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A New Life Ch. 03

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I enjoyed the peace and quiet of a solitary Saturday, alone with my thoughts. Did I feel guilty about my sessions with Howard? Not really, I was craving attention and affection. My suppressed sexual desires had been released and satisfied for now at least. Was it wrong to have a relationship with someone I now knew to be only twenty? Not as long as no-one else knew, I chuckled inwardly at that thought!

On Sunday there was a street market in a nearby town, the day looked fine and I caught a bus to enjoy browsing round the stalls. Some nice fresh vegetables were purchased and I enjoyed a lovely milky coffee in a café down a side street.

As I left the café I heard a wolf whistle, I turned to view my admirer. There stood Howard, grinning as ever and heading in my direction. He was helping a mate, Derek, to move into a flat in the town he explained. He asked if I was staying a while as they would be done soon and would be going out for a few pints.

I knew Derek vaguely as he occasionally came in the Royal Inn and he seemed a quiet enough man, a little older than Howard and his mates but pleasant enough. I saw no harm in agreeing and said I would meet them by the Town Hall in an hour so if that was agreeable. Howard said that was fine as they just had some furniture to move from his van.

I browsed happily without adding to my shopping and then made my way towards the Town Hall, Howard and Derek were already there and greeted me cheerfully. Derek suggested going to the Red Lion which was very close nearby and soon we were standing at the bar, I offered to buy the drinks but they would not hear of it.

They were downing pints of bitter at a good rate, even on halves I was struggling to keep up and it was almost a relief when last orders were called. No all day drinking in those days! Derek suggested buying a few bottles to take back to his new place and Howard agreed saying he would take me home later if that was OK, I was relaxed and having fun so why not?

The two men carried a crate of bottles we had bought as we walked a short distance to the street where Howard had spotted me earlier. Derek unlocked the door to the downstairs flat, explaining that he had been wanting his own place for some time as living with parents was no fun. The door opened into a small living room furnished with just a sofa, a radio and a television, we made our way in. The crate was deposited by the sofa and Derek disappeared canlı bahis into what I assumed was the kitchen saying he had a bottle opener somewhere.

I shrugged off my coat laying it on the carpet, Howard was by now lounging on one end of the sofa giving me lustful looks. I whispered to him that here was not the right place and he just smiled. Derek returned triumphantly holding out a bottle opener and telling Howard to get some bottles opened. He also held out a five pound note to Howard, saying it was for the help and the bet.

Howard took the fiver placing it in his jeans front pocket. I enquired what the bet was, did he have a bet on a horse? Derek laughed saying no not a horse but it looked like a sure thing! I was puzzled and asked Howard what the bet had been, he looked sheepish and mumbled something I did not catch.

I asked again, and recoiled in horror as he explained that I was the subject of the wager. Derek and he worked on building projects together and after one of my early visits to the pub Howard had said how much he fancied me. Derek had laughingly said he had no chance and the friendly wager had been struck. He tried to placate me by saying how much he liked me and had said nothing to anyone else, he said Derek had known when I agreed to meet them for a drink but he had not told him any details.

I was furious and made to get my coat and leave, Howard grabbed me by the arms pleading with me not to leave. He pulled me up against him kissing me and telling me had been stupid. No the stupid one was me. He persuaded me to just have one drink and he would drive us home, Derek had swiftly opened three bottles and pushed one at me urging me to have a drink. He assured me that the secret was safe with him, the bet had been settled and that was it.

Drink does strange things at times, half a bottle of fizzy beer and I was sat back on the sofa with the two young men either side of me already on their second bottles. By the time I had finished the first bottle and another had been opened for me I was feeling distinctly light headed and giggly now my annoyance had abated. Howard turned and kissed me lightly, Derek said he wished the bet had been the other way round and laughed.

Howard laughed too, moving his arm around my shoulders, he asked if Derek could feel the way I kissed as a small sample. I was feeling drunk now and I knew I should not and yet I agreed. I turned towards Derek and closed bahis siteleri my eyes, I felt soft lips on mine and they lingered. Howard’s right hand slowly dropped down my back and eased under my arm, caressing the side of my breast through my blouse and bra. I pulled away from Derek’s lips turning to remonstrate with Howard, his mouth was on me immediately, urgently kissing me his tongue probing into my mouth.

His strong arms pulled me to him, his mouth moved to my ear, biting gently with his teeth and whispering that he would show Derek how beautiful I was. My head was spinning and I lay back against the sofa watching as if I was hypnotised as his left hand moved to my blouse. Buttons were unfastened, my cleavage came into view, more buttons and the flesh of my stomach was visible, a couple more buttons and then he pulled back the left side of the garment. My nipple was enormous, pushing through the material as I gasped for air. Derek’s hand reached across and my eyes turned to him as he pulled back the right side of my blouse, my right nipple as obscenely erect as the left.

The jointly tense breathing of three people sounded as loud as the street traffic as two hands reached simultaneously for my breasts, thumbs rasped over my sensitive nipples, noisy slurping kisses fell on my upper breasts. A hand reached up my back, bra unclipped and lifted above my heavy tits. Gasps and compliments as they mauled a breast each, sucking as if in a contest to see who could extend a nipple furthest.

Howard’s hand on my knee, skirt sliding upwards, legs splaying apart, fingers stroking the gusset of my panties, wetness from within leaking. And my hips being raised, skirt unzipped and removed, panties sliding down and off my legs, the forest of pubic hair glistening, his fingers sliding inside me.

Another hand stroking my right thigh heading higher, Howard surrendered and returned to my breasts as Derek explored my soaking hole. He teased my clitoris until I came, sobbing and gasping as I shuddered. They stood over me, jeans being unclipped and unzipped, cocks erect and jutting and deliciously bare before they resumed their seats either side of me. My hands were guided to each erection, holding two cocks for the first time and struggling to find the correct rhythm with both hands simultaneously.

Derek’s cock was massively thick, almost half as much again as Howard and my small fingers barely reached around his girth. I bahis şirketleri wondered which would fuck me first, as if in answer my hand was removed from Derek’s cock. He reached down into the jeans round his ankles, pulling a packet of condoms from a pocket, the rubber rolled down the thick shaft. I was pulled to my feet and then facing Howard his hands pulled me down until I knelt on the rough carpet, Howard’s cock in my face then in my mouth.

Derek knelt behind me, his fingers fed his cock into my cunt, a massive and hard thrust sent him all the way in, his balls swung into me. I was orgasming in small waves the whole time such was my arousal. I was being fucked hard by Derek his hands reaching round to squeeze my tits as he pummelled my buttocks.

A groan from Howard, spurts of spunk in my mouth as I swallowed as fast as I could, an animal bellow behind me as Derek fired his load into the condom. Heavy breathing as we remained motionless for a few seconds, then Derek wandered off to dispose of the rubber. When he came back he opened more beer, we all took in turns to visit the bathroom and I sat naked and shameless between them as they once again caressed my needy body.

Soon their young cocks were showing signs of recovery, roles were reversed as I knelt in front of Derek and stretched my mouth to accommodate his thickness. Howard fucked me from behind, a spit lubricated finger slid easily up my bum and my arousement heightened. I was wanking and sucking Derek quite slowly, feeling the weight of his balls.

The cock in my cunt was removed, Howard’s fingers slid into me and he breathed that he thought I would like a cock in my arse. He slid two moistened fingers into my bottom, working them around and around. I felt his hard, rubber clad cock push against the resistance of my sphincter then he slid slowly in.

This must have pushed Derek over the edge, he gripped my head as he thrust upwards pushing more of his shaft into my mouth, a torrent of spunk erupted and it ran from my mouth. I felt a burning in my bottom as the first cock to enter there was thrust in and out ever more quickly. A different sort of orgasm enveloped me as Howard gripped my hips as his load filled the rubber deep in my bottom.

We slumbered and dozed on the sofa for a good while before I found the strength to wash and dress, my bottom felt a bit sore and I felt a lot dirty. I eventually persuaded Howard to sort himself and take me home, I had work the next day and I knew I would feel pretty dreadful in the morning.

We left Derek fast asleep, I had a feeling I would see him again and the knowledge of that was not comfortable.

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Becky and Granddad

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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My name is Becky and the following story is an account of how my granddad cured my crippling shyness with boys with his hands-on sex education.

I had always felt insecure about my appearance. Forever envious of other girls I saw around town with their perfect looking bodies and pretty faces.

Young men always seemed attracted to my friends but never to me. I constantly worried that my ears stuck out, my ginger hair was always a mess, my freckles looked silly, my bum was too big, my breasts too small; the list is endless.

I’d only ever had one brief sexual encounter with a boy during my first year at uni. He only seemed interested in how quickly he could grope my boobs and get inside my knickers. At the time I felt flattered that he seemed to like me and during that disastrous evening lost both my virginity and my dignity. Having let him hurriedly undress me, roughly grope me, and then penetrate me, it was all over very quickly leaving me feeling dirty and used, but above all disappointed.

Afterwards, I was petrified that I might be pregnant but luckily it was OK. Since then I have been on the pill, living in hope of finding a nice boy but as the months passed by, I concluded that it would never happen because no boy or man would ever find me attractive.

The only relief from my strong sexual urges was reading erotic stories and then masturbating as I lay awake in bed.

I’d read a lot about different types of sexual encounter and often fantasized about them as I lay awake at night masturbating. I guess that I could not be described as naïve because my theoretical sexual knowledge was extensive. Much to my dismay and disappointment the only way to describe me would be very inexperienced but keen to learn.


Having celebrated my nineteenth birthday the previous week, I was back home after my first year away at university. Since my grandmother’s sudden death earlier in the year my grandfather was temporarily living with us.

I’d always had a great relationship with him and, knowing I could share any secret hopes and fears with him without him judging me and in confidence, made him my favourite relative.

My parents had gone away on vacation, so it was just me and granddad in the house.

I’d gone to bed and left him downstairs watching a movie. I had been reading a story about a young woman having a sexual relationship with a much older man.

The story was very explicit and as I felt the familiar feelings of arousal, I slipped a hand down between my legs and started to masturbate. As I reached over to turn the bedside lamp off, I knocked it on the floor causing a loud crash.

I heard footsteps on the stairs and quickly pulled my hand out from between my legs as Granddad knocked on the door and called, “Are you OK Becky?”

“Yes,” I said, “I can’t sleep and now I’ve just knocked by bedside lamp over.”

The door opened, he peered through and smiled saying, “I’m just making some hot chocolate before I go to bed. Why don’t you come downstairs and join me like you used to?”

It was something we used to do when I was much younger. We’d drink hot chocolate and granddad would give me a cuddle before taking me up to bed.

I felt wide awake and with a sudden feeling of nostalgia I said, “Yes, I’d like that. I’ll be down in a minute.”

Granddad smiled as he said, “I’ll go down and make the chocolate then. I’ll wait for you downstairs.”

I watched him go and heard the stairs creak as he went down. Having always slept naked in recent years I got out of bed, slipped on a silk dressing gown, and went down to join granddad.

I went straight to the living room and heard granddad call from the kitchen, “Just coming.”

I was still standing as he walked in with two mugs of hot chocolate.

He was wearing his favourite old towelling dressing gown. Despite his age I noticed how strong he still looked; broad shoulders, deep chest and still walking straight backed and proud.

He placed the mugs on a table next to his favourite chair, sat down, patted his knee, and said, “I suppose you are too old now to sit on granddad’s knee.”

It was something I had always enjoyed and with my feelings of nostalgia still strong I smiled at him, walked over, and sat on his lap.

He placed his arm around me as I snuggled up close with my head resting on his shoulder.

My feelings of nostalgia were strengthened as he gently stroked my hair around my ear, feeling like he was delicately repositioning each strand of over my ear. It felt very comforting, just like it always had.

“How is your love life,” he said softly, “I bet all the boys are after you.”

I stifled a sob, remembering the one and only boy I had been with who had taken my virginity, and replied, “There aren’t any boys. I’m not pretty enough and none of them like me.”

Grandad continued to caress my ear as he said, “They must all be blind Becky. You are a lovely girl with a pretty illegal bahis face and a warm heart. So, you have never had a boyfriend?”

“Not a boyfriend as such, Granddad, just a one-off date with a boy who took my virginity.”

“I see,” he said, pulling me closer and continuing to stroke my ear.

“I’m guessing that he was finished very quickly and that you didn’t enjoy any of it.”

“I thought that losing my virginity would be something special,” I said.

“That’s the trouble with many young men,” said Granddad, “They have no self-control and are usually only interested in their own pleasure.”

“I don’t think he liked my body,”

“Why ever not?”

“My boobs are too small, and my bum is too big.”

His hand moved from my ear and he began to stroke my cheek as he said, “You’ve always looked perfect to me Becky.”

I felt a warm glow hearing his kind words with my head snuggled against his neck.

When his hand slipped from my cheek down over my neck to the front overlap of my dressing gown, I perhaps should have stopped him, but I didn’t want to.

