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**DISCLAIMER- All characters, locations, and events in this story are purely fiction. If they happen to mirror real life events in some form or fashion then it is nothing more than coincidence. As well, all characters are eighteen or over. As well, this is dedicated to my loving husband, I hope you enjoy!**

Jessica Parker sat behind her desk in her small but comfortable office, looking over a file. In the waiting room, a surly young man sat slouched in his seat, waiting to be called in. Matthew Henderson, Jessica mused to herself as she read over the file. Eighteen years old, Matthew had been kicked out of every public and private school his parents had enrolled him in over the four years of high school because of his behaviour. Skipping classes, cheating on tests, harassing other students and faculty, swearing, stealing, lying… The list went on and on. Out of desperation, the Hendersons had come to the school Jessica worked in as a last resort.

Soleil Learning Center was a boarding school, privately owned and funded, specifically intended for students such as Matthew. They only accepted the most troubled and problematic students that applied. The reason for this was that Soleil offered a different program, designed to manage students like this, so that they could get the education they needed to get by in their lives. The faculty were trained to handle these students appropriately, and the place was very highly secured to keep the students on the grounds, and prevent harm from coming to either students or staff.

Jessica closed the file and picked up the phone.

“Sarah..yes, I’m ready for Mr. Henderson. Please send him in.”

Sitting back in her chair, Jessica looked over her office, waiting, and when the door opened after a moment, she stood and smiled as Matthew walked in, ignoring the hostile look she got in response.

“Mr. Henderson, hello. My name is Jessica Parker. I’m very pleased to finally have a chance to meet you.”

Matthew’s dark eyes moved quickly over the office, then finally rested on Jessica. She looked awfully young, and Matthew noticed immediately that she was a total looker. She wore a plain black skirt and white button up blouse, and had shoulder length auburn coloured hair. Her face was heartshaped and pretty, with big hazel eyes behind simple black framed glasses. As Jessica moved around the desk to offer him her hand, Matthew’s eyes swept over her figure. She was soft and luscious, with full hips and large, heavy breasts. Matthew swallowed and met her gaze as he took her hand, shaking it briefly.

While Matthew looked her over, Jessica took the opportunity to study the younger man. He had fair skin and black hair that was messily spiked, with dark brown eyes. His frame was lean and wiry, and he wore a pair of black jeans with holes in the knees, and a wifebeater. He was an attractive young man, and Jessica could see why it was so many had had problems with him in the past. His face had a certain quality to it that just made him..charming, and endearing, and he knew it. Jessica suspected he used this to his advantage to keep himself out of trouble for as long as he could get away with it.

After shaking hands, Jessica motioned him into one of the overstuffed chairs, and once he’d dropped into it, she sat down as well. Crossing her legs, she tugged her skirt down so that she didn’t expose herself indecently, and Matthew’s eyes flickered over her thighs to where the line of her thigh high hose were held in place by garter straps. That’s sexy, he thought to himself, and slouched in the chair.

“You’ll sit up please. I don’t allow people to sit improperly in my office.” Jessica’s tone was friendly, but firm, brooking no argument. Matthew stared at her for a moment, then finally straightened.

“Now then.” Jessica smiles. “Welcome to Soleil Learning Center. You are a very bright young man, I’m sure, so I won’t bother explaining to you why it is you’re here. You already know.”

Matthew nodded tayland porno and his eyes drifted down to her breasts. Gazing at them, his mind already started drifting, and he started to daydream about pinning this broad back on her desk, and sliding his cock between those huge, lovely breasts…

“Excuse me, my eyes are located a bit further up, Mr. Henderson. I would appreciate having your attention on me, not my breasts.”

At the intrusion to his daydream, Matthew snapped up, looking at Jessica. He almost blushed in embarrassment, no one had ever called him out like that before.

“As you know, this is a live in school, and your parents have brought your things. We’ve already had them taken to your room, which I’ll take you to in a little bit. After that, I’ll give you a tour of the grounds and we’ll go over your class schedule. First, let me lay some ground rules for you.”

Jessica sat back and watched him, a faint smile on her lips. Shifting slightly to recross her legs, she spoke again.

“There are four dormitories on our campus, two for boys, two for girls. The boys are at one end of campus, the girls are at the other. At no point in time are girls ever allowed in the boys’ dorms, nor boys in the girls’. You will be given time for open socialization, which is when you may spend time in public areas with your friends, be they male or female. We have several functions a year to offer our students opportunities to socialize, such as dances, date nights, things like that. We absolutely do not discourage relations between the sexes, but we do discourage sneaking about, and things of that nature. As far as sex goes…we realize that there is nothing we can really do to stop it. Teenagers are going to want to have sex, and they’ll find a way, regardless of what we do. So really,” She smiles and leans forward slightly.

“Our official policy is that it isn’t allowed, period. Our unofficial policy is if you are going to do it, don’t break our rules to do it, and don’t let yourselves get caught.”

Matthew’s eyes drifted down to Jessica’s breasts again when she leaned forward, and he nodded vaguely.

“We do not allow drugs on our property. This includes alcohol and cigarettes. If you’re caught with them, there will be consequences. The handbook you were given goes over these consequences, and that handbook is the only warning you get, so you would do well to read it over.

“We do not allow or tolerate tardiness, absences from class, skipping homework, or cheating on tests. Again, if you do these things, there will be consequences.”

Jessica paused, realizing she had lost Matthew’s attention once more. She watched him for a long moment, then her eyes drifted down. Sure enough, she could see the telltale bulge in his jeans. Sighing a bit, Jessica stood and went to her door. As she stood, Matthew’s eyes shifted to her full, round rear and he stifled a groan, trying to disguise it as a cough, shifting uncomfortably.

Jessica closed the door and locked it, then turned back to look at Matthew.

“You seem very distracted. Would I have your attention better if I simply showed you what you’re working so hard at imagining? I really don’t have time to sit here and repeat myself to you over and over because your young mind can’t stay away from sex for more than thirty seconds at a time.”

Matthew blinked uncomprehendingly, looking at her. For the first time, he spoke, his voice a mellow bass, though fused with tension at the moment.

“Say what?”

Jessica walked over to stand before him. Looking down at him, she smiled.

“Go ahead. Unbutton my shirt, get a good look.”

Matthew stared at her. Was this a trap? Was it a dream? Holy shit if it is don’t let me wake up any time soon, he thought to himself. Swallowing, Matthew’s hands lifted cautiously to her shirt. When Jessica just stood there looking at him, he started to undo the buttons slowly, his heart in his throat. Soon tecavüz porno he had the blouse unbuttoned down to her navel, revealing her breasts, held in a light pink bra, and her smooth, soft belly. Matthew let out a low groan as he looked at her, then lifted his eyes to meet hers. Jessica smiled faintly, nodding to him.

“Go on, then.. Touch me.”

With little hesitation now, Matthew’s hands moved to her breasts. He cupped and squeezed them, so large his hands wouldn’t fit around them. Stroking and squeezing her gently, Matthew could feel her nipples hardening, pressing through the satiny material of her bra. Jessica sighed in quiet pleasure, closing her eyes for a moment.

Matthew took advantage of this and leaned in, licking at her cleavage while tightening his grip on her breasts. Jessica’s eyes flew open and she looked at him, chuckling quietly.

“Well. Aren’t you forward.” Still, she made no move to stop him, her hands moving to his shoulders to rest lightly there.

Matthew grinned up at her, then bit her sharply on the breast right above the areola of her nipple. Jessica gasped and shuddered, whimpering in pain and pleasure. Encouraged further by this, Matthew’s mouth moved to draw the nipple into his mouth, sucking hard on it while his hand moved down over her stomach, towards her sex. Slipping up under the skirt, Matthew traced his fingers over the inside of Jessica’s thighs, teasing her with the light touch until she was trembling and panting for breath.

Finally, his hand moved to her sex, to stroke her through the satin underwear she wore. Jessica groaned softly, her hips pressing towards his hand. Feeling brave, Matthew looked up at her.

“Sit on the couch, Miss Parker, I want to taste you..”

Jessica looked at him, arching a brow, then she smiled and nodded, moving to sit on the nearby loveseat. Matthew moved over to her and knelt down on the floor in front of her. His eyes on hers, he placed his hands on her knees and slid them slowly up her thighs. He pushed her skirt up around her hips, licking his lips as his eyes moved down over her body. She was wearing a pair of black satin panties, and he could see the damp spot already forming on them.

Jessica watched him as his hands moved back to her knees, and when he gently pushed her legs further apart, Jessica smiled faintly. Matthew moved in between her legs then, kissing and nipping along her inner thighs, gradually making his way up to her sex. He could smell her arousal, a musky, intoxicating scent.

“You smell good Miss Parker..”

Jessica chuckled quietly, moving her hands to his head to run her fingers through his hair.

“I’m glad you think so, Matthew.”

Matthew nodded and started to nuzzle and lick at her sex through her panties. Jessica groaned quietly and arched her hips towards him, her fingers tightening in his hair. Matthew nipped at the sensitive flesh in the crease of her thigh, causing her to jump slightly, shivering in pleasure. He continued to tease and torment her through her panties until she finally begged him to stop teasing.

With a low chuckle, Matthew tugged aside the underwear, sitting back to look at her sex. She was clean shaven, except for a “landing strip”. Matthew smiled in pleasure and leaned in to kiss the swollen and aching lips of her sex softly. Jessica squirmed and whimpered desperately, rocking her hips towards him.


With that, Matthew wasted no more time. He dove into her sex, devouring her with his lips, teeth and tongue, tasting her and groaning in pleasure. With his hands, he quickly unfastened his jeans and pulled his aching cock out to stroke himself as he continued to go down on her.

Jessica writhed against him, gasping and moaning in desperate, pained pleasure. His teeth hurt, but it was a delicious pain, shivering through her and leaving her breathless. She could feel the tension building in her belly with a speed she hadn’t tombul porno expected, and she knew it wouldn’t be long before he had her screaming in release.

“Oh God..” she groans, her voice husky with her desire. “Oh God, Matthew, I’m going to come…”

At her words, Matthew redoubled his efforts. He trapped her clit with his teeth, pinching it just enough to cause more of that delicious pain, and he started to flick his tongue rapidly over it. Jessica’s eyes flew open and she arched against him, her fingers pulling at his hair roughly as she grinds her hips into his face. After just a few moments of this, Jessica felt the tension in her belly explode, and she had to bite down on her lip to keep herself from making too much noise as the orgasm ripped through her body almost violently. She bucked and shuddered and writhed against him, and Matthew kept attacking her clit as she did.

Finally, finally, he let her go, and Jessica slumped back against the couch, near tears from the strength and length of the orgasm. Still shaking, she gasped for breath, her fingers loosening their death grip on his hair. Smiling, Matthew ran his tongue over her sex, licking deeply to take the taste of her release.

He moved up over her body then, biting her nipple once more as he did, then he leaned in and kissed her deeply, his tongue pressing deep into her mouth. Jessica kissed him, her hands moving to hold his face as she stroked his tongue with her own, moaning at the taste of her sex in his mouth. Breaking the kiss after a few long moments, Matthew looked down at her. He rocked his hips against her, running the length of his cock along her sex.

“Can I fuck you, Miss Parker?” He whispered, his dark eyes on hers.

Jessica smiled slightly. “Would it stop you if I said no?”

Matthew smirked. “No.”

“I thought not..”

Matthew shifted slightly and pressed into her then. His eyes closed and he groaned as he sank into her heat, a slight shudder moving through his wiry frame.

“Oh fuck you feel so good Miss Parker..”

Matthew took ahold of her legs and lifted them up to wrap around his hips, then he took her hands, pinning them down by her sides. Straightening, he looked down at her as he started to fuck her with hard, deep strokes, bottoming out inside her with each thrust.

Jessica moved with him as best as she could, arching her hips up to meet his deep thrusts.

“Harder, Matthew..make me feel it.”

Matthew bared his teeth in a vicious sort of grin, and nodded once. Pausing for a moment, he readied himself, then he started to slam himself into her, hard enough to rock her body. The sounds of their flesh meeting filled the room, and the smell of them only drove Matthew on. Leaning over her to press her knees up against her chest, Matthew thrust into her faster still, grunting with his effort. Sweat dripped from his face onto her breasts, and his hair clung damply to his skin.

Jessica did her best to stay quiet, but he was fucking her harder than she’d ever had it before. Her cries started to raise in volume, enough so that Matthew had to release a hand to cover her mouth. She gripped desperately at the edge of the couch with her freed hands and her screams came freely now, smothered by his hand pressed tightly against her lips.

When Jessica came again, Matthew couldn’t hold himself anymore and he jerked himself out of her. Shifting just enough, Matthew came on her stomach with thick, long spurts, a shudder spasming through his body with each release of his seed. When he was finally done, he slumped against Jessica’s limp, sweaty body, gasping for breath. After a few moments, he lifted himself off of her, and looked down at his seed on her belly.

Glancing to Jessica to find her watching him through bleary, sated eyes, he smiled faintly and leaned down to her belly. Carefully, meticulously, he licked up every bit of his seed off of her skin, nipping at her navel teasingly as he did. Jessica watched him in surprise, having never expected that.

Matthew moved away from her then, standing. Casually, he tucked himself back inside his pants and rebuttoned them. Combing his fingers through his hair, he looked down at her.

“Is it time for that tour of the campus, Miss Parker?”

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An EMT’s Work is Never Done

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The day started as a normal work day for me. I worked grave yards as an EMT for our local ambulance service. I got up at my normal time around 1pm to jump in the shower and make me some coffee and start my day, or night.

I stopped by Star Bucks on my way to work to get me some more caffeine not knowing what the night would hold and if we would get any rest. When I got to the station my partner was already there. Ready for work. We talked a little bit with the day crew, finding out how their day went. They told us that the hospital was holding a patient for us to go to a psych hospital 180 miles away. I Was not thrilled about this because I knew I would be the one riding in the back and that’s a long way off to just sits there and watch the patient sleep. We are not allowed to go to sleep due to the nature of being responsible for what goes on with the patient. I decided it didn’t matter I was going to end up taking me a little nap anyway, because as I said that’s a long boring ride.

Me and my partner go out to the truck and get all our stuff together to get ready to leave and go to the hospital to pick this transfer patient up that neither one of us wanted to take. We got to the hospital and unloaded our stretcher and I grabbed the clipboard and we headed inside. We were told the patient was on the 3rd floor so we went around to the elevators and headed on up. Bitching the whole time about having to transfer this man. We went straight to the nurse’s station to fill out paper work and get all the info on the patient before we went to his room to load him on the stretcher. We found out he was a 24 year old black male that was suicidal.

We then went to his room to get him and when we cut that corner of his door, Wow there laid this sexy black man and I could tell by my partner’s eyes we were both thinking the same thing, what could this man possibly be so upset about he would take his own life. This man was so good-looking that he could have any woman he desired. He was about 6’3″ 250lbs of all muscle. I introduced myself and asked him if he would go ahead and have a seat on our stretcher. I had to get the strap out to wrap around him to make sure he was secure and would not be able to get up once we got him on there. This is mandatory on all psych patients we carry.

