A Weekend Retreat

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Female Ejaculation

He said he was going to take her away for the weekend. He was going to pamper her and give her a taste of being cared for. Everything at home was so stressful… the kids, the job, the divorce and a monster of an ex always hounding her…

Jimmy had taken her to lunch a few times, but they were never more than 10-minute stops at the office food coach. Triana worked hard. She had to support her kids by herself now. Even though her husband had loads of cash, he had managed to hide just about all of it; so the courts never even assigned him much by way of child support and nothing by way of alimony.

She didn’t want to lose her house. She didn’t want her kids to suffer because she and her husband failed at marriage. Then when she heard that the boss was going to have to let a few people go, she nearly freaked out. Her job was safe – for now, but the tension had been unbearable.

When Jimmy had asked her to go away with him for a weekend, she was shocked. Except for the few lunches and a quick peck on the cheek, there was never any reason to look at him as her knight in shining armor. He convinced her though. He even got his kid sister in to baby-sit her kids for the weekend. He managed to counter every argument she made. And when he gave her a set of sheer baby dolls he had been honest. Jimmy planned to pamper Triana in even the most intimate of ways. What the heck? She hadn’t been with any other man except for her husband and sex had been all about him. It was time she was with a man who made it very clear her pleasure was his priority.

Jimmy held her hand as they entered the secluded cabin he rented for the weekend. Their two small bags were tucked under his other arm. Just the way he looked at her was enough to make her wet between her legs.

“Just give me two minutes.” He kissed her lips lightly and set their suitcases down in the corner. Then he entered the bathroom.

Triana heard water running into the tub. When he appeared a minute or two later, his skin was flushed from the steam of the tub. He had removed his shirt, his shoes and his socks. It was the first time Triana had gotten a look at his muscled chest. His arms and shoulders were muscular and she came to him easily when he reached a hand towards her. Never letting go of her hand, he pulled her close to ravish her mouth. Their clasped hands were in the small of her back as he leaned down to cover her mouth with his own.

He gently poked the tip of his tongue between her lips. She opened her mouth just a little to let him enter. Slowly he tasted her, drinking in her sweetness with a deliberateness that made Triana’s knees weak. If this was the way he used his tongue to make love to her, she was looking forward to putting her body into his hands – literally.

His palm cupped her breast and she felt his thumb caressing the nub through the thin fabric of her blouse, he had asked her not to wear a bra. Still holding one arm behind her back and never removing his tongue from her mouth, Jimmy managed to unbutton her blouse and rubbed her tender nipples against his hair roughened chest. Triana couldn’t escape, she didn’t want to escape, the oral lovemaking. She used her one free hand to caress his lean hips, moving it until she could feel the male bulge behind the zipper to his pants. He wouldn’t let her unzip his pants.

He brought her next to the tub as he finally withdrew his tongue. “I want to see you naked.” His voice sounded rough as he slowly slid her blouse off of her and pushed her skirt down from her hips. She stood wearing only the scantiest of pink bikini panties. He slowly ran his finger under the fabric, first the waist and then each leg. He paused when he touched the curls between her thighs and smiled when he felt the moisture already oozing from her pussy. Triana’s breathing was already coming in short spurts. He put both hands under the fabric and cupped her cheeks lightly squeezing as he pulled her against him. kuşadası escort Then he pulled her panties down her legs with a barely restrained patience.

“I want to bathe you.”

She nodded feigning shyness. “I want to see you.”

His eyes met hers, his stare was intent. Jimmy unsnapped his pants and slid his trousers and underwear down his long legs in one quick movement. She tentatively touched his thrusting rod, it was so hot and hard. He stilled her hand. “Not yet. You are so beautiful and if I’m not careful I’m just going to shove my cock into you and shoot everything I have. I don’t want it to be like that. This weekend is all about you.”

His words mesmerized her. Jimmy reached to turn the water off. He poured a capful of fragrant oil into the steaming water. Then he sampled it with his hand to make sure it wasn’t too hot. Holding her hand, they stepped into the tub together.

Sitting, facing each other, she sat between his bent knees, her legs wide open as each ankle straddled the sides of his waist. Jimmy picked up a large, plump loofah and gently lathed her body with the slightly scratchy surface. He roughened her nipples with the loofah and then drew each one into his mouth holding the swelling buds between his teeth. Biting with just enough pressure to send shockwaves through her body, he sucked greedily. His hands dropped under the water and between her legs. She felt him fingering her and then sliding one, then two and then three fingers inside her. He stroked her from deep inside. His thumb pressed on her clit. He used his body, his arms, to press her legs open wider.

Triana rested her hands on his shoulders and she looked up into his dark eyes. His stare held her captive as he continued to fondle her sensitive spots. She could feel his fingertips as they sought out her G-spot and tortured it with an unyielding pressure. Bolts of pain and pleasure shot through her suddenly. Before she could catch her breath, he had her shoulders resting on his knees, her head dropped back to skim the surface of the water and with both hands on her ass cheeks, he lifted her wet pussy to his mouth.

She thought his tongue had been marvelous in her mouth. She felt his tongue stroke her and tease her clit. Then he thrust his tongue into her slit, in and out, in and out. Then he nibbled and sucked on her clit until he heard her gasp. He didn’t stop. Triana felt her body spasming over and over as he continued to hold her in midair and sucked and jabbed. With her head hung back and the room beginning to spin, she thought she was going to go crazy.

“Jimmy, Jimmy, I want you in me.”

“Soon.” He smiled as he continued to fuck her pussy with his tongue until she finally screamed from the pleasure.

When he finally let her sit back down in the tub, she was sure that the moisture glistening on his lips wasn’t just the bathwater. He deliberately licked his lips and savored her juices while she watched. Then he leaned forward and kissed her sharing her flavor with her open mouth. He tenderly finished their bath and dried them both with the same fluffy towel.

Both naked, they returned to the bedroom. He made her wait again while he removed soft strips of fabric from his suitcase. He tied the strips to either side of the headboard. Then he took a swig from a bottle of liquid on the nightstand.

He turned and saw her wide eyed stare. “Trust me.” He pulled the bedspread and covers off of the bed and then picked her up in his arms to lay her down. Looping the fabric loosely around her wrists he smiled at her. “You can pull your hands out easily, but you are going to want to hold on.”

Triana felt excited to be lying naked under his gaze, her arms held above her, almost defenseless to his ministrations. He went back to his suitcase but he hid whatever he was carrying from her gaze. He put the mystery object down next to the bed. Jimmy spread her legs as he knelt between them. Then he began to kiss her on her mouth, her neck, her breasts. He slowly drew each nipple deep into his mouth and sucked firmly. Then he used his tongue to trace a wet path down her body to the light brown curls of her thatch.

Once again he probed deeply with his tongue into her pussy. This time he used his hands as well. With one hand he shoved fingers deep inside her. She rode his fingers as they fucked her and pressed against his lips as he sucked her already swollen and sensitive clit. She wasn’t expecting it when he took his wet fingers from her pussy and slowly and determined pressed them into her asshole. One finger was quickly followed by a second, third and forth. The stretching was painful and pleasurable at the same time. He used his free hand to continue fucking her pussy.

Triana writhed on the bed and yanked on the cloth strips at her wrists. She pulled against them, holding them as if they weren’t just pretend. For all the times her husband had fucked her, he had never paid her so much attention. She had never felt her senses so alive. She felt every time he pulled his fingers out and thrust them back in both of her holes. She felt his teeth biting her clit as his tongue flicked it constantly. He didn’t stop even as her body tensed and she moaned and thrashed from side to side. Triana felt her juices flowing from her pussy and he drank it up.

“Oh baby, you taste so good.”

“Jimmy, I want you to come into me.” She was breathless and close to begging.

“Soon.” He smiled as he let her rest. He brought himself up to his knees and straddled her upper chest. His hard dick was poised over her mouth and he guided it to her lips.

Triana sucked his long, hot cock greedily. She ran her tongue along his length. And she sucked again. She enjoyed the taste of the drops of cum that oozed from the tip. She drew his cock into her mouth and it reached the back of her throat. Did she only imagine that it seemed to grow even bigger as she sucked on it? It was going to feel so good when he finally came into her pussy.

He laughed as he pulled away. “Don’t get too carried away. I have things I want to do to you.” Jimmy picked up a small plastic container and squeezed a few drops into his palms. “This is massage oil, it heats up. While I’m rubbing it onto your tits and into your cunt, I want you to tell me your fantasies.”

Still trying to catch her breath, Triana smiled gratefully. “What more can a woman fantasize than to be with someone like you?”

He smiled back at her. His hands began to massage the area between her legs. Triana could feel the heat from the oil on her breasts. Everywhere he touched her between her legs was hot. It amplified every time he touched her swollen pussy lips.

“Tell me every secret. Did you ever want to get fucked in the ass? Did you ever want to feel two cocks in you at once? Did you ever want to be tied up and get fucked for hours?”

He was exciting her with his hands and the heat from the oil. He was exciting her with his words. Her body tingled and even though the unknown made her nervous, she had to tell him yes to all of it.

Jimmy smiled at her response. He knew how excited she was getting again. She was writhing on the bed. She was holding the cloth straps as she pulled against them. Even though she knew she wasn’t tied down, the sensation of being a prisoner to him excited her and she was surprised.

He reached behind him. “I brought some toys.”

Triana strained to see.

“Meet my friend Richard.” Jimmy was holding up a lifelike looking dildo, very lifelike down to the mass of balls at the back end. “He’s a real cocky guy.” And Triana had never seen a real cock that huge.

She looked at it with nervous anticipation at the idea of something so big being inside her.

“But first…” Jimmy rubbed his oiled hands over a conical butt plug and gently inserted it in her ass. There was a little resistance when he reached the third, largest ridge and she drew in a deep breath as she felt it filling her hole. Then he pushed a little button on the end and it began to slowly undulate inside her. “How does that feel?”

The sensation was strange and good. “Weird.”

He smiled. After he poured some of the heating massage oil along the shaft of the dildo, Jimmy flicked another hidden button and Triana could see ripples slowly moving along the shaft. He worked it into her slowly until she had taken all of it. “Tell me how it feels to be fucked by a dick this big.”

She was panting already. She felt incredibly full and every sensation, every nerve, was focused between her legs. Jimmy used his thumb on her clit again as he held the massive dildo in her.

“Oh… ah… oh god… oh, oh…” Triana was coming again. She was thrashing and noisy. And each time she made a noise, Jimmy made sure to push a little deeper and smile a little broader.

He took the dildo out of her so slowly it was nearly tortuous as the ridges kept titillating her sensitive pussy. Then, less gently, he pulled the butt plug from her ass and before the hole could close he inserted a vibrating plastic wand. It went deeper and was thicker than the ridged butt plug.

Triana’s eyes were wide when she got a good look at Jimmy’s cock, it had grown and it was almost as big as the dildo she had just fucked.

Jimmy laughed. “You can believe some of those TV commercials,” he said cryptically. And then he shoved his rod into her as deep as it would go. “Oh god, I can feel the vibration in your ass.” And Jimmy began to fuck her with long, deliberate strokes.

She could feel his balls slap against her and she swore he was still growing. She knew the vibration in her ass was turning him on even more. And it was so good to finally have him in her.

He was pumping harder and harder. He screamed her name as he began to throb. She felt his hot cum filling her. The hot spurts from his rod brought her to the edge once more. And she could feel the vibration and fullness in her ass. And she screamed as she came again.

Jimmy collapsed against her and lay there still inside and not getting any smaller. She could feel cum seeping out. And the wand continued to vibrate in her ass. The wand worked against Jimmy’s still large cock and he grew hard inside her. And again he pumped away until they both screamed their names out loud

Jimmy left Triana pseudo tied to the bed and naked for most of the night. And he fucked her in every hole with his cock, with the dildo, with the vibrating wand and with the butt plug. By morning she was spent. They took a shower together and he fucked her again.

The only thing he would let her put on the next day was the sheer baby doll lingerie he had given her. He wore only jeans. Jimmie had brought food in a small cooler which he had left in his car. There were no interruptions, everything was done for her.

He finally let her suck his cock until he came in her mouth after she begged him. And then he fucked her again and made her come repeatedly until he shot his load into her.

She didn’t want to go home at the end of the weekend, but her kids were waiting for her. So were the bills and the crappy ex-husband and the demanding job and so many worries…

“I was thinking, how about you let me move in with you?” Jimmy surprised her with his words. “You have to know how much I’ve wanted you since the first day you came to work.”


“No buts,” and then he smiled as he thought of all the fun they had with her butt. “Seriously Triana, I want to be with you. I could help you pay the mortgage. I like kids. And while we certainly couldn’t live this fantasy every night, the sex would be fantastic.”

“I’ve got so many responsibilities…”

“And I could share them with you. I really am crazy about you.” He ginned as he picked up the dildo lying on the nightstand. “So is Richard.”

She laughed. And he kissed her. And they made love again before they went home.

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A Wake Up In The Best Possible Way

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Its two o clock in the morning, I’m hot, bothered and can’t sleep, as I roll over to look at your handsome face I notice that your cock is half erect, and you seem to be moaning very quietly, the sound of this is making me have rude thoughts and although I’m exhausted, my body needs to be made love to. I roll onto my back and slowly slide my legs apart so as not to wake you, your breathing is getting louder and I know you must be having a wonderful time in your dream.

I slide my hands across my firm breasts and gently start to circle my nipples, they respond eagerly and I can feel my pussy start to get moist. I concentrate on my breasts and the feelings down below are starting to grow, each little touch is sending a little wave of pleasure over my body, rolling my left nipple between my fingers, I slowly start to stroke my way across my stomach. Just tracing my nails over my hot skin, enough to bring the small Goosebumps up under my touch, I work my way down to my wet pussy, I start by slowly tracing the outline of my moist lips, all the while I am still playing with my nipple and the pleasure is causing me to groan slightly.

I can feel my wetness start to slowly ooze out of me and onto my finger as I run my nails over my sensitive lips, my fingers start to work their way in with each stroke and tingles of excitement are building up inside me.

I glance over at you and wish it was your hand on my pussy, but you look peaceful so I’ll pleasure myself, your breathing has calmed down and I’m kuşadası escort guessing your dream has ended.

