Blame the Gas

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It confused Sunny to hear the sound of her alarm clock, waking her in the early-morning darkness. The sun had been up when she’d closed her eyes. She’d watched the shadows it had cast against the wall as . . . someone . . . had moved smoothly in and out of her, their silhouettes merging into a single shape. Their joy had seemed unending, and even as she’d lost consciousness, she’d felt him continuing to move.

He wasn’t atop her now, whoever he was, but she could feel him beside her, his chest against her side. He stirred at the alarm, and something hard poked her leg. Then he drew back–embarrassed, perhaps?

Very faintly, she thought she smelled lilacs. But the smell was soon gone, and she was still in bed with a man whose face she couldn’t remember.

Something told Sunny not to turn on the lights. Instead, she reached for the remote on the nightstand, turning on the TV by the far wall. A haggard-looking newscaster spoke awkwardly out of the screen. –apparent plan to capture members of the terrorist group Conscience of America backfired yesterday. No government organization has claimed responsibility for the strike, but CoA has explicitly denied the use of chemical weapons, and their anti-gay agenda makes it unlikely that they–

“Turn it off,” the stranger grunted. “Need to sleep.”

–The CoA members had released all hostages from the museum, but had threatened to destroy the paintings inside. The as-yet-unnamed bioweapon, apparently some manner of airborne aphrodisiac, successfully incapacitated the terrorists. It is not yet known why the the bioweapon spread outside the building, but it had noticeable effects for several miles around the area, particularly to the south– The reporter briefly fell silent. Fuck this. I had sex with Sandra on-air. My career is already–A “technical difficulties” placard cut off anything else he might have said.

South of the museum, she repeated in her head. She was just a block away.

“Turn it off,” the stranger repeated, and this time, she recognized his voice.

“James, did we . . .”

“Turn it off, Sis. Let’s sleep some more. When we wake up, we’ll have to remember.”

—- —- —-

Sunny had a daily schedule, and she did her best to follow it. Right now, it called for a leisurely jog as the sun rose. It did not call for a humiliating trip to the twenty-four-hour pharmacy to purchase a tablet of Plan B, nor for her to wash it down with coffee while her brother looked on.

“Good thing they haven’t run out yet,” James said. “I really, really don’t want to think about what might have happened if they had.”

“Fuck izmit rus escort this!” Sunny almost shouted. “If–if it hadn’t been summer break. If you hadn’t been home on vacation . . .”

“There was no good way this could have gone,” James told her. “If it happened in the evening, we might have had sex with Mom and Dad. If one of us wasn’t home, the other would have stumbled out into the street, and probably would have had sex with some drug addict. Even if this was next fall, and you were off at college, too, some of the gas got inside the dorms.”

Sunny had spent years trying and failing to tell people that just because she was a runner didn’t mean she was gay. But the dorms were single-sex, and she couldn’t help but picture herself buried under a pile of satisfied young women, most of whom would probably brag later about their one and only lesbian encounter. She should have been disgusted. She would have been disgusted, if she didn’t smell lilacs in the air.

“We can’t blame ourselves, Sis,” James continued. “I’ve been watching the TV, and they say only children weren’t affected.” He looked thoughtful for a moment. “Dad’s office is near the museum, and Mom’s shop isn’t too much farther. They’ll probably never tell us what happened. Let’s do the same. We can’t forget it, but we can still move past it, right?”

James. Yes, she did like James. They’d always been a pair. James, the bookworm and Sunny, the athlete. Pudgy James and skinny Sunny. James, who read and learned, and Sunny, who ran and planned.

Male James and female Sunny. James on top and Sunny on bottom. James, who yelled, and Sunny, who moaned . . .

Stop heaving, she told her stomach. The pill had cost her sixty dollars, and she had no intention of wasting it. She suspected not even the smell of vomit would cover up the smell of lilacs.

—- —- —-

“When do you think Mom and Dad will be home?” Sunny asked.

James sprawled on the couch, his back to her. “I don’t know why they’re not here now.”

“So they could come at any time. Before they get here, we need to figure out what we are to each other now. James, what do you see when you look at me?”

This was when he finally got up, and consequently, this was when he realized she was naked again. “I see . . . Uh . . . Could you please put your clothes back on?”

“What do you see, James? I need to know.”

James made his way around the couch. He wasn’t all that close to her, but she still felt like he was in her personal space. “I see a girl who’s wanted to run in the Olympics ever since she was izmit escort a kid, and who’s focused her mind and body on running faster and farther. I see a girl who couldn’t be more toned if you ran her through Photoshop, and who always moves like she knows it. I see a girl who’s been my friend for a very long time. I see my little sister.”

“I’ve got to admit,” Sunny told him, “that was pretty good.” Then, her tone conspiratorial, “Yesterday, was I pretty good?”

“Stop it, Sis. Please.”

“It’s apples to oranges, I know, but I’ve never tried any exercises down there. Did I squeeze you so tight you were amazed it even fit? Did I milk you until you couldn’t stand it anymore?”

He spoke quietly, but he didn’t lower his eyes. “Yes. You did.”

“If I was still your sister, you wouldn’t be able to say that. We’re something else now. So what are we?”

Slowly, carefully, he moved close enough to kiss her. Not a sensuous but empty kiss, like you might give to a one-night-stand, and not a chaste peck on the cheek, like you’d give to your sister. This was tender and needy all at once.

“We’re this,” he told her. “Whatever this is.”

Before he could say anything more, she’d already pulled his pants down.

On her knees before him, she admired his cock. She’d never before gotten a good look at it–just a brief glimpse once or twice when he’d forgotten to lock his door–and she very nearly thought it ridiculous as it flopped in front of her. But it hardened surprisingly fast, and despite James’s frantic objections, he didn’t move away as she took the tip in her mouth.

Properly extended, it was surprisingly long–she couldn’t swallow much of it before she started to gag. Still, she found an odd pleasure in having part of it inside her. It’s like a lollipop, she thought. A lilac lollipop.

“You smell it too,” James said. It wasn’t a question, and in any event, she couldn’t answer it as she sucked contentedly on the member in her mouth. James kept silent as long as he could, but he shouted as an explosion of flavor flooded Sunny’s mouth, a taste that she could only assume was like she had eaten a lilac.

“Your turn,” she told him through a mouthful of cum.

“We need to do this on the bed,” he said–a step up, at least, from We shouldn’t be doing this at all.

—- —- —-

“You know,” she told him as she sprawled out on the bed, “most guys don’t think I’m cute. I’m thin, but I’m not the right kind of thin, and my boobs are way too small.”

“Most girls think I’m pudgy,” he replied. “But if you’re willing to call me cuddly, I can call you sculpted. kocaeli escort And your breasts are the perfect size.” As if to prove it, he kissed one, then briefly licked it. Then he moved his lips farther and farther down, past her belly button and between her legs.

He was surprisingly tender, one pair of lips against another. “Do you like that?” he asked. “Or . . .” He ran a finger across her clitoris. “Would you rather I do something like this?”

“Uh, wow. I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet–I didn’t realize just how much I’d feel from it. But you can do whatever you want with everything around it.”

Silently, he returned to the brush of lips against lips. “That’s better,” she mumbled. “And that’s even better . . . Oh, stop being such a tease and stick your tongue in!”

Well, he did. Quite well, in fact. She could barely even see straight as it circled around inside her, until . . .

“Do you really taste like lilacs,” he asked afterwards, “or is it some sort of hallucination?”

She put her hand to her pussy, wetting it before raising it to her mouth for an experimental lick. “I don’t taste it,” she said. “I guess we’re just crazy. Or gassed.”

“Sunny, what will we do when Mom and Dad come home?”

She pictured James sucking Dad’s cock while she pleasured Mom’s pussy. Then she wadded up the image and tossed it into her mental garbage bin. “Let’s keep this between us for now.”

“Damn it,” James said. “Two days ago, I’d never even have imagined this.”

“Not much has changed,” Sunny told him. “You still love your sister, right?”

—- —- —-

The reporter from earlier was gone now, either fired or sent home for a well-deserved rest. In his place, a tall blonde woman spoke in a voice that wavered only between “perky” and “perkier.” A full day after the release of the so-called “p-bomb,” numerous victims are continuing to experience inappropriate sexual urges. Doctors are still arguing about the biological cause of these urges, but one, Doctor Marcus Enkels, has developed an unusual theory.

The camera cut to a balding man who wore a green tie over a white lab coat. So you have all these people who want to do these things–have sex with their friends, have sex with their siblings, have gay sex, whatever. But they’re afraid of the social consequences, so they don’t admit their urges, even to themselves. Then you have an event that, by whatever mechanism, forces them to do those things. After it’s over, all their longings are out in the open, and by pretending it’s not really over, they can keep the consequences from applying to them. In formal terms, it’s gone from biological to psychosomatic.

Very interesting, Doctor Enkels, the reporter said. Now back to you, Brad.

“Do you think he’s right?” James asked.

“Maybe,” Sunny said. “But I’d rather just blame the gas.”

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Banging in the New Year

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Big Tits

Now, if you’ve been into swinging for years, hang out in orgies all the time, participate in one gang-bang after another, well, this may be a bit too lame for you. All I can say was that it was pretty exciting for us. Here’s how it happened.

Jerry and Amanda have been friends of ours since college days. Amanda and I went to high school together, even dated a bit. Yes, a few fucks back then. Don’t worry, both spouses know. But, while our sex was good (still is, that’s later on), we didn’t think we’d be the right people for each other long-term. Probably still true.

So, I met up with Sharon and Amanda ended up with Jerry. We’ve stayed in the same area so we’ve become friends in the last three years after college and marriage.

None of us have kids but we all four have pretty active and busy careers. Jerry and I both travel more than our wives and that does take away from our sex lives because all four of us would probably like sex in one lovely form or another just about every day. That’s pretty much the way it is when we’re home and not traveling. Each of us likes sex and likes it different ways.

A few things started earlier in November after a particularly wine-laden dinner at our house where the table talk was mostly about sex including swinging and trading partners.

“Well, Jerry and I’ve talked about it and, well, if it was someone we knew and trusted, yeah, we think we might try something,” Amanda said.

Sharon came right back with, “Well, you know us and, well, I guess trust us and you two have already fucked in college. Not that I’m suggesting it or anything. I’m just saying.”

“Kinda sounds like you are, hon,” I told my wife, Sharon.

“Well I didn’t mean it that way, it was just that we know you and Amanda did the naughty back in college. That’s all.”

“True, so what you’re saying is we already know what sex is like for the two of us and the only two of us who don’t are you and Jerry?”

“I’m not trying to say anything, though that is true. We’ve all had sex together except for me and Jerry.”

“Well, why don’t you and Jerry have sex and we’ll watch,” Amanda said.

“Now, this discussion’s getting interesting,” Jerry added.

“So, you want to do my wife, Jerry? Well, look after all, I did yours. Even though it was before you even knew her,” I put in.

“Sure I’d want to do Sharon, what guy wouldn’t?”

Well, the truth is, we had finished three bottles of wine for the four of us and that probably had a little to do with it.

“I think you two should do what we did in college, have some fun,” I said.

“Yeah, Paul and I had some fun, it’s about time you two did, too. Be great fun to watch,” Amanda agreed.

“Well, Sharon, I’m up for it if you are,” Jerry told my wife.

“Lemme see just how up for it you are, Jerry,” my sweet, hot wife shot back.

“Oh, Sharon wants to see your equipment, Jerry, sounds like she’s interested,” Amanda said.

Jerry stood up and unbuckled his belt.

“Ready for a showing, Sharon?” he asked my wife.

“Get it out, Jerry, let’s see what you’re hiding in there. I may want to take it for a test-drive.”

Down escort izmit came the zipper, then his pants, then his briefs. Out fell a long, thick, pinkish-brown cock with a large head. It was pointing straight at my wife who was grinning.

He walked it over to her, it wobbling back and forth as he went. As he stood there in front of her, my wife reached out and wrapped her fingers around it and squeezed.

“Mmm, really hard. Well, Amanda, this must keep you pretty happy, huh?”

“Oh, it does, it does. I can recommend it highly.”

“So, think I should try it?” she asked.

“I do,” I told her.

Amanda added, “Oh, I do too. Paul and I can watch and cheer you on.”

“Well, Jerry, what do you say?” Sharon asked.

“All I have to do is take my shirt off,” which he said as he took his shirt off.

Well, well, it looked like some hot action was going to happen, when Amanda popped-up with, “If we’re watching, we’re sure not gonna watch you two fucking while we still have our clothes on.”

So, Sharon stood up, took Jerry by the cock and said, “Follow me, Jerry,” and pulled him down the hall to our bedroom. Once inside, she was quickly out of her clothes and into his arms as they kissed while their hands roamed the other’s skin.

I looked at Amanda and she was almost out of her clothes so I started trying to catch up. We have a nice upholstered wing-backed chair in our room and I sat down and Amanda carefully sat in my lap making sure my cock was up between her legs with the tip up showing as she circled her thumb around in the precum seeping out the slit.

Jerry and Sharon were soon up on the bed as she spread open for his tongue to prepare her for the fun ahead. He was licking and sucking on her as his hands also rubbed along her thighs and labia.

“Mmm, oh, good, mmm, right there, Jerry, mmm, right there.”

My hands are on Amanda’s lovely breasts, feeling, squeezing, rubbing her nipples as she put her fingertips in a circle and began twisting back and forth over the head of my cock like it was a twist-off cap. Mmm, that felt nice.

He licked her a few more minutes as Amanda opened her legs so she could rub up and down my shaft as we watched.

Jerry raised up, gripped his cock and moved close to begin rubbing the tip up and down, then, a shove and she reached down and helped pull him up inside.

“Mmm, oh, yeah,” she moaned as Jerry began going back and forth. I had dipped my hand down now and was rubbing Amanda’s pussy which, not surprisingly, was quite wet.

She bent forward, reaching under to hold my cock, then sat back down wiggling my cock up into her as she pressed down. I was now back inside her pussy for the first time since high school. Such memories it brought back as she moved slowly back and forth on me.

“Mmm, this is better than just watching,” I whispered in her ear.

“Yeah, I’d forgotten how nice your cock is,” she whispered back as she twisted on me.

I slid my legs straight out to get my dick aimed up as well as I could while Amanda rocked up and back with her delicious pussy. We almost forgot about our spouses izmit escort fucking over on the bed, almost.

Sharon had rolled over and was up on her hands and knees, her favorite position, the one that gets her off over and over as Jerry was taking long strokes forward and back.

She was rotating her butt in that wonderful way she does, it just sucks the cum out of me when she does that, I’m sure Jerry is affected the same way. Then, she dropped her head down and began to tremble as she moaned, “Uhhn, uhhn, mmm, mmm, ooh, ooh, ooh,” and I knew she was cumming as I watched. I was close myself as Amanda began twisting as she moved up and down, mmm, just so good.

Jerry was up over her taking the long, slow, deliberate strokes that I know Sharon just loves when he arched back and pushed her to the mattress.

Right after that Amanda and I also got off and were soon joining them in bed, a naked foursome of hands feeling each other.

So, that’s how it all started.

Our next get-together was an intimate, oh, very, intimate New Year’s Eve party for the four of us at Jerry and Amanda’s.

As soon as the chime rang, Jerry pulled back the door, gave me a quick hug, then Sharon a much longer hug and kiss and grope as he swung the door closed.

He was wearing a short kimono robe as he greeted us, “Hi, guys, big night tonight, I’ve been warming Amanda up for this all day,” and he led us into their great room. Their tree was still up along with ribbons and wreaths and such.

I looked over and there was Amanda, naked on the sofa, spread apart and tied by her arms and legs, her pussy filled with a large purple dildo.

“I’ve been warming her up for about an hour and a half, guys, now you can have a turn with her, either or both.”

“He’s right, I’ve already got a load of his cum in me and he’s been spreading it around with my big dildo,” she told us as Jerry untied the obi on his kimono, allowing his cock to stand out.

Sharon and I began getting undressed for the night’s festivities as he went back to Amanda and began fucking her with the dildo.

Now, naked, my cock hard and ready, I went over and took the dildo from Jerry and began stroking his wife with it while he began embracing Sharon. I knelt between her legs and fucked her with the dildo as I leaned over to suck a nipple.

I decided to go ahead and fuck Amanda and pulled out the dildo and put it in her mouth to suck off her juices as I looked back to see my wife down on her knees sucking Jerry. Lucky him, I know how good she is.

I put my cock right up along her pussy lips and, with my fingers, pressed the shaft down on her labia and begin stroking it back and forth along her wet pussy lips without entering her. I rocked back and forth on the pussy lips for several minutes, then pulled back a bit more and, when I pushed forward, my cock went right up into her all the way.

