Bisexual Butch Women Rock!

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The first time I laid eyes on Amber Tate, I knew I wanted her. The short-haired, curvy, somewhat masculine white chick with the short dark hair, large breasts, wide hips and big round butt simply took my breath away. Clad in a short-sleeved white T-shirt, blue jeans and a baseball cap, the twenty-something tomboy looked hotter than most of the women I’d seen in town. Of course, I had only been in the beautiful State of Alaska for a month and the people up here were an odd lot but I still know a pretty lady when I see one.

Tasty-looking dame, I thought, and licked my lips in anticipation. Then I saw the rainbow flag sticker on her backpack, and sighed in disappointment. Of course, I thought, shaking my head. The gal just had to be a lesbian. And a rainbow-flag sporting one too. Probably militant as hell. Great. Now, don’t think I’m a homophobe. Hell, I am a bisexual man. I find both women and men attractive, I just happen to prefer the ladies. That’s all.

I don’t know why, when I am drawn to a female, I often feel attracted to obviously unavailable women. The last crush I had, a hijab-wearing Muslim gal named Fatima Al-Zahran, was both married and out of my league. Why do I do this to myself? The woman was forty years old, and I met her in my university library. We became friends, and flirted a lot, but nothing ever came of it. That’s it for me and the ladies. When it comes to guys, I like them tall and masculine. Unfortunately, annoying effeminate bozos tend to be attracted to me. I avoid them like the plague. I just can’t have what I want. Story of my life.

Oh, snap. I guess I forget myself sometimes. You must be wondering who this is. My name is Stephen, a big and tall young Black man living in the City of Juneau, Alaska. I moved there after graduating from Carleton University in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. After earning my bachelor’s degree in Criminology, I felt like getting out of Canada for a while and somehow, I ended up in Alaska. In a town where people of color are rare, I get stared at a lot. That’s okay, though. A lifetime in Canada’s Capital region, which is whiter than snow ( with the exception of the Greater Toronto area of course ) pretty much prepared me for it.

Anyhow, back to the story at hand. I’ve always had a thing for tomboys, masculine women, butch chicks, whatever they want to be called. Like a lot of brothers, I find white women quite appealing. I guess it’s true what they say about opposites attracting. I approached the lady casually as she walked into my corner of the supermarket, and asked her about fresh fruits. Smiling at me, the butch gal asked me if I was the vegan type. I couldn’t keep a straight face. Not even to save my life, I replied, laughing.

Grinning, the lady nodded and told me she felt the same way. I smiled and nodded. The gal was even better-looking up close. Dark brown eyes, short spiky black hair, and a round, animated face. Friendly eyes, too, and not the stern gaze I expected. Oh, and she smelled sweet, too. Her perfume was strong, and very feminine. I don’t know what I expected a butch woman to smell like. I guess I expected her to wear Old Spice instead of whatever girly, fruity and flowery scent she was sporting. Nice accent, the butch lady said, snapping me out of my reverie. Where are you from? she asked, licking her lips.

My name is Stephen and I’m from Canada, I said proudly, extending my hand for her to shake. The butch lady smiled faintly, and shook my hand. Her grip was firm, but not unusually so. Nice to meet you Stephen I’m Amber Tate, she said. I smiled and we bantered a bit. Amber was not what I expected. The lady had a thousand questions about Canada. We just stopped in the middle of Aurora Foods, one of Alaska’s biggest grocery store chains, and chatted each other up. Hot damn.

Well, I was happy to talk to Amber about anything, especially Bycasino my homeland. In an odd way, Alaska reminds me of Canada, especially the Prairies. Lots of white folks, lots of Natives, lots of people with guns. That’s how Ontario used to be before immigrants from Africa, the Middle East and South Asia changed its demographics and the Liberal party took over its politics. Of course, Americans tend to know very little about Canada so I found it refreshing that Amber Tate was genuinely curious.

Always wanted to visit the great white north, Amber said, grinning. Not for the first time I noticed that she had a lovely smile. I smiled and winked. Sometimes I push my luck and overstep my boundaries but, dammit, I’m new in town and don’t know anybody besides my landlord Mr. Moffatt and Lester, the old dude down the hall from me in my apartment building. I’d love to tell you more over a cup of coffee, I told Amber. The lady took a deep breath, and I braced myself for rejection. And it never came. Sounds good to me, Amber said, grinning, then she told me her digits. I nodded casually and punched her number into my Blackberry. Cool, I said, and wished her a good day.

I watched Amber Tate go, and had to smile. Rainbow-flag sporting Butch chick or not, the way her big round ass looked in them blue jeans had my full attention. I totally want to hit that, I said to myself, and smiled. I went home that night and called her up. I’m not a believer in waiting two days to call a broad after getting her digits. I was on a fact-finding mission. Was Amber Tate single? Was she feeling me? Yeah, she’s kind of masculine-looking, with the short hair, tattoos and rainbow flag but her body language said ‘interested’ when I was talking to her. Unless I misread her and imagined things. Nah, I’m a very realistic kind of brother.

Amber Tate picked up on the third ring and greeted me warmly. Hello stranger, she said happily, and told me she’d been expecting my call. Very astute of you Miss Tate, I laughed, and started chatting her up. I learned that she was originally from the City of Tacoma, Washington, and moved to Alaska to be closer to her elderly aunt Gertrude who lived in Juneau in a big house full of cats. Family is everything, I said, and Amber laughed. I’m recovering from a foot injury and learning to be active again, she said, and I saw an opening. Let me take you to play paintball, I said, crossing my fingers. This was the moment of truth. What would Amber Tate say?

Sounds good to me, Amber replied, and I grinned broadly. The next day, I met Amber at this quaint little paintball shop called Tag Zone in downtown Juneau, and we had some fun. For a big gal, Amber was surprisingly quick on her feet. Still, I’m an expert when it comes to paintball and this resourceful amateur couldn’t escape from me. End result? I shot Amber Tate in the butt with my paintball gun and while falling she got a lucky shot that caught me on the shoulder.

Ouch, Amber yelped, rubbing her big round butt. Apparently it stung. My bad, I said, and gave her a hand up. Amber batted my hand away, and instead lashed out with her foot. Damn, I didn’t even see her foot move and she kicked my legs out from under me. I fell on my black ass, and Amber leapt on top of me. Man, the butch chick pinned me down. I used to wrestle guys in high school, Amber crowed proudly, and I groaned. I’m six-foot-two by 250 pounds and Amber is a fairly big gal. Not that I minded a big, beautiful, sexily masculine woman on top of me but damn….yeah.

Alright I give, I said, holding my hands up in surrender. Amber looked at me, an amused look in her dark eyes. Taking off her visor, she smirked. Never underestimate me, she laughed, and got off me. Yeah right, I said, and rose to my feet. Nice game for a beginner, I said, and Amber smirked. Let me buy you dinner, I offered, and Bycasino giriş she gladly accepted. We went to the nearby Milano’s Pizzeria, and grabbed a bite. Man, butch women can eat! Four slices of pizza, two sandwiches and three Pepsis later, Amber and I were still at it.

Winking at me, Amber burped loudly. Sorry, she said, blushing slightly. I shrugged, then burped myself. You can always be yourself around me you weird beautiful woman, I said, gently touching her hand. Amber looked at my hand on hers, and smiled faintly. Sounds good to me Captain Canada, she laughed, and I laughed too. After dinner, we walked around Juneau for a while. Alaska isn’t the most diverse part of the United States. In fact, it’s a sparsely populated place, nothing but wilderness, with a few towns and cities here and there. I once spent three weeks in the Yukon as a young Eagle Scout. Alaska reminds me of that place.

People kind of stared at Amber and I as we walked through Juneau, and I resisted the urge to comment on it. A while ago, a black female friend of mine in Toronto was venting on Facebook about the demise of her relationship with a white guy whose family didn’t approve of her. I commiserated with her because, as a black man who sometimes dates white women, I can relate. A lot of white families don’t like it when their daughters date men of my color. In her venting, my lady friend went a bit far, calling all white guys cowards, and that angered a white female friend of mine.

I’ve since learned to take a chill pill when it comes to racial issues, unless I’m dealing with a fool who says the N-word around me. When that happens, all hell breaks loose because I don’t tolerate that kind of stuff. All these thoughts swirled through my head as Amber and I got stared at by random white folks and a few Natives as we walked through Juneau. This place could really use some racial diversity, Amber remarked, and winked at me. I smiled cautiously. Amen to that, I replied, and we continued our walk. Astute, isn’t she? Cute butt too. I definitely had a good feeling about Amber Tate.

That’s how it all began, ladies and gentlemen. The romance with the butch-looking and GLBT-affiliated, Anime fanatic, cat-loving and decidedly odd white chick who changed my life. Amber Tate is like a unicorn, man. For real. I considered myself a lesbian for years but now I’m open to dating both sexes, she told me one night, while treating me to some Chinese food at the Nugget Mall. I looked at her thoughtfully, then broke into a grin. I leaned forward. Glad to hear it, I said, then I kissed her.

The first thing I noticed as Amber Tate’s lips pressed against my own was how soft they were. Gently, she kissed me back. You’ve got sweet lips Captain Canada, Amber said, grinning, when we came up for air. I took her hand in mine and kissed it. Awesome, I said, and we left the mall together. I took Amber to my place, and what followed was decidedly an evening for the ages, ladies and gentlemen. I hadn’t made love in months, not since I left Ottawa, Ontario, for Juneau, Alaska. Time to show this bisexual butch redneck American woman what us black Canadian men are all about.

As soon as we got to my place, Amber Tate and I got it on. I didn’t even bother with giving her a tour of my one-bedroom spot. We barely made it to the living room before we started taking our clothes off. Make love to me, Amber said haltingly. I smiled as I beheld her naked, curvy body. My eyes drank her in, taking note of her big breasts, round belly, hairy pussy, thick legs and big round ass. I love a big white ass. Yummy, I said, and kissed Amber again, then began licking her tits. Lying on the bed, the sexy butch gal relaxed and enjoyed as I went to work on her.

Spreading Amber Tate’s big sexy thighs, I inhaled the sharp scent of her womanhood. Lots of females use Bycasino deneme bonusu vaginal deodorant down there but not this butch gal. Nope, Amber flaunts her own aroma. I stuck one then two fingers inside her pussy, then began teasing her clit with my tongue. Oh shit, Amber whispered, licking her lips. Taking that as a good sign, I continued what I was doing. Soon I had three fingers inside her.

Amber Tate rubbed the back of my head, and pressed my face against her cunt. Go on, she said, and I began munching on her pussy with gusto. This was my first time going down on a butch woman, and I intended to make it last. In the back of my head I worried that a woman who had been with lots of chicks, and probably had them go down on her, might not be impressed with my oral skills. Can a man eat pussy better than a lesbian? Conventional wisdom might say no but this brother was determined to meet the challenge.

I licked and probed Amber Tate’s hairy cunt until she cried out in pleasure, literally gushing hot girly cum all over my face. Damn you’re good, Amber cooed as I lapped up her cunt, tasting her feminine juices. I smiled with satisfaction and winked at Amber. My turn, the sexy butch gal grinned, and I nodded happily as she got on her knees and grabbed my average-sized, uncircumcised black dick. Grinning, Amber looked up at me with my dick in her hand. My first dick in a decade, she said, then took me into her mouth.

I lay on the bed, smiling as Amber sucked my dick. A butch chick is going down on me, I thought, mystified and thrilled at the same time. For a gal who’s spent a decade exclusively bedding women, Amber wasn’t bad at all when it comes to sucking the Johnson. How am I doing? Amber asked, stopping for a moment. Although I smiled at her and gave her the thumbs up sign, I was irritated. What man is foolish enough to say anything negative to a woman who’s holding his dick? You’re doing fine babe, I said, winking at Amber.

Smiling, Amber resumed what she was doing. Soon I was ready to explode. Oh damn, I moaned, and Amber intensified what she was doing, sucking my dick greedily, almost angrily. When I reached that magic moment, my knees buckled. I came, and amazingly, Amber swallowed every last drop of my seed. Yummy, she said, literally polishing my dick with her tongue. Wow, I said, catching my breath. Smiling, Amber looked at me and asked me if I was ready for another round? Hmmm. What do you think I said?

Moments later, I rolled a condom on my dick and Amber Tate climbed on top of me. I looked at this beautiful, short-haired, alabaster-skinned, tattooed and cat-obsessed bisexual butch chick. Your ass is mine, I said, gleefully giving her ample derriere a firm smack. Prove it, Amber teased, locking eyes with me. Grinning, I put my hands upon her wide hips as she lowered herself onto me. Eye to eye, we exchanged a kiss as my hard dick slid into her cunt. At last, I was inside of her.

Amber licked her lips and grabbed my face in her hands. Fuck me like you mean it, she said. I smiled and slammed my dick into her, hard. If little miss butch likes the rough stuff, she definitely came to the right place. I’m going to show what you’ve been missing, I said, and gently bit Amber’s nipples, eliciting a surprised cry from her as I continued fucking her hard, ramming my dick into her pussy while smacking her ass.

If her dark hair had been longer I would have pulled it. I love the rough stuff, Amber cried out as I continued drilling her. Wrapping my arms around her to firmly hold my big beautiful butch lady into place, I fucked her as hard as I could. Amber moaned softly as I made love to her. We went at it for a while, then exhaustion claimed us. After we came who knows how many times, we lay exhausted and sweaty on the living room carpet. I looked at my beautiful bisexual butch lady friend. How was it? I asked, curious. Amber tugged at my chest hairs. Frigging hot, she laughed. I kissed her then, and Amber kissed me back passionately. We fell asleep like this, and I must say, it was one of the most passionate experiences of my life. Bisexual butch redneck women rock!