We got out to the truck and got him loaded up in the back. My partner then got in the cab of the truck and let dispatch know we were loaded up and about to get 10-5 to our destination. (That means enroute with no lights and sirens) As I got situated in the back I was asking him a few questions, like his name, ss#, you know the main questions we have to know. He complied and was very polite about it. I told him that I was going to go ahead and take his blood pressure and check his lung sounds and all that good stuff. He just kept looking at me with those sexy eyes. I was thinking that this will be a long ride because I was horny already just looking at him. I felt my pussy moisten as his eyes met mine.

I am a 5’4″ 35 year old white female and I have this thing with black men. Although, my husband is white, there is something about a black man that makes my pussy wet. As I was checking his blood pressure I noticed his heart rate was up a bit.

I asked, “Do you feel ok, Mr. Sanders?”

He said, “Yes, why do you ask?”

I said, “Well, your heart rate is a little high, nothing to be concerned about.”

He said, “When I get around sexy women I get a little excited.”

I didn’t toplu porno know what to say, so I said nothing, I just sit there and blushed.

I finished up my assessment and then went to sit in the chair at his head and fill out some paper work, hoping he would just go to sleep and stay that way till we got there.

About 30 minutes had passed and He asked, “Are we going to stop anywhere because I have to piss?”

I said, “No, we are not allowed to stop when we have patients in the back.”

He said, ” Well you better figure something our or I’m going to piss all over myself. Do you have a urinal?”

I stated, “No, we don’t carry those, but I have something that you could use, it’s a sealable bag.”

He said, “That will work, just hurry and give it to me.”

I got up and got it out of the cabinet and opened it up and handed it to him and instructed him how to use it.

He said, “Well, you’re going to have to take this strap off so I can do it.”

I said, ” There is no way I can take that strap off, it’s policy that it has to be on there and I could get into a lot of trouble if I take it off and something happens.”

He said, “Well, what are you going to do, hold my dick for me bitch?”

I said, ” Mr. Sanders, there is no need to talk to me like that. I have been nice to you and showed you nothing but respect and I expect you to show me the same.”

He said, “Ok, first off, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to be like that I just need to use the bathroom NOW. If you don’t mind, please call me Jerome. Let me try this again. Can you please help me use the bathroom? I really need to go BAD!”

I said, “Ok, now that was a better tone of voice. Since you asked me nicely, then sure I will help you out.”

I got the bag and lifted up his hospital gown, thinking he would have underwear under there and to my surprise he didn’t. I reached underneath it and got his penis and aimed it in the bag.

I said, “Ok, go ahead I got it.”

As he started to piss I could feel his dick jerk a little. To my surprise it started to get hard in my hand. I didn’t know what to say. I pretended as if I didn’t notice. Not that it was hard to notice. As it was getting harder it was at least 7 inches and it wasn’t even hard all the way. He finally finished after it seemed like an eternity as I had to hold his stiff dick in my hand.

He told me, “Can you shake it for a little, to make sure all the piss is off?”

I was thinking are fucking kidding me? I am such a good EMT, I take care of my patients well. I shook it a couple of times and he tilted his head back, closed his eyes a let out a soft moan.

I said, “Ok, is there anything else I can do for you?”

He said, “Not yet, right now I am ok, thanks so much.”

I said, “No problem. If there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know. I am going back over here to sit in my seat and find out how much further we have to go.”

I went back to my seat and was talking to my partner through the window in the cab. She said we still had another 3 hours left to go. Due to all the rush hour traffic we hadn’t even went 30 miles yet. I thought to myself this is going to be a long ass ride. I got this fine ass black man with a massive hard on and I was wet as hell. I would give anything to just jump on that big dick and ride it the whole 3 hours. Reality was, I was a professional and I had to act like one. No matter how good his dick could have been, türbanlı porno it was not worth loosing my job over.

I was kicked back in my seat and could see over his head and could still see his erection through the thin sheet. I felt my clit get bigger and throb a little bit more just from the sight of it. All of a sudden, while I was thinking what I could do to this man, I seen some movement under the sheet. OMG, he was jacking off right in front of me. Did he think I couldn’t see from where I was at? He was letting out some soft moans. My partner couldn’t hear any of this because she had the radio on and she couldn’t see anything because my captain seat was in the way of her view. It was just me and him in the back of the ambulance for the next 3 hours.

I said, “Jerome! What are you doing? You can’t do that in here.”

He said, “Well if I can’t then you will.”

I said, “Oh, no. I can’t do that your my patient not my lover.”

He said, “Well, why can’t I be both?”

I said, “You just can’t I’m sorry.” In the back of my mind I just wanted to take that big dick in my mouth and suck it dry then hop on for the ride of my life. While I sit there in my seat my pussy was soaking wet and needing a good licking and fucking. I just thought I am going to give my husband hell when I get home.

It had been a good 15 minutes now of me watching him touch himself. It was time to take his blood pressure again.

I said, “Ok, Jerome, I need to check your blood pressure again. Give me your arm.”

When he did he made sure to pull back the sheet so I could see his huge, hard, black dick. I keep my cool and put the cuff on his arm. Out of the corner of my eye I could see his dick twitch. At that moment he grabbed my arm real tight and made me put my hand on his dick.

I told him, “NOOOO, I told you this can’t happen.”

He held me real tight and he was a big, strong man. There was no way I was getting out of that death grip he had on me.

I told him, “LET ME GO!!”

He said, “I will let you go when you do what I want you to do.”

I tried to scream to my partner so she could pull over and help me out, but that was no use she had the radio up too loud and could not hear me. She couldn’t see me either. I was pretty much fucked!

I said,” Ok, what do you want from me?”

He said, “All I want is for you to stroke my dick because it hurts so bad because you got me hard when you touched it and you’re going to take care of it.”

My hand was already on his dick and he held it there till I started to stroke it a little bit. His dick felt so good in my hand. So hard and so thick. I just wanted to fuck him right there. When I started to stroke it a little faster he got excited and wanted more so he grabbed me by my hair and pulled it hard and rammed his dick in my mouth. I started to gag because he was shoving the whole thing in my throat.

He said, “Bitch, you better take it and stop that shit! You fucking whore! That’s right suck that mother fucker!”

I am a slut, what can I say. From him grabbing and pulling on my hair and talking dirty to me I almost came in my pants. My pussy was dripping wet by this point. As he was ramming his dick down my throat I started rubbing my clit through my pants. I needed some relief BAD!! He must have seen me rubbing myself because he told me to stand up. I did as I was told. He made me take my pants off. Then he pulled me closer and shoved his dick türk porno back in my mouth as he stared to rub my clit through my panties. It didn’t take long of that and I came all over my panties. Soaking them with all my juices. They were flowing now. He took his dick out of mouth and made me come closer. He grabbed me and ordered me to straddle his face. He started licking my pussy with all he had in him. He grabbed my hips and tried to get his touch as far as he could inside my pussy.

He said, “Damn girl, your pussy is so wet and hot. His face was buried in my pussy and he was licking and sucking it as if it was the last one he would ever see. At that moment when he started sucking on my clit I creamed all in his face. I let out a load moan. I was very lucky my partner couldn’t see or hear us.

After I came all over his face he made me get off of him and then instructed me to take off my panties. Of course, I did. He pulled at me till I was where he wanted me and he stuck his fingers in my soaking wet pussy and started finger fucking me. He must have known how I liked it because he hit all the right spots with his long, big fingers. I came another 2 times. At this point I was exhausted, but he was not done with me yet.

He started stroking his big dick and just looked at me like I knew what I was supposed to do next. I climbed on top of that huge pole and he grabbed a hold of my hips and started moving me up and down his dick. My pussy slid all the way down until I took all 10 inches. It hurt me a little because I am not used to a big dick like that. After several minutes the pain turned into pleasure. I would get him close to shooting his load in my pussy then I would stop riding him and let it go back down. I got off of him and started sucking his dick again. I love the taste of my pussy. I sucked him till he was about to get off then I stopped. I got back on top and was about to put his dick in my pussy, but he wouldn’t let me. he just rubbed his dick back and forth on my pussy getting it good and wet. Then he started rubbing his dick on my asshole. That’s when I knew what he really wanted. He put it on my bum hole and let it ease in. He pushed his dick until his balls touched my ass cheeks. He then started to pump my ass good. After about 30 seconds I came so hard I thought I would fall off of him, but he had a good hold on me.

Before he came he pulled out and decided he wanted to fuck my pussy again. He slid it in there and rammed my pussy so hard I let out a loud squeal and came all over his dick.

He said, “OMG……………………I’m fixing to come in your pussy, bitch!!!!”

I said, “Oh yeah baby fuck me hardddddd, come in my pussy………………..ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh!!!!!”

When he shot off in me I could feel it running out before he even pulled his dick out of me.

He kept his dick in me till it started to go soft.

There was nothing to say at this point. I grabbed some wipes out of the cabinet and started wiping him up. When I was finished with that I had to wipe myself up and get dressed and find out where we were. Before I could get my boots tied up the truck stopped and I could hear my partner yell saying we were there at the hospital. I hurried up to compose myself.

Just as I was finished covering him up, she opened the back door. I jumped out the back and pulled the stretcher out. My partner closed up the doors and inside we went. We dropped him off and went back out to the truck. I got in the back and put a new sheet on the stretcher and made sure it was cleaned up.

She said, “Girl you sure are quiet. You had a nice ride?”

I was thinking to myself, you have no idea what kind of ride I had. The ride of my life!! I can’t wait to take some more transfers.. Bring em on!

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A Truly Wonderful Man

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Panties Aside

Who says big girls don’t get laid? Whoever said these words obviously never met me. Brenda O’Bannon is the name and I am a five-foot-six, big-bottomed voluptuous and curvy red-haired Irish beauty who loves to have fun. I’m twenty six years old and I’ve been partying for a decade. Ever since college, I absolutely love to go to the club and dance with the cute boys that I encounter. I picked up a hot guy the other night and we went home and had some fun. Man, I still remember that night. I sometimes get wet just thinking about it.

The guy’s name was Apollo and he was a very dark-skinned African American male. Indeed, he was the darkest guy I’d ever seen. He was around five-foot-ten, with short hair and pale bronze eyes. Even though it was summer, he wore a black leather jacket and matching leather pants. Whatever his story was, he was good-looking and seemed interested in me. We went back to my place for a night of fun. Apollo was a well-endowed stud who knew how to work it in the sack. He was also bisexual and unlike most bisexual guys I had met, he didn’t hide his bisexuality from the world.

We had a lot of fun together. That first night, he licked my pussy and thoroughly ate me out. The dude had a wicked tongue and magic fingers, that’s all I’m going to say. He licked me and probed me and the whole time, I was like putty in his hands. He made me cum faster and easier than anyone had ever done before. He must have been a dyke in a past life or something. Whatever the case, he was good. I was blown away by his talents. And very determined to return the favor. I sucked him off and he put on a condom. Finally, we got to fucking.

We tried many different positions together. At first, he lay flat on the bed with his eight-inch cock sticking out. I lowered myself onto him and impaled myself on his cock. He put his hands on my hips and thrust into me. He fucked me good, shoving his cock deep into my pussy. I love the feel of a man’s hard cock inside me. There’s no better feeling in the world, except maybe great oral sex. And I was lucky enough to find a man who was good at both. We fucked and sucked the night away. It was the beginning of many such nights.

Apollo was one of the best lovers I’ve ever had but I didn’t know much about him. He didn’t tell me much either. I knew that he liked both men and women and worked in the advertising industry. He was college-educated and single. Also, totally hot. I didn’t even know his last name. We traded email addresses and promised to keep in touch, just to hook up every now and then. This guy was great in bed and I definitely wanted some more of that. A good lay is hard to find in the city of Boston. The next time I ran into Apollo rokettube porno was in the park. I was walking at night and I saw him talking to another guy. A tall, good-looking white boy. I heard him call the guy Brian. Curious, I followed them. They disappeared behind the trees. I followed suit and what I saw simply amazed me.

The two of them started making out. Apollo kissed Brian and then they unzipped their pants, freeing their hard cocks. I watched them as they went at it. Brian got down on his hands and knees and started sucking the black stud. Apollo was thrusting his cock into the guy’s mouth and Brian was sucking on his cock and balls like there was no tomorrow. I had never seen anything like this. I mean, I knew that Apollo was bisexual but it’s one thing to be told something, it’s another to see that very same thing. I was disturbed and more than a little aroused.

Somehow, my hands found themselves in my panties and I started fingering myself while watching those two men fucking each other in the park. It was dark but I could see them pretty clearly. Apollo put on a condom and then bent Brian over the park bench. The two of them started fucking. It was the hottest and most disturbing thing I had ever seen. Apollo was slamming his cock into the white boy’s ass like there was no tomorrow. Amazingly, Brian took it like a champ and did not scream. They went at it like this for a while, then Apollo pulled out of his sex partner. Brian winced as the black stud’s cock squeezed itself out of his asshole. The two of them put their pants back on, kissed, then went their separate ways.

When I went home that night, I was so turned on that I couldn’t sleep. I went to the porn video store and bought a few gay and bisexual DVDs. I watched those videos which featured sexy men fucking other men and sometimes doing both men and women at the same time. It was so damn hot. I took out my dildo and jammed it up my pussy while watching. It was so hot. I came several times that night. Whatever Apollo was into, I wanted in on it. Pronto!

The next time that Apollo and I hooked up, I told him that I wanted to try something new. He was mildly curious. I almost felt like asking him about his boyfriend Brian. Of course, this would not do. Apollo was an openly bisexual black stud who didn’t care what the world thought of him. He also didn’t want to be tied down to anyone, man or woman. He was a very sexy guy and part of his appeal was the fact that he basically fucked anyone, and didn’t care about romantic attachments or political correctness. He’s the most manly man I’ve met and I’m not talking about macho posturing. I’m talking about the fact that rus porno he doesn’t take crap from anybody. He’s a bad boy. And that’s very manly and sexy.

We started making out and first had sex in the shower. Apollo had me up against the wall and was thrusting into me with all of his might. He was slamming his big cock into my pussy and I was loving every damn minute of it. I told him that I wanted to try something different. He was all ears. I spread my butt cheeks and showed him my brown little asshole. Yes, I wanted to get fucked in the ass. He was rather surprised but I could tell that he was thrilled. He totally went for it. Before I knew it, he had lubed me up using water and soap and then we started to try the whole anal sex thing. Together.

Apollo pressed his hard cock against my tight back door. And then he pushed. Even with the soapy water as lube, it still hurt like hell. Slowly, his cock slid inside me. I gritted my teeth, determined not to scream. Still, as his cock went further up my ass, it became harder and harder not to scream. I felt like I had a brick up my ass. Apollo put his hands on my hips and started pumping away like there was no tomorrow. I was screaming because it hurt like hell but after a while, I started feeling really good. I fingered my pussy while getting fucked in the ass. I couldn’t believe this. I was letting a bisexual man stick his cock up my ass. And I was loving it!