I kept it pushed in deeply as I wiped some of the juices off her pussy and rubbed my index finger around her clit as I took small pushes into her, less that an inch each time. I kept these very short strokes up for a good while as izmit kendi evi olan escort I circled her clit.

“Mmm, oh, push, Paul, push, oh, yeah, hard, ummm, MMM, UUH, UUH, UUH, mmm, mmm,” she groaned as I started taking longer strokes. I learned with the first woman I had sex with, she lived next door when I was growing up, that if I kept my dick deep inside her taking short strokes, pressing hard each time, I could get her off several times before I ever ejaculated. She taught me well.

So, I again pushed in deep just using short little pushes and, yes, once again, Amanda cummed once again. Then, I really wanted my own pleasure so I started taking long, deliberate strokes and soon was adding my cum to Jerry’s.

Jerry had Sharon bent over a chair and was pumping in and out of her as I looked over the variety of toys on the coffee table, picking up a double-pronged vibrator and put it into Amanda and turned it on, pressing the clit finger down on her and letting it rip.

As I was toying Amanda’s snatch, Jerry was cumming Sharon full and they were now kissing and hugging afterward.

Then Paul crawled up on the sofa over his wife and put his cock in her mouth while Sharon got down between Amanda’s legs and began feasting on her friend. Seeing my wife’s pussy empty, I wriggled up behind her and began on her.

Sharon soon got her friend off and shortly after, I emptied myself into Sharon’s pussy as above us Paul was sucked by his wife. After that was all over, Paul untied his wife, then put on some music so he and I could dance with the other’s wife, all nice and naked, my favorite form of dance.

We danced for a while and it was getting toward midnight, so we went into their bedroom and got up on their big bed, Jerry turned on the television and we all got down in a circle to orally ring in the New Year.

My head was between Amanda’s legs, she was sucking Jerry, Jerry was eating my wife, Sharon who was nursing on my cock. Amanda was on her side, my head laying on her leg as my tongue wiped back and forth across her wet slit.

Then, I heard her moan a bit and she turned to put her thighs on the side of my head and push down, rubbing her pussy all over my face as I struggled to keep my tongue inside her.

Sharon was taking these wonderful long sucks up and down on me which felt so good. Then, I heard the television announce that the one minute countdown had started. We all knew what we had to do now.

So our oral lovemaking became timed and deliberate, aiming for the stroke of midnight to ring in the New Year with four simultaneous orgasms. We knew that we might not hit it perfectly but it was for no lack of trying.

We sucked and licked and tongued down through the count and right before the two second mark, Amanda began quivering and started her orgasm. I think she was sucking so hard on Jerry that he went right after she started, then my cock started filling my wife’s mouth and right at the beginning of the first chorus of Auld Lang Syne, the one that is about ‘taking a cup of kindness, yet,’ that was when Sharon began humping my face as she moaned and groaned. What a perfect way to start the year, four wonderful orgasms.

Our champagne was finished and we all snuggled together in bed, sleeping and fucking throughout the night and long into the next day.

Happy New Year, everyone. May you cum often and well.

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Stuffed In Her Ass

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Christine and I were at the supermarket the other day picking up a few things for the weekend. It was late in the evening. As we shopped the produce aisle I immediately remembered the conversation we were having last week comparing the size of a man’s cock to that of a cucumber. Christine was always intrigued at the idea of what it might be like having such a huge hard thing like that in her. The conversation that day progressed to the point of me suggesting the idea of using it in her ass. Christine loves anal sex and I imagined what it would be like seeing her cute rear end getting something that big. Just the thought of it made me nuts. I could only fantasize how wide her asshole would have to stretch to accommodate anything so big.

Now here we were in the produce aisle walking past the cucumbers. I immediately stopped. I began sorting through them looking at the different sizes and shapes. I found one that was about ten inches long and pretty thick. I figured it to be nearly two and a half or maybe even three inches thick at the fattest part. Christine was watching me so I held it up and then dropped it into our basket.

She never said a word the whole time we shopped or even in the car. When we got home we had a quick bite to eat, then changed into some relaxing attire. I sat down in front of the TV pretending like I didn’t have anything else planned. I knew Christine was thinking about what I bought and I decided to see if she’d say anything. It didn’t take long. As soon as she sat next to me she asked.

“So what did you have in mind with that cucumber?”

“I think you know. We’ve talked about it enough,” I answered.

Christine smiled. “Now?”

“Yeah,” I replied. “Why not? Go change for me… stockings…, bra…, high heels…. and that’s it.”

Christine got up and headed to the bedroom.

About five minutes later Christine was in the living room dressed just as I asked. I had the video camera set up to film this extraordinary event. I’ve always wanted to do this to Christine and I had to get this on tape.

She knelt on the floor wearing her stockings, bra and heels waiting for me to begin. She was in the position I like most, with her ass up in the air ready for me to use it. Seeing her like that had my cock getting hard already and I hadn’t even done anything yet.

I grabbed the ten-inch cuke carrying it over to Christine. Then I surprised her. I handed it to her along with a bottle of lubricant saying, “here… you do it. I’m going to watch.” Then before I walked away, I surprised her once more. I slipped a blindfold over her eyes.

“What’s that for,” she asked?

“You’ll see,” I answered. “I have a few things in mind.”

Christine loves being a tease, especially if she knows it’ll get my cock hard.

But now I was turning the tables on her. She knew I was up to something, but had no clue what it might be. No doubt the anxiety would be building in her while she used the cucumber. I’m sure she would be wondering when… and what would happen next.

I sat on the sofa while she squirted a good amount of lube into her asscrack. She spread it around with her fingers being sure her entire crack was well lubricated. She pushed one finger in through her anal hole working some inside. Then she squirted another big glob in her hand and using two fingers slowly pushed as much of the lube into her ass as she could. I could see that her whole rear end was covered.

Christine then lubed up the cucumber wiping over its entire length making sure the whole thing was well coated. She was being so careful too, so as not to get any on the floor since the blindfold prevented her from seeing what she was doing. I’ll bet she thought that being so deliberate with the process would make her a tease. Honestly she was. I was getting anxious to see her fuck that cuke into her ass. “C’mon Kitten, push that big thing up your ass. Daddy wants to see his little girl’s asshole stuffed.”

“Yes daddy,” she replied in a soft sexy whisper. She just loves to pretend being my little girl and acting so dirty for me. Our naughty “daddy”… kitten” scenario always arouses us both.

She placed the tip of the huge cucumber against her tight asshole. As large as it was, it looked even bigger now that it was between her asscheeks. She began pushing and wiggling it around attempting to stretch her anal hole open so she could slide it in. She was pushing slightly then wiggling it again, and then applying more pressure to it. “UGhhhhhh,” she groaned. The tip had widened her hole enough for it to enter. “That’s it honey. Looks like you got it started,” I excitedly commented. She began pushing a little more. I could see it moving. About an inch was in her ass making her anal hole stretch wider. Then she twisted and pushed and her tight hole opened almost to the thickness of the huge cucumber. I could see her asshole gripping it and I’m sure her anal ring was stretched wider than ever before.

She continued working it deeper taking another inch. “Ohhhhh, daddy…. it’s so big,” escort izmit she grunted out.

“Yes Kitten, I know,” I replied. “But you look like such a filthy slut fucking yourself like that.” My cock was already hard and I was stroking it while I watched my sweet darling little girl acting like a whore for me. “Keep going honey. Stuff that hot little ass for me.”

Christine groaned as she pushed on the end of the cucumber forcing more into her tight little bottom. “Oh my God daddy…,” Kitten moaned in a desperate voice as it slowly traveled deeper into her rectum. “IT”S SO BIG…”

Then as Christine continued to push a little further…., “ooohhhh…” she heard it. It was the sound of a soft voice gasping in disbelief at what was happening in our living room.

What Christine didn’t know was that while she was busy inserting the cuke up her asshole, our neighbors Bob and Kathy quietly walked in and were seated on the sofa next to me. They had seen everything right after the blindfold went on. The moan Kitten heard was Kathy.

Christine and I had spent many evenings together with them. They’re great company. Most of the time it was just getting together to watch a movie and chat. Of course, as our conversations would progress, we ultimately would wind up talking about sex. Christine always mentioned that when she and Kathy were alone, usually in the kitchen, they compared notes. Bob would also tell me how Kathy thought Christine was so sexy and she didn’t know if she could ever be as naughty in bed. Obviously Christine told her about many of the kinky things we’ve done. Bob would even ask advice on how to get his wife to let loose and be more open-minded. If Christine only knew I had this planned? She was performing like she’s never done before. My only reservation was that I hoped Bob’s wife Kathy didn’t freak out when she saw what Christine was doing.

Bob looked at me smiling when his wife let out her expression of astonishment. She had been staring at Christine almost mesmerized at what was taking place.

Christine stopped instantly when she heard the noise. “What was that? Is someone here,” she asked? The cucumber was about half way in and she was panting and taking deep breaths.

“Why are you stopping Kitten,” I asked ignoring her question? “C’mon… be a total whore for me and fuck your ass with it.”

“Is there someone else here,” she inquired again not really sure?

I crawled over to her and slapped her ass. “C’mon you nasty little whore. Show me what you can do.” Then I started teasing her with my tongue licking her soft asscheeks.

“Oh daddy, I feel so dirty like this. It’s so big… And…” She paused a moment.

“Is there someone else watching me?”

“C’mon Kitten. Show us how dirty you are.” At first what I said didn’t sink in. Then after a moment….”OH NO!!! NO!!!… Please don’t tell me…..”

I interrupted her. “Yes Kitten… Bob and Kathy are here. Now don’t stop. Show Kathy how you act like a whore for me.”

I had my hand on Christine’s ass and I could feel her embarrassment. It was one thing to act like a slut in private with your lover, but in front of the neighbors too? She could only imagine what Kathy thought right now. Christine knew how conservative Kathy was and for her to see this display of kinky perverted sex play… well…, for sure she had a whole new image of my Kitten.

“Don’t stop Christine,” I coaxed. “Just think…’slut'”

After a little hesitation and some more urging, Kitten slowly continued. I’m sure the blindfold was the only reason she could keep going. If she had to look Bob and Kathy in the eye, she most certainly would have been much too humiliated. It was embarrassing enough just knowing they were there watching.

Christine gently pulled on the cucumber and part of it backed out of her hole. As she did, her anal ring gripped the cuke tight and I could see her tight flesh hugging it. It looked so damn nasty. There’s just something so hot about a beautiful asshole getting stuffed, especially with something big. Christine then pushed it back in to about the same point, taking half of the cucumber again. “That’s it Kitten. Fuck your ass. Fuck it for daddy.”

She was such an obedient girl, even with an audience. She kept sliding that huge cucumber back and forth through her asshole. After a while she picked up the pace and was stuffing her hole pretty hard. I asked if I could help. “Want some help, honey? Want daddy to help fuck your tight little ass for you?”

I put my hand on hers holding the cucumber and guiding it through her sphincter a few times. “You’re a dirty little thing Kitten, you know that? How many girls do you know shove cucumbers up their assholes? How many let their neighbors watch them act like perverted sluts?”

Even though I was trying to humiliate her, Christine was moaning out more and more. She was getting into having this large object sticking in her rear end. So I decided to coax her on.

“How about showing daddy how you can take the whole thing.” I asked? izmit escort

“Oh daddy!… But it’s so big, she moaned out.

“C’mon Kitten… you can do it,” I coaxed. “Show daddy how deep your ass is.”

“All of it daddy, Christine asked as if checking to be sure?”

“Yes, honey…, all of it. I want to see the whole thing buried in your slutty ass.”

Bob and Kathy were quite excited at what I was asking her to do. Bob was rubbing his crotch and Kathy had her legs tightly squeezed together with her hand stuck between them.

I held Kitten’s hand tight on the cucumber. “We’ll do it together, okay? All the way in.”

“Oh daddy.. go easy please.” Still holding her hand I began pushing. The cucumber began going in deeper and deeper. “OOOOUuuuuuuuuu, daddy!!!” “Ohhhh daddy…” I pushed more… and more… steadily forcing it up her ass. I’ve never seen anything like it. Her ass was swallowing the huge green cucumber inch by inch.

“Oh Kitten, you should see how much is in you. What a nasty little ass… You’re such a hot little anal slut.”

There was less than an inch left. Her anal hole was actually closing up as the contour of the cuke was getting smaller at the end. She had easily nine inches buried in her ass. Christine could hear the comments coming mostly from Kathy.

“My God.. how can she do that? She IS a slut.”

I took my hand away. “Okay honey, we’re almost there. Now you do the rest. Shove it in your ass.” Christine placed her thumb on the tip. She pushed. She let out a deep grunt, as there was a lot of resistance. I’m sure the cuke had pretty well filled her rectum and the other end had to be pushing on the walls deep in her ass. She pushed harder… and slowly it began moving deeper. Christine was moaning, grunting…. “Oh my God daddy….”

“Don’t stop honey. Shove it all in. Remember, you’re a slut and you love having your ass filled. She gave another hard push with her thumb…. and… “OOOHHHHHhhhhhhhhh, she gasped almost frantically. It was gone. Her puckered anal hole closed up tight and the whole cucumber was stuffed inside her gorgeous bottom.

“FUCKKK!!!!,” I yelled out. “You nasty little slut. You took the whole thing. It’s all in your ass. What a dirty whore… you anal fuckslut… stuffing your tight little shithole like that.”

I was out of control yelling obscenities at her because it aroused me so much. I was rubbing my cock through my pants like crazy. Christine was breathing heavily trying to explain how she felt. “Oh daddy…, my ass…. it’s so full.”

Bob was going nuts too rubbing his cock with one hand and feeling his wife up with the other. “You lucky son of a bitch,” he screamed. “You got your own personal whore.”

Right in the middle of our living room floor I eased Christine onto her back. She was moaning to me how full she felt. “Daddy…, I don’t know if I can hold it. It feels like I have to go.”

“Just hold it in Kitten,” I ordered. I want you to keep it in your ass for me.”

“I’ll try daddy,… I’ll try,” she whimpered in obvious discomfort trying to keep the big cucumber in her rectum.

I spread her legs and started licking her pussy. “Want daddy to fuck you,” I asked?

“I’ll bet your cunt is really tight now.”

I put my middle finger on her tight anus. It was almost hard to believe that right on the other side of her cute little pucker was a ten-inch huge vegetable buried in her ass. I pushed my finger against her hole. It easily opened allowing my finger in. Instantly I came in contact with the end of the hard cuke. I pushed deeper, letting my finger follow the shape of the object. My finger felt squashed between the huge vegetable and the flesh of her rectum. “Can you feel me in there Kitten, I asked? I knew she could. I just wanted to hear her moan again. “Does my slut want her ass finger fucked too?” I probed around feeling the soft warm walls of her anal cavity. When I pulled out I pushed on the cuke again just to make sure it was in as far as it could go.

Bob had brought Kathy reluctantly from the sofa. They were kneeling on the floor with me. I think Kathy was more nervous watching than Christine was performing. “Ever touch another girl’s pussy, I asked looking at Bob’s wife? She shook her head fast saying, “No!” I sensed a quiver in her voice as I think she knew what was on my mind. “So go ahead. See how wet Christine is?” Kitten didn’t say a thing. She just lay there allowing us to examine her naked body.

I grabbed Kathy’s hand and moved it between Christine’s legs. I placed her fingers on Kitten’s wet cunt and then I backed away. “Go ahead Kathy. Feel her cunt.”

Kathy timidly ran her fingers over Christine’s slit. It was obvious that Kathy was somewhat intrigued at feeling another female pussy, as her fingers roamed all over between Kitten’s legs. I sensed she was enjoying it when she whispered out, “she’s so wet.” When she let one finger slide in a bit, Christine moaned out making Kathy pull away. “Don’t stop Kathy,” I urged her on. izmit kendi evi olan escort “She likes it.” I know Christine was really embarrassed having our neighbor fingering her pussy. But despite those feelings Kitten couldn’t help from expressing her enjoyment of the soft touch of Kathy’s hand.

Then I suggested to Bob, “Why doesn’t she have a taste?”

Kathy quickly looked at me snapping back, “OH NO!! I couldn’t.”

“Why not,” I asked? “Are you worried about what Christine will think?

Kathy remained silent and didn’t answer.

She’s just a slut for our enjoyment,” I explained.

“I don’t know,” she finally replied. “I’ve never done that before…. lick another girl’s pussy?” Kathy just shook her head.

