Shaved, Not Stirred

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February 13th. It was raining old women and sticks outside, and I was sitting alone at the bar in one of those “brass and glass” places. Almost closing time. At least this chain had a decent rib eye. Just finished my steak and vegetables and was nursing a ginger ale. Saw her walk in, sit down a few seats away, and order a Shiraz.

She looked at me. Smiled and nodded. I returned the gesture.

She said, “Scotch?” and pointed toward my drink with her chin.

“Ginger ale.”

“Not a drinker?”

“Not so much.” Didn’t want to get into the fact that I had a problem with that sort of thing.

“My Dad was like that. Drank heavily for years. Then just quit.”

“Good for him,” I said, and smiled. She had just assumed (correctly) that I had some troubles with alcohol in my past. How did she know?

“How did you know?” I delivered this question fully expecting her to ask “how did she know what?” It was a test. Could she hang?

“Just a guess. You just confirmed it,” she said.

“Nick.” I smiled.

“Julie.” So did she.

Yes. She could hang. She looked somewhat like Téa Leoni, but with dark hair (a bit damp from the rain). 5′ 6″ with a sharp jaw line, high cheek bones, and smile lines. I guessed her weight at a buck-10. Buck-15, maybe. A few strands of black hair dangled errantly over her face. She swept them away periodically. Large hoop earrings. Crows feet were just beginning to form at the corners of her light blue eyes. No makeup, save for a bit of mascara. Maybe a bit of base and blush, but not too much. I guessed her age in the mid-40’s — same as me. Perfectly manicured eyebrows and a beautiful smile with straight white teeth. It was obvious she exercised regularly and took care of herself. She had great legs, good posture, and good skin. Her voice was a bit deeper and huskier than what I had expected. A smoker? Just in case, I double-checked her hands and Adam’s apple. She was all woman. And no, she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.

She was wearing black cowboy boots and a light blue cotton dress. She had been wearing a black leather jacket and removed it now. I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her tits were obviously fake.

She caught me looking and smiled. “You like?”

“I do,” I said as I raised my eyebrows. I felt my heart rate increase a bit, as well as the blood rushing to my cock. Pretty sure I was blushing.

She tilted her head back and laughed a deep sexy laugh. “I can tell. You’re blushing.” She giggled deeply in the back of her throat. She looked me directly in the eyes, smiled, and tilted her head just a bit. She glanced around (the bartender was presently absent). She pinched her nipples, made a little moan, and said, “They’re worth every penny. I still have sensitivity in my nipples.”

Her nipples were visible through the dress. Her face was flushed. She looked around again, then again pinched her nipples. Pulled on them a little bit. Twisted gently. Then pulled a little more. She did this a few times. Easily her nipples were poking out a half-inch from behind her dress. She closed her eyes and started breathing through her mouth. I could see her respiration quickening and a few beads of sweat on her forehead. She pulled and twisted a few more times, a little faster than before, almost tweaking them. Moving her fingers back and forth over them, as well. “I’ll be right back,” She said. “Watch my drink.”

She threw her purse over her shoulder, grabbed her coat and headed toward the bathroom. I noticed that she had strategically draped her coat over her arm and placed it against her chest. As she walked away, I could not see an underwear line under her dress on her perfect ass. Thong or otherwise.

So I sat there. Kind-of a stupid-ass grin on my face. Heart beating a little too fast. Cock hard in my jeans. I reached in my jeans and adjusted my cock so it was pointing up toward my belly. At least now it wasn’t so obvious that I had a hard-on. My cock throbbed against my lower belly, and I liked the direction this evening was headed. The friction of my jeans felt warm and comforting, and I was glad I wasn’t wearing underwear. I felt healthy and masculine and ready for whatever she had in mind.

The bartender came and went as he was closing-up for the night. Tomorrow night he’d be shellacked with Valentine’s Day dates. Tonight was a tomb. This was an isolated area of the restaurant and Julie and I were the only customers. There was a mindless sitcom muted on the TV above the bar. I was sifting through pointless emails on my phone when I heard her walk up behind me. She leaned against me and I could feel her hard nipples against my back. She reached around with her hand and traced the outline of my cock on the outside of my jeans. She squeezed gently.

“I just went to the bathroom and jacked-off,” she whispered into my ear. “I was thinking about you.”

I was speechless. This couldn’t be any more of a fantasy.

“Do you want to taste me?” she asked.

I nodded.

She moved her right hand up and gently put her middle Ataşehir Escort finger in my mouth. I sucked and tasted her finger. My tongue swirled around her finger and she tasted sweet and musky. While still behind me, she put her lips on the side of my neck, and I could feel and hear her short breaths.

“I was thinking about going back to your place,” she said.

“I think that’s a capital idea,” I said. I threw 50 bucks on the bar for my meal and her drink and we headed out.


It had stopped raining as we walked across the dark parking lot to my truck. Everything smelled fresh and clean. “You want to follow me?” I asked.

“No. I’ll just ride with you. I’ll get my car later.” She pointed to a red Acura.

“What do you do?” I questioned as we were walking. I reached down and took her hand in mine. She returned the gesture and grasped it tightly.

“Does it matter? I have a decent job. Some days are better than others. It pays the bills, but it’s not my identity.”

“Good point,” I said. “It’s good to be reminded that we are not our jobs.”

“Exactly. You get it.”

We got to my truck and I opened the door for her. She slid in, then unlocked the door for me. Another test passed. Had she just sat there like an idiot, she would have failed the test.

I got in and cranked the truck. It roared to life, and strains of Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, and McCoy Tyner cooed from the speakers.

“Bebop jazz?” she asked.


“Please turn it up.” She smiled.

Could this be any more perfect? “No problem.”

“Is it OK if I smoke?” she asked.

“It’s completely OK, and thank you for asking.”

She lit up. Then I lit up. I put it in drive and we headed toward my place.

“I feel like I need to say this,” I said after a long pause. “I live alone in a shithole duplex. I’m very boring, and somewhat of an introvert. I don’t drink, and I don’t have a TV — by choice. My life revolves around providing for my daughter who lives with her Mother 800 miles away.”

“I really don’t care about any of that,” she said, matter-of-fact. “This is what I know: You are wired like me. You like sex. You jack-off a lot. You enjoy sensual pleasures. Like me, you are a visual person and we’re both attracted to each other. Neither of us is married. You don’t drink, and therefore don’t require pills to stay hard. Once you’ve had me, you probably won’t want me again. I’m OK with all that. I’m just looking for one night of pleasure, then I’m gone.”

“Are you for real?” I asked.

She tilted her head back and gave that deep throaty laugh again. “Yes. I’m just a girl. Attracted to a guy with a hard-on in good-fitting jeans and a turtle-neck sweater. You’re over 6 feet and your shoulders are wide. I like the stubble on your face, and the fact that you’ve got strong hands and smell great. You’re intelligent, and not afraid of the fact that I told you that I beat-off in the bathroom.”

“Well, you’re dead-on about all that,” I said. I was wondering how she knew all that about me. She was completely correct about all of it. Heck, maybe she was smarter and more observant than me. Which isn’t such a bad thing. Maybe she was testing me.

She tossed her cigarette out the window as Erykah Badu cycled into my Ipod. “Oooh. I LOVE her. (pause) Is it OK if I smoke a bowl?”

“You go right ahead. That’s not my thing. Too close to my substance abuse comfort zone border. I’m not gonna damn you for it, though,” I said.

“Thanks,” she smiled. “More for me.” She packed her bowl and went through her rituals of getting high. She started swaying gently left and right to the music as the smell of chronic permeated the truck.

“I just love Erykah Badu. She’s such a mean bitch.”

“Yes. I agree. A woman demanding equal treatment. Gotta respect her,” I said.

“Are you for real?” she cloyed.

I laughed out loud.


As we drove, her rhythmic left and right swaying to the music became almost hypnotic. We liked the same type of music. The “vibe,” the “groove,” the “pocket” of the song was more important than anything else.

I noticed that she periodically reached between her legs and under her dress.

I asked, “Whatcha doin’ down there?”

She said, “Just beating-off a little bit. You don’t mind, do you?”

“No. Not even a little bit.” I was pleasantly surprised to see again her lack of embarrassment regarding her body.

She leaned her seat back. She pulled up her dress and exposed a perfectly shaved pussy. “You like my pretty pussy?” she asked.

“Yes. Very much so.” The dash lights provided just enough illumination.

She put some spit on her fingers, then spread her legs and began massaging her clit. She said, “You like watching me jack-off? It makes me feel sexy to have someone watch me masturbate.”

“You’ve got the right audience,” I said. It sounded kinda cheesy in my head as I said it, but it was completely true.

I watched as she played with her clit. Ataşehir Escort Bayan She would go slow, then faster, then slide her middle finger in and out. Then she’d go back to rubbing her clit slowly again and repeat the process. She was enjoying her body, and I was enjoying watching.

“Is your cock hard?” she asked.


“Can I see it?”

I held the wheel with my left knee as I unbuttoned my jeans. They were Levi’s 501’s, so I just pulled them apart. Gotta love 501’s. My cock popped out and I gently stroked it. I was very hard and it was nice to release it from the restraints of my jeans.

She reached over with her left hand and gently squeezed my cock. She continued to masturbate with her right.

“That’s a perfect penis,” She said. “Not too big. Not to small. Just right.”

“Thank you. I think so, too.”

After a bit of her stroking both her and me, she asked, “Can I suck your cock?”

“Not right now. Let’s save that for later,” I said.

“OK.” She continued to play with her clit as we cycled into the music of Bill Evans. I put my hard cock back in my jeans.

She continued masturbating, more emphatically now. A minute later, she grit her teeth and said, “I gonna cum.”

“Cum, Baby,” I said.

She was vigorously rubbing her clit up and down. She grit her teeth, closed her eyes and growled from a low pitch to a higher pitch. She squirted a little bit on my seat as she came, her hips bucking just a bit.

She exhaled and fell in a slump. “Sorry about the squirt, Baby,” she said.

“No need to apologize. You just added to my spank bank. The cleanup is worth it.”

She smiled. I reached behind me for a blanket that I keep in the extended cab of my truck and covered her. She quickly fell asleep with a little smile on her face as I drove. She didn’t stir until we reached my house.


She woke as we pulled into the driveway of my rental. She yawned and said, “I gotta pee.”

Absolutely zero shame to this girl.

We both got out and I led the way to my door. I unlocked and opened it for her and caught a whiff of her fresh smell as she walked by. That smell may have been a hair or body spray product. Maybe deodorant. To this day, I still don’t know what that “freshness” was. But it liked it. It was feminine and it was comforting.

She walked in like she owned the place. Glanced around, found the bathroom, walked in, and closed the door.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I walked over to my laptop and hit the space bar. Pandora fired up through the external speakers with Keith Jarret banging out changes for Miles.

I looked around to ensure there wasn’t anything “out of sorts” — dirty underwear and socks lying about, dirty dishes, basically anything I’d be embarrassed about. There wasn’t. In addition, I checked to make sure I didn’t have any bills or financial records that could be easily accessible. As perfect as this woman appeared, I didn’t want to take any chances. Therefore, I took a quick second to password protect the screen saver on my laptop. One can never be too vigilant. I don’t have anything to hide, but providing a complete stranger full-access to all my personal information is just plain stupid.

She came out of the bathroom. “Your turn,” she said. “Go take a shower and clean all your parts.”

“I just showered a few hours ago.”

“This is not negotiable. It’ll take 10 minutes.”

Have to pick your battles. “Um… OK. I have juice, almond milk, and bottled water in the fridge. There are tea bags above the sink. Make yourself at home.”

She smiled. “Go. And don’t beat off.” She pointed to the bathroom.

So she was a clean freak. And really, what’s so bad about that?

“Yes ma’am.” I saluted, made the requisite USMC about-face, and headed to my bathroom grinning like an idiot.

While I was in the bathroom “cleaning my parts,” she knocked and entered with a big empty cooking pot. She was completely naked.

“Hi guy,” She said, as she held the pot under the warm water. I could see her scanning me, top to bottom, paying particular attention to my penis. “That’s a perfect penis,” she said again.

“You already said that,” I said.

“Sometimes things need to be said more than once. Merely to know they’re appreciated.”

“Yeah,” I said. “Whatcha doin’ with that big pot?”

“Filling it with warm water, Silly.”

I grabbed the pot from her. I could tell it was getting somewhat heavy.

She grabbed my razor from the shower rack and said “Be right back.”

She left and was back in 5 seconds. She grabbed the pot of warm water from me. “Finish up, then meet me in the bedroom.”

I did. Quickly.


After cleaning my “parts,” I wrapped a towel around my mid-section and walked to my bedroom.

She had taken all the sheets off my bed. She was laying on her back, head and upper body on a pile of pillows. Legs open and slowly massaging her clit as I walked in. She got up and Escort Ataşehir said, “Lay down right here.”

I did. I could still feel the warmth of her body on the plastic mattress cover.

“Do you have any girl toys?”

I pointed to the dresser. “Top drawer.”

Her ass was almost heart-shaped as she bent over to reach in the dresser. Between her legs, I could see her perfectly shaved vagina.