We went at it like this for a long time before I finally came. It was so damn hot! I came from his cock in my ass alone! I didn’t think this was possible. I was feeling very happy and relieved of tension. Sex does that to you. Apollo pulled out of me and then asked me if I liked it. Hell yeah I liked it! I was going to recommend to all my girlfriends to try the whole cock in the butt thing. It was awesome! I looked at Apollo, my hunky black man. I needed to know one thing. I asked him if he liked fucking a woman’s asshole better than fucking a man’s asshole. He smiled and didn’t say anything. I took that as a yes. Yes, he liked my booty.

And this is my first foray into the world of back door pleasure. Apollo and I continue to hook up regularly. We fuck, often! Sometimes, Apollo invites some of his male friends to join us. One time, he brought me a tall and sexy dark-haired Haitian stud named Hector. Apollo and I had a lot of fun with Hector. I was kissing Hector and fondling his balls while Apollo sucked his cock. Apollo was really good at sucking dick. I could learn something from him. Next thing I did was impaling myself on Hector’s big cock. Hector slammed his cock into my pussy while sucking Apollo’s dick. Apollo was having the time russian porno of his life. He winked at me as I was bouncing up and down on his friend’s cock. I smiled right back at him and rode Hector for all he was worth.

The highlight of the evening for me was watching Hector and Apollo suck each other’s dicks. This was hot. I would have loved to watch them fuck each other but they told me that they were both tops and in the gay world, men who were tops didn’t get penetrated. I found that odd. I thought switching around would be fun. But whatever. Gay sex is a man’s world and I was just a visitor. I asked them both to fuck my holes since they weren’t going to do each other. They readily agreed.

Apollo lay on the bed, flat on his back and I lowered myself onto him until his cock was buried deep inside my pussy. I began to ride him for all he was worth. At the same time, Hector came up behind me and spread my butt cheeks wide open. Hector had confessed earlier than he had never fucked a woman in the ass before. He wanted to know if a woman’s asshole felt different from a man’s. I was more than willing to help him find out. He greased me up and slid his cock inside me. I gasped. I was filled with cock. A big black cock was buried deep into my pussy and another one was buried in my ass. I was loving every minute of it as those two hot men pounded into me.

We fucked and sucked the night away. Hector and Apollo slammed their cocks into my pussy and ass and I was rocking back and forth between them. While I was in the middle, they kissed each other. I looked up and saw them. In the porn videos I had, I really liked watching men kiss each other. It was hot. And looked so much more realistic than when two women kissed each other. Guys never fake it. My two hot studs fucked me for a long time, until I came and they joined me in a scream of sheer pleasure loud enough to wake the dead.

Later, all three of us shared a hot shower. We laughed and promised to hook up again. Hector was really cool about the whole thing. I learned that he was a police officer in the city and was actually married with children. Apollo told me that Hector was a closet case. They met at a gay bar. I sighed at that. I wish hunky gay and bisexual men like Hector didn’t have to hide their sexuality because of a homophobic world. They were such cool people. Apollo told me that life wasn’t always easy for him. It was tough to be a bisexual black man in America. His family and community shunned him.

I looked at Apollo. I know we’re supposed to be just fuck buddies but I like this guy a lot and I care about him. I only have him with me once or twice a week, the rest of the time he’s working hard in corporate America and fucking hunky men and sexy women left and right. I sometimes wish he could be mine and mine alone. I wouldn’t mind if he had other men on the side but I most definitely would mind other women. But this is a dream and wishful thinking. He is what he is. Forever.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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While after the changes wrought by nine eleven, I had grown to hate some airports, I loved to fly, and that was one of the best perks of the somewhat unconventional way I supported myself. I had always had trouble holding down a conventional job, probably a combination of stubbornness and being a smart ass. Whatever the reason, over the years I had found I could create a decent lifestyle for myself without actually holding down a job. Perhaps it was a personality disorder, but I would gladly work seventy or eighty hours per week for myself just to keep from having to work forty hours per week for someone else. So one January morning as I sat in the boarding lounge of United Airlines at LaGuardia, I reflected back on the path that had brought me to this point.

It started twenty five years ago. I was a twenty-eight year old man who had just suffered through a divorce from a woman who seemed to think the marriage vows of fidelity and exclusivity, while requirements for most people, were somehow optional for her. At first, I had a real tough go of it financially. The job I had could barely cover the rent and utilities for a little dump of an apartment, my child support and enough left over to feed myself. I couldn’t afford to go out to the bars and try to meet anyone, so I pretty much stayed at home in the evenings. One evening, out of boredom more than anything else, I wrote a letter to the editor of the magazine I had picked up in a client’s waiting room. They had published an article on customer service that I thought was completely worthless, so I wrote chastising them for publishing such drivel. I even made a couple of specific suggestions about how the article could have been better. I actually got a response to my letter thanking me for writing to them, and they even asked me to call the editor. Since the magazine was in New York and I lived in Washington state, the next morning at seven pacific time, which should be ten on the east coast, I dialed the number. The net result of the conversation was that I was invited to submit an article that incorporated my suggestions, and I was promised that if it met their needs, they would pay me three hundred dollars for the right to publish the article in their magazine.

It didn’t take long for me to bang something out on my trusty typewriter. Before I mailed it, I offered my neighbor Sandy Grant, a middle school English teacher, a home cooked spaghetti dinner if she would correct my grammar and spelling. So I did have a tiny bit invested in the story when I mailed it to the magazine. Three days later, the article was in the mail, and ten days after that, I got a contract in the mail for me to sign agreeing to give them what they called first publication rights to the article, and to take their money as compensation for those rights. Of course, I showed that to Sandy and told her that if it was really legit and I really got the money, I would take her out for a real dinner to celebrate. Sandy pointed out that when you read the entire contract, it covered any subsequent articles I might submit to the same magazine over the next year.

According to what she read, if I should submit additional articles and should they choose to publish them, we didn’t need to sign additional contracts, they were covered by the same contract. So I immediately banged out two more articles, Sandy did her magic with them and off they went. One was taken as it was, the second was sent back with specific suggestions for writing an article with similar information but from a different point of view. Didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but Sandy did some tweaking, then showed me where I had to create some new material. It actually took us ten or twelve hours of work to get the new article to a point where it pleased both of us. It took about sixty days to fit the ten or twelve hours in around our real jobs. That article turned out to be quite a bit longer than the first two, and the check they sent me for it was for eight hundred dollars.

In the meantime, I had also submitted a fourth article that was accepted at the original rate, so by the end of the year, I had a sideline job. I was a freelance writer and had earned seventeen hundred dollars doing that. That was wonderful, but it was the tip of the iceberg. About a month after the first article was published, I got a call from the section editor. Seems that the executive director of one of the professional organizations in that industry, which happened to be public accounting, wanted my phone number. The magazine wanted my approval before they gave it to her.

Of course, I told them it was fine to give out my number, but I really didn’t think much about it. Then one of the watershed events in my life happened. At six the next morning, my phone rang. I answered by picking up and mumbling “hello, Dave Preston.”

A woman’s voice said, “Are you the Dave Preston who wrote the article in how to handle difficult customers in Today’s Accounting magazine?”

“Guilty,” I replied. “to be calling me this early, you must have really liked it sarışın porno or really hated it. I hope it was the former.”

“Oh, my God. I never thought to check. Where do you live?”

“Seattle area. So which is it, love it or hate it?”

“Mr. Preston, I did really like it but I am so sorry to have called you so early. What would be a better time for me to call you back?”

“My alarm is going to go off in ten minutes anyway, and I don’t think I will be able to go back to sleep, so how about you tell me who you are and let’s talk now?”

“Well,” she said, “I’m Pamela Hill and I’m the executive director of a professional organizations of women CPA’s. And I did like your article. Would you be available to speak at our national convention the third week of May next year? We are meeting in San Francisco and we have fifteen hundred dollars budgeted for each session speaker. And of course, we will provide airfare and ground transportation to and from the convention hotel, a room and all your meals. Does that fit your speaker fees and are you available that week?”

I was twenty nine years old, I can remember many things back when I was three or four, but for the first time I could remember, I was speechless. Dumbfounded. “Da, let, da, hold on while I get to my desk and check my schedule. Can you wait two or three minutes?”

“No problem. The conference dates are May 21 to 24. We like it when speakers can actually stay around the conference and network with our members, but we know that is not always possible. We would have some flexibility on whether you spoke on the twenty second or twenty third.”

I walked around my apartment for a couple of minutes, took a deep breath and picked up the phone. “Mrs. Hill, I have checked. Those dates are clear. Do you have a standard agreement you use, or do I need to send you one of mine?”

“I’ve got a copy of what we used for one of the other speakers. Would that be okay?”

“Sure,” I replied. “Do you need me to give you my address or do you have it?”

I gave her my mailing address and told her I would get the contract right back to her, and I sat back in almost stunned silence. I have my phobias, but speaking in public is not one of them. I spoke competitively for my FFA chapter in high school, I was on the debate team in college, and I was president of my Toastmasters Club. I was too shy to ask a woman to dance with me in a bar, but I could stand up in front of three or twenty three or twenty three hundred and speak. And here someone was wanting to pay me for doing that. I didn’t understand it at the time, but my life had changed forever.

I learned that there were hundreds of professional journals and trade magazines that were always in the market for good content, and two people who had heard me speak at that first conference got me booked with organization and corporate meetings for the next year. And within three years, I was able to make a living as a writer, speaker and consultant. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not famous, I’m not even well known outside of some specific industry groups, but I manage to make enough money that I live a nice lifestyle and have a nice nest egg set aside. And here I am, headed home back to SeaTac after speaking at five conferences in the last two weeks.

My mind was brought back to the present when they started boarding the plane. I had used frequent flyer points to upgrade to first class, so I was in the first group to board. When I fly coach, I prefer an aisle seat, but in first class I usually request a window seat. I got settled in and asked for a Scotch and water. Soon a very friendly older lady, likely in her late sixties, perhaps even in her early or even mid-seventies, took the aisle seat. As the rest of the passengers began to board, she started talking to me. When flying, unless I am really tired or I have to work on something I need as soon as I get off the plane, I am open to talking with my seatmates. She said her name was Cheryl, and soon we were engaged in one of those mindless conversations. Okay, you got me. She had a dazzling smile and I don’t care if she was old, she really was cute. And stacked. And dressed to show that fact off, not what I would have expected from someone her age. When she started flirting with me, I flirted back. After all, we were seatmates until we got to O’Hare, where she connected for LAX and I headed for SEA/TAC.

At least, that was what our tickets showed. However, about ninety minutes out of LaGuardia, there was a loud noise from just outside the aircraft, and when I looked out from my window, I could see black smoke coming out of one of the engines. Then the standard issue airline voice came over the intercom. “Ladies and gentlemen,” the voice began, “this is your captain speaking. Most of you probably heard the loud noise that came from one of our engines, and some of you saw the black smoke that was coming out of it. Now, this bird will fly all day on the two engines we have left, but United has this strange policy about being very sert porno careful with our passengers, and just to be on the safe side, we are going to get this craft on the ground. The closest airport where they can handle us in in Cleveland. So once we land in Cleveland, we will make a quick assessment of whether or not we can make a quick fix on this aircraft, or if we need to find other ways for you to get to your destination. The computer says that just a little over half of you do not have connections out of Chicago, so that probably means that you will need to let anyone who is planning to pick you up at the airport know that there is going to be a delay in your getting home.”

“We apologize if our safety concerns create any inconvenience for you, and I assure you that United will do everything in its power to ensure your safe and prompt arrival at your destination. We will be landing in Cleveland in about thirty five minutes, so our flight attendants will be picking up cans and napkins and other trash, we will keep notify you when we begin our decent into the airport. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.”

A flight attendant came by and talked to both Cheryl and me. The next flight to Los Angles left Cleveland at 9:30 this evening, the next Seattle connection was a red-eye that left Cleveland at 11:40. Both of them were fully booked, so we had been put on standby for the flights. And, since we were being delayed because of equipment problems, if United could not get us on those fights, they did have rooms reserved for us at a hotel just off the airport. While the coach class passengers did not get the individual attention that those in the first class cabin did, the flight attendants were working quickly. There was a Chicago flight leaving about twenty minutes after we were projected to land, and every remaining spot on that flight was being held for those passengers where Chicago was their ultimate destination.

We landed in Cleveland and they shut down the engines immediately. We were towed to an empty gate and allowed to get off the plane. United had a fill crew of gate assistants helping passengers make adjustments to their travel plans, and things were being handled in what I thought was a very professional manner. It was just after noon, and they were handing out vouchers for lunch at any airport restaurant and answering questions very nicely. Of course, not all passengers were happy with the situation, and funny thing was, as the people who were able to get re-booked left the area, the majority of those remaining in the gate area were those unfortunate passengers where there was no easy solution.

Then, I began to sense a change in the urgency the people in the gate were working under. I was actually pretty philosophical about my situation. No one was meeting me at SeaTac, my car was in remote parking. My major objective for the next week was to take my seven and ten year old grandkids to The Old Spaghetti Factory in Seattle. Of course, if my daughter and son-in-law wanted to come along, that would be fine. But I could easily just go with the flow. Then I began to pick up on some undertones in the conversations being had between the airline personnel, hearing bad words like weather and snow. So I wandered down to a bar on that concourse where they had several televisions on. Sure enough, it seemed that something bad weather wise was on the way. The different weather forecasters couldn’t agree on what it was, some called it an Alberta Clipper, others a Polar Vortex. Whatever it was, earlier predictions had been it would reach Cleveland in the early morning hours tomorrow. Now, it seemed that it could arrive as early as seven this evening.

Well, I wasn’t going to be driving anywhere, so I sat down at what seemed to be the only seat in the bar, a small little two-top in the very back. Just as I was ordering a Scotch and water, a voice behind me said “Dave, you have room for another stranded passenger at your table?” I looked around, saw Cheryl standing there, and pointed toward the empty chair.

We talked for a few minutes and then she said “it looks like we might just be needing those rooms United promised us earlier.” I agreed, and we decided that we better go back to the gate and get our room vouchers before all hell broke loose if the airport were to be shut down by weather.

The crew at the gate were getting rather harried by the time we got back, and when we walked up with smiles on our face and calmly talked about what the flight attendants on the plane had told us about rooms, they were almost glad to confirm our bookings at a hotel just outside the airport proper. Then they gave us dinner vouchers, again for any airport restaurant. But, we wandered back to the concourse bar where we had been drinking earlier. We were where we could hear any gate announcements but still sip on an adult beverage, and I suppose we had a couple. We stayed on the concourse, hoping against hope that that whatever was coming might hold off until midnight and we both might sex hattı porno still get out of the airport that night. When at about seven thirty it began to snow, and snow heavily, we both realized that we were probably fighting a losing battle. So we had another drink.

Apparently, three drinks was the magic number to help Cheryl get rid of all her inhibitions. She began to explain the dilemma of older women with a libido. “It seems so unfair,” she bemoaned, “that all the guys my age who can get it up are chasing after the cute under thirty blondes with perky tits. I’m blonde, I’ve been told I’m cute, and I have perky tits, so why don’t they look at me?”

