Uncle Dick Ch. 04

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When Megan woke the next morning she was glad when she realised it was Saturday, no school today. She was also glad to see that it was a bright sunny day when she pulled her bedroom curtains open.

She had arranged with Lucy, her best friend, that if the weather was right she would come round in the afternoon so they could sunbathe in the garden. She texted her to make sure she was still coming and almost straight away got a reply saying she’d be round about one.

Sure enough dead on one o’clock Megan heard her Mum call her to tell her Lucy was here. Already dressed in her white bikini she grabbed a large beach towel and rushed down stairs.

“Hi Luce, did you remember the lotion?” Megan asked her friend.

“Yep, here it is,” Lucy replied pulling a bottle from a carrier bag.

“Make sure you use plenty of that, it’s a scorcher out there today,” Jane said, “I’ll see you later girls, I’m off shopping.”

“Lets get out in the sun,” Megan said after her mother had gone.

While Megan spread her towel on the lawn Lucy pulled her own towel from the carrier bag and did the same and then proceeded to take her shorts and top off revealing her yellow bikini underneath.

“That’s nice, I like the colour,” Megan said.

“Do you like it? It’s a shame we can’t sunbathe naked, get an all over tan,” Lucy said.

“That would please Mrs Harris next door, I’m sure she’s a lesbian,” Megan said.

“Perhaps we should give her a treat,” Lucy said with a giggle.

Both girls began covering their bare skin with suntan lotion and took it in turn to rub it over each others back. Megan’s thoughts returned to her friends sexual orientation when she felt Lucy’s hands almost sensually rubbing her back. She had to admit, it did feel good!

When they were both satisfied that they were adequately protected from the suns rays they both laid down on their backs. It wasn’t long before they heard a whistle and Richard appeared before them.

“Hello girls, enjoying the sun?” he asked.

“Yeah, thought we’d make the most of it. This is Lucy by the way, Lucy this is my uncle Richard,” Megan said looking up at her uncle who was casting a shadow over them both.

“Hello Lucy, don’t mind me, I won’t disturb you it’s just that I promised your mum that I’d give the fence a fresh coat of paint,” Richard said and wandered off to the shed, again whistling a tune neither Megan nor Lucy recognised.

“Wow Meg, your uncle is really hot,” Lucy said when Richard was out of earshot.

“He is a bit isn’t he,” Megan agreed.

“And did you see the bulge in his shorts, I bet he’s got a big willy!” Lucy said.

“He has,” Megan said before thinking.

“WHAT!” Lucy exclaimed a bit too loudly, “You mean you’ve seen it?” she asked lowering her voice.

“Well, yeah,” Megan admitted.

“You lucky bugger, makes me horny just thinking about it,” Lucy said.

“And there was me thinking you were a lesbian,” Megan said.

“Really! Did you really think I was?” Lucy asked with surprise.

“Well you’ve never had a boyfriend and well, I did wonder!” Megan said and quickly added, “Not that it would bother me if you was.”

“Thanks Meg, I’m so glad you’ve said that. The truth bursa escort is I am attracted to girls, not that I’ve ever done anything,” Lucy said looking over to her friend.

“But you’ve just said you’d like to see my uncles willy! You’re confusing me now,” Megan said.

“I think I’m a bit confused to be honest. Perhaps I’m bisexual!” Lucy said turning over on to her front and undoing her bikini top to avoid white marks on her back.

“Well as I said it doesn’t matter to me,” Megan assured her friend.

“Anyway, you didn’t tell me, when did you see your uncles cock?” Lucy asked.

“It was one night, I saw him, you know, playing with himself,” Megan explained holding back the whole truth of her experience.

“Really! Wow! And did you see him come?” Lucy asked with great interest raising herself up on her elbows.

“Oh God Luce! They’re huge!” Megan said seeing her friends bare breasts.

“Hardly!” Lucy said knowing she wasn’t much bigger than Megan.

“No I don’t mean your tits I mean the big bits around your nipples, they’re huge,” Megan said unable to take her eyes off of the big dark area surrounding Lucy’s nipples.

“You mean the areolae, are they big then?” Lucy asked with surprise.

“Big! They’re massive,” Megan said still staring.

“How big are yours then?” Lucy asked a bit worried that she was abnormal.

Megan rolled over on to her front, undid her bikini straps and raised herself up on her elbows to show Lucy but conceal herself from other prying eyes.

“Oh God yours are so small compared to mine. Do you think they’re ugly being so big?” Lucy asked.

“No not at all, in fact they make me feel a bit horny,” Megan said.

At that moment they were both surprised by Richard who neither had heard approach, “Couldn’t spare a bit of that lotion could you?” he asked.

They both quickly dropped to the ground and fastened their bikini tops before turning over and sitting up. Richard stood in front of them with his hands on his hips and a very obvious bulge in his shorts, much bigger than before.

“Yeah sure,” Lucy said handing him the lotion but staring at the bulge.

“It’s my back I’m worried about, would you mind?” Richard said not taking the offered bottle.

“Yeah of course, sit down,” Lucy said pleased to have an excuse to touch Richards taught muscly body.

Megan watched her friend as she covered her uncles back with the lotion, a look of lustful delight on her face.

“There you go, all done,” Lucy said reluctantly, not really wanting to stop.

“Thank you Lucy, that should stop me burning,” he said standing up, turning to face the two girls.

Lucy’s mouth dropped open as her eyes fell on the now huge bulge in the man’s shorts only a foot away from her face as she knelt before him. She wasn’t sure whether she was relieved or disappointed when he walked away. An embarrassing moment but very horny.

After another hour Lucy and Megan decided they had had enough sun for one day but decided on another session on Sunday, weather permitting of course.

With the topic of conversation mainly about the size of Richards bulge both girls were feeling rather hot and bothered by the time they had bursa otele gelen escort finished, the sun was only partly to blame.

After Lucy had left Megan laid down on her bed and was soon asleep. The next thing she knew was her mother gently shaking her awake.

“Sorry to wake you Meg but I just needed to see you before I left. I’m out for the evening but I’ve ordered pizza for you and your uncle which should be here soon,” Jane told her daughter.

“Oh okay, thanks Mum,” Megan said rubbing her blurry eyes.

“Oh and one more thing, make sure you look after your uncle tonight won’t you. I think you know what I mean,” Jane said winking as she made her way out of Megan’s room.

Megan was suddenly wide awake. The thought of having her uncle to herself made her feel nervous but in a very good way. She immediately thought back to the events in the garden and the bulge in her uncles shorts and to her surprise also thought of Lucy’s sexy breasts.

She was about to rush off for a shower when she stopped herself. Although she was hot and sweaty from the afternoon in the sun she soon realised that her uncle would want her that way so decided against it.

Still wearing her white bikini she slipped on a short thin silky pink dressing gown and headed to the bathroom to brush her teeth and freshen her mouth. She had just finished when she heard the doorbell.

Rushing down stairs she found her uncle taking delivery of the pizza and as she followed him in to the dinning room noticed he was as usual wearing his white bathrobe. There were plates all ready on the table so they sat down to eat.

“Your friend seems nice, what’s her name, oh yeah, Lucy isn’t it,” Richard said before taking a bite of his pizza.

“Yeah she’s a good friend. She likes you to,” Megan said with a little smile.

“Oh really Oh Bugger!” Richard swore as he opened a can of coke which squirted all over the table and dripped down on to the carpet.

“I’ll get a cloth,” Megan said dashing to the kitchen.

“Thanks Meg, your mum will kill me if it stains,” Richard said when she came back with a cloth.

Megan was on all fours mopping up the spill when she had an impulse to look up under the table. Like before her uncle had his legs apart and she could see his gorgeous penis laying between his hairy thighs. This time she couldn’t resist.

Crawling closer she reached out and gently ran her fingertips up and down her uncles soft, but still quite long shaft. It twitched from her touch and kept twitching as she continued.

“Found something interesting down there?” Richard said.

“Yeah, do you mind?” Megan said fascinated as she watched her uncles penis begin to grow.

“Not at all,” Richard answered opening his legs wider.

Megan wrapped her small hand around the shaft as it stood up straight and wished there had been enough room to get her head closer so she could taste it.

“Shall we move in to the lounge, or would you rather finish your pizza first?” Richard said as though he had read his nieces mind.

“I’m only hungry for one thing at the moment,” Megan said.

Moments later they were in the lounge and to Megan’s great delight bursa türbanlı escort Richard pulled his robe off and dropped it on the floor and then laid down naked on the sofa.

Megan wasted no time. Kneeling down she held her uncles thick shaft in her hand at the base and slowly licked her way up to the knob.

“Oh Fuck Meg, that feels so good. Tell me, have you showered today?” Richard asked.

“No,” Megan said after licking up a trickle of pre cum as it dripped down from the bulging glans.

“Are you still wearing your bikini?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she replied tasting her uncles pre cum on her tongue.

Knowing exactly what her uncle wanted Megan quickly slipped her white bikini pants off and as she passed them to Richard she could see how wet and messy she had made them. Before returning her attention back to his lovely cock she watched as he raised his nieces bikini to his nose.

“Oooooh Fuck,” he said sniffing in Megan’s incredible sexy odour.

With her uncles cock twitching madly in her hand Megan stuck the tip of her tongue in to the eye of the knob. Lifting her tongue away caused a string of juice to stretch out like a string before breaking and falling down to lay glistening on the bulging purple glans.

“Come on girl, sit on my face, let me taste my nieces dirty pussy,” Richard said.

If Megan’s pussy had been wet before it was positively dripping now from the mere thought of sitting on her uncles face.

Richard slid on to the floor. Megan pulled her dressing gown off and was soon straddling her uncles face, his body stretched out behind her, wearing only her bikini top which she had all but forgotten.

Megan was so turned on that she was almost coming before the first touch of his tongue. With a few flicks on her clit he then pushed his tongue as deep as he could up her dripping hole and proceeded to tongue fuck her.

“Oh fuck, Oh Fuck, OOOH FUCK,” Megan almost screamed with pure pleasure as an orgasm consumed her…

Her annoyance at not lasting longer was soon forgotten when she realised there was more to come.

“I love it when you come on my face. Now sit on my cock and fuck me,” Richard said.

There was no argument from Megan. Within seconds she was lowering herself on to her uncles big hard cock as he held it up straight. The big knob slipped between her wet lips and opened her up as she sank lower and lower.

With her hands holding her steady on her uncles hairy chest Megan began fucking her uncle slowly taking a little more of his long cock inside her on every thrust.

“I want your spunk inside me,” Megan said fast approaching another orgasm.

Her words seemed to spur her uncle on and he began thrusting his hips up to get deeper inside her. Grabbing the white bikini pants that he had dropped on the floor Richard once again sniffed on the gooey mess from his niece’s dirty pussy.

Megan was now taking her uncles full length inside her and was meeting his upward thrusts with a firm thrust down.

“You Dirty Dirty Girl, I’m gonna fill you up with my spunk,” Richard cried out and took another sniff of his nieces smelly bikini pants that she had worn all day.

They both cried out together as they came together, it seemed to last a life time…

Eventually Megan lifted herself off of her uncle. His huge load of spunk together with her own cum fell out of her on to his diminishing erection. Megan couldn’t resist scooping some up with her fingers and tasting the creamy mess with her tongue…

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Uncle Andy Comes to Visit Ch. 02

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The next morning uncle Andy was already up and gone for the day. I was a little disappointed and felt more than embarrassed for my performance the night before. What if he was ashamed of me? What if I was in trouble? Or worse, what if I’d gotten it all wrong and he didn’t want to see me in a sexual way? Had I been just a naive little girl?

I didn’t know, but as I showered and dresses, I decided to go out for the day to distract myself. If I was to be in trouble with my parents, I may as well enjoy my last piece of freedom. I decided to go shopping.

The shops were relatively quiet and I was free to try on whatever clothes I wanted with out my parents or anyone else telling me they were inappropriate. I tried on a few things, then decided to buy myself a few new bikini’s. I didn’t wear them often, because I was a larger size, but when the beaches we’re empty and while I was mostly home alone I wanted to have some.

After about an hour I was on my way home again armed with a bag of new clothes and feeling a little better after some retail therapy. As well as two sets of sexy bikini’s, I had also brought myself a range of skimpy, revealing panties and a silky summer dress that I thought suited my curvy body well. The house was silent so I went up to my room with my stash of clothes, eager to try them on in the privacy of my bedroom.

