Brighton Cumslut Ch. 03

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Kirsty was in a bit of a mood, Adam huge cock has not responded to her message. She had other messages from the website from people wanting to meet up though. The two guys who sent her a previous message sent her another, still wanting to both meet her at the same time, also a husband and wife messaged her asking if she would wank off the husband whilst the wife watched. A female messaged her to see if Kirsty would do a woman, but no bloody Adam huge cock!

Kirsty thought long and hard about who to meet that night when a dirty idea came into her head. She wanted to shock herself tonight and do two different things, the first was to wank or suck two guys at the same time and the second was to get her own back on Martin the dirty bastard.

At lunch time Kirsty took her laptop to her bedroom, she got out her bullet vibrator and took off her knickers as she got on her bed. Kirsty loved the smell of her own knickers and sometimes used them during her own masturbation. She preferred clitoris stimulation with her bullet than a rabbit inside her. Kirsty relaxed on her bed and put on a downloaded clip of porn on the laptop and watched a well seen clip of porn, she had made herself cum to this clip on numerous occasions and it was about an Italian girl being used by three workmen on their lunch break.

Kirsty put her knickers around her face wearing the like a bandana by her nose and inhaled her worn knickers, she switched the vibrator on and moved the bullet in circular motions around her clit as she watched the porn clip, it was about seventeen minutes long and she always made herself cum at the same point. Although Kirsty had read the subtitles loads of times she liked the silly storyline of this particular bit of porn. She watched this girl wanking then sucking each of the three workmen as she moved the bullet around her clit, it then went to them fucking her pussy and she was getting her own orgasm close.

The girl in the movie then was subjected to having her arse fucked and Kirsty’s fingers were moving the bullet faster, at this point Kirsty was really sniffing her knickers, she loved how the Italian girl didn’t really want a cock in her arse but the men carried on, so with her left hand she started to pinch her right nipple.

Kirsty still concentrating on the laptop screen was holding back her orgasms she always did waiting for the fifteenth minutes when the double penetration was just finishing as the guy in the girls arse pulled his cock out and came wanking his cock over her bum and at that exact point Kirsty came herself, she furiously rubbed the bullet on her clit sniffing her knickers like mad and pinching her nipple.

She had a sweat on and relaxed back on her bed after her cum. Kirsty pulled her knickers off her head and rubbed them over her pussy, she then put the same knickers on and thought long and hard how to shock Martin.

A dirty idea came into her head and she decided that she would meet two of her previous encounters again, she decided on Pete and Simon, she was going to let them either face fuck her or tit fuck her, she wanted Martin to watch her being used and get him horny for another idea she was thinking about.

Later on that night as Kirsty walked to the swing park after getting both guys to agree to meet for some fun, taksim escort she was thinking about Martin still, this older man intrigued her and he was quite dominating but Kirsty wanted to reverse the roles on him.

As she entered the park at the swings was Simon.

“Hey good looking” greeted Simon.

Kirsty walked over to him without saying a word, she pushed her tongue into his mouth as he followed suit. They stood kissing each other, tongues going round each others as Kirsty was thinking this guys a windmill kisser, he just goes round and round, Kirsty did prefer tongues to probe each other rather than going around all the time.

Simon started to unbutton Kirsty’s jacket and started feeling her breasts up, he started to get more confident and pulled her top down exposing her breasts one at a time.

“Hello people” Came Pete’s voice

The two stopped kissing and Kirsty responded”Hi Pete, meet Simon”

The guys said hello to each other and Kirsty pulled Pete’s arm to get him closer, her breasts still exposed, she kissed Pete and he kissed back grabbing her breasts. Kirsty used her right hand to get into the front of Simons trousers and grabbed his cock through his boxer shorts. Pete started getting his own penis out and pulled away from the kissing, with a guy either side of her Kirsty squatted down to the floor. Both of the guy’s cocks were rock hard, Kirsty started to wank them at the same time, she preferred Simons cock as his penis had quite a baggy foreskin, she pulled it right back, concentrating on Simons cock more than Pete’s.

Pete was feeling a bit left out after a minute or so and his penis seemed to droop a little, Kirsty seeing this thought to herself she better give him a suck so she moved her head and sucked on Pete’s cock.

Simons cock was being wanked by Kirsty’s right had as she sucked Pete’s cock and she was getting really turned on, then she thought to herself she had made both these lads cum before and it was about time at least one of them repaid the favour. Kirsty stopped what she was doing, she stood up and took her coat off and dropped it on the floor, she then got on he knees and started to wank Simons off.

“Pete can you undo my jeans and finger me from behind” asked Kirsty.

Pete did as she had asked and Kirsty started to suck on Simons cock, she really did like this penis and foreskin, she found it a turn on pulling the foreskin right back and putting her tongue around his head then rolling the foreskin back along his shaft covering her tongue, she then felt fingers pulling down her knickers and she felt one finger starting to enter her pussy.

Kirsty was enjoying this attention to her pussy, she started to wank Simons cock at the same time as sucking and licking his head. Kirsty then found herself thrusting back and forth on the finger in her pussy. She felt that Pete was also rubbing her anus with his other hands fingers. Pete was fingering her and rubbing her clit and Kirsty was really responding.

“Is her pussy wet mate” asked Simon.

“Wet and warm and she seems to like me rubbing her arsehole” replied Pete.

“Is her pussy tight” asked Simon.

Pete pushed another finger into her cunt.

“Yes it is quite topkapı escort tight” informed Pete

Kirsty was still sucking and rocking on the now two fingers in her pussy. She was getting close to cumming with the action in both of her holes and especially on hearing how these two men were talking about her.

“Is her arse tight” asked Simon, also getting close to his orgasm.

Pete gently inserted his index finger into Kirsty’s anus, his finger nail was in her brown hole and as Kirsty didn’t flinch or protest he went deeper to the middle part of his index finger.

“Fuck me her arse is very tight” said Pete feeling his own cock tingling.

On hearing this Simon put both his hands around the back of Kirsty’s head and he started to ejaculate his cum in her mouth. This was way too much for Kirsty, she was being forcefully face fucked now, with Simons cummy cock spurting into her mouth and Pete’s fingers in her cunt and arse Kirsty was cumming. She was making a muffled sound in her throat, Pete loving this arse and knowing he was making Kirsty cum, he quickly finger fucked her arse whilst still rubbing her clit and had his two fingers in her cunt.

Kirsty swallowed the cum in her mouth and Simon stepped back. Kirsty then lay down on her back still on top of the coat.

“Your turn Pete, you can either have my breasts or mouth” she told him

Pete squatted on top of her breasts so his cock was by her face,

“Wank me off, I want to spunk in your face” said Pete.

Kirsty started to wank Pete’s cock, she was finding it uncomfortable but wanking him hard, Simon opened her legs and started to lick her clit. He fingered Kirsty as well as licking her, Pete was nearly close to shooting his load and he forced his two fingers into her mouth.

“Taste your pussy juice” he told her.

Kirsty licked his fingers he then put his other hands index finger into her mouth

“Taste your arse slut” Pete ordered her.

That turned her on so much, although Simon wasn’t doing a wonderful job in licking her out the slight clit touching with his tongue and the dirtiness of her own arse taste she started to get close to orgasm again.

Pete who couldn’t see what Simon was doing behind him started to ejaculate, Kirsty felt the warm cum go over her face, One bit blobbed over her eye, another shot on her forehead and hair. Pete stood up after the last bit oozed from his cock. He stood and watched Simon licking her cunt.

Kirsty was losing interest in trying to cum again, she was enjoying looking at Pete’s cock whilst she was wanking it and now she was just thinking how crap young Simon was doing on an attempt to bring her off. Kirsty started to fake a orgasm. Simon still licking her pussy and Pete was shouting silly encouragement comments of something about licking the slut’s cunt.

“Thanks for that lads” Kirsty said as she was getting up.

Kirsty talked to them for a while then hinted for them both to go, they went off chatting to each other as they left the park.

“Bravo my little slut” said Martin.

“Hi Martin” greeted Kirsty.

Kirsty put her coat on and sat on the bench, she kicked her jeans off and placed them next to her on the bench.

“If you tuyap escort want to cum lick me out” Kirsty commanded.

Martin got on his knees he moved his mouth to her pussy, Kirsty was thinking “perfect”. Martin started lick nibble on her pussy lips and probe his tongue in and around her pussy. Kirsty put her hands to the back of his head and grabbed his hair.

“Don’t move, just lick my pussy and don’t fucking move” Kirsty told him.

Kirsty’s idea what took lots of thinking about was now going to take place, Kirsty closed her eyes and was blocking out the tongue sensation on her pussy. She concentrated really hard and then it happened, as Martin was licking her pussy Kirsty managed to release some of her full bladder, Kirsty held Martin by the hair and started to piss in Martins face.

“Drink it you filthy bastard” Kirsty told him

Kirsty felt Martins tongue lap up her pussy, she felt her warm piss dribbling down her legs, Martin was still licking her even though she was now in full pissing mode, she could start to smell it herself but martin carried on what he was doing. Martin started to insert two fingers into her pussy and as soon as he did the feeling stopped the flow of piss coming out of Kirsty. Martin then moved them out of her pussy and inserted them fast up her arse. He stopped licking her for a minute and spoke.

“You dirty little cunt, you don’t even flinch a muscle with me finger fucking your shit box” said Martin.

Kirsty still wanting to empty her now half full bladder was still concentrating on trying to piss again, she loved this filthy remark “shit box”. Kirsty started up pissing again it first squirted out a piddle at a time then it went to full flow. Martin went back with his open mouth and after a few seconds Kirsty heard him gulp down her own golden urine.

“You dirty old bastard, swallow my piss, finger my holes” said Kirsty building up a kind of weird orgasm whilst pissing.

Martin used his index and middle fingers of each hand to simultaneously poke both her arse and cunt. Kirsty ran out of piss in her bladder and stopped, Martin still finger fucked both her shit hole and cunt and licked her clit but it was way too much for Kirsty and she came suddenly and hard.

“You have turned me into a dirty slut” She told Martin

Martin stood up and started to walk away.

“Your piss tasted good, I’m going now cunt but tomorrow night it’s my turn for a cum” Martin told her as he left.