We were at a table in the back of the bar, and Cheryl was facing me, with her back to the rest of the world. And damned if she didn’t flash her tits at me. Pulled up her sweater and there they were. She was braless, and how ever old she was, she was right. She did have perky tits. I’m not the most experienced veteran of the war between the sexes, but the average forty-year-old woman’s tits sagged more that hers. I will admit it; I was getting just a little bit turned on. Well, a lot turned on if you just count the part of me below my belt. But, before I could begin to deal with that, I heard my name mentioned on the intercom. “United Passenger Dave Preston please come to gate 27. Dave Preston, please see the attendant at the podium.”

“If they need you, they are going to need me pretty quickly,” Cheryl said as she stood up, “so I’ll just walk down with you.” With that we walked down the concourse, and we could see that the snow was falling even heavier than it had been previously.

I identified myself to the attendant, and they asked to see my ticket. Then the young lady turned to me and said “the aircraft for your flight to SeaTac had been diverted to Pittsburgh, because our runways are close to falling below FAA minimums. So here is your hotel voucher. Please stay in the boarding area, we should have a shuttle bus ready to go in about 45 minutes. We know this is a real disruption to your plans, and we appreciate your positive attitude through all of this.”

“Do you know anything about my LAX flight yet?” Cheryl asked.

“Why don’t you give me your boarding pass, just in case. We are still hopeful that your equipment, which is inbound from Boston, is close enough to make it in before the runways are closed to arrivals. If we can get it on the ground, we can turn it around and get it back in the air. Minimums for takeoff are different from minimums for landing.”

However, less that fifteen minutes later, the gate attendant was back and handed Cheryl her boarding pass and a hotel voucher. “Well, we missed that guess. It must be getting really bad out there, your incoming flight has been diverted to Louisville. Usually our winter diversions get sent to Pittsburgh or Columbus. So anyway, we are trying to book both of you on flights that will leave here around noon tomorrow. Have a nice dinner at the hotel. The voucher I gave you is good for your dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow morning at the hotel. Good luck to both of you. And again, we should have a shuttle ready in half an hour or so.”

I looked at Cheryl and said, “guess I will need to phone some people in Seattle to make sure they are not expecting me until tomorrow or even the next day. Shouldn’t cause any problems, but I do want to let them know that I’m okay.” I left to find the nearest open payphone, and had to go down the concourse two gates to find one. I made my calls and as I came back to our gate, I saw Cheryl talking to a young couple. The woman was crying and the man was trying to console her.

Cheryl saw me and walked over to me. “Okay, Mr. professional speaker high mileage traveler, just how tough are you?”

“How tough am I? Cheryl, I don’t follow you. What are you talking about?”

“You tough enough to sleep while an old woman who hardly ever snores is in the other bed in your room?”

“Cheryl, speak English. What is going on?”

“That couple are from a small town about fifty miles from Cleveland. They got married this afternoon, and were headed to New Orleans for their honeymoon. Their wedding limo brought them to the airport and dropped them off. The limo left before they figured out that all flights were being cancelled, and there is no one they can call to run over and pick them up. And since they are local passengers, United does not pay for a room for them. Even worse, there are now no rooms at all available in the immediate area of the airport. So if you will let me crash on the other bed in your room, I will give them mine. It would be a shame for such a lovely couple have to spend their wedding night sleeping in an airport boarding lounge. So you tough enough to suck it up and put up with me.”

“God, Cheryl, I remember when my second wife and I were on our honeymoon in Tahoe, the one show that she wanted to see was sold out and a convention had priority for any ticket turnbacks. Then four ladies from Lodi, California stepped up and offered her the extra tickets they had because at the last minute two of their friends had been unable to make the trip. For the next sixteen years that simple act of kindness from strangers was her favorite memory of our honeymoon. Sure I’m tough enough to put up with you.”

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A Saturday I’ll Never Forget

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It was late on a Saturday morning. I had slept in after a late night drinking at the enlisted club on base. I was in the shower down the hall from my room in the barracks. It was a large communal shower, but because of the hour, I had the entire bathroom to myself. I was soaping down my nether regions and feeling randy because pretty much any attention paid to my penis made it spring to attention. I had to limit the number of times I shook I after taking a piss, lest I develop a woody. Since I was alone, I decided I would indulge in a wank. Even if someone did come in to use the restroom, the risk was low that they’d head into the shower.

I began to imagine a fantasy girl from one of the men’s magazines I kept stashed under my mattress. I had plenty of slippery suds and was feeling like a man in charge of his woman. All seven inches of my cock was quite hard and giving its all to my fantasy pussy.

“You’re in violation of Article 134 of the UCMJ sailor,” said a stern female voice at the shower entrance. I looked over to see a not unattractive ensign with a cute seaman apprentice holding a clipboard in tow. It put me over the edge. I shot my wad in repeated jets several feet across the shower.

“Nice!” said the seaman apprentice appreciatively.

The Uniform Code of Military Justice was the US Military’s version of the Constitution. In fact, for those in the military, it superseded the Constitution. Article 134 was a catch-all article that made any conduct that could bring discredit upon the armed forces not specifically listed in other articles a crime. Wanking in a public place, which was what the communal bathroom was considered, was covered.

“Seaman Miller, restrain this man’s hands behind his back. We are taking him into custody.”

“But ma’am,” I objected, thinking that this was getting out of hand.

“Silence!” she ordered. “You are not to speak unless spoken to. You will answer directly and append the word ‘ma’am’ to your answer. Is that understood?”

“Yes ma’am,” I answered as seaman Miller fastened a zip tie around my wrists. It was at that moment that I realized I was in much more trouble than I imagined possible.

“Clean him up, Miller” the ensign ordered, tossing her my towel, “and use that cord you have to secure the prisoner.”

“Yes ma’am,” Miller answered with more enthusiasm than I thought the situation warranted.

Miller knelt in front of me and took the head of my penis, which still had semen dripping from it, into her mouth. She pretended to dry me with the towel, but we all knew what was really going on.

An unfortunate side affect of intense stimulation of the glans after orgasm is an uncontrollable urge to urinate. Miller’s practiced tongue fell under the category of intense stimulation. The resulting jet of piss sputtered out of her mouth and, upon her release of my cock, all down the front of her dungarees.

“Nice going, Miller,” the Ensign said dryly. “Tie the cord.”

Miller didn’t look angry when tied the cord around my cock and balls. Her face was flush and she appeared to be turned on. The way she was fondling me with that rope was starting to turn me on, too. It surprised me that she so readily complied with the Ensign’s orders. Clearly what was going on was not normal, but I was in no position to argue as Miller finished tying my leash around my genitals.

“Can we stop by the barracks so I can change?” Miller asked hopefully.

“I suppose,” the Ensign replied. “It’s on the way.” Miller brightened and hung my towel back on the hook.

They turned to leave and it occurred to me that the towel would be a very useful accessory given my current state of undress. “Ma’am?” I asked taking a step forward. WHACK! Echoed off the shower walls as the Ensign smacked me squarely across the face.

“I did not give you permission to speak,” she said coldly. “Let’s go,” she said to Miller.

We made our way down the hall, down two flights of stairs to the first floor. We made it to the lounge where there were a few people watching TV. I didn’t see anyone I knew, but a chorus of hoots erupted as they noticed me, naked as a jaybird, being led around by my cock.

“Next person to make a sound ends up in the same situation,” the Ensign said icily. Instant silence.

We left to walk down the street oral seks porno to the female barracks. At least the weather was nice. It was probably in the lower eighties with a gentle breeze. I trailed behind Seaman Apprentice Miller, careful not to maintain plenty of slack in the lead. Miller had a cute face, as I’d already mentioned, and a pear-shaped figure not altogether unattractive. If her figure had been a little more balanced on top, she would be pretty hot, I thought. Still, her butt didn’t look bad in those Navy dungarees. Very few women looked good in Navy dungarees. Thinking along these lines, plus a combination of the gentle breeze and my unfettered genitals, the cord notwithstanding, made my cock spring to life. And that life added synergy to my arousal so that, by the time we arrived at the female barracks, my cock was painfully erect.

“Take your time,” the Ensign said to Miller as we entered the female barracks. It was a carbon copy of the male barracks. The entrance opened to a large lounge where residents could lounge, play games, and watch television. Miller handed my leash to the Ensign and went up the stairwell.

“Did you bring us a toy, Ensign Taylor?” said a tall slender girl wearing a revealing tank top and skimpy nylon gym shorts. The tank top revealed that her breasts were not large, but pert, and that she was not wearing a bra. Several other girls turned to gawk at me.

“Nothing that happens here leaves this room,” Ensign Taylor said, implicitly granting them permission to do what? Before my imagination had time to kick in, the thin girl had my leash and introduced herself as Sabrina.

“Gather ’round, girls, we’re gonna have a party,” Sabrina said. “Come here, sailor,” she said giving my leash a gentle tug. “Time for inspection.”

“He’s already standing at attention,” another petite girl with dark black skin said.

“Hey Bender,” Sabrina called to a freckle-faced, red-haired girl, “Come see what a real cock looks like.” A couple other girls gave Bender an encouraging nudge as they made their way over to me. Sabrina knelt in front of me and gave my cock a squeeze. “Nice,” she said to no one in particular. She grabbed Bender’s arm and directed her to fondle me. As she did so, several approving calls of “go Bender” rang out in encouragement.

It was apparent that Bender had a reputation as the timid virgin who’d never seen a cock before, but she seemed to have good instincts. She stroked my cock gently at first, then more firmly before popping the tip of my cock in her mouth whereupon a chorus of approval sounded.

“Save some for the rest of us,” said another girl with dishwater blonde hair after Bender had sucked my cock quite expertly for some time. Bender relinquished my dick and the blonde girl took over.

I was never into blowjobs that much. It was never something I pursued. I wanted to shoot my cum where it counted, deep inside some hot pussy. But standing buck naked with a bunch of girls in front of me taking turns sucking my cock made me rethink my priorities. And blondie knew what she was doing. I could feel the head of my cock penetrating her gullet and it was heavenly.

“My turn,” Sabrina said after blondie had had her time. “I want that cock where it counts, she announced. She stripped off the tank top and thumbed the shorts off and bent over a nearby sofa. “Make me cum, or you’ll pay,” she ordered me.

The reality of my situation, being naked and sexually objectified under the supervision of a Naval Officer, only briefly gave me pause. Sabrina, despite her lithe figure, or perhaps because of it, had a very enticing ass and a pussy visibly dripping wet. I plunged my cock to the hilt into her pussy. After all I’d been through, I wasn’t sure how long I could hold out. I hoped that she was as close to an orgasm as her dripping pussy seemed to indicate. The other girls stood around watching my cock impale Sabrina’s cunt. When the blonde girl leaned over and gave Sabrina’s ass a lick, I lost it. I couldn’t recall a time when I’d had a more intense orgasm. I filled Sabrina’s cunt to overflowing as I felt her hips buck in the throes of orgasm.

Afterwards, blondie began sucking the cum out of Sabrina’s cunt. She had lost her cutoff shorts and was fingering herself furiously.

Bender was back playboy porno in front of me and was about to take my cock in her mouth again when Ensign Taylor warned her about what happened to Miller earlier. Bender, undeterred, sucked in earnest. Even though my cock had softened considerably, it was still firm enough for her to work magic with her mouth and tongue. Like before, however, too much stimulation of the glans made me spurt pee, but Bender was ready for it. She swallowed. She licked again and swallowed, until at last the dam burst and a steady torrent of piss emerged from my bladder. Bender loved it, aiming the stream all over her face and hair, soaking her tits, which were now visible since she’d basically ripped open her blouse and pulled her bra off. It was amazing. All of the girls seemed to think so too.

“You know, Bender, I think you should return the favor,” said the black girl. I kinda hafta pee myself.

“You go ahead” Bender said. “You can pee on me too if you want.” With that, Bender outted herself as a piss fiend.

“I’ll piss on you, Bender, if that’s okay,” said a timid brunette who’d kept in the background.

“As long as you clean it up afterwards,” Ensign Taylor said.

“Well, shit, if she does it right, there won’t be no mess,” said the black girl. Ima piss in this boy’s mouth and he ain’t gonna spill a drop.

“Bring it,” Taylor ordered.

I wasn’t normally attracted to black girls. Their genetics just generally didn’t appeal to me, but there were exceptions and this girl was one of them. I thought she had a killer body and an ass to die for. Yes, I would be happy to drink her piss if it meant having that sweet pussy in my mouth.

“Watch and learn girls,” she said as she stood over me and mounted her pussy, lips spread wide, over my mouth. “You get ready, boy, and don’t you dare spill any or I’ll kick you in the balls.”

I wasn’t worried about the threat, idle or not, because I had no intention of spilling a drop. She began with only one tentative spurt before a deluge of piss emerged from her urethra. I pretended it was beer I was guzzling, in spite of the warm temperature. I didn’t stop to taste it. I just opened my throat and guzzled it down.

“You did good, boy!” she said when she was done. “You see how it’s done girls?” Then to me she said, “You did such a good job Ima let you lick my asshole.”

As I mentioned previously, I thought her ass was phenomenal and so I was more than happy to comply. Yes, her ass smelled like ass, but there was also the heavy musky odor of wet pussy—and her pussy was wet, and not just with urine. I enjoyed immensely sticking my tongue as far up her asshole as I could get it. I could tell she was enjoying it by the way she was moaning and rubbing her clit.

The girls crowded around to watch except for Bender and her brunette friend who were still engaged in a pissing contest. Sabrina and the blonde were back and there were two other girls, both skinny, one with mousy brown hair and a taller one with long, straight, blonde hair. I didn’t see more because the girl whose ass I was licking came in a big way. Everyone clapped and cheered.

I stood up and the mousey girl announced, “I have to pee.” Of course, this meant that I was to be the receptacle. Again I knelt and waited as she quickly pulled off her dungarees. She had a sweet little hairy bush, the same mousey brown as her hair. I was ready for her to mount me, but she took the time to pull off her shirt and bra so that she was completely naked, which I appreciated because she really had a splendid body. Her breasts were small, but were perfect circles adorning her chest and looked fine on her small frame.

She straddled my face, spread the lips of her pussy and pressed it tight against my mouth. I could feel my cock hardening as I anticipated the flow of her urine. It came out slowly at first, a few spurts, but then in a torrent. I would have loved to have grabbed her tight little ass at this time, but my hands were still inconveniently zip-tied.

“He likes drinking that piss,” one girl said.

“He sure does,” agreed another. “Look at how hard his dick is!”

“What a piss slut,” said a third.”

“His cock is mine,” said the mousey girl whose piss I’d just drunk. She then proceeded to ride pornhub porno me cowgirl style. I was shocked at how good she was at fucking. She seemed like this timid little virgin, but she fucked like a mink in heat. Despite the fact that I’d already come several times, I couldn’t hold back an orgasm for long. She did everything right and as I watched her sweet titties bounce, I pumped my seed into her. Fortunately, she was close to orgasm herself and came a couple of thrusts later. She got up and everyone (except me, though I would have if I was able) gave her a round of applause.

