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MY CONSERVATIVE WIFEMY CONSERVATIVE WIFEI’ve been in the Navy for several years now, almost 10 to be exact. I met my wife, Beth, about 3 years ago when I was on recruiting duty in Idaho. She was a small town girl for sure…for those of you who know small town girls, they don’t always have a lot of experience but do hold their own in the bedroom. I think she was a little shocked by the diversity she saw when we transferred to Norfolk, VA for sea duty. We had a pretty good marriage (so I thought) and were getting pretty close to transferring again when the ship had to deploy at the last minute. I had to go and await my relief with plans to transfer as soon as I got back. As usual, the ship left a small stay behind detachment to help out with things at home.About halfway through the deployment, a relief arrived for me rather unexpectedly and I was able to head home early. I thought it would make a good surprise for Beth so I didn’t bother to call.When I got home after nearly 2 days in airports I was surprised to find that Beth was not there. After snooping around a bit I managed to find an answering machine message from a friend of mine’s wife (also from the ship) asking her to meet at a club later that evening. Checking the clock, she should have already been there. Getting ready to go meet her I made a ‘head’ call before leaving. I don’t know what it was exactly but I noticed something wrapped in the garbage by the toilet. It was a condom! It was almost like getting punched in the balls and I felt really a bit hurt. But as I thought about it I found myself more than a little interested, but a little aroused. I decided I would still go and see her at the club, but that I might watch and see what was going on. Before I left I made sure to remove any evidence of me being home yet…I didn’t want to spoil the surprise.When I got to the club, “The Jungle”, I noticed it was very busy and pretty loud. It was very busy inside which I thought would be a blessing for observation. After prowling around I managed to find my wife with Trudy, her friend. They were near the dance floor and within a few moments I saw them approached and asked to dance by a couple of guys. I was a little surprised though, both guys were black and I know Beth was a little wary normally about being near black guys. I watched for a while as they continued to dance, mostly with the same to guys. Several drinks were had and the dancing had gone from casual to something more; they were grinding the way you shouldn’t see a married woman grind.I managed to get near the two guys when they went to the bathroom and listened to what they were saying. One guy new Trudy and said she was a lot of fun and a sure thing, a shock to me. The other guy was saying he thought Beth was hot and wanted to get her out of there to take his shot. The guy with Trudy said he should, that he was pretty sure she would go for it. They agreed to try to get the girls to leave.I managed to get past the table in time to see them getting ready to go. The girls were gathering their stuff and had obviously agreed to go. Out in the parking lot, there was some discussion and then some kissing as they all started to get into Beth’s car. They said they would go to Beth’s (our) house for a few drinks. I could see Trudy and her boy in the back seat starting to make out pretty heavily as Beth and her boy got in. I quickly pulled out of the lot so that I could hopefully beat them back home.At the house I managed to get in and close the garage door just in time to hear them pulling in and the garage door opening. I hoped she didn’t notice my car was warm. After they pulled in I could hear their giggling from the laundry room before they came in. Peeking through the door I noticed that Beth’s shirt was open when they came in and Trudy was also obviously flushed.They told the guys to go into the living room while they stayed in the kitchen to get some drinks. While they mixed margaritas, they were talking and giggling. I heard illegal bahis Beth tell Trudy that she should not do anything. Trudy asked why as she knows Beth had messed around with that one guy last weekend. Beth said “I know, but I didn’t really mean for that to happen and I wasn’t so close to my fertile time. Besides, that guy was white. I’ve never even kissed a black guy before tonight.” Trudy reassured her. “Don’t worry; you will have a great time. You know you think he’s hot. And besides, you know you have condoms. It’ll be fine.” Beth finally agreed. “He is so hot and I could tell when we were dancing he is kind of big, I hope the condoms fit.” Before giggling and leaving with the drinks.There was a little talk in the living room as I snuck into the kitchen and watched through a crack in the door. After just a few moments it got quiet and I cracked the door a little more to see that they were all kissing and touching each other. I felt like I should be stopping things but then I didn’t. The petting was getting pretty heavy with Trudy having her shirt and bra already off, her guy sucking her tits and his hand somewhere up her skirt. I moved to the dining room where I had a better view of Beth. Her shirt and bra were both open and her skirt was slowly getting pushed up as the guy was rubbing her legs. His dark skin really stood out against hers, being so pale. I had a good view as he arrived at her crotch and without breaking their kiss managed to slip inside the elastic of her panties. She stiffened as his finger arched then disappeared into her. She quickly relaxed as he continued to finger her and really surprised me when she reached down and actually pulled her panties aside. I noticed immediately that not only was his finger in her but that she had shaved all of her red pussy hair. Her hands meanwhile had managed to free his cock which to her earlier suspicions was pretty good size. It looked to me to be nearly the size of a paper towel tube but much darker, and in her rubbing hands looked much harder. Still shocking me further she got up and knelt in front of him starting lo lick and suck his cock. She did this for me sometimes but only when I asked and never with this much enthusiasm. Needless to say, she could not take very much of it in her mouth no matter how much she tried, I did see her gag a couple of times. Finally he stopped her, telling her “I’ve got to have you”. She stood up and told him she was going to get a condom. He told her he didn’t really like them to which she said “I’ve got to have them right now, I’m not on anything. She took his hand that had been fingering her, licked the intruding finger and continued “and, I am a bit fertile it seems.” He smiled, stood, picked her up and asked where the condoms are. “In the bedroom nightstand” she replied.Trudy and her boy had meanwhile gotten up and moved into the guest room and I could hear them going at it in the background.After Beth and Ty had left the living room I snuck through and followed them up the steps. I was able to get into the bathroom where I could see into our bedroom. He had set her upon the bed and she had resumed pumping his cock as he kissed her and fingered her. He got up on the bed between her knees while she kept pumping his cock. She reminded him “You need a condom from the drawer.” To which he said “Baby, you know I told you I don’t like them. I’ll pull it out before I cum okay?” She was still pumping his cock, paused and rubbed a finger around the head. I saw her lean in and lick the head where her finger had just been while looking at his face. When her tongue came away there seemed a small stringer, I’m not sure if it was saliva or pre-cum, which she quickly lapped up before recovering his head in her mouth. Then she lay back down and asked “You’ll pull out? You promise?” He told her “Sure baby.” Then she seemed to pull the head of his cock to her with him cracking a smile at that gesture.She stiffened again as his cock obviously illegal bahis siteleri started to enter her and she was moaning telling him it was too big. After a while he seemed to have worked it all into her. “I’ve never been so full” she told him. He asked her if her husband was smaller to which she told him “much”. He made her confess she’d never been with a black man before. He seemed to like her answers as he started to work his cock in and out of her again, slowly giving her larger strokes each time. She came the first time after just a few moments of his ministrations. He kept driving her for a long time making her tell him “she loved his big black cock in her pussy,” which made her cum yet again. After she came yet a third time I noticed him tensing some. Beth was watching his face too…she asked if he was close. He told her he was, that he was going to cum. “Baby,” he said “I am going to cum soon.” She tried to tell him he had to pull out but every time before she could insist he would drive all the way in, knocking some of her air out I think, and roll his hips making her gasp in pleasure. Again he slowed and told her “Baby, I am going to cum all up inside you.” This time she responded…but not with words. She began thrusting her hips back at him, rolling them to take him all into her. He pushed back hard and groaned as he started to shoot into my wife. She must have felt it as she began cumming with him like I’d never seen her cum. After they were finished cumming they were still cuddling with him inside her, he stayed there until they fell asleep.I snuck back downstairs for a bit to listen in on Trudy and her guy. They had obviously finished and were chatting. I am not sure how it come up but Trudy told him that she knew Beth would go for it even though she had been nervous. He asked her why and she told him about the conversation in the kitchen. How Beth had never been with a black guy, and how she wasn’t on anything and condoms would be their only birth control. How Beth had thought she might be close to her fertile time. He laughed and said he wondered how it went then as He knew Ty never had a woman with a bag. He told Trudy that he usually told women that were concerned he would pull out, but almost never did. Trudy said Wow and confessed she thought that was a little hot. “Hold on,” Trudy told him “I’m going to peak in on her.” I barely made it to the kitchen as she went through the living room and upstairs to the bedroom. When she came back down I managed to eaves drop again. “O my god” she said. “You are right he got her bare and I think he didn’t pull out. They are still sleeping with him inside her.” They were starting to become a little more active, and kissing and more. Last thing I heard him ask her was if she liked risky things. To which she said she did. He told her he would stay the weekend if she would skip her pill in the morning…she giggled, agreed and went back to making love with him.I went back upstairs and managed to hide in my closet, actually in the bedroom, before they awoke again. They started to talk and kiss more. She told him “you should have pulled out, I’m fertile right now.” To which he told her it was obvious that she loved it. She did confess she loved feeling it and that it really got her hot. They started to make out even more with her finally going down on him as he lay back on the bed. She stopped and got up over his cock, holding it straight up. Looking down at him she asked if that’s what he wanted. He said “He did”. She told him if she took him all the way in he would promise to fuck her good and cum all the way up inside her again. He grabbed her hip without answer and pulled her fully down on him. She came almost immediately. They slowly fucked while whispering…she told him he should stay all weekend. After awhile, she had come 3 times more he pumped her full again. As they slept this time I managed to sneak out, getting a room at a nearby hotel for a few days. I watched the canlı bahis siteleri house closely all weekend and managed to see them together a couple more times as well as Trudy.On Sunday as I listened to Trudy and Beth talking in the kitchen they were gossiping about the weekend. Trudy told Beth she knew she was fucking Ty bare and asked about that. Beth said “I thought he was going to pull out the first time you know. He didn’t want to use a condom and I really wanted to feel it so I agreed when he promised to pull out. At the last minute, he told me he was going to cum in me and I was so hot I really wanted to feel it so I let him. I don’t know what it was but it really got me off, I never came like that before. After that I found the risk of him in me bare and coming a little arousing, it made me cum really hard.” Trudy said “You are such a slut. How many times did you let him cum in you this weekend?” Beth said she wasn’t sure but it was at least 5. “Are you really fertile now?” Beth said she probably was and showed her the little calendar in the kitchen. “The red days are days I have to be really careful. Friday and Saturday were definitely yellow days and today is a red day.” Trudy asked Beth if she was going to let Ty make her pregnant. To which Beth responded he probably already had. I knew you were taking that risk after that first night so Joseph made me throw away my BC pills and I did.”I went back to my hotel room after listening to them and made a phone call to tell Beth I would be home early, on Monday morning. I went back to the house later in the evening and again found they were out. Taking the opportunity to hide upstairs I decided to wait until she got home again. I wasn’t to be disappointed. After about an hour, I heard a car pull up. Beth came into the bedroom with Trudy who started to help her undress. Trudy put something into the bathroom on the counter then told Beth, I put your pill on the counter; remember you have to take it tomorrow morning to prevent from getting pregnant. Beth, now naked helped Trudy get undressed. The naked girls touched and caressed each other a bit before moving to the bed. Trudy went to the door and announced “We are ready.” Moments later four black guys (including Ty and Joseph) came into the room, already undressed. They moved to the girls, one on each side and started to touch and kiss them. The girls were reciprocating the best they could, rubbing a cock in each hand and sucking between the two. Ty finally lay Beth back and let her suck his cock while another guy got between her legs, he was not as big as Ty but still bigger than me. “Baby,” he said, “this is Jenks, my brother. He hasn’t had any pussy all week and his balls are full. Do you want him to fuck you?” She managed to tell him yes with her mouth full. He worked his cock into her very wet and still tight pussy and proceeded to fuck her for about 10 minutes before asking her where she wanted it. Beth stopped sucking Ty, looking Jenks in the eyes and said “Cum inside me, I want it in me”. He followed directions and did as he was told. I was a little surprised, Trudy still had not fucked anyone but directed the guy she was blowing to take Jenks’ place. Trudy then kissed Beth and told her “this is James, he’s ready for you.” James slid his long black cock into Beth and began fucking her deep. He went only about 5 min before cumming deep in her. Joseph who was eating Trudy got up to replace him. “Beth,” he said, “you ready for my cum”. Please she said fuck it into me. Fuck all that cum into me. Trudy was now sucking Ty as her boy Joseph proceeded to fuck my wife, pumping her full as well. Lastly, Ty took his place in the line and fucked Beth, coming inside her as well and keeping his cock in her as the other guys began to leave. After he got up Beth was cuddling with Trudy as Ty got ready to leave. I noticed he asked Trudy where ‘it’ was and she motioned to the bathroom. He smiled, reached into the counter and took the pill that Trudy had put there. After they had gone to sleep I managed to sneak out to my hotel.I returned the next morning as I planned and found both Trudy and Beth in the house. Beth told me that Trudy had come over to visit and was helping her clean up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

