A Fat BlackOldWomanLove Story Ch. 05

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Yes, I’m angry. Angry at myself because I can’t resist giving in to that dominate lust I experienced after years. It’s that strong, that common sense is overpowered by the urge. Weekly now my ugly, fat old black body is the possessing of a young white stranger with a horny obsessing for it. I think it’s an unhealthy desire and also cannot believe this young white man can find some attraction in it. And I give in to his sick desire, because I’m too weak to put an end to this. Let me explain:

I am a fat black old woman in her sixties, always being single because nobody ever wanted me. Life can be so unfair sometimes. I’ve always been fat, better said heavily overweight. I’m a kind of ugly, very tall and never attract eyes of men. I’m really an old fat, very big black woman, near 325 pounds.

When I was around twenty and already very fat, I let me seduce me by a horny boy. I thought he liked me as a person but soon found out he was just curious about my big fat body. He deflowered me against the fence of his parental house within the minute and after that I never saw him again.

A few years later I had a lover for one month, but regrettable found out he also had only interest in my big overweight black body. He let me do some very obscene things with him and I gave in to it, hoping some relation ship would be the reward in the end, but it didn’t. And that’s all of my experiences. Both had me just for their amusement.

Life since then was work, eat a lot and I became heavier and heavier in the years, and had to amuse myself because no one else did. I’m retired since a couple of years. It’s not fair for someone, who had strong sexual needs (and strangely I do), and not getting the opportunity to get any satisfaction. It made me a grouchy person in the years. Believe me, I tried everything to get attraction from men, tried to loose weight, followed diet after diet, but I didn’t have the discipline to hold on to it and grew fatter and fatter. I’m now almost 325 pound and although old, I still could knock down a brick wall if necessary. Because I’m grouchy I’m a lonely person, I don’t care anymore. I’m like, you mind your own business, and I mind mine.

Sometime ago I was walking through the mall and I’ve got the feeling of being followed. I was irritated but curious. I know, because of my heavy weight en being a tall woman, I have a funny walk but nothing to be a laugh. I wiggle while walking and I’m aware that my whole body wobbles because of my wasteful fatness. I held still by a shop window and notify that a very young white man was watching me; I think he’s in his mid twenties. He was an average type, not a stud, but just the type you wouldn’t notice in public. He notified me too and quickly passed further. I waited for a few minutes and went on.

About a quarter of an hour I saw him again, explicitly watching me as if I were some kind of spectacle. I got angry because it wasn’t any respectful. I decided to buy me a cup of coffee (and of course a big piece of apple pie). I went into a restaurant and ordered so. I set myself down near the window and while joining the coffee and the pie; I noticed after a while the young white man also stepped into the restaurant. He set him down at another table.

“This is my chance to get rid of him”, I thought.

I quickly eat the rest of the pie and drank up my coffee. I putted the money on the table, stood up, and walked my way to the door. It wasn’t to avoid I had to pass the table the young white man was sitting by.

When I nearly passed him, I heard him with a soft voice said: “Ma’am, I hope you’re not offended, but I love big black women like you!”

“Yeah, so!” I thought and felt my anger growing.

“Make someone else laugh!” I answered and before he could answer, I disappeared through the door.

I hadn’t any appetite to go on shopping and quickly went home. I kept irritable the rest of the day.

The next day I was irritable too. I had to go back to the mall because of the incident with the young white man. I had to buy some necessary I didn’t when that young white man bothered me. After some time I notified the same young white man was following me again. I decided to put this to an end, stopped by a shop window and when this young white man was passing I turned around and grabbed him by the arm saying: “What sick person are you, stalking an old woman?”

Daringly the young white man answered: “Ma’am, as I told you yesterday, I love big black women like you.”

He looked at me freely, slurping my big overweight body with his eyes. I’d tried to cover my excessive fat body by closing my open coat as if that would conceal my fatness. I felt my anger raise and nearly gave him a punch.

“Go find a psychiatrist with your unhealthy habit or find someone of your own age. Let this woman has her quiescent life.” I bitched him.

“Ma’am, I won’t do either of that because I have you in mind. And I won’t stop until I get what I desire.”

I was shocked and made a fist Escort to knock him down. “Leave me alone or I call the cop.”, I sassed.

“That won’t help”, he answered quietly, “Someday you will give in to me.” and walked away.

I was speechless and that confused I forgot about the shopping and went into the same restaurant and eat two big peaces of pie. I then bought the necessary and went home.

I tried to banish this young white stranger from my mind but it didn’t. No doubt he made a joke on me and was trying to find out how far he could get a lonely, overweight old black woman. It irritated me a lot.

Every time I visited the mall he followed me. Despite of ignoring him, he persevered his unhealthy obsession for me. Always with that greedy look at me. I had to go to that mall at least weekly because it’s nearby my house. And I’m limited mobile of my excessive weight. I don’t have a car and have to take a bus or walk. The mall is only a ten-minute walk from home.

I puzzled about this young white man’s fixation. He became more freely and sometimes he walked, without saying a word to me, beside me for a while. Sometimes I turned around, but he kept following me.

Because this young stranger besides bothering me did nothing that could speak against him, I couldn’t get rid of him. I was tired of it. By the next time he walked beside me I grabbed him firmly by the arm and sasses: “You’re irritating me a lot! Tell me what you want from me to leave me in peace!”

He calmly answered: “I won’t bother you again if you once offer me your delicious big body.”

I was shocked and speechless. I must have had loose hold of him because he was disappeared before I could react.

Confused I did my shopping and went home. I kept shocked for the rest of the day by the words of that young white man. Never, no never I heard that freely daring. Those youngsters had no education these days! What does he think; just if he’s horny for a woman’s body he thinks she spread her legs for him?

I got very angry and grouchy. For the next days it didn’t leave my thoughts. I kept angry and grouchy about it, but during passing days I got mixed feelings about it. Me, a never wanted elderly, heavily overweight black woman, got stalked by a horny young white stranger in her retired days. And he wanted to possess this ugly, awesome big fat body. Strangely, I got a certain feeling below my belly but I ignored it.

Some weeks later, it was almost common now this young man walked for a while beside me, I heard him say: “Thought about it?” and was disappeared again.

I got irritated again; I even hadn’t the chance to respond. It was repeated several times I was in the mall. I became hopeless and was tired of it. My mind gave in to the thought of giving this horny young white stranger what he wanted to get it over.

Only the question: “Thought about it?” made me desperate.

He played it well, nothing pushing, but making me tired of it and not allow me to respond. I decide to buy extensive supplies and stayed away for three weeks from the mall.

It didn’t help. The next time I entered the mall, the young white man stepped again beside me, saying: “Missed you ma’am, busy thinking it over?”

I really became hopeless and in a pulse I answered: “Okay, I give up. Do what you please and then leave me in rest!”

Sudden I realized what I just said and I became in some kind of panic. But before I could straiten it, the young white stranger managed to turn me around and said: “Lets go to your house.”

I was in a dazed confusion while walking with him, showing the way to my house. We stood inside my house before I realized what I offered this young white stranger. He seemed comfortably with it.

I then got that indifferent behavior. It seemed I was fated to be the object of curiosity by horny young men for my awesome ugly fat body.

“Let him have his fun.” I thought, “Let him get loose of his lust for me. As soon he see my big fat naked body, he probably run out of this house and never bother me again.”

I took him to my bedroom after first persisted to let him shower; I took one after that. I stood there naked for him; hoping he was disgusted by the endless rolls of fat hanging from my overweight body.

But nothing of that, I saw his lusty eyes absorb every inch of it. It surprised me; it flattered me a bit, but also irritated me. I realized I was standing completely naked in front of this horny young white stranger who nothing less expecting from me to lie down on my bed, open my old black fat thighs to satisfy his unhealthy lust at me.

Somehow it didn’t bother me; for me, men were like all men; just wanted to get rid of their horny lust, even if it was an old, massive fat black woman like me. I would lie on the bed for him; I would spread my big fat legs wide open for him; I would allow that he put his horny white hard dick between my fat black pussy lips; I would let him get rid of his fascination for me and let Escort Bayan him deposit his load inside me as long as he leave me in peace afterwards.

I settled myself on my bed, spreaded my legs and was staring at the wall in opposite of the young white stranger, not interested of what would come next.

I turned my head to look at this young white man; as I described he was an average type, a bit skinny, not tall, not hansom. I saw his eyes lustfully absorb my old black overweight body and notify he had an extensive hard on.

I was surprised; still I’d expected this young white man would loose his interest in my ugly fat old body, seeing it’s rolls of fat. But he didn’t.

“Come here, do your thing and leave me in peace!” I bitched him.

He crawled upon the bed next to me. He tried to kiss me.

“No kissing, just quickly do where you came for and go!” I bitched again.

The young stranger didn’t respond at my words and began to fondle my huge black boobs. I let him, not interested. He massaged my big nipples and I felt some eagerness because they responding by getting hard.

I felt then one hand slowly stroking about my huge fat belly, direction the place between my spread fat legs. A few fingers fumbled my gray pubic hair and later I felt one finger between my fat black pussy lips slid.

It didn’t do anything to me, nothing. Another finger joined the one between my fat black pussy lips. I had just the intention by saying him he must put his hard on between them to get it over when I got that strange feeling.

With his two fingers this young white stranger was now massaging the knob in front of my fat black pussy lips and I felt some tinseling rising. I heave a sigh and let him go on with it. It felt very pleasant which increased when I notified it became swollen.

Tensed I waited how this developed. Although pretending not interested, I could not prevent become wet between my fat black pussy lips. Also I couldn’t prevent my sigh changed into moaning and it irritated me. I became wetter and wetter and slowly my disinterest changed into an unknown strong feeling.

I wouldn’t give the young white man the idea that I was beginning to like what he was doing so I bitched him: “Come, remove your fingers, put the other thing there and release yourself from your sick desire!”

The young white stranger climbed upon my old huge fat body and the settled himself between my spread mighty fat thighs on his knees.

“Well,” I thought, still not showing any sign of interest, “within the minute he has his satisfaction and I have my rest.”

I pulled my big fat belly up to give him access between my fat black pussy lips. I spread my mighty fat thighs some wider. I felt the glance of his rigid dick shove between my wet fat pussy lips, then the rest shove inside. I was only thinking that it soon would be over and waited for this young white man to get his release.

He began to move his hard boner backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards. And I waited for it to be over.

“Not done yet?” I bitched him.

Somehow this pumping inside of my old overweight black fat body did flicker an unknown strong feeling and it made me some angry. I nagged him to hurry.

My only experience were with the two other guys, who were just like this young white stranger, amusing themselves with my awesome fat body. It was always short, they used my big fat body to release themselves, and I was too reserved to get any satisfaction from it. For me this young white stranger was the same.

Maybe this unfamiliar circumstances were of any influence, but I’ve notices more excitement rising. This young white man, a stranger to me, was assiduously throbbing between my fat black pussy lips. He was, as I told, sitting on his knees between my black fat thighs, pumping his hard boner in and out of me.

As he was doing so, I was watching him and he was watching me too. It was really a very strange situation. He kept staring me in the eyes, sometimes greedily watching my wasteful fat body joggles, every time he firmly thrust this rigid completely inside of me. I noticed as he did, he really enjoyed it. Also trying to detect some response from me, but I gave none.

At some point I found it exiting. I concentrated on his movements, I looked at the pushing of his small hips strongly forwards between my black fat thighs, penetrating me complete with his white horny dick. It began to pleasure me and instead of wishing it soon would be over I wanted it go on for a while.

This nameless young white man seemed to have the skill not to come within the minute, but preferred to have some longer lasting enjoyment by pumping my old black fat pussy incessantly.

I stayed silent and didn’t snarl at him anymore. I slowly gave over to that crescent thrilling feeling. It took more and more possession of me. For the first time in my life my old fat black pussy got worked well, and I had to admit it was a new exiting experience. Bayan Escort

I closed my eyes, letting me carry away with the incessant movement of this young white stranger’s penetration between my fat black pussy lips. It went on and on; I heave a sigh, let a moan, letting me deeper and deeper sank into this inexperienced feeling.

Warily I began to move along with him. It increased my lustful feelings and I began to produce more juices. I reached my fat arms behind me; grapple the trellis with my hands on the head on the bed, stretching my excessive fat black body.

I was lustfully groaning now each time this young white stranger plunged me deeply, letting me further carry away in delicious thrill.

And as he did, I greedily jostle with my enormous fat black ass. If I wanted to stop it now, I couldn’t; lugged along with this bewitching rhythm I began to move faster and faster, just to get this younger white stranger’s hard on quicker complete inside my old fat black pussy.

Each time I succeed I groaned in pure joy. It felt as a kind of reward when this young white stranger deposit his sperm into me, a feeling of liberation.

I believe I then had my first orgasm. I didn’t recognize at first what happened with my old black overweight body. It incessant began to vibrate in a way as I had lost control over myself. But what a heavenly sensation it caused. I was confounded.

I realized what just happen when this young white stranger pulled his dick out of my old fat black pussy. A pour of his semen escaped from within my fat black pussy lips, paving a way down between my huge buttocks.

I quickly grabbed a towel I had put ready, wiping off the sperm. I looked at this young white stranger who had given me that unforgettable sensation. He sat there between my mighty fat thighs; attentive watching me with a big smile on his face; pulling at his half erected dick, as he hadn’t enough. I must have been crazy, instead of coming to my senses and send him away to have my rest in future, I heard myself said to him: “Do it again!”

“Say please”, was the short answer of the young white stranger.

I felt an anger growing and refused.

“Do it”, I said, looking at him.

“Only if you say please”, was the answer again.

My irritation raise and I said: “Do it or disappear”

By my astonishment the young white stranger climbed off the bed and putted on his clothes.

I also climbed off the bed, a towel holding between my wet fat black thighs. The young white man already had his clothes on when I found a dressing gown.

“Go and leave me in peace in future”, I bitched him.

