair framed his chin just right.

During the coffee meet he had mentioned my height more than a few times, calling it cute and fun. Being five foot two wasn’t my best quality in my own eyes, but the best in his considering he was six foot three and had a thing for short girls.

I had long black hair that waved slightly. My weight has always been slightly above average, but I carried it in the right places. I had 34 D’s and tattoos covering nearly every inch of my arms, which complimented my pale complexion. I suppose I looked more punk than anything, but I loved and was confident in myself and my body.

Nathan was clearly into me, when he smiled his eyes smiled, too. I could see dimples behind his facial hair and the way his eyes flicked to my lips when I would tell him a story indicated he wasn’t listening much at all to what I was saying.

After the coffee meeting it was clear that we were going to end up being great friends. I had been over to his place a handful of times, where we smoked some pot and played card games while sharing our favorite music with one another. It felt like a great friendship was blossoming.

I invited him over to my place for the first time, which I was quite nervous about. I had been raised to take pride in the things I own, and always present them in the best way possible. I had spent the previous day cleaning the entire house, much to my roomates dismay. I don’t know why she was complaining, though. Free cleaning for her. I even made a point of cleaning the fish tank in the corner of the kitchen.

When he finally showed up, I made a point of not opening up the for at least a solid fifteen seconds. I didn’t want him to know I had been waiting by the door as soon as he sent me the text saying he was on his way. I don’t know why I had been nervous for him coming over, he was just a friend.

I welcomed him into my home by giving him a hug and gesturing for him to come inside. He smelt like he had put on a new cologne, and it smelt great. Nathan stood in the living room with his hands on his hips, just observing the area and taking it in. He asked if I had a roommate, I said yes, but she’d be gone for a few days to visit family in another town.

He asked to see my room, which I complied to. I walked down the hall with him behind me, the familiar feeling of butterflies in my stomach came to life. I did my best to push that feeling aside. I opened my bedroom door and smiled. I took pride in my room, it was perfect in my eyes.

Nathan walked in behind me and inhaled, “Is that patchouli?” He asked, referring to the incense I had been burning.

“Yeah, actually. I’m glad you know your scents,” as soon as the words left my mouth I felt my cheeks turn red. Who says that? He laughed while walking around my room, looking at my pictures and posters while I thought endlessly about my own embarrassment. Surely he didn’t find it that way, why did I feel so weird?

After the grand tour of Demetevler Escort my small house we had sat outside in the backyard, sharing pot and talking about education. He had a bachelors and worked at an office just down the street. I had dropped out of highschool and was currently working on my GED. He was surprised to hear this, he told me I carried myself more like a mature college student.

On more than one occasion he would rest his leg against mine, it made me feel tingly in places that I could only make myself feel in the past. At one point he had rested his hand on my knee, and the sexual tension just skyrocketed from there. Yet, neither of us had mentioned it.

Once we were both fairly under the influence, we headed inside. It was getting darker and colder outside by the minute, and neither of us were fans of the cold. He noticed the amount of movies my roommate and I had accumulated over the past few years and suggested we watch one. I let him pick.

We couldn’t get the dvd player to work in the living room, so we decided to watch in my room. It was easier than moving my Playstation into the living room. I hit play on the controller and we both laid down on my bed, just barely touching each other. But I wanted to touch him more, fuck just being friends, and fuck being a virgin.

The feelings of being excited and nervous played with each other in my head, and I couldn’t pay much attention to the movie. I nibbled the tip of my thumb and imagined Nathan taking my virginity, it felt so good in my mind, yet so bad at the same time. For all I know, his only intention of being here was to be a friend. I could be foolish, but I didn’t care.

My phone vibrated, indicating that I had a text. I chose to ignore it and dwell in my own fantasies. I looked over at nathan from the corner of my eye, he was fixated on the tv. His eyes flicked over to mine but I quickly looked away, hoping he didn’t notice.

My phone buzzed again, and the bed shifted. He was laying fully next to me, his side pressed up against mine. That entire half of my body buzzed and tingled, making it hard to think properly. “Are you going to get that?” He asked while gesturing to my phone.

I shrugged, “It’s more than likely unimportant, i-it can wait.”

The phone buzzed again, I looked over at him and he had one eyebrow raised. I sighed and gave in, I picked up my phone and read. It was a story from my roommate complaining about her family, which was the usual. She has a pretty big family, something is always happening.

I laughed and went to give her a quick response when Nathan rested his chin on my shoulder, asking me what it was about. I told him it was nothing and went to put my phone down when he tried to reach for it, I turned away from him and attempted to put the phone out of his reach. I failed, considering he was nearly twice the size of me.

His front ended up against my ass, and about half of his body weight was on top of me while I was on my stomach. I felt the familiar feeling of a wetness between my thighs and my breath hitched. I involuntarily grinded my hips against his front, then froze after realising what I had just done. Nathan froze, too.

“Shit,” he mumbled, shifting his weight, “I can move-”

“No,” I cut him off, a little too quickly. “Um, I mean uh, you can s-stay there I suppose.” I bit my lip and felt my face get hot, thankfully he couldn’t see my face right now, I’m sure I looked like a tomato.

He relaxed and went back to watching the movie. It was an awkward, Escort Demetevler yet comfortable position. My legs were together, I was propped up slightly by my own elbows. His torso wasn’t on mine, but I could feel the outline of his soft cock on my ass. He didn’t feel too heavy, and I could only assume we were both getting a bit of pleasure from it.

We laid there for a solid five minutes before I started feeling something slowly begin to poke me, he was getting hard. A burst of lust and tingles outlined my pussy and my breathing got a bit heavier. I moved just the slightest bit, just to feel his cock a little more.