As my fingers find my sensitive clit I have an amazing urge to slide down the bed and slip your semi hard cock into my mouth, but fearing of waking you, I stayed where I was, my middle finger is now rubbing, very slowly and lightly and already I can feel the build up of an orgasm inside me, I move my hand down so that I can rub my bud with my thumb and my first finger automatically dips into the wetness below, it feels good, very warm and sticky and my hand starts to take on a slow rhythm of rubbing and penetrating, my body starts to move and my back arches, it wont be long before I cum all over my fingers, but its not enough, I want your cock deep inside me stroking my insides. I slowly reach over with my left hand to where your cock is sitting on your stomach, its still a bit hard and I ever so gently slide my hand underneath it and as smoothly as I can wrap my hand around it.

As my hand starts to squeeze you gently, your body reacts with a quiver, which really turns me on. Knowing your asleep while I have your cock in my hand brings me closer to orgasm, I push two fingers deep inside me and moan as I find the sensitive spot way up high, at this point my hand starts to slide up on down on your now hard cock, I’m worried about what you might think if you wake up and me with my fingers buried inside me and with your cock in my hand, but I’m so turned on it’s a risk I’m going to take.. My pussy clenches round my fingers as the waves of orgasm hit me, I moan loudly and the muscles in my legs tense up as the juice flows freely down inside me and over my fingers.

My other hand is working on your rock hard cock and I can’t believe you haven’t woken up yet, as my orgasm dies down I just have to have your cock in my mouth, so I slide down the bed until I’m level with your tool and start by running my tongue over the tip of your cock, slowly down your shaft, licking and sucking all the way until I reach the base, I then concentrate on your balls, Gently lifting them to my mouth and licking gently, sucking each ball in turn then rubbing my finger below your sac. On the sensitive part, the part you love to be sucked and stroked, it drives you wild you say, and I can tell it does, you have started breathing rapidly now and a very small moan escapes your lips.

I start to slowly tongue my way back up to your cock and making my way to the head, all the time fondling your balls. I sink my mouth down onto your cock making sure I put pressure on your shaft as I do so. Then slide back up to the top to kiss the tip, then sliding down again, circling my tongue around your length, you moan again, and this time its loud, the thought of you receiving a blow job while you are totally unaware is a great turn on for me.

I speed up the working on your cock, making sure none of you goes with ought, I can feel your balls start to tighten and know your reaching climax soon, your body has started to grind into the bed and you are breathing quickly now, I so badly want to taste your sweet cum and I want to make sure your awake when you cum, I suck hard and make sure my mouth covers you all each time I go down on you, I’d love to know what your feeling right now.

As I slide down on you next time, I gently shake you with my free hand as to wake you, but you being a heavy sleeper take no notice, so I carry on running my moist lips over your hardness, again the next time I get to the top, I shake you harder this time wanting desperately to wake you, with that you start to stir and try to roll over, oh no you don’t I say out loud and pin you down, which takes all my strength.

You open your eyes wide with shock and look down at me, you open your mouth to say something, but all that comes out is “Mmmm, oh my god I’m coming!”

I smile and start to work faster on you, squeezing your ball gently as you fill my mouth up with hot cum, I swallow it greedily and then turn to look at you with a wicked grin on my face, You look surprised and shocked but u also have a horny look on your face “I can’t believe you did that to me” was all you could say to me, all I could do was smile a wicked little smile, I reach over and kiss you, turn over and pretend to go to sleep, I can hear you muttering something about getting a fantastic blowjob and not even being awake to enjoy it, a small chuckle escapes my lips and before I have chance to respond you tell me that I’d better give you a rerun of what happened in the morning, of course I agree readily, and I’m sure you will enjoy the show.

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A Tale for the Middle Ages Pt. 02

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Part 2: Joanne meets Shannon, Rob arrives home

Shannon is arriving in Toronto and Joanne is somewhere between apprehensive and curious about meeting her. Rob is expected home. He is unsure how he will relate to Shannon.

This is the second chapter in this story. I hope you enjoy it.


Early on through her life experiences, Joanne accepted that a flip philosophical nugget was actually one of the truths of the universe: the only sure things in life are death and taxes, everything else is random. Don’t be too surprised at the weird twists and turns of life. One of those quirky twists was about to play out as she made her way through traffic to the airport. She had to smile to herself about the upcoming scenario. She was about to meet Shannon, Rob’s young friend and lover from his sojourn in Vietnam. Was this simply absurd, or worse, weirdly twisted, or just mildly entertaining or some combination of the above?

Rob was compelled by the circumstances of his work to travel to a client’s site in China. A junior engineer would not put out the fires erupting over the test facility under design for the Chinese auto manufacturer. Their Big Man was demanding the VP of Engineering, Rob to be exact, deliver the design revisions in person. Rob had to go and he had to break a promise. Shannon was arriving from Calgary and he had promised to meet her.


Since last seeing her at the resort in Vietnam in May and up to the present, in early August, Rob had gone from mild indifference to the memory of Shannon to desperately wanting to see her again. Some days she was entirely out of his thoughts. At other times, in the middle of work or play, Shannon would enter his mind and everything else would be crowded out. It was the warmth of her unconstrained smile and the glow in her deep blue eyes, framed by the sun lightened honey brown hair flowing down below her shoulders that swept into his vision. But also her smoothly shaped and tanned legs, her softness and the texture of her beautifully shaped ass, the deliciousness of her nipples on her small but perfect breasts, the gentle curves of her slim hips and the firm but smooth skin of her stomach.

Rob tried to convince himself that Shannon had just been a treat, like an exotic special flavour of ice cream, to be enjoyed but when it was gone, it was over. He didn’t like thinking of another human being in those terms but how else could he reconcile the interlude with her. At 22, and him at 49, it wasn’t as though she could be his girlfriend.

And then there was Joanne, truly his girlfriend, or so he hoped. While Shannon really didn’t hold much back in projecting what she wanted, Joanne was still an enigma, despite the time spent together, the lust they had shared in bed, the nights with her cuddled in his arms, the slow lazy weekend brunches. Despite this he was never sure what, if anything, she was holding back. And she had never really said the three words he wanted to hear. He was afraid to speak them first to her for fear of how she might react.


Joanne in a way couldn’t believe that she was spending four or so precious weekend hours traveling to the airport to pick up some girl she had never met. A girl who had supposedly seduced her lover, or at least that was Rob’s story. Someone who would then be staying at his house. When Rob asked if Joanne could simply check in with Shannon once she found her own way down to Rob’s home, Joanne found herself offering to actually meet Shannon upon arrival.

‘If you are so far out side your relationship comfort zone why not push further out into left field and go meet the girl,’ was Joanne’s rationalization.

Still questioning her own judgment about the whole venture, Joanne scanned the people emerging from the domestic arrivals carousel area. Rob had shown her some pictures of Shannon on his phone and Shannon was also looking for Joanne, having received a text before departure in Calgary. Lots of families, business types, young people and then, Joanne locked on this diminutive girl with long blond hair tied back in a ponytail lugging a rolling case and a largish backpack. Joanne gasped, knowing this had to be Shannon and thought, ‘Rob, she doesn’t even look close to 22, how could you have?’

Shannon anxiously scanned the people waiting and then locked on Joanne’s eyes herself. This had to be Rob’s girlfriend. Even though Rob had shown her photos of Joanne taken on his sailboat and had described her as attractive, Shannon had no idea a forty plus lawyer could look this good. ‘Wow,’ she thought, ‘She is so pretty!’

Feeling very awkward, Shannon walked over to Joanne lugging her bag and then cautiously asked, “Joanne?”

“Hi, and yes, and you must be Shannon?” Joanne replied with a big smile.

And then Shannon’s next action took Joanne completely by surprise. Shannon threw her arms around her and and gave her a big hug.

“Thank you, thank you Joanne for coming out here and meeting me. I’m a small kuşadası escort town girl and Toronto is intimidating. I’ve never really been here as an adult and what I saw while circling the city looked huge. I didn’t know there were this many people in the country let alone one city. I would be terrified on my own.”

Joanne, now feeling awkward herself, replied, ‘Hey nice to meet you and really, Calgary isn’t the cow town it used to be.’ Joanne gave Shannon a gentle hug back.

Shannon did a quick check of Joanne, noting the tailored pants, white blouse and tailored jacket, very business like for a rush trip out to the airport. Shannon had correctly guessed that Joanne was concerned about her public image. She thought she noted several people doing double takes at Joanne. Shannon was well aware of the media frenzy that surrounded her current case. For Joanne’s part, she studiously ignored any attention directed at her.

Shannon, on the other hand was dressed in faded blue jeans that were ripped and frayed in all the right places and had a Calgary Flames t-shirt on top. Anyone would have guessed that she and Joanne were mother and daughter meeting at the airport.

“Oops, sorry for being so, .. uh … familiar … its just that Rob said so much about you that I feel like I know you, and well …” Shannon said blushing slightly.

This was news to Joanne. Rob had never mentioned discussing her with Shannon. In a way she was pleased that Rob had even thought about her in Shannon’s company. However, the knowledge that she had been a topic for the lovers made this situation now seem just that more weird.

“Its fine. If this is all your stuff lets get out of this crazy place and make our way downtown. I think you’ll find Rob’s neighbourhood very friendly and lots of fun. Very cool, being so close to the University.”

Shannon chattered away during the drive down about her med school applications, phone interviews and final decisions. This visit was to find accommodations in Toronto and get settled. She planned to stay a couple of weeks and then a final visit home before the term started. She described her going away party that her friends had thrown for her the night before at a dance club in Calgary. Some details were left out however.


Shannon’s on and off again boyfriend Josh had shown up at the club. He had just returned from an extended tree planting work session and hadn’t seen her since the spring trip. Shannon’s thoughts had drifted back to the end of the evening. All night he had not really left her alone. In her mind, even before the trip to the far east, Shannon had thought she and Josh were over. And then there was Rob.

On the dance floor Josh’s hands had slid up and down her hips, brushing her upper thighs and lightly caressing her ass. At the table he grabbed her and sat her down in his lap. He had nuzzled his nose into her hair and had breathed into her ear, nuzzling her jaw and lips.

Shannon still had warm feelings for Josh. He had been her first true lover. The had shared their virginity with each other in their last year of high school. She was torn. In her belly and her core she was warming to his hands caressing her thighs and hips. As he slipped his hand under her black miniskirt she had held it there, not so much because of the friends all around – the low lighting of the club was a cover for all sorts of groping – but more so because she really hadn’t wanted him to be that intimate. He moved his hands back to her upper hips and ran them up her sides grazing the edge of her breasts. He continued to nuzzle her neck while landing soft kisses on her cheek and the side of her mouth, just grazing her lips. He was being very sweet and very turned on.

Shannon thought that Josh was cute and basically good at heart. He was also a horny young guy and was enraptured by her. For Shannon, her world had changed in a subtle way that spring. She just felt that she had moved beyond Josh but to where, she was really not sure.

Rob had opened her up to a much wider world of relationships. Before him, she had never really looked at or considered any guy older than early twenties. She had been blown away by the love they had made in Vietnam She was smart enough to know that not every older man would be this experienced and incredible in bed, but she now sensed that the relationship horizons were wide and almost infinitely exciting. She found herself looking at men in their late twenties, in their thirties and even older. She had even caught herself staring at particularly athletic, well dressed confident looking men in the downtown office building where her father worked. Once, a particularly distinguished looking guy with graying hair had caught her staring. He simply smiled warmly back, obviously enjoying her serious blushing.

She also realized that the much older guy she really wanted wasn’t available. And now that she had finally met Joanne she knew that she could never compete with beautiful, successful, uber smart and to top it off, very pleasant if early impressions were true.

The night at the club had not really ended well. Shannon had let Josh talk her into going back to his place, or rather, his parents home – they being off on a vacation – on the basis of three other couples being there with them. After a lot of bittersweet talk between the friends about the different directions and paths their lives were about to take, the party slowly broke up as couples drifted into other corners of the house, taking advantage of unused bedrooms and couches.

Shannon mostly wanted to go home, but was drunk enough to feel the effects of Josh rubbing her thighs and moving slowly to her core. She was enjoying it, but there were pangs of guilt over her inability to tell Josh that they were over.

Finally deciding that Josh really did care for her and was trying his best not to push too hard, she had slowly moved her hand to the zipper of his pants which were stretched out by his erection. Carefully unzipping him and then reaching in, she had grasped his erection. Hissing and moaning through clenched teeth, he had quickly opened his belt pulling down his pants and shorts to give her free access. Shannon had slid off the couch to kneel between his legs. His penis was really quite beautiful and it was the first one she had seen and held. She wasn’t in love with Josh but there would always have a place for him in her memory. She lovingly stroked his penis and then began to kiss and lick the tip.

She liked giving blow jobs because she loved looking into the guy’s eyes when she had her lips wrapped around their cocks. Shannon found excitement in her partner’s wild lust, knowing that her tongue and lips and loving caresses were driving the passion. The more lust, the more fervent the licking, kissing and sucking of the guy’s penis. But this time she didn’t really want to see what was in Josh’s eyes because she knew she couldn’t return it. The blow job was an act of friendship and she enjoyed the fact he was going crazy. She forced herself to let him cum in her mouth and let him enjoy her sucking everything out of him while he slowly calmed down.

Josh had opened his eyes, pulled her up and had said, “Shannon baby, that was incredible, I so missed this when you were away. I want to taste you too.”

“Josh I know you do … but I can’t get my mind off the early departure tomorrow, could you just take me home now. I will take a rain check on that offer.” She smiled sweetly at him but really was trying to smooth over the hurt in his eyes. “Later please, I can’t fully enjoy it now.” This she knew was probably dishonest, however the potential future for her and Josh was as uncertain as anything else. Reluctantly Josh had taken her home after a couple cups of coffee in the kitchen.


As Joanne carefully edged the car up north of Bloor Street, Shannon liked what she saw out the window. Old but carefully maintained three story brick houses with funky landscaping in cedar and bushes lined the street and the sidewalks were covered in massive maples and oak trees. There were lots of baby carriages parked on porches and many people strolling in the heat of a late summer Toronto afternoon. Maybe Toronto could be livable after all, she thought, even though her beloved Rockies that she had enjoyed from the time she could barely walk were so far away.

As they were approaching a stop sign Shannon, who had been quiet for several minutes, turned to Joanne and blurted out, “Did Rob talk much about his time with me when we were in Vietnam?”

At that, Joanne stomped on the brake way to hard, pitching them both forward against their seat belts. The 300 pound gorilla in the car was growling. “Oops, sorry, you just, um, caught me off guard a bit. Are you ok?”