With one continuous caressing movement his hand slipped beneath the soft silk of my dressing gown and cupped one of my breasts. His tender touch was very different to that of the boy who had taken my virginity. Granddad tenderly squeezed my breast before easing the front of my dressing gown open to expose both breasts, exclaiming, “Becky you look beautiful and I think your boobs are perfect.”

I blushed as I felt my nipples start to tingle as Granddad circled each one in turn with the tip of a finger. They became more and more sensitive as he tenderly traced around my areola. As my nipples became erect, he gently squeezed and teased them sending small waves of pleasure through me.

As he toyed with my boobs, he started kissing my forehead and said, “Does that feel nice Becky?”

“MMmmm, yes,” I mumbled, feeling myself getting wet.

Grandad continued to kiss my forehead as he moved his hand down from my breasts, unfastening the silk tie and then pulling my dressing gown open as his hand slowly meandered down over my belly.

Gripping each side of the gown he eased it open, revealing my belly, pubic hair, and pale legs.

“Beautiful,” he said, as his fingers slid into my pubes.

I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t care. All I wanted at that moment was to have granddad touch me between my legs; to feel how wet I was.

I sighed softly and instinctively opened my legs as granddad’s fingers slipped through my pubes and touched my wetness. Despite his large hands his fingers felt like the delicate touch of a feather as they gently parted my oozing lips. He then traced the outline of my labia with the tip of one finger, gently exploring from my clit, down the edge of my outer labia and almost down to my bottom.

I started to writhe under his touch, yearning to feel his fingers touch my clit and penetrate me.

All my senses were heightened as his fingers continued to tease between my legs. I started to move my hips against his fingers and my breathing was becoming heavier and rhythmic. His touch gradually felt firmer until he slid a finger up inside me. My thrusts became harder now that his finger was inside me and his palm pressed against my vulva.

I could feel myself losing control as I thrust my vulva and engorged clit against granddad’s hand. He in turn was now matching my thrusts with the movement of his hand until, with my eyes closed, a series of loud sighs and a prolonged scream of pleasure, I orgasmed.

I clamped my thighs around granddad’s hand holding it where I wanted it as wave after wave of sheer pleasure overcame my senses.

Gradually I relaxed and as I lay in granddad’s lap, I felt euphoric and with an overwhelming desire to please him.

After a while he slipped his hand out from between my legs. I felt a little embarrassed as he held his wet finger up to his mouth, licked it and said, “You taste beautiful Becky.”

Without any prompting I shifted my self to one side of his lap. I could see that he was erect as I gazed at the large bulge under his dressing gown.

Feeling bold I unfastened the belt of his gown, slipped my hand down inside and wrapped my hand around his impressively hard penis.

I then gazed into his eyes as I said, “I want to make you cum granddad. Can I watch as you spurt your stuff?”

“Of course,” he said, “If you want to.”

There were so many things I wanted to do. Things I had been fascinated by in the many erotic stories I had read. One of these was a fascination to see a penis ejaculate.

I excitedly slipped off granddad’s lap. My dressing gown was gaping open but granddad’s appreciative gaze at my exposed body gave me a warm glow and a new feeling of confidence.

For the first time in my life I felt at ease with my body. As I slipped off his lap onto the floor Granddad shifted his knees apart allowing me to kneel between them. illegal bahis siteleri

The front of his dressing gown was now gaping open revealing his erection and scrotum. “Show me how to do it Granddad,” I said, as I tentatively reached forward and touched his hairy balls.

Part 2

I watched as he reached down, gripped the shaft of his sizeable dick, and then began to masturbate. “Like this,” he said, as I watched him repeatedly pull back his foreskin to reveal a purple shiny head.

He then released his dick saying, “Give me your hand Becky.”

He then moved my hand to his shaft and watched as I wrapped my fingers around it. “Now do what I did Becky. Grip it quite firmly and then move your hand up and down.”

It felt warm and hard as I followed his instruction. My gaze was fixed on the shiny head of his dick as I repeatedly pulled down on his shaft and watched his foreskin slide down to reveal the whole of his glans.

“Like this?” I asked.

“That’s perfect,” he said as I settled into a steady rhythm.

As I stroked him, I noticed that he had closed his eyes and his breathing had become harsh. I felt excited as he started to thrust his hips as if fucking my hand.

“Grip it tighter,” he said hoarsely, “I’m going to cum.”

He started to thrust his hips faster and then I felt his shaft pulsating as he exclaimed, “Yes, yes!”

I watched with amazement as he ejaculated. An arc of semen spurted from his dick and splashed down onto his belly.

I’d read about oral sex and was curious to discover what semen tasted like. With small globules of Granddad’s semen still oozing from his dick I leaned forward and, with his foreskin still pulled back, tentatively ran my tongue over the head and licked off the semen.

I wasn’t sure what to expect; perhaps it would be yucky, but no. I discovered a tangy salty flavour that I thought was quite erotic.

I then satisfied another part of my curiosity as I opened my mouth and took the head of granddad’s dick into my mouth. I wondered what it would feel like to make him come with my lips around his dick; to feel him spurt his stuff directly into my mouth like I’d read about.

I’d also read about women licking the man clean after sex. Wanting to please granddad and curious to taste some more of his semen, I released my grip on his softening dick, leaned over it, and started to lick the semen from his belly.

As I slurped his stuff up with my tongue, I satisfied another curiosity by swallowing it. It felt slimy as it went down, but it gave me a thrill to be so uninhibited with granddad.

Having licked his belly clean I returned my attention to his dick and licked off the last few drops before standing up victoriously and saying, “How did I do granddad?”

“Better than I could have ever imagined Becky,” he said.

I just stood there half naked, feeling pleased with myself as his eyes roamed from my boobs down to my pubic hair before saying, “Becky, you look fabulous, an old man’s dream come true.”

I blushed as I replied, “Thank you, I liked pleasing you.”

He was silent for a while and looked more serious as he said, “This must remain a secret Becky. You mustn’t tell anybody.”

“I know, you can trust me granddad,” I said as I jumped into his lap and gave him a big kiss before saying, “I want you to do more with me and let me help you cum again.”

He kissed me back and briefly caressed one of my boobs before saying, “I’m too weak willed to resist you. Goodnight Becky, see you in the morning.”

The two mugs of chocolate were probably now cold, but I didn’t care as I went back upstairs to my bedroom still feeling the afterglow of my incredible orgasm.

That evening as I lay in bed my thoughts wandered to what might happen during the next two weeks of my parent’s absence. I knew that what Grandad and I had just done was wrong, but I didn’t care. Around young men of my own age I felt insecure, feeling that they were comparing me to images they had seen in magazines and on the internet, young women with perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect figures.

Granddad made me feel beautiful, sexy, and uninhibited.

Eventually I drifted off into a deep and satisfying sleep.

Part 3

The following morning, I had a quick shower and went downstairs to get some breakfast. On the kitchen table I saw a note which read, ‘Becky, gone out to get some shopping. Back by lunchtime. Granddad. XX’

I had some toast and a coffee and felt a little restless waiting for granddad to return. I started to wonder if granddad read erotic stories or such like to aid his masturbation. I had already assumed that being alone he almost certainly masturbated. I went back upstairs and into his room. There were no books or magazines lying around but, knowing that he was a modern granddad I opened the laptop computer that was on a small table in one corner of the room.

I opened the canlı bahis siteleri browser screen and then clicked on ‘Bookmarks.’

I felt a rush of excitement realizing that I had discovered his favourite porno as I saw a long list of links with labels such as, college girl Punishment, college girl sucks and lots of similar titles.

I clicked on one which read, ‘Old lecturer Punishes college girl.’

The video started with a man about the same age as granddad standing next to a girl who looked about my age dressed in a simple blouse and skirt. He was telling her that he must punish her for a recent misdemeanour. I felt myself becoming aroused as he told her to pull down her panties and then bend over the back of a chair that she was standing next to.

Having obeyed his instructions, she bent over the chair with her panties down between her knees.

The old guy then lifted her skirt right up to reveal her naked buttocks.

I started to imagine that the girl was me as the old guy began slapping each of her buttocks. The camera angle was such that I could see everything between her legs. Between slaps the ‘old guy’ used his feet to shift her legs apart and then started to grope between her legs.

After a lot of slapping and groping he got out his dick and roughly took her from behind.

I’d never seen anything like this before but found it very arousing.

I skipped through some of the other videos and found that there was a common thread running through all of them. They all featured a girl of about my age and a much older guy. What surprised me most was that the girl looked very similar to me with ginger hair, freckles, and small boobs.

Having watched some of the many videos I suddenly had an idea to please granddad.

I closed his laptop and went back to my room. Rummaging through my wardrobe I found what I was looking for. Tucked away in one corner was an old white blouse and short pleated skirt. I pulled out the skirt and blouse together with some white knee length socks.

I felt excited as I tried to anticipate granddad’s reaction when he saw me dressed like the girl in the video.

I quickly undressed and then searched through my underwear drawer until I found a pair of plain white cotton panties. I also found an old white cotton bra but with a feeling of mischief decided to go braless beneath my blouse.

I pulled on the panties and then tried on the skirt. I had grown since I last wore it but felt pleased as I managed to fasten it around my waist. The skirt was mid-thigh length, but I remembered how some of the girls; the pretty ones, the perfect ones who I despised but was secretly jealous of, would roll the waistband of their skirts around a few times to make them even shorter.

I now did the same until the hem was just below my crotch. I then put on the blouse. I realised that my boobs must have grown some more since the last time I had worn it. However, I still managed to fasten all the buttons except for the top three which I decided to leave undone.

I then pulled on the white knee length socks before checking myself in my bedroom mirror. I hoped that granddad would like my new appearance as I saw the girl in one of his favourite porn videos looking back at me.

As a finishing touch I found two lengths of ribbon and arranged my unruly hair into two bunches. Glancing once more into the mirror I realised how promiscuous I looked with my short skirt and braless breasts quite visible through the fine cotton of my old blouse.

Time had passed by quickly whilst I had been dressing up for granddad and I guessed that he would be home soon.

I went back downstairs and excitedly awaited his return. I heard the doorbell ring and, assuming granddad had mislaid his key, I rushed to go and open the front door. I briefly glanced down at my revealing skirt and the clear outline of my nipples through my blouse and giggled at the thought of granddad’s reaction before reaching for the door catch and opening the door.

As I opened the door my giggling abruptly stopped, and my cheeks flushed red as I was faced with a man of about the same age as my granddad. He smiled warmly as he said, “You must be Becky. I just popped by to see your granddad. Is he in?”

I felt frozen to the spot as this smiling stranger’s gaze fixed on my chest, slowly moved down to my short skirt before moving back up again and replying, “No, I’m sorry, he’s out at the moment”.

As he spoke, I could see that his gaze was fixed on my protruding nipples as he said, “Will you please just tell him that Jack called round.”

“OK,” I said shyly, quickly folding my arms to try and hide my braless breasts from his admiring gaze.

After he’d gone and I shut the door I could still feel my cheeks burning with embarrassment. It made me realise that despite my current appearance I still lacked the confidence and self-assurance that I had always been so envious of in others.

Part 4

As I waited for granddad to return I had to admit to myself that despite my acute embarrassment at the way in which granddad’s friend Jack had gazed appreciatively at me on the door step, his mental undressing of me had both excited and aroused me.

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A Bargain At Any Price Ch. 03

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So it continued that way for several hours. A man would fill my awaiting pussy, by then aching and sore but still craving more spunk, and then they would come around to my face so I could clean their cocks off with my mouth. A few men couldn’t wait their turns for my pussy, and instead tit-fucked me or masturbated till they came on my tits or stomach. At several points in the night I had hands on my clit, in my asshole, pinching my nipples, not to mention a cock always in my pussy and another one in my mouth. I was in ecstasy. I never dreamed I would enjoy being used and passed around like this so much. The plastic sheet under me, bowing under my weight on the bed, had become a pool for all the cum that spilled out of me, and it immersed my ass and part of my lower back.

About halfway through the night, a nice-looking Hispanic man was fucking me solidly, and I realized the scotch I had earlier had worked itself down into my bladder. I spoke to him, “Hey – can you stop for a minute? I have to pee!” He only grinned at me. I fumbled through all the conversational Spanish phrases I knew, trying to find the right words. “Hey – Yo necessito – el bano!” He grinned wider and winked, and kept plowing into me with his thick member. The feeling of having a full bladder and being fucked was pleasant, actually more than pleasant and as I began to orgasm around his meat, I couldn’t hold it any longer. My piss gushed forth and because my pussy was still being slammed, some of it sprayed out onto the Hispanic man’s stomach. I hoped he wouldn’t get angry, but it seemed to turn him on even more, and he came enough in me to sink a steamboat. The rest of my piss ended up in the puddle along with the cum.