“First time, huh” I replied? “So go ahead.. try it. Two pretty girls gettin’ it on together… FUCK!!… you two will look so hot…”

Bob wasn’t saying a thing. But I could tell he desperately wanted to see his wife acting like a filthy bitch for him. And going down on Christine licking her cunt would certainly be good for starters.

“C’mon Kathy,” I kept coaxing. “Christine will love it.. trust me.. you will too.”

Kathy was thinking about it. Part of it I’m sure was being caught up in the excitement of what Christine was doing and part of it was her own curiosity. Either way I know Bob wanted to see his cute blonde wife go down on Christine.

“Is it okay Christine,” Kathy asked as if looking for Kitten’s permission?

“What are you asking her for,” I immediately snapped out? “She’s just whore. If you want to eat her cunt… just do it.”

I could see that Kathy had a hard time believing the way I talked about Christine having so little consideration for what she might want. I’m sure she was curious as to why I treated her as nothing more than a body to fuck and to use for my sexually perverted fantasies.

“Go ahead Kathy,” I continued. “You have to understand that Christine is a fucktoy for us to enjoy…. and nothing more. I could see that Kathy was almost convinced. “Watch… I’ll show you. She’s just a slut willing to do anything.”

While Kathy and Bob watched I crawled up between Kitten’s legs, unzipped and guided my hard cock to her pussy. “I’m gonna fuck you Christine.” I announced it right in front of our guests. I moved forward and my cock entered her cunt. Damn, was she tight. The cuke was stretching the wall between her rectum and cunt so much that it constricted the size of her pussy. I leaned forward and shoved myself in all the way. Then I began fucking her tight hole. In seconds Christine was screaming. “Ohhh daddy… Ohhhhhh daddy…. you’re gonna make me cum.” I started ramming her harder and faster. “Go ahead it…. cum for me. Cum for daddy. Show Bob and Kathy how hard you can cum with your ass stuffed and my cock in your hot wet hole.”

She was moaning out of control as my hard shaft scraped across her clit over and over. I reached down grabbing her blindfold and ripped it off. Now she could see Bob and Kathy intensely watching. I can only imagine the feeling she had knowing that our neighbors were right there watching her fuck.

“C’mon whore,” I yelled. “Are you going to cum? Or should daddy shove more up your ass?”

I knew she was very close to an orgasm, so I backed off and pulled my cock out. I’m sure she was wondering why I did that. I quickly turned to Kathy, “see… just a slut.. that’s all. Now you finish her off. Suck her clit and make her cum.”

Kathy’s face instantly became petrified. Bob was all kinds of excited. He wanted to see his wife acting dirty with Christine so badly. I placed my hand on the back of Kathy’s head and pushed her forward. Even Bob was coaxing her too. “Go ahead honey. Do it!”

I kept pushing her head down. Then finally she stopped fighting and let me. Her mouth got closer and closer until finally her lips touched Christine’s wet pussy. Kitten moaned out, “Oh my God… Yes… Yess…Lick me… Make me cum…” I pushed Kathy’s head forcing her mouth completely over Kitten’s hot juicy cunt. “Ohh Yesss…,” Christine cried out. “Suck my cunt…lick my clit…. Please!!…”

“Look at Christine Bob,” I remarked. “She’s begging for it. Isn’t she an incredible little bitch?”

“And look at my wife too,” he replied back in disbelief. “I can’t believe she’s doing this.”

Kathy’s tongue was all over Kitten’s throbbing pussy making her squirm around on the floor. I guess Kathy was pretty turned on too. For a sweet innocent wife, she was slurping through Christine’s cunt savoring the taste and wasn’t afraid to show it. She was moaning, “Mmmmm…Mmmm…Mmmmm…” Then in matter of seconds Kitten began to orgasm. She groaned and screamed out, “I’m cumming…”

I put one of Kathy’s hands down on Christine’s ass. Then I whispered to her making sure it was loud enough for Kitten to hear. “Want to feel that big cucumber? Go ahead.. stick your finger in the slut’s ass.” Kathy must have been extremely aroused after licking Christine. She must have been curious too. She took one finger without hesitating and poked it up Christine’s asshole. From Kitten’s reaction it intensified her orgasm immensely. She began thrashing about wiggling her ass on Kathy’s finger moaning, “I’m cumming… I’m cumming…”

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Black Sheep

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“Have you seen your sister’s facebook?” Mia handed me a much needed glass of white wine.

I nodded my thanks and looked around the milling throng attending the wake, most of whom I had no idea as to their identity.

“You know I don’t bother with those things,” I re-informed my ex-wife. “Why, has she sent condolences?” I added, scoffing at the actual thought of it.

Six months Mom had lain dying and not a word from Carly, let alone a visit. That she would spend a second acknowledging our mother’s death was to me, both amusing and sad.

“No, she’s coming!” Mia informed me, already accentuating the fact by nodding, as if she knew I’d look in her eyes for signs of jest.

“To the funeral? Well it’s a bit late for that.”

“No here. To the wake,” Mia explained. “It was your son that saw it.”

“He’s on Facebook? He’s only eleven years old!” The thought of him following my sister on social media made me pale. “Oh god, she’s not still posting ‘those’ photos is she?”

The question caused Mia to cough on her own drink. “Oh no, thankfully. Well not on Facebook. I don’t think Connor knows about her Insta account. Thank the lord.”

If he was navigating his way around Facebook I reasoned, he’d know about Instagram, but tried to dismiss the image of my son let loose on the world wide web from my mind as I was approached by elderly friends of my deceased mother, wishing their best.


It was early afternoon and my sister’s impending return to our childhood home had slipped from thought with the departure of many of the guests. It wasn’t until the excited squeal of my six year old daughter from the entrance hall broke the sombre mood of the day did her expectant presence take actual form. No one else could make Lucy scream in excitement like her long absent auntie, and though my feelings towards Carly right then were mixed, I joined my family to welcome her arrival.

In the process of hugging my wife. Correction, my ex-wife, (I continue to make that mistake) Carly’s arm was being dragged to the side by my daughter, eager to claim my sister for her own. Connor looked on with the puppy dog eyes he’d always had for his aunt. Eyes I recognised as probably not dissimilar to my own at his age. Looking upon a goddess. A goddess that just happened to be part of the family.

My presence was felt in the hallway and Carly’s eyes dragged up from over my wife’s shoulder to settle on me, a fresh glass of wine still in hand.

“Hey stranger,” I offered after a moments silence where even little Lucy could sense tension between us.

“I’m sorry,” Carly stated, her eyes teary as she pressed her body against me in an embrace. How ‘sorry’ she actually was intrigued me with her lack of compassion during the last year or her failure to attend the funeral but those questions would wait. Right then, it was just pleasant to see her, to have her back home for how little time she was endeavouring to treat us.

It again was Lucy that dragged us apart, pulling Carly across to a settee to show her a drawing she’d done. I noticed a large well used suitcase beside the door and wondered if indeed she was planning on staying on?

“It’s wonderful,” Carly praised Lucy’s art whose own attention was drawn to the artwork adorning my sister’s arm. A temporary henna tattoo daubed her left hand but it was the intricate lattice work of ivy running her entire arm from wrist to shoulder that demanded investigation, Lucy tracing her fingers across the green trending to red leaves upon the vine.

“That’s new,” my ex-wife seemed to convey my thought and Carly regaled us with the when and where of her latest acquisition.

“So are you planning on hanging around?” I broke into her story probably too abruptly and much more callous sounding than I meant.

“Well yeah, I was hoping to,” Carly stated. “I’m sure I can find somewhere cheap to rent.”

Lucy and Connor were understandably ecstatic with the news, my son taking the opportunity to hold her other hand in a bid to mimic his sister’s innocent examination of her skin and the tattoos thereupon.

“Well obviously you’ll stay here until then,” Mia proposed and Carly’s eyes immediately went to mine.

“I mean that would be great if I could,” Carly questioned me, Lucy answering for me.

“Of course you must!” She maturely stated. “Dad showed us your old room, it’s mine when I’m staying here but you can have it. There’s a grown-ups bed in it and everything. Come on I’ll show you.”

Connor as well was eager to lead my sister up the stairs and I stopped their progress as the two of them dragged her off the settee.

“Wait a second,” I challenged and all three sets of eyes looked furtively toward me, nervous I was about to object. “Maybe you could carry your aunts suitcase up for her Connor, what do you say?” I proposed, essentially giving my approval, and eager to show his strength, Connor was quick to comply.

“You’re holding up well,” Mia placed an arm around my waist when they’d reached the landing, out of earshot.

“For now,” escort izmit I countered. “She hasn’t said anything. Why would she even come back at all? And today of all days. It wasn’t for Mom’s funeral, so why?”

“I don’t know,” Mia offered. “Ask her. You’ve said yourself you and her were close. Maybe she thinks it’s time. And the kids love her. It’d be good to have another potential babysitter on call.”

I hugged Mia myself, glad she had been there for me today; during the last year, despite our divorce.

“Thanks for today,” I stated. “Helping with everything.”

“Hey it’s what ex-wives are for isn’t it?” She laughed.

I frowned in response. “Hmm, I’m not sure about that, but I’ll take it. Are you going to hang around for a while?”

“I don’t see why not,” Mia smiled. “Try dragging those kids away from her now anyway.”

“I think Connor has a crush on her,” I admitted and Mia once again laughed.

“What man doesn’t?” She giggled.


I bade farewell to the last of the guests late afternoon and finally breathed out. The delighted screams of the kids in the backyard, especially Lucy’s was a welcome sound echoing through the house and picking up paper plates and some empty glasses from the hallway I ventured toward the distraction. Depositing the rubbish in the kitchen, I walked out into the strong sunlight in the yard and shielding my eyes looked upon the entirety of my family.

Carly was in the process of climbing out of the pool, Lucy impatiently awaiting her to watch her dive. Connor was doing laps, the little would-be olympian demonstrating his prowess for his favourite aunt, ignoring his mother’s warning to ‘not go too hard.’

I looked back at my sister, the water cascading down over the barely there olive colored bikini that she ‘just’ wore. Was I being prudish? It covered all of the contentious regions I supposed. Maybe having children of my own had made me more conservative? Certainly twenty years prior I’d have done just about anything to see my big sister as she was; in less. The sudden recollection of my youth took me by surprise. God I spoke to myself. It’s more than twenty years!

Before Lucy had a chance to dive, Carly pushed her in, jumping in directly behind her to splash my daughter as her head arose, laughing and not the least resentful for the trick.

“It’s nice to hear laughter around here again,” Mia smiled at me, sunning her legs on a deck chair.

“Stay for dinner?” I proposed, admittedly not looking forward to being alone with Carly and the eventual argument I knew would come.

“It’s school tomorrow Trey,” Mia acknowledged. “We’d be getting home too late if we stayed on.”

I understood where she was coming from. The kids would be overexcited from seeing Carly anyway, bedtime later than was usual would be a nightmare for both of us were we still together, alone, I didn’t envy her. Mia looked at her watch, I think sensing my reason for asking. “We’ll stay till five.”


“Can we stay next weekend Daddy?” Lucy anxiously asked as I saw them into the car well after Mia’s anticipated departure time. “If Carly’s still here,” she threw in the addendum.

I looked at Mia in the front seat and she was nodding furiously, obviously ecstatic about the possibility of an added weekend without the kids.

“I’m sure that can be arranged Honey,” I kissed my daughter before attempting the same on Connor who without malice shirked away, his eyes looking over my shoulder to be sure Carly hadn’t observed him. I ruffled his still damp hair instead and wished them a safe drive home before taking a deep breath and re-entering the house.

Carly remained where the kids had reluctantly said goodbye to her, stretched upon a banana lounge catching the last of the sun’s rays before it dipped below the tree-line. She poured wine into my glass as she noticed me head back out, handing me the glass as I dropped back into my own deck chair.

“Thanks,” I told her, downing a large amount of the glass in one go, Carly smiling over her sunglasses.

“Big day huh!” She grimaced.

“You could say that again,” I sighed and she did, repeating the claim which drew a smile from me.

“There’s lots of leftovers,” I observed. “At least I don’t have to make anything for dinner.”

“Mm, I would’ve suggested a delivery anyway had there not,” Carly stated.

It was all small talk and it continued on for the next five minutes while I ran through my head the amount of times she’d been home in the last decades, coming up blank when imagining the last time she’d stepped foot inside this house. For a while it felt like no time had passed. Sitting out there together we could still have been in high school. Pool parties with friends. Her face turned up to the sky and I took a moment to admire her body, still perfect in my eyes even now closing in on her 41st birthday. Where had the time gone? In her early twenties leaving for college, then leaving for good and not looking back, rarely re-entering our lives. The bikini in the process of drying, from izmit escort my vantage still damp between her upper thighs where it created a pronounced cameltoe. It sat lower on her pubic bone than it’d been when Mia and the kids were there I perceived, paler skin and the hint of pubic hair above the hem. I felt myself blush and looked further up along her body, quickly skirting over her breasts to more palatable viewing, her tattooed arms.

“They’re new,” I repeated my ex-wife’s observation and her face lowered to aim in the direction I looked.

“I was sure I had the right arm done the last time I was in town,” she proposed and I shook my head.

“Do you even remember when that was?” I charged and she lowered her glasses.

“Not really,” she replied, sensing my mood change.

“Connor was only nine. I’m surprised Lucy remembers you at all.”

“What do you want me to say?” She challenged. “I’ve been working. Travelling.”

“Yeah, so busy you couldn’t even come back for Mom’s funeral. To see her while she was dying.”

“Did she ask to see me?” Carly threw back and it took me by surprise. She hadn’t. And the fact I hadn’t thought of that fact prior shocked me and left me momentarily speechless.

I didn’t answer her question, rising from the chair with a non-committal shrug and went to the edge of the pool. I heard her rise from the lounge behind me and as she did I dropped to my knees to rescue a lady bug from the surface of the water. Seeing it safely back on land, I looked to my left and my sister’s bare feet.

“He swims like you, you know,” Carly changed the subject. “Connor. All arms and splashes,” she chuckled.

I squinted in the last rays of the sun and looked up her body, my face level with her crotch, her nipples now more overt.

“Like I used to!” I challenged, smiling.

“Oh yeah? Prove it,” she stated and ever so quickly she had both hands pressing my back. Fully clothed I fell headfirst into the pool, the water colder than I’d expected, bobbing back up, catching my breath to see Carly in rapturous delight above me.

“Oh god I wish the kids were here right now,” she laughed, dropping to a knee on the poolside and reaching a supporting arm down.

I swam to the edge and accepted her help, taking hold of her tattooed forearm but dragged her into the pool instead. Her shocked scream muffled by the water as she fell. She came back up spluttering, laughing, wiping water from her eyes as I held onto the edge of the pool.

“I’ve missed you,” I admitted, being together with her, alone in the pool bringing memories flooding back. Of innocent play as children and teens and then not so innocent as we aged. Were they real? Memory is so corruptible, over the years I began to tell myself much of what I though was true was possibly fantasy. She came to my side and clung to the edge facing me, still the twenty year old girl I remembered from my visions.

“I’ve missed you to,” she concurred as my teeth chattered, a smile returning to her serious visage. “Come on, lets get out of here.”


Showered, she returned downstairs hauling her suitcase and I thought the worst until she explained.

“I can’t stay in my old bedroom, Trey,” she admitted. It had been completely redecorated for my daughter in the years we’d been living there until the divorce, but the bones remained. “There’s too many memories,” she added.

“It’s alright, come downstairs,” I stated, providing an alternative.

Much like my son, I was eager to take Carly’s case from her, gesturing for her to head to the basement as she frowned at me skeptically.

It was the room where we’d spent our teens. Parties, television, homework. Now refurbished, new carpet, painted. Carly’s eyes lit up at the transformation from dingy hangout to modern media/guest bedroom.

“Trey, it’s fantastic,” Carly beamed and I felt goosebumps run my spine. Everything was how it had been, but updated. CRT television to large flatscreen. Playstation one to Connor’s PS4. The tattered old couch to modular lounge, easily converted to a double bed. “We used to spend all our time down here just to get away from Mom and Dad,” Carly reminisced. “Now I actually want to!”

I placed the suitcase against a wall and joined her as she scoured a shelf of old cd’s.

“Remember these things?” She laughed as she pulled out a title and flipped the cover. “This is mine!” She remarked.

“Yeah, all your old cd’s are there,” I acknowledged. “Like I was going to throw away all your stuff!”

She placed the disc back and looked down at the gaming console. “Oh god. Remember that game we used to play for hours? The bandicoot one.”

I stepped back and sat down on the sofa, recalling the game and the memories it invoked. Of Carly laying on the floor as I sat behind her. Her legs spread enabling me to see up her skirt. Of her looking back over her shoulder and catching me, parting them further. Had that actually happened? I wondered.