My Third Bi-Encounter With An Older Guy

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Ariana Marie

My Third Bi-Encounter With An Older GuyI wont bore you with going over the same waiting scenario of the next week, all i can say was the level of anticipation was even greater, and unlike the week before this time there were no doubts in my head about meeting him on saturday, now that id had felt, and tasted a cock, i knew even though in nthe future i wanted a relationship with a girl, i could see me always wanting to indulge in manfun, and although i craved for my first piece of pussy, i would always need some cock in my life.The next Saturday dave was on his own in the pool, so i dived in and swam to the side of him, and being a bit more confident i said “Hi”. “hello alan” he replied, he told me he was in no rush today as his wife and c***d had stayed at home, and so as there was no rush i just had to ask him how he kept his secret of wanting to play with men, he told me that more or less the same thing had happened to him as a young man and instead of it effecting him he`d enjoyed and embraced his sexuality of being bisexual.He asked me did after seeing his wife and c***d if i thought it was a bad thing, i said ”I don`t know” he explained that usually guys he picked up were one offs and that it only usually happened a few times a year, but as i was so keen he wanted to teach and enjoy the joys of helping a young man find his way , I told him i believed him, he really was a nice guy, obviously his sexuality had been questioned with his experience, so its no wonder he liked guys, he asked was i put off by our conversation, but i said i understood and would still like to try more manfun with him.He gave me one of them nice smiles and said “o.k same place, two minutes” i winked back which was a bit cheesy, so as he got out the pool i decided to swim a few lengths especially as there was no time limit.As i swam those few lengths all i could think was in a few minutes i would be having a length of my own, this made me laugh so i got out and i decided it was time to “suck my first cock for cum”!I headed for the cubicles, i got to our cubicle and opened the door to see dave in full undress with a towel over his already hardening cock, i locked the cubicle and walked over to dave illegal bahis and pulled his towel away he then grabbed my trunks and pulled them down quickly.I wanted to suck his lovely cock so much but he told me that he wanted to help me get really hard first and that he must cum first as i will hate the taste once he`d cum, this made me unsure whether i wanted to taste cum, but i was willing to give it a go anyway.He pushed me down on the bench and removed my trunks completely bent his head and took my eager 6” cock in his mouth, i was in heaven he sucked slow and deep alternating from my cock and then licking and sucking my balls, again my cum was not going to be long arriving so i asked him to slow down, he did this and then asked me to stand up and turn around.I was a bit worried i certainly weren`t up for anything going up my ass, but he looked at me and said “trust me” so i stood up and he started to rub my ass crack with a light finger just glancing over my hole, now and then the tip of his finger would enter my ass, but no more than half an inch, which i found myself pushing against to get deeper in me and was not totally unpleasant, he must have realised i wasn`t ready for anything else so only .This was quite pleasurable so i didn`t stop him and then all of a sudden my ass seemed to be a bit wetter and warm and i realised he`d taken his finger out and had started to poke his tongue in my young hole, he licked around and then in my hole and then slightly pulled my cheeks open and poked his tongue in and out of my ass, God! this was fantastic, he do this and then he`d gently bite my ass cheeks, i`d never thought of any kind of ass fun but this made my first pre-cum droplets fall out of my cock.I was so horny i just came out and said” dave i relly want to suck your cock i want to taste your cum NOW”!I don`t think anyone would turn an offer like that down, so he stopped what he was doing and stood up right in front of my eager mouth and took his cock which now had his salty pre-cum on the head and held my head, made me close my lips and rubbed the head all over my lips, again like our first encounter he asked if i was sure… “now poke your tongue out and just lick illegal bahis siteleri the head ,i did this and his salty pre-cum was a delight too taste, “nice yes”! he asked “yes” i dave continued, now he told me to place my mouth over his cock head and get a feel of it in my mouth “don`t go fast just slowly suck the head until your confident and then try deeper, i don`t want you gag that’s not pleasant at first, although in time you`ll kinda like it also dont want you getting a surprise first cum in your mouth” it will ruin it for you, i want you to savour this moment.He saw how eager i was to suck him and he knew how i`d watched him suck me and that i`d try the same technique, and i did, i continued to stroke him slowly back and forth while holding his balls and then when i was sure he was as hard as he could get, i placed my mouth over the head of his cock and took in the mix of the smell and taste of his pre-cum, i must admit i loved it.So much so i couldn`t help myself and started sucking his cock head in and out of my mouth, this made dave moan, so i knew i was doing o.k, all of a sudden i wanted to try deep throating him, this was going to be tricky as dave was proud and erect at 9” and around 5” thick, he was a big boy, but i thought i did quite well on my first time and took in around 5”.I started alternating between just sucking the head in and out of my mouth and then going for a deep suck, i was really starting to enjoy myself, and was so horny that i wanted to taste dave`s load shoot into my mouth right there and then, dave`s breathing was getting faster and i knew that he was getting near, so i told him i was ready.He said to me to carry on wanking him and just put the head in my mouth as if i don`t like the taste i can pull it out quickly, i thought the easiest way would be to take it as deep as possible so you didn`t taste and just had the sensation of it shooting down your throat, but i suppose that would be cheating, he then told me to carry on wanking myself and try to cum at the same time as he came, this would enhance the experience.So… he we go, i was ready to accept my first cum load in my mouth, i continued to wank my cock in canlı bahis siteleri time with wanking and sucking daves cock head, he had control so knew to time it as i was building up to orgasm, and could tell from how i was trying to squeeze the cum out of his cock into my mouth, i wanted to take this slowly but as my cum was aching to leave my balls, as i was flogging my cock furiously, at the same time i was giving daves cock the same treatment wanking his cock into my mouth and sucking and licking his cock like i was in a desert dying for a drink.And then i told him i was going to cum and he said he was too, with daves cock head in my mouth i sucked hard and all of a sudden found my mouth flooded with cum i carried on taking daves load in my mouth i had to swallow some but it tasted great, a salty and sweet taste, his cum just kept on coating the inside of my mouth and dave just couldn`t help but try to force his cock deep in my throat, i must of been taking at least 7″ of his cock while he was having his orgasm in my mouth.As my mouth was flooded with dave`s cum taste this triggered my own cum to leave my cock and shuddered and screamed inwardly and shot all over the floor making a messy cum puddle on the tiles, i was left panting and deep breathing, with daves cum dribbling out of and in my mouth, thats when dave came close and put his lips to mine, i really wanted to pull away but didn’t instead i opened my mouth and shared my creamy reward with him.Dave then looked at me and said “WOW”! you really enjoyed that didn`t you” i was still enjoying the cum taste in my mouth but managed a yes, he added “and now my friend you are a lifetime member of the cock sucking society”. with that I started laughing.i`ve since had lots of male and female sex until i settled down with a lady and married and i didn`t touch a cock for around 8 years and was quite fulfilled in my hetro sex life…until a guy approached me in the park one day while we were walking our dogs and we got chatting, got on really well and ended up having a mutual suck session in the woods, swallowing a lovely big load of cum and that re-started my manfun days ending in my wife finding me in a situation that im afraid she ended of my marriage.Me and Dave met up now and then at the baths, and one afternoon, we even met at his house while his wife was away and i was iniated into the world of anal sex both giving and taking.Mail me if you`d like to read about it !

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


BreakdownI’d been having a crappy day in work and by the time I got home was fed up and needed to chill out. So I set about getting sorted! Into the bath, shaved the legs and had a close shave of the face. I moistourised and did my makeup. Then the next question, what to wear?By now I was starting to get a little horny! I had the chatrooms open and was talking to a few guys and girls and had a few meets possibly sorted. While I kept a weather eye on the PC I picked out a pair of black panties and a matching lacy bra, teamed them with some seamed holdups and my black killer heels. Over this my fave little black dress, always a winner! Finally I topped it off with my long auburn wig.The chat had been going well and I had arranged to meet up with an admirer from Swansea, not far away. As the time got closer I grabbed my coa and jumped into the car. Now I wasn’t blessed with a very illegal bahis good car at the time but all was well……right up to the point it stopped! No choice, had to call the AA. By now I was late for my meet so texted my lover and called it off, arranging to meet again. The AA man arrived and I explained to him what was wrong. He got to work, eyeing up my legs which got me a little flustered, but whilst I was horny I’m a little picky and he wasn’t my type. Although I did flash him some stocking top as I got back in! It was now late so, still needing cock, I headed for an old haunt of mine that was nearby.Pulling in it was the old story, lots of old guys, boy racers and posers! Argh! I sat for ages turning away dirty old men until at about one in the morning, as I was planning to leave, a car pulled up. The driver, a middle aged chap, but not bad looking, wound down his window illegal bahis siteleri and lit a cigarette. I got out and walked past. He was obviously doing something and that got me a little hornier! I stopped at the end of the layby and lit my own fag watching him.The layby was now empty and he got out and leaned on his car. I could see the bulge in his jeans and my own cock began to swell. I walked up and we smiled. He stood and pulled me into a long kiss. My legs quivered as his toungue darted into my mouth I disgarded my fag and rubbing my hardness on his I kissed back before dropping to my knees and opening his jeans. His cock sprang out as I pulled them down, mmm big, hard and shining with precum! Lovely. I licked my lips and sank my mouth over its head, sucking, knibbling and licking. He started to moan an thrust into my mouth, getting a little carried away he canlı bahis siteleri pulled me up and spun me around. Pushing my back he got me into position over his car and pulled up my dress. I could feel his, by now huge, cock nudging my lubed ass. A moan escaped my lips as he moved them to one side.I wriggled a little an reached back to pull my cheeks apart. He chuckled and pushed the end of his throbbing cock into me. I now got carried away! “Fuck me!” I urged him, he didn’t need a second invitation and the whole length slid slowly and delisciously into me. It was so hard! He began to thrust into me, grunting and moaning. Fucking me with long strokes. I was in heaven, writhing under him, my face on the bonnet of his car. His fucking got harder and I felt him stiffen behind me. Suddenly I felt a warm rush inside as he came, lots of it!Pulling out of me he rubbed my shoulders and patted my ass. “Sorry hun, was a bit fast” I wasn’t complaining though, I was dripping and felt great! We kissed and he drove away. i climbed back into my car and finished myself off as I reran the event in my head before heading home, happy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