“Yay!” she said as she triumphantly held up a blue vibrator. She turned it on, then back off. “That will do just perfect. Lotion and towels?”

“In the bathroom.”

She headed that direction, and I could hear her finding the things she needed, as well as washing the vibrator. Clean freak. In addition I heard her put something in the microwave for about 15 seconds. The lotion, I assumed.

She came back into the bedroom, sat on the bed and said, “I’m going to shave you.”

“Well, then,” I said. Not real sure what else to say.

“Lift your ass a little,” she said.

I did and she pulled off the towel. I was immensely hard, and it was hard for me to keep my hands off my cock. It was throbbing, moving itself up and down. I had zero control over this. With the back of her fingers, she gently rubbed my cock, my balls, and my inner thighs. It felt wonderful. Sensuous.

“I can see your boys are tight up against you. Don’t come yet, Baby. I need you to stay hard. What strategies do you use for edging?”

“I’ve tried them all — perineum pressure, testes tug, squeezing just below the head. The only thing that seems to work is just merely stop stimulating. But I know my body pretty well, and I know when to stop. I’ll let you know.”

“That sounds good,” she said. “I like the manscaping, too.”

“Thanks.” I always kept myself trimmed-up. When I cut the hair on my head every week, I also trim-up down below. I don’t get crazy with it, just put on the 1/8″ guard and zip through it. As much as I beat off (usually at least once a day), it seems more hygienic. Maybe I’m a bit of a clean freak, too.

She stopped touching me and put her hands under my thighs. She lifted gently indicating she wanted me to raise my thighs. I did. She got in a sitting position with her legs under mine. Her feet near my hips, similar to the spider position. I grabbed her feet, (bright red toenails, freshly pedicured) and gently started kneading her instep.

“I’ll give you an hour to quit doing that,” Julie said.

I smiled.

She grabbed the vibrator and turned it on. She laid it flat on the bed and leaned to the side a bit. She slid the vibrator toward her pussy, then slowly leaned back down on it.

She made a sensual pleasure noise (MMMmmmm) and said, “Wish every task could be as enjoyable as this.”

The vibrator wasn’t inside her. She was just merely sitting on it while it was flat on the bed. Periodically, she would lean back or forward, left or right. She was putting it where it felt good on her clit. It was incredibly enjoyable to watch.

“Now we get to work,” she said. “I may have to stop and cum every now and then, but I won’t be shaving you when that happens.”

“I appreciate that,” I chuckled. “I’m kinda freaked out about having a stranger operating a razor near my genitals.”

“Don’t worry, Baby. I’ve done this before.”

That made me feel a little bit better, anyway.

She put some lotion in her hands, then rubbed it on my cock and balls. The lotion was warm, and her touch was very light. I hate aggressive touches in bed. It takes away from the sensuality of things.

“Here we go!” she said. “Grab some lotion, and beat off, but just on the head of your penis. Do it gently, so you don’t move too much. Do it slowly so you don’t cum.”

I did. And sparingly so. I knew I was close to the edge, regardless of the woman with the razor near my cock.

She dipped the razor in the warm water, then gently started shaving down the shaft of my cock. “Gotta get those little hairs on the shaft,” she said.

She appeared to be concentrating, and would stop to clean the razor in the warm water after every stroke. Every now and again, she’d make a pleasure noise, and I noticed we both were sweating. She had turned the heat up while I was in the shower. When she leaned forward, her nipples would brush against my legs. She moved her torso back and forth to stimulate her nipples, then cock her hips back and forth to adjust her clit over the vibrator while making little moans. She made the best pleasure noises.

She had made only 5 or 6 passes with the razor when she stopped and closed her eyes. “I’m gonna cum again.”

She did, making the same low to high growl. Her jaw was clenched as her hips shook and her head bobbed uncontrollably. She had dropped the razor and was holding on to my knees tightly.

I had to stop touching myself or I would cum. It’s the ultimate pleasure for me to see a woman orgasm. Maybe I’m a bit of a voyeur, but, for me, seeing a woman make it home is the pinnacle of sexual experiences.

Most all women smile after they cum. She did, too. She picked up the razor, dipped it in the water, and continued shaving me while smiling.

She stopped to move the vibrator. Probably an over-stimulation thing. She said, “Lift your ass a little.”

I did.

She turned the vibrator around and started to move it toward my ass.

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Kaynanamlara vardık, ayıp olmasın diye kapıdan merhaba deyip çıkayım dedim. O sırada baldızımla kapıda karşılaştık. Baldızım, “Enişte geçerken beni de arkadaşıma bırakabilir misin, arkadaşımın doğum günü var.” dedi. Eşim de, “Tabi bıraksın!” dedi. Arabaya bindik, hiç konuşmadan gidiyoruz Buse’yle. Kaynanamlardan epey uzaklaşmıştık ki, baldızım, “Enişte, müsait bir yerde dur da konuşalım!” deyince şaşırmıştım. Arabayı uygun bir yere çektim, durdum… Baldız, “Enişte o günden beri neden böyle hikayeler okuduğunu düşünmeden edemiyorum, ablam sana yetmiyor mu?” dedi. “Ablanla ilgili değil, boş ver, nereye gideceksen bırakayım!” dedim. “Bir yere gitmeyeceğim, seninle buluşmak için uydurdum!” dedi. Daha da şaşırmıştım, “Nasıl yani?” dedim. “Bak enişte sana dürüst davranacağım, seni ve ablamı çok seviyorum, bugüne kadar senin bir yanlışını görmedim, ablamı da bildiğim kadarıyla hiç aldatmadın. O günden sonra ben de Enişte Baldız hikayeleri okumaya başladım. 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Baldızın Bodysini çıkartmaya çalıştığımda utandı, “Yapma enişte!” dedi. Ben de, “Bak Buse senin istemediğin hiçbir şeyi yapmayacağım, sana söz veriyorum, sadece çıplak sevişeceğiz!” dedim. “Sözüne güveniyorum enişte!” diyerek kabul etti. Sütyeniyle kaldığında, elma büyüklüğünde memelerini okşadım. Boynunu omuzlarını öptüm yaladım. Memelerini sütyenden çıkartıp dakikalarca yaladım, emdim. Göbeğinden sonra artık sıra amına gelmişti. Sadece baldız değil, ben de heyacandan ölecektim. Pantolonunu çıkarırken itiraz etmedi, küloduyla beraber çıkardım. Öpüşmemiz esnasında baldızın amı sulanmış, külotu su içinde kalmıştı, resmen işemiş gibiydi. Tazecik amı muhteşem bir şeydi, tertemizdi ve misler gibi kokuyordu. Baldızın amını yavaş yavaş dillemeye ve yalamaya başladığımda, baldız saçlarımı tutuyor, “Yapma enişte!” diyordu. Ama heyecandan ikimiz de ölmüştük. Uzun bir süre amını ve Klitorisini yaladım emdim, dilimi kızlık zarına kadar sokmuştum amına. 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zerime gelerek dudaklarımdan başladı, göbeğime kadar acemi bir şekilde beni yalıyor, benim içim gıdıklanıyordu. Yattığım yerden doğrularak, “Benimkini görme zamanın geldi!” dedim. Yavaşça Boxerimi indirdi. Yarağımı görünce baldızın yüzündeki ifadeyi görmeniz lazımdı, çok korktu, “Enişte bu ne böyle? Bu nasıl giriyor ablama? Nasıl alıyor bunu içine?” dedi. Aslında yarağım o kadarda büyük değil, ama kalın, kısa bir sopa gibi. İlk defa bir yarak gördüğü için korkmuştu. Az önce küloduma boşaldığım için banyoda yıkayıp geldim ve “Hadi aşkım yala yarağımı!” dedim. “Nasıl yapacağım bilmiyorum ki?” dedi. Elini tuttum, yarağıma götürdüm ve sıvazlatmaya başlattım, “Tıpkı dondurma yalar gibi yalayacaksın!” dedim. Baldız acemice dilini yarağımın üzerinde gezdirmeye başladığında, ben de tarif edilemez duygular yaşıyordum. Ağzına almasını söylediğimde yüzü ekşidi, “Yapamam, çok büyük!” dedi. “Yaparsın! Ablan ağzına bunun tamamını alıyor!” dedim. Baldız istemeye istemeye ağzına verdim. Midesi kalkıyor, kusacak gibi oluyor, ben de üzerine fazla gidemiyordum. Ama aldığım zevkin tarifi yoktu. 5 dakika yalattıktan sonra ağzından çıkardım ve göğüslerine boşaldım… O gün baldıza 69 pozisyonunu da öğrettim ve 2 defa da o şekilde birbirimizi boşalttık ve gayet mutlu bir şekilde, birbirimizden memmun kalarak orada noktaladık. O gün baldıza söz verdiğim için ileriye gitmedim ve bir daha bu konu hakkında hiçbir şey konuşmadım ve imada bulunmadım. Fakat baldızımı aklımdan çıkaramıyor, onu daha çok arzuluyordum. Baldızı her düşündüğümde sikimin başı zonkluyordu ve hırsımı yine karımı sikerek çıkarıyordum. Aklımda hep baldızım vardı, acaba o da benim gibi yanıp tutuşuyor muydu? Kafam darmadağındı. Yalnız, bütün bu duygular içindeyken baldızımın hareketleri bana olumlu gelmeye başlamıştı, bize geldiğinde ablasına çaktırmadan önüme bakıp hafif tebessüm ediyordu. Ben de bozuntuya vermiyor, eşime yakalanmaktan çok korkuyordum. 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Ama heyecandan kalbim duracak gibiydi, sikim yine taş gibi olmuş, belki bu akşam hayatımın golünü atabilirdim. Cepten Buse’yi aradım akşam Dersaneden çıkış saatini sordum ve onu almaya geleceğimi söyledim. Akşamı zor ettim, çeşitli hayaller kurup baldızıma sahip olmayı düşündüm. Saat 17:30 gibi Dersanenin önündeydim. Baldızım yanında kendi gibi çıtı pıtı bir kızla geldi, arabaya bindiler. Kısa bir tanışma faslından sonra isminin Yasemin olduğunu öğrendim. Baldızım daha önce bana Yasemin’den bahsetmişti, sırdaşım en yakın arkadaşım diye. “Enişte, Yasemin de bizimle kalacak bu gece!” deyince, başımdan aşağı kaynar sular döküldü, içimden (Bu da nerden çıktı şimdi, bir çuval inciri berbat ettin baldız) diye düşünürken, benim betim benzim atmış, suratım yerlerde idi. Baldızım, “Hayırdır enişte, yoksa Yasemin’in bizimle kalmasında bir sorun mu var?” dediğinde, kendime gelip, “Yoo, kalsın ne sorun olacak ki?” diyebildim. 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Baldız kafasını öne eğerek, “Enişte ben de seni çok arzuluyorum, tamam ileri gitmedik ama, yine de ilk erkeğimsin, ilk defa biriyle böyle şeyler yaşadım, ben de senden farksız değilim!” dedi. O an içimde fırtınalar kopmuş, aşırı tahrik olmuştum, “Bak Buse istersen yine bir şeyler yapabiliriz, hatta bu sefer biraz daha ileri gidebiliriz, bu 2 gün bizim için çok güzel bir fırsat, bir daha elimize böyle bir fırsat geçmeyebilir!” dedim. Baldız başını tekrar öne eğerek, “Enişte tamam da ben bakireyim, nasıl olacak? İleride başıma sorun olur bu!” dedi. Ben de gülerek, “Kızım senin iki tane deliğin var, kızlığına dokunmam, onu evleneceğin kişiye sakla, arkadan ver, bana o da yeter!” dedim. Başını kaldırdı, gözlerimin içine bakarak, “Arkadan olmaz, çok günahmış, hem de çok acıyormuş!” dedi. “Sen nerden biliyorsun acıdığını?” dedim. “Boşver… Yapalım, fakat canım çok yanarsa bırakırım! Ama önce duş almak istiyorum, çok terledim!” dedi. Baldız ne dese tamam demekten başka çarem yoktu. “İstersen beraber duş alalım, birbirimizi yıkayalım!” diye teklif ettim, baldız, “Birlikte olmaz, utanırım!” deyince üzerine gitmedim ve “İyi o zaman sen duşunu al gel, sonra ben girerim!” dedim. Baldız banyoya gitti 10-15 dakika sonra eşimin bornozuyla çıka geldi ve ben banyoya gittim. Soyunurken kirli sepetinde baldızımın az önce çıkardığı külotunu gördüm. Elime aldım, sırıl sıklam olmuştu ve çok güzel bir kokusu vardı. Alelacele duşumu alıp bornozumla çıktım… Baldızımı salondan kucağıma alıp yatak odasına götürdüm. Hiçbir şey konuşmadan uzun uzun dudaklarını, boynunu ve kulak memesini ve küçücük göğüslerini bir saate yakın yaladım. Bu anın bitmesini hiç istemiyordum. Baldızım da gözlerini kapatmış, bulutların üzerinde geziniyor, hafif hafif inliyor, ellerini çarşafa geçirmiş, aldığı zevkin tadını çıkarıyordu. 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akat büyüyü bozmamak için sesimi çıkartamıyordum. Fazla dayanamadım ve “Buse’m gelmek üzereyim, ağzına boşalacam!” dediğimde sikimi hemen ağzından çıkarttı. Bozulmuştum! Doğruldum, “Bak aşkım, ben senin amının suyunu yaladım yuttum, sen de benimkini yut!” dedim ve baldızın başından iki elim ile tutarak tekrar ağzını sikmeye başladım. Fazla derine girmeden ağzına yarısını sokup çıkarıyordum. Daha fazla dayanamadım başından sıkıca tutarak oluk oluk ağzına boşalmaya başladım. Buse debelenip, sikimi ağzından çıkarmaya çalışıyordu, ama aldırış etmeden son damlasına kadar boşaldım ağzına. Bu yaptığıma bu sefer Buse çok bozulmuş, suratı ekşimiş, döllerimi yutarken zor yutkunuyordu. Boşalmam bitip sikimi ağzından çekince, doğruca Lavaboya koştu. Galiba midesi bulanmış, yuttuklarını çıkarıyordu. Ağzını yıkayıp tekrar odaya geldi ve kızgın bir şekilde, “Enişte, bir daha bunu yapma! Tadı hiç hoş değil, bayat yumurta gibi!” dedi. “Tamam aşkım son!” dedim… Baldızı yüz üstü yatağa yatırdım, göbeğinin altını yastıklarla takviye yaparak muhteşem göt deliğini ortaya çıkarttım. Baldızın göt deliği o kadar küçüktü ki, varla yok arası kırmızı bir nokta gibi duruyordu. Bu manzara beni acaip tahrik edip sikimin kalkmasına yetmişti. Şunu da biliyordum ki, baldızın götünü sikmem hiçte kolay olmayacaktı, işim bayağı zordu. Yumuşaması için götünün deliğini yalamaya başladım ama ne mümkün, daha serçe parmağımı sokmaya çalıştığımda “Ayy canım yandı!” deyip ileri çekiliyordu. Komodinin çekmecesinden eşimin kullandığı bebe yağını aldım ve baldızın götüne biraz akıtarak yavaş yavaş küçük parmağımı sokmaya başladım. Götünün deliği biraz olsun esnemişti ve baldız artık altımda debelenmiyordu. Yaklaşık yarım saat uğraştıktan sonra biraz daha alışınca, bebe yağıyla sikimi bir güzel yağladım ve götünün deliğine hafiften bastırdım. Ama ne mümkün, yine canı yanıyor, bağırıyor ve kendini ileri kaçırıyordu… Baldızın kafasını yastığa bastırdım ve iki eliyle götünün yanaklarını ayırmasını sağladım. Böylece götünün deliği biraz daha ortaya çıkmıştı. Yavaş yaparsam baldızımın götüne asla giremezdim, birden sokmalıydım, bu onun canını çok acıtacaktı, fakat başka türlüde olmayacaktı. Sikimin başını göt deliğine dayadım ve birden yüklendim. Sikimin tamamına yakını götüne girmişti, ama baldızım da, “Yandım anam! Ölüyorum! Nolursun çıkart enişte! Dayanamıyorum! Bayılacam!” diye bağırıyor, odanın içini inletiyordu. Hiç hareketsiz üzerine abandım kaldım. Sikim sanki kırılacak gibi zonkluyordu. Baldız, “Enişte yalvarırım çıkart, ölecem!” derken gözlerinden yanaklarına doğru yaşlar süzülüyordu. 4-5 dakika hareketsiz durdum, ama nafile, baldız altımda halen cıyaklıyordu. Baldızı kendime çekerek yavaş yavaş git gellere başladım. Baldız yırtınıyor, inliyor ve ağlıyor, “Enişte nolur yeter bu kadar, başka zaman yapalım! Çıkart!” diyordu… O anda çıkarırsam baldızın götünü bir daha asla sikemeyebilirdim, “Birazdan geçer aşkım, kendini sıkma aşkım, rahat ol, bak yavaş yavaş yapıyorum!” diye baldızı teselli etmeye çalışıyordum. Baldızın götünü 5 dakika yavaş ve ritmik bir şekilde sikerken, sikime bir sıcaklık geldi. Kesin götü yırtılıp kanamıştı, içinden çıkarırsam kanı görebilir diye düşünerek sikmeye devam ettim. Baldızın götünü sikerken tarif edilemez zevk alıyordum. Baldızım ise acıdan resmen böğürüyordu, buna rağmen devam ettim. 10 dakika sonra ise iyice hızlandım ve “Geliyorum!” diyebildim. Baldızın bir şey demeye mecali dahi kalmamış, altımda acıdan adeta baygın yatıyordu. Boşalırken elimde olmadan ben de böğürerek içine fışkırtmaya başladım. Hiç bu kadar çok boşalmamıştım. Sikimi yavaşça götünden çıkardığımda sikim kanla karışık döllerime bulanmıştı. Baldızın göt deliği bayağı bir açılmıştı ve döllerim götünden çıkarak çarşafa akıyordu. Ben kalkıp banyoya giderken, baldızım halen sızlanıyordu… Duşumu aldım geldim, baldızın yanına uzandım, sırtını okşayıp öptüm ve “Seni çok seviyorum aşkım, beni dünyanın en mutlu erkeği yaptığın için teşekkür ederim!” dedim. Baldız cevap vermeden sadece omuzlarını çekiştirdi. Baldız bir saate yakın konuşmadan ve hareket etmeden öylece yüzüstü yattı, ben de ayaklarından ensesine kadar her yerini okşadım, öptüm, defalarca onu sevdiğimi söyledim. Sonunda baldız bana doğru yan dönünce, “Nasıl oldun aşkım?” dedim. “Biraz daha iyi… Yasemin acıyacağını söylemişti, ama ben bu kadar çok acıyacağını tahmin etmemiştim!” dedi. O gece baldızın götüne dokunmadan, amını yalayarak birkaç kez daha Orgazm edip kendimi affettirdim ve birbirimize sarılarak güzelce uyuduk. Ertesi gün uyandığımızda götünün acısı birazda olsa geçmişti ve baldız götünü sikmemi kendisi istedi. Bu sefer banyoda sabunlu sabunlu siktim baldızın götünü. Orospu götten sikilmenin zevkini almıştı artık, gün boyunca 3 kez daha siktirdi götünü bana. Yalayarak kaldırdığı sikimin üstüne kendiliğinden oturuyor ve zorlanmadan köküne kadar alıyordu götüne… Baldızım ile yaşadığım o iki sex dolu günü hayatım boyunca hiç unutamadım. O günden sonra da baldızım ile evde yalnız kaldığımız her fırsatta onu götünden sikiyorum. Üstelik yalnız kaldığımız anlarda baldızım kendisi gelip hadi enişte sik beni diyor ve ben de götünden sikiyorum.