Kirsty waited on the bench for a while, put her jeans on and walked home.

When Kirsty got home she noticed her knickers had gone missing. Fucking dirty old bastard, that’s the 2nd pair he’s nicked off me, I wanted them to smell myself, she thought to herself.

Kirsty logged on her computer and read more messages that people had left for her, she had another message from the couple and decided to look at their profile.

Shelly and Andy want to meet woman for threesome fun

Kirsty messaged them asking if they wanted to meet up so she could give Andy a hand job. They responded very soon after, asking if she could get to the Devils Dyke by car, as they went to this well known dogging site first Tuesday night of every month. After lots of messages back and forth, as Kirsty wanted to meet them first and this particular was Tuesday was two weeks away the couple agreed to meet in Kirsty’s park the next night. Kirsty agreed to give Andy a blowjob whilst Shelly kissed her husband.

just as Kirsty said goodnight by message to the couple another message was sent to her. Adam huge cock was asking her for a meet.

To be continued………..

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Before We Go Home Ch. 01

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We both have the same Christian name, which we had found out about when we attended the same boarding School, where normally you only called somebody by their surname. Masturbating oneself was the normal way to relieve the sexual tension there. Some though were with the company of another boy whilst thinking of your relative girlfriends; some however, went beyond that, finding the company of another male less hassle and more attractive than some ‘maybe’ quick grope with a naïve and virgin girlfriend of the same age. Both of us fell into the last category, and spent a lot of time together, becoming not just close mates, but lovers too.

As it happened after we left the School, we had both found jobs on the same Industrial Estate, although with separate firms. We both still lived with our respective parents, but used any opportunity to be together. On some of these occasions, we would phone each other at work, to arrange a ‘meet up’ at the end of the day. It was quite usual for us to go in the one car to a local beauty spot to indulge ourselves, especially in the summer months when it was dry and the trees gave us plenty of cover.

This was one of those evenings, when unusually we had not seen each other for a few days because of various other engagements. We were both ‘dying for it’, and duly arranged to meet this night. We met and drove off in his car, then parked up in the normal lay-by a few minutes away. Excitedly we walked off into the woods behind, trying to look ‘casual’ to the passing traffic. It was all very quiet once away from the road, and without any more vehicles there, we knew we would not be disturbed on this occasion. We looked and smiled at each other as we walked, and I soon slipped my hand over your lovely cock bulge.

“Mmmmmm!” I moan softly as you are already hard and aroused. Without us stopping, you reach for me too, find my zip and pull it down. It was slightly difficult to feel me as we were still walking, but with my heart pounding, you finally eased my hot hard length out into the evening air.

“Oh yeah!” I moan softly as you stroke up my shaft, and our lips meet for a gentle lover’s kiss. I now unzip you too and ease out your own fabulous hard cock, and now we feel happy we are holding each other’s hard cocks as we go deeper and deeper into the wood. We were at that gorgeous moment of feeling another’s hand on our cocks, and we relish it as our fists gently but firmly, stroke up our throbbing meat. We stop for a moment, bringing the leaking and gleaming wet cock heads together, and kiss with lust and passion with open mouths.

“God, am I ready for you!” I tell you, and so we go on again until finally we come to ‘our’ secluded spot. Slowly we slip down onto the grass in the small clearing, and we are quite alone. It is off the beaten track, and we had found it by accident when we first came here. Now it is our regular haunt, well hidden in amongst the trees and bushes, now in full leaf. Our mouths again meet, though now more passionate, rising to another level in our dedicated meeting for such acts. We kiss and fondle until we separate reluctantly, but only to lie on our sides and move into a 69. One of our hands is round our throbbing cocks, the other is clasping a firm shapely ass cheek for purchase. The cocks soon disappear from sight down the willing throat of the other, and gentle firm sucking takes place with bobbing heads.

“Mmmmmm!” we both moan in ecstasy, as almost like magnets our mouths find each other’s stiff cock, and we begin to pleasure them. Both of us now set to our thirsty work, bobbing and twisting our heads up and down on the cocks, until the bulbous heads are deep in our throats. We know it can’t last too much longer, as it has been a few days since the last time. We both desperately want to drink the other’s hot thick sperm, as it is like a drug we must obtain and relieve the other of. We both alternate between ramming our mouths down on the throbbing cocks, then taking a breath and masturbating each other hard. We both tell the other how we love it, how we want the other’s thick cum slipping down in our bellies.

“Cum for me! Cum in my throat!” Nothing will stop us finishing each other off, and we listen to each other to gauge when to cum together. Now we both worm a finger through each other’s wanton ass rings, something we know always heightens the pleasure and inevitable larger orgasms.

“Oh yes!” we moan out together so near now, as our culminating destiny is again secure now. Knowing what is soon to happen, Büyükesat Escort we were both groaning louder and more determined, our straining cocks are so stiffly throbbing, the veins standing out on the fine lengths of cock meat. Both sets of balls are now lifted and tight along the flanks of our rock hard shafts, it sure will not be long now. We are both so horny and hungry for it, looking forward to such exchanging events. We judge each other to perfection, our moans and breathing showing that the time is here.

“Oh god! Now!” you stiffen as I do, and both our cocks begin to jerk, our young bodies stiffly posed in spasm. We both finger each other more rapidly, deeper and harder as our bodies began to shudder in climax. Our mouths quickly go right down on each other’s now spurting shaft, until the ejecting domed cock heads are deep in our fast swallowing throats.

“MMMMMMMMM!” we both groan loudly as the spurts of pent up hot semen, erupt simultaneously into our gulping mouths. With lustful desires we work hard to taste and empty each other’s balls of their precious hot and thick cargo. It is our ultimate display of showing our commitment to the other, and our hands and mouths are ‘loving’ in the care we take with each other at such times. Waves of pleasure sweep aside the rigidity and extreme of the acute orgasms, our bodies slowly relaxing and feeling tired as the dregs of our cum loads are taken down inside our stomachs.

“Oh my god! I was so ready for that!” We comment and smile, our eyes flashing with sexual desire as slowly we separate. We both lick our lips, tasting and marveling at the amount we have saved and now exchanged with each other. We lie there gasping for breath in the grass, our drooling cocks still remain incredibly hard and throbbing, still being stroked slowly. They are glistening wet with our saliva and cum mixture, and neither seems ready to go limp. We have unleashed a pent up lust and it is so satisfying for us both to be pleasuring the other again. Within a minute, you are leaning over me, kissing me in thanks, and we share the taste of our own sperm.

“That was so good! I can hardly wait to do that again!” you say in almost a whisper.

“Mmmm, me too!” I reply, kissing you back as our hands move unerringly on each other’s rampant cocks again. With our free hand we hold each other waists, as we gently stroke the cocks ready for the next inevitable round.

“I want to get fucked up good by you today!” I coo with passion between our French kisses, the need to have your gorgeous cum elsewhere now uppermost for us. We both love the other’s cum inside our bodies, wherever that is, and I get in first to have yours not only in my belly, but deeply planted up in my gut too. It is a risky deed these days, but the perverse need to feel it pumping in, the smooth coating and feel of the stiff cock sliding in your spasming colon, is too addictive not to give yourself to your lover in that way. Anyway, we have only been with each other, and been doing so for years now.

“Oh god yes!” you groan as you want that too, and whilst we continue to kiss, we remove each other’s clothes. We want to be naked, to be as close to each other as possible as such times, whether we are outside in public or not. The urge to be fucked and take your lover’s sperm inside us deep, is too compelling not to do it. Our wide open and aroused eyes stare at each other to share our desperate perverse need, and finally are now both naked. I lie on my back then reach an arm up around your neck, and pull you down in between my raised open thighs.

“Fuck me, baby! Make me cum on you, ..and then seed me!” I kiss you passionately as you gather up my bent knees in your arms, and roll over me. It is a favourite position for me, and one you are happy to oblige me with. I keep looking up into your sexy blue eyes, as with my free hand I guide your throbbing cock meat to my stretched sphincter.

“Take me then!” I whisper to you with my heart pounding again, nearly taking my breath away with desire. We pause for a brief second as we connect and I ready myself for the invasion.

“Ooooooooh!”. I stiffen and hold my breath as I first feel the bulbous head of your cock touch my open pucker ring. We always ‘ready’ our asses before we leave are respective firms for such activities, and know there will be no need to take care.

“Oooooooooh yeah!” I then sigh out as you ease it just inside me, and then you compassionately Elvankent Escort pause for me. I smile up at you, showing I am so happy once again to take you, and I nod my willingness to be sodomised.

“Do it! …Right up me!” I sigh and relax, reaching both hands under us and peel my stretched ass cheeks wide apart to give you every access. The act is one we have practiced many times, then we both sigh loudly as you slowly slide it up inside my eager hole.

“Oh yes!” I moan louder, again my heart is pounding with such desire, and we both moan out as you slowly start to slide up in me, loving every inch until we make sure a cock is fully embedded.

“Ooooooooh yeah! Do it to me!” I keep myself still in my open sacrificial pose, having felt your glorious vein ridged length slowly sliding up my backbone. It is almost like a splint, straightening my body in line with your hard shaft. The act of buggery is so good when you feel such clear penetrive actions take place within you. You gently but firmly push in more, and we both moan as your stiff meat lodges so nice and deep inside me.

“Oh fuck yes!” we both exclaim, staying still and loving this blatant moment of impalement. Once again we are joined together as we both so love, enjoying the feel of stiff flesh being accepted inside another.

“Give it me!” I whisper up to you, my ass high and your head bending down to mine as you begin to work those thick inches gradually back and forth in me. I reach a hand round to your ass to pull you into me, the other comes round and hold my own stiffness, rubbing and stroking it as yours does so wonderfully inside me greasing anal tract. Soon the buggery is easier, I am more open and now lubed for your deeper urgent thrusts.

“Oh god yes, fuck me!” I moan now, feeling you right up in me, you are up to your balls in my ass, and where we know you will soon have me spasming on you.

