Let Me Tell You about Tina

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Let me tell you about Tina.

Tina was a waitress at an all-night diner. She worked the midnight to 8am shift.

She was in her early thirties when I met her. I was a shift worker at the local power plant. On occasion, I would stop at the diner after working the four-to-midnight shift for something to eat before going home. A full belly let me sleep through the night and be rested the next day.

I first noticed Tina after another waitress had already taken my order. I was sitting at the counter, as usual, sipping my coffee. The ham and cheese omelet would be out in a couple of minutes and I was ready for that. This tall slender girl walked in front of me and started to pull the big round ice cream tubs out of the freezer compartments which were right in front of where I was sitting. With her back to me she was pulling them out, stacking them up and washing the inside of the freezer chests. It seemed like simple enough work but I quickly noticed that the process required the young lady to bend at the waist into the freezer and to tug on the bottom-most cardboard containers in order to get them out. In doing so, the back of her already short waitress uniform skirt rode up just high enough to allow for a quick peek at some well shaped legs and the bottom of her thin pink panties. Now, they weren’t granny panties but they weren’t thongs either.

I had eaten in this diner many times and was fairly familiar with the layout. I did, however, forget about the mirrors on the wall facing back toward the counter. On about the third dive that Tina made to grab an Ice cream tub, she stopped when she got it out. She was just standing there, holding the cardboard container in her hands looking in the mirror directly at me. She had caught me peeking at her fine-looking butt all bent over into that freezer box. She didn’t look angry, nor did she look happy; she just stared at me with a blank expression on her face. I immediately averted my eyes and pretended to be deeply interested in what was left of my omelet.

She never said a word. Tina just shrugged down her waitress outfit and resumed her task. She did not, however, bend quite as deeply as she had initially done. I finished my meal and went on home. The following night had me back at the diner on the same stool at the counter. This time Tina was my waitress. The other waitress was nowhere to be seen; maybe it was her night off?

Without asking, Tina put a cup of coffee in front of me and asked if I needed a menu. She seemed to be in a good mood and either didn’t remember my ogling her last night or maybe she didn’t care. I requested a three-egg cheddar cheese omelet and she headed off into the kitchen after giving me a big smile. She is really pretty, more so when she smiles. Tina is a tall, slender young lady of Mediterranean (Italian?) origin. She has dark hair and dark eyes and a smooth olive complexion.

After returning from the kitchen she said that my omelet would be ready in a few minutes, and is there anything else that I wanted in the mean time? I told her that the coffee would be enough, for now. Instead of moving away, Tina stayed in front of me and asked if I worked ‘down the road at the power plant’? I told her yes and that I had been there for a few years. I asked her if she was new here at the diner since I hadn’t seen here before last night. She told me that last night was her first night and that working nights fit her schedule best.

We chatted for a little while until the little bell ‘dinged’ which sent her back into the kitchen soon to return with my dinner (breakfast?). She found other things to do while I ate and soon took away the empty dish asking if I would like a refill on the coffee. I don’t usually drink a second cup in fear that it would keep me awake when I got home. But tonight, I figured that I’d risk it and continue enjoying my conversation with this attractive woman. The more that I studied her, the more that I realized that she was endowed with a generous set of tits and a great shape. The waitress uniform seemed a little small on her but I wasn’t about to complain. We chatted on for the better part of a half-hour. There were no other customers at that time of night so it didn’t seem to interfere with business.

During our conversation, she got me to admit that I was looking at her legs last night while she was cleaning out the ice cream cooler. She didn’t seem to have a problem with it and I didn’t tell her that I could actually see her panties on a couple of occasions. The waitress uniform was borrowed from one of her friends; she had decided not to invest in her own uniforms until she found out if she liked the job and that it was going to work out for her. I was happy with her decision to keep the slightly too small skirt on display. She really looked good. I left her a nice tip.

I left for home having learned that Tina lived locally. She was separated from her husband and had three children. The kids were all in grammar and middle school illegal bahis and working the night shift allowed her to be home at the critical times for the children and to catch a little sleep while they were in school. Her mother stayed with her and kept an eye on the house while she was out and the kids would already be in bed before she left for work. Her eldest daughter was very responsible and promised to keep everyone in check while Tina worked.

I stopped in to the diner every night for the rest of my shift. We work seven four-to-midnight shifts before a two-day break followed by the weekend day shift for six days. I chatted with Tina every night that she was there for at least an hour getting to know her better and learning more about her story. Her nights off were Sunday and Monday. She was separated and anticipating a divorce within the year. She had married right after high-school and admitted that she received her diploma while pregnant with her first child. Her Ex had gone through many different jobs and finally ended up driving cross-country trucks for a big freight company. The time that he was away allowed him to pursue his other interest; any woman but Tina.

I asked her if she would like to go out with me sometime? She was a little enthusiastic when she said yes. We made a date for the following Saturday night (Yes, I had to work the next day) and she gave me her address and cell number. I told her that I would text before leaving to pick her up and she told me that she was looking forward to going out with me. As promised, I picked her up at seven and took her to the movies at the nearby multiple cinema place. We saw a non-descript action adventure movie and were soon at a local tavern for a drink. She reminded me that I had to go to work in the morning so the evening ended at around eleven. I drove her home and escorted her to her front door.

I was hoping for a little kiss or a hug as a ‘good night’ gesture. Tina surprised me with a full body press and passionate kiss right there on her front steps. I really got into the embrace and I guess that she could sense my ‘growing’ enthusiasm when she said: “I’d like to invite you in; but I just can’t, tonight.” I liked the way she emphasized the word ‘in’ but I must have looked a little confused, if not disappointed. I think that she understood me and said: “Next week would be better, how about your place?”

Without thinking about my work schedule, I quickly blurted out: “That sounds just great. Can I call you during the week?” She told me that I could call, but that she sleeps during the day and naps before going to work so, if possible, call during her shift and if she’s not busy we can talk. I agreed and went for one more whole-body hug before seeing her in the front door and limping back to my car with a raging erection. I set my alarm for 2-am and called two days later.

Tina was very apologetic for having turned me away on Saturday night. I tried to explain that I hadn’t expected anything but she insisted on hinting that she was ‘temporarily out of action’ that night and would have liked to get a ‘little closer’ but had to wait. I told her that I was a patient guy and I was looking forward to seeing her again. My only problem, I now realized, was that I was starting the midnight shift at the plant and would be on that for seven days starting Thursday night-Friday Morning. I could call her from the plant while we were both working but it looked like we would not be able to get together for at least another week.

Time passed slowly. I called Tina whenever I could and the long weekend off was approaching. Midnight shift ended on Thursday morning and this allowed for a nice long weekend (three full days!) The extra day shift started the following Monday and allowed for one week of regular days followed by another long weekend before starting the four-to-midnight shift the following Tuesday. I had convinced Tina to go out with me for dinner Saturday night before we were to return to my apartment for a drink and some ‘other’ activities. I picked her up at our usual seven o’clock and we went to a nice restaurant that is attached to the local mall.

Tina was looking good. She wore a nice mid length skirt and a white blouse with a thin sweater open at the front. The sweater would have been very tight across her breasts if she had buttoned it. With just one button open at the top of her blouse, I didn’t get the opportunity to check out the cleavage. The skirt showed off her well shaped legs and was just snug enough to let everyone looking appreciate her curvy butt. She really looked good.

We enjoyed a nice dinner and spent a little time walking around the mall. We stopped in the wine shop and picked out a bottle to take back to my place. Tina walked close to me with her arm looped through mine. I was proud to walk with this good-looking woman and wished that I would see someone that I knew to show her off. Not seeing anyone, we went back to my place. I had spent illegal bahis siteleri most of the day Friday and Saturday cleaning up my pig-sty and had it looking less like a bachelor pad and more like a nice apartment. I even changed the sheets in hopes that we would be using them.

Grabbing the bottle of wine, I escorted Tina through my front door and followed her up the stairs to my place. Walking behind her up the stairs was another thrilling adventure; those legs and butt looked so good. I showed her around the place and waited in the living room while she used the bathroom. I was sitting on the couch with two glasses of the wine when she returned. I offered her one which she sampled after sitting down. We talked for a few moments until I asked: “Is there anything on TV that you would like to see “?

She answered: “I didn’t come here to watch TV.”

She put her wine down next to mine on the table. Tina moved over on the couch and pulled me to her for another of her long passionate kisses. This had the desired effect on me and I pulled her even closer. We kissed and hugged like this for a couple of minutes before she rotated herself in front of me to a position where she was sitting on my lap facing me straddling me with her legs. I could hardly believe that I was now sitting there, between Tina’s long lovely legs with my stiffening cock pressed up against her crotch. This was amazing.

We kissed and hugged for a few more minutes until I managed to bring my hands under her arms and onto her tits. I held her that way brushing by thumbs across where I could feel her stiff nipples. This seemed to excite her further and Tina began to squirm a little, grinding her crotch down against my even harder cock. I managed to move us so that I could get her onto her back while remaining between her legs. When I pressed down against her, Tina thrust her pussy up against me lifting me up a little. We dry humped in this position for a few more minutes before she said: “We need more room.”

I got up from between her legs and helped her to stand. “Let’s go into the bedroom?”

Tina didn’t say anything; she just smiled and started walking toward the back of the apartment. I followed closely (the hallway was too narrow to walk side by side). She started pulling off her clothes as she walked; first the sweater, which she tossed onto my dresser, then her blouse. I just stood there watching this beautiful woman peel herself out of her clothes. She unbuttoned and slid down her skirt and stood there in just a bra, pantyhose and panties. She was breathtaking.

I said: “Can I help?”

Tina smiled before saying: “And you’re still dressed, because?”

I immediately started stripping out of my clothes. I kicked my shoes off while unbuttoning my shirt. Shirt, Tee-shirt and pants were soon off while we both looked each other over. My shorts were tented out with my erection and Tina looked directly at it before saying: “Still too many clothes.”

I sat on the bed to remove my socks while Tina slid the pantyhose down her long legs and off. She now stood directly in front of me and unfastened her bra. She let it fall to the floor revealing a perfect set of tits that stood out from her chest. She had half-dollar sized areola and fully erect nipples. Her tits were creamy white and looked so much in need of my attention. It was hard to believe that she had three kids since her tits were perfect and her body looked like a twenty-year-old. I motioned her to come closer. She walked to me and pressed her chest against my face. What a great place to be! I managed to kiss both nipples and drew one into my mouth for a little lick and a gentle suck. Tasty!

Tina pushed me down onto my back following me down to where she was once again straddling my waist; only this time, I was flat on my back looking up at those tits and her smiling face. After a brief moment Tina lay herself down beside me and we embraced, full body. I now had an opportunity to run my hand up and down her back eventually grabbing a big handful of ass. What an ass! Soft but not too fleshy, round but not too big. Then I got my hand inside her panties and gradually worked it around to the front. As I got there, Tina lifted her leg, putting it on top of mine, giving me good access to her lady-parts. She was really wet and oh so warm.

A little gasp let me know when I had located her magic button. I did my best to gently massage it while Tina seemed to enjoy the effort. She abruptly stopped, stood up and slid her panties down and off. She then grasped my shorts and slid them down my legs tossing them onto the floor next to her panties.

“I want you in me, now!” she said, as she climbed back onto the bed.

Tina put herself near the middle of the bed, on her back. She reached for me and guided me over her spreading her legs as I got into position. She reached down, grasping my cock and guided it to her waiting pussy. She slid the head up and down through her moisture a canlı bahis siteleri couple of times before centering me on her womanhood. Before I could push myself into her, Tina thrust her hips up surrounding my cock with her warm, wet pussy. I was in heaven, literally. I pushed myself in to the hilt. She was warm and wet and snugger than I thought that a woman who had three children would be.

I started stroking her, slowly. Tina nestled her face against my neck and met me thrust for thrust. She soon wanted to go full fuck and let me know by wrapping her legs around my waist and thrusting up onto me. We were soon going as fast as I have ever done. I realized that if we kept that up for a few more moments I was sure to cum and it would be over.

I said: “We better slow down, I’m getting close.”

“Do it, I want to feel you cum. Do it, I’m with you.”

That was all I needed, I put my best effort into the fucking and soon felt that familiar throbbing that resulted in a mind shattering orgasm. I deposited so much of myself into Tina that I thought that I must have lost a little weight. The aftershocks lasted a few moments, but my body soon reclaimed the blood from my cock and I sort of fell out of Tina.

We rolled to our sides and kissed a little while before I asked: “Did you get there, too?”

Tina: “I sure did, I really needed that. You’re very good at it.”

We lay there recovering for a little while before Tina excused herself to the bathroom for a little clean up. She was soon back and we were once again lying close to each other enjoying the warmth and afterglow.

I was starting to drift off when Tina, maybe sensing my relaxation, asked: “How was it for you?”

“Wonderful” was all I could think to answer.

Tina: “I’ve wanted to do this since that first night that I met you.”

Me: “Me too. You are a beautiful and exciting woman.”

Tina: “Even when I’m bending over cleaning out an Ice Cream freezer?”

I was surprised that she remembered that: “Yes, I admit it. I was ogling you while you were working. You can’t blame me if you look that good.”

Tina: “Thank You. I had an idea that you liked what I was doing.”

Me: “I did, I really did like the view.”

Tina then reached down and took my cock in her hand. She started to gently massage it. After a couple of minutes of that, I could feel myself reacting to the attention as I slowly came to attention.

Tina: “Have you recovered yet?”

Me: “I’m well on my way.”

Tina then got up off the bed. She walked over to my dresser and put her hands on the top drawer. She took a step back, bending at the waist and pushing her butt out: “Does this remind you of the ice cream freezer?”

Me: “Wow, it sure does. That’s the view that I was imagining.”

Tina: “Then why don’t you come over here and show me what you were thinking about?”

I wasted no time getting up and covering the few steps over to where Tina stood. I put my hands onto her hips and pressed myself up against her delicious looking butt. My cock was soon nestled between her soft cheeks as I felt her rotating her hips a little, pressing back against me.

Tina: “I’m waiting, are you ‘up’ for it? “

Without any further discussion I slid my cock under her crotch finding her just as wet and welcoming as she had been on the bed. One quick push and I was fully inside her once again. This felt mind numbing good. I gave her a couple of slow strokes before reaching around with my hand to rub her clit while I fucked her again. Tina seemed to welcome my hand and let out a long moan. We fucked like this for a few minutes before I noticed an increase in Tina’s breathing. She was getting close so I thrust a little harder. I sensed that I was getting a little closer, too.

Tina: “I’m almost there; fill me up, I’m almost there!”

