The Sofa Ch. 02

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Author’s notes: This is Chapter 2 of a multi-part story. It probably won’t make complete sense without reading Chapter 1 first.

This author prefers each part of a multi-chapter story to be the same category, but that won’t work in this case. Chapter 1 of this story was clearly Erotic Couplings, with no multiple-person sex. This chapter contains some one-on-one sex, but is primarily about multi-person sex.

Bill and Helen eventually inherited some furniture from his grandmother, including a sofa. It was fancier than me, so they moved me and the TV from the living room to the den, and began calling me ‘the couch.’ I was grateful that they moved the TV with me, it was still my gateway to more of the intricacies of the human psyche and the world in general than Bill and Helen provided.

I was also grateful that Mark and Lisa preferred me. Nana’s sofa must have been too formal, or maybe not soft enough. My favorite of their positions was with Lisa kneeling on my cushions, gripping one of my arms, angling her sweet butt away from my back, with Mark standing behind her. He’d start slow, but build to a manic pace, slamming into her. She always kept her knees apart, giving me a great view of her lovely pussy receiving his cock. Even better, her tits hung down, bouncing up and down and side to side in time with his thrusting. Sometimes she would arch her back and lower her chest so she touched my cushion, I think because she liked how my fabric felt, tickling her nipples on my texture. I know I liked it.

Then one day I never saw Bill again. I never found out where he went. If they divorced, I never heard them arguing, or any of the discord you would think would lead to that. If he died, I never heard anything about him being sick or in an accident. I kept hoping I’d overhear Helen tell someone what happened to him, but I never did. Maybe she only talked about it away from the house where there was no chance Lynn, now in kindergarten, would overhear anything. Lynn was very sad, Helen not outwardly so much. I suspect she was, inside, but held it there to be sure she appeared strong for Lynn.

Helen never went out so I never saw Lisa and Mark again. I had high hopes for Helen as a single woman. When Lynn got old enough to go on sleep-overs with friends, there was a guy who Helen would occasionally have over for an evening fling. He taught her a little bit of variety, such as initiating sex in the den.

She was very uncomfortable with that. She wouldn’t take off any clothes until the room was almost totally dark. That was progress; before, she wouldn’t remove anything at all outside the safety of the bedroom.

I don’t think she ever allowed him to get her completely naked; certainly not in the den, where I was. No, wait; actually, there was once: they were sitting on me, doing what high school kids would call making out. He was fully aware of how deeply inhibited she was, so he already had most of the lights out; the few that remained on were very dim. Even so, she had her eyes tightly shut, as if whatever she couldn’t see wasn’t actually happening. I’m sure she heard him unbuttoning his shirt and unzipping his pants, but I don’t think she realized he took them completely off.

When he slid down onto his knees on the floor in front of her and began unbuttoning her shirt, she opened her eyes. He didn’t seem to notice how startled she was that he was completely naked. If he saw how she tensed up that he obviously intended to get her naked too, he ignored it. She obviously wanted to stop him, as usual, but to my surprise she didn’t, so this one time he got to do things his way. Her blood pressure had to have climbed off the chart when he got her bra off. I got to see her tits again, for the first time since the Polaroid camera. Her boobs were still amazing. He slid off her panties, her final lifeline to safety and dignity. I had never seen her pussy before. Looking back from years later, having seen many, many vulvas since then, now I know that it was fairly unusual that she was untrimmed down there, completely natural. I thought she was going to have a stroke as her bush hit open air. Her eyes darted frantically left and right, as if to reassure herself that there wasn’t anyone watching and disapproving of her wantonness.

I’m sure she hoped he wasn’t going to drag her any further down this path of decadence and depravity, but he did, at least from her point of view. He sat on me, stretched his legs out straight onto the floor, and slumped his back against mine. Her eyes bulged nearly out of her head at the sight of his hard-on, pointing straight up at the ceiling. Her face looked grim as he pulled her on top of him, but, again, she didn’t stop him.

She started to protest that she wouldn’t do this, that ‘decent’ people didn’t act this way, but he pulled her mouth tight against his. I thought she might break off the kiss and flee to the safety of her bedroom, but she didn’t. Many years later I still wonder if she was actually that ulus escort puritanical, or if she was simply inexperienced and shy. She relaxed, although not very much, and let some of her resistance evaporate into the heat of their kiss.

She stiffened when he cupped her butt cheeks in his hands, and again when he lifted her hips, found her slit with the tip of his cock, and began to slide into her. She was soaking wet, physical pleasure having overruled her mind’s resistance. Her body betrayed her attempt to ‘be proper,’ and she emitted the deepest moan I ever heard from her.

He started slow and gentle, and gradually sped up. At first he let her keep her chest safely tucked against his. When she began to roll her hips and meet his thrusts half way, he gently pushed upward on her shoulders, raising her to a proper cowgirl position. She supported her weight with her arms extended.

He eventually reached a manic pace. She was too focused on the orgasm she felt building to notice how her boobs bounced in the open air, in rhythm with their rocking and rolling; I’m sure if she had she would have used an arm to hold them still. I definitely noticed; the view I had was incredible. He did too; he reached up, squeezed them, and twirled her nipples between his thumbs and fingers.

That finished her off. She arched her back, threw her head up toward the ceiling like she was going to shriek her head off, but she didn’t make a sound. Her pussy must have been rippling ferociously on his cock, and that triggered him. She collapsed onto him, her face settling into the hollow of his shoulder, more out of breath than I ever heard her before. They simply cuddled for a long time, but when his softening cock slipped out of her, she shakily led him back to the bedroom. She briefly forgot to be shy about being naked.

I think he thought he had made some progress in teaching her the value of spontaneity and variety. I hoped she would realize that letting go of her hesitations led to a greater end result. Neither breakthrough happened, though; she continued seeing him but never again let him lead her into anything remotely similar. After that the sounds they made in the bedroom were longer and louder, but that incident ended up being the one and only time I ever saw her naked.

By the time Lynn was in high school, she had flowered into an incredibly lovely young lady, think Phoebe Cates in Fast Times. Sometimes she would come out of the bathroom after a shower with her robe open. Helen always scolded her that doing that was indecent, and made her cover up. Sometimes when Helen was out, though, Lynn would sit on me completely naked and paint her toenails, or just watch TV. I hoped she’d get a boyfriend like Mark, and I could be at the center of the action again. Before that ever happened, though, Helen sold me and I was taken to an apartment.

: : : Dumb and Dumber : : :

I was bought by a landlord, who I think was a customer at the bank where Helen worked. His building was nice, no rats or cockroaches, but his rents were fairly low, so he furnished his units with decent but mismatched pieces like me. He placed me in a two-bedroom apartment rented by Randy and Adam.

I was excited, looking forward to lots of carnal action, hopefully not confined to their bedrooms. They were nice-looking guys, with great jobs and outgoing personalities. I expected that they would be quite successful with the ladies; I couldn’t have been more wrong. They were completely clueless.

Sometimes Randy stayed out all night, so he may have had some luck away from the apartment, but not Adam. Several times I’m sure he would have scored if he had just shut up, but he had no sense of when to stop talking and start doing. Any lady he accidentally got into the mood, he just as unknowingly got her out of the mood.

I was used to regular action by then, so I was as frustrated as they were. Naah, I was more frustrated, at least I had some prior experience. Not them.

They finally moved out. Good luck guys, you need it!

: : : Single girl

: : :

The landlord and the maintenance guy moved me down the hall into a one-bedroom unit, and a couple of days later, Wendy moved in. Maybe she wasn’t as spectacular looking as Lisa or teenage Lynn, but she was a lovely blonde, think young Sally Struthers in early episodes of All in the Family, when Sally was slender. She definitely had Sally’s incredible tits, maybe even bigger than Sally.

Wendy introduced me to the wide, wide world of human sexual variety — she was a wild one. ‘Omnisexual’ is a word I didn’t learn until later, but that’s what she was.

She didn’t waste any time. I got my first glimpse of how free-spirited she was on her second day in the apartment. I heard her on the phone asking a guy she knew named Daryl to come over and help her rearrange some furniture, including me.

When everything was placed where she liked us, she said, “Thank yenimahalle escort you so much, Daryl. There’s a great Thai place around the corner, how about we get some take-out and-” Daryl interrupted her by reaching around her from behind, running his hands under her polo shirt and cupping her tits.

She started to protest, but he pulled her shirt over her head. She lifted her arms, so it wasn’t against her will, but I could tell it wasn’t her idea. Wow, I hadn’t noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her tits were amazing, bigger than even large grapefruit. They were spectacular on her slender frame, with tan nipples standing tall and proud. I found out later she considered them seriously flawed, because one hung slightly lower than the other and had an inverted nipple, but I didn’t care about that, and neither, obviously, did Daryl.

He unbuckled his pants, pulled them down to his knees, revealing the largest hard cock I had ever seen. She rolled her eyes and said, “Jeez, Daryl, really?” If he was the largest she had ever seen, she hid it well. If she was upset by what he obviously expected, she also hid that well. She dropped to her knees and took him straight into her mouth.

I thought I knew all about oral sex from Lisa and Mark, but they were novices by comparison. Wendy showed me how someone far more experienced did it. She went to town on Daryl with more skill and energy than I had ever seen. She plunged over him fast and deep. I could tell she was sucking hard by how deeply her cheeks were collapsed.

He barely lasted ninety seconds. He didn’t even have his belt buckled or his zipper up when she pushed him out in the hall, muttered a sarcastic “Thanks for your help,” and shut and locked the door. She sighed and plopped down on me, still topless. “You moron,” she growled. “Just a little patience, and after Thai food I would have fucked you all night.”

She sighed again and muttered, “Fucking idiot.” She slipped her jeans off, then her panties, and began rubbing her pussy. She had the first completely shaved one I had ever seen — wow! She began by pressing lightly on the soft skin around her clit and moving it around, side to side, up and down, without penetrating the actual channel or even spreading the slit. Based on her deep, guttural moans, it must have felt amazing. She began to push her hips back against her hand, rocking them in a sensual circular motion, and that did feel good, to me anyway.

She proceeded with no hesitation, clearly knowing what she liked and what she needed. She slid her middle finger down her slit, all the way to the bottom, then slowly back to the top, bringing it up under her clit, then she repeated the same exact move with her pointer. With both fingertips moist with her juices, she cradled her clit between them, supporting it like a hammock, and began to wiggle it, pulsating a pattern of slow and wide, then alternating that with extra fast. Every minute or so she’d slide a finger back down the length of her slit, maybe to remoisten the fingers, or maybe just to give the cleft itself a little love.

She eventually pulled her lungs full of air and lifted her knees. She slammed her thighs together, trapping her fingers between them, and vibrated them at a frenzied pace. She rubbed a nipple with her other hand and groaned deeply, her body shaking uncontrollably. She fell straight into a deep sleep, laying on me naked for a couple of hours. She eventually stood, rather unsteady on her feet, and headed off to the bedroom.

: : : : :

A couple of days later, she came home from work with two guys and two other girls. They brought a couple of pizzas with them. They planned to eat and then go out together. It sounded like they were going to join up with some others, ending up with the same number of guys and girls. Before they left, though, one of the girls dropped a clump of pepperoni and cheese in her lap. It smudged her dress, a pretty shade of royal blue, a big glop of tomato sauce on the crotch area. She headed for the kitchen and wiped it with a wet paper towel, but couldn’t get it completely clean. Without a second thought she whipped the dress over her head and scrubbed the spot in the sink.

One of the guys came up behind her and said, “Need any help?”

She laid the dress across the dish rack and said, “No, thanks, it’ll just take a few minutes to dry.” The guy gawked at her, lovely in just her bra and panties, both satiny-looking, royal blue.

She laid a finger on his chest and said, “Oh, look, you have a spot on your shirt.” If he did, I didn’t see it, but she had already pulled the shirt off him, and was cleaning it in the sink.

Everyone else came into the kitchen now, and began ‘finding’ pizza sauce on each other’s clothes. Wendy rinsed a spot on her own dress and was working on the second guy’s shirt when he reached around her to help. “Oh shit, sorry,” he said, splashing water across her bra. I’m pretty sure he ‘apologized’ before he splashed her, by the way.

In the process of getting her wet bra off, ‘somehow’ his jeans got wet, soaking through to his boxers, making him the first to be completely naked. It didn’t take long for everyone else to catch up.

I got quite a show. I would say I had a ringside seat, only it’s more accurate to say I was one of the rings, the center one actually. Wendy sat one of the guys down on me, knelt in front of him and began licking and sucking his balls. One of the other girls took his cock in her mouth. I found out later her name was Katie, which was perfect because she looked a lot like a young Katie Holmes. She started slow, but built up to quite a quick speed. I think he realized he wasn’t going to last long with two mouths on his junk, so he pulled Katie up to straddle his midsection.

He sucked on her nipples and cupped her ass in his hands, squeezing the exquisitely round globes. She guided his cock into her and began stroking him, starting slow and shallow but building up to fast and deep in barely a minute.

Wendy settled on the other end of me on her knees, bent over my arm. She had a dick in her mouth which she was pretty actively sucking, but only for a moment before the guy circled around her and began fucking her from behind.

I lost track of the third girl, but she didn’t stay missing for long. She pulled Katie off her guy, pulled him off of me, and laid him on his back across the coffee table. Katie straddled his waist, lowered herself over him, and resumed fucking him. Girl number three faced Katie and lowered herself over the guy’s face. Based on her facial expression and throaty moans, he did impressive things with his tongue. She pulled Katie forward by the shoulders into a deep kiss, lots of tongue and heavy nose breathing. She and Katie each took a big handful of each other’s tits, and the guy joined them with his hands cupping and squeezing the remaining boob from each girl.

