Our Neighbor John Pt. 04

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John and I showered together, I washed his entire body, he still craved attention, I kissed his body before I soaped him up. I touched felt and even tickled the man as I explored his beautiful body, this was a man I could fall in love with.

John now took control and washed me everywhere, he paid special attention to my ass, cock and balls. He and I covered in soap hugging in his oversized shower, we rinsed off and got out, I took the bath towel and wiped his body. John smiled as I wiped his body so gentle and he could tell I loved to touch him all over.

From his neck to his ankles, to his balls and that big beautiful cock, that never seemed to soften. Here I was on my knees dripping wet drying him off. I was meticulously drying his huge penis, I loved the tight foreskin and how shiny his knob was all the time.

I leaned in and licked the precum dripping from his big hose, John deeply inhaled as my tongue made contact with his very sensitive knob. I took it in my mouth and my tongue cradled it inside my mouth, John stood there and watched as my mouth made love to his big beautiful cock. I knew I could do this all day long, I would never tire of touching, licking and sucking this beautiful man’s cock.

John pulled his cock out, I knew he wanted me to make him cum, but he wanted to do it all in his bed. John dried me off and took my hand and brought me to his bed, he had me sit on the edge and laid me back so my legs dangled over the edge. He took my ankles and lifted them to his muscular shoulders, John got down on his knees and played with my cock.

He sucked it, the man knew what I liked already, he held my cock in his hand and licked my smoothly shaved balls. He licked my taint then down to my hole, I almost screamed as his tongue made contact with it. John was so gentle as his tongue glided over my ass, I was sure I would cum as his tongue worked my hole.

John pressed his tongue to my hole trying to breach it, I was on the edge of delirium as his tongue pierced my hole. First the feeling of his cock in me and now his tongue I would blow istanbul travesti every single drop of cum I had inside of me. John worked my hole with his tongue till I pleaded with him to put his big cock inside of me and make mad passionate love to me.

John smiled as I begged for him to put it in me, he grabbed the lube and and slicked up his cock. He smiled as he pressed his cock to my super sensitive hole. I did not wait for him to push I pushed into him as he pressed his cock into me. I had to have his cock in me right now, I had to feel it fill me up, I was like a mad man who needed his hole filled.

John was so gentle, he was driving me crazy, I needed him to be so much more intense, I needed to be fucked harder.

“Please John I’m begging you, I need it harder, I need you to take control of me and give it to me, my hole is so sensitive and gentle will not be satisfying enough right now. Please John for me.”

John smiled at me as his cock drove into my ass, to the hilt then almost all the way out, when his cock hit deep inside was when I felt right. My man was deep inside of me where he should be, dam I have never been this horny in my entire lifetime. John stared at me as he drove his cock into me, spreading my legs wide then placing them in close to his mouth so he could kiss the arch of my feet.

John’s momentum was at a frenzy, his cock was in then quickly back out, I was so close. John placed my feet on his pecs and grabbed my cock. He squeezed it before he pumped it for me, with a simple touch my cock exploded. He stroked out the cum as my cock jerked and squirted, he let go of my cock and placed my legs on his shoulders.

He grabbed my hips and the assault occurred, his cock pounded my ass, I watched as his face changed, he went from a look of determination to a feeling of total relief. John filled me up with his wonderful semen, I felt every drop being pumped into me as he shot his massive load.

John collapsed on top of me, I scooted us to the center of the bed, John was winded and laying on me his head on my chest, istanbul travestileri my hands holding him to me. I knew at this moment I could lay here all day till John and I were ready for another round.

I ran my hands through his hair, stroking his head ever so gently, I knew right at this moment I was falling in love with this man. John lifted his head and looked me in the eyes, he leaned in and kissed me, his lips lingered on mine. John pulled back and stared at me, his eyes transfixed on my own.

“Why Billy? Why are you here with me right now?”

“Honest answer John is I am falling in love with you, but in reality you are an amazing man, honest sincere, soft gentle, and an amazing lover. Why are you asking this John?”

“Billy Babe no one has ever made me feel like you make me feel, my feelings are being opened for the first time, I never knew what love felt like, and now you telling me you are falling in love with me makes me want to cry.”

John sobbed into my chest, I pulled him close to me, my legs wrapped around him my arms holding him tight. John cried for some time, he did not pull back till he had his emotions in check, this was not a man who cried easily. He was a hard man, a man who hardly talked never mind cried on someone’s shoulder.

John looked at me his eyes dripping tears, I wiped away his tears and pulled him in for a kiss, he was making me tear up now, our lips pressed together, our eyes dripping with tears.

“John I really am falling in love with you.”

John snuggled his head into the nape of my neck, he whispered it ever so softly.

“I love you too Babe.”

John and I laid there till we were both pouring out sweat and we were both stuck from the cum I had just squirted all over my chest and abs. We would shower then we could get on with our day, I would have to run home for a bit then come back and make us dinner.

Our shower was more of a make out session than either of us cleaning up, I washed my man then he washed me. We dried each other then reluctantly put on clothes, I kissed travesti istanbul him as I had to get home, Mom would wonder what was going on if I did not get home soon.

I had a hard time to not show how happy I was I caught myself smiling, just the thought of the image of John’s face had me smiling. I walked in our house and Mom knew at that very moment what was going on, I had a spring in my step, I was over the moon, I was giddy, I was in love.

“How was the movie dear?”

“Movie, movie? Oh yeah the movie.”

“It was really good Mom, John fell asleep half way through it actually.”

Mom could see it when I said his name I smiled, my Mom knew I was gay when I was five, I was not like the other boys, sports and I were not best friends, and yeah I was picked on because of it. I found friends at school who were like myself or not bothered by the fact that I was gay and I did not hide it.

“So you and John are getting along really well are you?”

Mom suspected John might also be gay, it was she who had orchestrated all of this, she saw the look in John’s eyes, the loneliness, the lack of emotion. The man looked on the verge of death, from lack of contact with another person and the fact the man was not eating properly.

She saw the look John and I traded with each other, she knew he and I would be a good fit, she also thought this just might keep her son closer to home if he found love in his small town.

“John is great Mom, I really like him.”

“Like Son, or maybe a little bit more now?”

“Mom, well okay maybe a bit more.”

“So you will be spending the weekend over at John’s will you?”

I was so red faced as I was honest and said I was.

“I really like him Mom, he is such a beautiful man.”

I hugged her as I was almost in tears talking about him, she could tell there was more than like in the way I talked about this man. I got changed and brought along some extra clothes, I hurried back to his house, John was at the door waiting for me. He pulled me in for a hug and held me at the doorway, I guess he had missed me.

John saw the bag I had of clothes, I told him my Mom knew, she could tell by the way I was acting, and I told him the rest how she suspected that John might be like her Son. John and I kissed, I made my way to his bedroom and put away my clothes.

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24hr Gym After Dark

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Introducing Timothy, a 20 year old blonde twink that is just beginning to discover his sexual identity. Timothy to this point had only been with another guy in his final year of school at 18 and that was a one night stand. He has a slender yet athletic build with toned chest and defined abs, his arms were thin as he had not yet worked them in the gym instead focusing on his core. He may not have realised it but he was the perfect twink.

This is his story…

It was the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day, a day that had really no meaning to me as I had never had a boyfriend to share it with. I thought back to the only time I had ever had sex that was almost 2 years ago in high school with the only other gay student. It was over so quickly, at a end of year party I had drunk too much and ended up finding myself in a guest room bending over to be fucked by Johnny. We knew we were both gay but hadn’t really been friends and on that night he had persuaded me to bend over and take his cock.

It wasn’t that large maybe 5 inches and he used some lube and took awhile to actually get it inside me. Then after a few minutes of thrusting he had pulled out and cum onto my ass cheeks. I had cum onto the wall as I jerked my own dick.

After that I hadn’t really had the opportunity to try it again having moved to a different city and not feeling confident to go out alone to a bar or club and pick up.

The day progressed like any other and I kept seeing couples out for lunch and then dinner later in the evening. I had ordered take away Chinese food and finished half of it leaving the rest in the fridge for later.

I was bored and wondered what I should do, this year Valentine’s was on a Saturday so I was sure the bars would be busy with anyone that was single like me and that meant that the gym I had recently joined should be empty.

It was a 24hr male only gym and had a large space with all the machines and free weights you could want. Most of these I had no idea how to use. What I did want to do was try the hot tub and steam room that was in the change rooms.

I packed my bag with my swim trunks and gym gear and headed out for the gym which was just around the corner from my studio apartment. At the gym, there wasn’t anyone at the counter being 10pm so I buzzed myself in with my membership token and made my way into the change rooms.

It seemed to be empty so I got out of my clothes standing naked for a moment and then put on the pink swim trunks that were Christian Alexander and looked rather short on me covering to my upper thigh and that’s it. I liked wearing them as the material felt so soft and nice against my skin and they cushioned my butt nicely. I admired myself in the mirror for a moment and walked slowly to the hot tub.

The hot tub was large enough for 6 maybe 7 people and I had it to myself as I sunk down into one of the seats and pressed the button to start the jets. As the water bubbled away I looked down and couldn’t see anything under the surface except the subtle colouring of the pink swim trunks. My shoulders were just sticking out of the water as I lay my head back against the hot tubs outer padding and closed my eyes enjoying the sensations of the bubbling warm water against my skin.

It was so quiet and peaceful, I was thankful that it was Valentine’s day as I had never been able to enjoy the hot tub before at the gym. It was always full of other guys and I was intimidated to join them.

A banging noise came from the direction of the hot tub rooms door and I opened my eyes to see two guys entering the room and felt a nervousness take hold of me. I hoped that they would walk on to the steam room and not enter the hot tub, I was enjoying the relaxation of having it to myself and didn’t think at 10pm on a Saturday there would be anyone else around.

It was 2 Asian guys, one looked the same height as me and was wearing a pair of white swim trunks that were the same fit as mine covering just his upper thigh. He had a muscular build too with more definition than me and as he walked I watched his abs tense. His biceps were bigger than mine too. The other was taller than me by a few inches and was muscular as well with long toned legs. They both looked to have hairless bodies like me except for their short black hair.

They both looked to be in their mid 20’s and moved to join me in the hot tub saying a friendly hello as they both entered the warm water and descended down into seats on the sides to my left and right sitting directly across from each other. As I sat there the taller one started the small talk asking me how my Valentine’s day was going.

I responded shyly that I was single so had been enjoying the day alone and thought I’d come and use the gyms facilities. He said that they were both single too and had been coming to the gym regularly but hadn’t seen me there before.

They told me their names, Adam was the taller one and Ziyan was the shorter one. I introduced myself too and we continued to chat and I answered their questions istanbul travesti about the gym, what I did for work or study and what I liked to do for fun. A good ten minutes passed by when during a pause in our conversation the jets of the hot tub suddenly stopped.

The water became still and I saw them both look down to my electric pink swim trunks. ‘Ah nice trunks Timothy.’ Adam said.

‘Yeah they are super hot, Christian Alexander.’ Ziyan continued as he stood up from the water volunteering himself to press the button for the jets which was located behind where my head was resting. As Ziyan stood up I watched as he moved towards me leaning in and his white swim trunks getting closer to my face. I could make out a bulge in the crotch and as he reached for the button he paused with his pelvis inches from my face holding steady for a moment before pushing down on the button and moving back down into his seat.

I noticed he winked at me and smiled as he did this and that my breathing had stopped when he was hovering close to me. I took a breath again and smiled back turning to Adam then who had been watching me intently during that interaction. I felt myself starting to blush and tried to hide this reaction by wiping my hands across my face.

Placing my hands back into the water I pressed into my crotch as I could feel my dick beginning to grow and wanted to hide this from Adam and Ziyan. I didn’t know if they were gay or not and how they would react to seeing me get hard while they were in the spa with me. I did have a feeling they were gay though as they had commented on my Christian Alexander swim trunks.

Ziyan then asked me if I liked the gym and I told him that I liked that it was open 24hrs and had all the facilities like the hot tub and steam room. I said that it was the first time I had used the hot tub tonight and that I would like to use the steam room as well.

Ziyan looked to Adam a grin spreading across his face then back to me, ‘You can join us in the steam room if you like. We were going to use it too.’

He looked at me awaiting my response. I was hesitant at first but was starting to feel more comfortable with these two and replied, ‘Yeah that would be fun.’

Adam was first then to stand up in his black Speedos, a large bulge clearly evident behind the thin black material and he stepped out of the hot tub with his long legs. Ziyan followed next and I stood up after with them both watching as my body emerged from beneath the water and my pink swim trunks appeared clinging tightly to my ass cheeks and crotch. Ziyan nudged Adam seeing me exit the spa and said something to him in Mandarin which Adam nodded to in agreement.

I told them I would rinse off in the shower and then join them in the steam room. Wanting a moment to compose myself and change out of my swim trunks without any prying eyes. I was feeling very observed by these two Chinese guys. I had learnt Adam was from Shanghai and Ziyan from Hong Kong.

Back at the lockers I removed my swim trunks and after a quick rinse under the shower placed one of the gyms white towels around my waist.

Entering the steam room this time I found both Adam and Ziyan seated across from each other on either side of the steam room benches wearing like me nothing but the small white gym towels. They greeted me and asked which side I would sit on, as there were only two benches I had to pick between sitting next to Adam or next to Ziyan. I chose Ziyan.

It quickly became foggy and misty in there, difficult for us to see but the steam felt great on my skin as I relaxed tilting my head back next to Ziyan. He did the same, his thigh a mere inch from my own as they both dripped with perspiration.

Adam broke the relaxed silence excusing himself from removing his towel stating he wanted to get the full relief that the steam room could provide. He then sat there completely naked across from Ziyan and I, tilting his head and shoulders back as he enjoyed the freedom he now felt.

Every so often I noticed Adam would glance in my direction and I looked down realising that he was now supporting a full erection openly in the steam room and it was big. His cock looked to be a good 7 inches much bigger than Johnny’s was back in high school. It was thick too and I wondered if I could even fit my hand around its girth.

I was feeling in awe of Adam’s big member having not seen another cock since Johnny’s and couldn’t help from peering down at it. Adam realised this too and caught my stares, a smile spreading across his porcelain face.

He looked across at Ziyan who to this point had his eyes closed next to me, ‘It looks as though Timothy is fascinated huh Ziyan. Why don’t you come and take a closer look Timothy, I don’t mind.’

I felt both sets of eyes now watching me and beneath the towel covering my lap I could feel my own cock had grown to be fully hard at its 6 inches. I was feeling a sense of shock and disbelief in this situation, at what Adam was saying and was lost for words as I istanbul travestileri sat in silence. My eyes betrayed me though as they moved down to Adam’s thick 7 inch Chinese cock once again.

Ziyan next to me shifted in his position and I felt that he had removed his towel as well dropping it to the floor. He leaned back pressing his pelvis into the air slightly and his shoulder against the wall. ‘Ohhhh yeah that’s much better Adam, great idea. Feels so freeing. You should try this too Timothy.’

I felt Ziyan’s palm rest on my shoulder and squeeze me gently, something about his touch made me feel safe again and I moved my eyes from Adam and across to Ziyan sat beside me. His deep brown eyes looked back at me and I moved my focus downward and gulped as I took in the sight of his cock.

It was thinner than Adam’s but longer in size, must have been 7.5 inches. My mind raced as I found myself in the steam room with these two naked Asian guys, their cocks out in the open.

Hearing Ziyan’s voice again I looked back up, ‘Trust me Timothy, it feels so great with the warm air against our cocks. You should try it.’

Finding my voice I nodded back, ‘Ok yeah I’ll give it a try.’

‘Nothing wrong with trying new things.’ Adam’s voice said from across the steam room.

I reached down and removed the towel, my own 6 inch hard cock standing to attention now in front of these 2. The warm air did engulf my crotch and I felt my cock twitch slightly.

‘You look good Timothy, no need to cover that up around us.’ Ziyan winked over to Adam. ‘What do you think of our cocks? Yours is nice, I bet you get all the boys you want with that, not to mention that bubble butt of yours I noticed in the hot tub earlier.’

I blushed 7 shades hearing Ziyan’s words, ‘Oh uh thank you, I try to keep in good shape. You both have bigger ones than me but I’m not that experienced anyway. I’ve only been with one guy back in high school and it was over pretty quick.’

Adam leaned forward, ‘Well trust us you look fucking hot Timothy. Any guy would be lucky to be with you that’s for sure, right Ziyan?’

‘Hell yeah, he’s right Timothy and you’ll get chances at more experience. We could even help you if you want? The first time you were the receiver right? So that would make you a bottom. The one being fucked.’

Adam picked up Ziyan’s conversation, ‘Yeah we can help you, we’re both tops or versatile meaning we like to be the ones fucking but not averse to being fucked by the right guy.’

The conversation was overwhelming me and I looked at each of their cocks again.

‘Why don’t you come and kneel down here.’ Adam spoke confidently and reached across grabbing hold of my hand. It felt warm and soft against my skin and I took a breath as he pulled and I moved my body forward from its seated position, moving across the steam room onto both my knees in front of Adam who then let go of my hand.

Seeing my bubble butt now sticking out towards him Ziyan let out a sigh, ‘Oh fuck that ass is nice!’