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Second trip to the Dream Boutique

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This is a true account of my second trip to the Dream Boutique.

A Friday night, after doing some work with friends, my horniness got the best of me. I pulled up to the Dream Boutique around 1:30 am. It’s open 24 hours, far enough from where I live, and always frequented by horny guys looking to get off.

I went to the cashier to get a two dollar bill that gained me access to the booths in the back of the store. The whole area is always dark, and there are usually a few guys milling around.

I picked booth number four. Entered, inserted my money and began perusing all of the available channels. Hardcore, trans, group sex, all kinds of porn. Unzipping my pants, I began fondling my cock and waited to see if anyone would put their cock through the gloryhole.

Alas, after some time stroking myself, I realized not much was happening. So, I made my way to the theater at the front of the store. Paid my ten bucks, and I was in.

The theater is kind of shady. Tons of dark places to fuck, suck, and whatever else you could imagine.

There’s the first room, usually showing straight scenes, where a few men were patiently sitting. All three men were black, one was asleep, one had his cock out and was steadily stroking, and another just drank his soda.

In between the first and second room is a small hallway with no lighting, Bycasino where you could hear multiple men using some other man’s holes.

In the second room, there were gay scenes being shown on three screens. There’s an elevated area with more seating and a few men were sitting, watching and stroking their cocks.

Around the corner is a bathroom and a small monitor playing shemale and bi porn. You can walk through a completely dark room, where again, you could hear loud fucking and sucking sounds.

And, in the back room, is an area with three alcove seats. In the middle of the room is a round upholstered table. Three men took turns being sucked by a man on the nearest seat.

A man in his late 50s stood next to me, his pants all the way at his ankles stroking his exposed cock while watching the shemale porn on the monitor. I leaned on the wall next to him and began to rub my cock through my pants, showing my hard dick pressing through them.

The man stroking began looking at my hard cock as a man on the other side of me began rubbing me through my pants. He became visibly aroused and increased his speed with which he jacked himself.

I pushed the second man’s hand away, and decided to make another pass through the theaters. I slowly made my way to the front, sat and stroked my bare cock to the Bycasino giriş two men fucking the blonde on the screen.

It seemed obvious that not much was going to be happening, so I made my way into the gay room. A man was getting blown in the elevated area, a skinny black guy had his cock out and was furiously jacking his dick.

… Still nothing I wanted to get into.

I passed a crossdresser, who had been freshly fucked, as I made my way into the back room again.

The same man was in the same spot jacking his hard cock.

I posted up right next to him again. I motioned to my hard on, and he began rubbing through my pants. I could see him get more excited.

He reached for my zipper, but I instructed him to keep doing what he was doing. This drove him wild. He leaned closer to me, and I took his cock in my hand. I slowly stroked him, feeling him swell in my hand.

A large black guy entered the room and had his eyes affixed on us. He pulled his shirt up, played with his nipples and played with his cock for us to see.

I increased my speed and felt him getting ready to cum. He really started rubbing me through my pants, and then he started to shudder as I made him shoot his load on the floor. I pushed him by his chest against the wall, and kept jerking him as the last of his Bycasino deneme bonusu cum emptied from his balls.

He leaned his head back and smiled at me. Then began to dress.

I decided to go to the gay room.

Up to the elevated area, I found a nice love seat for myself, unzipped my pants and began to stroke.

The second man from the back room walked up to see me, and I motioned him to sit next to me.

He obliged and kept reaching to jerk me off. I decided to make him wait and pushed his hand away three times. After the third, he began to finger my nipples through my shirt as I masturbated for him.

“You wanna stroke my cock?” I asked.

“Yesssss!” he excitedly replied.

I leaned back and took my cock out, he began to stroke me as we watched the twink on screen getting plowed. He very gently stroked me for five minutes. He would lean in to suck my cock, but I wouldn’t let him. It really turned me on for some reason just having fun with him.

My orgasm started to well up and I asked if he wanted my cum.

Without reply, he immediately got on his knees. I told him to put his tongue out, and jacked five hard-shot ropes onto his face and tongue as he moaned and liked it off of his mouth. I totally covered his face.

As he sat and savored every drop, I zipped myself up and stepped over him, treating him like a total slut.

Without saying a word, I deliberately exited the theater and began my trip home.

I have some more experiences from the local theaters and sex shops, some including women that work there. I plan on posting them soon.

Hope you liked!

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Foreign Exchange Ch. 08

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


While Sousuke was having the best time of his life, Nicholas was having the worst. He could sense something was different between the dynamic between his mother and Sousuke. Sousuke was no longer brooding like usual, and his mother and father, who were really close just weeks before, were no longer touching each other the same way. What the hell was going on here? He had to investigate.

He thought he was going out of his mind. He would hear a moan here or there, or he would see them split apart from each other awkwardly when he entered the kitchen with them alone, or he would see weird movements underneath the blankets, and his mother’s glazed eyes. Was he imagining all of this? Was he truly going crazy from thinking that this random Japanese kid who was the lankiest kid he’s ever seen had the ability to satisfy a woman like that? Why was she even indulging him? His mind was filled with the two of them on a constant basis, and the man who he usually worshipped – his father – became an idiot to him as he wondered how he didn’t notice all of these changes.

One morning, on the worst day of his life, Nicholas noticed Sousuke pull his mother towards him by the strap of her pyjama top at breakfast, which made her breasts jiggle as she kissed him on the cheek as a ‘good morning’. That action was weird enough on its own, why was she kissing him good morning if she didn’t ever do that with Nicholas or Robert? And Sousuke was clearly doing all he could to move her breasts as much as possible, and all she did was giggle and let him do what he wanted.

That evening, Robert was out in a faculty meeting, the first where he was the head of the department. Nicholas appointed himself as a guard that night. He wouldn’t let that stupid kid touch his mother. But… it was too late. He was in his room when he heard a noise, a noise that sounded very similar to a moan. From a distance, unnoticed, he snuck out into the hallway and saw an unopened bedroom. Sousuke’s bedroom.

Since there was no one in the house except for the three of them, the two must have been in the room Bycasino together, alone. That was weird enough as it was. Their hushed noises came out softly into the hallway, and he stood against the wall, listening.

He was astonished and petrified. Would he finally see what he had suspected all along? To see the woman he cared about the most in the world be attacked like that? And let him attack her? He almost didn’t want to stay and find out, but he willed himself to continue, to stand there and listen to it. He had to know, no matter what.

When he couldn’t hear any talking after a while, he peeked into the room and gaped. His mother was completely naked, and Sousuke was having the time of his life between her legs. His disbelief became a black abyss of anger and lust as he saw that while she was not swearing and cursing at him, she was doing something even more vulgar from his perspective. She was letting him do it, and she looked like she was enjoying it tremendously.

What shocked him the most was… after recovering from the enormity of seeing his naked guest mating with his beautiful mom, was seeing his mom spread her legs wider to give him full access. She even placed her legs on Sousuke’s shoulder as she noticed the boy getting sore from holding her legs in the crook of his arms. She moaned and pressed her hands into his hair, playing with it as she thrusted into his tongue. She was giving him instructions, teaching him how to play with her as much as possible.

Nicholas couldn’t lie to himself anymore. It was true… all the things he had imagined. It was actually true. He wasn’t crazy, afterall. Though this realization was killing him from the inside out. It was actually worse than he thought. He had assumed his mother was being nice about it, but still resisting Sousuke’s insistent touches. Instead, she was clearly letting him enjoy her body as much as possible. She used her arms to push her big tits together as he leaned forwards from her crotch to suck on her nipples again, clearly something he loved to do.

Nicholas couldn’t take this anymore. He shook his head and left, his dick throbbing in his pants from witnessing Bycasino giriş such an act. He hated the two of them, but he hated himself even more.

This boy… this boy somehow managed to win the affection of an intelligent woman that cared for people, that loved people with all her heart. She had an incredibly gorgeous figure, and breasts that looked like they were done up in a lab. She… she was so much better than him, and yet she let her play with him like this.

None of it made sense.

None of it.

Nicholas wanted to jump out the window and forget any of this even happened.


Sousuke felt Julia-san’s hands play with his hair as he played with her nipples more. He now knew how sensitive they were, and knew she loved it sucked and bitten just as much as he liked to play with them. He moved his fingers down to play with her some more. His tongue had gotten numb from the onslaught, and though he wanted her to cum again, he couldn’t take it anymore, and had moved back up again.

The truth was, he knew she was ready for him, but he was nervous about fucking her for the first time. He didn’t know if she would be okay with it, if he would do a good job, and he didn’t want to disappoint her. He almost imagined her shoving him away, and that would kill him. As he shoved two fingers into her folds again, he whispered sweet nothings to her, telling her about his love and how pure his feelings were, how much he cared for her mind as well as her body. All she did was moan and grind against him, using her body to feel as good as possible.

He couldn’t take it anymore, he shoved her legs up again, placing them so close to her body that her knees were pressing into her tits as her legs shot up near her face. She was very flexible, and it made things even easier for him. He placed his dick against her cunt, and groaned out loud as he shoved inside.

It was months and months of build up, months of imagining that it would feel like. Fitful nights of thinking she would never even speak to him again, let alone let him fuck her. And yet… all Bycasino deneme bonusu of the wait was worth it. She moaned out loud, almost screaming, as he shoved deep inside of her. Though he was inexperienced, he had his youth on his side, and he started to pound her mercilessly, not letting her adjust to him at all.

She loved how badly he treated her when he was filled with lust, and she clenched down on him as her fluids spurted out onto the bed, drenching both of them. The sticky fluid made it easier for him to slide back and forth, and he barely had to move his hips to access the deep parts of her. It was… better than his hands, better than her tongue, better than any toy he could’ve gotten in Japan with their latest inventions. It was something that shoved all of the decent thoughts out of his mind and told him to do more. To demand more.

And so, as he fucked her with wild abandonment, Sousuke realized something. He wasn’t in love with Julia-san after all. He was in love with her body, and all of this was just a huge, uncontrollable infatuation. He was a young man who met an American woman that gave into his every desire, and he wanted to play with her in the most hentai and perverted way possible. To tease her every chance he got, to make her a whore that dressed in the most slutty way in front of her mom friends and loved the glares they gave her.

The thought was so hot that he grew even bigger, and his balls pulsed, begging to cum inside the sweet cunt his dick was plowing. He let go, knowing that he would be able to do this over and over again in the future. She moaned his name repeatedly and loudly, not caring that Nicholas was in the next room, able to hear them. Her mind was blank, now, and the only thing she could really think of was how his dick felt inside of her. How much he was using her for his body. Because she really knew the truth all along… that this love wasn’t real. It made her wet just thinking about the greedy feelings he actually had, and how little he really cared for her.

And so he came, and she came as well as he thrusted into her harder than he ever had, and as he finished spurting the large amount of cum he had saved up for her, he collapsed on top of her, breathing loudly.

She pet his hair in a motherly way, breathing deeply as she felt him soften inside of her. Robert would be gone for the rest of the evening… and she was so ready for round two.


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Sissification 101: Ch. 02

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Summary: Both Eric(a) and Joan discover the joys of toys.

Thanks to the real Eric who requested and helped plot this lengthy story.

Thanks to Tex Beethoven and Robert for editing this story.

Recap so far:

Sissification 101 tells the story of Eric, a mid-30s Asian, who has been hiding his sissy side curiosity for years until he is caught in pantyhose watching hypno-sissy porn by a very supportive girlfriend.

Sissification 101 Ch 02



I recalled last night’s wild revelations, and after a shower, I went without underwear and wore the pantyhose, as ordered by Joan.

It felt a little weird, but also a little exciting, to have female hosiery on beneath my stereotypical business suit.

The morning was uneventful… I didn’t get to see Joan all morning, as I was in meetings. It was a slight rush to be aware that I was wearing hidden pantyhose as we discussed marketing strategy and cash flows, and on the surface, everything was mundane.

I received a text to meet Joan at the Swan Pit for lunch. I immediately knew this was special, since that was the location of our first lunch date… which had led to our first dinner date… which, of course, within two-and-a-half weeks, had led to the official beginning of our committed relationship.

I arrived a few minutes tardy, the meeting going over, even though I’d quit listening near the end, being so excited to be having lunch with Joan… but also feeling a bit nervous. She’d had over a dozen hours to replay last night, and to reconsider her reactions and commitments. I felt pretty confident we’d come together on the same page for this new adventure, yet I wouldn’t know for sure until we got together for lunch and I’d be able to tell she wasn’t having second thoughts. I mean, it would be very reasonable for her to have second thoughts, but after all, she’d invited me here.

She was already seated, and she’d already ordered for us. She smiled and asked, immediately putting me at ease… no, she wasn’t having second thoughts… “So how is wearing pantyhose to work?”

“Liberating,” I answered.

“How so?”

“I feel I’m a little more myself,” I explained.

“How so?” she asked again, as I felt her foot… no shoe, definitely sheer stocking… appear between my legs and rest itself directly on my crotch.

“Well, I’ve been hiding a significant part of my identity for years, and although you’re the only one who knows my truth now, it’s exciting to be secretly living it with you,” I answered.

“Oh, we’re just beginning to live your truth, and you can bet we’ll be living it together,” she assured me, adding verisimilitude to her assertion by slowly rubbing my cock.

“So, no second thoughts?” I asked, even though it was obvious she didn’t have any… yet I still needed to hear it said.

“Oh, I’ve had second, third, fourth, and hundreds of thoughts.”

“Oh,” I said, that not being the answer I’d been hoping for.