Alex, the wealthy man who had set up this sordid date, had been watching it all from his leather armchair. Hours passed; and he did not stir. Every other man there had his way with me and more than a few had come back for seconds after they recharged. A few were exhausted and were resting on the neighboring bed. After every man had given me as much cum as they had in them, I was laying there in my puddle of cum and piss, my legs still held back by two men, and I was waiting.

I knew Alex had to have a load or two for me, and I wanted it all. I writhed around in my pool of jizz and looked at him. He rose from his chair.

“Well, my dear, you have been a good sport indeed. I don’t think you will regret illegal bahis it. And now…” He took off his stately robe to reveal a surprisingly fit, toned body for a man his age. His chest was a little hairy and very hard and muscular. His cock stood out from his body proudly, the head of it large and heavy and almost weighing it down. His balls were swollen with cum, and I eyed them impatiently. He motioned for the two men who held my legs to let me go, and I eased my legs down into the river of cum beneath me, not realizing before then that they were cramped.

Alex came over to me and climbed on top of me. I had cum all over me – smeared all over my twat, my legs, my tits, even my face and hair. He held me and kissed me gently, and eased himself into my quivering, aching pussy. The soreness only added to the pleasure. Alex was the only one of the men who didn’t ravage me; on the contrary he was very gentle, and I almost felt I was being made love to. That was not something I expected to have while whoring myself. A pang of guilt entered my conscience for the first time that night as I remembered my boyfriend, and I wiped it out immediately by reminding myself that it was all for him in the first place.

I wrapped my legs around Alex’s narrow hips and bucked at him, urging him to fill me up like the other men did. Suddenly he stopped being so gentle and pulled out. With his obvious strength, he had no trouble flipping me over. My wrists were still bound so I propped myself up on my elbows, and hoisted my ass in the air, excited to have a change of position. I felt ounces – possibly quarts – of spunk ooze out of me and plop into the puddle. Cum dripped off my breasts and that landed in the puddle too. My knees were slipping in all the cream and I had to struggle to keep steady. My asshole was well lubed from all the time spent on my back with cum dribbling onto it.

Now, I had never had anal sex. I had ventured to stick a few fingers into my ass a few times while masturbating, but other than that, my ass was completely pure. Alex didn’t hesitate to take my anal cherry right then and there. It was only a little painful, but I was so turned on I didn’t care. As Alex expertly rogered my asshole, I gasped and enjoyed the sensation of being stretched to the hilt in a place I never dreamed I’d be fucked.

He leaned over me and I heard him breathlessly throw insults at me, words I wouldn’t expect illegal bahis siteleri to hear from someone so cultured and genteel. He grabbed my cum-drenched tits and held the full length of his cock inside my asshole, finally giving me my last load of cum for the night.

Satisfied that every man in the room had drained themselves inside me and completely exhausted, I collapsed into the cum-piss-puddle (which was more like an ocean by now) as Alex pulled out of me and his spunk dribbled out of my raw asshole.


I didn’t sleep long, but by the time I woke up, everyone had gone. The cord that had bound my wrists was cut. I sat up and tried to focus on the night’s previous events. Did all that really happen? I looked at myself in the mirror on the wall opposite the bed. I was a mess. I was covered in jizz, some of it dried, most of it still quite warm because of my body heat in sleeping in it. My formerly long soft hair was caked with spunk. I grinned to myself, remembering the fun I had being the cum slut of those thirty men. Then I remembered how they wouldn’t let me swallow any of the cream – plenty bubbled out onto my face, I tasted plenty of it, but it was only a tease, I wanted to swallow it.

I scooped up a handful of what was mostly cum with a little of my own piss mixed in and lapped it up like a hungry kitten. I started to get turned on again, and my pussy ached, although more from being empty than from being fucked raw. I got an idea.

I positioned myself so that my legs were bent and braced against the wall. My pussy was pointed heavenward. With one hand I spread my cunt lips and with the other, I scooped up handful after handful of that warm, gooey cum from thirty men and shoveled it into my pussy. More and more until I was completely full, just like I was the night before. I pinched my pussy lips shut so that none of the spunk could escape and carefully got on my knees. I was tired of the cum spilling out of me; I wanted the feeling of orgasming with it all still inside me.

With my free hand, I took a glop of cum still on the plastic sheet and rubbed it on my clit. Alternating between rubbing my cum-covered clit and my cum-covered nipples, I brought myself to orgasm after orgasm, my pussy brimming over with spunk, until finally my last orgasm was so intense, my spasms forced my cunt lips open and it all flooded out on my open hand. I licked canlı bahis siteleri my fingers, savoring the saltiness.

I hardly looked presentable, so after my solo escapade, I dashed into the bathroom for a shower. I found a box of douche with a note from Alex – “Wouldn’t want your boyfriend to suspect anything” – and I was glad to have it, although it was with much regret that I washed away all that delicious spunk. Oh well, I said to myself, I had fun with it though, didn’t I?

As I shampooed the dried cum from my hair, I suddenly remembered how I got myself into all this – the money! I had seen no money. No money changed hands. I was angry – they had cheated me, and there was no way I could track Alex down – without a last name, and with probably a false first name! I felt incredibly stupid and after my shower, I ransacked the room – the drawers, the closets, everywhere – and there was no money to be found. Dammit! I had cheated on my boyfriend probably fifty or so times in one night, and I still didn’t have the money to buy his Christmas gifts.

Tears of shame streaming down my face, I got dressed and went to my purse, which I had left on a table by the door, and opened it to get my car keys out. How shocked I was when I saw it was filled with loose 20, 50, and 100 dollar bills! Amazed, I examined a few and sure enough, they were real. I sat on the clean bed with my loot and counted it. I could hardly believe it and counted it again. Just over $3000. And to think, I had only asked for $200! I must have grinned from ear to ear.

I tucked a $100 bill under the alarm clock and left a note for the clean-up maid – “Sorry about the mess”. I put the cash in my wallet and turned to my purse again for my keys. At the bottom of my bag I found a note from Alex. “My dear girl, thanks again for being such a good sport. You are a gem and your boyfriend is indeed a lucky man, not only because he gets to have you every night, but also because you go to such lengths to please him. If you’re ever in need of extra cash again, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding me. Merry Christmas. Alex”

That Christmas, Mark did question me on how on earth did I afford such extravagant gifts for him, but I convinced him I had been saving away for it all year, and he didn’t press the issue. By the following Christmas, I had landed myself a better job, and have never needed to call on Alex and his friends again, although I wouldn’t hesitate to do it if I needed to. I enjoyed being a cum slut, but I can get that from my boyfriend – who never thought to question why I suddenly decided he should stop using condoms forever, but he was all too happy to oblige.

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Cocklust Ch. 02

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That weekend was full of more male nudity than I’d ever seen in my life. We went without a stitch of clothing morning, noon, and night. But the more time went on, the more comfortable I got with it.

By Sunday evening, I’d spent so much time with the other pledges that I’d practically memorized every inch of their bodies. Brody had a scar from where he’d gotten his appendix taken out. Ryan had a birthmark on his right inner thigh. Marcos had especially deep dimples above his ass. Chad’s pits always looked like they’d been combed, and they perfectly matched his treasure trail; and his left nut usually hung above his right.

The more I thought about it, though, the more I realized it wasn’t my first time checking out guys. In high school, for example, I’d known a dude named Johan Vanderkerk. He was an insufferable asshole— basically a big dumb bully— but he was awfully nice to look at, at least from a distance. Then there was Kevin Johnson, who’d dated my sister, and he wasn’t bad-looking either. In fact, I could think of any number of specimens I’d quietly kept an eye on, though I’d never acknowledged those yearnings, even to myself.

After I got back to my dorm, I started jacking off at least four times a day. I’d never been that horny before. I kept replaying my memories of that weekend, and I couldn’t stop thinking of the sex I’d had with Chad. I just couldn’t get over how he’d felt inside me, and how I’d felt inside him. I loved how he’d talked dirty to me, especially when he was begging for my cock.

When I wasn’t rubbing one out, I spent my free time prowling the net. I found out Chad was right: apparently fuck buddies weren’t that unusual. Craigslist was full of postings from nearby “men seeking men”. A lot of them said they had wives or girlfriends but wanted dick on the side. They weren’t exactly shy about what they were after:

Horny str8 guy with a house looking to host some muscular/athletic for fun around 3pm. Big masc sports guy, into str8 sports type dudes. Looking to get fucked. Like it doggy style. Mostly interested in redhead, blonde, lighter color hair but not an absolute requirement. Not into twinks or really skinny. I just ask that you be in relatively decent shape. I really dig a guy with chest/body hair, even if it’s trimmed a little. Please no one over 40. No druggies or fakes/flakes. text or email with pics. Thanks

hey guys,

Looking try new stuff with dudes. I am not very experienced but looking. gl masc guy here, 29, white, in shape, 6′ tall, bubble butt. Like guys older than me but nothing set in stone…I have girlfriend so discretion a must. Hit me up with your face pic in the first email.

Don’t be shy! And I’ll respond.

Im a 26 year old athletic, jock, BI, 6′ 185#. 8” thick, I suck / swallow, discreet and on the down low. Wanting a hookup buddy. Nothing serious, a “friends w/benefits” type of thing. I usually top but occasional bottom as well. Love foreplay!! Clean and soft type. younger the better, but im open to age…reply with pix, no pix no play. Looking for now

I’m a good looking straight masc guy, look the part, act the part.

Seeing if there is someone that wants to change that, what that entails is up to you. Open to just you or have a friend help you convince me. I’m new at this so I have a virgin ass and only sucked a couple of times.

I am a discrete guy who likes seeing guys naked and watching them play. Really like watching guys fuck, suck, rim and eat cum. Also opened to one man solos if you are young and hot. In addition to watching, I like touching, feeling and jerking off guys. Would love it if I could do a friends with benefits. I’m 25, masc, in shape, 6′ tall, bubble butt. Send pics and stats. Put Str8 in subject so I know your not spam.

The more I read, the more I learned about guy-on-guy stuff. Before all this had happened, I’d never heard the lingo, or at least I hadn’t known what it meant. But now I got to know the difference between a top, bottom, and vers. I learned about body types like twinks, bears, and otters. I found out how important lube was, and what poppers were for. I even got to know nasty terms like gen (which was basically code for hiring a hooker) and pissplay (which I always thought was disgusting). I also got wind of what Grindr was for, and I was tempted to log on, but I decided not to; I figured no one knew my secret but Chad, and I was determined to keep it that way.

I’d just found a nice porn site, and I’d pulled down my pants, when my phone let off a buzz. I looked over and saw a text waiting for me.

Hey, Chad said.

I waited for Chad to elaborate. I could see the little thought bubble on my phone— or whatever it was called— but it took a while for his next text to come through.

I heard you had Chem 121 in the fall, he said. Do you still have your notes?

I licked my lips and stuffed my cock in my pants. I could’ve emailed him what he’d asked for, but I could tell he wasn’t really after my notes. On that illegal bahis night, with my roommate gone, we could have my whole room to ourselves.

Yeah, I texted back. If you want them, come over whenever.

Chad showed up at my door just a few minutes later. He looked totally casual in a Kobe jersey and jeans. I handed him my notes, which I’d just finished printing a few seconds before.

“Thanks dude,” he said, “this is a lifesafer. I fucking hate that class.”

“Yeah,” I said, “I think everybody does.”

“Dr. Wells is making me do my lab on Friday.”


“Yeah, it sucks,” he said. “I asked to reschedule, but that asshole wouldn’t let me—”

“Shit,” I said. The Kap Eps’ next party was that Friday. As the newest members, we were supposed to do the grunt work. If Chad couldn’t make it, it meant the rest of us would need to pick up the slack.

“I mean, I guess I’ll do what I can beforehand— for the party I mean. Then I’ll get there when I can.”

“That’s cool,” I said. “I hope you don’t miss much—”

“Yeah, me too,” he said.

We both paused for a second. I looked into Chad’s eyes, and Chad looked right back. “You know,” I finally said, “I’m glad we’re brothers now. Well, frat brothers I mean.”

“Are you sure we should call it that?”

“What do you mean?”

Chad shrugged. “I heard they don’t like the word frat.”

“Why not?”

“I dunno… I guess they don’t like the connotation.”

I frowned. “But if we’re just talking amongst ourselves—”

“I know,” he said, “I’m just saying.” He seemed almost ready to leave, but then he pointed to the empty bed beside us. “Do you seriously not have a roommate?”

“I used to,” I said, “but then he dropped out.”

“Holy shit,” he said. “You know how lucky you are?”

“O-oh, I don’t know,” I said. “They’ll put me with somebody else next fall, if I don’t move anyway. All I can do is enjoy this while it lasts.”

“And I bet you do,” Chad said. He glanced under my computer desk, at a dirty pair of underwear. I suddenly realized I’d left them there the last time I’d jacked off. “I wasn’t, ah, interrupting you, was I?”

“No,” I said. “I-I mean, come on, I invited you over…”

“Well, I still think you’re lucky. I can’t stand my roommate.”

“Why not?”