“Yeah, no worries, I’ve driven with lots of crazy boys in pickup trucks”

Joanne wasn’t sure what to think of the analogy, then said, “Umm yes, Rob mention the nice time he had there in your company.” Joanne then though to herself, ‘ How evasive is that??’

‘Nice time!!,’ Shannon gasped to herself. ‘Serioulsly??’. To her it was crazy wild over the top sexy and totally lustful, but ‘nice??.’ After that first awkward, slow motion but eventually lustful evening of sex she couldn’t get enough of him. Virtually every waking moment after that first night she visualized his beautiful penis buried into her or his magic tongue gliding around all her favourite places. This was between the actual real life sex. She jumped him every chance she got even though she knew he was working to some challenging deadlines. Rob had sent her on frequent errands to get wine, beer and food just so he could work between their lovemaking. Shannon had never been restrained around sex – when she wanted something she didn’t hold back and she wanted Rob badly. She was enthralled by the fact that every time they fucked he would add something different to the amazing sexual experience they shared.

And he had described this as a ‘Nice time?’ But really how else would he have spoken to Joanne about them.

Maybe Rob never owned up about their relationship. ‘Dishonest coward,’ she thought, ‘No, probably not.’ They had talked a lot about Joanne and Shannon was truly sympathetic to the conflict their relationship presented to Rob. Shannon had told Rob to remember the age difference and that Joanne should never see her as real competition for him. Better to be truthful they both agreed. Shannon stressed that she had given Rob no choice. It was either a mean and hard rejection of her or succumb to her desires and Shannon had done everything to ensure it was the latter.


Two days later Shannon arrived back at Rob’s home, dispirited from a discouraging day shopping for grad school accommodation. The apartments or flats were either student ghetto dumps or insanely expensive. Even with her parents helping out in a significant way she couldn’t really get herself into that depth financially for one of the acceptable places.

She shook herself out of these mundane thoughts with the growing excitement that she would be seeing Rob again. He was returning from China in the afternoon. It had been many months since they parted ways in Vietnam. She half expected him to be there when she arrived but the house was empty. Walking into the kitchen she saw a note on the counter beside a vase with a single rose in it. ‘How sweet,’ she thought smiling.

The note read, ‘Hey gorgeous, sorry I missed you. I decided to try to make my rugby game tonight. I’ll hurry home after wards. Please help yourself to anything that looks edible in the kitchen. We can order something in if you are still hungry when I get home. Joanne might be able to join us later also.

Really looking forward to seeing you again,


Shannon digested the note and then made a snap decision to go find the game. Rob had mentioned the Hart House playing field on the U of T campus as one of their game locations. She had seen the field on her tour of the campus. It was very old world English and spoke of University traditions going back centuries. Certainly it was one of the more beautiful places she had seen so far on the campus and in all of Toronto.

Deciding to splurge on a cab, she headed out the door and down to Bloor street to hail a taxi.


Rob got the ball on the first lateral pass after the other team’s post goal kickoff. His team was trailing but the game was close. He first noticed that Shannon was at the game when he glanced over and saw her scooting down the field jumping up and down yelling, ‘Go Rob Go’. He was usually oblivious to the typically small crowd of curious student passersby and the occasional wife or girlfriend who might come out to watch the rugby game. Most women, however, thought this game was the absolute epitome of stupid male machismo and avoided it at all costs.

When he glanced to the side lines and saw Shannon after all these months, hollering his name excitedly he got distracted for a second and then was promptly decked by an opposing player. She shrieked in fear when seeing how hard he had been hit, starting another round of yelling, asking if he was okay.

He held onto the ball and in the ensuing scrum, Tim, a thirty something teammate asked during all the grunting and scuffling for the ball, “Who is the cute babe yelling your name?”

The play raced away before an answer but Rob groaned a bit, suddenly realizing that Shannon’s presence in any other aspect of his life was not something he had considered. He was the oldest guy on the team and the one who decided that each game was day by day whether to continue or not. And now he had this petite gorgeous young woman screaming his name as the play went on.

At their half time break he was the centre of attention. Shannon had caught everyone’s eye on the other side of the field. She was dressed for Toronto in an August heatwave, loose fitting tangerine coloured mid thigh shorts, a loose fitting camisole over a sports bra, with all the straps showing. On her feet she was wearing a simple pair of sandals, which together with the shorts accentuated the smooth toned shapeliness of her beautiful legs. Her hair was untied from its customary pony tail and it was flying gloriously in the breeze. In all she was unmistakeable and stunning and at this distance she looked young enough to be a teenager. Rob groaned at the potential for embarrassment in front of his teammates. In answer to her wild wave from across the field he gave her a small wave back.

“Rob, Who. The Hell. Is that girl? Please tell me she’s your niece or something,” Tim demanded. The whole team leaned in close while sucking on oranges. They wanted to hear the answer.

“Yeah, right, my niece. So we are going to win this game right? We can beat these guys,” Rob said wanting to change the subject.

“Hey not so fast partner,” Ryan, another younger team mate jumped in, “We’ll let you off the hook for now if you promise to bring her out to the pub after. Any niece of yours is a friend of ours.”

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A Naughty Little Girl

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The usually quiet conference hall was packed with small circles of office workers mingling and laughing together, munching on cheese and crackers, and sipping assorted colors of drinks. In one corner, a large flat screen television displayed a high definition video of a crackling fireplace. In another corner, a gargantuan Christmas tree, elegantly trimmed, glistened over the crowd. Silver Bells sang over the chatter.

Kate, a petite young woman wearing a Santa hat, took her pink cocktail from the bartender and stirred it with the little straw while she scanned the sea of people. Her phone said 6:29. The Christmas party started an hour ago she hadn’t seen Glen yet. The second floor balcony, which looked out over the conference hall, was still dark with no sign of him. She twisted her lips, then chugged her entire drink and set the ice filled glass back on the bar.

Kate weaved through the crowd toward the steps. Bill, a grey haired accountant from Accounts Receivable, gestured at her sweater and gave her a nod and smile of approval as she went past. It was one of those ugly knitted Christmas sweaters with Rudolph playing in the snow. Beneath it, she wore a short red velvet skirt with the white fur around the hem.

She reached the top of the steps. The empty hallway was lined with doors on each side. Downstairs, Silver Bells switched over to Silent Night. She looked back down the steps to make sure no one followed and then went to the third door on the left. Kate stopped and listened at the door. She could hear Glen’s muffled voice was on the other side. She tried the doorknob. It was unlocked. She made one last glance back to make sure no one was coming, then eased the kuşadası escort door open and peeked inside.

The office was dark. Glen sat behind his desk in the glow of the computer screen with the phone receiver stuck to his ear. She slipped through the doorway and gently closed the door behind her, turning the latch which locked it. Her heels knocked along the hardwood floor as she stepped toward the desk. The white fur hem of her skirt bobbed and teased around her smooth upper thighs. Glen sat laid back in his desk chair, tie loosened, his white button-down shirt untucked and disheveled. He looked up at her, crossing his eyes in frustration. Then he mimed a pistol with his hand, pointed it at his head, and fired. Kate gave him a sad smile.

“I know Q three is going to suck,” Glen said into the phone, “but i’m telling you this new client is serious about buying and will push Q four way over projections.”

Kate could see the shape of Glen’s cock through his black dress pants. She reached down and ran the tips of her fingers along the bulge. Glen shot her a look, but continued talking.

“Yes that’s correct. I’m flying out there Monday.”

Her fingers found his zipper and she pulled it open. She slipped her hand into the opening of the fabric and fished out his cock. It grew and stiffened into curved steel in her fist. Glen’s eyes locked onto Kate’s.

“I’ll know more Monday. I’ll call you as soon as we’re done.”

Kate tugged playfully at his erection.

“Look, another call is coming in i need to take it, so i’ll just talk to you next week. Okay. Yep. Bye” Glen hung up the phone and gave Kate a stern look

“The Christmas party started an hour ago,” she said, still tugging on him “Everyone is downstairs”.

“You’re being a naughty little girl, Kate,” he said.

“I know”, she pouted, playfully.

Glen rose from his chair and spun Kate around, grabbing her hand and forcing it behind her back. Then he shoved her forward over his desk. She slammed into the wooden surface with a half-gasp, half-grunt. Her Santa hat fell to the floor. Glen found her other arm and pinned both her hands behind her back. With his free hand, he pulled her skirt up past her waist, revealing her pink cotton panties.

“Do you know what I do to naughty little girls?” Glen said, gritting his teeth.

He hooked a finger around the elastic band of her panties and jerked them down to her knees. Her bald little pussy peeked out from beneath two plump cheeks. Kate’s breathing turned into a soft panting now. He pressed his thumb into the lips of her pussy. It slipped in easily. His thumb worked in and around inside her, loosening her up. Kate dug her forehead into the desk, trying to stay quiet. Her scent now filled his nostrils. The scent that said she was ready for him. That was good.

He pulled his thumb out and rubbed her juices along the tip of his cock. He leaned forward, his penis still protruding through his pants, and lined up the tip. Her pussy made a moist suckling sound as he sank all the way into her. Kate exhaled a soft moan. Her insides felt like warm silk. Glen released her hands and put one of his on each of her hips. He drew his cock almost all the way out. Then he rammed it back in. Hard. Her ass cheeks rippled and made a wet slapping sound. An involuntary grunt forced itself out of Kate’s throat. He drew out and slammed her again. Kate clutched the edge of the desk with both hands and held on. Glen pounded her again and again, slowly at first, but steadily increased the pace.

Kate’s grunts shifted into gasping moans. She was forced to bite her lips to keep from screaming out. If anyone happened to be in an adjacent office or walking past, they’d hear her for sure. Glen’s thrusts grew harder and faster. When Kate’s orgasm came, it came hard. Every muscle in her body seized. Her head snapped back and her face contorted in to nothing but two bulging eyes and a gaping mouth, frozen in a silent scream. When she was done, she collapsed into a pile of [mush] on the desk. Glen pressed on, feeling his scrotum start to churn, signaling he was almost there. His thrusts stiffened as he pumped his white magma into her. With each thrust he shot more into her, until he was empty. [He was panting now.] He pulled out of her and collapsed into his desk chair.

When Kate gathered enough energy, she reached back and pulled her panties back up under her skirt. She stood and turned to Glen, face flushed and breathing heavy. Glen nodded to his cock, lying half limp through his zipper hole, smeared with his cum and her juices.

“Clean up your mess,” he said.

Kate went down on one knee, between his legs. She took him in her mouth, clenched her lips around the base and pulled him out, sucking the leftovers off him. Then she tucked it back into his pants and pulled up the zipper. She stood.

“Good girl”, he said. “Now go clean yourself up and i’ll meet you downstairs.”

Kate nodded and left.

Glen stood and tucked in his shirt. He went to leave, but noticed his desk had moved forward a few inches. He slid it back into place, then headed out the door.

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A Late-Night Stroll

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The front door.

White. With a gold doorknob.

Wendy stood in her foyer for several minutes, facing her front door. She wore short white socks and walking shoes. Her house key was on a long string around her neck.

She was otherwise nude.

Wendy had dabbled in exhibitionism for weeks now. One day the urge just struck her. When this happened, she took off all her clothes and stood in front of her door, like she was doing now. She was still fairly young, thin, with decent-sized breasts, and long smooth legs. With her heart beating heavily, even though it was the middle of the night, she had opened her door and stood in the doorway, with the hall light on, bared to the world, or to her moderately busy street anyway.

The rush of excitement on that first night had been amazing. The cool night air on her crotch and nipples. She had shut the door again seconds later, but it was a start.

Now, Wendy felt conditions were perfect to finally venture out, away from the safety of her front door. She’d had a few drinks and was feeling comfortably crazy. It was late June. The temperature was good. It was 2AM. Now was the time. She decided that even if she were to run into someone, she would not flee, but rather allow things to unfold as they may. Never had she felt so mentally and physically liberated.

The door. Yes, it was all about the door.

She opened it, stepped out into the night, and locked the door behind her. Here we go, she thought.

There were streetlights on either side of her, dimly lighting up her bare skin, but no one in sight. Yet. Resisting the urge to cover herself, she strolled down her driveway, reached the sidewalk, and turned right. She tried to walk normally, her arms swinging at her sides. She could feel her keystring between her breasts, could feel the air on her bare butt. At this thought she turned around to see if anyone was behind her, but there was no one there.

She walked past her neighbor’s house. She paused kuşadası escort and faced it boldly, but no lights were on. She continued to the corner, her heart racing as she approached the bright streetlight, anxious at what was around the bend.

And sure enough, as soon as she turned right, she could see a young man coming toward her, about forty feet away. She stopped abruptly. She could feel sweat bursting out of her skin and her heart beating. The man stopped too. A boy almost, Wendy thought, he can’t be more than 19.

Then, amazingly, her arms still at her sides, she continued walking toward him. He didn’t make a move, but looked slightly embarrassed. She stopped a few feet in front of him. God, I really am crazy tonight, she thought, smiling.

“Hi,” Wendy said.

“Hey,” the boy said awkwardly, looking Wendy up and down, unable to help himself. “Uh, you need any help there?” he said with a half-grin. Wendy fought the urge to run. I can do this, she thought.

“No, I’m fine,” she said, still sounding as if nothing were out of the ordinary. The boy was carrying a book and a notebook. College kid, Wendy thought. Late-night studying. Wendy watched him shuffle his books around uncomfortably, gaining confidence inside at the effect she was having on him.

“Okay, well, have a good night then.” He started to walk past her.

“Want to touch?”

It was out of Wendy’s mouth before she even realized she was going to say it. The boy stopped again and turned around, a look of disbelief on his face.


“Do you want to touch me?”


“Sure.” Wendy was suddenly very aware of her nipples, her armpits, her crotch, her ass, her heart leaping out of her chest. It was so exhilarating!

The boy slowly put down his things, looked around briefly, and put one hand to his face, as if wondering where to begin. Wendy watched him reach out his hand toward her, her blood rushing madly under her bare skin. He caressed her neck and she jumped slightly, causing him to retreat.

“No, it’s okay,” Wendy heard coming out of her mouth. She focused hard on keeping her wrists locked at her sides, telling herself that this is what she always wanted. She was very aware of her breathing, his breathing too.

He ran his hand along her neck, brought his other hand up and felt her bare shoulders. Finally, his hands settled down on her chest and Wendy sighed deeply.

