Camping , Coitus Pt. 01

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Author’s Note: Characters are fictional and are over the age of 18. This is a fictional story that involves use of toys on men and women. If you don’t like that or don’t like a bisexual man then click off now. You’ve been warned.


“You’re lying.” Jasmine said while sipping her beer.

“I told you I’m not lying. Why can’t you believe me?” Tyler asked, while crossing his arms.

“We’ve been together for three months, nothing gets by me. I would know if my boyfriend is bisexual or not.” Jasmine said while chuckling.

“You haven’t noticed it because I’ve been so good at keeping it secret. Besides this shouldn’t be an issue since you’re also bi. Why is it an issue if I’m bi?” Tyler said before taking a swig of Miller lite.

Jasmine and Tyler were out camping in the wilderness. They have been planning this for the past couple weeks with a couple of friends. They arrived at the campsite a day before their friends show up to spend some alone time together. It was nighttime and they were enjoying some fish, s’mores and beer by the campfire. It was a warm spring night and they were drying off their clothes from fishing earlier. They caught a big white bass and a couple of trout. The bass caused Jasmine to fall into the water while she tried to catch it and Tyler jumped into the water and bear handed caught the fish. They didn’t want to put on new clothes after the river fishing so they sat in their underwear. They were alone in the middle of nowhere and they thought it was the perfect time to talk about their relationship.

They actually had a great relationship but Jasmine wanted to take it to a whole new level. Jasmine is African American with light skin, red hair, blue eyes, an average body and is packing C-type breasts. She 164 lbs, 5ft 7, has a bubble butt and is an 8/10 on the hot meter. She is openly bisexual and has been wanting to turn Tyler for a while now.

“It’s not an issue if you were bi, but you’re not. I actually am attracted to men and women. Remember when we had that foursome with Scott and Kelly and you two were embarrassed because we wanted to see you two fuck and you guys refused? That’s when we both realized you both were straight.” Jasmine said.

“Well that wasn’t the reason why.” Tyler said.

Tyler is an average guy. He dabbled a bit in sports back in high school and he is book smart. He is 5ft 10 and 195 lbs. He is a Jewish albino white American, has brown hair, brown eyes, pillow lips, and has a rockin six pack. He recently got it after working off the flab he got in high school. Since he’s Jewish he was circumcised around his birth, giving his flaccid dick a length of 6.5 inches and had a flat ass. He is a 7/10 on the hot meter and he is for kocaeli escort the second time telling someone about his bisexuality, though the person he is telling doesn’t believe him.

“Then what was the reason why you and your best friend couldn’t fuck each other?” Jasmine questioned.

Tyler shifted in his chair “It’s because we’ve done it before.” Tyler said quietly.

“Bullshit! You two have not done it before! Stop lying!” Jasmine yelled while also laughing.

“We have done it before, and we did it before we had that foursome, we just were too embarrassed to show you that we were naturally good at it.” Tyler admitted while rubbing his head. Jasmine kept laughing and was on the ground gasping for air. “Alright fine, I’m going to tell you about our secret bi experiences together.”

“Oh my god that was funny. Alright fine. Tell me of your bisexual tale. I’m sure it’ll be nominated for an Oscar.” Jasmine joked. Tyler gave her the finger.

“Okay. It started back when Scott and I had our dates with you and Kelly, the one where we went back to our apartment and we each had sex for the first time with you and Kelly. Well a couple days before that Scott and I talked about how we were finally going to have more sex partners. We had openly admitted to being bisexual to each other during the semester but we never did anything apart from watch porn and jerk off together. A couple days before our dates we wanted to prepare for nights and we practiced everything with each other. We practiced the conversations, the dinner and then we practiced the sex part. We both lost our anal virginity to each other that day and at some point we forgot about the whole practicing and we just straight up fucked the whole night. The night after we had sex with you girls him and I chatted about our individual dates. We got on the subject of our night of sex and how we wanted to do it again. We fucked that night, and the next night, and we just fuck whenever we’re alone. We did it so much that when we were asked during the foursome we didn’t want to show you two how natural it was for us. We decided that we would tell you both separately tonight and then maybe we could have some fun tomorrow.” Tyler explained.

“Wow that was a great story Tyler. If you wanted to try being bisexual all you had to do was ask, you didn’t have to make up that story on the spot. But great job nonetheless.” Jasmine said.

“I told you the truth! That’s all true! Why can’t you believe me? What do I have to do to get you to believe me?” Tyler asked dumbfounded.

Jasmine sat rubbing her chin thinking. “Ok fine, want me to believe you? I brought a couple of strap ons for use with Kelly this trip yahya kaptan escort but tonight I’m going to use it on you. If you actually are bi then you will let me fuck your ass.” She stood up. “Agree?” She said extending her hand.

Tyler grabbed her hand and shook. “Agreed, let me grab something from the car while you get ready in the tent.” Tyler said.

Jasmine went inside and got ready. She grabbed a black 12 inch monster rod strap on and strapped it on after removing her bra and panties. She lied on the ground in an inviting pose. Tyler had removed his underwear and went to the car to grab a toy of his own that he used many times with Scott, a vibrating 18 inch double ended dildo. He placed it outside the tent as a surprise and stepped inside. Before proving himself he told Jasmine he wanted a blowjob for her non believance. She said fine but if he doesn’t go through with it then she’s going to break up with him for taking the lie this far. Tyler told her she won’t be disappointed.

She latched onto his now 8 inch hard cock and started sucking. She went fast because she wanted to get to the ass fucking. She decided to test the waters and she slipped two fingers into his asshole. “Couldn’t wait for your turn huh. That’s fine. Keep going. It feels nice.” Tyler teased. Jasmine was pissed now. She started going really fast and she started fisting his asshole. She could hear him moaning loudly and didn’t hear say stop. She also was surprised when he cummed in her mouth without a warning. She yanked her fist out and licked her lips clean.

“Alright Tyler, time to see the truth. Lie down and spread your legs.” Jasmine said. Tyler did as he was told parted his asshole for her. Jasmine immediately shoved the dildo in his ass as he let out a loud moan.

“Oh god fuck, that thing is much bigger than Scott’s dick! Come on bitch, fuck me like you mean it!” Tyler shouted at Jasmine. She started fucking him really fast and noticed his dick was rock solid and was squirting a little precum.

‘Omg, he’s actually enjoying this.’ Jasmine mentally said to herself. Tyler was enjoying getting fucked by his girlfriend but he wanted to go faster. He pushed Jasmine onto her back and mounted her from the top and started bouncing himself up and down. ‘I can’t believe it, he actually is bisexual. He definitely has done this before. That means he let someone else fuck his ass before me! I am going to make sure he doesn’t cum for as long as-‘

Her mental conversation was cut short when Tyler jizzed all over her tits and face. She was shocked yet so turned on knowing she just made her boyfriend cum by fucking his ass. He got up from the dildo and started licking izmit eskort her tits free of the cum. He kissed her with a mouthful of creamy sperm and lied down with her. “Believe me now?” Tyler questioned.

“OMFG YES! That was awesome and hot. I’m sorry that I didn’t believe you. I’m so happy now that you me and the other two can add so much more to our sex lives. That was so fucking hot I can’t wait for tomorrow. Also since you let someone else fuck your ass before me…” Jasmine said as she smacked his ass.

“Owww! Hey don’t do that, that hurt.” Tyler said. She slapped him again while chuckling. “Okay that’s it!” Tyler shouted. He sat up and pulled her over his lap and started smacking her ass. She giggled the whole time. “That’s for smacking my ass *SMACK* that’s for not stopping when I said stop *SMACK* that’s for not believing me *SMACK* thats for being too slow while fucking my ass, and this is for being a horny little whore bitch that enjoys getting her ass smacked!” Tyler shouted as he started smacking her ass hard without stopping. She was cumming on his lap and was moaning from the ass torture. He threw her to the ground and grabbed the toy from outside. Jasmine saw it and gasped from the size of it. “This is Scott’s and I’s favorite toy. We shove this in our ass and use it when we fuck, watch porn, play games or just watch TV. This week it’ll be used everyday and it’s going to be used right now.” Tyler said as Jasmine discarded the strap on.

Tyler shoved one side of the dildo up her ass while he inserted the other side into his ass and turned it on. In an instant they both were moaning from the double ass fucking. Jasmine wanted more so she slid the dildo deeper as well as Tyler. They got into a scissoring position as Tyler slipped his dick into her cunt. Even though the dildo could bend they wanted to scissor because it was much more arousing. They were at it for 15 minutes before Jasmine got chest to chest with Tyler so they could make out. They both played with her chest before they both finally started picking up the pace so they could finally cum. “Oh god Tyler, this is the best day ever. Holy shit. I’m so happy we have each other. I couldn’t imagine doing this with any other guy. Not even Scott, only you. I love you Tyler.”

“I fucking love you too Jasmine. The same can be said about you. Oh god you’re the best woman and the only woman I could ever want. Kelly isn’t as sexy as you. She wishes she could be as beautiful as you. I’m about to fucking cum!” Tyler moaned.

“Me too, cum inside of me Tyler. I want to feel your cum mix with my cum. Please!” Jasmine moaned.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!” They both moaned out as they came together. Jasmine collapsed on Tyler’s chest while he turned off the dildo but decided to leave it in as well as his cock in Jasmine. They both wrapped their arms around each other and fell asleep as the last few embers of the fire outside died out.


Hoped you all enjoyed. Let me know what you think in the comments below and let me know if you wanna see a sequel.

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Calling the Beast

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Time seemed frozen for a moment as he watched, her lips clenched shut; then she pulled it slowly from her mouth, her lips following its contour. Her face was lit with the fleeting pleasure. Not quite satisfied, she moved again to place it back into her mouth. He saw her tongue for an all too brief second. Her lips enclosed it once again. She pulled it from her mouth, savoring the taste, leaving her moisture behind. She always tried to make it last, to relish the moments when it filled her mouth. He knew all to well what was coming, though. She licked at it for a moment, as if to tease, but then she slid it into her eager mouth once more. Crack. Her teeth bit through the crunchy chocolate coating to the vanilla ice cream inside.

It always seemed she called him on those same nights she allowed herself the ice cream. He focused on her lips as she devoured the remnants of the Dove bar. The subdued lipstick remaining from her day at the office. An occasional appearance by her tongue, retrieving the errant ice cream from her lips into her mouth. She sat there for some time after the ice cream was gone. He watched her. He inhaled her. This was why he was here.