I buried my cock as deep as I could and let loose with my second ‘anti-virginity booster shot’ of the night. This one snapped my head back and I felt each throb send my DNA sample deep into her. I think that I almost fell down. Tina trembled and pushed herself back against me while moaning softly. We stayed coupled that way for another minute or so before I once again softened and sort of fell out of her. I was sure that something must have dripped out of her onto my bedroom carpet, but I really didn’t care.

Tina stood up and turned around: “Well, was that what you were thinking about?”

Me: “No, that was a mile better than anything I imagined. Thank you for that, you are a beautiful and exciting woman.”

Tina kissed me then said: “I’m dripping again. Be right back, we better be getting me home soon.”

I watched her waddle out to the bathroom. She was walking a little funny, keeping her legs together, I made the effort not to laugh or comment. I started to collect and sort the clothing that was strewn around the bedroom. I put hers on the bed and put mine on. I had just gotten my shorts and tee shirt on when she came back into the room. She thanked me for gathering everything and began to get herself dressed again. I offered to help, but she claimed to be capable of performing the tasks. We were soon in my car heading back toward her house.

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Surfer Tan

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It was already late morning when I walked down to the kitchen to get some OJ. I found the note from our parents on the giant, chrome refrigerator and gave a fist-pump of excitement. They’ve already left!

I ran up to Kayla’s room not even remembering what I came down for anyway.

The skylight made her room as bright as the beach itself. I yanked Kayla’s blanket away and grabbed her tanned leg, shaking her so hard that ripples went through her endless blonde hair. She didn’t budge, staying curled toward the wall half-laying on her belly. But she did reach down and pull her striped little panties off. The tan lines of her cute surfer-butt were so distinct. A moment later she got rid of her pink tee and was completely naked, in the same sleepy pose. I lost my boxers fast.

My cock vaulted upright, swinging side to side like a hazardous object. I gave it a pat or two with a spit-slickened hand, pulling the foreskin back like trying to calm an angry cobra. When it stood still, I grabbed it by the neck and forced it down Kayla’s gash. A couple of wet swishes later and a little yelp from her, and it sunk somewhere deep and moist. I dug a palm into the sheets on either side of her body for support and let my hips start rolling. God it felt good! I pistoned in and out of her tight, oily twat and let my breath come out in low grunts. Her eyes were still intentionally shut, but the trace of a smile developed on her lip. Fingernails began tickling my lower chest, a warm palm massaging my abs. I played with a jiggling tit, pumping the supple flesh with delight. I stuck two fingers in her mouth till they were lubed, then pinched a nipple.

‘Ooooh, give it to me’ she teased. I fucked her a little harder, getting some slapping noises going down below. Her hair was pouring all over her pillow. ‘Ooh– Ooh– Ooh–‘ She bahis firmaları inhaled in sharp little hisses.

‘So this is incest…’ she finally opened her eyes and gave me a sideways glance.

‘Yup,’ I fucked on, ‘not much of a big deal, huh?’

‘Just like any other lay,’ she agreed. The anxiety of our talking about this for the first time last night was completely gone.

I reached around her thigh into her hidden treasure trove, finding her bud with a fingertip. I was rewarded with a sexy moan. I could tell she was almost completely shaved, or trimmed really close. I started taking the thrusts out almost all the way so I could make longer plunges back inside. I found her teeny little butthole with a thumb and gave it a tickle.

My cock jumped out of her by accident, glistening wet, and we both froze. Her fingers found it, right around my pubic hair and held firm.

‘Wanna stick it in my ass?’ she asked.


We were both quiet for a second. I pried her sweaty crack open to see a puckered, pink starfish hiding in a deep, milky valley.

‘You’re kidding, right?’ I looked at the huge mushroom cap of my cockhead, oozing with pussy-juice, next to an anus one-tenth its size.

‘Fuck yeah,’ Kayla pushed a leg out, lowering her stomach to the sheets, ‘Brie took it from Brandon like three times already.’

‘Okay,’ I hesitated, and smeared my monster with the biggest wad of spit I could make. Kayla twisted underneath me, head over my cock, and dropped another huge loogie on top of mine. Satisfied, she stretched back out completely flat and spread her legs. She dug four fingers into each buttcheek and lifted her hips till her tushy-hole stared right at me.

I gave the buttonlike orifice a slobbering tongue-attack for a few second as Kayla almost screamed, and left it kaçak iddaa drowning in saliva. I lay my agitated prick in her slippery crack, and pressed the soft mushroom cap down with four fingers. It popped inside her like magic. I removed my hand. Her ass had swallowed the cockhead whole and the neck of my rod was pinched like in a vise. We each let out a big huff. I shifted to a squatting position on the balls of my feet, still wedged up inside her. I took her hips in my hands and jammed my prick forward against surprising pressure. I let her catch her breath, then sunk it in more. I wanted the whole thing up her butt. I didn’t stop till the tips of her glutes nuzzled my pubic hair. She let out a moan of agony.

‘Oh my God!’ I rasped, pulling out a couple of iron-tight inches so I could give her another stab.

‘Holy shit–‘ she hissed, as I labored my way into some kind of rhythm.

‘Fhuuuck–‘ her head disappeared below her jutting shoulder blades. ‘Come quick okay?’ she pleaded.

‘Yeah,’ I slow-fucked her buttery ass-tunnel. Her back was shiny with sweat.

‘You like it up the ass?’ I groaned.

‘Feels pretty good,’ she pushed back against me a little.

‘You like my cock up your ass?’

‘Fuck yeah…’

‘Oh yeah…’ I cried. ‘Like fucking heaven.’


‘Yeah. Better than going surfing…’

Her head jumped up, hair flailing. ‘Did the words better than going surfing just come out of my brother’s mouth?’ She let out a laugh.

‘Yeah. Feels so good.’

‘Oh my,’ she was humping me back in full rhythm now. ‘I’ve created a mons–‘

Her head spun as I pulled out suddenly. I got up and stood almost upright on the bed, strangling my cock with one hand. With my other hand I flipped her over to face me.

‘I’m coming…!’ I rattled my foreskin loud kaçak bahis enough to fill the room with noise. She sat upright and collected her heavy sheet of hair in a rush, tossing it behind her shoulders. She lifted her cute little chin and squinted slightly, but kept staring at me with her blue eyes. Her mouth was opened wide enough to show some teeth but her lips were twisted in tension.

I blasted her with a shotgun-load of clear pre-cum droplets.

‘Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!’ I roared continuously and whipped her face with a giant shoestring of cum. Then another blazing rope, and another down to her tits… ‘Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!’ I ejaculated on her.

‘Mmmmm my Goodness…’ she squeaked, as I kept flinging all kinds of goo at her even though those first three wads already had her soaked.

Her head fell as she giggled, overwhelmed by the load, but I was still in nut heaven. I gripped my cock tight enough to milk every last streamer that could connect with skin on its own. Finally, I got closer and came drops on her for a finishing touch.

When I was done I let out a lion’s growl. I finally left my dick alone. It hung like a loose pole, slimy and red.

I glanced at Kayla’s sweet face and forehead, messy with white gobs. Her perky tits were streaked. Even her arms and legs were peppered. We both cracked up laughing. I had showered her. I had fucked her up the ass and had been in her pussy too. I couldn’t believe how nervous I’d been last night when we kissed for the first time in the laundry closet, our parents still in the house.

She grabbed my cock and gave it a playful, gooey rub. She kissed the tip with affection, her lips making a little cum-bubble.

‘I came a lot,’ I moaned.

‘Did you ever!’

‘You’re hot.’ I said.

‘Wanna fuck me again?’


‘Wanna keep fucking me?’


She got up, still grabbing on to my dick. She brought her wet face to my ear, and I caught a strong whiff of my cum. She whispered ‘fuck me as much as you want.’

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Lesson of Seduction

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The phone rang once, I picked up breathlessly, he always knew when to call…”Babe, I’ll be there in an hour…let’s go for a nice dinner…”

I couldn’t wait – dinner meant good food + fabulous sex…my favourite combination.

“But listen, afterwards I have to drop you right home – I need to sleep early tonight.”

I frowned – was he really going to give up a chance of fucking me just for an extra hour’s worth of sleep?! I made up my mind that I would drive him insane from the second he saw me…if he decided after all of that to still go home early then I was determined to send him home with a hard dick in his pants and a night of wet dreams awaiting him.

I rushed to finish writing my latest story for this site, which had already made me wet…and ran to get ready. “I’ll show him!” I thought! I decided to forego the regular jeans and sweater outfit tonight. I pulled on my sheer thigh-high stockings with lace tops, slid on my snakeskin stilettos, and pulled on a short pleated cheerleader-ish denim skirt. He loves all these items separately, imagine them together! Ha! I pulled of my panties, and checked myself in the mirror…if I bent forward slightly then you could see the lace tops of my stockings, if I sat down it was even worse…God forbid if somebody brushed past me in this tiny restaurant – my whole pussy and ass would be on display! I would have to be careful – they were for his eyes only. I wanted to look desirable to him, but without looking like a total slut to everybody else…so I pulled on a demure, flimsy, cream-coloured cashmere poloneck…this would do fine…I looked sexy as hell but elegantly so!

I couldn’t wait to show him. When the doorman called to say He was here I grabbed my Burberry trench and wrapped it tightly around me…I wanted to know how long it would take for Him to notice I was wearing stockings and a skirt.

As I got into his BMW, he glanced at me quickly and smiled. “Muah – I missed you so much baby!” He said giving me a kiss. “Yes, I missed you too,” I replied with a hug. He looked adorably sexy in jeans and trainers, with his hair disheveled and his rectangular glasses on! “Too rich to care” is the right way to describe the look! We were on our way. He didn’t notice straight-away…I suppose the car was dark…but before we reached the end of my block he slid his hand under my coat to my knee and said with a slight smile “oh…baby, what’s this?”

“What, I can’t wear a skirt for my man?” I asked him playfully. “Of course you can…don’t give me that innocent look!” He loved it when I was a naughty girl. It gave him an excuse to spank me later.

He kept running his hand along my legs until we parked. Taking off his seatbelt he said “what else…?” as he slid his hand in between my thighs. “..no illegal bahis panties…like THAT baby huh?!” he said as he lightly grazed my lips and clit with his finger. I smiled coyly and said nothing, just stopped his hand from exploring further and opened my door. Sighing, he stepped out too, and we walked in.

We sat at the bar while we waited for a table – Oh No, barstools! There was no way I could even PERCH on these without showing my wares! I tried as best I could, sipping my Bailey’s with one hand and keeping my coat around me with the other…He knew how self-conscious I felt and stood his large 6’4″ frame in front of me so I felt better and was partially hidden! It also gave me the opportunity to glance at his large bulge…while my coat allowed him to stroke my inner thighs…finally we got to our table and I took off my coat! Everybody stared as I sat down – I had probably flashed a little of my stocking tops by mistake! I tried to be as nonchalant as I could. He managed to keep stroking my legs under the table, but neither of us could reach the parts we wanted to reach! He spied the couple at the corner table next to us leaving and quickly asked the waiter to move us! Wonderful! As soon as we slid over I felt his large hand spread my thighs and his index finger probe my pussy…he made it wet with my juices and then spread them up my slit, opening me up for him. “He’s out to tease me back tonight!” I realized!

With a little smile, he shoved his finger deep into my hole, making me start! I couldn’t moan, I couldn’t complain, I couldn’t do anything but gaze at him beseechingly to stop torturing me. I tried to grind my pussy back and forth on his finger but it was too obvious! He grinned, knowing he had me where he wanted me, and pulled his finger out, “Mmmm…” he said as he tasted my pussy on his finger. I wanted to throw everything off the table and spread myself for his pleasure.

I could feel my wetness seep though down my thighs and to my skirt. He sat back and enjoyed his Chivas and coke, winking at me. We barely talked during dinner, both enjoying the food, and especially the tension between us! When we got our main courses he slid his hand back through my thighs, and pushed 2 fingers into my pussy, he started moving them rapidly around, faster and faster, he KNEW this would make me come! But I couldn’t because the waiter was right in front of us, waiting to grind pepper onto our pasta!

I shot Him a death-stare and removed his fingers. He looked at me and whispered “what…?” as he put one of his fingers to his mouth and inhaled my scent before sucking on it. He grabbed the back of my head and offered me the other wet finger, he loves seeing me taste myself on him! I licked it enough to satisfy him and then pulled out a pencil from my bag. The illegal bahis siteleri tabletop was covered with white paper laying over the linen…I started to write him a message:

“For dessert, I’d like to be bent over and fucked HARD…check one YES _ or NO _”

Reading it, he smiled and grabbed the pencil from me:

“HELL Yeah…but how hard?”

“Make it HURT, make me BEG you to stop”

“Even if you were to beg me to stop, I wouldn’t listen”

This had my pussy dripping.

We rushed to finish our meal, pay the cheque, and walk as composedly as we could to the car. Once he opened the door for me and I sat down, he threw his hand in between my legs and spread them wide over the dashboard. I stared at him in disbelief – what on Earth was he thinking of doing?! Without even a glance at me, he buried his head in between my thighs and started licking my pussy as he stood in the road! We were parked in the middle of a street – there were big apartments on either side of us! Oh but his tongue felt so good flicking around my clit and exploring my slit!

In a minute he pulled back and shut the door. Getting into the car, he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his deliciously hard cock from his boxers. “I want you to suck me dry” he whispered hoarsely. I made him wait a minute by stroking his thick veined dick and then lowered my head to it. I only sucked the head, licked around it, he groaned and pushed himself up into my mouth, but I refused to deepthroat him, I wanted his cum inside me.

Thank God we were only a few blocks from my apartment.

When we got upstairs he watched me undress, but instructed me to leave the skirt and stockings on for his amusement. My light brown breasts bare, my dark nipples hard, he undressed himself completely and stood in front of me. I led him to the bed, letting my eyes drop from his head and chest to his huge thick cock protruding out. A cock that gorgeous deserved a good suck and fuck. I lay down and he approached me on his knees, pulling my head up as he proceeded to feed me his big cock. I sucked at him hungrily, looking up into his eyes, and then lowered myself further to suck on his balls. They were so delicious I love feeling them in my mouth while I use my hand to play with his shaft. I could feel him wanting to fuck my face faster. He popped out of my mouth and I squeezed him in between my tits…licking the precum of the head of his penis. He started titty-fucking me, I didn’t want his cum in my mouth, I wanted him to spray my pussy. I stopped sucking and licking him, let go of my tits, and pushed him off me. He lay next to me, and bit my ass cheeks hard. Spreading my legs, he put two fingers inside me he watched as I moaned and begged for his cock.