“God,” she heard him say.

“Keep going,” Wendy said, “Anywhere you want.” She was beyond self-control at this point. If anyone else was around, she didn’t know it or care.

He stepped around to her side, running one hand down her front over her trim midsection, the other down her back to her ass. Wendy shivered, her nipples harder than she’d ever known them to be. Her senses heightened. She could distinctly hear herself breathing, could hear his breathing, hear the hum of the streetlight, could feel his hands on her body, her feet on the ground, her wrists at her sides. Everything was so vivid.

He had moved behind her. He reached around between her legs to her crotch and touched her sensitive pussy. She straddled his hand and thrust her hips without even thinking about it. She felt his pants up against her butt, his erection pressing firmly against her. One of his hands trailed up to her breasts while the other stayed and rubbed her pussy smoothly. Wendy allowed herself to be possessed, on this street corner, by this stranger.

After what seemed like a long time, her mind returned to his hard penis still pushing against her. She turned around and stood very close to him, smelling his excitement. She unzipped his jeans and reached into his shorts.

“Oh God,” he breathed.

“Do you want this?” Wendy whispered.

“Yes, yes,” he said between heavy breaths. She found his thick cock and started stroking it, her other hand resting on his hip, her bare cunt inches away from him. She pulled and pulled and pulled on him. She heard an Mmmmm sound. She wasn’t sure which one of them was making it. Maybe both.

Suddenly she wanted him in her mouth, needed it.

She got down on her knees, barely feeling the hard sidewalk underneath her, and took his cock into her mouth.

“Oh God yes,” he moaned. She sucked him deep, smooth. He’s so hot and thick, Wendy thought. She sucked and sucked and sucked him. She pulled him out further and licked his balls, licked his cock, and kept on sucking.

She didn’t want to stop, but she felt him shift, felt herself rise. He reached under her leg near her knee, lifted it up, and plunged his cock into her.

“Oh yes, yes, fuck me,” Wendy moaned. “Really fuck me.” Her back against the lamppost, he fucked her in hard, firm thrusts, his other hand roaming her tits. His size was good and Wendy’s pleasure became very great in a hurry. She reached down and fingered her clit. “Oh God, don’t stop. Fuck me, fuck me, keep going.”

Harder, faster, deeper. Wendy was going to come, and she could tell he was ready too.

“Come inside me,” she whispered, softly grazing his cheek with her lips, licking the side of his mouth.

“Oh God,” he moaned back. He thrust in deep and held it. Wendy went over the edge; her body was bathed in pleasure. She forgot where she was, forgot everything. As if from far away, she felt his hot cum erupting into her, shot after shot after shot. He lowered her leg, pushed into her a few more times, and then finally pulled out.

Still reeling, Wendy watched his softening penis disappear as he pulled his pants up. She motioned to pull her own panties up, then realized she wasn’t wearing any.

“That was unbelievable,” Wendy breathed.

“You’re telling me,” he agreed, zipping up. “My God, do you do this a lot? Walk around like that? I haven’t seen you around here.”

“No, this was the first time,” Wendy smiled shyly.

“Not the last time I hope,” he smiled back.

“Definitely not the last time.”

“I’m Mark.”

“Wendy.” They shook hands, laughing.

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A Creative Challenge Ch. 03

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I didn’t see Amy again till later that night. She was out flat-hunting all day, but without any luck. Finding somewhere that she could afford that was not a filthy dump was not going to be easy. Her feet were sore, her temper was frayed from arguing with letting agents and landlords, and she was hungry.

“What’s left of a chinese takeaway is in the fridge. You’re welcome to heat that up if you want,” I said.

“I didn’t get around to getting any groceries today, so that would be great, Sam, thanks.”

“Don’t worry about food, I’ll do the supermarketing tomorrow morning, and I’ll get enough for both of us for the week.”

“You’ll have to let me split the cost with you, I don’t want to be a freeloader”.

“You will not. You’re my guest.” I knew she had very little money, and she would need it all for a deposit on a flat. “But you can push the shopping cart if you want to make a contribution – and put the stuff away when we get back. I can’t be bothered doing that bit, and food tends to just hang around the kitchen until it goes off.”

“Eww, gross. It’s a deal.”

Amy went off to take a shower, and I went to bed early. Sunday morning I made a point of not putting any clothes on when I got out of bed, and I ate my breakfast in the nude, feeling somewhat decadent, knowing there was a guest in the house. Although my morning erection took longer than usual to go down, I was a little relieved that it had gone before a naked Amy wandered into the kitchen, yawning. She glanced at me and said “Woohoo. Welcome to Naked City”.

“It was your idea”, I said.

“I know. It was a good one, too. You’ll get to like it.”

“I already do.” She seemed very pleased with herself when I said that.

“Are you sure you won’t let me pay görükle escort for some of the groceries?”

“Quite sure.”

“Then I’ll have to find some other way to repay you,” she smirked. I had no idea what she was planning, but I had a feeling it would be interesting.

Dressed to go shopping, Amy wore a pretty pink sarong tied around her waist, and a thin loose sleeveless cotton top. The sarong was tied about as low on her hips as it could be tied, so there was big bare midriff gap between it and the short white top. I had seen her in similar clothes before, so the obvious lack of underwear was not a surprise. Very few of the models who work for me put on any underwear when they come to the studio, because most panties and bras leave red marks behind that take ages to go away.

When we stepped out of the house into the sunlight, it was immediately obvious how flimsy the cotton materials were.

“Amy, I can see right through those clothes when the light’s behind you.”

“I know, cool aren’t they?”

“They certainly look very breezy, but they could also get you arrested.”

“Not a chance, Sam. You worry too much. I know the sarong is a bit sheer, but I decided to wear it today just for you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, supermarkets are such ugly places, and you having such fine aesthetic appreciation, I thought if I pushed the cart you might like to walk behind and look at my ass instead,” she said laughing at me very cheekily. “It’s a reward for being nice to me.”

“Very thoughtful of you,” I said, still not convinced that some security guard at the mall wouldn’t call the cops when they saw Miss Naked City walking around.

At the mall, Amy strolled around looking utterly gorgeous, as bursa sınırsız escort bayan if she was oblivious to the fact that she was semi-naked to anyone who looked at her closely, which most of the men in the shopping centre did. Walking behind her as we went from aisle to aisle, I had a wonderful veiled view of her backside, just as she had promised, and her ass looked even nicer in motion than when it was relaxed and stationary posing for me in the studio.

At one point I stopped to read the list of ingredients on one of the products, but Amy just kept walking. She was half an aisle length ahead of me, when I whistled to get her attention. She stopped and turned and looked at me. There were several other people in the aisle between me and where she was standing, all looking intently at stuff on the shelves, but she paid them no attention at all. She smiled, then slowly and casually she lifted the front of her shirt up to her chin, showing me the whole of both bare breasts. An adrenaline rush hit the receptors in my brain within about 2 milliseconds but I tried not to show it in my face, and just waited for her to lower her hands and cover up again. But she didn’t. Amazingly, no-one else noticed immediately, and I realized that she was playing a game of dare with me – the first one to move loses.

One of the other shoppers, a middle-aged man in workman’s coveralls looked away from the shelves and saw Amy’s tits and he froze. She was aware that another pair of eyes were now staring at her as well, but she ignored him and kept her eyes locked on mine, still smiling, totally in charge. The man swivelled round, looked briefly at me, then stared lingeringly at Amy’s breasts, then quickly back at me. bursa otele gelen escort bayan I knew I was beaten and started walking down the aisle towards her. She slowly lowered her top down and let it go.

“That got your attention,” she said when I joined her.

“You can’t do that in here”, I hissed at her.

“I just did, and it’s OK, no-one saw me – apart from you and Bob the Builder, and I think I made his day, he looks disappointed that the show’s over.”

I looked up towards the ends of the aisle and spun Amy round and pointed at the security cameras mounted above the shelves looking straight at her.

“Those? Don’t worry about them. If anyone was watching that particular monitor for those few seconds, what’s he going to do? I’ll bet it was some spotty security guard who is hoping I’ll give him a repeat performance. You know, if I was a shoplifter, I’d strip naked and dance in aisle 3, to get all the security guards clustered round that TV screen with their tongues hanging out, while my accomplice empties the cash register at the end of aisle 9. That could be the perfect crime. “

“I’m not your accomplice, and you can’t flash your tits while you’re here with me.”

“Does that mean I can’t do this either?” She reached down to the gap in her sarong, opening it up wide and showing the security cameras her pussy.

“Amy, put that away, I’m serious.”

“Well, don’t be. This is just a bit of fun, and flashing turns me on. Isn’t it turning you on, too?”

“No”, I lied.

“Not even a little?”


“Liar”, she said.

“Of course I’m lying. I want to jump your cute little bones right here in household cleaning products, but I’m not going to. We are going to pay for our groceries and get out of here while we still have our liberty. You came here to push, so push.”

I put both her hands on the cart handle and one of mine in the small of her back and guided her towards the checkouts.

“At least we’ve established that you do actually want to fuck me. Even if you are behaving like a boring old man twice my age.”

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A Delightful Hawaiian Evening

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We were sitting in a booth in a bar on Waikiki beach, Jeanie and I. The one where the floor turns into white sand half way across the room and runs all the way out to the waters’ edge. It was 5pm on a gorgeous island evening and strips of crimson streaked the western sky. We were sampling the latest of a parade of exotic cocktails. These ones were blue with little umbrellas.

Jeanie had on a mauve wraparound tropical skirt with tassels along the bottom. Underneath I knew for a fact she was bare-assed. On top she wore a loose shirt top tied in a knot below her great tits. I was in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned half way down my hairy chest. I had a nice glow going and a half hard-on from the discussion we were having.

Hawaii is half way between my base in Sidney, Australia and her home in Atlanta. We were there for some sun and fun after which I was meeting up with my buddy Tom to take him back down under to do some work for me. Jeanie is my fuck buddy and soul mate and we grab every chance we get to meet, usually three or four times a year. The rest of the time anything goes so long as it’s in absolute honesty and we share the details.

For three days we’d hardly been out of bed. This was Jeanie’s last afternoon in the islands and we’d gotten up out of hunger and thirst. So far the beer nuts weren’t doing much for me but the drinks were and very nicely too. We went back to the conversation we’d started in bed when sharing some fantasies.

“Let me put it the other way around,” I said. “Is there anything at all you don’t like about sex?”

Jeanie took a sip of her drink and made a face. “Too sweet” she said. After a moment she added “No I can’t say there is as long as I feel completely safe and it’s not painful.”

I ordered her a replacement from the menu, something with triple sec and vodka, then asked “All right then what’s the problem?”

“Oh nothing at all.” She grinned. Her teeth were very white. “I just wanted to tease. I love it when you talk about nasty things.”

“And I you,” I said, nuzzling her neck. “I want to watch you on your knees playing with a guy’s cock. Licking it for a while then talking to him while you play with his balls and his asshole. Teasing him till he’s bursting then sucking him some more. Being a total hot little bitch just so I can watch.” I waited for a reaction.

“Oooooo, sounds like fun,” she murmured, and wriggled in her seat in a way that said she was getting flutters under her skirt. She leaned in close. I could smell the perfume she’d dabbed on and see her very kissable lips out of the corner of my eye.

“Want to see him fuck me?” she whispered, giving as good as she got. “See my cunt stretched around his big cock as it slides in and out? Hear his balls smacking against my ass when he jams that fat dick into me? Listen to me whimpering and grunting and begging him to make me cum? See my big tits swinging back and forth as he bangs me? Want to join in?”

She sat back and giggled, looking for my response. Most of it was under the table.

“Actually… just watch,” I said. “I like the idea of directing you. Having you perform for me. I know you love being told what to do.”

“Mmmm yes I do.” She sipped some of the new drink. From her expression it was much more to her liking.

“Now that would be amazing,’ she said huskily. “Being a complete slut in complete safety for the man I love. But wouldn’t you be jealous? Watching your lady being fucked? Knowing I was enjoying every second?”

“Hell yes, but I’d know that you were doing it for both of us and I’d know that afterwards it’d be just you and I and we’d make love.”

“Boohoo to that.” She chuckled. “After what I see in my mind I’d be sore and covered in cum.”

I grinned at her delightful turn of phrase. “Probably, but I’d still take https://bursali.org care of you, hold you close. Enjoy all of you”.

She giggled at the not very subtle reference to some of the things I like. “You are wild! I love that! Would we kiss?”

“Yes, a lot!”

“Even though my mouth would be all salty and musky from having a cock in it?”


“Would you lick my cunt?”


“Even though it’d just been fucked and had cum oozing out of it?”

“Especially because of that!”

She beamed at me and wriggled tantalizingly in her seat.

“Oooooo, delicious thoughts! Got any volunteers in mind?”

“I do. Tom’s going to be a day early. He’s staying with us tonight because he couldn’t get a hotel booking. He may even be here now. He has the room number and said he’d go right up”.

I knew Tom had always had the hots for Jeanie, and I’d an inkling the attraction was mutual. She confirmed that by chuckling, leaning in and kissing me. “You sir, are just toooooooooooo much. Ok. You’re on mister. Let’s not keep the man waiting.”

We downed our drinks. I left five twenties and we headed for the door. It was a rare joy watching her succulent ass sway ahead of me across the floor. I knew every male patron would be watching that and her swinging tits. My thoughts echoed her words. This would indeed be fun!

We walked along the beach, which was still baking from the day but not as crowded as it had been, back to our hotel. Not saying much, just enjoying the anticipation. We came in the back way and went up to our room. Sure enough there was a black travel bag in the lounge but no sign of Tom. Jeanie looked crestfallen.

I peeked in the second bedroom and there he was, bare-chested under the duvet, snoozing. I closed the door gently and went back into the lounge. Jeanie was pouting. I went to the mini-bar and brought back a couple of cold beers. The walk in the heat had dried me out. We sat on the couch and talked quietly.

“Sorry babe, he’s been traveling for 7 hours and probably worked a full day before he flew out.” Tom has a very physical job installing heavy machinery, which accounted for his very muscular body, and I knew it took a lot out of him

She pouted some more. “Well I was feeling playful!”

“Sweetheart we just can’t go in and jump on him. I know Tom. Under all that ruggedness he’s quite reserved. Get him out of his comfort zone and he’ll run a mile. We need to set the scene”.