Adam spread his legs wider and motioned for me to lean in for a closer look at his cock. I leaned forward placing my hands onto his knees and looked closely at his thick 7 inch Chinese cock. It was definitely too thick for me to fit my fingers around it completely and had a long vein running up its length. It was more curved than mine too I noticed as I continued to gaze at his member.

‘You like it right, how about a feel? You can if you want.’ Adam suggested seductively.

As he looked down at me and Ziyan watched on I hesitated a moment but then moved my right hand from his knee towards his cock. Opening my hand I placed it to the base of his dick and moved my fingers as I held onto it, sure enough my fingers did not meet my thumb he was too thick. ‘Ohhhhh yeah that feels good having your hand around my cock Timothy. How does it feel for you?’

I looked up into Adam’s black eyes, ‘It feels so warm and hard but also kind of smooth.’ I was taken by the feeling of being this close and touching his cock. I started to move my hand up his shaft and then back down again jerking Adam as he sat in the steam room. ‘Your dick feels so powerful Adam.’

Adam looked back down at me stroking his cock and telling him how I felt about it, ‘That’s right Timothy, this is a powerful cock. A cock of a top and you know what feels even better than your hand around my cock?’

I wondered what Adam meant and asked, ‘What?’

‘Your lips.’ He reached down placing his hands to the side of my head and pulled me into his lap as he sat naked in the spa. My face came closer and closer to the head of his cock and as it pressed into my lips I opened my mouth allowing the head to enter and rest against my tongue.

‘Ohhhhhh fuck yeah that’s good. Take my cock white boy. Suck me like the bottom you truly are.’ Adam moaned as he felt his cock enter my mouth.

I pressed my lips around the head of his cock and as the smell and taste of his dick engulfed my senses I started to use my tongue travesti istanbul to lick the underside of the head. This gave another moan from Adam which made me feel like I must be doing it right.

As I started to slurp on his cock and use my lips and tongue to suck the head Adam gripped my head and pulled my face further into his lap. I felt the head move past my tongue and the shaft now entering my mouth as his cock started to probe the back of my throat. It took all my will power to hold my mouth open widely as Adam’s thick 7 inch cock moved deeper into my mouth and throat.

I must have had 5 inches of his dick down my throat when I felt movement behind me and Ziyan positioned himself next to me starting to coach me on sucking Adam’s dick.

‘Make sure to breathe through your nose Timothy and keep your lips open as wide as you can. Use your tongue to press into the underside of Adam’s cock and work up as much saliva as you can.’

Listening to Ziyan I did as he said and was able to take the 5 inches in my mouth more comfortably. The moans from Adam seemed to confirm I was doing a good job and he released his hands from my head as I began to bob in his lap. My mouth gliding up and down his shaft now taking the first 5 inches in a steady rhythm and building up more saliva to assist with gliding along his cock.

The slurping sounds filled the room and I heard Ziyan say, ‘Fuck this is hot.’ As he watched me on my knees sucking his friend Adam’s cock.

Groaning in pleasure Adam started to be more forceful holding my head further down into his lap until all 7 inches had entered my throat and I felt my nose press into his pubis and his balls rub against my chin. ‘Ohhhhhh that’s it take it all Timothy, fuck your lips feel so good.’

Ziyan’s voice echoed beside me again, ‘Don’t forget his balls, suck on his balls too.’

Adam heard this too and released my head from his grip allowing me to slide my face back up from his lap along his shaft till the head was only in my mouth. I licked it again and then moved my face from his cock to his balls. They were big as well and I started to lick them and take one at a time into my mouth to suck on which caused a deep moan to escape Adam’s lips each time and his thighs shuddered beneath my hands.

Next to me Ziyan was stroking his own cock as he watched the blow job I was giving Adam. ‘Looks like you’re turning out to be a real slut for cock huh Timothy? Maybe you just needed to be awoken by our Asian dicks.’

I heard Ziyan’s words and nodded at him as I moved my lips around the head of Adams cock again before descending down the full 7 inches, deep throating his large and thick member. It would make me gag but I tried to control it with the help of Ziyan’s guiding voice.

Sucking Adam’s cock more I took my head out from his lap to regain some composure and breath for a minute. ‘Fuck your cock is so big Adam and thick. I didn’t know dicks could get this thick.’

Adam smirked down at me as he placed his hand back to my head and pushed it back onto his cock, ‘Hush, hush Timothy, get back to sucking my big cock.’ The slurping noises quickly filled the room again and my saliva was running down the shaft onto Adam’s balls.

Ziyan had now sat back down behind us and asked out to Adam, ‘Hey, what does it take to get some of that action?’

I stopped lifting my head from Adam’s lap, ‘You want me too huh.’ I said as I turned and moved across to be between Ziyan’s legs. ‘Fuck, this one’s longer than Adam’s.’

‘Sure is Timothy, I got you trained on his cock. Now it’s time for the main course.’ Ziyan then placed his hands to my head and guided his cock between my lips immediately pulling my face all the way down to the base and holding his cock deep down my throat.

‘Remember what I taught you, breath through your nose and get used to having my dick in your throat.’ Ziyan held me steady, his balls pushing against my chin and my nose pressing into his pelvis, he had shaved all his pubic hair so his cock and balls were completely smooth. This made it easier for me as I started to move my face up and down along his 7.5 inch cock.

Ziyan moaned out as I sucked his cock, ‘Ohhhhh yessss, fuck this is the best gym sesh. I could get used to this, your mouth was made for our cocks Timothy.’

Adam had stood up now and fist bumped Ziyan as he guided my face up and down his cock. Like Adam’s cock my saliva had covered the length of Ziyan’s 7.5 inch Asian monster.

‘Fuck ohhhhhh if I knew every day at the gym would be like this I’d never leave.’ Ziyan groaned out to Adam.

‘I know bro, can’t believe we’ve found ourselves a blonde, white bottom boy. I want to make his ass sore.’ Adam moved now positioning himself behind me.

Ziyan looked forward watching his friend and said, ‘Oh hang on bro, go head to my bag, there’s lube in it. We don’t want to make it too painful for him.’

Adam nodded in acknowledgement and left the steam room as I continued to bob my head up and down in Ziyan’s lap.

While Adam was gone Ziyan pulled my face from his lap and looked down at me. ‘You can’t resist our cocks can you Timothy? Don’t worry, we’ll show you what it’s like to experience a real fuck. By the time we’re done trust me you’ll be wanting our cocks inside you every day.’

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Jamey Visits Uncle Ron Ch. 01

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Slow-burn story, rather than quick action. Please comment if you’d like to see another chapter.

I hadn’t seen my Uncle Ron for several years, although our families had been close when my sisters and I were younger, up to sometime in our early teens.

We’d called him Uncle Ron because the families were so close, taking vacations and weekends together; our parents were friends, but is your mother’s brother’s wife’s stepsister’s brother-in-law really an uncle? Dutch uncle?

And I hadn’t thought about him since then either, not much anyway. Maybe a little, once in a while. The families had drifted apart as the children grew up, and even those adult relationships changed in ways the younger generation didn’t really dwell on. We did know that Uncle Ron and Aunt Jill had divorced, and we’d seen her once or twice annually over the years, but saw much less of Uncle Ron.

Then, after two years at community college, I got accepted for the geography BA program at state, starting with the fall semester. As part of the financial aid deal they wanted me in the marching band, as I’d put on my application that I’d enjoyed organized music in High School, so I agreed to dust off my alto and be a horn player again. Not least because of the social aspects; as a new face in a busy college town, I knew I’d never be a music major, but this would still be a good way to get a head start on meeting some new friends, and hopefully, some cute girls.

But to be involved in the music, I needed to go up to campus early, early August, in fact, though the school fall semester didn’t even start until right after Labor Day. I had a dorm contract for the semester, but due to summer session still using the dorms I couldn’t move in until nearly the end of August, so for a two-week gap I had to find temporary lodging. Money was tight, and that’s how good old Uncle Ron came back into the picture.

Turns out he’d been living in the college town for a few years, as an administrator for a company that provided some kind of event services for organizations in the area, and for the university itself. My mom thought of good ol’ Uncle Ron, and her thrifty mind kicked in and she made some calls and, as it turned out, Ron would be delighted to put up his “nephew” until the dorm opened up for fall semester.

He lived in a nice rental community, which was partly apartments and partly town homes and partly some temporary housing, which was managed by the company he worked for, so his housing was provided in this large complex out beyond the end of Division Street. He had an end unit with two floors and 4 bedrooms, and he was living alone, so there was plenty of room.

My mom and dad drove me up, on a Sunday in early August. I wasn’t going to have a car. Didn’t really need any heavy transportation, everything was there, dorm, dining halls, social life. I was there to study anyway. That’s what college is for, right?

After Uncle Ron showed us the house, we went out to lunch, all four of us, and chatted.

I had remembered Uncle Ron as, well, one of the sort of tough dads, the ones you didn’t want to mess with too much. His kids, 3 daughters, made it clear that he wasn’t a pushover. “Don’t let Dad catch you…” or “Don’t tell Dad, please!” were phrases one would hear when we were doing dicey things, or about to consider doing forbidden things, when the families were vacationing together. And even in those more social settings, occasionally one of my ‘cousins’ would get punished. But it was done discreetly, and other than some whispers between us afterward, any discipline from Uncle Ron didn’t get brought up again.

But out at lunch, these years later Ron seemed pretty easy going, and it was a bit of a reunion for him and my mom and dad, and they were talking of old times and how all the kids were doing and such, talk about my brother and sister and sports, colleges and high school challenges, and when his kids came up he made the same sort of chatter. I was sort of interested during this part because I remembered his three girls and earlier when he’d shown us his apartment I’d seen a picture back in his living room and they were high school and college age now and cute and, you know, girls were on my mind some (a lot), I was 19, and well…

Finally we all went back to Uncle Ron’s condo and my parents left and the last thing my mom said was, “Have fun at band camp, but work hard, and we’ll bring the rest of your stuff when your dorm gets open. Be good for your uncle.” After a quick hug, she turned her wary eye on Uncle Ron. “Ron, keep an eye on him!”

“Don’t worry Lyn,” Uncle Ron said, with a wink. “He’ll be a good boy.” We laughed and waved and they drove off. Uncle Ron patted me on the back and we went inside.

I only had a small suitcase and another small shoulder bag with my personal stuff and some books, and my horn in its case of istanbul travesti course, because I was planning to get more stuff from home in a few weeks. I didn’t want to be hauling my full set of clothes and gear around from place to place.

Uncle Ron showed me the kitchen, the living room and TV, the deck that opened out a sliding door from the kitchen. Back in the kitchen, he got us both a glass of water, and pointed out the window and its view toward the pool, which was shared by all the tenants. People were sitting in the poolside lounge chairs, walking around. It was August, and the pool was a popular hangout to beat the heat.

“Let’s get you set up with a bedroom,” Uncle Ron said after draining his glass and setting it on the counter. I finished my water and said, “Okay.” Uncle Ron went to rinse the glasses, and I went toward the other part of the house.

Back in the entry hall, I looked around a little again. It was a typical compact entry area that opened into a small hallway with a door to the downstairs powder room. There was a tall mirror on one wall, and some pictures and modest decor. I saw a door that he hadn’t included in the tour. Uncle Ron joined me, and gestured at the stairs, and my stuff. I hesitated, curious. “Is that a closet or a bathroom?” I said.

“My study,” Uncle Ron said. “By design, it’s the unit’s 4th bedroom but I’ve got my desk and library in there now. Chances are you won’t be needing anything in there though.” He grabbed my suitcase and motioned me toward the stairs. “Let me get that,” I said. “No, no, I can do the heavy lifting, you just get your bag or your purse or…whatever you call that thing,” he added with a chuckle.

“It’s a carry-on, shoulder bag, you know,” I said, a little defensively. Uncle Ron just grinned, he was kidding. But I recalled how he’d always been one of those needling type guys who made jokes but how the jokes always felt like a dig in the ribs. I left my sax case in the foyer there and got my bag, carrying it a little self-consciously now, and with a nod Uncle Ron directed me to go first, and he followed me up the stairs.

First, he guided me to the end of the hall, and pointed out the bathroom on the way, and then pushed open the door at the end, and said, “Here’s the master bedroom. Mine. Please always knock, if I’m home. If I’m not home I’m sure you’ll respect my privacy and stay out.”

“Yes, of course, Uncle Ron,” I said.

Uncle Ron nodded, and I sort of expected a chuckle or a smile to soften up our understanding and express his hospitality, but he simply held his gaze on me until I looked away. It felt awkward. Uncle Ron pretty clearly didn’t want me to feel too easy. He didn’t seem interested in being buds for the 2 weeks we’d be sharing his home. I swallowed and waited, looked up nervously. Finally he seemed satisfied that his point had come across.

“Okay,” he said. “So, let’s set you up in one of the girls’…let’s have a look at the spare bedrooms.”

“Yes, Uncle Ron,” I said. I stood there.

“Well, go on!” he said, nodding to me and gesturing with my suitcase, urging me back down the hall, bumping it on my hip, and I felt it brush lightly across my back end. I wondered why I always had to walk in front of him. It was almost like he wanted to watch me. Or maybe it was just his way of being in charge, in general.

I skipped a little, urged forward from the contact, then tried to regain a little dignity, taking a few deliberate steps down the hallway, my bag hanging off my shoulder. And then, pausing, indecisive again when we neared the two bedroom doors, which were on the opposite sides of the hall, on the way to his own bedroom door at the end of the passage.

“They’re really guest rooms, but when my daughters visit, and that’s less and less it seems, well, these are their rooms,” he said.

“Which one?” I said.

“Which one is which girl’s? Why would that matter?”

“No, which one do you want me to sleep in, Uncle Ron.” I felt myself blushing at the small misunderstanding.

Uncle Ron regarded me. “Do you like girls, Jamey?” Now Uncle Ron had that grin on his face again. He was messing with me.

“Yes I like girls, Uncle Ron.” I felt my face grow warm again.

“Didn’t you used to get teased a bit by Betty or Lulu sometimes? I seem to remember something about them giggling and embarrassing you back when we had those vacations…” He was looking at me, I think he was trying to keep his expression serious but he still showed a trace of the same smug superiority his daughters used to use to embarrass me and make me squirm. Or similar. The adult version?

“Betty and Lulu were always very nice to me,” I said. They were, sometimes. Most of the time.

“Oh, I remember now, it was Sheila who you had that pre-puberty crush on, and she could be a bitch with dewy-eyed boys couldn’t she?”

I istanbul travestileri laughed. I laughed, but I didn’t meet his eyes. He made me more nervous all the time. I couldn’t think of anything to say and it was all I could do, and my laugh was a feeble blurt of jitters. I didn’t want to be doing this. I didn’t want to talk to my Uncle Ron, about his hot teen daughters, now undoubtedly hot young women breaking hearts at Dickson U. and W some books shelved between bookends on the desk, a few female touches like the poster of a boy band on the wall, a few items on the dresser for hair care and cosmetics.

Uncle Ron stood in the doorway watching me.

“This looks fine,” I said.

“You don’t want to check out the other one?”

“Well, okay.” I went to the door, expecting Uncle Ron to lead me or let me through but he kept standing there, holding his position leaning in the doorway. I had to squeeze past him, and I felt an odd personal-space twinge as I had to turn my body sideways to pass. I was close enough to notice his male, adult smell, mostly just aftershave and soap, but with traces musky and manly.

I had an odd feeling that he wanted that, he wanted me to notice him, his maleness and strength. It was something I’d felt before, the masculinity and power of men that were bigger or older than me, or both, their effortless male authority and superiority. An animal thing, as in, I’m the top male primate and you’re not and you need to know it.

The other room was similar, a little bigger, and with a queen instead of twin beds, a little more furniture, and again, some tell-tale signs that when it was occupied, the resident was female, young. A full length mirror was mounted on the closet door, pop posters on the walls and some stuffed animals here and there, hair clips and little lotion bottles and things on the dresser and desk.

“Is it okay if I stay in this room, Uncle Ron?” I said.

“I thought you’d like this one,” he said. “Queen Bed?” I turned and looked at him. He was standing in the doorway again, and he wasn’t looking back at me at the moment, so I had a chance to sort of take him in, his size and shape, his belted khaki shorts, crisp blue short-sleeve polo, his big shoulders, brawny biceps. And between those shoulders and his belt, almost no sign of the little spare tire middle-aged flab my own dad was growing.

I felt something. I turned my head, and I saw him in the mirror on the closet door. My eyes met his through the mirror, and I realized that he’d been watching me all along. I looked down.

“Maybe you need a little mentoring,” he said, softly.

I said nothing. My face felt hot all of a sudden. I looked around the room, but now I didn’t really want to look at him, through the mirror or otherwise. It was confusing, now that we were alone in the house. I wasn’t sure what he meant, or if he even meant me to hear him. The silence loomed. Finally couldn’t help myself, I glanced at him–and somehow I knew right away–that’s what he wanted.

He wanted my eyes, he wanted the confirming communication, the unspoken assent that only eyes can give. He wanted to know that I’d heard him, even if I was pretending I hadn’t. I felt my face get a little warmer. I could feel his eyes, still on me, observing me. I felt even smaller, too, having noticed his physique, his masculine attitude.