Twisting and turning in front of my floor length mirror, I admired the way my new bikini barely covered my breasts, my hair was loose and fell around my shoulders in auburn waves, stray strands resting on my breasts. They sat perfectly on my chest, semi hard nipples poking through the material, leaving plenty of flesh visible outside the small triangles of cloth.

I heard the front door open. I knew it would be uncle Andy so I didn’t pay much attention.

My new bikini was a pale blue colour, with pinkish stripes across it. The bottoms were small and only covered half my butt cheeks, making the round buns clearly visible as they poked out of the bottoms. The triangle of cloth that made up the bottom portion of my bikini was so small my chubby belly was well in view, but made the completed look quite sexy. The material was sheer and smooth, it felt great against my skin and I couldn’t help but get wet as I stood admiring myself.

Standing with my back to the door I hadn’t noticed it open, I didn’t notice uncle Andy standing in the door way, also admiring my new bikini.

Seeing something in the corner of the mirror I looked up.

I gasped when I saw my uncle standing in the doorway and I hurriedly looked around for something to cover myself with, but didn’t get a chance when he came into the room, and stood in behind me of me. I turned to face him, our bodies barely inches apart as his eyes moved down my body. I was stunned silent as he ran his hand down my shoulder, turning me back around to face the mirror as he blatantly looked studied my body.

I was blushing wildly as my uncle inspected my revealing outfit. His eyes travelled along the curves of my body, I couldn’t help but notice the lust in his gaze.

It was strange to see my own uncle this way, but I was beginning to get over the taboo of “incest” as I became more and more aroused.

“Well, your parents will never let your wear this Tammy! Where on earth did you find such a thing?” His words were sharp, but his voice was deep and husky with lust..

I didn’t know what to say, so I just stammered and shook my head as I watched Andy batman escort in the mirror, he had stepped back a little but he was now looking at me in the mirror. I stood straight on with my arms by my sides, and I felt a shiver of pleasure run through me as I started into his eyes.

“Well, I suppose you like it? And it does look…great on you.” Uncle Andy said with a cheeky grin.

I didn’t know what to say. “Ahh thanks, uncle.”

“How about I take you to the beach? Give you a chance to show it off before your parents come home. I know the perfect place we can show you off.”

I stood staring at him through the mirror with a look of pure stupidity on my face. Was he serious? I was standing practically nude in front of my uncle and he wanted to take me to the beach to show me off?!?

By this stage I was surprised at how not shocked I was. After the last few nights and the way we had both been flirting the last few days, I was really liking the new attention from my own uncle.

A small smile broke across my face as I happily agreed to go to this beach of Andy’s.

” Sure uncle Andy! This beach sounds fun.” I hesitated and turned to face him, quickly giving him a kiss on the cheek, my large breasts pressed against his body briefly, I could feel my sensitive nipples rub against his chest. He hesitated for a moment before wrapping his arms around my wait and hugging me for just a second.

Before I left the room I said “just let me grab a few towels and ill be right out.”

I sat in the front passenger seat of my uncle’s beat up car, the window wound down to let the summer breeze caress my skin. I’d decided if my uncle wanted to show me off, why not give him a real show. Instead of covering up for the drive to the beach I had simply threw on a short wrap around sarong, it was the same pale blue as my bikini and didn’t leave much to the imagination.

I did have a hard time trying to keep my breasts from falling out of my bikini, I still didn’t know how far Andy wanted to go, and although I was up for anything, I still had a small feeling that we were doing something wrong.

I sat with one elbow on the window, hand holding my hair off my face as it blew about in the wind, while Andy drove on in silence. I still had no idea what beach he was taking me to but I soon forgot about that when one of his large hands fell onto my leg.

I looked down, it was rough and warm, gently squeezing my smooth skin. I didn’t move, but I did give him a sweet smile as he took his eyes off the road to glance at me for just a moment.

Slowly his hand began to rub up and down my thigh, so slowly, it was as if he was trying to reassure me.

“Hmm so where is this beach uncle Andy?” I asked in a soft tone, trying to achieve a relaxed but sexual atmosphere.

” Oh its quite a long trip sweetie, an hour or two. I used to go surf there with a few mates, remember?”

I did. They used to come over to the house during Andy’s little “visits”. There were about four of them, big bulky men. Two were brothers, they were black, deep dark sexy skin that made every woman wonder just what they would feel pressed naked against such beasts.

“Sure uncle, I remember well.” Smiling sweetly I placed my hand on his and squeezed.

The drive went on like this for awhile, Andy’s hand never left my leg and we fell into conversation easily. Id never noticed how much we actually had in common, we yalova escort had become a lot closer over the last few days, but now we got on like old friends.

Andy’s hand began to move higher up my thigh as we spoke, trying to push the material of my sarong out of the way. I felt my legs part slightly as my breathing deepened as cars sped past us, no one looking in but I suddenly got a rush at how exposed we were to the public.

“Take off your seat belt and turn around to face me, I want too look at you.” Andy’s voice had become deep with lust again.

I slowly did as he said. I had to spread my legs wider and lift my right leg up onto the seat so that I could face him properly. This position seemed to please him greatly, my legs spread, one knee bent up on the seat showing off the crouch of my bikini underneath my sarong.

Keeping his eyes on the road he began to undo the knot in my sarong, throwing it to the side and off my body. With my legs spread like this my puffy pussy lips were clearly visible through the thin material, as was the small damp line accentuating my wet slit.

Being so exposed I suddenly became shy, what was I doing? This is my uncle!!! I wrapped my arms around my belly, unable to cover my breasts as I tentivly spoke to Andy.

“Umm..uncle? Should we be doing this … I mean, y-you’re my uncle?” my voice was shaky, but as his eyes found mine I saw them soften.

He pulled the car to the side of the road slowly, pulling his seat belt off and turning to face me when he was parked.

“Tammy baby, I’m sorry. We don’t have to do anything your..uncomfortable with.” he was serious, but I felt a little sinking disappointment as I sobered up a little from the lust filled morning.

“I know we’re related, but I don’t mind. Actually I think you’d be surprised how much I don’t mind! I don’t want to force you, but I care about you and if you want to stop we can baby.”

I was a little shocked at how open he was talking about us actually having incest sex! But I still couldn’t deny how I felt. I was really starting to like my uncle and I was up for the sex no matter who I was with.

I hesitated for a second before I sat up and leaned forward. looking up at his eyes as I pressed my lips against my uncles, his lips were warm and hard against my skin. I felt his surprise last for a second before he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into his lap. We kissed deeply, almost shyly, his lips caressing mine like I’d never felt before.

It was more than it had been with other guys, I felt a connection to uncle Andy, and it was as if all that love and lust was in just one kiss.

We both pulled back to gasp for air, looking into each others eyes, I giggled happy and knew I really was comfortable at what was happening.

It was a good thing uncle Andy had parked off the road, the view of the car was obscured by some bushes and we were a little distance from the main road. Andy’s hand reached up and grabbed one of my breasts, he squeezed gently and looked up into my eyes as if asking my permission.

Smiling shyly I kissed him again, slower this time but as I did I leaned into him my crouch pressed against his in the driver seat. The flimsy material of my bikini didn’t last long, Andy pushing it to the side with both hands, my large round breasts swinging free. My nipples were already hard and I gasped as I felt him grip them in each of his hands, pulling, squeezing.

As uncle andy teased ordu escort my nipples I ground my pussy on his crouch. I could feel his cock getting hard underneath me and I knew just how wet the bikini bottoms were. I reached down between my legs to place my hands on the lump under Andy’s jeans. The movement of my arms pushing my breasts together, my nipples now right in Andy’s face.

The moment I felt his hot mouth on my nipples I thought I was going to cum. I have always had extremely soft nipples, sometimes men hurt me if they were too rough, but uncle andy knew just how to please me. He sucked one deep into his mouth, lifting my breast slightly as he squeezed and teased my other breast.

I quickly undid his zipper and couldn’t help moaning out loud as I reached in his pants and grasped his cock. He wasn’t wearing boxers and I was treated to the soft skin on his semi hard dick, releasing him slowly from his pants Andy gave a returning gasp. I loved the way my breast’s bounced against my chest as it fell from his lips, his hands now grasping at my ass.

He pulled me against him hard, pulling my face forward and to the side and he kissed and bit my neck. We were both so horny by now I didn’t see any point in wasting time. I reached between my legs and pulled the crouch of my bikini to the side, revealing my shaved puffy little cunt. He grinned, his hand instantly brushing along my slit, spreading my pussy lips and rubbing my clit.

I moaned out loud as he teased my clit. He soon found my hole and began forcing one of his fingers deep inside me. Sitting with my legs spread over his lap in a car on the side of the highway I suddenly felt so good. I was really starting to fall for my uncle and the way he made me feel was way better than I ever hand with any other man.

I looked down between our legs, uncle Andy’s hands were occupied between my ass and my cunt and he slid his finger slowly in and out of me. My two hands were wrapped around Andy’s thick cock, I guess it was about 8inches, but I hand never felt one so thick. I held it firmly, enjoying the smooth skin and the way pre cum leaked from his pee hole. As I began to thrust against uncle Andy’s finger, so too did my hands begin to jerk his dick.

Andy couldn’t take it anymore, he pulled his finger out of me and lined his cock up with my cunt. My puffy pussy lips were open and ready for his meat as he pushed his hips up to meet mine. The smooth skin on Andy’s uncut cock slid inside my wet pussy, filling my tight little hole as I slowly settled his dick and buried it deep inside me.

“Mmm A..Andy!” I caught my breath, not moving for a moment and his hand reached up and covered my mouth.

I was happy to be silent as I began to move up the length of Andy’s cock. It was awkward in the front seat of a car, the steering wheel was digging into my ass cheeks but I didn’t want to stop. Pressing myself against him I began to bounce up and down, hard and fast, my breasts covering his face.

I felt his hands grip my hips, fingers digging into my skin as he met my thrusts, fucking my cunt. His dick felt so good, deep inside me as I bounced, only concerned with my own pleasure.

I didn’t last long, but then, neither did andy. I felt his cock spasm inside me just as I came, hot sperm spurting out in jets, deep in my womb. I wasn’t thinking of the implications at the time, only the pleasure I felt as my own orgasm erupted.

I shuddered in Andy’s lap, moaning into his neck as we roughly thrust against each other, his cock slowly going limp inside me.

We stayed like this for awhile, arms wrapped around each others bodies. we kissed again, deeper, his lips pressing tenderly against mine. From that moment on I knew my life would never be the same.

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Need To Be Bad 06

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My adventures in being bad began slow with my sharing some of the exciting things that a past boyfriend made me do. After that relationship ended I was left with a hunger for being bad.

My adventures resumed at Literotica with my taking the risk of posting a thread entitled “A Strange Request” in April 2004 in the Literotica Personals, sharing my desire to have people tell me how to be bad.. From there my adventures continued when I began to accept challenges and dares from people and also continued to write about past experiences. I have developed a special obsession at having myself challenged to be bad in outrageous and imaginative ways and then report back to my challenger and have them expose what I had done to others, A number of people have encouraged me to submit the accounts of my adventures here, so that more people could enjoy what I’ve been up to.

Need To Be Bad: Adventure Six

Here is another past experience shared with UnseenChagrin from need to be bad. She posted it.

I just had to share. Enjoy! I know I did.


Joy Ride

You inspired me to remember a time with my ex-boyfriend when we traveled out to visit his parent’s farm. We drove through beautiful countryside, winding roads, trees, and streams.

He started gently squeezing my knee and then stroking my thigh through my jeans. Of course, he didn’t stop until he came to the top and karabük escort cupped his hand between my legs. He then said that he always dreamed of seeing me strip in the car in broad daylight.

I found the idea exciting but I was scared about being seen. So, I thought I could call his bluff by telling him that I would only go as far as he would. I seriously didn’t think he had the nerve.

Well, as we drove along, it all began simple with him unbuttoning his shirt. Of course, I kept my word and unbuttoned mine. He continued by taking off his shirt and throwing it into the back seat. I did the same. Pretty, safe so far, because my bra wasn’t really any different than wearing a bikini top.

Then, things started to get carried away when we came to a stop sign and he unzipped his jeans and pulled them down below his knees. As I followed his lead, I began to get a lot more nervous about being seen. The next chance we came to a stop, he pulled off his sandals and his jeans, threw them behind him.

Well, I knew that he was fooling around and this was going to be the real thing. So, there I was sitting in my bra and panties, he was in his boxers, and he turned and smiled at me at the next stop and slid off his boxers.