She rose from the chair and made her way to her bedroom, with him following her every movement. His eyes captured her ass, working beneath her skirt as she raised one foot behind her, removing her heels, then did the same for the other. She thoughtlessly undid the buttons on the front of her skirt as she turned on the light in her bathroom. She began drawing her bath, then turned to face him. His eyes followed her hands as she pulled the skirt downward, over her hips, bending down enough so that she could step out of it. Her hands made quick work of her pantyhose, in a fashion that made him think she resented them. She then undid the buttons of her blouse from the top down. Her eyes were lowered, watching her hands, as if she were enjoying this as much as he. She walked back into the bedroom as the last button was undone, and she took off the blouse, letting it slide to the floor. Before he could blink she had undone the clasp on her bra, and it too followed the blouse down. Her breasts responding to her motion, his eyes responding to her breasts. Not only his eyes.

She stood there motionless, looking at herself in the mirror. He watched her gaze travel down the mirror from her hair to her breasts to her navel and then her panties. She slid her hands underneath the band and began removing them. From his vantage behind her the slight bend afforded him a small look at the sweetness between her legs. She was teasing him, he knew this. That knowledge escort bayan did not stop his erection, but it did fire the rage within him. Too many nights had started like this. She brushed past him and into the bathroom, stepping into the warm bath waters, and took her place in her aquatic sanctuary. He waited.

He stood close behind her as she sat in front of the computer; her scent was strong now. She was fresh from her bathing, her hair still slightly damp, her skin covered only by new panties and her robe. The aroma of the bath oils lingered on her, but it was her building desire that he inhaled again and again. It was here, in front of this cold piece of hardware, that the feelings had grown strong. She strengthened herself from a glass of wine. She explored. Another drink and she freely roamed her dark fantasy world. As the night wore on, the robe became looser. Her hands stoked the heat from between her legs.

He stood there behind her, gaining strength from her desires, smelling them on her. Inhaling them as if she had splashed them on her body from a pretty, colored bottle on her dresser. She was openly taunting him now, safe in her world. Her hands where his should be. Her nipples erect, the robe no longer hiding them from him, her quickening breaths thrusting them upward, as if to say, “Take me.” He put his head in his hands, his fingers pressing hard into his skull. “She called me here. She called me here,” he muttered. The moan that escaped her lips shattered his concentration and in an undeniable rage he reached out for her hair. His fingers closed on her curls … and then nothing. They passed right through, and he looked at his fist, grasping nothing. Furious he reached for her shoulder, meaning to twist her around to face him. He reached right through her. Her increasing moaning was a mock to him, her there halfway in her world … halfway in his. Tonight was not the night.

He was there waiting for her. She turned on the light in her bedroom as she entered, her dress and jewelry evidence of a night out. She returned alone, and this had obviously disappointed her. He could smell this. That was why he was here. Increasingly these past few months she had called him, walking to the edge, only to deny him. He was not happy. He watched her as she positioned herself in front of her dresser, bending her head first to one side then the other as she removed her earrings. She loosened her blouse from her skirt, undid a couple of buttons but did not remove her clothing. Her disappointment was particularly heavy tonight, and bittersweet to his taste. Her aroma izmit escort spoke of sex, though it was from her torrid thoughts and nothing more.

He followed her down the stairs as she went to the kitchen and filled a glass with wine. She paused there for a moment, motionless, eyes fixed on the glass, but not really seeing it. He smelled the desire grow in her. She sighed heavily, then turned and made her way back up the stairs. She put the glass down next to the monitor and reached down to turn the computer on.

She did not. Her body rejected the notion of cyber or online fantasy, and she sat back in the chair. He watched. Her mind was awhirl with images from the evening, her body full of sensations. All had served to inflame her passion. Several times during the night she had felt her nipples harden, as she watched a man across the room, as she felt watched, as she brushed by a stranger. Her nipples were hard now. But her loneliness had mutated the passion. He waited. His rage from so many nights denied was building once again. He was breathing heavily, heatedly on her neck. Her mind now sought the familiar dark place, where she had found, if not satisfaction, possibly an understanding soul. She took the wineglass and placed it to her lips, almost afraid to drink, as if the wine would push her over the edge. She tilted it upward, the wine slowly closing in on her lips. She tasted the wine, and that was enough. He reached out for her and grabbed her arm.

The shattering glass accentuated the fact that she had succeeded in calling the beast. The crazed look in her eyes testament to her fear. With his iron grip he dragged her from the chair and over to her bed. She did not notice his nakedness, only her powerlessness. He climbed onto her bed, his erection preceding him, and yanked her onto the bed with him. Unable to react, only to experience she lay there as he climbed over her, his hands roaming the body she had denied him for so long. His rage still prevalent, those hands ripped her blouse from her body, tearing at it until no shred was left on her. She cried.

He grabbed her bra and pulled it over her head and arms, the fabric clinging to, then releasing her nipples as it succumbed to the beast. His hands again roaming her, his curiosity consuming him. They quickly found her skirt and pawed at it, until he succeeded in removing it from her. She watched.

He grabbed her legs and lifted them upward, bending them back to her head as his face lowered into her panties. She could hear him inhale her. She could feel him inhale her. She waited.

His yürüyüş yolu escort hands worked down her legs, grasping her panties, and working upward again removing her panties from her. Her legs still in the air he began spreading them outward. She stared at his eyes, but they were zeroed in on her cunt, and he was grinning with a sinister delight as he watched her cunt lips fighting to remain closed, sticking together, but eventually giving way to the pressure of her ever-widening legs. She opened for him. He moved forward, his hands guiding his cock towards her moisture. He teased her, like she had teased him so many times before. He rubbed his cock head against and around her cunt lips, probing, thrusting, but remaining outside of her. Her previously smoldering desire was full aflame, and he knew this. She was too inviting though, and he could not linger long. He thrust himself into her.

In such a blaze one could not loiter and his pounding was almost immediate. Her legs having nowhere else to go rested on his shoulders as he fucked her. His cock entering and exiting. His balls slapping at her anus. His eyes fully fixed on her face. As much as her cunt invited him deeper, that face infuriated him. That face that taunted him for so long gave rise to that all too familiar rage. He pulled his cock from within her and moved forward. Her legs dropped off of his shoulders and were split by his advancing body. His hands grasped at her hair and … found their mark. The rage closed them on her curls, and he pulled her head forward against his cock. The head of his cock was in front of her eyes, the heat of his cock spreading into her face. She felt the grip on her hair partially give way. His free hand intruded between her face and his body, grabbing his cock, guiding it downward until the head was pressed to her lips. His heat on her lips.

She looked up at him with begging eyes. His cock pressed forward and she opened a second time for him. To deny him would have been to deny herself. Time seemed frozen for a moment as his cock head lingered momentarily between her lips. His rage then drove it forward. Their eyes locked. Their worlds locked. He fucked her pretty mouth. As he watched her lips striving to swallow the whole of him, he inhaled her. He inhaled the mutant passion that emanated from her. He inhaled the fire scorching her cunt. He inhaled the beckoning desire concentrated in her nipples. And as his rage expelled from him he saw her tongue emerge for an all too brief second, before her lips again enclosed his cock. He pulled his cock slowly from her mouth, his cum mostly remaining behind. Her tongue emerged, retrieving the errant cum from her lips into her mouth.

He got off of the bed as she returned to her world. He watched her. He inhaled her. Her breasts still heaving, her eyes looking back. Her disappointment from earlier in the evening lay in tatters with her clothing on the floor.

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Cabin Fever

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It was late when she got in, his ex-girlfriend up to stay at a cabin they were renting among a group of mutual friends. The room had two beds — just about everyone had gotten to the house early, and the other rooms were basically all taken.

He pretended to be asleep — she turned the light on for a second and must have been able to see it was him. She rolled her bag in, unpacked her toothbrush, and left the room.

He closed his eyes again and didn’t open them when she returned. He heard her take her pants off and what must have been her sweater. She got under the covers.

They had broken up years ago. She had probably gotten over it more quickly than him. There’d been some fooling around in the early days but never cheating and nothing recent. She was dating a professor of something he didn’t want to think about; it seemed permanent. By now they had settled in to a casual but stilted friendship — they would always be exes more than friends.

Minutes passed — he found it hard to relax. Images of her going down on him– in the hot tub, in the snow — went through his mind.

He heard her turn over, facing the ceiling maybe. She gave a sort of harrumph, unsatisfied, clearly wide awake herself despite the hour. He wondered if he should say something. He turned over his pillow to its cool side, somewhat noisily. He tried to think of boring thoughts so he could fall asleep.

She moved about. He heard her breath quicken a bit, thought he heard a murmur, some rustling, not quite a moan, then nothing, as if she were coming to a decision.

He’d opened his eyes by now but he couldn’t see much in the dark. She turned again, her breathing changed, became deeper as if she were trying to calm herself. She sat up in the bed (though he couldn’t quite see), paused, swung her legs around and in a second she’d crossed the space between the two beds and she was on him and under the covers.

He izmit escort bayan was on his side, but she clearly wanted to be on top and forced him onto his back. There was a pause where they were both breathing hard. It was clear that he wanted this, making small thrusts up at her. He felt her naked legs against his as she ground against him. His hands crept to the side of her hips, under her t-shirt. He moved to kiss her but she pushed him back, bringing her chest to his face. He pulled her shirt over her head and brought his tongue to her breasts, her nipples beginning to get hard — sucking on them now and kissing along her ample cleavage.

He was hard now. He liked her taking charge, which she hadn’t done much when they were together. He went to kiss her but again she refused, this time putting her finger to his lips, which she left there. She kissed his neck, ground her crotch against him, and he gasped — his mouth opening and her two fingers sliding past his teeth to his tongue.

He wet them, turned on, submissive. He could barely see in the dark but her eyes seemed insistent and commanding and maybe almost contemptuous. Aroused. She reached down and began to jerk him off. He moaned. She spit into her hand and worked faster, his sounds getting lounder. Now she kissed him, her tongue sliding into his and turning him on even more.

She ended the kiss, their foreheads touching and her eyes looking into his as she brought him higher and higher, her hand shuttling faster and faster, and he moaned desperately. He couldn’t think straight — he was utterly at her mercy.

She stopped for a second, took her panties off. He took this moment to remove his shirt. She caressed along his ribs as she moved up the bed, straddling his face.

Her pussy was sopping wet. He immediately began kissing her — her smooth thighs, her mons. He licked her escort kızları lips, moved up to her clit, circling it gently at first but then more firmly with insistence, earning a gasp.

She braced her arms against the metal frame of the bed behind him. He couldn’t see but he imagined her head thrown back, long red hair everywhere. She was moaning now, high pitched sounds that he had always liked. If she worried about being heard, she wasn’t acting like it. Her thighs clamped around him. His neck tilted back, she began to press insistently against him. He held her hips in place so her jerky motions wouldn’t interfere with getting her off.

Her breath had gotten faster now, but her moans were maybe quieter — trying to control herself but failing. She grabbed the back of his head with one hand, her pinkie digging in to the nape of his neck. Her own head now rested on the wall, the other hand on the bed frame, her sounds becoming slower and deeper, like grunts. She let him continue like that for a while.