I disappointed because I wanted to feel that sensation again. But my anger at that moment was stronger. I’m a bit prevailing and had no intention to beg for it. I walked him to the door en let him out. I admit I was confused and had a bad day afterwards with mixed feelings.

There was a part of me feeling the embarrassment I gave in to the unhealthy desire of the young white man. Other side’s there was disappointment. I regretted of my grouchy manner that prohibited the possibility of experiencing that satisfaction again.

The next three weeks, when I was in the mall, I didn’t see the young white stranger and I thought I would never see him again, just like the other two when I was young.

“I did get my rest,” I thought and I had some peace with it. I cached myself looking for the young white man when I was in the mall. It bothered me; I didn’t want to have that feeling but the desire of that unfamiliar feeling was stronger then I thought.

I’d tried to get rid of it but didn’t succeed. It almost felt like a relief when in the fifth week he suddenly walked beside me. I looked at him, not saying a word and he didn’t either.

He went into the supermarket with me and I did my shopping. I paid for the grocery and walked out of the supermarket. Still either of us said anything.

The young stranger kept walking beside me as I left the mall, direction home. It was a rare situation. At some point I wanted to say to him to clear off but I didn’t. That deep hidden feeling was stronger and I wanted him to come home with me.

We stood still at my front door. I searched for the house keys in my handbag; opened the door and stepped in. I noticed the young white stranger didn’t and I turned around, a little bit uncertain. I looked at him and he looked back. It was some kind of weird situation.

My urge to experience this delicious feeling again was stronger than rational thinking. I saw in the eyes of this young white man he some kind of expected it and looked at me, as I was undressed. I couldn’t care, as long he provides me with what he did before, I would be content with it.

“Say please”, he said, “That’s all.”

“Please”, I sighted.

The young white stranger entered my house and closed the door. I left the shopping in the hallway, preceding him upwards to the bathroom where we took a shower. I felt very strange, uncomfortable with the unhealthy desire of the young white stranger for me, uncomfortable with my irresistible longing. We had nothing to say to each other; we both knew we’re together to give in to that dominant impulse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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[5] Camille, et sa vie peu commune…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


[5] Camille, et sa vie peu commune…J’ai désormais participée à ma première soirée libertine, et pas des moindres… Aujourd’hui, personne n’est à la maison, donc c’est repos, quoique…Ce matin, réveil tranquille à la maison. Je prend mon petit déjeuner, petite séance de sport, et à la douche. En y sortant, je n’enfile qu’un petit string noir, et ma peignoir blanche. Je pars dans le jardin décrocher le linge, mais le voisin, Lucien, m’interpelle. Ridé, un bidou bien rond, mais plutôt beau gosse et super gentil, il était en robe de chambre :- Bonjour Camille, bien dormi ?- Oh oui super, surtout que je me suis couchée tard !- Oui, je vous ait entendu. Pas de petit spectacle ce matin ? (En me lançant un sourire révélateur)- De quoi vous parlez ? (En faisant mine de ne pas comprendre)- Bah sortir toute nue ! Oh j’vous dit pas j’y ait pensé toute la journée, d’ailleurs regardez, j’ai pensé à vous !Et là il ouvre sa robe de chambre, et se montre tout nu, la bite bien dur ! Et elle était énorme en plus !En rigolant :- Ahah bien bâti le papy ! – Tout pour toi ma jolie, tu viens chez moi ?Ni une ni deux, je pose ma bassine, j’enjambe le petit portique, et on viens chez lui. Il ferme la porte. A peine il a le temps de se retourner que je suis déjà toute nue devant lui, mes mains sur mes hanches, le peignoir à mes chevilles :- C’est ça que tu voulait voir ?Il rougit, et me dit que je suis magnifique. Je sent qu’il est timide, tout le contraire de l’homme qui m’a montré sa queue tout à l’heure. je m’approche de lui, me colle à lui. Je pose mes mains sur son torse, puis sa ceinture, l’a défait et fait tomber sa robe, il est nu, devant moi, qui pourrait être mon grand-père. Je lui demande ce qu’il attend de moi, il ne sait pas trop quoi répondre. Je remarque un peu plus loin, dans son salon, un long miroir. Je le prend par la main et le traîne jusqu’à le positionner Escort devant ce miroir. Je le regarde droit dans les yeux, et lui dit “Moi j’attend beaucoup de toi”, je me baisse jusqu’à me mettre à genoux, je lève ma tête et enfonce sa grosse queue dans ma bouche. De sa vue, il ne voyait que des pieds, une paire de fesses toute mimi, un dos bien droit et une longue chevelure faisant des vas et viens entre ses jambes.Je le pompe, et j’y vais comme une folle. Il gémit fort, et une main se pose sur ma tête. Quelques bisous sur son gland, et je repars sur une gorge profonde, le bout de sa queue tape dans le fond de ma gorge, jusqu’à l’a faire grossir à vu d’œil. Je ressentais mon côté salope revenir, mais d’une force…Lui, il admirait le paysage d’une gamine sur sa bite, kiffait mes talents de suceuse et… Il me filmait. Un moment je lève ma tête, et je voit son caméscope filmer le miroir. Bon, tant que c’est pas mon visage ça va, je commence alors à faire des petits gestes des fesses, sous sa douce voix qui me disait ‘oh oui c’est bien ça, continues petite gamine’.J’adorais.J’adorais tellement que je me lève, et je lui dit, face caméra, ‘tu veux filmer quelque chose d’intense ?’, il me fait oui de la tête.Je lui demande alors de me ramener dans sa chambre. Une fois dedans, il pose sa caméra de profil à son lit, et je lui dit, couchée sur mon ventre et le cul légèrement relevé : Encules moi.- T’es vraiment une chienne toi hein- Et la chienne va te déchiqueter la bite si tu m’encules pas TOUT DE SUITE !J’avais vraiment faim, et ce côté pornstar avec la caméra, j’adorais encore plus.Il se met sur moi, mes 2 jambes jointes, les siennes étaient autour de moi, ma tête dans les coussins. Il tape sa bite sur mes fesses avant de l’a rentrer doucement dans mon cul, sans protection, sans lubrifiant, juste un crachat et sa queue. Je l’a sent vraiment passé. Escort Bayan Je me tord de douleur dans le lit, mon dos se languit comme une limace, et ma tête, elle, représentait toute ma douleur… Je fronçait mes sourcils, je pleurais, et ma bouche mordait les coussins de toute ses forces, quand elle ne faisait pas des grimaces horribles. Mes mains s’attrapait à se qu’elles pouvait. Lucien me bloquait le plus souvent possible la nuque dans les coussins, histoire que ça passe mieux. Ça y est, son énorme queue est rentré. Je le sais parce que mes petites fesses sont aplatis contre son bassin, et que son ventre me chatouille le dos. Il fait machine arrière, et je l’a sens encore passé, mais cette fois avec moins de douleur. Il l’a rentre à nouveau, et je commence à apprécier, jusqu’à gémir d’envie. Mais il ne s’arrêtes pas là. Plus je prenais du plaisir, et plus il y allait fort, et vite, mon petit cul claquait sur lui si vite que je comprenait même plus qui j’était, mes yeux se révulsait.D’un coup, je commence à gémir, de plus en plus fort, jusqu’à gueuler, voir hurler, et je squirt…Au même moment, ma chatte se met à juter comme une fontaine, et Lucien me bloque le bassin avec ses jambes et jouis dans mon cul. Je me retrouve à perdre d’un côté pour en reprendre de l’autre…Il attend quelque secondes, avant de se lever, éteindre la caméra, se mettre à ma hauteur, caresser mes cheveux et me dire ‘ça va mon bébé ?”. Je fais qu’un oui de la tête, j’essaie de me relever avec du mal, il m’aide, et une fois sur patte, je remarque que je boite… J’arrive à marcher seule, mais comme un canard.- Mon bébé ça va tu veux de l’aide ?- Non, ça ira, merci (en séchant mes larmes, me tenant au pas de la porte)- Viens, tiens, je te met ta robe- MerciJe fais un tour dans sa salle de bain histoire de me laver un coup, et d’essayer de refaire sortir Bayan Escort le sperme de mon cul, en vain.- Bon j’y vais Lucien, j’espère que ça t’a plu !- Enculer une jeune qui serait ma petite fille c’est plaisant en effet ahahJe lui fait un dernier bisou, et je rentre, en boitant.Je passe le reste de la journée sur le canapé devant la télé, à me remettre de cette 1ère sodomie extrême.A 18h, Cédric rentre, en furie :- Grosse pute t’es où ! Le voisin m’a tout montré T’ES OU !!!Merde ! C’est vrai que j’avais dit à Cédric que c’est lui qui m’enculerait en premier ! On va tenter la surprise :- Hein ! Mais de quoi tu parles !?- De cette vidéo ! Lucien me l’a envoyé par mail, t’es vraiment qu’une sale chienne, VIENS LA !- Mais c’était pas moiaAIIIE !Il me prend par les cheveux, me soulève avec une force herculéenne, mon peignoir ouvert s’envole dans tous les sens, et me ramène de nouveau chez le voisin…- Tu vas voir, t’as voulu te faire enculer comme la pétasse que tu es ? Bah tu vas voir, tu vas plus jamais être la même !Je me fait trimbaler par mes cheveux comme une piñata, on arrive chez le voisin, et me lâche les cheveux. J’ai à peine le temps de reprendre mon souffle qu’il me pousse, jusqu’à des escaliers. Je les descends jusqu’à arriver dans sa cave, où se tenait Lucien, et 2 autres hommes, noir, mais cagoulés.Il me jète dedans, Lucien m’arrache le peignoir pendant que Céd’ nous enferme dedans, puis Cédric dit :- T’as voulu me l’a faire à l’envers hein ? Tout ce que tu vas avoir c’est la destruction !- Vas-y, je suis prête, détruisez-moi alors, j’en meurs d’envie…J’ai dit ça sans réfléchir, peut-être que c’était vrai ? En tout cas Cédric n’a pas perdu de temps pour me prendre par la gorge, et me jeter sur l’espèce de lit avec des lanières qui se trouvait au milieu de la cave. Je me laisse faire, jusqu’à même les aider à attacher ma main droite. Je commençais à adorer ce moment de punition, jusqu’à qu’un des hommes cagoulés pose sa bite sur mon visage… Ses couilles étaient sur mon front, son gland touchait mes seins… J’ai su à ce moment que j’allais passée un sale quart d’heure…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Sonntag der 10 Schwänze: Jessis Premiere am Gloryh