“Yeah of course,” I stated. “Crash Bandicoot. It was awesome,” izmit kendi evi olan escort I added. Was I referring to the game or her?

She joined me on the couch and lay back, the light sun dress settling upon her body, moulding to her every bump, most notably her groin.

“You know I was there when we released some back into the wild in Western Australia a few years ago,” she confided. “I thought of you!” She added.

“What? Real bandicoots?” I quizzed to which she nodded. “Is there anything or anywhere you haven’t been or done?” I marvelled.

She was quiet a moment as I leaned back on the lounge with her.

“There are still some things I haven’t done,” she cryptically answered, her eyes searching mine and I wondered what she meant by her demeanour?

I wanted to kiss her. The more I looked at her, the stronger my feelings for her. If none of those last years of her at home had been merely my overacting imagination, we’d been on the verge of fucking. I had no doubt. We’d kissed. Not innocently either. I could describe the account perfectly even so many years later. In this same room discussing my then girlfriend. Carly had wanted to hear all about our date, even down to the kiss which I’d described as ‘awkward.’ Her offer to see if it was me that was the problem, try out on my sister. It was her’s, the first tongue mine met. And then New Years Eve. By the pool. Neighborhood fireworks and Carly the closest girl at midnight. At 18 and 20 years old respectively. Brother and sister. We knew what we were doing. Alcohol affected or not.

“I know!” Carly declared. “Leg’s get drunk and stay up listening to cd’s! Like old times.”

I was taking the next day off work for bereavement leave anyway, but even not, there was nothing I wanted to do more. Well, maybe something.


“Remember sneaking upstairs and drinking Dad’s booze?” Carly sat crosslegged on the carpet as I passed her another glass of bourbon and ice.

It brought a smile. Running back downstairs and smelling the other’s breath to prove we’d gone through with it.

“I remember getting caught!” I recollected. “Dad smacked me so hard. Can you believe they would do that?”

“Not Mom,” Carly noted. “Not to you anyway. You were her golden boy.”

Carly changed the cd, on her knees and leaning forward, her dress riding up on her hips. History felt like it was repeating. More than twenty years later and my eyes descending once again on my sister’s ass, the smoothness of the back of her thighs, the hint of white panty as she leaned lower. All it would take is her to look around and catch…and then it happened.

The first song playing, Jeff Buckley’s ‘Everybody Here Wants You’ and Carly turning her head to see my eyes lazily make their way from her bottom. A smile. A knowing smile? Coming to her lips before she retook her seated position. It was the same song. Playing when we first kissed. In the same room.

Did she remember? Was it planned?

“Why did you go?” I asked as I drained another glass. “Why didn’t you come back?” I added. Two questions that had haunted me for years.

“Mom,” she answered as if a response to both.

“What, so you have a fight with Mom and then wait for her to die before returning?” It was then I thought of her timing. “God tell me you didn’t come back just for the will?”

Carly turned her face from me and when she looked back there were tears in her eyes.

“You really think that?” She questioned, not waiting for me to respond. “How do you not get it Trey?”

I looked back blankly, still not understanding but troubled I’d made her upset.

“All I know is things were cool and then you go and leave. You drop by every two years or so and then whoosh, gone again,” I was yelling. Unsure why. “Now you say you’re gonna hang around awhile. What for? The house, the money?”

“You’re a dick if you think that!” Carly spat back.

“Then what?”

“It’s you, you fuck!” She shouted as Jeff Buckley aptly sang ‘…they all look so good from a distance but I tell you I’m the one.’ “It’s always been about you.”

She rose from her seated position leaving her drink behind and marched to her suitcase as I looked on stunned. Tearing it open she brought forth an envelope and threw it at me. The paper yellowed and soft from age I held it before myself.

“What’s this?” I challenged.

“Read it you asshole. I’m going to get some air.” She took the bottle of bourbon from the table and stormed away upstairs, the song ending to leave me in the now silence of the empty basement.

The one word on the front read ‘Trey’ and inside was a single sheet of paper as aged as the envelope. Thin and delicate, the writing in red ink, faded with time.

My heart broke as I began to read.

‘My dearest little brother,

There are words we long to say but rules always hold us back. Prevent us from declaring. For years I’ve wanted to tell you how I feel. To admit this lifetime of love I’ve had for you. So many times I’ve been on the verge of admitting, biting my tongue and hoping you take the lead and say it first. For surely you feel it too. We should be together. More than brother and sister. We’re both adults now and there’s only the taboo that can stop us acting upon what I know we both feel.

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First Gay, Forever Gay

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Big Cock

I had just started my second semester at university and was almost 19. I hade always fantasized about man to man sex but never acted on it, always too scared to admit that I liked it. I had become quite friendly with one of my professors the first semester and even though I never had him for classes the second we remained good friends.

He was 45 or so, average build, thick dark hair, clean shaven and I felt, very attractive. I am about 5 ft 11in 165 so thinner but decent with muscle structure, the girls in high school thought I was cute at least. About February Jamie invited me over to his house for a party, he told me it was just a few guys getting together to have a few beers, a little pot and watch a few movies. “nothing too exciting” or so it seemed.

I arrived at the specified time to find Jamie and a couple other guys, Paul and Rob. Jamie introduced me as his prize pupil and gave me a beer. We chatted for a bit until the others came, in total there were now 7 of us. I looked around somewhat nervously as I noticed some were holding hands and such. My cock responded by getting hard, as I had to admit to myself I was right about Jamie. He seemed much like a gay boy I knew when I was younger, not quite femme but not quite “manly” you know?

Rob lit a joint and passed it around, then another and another. That was when Jamie put in the movie. izmit rus escort I noticed right away that it only had guys names and warned of sexual content. This excited me further as the pot was working on my inhibitions and fears.

I sat on the love seat with Jamie right next to me, his arm behind me. I watched the movie in awe feeling my own pre cum working out as the action on screen got hotter. Suddenly I was very aware of Jamie’s hand on my crotch resting on my straining cock. His lips were inches from my ear as he whispered to me.

“Ever been with a guy Tracie?”

“No,” I hoarsely replied. “But you want to don’t you boy?”

“Yessss, god.”

He squeezed my cock harder then turned my face to kiss me, that broke my fixation on the TV and saw the others in various embraces and states of dress. I thought t myself my god what’s happening? Then I felt his tongue in my mouth and my attention was firmly on him. The kiss was the most passionate I had ever had, I was no virgin as I had girls in high school but I had never experienced anything so hot. As we kissed deeper and deeper he undid my shirt and removed it, then my pants button and fly. I lifted my ass as he slid down my pants and boxers, I never felt so naked and accepted all at the same time. His lips came back to mine and he grabbed my oozing cock and I moaned izmit escort deeply. He stopped, stood up and removed his clothes. I just stared at his nakedness, admiring his mature but firm body and hard uncut 6 inch cock. He sat back down his skin next to mine making it tingle and started stroking my 8 inch cut cock. “suck me Tracie” he asked, and I leaned over and took my first cock into my mouth. The spongy head felt so good to my tongue and mouth, filling it as I continued down the shaft until the head touched the back of my throat. Then back up, swirling my tongue around the head tasting the drops of cum at the tip. Up, down, up down I continued my lust for this man’s organ. He was moaning and stroking my hair, I was moaning enjoying the passion the taste the forbidden lust I had kept away for so long.

Entranced as I was on Jamie’s hard cock I never noticed the others had stopped and were watching. 5 others all over 40, some gay, some bi, some married, some single as I later found out. I felt one of them put something in my ass and it felt good, he used his fingers to put some lube and massage it. I felt loose and ready, I wasn’t tense at all. I had gotten on my knees to blow Jamie better by this time and at least 3 others were near us, my ass in the air 3 fingers form an unknown assailant in it working it. My cock was just dripping cum on the floor and Paul kocaeli escort had gotten under me and started sucking it, god it felt soo good.

Jamie was really panting hard grabbing my head as I felt his cock pulse then erupt in my mouth. The sweet, sticky salty cum filled my mouth and ran over my tongue and I swallowed as fast as I could to get it all. About the same time Rob had put the head of his cock against my virgin asshole and started to push it in. I moaned as the head split my hole open forcing it inside. I had seen Rob’s cock and it looked huge but the pain was quickly fading as the cum still lingered in my mouth and Paul was sucking on my cock. Another man quickly filled my empty mouth with his cock as Rob continued to fill my tight asshole, I was moaning and pushing back while I sucked another cock.

I came hard in Paul’s mouth and he got up all covered in my cum, which Jamie quickly licked off. Watching something so slutty, then realizing I was in the middle of 6 naked horny men myself, got me hard again. Just then Rob exploded filling my virgin ass with its first taste of cum. As he pulled out his cum dripped onto my balls and Steve got down and rimmed my and cleaned me. Then he stuck his cock in my ass just as john had exploded in my mouth, mm more cum.

Before the night was through all the men had filled my ass and mouth. I stayed the night with Jamie, sleeping in his bed and feeling so wonderful. I loved the taste of cum, the feel of cock in my mouth and my ass. So you see my first time was hard to live up to, but I have not had trouble finding those to who want to try.

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Jill , Sue

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If you want some background to this story please read “Jill’s Exploits” chapters 1 & 2.

* * * * *

As Jill got up to go shower off after such a great fuck session with Tim there came a knock at the door. Jill walked to the door and answered it. Sue, her next door neighbor was standing there in tears. Jill motioned her to come in and closed the door behind her. Going to the couch and setting down Jill asked Sue what was wrong. Sue proceeded to tell Jill about an awful fight she had had with Bill her boyfriend. It seems Bill was claiming that Sue as cold and unfeeling towards him when it came to sex. It seemed Bill wanted sex a lot more often than Sue did. Now Jill knew Bill had a great sex drive, in fact he had visited her a time or two when Sue had turned him away, but Jill wasn’t about to tell Sue that.

“Look at you sitting here naked with a body to die for and it doesn’t bother you in the least. I wish I could be more like you” and with that Sue burst into tears again. Taking Sue into her arms for comfort, Jill stroked her hair and whispered that everything would be okay. Before Jill realized what she was doing her body started stirring again. She just couldn’t seem to get her sexual appetite sated today. Her pussy was starting to throb and she wanted Sue in the worst way. Jill had wanted Sue for some time now but she had always seemed to prudish and unapproachable. That was until now. Jill let her hands roam down Sue’s back caressing and soothing her as her lips found her temple where she started planting little kisses. Sue’s hands were on Jill back and was moving on their own accord as well. Jill didn’t think Sue was even aware that she was caressing and arousing Jill so. Jill got an idea and decided to see just how far Sue would let her go.

Pulling away just a little Jill reached down and took Sue by the hand, pulling her up to her feet. “You know what you need, “a good massage. You’re way too tense.” Sue just looked at Jill, willingly putting herself into Jill’s hands. “Go into my room there and stripe and lay down on my bed. I’ll get my oil and be right in.” Sue wasn’t sure what possessed her to do as Jill instructed but she did so without the least bit of hesitation.

Jill watched as Sue went into her bedroom and striped off her clothes and laid down on the bed. Now Jill had seen Sue in a bathing suit around the pool and had admired her body. It was nothing to be ashamed of, she had nice round, firm tits, a nice shaped tight little ass and long shapely legs. Licking her lips Jill escort izmit went in and climbed up on the bed with Sue. Sue didn’t have much time to get nervous or try and hide her body. Jill poured some oil in her hand and started rubbing it all over Sue’s back. Sue could feel herself starting to relax as well as a tingling sensation starting in her pussy. Jill took her time and worked Sue’s shoulders and upper back till she could feel her relax. She didn’t want to rush and cause Sue to get skittish on her. When Sue was completely relaxed Jill straddled her legs and started rubbing her lower back and down to her firm ass cheeks. Sue was a little surprised to feel Jill’s wet pussy rub against her leg, but for some strange reason she said nothing.

Jill grew bolder still, running her hands up Sue’s sides and caressed the sides of her breast. Sue let out a soft moan of pleasure. Jill knew she had her where she wanted her but reminded herself to go slow and make it something for Sue to remember. Jill moved down to Sue’s legs and started to massage them in turn, working her magic up and down each leg. Sue’s legs spread without hesitation for Jill, who was smiling to herself as her hands ran to the top of Sues thigh. Jill was a hairs breath away from her prize, Sue’s sweet pussy. Almost touching but not quite. Sue’s in drawn breath didn’t go unnoticed, as she made her way up the other leg. This time she let her fingers brush Sue’s pussy lips. They were puckered up so sweetly just begging for attention. Jill could see how wet this was making Sue. Her pussy was glistening with her juices. Jill moved her knees between Sues legs which spread wider without any prompting from Jill. Jill took this as an invitation so without further ado Jill’s hands made their way to Sue’s pussy, watching for signs of resistance, there were none.

Jill let her fingers glide up and down Sue’s wet slit. Her pussy lips opening up like a flower opening up to the sun. Sue raised her pussy up begging for more and a moan escaped her lips “mmmmmmmmm.” Jill allowed one finger to slide inside her pussy. She stayed still for a minute then started rotating her finger inside Sue’s hot wet pussy. She slowly fucked her finger in and out of Sue’s pussy rotating it ever so often, then she slipped a second finger in. Jill’s fingers were coated in pussy juice and Sue was breathing hard. Jill slowly turned Sue over onto her back and lowered her head kissing Sue on the mouth. Sue froze for a moment not sure what was going on, then as she felt Jill’s fingers buried in izmit escort her pussy and her other hand kneading her tit Sue relaxed and gave into the pleasure of it all. Jill’s mouth was so soft and feather light against her own. This was something she had never felt before, not even with a guy. Jill seemed to know what Sue liked.

Then she felt Jill’s mouth traveling down her body. She stopped at her aching tits and taking a hard nipple into her mouth sucked on it gently. Jill lavished both breast with tenderness before Sue felt her lips trailing down her stomach toward her hot aching pussy. Would she go down on her she wondered? Sue had heard of such things but had never dreamed it would happen to her. “Oh my Gawd” Sue moaned as Jill’s mouth found her hot throbbing clit. The feeling was almost climatic for Sue but little did she know the best was yet to come. Jill’s mouth devoured Sue’s sweet pussy. She licked her clit which was a hard little nub and easy to find by now. She then circled around and drew her tongue down Sue’s slit that was opened up to Jill with her juices running the length of it. Jill lapped at Sue’s pussy then making her tongue hard like a little cock she started fucking her with it. That was all it took to send Sue over the edge, she was cumming all over Jill’s tongue and face. Jill lapped up Sue’s juices as they flowed from her pussy. When Sue came back down from her climax Jill moved up to kiss her and give her a taste of her own cum. Sue opened up to Jill and they explored each others mouth. Sue was turned on beyond belief. She reached out and started touching Jill in much the same way Jill had just touched her. Jill laid back and let Sue explore.

Sue lowered her head to Jill breast letting her hands and tongue explore each one in turn. Licking, squeezing, caressing each one as Jill had done to hers. Jill let out a moan of pleasure letting Sue know how good what she was doing felt. Sue let her right hand travel down Jill’s stomach all the way to her pussy. Sue could feel how wet Jill was. She got braver and started kissing her way down Jill’s stomach. This caused Jill to suck in her breath with anticipation. Sue trailed her tongue and kisses down till she was at Jill’s clitty that was hard and throbbing waiting for Sue’s hot mouth. It didn’t have to wait long as Sue looked up into Jill’s lust glazed eyes she lowered her mouth onto Jill’s clit. Her tongue reached out and licked it, swirling it around, drawing it into her mouth so she could gently suck it. Jill moaned her izmit kendi evi olan escort pleasure and grabbed Sues head and pressed it into her pussy even further. Sue didn’t complain one bit she was enjoying eating Jill’s sweet pussy.

She could taste her juices and also a mans cum as well she realized. Jill must have had a hard cock stuffed in her not long ago. Realizing she was eating some unknown guy’s cum out of her neighbors hot pussy turned her on even more. While eating Jill’s pussy she slid her hand down to Jill’s cunt. Stroking a finger in and out like Jill had done to her. Jill wiggled and moaned spreading her legs wider giving Sue access to her over heated sex crazed body. Sue moved her hand further down to Jill’s ass and started playing around with it, finding cum oozing from her ass as well. Sue couldn’t believe it here she was sucking on Jill’s pussy and playing with her ass where not long ago some guy had unloaded his cum. She couldn’t believe how turned on this made her. She would have thought that would have turned her off but it didn’t. She had never let a guy fuck her in the ass and now she wondered what it must feel like. Sue slid a finger around Jill’s ass hole, which was back down to size, and slowly inserted it into her. Her ass hole sucked the finger in and was hungry for more. As Sue slipped another finger into Jill’s ass and slipped another one in her pussy it sent Jill over the edge. “I’m cummmmmmmming” Jill screamed.