She climbed off him — straddling his body, naked, her tits touching his chest. He kicked off his underwear. She rubbed herself against him to get him wet and make him harder again. His arms circled her smooth back.

“Are you…?” He asked.

“It’s fine.”

She grabbed him with her hand and shoved herself into him. Her skin scratched against his thighs and he gasped once he was fully inside her.

He was laying on his back; she was leaning over him, her tits bouncing in his face while riding him. She wasn’t loud but intent, short, tight strokes up and down. He closed his eyes, put his hands on her hips, felt her going faster and faster on top of him.

He brought his hands to her shoulders, pulled her chest to his mouth. She moaned, a bit tired now, wriggling against him. Him feeling her pussy all along him in ragged strokes, driving gebze escort bayan him wild. He went to flip her onto her back, wanting nothing more than to really rail her, fuck the shit out her and make them both come.

For a second it seemed like she’d let him, but she put her hands on his shoulders and straightened her back upward, became turning her hips in tight circles that made him almost lose it, him growling with desire as she began to move faster and faster.

She looked amazing, the moonlight shining off her white skin, her tits bouncing, her red hair tousled and wanton. He began to breathe faster and faster, and her face contorted, getting louder and louder, almost like asserting her dominance over him.

“You fucking slut.” She said. She repeated it. “You little fucking slut.” Her breath grew ragged, her moans incoherent. She lost control as she came, her eyes rolled back in ecstasy, her screaming to wake the dead.

His dick inside her felt amazing but then she slowed down, and he thought she might stop and leave him unsatisfied. But then when she regained some control, she smiled and gave him what he liked, leaning down again over him riding him faster and faster. She kissed his neck, gave a playful bite to his chin. Her bouncing up and down on him without restraint, wiggling side to side a bit so he could feel her pussy envelop him. This is what he’d wanted. He was so close. He gave out a growl — their eyes locked as he came gasping inside of her — waves of pleasure overtaking him as his eyes closed and his whole awareness condensed and exploded into climax.

They lay there for a moment, breathing hard. She pulled herself off of him as she rolled over onto her side. Her head lay on his chest for some moments, her hand stroking his shoulder thoughtfully, his caressing her hair. She turned her head and their eyes met, though he couldn’t really say what had passed between them. They kissed softly, her hand pressed to his shoulder.

She put her finger on his lips, not that he was planning to speak. Her hair tossed as she left the bed, not bothering to scrounge around for her clothes. She lay back in bed; they both gave satisfied sighs, and he for one fell into a deep and satisfied sleep.

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All Dolled Up

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“What do you think?” Jill asked, running her fingers through her hair.

“Your hair looks great.” Jack smiled from the bed. “But you need some lipstick, I think.”

“What kind?” She started searching through the vanity drawer.

“Some sort of red would be the most appropriate, don’t you think?”

Jill didn’t answer. She found a good color and slowly rubbed the stick across her lips, dabbing her and there and rolling her lips over one another. She turned the chair around and faced him.

“How’s this?” She turned profile a couple of times.

“Beautiful, as always. Seems a shame to get it all messy.” Jack stood up from the bed and opened his robe.

“Is that what’s going to happen?” She asked, looking up at him. Her eyes were big and beautiful as she licked across the bottom of her top row of teeth.

“Yes, it is,” Jack advised. He let his robe fall to the floor. “You’re going to be a good little cocksucker and make me cum all over that beautiful dolled up face.”

She grabbed him by the hips and surprised him by taking him all in at once. Jack nearly yelped, and Jill laughed a muffled giggle. She licked the shaft from bottom to top and lollipop-licked the head a few times, making Jack shiver.

“Yes…that’s good. That’s real good. You must love sucking cock to be so good at it. Is that why you’re so good? Because you love sucking that big cock so much?”

“Yes,” izmit escort bayan she answered with heavy breath as she took his cock in her hand and teased the head with her tongue. She gave it little kisses before plunging her mouth back down onto it.

“Oooooh…” Jack purred. He grabbed onto Jill’s shoulders for support. “Such a pretty face. All warm and full of hot cock. Just how you like it, right? You’re so happy with a mouth full of hot cock, aren’t you?”

“Mmm-hmm,” she hummed with her lips around him. She pushed his hands up to her head. Jack massaged her scalp and started to mess up her freshly combed and styled hair. She stroked him and rubbed his cock around her wet, red mouth. “Aren’t you going to fuck my face?”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Yes!” She squeezed the head of his cock in her hand.

“You’d like me to fuck your mouth just like it was your hot pussy, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes! I want it! Fuck my face!”

“Tell me what a good cocksucker you are, and I might.”

Not ten minutes ago they were furiously screwing on the bed. It was a wild fuck with lots of gasping, spanking, sucking, sheet grabbing, and the bed smacking the wall so hard once that it knocked a picture off a shelf. Jill came hard on Jack’s face at the end. She gave him enough warning to pull out from their doggy position and slide under her kocaeli escort hot pussy so she could fuck his face. Jack nearly came himself when she exploded onto his mouth and chin. Her legs clamped onto him like some professional wrestling hold, and her juices soaked him. Jack thought she was done for the night, but she still had the energy to slide down to him, kiss him, and tell him it was his turn to cum. She decided she would get all dolled up for him. She made herself all pretty and perfect, and now she wanted that nice girl image to be turned into the nasty girl she liked to be once in a while.

“I’m a good cocksucker!” She panted. “I love it! I want your big cock fucking my face. I want it shoved down my throat. I wanna suck your balls as you cum all over me!”

“Say ‘please’.”


“‘Please’ what?”

“Please fuck my face!” She was nearly bouncing on the chair in excitement.

“‘Please fuck my hot slut mouth’,” Jack commanded her.

“P-please fuck my hot slut mouth!” Jill shouted as she shivered down to her toes.

Jack grabbed her forcefully by the head and started pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. Her lipstick colored his cock a reddish purple and she moaned, loving the feeling of his cock sliding over her tongue again and again. He would pump his cock all over her face. She would hungrily gasp and reach out sınırsız escort for it with her tongue. He plunged back into her mouth and started to shake.

“Y-You want it?” He stuttered.

“Mmm-hmm!” She begged.

“You want it all over that pretty face of yours, you want to be nasty?”

“Mmm!” She moaned wildly.

“Here you go! Here you go, you good little cocksucker!” Jack yelled as he convulsed. He burst inside her mouth as she grabbed him by the base, filling her mouth with cum. She pumped the shaft and his cock sprang from her mouth with a wet popping sound. He sprayed onto her right cheek, chin, and lips. She kept pumping him, tilting his cock down to cum on her perky breasts and then rubbing the head over her other cheek. She took him into her mouth again, causing Jack to nearly fall to the floor. He fell forward instead and grabbed the back of the chair. She went at him quickly, driving him over the top with sensations as she sucked and licked and rubbed her lips all over him. She took one of his balls into her mouth and squeezed the slick head of his cock in fast circles.

She pushed him back onto the bed and stood up. Her face was smeared white. She looked into Jack’s eyes and wiped the cum on her face over to her mouth. She cast him a flirting glance as she turned to leave the room.

“You’d better get into the shower pretty quick,” she said as she walked out, “or you’re going to miss out.”

“Miss what?” Jack called in a hoarse voice as he sat halfway up on the bed.

Jill didn’t answer, but Jack heard the faint hum of the silver vibrator he had just bought her a week ago. Jack jumped up from the bed and nearly stumbled into the wall as he bolted out of the bedroom.

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Busty MILF Just Can’t Resist

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For the ninth scorching day in a row, the temperature soared well above the seasonal average. The heatwave was set to continue for many days yet and for Jacqui, this was manna from heaven.

Fresh from a painful divorce from her two-timing ex-husband, she was using this downtime as an opportunity to collect her thoughts and rebuild her life. At the age of 47 she was still a very attractive woman. She wasn’t as trim and toned as she had been in her 20s, but she could still get away with wearing a bikini unlike many of her frumpy friends who had given in to middle age. It needed to be a very supportive bikini because Jacqui had always had very large breasts, which she’d seen as both a blessing and a curse; men, and some women, would openly stare at them if she was wearing anything remotely revealing. Her ex Mike often insisted she kept her cleavage covered: Jacqui wondered if he made the same demands of the slutty gold-digging young bitch of a partner he was now living with.

Since the split, and with the weather warming, Jacqui had gradually decided to show off her assets a little more. She had naturally sun-kissed skin and surprisingly few wrinkles so she invested in some rather more daring tops for the summer and had actually enjoyed the extra male attention she received.

For the last week she had enjoyed simply sunbathing in her beautiful garden, wearing only her bikini that constantly struggled to contain her impressive chest. The warm weather made her horny and she yearned for sexual attention as she lay on her lounger. It had been months since Mike had last made love to her and the thought of someone new lusting over her was a constant turn-on. Occasionally she would touch herself, safe in the knowledge that the house next door was empty.

It was a Saturday and with the temperature outside already searing hot at nine in the morning, Jacqui enjoyed a cool shower, carefully trimming her bikini line and pussy, before slipping on her bikini. She glanced out of the bedroom window and was surprised to see a removal van outside the house next door. “New neighbours,” she mused, wondering if there were any fit young men either moving the furniture or indeed moving in. After a few minutes of discreet spying, she realised that the new inhabitants were a couple, probably a little older than her and decidedly old-fashioned given their taste in clothes and furniture.

But one of the removal men was of far greater interest. What a hunk! Jacqui openly leered at him through the gap in the curtains, salivating at the glorious sight before her; young, extremely handsome, probably early 20s. He had a tight white t-shirt hugging his lean muscular upper body showing off his toned arms, while his cut-off shorts allowed her to appreciate his perfectly bronzed legs. Her nipples instantly hardened at the sight of him. The others involved in the move were older and reminded Jacqui of her flabby ex-husband, but this young guy looked like just the sort of alpha male she would enjoy getting to know now she was single again. Of course after 20 years of marriage she lacked the confidence to approach anyone, let alone a young hunk. So she decided to take a more cautious approach and go and visit the neighbours themselves to introduce herself. If she managed to subtly gawp at the removal man, or even brush against him, that would be a welcome bonus… she felt her pussy moisten slightly just at the thought of it.

She kept her bikini on but put a thin kaftan over the top, the sheer fabric feeling wonderful against her skin and she realised just how aroused she was having spent several minutes ogling a man probably half her age through the window. She put on sunglasses and a hat with some sandals, checked herself in the mirror, took a deep breath and headed outside.

Next door was chaotic; five removal guys taking endless boxes and items of furniture into the house, shouts of “in here” or “be careful!” every few moments. Jacqui wondered if she should abandon her plan but at that moment the woman moving in emerged from the front door and spotted her. She was wearing a baggy old t-shirt trying to cover various bumps and bulges underneath and creased linen trousers doing little for her unflattering figure. But behind the woman, she spotted her hunky removal man darting out of the house and heading for the lorry so she walked over, holding out her hand to the woman and announcing: “Good morning, I’m Jacqui, your neighbour. I just wanted to introduce myself.”