“But most of them were about tactics for making all our fantasies come true,” she revealed, my sudden anxiety relieved just as quickly as it had arrived… especially how she’d referred to them as ‘our’ fantasies.

“Oh, better,” I smiled.

“Were you worried I’d cut and run?”

“A little,” I admitted.

“If I was going to run, I had lots of opportunities last night,” she pointed out, “one of the later ones being on my way to the adult store to select some toys for us.”

“I guess so,” I chuckled awkwardly.

“Catching you with that sissy video, for instance,” she said. “You were afraid, as the expression goes, I’d be ‘shocked and appalled’.”

“Yeah,” I nodded, shame again coursing through me.

“Then there was your plethora of admissions,” she continued. “You were scared shitless I’d find one or all of them to be a deal breaker.”

“Yeah,” I sighed to myself, thinking almost no one used the word ‘plethora’.

“And all those declarations,” she added.

“You told me to say them,” I protested.

“But hadn’t you made those same declarations while you watched them alone?” she asked. “Many times, beginning sometime before we met, and then even continuing after we met and got together, keeping your dirty little secrets from me? Some women would be very upset about that.”

“Yes, you’re right,” I admitted.

“But I’m not some women, I wasn’t even mildly upset by any of it, and I’m still here,” she said.

“Yes, you are, and I’m so very grateful that you are,” I said, filled with gratitude.

“This is going to sound corny, but I want to be a part of your journey,” she said. She then paused and added, “I want to make it our journey.”

“You do?” I asked, even though it was obvious from her reactions last night, and now her words today, that she meant it.

“Yes, Eric,” she said softly. “I want to do everything with you.”

“That’s Bycasino music to my ears, because I want to do everything with you, too,” I said.

“Good, then we’ll be together every step of the way,” she concluded, as the waitress arrived with our food.

“I couldn’t be happier,” I said, a rush of joy coursing through me.

“Although you must understand…” she began and then paused, her tone suddenly ominous.

Oh dear, here it is… a variation on ‘I like you, but’.

“…that I’m the one in charge,” she finished after an excruciating delay.

“Haven’t you always been?” I joked.

“Well, yes,” she smiled. “But now it’s official.”

“Should we put it in writing?” I joked.

“No,” she laughed, “but we shall consummate our hierarchy on Friday.”

“We shall, shall we?” I smiled, as she continued rubbing my hard penis.

“Oh, you know we shall,” she said in a way that made it clear she’d already planned the night… well, the end of the night… I’d planned dinner and a musical, and those were still in our itinerary.

“I’m both excited and terrified,” I only kind of joked.

“Given what I’m planning, each of those emotions are logical and appropriate to have,” she smiled, as she moved her foot away.

“Hey, I was enjoying that,” I protested.

“First, you’re not allowed to come until Friday night,” she said, that being a mighty long time for me, as I tended to jerk off every night, even nights when I’d already come in Joan’s mouth or pussy.

“Okay,” I agreed tentatively.

“What? That’s only three days,” she said.

“Four days and three nights,” I corrected her.

“Fine,” she sighed, “but my requirement stands,” shaking her head and taking a bite of her food.

“That was the first point. Is there a second?” I asked, both scared and curious as to what it might be.

“Right,” she said, her response surprising sarcastic, “Sorry, I got distracted by the ‘unbearable hardship’ I’m putting you through,” using air quotes.

“Yeah, yeah,” I said, hating not knowing something.

“Second,” she said as she sliced her chicken, “there shall be no foreplay during breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our interrelations shall be strictly platonic… until they’re not.”

I laughed, leave it to her to make a rule about food. We really were two peas in a pod. “Great rule,” I agreed, finally realizing I hadn’t taken a bite so far, I was starving, and when I looked down at my plate, I saw the dear woman had ordered me the exact same meal I’d ordered myself on our first lunch date.

We ate in relative silence, talking only about boring things like work, that seemed excessively mundane compared to last night and the promise of Friday… that evening seemingly an eternity away right now.

Once we were done eating, she asked, “Do you want dessert?”

I asked, wanting clarity, stressing the last word, “Dessert, dessert or an actual dessert?”

“Unless you’re about to crawl under the table to get the dessert you’re angling for, I was just thinking dessert, dessert,” she said.

“Although that sounds fun, and something to add to my suddenly expanding bucket list, I’ll just stick to dessert, dessert as well.”

She shook her head, “I just want whatever cheesecake I can extract from this weird game of innuendos you’ve created.”

“Excellent choice, ma’am,” I said.

A shared cheesecake later, she said, “Don’t leave work today without dropping by my office. I have a gift for you.”

“Why does that scare me?” I asked, kinda playfully.

“It shouldn’t,” she said, then added as she stood up, “much.”

“You both turn me on uncontrollably, and frighten the dickens out of me at the same time,” I said, also standing up.

She kissed me and said only, “Good,” before we walked back to work together.

The afternoon was super busy, and I actually forgot I was wearing pantyhose until I went to the washroom to pee. I unzipped, and was reminded I was in pantyhose. No one else was in the bathroom, so I performed some weird origami maneuvers with my pantyhose, pissed, settled my hosiery back in place, and returned to work.

The workday ended, and I went to Joan’s office. I walked through the door and closed it.

“Lock it,” she ordered.

“Already in Mistress mode, I see,” I joked, as I dutifully locked the door.

She stood up, approached me around her desk, then raised her dress to reveal she was wearing a strap-on.

“Oh my,” I gasped. “You’re really in Mistress mode.”

“Like?” she asked brightly, as she stroked her very black cock.

“It’s very unexpected,” I said, as I stared at it nervously.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to fuck your ass in my office,” she said. “I just wanted to give you a little peek at what I’ll be wearing on Friday when I take your cherry.”

“It’s not as big as the one you had last night,” I said, beside myself with excitement that she was wearing a strap-on, but equally full of trepidation.

“Yes, the saleswoman suggested that if I’m Bycasino giriş breaking in a virgin ass, and yes, she used the words ‘breaking in’, I should begin smaller,” she revealed.

“Did you tell the saleswoman it was for a guy?” I asked.

“I did,” she nodded.

“Oh,” I said. This suddenly all seeming so real. Yes, I was excited about exploring these sexual curiosities and doing it with Joan, but I didn’t want anyone else knowing.

“Come suck my dick, Erica,” she ordered, not noticing my sudden nervousness. Whether from lack of observation or by design, I couldn’t say.

“Right here?” I asked, trying to hint at my trepidation, even though her words were so fucking hot… words that for weeks I’d secretly imagined her saying to me.

“Just for a minute,” she said. “I’ve been so fucking horny all day, imagining you sucking dick.”

“Really?” I asked, surprised that the idea got her excited, but still concerned, because we were in her office, and the corridor outside was far from empty.

“Yeah, I can’t explain it,” she said, “but the idea is a major fucking turn-on.”

“It is?” I asked, still in awe that my dirty fantasies could turn a woman on.

“Stop acting so shocked,” she said. “I’ve always been a bit of a sexual deviant, and it seems that so are you.”

“I never thought of it that way,” I said, her words relaxing me a little.

“It’s a good thing,” she said. “We can explore these kinky fantasies together.”

“Okay,” I said, relaxing a little bit.

“Now get over here Erica, and suck my fucking dick,” she ordered, just one more sentence to add to the growing list of super hot things I’d heard uttered from her lips.

“You had me at ‘suck my fucking dick’,” I joked, having watched Notting Hill with her just last weekend. She loved English movies, and I was just now discovering English movies… especially Love Actually and Almost Time… behind all my kinky fantasies, I was also a romantic at heart.

I walked over to her, dropped to my knees, and hesitated.

It was one thing to fantasize about doing this.

It was another to have it staring me in the face.

My hand was trembling as I reached for the plastic cock. I stroked it, leaned forward and kissed it.

Even after all my hours of watching dicks getting sucked (I couldn’t even begin to imagine how many hundreds or even thousands of hours that would total), I realized I had no clue what I was doing.

I licked the shaft, a little surprised I could smell her scent as I did. This was turning her on and stimulating her pussy. That, in turn, excited me.

I licked up and down for thirty seconds give or take, feeling so many conflicting feelings as I did. I liked being on my knees. I liked having a cock in my hand (although it made me wonder what a real cock would feel like). I liked having Joan watching me; she was my safe person, even though she scared the wits out of me sometimes. Yet I also felt a little ‘less’. I felt like less of a man, which I’d pretty much accepted in my many fantasies at home, yet it felt way more real when my girlfriend, kindred spirit that she was, was standing above me.

These many thoughts were spinning in my head and through my body, my tiny dick hard as ever, until Joan ordered, “Enough foreplay. Suck my cock.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I said, liking her nasty words, enjoying being told what to do. I opened my mouth, still trembling ever so slightly, and took the six-inch slim cock in my mouth… so much smaller than the big black cocks I constantly fantasized about sucking.

“So hot,” she purred, as I began bobbing.

Truth be told, it was a little awkward.

Partly because I was in her office and could still vaguely hear people right outside, and I couldn’t help but wonder what they’d think if they knew what was happening behind the door.

Partly because it wasn’t a real dick.

It was nevertheless super stimulating.

My hard penis flinched in my pantyhose from sucking a plastic dick.

“You’re going to be a great little cock sucker,” she said, sounding turned on, watching me.

I kept bobbing, suddenly wanting to impress her. I was a great pussy licker, I knew that; now I wanted to become a great cock sucker.

Cock sucker.

What a word.

Seldom used, except in a derogatory way.

You never called a girl who sucked a dick a cock sucker. No. Sometimes a slut, if she sucked a lot of different dicks and you thought you could get away with it, but a girl sucking a cock was just a girl sucking a cock. On the other hand, a guy sucking a cock was a cock sucker… or a faggot… or gay. Or some other name most men didn’t want to be labeled as, and therefore usually derogatory.

I suppose the same principle could be used to describe pussy licking. A guy eating a pussy is just a thoughtful, considerate guy doing what he should… but a girl eating pussy is a lesbian, or a dyke… although the principle breaks down at the next step: there’s no derogatory term synonymous Bycasino deneme bonusu with cunt licker or pussy muncher… those are hot terms when applied to a woman.

I continued bobbing, realizing I was only taking about four inches in my mouth before feeling filled up. How could I possibly take ten? How did anyone take ten?

“That’s enough for today, my sexy cock sucker,” Joan said, her tone making her words sound so sweet, as if she was saying something sensitive like ‘you look hot today.’

“That was wild,” I said as I backed off the cock.

“I think we’re going to have to work on your gag reflex,” she said.

“Looks like, how does anyone take a big cock in their mouth?” I asked.

“Practice,” she smiled, as she stood up and slid her cock back in my mouth.

To my surprise, she then briefly fucked my mouth, shoving all six inches in, and making me gag big time.

Like many black men I’d seen online do to their hungry sluts, she grabbed both sides of my skull, taking full control of me as she fucked my mouth.

This rough treatment made my penis flinch, and had a chill going up my spine. Despite my severe discomfort, seeing that Joan was obviously getting into it, enhanced my own pleasure. It seemed the strap-on was creating some sort of friction on her clit, as she moaned rather loudly while she skull-fucked me, albeit with a dick almost as small as mine.

It was quite awkward; my entire sex life I’d been in control, or had at least a semblance of control, and suddenly I had none. Even while sucking her cock, I’d been in control even though I was clumsy at it, but while she was face fucking me, I had none.

And as I said, the entire time I was gagging, the most worrisome part of that being those loud noises you make when you gag, with other people still in the building.

She pulled out and added, looking down at me, my saliva drooling in torrents down my chin and dripping off her cock, “Apparently, lots and lots of practice.”

I wiped the saliva off my face as she surprised me yet again by ordering, “Undo your pants, pull them down, and bend over my desk.”

“What?” I said, having heard her, but thinking she’d already said she wouldn’t fuck me here.

“I picked up a little something for that virgin hole of yours,” she said, as she walked back around her desk and picked up a small butt plug.

“Oh,” I said, relaxing slightly as I unbuckled my belt… getting a little excited.

“Yes, three days, three plugs,” she said.

“Oh,” I repeated, as I pulled my pants down.

She walked back behind me and said, as I bent over only in pantyhose again, “God, you have such a sexy, fuckable ass.”

“Words I never imagined being said about me,” I joked awkwardly.

She caressed my pantyhose-clad ass and said, “Me neither, but here we are.”

“Here we are indeed,” I agreed.

“Oh, shoot,” she said, returning to her desk. “I almost forgot the lube.”

“That would be utterly lube-icrous,” I joked.

“Nice,” she smiled, grabbing the lube, and as usual, appreciating my corny sense of humour. “I bought a big bottle for each of our homes, plus a small one for my purse.”

“Always thinking ahead,” I smiled, as she returned behind me.

“That’s me,” she said, again caressing my ass. “Fuck, I think you’ve got a sexier ass than I do. Where’s the fairness in that?”

“No, I don’t think so,” I said, even though I appreciated the compliment.

“No really, it’s actually quite feminine,” she said, as she really checked out my ass.

“I don’t know how to take that,” I joked.

“Well, Eric would be within his rights to be slightly insulted and insecure about his girlfriend seeing his body as feminine, while Erica should be super flattered that her hot curves can compete with her girlfriend’s,” Joan said.

“Oh,” was all I said as she pulled my pantyhose down to my ankles.

“You’ll always be Eric at work, but in the confines of the bedroom and,” she paused, “when we’re in my office with the door closed and locked, you’ll be Erica. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I agreed, wondering if it could be that simple to split my persona like that, as I felt slightly warm lube being poured between my ass cheeks.