I slid my panties off slowly, knowing how wet I was. We kept driving down the road and he told me that I would feel more comfortable osmaniye escort if I took my bra off. By this time, it was as if I was in a trance without a will of my own. It was incredibly hot to be traveling down the road with both of us completely naked. I felt so free and stimulated.

It was funny because I thought anyone could see us at anytime. However, when people drove by they did not seem like they were paying attention to us at all. It was disappointing.

Then, I began to think that maybe only big trucks could see us. My boyfriend then told me to masturbate myself.

Without hesitation, I reached for my nipples and wet cunt and began to seriously go about the business of playing with myself. I had my eyes closed and felt myself reach wave after wave of climax. I lost track of time and space.

When I finally opened my eyes, I noticed that we were at stop sign in the middle of some small town. People were walking on street, but no seemed to notice us so far. I couldn’t remember when I had ever felt so exposed, vulnerable, and excited.

A farmer on a tractor slowly drove by us and did a double take when he looked down and saw me stark naked with my legs spread wide apart. I almost came at that moment, while I began laughing because I could just imagine him going home to his farm and having his wife ask him how his day marmaris escort had gone.

He will probably say, “Pretty, good but, I think I saw a naked woman driving down main street today.”

This wasn’t the only special thing that happened on that trip.

On Sunday morning, we slept in late and woke to find his parents had gone off to church.

I woke up feeling very horny from remembering how it felt letting a stranger see me naked. I asked my boyfriend to fuck me and he began to tease saying that he would only satisfy me if I would do exactly as he commanded.

I was so hot and bothered that I couldn’t do anything but say yes.

He told me to walk out of the farmhouse completely nude, get down on all fours in the backyard and wait for him to come out and fuck me. I walked out the door and felt the dewy grass with my bare feet. I was scared getting down on all fours like an animal because I knew that anyone could come by and see me.

The sun and fresh air were glorious. I kept on wondering that if his parents would return suddenly, they would probably think that I am a slut.

But, by then I felt my boyfriend come up behind me. He easily slides his cock deep inside of me…and I forgot about everything else but how much I wanted to be fucked.

And that he did…fucked me hard and deep. It was one of the most satisfying times I’ve had.


I hope you find some of the pleasure that I have in fulfilling my need to be bad. If this turns you on, please check out the thread in the Literotica Personals – A Strange Request (you may need to search through the pages because it moves), and read what is currently happening or participate by offering a challenge.

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Two Years

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Please note: This is my first submission to Literotica. This is been something I have been thinking about doing for a while, and I’ve finally had a spare moment. Please give constructive feedback so I am able to advance my future stories. Thankyou.

Jessica Turner glared out of the window. She had been planning this day for months and then a sudden downpour had wreaked havoc on her plans. Her brother was back from college today after a solid 2 years of not seeing his family and Jess wanted to make this a day for him to remember.

She dejectedly ran a hand through her long, flaming red hair. Her father joked that her mother must have been having an affair, as neither her father Jesse, her mother Angela, her brother Michael or her twin sister Anna had any hint of red in their dark brown locks.

Jessica slowly went through the motions of getting ready for the day. She turned the radio on and heard Mark’s song: ‘For whom the bell tolls’ by Metallica. She, like her brother had always been a fan of rock music and constantly had the stereo tuned to the local rock station. Her mother, father and sister leaned more to the popular styles of music but this was Jessica’s way of differentiating herself from her family whilst at the same time having something to talk to her older brother about.

She and her non-identical twin had just graduated from school, whilst Michael had finished college. He was studying a computer course and when Jess had moved into his old room there had been a number of computers lying in various states of repair in the closet. Jess smiled at the memory, knowing how typical it was for Mike to start something and never finish it. Frankly, she was amazed that he had managed to stick to his computer course without growing bored.

Jess continued getting ready, pulling a tight sweater on and then pulling on a pair of jeans. She had never been the ‘girly-girl’ of the family. No, that had always been Anna. It had been a source of annoyance to her mother that her first born daughter was not interested in shopping for thin tops designed to show off the maximum cleavage. It didn’t matter that she preferred to wear clothes that showed off her figure but left a lot to the imagination. No – Anna was the favourite daughter. But not the favourite sister.

Michael had always been very close to Jess, even crying in front of her on several occasions, an act unheard of in front of every other member of her family. They would both happily watch a movie in the cellar together, feasting on pizza and candy, talking about everything they could think of. Jess shared more with her brother than anyone else and her brother was the same with her.

She had grown up with the knowledge that he was a very good looking boy, then a very good looking man. Then as she hit the age where she started developing, she suddenly saw him as something else. She saw him as a heart-achingly desirable lover. Then suddenly after this revelation she found herself dating guys that bore a resemblance to her brother. She soon realised that she was in love with him and stopped dating altogether although this was not through a lack of male attention. Jess was, herself, a very attractive female, and when she dressed to impress she often left males speechless and gasping for air. At 5’6″ she wasn’t what you’d call tall, but her size contributed to her flowing good looks. When she wore tight clothes her figure had a very nice breast to ass ratio and she didn’t have an ounce of fat on her.

Jess did not shower in the mornings, disliking the feel of water on her skin after she’d woken up, and so she walked downstairs, the smell of coffee assaulting her nostrils. And it smelt amazing she thought. Once down the stairs she headed straight for it, pouring herself a mug. Jesse Turner was watching her with a smile through his own tired eyes, knowing that she truly was his daughter. Jess’s actions perfectly mirrored her fathers in the morning.

Jess sighed in appreciation, leaned back against the worktop and looked over her mug at her father. She nodded at him as if she didn’t trust her voice. She knew the day was starting and she was getting butterflies just thinking fethiye escort about her brothers perfectly toned body walk through the kitchen door, walk straight towards her with a blazing look in his eyes, pick her up, lean his face into hers and –

“Jess!” her mother called, shattering her day-dream.

“Yeah mom, just a sec” She groaned, draining the mug and winking at her father who just smile knowingly.

Angela was sat in the sitting room with Anna debating a top for Anna which would look best.

“Jessie, which do you think would accentuate her curves more; this or this?” She asked, holding up a blue satin-type top and a red cotton blouse. Jess knew that both would have Anna’s breasts spilling through them, but she didn’t give a damn either way.

“I don’t know mom. I just woke up, give me a few minutes!” Jess replied with a grim look on her face.

Her mother immediately bristled. “Just who in hell do you think you’re talking to young lady?!”

Anna laughed softly to herself from behind Angela and interjected “You know she’s like dad. She can’t function before 7 gallons of coffee in the morning mom. It’s an unhealthy addiction Jessica, you really should give that up”

Jess flared up and was going to reply with a healthy stream of insults, but just at that moment Jesse made his presence known and thrust a cup of coffee into her hands. She drank a mouthful and walked back into the kitchen. Jesse walked behind her laughing softly.

“You know, you really shouldn’t antagonise your mother like that. Please Jess, I don’t want to ruin today for Mike. I really miss him” he finished with a sigh.

Jess was shocked. Her dad usually kept these things to himself, preferring to be the rock on which the family rested. Her mother was more prone to being emotional.

Jess also knew how he felt. Mike’s absence was tearing her inside’s apart. She blamed his absence for the recurring dreams she was having in which he came into her room in the middle of the night and made love to her.

However, she had kept these to herself. She had just furiously masturbated until her pussy was sore and the bed was soaked. She had stubbornly refused to allow herself to masturbate until the dreams made her so horny she thought she would have died without a release. Now she was masturbating two or three times a night.

She sat down at the table next to her father. “I know dad, I really hate how he’s been away. We were so close before, but we’ve barely spoken since he went to college. I don’t know what happened. I just feel so shit without him, he was like my best friend.” She looked down at the table.

Her father let her profanity go un-chastised knowing how emotional she was feeling. There was a time a year ago where she’d slept for four days with one of his shirts, crying every time Mike’s name came up. He didn’t want a repeat. He thought it was terrible that Mike hadn’t even called Jess, knowing how close they were.

He stood up and embraced his daughter in a fatherly hug. She almost sobbed but caught herself at the last minute.

Her mother stood at the doorway of the kitchen, unwilling to break this moment for them.

Mike arrived at two thirty with his bags. Jess was upstairs checking her email when he dropped his bags in the kitchen. His father greeted him with a handshake then a hug. His mother commented on how he looked unhealthy, like he’d not been eating enough and announced that she was going to make him a proper mother’s breakfast. He smiled, and said he was going to drop his bags upstairs. Only his father noticed how his smile had a haunted look about it.

Mike opened the door to the guest bedroom, secretly dreading seeing Jess. She had enveloped his every waking thought since he had driven off the driveway when he first left. The dull ache did not subside with time, but grew into a raging inferno.

He walked in and deposited his bags by the window, thinking about his sister and throwing her onto the bed and fucking her.

He heard a noise behind him and whirled around. Jessica was stood in the doorway biting her lower lip.

“Hey alanya escort Mike” She hadn’t intended to whisper, but that’s what came out. And despite the rain pounding the glass he heard her as though she was next to him. He took in her appearance, from the flaming red hair, flowing just beyond her shoulder blades, to the black Converse with smiley faces drawn onto the white toe caps. Michael couldn’t breathe.

He just pushed past her into the bathroom, trying to ignore the throbbing erection in his trousers.

Jessica burst into tears, running into her bedroom. She slammed the door and threw herself onto the bed sobbing into her pillow, soaking the material. She carried on sobbing.

Mike had the shower running, set to cold, hoping he could sort his head out. He felt torn up knowing he had likely hurt his sister by pushing past without a word, but he knew he’d intended to walk into her, take her into his arms and force his lips roughly onto hers, feeling their damp softness. He groaned and felt his cum spurt. He hadn’t realised that he had been masturbating. He cleaned up and climbed out of the shower, dressing quickly and rushing to his old- his sisters room. He knocked softly. When there was no reply he opened the door and entered. She was asleep, clutching a teddy bear. He recognised it as one he had purchased around 5 years ago for her birthday. It was clear she had given the bear a lot of love since he’d been gone. It had rested on a shelf in her room, looking brand new, and now it looked well used.

He looked at her and sat on the edge of the bed, feeling the pain, knowing he was responsible. He grabbed a blanket of a nearby chair and placed it over her, kissing her forehead before leaving.

Jessie kept to her room for the rest of the evening. Her father had looked in on her and told her mother to leave her.

Her mother had made dinner and shouted for her to come down, her dinner was getting cold.

Jesse looked up and said “leave her be Ang, she’s fine”

Angela made to walk up the stairs and Jesse shouted “I said leave her be! Now leave her the fuck alone!”

Mike and Anna knew not to cross their dad and Angela was aware of how his temper could flare at the slightest thing.

She sat down and the whole family made small talk. Mike was too aware of the empty chair beside him.

Mike slept fitfully, dreaming of Jess and murmuring her name on several occasions.

When he awoke around 6AM he knew his whole family would be sleeping, so he banished his impure thoughts and got dressed. 10 minutes later he was driving down the freeway, heading into the nearest city, looking for a flower store. He found one after driving for nearly an hour. He knew his way around the city but was struggling to get his mind to work and to string a thought together. His mind kept flicking to the look of hope, then look of heartbreak on Jess’s face after he’d stormed out.

He purchased the biggest bouquet of flowers he could see and ran back to his car, getting behind the wheel and placing the flowers delicately on the passenger seat. He turned the ignition key, slammed the vehicle into gear and was doing 50 before he noticed. He didn’t care about a patrolling Police Cruiser, he just wanted his sister.

Jess awoke to a vase of flowers on her windowsill. She had slept like a log after crying yesterday. She still had the dreams though, and the soaked bed was testament, even though she had a blanket over her now, which confused her fogged mind. Her gaze snapped back to the flowers and she felt the rage building up inside her. Before she knew it she had pulled her bathrobe on and snatched the flowers from the vase. She stormed downstairs, secretly happy her family weren’t up. She knew Mike was, though.

He was in the sitting room.

She threw the flowers at his feet and screamed “FUCK YOU!” at him.


Mike snapped. He dived at her, grabbing her face in his hands.

“AND THEN ON THE FIRST manavgat escort FUCKIN-” She was cut off when Mike kissed her.

And in that kiss was every drop of frustration, anger, sadness and every other emotion Mike had felt for years.

Jess almost fainted when he kissed her. She kissed him back furiously, but Mike pulled away.

She knew, her brother loved her, and she loved her brother.