He nodded, letting my eyes go, and went on. He gestured widely with one sweeping arm at the room, the dresser, the closet, the feminine touches. “When she visits, this is Sheila’s room. I’m sure she won’t mind, but like I already mentioned, privacy is to be respected.” He came into the room then, put my suitcase on the bed, walked over to the dresser and pulled open one drawer, looked in, closed it, opened another. Closed it. Clearly any privacies here applied less to him than to others. Like me.

“Well, Jamey, there’s girl stuff in her dresser, so for your two weeks here you’re probably best off keeping your stuff in there.” He nodded at the suitcase on the bed.

“That’s fine,” I said quickly. Uncle Ron went to the closet, grinned again seeing me via the mirror on the door, then pulled the door open and looked in. A few dresses, skirts and blouses hung, blacks, pinks, light blues and reds. Not a lot of clothing, but a small assortment. Uncle Ron reached between the items, found a few free hangers and then pushed the clothes to both sides, the hangers making that metallic scraping sound. He aligned the empty hangers then hooked them on the closet bar in the middle, then gestured at them.

“Plenty of room in here, so no need to stay out of Sheila’s closet, I guess. Some free hangers if you have some shirts and jackets.”

“Yes sir,” I said. I felt another odd twinge. It was like I had to add the sir, to amp up the respect a bit, admit his imposing man-ness and my boy-ness. travesti istanbul I didn’t want to, but I needed to somehow.

“Good boy,” he said. I felt a little bashfulness again and kept looking down. Most of the time over the past year or so I’d been trying to man up, to grow up, to strengthen and harden, but in these moments, my first moments alone with this man, he was controlling the relationship, shaping it. He was in charge, and was being very clear in establishing that I needed to know it, and admit it. Admit it to myself, if not out loud.

And a part of me, I think, appreciated this. My dad, perhaps, hadn’t been as mentoring as he could have. Though it was confusing and conflicting at the same time, something inside me needed help, guidance, from a real man. It was a thirst, a lack, that was there, although it wasn’t clearly realized. I didn’t know it, but I felt it, if that makes any sense.

He stood looking me over. Like he had something else on his mind. I felt his eyes on me and glanced up once or twice, only to see his steady gaze, his straight shoulders, his relaxed way of standing.

Finally he spoke up again. “Jamey, I’ve been thinking about it, I was noticing the way you spoke to your mother and father, at the restaurant. See, I know some kids when they get to college age, start to feel pretty sure of themselves, get a little talky, snappy with their parents and teachers. Snarky. I’ve seen it with my own kids. A laxness, a sort of softness of attitude seems to develop. My girls ended up with Jill, you know, after our divorce, and my ex-wife’s a little lenient in my opinion. But be careful. Just you watch yourself. I think I can see a little deeper, son. I don’t think you’ve gained the maturity, no, in fact, I’ll say it now. You haven’t earned it yet. Don’t make the mistake of trying that sort of talkback with me. You’ve got to earn adult respect.”

I didn’t say anything. I was feeling a steady, climbing sense of emotion, in my middle, in my stomach, listening to Uncle Ronny, his firmness and masculine charisma, and I was also starting to wonder what I’d gotten myself into. I looked away, looked up again. With his neutral, but serious expression, he was looking at me, watching me. He almost looked like he was reading, looking inside me, or something like that. Checking me out. Watching for a reaction.

“Well, answer me, Jamey,”

“You didn’t ask a question,” I mumbled.

“See, son, that’s what I mean. When an adult tells you something important, you’re expected to at least acknowledge it, to be respectful. That’s what I’m asking of you. Well?”

I looked at him. I took a slow breath. I looked down again. “Yes sir,” I said.

“Yes sir what? Jamey, I need some indication that you heard me, okay?”

“Yes, Uncle Ron, I heard you. I’ll watch my mouth.”

“Ok, good. See that you do.”

For several long moments, we stood, a few feet apart, in the quiet room. Finally his shoulders seemed to untense and his knees bent slightly.

“So, you’re a musician then,” he said, seemingly just to break the silent awkwardness.

“Well, I play, and they want me in the pep band, so I guess I am.”

Uncle Ron rubbed his chin, then scratched his head. He put his hands to his hips, adjusted his waistband in a habitual way. I watched him. He regarded me.

“Well, go get your instrument, son, believe me I won’t want you playing it or practicing Souza marches downstairs–next to my study!” He had that irritated impatience, or was is imperiousness?–in his voice again, giving my nerves another quick chill, and I just moved. I hopped to it. Charisma, or simple male power, whatever he had that gave him that natural authority, and now I didn’t want to aggravate him.

“Yes sir,” I said, and went to get it.

Uncle Ron was coming down the hall from his own bedroom when I came back up just a minute or two later, carrying my sax in its case, and my music stand and sheet-music folder.

“I got an idea,” he said, “Let’s put it in here.” And he steered me toward the other spare bedroom. Uncle Ron wasn’t shy about personal contact, and his hands were firm but still somehow casual on my shoulder and hip. “It’s a little further from my study, and we may as well put the extra space to good use. You can sleep in Sheila’s room, and do your rehearsing in here.”

“You don’t like music, Uncle Ron?” I asked.

“I like music. But Lulu played clarinet for a while in Middle School, rehearsing for an hour three times a week, and I remember wishing she’d chosen something quieter, so let’s just leave it at that, eh?”

“Oh. Yes Uncle Ronny. I’ll try to be quiet or rehearse when you’re out.”

“Yes, you do that. Okay, good.”

There was another one of those silences. Not quite awkward, but it still waited to be interrupted. Sounds of a passing car, shouting children down at the pool filled part of the void in a remote, muffled way.

“Well, Jamey, there’s plenty of afternoon left. I’m going to go get a few things done in my study. Try not to disturb me, but I realize that you’re still getting situated, so if you need something just knock.”

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Got My Mouth Fucked

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You may recall that I mentioned I had lived in Tawas City. I was renting a motel room by the month. It was a nice room with kitchenette. And bedroom was a separate room with a bathroom off that. It was completely furnished which was nice. The office had WiFi which was perfect as I could use my computer. And use it I did.

I worked day shift so after work I would go home and get online. I would watch porn whenever I wanted to and used to jackoff a couple times a night. Sometimes to straight porn but mostly male on male sucking cock. I would get hard and take my cock out and stroke it sitting there in front of the computer. Sometimes I would waste no time and stroke it like there was no tomorrow. Other times I would take it nice and slow bringing myself to the edge numerous times until I just had to bust a nut. I would cum hard shooting my cum into some toilet tissue. I would imagine it was the guy on the computer shooting his hot load into my mouth.

After a while of doing this night after night I decided it was time to find someone. So I started searching and advertising on Craigslist. Back when you could. Really miss being able to do that. So hard to find someone without it. I searched for a number of days and finally found someone that sounded like what I was looking for. Up until then it had been nothing but 69. I wanted to suck a man’s cock, make him cum in my mouth, and swallow every drop. With no reciprocation.

We communicated for several days getting a feel for each other. We agreed to meet the following week at my place. istanbul travesti The days leading up to it seemed to drag by. We had exchanged cock pics and his was beautiful. 8 inches long and somewhat slender. Straight and cut. The waiting to have that beautiful cock in my mouth was killing me. I jacked off a few times looking at the pic of that magnificent cock.

Tomorrow was finally going to be the day. We stayed in contact via email. We agreed on around 7:00 p.m. the next night. The next day 7:00 p.m. seemed like it was never going to get here. I heard him pull up in front of the room. He knocked on the door a moment later and I opened the door and he introduced himself.

” Hi, I’m Jim, ” (name changed for privacy) so I would know it was him.

” Hi, I’m Bob. Come on in. “

” I’m glad you could make it, ” I told him as I sat down on the couch. I had it all thought out how I wanted it. Me sitting on the couch and him standing in front of me.

” I have been thinking about it every day, ” he said. ” I made sure nothing was going to get in the way of us getting together. “

” So have I. Couldn’t keep my mind off your cock in my mouth. Come stand in front of me, ” I told him.

He moved forward in front of me and I reached out and undid his belt. Then unbuttoned his jeans and drew the zipper down. Taking hold of his jeans at the top I pulled them down to his ankles. As I sat back up I saw his cock was fully erect.

” Those tight briefs must be very uncomfortable about now, ” I said.

” Let me istanbul travestileri help you relieve that. “

I reached up and took hold of the top of his briefs and pulled them down. As I came up his cock was right there in my face at mouth level.

” You have a beautiful cock and I am going to enjoy sucking it. This is my first time sucking a man without getting something in return. “

And with that said I reach out and stroke his hard cock for a few minutes then leaned forward and took the head in my mouth. He moaned softly when my mouth started to slide down the length of his cock. I swirled my tongue around his cock as I slid my mouth up and down the length of his shaft.

” Damn you are good, ” He said.

” Thank You. I’m happy you are enjoying it. I know I am. “

And went back to licking and sucking that beautiful 8 inches of hard meat.

I could tell he was really getting close.

” Can I fuck your mouth, ” He asked.

I slid my mouth off his cock just long enough to tell him he could.

” Yes, I think I would like that very much. “

I put his hard cock back in my mouth and he wasted no time. He took my head in his hands and started driving his cock in my mouth. He would fuck my mouth for a few minutes than stop. I knew he wanted to make it last. And I wanted him to.

I pushed him back so that I could speak.

” I can tell you are really enjoying this and want to make it last. “

” Yes, ” He said. ” Your mouth feels great wrapped around my cock. It’s been a while since travesti istanbul I’ve had a man suck me. “

” It’s been a while since I have sucked a man’s cock. So this is great for both of us. Take as long as you want. I love how it feels your cocking sliding back and forth across my lips. “

I took him back into my mouth and he started fucking my mouth again. I was moaning at the pleasure it was bringing me. He was moaning as well from the pleasure he was getting. I was anxious for him to give me his cum but didn’t rush it.

” I’m getting close, ” He said. ” Are you letting me cum in your mouth. “

I just nodded my head yes with his cock in my mouth. It must have been what he was waiting for. Within a few minutes he started driving his cockhead in and out of my throat.

” Oh Fuck. Here it comes. ” He said.

I could feel his cock starting to twitch and he let out a loud grunt. A few seconds later he started shooting rope after rope of hot sweet cum in my mouth and throat. It was a big load but I managed to swallow every drop. He fucked my mouth until he had emptied every drop he had to offer. He moaned a few times as did I.

He slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth as it was going soft.

” That was one of the best blowjobs I’ve had, ” He said, as he pulled up his briefs and jeans.

He tucked that beautiful cock away and I was a bit sad. I knew I would never see it again as it was agreed it was a one time thing. I just needed to experience sucking without reciprocation. And it was all I thought it would be and then some. But I knew there would be others so the sadness didn’t last long.

We said our good byes and I watched him drive away thinking about his lovely cock. I turned on the computer and sent him an email.

Thank You is all it said.

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Cock Next Door

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Summary: Married man becomes a cock sucker for a big-dicked teen.

Note 1: This is a Summer 2021 Contest Story so please vote.

Cock Next Door

I arrived home after being gone for five days at a summertime principals’ conference, since I’d just been promoted to vice-principal of the high school I’d been teaching at for the past twenty years. I was excited about my new professional opportunity, but also felt a little remorseful, since when school started up again in the fall I wouldn’t be in the classroom for the first time in two decades.

It was my first time travelling on my own in over a year and a half, and it was great for a few reasons.

1. Although I loved my wife and kids, it was great to have a few days of peace and quiet, with no drama.

2. It was great to participate in face to face meetings…like every other person on the planet, I was sick to death the Zoom variety.

3. I’d finally gotten to suck some cock after going a year and a half without any.

God, had I missed cock.

I’d been sucking cock for a few years before COVID, but only when I was on the road. So perhaps five or ten times a year… sucking at least one, and as many as five during a trip (three in a row at a hotel being my personal best for one night).

Otherwise I was completely straight.

Like many men, I’d learned, if online chats and erotica were to be believed, that I wasn’t gay, since I didn’t find men attractive. They didn’t turn me on. I didn’t want to fuck one, or to get fucked. (Okay, truth be told, I was curious what it would be like to get ass fucked, but that was far as I’d allowed myself to go… well, other than using some anal toys while I was alone in my hotel room watching porn (which always started with lesbian clips, would shift to some shemale porn, and always ended with gay clips from porn hub, watching guys ass fucking each other. I have no idea why the sound of a guy getting pounded always turned me on and made me shoot my load.)

I just love cock.

I love the look of a cock… always have… although I’d never considered sucking one until I was forty-two, but since then I’ve sucked at least thirty of them… of all sizes… and a variety of races.

I love the variety of cock. Like a snowflake, every cock is unique. Unique in length… girth… shape… and taste.

I love the feel of a cock hardening in my mouth.

I love the sensations of being on my knees.

I love those brief moments where I can set my manhood on the shelf and explore the thrill of my feminine side.

I love anticipating cock. Being on Grindr, connecting with someone, driving somewhere to meet him, dropping to my knees, seeing a brand new cock in front of me and, of course, sucking it.

I love being called names while I suck a stranger’s cock.

I love the feeling of a cock pulsing in my mouth, and the rush of adrenaline, which always sends a chill up my spine in anticipation of the load’s imminent extraction.

I love feeling the warm cum. I was surprised at first at how warm cum actually was the moment it erupted from a throbbing cock to slide down my throat or be splattered onto my face, and I’ve never tired of that sensation.

Yet I also hate my addiction to cock and cum. I crave it the same way I used to crave a cigarette, back when I was a smoker.

I hate that finding cocks to worship isn’t easy to do.

I hate the risk of being outed, which is why I never do it anywhere near my home. (Although I broke that rule once in a gas station bathroom, but afterwards I was terrified I might happen upon the chubby man again while I was out with my wife, or attending a hockey game with my kids.)

I hate how I can never talk to anyone about this addiction. I’d love to be able to tell someone about the big cock I sucked in a semi, or the time I was sucking a guy in his garage, and his wife came in and chatted with him across the hood, unaware that on the other side of the car, there I was with her husband’s cock in my mouth. Or the time I sucked a twenty-year-old while his girlfriend watched and fingered herself, or the time I sucked my first and only BBC. The point being no matter whether I’m excited or ashamed at a given time, I have nobody I can talk to about it.

I hated… yes, past tense this time, and you’ll soon see why… that I couldn’t simply have access to a reliable cock in town that was discreet, where it could give me the weekly fix I so badly craved.

And yet as you must have already guessed, that’s no longer the case, and it transpired because I forgot to log out of the app.

I arrived home from the trip I mentioned at the beginning, and found a note from my wife saying she and the kids were spending the day at the beach, and they wouldn’t be home until after dinner. She asked that I water the garden, so after changing into shorts and a t-shirt, I did.

I was doing the watering when Mike, an ex-student of mine who’d graduated a month ago and was also my next door istanbul travesti neighbour, called out from his deck, “Hey, Mr. Waters, how’s it going?”

“Good,” I said, closing the hose nozzle and turning to him.

“Great day today,” he said, acting a bit strange.

“Yeah, all that smoke from the fires finally seems gone,” I said, it being a smoky summer from all the fires in the north and east.

“Yeah, it’s nice to see some blue sky for a change,” he said.


“When you’re done watering, can you come over? I could use a hand with something,” Mike asked.

“Sure,” I said. “Be nice to help you for once.” His dad was in the trades, a handyman of many skills, while I was a teacher with almost no hands-on abilities, and thus it was almost always their family doing most of the neighbourly helping over the years.

“Great, see you soon,” he said.

“Yeah, I’ll be there in five or so,” I said.

“Great,” he repeated and headed back into his house.

I finished watering, drank some water from the hose, it being surprisingly hot outside. I realized I’d need to do some more watering in the evening, since right now the hot sunlight was drying up the water before enough of it could sink into the ground. So instead of doing a thorough watering right now, I cut it short and headed over to join Mike.

I knocked on the door, and he yelled to come in.

I walked in and he said simply, “Follow me outside.”

“Sure,” I said, and I followed him through the house and out back.

“So,” he said, “what’s new?”

“Not much,” I shrugged, still thinking he was acting a bit odd.

“Nothing at all?” he asked.

“Well, I’m going to be vice-principal in the fall,” I said, the summer sunlight really pounding us.

“Cool,” he said, as we went down the stairs of his deck.

“I’m not sure whether it’s cool or not; I have mixed feelings so far,” I said.

Once we were on the patio, he turned to me and said, “I never fathomed you being one.”

“Pardon?” I asked, that not making much sense.

He went to a deck chair, sat down, pulled out his phone and typed something into it.

A moment later, I heard the distinct Grindr alert coming from mine.

My eyes went wide!

Fuck, I’d forgotten to log out of Grindr before I got home!


Had Mike just sent me a message on Grindr?

“Check your phone, marriedcocksucker,” Mike said.

My face went white. “Mike, I can explain.”

“There’s nothing to explain,” Mike said, as the sun continued beating down on us. “You like to suck cock, which I consider good news. You’d be astonished by how many older guys do.”

“Really?” I asked, trying to process what was happening.

“Yeah, this community is full of older dudes like you who secretly suck cock.”

“I can’t imagine,” I said, shocked to be outed not only by an ex-student, but my next door neighbour… and panicking over how to deal with the situation.

“The good news is that now you’ll always have a cock to suck whenever you get the craving, or whenever I need a blow job.”