“He’s so fucking uptight,” he said. “He could give a preacher a run for his money. I mean, he acts all weird when I’m getting dressed. I don’t know what the fuck he expects… and he doesn’t want me watching T.V. when he’s studying, which is pretty much all the time. A-and forget about me bringing girls over.”

I frowned. “How much did you want to bring girls over?”

Chad suddenly stumbled over his words. “W-well, I mean, uh… well, I don’t think that’s important.”

I shrugged. “Well, if you want, you can hang out here whenever…”

He finally seemed to move in for the kill. “You mean like how we hung out the other night?”

I could feel my dick twitch. “For example,” I said.

Chad nodded. “You know,” he said, “it felt so good when I was fucking you—”

“It felt good when I was fucking you too.”

“Yeah, well, don’t get any ideas,” he said. “I never get fucked. I was drunk.”

I shrugged. “That’s not what you said when you begged for my dick.”

Chad gave my butt a hard slap. “You’re lucky you have this,” he said. “Or else I’d beat the shit out of you.”

“Promise?” I asked.

Chad didn’t seem to know how to react. He acted pissed at first, but then he looked into my eyes. “Scott,” he said, “about the other night… was that your first time with a guy?”

“Y-yeah,” I said, “unless you want to count that circle jerk beforehand.”

“Same here,” he said. He paused for a second, then nodded. “Although I gotta admit… it’s helluva way to lose our man virginities…” Then his voice trailed off.


“I-I mean, I hear guys are better at this shit, well, since we know what feels good to us. You know, like blowjobs—I’ve heard they’re supposed to be better from a guy.”

“Fuck if I know,” I said.

“You did seem like an expert in taking my cock.”

“You should talk!” I yelled.

I was about to say something else, but then Chad moved in toward me, and the next thing I knew, he was sucking my face. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me tight against his body.

I ran my hands up and down his back, and I savored every inch. Chad’s lips pressed up against mine, and he let off a little moan. I tasted his tongue and felt his hot breath against my skin. The feeling was every bit as sexy as I’d remembered it.

Suddenly Chad broke off the kiss, grappled with my pants, and pulled my dick out. Then he dropped to his knees and opened his mouth.

“Oh shit,” I said as I felt him licking my cock.

He ran his tongue around my head, then wrapped his lips around my shaft. Then he took my whole dick in his mouth, buried his face illegal bahis siteleri in my pubes, and started sucking me like there was no tomorrow.

The sensation was incredible. Chad’s mouth felt so warm and wet, and the suction made me almost want to bust. “Oh yeah,” was all I could say.

Chad pulled my pants and undies the rest of the way down. Without taking his mouth off me, he took one hand and started stroking my shaft, while he fondled my balls with the other. A new wave of ecstasy flooded my body.

I pulled off my shirt and laid back against my bed. I looked down and marveled at the sight of my cock in Chad’s mouth. He looked back at me, and he seemed downright ravenous. I could feel his tongue darting back and forth, and it drove me fucking crazy.

Chad started going faster and faster, and my dick started feeling hotter and hotter. I couldn’t stop my body writhing against the bed, and I knew I couldn’t last much longer.

“Fuck, I’m about to cum,” I said. Chad didn’t seem to react. “I’m gonna cum,” I said again. I tried to pull away, but Chad wouldn’t let me.

Finally I let out a cry, and I unloaded into Chad’s throat. He didn’t miss a beat; he sucked me dry, then swallowed and pulled my dick from his mouth.

“Oh fuck,” was all I could say.

Chad got up off his knees. He didn’t seem fazed by the fact that he’d just eaten my load. “What’s the verdict?” he asked.

“Holy shit,” I said, “you were right. Nobody’s ever blown me like that.”

“Good,” he said. “Now it’s your turn.” And with that, he sat on my bed.

I was nervous at first, and I wasn’t sure where to start. I’d only gotten a handful of blowjobs myself— my ex didn’t like to do it— and I’d definitely never given one. I did like the idea of pleasuring Chad, and I didn’t want to disappoint.

I knelt down, unzipped Chad’s pants, and pulled out his cock. His manhood was even more gorgeous up close, and by that point it was as hard as concrete. I was tempted to go down on him right then, but first I peeled off the rest of his clothes, and I threw them aside.

“Fucking tease,” he said.

I was in awe of how hot he looked right then, but I didn’t say anything. I was on pins and needles, and I wasn’t sure what to do next. Finally I just opened my mouth, leaned down, and took his whole cock in one gulp. His tip hit the back of my throat, and I had to force myself not to gag. Then I started moving my head up and down.

“Oh God yeah,” he said.

I was surprised at how natural this felt, as if I’d been doing it for years. Chad’s dick tasted meaty and juicy, garnished with just a hint of pre-cum. I tried to work his cock the same way he’d worked mine: I sucked and licked his shaft, and I used my hands to play with his balls. I was breathing hard, and I kept savoring the musky smell of his body.

“Shit,” he gasped. “That feels so good.”

I started playing with his taint, and I felt his body respond. His cock seemed to get even harder, and I had trouble keeping it all in my mouth. I moved my hand downward and dabbed at his ass. I teased his hole for a few seconds, then stuck my fingertip inside.

“Oh shit,” he said as he thrust into my mouth. By now he was practically face-fucking me.

I sucked on Chad as hard as I could, as if I was giving a hickey. I tried to keep my tongue darting around, but we were moving so fast that it was easier said than done. I felt like I was Chad’s bitch, and I wanted nothing more than to make him feel good.

“I’m fucking close,” he said. My finger was still in his hole, so I could feel his sphincter start to tense up. I was afraid of what would happen next, but I figured I owed it to him to keep going.

Then, without any other warning, his dick started to shoot. I felt his cum hit my throat and the roof of my mouth. I was surprised at how much I liked the taste. Chad was groaning with pleasure, so I kept working his cock. Finally his spasms died down, and I swallowed his cum.

“Holy fuck,” he said. “That was incredible.”

I plopped down on my bed beside him. “So you liked that?”

“Fuck yeah,” he said. “That was better than any girl.”

I didn’t want Chad to leave at that point, and I don’t think he wanted to go either. We both knew our classmates would’ve seen him, and we didn’t want them to talk. And so we just laid in my bed together, chatting and snuggling.

I’d never laid in the arms of a man before, but now that I was there, I felt perfectly comfortable. My twin-sized bed was small for two people, but our bodies were so closely intertwined that we made it work. We could’ve made use of my roommate’s old bed, but we didn’t really want to, so it sat empty the whole time.

Chad’s warm skin kept pressing against mine, and his breath kept blowing against the back of my neck. I couldn’t stop thinking that my seed was in his stomach, and vice versa. I was about to say something about it, but then Chad cleared his throat.

“Scott,” he canlı bahis siteleri said, “should we be using condoms?”

Shit, I thought, what a buzzkill. I’d used condoms with my ex, and I’d always thought they were a pain. I’d been so glad when she’d gone on the pill so we could stop using them. Of course, with Chad there was no chance of anyone getting pregnant, but still…

“I dunno,” I said, “I-I mean, I guess… but I did get tested last semester, and I haven’t been with anybody else since…”

“Are you saying you can still fuck me?”

I was surprised at how blunt he was. I blinked and looked back at him. “I thought you said you never got fucked.”

Chad reached down to my crotch, and he rubbed his hand along my shaft. “Maybe I can make an exception for this,” he said.

“You’re not drunk this time,” I said, “so you can’t use that excuse.”

“Fuck you!”

“Exactly. That’s the idea.”

I reached down and started toying with his asshole. Chad gasped and pressed his ass against my hand. I licked my lips.

“You like this, don’t you?” I asked.

“Fuck, doesn’t everybody?” he asked. “I had an ex who played with my ass while I fucked her. It was awesome.”

I kept watching Chad’s expression. Part of me didn’t want to think of him fucking a girl. At the same time, I loved how he could fuck anyone he wanted, yet he was lying here with me.

“I’m up for a second round if you are,” he said.

I nodded. “Roll over,” I said.

“What are you going to do?”

I didn’t answer at first. I remembered how he’d rimmed me the other night, and I wanted to return the favor.

I rolled him onto his stomach, then made him stick his ass in the air. I pulled apart his cheeks till his fuckpucker pointed straight at me. I’d never seen an ass so close up before— on either a girl or a guy— and I couldn’t wait to dive in. His hole was like a bullseye, with a ring of hair around it, and an inner ring of light skin just inside, and a circle of dark skin in the middle.

“That’s so fucking hot,” I said.

“Just do it,” he said.

I took a deep breath, stuck out my tongue, and licked at his ass. It tasted a lot like his cock, or his lips for that matter. I could sense a little sweat on him, but otherwise he was perfectly clean, and the flavor of his skin damn near drove me crazy. His body shuddered, and his hole contracted around my tongue. Then he relaxed, and I managed to stick my tongue deeper inside.

Eating him out was nothing like eating a girl. His ass was so perfect that I couldn’t get enough of it. I loved how manly he was, and how toned his muscles were. My face plowed into his crack, and I puckered my lips around his hole. Chad let out a low groan, which seemed to come from deep inside his body.

I reached between his legs, where his balls were dangling beneath him. I ran my hands along his sack, and his whole package contracted in response. Then I started pumping his cock in the same rhythm as my lips and tongue.

Chad let me service him for a minute, but then he pushed my hands away. “You’re going to make me cum,” he said. “I don’t want it just yet.”

I obeyed him to a point, but I still kept rimming his ass. I sucked on his pucker and ran my tongue in a spiral. I loved how tender his skin was down there, and how sensitive he seemed to be. His body seemed to relax more and more, and his hole opened wider and wider. It was like his whole body was offering itself up to me.

Chad looked back at me. “I want you to fuck me,” he said.

I pulled my face away from his ass. “What did you say?”

“Dammit, you heard me.” Chad dropped down to the bed, rolled over, and looked at me with those big chestnut eyes. “C’mere.”

I liked what I was hearing, but I wanted to tease him some more. “How bad do you want it?” I asked.

“Dude, I’m so fucking horny.”

“Well, I’m thinking about it—”

“Oh goddammit!”

“Sh.” I leaned down and whispered into his ear. “You don’t want anybody to hear us, do you?”

“Stop being a pussy,” he hissed.

I didn’t have any lube, so I spit on my hand and rubbed it on my cock. “You ready for this?”

“Yeah,” he said. His legs were open wide, and his loosened-up mancunt was obviously eager for action. He looked an awful lot like the fantasy I’d had.

I rubbed my cockhead over his ass, then started to push my way in. But it didn’t go very far before Chad flinched with pain.

“Ow,” he said. He tried to guide me a little further, but the friction was hurting both of us. My dick was throbbing with discomfort, and his ass was clenching up. I tried forcing my way in, the way I’d done before, but it only made it hurt worse.

“Shit,” I said as I pulled away from him. I knew lube was the issue, so I looked around for anything I could use.

“Hurry up dude,” he said.

I opened the drawer for my toiletries, and I pulled out a bottle of conditioner. I figured that would work, considering how slick and oily it was. I poured some of it on my fuckstick, gave myself a quick rub, and dabbed some more on Chad’s hole.

“Now go for it,” he said.

“Yes sir.” I positioned myself back over him, and I guided my cock into place.

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90% True Ch. 01

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Chapter 1 — My first threesome

– – –

Author’s note: The name of this story is 90% true. The reason for this is because I’m going to tell stories of my youth. These aren’t works of fiction but events that actually happened to me in my youth. I’ve changed the names of people and places, but what follows is pretty much all true. I’m giving myself a 10% buffer for fiction that way I can try to tell you a good story. Any details that I can remember, good or bad, I’ll try to be truthful to; the 10% leeway will allow me to fill in gaps in my memory. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the story.

– – –

“I want to hear the whole story though,” My wife, Ann, said as she lightly rubbed her pussy lips, still swollen and wet from the sex we just had.

I sighed and put my hands behind my head, “You’re really kind of a voyeur sweety, you know that?”

Ann bit her bottom lip and grinned . She nodded her head and said, “Don’t forget, I’m a pervert too. One of the reasons you married me.

I closed my eyes and drew in a deep breath. The air in the bedroom was warm from our love making, and I could tell she wanted a second round. But I needed a little while to recover, I wasn’t a young man anymore. That’s why she wanted me to tell her a torrid story of my past sexual exploits.

I had married Ann a few years ago, and we were still very much in love. Our sex life had slowed down a little bit, but was still very hot and heavy. It didn’t hurt that we were two attractive and horny people with great sexual chemistry.

She liked watching porn, especially during sex, and loved hearing dirty stories from my past. It made her very hot and horny. She knew my preference for multiple partner porn and knew it came from a very early sexual experience I’d had. So she’d asked me to clarify the story.

“All right, I’ll tell you the story,” I consented, settling onto the bed more comfortably to tell her the tale. “Now remember, this was right in the middle of the nineties. Porn was still on VHS, not my computer. While cell phones were around, we didn’t have them yet in my social circle.”