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Sonntag der 10 Schwänze: Jessis Premiere am GloryhSonntag war der Tag, den Jessi einerseits herbeisehnte, vor dem sie sichandererseits auch ein wenig fürchtete. Schon oft hatte sie davon fantasiert,meist in der Badewanne mit der Hand zwischen ihren leicht molligen Beinen.Vollkommen fremde Männer, die ihr pralle, harte Schwänze durch ein Loch inder Wand darboten und die sie dann solange zu bearbeiten hatte, bis sie ihrihre Ladungen in ihren Mund und auf den Körper spritzten.Jetzt, am Vorabend, war ihre Nervosität förmlich greifbar und sie versuchte,sie mit einigen Gläsern Wein zu betäuben. Dies gelang ihr aber kaum und soverbrachte sie den Abend mit zahlreichen Zigaretten und nicht minder vielenGloryhole-Videos. Es sich beim betrachten dieser Filme selber zu besorgen,half ein wenig. Und so lag sie auf ihrer Couch, zwei Finger ihrer einen Handin ihrem Arschloch und drei ihrer anderen Hand in ihrer klatschnassen Möse,während sich eine Osteuropäerin auf ihrem Notebook am einem Gloryholevergnügte. Angetrunken wie sie war, versuchte sie sich auch selber zu fisten.Dies scheiterte jedoch an der Enge ihres Lochs. Nachdem sie kam, leckte siesich genüsslich ihre Finger ab und zwar auch die, die zuvor in ihremArschloch steckten. Sie hatte niemals einen Ekel davor empfunden und ihreneigenen Geschmack mochte sie sehr. Nackt und alkoholisiert schlief sie aufdem Sofa ein.Der nächste Morgen bescherte Jessi Kopfschmerzen, die sie jedoch mitAspirin und einem starken Kaffe, den sie nackt in ihrer Küche stehendschlürfte, zu bekämpfen verstand. Nach einem kleinen Frühstück begann sie21mit den Vorbereitungen für das heutige Ereignis. Sie hatte bis fast elfgeschlafen und in nur zwei Stunden sollte die “Party” beginnen. Jedes Haarihres leicht molligen Körpers wurde also gründlichst wegrasiert, sie duschteheiß, cremte sich ein und fönte und frisierte ihr langes, lockiges undhaselnussbraunes Escort Haar. Sie zog Slip, Jeans und Shirt an und machte sich aufden Weg ins Pornokino “Guckloch”. Jessi hatte zuvor im Netz recherchiertund das “Guckloch” hatte sehr gute Rezensionen sowie, der Homepage nachzu Urteilen, eine angenehme Atmosphäre. Zudem machte es einen gepflegtenEindruck.Im “Guckloch” angekommen wurde sie sogleich von der Mitbesitzerin, einerDame mittleren Alters namens Mona, herzlich begrüßt und zu einem GlasSekt eingeladen. Mona hatte blondiertes Haar, war etwa 1,70m groß und vonschlanker Statur mit einem straffen Hintern und sinnlichen D-Körbchen.»Du bist so ein hübsches Ding«, sagte Mona. »Unsere Kunden werden sichregelrecht um dich reißen.«»Gab es denn viele Voranmeldungen?«»So etwa 10. Du wirst gut zu tun haben, Jessi«, lächelte sie.Jessi musste schlucken. Etwas, was sie heute noch oft würde tun müssen.Aber 10 Männer? Mit so einer Menge hatte sie nun wirklich nicht gerechnet.In ihrer Magengrube vermischten sich wieder Sehnsucht und Furcht.»Ich bin etwas nervös. Ich habe sowas vorher noch nie gemacht«, gestand sie.»Sei ganz entspannt«, redete ihr Mona gut zu. »Solltest du dich unwohlfühlen, kannst Du jederzeit abbrechen. Aber gib dem eine Chance. Du wirstsehen, nach ein paar Ladungen geht alles wie von selber und du willst mehr.Jedenfalls war es bei mir so.«Monas entspannte Art wirkte ansteckend auf Jessi. Sichtlich beruhigt begabsich sich nach einem weiteren Glas Sekt in eine Umkleide. Dort entledigte siesich ihrer Kleidung, um nackt von Mona in ihre Kabine geführt zu werden.»Du hast einen tollen Körper, ein richtiger Augenschmaus. Pass’ bloß auf,daß ich nicht mit zu dir in die Kabine komme.«Monas Augen wanderten über Jessis Körper, blieben immer auf ihren großenBrüsten hängen.»Über einen Besuch von dir würde ich mich freuen. Wird bestimmt genug füruns beide Escort Bayan da sein«, zwinkerte sie ihr zu, ihre Zungenspitze steckte keckzwischen ihren Schneidezähnen.Mona lächelte vielsagend. »Jetzt aber rein mit dir«, sagte sie und gab Jessieinen Klaps auf ihren molligen Hintern. Jessi kicherte, lauter als gewollt. Zumvorläufigen Abschied zog sie ihre Pobacken auseinander und bot Mona einenBlick auf ihren rosa Anus. Mona grinste.»Bis gleich.« Sie schloß die Tür, die von Jessi von innen heraus verriegeltwurde.Die Kabine war klein. In der Mitte stand ein kleiner Hocker und zwei der vierWände waren je zwei Löcher in Schritthöhe angebracht. Jetzt war es gleichsoweit. Aufregung machte sich in Jessi breit. Wie groß würde erste Schwanzwohl sein? Wie lange würde es dauern, bis er seine Ladung abrotzte? Wiewürde sie schmecken und wieviel würde es sein?Diesen Gedanken noch nicht ganz zuende gedacht, wurde auch schon dererste Pimmel durch das Loch gesteckt. Jessi näherte sich ihm vorsichtig undumfasste ihn. Er war noch nicht steif, das würde sie ändern müssen. Mit einwenig Handarbeit und Zungenakrobatik war dieses Problemchen schnellbehoben und sie leckte und lutschte seine Eichel. Ihre Nervosität war fort undsie gab sich ganz der Situation hin. Es dauerte auch nicht lange und der Typzog seinen Schwanz aus ihrem Mund und wichste sich selbst, bis er seineLadung auf Jessi verpritzte, die bereitwillig ihre Titten hinhielt. Ein guterEsslöffel frischer Wichse klebte dort und sie rieb einen Teil davon auf ihrArschloch und ein wenig fing sie mit dem Zeigefinger auf und lutschte ihngenüsslich ab.Da guckte auch schon der nächste Schwanz aus einem der Löcher heraus.Hart und geädert, von einer beachtlichen Dicke und Länge. Jessi war auf denGeschmack gekommen und lutschte, wichste, saugte. Der Schwanz war derart23groß und dick, daß er kaum in ihren Mund, geschweige Bayan Escort denn in ihren Halspasste. Sie probierte es dennoch, was sie zum würgen brachte. Mit tränendenAugen versuchte sie es ein zweites mal und die Enge ihres Halses brachte denPimmel zuckend zum spritzen, sodaß fast die ganze Ladung in JessisLuftröhre gelangte. Jessi würgte, hustete und Fäden aus Spucke vermischt mitfrischer Wichse liefen ihr aus dem Maul. Jetzt nur nichts vergeuden, dachtesie und leckte das Gemisch vom Boden auf.Jessi hatte keine Zeit zu verschnaufen, denn nun wurden direkt zweiSchwänze nebeneinander durch die Löcher gesteckt. Sie bearbeite beidegekommt, züngelte den einen, wichste den anderen. Zwischendurch rotzte sieauf beide Pimmel, um sie schön glitschig zu halten. Einer der beiden Jungswar wohl ein Schellspritzer und schoss seine Ladung in Jessis Richtung, nochbevor sie reagieren konnte. Die Sahne landete auf ihrem Oberschenkel. Denanderen Schwanz noch leckend, wurde ein weiterer durchgesteckt. Diesmaljedoch auf der anderen Seite der Kabine. Der enge Abstand der Wändegestatte es Jessi, ihre inzwischen klatschnasse Möse hinzuhalten, die durchdas Loch auch sofort gefickt wurde. Das Stöhnen des völlig Unbekannten, ausihrer Perspektive gesichtslosen Typen, machte Jessi rasend vor Geilheit.»Ja, los! Fick mich, du geile Drecksau«, gab sie von sich. Hatte sie daswirklich gesagt? Was war aus ihr geworden?Ganz einfach: Eine kleine Schluckhure, dachte sie sich.Am Stöhnen des Typen hinter ihr konnte sie erkennen, daß er gleichabzuspritzen drohte. Sie liess ihn aus sich hinausgleiten und bearbeiteteseinen Pimmel wieder mit dem Mund, genoß seinen und ihren Geschmack. Erkam gewaltig und stieß mehrfach gegen die Wand der Kabine, die erzitterte.Sobald er sich zurückzog, machte sie bei dem anderen Schwanz weiter, derihr auch recht schnell die Ladung in ihr Maul wichste und sich verzog.Es klopfte an der Kabine. Mona erkundigte sich nach Jessis befinden.»Mir geht es super, das war voll geil«, rief sie zurück. »Magst dureinkommen?« Jessi entsperrte die Tür und eine barbusige, nur mit einemString bekleidete Mona schlüpfte hin

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The first handjob on a Otaku

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The first handjob on a OtakuThis is my first story, I am bisexual and although I really like women that does not stop men like me also …Near the apartment there lived a boy who always pretended Otaku printing for my tits, at first I did not care what he did with his life and always joked telling him to stop having erections when he was close to me.Three days later, I discover I had tons of pictures and artwork of hentai anime of all kinds of genres and all that kind of pictures, I saw a picture of Hinata of Naruto Shippuden, which in fact is what I have as the image of my avatar this moment.That same night I told him of his images and teased me a bit of that as he just wanted to disappear from his shame.Was one week for his birthday and as high esteem, thinking of a plan for that day, I told him to accompany me to buy something that Hinata used or something to make me look like her hiding my true intentions and a day before his birthday I told him I would go to visit her home to give her birthday but did not tell him what time you go.The day of his birthday, after I reached my apartment after work, I waited for the clock marks 9:30 PM because he would be alone at home at that hour, after arriving at that time, I went to home wearing a great big thick coat.He invited me to his house and told him to bring me something to drink to the kitchen, while he was at it, I went to his room and called from there saying he would give Escort his birthday, and when he went upstairs he I said that his gift was in the big coat I wore.When undid the buttons of his coat, he fell to the ground and he was astonished to see me almost naked wearing some clothes Hinata and was very surprised that held my breasts with my hands, was so surprised I did not know what to do or say.I saw him so scared that I just grabbed one of her hands and put one of my tits in his hand as I said to him, “Happy Birthday Naruto-kun.”He was shaking a bit his hand so I just went to him, take his head and brought her face to my right tit while squeezing my other breast, I told him it was delicately with them and told him I was going to masturbate his cock sitting on his bed, so I just started stroking his pants and shivering feeling that I touched him down there before he suffered a huge erection.I did that sit on the bed and remove his pants, he gave very sorry for his erection and surprise me with my tits, I saw his cock and just when I touched and I had in my hand, he suffered a small reflex spasm stimulus.He had a face embarrassment while driving and knew it was her first time, I told him to calm down, I sat next to him and kissed her, told her to just kiss my tits while I masturbated his cock, and began a gentle way …Gently and sometimes a little strong, I massaged his cock and could feel the stiffness when moving Escort Bayan a bit and palpitation when massaging the head of his cock as he groaned slowly.I kissed him as he lay in bed, so I got over it and put my tits in his face while I was massaging his cock, every time my fingers massaged the tip of his cock, you could see that trembled and head of that cock looked like a big mushroom and became more rigid, I liked when I was shaking and moaning whenever he passed that, then massaged the entire lower part of his cock and he liked it because she moved her hips up and down down as if to penetrate the vagina while I was saying things like “I want to continue ?, like touching you like this? you like my tits?”He told me he wanted to fuck me after that time, but I told him that was not his hahaha gift, maybe later, so that did not matter to him, every time I massaged his cock the trembling a little longer, until their arms trembling slightly, 15 minutes later, I lay down next to him with my legs gripping one of her legs and opened his legs leaving half his cock with one hand he played one of my tits and the other the he started playing my pussy so I also got excited me.We kissed and I liked when I could not moan about the kiss and soon I too started to moan slowly, 10 minutes after her moans increased and could feel that already came his cum so massaging his cock gently and told him to stop masturbate and just Bayan Escort suck my nipples and enjoy orgasm.He did so until I could feel the throb of his cock and followed that his cum covered all my hand, it felt warm, wet and slimy as he only moaned much pleasure, once that, I wiped my hand on his chest and very exciting way offered to try me oral sex.I agreed and warned he would have to eat my vaginal secretions if I stimulated very well, he did not mind that and proceeded to massage my clitoris with his tongue circular in shape … Of course I felt tickled and then felt a delicious pleasure which increased, he looked at my face to see if I had expressions of pleasure but my tits obscured much of my face and I just put my leg over her neck, told him to put a little more tongue in my pussy and did.I liked feeling his tongue, felt that gradually I explode with pleasure, I had the great pleasure vaginal lips as I said to the “Ooh yeah Naruto-kun,” he liked to hear that that even after his corrida, he kept his huge erection.I told him not to be afraid to stick their fingers and go all my butt, he kept asking me oral sex and sometimes liked to play my big tits as they moved through my spasms, that to maintain his erection.Ten minutes later, I had a fantastic, romantic orgasm, he liked to see how throbbed muscles of my vagina and my anus while I said “Yeah OOH Naruto-kun OMG !!!” And I could not resist the urge to scream a bit of pleasure.After we finished our meeting, I was talking a little, we talked about many things, I was a little more with him, I left very loving way and I went to my apartment saying “Happy Birthday, I hope you liked your gift birthday”.