“Oh god yes! Harder, baby!” I half close my eyes in the wanton pleasure, you need no second invitation. Your searching cock withdraws and then thrusts back up to seek out and then deliberately stab at my ‘sweet spot’. The thrusts get longer and more accurate, ‘long dicking’ my greedy sensitive asshole so accurately now. You are so beautifully ‘finding’ me, that as usual I am cumming on you already.

“Oh yes! There baby, ..there!” I goad you on to so crudely stimulate my colon, to make my anus so perversely go into spasm. It is so addictive and my body is opening and answering your quickening thrusts, almost to guide you now.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop now, baby! Ooooh yeah! You’ve got me now!” I swoon, and both my arms come up and wind through under yours. Then my hands cup around behind your shoulders to pull on you, to encourage and help the powerful and gut stabbing thrusts you begin to wonderfully give me.

“Oooooooh fuck yes!” I strain out, raising and widely opening my knees even more, tilting up my rectal passage for the abuse we both know it so loves. The act of our love-making is so debauched and so needy every time, more especially when we have been apart a few days. It’s as if we need to show, to prove our undying commitment to the other in our deviant sexual pleasures. Our break is showing neither of us will last long, and our eyes show each other how close we are.

“I want all of you, ..deep inside my ass!” our dirty minds are working overtime, arousing and bating the other in the climax to our sodomy.

“Oh fuck, …yes! Do me!” I swoon over and over. I am in lustful heaven as you thrust deep and jack yourself up me furiously, jamming me right on the end of your stabbing rod. You are putting my juicing asshole on the end of your huge inflamed shaft, like some pig on a spit. I feel your balls no longer smacking me, as they are now rising, almost boiling to release another bucketful of sperm into my wanking anus. We deftly hold the position and draw closer to the climax we want. Suddenly you stiffen and shudder, tenting over me to get it deep, and grip my tilted hips.

“Oh fuck! …Take it then! …I’m cumming! ..I’m cumming up in your gut!” you strain out the words through gritted teeth.

“Oh yes! Do it to me!” I swoon again, and dutifully hold my breath and body waiting expectantly for it. Then suddenly, as you continue slamming into me, bolts of thick semen feel red hot as they shoot off into my belly from the other way. You are seeding my barren hole, and I just love the very idea, let alone the Beşevler Escort gorgeous feel of it. It always tips me over the edge, and I join you in orgasm.

“Oh god yes, fill me! …Give it to me, baby! …Oh yes, fuck it up me deep! …Oh god, …I’m cumming too!” I crave for it and my whole body tenses up, crudely going into spasm everywhere, the pleasure complete and so rewarding. My own semen begins hotly bursting forth between us as yours continues to fill up my straining out passage. Our stomachs are coated and slide together so easy now.

“Take it deep, you fucking slut!” you hiss with each gorgeous sperm injecting thrust, so copiously seeding up my willing colon.

“Give it to me! Right up deep in me, you dirty fucker!” I swoon in sheer bliss, as everything is now suddenly going all slimy and slippery inside me. I am masturbating your cock meat furiously with my ass ring, which grips tightly around your erupting shaft, to milk it all from your tight balls. It’s so clearly jetting off in massive spurts from your twitching and jerking cock, showing you have saved it up for me. You gasp with each almost painful thick pulse, as my rectal passage is seemingly jacking you off inside me. My anal tract feels like some well oiled rubber glove clasping around to make you spew your hot thick load off in me.

“Oh god yes! Cum! Make it yours and seed me!” I feel weak at the thought and feel of it all being exchanged inside my wanton passage.

“You love it up you, don’t you?” you hiss with venom.

“Oh god yes! Nice and deep! Do it really deep inside my belly!” I nod and gasp. “How deep?” you snarl and deliberate thrust and hook your rock hard spurting cock up in me, to test my limits.

“Deep! …Every fucking inch, baby!” I close my eyes as I am taken over by another acute anal orgasm brought on by your brutal deliberations.

“Uuuuuuuugh!” I try to clasp the unfaltering spewing thrusts with all my anal muscles, but we are too slippery now, and it just makes me basically strain out in another depraved spasm around you. I reach my head up to yours and we kiss, our tongues fencing like your cock does wickedly inside my sperm filled gut. I cannot deny your needs and offer no resistance as you work out your now wild lust in my so willing body. The world is our only witness to our depraved act of sodomy, one bent doubled and openly posed, beneath the deeply penetrating upper one, that is in such obvious needy orgasm. The juice and sperm covered shaft is glistening and flashing in and out as it brutally stabs and hooks up inside the other, who welcomes the attention as if in a suicidal need to be bludgeoned to death by it.

You are still shuddering in me as you finish me off so expertly, our kisses as succulent as our spermy coupling with the minutes passing by. Our bodies are slowing in the mutual act of the seeding, our strength and needs satisfied for now. Groaning and gasping for breath, we both finally slow and collapse together. We stay still in a tightly held embrace, still kissing though more gently and passionate as the coupling is savoured. My slimy anal tract spasms occasionally in continuing flutters, clutching your deeply embedded shaft up around your empty balls. We smile weakly and acknowledge my anal muscles now gently stroking and milking your drooling cock for every drop of precious semen.

“Oh god, that was so good!” we both moan in accord, feeling the always smooth feel of cock in a well spermed asshole. We kiss some more until the day is passing all too quickly, and know we must soon go to our separate homes. You ease off me slightly, looking down at my own drooling cock, seeing the load I have shared with you on our chests and stomachs.

“Mmmmm! You came nice too!” you smile and peck me again, before very gently sliding out of my stretched anal ring.

“Oh no!” I close my eyes and try to clench to keep your cock and your cum in me. I don’t want you to come out as always, and certainly lose none of your thick cum.

“You slut!” you whisper and pause until I look up at you again, then I reluctantly I allow your big helmet to escape it’s clutches.

“OH!” I arch up and squeeze my ass ring tightly to keep your precious load in my anus, and you lean over to bring our mouths together, our spermy cock heads rub together. You kiss me as if in sympathy, smiling at my obvious struggle.

“You bastard!” I mouth off to him, but loving the games we play like that.

“Yes, but you love it, don’t you!” he laughs and begins putting his shirt on. I can only nod and smile back, slowly reaching for my clothes too.

Minutes later, our illicit meeting is over, and reluctantly we head back to the car hand in hand until we reach the road.

“It’s my turn tomorrow!” you smile with mischief, as we climb in and begin to belt up.

Continued in Chapter 2 Sirkillabutt

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Becoming a Cock Slut Pt. 02

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This is the last part of this story which was based loosely on real life. Any future stories that I write will be pure fantasy.

In the first part of this story titled “Becoming a Cock Slut” I told you about my first two weeks after discovering the joy of anal sex and it was based on my memories of that time in my life with just a little embellishment. Part 2 will be some highlights and some shudda’s from the next few months with Brad and Greg. (I’ll let you decide which parts are highlights and which are shudda’s).


Over the next few weeks I had sex with either Brad or Greg several times a week, always good and with happy endings, but nothing unusual. Then one day around the end of July we were all together for a swim at the beach near Greg’s house. As you would expect there was lots of horsing around in the water. This led to some, shall we say, bodily contact which led to some hard cocks.

Greg exclaimed “I’m so fucking horny.”

“So am I.” said Brad

“Me too.” I said.

There were cottages not far away so we decided to go someplace more private and ended up in the barn at Greg’s family farm. We went into the hay loft, the same place where Greg had fucked me silly just a few weeks before and got undressed. At this point it just seemed natural to reach for Greg’s cock and he reached for Brad’s and Brad reached for mine. The circle jerk lasted for a few minutes until precum was dripping from our cocks.

“Why are we wasting all of this good lube” said Brad.

“Fuck” said Greg

“Yessss” I said. Then we did!

Brad wanted to fuck Greg and Greg wanted to fuck me, so I got on my knees and Greg rubbed his dripping cock against my hole and gave a push. I was ready and the entry was smooth and painless. God how I loved that feeling of fullness with 6½ inches of solid cock up my ass. Brad then mounted Greg and as he fully impaled Greg’s ass we were locked and set to go. It was a little awkward, Brad was pumping away at Greg’s ass and I’m sure that was great for both of them. I, on the other hand, was full of cock and that was great, but it was just giving me a little bump each time Brad bottomed out in Greg.

“Let’s try something different.” I said. “Brad, put your hands on Greg’s shoulders then pull your cock about half way out and don’t move.”

“OK” he said.

Then I said “Greg, just move your hips back and forth’ so that you are fucking yourself with Brad’s cock on the backstroke and you are fucking me on the forward stroke.”

Brad managed to keep his cock in Greg’s ass without slipping out and everyone was getting properly fucked. Brad the top, Greg the versatile and me the bottom. We all loved it with lots of grunting and moaning and the occasional “FUCK that’s good.”

Greg was getting the most stimulation and was the first to cum. He flooded my ass with a nice big load of slippery, gooey, thick white cum. I collapsed onto my stomach and felt the weight of my two buddies on top of me. As Greg’s cock softened in my hole he just laid there for a minute with Brad slowly pumping his hard cock into him.

Then Greg said to Brad “do you want a slippery hole?”

“Fuck yes!” Brad beamed.

Brad pulled out of Greg as Greg pulled out of me. My ass had no sooner kissed Greg cock goodbye than it kissed Brad’s hello. It didn’t last much longer but it was a totally uninhibited ride from there. The load of cum in my ass made for a slick slippery noisy fuck and Brad’s strokes were nearly the full length of his cock with perfect rhythm the head of his cock would Demetevler Escort come out until just the tip was there to guide him back in. Brad’s strokes started to become shorter from six inches, to five, to four, to three, then he slammed into me to the hilt and exploded his load. “oooh FUCK that was GOOD!” he cried.

“So fucking slippery, so fucking hot, sooo fucking GOOD!” I exclaimed

Greg who had been watching had gotten his second wind. As Brad’s cock slipped from my ass I felt Greg’s hand on my shoulder as he held me down and slammed to the hilt into me again. By this time there was so much cum in me that on every backstroke a little cum was leaking from my ass and running down onto my balls and his balls were splashing into that gooey mess as he slammed home on the forward stroke. It gave a whole new meaning to the comment “what a fucking mess.” By the time he came we were both panting with exhaustion and totally satiated. We laid there as he softened and then slipped from my hole. He kissed me on the neck, I turned my head and he planted one on my lips. I kissed back, it was brief but it was a kiss. It was the first time a guy had kissed me. I was trying to figure out how I felt about that.