using my slut

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


using my slutWe I finally got to spend some time with my friend. I agreed to let him pick me up after he had gotten a hotel room for 2 nights. He picked me up at my house and my father let him in and told him I was down the hall in my room. My friend came into my room as I was finishing my make-up. He started to close the door I told him not to as my father would walk in on us. I told him I wanted to see what he was wearing. And I told him to strip as he stood behind the door. He did as I told him and he was wearing what I had told him to wear. Blue bustier, black stockings, purple thong over his fake pussy, and white bra with nipple clamps on his nipples. I told him to bend over the chair and he asked what if your father comes by. I told him to bend over and I would punish him later. He bends over and I took my butt plug out of my drawer and told him to lick and suck it before I took it out of his mouth and slid it into his ass and put his thong over it to hold it in place. I told him to dress as I took and rubbed his fake pussy and felt his cock getting hard. Then I undid his pants and told him I forgot to give him something. I took a remote control vibrating egg and slid it into his fake pussy so that it was against his cock. I turned it on and he jumped as it started to vibrate. Then I turned it off and did his pants back up. I said I am hungry let’s go eat. As we drove I would turn the vibrator on and off and pull on the nipple clamps he is wearing. I should tell you what I was wearing to help set up later in the day. I had on a green sundress garter belt and stockings, no bra or panties. As we sat next to each other I would rub his crotch and feel the vibrator humming near his cock and balls. I told him to rub my legs and to feel the softness of my thighs then I told him to finger my pussy as I turned up the speed on the vibrator. He was having a hard time sitting still but his fingers were working my clit so before I moaned really load I turned off the vibrator and told him to lick his fingers and we could leave. Back in his truck I sat next to him while he drove to the hotel and I told him what I was going to do to him for being slow in my room to strip. I told him I was going to spank his ass 50 swats each cheek while he sucked my strap-on. I told him as soon as we get into the room he is to strip off his pants and shirt then get the paddle and start sucking the strap-on. We get to the room and we enter and he does as I have instructed him to do. While he is stripping I look around and see that he has everything setup better than I thought it would be. 2 computers with xhamster showing live shows a video cam and still cam. I watch him suck the strap-on and then I proceed to spank his ass. I can see the plug moving with each swat. After 20 on each side his ass is turning red all over. He is moaning around the strap-on as I continue to spank him. After 40 on each side I rub the paddle on his red ass and he moans. Then I give him the last 10 on each side as fast and hard as I can making him moan load and suck harder on the strap-on. I tell him to stand up and remove my dress. He removes it and sets it aside for now. I tell him to lie on the bed on his back and then I sat on his face and told him he had to make me cum twice in 15 minutes or I would punish him some more. I let him reach up and play with my boobs and nipples as I grind my pussy on his mouth. When I turn the vibrator on he moans and licks and sucks my clit harder. Soon I am cumming all over his face. Then I move so he is licking my ass and pussy as I change speeds on the vibrator. I pull on the nipple clamps he has on and he moans into my ass. Soon he has me screaming as I cum really hard from him pulling my nipples and sucking my clit. I slide off his face which is covered with my cum. I told him he did good asked him if he wanted to cum and he said yes mistress I need to cum. I told him it will cost him if I let him cum now. He agreed so I told him to take off his fake pussy which also removed the vibrator. He had precum dripping from his cock. I asked him how he wanted to cum and he said a blow job and I told him he needed to earn that. I told him either he could stroke his cock and cum or I would give him a hand job but he would have to clean his cum from my hand. He agreed to the hand job so I started to stroke him and in just a minute he was shooting his load all over my hand. I took my hand and held it up to his mouth and he started to lick it clean. Watching him made me start to get wet again. After he cleaned my hand we rested on the bed for awhile. I got my strength back so I smacked his ass and he jumped. I told him to get up as we were going shopping. I told him to get cleaned up and do his make-up and I would get his wig ready. I fix his wig as he does his make-up. The I tell him to put on my green dress. He looks at me and all I say is put it on. So he does as he is told and I knew it was going to be short on him but that was part of my plan. I put on another dress that was not as revealing as the green one was. I told him to put his heels on and we will go. He did and as we drove you could see the tops of his stockings. I rubbed his thighs as we drove then I would rub his cock through his thong. We arrived at a shopping center. We parked and got out and the first store we went into was a sex toy store. We looked around and the clerk a hot looking blonde with large boobs asked if she could help us. He looked at me and I just glared at him. He speaks up and says mistress needs a double headed dildo. The clerk smiled and said she had just the right toy. I found out her name was Julie. Julie says I have one of these myself. He told Julie that it liked good and we would get it. Julie asked if there was anything else and he said yes I need a new butt plug. Julie asked him what size. He said it didn’t matter, I said bigger than the one he has in his ass now. Julie smiled and looked at him. I told him to bend over and show Julie what was in his ass. He looked at me and I told him now or it will be worse when we get back. Julie smirked as he bend over and moved his thong and pulled out the plug. And then put it back in and fixed his thong. Julie commented that he has a fuckable ass. I said yes he does and he loves it. I told him to stand and thank Julie for her comment and tell her how you liked to get fucked in the ass. He thanked Julie and he says I love it when mistress puts me on my back and gives it to e hard and deep until I cum for her. Julie goes very nice. Here is a nice metal one that lots of customers like. It was twice the size and longer than the one he has in now. So we get that as well Julie asked if we needed a strap-on and I said a bigger one the plug would be good. He just looks at me and I said you will love it. He said yes mistress. Julie takes us to the strap-ons and says this is the one that she uses and likes. It is 3 inches around and 10 inches long. I said a whip would be good too. So Julie takes us to the whips and paddles. I take a whip and try it then I try another. Then I try a paddle with the word slut cut out in it. And cant make up my mind which would work the best. Julie says we have a dressing room if you want to try them out on him. I thanked her and said that would be a good thing. So Julie takes us to the back in the dressing room. It has a table and chair and mirrors on the walls. Julie says just come out up front when you are ready to check out. I said Julie wouldn’t you like to stay and watch. Julie replies yes very much so give me a sec. I hear her say something to someone and she comes back into the room and closes the door and sets a box of things on the table. I look in the box and it has lubes and oils in it. I tell him to bend over the table and lift his dress. He does as I tell him without hesitation. I try the paddle first and it leaves a faint outline of slut. Julie says hit one side so that the word shows up better. I said here show me how to do it. Julie swats his ass and there is a nice mark of slut so I did the other side and it did make a difference. Next I tried the whips and I picked the one I liked and asked Julie to show me the correct way to use it. Julie is good with it and soon his ass is red again. I tell him to stand up and turn around. I can see his cock is straining against the thong so I tell him to remove it so his cock can have some room. He looks at me and all I say is that will cost you. Julie smirks at my comment. I ask Julie why she smirked and she said she was wondering what would happen to him. I said then can we do it here if it is okay. Julie says sure. I told him it is show time and without hesitation he takes the strap-on out of the box and figures a way to strap it to the chair. Then he removes his dress and gets on his knees and starts to lick and suck the fake cock in front of him. As he sucks he takes the butt plug and starts moving it in and out of his ass. Soon he is moaning around the cock in his mouth. Then he takes the plug all the way out and then puts it all the way back in. while this is going on Julie has her hand up her skirt. I reach over and place my hand on hers and she moves her hand as I start to finger her dripping pussy. I stop fingering her pussy to remove my dress so I am naked in front of Julie. Julie stands and removes her clothes as we kiss. We hear the plug hit the floor bringing us back to the show as he is now starting to slide down on the strap-on. He moans as he slides all the way down and the first try. He sits on it and just grinds around on it and moans. I said good slut fuck that ass good. Julie reaches over and pinches my nipple as I go back to fingering her pussy. As we watch my slut ride the strap-on and moan Julie gets on her knees and buries her face in my wet pussy. Her tongue feels so good as it as been awhile since I have had woman eat my pussy. Soon I am cumming all over her face as my slut rides the strap-on moaning watching me cum. Julie sit on the table as I get between her legs and she is so wet, so I lick up her juices and then focus on her clit I soon have her cumming hard. I can tell by the way my slut is moaning he is close to cumming. Julie asks if she can suck his cock while he cums. I tell her I think he has earned that but she has to keep some in her mouth to share with him. Without saying a word Julie gets on her knees and sucks his cock all the way down as he rides up and down on the cock. Then he slams down on the cock and moans mistress may I cum and I tell him to finish himself off. So he starts grinding and with Julie sucking his cock he moans he is cumming as he grinds and moves on the strap-on cock deep in his ass. After a few seconds Julie stands up and shows me his cum in her mouth. I tell her to kiss him and share his cum with him. Julie does and they kiss as my slut comes down from cumming so hard. I say we need to go so we all get dressed and collect our new toys go and pay as the person Julie spoke t earlier was at the counter now. He asks if this is all and my slut says for now thank you. We leave the store and our next stop in a lingerie store. As we walk back to the truck I tell him how proud I was of him. But he still has to pay for not putting the plug back in his ass. He says I am sorry mistress. So we get into the truck and he grabs the new plug and slides it into his ass and moans as he does. I asked him why he moaned and he said mistress it feels so good sliding in and the way it feels deep inside of me. So we drive to the lingerie store and we go in and find us each a matching bra and panty set with a matching garter belt. He picked out some black rose pattern stockings and I picked out some red patterned stockings. We paid and then left and as we drove back to the hotel I ask him how it was at the sex shop. He said it was good and thanked me for illegal bahis letting Julie suck his cock. I told him good because there will be more later. He looked at me and I just smiled and promised he will enjoy it all. Back in the room I tell him we need to get cleaned up so we strip and go to the shower together. The warm water feels good on my skin. We wash each other’s hair and then lather each other and our bodies rub together and slide on each other. Then he rinses the front of me and then he starts to suck my nipples while his hand slides down my body and finds my pussy. I lean against the wall as I enjoy his sucking and fingers. He has now worked 3 fingers in my pussy and I am moaning not wanting him to stop. I told him how good it feels. Then he stops and pulls me from the wall and bends me over. I feel the warm water beating on my back as I feel something slide into my pussy then I feel a vibration as he has slid a vibrator in my pussy. I know what is coming next. He is going to fuck my ass which is very rare for anyone to do. But I am so turned on by everything so far today I just let go and then I feel it. His cock pressing against my ass hole and then he is gentle as he slowly works his cock in inch by inch. I moan as I feel his balls against my lips. I reach down and grab the vibrator and start fucking my pussy with it. I hear him moan and then he starts fucking my ass in the opposite of the vibrator. When I push the vibrator in my pussy he pulls out of my ass then slides back in. having my ass fucked never has felt this good. Soon I am cumming as he pounds my ass hard and deep. It is hard for me sty bent over so I drop to my knees but he doesn’t miss and stays deep in my ass. He grabs my hips and pounds hard and fast then I feel his cock expand then explode deep in my ass. After he cums he pulls out then he starts licking his cum out of my ass as he fingers my clit. He has me cumming again soon as I scream and cum so hard I slide into the tub. He helps me stand up and we rinse off and get out and dry each other as my knees are weak. I grabbed him and told him never to do that again, but it was the best ass fucking ever. He said I just had to as you know how much I always want a bj or fuck your ass and I figured you are going to use mine I should at least get to use yours. I said okay it is fare. So we go naked and sit on the bed and we each have a computer looking at xhamster. We like watching the cd and ts movies. He says he is getting hungry and I said so am I what do we want. I said pizza tonight and we can go out tomorrow night. So we call and order delivery. It will be about 30 minutes so I told him to go and put on the lingerie we bought today and nothing else. He does and I said add the heels. I told him when dinner gets here he is to go and pay for it just as he is dressed now. His reply was yes mistress. I can see the top of his semi hard cock sticking out of the top of the panties. There is a knock on the door and he goes an answer it. I watch as the delivery guy eyes him up and down takes the money and gives us change then leaves. I said good job slut let’s eat. He looks hot dressed in his new lingerie. So we eat as we watch videos. After we finish eating I tell him to stay here while I go to the bathroom. I go and grab I present for him. I hand it to him and tell him I have wanted to give you this for a long time but haven’t seen him. He opens the box and it is a sexy pink baby doll nightie and matching garter belt and stockings no panties. I tell him he is to sleep in it the next 2 nights and whenever we sleep together. I watch him change into it and comment how good he looks in it. I put on my night shirt and we climb into bed and watch movies. I couldn’t help touching and feeling his body in the satiny nightie. I see his cock is growing again. I know from past experience with him he can cum 4-5 times a day with little help. I reach over and rub his balls and cock and he moans. He reaches over and rubs my boobs making my nipples hard. Soon me are kissing and touching each other. He asked me mistress what do you want me to do for you. I told him to ride the strap-on while I watch and tell him what to do. He gets out of bed and walks over and just sits all the way down on it. I told him to ride it slow and tell me how it feels. He slides up and down telling me how good mistress’s cock feels sliding in his boy pussy. I take my hand and start to rub my pussy as seeing and hearing him has me wet again. I told him to grind down on it and then slide all the way off and then all the way back down a few times. He does as he tells me I feel it sliding out and moans as it slides back in. I told him just keep doing what feels good. I now have 3 fingers buried in my pussy. He keeps telling me how god mistress’s cock feels filling his ass. Then he starts moaning saying he is going to cum and how good it feels right there as he is now doing fast short strokes on the strap-on. Then he slides all the way down and sighs how good that felt. He had cum without shooting a load which doesn’t happen often but it makes him feel really good when it does. I am moaning and begging him to get over here and suck my clit and make me cum. Which he does and then he crawls up next to me and me cuddle and go to sleep.The next morning.I am awakened by him sucking on my boobs. It was nice to be woke up that way. We go and shower together where we wash each other which gets us both hot. He starts rubbing my clit and soon I am moaning then he has me cumming all over his fingers. We rinse off and I see his cock is hard so I tell him that we can’t have that hard this morning so I grab the plug from yesterday and slide it all the way into his ass. Then I told him to stroke it and cum and then lick his hand clean. I suck his nipples and he moans and then he explodes catching it all in his hand and then he licks it clean. We dry off and I tell him to wear the things we bought yesterday and a sun dress and heels. I fix his make-up and hair so he looks sexy. Then I tell him to put then strap-on on me as I am going to wear it so I can fuck him anytime and anyplace today. I put on a shirt and pants over the strap-on and then we head out to get some food. We stop at a restaurant and sit next to each other. We order and while we wait for our food I tell him to stroke my cock. As he rubs it I tell him after we eat and get back in the truck he is going to give me a bj. We get our food and while we eat I tell him to think of a place where he wants me to fuck him and the hotel doesn’t count. While I am telling him this I reach over and grab his cock and balls and squeeze them. We finish eating and as we walk out to the truck. We get in and I pull down my pants so he can suck my cock. He looks at me and I point to my cock and remembers so he leans over and sucks it all the way down. I make him suck it for 5 minutes. Then I tell him to the mall. So we go to the mall and we just walk around for awhile and I tell him before we leave here you need to tell me where I can fuck your ass at. We go into a shop and look at dresses. He says I want to try this one on and this one so we take the dresses and go to the dressing room. As soon as we are in the room he removes his dress and turns to me and says mistress fuck your slutty slave now. He bends over removes the plug as I lower my pants and press against his ass. He pushes back and I slide all the way in as he muffles his moan. He strokes his cock as I fuck him and soon he is shooting his load all over the floor. I slam the plug back into his ass and twist it around a few times. We gather ourselves and we buy the dresses. And leave we sit and watch people go by making comments as to their asses and breasts and the way they are dressed. I tell him he is in for a good whipping when we get back to the room. And I ask him where do you want me to fuck your ass? He said you just did and I told him I said to tell me where not just take me there and let me fuck you. He tells me in the family bathroom here at the mall. I tell him if we do it there then it doubles the punishment and adds other things to it. I said if I fuck you in the women’s restroom the punishment won’t change. He doesn’t say anything and then he replies mistress the women’s restroom will be fine with me. I reach over and pat his thigh and then his cock which is semi hard. I tell him lets go now because I need you to lick my clit and pussy. We get up and go to the restroom. I was hoping for someone to be in there but no one was. We select a stall and go in. I lower my pants and the strap-on flops out. He gets on his knees and starts to suck it. I slap him and tell him to eat my pussy and make me cum first. So he licks and sucks my clit and it feels good as I am already wet from fucking him earlier. After a few minutes I hear someone come into the restroom. I grab his head and force it on my pussy in just the right spot and soon I am cumming and trying not to be to loud. I hear the door open and the person left or at least I think they did. I pull him up and turn him around bend him over and take the plug and fuck his ass with it for a few minutes as I hear 2 women come in as they are talking. Then I pull the plug out of his ass and slam my strap-on into him. He moans a little as I plow his ass. The women are still talking so I didn’t think they heard him moan. Then I hear them giggling and whispering as they leave. I pound his ass for a good 10 minutes before I tell him to stroke his cock and cum in the drink cup he has from earlier. Soon he moans and starts to cum as I hear the door open again and then water running. I pull out of his ass and pull up my pants and stuff the plug back in his ass and pull his dress down. I whisper in his ear when we walk out to the sink then you will drink your cum from the cup. As we walk out the lady is finishing washing her hands and smiles as I tell him to go ahead and drink it now. The lady looked at me and I smiled and I tell her part of his punishment. She looks at him smiled and walked out as he drinks it all down. We go back out and sit and people watch more. I told him to pick out a man that he would want suck the cock of. Not many in the mall this time of day but he does say that one young man look good as he had on tight pants. I said good job. I said let’s get lunch and go back to the room. When we get to the truck I told him to remove the dress and drive to a local sandwich place and go through the drive thru then back to the room. When we get to the window to pay the guy just looks and we pay for lunch and then go back to the room. I told him to leave the dress in the truck which he does and we walk to the room. We pass 2 cleaning ladies and they said hello as we walked by to the room. While we are eating, I explain then plans for the afternoon. I told him after lunch he will get his punishment for his earlier actions. Then I told him I will give him 1 hour to use me how ever he wants with the only limit being me not sucking his cock. Then after that hour I will repay him for anything he did that I didn’t like. Then I will direct him in doing a show but he will not be allowed to cum until later if he is a good slut. I hand him a list and tell him to go to the store and get the items. I told him to walk to the truck and put that dress on and go shopping. He gets up and does what I told him. While he is gone a call a friend and setup a time for tonight for him to show up. I have always wanted to watch my slut have a real cock to play with. Everything is set for 630. When my slut gets back he has everything on the list. Chocolate sauce, 2 cans of whip cream, a jar of cherries, some ice cream, and some pop rock candy. I tell him time for his punishment so he strips off the dress and panties and bends over the bed. I told him to stand up and take off illegal bahis siteleri the bra. Then I sucked his