“Baby, wait…” He said as canlı bahis siteleri he felt my clit and circled it with his fingers. One wet finger found it way to my asshole…he pushed it in and watched me squirm. When he puts his finger into my ass it makes my pussy even wetter – it makes me feel like his dirty little girl – I start to just drip with pussy juice. I thrashed around the bed even more, trying to dislodge his finger so he could finally give me that hard cock gleaming with wetness from my mouth.

“Baby, I told you to WAIT!” He commanded.

I wasn’t behaving. He grabbed my arms with his one free hand and held them above my head, giving me a warning glance. Now I was in for it.

He resumed his finger fucking to my ass and pussy and then finally gave up. He wanted me too.

Lifting himself between my thighs he placed the large head of his dick to my tight pussy. He pushed slightly, and put the head inside. He pushed hard, and with a gasp from me pushed his whole length in. He really ripped into me. It felt so good, but I wanted more pain.

“Baby, turn me over and fuck me from behind…” He obliged.

Spanking me hard, he placed his cock at the entrance to my pussy and pushed it half way it. Pulling it out he said “Suck me again”…I obliged just enough to feel him completely hard before I turned away. He pushed halfway inside me again, and pulled my hips back onto his dick. He wanted me to do some work! “Let me see you move” he said with a slight spank and stood still on his knees as he watched my round ass move back and forth, pumping his cock into my wet tight pussy. I knew he wouldn’t be able to take this sight for too long – I was right. He suddenly pushed down on my back, forcing my upper body into the sheets, and lifting my ass even higher. He leaned over me and slammed himself repeatedly into me, spanking me from time to time. He stopped, spanked, restarted, gaining speed. I was in heaven – to feel this big man behind me, taking advantage of me, fucking my pussy until it was sore…I came so hard from feeling his soft balls smack again and again over my clit…it was too much as I screamed in pleasure! After my screaming from the clitoral stimulation subsided, he fucked me harder, I felt his cock plunge in and out of me, felt it deep and hard, and wanted more, I was losing control,

“Baby FUCK ME, PLEEEASE FUCK ME, MAKE IT HURT, HURT ME BABY FUCK ME FUCK ME HURT ME!” I begged of him. He wanted it too and slammed as hard as he could into me, filling me with his hot sticky cream. He pulled out and lay back, totally satisfied. I, on the other hand had collapsed into the mattress and was fighting to regain regular breathing!

He held me close as we both calmed down, then he got up and got dressed, leaving me naked on the sheets. With one last kiss he was gone. I climbed under the duvet and cupped my pussy with one hand. It was still wet, I was still horny. Flicking on the TV, I watched girls licking and fucking each other as I imagined how much fun we could have in a threesome…

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Sunbathing Ch. 01

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I rolled over onto my stomach. The hot summer sun was beating down upon my naked flesh, leaving it tingling with sweet sensations. The ground beneath the blanket unyielding as my tits pushed into it. Turning my dark head I could not help but admire the young beauty laying beside me. She too was naked. Her blonde curls lay beneath her head, shimmering in the kiss of sunlight. Her youthful features were so perfect and pure. Her eyes were closed. I smiled at my daughter then continued to explore her body with my eyes.

Stephanie was home from college for the summer and we had spent many summers just like this. laying out in the sun together, naked in our back yard. We were both very comfortable with our bodies. I let my eyes follow the curve of her throat so slender and smooth. I lingered as they landed on her pert breasts. They were not big by any means but pert little mounds tipped with the lightest of pink nipples that rose and fell as she breathed so peacefully.

I traveled over her sunken belly , the flesh tanned and shimmering beneath the sheen of oil melted by the sun. I sucked in a deep breath as I gazed now upon her mound dusted with light blonde curls. So perfect. Her thighs toned and tanned as well. Long legs that seemed to go on forever, shapely as if made only to wrap around a mans humping ass as He fucked her.

Something made me lift my eyes to her face. She was awake, watching me. I smiled and so did she. “Mom, will you put oil on my back please” As she rolled over giving me a lovely view of her backside.

Pushing upwards I kelt beside her. People had always commented on how different mother and daughter were. I poured the hot oil into my palm , bringing them both together, caressing then reaching out to slide my touch over her back. I smiled seeing how her skin quivered from my touch. Stephanie moaned.

Leaning over her my ripe breasts fell forward, I had always been endowed well and the nipples that peaked my tits were a dark coral. My dark curls fell over smooth shoulders to tease over Steph’s back. It was obvious that I was much older than my daughter, but my body had been kept in sleek shape over the years and still when I walked down the street with Steph younger men would cat call and holler at us both.

My hands slid down to the small of her back. Fingers splaying wide then stroking inwards until the tips teased over the swell of her pert ass. My fingers found each globe of her ass, kneading. I wasn’t aware of just how much pleasure I was finding until she moaned. “Mom, that hurts!” Laughing I pulled my touch from her ass leaning towards her legs I polished them well with the oil. My exploring eyes noting how her pink pussy peeped out between her thighs.

Forcing myself away from her I lay back atop the blanket beside her, this time my tits lifted upwards to greet the soothing rays of sunshine. I pulled my sleek thighs apart in a feeble attempt to ease the aching in my cunt. My breath came a bit faster. I had done this with my child for many years and it never seemed to be like it was today. What was wrong with me? She is my daughter after all. I shook my head in disgust! Forcing my eyes closed I could envision my fingers exploring her blonde pussy. Teasing between those pink wet lips.

Just as I was about to go inside Stephanie spoke. “Mom, while I was in school I met a girl”. I settled back down and listened. We had always had a very open relationship, sharing everything. I knew Steph needed to talk. “I’m listening baby girl” Steph’s voice was low and soft as she began to talk. ” It was different with this girl, her name is Tara, we hit it off great from the beginning. We have all the same classes together and not long after she moved into my dorm room with me.” I nodded and reached out to stroke her golden strands in an attempt to soothe her. Steph lifted upwards on her arms and turned to look at me. “Mom, we sleep in the same bed, together, naked” I watched her cheeks flush and I have to admit that I was a bit taken back as the realization of what I was hearing came clear. I softened my features and drew Steph into my warm embrace, our tits touching, caressing.

Steph was crying now, mumbling about how I was ashamed of her and how she was sorry. I lifted her face to mine now and looked directly at her. “Baby, I am your mother, I love you, no matter what. You are beautiful. Let me ask you this. Are you happy?”

Steph swiped at her tears and laid her head on my thigh as I sat up and crossed my ankles, my cunt open to her. “I am Mom. I like men. I need men in my life, but I love when Tara and I touch. It is different but it is so exciting too.”

I stroked my daughter’s cheek lovingly. “Then that is illegal bahis all that matters baby. That you are happy”

We remained as we were for a bit, the sun soothing both of our naked bodies. Our minds whirling, full of our own thoughts. I continued to stroke her sweet cheek. I was startled when I felt something brush against my dark cunt. I looked down and was shocked to see her slender finger just lightly teasing over the curls. Immediately my eyes went to her face. Her eyes were open but a different look was mirrored there. Was it lust or desire I seen upon her features? I did not stop her but opened my thighs even wider. I knew she could smell my arousal as my cunt lips parted a bit more and the tip of her finger slid easily into my wetness. It felt good. I knew I should stop her but I wanted this badly. I had to wonder how long I had harbored thoughts of fucking my daughter. It didn’t matter now. I was going to live for the moment.

I could not help but moan as her delicate finger slipped inside my wet tight walls. I let my head fall backwards. I heard her moan and suddenly I was eager to taste her lips. My daughter has traits that she inherited from her Father. She is much bolder than I would ever be. I noted this as she shifted and I felt myself being pushed backwards on the blanket. Her head hovered over my splayed pussy now. My eyes locked upon hers as she looked to me. I was seeing for the first time a new face of my daughter. Heated desire now replaced her features. Could it really be true? Was this really happening?

I cried out, feeling her breath tickle over my dark hairy mound. God I wanted this. I lifted my hips and trembled suddenly feeling her mouth push against them. It was raw sheer heaven. The pleasure seeped quickly through me and soon I was rocking into my baby girls face while she fed from her mom’s cunt. I writhed and tossed until she pushed me to the limits. Screaming as I yielded to the release to which she had taken me. My come squirted into her sweet mouth. As I lay there panting for breath, I became aware of her sliding up my naked body, I could only respond and soon our lips were mashing together. I could taste my cunt on her lips. Our tongues hungrily tangled together. Mother and daughter lay there, naked, lustfully bound together in our back yard savoring the newfound desire of incest.

I knew that we would not be bothered for many hours to come. Opening my eyes the sun was dropping lower, it must be late afternoon. I had plenty of time to explore my sexy daughter. Pushing aside the little voice that kept reminding me this was my child I focused on the desires she had awakened. Gently I rolled atop her, my tits teasing against hers, our nipples hard. Sitting up I gazed down upon this perfect creation. When I spoke my voice was hoarse. “Mom is going to explore you baby girl, tell me what you like and don’t like”

I reached out a trembling hand and found how firm her tiny breasts were. The mound fit perfect in my palm. Her flesh was so soft. My other hand went to one of my larger tits. Each hand mimicking the other as the fingers found nipples, one light pink, one dark coral. Steph arched and offered me her tits. “God yes Mom, that feels good” her voice breathless. I smiled then leaned over until I could suckle the other nipple into my wet mouth. I wondered if mine felt this same way when a man was nursing from them. The pink bud was pulsating in my mouth. My lips suckling in her flesh, taking in her entire nipple and nursing. I felt a tightening in my belly, my cunt contracting. Lifting my lips, a string of saliva connecting her glistening nipple and my lips. Slowly breaking that string with the tip of my flicking tongue. The summer heat melted our bodies together as I shifted and moved between her sleek thighs. He body was so perfect. The soft pads of my fingertips brush along the flesh, so hot, and slick. I struggled to not rush myself. Steph shifted and opened her legs even wider.

My hands slid to her thighs and pushed her legs upwards. Hissing softly watching her pink cunt part. “Yes baby girl, so fucking beautiful, do You want Mom to touch you there baby? Will it feel good?” My fingers had moved to her mons, the curls so course, wet with her need, the flesh beneath silken soft.

She cried out. “Oh god yes Mom, fuck me please. I need you!” The response of her body and her cries was all I needed to let loose my inner animal that ached to savagely fuck my daughter.

The tip of my finger now probed between her cunt lips, so slick and hot. I felt her clit, she yelped and bucked into my touch. Teasing it , flicking my touch quickly over it until her hips locked upwards in pleasure. Her moans and cries music illegal bahis siteleri to my ears. Slowly sliding my finger into her walls. Oh god, so wet and tight she was, I could feel her muscles milking it. Wiggling it she cried out louder. I could tell she liked it. I knew I loved to be finger fucked. Panting I began to plow my finger in and out of her juicy fuck hole, pushing in deep then pulling out. Her hips met each of my thrusts. “Mom, oh Mom, god yes, Mom fuck yes. ohhhhhhhhhhh” Steph cried out. I wanted to watch her cum. It was important for me to make her come. I slid yet another finger into her sweet blonde snatch, twisting and pushing in and out. My daughter’s motions become savage in her desire, the velvety walls spasming, then she cried out. As she did I dipped my head low, pulling open her juicy pussy lips, my own found her clit. My teeth nipped the pulsating bud as my fingers continued to plow hard and fast, demanding the sweet bitch’s release. I felt her shudder and tense then I began to taste the salty sweet nectar. My own cunt clamped tightly and I was afraid I was going to cum again as I tasted for the first time another woman’s cum, but not just another woman, my daughter’s cum. I fed eagerly of her snatch until I felt her collapse.

Reluctantly I pulled my lips away and licked along her belly. So pleased as she struggled to capture her breath. Cooing softly to her, “That’s it baby girl, be mom’s hot bitch, you taste wonderful.. Mmmmm Mommy is gonna fuck you like never you have been fucked today”

Her cunt was everything I had dreamed of and more. I pushed her thighs wider then dipped my head into her come filled cunt. She struggled a bit. “Mom, oh god please, My pussy is filled with come Mom. This is so wrong!” I heard her voice and i pulled my face from her cunt and smiled at her.

“Does it feel wrong baby girl” I pushed my fingers once more into her wet depths and she writhed then gasped.

“No Mom, god no it feels fucking wonderful, don’t stop.” I laughed and slowly continued to explore her cunt with my fingers, my free hand pulled open puffy lips so my eyes could feast on her pink pussy. The blonde dusted curls of her pubic hair wet now from my mouth. Mmmmmm her clit so perfect. A tight bud of throbbing sex, slick. I reached out to slide the pad of my finger over it. I know how I would react to it and was not disappointed in the least when her hips lurched upwards. Seems my daughter too liked her clit stroked.

I began to slide my fingers from her tight snatch to coat her puckered asshole with her cum. Just looking at it made my cunt throb. Puckered so tightly, I wondered if she had ever felt a touch here. She would grind into my finger as it swept over the nasty little hole, which encouraged me to continue. I put pressure on her hip and she rolled over on her stomach. My hands found her ass cheeks and I pushed upwards until she was on her knees. Her face buried in the blankets. “Do you like this my bitch daughter in heat? huh.?” I cooed, “You like mom touching your nasty asshole?” As I spoke I continued to smear it with her cum. Once it was slick enough I began to push against the tight ring. Steph screamed and I eased up. Knowing well how it feels, understanding that about now she was anticipating pain and struggling to fight against it, I had to know if her ass was virginal “Steph, baby girl. Tell Mom, has anyone ever played in your asshole?”

She moaned loudly…”Oh god no Mom, nooooooo” I moaned. I wanted to be the first to use her ass, suddenly it was so very important to me. Leaning down then biting into her ass cheek, pushing my fingers into her cunt and growling low.

“Baby, you know mom wants to fuck your ass don’t you? It feels good. Mom loves it when mine is fucked. You are gonna let me do it aren’t you? My palm slammed into her ass check just then.

She screamed…” Fucccck yes yessssss please mommy oh god pleaseee.”

“Shhhhhhhhhh baby.” I whispered, stroking her body I needed to take her into the house, to my bedroom where my strap on was. Not only did I want to fuck her ass with my fingers, and my mouth, I wanted to slide that cock deep into her tight unused canal and mark her as my first conquest. Taking her hand we moved from the back yard into the house. My own legs trembled as we climbed the stairs to my bedroom and as we entered I pulled her to me, our lips mingling. feeding, exploring. Her hand lifted to pinch and tug at my nipples. Fuck I was hot.