It was about the middle of August, Brad and I were going away to school at the beginning of September. Brad had been wanting me to suck his cock for several weeks. I resisted because I thought it would be gross and why would I do that when I was enjoying getting fucked so much. Then one day we were fooling around and I was expecting to get a good fucking, but Brad had other ideas. We had been rubbing each other’s crotch and were both hard and ready for more. We got undressed.

I got on my knees and said “fuck me.”

He backed off and said “Not unless you suck my cock first.”

I resorted to begging and praising “please Brad, fuck me, I need to feel your big cock in my ass.”

“No, not until you suck my cock” he said.

I took hold of his cock, spit on it and rubbed the spit in with my hand making sure he was enjoying what I was doing. As I stroked his cock my thumb was slipping back and forth over his piss slit. I had him moaning with pleasure and added more saliva to the mix so that his cock was nice and wet. I could tell he was enjoying himself and thought he may be ready to fuck me and said “please fuck me now.”

He looked down at me and said “not until you suck my cock”.

He was starting to get dressed so I knew if I wanted to get fucked I would have to suck his cock. I stuck my tongue out and ran it over the head of his dick and didn’t taste anything bad so I got a little braver and slid my lips over the head, held them there and licked all around the head in circular motion. He started to moan and I started to get turned on to the feeling of power that I suddenly felt. I took another inch or so into my mouth and pressed my tongue against the bottom of his cock with my lips protecting the top from my teeth and slowly slid his cock in and out of my mouth.

Brad cried “oooh god that feels so fucking good, take more, take my whole fucking cock, take it all, it’s soooo FUCKING good, mmmmm.”

I took as much as I could handle but there was still about two inches that wasn’t fitting in my mouth. His cock head was hitting the back of my throat on each stroke triggering my gag reflex. He didn’t try to force it all down my throat and allowed me to take what I could. Gradually the gag reflex was easing a bit and I found my lips edging Otele gelen escort closer and closer to his pubes, they were already tickling my nose. I could tell that Brad was getting close to cumming. I increased my efforts slamming my mouth down on his cock the head going deep in my throat. I was able to hold it there for a few seconds then pulled back so that I held just the head between my lips.

I looked up into his eyes and could see the want and need to cum in his eyes. At this point I could have said ‘now fuck me’ but I didn’t I sucked on the head while slipping my lips off the end, opened my mouth and did it again. I felt his body start to shudder as he held his come. I slid back down onto his cock until it hit the back of my throat, sucked hard and slowly pulled back. With just the head left in my mouth and still sucking, hiss cum exploded into my mouth. The first squirt almost filled my mouth and was followed by four or five more of smaller amounts. I had to either swallow or get it all over my face and I thought that would be gross so I swallowed as much as I could. A little cum drooled out the corners of my mouth and off my chin. I held his cock in my mouth licking at the slit looking for more.

Brad said “fuck man that is too intense.”

I stopped sucking and slid my mouth about half way down his cock letting it soften in my mouth before pulling back and sucking the last drop off the tip. Brad was still catching his breath and had trouble talking “ho heh ho heh holy fu fu fuck, that was amaaazing.”

I said “I suppose this means I don’t get fucked.”

He said “just give me a few minutes and I will give you a fuck you won’t soon forget” and he did.

I had been away at school since early September returning home for the Thanksgiving weekend in October. Greg had stayed at home and was working on his father’s farm. Greg had worked all day on Saturday. We made arrangements to get together after he finished working to catch up. It was harvest time so work on the farm went on until near dark. By the time Greg had showered and got ready to meet me it was dark. He brought his dad’s car and we went for a drive.

There was a hangout frequented by young adults in the village where we had attended high school. We met some old schoolmates both male and female and had a good time, trying but failing to pick up a couple of girls from our graduating class. After an hour we headed back toward home. On the way home I told Greg that the little house that my father owned and rented out was vacant and since we had struck out with the girls, maybe we could go there and fuck.

He said “that sounds like a good plan. I have been working hard all week and can’t think of a better way to unwind.”

The house was behind a grove of trees and we could park the car where it wouldn’t be noticed. The moon was full and visibility was good. There was no traffic on the road so he killed the lights about a quarter mile before the driveway and we coasted quietly into a parking place behind the trees. In those days in our community there were very few locked doors and my dad’s rental house was no exception. The house had some furniture that belonged to my dad and stayed with the house. We went inside and without any lights made our way to one of the bedrooms.

We stripped naked and laid down on the bed. I realized that this was the first time that I would get fucked on a bed and the first time that I had done it in the dark. I reached for Greg’s cock and he groaned. Balgat Escort He was already hard and I moved so that my mouth was close to his cock. I leaned in and licked his cock from his balls to the tip, slipped the head into my mouth and sucked hard.

Greg said “fuck where did that come from? Did you learn that at school?”

I said “no Brad talked me into trying it just before we left for school.”

I continued to suck on his cock and before too long had all of it in my mouth and throat. With it wedged into my throat I swallowed and he shuddered.

“Fuck that feels good” he said “but I am not going to last long and I want to shoot my first load in your ass so it will be slippery for another good long fuck.”

I slipped my mouth off his cock giving it a friendly kiss before letting it go. I got on my knees and Greg came up behind me. He lubed my ass with saliva and slowly reintroduced his already wet cock to my ass. It had been a while and there was a little pain on entry but it went away quickly. Greg started a slow pump into me and as he had predicted he didn’t’ last long before blowing a nice load into my bowels.

He said “fuck I needed that. I haven’t cum since last Sunday and haven’t fucked since you went away to school.”

We rested for a few minutes. After he came down from the orgasm I reached down cupping his balls and sucked on one of his nipples. When a hard little nub formed under my lips, I nipped it gently with my teeth. His body stiffened and so did his cock.

He said “fuck man you are full of surprises tonight. Do the other one.”

I sucked on the other nipple and nipped at it too. He shuddered and pushed me onto my back. He grabbed a pillow and told me to raise my butt and get ready to be fucked. With my ass elevated and legs spread he tried to line his cock up with my ass. It was different doing it with me on my back and in the dark. Greg had to rub the head of his cock around to find the hole. I think he was enjoying it because even after he found the hole he kept rubbing my ass with his cockhead.

I said “that feels so fucking good. Take your time, fuck me slow and long.”

He rubbed in ever decreasing circles around my asshole until he was drilling into my hole. When the head was inside he started rotating his pelvis as his cock slowly entered my slippery, sloppy cum drenched asshole. I had never felt anything like this before. He kept going at a slow pace and stretching my ass with his rotary motion on each stroke. He was bumping my prostate on each stroke sawing across it on the in/out motion and side to side because of the rotary motion. He kept this up for about ten minutes both of us making unintelligible noises. I still hadn’t touched my cock and neither had Greg.

“Fuck yesssss.” I screamed. I was glad there were no close neighbours to hear me.

At this point Greg couldn’t help but to speed up and slowly accelerated the pace of his stroked still punishing my prostate on each stroke. As his speed increased the precum that had been leaking for quite a while now became a full blown orgasm spewing onto our bellies and chests and pubes. When the orgasm hit my ass muscles clenched around Greg’s cock and sent him over the edge filling my ass to overflowing. As his last few strokes squished into my thoroughly fucked ass hole Greg started saying “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK.”

I chimed in with “YES, YES, YES, YESSSSS.”

We laid there breathing heavily with my ass clenching and squeezing his cock as it softened and slid slowly out. My ass kissed his cockhead as it slowly closed. Neither of us moved, Greg leaned into me and kissed me on the lips and this time I kissed him back and knew I liked it. I now considered myself a full blown cock slut.

Even though I went on to get married and have children and grandchildren, I still consider that fuck and orgasm without ever touching my cock as the best sex I ever had.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Editor’s note: this submission contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sexual situations.


I guess the best place to start is at the beginning, so that’s what I’ll do.

The first time I met him, I was at The Dive with my girlfriend Jess. I know, I know, a dive bar named The Dive is pretty corny, and yes, the place is rough around the edges, but the beer is cheap and it’s only a couple of blocks away from my place, so it’s where you can find us most week-ends. Jess and I had been together for about seven or eight months, though the first few months it was a hook-up type arrangement, so we were still in the process of meeting each other’s friends. Today, it was her friends Liza and Ethan’s turn.

Jess looked beautiful in her new blue dress and seemed so happy as she introduced me to Liza. She was one of her best friends and someone she’d been wanting me to meet for a while. Liza seemed nice, tall and blonde with tortoise-shell glasses which gave her a bit of a sever, librarian vibe, but she seemed friendly and was obviously pleased to meet me. Said she’d heard good things and all of that. We made small talk for a few minutes and then she said, almost like an afterthought,

“Oh, Oliver, you haven’t met Ethan. Come on, he’s watching the game, I’ll introduce you.”

We turned and headed to the bar and there he was.

There. He. Was.

He spun his bar stool round slowly, leaning back against the bar, broad shoulders in a crisp white shirt, his legs splayed, feet perched on the stool as an easy, if slightly sardonic grin, spread slowly across his face.

There’s really no way around it, the very first thing you notice about Ethan is that he is handsome. I mean seriously handsome. Dangerously handsome. Olive skin, brown hair so dark it almost looks black. Light hazel eyes with wild flecks of green and blue. A slightly prominent nose, with a tiny hint of a curved bridge. Just enough to add interest to his face and forever excuse him from being accused of being just another perfect face.

Perhaps, I should add a preface here to say that in my twenty-six years, never once have I found myself taken aback or even vaguely interested in a man’s looks. Hell, I probably couldn’t tell you what color my housemates’ eyes are and I’ve known those guys since college.

But, back to Ethan, he was so good looking that the very first thing I felt upon meeting him, was a vague sense of annoyance. But annoyance at who? Jess? Irrationally, I almost felt that she should have warned my before I met him. You know, just a quick little;

“Just so you know, you should prepare yourself for the fact that Ethan is incredibly good-looking.”