“Mike, look. That just can’t happen,” I said, afraid of my marriage being destroyed and my career falling apart all at the same time.

“Oh, Mr. Waters,” he smirked, “it’s already happening. Now get over here and show me what you’re capable of.”

“Mike, please…” I began, but he cut me off.

“Begging,” he said, “I like that. Now hurry up, my Dad will be home in half an hour or so, and first I need to drop a load in your mouth.”

“Mike…” I tried again.

“Unless you prefer me to shoot my load all over your face,” he said. “I’m surprised by how many older men love getting plastered.”

“Mike…” I tried for a third time, and was again cut off.

“Look, I’ll even be generous and show you up front what I’m packing,” he said, pulling his swimming trunks down and revealing a massive cock that was already hard. “I know how all you cock suckers are size queens.”

I couldn’t hold back a gasp!. His cock was just so big. And as he’d just predicted with such accuracy, I loved a big cock. A big cock looked so majestic and inviting… which I know sounds gay, but still… I simply couldn’t resist a big cock.

“I thought you’d like it,” Mike said, catching me staring at his cock.

“It’s so big,” I said, sounding exactly like the cock size cock sucker I was; completely mesmerized by its sheer size.

“I know it is,” he said, slowly stroking his cock, his hand creating the same effect as a hypnotist’s watch.

“But I have my wife and kids to think of,” I protested weakly, while my own cock hardened and I couldn’t stop staring at the delicious looking specimen right in front of me.

“They’re at the beach and they’ll be back late,” he said. “I chatted with Mary while they were loading up the car.”

“But you’re my student,” I continued grasping for excuses, even while my mouth was watering to taste that nearby cock.

“Your ex-student,” he reminded me. “I’m starting college in the fall, and istanbul travestileri our high school relationship is in the past.”

“But…” I said, running out of excuses, as my hard cock, my watering mouth and my cock lust were all mentally clamouring for me to submit to this big, young cock.

“Now get over here, Mr. Waters,” he said firmly. “Or I’ll use Grindr to send for another cock sucker, and you’ll never get the chance to suck this big, fat cock.”

“I can’t believe you want me to suck you off,” I said, as I approached him and his cock.

“Hey, I don’t care who sucks my cock,” he said, as I dropped to my knees completely captivated by his cock, “But having a willing cock sucker living right next door will be mighty convenient.”

“We can only do this once,” I said, although the thought of having a big willing loaded cock right next door was pretty much a dream come true.

As he slid his cock into my mouth, he said, as if knowing exactly what I was thinking, “We both know you’ll be taking this cock very regularly.”

And, although I could pretend he was wrong, as I felt his hard dock slip between my lips, the hot sun still beating down on me as I began mindlessly bobbing on this eighteen-year-old’s huge cock, I knew in my heart that he was right: I’d be on my knees sucking his magnificent horse cock any time he required me to do so.

“There you go,” he moaned as I bobbed. “I knew you’d like it.”

Like a complete faggot, I responded by moaning on his cock.

“Yeah, you’ll be sucking me off all the time, Mr. Waters,” he said, his fat cock stretching my lips even though I was only taking just over half of it into my mouth.

Again, I moaned.

“Shit, imagine all the loads I could have dumped into you this past year at school,” he said.

Again, I moaned, taking a little more of his cock in my mouth. The idea of sucking cock in my classroom one of my biggest fantasies. The idea of a student using my mouth and dominating me… even bending me over my desk and taking my anal cherry.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get all the cock you need from now on, Mr. Waters,” he assured me.

Once again, I moaned.

“I can even set up a gloryhole in my basement, where you can suck cock after cock of your ex-students if you want,” he offered, that idea making my cock throb, and yet terrifying me at the same time,

“Would you like that, Mr. Waters?” he asked, pulling his delicious cock out of my mouth so I could reply.

“I don’t know,” I lied.

“Yes, you do,” he said, actually slapping my face with his cock, wet with my saliva.

“I just don’t want to get outed,” I said.

“That’s why the gloryhole, cock sucker,” he said, directing that derogatory label at me for the first time… a term that always turned me on even more than I already was. Whenever I was on my knees, whenever I had a cock in my mouth, being called a cock sucker, a faggot, a sissy, a cum slut, or any other dirty name, always enhanced my turn-ons.

When I didn’t say anything, he slid his cock back into my mouth, and this time he seized total control by starting to face fuck me. “Oh, you’re going to become the gang’s favourite cum dump, Mr. Waters.”

This time I couldn’t say anything, since he was pumping his cock in my mouth beyond my control. So instead, I just focused on being a good cock sucker and swallowing as much of his cock as I could… which I surmised was ten inches… tying for the biggest I’d ever had. I’d taken a ten-inch cock three times (although I’d chugged two loads the second and third times) over a weekend where a sixty-year-old Muslim man had trained me to take his huge cock. He coached me on how to focus on my breathing, how to deep throat without fighting it, how to hold a cock in my mouth for up to thirty seconds, how to control my gag reflex, and how to take a dick in a few different positions. Besides the obvious one of on my knees, I also sucked him while lying on my stomach and on my back… both of them where he fed me his cock from angles I hadn’t fathomed possible… especially the ones when I was on my back… and lying on my side, sitting on a chair, and a few other positions less easy to describe.

As I felt Mike’s balls slapping my chin, and thus he was literally balls deep in my mouth, he said, sounding mightily impressed as he pulled out of my mouth, “Shit, Mr. Waters, you’re just full of surprises! Only one other guy has ever been able to take my whole dick without gagging.”

I responded oddly, and just as oddly was flattered by his compliment, “Thanks.”

He laughed as he shook his head in wonder and said, “Now show me how badly you want my load.”

Like the pathetic cum craving cock sucker I was, I eagerly took his cock back into my mouth, taking him all the way into my throat, and wanting to impress him, held his cock tickling where my tonsils would have been if I still had any, for several seconds.

“Fuck,” he moaned.

Then I bobbed hungrily, deep throating him with ease.

“Oh fuck, don’t stop, travesti istanbul cock sucker,” he moaned, clearly enjoying my considerable abilities. Of course I had no intention of stopping until I’d extracted a creamy load from his ball sac.

I knew he was close, so I sucked his cock as fast as I could, until he warned me he was about to come.

I didn’t slow down, and in just three more bobs I was rewarded with his sweet, salty load.

“Fuuuuck,” he grunted, as his cock and cum filled me right up.

I took his load smoothly, adrenaline coursing through my body like it always did when I extracted a big load, which always resulted in some pre-cum leaking into my underwear… and I kept sucking until every last drop had rained deep into my belly. Then I slowed down and nursed his cock until he pulled out… which I always did… never wanting the cock sucking experience to end… which is why I sometimes got two loads before backing away when I sucked someone.

He pulled out a minute or so after he’d finished coming and said, “Shit, Mr. Waters, that was impressive.”

“I can’t believe I just did that,” I said, which was true. I’d just sucked my eighteen-year-old ex-student’s cock. Which was the very first time I’d sucked someone I knew instead of a total stranger.

“I can’t believe how good you are,” he said as he pulled up his trunks.

“Shit, I really did just do that,” I said, the enormity of what I’d done now sinking in.

“And you’ll be doing it a lot from now on,” he said as he pulled his phone out and typed something into it. He then handed it to me and said, “Type in your cell number.”

“I can’t do that,” I said.

“Don’t pretend you don’t want any more of my cock,” he said. “We both know you’ll be on your knees sucking it again very soon.”

“But I need to keep this part of my life and my real life totally separate,” I said, getting off my knees.

“You’re a cock sucker, and that is your life,” he said. “And I have no intention of outing you, since this is the perfect setup for both of us. You get regular cock, and I get a very convenient cock sucker.”

I admitted, “I do often crave dick and can’t get any.”

“See? Now you can get it anytime you want,” he pointed out. “Now enter your number. I need to get you out of here before my Dad gets home.”

Mindlessly, I entered my number, seeing he’d called me CCS. I asked, as I handed the phone back, “What does CCS mean?”

“Convenient cock sucker.”

“Oh,” I said, as he headed into his house and I walked out the side gate… the taste of his cum still lingering in my mouth.

During the next two hours, I was a mess.

Mortified by what I’d done.

Yet craving more.

Mary and the kids got home around eight, and we watched a movie together.

We’d had sex and were just getting ready to call it a night, when I received the text I’d been both dreading and craving. Just a few words: Now, cock sucker. Backyard.

My cock hardened just from reading those words… even though I’d deposited a load in my wife’s pussy not even ten minutes ago.

I said to Mary, feeling so fucking guilty to be lying directly to her face (yes, I’d been sucking cock for a few years, but I’d technically never lied to her about it except by omission), but knowing I had to have Mike’s cock again, “Honey, I’m not really sleepy yet. I’m going to go and work in the garage for a bit.”

“Didn’t I wear you out enough?” she smiled saucily.

“Actually, you kind of woke me up,” I joked.

“Well, you wore me out,” she said, kissing my cheek.

I headed to the garage, then once I was inside went out the side door, and snuck into Mike’s backyard, seeing the light on in their basement.

Mike was waiting for me there and said, “I knew you couldn’t resist.”

“I just lied to my wife about where I was going,” I said, walking up to him.

“Just like all my married cock suckers, cock always trumps cunt.”

“I just finished having sex with her,” I blurted out for some reason.

“You just fucked your wife, and now you’re sneaking out to suck a teenager’s dick?”

“Yeah,” I admitted, now sounding even more pathetic.

“Shit, maybe you’re just a total faggot,” he said, pointing to his dick. “Do you take it in the ass too?”

“Where’s your Dad?” I asked, ignoring the question.

“In his bedroom watching TV,” he said. Then he snapped his fingers, pointed to his dick again and repeated the question, “But do you take it in the ass?”

As I dropped to my knees and fished out his cock, shamefully hungry for another helping of his cum, I said, “No, I’m just a cock sucker. And I like pussy too.”

“I see,” he said, as I pulled out his cock.

Not wanting to talk, only wanting to suck, swallow and leave, I took his semi-hard cock in my mouth and began bobbing.

As I did, I could feel the slight cool breeze. It was hot as fuck earlier, but now with the sun down, it was a little chilly… slightly depressing, since it was a hint that fall was on the horizon. I had only twice sucked a cock outdoors before today’s double duty (once in a park in the summer that had scared the shit out of me (getting caught or mugged) and once during the winter in a guy’s backyard (it was cold, and not much fun at all)).

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The Prodigal and the Pack Pt. 09

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Part One: Zack

The week before Thanksgiving break was insane. I had three group projects and two papers due. I hit the ground running on Monday morning and the next thing I know its Thursday night. The dorms were starting to empty out as people headed home for the Thanksgiving break. My Friday class was canceled in advance, so I had the day off. I was glad, because Friday night was going to be huge.

So last weekend I had sex with my father. That sounds so weird. Not the sex part, although I suppose that would also qualify. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea that I have a birth-father, but I didn’t feel the doubts that I felt before. I couldn’t deny the connection I felt with Connor Sinclair and his family. I don’t know how to describe it except right. I felt right with them, like I belonged. The phenomenal sex didn’t hurt either.

I woke up Friday morning with all these thoughts in my mind. Tonight was the night. Tonight, I was going to become a werewolf. Mr. Rational was going to go beast-mode. I’m not going to lie, I get a little freaked out when I think about it too much. But all week Billy and Eddie have been teaching me about werewolves and sharing their own experiences. They have been helping to calm my nerves. Connor (I’m not really ready to call him Dad yet) calls me every night. He always asks if I’m okay. He’s always letting me know that I don’t have to go through with it. I think he’s worried I’ll regret it. But I’ve made up my mind. No turning back.

Connor explained his idea last weekend. He believes that I need to be around other wolves, particularly the Alpha wolf. Connor says that once my wolf senses the Alpha, it will awaken. So they are going to take me on a run. I ain’t going to lie; the idea of running around in the woods with three wolves, regardless of how connected, or how right I feel when they are human, has me a little nervous. But here lately I’m going on trust a little more than used to.

So Friday morning, I was enjoying staying in bed and not having to be up early for a morning class. I heard my phone getting several text messages, but I was ignoring them. A bed always feels more comfortable when you are free from obligation. Eventually I grabbed the offending technology to see who was bothering my lazy-time. It was Eddie with a list of text messages.

‘Look outside.’

‘Call me’.

‘You are sleeping aren’t you?’

‘Call me as soon as you get this!’

I felt a little spike of anxiety. Look outside? Was something wrong? I opened the blinds at the window and looked out. The view from my dorm room had been transformed, and a light dusting of white covered everything. It was snowing! I called Eddie.

“Good morning.”

“Hey are you at your dorm?”

“Yeah, I just woke up.”

“Are you packed?”

“I am, what are you so worked up about?”

“Did you look outside?”

“Yes, I saw the snow. I’m from northern Illinois, remember? A little snow doesn’t bother me.”

“Maybe, but what about eight to ten inches?

“Depends on what you’re doing with it.”

“Snow, you perv!”

“I’ll head out in a bit.”

“Nope. I’m coming to get you. I’ll be in Dad’s Ram. Gotta love the 4-wheel drive, bro!”

“Okay. Text me when you get here, okay?”

“See you soon.”

I hung up and started getting ready. After last weekend, I decided to spend my holiday break with my new birth family. The plan was to wake up my wolf then enjoy the Thanksgiving break. I hoped the snow didn’t mess with the plans too much. By the time I had a week’s worth of clothes and toiletries, Eddie was texting me. I headed down stairs.

He was waiting for me. Even bundled up in his winter gear he was a hottie. He grabbed my bags and put them into a huge pick up. As soon as we were both inside he leaned over and gave me a passionate kiss. Damn, he was a good kisser. That kiss went straight to my dick.

“Missed you.”

“Missed you too.” I replied. The really weird thing was I meant it. I missed him, missed Billy, and I missed Connor.

“Lets go.”

We had to make a stop before heading to the house. Billy was planning a Thanksgiving feast, and the oncoming storm had moved up his shopping schedule. He gave Eddie a long list of groceries. The place was a mad house. People were in full ‘bread and milk’ mode. I was happy to help knock out Billy’s list, but it took forever to check out. The entire time we were in the store the snow kept falling. As we left the store there was a good two inches of snow on the ground. It was coming down at a steady pace.

I was glad that Eddie came to get me. By the time we drove up the long gravel driveway to the Sinclair house, there was another inch of accumulation, and it seemed like it was coming down harder. We got everything out of the truck and Billy was waiting at the door.

He wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me in for another long kiss. He smiled that sexy smile that got me hard again. These two boys were driving me crazy.

“Let me help.”

Soon we had all the groceries unpacked and put away. istanbul travesti I asked Billy about my things. He escorted me to their guest room.

“This is your room.”

“Thanks.” I started to put my bags down, thinking I’d unpack. Billy continued. “And when I say your room, I mean that this is Zack’s room for now on. It is officially decommissioned as a guest room. This is your home.”

I was oddly touched by that. I gave Billy a big hug. “Thank you.”

He smiled mischievously. “That doesn’t mean that you will always be sleeping in here though.”

“Oh really? Intriguing.”

Once I had settled in, I went out to the living room to find the two brothers watching local news. “What’s up?”

Billy replied. “It’s getting bad. Dad called. He’s going to be late.”

“Are we still going out tonight?”

Eddie just laughed. “Snow won’t stop us. But you better bundle up, little bro. You don’t want to freeze off anything important.”

“All my parts are staying right where they are. And speaking of which, since we have some time to kill, my parts could use some attention.”

Billy shook his head. “We can’t. We are under strict orders from Dad. We behave until tonight.”

Frustrated, I sat next to them to watch television.

It was just after six when Connor came home. By then we were all starting to get a little anxious. Hell, I was a jumble of nerves.

“Hello boys!”

We all rushed to greet Connor at the door. It was like episode of Leave it to Beaver if they were all gay werewolves. Connor took off his boots and left them by the door. “Sorry I’m late. It’s a mess out there. If I hadn’t already requested the time off I’d still be at the station.

Eddie shook his head. “Will you have to go back?”

“Nah. I’m home for the night. I’ll check in tomorrow.” We all walked into the living room. Connor must have felt my anxiety. “How are you doing, Zack?”

“Nervous, but excited too.”

“Good. We won’t make you wait too long. Why don’t you boys make some hot cocoa and put it in a thermos, and I’ll take a shower.”

Billy took over when we got to the kitchen, quickly whipping up a large saucepan of milk, cocoa, and a little cream. Eddie made a bottle of whiskey appear and added a healthy pour to the mix.

“Is hot cocoa a normal part of the wolfing process?” I asked.

“Not necessarily, But you’ll be thanking me later when you’ve shifted back to human and you’re freezing your sexy ass off.”

After the cocoa was secure in a large thermos, Connor appeared, fresh from the shower and naked. Not that I was complaining. The man was a damn work of art.

“Ok, Zack. Ready to get started?”

“I hope so,” I replied nervously.

“Good. We are going to shift to our wolf forms. The idea here is that the longer you are exposed to our wolves, the more likely your wolf will awaken. Just keep in mind that our wolf form is our most primal. We have the least amount of control. They won’t hurt you intentionally, but they are wild. And bundle up, it’s cold out there. Okay?”

“Lets do it.”