Her parents announced over dinner that Jesse was taking Angela to dinner that evening.

Anna was going over to a girlfriends house for a girly evening.

Jess waited for what Mike was doing, almost too scared to breathe.

“I’m just gonna hang here today, maybe catch up with Jess?” He tentatively asked.

“I’m good with that” Jess managed to say.

They were alone.

For the first time ever, they were alone and being completely honest with each other.

As the door slammed behind Anna, Mike picked Jess up and forced his lips onto her. She responded just as aggressively, savouring the taste whilst hungering for more.

They broke apart after five minutes of this.

“I love you” Jess whispered.

“I love you too, so much.” Mike whispered back.

It didn’t matter she was his sister, nor he was her brother.

They didn’t even make it out of the kitchen before they were both naked.

They collapsed, kissing, onto the sofa. Jess spread her legs and pulled Mike between them, noting his 7″ length.

Mike also noticed her fantastically perky breasts and shaven pussy which was glistening with her juices.

There was no foreplay, no kissing and cuddling. They had both waited so long for this and both needed the release like they needed oxygen. Mike lined his cock up with her pussy and pushed. He knew she wasn’t a virgin and he was beyond being delicate. He slammed his full length into her pussy and she grabbed the sofa with both hands, clawing at the fabric, screaming at the top of her voice in ecstasy. He fucked her in the missionary position wildly.

They were both living out their greatest fantasy and loving every second of it. Then they heard a gasp from behind.

Mike jumped off, looking around.

His mother stood in the doorway.

“Mike, Jess. Get down here!” Jesse called.

They both looked at each other, terrified.

It was an hour after they had been caught by their mother, and they were dreading this.

They walked downstairs slowly.

Their father sat calmly in a chair. So did their mother. They sat down.

“Okay. Okay. Okay…”Angela struggled to start.

Jesse took over ” You love each other?”

“Y..yes” They both stammered, waiting for their father to yell.

“Okay. Well, here’s a story me and your mother never told anyone. We’re related. We’re cousins. I suppose you’ve wondered why you’ve never met your family, and this is why. After we were honest with them, they disowned us. But, we love each other, and not a day goes by where I think it wasn’t worth it. It was. And I want you both to know that you’re welcome to each other, and we’ll stand by you. I guess this wasn’t what you were expecting, but well… we weren’t either. But if you truly love each other, then you’ll find a way to make it worth it. I know you can never marry. We moved to this state because it was legal for us, but I’m unaware of anywhere siblings are allowed to marry, unfortunately. But, Mike, I know you’ll take care of her, so you both have my blessing” Jesse announced with tears in his eyes.

Three months later, the household had settled back into normality, with everything being the same except Mike and Jess’s relationship. He had moved back into his old room, with her.

Even Anna had seen it coming and wasn’t perturbed.

“Mike, I have something to tell you.” Jess announced one evening after they had passionately made love.

“Yes?” He said dreamily, tracing the side of her jaw with his index finger.

“You’re gonna have to learn how to do that around an obstacle” She declared, referring to their lovemaking.

“And why’s that?” Mike looked puzzled.

“Well, it’s going to start getting in the way for around six months” She said, indicating her stomach.

“And why’s that?” Mike said, unable to grasp what she was saying in his dreamy state.

“I’m pregnant.” She announced with tears in her eyes.

Mike grabbed her and kissed her furiously.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Two Plus One

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Mike had rushed home from work so that he could have some time alone in the house before his mother and brother got home. His older brother, Jim, and he still lived at home while they worked. They enjoyed living with their mother, Linda, and knew that they needed to for awhile, until she got back on her feet after the divorce. It wasn’t easy for her because she had never had to work until her husband divorced her.

Mike went into his bedroom, stripped down to his briefs and shuffled through the clothes in the bottom drawer of his dresser. Ah, there it was, right below the sheer, lace panties he had taken from her bedroom a few weeks ago, and the magazines he kept private. A picture of his mother he had taken without her knowledge. She had been sunning herself, by the pool, and since the backyard was very private, and she had thought no one else was home, had removed her bikini top. The photo showed her lying on her back, her skin glistening from the oil she had applied.

Mike felt his cock stir in his briefs as he stared at the photo. Mike had always liked looking at his mother and fantasizing what it would be like to take her to bed. She was only in her late forties and had the body of a woman much younger. Her breasts appeared firm and had not begun to sag, as age tends to do.

Sliding his hand into his briefs, feeling his cock swelling, he took the photo into the bathroom and placed it on the sink. Wrapping a towel around the corner of the sink, which was at crotch level, he laid his hand, still grasping his now hard cock. Holding his hand still, he pumped his cock in and out of his hand while staring at the picture of his mother. He felt his balls slapping against the towel, while feeling the hardness of the sink corner against him. The more he pumped his cock in and out of his hand, the harder he got. Pressing his hips hard against the corner of the sink, he felt the pressure on his balls, and below. He couldn’t take anymore and shot his load into the sink, groaning from the pleasure as he did.

Suddenly, he heard the back door open and there was noise coming from the kitchen. His mother! She must have left work early today. In a panic, he cleaned off his cock, as best he could, and pulling up his briefs, made it back to his room.

His mother heard him and called to him. “Is that you Mike?”

“Yeah, mom. I was just hoping to grab a shower.”

“Ok, your brother should be home in just a little bit, and we’ll be able to eat dinner early tonight.” Linda said.

“OK, mom.”

Mike stepped into the shower and enjoyed the warmth of the water hitting his body. Mike took a quick shower, though he would have preferred a long one to imagine his mother in there with him, but she did come home earlier than he expected.

After his shower, he dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, and went downstairs to see his mother.

He walked over to his mother, gave her a kiss on the cheek and asked if he could help get dinner.

“Sure, son. Why don’t you set the table?”

“Sure thing, mom.”

Mike gather three plates from the cupboard, turned, walked to the kitchen table and almost dropped the dishes, as he saw the photo of his mother lying on the table where his plate would normally be. Linda didn’t give him a chance to make an excuse.

“So, what are you doing with a picture like this, and who took it? I found it in the bathroom.” she said sternly.

“Well, I … ah.” Mike stammered.

“I think I know who took it. It was you wasn’t it Mike? Well, wasn’t it?” she demanded.

“Yes mom, I’m so sorry, really.” Mike apologized.

“So, you like looking at others when they don’t know it, do you?” Linda said.

Not giving him a chance to respond, she said “And I’ll bet I know what you were doing with it. You were masturbating, weren’t you?”

“Well, were you jerking off, or not?”

“Yes mother, I’m sorry.” Mike stammered.

“Does it make you hard seeing your mother like that?”

“Yes.” he said sheepishly.

“Where were you hiding this? It must have been taken almost a year ago. That was the last time I was sunbathing like that.”

“In my dresser, mom.” Mike confessed.

“Show me.” Linda said sternly. “Well, come on, show me.”

Linda followed him as he slowly went up the stairs to his bedroom. Linda was following him and couldn’t help but notice the tight ass Mike had, not too well hidden by his tight jeans. She wondered zonguldak escort if they were as firm as they appeared to be.

Back to reality, Linda followed him into his bedroom and over to his dresser. Mike leaned over and opened the bottom drawer.

“Show me where you were hiding it. I want to see if you have more pictures of me.”

Mike lifted a couple of sweaters and said, “Here, mom. I hid it here, and I don’t have any others.

“Let me see for myself, Linda said, leaning over and lifting the sweaters herself. That’s when she saw them. A pair of her panties and some porn mags.

“Well, what do we have here?” she said, pulling her panties from the drawer. “These are my panties, aren’t they?” she asked.

“Yes, mom. I’m sorry, I …” Mike tried to say.

“You like wearing these, fantasizing about fucking me don’t you?” After a deafening pause, she repeated, “Don’t you?”

“Yes, mother. They feel good on me and I sometimes wear them, but not all that much.” Mke tried to explain.

Linda could see just how sad Mike was and she couldn’t stay mad too long, because to tell the truth, she’s had less than pure thoughts about both her boys.

“It’s OK, Mike. Well, it’s not OK that you were sneaking around stealing panties and taking photos, but I do understand that a young man of twenty does think of sex an awful lot.”

“What are the magazines about, Mike?”

Taking them out of the drawer, Mike handed them to her without responding.

Linda took the three of them and flipped through them. There were pictures of younger men having sex with older, well-built women, the motherly types. There was also one magazine which contained pictures of threesomes. In some of the photos, the men were helping each other get off, while the woman watched.

“Interesting, Mike. So, you do like older women, do you? And what about the pictures of the men masturbating each other, or giving blow-jobs? Do you fantasize about that too, or have you already done it with someone?”

“Yes, I am attracted to older women, mom, and I am curious about being with a guy, but I haven’t.”

“Aren’t you the horny one? We’ll just have to see you don’t get frustrated and enjoy yourself more. Coming out of the closet, as it were.” Linda said.

“I’m not really angry with you, baby. It’s just a shock to find out so suddenly that your son wants to go to bed with you. I must admit, I’m probably more aroused than angry. I hope that doesn’t make you think less of me, but since we sort of have all the cards on the table right now, I thought you should know.”

“Thanks mom, that makes me feel better. I never wanted to have you angry with me. Just the opposite. Are you going to tell Jim?”

“Actually, I think it’s best if we all understand where we stand since we are sharing a home together, and of course we are family and family should be close.” Linda said, smiling at him.

“Since we’re being honest with each other Mike, you should know that Jim and I had had discussions similar to this. It seems that your mother is not all that lily white.” Linda admitted.

“What do you mean mom?”

“Well, I did something similar. I’ve watched Jim when he didn’t know it. I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock. It’s so big, and when he wears jeans or shorts around the house, I find myself sneaking glances of the bulge in them. You, too for all that matters. You both must be hung like your dad. His was rather large.” Linda confessed.

“I guess I’m considered well endowed, mom. It feels so weird talking with you like this, but I do like it. So you sneaked looks at Jim and me?” Mike said.

“Yes, I guess it does feel a little strange, but it’s so much better to have it all out front, instead of hiding it. Like I said, Jim and I have had this discussion before and now are freer with our feelings than we used to be. Now we can all feel freer to be ourselves around the house.” Linda said.

“Why don’t you slip into these, and come on downstairs when you have. I like thinking of you in my panties, baby.”

“Ok, mom.”

Linda handed the panties to Mike and turned and walked out of his room slowly, feeling his eyes on her. She decided to change before going down, herself.

She went to her bedroom and sliding out of her clothes, stood before the mirror, looking at her body, and thinking that it wasn’t too bad for an old broad of 48.

She chose bursa escort a short skirt and sheer blouse to wear over her lace bra and panties. Yes, she thought, this should get their juices flowing. She was surprised at how excited she was getting at the prospect of living with her two sons, with none of them being shy about their feelings, or desires.

Linda went downstairs just as Jim got home. He cam over to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “You look terrific, mom!” Jim said, admiring how his mom looked.

“Well, thank you son. Come here. I want to talk with you for a moment before you take your shower.” Mike always took a shower as soon as he got home from work so he’d feel more comfortable.

“Sure mom, what’s up?”

Sitting together on the sofa, Linda said “Well, apparently your brother has been getting it up, staring at a picture of me.”

“What? What are you talking about, mom?” Jim asked with a quizzical look on his face. Linda explained that Mike had been masturbating, using a picture of her that he took to get off. Linda filled him in on the rest, as well, the panties and the porn mags.

Linda could see that this was arousing to Jim, because she could see the swelling in his jeans.

“Kind of exciting, isn’t it Jim?” Linda asked, patting the growing bulge.

“Yeah, it sure is!” Jim responded.

“Why don’t you go take your shower and come on down so we can all discuss it. Mike should be down in a little while. He got rather excited when we were talking earlier and he’s probably taking care of that excitement right now.”

Jim got up and went upstairs, and wasted no time in stripping out of his work clothes and taking a nice hot shower. The combination of the talk he just had with his mother and the hot water, brought his cock to life. Soaping it up, he stroked himself, imagining what it would be like to have Mike and him fucking his mother. It didn’t take long before Jim sprayed the shower wall with his cum.

Finishing his shower, Jim wrapped a towel around himself and went down the hall to his bedroom, and saw that the door to Mike’s room was ajar. He stopped, peeked in and saw his brother sitting on the edge of the bed, running his hand up and down his hard dick, looking at the magazines spread out on the bed. It was a magazine of threesomes and Jim was getting aroused again, himself. Jim was impressed. Mike’s cock must have been as big as his, and that’s no small matter, as it were, because Jim had a solid, thick 9″ hanging between his legs.