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Ron Gets His Wish

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Ron Gets His WishLindsey and Ron had been married for five years. Lindsey had recently delivered the couple’s first c***d but had managed to keep her body in great shape. She had already lost all of the weight she had put on during the pregnancy and her breasts had blossomed to a size 36C. Ron loved to feel Lindsey’s tits, as they were still very firm. Ron’s only disappointment with Lindsey was the lack of exploration in their sex life.Lindsey had grown up in a very conservative household. Her father was a minister for the local church. Growing up in a strict Christian home meant Lindsey never dressed provocatively and she always wore her long blonde hair up in a ponytail. This life style carried into Lindsey’s adulthood. Ron continuously asked Lindsey to dress in a more seductive manner or to shave her pussy but she never agreed.And that would all be fine with Ron if only Lindsey was more playful in bed. Lindsey would only have sex in the missionary position, she flatly refused to try oral sex, and God help Ron if he ever brought up anal again. The last time he suggested it his buxom blonde bride threatened to leave him then and there.Through all of this Ron thought he had been relatively patient with his wife. But it was their fifth anniversary and he figured he would give it another shot.The couple had decided to stay in for the night and rent a movie. Ron’s parents had taken their daughter for the weekend. Ron thought for sure this would be the time Lindsey would agree to a little spice up.After dinner the married couple exchanged presents. Lindsey gave Ron the new fishing pole he wanted. Ron gave Lindsey a new tennis racket.”You always manage to get me the perfect thing,” said Lindsey.”Well if you think the racket was good wait ’till you see your other present,” and with that Ron handed Lindsey a tiny pink package with a silver bow.Apprehensively Lindsey took the package and opened it. Inside she found a pink see through nighty and a frilly pink thong.”Ron I’ve told you before, I just don’t see how dressing like a slut is sexy.””I know you’re not all that keen on the idea babe, but you have such a great body and all you ever do is hide it behind sweats. I’m always going to that damn country club you adore so much without even a complaint. The least you could do is dress a little sexier on our anniversary,” barked Ron a little harsher than he meant it to come out.”Your right honey. I’m sorry. I should do more things for you whether I want to or not,” said Lindsey in the tone of a little girl being scolded by her father.”But I want you to want to do this Lindsey. I don’t want you to do it just because I ask for it. That takes the fun out of it.””I know, I know. I do want to do it. I’ll go put these on and we can watch the movie.”After fifteen minutes in the bathroom, which Ron found surprisingly longer than he would have thought, Lindsey reappeared in her sexy pink outfit. The nighty was shear enough to show every detail of her flawless body. Her large nipples and round ass were plainly visible through the material. Her pussy was the only thing covered by the outfit because of the tiny pink thong she wore.As Lindsey stepped out of the bathroom Ron whistled his appreciation. Ron was now stripped down to his boxers, exposing his overweight gut and his four-inch erection.”You look great,” Ron said.”I feel sexier already,” Lindsey responded. “This might actually be fun.”Ron sat down and patted the couch for Lindsey to do so as well. As Ron was about to hit the play button on the remote the doorbell rang.”Who could that be at this hour on a Friday night?” Ron wondered aloud as he stood and moved towards the door.Ron opened the door and said, “Yes?”Four large black men burst into the house dressed in standard hoodlum attire. One of the black men knocked Ron hard on the head and he fell to the floor on his ass.”What the hell do you think you’re doing?” blurted out a dazed Ron.”Shut it cracker. You cooperate and we don’t hurt you. We just want the cash and any other valuables,” shouted the largest black ruffian.Ron was pulled to his feet by two of the other black men while the largest one, who was obviously the leader, tied Ron’s hands behind his back with his belt.Ron heard the fourth member of the gang whistle and shout, “Shiiit, look at those tits.”Ron instantly remembered his scantily clad wife sitting on the couch. The three other hoodlums shoved Ron toward her.”Well look at the little lady,” said the leader. “All dressed up for a night of fucking with hubby, hmmm?”Lindsey had been silent throughout the whole ordeal. She had made no attempt to cover herself and her nipples now stood out a good half-inch. Ron assumed it was the shock and fear of the whole escapade.”Answer me bitch, were you going to fuck your husband tonight?””Yes. It’s our anniversary,” Lindsey answered rather coolly.”Really? Well I’ll tell you what. Your going to get your anniversary fuck, but it’s not going to be with hubby, it’s going to be with us.”Again no reaction from Lindsey.”Get up and strip for us slut,” said the leader.Two of the other black men, the leader called them Prince and Bull, shoved Ron back to the ground and took a place on the couch along with the leader who Ron heard called Trunk. The fourth intruder, called Moose, pulled up a chair for the show.Lindsey, now standing in front of the four biggest and blackest men she had ever seen, turned on the radio to a rap station she never listened Escort to and began to swing to the beat. Ron knew his wife was just doing it without protest because of the fear of what the men would do to her if she didn’t comply.Lindsey began to get more comfortable in front of the men and her dancing became more fluid. She soon began to tease the four black intruders. She would bend over facing them, letting her tits hang down for all to see. Then she would turn around and raise the back of the pink nighty, exposing the unblemished bare skin of her ass cheeks, before shaking it from side to side causing it to jiggle slightly. She then took everyone in the room by surprise when she quickly lifted the nighty over her head and dropped it to the floor leaving her in nothing but her frilly pink thong.”Look you can take anything you want just please don’t **** my wife,” Ron pleaded.”It’s not **** if she wants it,” shouted Bull.”She doesn’t want it you bastards,” Ron retorted without a doubt in his mind.”Well there’s one way to find out,” said Trunk. “Take off your panties and bring them to me honey.”Lindsey dropped her thong to the floor exposing her bald pussy to the gathered crowd. Ron realized that must have been what took her so long in the bathroom. Now naked in front of the first man other than her husband, let alone four, she handed her thong to Trunk.”Well look at that white boy, your wife’s panties are soaked cause she’s thinking about our huge horse cocks. Ain’t that right honey bun?”Lindsey did nothing but drop her head in shame.That was as good as an invitation to use her up as far as the black studs were concerned. They were all over her in a heartbeat. Lindsey felt hands exploring her ass and breasts as well as a finger being slid into her sopping wet cunt.Prince and Bull moved away from the mass of multi- colored flesh and began to remove their clothes. Trunk continued to finger Lindsey and Moose was now sucking on one of her nipples.Ron could not imagine a worse scenario. His beautiful young bride was being forced to have sex with four huge black men who had broken into their home on their anniversary. But for some reason ever since his wife had begun her striptease Ron had not lost his four-inch erection. And to Ron’s horror, Moose had noticed.”Look at cracker, his little worm’s poking out,” yelled moose as he stepped away from Lindsey and began to strip. Ron’s pathetic erection sent laughter up throughout the room including, to Ron’s surprise, his bride.All four men were now completely naked. Each one sported an erection no less than ten inches. Lindsey was in awe. She had never seen a penis other than her husbands and he was quite small compared to these. She didn’t even know men could get that big. She had of course heard the rumors that black men were bigger but she had never put any stock into it. But the proof was staring her in the face. Four black cocks, all at least ten inches, and there was her white husband who wasn’t even half as big as these gorillas.”Stand up,” Trunk bellowed at Ron.Ron did as he was told and rose to his feet as he heard Trunk order that Lindsey lower her husband’s boxers to the ground. Now all six people in the room were totally nude.”He fucks you with that little pecker? No wonder you want some black cock, I bet you can’t even feel that thing,” insulted Prince, causing more laughter from every one in the room. Lindsey found the comment especially funny and went into a fit of giggles. This caused the four black men to laugh even more.”Go get us some beer you pathetic little bitch,” spat Trunk as he untied the belt around Ron’s hands. More laughter. “Do it on your hands and knees cracker.” More laughter. “We’ll be in your bedroom, but don’t worry, we won’t start the show without you.” More laughter.Lindsey led the four black studs to her and her husband’s bed voluntarily.When Ron arrived with the six-pack he found his wife in the middle of a heated kiss with Trunk who was pawing at her tits.The men all took a beer while Lindsey crawled onto the bed and spread her legs exposing her glorious pink pussy. The four black men were now beating off while watching the gorgeous blonde bombshell lying naked on her bed. The gang was now rock hard and ready for action.Trunk moved forward to the edge of the bed and placed his penis inches from Lindsey’s face. Ron knew what was coming but could not believe it. After years of begging Lindsey to suck his dick, she was about to do it for this black stranger.Lindsey wrapped her mouth around the head and slowly bobbed back and forth. She took her mouth off the giant black cock and began licking all twelve inches. She even lifted the monster up with her petite hands and licked his plum size balls. Ron could not believe his wife was actually sucking this guy’s dick voluntarily.Trunk pulled away slightly from Lindsey. When she leaned forward to continue licking his tool, he slapped her cheek with the black snake. Trunk repeated this a couple of times causing Lindsey’s frustration to mount.”Why aren’t you letting me suck your cock?” pleaded Lindsey.”I want to do something a little more interactive baby,” Trunk responded.With that, Lindsey lay back down, spread her legs wide, and began rubbing her tender white thighs. Trunk climbed up on the bed, got between Lindsey’s legs, and lined up his giant black fuck stick with her tiny pink twat.”What do you want me to do with it?””Put it in,” whispered Escort Bayan Lindsey.”What was that?””Put your big black cock in my tiny little pussy and fuck me hard!” shouted Lindsey.Ron couldn’t believe his ears. His shy and restrained wife was begging to be fucked by black cock. Ron had never heard her use language like that and she had surely never begged him to fuck her.Trunk pushed his cock in slowly. Lindsey had never experienced anything close to the size of his meat being shoved in her vagina. Lindsey rewarded Trunk with a gushing of pussy juice as she came for the first time of the night. Her entire body vibrated for about fifteen seconds. After she came Trunk began to move faster. Now with a good eight inches in her pussy, Lindsey began to hump back against his black dick. Lindsey was breathing hard and moaning louder and louder with each thrust.Trunk started to knead Lindsey’s tits and then began pinching her pink nipples. Lindsey moaned even louder than before. After ten minutes of fucking and another of Lindsey’s massive orgasms, Trunk pulled out of Lindsey with a loud pop. Lindsey knew what was coming, turned to face Trunk, and wrapped her mouth around the giant black snake.Ron saw Lindsey swallowing and knew Trunk was pumping his load into her mouth. Some spunk managed its way out of Lindsey’s mouth and on to her chin and tits. At last Trunk had run out of cum. Lindsey kept on sucking the cock until she was sure she had drank every drop of his juice. She even used her finger to scoop up the cum from her chin and tits and shove it into her mouth. “Your cum tastes sooooo good Trunk.”Lindsey lay back down on the bed as Trunk got off. The three other members of the gang, still hard as rocks, had turned their attention to Ron. They mocked him about still being erect after seeing his wife fuck their black friend. The three men then ordered him to kneel at the foot of the bed so he could see better. There was no need to tie him up. They knew he was too scared of them to disobey.”Isn’t anybody gonna fuck me?” Lindsey said with a wicked smile on her face. Prince and Moose both crawled onto the bed, Prince at Lindsey’s legs and Moose at her head.”I’m not sure I can take both those monsters,” Lindsey said.Prince reassured Lindsey by flipping her over on her hands and knees. Moose presented his ten-inch cock to Lindsey and she gladly accepted it in her mouth. Prince put his cock at Lindsey’s opening and shoved it in. Lindsey was so wet from all the activity that his cock slid all the way in.Ron was still mesmerized by what he was seeing. His white wife was fucking and sucking two of the biggest blackest cocks on the face of the earth right in front of him. Not only were their cocks much bigger than his, but they themselves were bigger, more muscular, and most women would agree much more handsome than himself. Ron could not help but think what the black cock fucking her pussy was doing to it. Ron’s cock was smaller than average, how would he be able to satisfy his wife when her cunt was being stretched like that? But Ron could not suppress the fact that he was half enjoying watching his wife act like such a slut. After all of the years of nothing but boring missionary sex it was great to see her come out of her shell. He just wished it was with him and not these black studs.It was then that Ron noticed how much cock Lindsey had managed to take into her mouth. She now had all but a couple of inches of Moose’s cock buried in her throat. With each stroke she would take more and more until eventually Moose’s balls were slapping Lindsey’s chin. She didn’t even look uncomfortable sucking his dick. She looked like she had been doing it her whole life. Moose busied himself by playing with Lindsey’s dangling tits. He soon found she really enjoyed it when he pinched her erect nipples. Every time he did it she would moan even louder around his cock. Prince also found something Lindsey enjoyed. He would spank her firm white ass with his big paw and she would rock back even harder against his member.Moose was the first to cum. He let out a torrent of sperm down Lindsey’s throat. As soon as he was finished, Prince buried his cock to the hilt and pumped his slime into Lindsey’s pussy. Lindsey then repeated her cock cleaning performance on the two spent cocks.”Looks like we got a job for you wimp,” said Trunk pointing his finger at Lindsey’s cum filled pussy.”No fucking way you sick bastard,” Ron spat back.”Do it or I’ll make you suck it right from the source.” Ron froze. He couldn’t take this any more. But as that thought was passing into his head he climbed onto the bed and joined his wife.”Lay down tiny,” Trunk’s joke at the expense of Ron’s endowment caused laughter to erupt from everyone.Without even being told Lindsey sat on her husband’s face and started grinding her slimy pussy all over his mouth. “Suck his black cum out of me tiny.” Ron began to lap at his sultry wife’s cum filled cunt. Lindsey really enjoyed this. She grabbed Ron by the hair and forced her pussy down on his mouth even harder. “How’s that taste tiny?” Lindsey asked and then giggled uncontrollably. Soon after, Lindsey came again causing her to ejaculate male and female love juice all over her husband’s face. She then shoved her husband off the bed and onto the ground. “Your next Bull,” she said seductively.”Come here and suck my dick you little white whore,” snapped Bull.Lindsey lunged to the edge Bayan Escort of the bed and wrapped her lips around Bull’s ten inches. She licked and kissed and generally worshiped his black snake for a couple of minutes before he said, ” You really suck cock good baby but I want a different hole.”Lindsey turned around and stuck her butt up in the air for Bull to use as he pleased. Bull stuck his big black cock all the way in to Lindsey’s loose vagina and humped her a few times before pulling out.”You’re a bad girl aren’t you baby,” Bull asked.”Oh yeah stud. I’m such a bad girl,” Lindsey said now smiling ear to ear. “Now please fuck me.”With that Bull put the head of his cock against Lindsey’s virgin asshole and pushed in slowly. As he forced his way in, Lindsey could do nothing but moan like a mad woman. After a couple of inches were in, the rest went relatively easy. Bull got about eight inches in before he bottomed out. He now picked up the pace and began fucking the white housewife’s butt hole harder. Soon Lindsey was rocking back on his cock and playing with her clit. “Fuck my ass harder!” Lindsey screamed. Not long after that, Lindsey was having another hard orgasm. Girl cum burst out of her twat and all over the bed in the most powerful climax she had ever experienced.”Oh God this feels soooooooo good. I love it. Oh God how I love it,” cried Lindsey.”Do you like my cock better than tiny’s.””Oh fuck ya. Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Your fat cock is sooooo fucking better than his! This is the best I’ve ever felt in my life.”All this talk was really getting Bull going. Lindsey was also fucking harder than ever, causing her tits and hair to fly around wildly. It was no surprise when Bull started cumming. He jammed it all the way in her ass and let his jizz loose. Bull came longer than any of his buddies. Finally he pulled his cock out of Lindsey’s obscenely stretched butt hole with an audible pop.Everyone in the room was shocked when Lindsey wrapped her lips around Bull’s cock. She was cleaning a cock that had seconds before been rammed up her ass. Lindsey enjoyed the musky taste of the cock and cleaned every inch.”Time for another performance Ronny,” Lindsey said with the evilest little grin Ron had ever seen.This was too much for Ron. He could not suck cum from his wife’s ass. It was just disgusting and wrong. But here he was again climbing onto the bed where the night before he had wished his wife would be more adventurous.Lindsey got on all fours and put her asshole right in Ron’s face. Ron stuck his tongue in and tasted the all to familiar salty taste of black man cum. “Make sure you get it all tiny. I want to be totally clean for my men.”When Ron was done Lindsey’s ass was spotless. All the black man cum was now in Ron’s belly. It disturbed Ron that he was growing so accustomed to this situation.Trunk, Prince, and Moose were now hard again. Trunk lay down on the bed and Lindsey mounted him easily in her stretched cunt. Moose then kneeled behind her and easily slid his dick into her bum hole. They soon got into a rhythm causing Lindsey to moan uncontrollably. Moose would pull his black dick out of Lindsey’s white anus just as Trunk rammed himself into pussy and vice versa. Lindsey had a cock in one of her holes at all times. This caused her to be in a state of constant orgasm.This continued for ten more minutes or so before Moose pulled out of Lindsey’s ass and Trunk flipped her off of his pole. The two black studs kneeled next to Lindsey and started beating off furiously. Soon they were both ejaculating buckets of sperm onto Lindsey’s face, tits, belly, and even on her feet. Lindsey cleaned the two used up cocks completely then ordered Ron to clean her. Ron licked the cum off his wife’s face, tits, and flat stomach before moving to her cummy toes. He sucked the man juice from her dainty feet, but before he was done Prince and Bull were all over his wife. They maneuvered her into the same position as Trunk and Moose had her, Bull in her pussy and Prince in her ass. Ron kept on sucking her toes through out the whole ordeal. Lindsey ordered Moose and Trunk to kneel in front of her while she sucked both of them in her mouth.”Do you want us all to cum on tiny?” Trunk asked Lindsey.All she could do was let out a muffled moan. Every one in the room knew what that meant. All four men pulled out of their used up holes, moved off the bed and in front of Ron who had stopped sucking his bride’s toes, and let their cum fly. Ron could have sworn he was standing under a shower spout. The cum was relentless. It felt like gallons. When it was finally done Ron could not even open his eyes because of the sticky jizz. The rest of his face, along with his hair and gut, were drenched. Ron went to wipe the cum from his eyes, which covered his hands in jizz, and Ron instinctively licked the cum from his fingers. The room erupted in laughter.Still giggling, Lindsey said, “I’ll clean two and you clean two, okay tiny?”Ron knew he had no choice and wrapped his lips around Trunk’s black sausage just as Lindsey did the same to Prince. Ron followed Lindsey’s lead and licked all the cum from the black monster. They each finished and moved onto the next cock.The four black men were exhausted. They all started to dress in preparation of leaving. The leader Trunk said, “Don’t worry tiny. Your wife was so good, we’re not gonna rob your ass. Honey bun, if you want us to fuck you again just give me a call at this number,” and he threw a piece of paper on the bed.The four black men walked out of the room and shut the door. Lindsey climbed up onto the bed and said, “Happy anniversary honey. I can’t wait to see our new friends again,” before falling asleep.