I pulled on a pair of boots and a heavy winter coat. While I was bundling up, the others were stripping naked. The fireplace in the living room was roaring, and I was starting to get hot. Eddie opened the back patio door with a laugh. “Last call for opposable thumbs!”

Then I found myself surrounded by my new family. My father stood before me, with my brothers at my side. I won’t lie, I was really nervous. I also felt this powerful feeling of anticipation. Oddly, it felt like that feeling was coming from somewhere else. Almost like it wasn’t my feeling at all. Then they shifted.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Connor. He is a big, intimidating guy, but nothing could prepare me for watching him shift. He seemed to swell, his muscles straining and flowing into new shapes. The hair on his body got thicker, then it wasn’t hair at all. It was dark fur. He seemed to lean forward, and his center of gravity shifted until he was standing on four legs. His handsome face was gone, replaced with a large canine muzzle filled with teeth. And he grew. These weren’t ordinary sized wolves. These were freaking Game of Thrones direwolf-sized monsters!

Then it was over. I was standing in the living room with three huge wolves. They were standing with their heads level with my eyes. A long moment passed where no one moved. Then Connor walked slowly to me. He took his large head and began to rub himself up against chest. I could tell it was affection. I released a breath I didn’t realize I was holding. I brought my hand up and ran it through the fur on the top of Connor’s head. It was dark grey, as dark as grey can get before it slips into black. It was also amazingly soft. Then Eddie and Billy were surrounding me, sniffing and rubbing their heads against my body. They had similar coloring as their dad. It was overwhelming.

Then, Eddie and Billy were out the door. Connor gave me a slight push with his muzzle. So I followed them, and Connor was right behind me. The patio behind the Sinclair house had istanbul travestileri a stairway leading down to the woods below. When we got to the bottom of the stairs, Connor came up behind me and began to lower himself between my legs, I was confused, until I realized he wanted me to climb up on his back. I was going to ride him like a horse.

As soon as I was seated on him, he began to run. I grabbed a hold around his neck and hung on. We were suddenly rushing through the dark woods, snow flying. I couldn’t believe the speed. I gripped harder. It was like riding on a large fuzzy motorcycle. I could see Eddie and Billy keeping pace with us, weaving in and out of the trees. It was incredible. I could feel the power of the wolf beneath me.

I also felt something in me, a strange excitement. It seemed far away or deep inside. It was a restless, wild feeling. I wondered if that was the wolf that they kept talking about.

I don’t know how long we ran like that. Time seemed to slip away from me, creating weird gaps. But despite the warmth that Connor seemed to generate, I was suddenly feeling the cold. It was getting harder for me to maintain my hold on Connor’s neck. Somehow Connor must have sensed something was wrong. The next thing I know, I see a light in the distance. It was the house. With a leap, Connor carried me up the stairs an into the house. He stopped in front of the fireplace. I tumbled off into the floor and absorbed the heat from the flames.

I noticed that my muscles were stiff. How long was I out there? I was frozen and completely soaked through. I pulled off my gloves and boots and sat down. I looked at the clock. Somehow two hours and passed. Fuck. Where did that time go? Connor came up behind me and leaned against my back. I decided I needed to get these wet clothes off. I started stripping, and soon I was naked. Eddie and Billy soon appeared. The shook off the wet snow and joined us by the fire. Soon I was surrounded by three wolves.

For a moment, I thought about what it looked like. A naked teen completely surrounded by dark fur. I wished they had a mirror on the ceiling so I could see that. It had to be a sight. Between the wolf bodies and the fire I was warming up nicely. But as I warmed up, a sobering thought defrosted out of my brain: I hadn’t shifted.

I felt movement as one of the wolves stood up. He started to shift and I realized it was Billy.

“How are you feeling?”

“Better,” I replied.

Eddie shifted too, leaving only Connor. He seemed reluctant to leave me. He kept me wrapped in his warm body. I felt the need to reassure him that I was fine. Only then did he shift back to human form.

So there we sat, four naked dudes, in front of a fireplace. It would be sexy. I mean, it was sexy. Except my mind was on something else.

“It didn’t work, did it?”

Connor put his big arm around me and pulled me close. “It’s okay, Zack.”

Billy snuggled up next to me. “How are you feeling?”

“Fine. I mean, I got cold. And I feel like I lost some time out there.”

Billy looked at me. “What do mean?”

“One minute we were running away from the house, and the next minute we were running back towards it. It didn’t feel like two hours at all. I don’t remember…”

Connor smiled. “You didn’t lose that time. It was your wolf.”

“But I didn’t change!”

“Not yet. Maybe you just need a little more stimulation.”


Part Two: The Sinclairs

Connor took in the room and his sons. He could sense Zack’s frustration and sadness. Billy and Eddie were agitated and a little horny, not usual for a human post-shift. Connor had an idea, but he had not discussed it with his sons. He had been cautiously optimistic that he wouldn’t need to. But, desperate times call for desperate measures. ?”I’m going to assume that Eddie doctored up that cocoa?”

Eddie said nothing but grinned and wagged his eyebrows.

“Everybody have a glass and let’s talk.

Soon the four naked men were gathered around the fireplace, drinking the spiked cocoa, and getting warm. Connor cleared his throat.

“Zack, I have an idea. It’s a little out there.”

“What kind of idea?”

“Another idea to stimulate your wolf.”

“Okay. Why do you seem so weird about it?”

“Its a little extreme. And not something I’ve ever tried before.”

Eddie and Billy looked at each other, then their father. “What are you talking about, Dad?

“Billy, when did you sense Zack’s wolf?”

“When we were having sex.”

“Right. And when I was with Zack last week, I felt Zack’s wolf when he climaxed.”

“Wait a minute, you think I can orgasm my way to my wolf? If that was true I would have had a very confusing puberty.”

Connor looked steadily at Zack. “I think you need your wolf fucked out of you.”

There was silence. All three boys seemed shocked.

Finally Zack spoke. “Um, wow. What does that even mean?”

“I was told that you need an Alpha to stimulate your wolf. That only a wolf can wake up a dormant wolf. I thought maybe just exposing travesti istanbul you to my wolf form would be enough. But maybe you need a more direct stimulation.”

Eddies eyes grew wide. “Wow.”

Zack shook his head. “I’m an open minded guy, but um…”

“I’m not suggesting you have sex with my wolf. That would be incredibly dangerous.”

Zack laughed nervously. “Whew! For a minute there…”

“I’m suggesting you have sex with my werewolf.”

“Oh. Huh…”

Eddie interjected, “Okay, hold up. Let’s not go crazy here. Maybe we just need to give him more time.”

Billy said nothing.

Connor replied, “Everyday that passes increases the chances of failure.”

Eddie seemed skeptical. “Yeah, but that’s… I mean, we have never…”

Billy spoke quietly, “It could work.”

Connor turned to Zack. “Its still your choice Zack. We can try this, or we can wait. We will do whatever you want.”

“I mean, how would that even, you know, work?”

“Honestly, I’ve never done it as a werewolf. This is uncharted territory for me.”

There was a long pause while Zack seemed to weigh his options. But he was nothing if not determined. “Okay. I want this. I made up my mind. Let’s do this.”

Connor nodded. “Is it okay if Billy and Eddie stay?”

“What, to watch?”

“To watch out for you. I have a great deal of control over my werewolf. But they will be there as extra protection for you.”

“You are not being super reassuring right now.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, they can watch.” Zack laughed nervously. “Ya big pervs.”

Connor nodded, before drinking his cocoa in a single swallow. He moved the coffee table away from the sofa, clearing a large space in front of the fireplace. Then he turned and looked to Zack. “Ready?”

“What, no flowers? Chocolates? Steak dinner?”

“Don’t worry, you are going to get plenty of meat.”

“Wow. Connor with the jokes. Stay in your lane, sheriff.”

Connor didn’t reply. Instead he began shifting. Even though he had just seen it earlier, Zach was still amazed at the process. It happened so quickly! One minute the handsome sheriff was standing there, then he was gone. In his place stood a massive creature. Easily over eight feet tall, the werewolf was covered in the same dark fur that covered Connor’s wolf. But unlike the wolf, which was large but familiar to the natural world, there was nothing natural about the werewolf. It was a hybrid, standing on two thick digitigrade legs, with two long arms, and long canine face. The werewolf retained Connor’s thick musculature, with a thick furry chest and abdominal muscles.

Zack’s first reaction was fear. It…Connor…was monstrous. But underneath the fear, something else was happening. Zack felt a sort of low excitement. A tingle that ran down his spine to his balls. He looked at the creature’s form. Yes he was monstrous, but also sexy. He could feel his attraction to Connor pulling him towards the beast. He looked down. The creature had a thick furry sheath where Connor’s dick had been moments before. Was he really going to do this? He glanced over to Eddie and Billy but they looked as lost as he felt.

“Okay, big guy. Can you understand me?”

The creature growled a low yes.

“How do we, you know, start?”

The creature said nothing, but pulled Zack close and wrapped his arms around him. Zack took a deep breath, and was struck by the unusual musk. It wasn’t bad, just different. Powerful. He found himself starting to get hard. Zack ran his fingers across the broad chest. The werewolf’s dark fur was just as soft and inviting as Connor’s wolf. It felt good. Then the creature picked up Zack began licking his face. It was weird, but not bad, he thought.

The he gently placed the naked boy on the carpet in front if the fireplace. Suddenly the beast was between Zack’s legs, lifting them up. He could feel the hot breath on his groin as it licked his cock, then down to his exposed hole. Zack remember the last time he had seen werewolf tongue and the naughty thoughts about what it could do. Now he was about to find out.

He felt the long, slippery tongue press against his hole. A moment or pressure then it began to snake deep inside. Zack let out a low moan. It was and incredible sensation, as the thick, wet muscle of the werewolf tongue slowly worked his hole. He glanced to his left and saw Eddie there, slowly stroking his cock. He looked to his right and saw Billy doing the same. Zack lost track of time as waves of pleasure rolled through his body. Then he felt a sudden emptiness as Were-Connor removed his tongue. He looked up and saw him move into position above him. A sudden pressure filled his wet hole. Then a pop, as the thick head entered.

Zack gasped at the invasion. No amount of tongue play had prepared him for the monster cock. It was big, bigger that Connor’s human cock. He took deep breaths as it breached him, filling him up. His bothers could tell that Zack needed them, and they each began to rub his chest, tweaking his nipples and stroking Zack’s arms. Zack felt himself open, taking more of the creature’s dick. Zack wasn’t sure how long it spent in that slow, initial thrust. Again, he seemed to lose time. The next thing Zack knew as that the was full, fuller than he had ever been. Then Connor began to thrust inside.

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Something Different

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“Damn,” the average height father of two grunted as the ringing of his phone jerked him awake. “Yeah,” he answered.

“Jerrell,” the caller yelled. “Can you get T-Man from my momma’s house. She sick.”

“Oh damn! I’ma have to find someone to watch him.”

“I thought you was off on Wednesdays.”

“Yeah! But I had some stuff planned.”


“Cut that shit out. I’ll go pick him up now.”

After ending the call and tossing the phone aside, the man with the rich, sepia complexion went to take a piss. The stream was strong and steady. He groaned with pleasure as he relieved himself. He took a hobo shower and dressed in a black graphic T-shirt and gray joggers. Then, he headed out of the house.

Before backing out of the driveway, he called his stepmom to see if she could take his youngest for the day. Thankfully, she said yes.

Upon retrieving his son, Jerrell took the toddler to a fast food joint to get some French toast sticks, hash browns, and orange juice. A few minutes later, he dropped off T-Man and headed back to the home he shared with two of his cousins. Today, he wanted a day all to himself. Last night, he started his plan by signing up for a hookup app.

Jerrell hopped back in bed and began perusing profiles. He entered parameters to find those identifying themselves as a ‘bottom’ for sexual position and as ‘twink’ or ‘trans’ for crowd. He also selected to see only those people with pictures available.

There were a few hits, but one in particular stood out. The profile read:


The user was called ‘BussyBottomBoi’ and had four photos. The geolocation showed him to be thirty-seven miles away. Jerrell fired off a message.


A few moments later, Jerrell received a reply.

-How are you?

It was accompanied by two additional images – one with the sultry effete guy’s delectable derriere sticking up out of a bubble bath and the other with him wearing a pink-and-purple jockstrap.

-I’d be good if I was there with you.

-Oh really. You should come over. How do you look?”

Jerrell pressed the button for video chat.

BussyBottomBoi istanbul travesti accepted.

“Hi there,” the demure voice called out.

“Sup witcha?”

“Just chilling this morning.”

“Why I can’t see you?”

“I can’t see you either.”

“Hang on,” Jerrell said, angling his phone so his cock was now visible. “Let me see that ass.”

“Hold on.”

The other user stood up and lifted the long tee he was wearing so that his booty was on full display.

“That ass right,” Jerrell remarked. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Winnie. And you?”


“Nice to meet you, Jay!”

“Show me your bedroom.”


“You must be scared.”

“Scared of what?”

“Showing me your spot.”

“You’ll see it when you come over.”

“I ain’t never done this before. I’m just trying to get a feel for you.”

“Whatever, I’ll show you.”

“Good! I’m looking to try something different.”

After getting a peek at the bedroom, Jerrell started asking to see more pictures.

“I’ll send you a few more, but you still haven’t shown anything but your dick,” Winnie chastised the dude.

“You don’t like it?”

“It looks good to me. You gonna bring it over?”

“Send the address. It say thirty something miles. I can be there in forty-five minutes to an hour. Cool?”

“That’ll work.”

“How long can I stay?”

“A while.”

“Ain’t nobody gonna be popping up?”


“Well, I’ma get up and get ready to come to you.”

“Excellent! Let me know when you hit the road. I’m gonna freshen up.”

“Bet! What you gonna wear for me?”

“Not sure yet. Something slutty.”

“Take a pic when you get dressed. I’m leaving out in ten.”

Jerrell walked outside and started his vehicle. He fired off a message indicating that he was hitting the road. Winnie sent back a short acknowledgement.

Jerrell attempted to video call after getting Winnie’s picture.

“Hey,” the freshly cleaned bottom smiled.

“Damn! You lookin’ good as fuck in that pink!”

“Thank you! You like?”

“Hell yeah! I’m bout fifteen minutes out. Have your door unlocked so I can just walk in.”

“Yes, sir!”

“I’ll text when I get there!”

Jerrell turned into the apartment complex. istanbul travestileri He drove through the parking lot twice just to get the lay of the land. He parked and texted, asking which unit belonged to Winnie. Once he had the answer, he grabbed his thirty-ounce stainless steel insulated tumbler and slammed the car door. He messaged that he was walking in shortly.

When Jerrell entered the apartment, Winnie was on his knees on the couch with his plump, dark caramel rear-end exposed through the sheer pink negligee. “Damn! That ass is right,” he murmured, approaching the sissy. He reached out to rub it. “It’s soft too!”

“You like it, Daddy?”

“Hell yeah!”

Winnie turned around. His eyes widened. “You’re way sexier than I imagined.”

“You is too!”

“Want something to drink?”

“Nah, I’m good,” he raised his mug.

Standing and stroking Jerrell’s crotch, Winnie remarked, “Ooh! Nice dick, Daddy!”

“You want that?”

“Yes, sir!”

“It’s been on hard the whole way. I’ma probably nut quick!”

“We got plenty of time,” announced the host, dropping to his knees and pulling down the sweats.

Jerrell’s thick and juicy spear popped out and nearly poked Winnie in the eye. He grabbed the massive curly Afro belonging to the submissive partner. “Oh shit,” the man moaned as he felt the warm, wet tongue lick the tip of his spear. “Suck that dick, baby!”

Winnie went all the way down.

“Oh fuck,” barked Jerrell. “I’m finna cum!”

The curious straight man’s tool pulsed and sent six large spurts of jizz into Winnie’s mouth. Jerrell was pleased that his cocksucker had swallowed the load. “Fuck! I told you I’d nut fast!”

“No problem. Let me get you a towel,” Winnie offered.

“A paper towel is fine.”

“Oh okay!”

Jerrell wiped his member clean. Winnie collected the used product and threw it in the trash.

“Wanna come lie down and I can get you hard again,” checked the horny pussyboy.

Jerrell nodded.

Then, he followed Winnie to the bedroom. He reclined while the effeminate one put his mouth back at his crotch and wiggled his bottom near Jerrell’s face.

“I like to be spanked,” Winnie declared.

“Oh yeah? With what?”

“Hands,” he giggled.

WHAP! travesti istanbul WHAP!

The impact of Jerrell’s large hands did not stop Winnie from orally pleasing him. Instead, it made the slut shake his ass even more prolifically.

“Damn! Yo’ ass jiggle when it gets spanked!”


“Yo’ mouth feel good. You ready for me to get inside that?”


Winnie positioned himself crosswise on the bed with his butt in the air.

Jerrell maneuvered behind the sultry girly man.

“Be gentle,” begged Winnie.


Jerrell angled his rod towards the waiting rectum. His snake could feel the heat emanating from it. The small, circular motions of the caboose and its jiggling beckoned him. He pushed inside of the clenched hole.

“Ooh,” winced Winnie. “It’s big!”

“Fuck! You tight!”

“Yeah! Ease it in slow…Please!”

Jerrell grabbed Winnie’s waist and thrust harder.

“Oh fuck,” whined the sissy, collapsing on the bed.