“Hello there,” replied the woman, wiping sweat from her forehead and puffing out her cheeks. “Lovely to meet you, I’m Diane. Please excuse my appearance, I’m no good in this heat and I’m totally stressed out with the move.”

Jacqui smiled and indulged Diane with some small talk, all the while keeping an eye out for the young man she found herself lusting after, even though she’d only first set eyes on him 10 minutes previously. He had already headed back into the house with another box so Jacqui knew she’d have to kocaeli escort bayan wait on the front lawn for the chance to ogle him up close, and she immediately felt foolish and desperate. Diane called her husband out, who she introduced as Chris, while Jacqui decided not to mention that she was newly divorced and just let them do the talking.

Just then the cute removal man walked out of the house again and Diane called out: “James… James darling, come over here a moment will you?” Jacqui was taken aback at the way Diane spoke to someone she assumed was merely a hired help. “Jacqui, this is our son James. He’s waiting to buy his own place so will be living with us for the time being. James, this is Jacqui our new neighbour.”

James held out a hand. Jacqui felt almost giddy when she looked at him. He was so ridiculously handsome, with chiselled arms, a wonderful skin tone and a magnificent hard body under a t-shirt sticking to his pecs and abs with sweat. “Nice to meet you,” he smiled. And what a smile… Jacqui took his hand and to her surprise, James brought it up to his mouth and gently kissed the back of it. In her aroused state, this felt like a highly erotic gesture to Jacqui, but Diane and Chris laughed, with Diane sarcastically commenting “what a gentleman, I don’t think! I’m sure Jacqui doesn’t want some dirty sweaty man anywhere near her James! Get back to work,” playfully slapping him on the back as he smiled again at Jacqui and headed back to the lorry. “He’s a real help on a day like this,” said Diane to Jacqui. “Unlike Chris, he’s very handy. One of those blokes who loves getting stuck in.”

Jacqui smiled politely and continued talking to Diane, all the while stealing surreptitious glances at James which nobody would notice thanks to her over-sized sunglasses. But Jacqui couldn’t help wondering if James was all too aware of her attraction to him. And when she looked over at him again while Diane was talking about her husband’s job, she was stunned to see him return the glance, wipe his brow and remove his t-shirt. Underneath was just about the most perfect upper body Jacqui had ever seen: lean, toned, hairless and sun-kissed. Her mouth instinctively fell open slightly and her big nipples hardened further under her bikini top. She simply couldn’t help gawping and this time Diane clearly noticed as she turned round to see her shirtless son grabbing a chair. “Oh for heaven’s sake James,” she scolded. “Do we really need to subject the new neighbourhood to nudity on day one? Put another t-shirt on before the house prices start to plummet!” She laughed and turned back to Jacqui. “So sorry about that, my family will do anything to embarrass me.”

“Not at all,” smiled Jacqui, forcing herself to look straight at Diane. “Look, you’ve got a lot on here so I won’t keep you…” She had to get James on his own so she quickly thought of something plausible and said: “You guys crack on, I’m heading back to my garden. My sun lounger needs fixing if I’m to get any sunbathing done today, so I’ll try and sort that out and see you later.”

Diane took the bait beautifully. “Oh, well, I’m sure James can take a look at that for you. Why don’t I send him over and he can sort you out?”

“If only,” thought Jacqui, but welcomed the opportunity to leer at James up close on her own territory. “Well only if you’re sure… That would be great. Lovely to meet you.”

Jacqui headed back to her front door, acutely aware of her bikini bottom rubbing against her moist pussy lips. She was shocked at how turned on she was just from looking at a gorgeous young man.

She decided she should change into something rather less revealing but just as she reached the top of the stairs, there was a knock at the door. She answered it and was staggered to see James standing there, still shirtless and slightly out of breath. “Hi again, mum said you needed help with a sun lounger?”

Jacqui was taken aback and struggled to get any words out. James smiled at her obvious shock. “I know, you only just told her. To be honest I’m glad of the break in this weather. It’s thirsty work!”

Jacqui composed herself and said: “Well that’s very kind of you. Come in and have a cold drink.”

She was a little panicked. Firstly there was nothing actually wrong with her lounger. She had been hoping to find a way of breaking it before James came over. Secondly she was very aroused and worried about how she would conceal it from this handsome young man. Thirdly could she trust herself in this situation? What if James made a move on her? No – that was ridiculous. Here was a man half her age, presumably with his pick of women, who she’d just met a few minutes ago and who surely wouldn’t find someone like her attractive anyway.

They walked into the kitchen and Jacqui headed for the huge American style fridge-freezer. “What can I get you?” she asked as breezily as she could.

“What are you offering?” he asked with a flash of that otele gelen escort winning smile. Was he flirting, wondered Jacqui… “I’ll take whatever you have.”

“Diet Coke ok?” she asked.

“Great,” he replied. He opened the can and drained the contents while Jacqui took the opportunity to admire his impressive physique again, trying not to look like some desperate horny middle-aged woman. She took a jug of water from the fridge for herself and poured a glass.

“So what do you do James?” she asked casually.

“I’ve just finished uni, so waiting for the right opportunity to come along.” He looked around. “Do you live here alone?”

Jacqui hesitated. “Yes, it’s just me, I’m recently divorced.”

“That must be tough,” said James. He was looking directly into her eyes, leaving Jacqui positively punch-drunk with lust and desire, but doing her very best not to show it. She was painfully aware that her nipples were rock hard and that even with a bikini and kaftan on, there was no disguising them. She could have sworn she saw James glance at them, just for the briefest of moments – but again she told herself there’s no way a young man like this would be interested in someone old enough to be his mother. She imagined a number of scenarios in which the two of them ended up naked together.

After a long pause, James put down his drink and said: “So what seems to be the problem with the lounger?”

“Erm, I’m not sure,” stuttered Jacqui, “it, um, it’s just not quite right. Maybe I should show you…”

She turned round to put the jug back in the fridge but as she closed it, she became aware that James was right behind her. “Are you sure there’s anything wrong with the lounger?” he asked quietly into her ear. He was almost touching her, and more moisture flooded her pussy as her mind started racing with a mixture of fear and excitement.

“Are you sure you weren’t just looking for a reason to get me round here on my own?” he asked mischievously, and she felt the tips of his fingers brushing lightly against her satin-covered thighs. She simply froze. She had no idea what to say. “Only, I was really hoping you were,” he continued, “because there’s nothing I like better than a beautiful older woman…” She felt his fingers deftly pulling up the kaftan and his warm hands slipping underneath, touching her bare skin. Her breathing quickened and she let out a soft moan as the first man to touch her other than Mike in more than 20 years ran his fingers up and down her smooth outer thighs. Her cunt was literally dripping.

James had no idea what sort of reaction this bold approach would get but he certainly expected a little more resistance than this.

Jacqui tried to clear her head. Against all her base instincts, she said: “Look James, I don’t know what you thought might happen by coming here, but…”

James interrupted. “I saw you watching me from your window earlier. It made me wonder: how long has it been since a man fucked you out of pure lust?”

She was shocked at both the revelation and the question and had no answer. Emboldened by her stunned silence, James slipped his hand down the front of her bikini bottom and gently stroked her pussy lips. Good God, how wet she was! They both moaned and any lingering thoughts of resistance from Jacqui swiftly vanished. She leaned her head back against his firm shoulder and widened her stance, allowing him greater access to her soaking wet cunt. With his other hand he peeled the bikini strap from her right shoulder and gently touched her hard sensitive nipple.

“I love your breasts Jacqui,” he said gently into her ear. “I couldn’t take my eyes off them outside. God, I need to suck them.”

He pulled his hand out from her bikini bottom and roughly turned Jacqui round. She leaned back against the fridge in a daze, one breast fully exposed, the other desperate to be released from the bikini top. James virtually ripped the sheer fabric of the kaftan off her and quickly pulled down the other bikini strap, leaving both massively erect nipples on full view. He took a second to ogle them before hungrily taking the left one in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it and then sucking hard while gently pinching the other one with his thumb and forefinger which were wet from fingering her.

Jacqui was in a state of both shock and ecstacy and was swept along. She stood there with her eyes shut, letting the pleasure wash over her. How had this happened?! Just half an hour ago she hadn’t even set eyes on this young hunk, now she felt powerless to resist him ravishing her lust-fuelled body in her own kitchen. James moved his damp fingers up to her mouth and she tasted herself for the first time in years.

Suddenly she felt James untying her bikini bottoms with her nipple still in his mouth. The skimpy damp garment dropped helplessly to the floor leaving her completely naked apart from her sandals. With the spontaneous nature of his hot darıca escort encounter coupled with his expert stimulation of her breasts, she felt close to cumming already.

James stood up and pulled down his shorts in front of her. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and his massive pulsing cock sprang free. It was the biggest dick Jacqui had ever seen and in her light-headed state, all she could think was ‘I need that inside me’.

“I’m not going to mess about Jacqui,” he said. “You want it – and I want to give it. Will you let me fuck you right here in the kitchen?”

“Yes,” she replied instantly, touching his rock hard pecs with the palm of her hand. “God yes.”

Immediately she felt the head of his huge dick against her pussy lips. He grabbed the back of her left leg and pulled her knee up to his right hip, before pushing forward and penetrating her.

They both moaned loudly at the release. Jacqui had never taken such a huge cock inside her, but she was so turned on, it slid three quarters of the way in quite easily. James took a moment to revel in the feeling of being inside such a surprisingly tight middle-aged pussy bareback. He looked her in the eye and simply said: “Are you ready?”

She nodded, her eyes filled with lust. She didn’t care less about the consequences of this. She needed it. Mike was off fucking his young slut, why shouldn’t she enjoy some fresh young cock in the house he paid for?

James slid his prick almost completely out of her, then rammed it all the way in, almost to her cervix. There was a twinge of pain from inside her but it was glorious pain and was quickly replaced by pure pleasure, spreading throughout her whole body. She knew her first orgasm was close already. Suddenly, he started thrusting into her hard and fast, pinning her up firmly against the fridge in order to get as deep inside her as he could. Her pussy was his and he knew it. There was no need to be gentle, she was silently demanding he fuck her with passionate brutality and he was only too happy to oblige.

Within a minute of this frantic fucking the strength of her climax overwhelmed her – hardly surprising given the fact she’d been turned on for over half an hour – and she started screaming with every thrust, the pleasure washing over her in intense waves. James felt the walls of her wet pussy tightening against his cock and knew his own orgasm was only seconds away. He ran his hand up her back and gripped her shoulder, thrusting inside three more times before holding himself as deep as he could possibly go and almost roaring as he filled her with his potent semen. Ropes of it flew inside her, spurt after spurt filling her.