“Yes yes,” Ann interrupted me, “You’d just defeated the last dinosaur and invented the wheel, I get it.” I was a few years older then Ann, she was just getting close to thirty whereas I was in my mid thirties. Apparently she thought that I brought up the few years age difference too often.

Undaunted, I continued my story. “Well, okay, remember that I was with Jen, my very first serious girlfriend. We had started dating when we were both sixteen, and had been together for over a year and a half. The story begins late at night on New Years Eve, and continued on into the very few first hours of nineteen ninety-six. I had just turned eighteen a month ago; and Jen (a New Year’s Baby) was turning 18 that night.”

She was having a combination New Years Eve and eighteenth birthday party, rolled into one. The two of us had been having sex for a while, and were each other’s first partner. Until that night, neither of us had ever had sex with someone else. I still remember how cold it was that night….”

– – –

“Fuck it’s cold out,” eighteen year old me said stomping the snow off my sneakers as I came into Jen’s house. I quickly stripped out of the heavy winter clothing that was sprinkled with snow just from my walk up her driveway. I took my time in the small hallway of her parents house.

I was a big guy at six foot four inches tall and broad. I was in great shape, and I loved casual sports. I was huge on swimming and skiing as well as roller-blading and rock climbing. I never got into the team sports, and though I was on the cross country track team at my high school, I wasn’t very good…I was a little too big and gangly to really compete. But I did it because I liked it.

While I was tall, I wasn’t really ripped. I had an average runner’s build under a light layer of padding that everyone in my hometown of Buffalo, New York seemed to have. My heritage (a mixture of Italian, Irish, and English) showed only my Italian side, giving me the stereotypical ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ look. I had a very strong chin, classic roman nose, and a strong jawline that helped defined my shaved face. I was forced to shave at least every other day because of my thick black hair. Even right after I shaved, the skin on my face looked dark as if my stubble was about to burst out. Strong eyebrows sat above the deceptively delicate glasses I would wear most of the time. The wire frames may have looked out of place on my face, but once you knew me, you realized that they simply offset my otherwise rugged features. I didn’t need my glasses all the time but tended to wear them usually.

Overall, most people would say that I was a fairly attractive young man. I used to get a lot of flirting from girls at my school but I was a ‘good guy’ and would never have cheated on my girlfriend, Jen.

Jen was a very attractive illegal bahis young woman herself. Tall at five foot nine, she had a long straight fall of thick brown hair, the color of dark chocolate. Her features were a mixture of broad and narrow, a holdover from her mixed heritage of Polish and Native American. She was also a casual athlete, playing basketball for her all girls high school. She always said she wasn’t very good because her larger D cup breasts often got in her way.

Her part time job working as a counselor for the town children’s center kept her very busy too. What fat was on her body seemed to settle in all the right places giving her a very soft appearance without anyone ever thinking that she wasn’t in good shape. She came bouncing up to me, wearing a sweatshirt with her school name printed on the front.

“About time you got here Peter,” she said as she crushed her body against mine in a tight hug. I felt her soft breasts press against mmy chest, and grew warm, though I was only wearing the standard jeans and t-shirt combo that was my every day garb. Pulling away from me she planted a quick kiss on my lips and said, “Almost everyone’s here except you and Rich and Nina.”

I nodded, “They were right behind me on the highway. Rich and I stopped off at a bar before we went to the liquor store. That’s why we’re a little late.” Rich was a few years older then most of our group, having had just celebrated his twenty first birthday that summer. I had a fake ID myself, but almost never got proofed. I cut a large and imposing figure, and already had a few streaks of grey in my otherwise thick black hair. It was weird when I started to go grey as fourteen year old, but at eighteen I had decided to embrace it. I certainly didn’t mind when Rich would get proofed and I didn’t at the liquor stores.

With that we heard the sound of snow crunching under the wheels of Rich’s station wagon as he pulled into the driveway. “That’s them now,” I said with a smile, grabbing my jacket. “I’ve still got my shoes on, I’ll go help them unload.” I grinned, knowing exactly how much booze we had brought for tonight’s party.

Rich was a good guy. Average height and build, with sandy blonde hair cropped in a short buzz cut. He used to be a bit doughy, but had just completed his basic training in the Marines a little while ago and that had cut out a lot of the fat from body.

His fiancée Nina was a real looker. Short and curvy, she was your typical cute Buffalo teenager. A few months older then me, she went to the same private school as Jen and her friends. Nina was a pretty blonde with deep blue eyes that were almost grey. Her skin was very light and she tried to keep it that way, claiming that she burned like a french fry if she were in the sun for more than thirty seconds. She filled out a sweater well and was very flirty and touchy all the time. Something that drove the girls at her school nuts, but that all of the guys in our social circle didn’t mind in the least. The three of us carried in six bags of wine coolers, beer, and hard liquor. Our assembled friends cheered as we pulled each item from the bags, guaranteeing that this party would be a night to remember.

Jen’s parents had given her a very unique present for her eighteenth birthday. Normally, every year Jen, her sister, and her parents drove down to Ohio to stay with family for New Years. But this year they had agreed that, as her eighteenth birthday gift, she could stay home and have a ‘little party’ with her friends. I’m sure they knew that we’d probably try to get some beer or something, but they had no clue we would nearly fill the counter top in their kitchen.

The evening progressed in a pretty typical fashion as you’d expect with a bunch of high school seniors that have access to way too much booze. Thankfully we had enough people who were willing to stay sober enough to drive most of the people home at the end of the night after the ball drop. I had planned on spending the night of course. Jen needed her birthday spankings and had challenged me to give her eighteen birthday orgasms before I left. She was multi orgasmic, but even so, I knew eighteen was a huge number to try to contend with. Rich and Nina were also planning on spending the night, and another couple who were good friends were planning on crashing on the couch in the upstairs den.

Jen’s parents house was small, with two bedrooms downstairs, the master bedroom and Jen’s bedroom, plus a small den and her sister’s small bedroom upstairs A living room, kitchen, and single bathroom rounded it out. There was an unfinished basement, but I literally never went down there the entire time I knew her.

So the party progressed, and the little house started to get very hot with all the people. We all got pretty drunk, and I don’t remember the exact sequence of events, but it went something like this: By 10pm we had the heat shut off. By 11 we had several windows cracked open blowing in illegal bahis siteleri freezing cold air to try to cool down the sweltering house. By the time the ball dropped at midnight, in our drunken logic, someone had decided it would just be a good idea if everyone stripped down to their underwear. Since almost everyone at the party was a couple, things got a little raunchy. Thankfully the only two single people at the party didn’t seem to mind getting a little closer to each other as everyone else took liberties with their partners.

It was around twelve thirty when the first really odd thing happened. While Nina had been flirting with me, I hadn’t thought much of it. But as some of the people started to leave, she started getting bolder. She started rolling down the lacy edge of her pushup bra, exposing the light pink caps of her areola, and then asking if I wanted to do body shots.

Of course I did, and everyone laughed as Nina grabbed my head and smothered me with her breasts when I went to do it. I don’t think that everyone who was laughing saw that she had also grabbed my hand and pressed it against the lacy panties she was wearing. I remember feeling amazed by damp they were, and embarrassed that she was literally rubbing my hand across her pussy with only a light layer of fabric between my hand and her sex. When she let me up, however she acted like it hadn’t happened and was laughing along with everyone else. I decided that maybe it was just an accident and to say nothing about it.

About an hour later she made her next move. She was quite obviously drunk, but so was almost everyone else. As people were leaving she pulled me aside and asked me for my help. I didn’t know what she wanted, but my girlfriend was busy saying goodbye to people that were leaving, and Rich was nowhere to be seen. The other couple spending the night had already gone upstairs to Jen’s sister’s bedroom, and we could hear the sound of a headboard banging against the wall.

“What can I help you with Nina?” I said as I gazed at her now naked breasts. At some point she’d taken off her bra and was clad only in lacy purple panties. I’m sure if I had been a little less drunk; my cock would have been tenting my boxers as I looked at her full breasts, capped with pale pink areola and tight, hard nipples.

“I am shooo drunk,” she said slurring her words, “But I need to go to the bathroom. But I need help. I’mma fall over fif I dun get help.” I looked around for Jen, but she was still standing near the front door in her thong and bra, talking to our friends who were getting ready to leave.

“I’ll go get Jen,” I offered, but Nina shook her head violently.

“No, I gotta go now, can’t wait.” With that she grabbed my wrist and yanked me down the hall towards the bathroom. I looked around, hoping to spot Rich, or that Jen might turn and see me. But it was a small house and in a moment we were in the bathroom. She pulled me in and then reached past me to shut the door and lock it. As she reached past me, she leaned right into me. Her bare breasts brushed against my chest and abdomen, and she looked up at me as the lock clicked. I could feel her leaning into me, holding that pose for a moment, then another, then she smiled and placing her hands on my hips stood up. I realized she was smiling as my cock twitched, beginning to swell slightly. My plain grey boxer shorts did nothing to hide that from her.

She held the grin as she hooked her thumbs into her lacy purple panties. I turned around and faced the door. I don’t know how I got here, but she laughed as she stripped off the last bit of clothing from her body. I heard a crash and turned just enough to see out of the corner of my eye that she had half fallen onto the toilet. “I’m not kidding,” she said slurring her words less, “I really do need your help. Come stand in front of me so I can hold onto you.”

I was still to embarrassed to face her, so as she settled herself on the toilet, I let my hands go behind my back to hold her hands. With a flash of insight however I leaned forwards and turned on the water in the bathtub I pulled up on the shower valve to get the shower going. I figured that would provide enough sound to mask what was about to happen behind me. I really had no urge to listen to her pee. I felt her hands grasp mine as her body wavered back and forth. She really did seem to need the support. I couldn’t plug my ears, but I hummed a tune loudly enough that between the shower running, I didn’t hear her until she let go with one hand and flushed the toilet. I leaned forwards, thinking I’d pull her to her feet without looking.

But then Nina stood and surged forwards, falling into me. The two of us crashed through the shower curtain into the shower. She fell atop me as I threw my hands out to catch my fall. I managed to avoid too bad of a tumble into the wet shower, but with her body weight on top of mine, it was unavoidable. I turned and tried to catch myself canlı bahis siteleri as I fell and ended up in the shower with my legs over the edge of the tub, feet sticking out awkwardly. Nina fell down on top of me, warm shower water pelting and soaking us both. She turned and knelt in the tub, her arms still pressing my body down into the tub. I couldn’t move in this awkward position. I was too drunk and her weight combined with my total lack of leverage, meant I was stuck for the moment.

She looked at me as water began plastering her blonde hair to her head. Then she leaned forward and her mouth found mine. Before I knew what was happening her tongue was in my mouth. I struggled weakly, unable to find purchase in the wet tub with this naked woman above me. Feeling guilty as the kiss dragged on for several moments, as if I were cheating on my girlfriend in her own house, I couldn’t stop my cock from growing turgid inside my soaking wet shorts.

I thank my Italian heritage for my physique. I know I’m not a porn star or anything, but Jen always seemed to enjoy my cock. When fully hard I was a little over seven inches long and fairly thick around. I honestly didn’t have a lot of comparison at that point in my life, as I had only just started buying pornography in the last month since I turned eighteen. But Nina’s hand found it’s way inside the gap on the front of my boxers and fished out my hardening cock and wrapped her fingers around it.

She let out a small gasp and that was when I came to my drunken senses. “No, Nina, this isn’t right.” I said. “You’re engaged to my good friend, you don’t want to cheat on him.”

She rubbed her body against mine and moaned softly, “It’s not cheating, he said I could fuck you.” I could feel her other hand had reached between us and was rubbing her pussy in the spray from the shower.

“Well,” I reasoned as my now rock hard dick begged me to shut up, “I’m not willing to cheat on Jen, so you can forget it.”

She opened her mouth to draw breath, but it was just then that there was a knock on the door. It was my buddy Rich’s voice on the other side. “Uh, the door’s locked Nina,” he said to his fiancée, who was laying soaking wet above me fingering herself as she pressed into me.

“Nnnnn hunnnn,” she said biting her lip as the soft sounds of her masturbation hit my ears. My cock lept at the noise, which I could hear despite the water of the shower pounding down around us.

Summoning the last of my willpower, I pushed Nina gently but firmly off me and said, “No Nina, it’s not right.” Rolling away from her, and somehow sliding out from beneath her, she pouted.

“Okay, help me up then,” she said as she reached for me. I pulled myself out of the tub and shut off the shower. Then I turned, and despite my rock hard prick sticking out of the gap in my shorts, reached down to help her up. She reached for me, and then as I put her arm around my neck to lift her to her feet, she pressed her two fingers to my lips. The smell of her arousal hit me hard. Her fingers were coated with slick, clear fluid and not only did the smell hit my nose, but she wiped her fingers across my lips, smearing her cunny juice on me. My cock again twitched, and all I could think was that my girlfriend Jen must have told Nina how much I love eating her out, that the number one thing that gets me going is the smell of her pussy.