“Don’t run, bitch!”

“Yes, sir,” he whimpered.

“You know you wanted this!”

“Yes, sir! You like my gay faggot ass?”

“Hell yeah! This gay ass is good!”

“Oh, daddy! Please let me get used to it!”

“It’s too good! You got me out here fucking yo’ punk ass like we in prison!”

“Oh my god!”

“Take this dick, bitch!”


Soon, Jerrell felt Winnie’s body relax and he was able to pound with full, deliberate strokes. “You like this dick, faggit?”

“Yes, sir! Fuck me!”

“That’s right! Take all this dick!”


“I can’t believe you got me fuckin’ yo’ gay ass!”

“Yes, Jay! Fuck it!”

Jerrell pulled out and arched backwards. “Get up and throw dat ass back, faggit!”

Winnie got on all fours and lunged back, swallowing every bit of Jerrell’s manhood inside of himself.

“Fuck this dick, gay bitch!”

“Yes, sir! It feels so good!”

“Hell yeah!”


“Ooh spank me while you fuck me, daddy!”

“Hell yeah! You love this dick, don’t you?”

“Mmhmm! I love it!”

“You better, gay boy,” Jerrell slapped the right ass cheek with all his might. “Oh fuck! I’m finna nut!”

Jerrell pushed Winnie away and shot a sizable load on the globular rotund rump.

“Oh my god,” purred the bottom.

“Goddamn! That was good,” huffed the spent domineering man. “I’ma need a few minutes. Can I get something to drink?”

“Sure! I’ll get you a warm rag too,” Winnie commented, hopping up from the bed.

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Assignment Partner

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Miss Ensworth finished explaining the assignment, then motioned toward the class. “Okay. It’s time for you to pair up. Find a project partner.”

Sasha stood frozen. He knew nobody wanted to work with him and he wasn’t about to embarrass himself by asking anyone to be his partner. He hated school, but never more than when a teacher played this fucked-up game; making them do things with each other. Why the fucking games? Why, when things went okay for a few days, did someone always have to stir the fucking pot and muddy shit?

He continued standing motionless, listening to the other students laughing as they paired off, and wishing he could hide.

“Want to be partners?”

The voice asking was like no other. The depth sounded cavernous and the height, ominous. His eyes narrowed as he turned and faced Agamemnon. Everyone in the school knew Agamemnon, though everyone called him Zeus. No matter what his mythical name…he was a god.

He looked up at Zeus’s face, before glancing at his chest, which was still slightly higher than eye level, then back up at the eyes resting above the mountain of shoulders. “Are you kidding?”

“No. And we’re partners.”

Zeus never asked for things as much as declare them, but he always seemed to get his wishes. He was the football star, heading to the college of his choice, since every school wanted him. He was also a champion wrestler and stories had him breaking or lifting anything he chose.

Sasha inhaled and whispered, “Why?” not meaning for Zeus to hear.

“Because I said.”

The two hadn’t spoken a word in their four years minus three months of high school, and suddenly he was partners with the most famous guy in the history of the school?


He turned slowly and looked up. “You don’t say much, do you?”

“I talk just fine.”

He sat as requested and Zeus pulled up two chairs and sat on both.

“Well you never talked to me.” He brushed his jet-black hair to the side.

“We’re talking now.”

He inhaled. “I guess we are.”

He wanted to ask why, but Zeus had opened the book between them and interrupted. “Okay. How are we doing this?”

They worked together for the remainder of the period, and he remained confused for the rest of the morning. He no sooner placed his backpack on his lunchroom chair, when Nick shoved him playfully. “Is it true?”

He brushed his long black bangs back. “What?”

“You and Zeus in social studies?”

“I’m still trying to get my head around it.”

“So am I.” His friend shoved him again as they walked to the food line. “The gay femboy and the most freakishly masculine guy anyone has ever seen…doing a school project together? Everyone I know is talking about it.”

He glanced back as he reached the end of the food line. “They are not.”

“Oh they are. I’m the one starting the conversations.”

He looked around as they stood in line and spotted more eyes than normal on him. He lowered his gaze, then his chin. “Three more months. Three more months of being semi-anonymous and I’m free, then fucking Ensworth has to give a partner assignment to finish the year. What a bitch.”

“Are you kidding? Making friends with him could save you abuse for the rest of the year. It may even make you some friends.”

“I don’t want friends, and I already learned who to avoid.”

“Why do you think he asked you?”

He swiped his ID card at the register and followed his friend to their table. “The only thing I can think of is he feels completely sorry for me, or he’s planning a prank to end the year.”

“Yeah. it’s all any of us can think of.”

He looked up from the strangely colored chicken pieces. “Fuck you.”

The confusion their partnership initially caused, dissipated over the next weeks, and though they only worked together during class, Zeus treated him like every other student. He had even begun enjoying Zeus’s company, and Ensworth’s class, but the project presentation was approaching and class just wasn’t enough time to finish.

But he was afraid to suggest they meet outside class, and he knew all the reasons for his trepidation; reasons any five foot six effeminate gay boy would have, and a brand new reason he’d die before sharing.

He kept glancing at the clock as they worked, and grew angrier by the minute for not suggesting, then sighed. He wanted to ask if they could work outside class, but his fear of Zeus had completely changed. He didn’t want to lose the budding friendship.

Zeus’s voice resonated. “We may not finish if we just work in class.”

His heart pounded, producing short intense breaths. “I know. I mean…I’ll work twice as hard for both of us. I’ll do the poster for us if you want.”

Zeus smiled. “Or we could meet after school and finish together.”

His eyes widened. “If you want.”

Zeus shook his head and though his gaze narrowed, his expression never changed. “Why are you still nervous around me? Haven’t we been having fun working together?”

He brushed his bangs back. “I can’t believe how I look forward to this class.”

“Me either.”

Sasha’s head istanbul travesti shifted. “You look forward to this too?”

Zeus leaned closer and whispered, “I used to hate this class.”

“Me too!” His response made the entire class focus on him, and he blushed. “Sorry.”

He fanned himself with his hand before refocusing on his unusual project partner. “Sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize to me.”


Zeus snickered. “Forgiven.”

“Did you say we should get together? I mean…for the project.” He hoped Zeus couldn’t see his intensified breathing.

“Yeah. It’s time we got together. I’ve been putting off asking, but it’s time.”

“Why? I would have, any time or place.” He knew that came out a little too enthusiastically.

Zeus snickered. “Then why didn’t you ask?”

Oh how he wished he could share that answer, but was afraid the real reason would get him a two week hospital visit. He frowned. “Me.”

Zeus shook his head as his smile lessened. “Do you have a place we can work together?”

“I normally work in my bedroom, so n…”


His mouth dropped open, and Zeus quietly chuckled as he placed his fingers under Sasha’s chin and shut it. “You’re too frigging cute.”

He could feel the goosebumps Zeus’s touch caused. He was sure it was the first time they touched, even accidentally. He would have registered any previous time, just like he had plans to never forget this incident. He refocused. “When?”

“Tonight…and maybe tomorrow night. I need a good grade.”

“Okay. I’ll get us an ‘A’. I’ll do whatever we need.”

“I’ll need your address and phone number.”

“I can give you that.”

Zeus lifted Sasha’s phone off the desk and typed in his number. “Send it to me.”

He took the phone back and his stomach became instantly queasy. “Can I save your number?”

Zeus met his eyes. “I’m saving yours…”

His fingers typed as fast as possible, just in case Zeus came to his senses and decided this was his dumbest idea, then slowed, wondering if this was the start of the prank.

The rest of the school day was a blur, except for lunch. He listened to his friends talk about their normal gripes between their cattiness, but didn’t join in. He was sure if he opened his mouth, he’d share his after-school plans, and of all the things his friends didn’t know, that had to be his best-kept secret.

His nervousness increased as the school-day’s end clicked closer. Was Zeus really coming over? Were they really going to spend time together in his bedroom? Zeus was going to see his bedroom! Fuck! He had things to hide and wall pictures he needed to remove! He suddenly hoped this was a prank, because he had no idea how to act if it wasn’t!

But what if it wasn’t? He pictured them working closer…leaning and touching, innocently at first, then Zeus pinning him on his bed and stripping his pants off before making him one of his conquests. If it happened, he would promise it’d be his best-kept secret.

The final bell brought him back from the fleeting pleasant daydream, and he sighed before standing and placing his books in his backpack, then he thought of his room and immediately began rushing to get home.

He ran up the stairs of his empty house, and shut his bedroom door before throwing his backpack in its usual corner, then proceeded to clean his room like his mother had always asked. He smiled at the irony. He was cleaning his room because a guy was coming over…something else he thought would never happen.

He looked around after finishing. There wasn’t a thing on the floor, and his clothing secrets were all tucked inside a closet for the first time in years. Well…all but his panties.

He stared at the private dresser drawer before glancing at his alarm clock and deciding on a quick shower, then opened his panty drawer and found his pink lace favorites. They’d be hidden under his skinny jeans, but the thought of having them on was worth the risk of being caught in them. Besides…Zeus would never know.

He hurried back to his room and quickly dressed without putting on make-up. He wanted to, but was sure Zeus would take one look, turn and run…or worse; stand there and laugh. He picked out a unisex top, then styled his hair after dressing. He knew this wasn’t a date, but he had to prepare like it was. He knew nothing would ever happen…but he could pretend. He spent half his life pretending…how would one more instance in a never-ending line of improbable private illusions, hurt?

His phone beeped and his heart pounded in response. He lifted it and read the message. Zeus is here! He reached for a perfume bottle, then sighed as he decided against, before running down the stairs to the front door. He inhaled, then opened it and Zeus stood there wearing a completely nicer outfit, and a smile.

“Hi.” Sasha stepped back and waved him in.


He watched Zeus duck and turn slightly as he entered. God, he was big! He shut the door behind them, then inhaled Zeus’s cologne. “Wow you smell good.”


“Follow me.” He hurried istanbul travestileri up the stairs, then turned outside his room and motioned. “This is mine.”

Zeus smiled as he ducked inside the door opening.

“Is it alright if I shut this?” He started closing the door.

“Do you feel safe with me, behind a closed bedroom door?”

He pulled the door shut. “Are you sure you’re safe with me inside my bedroom?”

Zeus laughed. “Cute and funny. I like it.”

“Where do you want to work?” He eyed the bed, then the floor, then inhaled again. “God you smell good.”

“Thanks.” Zeus sat on the bed. “What do you wear?”

His mind immediately raced, panties, perfume make-up before glancing at the perfume bottle on his dresser.

Zeus followed his eyes, then smiled as he focused on the bottle. “Are you wearing any now?”


“Why not?”

“For the same reason I didn’t put make-up on.”

Zeus’s head tilted, seemingly expecting a deeper explanation.

“I don’t want to scare you.”

“That’s funny. I think you wearing perfume and make-up would do just the opposite.”

He felt his breathing quicken. “You’d be alright if I wore perfume and make-up?”

Zeus nodded. “Is that how you live normally, outside school?”


“Then I want you to.”

His eyes narrowed. “Really?”

“Yeah. Where do you do your make-up?”

He pointed to the mirror behind his dresser. “Right there.”


He motioned to the mirror. “Now?”

Zeus nodded as he leaned back on an elbow. “Okay.”

He raised his brows, then narrowed his eyes. “Is this a prank? Are you going to wait till I have make-up on, then drag me outside where you’re friends are waiting?”


“Because I’ll…you’ll…”

Zeus inhaled, then lowered his gaze. “You don’t have to. I don’t know. I just thought…”

He turned. “What?”

“I guess it’s stupid.”

“Wait.” He raised a hand as his brows furrowed. “You’re not pranking me?”

Zeus expressed silent disappointment. “Is that what you think?”

“Zeus. I don’t know what to think. I’m this skinny little femboy and you’re the godlike man skinny little femboys dream about when we masturbate.”


“Aw, c’mon.” He stood awkwardly against the dresser. “You have to know you’re just about everybody’s fantasy.”

“I don’t care about everyone else. I want to hear about you.”

“You didn’t guess?” He placed his hand on the dresser, hoping to alleviate his unease. “You never guessed?”

“I had no idea. You always look at me like you have a problem with me.”

“I do.” He smirked. “An unfulfilled fantasy.”

Zeus scratched his forehead. “Well who do you think I dream about when I masturbate?”

“The four girls you’re watching masturbate you?”

Zeus smirked. “Or the boy whose room I’m in?”

He startled. “What?”

“I spent all year trying to say hi to you.”

“What?…Sorry.” His eyes narrowed. “What?”

“It was all I could do to ask you to be project partners.”

“You’re pranking me. Are you recording this? Please don’t hurt me like this.”

Zeus extended his hand. “How can I convince you I’m not pranking you?”

He placed his hand in Zeus’s. “I honestly don’t know.”

Zeus pulled him closer, and just the anticipation of physical contact sent sensual sparks through him like he never felt before. Zeus continued pulling until he had no choice but to sit on his lap. “Well this takes care of my masturbation fantasies for a while.”

“Is it okay if I need a little more to fill mine?”

He had countless fantasies about being surrounded by Zeus’s massive arms, but he shivered with delight at the actuality. “Oh god, yes.”

His lips instantly opened as their mouths came together, and he elated as Zeus’s tongue filled his. The elation was so intense, he could hardly breath when the kiss ended. “Well that was better than the fantasy, and the fantasy has been pretty fantastic.”

Zeus smiled. “Definitely.”

“And you really wanted to do that?”

“From about the first time I saw you.”

“Well…okay… I’m confused. Are we working on our project?”

“We will, but can’t we get to know each other first?”

“Wow. Sure.” He scanned the room. “Would it be alright to lay together?”

Zeus moved further onto the bed, then held his arm so he would lay close. “Would it be alright to kiss you again?”

“Would it be alright if we did more?” His hips arched as he felt Zeus’s hand caress his back, then whispered, “My fantasy.” as Zeus rolled toward him and enveloped him.

Their next kiss ended and he snuggled further under Zeus’s massive masculine frame. “I can’t believe you’re going to find out I’m wearing panties.”

Zeus pulled away enough to stare at him, and he smiled. “You are, aren’t you?”

They kissed again, then he twitched as his thigh felt proof of his friend’s pleasure.

Zeus raised a brow. “Is that alright?”

“As long as mine’s alright.”

“You have one too?”

“Since you extended your hand.” He smirked playfully. “It’s just tucked in my panties.”

He travesti istanbul felt Zeus try to slip his hand inside the back of his jeans and he unbuttoned them, then sighed audibly as Zeus’s immense hand pushed inside and caressed his panty-covered ass.

“I like this.” Zeus squeezed gently.

He elated. “Really?”

“You can’t tell?”

“Well…kind of, but can I find out for sure?”

His voice deepened. “Go for it.”

Sasha stretched. “I can’t reach.”

Zeus laughed. “Then you’re gonna have to wait your turn.”

“Can I remove my pants and just lay with you, in my panties?”

Zeus held the bottom of both pant legs and pulled Sasha’s pants off after he finished the sentence. Then he gasped as Zeus pulled him under his large frame again. “Is it alright; I’m being so forward?”

He shivered with delight. “Is it alright if my fantasy includes, not having a choice?”

“I love the way you answer questions with sexier questions.”

“Then I have a new question.” He squirmed further underneath his new friend. “What’s your fantasy about me?”

“I don’t think I can share.”

He gasped silently as Zeus slid his massive hand inside his top. “Why not?”

“I don’t want to scare you.”


“You tell me one of yours first.”

“Sure.” He rested his hand on the hand caressing his chest. “I want to be smothered by you…under you…and you surround me and cover me as you take me and explode in me.”

“Me inside you…on top of you?”

“My fantasy is to be surrounded…covered by you, and I wouldn’t mind you covering me with your…”

“You really want me?”

He rolled over and moved back, before staring into his eyes. “As much as any girl.”

Zeus touched his fingers to his chin. “Now if I could only figure out why I think that’s hotter than any girl wanting me.”

He rolled on his side, facing away, then pressed tight against his massive friend. Zeus held him tighter. “God, you’re sexy. It’s so sexy that you want me, and you’re not a girl.”

He whispered breathlessly as Zeus’s hand slid over his body. “Does that mean I can do things to you?”

His voice deepened. “Hell yeah.”

Sasha spun in his arms, then grabbed the bottom of Zeus’s shirt and pulled up, and Zeus lifted his large muscular arms to accommodate.

“Even getting your shirt off is work.”


“Don’t be. It’s all a fantasy I plan on re-living for the rest of my life.” He tossed the shirt, then slid his hands down Zeus’s chest. “God, you’re massively gorgeous.”

Zeus waited until he removed his top, before pulling him close and he whimpered as their open mouths met, then sighed as the extended kiss ended. “This makes all the torture of the last four years, so worth it. But I promise this will always remain a secret.”

“But we can become better friends…hang out maybe?”

His heart fluttered as Zeus slid his spread fingers through his hair. “You really like me like that?”

“You really want to fuck?”

“I may cum, just thinking about it.”

“Can I fuck your cute ass?”

He felt the tingle in his cock. “Can I suck it first?”

Zeus smiled. “…Always a sexier question.”

“And the answer?”

“The answer is… you don’t have to ask.”

His heart raced as he knelt and undid Zeus’s pants, amazed by the circumstance which seemed so surreal. Zeus helped him strip them off and he gasped at the massive bulge it revealed. “Oh, god.”