Eventually their orgasms subsided and they stood there, still intertwined, panting and sweating. “Oh my God Jacqui, that was amazing,” he said quietly. “I have to go and finish helping with the boxes. Are you around later?”

Jacqui’s mind was a blur. All she could do was nod and lean back against the fridge, James’s cum leaking out of her. He kissed her cheek and was gone in a flash.

She stood there feeling a strange mixture of shame and profound satisfaction. She knew she’d behaved like a slut, but that had been the most intensely erotic experience of her life. She went upstairs for a shower with a big grin on her face.


Jacqui had waited all evening for the doorbell to ring. She’d put on a revealing summer top and a skirt and readied herself for round two with James. But it was now 9.30 and she resigned herself to the idea that he wasn’t going to call. She felt like a foolish old woman, believing that a young stud like James would come back for seconds when he was probably off with some hot young girl who’d spend hours sucking his dick.

Jacqui sighed and slumped on her sofa. It was stiflingly hot and she removed her top, leaving her beautiful huge breasts protected from the sultry air by only her skimpy bra. She closed her eyes and remembered every sordid detail of what had happened in the afternoon. She felt betrayed by her own body because she knew she should just forget their torrid encounter in the kitchen but it had been so profoundly satisfying that just thinking about it for a minute or two caused her to become deeply aroused.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Jacqui froze, wondering if she should ignore it. She couldn’t answer the door in this state – bra out, nipples rock hard…

“Jacqui,” called James’s voice. “Jacqui are you there? It’s me James.”

She told herself she could answer the door quickly without anyone else seeing her so she dashed for the entrance, pulled James inside swiftly and closed it again.

James could barely believe his eyes seeing her breasts close to escaping their lacy confines and he immediately pinned her up against the hall wall, kissing her deeply, leaving her melting into him. She cursed her lack of self-control but in the grip of lust she just wanted to be taken, to be used by this gorgeous man, to let him fuck her senseless and hang the consequences. His scent drove her crazy and he knew exactly how to turn her on.

James grinned and grabbed the straps of her bulging bra and swiftly pulled them down over her wonderful breasts with his powerful arms, causing her to scream out as her aching nipples were finally freed.

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Bus Stop

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Six in the morning, I have to catch the early bus. It’s still dark out as I wait at the bus stop. I’m a bit chilly in my white tee-shirt (With a big heart on the front) , a long (almost to my knees) denim-look-a-like skirt with some ruffles and two inch heeled sandals that lace all around my calves to my knees. I know today will be warmer, so I don’t worry about the morning temperature.

I watch a jogger run by the bus stop. She’s already worked up a sheen that glistened in the street lights. She looks straight ahead, listening to ear-phones. She doesn’t notice how I ogle at her bouncing breasts and succulent thighs. I start to daydream about having that blond ponytail in my fist as I push those red lips between my thighs. I eat my little yogurt cup with the spoon as I imagine my ears pressed by those muscular legs as My tongue darts into her shaven cunny. I always image women shaven, like me.

I spill a bit of yogurt on my skirt. I look down at my leg and notice a man sitting right next to me.

“Let me get that for you,” He says in some strange accent, not quite Italian. He puts one hand on my thigh above the spill, the other kocaeli escort bayan on my calf , then leans down to lick the yogurt off my skirt. He smells sexy and keeps licking the spot after I know the yogurt is gone. His hand moves up my calf to my knee and I slip into “subbie mode.” His fingers have moved just past my skirt fringes as the bus pulls up. “Sit in my lap,” he whispers in my ear as he stands and gets on the bus.

The driver is an older black woman who winks at him and says, ” Got another lost lamb, tiger?” as he passes her. I follow him to the back of the bus. He sits. I go to sit on his lap, but he grabs the bottom of my skirt first, and hikes it up to my waist. He pulls my “hello kitty” panties down to my ankles. I step out of them and he puts them into his jacket pocket. I see the driver smiling at us in the mirror. She pulls away from the stop and I fall back into his lap. My pony tail must hit him in the nose. He pushes my butt down his legs to his knees and unzips his pants.

He makes me stand and turn around. He puts a condom into my mouth and points to his wonderfully yahya kaptan escort huge cock. I bend over and put the condom over the tip of it’s head with my lips and tongue. He’s to big for me to get farther, to I suck and nibble a bit on the tip while my small finger pull the condom the rest of the way down.

He turns me around again and sits me down on his knees. Then he pulls me back, lifting my hips so he can impale my little cunny with his huge cock.

Damn it feels good. I’m half way to my first orgasm before I get his shaft all the way in. He’s strong too. He lift me up by my hips and pulls me back down, bouncing me on his cock with just his biceps. I see us pass the jogger through the window. She glances up at me. I don’t know if she can tell what I’m doing through the bus window, but I imagine that she can. I come really fast, he keeps going, I can’t stand it, I’m hyper ventilating or something from all the pleasure. He lifts me all the way off and the rush slowly subsides.

My brain is shut off. I whisper, “fuck?” because I can’t think to say anything else. He start gebze escort to lower me again, this time I feel the pressure at my anus. The tip has already started to force it’s way in before I realize this is going to hurt. The bus hits a bump and his slow insertion skips an inch, “ow, too big,” I whimper. He continues the slow penetration.

One of his hands goes to the front. I feel his large fingers slip into my cunny. His thumb presses against my clit. He does that just right, and I almost forget about the monster in my ass till the bus hits another bump. He fingers me some more. The next bump put him all the way in. It’s hurting. It’s feeling good. I’m so confused. He keeps fingering me. I try to concentrate on his fingers and I realize that he’s not doing it for me, he’s rubbing himself through me, rubbing his cock through my flesh with the finger in my cunny. He’s using me like some cheap latex masturbation toy. My kinky side takes over my conscious thought and I orgasm at being so used. My ass squeezes, it hurts more, but the more it hurts the harder I orgasm. That makes him cum too.

I can feel his hot cum in my ass, that thought extends my orgasm a little longer. He lifts me off his cock and I can feel the warm goo dribbling down. I look over my shoulder as I stand up and see the busted condom on his cock. This strangers cum deep inside me make me start to feel hot again, but this is my stop. I reluctantly walk away, getting off the bus I got off on.

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Bound to Please

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“What the…” As I awake, my mind races to figure out what is going on.

I am on my back. I can’t move my hands, feet, or head. I can’t see. I hear music playing loudly in my ears. It takes me a few seconds, but my head clears from its original panic and begins to accept the input from my body.

I’m blindfolded and bound. I can feel the straps around my wrists and ankles. I’m pulled into a star shape. My head is held still by the blindfold. I feel the headphones on my ears, blocking out all sound but the slow groove of soul music. I feel the air on my body and know that I am naked. I feel weight shifting on the bed and know that I am not alone.

Hands. Soft hands begin to caress my body. Gently rubbing my face, shoulders, arms, chest, belly. The hands are soft and warm, imparting a sense of comfort. Their message is to relax. They are the hands of my beloved Angie.

I feel her nails drag across my skin. She twirls her fingers through my chest hair, tickling my nipples until they get hard. Continuing down my body, her nails begin to tease my pubic hair. They twirl and rake though the hair, inciting my already hard cock to bounce in anticipation. Angie moves past my pubes to my thighs, raking the insides of each with her nails. Down to each knee, she travels, and back up until she almost touches my sack; then, down the other leg. Her teasing is having its effect on my breathing and the blood flow to my lower body. Her scratches are light, but I feel a slight warmth where her nails have been.

When I try to speak, Angie immediately covers my lips with hers. Her kiss is sweet and soft, at first. As she presses her lips against mine, the kiss takes on urgency. Our tongues begin to dance and she gently bites my lower lip. As I feel her weight shift, again, a finger is placed across my lips as a silent command to not speak.

Angie’s fingers begin to move across my body, again. Suddenly, without any warning, her wet tongue drags across my right nipple. The feeling is a shock and I moan. I then feel cool air being blown across the nipple, making it pucker and harden even more. Several more times, her hot, wet tongue flicks across my nipples, making them hard.

Weight shifting. I wait, but nothing happens. I have no idea where Angie is. It felt like she might have gotten off of the bed, but I can’t tell merter escort for sure. I lie there, bound and blindfolded, waiting.

The music changes. A driving rock song fills my ears as Angie suddenly takes my entire cock into her hot mouth. In sync with the music, Angie bobs her head up and down on my hard pole. Her fingers play with my balls while she sucks my cock with reckless abandon. Each bass beat of the song brings her nose to my pubic bush. The electric guitar riffs guide her fingers on my sack. The song is a short one and, as it ends, so does the blowjob.

Weight shifting. This time I know EXACTLY where she is. The bed sags on either side of my head and I feel it drop several inches. I smell Angie’s excitement as she lowers her pussy to my waiting mouth. The song is a slow pop song. Angie hovers over my lips, just within reach of my tongue, but no closer. Her hips move to the beat of the music, as she dances her pussy lips across the tip of my tongue. Back and forth she moves, allowing me only the slightest taste of her soaking pussy.

At the beginning of the second verse, Angie drops her pussy fully onto my mouth. She is hot and soaking wet. I can not move my head, only my mouth and tongue. I work with them as best I can as Angie guides her pussy around my mouth and face. She begins to grind her clit into my nose while I fuck her wet hole with my tongue. Suddenly, Angie stops moving. I feel a tremor through her thighs against my cheeks. My face is awash with her fresh juices and I know she has cum. I gratefully drink what is offered. Angie doesn’t move as I gently lick and suck on her pussy, trying to get every last drop of her nectar.

Weight shifting. I feel Angie on both sides of my body, now. I feel her hair against my skin. Slowly, she drags her hair down my body, swishing it back and forth. I feel the heat from her pussy long before it touches my straining cock. Angie takes my cock in hand and strokes it a few times before pushing the head into her wet pussy. I feel her weight as she slowly impales herself on my cock. Angie sits back on my thighs, her hands on my chest, and begins to rock to the music. A slow rock song has started playing in my ears. Angie’s hips move to the beat, rocking back and forth and side to side on my fat cock. In this position, I can feel her cervix bayrampaşa escort as it rubs against my head. I feel Angie’s nail against my pubic hair. She is fingering her clit while she rides my cock.

Angie continues to rock back and forth and side to side. The song ends and another driving rock song begins to play. Angie places both hands on my chest and begins to rise and fall on my cock. I try to thrust into her, but can’t. Angie fucks my cock hard and fast. Up and down she slams her pussy onto my cock. I can imagine the look on her face, even thought I can’t see it. I feel Angie’s pussy contract around my cock as warmth flows down my shaft to my balls and asshole. Another orgasm rocks her body and she collapses against my chest.