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Wednesday Lunch Blowjob For my Friend

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Wednesday Lunch Blowjob For my FriendHi boys and girls.Today i want to tell everyone about a sexy thing i do almost every Wednesday. Every Wednesday after I have my lunch, I have my dessert of creamy sperm. Every Wednesday I participate in internship in local government building. In the same building, I know a very good friend that gives me sperm after we have lunch. He is an old friend and one of the first men I make experience with sex. He is much older and has a beautiful cock. We no fuck for a long time because of time. So here how it happens on Wednesday.We meet in restaurant and have lunch together. We talk and he is very nice. After we get in car, usually his car, sometimes my car, and drive to this hill Escort about 10 minutes from office. From hill, we can see all of city and we stop car in place more hidden. Lucky our car have very dark window but this lunch time, not many people in this area.So I tell you story of what happened today and past Wednesdays.We talk in car and he drive. I always wear professional clothe and he too. We arrive at our location and the fun begins.I open blouse for him and remove bra so he can touch my breasts. He unzip pants and pulls out already very hard cock. He say something the same thing everytime.´´Vem tomar leitinho´´ – ´´ Come drink milk´´.He hás Nice cock and i dont resist never. I reach and open Escort Bayan mouth to suck his big head. He always play with my hair touch my breast. I close my eyes and imagine his big penis penetrate my hungry pussy. I moan a lot when I suck and he like it very much.MMMMMMMMMMMMM,His cock taste very good. I suck his cock for many years and love everytime. I continue to suck going deep and more deep, sometimes I choke. But I continue because I Love suck.I make his penis more and more wet with my saliva. I begin to jerk him too and suck on head. He say more things to me that I like.“Vai me fazer gozar putinha gulosa“ – “you Will make me cum little slut“I Love He tell me these sexy phrases. Bayan Escort I continue to suck his penis much more faster. I begin to taste his pre cum, very salty. I jerk him fast and lick his balls and he moans too louder.He say he will cum and I put my mouth around his cock to receive his much sperm. I feel his hot sperm in my mouth but I don’t stop. I continue to suck and jerk for more sperm. He hold my head deep and moan loud. I try to swallow all his cum but I gag so only swallow maybe 50%. The rest I spit outside of car.He comes closer and kisses my breast and feels my pussy.I go back to clean his cock like always. His cock now not hard but I clean all sperm so not dirty his underwear. He congratulated me again as always.“que boquinha safada!“ – “what a slutty mouth“.Unfortunately our time is limited so don’t have more time for more fun. We drive back to office and he return to work and I go to school.Hope my English better friends.