“Good girl,” she said as she probed my anal entrance with her finger. “We’re in this journey together though, so if there’s something you’re not comfortable with, please tell me.”

“Like being fingered in your office?” I groaned, as her finger slid inside.

“For example…” she said as she pulled out her finger and then a moment later, pushed the smallest of the butt plugs into my ass. “…this!”

I moaned, although after a brief period of stinging, there was nothing.

“The first plug is small,” she said, as she pulled my pantyhose up.

“Yeah, I can barely feel it,” I admitted.

“Nevertheless, it has its job to do, so keep it in your ass all night and all day tomorrow, until we swap the plugs after work,” she said, then quipping, “Your gracious Mistress will allow you to remove this whenever you need to poop; fair’s fair.” She then slapped my ass. Hard.

I yelped, surprised by the sharp pain.

“Fuck, your ass is hot,” she said.

“Thanks,” I said, really liking her obsession with my ass, even though it burned for a bit after the sudden slap.

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Amber’s Party

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The music pulsed through the house, giving it an almost life like sensation of a beating heart, teenagers in various degrees of drunkenness stumble around looking for more alcohol as they celebrated finishing their HSC. A few of the less inebriated of the teens form little groups around landmarks of the house; the kitchen bench, the couches of the living room, the outdoor dining area and the pool. The second storey bedrooms and bathrooms were all occupied by various couples seeking the privacy for the intimate activities that take place when the equation of alcohol and horny teenagers is solved. However one room didn’t contain a couple, in fact it contained seven people; six teenage boys and one teenage girl.

They each quivered with excitement at the thought of the event which was about to take place in the master bedroom, five guys and one girl. The girl’s name was Amber, she was nineteen, tall, pale and had ginger hair. Her green eyes still bright in the darkness of the room. The guys stared at her taking in her beauty while she was still clothed. Her slim figure, her smooth pale legs that led up to a denim mini skirt where they could catch a glimpse at the red lingerie she was wearing underneath. Slowly she began to strip teasing the five guys who were eagerly awaiting the opportunity to fuck her pussy. First she started with her shirt lifting it slowly to reveal her naval, she could hear the guys panting eagerly awaiting for to remove her shirt and release her breasts. Taking off her shirt she revealed her matching red brassiere. The guys at the sight of Bycasino her brassiere groaned, she could clearly see their erections. She giggled to herself about how she got five guys erect without even having to release her double D’s, slowly she slid off her denim skirt once it was around one of her ankles she kicked off aiming at one of the guys who caught it. They all stared at her, she then unclipped her brassiere letting her breasts fall free. Next she teased them with the slow pace at which she removed her panties. Quickly flashing them her pussy before hiding it from their view.

They were becoming impatient as one approached and ripped off her panties revealing her shaved pussy. This one act then set off the guys as they themselves began to undress in a hurry as if their life depended on staring at her beautiful naked body. Once they were all undressed they surrounded her, their cocks stiff, straight and pulsating, ready for her. No not ready for her, ready for her pussy. One of them shoved their cock into her mouth forcing her to blow him, she could feel the warmth of his cock on her tongue and the head as it hit the back of her throat. Another shoved his stiff member into her pussy and began to fuck her without any of the grace and dignity of love making. He was fucking her pussy raw and rough and she loved it. She then took two of the guys’ cocks and began to stroke them with her hands. They each groaned as she expertly jerked off her cocks.

She was surrounded by a cacophony of grunts and moans form the guys who were fucking Bycasino giriş her, however the sixth stood back as if he was waiting for something and with a quick word everything stopped each of the guys withdrew and forced her to stand. The sixth guy then proceeded over to sit on the bed then forced Amber to sit on his stiff cock, but instead of shoving it in her pussy he shoved it into her ass. She shrieked in what could quite easily be mistaken for pleasure or pain. He began to pump away at her ass and allowed the other guys to resume what they were doing to her before he stopped them. The grunts and the moans from the guy fucking her ass were louder than all of the others combined as if fucking her in the ass gave him more pleasure than being blown, given a handjob or fucking a pussy. Then it stopped again all the guys withdrew and changed places. Taking up different positions and fucking Amber as if she was nothing more than a sex toy.

The cycle continued and slowly but surely when each of them climaxed and shot their load over her face and breasts they stood back and watched until there was one guy left. Amber thought it was one of the guys who she started off by giving a handjob to. He was fucking her in the ass, his grunts were deep and animal like. He was pumping away at her ass ignoring her own confusing squeals and moans. Until with one final thrust and with one final groan he shot his load off right in her ass.

After withdrawing he watched as his cum slowly dripped out of her ass.

They each got dressed Bycasino deneme bonusu and left the room with the smug faces of boys who had just done something they know they shouldn’t have. Leaving Amber alone in the room still panting, trying to recover from the pleasuring she had just received. Sure she had fucked guys before but only ever one at a time never six at once and never in the ass. With dried cum on her face and breasts and cum dripping out her ass and down her thighs she ventured into the private bathroom adjoined to master bedroom, turned on the shower and let the cum that covered her body wash away.

She smiled to herself knowing that there were six guys downstairs, smug with the satisfaction of the orgasmic high, possibly bragging about what had taken place in this bedroom this very night and wished that none of them would ever forget this night.

With one of her hands she began to stroke her pussy, her fingers danced across it in an expert manner, she then penetrated and began to fuck herself until she was on the verge of climax.

However she stopped as a new guy entered the bathroom. She smiled as she saw his eyes gazed at her. He began to strip down, his cock stiff and ready, he walked towards her slowly as if he thought she might reject his company. He entered the shower, Amber was prepared but pleasantly surprised as he got down on his knees and finished her off with this tongue.


Hey guys, thanks for reading this. I am rather new to this so if you have any feedback please tell me as I always want to improve the quality of my work. Also if you have any recommendations for what I should write next please tell me, there are very few things I don’t write about. I hope some of them are rather obvious. I am always open to something new and I do love the “research” of new things.

C. S Leonidas

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Te Au Moana

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I rubbed the back of my tender neck. The hotel barber had done a good job on my hair, even though I’d presented him with months of overgrowth. He’d cut the back and sides tight to my skull, closer than I’d worn it since before I got married. I liked the way it made the gray at my temples seem like it might just be a trick of the light. I looked like my father when he was teaching me to drive; I felt like a shorn sheep. The little hotel patio was well-shaded by the angular lace of the shadows of palm fronds, enough that the prickling at my hairline was psychological, not an actual sunburn starting. Ice shifted and clinked in my glass and the ocean breeze teased the naked tops of my ears.

I gave up on even the pretense of reading the book I’d gotten in the airport, marked my place, and set it aside. There’s not an ugly place on Oahu, not this close to the beach, and it’s a damn shame not to take in the sights. And what sights there were! Through the jasmine dripping off the lashed bamboo pergola, I had a clear view of the wooden sun deck in front of my shaded patio, particularly of a girl in an acid green string bikini and giant, bug-eye sunglasses working on her deep tan. She sat up and rubbed her hand searchingly from her golden kneecap up to her hip and back again, then reached into her canvas tote bag for a spray bottle of oil. The starting spark of orange in the setting sun lit the cloud of tanning oil and it bloomed into fire over her thighs. She stroked her glistening skin, fingertips disappearing into the crevice between her legs. A long lock of blonde hair pulled loose from her ponytail and spilled across her face. She puckered her lips and huffed at the strands unsuccessfully before tucking it behind her ear. She was on her knees in front of me, pushing that same stubborn piece of hair away from her mouth before rubbing the head of my cock against her lower lip. I hooked my thumb under one green string of her bikini top and slid it up to the knot-

“Don’t waste your time,” a throaty woman’s voice, to my left.

“Sorry?” I was embarrassed to be caught staring.

“Your book, Eat, Pray, Love? Don’t waste your time. It’s a bunch of soccer mom yoga pants navel gazing bullshit. Mind if I share your table? It’s got the best view of the beach and the sun’s gonna set here in a minute.” Wild brown curls, kissed with sun and salt, framed her face. I couldn’t tell how old she was, since her sunglasses covered her eyes, but from her throat, the swell of her breasts against the keyhole opening of her blue halter swimsuit, my guess was mid-thirties. I had fifteen years on her, at least.

“Go ahead,” I gestured to the chair she was already grabbing to pull out. “Do I need to worry that you’re going to take my drink, too?”

“Is it bourbon?”


“Then no. I’d take a margarita, though. Shame not to drink a margarita on the beach, it’s what they’re made for.” She had a lopsided smile, flirty even when she was being straightforward, though she was certainly flirting with me. I signaled Bycasino the bartender to come over and soon I was brushing the salt from her margarita off the rim of my second scotch where we’d clinked them together.

“To pretty strangers in need of margaritas and sunsets,” I offered.

“To handsome men staring thoughtfully out at the surf,” she added.

“I’m Stephen.”

“Amanda.” She pushed her sunglasses up to the crown of her head. Her hazel eyes crinkled with her smile in a way that made me wonder how they’d look tightly closed in pleasure.

“How far did you get in this monstrosity, anyway?” She grabbed the paperback and flipped it open to where I’d stuck a narrow rectangle of printed card stock a dozen pages in. When she saw it, surprise and shame pulled her eyebrows together. “Jesus, I’m sorry. I thought you were here on vacation.”

“Can’t vacation in the place where you’re from,” I said, plucking the funeral program card from the pages. “My cousin, Chris.”

“Were you close?”

“Yeah, when we were kids. Real close. Our birthdays were a week apart, we used to have our parties together.” I sensed a shift in her mood like the pull of a wave. We’d been headed in a good direction before she found out what I was doing here. If I could resume that momentum, I might have a chance at a pleasant dinner with her. “He had a car and a later curfew when we were in high school. I used to come home on Friday at ten, make sure my parents saw me go up to my room, then shimmy down the ladder Chris kept in the trunk. We got it down to five minutes, house door to car door.”

“I guess if you have to go to a funeral, paradise is the best place it can be.”

“Having family on the island has its perks.”

“How long have you been gone?”

“Since I-” got married “-graduated college. Wanted to see more of the world and got my wish. Nice to be back home, though, it’s been a few years.”

“Where’s home for you now?” Amanda dipped the tip of her middle finger in her drink and used it to catch salt crystals from the rim of her glass before popping it in her pouting mouth. Heat flashed through my linen pants, and I thought for the first time that more than dinner might be where momentum was taking us.

“Now that,” I chuckled, signaling the bartender for another round, “is an interesting question.”

“Is it?” She leaned forward, close enough for me to see the freckles that scattered her nose like the line of shells left at the edge of the surf with the foam also stretched across her shoulders. “I’d say it’s a boring question, unless the man is particularly interesting.”

“Well,” I leaned forward, too, only the breadth of her margarita glass between us, “I’m a beach bum, as of last week.”

“And that means..?”

“I’m homeless.” I expected her to pull back in shock, but all she did was raise an eyebrow.


“Technically homeless. The sale of my house finalized ten days ago, same day I found out Chris was in the hospital on short Bycasino giriş time. I was supposed to start looking at apartments, but being here seemed a lot more important. I hired a moving company to pack up everything left in the house and put it in storage until I decide where I’m going to land.”

“Ever thought about staying here?”

“On a night like this?” I cut my eyes at the beach, gone to ruddy fire in the setting sun. “I can’t think of being anywhere else. Can’t hold anywhere else in my mind too long before what’s right in front of me floods it out.”

“Well, if you stay, you can work on your tan lines.” Amanda broke the seal between us and ran the fingertips of her right hand along my jaw. I had forgotten about my pale cheeks — the hotel barber had taken off my six months of untrimmed beard with short, even strokes of his straight razor along with my hair. Her hand dropped lightly over mine and she rubbed the other patch of white skin, the one my ring had covered for more than thirty years. “All of your tan lines.”

“I’m here alone. I’m divorced.”

“I don’t need to know that.” I couldn’t tell if the huskiness in her voice was the continuing riptide of our attraction or some wound I didn’t have a clear enough view to see under her freckled skin.

“I need you to know. It was important to me for a long time.”


In the elevator on the way up to my room, I put my hand on Amanda’s lower back and she tilted her head up to me. Without a thought, I bent down and pressed my lips to hers. When I thought about kissing her all through drinks on the patio, through dinner, through our walk on the wet sand, I had imagined it being a trembling and nervous thing, like being fourteen again, or a thing seized up and shuddering with flashfire passion, the way I kissed women when I was twenty-four. At fifty-four, it seems I kiss women as the compulsion of a natural force, the small gravity of our need pulling our tongues together. Her wild cloud of hair and brassy approach had made her large in my mind, but she was a head shorter than me and her bare shoulders didn’t span full across my chest.

The only light in my room pushed in from the balcony overlooking the sea. She pressed against me, catching my lower lip gently between her teeth. I pulled her closer with both arms, one hand sliding over her pert, sarong-covered buttocks. Her mouth tasted like the best parts of her margaritas, acid and salt but mostly sweet against my tongue. I kissed her neck to find out if the rest of her skin tasted like it smelled, coconut suntan lotion and the sea. Her moan tickled the millimeter of hair left over my ear. I unknotted her sarong and it whispered to her feet. Pulling the knot loose behind her neck didn’t leave her naked, but it freed her breasts into my palms. I had expected them to sag softer into my hands without the support of her swimsuit, but they were so firm I let out a surprised whistle.

“Thirty-three and never been pregnant has its benefits,” she whispered, Bycasino deneme bonusu amused. She’d gotten that reaction before, then. I circled one brown areola with my tongue and felt the edge pucker before I sucked it between my lips. She slid her swimsuit off her hips and cupped one hand against my erection on her way back up.