I feel her hair in my face and breathe in its scent. Angie lies panting on my chest. The breathing is ragged and hard. It must have been a good orgasm. Angie lies on my chest until her breathing returns to normal. My cock bounces inside her pussy, eliciting a spasm from her each time I tense my muscles.

Weight shifting. This time I know that Angie has gotten off of the bed. I lie there, my rigid cock sticking up, waiting for what is to come next. I feel Angie climb back onto the bed, between my legs. Her warm had wraps around my hard, fat cock, and she begins to stroke it. The song in my ears is a slow groove, again. She strokes her hand up and down the length of my shaft to the rhythm of the music. It is the only part of my body she is touching, at this point. It has become the very focal point of my existence. As she strokes my shaft with one hand, she begins to massage my balls with the other. She gently rolls them between her fingers while she languidly strokes my cock.

Angie allows the fingers from her “ball hand” to drift toward my asshole. She rakes her nails from my asshole to my balls and back, teasing that area in between. She continues to massage my aching cock. She knows that at the rate she is going, I will never cum, and I imagine she is doing that on purpose.

Without warning, I feel a finger enter my anus and I jump. Angie starts sliding her finger in and out of my ass in sync with her hand on my cock. The feeling is incredible. The song changes, but the tempo doesn’t and I lay there, helpless and loving it, while Angie strokes my cock çapa escort and fucks my ass with her finger. A second finger enters my ass, stretching it. Angie strokes my cock and fucks my ass for the duration of the song. I am going crazy, needing to cum, but Angie will not apply enough pressure or speed to make that happen.

The song ends. It is replaced by static. Angie pulls her fingers from my ass and releases my cock. I feel coolness on my ass followed by wetness. As I try to figure out what is happening next, I feel something at my anus. Slowly, whatever it is, is forced into my hole. It is large, rigid enough for penetration, yet not hard. When my anus is filled to bursting, an intense vibration fills my nether regions and I realize that Angie has shoved her vibrator into my ass. The vibrations and pressure on my asshole are intense. I can’t hold back the moans as Angie begins to fuck my ass with the vibrator. All the while, the static still plays in my ears.

Suddenly, the music begins, again. It is a soft jazz piece. The fucking of my ass continues and I feel Angie’s lips on my cock, again. She licks up and down the shaft, swirling her tongue around the tip. She pulls the foreskin back with her hand and takes the head of my cock in her mouth. With one hand pumping the vibrator in and out of my ass, the other pumping my cock, and her hot, wet mouth on the heat of my cock, sucking the precum from my shaft, I know that I will not last long.

Angie makes love to my cock while the soft jazz plays on. At the half-way point of the piece, Angie turns up the vibrations in my ass and shoves the vibrator in to the hilt. Both hands now work on my cock and balls as Angie’s head bobs up and down the shaft. Sometimes taking me all the way into her throat; other times sucking on the head while she pumps the shaft with her hand. Suddenly, I feel the cum begin to boil in my balls. My breathing becomes ragged. I can’t summon enough breath to moan, just gasp.

My hips buck to the extent allowed by the restraint. Angie, sensing that I am about to cum, dives down on my cock, burying it in her throat as the first splash of cum erupts from my cock. The long teasing has paid off and Angie is rewarded with 2, 3, 4, 5 huge gobs of cum from my balls. I feel her mouth and throat work to swallow my seed.

Angie switches off the vibrator and removes it from my ass. She continues to lick and suck my cock as it begins to soften, kissing my belly and thighs. I feel Angie climb down from the bed. She kisses my lips gently, as she removes the blindfold.

“I love you,” she says softly.

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Blowjob Contest Ch. 05

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Big Tits

Julie was extremely horny after watching Rachel cum so many times while practicing anal. Instead of going back to her room, where the sleeping Becca was, Julie headed toward Rob’s place. She wanted some, wanted it bad. Her underwear was soaked and she had a massive urge to have sex. She practically ran to his dorm room, but slowed down as she entered the building. His dorm was always a happening place even when it wasn’t basketball season. Girls seemed to frequently hang around the big stars on the team and tonight was no exception. The common room was loud and crowded as music played, with players and their groupies partying it up. She looked around the room but couldn’t find Rob so she headed up to his room and knocked on the door.

“Man! I told you guys to let me sleep!” came the reply from the other side.

“Rob, it’s me, Julie,” she responded.

“Oh, sorry, babe,” he said when he opened the door in just his boxer shorts. “What’s up, everything okay,” he asked.

“No… I need some, like right now,” she said pushing past his naked chest into the room.

He chuckled and closed the door behind her. She was already removing her clothing as she walked toward his bed before looking up at him approaching.

“I’m sorry it’s so late, but I had to come over… can’t sleep like this,” she said.

“Don’t ever apologize for wanting sex, babe,” he said, picking her up with ease and laying her down on the bed.

He helped her out of her boyshorts, falling to his knees in the process. He immediately buried his head into her shaved pussy but Julie only let him munch on her for a few seconds before grabbing his head and pulling him up.

“No need for that, just fuck me!” she said.

Again, Rob chuckled, yanked down his boxers and coaxed his long black cock to full hardness with his left hand. He rubbed his dark purple head up and down Julie’s shorn sex before feeding his width into her pink pussy. Inch by inch, his long black cock descended until his balls hit her tight white ass. Both of them moaned in pleasure and bliss.

“Damn, girl… you’re wet as fuck,” he said, holding his cock deep.

“I told you I needed it. Now shut up and fuck me!” she exclaimed.

His hands found her nice, perky breasts and Rob began to withdraw and slam into her over and over, feeding every inch into her fine ass body.


Sam sat on Rachel’s bed, watching the naked worn-out girl sleeping peacefully. She too was horny, both from the blowjob and helping with Rachel. She also felt a little sticky from Brandon’s huge load. Sam got up, grabbed her robe and towel and went to the showers. As late as it was, she found herself alone, stripped down and eased under the hot water. Grabbing the soap she lathered up her large breasts, spending a lot of time letting her soapy hands glide effortlessly over the round flesh until her nipples enlarged from the sensations. She took them both between finger and thumb, twisting and pulling, making her clit twinge with pleasure from her manipulations.

With one hand left on her breasts, the other moved down to her engorged clit, which she started to circle with her middle finger. The pleasure grew slowly and increased the faster she rubbed her clit until she was grinding on it with her entire hand. She pinched both nipples back and forth as she ground on her clit as well as fingered her hole with one practiced movement she always did when she wanted to cum as hard as possible. She felt it growing, knew she was moments away from the blissful release she craved. She pinched her nipples so hard, pain mixed with the pleasure and Sam climaxed hard enough to make her legs tremble under the hot water of the shower.

A cry of lust escaped her lips as the climax continued, so intense that she was forced to stop playing to catch her breath. She feared her legs would give out, making her lean heavily against the wall of the small shower stall. She was glad she was alone, the moans and cries were loud enough to echo amidst the tiled showers even over the falling water.

Once she caught her breath and gained some strength back in her legs, Sam toweled off, put on her robe and headed back to her dorm room with the satisfaction only an orgasm can fulfil.


“Yes! Fuck me, Rob… fuck me hard… give it to me!” Julie called out, rooting her six foot six boyfriend on.

He was already glistening from sweat as hard as he was working but she wanted it faster and harder, having such a lustful desire from the night’s events. His massive cock was stretching her out and pulling her lips tight, moving her clit in the process and filling her with the climax inducing stimuli she needed. His length felt like it was just under her rib cage, where it comes together, so deep was his cock. His hands squeezed and fondled her breasts as he stared down at her with a look of intensity. She gripped his bed sheets as the entire bed shook and rocked from the barrage of thrusts Rob was demonstrating. He was working tirelessly to get her off aksaray escort and she was mere seconds away from a mind-blowing climax.

His sweat started dripping down on her legs, she had up and bent, as her climax finally crashed over her body. The anticipation and lust she was feeling, made this climax one to remember. Her entire frame clenched up and held tight for over thirty seconds as the pulses of bliss radiated through her form. Her head arched back and she bit her lip on accident without knowing it until after. Incredible pleasure radiated from her sex all the while Rob continued to slam into her over and over. She was still climaxing when his cock left her body and he stroked his load onto her stomach, breasts and even face when he leaned over her small body to hold himself up with his knees. The warm, wet ropes hitting her only added to the pleasure she was experiencing. She knew he was sharing an equally intense climax from the amount of semen that was coming from his cock. By the time it eased up, he had painted her well.

“Damn, that’s a lot of cum,” he said, looking down at her.

“Felt wonderful, Rob… thanks for putting up with me,” she said.

“Putting up with you? That’s no problem at all, babe… you’re welcome here anytime any hour,” he said, falling on the bed next to her.

By the time she cleaned up and got back to her own dorm room, she only had a few hours of sleep before classes began again.


“You look exhausted,” Becca said, coming into the room after her soccer practice. Julie was practically sleeping while sitting up on her bed the next morning, the alarm blaring.

“I am, I was up late,” Julie said, finally turning off her alarm.

“Did you go over to Rob’s after Brandon left?” Becca asked.

“Well… yeah, but after we helped Rachel with something?” Julie smiled.

“We who?” Becca asked, “And with what?”

“Sam and I. We… well we kind of started helping her with anal practice,” Julie blurted out.

Becca choked on her sports drink, wiped her mouth and said, “Excuse me?”

“She bought three different sized butt plugs and we played with the first last night. She’s getting ready for Brandon because she knows where he’s going to want to stick it,” Julie explained.

“Oh my hell! Do you know how that sounds?” Becca asked.

“Yeah, we’re probably going to again tonight,” Julie laughed “… she wants to be able to handle the biggest plug by the time I get my chance with Brandon. She knows he’s going to want to have sex right after and she’s convinced he’ll want anal.”

“She’s probably right, and I guess this is smart to prepare, but why does she need help?” Becca asked.

“She asked, we accepted,” Julie giggled.

“Oh, I see… you enjoyed it.”

“It was actually a lot of fun and man did she cum, more than once and like huge.”

“Really? With the plug in her ass?” Becca asked.

“Yeah, and she was playing with her clit each time. She said it really added to the climax, thinks we should try it.”

“Wow, all this while I was sleeping. And I take it you were so horny afterwards you had to go and get some with Rob.”

“Yep, that’s why I’m so tired. I think I got maybe two hours of sleep last night. But the sex was amazing.”

“Well, that’s something then. So when are you ‘practicing’ with Rachel again?” Becca asked, using her fingers as quote marks.

“Don’t really know… she fell asleep before we planned it. Sam was going to talk to her this morning and let me know. Did you want to help?”

“I don’t know if Rachel will want me there.”

“We can ask. Let’s go shower, we’re going to be late if we don’t hurry.”


The whole gang met up in biology later. While Rachel was occupied by Brandon before class, Sam pulled Julie away from the group to talk.