“It’s time for this boy’s ass to get some love,” announced the skinny girl with the long blonde hair. She had pulled off her skirt and top to reveal that she had a cock! She had tits, too, small, like mousey’s, but nice. Her cock, though, is what stunned me. It was long, at least ten inches, though not as thick as mine.

“You ever have a cock in your ass, boy?” she asked. I shook my head, knowing better than to speak. “Well today’s your lucky day. I’m gonna pop your cherry.” She wiggled her semi-hard dick in my face. “Suck on me baby. Make my cock hard for your ass.”

Now, I’m not gay. I really had no interest in sucking blondie’s cock, or in getting my ass drilled, under normal circumstances. But these weren’t normal circumstances. All the girls were watching and egging me, or at least blondie, on. I had become a sexual object, not a person, and so it was easy just to go with the flow. Acquiesce. I opened my mouth and took blondie’s cock in. I didn’t know what to do, so I just did what I thought would feel good if someone did it to me. It must have worked. I felt blondie’s cock swell and get rock hard.

“Good boy!” she said. “Now you get your reward.” She slathered some lube on her cock, and some more on my ass, working in first one finger, then two.

I had to admit, it felt good having my asshole played with. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all, I thought. Then she stuck her cock in my ass. Slowly. Very slowly. But it still hurt.

“Relax,” she said. “Trust me, you’re going to love this once you relax and get into it.”

At that moment, I was skeptical, but after a few seconds, and her patient persistence, she got the head of her cock in me. A few more seconds of pressure and I could feel her in me. Before I knew it, she was balls deep—all ten or so inches. It felt great.

“Your ass is so tight, I love it,” she said. “Is it good for you?” I nodded.

“He must like it,” observed mousey, “his cock got hard again.” I felt her hand begin to stroke me. That, coupled with the hydraulic fucking my ass was getting thanks to blondie made me cum again. This orgasm felt different than all the others. More intense. Anal. I don’t know if I liked it better, but I didn’t not like it.

“I’m cumming!” blondie moaned. I didn’t feel anything different other than her thrusts slowed and then stopped. When she pulled her cock out, I felt strangely naked. All the girls clapped and cheered.

“I’m Tiffany,” blondie said, extending a hand. I felt the zip-tie give way as Miller cut it. I shook Tiffany’s hand. “Thanks for being a good sport. Your ass was wonderful. I hope you will consider doing it again. I have a few friends I could introduce you to. Think about it.” I just nodded.

“It’s okay, you can talk now,” Miller said. “Ensign Taylor said your punishment was complete.”

“But you don’t have to go,” mousey said. “Hi, I’m Karen,” she said and gave me a kiss. “I really enjoyed pissing in your mouth. I hope you enjoyed it as much. I was really hoping you’d consider giving my ass a licking like you did, Katrina’s.”

“She’s right,” Katrina, the black girl, said. “You did a great job on my ass and drinking my piss. I would even consider letting you fuck my pussy if you’re interested.”

“Yes,” Sabrina said, giving me a kiss. “You were a wonderful sex slave. And any time you want to have piss sex, I’ll be happy to oblige. It’s not easy to find a man who’ll drink a girl’s pee.”

So, my ordeal was over. I didn’t have to worry about being on report. Considering the fact that I’d been forced to engage in activities more egregiously in violation of Article 134 than the one I’d been busted on to begin with I wondered briefly if it would be worthwhile pursuing any kind of action against Ensign Taylor. But since I’d had more sex in the past few hours than in the past few months and a bunch of new girlfriends—and one shemale—who were all willing to do it again, I decided it wasn’t worth the trouble.

I followed Karen and Tiffany, who were roommates, up to their room.

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All Day Tease Ch. 05 – The Nightclub

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“All Day Tease”

Chapter 5: The Night Club

1: The Morning — 2:00am to 1:00pm

2: The College — 1:00pm to 3:00pm

3: The Mall — 3:00pm to 6:00pm

4: The Fantasy Club — 6:00pm to 9:00pm

> 5: The Nightclub — 9:00pm to 12:00am

6: The Apartment — 12:00am to 2:00am

Characters in Chapter 5:

Ali, grad student (24)

Stephanie, professional tease (26)

Brittany, the cheerleader (19)

Sasha, the goth (21)

Ashley, the salesgirl (24)

Becca, Nikki’s BFF (18)

Nikki, Becca’s BFF (19)

Sarah, professional dancer (25)

Aja, the tiny one (20)

Karina, a stranger to the group (23)

Rob, the protagonist (32)

Adrian, gym repairman (52)

Bobby, Dave’s brother (25)

Dave, Bobby’s brother (24)

Hungryman, a bar patron (45)

Will, Becca’s stalker (18)

Francis, Ali’s old devotee (29)

Louis, Francis’ friend (30)

Brock, Karina’s boyfriend (29)

Biff, the Bouncer (28)

Clyde, the Cleaner (45)

Jack, the Barback (24)

Mick, the Mixologist (43)

Hank, the Head of Security (41)

Sam, the Sound guy (27)

DJ Damm Jiffy (30)


Chapter 5, Part 1: (Re) Introductions

5-1-1: Biff the Bouncer

Biff the Bouncer slipped his notebook into the pocket of his leather jacket, and closed his locker.

The jacket was part of his work uniform, and he usually left it at the club. It was too heavy to wear during the day, metaphorically speaking — it made him look like too much of a biker.

That wasn’t his scene. Not at all. But for his side hustle working as a bouncer at a nightclub, it was perfect. The Sweet Spot got pretty wild on the weekends.

Biff was a big dude, massively tall and wide. Debbie had called him a “bear”. He was a sci-fi writer during the day, or was trying to be anyway. Didn’t pay much yet, though, so he spent a couple of nights a week standing outside the club doors looking threatening.

But not exactly threatening, more like immovable and implacable. Like a mountain. He was drafting paragraphs in his head, usually. His imagination was galaxies away from this street on this Earth. He kept his notebook handy, and on his breaks he would jot down the stuff he came up with.

The actual bouncing was pretty simple. Checking IDs only took a tiny fraction of his mind. Because of his size, most guys who fronted tough would retreat when he glared at them.

A couple of times he had to get tough, drag a troublemaker out, but usually Hank, the Head of Security did that stuff. Hank got off on it, like the sociopath he was. Biff didn’t much care for his superior, but as with most things, he silently dealt with it and didn’t cause a stir. And Hank knew better than to fuck with him, even when Biff would roll his eyes at his macho posturing.

The girls were trickier — Biff wasn’t exactly good looking, and when the girls pleaded with him, sometimes he let them in even if their IDs looked a little dodgy. These girls were adult enough, damn, by the way they dressed. But they had that youthful exuberance, and those giant expressive eyes that were one of his weak spots.

He could keep his game face up for a while, if he was getting laid at home. But he and Debbie had split up a couple of weeks ago, amiably enough, as friends even, but the benefits were definitely gone.

Biff climbed the back steps to street level and went to the side street doors. Hank would be on the main doors around the corner on Conduit Avenue — he liked the opening rush, watching the line form and making them wait. Lord help the poor sap with the wrong shoes tonight.

The Division street entrance was a lot less known — only people coming from the lot behind the restaurants would come in this way.

Biff pushed the door open. It was starting to get dark outside — almost time to open. He’d be here until 4am. He reached back inside to grab his stool, and settled in for a long shift.

** 5-1-2: Aja

Aja balanced delicately on the stacked banker boxes and reached to the very back of her closet’s highest shelf, where her six-inchers were. Her slutty heels — they were black Louboutin platform spikes, with a peep toe.

She was still living in her parents house, even though she was twenty, and her homely mother would NOT approve of those shoes one bit. She wouldn’t like the rest of the outfit either.

But Aja was gonna take a risk. She was “in” already, and Mom would be on the couch watching the boob tube till she fell asleep. All Aja had to do was sneak out the kitchen door once she got the text.

Her friends knew to come to the next street over, and Aja was pretty good at sneaking past her neighbor’s yard out back. She’d only been busted once, a couple of months ago.

She’d been tiptoeing down the back path in a little blue flared skirt and stretch tight white top, with pigtails and a bow in her hair, and then she accidentally kicked over a watering can, like an idiot.

All of a sudden the lights came on — lezbiyen porno the exterior first, and then his kitchen window. Aja saw her neighbor in the kitchen, a large man in his sixties in a muscle shirt with hair curling out from underneath it. She was caught in a pool of bright light and he was staring at her. Busted!

She froze, not sure what to do. She was terrified that he’d call her mom, or worse, the police. Then she saw his eyes, moving up and down her figure, and she reassessed the situation.

He was attracted to her, even at 20 she knew that look too well, and she also knew that that gave her a kind of power over him.

As a bonus, he was big too, tall, with a solid torso, and that was her type. In younger men at least.. So far, anyway.

But she knew just how to handle things now. She pressed her legs together and played the innocent card, looking at him with huge eyes. She gave him a little wave with one hand, and then squeezed her arms against her chest, making her cleavage bubble out

He devoured her with his eyes for another hard minute, and then he did something she didn’t expect — he tipped his hand to his head, in the cutest little chivalrous greeting, and then he turned off the lights!

A shiver ran all through her and she knew that she’d run into him again — if she had to engineer it herself.

Aja had a thing for big guys. She thought of herself as a “size queen” though not in the traditional sense. Sure a nice dick was a bonus, but for her, it was all about the total package. She was attracted to giant guys — the bigger, the taller, the bulkier, the better. She wanted to be Fay Wray with King Kong, cupped in the huge palms of a mountain of a man.

At 4 foot 9 inches, Aja was a tiny tiny human, and so she had developed a thing for the biggest guys she could find. She got weak and wet undies whenever she was around massive giant men, and she was convinced that those guys had a thing for the littlest of little girls too — even if they didn’t know it yet, she’d teach them about themselves — nature respected proportionality.

Her last boyfriend had been a basketball player who was 6 foot 10 inches, two entire feet taller than her. Her eye level was right at his nipples, perfect, and her chest was in just the right position to have maximum effect when she nuzzled him close. But Donald has graduated from college and moved back to Chicago to work for his uncle. She’d been sad but not heartbroken — he wasn’t the sharpest tack in the drawer, and in addition to big bodies, Aja craved big minds too.

She had been wondering about her neighbor — he was in his sixties; think of all the things he must have seen! So one of these days, she should connive to put herself smack into those big strong hands.

Maybe she’d fall off her bike right outside of his house — onto the grass of course, no use scratching up her smooth skin. And if that didn’t work, there was always the hackneyed “borrowing sugar” stunt — but she could do better than that, with a little creativity. And once she had his undivided attention, they’d have a proper face to face.

But not tonight — tonight she was going out with Sasha and her friends, to the Sweet Spot, hence the slutty heels.

They’d look bomb ass under the silvery sheath dress she had on — it had a zipper running all the way down the right side, with a large silver dangling pull. Classy all-white nail polish and silver eyeshadow completed the look. She had drawn little silver curlicues above her left eye with her finest point brush, and her lips were classic crimson red.

Her father was Colombian and her mother Indian, so she had light brown skin and straight dark hair, and an unplaceable exotic countenance, with pronounced cheekbones and lush, full lips. Her large eyes were a rich caramel brown, and her tiny little nose turned up. Her figure was lithe and trim but curvy in the all right places, with her chest right on the B/C cusp. Her tiny size made them seem plenty big enough.

She pulled down her slut shoes and carefully got down off the banker boxes — at only 95 pounds, the cardboard bore her weight no problem. Up into the heels she went and felt like a giantess, even if she was barely 5 foot 3 now.

She slipped a couple of twenties and a disposable THC vape pen into her bra and checked her look in the mirror. She was a fucking hot bitch tonight! This called for selfies! Something to do while she awaited Sasha’s text.

She pursed her lips and grinned into the mirror. Snap! Her feed was gonna be on fire tonight!

** 5-1-3: Karina

Karina made a kissyface and checked her look in the mirror. The deep red lipstick was smooth and evenly applied. She carefully outlined her lips with a fine point applicator in a darker crimson, making them pop out against her pale white skin.

She wanted to look her absolute best tonight, so there would be no more excuses. If Brock so much as glanced at another woman at the club, so help her, she’d kick his ass to the curb. After those texts she found from Sherri, liseli porno some whore from the sportsbar, he was on thin thin ice.

He had cheated on her once for sure about six months ago, with Theresa, who worked in his office — in HR for fucks sake — and who knows how far he’d gone with Sherri. Two strikes. That she knew of. For his sake, there’d better not be a third.

It wasn’t the actual sleeping around that really bothered her. She’d done threesomes before, and more than that once or twice when she was at NYU, so she could totally share. But it was the lying, the emotional betrayal, the cover-up that really got to her.

It also revealed a side to Brock she hadn’t seen before they started dating. He hadn’t been physically abusive, ever, but sometimes she got a weird sociopathic energy — he could lie right to her face with a smile, like it was nothing. That alone almost convinced her to split with him, but she was giving him yet another chance.

One more.

She looked into the mirror and appraised her face. Smoky eyes, cat-point eyeliner, red lips, bit of blush. The tiny diamond stud sparkled in her nose and her silver hoop earrings swung gently. Her bra and thong panties were deep blue, with thin outlines of black lace.

Her outfit was hanging on a hook behind her, a little black dress with dark blue trim that matched her underwear. She sat down on the closed toilet lid and pulled on her stockings, one leg at a time. Her toenails were blue too, the color muted through her hose.

She had only been to the Sweet Spot once before. That had been a hell of a night. She hadn’t cut loose like that for a while. Too much pent up anxiousness with Brock.

She honestly didn’t know what she wanted — sometimes he was so polite and chivalrous, picking up every check and bringing her flowers.

But other times his frustrations seemed to be barely held back — she had seen him break a glass once in a fit of anger, slamming it on the table and shattering it. She still hadn’t figured out exactly how she felt about that — not good, though.

So tonight was a test, to see they were still, you know, fun, as a couple. She was gonna be honest with herself — she deserved no less.

She finished her stroke with the eyeliner, feathering the black line out to a razor sharp point with a sense of satisfaction.

Her war paint — and the sheath dress & heels were armor. They transformed her into a force to be reckoned with, a soft yet steel sculpture of sex appeal. She was getting ready for battle.

What a strange mindset she was in. It had been a trying few weeks, second guessing Brock, watching him hide shit from her.

But the time, as they say, was up.

Spritz of fragrance on the neck, check.

Check the left, check the right, check the bust, check the butt, check.

Grab the clutch, the scratch, and the Dutch, check.

She stepped into her heels and out of the room.

** 5-1-4: Brittany

Brittany pulled her LuluLemon leggings up that extra inch, ensuring that they were as skintight as they could be. She didn’t mind a little wedge, especially for effect.

The sports leggings were grey, with large mesh patches that showed off the smooth tan skin underneath. The “pants” themselves showed off her tight & athletic cheerleader body. There wasn’t actually a real cameltoe up front, but in the back, boy was it cheeky.