Everyone seemed to forget about meeting their other friends. With uneven numbers, the guys had the better deal. Each of them was plugged into a pussy or a mouth at all times. Whoever was the third girl at any moment was never completely ignored, though, one guy or the other licking her, if not her pussy then at least her boobs. Each girl, however, obviously wanted a dick in her, and whoever was only getting tongue would maneuver herself to get a hot dick as soon as possible. Then one of the guys would dive his face onto whichever pussy just got disconnected, and she would arrange things as quickly as possible to disrupt one of the couplings to take over fucking that dick. It reminded me of a slow-motion version of a rugby scrum, or maybe a nature documentary Lynn watched that showed piranhas in slow motion looping over each other in a feeding frenzy.

The one thing I can say for sure is everyone came multiple times, and it was well after midnight when the guys left. Girl number three left half an hour after the guys; it took her that long to find her panties. She eventually found them in the kitchen, wadded up behind the toaster.

Katie stayed, along with Wendy of course. Katie didn’t even bother trying to find her clothes. She snagged a bedsheet from Wendy’s closet, stretched out across me, pulled the sheet across her, and almost instantly fell asleep. She felt amazing, by the way, tossing and turning, giving me fantastic feels of her ass and tits. She and Wendy slept far past noon — good thing it was Saturday.

I learned Katie’s name because she became a regular with Wendy. I can’t say if I ever saw any of the others again. They could have been part of any of a number of groups that came and went on a regular basis. The quantity and frequency of them made it impossible for me to keep up with who was a repeat and who was new. I’m almost positive that guy Daryl was never there again, though.

Katie left for most of the afternoon, but was back later. She and Wendy had plans with a couple of new guys they had high hopes for. As they were leaving, Katie showed Wendy a clean pair of panties she had stashed in her purse. They both grinned, and Wendy went to her dresser and got a pair for herself. From that and their chit-chat as they got ready, I could tell they expected their dates to be all-nighters.

It didn’t work out that way. They were back barely two hours later. “Jeez what a couple of idiots!” Katie said, plopping down on me. I wondered for a moment if it was Adam and Randy… naah, the world couldn’t be that small a place!

“Idiots is right,” Wendy said, settling beside her. “Was I supposed to be impressed when he said, ‘You look like my next ex-wife,’ or was it supposed to be funny?”

“No and no! Can you believe that my guy thought saying ‘You’d be really cute with a better haircut’ was a compliment?” They both laughed.

“Dammit,” Wendy said, “I am so fuckin’ horny.”

“Me, too,” Katie said, “With our luck, I bet they were both hung like stallions.”

“Stallions would have made better conversation.” They both laughed again.

Katie had already reached under her dress and was rubbing on her panties. Wendy pulled her dress up and slipped her hand under the waistband of hers. They soon both slid their undies off.

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Summer Sex Intern(s) Pt. 01

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(All persons engaged in sexual activity in this story are over 18 years old. Any similarities between this story and real people are purely coincidental)

Roland Jones pulled into the driveway after a long afternoon of prepping next month’s fall semester classes in his campus office, looking forward to a glass of wine and one of his girlfriend’s great pasta dishes. He and Cindy Sampson taught at the local college, but alternated their campus schedules so one would be home to prepare a delicious meal. Besides enjoying great wine and food, Rolly and Cindy loved great sex, which usually followed dinner and the nightly gummy they took together. Last night Rolly had fucked Cindy in the ass after eating her cunt and licking her asshole. She had moaned as his tongue coated her asshole and then begged him to put his hard cock inside her. He lubed her tight hole before easing a few inches inside her.

Cindy began thrusting her ass back to take in more of his meat until every inch was buried in her ass. He fucked her slowly at first and then began thrusting harder and deeper, his thighs slapping against her asscheeks. Cindy moaned as he fucked her and she rubbed her wet cunt. When he pulled out he splashed a load of cum on her asshole before sliding back inside her ass, groaning and thrusting several more times before shooting a second load, her asshole gripping his cock as he spurted inside her. Cindy had cum soon after, her cunt gripping her two fingers sliding in and out of her slick hole. That was last night. What was it going to be tonight? Perhaps a long, slow blowjob, followed by him licking her pussy until she came in his mouth?

He walked into the kitchen and found Cindy sitting on the counter top, her long thin legs spread wide apart, and Stacy Johnson on her knees, her face buried in Cindy’s crotch. Stacy lived two doors down, a rising senior at an out of state college who Rolly had noticed over the past several months jogging around the neighborhood, her generous breasts pressed against thin cotton shirts, her ass jiggling in her running shorts. Now here she was eating his girlfriend’s pussy.

“Hello Rolly,” Cindy said with a smile. Pour yourself a glass and come watch Stacy make me cum with her talented tongue.

Cindy moaned as Stacy buried her tongue in her wet cunt, her juices running down her face.

“Hello Stacy,” Rolly said.

“Hello Prof. Jones,” Stacy said, still glued to Cindy’s pussy.

Rolly poured a glass of chardonnay and pulled up a chair to watch the show.

“Don’t neglect my asshole,” Stacy said, directing Stacy’s tongue lower. “Hmmm, yes, that feels good when you lick my asshole.”

“So, honey, how did this scenario come about?” Rolly said, sipping his wine.

“Stacy asked me to tutor her for the GREs this fall,” Cindy explained, in between moans.

“That’s it pet, lick my cunt now,” Cindy told Stacy.

Stacy dutifully returned her tongue to Cindy’s cunt, nibbling on her clitoris before sliding it into her wet hole to tongue fuck her.

“And when I asked Stacy what I would get in return, she said anything I want. And I asked her if she would be my summer sex intern. And she said yes, without hesitating.”

“Are you my summer sex pet?” Cindy asked Stacy, whose mouth was glued to Cindy’s cunt.

“Yes,” Stacy said.

“Yes, what, my pet,” Cindy replied.

“Yes, I am your summer sex pet,” Stacy said.

“Good girl,” Cindy said, rubbing her tits while Stacy lapped at her cunt.

“She looks delicious,” Rolly said. “I wonder if she likes to suck cock.”

“Do you like to suck cock, Stacy?” Cindy said, getting close to orgasm, Stacy’s tongue sliding from her asshole to her clit in long slow strokes.

“Yes, I do,” Stacy said, slurping at Cindy’s wet hole.

“Yes, what,” Cindy said, with an edge.

“Yes, I like to suck cock,” Stacy said, barely audible with her tongue buried in Cindy’s pussy.

“Do you want to suck Prof. Jones’ big cock after I cum in your mouth?” Cindy said, on the verge of cumming.

“Yes I want to suck Prof. Jones’ big cock after you cum in my mouth,” Stacy said before diving back inside her pussy, her tongue now pressed against Cindy’s hard clit.

Cindy groaned as she came, thrusting her cunt against Stacy’s hard tongue.

“Fuck, I’m cumming,” Cindy said, moaning loudly.

Rolly’s cock swelled in his pants as he watched Stacy eat his girlfriend to orgasm and hear the magic words, “Yes, I want to suck Prof. Jones’ big cock.”

Cindy got down from the counter after she caught her breath.

“Your turn,” she told Rolly with a smile.

Cindy bent down to kiss Stacy on the mouth, tasting her orgasm on her lips and tongue.

“Do you want to suck Prof. Jones’ cock now?” Cindy asked Stacy.

“Yes, I want to suck Prof. Jones’ cock now,” Stacy said.

“Do you want to suck Prof. Jones’ cock while I fuck you in the tandoğan escort ass?” Cindy asked.

Stacy hesitated for a moment.

“Are you my summer sex pet?” Cindy said sternly.

“Yes, I’m your summer sex pet,” Stacy replied quietly.

“Do you want me to fuck your ass while you blow Prof. Jones?”

“Yes, I want you to fuck my ass while I blow Prof. Jones”

“Good girl. You’ll get a reward, my pet,” Cindy said sweetly, kissing Stacy hard on the lips and sliding her right hand between Stacy’s legs.

“My my my, your cunt is very wet.”

Stacy moaned as Cindy’s finger rubbed her clit.

“Behave and I’ll let you come, my pet,” Cindy said, removing her hand from Stacy’s aching cunt.

“Yes, mistress Cindy,” Stacy said, looking up at Cindy with a hungry look in her eyes.

She wanted to please Prof. Sampson, and Prof. Jones, and she desperately wanted to cum, so turned on from eating pussy for the first time.

Rolly stripped off his clothes and stood in front of Stacy, still resting her knees on a pillow on the kitchen floor. His cock was semi-hard, eager to feel Stacy’s tongue, hand, and mouth on it.

Stacy stared at Rolly’s cock before flicking out her tongue to lick the skin under the head. Rolly’s cock hardened at the soft touch, his meat expanding in size as Stacy licked his head and then his shaft. Soon half of his cock was inside Stacy’s warm mouth, as she sucked his head and part of his shaft, the other half gripped by her right hand.

Stacy’s cunt ached as she sucked Rolly’s big cock, longing for a tongue or a cock to slide inside her. Then she felt Cindy’s hand begin roaming over her ass, a finger rubbing lube on her asshole. She’d never had a cock or a finger inside her ass before.

“Relax,” Cindy said.

Stacy relaxed a bit, allowing Cindy’s lubed finger to slide inside her ass. Her asshole gripped her finger before easing its hold, allowing Cindy’s finger to slide in and out of her tight hole.

Then Stacy felt the head of Cindy’s strap-on cock enter her ass, penetrating her tight anal canal. Stacy felt pressure but no pain as Cindy began to fuck her ass with her thin dildo.

Stacy returned her focus to Prof. Jones’ cock, now bulging and throbbing in her mouth. She began stroking his shaft while sucking on his head, Cindy’s thrusts into her ass pushing Rolly’s meat deeper into her mouth.

Rolly felt his orgasm develop, turned on from watching his cock slide in and out of Stacy’s tight warm mouth and from watching Cindy pound her tight little asshole with her strap-on cock. Her thighs slapped against Stacy’s asscheeks like his had last night when he had fucked Cindy’s ass.

“You’re going to make me cum,” Rolly said, stroking Stacy’s hair.

“Do you want Prof. Jones to cum in your mouth or on your tits, my pet,” Cindy said, still thrusting her dildo into Stacy’s tight hole.

Stacy moaned as she blew Prof. Jones and thrust her ass back to meet Prof. Sampson’s dildo, two of her holes filled with cock, her cunt wanting to be filled with cock too.

“I want him to cum in my mouth,” Stacy said, her mouth stuffed with his cock.

Suddenly Rolly grunted and shot a big load into Stacy’s mouth. It flowed from her mouth onto her tits. Stacy put his still spurting cock back into her mouth to swallow his second load. Still cumming, Rolly thrust his meat in and out of Stacy’s mouth as she milked him of his cum.

As Rolly’s cum coated Stacy’s mouth and tits, Cindy kept ramming her dildo into Stacy’s ass.

“Do you want to cum now, my pet?” Cindy whispered into Stacy’s ear, her nipples rubbing against Stacy’s back.

“Yes, I need to cum,” Stacy said, Rolly’s cum continuing to drip from her mouth onto her tits.

“You can rub your cunt now, while I fuck your tight asshole,” Cindy said, gripping her hips and thrusting her dildo harder and faster into Stacy’s ass.

Stacy slid her right hand between her legs, dipping several fingers into her throbbing pussy. She rubbed her clit hard several times before convulsing in orgasm, her pent up desire from eating Prof. Sampson’s cunt and sucking Prof. Jones’ cock while getting fucked in the ass priming her to cum. She thrust her ass back to meet Prof. Sampson’s cock one more time, rubbing her cum-covered tits with one hand and her wet cunt with the other. She moaned as she came and then collapsed against Rolly.

“Next time, Rolly, I think you should fuck Stacy’s ass. How does that sound, Stacy,” Cindy asked. “Do you want Prof. Jones’ big hard cock in your ass next time?”

“Yes, I want Prof. Jones to fuck me in the ass with his big hard cock next time,” Stacy said, still breathing heavily.

“Good girl. You’re going to be a very successful summer sex intern,” Cindy said, withdrawing her dildo from Stacy’s ass. “Now I want you to go take a shower. tunalı escort Prof. Jones needs to fuck you while you eat my cunt again.”

Stacy dutifully headed to the guest bathroom to shower. Cindy kissed Rolly hard on the lips before telling him what she wanted to do to Stacy when they’d all showered. Rolly smiled, kissing Cindy on the mouth while rubbing her pussy.

“I think she will make an excellent summer sex intern,” Rolly said.

While Stacy showered, Rolly and Cindy took a shower together, soaping each other’s body while kissing, getting turned on again after their intense orgasms with Stacy. Rolly turned Cindy around so that she was pressed against the shower wall, and slid his half erect cock between her asscheeks, rubbing it against her asshole.

“Mmmm, that reminds me of last night,” Cindy said, her cunt beginning to throb at the thought of Rolly’s meat again entering her tight hole, as she had slid her dildo into Stacy’s especially tight ass just an hour ago. “You should try Stacy’s ass. It is really tight.”

Rolly’s cock swelled at the thought of sliding his meat into Stacy’s tight hole.