But that would be completely irrational. So, no, I’m sure it can’t be that. I wrack my brain. What the fuck is my problem? I wonder if it’s a case of being a bit of an asshole on my part? There’s no way for me to say this without coming off as a dick, so I’m just going to have to come out and say it — usually, when I walk into a bar, I’m the best-looking guy there. Okay? And no, I don’t have a big head about it and no, I’m not into myself. Usually, it’s just a fact. So, maybe that’s it? Maybe I’m a little threatened and that’s it? Yes, I think, that’s it. I’m not proud of it, but I feel better as soon as I’ve mentally worked through this little conundrum. I introduce myself in a manner that feels perfectly normal and socially acceptable. With relief, I think I must be over my weird little blip.

“Irish, huh?” he says by way of greeting. His voice is deep. The type of deep that you easily pick out in a crowded room, as it seems to occupy a completely different octave from the voices of other mere mortals.

I’m surprised he made my accent. My mom and I moved to the States over ten years ago and most people can’t hear my origin in my voice anymore.

He shoves a hand towards me and as I reach out to shake it, I can’t help but notice how big his hand is. Wide palms with long, slender fingers. It feels hot to touch and from the way it envelopes mine…wait, what? What the fuck!?

What is going on with me? I haven’t even had a beer yet, but I feel like I need to sober up. I need to pull myself together. I take a quick deep breath, sit down and take a long, cool swig of the beer that’s appeared in front of me.

I focus my attention on the football game on the TV above the bar. Over the next hour or so, I find out that Ethan and Liza have been together for four years and that he is an architect. Other than that, it’s small talk and yelling the odd bit of advice to the referee. I’m in my comfort zone and I feel acutely relieved. That whole business earlier must have been an anomaly and it’s nothing to worry about, I’m sure of it. Absolutely sure of it.

Jess has a dinner reservation for us, so as soon as the game finishes, we get ready to leave. Even though I’ve barely said two words to her, I assure Liza that it has been Cebeci Escort lovely to meet her, and she assures me of the same thing. Ethan lightly taps my arm says,

“Good to meet ya, Irish.”

His words land and dissolve, but the spot he touched on my arm burns into me like a brand. What the fuck? I think, not for the first time that evening. I’m not attracted to him, am I? Am I? I steal a quick, furtive glance at him. No, I think. No, obviously not. That’s not me.

I open the door for Jess and in years to come, I’ll often wonder what makes me do it, but as she walks through, I turn and look back at Liza and Ethan. She’s pressed up against him now, his arm is draped around her small waist, his hand snaking down, grabbing her ass. He cups her chin with his other hand, tilting her face to his. I see his lips part and the pink wetness of his tongue as it presses into her mouth. I’m transfixed. I tear my eyes from his mouth, track up along his jaw, his chiseled cheekbones and finally to his eyes. I fully expect to find them closed, but no. No, his eyes are wide open. And they’re looking straight at me. Into me. His gaze hits me square in the chest, literally making me physically recoil. My mouth opens in surprise, though I quickly clamp it shut. Blood rushes south. I feel myself stiffen.



It’s been a couple of weeks since our last, extremely odd, encounter and I’ve had plenty of time to work through it. I’ve analyzed the situation repeatedly and in minute detail and ultimately this is what I’ve come up with:

Firstly, Jess and I had not had sex on the day I met Ethan and I was obviously pent up. It happens. No big deal. Secondly, dicks are not all that clever and sometimes they do dumb shit. Also, no big deal.

Okay? So that’s it. Line in the sand. No. Big. Deal.


So, No Big Deal it is, until Jess and Liza make plans to get a mani/pedi together and unanimously decide that it will be nice for me and Ethan to hang out. I ‘um’ and ‘er’ about it a bit, trying to think of an excuse that’s not “You friend’s boyfriend gave me a look that made my dick hard” but I’m coming up empty. Jess seems to have decided that Ethan and I are going to be friends and there doesn’t seem to be much I can do about it. I make a mental note to watch her for signs of being controlling in future, though to be fair, she’s been pretty much a dream girlfriend up until now.

I feel a bit like a kid being dropped off for a playdate as she drives me over to Ethan’s. I remind myself firmly about the fact that last time was No Big Deal. Still, I feel a little sense of trepidation as we walk up the stairs to his apartment. Ethan opens the door and lets us in while Liza greets us with a big smile. The mood is completely relaxed and neutral. Normal.

See? Absolutely No Big Deal. Yes, he gave me a look. Nothing wrong with that. Everything is completely fine.

The End.




It wasn’t the end, was it?

I could still hear the clatter of Jess’s heels on the staircase, when the mood in the room shifted. It’s hard to say what changed. On the face of it, all Ethan did was offer me a beer, get it out of the fridge and walk back over to give it to me. Under the surface, it was the edge in his voice, it was the way he moved, the way he looked at me when he handed to me. It’s hard to know how to describe it other than to say, there was a charge. I couldn’t tell you if it was a positive or negative shift, or if there was suddenly more or less oxygen in the room. I can only say that it was charged.

What happened next happened so quickly, that I didn’t even have a second to refer back to my No Big Deal pep talk. It’s vague and jumbled in my mind, but to the best of my recollection, it went like this:

He handed me the beer. I took it, but as I did, he gave me a playful little jab in the ribs. I jumped a little and might have said “What the fuck, dude?” He jabbed me again, a little less playful this time, so I shoved him a little. His lips cracked open, in a crooked, dark smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes, as he reached down and tapped my dick. He tapped my fucking dick!?

I’m unequivocally positive I said, “What the fuck?” that time.

I tossed my beer onto the floor and grabbed him by the scruff of his t-shirt and shoved him hard up against the wall. He still had that smile on his face and I couldn’t help noticing that his eyes were completely and notably without fear. So much so, that I couldn’t hold eye contact with him and maybe that was why my eyes wondered down, past his neck, his chest and to his belt, his buckle and the little bit of skin I’d exposed by grabbing his t-shirt. Tanned skin, tautly covering his belly, which rose and fell as he breathed in and out.

Time seemed to slow, and then stop briefly as I raised my hand, clenching my fist, fully intending Kolej Escort to punch him, though somewhere between curling my fingers to make a fist and drawing my arm back, I was distracted. Distracted by the heat of his body, the quickness of his pulse and the quickness of mine. Ultimately, what should have been a punch that ended a friendship before it even began, turned into an open palm pressing against that little bit of exposed skin. My open palm. His exposed skin.

Instead of getting the fuck out of there right then and there, that open palm turned into a hand grazing his belly and a sharp intake of breath, though I can’t be sure now, if that came from him or from me.

The next bit is a blur. My shirt came off, though I’m not completely sure how. I do remember his fingers in the belt hooks of my jeans. And I do remember him pulling me towards him. My hips against his hips. And I definitely remember the electric shock that ripped through me as my dick rubbed against his. Both of us were hard. So, so hard.

No way I could forget that.

I remember his hands on me. Grabbing my neck, my chest, my sides. The sound of a zipper coming undone. My zipper. I remember a tugging sensation. His hands again. My chest. My jeans and boxers yanked down. Cool air on my ass. Both of us stumbling back. Bumping into the dining table. Roughly being turned around. Bent. That was me, me being bent over the table. My jeans around my ankles.

My God!

If the first part was a blur, the next part was anything but. No, if anything, the next part is crystal clear and in painfully sharp focus. He had me over the table, ass bare, legs spread open as wide as my jeans would allow. He ran his hand up my inner leg, from my knee to my balls, barely touching me, the movement only felt as a reaction to the heat omitted from his hand and possibly, the slight disturbance of the coarse blonde hair on my leg. A shiver traveled up my spine.

What the fuck am I doing? I thought. Finally! A conscious thought. My mind raced, confused and desperate to make sense of this dreadful chain of events. This is way, way passed dicks just not being that clever! I thought frantically. He reached up and grazed my balls with his fingertips. I bucked and had the good sense to push his hand away and try to get up. My position was compromised, I was off balance and tangled in my own pants. He grabbed my wrist, twisted it back and easily pinned me down. I arched and struggled. I swear I did.



Only, by now he had my balls in his hand. Stroking them gently, but I’m sure you’ll agree, I was in a very delicate predicament. I’m sure you’ll agree that most people would have considered it wise not to fight.

Wouldn’t you?

He ran his fingers down my balls and then up again, this time travelling up, up, up across my taint. Slowly tracking his way to my…

Jesus Christ!!

What the fuck? I thought desperately, this certainly is a motherfucking Big Deal! But it was too late. Time stopped completely. I felt like a record on an old-fashioned gramophone. The record was spinning, but the needle had reached the end of the track, it had paused and then lifted. The room fell silent, yet the record kept spinning. I was the record, and I was spinning.

I glanced back to see him licking his thumb.

Oh fuck, fuck, fuuuuuck!

He barely even stroked my puckered little hole, before shoving his thumb into me. I wish I could tell you that I fought it, I wish I could say that I asked him to stop. But no, all I did, was rear my head back and omit a long, loud groan.

Appalled by the sound, I screwed my eyes closed tightly and pressed my lips together, desperately trying to stop another moan from escaping. His finger continued its assault, in and out, deeper and deeper until I was sure I couldn’t take any more. I gasped in relief as he pulled out. Thank God. My relief was short lived though as he grabbed my dick hard, jerking up and down quickly flooding my body with pleasure. I felt the room spinning and as he leant in close to me, I heard him say, “Don’t. Move.”

He spoke quietly, the timbre of his deep voice washing over me. I glanced back frantically to see him walking quickly, purposefully down the hall. As he walked, he lifted his faded grey t-shirt casually up over his head, causing his defined delts and traps to ripple he brought his arms down and tossed the t-shirt to the floor.

Quickly! I thought, Get your shit together! You have to get out of here NOW! I glanced around the room, doing a quick recon. My shirt was on the floor in a puddle to my left, my jeans were pooled around my ankles. I still had my shoes on. I could literally be out of there in a matter of seconds. So why wasn’t I moving? Why the fuck aren’t you moving?

Maybe it was because of how hard my dick was, or maybe it was because of how heavy my balls Yenimahalle Escort were. Maybe it was the thick mist of arousal swirling around me, or maybe it was the way he said don’t move. Like a dare. Like a promise. His words, his voice had snaked their way around my limbs and bound me just as surely as if he’d used rope. So, you see, I didn’t move, because I couldn’t move.