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Dershanedeki Seksi Kızla Seks Hikayem

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Merhaba ben Erdem;
18 yaşında orta boylarda 72 kilo birisiyim. Dershanedeki sınıf arkadaşım meltemle aramda olanları sizlere anlatacağım. İlk olarak şunu söyleyeyim anlattıklarımın hepsi yaşanmış hikayedir. Matematiğim iyi olduğundan dolayı herkes matematik dersinde yanımda oturmak ister Meltem de dahil bunlara. Bir gün yine meltemle derste oturuyoruz çantasından ruju yere düştü. Almak için eğildiğinde öyle muhteşem bir görüntü vardı ki anlatamam! Bembeyaz tenine kırmızı sutyen o kadar yakışmış ki aklımı başımdan aldı. gaziantep escort Ben melteme yaklaşıyordum gitgide bir ara kendimi kaptırdım elimi omzuna atacaktım sonra zor tuttum kendimi. Akşam saat 6 gibiydi hava kararmıştı Meltem dershanenin yakınlarında oturuyordu bense otobüse binecektim ama Meltem’e korkarsan seni götüreyim evine kadar dedim. Sonra hiç beklemediğim bir şekilde tepki aldım ve meltem Beni değil de vücudumu götüreceksen gel dedi. Eve kadar yürüdük bir yandan da konuşuyorduk. Rujunu almak için eğildiğinde göğüslerine baktığımı görmüş kahpe. Bana nasıldı diye sordu bende inanılmaz güzeller diye cevap verdim. Gittiğimizde ailesi daha gelmemişti araba kiralama yerleri var ailesinin o yüzden 8 den aşağı gelmezlermiş. Eve girdiğimizde direkt kapıyı kapatır kapatmaz bunu duvara yasladım ve öpmeye başladım meltemde kapının kapanmasını bekliyormuş orospu. Deli gibi birbirimizi kemiriyorduk. Daha sonra odasına giderek bir taraftan da soyunarak seviştik. Sanki tüm vücudunun kokusu odayı sarmış yatağı dolabı sütyen külot kokuyordu. Mayhoş bir koku vardı orospunun odasında. Bunu yavaşça yatırdım bir tek külodu vardı altında onu da bir çırpıda çıkardım. Meltem’in amının dudaklarını yaladım iki üç dakika kadar sonra zevk suyu gelince tiksindim ve dudaklarına geçtim tekrar. Artık benim yarak dolmuş taşmıştı girmek istiyordu o kaşarın amına bende ona o güzelliği yaptım ve yarağımı amına dayadım. Bacaklarını sırtıma dolayıp daha hızlı çakmamı sağladı. Hızlanıyordum çok geçmeden boşaldık çünkü sevişirken iyice kıvama gelmiştik. Daha sonra annesi falan gelir diye hemen ayrıldım evden fakat her akşam meltemi evine ben bırakıyorum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Grocery Store Strangers

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

I adjusted my bare breast under my tight shirt, to make sure they were just right. The perfect mix between slutty and flirty. To be honest, I haven’t engaged in any sexy activity since I sucked my neighbor’s hot cock. The lack of a hard cock in my life has turned me into a very dirty, horny, and sex-crazed woman. My mind is constantly thinking of every man I see bending me over and making my legs shake until they fill me with their warm cum… “Mmm, I can almost feel it,” I mused to myself.A car door slams beside me, jolting me out of my fever dream. I had been so lost in thought that I hadn’t realized my tits were sticking out of the top of my shirt, showcasing my perky hard nipples to anybody that dared to take a glance in my direction.Another car door slammed before my mind wandered to another sex scene, and I jumped into action to fix myself. Out of my left peripheral, I saw a man staring at me, grabbing himself discreetly and smiling in my direction. He was wearing a blinding yellow vest, with nothing underneath. His muscles glistened with sweat, and veins popped everywhere…“Damn, he is HOT!” I thought to myself. The man was smoking hot, and it’s been a while since I had seen such a sexy man. I couldn’t resist the urge to tease this sexy stranger staring at me. Just the thought of teasing this sexy stranger set my body on fire. I took my index and middle finger slowly, tracing them up my chest, gliding over my now extremely hard and sensitive nipples. My breath hitched, and I shivered as my fingers caressed my hard nipples, causing them to harden even more. My fingers, drifting over my skin, made their way up my neck, over my jaw, before sliding seductively into my mouth. I softly sucked those two fingers deep and slowly. My eyes never left his body. After a few more Şerifali Escort seconds of sucking on my fingers, I knew it was time to go into the grocery store. I couldn’t sit in my car forever teasing this man, no matter how much I wanted to continue. I let my fingers fall out of my mouth, gathered myself together, and turned off my car. When I stepped out of my truck, a gust of wind lifted my short skirt slightly, showing off my bare ass cheeks to anybody in the parking lot. The wind continued to flirt with the edge of my skirt, causing it to rise periodically as I walked across the parking lot into the grocery store. Me showcasing to the entire parking lot that there was nothing under my short pleated mini skirt, did something to me. It set my already feverish body ablaze even more. “I wonder if he saw my pussy lips,” I thought to myself.I added a little extra hip sway to my walk, getting a thrill out of other strangers possibly seeing my bare pussy. The thought of having men hard as a rock for me was getting me extremely wet. My plump lips, rubbing together with every sway of my hips, were very overstimulating to my body. I could almost feel myself getting closer and closer to an amazing orgasm.As I started picking out my groceries, I arched my back every time I had to reach for something. Wiggling my ass cheeks every time I had to bend down. I caught more than a few men watching me as I gathered my groceries. It filled me even more with lust. Desire overcame me, my need heightened as the sexual tension around me rose. By this time, my wetness slowly trickled down my inner thighs. I had to relieve this pressure from my body. A thrill filled me as I made my way to the restrooms in the back. As I passed a few aisles, I waved at a few sexy strangers Şerifali Escort Bayan seductively and gave them a lustful look. Hoping that they would catch the hint and follow me to the bathroom. I was more than ready to put on a show for a few lucky men. The thought caused a warm gush of wetness to fill my already overflowing tight channel.I was almost to the restroom when I saw him. The sexy ass stranger from earlier in the parking lot. My eyes soaked up every inch of this man. I licked my lips when my eyes landed on the bulge in his pants. I beckoned him with my hand and continued walking to the Family bathroom. Once inside the unexpectedly spacious restroom, I immediately walked to the mirror in the middle of the room. Watching the room through the mirror. Waiting to see if he took the bait and would walk through the bathroom door. My eyes widened with excitement when he made his way through the door. He walked up to me, and lust filled his eyes. My back was to him, but I could see everything through the mirror. So, overcome with desire and neediness, I couldn’t move. I just stared at him through the mirror. He grabbed me from behind and ground against my ass. His bulge sent ricochets through my body. I moaned as his hard denim-covered bulge rubbed against my sensitive bare lips. My head fell back onto his shoulder as he ground against me. I gyrated against his every move as my need to cum grew. My skin was tight and hot. Feeling as if I was too large for my body. No longer able to control myself, I rubbed myself against him with abandon. Needing to let this pressure out and wanting to feel this wetness rush out of my body.I came hard. A bright light seemed to have filled my eyes, my body locked, and I felt it. My first orgasm Escort Şerifali in months came flooding out of me. I yelled and shook as if I was in my apartment bathroom. Not caring if anyone heard me.As I was cumming, I softly heard the door open and close twice. When I opened my eyes, I was surprised to see three men with their cocks out and stroking. They huddled together, the men in the corner to the right of me. One man was a short, muscular, and bald older white man with a medium-sized cock and a purple mushroom head. He groaned every time he stroked the tip of his hard penis. There was a tall, skinny black guy with one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen; he was already spewing clear pre-cum from his enormous cock. The last man broke away from the group and walked over to stand beside me. He was so close that every time he got to the tip of his cock, his knuckles grazed my arms as I held onto the sink.My construction lover slowly slid his zipper down his jeans. You could hear the sound clearly and loudly in the tension-filled bathroom. He grabbed my hips and ground against me once again. His condom-less cock rubbed up and down my lips and teased my hole. My grip on the public bathroom sink tightened as I prepared myself for his cock. I had felt how warm, solid, and big it was when he rubbed it against my pussy. I knew I needed to brace myself, since it had been so long since a nice, hard, hot cock impaled me. He lined up his cock with my wet pussy. Getting the head of his hard pole slick with my juices. You could hear the sound his cock made as it teased and slid around my tight hole. The sound echoed around the public restroom. He pushed into me, giving me the hardest, fullest thrust I had ever had. His thrust pushed me forward and up on my tiptoes as I tried to accommodate his long, thick manhood. My mouth opened wide, a low guttural moan left my mouth, and my eyes swiftly closed. A bright burst of light and color flashed behind my eyes as my body accommodated his size. He muttered under his breath “damn” as my tunnel fluttered and creamed on his cock., 