nipples and he moaned then I put on nipple clamps making him moan louder. Then I give them a good pull to make sure they don’t fall off. Then I grab his balls and squeeze them as I grab his cock and stretch it out before I smack it a few times with my hand. Then I let go. I grab the whip and whip his cock a few times as it starts to grow. Then I grab the cock and ball strap and strap it around his cock and balls. It is nice and tight as I whip them some more. Then I walk beside him and start to whip his ass. He jumps on the first few and I told him stand still or there will be more. I whip his ass then his cock and then his nipples then his ass some more. His ass is starting to turn pink as I switch from his back to front then back again. I put the chain from the nipple clamps in his mouth and told him to make sure it stays tight and pulls on his nipples. I push him down on the bed and tell him to stick his ass up so I can make it red. I grab his cock and pull it back with his balls and have him close his legs so that his cock and balls are behind his legs. I keep whipping his ass and go lower and get his cock and balls making him moan and jump. I keep going as he moans louder. The more he moans the harder I whip his ass and cock and balls. Now his ass is red so I switch to the paddle and give him 20 more had swats on each side occasionally getting his cock and balls. With his ass gapping open I take the strap-on and slam it in and pull it out all the way and then back in. I do this a few times as he moans and tries to move away. I slam it all the way in and leave it as I go and get some ice. I take the ice and rub it on his ass and I melts quickly as his ass is hot. Then I pull out the strap-on and drop some ice into his ass and he jumps and moans then I stuff the strap-on back in and fuck him with it for a few minutes. Then I pull it out and smack his cock and balls and tell him to stand up. I take the chain and pull the clamps off his nipples and he moans loud. I grab my phone and tell him he can have me for the hour I promised him. I told him dress however you want and tell me how you want me dressed. He tells me to dress like a slut so that means garter belt stockings. He is wearing garter belt and stockings and nothing else. Now we are ready and I start the timer on my phone. He walks over to me and kisses me and grabs my boobs and squeezes real hard making me moan in his mouth. Then he pushes me down on the bed and grabs my right hand and ties it to the bed then he does my left hand. I protest and reminds me I said anything with the one exception. So I just lie there as he puts a pillow under my ass so it is exposed and then he ties my legs to the bed. He puts the nipple clamps on my nipples and I moan as it hurts a little but soon feels good. Next he puts and ice cube on each nipple which starts to melt and the cold water runs down my boobs. Then I feel water being dripped down my body then on my clit which makes me jump but cant move much being tied down. Then I feel cold on my lips as he starts putting ice in my pussy until I feel it falling out. Then he takes the strap-on and slides itin to help hold the ice I guess. It is very cold and melts right away as I am so hot. Then I feel cold on my ass and I know since I did it to him he is going to do it to me as he slides ice into my ass. Then he takes the plug and slides it into my ass. Then he grabs the nipple clamps and pulls them off my nipples and he starts to suck them then he pushes my boobs together and sucks both nipples at the same time. It feels strange but good. While he is sucking my nipples he stands so that his cock and balls are on my hand. He tells me to rub his cock and balls and make him hard. This didn’t take much as he was already getting hard. After he is satisfied by hard enough he moves and stops sucking my nipples. Then he puts a blindfold on me so I cant see. Then I feel something being poured on my boobs. It is oil of some kind. Then I feel him stratle my chest and pushes my boobs together and I feel his hard cock sliding between them as he fucks my boobs. He takes and pinches my nipples and pulls my boobs with them as he keeps fucking my boobs. He stops and climbs off then I feel a sting on my ass then another and another he gives me 15 on each side and I am begging him to stop. I fell the strap-on pulled out of my pussy and then I feel something against my mouth and he pushes the strap-on in my mouth and tells me to not let it go. I can taste me juices on the cold strap-on. I feel more ice being pushed into my pussy and then I feel his hot cock on my pussy as he slams into me making cold water rush out down my ass and I moan not wanting to let go of the strap-on. He says dam mistress your pussy is ice cold as he slides in and out a few times as he pulls out I can tell his cock is going down from my cold pussy. More water runs out not as cold just cool. He says that felt awesome the cold wetness and ice on my hot cock fucking your pussy. Then he says let me stroke my cock hard again and see if your ass feel the same with the ice in it. I shake my head no and then I feel him pull the plug out and I keep shaking my head no and then I feel the head of his cock and I say you know I don’t like that and the strap-on falls out of my mouth. Then I feel more ice going into my ass and the plug pushed back in. then I feel a sting on my ass as he spanks me a few times and takes the strap-on and pushes it in my pussy. Then he tells me either my ass or my mouth. He reminds me the only thing was no sucking his cock. I tell him you know I don’t like sucking cock so I guess you get my ass. Then the strap-on goes back in my mouth. He spanks me more as he reminds me how much I enjoyed having my ass fucked in the shower. Then I feel the plug pulled out and water pours out then I feel his hot cock press against me and then I feel his balls against me. The heat from his cock is a strong contrast to the cold that has been in my ass. He pounds away as water comes out with each thrust. It does feel almost as good as the ass fucking in the shower. He stops not wanting to cum I guess. He pulls out and unties my legs and lifts them up and pours more ice into my ass and pussy making me moan. He grabs the strap-on and puts it back in my pussy and then puts the plug back into my ass. He unties my hands and I go to take off the blind fold and he says we are only half way done. He tells me to get on my hands and knees. He has me move my arms apart so he can get to my boobs. He smacks my boobs making them jiggle under me. He tells me to make my boobs sway. He tells me more as he spanks my ass hard. He swats me 10 times om each side and he has me moaning. Then he slaps my boobs hard making them clap together. Then he gets behind me and I can feel his hard cock on my ass as he grabs my hips and starts rocking me really making my boobs clap together. They are hitting and swaying so much it is starting to hurt. Then he stops and rolls me over. Then he takes the strap-on out of my pussy and warm water runs out of me this time as I am turned on by all of this. Then he slams his cock into me making me moan he fucks me hard and deep for a few minutes then he pulls out of my pussy and I feel him slide up and grab my nipples and pull my boobs together and slide his cock between them. He starts titty fucking me and I can feel his cock growing more and then he cums shooting cum all over my face and neck. Then he lets go of my nipples and takes his cock and rubs his cum all over my face. I told him that wasn’t nice. He said enjoy it as I feel my legs lifted and the plug pulled out and then his cock replacing it. He starts fucking my ass deep and hard. He reaches up and removes the blindfold and tells me to look at him. He says I look good with cum all over my face. I said I bet you like seeing that and he said yes very much as he slams my ass. I said you will pay for that and he said it will be worth it. His cock feels so good sliding in and out of my ass. I am moaning and then encouraging him to fuck me harder. He reaches ove and get the vibrator and turns it on high and puts in on my clit and I jump and moan and shake my head as it feels so good. I know I am in for a longer than normal fuck since he just came on my face. He take long slow strokes in and out then slams all the way in and just stays there. I told him fuck me and make me cum. He pulled all the way out and then slammed back in and started hard and deep again. I grab the vibrator and rub it on my clit as I scream I am cumming and he keeps fucking me. Then I am cumming again and this time I drop the vibrator but he picks it up and puts it back on my swollen clit I try to move it away but he holds it there as he fucks me. I beg him to stop and he said not until the timer goes off. It seemed like forever as I keep cumming and he keeps fucking me and then I see in his eyes and feel is cock swell and he starts filling my ass with his cum. He drops the vibrator for which I am thankful for. Then the timer goes off. He pulls out and lies next to me licking his cum from my face and neck then he sucks my nipple. He asked me if I enjoyed it or not. I told him I loved everything but the cum on my face. He said that was something he always wanted to do to me. I am not in any condition to pay him back right now so I told him lets rest for a few before I continue using my sexy slut. After a few minutes I am ready and tell him to lie on his back and I sit over his face and I tell him he needs to clean the cum from my ass as it starts to drip out and I sit on his mouth. I feel his tongue licking and trying to get it out of my ass. Then I lean up and put my pussy over his mouth and I tell him to open his mouth as I pull out the strap-on and all kinds of juices and water pour out on his face and in his mouth. I scoot back and look at his face and tell him he looks good covered in my juice. I told him go start the shower as we need to get cleaned up for tonight. We shower and since he just came twice I know it will be awhile before he is ready so a shower will be safe. I tell him to get between my legs and cum is dripping from my ass and pussy. He licks it off my thighs and then licks my ass and pussy. When he hits my clit I jump as it is so sensitive. I told him stay away from my clit. He lick and sucks my ass and pussy then stops and we shower and then dry off. I told him we will stay naked for now. We sit and watch movies. I told him he was in for a surprise later if he wanted it. If not it was okay but he wouldn’t be able to sit for a few days if he declined. He said a surprise is good what is it. I told him it will be something he has wanted to do for a long time. I told him to relax. He said he was getting hungry and I said lets get dressed in what we bought today. I did his make-up and hair and told him to go and get us some dinner. He leaves and I call my friend and he shows up in just a few minutes and goes into the bathroom and waits for the right time. My slut comes back with pizza which is good because it is enough for my friend. My friends mane is Jake by the way. We eat and then I tell my slut to sit in the chair. He does and then I lie on the bed and spread my legs and rub my pussy and lick my lips. I asked him if he was ready for his surprise and he said yes as he started to get up and told him to just sit. This was Jake cue to strip naked as I get up and walk to the bathroom and then walk to him with Jake behind me. He looks at me and then Jake and then back to me. I reach behind me and grab Jake’s cock and step to the side and said here is your surprise a real cock to play with. My slut’s eyes got big and I asked him what a good slut should. He looks at canlı bahis siteleri me and then gets on his knees and hold Jake’s cock. Then he leans forward and kisses the head and licks the shaft and slowly sucks it until it starts to grow. He slowly sucks more of it in until he starts to gag and stops but doesn’t let it all the way out. Then he sucks it all the way down as the cock grows in his mouth. He bobs his head up and down and Jake comments that this slut sucks really good one of the better bj’s I have had. My slut reaches up and caresses Jake’s balls as he continues to suck and lick Jake’s cock. Jake pulls away and says I don’t want to cum yet. Jake helps my slut up and to the bed. They lay next to each other and touch and kiss as I sit in the chair and watch with my hand in my panties. I can see both cocks are hard. I tell them be more active as I want to see more cock sucking. So I here them whispering and then they get in a 69 so that I can see both of them sucking each other. They are moaning around each other’s cocks. Then I tell them enough. So my slut bends over the bed with his ass is the air. I walk over and pour some oil on it and then I rub oil on Jake’s cock making him moan. I help guide Jake’s cock into my slut’s ass. As Jake pushes in my slut moans and then screams as Jake slams all the way in and stays there. I take my wet panties off and lay on the bed so my slut can lick my pussy while he is getting fucked. I told them to put the slut on his back so I can sit on his face. They move and then I sit on his face so I can see his eyes just in front of my pussy. He mons in my pussy as Jake fucks his ass. My slut’s eyes start to roll around I tell Jake to fuck him and when he gets close to cumming pull out and I want my slut to take his load in his mouth and on his face. Jake pushes me off his face and moves up so my slut can suck his cock and Jake moans and then grabs the sluts head and holds it all the way down on his cock and explodes filling my slut’s mouth with cum then Jake pulls out as the last few spurts spit out on my slut’s face. Jake takes his cock and wipes his cock on my slut’s face and rubs the cum into it. I tell my slut to open his mouth and he does have some of the cum in his mouth. I told him good job now swallow it all and the clean Jake’s cock. Jake is lying on the bed and my slut takes and sucks Jake’s cock cleaning the cum from it. While he is cleaning Jake’s cock I take and spank my slut’s ass as I tell him to get Jake hard again. I told him I will spank him until Jake is hard enough to fuck again. After about 10 minutes Jake is hard again and my slut’s ass is bright red. I stop the spanking and step back. I tell my slut to stop sucking and get ready to be fucked again. This time I lay on the bed I tell my slut to fuck my pussy so Jake can fuck his ass. My slut moans as he enters me and then as Jake enters his ass. I can feel Jake pushing on my slut forcing him to go deeper in my pussy. My slut moans as he sucks my left nipple. We do this for a few minutes then I tell them to get off of me. I have my slut help me put the strap-on on me. Then I tell him to lay on his back on the bed so I can fuck him and for Jake to suck his cock. As I slam into his ass he moans and Jake starts to suck his cock which is getting hard. I pound his ass as he continues to moan how good it feels. He moans mistress please fuck my ass harder. Which I do and faster slamming all the way in each time. He moans how good it feels and then he stiffens and explodes filling Jake’s mouth with a load. I continue fucking his ass for a few more strokes then I pull out as he is moaning. Jake stands up and grabs me and kisses me with a mouth full of cum. I try to push away but I cannot as he shares the cum with me. Then he pushes me down on the bed as my slut grabs my arm and ties it to the bed then he does the other arm. Jake gets off of me and I can see is hard cock standing out and throbbing. Jakes says you have teased me long enough now I am going to have some fun with you and your slut. I said Jake this was not part of the plan and said I know but we are going to give you what I want do matter how much you complain. We are all naked as I lay there wondering what Jake is going to do. It doesn’t take long before he has is cock on my lips. I shake my head away but her takes my head and tells me to suck it. I said no and Jake said yes or I will cum in your mouth bitch. I open my mouth and suck his cock since he is already throbbing in just a few minutes he pulls out and strokes his cock and cums all over my face and chest. My slut takes one of my nipples and sucks it as Jake takes the other. Their hands find my pussy and ass and soon fingers are probing my holes. This has me moaning and trying to tell them to stop but it feels good. Then Jake moves down between my legs and starts licking and sucking my pussy. My slut takes his fingers to rub the cum all into my face as I try to get away from it. Then Jake and my slut grab me and roll me over and now my arms are twisted and I cannot move them. My slut slides under me and kisses me and I feel Jake taking my slut’s cock and putting it in my pussy. Then I feel some oil dripping on my ass and I try to protest but my slut keeps his tongue buried in my mouth so I can’t say anything. Then I hear Jake say I have wanted to fuck your sexy ass ever since I first saw it. And now I am going to get it and get it good. I shake my head but my slut won’t let me move. Then I feel Jake’s cock press against my ass and then his full weight on my as he slides all the way in and I feel his balls against me. Jake asked my slut are you ready and my slut answers yes. Jake starts pounding my ass deep and hard my slut slides tries to slide in and out of my pussy but can only move a little with all the weight on him. It feels good being filled with 2 cocks. It is something I wanted to try but not liking my ass fucked I never had done it. Now I wish I had before. This is the most my ass has been fuck ever. Soon I am moaning and cumming all over my slut’s cock. Jake finally cums filling me as my slut filled my pussy. Jake gets off and then I just lay there on top of my slut as Jake’s cum drips down my ass. Then I hear the door open and close. My slut unties my hands and then I roll off of him and just lay there. I don’t see Jake and my slut said he left. So, we lay there before getting up and taking a shower to clean up and cool down. Nothing happened in the shower except washing each other and then drying each other. Back on the bed I tie my slut to it and then I put nipple clamps on his nipples and ask he why he let Jake do those things to me. He said Jake told him not to interfere and just go with whatever Jake said. I said okay. I walk over and grab the jar of cherries and the whip cream. I smack my slut’s cock a few times as I stuff the cherries into my pussy. Then smack his cock more and a few more cherries in my pussy. Then I kneel over his face and take the whip cream and squirt some in his mouth and then I take the can and stick it in my pussy and squirt some in my pussy. I tell my slut that he needs to lick and suck everything out of my pussy. He starts to lick and suck the whip cream and he gets a cherry with it. In a few minutes, he has my pussy juices flowing and washing the whip cream out and a couple of cherries. He works on getting more cherries out of my pussy and I push some out. I take finger my pussy and rub it as he works on my pussy. Soon I am cumming again this time harder than before. Then I take and spread my pussy lips open so he can see if anymore cherries are left. He shakes his head no when I ask him. Then I take and sit back down on his chest and put some whip cream on my nipples which makes them hard. Then I take my left boob and lift it up so I can lick the whip cream off of it and I suck my nipple and let go so that I am holding it with my mouth. Then I let it fall and do the same to my right boob. Then I lean forward and offer both my nipples to him and he sucks then together making me moan. I reach back and find that his cock is hard so I get up and go get the vibrator and then come back and sit on his cock sliding it all the way end as I sit on his stomach. I put the vibrator next to my clit so it is touching his cock and he moans. I take and lift my boobs sucking and licking my nipples and I feel his cock pulsing in my pussy. Then I start riding his cock up and down and grinding on it and he moans. I let go of my boobs so they can bounce as I ride his cock. He stares at my boobs and licks his lips. I take the vibrator and place it on is balls and he bucks and moans as his cock slides in and out of my pussy. I start to moan as it feels good his cock under my control fucking me. Then I feel him tense and then I feel his cock throb and start to fill my pussy. I stop riding his cock as he begs me not to stop I take the vibrator and run it on his balls and he moans then I slide up and down his cock and he moans ride my cock mistress take my hot load of cum in your sexy pussy. I keep riding it and then he moans please stop I can’t take anymore as I keep riding his cock. I do remove the vibrator and I told him I am going to ride your cock until I am satisfied. He moans no mistress I can’t take anymore but I still keep riding his cock. I slide off his cock and he sighs. I take and bury my pussy right over his mouth and tell him I need to cum a few more times and foe him to clean his cum out of me. I lean forward and blow on his twitching cock. Then I take and start to stroke his cock as he moans something but my pussy muffles it. He is bucking his hips and moving trying to get away from my hand but I won’t let go. I start cumming ad it feels so good as I keep rubbing our juices into his cock. Soon his cock is jumping like it is cumming again but nothing much comes out then I don’t feel his tongue moving on my clit. I slide off of him and make sure he is okay. He is he just passed out from the intense cum he had. I crawl in bed next to him and go to sleep.We wake up and pack everything and get ready to leave so he can take me home and he can fly back home later. We load the bags into the truck and go back to the room to check we have everything. We check the room and he grabs me and thanks me for everything the last few days and nights. He kisses me and our tongues meet and he grabs my boobs and squeezes them and I moan. I reach down and rub his cock through his pants and it is starting to get hard. So, I drop to my knees and undo his pants and he says what are you doing mistress. I tell him to shut up and enjoy as I swallow his semi hard cock. He moans and tells me how much better it is than what he always dreamed of it being. I lower his pants so I can kiss and suck his balls. He moans as I suck them into my mouth and let them plop out then suck his cock which is hard and getting bigger. I suck it all the way down and then stick my tongue out and lick his balls then let his cock slide out so that only the head is in my mouth. I look up at him and smile he smiles and says this is so nice I can’t believe you are really giving me a bj after all the times I have asked for one. I let is cock out long enough to tell him it was a wonderful time and I did promise you someday I would give you a bj. Then back to sucking his cock. He starts moaning and then I feel his cock get bigger than it has before and he says he is going to cum. I suck harder and then he starts to explode in my mouth. I swallow as much as I can but some leaks out. I keep sucking and he stays hard. I squeeze his balls as I suck more soon his cock is throbbing again and I get another load which I swallow it all. I lick his cock as it finally starts to shrink and then I let it go and stand up and kiss him. I pull up his pants and he fixes his pants and we get in the truck. on the drive to my house he tells me that bj was great and I thanked him. I told him I still don’t like giving head but this was a special occasion deserving something extra special. He says mistress that was well worth letting you use me.