Putting Steph into the same position she was in outside on my bed I paused to stroke her puckered asshole again, making it wet. My finger pushed inwards and I heard her cry out. I could not help that I found some satisfaction canlı bahis siteleri that it hurt her and it was intensified because I knew just what my daughter was feeling at that moment. I continued to push until the tight rim swallowed the tip of my tiny finger. I wanted to ram it deep and plow in and out raping her tight ass hard but I held back. She needed to be opened slowly. I did not want to harm her. My free hand found and cupped her cunt then began stroking her clit. Both hands working in alternate motion. Steph rocked and shuddered, her cries were hoarse and ragged. My own pants and moans mingled with hers. Her ass hole relaxed a bit and yielded allowing my finger access to her depths. It was time. Pulling away from her I slipped off the bed.

Digging into my drawer I dug out my strap on. It was a new experience for me. I had never used it like this before but now, now I would soon be taking my baby daughters tight ass. My cunt spasmed and I gasped afraid I would begin to piss cum down my thighs right there. Thrusting my hips forward as I watched the cock move, I tightened the straps a bit, making sure it was secure. I couldn’t wait to watch it penetrate her asshole.

My slight weight on the bed as I moved up behind my daughter. Her little ass was absolutely perfect and when I dug my fingers into each cheek I was pleased to see my imprint there. Steph spoke haltingly “Mom? Mom? What are you doing? Ohhh, I have never felt like this, I am so fucking horny. You drive me wild,” I smiled and once more my fingers found her cunt. Teasing in and out then stroking her cum juices on the rubber cock.

“Mom is going fuck you now baby bitch. Yessssss that is right. First, I am going to slide this dick into your cunt, like this.” I positioned the cock to her cunt lips then slowly began to thrust my ass inwards. Amazed to watch that tight snatch devour the cock. Pulling out then thrusting back in. Steph moaned and panted. I was also panting now. I was just so beautiful to watch the dick disappear into her wet snatch. It glistened as I pulled out and placed the bulbous head to the darkened pucker of her ass. “MMMMm you liked that didn’t you cunt? So did I… now…” growling deeply in my throat.” I am going to fuck your asshole. You want it don’t you?”

Steph was lost now in the lust and passions and could only moan and nod her head buried in the silken sheets of my bed. With my hand I held the cock. I had selected a thinner one so as to not hurt her this first time. Slowly I pushed forward. Watching the tight ring stretch as it opened for the head wrapping around it so slowly it took all I had to not shove in deep. Steph’s cries were clearly pain now and for a moment I was afraid I would not be able to continue. I did not want to hurt her. I cooed softly, assuring her that it would turn into the most intense pleasure she will ever experience. “Just breathe slow and deep baby, feel it? Relax and let mom fuck you deep.” I moved slowly and soon I could tell Steph was relaxing. The pleasure now perhaps was beginning to tease the edges of the pain. The cock head now pushed slowly inside her asshole. It was opening nicely and I dipped my finger into my own cunt, and stroked the stretched ring making it even wetter, lubing her well. Biting into my lip I pushed a bit harder and with a shuddering gasp Steph leaned back into the cock. Her tight ass swallowed it deeply.

She cried out and sobbed and I heard myself ask if she wanted to stop. “Yes, no, yes, oh god it hurts, fuck don’t stop, ” She sounded like me. My fingers dug into her hips as I balanced myself then slowly began to pull the dick from her ass. Knowing how she was feeling simply driving me mad and knowing I was doing it to her only enhancing it. I found a tempo now and slowly began to increase it until the cock was driving in and out of her ass, my thighs slapping into her ass cheeks. Steph was screaming and sobbing wildly now and just then she stiffened. I watched her rectum tighten around the dick and she rocked into the cock and came, her body writhing around the fucking dildo.

It was too much. She was so beautiful. My hand flew to my cunt and stroking it quickly I too pissed sweet come from my dark snatch. Drained, I pulled the dick from my daughter’s puckered, but now used asshole. Collapsing close to her and pulling her into my arms, we lay there for a long time, catching our breaths and taking in the enormity of what we had just done.

Our breathing slowly our bodies relaxing we both must of drifted off to sleep. Held fast in each other’s arms. A new bond formed between mother and daughter. As I awoke and felt Steph shift a bit in my arms I thought of what had happened. I had no regrets and only an enormous hunger to continue exploring with my daughter. I hoped that she would not be embarrassed or ashamed. I knew that when she awoke we would talk and share our feelings. Closing my eyes I pulled Steph closer into me and fell back to sleep.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


The house was broken. As a house – that is as something to keep the elements out and keep you safe – it didn’t work. He stood on the broken porch in the shade of the broken roof and felt the summer heat desiccate and wither everything in the yard behind him.

The house would take a lot of work but he had time and it felt good to have a project. But before the house came the garden, if you could call it a garden. Where it wasn’t parched dirt and rocks it was waist high grass – coarse and tough as anything. And everywhere junk: broken wood, parts of unidentifiable machines.

Through the doorway the house looked blessedly cool and dark. It also looked like it had been gutted by both fire and flood at the same time. No wonder his uncle had done nothing to it in twenty years and had died before he’d gotten round to it.

Apparently Hal had spent his first five years in the house. He’d expected a few memories to be shaken loose when he first came back to take a look at the property he’d inherited, but nothing. Even so he didn’t just want to sell it and for some reason he didn’t want to tear it up and start again.

But the house was a lot of work. Start with just clearing the yard: that was the plan. He turned, and even in the shade, even that little movement made fresh beads of sweat start their journey down his brow.

The long yellow car pulling up on the other side of the low, wire fence seemed to be arriving perfectly on cue. He waved at the driver as she stepped out onto the road and held up her hand to keep the sun from her eyes. She was the only person in the car he noted with disappointment.

“Where’s Johnny?” he called by way of greeting.

“He said he forgot. He said he had another thing.”

“Yeah,” Johnny had taken a look at the air trembling over the blacktop beneath his window and found another thing he had to be doing. Probably in an air-conditioned bar. He didn’t blame him. “You could’ve called me,” he said as she rounded the front of the car and pulled on the passenger door. “You were only giving him a ride.” The car was a rust-trimmed classic, but you have to take classics like that on their own terms. The door didn’t open.

“I came to help,” she said over her shoulder and laughed.

He looked at her, her yellow sundress blurring against the bleached yellow of her car, her slender arms and legs bare and already tanned from the summer. Sandals. No hat.

“You came to help?” He moved his straw hat, settled it on his head. “I don’t mean to be rude, but… this is gonna be hard work Luce.”

The muscles of her arms tensed for a moment as she really put her strength into opening the recalcitrant door. She heaved, grunted and it popped open. “I ain’t helping with this fucking wasteland,” she informed him, again holding her hand up to shade her eyes in a lazy, thoughtless movement. She turned and bent and Con just let himself watch the thin dress slip up over her ass a little. He wondered if she was sweating as much as he was – her dress looked like it might be clinging in a few places. She had to be sweating. She wouldn’t be human otherwise.

She came up holding a glass pitcher and a thermos by their handles in one hand. In the other hand was a large plastic bag, which shone and glittered – crystal and white.

“I made lemonade,” she raised the flask and the pitcher. “I brought a pitcher and some glasses. And I got ice at the store.” She smiled, her eyes practically closed against the blinding, late morning sun. “Tell me that’s not helping.”

– – –

She had brought an old folding chair too, with a tear through the fabric at the back that made it look like it was going to give way at any moment. She set herself up on the porch, exactly where he had stood watching her arrive and she sat with her legs crossed, watching him.

He bent his back in the heat and worked. The thin, old shirt he’d picked was plastered to him in no time, and he felt a little like bacon – like meat on a grill. He waded into the sharp, dry grass and tried to clear out the engine parts and discarded furniture that was hidden like the world’s worst Easter egg hunt. When he’d cleaned an area enough he fired up the noisy petrol driven slicing thing that he’d rented and tore through the grass until you could see the ground.

He worked and he sweated, and every now and then she would call to him, “Have some lemonade.” Or he would feel his head start to buzz and knew he needed to get out of the heat for a while.

The sun moved over the house and the shade from the broken porch roof stretched a little further so he could sit on the low, broken steps and try not to down the cool, beautiful lemonade in one big gulp. She sat behind him in her chair and they talked about everything: the hot, hot city that they’d both only moved to (or moved back to) in the last few years, people they knew, the work where they’d met.

And he’d liked her since he met her, but whatever there was between them had just never had a chance to become something else. There were always other things in illegal bahis the way, small things that made it seem like something that wouldn’t happen.

Now she was behind him in that thin, yellow dress, legs crossed and bouncing one foot idly in the air just at the corner of his vision. When he talked to her he didn’t turn to look at her, he just looked sideways at her small foot and the cheap sandal that was dangling from it, dancing with her movements. He looked at her orange nail varnish and as the cool, precious liquid flowed down his throat he wanted to turn and let his eyes roam up the rest of her legs.

“Who taught you how to make this stuff,” he held the tumbler of lemonade up to look at the cloudy, fresh juice, then gave into the temptation and rolled the glass across his forehead.

“My grandma told me. On her death bed.”

“Shut up.”

“I got the recipe off the internet,” she laughed, “but it’s good right? It’s like the third lot I’ve made this summer. I keep going to the store and buying all these lemons. It ain’t odd, I don’t think, but they keep looking at me so weird.”

He went back to work. He found a twisted, rusted child’s tricycle and tried to remember if he had ridden a tricycle when he was a toddler. He recalled the few photos he had seen of the time and nothing came to mind. He found three or four grills that he was sure were parts of refrigerators – but no actual refrigerators.

He cut the next area down and went back for more lemonade. She grinned as he came towards her and told him that she’d always wanted a porch to sit out on in the summer, and asked if she could come over and pretend it was her house when he’d finished with it.

“Of course, but I’d say we’ll both be old, old people by the time that happens.”

“You’re doing good! You look like you’ll have the place at least cleared today.”

“Yeah, and then there’s the house. I don’t even know if it’s, y’know, structurally ok yet.” He stopped at the steps and looked at the way her sun-bleached hair – dirty blonde, long and tangled – was held back by a thin black hair band. He looked at her shoulders. He didn’t look at her bare legs and how high up them her short dress was lying when she sat like that.

“Oh. Oh yeah.” She looked back over her shoulder at the building. He couldn’t stop his eyes flicking down just for a moment. Just a split second of her long legs rubbing against each other as she turned. Just the faintest shine of perspiration on them. “Can I look around?”

“Ah, sure. Be careful though, there are holes and nails and broken wood everywhere.”

“Am I gonna fall through the floor?”

“Don’t think so,” he said and grinned.

– – –

“Hey. Lemonade time?”

He looked up, smiling. She was standing, framed in the dark open doorway with the almost-empty pitcher in one hand and his glass in the other. He’d realised already that this was too much. He could finish the yard in a day by himself, but he’d be killing himself to do it. Johnny being there would’ve helped.

He dropped the rake he’d been using to gather up the cut stalks of grass and weeds and started up towards her. Halfway there she came down the steps of the porch towards him, and with the same careless, graceless poise with which she did everything, she sat on the step. She sat on the low step, her knees bent and the hem of her dress bunched up in her lap.

She turned her legs at least a little demurely, but it didn’t help. And he couldn’t stop his eyes this time. She looked to the pitcher of lemonade, and he let his eyes take in the view of her tan thighs, all the way up where they should’ve been covered by her flimsy dress. He couldn’t bring himself to watch her pouring out the last of the lemonade for him because the pure white of her panties against her dark, shimmering flesh had him completely mesmerised.

She shifted, tucking her legs together and turning properly to the side. And when he looked up to her face, he knew that she’d caught him looking. She offered him the half-full glass with a twist of the mouth that he couldn’t quite read. Annoyance? Amusement? Something else? He looked down on her dumbly and brought the glass to his lips.

“You look beat,” she said and leaned back. She arched her back, putting her hands back to prop herself up, and as she closed her eyes lazily he really noticed how that thin yellow dress really was sticking to her as much as his shirt was. They were in the shade, but he could see she was sweating and, hot as his blood already was from the sun, it got a couple of degrees hotter still. “Fuck, it is soooo hot.”

“I’m thinking,” he swallowed, but hadn’t been drinking anything, “of giving it up for the day.”

“I think,” she said in a low, sleepy way, “that would be a good idea.” She let her head hang back and the long, tangled strands of her hair almost brushed the ancient boards of the porch. Suddenly she snapped her head up and looked right at him. He snapped his eyes up from her small breasts, and the way her dress clung to them. “Hey, I’ve got illegal bahis siteleri an idea. I found something.”

“Yeah?” his head was buzzing, but he didn’t know if it was the heat of the sun now. He brought the last sip of lemonade to his lips.

“Yeah, let’s go inside.”

He finished the lemonade, swallowed again, and followed the curve of her – her dress perfectly pasted to the shape her hips made as they flared out slightly from her slender waist. He followed her into the dark house.

– – –

“Take that shirt off.” She led him to what was probably the living room, though none of the rooms now resembled any rooms that he knew. “The jeans too. I’ll be back in a second.”

“What?!” He smiled, tired and hot and off-guard. Now he’d been in the shade for a few minutes he felt… sticky. Everything sticking to everything else. More and more she looked too good to be true. Like he was a starving cartoon character, she almost started to look like one of those cool heavenly glasses of lemonade she’d been giving him. “What are we doing?”

“A little cleaning.” Then she was gone. He heard some sounds in the back yard, then something that sounded like running water. It stopped, then ran, then stopped again. He didn’t strip, he just stood there aching.

She came back with a bucket sloshing with water.

“I found a faucet out back that still works. And a bucket without a hole.” It was an ancient, battered tin thing, but it was holding the water well enough. She frowned, “You didn’t take your clothes off.”

“What?” Exhausted he smiled at her but his brain was still several blocks behind.

“Shirt goes on the floor, jeans go on the floor, water goes on Con. Con feels better. Pretty simple.” The windows were boarded up but slices of light slashed through the gaps and there was a goddamned hole in the roof. It was shady, and darker than outside, but still bright. “Just do it, you idiot.”

He couldn’t think of a good reason why not to, so he did. He unbuttoned his shirt halfway and then pulled it over his head with a groan of relief. He hooked it over the end of a curtain rod that didn’t look filthy, and glanced across at her. She wasn’t pretending to do anything but watch him strip. The bucket must’ve been heavy, she’d put it down.

Then his jeans. He popped the buttons of the fly and pushed them down off his lean hips with another sigh of relief. She was right, this was exactly what he needed to do. And now, cooled by the shade and the layer he’d taken off, his brain was catching up with what was going on.