“Ok I guess,” she said with a sigh. “I’m just horny and wanted to please you.”

“Well we could play a different game if you like.”

She brightened up. “Ohhhh? How so?”

“Well,” I said, “You could go in and progressively, ummmm…. wake him up!”

“Ohhhhhhhhh I could, could I? Now how would I do that?”

“Hmmmm,” I said. “All his clothes are on the floor so I bet he’s naked under the covers. You could go in there slide your hand down and see if you get a response.”

“And if I do, what else do you think he would like?” Her eyes were twinkling.

“Hmmmm,” I ventured, grinning from ear to ear. “Why not see what pops up and explore the possibilities?”

She raised her eyebrows and licked her lips laviciously. “But I thought you were in a watchful mood?”

“Oh I am, but I don’t want him to think we’re rushing him. How about…. you go in, close the door and take a half hour? Thinking about what you’re up to will be just as exciting for me. Then come back and tell me all about it.”

She smiled wickedly. “Allllll?”

“Yes all,” I said firmly. “Fine detail and word for word, ok? But you’re not allowed to fuck him unless I am there, ok? That’s for later, and I want to watch.”

“Ok.” She made a mock pout. “Anything but! Yes Sir!”

I kissed her tenderly. bursa escort kız She got up. I patted her on the ass as she tiptoed toward the door. She blew me back a kiss, quietly opened the door, and clicked it shut behind her.

I got up and went into the main bedroom, got undressed and lay down on the bed. The room was cold from the blasting air conditioning so pulled the covers over me. I was hard as a rock with anticipation, but in a couple of minutes I felt drowsy and drifted off. I was awoken by a rustle and a weight sliding in next to me.

“Hi darling,” I heard Jeanie’s breathy voice say. The slight musky smell of sex was in the air. I reached out and cuddled her close. “Mission accomplished?” I asked offhandedly, trying not to sound over-eager.

“Mmmmmmmm” she purred neutrally, and pulled me close to her. We lay silently for a second, delaying.

“So,” she said. “Want to know more?”

“Of course! And if you leave out a single thing I’ll spank your butt!”

She wriggled away as I playfully tried to carry out the threat. “Ok sexy I’ll share!” She kissed me on the neck, just a peck. The scent of sex grew stronger.

“Wellll,” she murmured in my ear, “I tiptoed in and knelt by the bed just as you told me to. He was lying on his back half asleep and half covered. I gently put my hand on his tummy and slid it down. Just as I reached his cock he stirred and opened his eyes.”

“He said ‘Hi Jeanie, what a nice surprise!’ I kissed him and said ‘Hi Tom, have you missed me?’ He kissed me back with a little tongue and said ‘Sure have!'”

“I pushed my hand a little further and felt his balls. And he has big ones! Cupped each one and squeezed a little. His cock was hardening and tenting up the cover. He lifted his arm up and pulled my head down and kissed me harder. I could feel my cunt getting hot and wet”.

Her sultry voice was sending little thrills through me. It sank in that she was still fully clothed though the knot below her tits was loose.

“You’re still dressed,” I said. “I guess that must have been it.”

“Oh not by a long shot, but I was under orders remember?” She chuckled throatily and asked. “Tell me, why do guys enjoy me talking nasty so much?”

“Because it’s sexy and you are soooooo good at it?” I offered.

She kissed my neck. “Thank you honey you make me feel so good.”

“Anyway Tom just now? I’m kneeling by the bed and he’s kissing me pretty good, and I’m running my fingernails up and down his hard cock and it feels great!. I pulled away and started to tease him a bit, saying ‘you like that? Want me to suck on that fat cock of yours? Let you fuck my mouth with it?’ He was nodding and squirming in the bed. Then he pulled at the knot tying my shirt and popped the buttons so my tits flopped out. I was really getting into it and he could see my nipples were hard. He pulled me close and sucked on them. It felt so great honey!”

Her hand found my cock and started stroking slowly.

“And my hand was sliding up and down his cock just like this, not too hard just gently. His tongue was teasing my tit, and then he was sucking it hard the way I like it. My cunt was just dripping in my shorts by then. I wanted to slide my fingers in and pluck on my clit and finger fuck myself but my left hand was tied up jacking his cock and I can feel it getting slippery. So I just enjoyed having my tits sucked and the feel of his big cock in my hand, and went on talking to him.”

Her stroking was lovely.

‘I said ‘like to fuck me Tom? Want to bend me over and slide this hot cock into my cunt? Grab my ass and my tits and bang me hard? Have me on my hands and knees like a submissive bitch? Huh? You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

Her hand moved gently on my dick, sometimes squeezing the head, bursa anal yapan escort titillating me.

“He took that as a hint honey and went to pull me on to the bed but I stopped him. ‘Maybe later’ I said, ‘Just enjoy this for a while. Like me to lick that cock instead?’ He was eager so I peeled back the covers. I felt like such a hot little slut and my cunt was just aching!”

She was gently cupping and squeezing my balls and I was hanging on every word.

“We were in a like… sixty-nine except he is on his back in bed and I was on my knees beside it. My bare ass was in his reach, he just hadn’t figured that out yet. First I licked all the way down and sucked in his balls one at a time. Then I went a little further and circled my tongue around his asshole. His hair was brushing against my throat and tickling so I pulled back up. I leaned back and kissed him. He must have tasted the pre-cum in my mouth because he kissed me back really hard.”

I was dying with lust.

“I went back down on him and kissed around his cockhead. He started to surge up off the bed a bit. I took it in my mouth and give him a big hard suck and he moaned. I murmured a bit knowing the vibrations will send him wild. I was so hot and wet and wanted to play with myself but I keep sucking him. Then I feel Tim’s hand on my ass and a finger tracing around my crack. His fingers found my swollen clit and teased it a bit. Now I was the one groaning. I couldn’t get enough of his hard cock into my mouth. I was bobbing my head, using my mouth as a cunt over his cock. His balls had pulled up and I was fondling his ball-sac with my hand. I started to get a good rhythm going.”

She had a wonderful rhythm going on me too. She knew I wanted to prolong the agony, the teasing brat, so she slowed down, letting me subside a bit.

“Then I felt him slip in first one finger, then two and start finger-fucking my cunt. Fat fingers, and boy did he know how to use them! Twirling them around, thumb on my swollen clit. Then he slipped his little finger into my asshole and started frigging both holes. I was going crazy, gobbling his cock and wriggling my ass. My tits were hanging down and swinging back and forth, slapping against the bed, sending little shocks through me. You would have loved it.”

“Oh I would,” I groaned.

She chuckled again, enjoying the control she had over me. Snuggling closer yet, she said “So we got in the same rhythm and I was going over the moon. Then I had a spasm from head to toe and came really hard and started groaning over his cock, but he didn’t stop. I came again; the second one is always stronger. And just as I feel it pulse through me, he groaned and went rigid with ecstasy and shot a huge load into my mouth. Totally blasted me but I caught almost all of it except the dribbles in the corners of my mouth. I was so close to cumming from the wonderful images and her hand jacking me, I couldn’t keep still.

“I swallowed honey and went on licking him and after a few seconds his fingers relaxed out of me. I was exhausted. In the afterglow I let him pull me on to the bed and find my mouth with his. He was breathing too hard to kiss well but in a few moments he settled down and kissed me slowly, licking around my lips very sweetly. He was whispering what a good fuck I was. I giving him wet kisses back, glowing with enjoyment as I recall.”

She saw in my eyes I was too far gone to hear or do anything else and began to move her hand more urgently up and down my cock. I simply gave in to it; put my head back and let it flow through me. In a few more strokes a wave of pure pleasure rippled through me. I pulsed again and again, feeling the warm semen splash against our bodies.

When the afterglow had subsided enough for us to move, Jeanie made a quick trip to the bathroom for a towel. She wiped us off and climbed back into my arms.

“Now kiss me big boy and tell me what a good girl I’ve been for you. Did I do what you wanted? It was all for you honey.”

I brought her gorgeous mouth to mine and we shared a lingering kiss, then we slipped away gently into a lovers’ rest.

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A Bitch in Heat Gets Mounted

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This story was inspired by a woman who posted amateur pictures of herself on Literotica. It was originally written specially for her at her request, and is posted with her permission, though it has been considerably enlarged, modified and edited for public posting.

Please comment and vote. I write only for your entertainment. Your feedback is critical to me. I respond gratefully to all comments, positive or negative. I hope you enjoy this story, but either way please let me know what you like and don’t like about it.


Sharon liked posting naughty pictures of herself on Literotica. She had only done it a few times, but found it exciting – even arousing. She took the pictures herself during the day while her husband was at work using her digital camera’s automatic setting. She would set the camera up on the tripod and then take lots of shots, deleting most of them and just keeping the ones that turned out well. She would imagine how she would look in a provocative pose or with a particularly sexy piece of lingerie and then she would try it out and see if it really looked as sexy as she imagined.

Her body was trim and shapely; like most women, she worried that her butt might be just a little too big and that her boobs might be just a little on the small side. Posting her pics and getting enthusiastic comments back from men was a total turn-on. They all seemed to think her body was perfectly gorgeous. Many of them told her they used her pictures for jerking off and would tell her their fantasies about her, imagining what they would like to do with her. Some of these were a bit gross but knowing that she could cause men to go crazy with lust over her pictures was mind blowing. She liked to imagine what they looked like, stroking their cocks and spurting while they lusted over her. Sometimes, reading the comments and private messages she got back from men, she would get so aroused, she would rub her crotch until she came, just sitting at the computer.

She showed her husband Jim the pictures and the comments. At first he was shocked and a bit jealous.

He said: “You never took pictures like this for me.”

To which Sharon replied: “Well, now I have. These are for you.”

Jim said: “Yeh, just me and half a million perverts on the Internet.”

As Jim kept looking at the pictures he also found them highly erotic. It was certainly fun to see him looking at porn pictures that were of her and acting like he was looking at centerfolds. It turned them both on. He said if he had just the pictures instead of her he would be masturbating to them himself. She told him that thinking about her pictures arousing men just made her want to cum so bad, she could hardly stand it. This resulted in a trip to the bedroom where he granted her desire to cum and also satisfied himself.

After she showed Jim the website he said he would look at them on his computer at work in his office. She often thought about him looking at her erotic poses from work…her pictures making him hard.

Usually, she took photographs in the bedroom with her on the bed but she was experimenting with other locations. She had also become more daring, wearing less and less, and showing more and more details. She had also started shaving her pussy because so many men had sent messages asking to see her shaved. This also turned on her husband immensely. He liked to touch her bare pussy lips right after she shaved and he would often take some massage oil from the nightstand and gently rub it all over those smooth cunt lips, watching them engorge with passion from the pleasure of his touch.

One afternoon she was working in the back garden. She was wearing some short cutoffs and a brief halter top so she could work on her tan while she gardened. It was the time of in her cycle when she knew she was ovulating. Her hormones during ovulation always made her especially horny. She had told Jim they just made her want to cum all the time. After a while everything she looked at reminder her of sex: Carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, whatever.

Looking at her watch, she realized Jim would be home in an hour; she hurried to get cleaned up so she could start dinner. She decided she really needed a bath to get the dirt and sweat off and get really ready for Jim. She put some fragrant bath oil in the water and soaked for a bit, fantasizing about being with Jim in a tropical pool, a little waterfall washing over them, both of them naked. She was starting to feel just a bit tingly. She shaved her legs smooth; she very carefully shaved her pussy, working her way very carefully over the lips and up around the hood of her clit. Jim said he liked that because it made it easier to get his tongue on her clit. This was really starting to get her hot. She was thinking about masturbating but Jim would be home before too long; so she wanted to save her arousal for him. She left a nice carefully bursa escort trimmed strip of hair up above her cunt; otherwise, her vulva was smooth as a baby’s bottom.

She got out of the bath and dried herself off. Standing naked in front of the mirror, she blew her hair dry, watching her body in the mirror, imagining men going wild with lust watching it. Her breasts were firm, not huge or saggy. The nipples were pink and erect. She made her boobs bounce and jiggle just to see what that looked like and decided it looked somewhat sexy and somewhat funny. Her tummy was not quite perfectly flat, just a tiny bit rounded below the navel. She looked down at her crotch and could see her cunt lips exposed below the trimmed patch of hair. She knew that men just loved to see those lips and told her so in their messages. Finishing with the blow drier, she rubbed moisturizing body lotion all over herself, imagining that her hands were Jim’s hands, a little bit rough, but still gentle. starting with her feet, then up her legs, feeling the warmth and tingle as she spread it over her newly shaven lower lips, then on to her tummy, and up to her chest. She rubbed the lotion onto her breasts, massaging her nipples, imagining Jim suckling on them, and feeling the response in her pussy, and the clenching inside her belly that it caused.

Still totally naked and getting very aroused, she decided that since she was all spiffed up, she had enough time to take a few pictures to post before Jim got home. She went downstairs and got out the camera and tripod. Looking around for a good location, she decided to take some “naughty housewife” shots in the kitchen. She put on a short, frilly, pink checked apron that half covered her breasts and stopped just at her crotch. She ran back upstairs and got her red spike heels; she knew they made her butt stick out sexily.

She set the camera to take a sequence of pictures ten seconds apart. The camera was by the doorway to the kitchen aimed toward the counter by the sink. She checked in the viewfinder to make sure it was zoomed out to just about her height. As the flash started going off at ten second intervals she started flirting with the camera, standing coyly facing it, so the apron covered her “essentials” [flash]. She pulled the apron tight so that her nipples stuck out on each side of it [flash]. Her nipples were starting to get hard from thinking about herself being displayed so erotically [flash]. She reached back to untie the string of the apron behind her neck [flash] her breasts thrust out proudly [flash]. She began letting the apron down, little by little, revealing her body six inches at a time, exposing her breasts [flash], her torso [flash], her waist [flash], her tummy [flash], and her strip of hair [flash], her pussy lips [flash], her thighs [flash], and finally dropped it to the floor [flash].