“Eventually I think I will, if she’ll have it. But now I think we have other holes to fill,” he said, pushing Cindy down onto her knees so she could take his cock into her mouth. While the water ran over them, Cindy slurped at his cock, licking its head before engulfing his shaft.

“I think it’s ready to go again,” she said, raising her head to give him a smile.

They toweled off and entered their bedroom, finding Stacy lying on the bed, spread-eagled, her long thin legs open, exposing her nearly hairless cunt, her lips glistening with moisture.

“Yummy,” Cindy said, getting on her hands and knees between Stacy’s legs.

“Let me return the favor,” she said, lowering her mouth to Stacy’s pussy. Cindy began gently licking Stacy’s wet slit, starting at her lips before going down lower to her asshole, flicking her tongue against it while rubbing her clit.

Rolly stared at the sight of his girlfriend eating Stacy’s cunt and began stroking his cock. Stacy looked up at him and licked her lips, inviting him to put his cock in her mouth. First he got behind Cindy and licked her asshole, fresh from the shower, and then her pussy. He slid his cock inside Cindy’s cunt and fucked her for a minute before withdrawing and moving up to Stacy. While Cindy licked her cunt, Rolly slid his meat between Stacy’s ample tits, fucking her soft breasts until the head of his cock was within reach of her tongue. Stacy snaked out her tongue to lick his cockhead, which tasted of Cindy’s pussy. Then Rolly eased his head and shaft into Stacy’s mouth, letting her suck his cock again. He moved up so that she could lick his balls while he stroked his meat.

Rolly then turned around so he could fuck Stacy’s tits from the reverse direction. He slid his cock between her tits and then rested on her face, letting her lick his balls and asshole. Soon he was just sliding the head between her tits so that she could lick his ball and asshole at the same time. As he fucked Stacy’s big tits, he watched Cindy lap at Stacy’s cunt and asshole. Stacy began to moan as she approached orgasm, her tongue still slathering Rolly’s balls and asshole.

Rolly grunted twice and then shot a load of cum, the first strands landing on Cindy’s face as she ate Stacy to orgasm. Stacy moaned as she felt Rolly’s cum stream onto her belly and roll into her cunt, where Cindy lapped it up along with her juices. Rolly moved down to Cindy’s mouth, sliding his still spurting cock into her mouth, groaning as she swallowed his second load. Cindy sucked his cock dry, then grazed her tongue along Stacy’s cunt to sustain her orgasm.

Cindy moved up Stacy’s hot body, lapping up strands of Rolly’s cum as she went, from her cunt to her belly to her tits and then to her mouth, sliding her cum-covered tongue into Stacy’s welcoming mouth, letting her taste Rolly’s cum but also her own orgasm. Cindy began thrusting her mound against Stacy’s wet cunt, feeling her own lips slide against Stacy’s, turned on from eating pussy for the first time and sucking Rolly’s big cock again. Her tits rubbed against Stacy’s as she humped her and kissed her.

“Mmmm, it’s my turn now since both of you just came. I want to sit on Rolly’s face while Stacy fucks my asshole. I think that will be a great combination,” Cindy said, already on the verge of cumming from grinding her cunt against Stacy’s.

“I like it, pumpkin,” Rolly said with a smile, always eager to eat Cindy’s juicy pussy.

Rolly lay on the bed and Cindy straddled his face before lowering her cunt onto his mouth. He lapped at her juicy hole before lowering his tongue to her asshole, slathering his tongue all over it to get it ready for Stacy’s dildo.

“Mmm, that’s it, baby, lick türbanlı escort my asshole, get it ready for Stacy’s fucking,” Cindy cooed.

Stacy put on Cindy’s harness and lubed the rubber cock before sliding it slowly into Cindy’s ass. Cindy gasped as she felt the cock penetrate her while Rolly ate her cunt, an incredible combination of pleasure and pressure. Stacy began fucking her harder, as Cindy had fucked her asshole in the kitchen an hour before. She grasped her hips and began pounding her ass with the thin cock, her thighs slapping against Cindy’s asscheeks. Cindy began rubbing her tits in anticipation of cumming, her cunt sliding over Rolly’s tongue, her ass slamming back to meet Stacy’s hard thrusts of cock.

“Oh my god, I’m going to cum,” she said, groaning as she rubbed her cunt hard against Rolly’s mouth. Stacy kept pounding Cindy’s ass as she came, fucking her tight hole until Cindy collapsed on the bed, satiated from getting eaten and fucked at the same time.

“Mmm, I want to try that next time,” Stacy said, turned on from fucking Cindy’s hot ass.

“Be a good pet, and you will,” Cindy said, turning around to kiss Stacy hard on the mouth after licking her own cum from Rolly’s mouth.

Cindy walked Stacy to the door, fondling her sweet ass as they walked. She kissed Stacy on the mouth, sliding her tongue inside it to find Stacy’s.

“I’ll see you Friday for our next session. Don’t forget to concentrate on the math section,” Cindy said, her hand rubbing Stacy’s mound through her panties. “I’ll look forward to eating your sweet cunt again, my pet.”

Stacy returned Cindy’s kiss and then left the house, turned on again by her contact with this hot older woman. Her cunt ached as she thought about everything she had done in that house today. Licked Mistress Cindy’s pussy, sucked Prof. Jones’ big cock while getting fucked in the ass. Then getting eaten by Mistress Cindy and coated with Prof. Jones’ cum again, before getting to fuck Mistress Cindy in the ass while she sat on Prof. Jones face. What would happen next time? Could she take Prof. Jones’ big cock in her ass? She would try anything with those two, she thought as she climbed the stairs to her bedroom.

Cindy returned to the kitchen to find Rolly sipping a glass of wine, still naked.

“What do you think of our summer sex intern, Rolly,” Cindy said, getting a glass of wine herself. She helped herself to a gummy and gave one to Rolly, their nightly ritual of wine, pot, and sex.

“Yummy young woman, she is,” Rolly replied, sucking on his gummy. Sweet body, very hot, very sexy. And very open to new things. I can’t believe you fucked her ass in this kitchen while she blew me!”

“I don’t know what came over me, I was just so turned on. Maybe it was because you fucked me in the ass last night. But I think she liked it. She certainly had an intense orgasm.”

“I certainly did. Both times. Especially the second time when she licked my balls while I fucked her tits. Incredible.”

Rolly’s penis became to stiffen at the thought of fucking Stacy’s big soft tits. Cindy noticed and began stroking it.

“Hmmm, looks like that memory has got you going again. Now what should I do with this big hard cock, I wonder,” Cindy said with a big smile. She stroked his cock until it was fully erect and then began kissing his nipples. “I could suck your meat until you shoot your come in my mouth. Or you could fuck me. Would you like that, Rolly? Would you like to fuck me?”

“I want you to suck my meat and then I want to fuck you,” Rolly said, returning her smile.

Cindy dropped to her knees, on the pillow Stacy had knelt on, and took his rigid pole into her mouth, sucking on this head while continuing to stroke his hard shaft. Her tongue roamed over his head and then down his shaft to his balls before returning to his head. She rubbed her cunt while she blew him, getting it ready for his fucking.

She stood up and leaned over the kitchen counter, presenting her ass to him.

“Fuck me with that big cock, Rolly. Take me from behind and fuck me,” Cindy said, her cunt aching from sucking his cock.

Rolly got behind Cindy and eased the head of his cock into her cunt. He gripped her hips and began fucking her, slowly at first and then harder, his meat pounding her slick hole, his thighs slapping against the cheeks of her ass. As he fucked her, his thick cock filling her tight cunt, Cindy rubbed her clit. She began moaning as his thrusts became more frequent. Suddenly he pulled out and showered her ass with his cum, which streamed between her cheeks to coat her asshole and her cunt. When he slid his cock back inside her, she began to cum, her cunt gripping his still spurting meat even tighter. She rubbed her clit, her orgasm continuing as he kept pounding her juicy hole, his hands still gripping her hips.

Cindy turned around and got on her knees to take his cock into her mouth one more time, tasting his cum and hers. Then she rose and kissed Rolly hard on the mouth, snaking her tongue into his to share their orgasms.

“Wow, that was some great kitchen sex today,” Rolly said.

“Good things happen in the kitchen, honey,” Cindy said, still shaking from her orgasm.

to be continued

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Payback with Benefits

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The first mistake I made was cheating on my wife. The second was doing it with someone who would confess to every minute detail as soon as she was confronted. But there’s nothing I can do to change the past, so now I face my punishment.

Gail didn’t want a divorce. We still love each other. She just wanted to make me see what it felt like to be cheated on … only worse. She had arranged to have a guy she used to date come to our house and fuck her while I watched.

Most men, even the cheaters, would be humiliated to see their wife getting screwed right in front of them. To others it would be no punishment at all; they like seeing their wives get poked by other men. Although it was never a fantasy for me, if I’m being honest, it did kind of excite me when she told me. She obviously sensed that, and added, “And you’re going to help, not just watch.”

“What do you mean help?” I asked.

“You’ll see. Your punishment is to do anything and everything I tell you to do. Clear?”

I just nodded; she wasn’t really asking; she was telling.


Saturday night rolled around, and Gail and I waited for her “date” to show up. She was dressed in a navy blue skirt and white button front blouse. She wore a bra and panties as well. I had expected her to wear something sexy, maybe even be naked when her lover arrived, but instead it was me who was nearly naked. I wore only a tight pair of Speedo-like briefs that she had brought home for me.

The doorbell rang and she told me to answer it. I opened the door and saw not one, but two men standing there. They smiled when they saw how I was dressed, and the tall one said, “You must be the victim.”

I announced them to Gail in a questioning voice. “Two gentlemen to see you?”

She sat in the easy chair, legs crossed, grinning at me. “I seem to recall that you fucked Miss Grove twice. I thought we’d save time by getting my two payback fuckings out of the way at the same time. You don’t have a problem with that do you?”

“Of course not,” I answered obediently.

“Get my friends a drink, and then make them comfortable,” she told me. I got one a scotch and the other a gin and tonic.

By “comfortable” my wife meant to undress them. They didn’t help a bit. I undid every button and zipper. I neatly folded their clothes as I took then off, laying them on a chair. When I finally slid off their shorts, I saw that they were semi-erect. Both had average size dicks, about the same thickness as mine. Tom’s was a little longer though.

Gail apparently noticed me looking, and told me, “Yes, sweetie, take a good look at the dicks that are going to be filling your wife’s cunt in a little while.”

Now, I’ve never been homophobic, but I’ve never been attracted to men, either. But I’d also never stood that close to a naked man being told to check out his cock. I was a little surprised that I was more curious than repulsed.

Gail then said that she wanted everything nice and clean, and told me what I was to do.

A couple minutes later, I returned with a pan of warm water, a bar of soap, and some towels. I knelt by the pan, and Bill stepped up first.

I lathered the soap in my hands, and then began to wash his semi-soft dick. rus escort But it wasn’t semi-soft for long. As I stroked my hand over his meat, it grew quickly. I had never had a cock in my hands before (except my own), and again I was surprised that it didn’t repulse me. In fact, I kind of got into getting him going, hearing his sighs and moans as I stroked his now hard meat with both hands, and gently washed his balls as well. Satisfied that he was clean, I rinsed him off and gently toweled him dry. Then I did the same to Tom. By the time I was done, my dick wanted to rip through the briefs I wore.

With his stiff boner right in my face, I almost wanted Gail to tell me to take it in my mouth. Apparently, deep down, I was a lot more curious about cocks than I ever realized.

Interrupting my thoughts of being forced to suck a cock, Gail stood up, and said, “Time for my friends to see what they’ve come for.”

She had me stand behind her, and take off her blouse and skirt. Then I unhooked her bra, and set her lovely tits free. She had me cup them with my hands, bulging the nipples out so that Tom and Bill could each suck one of the dark mounds of tender flesh. I knew she could feel my hard-on pressed into her ass, but she just ignored it. Then she had me roll her panties down over her round ass and shapely legs. The three of them were now standing there naked. The guy’s cocks stiff as bats, and her pubic hair glistening with her pussy juice.

She sat back down and slid toward the edge of the easy chair. She lifted her legs up onto the arms, spreading them wide. “Show them what they’re going to get tonight,” she told me. “Spread my pussy lips for them.”

I leaned over across the chair, and gently pulled her pussy lips apart with my fingers. The wet, pink folds within were puffy with her excitement. I moved my fingers upward, and holding her lips back I used my thumbs to get her clit to bulge out into view.

“Come around here and give my pussy a big farewell kiss,” she told me.

On my knees between her legs I covered her wet pussy with my mouth. I pushed my tongue into her cunt-hole, and she pushed my head away, with stern, “I said a kiss. That’s all!”

She motioned for Bill to come near, pushing me from between her legs. “Guide his fat cock into my pussy,” she commanded.

I took hold of his rigid dick and guided it toward her soaking wet cunt hole. As his head pressed into her soft folds, she told me, “Hold it right there! Use his cock to jerk me off! Rub it up and down my pussy! And rub my clit, too!”

I did as I was told, using the opportunity to stoke the length of his rigid shaft at the same time.

I could tell that Gail was building to an orgasm from all the foreplay when she finally said, “Okay, shove that cock up my cunt!”

With that, I lined him up and as he pushed his dick up my sweet wife’s cunt-hole I let his boner slide through my hand, removing it only when there was no more room for it between them. He kept pushing until his entire cock was buried in her cunt and his balls were lying against her ass. Without being told, I reached between their legs and gently massaged his balls with pressing them against sıhhiye escort her ass.