His jeans went over the end of the curtain rod too, and his socks quickly followed leaving him standing there in front of her in just his fitted blue boxers. He turned to face her, caught halfway between confidence and reticence. She crossed her arms and moved as if to lean against the doorframe but she remembered the filthy state of the whole building and thought better of it. She didn’t know what to do with her hands, and clasped them behind her neck.

Her standing like that, of course he was going to look down at those small perky breasts that were being pushed out at him. Yes, it was cooler inside, but a fresh trickle of sweat started to make its way down his back. His heart sped, and energy flowed from his aching back and tired arms to his loins.

“You could take those off too if you wanted,” she said, her voice so carefully weightless that the hidden weight was obvious. The weight increase in his underwear was becoming a little more obvious to him every moment too. Not to her, yet.

“Is that necessary for having a bucket of water dumped over you?”

“Maybe not.” Her hands came down and she stepped towards him, her sandals crunching on the dirt and dust and grit of the old floorboards. He wiped his brow uselessly with the back of one big hand. It wasn’t until she was within reach that he realised she’d left the bucket at the door.

They both reached out at exactly, perfectly, the same time. He leaned towards her and put his hand gently to the side of her face. One callused thumb along her jaw, four fingers slipping into her straw-blonde hair. And as their lips met her hands came across and found his cock, half hard in those tight boxers.

Her mouth opened to him as he kissed her, as his hand pulled her face to his, but it didn’t yield to him. She kissed him back with just as much force, her lips hot but hard, her tongue fighting his between fast, gasped breaths. He was tired and aching but all she had been doing all day was watching him bend and stretch and work and sweat. He guessed probably she was the more frustrated of them.

Her fingers told much the same story. She was as forward with him here as he knew her to be with all things. As he kissed her she first explored the shape of him behind the fabric, then quickly grasped him and encouraged him to grow. He wanted to wrap his other arm around her and crush her to him, but he gave her room.

He used his other hand to pull down the shoulder strap of her flimsy dress. He tried canlı bahis siteleri to do it carefully, gracefully, but his weary fingers couldn’t grasp the fine strap so he just thumbed it down off her shoulder, then roughly slipped his fingers into her dress itself and yanked it down.

Her small upturned breast bore the same freckles as her face, and just seeing it, then touching it, teasing the small dark nipple with his thick thumb, he felt his erection quicken. He was hard, straining against the prison of his boxers. She held him with strong fingers and stroked him through them; hand over hand, up and up and up.

She murmured something against his lips and they separated properly for the first time.

“We’re going to get hotter and dirtier if we do this,” she said in a voice that was barely beyond a breath, or a purr.

“You might,” he cupped her exposed breast, “I don’t think I could get any dirtier.”

“We’ll see,” she grinned.

She pulled his underwear down under his solid, jutting prick with the same mix of clumsiness and effortlessness with which she had prepared the lemonade. Fuck, it was sexy. She was sexy; the way she moved, her shape, and above all the way she was handling his cock now.

The waistband pressed under his balls, and his member seemed to throb and pulse in her hands. He knew he wasn’t that long, but he was thick, and she had both hands on him, pulling forward and back on his shaft as she looked down. Her lips pursed and twisted into that same half smile he hadn’t been able to judge before. Must be a good thing.

This time he was able to pick the strap of the dress off her other shoulder, as he pulled down her dress on the other side and left her topless. Her small, hard nipples bobbed a little as she stroked and squeezed his cock and he wanted to lean in to suck on them, he wanted to gently bite those little tits, but she had him, she was in control.

He groaned, the sound coming from way down in his chest as she kept stroking him with one hand. The other one came back towards her, to caress the head of him. She passed her palm over the hard, purple crown and smeared the slick pre-cum back down his shaft. Then she started again, hand over hand, first only stroking him towards her, then only stroking away.

This time he growled.

Harder than he’d been for who knew how long, he grinned and took her slender wrists in his hands, stopping her as little flashbulbs of pleasure started to glow in his head. She grinned up at him wickedly.

“You wanna stop?” Her dress was down off her shoulders, her breasts bared to the room. Her slim, nothing hips certainly weren’t holding it up, it was just pasted to her with sweat.

“Not until we’re done,” he shot back. He looked to make sure nothing would lacerate his knees then he knelt. She crossed her hands over her stomach then touched her fingertips to the sides of her breasts as he put the flat of his hand on her – pressed against her mound – and pushed the dress up.

It had been far too short a dress, and it was far too easy for him to expose the brilliant white panties he’d caught a glimpse of before. He smelled old, burnt wood, sweat and earth, but he saw this perfect sight – her simple white underwear against her tanned skin. He pushed her dress up and she made to hold it, but it bunched and stuck by itself, just as his fingers stuck when he touched her thighs.

He moved closer and she shuffled her feet apart just a little so he could move two fingers up, between her thighs and stroke them slowly across the white fabric that protected her sex. He touched it and the spell was broken, no longer white, pristine, perfect; now dirtied by his sweat and his touch. He stroked softly and kissed her thighs, tasted the salt off her skin. She breathed above him and moved her feet apart again.

Her first soft moan came with the first sense of moistness in his fingertips. He stopped the slow, simple movement, the rocking of his digits under her, and pressed against her more firmly, more deliberately. Again she sighed, louder, almost complaining but not quite.

He hooked the fingers of his free hand into the waistband on her hip, but suddenly thought again. Instead he was reaching up, between her slender thighs and bending his fingers inside the crotch of her panties (the touch of her wet sex registered for a second). He yanked it aside roughly.

She said something, but he didn’t hear it, and he barely even gave himself time to enjoy the flushed pink lips of her pussy before his blood was pounding in his ears and he was pressing his face up, putting his lips to hers, dragging his tongue hungrily across her sex.

He tasted sweat and sex and his prick, still exposed, still sensitive with his underwear digging in behind it, told him he wanted more. He held her thighs and split her open and when she gasped and moaned her voice was surprisingly low and throaty. Like everything about her it was without pretence but sexy as hell.

The first lips he’d kissed had kissed him back just as hard, but these soft, sweet lips down here, they just yielded to his tongue. Her juices trickled into his mouth as he lapped at her, and she tasted like nothing but sunshine and fucking. Nothing like the tall, cool lemonade he’d pictured before, of course.

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Summer with Dad

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Summary: Daughter catches Dad and then decides she must have him.

Note 1: This is a Summer 2013 Contest Story so please vote.

Note 2: Thanks to MAB7991 for editing this quickly when time was running out.

Summer with Dad

Mom and dad divorced when I was in my senior year of high school; I was old enough to understand that they were really only staying together for me. I was also old enough to understand it had nothing to do with me…they just fell out of love with each other.

It should have been obvious; seriously, I can’t even fathom how they ever fell in love with each other. They are polar opposites. It is a miracle they ever got together in the first place.

The only thing they seemed to have in common is that they are both ridiculously attractive for their age and they have me.

That said their differences are numerous.

Mom was born into a very wealthy family in New York City, grew up with everything and followed in both her mother and father’s footsteps…becoming a lawyer. She is a no nonsense prosecution lawyer for the city that spends more hours at work than she does with her family. She seldom smiles and has clearly become disillusioned with the legal system and the many loopholes if you have enough money or the right lawyer. She doesn’t have a sense of humour, hates television and movies and is a neat freak.

Dad, on the other hand, was born in Hawaii and grew up living forty feet from the ocean. Dad has always been carefree and relaxed about everything…actually I never once saw him get mad or lose his temper…which drove Mom nuts. She called him emotionless which is not true; he is simply a laid-back surfer kid who never really wanted to grow up.

Dad tried, he really did. He left the only home he ever knew to move to the block buildings and smog of New York City. He took a job working with grandpa, but it was obvious he wasn’t really a suit and tie type of guy.

As soon as they decided to separate, he moved back to Hawaii and was working as a bartender at a bar on the ocean. It was a simple life, the one he had sacrificed for mom and me.

The agreement was I would finish twelfth grade and then spend the summer with dad before starting school in the fall at Harvard, just like my mother had before me and three other generations of Billings.

After dad left, mom buried herself even more into her work, which I didn’t think was possible, even missing the first half of my graduation, but arriving in time to hear my Valedictorian speech. Dad, of course, flew back and was on time, although rather underdressed for such a formal ceremony.

Before, I get into my real story, I should tell you a bit about myself. First off, I was always a daddy’s little girl. I adored my father and this too I think drove my mother nuts. Yet, when dad left, just two weeks after I turned eighteen, I rebelled a bit. I desperately tried to get my mother’s attention, but to no avail.

I kept my marks up, actually top in my class, but otherwise I did all I could to test the boundaries of my life. I got drunk for the first time (I know I was such a goody-goody I had never had more than a glass of wine until a month after my eighteenth birthday), I tried pot, got my fake id and started going clubbing.

Sexually, I was a virgin when dad left, but soon lost my virginity to the father of the girl I was babysitting; I dated a college senior for three months when I sucked my first cock and had my first threesome when he, his roommate and I got high and drunk and my inhibitions faded; I lost my anal virginity after I broke up with him and ended up in a hotel room with a mid-forties lawyer I met at a sports pub…it was also here I learned two things:

1. I only liked older men. As they:

A) Knew how to pleasure a woman unlike my college boyfriend, who never once got me off

B) Knew what they wanted and were not afraid to ask for it…or better yet order me to do it

2. I was apparently a submissive. After he shot his first load in my mouth, while he talked to me the whole time calling me his high school slut and teenage fuck toy, he ate me out and got me off bringing me an orgasm unlike any I had ever experienced. When he said, after fucking my pussy for an eternity, “It’s time for my slut to take it up the ass,” I didn’t hesitate. I got on all fours and when he ordered me to beg to get ass fucked, my SAT vocabulary disappeared and my slut vocabulary replaced it. “Yes, baby, take my virgin asshole. Shove that big cock up my tight back door and fuck the shit out of me.”

After that night, I rejected overtures from anybody still in school…unless they worked there. I fucked a few other older men, each who quickly figured out I was an obedient submissive slut willing to obey almost any order.

That also led to my first lesbian encounter when a man and his wife took me back to their house for a lengthy threesome which included illegal bahis my first time eating cunt, getting DP’d for the first time (albeit the cock in my cunt was a strap-on) that ended with me getting fisted for the first time.

Sadly, mom never once caught me coming home late, or the next day for that matter as she was pre-occupied with work and not me.

I should finish this ridiculously long prologue by at least telling you what I look like. I don’t mean to sound like a self-centered bitch, but I come from great genes. Besides being very gifted academically, I am also a great athlete having lettered in swimming, volleyball and track. Lastly, my DNA gave me natural blonde hair, aqua blue eyes and firm 36c breasts. That said, until my slut phase, I always wore my hair in a ponytail and wore sporting attire most of the time, none that even remotely flattered my body except when I was actually playing the sport. Was I the most attractive girl in high school? No. Was I pretty close? Yes, if I would have done myself up for school like I did when I was on the prowl for a DILF (dad I’d like to fuck). At school, I still dressed conservative, really living two lives:

-by day, I was still a scholar student and state championship athlete

-by night, I had become a slutty teenager on the prowl

By the way, I found DILF’s perfect. Besides the earlier things I mentioned about them knowing how to please a woman, they were not clingy like my college boyfriend, not insipid like almost all high school boys and they didn’t want to date me…they just wanted to fuck me.

Finally, I am ready for the actually story I was meaning to tell…how I ended as my dad’s fucktoy.

I arrived in Hawaii excited for a summer of fun in the sun, one last wild time before college started and according to mom I would have no social life. When I quipped back that’s what she had now she didn’t laugh, rather sighed at how I got what she considered my dad’s lame sense of humour.

Now I decided to surprise dad by arriving two days early, but it was me who was in for a surprise. First, my flight which was supposed to arrive at midnight didn’t land till just before two am, thus I missed surprising dad at work. By the time the taxi dropped me off at dad’s beach house on the ocean it was just after three and I was wiped.

I was walking up the front steps to his rather secluded house in comatose mode when I heard voices. Jerking me awake, I listened closer and gasped as it was obvious two people were fucking.

I moved slowly, as I listened to a woman beg, “Harder, fuck me harder with that big dick of yours.”

I had never watched a sex act, unless you count the Internet, and my curiosity was piqued. Strangely, it never occurred to me that maybe my dad was who the woman was begging to fuck her harder.

As I slowly crept my way around to the back, I heard an aggressive male voice say, “Beg for it, slut.”

“Oh please pound my pussy with that big horse cock of yours,” the woman quickly obeyed, her voice clearly hungry for a good hard fucking.

As I peeked around the corner, my mouth dropped open as I saw my dad, butt naked, fucking some young looking redhead from behind as she leaned on a tree. I stared at his tanned body and tight ass, realizing instantly why I was drawn to older men…I had daddy issues.

“How about your ass, slut?” He questioned, his big hands firmly on her hips.

She giggled, “Betty said you would want my ass and that no one can make getting ass fucked feel amazing like you can.”

“I’ll take that as a yes,” my usually laid back dad said as he pulled out. Strangely, I wanted to see his cock, but from this angle it was impossible. Thankfully, he ordered, “Get my cock ready for that ass of yours, slut.”

My dad repositioned himself so I got an amazing side view of his rock hard cock. It was massive. Way bigger than any of the men I had been with. The redhead quickly turned around and dropped to her knees taking dad’s cock in her mouth and bobbing back and forth as if she was in a porno movie. She deep throated his cock and I was in awe of her ability. My hand went under my shorts and directly to my burning cunt as I watched the sexual act in front of me, suddenly wide awake. I rubbed my pussy quietly as the scene in front of me continued.

“Are you ready for a good ass fucking, my little ass slut?” My dad asked, as he pulled her up and bent her back over.

“Oh God yes, but I’ve never had anything as big as your snake in my ass,” she said, her tone both obedient and yet cautious.

“I hear that a lot,” dad chuckled, as he positioned himself behind her.

I instantly wondered what he meant by ‘a lot’. I couldn’t fathom dad being a player, yet I also couldn’t fathom dad fucking girls half his age or being a Dom. Yet, that was what I was witnessing right in front of my eyes.

My whole body ached with need as I watched him slowly push forward and into the young redhead’s ass.

“Mother fuuuucker,” illegal bahis siteleri the redhead screamed as her ass was split by dad’s long, thick cock.

“Just relax, whore, it is going to burn for a while,” he said, before adding, “but when it stops you’re going to get the fucking of your life.”