Not wanting to get caught spying on Mike, he went to his room and got dressed. He decided to stay comfortable and slipped on a tank top and a pair of baggy sweats.

Going downstairs, he saw his mother sitting on the sofa where he had left her. Her skirt had slid up higher on her thighs and she looked so damn hot.

Jim went into the living room and chose to sit in a chair across from his mother, because he wanted to see as much of her as possible, and the view was better from here. Jim told her what he had seen Mike doing just now.

“He’s pretty well endowed, isn’t he?” she asked.

“Yeah he is, mom.” Jim said with a slight smile on his face.

“Did you like watching him, baby? I was just wondering.” Linda queried.

“Actually, I did mom. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? I mean I like women, not guys.” Jim said.

“No, it’s not weird, baby. It’s natural for you to be curious about another man, just as it would be acceptable for me to be curious about being with another woman. Haven’t you ever wondered what another man’s hard cock would feel like?” Linda tried to explain.

“Mom, I never heard you talk this frankly before. To answer your question, yes I guess I have thought about it in passing, on occasion.” Jim explained.

“Well, it’s even more natural between brothers, since you’re so close already.” Linda said.

They heard footsteps and turned to see Mike coming down the stairs. He was wearing sweats, also, and a t-shirt.

Linda gave him a stern look, indicating that she wasn’t pleased. “I thought we agreed about what you would wear, son.” Linda said.

“Yes mom, we did, and I am doing as you wished.” Mike said, not wanting to be more explicit since he didn’t think that Jim knew.

“Well, let’s see, Mike. I’m curious to see how they fit.” Linda instructed.

Mike looked at Jim, them back at his mother. malatya escort Hooking his thumbs in the waistband of the sweats he slowly lowered them, letting them fall to his ankles.

Linda and Jim both stared at the lace panties encasing Mike’s swelling cock and smiled. The panties were white and very sheer. They could see every bit of Mike’s cock through them.

Seeing both his mother and Jim smile, he felt more comfortable. He looked over in Jim’s direction and saw a bulge in his brother’s sweats. Then he smiled, too.

“They fit better than I thought they would, baby.” His mother said. “You’re slighter than your father or Jim but it looks as if I was right about your cock. It is large, isn’t it Jim?” Linda asked.

“Yeah, it sure is, mom.” Jim responded.

“Come on over here, baby. Come closer.” Linda said.

Mike stepped out of his sweats and walked over to his mom. His crotch was at eye-level with his mother and she was admiring his cock up close. She reached out and placed the palm of her hand on his swollen cock, feeling the heat it was generating. Smiling even more, she placed her hands on Mike’s hips and twisted him around so that he was facing Jim.

“It’s nice, isn’t it Jim? And he looks so sweet in my panties, doesn’t he?” Linda asked.

“He sure does, mom.” Jim said as he felt his own cock continue to swell as he looked at his brother, standing there wearing his mother’s panties. “Come here, bro.” Jim instructed.

Mike slowly walked over to Jim, feeling his mother’s hands on his ass, as she got up and followed behind him. She had been right, she thought. He does have a firm ass, and it felt great, encased in lace.

When Mike and his mom stood in front of him, Jim cupped Mike’s bulge in his hand as he had seen his mother do. Mike was hard and warm and Jim was excited at the sight of his brother, and his mother, who was cupping one of her tits as she felt up her son with the other and stared at the bulge in Jim’s sweats.

“Take it out for him, Jim. Let Mike see your cock, too. I know he’ll like it. It’s so big, honey.” Linda said.

Jim lifted his ass slightly off the chair and slid his sweats down to his knees. He was wearing a jockstrap because he had intended to go downstairs in the basement to work off some of his frustration after seeing his brother jerking off.

Linda smiled widely, seeing Jim in his jock. Mike also smiled approvingly.

“Take these off, baby.” Linda said, sliding her fingers into the waistband of her son’s panties. Jim didn’t wait for Mike. He grasped the panties above Mike’s crotch and pulled them down as his mother did the same in the back. They pulled them down just enough to free Mike’s rigid member. Jim then slid the elastic in the waistband up, under Mike’s balls, pulling them forward. Linda saw what Jim was doing, and pulled the panties up at the sides and in the back so that they were tight and lifting Mike’s balls and cock.

Jim reached forward and grasped Mike’s prick, pulling the skin down the shaft stretching it as far as it would go. Mike groaned as he felt Jim’s hand and from the tightness he felt in his cock.

“Go ahead, Jim. Take Mike’s cock.” Linda said, pushing Mike’s hips forward so that his cock was only inches from Jim’s mouth. Jim stared up, into Mike’s eyes, opened his mouth, and not taking his eyes off Mike, let Mike’s cock slide into his warm mouth. He saw Mike looking back at him, the look of pure pleasure on his face.

“Feels good, doesn’t it Mike? You like your brother sucking on that rod of yours, don’t you? I like watching you two get close. I like it a lot.” Linda said as she slid a hand up under her short skirt to her own panties. She was soaking wet. And why shouldn’t she be wet. Watching one son in panties getting sucked off by his brother.

Jim worked his mouth up and down Mike’s shaft, trying to take a little more in each time his head went down. He could feel Mike’s cock bottoming out at the back of his throat, almost making him choke. Faster and faster Jim bobbed up and down on his brother’s cock, while digging his fingers into Mike’s ass, pulling him closer each time.

Jim felt Mike start to spasm as he shot his load into Jim’s mouth. Moaning, he could feel Jim not removing his mouth, trying to swallow all his brother’s cum before letting him go. Linda reached up, pulled Mike’s head down to hers and kissed him hard, invading his mouth with her tongue. She felt him respond and kiss her back, his one hand on his mother’s ass, sliding up her skirt.

Finally, Jim backed off his brother’s prick, letting it fall from his mouth. He sat there exhausted, but horny, massaging his own cock though his jock. He needed some relief himself.

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Predator , Prey Series Ch. 02

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Predator and Prey Series (2): Tina’s Tail

“Nothing more than a mild case of boredom,” she concluded as she turned on her computer with finality.

“Anyway, it certainly beats the fuck out of watching Oprah.”

“And why shouldn’t I be bored?” Tina considered this as she logged onto the BDSM personals site.

“Four years of college, two years of law school and what am I doing with my life?” “Shuffling children back and forth to daycare and keeping house for Ted.”

Two unplanned pregnancies had hijacked all her professional aspirations.

Of course it wasn’t all just boredom. There was pure lust too. Tina had always maintained a rich sexual fantasy life. In college she went beyond fantasy when she became the regular girl toy for one of her law professors. He introduced her to mild bondage and pain sessions. She couldn’t get enough. It had opened up possibilities and ideas to her that she regretted she never had the courage to follow through with.

These days cyber sex with Sir Frank her virtual Dom had become her only way of scratching that submissive itch of hers without risking her marriage or her very comfortable life. Sir Frank worked very hard at scratching her itch ; regularly and well.

For months now he had her routinely masturbating for him, spanking herself, restraining herself and writing to him about her deepest fantasies. He kept her in a heightened state of arousal. She wore gaudy makeup and dressed like a slut for their on-line sessions. She even trimmed her pussy for him when he ordered her to; explaining to her husband that it made her feel sexier for him. Ted’s easy chair became her stage as she performed for hours in front of the web cam for Sir Frank. She never came so often and she was loving it. He rewarded her with the digital image of his cock shooting off on her monitor when she excited him sufficiently. She felt like a desirable woman again and that made her even more anxious to please him. She never felt sexier. Then he asked if they could meet.

Tina was a little reluctant about meeting; she expected that he would try to talk himself into her panties and they had agreed this would be a cyber only affair. Still, she had known him so long now and he was so nice. They decided that this would be a one time only meeting; just for coffee. She intended to hold firm that no matter what.

It started well. Just two friends having coffee at Starbuck’s. He was delightful, better looking than the mini-cam revealed and physically trim. Tina was having a wonderful time. She was like a young girl on a first date. It would be much easier to imagine him inside of her now in their future sessions. After an hour or so of pleasant general conversation; Tina started to rise and announced that it was time for her to go.

“Tina sit back down.” Sir Frank said quietly but with authority.

She hesitated and he shouted, Now!” loud enough to turn a few heads in the coffee shop.

Tina sat down quickly, a little confused, and asked, “Frank what’s wrong?”

Frank leaned over the table to put his face close to hers.

In almost a whisper he said; “ Listen to me you little cunt, we haven’t even started yet.”

Tina smirked, thinking; “Oh, here we go , he still wants to play. Well, no way he’s getting into theses panties”

That’s when he reached under the table and threw a large manila envelope on top of the table. On top of that he threw a thin red leather collar. Tina’s eyes lit up. A small metal plate on the collar was engraved -Tina Cum Slut -. Tina had decided that this was going a bit too far.

“Frank, this is bullshit, I told you that I only wanted cyber sex; I guess I shouldn’t have agreed to meet with you if you’re going to be an asshole!” She shook her head in disappointment.

Truth be told, the twitching in her pussy suggested her regrets that she just couldn’t bring herself to play along.

Standing again to leave she stopped dead when Frank opened the envelope and placed a photo of her on the table. Her stomach contracted. The 5×7 photo showed her sitting in her husbands chair. Her legs were spread wide and high providing a clear view of the huge dildo she had shoved up her pussy. The thick gaudy makeup was not enough to hide the look of complete wantonness on her face.

“Bbbbut I trusted bayburt escort you.” She stammered . Stunned, she fell back into the chair.

“That’s better, ”said Frank

“And look at this!” He flipped the envelope over. It was addressed to – Braddock, Higgins and Armstrong PC- . Her husband’s law firm. Tina began to feel ill as the enormity of her situation began to register.

“I have three more envelopes stuffed with photos, and a lot less patience than I had a moment ago.

I also have instructions for you Tina Cum Slut”

Tina sat quietly; her eyes in a daze.

He stared hard at her. “ I want you to go to the ladies room; put on your new collar and remove your panties. Then come back here and sit down.

Tina rose slowly. “And if you’re not back here within two minutes cunt I’ll be gone and these envelopes will be in the mail.”

Tears were welling up in Tina’s eyes as she ran to the ladies room.

“Maybe this will all work out if I go along with him a little.” She hoped.

To anyone looking at them in the coffee shop it appeared as if they were having a lover’s quarrel. The young lady; tears in her eyes, was listening intently to the man seated before her. A closer look however would have reveal that Tami was fingering herself under the table. Frank always did love to make her masturbate.

Tami fought to keep her panic down as her pussy began to respond to her manipulations. Her long fleshy pussy lips provided ample area for her to stimulate. Her mound was already swollen. She had to be careful to avoid touching her terribly sensitive clit. Exciting her clit always triggered her orgasms like throwing a switch. She would die of embarrassment if she came in that chair. Her releases were loud with unmistakable spasms and frantic breathing. There would be no way to conceal it in a public place. She needed to keep her finger off that clit.

Frank had played with that pussy too often not to understand what Tina was thinking. He wanted her aroused but he wasn’t going to make her come. Frank wasn’t even going to let her come. He had turned into a cat toying with a trapped mouse. She would do a lot of squirming for him before this was over.

“I’m going to need that pussy nice and moist Tina Cum Slut, is it ready yet?” He spoke to her as if she was having a hard time understanding him.

The question broke her trance, “Yes. Yes I’m wet” she whispered.

“Good, pull out your fingers and lick them… slowly”

Tina lowered her eyes in embarrassment but slowly pulled her hand to the table top. After a quick look around the room she brought her fingers to her mouth and began licking them.

“MMMMmmmmmm Good huh.” Frank laughed at her, he grabbed her hand and snarled, “Follow me,” pulling her towards the restrooms..

He stopped in front of the Men’s room. Tami’s eyes widened and she was shaking her head no but Frank didn’t care , he took a leash from his pocket and attached it to her collar. Then he pushed her inside and locked the door behind them.

He surprised her with his roughness as he grasped her by the hair and spun her into a stall. “Sit down and take off your blouse”

She sat on the toilet and took off her blouse as quickly as she could ; frightened by a coldness in his voice that she had not heard before. “The bra too stupid” came his next order.

When she looked up he had already dropped his pants and her face stared straight at his cock. His member was already very excited .

“Don’t look so surprised,” This is nothing you haven’t seen before is it?”

With care he wrapped the leash around his hand slowly pulling her face closer to his crotch.