He then began fucking her so hard and so fast that I had to move my hand away, but I stayed there on my knees watching in aroused fascination as another man’s stiff cock pounded in and out of my wife’s cunt-hole. I had never had a view like that of anyone fucking, and although this was supposed to be punishment–watching as my wife cheated on me–my cock was trying to rip through the skimpy shorts I was wearing.

Within a couple of minute Gail began to cum. Her moans, the sloshing wet sound, and even the heady smell fired Bill on, and after only a couple more minutes of frantic fucking he began to grunt.

“Rub his balls!” my wife commanded me. “Squeeze every drop of his cum right up my cunt! Fill my pussy the way you filled Miss Grove’s.”

As I massaged his constricting balls he groaned and grunted, pumping squirt after squirt of jism into my wife’s cunt. When he finally seemed to be done, Gail told me, “Put your mouth back on my pussy before his cum leaks out!”

For some reason, my wife seemed to like for me to slurp my own cum. If I blew my load in her cunt she’d ask me to suck it out. If I jerked of on her pussy, her tits, her ass, or her face, she’d have me lick it up. I wasn’t a big fan of cream-pie eating, but I did it for her. It turns out, though, that the reason it wasn’t a turn-on for me is because within seconds after I’d blown my load, I was off the sexual high and thinking with the head on my shoulders rather than the one at the end of my dick. Now, at the peak of one of my most intense sexual highs ever, I could hardly wait to slurp a cream-pie, and someone else’s to boot!

In a low crouch, I managed to crawl between their spread legs and pressed my face into the crack of Gail’s ass. I pushed my head upward, open-mouthed and with my tongue extended, I licked over her asshole and then nuzzled my face into her drenched pussy and against his still-stiff cock. His balls were mashed against my forehead.

As soon as I was in position, Bill slowly pulled his slimy dick out of Gail’s pussy, dragging it across my nose and forehead, leaving a trail of his-and-her cum. As soon as it slipped free of her cunt-hole, I pushed forward and clamped my mouth over the sloppy opening. I could feel his spunk running into my mouth with even having to suck.

“Suck on it!” my wife told me. “Miss Grove didn’t give you sloppy seconds, did she? There’s no reason that Tom shouldn’t have a nice clean cunt to fuck, too.”

She laid her head back as I sucked and tongued every centimeter of her just-fucked cunt, gathering and swallowing each drop of Bill’s cum. Working my tongue over her clit, I managed to bring her to another orgasm. I sucked every drop of her cum, as well. The combined taste was like nothing I’d ever experienced before.

Satisfied that she was clean, she asked Tom if he wanted to take her doggy style. He said that he’d fuck her any and every way she wanted it. She sat up in the chair, and drew a finger through her pussy lips. She looked at me and said, “I think I’ve lost my natural lubrication. Get Tom nice and wet before he sticks his sincan escort dick up my cunt-hole.”

Tom got off the couch and stood in front of me. Still on my knees, his hard cock was right at face level. It was hard as a rock, and twitching from the blood that pressurized it. The head was completely soaked with precum from watching the show. I opened my mouth, and he moved forward sticking his prick between my lips. I closed my lips on it, and sucked as I ran my tongue over the head. He sucked in his breath and moaned, “Oh, yeah! Nice!”

The salty taste of his precum was completely different from Bill’s cum. I liked this taste better, but I knew there wouldn’t be nearly as much of it. I reached up and took his balls in one hand, and wrapped my other around his shaft. I began jerking him off into my mouth while I sucked on his cock-head for all I was worth while I massaged his balls.

Watching intently, Gail commanded, “Throat him. That’s what Miss Grove did to you isn’t it?”

I couldn’t believe that my secretary had told Gail every detail!

I moved my hand, and leaned into Tom as far as I could. I gagged, and backed off, then tried again, only to gag again.

“Help him, Tom,” she said. Tom put both his hands on the back of my head, and with one push shoved his cock down my throat, until my nose was buried in his pubic hair. My body convulsed, but he held me there, his stiff dick filling my mouth and throat for several long seconds before he pulled his cock from my mouth leaving me open-mouthed and gasping for air.

He put his squishy cock-head back in my mouth and I sucked on it and stroked the saliva-wet length of his shaft. I then took several deep breaths and pushed forward on my own. This time I got him into my throat by myself and only gagged a little.

Tom asked Gail, “You want me to cum in his mouth? ‘Cause I’m getting ready; he’s a damned good cock-sucker!”

“No,” she answered. “I want your cum up my twat, just like Miss Grove took Hubby’s. Then he can have it, just like he ate Bill’s.”

She told me to lie on the floor, then straddled me on her hands and knees, with her cunt right above my face. Tom got behind her, and she had me guide his cock into her juicy hole. When he slipped into her she told me to lap her cunt and his cock as he fucked her.

I went at it like a man possessed. I sucked on her spread lips, tongued and sucked her clit, and wrapped my lips as far around Tom’s slimy cock as I could. When I felt her start to cum, I took her clit between my lips, and sucked as hard as I could.

Her cunt spasm pushed him over the edge, and he began to squirt his cum deep into her cunt. When he finished, he slid out of her gaping hole, and let his thick jism run down into my mouth. Once again I covered her used fuck-hole with my lips, and drank every drop of cum that I could find.

She straightened up, her cunt still pressed into my face, and said, “Who wants this?” pointing to the painful bulge in my briefs. “I think he’s learned his lesson.”

Bill came over and tugged down my briefs, setting my poor boner free. “I think he’s learned quite a lot.” He said as he took my dripping dick into his mouth. In a matter of seconds, I was filling his mouth with the most powerful jets of cum I think I have ever launched.


I never cheated on Gail again after that night, but we did have occasional get-togethers with Bill or Tom or both. I even enticed Miss Grove into joining us to receive her punishment by taking on all three of us men, and Gail, too.


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Julie and my Roommate Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 The Big Night The three of us collapsed onto the king-sized mattress and tried to catch our breath. I could tell Jason was a little disappointed that he didn’t get to have sex with Julie but she explained that it was a very risky time of the month to go without a condom, even though he did promise to pull out.

“I do want to, just give me some time. You are so big, I’m a little worried that you’ll rearrange my insides, and you cum so much!” said Julie as she stroked his softening cock.

We drifted off to sleep with Julie between us and Jason left briefly to get a pillow off his bed. Julie would occasionally roll over and snuggle with one of us and then the other. It was clear she wanted both of us.

I woke up early Sunday, because I wanted to go to campus and study in the library basement, since I could concentrate down there. I had two exams this upcoming week and I was in my last semester of grad school.

After about two good hours of study time, I got a text from Julie.

“Are you at the library?”

“Yes, I’m getting some good study time in.”

“The sheets are destroyed, lol ;-)”

“Did you sleep good last night?” I replied

“Yes, I was worn out. I’ve never had a threesome, that was incredible! I came three times!”

“I’m glad I could be of service! Lol, is Jason with you?”

“No, he went for a run, but, no, wait… I think he’s back now. I hear him in the shower.”

We didn’t text for about thirty minutes but then I felt my phone buzz in my pocket.

“Hey Babe, you know I love you right?”

“Yes, I know, I love you too. Is everything alright?”

“I’m fine, I just want you to remember that.” There was a pause and then another text came through.

“Jason’s back, we are in his bed. His bed is very comfortable.”

“Are you taking a nap?” I texted

“No, we’re just talking…….and doing stuff, lol.”

My heart began to race, and my stomach got tight. I hadn’t thought about times when I would leave them alone. My mind was trying to imagine what they were doing.

Suddenly another text came through and it was a picture. I clicked on the picture to view and I could see it was taken by Jason. Julie was lying next to him stroking his hard cock and smiling at the camera. My head was swimming with voyeuristic lust.

“You like that big cock, don’t you?” I texted.

“I think it’s very sexy. I need to make him cum.”

Several minutes later my phone buzzed as another pic came through. Jason’s long arm and huge hand was holding her hair as she had several inches of his cock buried between her pouting lips and she was looking straight at the camera. His dick looked bigger every time I saw it.

I hesitated to text back for fear of being rude and interrupting their activities.

A few minutes went by and yet another image came to my phone, which, again, was from Jason’s point of view. Julie was on her back in nothing but her panties, with her beautiful breasts on display and her nipples were erect. Jason was kneeling between her legs with his big cock lying on her belly.

“He really wants to fuck me, but this thing reaches clear up to my naval!” she texted.

His precum was smeared all over her underwear and her lower abdomen, and there was a wet spot in the material that covered her pussy. She was obviously very aroused.

One more image buzzed into my phone as I nervously tapped on the screen. Julie was still on her back grinning at the camera and was grasping his cock. It was clear that he had shot his load over her tits and onto her tummy. She still had her soaking wet panties on.

“It looks like mamak escort you need a towel! I’m glad you two are having fun. I’ll be home for lunch,” even though the last thing I wanted to do was eat.

I couldn’t concentrate any longer on my studies, so I broke away from the library a little earlier than I had planned. I walked through the cool morning air the three or so blocks back to our apartment and when I entered Julie was the only one there. She had been in the shower, and she was fresh and smelled good. I knew that it was only a matter of time before Julie would let Jason fuck her. She had made it known that she was willing to let him have sex with her with no protection, with only the assurance from Jason that he would pull out.

Jason’s huge cock would sure be pounding into her cervix. Jason’s cock leaked copious amount of precum and surely there had to be some of his sperm in all of that. Thinking about Julie going bareback with Jason somehow aroused me beyond belief. The thought that he might impregnate my beautiful girlfriend of two years, was driving me out of my mind.

I wondered if Julie would fall in love with Jason and forget about me. Would she find him so physically attractive that I would eventually be left out of the picture? Whatever the case, the prospect of watching him ravage Julie was all I could think about.

Julie took a break from her studies and came into the living room where Jason and I were watching tv. She sat down right next to Jason and leaned up against him as he wrapped an arm around her. As usual, we were all relaxing around the house in our underwear. Julie was rubbing Jason’s thigh purposely causing him to once again form a tent in his briefs. I watched Julie look down at his erection, then look up at him and smile. Her tight shirt could not hide her own arousal. I sat across from them witnessing their animal attraction for each other. Jason quickly removed his underwear and stretched out onto the couch with his massive erection pointing at the ceiling. Julie went to work slowly stroking his huge cock and playing with his enormous balls as we all watched the precum start to puddle on his glans.

“Have you ever measured your dick?” Julie casually asked him.

“Nope, I never have.” Jason replied.

Julie got up and went to our room. Jason and I sat waiting for her, each of us patiently stroking our cocks. She reappeared with a twelve-inch ruler. “I just want to see how long it really is”, she said smiling at him. She stood the ruler up in his neatly trimmed pubes and held his cock against the aluminum ruler. Jason gasped, “It’s cold!” They both giggled as they examined the ruler.

“Wow…ten inches!” Julie exclaimed, “and it’s so big around that I can’t even reach my hands around it,” as she demonstrated with her feminine hands. She scooped up the newly formed puddle of precum that was beginning to slide down the underside of his penis and examined it on her hand. “I hope this stuff doesn’t have any sperm in it,” she giggled.

She looked over at me as I slowly rubbed my crotch, witnessing the spectacle just a few feet away, “Do you think it will be safe?” she asked me.

“I think it will be ok if he pulls out,” I stammered, realizing that she was thinking of going through with it.

It was clear that he was willing to get inside Julie, as he was visibly very excited at the prospect. Julie stood up and adjusted her shirt. He voluptuous breasts were in clear view under her tight undershirt, he hard nipples on full display. Jason was still lying in the corner of the couch stroking his ofise gelen escort huge erection as we both looked Julie’s curvy feminine figure up and down while stroking ourselves.

She had goosebumps all up and down her arms and legs when she held her hand out to him and offered to pull him up to his feet. He quickly got up and followed her to our bedroom, his long frame towering over her. She glanced back at me and mouthed, “come on!” I got up and followed them as we all shed our clothes while we walked down the short hall to the bedroom. Julie laid down on the bed and Jason sat beside her as they started to kiss. Jason started stroking her thigh and quickly went to her soaking wet pussy. With her free hand she started stroking the end of his cock, her fingers gently reaching his cock head and working around the ridge of his enormous cock head.

She lightly stroked the underside of his dick causing even more of his pre-ejaculate to ooze out. They stopped kissing for a moment and they both looked over at me. I was sitting in a chair near the bed stroking my own rock-hard erection.

Jason smiled and said, “Are you ok, man?” I said, “I’m just fine, I think I just want to watch right now, if that’s ok.”

Jason was crawling down the bed positioning himself between Julie’s shapely thighs. Julie covered her face with both hands, “I can’t believe this is happening!” she giggled and smiled down at Jason, who was gently rubbing her pussy and the inside of her thigh. He leaned down and lovingly kissed her on the lips and then made his way down to suckle on her enormous breasts. She was covered in goosebumps and was giddy with anticipation.

Jason sat up between her spread legs and grabbed his cock. He tapped it onto her abdomen smearing his copious precum on her skin. Julie reached down between her legs and noticed that she was soaking wet.

Julie looked over at me smiling and said, “Can you get us a towel? I am making a mess…. we are making a huge mess on the bed.” She looked down and with her other hand she continued to stroke Jason’s cock up and down as she waited for me to bring the towel. His huge cum filled balls were soaking wet from her excitement. I unfolded the bath towel and started pushing it under her ass.