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Daddy’s Little Slut: Part 3

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

It was a cold Saturday morning, like every other winter morning in Tasmania. It was gloomy, with dark clouds rolling overhead preparing to bucket down rain on the town below. The wind was no worse, branches swaying in the cold wintery breeze. Rob looked out the frosted window of his living room and onto the driveway as he sipped on his usual morning cup of hot chocolate, his favourite.Should probably move the cars inside, he thought to himself.Rob placed the cup of warm hot chocolate on the coffee table, sliding a coaster under it. He lifted himself off the chair, his muscles bulging as he pushed his weight onto his arms. He was quite the man, he worked out frequently and had a somewhat lean body, not to mention he was quite good-looking. For someone who was forty-seven years old, he was in incredible shape and looked much younger than he was. He stood at around 6’4″ and it gave him an imposing look, the ‘someone you didn’t want to mess with’ look.Far from it was his personality though, he was quite gentle and easygoing on the inside. He just liked to look good like anyone does. It was the only part of his life that he took seriously, apart from his daughter of course.”Em, can you move your car into the garage please!” he shouted towards the staircase trying to get his daughter’s attention. He went over to collect his car keys from the console table in the entryway as Emma came running downstairs in a white top and a pair of sweat shorts, her car keys dangling around her fingers.Emma had just turned twenty-one and she was a stunning woman. Rob, being a good-looking bloke, looking even better in his younger days, had snatched himself a good-looking woman and those genes had obviously been passed onto Emma.She stood at around 5’5″ and had a beautiful, sexy body that curved perfectly around her chest and her bottom whilst remaining slimmer near the waistline. She was also insanely cute and her voice was almost soothing in Maltepe Escort Rob’s ears. Regardless of her age, she was still his little girl.”Good morning, daddy,” she said in a cute tone, coming up to Rob and giving him a small kiss on the cheek, before making her way over to the door.”Hey Em,” he said before she could open the door as she turned to face him. “You might want to put something on, it’s freezing out there.”She smiled as she quickly ran back upstairs, her perky breasts bouncing as she did so. Rob was well aware of her beauty, and truth be told he wasn’t exactly immune to her attractiveness. Even he had wild thoughts that occasionally popped into his head. He was certainly ashamed of it but he didn’t dwell on it, he didn’t want to be the perverted dad and ruin their good relationship especially because she was all he had after his wife left him for another man, also not to mention the fact that those relationships are illegal.As Rob approached the door, he too was interrupted, this time by his phone which started ringing from within the living room. He walked over and picked it up off the coffee table, looking at it with a mix of emotions, mainly annoyance, and disappointment, it was his boss. He sighed and reluctantly answered it, putting it up to his ear.”Morning, Greg,” he spoke in the most un-annoyed tone he could muster.”Hey, Rob, look I’m really sorry to bother you but could you maybe come in today, we have a bit of a situation,” said Greg.Rob looked down at the floor in disappointment, paused for a moment, and then replied, “Yea sure thing Greg, I’ll be there in an hour.””Perfect, I’ll see you then,” said Greg as he hung up the call.Those bastards can never do anything without me, he thought to himself.Emma came running back down wearing a thick robe and saw the annoyed look on her dad’s face immediately asking, “What’s wrong daddy?””Oh nothing honey, I just got to Maltepe Escort Bayan head into work, unfortunately,” he replied in a low tone.”On a Saturday?” Emma asked with a raised eyebrow.”Yep,” replied Rob, finishing the last bit of his hot chocolate. He placed his keys on the coffee table and walked upstairs to get ready.Emma went outside and moved her car into the garage before coming back indoors and walking over to the kitchen to make her dad some breakfast.A quick shower and a fresh set of work clothes later, Rob walked down and paced around the house, picking up his phone, keys, business bag, and company ID.As he put his shoes on, Emma walked over and handed him a chicken wrap and a fresh hot chocolate in a thermos mug.”Oh you didn’t have to Em,” he said softly as he kissed her forehead. “Thank you, baby.”She smiled and gave him a quick hug.Rob looked at his wristwatch and said, “I’ll be home at around five, Em.””Ok,” she replied. “Drive safe, daddy,” she said as Rob opened the front door and walked to his Ute.Emma watched as her dad pulled out of the driveway and drove up the road before looking at her phone with a big grin. Ten-thirty read the time, and she smiled. She had new plans.~Time slowed down for Rob as he wasted his usually quiet Saturday at work. After a few hours, they had fixed the problem that he had been called in for and his boss gave him the green light to go home. Rob didn’t need to be asked twice as he immediately packed his things up and hopped into his Ute. He turned it on and looked over at the digital clock on the infotainment screen, which now read two-fifteen.For once in his life, he got to go home earlier than intended and he didn’t stay a second longer in the office parking lot. He made his way home and half an hour later he pulled into his street and drove up to his driveway which to his surprise now had a silver SUV parked on it.He parked Escort Maltepe his grey Ute next to it and stepped out into the cold air, cold drops of rain falling on his face as he looked at the SUV, slightly perplexed.Maybe Emma had invited a friend over, he thought, although he had never seen this car before.He used his set of keys to unlock and open the front door, walking into the warm entryway, before closing it. The warmth however wasn’t the only thing that greeted him as the sounds of what seemed to be moaning resonated within the walls of the house. Rob’s eyes widened as he looked for the source of the sound, which seemed to be coming from upstairs.He quietly placed his belongings on the console table whilst taking off his shoes as he homed in on the source of the sounds, gently stepping his way up the stairs, and as he got closer, the sounds got louder and clearer. He could now clearly make out the moaning and he was sure that it was his daughter. Getting closer, the moaning now unmasked a series of quieter groans and what sounded like a man, or rather men, coming from within Emma’s bedroom.Rob’s heart was racing as he tip-toed up to his daughter’s door, slowly placing his hand on the handle but then pausing for a moment to further study the sounds.It was definitely Emma, and he could now hear the voices of what he guessed were at least two or three men coming from within. The moaning momentarily stopped before a loud squeal started its continuation, this time louder than before. His curiosity couldn’t handle it anymore. He opened the door and stepped into the room.He looked at his daughter, distraught, as four men surrounded her bare body, their dicks either already inside her or pointing eagerly at her, waiting to indulge in her pleasures. Three of the men looked over at him, their eyes wide open whilst the fourth continued to thrust his meat into his daughter’s vagina, unaware of his presence, as was Emma who continued to moan as she got ravaged.Rob stared at her for a few seconds, speechless, before she finally noticed him.”Oh daddy, I’m so sorry!” she said still moaning. It was only then the fourth man finally halted his thrusts and looked at Rob.”Shit,” he said as he pulled out his member out of Emma’s pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Unexpected Guests

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

After a run to the market, Joe and Karyn were grabbing the last bags from the car when some old friends pulled in the driveway, visiting from out west. They were a bit shocked by an unexpected visit from 3000 miles away, but were happy to see their old friends. Putting away the groceries quickly, they also pulled together some lemonade and ice tea. The two couples headed to the back deck to catch up. Joe noticed though that both Scott and Louise seemed a bit on edge. They did not sit next to one another and seemed a bit fidgety, especially Louise. During a lull in the conversation, Joe and Karyn were shocked to learn that this was not a completely innocent visit.

As it turned out, Scott had an indiscretion a year earlier with a colleague. He was truly remorseful and the couple tried to put it all behind them. In most areas of life, they had, except in the bedroom. Each time they would attempt to get intimate, Louise, having known the woman, would have visions of her naked, making love to Scott. It ruined the mood every time and had driven a wedge between them. After yet another unsuccessful attempt, Scott one day blurted out that perhaps if she slept with someone else, they could move forward. He was surprised a week later when she told him that he was right, that is what she needed, something else to focus on, so that she could get back to focusing on him. At that, Joe shot a glance at Karyn, it seemed they both had the same thought – this could lead to a bad end for these two.

Of course Joe and Karyn assumed that the deed had been done and that they were about to learn of their friends’ impending divorce. However, this was not the case. It seemed that Louise was having trouble making a decision on the details. Would it be a stranger? That was distasteful to a conservative woman like herself. On the other hand, she did not want it to be someone she would see frequently afterwards. In fact, for weeks, they have been trying to decide how to proceed and find a partner. When Scott asked about a possible old boyfriend or something, Louise declined. She would not be comfortable with an old boyfriend as it could rekindle old emotions. She did however finally tell Scott that the idea of someone she knew would be better, just not someone where they lived now.

Now it was Karyn and Joe’s turn to be surprised, Louise asked if Joe would be willing to help. Karyn made some thoughtful sounds, but when Joe looked at her, she had a huge smile on her face and nodded with a wink. Joe suspected she had other plans brewing in her head, but she did not share them. So, with Karyn’s approval, Joe consented. Louise then mentioned that there was one other requirement. It turned out that she found out about Scott’s romp when she came across a video of it on his phone. She had watched the entire thing, which is why it was always easy to picture her naked with Scott. The woman had also done certain things that Louise had never done with Scott. Their agreement was that he would sit downstairs, watching her on an iPad. They brought all of the camera equipment needed for him to watch. Joe shot a surprised look at Karyn when she said, “ok, but my condition is that I get to watch with Scott.”

Louise agreed. Taking Joe’s hand, she sat up, and headed upstairs with him to set up the two cameras.

Once the equipment was set up, Joe told Louise that it did feel a bit awkward and that he was not sure how to start. Louise giggled, gazed at Joe and pulled down his head towards hers. Their lips met and they began kissing, gently at first. Joe’s heart began to race as he tasted her sweetness, their mouths opened and passion grew. Joe pushed his tongue into her mouth and accepted hers. They explored each other as their hunger for one another grew. Joe allowed his hands to slide onto her hips, rubbing the bare skin beneath her top gently with his fingertips. He could feel the goosebumps of pleasure rising from her silky smooth flesh.

“Awkward for you maybe since we did just spring this on you, but I’ve been thinking about it since we started driving here 6 days ago. I’ve never masturbated so many times a day thinking about it. Take me, I am all yours,” Louise melted as she talked.

Joe pulled his lips from hers and began exploring her neck, gently and playfully. His cock stirred in his jeans and pressed against the fabric. Louise could feel it press against her. She jammed herself against Joe as hard as she could as he pulled her top over her head to reveal her white sheer bra holding her tits high. She wasted no time pulling off Joe’s shirt and taking her tongue to his chest, finding his nipples, one by one, biting playfully. Joe’s cock instantly reached a raging hardness, forcing a large bulge in the front of his jeans. Joe unclipped her bra, allowing it to drop to the floor, releasing her tits, small, soft with small dark areolas crowned with small nipples.