I looked down and tried to compose myself. But even that was a mistake. As I looked down I looked right at the source of that delicious smell and taste. Her pussy was slick, though it was hard to tell where her arousal ended and the water from the shower began. She had a closely cropped V shape of pubic hair above her mound. I saw dewy drops of water nestling in the blonde curls that formed the V shaped wedge pointing down directly towards her puffy pink slit. Jen and I often would have great sex after I shaved her mons bald, and I wondered if Rich likewise shaved Nina’s pubes for her.

Rich again called through the door, “Nina?”

Nina pushed the two cum slicked fingers into her mouth and licked them and then whispered to me, “He really wouldn’t mind if you bent me over the sink right now and fucked me you know.” I was so horny at this point that I didn’t realize that her slurring was completely gone. I simply shook my head “no” repeatedly, and reached into the linen closet for two large towels. Handing one to her before kicking off my soaking wet boxers and wrapping the other about my waist.

I reached over and unlocked the door to the bathroom, mentally preparing myself for a punch to the jaw. I was firmly convinced that when my friend, a marine, saw what was going on in here, I was going to lose at least one tooth. He opened the door and looked quite disappointed. He looked at me then at Nina then back to me before asking Nina, “Already? I said don’t lock the door!”

I was ready to explain, but Nina spoke up first, “No babe, he won’t fuck me. He said he can’t because we’re engaged.”

Rich grinned at me, and I realized then that he had a tent in his boxer shorts. He shook his head and said, “Pete, Pete, Pete… Look man, you have my permission. Hell, I want you to, I just want to watch.”

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An Awakening

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An Awakening

I was just a young boy when I met him. I was about 24 I guess and was working putting up TV aerials and satellite dishes. He was just moving into his new place. Here’s what happened. It was a Friday and the office had stuck a whole load of jobs in the diary. I was working with a mate, and yet we were still falling behind. By the time we got to St. John’s Road to fit a new aerial and put up the dish it was getting late and we still had three other jobs to do. I told my mate to wait in the van and planned to pop in briefly and delay the job until the next day to give us a fighting chance of getting through the day.

I rang the bell – I can’t remember who answered but it wasn’t David – I explained who I was and they invited me into the living room to talk to him. I was wearing Jeans and a t-shirt, with trainers, nothing special, my hair was quite long in those days and I was a fresh-faced lad, always looking younger than my years so I probably looked more 19-20 when he met me. I went into the living room and he looked at me immediately. I felt his power then, felt his attraction to me – he looked mesmerised by me and I was suddenly nervous and a little overcome by him. He greeted me kindly, looking me right in the eyes and smiling at me. I felt wanted there was no denying that! I explained how late we were running and asked if he’d mind me completing the job the following morning. ‘I’m David by the way’ he said, ‘Hi, I’m Toby’ I answered, eager to be on my way but a little entranced by this big man who seemed to want me in ways I couldn’t begin to imagine. I explained the situation, and despite the stress of moving and the inconvenience of having no TV that night he was very gracious in accepting my proposal to return the following morning.

Well I was a bit of a hell raiser back in those days and I remember having a bit of a night of it, alcohol, speed, sex with my sometime companion Karen, an unfeasibly large breasted lady who was great company. Consequently, and as is the way with that particular drug I was still ‘buzzing’ in the morning when I rang the bell at David’s – yesterday he’d had removal men and who knows who in the house, and I’d had my buddy – but today he was alone, as was I. When he answered the door he met me with a big beaming smile and invited me in. He appeared a little flustered as he showed me where he wanted the points for the TV, and we talked about where to put the dish. I was aware I was having some effect on him and the thought aroused me, though I knew I was too scared to do anything about it – I’d never been with a man like that, and though I was curious the reality was scary.

I went back outside and got on with my work, I put the aerial on the chimney and then the dish at the rear of the house. I was running the cable down the wall when I looked into the window and saw some kind of magazine on a desk/table – I wasn’t sure what it was but it had a muscular man on the front, which seemed to confirm my suspicions about David and his preferences. I was also aware though that I was still spaced out from last night and possibly prone to jump to the wrong illegal bahis conclusions.

I finished the outside work and went inside to finish up/tune the TV etc. I got down on my knees in front of the telly in the living room and I was aware he was behind me standing at the door. I got onto all fours and wiggled my pert bottom for him under the guise of looking at the back of the VCR. I had my back to him so couldn’t see a reaction and quickly lost my nerve. ‘All done’ I said passing him the remote. ‘Would you like a beer before you go?’ he offered. Accepting the offer we went through to the kitchen where I stood by the back door and we chatted as I enjoyed a cold lager.

There I was chatting to this tall, powerful seeming man, feeling pretty horny, tool belt on and drinking a beer as I wondered whether I could make any kind of move, or how I would give him the green light to do so. I shifted my body language a little, thought I’d play and see if anything happened. I parted my legs a little, met his eyes and held his gaze. He kept talking and we shared a smile. I took a tiny step towards him and he beamed, getting the idea that I may be open to his advances. Still though he seemed a little unsure. It was a fairly warm morning but not exactly hot. Despite this I decided there was only one thing for it, I’d make a fairly obvious play and see what happened. As we were talking I fixed his gaze and removed my t-shirt – I was slim and a little ripped in those days. I held his gaze and smiled as I pretended to mop my brow.

‘You’ve got a lovely body Toby’ he told me nervously – ‘Thank you David I responded shyly’ I’d pushed this as far as I dared and was quite terrified of what might happen next. ‘Do you have any more jobs today?’ David asked – ‘No, just this one, the rest of the day is my own’ I replied. He took a step towards me and I nearly turned and ran such was the surge of adrenaline though my body. Somehow I held myself in place. I slightly parted my lips and felt my mind drift as I looked up at him. ‘Would you like another beer?’ he asked me. Although I was driving I was bricking it so I gladly accepted his offer. While he was getting it from the fridge I took two steps towards him and when he turned back around I was much closer to him. He smiled at this and I sighed in relief that I hadn’t misread his signals.

‘Come through to the living room Toby’ he said to me, but then signalled for me to lead the way. As I walked along the hallway I felt his hand on my shoulder – our first contact and I shuddered involuntarily, I eyed the front door ahead of me and thought about bolting for it. As we reached the living room door his other hand came to my waist, there was no doubting what was happening now so I stopped and slowly turned, my heart pounding and my cock warming and twitching. I looked up at him and he took me in his arms and began to kiss me. This was so hot! So terrifying but such a turn on. I wrapped my slender arms around his strong body and kissed him back. We kissed for quite some time and I was definitely leaking pre-cum. Breathlessly I told him I’d never been with a man before but illegal bahis siteleri that I really wanted to try it.

He led me into his bedroom – it wasn’t pink and ‘poofy’ as I’d perhaps feared, but blokey, with black sheets and a red duvet cover. I was relieved and excited – If I was going to go with a man he needed to be masculine and this man wasn’t disappointing. He stroked my bare torso as he kissed me, teasing me by pinching my nipples. He ran his hands down my back and cupped my arse cheeks, giving a groan as he did so. Oh that arse is made for fucking he told me, and my knees trembled, again I felt the urge to run but he was holding me and he was between myself and the door – I knew I wanted this, and however alien it felt, however shamed I felt for wanting this I knew I needed to try it, knew I’d regret it if I didn’t see it through.

David started undoing my belt and trousers. He dropped them to my ankles and I stood before him in my boxers with my trousers round my ankles while he remained fully clothed. His hand went to my cock and he stroked me through my shorts. I gasped then mewed a little, it was divine. I reached out to rub him through his trousers, I could see a frighteningly enormous bulge there! David took my forearms and put my hands back at my sides. ‘Let me look at you’ he said and stepped back a little. I felt embarrassed and exposed as he looked at me ‘Beautiful boy’ he said to me and I felt a thrill, a warm glow from being desired. I stepped to him and we embraced more, I felt so girly and submissive, something I’d been yearning to feel for many years.

I reached out for him and felt him through his trousers – he was unbelievably big! I’d never come across a cock of these proportions and had only heard of such a thing from a cruel and taunting ex-girlfriend. I rubbed him through his trousers and though he loved it he never looked like losing his composure. ‘Feel that big cock baby, once you’ve had it you’ll never want a another man’ he told me – I shivered, wondering what I was getting myself into. He told me to remove the rest of my clothes so I kicked off my trousers and removed my shorts. I stood, shaking and nervous before him. He began to take his own clothes off.

As I stood before him fully exposed I began to worry that what now felt like my tiny cock would be a disappointment to him. I needn’t have feared, he eyed me salaciously and by the time he took his pants off he was fully erect. He held me then, me shaking and unsure, slim and feminine, him hard, huge, certain, all man. After more kissing he laid me down on the bed and began to stroke my body, all the time reassuring me, soothing me, and complimenting me on how beautiful I was. I started to feel more at ease and was able to lay back and enjoy his adoration. I could smell his musky masculine scent, it felt alien but enticing. He climbed onto me and kissed me again, It felt so strange kissing a man. It felt amazing having his warm strong body on top of me, pushing me down into the bed, making me feel so girly. I wrapped my legs around him and let my arms wander above my head and I allowed him full canlı bahis siteleri control over me.

He was kind yet masterful throughout, He took the vaseline and lubricated my hole. I felt the cold lubricant around my butt hole, then he pushed a finger in and I loved that, it felt so good. After a few minutes of exploring me and loosening my tight virgin hole with his finger he shifted position and got me to roll over and get on all fours. Excited but terrified I waited as he prepared to take me. I felt the head of that huge cock in the crack of my arse, too high up to enter but he began to push. I waited, tense and he lowered his aim, Fear gripped me as the head of his great cock entered me, I tensed (the worse thing I could have done) and felt a searing pain like he’d shoved a red hot poker up there. ‘Just relax boy, and take your man’ he told me, and I tried. His next thrust was almost as painful but I felt him move beyond the sphincter and the pain receded to a bearable level. Now I could feel this man’s huge cock inside me and probing slowly deeper.

He held my hips in place and pushed steadily in – I groaned loudly in a combination of pain and pleasure, my cute boyish arse presented to this beast of a man as he took my virginity, he was loving my young flesh and he pushed deeper still. I felt him filling me, felt my masculinity draining away as he pushed deep into me, stretching me, filling me – my mind began to spin, my head grew fuzzy and I zoned out for a few moments. Then I was aware of him thrusting in and out of me, fucking me. It hurt but it was amazing too – so difficult to describe is the feelings aroused in me. I remained soft yet incredibly turned on and I remember worrying for a moment what he’d think of that. He was getting into his stride now though, pumping into me, over and over, I began to squeal, then groan, he was so fucking massive I panicked I wouldn’t be able to continue to take him,.

Before I could say anything he thrust hard into me and I cried out even louder, he laughed and pumped me harder and harder. It was really hurting but I was really starting to get off on the weirdness of it all – He began pumping into me harder and faster and I lost all thought – he consumed me, owned me and I loved that. I felt and heard his balls slapping against me as he fucked me harder and harder. I continued to groan and whimper, he continued to pound me. I was breathless, head fizzing and he went on and on with my education, smashing into me with that huge and glorious cock

I felt him harden even further then stiffen, his great cock twitching as he spurted his hot cum into me, making me his bitch. I felt abused, I loved it, eventually he withdrew and I felt so empty. I collapsed onto the bed, cum seeping out of my arse, my now broken in arse. I panted, head spinning and he laid on my back – I loved that, felt so small underneath him. He put his hands over mine and interweaved his fingers, hips gently gyrating against my pummelled arse. He checked I was ok. I couldn’t face talking, I was exhilarated but also ashamed – it would be a long time before I grew to accept this side of myself. I got dressed quickly and left but this was just the first of many encounters I’d have with this gentle brute of a man. I love him now, he has been so good to me over the years, never abused me or let me down. I’m his Boy Toy and he my master

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Average Exception

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Average Exception – Part 1.

(Author Note: Thanks for all the comments thus far. I was quite pleasantly surprised by the positive reaction. I will continue this, but bear with me a little longer – Uni’s killing me right now but I’ll have the summer to make up for my lack of writing.)



Having been exposed to this sort of fiction a while back and having read some out of curiosity, and being one who enjoys writing, I’ve finally built up the courage to have a stab at submitting something to this site. This is my first time writing for this genre, and also incidentally my first time writing in the first person. I therefore look forward to your comments, and we’ll see where we go from here. The standard disclaimers about suitability of information apply the consequences and responsibility of what you do or do not read, where, when and with whom you read it rest with you.

The events, persons and situations that follow are entirely fictional, any resemblance to those in real life are purely coincidental.

One last point before we begin: The style, or more accurately combination of styles with which I write causes most of my stories to have a moderate to long build-up before the plot comes together. Therefore, if you’re looking for an instantaneous dive into hot and steamy smut, you’ll probably want to wait for at least Chapter 2 for the big prize. That having been said however, if you’re looking for a more substantial ‘storyline’ with firm foundations that you can sit back and relax with, then read on and bear with me.