Jason and I both helped get the towel under her, while she held her hips up off the bed. Jason’s cock contacted her soaking wet pussy in the process, further coating it with much needed lubrication. Once we got the towel in place, I sat back down and started stroking my aching erection, watching the scene unfold further. The three of us all watched as Jason grabbed his cock and rubbed it up and down Julie’s soaking wet pussy. They looked at each other briefly and kissed again and then Jason looked back down and guided the head of his throbbing cock into the folds of Julie’s pussy.

Julie threw her had back and closed her eyes while she began breathing more rapidly. “Please go slow, you are so big.” Jason gently worked the head of his cock into Julie and she rolled her hips to try and accommodate him. His entire shaft was coated with her juices and he began to thrust into her. I continued to stroke my cock while I watched but I was careful not to go too fast for fear of blowing my load before they were done. My brain was swimming in some concoction consisting of burning hormones and jealousy and I was wondering if Jason was going to make good on his promise of pulling out. Jason was very excited to finally be able to get inside of Julie’s wonderfully tight pussy. He was starting to involuntarily hump into her otele gelen escort even though he had gotten just a few inches inside.

Julie looked down between their bodies to see how much progress they had made. Jason suddenly slid even further in as Julie gasped. She rubbed his chest and wrapped her arms around his body as he laid down onto her and continued to push his way into her. He paused for a moment and then lifted his torso up again to look at their adjoining sexes. The sight of her neatly trimmed black bush of pubic hair leading down to his massive cock pushing its way into her, was intoxicating. Her perky double D breasts bounced gently every time he shoved a little more of his cock into her. Her wetness was unmistakable, and the room reeked of sexual activity. Jason flexed his abdomen as he tried to push the remaining three or so inches of his dick into her. Suddenly he was all the way in, and they looked at each other incredulously for a moment and smiled as if they were proud of their accomplishment.

“It feels like something inside me finally moved out of the way.” She looked over at me when she said this and then directed her attention back to Jason, “This feels really nice, I thought it would hurt more.”

Jason adjusted his stance and started thrusting into her. He began moving his cock almost all the way out and quickly back in, causing Julie to begin to moan and roll her hips. She reached a hand down to rub her clit and then she pulled her palm slightly higher up to her abdomen.

She began to smile and looked over at me, “I think something had to move out of the way so he could get all the way in.

Come here for a second, Bryan.” She took my hand as I kneeled on the side of the bed, as Jason continued thrusting more earnestly inside her and Julie pressed my hand onto her belly.

“Can you feel it?” she said.

“Yes, I can,” I smiled back at her. I could feel her belly rise a little every time Jason thrust into her. I looked down at the massive cock moving in an out of her, his heavy balls were slapping against her ass. I kissed her as Jason began pounding into her and I groped her breast and pinched her nipple. The slapping sound of Jason’s efforts made it obvious that Julie was absolutely soaking wet. I let go of her and sat back in my chair to furiously masturbate at the porn show unfolding right in front of me.

“Oh, Jason, you feel so good!” she exclaimed as her sexual arousal began building. Jason was lost in his own sexual fog and was pounding her pussy for all he was worth. Julie’s tits were bouncing up and down wildly. She would alternate between rubbing her clit and running her hands up and down his muscular abdomen. It was amazing to watch her handle all ten inches of Jason’s huge cock. It was difficult to imagine where it was all going.

Julie began having a series of small orgasms and it sounded like she was building up to a big one. Just as her body tensed up, Jason had reached a fever tempo. I was wondering if he was going to be able to pull out. He finally grabbed his cock and pulled out and started to jerk off wildly all over her. His enormous balls pulled up slightly and his angry cock head started spewing several thick, white ropes of his cum all over her abdomen and her tits. She reached and grabbed at his cock and just then a more powerful contraction of his body sent a huge rope of cum onto her face. Julie blinked and giggled while she wiped a strand of his semen out of her eye.

I, myself, could no longer delay my impending release and I came all over myself, as I feverishly jacked off my painfully hard cock.

We all quietly caught our breath as our orgasms began to fade away. Julie looked over at me and smiled and held out her hand for me. I kneeled beside the bed and grasped her hand as we looked into each other’s eyes. Jason had rolled over onto his back while he enjoyed the afterglow.

I got up and brought everyone a hot, wet, washcloth to clean up our collective mess.

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Educating Laura Ch. 05

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Laura has been living and working on a summer campsite for ten weeks. Initial loneliness resulted in phone calls to her college neighbour Richie, who visited and unexpectedly offered sex. Laura got to know two other camp staff, Andy and Alison, who had worked together for a year, but have only just got together and agreed to live together — Ali recently broke up with their female boss. Last week, Richie manipulated Andy into joining him and Laura for a threesome.

It’s now the last night on site, with all other staff and children gone. Richie has pointed out to Ali that Laura is bisexual and seems to respond to dominance, which he doesn’t know anything about but has heard that Ali does. Andy has also recommended the idea to Ali. This being Britain, they’ve gone off to the pub while all thinking about this potential foursome.

Note: this chapter contains a fair bit of gentle, fully consensual, BDSM and also plenty of same-sex contact. If you only like vanilla heterosexuality please go read my stories ‘Into the Woods’ and ‘Homesick Halloween’, and ignore all of my others, and we’ll all be happier.


“Easy on the drink,” Ali warned the rest of us, ordering a diet Coke with her meal and accepting Pepsi.

I nodded. Apart from anything else, I didn’t want to make a fool of myself. Not that way.

Richie didn’t object, but Andy gave Ali a stern look. “Dinnae fash yersel’, hen. I won’t be having too many, but it’s for me I’m doing it, not because anyone’s telling me.”

Andy never took ‘telling’ well. Sam never seemed to learn that.

Luckily, Ali seemed to have the measure of him. “Not ordering you, babe. Merely a recommendation. Mostly aimed at them two.” She waved a thumb.

“Why? I asked. Richie stayed impassive, as usual.

“You’re younger, I don’t know you. And you don’t want anyone too plastered for getting… hands-on, right, love?”

I supposed so. I got the impression Andy would be focused on Ali — though if she were focussing on me — oh, dear! Perhaps it was as well I’d never see them again after tomorrow?

Nature called, so I went upstairs to the Ladies. Two wobbly cubicles. I emerged to wash my hands, when Ali walked in.

“Wait up. I’ll be out in a minute,” she said.

She washed her hands, then perched on the unit surrounding the wash basin, looking down to me.

“No-one else in here, right? Good. Tell me. What have you done before?”

In case I was doubting the intent of her question, she beckoned me forward, then pulled my face to hers — only a couple inches for me to reach up — and planted a firm kiss just to the side of my mouth, as if daring me to turn and put my mouth on hers.

I’ve always been up for a dare.

Her mouth was firmer than I’d expected, not at all tentative nor scared. When she wrapped her legs round me, I held her warm, feminine, body close.

We only snogged for a few seconds, well aware someone could come in at any minute. She pushed me away with an approving grin.

“Not your first, then?”


“How many?”

I shrugged. “Half a dozen if we’re talking kissing, if you mean getting seriously down and dirty, then, three? Well. Two. Two good ones. One quite a number of times…” Only once, for the other.

“And a bad one?” She was sympathetic.

“Not bad as such… Just not up for getting very dirty, it turned out. Sweet and nice kissing and cuddling, but not up for any…” I gestured getting a hand up between a girl’s legs.

Ali grinned, clearly totally approving of my desires. “I like you.”


“I want to do bad things to you.”

“Um… maybe good? What sort of things?” I asked in trepidation.

Ali jumped back down to the floor, still with her manic pleased smile. She tucked a wisp of my hair back behind my ear. “Lots. Depends what you’re up for. I mean, obviously, I want to see you naked and aroused and eventually screaming my name as you come…”

I tried to look as nonchalant as she was aiming for. “I could go along with that.”

“Fab.” That was sarcastic. “Richie and Andy would be watching, of course. Seeing you all shameless. Or joining in. Oh, the choices!”

She shook her head, mock-sadly. My face started to burn.

“Look at you, getting all red and embarrassed. So you should be. I bet you need teaching a lesson. See how red you can go. Oh! I bet your arse would go a beautiful red!” She lowered her voice, not that anyone had come in, just to enhance the conspiratorial mood. “Have you ever been spanked? As an adult, I mean? Or anything like that?”

My cheeks crimsoned.

“Oh! You have! Do tell…”

Such a seductive voice.

“A bit… One guy did a little, then Richie…”

I took a deep breath. How could I explain how Richie made me feel it was OK to have some of the deep dark desires I’d never told anyone about?

She encouraged me to keep talking.

“I mean, he tried a bit of spanking me, but said he’d need to research more before going any further.”

“He’s a horribly sensible chap.”

“Mm. kızılay escort But what he did do…” I took a deep breath. At least my face couldn’t go any redder. “He held me down. By my hair. Or by sitting on my legs. Made me put my hands down by my sides, keep them there…” What else had really got me hot? “Told me I was a good girl…”

“A good girl and a filthy slut, I hear! Andy was ever so impressed.”

I put my hands over my face, then tried rinsing with cold water.

“Submissive as well as a masochist. You are a treasure!” She put her arm round my shoulder, hugging. “Just as well I didn’t know earlier in the summer. The temptation, babes… We’d best get back. To get started! Do you know anything about sub-dom stuff?”

“I’ve read 19 and Cosmo and More! and some Forum. That’s it. Theoretical knowledge only, really. I mean, do I choose a safeword now?”

“If you want,” Ali dismissed the need. “I like ‘safeword’, myself. Communicating in plain English. Words like ‘no’ and ‘stop’ will be taken at face value. Seriously.”

She continued, “And I’ll be watching you. If you’re not a writhing gibbering mess under me, all gasping and unable to speak, I’m doing something wrong, babe.”

The image struck me forcefully. Suddenly I wanted nothing more than to be panting, coming, beneath her.

Ali went on, “So I’ll be watching closely, figuring if you’re OK. If you want to get into stuff where you really don’t want me to stop until … a much higher threshold is reached, we’ll need to get to know each other much better, babes. I’d need to know what your happy cry looks like, your ‘too much’ face, your nervous excited moan, and I’d need to recognise the noises you make when you get turned off…”

I must have looked confused at her last point. She continued, “Submission is all about your own associations, pet. You like being called a filthy slut, yeah?”

I was struck dumb for a moment, then made the smallest nod I could.

“Yeah. Girls usually do. Breaking out of all those chaste good-girls-don’t expectations. What about… ‘useless cunt’?”

I winced. “I don’t mind ‘cunt’, as in the body part.”

“Exactly. I mean, some people use it all friendly, like ‘pal’. Andy used to say “all right, cunt?” in the mornings, but had to train himself not to use the word down South, you can imagine how it went down… So you don’t want real insults. Self-worth needs to be nurtured, right love?”

“I guess.” She was right.

Ali mused, “It seems to be a male thing, wanting a domme to tell them they are a disgusting ugly worm, with a tiny penis. Whether true or not.”

I grimaced.

“Whereas you, babe, are gorgeous. I can’t wait to get you naked.”

She looked me up and down with such glee, I laughed.

“Only in private. Just you guys, right?”

“Sure. Just in the tent. Why?”

She’d caught my facial expression. I explained how Richie had helped me wash my hair in the field, then the rest of my body, while it turned out Andy had been watching.

“Mm. Lucky him and Andy! And you finally got Andy last week, I hear. Was he good?”

“Oh, yeah! Have you not found out for yourself, this afternoon, or, no, earlier?”

“Last weekend? We just talked, loads. Now? Played with each other a bit, shared his bed. We’ll fuck soon enough. Maybe even tonight, while you and Rich get it on.”

Two couples, one large tent. Why not?

“Or I might postpone the pleasure while Andy fucks you, just gazing at my marks on your sore arse…”

I tried not to think about that — I’d become even more of a gibbering mess. “What about you and Richie?”

“What about him? I mean, nah, I don’t think so. He can be my glamorous assistant, helping me hurt you and building up that anticipation…”

The door creaked open. “Come on, babes, let’s finish our drinks and wander home.”

I’d never considered that square white-canvas tent home, but as a place where I was completely accepted, a home, it featured in many of my future dreams.

The four of us left the pub, ambling along the road which became an unlit unsurfaced track. We put our head-torches on. It was a reflex reaction, by now.

It was also easier to speak of embarrassing stuff, in the dark.

Ali took my hand, pulling me ahead of the others. She hissed in my ear. “Tell me you want it, babes. Submit to me for the night. Obeying my perverted whims and dark filthy lusts…” She abandoned the gothic tone. “I’ll stop whenever you want. But I hope you’ll like it.”

“I hope so.”

“I want to make it good for you too,” she promised. “You liked fucking Rich and Andy, right?”


“Going down on women?”

“Well. Some women…”

“Mischievous brat. So need a spanking. No, not punishment. I don’t do punishment. I just discipline because I want to. I think a sore red arse would really suit you… Pretty… Might have to find some other objects to beat you with — where’s a long cane when you need one? Oh, don’t worry — just a little bit — not kolej escort like old-fashioned school canings!” She shrugged. “Unless it turns out you’re into that. Anyway. Add to the to-do list, you eating me out. You’ve got cute sensitive breasts, I hear.”

“Oh, yeah!”

“Does she ever!”

It was a chorus from the guys behind us, who had caught up again.

“Mm. I guess you won’t want to right now, so as soon as we’re in the big tent, I want you to get your top off.”

I swallowed. “OK.”

Ali smiled. “I don’t expect to be called Mistress or anything — unless you want to — but just remember to show a bit of respect, eh?”

Richie coughed, the hypocrite.