Above the waistband of the lewd lewd lemon leggings was ten inches of trim toned stomach and above that, clinging around her firm D-cups, was a matching grey sports bra — a fairly hefty one; she needed the support. A mesh patch like on the leggings ran diagonally across the front, revealing a sliver of cleavage where it crossed the middle. Her curly red hair was bound up in a high topknot, which swung and bounced as she moved.

She was slick from a workout, and practically vibrating with energy. The game had been cancelled, something had happened to the other team’s bus and they couldn’t get there in time.

So the squad had retired to the gym to train for two hours. The first hour had been rehearsing routines, and the last was free-form exercising. Brittany had spent that part doing leg lifts, limbering up for an evening of dancing. Her legs were a little tired by the end, but she knew she could find someone to massage them if she tried.

She didn’t leave right away to follow the squad as they walked back to the cheerleader locker room. There had been a repairman fixing a rowing machine in the line behind her and he couldn’t keep his eyes off her. His gaze was longing but not predatory.

There was a breed of macho asshole who would only ever think of her as a conquest, as something to brag about. The guys who love themselves more than they ever could anyone else. The kind who suffered from acute generational misogyny and absurd egotistical man-titlement.

It happened with depressing regularity that when one of those men laid their eyes on her irresistible red hair and encountered her sparkling disposition, they lurched mature porno into some pathetic machismo routine of caveman alpha-wolf bullshit.

Her pet peeve was the Pick-Up-Artist “negging” technique where a guy insulted you to try and make you like him. What a stupid fucking concept — the psychological bullshit inherent in believing something like that made her laugh and cry at the same time.

She got a perverse delight in kicking those guys right in the ego. Not quite as much as the charge she got from rewarding the proper gentlemen, melting their minds and their pants with the heat of her sensuality, though.

A couple of times she had weaponized her charms to communicate certain lessons about the natural order of the universe to guys who required, lets say, a hands-on approach to tutelage.

But this guy did not seem like one of those guys. Several times during her routine she had turned around, mid leg-lift, to find his eyes not on his work but fixated on her ass. Each time, she kept looking at him until he noticed, with a smile on her face.

Each time, he looked away in embarrassment, and shifted awkwardly from where he was kneeling.

He was in his fifties, with a little paunch and a bad haircut, and he was nervous in a way that made it clear both that he greatly desired her (of course), and that he didn’t spend much time around women of her particular variety.

This was too much for her to resist. It turned her on to cause those feelings — the stronger the abject desperate desire she could generate, the wetter she got. Which is why she targeted her teasing towards a more distractible demographic — the phys plant guys, the computer lab workers, the D&D club.

Yes, they were easy targets, but when she worked them they fell so hard, and she couldn’t get enough of her stammering smitten admirers. She knew that she was blowing their minds, and she luxuriated in that power.

This was one of the main reasons she cheered, for what are cheerleaders but lust generators, standing beside a field of testosterone in tiny little skirts and shaking their assets.

So when training ended, she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work this guy a little, drive him nuts but also give him a taste of what he yearned for. When she was done he would obsess over his memory of the experience, madly nasturbating over and over for her long after she was gone.

She kept up the exercise just long enough for the rest of the girls to leave, then she stopped. She rose to her feet slowly, making little groaning sounds.

Then she bent slightly at the waist and began to rub her legs. She could practically feel his eyes locked on her ass.

She let him stare for a moment or two, then craned her neck around to look at him, still bent at the waist with her hands on her thighs.

He froze as she locked eyes with him and she hit him with her thousand-watt smile. There was a hiss as he drew his breath in unconsciously.

“Hi! I’m Brittany!”

This was her stock opening — the technique involved positioning herself front and center, close as she could get, in full on perky and peppy cheerleader mode, and then simply introducing herself.

The complete directness combined with proximity usually unnerved her targets, which she found a little silly, but it worked pretty reliably, so she used it all the time.

“Whatch’a doing in here with all us girls?”

“I’m .. uh .. just the draw bar on this rower came off — I, uh – I work for the equipment vendor. The exercise machine company —” he stammered a response.

“Oh thank you!” She cooed excitedly. “I’m on these machines all the time. I’m a cheerleader, you see, it’s practically my job to stay fit.”

“In fact, I worked myself so hard today,”

She oozed at him, her voice high breathy, “that all my muscles are so sore.”

“Oh — they are?” He clearly had no idea what to say to this.

“Today was leg day,” she laughed and slapped her thigh. “Never forget leg day.”

“No, of course not.” He said, “Your legs are —” He trailed to a stop, and caught himself before he finished that sentence.

“My legs are rubber after that workout.” She stood and turned to face him, lifting her right leg at the knee and grasping it.

“But I’m going out to the club tonight!” She pouted and put her leg down again.

His eyes followed.

“With all my hot girlfriends.” She took a step towards him, reaching up to pull her hair down. It toppled out over her shoulders and in front of her eyes.

“In a tiny shiny little dress.” She took another step, closing the gap between them. She swept the hair away from in front of her face.

“And I’m going to wear high heels.” Another step. “Very high heels.”

She was right in front of him now, and over-enunciated each word. “Platform. Spike. Heels.”

She leaned over and put her hands on her thighs again. She towered over him as he knelt on the floor, her hair spilling down in a halo around her head.

“Will you help me?” His head snapped up to look her in the eyes. “Can you massage my legs for just a few minutes, to limber me up?”

The man kneeling at her feet was dumbstruck for a minute, clearly conflicted about what to do. Brittany saw the ring on his finger, but she didn’t care — she wasn’t going to let him get very far, after all. Today, anyway.

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Ravaged in Broad Daylight! At 18! Ch. 04

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What a day! Mark was lying in his bed reliving all that had happened. During dinner with his parents, he could barley suppress laughing at the various wild, erotic images that danced through his head. Thank God my parent’s can’t read my mind, he’d thought more than once.

He was also fascinated at what the two officer’s had told him while driving him home.

“Mark, we’ve never done that before. Not to anybody, and nor to each other.”

“What?” Mark had said. “You two aren’t lovers?”
Tom laughed. “No! We’ve never touched each other before. But I’d long wanted to. My God, the years of lusting after Bill’s body in the showers!”

Bill agreed. “So, we have you to thank in a way.”

Mark didn’t know what to think, but he felt altogether pleased.

“By the way,” Officer Tom had asked, “why were you naked in a public park?”

“If I told you, you’d really have to arrest me.”

“Please tell me that you didn’t get it up the ass in the park!”

Mark just smiled.


Just before falling asleep, Mark suddenly recalled – How could I have forgotten? – that the older man had invited him to see the video the next night.

The video.



Mark arrived at the older man’s house. It was impressive; Mark had no idea that the man was rich. Really rich.

He rang the bell, and the blond answered.

“Good evening. We’re glad you could make it.”

Mark nodded, and followed the blond through the majestic hall and into a huge living room with a vaulted ceiling. He was also stunned.

About a dozen men – all gorgeous – were sitting and standing around, and a large screen was at the end of the room. Surely, Mark thought, the film to be shown wouldn’t be, uh, the film? Mark became paralyzed at the thought, and when the older man approached and hugged Mark, he could barely breathe.

“Good. You’re just in time.” The man then turned toward the other guests and said: “Everybody, I’d like to introduce you to the star of our movie.”

Mark’s mind just went blank. It wasn’t possible that a whole room of people were going to watch him being ravaged? It couldn’t be true.

Then the lights dimmed and the screen came to life.

It was true. Mark watched himself – that’s me! – being orally and anally assaulted by the blond and tonight’s host! He watched as his right hand jerked the blond, and as his mouth was stuffed by the older man’s dick. God, his cock is so huge! He also couldn’t take his eyes off his own dick boldly hanging out from the way-too-short shorts, and could now appreciate just what the older man, the blond, and the joggers had been so riveted by. He had to admit: he looked pretty good, hot even. Fuck! I’d even do me!

He then watched as the blond tore his shorts apart, and pulled his knee’s up and exposed his ass. The camera had then zoomed in to a shocking close-up of Mark’s bud, and the audience went wild and started cheering. Mark – mortified – moved behind the older man.

Scene after scene flew by, and Mark was too dazed to notice, but the audience repeatedly clapped and cheered. Mark then watched hastane porno as his legs were thrown high into the air while the second jogger fucked him. He was amazed watching a dick disappear inside his butt, over and over and over.

Thankfully, the movie ended and a thunderous round of applause reverberated throughout the room. Mark felt like he was in the middle of a dream; no, nightmare. He simply couldn’t process that a room full of strangers had just seen his every private part, and witnessed these parts getting fucked and sucked. And all in living color and with close-ups to boot.

Marked continued hiding behind the older man, but noticed that all the men in the room were leering at him. Oh God. Then one man came over and boldly grabbed Mark’s crotch and started massaging it. Mark grew alarmed.

“If you start something, are you prepared to finish?” the older man asked this intrepid stranger.

The stranger looked at the older man, and just smiled.

What does that all mean, Mark wondered?

The man continued pawing, and Mark couldn’t hide his burgeoning hard-on. Why didn’t I wear underwear? Two more partygoers came over, and each started grabbing Mark’s ass.

He then looked to the older man, who leaned over and kissed him. Mark’s mind just went blank.

He revived upon hearing a zipper. His, as it developed. The intrepid stranger was pulling Mark’s hard cock out! And in front of all these people! Mark tried to pull back, but the older man restrained him.

“You look great. Don’t move.” He then turned and asked: “Doesn’t everybody think so?”

The crowd nodded. Mark didn’t know what to do. He was standing fully dressed in a room full of men with his hard dick sticking out of his pants while many eyes ogled it. Several more men entered the scene, and all just stared at Mark’s exposed hard-on for several moments. Then the older man wrapped his huge hand around Mark’s cock and pumped it.

“Go at it man,” he said to the intrepid stranger, who then fell to his knees and took the hard flesh inside his mouth. The crowd cheered while several hands – whose? –started pawing Mark’s ass.

All the men then moved in closer. Mark was frozen, and watched the mouth below him suck and slurp on his exposed dick and balls, while the surrounding men looked like hungry animals.

The older man moved behind him, and then Mark watched as the intrepid stranger opened Mark’s jean button, and then pulled his pants down. The men cheered. Hands pulled off Mark’s boots, and then his legs out of his jeans. His shirt was then removed. Mark felt like a puppet.

I’m also stark naked, with a hard-on, and in front of a dozen fully-clothed men!

“Do ya’ like what you see men?” the older man asked.

Murmurs of assent and more cheers went all around, and all eyes were wild with desire. Mark was afraid, but his dick remained rock hard. The men stared for a while, and then hands began dragging across the exposed flesh, pulling at the hard cock, grabbing the beefy cheeks, and probing between them. I feel like a piece of meat on display!

“Men, hemşire porno come on back here and enjoy this view.”

All the men walked behind Mark. I’ve never felt so exposed and vulnerable.

Mark heard voice after voice gasp.

“Geez! What an ass!”

“Damn! That’s one hot set of beef!”

“God, I’d do anything to fuck those cheeks!”

Mark then heard the older man: “Calm down men. Fist things first.”

Strong hands then pulled Mark’s cheeks wide open, and Mark knew that dozens of strangers were looking right at his most secret, private space. And it’s not a movie this time! A chorus of hoots reverberated throughout the room.

And then Mark was even more stunned.

A very warm, wet sensation then started probing between his cheeks, and it slowly dawned on Mark that the older man had stuck his tongue into Mark’s private space. His tongue! Before yesterday—when Mark had been forced to rim the officer – he’d never thought about such a thing! But – Damn! – it sure felt good being on the receiving end.

With a tongue up his ass, dozens of hands roamed across his skin, pulled at his scrotum, and pinched his nipples. A mouth met his, while another mouth engulfed his cock. Mark was still the only person naked.

The moments passed, the older man’s pink flesh dove deeper, and Mark began moaning loudly – the tongue felt so good diving into his crack and inside him. When one man shoved his tongue into Mark’s mouth, and another dragged his stubble-covered face across the exposed nipples, Mark about collapsed.

Instead, he felt himself being lifted, carried to a table, and placed on top. His face and shoulders were roughly pushed to the table top, leaving his ass high up in the air. Mark was amazed that this made him feel even more vulnerable! He hadn’t thought this possible!

Strong hands held him down, and his open crack was now at eye level to every eye in the room. Mark had never felt so utterly naked – a sensation compounded by the fact that he was the only one still nude.

“Who else wants to tongue-fuck the boy?” the older man asked.

Numerous voices spoke up, and Mark soon felt that delicious, moist warmth again between his cheeks. He moaned. A few minutes later, he felt the tongue pull away, only to be replaced – he presumed – by another. He moaned louder, and tongue after tongue after tongue ravaged his most private space. Mark was delirious from lust and was now literally panting.

“Anyone got a finger they want to warm up?” the older man asked.

A chorus of Yes’s rebounded.

“You have a nice big hand. Have a go at it.”

Mark felt some cream being lathered on his bud, and then felt himself be violated by a stranger’s finger – and in front of all these people! Then Mark saw the older man in front of him, and his crotch at Mark’s eye level. The older man slowly pulled down his zipper – to the hoots and hollers of the crowd – and he pulled out that massive dick that Mark got gotten to know so well.

With a finger up his ass, and hands roaming his entire body, the older man asked: “Want to suck daddy’s hikaye porno dick?”

The crowd went wild. “Yea! Suck daddy’s big dick!” they called out.

Mark couldn’t resist the huge snake in front of him. His felt the dickhead bump against his lips, and then force its way inside.

“Yea. Go on boy! Suck daddy’s dick. Suck it hard,” the men cheered.

“Yea boy, suck my big daddy dick!”

As Mark’s mouth opened wide to take in the huge monster, he felt his ass being speared by another cock. More cheers reverberated throughout the room, and with each thrust from the dick in his ass, Mark sucked deeper the cock impaled in his face.

“Yea boy, suck daddy off real good. Come on, suck daddy’s big dick!”

“Yea boy! Suck your daddy’s cock! Suck it hard,” the crowd cheered.

By now, the older man’s huge dick was deep in Mark’s mouth, and the man fucked the young face ferociously as the crowd chanted: “Suck your daddy! Suck ’em hard!” Simultaneously, another dick was pounding his ass.

The older man started moaning. “Yea boy! Daddy’s gunna come! YEA! Daddy’s gunna come right on your pretty face! YEA! FUCK!”

The crowd egged him on. “Yea! Spray your load on that pretty face! Yea! Come on daddy! Come on!”

Then the man withdrew and sprayed load after load on Mark’s stubble-covered face as the crowd went wild. At the same instant, the dick in his ass withdrew and shot jism across Mark’s young, beefy cheeks. The crowd became riotous, but before Mark could recover, another dick was shoved inside his ass as another zipper was pulled open and another dick pushed past his lips.

He was still the only one naked.

Over and over and over, Mark’s ass and mouth were raped by dozens of cocks, and his asscheeks and face were dripping with jism, while his skin glistened from sweat.

After every man had ravaged Mark, he felt hands turn him onto his back, and his hard dick was suddenly being stared at by all. The older man took it in his big hand – “Isn’t this a beautiful cock men?” – and into his mouth. Mark loved being inside the older man, and was surprised at how excited he was at having an audience – a large audience. His eyes kept darting from his cock inside the man’s mouth and to the many eyes watching the scene. A dozen hot guys are watching me get a blow-job! Hands roamed his body, dicks rubbed his jism-covered face, and someone was sucking on his balls.