“Mmmm,” she sighed, squeezing through my thin linen trousers and pulling a matching groan from me. “You’re so thick. You’re going to need to open me up before you try to get that inside me.”

“If it takes all night.” I probed between her legs with one finger. She was slick with arousal and her completely hairless mound, the first I’d ever touched, seemed vulnerable under my hand. “Age comes with benefits, too.”

“Does it?” She sighed, grinding against my finger before I pulled it away and put it in my mouth. Acid and salt, but mostly sweet. She seemed uncertain of herself for the first time all night. “What’s your…uh… stamina like?”

“I can come two or three times tonight,” I kissed her deeply to punctuate how much I wanted it to be three. “And I’ll last a lot longer after the first one, especially if you use your mouth.”

“Good, that’s exactly what I had in mind.”

She unbuttoned my shirt and stripped me out of my pants and boxers, then gave my bobbing cock a playful tug as she walked out on the balcony. I joined her, my apprehension about being seen rolling away when I saw the hotel behind us was darker than the moon-reflecting sea in front of us. Her hand closed around me again, but there was nothing playful about the way she squeezed me and rolled the skin forward across my shaft. She got on her knees in front of me and licked the underside of my cock in long, flat strokes from the edge of her closed fist to the very tip. She stroked her hand along my moistened cock and teased the head with the tip of her tongue until a clear drop of precum swelled out of the slit. I sank my fingers into her hair and she opened her lips and took half my length into her crooked-smiling mouth.

She worked her hand, lips, and sweeping tongue up and down my throbbing cock like she was wringing pleasure out of me. Even as she pulled me closer to orgasm with every dip of her mouth, I felt I was wasting an opportunity by not enjoying the view of the beach. I knew how rare this experience was, but I couldn’t look away from her upturned eyes, crinkled in genuine enjoyment of the texture of me sliding through her mouth. She cupped her free hand beneath my balls and teased the hot space behind them with her fingers. The scintillating rush of my orgasm shot from deep in my belly down through the iron core of my cock and I came across her tongue in eight even surges. She kept her lips closed around me with gentle suction until she had swallowed everything and even my dry spasms had stopped. Her eyes were closed, so I felt finally free to look out at the ocean while I stroked her hair.

“Would you look at that? It must be later than I thought.”

“Hmm?” She rubbed her cheek against the front of my thighs and looked up with the beginnings of another crooked smile.

“The tide’s almost in.”

Thank you for your time reading my story. If you enjoyed it, please let me know with your vote or, even better, your comments.

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Fond Thoughts of Cousin Ann Ch. 05

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This is a fictional account.


They kissed again and parted for bed. Mike slept like a rock again. He didn’t wake till eight. He showered and dressed. He went down to breakfast and found he was the first up. He made cereal and managed to figure out where all the stuff was to start the coffee. He was on his first cup when his aunt appeared.

“Morning, Mike,” his aunt said.

“Good morning, Aunt Sue,” Mike replied.

As she prepared to make some breakfast, his aunt asked him, “Ann and you seem to be having a good time. Have you enjoyed your stay?” his aunt asked.

“Oh, yes, definitely. It’s been fun going to all these neat places and getting to know Ann better,” Mike answered, hoping his aunt wasn’t guessing just how close they had become.

“That’s great. I’m glad you have enjoyed yourself,” his aunt responded.

“It has been wonderful seeing Uncle John and you again too,” Mike added, for good measure.

“Thanks. We have enjoyed immensely you guys being here,” his aunt replied, with a nice smile.

Mike could see where Ann got her gorgeous blues eyes and her raven hair. His aunt was an attractive woman. ‘Uncle John was a lucky guy,’ Mike thought, as he sipped his coffee and watched his aunt work on breakfast.

The others filtered down in due course with Ann again last as usual. Mike smiled at her as she took a seat beside him with her eggs and English muffin. Her long shiny hair was still damp from her shower. Ann squeezed his knee under the table when she was sure no one could see.

“I called Janet,” Ann whispered. “How would you feel about going for a picnic out by Cheyenne Mountain where Norad is? I could show you where the command headquarters is for the old missile defense system?”

“Wow, that sounds great,” Mike whispered back.

Ann smiled at him as she spoke to her mom, “Can I take the car to show Mike where Norad is? Janet wants to go with us too. We are thinking about taking a picnic lunch.”

“That sounds like a good idea. Maybe we could all go?” her mom asked.

By the shocked look on both the kids faces, her mom changed her mind and said, “You guys probably don’t want us oldsters around. Okay, dear. Just don’t be too late. I think we are planning to barbeque again for dinner.”

“Thanks, Mom,” Ann responded.

Ann and Mike shared a relieved look and a knowing smile. They called Janet to confirm the plans and finished getting ready. Uncle John gave Ann twenty dollars for food and they packed plates, drinks, utensils, and blankets. They were over picking up Janet before noon. The group stopped at Boston Market and bought food for their lunch. They then loaded back into the car for the ride out close to Norad. Mike was excited to see it, to say nothing of what else he expected.

Janet had wanted Mike to sit in the back of the car with her while Ann drove but Ann complained she did not want to just be their chauffeur, so they relented. Instead they listened to music and talked about experiences they had at school. Both girls wore skirts and tank tops and twice when Mike turned to talk to Janet, she had her legs spread and he could see her pink panties clear as day. She just smiled at him wickedly each time his eyes caught sight of them.

Ann got them as close to Norad or Cheyenne Mountain as they could without going in. The girls had seen it all before so they waited for Mike to get his fill then they headed out to a lovely overlook spot they knew of. The view from there was gorgeous as was the view around Mike as he assisted Janet and Ann laying out the food.

There was one other car using the overlook when they got there but by the time they finished eating they were alone. They put everything but the blanket into the car and locked it. A path the girls knew of led around some boulders and onto a higher ridge. From there they could look down upon the parking area and the car yet be hidden from view. Ann and Janet spread the blanket and sat down.

Mike had been enjoying the view and when he turned back to look at them, they were staring at him smiling. Mike wondered why they were smiling so much, but then he noticed two pairs of panties lying side by side on the blanket. When the girls saw him notice the panties, they leaned back on their elbows allowing their skirts to ride up with their spread legs. Ann’s dark trimmed pubes and gorgeous pink pussy and Janet’s cute blonde curly tuft which covered her equally pink snatch were both staring him in the face.

“Enjoying the view?” Ann asked, and they both broke into laughter.

“See anything you like?” Janet screamed too.

Going with the joke Mike said, “The mountains are nice but these two valleys are gorgeous.”

“How about these mountains?” the girls said, giggling together as they pulled off their tank tops.

It was all they both had on top and their marvelous tits and nipples greeted his eyes immediately. Mike drank in the two beauties with their legs spread and their tits bathed in sunlight. His cock started to stiffen as he feasted Bycasino upon them.

“Well, aren’t you going to strip and join us?” Ann asked.

Mike didn’t have to be asked twice. The girls giggled as he tore his clothes off in less than a minute and his cock pointed out straight at them. Janet and Ann patted the space they made between them and Mike quickly lay down in the middle. ‘Most guys are never this lucky,’ Mike thought, as he lay there between these two gorgeous women.

Mike lay back on his elbows as Janet leaned in and kissed him. She had sweet soft lips and it thrilled him to kiss her. It did not hurt either that her right hand teased his left nipple but the best was Ann’s hand had cupped his balls. He moaned into the kiss with Janet as Ann teased his balls and dragged her fingernails over them and the area just below them.

Janet broke the kiss and smiled at him. Her hand slipped down his stomach as she looked at him. He looked into her blue eyes, intoxicated by this cute, lightly freckle-faced blonde. Ann leaned over and kissed his cheek reminding him to look at her too. He turned to her and she smiled. Her hand still fondled his balls as Janet’s hand encircled his dick. Her small hand lightly moved up and down his shaft. He moaned as he kissed Ann on the lips and their tongues met.

Mike’s cock felt incredible with two different girls’ hands playing with his cock and balls. Ann broke the kiss and looked at him. Janet was sucking on one of his nipples. His cock felt hard as a rock as it pulsed with the pleasant sensations from their hands and the close presence of these two twenty-one year old beauties.

“Enjoying this, cuz?” Ann asked.

“This is awesome!” Mike replied.

“You like having two women play with your cock and balls together and kiss you?”

“Oh, god, yes.”

Janet had kissed down his stomach to line her mouth up with the tip of his cock. She had been drawn to it by the clear fluid leaking from the hole in an almost continuous flow. Her mouth tenderly trapped the tip of his cockhead and swirled her tongue over the little hole. His pre-cum coated her tongue. Janet teased all around the head. She teased the veins under the head with the tip of her tongue. Ann had kissed him again and he groaned into her mouth with Janet’s actions to his cock. Ann’s tongue invaded his mouth and he battled tongues with her. The double stimulations were raising his excitement level quickly.

Mike couldn’t take much more of this and he felt his approaching orgasm. He growled into Ann’s mouth as Janet sucked harder on the head of his cock and pumped it with her hand. He broke the kiss and moaned loudly. Janet took the hint and pinched his cock off at the base to lessen his need to cum.

“Oh, fuck,” Mike gasped.

“You’re going to make him cum, you little cocksucker,” Ann said to Janet, with a smile.

“I know,” Janet responded, laughing. “I’ll go easy for a minute. In fact, switch with me, will you, Ann?”


The women switched places and Janet dragged her body up Mike’s to kiss him. Her distended nipples raked up his body and her bare pussy rubbed against his leg and chest leaving wet spots. Ann flipped down and started sucking on Mike’s balls. She cupped his nuts in one hand, pinched a ball taut in the sack with her other hand, and then sucked that ball into her mouth. Mike gasped as he and Janet kissed. Janet broke the kiss and fed a cute stiff pink nipple into his mouth for him to suck. Mike gladly did.

This went on for a while with Mike sucking and chewing lightly on both of Janet’s pink engorged nipples. Ann had bathed both his balls with saliva in her mouth and now sucked on the top half of his cock. Her left hand rubbed his saliva slickened balls and it felt wonderful to Mike. More pre-cum leaked from Mike’s cock into Ann’s mouth as she sucked tenderly on his cock. Her tongue flicked back and forth as she bobbed on his cock. Mike growled deeply into the soft little tit mashing his mouth.

Ann backed off Mike’s cock fearing he might cum too soon. She patted Janet’s butt and Janet pulled her reddened, saliva glistening nipple from Mike’s mouth and turned to Ann to see what she wanted.

“Slide back,” Ann said, and Janet realized immediately what she had in mind.

Janet did and let Ann help her by holding onto Mike’s cock and lining it up for her. Janet settled her pussy over the top of the head of Mike’s cock and Ann held it for her as Janet sank down on it. Both Janet and Mike gasped practically in unison as his cock pushed open the tight walls of Janet’s moist silky pussy.

“Oh, god. That feels so good,” Janet said.

“Oh, fuck,” Mike croaked.

“He’s only half in, Janet,” Ann informed her.

“Good,” Janet wheezed, as she settled down further.

“Oh, that’s so cool watching Mike’s big cock go in you from this close,” Ann exclaimed.

“It feels pretty damn good too,” Janet commented.

“Oh, fuck,” Mike gasped again, hearing these two babes talking about his cock Bycasino giriş in Janet.

“His balls are tight,” Ann said, as a warning to Janet, while she reached out and ran a fingernail across one of the scrotum-encased nuts.

“Shit,” Mike gasped, trying hard to hold back.

“I think he’s going to blow,” Janet growled, as she looked down at Mike’s straining face.

Ann pinched off his cock at the base as she told Janet, “Slow down. Give him a moment to recover.”

Janet stopped moving, holding half his cock inside her pussy for a while. She then let her muscles grip him, then relax. She did this a few times to tease him a little. The pressure from Ann’s hand forced back his pending climax and he relaxed after another minute. When his face looked less strained Janet asked him.

“You okay now?”

“I guess so,” Mike moaned.

Janet started moving up and down on his cock again as Ann when back to teasing his balls. It only took a few minutes more of this and Mike was back to getting close again. The girls did the same thing to him, stopping his release.

“Oh, fuck,” Mike growled, as Ann pinched off his stiff cock again.

“I think we’re torturing him,” Janet said, with an amused smile. “You okay, Mike.”

“You guys are killing me,” Mike grunted, even as he felt himself relaxing a little again.

The women snickered as Ann held him until he was relaxed enough to continue. Janet started again fucking him and Ann just tickled the area between his balls and his ass. She let Janet ride him for a while without doing anything much. Janet’s orgasm was coming on now with Mike’s. Ann waited for Janet’s climax to hit and just as she heard her friend gasp, she started teasing and rubbing Mike’s balls. The incredible added stimulation was more than Mike’s tortured mind and body could handle. He bucked up off the blanket and sank his cock to the hilt inside Janet’s quaking pussy. Her juices were already flowing down his cock when his climax exploded like fireworks inside her.

Ann rubbed Mike’s balls and squeezed them too. He howled as it felt like his balls were being forced to pump out gallons of cum into Janet’s now flooded cunt. Ann watched as a river of white cum started to leak from Janet’s stretched cunt. Ann replaced her hand with her mouth and licked up the combined cum from Janet and Mike that washed down over his shaft and balls. She wasn’t exactly bi-sexual but she didn’t mind eating both Janet’s and Mike’s mixed cum. They had both sucked cum from the other’s filled pussy before.

“Oh, fuck,” Mike croaked, as he felt Ann licking his balls and the exposed part of his dick.

Janet slumped forward on his chest as her orgasm passed. Mike’s cock slipped out of her cum flooded cunt. Ann was right there to lick him clean and suck lightly on the head to draw out another drop or two. Mike and Janet panted together as they recovered.