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House Of Debauchery Part 1

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House Of Debauchery Part 1Alternate Title: How my Mother Became A Prostitute – Another story I haven’t proofread this one [email protected]===============================================================I can hear the rythmic creaking of the bed in next room. The moans of obvious pleasure and dirty talk between a man and a woman leaves no doubt that they are having sex. The woman is Gina, my girlfriend. The man is her customer.I met Gina about an year back. Actually I saw her ad to provide “guilty pleasure and full relaxation” to men. I was 17 with raging hormones and nice long dick. Gina, was 42. She had a soft face and lines of age had already made their mark on her face, especially under her big green eyes. When I saw her the first time, Gina had her dark hair pulled behind in a bun. She looked quite pretty with lipstick on her full lips and mascara and eye shadow to accentuate her already beautiful eyes. She had big round breasts that must have been the dream of every man but the angels of youth had left her body and her boobs sagged so far down that her long black pierced nipples touched her belly. Once could see ripples of baby fat and love handles on her sides. It was clear that no matter how hard she tried to keep in shape, the slowing metabolism of 42 year old body made it difficult to have a flat belly. What was amazing was the how her waist flared into 2 magnificient hips. Big, wide and oh so soft they were the wet dream of every boy and man who liked big butts. They were not grossly over fatty but just enough to give her the hourglass figure that any prostitute needs to lure young guys like me.When i first saw her, she was actually sitting on her “service” bed and had a robe on but even then I could tell how sexy her matronly hips were.I loved Gina from the first time I saw her. She was an independent provider and worked out of her home. She was gentle, funny and warm.She had a body and mannerisms that makes one feel happy and comfortable. Most of her clients, she told me came back for more and she always welcomed them with open arms and open legs.However, when I first met Gina, she refused to sleep with me.”I can’t. You are too young.” she said looking at my face.”But I setup an appointment.” I replied taking my shoes off. I knew that prostitutes always wanted to get more and maybe this was her way of raising the price.”No. I mean how do I know that you don’t work for law enforcement.” she said and smiled revealing her perfect white teeth.By now I was turned on beyond self control. She was the sexiest woman I had ever seen and she was sitting 2 feet away from me, half dressed and ready to be taken. I wouldn’t have stopped even if she asked for more money. The funny part was that she didn’t.”I want to see some ID and I want you to tell me if you are Police.” she sounded genuinely concerned. “I can go to jail if you are u******e hun.” all through the conversation I had been stripping and by now I was down to my underpants. I was frustrated with her and it showed as an 8″ hard on through my boxer shorts. But Gina didn’t move. She still had her robe on, a gentle smile as if she understood what I was going through but she sat on her bed cross legged, waiting for me to show her the ID.I realized that she will not let me touch her unless I do show her the proof of age. I fished out my wallet from the levi’s on floor and fumbled through it to find the my license. I gave it to her. She looked the picture and then back at me and then she looked at the date of birth.She stood up and stepped closer to me, carefully avoiding my hard cock jutting through my shorts. She ran her fingers through my hair and as I leaned forward to kiss her, she grabbed my hair.”Oh honey! I am sorry but I can’t provide any service to you. You are still 17 and frankly I am too old to land up in jail now.” I tried to kiss her again.”Please.” she turned her face away. “Just come back in a few months and I will give you everything that you want. But you must leave now.” I stood in the middle of the room while Gina sat on her bed. I was dejected, my arms falling down to my sides. My cock was already soft.I looked at Gina once more and realized that she wouldn’t entertain me. I made one last ditch effort , “Are you sure?” “I am sorry” she said. I could see she was genuinely unhappy, almost sad that she was turning away a client. I let my head fall back and closed my eyes. My cock peeked its head through my underwear and then I looked back at her and smiled.”But when you come back, I will give you a free one hun.” she said smiling.In that moment I realized that she didn’t care about the money. She was really sad she couldn’t take care of my needs. This feeling sent a chill through my spine. Within few seconds my cock was hard again. It sprung forth so suddenly that it caught Gina by surprise.She fell back half way and this sudden movement caused her robe to open. I saw her large, sagging breasts and dark aereols. Her pierced nipples almost touched her naval. She still had her legs crossed so i couldn’t get a view of her cunt but she had really, nice and smooth thigs and hips. Before she could pull her robe back, I was on top of her. She tried to push me aways but i held her arms and started kissing her lips muttering “I love you. God! I love you”.I realized she wasn’t struggling very hard. After a few seconds I didn’t even have to hold her hands and in a minute of so she had her arms around me as i kissed her and mashed her tits with my chest.”What are you doing?” she whispered and ran her fingers through my hair.”I want you” I said looking into her eyes.”I know.” She replied and opened her legs.We didn’t speak a word after that. She scooted back on bed, took off her robe and opened her legs wider. I kneeled between them and then as we kissed and embraced, we fell back on her bed. She guided my cock into her vagina and i was surprised to feel how loose it was.”Ofcourse” I thought “A 45 year old whore like her can’t have a tight, 18y/o pussy”.Gina now had both her hands on my naked hips and pulled me in with every thrust.She had her eyes open and looked into my eyes encouraging me.”Oh Yeah. That’s it. Fuck me, suck me, make me yours.” she whispered in my ears.I kissed her while massaging her large tits. In a minute of so I came.I came a lot in her. I could feel jets after jets of cum shooting out of my cock and into her wet and loose, oversized pussy with large, dark labia. Gina felt it too. She grabbed my hips with both hands and pulled me in hard as if she didn’t want to let me go ever.As I came she muttered “Yes! That’s it! Cum in me baby. cum in my pussy.”I felt spent in a few seconds I could feel Gina’s loose but surprisingly agile cunt squeezing the remaining cum out of my cock. I smiled. She was a whore but she liked what she did. She was really good at it.My cock lost its erection very rapidly and in a few more seconds it plopped out of the slimy cunt of this 45 year old prostitute even though i still lay on top of her, Gina held my face in her hands and started kissing me all over. “My little baby. My darling. My man. You came so much. I can feel your cum soaking every part of my pussy.” I smiled.”Did you like it honey?” she asked stroking my hair gently.”I loved it.” I said still panting.”Maybe we should do it again.” she suggested playfully.”I just got 60 bucks.” I confessed. Now that i had cum, I didn’t care. I wanted to leave.”Oh!” She looked disappointed. “Come to me next time when you have money.” I lifted myself from the bed. Gina made no attempt to move. She was lying on her back, her legs opened. Her large breasts flopped on either side of her chest and her freshly fucked pussy red and raw. She was smiling as I pulled my jeans back up.That was about 3 months back. Since then I visited Gina, every week, sometimes a couple of times a week depending upon how much cash I had.We were now getting comfortable with each other. Gina knew what I liked and provided me exactly that.Then a few week back she asked me Tire Escort out. It started very casually when I visited her at about 9 PM on my way back home from library. After sex she suggested we go out to eat. I was hungry but broke. I had just given her my last 50 bucks. She smiled and told me the dinner was on her. For some reason, going out for dinner with an older prostitute was exciting.Gina drove us to a nice Italian restaurant a few miles from her place. While we waited outside she held my hand and kissed me several times while people watched. I knew it was pretty weird for all those people to see a young teenager with a 45 year old whore dressed in a micro mini, pink pantyhose and pumps, bare midriff showing her belly hanging out on top of her skirt. A small black blouse with no bra made her look more of a whore than if she were completely naked.I enjoyed the thrill of depravity and let her grab my butt as she kissed me on my neck and lips.Once we were seated, Gina ordered the wine and the food and we made out in our booth. She paid close to $75 for the dinner that night.After that I started visiting her whenever I could. Sometimes I showed up in the morning and sometimes on my way back. We had sex almost every single time I was there. I loved cumming her in big pussy and off late Gina had been encouraging me to ask her out more often.She often called me on friday and saturday night and after sex suggested we go out for a movie or dinner, even arcades. Needless to say I didn’t mind. Heck, why should I? She paid for the evening while I loved showing off my slutty, older girlfriend to all those horny teenagers out there. Did I say girlfriend? Yes, that’s how it started.I showed up at around 6 in the evening at Gina’s place. She wanted me to take her to a movie.I reached her house and knocked as I alwasy did but she didn’t open the door. I waited for a few minutes and then as I started walking towards the back door, I heard the door open. I saw a man in jeans and white t-shirt coming out of the house. He looked around sheepishly and walked hurriedly towards a car parked some distance away on the street. I knew he was one of Gina’s clients. I don’t know why but I felt a sudden pang of jealousy but before I could think further my cell phone rang. It was Gina and she was asking me when I will come to pick her up.”I am here. ” I said knocking on the door. I heard her hurried steps coming towards the door and then she asked, “Is it you honey.” ” Yes” was all I could manage.She opened the door halfway, staying out of sight but giving me enough room to enter. This is how she always opened the door, even the first time when I came to see her.I entered the house and found her in a sheer red robe and nothing underneath. The living room was dark but her smooth, naked body was glowing in the faint light coming from her service room. She kissed me lightly on the lips.”Just give me 20 minutes. I will freshen up. Do you want to eat something honey?” she asked me walking back inside the house, to the bathroom I figured.”No.” I was short.”What’s wrong baby?” she asked me from the bathroom.”Nothing” I said. After a minute of silence I asked “Who was that man?” ” Oh My God!” she exclaimed. “You are jealous!” I could see the excitement in her voice.I looked away but she squatted in front of me and held my face in her arms. We looked into each other’s eyes and then she said ” Baby! I love you but you know what I do. This is how we met.” I couldn’t say anything. She was right.”We have been seeing each other for 3 months.” she continued. “I know that you like me but you are more than just a client to me.” “Look at me”, she said, “You don’t even pay for sex half the time and you’ve been asking me out almost every weekend.” That wasn’t true. The bitch made me ask her out. But I kept quiet and let her talk.”I know a man doesn’t like to see his girlfriend doing other guys but this is my job. I like it and this the only way I know how to make money. If you love me, you will have to accept me for who I am.” “A whore”, I muttered.”Yes, a whore. A prostitute. A woman who sells her body to make money” she spoke rather firmly.”I like you” I said.”That’s all?” she prodded me then looking me straight in the eyes she said “That’s not good enough for me Dave. I am looking for a man. A man who will stand tall and say I am his girlfriend, his lover. I love you darling but I can’t go on with you just liking me.” I looked away.”When I met you, I thought you were mature beyond your years. Maybe I was wrong” she said to me raising her voice.That was it. No man can hear that he is not a man enough and I was no different.”I love you” I blurted out before I knew what was happening. That fucking bitch knew how to manipulate men both through her cunt and her mouth! I was trapped but I felt a sudden calm.”Oh honey!” she squealed, “I love you too”. With that she helped me with my underwear and took my flaccid cock in her mouth. For next few minutes my girlfriend sucked my cock like a whore that she really was.I could see the top of her head bobbing up and down on my now erect penis while her loose tits flopped side to side.From there on I never paid Gina and she never asked for the money either.A few weeks passed in a bliss where I was always satisfied. I would show up at her place unannounced and use the spare key to enter her house. More often than not I found her with client. As I waited in the bedroom I could always hear her having sex in service room with one of her johns. She would often come to the bedroom right after the men left and told me how much she loved me even when her body would be covered with bite marks left by her clients. I was under no illusion.I knew Gina liked to have sex but I also knew that she really cared for me.My mother by now was not clueless either. She knew I had a new girlfriend and she knew the name but nothing else. She often teased me about her saying things like most women lost their little boys after he moves away to live with his girlfriend but she had lost me the day I met Gina. She was a good sport about it though and always asked me to bring Gina home someday.I think it was summer and I was relaxing at Gina’s place. She was in her service room with 2 clients having a threesome and I could hear all of them panting and encouraging each other to fuck and cum.Finally, after almost an hour the men left. I didn’t hear Gina closing the door after them so I got up and walked out in the living room. The door was still open. I kicked it shut and then walked into the service room. Gina was lying on her back. Her knees folded and open. Her tits were hanging on either side while her large loose cunt had been fucked open. Her body was covered in sweat and she had a smile on her lips .I could tell she had a good time. A few 20s on the side table was her payment from this session.”Do you need a drink?” I asked her. This didn’t bother me anymore “Sure” she said smiling. “And by the way, your mom called. She wants me to come over for dinner on Sat night.” “What?” I stopped and wheeled around.”Yeah! It was not easy talking to her. I had a man in my ass and another in my cunt and she wanted to talk.” Gina said grinning. “I had to signal the men to be quiet and told her I was in the middle of something and will call her back soon.” “She must have found your number in my pocket.” I said.”So?” She looked at me and asked “are you gonna take me to see your mom or not?” “I have to, don’t I?” I said smiling weakly. “After all you are my girlfriend”.Gina got up and walked on her knees coming closer to me. She kissed me lightly on the lips and said “Don’t worry honey. I will be a good girl. She is going to love me.”My mother hated her! She threw a fit when she saw a 45 year old whore dressed in red vinyl micro mini and red latex thigh high boots, a sheer white blouse with no bra and of course no panties! This is how Gina had decided to dress up for her first meeting with her 18 year Torbalı Escort old boyfriend’s mom.”Who the fuck is this?” mom yelled. “What the fuck are you thinking Dave?” “Oh for Christ’s sake. Calm down Carol” Gina suggested taking a bite out of ginger bread mom had made for us.She was sitting at the dinner table almost amused at my mom’s temper.”Shut the fuck up you bitch” mom snapped at her. “I am talking to my son who has obviously lost his mind.” She turned towards me “What is wrong with you? Can’t you see this woman is all wrong for you? She is as old as me!” mom had tears in her eyes by now.She grabbed my shirt and shook me as if trying to wake me up. “What the hell were you thinking bringing this old whore into my house?” “Mom” I said ” Calm down. Gina is a nice girl and we love each other.” “Yeah! Listen to your son Carol.” Gina chimed in knowing well that mom will flip out. “For once let him be the man that he really is.” “He is my baby and you stay out of this you fucking bitch” mom roared. I held her arm to stop her from pouncing upon Gina and shredding her to pieces.”Mom! Please.” I pleaded. “You are making a scene” “Are you mad?” mom couldn’t believe her ears. “Can’t you see what this slut has done to you? You don’t love her and I know she doesn’t love you. She just wants sex from a young boy and I bet it doesn’t matter if she gets it from you or your friend Carl.” “I don’t like Carl that much.” Gina butted in again “But Mike, now there’s a fine young man with a dick a woman can suck all day” she said licking her lips.Mom stood in the room speechless, while Gina kept sipping her.water.”What’s the matter Carol?” she said ” Didn’t your son tell you what I do for living?” Mom turned to me, her mouth open and her breath coming in short, quick gasps. I saw her large breasts rising and falling as she breathed heavily as if she had just run a mile.”What the fuck is this bitch talking about?” she asked almost whispering.”Mom, Gina is in service industry. She gives men sensual massages” “SHE IS A WHORE” mom lost her self control and ran towards Gina. “I will kill you you fucking bitch. I am gonna tear you apart.” She grabbed Gina who was still sitting on a chair by her hair and pulled her down. “Get the fuck out of my house you fucking slut.” mom was yelling hysterically.I had to rescue my girlfriend. I grabbed mom’s arms and pulled her away. “Let her go mom. Please!” My mother started sobbing and then collapsed in my arms. She was hurt, she was wounded and I knew it will be a while before she regains consiousness.I looked at Gina and said ” you could have been gentle with her” “Your mom has the right to know about us Dave. She cares for you and I can’t lie to her.” Mom was on the floor and I had her head in my lap and I caressed her forehead.Gina stood up and was straightening her hair “I think it is much better that I told her the truth now.” “What if she doesn’t accept you?” my doubts resurfaced.”Don’t tell me you can’t leave mama. You are a grown up man. Please don’t tell me you need mommy.” Gina said sarcastically.”Bitch” I muttered.In a few minutes mom regained her consiousness. I helped her sit on a chair and gave her some coffee.Gina was sitting across the table facing mom. Both women stared at each other for quite sometime before my mother spoke.”I want you out of my son’s life. He is too young for you and anyway you can have hundreds of other men you sleep with.” “I will not leave Dave. I love him” Gina said firmly Mom looked at me and then back at Gina and said “I have given Dave everything he needed and I can die for him Gina.” “Yes. you can die for him.” Gina said. “But can you send him to college? Can you buy him the new car that he wants? No Carol. You can’t. So what good is your dying? I love your son and I can give him all that he wants. I may be a prostitute but I love your son and that is all that matters. Look Carol you have a choice. Either we can all live happily together or Dave will move in with me.” Mom looked at me again and I looked away.”Do you really love this woman Dave?” she asked me.”Yes mom. Gina is the first woman I have ever felt comfortable with.She didn’t ask me for sex, I asked her and has given me everything that I need.” “It is settled then.” Mom said with a tone of finality. “You can move in with your girlfriend” “REally mom!” I said. I felt like someone had lifted the load off my chest ” I love you mom.” “And I love you too dear. I can see that Gina can give you much more than what I will be able to and you two are obviously in love so why should I stand in your way.” Gina looked at me and then said “actually, Dave has already told me how much he loves you Carol and I think he really needs you around.” I had no idea what Gina had in mind but I liked the fact that she was acknowledging me in front of my mother.Mom was confused too.”Dave and I want to be together but we would love to have you with us.” Gina said.”Are you asking me to move n with you guys?” mom said looking at Gina and then at me.”My work keeps my quite busy and I can’t work around the house that much. Also even though Dave is a grown up man, he needs adult supervision. Your supervision. I am worried that he may not be putting enough effort in his studies.” Mom looked at me and grinned and said “Yeah. I alwasy had to keep a check on this little monstor. Otherwise he spends more time masturbating than studying.” “You said it!” Gina said. “I caught him jacking off right after we had sex. Twice!” Both women looked at me and started laughing loudly even as my face became red with embarassment.” Gina” my mother said “We have a big house here. We got a few rooms.How about you move in with us?” In 2 days Gina came to live with us. She didn’t have much stuff. Mom gave her the room below that Gina could use as her service room.Of 2 rooms above, 1 was set aside as my study room. While 3rd became our bedroom. In the beginning mom suggested she will sleep in Gina’s service room but often Gina would have clients late night while mom wanted to sleep early as her shift started at 6 AM on certain days of the week.Finally we all agreed that mom could sleep with us in our bedroom – the bed was large enough for 3 of us. Gina and I used her service room to have sex but sometimes during the night if we were both horny and didn’t want to go down, we would just have sex in the bed with mom sleeping right next to her. Gina was alwasys loud during sex – with me and with her clients and she didn’t care if mom was in bed with us.But my mother was a lovely woman. She would just turn around and try to sleep even when her son and his girlfriend were fucking each other like a****ls in heat. At times she would actually ask us if she should go downstairs but unless we were trying something crazy like a little role play or s&m, we let mom stay.In a few weeks even that stopped. Gina didn’t wear anything but her sheer robes in the house and soon mom got used to seeing her naked.Now she didn’t even turn around while Gina and I had sex and after a few weeks she even started encouraging us to fuck more and give her the grandc***d.One evening as I entered the house, I heard Gina and mom giggling in her service room. I peaked inside. Gina had only a thong on. She was sitting on the bed and her large naked breasts were flat on her chest and belly. Mom was sitting across her. She was topless but had a robe and panties on. Her rather large breasts were exposed and Gina was rubbing them.I couldn’t understand what my naked girlfriend was doing to my half naked mother but I hoped they were not getting ready to have sex.Thankfully they were not.As they heard me come in, both women turned to look at me. Mom blushed but Gina smiled and stood up on the bed and then started walking towards me, her tits flopping side to side.”Hi Honey. You are home early” she said kissing me , almost oblivious to her nakedness.”What are you doing?” I asked looking at mom.”Oh that! Not what you think!” Gina Urla Escort shrieked “You got a dirty little mind hun but I am not having sex with my boyfriend’s mom.” “Then what?” I asked still ooking at mom.”I am helping your mother to pump her breasts.” Gina said going back to the bed. I saw a few bottles filled with white liquid.As I stared blankly Gina continued her explanation. “Your mom told me how she breast fed you till you were 13. No wonder you like women with big boobs.” “Anyway, she is still lactating and if her breasts are not pumped properly it causes lot of discomfort and pain. I am helping her get the milk out. Look how much came from just one breast” she held up a bottle with the white liquid.Then I watched Gina take my mother’s right breast in her hand. She caressed it and then pinched the nipple. Streams of white milk shot forth and sprayed Gina’s breasts and belly. Both women giggled.”Help me here hun” Gina said. “Please hold the bottle while I milk your mom” Mesmerized I did what she asked. I knew we were just helping mom with her chronic pain. I watched Gina milk my mother’s large breasts for next few minutes, till the bottle filled up. Mom just looked at her breasts or at me and Gina and smiled weakly.”I think that’s enough for today” Gina said. “How do you feel Carol.” “Great!” mom sighed. “It really feels good. I haven’t felt this satisfied since I last fed Dave” “Oh good” Gina said. ” May be you should let Dave breast feed again.I tell you, he still loves it!” Both women started laughing their breasts and belly jiggling.I had other things on my mind.”What happens to the milk?” I asked rather seriously.This sent the women in fresh gales of laughter and mom even fell back.Then Gina picked up a bottle and thrust it between my lips. I tasted the fresh, sweet milk of my mother. It brought back lot of memories but above all I felt happy and safe. I started suckling at the plastic nipple and emptied the bottle in a few minutes. Both Gina and my mother watched me with amusement but then mom ran her fingers through my hair and called me her baby.That night Gina nad I had wild sex while mom watched. Gina was on her back , her legs pinned behind her ears while i pounded her cunt.We both reached our climax in a few minutes and my cum filled Gina’s cunt and then started dripping on her thighs.”I am glad Dave is with you Gina.” mom said as both Gina and I caught our breaths. I was still on top of her, my cock buried in her cunt.”There’s so much he can learn from you that a girl his age wouldn’t know.” Gina nad I kissed passionately and then we both kissed mom goodnight.Next few days were uneventful. I often found Gina pumping my mother’s milk laden breasts in her service room while they talked.After both the bottles were full, the women offered me the sweet nectar. This satisfied my hunger but gave me a terrible hardon that Gina would suck till I climaxed in her mouth. Sometimes mom would watch and encourage us and sometimes she just left us alone.One night I woke up in the middle of the night. I was alone in the bed. Both Gina and mom were downstairs, watching TV.I got up and walked out of the room. I looked down and saw both the women sitting and tlaking in the faint light of TV. They were naked.”And have you noticed how much my breasts have grown?” mom said to Gina.”That’s just the milk Carol. I think you should start nursing Dave again. It is obvious you want to.” Gina replied.”But he is a big boy now. I like the fact that he likes my milk but I don’t want him to suck on my tits. I don’t want him to turn into a mama’s boy.” “Well, that’s your choice. But if you want to feed your son, I don’t mind” Gina said. “By the way, I think my ass is spreading faster than before.” “Really” mom said Gina got up and turned around, thrusting her large, fleshy ass out at my mother.”Well. It used to be size 38 when I met Dave. I think it is 42 now. I don’t know what to do Carol. My clients like my ass but I don’t want it to grow too much.” Gina said looking over her shoulder at mom Mom touched the large, white globes of my girlfriend’s magnificient behind with both hands and then started massaging them.”Well I think your hips look beautiful Gina. I have seen how much Dave likes them. He can’t seem to get enough of your ass.” “Frankly, I wish I looked like you.” Gina complained. “You have a perfect body Carol. Your tits are large, your nipples are long, you are lactating and your ass is perfectly round and still firm.” “Oh stop!” mom giggled.”I am serious.” Gina said turning around and facing mom. “So many of my clients are ogling you when they are fucking me. Some even tried talking to me about you while they were in my pussy!” Mom continued to giggle and laugh. It was obvious she was very flattered.Gina bent over and cupped mom’s breasts. She then lifted them as if she were weighing the melons in a grocery store.”Have you ever considered working with me?” Gina asked.Mom was astonished. “What? I am not a whore. You know that I work” “As a clerk. Yeah I know. How much do you make Carol? 20 bucks an hour? 25? I can make over 400 a day with just a couple of hours of work.” “I can’t do what you do?” mom said looking away.”Why not Carol? You think you are better than me?” Mom didn’t say anything.”Look at me.” Gina commanded my mother. “We need more money and I want to spend more time with Dave. I want you to take a client tomorrow and help me.” I walked back into the room.A few minutes later, Gina and mom returned and lay on either side of me. They were both excited. Gina grabbed my flaccid cock and shook it hard to get an erection. When that didn’t work, she grabbed my balls and took the head in her mouth.In a few minutes she was on top of me, inserting my cock in her cunt.”Open your legs you motherfucker.” she cursed loudly.Both mom and I squirmend but she didn’t care. “Give me your cock you fucking son of a bitch. I know you are not sleeping you asshole.” Suddenly i saw mom turning around to face us.She put her hand on my arm and smiled gently. “Do what she says honey” My cock was now buried in Gina’s cunt and she started bobbing up and down fucking herself.”Now tell him” Gina said “Dave. Honey.” my mother said haltingly . “I will start working with Gina from tomorrow. Together we can make lot of money quickly.” “Sure mom” I said smiling.This happened about a month back.I return home to find my mother or my girlfriend fucking strange men everyday. Sometimes they are both doing the clients and sometimes they are both resting after servicing a few clients.Together they are making up 20 grand a month, most of which is being put into property, stocks and other assets.Just like Gina, mom loves being a prostitute and because she has a fresher body, she is able to charge a lot more than Gina.Gina and I got marred last week. We held the ceremony in our backyard.Gina wore a red vinyl skirt and little stars on her nipples and nothing else.My mother decided to wear an expensive silky, white dress with no underwear. The dress was so sheer it showed her large nipples and cunt lips clearly.The women invited their regular clients for the wedding. A few black and Mexican men.Before the wedding, the black guys fucked Gina and filled her ass and cunt with fresh, hot cum. My mother then brought the bride out where I waited.The priest married us in a few minutes and my bride kissed me deeply.We went into the service room and had group sex. The mexican men fucked my wife while i watched. Then i fucked her cum filled cunt while mom took the men out for drinks and lunch. Gina reminded me that I have to share her with other men all my life by making me lick her cum filled cunt.When we came out, we found mom in the center of the lawn. She had lifted her dress around her waist, exposing her large white ass to the group of men who surrounded her. Loud music played and we all watched my mother performing a cabaret where she rubbed her privates on the bodies of our guests.Later that night the3 of us left for our honeymoon to Hawaii.The women worked out of the hotel room in the morning and we all went out during the day.It has been a good life for me so far. Gina is still milking my mother’s breasts every morning and I get to drink the milk.We are saving a lot too and both women hope to retire in a couple of years.