It didn’t take long. Mark exploded inside the older man’s mouth, but his screams were drowned out by the mighty cheers that came from all.

After the older man withdrew, he said: “Mark, I do believe that you’re a huge star tonight!”

The roar was deafening.


After everybody left, the older man took Mark upstairs, placed him in a huge bathtub filed with warm water and bubbles, and gave him a gentle washing while repeatedly kissing him long and hard. Not surprisingly, when the man pulled Mark from the tub, the boy had a hard-on. The man finally removed his clothes, lay down on his bed, and placed Mark on top of him; Mark’s bare asscheeks rested against the man’s furry chest.

“Jerk off on my face,” the man ordered while rubbing his beard against Mark’s balls.


Later, the man handed Mark an envelope and had a car drive him home. While in the car, Mark opened the envelope and pulled out a card marked: Instruction for Tomorrow Night.

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A Ride On The Iron Horse

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Pulled Panties

This is based on something that actually happened when we were younger and much less careful. I don’t recommend it today, except for getting pretty little subs all wet just thinking about it, which is always a good thing to do.

When she woke, she found my message: “Hello little slave, you have a lesson to learn tonight. I have noticed that you do not appreciate and embrace some parts of my life, and therefore fail to completely serve me as I know you hope to. For example, you don’t seem to appreciate my motorcycle the way I do. When I spend hours polishing it, or working on it, you are jealous and unhappy with the loss of attention.

Perhaps you have not been introduced well enough to appreciate “her” finer qualities. To correct that, we will be going for a very special ride tonight.

Prepare as follows: Strip and clean yourself comepletely including your anus. Insert a butt plug to begin opening yourself for me. You may use a dime sized drop of lubrication if necessary, but it would please me to know you suffered instead.

Do not wear any nipple jewelry as I have a special new pair of clamps ready for you. Put on that soft little pink sweater / shirt and tie it under your chest with your breasts exposed.

Lightly oil your upper legs, ass and crotch; do not play with yourself.

In the package at the foot of the bed, you will find leather chaps made exactly to your lovely curves. This is the reason I forced you to stand for that fitting when we were in Mexico last month.

Do you remember how the man had to raise your skirt to take all the measurements? Do you also remember the fucking you received as a reward; and that I had to satisfy myself in your ass afterwards because your pussy was too wet? Putting on these chaps and remembering that should make you into the panting little slut I love to own.

I think you can figure out the buckles and straps… yes it doesn’t cover your pussy or ass ilginç porno at all. Rest at ease, slave, I won’t ask more of you than you can give; you may wear your short black pleated skirt.

Put your hair up in a secure bun and ensure you can fit it into your helmet.

Put on soft, long tube socks and get your thigh high boots ready.

Lay out the wrist restraints with the velcro quick release.

Finally, find your leather riding jacket in the closet and clean it well with saddle soap then rub it dry.

Be ready, wet and in position at 8pm when I arrive.

Best Wishes, your Master Baiter.”

The key turning in the lock must have triggered a fresh rush of wetness in you because I can see the juice running down from your cunt to the inside of the chaps. They frame your lovely ass and the little black butt plug nicely. The red wrist restraints that hold your hands in the small of your back are a perfect counter to your swollen red pussy lips just below.

After thinking about this all day, it takes every bit of my self control to keep from just fucking you senseless where you kneel.

“Get up, slave!” I order in a harsh voice, thick with desire and anger at my own lack of control. I know this night will push you farther than you have ever been taken and my mind must be clear and open to your feelings and fears.

Turning back to the garage door where I came in, I say “Put on your boots and jacket, button only the bottom two snaps, bring the cuffs and meet me in the garage.”

Just as you open the door, the motorcycle starts, and I twist the throttle to fill the small space with the ungodly loud roar of the engine. “Don’t cower, slave, it won’t hurt you.” I say in a dry voice. “I’ll help you with your helmet to protect your ears.”

“Come here and get on while I hold the bike for you. Slide back a little… (smack) No! I said SLIDE back. Move up again, japon porno put your cunt down and SLIDE back. Does that seat feel cold against your clit? Good, you can warm it up. What about the vibration? Reach down and spread yourself so your clit is directly in contact with the leather.”

“Lean forward so I can attach these nipple clamps. The are soldered to solid wires that are clipped to the cooling fins on the side of the engine, so you will feel the heat through them in a little while. I’ve checked to ensure they never get hot enough to burn, even after riding for a long time, but you are going to have a very direct connection to how hard I am pushing the bike when we go up the mountain.”

“Now, here is a pillow over the instruments for your head, so the helmet won’t vibrate too much. Lay down with your bare chest on the tank. Feel the filler cap pressing into your chest? I expect you to have a very sore spot there by the end of the night, and most likely an impression of the logo framed between your tits. It will make a good picture.”

“Give me those restraints. Hands above your head, time to strap you in place.”

“Now to remove the plug from your behind and unzip my pants… Ahh… there, I just have room on the “bitch seat” to sit if my cock is in you. Push back and take it in. Good girl.”

“Are we ready? Is your heart pounding? I’m going to close your face mask, you may feel like you are going to suffocate, but rest easy, you have plenty of air, if you just remember to breath. Here we go… hopefully no one is outside, because if they are, I’ll have to trigger the garage door to close again quickly.”

“Good, no one in sight. I won’t be able to hear you so if you need something, squeeze my dick with your ass three times quickly.”

Judging from the long slow contractions on my dick, the little slut came twice before we got out to the country. Once the roads were latin porno open and more or less straight, I opened it up and used my free hand to tuck the back of her skirt up under her jacket and administer a very solid spanking to her bare ass, turning it cherry red, triggering several O’s and eventually causing her to pass out. I know that because her left foot slipped off the peg and I damn near wrecked putting it back up and holding it with my boot.

I went soft and slipped out of her, then found a place to pull over, well off the road.

She was awake by the time I stopped and whispered over and over that she was my slut, my slave, my property, that I could do anything I wanted to her and she would never question me. I can still see her sweet, soft, smile. Eventually she raised her head, shuddered, and said out loud that she loved “our” motorcycle.

I started the bike and told her she could come again, which she did with a long squeal as she lowered her self back down on the bike. At that point, I started to smell something burning and fearing for her or that we were ruining the chaps against the engine or pipes, I pulled her leg back to find that she had soaked the seat clear down to the point that her juice was dripping on the hot muffler!

The ride back was un-eventful except that sanity had returned and I was scared to death that a cop would see us and pull us over.

I was spent from the stress of it all, but had not cum. She later told me she had come several more times on the return, and had wished for another spanking or some form of pain to increase the sensations even more. She had pressed her upper chest into the gas cap so hard that she had torn the skin slightly in places and had a horrible bruse for weeks afterwards. I never did take a picture.

It had been my plan, once we returned, to make her lick the seat clean while fucking her from behind, but instead I carried her to bed, removed her leathers and treated her chest as best I could.

Our room mate at the time was a good little house boi bitch and gave me a blow job to ease my tensions so I was able to sleep.

She cared for my bike with me like a good little “biker bitch” from that day on.

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Big Flipping Deal Ch. 01

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[Author’s note: This is the longest thing I’ve posted to Literotica yet, 60,000 words that I’ll be dividing into 7 or 8 chapters. It’s also got the lowest proportion of sex scenes in any of my serials. I very nearly put it in the “Romance” category, because it’s as much or more a love story as a work of erotica. But I figured fewer of the readers in that category would be interested because of the transgender element. So if you’re looking for something like “Contrast” or “Gloria’s Daughter” where the majority of scenes are packed with fucking, this one may not be the story for you, or you may want to skip directly to the last chapter where there’s a little more naughtiness as a payoff. As usual, I’d like to thank DonnaBeck for her advice and encouragement as my beta reader, and I’d like to thank everyone else for being readers in general. I hope you enjoy this one … I’m pretty happy with it.]

* * *

I certainly didn’t go into the reading of Mrs. Pinobscott’s will thinking I might score with a trouser-burstingly hot blonde in a microdress and black calf-length stiletto boots. I mean, maybe I had some fantasies about Mrs. P’s lawyer being a vision in heels and a too-tight suit skirt. And maybe I daydreamed the old lady would leave me a mint so I could cash in on some gold-digger action and improve my sex life.

But realistically what I expected to get was her cat. So when I walked into the law offices of Donovan, Donovan and Furnier, the only pussy on my mind had claws and hairballs.

The receptionist who greeted me in the front office had a nice smile, too many freckles, and a wedding ring. Her outfit would best be called “frumpy.” And when she led me down the hall, there were no sizzling young interns or professionally dressed paralegals with lipstick just a few shades too brightly red. It was a perfectly dull place full of perfectly dull people doing the kinds of things that would never appear in a prime-time legal drama, or even a law-firm sitcom.

We zig-zagged past some bland grey cubicles and filing cabinets, and then the receptionist opened a conference room door for me, and I walked in, and –

Clonk. Scrrraape.

That was the sound of my jaw hitting the floor and dragging along as my legs kept moving me forward into the room.

Two people sat at the conference table, which had room for maybe six. At the far end of the table, a balding middle-aged guy in a bowtie straightened and re-straightened a stack of papers in front of him, obviously the lawyer. But I barely saw him because in a seat much closer to me sat …

Okay, so every guy has a dream-girl, right? Well, I hope it doesn’t say too much about me that my dream-girl has always been kind of boringly stereotypical: blond-haired, blue-eyed, long-legged, scarlet-lipped, and blessed with copious breasts and dark, fluttery eyelashes.

This girl’s looks picked that dream-girl up, slapped her a couple of times, and threw her out a window.

For starters, a dream-girl can’t look right at you, shoot you through with a realization that you’ve just seen a shade of blue you didn’t even realize existed, like a sky made of sapphire, but alive and focused and sweeping over you, measuring you up. And no matter how good a daydreamer you are, a dream-girl’s smile is always going to be big and beaming, made of one part happiness and one part sexiness mixed together and leaving nothing to guess about. But the woman looking at me now had a lush-lipped, barely curved hint of a smile, faint and a bit wry, subtle, secretive, maybe not even a smile at all but just the way her head was tilted and the way the light hit those red, red, red lips. Glossy red. A red that begged for her tongue to peek out just enough to wet them, though it didn’t.

“Mister Donovan,” said the receptionist, “this is Nick Chalmers.”

“Oh good!” said the bow-tied lawyer, looking up from his papers. Something relieved in the man’s voice made me pretty sure he’d been awkwardly arranging and rearranging those documents for several minutes in a deliberate attempt to avoid staring across the table at …

Now, dream-girl breasts can get pretty good. I’ve got a lot of practice at imagining them, and it’s one of the areas I like to concentrate on when I’m thinking about a dream-girl. But I’d never gotten my brain to kick out an image like this. Inside her skin-tight white micro-dress – the kind with those little sleeves that barely peek out over the shoulders – she had two perfectly formed, swelling, curving, pert, perky, proud, please-let-me-put-my-hands-on-those breasts. They filled out the silky alabaster fabric of her dress just shy of bursting, and cozied together within its low, low neckline to all but suck the eyes from my head with a fertile valley of cleavage like I’d never seen before.

The lawyer was saying something, I couldn’t really hear what, and then I realized I wasn’t hearing him, and I blinked and tore my eyes from that incredible bosom to find milf porno her looking dryly at me with one fine blonde eyebrow very slightly raised.

“I’m sorry,” I said, blinking some more and pretty sure my face had just turned as red as her lipstick. I looked over at the lawyer, desperate not to see what kind of scathing look she was about to give me for staring at her tits. Mister Donovan’s lawyerly face held a surprisingly sympathetic expression. I repeated myself because nothing else came to my brain, “I’m sorry, what?”

Donovan’s mouth opened, but the woman stood from her chair and offered me a graceful, long-fingered hand with perfectly trimmed nails the same color as her lips.

“Lindsey Moss,” she said. The blue of her eyes held me until I realized her face had taken on an amused look, and I took a half-step forward and shook her hand. She had a firm, quick handshake – but then her fingers lingered as she released, drawing briefly along my palms and my own fingers before breaking contact.

I felt myself sweating.

“Nick Chalmers,” I said, straightening the collar of my polo shirt with one hand.

Lindsey glanced toward the doorway, where the receptionist still stood. “Yes, that’s what she said.”

It took a profound act of will not to look at her breasts again while her gaze turned away. I managed it by swiveling to face the lawyer, then walking over to shake his hand.

“Yes, Martin Donovan,” he said with a weak smile. “Now if we’ll all sit down, I believe we can get through this relatively quickly and painlessly. That will be all for now, Mrs. Anders.”

The receptionist nodded and left, closing the door behind her, and for the first time, Lindsey’s incredible poise faltered, just for a moment, as she straightened in her chair and looked from the shut door to me to the balding Martin Donovan.

“This is it?” she asked. “What about the rest of the family? It’s just me and this guy?”

Donovan cleared his throat as if to gain time, then uncomfortably nodded me toward a chair, since I still hadn’t sat down. I took one closer to his end of the table than Lindsey’s, not wanting to look like I was invading her space and also because I could then pay attention to Donovan without her in my field of view where I might embarrass myself staring again. It did surprise me that we were the only two heirs, since Mrs. Pinobscott had talked endlessly about her various family members whenever I went over to clean the catbox for her or run Mister Whiskerdoodle to the vet. And she hadn’t ever mentioned a ‘Lindsey.’

“Well,” he said, “as it happens, my client specifically requested two separate readings, one for the majority of her family and friends, and the other for Mr. Chalmers and you, ah … Miss Moss.”

Lindsey snorted and rolled her eyes. “The black sheep reading, huh? You my aunt’s sugar boy, Nick?”

“What? No!” It came out a bit of a squawk, but I couldn’t help it. From the pictures around Mrs. P’s house, she’d actually been pretty hot up into her sixties. But she was eighty-five when I met her and almost ninety when she died.

Lindsey laughed, making it clear she’d been joking. Because it was such a low, sexy laugh, sultry and golden like her hair, the sound made my throat dry in a way that kept me from feeling insulted.

“What’s the story, then, Mr. Donovan?” she asked, looking back at the attorney.

Shuffling through his papers, he found two manila envelopes, checked their labels, and passed one to each of us. “By the terms of the will, I am instructed to give each of you these personal letters written by Mrs. Pinobscott. After you read them, I’m to reveal what disposition of property you’re each to receive.”

I noticed Lindsey seemed a little hesitant to take hers, and that she opened it more slowly than I did mine. But I was curious what Mrs. Pinobscott would want to say to me, so for a few moments, I quit paying attention to my fellow heir and focused on my own letter. It said:

Dear Nick, my favorite and sweetest neighbor. I hope you don’t mind wrinkly old Mrs. Pinobscott putting her nose in your personal business, but you know I have always been so confused that a nice young man like yourself should stay single. And not even have a girlfriend since that Carmella left! So I have decided to play matchmaker for you.