I’m not sure I can ever really explain what I felt like right then. Rooted to that spot. Waiting. Knowing. And I really mean, knowing, as there wasn’t a single, solitarily part of me that didn’t know what I was waiting for. That waiting felt like an eternity, I can promise you that. In reality, it was probably no more than a minute before I heard his footsteps coming down the hall. I quickly faced forward, eyes straight ahead, a last-ditch attempt to hide my complaisance.

I willed myself not to look back as he set the bottle of lube and a condom on the table next to me. I kept my eyes closed as I heard the clinking, bone-chilling sound of him unbuckling his belt. I tried to ignore the tremor that went through me as I heard the quick, whipping sound of his belt being pulled free. I tried not to clench when I felt him spread my cheeks and I tried not to jump when he squirted a cold, generous dollop of lube on my ass. I tried not to gasp as I felt a long, thick digit slickly enter me. I failed there. I tried not to moan when he added another equally long, equally thick finger. I failed there too. My sphincter clenched and spasmed involuntarily as he shoved his fingers into me over and over until my limbs were nothing but liquid.

Slow, deep breaths, I told myself, as he withdrew his fingers. Don’t panic, I thought, it won’t be that bad, as I heard the tell-tale rip of the condom wrapper. Fear pooled and settled heavily in my belly. How many of my girlfriends had I taken in this exact same way, in this exact same position? Their soft, smooth, porcelain asses quaking gently as I held them firmly in place as I thrusted. It can’t be that bad, I thought, can it?

I purposely avoided looking back, as he rolled the condom on. I was facing a big onslaught if the bulge I’d rubbed against earlier was anything to go by, no point in adding to my fear. I heard the snap of the lube cap and the squelching sound of him coating himself in it and felt the cool slipperiness of him rubbing a little more on me. The fear in my belly swirled and twisted.

“Relax.” He said, drawling slightly. What a fucking idiot, I thought. Relax? Re-fucking-lax? When I’m about to get reamed? I wondered vaguely just how many times I’d said the very same thing to my partners? Mmph, I thought, maybe I’m a fucking idiot too.

I lurched forward a little when his dick first made contact with my ass. He quickly caught my hips and locked me firmly in place against the table. He reached down and spread my cheeks with what felt like his thumb and forefinger while guiding himself to my knot-hole with his other hand. I clenched my teeth as he started to press. My ass rebelled, puckering and tightening.

“Relax!” he barked again, as he rubbed his head against me, pressing a little harder each time he swiped past my opening. I felt myself give way slightly, stretching just a little. He pressed harder and harder. My God! The pressure was unbelievable. I tried to wriggle away, but his fingers were digging into my hips like a vice. My ass pulsed and struggled as it stretched millimeter by millimeter. My tight little sphincter put up a valiant fight, but at last, with a little pop, it lost to the relentless intruder.

White hot pain ripped through my body as he forced his head into me. My eyes slammed shut and my mouth opened wide in a silent scream.

Holy fuck!

“Arrrrghhh!” I cried, when I caught my breath. I was frozen. Rooted to the spot. Gasping for air. What is it, what is it, what is it? I thought frantically, my executive function severely compromised by the extreme lack of blood flowing to my brain. What is it I always tell my partners? Relax? No, don’t be stupid, you can’t relax when you have a red-hot poker up your ass. What is it? Bear down. Yes! That’s it. Bear down a little and that will open your ass.

Even this well-meaning advice I’d issued countless times before, seemed a lot harder to follow when it was applied to me. Do you have any idea how terrifying it is to try to push out, when someone is actually trying to push something into you?

My God.

The pain was still wracking my body when I felt another surge of pressure. He was preparing to thrust again. I had no fucking choice. I bit my lip, as I bore down and felt myself give way to him again. I groaned as at least another inch filled me. He moved slowly, easing himself in and out, giving me time to adjust, before the pressure started building again and I had no choice but to let him in more. Over and over, we repeated this dance until at last, at last I felt his balls against mine. I was so weak with relief I hardly even registered the mortifying way I was moaning. Low and long, and so motherfucking loud. Just awful. I sank my face into my palms, trying to hide my face as each tiny movement from him, forced these fearsome sounds from my body. Sounds that were so low the whole room seemed to vibrate.

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The Morning After

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The Morning After I had to admit I got turned on knowing one of my neighbors had seen my naked backside. When I walked in the house that morning I was surprised by a friend of my oldest son who was waiting for him in the living room. I don’t know if he had been part of my gangbang, but I’m sure he had seen the pictures from that night by the way he grinned at me. I said “hi” and turned to go upstairs to my bedroom. He said “Nice ass, come talk to me”. In my surprise to see him there I had forgotten I was only wearing an apron. I turned back around and walked to where he was sitting. He slid forward on the couch and eryaman escort put his hands around my waist. “Jay’s in the shower so we have a some time”, he said as his hands untied the back of my apron. He then moved one hand down to my naked ass, the other he brought forward and slid up between my thighs to my slit, slipping two fingers right inside me. I moaned softly. He told me to take off the apron as he dipped his fingers in and out of my wet pussy. I slipped the apron over my head and tossed it on the floor. Now totally naked I smiled and asked “what sincan escort do you want?”, and licked my lips. He answered, “Take out my cock and suck it slut”. I said “just a minute” and pulled away and went upstairs. I had to make sure my son was still in the shower, and grab something from my room. I got what I wanted and went back downstairs. I think he was a little surprised to see me holding a good sized dildo complete with balls. I knelt down on my knees in front of him and went for his zipper. I pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles and gave the etlik escort tip of his cock a little lick. I started fingering myself with one hand as I licked up and down his shaft, also licking his balls. I grabbed the dildo and positioned it under me, lowering my now dripping pussy down all the way to the base of this rubber cock. His eyes widened as I started riding my toy. Once I got a slow, steady rhythm going, I leaned forward and put my mouth down on his dick, moving in time with my dildo fucking. When I slid down all the way on the dildo I would go down on his cock. He grabbed my head, pushing his cock easily into my throat. I knew I would cum any minute and started riding faster. He moved my head up and back down at his own pace now, going into my throat on every stroke. “Oh you’re a good slut aren’t you”, he said as he started moving my head faster. I moved one hand to my clit and started rubbing fast as I felt my orgasm building.

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First Meeting

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I could tell by the look in your eyes that you wanted me as much as I wanted you. We had been chatting online for months and my heart had grown to long more for you with each and every day that we were apart. I would awaken each morning and wonder what you were doing and if you were thinking about me too. Now that you stood in front of me, I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. You were even more beautiful than I could ever imagine, and I knew that my love for you was not in my head at all. It was very real.I took your hand in mine and I pulled you close to me. You looked straight into my eyes as I looked into yours. Our lips were otele gelen escort so close, only if we were to kiss would they be any closer. I could feel electricity shoot through my body as you wrapped your arms around my neck and put your lips against mine. I wanted to live in this moment forever, the moment our lips touched for the first time. Your lips were so soft and felt as though they belonged against mine.We must have embraced and kissed for five or ten minutes before we realized that everyone around us was staring, but we didn’t care. We only released balgat escort when we realized that the heat between us was leading us onto an erotic path. We needed to be in a place where we could let ourselves go and an airport terminal was not the place. I led you to the baggage claim where you collected your bag, and we were on our way.We got out to my truck and I put your suitcase in the back seat. I then moved up to open your door for you. You were standing in front of it. You turned and faced me, put your arms around my neck and leaned up to whisper in my ear, “I elvankent escort want you right here, right now!” That was all I needed to hear.I leaned down, putting my arms around you, and kissed your beautiful lips. My hands slid down to your ass as I moved down and started kissing your neck. Mmmmm…the feel of your soft flesh on my lips was divine. I lifted up on your ass and you wrapped your legs around me very tightly. I kissed your neck for a while and then told you that we needed to get inside of the truck.I opened the door and let the passenger seat all the way down. You then told me that you wanted to be on top. I was so turned on. I loved it that you were taking charge and that you were going to be in control the whole way. You told me to get in and to take off my pants. I did as you told me to. You then removed your panties from under your skirt and crawled in on top of me, shutting the door. Your dress spread out over us both as you leaned down to kiss me.

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Mystery Flasher 2: The Return