Little did they know that they were being watched. Outside one window stood Tim watching and stroking his cock as Sue slid her fingers in Jill’s ass and pussy where he had cum only minutes ago. Watching this he shot another load of cum against the side of the house. While around the corner to Tim stood Bill. He too was stroking his cock while he watched his girlfriend fuck and get fucked by her neighbor. Bill shot his cum at the same time that Tim did. Neither guy knowing the other was only a few feet away. As the guys slipped away the girls embraced and shared a long lingering kiss.

As they lay in each others arms Sue said “You know Jill, maybe Bill was right. But I’m going to prove him wrong now. I’m glad I could be of help. Anytime you need convincing just cum on over.” They both laughed at the pun. But within minutes they were locked into a serious 69 position feasting on each others pussy’s. They licked and sucked each others pussy as if they hadn’t had sex in days. They ground their pussy’s into each others face all the while sucking and fucking each other to a frenzy. They came at the same time, their bodies arching into the others as if it were their first time. As they lay spent they both knew that this was only the beginning of a very close neighborly relationship.

more to cum…oops come

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Alan and Marion

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The doorbell rang and when I opened the door there was an attractive lady with a diffident smile.

‘Mr. Turner?’ she said, head cocked to one side.

‘Yes that’s me.’ I replied.

‘I’m Marion, your new cleaning lady.’

‘Oh, good, come in.’

This was the replacement for Pauline, the wonderful old lady who my wife and I had employed for years to clean the house. She had retired, and recommended one of her neighbours as a replacement. I had agreed readily to her suggestion.

I had lost my wife a couple of years ago, in a hotel fire. It had taken me ages to get over the loss, and I was still having difficulty coping with domestic arrangements. I was hoping that Marion could just take over the cleaning duties.

We walked through to the seating area in the kitchen, and I offered Marion coffee which she accepted. We sat down to discuss arrangements. I looked at her. She was in her thirties I guessed, wearing a cotton smock and jeans- suitable clothes for cleaning. Her clothes hid her figure somewhat, but she was about 5ft 6, slim with longish legs, and a beautiful mane of wavy ash blonde hair. Her face was wide and intelligent with the suspicion of an impish grin.

‘Pauline said she suggested I come round to take on her cleaning rota. Did she work for you for a long time?’

‘Yes, more than ten years. She recommended you highly.’

‘That’s nice. I hope it will work out. We should discuss the practical arrangements.’ We went on to talk about what was required, where the vacuum and all the cleaning materials where kept and so forth. Then I showed Marion round.

‘It’s a lovely house, Mr Turner.’

‘Thank you. Call me Alan.’

‘One thing I should mention Alan. Some times when I have completed my cleaning I need to go on for other things. You know, meeting people or whatever. Then I shall need to get changed. Is it okay if I do that here?’

‘Of course, no problem. Whatever you need. It will be a weight off my mind if this works out, so I would like you to be comfortable working here. If you need a shower at the end of your session that would be no problem.’

She smiled, and looked at me slightly quizzically.

‘Why thank you! I suppose I had better get on.’


And with that I retreated to my office, whilst she got on with her tasks.

I gave Marion a key so that she could get on if I was not in the house. I was at home when she arrived the next week however. Once again I offered her coffee, which she accepted.

‘Well how are you Marion?’

‘I’m fine. It was a bit of a rush getting the children off to school, as they were playing up.’

‘How many have you?’

‘Two, they are 16 and 12, boy and a girl.’

‘You must have been young when you became a mum.’

She smiled.

‘I was 20. I missed out on college, and haven’t had the chance since.’

‘Pauline didn’t tell me very much about you. I don’t even know your second name.’

‘Oh. Well it is Monroe. I am Marion Monroe. Some people call me Marilyn!’

I smiled and she looked embarrassed.

‘It is a good job you are beautiful.’

‘Why thank you kind sir!’

‘If I calculate correctly you are on the verge of living longer than Marilyn did. She did not make it beyond 36.’

‘You never know how long you’ve got. Things happen, you lose people.’

‘Don’t I know it,’ I said thinking of my wife, ‘ you sound as if you’ve lost someone.’ She suddenly looked very sad.

‘My husband died a couple of years ago. I’m a widow. That’s why I am doing this cleaning job. I’ve got no qualifications and I need the money.’

‘That’s sad. I know how you feel.’


‘I lost my wife a couple of years ago too.’

‘What a coincidence. My husband died in a hotel fire.’ I was too stunned to speak for a moment.

‘It wasn’t that place in Yorkshire, was it?’ I said and named the hotel.

‘Why yes. How did you know?’

‘That was how my wife died, in the same fire. Did your husband work for the same company?’ I said and identified the company. ‘They were having a management conference, and my wife was working for them.’

‘Yes he did.’ A tear ran down her cheek. ‘I’d better get on.’

‘Are you going to be okay?’

‘No, I need a hug.’

‘Come here.’

We held each other, overcome with our individual memories. I looked into her face.

‘We have a lot to talk about. Do you want to stay for lunch?’

‘No, I can’t today. I’ve got an appointment after I finish here. But I am free next week when I finish.’

‘Yes, let’s do it then.’

‘Can I take you up on your offer of a shower, before I go? I feel like I’d like to freshen up.’

‘Yes of course.’

I was astonished by the coincidence of our both losing our marriage partners in the same fire. Maybe fate had brought Marion to my door. A lot of people round here worked for the same company, so I suppose it was not as unlikely as it at first seemed. I wondered if she was feeling quite as disturbed by it all as I was.

And I found her very attractive, which complicated matters. I decided to get on with some work, to take my izmit rus escort mind off it all. After all at 50 I was far too old to be thinking about her like that. She would want someone of her own age.

It was midday when I heard the shower going. I turned away from my computer and walked out to the sitting room. I thought Marion must be about to go and I suppose I wanted to bid her farewell.

A short while later she did appear, but not as I expected. She was looking damp and her modesty was protected only by a towel. She looked flustered when she saw me. And gorgeous.

‘I forgot my stuff, my change of clothes. I left them out here somewhere.’

I stared at her transfixed. The likeness to Marilyn Monroe was not just in her name! I gathered my wits and managed to speak.

‘I can get you a bathrobe if you like.’

She smiled as if maybe she enjoyed my discomfort.

‘No, it’s okay. Unless I am embarrassing you.’

‘No, no…’ She was now looking a lot more composed and in control. She hitched up the towel round her trunk tucking it in above her breasts. It came just to the top of her thighs. Just. She walked over to the window.

‘You have a lovely back garden Alan. Do you do it all yourself.’

‘Yes, I enjoy it.’

‘It looks very private.’

‘It is entirely private.’

‘And it is a suntrap, yes?’

‘Yes, it is a good place to catch the sun.’

‘I miss the sun. I can’t afford holidays just now.’

‘Would you like to use the back garden?’

‘Ooh, yes`please. Can I sunbathe there? I’ll wear a decent cossie so as not to embarrass you.’

‘You don’t embarrass me.’

‘You sure? I’d better get dressed now.’ With that she undid her towel, giving me the briefest glimpse of her naked body, before doing it up again, grabbing her things and walking out. I think she got dressed in the shower room.

A few minutes later her head appeared round the door.

‘Bye, Alan. See you next week.’

‘Bye Marion.’

Well my cleaning lady had lodged herself firmly in my imagination. She was beautiful, sexy and attractive. I had no idea whether she would amount to more than a tantalising fantasy, but I longed to find out. I could hardly wait for next week and her return.


When she arrived she let herself in.

‘Hi, Alan, how are you?’

I emerged into the front hall from my office. She was wearing a short tee shirt and denim jeans, with a shoulder bag and flat shoes. Her hair was loose and I think she was wearing a little light and subtle make-up, as if she was taking care over her appearance. She had painted her finger nails pink. There was a gap between her tee shirt and the top of her jeans to reveal her tummy. I thought she was looking good.

‘Hullo Marion, I’m fine. Eh, how are you?’

She looked at me a little puzzled.

‘Are you sure? You look a little distracted.’

I realized I was staring at her. I cleared my throat, and pulled myself together.

‘No I’m fine. Are you still okay about staying for lunch?’

‘Yes, looking forward to it.’

‘Would you like a coffee before you start?’

‘If you are having one, yes that would be nice.’

We went through to the kitchen and Marion sat down. I produced two coffees and joined her. As she sipped her coffee I asked her how business was and whether or not she had filled her week with cleaning jobs.

‘Yes, it is coming along. But it is not too well paid.’

‘I suppose not.’

‘I am thinking I should develop the business. I know others in my position, and I think I could develop a contract service employing them.’

‘That sounds like a good idea.’

‘I am trying to put together a business plan, but I am struggling with it. I need to get investment.’

‘I could help you with that. Business management is my area.’

‘That would be really helpful. What do you do?’

‘I am a management consultant. I went freelance after I became a widower.’

‘Oh, okay. I’ve been working on the business plan. I have a copy with me. Do you want to have a look at it?’

‘Yes, let me do that.’ She handed me a folder from her bag.

As Marion busied herself with the cleaning I retreated to my study. What I had been doing could wait, I would have a look at Marion’s proposal. I took it out of its folder and quickly read through it. It was quite promising, but needed a bit of attention in key areas, such as the financial strategy, and the customer base. Maybe I could produce a revised version for her.

Later after I had worked on it, I stopped and stretched. I thought It could work. I got up and strolled into the kitchen to prepare lunch.

When it was ready I called out to Marion.

‘Lunch is served.’

‘Thanks,’ she replied, ‘I am just finishing up. I’ll be along in a minute.’

Shortly she appeared, and sat herself down. I had made a tuna salad and had a bottle of white wine cooled and ready.

‘That looks lovely Alan. Thank you.’

‘Will you have a glass of wine?’

‘Oh go on then. I have no more jobs today, so izmit escort it will do no harm.’

I poured out two glasses of wine and she smiled as she sipped it.

‘It is a good wine Alan.’

‘Yes, it’s okay isn’t it?’

‘I expect you are a connoisseur.’

‘Not particularly of wine, but I do know business plans.’

‘Oh.’ She looked crestfallen. ‘You don’t think much of mine then?’

‘Quite the contrary, I think it looks extremely promising. It just needs a few modifications and a bit of development.’

‘Okay. Can you show me what to do?’

‘Yes,’ I said handing her the revised version I had been working on, ‘but I think I have done it.’

‘Oh, that’s brilliant. Thank you.’

‘Well, you’d better read it first.’

‘Yes. Then there is the real problem of getting investment.’

‘If you are happy with what I have done, then I will see if I can sort something out for you.’

Marion gave me a big smile.

‘I am sure I shall be. Thank you. You are a sweetie!’ With that she leaned over and gave me a big kiss on the cheek.

Well that left me flustered. I had felt like I was in control, but now this gorgeous creature had given me a kiss. I was excited but nonplussed. She smiled at me again, pleased with the effect she had had.

‘What do you think I should call the business?’ she looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

‘I am not sure, I haven’t given it any thought.’

‘I was thinking something like ‘M.Monroe Services’. What do you think?’

‘Yes. You could use a Marilyn type image as your logo.’

‘I think you might be able to help with that too. Yes?’

‘Might I?’

‘Well yes. When I was cleaning your bedroom I found the evidence of your research.’

‘Ah.’ I had been looking at images of Marilyn on the internet, and I had printed off some of them. There was the famous pic of her with her skirt being blown upwards by a gust from a grating. There was also the Playboy selection, with her posing naked against a red background.

‘Which would you recommend?’

‘Well I suppose one of you with your skirt being blown would be suitably evocative of Marilyn.’

‘You don’t think I could carry off posing nude against a red velvet sheet?’ She smiled at me mischievously.

‘I am sure you could, but….’


‘Well it would probably give your customers quite the wrong idea about the service you are offering.’

She smiled and looked out through the window.

‘It’s a gloriously sunny day, Alan.’

‘Yes, it is. Are you going to sunbathe?’

‘Yes, if that’s okay.’

‘Please help yourself.’

‘I think my idea of heaven just now would be a nice lazy sunbathe with a glass of your delicious wine.’

‘I think we can manage that. Have you brought your costume?’

‘Yes. Why do you ask?’

‘I suppose I wondered if you were going to do a Marilyn and sunbathe nude.’

She smiled, and with her head to one side and her right index finger against her cheek, she replied in an approximate imitation of Marilyn’s voice.

‘Why Mr Turner, what kind of a girl do you think I am?’

While she was getting changed I got out a couple of loungers and towels and placed them on the patio. I had replenished Marion’s glass of wine when she re-appeared. She was wearing a red bikini. I suppose by current standards it was not outrageous or unduly minimal. I mean it covered all the bits it was supposed to cover. But neither was it very large, with a triangular section over each breast. Her body was firm and well toned with not an ounce of fat. I thought she looked gorgeous and sexy as hell.

‘Are you going to join me Alan?’ Marion inquired as I handed her the glass of wine.

‘I’ve got some work to finish off, and then I will.’

‘Don’t be too long. I shall need you to apply sun lotion to my back.’


I disappeared to my office and did the minimum that I needed to do. Then I went to my bedroom to get changed, slipping out of my clothes and pulling on a pair of shorts. I looked at myself in the mirror. I had always taken great care to stay fit and avoid putting on weight. I thought I was looking okay for my age. I pulled on a tee shirt and grabbing my glass and the bottle from the kitchen I joined Marion on the patio.

She was lying on her back sipping her wine.

‘Hi Alan,’ she said, and wiggled her toes. She had painted her toe nails pink to match her finger nails.

‘Would you like some more wine?’

‘Yes please.’

I poured some into her glass. She smiled at me.

‘This is lovely Alan. I could doze off.’ She turned over to lie on her tummy, and undid her bikini top.

‘Would you like to apply some lotion please?’

I poured some of the lotion onto her shoulders, and began to spread it with my finger tips.

‘Do you want the backs of your arms doing?’


I covered her arms as they lay by her sides. Then I returned to her shoulders and poured the lotion down the centre of her back, spreading it in both directions. I reached the top edge of her bikini bottom, and paused.

‘What about the backs of your kocaeli escort legs?’

‘Yes please.’

I began at her right ankle, moving up over her calf and then I slowly rubbed the lotion on her thigh. She sighed. Then I repeated the process with her left leg.

‘Thank you’ she murmured, and wiggled her bum.

I lay back. This was turning me on. I thought I had better change the subject. I poured out some more wine.

‘I will have a go at firming up your business plan for next week.’

She turned her head to face me.

‘I think you are already firming up,’ she said with a smile eyeing the bulge in the front of my shorts.

‘You are a very sexy lady.’

‘Thank you. And you are a perfect gentleman.’

A perfect gentleman is the last thing I felt like being. I sipped some more of my wine wondering what next move might be appropriate, when Marion made a groaning noise. She was looking at her watch.

‘Oh sod it, look at the time. I’ve got to go, the kids will be home. I was enjoying this.’

She stood up and her beautiful breasts were revealed standing proudly before me.

‘Thank you for a lovely afternoon.’ She kissed me warmly on the lips, and then strolled off to get changed. I lay back with my head in a whirl.


I was working away from home the next time Marion came to do her cleaning stint. But I made excuses and was able to get back just before lunch time. I was keen to see her again.

Not that there was much likelihood of a repeat of last week. The English weather had played one of its usual tricks. Despite its being the summer the day was grey, cloudy and cool, so sunbathing was out.

Marion was wearing tight jeans and a sleeveless tee shirt. She looked up and smiled as I arrived.

‘Hi Alan, how are you?’

‘Fine, how are you?’

‘I’m okay. Bit nervous.’

‘Oh, why is that?’

‘When I finish here, I’m going to the bank. I’m trying to get them to lend me the money to start up my business.’

‘Well it is a good scheme, so they should be willing to lend you what you need. Do you want to have lunch before you leave?’

‘That’s very kind, but I wont have time I am afraid. Got to get changed and go. I am just finishing now.’

‘Will you want a shower?’

‘Yes please, just a quick one.’

‘I’ll get you a towel.’


A few minutes later I knocked on the door to the shower room to give Marion her towel. She opened it to me and I handed her the towel. She was just removing her bra. I stared at her naked body, as she stood with her hand on her hip.

‘Go the bank like that and the manager will agree to anything.’ I said. She smiled her wicked smile.

‘As long as it is a male bank manager I suppose.’ Or even a female one these days, I thought.

Well Marion had succeeded in putting my head in a spin again. One brief glimpse of her beautiful body and I didn’t know whether I was coming or going. I longed to touch it and make love to her.