His confident tone, his promise of sexual pleasure, had my orgasm building at an accelerated pace even as I imagined it was me he was using for his own personal enjoyment.

“Okkkkay,” she whimpered, her ass obviously in some major discomfort.

“So are the rumours true,” he asked, a minute later, as he began slowly moving in and out of the redhead’s ass.

“Fuuuuuck yes,” she moaned. “Although I didn’t believe iiiit.”

“But you believe it now,” he said smugly as he shifted from slow strokes to faster, more aggressive ones.

“Yeeeeeeees, daddy,” she screamed, in a strange mixture of pleasure and pain.

Hearing her call my daddy, daddy, pissed me off; only I got to call him daddy. My hands on my pussy, I closed my eyes and envisioned it was me bent over getting fucked by Daddy.

“Have you ever come from getting that tight ass of yours fucked?” Dad asked, as he began slamming into her his whole cock somehow fitting in her ass.

“Nooooooo,” she screamed.

“Well, we better change that. Real cock sluts like you can come from a good hard ass fucking,” he said rather matter-of-factly.

“I’ll try,” she whimpered, clearly trying to get used to dad’s huge cock ravaging her.

“I wasn’t asking your opinion, slut. You will come like the hungry whore you are,” he said, his tone authoritative and rugged, which only turned me on more as he grabbed her hair and pulled on it. I was close to coming but slowed down my inevitable orgasm by slowing down myself pleasure so I could continue to watch my father fuck this skank.

“Okay,” she agreed, her moans increasing slightly as the pain seemed to begin to fade.

“Rub that fat clit of yours, Carrie,” he demanded, continuing hard deep thrusts into her.

“It’s Caroline,” she whimpered, although she obeyed the order, her left hand going directly between her legs as she used her right hand to balance herself against the palm tree.

“Whatever, let’s stick with slut,” he shrugged, clearly not in it for a relationship.

I couldn’t see her face or her facial expression but such blunt words had to hurt. Yet, after a few seconds of silence, other than the slapping of bodies meeting, she said, “Call me whatever you want daddy, as long as you keep fucking me with that big cock of yours.”

He chuckled as he continued to pound her from behind. Her moans getting more animated, it was obvious she was close to coming. Finally, he ordered, “Come my little girl, my little ass slut.”

Hearing him call her ‘my little girl’ made me jealous as that endearing term was supposed to be exclusively to me.

“Oh God, I’m so close,” she screamed, as she frantically rubbed herself.

“Now daddy’s whore,” he demanded, firmly slapping her ass so loud I could hear it.

My eyes closed, my hand again frantically rubbed myself, as I listened to his words and imagined I was daddy’s whore.

“Yeeeees, harder, fuck my ass haaaaarder, oh, oh, oh, shiiiiiiit,” she screamed sounding like a hyena in heat.

I almost laughed at her ridiculous babble, but instead continued the fast-paced rubbing of my clit wanting to time my orgasm with his.

He continued fucking her throughout her orgasm, which always made my orgasm more intense, until he grunted and said, “Here’s your first load up that slut ass of yours.”

I quickly stopped holding back my orgasm as I began spanking my clit.

“Oh yes, fill my ass with your cum,” she whimpered, like the slut she obviously was.

“Aaaaaah,” he grunted shooting his load in the slut’s ass, simultaneously my own orgasm hit and I had to bite my lower lip to hold in screaming and alerting them I had been watching them.

A moment later, he pulled out and ordered, “Clean me off whore.”

She didn’t hesitate as she turned around, dropped to her knees, and devoured his cock just seconds after it had been in her ass. I had never done that before and yet would in a heartbeat if told to.

My orgasm still trembled through me as I watched the slut continue to clean dad’s cock. Suddenly worried I would be caught; I slowly backed up and returned to the front.

As expected, the front door was unlocked; dad always said when I was young that he never locked his door when he lived back on the island and hated the fact that people no longer trusted each other. I put my suitcase inside and was just about to look around when I heard the back door open. I quickly fell onto a nearby couch and pretended to be asleep.

“Why is the door open?” I heard dad say a few seconds later, as I opened an eye to see I hadn’t closed the door.

A second later, I saw his naked ass as he closed the door and paused seeing the canlı bahis siteleri suitcase.

“What the? Josie?” He questioned to himself.

My one eye barely open, I saw him turn around and see a sleeping me on the couch, his large semi-erect cock only a few feet from me.

“Oh shit,” he said, quickly covering himself up and moving out of my view.

I chuckled to myself at his shift from dominant stud to embarrassed dad in seconds.

I lay there replaying the bizarre yet undeniably hot scene I had just witnessed. I was just fading into slumber when I felt a nudge. Opening my eyes, I smiled, “Hi, Dad.”

“Hi, my little girl,” he smiled, like he always did and like he had just used on that whore a few minutes ago.

“I’m eighteen Dad, I’m no longer a little girl,” I countered.

“Well, you will always be my little girl,” he said softly, my mind flashing to his fucking that floozy. After a couple of seconds, he asked, “When did you sneak in?”

He was obviously curious if I saw or heard any of his late night extracurricular activities. Relaxing him a bit, I lied, “Oh a couple hours ago I wanted to surprise you but the flight really wore me out and I just crashed on the couch the second I walked through the door.” After the lie, I wondered if he had come in after work which would make my lie get caught, but I doubted it.

“Well, you definitely caught me by surprise,” he said, his tone clearly sounding relieved.

“I am full of surprises,” I said, hinting at all the naughty things I could let him do to me, even though he had no clue at all.

“Good to know,” he laughed. “We can catch up more tomorrow. Get some sleep.”

“You too, I plan to wear you out,” I quipped back, this time the innuendo more direct.

He laughed, “That I look forward to.”

Once he was gone, I shook my head, was I really just flirting obnoxiously with my dad? Obviously I was, but I doubted he caught on to the true meaning of my words. Why would he?

Shaking my head again and laughing at myself, I closed my eyes and indeed did quickly drift into slumber.

I was awakened to something touching my lips.

Opening my eyes, I saw a big stiff cock and heard Dad say, “If you enjoy watching a slut be used then I am sure you will really enjoy being a participant.”

As I opened my mouth to speak, he shoved his long, thick cock between my mouth and began fucking my face, although thankfully slowly at first.

He explained, “I saw you watching us, your hand between your legs rubbing yourself while you watched.”

My eyes went big realizing he had seen me watching him.

“Yes, I saw and if you are anything like your mother then as soon as you saw my big cock you wished it was you bent over taking it up either of those fuck holes,” he continued.

My head spun with the reality that he definitely had caught on to my innuendo and had obviously knew I was watching. His slow strokes began to pick up as his balls began slapping against my chin and I had to focus on not gagging as his full cock filled my mouth unlike any other.

“Rub yourself, my daughter slut,” he ordered.

I didn’t hesitate as I obeyed like a good girl, a good slut, my hand sliding inside my underwear and to my surprisingly already wet cunt.

“Good girl,” he said, like he had so many times before. Hearing the endearing words warned me and yet made me feel dirty as I realized the sin I was committing, albeit completely out of my control.

Wanting to be a good girl, a good cocksucker, a good slut, I focused on his piston like cock going in and out of my mouth. I had learned pretty quickly how to give an amazing blow job, it all had to do with pacing, which I currently had no control over, and saliva which I did. Although awkward in my on my back position, I slowly created the extra saliva needed to create the whirlwind sensation I had perfected.

He groaned, once I began creating the sauna sensation, “Oh my, good girl, you have been very naughty since Daddy last saw you.”

I moaned on his cock in response as I rubbed myself furiously as he began really fucking face me which only made my desire to please him and come myself increase.

“Ready to swallow daddy’s load, my little princess,” he asked, using another of his nicknames for me.

I again moaned on his cock as my own orgasm was bubbling just below the surface and was ready to erupt any second.

“Here it comes,” he groaned and seconds later I was swallowing dad’s salty seed.

My own orgasm followed and hit me hard as I opened my mouth, even as the last squirt of dad’s cum shot out, and screamed, “Yeeeeees daaaaaaaddy.”

I jolted myself awake as I realized I was having a very realistic wet dream, my hand was in my panties, and the orgasm I dreamt was apparently real.

I looked around confused by my surroundings for a moment before last night’s memories came flooding back. I looked at the clock and saw it was five-thirty in the morning; shaking my head again, I laid back down and tried to get back to sleep.


The next morning, well afternoon truthfully, having woken up at 12:30, I stretched and headed to the kitchen finding a note on the dining room table which said:

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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When I moved into this house five years ago after a particularly messy divorce, I took on Mrs. Wilkins as a part time house keeper, she came in two days a week to clean and tidy and do some of the larger washing. The arrangement worked well, even when my company changed its method of working so that instead of all of us turning up at the office every day we were all given home computers linked in to the office so we could work from home! they reckoned it was more efficient, but what it meant to me was that I no longer got to see any of my work colleagues except for the two days a month when we had conferences, so my social life dwindled away to almost nothing!! I set up the den as my work room and it was the only room that Mrs. Wilkins was not allowed into ( some obscure company security reason! ), so I cleaned that myself.

It was quite a shock then , a few weeks ago, when Mrs. Wilkins announced that as her husband was retiring, she had decided to retire too, so that they could go travelling and enjoy time together, then she almost begged me to take on her daughter Josie in her place as she had only just got married and they really needed the extra income to work up a deposit for a house. Having been through that sort of struggle myself I was only too sympathetic, so I agreed! – little did I know what was in store!! When Mrs. Wilkins brought Josie along on her final day to show her the ropes, I met her for the first time, she was 23, quite tall with long black hair down to her shoulders, quite pretty, with a bubbling personality, and I thought she’d fit in fine. She thanked me to the point of embarrassment for giving her this opportunity, and I quickly left them to it and disappeared into my den. Throughout the afternoon I heard their voices and the occasional burst of laughter from Josie, and it seemed to brighten the place considerably, and a couple of times I found myself smiling, there was something about her that was definitely likeable, but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, but I found her in my mind quite a bit in the following days.

As I said, that was Mrs. Wilkins’ final day, so the next week Josie turned up alone. I heard her let herself in , but was quite busy on the computer so didn’t see her for a while, but when I decided it was break time I wandered out to the kitchen and found her just making a coffee, and I stopped dead in shock! this definitely wasn’t the Josie that had turned up with her mother last week! she was wearing tight shorts and a tight top, and unless I was going blind in my old age – I was now pushing 42, she wasn’t wearing a bra! and she looked stunning!! she had those legs that seemed to go on for ever, a tight ass, and high, firm, and quite large breasts! I guess I must have gasped or something, as she jerked around, “Oh, Mr Davis, you surprised me, can I get you a coffee? how do you like it?” I mumbled my order and slumped at the table, desperate to put something between her and me that would hide the effect she was having – I had suddenly gained an enormous erection!! She made the coffee and sat opposite me talking brightly of things I no longer remember! I found my concentration hard to maintain with those gorgeous breasts so close! but I do remember her murmuring how sorry she was about my divorce, and I really should get out and about more – I guess Mrs. Wilkins had filled her in on my life as that was what she’d been saying to me for at least the last three years!! Finally she jumped up -and I almost groaned as her breasts jumped even more!! and said it was time to get back to work, and hurried out. I sat there for a little while longer, until I was sure my cock had gone down and then headed back to my den.

I tried hard to concentrate on my work, but to no avail, my mind kept drifting back to those long legs, that tight ass and those horny tits!! and I was hard all over again!! now I knew that Mrs. Wilkins was right! it really was time I went out and found myself a woman!! but right now, I had to do something about this uncomfortable situation! so I unzipped my pants and drew out my swollen cock and began to stroke it! all the time seeing Josie’s hot body in my mind! obviously Mrs. Wilkins had failed to tell Josie that the den was out of bounds!, and I was so engrossed in my little fantasy that I didn’t hear the door opening, it was only the loud gasp that alerted me to the fact that I was no longer alone!! I opened my eyes and found myself staring straight at Josie who seemed to be frozen mid way between the door and my work station with a tall glass of iced juice in each hand! and the reason she was frozen was quite clear! she was staring wide eyed at my rampant cock pendik escort and the hand now equally frozen around it!!

She gulped, “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to! I thought you might need a cool drink!” she stammered, and with a jerk, her body seemed to break free and she staggered forward to place both drinks on the desk top, but all the time her eyes were locked on my stiff and swollen cock!! and to my surprise, having put the drinks down, she made no attempt to move away! I was still frozen! unable to move, unable to speak! then I saw a shiver run through her, and her tongue came out and brushed across her lips, and almost as if in a daze, she dropped to her knees directly in front of me and reached out to take my hand from my cock and replace it with her own!!, “Mmmmm, so beautiful” she whispered, as if speaking to herself, then to my absolute amazement she leaned forward and started to run her tongue up and down my cock!! it had softened slightly with the shock of discovery, but it very quickly became rock hard again as her lips and tongue began to explore it from tip to base and back again, and then with a deep groan she plunged her mouth down onto its length, taking the whole of it deep into her throat!!

My mind might have been in a state of shock, but my body wasn’t! it was reacting, thrusting upwards, fucking my cock into her seemingly eager mouth! she had one hand cupping and fondling my balls and the other lightly stroking that part of my cock that wasn’t buried in her mouth, and she was sucking like crazy!! and having been deprived of a woman’s touch for so long, there wasn’t any chance at all that I wasn’t going to blow! and real quick!! and I did!! and again I was surprised when she made no move to take my cock from her mouth when she realized I was about to come! in fact she sucked even harder! and I shot my load deep into her throat!! and she sucked it and swallowed it and sucked it some more until every last drop of cum was extracted from my shuddering cock! finally she let my rapidly softening cock to slip from her mouth and looked up at me with the hottest smile I’d seen in a long, long time, “Mmmm, that was nice! so much better than your hand, don’t you think?” then she rose to her feet, leaned down and briefly pressed her lips against mine – enough for me to taste my own cum juice in her mouth! – and turned and walked out! closing the door firmly behind her!!

I was left a total mess!! guilt, embarrassment, ecstasy, lethargy and a lingering horniness all fighting to possess my mind and body! and I was still sitting slumped in my chair looking vacantly into space when I heard her leave! Needless to say I was in no condition to do any work for the rest of the day, so I wandered out and took a shower, groaning as my cock snapped back to full attention every time my mind wandered to Josie, I knew I’d never be able to face her again! and I was sure that I’d soon get a call advising that she wouldn’t be continuing! maybe even a visit from a very angry new husband!! but as the days went by, there was no call and no visit, and I tried – without much success – to put it out of my mind.