What the fuck!

I’m pretty sure my eyes went as big as Lindsey’s tits when I read that. They definitely shot up from the paper to Holy shit, Mrs. P couldn’t possibly …

No, the idea was ridiculous. Mrs. Pinobscott’s vision was always bad, but not bad enough to think a merely kinda good-looking guy like me would have a chance with a raging-inferno-hot goddess like her niece. I mean, just look at her! And then look at me! Hair color: mud. Eye color: mud. Hair texture: unmanageable, nothing to do but keep it short. Okay shoulders, totally average height. Supposedly, I have a good smile. A little mobil porno too much forehead – not enough to make me look like Edgar Allen Poe or Frankenstein’s monster, but put it together with my no-recent-time-in-the-sun skin, and I came out pretty geeky. And in contrast, this woman came out –

That’s when I realized Lindsey had the fingers of one hand up over her mouth and was staring at her letter with a swell of tears in her eyes. I quickly looked away and felt like crap. Mrs. P was dead. Yeah, I’d liked her and she could be funny and I was sad about it, but I’d been expecting her to kick off anytime for the last three out of the four years I’d known her. And Mister Whiskerdoodle was kind of a pain in the ass to help take care of – I hate catboxes. And the old lady almost always wanted to talk about twenty minutes longer than my capacity for neighborhood gossip.

So I wasn’t really broken up about her being dead. Instead, here I was in the same room with a woman who’d lost somebody she obviously really loved, and instead of being respectful, my head had decided to run away into stupid daydreams of Mrs. P trying to set me up with a smoking blond sexpot ten thousand percent out of my league.

Just read your letter, dipshit.

But when I did, my eyes widened back up again … because I was right.

I really can’t tell you all that much about Lindsey, we haven’t been close for many years. But of all my nephews and nieces, when they were children, Lindsey had the best heart. Headstrong, yes, and one of those people who march to their own drummer. In fact, after college – oh gosh, listen to me, I’m going to go on so long I’ll die before I even finish this letter. Anyway. The family hasn’t been as good to Lindsey as we should have been, me included. So I want to do something for her and I want to do something for you and maybe it will turn out just perfect the way none of my plans ever do!

You’ll understand when Mr. Donovan reads the section of my will that’s for you two. It’s no guarantee, but I think it will give you a chance at showing her what a nice young man you are, and even though she certainly doesn’t look it, I think you’ll find that there’s a very nice, shy person inside of her too. But for heaven’s sake, don’t let on to her that I’ve told you all this! If there’s one thing Lindsey has always hated, it’s people trying to make her be something according to their own ideas. Just act like as far as you know, the whole inheritance thing is a crazy old lady’s demented whim!

Thank you, Nick, for spending so much time with me when you probably had all kinds of better things to do. I’m sure you thought you were just being charitable, and I know I talked your ear off way too often. But you really made a difference for me these last few years. You’re a good person.

Now it was my turn to get teary-eyed and sniffly. I blinked a lot and focused on fitting my letter back into its oversized envelope. By the time I got that done and closed the brad on the envelope’s flap, though, I’d glanced up at Lindsey a couple of times, and my amazement had crept back in.

Damn, Mrs. P, what in the world do you think you have up your sleeve?

Lindsey was doing that thing women do sometimes when they’re about to cry and don’t want to, where they look at the ceiling and open their mouths like they’re yawning or something and blink really fast and rub at one cheek right by the eye with one thumb. She pulled it off pretty well. I didn’t see any actual tears get all the way out onto her cheeks. Also, it was hot as fuck. When she finished, she glanced at me like she was annoyed I’d been looking, so I turned away in a hurry.

At the end of the table, Mr. Donovan appeared ready to do business, holding a couple of papers in front of him between both hands. Seeing us both looking his way, he adjusted his glasses and turned his eyes down to the legal documents.

“I hope the letters were satisfactory,” he said, “because the pertinent section of the will is quite brief. It reads as follows. ‘Pertaining to the cat, Mister Whiskerdoodle, possession and ownership shall fall to Nicholas Scott Chalmers.'”

Great. No surprise there. Is Lindsey for some reason desperately attached to Mister Whiskerdoodle and now she’s supposed to ask me for visitation rights?

“‘Pertaining to the property at 17299 Widdershins Court, the accumulated equity shall be divided equally between inheritors Nicholas Scott Chalmers and Lindsey Wyndham Moss. Should the inheritors so choose, Donovan, Donovan, and Furnier, P.L.L.C., shall upon notice immediately execute the sale and disposition of the property and remit to each inheritor one half of all proceeds, net any mortgage balance remaining unsatisfied. Alternatively, from the deceased’s previously declared allocation of cash assets for charitable donation, a trust fund for remodeling expenses may be established in the amount of twenty thousand dollars, to olgun porno be managed by Donovan, Donovan, and Furnier, P.L.L.C., at the equal direction of both inheritors, and full control of the property shall transfer equally to the inheritors upon exhaustion of the fund.”

Oh. So that’s better. I just about halfway thought I understood what all the legalese meant, but I knew it sounded like an improvement over just walking out with an old, puke-prone cat. Luckily, my fellow “inheritor” jumped in right away to clear things up.

“So she’s giving us her run-down pit of a house,” Lindsey said, “and we can cut and run for whatever equity she’s got in it, or we can fix the place up and she’ll give us twenty grand to do it.”

Donovan nodded, set those papers down, and shuffled in his stack for some others. “That’s exactly right. Now, presuming you’ll want to be informed in your opinion, here are the current statements of account on the mortgage lien against the home and the latest property valuation from the county tax assessor.”

He slid a set of copies over in front of each of us. I tried to puzzle through mine to find the right numbers and figure out exactly what kind of money I was looking at, but once again, Lindsey was way quicker with the statements and the math than I was.

“Whee. If we can get what the county says it’s worth, minus the amount she still owes, I make it out to be about ten grand each.”

Damn, Lindsey’s obviously doing pretty well for herself if ten grand is only worth a ‘whee’ from her. As I watched her, she leaned back in her chair, hands behind her head, looking up at the ceiling, her gorgeous face wavering between annoyance and distaste. The position showed off the smooth ivory hollows of her armpits fantastically, and lifted and accentuated her boobs even more than the dress already did. Fuck, dude, of course she’s doing well for herself. Look at her – the hairdo, the dress, those boots, the little designer handbag. And she’s obviously smart as hell. Is there some reason you’d expect her to be just scraping by the way you are?

Her blue eyes came back down from the ceiling to land on me like a load of bricks intended for a mural of the entire ocean.

“Okay, sugar-boy Nick,” she said, “you ever do any remodeling?”

“Uh …” Did I want to tell her about replacing my own toilet when the bowl cracked and I couldn’t afford a plumber? I decided to be vague. “A little, sure.”

Her mouth twisted to one side, and I could almost see her make the decision to take me at my word instead of laying into me with a sarcastic question about what exactly “a little” meant. The mind behind those sharp blue eyes was moving fast now and apparently didn’t want to get slowed down.

“Because if we have contractors do everything,” she went on, “twenty grand won’t get us shit. But I do interior design, and I know where to get the materials, and if you can put in your share of the labor, I think we can get twice as much out of the sale as throwing it straight on the market would do.”

“You mean, twice the ten grand you said we’d split?”

Her eyes rolled. Gorgeously. “No. Twice what the county has it appraised at.”

“Holy shit,” I said. “That would be …”

“Yeah, a lot. Don’t get your hopes up too high, but we might be looking at forty or fifty each, net.”

At the end of the table, Donovan tapped his stack of papers against the surface to square them.

“I take it you’ll be wanting us to set the trust up, then?”

Lindsey gave me a look that said if I wanted to chicken out, I’d better do it right that very second.

Ten grand, guaranteed, and I look like a putz to the most beautiful woman I’ve ever had a conversation with, and totally bomb out on any chance with her. Or a couple months of hard work and getting to see her and talk with her about it all the time, and then I totally bomb out with her.

It wasn’t a very hard choice. “Sure.”

She nodded at me and looked Donovan’s way as she folded up her letter and put it in her handbag.

“I think it’s what my aunt would have wanted,” she told the lawyer, although not with tremendous enthusiasm. “Let’s do it.”

* * *

Lindsey and I walked out of the office together into the hot Dallas sun of late summer. I didn’t try to make it happen that way; it just did. The trip down in the elevator was silent and uncomfortable. Lindsey was tall, probably almost my height even bare-footed. The walk across the lobby filled my ears with the click of her boot-heels, taunting me with the desire to glance down at the sleek black leather of those boots and the soft smooth pale calf-to-thigh stretch of legs that ran from the boots to her skirt hem. But I managed to keep my eyes to myself, even when I stepped ahead and held the door for her. She went through to the parking lot unselfconsciously, fishing for her keys in the handbag as if daring me to look at her perfect ass. Just before I broke down, she found them and turned.

“You’re her neighbor, right?” she asked, pulling out a pair of sunglasses too and slipping them on over those fantastic blue eyes. “I haven’t seen the place in a couple years. How about I meet you there and we give it a walk-through.”

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Alexandra’s First Confession

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I run to the church, practically crying from shame eager to get all the naughty things I’ve been doing off my chest. I look at the door of the confessional, wipe a tear out of my eye and pull up my knee socks, which have fallen from running so fast. As I’m leaning over pulling up my socks I swear I can smell my own sex; I had gotten all moist again running to the church, replaying the week’s events in my mind. I felt so dirty but also free and satisfied, I was so confused. I tucked my white shirt into my little plaid pleated skirt, noticing my nipples had gotten hard outside from the cold. They felt good as they rubbed against my bra and I loved seeing them poke through the thin material, stretching the buttons on my shirt. Shit, I’m doing it again! I’ve got to tell someone about not being able to get sex off my mind. It’s so…frustrating but it excites me so much. I swing the door open and plop down on the bench. The little window slides open and I lean back, suddenly flushed and embarrassed. I waited too long to speak, then I heard, “Hello? Is something on your mind my child?”

I stammer, “Uh, yes, Father, I have sinned…and sinned and sinned and sinned.”

“Now, my child, I’m sure it’s not that bad, what is it you have done?”

“I’m afraid to say, Father.”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of, just start at the beginning.”

The beginning! Where was that, anyway? So much had happened this past week and I was beginning to feel like a sexual freak. “Well, it started when I was walking home from school Monday afternoon. I saw this boy I know and he told me he had something to show me. I know I shouldn’t have Father, but I was curious so I followed him. He took me into the woods and showed me a magazine.”

“What genç porno kind of magazine, my child?”

“It had naked pictures,” I said.

“Naked pictures? Of men or women?”

“Both,” I replied, not sure quite why it mattered to him. “There were men naked with women and women naked with other women. But that’s just how it started. I’m so—so ashamed.”

“Why are you so ashamed?”

“Um…because I got a warm feeling between my legs and I know it felt wrong but I didn’t want it to stop.” I was biting my lip, trembling now.

“Go on my child…tell me the whole story; every detail.”

“Well, I stared at the pictures, then when I looked up, the boy had pulled down his pants and was showing me his coc…um…penis. It was so big and hard, just like in the magazine. I couldn’t help myself, honest, I reached down and touched it. He told me to stroke it and I, I..” Tears were welling up in my eyes, but mostly because I was again feeling so wet again recounting what had happened. I hear the Father shifting next to me and coughing a lot, he must think I’m a total pervert.

“Tell me my child, did you stroke it?”

“Well, yeah…and he really liked it and the more he liked it the more I wanted to do it. I also wanted him to touch me.”
“Where did you want him to touch you, my child?”

“I wanted him to, touch me ‘down there.'”

“Down where?”

“Down in my…vagina.”

“And did he touch you in your vagina?”

“Oh, yes Father and it felt sooo good. He put his fingers inside me and they got all wet and he pushed in and out and he even touched this little button down there that’s real sensitive and…oh no, I’m so sorry!” I was full hd porno so embarrassed and turned on and I hoped the Father didn’t know that I was rubbing my thighs together.

“Don’t be sorry, my child, I’m enjoying your story, please, go on.”

“Well…if you’re sure.”

“I’m certainly sure.” After he said that, I swear I heard him unzip his pants!! Well, that really got my wheels turning, I mean it reminded me of the boy and his big hard cock and how I was touching it and he was touching my pussy and…oh, hell, I couldn’t stand it, as I continued my story I began absently rubbing my tits over my shirt.

“Well, he was touching me all over my pussy and I was stroking his cock and I was so embarrassed but I was moaning out loud cause it felt so good. His eyes were closed and all of a sudden something happened…something I’ve never felt before.”

I heard the Father breathing heavily next to me and he said, “What-hap-pened-my-chi-ild?” I couldn’t stand it anymore, I put my hands up my skirt and moved my cotton panties to the side and put my fingers up there just like the boy had. I began frigging my little pussy, lost in my own pleasure, entirely forgetting where I was. I accidentally let a little moan escape, “Oohh.” I quickly stopped and heard only silence next to me; again, I was filled with shame and fear. Finally, the Father spoke, “My child, perhaps you could best explain this to me if you do it again.” Shit, busted. “How do you mean Father?” I asked in my best little girl voice. “My child,” he responded, “Can you make yourself feel what the boy made you feel? Could you do that, right here, right now?” Could I? “If I must, Father, for you I will.”

“Good gangbang porno my child, now I shall try, just for you, to be your friend.”

“How do you mean father?”
“Well, certainly he too got this feeling of which you speak? You weren’t a little tease now were you?”
“Oh, no Father, I took care of him, I sucked his cock right there in the woods.”

“Oh, God…I mean, Oh, good, my child, you know, boys don’t like little cock teases.”

I was so turned on hearing the Father talk to me like I was so naughty that I began to rub my little button and spread my pussy juices all around.


“Yes, my child?”

“I’m, um, doing it right..uh, n-ow..and it feels s-o go-od I just, uh, uh…ooh”
“Yes, my child, that’s perfect, rub that little pussy of yours…just like that, are you very wet?”
“Oh, yes Father, practically dripping…I think I want to feel that feeling again…anytime n-ow…it’s com-ming sooo so—on…uggh…”

“Not yet my child, I’m sti—lllll stroking my hard cock just like that nasty boy you told me about, now listen to me stroke…oouhh..yyesssss…uuh huh…so hard for you my child…oh yes oh yesss..”

“Father, I can’t hoo—oold it any—mmo—re, I have to …aaaaaahh…”
“Cccoome my child, come for me now, put your face to the window, let me hear you come…it’s alright.”

“Ooohh father…I’m cooommmmmmiiinngggggg…sssssaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh”

“Yes my child, stay there, I’m coommingggg tooooo…oooooooooohh”

My face was plastered to the window and all of a sudden I saw a huge spurt of come fly at my face in the window. The Father came so hard it projected all the way up!!

“Lick the window, my child, taste what I gave you…”

“Ooh Father, it tastes sooo good.”

I lapped at the window and stuck my fingers through for him to suck on. I looked up into his eyes coyly, “Father, I’m real tired now…I’ll come back for the rest of my confession later, okay?”

“Don’t make me wait too long, my child…

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