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the shemale transformation part 3

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the shemale transformation part 3So i returned to school the next day my mom was glad i was back but tanya was repored missing. I went to lab class and that girl was stair at me again. I didnt think much of it but this time she was smiling at me like she was glad im back. After school as i was walking home she walked up to me wearing nee high heels and a skirt and corset with a long sleave sweeter she had a cute round booty and hu mugous tits. She walked over with a smile and asked if i would be her boyfriend i told yes but in the back of my mind tanya wat about her how do i save her and how am i going to get other females and males to meny things to think about. She asked me if i take her on a date i told her sure meet me after school at 9pm in the school locker room in the gym pool room ill bring pizza and you can bring the cheese sticks. She side that soimds like fun. I was releaved to hear that cause i was thinking that she might think im weird for want the date in the pool room but i had no real place in mind any way so i went with it. So i got home and rested. In my dream i saw Victoria if u read part 2 then you will know who she is anyways in my dream she said she wanted to eat me but this time she was not going to stop half way she open her mluth and vomited all over my naled body the. Pursued to devour me she got the hole illegal bahis half my body in her mouth and started licking my ass hole for aome reason i started to moan in my dream as all that was left was my head she said last minuet i. My belly you go but there you will find endless pleasure. Then she swollowed my head as i slowly moved into her stumic like a snake she laid there in wait for me to move to her stumic. On the out side i looked like a boldge moving down to her belly but for me on the in side it was a sex machine. Every. Inch i moved somethen was raming into my ass and rubing my dick i heard her voice mmmmmmm your yummy then i got i. Her stumic some how i shrunk and i was pined to the walk her insides wure fucking me in the ass i started. To moan so did she the. A tentacle started rubbing my Dick. It was to much i woke up with slime all over me and in my bed and i had transformed into a shemale and cummed it was like she payed me a visit in my room at night then i foumd a note from Victoria hey yummy boy we are watching you so don’t get any ideas do your job. Danm so she did visit so i went to sleep yes in all her slime i was to tired. Next morning i got up took a shower and headed to school the day seemed longer some dude realy a friend of mine from last year i told there. Was a free strip bar in simpleville sure enuff he went illegal bahis siteleri after school i waited for my new gf her name was Vanessa so i went into to the pool room and got on a speedo turn and saw her she had a trench coat on she went into the girls locker and got dressed up.i got the pizza i said she said i got the cheese sticks. She walked out wearing a red black flower laced bra and red panties with strap on leggings and red pantie hoe gloves and no real panties cause the panties she had on wure the wans that strap to the leggings so her pussy was in view. I asked well were are the cheese stick she said close your eyes so i did now open your mouth and then i got a mouth full of pussy mmmmmmmmmm.. It tasted good and as i was eating her pussy the cheese sticks. Fell ot of her pussy hole and into my mouth mmmmmm yummy i said as she moaned then i finished eating them and i asked her there only 4 i thought they came in packes of 10 she turned her ass at my face and said open and put ber ass hole in my mouth mmmmmmm sbe moaned as she push them oit her ass and into my mouth yummy arnt they yess wat about the pizza dont you want some she said sure this is fun.she took a slice and wrapped it around my dick and started jerking me off until it was al over my cock and balls she then closed her eyes and started to suck my dick mmmmm mmmmmmm canlı bahis siteleri mm.mmm she said so good i started to lose contral and transformed as her eyes closed and i formed a pussy between my balls and booty hole she felt it form and looked up and saw my hug tits she said wtf happen to yoi i told her every thing the. She said yummy and started kissing me ans sucking my tits and even fingerd my wet pussy she put her pussy on my face as i licked her pussy she sicked and licked my dick and pussy and even tong fucked my ass i told her tong fucking my ass probably isnt a good idea she said your licked mine and eat every thing that came out i said if you say so she said mmmmm your ass yummy she started to suck on my ass hole real hard i couldnt stop wat was coming sorry fooks you dont have to read this part but sbe forced shit to go in her mouth surprisingly she swollowed it all the. Persuaded to fuck my dick with her pussy like a wild a****l mmmmmm yes Zach im her bitch baby i do wat you want give me your cum she took her dildo out of her bag looked at me and said im piting my personal dildo in your pussy it still stinks of pussy and shit from the last few days that iv been thinking about u and i never cleaned it then she put it in my pussy and fucked my dick until i cummed hard in her pussy and after i cummed hard cumm squirted out my pussy the. I started to tur. Back and she watched me tur. Back and said your the sexiest guy i ever layed eyes on after that we walked bome and i went to bed she.told me we should do it in the virls bathrom during school tomorrow. Stay toon for part 4

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A weekend up north ( part 1 )

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Female Ejaculation

A weekend up north ( part 1 )It all started about five years ago now.I was always on Facebook, chatting to family and friends, I’d was chatting to David, we had been talking for a while and had exchanged mobile phone numbers, as we were chatting I explained that my wife and myself were constantly arguing these day, mainly over money and sex, on the account that we had neither in our lives at the moment. He laughed, ” isn’t that what most people argue about. Listen John, if you need to get away for a few days why not pay us a visit ?, We have a spare room, and you are quite welcome to use it ” I replied that I would give it some consideration and would get back to him on that. Then we changed the subject and started talking about football and how our respective teams were fairing in the premier league, but I was wondering about taking David up on his offer, maybe the wife and I needed a bit of space just to get our heads straight, and a couple of weeks later I was driving up north to visit David and Helen for a long weekend.Pulling up outside their council house I felt apprehensive about actually knocking on the door. I could hear a dog barking at the rear of the building and by the sounds of it it wasn’t a little one either. I nervously rang the doorbell, even then I considered turning around,getting g back in my ford focus and driving back home, it was only the thought of having more arguments, and the fact that David had already opened the door that stopped me. “Hi John, come in, come in, how was your drive up the motorway ? ” I tentatively crossed the threshold, explaining that I had took it steady, nearly turned around twice to go back home and listened to a few of my country music discs. As I looked David up and down, I hadn’t realised how big a man he was, built like a brick shithouse and twice as wide..David by now had led me into the front room where Helen was sitting on the sofa, her hands clasped together on her lap, she looked as nervous as I felt, even with David’s joyful greeting. ” Hi, John, ” Helen said, wringing her hands together, ” we have put Paddy in the back garden for now, he can be a bit of a boisterous sometime so thought it best ” .David led me to an armchair, directly opposite his wife, and disappeared into the kitchen, ” Milk and two ? ” He shouted through.” White no sugar please ” I called back, as I accepted a cigarette that Helen was offering me, as she leant towards MSI couldn’t do anything but admire her beautiful cleavage, feeling like a naughty schoolboy I dragged my eyes away from her and glanced towards the patio doors that led into the back garden only to see Paddy, a fucking big Alsatian, staring back at me. illegal bahis David returned with three cups of tea on a tray and passed them around, sat beside his wife on the sofa, and began chatting like we were long lost friends rather than, although friends on Facebook and the odd phone call,total strangers. Within a half hour the tension that had hung over the room like a bad smell had dissipated and we were laughing and joking, even Paddy was in the room now, wagging his tail with excitement. All thoughts of my wife, Karen, and the problems we were experiencing had been driven from my mind.By ten o clock that evening I felt exhausted and Helen led me up the stairs to their spare room that I was going to occupy for the next couple of nights. As I followed her up the stairs I couldn’t help but compare her to Karen, Karen was overweight, not grossly, but she could do with losing a few pounds, whereas Helen was slender, the dress she wore clung to her body as if it had been made to measure, hugging each curve like a lover.That might as I lay there thoughts of Karen returned, god I could forgive her the way she spent money like water, if only she would put out three or four times a week. I grinned, was I really that easy to please that all she had to do was drop her panties every now and then ?. I fell asleep wondering what the demure Helen would be like in the bedroom.I arose late on Saturday morning, I could hear David and Helen talking downstairs in the otherwise silent house as I washed and dressed.That day, after a hearty breakfast and, David and Helen suggested we should take a walk into town, then onto the park so Paddy could have a good run around, do his business, and then return home for an evening of relaxing in front of the TV, and a glass of wine or two, ” and if we are good boys Helen will let us watch match of the day ” David laughed, sneaking a glance at his wife. The day was beautiful, the sun shone and gave off an unseasonably hot radiance as we walked down the small high street, stopping every now and then to admire things in shop windows. Chatting about everything except my predicament at home, which I was thankful for. I can honestly say that that day took all my trouble’s away, the sun, the banter, the window shopping, everything seemed idyllic in that pistureque little town. After dinner that evening David opened a bottle of red and we all sat down to chat about things in general, David was sat beside Helen, his big muscular arms wrapped gently over her slender shoulders. Helen turned her head towards her husband, her dress riding up so I got a bit more than a glimpse of her stocking tops as she kissed him. Paddy lay on the illegal bahis siteleri carpet at their feet, for myself I felt like a fish out of water, as though I was intruding on this couples life, and wondered why Karen never wore a skirt or dress, never kissed me with that look of love in her eyes never wore anything revealing or even remotely sexy. We had started our second bottle of wine when Paddy decided to whine to be let outside, presumably to relieve himself. David got up and gave Helens shoulder a gentle squeeze before making his way to the patio doors. Helen smiled and as soon as David’s back was turned she looked across to me and teasingly opened her legs to reveal she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her pussy was completely shaven and my erection was instant.i frantically tried to readjust before David returned to Helens amusement. Paddy came bounding into through the open patio doors closely followed by David, lay down in front of Helen and looked up at her, I swear he was looking up her dress like I had done not a minute before. “Jesus, that’s hot in here, ” David remarked as he began to take his shirt off to reveal a body that Arnie Schwarzenegger would have been proud of in his youth, muscle rippled over muscle, ” ain’t you hot John ?” He asked.Oh I was hot alright but not in the same way as David, my erection hadn’t abated and was pressing painfully against the fabric of my jeans and I had no way of relieving its position without being patently obvious and David seeing.” A little ” I smiled Helen reached across, to top up our empty wine glasses, her cleavage more pronounced than my erection, the tight figure hugging dress she wore clung to her body and her nipples were straining straining against the fabric as much as my erection was inside my jeans. By now we were all quite tipsy and David had noticed me staring at Helens cleavage, even though I thought I’d not been obvious. ” You like Helens tits, she got a great body on her ” I could feel the heat rising on my face as I took a big gulp of wine instead of the small sip I had intended.” Mm, yes, ” oh fuck I thought, this is wearing I get the biggest good hiding of my life.” Stand up sweetheart and show John how good you look in that dress” As Helen stood up she straddled Paddy laying at her feet, I swear that dog got a good look up her dress and licked his lips. As I admired Helens stunning figure I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye, David had stood up and gone into the kitchen.” Last bottle ” he laughed, holding up yet another bottle of wine.” Oh shut up David, ” Helen said sternly, ” We have spoken about this, I’m sure John has had enough wine for one night.” canlı bahis siteleri David’s face dropped, ” sorry sweetheart” he muttered ” And John you can ignore him, he is a sissy, not a real man, show John your small cock like a good boy ” I sat there stunned, David had come across as the dominant partner, but now Helen was showing her true colours. David slowly undressed until he stood in front of both Helen and myself, his small cock as flat as a puncture on a articulated lorry. His head bowed in defeat as Helen laughed at his manhood.”See, fucking useless, how the hell is a woman meant to know it’s even inside her, god even when I grab it to give him a wanking, which is all he gets from me, I have two finger with fuck all to grab hold of, your absolutely no good for any woman, Paddy gets more off me than David, don’t you Paddy, David’s just a piece of shit, tell John David ” ” I’m just a worthless piece of shit, only good for watching my wife getting fucked by other men, ” he said meekly.The derision and taunting went on as Helen slipped off her dress to reveal her flawless body. Her tits nice and soft with the nipples standing out proudly, her pussy all shaven and looking moist, her shapely legs extenuated by the nylon stockings she wore.Paddy got up from were he had been laying, gave Helens pussy a sniff and a lick before trotting over to David and doing the same again on David, I noticed David’s flaccid cock twitch as the roughness of Paddy’s tongue touched the head. ” Your turn John” Helen said, pulling me up out of the armchair I was occupying and pulling my t shirt over my head. She stood directly in front of me and as the t shirt came off I was staring straight at those beautiful tits with their protruding nipples, as I looked down I noticed her legs slightly apart and Paddy head was buried between them, obviously enjoying the scent and taste of of Helens wetness. David, head still bowed, just stood there motionless as if waiting expectantly for his next command from this demure looking woman. ” Now those jeans ” she said, getting on her knees and unbuckling my belt. Behind her Paddy was panting as if waiting for his command, just like David. Waited for his. Helen pulled my jeans and boxers down, a smile spread across her face as she kissed the head of my hard cock, before asking me to step out of the clothing now around my ankles. ” Oh John, not the biggest I’ve ever seen but certainly beats that sissy of the man I married. Standing up and taking me by the hand she led me the two or three steps it took over to the sofa, laid herself down and pulled me on top of her, ” eat me John, eat my dripping wet pussy ” she whispered in my ear before pushing my head down between her legs, were only moments before Paddy’s tongue had teased her. Looking across to David, and still expecting a good beating, I noticed him slowly nod his head as if giving me permission without Helen noticing