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“Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ aliiiiii, hiiii, ha-haiiiiiii, iiive, haaa yehaa-aah!”I put my head in my hands to try to escape Vaughn’s Bee Gees routine, and the round of stares and giggles it had brought from the crowd of teenagers nearby. It was early Saturday evening, and I was in for the long haul at the music section of the bookstore. In no shape to deal with customers or my coworkers’ insanities was I; five-thirty and I still felt hungover, having put away most of a bottle of Malibu at Lou’s housewarming party the night before. But I got no sympathy. Customers seemed to speak louder than necessary on purpose, as if they knew my pain and wanted to torment me. My new coworker, Vaughn, I had no question about; he definitely wanted to torment me. Ever since he discovered the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack in our “in-store play” pile, he’d blast it at every opportunity.”Hi, Jack.” I looked between my fingers to see a dark, long-haired beauty looking over her shoulder at me. I had no idea who she was, but she looked ultra-fine. Her jean shorts were rolled halfway up her calf, exposing long, tanned legs. The vest she wore over the small green T-shirt was short and sexy. A second later when my eyes reached her face, she grinned and started walking away. With a start I realized it was her, the girl who’d freaked the hell out of me three weeks ago. That face had been grafted onto my memory!Despite the long black hair, I was sure it was her. She must have been wearing a wig, but it looked very real. Not a few men gazed at her as she sashayed towards the art section, possibly noting as I had that she probably wasn’t rus escort wearing panties. I couldn’t see her face but I knew she was still grinning, knowing exactly what that walk did to guys like me. Folks who can appreciate beauty, yeah, that’s it. “Jeez, man, where do you know her from?” Vaughn poked me.”She’s a customer, you pervert.” He was caught in mid-twirl, twisted around to look at my mysterious playmate. “Damn, Vaughn, put your tongue back in your mouth, wouldja? You’re gonna get caught looking one day.””Yeah, you will too, homes. You’re worse than me. What about that Indian girl, the other night, what was her name –“”Riva,” I said absently as I continued to watch my temptress in disguise as she asked another coworker to retrieve a book from the overstock bins above the shelves. Somehow I knew she was leaning forward a bit, waiting for him to glance downwards.”Yeah, Riva, or something, the one who got you to wrap all those books for her, individually, in different kinds of paper, ’cause she said you have great hair… Yer a sucker for a pretty face, dude. She was fine, though.””Uh huh, shoor was,” I repeated, eyeing the perfect way her asscheeks bulged oh-so-slightly, thinking of how they’d feel in my hands –“Sir, excuse me, could you point out the Contemporary Christian section?”I bit the inside of my cheek hard to regain focus, and proceeded to find Andy Griffith’s “Heaven’s Over That Way, Stupid” or whathaveyou for another of the masses. Let someone else get theirs, I figured, she’ll be back or she won’t. Besides, not much could happen; I was supposed yenimahalle escort to be making sure that no heavy metal, rap or Judy Garland discs walked out the door, and it was doubtful she’d flash her bare breasts on a crowded Saturday night. Still, as I led customers through the store to find their Bach or B-52’s I’d catch a glimpse of her, usually talking to some older male with a half-smile on dark red lips.The crowd gradually thinned and grew as the hours passed. Shortly before eight I announced the concert in the cafe, “Roughneck Susie and her Cacaphonous Cajuns,” with as much of a straight face as I could muster. As I was winding up I caught sight of her, walking towards me with a big smile. “…That’s in fifteen minutes, folks, in our cafe.” When she leaned against the desk I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. “We’ll see both of your, uhm, we’ll see you there!” I blurted, slamming down the phone without hitting the release key, making a loud click-thump over the intercom. She burst out laughing, turned and walked away quickly.I was torn between diving for cover and watching her leave when laughter behind me caught my attention. Danni was giggling as she bounced to the desk. “I know exactly what happened to you,” she grinned, poking me.Danni was a new coworker in books, short, full of energy, gay, and cute. From comments that she’d made I judged we had the same tastes in women. “You saw her, didn’t you?””Who?” I said innocently. “Your great-grandmother looking at the gay video guides?”She poked me again. “No, dummy, the girl in the vest. She’s in here a lot. She’s wearing a wig. I’ve seen her tease men all the time.””Yeah? What does she do?” I attempted to catch sight of her again with no avail.”Her usual thing is to wear sexy clothes, but one time I saw her brush her tits against some guy’s back as she went around him. She’s pretty hot, eh?” Danni babbled quietly. “Usually she’s with some friends, but I think she’s here alone tonight. I saw her come in when I had a smoke. I wish I had legs like that, either on me or around me –“”Okay, enough,” I said as my dick began to bulge in my jeans. “I got work to do, here, you lazy girl.” I tried to sound menacing as I picked up some discs to shelve, but she was still laughing as she walked away.”Try to control yourself,” she whispered just before a customer asked her for help. Though I began to work diligently, the image of Danni and my temptress making out kept flashing into my thoughts. My embarrassing erection was difficult to disguise; keeping a basketful of music to shelve at my waist, I kept returning to the desk to get more CD’s so as not to reveal my condition. Vaughn stayed at the desk to help customers, and glanced over at me periodically to wonder why I was working so hard.Suddenly I turned to find her standing in front of me, looking flushed. She leaned in close. “Take a break. Now. Go out and get in the blue microbus. Quick.” Without waiting for my reaction she began to almost run for the front door.I returned to the desk and dropped the basket on the floor. “I’m taking a break, Vaughn,” I said, as he fooled around with the computer. He nodded and I made my way to the front door as quickly and inconspicuously as possible, hoping my supervisor wouldn’t notice me taking my third smoke break.The VW, an old blue microbus that showed its age, was on the side of the building in a long row of cars. I glanced around, then walked to its door.

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A First For Gracie – Gracie Makes A Friend