“Yes, ma’am?” I felt myself becoming aroused just saying it.

“That will do nicely. You’re doing good, babe. Right. What’s totally off-limits, so we don’t try going there?”

“Tickling.” It was my number one fear, if I let anyone tie me up.

“Got that, guys?” They grunted.

“OK. Asphyxiation?”


“Thought so. I’ll run through a list, what I can remember… Alphabetical, A… Anal?”

I couldn’t tell from her smile what answer she might hope for. Honesty was the only way.

“I’ve never had the chance… Only a finger.”

“Was hoping to have her that way once we had a bed,” Richie interrupted.

“His finger, was it? Cute. May have to show me. Um. Blow jobs?”

“What about them?”

“Do you do them?”

Andy and Richie laughed.

“I’ll take that as a yes. I think we can predict you’ll be doing more tonight, little slut-girl.”

I nodded again.


“Oh!” I gasped. It was involuntary.

“You like? You want to be tied up, restrained? Helpless, no escape?”

My throat was dry. Admitting it seemed impossible. I whispered, “Yes. Please.”

“Oh, good.”

“You don’t have any cuffs with you, do you?” Andy said.

“No. But there’s all the rope from the climbing kit, not to mention harnesses, karabiners… I can improvise, I’m sure.”

I exhaled, imagining how a climbing harness might be repurposed.

“Yeah, I think we can introduce you to bondage all right! I might do a shibari rope harness even — orange neon would look OK against your skin. Hm…the knots might be too big with the thick rope, though. We’ll see. And we’ve got belts. And clothes. More clothesline…”

“Don’t get too carried away with your fantasising, hen.” Andy had moved to her side and took her hand.

“You’re not very kinky, are you, love?”

Andy shrugged. “I’m happy watching any naked women. Bare ladies moaning and screaming, what’s not to like?”

“A bound naked lass, giving you a hands-free blow-job?” Ali queried.

“I could cope with that.” He gave me a wolfish grin.

I smiled, shyly. “I’ve not done one without my hands.”

“First time for everything,” Ali said briskly. “Right. There’s the field!”

“I’ll put some water on to heat,” Richie said.

“Wanting a cuppa already?” Andy was surprised.

“No. Just thinking some of us might want to wash — or be washed…”

My eyes closed and mouth opened at the idea of my being washed in preparation for… I didn’t know what.

“Exactly,” he said smugly.

“Go for it. Right. Laura. Oh, Laura, Laura, Laura… Hm. We’re going to need bedding,” Ali mused.

“On it,” Andy said.

“Laura. Are you ready to submit to me, for the night. Next couple hours, anyhow?”

“I… I think so? Ma’am.”

“Good! Good girl. Right. Well, your job is simple. Get naked and stand holding the crossbar up there. Actually, leave your knickers on. For now.”

Ali pointed to half-way along the steel pole that ran six feet above the ground, holding up one wall of the tent. She took my head-torch and hers and fastened them to each end of the opposite pole, illuminating the space. My hands would be in shadow, but the rest of my body would be well lit.

I swallowed, and sat down to remove my sandals. Then my T-shirt. Then my bra. Ali took them from me, gazing at my tits. She expected me to continue, so I did, shuffling out of my long shorts, passing them over to her.

“Thank you. Up you get, then.” A calm, brisk voice.

OK. I could do this. It occurred to me, I wanted to do this. I wasn’t going to examine that thought in any more detail. Ignoring the lads returning and Andy’s whistle of approval, I stepped to the middle of the tent’s back wall, and reached to hold the rail that ran above my head.

“Lovely. Stay there, holding that. Part your legs for me. That’s it. Now, stay still.”

Ali stood behind me and fondled my shoulders, thighs, abdomen and back. She brought her face closer and kissed my neck as she reached to take my breasts in her hands, jiggling them gently. I couldn’t kiss her back.

“Do you like them being hurt?”

It was a complicated question. She squeezed, experimentally.

“Yeah, she really gets off on squeezing and pinching her tits — but not twisting, not flicking over the nipples…”

I managed not maltepe escort to call out, ‘Thanks for that, Richie,’ but I thought it.

“Hey, you’ve got love-bites all along here! You dark horse!” Ali told me.

“Guilty,” Richie said.

“You don’t say. Right, if you two have laid out all the bed rolls and sleeping bags we have, see if there’s any other cushioning. Then I want a selection of rope, two harnesses, and anything that might be useful in disciplining our little slut here. Oh, Rich?”


“Get me half a dozen clothes pegs, would you?”

I wasn’t going to think about that before I had to, either.

I heard the boys leave again. The rush of cool night air entered the tent. My back prickled with the breeze. But Ali didn’t leave me alone. She held me tight, then resumed her possessive exploration with her warm hands, running up the insides of my thighs but leaving out the increasingly damp gusset of my pants. I’d let her do that as long as she wanted.

A gust of air again. “Thanks, lads. Hm. Interesting. Now, Laura, are you happy being my fun toy?”

“Mm-hm.” I really was.

“Good. But thing is, right, I like my girls with sore red backsides. Or boys. No, don’t worry, Andy, it’s not a requirement! Let’s have a look.”

She pulled down my black cotton briefs, but not all the way. They came to a halt halfway to my knees. I felt more exposed than pure nudity would have been.

“Nice arse,” Andy commented.

“You’re right. You’ve seen it before, you jammy git.” She grabbed the underside of my buttocks and squeezed. “Bet you liked how it looked when you fucked her, right?”

“Oh, aye!”

“And you’ve taken her from behind too?” Richie must have confirmed, as Ali went on, “It’s a lush arse, all right. But I bet she’d like being fucked even more once she’s been properly spanked!”

I breathed hard.

“Mm-hm, you. But first — turn around. I dropped my arms and rotated on the spot, looking at the ground, not at Andy or Richie. “Arms up again. And these gorgeous lush tits! Wish I’d seen them a couple months ago! Enough of that.”

She put thumb and two fingers to each nipple, and pulled them towards her.

I groaned. It was a bit painful, but so good. The sensation by some means made my pussy tremble, like nerves linked them and it together.

“Good girl. You do like that! Rich, a clothes-peg, please.” They were fairly useless plastic ones, not strong enough to hold much.

Somehow, the sensation in one breast got deeper. Richer. I looked down to see she’d put a clothes-peg’s jaws round the base of the nipple, below where her fingers had been pinching.

I whimpered. But I wasn’t complaining. It felt great. I studiously tried to ignore how kinky it made me, enjoying such a thing. The three of them watching were equally implicated, right?

“How’s that? More intense, isn’t it?”

I couldn’t say anything helpful. I managed to squeak out a small agreeing sound.

“Close your eyes if you’re ready for me to do the other one. Keep them closed.”

I closed my eyes and raised my face to the ceiling.

The throbbing increased in my other breast, to match. “Oh!”

My legs parted themselves further. It was an automatic response, like a switch. I was now desperate for my pussy to experience something. Anything.

“Aw, poppet. Don’t you look lovely? Now, Rich — rule of thumb, check she’s OK after a couple seconds, nothing’s looking like it might be damaged. How she’s squirming, look, that’s perfect. Isn’t it, babe? Then, maximum ten minutes, be on the safe side, right? Remember — it’s when you take them off and blood flow shoots back in, that’s when you really feel clamps! Or she will, rather.”

I vowed to give Richie a taste of his own medicine sometime. Or Ali.

A beep. “I’ve set a timer, on my watch.”

That was Richie. Obviously. Who let the bloody scientist near kink?

“OK. Laura babes, open your eyes. See what an effect you’re having on the boys already!”

I opened them, focused, and looked down at the lads lying on the floor, which was now carpeted in mats and sleeping bags. They were both leaning back on their rucksacks, each with flies open and a hand on their cock already.

Both were gazing at my naked body and at my red nipples poking through the clothes-pegs. They were loving looking at me. I felt powerful, attracting all of their attention. As well as more aroused than I had ever been.


“Yeah. I’m gonna play with you a bit.” Ali squeezed me all over, I swear, including grabbing parts of my breasts, which made the dull throbbing of my tits ramp up again.

“One moment.” She nipped out of the tent. Richie’s mouth opened slightly and he licked his lips. He wanted me. I recognised that tiny smile of his, now.

I liked that.

“Only me,” Ali called as she reappeared with a saucepan of warm water, producing a small face towel from her duffel bag. “You said she seemed to enjoy being washed — let’s see…”

I wondered when Andy had started telling Ali about me. Before or after we’d had our threesome? Maybe only after Richie had persuaded the two of them to get together?

Ali pulled my hair away from my face, and washed my face with the warm wet cloth. Given the drying effect of wind and woodsmoke, and being the end of a long, sweaty day, it felt good. Being cared for, in an odd way. I could get used to this.

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Poker Night – A Wife’s Adventure

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“To many the word “Slut” is a pejorative, for you it was just a sexual experience to be had and enjoyed, nothing more complicated than that, just the simple pursuit of pleasure.”

I invited four men up to our suite from the Poker Table for a game; I promised them the winnings would be sweeter. You’re wearing a simple jean skirt, short but nothing crazy, just a little above mid-thigh, a simple white blouse with a lacy sheer black bra underneath and matching black lace panties. You wear that standing on a pair of “Come Fuck Me” black heels, 6 inches high. As we gather around the table getting ready to play, you dutifully take our drink orders. No unnecessary words, only enough to bring us what we need. Once you have brought us our drinks you then help each man light his cigar. You can feel the eyes of each man on you; you look so delicious in your simple outfit, no man would be able to divert his eyes as you walked by. You come and stand by my side. Normal guy’s night conversation fills the table but each man can’t help but look at you.

I look at you and tell you to remove your panties. Conversation stops, a few men laugh, but all eyes are on you. I continue to shuffle the cards. As you look back at the men watching you. You can almost hear their eyes scream “Christ will she do it”!?! Demurely you reach under your skirt and slip your panties down and then place them in my hand without saying a word. I put them in my pocket and casually say let’s cut for deal. Their mouths are agape, they stare in astonishment. I knock on the table a few times and forcefully say “Gentlemen – we are here to play cards” as if I have no idea why they are so distracted.

My hand begins to caress your leg, then it disappears up under your skirt. As my hand lightly brushes your mound, you gasp. The strangers’ eyes dart back at you. You feel their hunger. The hand is dealt, the ante is in, none of the men can keep track of their cards as they watch my hand float up and down. We play a few more hands, I have yet touched your pussy, I always, just miss. My hand again stops at the top of your thigh and it stays there. Your pulse quickens. I can feel your juices coat the inside of your thigh. My bent finger lightly brushes your swollen lips; I can feel them open, almost like they are drawing me in. You gasp again, the first sound you have made in 20 minutes, since the last time you gasped.

I tell you to unbutton most of the buttons on your blouse. The way your blouse falls it really doesn’t show much, only a glimpse. Your breasts are restrained by the sheer black material of your bra. Each man thinks he sees more than he does. The thought of being displayed to these strangers so excites you, you can feel your clit grow as it becomes engorged. I tell you to tend to our guests, freshen their drinks, ash their cigars. We play a hand as you make your rounds, the men can’t take their eyes off of you, they know there is nothing between their hands and your venus. You can feel their eyes watch your every move.

You return to my side, you are slick all the way down to your knees. My hand slips up your leg, I brush your lips, a slight sigh slips from your mouth. This time I run my finger thru your slit, then I slip my finger inside you. You bite your lip, your eyes close. All the men watch you; there can be no doubt about what I am doing. They watch as your hips start to rotate ever so slightly, they see the muscles in my forearm flex as my fingers work their way inside you.

Finally, one says something; I had been waiting for one to ask. If they didn’t have the courage to ask for you, they were not worthy of touching you. I am accused of being an ungracious host for keeping you to myself. I smile and say “Fair enough, we will play for her”. The rules are, during each hand you will stand by the man that won the last hand, his fingers will be able to roam anywhere mine have been, he will be able to do anything to you I have done, but no more. You look at the hands of each man, some have long thin fingers, others have short fat ones, one’s hands look soft and well manicured, while another’s look hard and leathery, bearing the scars of years of hard work. Your heart is pounding, you don’t even know their names and I just gave you to them. I can hear your breath quicken, I can feel your pussy start to contract, nearing orgasm. I withdraw my finger leaving you on the brink. The player across from me wins the hand and you.

You look at me and I nod, you walk to his side. His skin is rough, his fingers long and thin. His hand slides up your thigh, he pushes his finger pass your swollen lips and deep inside you. You feel his rough skin against your soft tender walls. Every man watches you; every man wants to be next. Your eyes are closed, your skin is flush, your nipples press against the thin material of your bra. Your mouth opens but no sound comes out. He touches your clit, you start to cum, you try and suppress it, but you can’t. Every eye is on you as you start to quiver, eve gelen escort you cum standing there in front of us. Another hand is played, another man wins you, a new stranger’s hand explores you. We play several more hands, you move from stranger to stranger, each man gets his turn to use you, some get two. Despite your best effort you cum two more times. I win the next hand; you stand by me. I tell you to take off your top. You do as instructed. I tell you to be a good hostess and freshen their drinks. Again, you do as you are told. You walk around the room on your “come fuck me” heels in a jean skirt and sheer black bra. Silence and tension fill the room, every man wants you, every man watches every move you make. You look so breathtakingly hot; a dead man would have to watch you.