Chapter 1.

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it”. (Goethe).

It started innocently enough, when I was about thirteen. But then again, I suppose there are very few things of this nature that truly ended in the spirit with which they were begun. Indeed, looking back now, I sometimes find it hard to believe that this even happened, or, for that matter, is still happening. It’s like looking at the past in a mirror. What’s casino siteleri there is real, and yet, it’s only a reflection of the tangible thread that is life. Perhaps comparing it to an out-of-body experience is better. You know yourself that what happened was real, the feelings and memories remaining with you forever, yet the rest of the world considers it a joke, a phantom of some over-active imagination.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Perhaps it’s best if I start off with a little background history and information. Trust me; it’ll make more sense that way.

I suppose you could say that we were what one would describe as a fairly average family. My father, rest his soul, was a computer and files administrator in the Verplicht Ziekenfonds Verzekerd, the national health service here in the Netherlands. Not the most glamorous of jobs, but he was well respected and, if you think about it, played a major role in keeping the whole system of departments and operational processes ticking over smoothly. I’m sure you would agree that a business, particularly one that holds the lives of thousands of citizens in its hands, such as the VZV would surely grind to a halt without reliable and efficient administration. Dad enjoyed his job. It was relatively straightforward for a methodical man such as he, and it allowed him to interact and socialise with the other ‘general’ employees at their level.

Mum worked, and indeed still works as a sales manager at Albert Heijn, the country’s largest supermarket chain in terms of market share and retail space. Again, a fairly standard job, nothing fancy, but one, which she enjoys and relishes, and one, which lets her, mingle with the everyday people. She loves the chance to keep up to date with the latest news and gossip, and really, it’s quite surprising how many friends you make with the regulars, from the night watchman at the old folks’ home across the street, to the cabin crews popping in to pick up a quick lunch before their next flight to places slot oyna far and wide.

I hope you’re still with me, even though this is probably far from what you expected or were even looking for in the first place.

I have a sister, you know. Oh, the things I could write about her, singing her praises, would surely keep me here for a very, very long time. Her name is Claire. Let’s just stop and repeat that. Her name is Claire. And she’s an angel. She’s my age, entering the world just a scant ten months after me, and I will be forever thankful to my parents and the powers that be for this. The world is truly a better place for having her in it. Let me describe her for you. In fact, given such a wonderful specimen of humanity, I insist.

She’s tall, five feet, eleven inches and with a slim, yet athletic figure. Her heart-shaped, sculpted face with those full, luscious lips and oval, blue-green topaz eyes, ever alight with a sparkle of passion and adventure is an image of unimaginable beauty. Her smooth, pale skin seems to shimmer in the sunlight and her long, smooth, silky sun blonde hair frames her head like a halo. She moves gracefully, like a cat, quick and light as though on a current of air. She’s Claire, my sister Claire, and she’s gorgeous. And she means the world to me.

And last, but certainly not least, there is I. I’m nothing special really, certainly by no means a shoe in for the Bachelor of the Year award. I’m tall, sometimes inconveniently so, six feet, two inches. I’m thin, lanky, bony in all the wrong places and almost completely lacking in the muscle department. With my tangled mop of black hair, brown eyes and slightly tanned skin, slightly rough from long summers playing in the sun when I was younger, there’s really nothing about me that would cause me to stand out in a crowd. I’m one of those people that often get overlooked at first, well, that is, until you hear my voice. Now that is something I am proud of. And honestly, that’s not just me being delusional; I’ve canlı casino siteleri had people comment to my face on how great it sounds. It’s low, deep and constant. It expresses emotion. It reassures people, gives them confidence. I’m proud to say I’m one of those people that rarely need to raise my voice to get my point across. There have been many stressful situations, times when people have been rushing around, yelling themselves hoarse to no avail. And what do I do? I wait, wait until there is a break in the noise, and then say a few words. A few words, the right words, in a calm, confident manner, just enough to get the job done. But I think that’s enough of me blowing my own trumpet. I do have this problem, you see, of going off on a tangent. It’s a bad habit, but one which I find very hard to break. But moving on.

Clare and I have always been close, for as long as I can remember. Being almost the same age, with both parents working full time jobs and with no relatives living within easy travelling distance, we have grown to depend on one another. Indeed, those that see us together often mark that we seem to act as though we are one and the same being, as though we can read each other’s thoughts, pre-empt each other’s actions. And I suppose this is true, to a point. Siblings that are as close as we are form a bond, one which is unbreakable and which defies all rational logic in its extent and capability. We can sense each other, feel each other’s emotions, and know when the other is angry, anxious or upset. And often, it’s almost as though we can know what the other is planning, and react instinctively. Like passing things to each other at the right time across the breakfast table, without speaking a word. To some this may seem like a frightening invasion of privacy. But to us, it’s real, it’s amazing, and it’s something we’ve come to cherish. Take note of this, it’ll play an important role in events to come.

I think that’s all there is to say about our family for the moment. I’ll add more details as they become necessary. But for now, let me start on the tale proper. The tale of two who redefined the meaning of the term close. Two who stretched the bonds of sibling love to new heights of intimacy. The two of us.

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Ava and/or Eva Pt. 04

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Author’s Note – This Part ties in with Part 1, so I recommend you review/read that part first. This story has 8 parts which I am releasing as I finish editing them. For the best experience, please read them in sequence or you may not be able to follow the story properly. Although this is a work of fiction, it is based on real characters and events. All names and locations are fictitious. To check on the status of the next part, please see my profile. Thank you.


It’s Hereditary


‘Actually, I know exactly where this is headed…I’ve been down this road before,’ I thought to myself and smiled…

The realization that Eva and I had just added another new sexual path, instantly sent my mind back to Ava. There were so many things that we had shared during our sexual explorations, it was nice to recall our early days and discoveries together…Soon I would be enjoying them with Eva, as well. My mind went back to that first time with Ava…

While we were laying on the bed relishing in the afterglow of our lovemaking that first time in Jenna’s apartment, Ava had started to open up about all that she had gone through to get to this point in time.

Ava’s Confessions

“So, you want to know about my sexual ‘education’, do you?” she began, her hand idly teasing her nipple. “Let me get something out of the way first and it will make it all a whole lot easier after that.” She rolled onto her side, looking up into my eyes like she seemed to do when she had something important to tell to me.

“Sure… I’m beginning to love how you directly cut through the bullshit and get to the heart of things.” I leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead.

As she snuggled her head into the crock of my neck, she got to the point bluntly, “I’m bisexual, David. My first sexual experiences were with a woman…well… a girl, actually. But, I desire men just as much as women. Soooo…I’m definitely bi.” Her hand was playing with the small patch of hair on my chest. I loved how matter of fact she was about things.

“Go on,” I encouraged her, actually very tantalized by the possibilities her words were bringing up in my head.

“Mary was my first. She taught me all about sex, and my body and opened my eyes to all the sensual things life has to offer.”

“Mary?…Jim’s sister, Mary?” I inquired with a little surprise as she nodded in response. “I didn’t even think she was that into sex. I mean…she never seemed to have a boyfriend or was the least bit interested in that sort of stuff.”

“Well, looks can be deceiving, David,” Ava confessed. She reached out and grabbed my hand, guiding my arm behind her back, then placing my hand on her belly while she cuddled in tighter to me. I squeezed her as she continued, “You want to hear the big shocker?…I’m sure you don’t have a clue about this.”


“Mary has a ‘boyfriend’…but nobody knows about him except me.” She paused for effect before dropping the bomb on me. “She’s fucking Jim.” It didn’t register for a second then the light bulb lit up.

“You’re kidding me?!” I said, truly shocked. “Jim and Mary?… Holy shit!”

“They have been lovers, in one form or another, since their early teens, but didn’t have real sex until she turned 18. They did everything except fuck until then. He took her virginity the night of her birthday after her family party. To me… it was almost like something out of a romance novel. At first, I was a bit put off by all the incest stuff…but the more I was around them, the more I saw how much they were truly in love. Sooooo… I just accepted it.”

“Well, all I can say is that they were really good at hiding it. I never saw anything out of the ordinary. Although…” I paused for a second. “The more I think about it, what you are telling me kinda makes sense. Jim never did seem to date much, and never joined in on all the guy talk about girls.”

She got very quiet all of a sudden, and I could feel her tense up against me.”What is it, Ava?” I pried, knowing she had something serious to tell me.

She rose up from my shoulder and turned to look at me as she told me what she had to get off her chest, “Now, I don’t want you to get all bent out of shape, but what I need to tell you might make you upset. I just want to say first that there was no emotion involved… whatsoever. It was purely a physical thing that I wanted to do, so I could be ready when I finally seduced you.” Her eyes were searching mine for a clue as to whether or not she should go ahead. She must have decided it was okay.

“Okay…here it goes.” She took a deep breath then proceeded, “Shortly after I turned 18…it was Jim who took my virginity…Mary was there…it was almost a mechanical thing as he just broke my cherry…I had a lot of pain…then it was over. I’ve regretted it ever since, and wished I had just used a dildo instead, but for some reason I just wanted it to be a real cock that did it…silly, I know.”

I must admit that my emotions were a little mixed up right then. Here was this beautiful woman lying in my arms, that I was falling head-over-heels in love with, telling casino siteleri me that my best friend in high school was the guy who had her first! She was studying me, obviously very worried about what I was thinking right now. While it only seemed like a few seconds to me, it must have seemed like forever to her as she waited for me to do…or say…something.

I needed to hurry up and settle my thoughts. Suddenly, I realized that it was really simple. We all make stupid decisions that we aren’t very proud of…I’ve made plenty of them myself, so I’m nowhere near perfect. There was no way I was going to let such an insignificant thing ruin what looked to be the most wonderful relationship I had ever had in my life.

“It doesn’t matter, Ava…It has no bearing on what we have going on now.” I saw the relief wash over her as I finished my thought, “If I were to let you slip away because of something like this, then I don’t deserve you, so let’s just move on, okay?” I pulled her up to me and we shared a long and joyous kiss until we both needed to come up for air. When we did, her smile was radiant. I could sense the weight lifting from her as we returned to a more normal plane of emotion.

Wanting to change the topic, I asked for more info, “Tell me more about Mary. What did she teach you?”

“It’s more like what she didn’t teach me.” She began to relate her sexual awakening to me. “Like all young girls, as my body woke up, I wanted to know more. I started by playing with myself and by the time I met Mary, I had more questions than answers about boys, and sex, and all the stuff they weren’t teaching us in sex ed.” She snuggled close as she went on.

“Mary seemed to know so much more than me, so I became her pupil. We would get naked when we had a sleepover and she would tell me how to masturbate, what my clit was and how to stimulate it. Then, she began to show me by playing with herself…before too much longer we were touching each other. I think it was somewhere around there that I discovered that I liked being told what to do, so we started to fall into a dom/sub thing.”

“Dom/sub thing?” I questioned, not really sure what she meant.

“Dominant and submissive…a master and slave sexual thing.” I nodded, now understanding what she was referring to. I would have to study up more about it since she implied she was enjoying it.

“Before I knew it, It became ‘Lick my clit, Ava…no, like this, Ava…now suck on it…put a finger inside me…now, two’, and so on. I would get so excited when she told me what to do, that I’d get wet just thinking about what was going to happen next. Since I was living Mary’s fantasy, it was almost electrifying to anticipate where she was leading me.” Ava moved her hand down to my flaccid cock and began to explore it lovingly with a fingertip. Her touch was enticingly light and sent little shivers through me as she played.

Giving me a soft kiss on my nipple followed by a tongue swipe, she went on, “We continued like this for a while, then, when I started to press her for more information about boys and cocks and fucking, she showed up with a couple of fuck magazines. When I asked her where she got them, she told me she had stolen them from Jim’s stash and had to get them back before he found out. I was blown away as I looked at all those cocks in pussies and women sucking on them with cum all over everything! It was quite the eye-opening experience. That’s when my cock obsession was born.”

Grasping mine firmly, she commenced to fondle it as if to emphasize her comment. “I later learned that Jim knew all about what Mary and I were doing, and was a willing ally in my education. He used to get off when Mary would tell him about what we were doing. I also found out that he actually watched us a few times without my knowledge.”

“So, how did he end up becoming the one who fucked you?” I asked curiously.

“Well, after Jim took her on her birthday, everything changed. They had set it up so that her party was just for the family and was late in the day. Jim was supposedly going to take her out to party afterwards with some of her friends. Their parents figured as long as she was with Jim, she’d be safe…little did they know what was really going to happen. Jim ended up parking on Little Park Road, where they took a blanket off into the woods and her fucked her under the stars. Mary said it was wonderful and very romantic.