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Bir Efendi Köle Hikayesi

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Bir Efendi Köle Hikayesi

Bir iş yerine cinsellik, dinsellik veya siyaset karıştığında işin boku çıkar. Ne iş yerleri duydum, gördüm sanki kerhane. İş yapabiliyorlar mı diye merak ettim. Evet.. “İş” yapabiliyorlarmış…

Kerhane benzetmesinde bulunurken genelevlerde çalışan zavallı kadınları benzetmekten utanıyorum tabi. Bahsettiğim yerlerde iş parayla olmuyor, kariyer kavgaları, patronun cazibesi, cinsellik kokuları ile birleştiğinde iş yerinde bir defa cinselliğin, cinsel gösterilerin başlaması diğerleri için de bir tetikleme oluşturur ve iş yeri oldukça seksi bir mekana dönüşüverir.

Bu arada bir iş yerinde mini etek giyiliyor olması bu iş yerinin böyle bir yer olduğu anlamına gelmiyor. Peşin söyleyeyim.

Buradaki hikaye bu türden bir yerde geçmiyor. Daha masum, başkalarının izlenmesinden uzak gizli bir hikaye.

Uzun bir aradan sonra soğuyan ilişkilerinin ardından efendinin daveti üzerine tekrar bir araya gelmek için can atıyordu genç kadın. Efendinin de bir istediği vardı ki tekrar “bu aradan sonra tekrar başlayalım mı” diye sormuştu. Diyalog başladı, eski havalarını buldular kısa bir sürede.

Yeliz efendisini evine davet edemiyordu, bekardı ve ailesi ile yaşıyordu, sürekli bir aradaydılar. Efendinin durumu da bundan pek farklı değildi, tek farkı bekar olmamasıydı.

Son zamanlarda kiralık mekanlar artık BDSM için pek güvenli değildi. Otel odaları BDSM için çok sıradan yerlerdi. Sürekli bir mekan bulundurmak pahalı bir işti ve ne yazık ki yine güvenli sayılmazdı. Yeliz o denli özlemişti ki efendisini fırsatı kendisi yarattı. O dönemler iş yeri Yeliz’in yalnızlığını paylaşacağı kadar tenha oluyordu, ofisini paylaştığı arkadaşı bile tatildeydi, o oradaydı ve yalnızdı ve birlikte olacak yer yoktu… Bu nasıl bir saçmalık diye düşündü. “Ah keşke o burada olsaydı şu an” diye iç geçirdi.

Bir gün bunu efendisine çıtlattı. Yeliz’in ofisi komşu bir şehirdeydi, efendiden araba yolculuğu ile yaklaşık 3 saat kadar uzaktaydı. Gelir misin? diye sordu. Efendisi “kimsenin olmayacağına, bir süpriz yaşamayacağımıza emin olamıyorum pek” dedi. Ancak boş da durmadı, mekanın resimlerini çektirtti ve inceledi ve acil bir durumda toparlanılacak önlemleri alabileceğini hissetti. “Peki, günü söyle o zaman” dedi…

Efendi sözleşmiş oldukları günde yola çıktı, kadının ofisinin olduğu yere ilk defa gidiyordu, bir yolculuktan ve şehir içinde birkaç hatalı giriş çıkıştan yaptıktan sonra yolu buldu.

Ofisin bulunduğu tesisin girişinde güvenlik vardı ve kapı girişinde en azından adetten olmak üzere aracı ile gelene geçene kim olduğu, kiminle görüşeceği soruluyordu. Efendi’nin güvenliği aşması hiç zor olmadı, öncelikle güvenliğin bir ziyaretçi geleceği konusunda bilgisi vardı, ancak buna pek gerek kalmamıştı. Düzgün iş kıyafeti ile gelen, pek de toy görünmeyen Efendi’ye aracı durdurduğunda kime geldiğini bile sormayacaklardı, belli ki bu ciddiyette geçenler sadece üst düzey müdürler ve patronlardı. Efendi’nin çok lüks olmayan ancak sosyal konumunu belli etmeye yeterli kalitede olan arabasının penceresinden sert ama samimi ses tonu ile “Günaydın” demesi yeterli olmuştu, “Günaydın efendim, gideceğiniz yer konusunda yardımcı olabilir miyim?”. Aynı sert ama kibar ses tonu ile “Teşekkür ederim” dedi Efendi, “Gideceğim yeri biliyorum”.

Ofise yaklaşınca bir kaç telefon konuşması oldu Efendi ile Yeliz arasında. Bunlar tamamen ofisin yerinin bulunmasına yönelik, kısa, adeta resmi bilgi alışverişi niteliğinde görüşmeler olmuştu. Telefonda her ikisi de birbirlerine karşı o kadar rahat değillerdi.

Tarif edildiği park yerine girildiğinde kölesi Efendi’nin aracının yanına geldi, her zamanki ağır olan çantasını aldı ve binanın içine girdiler. Bina içindeki kapıların çoğu kapalıydı, koridorlarda, merdivenlerden çıkarken bile hiç kimse ile karşılaşmadılar, birkaç açık kapının önünden sessiz ve hızlı adımlarla geçtiler. Ofisin kapısına varmışlardı. Yeliz anahtarı ile kapıyı açtı, içeri girdiler. O ana kadar neredeyse hiç konuşmamışlardı. Efendi tipik emreder ses tonu ile “Yandaki mi senin masan?” diye sordu, “Evet efendim” cevabını aldı, geçti o masadaki koltuğa oturdu. Oda yaklaşık 10-15 metrekare küçük bir ofis odasıydı, üç çalışma masası sığdırılmıştı. Yeliz uygun bir yere çantayı bırakmaya yeltendi, “çantanız için burası uygun mu efendim” dedi, Efendi evet anlamında sessizce başını salladı, “bıraktıktan sonra gidip bana bir bardak su getir” dedi, kadın “emredersiniz” dedi ve su getirmek için odadan çıktı. Bir süre sonra döndüğünde Efendi psikolojik hazırlığını tamamlamıştı. “Yaklaş bana” dedi, elindeki suyu aldı, “ayakkabılarını çıkar” dedi. Yeliz ayakkabılarını çıkardı, öylece bekliyordu, efendi hiç acele etmiyordu, onu biraz bekletti, suyundan yavaş yavaş yudumlar aldı.

Önünde dikilmekte olan Yeliz’in eteğini yukarı doğru sıyırdı Efendisi, bedeni soğuktu ama en soğuk yeri kalçalarıydı. Biraz masajdan sonra göğüslerini elbisesinden çıkarmasını emretti, elbisesini çıkartmadan. Yeliz efendisinin dediğini yaptı, Efendi külotu çıkarmayı ona bırakmamıştı. Üstünde içinden taşırılmış göğüslerini sıkıştıran, alttan da yukarı çekilmiş elbisesi garip görünüyordu. Efendisi elbisesinin üstünü çıkarmasını söyledi, elbisenin üstü sutyenle beraber çıkarıldı.

“Ağzını özledim” dedi Efendisi, mesaj netti; Yeliz eğildi efendisinin fermuarını açtı, sertleşmiş organı oradan çıkarmak onun için efendisinin yardımı olmadan mümkün değildi, bu nedenle Efendisi’nin desteği ile pantolonun üst kısmı açıldı ve görev icra edilmeye başladı. Efendisi oral seks sırasında dişlerin organına temas etmesinden nefret ederdi, Yeliz buna çok dikkat ediyordu, daha önce ilk buluşmalarında ciddi fırça yemişti bu yüzden. Efendisi arada elinde kalan su bardağını Yeliz’e verdi, “ağzını ıslat” dedi. Kadın ağzına aldığı suyu taşırmadan görevine devam etti. Yeliz’i masanın altına aldı. Genç kadın biraz zor sığmıştı oraya aslında, özellikle başını pek kolay hareket ettiremiyordu, ama görevin zorlaşması aldığı zevki azaltmamıştı. Efendisi bir süre bu şekildeyken bilgisayarda internette sörf etti, Yeliz’i en çok uyaracak olanın ona şifresini sorması olduğunu biliyordu, bu soru Yeliz’i doğrudan aşağılamaktı, efendisinin onu o anda, kendisi güç bela performans gösterirken çok da umursamadığını hissetmesi zevk alacağı bir şeydi ancak halen arada su içmesini isteyen sesi duymak kendisinden haz alındığı hissini tazeliyordu. Bu, kendisini kadın olarak değil, efendisinin bir aracı olarak görmesi güzelliğini veriyordu.

Efendisi sıkıldığında onu oradan çıkardı. Üstündekileri tamamen çıkartarak masasının karşısındaki duvara dayalı olarak durmasını istedi. Bu sırada Efendisi ayağa kalktı ve diğer masanın üzerine konulmuş olan çantasını karıştırmaya başladı. Bu çanta değil, küçük bir spor valizdi aslında, gerekli olacak, önceden öngörebildiği plana göre hemen her türlü malzeme içindeydi. Daha önce yaptığı göğüs vakumunun daha iyisini yapacaktı. Yaptı da, bu sefer arkasını delip akvaryum hava hortumu bağladığı rakı bardaklarını göğüslerine oturttu, supaplı düzenek aracılığı ile göğüslerinden hava vakumlamaya başladı.

Devam edecek…

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Double Penetration

%100 Gerçek Ensest Anilarım Bolum: 16 Ozge Yengem
Tekneden misafirleri uğurladık. Cennet’in kocası telefon kartını cebime soktu. Yanıma yaklaştı;

– Mutlaka ara.

Ararım gibisinden kafamı salladım. Çok yorgundum eve gidip uyumak istiyordum.


– Beyler benim araba ileride, yürüyelim mi biraz? Hava alırız?


– Bana uyar.

Zeki ayakta teknenin içinde uyuyordu Mete Zeki’ye seslendi;

– Zeki, kalk oğlum gidiyoruz.

Zeki bağırarak uyandı. Korkmuştum.

– Ya amına koyayım ne bağırıyon?
– Kuzeyin oğlu, dayının kestaneyi çiziyordum rüyamda. Çok korktum amk
– Yürü oğlum yok dayı falan gittiler
– Eminsin değil mi? Bak geliyorum
– Gel zeki gel amına koyayım.

Elimi Zeki’nin omzuna attım, tekneden indik yürüyorduk. Berkant ile annesi teknede kalmıştı. Zeki yolda zor yürüyor sallanıyordu.

– Oğlum bir dik dur lan!
– Halim yok kuzeyin oğlu, iliğimi kuruttu karılar.


– Peki ya dayı Zeki? Oda kuruttu mu?
– Yok, o seksten soğuttu amına koyayım.

Biz gülüyorduk. Baya ilerlemiştik, araba karşımızda gözüküyordu. Zeki kolumdan fırladı gitti karşıda duran 2 tane mini şortlunun yanına koştu.


– Eyvah!


– Bu çocuk bir gün kestaneyi çizdirecek aga.


– Gözünü sikeyim zeki ya.

Zekiye bağırıyordum arkasından;

– Zeki! Lan buraya gel! Zeki!

Zeki beni siklemedi mini şortluların yanına gitti, ikisinin de götüne elini yapıştırdı;

– Üff hepsi sizin mi be yavrular?

Mini şortlu travestiler Zeki’ye döndü. İçlerinden esmer olan;

– Yok anam daha bu var!

Zekinin elini kendi sikine getirdi. Zeki travestinin sikini avuçladı;

– Oooo bune be hacı gülle? Hangi sulak yerde büyüttün sen bunu?