“Is everything alright?”

“Better than alright. I doubt life gets any better than this.” He reached inside Zeus’s boxers and felt the massive cock, then lowered his face to the opening and lovingly kissed it as he exposed it.

“Oh, yes.”

He continued kissing the mammoth cock as he stroked it with both hands. “You do know; being taken by you is my schoolboy fantasy.”

“Knowing you think about fucking me is my new fantasy.”

“I don’t even know what to say to that.”

“Tell me I can have your sweet ass.”

“Oh god…please.” He wrapped his lips around the cock and lustfully sucked the head.

Zeus arched back in pleasure. “Do you think you can?”

“It may take a while, but I need to feel you inside me.”

“I need to be inside you. Your ass is the bomb.”

“Let me get something.” He hopped off the bed and left the room, only to return seconds later with a bottle of hand lotion, then covered Zeus’s cock with the slippery white cream before laying face down on the bed next to him. “Please answer every prayer I’ve said since I saw you.”

“You really are funny… cute and funny.”

He whispered as he lie pressing against him. “I’m glad you think I’m joking.”

“Do you want to be on top in the beginning?”

“No. Me lying helplessly under you wearing nothing but lowered panties, is definitely a fantasy.”

“But I don’t want to hurt you.”

He squirmed underneath his massive friend. “Don’t worry about that. I kinda practice with a little something, when I dream about you.”


“…If you only knew.”

“Damn, Sasha. I really had no idea.”

He maneuvered until he could feel Zeus’s weight on his back, and hard slippery cock between his legs. “Then let me show you.” He arched back and pressed against the massive cock, and though it took some effort, he finally pressed back on the amazing inserted cock.

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My Time With Char Pt. 02

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My time with Char. Part 2

Sunday morning, I awoke a different man. Not so much in the aspect that I had changed or had grown, but after my first full on homosexual experience last night, I started to ponder the meaning and reality of what had happened. As I showered, I was thinking about Char. Our night together. The developing friendship, which turned physical and where we were going from here. I started to get those tingly butterfly feelings and I was really happy it happened and that I had the opportunity to truly experience a sexual lust; like one I’ve never experienced before.

I was just out of the shower and was drying off when my phone went off. It was a text from Char, it read;

“Hey. What’s your plans for today? Wanna grab brunch?”

Sure, I thought to myself. “Yah, that would be cool. What time? And where? I texted back.

He replied and told me he wanted to go to this Asian food mall for a big breakfast in the south part of the city. He wrote he would pick me up in about an hour. After replying again, I got myself dressed, texted him my address and awaited his arrival.

About an hour later, I got another text, “I’m here.”

I grabbed my keys and locked the door behind me, heading out of my house to meet him. I got into his car and Char said, “Good morning.” As he smiled at me.

“Good morning.” I replied. As I got situated in the seat and closed the door.

“What no kiss?” He asked.

I leaned over and gave him a soft kiss on his lips and just after I buckled my seat belt, he drove off and we started our way to breakfast. Char was wearing these brown penny loafers, Khaki colored cargo shorts and a light blue, silky men’s T-shirt that hugged his physique well. We talked the whole way to the mall for brunch, but he never brought up last night.

I was actually kind of glad he didn’t ask about it, or want to talk about it, because as much as I know now; but not then, was that I was coming out of the straight closet and into (at least) bi-sexuality or maybe full-on homosexuality. Either way, I was relieved, because I still had a bit of soul searching to do and things to process.

We arrived about 40 minutes later at this large indoor Asian food mart, where several stores had counters and groceries and products from the far east. Char and I walked over to the restaurant he wanted to go to which was set up like a buffet. They had everything you could have asked for; eggs, bacon, sausage, bread, cereals, fruits and they would cook any specific order you wanted. We both grabbed a tray full of food and found a place to sit down in the center court. We ate our breakfast and talked more, enjoying our food and each other’s company.

As we sat there and chatted, I truly began to understand my lust and my attraction for him. When Char’s put in quiet one-on-one situations, he is amazing! He is absolutely attractive, friendly, open, honest, and has a warm heart. Like I said in my previous story as much as he portrays himself as the “got it all together guy”. In reality, like most of us, he is sad and lonely and looking for someone to call a friend; but more importantly someone to be his lover.

After we ate and refilled our coffee, we just sat talking more and I started to feel things inside of me I haven’t in a long time. It was a sense of excitement, desire, longing and belief in “love” and relationships. I started to re-live last night’s experience. Looking up after pulling his underwear down and seeing his nice sized, thick, rock-hard Filipino cock sticking straight out waiting to be played with was burnt into my memory. I could see it, like it was right in front of me again. How hard and how excited he was. How I leaned right in and took my first steps towards gay sex.

How erotic and how sexy it was to feel his boner slide into my mouth. How unique and tantalizing it was to suck on it and feel it sliding in and out of my mouth. How taboo or dirty it was to be having sex with a man and yet to have the overriding passion and exhilaration of knowing I got him off and got to swallow down his cum! It was without a doubt all too real and all to enlightening. And even as scared, nervous, unfamiliar and even uneasy as I was about doing it, I was glad I did and I was looking for more.

As I sat deep in thought as Char talked on. I found myself getting very anxious. Very aroused and honestly, very horny. My heart started pumping harder, I began to sweat ever so lightly and my stomach was churning. My cock was partially hard in my pants and I had the overwhelming desire, to be sucking his dick more, to make him cum, to watch him cum, hear him scream as he cums. But more importantly, I had such a need, a desire and a want to be fucked.

“We almanbahis need to go Char.” I bellowed out interrupting him mid-sentence.

“Why? Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yes. I just feel closed-in inside here and I’d like to get back outside.” I mumbled through my anxiety.

“Okay.” He replied.

Do you want to go somewhere else? He asked.

“No, let’s just get out of here.” I answered.

We walked out and headed towards his car. Once we were both inside the car, he again asked me; “Are you alright?”

“Yes. I think I had a bit of a sugar rush from all the food. I just needed to get out of there.” I replied.

What I didn’t realize then, but came to understand the more I dated him, was that rush, that anxiety, that “fire” was my bodies overreaction to wanting sex. At least sex with a man. I was so turned on re-living our night of passion; or any other time we were going to be physical, that my mind would go into overload mode with desiring cock. Instead of those usually butterflies men (or women) get dating the opposite sex, mine was heightened by the need, the want, the desire and the excitement of being with a man.

As Char drove me home, we didn’t speak much. But as I started to settle down, I realized I wanted him! I kept staring at his body, his sexy clean-shaved legs, his tight shirt. His handsome face, his luscious black hair and in my mind, I kept seeing his hard cock, sticking straight out in the air as he stood in front of me. I was licking my lips, feeling those butterflies swirling and internally I had a passion I had not experienced in a long time. When we arrived back at my house, I invited him in. He was unsure whether he wanted to come in or not, since we had an abrupt end to our brunch. But I assured him I was better now that I had let the food settle and had gotten some fresh air.

Char agreed to come in and hang out a bit. As I walked towards my front door, with him following behind, I had a million-thoughts running through my head. The most important one was to be sucking his cock as soon as possible. I put my key in the lock and unlocked the door opening it as I walked through. Char followed me in and I shut it behind him. Just after I locked the door and came back face to face with him, I leaned in for a deep passionate kiss, which I think caught him off guard. But he didn’t resist or question me. We stood inside the doorway, lip-locked making out. I was rock hard; my nerves were rattling and my heart thumping. But I was there with him and I wanted him.

We both turned this deep kiss into a hormonal rush. We were both getting hotter and hotter by the moment and I wanted him, wanted “it” more and more. Without a word I dropped to my knees and started to unbutton his cargo shorts. I got the button open and pulled down the zipper. I yanked at the sides, pulling them down and off, as he kicked his loafers off, allowing his pants to come completely off. I reached up and pulled his boxer shorts at the sides and slid them down. His thick Filipino cock hung partially hard between his legs, under the little patch of hair over the top at the base. I grabbed it with my hand and pulled on him a few times as my face leaned closer into his crotch. I slid his flaccid cock into my mouth and felt sensations throughout my body. I knew what I wanted — at that moment — I knew. I wanted his cock. Period!!!

My head slid backwards and forwards along his shaft. With each slide I felt his cock getting harder and harder. Thicker and thicker, as his boner got stronger and fuller. I was fascinated. My eyes were wide open as I slid back and forth watching his cock enter, then withdrawal from my mouth. I watched as the little patch of hair, came closer to my face, then recede. His balls lightly swaying back and forth. I heard his light, soft moans and groans fill the room as I continued to suck him off.

This was no pre-college experience, no “trying something new,” no gay porn I was watching, wishing I was one of the actors. This was me down on my knees inside my front door sucking his cock and loving every second of it. What an exhilarating experience, one I have subconsciously longed for, for some time now.

“OMG Danny!” he bellowed out. “That feels so good.”

I got excited hearing that. I was pleasuring him and doing the one thing my body, my heart and my soul was aching for… Sucking Dick! Making love to a man and starting a new chapter of my life.

As I knelt on my knees sucking his cock, I had the overwhelming desire to be fucked. Now mind you; I have never had anal sex before. I have openly admitted that I have played and masturbated with “items” over the years, but have never actually had someone slide their hard cock deep almanbahis giriş into my ass. But at that moment, as I was sucking his cock, slobbering all over his shaft and feeling it hit the back of my throat, I wanted a dick inside me.

My cock was bulging in my pants and I was so turned on, so excited and felt so alive that all my fears and nervousness drifted away. All I wanted was to keep sucking Char’s cock, until he came in my mouth. I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and rammed my hand down into my pants, pulling my hard cock out. I knelt there dry stroking myself off, as I continued sucking him. I couldn’t have gotten any harder without ripping skin.

After a while, Char lifted me from my knees and brought me face to face with him. We kissed deeply and passionately as his hand reached down, finding my cock sticking out of my pants and he started stoking me off.

“Danny, you are so hard.” He moaned out through our kiss.

“Let’s take this somewhere more comfortable.” He suggested.

As we walked, we kept hugging, kissing and removing items of clothing. By the time we got to my bedroom door, we were both completely naked, leaving a trail of clothing along the way. Both of our cocks rock-hard and sticking straight up as we made it to the edge of my bed.

“Sit down,” he softly whispered as we broke from our kiss.

I sat on the edge of my bed as Char knelt down between my legs. His head dipping down, wrapping his warm, wet mouth around my cock. I sucked in a gasp of air as I felt every nerve ending react. Char bobbed up and down on my cock, as I sat there enjoying every second of him pleasuring me. The feeling of being so hard and so aroused, compounded by him blowing me, was beyond imaginable. And as scared, nervous and somewhat still “uneasy” as I was about gay sex. I knew I didn’t want to be anywhere else at that moment.

I sat in awe as Char sucked my cock. Long deep dives, followed by increasing speeds and depths. He was making me harder than I could imagine and bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. I felt my ass tingling, begging to be penetrated, wanting to feel his thick cock sliding in and out of me. I leaned back onto my elbows and just watched as his head bounced up and down, pleasuring me. I knew his hard cock was sticking out from between his legs, waiting to be played with, to be sucked and to cum. And I wanted to do it.

“Char. Oh Char, you are amazing,” mumbled from my lips as I heard him moan out in response.

“I want your cock.” Bellowed from my mouth as he continued sucking me off.

I wanted him to ram his fingers in my ass, I wanted him, to push my legs to my chest and ram that big hard beautiful cock deep inside me. I was so enjoying the moment. “Char, I need your cock.” Spewed from my lips again.

Char pulled my cock from his mouth as I laid down onto my back. He climbed onto the bed and straddled up next to me, as I slid further up and onto the mattress. His cock, hard, protruding outwards, ready and willing to be sucked some more. He edged in closer to my face kneeling next to me. He leaned downward, as I lifted my head, putting his cock back into my mouth. “Umm…” I moaned out in pleasure as I took every inch of it down my throat. I slid my head back and forth, on an angle as best as I could, sucking his cock, pleasing him.

I pulled Char’s legs over my head and he adjusted accordingly. His cock never left my mouth as he situated himself. He was on top of me, with his cock deep in my throat, when I felt him lay flat on my body and place my cock back into his mouth. I chirped in pleasure as he began sucking me off while I was sucking him off. Of course, I have done 69’s with girls, but never with a man and let me assure you how hot and sexy it was moving my head up and down, as he lightly pushed his hips downward, sucking each other off. I was in heaven.

We laid in this position for about 8 minutes just sucking each other off. I was so hard, so turned on and so loving the feeling of his mouth sliding up and down over my shaft, while I kept his thick cock, sliding in and out of mine. Every now and then he pulled my cock from his mouth and stroked me with his hands a few times, only to slide my erect cock back into his mouth. I kept his dick deep in my mouth the entire time. I wasn’t going to let it go. Like having hard candy, or a Lolli-pop, I was satisfying my oral needs. Loud sucking, blow job sounds and moans and groans filled the room, while we continued pleasuring each other. I never knew what an erotic and sensual feeling it was to be giving a blow job, while getting a blow job and I was getting close to cumming.

I pulled Char’s cock from my mouth, grabbing and stroking his shaft firmly, almanbahis yeni giriş while moaning out, “Char, I’m close to cumming.” Only to slide it right back into my mouth, trying even harder to make him cum. I wanted us to cum at the same time, but I was so close and ready to explode. Within seconds I was grabbing his skin and grasping his ass cheeks, almost unable to continue sucking him as I was ready to blow my load. My cock hardened more, my hips thrusted and my legs shook, as I moaned out loudly through my nose, while his cock was deep in my mouth. I blasted my cum into his mouth, feeling squirt after squirt shooting from deep inside me, as his head continued bobbing up and down, swallowing every bit of me down.

His cock still buried deep in my mouth, almost naturally, like it should have been. I felt my dick pulsing, shaking and thrusting as he just kept sucking. Once I was able to re-compose myself and finished cumming, I put every bit of effort into making him cum. It wasn’t long until I heard his breathing increase. His hips started thrusting more. He pulled my cock from his mouth and was moaning louder and louder, repeating my name; “Danny, Danny, Danny. Oh, fuck Danny.

Within seconds I felt the rush of warm, sticky goo hit my tongue and I was so excited and so happy he was cumming. It was even hotter and sexier than the night before. This time, I took my time swallowing it down. I wanted to taste it, feel it, swirl it around, get a good big mouthful, before I gulped it down. When I knew Char had finally finished cumming I swallowed every drop down. The taste and flavor was sensual, erotic and fitting for someone new to having a man cum down his throat. And I fucking loved it!!!

Char’s head was lying on my thigh, his chest rising and falling, sweat emanating from both of our bodies. Both of us spent, yet relieved from blowing each other to orgasm. When Char finally pulled himself off of me, our bodies, wet with sweat and were cooled by the air that seeped in-between us.

Char adjusted himself around and laid down next to me, his head rested on my chest. He looked up at me and we touched lips, so softly and so lightly. His body weary from cumming and the work, he put into blowing me, while my throat was covered, glistening and coated from his cum I just swallowed down.

We laid quietly together until he had to get up to pee. I watched him walk out of my room. His dark sexy ass cheeks swaying back and forth as he waked away. When he returned, his sexy, soft cock, hung between his legs so perfectly. His completely shaved body (except for the bit at the top of his shaft) colored by his light brownish skin was so sexy and so perfect.

Char laid his head back on the top of my chest and swung his right leg over my legs, pulling the sheet over top of us. We laid there in silence, naked, warm and happy. We dozed off for a while and I awoke thinking of his cock. He slept a while longer than I did, until he finally awoke. I asked him to stay for dinner and just hang out with me all day. He liked the idea and agreed.

We stayed in bed most of the day, ordering a pizza for an early dinner. When the pizza deliver man showed up, I blurted out, “Here’s a five-dollar tip and thanks for quickly bringing me and my boyfriend some food.” The guy looked at me like I was nuts. Like who cares about you and your boyfriend buddy. I’m just here to deliver your pizza. But in retrospect, subconsciously, I was screaming out to him and to the world, “Hey, I have a boyfriend.”

After we ate, and regained our strength; Char and I rubbed and caressed each other’s bodies a lot more. We both took turns sucking each other off again, until we both came a second time. Char left that night, even though I actually wish he would have spent the night. But we had to be at work tomorrow and he needed to go home, just as I need to be home to get my stuff together and get ready for tomorrow.

That day we never did experiment with anal sex, either me to him, or him to me, but over the next few weeks, our desires for each other blossomed, our experiences deepened and I got to fuck him for the first-time a few weeks later. Followed by him fucking me. But within 24 hours, I had sucked his cock three times and swallowed down all three loads, as he returned the favor to me.

As I laid in bed that night, I was giddy and excited that maybe all my wants, desires and feelings for “men” were starting to come true. I smiled thinking to myself, I spent the day with my boyfriend. My heart was warm and happy as I drifted off, lying there naked and relieved that I was moving in the direction I wanted to.

Strange part about it all is, he was someone I never would have thought I would have built a friendship with, let alone dated. And now he was becoming my boyfriend and I was becoming more and more in tune to loving, wanting and desiring cock.

I’ll tell you all about it in upcoming chapters.