Joe instantly moved to them, cupping them both in his hands, gently squeezing and moving them in a circular motion. He stooped to take a nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue over it and gently nibbling. The pert İstanbul Escort love button responded by growing and hardening while Joe sucked harder.. Louise groaned lightly and pushed Joe’s head into herself, like she was trying to smother him with the soft mound of flesh.

Louise moved to meet Joe’s lips, taking his tongue in her mouth once again before pulling away and whispering ‘Stand still.’ Louise lowered herself to her knees. Her face was now level with the bulge in Joe’s jeans. She then locked her eyes onto his and expertly unfastened the button and zipper. After pulling them below Joe’s knees, she bit her lip and rubbed the huge bulge in his boxers. Joe let out a loud groan at the sensation it sent up and down his shaft. Louise tugged at the waistband and the new cock sprang free. She took it in her hand, hard as stone and engorged with blood, and examined it closely.

Pulling her head low, Louise put the tip of her tongue at the base of the throbbing shaft, and slid her tongue along the underside before stretching her mouth over the head and sliding its length across her tongue and deep into her throat. Unable to control his body, Joe grunted and threw his head back as she expertly drew back and forth – sucking and swallowing with each stroke as the tip of the cock hit her throat. She wrapped her left hand over Joe’s sensitive balls holding them firmly as she accelerated her movement and began humming and groaning with pleasure. This created incredible vibrations through Joe’s cock and into his loins. He felt the tenseness rise in his balls and the base of his shaft. Not wanting to cum yet, Joe gently pulled her off his cock. Louise was unwilling to just stop, so she flicked her tongue and stretched it towards the tip of the purplish prick, glistening with her saliva and Joe’s precum.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Scott was transfixed on the scene. When Joe pulled his cock out of Louise’s mouth, he looked at Karyn to tell her that Louise had not given him a blowjob since before they had kids, over 25 years ago. Karyn gave him a reassuring smile and snuggled in to him to get a better view of the action streaming to his iPad.

Joe picked Louise up and kissed her deeply. It felt to him that she was trying to consume his tongue, much as she had with his cock. She was sucking it as far into her throat as she could. Joe pushed her down onto the bed and watched as her tits bounced. He pulled at her leggings and she lifted her ass from the bed, allowing the fabric to be peeled down her tanned skin. Louise was now just sporting a tiny white thong. Through the lace, Joe could see a dark, trimmed tuft of pubic hair. Kneeling down with his cock jutting in front, pulsating and throbbing, Joe took one of her feet into his hand and began kissing it. She giggled at the sensation first, and then groaned a little as he continued in circles around her toes. She moved her other foot onto Joe’s raging hard-on and manipulated her toes up and down the hard shaft. The slightly rougher textured skin on the bottom of her toes scraped the head giving Joe a sensation he had never felt before.

Joe noticed a large damp patch had appeared on the thong and guessed the time was right to pay her pussy some attention. He quickly pulled the wet fabric over her hips, down her thighs and off her ankles. He studied her small triangular bush, her bald lips already swollen and parted to show her red hot hole, ready, slick with her juices. Joe breathed in her sweet aroma as he moved his head down low to flick his tongue over her clit which was engorged, standing proud out of its hiding place. Louise pulled her legs apart, allowing Joe access to kiss, lick, suck, bite and nibble her aching sex unhindered.

Joe wanted everything on his tongue at once. He swirled it all over her, nearly possessed with a desperate need to taste her and to please her. He pulled her lips apart with his fingers and plunged deep inside her satin smooth hole with his pink tongue now contrasting to the reddish purple of Louise’s love hole. He licked up and down from top to bottom and back, savoring every last drop of juice that flowed from her pussy. Every so often, he would change things up by circling and flicking her clit as she pulled Joe by the hair deeper between the deep ‘v’ in her legs. Louise was grunting as she rocked and bucked across Joe’s face, her juices soaking Joe’s beard before she began squealing. As her orgasm built, her legs began clamping down around her new lovers’ head. It had been 30 years since she had touched another man and she was going to make it count. Joe once again pushed his tongue deep inside her and tasted the sweet trickle of her nectar flowing over his tongue and down his throat. Joe sucked and licked every drop she could give until she finally exploded on his tongue, her body stiffening with a loud ‘YESSSSSSSS!’ lasting several minutes until she fell back, spent. As the aftershocks diminished, Joe pulled himself up on top of her. His cock was once again throbbing and hard, ready to plunge into her lonely cavern.

Back downstairs, Scott was İstanbul Escort Bayan still glued to his screen. Karyn noticed him shift in his seat, his hard on making him uncomfortable in his jeans. “She hasn’t let me do that to her in years either,” he said almost to the air.

As Karyn stood to get them some drinks, she said, “I suspect you will need to brush up on your skills then.”

Back upstairs, Louise had recovered and rolled Joe onto his back. She climbed on top of him and kissed him passionately yet again. Louise tasted her own juices for the first time as they dried on Joe’s lips and beard. She sat astride Joe, pushing his cock flat along his belly. She teased him by rubbing her wet pussy against it, sliding deliciously up and down the shaft for a few moments before she stopped, lifted herself up, grasping her new cock toy in her hand. Meanwhile, Joe reached up and grabbed her tits, squeezing them and pinching the hard nipples that had grown nearly three times their original small size. They were now as thick as Joe’s small finger and nearly an inch long. Joe could feel her position the head of his shaft against her dripping wet opening. Louise balanced herself by pressing on Joe’s chest for a moment before slowly lowering her hips. The couple groaned together as the walls of her pussy slipped slowly down his cock, the intense heat inside her sent shockwaves of pleasure down Joe’s cock which leapt with joy with the insertion.

Louise slid down to the hilt before waiting a moment to adjust herself to the size of Joe’s cock, the first cock she had taken since Scott had revealed his affair. She began leaning toward Joe, rocking her hips back and forth, slowly at first. She soon was building in speed and intensity, causing her ass and pussy to slap wetly against Joe’s thighs, somewhat crushing his balls in a joyous agony. She was rocking up and down as Joe groaned loudly and squeezed her tits harder. She reacted by pounding harder and faster until Joe had to stop her once again from making him cum. Joe held her ass steady above his achy member. He bent his knees up into the air, and used leverage from his feet to push his raging manhood up into her. He moved slowly at first until the need to come had receded. He then started to pound her upwards, slapping against her clit while he pulled her pussy open, stretching her flesh tight over his cock. Joe kept pounding her until he chose to slow down again, almost edging himself, knowing that the more times he held back his orgasm, the harder and more ecstatic the moment would be when it was finally unleashed.

Joe gave Louise control back, settling back down on the bed, allowing her to lower herself back onto his member. Joe took in the wonderful view of her pussy lips, stretched and wrapped around his cock, stretched, he thought to himself, for the first time in over a year. The thought itself revved his mind even more, like a forbidden fruit being enjoyed. Before long, Louise was pounding up and down wildly slapping Joe’s hips with her round ass. She was breathing heavily and grunting as each stroke hit deeply into her pussy. Joe’s cock was burning inside her as she accelerated further, lengthening her strokes. She was losing control and allowed Joe’s cock to slip out of her. He hurriedly put it back inside when just moments later she groaned and yelled out in ecstasy, ‘Oh damn, oh fuck I’m cumming! Oh please! YESSSSS, FU-UU-CKKKK, you’re fucking me so good Joe,UGH-HH, YESSSsssssss’.

Louise stopped moving at that point. She sat down hard, first straightening and then arching her back, her pussy walls tightened and contracted around her lovers’ shaft, clamping it as she released more thick sweet nectar that flowed over Joe’s sack and trickled down the inside of his thighs.

Joe gave her no time to recover, he was ready ro cum. He pushed her onto all fours and swiftly positioned himself behind her, thrusting deep into her still throbbing hole. She squealed as Joe humped her frantically. In the next minute, Joe felt his balls aching, ready to explode. He felt his entire prick tense up. He lunged forward, sending ropes of cum deep inside her in hot, sticky, gushing spurts.

Joe held himself there for a moment, allowing the intensity of his orgasm subside before he pulled his spent cock from Louise’s abused cunt, covered in a mixture of his seed and her love juices. Louise smiled as she turned herself round, taking Joe’s cock in her mouth. The touch of her tongue on his throbbing sensitive tip caused a recoil reaction from Joe bringing a giggle from Louise while she slowly sucked the knob clean of their juices.

Scott turned from his iPad, “Wow! I really expected to be disturbed watching, but I am incredibly turned on right now! Is that normal?”

Karyn looked him in the eye, smiled broadly as she walked away, and said, “I know it turns Joe on to no end every time he watches me fuck another guy!” As she headed up the stairs she said, “if you liked watching that, you’re going to love the second act.”

Karyn told Joe later how worked up she was watching Escort İstanbul him and Louise and how dropping that bomb on Scott was so satisfying. She could see that Scott clearly had a hard-on causing him to keep shifting in his seat. All of this had given Karyn an idea, so she headed upstairs. She knocked, but came right into the room, closing and locking the door behind her. She grabbed her vibrator out of her bag and stripped without a word.

She headed over to Louise. She leaned over and whispered in her ear. Joe could not make out much, but he thought he heard something about driving Scott nuts now that he was by himself downstairs. Louise smiled as she looked up at Karyn. She happily accepted Karyn’s tongue as Karyn bent over and began to kiss her. While they continued to kiss, both women were exploring the others’ breasts and nipples. Karyn was rolling Louise’s still engorged nipples in her fingers. As she tweaked and rolled them, they once again became quite hard and extended into rather long points.

After a while of feeling each other’s tits, both women lowered their hands and began exploring each other’s pussies freely. It began with them both rubbing each other’s soaking wet slits, before inserting fingers into each other. They began to finger each other vigorously while they took turns sucking each other’s nipples. Joe was enjoying this wondrous sight immensely, as proven by a now quivering cock which he began to slowly stroke as he watched.

Joe’s hot wife Karyn and Louise slid to the floor, still fingering each other. Joe was massaging them both along their sides, down their legs and back up, each time, gently stroking their nipples. He began kissing their breasts, arms, legs, touching whatever he could reach. Joe had forgotten about the cameras as he was in heaven. Although his wife and Louise were actually completely involved in making love to each other, he was there, contributing and loving every moment of the action.

Almost simultaneously, the two women seemed to have the same idea, and slid around on the floor so that they were in the 69 position. They spent a few seconds looking at each other’s open, wet cunts, before starting to lick each other. They both started with long, slow movements to lick along the length of their cunts, sometimes holding the pussy lips open, savoring the smell and taste of their friend. They inserted fingers into each other along the way, and continually probed each other with fingers and tongues, they were panting with a building excitement.

Joe tried his best to help out, caressing and kissing Louise’s backside as she was the one on top. He was able to witness his wife’s tongue doing its job on Louise’s re-awakened pussy. When Karyn moved her attention to Louise’s clit, Joe slipped his fingers down and wet them with Louise’s cunt juice. Joe was able to press a finger in deeply until he was quickly fingering Louise as his wife was licking her clit and sopping wet cunt. Louise only took this attention for a short time before having a massive orgasm, wetting Karyn’s face beneath her with her cunt juices as they exploded from her.

Louise asked about the vibrator Karyn had pulled out earlier, her reliable magic wand. “Well used and loved”, Karyn assured her. Karyn sat on the edge of the bed and slouched down to present her pussy invitingly to Louise’s tongue and fingers. Louise began again to finger and lick Joe’s wife’s darkened pussy lips and clit which was now soaking wet and wide open. Karyn switched on the vibrator and began touching her clitoral area with it. Joe kneeled behind Louise and reached between her legs with one hand to caress her cunt, while massaging her tits the other hand. He fingered her for a while and decided now was the time to really join in the action. While the conversation up to now had mainly been grunts, sighs, combined with various “Oohs, Aahs and Yes’s”, he now asked Louise, “Would you like me to fuck you again now?”

She immediately replied “Oh, yes please; if that’s ok?” directed at Karyn.

Karyn immediately replied “Fuck! I don’t care what he does, just don’t stop licking!” This was all Joe needed to hear, his swollen prick was right up against Louise’s cunt lips. He rubbed it up and down, coating its head in her cunt juices, then pressed it firmly into her soaking wet slit. His insatiable cock slipped into her as if her cunt was made of warm, wet velvet. He stayed still for a short while, enthralled by the feeling of being embedded in her cunt once more.

When Joe began to move his cock in and out of Louise, he did it slowly to avoid being overcome with the excitement of the situation. He watched his wife lying on her back, her vibrator causing her multiple orgasms while her cunt was being fingered and licked by an old friend. All the while, Joe was fucking Louise slowly from behind. He started to increase the rhythm, holding her hips firmly while fucking her in earnest, Joe was ramming his cock into her as hard as he was able. Within a few minutes they were both cumming hard. Louise was pushing back into Joe, her pussy pulsating around his cock. Joe was holding it deep inside her while he nearly screamed out loud. He was spurting into her for what seemed to be ages. Once again, he withdrew his cock wet with his thick wet seed mixed with Louise’s sweet and sticky nectar. As Joe pulled out, he wondered how Scott was doing downstairs.