“That was great,” Janet said, after she had calmed down.

“Ahh, it was! And still is,” Mike gasped, as Ann cleaned the last of his cum from his cock with most of his slightly softening cock in her warm mouth.

Janet swung her body off Mike and to the side. Where her cunt had last been, she had left a puddle of cum on his abdomen. Ann finally let his half hard cock fall from her mouth as Janet leaned over and licked at the cum on his stomach. When he was clean they both slid up alongside him.

“How did you like that?” Ann asked.

“Awesome,” Mike claimed. “You two could kill a guy and he’d die smiling.”

“That’s nice! Glad you liked it,” Janet said, smiling at him and feeling the same way. “It was awesome.”

Ann reached for his semi-hard cock, stroking it to life, “My turn now.”

“Oh, fuck. I’m not sure I can go again right away,” Mike confessed.

“Why? You’re getting hard again,” Ann said, looking at him with a devilish look.

Mike looked down hardly believing it himself, “God, I don’t know how that is.”

“Let’s try,” Ann said, as she climbed on top of him.

This time Janet helped align Mike’s cock as it pierced Ann’s pussy. Ann was totally turned on and her cunt was dripping wet. She easily took his whole cock to the root in nearly one continuous move. Janet took over playing with Mike’s still wet balls.

“Oh, shit,” Mike groaned, as Ann’s silky wet pussy enveloped his straining hard cock.

“Oh, that feels good,” Ann said, grinding her cunt down on his dick.

Janet fondled Mike’s balls. His dick may have recovered but his nut sack was totally relaxed after the big cum. His balls hung very loosely and Janet had great fun playing with them in this relaxed state.

Ann started to bounce up and down on Mike’s cock. He had become hard as steel and his cock felt wonderful to Ann. At first Mike’s cock felt a little sore to him but it soon started reacting to the magnificent feelings of being inside Ann’s velvety pussy. Her tits were in his face and he gladly sucked on the ripe melons and their reddish pink nipples. He looked up Bycasino deneme bonusu from her tits once and saw her watching him with those gorgeous blue eyes and dark long hair hanging down. Her eyes looked especially intense and blue at that particular moment.

Ann rode Mike to a wave crashing orgasm of her own in no time. She had been very excited when she first mounted him so it didn’t take long for her to peak blissfully. Her pussy ground down on him as she trembled through a beautiful climax. Mike continued to suck on her nipples and he was not even close to cumming yet. Not even with Janet now licking his balls. They still hung loosely, not ready to release.

When Ann had finished orgasming, Janet got an idea. She pulled a condom from her pocketbook and tore it open. She pushed Ann up a little until Mike’s cock popped free from her cunt. Ann looked back to see why Janet was forcing her to dismount him so soon. When she saw Janet apply the condom to his dick and spit into her hand and then rub it on Ann’s asshole, she got the idea. Mike still had never had anal sex and Janet was positioning Ann to take his last remaining virginity. With Ann blocking his view he still had no idea what was going on. Ann smiled at Janet and eased back as Janet held onto Mike’s stiff cock.

Normally Ann liked to be warmed up first before anal sex. It was not her favorite and her tight, little used asshole need help to expand and relax. A good finger or two ahead of time was always nice but she was so turned on even after cumming once, she didn’t care at the moment. Ann allowed Janet to position Mike’s cockhead into her puckered wet rosebud and Ann eased back on it slowly.

Mike got the sense what was going on and questioned Ann, “Oh, my god! Am I going in your ass?”

“You sure are,” Ann moaned. “Janet wants to see you fuck my poor tiny asshole.”

“Oh, my god,” Mike groaned.

“You want to fuck me in the ass, Mike?” Ann asked.

“Oh, god, yes,” Mike gasped, as his cockhead pushed through Ann’s sphincter muscle into her anal chute.

“Oh, shit!” Ann grunted, as she felt the muscle give way to accept the big intruder’s head.

From her vantage point, Janet watched every inch slowly ascend up into Ann’s tight ass. Mike felt like a strong fist was squeezing his cock yet it felt incredibly warm and moist at the same time. Janet fondled his still loose balls as Ann’s ass came down to practically take him to the hilt.

“Oh, god,” Ann moaned. “Your cock feels huge inside my small little asshole.”

“How’s it feel, Mike?” Janet asked.

“Unbelievable,” Mike answered. “So fucking tight. My dick feels different too.”

“That’s the rubber I put on you,” Janet said, proud of her deceptive move with the condom quickly slipped over his cock.

“Oh, god,” Mike gasped, from the tightness.

“Ahh,” Ann groaned, feeling his cock deep up her butt.

“Fuck her good, Mike. Then it’s my turn,” Janet claimed, getting turned on too.

Mike had rested with all his cock deep inside Ann’s asshole but now he started moving slowly. His cock was being incredibly squeezed by the firmness of Ann’s anal passage. As his strokes grew longer and more urgent, Janet noticed his balls starting to tighten. Pretty soon they were both fucking into each other near full force. Ann had a hand down rubbing her clit and Mike tried to suck on one of her nipples while still pumping into her.

Ann’s orgasm came on with surprising speed given she had just cum minutes earlier. All the stimulation was driving her nuts though and her orgasm hit with incredible intensity. She pounded down on Mike’s cock taking him to the root on each stroke.

“Oh, fuck,” Ann gasped, as her climax assaulted her senses.

“Fuck her good, Mike,” Janet yelled.

Ann grounded her butt hold down on Mike’s cock as she came. Her hand continued to rub her clit and over her pussy as her juices flowed. Mike had one of her nipples in his mouth and he sucked on it and licked it. Ann moaned as her climax swept over her. She and Mike had stopped moving. Ann trembled as waves of ecstasy washed over her. Mike had been getting close but he just leaned back now and tweaked her nipple and watched her enjoy her orgasm.

Ann slumped down on his chest after the pleasure began to wane. She’d had two good cums in less than fifteen minutes and her body needed a break. Mike kissed her cheek as she panted next to his ear.

“Did you enjoy that?” Mike asked.

“Oh, god, yes,” Ann exclaimed, as she moved a little and his cock slipped out of her ass.

Mike felt a tug on his cock and then the condom was removed. Then he felt Janet putting a new one on his still stiff cock.

“Ann, roll off to the side,” Janet instructed.

Ann rolled off Mike to one side and made room for Janet to slide up over the top of Mike’s hard cock. Janet poised over top of his dick and rubbed saliva onto her own asshole. She then positioned the cock at her backdoor and slowly eased down. Ann and Mike watched her face as she grimaced slightly as the large intruder forced open her rear hole. Janet had ass fucked more than Ann but not much. Her asshole was also extremely tight and it took some getting used to for the sphincter muscle to allow Mike’s cockhead inside. Janet gasped as the head popped in.

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Forbidden Fruit Ch. 02

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It has been months since my last encounter with my sister-in-law. There has been an awkward separation between us since that day in the hot tub. When we are in close proximity we steal glances at each other filled with longing and desire but we both know there is nothing we can do to quench the thirst and desire we feel for each other.

There have been moments that we might have had a chance to steal a kiss or passionate embrace. Each time I take a step forward, she takes a step back and I could swear once she took a step towards me, but I stepped back. I go home and hold my wife and think of her. I lay in my bed alone and smell her perfume. I imagine the moment when I will next be able to look at her bare stomach and trace my tongue around her belly button exploring the goose bumps that rise and fall as she raises her hips and stomach to greet me. On a whim I decided to drive over to her house. She has been complaining to my wife that she feels neglected and has become angry at her lawyer husband. He is never home, and when he is she gets nothing from him. I like to believe she is not asking for him and secretly desires me like I desire her but her cold shoulder as of late makes me think it was a one time deal.

Going over I arrive and she meets me at the door wearing a black and white tank top with spaghetti straps. She has her hair in pigtails which she knows turns me on and offers me a kiss on the cheek. My heart drops because I was hoping for more. I walk in and she asks me if I want a drink and I accept a cold glass of water with ice. Small talk is exchanged and the cold shoulder that I have been feeling is like an air conditioning blowing fifty degree air right on your head.

Sensing my disappointment she asks me if I can help her and I tell her I am always available to help her out. She asks me to wait here and that she will be right back. I pace back and forth wondering what I have to do and hear her yell for me from the spare bedroom. I enter and she asks me to sit down. The look in her eyes is one of caution and fear. She explains to me that the hot tub was a mistake and that it can’t happen again. She explains that she has no feelings for me and that she is not willing to sacrifice her family and life for me or anyone else. All I can do is agree and pretend like this does not matter to me and I feel the same way. I get up and go to leave and tell her that what happened is our secret and I would never press anything again.

Leaving I realize that my fantasies will never be the same.

The following week I head over to meet my wife at her house and Bycasino this time I drive my motorcycle. Getting there I can see that my sister in law is in pain. Her back and neck are stiff and she is miserable. I offer my help and she declines when the phone rings and my wife is on the phone. She can’t make it and will meet me at home. I shake my head and go to say goodbye when I am asked to rub her neck for just a few minutes. I tell her ok and ask her to go get changed and meet me in the spare bedroom with some towels.

When she entered the room wearing just a oriental satin robe I almost died. Pointing to the bed, she laid down and opened the robe, chest down against the sheets. I take the robe and place it on the floor and she looks glorious. A nice tan that is not too deep and not fake. Her skin shimmers and her ass, bare and perfect just screams to me to touch, but I have to honor her wish so I drape a towel over her naked ass.

Putting my fingers on her back I can immediately tell she is frustrated. Years ago I had learned from a very special friend the art of knowing how to give a massage. Each knot I map on her back leads me to know that the only way to solve this problem is to start at her ankles. I spread her legs slightly and face towards her feet applying pressure to the back of her

Ankle about two inches above the heal. I press in and spread the tendon up and down and her tiny gasps coming from her. I work her calf muscles and concentrate on spreading the muscles in a way that the toxins spread out and enter my hands instead of staying in her muscles. I progressively move up to the back of her knee and she giggles as I lightly caress what I know is a sensitive area. Squirming she spreads her legs more and I get a nice view of her trimmed bush and pussy. I keep moving up rubbing her hamstrings and occasionally let my fingers get close and brush against her hair, never actually touching anything but getting so close that I can tell she is enjoying it. I know it because I watch her back rise and fall as she inhales deeply or does a quick set of short gasps.

I slide the towel down and work on the two areas of her ass that hold stress. She is wincing in slight pain but it is only good. Meanwhile I am in complete control of myself, my dick not only staying put but even though I am horny as hell I have controlled my erection and remained as professional as I can.

Working her back I spend extra time making sure I remove the stress and give her some tender loving care. I mount her ass and sit firmly on it so I can put adequate pressure Bycasino giriş on back. I trace tiny messages in her back in exaggerated cursive, messages like I want to lick your pussy and you look so sexy. All I hear from her is whimpers of pleasure and delight. I know I am doing a good job because she is so relaxed and a smile is on her face. I dismount her ass and approach her from the side, and my control is lost as her arm slightly moves and brushes against my dick. It throbs forward and instantly becomes erect and I slightly move back so she won’t notice but it is too late. She moves her arm again and leans the back of her hand against my manhood and leaves it there. I am caught because there is nothing I can do, it is throbbing. She turns her head towards me and smiles and she shifts her body lifting her left breast off the bed and asks me if I am alright. I apologize and tell her that it is hard to ignore her perfect body in a situation like this and I am sorry, that I am trying to respect her wishes even though my mind is racing and I have the devil on my should smacking me around.

She turns completely over and leans back on both arms with her legs fully spread. I can see that the bed underneath her is wet and that she is fully excited. Her lips are fully exposed and her slit is glistening. She says she is sorry and understands and takes my hands and pulls me towards her. Her lips reach up to mine and I lean back into her and kiss her. A long simple kiss with our lips only slightly parted. She sucks my lip into her mouth and with her hands undoes my belt and slowly unzips my pants. Our kiss goes deeper and she laughs as I squirm out of my jeans and underwear. She instantly finds my dick and begins to rub in in her hands. My precum is everywhere and she is rubbing it all over the head of my dick. I am going nuts. I lift her up a bit and stick my dick between her tits. Rubbing it up and down she leans forward more and places her hands around her wonderfully shaped tits and presses them around my dick. Sticking her tongue out she licks the top of my dick as I rub it up and down.

At this point I know I need to seal the deal. Not just fuck her, but make love to her in a way that I know that I will be invited back over and over again. I remove my pulsating dick from her tits and I lay her down. I move to her feet and begin

to kiss her toes and ankles. I kiss her calves while I stretch my arms up and trace circles around her stomach and bush. I kiss and lick up to her knees. I kiss circles around her quad muscles and lick the very tops of her Bycasino deneme bonusu legs moving closer and closer to her lips and clit. I bury my nose and mouth on her mound and use my tongue to tease her lips up and down while flicking occasionally at her clit. I take her nub into my mouth and nibble ever so gently. She is moaning but in a begging way, she wants more and I just can’t give it to her yet. I stick my tongue deep inside her and use it as a battling ram. She pushes my head deeper and deeper into her and bucks wildly as I lick, slurp and bury my mouth all over her pussy. An orgasm escapes her with such violent bucking that I fear that my own neck will break. She gushes out and I lap it up. She is asking me to stop, exhausted but I can’t. I get in between her legs and use my fully erect and throbbing cock to rub her lips occasionally pushing the tip of my cock into her. She whimpers and begs but I hold back. I lean forward and start licking her belly button while using my hands to rub the sides of her body. her nipples are so erect and full but I refuse to touch them. I simply lightly touch her stomach drawing circle and swerving lines all over her upper body. I kiss her stomach all over putting my chest on her pussy so she can rub against something. She is crying for me to stop but not in a negative way, in a way of such pleasure and desire.