When Marion re-appeared she was wearing a smart black business suit with a demure skirt to just above her knee.

‘You look very professional and quite the business lady.’

‘Thank you, that was the intention.’

‘Phone me when you know how you have got on.’

‘I will.’

A few days later I received a telephone call from Marion.

‘Hi Alan.’ Her voice sounded strained.

‘Hullo Marion. How did you get on?’

‘No luck. They’ve turned me down. Bastards.’

‘Gosh I am surprised. Did they give a reason?’

‘Something about my lack of “match funding”, whatever that is. And my lack of experience. Bastards.’

‘Oh dear. Who did you talk to?’

‘Some young guy, seemed like he was in his early twenties, still wet behind the ears. He was a real pain in the arse.’

‘You must be angry and upset.’

‘I am. Very.’

‘Look, there are other ways of doing this. Will you be okay with my looking into it for you?’

‘Oh. Yes, if you can, thank you.’

‘I’ll see what I can sort out for your next visit.’

‘That is very kind Alan.’ There was a catch in her voice. ‘It is tough trying to sort this out on your own, you know?’

‘I know. We can sort it out.’

‘I’m grateful to you.’

‘I should be back late morning. Why don’t you stay for lunch and I’ll explain what I have in mind?’

‘Okay. I’ll see you then.’

I worked on a revised version of Marion’s business plan and contacted an investment grants organisation. Then I went to my bank to put in place the final part of my plan. By the morning of Marion’s next visit I thought I had an arrangement which would work.

I arrived back just as she was completing her round of duties. It was a warm sunny day and Marion was wearing a light cotton dress and sandals. I thought she looked gorgeous, but then I usually thought that.

‘Hi Alan, how are you?’

‘I’m fine. Are you feeling any better?’

‘Yes, but I am still pretty pissed off I am afraid.’

‘That’s understandable. Look, let me get through the door, and clean up, then I’ll sort lunch and show you what I propose.’

‘Oh, okay. I’ll lay the table.’

Lunch was my usual cold meat salad, but I had a bottle of cheerful rosé wine to go with it. We settled down and as we ate I gave Marion a folder containing my proposal.

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Black Magick Ch. 10

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(Attention readers!!! Everyone in this story is over 18!!)


“Hey, wake up!” Nick said to his new “sister,” the reincarnation of his dead grandmother. She’d just given him the most awesome blowjob of his young life in order to cure him of the supernatural illness he had contracted this morning, and now he wanted to know she was still all right. He didn’t know very much about the health issues of dead people and so had no idea how to tell if she was ok or not. She just sort of passed out after eating his cum. Did the magick she cast on him eat away too much of her energy? And if so, how could he help? Oh, where was Elisabeth when he needed her! She seemed to know everything.

Nick put his finger on Victoria’s neck to check her pulse. It was strong and steady, which should be a good sign, at least if she was a normal person. But she wasn’t, that was the problem! What if she lived on sexual energy or something? Hadn’t she said something like that? She could have hurt herself performing the healing, maybe by consuming too much of her power too quickly. Wasn’t it his responsibility to take care of her as her older brother, even if it was a sort of an unconventional relationship?

Boy was she beautiful when she was sleeping. She looked like a porcelain doll. Her skin was so white and smooth and contrasted so much with her long black hair. Seeing her that way, Nick wanted to fuck her, to pull her panties off the way he did with his sister’s dolls growing up. Shit, what was he thinking at a time like this? He picked Victoria up by the armpits, oddly conscious of his nakedness. His cock had hardened again, and it brushed against her shirt as he maneuvered her over to a chair. Was it only him or did she feel oddly light for a girl her size, as though she wasn’t quite made of the same material as normal people? No, he had to be imagining it. She didn’t react when he moved her, like she really was a doll.

Nick heard a knock at the door and ran back to his bed, covering himself with his white bed sheets. A moment later, his mother walked in, carrying a bowl of soup.

“I thought you might want some more for dinner,” Susan said with a little smile. “Oh, what is Vicky doing here?” she asked, noticing her daughter (or perhaps her mother) sitting in the chair.

“Oh, she was worried about me, but I told her I was ok and she fell asleep,” Nick lied quickly. Maybe it was more of a half-truth than a lie, he just left out the whole healing blow job bit, that’s all.

“I swear. She acts so immature it’s so hard to believe she goes to high school,” Susan said, shaking her head.

“It’s hard to believe she’s almost fifty and raised from the dead,” Nick thought to himself. To his mother, he just nodded in agreement.

“Thanks for the soup Mom, but I think I’m feeling well enough for solids. I guess a good fuck was all I needed.”

Susan glanced at her sleeping daughter in near panic, hoping to God that she was really sound asleep and didn’t hear her son’s dirty mouth.

Nick laughed. “Oh believe me, Mom, she’s sound asleep. I was shouting her name a moment ago and she didn’t wake up. She’s completely innocent.”

His mother clicked her tongue nervously. Obviously she was still uneasy about talking dirty with her daughter in the room.

“Why don’t I put her to bed, and you can put on some clothes and have dinner with me.”

“Where’s Dad?” Nick asked. “Won’t he be eating with us?”

“Oh no. He’s holed up in his study. The sandwiches I left him for lunch are still untouched, but he has gone through three pots of coffee. I wouldn’t expect to see him for a couple of days unless the house caught on fire.”

Better not tell Elisabeth, Nick thought. She might be tempted to set the house on fire the way she did his office. But of course he didn’t say that out loud.

“Hey where’s Elisabeth?” Nick asked instead. He really did want to know.

“Oh, she’s staying the night at Amber’s house tonight. Something about studying for a midterm. I swear the two of them are as thick as thieves.”

Nick nodded. But what he was thinking was, “Shit, I’m on my own on this one.”

His mother picked up Victoria in her arms and carried her like she was a little girl. Boy she really must be light. Either that or his mother worked out, which Nick wasn’t willing to put past her.

Nick pulled on a pair of pants and a t-shirt, combed his hair and walked out to the kitchen. He was really looking forward to eating. It felt like ages since he had a good meal. Nick felt hungry enough to eat two horses whole.

His mother and him ate steak, fillet mignon with scallop mushrooms and red wine. Susan didn’t seem to mind that he was too young to drink as long as it was a part of a meal, and eating such a fancy dinner alone with his mother made Nick feel very powerful and manly.

He was there, enjoying her cooking and fucking her during the day while her husband sat alone in his study, completely engrossed with his plans to make more money than the family ever izmit escort needed. It was some kind of Freudian dream come true. And the sex was just so damn hot! Damn, Nick loved being Susan’s toy. If he knew that’s what would happen to him for being naughty, he would have been a lot naughtier a lot earlier.

He rubbed his foot against his mother’s leg, making her tremble just a little with pleasure as she ate. It was obvious that she was devouring his attention, as though she was starved for it. Nick wanted to just rip her clothes off and fuck her right there on the kitchen table. To hell with dinner!

He put his foot up higher up her leg so that he touched her upper inner thigh. Oh, it felt so naughty to be doing something like that during dinner!

Nick was staring underneath the table more than at his dinner. His mother’s legs were spread far apart and he could almost see her panties underneath her skirt.

Nick watched his mother pull her shirt up just a little and push her panties to the side so he could see her sopping wet pussy, which was filled with a huge black dildo that almost seemed to split her in two.

Nick’s fork fell from his hand and clattered loudly against his plate.

“There’s no excuse for bad table manners!” his mother said with just a trace of merriment in her voice. “It’s rude to your company if you eat in such an unsophisticated manner. Is it too much to ask that you keep your fork in her hands and your mouth from going slack while you eat?”

“No ma’am,” Nick said, taking another bite of his steak and chewing it politely. He knew what the game was now.

He could do whatever he wanted underneath the table as long as on the surface he seemed to be having nothing more than a fancy dinner alone with his mother.

The thought made his heart beat loudly in his chest, and his cock, already quite hard, gave a delighted twitch. What a kinky woman his mother was, to play such a filthy game with her son!

Nick pushed his toes up higher along her leg until he felt the warm, wet feel of her pussy, stretched almost to the limit by the humongous dildo.

Above the table, he took a fork full of mushrooms and put them in his mouth. He had to concentrate hard not to get his jaw drop or a moan pass his lips.

Oh, the restraint was killing him!

He let his left hand drop into his lap and began stroking himself through the material of his underwear, but he couldn’t let his hand rest there long because it wouldn’t be polite to eat one-handed.

He pushed his foot against the black dildo in his mother’s pussy and she almost fell forward into her plate, before she stopped herself and continued eating her dinner like nothing had happened, but perhaps taking a little more wine than usual.

Nick had to wiggle a little to get his foot further between his mother’s legs and he did this very slowly and carefully so that it couldn’t be detected above the table.

He grabbed the dildo between two of his toes and timed it so the he pulled the toy free of Susan’s pussy in time with a great gulp of wine.

The toy hit the ground with a wet, sloppy noise, which was ignored by both Nick and his mother.

He could fell the moisture leak out of her, flowing down her legs and probably forming a puddle on the kitchen floor.

Her pussy hung loose and empty, and Nick quickly filled it with his big toe, roughly stimulating her clit with his little toe.

His mother moaned softly, but tried to disguise it by taking another sip of her wine.

Nick pushed another toe into her.

He was almost done with his steak now and only had a couple of mushrooms and a little green salad to go.

His cock was throbbing, and hungry though he was, he could hardly force himself to keep eating. He wanted to get his mother away from the table so that he could fuck her brains out. He was too horny for any more games.

His hunger for food had completely transformed into a frantic hunger for sex. Was it some sort of magick spell?

No, it was probably just hormones.

Suddenly, the door next to the kitchen opened and Nick’s father, Samuel, appeared with a serving tray and an empty coffee pot.

“The sandwiches you made for lunch were exquisite,” he said to his wife, not bothering to look under the table where his son’s foot was firmly wedged up her wife’s privates.

He set up the coffee maker to brew up another pot.

“Susan, you know what a scatter brain I am while I’m working. Will you remember to bring me the coffee when it’s ready?” Samuel asked, smiling lovingly at his wife, who smiled back in the same manner.

“Of course, dear,” Susan said, just like all the perfect wives and mothers in old television shows. “You just go back to work and leave all the little details to me.” She gave her husband a little satisfied wink, as though they were conspirators in some sort of little mischief.

Her husband smiled back at her and disappeared back into his study.

Nick sighed a heavy sigh of relief.

Is izmit escort bayan mother laughed.

“What were you so nervous about?” she asked her son almost critically. “Your father already knows about our relationship and he doesn’t care. Nothing is going to change just because he sees us having a little fun underneath the kitchen table. Besides, he’s too preoccupied to notice anything. He even forgot to push the ‘on’ switch on the coffee maker just now.”

Nick pulled his foot from his mother’s pussy and looked at her inquisitively, almost as though he couldn’t understand a word she was saying.

“But he’s your husband! It’s wrong for us to be doing things like this right in front of his nose!”

Susan just waved this away with a flick of the wrist.

“It’s wrong of him to hole himself up in the his study all day and night when he’s got a hot wife who needs fucking, but that’s just the sort of man he is. The two of us find ways to work around it.”

“Oh,” Nick said, staring down into his salad and feeling a little depressed. He felt oddly used, like a mere plaything to his mother. He felt like the relationship they had developed in the last few days meant nothing compared to the years she had spent with his father. Or worse, that their sex was merely a diversion for his mother and didn’t mean anything at all to her, even though it was beginning to mean the world to Nick.

He sighed heavily.

“Do you mind if I excuse myself from the table?” Nick asked. “I’m not really hungry anymore.”

His mother looked at him, her eyes narrowing slightly.

“I suppose it would be alright,” she said. “After all, you are still recovering from the flu. You need your rest. I’ll just finish up here and be in your bedroom in thirty minutes to tuck you in.

“That’s really not necessary,” Nick said, scrapping the remainder of his dinner in to the trash can and leaving the plate and silverware to soak in the sink.

His mother gave him a look which said that it was very necessary. “I’ll be there anyway. Make sure you have your teeth brushed and are ready for bed by then.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Nick said, resigning himself to the idea that he was going to have to fuck his mom whether he felt up to it or not. His cock was behaving very oddly in his pants, refusing to either become completely hard or so shrivel back to its relaxed size.

Nick walked through the living room to the hallway where the entrance to his bedroom was and was about to turn the corner when he saw a door right in front of him. That door definitely hadn’t been there last night. What was going on in this house, anyway?

He opened the door slowly. The room was half-dark, lit only by three very dim lamps that reflected off the antique mirrors lining the walls. Just above where he could reach there was a row of shelves that held a collection of porcelain dolls of every shape and size.

Nick felt a shiver run down his spine. He couldn’t help feeling like the dolls were staring at him in the near-darkness.

He tried to think of something else.

Almost in the center of the room, Victoria was sleeping in a long narrow daybed that reminded Nick of a coffin.

“Nothing like being dead for ten years to turn a person Goth,” Nick thought with a little shiver.

His younger sister was decked out in an adorable white lace nightgown with a blue satin ribbon and matching knee stockings and looked just like a life-size version of the dolls that lined the room.

Nick stepped forward and put his fingers against her neck. Her heart really was still beating strong and steady, and she was breathing, too. It was practically adorable how her chest moved up and down while she slept.

But her skin was ice cold, and that frightened Nick. How could he let himself be dragged away when his sister might be in trouble?

But what to do for her? He didn’t have any clue Elisabeth really was the person who knew about this sort of thing, and she was staying the night with Amber. He couldn’t tell his parents either. They were so under Victoria’s spell that they firmly believed she was their daughter. They’d send him to a shrink for sure if he came to them with a story about his dead grandmother coming back to life as his little sister and giving him a blowjob to cure him of the illness he had contracted during her awakening.

But he had to do something.

He forced himself to concentrate. Hadn’t she said that she used the sexual energy of a bunch of men as a power source to bring herself back from the dead? And that was what happened to him in the shower last night. His dead grandmother was stimulating his body to steal his energy. So if he could somehow get her to give him an orgasm now, then that might give her enough power to wake up.

Oh, but there had to be more than that! Giving him a blow job was what made her pass out in the first place.

It was so confusing!

Maybe, just maybe, if Nick got her off at the same time, izmit sınırsız escort it would do the trick. He didn’t quite know whether it would work or not, but it seemed to be worth the risk. At any rate he couldn’t make matters worse, could he?

He raced into Elisabeth’s room, grabbed one of the vibrators from the stash he had stolen from his mother earlier, and brought it back into Victoria’s room. This vibrator had four leather straps on it.

Making sure to lock the door behind him, he pulled the skirt of her nightgown up and slowly began to ease her panties down her legs.

Her pussy was so beautiful that he couldn’t help fondling it just a little while he spread her legs apart to put the vibrator in place over her clit and strap it firmly in place.

Nick turned on the power and Victoria began to writhe on the bed, although she didn’t wake up. The color was beginning to return to her cheeks and she looked like she was becoming rather aroused, which Nick took as good sign.

Nick pushed the top of her nightgown down below Victoria’s sizeable breasts, eased his cock into her cleavage and began to pump. He concentrated on his sister’s reactions timing his thrust to make sure they were at the same level of arousal, because he really did think that it was important for them to come at exactly the same time.

He watched the juices begin to slide down his sister’s legs and wanted nothing more than to lick them up as he continued to thrust in her cleavage, but he was afraid of doing too much. He wanted to help his sister, not violate her while she slept. If nothing else, she wasn’t the sort of woman to cross. She probably had the power to kill him.

It sure was a pain, trying to hold back from coming while he watched his little sister writhe under the touch of the toy strapped to her clit. Even trying to judge her arousal was such a kinky task that it nearly made him come, and he had to try to think about other things from time to time in order to keep his cock under control.

Fortunately, distracting himself turned out not to be as difficult a task as Nick might have supposed, because Victoria’s room was sort of creepy, like a tomb, and whenever Nick looked up and felt the gaze of the porcelain dolls on him, his cock because to shrivel just a little bit and he could hold back just a bit longer.

It didn’t take long until he fell into a pattern: thrust three times, make a quick judgment whether Victoria was about to cum or not, and then look up into the face of the scariest doll overhead. Thrust, check, look up, thrust, check, look up.

It was maybe ten minutes before Nick was certain his sister was going to have an orgasm. He pulled out all the stops. He stared lovingly at her beautiful, aroused face, watching it begin to tense up. He thrust hard into her cleavage, pressing her breasts together against his member. His cock began to compress like a fire hose, and Nick expelled immense loads of cum all over his sister’s breasts and down her nightgown.