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fragment 1

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fragment 1… “You did not really believe I would let a girl like you go already, did you?” I enjoy the fearful look on your face for a moment holding on to your throat before pushing you into the bathroom. “Look at yourself in the mirror! See something wrong? There is my cum all over your face! You have a lot to learn young lady, and teaching you to be my perfect little sex slave will take a long time!” You don’t know what to say or do as I lock the door and come closer; there is no escape. “A _good_ slave would have cleaned herself up with Narlıdere Escort her tongue already”. My finger moves through the juice on your cheek and deep into your mouth. “Suck it!”. Feeling the warmth of your pleasing tongue I let my guard slip for a moment, as you bite me and try to reach the door. “Still resisting me? You know, I have that little blowjob of yours on tape… You would not want me to release that on Youporn and send a link to all your friends, I guess?” As the words get through Ödemiş Escort to you I press you against the cold wood of the door, my hand squeezing your buttocks and fondling your pussy. “I will make you beg me to fuck you, slut” As you can feel my breath and a hard kiss on your neck, you finally decide to give up resistance and play along. “Good girl… now… step into the shower, put your hands behind your neck and keep them there.” Taking the shower head I open the valve and a strong stream Seferihisar Escort of water hits your body. “Close your eyes” I slowly direct the massaging jet to all parts of your body, enjoying your tender skin and the little gasps when hitting your tender nipples again and again. “You bit me bitch, so you deserve a little punishment, right?” The pain hits you like a flash as I roll one of your nipples between my fingers and bite on the other one. You struggle to keep standing, the water is now directed on your clit. The pulsing massage on your sweet spot makes you horny and longing for more, but I am still not done with your breasts and the sweet pain makes cuming impossible. I laugh as I finally stop “Oh no not yet girl, there is a lot more waiting for you…” You feel my tongue liking very slowly through your wet pussy and a shiver runs down your back…

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Motel Sex with a Stranger

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Motel Sex with a Strangert was a warm October night. I was sitting at my computer, visiting an adult website.I was wearing a white t-shirt, blue jean shorts, and a pair of black flip-flops. I was sitting there chatting when all of the sudden, an instant message popped up.On there was a guy who wanted to talk with me.He was 44 years old from Dallas.He started talking to me and I responded back with hot messages of my own.We were both really horny and decided during our conversation to meet that very night to have sex. We both decided to meet in a motel right here in town.I gave him directions and he wrote them down.We then talked a bit more, our conversation getting hotter each second.”I’m leaving to come to your house now.” He said.”Okay” I said.We both then went offline.He left his house and drove here to mine.I was nervous as I waited for him to show up for this would be the first time that I had ever done this.Then about 10 minutes later as I was sitting in my chair, he pulled up into the driveway.I got up out of my chair and walked to the front door. I looked out and saw him sitting in the driveway waiting for me.I opened the front door and walked out towards his car, my heart and body racing with anticipation of what was to come.I reached his car quickly, the night air around me warm but nice.He reached over and unlocked the door for me so I could get in.I reached down and opened the car door, getting into the car slowly.As I was doing that, I kept my eyes on him the whole time.He noticed me back and we said our hellos to each other as I shut the car door behind me.I then put my seatbelt on, letting myself relax inside the car.We then took off out of the driveway and down the road heading towards the motel.”You are really beautiful.” He said to me.I smiled at his compliment, enjoying the fact that he said that.We then reached the motel with my help getting us there. We pulled up to the main office and then stopped the car.He got out of the car and walked into the lobby Manisa Escort to get us a room.I got a bit anxious and a bit bored, so I stepped out of the car and walked up to the lobby. I then went inside and walked up behind him, patiently waiting for our room key.He turned around and noticed me. He then pulled out a credit card and paid for the room.He got the key and turned around towards me staring at me with lust in his eyes.I looked back at him noticing it.We then walked out the lobby together and went back to the car. We got in and drove to our room.We then reached our room.He stopped the car and turned the engine off, placing the keys in his right hand.We both got out the car at the same time. We walked up the sidewalk to our room reaching it quickly.He then unlocked the door with the cardkey and opened the door to the room, walking in first and turning on the lights.I followed him, walking into the room next. I then saw a couch and I walked over to it, sitting down on it.He put his keys down on the counter. He then walked over to the door where he shut it behind us. He then turned around and saw me sitting on the couch.He decided to join me so he walked over to the couch himself and sat down next to me getting really close. He then slipped his arm around me holding me tightly to him.We started talking back and forth. We talked about everything and anything.I was still a bit nervous at the time.He noticed this and he moved off the couch. He then sat down on the coffee table that was right in front of me. He took my hands into his and held them as we talked more.I then started to get cold.He noticed this and he suggested getting under the covers to keep warm.I nodded okay and I got up off the couch, slipping my shoes off in the process.He then took off all his clothes quickly like he was going to a race or something.We walked over to the bed together, both of us nervous and excited.He walked in front of me, grabbing the covers Mavişehir Escort on the bed and pulling them back.I watched him. I then got into the bed, scooting over so he could get in too.He got into bed and pulled me close to him wrapping his arms around me. He held me for a few minutes. He then released his grip, sitting up in bed and turning towards me.He then got real close to me again, letting his eyes take me in.He then leaned down and kissed me softly letting his lips linger.I kissed him back just as softly letting my lips linger too.He then stopped kissing my lips, letting his mouth move over to my neck where he proceeded to kiss it, making pleasure run thought my body.He kissed my neck for a little bit more then let it move downwards towards my breasts. He noticed my shirt was in the way so he brought his hands up and removed it along with the bra.He then threw them aside onto the floor.He noticed that I was topless now and he liked it. He liked it so much that he brought his mouth down to my breasts and started sucking on my nipples, making them hard.He licked my breasts slowly, taking his time.It felt so incredible that I couldn’t help but moan.He then stopped and opened his mouth to speak.”May I go down on you?” he asked me.”Yes” I saidMy pussy was really aching for attention now.He moved down my body quickly, getting in between my legs. He then reached up and undid my shorts pulling them down.He pulled them off one of my legs. He then reached up and did the same with my panties.I placed my arms above my head and grabbed onto the headboard.He spread my legs wider and got in between them. He then opened my pussy lips with his hand exposing my pink flesh to his eyes and mouth.He started licking my pussy really hard and fast, using quick licking strokes. He was licking me so good that my pussy became dripping wet quickly.I was moaning loudly because it felt really good.He then made the pleasure even better by slipping Menderes Escort two fingers in my tight wet pussy. He then started fingering me really hard.So very hard that he made my entire body jump with each thrust of his powerful fingers.He kept on licking my pussy while he fingered me for about 15 minutes. He then stopped licking me and used one of his fingers to rub my clit.He rubbed my clit so hard that it made me cum hard and quickly.He then stopped and pulled his fingers out of my pussy. He climbed on top of me and slid his rock hard cock deep into my pussy. He started fucking me hard and saying sexual phrases in German.I couldn’t understand what he was saying, but I know that he was in ultimate pleasure as he was saying that.I keep my arms on the headboard as he fucked me harder and faster.We fucked for about 45 minutes and then came together both of us moaning.He then stopped thrusting and pulled out of me getting up off the bed. He went into the bathroom and cleaned up. He then came back into the room and got dressed.I moved my hands and pulled the covers back. I then get out of bed myself, getting dressed.He grabbed both the room key and his keys, ready to go.And to tell the truth, so was I.We walked out of the room and went to the car, getting in it.He started the car and put his seatbelt on.So did I.He then drove us back over to the lobby. He put the car into park and got out of the car. He then walked inside and turned the room key back in.He then walked out of the lobby doors and came back to the car. He got in and put the car into drive. He then drove me home.When we reached my road, he stopped the car and did something that I wasn’t expecting.He pulled his wallet out and handed me a $100.00 bill. He told me that it was for “my services”.I was shocked but also a bit happy at the same time. I took the money into my left hand and held it.He then put his wallet away and drove me to my home where he dropped me off at my driveway.We said our goodnights.I then got out of the car and shut the door behind me. I went up to my house and opened the front door, walking into the house.I went from the living room to my room. I was really tired so I went to bed.And that’s it.The whole story of my experience.It was one of the hottest nights of my life and I will never ever forget it.

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Slut Mother – The New Lesson