She stood sideways sticking out her butt, [flash] her arms pretending to cover her breasts, but purposely not doing a very good job of concealing them. [flash] Finally, she turned to face away from the camera. [flash] She stuck her bare ass out at the camera. [flash] She leaned forward against the counter to emphasize the roundness of her butt. [flash] She spread her legs, her feet in her spike heels about 18 inches apart, [flash] leaning forward, [flash] thinking that her pussy was probably exposed from behind, [flash] and maybe her asshole. [flash] She tilted her butt up a little higher, [flash] leaning forward more, [flash] to expose her bare pussy a little more, [flash] imagining men going crazy with lust, rubbing their cocks. [flash]

Her pussy was really getting warm. The tingle was spreading. She could start to smell the scent of her own arousal She imagined not just one guy looking at her picture, but lots of them, guys of all ages sizes and varieties, a big group of them, greedily wanting her pussy—wanting desperately to use her ruthlessly on their throbbing cocks. She imagined them right there in the kitchen, right across the room, behind the camera, a room full of horny men all wanting to fuck her from behind, thinking how it would feel to have a cock slide into her oh-so-wet canal. She was lost in reverie, daydreaming, as the camera went flash …flash…flash. She began massaging her breasts with one hand while the other crept down toward that patch of hair.

She imagined herself no longer in her kitchen but on the stage at a strip club, her naked ass facing the room full of desperately horny men, the flash, flash, flash of the stage strobe lights. She imagined the music, a rhythmic gypsy beat of cymbals, tambourines and drums. She pictured herself, breathless from her just completed dance, naked, her costume tossed to the cheering men, the music still pounding exotically. She pictured the men, filled with lust staring at her ass and pussy thrust out toward them, their hands furtively moving on their laps. She began swaying to the bursa üniversiteli escort beat of the imaginary music, her behind beginning to make circles in rhythm with the beat of the music.

She was so absorbed in her day dream, she didn’t hear the front door open as Jim came home and came to the kitchen to put his lunch bucket away. He got to the doorway of the kitchen, seeing the camera flashing, and stopped. He just stood there staring for few seconds, while he realized what she was doing. He could see her smooth pussy, opening up wetly, all the way across the room. He could see how aroused she was. He watched her tail waving in circles round and round. His lust was instantaneous, with a tinge of jealousy about her showing her pictures to other guys. The jealousy just aroused him all the more. He could tell how much she wanted to get fucked. His cock came to throbbing life demanding to be used. He wanted her and he wanted her NOW.

He dropped the lunch bucket on the floor and in two steps was across the kitchen. In her imagination the bang of the lunch box hitting the floor blended in with the imagined cymbal crash of her daydream music. Before she realized what it really was, he was on her, grabbing her around the waist with one hand, around the breasts with the other.

Jim nearly snarled at her in his animal lust. “Looking at your butt sticking out so you show your pussy from behind, and knowing that showing it off makes you want to cum all the time, I know; You are a bitch in heat. You are just like a mongrel, wagging your tail, hoping to get mounted by whatever mutt comes along. You don’t care who fucks you, as long as you get fucked. You are obviously just asking for it.”

His words hit her like an electric shock sending shivers all over her body. Sharon was so startled, she could not even speak; she let out a groan of lust and desire. She broke out in goose bumps.

With a growl Jim picked her up bodily from behind. He carried her to the big oak dining table. He practically flung her against it, bending her over the table, her ass sticking out against his hardness.

Jim, in throaty jealous lust, his jaw clenched, spoke. “You fucking sexy little bitch. You’ve been posting your ass all over that website again, haven’t you? You want fucking? OK, I’ll give you a fucking you naughty slut.”

With one big hand Jim held her down against the table so she couldn’t rise. He stood to one side and put his leg behind her legs, trapping them. With his free hand, he felt between her legs, wiping the pussy juice across her lips, stroking, feeling how wet, open and aroused she was.

He spoke: “You fucking naughty little bitch, you’re so wet, I’ll bet you’d let anyone or anything fuck you right now!”

Seeing the still rolled afternoon paper on the table, he picked it up and began angrily swatting her round ass with it. At first she was too startled to react but after a few repeated swats, it was starting to hurt. She tried to get up but she was held down firmly. She flailed her hands behind her trying to shield her behind but it was futile.

She began to protest. “Ouch, Jim, you’re hurting me! Ow, ouch, oh, that really hurts, stop Jim, don’t hurt me.”

He spoke. “It’s supposed to hurt, you bitch, that’s how we train a dog.”

He gave her a few more swats, to emphasize his point. Then his lust to put his hand on her ass overcame his symbolic use of the newspaper. He tossed the newspaper aside, and began spanking her bare ass with his hand, his big hand covering most of her little butt, turning it redder and redder.

Sharon couldn’t figure out whether she liked it or hated it. It stung. It burned. But she was so aroused, she could hardly stand it. She began thrashing around, trying to evade his hand, but he was much too strong and she succeeded only in exciting him more in her wriggling and writhing. He became lost in a rage of lust, spanking, spanking, no longer thinking, just lusting, bending her at his will, his hardon raging in his pants.

But now her pain was getting too bad. She couldn’t take it any more. She began to cry. “Jim, please, stop, no more, I can’t take any more, oh, oh, oh, just fuck me Jim, fuck me now, please Jim, ohhhhhhh, please, fuck me. Fuck Me! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEEEEE!” Her cry ended in a scream, a wail, a mixture of pain, lust, fear desire, need.

Jim’s spanking finally wound down to a stop. He said,”OK, bitch, you really wanta get fucked, now?

“Oh, yes, oh yes.” She gasped. “Please, fuck me like a dog.”

He forced her legs apart, felt the wetness of her pussy, rubbed her cunt lips and clit with his hand. He forced his thumb into her dripping cunt hole. The entry made her gasp with pleasure.

“Is this where you want it, bitch?”

“Oh, god, yes.” She pleaded. “Yes, now, please, I can’t wait any longer.”

His index finger felt her karacabey escort clit, making her writhe. He pulled his now dripping thumb from her cunt and pushed it against her asshole. His index finger now replaced his thumb in her twat. His thumb forced its way into her ass, causing her to gasp with pain and pleasure. He squeezed his thumb and forefinger together inside her, while massaging her clit with his middle finger. She shivered. She felt the rush coming. It had been building all afternoon, wanting it, holding it back, needing it. With a groan, she came, gushing over his hand and down her legs, spasming, convulsing, her legs stiffening.

The sight of her orgasmic convulsions brought Jim’s lust to its peak. While her exhausted body was too drained to rise, Jim quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Not bothering to drop his pants, he got behind her, and forced his raging tool into her cunt, taking her from behind. He began thrusting into her. He leaned over her and grabbed her by the boobs, crushing them in his big hands, squeezing them, using them as handles to pull against while he thrust his cock into her over and over and over. Crushed against her red spanked behind, Sharon felt the rough cloth of his pants and the zipper of his trousers. She could feel him going crazy, pumping in and out and grunting like an animal. She felt the weight of him pushing her down onto the table. She was being bounced around under him helplessly. She grabbing onto the opposite side of the table with both hands, hanging on for dear life.

Sharon could feel his surging cock stretching her pussy, the head coming almost out and then back in, feeling his forceful penetrations. Her pubic bone was being ground against the top of the table. Her clit was mashed against the table edge. Her feet were coming off the floor with the force of his pounding. Her nipples were throbbing.

Then, as he humped her and gripped her boobs, he began grunting, almost in animalistic noises, forcing words out between grunts: “Ohhhhh Gaaaawwwwed what a slut you are! You just remember that your body is MINE, you little fuck! Nnnnn, mmmmm, I’m gonna use your sexy cunt any time I want, anywhere I want and any way I want mmmpph, unnnkk, ggggghhhh. You’re such a horny cunt. You stick your pussy out like that girl and it’s gonna get fucked, oh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh! I’ll take your ass, but good, you bitch! You want cock? I’ll give you more cock than you can stand! I’ll whack your damn ass black and blue, you naughty bitch! You go wagging your fucking tail at the neighborhood, I’ll damned well use it. You show your bitchin ass to the world, just remember that it’s MY cock that’s gonna get rammed up it, uhh, ohh, nnn! You feel me, bitch? You hear me bitch?” His grunts and groans mixed with his words in a fury of lust.

The dirty talk got to Sharon. She couldn’t take any more. It put her over the edge again. Her legs curled up behind him. Her feet wrapped around his legs, clutching at them. Her fists tightened on the far edge of the table. She felt the spasms all through her body. She felt the hormone-drug rush surging through her. She lost awareness of anything except the feel of her stretched, swollen vagina, her over-stimulated clit, her crushed nipples hot-wired directly to her clit, the rippling of the convulsions washing over her in wave after wave after wave, cumming, and cumming, and cumming.

With a huge groan Jim felt her pussy clenching his cock. He went into convulsive spasms. His weight fell onto her harder as his legs lost control. His fists dug into her breasts harder and harder. She cried out with the pain, causing him only to groan a sadistic chuckle. The pain, the pleasure, all mingled together as with a new surge of lovely warmth, she felt his body, hard on top of her, surging rhythmically as he pumped into her, again, and again, and again. She imagined his seed spurting deep, deep up into her, driven into her, forced into her, squirting, gushing, flowing.

His spasms subsided and he lay on top of her, sated and spent. He just lay there for a while, his dick slowly shrinking. She felt the dampness under her, spreading. He stood up and backed out. She felt the gentle suck of his cock coming out, the emptiness in her pussy, missing him inside her.

With his left hand pressing her back down on the table, he rubbed his right hand all over her sore red behind. She felt the soreness. He gave it a few more slaps, causing her to jerk in surprise and pain. He reached in between her legs and gently stroked her pussy, feeling inside her cunt, then rubbed the wetness up across her anus, circling it with his fingers. He lifted her legs and rotated her body up onto the table top. Then he rolled her over face up. He rubbed his fingers, wet with her pussy juice, on her lips, then leaned over and kissed her, long and hard, while stroking her belly, breasts, thighs and pussy.

He leaned back, staring at her well fucked body while he pulled his pants up and zipped them up. Then he said: “I’m gonna go take a shower. Clean up this mess before dinner, wouldja? And put some damn clothes on, or I’m liable to do that again, only worse.”

He left her lying exhausted, sore and bruised, on the table. She smiled.

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The Descent Ch. 03

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I knew Green Eyes was done. His beautiful cock was getting small and I could see the fatigue on his face. Bartender was a different story but he also needed some “recharge time” (as my husband calls it) so I stooped down to get my clothes. I started to dress and I was aware both of them were watching me. I was in charge of this situation. I smiled at the thought. At the start of the night, I was terrified to be here and now I was becoming a vixen of sorts.

I looked at them, “I am gonna find my girlfriends, maybe I will see you later.” With that I turned and walked back into the hall. Where was I to look?

I started walking back toward the room where I left Jen and Laura—hopefully they would still be there. I smiled as I felt cum running down my legs out of my ass. Whatever shame I had or whatever I hung onto was now gone. The knowledge that I had been assfucked by two great men gave me a dirty satisfaction. A satisfaction that I wanted to keep and to explore more. I wasn’t just a scared girl feeling unsatisfied in bed, now I was a woman needing sexual fulfillment. My boobs were feeling so sensitive pressed in my bra and my body felt a tinge of fatigue from my orgasms thus far. But my curiosity and hunger dominated everything else. I wanted to see how far I would go.

I got to the door and opened it. There was Laura was kneeling over the bed licking Jen from behind while Jen focused her attention on a cute guy’s cock in front of her. Laura’s perfect ass bobbed in front of me as she moaned and licked Jen’s spread ass cheeks. I looked at it and felt my tummy start to warm and goosebumps sprung up. How could she have a body like this?

“Oh shit…just like that!” Jen’s said loudly holding the guy’s cock in her hand. She jerked it quickly and the guy pushed her head back toward it. She sucked his dick greedily, jerking it at the same time.

“Fuck…” The guy said holding her head with both hands.

Laura’s head went back and forth as she worked on Jen from behind. I watched as Jen let go of the cock slid around for the guy to fuck her. She lay on her back and he slid into her wet pussy easily. He wasted no time and started to fuck her. Her great tits bounced as she moaned.

I watched the guy thrusting her…he held her hips and as she grabbed his ass he was able to thrust her deep and hard. I looked at Laura and she turned toward me. She eyed up and down my body. What the hell was I doing with those guys? Why did I leave her here? I walked toward her, the bed shaking as the guy fucked Jen vigorously. I realized that’s what I wanted: to fuck Laura like a man would. I wanted her to feel what I felt a few minutes before.

I touched her cheek, looked into her eyes and said, “Did you miss me?”

“Where did you go?” Laura asked with a smile?

I didn’t reply at first but looked around the small room thoughtfully.

“Fuck!” Jen yelled as she sat up on the guy’s lap, bouncing on his cock firmly. He clenched her ass cheeks and I could see her asshole—the one that Laura and I had both licked.

I looked back and Laura who was watching Jen fuck. I saw on the floor her purse and then almost laughed when I saw a black thing bulging out of it. “Is that a…?” I started.

“Um yeah…a dildo.” Laura said. “I bought it…sort of on a whim. You can strap it on.”

That was all I needed to hear. I snatched it from her purse. The cock was maybe 8 inches, black, straight, proportionate with a nice even thickness. It had a belt and some snaps. I looked back at Laura and began undressing. Laura’s mouth was on my boobs as soon as I had my blouse off. She sucked at them—pulling them out of my bra from the top. She bit my nipples and moaned.

“Oh,” I said softly stroking her hair and unsnapping the bra. Her mouth devoured my tits and all I could do was stand there and feel my pussy start to moisten. She rubbed my tits and sucked.

I bumbled with the zipper on my skirt. Why the hell did I even wear clothes? It slid down my legs and Laura yanked it down then did the same with my panties. My boob popped from her mouth and she looked at her hands. “You slut…” She said lustfully, “Fucking cum all over you.”

I smiled at her and saw Jen flip over to her tummy and the guy started to fuck her from behind. He was a machine—his body slapped against hers and she focused on it with her mouth open and eyes closed.

“Why don’t you turn around and kiss her?” I said with a smile grabbing the dildo.

Laura looked at the dildo then turned around obediently. She grabbed Jen’s face and stuck her tongue into Jen’s open mouth. I slid the dildo on and snapped it tight. I looked down at the 8 inch cock dangling from escort bursa my crotch. I walked over to Laura’s perfectly symmetrical ass and slid my hands over it. I felt under for her pussy. She was damp, but not enough.

I fell to my knees and started to lick her. I found her clit and touched it gently while licking inside her pussy. She arched her back and trembled as I licked her. I could hear Jen still being fucked and I wondered how this guy could do it. He would be useful to all of us.