I knew I was being totally cowardly, but when the first day came for her to come and clean the following week I arranged to go into the office for my BI-monthly meeting, so I was away from the house all day. As soon as I arrived home, I knew she’d been, I could detect the faint aroma of her perfume, and when I went into my office it was to find it tidier that it had ever been before, so I knew she’d been back to the scene of the crime!! she was due again the following day and I knew I couldn’t simply disappear a second time, I had to face the music! I decided to get it out of the way straight away instead of hiding in my den, so I was in the kitchen preparing coffee when she arrived. I might have been feeling awkward, but she didn’t seem to be feeling that at all! she gave me a bright smile and a greeting, “Isn’t it a fantastic day, I do love the sunshine, is that coffee you’re making,? Can I join you?”, and she plonked herself down at the table! I could only stare! she was wearing an almost identical outfit to the one she’d worn the week before!, a different colour combination, but the same outfit, tight shorts a tight top and no bra!! and I found myself reacting the same way again!! I answered her question with some inconsequential comment about the weather and got out a second cup for her, and all the time my eyes kept on sliding over to look at her incredible breasts!, finally, coffee made I sat at the table opposite her, and felt my face flush, “Look” I mumbled, “I’m really sorry about what happened last time” a escort pendik strange grin came to her face, “I should take offence at that! didn’t you enjoy it?, wasn’t it good?” she said, I stammered even more, my face going a bright purple, “Of course!, I didn’t meant that, I meant!” I groaned and put my head in my hands! she reached over and pulled my hands from my face and grinned, “You mean you’re sorry I caught you playing with yourself, but you enjoyed what happened afterwards! right?” she said, “You don’t need to be sorry, I thought it was beautiful, you were thinking of me at the time weren’t you?”, “oh yes!! I couldn’t get you out of my mind!!” I gasped, “Why” she asked teasingly, “Because you’re beautiful and sexy!!” I blurted out. She leaned across the table and brushed her lips across mine, “Thank you!” she said ” most people say I’m too tall and gawky to be sexy!”, “Oh no!” I cried out, forgetting my embarrassment now, “you’re tall, but perfectly proportioned, and have the sort of body that any man would drool over, those legs, god, they’re gorgeous and seem to go on for ever! and such a tight, sexy ass, and those breasts, Mmmmm, so ripe, so firm, so decidedly suckable!!”, I stopped suddenly, realising that I’d let my mouth run away with me again, and expecting her to be upset or annoyed at my coarseness, but she was smiling broadly and I knew it wasn’t my imagination, her nipples had become rock hard and were jutting out of her top like miniature mountains!!

Still smiling, she stood up from her chair and walked around the table and slid onto my lap, “Tell me again how beautiful I am, and how suckable my breasts are, better still, show me!!” and her arms slid around my neck and her lips descended on mine!! my body had reacted immediately and my cock was stiffening and swelling and pressing eagerly into her tight ass, and my hand automatically came up to cup and fondle one of her glorious breasts! and I got turned on even more! her kiss was as hot a kiss as I have ever experienced, a passionate tongue twister! with a touch of almost desperate hunger! and I responded in the same vein! I was just so hot and hungry for her! then we broke apart, and without a word we lurched from the chair and made a beeline for the bedroom!

There was no finesse, no tender, romantic kisses and slow build up! as soon as we reached the bedroom we were ripping our clothes off and leaping naked on to the bed! god, naked she was totally awesome!! those high, firm tits even more ripe and succulent than they’d appeared under her top! and her pussy! Mmmm, it was so wet and juicy and inviting! my eyes devoured her, then my hands and my lips and my tongue!! I searched out and touched and tasted every part of her luscious body, and she responded wildly, calling out, guiding my lips and my tongue in their explorations, and a whole series of small orgasms rippled through her, then she was tugging at my rock hard cock, guiding it towards her pussy, “Please, Ian, Please, I want you inside me, I want your big cock filling up my pussy, Please, Ian, Please, fuck me, fuck me now!!”

There was a momentary flicker of surprise that she had called me by my first name, but as her hands guided my cock to the lips of her steaming pussy, all thoughts disappeared, everything except the need to fuck this incredibly sexy woman!! so I rammed forward, burying my cock to the hilt in her writhing pussy, and she screamed in delight and abandonment, and urged me on! so I fucked her hard! long deep strokes, plunging my cock into her bucking, heaving body faster and faster! at the same time sucking vociferously on those incredibly large nipples! lashing them with my tongue then sucking them hard into my mouth! she lifted those incredibly long legs and wrapped them around me high on my back, opening her pussy even wider and enabling me to plunge even deeper, and it was my turn to cry out with delight, “Oh yes, Josie, you’re so hot and tight! it’s like I’m fucking a volcano in there!! oh god I’m going to drown you in my juices!! are you sure you want this?!!!”, Yes!!” she screamed, “Fuck me deep!, fuck me good!, shoot your juices right up inside me, oh god, I’m cumming, I’m cummmmming!!!” and her whole body went into violent contortions!! and mine followed suit as my cock exploded and shot it’s hot juices deep into her pussy!! and it kept on shooting, as she kept on bucking and heaving, and it seemed to go on for ever!

I think we both got totally blown away by the power and extent of the explosion that ripped through both our bodies, and we lay entwined in each other’s arms for a long, long time, but finally she extracted herself and disappeared into the bathroom, pendik escort bayan and I heard the shower running. She was out shortly afterwards, glistening wet, brushing herself dry with a small towel that did nothing to hide her incredible body from my eyes ,and I lay there drinking her in, she didn’t seem to mind, in fact she seemed to pose and posture just a little! then she came over and leaned down and brushed her lips over mine, “Thank you, thank you so much” she whispered, then laughed, “Your turn in the shower, I’ll start the coffee!” and she walked from the room, still totally naked!! needless to say, I made my shower very quick, and hurriedly followed her into the kitchen! I didn’t bother with clothes either!

Ten minutes later we were back sitting opposite each other in the kitchen and I was enjoying the uninterrupted view of her gorgeous breasts as we drank our coffee, she took a sip of her coffee and smiled with almost a tinge of sadness in her expression, “I guess you’re wondering why?” she said, I nodded, “The thought had crossed my mind, I’m 42 and not the most handsome man you’ve ever met, and you’re 23 and quite the most beautiful sexy woman I’ve ever met! and you’ve been married just six months!!”, a slight flush came to her face, “That’s part of the reason” she whispered, ” I love my husband very much, but we’re having problems. We never had sex before we were married, we just played around a bit, you know, touching feeling, kissing etc, but we both felt that sex was so special we should wait until after we were married, but the wedding night turned into a bit of a disaster, Ken couldn’t function! try as we did, he couldn’t achieve an erection ,even though he’s never had any trouble when we were playing around! we put it down to the excitement of the wedding day and all the tiring things that go with that, and although disappointed, assumed that everything would be OK once we were refreshed. But the next night and the following night the same thing happened, and we started to get frustrated and then a little angry with each other, and it was then that Ken told me that he’d never been with any woman before and in fact was more attracted to men!! I was stunned and upset, but he kept on telling me that he still loved me and we could still make a life for ourselves, it was just that he didn’t find me sexually desirable!! it took me quite a few weeks to get over that, perhaps I’m still not over it completely! but I realised that whatever the situation I still loved him!! I guess that sounds pretty crazy! Then , when I walked in on you last week and saw that incredibly beautiful, big, thick cock of yours, I just knew I had to have it, I knew I had to know if it was possible for me to feel beautiful and sexy and to be desired by a man!! I needed to know if I could react the way a woman was supposed to react!” then she threw back her head and laughed “Well I certainly found that out didn’t I?”

I grinned at her, but felt and understood some of her pain, so I moved around the table and took her in my arms and kissed her softly and gently, “Josie! you are beautiful, you are sexy and you are desirable! you can’t change what people are, but you can love then as they are! but only if you are fulfilled too! so if I can help in that area, I would be more than honored!!”, she grinned mischievously at me, “You mean, you want to continue fucking me, is that it?!!” I returned her grin ” for just as long as you want to be fucked!!” I said, “But what about the cleaning?” she asked, “Well” I said pensively “That still has to be done! in fact it probably needs more time spent on it! would it be possible for you to come three days instead of two – fully paid, of course!” her grin grew bigger and hotter “I think that could be arranged, would the extra day be required for special attention to the bedroom area?” she asked, impishly. I took her by the hand and led her back towards the bedroom, “Why don’t we check that out right now?” I suggested! well, it did need cleaning and tidying – afterwards!!! and when she left at the end of the day, I think I’d managed to convince Josie that she was one hell of an attractive, sexy woman! and being more than a little horny and hungry was quite OK for a 23 year old – or even a 42 year old!! But life is still full of surprises! and when she told me the next week that she’d told Ken everything that had happened between us, you could have knocked me down with a feather! but when she said that Ken was absolutely delighted for her and that this made things so much easier and more comfortable for the both of them, Well, I wasn’t going to argue! so I fucked her again , and again! and every time was better and wilder than the last as she started to open up and embrace her own sexuality! can’t wait for her next visit, she’s promised to wear something that will blow my eyes out!! with her figure, that wouldn’t be hard!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

House Hunting

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Cathy stayed late in the reality office waiting for everyone to leave and agreeing to lock up, she had made arrangements with her husband to meet in a vacant house which was on the market. It was a ritual that they did occasionally and tonight she was extremely horny about it. She locked the front door and went into her office to get dressed. She removed the dress, a cocktail dress with a flirtatiously plunging neckline. Opening the overnight bag she removed her 4 inch spiked heels, stockings, garter belt, push up peek-a-boo bra and crotch less panties. As she got dressed, she stopped to admire herself in the closet mirror. At age 40, she still had the curves to turn a few heads. She was a voluptuous woman who knew how to use what she had. Putting on the finishing touches, a pair of 4-inch spike heels, she could feel the moisture grow between her legs in anticipation. Her and her husband had been doing different things for the past few years to spice up their love life, trying thing from BDSM to wife swapping, but few things excited her like meeting him in a stranger’s house.

It was already 8:30, as she was getting ready to leave, she was to meet her husband at 9:30 and wanted to set the mood for him. Suddenly the phone rang, thinking it was her husband she answered it, it was Mike. He explained to her that he was being transferred to New Jersey by his company and was sent to house hunt. She explained to him that the office was closed, but he told her that he only had one day to search and was in desperate need to find a home in the area. Feeling sorry for him, she asked some questions and decided to show him one home that night. It happened to be the one she was to meet her husband at, after hanging up with Mike, she called her husband and explained what was going on. They agreed to push back their get together about an hour.

Mike arrived there first, with time to spare he got out of the rental car and was looking around the outside of the house when a car pulled into the driveway. Mike walked toward the car and greeted her at her door. He opened her door for her, as she step out her dress parted slightly exposing what appeared to be stocking tops in the bright moonlight pendik escort night. She stood up and extended her hand as a greeting. She walked towards the front door, mike followed watching her skirt sway hypnotically, wondering if he really saw what he thought he saw. She opened the lockbox and removed the key, opening the front door the entered the house. As Catchy explained the details or the house, the conversation slowly began to turn flirtatious. Suddenly the front door opened and in walked Cathy’s husband, Gary. Mikes hope’s dashed as introductions were made.

The two men followed Cathy up the stairs to the second floor. As they entered the master bedroom, Cathy excused herself to the bathroom. Mike commented to Gary how attractive Cathy was. Gary mention that not only was she attractive but she was very seductive and submissive. As Cathy walked toward the two men, Gary grabbed her around the waist, pulling her towards him. He placed his lips upon her lips, kissing her deeply. He pulled her hard into him, pressing her body against his hardening cock. Mike stood by in awe, watching the two of them become one, turning him on. As their lips parted she opened her eyes and look at Gary’s face, He nodded slightly, slowly she slid down his body, unbuckling his belt, and unzipping his pants, getting on her knees. She removed his semi hard member from his pants and slowly inserted it into her mouth. Mike started to rub the front of his pants, he could feel his cock getting harder by the minute, watching her devour his member.

Gary started to pump is shaft into Cathy’s mouth, Cathy reach out trying to grab mikes crotch, he glanced at Gary who nodded his approval. Slowly he moved closer, unzipping his own pants, removing his hard cock. She grabbed it and began stroking it. Slowly she began alternating the cocks in her mouth, sucking on one while stroking on the other. Cathy slowly laid down on the carpeted floor as the men removed their pants, kneeling next to Cathy’s head Mike began to feed her his cock again, enjoying the warm moist mouth she had offered him. Gary began to open her dress exposing the garter and stockings she was wearing, he enjoyed watching her suck mikes cock. escort pendik Slowly he lowered his head towards her moist pussy, opening the material of her panties he began tonguing her clit. Mike watched as Gary’s tongue split her pussy lips and found her swollen clit, he could see her nipples grow thru her bra, watching her breathing becoming erratic.

Mike began playing with Cathy’s tits slowly rubbing the nipples that were poking out of her bra. Gary inserted a finger into her moist pussy, her swollen lips clamping around it like a glove, he sucked her clit into his mouth, clamping it between his lips, he ran his tongue over it. He inserted a second finger into her pussy, pumping it harder and deeper, she began to raise her hips to meet his thrust. Mike continued to pump Cathy’s mouth she began to clamp tighter with her lips as her orgasm grew inside her, this made his cock swell even more, filling her mouth. Gary’s tongue worked on her clit, his fingers pumping her cunt harder and faster, with each pump she thrusted her hips up, making his fingers go deeper. Sucking Mike’s dick deep into her mouth, she orgasmed hard, her juices flowing from her pussy, soaking Gary’s hand.

Slowly her orgasm subsided, Mike began to pump his cock back into her mouth, Gary grabbed her legs, placed them on his shoulders and began to insert his cock into her moist cunt, slowly he put his cock deep into her hole. He began thrusting his cock hard and deep into her, the sound and smell of her wet cunt filled the room, this excited Mike over the edge, he grabbed her head and began to explode in her mouth, Gary ordering her to swallow it all, Cathy tried to catch it all, but there was to much, with each pump cum slide out her mouth and down her cheek. Slowly he stopped pumping as his orgasm subsided. Leaving his softening cock inside he mouth, she swallowed the salty fluid. Mike slide his cock out of Cathy’s mouth, sitting on the floor he watched Gary pumping her, listening to her moan. He began to stroke him self, getting himself hard so he may have a crack at her, Gary slowed down and with drew, laying on his back, Cathy removed her dress and mounted him.