Suddenly he yelled, “Open up cunt…wide.”

No sooner had she opened her mouth when he grabbed her by the back of her head and plunged his cock fully into her mouth and down her throat. He moaned at the wonderful sensation of her gagging on his cock.

“Suck it cunt Suck it” He bent forward holding her head in a vice grip as she started to choke and panic.

He relished the sound of her gasping for air when he released her. Her saliva flowed freely down her chin and her mascara had run down her face with her tears. He thought she looked beautiful; a perfect cum slut.

“Open wide!” he shouted

Tina bilecik escort opened her dripping mouth to beg him to stop but before a word came out he had shoved himself deep into her again. She had never accepted a cock so large so fully and the sensation of it rubbing and pulsing in her throat made her undeniably randy at the same time as she feared suffocation. He released her again and this time she wasted no time taking in as many breathes as she could. Drool flowed freely out the corners of her mouth and onto her skirt; she looked down and began to sob.

“Boo hoo , boo hoo.” Is the little slut gonna cry now?” Frank words held no sympathy.

“Open up cunt , open up.” Tina opened her mouth again and braced herself for his attack but this time he held back . He began a steady and shallow in and out jabbing; allowing her to breath as she sucked him.

“I’m being nice, so you better make this good” he warned and snapped at her leash.

Tina closed her eyes; forced herself into a higher gear and set her mouth to work as if she absolutely loved sucking his cock; as if she always wanted to suck his cock. She tried to give him the best sucking he had ever had so he would not hurt her anymore. Somewhere in all her emotion she lost sight of her old self and she realized she was sucking him like the submissive cunt slut she knew she was. The cunt slut she had always hoped someone would release. Then came his shudder.

Franks hips bucked in erratic spasms and he raised himself up on his tiptoes. He seized her head as his teeth clenched and he let out a long “AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Tina felt his cock pulse. She had never swallowed cum before and was trying to prepare herself for it but to her surprise he pulled out at the last moment. Opening her eyes she was greeted with a glob of pearly cum spurting into her face; then another, until it was dripping from her chin.

“Open up, open up, cunt ” Frank’s urgency confused her.

She wrapped her lips around his still engorged member again and sucked like she truly loved it. She felt his cum caking on her face when more of his blast hit the back of her throat. She gobbled it up loudly and hungrily as she felt he would want her to do.

“Suckkkkk iiiitttttt! Swallow, swallow……AAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!.”

Frank, still held fistfuls of her hair as his convulsions settled. Letting go he pulled his deflating cock out of her mouth and used it to smear his cum over on her face until it formed a clear mask.

Tina was in mental and physical shock. She didn’t know what to do or think and she couldn’t stop trembling.

“I’ve been fucking sodomized in a Starbucks!!!” she thought.

Without a word Frank began to arrange himself. Tina sat on the john staring ahead blankly.

When he finished he barked, “Turn around and get on your knees cum slut” it was that cold voice again.

Tina opened her mouth to protest but decided against it.

She turned slowly like a naughty child. Getting on her knees she rested her forearms on the toilet seat. Frank tied her leash high and tight to the plumbing pipes in front of her. Then he pulled one arm back behind her back , then the other. Finally, he tied them together at the wrist with Velcro. Exhausted she wanted to rest her head on the toilet seat but her collar would choke her if she moved more than a few inches in any direction.

Frank, standing over her turned to leave the stall. “If you liked that; you’re gonna love what’s coming slut.” He called over his shoulder.

Tina heard him unlock the door and to her sheer horror she heard male voices in conversation. She stopped breathing , then she started to quietly plead to herself.

“No no no no no no no …please no no no no “

But her fears were realized, she heard the door close and lock. Then an unfamiliar voice said.

“ Hi, Tina Cum Slut, my name is Chuck but you can call me …Next.”

Tina reacted like a mad woman she jerked at her collar and wrestled with her wrist restraints frantically but to no avail. Soon she realized that all she could do was hurt herself and she stopped struggling.

“Don’t stop for me princess, I love to watch them wiggle”, Chuck laughed.

She could hear the rustle of clothing behind her and to her burdur escort anguish she felt her skirt being slowing peeled off her ass and bunching down around her knees.

This was followed by a long unbearable silence. Her imagination was running away with her almost to the point of terror. Then she felt an odd sensation running up and down the backs of her thighs. It tickled her and it was undeniably arousing but it was also humiliating. Chuck was behind her on his knees sniffing at her legs up and down like some kind of canine. Up and down repeatedly, it was getting her increasingly aroused. His nose glided over her legs and moved towards her crack. He stopped at her ass. He sniffed, and sniffed like a dog who found a bone. It was obscene. He started to grind his face into Tina’s rear. Finally she couldn’t bear the prickly heat coming from her pussy any more so she resigned herself with a moan and opened her legs wide to give Chuck full access. She gave up to her slut again.

Chuck was not surprised by her display. This was not the first cum slut he and Frank had toilet trained.

“You are sooooooo easy cunt.”

Chuck spread her asscheeks and shoved his tongue into her anus. If he hadn’t held her she would have jumped a foot. Her collar strained against her neck as he continued to dance his tongue all around her nether regions. Tina’s ass turned into a commotion of activity. She rotated and ground herself around and around seeking out Chuck’s tongue like it was life itself to her. Chucks tongue darted in and out and around teasing her mercilessly just to the brink of orgasm. Then she felt warm oil slowly running down her back, between her asscheeks, and down her legs.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyyyy” she whispered to herself, anticipating what would follow.

She had never been ass fucked before but she was so aroused she knew she wanted it now. She wanted it more than anything she ever wanted. She shook her butt from side to side, giving Chuck a clear signal that her ass was ready and his for the taking.

She braced herself as he pushed her cheeks apart. But she didn’t feel a cock enter her she felt a finger pumping in and out, then two fingers gliding in and out; lubricated by the oil dripping down her body , then three fingers , four ; suddenly she realized she was going to be fisted. Instead of being appalled she was too far gone not to like the idea.

“Fuck my ASSSSSSS she called back to Chuck in a hoarse measured voice.

Tina was bucking her ass in rhythm with Chuck’s fingers now.

“Fuck this sluts ass. Shove your hand up my ass. Do it Do it.”

Chuck obliged by easing his liberally oiled hand up her ass to his wrist. Tina’s eyes rolled back in her head as Chuck lifted her up off her knees with the hand in her ass.

However, it wasn’t until he searched out her clit with his free hand that Tina surrendered to her most primal desires. Her button was a switch . When chuck frigged it her body immediately took her into bone wrenching orgasm after orgasm. She opened her mouth and gnawed into her leash to suppress her screams and growls but she still heard the screams inside her head. She was screaming and falling and spinning and shaking and floating and drifting and finally delightfully basking in what she knew was her most complete and astounding sexual experience.

Chuck slowly and carefully removed himself from her orifice; the feeling of emptiness was a powerful disappoint to her. She knew she would need this again. And again.

Frank turned down the remote and pulled out his cell phone. Chuck was on the other end.

“Frank, I think I’ve got another live one, listen to this.

– Bored housewife, no experience in BDSM. Wants to learn. E-Mail and Cyber only. Discretion given and required.-

“Do you want to start this one or should I?”

“You better take her buddy, said Frank

“My schedule is really tight these days.”

“I know what you mean bud.”

“Just let me know when to meet for coffee dude.”

Frank couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Will do Frank,

“See ya.”

Frank put down the phone and picked up the remote.

Turning it to full again Tina Cum Slut’s head bobbed back into action in his lap and her butt wiggled with muffled buzz of the dildo up her ass.

“Let’s hurry up there Cum slut, gotta get you home to hubby and the kids soon.”

Tina was happy to be exactly where she was. However, she sucked faster so she could get back to her vanilla life.

“You can’t live on cum alone can you?” she thought.

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Twins in College Ch. 38

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I was pressed with my back against the wall, my hair and my bra the only things even attempting to thwart the coolness of the wall from permeating my heated skin.

My feet were well off the ground, wrapped tightly around my big brother’s waist as he stood before me. His chest held me to the wall, making me his own personal pin-up girl. His hands cupped my ass nicely, his long fingers curling into my soft flesh to further support me, to better ensure that I did not unceremoniously fall to the floor.

“Master!” I cried out due to habit, even though he was not dominating me at the moment. He was purely my forbidden lover, repeatedly impaling my hungry sex with his meaty manhood. Yet hearing his illicit title seemed to be a catalyst, inspiring him to drive himself ever deeper into my sisterly body.

How I wished that I was not wearing a bra, that I was fully naked. Although it would have been an awkward position for him, I wanted – needed – to feel his teeth closing around one of my nipples, closing and tugging as he suckled the surrounding feminine flesh and battered the small sensitive protrusion with his expert tongue.

Instead, I was being crushed into the wall, my big brother repeatedly forcing himself ever further into my all-too-willing body, increasing the pleasure which was growing exponentially deep within me.

“Oh fuck!!!” I clung tightly to him, my arms wrapped fiercely around his strong shoulders – for more than nineteen years, the very same shoulders upon which I had cried away my sadness and pains, the very same shoulders upon which I had rested my weary head, the very same shoulders upon which I had deposited my concerns karaman escort and my fears, and the very same shoulders were supporting me yet again, giving me something upon which to anchor myself through the timeless and turbulent dance of two destined lovers.

His breath was hot against my neck and shoulders as he continued to rut into me. His moans of desire and his groans of restraint touched my heart.

Imperceptibly, I attempted to open my legs even further for him, to allow my big brother even greater access to my illicit charms, but my thighs instead suddenly clamped even more tightly around his waist again, trapping him within a human vice as I succumbed to a tumultuous climax, wailing unabashedly, clawing at the supportive shoulders as a bonfire roared inside me and multiple bright solar flares obscured my vision. Suddenly stilling himself as he impaled me fully, using my body as a well-lubricated sheath for his fleshy sword, he grunted repeatedly and loudly – louder than I had ever heard before from him, his voice thunderous in my ear – as he attempted to ride out my all-consuming orgasm, as my body bucked and twisted as much as possible in the precious lack of space between his chest and the wall.

As I slowly calmed, the vice grip of my thighs lessened, and I was ultimately standing on my own feet once more. My legs shaky, I was thankful to still be pinned to the wall, otherwise I would likely have collapsed to the floor in a puddle of incoherent desire. Having disengaged from my weeping womanhood, my big brother stepped back, his hands gripping my shoulders, the flame of love clearly evident in his eyes, his face flushed kırıkkale escort from his relentless pounding of my body.

“My dearest baby sister,” he whispered as the final natural light of the day filtered through the closed curtains. His voice was breathy, full of desire and respect for me.

I kissed him, not even attempting to be gentle. I assaulted him with my mouth and groped him with my hands, and he immediately responded in kind. We each heightened the other’s level of arousal in a never-ending feedback loop until, at last, he pulled me roughly to him, his fingers immediately working at the clasp of my bra while I hugged him fiercely, threatening to never release him from my needy grasp.

The sudden release of the clasp also released the tigress within me, the tigress typically caged by my submissive role. I growled savagely, clawing at my big brother’s back and causing him to gasp aloud from my deep scratches. Then I jumped upon him, wrapping my thighs around his waist again and causing him to stumble backward and yelp with surprise. A second later, he had fallen into a sitting position on my futon, still clearly stunned at the ferocity of his usually docile baby sister.

Yet I was too damn horny to truly enjoy the reversal of roles. I was too turned on to do anything but attack, attack, attack. I rocked my clitoris against his dripping phallus as I bit him again and again, each bite eliciting a low rumble from his throat and a tightening of his fingers upon my shoulders. He received no mercy from me as I clawed him roughly, marking him as my mate.

“You’re like a bitch in heat!!!” my big brother finally kırklareli escort spat out, and only then did I realize that I had slipped out of my submissive role, that I was no longer in my proper place. But I was too horny to care, too turned on to think about the potential consequences, about how I would likely be punished later for suddenly switching to a top role.

I shoved my big brother to his back upon my bed and seconds later had his hearty sex embedded within me. I rode him hard and fast, a stiffened arm supporting me as I leaned over my forbidden lover while my free hand rubbed my clitoris rapidly. Obscenities I rarely ever use spewed from my lips as I quickly climbed the carnal mountain, his groans loudly joining mine as he again attempted to restrain himself and ride out my oncoming orgasm.