I slipped a finger in Laura and I knew she was wet. I stood up and positioned the cock toward her pussy. I wasn’t sure how to make it work…after all I didn’t actually have a dick. She helped me by backing toward and against the cock head. It slid into her about halfway then stopped. She moaned and looked back at me. Jen looked at me as well. Her tits wobbled as she was fucked.

“Shit, I don’t want to cum yet,” The guy said pulling his wet throbbing cock from her. He was sweating and looking at me as well.

I grabbed Laura’s perfect ass and pushed my hips forward. It went in further and she took a deep breath. “Deeper…” she said.

I pushed it further and further until it was 8 inches into her. The warmth of her as cheeks against my skin drove me wild. I pulled back until the dildo was nearly out then pumped again. I found the motion a little unnatural and I moved my hips in a circle to find a better angle. She moaned and Jen turned around so her legs were spread in front of Laura. She grabbed the guy’s cock dangling over her head and sucked it. Laura immediately dove into Jen’s pussy.

I rocked back then plunged into Laura’s pussy. Since her ass was so high I found the angle perfect. I began to thrust faster and in a good rhythm. She pressed against me as I pushed and I knew I had a good pace. Jen was moaning and sucking the guy’s cock and Laura’s head bobbed over Jen’s pussy. My own pussy was dripping as I fucked Laura from behind. I looked down at her spread ass and saw her brown little asshole. It was perfect. Her ass had been calling my name for months and now it was here. I wanted it. I sucked on my fingers and fucked her pussy, her ass cheeks slapping against me the whole time.

Jen crawled away from Laura’s mouth and still holding the guy’s throbbing dick in her hand. She watched me thrust her. Then she watched as I slid my fingers from my mouth and firmly against Laura’s perfect asshole. It resisted, but I pushed harder and they slid into her.

“Ahhh…” Laura said looking back. I fucked her harder, knowing she loved it.

Jen pulled the guy’s cock and he shuffled forward until it was in front of Laura’s mouth. Laura took it in and he positioned himself so she could suck it without her hands. As soon as Laura reached the end of the dildo, her mouth was filled with cock and she rocked back to the dildo until the dick was just against her lips. I moaned watching it. I was shaking with excitement. I fucked her hard with the dildo and her asshole as fast as I could with my fingers. I saw she was starting to cum so I fucked and moaned loudly.

“Uh..uh…shit…I’m cumming…agh,” The guy jammed his dick in her mouth and I knew he started cumming too. His hands clenched in her hair and I saw his balls shift. He breathed loudly and cum spewed out of her mouth and on the bed. She swallowed and moaned and cum dripped everywhere.

My two fingers were in her ass as far as I could get them and she stopped rocking as she sucked the cum off the guy’s cock. It popped from her mouth and she looked at me with a euphoric lust in her face. Sweat ran down her back and I saw cum on her face and chin.

I pulled the cock from her pussy and kept my fingers in her ass. Jen slid over and grabbed Laura’s asscheeks. She looked up at me and smiled, “Fuck her ass with that thing School Teacher.”

“Oh shit that’s too big,” Laura said breathlessly.

“Shut up,” I said looking at her. Something in me snapped. “I want to fuck your ass. I have wanted to fuck it since I first saw it.”

“But…that black cock…it’s so big,” Laura said in a whimper.

I realized that she was at my will. I fingered her ass some more. Jen looked up at me with a look I was not expecting, but one that drove me crazy: like I was the authority. If I yelled at them, they responded. The guy slid back on the bed—his face was gaunt with fatigue. He was gonna get a show. “You…” I said glaring at him. “You better get that cock hard again. This cock,” I grabbed the dildo and let it slap against Laura’s asscheek, “…is gonna work until you can cum for me. This ass needs cum. Do you understand me?”


“Shut up and say bursa otele gelen escort yes or no mistress.”

He looked down sheepishly. “Yes mistress.”

“Good,” I said. My boobs were firm and perky from excitement. My pussy was soaking.

I pulled my fingers from Laura’s ass and stuck them in Jen’s mouth. She sucked them obediently as I watch Laura’s perfect asshole twitch and gap slightly. I grabbed the dildo and pressed it against the hole. “Now this is gonna hurt, but Jen is gonna rub your clit and that will help.”


“Fuck Laura! Your ass belongs to me and I am going to fuck it as I see fit. When you cum you are gonna beg me for more and this guy is gonna give it to you. Do you understand?” Who was I?

“Yes mistress,”

I jammed the head of the dildo in her asshole and it stretched as it took it. I pulled my finger’s from Jen’s mouth, grabbed the perfect ass cheeks in front of me and spread them. Jen licked her hand then started rubbing Laura’s pussy and clit. I pushed the cock in further, depending on the wetness remaining from Laura’s pussy.

“Ow…” she muttered.

“Shhh…” I said pushing it further.

“I can’t do it…”

“Listen to me. Your ass is made to be fucked. Made for it. Just close your eyes and give in.” I almost yelled at her. I wanted to see her ass riding this cock and I wanted her to cum. I wanted her screaming from it. I slapped her ass to grab it tighter and jammed the cock in further. It was almost all the way in.

“That’s it baby,” Jen said rubbing Laura’s now wet pussy. “That’s it.”

I thrust again and the full didlo went in her ass. Her ass was speared on my fake black cock and she groaned from it. I waited for her to adjust. “It’s all in there.” I said, “Do you like this cock in your ass?”

She swallowed, “All of it? It feels so big so…”

I pulled back and it started sliding out.

“Oh shit!” Laura yelled.

I pulled it until the tip of the penis was being clenched by Laura’s asshole and I pushed it in again all the way.

“Fuck, fuck…” Laura said. Jen rubbed her pussy and held her hand up to me. It was drenched in Laura’s juice.

I pulled it back again.

“Oh fuck! I can’t…I can’t…”

I pushed it back all the way until couldn’t see the dildo.

“Ahhh!” Her voice was hoarse. “Oh fuck…do that again.”

I slapped her ass and she shrieked then pulled it until she locked on the tip again. Then I thrust in firmly. She shook as she took it and looked back at me. Her face was sweaty and her eyes were half open with pleasure and lust. “Fuck…I…”

I pulled back and pumped her again. She let out a squeal and I started to pump her evenly and slowly. I was shaking with excitement. I knew a puddle was forming under me as I pumped and gripped her ass. She clenched the bedding with her hands and took the dick each time with squeals and moans. I started to fuck her faster and she opened her mouth and started groaning.


I wasn’t sure how hard to push until she looked back at me. Her eyes were watering and her mouth hung open. Her eyes rolled back as I plunged in and pulled out again and again. “Harder…fuck my ass harder…fuck me Heidi…fuck me….”

I bit my lip with pleasure and fucked her faster. Each time the full dildo was in she screamed and as I pulled it out she shook. She yelled profanity and groaned as her body adjusted then squirmed as an orgasm took her. She held the bedspread in fists and cried out, “Oh Heidi….my ass….oh shit!”

I grabbed Jen’s hair and pulled until she looked at me. “Get on your knees and your ass in the air. You’re next.”

“But mistress I…”

I yanked the cock from Laura’s twitching ass and slapped it against Jen’s face.

“Ow shit…” Laura yelled.

“Sorry baby,” I said pushing it back in easily. “Jen isn’t doing as she is told.”

“Jen…do it…oh shit…” Laura said as her body arched at another orgasm. She grabbed at one of her boobs and shook. She lurched against the cock and started to fuck it with her ass as I held it still. I smiled looking down on Laura pushing back and rocking forward on the dick all on her own. She loved it.

I looked at the guy. His cock stuck straight up with both of his hands stroking it. He looked at me sheepishly. “Good…you are ready, get over here.”

I glared back at Jen. She climbed onto the bed, bent over and waited. The guy came next to me with his dick sticking out. I pulled the dildo from Laura’s perfect ass. She shuddered and groaned. “Now…you fuck her ass until it is full…do bursa sınırsız escort you understand?”

I stepped aside and he slipped his dick in her gaping asshole. Her ass gripped it and smiled at the shift inside her. “Oh…that’s good…”

He grabbed her hips and started pumping her. I got on my knees beside her ass and watched. “Deeper.” I said, not satisfied. I could still see half an inch of his cock that could go in. “Deeper and harder.”

“Yes…” Laura said. I saw her arched body and her perfect round ass and I knew she couldn’t move. She was in the state I was in not long ago. Small orgasms came in waves now, going through her body again and again.

He thrust deep and he groaned as I could see that Laura clenched his dick. He shifted his hands and drove into her deeper and deeper. His balls flapped against her and she slid her ass higher and he positioned himself above her. His cock jamming straight in at its length then pulling out. “Oh god…that’s perfect…” he said.

“Yes…” I said. His shaft was exposed as he pulled back and I grabbed it with my hand. I yanked his dick out and thrust it in my mouth. The bitterness of her ass drove me wild. I sucked it firmly with my tongue wrapped around it. I pulled it from my mouth and licked his balls then helped stick it back in her ass.

“Oh shit…it feels so wet…hard and good…” she muttered. Her body was all goosebumps and her breasts were taunt with excitement.

I yanked his cock out and sucked it again. I stuck my fingers in her ass to keep it gaping and licked his dick as thoroughly as I could. He groaned and looked at me. I knew he couldn’t keep this up. I pushed his cock up against his tummy, took his balls in my mouth and looked up at him lustfully. I hope he knew how lucky he was.

I held his cock in one hand, at the base sucked it then looked back at him. “Wait,” I said as it slipped from my mouth—salvia stretching from it to my chin. White was forming over the tip of his cock and I licked it off my lips. I stuck my tongue out as far as he could so he could see it. Then I turned and jammed it into Laura’s asshole.

“What the…oh shit…OH SHIT…” She came again. Her face was covered with sweat and her eyes were teary.

I fucked her asshole with my tongue. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and her ass clenched around my tongue. I was shaking with excitement and I thrust in an licked as deeply as I could. After a moment of this, I pulled it out and jammed his cock in her ass forcefully. I rubbed her swollen, red clit then said, “Finish her off and cum.”

“Yes, mistress,” he said.

I smiled.

He jammed his cock in as far as it would go, kept it in deep, positioned himself above her so he could plunge down and started to fuck her. I stared as his round, shaved balls slapped against her with each deep thrust and Laura threw her head back and yelled, “Oh..OH…ah…fuck me, fuck me…”

It took only a few seconds of frantic deep thrusting and Laura’s cumming body when the guy said, “I am cumming…oh my…holy shit…holy shit…oh….fuck…fuck…”

His dick came up and it was covered in white cum then plunged in again at the sound of wet slapping. His shaft was white and covered in translucent cum, more coming out with each plunge. His hands clenched her ass cheeks and they were going red with effort as he pumped. He cursed and jerked as all the contents of his balls spilt into her perfect ass.

“That’s…so nice…oh my god…that’s so…warm…fuck…fuck Heidi…you bitch…that’s so…perfect…oh…” she muttered as her body shook and she was hit with more long and soft orgasms. I smiled…I knew that feeling and now she had it.

“That’s a good boy,” I said as he slowed down then stopped. He pulled his cock out carefully. It was covered in cum and cum spilled out of her gaping ass as it began to close. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it. My pussy throbbed and I cursed in my head that I couldn’t touch myself because of the dildo. I licked his cock clean while he watched me. Then I licked Laura’s ass. I wanted to lick it out, but then I remembered it running out of my ass. She needed that too. She was my dirty slut now. I looked back at the guy and asked, “How old are you?”

“18,” he said breathlessly.

I eyed him carefully. “Looks like I have been giving my students the wrong extra credit assignments.” I eyed his cock. This was the real me.

I looked at Jen waiting with her ass still in the air. She looked at me with wide eyes. Earlier in the night she was the waitress with all the control and now she was here waiting for me to fuck her ass. She was mine too.

I stood up and walked over to her. Laura fell to her side in a euphoric state with her eyes half open. Cum ran out her ass and over her legs. There was movement behind me and I looked back to see Bartender. He had his cock out of his jeans and he looked at me, Laura then Jen. “Good,” I said. “You are right on time.”

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The Mr. Larry Chronicles: Lissa

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Mr. Larry was gross. From the first time he showed her what would be her apartment, his huge frame with his beer belly straining over his belt, relaxed black hair slicked into a small greasy tail at the back of his head, and his clear disbelief in hygiene, much less deodorant. His deep, Barry White voice insisted on calling her “Babygirl”, as though one word rather than her given name. He was gross. The occasional smirk on his lips when he talked to her disrupted the dark freckles across the bridge of his nose and tops of his cheekbones. That same smirk displayed the missing teeth half way back the on the upper left side of his mouth. He was gross.

The USMC tattoos perpetually on display that lined his broad muscled shoulders and long, meaty arms from spoke of a time in the military. Those guns led down to huge hands and banana-like fingers, the latter ending incongruously in well manicured nails and shockingly pink, clean palms.

There were the seemingly extra long basketball shorts on his legs and untied Jordans on his feet and the ever present “traveler” in his hand. She was unsure the contents, but aware that it was definitely alcoholic. He was gross, but otherwise not a bad guy.

After her breakup with her alcoholic, no-really-I’m-not-gay ex, this apartment had conveniently become available. The building and the apartment itself were not terribly large, but the building was located in Congress Park, so convenient to work and access to downtown. It was a converted red brick denver square with only six total apartments that hosted a large courtyard accessed from her apartment’s back door. There was a perpetually busy laundry room across from the manager’s apartment in the basement and a convenient storage area. The single washing machine and dryer were typically in use when she needed to use them and so frequented a nearby laundromat when in need.

Thankfully, despite his pet name for her, his slightly strong–in both smell and personality–presence, Larry was not really a creeper, he was just gross In the initial days of her residence, she would encounter Larry with no great amount of frequency, but she grew to be aware not merely of his odor, but that each time in his presence she felt somehow delicate next to his large, towering frame – more so than her statuesque height would typically incur. As a result of those occasions of interaction, she further recognized that when he made reference to himself, it was as “Mr. Larry”, as in, “Mr. Larry’s gonna keep an eye out for you, Babygirl” or “Don’t want any of them young punkasses think they can take anything from you, Babygirl” or “You make sure you call Mr. Larry if one of them boys step over the line, Babygirl” or “Mr. Larry help you for whatever, Babygirl.” His concern was benevolent, sweet even, she admitted, though not really necessary. She was not currently inundated with suitors – but that fit with with her current sabbatical from dating. She tended to attract man-boys who appeared somehow surprised when having sex–as though they could not believe their luck–and not at all inclined to pursue her satisfaction. She regularly referred to her toy chest (once her suitor was graciously but emphatically shown the door) to ensure physical satisfaction. While she appeared somewhat innocent, conveniently, her imagination was active, vast, and unashamed. She would, by the time she lived there for almost a year, consult the contents of the toy box with frequency and creativity and had certainly never needed to call Larry for what ever form of “help” he could supply.