Zeki bize döndü travestilerin sikinden tutup salladı;

– Kuzeyin oğlu! Kızlar taşşaklı çıktı.

Travesti devam ediyordu cümlesine. Biz gülüyorduk.

– Gelip görmek ister misin o sulak yeri?
– Yok abi ben almıyayım.

Zeki travestinin sikine eğildi;

– Saygılar abi, hürmetler abi.

Esmerin yanındaki diğer travesti;

– Siktir git lan. Dedi zekiye zeki koşarak yanımıza geri geldi…


– Ne oldu Zeki beğenmedin mi kızları?

Ferhat ile Mete gülüyordu.


– Bu dayıyı sikmek bana yaramadı hacı gülle, nerede kamışlı ablalar var, bana denk gelmeye başladı.
– Aman Zeki kolla götü.

Zeki Ferhat ile Mete’ye döndü;

– Bana bakın dayıyı siktiğimi Melisa duymayacak ona göre.


– Merak etme Zeki duysalar da inanmayacaklar zaten.

Gülüyorduk, arabaya bindik. Beni eve bıraktılar. Zeki camdan kafasını çıkarttı;

– Hişt hacı gülle?
– Ne var Zeki?
– Adamımsın, playboy seni

Arabayla uzaklaştılar. Evin kapısını çaldım. Kimse yoktu evde. Telefonla Özge yengemi aradım. Açmıyordu. Babamı aradım çalıyordu;

– Alo baba evde kimse yok?
– Oğlum mahkemedeyiz.
– Mahkeme?
– Yengen ile dayının mahkemesi.
– Hadi ya onu unuttum ben durum ne?
– Boşandılar.
– Çocuklar?
– Yengende ikisi de.
– Ohh çok sevindim neredesiniz şimdi?
– Birkaç evrak işi var halledip geleceğiz.
– E ben kapıda kaldım.
– Aysel yengenlere git istersen.
– Yok baba bakarım başımın çaresine.

Şimdi Aysel yengelere gidip, onu sikmeye ne dermanım ne gücüm vardı. Duvardan atladım evin bahçesine girdim. Bahçe kapısı da kilitliydi. Pencereye tırmandım. Odamın penceresi açıktı. İçeriye girdim. Hemen duşa attım kendimi. Üzerimi değiştirdim yatağa uzandım.

Tüm bu olup bitenleri düşünüyordum… Sikik bir yaşantım, hangi ara bu kadar renklenmişti. Daha dün gibi yengemi hayal ettiğim günler. Onun hayali ile boşaldığım günler. Şimdi? Sikmediğim am, göt kalmamış. Ortamların en güzeline girmiştim bugün. Daha neler olabilir amına koyayım. Diye düşünürken. Aysel yenge aklıma geldi. Kendisi çok ateşli, azgın bir kadındı. Tıpkı adadaki çiftlerin karıları gibi, cennet hoca gibi. Yengeme kötü sözle konuşmam da hoşuna gidiyordu. Acaba bizim çocuklarla grup siksek? Hoşuna gider miydi? Ama onun haberi olmadan bunu ona yapamazdım. Ağzını arayacaktım kafaya koydum. Bunları düşünürken uykuya dalmıştım. O kadar güzel uyudum ki, bizimkilerin eve geldiğini bile duymadım. Yengem yanıma yatmış, yüzümü okşuyor, öpüyordu. Gözlerimi araladım. Çok güzel görünüyordu. Makyaj yapmış, saçlarını kestirmiş, sarıya boyatmış, kendine çok güzel bakmış. Boynuna sarılıp üstüme çektim. Yengemin yüzü gülüyordu. Dudaklarını öptüm;

– Hayırlı olsun.
– Teşekkürler kuzum.
– Kurtuldun artık.
– Evet.
– Tamamen benimsin. Tekrar bekarsın.
– Evet.

Dudaklarımı daha sert öpmeye başladı. Ama orospu Cennet öyle bir somurdu ki canım yandı geriye çektim kendimi. Yengem elini dudaklarıma götürdü. Üstümden kalkıp yanıma uzandı;

– Oho birileri boş durmamış yine.
– Ya yok İlayda yaptı.

Garibim dünkü partiyi duysa ne derdi acaba? Yüzüme bakmazdı eminim. Tekrar sarıldı;

– Hadi kahvaltı yapalım okula gideceksin. Akşam gelince bir yerlere götür beni
– Nasıl yerlere?
– Bilmem şu gittiğin bara götür mesela.
– Tamam akşam hazırlan gidelim.

Yanaklarımdan öptü, yatağımdan kalktı kapıyı açıp çıktı. Kıyafetlerimi giydim aşağıya iniyordum, dışarıdan korna sesi geldi. Servis arabamı getirmişti. Babamın arabasından kurtulmuştum artık. Arabamla hasret giderdikten sonra okula gitmek için çıktım İlayda’yı arıyordum.

– Canım geleyim mi almaya?
– Yok aşkım Melisa ile gidiyoruz şuan yoldayız.
– Peki bir tanem görüşürüz.

Telefonu kapattım koltuğun üstüne atıyordum Zeki arıyordu. Hay amk dedim iyi alıştı bu çocukta ama seviyordum Zeki’yi çok saf, kalbi temiz bir çocuktu.


– Alo hacı gülle napıyon?
– İyiyim Zeki yoldayım okula gidiyorum. Sen napıyon?
– İyi bende kantinde çay höpürdetiyorum.
– Afiyet olsun Zeki beni neden aradın peki?
– Ha onu soruyosun, dün Esma geldi bizim eve, annemle yine dedikodu, gıybetin dibine vurdular, çok korktum bizi şikayet ediyor sandım hani dün parti, pompa, gittim dinledim gizli gizli.

Sözünü kestim;

– Dayı, göt.
– Amına koyayım konumuz omu şimdi? Bak tıkandım ne güzel çay içiyordum ya.
– Eee Zeki ne konuşuyorlardı?
– Bizi şikayet etmiyordu. Partiden bahsetmedi. Şu At hoca var ya?
– At hoca?
– He dün çatır, çatır, çatır siktiğin at hoca
– Cennet hoca mı?
– Ne karıydı ama ya.
– Devam et zeki ne olmuş Cennet Hoca’ya?
– Okuldan ayrılmış, yurt dışına gitmiş.
– Annene niye söylüyor bunu Esma onu anlamadım ben?
– Bu at hoca annemin arkadaşının kızıymış çünkü.
– Haa, yani cennet hoca gelmeyecek artık okula.
– Yok hacı gülle, okula gelmeyecek ama partiye gelecek.
– Annene mi anlattı Esma partiyi?
– Hayır kuzeyin oğlu, Esma dışarı çıktığında pencereden önüne atladım. Dedim ki; “at hoca niye gitti? Göremicez mi onu? Bak kuzeyin oğlu sevdi o kadını göremezse üzülür ağlar çocuk, aşk acısı çeker.”
– Ya amına koyayım ne aşkı ne acısı neyse eee sonra?
– Sonra Esma da dedi ki; “yurt dışına tatile gitmiş, öğretmenliği bırakmış, kuzeye söyle, haziranda bu partinin daha büyüğü olacak tur gemisinde” dedi.
– Eee?
– Ne eee amına koyayım? O tur gemisine kadar gelecekmiş at hoca. Ama hazirana kadar göremeyecen.
– Anladım zeki, yani haziranda bir büyük parti daha var ve gidecez yine.
– Bak bana yine göt siktirirseniz, bozuşuruz ona göre. Hişt bana bak. Üzüldün mü lan cennet hoca 2 ay yok, göremeyecen.
– Niye üzüleyim oğlum sonuçta kadının tadını aldık.

Zeki piç piç gülüyordu;

– Hehehehe aldık demi.
– Aldık Zeki aldık bak okula geldim şuan karşındayım kapatcan mı telefonu?
– Bence devam edelim, bedava dakikalar çöpe gidiyor, arayıp konuşacak kimsem yok oğlum.
– Zeki manyak mısın amına koyayım.

Yanına gittim oturdum hala telefonda konuşuyorduk. Zeki sırtını döndü;

– Ne manyak mıyım? Dakikalarım çöpe mi gitsin, eee daha daha ne yapıon hacı? Havalar nasıl?

Kafasına vurdum. Telefonu kapattım;

– Yanındayım aynı havayı soluyoruz amına koyduğum.

Ferhat ile Mete yanımıza geliyordu;


– Ne yapıyorsunuz beyler?


– Zekiyle uğraşmaya devam


– Of sabah sabah hiç çekilmez amına koyayım.


– Ne çekilmez? Oğlum o kadar karı siktin hala elizabethe devam mı ediyorsun?

Mete eliyle Zekinin ağzını kapattı;

– Oğlum sus biri duyacak amına koyayım ya dengesiz.
– Hee haklısın hacı gülle. Aman diyim biri duyar canı çeker, sikim kopacak artık am sikmekten ben çay alacam var mı isteyen?


– Al gel içeriz.


– Beyler Berkant nerede?


– Bilmem görmedim daha.


– Haziranda büyük bir parti varmış. Zeki ile haber yollamış Esma gidecek miyiz?


– Haziranın kaçında?


– Bilmiyorum ki sormadım.


– Haziranda üniversite giriş sınavı var. Ancak sınavdan sonra gidebiliriz. Sınavdan önceyse gidemeyiz ki oğlum.


– Esma ona göre ayarlamıştır herhalde

Ben zeki’ye seslendim. Zeki elinde çay tepsisi ile geldi;

– Zeki! Gel gel, haziranın kaçında bu parti?
– Sonunda.

İyi sınav zaten ilk haftasında, yetişiriz diyordum. Sohbet ediyorduk kızlar gelmişti. Yanımıza oturdular. Sohbete devam ettik. Okulun hademesi gülsüm abla gözüme çarptı bizim masaya Zeki’ye bakıyordu. Zekinin kolunu dürttüm;

– Hişt senin ki geçiyor?
– Melisa burada ya oğlum.
– O değil öbürü.
– Öbürü?

Zeki masadan kalktı ayağa etrafına baktı. Gülsüm abla ile göz göze geldi.

– Ya bırak şunu.
– Niye oğlum sikmedin mi çatır çutur.

Zeki eliyle ağzımı kapattı;

– Sus lan melisa duyacak kız beni terk eder sonra.
– Tamam amk çek pis elini ağzımdan

Derslere, girip çıkıyor bugünü de bitiriyorduk. Son ders boş olduğu için çocuklarla spor salonuna gidecektik sınav sonuçları açıklanmış. Müdüre hanım sınıfa çağırdı bizi. Hepimiz sıralarımıza tekrar geçip oturduk. Müdüre hanım sonuçları açıklayacaktı;

– Evet yavrucuklarım. Son deneme, başarı sınavınızın sonuna gelmiş bulunmaktasınız. Bu sonuçlar sizin sınava ne kadar hazır olduğunuzu ve bu sınav gerçek üniversite giriş sınavı olsa kaç puan alıp, kaçıncı sıralamada olacağınızı gözler önüne seriyor. Şunu söylemeliyim ki, ummadığım taş baş yardı, çok güvendiğim kişiler gözümde sınıfta kaldı şekerim.

Ben araya girdim;

– Hocam en çok Zeki’yi merak ediyoruz. O kadar çok çalışmış ki, 20 dakika da bitirdi sınavı
– Neyyy 20 dakika mı?
– Evet hocam.
– Zeki okul 5. evladım ummadığım taş baş yardı diye boşuna mı dedim.
– Neee ?

Hep birlikte Zekiye döndük.


– Lan hani sallamıştın tüm soruları?

Zeki gülüyordu;

– Salladım ama okuyarak salladım. Okumadan sallamadım ki.

Ferhat Zekiye silgisini attı. İlayda ağzı açık Zekiye bakıyordu. Ben lafa girdim;

– Ulan zeki, birde soruları okuyup çözsen türkiye birincisi olacaktın demekki.

Müdüre hanım söze girdi;

– Türkiyede 13. Oldu 13. Hey yavrum hey aslan Zeki

Zeki göğsünü kabarttı;

– Sağ olun hocam, teveccüğünüz.


– Hareketlere bak amına koyduğum.


– Tamam sessizlik. Şimdi sonuçları açıklıyorum.

Milletinkilerini saydı, çoğunlukla başarılıydı herkes.

– İlayda tam puan okul 1, türkiye 4.

İlayda çok sevinmişti.

– Kuzey aferim evlatçığım babana yüzümü kara çıkartmadın. Okul 2. Türkiye 8.

Ben yok artık amına koyayım diye İlayda’ya bakıyordum. İlayda boynuma sarılıyordu.

– Ve ikiz dingiller.

Ferhat ile Mete;

– Bizden bahsediyor.


– Okul sonuncusu, türkiye sıralamanızı okumama gerek yok nasılsa bu kaçıncı sayılar diye bön bön yüzüme bakacaksınız? Evlatçıklarım. Neden çalışmadınız? 2 ay kaldı sınavınıza, aileciklerinize ne diyeceğim ben. Of tanrım of.

Müdüre sınıftan çıktı. Ferhat ile Mete’ye döndüm;

– Oğlum ne yaptınız lan siz? Hiç mi çalışmadınız?


– Zaman mı kaldı ki, sikik sokuk işlerle uğraşmaktan.


– Aynen amk, yarak kürek işlerle uğraştık


– Amına koyduklarım, bende yanınızdaydım sizi yalnız mı bıraktım? Siz eğlenirken ben ders mi çalıştım sizle birlikte bende eğlendim. Ben ders çalıştığım vakit siz ne yapıyordunuz?


– Sakin ol paşa, sana sözümüz yok, Berkant orospu çocuğuna uyduk, sen ders çalışırken biz onunla barlarda karı kız peşinde koştuk takıldık eğlendik beee


– İyi bok yedik amına koyayım. Ne diyecem ben şimdi babama?


– Ne bileyim amına koyayım. Berkant da yok piyasada zaten.

– Annesinin amını yalıyordur evde, orospu çocuğu.


– Adama sövmeyin oğlum hata sizde. Neyse 2 ay var daha sıkı çalışın bir şekilde toparlayın götü.

Okuldan çıkmıştık eve gidiyorduk İlayda konuştu;

– Cennet hoca nerede? Bugün son dersimiz onunlaydı gelmedi?