She slide his hard cock into pendik escort bayan her pussy feeling every ridge of it as it slide deep into her hole. She began to rock on his cock, he reached behind her and unfastened her bra, removing it, her tits began to sway with each thrust. Her panties were soak with her pussy juice, which was being forced out of her pussy by Gary’s hard cock. Gary began to massage Cathy’s ass cheeks. He told Mike that she loved to be spanked as she was beilg fuck. Mike walked behind Cathy and with an open hand smacked he ass cheek. Harder Gary commanded. Again Mike smacked her ass, this time Cathy muffled a whimper. Again Gary said, Mike again smack her leaving a bright red mark, each smack made her wetter. Gary reached back and massaged her ass cheeks, mikes cock was rigid again, seeing this, Gary spread Cathy’s ass cheeks, exposing her ass hole. Mike work his way into position and slowly inserted his cock into her ass. Each thrust driving it deeper until it was all the way in. the two men began fucking her, each feeling the others penis through the thin skin that separated her ass from her pussy. Cathy held still, savoring the pleasure and pain she was feeling, Mike reached around and massaged Cathy’s breast as he filled her ass hole with his cock.

Gary told Mike to withdraw and lay on the floor, he then commanded his pet to reinsert his dick in her ass while facing him. He stood in front of her and put his pussy soaked cock deep into her mouth, she grabbed his hips and pulled him towards her, driving his cock deep into her mouth. Nearing orgasm he grasped her head and fucked her mouth, as he cam his cum flowed out her mouth and nose, dripping down her chin onto her breast.

Gary told Mike to cum on her face for him, he withdrew his cock from her ass, and having her kneel in front of him, licking his balls and began to jerk off. Persuading his balls to summon more cum, suddenly he felt the urge, Gary grabbed Cathy’s head from behind, and holding her held still, Mike shot his load all over her face and mouth. As his climax subsided he wiped his cock on her cum soaked face and then inserted it into her mouth.

He withdrew his cock and after getting dressed thanked his host for a wonderful evening. Telling her that he would definitely take the house and he would stop by in the morning to fill out the paper work. Letting himself out he smiled pleased with his decision.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Hotel Visit

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


You have agreed to come up to Savannah for some awesome sex in a motel. You called me on my cell phone to tell me you were coming and would be in Savannah in a couple of hours. I tell you that I am at the Econo Lodge almost right at the corner of 95 and GA 204 and give you the room number. 2 hours later you knock on my door.

I open my door, you are dressed in a tight skirt and even tighter shirt, you look so sexy my jaw hits the floor slowly replaced by a smile letting you know how gorgeous I think you are and how lucky I think I am to have you standing in my door ready to fuck me senseless!! I am in a towel that has a tent in it from just thinking about you for the last 2 hours and that the sight of you has helped even more. You step into the room and I close & lock the door without letting you get more than a step inside. A smile is on your face and a twinkle is in your eyes.

No words are spoken as I grab your face in both my hands running them from front to back, gently grabbing your hair at the same moment my mouth dives for yours. That first electric kiss has us both gasping for breath, you turn me around pushing my back into the door as you drop to your knees. You rip off my towel and toss it; your eyes slowly devour my cock savoring the sensation. Keeping you hot with anticipation of what it will taste like, how it will feel on your tongue, how it will feel buried in your mouth to it’s hilt, you are wondering what my cum will feel like pumping into your hot, wet, warm, moist, mouth. It seems like an eternity to us both as I can see your thoughts in your eyes, pendik escort but in reality it lasted only seconds.

Your tongue slides out of your mouth and starts teasing the head of my cock. It is already so hard the head is almost purple and you know that your expertise in teasing and sucking will quickly have me blasting a large load of cum down your throat. As you slide your tongue around the head you can see it becoming more purple, but you haven’t begun to really tease yet. You grab my ass cheeks with your hands to help with your balance as you slowly slide your tongue down the underside of my shaft, stopping to tease that spot right below the head, the most sensitive area.

My cock twitches with anticipation and you resume your slow journey all the way down my shaft to my balls, licking each one before gently sucking them into your mouth. Oh how wet and warm your mouth feels, my cock is straining with envy, dying in agony to be where the balls are. You start the return trip up to the tip looking dead into my eyes for the entire trip up to the tip of my cock. It seems to last an eternity with our eyes locked on each other. When your tongue reaches the top you pause for a second with the last look into my eyes and then without warning your envelope my cock in one swift stroke, made even faster by the slow tease before.

I am already so close to busting my load in your mouth I am driven crazy by the even more intense feelings you have just given me. With my cock buried all the way in your throat you hold yourself there for seconds that feel like an eternity escort pendik to me. Then you slowly start working it in and out of your mouth, slowly picking up the pace until I can’t stand it any longer. With my hands on the back of your head, I cry out as I empty my heavy load down your throat. If the door wasn’t there I would be lying flat on my back, it is so intense. You do not stop, milking my cock for every drop.

When you have finished milking every drop from me, you look into my eyes as you start running your tongue up my body to find my mouth and we kiss like it is the last thing in the world either of us will ever do. During the kiss I have turned you around so that your back is to the door and when I quickly pull back from the kiss you look confused. I look into your eyes with a smile on my lips and in my eyes the first words of the evening are spoken as I say, “It’s your turn”.

I gently caress your breasts on the way down not even bothering to pull up your shirt to feel them. I have a much sweeter target in mind. I drop all the way to my knees; I do not bother to take off your skirt, just slide it all the way up to your waste, noticing for the first time that you are not wearing panties. I can see your pussy just coated with juices. I grab your ass cheeks to get my balance, gently kneading them as I do. I slowly slide my tongue out getting my first taste of your sweet juices. I slowly lick up all the juices that have leaked out and are glistening on the outside, not bothering to go inside the lips as of yet.

Teasing you, gently nipping the outer lips pendik escort bayan with my teeth. I can hear a little whimper escape your throat as the teasing is getting to you. I lower my head a little bit so that I can start at the bottom of your pussy. I look up into your eyes as I slide my tongue out enough to just barely part your pussy lips. My tongue teases the very inside of your pussy lips, sliding all the way up as our eyes our locked. I can see your excitement as my tongue reaches your clit gently flicking it up and down several times. Then I break eye contact and begin my way back down delving deeper into your succulent pussy. Finally as I reach bottom I slide my tongue as far into your pussy as possible grabbing as much juice as I can, savoring the flavor.

I slide one hand around and slowly replace my tongue with my finger as my tongue starts to slide up your pussy going as far in as possible now. A second finger joins my first in your pussy just before my tongue finds your clit again. You are about ready to explode; I slowly lock eyes with you. As I break eye contact with you this time I attack your clit, licking it up, down, side to side as fast as my tongue will work. Flicking your ring to stimulate you even more. You break your silence for the first time to cry out you are cumming, as you do I suck your clit into my mouth gently, in & out while my tongue continues to flick it.

You explode on my hand, as you do I drop my mouth off your clit and replace it with my fingers continuing to stimulate while my mouth drops low to catch all your nectar. By the time you are done cumming, my hand and the door is all that is holding you up. I grab your ass with both cheeks as I stand up and share your nectar with you in a passionate kiss. I pick you up and carry you over to the bed…

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Hotel Room Seduction Ch. 01

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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The door to the hotel room is already ajar as I walk toward it. They told me at the desk that you were already here and I had literally sprinted to the elevator. I’m glad I told them my “sister” was going to be checking us into the room so they had no problem giving you a key. My heart is racing just knowing you are there.

I push the door open and see you standing at the window. The sun shining through the window is also shining through the thin material of the dress you are wearing, showing off your full curves. My plan to sneak up behind you is foiled by the squeaking of the door hinges.

You turn to see me walking toward you, my travel bag in my hand. Your mouth turns up in a wide smile and I start to say hello but you move your index finger over your lips, touching them to silence me. My eyes betray my confusion as at stop at the foot of the bed and drop my bag to the floor. You move toward me slowly and I reach out toward hug you. You stop beyond my reach and now wag your index finger at me, telling me to stop. When my hands are at my sides, you resume your advance.

I look, frustrated, into your dancing eyes as you reach me. Your right hand reaches for my neck as you pull me gently toward you. As I lean in and close my eyes to kiss you, I feel you lean away from me. My eyes open to see you smiling broadly. Your eyes are alive with mischief.

Your hands find the top button of my shirt, slipping it through the button hole and exposing the first tufts of my graying chest hair. You lean in and kiss me there, then continue your methodical journey as you work your way down the front of my shirt. With each new button released, you kiss the exposed area. Your hands finish the last button then pull at my shirt tail, freeing it from my trousers. You look into my eyes with delight. You see my lips starting to form words but your index finger covers them before I can speak. I try to kiss it but you move your finger away and once again wag it at me.

You move your hands to my chest, your fingers entwined in my chest hair. I can feel the warmth of your palms against me as your run your hands up and down my chest. You press firmly one time, then more softly the next but your hands never stop moving … exploring the terrain of my body. I can hear you softly moaning with each new motion.

My hands reach for the buttons along the front of your dress but you step away. There is that finger wag again…telling pendik escort me that you want me to behave. As I again drop my hands to my sides, your lips replace your fingers against my chest. With each kiss, I can feel the tip of your tongue tracing small circles on my skin. As your hands reach to hold my waist, I can feel your smile as your lips curl around my nipple, sucking firmly as you gently tug on it. The tip of your tongue makes small circles against my hardening skin. My knees weaken as you move to the other side, paying equal attention to the other one.

While your mouth continues to pay attention to my chest, your right hand finds its way to the front of my trousers. Your palms press against me and there is no doubt that the attention you have been paying me has had the affect you desired. Your fingers close around my rigid cock, squeezing the trouser material around it. Your alternately squeeze and release as your lips work their way up from my chest to my neck. With each compression of your hand around me, I can feel your warm breath on my neck. With each release, you lightly kiss me.

I feel your hands leave my body as they reach for the single button on the waistband of my trousers. With a flick of your fingers, the button has been freed and your fingers find the tang of my zipper. You can hear my breathing increase as I feel you slide the zipper down its length. As your hands spread the sides apart, my trousers slide down my legs to the floor. My underwear can barely contain the erection you have given me, the head of my cock jutting above the waistband. As you continue to kiss the side of my neck, I feel your thumb brush against my opening … spreading my precum in small circles around the tip.

You feel my body shifting and can see me reaching for the waistband of my underwear. Your hands stop their enticement and cover mine, pulling them down to my sides once again. My breathing reveals my frustration. I feel your fingers slip into the waistband of my boxer briefs as you tug them gently to just reveal the total length of my cock, pausing with the waistband around my thighs. As your right hand curls around the base of my cock, you left hand covers my scrotum. You lightly squeeze my balls as you make a slow stroke up my shaft. As you reach the top, you move your palm over the head, wetting it with my precum before tightening your grip and moving slowly back down to the base.

With each slow up and down escort pendik stroke, you gently squeeze my balls once again. You can hear my moaning and know that you are slowly taking me to the brink of an orgasm that you don’t want me to have just yet. You release me and step away, looking into my eyes. I start to speak and you again cover my lips with your finger…this time I can taste my own saltiness as your press your finger against me. The frustration in my eyes must be apparent to you.

As you kneel in front of me, your hands tug at the legs of my underwear, moving them to my ankles to join my trousers. I stand naked before you, my cock at full attention as you kneel there fully clothed before me. Your head tilts slightly as your look at my face. I smile back at the anticipation of what is to come.

Your hand reaches out to tilt the head of my cock slightly toward you. You brush the tip with your lips and can feel my body shudder. The slightest pucker forms as you move your face closer and kiss my opening. Your tongue slips out and teases it, taking my precum on its tip. As you lean away, a small thread of fluid forms between us.

You turn your head slightly and move down to the base of my cock. I see your tongue emerge and can feel its warmth against my shaft. You use your tongue like a painter uses a brush, painting a long stroke up my entire length before twirling it around the head. You pucker your lips and kiss your way back down before painting me once again. As you repeat this motion, my knees shake. I see you look up at me and smile.

You raise your body up and kiss the tip of my cock. Your lips part as you slide my head between them. I feel you pause to tighten around it. After two quick pulses of your lips, you move your head forward. I look down and see my cock disappear into your mouth until your face is tightly pressed against my hips. I can feel the depth of your throat around me, fully engulfing my length inside you. The muscles in the back of your throat tighten, and then relax. Your hands find my hips as you pull me more tightly against you. I want to push my hips forward but I have nowhere left to go.

Your head moves slowly away from me, your lips ever tightening around my shaft as it leaves is warm confines. The rim around the head of my cock contacts your lips and you stop there and pucker down tightly. I feel your tongue licking circles around the head of my cock as you hold it tightly pendik escort bayan with your lips. My hands move to your head, wanting to pull you back down my length. As you feel them touch your hair you release my cock and take your hands from my hips. As your right hand comes upward, you wag your finger at me once again.

You open your mouth wide and return your attention to me, taking my full length again into you. Your lips tighten once again and you slowly slide out to the tip, then return to the base. Your hands have found my ass and you encourage me to move in rhythm with your mouth, pulling me tightly when you want me deep inside you. As you feel me in the back of your throat, you wiggle your head. I cannot believe it happens, but this motion moves me even deeper inside of you.

I want to sit back on the bed, feeling as if my knees are about to collapse but your hand hold me steady. I look down and see your eyes glistening and full of love and desire for me. Your right hand reaches for the base of my cock as your lips make room. As your stroke your mouth up and down my cock, you hand now follows that same path. The tightness of your lips is followed by the tightness of your fingers around me.

There is no time left for me and you can feel it. Your speed increases, not taking me as deeply as before but focusing your attention on that sensitive area near the head of my cock. Faster and faster your move on me. Tighter and tighter your lips and fingers stroke me. You can feel my hips tightening. As you look up, you see my head tilting backward.

And then you feel it .. the tightening of my shaft that signals you to prepare for the first taste of my cum. The first pulse is soft and you feel a few drops on the surface of your tongue. You feel the next few on the back of your throat as you relax your muscles. You moan as spurt after spurt of cum fills your mouth but you never loosen the grip your lips have on my cock. My body trembles as I release more and more of me inside you and you eagerly take in every drop.

As my orgasm subsides and my vision clears, I look down to see you staring up at me, just the tip of my cock in your mouth. As you smile, a small line of my cum slides out of one corner of your mouth. You release my cock and look into my eyes. I see your throat tighten as you take what I have given you and make it part of yourself.

You stand up in front of me, still fully clothed in contrast to my nakedness. As you look into my eyes, your hands reach for the buttons on the front of your dress. You speak the first words either of us has spoken since I entered the room.

“My turn.”

(more to follow)

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