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The Bonus, Chapter 2

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It was promptly at 8:00 when Christy heard a knock on her door. She had been busy since coming home, getting her place picked up and straightened up so it looked nice and then got herself ready as well, showering (although she was sad to have to wash off his cum badge) shaving and getting dressed.She chose to wear a tight stretchy knit pink halter-top dress that was cut a bit high in length and had cut-outs on the sides. The back of the dress dropped dangerously low and the front had a deep plunging V neckline that showed off her amazing DDD tits to perfection.With her white strappy six-inch heels, she was quite sexy and once her makeup was on, she took a good last look at herself just as she heard his knock.”Hi, Come on in,” she said softly as she opened the door for him.”Wow! You look… wow!” he said, at a complete loss for words. Christy smiled at his comment, knowing she had accomplished what she wanted to do… impress him.”Would you like a drink or something before we go to dinner? I have some white wine if you like,” she said.”That would be fine, thank you,” he said. “Make yourself at home and I’ll be right back,” she said and turned to go into the kitchen for the wine.She poured a couple of glasses and then just before coming back to him took a couple of deep breaths to calm her nerves. This was going to be a big night for both of them and she didn’t want to act like some fumbling teenager on a first date!She came back into the living room and sat next to him on the sofa. “Christy honey, I can’t get over how stunning you look. I mean you are always beautiful, but you have gone way beyond that tonight!” he said. “You are simply spectacular!”Christy blushed as pink as her dress. She wasn’t expecting such high praise, she only wanted to look nice for him! “Thank you, Sir,” she said, looking down at her hands in her lap. She didn’t want him to see the nervousness in her face or how much she wanted him to take her right then and there.”Be a little patient Christy. He already wants you, you don’t need to be a whore about it!” she told herself silently, “Let him think Ümraniye Escort he won you, not that you threw yourself at him!””Christy, my dear, I wanted to talk to you a little before we get too far into tonight, and while we are both sober and lucid enough to make good decisions. I wanted to talk about what you said back in the office today,” he said.”What I said, Sir?” she said. “Did I say something wrong? Oh, God, did I make a mistake, Sir? I’m so sorry!” Christy began to panic. What had she done?”No, no, not at all, my dear, don’t worry. No, I just wanted to talk some more about your… how did you put it… wanting to be my secretary slut, my office whore. About how you want me to treat you like a cheap street whore and use your body for my pleasure whenever and however I wish.”I believe those were your words, amongst others. I have a pretty good memory, Christy, and when a beautiful woman tells me something like that, I tend to remember it!” he said with a smile.”Yes, Sir, I said those things,” she said.She wasn’t sure what he was getting at but she was getting a bit nervous as to how this conversation was going.”Indeed,” he said. He turned to face her directly. Taking her trembling hands in his, he continued, “Look at me, Christy.” She lifted her eyes to meet his. “My question to you is… did you mean what you said? And take a moment to think about your answer, because this could change our whole office relationship.””Sir, I don’t need to think about it. Yes, I meant every word of what I said. I am yours in any way and every way you will have me. I will be your secretary and do my job as I always have. And if you desire, I will be your office whore when the time is appropriate. I want to be your whore and your slut. I want to be your fucktoy and your plaything.”I want to be whatever you want, need, and desire, Sir. I am and have always been very fond of you, Sir. I hesitate to use the ‘L’ word only because I don’t know your feelings for me. But I do want to be whatever you want me to be for you. I love my job and I love working Ümraniye Escort Bayan for you, Sir.”You have been more than my boss and my supervisor, you have been my friend and my… fantasy. I have had a few jobs in my life, some better than others. But I have never had a job I looked forward to as much as I do this one. It is a pleasure to get up in the morning and come to work to see you.”I am always sad on the weekends when I sit here at home by myself because I want to be with you. I look forward to Monday morning and getting myself all prettied up for you, Sir. I’m sorry if this sounds too forward or too weird like I’m some sort of stalker or something. But I needed to say it… I needed to get it off my chest, Sir,” she said.He listened to what she had to say and sat there for a moment digesting it. She looked down at her hands still clasped in his. She still trembled, now wondering if she had made a mistake in telling him all this. But her fears were soothed a moment later when he stood up, pulling her to her feet. He put his arms around her waist and pulled her to him.”Say the word, Christy,” he said.”Sir?” she said tentatively.He walked her by the hand across the room. Spinning her around, he pushed her up against the wall pinning her hands to the wall over her head with his own.He leaned a little closer. “Now tell me, slut. Tell me what you want to say,” he repeated.”But what if you…” she started to say.”TELL ME!” he said loudly. “I LOVE YOU, SIR!” she said. “I love you,” she repeated, softer the second time.She looked in his eyes and saw him smile. He leaned forward and kissed her long, deep, and passionately. He let go of her arms and she put them around his neck as he pressed himself against her.He pushed his hips up against her letting her feel what she had done to him. She felt the large bulge in his pants, the large bulge that had been there since he left the office earlier. Even though she had received his “bonus” and he had cum, his cock had recharged now and was ready for more! And the way she looked and the dress Escort Ümraniye she wore only increased his desire for her.He pulled back from their kiss and spun her around again, this time to face the wall. As he pushed her to the wall he knelt down behind her. He rubbed her ass cheeks over the tight material of her dress then ran his hands down her thighs to her knees and back up the insides of her thighs. She shivered as he got to the hem of her dress. He stopped there for a moment letting the anticipation build. “What do you want?” he asked.”Please, Sir… please go under…” she whimpered.He smiled. He loved to hear her whimper and beg. His hand slipped under her dress and up to her lacy panties. He began to rub her pussy through her panties and her knees buckled slightly. She caught herself, but not before he had placed his other hand on her ass to steady her.He rubbed her pussy harder, hearing her moan and feeling her sway as she began to get more and more turned on. She put her head against the wall and clawed at the wallpaper as he worked her to a heated frenzy. He felt her pussy getting wet and he could smell her musky aroma… yes, this woman wanted what he could give her!He slipped two fingers under the panties and rubbed against her bare pussy for a second. “Oh FUCK!” she cried out as she felt him toy with her pussy lips. But he wasn’t there for her pleasure. As soon as his fingers got wet from her juices he pulled them out and stood up. He grabbed her hair and hauled her head back. Shoving his wet fingers under her nose, he growled in her ear. “Do you smell that, slut? Do you smell how slutty and dirty you are? How much you want me to fuck you? You DO want me to fuck you, don’t you?””Oh God yes! Please, Sir, please fuck your slutty whore secretary! Please! I need you inside me so much! Please, please Sir!” she begged.He let go of her hair and turned her back around to face him. Putting a finger under her chin he lifted her face.”There’s time for that later. I see all the trouble you went to to look nice for me–I’d hate to spoil such beauty before dinner. But after dinner, I’m going to make you look like a Picasso painting!” he said kissing her.Christy moaned into his mouth at the thought of what he was going to do to her after dinner. She adjusted her dress and brushed her hair back into place where he had grabbed it and the pair went to dinner.

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Bi Sisters Take Control Ch. 03

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Looking down at Laura waiting for me to fuck her and the nearness of her mouth made me decide on a way for me to get my cock to full erection again and also see if she could actually deep throat my cock.

“Before I fuck you Laura I want your mouth to bring me to full erection again, lay on your back across the bed with your head hanging down?”

“Why do you want me in that position Bob, can’t I just suck your cock?”

“Just do as I ask Laura, I want to see if you can take all my cock and that means seeing if you can deep throat me.”

“But I have done that already haven’t I?”

“No Laura all you have done is learn how to take a cock into the back of your mouth, but to really deep throat a cock you need to take it down your throat and you can only do that by lying in the position I have asked you to so your mouth and throat are pretty well in line. You said you wanted to learn from Molly and me so do as I ask you.”

“Ok Bob, but be gentle please.”

As she moved into position I assured her that I had no intention of hurting her but wanted her to learn how to do this act so we could do it as a variation at times.

She lay looking up at me as I stood in front of her with my cock eager now to feel the warm wetness of her oral cave once more before I invaded her cunt.

I put my cock head to her lips and she allowed me to push my cock between them and feel them sliding over my swelling cock head. This gave me the sensation of pushing my cock into the ring of her cunt and opening it wider and feeling its caress as it slid over my tip as I entered her, I gave a low moan of pleasure and then another as my cock head was suddenly trapped by her closed lips and her cheeks now sunken in around my cock as she began to suck on it.

“That feels really good you little cock sucker, now let me slide it in deeper as I fuck your lovely face once more.”

I bent over putting my hands on the bed and looking down I watched my shaft slowly going deeper into her eager sucking mouth until I pulled it back then pushed it in again as I fucked her mouth with long slow strokes until eventually my now hard cock was poised to enter her throat.

“Relax Laura and see if you can take my tip down your throat now.”

I pushed my cock deeper and felt the big swollen tip begin to enter her throat, she gagged so I pulled my cock all the way from her mouth.

She looked at me and said, “Try again Bob, but don’t pull right out again if I gag just keep trying, it is such a strange feeling especially knowing I won’t be able to breath.”

“That’s my girl Laura,” I said as I once more slid my cock into her mouth and felt her sucking on it as I pushed it slowly deeper and deeper. I felt it start to enter her throat and hesitated in case she gagged again, she surprised my by putting her hands on my buttocks and pressing me gently forward as we both felt my swollen tip going into her throat deeper and deeper until I felt my groin pressed to her mouth.

I held my cock still allowing her to get used to this new feeling then pulled it back into her mouth, she then inhaled deeply and I then pushed my cock all the way back into her mouth watching her throat swell as my cock head invaded it, the sight of the bulge in her throat caused my cock to swell even more. I began to fuck her with little short strokes so my cock came out of her throat allowing her to suck in some air before I pushed my big tip back into her throat. But now I knew she could deep throat me I wanted to get my cock up her cunt and really give her a good hard fucking knowing at some later time I could enjoy fucking her throat and shooting my load in her mouth.

I pulled my cock from her mouth and told her to get on her hands and knees with her shoulders down so her cunt was at a nice level for my entry. She did as asked and I climbed on the bed behind her and positioned my cock at the entrance to her fuck hole.

“I see by your leaking cunt that you enjoyed deep throating my cock.”

“It was a strange sensation but it did turn me on, but now I want to feel your lovely big cock going up me and fucking me, give it to me Bob, turn my fantasy into reality.”

I felt her push her ass back so my cock head was starting to open her ring I grabbed her hips and said, “Take it all the way up your hot cunt you lovely slut.” I then rammed my cock forcefully all the way up into her hot wet cunt and heard her cry out at my forceful entry. I held my cock buried to the hilt savouring the tightness of her sheath around my cock, my tip was now at the centre of her fire and I decided to stoke it more for her. As I felt her adjust to my girth I began to fuck her with short thrusting strokes so my swollen tip was massaging her deep inside.

“Oh fuck that feels so good Bob,” she moaned as I continued my deep fucking.

But I also wanted to really ream her cunt like I had in my fantasy, to slam my cock deep inside her and here her mewing at being fucked so hard. I suddenly pulled my cock almost out of her and then slammed it Ankara bayan escort hard back into her again and again. She was moaning and crying out at being ridden so hard and deep and I slowed down to set a more regular pace now that I knew she was highly aroused.

“Talk dirty to me Bob, in my fantasy you always talked that way to me.”

So as I plunged my cock up her again I told her what a great fuck she was, how my big tip was enjoying its journey up her cock hungry fuck hole. Then I called her a cock sucking slut and a cum loving whore.”

My words seemed to have the desired effect for she became like a wild thing thrusting her ass back harder to take me as deep as she could while at the same time between her moans of pleasure I heard her saying, “Fuck that cunt, fuck your slut whore.”

Her moans and hearing her talking dirty to me aroused me more so I really plundered her tight cunt riding her hard and fast. Suddenly as I rammed my cock hard into her she cried out louder and I felt her sheath rippling along my shaft as it tried to milk me, but I was now on that high plateau of sexual arousal that seems to bring such pleasure but seems to be stopping you from cumming. She came moaning as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure flowed over her.

Gripping her hips hard I ploughed her hot wet furrow with my big tool throughout her orgasm. When it was over I kept slamming my tool into her and she suddenly exploded in orgasm twice more. Then it was my turn to cry out as I felt my cum moving up from my balls along my shaft and as it shot its first jet into the depths of her cunt she called out to me.

“Yes, Oh yes Bob, fill me with your hot load.”

I thought my cock would never stop shooting as the most intense feeling of orgasmic pleasure flowed over me as I held my tip buried to the hilt inside her flooded cunt as I added my juice to mix with hers.

When it was over I pulled my cock from her and watched as she turned and still on her knees she grasped my cock at the base and began to lick the mixed juices of our union from it before taking it in her mouth and sucking it clean.

Releasing my cock she stood up and said, “Thank you Bob, that was so much better than all my fantasies. Was it good for you?”