“I talked to Rachel. She wants to try the medium plug tonight. How does nine sound?” Sam asked.

“Great for me, but I told Becca and she’s wondering if she can help too.”

“That’s up to Rachel and it will be difficult to ask her now since she’s with Brandon for the rest of the day until seven,” Sam explained, looking over Julie’s shoulder at the two slobbering over each other.

“Well, I guess if Becca just shows up with me then Rachel will either be good with it or not. What’s the worst that could happen?” Julie asked.

“I guess we’ll see,” Sam said, shrugging her shoulders and making her large breasts bounce in the process.

Everyone took their seats as the instructor walked to the head of the huge classroom.

Julie leaned over and whispered in Becca’s ear, “Looks like you can come tonight for the next practice session. Rachel doesn’t know yet so be nice when we get there.”

Becca only nodded because the professor had begun speaking.


As soon as class was over, Rachel and Brandon bolted from the classroom. Both of them knew today was the best time to have sex since Brandon shot a massive load all over Sam the fatih escort day before. It would be easier for him to resist cumming so soon after. Rachel wanted to take advantage of his big cock before he built up too much semen to resist. Together, they practically ran to his dorm room, shut and locked the door, already shedding clothing before they made it to the bed.

“I’m so horny I can hardly stand it,” Rachel said, kicking off her shorts and shoes.

“We better do something about that then,” Brandon said, suddenly picking her up and laying her on the bed.

He slid his hands down her body, looped his finger under her panties and pulled them down off her legs. He dove right in as they hit the floor. She was already wet, tangy and delicious as his tongue spread her wide open and continued into her sex as deep as he could. She moaned in pleasure as her hands found his hair and she pressed his face deeper. He rooted around with his tongue in deep for several seconds before sliding it upward over her urethra to find her engorged clit begging to be licked.

Rachel’s hands grabbed onto his hair as he flicked her nub with his tongue, up and down and side to side.

“Fuck yes… don’t stop… that’s perfect!” she voiced as her grip got firmer.

He obeyed, keeping the same speed and movements on her rock hard clit until her legs started to shake and her hands fell from his head as she melted into the bed with her orgasm. She squirmed away from his mouth so intense was the sensations and continued to shake for about a minute. Her eyes finally opened and she looked up at Brandon standing over her. His cock was rock hard and a large drip of pre-cum was about to drop to the bed below him.

“Give me that cock, it looks so good I want it all!” she said, hungrily.

She sat up, grabbed his cock and inhaled it as far as she could. She was able to still place her hand at the base with most of his cock in her mouth. She sucked hard and stroked at the same time, moving the loose skin up and down his rigid shaft beneath. Brandon’s head fell back in a long moan as the rapture took hold. She knew she didn’t have to remind him not to cum. The idea she had placed in his head the last few weeks was set in stone. He wouldn’t dare cum and ruin his chances to put it wherever he wants in less than a week.

Brandon stood there with his hands on his hips loving his life. He couldn’t believe how often his cock was getting sucked since he transferred schools. The girls involved were all pros including his new girlfriend who could suck with the best of them and was proving it right then. He looked down and watched her work, stroking gently and bobbing her head up and down while maintaining eye contact with him. She wasn’t trying to get him to cum, she was enjoying herself just as he was. He smiled down at her, assuring her that he was well away from an orgasm and enjoying everything she was doing. Rachel sat on the edge of the bed and sucked and stroked him for about three more minutes before letting him pop out of her mouth with an audible noise as the suction broke.

“Mmm, you taste good… want to have sex now or should I keep sucking?” she asked.

“Entirely up to you,” he responded with a grin.

“Good answer,” she said, leaning forward once again to take his cock back into her mouth.

He’d let her suck his cock all day if she wanted to. Her hot, wet mouth was the closest thing to paradise he’d ever found. He could tell she enjoyed sucking him, unlike other girls he’d known before that would only suck if he begged them and then only for a minute or two with no enjoyment. Rachel truly liked sucking his cock, it was written all over her sexy face and even her body showed signs of pleasure while she sucked him.

She doubled the amount of time she had sucked him before, taking him out of her mouth once again to talk.

“You’re getting really hard… we better move on,” she said.

He was indeed. Her talents were exceptional and even when she wasn’t trying to get him to cum he was still building toward an orgasm. His cock throbbed and glistened in her hand she hadn’t removed. His blood flow was unfettered, causing the veins along his cock to stand out in dark wiggly lines along his raging shaft. His breathing had increased and he would have had to stop her himself if she had kept sucking.

She lay back down on the bed, lifting her legs and holding them up with her arms around the back of her knees. He saw her lips flushed and damp from her enjoyment of sucking him. Even with her legs together there was very little resistance as he slid his cock into her sex all the way to the base.

“Gawd! I love that cock,” Rachel breathed between her bit lower lip and upper.

Brandon filled her full, holding himself deep for a few seconds with the initial plunge. He reached forward, cupping both of her perky breasts in his hands under her arms as she continued to hold her legs together and up. He pinched both of her nipples just as he nişantaşı escort withdrew his rod, leaving only the head inside her flushed sex. Pinching harder, he thrust down firmly, making Rachel squeal as their bodies came together, rocking the bed from the force. He pulled out again and slammed his cock deep once again, twisting and pulling on her nipples.

“Oh my… You’re going to make me cum again!” she blurted as he banged once again deep.

That was exactly what he wanted to do. He needed her to cum as fast as he could so he could continue to resist. As he pounded down into her over and over, he had only one thought on his mind. Six more days, six more days.


Sam watched Rachel and Brandon hightail it out of class. She knew exactly what the two of them were up to. She felt a twinge in her clit and a wanting in her sex. She had been so focused on practicing blowjobs that she hadn’t had a good banging from Jordan all last week. She had made him cum with her mouth and then he wasn’t up for much more after that. She got out her phone and texted him, knowing he didn’t have class this hour and also knowing that her dorm room was going to be empty because Rachel always went to Brandon’s.

The text was simple: Meet me in my room in five minutes. She added an eggplant and a cat emoji after the sentence.

Jordan would know what the eggplant and the cat meant. It was Sam’s emoji for a dick and a pussy. She got up from her seat, said goodbye to Becca and Julie and headed directly for her dorm room.

It didn’t take Jordan five minutes to get to her room. Actually they showed up at the same time, locked eyes and were kissing outside the door while Sam tried to get it open. His hands were all over her breasts before the door was even closed. Off came her shirt and bra and once again, Jordan’s hands were all over them. Her large breasts spilled over, even too big for his large hands to contain. He squeezed them hard, making Sam’s sex wet as they kissed and groped each other. She found his hard cock wedged in his shorts, grabbing it firmly as he continued to fondle her breasts.

More clothing disappeared and they were finally naked, standing in each other’s arms in the middle of the room. She had her hand firmly around his cock as he tweaked her nipples and they continued to kiss. When the kiss broke she looked into his eyes and started to fall to her knees but he stopped her before she got halfway down.

“Oh no… Your emoji didn’t have a dick and lips… it had a dick and a pussy. No more blowjobs, I want the real thing,” he said sternly.

“By all means, big boy,” she said walking backward until she fell onto her bed. She licked her finger, spread her legs and eased it into her ripe sex. “Come get me,” she said, biting her lip.

He crossed the distance between them rapidly and she removed her finger. Grabbing his cock, he bent it horizontal, squatted slightly and sawed his head up and down her moist lips several times before feeding it into her hot tunnel. They both moaned as the initial stimulation from penetration caught them both off guard.

“Oh, hell yeah! That’s more like it,” Jordan said taking his sweet time and watching every inch descend slowly into Sam’s smoking hot body.

Wet velvety bliss encapsulated his cock and the visual was stunning. Her large breast had made huge circled mounds on her chest, her gorgeous blonde hair fanned out from her head and the look of pure ecstasy was written on her incredible face. His shaft finally disappeared and his body met hers. Leaning over, Jordan took hold of her spectacular breasts, fondling them gently before pinching both nipples and pulling them high off her mounds before releasing them. They jiggled before coming to rest and he repeated the action once again as he eased out of her slowly, basking in the exquisite sensations coursing through his cock.

“I’ve missed you inside of me… I was just so preoccupied with sucking you last week,” she said, looking up at him.

“Looks like we’ll have to make up for it,” he said, slamming his cock into her with purpose.

“Mmmm, do that more… and more,” she giggled.

Jordan obeyed relentlessly.


“Six more days, six more days,” Brandon kept repeating in his head as he slammed Rachel over and over all the way through her orgasm. He loved watching her cum; she scrunched up her cute little nose as her entire body tightened up. He could see the waves of pleasure vibrate her body as the bliss must have been rolling over her. Her nipples were erect during her orgasm, her small breasts rocking gently with each thrust of his body. His cock was humming with pleasure. He knew he was close and needed to be careful not to let his pleasure peak. Now that she was cumming he eased back, moving his cock slowly in and out of her exceptionally wet pussy. It was like sliding inside hot, wet, pulsing, perfection. Looking down at her flushed face and aroused body, as her climax began to ebb, he smiled to himself because he knew she was satisfied from the slight grin of gratification on her face.

He pulled out completely, his cock rock hard and straining upward almost arching enough to touch his navel; he was so pumped with blood. Rachel opened her eyes and the smile grew on her face.

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Bobby , Jilly Ch. 4

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Jilly’s boss, Mike, had a big veiny cock. Mike’s wife Mary was scared to look at it, she thought it was so ugly. She loved to have Mike’s cock corkscrewing up into her hot cunt, but the sight of his great horse-cock frightened her. She wouldn’t lick or suck Mike’s dick except with her eyes closed.

When Jilly took the job as Mike’s secretary, she saw right away how big the bulge was in his pants. Mike himself was no oil painting, but Jilly had jerked off a few times thinking about what it might be like to get to know that big bulge in his pants better.

It was a few months before Mike worked up the courage to come on to Jilly. All the things Mary had said about his dick and how big and ugly it was had made Mike insecure about what other women might feel. But after a brief bout of passionate kissing, Mike felt Jilly’s fingers caressing his erection through his pants, and when he didn’t stop her, Jilly boldly unzipped Mike’s pants and brought the huge organ out of his shorts, to look at it. From the awe on her pretty, sultry face, Mike knew that for the first time he was going to be treated right.

As the baby-featured girl with the turned-up nose went to his knees before him, Mike had no idea yet just how right Jilly was going to treat him. After that first glimpse, Jilly sucked Mike off every way they could think of. Every lunchtime at the office, she would jerk Mike off into her luscious mouth and drink him, or she would suck him off with her mouth alone, licking and sucking up and down faster and faster until her pretty dark-blonde head was a blur and Mike exploded into her hot, hungry kağıthane escort lips.