At the same time, Victoria began to writhe like never before, her hands clutching the bed sheets as though she was possessed. She began to moan and whimper in a way that excited Nick so much that he nearly came again. It was like she knew just how to get him hard again, without even trying. She moaned and moaned, and Nick was afraid that his mother would hear. But then he realized that the noise was hardly louder than a whisper, it was only the fact that he was so enthralled by his sister’s climax that it seemed like the walls were shacking.

Nick pulled his cock out from between Victoria’s beasts and stuffed it roughly back into his pants. He adjusted his sister’s beautiful white lace nightgown, which was now completely soiled with his cum.

Victoria’s orgasm subsided and her eyes opened. She looked around the room as though she had no idea how she could have gotten there. She sat up looking groggy. It took a moment for her eyes to focus on Nick.

He looked at the bulge in his pants and then felt the hot wet spot on her breasts and her nightgown, and the vibrator which was still going full-blast against her clit.

“For heaven’s sake, Nick, you could have gotten yourself killed trying a thing like that!” Victoria said, staring her older brother in the eyes. “I suppose I must have used up a little more of my power than I had expected with that magick blowjob, but it’s not like I’m made of glass! I would have been fine if you let me sleep it off until morning. There was no reason for you to jump-start me, like some old car with a dead battery!”

Nick felt a little disappointed. He tried so hard to take care of his sister, and he hadn’t accomplished anything useful. He just crept into her room like some sort of pervert and used her as a sex toy. He tried to cover his low spirits by smiling, and it sort of helped.

“Okay, so next time I know to let you sleep,” Nick replied, his less than natural smile still firmly attached to his face.

“You should probably find someone to fuck before bed,” Victoria said, completely ignoring Nick’s had attempt at saving face “Otherwise you’ll have troubles getting up in the morning. I must have taken back almost as much energy as I gave you, considering that you were able to wake me up with it.”

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Jenna the Sub Ch. 07

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Garden of Earthly Delights

Leading Jenna up from her failed position on Janice’s floor, the older woman helped her to her feet and in being told to follow, yet stay behind, the younger woman was finding a strange comfort in being naked like this – in this woman’s home, while she, her dominant, she remained fully clothed. It was yet another one of those odd feelings of comfort in giving up control that she was having, telling her this was where she belonged.

Together, the two made their way from the living room, back through the large, steel doors into the kitchen and off to the left, up the large stairway Jenna had noticed earlier but had no idea where it may lead.

Climbing into the stairway, she dutifully followed as her Ma’am ascended each of the long and wide risers, silently gliding with a fast, almost liquid like flow about her movements. Jenna couldn’t help but to look and stare, becoming captivated with the full, fluid swaying of the older woman’s large, round ass moving under the fabric of her long black evening gown.

Continuing up, way up to finally reaching the second story landing, Janice suddenly stopped and turned to the young girl, looked back and down to where she too had come to a stop a few steps below, the vantage point of Janice being so much higher only lending to the dominant-submissive structure they were building as they took each of these steps forward.

“I guess you may be wondering why I chose to have you walk the stairs instead of taking my private elevator up here to the second floor…” Janice asked, her question however catching Jenna a little off guard because, until now – now that she was making mention of it, she hadn’t even considered the question. She had been too lost in this erotic dream world to notice, following blindly, she became just that, blind – blind to everything else around her, blind to everything except her Ma’am.

“I just want you to know right now that when you are here, you are to use these stairs and not my elevator, is that clear..?” Janice asked as Jenna stood still, puzzled yet, but more than willing to agree.

“Ummm… Yes Ma’am…” Was all she could manage to say thinking that although the stairs were a bit steep and rather long, it really didn’t matter to her, she just felt privileged enough in being here with this woman, in her home and letting her lead where ever she may take her. Elevator or not…

Upon the landing now, Jenna continued to follow as they turned right to walk back along the long corridor, past two closed doors until they came to a stop at a third, the last before the hallway ended at this, a larger set of double door.

“This is the main bath Jenna, go on in and get the shower started and get in, I’ll be along in a minute…” Janice directed as she opened the door leading into what Jenna was to discover was possible the largest bathroom she had ever seen in her life.

Walking in and closing the door behind her, leaving her alone and naked in the huge tiled space full of glass, chrome and marble tile, Jenna stood in the middle of the room for a moment just taking it all of the rooms wonderful accompaniments.

The bath in one corner looking big enough to be a real Jacuzzi spa, already full and bubbling away with steaming hot water, its mist rising and clouding the two mirrored walls the tub was built against. Still on the left of the room, next to the tub was a long vanity table complete with a series of large light bulbs framing one section of the continued wall mirror, situated in front of a comfortable looking padded vanity stool.

Father along was a short wall jutting out from the back left corner which she figured was there to hide the toilet, there to lend some privacy for the user – and then carrying along the back wall was the set double sinks with yet more mirrored walls, in fact as she noticed the, entire room had mirrored walls except for the short wall hiding the toilet.

What Jenna turned to look at last in the big, well-lit room was the impressively large walk-in shower that from the front was a huge glass wall with a glass door in the middle from which to step through into the shower space that was big enough for Jenna figured must be ‘many’ people, let alone just one or two.

Marvelling at such appointments Jenna felt giddy in being in such a lovely if not extravagant bathroom, however in also not knowing how long she had until her Ma’am would make her return, she chose to make her way inside the vast shower space. Stepping inside, through the center glass door she was right away taken aback with the sheer size of the space and how all along the back wall there was a built-in bench that there was tiled with the same marble as the rest of the room.

There was not just one shower in the room but actuality, there were three.

Looking up to the left end of the shower room Jenna noticed a huge, overly large rain-shower head that had to be the size of a garbage can lid if she wasn’t mistaken. Next, in the middle of the room, not too beylikdüzü escort far above the bench there was a series of what looked like wall jets that spray water out in more of a fine mist than say an overhead shower, and along with these jet, Jenna noted a second shower head, hanging on a hook, connected to a long hose making it detachable and portable.

Still amazed and continuing to gaze wonder-eyed, she spotted what was yet another more conventional looking shower head mounted to the right wall. This shower making up what Jenna could hardly believe were actually three different showers in the one room. She didn’t know where to begin.

Choosing to make things easy on herself, she stepped up to the regular looking wall mounted shower and stepped back a bit as she turned the dial. Watching as the water began to spray out, standing back, reaching out with her hand, testing a waiting for the water to warm up enough for her step in and wet herself down, Jenna smiled thinking how lucky she had become and how ready she was for whatever this older woman had in store for her to learn and discover.


Feeling the water was warm enough; Jenna stepped under the showers spray and began wetting herself down, first soaking her short brown hair, getting it wet , letting the water wash her down, loving the feeling and the warmth of the water as well as the steam wafting up and beginning to fill the glass walled space.

Relaxing and luxuriating Jenna hardly noticed when Janice entered the bathroom from a second door, one that must lead in from her bedroom, making this her ensuite of sorts.

Spotting a flash of white, Jenna looked up in time to see the older woman had indeed entered the room dressed now in a large, fluffy and very comfortable looking white, Terry-cloth bath robe.

Standing under the showers spray, Jenna watched like this was a T.V. program through the glass, watched as the older, taller, wiser and certainly more beautiful woman casually slipped the robes belt loose to the point of opening where she then shucked the heavy Terry cloth from her creamy white shoulders, letting it drop to her feet before opening the shower door and stepping in as naked now as her new submissive assistant.

Jenna, all she could do was stand there staring, the water bouncing off of her back, standing and staring, looking and hardly believing that this woman, this gorgeous mature woman who had captivated her so was now standing in front of her naked, showing her everything, showing her every beautiful inch of her still fit and toned +50yr old body.

Wordlessly Janice walked up the girl who was still standing slack jawed looking at the full-figured woman. Looking at her big, full tits, capped with equally large areolas and even more impressively large button-sized thick and long nipples, Jenna almost felt embarrassed seeing her Ma’am naked like, as well as for staring too much.

The woman’s tummy still relatively flat and toned from her workouts, and leading on down to what Jenna spied was the woman’s’ own full, yet well maintained patch of dark black pubic hair covering her mons in a well sculpted ‘V’ leading down to her center, her mature, beautifully aged pussy.

Slack-jawed and not knowing what to say or where to look, Jenna watched as the woman picked up a shampoo bottle and squeezing a dollop into her hand. Still saying nothing, she stepped up to the girl and said only one word “Turn…” to which Jenna complied, staying quiet and obeying the command, turning in place to face away from the older and much taller woman.

Even with the waters warm spray hitting her skin, Jenna took in a sharp breath upon feeling her Ma’am’s large breast touching and pressing into her back as her hands began to run the shampoo through her short hair, lathering her up, letting the girl enjoy the feeling of having her Ma’am taking care of her.

Wanting to turn but too afraid to move, Jenna stayed in place as the older woman’s hands and fingers began to move down off of her head, down onto her shoulders, washing down her arms and back up again.

Jenna let out a sighing “Ahhh…” when she felt the woman’s hands cupping and squeezing her plump tits, her fingers and thumbs drawing together on each of her stiff aching nipples, pulling forward, stretching the flesh, squeezing the hard bubs.

“Unnnggg… Mmmm…” The girl cooed, loving the feeling, arching her back some, offering no resistance in letting the older woman pull and manipulate her white-skinned tits. Then letting go and moving her hands lower, across the girls abdomen while Jenna stood as still as she could feeling the hands move lower still, nearing the top of her pubic line, where once more her instincts had her pushing her hips forward, wanting and willing the woman’s hand to move lower still to touch and feel her slippery-wet pussy.

“Ohhh… Oh Ma’am…” Jenna said in a hushed cry as the older woman’s fingers began combing through her thick bush, ignoring her pussy for the time being, centering beylikduzu escort her attentions on the long hairs, pulling and twisting.

“You like me touching you like this Jenna..? The woman asked while leaning low and into Jenna’s ear, her arms around the girl from behind, pulling her in close, their wet skin slipping and sliding against one and other with her fingers remained lost in the dense forest of the girl’s pubes.

“Oh God yes… Oh yes Ma’am…” Was all she could say in return, feeling over-whelmed and taken over by the older, stronger woman, loving the feeling, loving being touched like this. It made her wonder why she had resisted, why she had stayed away, afraid of herself, afraid of her fears.

“You’re going to be a good girl for me while we get you all nice and clean down here aren’t you my little subbie-girl..? Janice asked with the fingers of her right hand still pulling and combing the bushy, wet pubic hairs, while up higher with her left hand, she continued the same pulling and twisting to the girl’s tits and nipples causing Jenna to grit her teeth, moaning in her pleading.

“Ohhh Yes… Yes Ma’am… You know I’ll be good for you… Please… Please shave – Please shave my – my p-pussy…”

Then, without saying a word, the older woman released her grip and spun the girl where she stood under the showers spray, facing now and taking the girl’s face in her hands, lowering her mouth to meet Jenna’s as she kissed shocked girl full and hard on the lips.

“Mmmmmmm…” Jenna groaned as she felt the woman’s soft and supple lips mashing into her own in their first, deep-passion inspired kiss. Letting herself go, feeling the woman’s arms enveloping her, their wet fevered flesh sliding together.

“Mmmphmm…” She moaned again, feeling the woman’s tongue working its way past her own lips, snaking into her mouth where she willingly let their two tongues mingle and mix together for the first time. Naked in the shower and French kissing this older woman who had not only just become her new boss but her lover as well… Her new, lesbian lover – Jenna thought she could die now, or cum – or both…


Breaking the kiss but not their embrace, Janice smiled down into the girl’s brown eyes for a moment then spoke… “Come on, let’s get into my bath and get you taken care now, because if we stay here any longer, I’m going to take you right here on this floor…”

“K-Kay…” Was all Jenna could muster in her reply, with her chest pounding she stood and watched as the older woman reached out to shut off the shower, leaving the pair standing soaking wet in the steam filled room, then taking the girl by the hand she led her still dripping, back through the glass door and over to the pre-filled, hot and bubbling Jacuzzi bath.

“Go on Jenna, you get into the tub and soak for a bit while get a few things…” Janice instructed before leaving the girl’s side to collect the thinks she was going to need to get this girl’s pubic and pussy and ass cleaned up and shorn down to a smooth, supple and soft, bare – hairless state.

So turned on now and smiling, Jenna felt giddy with sexual horniness, eager and aching to feel the older woman’s touch, she slid effortlessly into the bath, loving how warm and sensual the bubbling waters felt surrounding her skin, her nose and senses being filled with the floral smell of whatever bath salts the woman must have used while presumably filling the huge tub earlier.

Finding there was a bench under the water; Jenna sat feeling more like she was in a real, full-sized hot tub rather than a bath. Sitting thinking she could easily get used to living like this, she looked to her left and watched as her Ma’am, her very naked Ma’am – was gathering in a small basket some items from in and around her vanity area before righting herself and making her way over to join her in the bubbling, hot waters.

Watching, Jenna felt her heart swoon with a mixture of reserved fear and delight, never before had she been as attracted to someone as she had with this older, dominant woman who was walking naked towards her like a Goddess, her hips swaying in a womanly-hypnotising rhythm making it impossible for the younger woman to look away.

As with only catching glimpses while in the shower Jenna now was seeing this entire woman, in all of her dominantly feminine splendour and naked grace. Seeing her creamy-skinned, large, full breast swinging and swaying as she walked, her dark nipples, poking out hard and straight, surrounded by her equally dark and large areola, it was enough to make Jenna cum just with the thought of suckling from the woman’s delicious looking breasts.

Letting her eye’s drift and drink in this stunningly statuesque, confidently mature woman’s body, her flat stomach, her wide flaring hips and slightly surprising to Jenna, yet not looking at all out of place was the woman’s own dark pubic bush, a well maintained and feminine looking tuft of hair sitting beautifully atop her center. And lastly looking escort beylikdüzü lower still, following the sweeping curve of her hips, leading into her muscular, well toned thighs, knees and her calves – tight and looking strong like she had been bicycle training for years if not decades.

Jenna watched – her heart rate picking up as the woman reached the steps leading up into the huge bath, in her one hand she carried a wicker basket full of what Jenna would assume were the things she would need to remove her embarrassing and unsightly pubic growth.

Watching still as the woman placed the basket down at the edge of the bath and then she herself climbing in, letting herself slip into the water, waist high she remained standing and without haste, taking one more step to place herself between the girls parting legs, opening without question of why, Jenna a let her in, let her move close and once again, Janice leaned in to kiss the girl as she had in the shower.

Not a word had been spoken, the only sounds were that of the bath water bubbling away and the faint murmurs of Jenna’s arousal gurgling in her throat as the older woman forced her tongue back into the girl’s ready and wanting mouth. Allowing her Ma’am’s pointed tongue to slip into her mouth without second thought, Jenna let her lips curling around to suck at and invite her mouths invasion.

“Mmmmph… Ohhh – Mmmm…” Jenna continued to moan into the woman’s mouth as Janice placed her hands on either side of the girl’s head for a second time as she took the lead, took control while kissing the submissive younger woman.

Kissing her hard and making no mistake that she was the one in charge, she kissed her long and deep, claiming what was hers and making sure that Jenna knew exactly where she stood and where she belonged, and to prove this point, to send the message home, Janice suddenly and without warning, she clamped her teeth down hard onto the girl’s lower lip, causing her squeal surprised shock and pain.

Backing her head away, Jenna looked up at the older woman a pained, confused expression. “Owww… Oh Ma’am, that – that really hu-hurt…” The girl pled while Janice looked down smiling and said “You’ll live…” before she once again attacked the girl’s mouth with her own. Cradling her head again and kissing her with a fevered passion, her arms around the girl, enveloping her, pulling her so tight she couldn’t breathe in the moment.

Then suddenly breaking away, pushing the girl back and moving away, Janice ended her assault, her molesting kiss, ending as quickly as it had began.

“Sit up on the edge here Jenna so we can things stated okay..?” Janice asked in a question, making no mention of the incredible kiss they had just shared, or as Jenna might think, the kiss she had just survived and was now getting back to the business at hand.

Puzzled but beginning to understand how this woman may work, Jenna said nothing of the kiss either and did as she was being told, yet quivering a bit in her excitement, she pulled herself up to sitting on the back ledge of the bath with her back resting on one of the mirrored walls, her legs dangling in water up to her knees.

Moving back in between the girl’s legs Janice instructed Jenna to pull her left leg up onto the ledge, the result having her spread wide and giving easy access for Janice to begin her work. Turning and placing her in the basket of supplies, the older woman produced a small, battery operated trimmer.

Looking and smiling, she reassured the girl. “It’s okay Jenna, this won’t hurt. I’m just going to use this to clip away the long hairs first, before we can move on to doing any shaving…”

Jenna let her tongue play over the small cut her Ma’am had inflicted, biting her without cause or warning.