“It was really great Laura.”

She then put her arms around my neck and kissed me.

Breaking the kiss but keeping her arms around my neck and her lovely pert tits pressed against my chest she said, “Will you really teach me to deep throat your lovely cock Bob? I loved the way it felt going down my throat and being unable to breath made me a little fearful, but that fear made my cunt gush and I loved the way it aroused me so much.”

“Yes Laura I intend to teach you how to deep throat me, you know it is something that Molly would never try to do for me.”

“Mmmmm I loved it Bob. I still can’t believe that you have now turned my fantasy into a reality, let me be your little slut whore, I will do anything to please you Bob.”

Her now voice changed to a more wheedling one as she continued, “Tell me what other things you fantasised about doing to me…please Bob…pretty please?”

“No way Laura I want to surprise you with some of the other things I thought about doing to you in my fantasies, and you my little slut will enjoy them better when I surprise you with them. We better go and shower and have some dinner so we can enjoy the evening with Molly and Lisa.”

She took hold of my hand squeezing it in a loving way as we went to the bathroom, I knew by the way she was acting that she really did have feelings for me, a crush maybe. Well she and Lisa may have taken control of our sex lives but I felt that if I played along with Laura that maybe I could change things. How wrong I was, as events that happened later would show.

Just as we arrived at the bathroom out walked Molly and Lisa, I had never seen Molly look so radiant her eyes so bright and a big smile on her face.

“Seems like you and Lisa have really enjoyed yourselves,” I said.

“Oh god Bob she is one great little cunt licker and she really loves having her clitty played with. How was Laura, she really has taken a fancy to you Bob I see by the way she is holding your hand.”

“Well I will just say that she is a lovely fuck and a great cock sucker who likes to swallow cum. Now you are showered we can take a shower while you prepare dinner.”

“See you soon Molly, I am dying to get us all together after dinner and have you lick my cunt among other things,” Laura said as she once more squeezed my hand.

In the shower I took my time washing Laura’s beautiful body, her pert little tits took a little time as I first of all washed them with my tongue paying particular attention to her nipples. She stroked my hair and murmured how nice it felt, but not as nice as when I licked her cunt. The final part of washing her was having her stand with her hands on the shower wall her ass shoved back and her legs spread wide while I knelt behind Escort bayan Ankara her and as she warm water cascaded over us I opened her cunt and washed inside enjoying once more the sight of her lovely pink interior and the also her ring which my cock only a short time ago had opened and then been buried to the depths inside her.

She then washed me; before she started she stood looking at my cock, which was once more partly erect. “

“Looks like you enjoyed looking at my cunt and washing it Bob, but don’t get any ideas about fucking me in the shower because I want you to save your cum for later, you won’t regret waiting Bob.”

Then the teasing little bitch soaped up her hand and grasping my cock she began to masturbate me making my cock swell to full erection.

“There now what a lovely clean cock you have,” she said and began giggling as she then began to wash me all over. When she had finished she stepped out of the shower and picked up a towel and dried herself, then said, “Right Bob let me dry you now.”

I stepped out and she took another towel and dried me. My cock had started to droop from the lack of stimulation and she dried it last rubbing it hard making it rise and swell once more. Removing the towel she stood looking at my cock.

“What a naughty cock you have there Bob.”

Before I could say a word she dropped to her knees and took hold of my shaft with one hand and cupped my balls with the other and planted a kiss on the swollen tip saying, “Behave, just wait till after dinner I have a nice surprise for you.”

“Suck me you fucking teasing bitch,” I said as I reached out to grab her hair. But she was to quick for me she was up in a flash and ran out of the bathroom laughing and giggling all the way to the bedroom where she dressed.

I walked in and said to her, “I have a nice surprise for you later as well Laura.’

Giggling again she said, “I hope it is a nice big one Bob.”

As I finished dressing she came and put her hands around my neck once more and kissed me a long sweet loving kiss. Releasing me she said, “I love teasing you Bob.”

“Come on then you naughty little cunt we had better go and eat so you can give me your surprise afterwards.”

She once more grabbed my hand and squeezing it said, “I am dying to know what your surprise is Bob,” as we walked out of the bedroom to the dining room.


After dinner we were sitting in the living room when Laura said to Lisa, “Time for a little sex lesson from Molly and Bob don’t you think?”

“Great,” said Lisa, what did you have in mind.

“Taking a cock up the butt.”

“Yeah, sounds great I always wondered what it would be like. Whose butt?”

“Why Molly’s of course.”

“Wait a minute Laura,” I started to say when she cut me off.

“Listen Bob we are calling the shots now, remember, so you and Molly had better do what you are told, got it.”

I did not reply knowing that it would make no difference.

“OK Molly strip off and bend over and show Bob that butt of yours. Meanwhile Bob you can also take off your clothes.”

Molly did as asked and as she bent presenting her lovely bottom to me Laura walked over to her and stroked her ass cheeks saying, “You have a very beautiful body Molly, such lovely big tits and they look so delectable hanging down like they are now. But it is your asshole we are interested in, it looks so lovely displayed with your cunt like that.”

“Come on Bob show us what you do when you fuck Molly up her ass.”

I was now standing naked being ordered around by a twenty-year-old slut.

“Speak up Bob do you lick her ass? Or do you lube it up?”

“Let me get the tube of KY,” I said to Laura.

“Lisa babe suck Bob’s cock, make it nice and hard so we can watch it disappear up Molly’s tight ass and see what it really looks like while Molly tells us what it feels like.”

“Hurry up Bob.”

I returned with the KY and found Lisa kneeling behind Molly, she had her back to Molly and I realised that she was going to suck me while I was lubricating Molly’s asshole

“Bring your cock over here Bob so I can suck it while you lube Molly’s asshole,” Lisa said.

As Lisa took my cock in her eager young mouth and started sucking it Laura came over and took the KY from me and said, “Use your tongue, lick her tight ring and push your tongue inside as far as you can.”

I had fucked Molly in the ass a few times but she never really enjoyed it and I had never licked her ass before.

“Molly likes me to use the KY not lick her,” I said to Laura.

“Well Bob it seems we have two firsts tonight, you licking Molly’s ass and she taking your cock up her asshole without the KY. Now lick the bitch like I told you to.”

I could only do as ordered so I bent over and began to Lick tentatively up the crack of Molly’s ass feeling my cock now fully hard from Lisa’s oral servicing.

“Better stop sucking Lisa Bayan escort Ankara otherwise you might make me cum,” I said.

She stood on the opposite side of Molly’s ass to Laura watching as I resumed licking and probing Molly’s tight anal ring.

“Lisa, put your hands on Molly’s ass cheek and pull it hard while I do the same to this one,” Laura instructed her sister.

I paused as they did and saw Molly’s anus was now partly open showing just a little of the pink sheath the rest just a black void.

“Look at that open asshole Bob, now get your tongue inside there and fuck her ass with it. I bet you can’t wait to show us how you fuck her up that forbidden hole with you big cock,” Laura said.

I could only do as ordered and for the first time I pushed my tongue inside her asshole and tongue fucked her. The taste was not as bad as I though it would be not knowing at this time that Lisa had used her finger inside the wash cloth to finger fuck Molly and ensure her anal entrance was clean when they showered.

“OK Bob, that’s enough. You Molly get on your hands and knees and push that lovely ass up so we can watch Bob fucking you up the ass,” Laura instructed us.

Once Molly was on her hands and knees with her ass pushed up I put my swollen tip to her tiny anal ring and began to apply pressure. Molly began to moan loudly as my big cock head slowly forced her ring to expand as it slowly began to enter her ass without any lubrication for the very first time.

“Fuck Laura, look how big his swollen tip is and how its stretching Molly’s anal ring I bet it hurts like hell,” Lisa said.

“Well I hope it does because I want to hear the bitch cry out as Bob gets his cock all the way up her lovely ass and fucks it hard and deep,” Laura replied.

Molly gave a little cry as my cock head suddenly popped inside, her anal ring relaxed a little as it settled around my shaft just behind the head as I held it still allowing her to adjust to its girth.

Laura and Lisa were both highly excited at observing a cock going up a woman’s ass I could tell by the excited way they now spoke.

“”Shove it all the way up the bitch Bob and make her squeal, fuck her ass,” Lisa said.

“Yeah take it up your ass Bitch, fuck that ass Bob, ream it hard,” Laura said.

I began to push my cock deeper into the tight confines of Molly’s anal sheath making her writhe a bit as she moaned loudly at being penetrated without any lubrication. I slowed my entry so as not to cause her too much pain, but Laura seemed intent at making this anal fuck as painful as she could for Molly. She suddenly moved behind me and whacked my ass hard making me thrust forward and thus impale Molly on my hard tool.

“Fuck the bitch up the ass, come on Bob show her how you really wanted to fuck her ass but she would not let you,” Laura ordered me.

Lisa was now highly excited and aroused watching Molly taking my cock up her ass as I began to pull my cock back down and then thrust it back up her ass again.

“Fuck her up the ass,” she began to chant and soon Laura began chanting in unison with her as I now gave way to my long pent up desires to ride her ass hard when I had been allowed by Molly to penetrate her most intimate hole on rare occasions.

I began to ram my cock harder faster and deeper into her making her moan and cry out.

“Does it hurt Molly, I hope so. How could you be so cruel to Bob not letting him enjoy your ass whenever he wanted,” Laura said.

It never registered with me at the time as I was lost in the pleasure of fucking Molly’s butt, but I recalled her words later and it seemed to me that she really did have a crush on me, this was reinforced by the way she had held my hand and squeezed it and the way she had kissed me.

But soon the tightness and the freedom I was enjoying at reaming Molly’s ass took me to the heights of pleasure. I rammed my cock hard and deep inside her and said, “Your going to get my hot load soon.”

“Don’t cum up her ass Bob, pull your cock out I want her to suck you off and take your load on her face as well as in her mouth,” Laura said.

“No I won’t take Bob’s cock in my mouth after it’s been up my ass,” Molly said.

“Pull out Bob, pull out now,” Laura ordered me.

I pulled my cock from Molly’s ass and saw that Laura had taken the belt of my trousers and as I moved to stand in front of Molly she began to lash her ass with it saying, “You fucking bitch you just do what we tell you now suck Bob’s cock.”

Molly started to try and get up but Lisa grabbed her hair and forced her back onto her knees and said, “Suck like Laura told you or you will be sorry.”

Realising it was futile to resist and with her ass cheeks tingling and glowing red from the strapping she had received Molly took my cock in her mouth and licked and sucked on it until I cried out and as the first two spurts of my semen filled her mouth I pulled my cock out of her mouth and ejaculated the rest all over her face.

“Well now you do look beautiful with Bob’s cum all over your face, scrape it up and eat it, hurry up were waiting,” Laura said.

Molly now subdued did as asked and after scraping up as much as she could Laura told her that she was a good bitch.

I looked at Molly and wondered would our lives ever be the same after today.

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Bisexual Men’s Wives Ch. 10

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Meet Suzanne Oliviers, a sixty-year-old French Canadian BBW living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Life after retirement has never looked so good. Standing five-foot-eight, curvy, with short, spiky silver hair and lively blue eyes behind horn-rimmed glasses, Suzanne is a busty, curvy, wide-hipped and big-bottomed dame who still makes the fellas smile whenever they check her out.

This gal is out there having fun and is definitely not ready for the nursing home yet. Shoot, Suzanne is nobody’s grandma! Suzanne happens to live next door to Slater Woodson, a big and tall young Black man originally from the City of Kingston, Jamaica. Slater is studying business management at Algonquin College and rents a one-bedroom apartment in the building adjacent to Suzanne’s house near South Keys. They met at the local Metro grocery store and have been on friendly terms ever since…

Suzanne is one crafty old bat and she often knows a lot more than she tells. She has a thing for younger men, especially the ones of non-European descent. Suzanne has designs on Slater Woodson, for she’s heard wonderful things about the sexual powers and manly prowess of Jamaican men. This is complicated by the fact that Suzanne suspects Slater Woodson and his buddy Pablo Estevez are, ahem, more than friends…

Suzanne has seen Slater with his buddy Pablo, and they are awfully chummy. Pablo, according to the best gossip that Suzanne taps into, is a fairly interesting individual. He’s tall and good-looking, with curly dark hair, bronze skin and an athletic build. Pablo hails from the City of Oaxaca, Mexico, and studies accounting at the University of Ottawa. Oh, and there are videos from the Toronto Bisexual Network on Pablo’s social media accounts. At the very least, Pablo swings both ways, and Slater is most likely his lover. Suzanne is understandably chagrined by this…

“Good morning, handsome, how’s life?” Suzanne asked Slater, having spotted him doing his morning jog. Tall, brawny and handsome, with skin of a rich mahogany hue, Slater Woodson is a fine specimen of Afro-Caribbean masculinity. Slater, having spotted Suzanne and heard her greeting, politely came to a stop. He stood so close to her that Suzanne could smell his sweat…

“Oh, you know, busy with work and life and stuff,” Slater replied, and Suzanne nodded, trying not to stare at the chocolate stud muffin. Why do the hot ones have to swing the other way? Suzanne pondered quietly while bantering with Slater. The young Jamaican went on about his school life and recent struggles, unaware that a certain French Canadian BBW was seizing him up…

“Don’t let life’s struggles drive you crazy, I’m here if you want someone to talk to,” Suzanne replied with a sly grin. Slater nodded, and something in the distance seemed to catch his attention. Following the young man’s gaze, Suzanne saw what he was looking at. A certain Hijab-wearing Muslim lady was bending over to tie her sandals, and in the process, her big butt was sticking out…

“I’ll remember that for sure,” Slater said, smiling, when Suzanne caught him checking out the Muslim lady’s ass. Suzanne looked at Slater, and was so stunned by this. Suzanne is no spring chicken and knows a lot about male sexuality. Lots of normal-looking and normal-sounding men who have wives or girlfriends secretly have male lovers on the side. Slater, though, was of a different breed. What was going on here?