My arm gave out and I collapsed upon him, screaming into his neck as tidal waves of desire pummeled my body. Unable to resist the milking actions of my sisterly sex, my big brother filled me with his love. He made nary a sound, clutching me tightly to him as his primal passion was so intense that he could not breathe.

Later that evening, as we both sat naked cuddling on the sofa in the darkness while watching an old samurai film on television, my body still felt abuzz with the intense energy we had created in my bedroom. It had been some time since I had been so intensely horny that I was still filled with such a deep sexual itch for so long. In time, my big brother sated that desire as well, this time not fucking me, but slowly making love to me, bending me over the arm of the sofa and taking me from behind, taking me like a bitch as he pulled just enough of my hair to remind me of my place, of his dominance over me.

Earlier in the evening, I had fucked my big brother, and that had been indeed thrilling for my body. As the film ended, I was making love to my Master, and that was far more fulfilling for my soul.

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Popping Pixie Ch. 02

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“That was fun!” Pixie squealed after she had finished licking and tonguing my dirty asshole. “Can I have some more?”

“Only if you’re a good girl and do everything I tell you to,” I let her know. “Now, before I pop your butthole cherry, we’re going to do a little warm-up exercise, and I mean very, very warm. But, first, you need to get on your knees and open your mouth.”

Her face lit up as she assumed the position. “You want me to lick you some more?” he beamed.

“Not now,” I told her. What I want is for you not to make too much noise.” With that I produced the ball gag.

“Oh, please, don’t put that on me,” she begged.

“Okay, I won’t…right away. First I’ll flavor it for you.” I circled in front of her and stuck my butt out toward her face. Then I handed her the ball and said, “Stick it up my asshole, as far as you can.”

“Um…okay,” she agreed, not thinking the thing through. She poked it as far up my asshole as her finger could push it.

“Now, just to make sure it stays up there a good long time, I want you to kick my asshole as hard and as fast as you can for the next five minutes,” I instructed her as I got down on my hands and knees and stuck my asshole as far out as I could.

“Really, are you sure you want me to do that? I played a lot of soccer in school, and I çankırı escort can kick real hard.”

“Pretend my asshole is a soccer ball, then and go to work.”

Pixie was not kidding. I had no idea a girl could kick so hard! For the next five minutes, she wore my asshole out. Pixie was really getting into it, too. After she had kicked my asshole for over five minutes, she began stomping it with her long, thick boot heel.

“Don’t stop,” I moaned, and she didn’t. Not for a good long time, and, only then, to take a sort rest break. Then she was back at it with a vengeance, again and again. Altogether, I think she spent a good fifteen minutes stomping my asshole into a bloody mess. I knew it was just a matter of time before she would beat me up horribly, from top to bottom. I was so sore when she finally finished, I couldn’t get off my hands and knees. I had to turn around on my knees to face her hard, filthy boot. Right away I saw, she had managed to get it almost entirely up my asshole. Once I was face-to-face with it. I proceeded to lick her boot until it was squeaky-clean again.

“EEEEEEEEEWWW!” she giggled as I lapped my shit from the top and the heel of her boot. I had to hurry it up toward the end, because I felt the ball was wanting to come out.

“We’re moving this show into the düzce escort bathroom” I told her.

When we got there I squatted over the toilet and strained the ball gag, and a lot more besides, out into my waiting cupped hands.

“Open your mouth,” I ordered her.

Pixie did not protest, but tears began falling freely from her eyes. I stuck the shit-covered ball as far into her mouth as it would go, then secured it. Then, I proceeded to wipe my hands clean on her face and in her hair. By now, she was sobbing uncontrollably, and I hadn’t even started with the big cherry-popping dildo.

“Cheer up, Sweetie,” I told her. “Master is going to rinse your face off.” With that, I pointed my dick at her face and took a long, hard piss. I had planned ahead by eating a big helping of asparagus at breakfast, just so that my piss would be good and stinky.

“I’ll rinse your hair out with the next load,” I said when I was finished. “Now lie on the floor and put your ankles behind your head. We’re going to have some fun.”

Pixie’s eyes bugged out with fear as I lit a long, fat cigar, and with good reason. For the next several minutes I held the red-hot tip against her pussy lips, her belly button, her nipples, and, mainly her asshole. She never stopped screaming into the ball gag, the whole time.

At gümüşhane escort last, with the long cheroot smoked down to the smallest butt I could hold, I stopped.

“Did you like that?” I asked her. She violently shook her head no, as her wet, tearful eyes blazed at me with unbridled hatred. This would have been a great time to ask her to bust my balls, but I had too many things to get done first. As she lay on the floor, weeping pathetically, I asked her. “Want some more?”

Pixie’s eyes flashed with even more venomous anger than before, but then, as I hoped she would, she began whimpering and shaking her head yes. I lit up another big, long cigar and went to work on her again. This time I included her face lips, already stretched way out by the gag. Did she ever scream! Next, I did a few scorching laps around each nipple, a few more long pokes into her belly button and a brand-new searing of her pussy lips. I drew on the cigar to make the ember even hotter and spent a sweet minute or so badly scorching her asshole, even more. I knew from past experience of having pretty whores do it to me, that she would not be able to wipe her ass completely clean for at least the next three weeks.

I still had a good six inches to go on the cigar, but I extinguished it by sticking it all the way up her butt. She screamed her loudest muffled scream yet, then I pulled it out. It was, as I expected, covered with her shit. I set it aside, because, little did Pixie know, that cold, slimy cigar was going to be her dessert, after she got popped.

—to be continued

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Naked Dare Ch. 05

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Naked dare chapter 5

A hot steaming shower followed by a strong coffee and I felt vaguely human again. I mumbled something about seeing Ella after work and I stumbled out the door.

It was ten o’clock before I was awake enough to even do my job. I was staring out of my office window with yet another strong coffee in my hands when there was a knock at my office door. I had turned half way around in my swivel chair by the time the door was open and my boss was standing in the doorway.

“Oh shit what now?” I thought.

“Hi Charlie, Jesus you look like shit!”

The boss never was one to pull any punches and it made me laugh when he was so blunt. A lot of people didn’t know how to take him but I knew he wasn’t half as tough as he sounded.

“Good morning to you too.”

“If you’ve got the damn swine flu you can stay the hell away from me.”

“No this ones self inflicted I’m afraid.”

Laughing, he said. “Tie one on with the boys last night?”

“No just caught up with some friends who I haven’t seen in a while and made the mistake of forgetting that I’m no longer a teenager who can bounce back up the next day.”

“This growing old business is bullshit isn’t it? My old man used to say that youth is wasted on the young. I didn’t understand it back then but I have to say I agree with him now.”

“Listen to us; you’d think we were in our seventies the way we’re talking.”

“At least I don’t look like it today.”

“Gee thanks. What can I help you with?”

“Wow you are feeling sensitive today. Well don’t get your panties in a twist but I’ve got a new secretary starting today and I wanted you to set her up with a computer and show her how to use some of our in-house software. I know you hate getting the boring set-up jobs but I would really appreciate it. Last time we got one of the juniors to do it we ended up spending twice as long trying to fix his mess ups.”

Normally I would groan at the thought of such a mundane job but today it was exactly what I needed.

“No worries. Just let me get what I need from the tech office and I’ll be right down there.”

“I’ve got another meeting with that auditor from last week to go over some figures so I won’t be there. She should be waiting for you in my office though. I’ve got her doing some filing so if she’s not there she won’t be far.”

“Alright, I hope you’ve got some of the good coffee in your office. I really need them to keep flowing today.”

I could hear him laughing as he walked off.

I got what I needed and headed for the office. I still wasn’t thinking all that clear and to be honest, I kind of had my mind on last night’s events and what would come of the girl’s weekend. It didn’t take me long to get what I needed for the new secretary because the tech office knew she would be starting today. Being new and not knowing where things were I predicted she would be still filing and I didn’t expect to see the new secretary in the boss’s office. So when I walked in and saw a curvy butt bent over the photo copier I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

“Uh hi.”

“Oh crap!”

She jumped in fright and straightened up so fast I thought she was going to scream or something. She was blushing bright red and had a decidedly guilty look on her face.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“That’s o.k. I just didn’t hear you come in.”

“Fair enough… I’m Charlie. Are you the new secretary?”

“Hi Charlie. Yes I’m Jennifer.”

I unloaded the computer and bits and pieces onto the desk and reached out to shake her hand.

“Hi Jennifer; Welcome, I hope you enjoy working here. I think you’ll find we are all pretty easy going and not too hard to get along with.”

She blushed again when I took her hand to shake it. She was definitely a pleasant surprise considering that most of the female staff here were in their late fifties or sixties, with the exception of some of the techies. Jennifer looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties and was quite pretty without the need for make-up. She had shoulder length dark brown hair and green eyes. She had flawless skin with just a light smattering of freckles that suggested a childhood spent in the sun. She wore a very professional looking women’s suit but she didn’t look all that comfortable in it, as though she would be more comfortable in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans or perhaps a loose flowing dress, or was that just my imagination at work again?

“I take it you’re here to set me up with a computer and such.”

“Yeah, we like to set our staff members up with something new when they begin as opposed to inheriting some second hand Junker with the previous person’s problems. We have a really good tech staff here, a division I set up myself, and I figure we pay them plenty so we may as well keep them busy. You will probably have used most of the software that we are going to be giving you but there are a couple of in house programs that we wrote to suit our own applications. I will load it all on for you and teach you how to use it; most of it is pretty kırşehir escort simple and user friendly.”

“I’ve used most business and word processing programs so I should be ok with them. Besides my husband is a systems support engineer and I’m no slouch in the area either.”

“No offence but if you know this stuff inside out then what are you doing here?”

“I’ve been studying for a few years and I really needed a sabbatical. I will go back to it eventually but for now, here I am.”

Obviously there was more going on here than met the eye but Jennifer seemed really nice and I thought it was way too early to pry.

“O.k. So you’ve obviously got a fair idea of what to do and how to use everything then.”

“Yeah I think so. The photocopier and I don’t really like each other but I think I’ll be able to beat it into submission.”

I could see why she was given the job already. Not a bad sense of humor and she obviously has a brain in her head, petty nice to look at as well if the truth must be told. Hopefully she would settle in quick because to be honest she probably has the worst job in here. She gets to be the interface between our department and the higher up management. Probably not as bad on our end as we are a pretty laid back bunch but the bosses are, with the rare exception, complete jerks. They tend to enjoy treating the secretaries like bimbo’s and they like nothing more than to treat any one in a position they consider to be lower than theirs like shit. I think they are going to have their work cut out for them with Jennifer.

I got busy setting everything up and was under the desk fitting the last few cables when Jennifer walked across the office right next to the desk. I looked up and saw a very enticing pair of legs. I found myself thinking that if only she was in a skirt I could have a great view from here. The thought kind of took me by surprise at first and I had to wonder if all the action at home was starting to affect me. After I crawled out from under the desk there was a cup of coffee waiting for me. Jennifer was holding out to me with a slight smirk and one eyebrow raised. I’m sure I blushed as I began to wonder if she could read my mind.

“How did you know? I am in desperate need for coffee today.”

“You just look like you could use one.”

“I look that bad hey?”

She looked me up and down and seemed to consider a few responses before saying.

“I’ve seen worse hangovers but it’s still a good one.”

I laughed and took a sip of the coffee, not really sure what to expect. It was perfect. I couldn’t have made it better myself. I groaned with delight.

“With coffee like that, you will go a very long way around here. Hell I’d promote you right now if I had the power.”

“That’s just one of my many talents.”

“Well we are very lucky to have you. Alright you’re almost completely set up. I’ll just run you through these programs and I’ll leave you alone.”

Jennifer caught on really quickly and once you got her talking it was obvious she was a very intelligent woman with a good sense of humor. I could see us getting along really well.

As I left work I couldn’t help but to get a bit excited, and nervous, about the weekend coming. I was just about to drive off when I was startled by a tap on the window. I turned to see Jennifer looking in at me and looking rather pissed off. I wound the window down.

“Hi Jennifer, Is everything o.k.?”

“I hate to ask Charlie but could you call a cab for me? My stupid car has just died an unholy death and my mobile is flat.”

“Don’t be silly. Just hop in, I’ll give you a lift home. I’m not going to leave you waiting for a cab in the dark on a Friday night. Around here you could be waiting for an hour.”

“Charlie, no offence but I don’t really know you and I don’t want to put you out.”

“Alright firstly I am one of your workmates, not a stranger and I promise I won’t bite. Secondly unless you live in Timbuktu you couldn’t really put me further out of my way than I already am.”