To Be Continued…

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I’m Your Prisoner

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Big Dick

I usually fall victim to emotional contagion when it comes to music. Most of my writing is induced by an impression I receive by a song or a body of musical work. In fact when I am writing I often relate the emotion of my work to the tempo/meaning of a song.

I relistened to “Prisoner” by Miley Cyrus ft. Dua Lipa recently, finding myself caught up in an experience with the song and the music video. There is something that feels so grungy and angry, obviously, but also carnal. I also sensed some acceptance and this story came to mind.

Hope you enjoy!


I pushed out of the restaurant, tugging on my tie and unbuttoning the collar of my shirt. That damn asshole. He really knew how to piss me off! I almost made it to the corner, getting ready to hail a cab when a hand gripped my arm firmly.

“Adryan,” Damien’s voice was rough, his eyes stern as he glared at me.

“No you don’t get to keep chasing after me like this,” I snapped, jerking him off me. I went to walk away when he snagged my arm and pulled me back into the alleyway. The darkness swallowed us as he pushed me up against the cool brick wall.

“Why were you here with some guy?” he grumbled and I scoffed, glaring out toward the street.

“You are the one who said we were over remember? Last time we tried to talk and I told you I can’t keep doing this. This weird cycle of us using each other and then distancing ourselves. So you told me that we’d be done! That we wouldn’t see each other anymore!” I countered.

“I was mad and confused!” he snapped and I sighed, shaking my head as I looked down and shoved my hands into my pockets.

“How many times do we have to do this Damien? Why can’t we move on and be happy?” I demanded. He grabbed my chin, his fingers rough as they pressed my cheeks to my teeth. I clenched my jaw, glaring at him. The dim light made his dark hair almost glow, the yellow tint of his irises almost glowing as he stared me down.

“Why can’t you be happy with me?” he snapped and I tsked my tongue, a bitter sigh escaping me as I jerked my head out of his hold.

“You should know the answer to that,” I grumbled, shoving my shoulder into him as he stumbled back. I stopped at the entrance to the alleyway, looking back at him. He stood, his hands clenched as he stared back at me. A tug at my heart made me scowl, so I turned without another word. A second longer and I would have run into his arms. I’m so fucking weak. I waved a taxi down, climbing into the back.

“Where to?” the sweaty man grumbled and I took a deep breath.

“WJ Apartments,” I breathed and he nodded, pulling off. I slid back in the seat, taking a deep breath as I glared at the city passing by. If only I never agreed to move to the same city as this asshole. Maybe I could have finally escape this painful relationship. I shook that thought, not wanting to think about sacrificing my career to avoid him. It started raining and I sighed, glaring at the traffic jam.

“I’ll get out here. It’s not too far,” I sighed, the driver looking at me like I was insane.

“It’s pouring out,” he muttered and I shrugged, handing over enough to cover the fare and a generous tip. He didn’t complain after that. I slid out, shutting the door. I pushed my already soaked hair back, grimacing at the feeling of my clothes starting to stick to me. I took a deep breath and set off for my apartment building, my mind wandering. Back to how this all started…

* * *

“The name’s Damien!” he stood at my desk, holding his hand out with a cocky grin. “You’re the new kid. Adryan right?” he breathed and I nodded, a bit shy. “I heard you’re joining the soccer team. I’m the captain,” he jabbed his thumb to his chest and I sighed.

“Alright,” I adjusted, a bit uncomfortable.

“So that means we’re going to see a lot of each other,” he insisted and I nodded, studying him warily. He was one of those obviously handsome and outgoing guys. Almost the stereotypical star athlete types. I knew who he was. He was a state champ, ranking as one of the best players in the state’s division. But I never expected him to be like this.

From that day on he bothered me everyday in class, at practice, and even following me home from school. We ended up becoming really great friends and I learned to ignore some of his more annoying personality traits. In fact I really started to admire him. He seemed to be kind hearted and was almost as talented academically as he was physically. Our time together in school passed by quickly and were some of the best times we shared…

And then one day shortly before the end of our senior year, we were hanging out at his house when his parents got into an argument. It wasn’t new, in fact he had mentioned them having problems. But he looked uncomfortable, his face twisting in frustration. It got pretty bad this night though, to the point where his dad even broke some things. Luckily we were in his room so we didn’t have to see it, but we heard it all. When everything quieted down and it sounded like his almanbahis father stormed out of the apartment he went to comfort his mom. She told him she was going to go visit her mom for a little bit, packing a bag and leaving just like that. He looked so lonely and broken, like his world was crashing down around him.

“Adryan,” he called my name, his back to me as he stood in the living room facing the door.

“Yeah?” I breathed and he turned, his eyes clouded with a few tears.

“Please don’t ever leave me,” he muttered and I sighed.

“I won’t,” it was all I could say. We laid on his bed facing each other as he tried to stop crying, my hand reaching out to wipe his face. He gasped, his eyes meeting mine.

“What are you doing?” he mumbled, looking confused.

“Oh, um, I don’t know. When I was upset my mom would do this for me,” I shrugged and he hesitated before putting my hand on his cheek. He studied me for a bit, holding my hand there. It was hard to handle his stare, my heart racing as his yellow eyes pierced through me. I tried to look away but he grabbed the back of my head, pressing his forehead to mine.

“Can we stay like this?” he muttered, my heart racing. I stared at his face while he laid there with his eyes closed. He was breathing deeply after some time, having calmed down after crying so much.

“How can you look good while sleeping?” I whispered, my face felt hot as I reached up and brushed his hair away from his eyes. They flashed open, his hand catching mine.

“Adryan, do you like me?” he breathed quietly. I didn’t know what to say. His eyes were so intense it was suffocating. His hand slid into mine, his fingers feeling so strong and warm between mine. I went to speak but couldn’t get anything out. Why couldn’t I deny it? Did I like him?

His eyes darted between my lips and my eyes as he pulled my arm over his shoulder. He reached out and grabbed my waist, pulling me closer to him. My breath hitched, my eyes wide as his other hand grabbed the back of my head. I felt his nose touch mine, my eyes closing as I wrapped my arms around him and gave in…

* * *

“Fuck, ten years and I’m still stuck in that stupid promise! We’re almost 30 dammit! We’re not kids anymore,” I grumbled to myself, shaking my head as I trudged along with my hands in my pockets. “I told you I’d never leave you, but I didn’t think you’d hold onto me for this long,” I groaned, the rain slowly letting up to a light drizzle as I approached the building. I punched in my access code, getting into the building and trudging to the elevator. I rode it up, leaning back on the wall as I ignored the itchy feeling of my clothes on my body. The doors chimed and I pushed out, turning and walking down the hall as I glared at the floor. I looked up, stopping dead in my tracks.

Damien stood, leaning on the wall in the same coat and slacks, his hair damp. He had his hands in his pockets, his head rested back against the wall. My heart stopped. I wanted to turn and run away. But I also wanted to hurry over to him. It was always that battle of emotions for me. Always wanting more than what we had but feeling like it would never come. I had to try and save myself, spare my damn heart. But I couldn’t get away from him no matter how hard I tried.

He pulled his arm out looking at his watch as he opened his eyes. He flinched, and slowly looked over at me. “Adryan I-” he pushed up off the wall, stepping toward me. I stepped back, holding my hands up slightly.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I demanded, snarling a bit as I glared at him. “Haven’t you done enough to me already? You keep doing this to me, to us! When are you going to give it up. I can’t handle this anymore!” I insisted then and he faltered, his face looking hurt. He took a deep breath and sighed, hanging his head.

“I can’t live without you Adryan,” he mumbled and I scoffed. His head snapped up, his eyes fiery with rage and urgency. “We’ve tried, so many times to stop. To be normal. But we keep coming back,” he continued and I crossed my arms.

“You keep coming back. I keep trying to leave, to save us from this. It’s you who keeps coming back,” I corrected harshly and he scowled. “I’m not having this conversation with you again. You never understand it anyway,” I hurried past him, turning to my apartment. I keyed in my code but before I could open the door he grabbed my wrist and pushed me up against it. His body was against mine, my arm pinned behind my back, his lips by my ear.

“You say that like you have no part in this,” he grumbled and I closed my eyes, my heart racing as his body rubbed up against mine slightly. His free hand grabbed my neck, pulling me toward him. My back arched, my ass rubbing up against his crotch. “You say that like you don’t come crawling back too,” his voice was rough, his anger leaking through. Then I felt his lips and tongue on my ear, his hips rubbing against my ass suggestively. I nearly spit as I exhaled through clenched teeth. I ignored the heat coursing through my veins, flooding my almanbahis giriş cock as it started to swell at his touch.

“I don’t want this ambiguous and distant relationship. I don’t need this kind of torment,” I grumbled and he hesitated before biting my neck. I pressed my lips together, groaning through the pain and hating the pleasure. “You have no idea what I want Damien. You never have! It’s why I don’t want to be with you,” I insisted and he sighed, spinning me around and pushing me back against the door. His body was against mine, his leg sliding up between mine as his hip pressed into my throbbing cock. I stifled a moan, hating how easy it was for him to make me react like this.

“Why can’t you just admit that you want me as bad as I want you?” he grumbled, grabbing my ass as he ground his hips against mine. I could feel his cock rubbing against my thigh, his body hot as he licked and nibbled at my ear. He continued down, nibbling and sucking on my neck as I gripped the straps on his shoulders. Before I could say anything his lips crushed mine. I had nowhere to go, his body pinning me back as his tongue and lips tried to coerce me to give in. I bit his lip and he pulled back, looking frustrated.

“I hate that you do this to me,” I grumbled and he scowled.

“No you don’t,” he insisted, his hands sliding down to tease at my crack. He pressed harder, my asshole tingling. I gasped, his tongue sliding into my mouth. I whimpered, my eyes tearing up as I felt like I was choking on his tongue. My body crumpled, giving in finally as I lost the will to fight. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, moaning as my tongue tangled around his. He pulled away and I heard the beep as my door unlocked. He opened it, both of us stepping inside. The door shut and he reached up, sliding his jacket off.

“This is the last time,” I insisted weakly, hating the smirk on his face.

“Sure,” he breathed, grabbing my tie and pulling me into his arms again. His hands held my waist, his lips devouring mine as I clung to him. We both moaned as our lips parted, our tongues reaching out to tangle and slide against each other. He ran his tongue up under my lip and along my teeth before shoving it deep into my mouth. I trembled, feeling tingles all over my lips. His tongue brushed the back of my teeth, pressing into the roof of my mouth before sliding against mine again.

I was hypnotized, my mouth obeying his entirely. He closed his lips around my tongue, his tongue teasing me as he sucked on it like it was my cock. I groaned, feeling my hips jerking as I rubbed my cock against his. My fingers knotted in his hair as he pulled me closer. His hands clawed at my back, his lips opening around my mouth again. When he pulled away his lips were puffy and wet with saliva, his eyes smoldering.

“God you’re so sexy,” he groaned, looking down as he held me around my waist. He reached up then with one hand, teasing my nipple that was poking out through my wet shirt. I tensed, trembling as his thumb pressed it up gently. “Mmm, you like that don’t you?” he muttered, my eyes closing as he leaned down. I felt his hot breath, then his tongue and lips. I lost my breath, the hot feeling of his mouth made the rest of me feel so cold in my wet clothes. I was shivering and panting, hating myself for loving it.

He moved to the other one, teasing it as well. My heart was pounding, my blood burning when he stood upright with a cocky smirk. His hand grabbed the tie, tightening it just enough to be uncomfortable. I shuddered, my eyes drooping as I watched him admire me. He pulled me closer, his face against mine. His lips brushed and teased mine, never giving me a kiss like I wanted. I clung to him, my body pressing and rubbing against his as I tried desperately to capture his mouth.

“What do you want?” he whispered and I groaned.

“Shut up and kiss me,” I grumbled. He chuckled, licking his lip. The action caused his tongue to brush against my lip too and I whimpered. He wrapped his hand up in my tie, pulling on it and I gasped panicked I’d not be able to breathe. But before I could do anything his mouth captured mine again. I melted into the kiss, my body at his will.

He pushed me up against the wall then, both of us grunting as our bodies collided harshly. He bit my lip, sucking on it as his tongue ran along it. A wave a tingles coursed through my mouth, my body heating up. He shoved his tongue into my mouth then, my tongue fighting back as he pulled my leg up. His hand held my ass, the other gripping behind my knee as he humped at my body. Our cocks and balls were rubbing against each other, both of us huffing and groaning. I gasped, pushing him back and he stumbled a bit. I wiped my mouth, both of us breathing heavy.

After a moment I pushed off the wall as he stepped toward me. We closed the distance, our arms tangling around each other as his lips found mine again. I took a few steps back, bumping into my table. He shoved me down onto it, reaching down and undoing my belt. He yanked it out, throwing it across the room. almanbahis yeni giriş We reached out for each other, our mouths like magnets. I pushed his shirt up desperately, his hands impatiently ripping my shirt apart, buttons flying everywhere.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned, as I leaned on my elbows, my shirt hanging off my shoulders as he stood between my legs. He ran his hands over my chest and stomach, biting his lip as his forehead wrinkled. “So damn good,” he mumbled, his hands pressing into my hips as he leaned down to kiss my chest. I let my head fall back, panting as he bit and sucked on my chest. My body trembling every time he’d devour my nipples. “I can’t hold back anymore,” he grumbled and I scoffed.

“You’ve been holding back?” I grumbled sarcastically, throwing my head back and moaning when his hand pressed against my cock. He grabbed my hips, pulling me closer to the edge of the table. I watched as he undid my pants, pulling my briefs down. My cock sprung out, throbbing with every beat of my heart. He groaned, gripping it tightly. His thumb pressed against my tip and I fell back onto the table, my back arching as I covered my mouth and groaned.

“It hasn’t been that long, but you’re so sensitive,” he mumbled, and then I felt it. The hot, stiff flesh of his cock brushing against mine. “Help me,” he huffed and I whimpered, reaching down with one hand to press his cock against mine. Our hands were closed around each other, my palm feeling the hot, soft flesh of his cock as he leaned over and started rolling his hips.

“Fuck!” I hissed, my legs pinching his hips as I trembled. I could feel his balls mashing against mine, the heat from his dick and palm maddening. His other hand grabbed the back of my neck, pulling me up. I pushed up off the table, curving my back to press my face against his.

“So fucking good,” he groaned, his lips sucking mine into his mouth before his tongue forced its way between my teeth. I trembled, my tongue swirling with his excitedly. He sucked on it and I groaned, pulling away as I exploded all over myself. I fell back onto my elbow, panting as the unexpected climax left me lightheaded. He grabbed my tie, pulling me up off the table and choking me a bit.

“Bastard,” I grumbled as I loosened it, but he ignored me. He grabbed my shirt, pulling me close to him as he kissed and sucked down my neck to my collar bone.

“You look so lewd covered in your own cum,” he muttered and I rolled my eyes, pushing away from him. I walked down the small hall to my room when he grabbed my arm and shoved me into the wall. “I’m not done yet,” he grumbled, his body pressing against mine.

“Well I am,” I tried to push him away but he grabbed my shirt, pulling it down more. My arms pressed to my sides as he held the heavy fabric back, his body pressing into mine. I groaned, pressing my head back into the wall. His mouth was hot as he slid it up my neck, biting hard under my ear. I grit my teeth, clenching my hands into fists as I groaned. His mouth was on my ear then. Sucking, licking, and nibbling at it eagerly, his efforts were making my cock stir.

“I need you Adryan,” he grumbled and I whimpered, already panting again as he kissed along my jaw. His arms wrapped around me, my shirt dangling by my wrists. His one hand slid up to my head, the other sliding along the curve of my back and into my briefs. I tensed, pushing on his stomach as his lips crushed mine. My body curved into his, my asshole twitching as he slid his fingers between my cheeks.

“Dammit Damien,” I panted, as he kissed my neck again. His fingers prodded at my ass, my back tingling as it arched instinctively.

“So eager,” he whispered, sucking on my other ear. His tongue ran along the different curves and crevices, his breath hot as it washed over my skin. My cock was raging again, my body hot and trembling. He kissed me then, his tongue caressing every inch of my mouth and teeth. His tongue slid out of my mouth, pressing against the top of it and I shuddered. “Be a good body,” he mumbled, pulling his hand out of my hair and shoving his fingers into my mouth. My eyes watered as I gagged, before relaxing. He massaged my tongue with them pressing down to open my mouth. His fingers slid apart, his lips opening around mine as his tongue slid into my mouth as well.

I struggled to keep my mouth open, my tongue pinched between his fingers as he assaulted my mouth with his tongue. It was overwhelming, my neck and face on fire as my spine tingled. He pulled away and I gasped, swallowing hard. He shoved that hand into my pants, working his wet fingers against my ass as the other cupped my one cheek, holding me open. He pressed his fingers in and I slammed my shoulders back into the wall, moaning as the pain and pleasure consumed me.

“Such a tight ass,” he grumbled, kissing me as he leaned into my body. He shoved his fingers in deeper, working them in and out, even wiggling them around to stretch me out. It was painful, it tingled, my ass was twitching, but the pleasure was undeniable. My face was hot, my cock painfully hard as I felt his brush against it. All of this was driving me mad. I hung onto him, moaning and panting as he sucked on my neck. I felt his hand let go of my cheek, and then a moment later he was grabbing my cock.

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