Starting from the top, Jenna watched fascinated as the older woman, using the fingers of one hand to hold up the thick tufts and with the other, she let the trimmer cut its way through until the hairs fell from her fingers, dropping down into the bath water below. Moving on, she repeated the same motion of grasping and clipping, slowly shoring and shortening the dense bush, taming the wildness that Jenna had let go for far, far too long.


Jenna sat looking and watching, biting at her already sore, swollen lip, with her stomach muscles pulled tight in the anticipation of the clippers nicking or cutting her skin, the likes of which would never be of real concern with care and concern the woman was taking in shortening the long, curling hairs. Lifting and clipping in a downward motion, soon leaving the girl’s pubic mound in state of short, yet uneven clumps that would soon be seen to at the razors edge.

“My-o-my Jenna, this sure is thick, but it looks like we’re getting there, just a few more passes with the trimmer and we’ll be ready to get out the shaving foam and razor…” Janice began, sounding all nice at first, then changing in a flash, a moment.

“We’ll get you nice and clean like who Jenna? Can you tell me who has their pussies’ shaven by their Ma’am..?” Janice commented and asked, her tone again switching, making Jenna feel like a bad little girl once more for letting herself get this way, for letting her pubes grow so unattended and out of control.

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Birthday Wish

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Warning: You will drive yourself crazy if you focus too much on the grammar, so with that being clear out of the way, I hope you enjoy the story.


Today is Rachel’s 18th birthday. She has been waiting for this day since she was 15th. This birthday was going to be different from all of her other birthdays. Rachel wanted this birthday to be special for her and her father. She didn’t want no presents, or any materialistic things. She knew exactly what she wanted from her father, and she plan on getting it tonight on her birthday. She has turn down so many boys at school, and all because she want her father to be the first. Her first sexual intercourse, her first kiss, and even her first lover. She couldn’t wait to turn her fantasy into a reality. She knew it’s going to be a big risk, but she’s hoping she will be able to change the way her father looks at her after tonight.

Dad: “Rachel, are you sure you don’t want anything for your birthday? I even offer to buy you a car, and surprisingly you turn it down.”

Rachel: “A car is nice, but it’s not what I want for this birthday.”

Dad: “What kind of daughter wouldn’t want a car for her 18th birthday? What could you possibly want more than a car?”

Rachel: “Daddy, I know you’re confused right now, but tonight I will reveal all to you.”

Rachel smiled.

Dad: “What does that even mean? Why can’t you just tell me now, so I can give it to you by tonight.”

Rachel: “I really hope you do give it to me by tonight, but daddy, you have to promise me that no matter what, you will give me what I ask for.”

Dad: “I can’t give you what you’re asking for if I don’t know what it is.”

Rachel: “Just promise me, daddy.”

Dad: “Ummm, I guess.”

Rachel: “I need to hear you say, I promise.”

Dad: “I promise.”

Rachel: “You promise what?”

Dad: “I promise I will give you whatever you want tonight for your birthday.”

Rachel: “Daddy, tonight it the night is where we become very close.”

Dad: “I don’t know how we can get any more closer than we already are.”

Rachel: “Don’t worry, daddy. You will see what I mean by the end of the night, and who knows, we both might like it.”

Dad: “Like what? You’re confusing me, sweetie.”

Rachel: “Daddy, just relax for now, and when the time is right, I’ll let you know when I’m ready for my present.”

Dad: “I haven’t bought anything for you, yet, because you say you didn’t want anything at the store.”

Rachel: “I don’t, daddy. All I need is you to be here for my birthday. I’m also giving away something for you, daddy.”

Dad: “What! Why are you giving me a present on your own birthday?”

Rachel: “Let’s just say, that it will benefit the both of us.”

Dad: “You have completely lost me. When you’re ready, let me know, and I’ll give you whatever that you want.”

Rachel: “Remember, you promised”

Dad: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I promised.”

He was so confused about the whole conversation that he just had with Rachel. How could he giver her a present when he haven’t even bought anything at the store? What kind of present is she talking about? Whatever the present is, it seems like Rachel is really excited about it. He couldn’t imagine anything that’s better than a car as for a birthday present. She never mention anything about concerts, or traveling, so what could his daughter possibly want that he doesn’t possessed. He was watching TV then all of sudden he hear his daughter Rachel calling him. He walk down the hall way, and stop in front of her bedroom door.

Dad: “Sweetie, are you in there? Did you want something from daddy.”

Rachel: “Daddy, I’m in the bathroom, come in, and sit down on my bed.”

He walks in, and sat down on the edge of her bed.

Dad: “Sweetie, are we going out because if so, you should’ve told me, so I can get dress.”

Rachel: “No, daddy, we’re not going any where tonight. I just need you to relax, and be ready to give me my present.”

Dad: “I still don’t know what I’m supposed to give you. Can you at least give me a clue?”

Rachel: “Just sit, and wait. I’m almost done, daddy.”

He have no idea why he feel so nervous, but he couldn’t wait to get this over with. His daughter was acting strange today, and he couldn’t figure out why. Then he heard the bathroom door opened, and he saw Rachel walks out.

Dad: “Rachel, why are you beylikdüzü escort wearing a bath robe?”

Rachel: “Daddy, before I tell you what I want for my birthday, I want to tell you that I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I know it wasn’t easy raising me as a single father. You bought me food, and clothes, and kept a roof over our head, and I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Dad: “Is that what you wanted to tell me this whole time? You don’t have to thank me, sweetie, it’s my job as a father to take care of you.”

Rachel: “There’s more, daddy. I love you very much, and you have shown me how much I can trust you, and tonight on my 18th birthday, I want you to take my virginity.”

Dad: “Are you out of your mind? I can’t do that, I’m your father.”

Rachel: “Well, maybe this will change your mind.”

Rachel drop her bath robe, and she was completely naked. He couldn’t believe his own eyes, and not because his daughter was naked, but because of how beautiful she looks naked. For the first time, he saw his daughter as a grown woman, and he have to admit, she looks very sexy. He wonder to himself, how did he not notice how beautiful she was before, or maybe he did, and he just chose not to acknowledge his own lustful feelings toward his daughter.

Rachel: “Do you like what you see, daddy?”

Dad: “Um, I think I shouldn’t see you like this.”

Rachel: “See me like what?”

Dad: “You know, like this.”

Rachel: “I think you see more than just your daughter. I think see me as an attractive woman. I think you see me as some one that you want to have sex with.”

Dad: “No, I don’t.”

Rachel: “Then tell me why you have a boner in your pant? I think you want me, daddy.”

Dad: “Rachel, can you please put some clothes on?”

Rachel: “Don’t you think I’m beautiful, daddy?”

She walks closer to her father.

Dad: “Rachel, please don’t come any closer.”

She continue walking closer until she was at a close enough distance between herself and her father.

Rachel: “Daddy, give me your hand.”

Dad: “Why?”

Rachel: “Daddy, I’m not going to hurt you. Just give me your hand.”

He don’t know why, but he did as she said. She took her father’s hand, and put it on her right hip. His heart was beating so fast. He couldn’t believe he was touching his daughter naked flesh.

Rachel: “How does that feel, daddy?”

Dad: “Umm, it feels nice.”

She took her father’s hand, and move it behind on her right ass.

Rachel: “You can squeeze it if you want to, daddy.”

He gently squeezed his daughter ass, and it feel so wonderful in his hand. She moved her father’s hand up to her right breast. This was becoming too much for him to bear.

Rachel: “Do you like how my breast feel, daddy?

Dad: “I do. It’s so soft and tender.”

She took her father’ hands once again, and slowly move it down pass her belly button.

Dad: “Stop. We can’t go there.”

Rachel: “Yes, we can, daddy, and we will.”

His hand was on his daughter’s pussy. For a second, his heart dropped, and he forgot to breathe then he slide a finger inside of her pussy, and he heard his daughter let out a moan. He couldn’t believe how wet she is. Did I made my own daughter wet, he wonder to himself. He look at his daughter, she looks so beautiful to him. He gently kissed her on the lips. It wasn’t a father and daughter kiss, but then again, maybe it is. Each kisses became more passionate. He can tell this was his daughter first time kissing, but she was doing pretty good for a first timer. All of sudden he feel his daughter untying his belt, and unzipping his pant. Rachel started stroking her father’s dick with her tiny hands. He was hard as a rock. She stop kissing her father, and got down on her two knees.

Dad: “Sweetie, you don’t have to do this.’

Rachel: “I want to, daddy. Please, let me do this. Daddy, I wanted to suck your dick for a long time now. I’m not a child any more.”

Dad: “You are definitely not a child any more. You have grown into a beautiful sexy woman.”

Rachel didn’t have any experience on sucking dick, all she knew is what she learned from the internet. The sight of seeing his own daughter sucking his dick was really turning him on. He was amazed how good she is with her first time. She must have watch a lot of porn, or she just have beylikduzu escort a natural gift. He couldn’t believe that she was also sucking both of his balls. He had to stop before he came. He pick up Rachel, and put his daughter down on the bed. He started kissing on her lips, and her neck then he made his way down to her breast. Rachel closed her eyes as her father caress her breast with his tongue. Rachel’s father kisses and touches have never ever felt so good to her than it does now. His daughter’s nipples tasted so sweet in his mouth as she holds him close. Now it was time for him to work his way down. He started kissing on her navel. He licked both of his fingers, and slide it inside of his daughter’s virgin pussy. After he gets her wet enough, he started kissing her inner thigh as he gets closer and closer to her clitoris. Rachel moans for her daddy again and again as her father licks her pussy.

Rachel: “Oh daddy, oh, yes daddy. I love it. It feel so good, daddy. Lick your baby girl’s pussy, daddy. I think I’m ready for you to fuck me, daddy. I want to feel you inside of me.”

Dad: “Baby, I don’t want to hurt you.”

Rachel: “I know I’m a virgin, but I want you to the first to fuck me. I trust you, daddy.”

Dad: “Let me know when you want me to stop at any time.”

He slowly put the tip of his dick head in first until he was all the way in.

Dad: “Okay, baby. I’m in. Now daddy is going to start thrusting. Let me know if it hurts you.”

He started thrusting slowly in and out.

Dad: “Does it hurt, baby? Do you want daddy to stop.”

Rachel: “It hurts a little bit, but please don’t stop, daddy. I can take it.”

Rachel wanted to show her father that she was a strong girl. Her father was bigger than she thought, but she was not going to back out now. As soon as he feel her walls started to loosen up, he started to thrust faster. They were staring into each other’s eyes as they made love for the very first time together. It was a very special moment for both father and daughter. She was losing her virginity to her father, and he felt proud that his daughter chose him. At that very moment as they stare into each other’s eyes, father inside of his daughter, they knew exactly what they mean to one another. They both was smiling with passion in their eyes. He was getting closer to bust, and right before he did, he whisper to his daughter.

Dad: “I love you, baby.”

Rachel: “I love you, too, daddy.”

He came inside of his daughter with so much cum. Rachel have got what she wanted for her birthday, and honestly, it was better than what she imagined.

Dad: “That was so intense and so amazing. I’ve never felt any thing so powerful. I’ve never known sex to feel this good.”

Rachel: “That was the best birthday present ever, daddy. You made my first time very pleasant. I knew you would be gentle with me. Daddy, please tell we can do it again.”

Dad: “Baby, we can do it as many times as you want to. That was the best sex I ever had.”

Rachel: “Was it really that good? All I know is that I want you to be the only man making love to me.”

Dad: “I can’t believe I was going to give away the best pussy in the world. This pussy belongs to daddy.”

Rachel: “Daddy, I promise I won’t give my pussy away to any body if you promise me that you won’t give your dick away to any body. I want you for all myself, daddy.”

Dad: “I promised you, baby, that you will be the only one sucking daddy’s dick.”

He woke up in the next morning, and he can smell breakfast in the kitchen. He can’t believe what just happened last night between his daughter and himself. He knew he need to have a serious conversation with Rachel about their new relationship. He walks down the hall way, and into the kitchen. He saw his daughter singing, and cooking by the stove wearing a big white shirt that appears to belong to him. The white shirt was up to her thigh covering her ass, but was still showing off a lot of her legs.

Dad: “You sound like a woman who’s happy that she just lost her virginity to her father last night.”

Rachel: “Daddy, you’re awake.”

Dad: “Is that my shirt you’re wearing?”

Rachel: “Yes, it is. How do I look, daddy?”

Dad: “Very hard to resist.”

Rachel walk over, and stand on her tip toe to give her father a french kiss.

Dad: “Somebody is excited about kissing her father.”

Rachel: escort beylikdüzü “Daddy, I really like the way you kissed me last night. Can we kiss like that all the time?”

Dad: “You don’t like the way daddy kiss you before.”

Rachel: “I do, but daddy, I’m a woman now. I want you to kiss me like you mean it. I want to feel like I’m more than just your daughter.”

Dad: “You’re more excited about this new relationship than I am. How long have you felt this way about me?”

Rachel: “I’ve felt this way about you for three years, and trust me, daddy, it wasn’t easy hiding my true emotions. I wanted to wait until I was 18, so you wouldn’t feel so much guilt after we have sex. Daddy, you made me a woman.”

Dad: “You plan this whole thing for a quite awhile now. How did you know I would agree to us having sex?”

Rachel: “I didn’t.”

Dad: “Baby, you are so crazy.”

Rachel: “People do crazy things when they’re in love, and daddy, I’ve been in love with you for three years. Not only do I want you to be the first, but I want you to be the only man I ever love. I want to give all of myself to you, daddy. All those years, I’ve never kiss, or had sex with any one. I never even dated any one. Daddy, I wanted you to be the very first, and the only one. I knew how precious my virginity is, so I wanted it to save it for a special day. Can you see, daddy? I stay as a virgin all these time, so you can be the one to take it from me, and it was worth it.”

Dad: “But why me?”

Rachel: “Because you’re my daddy. Because you raised me. Because you care about me. Because I trust you. Daddy, The question you should be asking is, why not you?

Dad: “Are you telling me that you trust your daddy so much that you’re willing to let me take your virginity?”

Rachel: “No, daddy, I’m saying that I trust you so much that I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and maybe one day, have babies together.”

Dad: “You want to have my babies?”

Rachel: “Absolutely, but now let’s focus on being lover first.”

Dad: “I don’t know what you see me in me. I’m just an average guy.”

Rachel: “No, daddy, you’re not. You’re the most kindest, and the most unselfish person that I know. You love with all of your heart, and you care more than most people do. Daddy, you’re perfect to me.”

He saw a look in his daughter’s eyes that he has never see before. There was so much truth, and passion in her eyes that it was almost magical. He knew there will never be any one that love him as much as his daughter does. The more he look into his daughter’s eyes, the deeper he was falling in love with her. It was the same blue eyes that he fell in love with from the day she was born. He look at his daughter’s beautiful face one last time, and he softly kissed her. Both of their heart was filled with love as father and daughter shared a romantic kiss. He picked her up with both of his hands grabbing on her ass. Her arms and legs wrapped around him like a snake in a tight father and daughter bond. He took her to the couch, and sat her down on top of him in a sitting position. He kissed his daughter’s neck and breast. She closed her eyes, and moans for her daddy. He finally got all of his clothes off, and she starts to ride her daddy like a pony.

Dad: “You like riding daddy’s pony.”

Rachel: “Daddy, you’re pony is so big, but I love it. I love fucking my daddy.”

Dad: “Show daddy you’re a big girl now.”

Rachel: “Daddy, you’re so deep in my pussy. You make me so horny, daddy.”

He finally cum inside of his daughter with everything he have. They kissed for a few seconds, and then they smiled at each other.

Dad: “Baby, your pussy feels amazing.”

Rachel: “Thank you, daddy. It means so much coming from you.”

Dad: “You know what this mean, right?”

Rachel: “What does it mean?”

Dad: “It means, I’m going have to be your daddy, and your man too. You’re going have to be my daughter, and my woman too. It’s more of a responsibility for the both of us. Do you think you can handle it?”

Rachel: “I know I can.”

Dad: “I just remembered, you need to get a job now since you’re 18. I did not raise a lazy daughter.”

Rachel starts to laugh.

Dad: “What’s so funny?”

Rachel: “Even after you just came inside of me, and I’m sitting on your lap naked with your dick inside of my pussy, and you’re still the same dad. Maybe we should have more conversations being naked.”

Dad: “That’s not a bad idea. I can give you advice about life after I fuck you.”

They both laughed.

Rachel: “I love you, daddy.”

Dad: “I love you too, pumpkin pie.”

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