Time passed. She met her neighbors, each of whom seemed kind but seemingly disinclined to be overly friendly. That suited her just fine.

Several seasons passed since she set up house in late January, and suddenly, it was nearly Christmas. She was not traveling home for the holiday, happy not to have to navigate family dynamics and dodge the ubiquitous questions about her relationship status. Her mother was disappointed, but understood that her daughter would enjoy this time apart.

There was light snow falling as she arrived home from work one afternoon checking her mail in the front vestibule.

“Babygirl,” the low rumble greeted her as she was pulling her mail from her box in the lobby. She turned, noticing that although the temperature was approaching the single digits outside, Larry’s “sun’s out, guns out” uniform was in place and beefy café au lait arms–and tattoos, naturally–were fully on display. “Oh, hey, Larry. Getting ready for the holidays?” He stopped a close distance from her with his particular scent drifting toward her. He was gross.

She knew that her intrinsic politeness would win out over a need to escape when he reached out to brush a drop of melted snow from her cheek. “Looks cold out there, Babygirl. Those some pink cheeks”, continued the rumble along with a smirk accompanying the last two words. “You ain’t told Mr. Larry when you headin’ out for holidays”, he paused to take a sip from his traveler. There was an görükle escort unwritten rule that each tenant alerted Larry when they would be out of town, for how long, and whether there was someone scheduled to look out for their place.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Larry,” she said, breathing out through her mouth to avoid the wafts of eau du armpit, “I’m not going anywhere for the holidays, that’s why you’ve not heard anything from me.” He looked furrowed his brow and frowned, “You gonna be solo for about a week, babygirl. Everyone else gonna be gone until New Years,” he rumbled, “You gonna be ok? Ain’t no one gonna be looking out for you?” Excitement with a tinge of fear zinged through her body with this statement but she said, “I’ll be ok, Larry, I’ll enjoy myself. You know, Netflix, baking, laundry…” She smiled, her fair skin blushing when he looked unsure she said, “Don’t worry, I can take care of myself”, she said and patted his arm kindly as she passed by on the way to her front door.

The expression came to mind as she was inserting the key into and opening her deadbolt, “feeling his eyes on her back”, she turned to enter her place and saw Larry still standing looking at her, frown of concern in place. She smiled again and said, “Happy Holidays, Mr. Larry”, she said, embracing his self-styled moniker, and closed her door.


The building had been blissfully quiet and occasionally eerie since everyone had been gone.The emptiness had led her to feel that her “domain” extended to all open spaces of her building. For the last several days, she had alternately been reading Literotica, watching Netflix, masturbating, eating and sleeping. Now one day away from New Year’s Eve, she decided that it was time to do her laundry. For once, she would be able to not have to leave the building to do it. Having saved up for nearly three weeks, she had an unknown number of loads to do. With several trips up and down the stairs and a pause in between to read erotica and masturbate, after a bit, she just brought her tablet with her. She passed the Manager’s apartment and entered the laundry room, planting herself atop the washing machine crossing her ankles underneath her. The vibration of the machine was becoming stimulating, sending delicious feelings to her pussy, and she moved her legs from sitting in lotus to hanging off the front. It allowed her to rotate her hips and press her pussy agains the top of the washer. She rhythmically squeezed her thighs together, pressing and releasing her tingling cunt.

Taking advantage of the knowledge that she was completely alone, she decided to feed her exhibitionist side and pulled her tight top up, exposing her braless breasts to the empty room, her hands found her dark nipples, already erect from the slightly coolish air. Her head lolled back and her eyes closed as her fingers fondled her nipples, stiff under her fingers.

Light caresses were nice, but after a long day of repeated jilling off she needed to up the ante. Between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, she rhythmically pinched and released her nipples. Increasing the pressure with each pinch, the sensation was approaching painful. The moan that escaped her throat with each pain filling the empty room.

She was getting where she needed to be. When erect, her nipples were naturally long but they became more so with her aggressive pinching. Her pussy had gone from tingling to throbbing, to swelling fully as blood engorged the erectile tissue of her vulva. She was confident that as soon as her fingers parted her inner lips, they’d meet a dripping wetness. Breath was coming faster with her unkind fingers tormenting her nipples, not just pinching, but pulling now. Her nipples were looking longer and longer, and with the abuse, a deep rose moving toward an angry red.

She brought her feet up to the top of the washer to either side of her hips and she spread her knees wide. Her hips began pumping of their own volition. A puddle was forming in her sweatpants as wetness rolled out of her vagina. She was humping the air with abandon and the need to be touched between her legs becoming insistent. She held off, prolonging her anticipatory arousal. With each lift of her hips, her legs splayed further apart. A wicked smile began to form on her lips – surely she should not further soil her sweatpants with the river of pussy juices running from her nether lips. Surely her aloneness allowed for total exposure.

Her fingers left her dagger-like nipples and slipped down between her waistband and skin. It took no time at all to slide her sweats down past her hips and threw them unceremoniously to the floor only to be joined a moment later by her t-shirt. She was completely nude, legs fully spread, heels up to the edge of the washer in line with her hips. That she was exposed–but knowing that there was no one around–drove her willingness to hold nothing back. She felt like she WAS sex. Powerful, alive with her openness and solitude. Her knees were completely apart. She bursa merkez escort was fully exposed when her fingers found her pussy. In her mind’s eye, she could see how it was beautiful, lips fully opened, pink and glistening. She could feel her juices on her smooth pussy running from vagina, down her perineum, over the furl of her anus, and then the audible sound of drops as they hit the floor.

The fingers of one hand found her clitoris, swollen, hard, and standing well-proud of its hood. Unable to restrain herself, she began frigging her clit, loving the wet sounds as she beat off. She was pulling her nipple again, this time stretching it out farther, pain and pleasure mingling, groans regularly coming from her throat with each tug, with each frig.

“Babygirl.” Eyes flew open, she gasped in shock.

Mr. Larry standing in the doorway.

Her knees slammed back together and she looked for something to cover her openness. Face burning with shame and embarrassment. What could he possibly think??! Jaw working as she tried to say something, knowing there were only recriminations (wasn’t everyone supposed to be away???), knowing there was only herself to blame.

“I…I..,” still nothing would come out, but she realized that she would have to retrieve some article of clothing before being capable of talking.

“Babygirl, that the prettiest white girl pussy Mr. Larry ever seen,” Barry While voice coming out as a growl, Larry taking two steps into what she now saw was a very, very small room. Sitting up, her hands over her breasts, she was about to tell him to fuck off, give her clothes. At least she thought she was. Before she spoke, she saw movement at the periphery and looks down to see something inching, growing down, way down, the leg of his shorts. Growing. Down. It was his cock.and it just kept going. She gasped…Suddenly words evaporated in her mouth, from her mind. How long is he?!

Gross, she remembered. He is gross.

“Show Mr. Larry that pretty pussy again, Babygirl. Show him how your honey pouring out. Open those pretty knees, come on now, Babygirl,” he was now less than two feet away. Gross, greasy pony tail. She can smell him. Gross. She can see his belly. She can see what’s standing straight out below his belly in his shorts. His hand touches it almost as a reflex. She can see it jump. She has butterflies. She is aroused. Oh God! Her mouth falls open. She deeply aroused. She is aware that her moment of initial shock is past and, that despite her humiliation at being caught by Mr. Larry, totally exposed and masturbating in the laundry room, her swollen cunt is once again weeping and each gentle, deep, encouraging word that comes from his mouth causes her knees to creep apart.

She actually wants to do what he has demanded. Show him her pussy. Her knees begin to inch apart.

He’s moved further into the room, stepping within a foot of her. He is gross.

“That’s it Babygirl, open those knees. That’s it, wider…get those knees apart…wider, now…Babygirl, you’re almost there…show Mr. Larry your juicy baby pussy,” her knees are now fully open again when he says, “Good girl,” his words are a caress directly to her core. Her back arches and her head falls back and she moans.

“You pussy smell good, Babygirl, so good. Touch that clit again baby…” she moved her left hand down to massage her fat clit. “That right, rub that clit for Mr. Larry,” his eyes are glued to her center where her fingers are again at work–at his behest–and she moans gutturally.

“You like rubbing your pussy for Mr. Larry, don’t you?” Why do his words affect her like this? She wants to answer him, she wants to please him. “Yes,” she whispers shortly. Her hips start pumping again. Toward his face. He frowns, “Yes, what, Babygirl? Tell Mr. Larry…” What does he want her to say? Ohhhhh, “Yes, Mr. Larry, I like rubbing my pussy for youuuuuu,” the last part coming out as a moan.

“So wet, your pink, white girl pussy so wet. Your clit is fucking swole,” he breathes in through his nose, an inhale as his face seems drawn to within inches of her cunt, “Mr. Larry got to get that on his tongue. Would you like that, Babygirl? Mr. Larry tongue lapping up your honey, tickling your clit?” What?! This is something she had not considered. Would he want more than his tongue in her quim? And what if he did? Her mind was becoming focused on her need. Was there anything less that would satisfy her? He is so gross, how could she possibly let him touch her?! His stench is entirely in her nose, almost overwhelming now. Her nipples throbbed. He is so gross. How could she possibly allow him to touch her?

Fuck! How can she NOT?!

“Please…” hips pumping toward his face, “please Mr. Larry…please, lick my pussy…PLEASE,”

His tongue is suddenly everywhere – in her lips, inside her vagina, up across her clit, fire spreading throughout her body as she feels him moan into her center. He starts to take long strokes with bursa escort bayan his tongue. His tongue is so wide, each stroke covers her vaginal opening, labia, and swirls on her clit. It is pure pleasure, shooting throughout her body. Her fingers find her nipples again, pinching. Hard. twisting and pulling. Again and again, his tongue strokes every part of her pretty organ. The sounds she is making no longer seem human.

His tongue begins making longer strokes now, beginning at her taint, running in the same trajectory, ending on her clit. Sometimes he sucks her clit between his lips. Sucks hard. Sometimes he fucks her hole with his tongue. The pleasure is almost destruction. He swirls his tongue over her clit before preparing another stroke. This time, he begins lower. His tongue is on her bottom hole, tickling, swirling. No one has ever licked here here before. It feels…Forbidden, decadent.

After a series of lengthy laps from back to front, he begins to concentrate on her darker orifice. Her head shot up only to look down at Mr. Larry incredulously. She has a vague notion to tell him to stop. This is too gross. He’s licking her bottom hole. But any thoughts quickly dissipate.

His hands are holding her thighs apart with his thumbs pulling her ass cheeks wide, and his tongue continues its assault on the furled opening, making the occasional trip up into her vagina, up to suck at her clit again. With each stroke of his tongue, his thumbs move closer to her dark center.

Larry lifts his head and thumbs continue to massage beneath her perineum. She looks down to see him, her juices dripping from his chin and before she knew what was happening, Mr.Larry stood, swept her in his arms and moved to lay her on the ancient Formica kitchen table to the right of the dryer mostly used for folding clothes. Pulling the chair over he sat to return to his feast. Pushing her knees up and apart he said, “Babygirl, Mr. Larry never tasted honey as sweet as yours. I know you want more…”

She nods her head and closes her eyes once more, not fully understanding what she’s agreeing to. He lowers his head once again licking and sucking around her bottom hole before suddenly plunging his tongue directly into her anus. “OOOHHHHH,” she yells as the tongue works deeper, “Please nooooo!” She is fully shocked at this invasion. This can’t be right! Tongue plunging, swirling, one massive finger extending up and rubbing over her inflamed clit while his thumbs begin to rub near the ring of her anus in time with the thrust of his tongue. Pleasure, embarrassing pleasure builds as her bottom hole is repeatedly massaged and speared open.

She is no longer caring about the wrongness. God. She loves having her asshole licked, tongue-fucked. She is so gross.

She gradually becomes aware of a blooming sensation. A…looseness. It feels like she’s…opening.

He raises his head. Thumbs massaging now directly on her anal ring.

She looks to see a smirk on his wet, juicy mouth as one of the massaging thumbs slips into her bottom, lubricated by her pussy juices. “Nooooo!” The thumb fucks her asshole, in and out. She is shaking her head no, but moaning as the invader is joined by the other one, slipping into the dark opening, providing a greater sense of stretching. It feels…wrong? Right? She’s becoming overwhelmed by the warring sense of the forbidden and the pleasurable, making her need the thumbs to be out, but simultaneously wanting them deeper.

“Yeah, Babygirl, Mr. Larry knew you needed your ass filled.” She is so gross. Oh, god, he is so right she loves it.

He removes his thumbs and a massive banana-like index finger enters and sinks deeply, directly to where it joins her hand. “Fuuuuck” they both moan at the same time.

The giant finger slips out, pauses as a gush of pussy juice collects on it, and slips back inside. He repeats the journey. And again. Her body feels liquid. She is aware of sounds escaping with each invasion.

She hears a click for a plastic cap and a squeezing sound. She looks down to see the huge, newly lube-slickened finger begin entering her anus. The smirk he’s been wearing as he teaches her about her new needs widens, the finger slipping in and out and in and out easier and faster with each passage, her head slips back, no longer ashamed by his finger fucking her dark hole. It goes in one last time in and then slips out entirely. She can feel something more on the outside. It is fingers. More than one pressing inside. “Fuck Babygirl, you are opening up, getting loose for Mr. Larry. Rub that pussy for Mr. Larry again,” she complies frigging her clit hard with four fingers. There is nothing he demands she won’t do. She is so gross.

Another finger joins the two in her ass. Full. Stretched. Fuck! Her chin drops to her chest as she adjusts to the ever-widening, burning invasion.

“Look at Mr. Larry, Babygirl” She raises her head and splits her eyes apart. He rose from his seat and looks down as, with his free hand, he pulls the waistband of his ubiquitous shorts out and down slipping it to his knees. He lifts a cock the size of which that she thought only existed in porn. It was fat. Beyond fat. And very, very long. Pink at the circumcised, swollen head, becoming darker and wider as it traveled down to the root.

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