“Isn’t your wife expecting you home?”

“Yes but I can assure you she will understand. How would your husband feel if one of your workmates left you stranded?”

“I guess that’s a fair point.”

“Look here’s my mobile, call your husband and tell him what’s happening and that I’m taking you home, he’ll be expecting you.”

She looked me in the eye as though trying to work out if I was legitimate or a threat. She came to a conclusion and called her husband. After a brief phone call she hopped in the passenger side and told me where she lived. As it turned out she lived about four blocks from me any way.

On the way home we got to know each other a bit more. She told me that her husband had been working on and off at different universities and they had moved around a lot but he was recently offered what seemed to be a very permanent position here and she wanted to settle down in one place for a while. Seeing as she grew up in the area and had some relatives nearby, she decided that this was the place for her. The niğde escort more I talked to Jennifer the more I liked her.

I walked her to her front door and met her husband. He thanked me for bringing Jennifer home and I explained that I lived just a few blocks away. Rick seemed like a really nice bloke and after just a few minutes talking I had invited them to a barbecue in a week’s time.

I stopped by the bottle shop on the way home and picked up a bottle of our favorite wine. It felt like the right time to have a bit of a celebration. When I got home Ella was running around packing clothes, make-up and other bits and pieces into a case. She had the video camera on the charger and the tripod folded neatly next her case on the bed. I could tell she was nervous by the way she was going in circles without appearing to get much done.

I pulled her aside and gave her a hug.

“Slow down a bit baby. You’re not leaving until tomorrow and I would like to have a nice evening with just the two of us if that’s alright.”

She breathed a sigh and rubbed her temple.

“I’m sorry honey. I’ve been going crazy this afternoon. I’m trying to get packed and organized and the whole time my stomach is in knots. I’m actually a bit scared about this one.”

“I would be amazed and perhaps a little worried if you weren’t. It’s got me scared too. As much as the idea turns me on and it certainly appears to turn you on; the reality is this is a dangerous thing you are talking about doing. If you said you didn’t want to do it I would support you one hundred percent.”

She gave me a smile and hugged me close.

“Thanks. I think that’s just what I needed to hear.”

I put my hands on her shoulders and took a step back so I could look her in the eye.

“I love you more than anything and all I want is for you to be happy. If you don’t want to do this, just say so.”

She looked straight back at me, took a deep breath and smiled.”

“I want to do this. I have never been so turned on as I have in this last week. I feel like a switch has been thrown inside me and all of a sudden I have found this whole new person in me and I like her. It is so liberating. I never want anything to come between us so your support in this whole crazy endeavor is more valuable than you can imagine. Even though we are looking at involving other people in our sex lives it has actually made me feel closer to you.”

Suddenly I felt relief from a stress I didn’t even know was there. I guess I just needed that confirmation from Ella and I relaxed a bit about the upcoming weekend.

“I can cancel the fishing weekend with Steve and go as a chaperone if you want.”

“No. I know it sounds silly but this is something I need to do without you. It feels like this new part of me can’t grow without the space.”

“I understand but I am just so worried about your safety.”

“Charlie, Cassie and I are capable of looking after ourselves. I’m taking the pepper spray and as I said the other night, the places we are going to have lots of people around. We won’t be going down any back alleys or wandering off with people we don’t know. We’re not stupid and won’t take any silly risks.”

“I want you to leave me a list of the places you will be going to and where you will be staying. It will just make me feel better knowing where you will be.”

She handed me a piece of paper written out as an itinerary and smiled.

“I had every intention of doing that. Like I said, we’re not silly.”

Ella chuckled and gave me a cheeky look.

“What’s funny?”

“It’s so cute, you being all worried and protective of me. Kind of like a big brother.”

“Oh yeah? Would a big brother do this?”

I pushed her back onto the bed and holding her body down with one hand on her chest I started kissing her belly and hips. I then moved across and kissed her right over her clit. Even though she was still fully clothed she could feel the pressure of my mouth on her pussy. I took a deep breath and blew out hard, forcing my hot breath through her pants onto her pussy.

She moaned at first then began to giggle.

I looked up her body and raised one eyebrow inquisitively.

“Only a very naughty older brother would do that. Are you going to be my naughty brother? The naughty brother who spies on his innocent little sister in the shower? The one who sneaks his little sisters dirty panties to wank into?”

I started to slide her pants down over her hips while I kissed the bare skin that was slowly being revealed.

“No. I’m the naughty brother who catches his teasing sister and after stripping her pants off fucks her senseless.”

“Oh god yes.”

I pulled her pants all the way off and immediately went to work eating her pussy while she wrapped her thighs around my head. She tensed when I took her clit into my mouth and I sucked it hard. The pressure on my ears was almost painful but there was no way I was going to stop until she came. It didn’t take very long before she was bucking her hips into my face. I was lapping away at her pussy ordu escort like a dog dying of thirst and soon she flooded my face with her cum. I started to suck her clit again but she stopped me.

“Come up here and stuff your gorgeous cock into me.”

I slid my own pants off and crawled up the bed to her. My cock slid straight into her and she let out a deep growl of satisfaction. She tilted her hips back and wrapped her legs around my hips to get me deeper into her. We kissed passionately and she started licking around my mouth and sucking my lips into her mouth.

“I love that taste. Not as much as I love your cock in me though…big brother.”

“You are such a naughty, dirty girl Ella. I love it and I love you.”

Nothing more was said between us. We pounded together in a hard, fast and sweaty rhythm. Our bodies were sliding against each other while we stared into each others eyes.

A bomb could have gone off next to us and we wouldn’t have known. We were so intensely focused on each other it was like being taken away to another world temporarily, which was exactly what we needed. We were just the two of us. No one else existed. The only thing was us and our love for each other. We were so deeply in tune with each other at that moment that we were as one. It was the most passionate love making experience of my life and that is exactly what it was. We were no longer just fucking; we were filling each other with our love.

Time stood still. We may have been together that way for only seconds or it could have been hours but when our release came it was perfectly in unison. It was the most amazingly intense orgasm. I could feel every nerve in my body firing at once. I was hyper aware of Ella, Her beauty, her full red lips, her sweet breath, her liquid brown eyes every detail was etched into my brain at that moment like a super high resolution photo.

My love for Ella felt so all encompassing that I momentarily wondered how it could be contained within me, how did I not explode?

Ella started to laugh and the spell was broken, moments later I joined in.

“Wow! That was really intense.”

I began to roll off her as I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable with my weight on her.

“No stay there please. I need to feel you against me.”

I leant down and gently kissed her lips, the tip of her nose, each eyelid then her forehead.

When she re-opened her eyes they were almost glowing from within.

“Do you know how much I love you Charlie?”

“If it’s half as much as I love you then I am a very lucky man.”

I was starting to get uncomfortable and I rolled off her. The cool air quickly met where our wet bodies had been together and gave us both a sudden chill.

“Let’s go get in the shower then I’ll go and get us some dinner. I brought home a nice bottle of wine to have with it if you want.”

“That sounds great. Charlie?”

I was half way out the door as she spoke but something in her voice made me look back. She was sitting on the edge of the bed and looking up at me. She had a very serious look on her face.

“What’s wrong Ella?”

“Thank you.”

“What for?”

“For loving me, for putting up with this whole situation.”

“Honey, we are in this together.”

“I some times feel like I don’t deserve you. Not many men would put up with this.”

I knelt down beside her and looked her straight in the eye.

“Ella I love you more than anything else in this world. I would do anything for you. But don’t think that I’m only doing this for you. I get as much guilty pleasure from this as you seem to.”

A single tear rolled down her cheek. I leant over and kissed it off her cheek.

“I love you so much; how did we end up with each other? It just feels like we were meant to be.”

“I think we were baby. Now let’s go get into the shower before we freeze our asses off.”

She slapped me on the ass as I turned around.

“We wouldn’t want that to happen.”

My head was still reeling from our love making as I drove into town to get the meal. There was a small Mongolian restaurant nearby that served superb meals and it would compliment the wine exactly. On the way home I stopped by the car rental place and organized what Steve and I would need for the weekend.

I called out for Ella as I walked in the door.

“I’ll be there in a second.”

Her voice floated from the office. I placed the meal on the table and started to get the crockery and cutlery ready.

As I was serving the food onto the plates she came out of the office.

“We just got an e-mail from Mike. He finally sent me the pictures of his brother and his girlfriend.”

“Oh yeah? Are they what you expected?”

“I guess so. I didn’t really have much of an idea what they would look like. His brother is a lot like Mike. Maybe not as big but he definitely is handsome. I can see why he has girlfriends all over the place. His ‘official’ girlfriend though is stunning.”

“Makes you wonder why he’s cheating if she is so good looking.”

“Yeah looks aren’t everything though, she might be a real bitch but from the way Mike speaks about her I don’t get the impression that she is. Maybe he’s just a dog. Some men are like that. No matter what they have at home there is always something better elsewhere.”

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Two for One Ch. 02

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When I left off, I had just fallen asleep after fucking my sister and her girlfriend. I was drifting in and out of a gentle slumber when I felt something brush against my cock. I slowly shook off the sleep and found myself laying between my sister Sandra and her girlfriend Kelly. I was lying on my side facing Kelly and Sandra was fast asleep on the opposite side.

Although she appeared to be still asleep, Kelly’s fingers were tracing lines up and down my now swelling cock. I began to stroke Kelly’s flank as she wrapped her fingers around my shaft and began stroking my dick. Her hands were still slick from the lube she had used on my sister’s ass and the strap-on earlier in the night. The excess lube was making my shaft nice and slick as I repositioned myself so that the head of my member was pressing against Kelly’s ass crack.

I reached one hand around Kelly’s body, cupping her firm breast and gently rubbing her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. This caused Kelly to let out a soft moan as she pulled her top leg up at a 45-degree angle so that the head sinop escort of my cock was now pressing against her bunghole. I kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear lobe as I moved my hand down across her flat stomach.

My hand continued down until my fingers were at her pussy. I slipped one finger inside and could feel that she was already warm and wet. I slid another finger in and began finger-fucking her as her juices continued to flow. Once my fingers were good and wet, I pulled them from her pussy, and slid them around her dry asshole, slowly working first one and then both fingers inside.

Kelly’s body tightened at first, but in no time she was slowly moving her hips in rhythm with my thrusting fingers. As soon as I had her ass good and lubed up, I withdrew my fingers and slipped in the head of my cock before her asshole could close up again.

In one long slow motion, my cock was buried to the hilt in Kelly’s ass. I slowly stroked back and forth into her ass as Kelly’s breathing became more erratic. Lying on my side I could not move as tokat escort fast or as deep as I wanted so I rotated Kelly’s hips so that although she was still laying on her side, I was kneeling above her lower leg with her upper leg lying perpendicular to her body. In this fashion I could stroke deep into Kelly’s tight asshole.

I was in such complete rapture, I had almost completely forgotten about my sister lying next to us. I glanced to my left, and saw that Sandra was no longer asleep, but was watching intently as I butt-fucked her girlfriend. She noticed me looking at her and rose to her knees, and moved up next to me.

She kissed me, thrusting her tongue into my mouth, while her hands moved to my hips. She began pushing my hips back and forth, helping me to fuck her girlfriend even harder as we continued to kiss.

She broke our kiss and moved around behind me. I could feel her breath on my balls as they slapped against Kelly’s pussy lips, then I felt Sandra’s tongue flash across the skin of my balls and past them to Kelly’s cunt. She yozgat escort continued to take turns tonguing my balls and Kelly’s pussy until Kelly shook in a violent orgasm, her juices splashing out across her thigh and onto Sandra’s waiting tongue.

This was pushing me past the point of no return, and I think Sandra could tell I was about to cum, because she said “I want to feel your cum on my tits. Cum on my tits little brother”.

I pulled my cock from Kelly’s ass, and turned toward my sister’s massive melons. With two quick strokes, I sent a stream of my man-juice across Sandra’s tits and with the second shot hit her in the chin and neck with my load.

Kelly came around and began massaging my cum into Sandra’s tits, and licked the sperm from her chin. They began to kiss and rub their bodies against each other, nipple to nipple and hips upon hips. I could tell this was going to be their special time, and it was getting late so I stood and started for the door.

“Go get some sleep little brother, you’re going to need it” said Sandra.

“Yeah, we got some very special plans for your last day in town before you take off” concurred Kelly.

With that, I slipped out and headed for the couch with visions of what more we could do before I left the next day.

To be continued…

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