“A few days later, Mary and I were together for one of our sleepovers and I could tell that she was different…something big had happened. After I grilled her, she finally spilled the beans about her and Jim. She also told me that he knew about us and was really turned on. Things moved really fast from there. She said that she had started the pill a month before her birthday so that she would be safe by then.

“Since my birthday was fast approaching, she convinced me I should get on the pill, too, and began convincing me to let Jim break my cherry. Just after my birthday…when they found out their parents were taking off for a weekend alone…Mary decided to set up a special carnal event for us all. She told me slot oyna Jim really wanted to watch us together, and she wanted to have me watch them fucking. She also wanted to show me how to do a real blowjob. By the time the weekend arrived, I was so turned on with anticipation that I was constantly wet. I had to use pantie liners to keep from leaking all over the place.”


Ava, Mary, and Jim – Ava Tells Her Story

When I arrived at their house, Mary let me in. She was wrapped in a small robe, but Jim was nowhere to be seen. We talked for a few moments before proceeding. “Now, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Just follow me and watch for a bit if you want, until you feel comfortable. If you want to stop at any time just say ‘stop’, okay?”

I nodded my understanding of the safe word. Mary looked at my outfit for the first time. Every since my sexual awakening had begun, I had started to transform my appearance from my frumpy, geek persona to someone that David would drool over. I had become so focused about what he would like and so on, that I really didn’t care what other boys would think. No other males had any value to me as I was solely focused on David.

“That’s really cute, Ava!” she complimented me as she eyed me up and down. I had on a tight, pale-blue, spaghetti-strapped tank top which gave peeks of my finally maturing breasts. I had pretty much stopped wearing a bra as my confidence increased. Having just moved up to a c-cup, I enjoyed feeling like a real woman for the first time instead of that flat-chested tomboy I had always been. The top draped over the matching mid-thigh, dark-blue flare skirt. I had my hair pulled back into a tight ponytail that was now reaching just past my shoulder blades. As per Mary’s instructions, I wasn’t wearing panties and had to keep a few tissues in the waistband of my skirt to wipe up the occasional dribble of moisture leaking from me as I drove over to meet them.

“Let’s go…Jim’s probably ready to burst by now. I got him so worked up that he tried to fuck me in the shower just before you came over,” she confessed laughingly. She grabbed my hand and headed down the hallway, dragging me behind her. “We’re in my parents room so that we can have the big bed… just in case you want to join in later.” She hollered down the hall to Jim, “Here we come…ready or not!”

I could feel my nervousness increase, knowing that what was about to take place would be life changing for me. As she pulled me into the room, the first thing to greet me was the sight of Jim on the bed…totally naked and propped up by several pillows against the headboard. The covers had been stripped and there were several towels spread out around and beneath him. Noticing where my gaze was, Mary explained, “Just in case we make a mess!” She giggled, dragging me further into the room.

I felt my face flush when I turned my attention to Jim, lying with his legs spread apart and slowly stroking his cock. Mary released my hand which I promptly placed over my mouth to hide the quick gasp that escaped. “Oh my…” was what he heard before I was able to muffle the rest. I examined his body like a doctor, since it was the first adult male I had ever seen nude in person. He was definitely well built. All the years of playing defensive end beside David, who was a linebacker, had sculpted his body into some serious muscles. He was big at 6 ft. 2 or so, but not overly huge and was fairly cute with his full blue eyes and light-brown, close cropped hair. I was intrigued by his rippling muscles as he played with himself. He seemed a bit shy as he wasn’t staring at me directly but kept shifting his gaze between Mary and me nervously. I was curious to see what Mary would look like riding his cock as she was so small compared to him. I was also pleased to see that although his was not as huge as some of the ones I had seen in the magazines, it seemed to be of nice size and thickness.

Mary walked over beside the bed and looked back at me as she took off her robe. She was only 5′ 4″ tall, but voluptuous at 120 lbs. with an full, hourglass figure. She ran her fingers through her short, dirty blonde curls and crawled onto the bed, her D-cup, full tits swaying beneath her as she moved to kneel beside him.

“Come closer, Ava. He won’t bite…I promise.” He was staring at her body as she moved closer and was basically ignoring me, so I walked over and sat on a chair that was near the foot of the bed.

“Let me help you with that, baby,” Mary said, reaching out to take his cock in her hand. “He has a nice cock, don’t you think Ava?” Jim shot a glance over at me, remembering I was in the room. He seemed to be just as uncomfortable as I was, so I relaxed a little bit.

“Yes, he does,” I replied, nodding in agreement. Jim smiled as if relieved by my approval.

“Jim’s been anxious about you knowing about us, since I first told him, Ava. I said you would never do anything to cause us a problem, isn’t that right?” She looked at me seriously, wanting me to confirm that they would be safe with me knowing.

“I would never hurt you. I love Mary too much…plus…I don’t canlı casino siteleri want her to kill me!” I tried to make a joke and lighten the tension in the room.

“And I would, too!” she promised with false anger before laughing at me. Sensing that we were all relaxing a bit, Mary changed the tone of the conversation. ” Jim, I want to show you something real special to me. Ava…stand up and show him your special panties!” she commanded. Jim looked at me intently. When I hesitated, Mary spoke more firmly, “Don’t be shy now…they’re very pretty…show him!” I finally rose up, my legs feeling a little weak as I did. “Come closer so he can see all the beautiful detail.”

Grasping the bottom of my skirt, I walked slowly forward until I was at the edge of the bed. I blushed as it sunk in that I was about to expose myself for Jim to see. I looked at him as I lifted my skirt up slowly, his eyes opening with surprise when my pussy came fully into view. Mary was smiling with glee at my display.

“Do you like her panties, Jim?” her voice was low and lusty as she looked at him for his reaction. Mary had trimmed the hair on my vagina short so that everything would show easily. My pubic hair was never very thick anyway, so it almost looked like I was bare. I knew my outer lips were swollen with my excitement and was sure my inner labia were poking out. I also knew I was really wet…I just hoped I wasn’t leaking any out.

Jim’s mouth was hanging open, but he did manage to mumble an, “Uhuhh,” as he nodded in reply. Apparently, Mary was now satisfied that all the preliminaries were completed and it was time to get down to some serious sex.

“Time to show you a real blowjob, Ava.” She bent down and began to work on Jim’s cock, first running her tongue all around the tip then moving to the shaft where her hand was still stroking him. Jim turned his attention back to what she was doing, his hips lifting up in response to her ministrations. I was enthralled by the sight unfolding in front of me for the first time. Pictures in a magazine don’t do any justice to the real thing.

I sat down on the bed and scooted closer, leaning in to try and see every detail of what Mary was doing to him. I watched as she moved back up to the tip of his cock and parted her lips, her tongue stabbing out and trying to poke into the little slit on top. I noticed his body seemed to shiver as she pleasured him while he moved a hand to the top of her head, running his fingers gently through her hair. All his attention was focused on watching what his little sister was doing to him.

Mary lifted her head up and turned to look at me. “Come closer and take him in your hand…hold him still while I show you how to really suck on it.” I moved as close as I could without interfering with her and reached out, taking hold of him where she had. Jim seemed to be in a trance and was following every move we made. In the palm of my hand, I could feel that it was throbbing and very hot.

“Play with yourself so he can watch you, Ava.” I was totally involved in what was happening now as my reservations had completely disappeared. I turned and sat crossed legged facing him, hiking up my skirt up to give him a good view as I began to finger myself for his pleasure. As he watched me stroking my swollen clit, I was studying what Mary was doing.

She lowered her mouth, wrapping her lips around the head. I could see her tongue poking out from time to time as she licked all around him, then lowered her head down and began to take more and more of him inside before bobbing up and down. He grunted as his hips pushed up, trying to get her deeper.

“I’m gonna cum soon, babydoll,” he announced, his head laying back on the pillows as his chest pushed out. He put his other hand on the top of her head, and, as he aggressively started to fuck her mouth, I removed my hand…leaning back to view his orgasm.

She forced her head up off his cock so that she could say, “Let go of me, Jim, so Ava can see you shoot!” His hands fell down while she grasped his cock again and resumed her sucking. It was just a few more strokes before he was ready.

“Cumming, babe…cumming!” Removing her head, she aimed his cock at her body just as he began to launch his semen into the air. I watched in awe as I saw my first, live, male orgasm. The ropes of his cum seemed to launch a couple of feet and landed on her neck, chest and then belly as they weakened in intensity…the last few spewing over his shaft and spilling on her hand. As he finished, his hips sank back down into the bed and his moaning softened while his chest was still heaving from his heavy breathing.

Mary began giggling loudly as she milked the last of his semen. “Wow!” she exclaimed, “That was a big one!” She lifted her hand from his cock and brought it up to her mouth. I watched as she lapped up some of his seed and tasted it…finally swallowing it for me to see. “The taste takes a bit getting used to, but I love it now. Want to try?” She moved her hand to my face. I was definitely curious and scooped up a small sample with my tongue before pulling it back into my mouth to test. It had a slight, tangy taste and a texture like tapioca to it, but was not unpleasant at all. My intuition told me that I was going to be a cum lover before too long. I nodded my head to show Mary my approval.

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Going Back.

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To go or not to go? Jennifer thought, that was indeed the question.

Setting aside the last of her marking she retrieved her phone and scanned the month old email.

The Ridgeway School was holding a reunion for the class of 2009. Much had happened in ten years. University, marriage to Brian and her first job as an English teacher for a start. There was a list of teachers who had agreed to attend. One name in particular caught her eye.

Her husband had been so patient recently. “Come on Jen, what’s wrong, it’s been a while since..”

“I know, I’m sorry, just hold me Brian.”

The bed creaked softly as he shifted position, easing one of her large breasts from her nightdress.

His cock pressed rigid against her bare thigh.

Taking his hand she clamped him between her legs, groaning with need as three fingers slid easily into her wet passage.

But as Jennifer’s body bucked and sprawled in the darkness, it was another hand she imagined and wanted. A hand she had often watched moulding clay or demonstrating a shading technique and just once, ten years ago, had felt resting on her shoulder.

A hand with neat nails, casino oyna invariably painted black to match her shiny black hair.

The opportunity to see Miss Langham again was the reason that Jennifer had decided to attend the reunion.

“It’s fine Jennifer. I think enough time has elapsed for you to be allowed to call me Sarah.” Her former art teacher’s voice was fighting a losing battle with the sound system blasting hits from the noughties.

Jennifer had travelled down by train to the south coast town that Saturday morning. After booking into a small hotel she had spent the afternoon exploring the recently completed shopping centre.

All that week she had agonised over what to wear, finally settling on a floral print dress with a full skirt. Her former teacher dressed in black jeans and a loose black top managed to look effortlessly stylish. The only colour being the deep red of her lips and a necklace of red stones around her elegant neck. At forty her black hair showed not a trace of grey.

“Do you still paint, Jennifer? I remember you as one of my more attentive students.”

“Sometimes, just watercolours of local scenes, when I slot oyna get the time.”

They had moved into the pub’s large garden where it was quieter, though I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas could still be heard.

“You married, I notice.” Sarah indicated Jennifer’s rings.

“Yes, two years ago. How about you, do you have anyone?”

“Not anymore.”

“Oh good,” Jennifer heard herself say. “I mean, oh gosh, that sounded horrible, I’m so sorry.”

“Not horrible, a little unexpected perhaps.”

Her lips brushed Jennifer’s flushed cheek. “I think we had better circulate, don’t you?”

Jennifer nodded, scarcely daring to look at the other woman.

“But if you like I can offer you a lift back to your hotel later.”

“Oh, yes please, that would be lovely, I mean…,” she stumbled, not quite knowing how to finish the sentence.

Not that it mattered, as Sarah was already walking back towards the music.

For the remainder of the evening Jennifer repeated her summary of life after school to a host of half remembered faces.

“Would you like to come in?”

It was 11:30 and they sat in Sarah’s car outside canlı casino siteleri the dark hotel.

Sarah shook her head, “you can come back with me,” she paused taking Jennifer’s hand, “if you’re sure it’s what you want.”

“It is.”

They drove the short distance in silence, save for the soothing sounds of a popular symphony playing low on the radio.

Their clothes lay scattered across the bedroom floor; a testament to the mutual urgent desire to be naked together.

Jennifer lay back loving the feeling of Sarah’s longed for fingers at work between her spread thighs.

“You have amazing breasts, so big and soft.”

Jennifer gazed up at the woman’s slender frame, her tiny breasts with long erect nipples and between her slim legs a patch of neatly trimmed black pubic hair.

“You are so beautiful.”

Sarah’s tongue flicked over her nipples whilst more fingers probed deeper.

“Yes, fuck me, as hard as you can,” she pleaded as Sarah’s entire hand penetrated her wetness.

Afterwards they lay side by side in the half light, fingers touching.

“Are you glad you attended the reunion, Jennifer?”

Sensing insecurity, Jennifer’s response was to gather the older woman tightly in her arms.

“Yes, of course,” she replied between kisses, “sometimes you have to go away in order to discover where you really belong.”

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