Boş bulundum;

– Okulu bırakmış.
– Okulu mu bırakmış? Kuzey bey okul başkanı olduğum halde bilmiyorum siz nereden aldınız bu bilgiyi acaba?
– Şaka yapıyorum ya salladım öylesine. Bilmiyorum ki merakta etmedim.

Ferhat ile Mete’nin yüzüne bakıyordum Zeki girdi lafa;

– Cennet hoca şuan kanarya adalarında pompito yapıyordur.

Biz elimizle Zeki’ye sus yapıyorduk.


– Pompito?
– Cahil cahil durma karşımda yürü kız eve.

İlayda’ya kolumu attım. Yürüyorduk. Bugün de bitmişti. Eve gidip dinlenmeye karar verdik. Ama aklımda uyurken düşündüğüm Aysel yengem vardı. Ama bu akşam gidemezdim. Özge yengemi bara götürecektim. Hemen eve gittim.

Kapıyı yengem açtı. Çok güzel görünüyordu. Giyinmiş süslenmiş oturuyordu evde;

– Hayırdır düğüne mi gidiyorsun?
– Hayır?
– Ne bu süs?
– Bundan sonra böyle. Kendime bakacağım artık.

Beline sarıldım;

– Bak tabii
– Dur yapma annen mutfakta

Bellerinden kollarımı çektim.

– Giyineyim de kumsalda takılalım biraz, akşama bara gidelim.
– Yemek yemeyecek miyiz?
– Aç değilim sen açsan dışarda yeriz bir şeyler.
– Ay süper olur dışarda yiyelim.
– Hazırlanayım geliyorum.

Yanaklarımdan öptü, hemen geri çekti kendini. Yukarıya çıktım duş aldım, duştan belimde havluyla çıktım yengem yatağımda oturuyordu. Yüzüne bakıp gülümsedim. Havluyu çıkartıp attım belimden. Çırılçıplak kalmıştım karşısında. Yanına yaklaştım. Yengem yüzüme bakıp gülüyordu. Yanına gittiğimde eline sikini aldı sıvazladı.

– Annem içerde.
– Biliyorum.
– Yeni duş aldım.
– Tekrar alırız.

Sikimi ağzına götürüp yalamaya başladı, saçlarından tutuyor, okşuyordum ipek gibi saçlarını. Annem seslendi;

– Hadi sofraya!

Yengem ağzından çıkarttı sikimi, ayaklandı. Kucağıma alıp duvara yasladım. Deli gibi yalıyordum dudaklarını, boynunu.

– Dur annen sesleniyor. Hem bugün seninim. Arabayla gidelim bir yere sabaha kadar sik beni. İstersen bir yer bul oraya gidelim.

Dudaklarımdan öptü, kucağımdan indi, kapıyı açtı çıktı gitti. Bende üzerimi giyinip aşağıya indim. Sofraya oturduğumuzla kalktığımız bir oldu. Dışarıda yiyecektik çünkü. Saat 7 olmak üzereydi;

– Hadi çıkalım.

Yengem yukarıya gidip makyajını tazeledi, giyindi geldi. Gözlerim yerinden çıkacak sandım. Mini bir etek, askılı bluz. Tüm vücut hatları meydandaydı.

– Abartılı olmamış mı?
– Yoo, daha açık giyinenler var.
– Haklısın, hem çok güzel olmuşsun hadi çıkalım.

Beline sarıldım. Çıktık evden. Arabama bindik;

– Ne yemek istersin?
– Benim ne yemek istediğim belli değil mi?

Elini sikime attı okşuyordu.

– Onu finalde yiyeceksin zaten. Önce karnımızı doyuralım, içip eğlenelim biraz.
– Pekii, balık yiyelim.

Lüks bir balık restoranına girdik yengemle. Oturduk balıklarımızı söyledik, yengem birde rakı söyledi yanına;

– Ağzının tadını biliyorsun rakı balık he?
– Yani, senin balığı yiyorum. Oradan anlamadın mı ağzımın tadının güzel olduğunu?

Gülüyordum. Yemeğimizi yedik, rakımızı içtik. Her zaman takıldığımız bara götürdüm yengemi. İçeriye girdik. Merve ve Nur’da oradaydı.


– Aaa kuzey hoş geldin.

Yengemin elini sıktı merhaba dedi.

– Hoş buldum ne yapıyorsunuz kızlar?
– Hiç valla aynı takılmaca. Yanında ki güzel kim?
– Yengem.

Yengeme geçmiş olsun diledi, benim ondan çok bahsettiğimi her aradığında onları yalnız bırakıp eve yengemin yanına gittiğimi anlattılar. Yengem memnun olmuş yüzü gülüyordu. Nur’un kolundan çektim;

– Sakın bak parti falan kaçırmayın ağzınızdan.
– Ay sende kuzey Zeki’miyiz biz?
– Valla Zeki herkesten akıllı çıktı. Çocuk sınavda 2. Oldu
– Hadi be helal olsun

Kızlar ve yengemle masaya geçtik oturduk. İçkilerimizi içtik, dans ettik, yengem artık sarhoş olmak üzereydi. O içkisini eline alıyor, ben onun elinden yeter diye geri alıyorum. Ama o bırak artık zaman benim zamanım bu zamanı kutlayacam diye daha çok içiyordu. Karışmadım bol bol içki içti bana çok yakındı kızlar dik dik bize bakıyordu. Elini vücudumda gezdiriyor, ellerimi kalçalarına atıyordu dans ederken, kendinden geçiyordu. Saat epey ilerlemiş 12 olmak üzereydi. Yengem ayakta duramıyor, zor yürüyordu. Arabaya bindirecektim kusmak için kaldırıma geçti. Cep telefonumu çıkarttım Ferhat’ı arıyordum;

– Hele şükür açtın amına koyayım.
– Oğlum uyuyordum ya.
– Sizin yazlığın anahtarı lazım bana.
– Bu saatte?
– Tavuk gibi uyuyan sensin amk hadi size geliyorum uyan salla anahtarları.
– Gelme amk yazlığa git, kapıda saksı var. Onun içinde anahtarlar.
– Boş dimi yazlık?
– Boş amk hadi kapat uyuyacam.
– Zıbar amk.

Telefonu kapatıp cebime koydum. Yengeme sarılıp kaldırdım.

– Kalk hadi gidiyoruz.

Yengem sarhoş ağızla sayıklıyordu. Arabaya bindirdim Ferhat’ın yazlığına gittik. Yengemi arabadan indirdim boynuma sarıldı, yamuk yamuk yürüyordu. Merdivenlere oturttum yengemi. Saksıya baktım anahtar yoktu. Saksıyı kırdım. İçinden çıktı anahtar. Kapıyı açtım. Yengemi kucaklayıp soktum eve. Salonda koltuğun üstüne oturttum. Yengem şarkı söylüyor, sayıklıyordu. Gidip kapıyı kapattım. Işıkları açtım. Yengemin yanına oturdum.

Yengem yüzüme bakıyordu. Birden dudaklarımı öpmeye başladı;
– Sik hadi beni. Çok özledim o yarrağını.

Yengem dudaklarımı öperken, pantolonumun fermuarını açmaya çalışıyor, ama açamıyordu. Ona yardımcı oldum. Pantolonumu çıkarttım, boxerımdan sikimi çıkartıp eğildi, ağzına alıyordu. Bir süre yaladıktan sonra ayağa kalktı, üzerindeki mini eteği çıkarttı, dizinin üstüne kadar uzanan fileli çorapları ile kaldı. Askılısını ve sutyenini de çıkarttı. Kucağıma oturup memelerini ağzıma veriyordu;

– Yala hadi yengenin büyük memelerini, seviyorsun değil mi yengenin memelerini.

Şapur şupur emiyor, evet dercesine başımı sallıyordum. Kucağımda sikime amını sürtüyordu. Külotunu çıkarttı attı kenarıya. Eliyle sikimi tutup üstüne oturdu. İnliyor, memelerini ağzıma vermeye devam ediyordu. Kucağımda zıplatarak sikiyordum;

– Dayının gözleri önünde ne zaman sikeceksin bu amı?
– Ne zaman sikeyim?
– Yarın
– Hemen yarın mı?
– Evet, yarın sik amımı götümü dayının gözleri önünde.
– Sen iste bir tanem
– İstiyorum. Onun surat ifadesini görmek istiyorum sen beni sikerken

İyice zevkle zıplıyordu kucağımda, içine boşalmıştım. O şekilde sızdı kucağımda. Kucaklayıp yatak odasına götürdüm. Yatırdım yatağa, üstünü pile ile örttüm bende yanına kıvrılıp uyumuştum. Sabah telefonun sesiyle uyandım. Ferhat arıyordu;

– Kanka yazlıkta mısın?
– Evet.
– Bizim çocuklarla kafeye gidecez gelsene.
– Moruk sizinle işim var bizim eve gelsenize siz.
– Hayırdır ne işi?
– Gelin siz konuşuruz.
– Peki kardo.

Yengemi öperek uyandırdım;

– Hadi uyan. Bugün kocanın gözleri önünde sikeceğim seni.

Uyku sersemi konuşuyordu;

– Bugün mü?
– Evet, dün öyle dedin ya.
– Ha doğru. Ne yapacaksın ki?
– Düşünme sen hadi eve gidelim.

Boynuma sarıldı öpüyordu. Kucağıma alıp kaldırdım. Ayağa dinelttim. Bir posta daha siktikten sonra arabaya geçip eve gittik. Yengem odasına gitti, bende odamda duş aldım bahçede oturuyordum arkadaşlarım geldi. Bahçeye çektim. Biralarımızı açtık söze girdim;

– Beyler bugün bana lazımsınız. Dayıma bir ders verecez.


– Anlamadım.
– Neyi anlamadın amk.


– Hişt playboy, dayını mı sikecez?
– Ahaha yok onun gibi bir şey ama
– Bugün de güzel geçecek desene


– Dur bir Zeki. Kuzey nasıl yapacaz oğlum bunu.
– Baya gece dükkanı kapatıp eve gitmesini bekleyeceksiniz. Biz özge yengemle evde olacağız. Siz dayımı içeriye girdikten sonra güzelce sandalyeye bağlayacaksınız.
– Sonra?
– Sonra dışarıda bekleyeceksiniz.
– İçeride bekleseydik?
– Yok dışarıda.

Zeki Ferhat’ın yanına yaklaştı;

– Bak Zeki dedi dersin, bu dayısının götünü sikecek. Dayısının namusunu kirletecek.


– Hani Özge yengenle aranda bir şey yoktu lan?
– Oğlum size ne bu kadar derine inmeyin yardım edecek misiniz? Etmeyecek misiniz? Onu söyleyin
– Ederiz amk


– Aynen ederiz.


– Ben etmem.
– O niye lan?
– Güvenmiyorum oğlum sana, gözlerimi bağlarsın dayının kestaneyi de bana çizdirirsin sen.
– Güzel fikir aslında

Zeki ayaklandı;

– Ben gidiyom amına koyayım

Kolundan tuttum;

– Oğlum dur şaka yapıyorum. sen dışarıda bekçilik yap yeter.
– Hee tamam hacı gülle kaptım işi.
Akşam olmuştu. Çocuklarla hazırlanıp planı uygulamaya koyulduk. Dayım dükkanda yoktu. Evine gittik, ışıkları sönük, kapısı kilitliydi;

– Kaçmış yavşak.

Hemen Özge yengemi aradım;

– Kaçmış
– Kim?
– Dayım kim olacak.
– Hadi canım kaçmış mı?
– Dükkan boş, ev boş kilitli.

Tam telefonla konuşurken dayım evin arkasından çıkmış arkama geliyordu ben bunu fark etmedim. Bizim çocukların sesini duyuyordum sadece;


– Kuzeey!


– Kuzey!

Zeki bir hışımla üzerime koştu, yere yatırdı beni, telefonla konuşurken yere düşmüştüm. Tam düşerken bir silah sesi duydum. Ferhat ile Mete dayımın üzerine koşup yere yatırdı, dövüyorlardı. Ben olayın şaşkınlığı ile telefonu bıraktım elimden. Üstümde zeki yatıyor, üstüme sıcak bir şey akıyordu.

Zeki yüzüme bakıyor, baygın baygın bakıyor konuşmaya çalışıyordu;

– Kolla götü Kuzey’in oğlu.

Zeki bayılmıştı. Telaşla üzerimden kaldırıp yatırdım. Karnından vurulmuştu, kan geliyordu, çok fazla kan. Elim ayağım titriyor, ne yapacağımı bilmiyordum. Ferhat yanıma koştu Zekiyi tutuyor uyandırmaya çalışıyordu, Mete dayımı yere yatırmış tutuyor, telaşlı gözlerle bizi izliyordu. Ferhat ambulansı aradı, Zeki’nin yanından kalkıp dayımın yere düşürdüğü silahı yerden alıp kafasına dayadım. Tam tetiğe basacakken Ferhat üstüme atladı, silah havaya patlamıştı.


– Ne yapıyorsun sen amına koyduğum? Hah ne yapıyorsun? Bu şerefsiz için katil mi olacaksın? Ver şunu! Kuzey! Ver dedim!

Silahı elimden alıp fırlattı karanlık bir yere. Ayağa kalktım Mete’nin elinden aldım. Çok pis gözüm dönmüştü Mete ile Ferhat Zekinin yanına koştu. Dayımı ellerim yarılana kadar yumrukladım, tekmeledim. Evin önünde duran sopayı alıp ambulans gelene kadar dövdüm. Bizim çocuklar Zeki’yi uyandırmaya çalışıyordu. Ambulans geldiğinde polisi ve bir ambulans daha istedi. Sopayı bırakıp Zekinin yanına koştum

– Zeki kardeşim uyan, Zeki! Yalvarırım aç koçum gözlerini Zeki! Zeki!

Ferhat ile Mete çömelmiş ağlıyorlardı. Ambulans görevlileri Zeki’nin kanını durdurmak için tampon yapıyor acele ambulansa bindirmeye çalışıyordu.

Ambulansın arkasından ZEKİ! Diye haykırıyordum. Ferhat ile Mete’nin kolundan tutup kaldırdım. Arabaya koştuk, direksiyona geçip son hızla gazladım. Ambulansın peşinden Zeki’nin peşinden gidiyorduk…




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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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