“See you next time,” Suzanne said softly, and Slater nodded and then walked away. After a few seconds, the young Jamaican stud resumed his job. The brother’s got a nice ass, Suzanne thought, smiling. Of course, Slater’s ass was probably being enjoyed by his good buddy and possible lover Pablo, but perhaps Suzanne could entice him into her bed for a night or two. As many women know, bisexual men can and do enjoy a juicy pussy, even if gay men are allergic to such things…

Suzanne decided to investigate Slater Woodson, and what better place to look than his social media accounts? In today’s world, folks ranging from eighteen to forty post every detail of their lives on social media. Suzanne checked Slater Woodson out, and found out that he’d recently ended a relationship with a young White woman named Kurtköy Escort Adele Stirling, supposedly over lifestyle differences.

“What have we here?” Suzanne said to herself, sitting behind her computer, as she browsed through Slater Woodson profile. Pictures of Slater with a tall, blonde-haired young White woman in his arms. Pictures of Slater hanging out with his buddy Pablo Estevez. These two seemed quite inseparable. Hmm. Lots of young men are quite close to their buddies. Was it a bromance or something more?

Suzanne continued to snoop through Slater’s profile, and saw that he’d been reading a lot of novels by the late African American writer E. Lynn Harris, a man who became famous due to his mostly positive portrayals of the private lives of bisexual Black men. Suzanne smiled upon discovering this, for she’d read the works of many Black American writers, among them Eric Jerome Dickey, Terry McMillan and E. Lynn Harris.

Slater swings both ways, works for me, Suzanne Oliviers thought, and a wicked, sensual plan began forming in her mind. That night, as Suzanne lay in her bed, stark naked due to the summer heat, she found herself unable to sleep. Suzanne rubbed her erect nipples and fingered her pussy, feeling a wetness begin between her thick White thighs. As Suzanne masturbated to a guilty pleasure, she thought of Slater and his dark-skinned, hard-bodied self…

Nearby, Slater Woodson lay in bed, unable to sleep. Earlier, he’d said goodbye to his lover Pablo, who was returning to Mexico. The Mexican government paid for Pablo’s studies at the University of Ottawa, that was true, but his semester abroad was over. Pablo’s study permit was expiring soon and he had to go back to Mexico, much to Slater’s chagrin. They had dinner at East Side Mario’s restaurant, and then went to Pablo’s place for some hot, passionate sex.

Slater knew he would miss Pablo sorely, for they truly connected. Slater had known he was bisexual for a long time, but he couldn’t quite accept himself. On the island of Jamaica, if a man is bisexual, he should really keep it to himself. In the Black community in general, Black women and Black men seemed to dislike LGBT people, especially the flamboyant ones. Even worse, lots of Black women with tons of Black gay male friends absolutely refused to date or even befriend bisexual Black men. Slater was caught between a rock and a hard place…

When Slater Woodson met Pablo Estevez, one fine day on the Algonquin College campus, it seemed like Kismet. Pablo was tall, handsome and masculine. He was openly bisexual, and seemed to understand Slater’s situation. Slater had met plenty of gay males who told him that male bisexuality was a myth, and they would frown upon him checking out females while in their presence. Slater shunned those close-minded bozos and kept to himself…until Pablo came along.

“Pablo, you’re unlike any man I ever met,” Slater told his new friend on the day they met. Pablo and Slater began to hang out, and Pablo showed the Jamaican stud a great time. Pablo was actually the one who introduced Slater to Adele, a freaky and big-bottomed blonde-haired White chick who liked switch-hitters. Pablo and Slater would go to bars and clubs with Adele, and they had some freaky fun together. They had some wild times in the VIP section of the Bourbon Room.

Slater recalled that time when Adele got on her knees and sucked his dick while Pablo watched. The bisexual Mexican stud seemed content to play the voyeur. Pablo’s combination of masculinity and sexual fluidity were among the many reasons why Slater liked him so much. Most gay dudes felt insecure around men who swing both ways and wanted to steal such men from their wives and girlfriends. Pablo, a true bisexual, wasn’t scared of the female presence. Pablo knew how to mix it up…

“Fuck me with that big chocolate dick while Pablo watches,” Adele told Slater, after sucking the hell out of his big dark dick. Slater, amazed by Adele’s freakiness and Pablo’s willingness to try wild things, went along with it. Slater rolled a condom on his hard dick and put Adele on all fours, smacking her cute round ass for good measure. With a swift thrust, Slater penetrated Adele’s Kurtköy Escort Bayan tight pussy and began fucking her…

“Can I cut in?” Pablo asked, and Adele grinned as the handsome Mexican stud unzipped his pants, freeing his thick brown dick. Adele began sucking Pablo’s dick even as she continued to grind her big pale ass against Slater’s groin, driving him deeper inside of her. Pablo winked at Slater as Adele sucked his dick. Slater grinned at Pablo as he continued banging Adele’s sweet pussy. He couldn’t believe his damn luck. A hot woman and a hunk, his to play with, Slater had it all…

“Oh yes, fuck me,” Adele squealed as Pablo and Slater double teamed her. Slater lay flat on the floor of the VIP section, and Adele straddled him, impaling her wet pussy on his hard dick. Pablo came up behind Adele, and tagged her big ass. Spreading Adele’s ass cheeks wide open, Pablo lubricated her hole, then pushed his hard cock inside of her. Adele gasped as she got double penetrated by Slater and Pablo. The two bisexual studs worked the freaky White woman over until she tapped out…

“Watch me fuck him,” Pablo told Adele, as he and Slater got their freak on in front of her. Adele sat there, fingering her sore pussy while watching the two bisexual hunks as they did their thing. Pablo bent Slater over and lubricated his ass, then entered him. Slater groaned as Pablo gripped his hips and began to fuck him. Adele felt her nipples harden and her pussy got wetter and wetter as she watched the Mexican stud bury his hard dick inside a hunky Black man…

“Oh fuck that’s intense,” Slater shouted, moaning as Pablo fucked the hell out of him. Turned on by the man to man action, Adele cut in. She grabbed Slater’s dick and began sucking him off, even as Pablo continued to pound his ass. Things got steamy in the VIP and Adele was honestly surprised that security didn’t come calling. The hot three-way got really freaky. After Pablo fucked Slater real good, Adele delighted both men by sucking their dicks. Is she awesome or what?

Slater smiled at the memory, and stroked his hard dick. He was going to miss both Pablo and Adele. Recently, Adele had toned down her wild ways, after supposedly finding religion. Adele turned Mormon, and now considered all the fun and wicked things she used to do with Slater and Pablo to be quite sinful. For this, and a few other reasons, Slater and Adele were no longer speaking.

Dammit, I’m alone again, Slater thought. He’d lost his girlfriend Adele and his boyfriend Pablo in the same month. Welcome to the bisexual man’s dilemma-filled world! The next morning, Slater felt like going to the gym, and as he went to take the O-Train to downtown Ottawa, he ran into his neighbor Suzanne Oliviers. The curvy, pretty-faced and lovely older lady seemed to be in a good mood. Slater, who had the blues after losing both Adele and Pablo, needed a pick-me-up. That’s why he let Suzanne talk him into skipping the gym and grabbing breakfast with her instead…

“Slater, a handsome man like you shouldn’t cry over spilt milk, you can have any woman or any man,” Suzanne told him, after he told her a vague story about a recent breakup. Slater looked at Suzanne, surprised by her words. The old bat had always been nosy. Slater chucked it up to her being a dame with nothing to do with her time. How much did Suzanne know about Slater’s life?

“You know a lot about me,” Slater said, and that’s when Suzanne flashed him a sexy wink, and laid her hand on his thigh. They were at the Tim Horton’s located on Bank Street. Slater looked at Suzanne, and saw that she was giving him the let’s-get-busy look. Slater leaned back in his chair and took a good look at Suzanne, who looked sexy in a red and White summer dress that emphasized her big butt and thick, pale legs. Granny is horny for a brother, Slater thought, amused.

“Slater, let’s not play games, I know you like both women and men, and I’m not here to judge, we’re both adults, I want you, that’s all,” Suzanne said, speaking plainly. Slater smiled and admired the lovely older woman sitting opposite him. On the Algonquin College campus, there are lots of hot young women but they like to string a brother Escort Kadıköy along, or play mind games, rather than straight up ask for the dick. Slater admired Suzanne’s directness…

“Well, Suzanne, I like the sound of that,” Slater replied, and Suzanne grinned in the manner of a cat about to pounce on prey. The two of them took an Uber back to Suzanne’s place, and when they got there, sexual fireworks happened. Suzanne was horny as can be and didn’t waste any time showing Slater what he’d been missing. The bisexual Jamaican stud evidently liked White women, and Suzanne was going to make Slater forget all about Pablo and Adele…

“Hmm, just relax and enjoy, handsome, I suck a mean dick,” Suzanne told Slater, as he lay on her bed, stark naked. Suzanne smiled at Slater, whose tall, broad-shouldered, dark-skinned and very masculine form caused her heart to skip a beat. Stripped down to her bra and panties, Suzanne licked her lips. The mature French Canadian BBW wanted to get herself some chocolate, and Slater didn’t mind giving it to her…

“Go for it, gorgeous,” Slater said, and Suzanne smiled, stroking his long dark dick before taking him into her mouth. Slater smiled at Suzanne as the old bat began sucking him off. Slater, a forthrightly bisexual, masculine brother from Jamaica has fucked and been fucked by women and men of all hues. Still, he had to admit that nobody sucks Black dick quite like a horny White woman. They’re the undisputed queens of the head game…

Suzanne Oliviers is an explorer of the sensual realms, and she cannot get enough of handsome, virile young men of non-European descent. African, Arab, Latino, Chinese, Indian, they’re all unique flavors of masculinity and Suzanne wants to taste them all. That’s why the curvy, big-bottomed, short-haired, sexy and freaky French Canadian BBW sucked Slater’s big Jamaican dick like there was no tomorrow. When Slater came, Suzanne drank all of his seed…

“How do you like me now?” Suzanne asked Slater, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand after sucking the hell out of his dick. The tall, dark and handsome bisexual Jamaican stud smiled at the curvy and freaky mature White woman. Although their differences were obvious, underneath it all, they were definitely birds of a feather. Slater licked his lips and looked at Suzanne, a woman whose sensuality was raw and pure, unlike the boring young gals at Algonquin College…

“Suzanne, I’m going to eat that pussy and smash that ass till you tap out,” Slater said, smiling, and Suzanne soon found out that he was a man of his word. Putting Suzanne on all fours, Slater spread her thick pale ass cheeks wide open and began fingering her butt hole while licking her pussy. Suzanne sighed happily as Slater began to give her aged but still sweet pussy the lick-down she deserved…

“Fuck me,” Suzanne sighed, after Slater took her to the edge of passion by stimulating her pussy and asshole with his fingers and tongue. Slater grinned and playfully smacked Suzanne’s big White ass. He rubbed his hard dick against her rump, and entered her with a swift thrust. Suzanne moaned softly, turned on by Slater’s passion and ardor as he vigorously slammed his dick into her pussy. The younger men like it rough, and so does Suzanne…

“Come ride me, gorgeous,” Slater told Suzanne as they switched positions. Suzanne grinned and happily straddled Slater. The younger man took her hand and brought it to his lips, and she licked her lips as he caressed her breast with one hand and smacked her derriere with the other. With a smooth thrust, Slater buried his dick inside Suzanne, who exhaled sharply then began riding him.

“Thank you, I needed that,” Suzanne told Slater, hours later, as she sprawled on the bed next to him. Suzanne looked at her lover, this tall, handsome, dark-skinned and masculine young man who loves women and men without fear or shame. He’d pounded her pussy harder and much more passionately than any lover in recent memory. Where did he find the energy?

Jamaican men are to die for, Suzanne thought, smiling at Slater, who’d already fallen asleep. This didn’t surprise Suzanne, who’d been known to sexually exhaust her lovers. Slater Woodson of Jamaican was just the latest young man to feel the full force of Suzanne’s sexual powers, that was all. Suzanne nodded with contentment, looking forward to more fun in the coming days with her new lover. She didn’t care if Slater was out there banging fellas and ladies left and right, as long as she got a piece of him…

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