Moving my mouth to her nipples I suck gently and don’t get far because she has pulled me and pressed my hips into hers, fighting to get my dick inside her she takes control and thrusts herself on my dick, impaling her with my full length. Her

pussy has enveloped me sucking me in deeper and deeper. I can do nothing but accept her bidding and gyrate my dick inside her for as long as I can last. Our bodies are like one, both of us moving in a dance that could only be practiced by long time lovers. My mind flashing as we kiss, thrusting our tongues into each other mouths hungrily. She claws at my back and I bite at her neck. We never change positions and just thrust in harmony, our bodies sweating and us grunting in a musical way never experienced before. My dick throbs and the pleasure is more than I can stand. Dismounting me she jumps down to her knees and takes my cock into her mouth and frantically bobs up and down with her tongue swirling all round. I take her head into my hands and explode into her mouth. She sucks and sucks and my cum is dripping from her mouth on to her tits. She is sucking so hard that the pleasure is so painful that I can do nothing but grunt and scream. She is relentless, sucking and sucking as my once hard dick softens. circling the head of my now shrinking cock she licks all she can and I can do nothing but collapse to my knees. She lays back against the side of the bed and pulls my back to her chest and holds me. We lay there breathing hard and wondering what the hell we do next.

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Natalie Submits Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Authors Note: This is a direct continuation of the first chapter of this story ‘Natalie Submits’, so to understand the full context it might be best to read that first! 🙂

I could barely get the events of two nights ago out of my head. Fuck what had I been thinking? I wish I could have blamed the booze, god knows I’d drunk enough of it that night. But I knew there was more to it. I knew that John and Emma had found a key and unlocked a door that revealed my darkest desires.

The memory of waking up the next morning, covered in cum still lingered long in my mind. And god did it make me wet. It had taken me ages to get those goddam handcuffs off; eventually I’d managed to find the key after rummaging in John and Emma’s bedroom.

Now though I was crashing back down to reality. I was sitting in the university library, desperately trying to catch up on my reading on seventeenth century European history whilst all the while trying to supress my overbearing horniness. I swear I wash trying to catch the eye of every guy who walked past the table I was sitting at, yearning for any kind of attention. Emma’s words really began to resonate in my mind now. Perhaps I really was as slutty as she said I was? Perhaps that’s what I really craved, to be her and John’s submissive plaything.

Suddenly I felt the vibration of my phone through the pocket of my jeans and I was lifted from my dazed state as if I’d been slapped round the face. I felt the butterflies start to rumble in my stomach as I lifted the phone from my pocket. Could it be them? Oh please let it be them!

With a trembling finger I unlocked the touch screen of my phone, ‘one message received’ it read.

Hi Natalie, We’re going to be in town tonight. Meet us for a drink around 8. Emma

I noticed immediately that this was not an invitation; it was a statement of intent. I would be having a drink with John and Emma in town at seven o’ clock whether I was busy tonight or not.

My heart began to race as I quickly thumbed in a reply.

Yes Miss Emma.

I quickly heard felt it vibrate again. I didn’t have to check who it was.

Good Girl. Make sure to wear something sexy. We like our pets to present themselves well in public!

She called me their pet! Oh my god did she know what she was doing to me with those words! I think I could feel my panties starting to get damp just thinking about it.

Straight away I slammed my textbook shut. There was absolutely no way I was getting anymore work done now.

Back in my room at my university halls of residence I looked myself up and down in my full length mirror, feeling quite pleased with myself. I didn’t like to give myself too much credit, but at my best I didn’t think I scrubbed up too badly, especially in the outfit I had chosen for tonight. The little black dress I had chosen was strapless and hugged my body tightly. Although it left little to the imagination, I felt it was classy enough to for me to not look out of place holding company with people with as expensive tastes as John and Emma. Plus I thought it highlighted my tight stomach quite nicely; I wanted someone to notice the work I’d been putting in at the gym after all!

My strappy pair of heels showed off my well-kept feet whose nails were polished black for the evening, whilst also giving four or five inches of height to my petite frame. I wore my hair brunette hair down, and having straightened it earlier it hung nicely between my shoulder blades. It was a struggle to drag myself out the door; I felt so sexy pouting and posing in front of the mirror, admiring my reflection.

My nerves really began to heighten as I approached the bar in town where I’d agreed to meet them. What if they stood me up? What if this was all some kind of big joke on their part?

I looked around as I walked through the large front doors. The night was still young and the place was only just starting to fill up, but where were they? They should be here! I craned my neck further, desperately searching for a glimpse of either of them. It was going to be so embarrassing walking out of here straight away.

Shit there they were! Right in the corner! I wasn’t sure if they’d seen me yet, but they seemed as confident and chatty as ever. I’m sure they could sense my nervousness as I walked over.

“Are you ok dear?” giggled Emma. “You look a little lost.”

“Don’t listen to her,” replied John as he stood up and offered me a hug. “You look absolutely fantastic.” He was dressed as classily as ever. His blue suit and light shirt suggested it was not long since he had left work, whilst the dark stubble that contrasted with his tanned skin so well was tidily trimmed as ever.

The way he towered over me sent shivers down my spine. He looked so strong, so powerful, so in control. As he wrapped his arms around me I felt so secure. In a way it was a complete paradox to how I had felt two nights ago at their house: naked, vulnerable and begging to be used. But I loved how I felt Bycasino in either situation, I loved being their plaything.

“Oh yes she looks gorgeous,” said Emma. She stood up and for the first time tonight I could really take in her full beauty. Even though she was dressed far more casually than when we had first met the blonde still looked absolutely immaculate. Her light blue jeans hugged her sultry ass beautifully while the trendy brown leather heels adorning her feet sculpted her calves perfectly. Meanwhile, the neatly fitting leather jacket she wore suggested power and class whilst also looking incredibly sexy. It hugged her ample bust immaculately. I don’t think I’d ever been more attracted to another woman.

“Please take a seat,” said John as he poured me a glass of an expensive looking white wine. “This is an Argentinian white; I think it’ll be to your tastes.” I think I secretly loved the way he took control and made decisions for me. The confidence and assuring tone of his voice made me feel so warm on the inside; I think I’d do anything he said right now.

“Have you thought about our job offer some more?” He continued. “As we said the other day it would be really great if you could help us out.”

“Yea I’ve thought about it,” I replied. “I think I’d like to do it. It can’t be any worse than working in the restaurant anyway.”

“That’s fantastic Natalie,” John said beaming. “You saw our place the other day. I’m sure this’ll work out great for all of us.”

“All we’re looking for is someone to do a bit of cooking and cleaning,” interjected Emma. “I’m sure you’ll do a great job.”

“And of course we’ll pay you well. Better than at the restaurant I dare say.”

“Sounds great,” I replied smiling.

“So what have you been up to?” asked Emma, her eyes glowing warmly at the dimly lit table.

“Not much,” I replied. “Just uni work really.”

“Aw that’s no good. All work and no play time isn’t any fun!”

“I know. It always gets like that around essay deadline time though.”

“Well I’m just glad you got to have some fun with us then!”

I felt myself going bright red. That mischievous, knowing smile; Emma knew exactly what she had done to me.

“I don’t think we need to ask her whether she had fun then,” said John smiling broadly. “The look on her face says it all.”

I think I temporarily lost the power of speech. All I could do was blush even deeper as the memories of our previous night together came to the forefront of my head once again.

“Oh don’t worry I know I don’t have to ask her,” said Emma as she lifted her wine glass to her mouth. “I can see how turned she is just thinking about it. Isn’t that right little one?”

My mouth felt so dry. The way the pair of them captivated my every sense was incredible. Even though I was sitting still I felt as if I was on a roller coaster travelling at one hundred miles an hour, my stomach was churning so much.

“Yes,” I eventually mustered.

“Yes what?”

“Yes Miss Emma.”

“Good girl,” she replied smiling. “And I bet your little panties are absolutely soaked aren’t they?”

“Yes Miss Emma.”

“Now we can’t be having that,” John said sternly. “It doesn’t reflect well on me or Emma if our little slut is getting off in public.”

“It doesn’t,” the blonde replied. “I think it’s best if she goes to the bathroom and takes them off.”

“I agree completely,” said John.

There was nothing to stop me walking out right there and then. However my bum felt super glued to the seat.

“Well what are you waiting for?” Emma demanded.

My whole body trembled as I finally found the strength to raise myself from my chair and ambled towards the bathroom door. I had no idea why I was doing it, but I knew I wouldn’t have done it for anyone else.

I moved into a cubicle and pulled my dress up, revealing the pair of sexy black panties I had chosen for the evening. I think secretly I had been half hoping I would be taking them off at some point during the evening, but I certainly wasn’t expecting to have to this early. Shit they were absolutely drenched! There was absolutely no way of hiding it. Quickly I pulled them down my thighs before stepping out of them as they hit the floor.

Even with my dress on I felt naked and exposed as I stepped back through the bathroom door, my underwear now clenched tightly in my hand. With every step I took I was sure I could feel my dress hiking up over my ass, and the light breeze I could now feel around my pubic mound sent a chill through my whole body. In an act of desperation I grabbed the hem of my dress and tried to stop it rising up any further. Why did I have to be so stupid and wear such a short dress? God I felt like such a slut right now.

“Well what do we have here?” Emma said grinning as I finally reached her and John’s table, obviously noticing my discomfort.

Slowly and reluctantly I handed her my panties before retaking my seat.

“Wow Bycasino giriş she’s a brave and obedient little thing!” she continued. “And my my these really are in quite a state aren’t they?” She quickly stowed my underwear away in her handbag.

Once again I couldn’t muster a verbal response. I just sat there with embarrassment and humiliation painted clearly across my face.

“I’m very pleased with you slut,” she whispered as she put her hand on my thigh and leaned across me. “You’ll be rewarded for this later I’ll make sure of that.”

“Shall we be going then?” asked John downing the last remnants from his wine glass. I knew this question wasn’t directed at me, I was expected to follow!

The taxi ride back to John and Emma’s was one of the most nerve racking I had experienced. My brain was swimming with thoughts of what John and Emma might have in store for me. Panty-less and squashed between the couple on the back seat, needless to say my arousal level was through the roof. Especially with Emma whispering exactly what she wanted me to do when we got to their house in my ear for the entire journey. It was a wonder I didn’t whither and faint right there on the spot.

Waiting on the door mat whilst John fumbled with his keys, hot and horny, I knew exactly what I had to do. As soon as I was through the front door I kicked off my heels, leaving them cast aside in the hallway. Next I reached behind me and unzipped my dress, offering no resistance as it fell from my body gracefully, exposing my pussy and thin patch of pubic hair that adorned it. This left me standing before John and Emma naked except for the strapless bra covering my breasts. As quick as a flash I had it unclasped, revealing the tiny nipples that adorned each of my B-cup boobs, before I fell to my knees in front of the couple.

“Master John, Miss Emma, please let me serve you tonight,” I begged from my position on the floor, hands behind my back, my bum stuck out as far as I could and my eyes pointed down towards the laminate flooring, just as Emma had instructed.

“Good girl,” the blonde cooed as she petted me and ran her fingers through my hair. “This is exactly how we expect you to kneel whenever we require you too.”

“Doesn’t she just look so adorable down there,” I heard John add from above me. I fidgeted slightly as he reached down with one of his strong hands and tickled me under the chin, just like an owner would their pet. God I felt so submissive right now.

“Oh she does,” replied Emma. “And she’s ours, all ours!” Those last words sent my heart racing at a frantic pace. I knew that not one part of it was a lie though. “In fact I’ve got a special surprise for her.”

I hadn’t dared look up once, but at this point my curiosity got the better of me. My eyes lit up as I saw Emma holding a black leather collar. The metallic studs that adorned it sparkled brightly in the light while I noticed a metal ring attached to its front and immediately pictured myself being led around the house on a leash.

“Do you like it little one?” she asked, her eyes striking contact with mine.

“I love it Miss Emma.”

She reached down and placed it round neck, fastening it firmly around the back but not too tight. I was expecting the leather to feel cold and harsh on my sensitive skin but the collar was padded on the inside so it fitted snugly on my neck. It was symbolic confirmation of what I already knew. I belonged to John and Emma and would submit to their every desire.

“You look absolutely stunning,” Emma said, grabbing me by my hair and forcing me too look upwards into her gorgeous green eyes. “You’re such a perfect little slut.”

“Right let’s take her through to the living room,” said John as I noticed for the first time he was holding a black leather leash that seemed to match my collar. “I want to see how good our little pet really is.”

With light clicking sound he had secured the leash firmly to the ring on the front of my collar and soon I felt his strong grip pulling me forward.

“Err what do you think you’re doing?” he exclaimed as saw me instinctively beginning to stand up. “Pets don’t stand up, they remain on the floor where they belong.”

I don’t think I’d ever felt more humiliated. Naked, collared and crawling along the floor like nothing more than a common dog. Despite that feeling, there was certainly no complaining from me about my predicament. The floor felt cold and hard underneath me but I never really noticed as my head was spun with countless erotic thoughts whilst my pussy got wetter by the second. John and Emma certainly knew how to get the inner slut out of me!

“Here we are,” John said firmly as we arrived in the living room, before he unhitched the leash from my collar.

I looked up to see Emma taking a seat on the same cream leather sofa that she had seduced me on two nights ago, her legs crossed elegantly in complete contrast to my own position on the floor.

“I think what we need Bycasino deneme bonusu is some entertainment to start the evening,” she said looking down at me.

“I couldn’t agree more,” replied John immediately. “Perhaps some music?”