As we began the next hand you return to my side, I tell you to remove your bra. Again, you do as you are told without question. The strangers had already seen your breast through the thin material of the bra, but somehow you now feel more exposed; as sheer as it was, that bra was still a top. Your nipples harden. I take one nipple in my mouth and I roll the other between my fingers. Cards are dealt, hands are played, you are passed from man to man, wearing only your jean skirt and heels. Your tits swing wildly, and you are taken by each winner. Each man’s touch is different, some men’s touches are tender, others are rougher, one man just concedes his ante too simply suck on your nipples for the entire hand. You are used by each man for his pleasure, their rough touches and aggressive lips drive you crazy, you have had more than a dozen orgasms already this evening.

The fingers of five men have been inside you, the lips of five men have been on you. You are ready for the game to move to the next level; you crave to be used by each of them. I win you back. I tell you to crawl under the table and suck my cock; you eagerly comply, because you know what will happen next. You hungrily take me into your mouth, I feel your tongue draw up the length of my cock, I can feel my head swell as you suck on me. In one move you go from your tongue playing with flesh just under my head, to your nose buried into my pubic hair. You bring me to the brink, and I make you stop. You spend the rest of the hand just keeping me at the edge. While you keep me hard your mind wanders; you can’t help but wonder what the other cocks will be like, will they be long or short, fat, or thin. How different will each look, smell and taste. How different will each man be, will the one with the tender touch, just lean back and allow you to pleasure him? Will the one that aggressively sucked your breast grab your hair and pull you into his crotch forcing his cock down your throat? Even with my manhood in your mouth you can’t help but wonder about the cocks of the strangers and how different each will be.

The hand is over, you don’t come out from under the table, you just wait to see which man offers you his cock. Then you see it, a man has pulled his pants down and his cock is out. You love the fact that you are expected to crawl over there and service him. His cock is not exceptionally long, but it is fat. You already want it inside you. The winner is the aggressive man, as you get close you can smell his musk. You reach out and grab it with your hand, you can feel his already hard cock twitch. Your mouth stretches to get around it, his hands grab the back of your head as he feeds his cock to you. You gag a bit, but soon you adjust to the girth. As your tongue dances with the head of his manhood and your hand work the shaft, you can’t help but wonder what this will feel like inside you. Soon our guest is cumming in your mouth. You swallow what you can, but the load is large and his thick cock has left precious little room in your mouth, the cum you cannot swallow starts to ooze from the sides of your mouth. You want more, you start to milk him with your hands and lips, you suck hard trying to draw the last of his juices out. You rub his cock on the side of your face, leaving a trail of cum everywhere it goes. This is what you wanted to feel like. You wanted to feel like the woman everyone always told you, you shouldn’t be. You wanted to feel like the woman that would shock the members of the PTA. You wanted to feel like the woman you have always thought was trapped inside you.

It’s not like you entered this room a virgin or anything, you have been sexually active since high school. In college you and another girl went on a road trip with four boys, by the end of the week you both had had sex with each boy and once with each other. But you have never done anything like this, just moving from one stranger’s cock to the other, just being a receptacle for their cum, you revel in the taboo feelings it brings out. All those wanton, lust filled feelings, the other soccer moms deny they have.

The hand is played out and another man’s member is yours gaziosmanpaşa escort to service. It is longer but not as thick; you swirl your tongue around it and deep throat him in one motion, you can hear him groan with pleasure. Despite being longer, because it is thinner, it is actually easier to accommodate. As your head bobs up and down and you feverously work his staff, his hands stay on the table. You can feel him tense; you know he is about to cum. You pull him out so his cock is just in front of your open mouth. He erupts into your mouth and on to your face. Cum runs down your face and on to your tits. You continue to suck and milk him as the hand is played out. Above the table we hear you moan as you allow your fingers to play with your clit. Just as before, as a man wins, you move over to service him, the next man is so excited that you barely touch him and he covers you in his juices. His cum hit you in the face, on the tits and even in your hair. You coat your fingers and then rub your clit with it. You are so filled with lust, you love giving into this side of yourself. You play with yourself as you suck this stranger hard again.

Your head swirls with how wrong this is, how dirty your friends would think you are for this, those thoughts of judgment just make you cum harder. Tonight you want to be the woman you had always been told not to be.

I win the next hand. I slide my chair out and away from the table so the others can watch you service me. Just like the others, my cock disappears in your mouth. I have yet to cum tonight, I have been oozing pre-cum for an hour now, it takes all I can do to hold on for a few minutes. Then as your hands jack my staff and you take one of my balls in your mouth, I cum. I cum so hard it is almost violent. My cum showers down your back and in your hair, you quickly move your mouth from my sack to the tip of my cock, the next burst hits you in the face, my seed runs down your body. You work your way around the table one more time, but this time each man slides his chair back so we can all watch you perform. During the second round none of the men cum again, saving what they have left for the inevitable climax we all know is coming. That doesn’t stop you from giving yourself another half dozen orgasms. You love knowing we are all watching you play with yourself, that we are all watching you cum. The hunger in our eyes as we watch you, make each orgasm more intense.

I tell you to come stand by me again. I put my arm around your hips and I kiss your waist. You stand there, before five men, four of whose names you still do not know; they are the very definition of the word stranger to you. You stand there on a pair of high heels, in a jean skirt, with a topless cum covered body. You beam, I am so proud, you radiate lust and sexuality, this moment personifies erotic. You have already pleasured each of these men, and their lips and hands have traveled over your body. But the thought of just standing here, displaying your seamen covered body to them sends a charge straight to your clitoris.

I announce, “Gentlemen, ante for the last hand of the night is one thousand dollars”. I began to shuffle. Before anyone can protest too strongly, I say, “Any man that cannot or will not meet the ante, must leave the room now”. The men look at each other and then you, the money is quickly put in the center of the table. I don’t ante. I’m challenged, asked for my stake. I tell them you are my stake; I’m putting you in the pot. I tell them this last hand is not for the money, this hand is for who gets to be first. The winner does not get the money, he gets to be the first to fuck you, the money is yours. The simple fact that you will be paid four thousand dollars for tonight’s services excite you so much that you nearly cum yet again. I tell you to drop your skirt; you are clean shaven, your pussy is now on full display.

You are left wearing only heels and cum. I tell you to bring a chair next to the table. You sit in it placing your feet up, you spread your legs wide, your lips fall open. Your pussy glistens in the light. You start to masturbate for us. I deal the cards, leaving myself out. The thought that the first man to fuck you tonight will be one of the strangers excites you even more. You look around the table and wonder who it will be. You close your eyes as you remember each man’s cock from under the table; you rub your clit as images of their cocks roll through your mind. The men watch as your fingers disappear inside you. You shamelessly load your own juice on your fingers and bring them to your lips. You start to cum, the fact that your body and orgasms are so openly on exhibit make each spasm stronger. Even with your eyes rolled back in your head you are aware of their eyes watching. You orgasm over and over and the first cock hasn’t even entered you yet.

The hand is quickly played, the fat cock has won. All the men get up from gölbaşı escort the table and quickly strip. The winner comes and roughly lifts you from the chair. He drops you on his thick cock, you feel him stretch you as he goes in. You gasp and you cum. He pushes you up against the window, as if he wants all of Las Vegas to know he won you. He holds your arms over your head, while your legs are wrapped around his waist. Between your orgasms and the almost violent way he is pounding you, you can barely catch your breath. You are pressed against the glass as he enters you over and over again. You couldn’t escape his grasp if you wanted to right now. His hands now hold your hips as he throws you up and down on his cock as if you are some kind of jerk-off doll. Finally he cums making the sound of what can only be described as a “War Cry”. You slide down the glass almost exhausted; it was like you just had one continuous ten minute long orgasm. You sit on the floor, your pussy hangs open with his cum running out. I look at your face, you smile and say “just let me catch my breath, I want everyone to have a turn”.

You move to the couch. One of the things you have always fantasized about was a true DP, one cock in your pussy and the other in your ass. You select the quite man to be on the bottom, you straddle him looking forward, the man with the long thin cock licks your asshole before he enters you from behind. You take a moment for the three of you to get a rhythm. As you sit there adjusting to the sensation of having two cocks in you at once, you feel so wicked, you feel so full. Your lover from behind is kissing and biting your neck, the man in front kissing your lips, both are groping your tits. You have what can only be called an outer body experience as your mind’s eye sees you being taken for the first time by two men at once. Another orgasm wrack’s your body.

You signal the third man to come forward, you push your front door lover on his back to clear a way for you to take your third cock. As the third man walks up, your eyes focus on his cock as it sways back and forth. As soon as it is within reach you grab it and put it in your mouth as if you are starved. You concentrate on giving him head as you feel the other two cocks move in an out of you. It is almost like you want to prove to yourself that you can satisfy three men at once.

Your first lover and I sit at the table, drinks in hand and watch the four of you put on a show. I watch this almost determined look on your face. You look my way; I see pure lust in your eyes as I watch another man’s cock slide in and out of your mouth. I watch you as you ride up and down on two more cocks. I watch you as you service three total strangers. You look me in the eye with a cock in your mouth, as yet another orgasm hits you. It seemed like you knowing I was watching you satisfy these men, watching you release your inner slut, was all you needed to push you over the edge yet again. You struggle to keep eye contact with me; you want to know you are being watched. It is impossible as more orgasms start to torture your body, you come so hard it is like you have brought on the apocalypse. You blackout for a moment, your lovers don’t even slow down, the one feeding you his cock, just holds your head in place. The quaking of your body was all the other two men could take. They both explode in their own orgasms. The man in your mouth surrenders and lets you collapse in a heap with your other two lovers. You open your eyes and realize you have left one unsatisfied; you hungrily take him back in your mouth. You furiously work his cock until yet another cascade of cum covers your body. You can feel the cocks inside you shrink and start to withdraw, you are driven to replace them, you need two new cocks in you. I lift you from the pile of bodies on the couch and bend you over an armchair. I slam my cock into your now will worn pussy, you open your eyes and the fat cock is back in your face. You devour it; you have learned how to suck this big fat cock. He grabs your hair and starts to fuck your face. I pull out of your cunt; it was just a stop to lube my cock. I drive my cock up your ass; it is like you have one long massive cock passing through you. We develop a rhythm; he and I saw your body back and forth. Once we are going, one of the other men moves between our legs and starts to eat your gaping, leaking pussy. Yet more orgasms wrack your body.

Over the next hour and a half, you are used repeatedly, all of the men take breaks and rest, but not you. For the next hour and a half, you have always at least one cock in you, usually more. Even as you are being fuck one of them another man is playing with your clit. We move all over the room, every chair, couch and bed are used. We end up back at the card table. You are on the table face down; you have one stranger taking your pussy from behind, another in your mouth, and a cock in each hand. None of the men have cum for some time, the only thing keeping us hard at this point is your wanton lust, you just can’t get enough, apparently five men was not enough. As you lay on the table, actively pleasuring 4 men, you look out the window and wonder who can see you and if they do what would they think. They would likely assume you are a pro at a bachelor party; they would never guess you are a soccer mom from the PTA bake sale.

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An Irish Experiment Ch. 07

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All of this happens in modern-day Ireland and all people involved are over 18 years old.


We got outside and walked over to the hospital. It was about a twenty-minute walk in the Irish summer wind. Thankfully the rain held off but some clouds did occasionally pass over the sun. We got to the hospital and told the cute blonde receptionist who we were looking for. She made a quick call and I saw her check Charlie out as she spoke.

“Hiya, we’re here to see Dr. Alice Pratchett,” she said, smiling sweetly and softly.

She told us room 404 and how to get there. As we walked off, the receptionist’s eyes stayed glued to Charlie’s behind. I smiled to myself and the receptionist looked at me and blushed. “Interesting,” I thought.

We got to the office and Charlie knocked on the door. A musical, lilting voice answered.

“Come ih-in!” it said so Charlie walked in and a bottle blonde, sun-tanned older woman sat behind the table. She looked up from her paperwork and a bright wide smile spread across her face. When Charlie stepped in, the two women squealed and ran towards each other, arms out. The doctor’s white coat blew behind her revealing her clothes, a light multi-coloured shirt and a knee-length black skirt. They hugged tightly and I just stood there as awkward as a lemon. The doctor, Alice I guess, leaned back from the hug to look at Charlie’s face.

“Charlie, you look amazing! How have you been?!” Alice gave her another quick squeeze before breaking the hug entirely. She looked Charlie up and down.

“I’m good. Great, actually!” Charlie said. “This is-“

“Hi, I’m Alice,” she turned to me and stuck out her hand.

“Greg, pleasure to meet you!” I said as I shook it. Her hand was small in mine, but strong.

“And you!” Alice said as she sat back on her desk and folded her arms, still smiling broadly, turning her attention back to Charlie. The two of us sat in the chairs in front of her desk. “How long has it been? I feel like I haven’t seen you in years!” I felt myself smiling at this woman’s positivity.

“I think it’s been about two years? Julia’s wedding?” Charlie replied.

“Oh yeah, now I remember. How’s that guy you were with? Frank, was it?” she asked, waiting for the response.

“Oh, I haven’t seen or even thought about him in ages!”

“Good, he was a bit drab, wasn’t he! This guy is way more handsome,” she said, leaning over and touching my knee.

“Oh, he really is,” Charlie said, smiling warmly at me. It was my turn to blush.

“But!” Alice said loudly as she walked back around her desk, “I’m guessing you’re not here on a social visit. So, tell me, how can I help you?” she sat back behind her desk and pressed her hands together.