Other days she would pull his raging cock out of her mouth at the last minute and jerk him off onto her face, covering her lips and sweetly tilted nose and cheeks with his creamy spunk. Or she would jerk him off, slowly and sensually, leaning in at the last moment as Mike writhed and gasped in orgasm, and taking the full ejaculation on her face and lips.

Sometimes she would let him jerk off into her mouth until he filled it with semen. Or jerk off against her gorgeous face until his pulsing organ splattered it with spunk.

But what Mike loved best of all was when Jilly slowly and lovingly worked him to orgasm with her face alone, just with the caresses of the silky, perfect skin of her nose and cheeks, accompanied by the dirtiest talk he had ever dreamed of. It was their special routine.

After all the years of feeling ashamed of his huge veiny penis, Mike couldn’t get enough of Jilly’s adoration of his monster cock, the way she gazed at it with dreamy eyes as she masturbated him, the way she kissed and licked it and begged for his semen all over her incredibly pretty face. The way sweet Jilly talked to him when she kneeled between his legs, licking and loving his penis, working him to one orgasm after another.

And Jilly understood perfectly how Mike felt. She knew just what he needed. And she loved to feel her power over the gigantic, gnarled cock smearing her nose and cheeks with pre-cum and throbbing wildly against her face when she spoke the filthiest words she güngören escort could think of:

`Oh baby, you have the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen, the biggest one I’ve ever kissed or sucked, the prettiest cock I’ve ever stroked off onto my face, you know I can’t wait for it, I’m dying to feel your hot spunk burst out of this gorgeous cockhead.. right here, baby…’ and between words Jilly would lick maddeningly at the drooling aperture in Mike’s vast flat cockhead. `…right here and all over my face where I can smell it and feel it and lick it and taste it. I love these great big veins, I love to lick them and make them throb as you get closer and closer to giving me the hot cream I want, I want it all day, baby, every day, I want you to imagine I’m starving and I have to be fed on your cockjuice, your cum, your spunk, I can’t live without it…’

And all the time, as she spoke, Jilly would be sliding her mind-blowingly pretty face up and down the huge veiny monster of a cock. Oiled with pre-cum, her heavenly, sweaty face felt like hot silk, like hot wax against his agonized, unbearably stiff cock.

Jilly’s eyes drilled unceasingly into Mike’s, as she watched his eyes cloud over in the numbing ecstasy of approaching orgasm, as her words and the slippery sliding friction of her nose and cheeks brought him to a crazy pitch of excitement.

Looking down, Mike felt as if he was all cock, as though the only piece of him independently alive was the huge penis jerking against Jilly’s childish face, panting now through pouting lips, slack with lust. The mixture esenler escort of her verbal assault, her aural rape of his cock, with the picture in front of him of her luscious sensual baby-face adoring his veiny horse-cock was too much for him. Orgasm seized him.

`I love your cock,’ Jilly went on purring as she watched and felt his giant cock spasming against her nose and cheeks in the moment preceding orgasm, `I love your cock, I love your cock, baby, I love your cock, I love your cock.’ It became a chant, one that drove him over the edge.

`I love its smell,’ Jilly chanted, her voice hot and low, `I love its fucking size, I love the big thick veins, I love this fucking huge cock, it’s so pretty against my nose, so hot, I can’t wait for the fucking great fountain of your spunk, I want you to cover me with it till my nostrils are full up and I can’t breathe…. I love your spunk, I love your spunk, baby, I love your spunk….’

`Aaaaghhhhh!!’ Mike roared, barely able to keep his eyes open as the slick up and down of her precum-coated face against his gigantically stiff cock brought the first splattering rope of semen firing straight up into the air and down onto Jilly’s incredibly pretty, sweaty, pre-cum-slick babyish features.

Time after time, as he yelled and trembled with each violent spurt out of his hugely distended penis, he watched the cataract of spunk rise up above Jilly’s spunk-drenched baby face and splatter down on her lips, her spunk-coated nose, her cum-slick cheeks.

And how she loved it! Jilly went on and on mumbling her adoration through spunk-loaded lips as the cum rained down on her soft, sweet, delicate features. It thrilled her to bring her boss’s huge organ to a mind-shattering cum all over her willing face – and to do it purely with her words and her spunk-slick nose and cheeks… that was the biggest power trip of all.

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Black Men Spank Black Chicks

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Big Tits

According to what I read on Web M.D. it’s perfectly normal to fart a lot about anal sex, but it doesn’t mention anything about the stinging feeling I feel in my asshole. I click off my iPhone, feeling more perplexed than reassured by what I found out online. Hmm. I wonder if I should consult a doctor about that. Oh, snap. Before I get ahead of myself, I bet you’re wondering who this is. The name is Joanne Geteye, and I’m a tall, curvaceous and sexy young Black woman of Ethiopian descent living in the City of Nepean, somewhere in provincial Ontario, Canada. I attend Algonquin College, where I study police foundations. Oh, and last night I had anal sex for the first time. Woo-hoo! Yes! It feels heaps good to take it up the ass!

The gentleman who did the honors is my long-time boyfriend Ebenezer Saint-Michel, a handsome Haitian guy I met in the summer of 2012 while vising my aunt Nancy in the City of Montreal, Quebec. We flirted a bit and I ended up giving him my number. We talked a few times and I thought he was cool but I don’t do long distance relationships. Imagine my surprise when I ran into him one day at the University of Ottawa. Ebenezer looked even better than I remembered. The six-foot-tall, lean and athletic, dark-skinned Afro-Caribbean stud looked good enough to eat. He’d been working out and it definitely looked good on him.

Ebenezer Saint-Michel and I seemed destined to be together, and although I play coy at times, I know better than to fight fate. When Ebenezer asked me out, I said yes and we began officially going out. We had a lot in common, even though we came from different worlds. Haitians and Ethiopians live in different sides of the world, and have different faiths and cultures. There are two faiths in the island of Haiti, Christianity and Voodoo. In the nation of Ethiopia, there is Christianity, which is practiced by seventy percent of the population, taksim escort and Islam, which is practiced by the remaining thirty percent. Sometimes, as an Ethiopian Christian woman, I worry about the rise of the Islamists in my beautiful homeland of Ethiopia.

I don’t want us to have a civil war over religion like Nigerian Christians and Nigerian Muslims. Religion is a destructive force, and people should try to embrace a secular mindset, it leads to less madness. Can’t people just get over it? Jeez! Of course, I shouldn’t talk, because I grew up in the Catholic faith and my religion matters to me. Ebenezer and I have had long talks about religion. He grew up in the Adventist faith, but our disagreements are nothing major. Adventists and Catholics are all Christians, basically. Ebenezer is a decent guy and he treats me well, and I’m really thankful for that. At the end of the day, that’s what matters, right? How a woman is treated by the special man in her life.

My older sister Nicole married a Muslim guy from Gambia and they’re getting divorced because she found him far too controlling. I could have told her that underneath his charm, her husband Aziz was a woman-hating, overly religious freak just like all of his kind, but Nicole would have accused me of bigotry for this. Oh, well. It’s her life. I don’t date Muslim dudes. They act charming and friendly at first, but underneath it all, they’re cold, manipulative bastards determined to spread their faith by any means necessary, and to control the women in their lives, of course. Aziz used my sister to get his Canadian papers, pure and simple. They met as students at Carleton University, and he seduced her. Mere weeks after they got married, this charming guy turned into a control freak, telling her what to wear, where she could or could not go, etc. Damn.

Yeah, from my sister’s mistakes I learned fatih escort to be careful with the men in my life. Ebenezer has all the characteristics of a potential keeper, though. He’s really nice to me, and he’s very respectful. He’s a good guy, but he’s also got a bit of an edge to him after growing up in the rough and tumble world of Montreal-Nord, Quebec. Yeah, he’s cool, but I’m not rushing into anything, you know? At least that’s what I told myself, until that incredible night when we both crossed a barrier. I told him that I wanted to be sexually dominated, and I honestly didn’t think he had it in him. Well, I’m happy to say that my sexy black man proved me wrong, and it was the experience of a lifetime.

Ebenezer Saint-Michel took me to his place, and showed me what he was made of. The tall, sexy Haitian stud ordered me to strip naked while he sat on his living room couch, feasting his eyes on me as I stripped for him. I’ve got a banging body and I know it. Ebenezer put me through the paces, so to speak. First, he told me to get on my knees and suck his dick. Ooh, I just love it when he talks dirty. Before he let me suck him off, he attached a collar ( fixed to a leash ) around my neck and tugged at it. When I asked him what it was for, he told me it was to remind me who’s the boss. I nodded, going along with his scheme. Ebenezer made me suck his cock and balls, and when he came, erupting like a geyser all over my face, I sucked down every last drop of his manly cum.

When I finished sucking him off, Ebenezer told me that he disapproved of my performance, so he bent me over his knee for a sound spanking. I yelped and squealed as Ebenezer’s big, strong hands smacked my thick, round booty. I admired our reflections in the bedroom mirror. A big, beautiful and strong-looking bodacious young Black woman bent over her tall, dark-skinned boyfriend’s fındıkzade escort knees, completely naked and getting her big ass spanked. And I was absolutely loving it. Ebenezer took out his belt and whooped my ass with it. I loved getting my Black female ass spanked by a strong and dominant Black man! Ebenezer spanked me real good, and then told me he was going to fuck me. I smiled and happily got on all fours. Time to get the fucking I knew I so richly deserved.

Ebenezer tugged at my leash and smacked my ass, then he got behind me. Without a word he grabbed my hips, spread my ass cheeks and slid his cock between them. I hesitated, flinching in surprise. Was he really going to fuck me in the ass? Ebenezer told me he wanted to fuck my ass, his way of punishing it for being so damn tempting. Ebenezer took some lubricant from the nightstand and applied it on my anus. I winced as the cold liquid got smeared all over my asshole. Ebenezer then held my hips firmly and pushed his cock into my anus. With a groan, he thrust his dick into my asshole. I had been bracing myself for it, the butt fucking experience, but nothing could have prepared me for it.

Ebenezer promised me he’d be gentle, but his dick felt huge in my asshole, even with the lubricant. While sodomizing my ass with his giant prick, Ebenezer smacked my ass and pulled on my hair. He totally ravaged me, and I absolutely loved it. I had no idea that sex could be like this. I thoroughly enjoyed getting totally dominated by my favorite strong Black man, and he fucked me until I begged for mercy. Only then did he ease his cock out of my asshole. I slumped on the floor, spent. Ebenezer gathered me in his arms, and asked me how I felt. I told him I felt great, then confessed that I had to use the bathroom. Ebenezer gave my big ass a firm slap and nodded. I really had to go. Ebenezer really tore my ass, and although it felt really good, albeit painful at times, no fun is ever without consequences. I’ve got to take a dump after getting fucked in the ass. It happens. It’s the not so glamorous side of anal sex, I guess. It’s cool, because as soon as I clean up, I want to do it again!

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