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Gracie let go of Candy’s hand when they got outside to the car.  Bleep, bleep rang out as she opened up the locks.  They got in and Gracie started the car. “I can’t believe the time we had last night, Miss!” Candy cooed.  “I feel like it’s a dream.”  Gracie leaned over and kissed Candy passionately and pushed her tongue deep inside her mouth, where Candy sucked on it.  “Mm,” she moaned with her Miss’s tongue pressed against hers. “Does that feel like you’re dreaming, baby?” Gracie purred. “No, Miss.  But it does feel so dreamy.” Gracie put the car in gear and started backing out of the driveway. “So, tell me about your lease, baby, how much time is left on it?” she asked. “I have this month and then next month left, so not too much.” “Well, that’s good!  Do you have someone you know that you could sublet it to?” “I think there is someone at work that might want it, I’ll check, Miss.” “Good!” Gracie put her hand on Candy’s leg as they were making their way to Candy’s car.  She began tracing her fingers up and down her pet’s thigh.  “Miss, you’re making me wet!” Candy said with a giggle. “That is the idea, baby.”  She smiled at her pet as she turned into the parking lot where Candy’s car was at.  “That gets you going for the naughty day I want you to have,” she said. “Oh, Miss!  I am going to love this!”  She leaned over and kissed Gracie just as she stopped the car. “OK.  You get yourself going before you are late.  I will go to your apartment and then see where the day goes from there.  We should look to at least getting your bedroom stuff moved into our house this weekend.” “Yes, Miss.  I’d like to stay at the house from now on, is that OK?”“Absolutely, we have our guest bedroom and of course, Daddy and my king-sized bed will welcome you too!” she said with a naughty smile on her face. “I like the idea of you and Daddy’s bed.  I can get all the pussy and cock I need right there with you two!” “Yes, you can, anytime you want it, baby,” Gracie answered. “Mm, that sounds so good, Miss!” “Go! Before we start to fuck right here in the car.  Go!” “Yes, Miss,” Candy said with a pout as she opened the door and grabbed her car keys. “Remember, I want you to report to me throughout the day on how you’re being a slut.  Got it?”“Yes, Miss!  Bye.”Candy leaned over and kissed her one more time and got out of the car.  Gracie sat and watched her new pet get in her car and eventually driving away from the parking lot.  I can’t believe that is my pet, my lover.  How did this happen? she wondered.She picked up her phone and typed a text to Daddy:I just dropped Candy off at her car.  I am going to her apartment to see what is there and get an idea of planning the move.  Have a great day at work!  See you this evening.  I love you, Daddy; you have made me so happy!She hit send and then she typed out one to Candy.  Remembering the incident at Hobby Lobby, she wrote:I want you to make yourself cum in your parking spot at work.  DO NOT clean it up!  I want your scent to be with you as you enter your office.Smiling to herself, she hit send again, put down her phone and headed out to Candy’s apartment. Candy was just pulling into her parking spot when her phone went off with a text message.  She flipped the phone over and opened up the screen.  Reading the text, she smiled a big smile and moaned.Moving her fingers to her pussy, she began to rub her clit.  Opening up her legs, she laid her head back and closed her eyes.  Moaning loudly, she worked her clit feverishly. Dragging her juices up through her wet slit to lube herself, she continued to rub her swelling clit.  “Fuck!” she said loudly. Her legs began to close on her hand and quiver as her orgasm started to build in her core.  Rubbing faster, breathing in gasps, she pinched her clit and pulled it away from her pussy.  This made her squirt over her hand and onto her car seat.  “Oh fuck!” she yelled.She slowed her rubbing beşevler escort and then grabbed her messy pussy and gave it a few loving squeezes.  She opened her eyes and started to gather up her purse and saw Kathy standing next to her car, looking in the driver’s side window.She was smiling down at Candy with glazed-over eyes.  Her hand was in her slacks and she had just cum herself.  Candy blushed and rolled her window down. “Uh, hi, Kathy,” Candy said embarrassedly.  “I did not mean for anyone to see that.  I am sorry and so embarrassed.”Kathy removed her hand from her slacks, leaned and kissed Candy softly, and said, “Oh, honey, I am so happy I got to see this.  My panties are soaked with cum…it is going to be a great day!” “Uh-huh,” Candy agreed and rolled the window up and got out of her car.She and Kathy walked into the office together, smelling of girl cum and smiling from ear to ear.Candy sat at her desk and replied to Miss’s text:I came just like you said Miss!  Kathy saw me and she came too!  So hot Miss! I love you!She hit send and put her phone away and booted up her computer. She felt the butt plug push into her ass as she leaned to push the power button.  Fuck, that feels so good! she thought to herself.Her phone buzzed with a text.  She quickly read it:Good girl, Miss is pleased.  Candy smiled proudly and put the phone away and began to work. Daddy had replied to Gracie, telling her to let him know if she needed his help with anything and to have a good day.  She had arrived at the apartment and was pleased that it was rather small, and that Candy’s furniture would easily find a place in their home.  It was clean and neat.  Gracie liked that.  She was headed back to the house when her phone buzzed.  What does Daddy have in mind for me now? she wondered. Opening the text with a smile, she was confused:Hi Gracie, this is Samantha from last night… Sami.  I thought about you all night and I am getting wet just typing this text to you.  I would really like to get together with you! You turned me on so much last night when you let Candy make you cum.  I cannot forget how hot your studded tits are.  Need you NOW!Who is Samantha?  Gracie thought.  Oh!  The bartender.  How did she get my number?  Wow, last night is a blur, but I remember she said to call her.  Hmm, should I call her?Sami was sitting naked on her couch listening to music.  Her hand was on her pussy and she was slowly rubbing it. Her phone rang and she looked down.  Her pussy tingled when she saw Gracie show up on her screen.  Hitting the answer button, she said, “Hello, sexy lady.”  “Um, hi, Sami, I got your text,”  Gracie said on the other end.“And you called me right back.  Thank you, baby,” Sami replied. “I did. I have to say, my pussy started getting wet when I read it.  You don’t beat around the bush!”  Gracie said with a giggle.  “From what I remember, sweetheart, you don’t have a bush.” “Oh my, you’re naughty!”  Gracie replied.“I am sitting on my couch, naked with my fingers in my cunt.  I am thinking of you so I am beyond being subtle,” Sami said in a sultry voice as her legs jumped.  “Ohhhhh fuck!” she said as her hips bucked against her hand. “You OK?”  Gracie asked. “Yes, I am about to cum, that’s all.” Sami said.  “What are you doing, sexy?” she asked Gracie, then she moaned as she pumped two fingers into her cunt.  Gracie didn’t even get a chance to answer. “Oh, fuck, I am close, baby.  Talk to me while I cum, Gracie.”“Fuck yourself, you slut!”  Gracie said in a demanding voice.  “Ram those fingers into your dripping snatch!” she added. “Oh fuck, Gracie!  That’s it, more, baby, more!” Sami moaned, thrusting her hips up as she finger fucked herself.“Oh, I am going to cum, baby….Fuck!” she yelled as she came on her fingers.Gracie’s pussy was dripping.  “Mm, that was fucking hot, Sami.  I am leaking into cebeci escort my sweats,” she said as she was squeezing her pussy through them.  “Fuck, so hot.” “So, when can I see you, Gracie?  I want to taste that hot cunt of yours so bad.”“Well, I am at the house getting some things, but I can get with you in an hour or so.  Where are you?” “I live in the apartments by the bar you were at last night,” Sami replied. “Oh, I know them.  Which apartment?” she asked. “215,” Sami answered.  “Hurry, Gracie, I want you bad.” “OK, baby, I will be there.”Gracie typed a text to Daddy:Daddy, I made friends with the bartender last night.  She wants to fuck.  Can I play with her Daddy?  I promise to tell you all about it.Squeezing her pussy through her wet sweatpants, she hit send.  Nearly immediately, her phone buzzed:WTF, Gracie!?  You think you might ever get enough pussy?  Shit!  You can fuck her, but you are getting too free with yourself.  I am not pleased that you are getting so independent with your pussy that belongs to me.  Expect a talk later.  Be prepared to get disciplined.“Fuck!” Gracie sighed when she read Daddy’s reply.  This better be worth it, she thought.   Her pussy was gushing so she knew she wanted Sami.  Then she typed back to Daddy:I am sorry you’re upset Daddy.  Thank you for letting me fuck Sami.  I understand you wanting to punish me and I accept it.  I will let you know when I will be home.She collected two large containers out of the garage to take to Candy’s apartment.  Wait, Candy lives in apartment 210.  She is real close to Sami!  Gracie thought.  I have time to change! Candy looked at the time on her monitor and it was 11:32.  Lunch! she thought happily.  She reached into her purse to pull out some money for the machines in the lunchroom and headed that way.  Along the way, she made sure to sway her hips a little extra to get everyone’s attention.  Miss had loaned her a sexy short white skirt and three-inch heels. Walking into the lunchroom she stood in line at the vending machines behind Kathy.  She leaned in and whispered into Kathy’s ear, “My pussy has never dried since this morning.  That was so hot!” Kathy smiled and turned around and whispered back, “Mine either!  I am sure my panties are a fucking mess.” “Mm, can I have them before you go home?”  Candy asked. Kathy smiled a naughty grin.  “I will leave them on your desk chair after I eat.” “Fuck, you’re so naughty, Kathy!  I’d give you mine, but I am not wearing any,” Candy said with a giggle. “Oh, I saw this morning, honey.  And by the way, I like the jeweled plug you have in today.” “Mm, my Mistress put it in at home.  I am to leave it in all day.” “Mistress?!  Girl talk!” “Not here.” Candy said as the line was moving.  Let’s sit outside and I’ll tell you about it.” “OK,” Kathy said and selected her food from the machine.  Candy selected a sandwich, chips, and a Sprite.  Then she walked through the doors to the patio and found Kathy and joined her.“I’m starved!” Candy said.  “Last night was unfucking believable!” “It sounds like it,” Kathy replied when she finished chewing.  “Talk!” “Well, I was at this bar last night and this gorgeous woman came and sat by me.  Oh my god!  Before I knew it, I had made her cum, she ate my pussy outside, and we were in a bed with her husband.  Her Master was fucking me while I ate her pussy.” “What?  Candy, are you serious?!”  Kathy exclaimed. “Shhh!  Keep it down!” Candy told her. “Sorry,”  Kathy whispered.“So, long story short, she is my Mistress and I am moving into their house.” “Oh my god, Candy!  That is so hot!”“I know, right?  I still can’t believe it. She is the reason you caught me masturbating this morning.  She made me do it,”  Candy gleamed. She looked around at the people on the patio.  Then she leaned over close to Kathy and whispered, “I am supposed to flash my pussy kolej escort at someone today.  Who should it be?  Look around and then pick one.” Kathy looked around.  Not too many people were on the patio, but she saw Henry.  He worked in Candy’s area and had the hots for her.  He was a good-looking black man. “Him,” Kathy said, nodding in Henry’s direction. “Oh my god, really?” Candy asked. “Yes.  He is always checking you out.  You have to flash him, it will drive him nuts!” Kathy said.  “OK.”  Candy rotated in her chair so she was facing Henry.  There was nothing between them from where he sat.  She waited only a few moments before she caught his eye.  He looked at her and she uncrossed her legs, placing one far from the other as she pulled the hem of her skirt up. Henry’s eyes bugged out of his head as her shaved pussy came into view.  She stayed like this for about a minute before pulling down her skirt and crossing her legs again.  Giggling, she turned back so her legs were under the table. “Oh my god, that made my pussy gush!  That was so hot!  Is he still looking?” she asked Kathy. “Oh yes, he is rubbing his crotch and smiling at you.  I need to get going, lunch is almost over and I need to get my panties to your chair,” Kathy told Candy. “OK, I will be back inside in a few minutes,” Candy answered.  Kathy left and Candy stood up and walked over to where Henry was.  “I hope you liked what you saw, Henry.  Maybe we can hook up soon,”  Candy said. “Fuck yes!  I’d love that.  Let me know when!  Your pussy is smoking hot!” he answered. “I will let you know,” Candy said and headed back inside to go to work.Back at her cubicle, she found Kathy’s red bikini panties in her chair.  She picked them up and realized they were completely wet.  She lifted them to her face and smelled them.  Fuck, these smell good! she thought.  Then she put them in her purse and sat down.  Taking her phone out, she texted Miss:Miss, I just flashed my pussy at a guy at lunch.  I am having so much fun being naughty for you!  I love you! I think he may want to fuck me soon!  I will let you know. Gracie was getting in her car when her phone buzzed with a text.  It was from Candy.  She read it, smiled, and texted back:I am proud of you!  You’re such a good slut!She hit send and started her car and tossed the phone into her purse. Fifteen minutes later, Gracie was standing at the door to apartment 215.  She was wearing a black see-through blouse and a short white skirt with five-inch heels…and nothing else.She knocked on the door.  Just a few moments later, a naked Sami opened up the door.  She was 5’6”, weighed 120 pounds, and had a nice hourglass figure:  36D-cup breasts tapering off to a small waist, then flaring out to a wonderful full-size set of hips.  Her jet black silky hair stopped at mid-back.  She had a rose tattoo low on her left hip.  Her bald pussy was glistening due to all the playing she’d done already.  Her skin was olive, giving her the most exotic beauty.Gracie sucked in a sharp breath.  Oh my fucking god! She is so beautiful, she thought. “Hi, Sami, you’re simply gorgeous!”  Gracie said as she hugged her and kissed her passionately.  Their tongues danced, and then they broke their embrace. “Wow, I like how you get right to it,” Sami said.  She looked Gracie up and down. “Mm, you look delicious!  Baby, I need you naked!” she continued as she began unbuttoning Gracie’s top.  Pulling it out of her skirt, she pushed it off of Gracie’s shoulders and let it fall to the floor.  Quickly she undid the skirt and it dropped and gathered around Gracie’s feet.  Gracie stepped out of the skirt and shook her shoes off.This was not love.  This was lust and they were going to fuck…nothing else.  Both of their bodies were on fire.  Gracie could feel her juices running down both thighs.  Sami’s chest was glowing red and splotchy, giving away the secret of her desire.  She too had her arousal coating both thighs and running down them.They locked back into a forceful, passionate kiss.  Each was exploring the other’s body.  Gracie had her hands on Sami’s ass and was squeezing both cheeks roughly.  She slid her hand down the crack of Sami’s ass, tickling her asshole and then collecting some of her nectar.

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I Met Her At The Petrol Station

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I had met her once before, at the Service Station.She was 5’6, blonde, size 36DD boobs. She turned me on. Big timeI was 5’7, brunette, size 20E boobs. I turned her on. Big time.The first time I met Karen, I knew I would make love to her. I stopped off at the Petrol Station to fill up my Mazda. She walked out wearing very short denim shorts and a white t-Shirt with a black lace bra. As she bent down to pick up a coin I ‘dropped’ I stole a glimpse of her tight ass. It was basically çankaya escort begging for my 12″ I had at home. She turned around to see me smiling. “Whats funny?” She asked. ‘Oh…Uh…….Nothing really” I stammered. “Okaaay” she laughed. I knew she had caught me checking her out. That was the first and only time I met Karen. Until now.I was at a mates party, when the door opened and in walks this beauty wearing a short black keçiören escort cocktail dress, it was Karen. I felt my pussy get hot the minute I saw her. She saw me too. She came over and we started talking, all the while my pussy, is getting wetter and wetter. “I don’t believe we’ve formally met?” She told me “I’m Karen” she said extending her hand. “Im Alexandra, but people call me Alex” We shook hands. I could feel etimesgut escort my juices almost running down my leg. Her hands were so soft, and smelled of Coconut Milk and Honey. We hit it off straight away. She liked horse riding, swimming at the beach and walking in the park. While we were laughing about her dog, river, she touched my shoulder. My cunt got so wet, I felt cum run down my leg, we were standing too. And I had been daring that night and gone Comando.That hadn’t turned out to be a good idea.I wasn’t sure if she noticed or not, but I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I managed to get there without dripping anymore cum. I was so horny. I pulled up my dress and began fingering myself. Two fingures. In. Out. In. Out. I could feel the orgasm coming but I didn’t know if I could refrain from screaming out.

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Working Girl

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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