He casually picked up the remote sitting on the coffee table before pointing it and TV and flicking through the music channels. Eventually he found something to both his and Emma’s tastes, and soon they were sitting on the sofa swaying to the RnB beat blaring through the speakers.

“You know this is nice,” sighed Emma. “But there’s something missing.”

“I know exactly what you mean,” smiled John. “I just can’t enjoy an evening at home without a drink. I know it’s not healthy but it’s the only way I can relax after work these days.”

“You’re right,” replied Emma. “If only there was someone here who could fetch us a drink. Wouldn’t that be great?”

“I like your thinking,” grinned John before looking down at me, still knelt on the floor in front of them. “I think you know what to do slut.”

“Of course Master,” I replied courteously.

Slowly I rose from my position on the floor and walked towards the kitchen.

“Oh and be sure to find something that Emma and I both like,” he added just as I was passing through the living room door way. “I think you can imagine what the consequences will be if you don’t.”

On my previous visit, John and Emma had shown me the impressive collection of fine wines they had stowed away in a large vault like cupboard in their kitchen. However, although the countless bottles were stacked neatly into row upon row, it seemed like some impossibly difficult riddle as I looked in there for the second time. What the hell should I give them?

My knowledge of wine went no further than knowing there were two colours, red and white, and somehow I didn’t think this would quite cut it with John, who seemed to have a considerable knowledge of the subject.

I looked up and down the shelves. Australia, France, Italy, Chile. He seemed to have every corner of the globe covered; how the hell was I supposed to know what to get? My desperation to please John and Emma was counteracted by how turned on I was at the thought of John bending me over his knee and spanking me as punishment. I was caught in a real quandary.

Eventually I decided to take the plunge, and plumped for a Spanish white wine from the Galicia region, praying it was a safe option.

It was a struggle to pour out two glasses when I returned to the living room, my whole body was shaking so much. I looked on anxiously as John sniffed into the glass, just like you see critics do on those poncy wine shows on TV, before taking a small sip. I could see him deep in thought as he swirled the liquid around his mouth, analysing my choice with a devastating precision. Finally he swallowed before looking up at me. I felt my heart pound as I looked back in anticipation. It was impossible to read his face.

“Looks like you’ve been learning fast,” he said assuringly. “Good job slave this is a nice choice.”

An outpouring of positive emotion filled my whole body. It felt so good to get praise from someone as self-assured and sophisticated as John.

“Well she must have done a good job to impress you,” replied Emma as she took a long approving sip from her own glass. “You take this whole wine business far too seriously.”

“I know I do, you’ve been saying it for years,” agreed John. “What I’d really like now though is some entertainment to go with this music. Some dancing would be wonderful.”

“Yes it would,” Emma agreed. “And just look at our little slut’s perfectly toned body. I bet she’s quite the mover.”

“Yes her legs and stomach look absolutely perfect,” he said as I noticed him looking me up and down as if I was bottle of expensive wine he was considering buying. “I can picture her on the dance floor in any nightclub in town, especially in that outfit she was wearing earlier.”

“Well I think it’s time you gave us a little show slut,” Emma said grinning devilishly.

My feeling of humiliation was quickly residing to be replaced by extreme embarrassment. On a night out it would take copious amounts of alcohol before I would let myself be dragged onto the dance floor and right now it would be an understatement to say I felt a little out of my depth as I swayed nervously to the beats emanating from the television.

“Look how obedient she is!” Emma called out excitedly as I started to find a little more rhythm in my hips, my boobs gently bouncing up and down as I moved. “She’s such a well-trained little thing already!”

I didn’t feel any less stupid than when I started, dancing naked in front of people wasn’t something I’d ever thought about let alone carried out, but Emma’s words did increase my confidence. The redness in my cheeks started to reside a little, and soon both my arms and legs were starting to move in time to the beat.

“See I told you she would have some moves,” Emma said to her husband as I rotated my body, giving them both a great view of my tight bum.

“Oh yes she is absolutely fantastic,” agreed John, who was now slung back on the sofa enjoying the show. “She is such a little slut showing herself off like this.”

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My Weekend in Portland Ch. 05

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Drooping and clumsy with fatigue, it took Ruth a long time to get out of the shower, dry off and get her hair fixed for bed. She was so spent, I think she would have fallen asleep in the tub if I had allowed it. Instead I kept her moving until she was between the flannel sheets of her queen-sized bed — out like a light.

I was tired too, but I got dressed and drove my rental car to the hotel where I packed and checked out, returning to Ruth’s townhouse with my luggage. I was in bed next to Ruth five minutes after dropping my bags in the entryway. Putting my arms around her, I nestled close and fell asleep in 10 seconds, my face tickled by her damp, sweet-smelling hair.

I slept like a dead man for several hours, then gradually became more and more aware of Ruth’s warm, nude form beside me in bed. A heavy rain was pounding on the roof overhead, and occasional gusts of wind flung raindrops like buckshot against the darkened bedroom window. The perfumed warmth of Ruth’s bed felt incredibly sensual and secure in contrast with the storm howling outside. Feeling restored by a few hours of rest, I sleepily began to explore Ruth’s motionless body with my hands.

I don’t know if Ruth was dreaming, or responding to my touch, when she sighed contentedly in her sleep and turned toward me. I kissed her face lightly and I could see her smile in the dim light filtering into the room from the hallway.

Ducking under the covers, I lifted Ruth’s right arm and put my face against her breasts. My lips moved across the smooth, firm curves of her mounds, seeking until I found a nipple. It was just a small bump in the center of her soft areolae when I first took it between my lips.

Gently I sucked and licked, sucked and licked, as her nipple slowly got longer and thicker in my mouth. I wondered how long I could play, before Ruth woke up. She sighed again and arched her back slightly. Then her breathing changed and I knew she was beginning to waken. Her nipple was fully erect in my mouth, now, and she arched her back even more, pressing her breast forward to be devoured. She gave a low moan.

A minute later Ruth surprised me by taking my head in both hands and gently pulling me up to face her, her stiff, wet nipple falling from my lips.

“It’s not fair,” she whispered. “I’ve had three great climaxes since dinner … four if you count that horrible thing you did to me in the shower … and you’ve only had one. Tell me something I can do for you, my master.”

“You SHOULD have more orgasms than me,” I whispered back, “girls are designed that way. Guys are lucky to have two orgasms a day. But girls can have two or three orgasms an hour, then two or three more the next hour.”

“We can?” Bycasino she said, surprised. “I’ve heard girls talk about multiple orgasms, but I didn’t think it was possible.”

“Oh it’s possible,” I reassured her. “Most women can have multiple orgasms with a little practice.”

“You have to practice?” she giggled, with a pretty smile I sensed more than saw.

“Of course! It’s pretty easy, but your body has to learn to have an orgasm. And once you learn, it gets easier and easier.”

“Well I seem to have an easy time cumming with you,” Ruth sighed, snuggling close.

“That’s because you’re my slave. You’d be punished if you didn’t cum for me,” I joked. “Seriously, though, you climax pretty easily for somebody with so little experience.”

“That’s because you make me feel sooooo nasty and sexy,” she purred, adding, “that was a very bad thing you did to me in the shower.”

“You mean finger-fucking your sweet asshole?” I could sense her blushing in the dark.

“YES! I can’t believe I let you do that to me!”

“You didn’t LET me do that. You’re my slave, remember?”

“Oh yes, I remember, and I remember I should be doing something to make you feel as wonderful as I feel,” she said firmly.

“Have you ever given a blow job,” I asked.

“Nooo. Not really. There was the time after I was raped … but he just grabbed me by the hair, pushed his penis in my mouth and told me to suck it. I must not have been any good because he pulled it out after a minute or so.”

“How did you feel about that?” I asked.

“I thought I would be disgusted … I thought the taste would be disgusting,” Ruth said, “but it was kind of sticky … nasty and sexy. I could taste his … stuff … and my pussy, too. I didn’t know if I should be doing something with my tongue or what to do.”

“Well, oral sex is pretty simple, but it’s still something you have to learn,” I said. “If it’s done right, it’s guaranteed to send your lover into orbit.”

“Couldn’t you teach me?” she begged. “I want to learn.”

“Hmmm. I think I can show you the basics.” I sat up and guided Ruth until we were sitting on the bed, facing each other. Our legs were extended, clasped loosely around each other. I found Ruth’s right hand and lifted it to my mouth.

“Oral sex for beginners, rule number one,” I said. “No teeth. Biting is an advanced technique and depends a lot on your partner’s tastes. You can learn that later.”

I took the end of Ruth’s middle finger in my mouth and slowly sucked it in. With her whole finger in my mouth, I sucked gently and licked the underside with the tip of my tongue. Then I slid my mouth slowly up her finger to the tip, then slowly back down. Bycasino giriş Opening my eyes, I saw her staring intently at her finger, sliding wetly between my lips.

I increased speed, sliding her finger quickly in and out of my mouth, sliding back and forth the length of my tongue, sucking very lightly. Every third or fourth stroke, I stopped briefly to lick the end of her finger in a circular motion. Unnoticed, I slipped my free hand down between us and followed the smooth, curving bottom of her thigh down to the warm, thick fur of her pussy. I pushed a finger into her tangled hair, probing until I found the slit between her feathery-soft inner lips.

Wetness greeted my finger when I pushed inside her, and I pulled out to spread the moisture up the shallow groove of her pussy toward her clit. I settled into a steady rhythm, sliding my wet finger up and down her furrow, rubbing her pink bud lightly with each passage. Ruth gasped and looked down between us. She gave a low moan as she watched my fingers disappear into her thick bush, then reappear slowly in the dim light. Her free hand reached down and grasped my arm, but she didn’t try to stop my hand from moving back and forth, back and forth.

Soon her mouth was open, gasping and she squirmed slightly where she sat between my legs. I still held her middle finger in my mouth, sucking.

“NO!” she whispered urgently. “It’s not my TURN!”

I pulled my mouth off her finger. “I say it IS your turn!” and she whimpered, her eyes drawn down again to watch my hand working between her thighs. She took a deep, shuddering breath. I increased the pressure of my finger, sliding up and down … up and down, careful to give her clitoris only the slightest touch each time. Now she was moaning again, very low, and she leaned slowly forward until her forehead was resting on my shoulder, one hand on each of my knees.

A few minutes later I could tell her crest was coming as her breathing got deeper and harsher and her hands gripped my legs. Then the wave struck and she was grunting, a deep powerful, “UNH!, UNH!, UNH!, UNH!, UNH!, UNH!, UNH!, UNH!, UNH!, UNH!, UNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGHHHH!!!!” And her hips were thrusting wildly and she turned her head and bit me on the neck, HARD! I straightened and grabbed a handful of hair, pulling her mouth away from me. I looked down into her face, twisted with shameless pleasure and kissed her, forcing my tongue into her mouth where it battled with her eager, searching tongue as her orgasm continued.


Moments later she broke the kiss to gasp desperately for air and brought her arms up, hugging me tightly around the neck. Bycasino deneme bonusu Her moans of pleasure began to subside then and she laid her head on my shoulder, her harsh breathing loud in my ear. My hand was cupping her sex, pressing, making only the tiniest of motions. After awhile, I fell back slowly, pulling Ruth on top of me, and pulled my hand away from her warm, wet pussy. She looked down into my eyes. “Please fuck me, PLEASE! I need you inside me right NOW!”

I rolled on top of her and, lifting my upper body, reached between us for my dick, throbbing and thick. She spread her legs wide and instinctively tilted her hips up. I wetted the fat head of my dick by rubbing it up and down her dripping slit, then fitted it into her opening. “NOW!” she insisted, and I drove my entire weight down, spearing her to the hilt in one motion. “UNNHHH!” she grunted at the impact. “Oh GOD! Oh GOD! Yes, YES!” The slick warmth of her pussy encased my dick.

Slowly I withdrew until just the head of my dick was inside her, then I dropped my weight again, impaling her, then slowly withdrew and did it again. Ruth held her breath each time I made my slow withdrawal, then grunted as my dick split open her sensitive inner walls and the base of my dick pressed down on her straining clit. She began rocking her hips up to meet my assault, her hands locked on my upper arms.

Left and then right, I pulled Ruth’s legs up until her calves rested on my shoulders, tilting her hips up, and doubled the speed of my thrusts.

Soon she was uttering a high, “OH!” each time my hips thumped home against her crotch. “OH! OH! OH! OH! OH!” she cried, staring up at me wide-eyed. “Oh, I’m going to cuuuuummmmmm! Another minute passed as the tension built in her body, then, OH! OH! OH! UuuuunnnnnnhhhhhHHHHHHHH!” And she was arching up towards me, her hips thrusting, eyes closed, head thrown back. I could see Ruth’s full breasts jerk slightly each time I drove into her. Her pussy seemed to squeeze my dick and the extra friction coupled with the excitement of watching her come brought me to the brink. My thrusts became even faster as I soared over the edge and began to burst inside her.

Ruth felt the change and heard me cry out, “AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” Her eyes opened and she began rolling her hips up to meet mine. “Come on baby! Come in me baby!” in a strained whisper. “That’s right sweetie. Fill me up!”

I had no choice. My come felt like molten lava flooding from my balls and shooting out in burning jets. I might as well have tried to stop an erupting volcano. Then I collapsed forward onto Ruth with a final cry, my hips still thrusting weakly. She wrapped arms and legs around me, soothing and caressing with her hands, whispering in my ear. I could feel her pussy lightly squeezing my spent penis.

We laid that way for a long time, resting, and I finally rolled over so we were side by side, arms and legs still tangled, and we fell asleep.

(End of Chapter 5 of 15)

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