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Slut Mother – The New LessonFashion, Glamor, Older Slut and teenagers.A challenge to my regular readers – Finish this story and try NOT to masturbate. Let me know if you [email protected]==============================================I was lying in the bed watching TV when I saw my mother walking out of her room. Her hair was hanging loosely and she had a sheer robe covering her breasts and had a black dildo protruding from her ass.She smiled at me when she noticed me looking at her. I smiled back.”I was so thirsty!” she said taking a can of vegetable juice from the freezer.”Sure mom,” I said and thought about my mother with her young friend in the room.The girl had come to our house with her mother a couple of days back. The woman was a friend of mom and wanted her daughter to learn the secrets of the world of fashion.”The earlier she starts, the better,” she told mom, “And I know nobody can help her as you can Liz.”Mom stared at her friend’s daughter. She was just 18 and already 5’7″.She had big green eyes, little firm tits and long shapely legs and a tightass. I could feel mom’s mouth getting dry as she ogled the girl.”I’ll try my best Sheila,” mom said still looking at the young girl,”but a lot depends upon your daughter. She’ll have to work hard andsometimes she might have to stay awake all night, talking to strangepeople and making them feel comfortable.””Do you think you can do that darling?” mom’s question was directed atthe girl now.”Yes Aunt Liz,” the girl replied rather boldly.”Why did you call me Aunt Liz sweetheart?” mom asked.”My mother says that I should call you Aunt because now I’m going tolive with you and I should do what you want me to do,” the girl saidinnocently.”She’s a very sweet c***d Sheila,” Mom said, turning to her friend.”I have prepared her for over an year before I brought her to you Liz.She knows a little of everything but you have to bring out the Star inher,” Sheila said.”She’s a very nice c***d Liz,” Shiela continued, “and she’s veryobedient and innocent. You’ll find her a pleasant company. I’m sureyou can be a mother to her and keep her away from trouble.”I could tell that mom loved her new pupil. She was beautiful, obedientand YOUNG!She agreed and Helen came to live with us.The first night we watched a couple of Fashion Videos and mom kept onfussing over beautiful Helen. I knew what she wanted and I could feelher want!I smiled thinking of how my mother had crept into my room last nightand begged me to fuck her asshole. As I did that, I could hear herscream “Helen” over and over again as she came.I shot my load in my mother’s ass and then pushed her aside. She felldown. I saw her putting a couple of fingers in her ass and scooping mycum out and then licking them. Disgusted I looked away as my motherkept on eating my cum from her ass, still moaning “Helen” all thetime.Next day Sheila brought Helen to our house.”I’m going to be busy for next few months Liz,” she said. “I have tomake some money before Judy comes back from Europe. I have an offerfrom a Texas man to be his private secretary. My job involves takingcare of his and his guests’ personal needs.””You better be nice to Aunt Liz young lady,” Sheila said to herdaughter and then turning to mom she said “If she disobeys you, don’tspare the rod Liz. She’s my last hope and if she becomes a successfulmodel, I won’t have to be a whore anymore”.”Don’t worry Shiela,” Mom said assuring her friend, “I’ll teach hereverything”.I knew what my mom’d teach Helen. How to fuck girls with dildos, howto suck cocks and how to get fucked by men! Oh! the world of fashion!”Keep her away from guys Liz, I don’t want her mind to wander whileshe’s learning and besides, she’s too young to be fooling around. I’mtrusting my daughter’s innocence to you Liz” Sheila said as ifimploring my mother to be Helen’s “Hymen Guardian”.What she didn’t know was that Helen was at greatest risk from mom. Hervirginity was as good as gone and above all, the sexual acts my motherwould make her commit will put the lowest of whores to shame.”Sure thing Sheila. Don’t worry about anything. When you come back,Helen will know everything I do and she’ll be a successful model foran elite society all around the world”.I saw Sheila relax and she kissed her sweet c***d’s forehead. “I’ll beback for you darling. Be good and learn everything. Make your mommyproud.””I’ll Mom,” the girl had tears in her eyes, “please come back soon.I’ll miss you.””I’ll miss you too my baby.” Shiela had wet eyes too.Then she and my mother exchanged a quick kiss and Sheila walked outnot turning back as if she were afraid to look at her crying daughter.Helen’s training started almost immediately after Shiela walked out ofthe door. Mom fussed over Helen giving her some new and sexy clothesto wear and taking her for shower.Helen Kemalpaşa Escort was greatly embarrassed with sudden change in mom’s behaviour.She couldn’t understand why her aunt was touching her so much andtrying to get her Naked in front of her.”Come darling,” Mom purred, “You must be tired. I have fixed a nicehot bath for my lovely lady.”Helen was aghast when mom suggested she take off her clothes with momwatching.”But Aunt Liz, I can do that in the bathroom,” Helen wailed.”Nonsense,” mom insisted, “you must not be shy of your body. It’s yourmost important asset and you should be proud of that.””Yes Aunt Liz but I should have SOME privacy. How can I get naked infront you, my aunt and as mom said, you’re my mother now.””That makes it easier,” Mom continued trying to convince Helen, “Ifyou think of me as your mother than you should not be ashamed at all.Come now, I don’t have all day”.I could see Mom’s impatience and wondered how long Helen would resistthe inevitable.”Alright aunty,” Helen said crying, “but if my mother were here, she’dnever let me go through this.””You think taking off your clothes in front of your mentor is so bad?”mom said angrily, “Here, let me show you something.””Dave,” I heard mom calling me, “Dave, could you come inside?””Yes mom.” I entered the room to find Helen and mom standing in themiddle of the room facing each other. Mom was wearing a red tophighlighting her braless tits and nipples and little shorts thatcovered less than half of her fleshy white hips.She turned around and said “Dave could you take off my top, it’s alittle too tight around my breasts.””Sure mom,” I said grinning and lifted the top over her shoulders andoff freeing her big pendulous breasts as the young girl watchedhorrified.”And now help me put this bra on,” Mom said casually.I held and lifted her tits as she tied a tight red bra around herboobs. This left young Helen with gaping mouth and a flushed face.”Thanks a lot darling,” Mom said rubbing her mammoth tits on my chestand planted a wet kiss that left a big red mark of her lipstick on myface.”Anytime Mom,” I grinned and left.”As you saw, nudity is not a problem in this house Helen and if youwant to live here, you’ll have to live by rules. Me and my son arevery good friends, open about many things and he doesn’t mind seeingme naked. Now take off your clothes or I may have to use the rod.””Yes aunt Liz,” visibly shaken Helen mumbled and started stripping.First the top came off revealing a very conservative white bracovering her small breasts. Next her skirt went down and she waswearing white panties, almost shorts that covered her ass and upperthighs completely.Mom laughed aloud. “Your mother was planning to make you a nun orsomething Helen? Even my grandma wore better clothes than that!Anyway, strip now.” Helen unhooked her bra and then slipped herpanties off and stood there looking at floor. Mom looked at her for afew seconds and then asked her to go to the bathroom.Mom changed into a sheer white robe with no bra, her big tits floppingaround obscenely and her shaved cunt clearly visible. She had put onheavy makeup with deep red lipstick and heavy mascara. She fixed her”Lovely Pupil” a nice breakfast before the two of them sat down towatch some fashion videos. On screen in front of us a young ladywalked down the ramp wearing a sheer top and smallest pantiespossible. I could see Helen blush but mom encouraged her to notice thegirl’s breasts.”She’s almost your age Helen,” Mom said, “and not even half asbeautiful as you are but she’s famous. Do you want to be like her?”Her hand was brushing the shying girl’s hair.”Yes aunt Liz,” the girl replied.”Good girl,” Mom cooed and bent forward to kissed the girl. Her righttit escaped the robe and big black nipple brushed the girl’s chin.”I hope you’re not afraid of tits baby, you’ll be seeing a lots ofthose,” Mom said.”I have seen mommy’s breasts.” Helen offered the information sheshouldn’t have.”Really,” mom acted surprised, “and what were they like.”Now Helen was really blushing. She didn’t want to speak more of hermother’s breasts but this dirty old woman in front of her, her mentorand her guardian was coaxing her to do just that. It seemed like momhad cast her spell on the poor innocent c***d. She divulged moreinformation than needed, telling mom how her mother slept with manymen and a few women.”Once they did it on the couch and it created a lot of mess. I had toclean everything after the men left.” Helen was opening up.I just hoped the little girl would maintain her dignity and not fallfor my mom’s evil ways.”That’s nice,” mom laughed, “I know your mother was a whore but shenever told me she let men fuck her in front of her darling daughter. Ithink I’ll have to talk to the bitch. But let’s get back Konak Escort to work now.Let me show you some recent videos of my show. All dresses weredesigned by me” mom said rather proudly.As the screen came to life, Helen was shocked to see a young girl witha leash in her hand. The girl was wearing tight leather shorts with athick black dildo jutting from her crotch. Her bra was leather too andshe had thigh high boots and long leather gloves to complete the domeffect. At the other end of the leash was my mother on her knees witha dog collar around her neck.”I call it ‘Making of a Bitch’,” mom told Helen, “Watch carefully.”The girl walked to the very end of the ramp, holding her thick cock,showing its girth to the people before she went back and thrust it atmy mom’s face. Mom took it eagerly in her mouth and salivated itquickly.The girl withdrew and came to the edge again showing off her wetdildo. She went back and kicked my mother’s wide hips, who groaned inecstasy and opened her asshole with her hands. The girl squatted alittle and inserted her thick black cock into my mother’s anus. Thedildo slipped in easily and soon she was fucking mom on the stage.After a couple of thrusts, my mother reached between her legs tofinger her pussy, something her mistress did not want. She kickedmom’s ass again and withdrew the dildo leaving my mother and theaudience wanting more. Her black dagger was now covered with mom’sdung and looked rather nasty, but the girl looked unconcerned. She wasemotionless, like a Goddess with a job at hand. She walked to thefront again so that people could see her and her big, black dildo nowcovered with my mother’s shit.One more round and she turned to face my mother and thrust her hipsforward again.Mom took the filthy dildo in her mouth and sucked it clean, the girlpulled it out to examine it and noticed some more brown stains.Angrily, she grabbed mom’s hair and thrust it back into her mouth. Momlicked and sucked the dildo with more intensity, eating her brownie,trying to get it clean. The girl waited for a couple of minutes andpulled it out to examine it.It was gleaming like a polished piece of art. Satisfied with mom’sjob, the girl showed her cock to the crowd. There was a moment’ssilence and suddenly the hall erupted with applause. A bitch had beenshown its right place. She was buttfucked and made to eat her ownshit.”How low can you get?” people asked.Many men were openly masturbating. A few submissive women had liftedtheir expensive dresses exposing their hips to servant girls and othertough looking women around. A few men were bent over too. The show wasan instant success.I was sure Helen would freak out, but she watched mesmerised as mommoved her hand on her thigh. She got up to pick something and I couldsee mom was ready for her ass fuck. She was shaking her hips more thanneeded and thrusting them into the girl’s face.The next model on the screen was my mother with a young, 18-19 yearold boy. She was dressed up as a housewife and the boy was supposed tobe returning from school. Mom and the boy danced on the stage and thenhe ducked inside her gown as she rubbed her hips all over his face.”The theme here is Easy Access,” Mom explained to Helen.”The young boy is supposed to be my son, my son’s friend or any otherboy on the street and if he wants me, a middle aged housewife, he canjust get inside my gown! I’m easily available to those cute studs whonever get tired of middle aged pussy. It’s a dream of many women youknow.”The last scene had Mom dressed up as a bride. She had same sluttymakeup on and looked more of a ho’ than a bride. The bridegroom was athin old man and after mock wedding on the stage, he pulled out hislittle cock, rubbed it a few times on mom’s hands and came! Mom liftedher hand to show the audience her cum covered hand and herdisappointment and then wiped it on the man’s face.She looked around and two tall dark men walked down the ramp. Theythrew her over a table, lifted her bridal gown exposing her big assand started fucking her. After a couple of minutes the man came in mymother’s ass and stepped aside. The other one fucked her cunt and justbefore he was about to come, he pulled his cock out and sprayed hiscum all over my mother’s ass.My seemingly happy mother now walked around the ramp, her dress stillheld around her waist, displaying her cum covered hips and thrustingit towards the crowd for closer looks. She then walked back with hertwo studs, leaving her hubby on the stage.”The idea here is that a woman deserves the best of everything. If myhubby has a little dick, I can take two studs,” Mom continued herlesson.Helen looked quite excited now and mom was almost at the edge.”Common baby, lets get you started with some of the stuff,” Mom saidpulling Helen Kuşadası Escort into her room. I walked in with them and although Icould see Helen didn’t really approve my presence, mom was notprotesting. Hell, the bitch mother of mine found it hard to cumwithout me watching or fucking her.Helen was made to strip yet again and put on a sexy red latex outfitwhich had red pants, top and thigh high boots with 5 inches heel. Theentire dress fitted the little girl like a glove and a foot long,nasty dildo jutted forth from between her legs.I could see mom’s hand shaking with excitement as she applied makeupon Helen’s face. Her cunt was runny and her ass was quivering withdesire.I knew what mom wanted, a thick dildo up her ass while she sucks mycock. In a few minutes she’d be begging for it.Poor Helen played along, still believing that she was learning to be agreat model. She’d be a model alright, but for a few rich andperverted folks around the world.”We’ll start with what we saw,” Mom said, her voice betraying herlust.”You’ll be my mistress. You must walk like a goddess, you must treatme like your slave, your bitch. I’m no longer your aunt or mother, I’ma whore and you have to prove it. Show no respect Helen or you’llfail.”That was all Helen needed for encouragement. She stroked her long reddildo and thrust it into mom’s mouth. Mom took it eagerly and begansucking.Helen giggled when she saw her aunt sucking her young cock. She pushedit deeper into her mouth. Then she pulled it out.”Put it back into my mouth. I need more,” Mom commanded.Frightened Helen thrust it back into her face.”Bitch,” Mom shouted, “I’m your slave, you should not listen to me.You’re supposed to be my mistress you dumb slut.””Seems like I’ll have to open your asshole with this dildo so thatyou’ll remember it.”Mom got up and pulled her leather cock around her waist and proceededto mount Helen. The young girl finally realized that she had made amistake, that my mother was a submissive whore who liked being treatedlike a bitch slave, that her mistake would cause her sphincter toexpand abnormally.I saw mom pushing Helen on the bed and forcing her on all fours. Sheslid a finger up young girl’s ass and moved it around. When she pulledit out, there were dark brown stains, Helen’s shit covering mom’sfinger. She looked at it and then sucked her finger savoring the tasteof young girl’s goo.That was the last straw. I could not watch a young, helpless girlbeing ****d by my dirty old hag. I had to save the k**. She was tooyoung to be ****d by an over sexed, middle aged whore and besides Iwas in love with her.As mom pointed the dildo around her waist at the girl’s anus andpushed forward, I grabbed her hair and pulled her back. This surprisedher and she turned around angrily. I slapped her face and she fell onthe bed besides Helen. Terrified Helen crawled to the edge and lookedat mom sprawled on the bed, her tits hanging out of her robe and hercunt wide open.”Don’t be afraid” I tried to calm her down, “It’s alright. I won’t lether hurt you. I think this whore needs to be taught a lesson.””But she’s your mother,” Helen muttered, shocked at what I had saidand done.”Make no mistake Helen,” I said, “My mother is a whore. She likesgetting fucked. She likes getting cocks up her ass and cunt while Islap her face or rub it in my cum.””But she’s your mother,” Helen said again as if she was unable tothink any further.I laughed out aloud. “Let me show you little girl,” I positionedmyself behind my mother and grabbed her wide hips. I lifted her ass upin the air and looked at her gaping rectum.”My mother has fucked more men then you’d have seen in your whole lifedear,” I said, pushing my hand in my mother’s anus.”Can’t you tell? Just look at her face Helen,” I said now, fistingmom’s asshole.”Does she look like a mother? She’s a whore my c***d, a ten dollarwhore and I’m her son and guess what? I LOVE IT!!”I pulled my hand out leaving mom’s asshole obscenely open and guidedmy cock up her cunt. With one thrust I was in to the hilt. Mom sighedwith contentment and I groaned in pleasure.”You fuck your mom?” Helen was delirious as mom and I played bitch andhis master.”You let your son fuck your ass,” Helen continued as if in a dream.”You bad girl,” she cooed to my mom. “You very, very bad girl.”I looked at her as she guided her dildo in mom’s mouth.”Getting fucked by your son, eating your own shit! You need to bepunished,” she slapped Mother’s face even before I could tell her todo so. Then she grabbed her hair and forced the dildo deeper. Iwatched in amazement. A few seconds later Helen leaned forward andkissed my lips. She giggled stupidly and then turned around. I workedmy cock in and out of mom’s large cunt watching Helen pulling herpants down and squatting on mom’s face. She stayed there for a fewmoments and then I saw her shit hole expanding. A thick, brown turdeased out of her anus and landed over mom’s face. I closed my eyes asI felt my cum rising in my shaft, ready to fill mom’s cunt as she tooka bite of her young lover’s fresh produce.Next few months are going to be fun. Yes, they are going to be lot offun.

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