There was a loud bang in the movie, a jump scare, that made both of us jump and yell. Once we realised that it came from the movie, we laughed it off and settled back down. When I jumped, I had moved completely underneath Nathans body. Neither of us said anything, just laid there again for a few minutes.

Nathan rested his head on my shoulder again, but this time his breathing was harder. He reached underneath me and rested his hand on one of my breasts, massaging it lightly over my shirt. “You know, I can tell you’re a virgin,” he whispered in my ear. It sent a million bolts of electricity through my body, “And I’m going to change that.”

I arched my back, giving him the confirmation that he needed. He spread my legs apart with his knee and pressed his now rock hard cock against my pussy. He kept himself propped up with one hand and used the other to slip my shirt over my head and unclasp my bra. He massaged my bare tits with his hand and kissed my neck. His heavy breathing alone would have been enough to make me cum by itself, he’s so sexy.

We laid there, grinding each other for what felt like forever before I reached and started pulling my leggings down to reveal the thong I had been wearing. “Fuck,” he whispered, then stood up. My pussy throbbed, and I could finally feel how wet I really was. He slid my leggings off the rest of the way, then removed his own jeans.

I turned around and saw him and his hard member in just his boxers. I trailed my fingers down my stomach and touched my swollen clit over my thong, “Oh, you like what you see?” He grabbed his cock and started stroking it over his underwear.

I nodded, and he sat down on the bed. Before he could come over to me I rushed over and straddled him, feeling him against me made me let out a small moan. When he heard me moan he grabbed my ass and pushed his cock against me, then he kissed me. I rocked my hips against his and held his face, feeling his lips battling with mine filled my body with an unfamiliar feeling. But I loved it.

Nathan attempted to be cheeky and tried to slip his tongue in my mouth, which I declined. He responded by slapping my ass, which made me scream in pleasure. It stung, but the pain felt good. His tongue flowed onto mine and a new burst of butterflies shot through me, I needed him, and I needed him now.

I reached between us and pulled my thong to the side in an attempt to feel him even more than I already was, the tip of his covered cock pressed in between my pussy lips. I attempted to take off his boxers, but he stopped me by taking me off of him, “Get on your stomach,” he instructed, and I did as I was told. He put two pillows under me to make my ass more available to him.

He grabbed the thin material of my thong and ripped apart, making me gasp. I heard a slight chuckle, and I asked him what he found funny, “Baby we won’t need any lube,” I felt two of his fingers graze Demetevler Escort Bayan my pussy, collecting the juices. He rubbed the juices on and around my asshole, then felt his long, hard cock on one of my ass cheeks.

I moved myself to try and make him slip inside of me, but he firmly held my hips down with one hand and maneuvered his cock around my pussy with his other. He pressed his head hard against my pussy, but didn’t go in. He stayed in the position and lightly moved back in forth, teasing me.

“Please,” I moaned, “Please do it,” I tried to move my hips again to make him go further in but he pulled himself away again. I let out a frustrated moan.

“What do you want me to do?” He ran the head of his cock over my tiny asshole, putting the slightest bit of pressure on it. He pressed a little harder, scaring me, “Don’t worry, we’ll save this hole for another day,” he pressed even harder, and it made me lose control.

“Please fuck my little pussy,” I managed to say. He moved his cock and placed it in between my pussy lips, then started pushing his way inside of me. I moaned with the pleasure and with the pain. He stopped to ask if he was hurting me. He was, but I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to be hurt.

His head popped into me and I yelled, gripping the sheets underneath me. He let go of my hips and I pushed against him, feeling him slowly fill me up. Once he was all the way in, I felt his balls against my clit. He managed to push himself even deeper into me, and I felt an odd yet satisfying pressure inside of me.

He slowly pulled all the way out, then slowly put himself back in again. The pressure returned, and I recognised what it was, he was going to make me cum, but so soon? He quickened the pace, and with every one of his thrusts I backed myself into him and him halfway.

“Oh, my god,” I gasped as an orgasm creeped up inside of me.

“Are you going to cum, baby?” He quickened his pace.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I yelled out with each thrust he made. He sat up and grabbed my hair, pulling it back to where I was looking at the ceiling. His thrusts got harder, and I felt my orgasm reach its peak. I stopped backing up to him and froze. My body exploded, and it felt as if my eyes had rolled into the back of my head. I was silent, yet he kept going.

Once the peak subsided, I found myself moaning and yelling louder than before. It was almost like a beast had been unleashed inside of me, and I wanted even more than before.

I crawled out from underneath him and pushed his back against the frame of my bed and straddled him like before, but this time I was in charge. I sat down on his cock and moved my hips slowly at first, not letting him have any control. Giving him a taste of his own medicine.

“Oh you dirty bitch,” he laughed, then smacked my ass, “Show me what you got.”

I took that as a green light and started rocking my hips as fast as I could. He threw his head back against the headboard and grabbed my hips, giving me some stability. I moaned his name as he started to tighten his grip on my waist, I could tell he was going to cum soon, but I kept my pace.

He started saying my name quietly and he shut his eyes, I could feel him trying to get my hips to stop moving, and I did as he pleased and pushed myself down as far as I could. I felt his cock twitch and pulse inside of me, and the feeling of his cum spurting into me sent me over the edge into another full blown orgasm.

After finishing, I slowly climbed off of him. When his soft cock slipped out of me, I felt the mixture of our juices drip down onto my asshole, and it felt amazing. I laid next to him in silence, reliving what we had just done over and over in my head.

“You know uh. We should really do that again, Claire,” Nathan said under his breath. I looked over at him and smiled.

We really, really should.

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