“Well, you see,” Charlie started, she seemed a bit nervous at first but I noticed a small shake of her head and her back straightened. I’d noticed she did that in business meetings too. This was her “take no bull” mentality coming out. She stood up and whipped off her hoodie in one fluid motion.

“This!” she said, her voice had strength. Her perky breasts, protruding from her slim body and curving upwards, jiggled from the suddenness of her movement. They looked amazing as they stretched the material of her top with each breath she took. She looked down at Alice intently. I tore my eyes away from Charlie to look at Alice, curious as to how she’d react. To her credit, she barely batted an eyelid. I suppose being a doctor for so long makes you accustomed to seeing unusual things.

“Oh, you had breast augmentation,” Alice said, nodding. “Is there an issue with it? Tenderness or soreness…?

Charlie interrupted her. “I didn’t have surgery. This happened… naturally?” The inflection of her voice made it clear that she wasn’t sure that it was natural but she was damn sure she hadn’t had a boob job.

“Ok, well, let me see, shall we?” Alice said, standing and making her way back around her desk. She sat perched on the edge of her desk. I glanced at her legs as she walked past me. The image of her bent over the desk, skirt and white coat thrown carelessly up her back and her ass and cunt exposed as I railed her popped into my mind. I tried to blink it away.

Charlie edged a little closer to Alice who was now staring directly at Charlie’s tits. Her hands hovered over them momentarily, fingers close to her palms. Alice flicked her eyes up at Charlie.

“Do you mind?” she continued. It might be a little strange for a woman to have her breasts examined by a family friend but we were in a strange situation.

“Not at all, it’s why I’m here,” Charlie said, relaxing a little. Alice pressed the backs of her fingers into Charlie’s tits, making them move and bulge slightly. Charlie’s nipples hardened slightly, poking through her top.

“And any tenderness or soreness or discharge?” Alice continued, following up on her previously unanswered question.

“No, no soreness.”

“Any chance you’re pregnant?”

“Well, maybe but I don’t think they’d grow that grup escort quickly, would they?”

“Why? How quickly did the growth take place?” Alice asked, I guess she knew Charlie had been flat as a pancake before. Charlie looked down at me.

“Eh, about two days?” she said, unsure.

Alice froze. She looked up at Charlie.

“Two days?” Alice said. “And beforehand, you were the same size as when I last saw you?” Charlie nodded.

“An A cup, or not much bigger,” she said. I kept my thoughts to myself.

“And you went from that to this size in two days?” Alice repeated, just making sure.

“Yes, since Friday night at least,” Charlie looked at me again.

“Ok,” Alice said as she stood and went rooting through her desk. “Can you step on the scales please?” She pulled a measuring tape and a notepad and pencil from her desk. Charlie popped off her trainers and stood on the scale, Alice noted her weight. The weight of her clothes was negligible or some easier word to spell. “And step over here,” Alice slid the plastic wedge down so it was just at the top of Charlie’s head and noted Charlie’s height. “And next we’ll have to measure your bust. We can do it over your clothes as your top is light enough if you prefer.”

“Would you mind if I took my top off?” Charlie asked.

“I wouldn’t but technically we should have someone else in here,” Alice remembered that I was there, “In a professional capacity, you understand.” I nodded, I was just enjoying the show!

“No, yeah, of course,” I said, eloquent as always. Alice went back to the business at hand, so to speak. Charlie took off her top and I swear Alice paused a moment to wonder in their glory. They jutted out from Charlie’s slim frame so perfectly and the nipple was such a light shade of pink and the curve was so gentle. They were a bit big for her frame but not huge, though if her growth continued at the same rate, she would get ridiculous quite quickly. I felt myself getting aroused just at the sight of them.

Alice ran the measuring tape around her, she had to lean in close to Charlie to do it and I could’ve sworn she took a deep breath in while her face was so close to Charlie’s bare skin. The scene was fascinating. Alice ran the tape under Charlie’s breasts. Charlie took a sharp inhale of breath.

“Sorry, was that cold?” Alice asked, concerned.

“Just a little, it’s fine,” Charlie reassured her. I noticed Charlie’s nipples had become harder and more pronounced. Alice then ran the tape closer to Charlie’s shoulders, nearly under her armpits and finally around the fullest part of her breast, just as the nipple. I was now rock hard, my cock really fighting to get out of my clothes. I moved around in my seat, trying to hide it. Alice jotted things down on her notepad and looked up.

“Ok, so by my reckoning you’re now a 28DD. What size were you wearing before now?” she looked concerned.

“30A,” I blurted out. The two women stared at me. “Sorry,” I said, shutting up.

“He’s right, 30A,” Charlie said as she put her top back on, turning back to Alice.

“Ok, so that is significant growth in a short time frame. Any other changes? You don’t seem to have gained a lot of weight but you look healthier, if you don’t mind me saying. I’ve jotted down your details so we can keep a track of things if there are any more changes. Have you changed your birth control?” Charlie shook her head, no. “One more thing I’d just like to record,” Alice said, pulling out the blood pressure cuff. Alice tore the Velcro strip apart and wrapped it around Charlie’s thin arm. Alice glanced down at my tented track pants. A look of shock flashed on her face before she regained her professional composure. She took her blood pressure and noted it. Her tongue ran over her teeth as she thought for a moment.

“Ok, everything seems normal enough but I’d like to take a blood sample as well,” Alice looked up at Charlie. “Just to track as much as I can.” Charlie nodded. “I’ll do as much as I can without having to bill you, so no big machinery at the moment,” she glanced at me. “Sorry, no pun intended!” I didn’t know what she meant but I saw Charlie smile.

“Yeah, that’s grand,” Charlie said as she put her arm forward for the sample. Alice took the blood samples and wrote for a minute. Charlie sat back down and I took her hand in mine and squeezed, trying to offer her support.

“Ok, I’ll send that off and I’ll give you a call when the results come back. It might be a few days and if there’s any more growth in the meantime, at least we can track it but if there’s no pain or discharge, and I couldn’t feel any lumps, it seems like it could just be a spike in hormones and the blood test will tell us more. Is that ok?” Charlie nodded and smiled. “I hope you’re feeling ok and not too nervous Charlie, I mean, they look great!” Alice said, staring at the perky tits in front of her. “And you two look like a great couple! I hope you don’t mind me saying!” Charlie iranlı escort looked at me and smiled.

“Thanks, Alice, that’s really put my mind at ease… but….” Charlie hesitated.

“There’s something else you want to talk about?” Alice said, pre-empting her.

“Yeah, it’s… well, it’s sexual,” Charlie said, tensing her jaw.

“Ok,” Alice replied, still unfazed, still professional, “tell me more.”

“So, I’ve slept with Greg here a few times… and the growth only happened since the first time we had sex.” Alice jotted something down on her notepad.

“The first time you had sex together was two days ago?” Alice confirmed, Charlie nodded.

“And the thing is, well, I hadn’t had sex in about two years before that, and Greg’s big, very big, look, you can see!” both women looked at my massive erection testing the strength of the material of my track pants. “And I came… so hard, sorry, I had a powerful orgasm. Extremely powerful,” Charlie continued.

“It’s ok, Charlie, this isn’t on the books so you can say come if you like! We’re friends, so feel relaxed!” Alice said, smiling warmly. Charlie laughed gently, relaxing a little.

“Well, yeah,” she said, leaning back in her chair, “I came like I never came before. Part of me thinks it’s cos of his size, sorry to be speaking about you like you’re not here Greg, but part of me thinks there’s other changes going on, not just my breasts but like in my vagina as well?” Charlie exhaled, that had clearly been weighing on her. Alice nodded gravely, glanced at her watch.

“Do you have anything on this evening? If you have about thirty minutes I could give you a quick exam?” Alice asked.

“No, no, we’re free, aren’t we Greg?” Charlie said, looking at me for confirmation and reassurance.

“Yeah, sure, absolutely!” I said, quickly.

“Ok, come with me,” Alice said and the two of us stood up. Alice looked at Charlie, “Do you want him to join us?”

“Yeah, I think he should be there, it’ll be an experience for him!” Charlie said, bouncily. Talking about her issues really had an effect on her!

“Ok!” Alice said, smiling brightly, “Just be careful you don’t knock over anything with that Greg!” she said, referencing my protruding dick. The two women laughed and I reddened slightly.

Alice led us to a close-by examination room, she opened the door and let Charlie and me go in first. I’d only ever seen places like this on TV before but it was what I expected. It looked very clean with the smell of just a hint of bleach in the air. There was an elevated table with stirrups, with a paper sheet drawn over it.

“Do you want me to hop up?” Charlie asked brightly.

“If you wouldn’t mind, though you’ll have to disrobe somewhat. Greg, could you please step outside for a moment?” Alice said, directing me out. I went to leave but Charlie spoke up.

“I’d like him to stay,” her voice was steady but insistent. I turned to see Charlie already without her trainers or yoga pants, just her hoodie and socks. Her thighs looked thinner than normal but only because of how baggy her hoodie was. In reality, her thighs had become more muscular and shapely. It was a good look! The decision was made and she perched herself on the table and hooshed backwards and put her feet in the stirrups, exposing her pussy to Alice and me. It was a really good look!

“Ok, it’s probably best that there’s someone else here anyway,” Alice said to the two of us as I stood by Charlie’s side and Alice pulled a chair up to sit in front of Charlie. My dick was pulsating and I needed to push the idea of eating Charlie’s cunt in that position out of my brain. “Is this your first pelvic exam, Greg?” Alice asked as she put on her gloves and lubed up.

“Eh, it is, yeah,” I stammered in reply.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be fine,” the two women smiled at each other. Alice turned her attention to Charlie’s pussy. “Have you been sexually active recently?”

“Today,” Charlie said, her face flushing slightly. “Sorry, we just couldn’t help it! That’s another thing…. My libido is through the roof.”

“Yeah, mine too. But I think mine is just cos of the visual stimulation,” I said, laying on the cheese.

“Well, isn’t he a charmer,” Alice said. “Not to worry, you’re just going to feel a little pressure now.” Alice eased two latex covered fingers into Charlie’s cunt, she let out an involuntary moan. I could feel the pre-cum oozing out of the tip of my cock. “Are you ok?” Alice said, continuing her exam. Charlie clamped a hand onto mine and squeezed.

“Yeah, sorry, that felt unexpectedly good!” her face flushed further. She looked up at me and cringed. A moment and her face changed, she moaned again. “Sorry!” she said, trying to squeeze her face in on itself.

“Just try to relax. Everything seems normal but it appears that you’re hypersensitive…” Alice said as she looked at Charlie’s face reddening face. I watched as the doctor pulled her fingers keçiören escort out and then eased back into Charlie’s muff.

“What the…” I thought to myself. Alice did it again, with a faster and longer stroke. I thought I could see Charlie’s pussy juices on the latex, though maybe it was just the lube.

“And how does this feel?” Alice asked, two fingers deep inside Charlie. I don’t know what she did but Charlie’s whole body lifted off the table and she let out a deep groaning “Fuck!” I then noticed Alice’s non-examining hand was on her own chest. Was she getting turned on by this? Charlie’s fingers were digging into my hand.

“Ok, one moment,” Alice said, as she eased her hand out.

“Learn how to do that,” Charlie whispered up at me. I just smiled, I had no idea what Alice had done but I was willing to learn. I looked back down at what the doctor was doing just as she made contact with Charlie’s clit with her little finger.

“Tell me how this feels please Charlie,” she said as a bolt of lightning hit. Charlie scrunched up her face, squeezed my hand and leaned forward in the seat all at the one time.

“FUCK!” Charlie yelled before slumping back, breathing deep. Alice seemed to take a note of the dimensions of Charlie’s clit. It did seem a little bigger to me but I thought it was just engorged.

Alice pushed her rolling seat back a foot or so away from Charlie and looked at the two of us. I noticed her legs were quite wide now and it looked like her nipples were hard and showing through her blouse.

“I think I know the answer already but were you this sensitive before two days ago or before the growth?” Alice asked, her eyes darting between Charlie’s face and pussy.

“No, nowhere near it,” Charlie said, recovered. She let go of my hand and put it towards her crotch before stopping herself. “Sorry! See, that’s what I’m talking about!” she retook my hand. “Before this, I could go a week or two without getting myself off and it was a tenth of what that felt like. Now I feel like I need it several times a day,” she looked up at me, desperation, and fear in her eyes, before looking back at Alice. “If it wasn’t for Greg, I think I’d be going crazy!” Alice turned her attention to me, looked me up and down.

“Hmmm, so it started when you two had intercourse?” she mused. “Perhaps that’s something to do with it. Some sort of hormonal synchronicity. Tell me, Greg, have you noticed any changes since you had intercourse with Charlie?”

My throat immediately went dry, “Eh, yeah, actually. I have.” The two women looked at me, curious. “Well, for one thing, I become erect much quicker now and stay hard for hours and can come several times before my penis becomes soft and also, it has gotten bigger,” I said. I felt both relieved and embarrassed. But like the old saying, better out than in!

“Ok, that is interesting and I will talk about that but I did mean any changes in Charlie,” Alice smiled benevolently. “Fuck, of course, she did!” I thought to myself.

“Ah!” my face blazed with embarrassment. “Well, one thing I have noticed that hasn’t been noticed yet is, uh, her hips and, ah, bum, seem to have gotten bigger too. That hasn’t been mentioned yet. I don’t mean in a bad way or anything. You look great!” Charlie looked at me and smiled.

“Ok, good to know, I’ll take a note of that,” Alice said.

“And just before, she took all of my co… uh, penis, down her throat when she hadn’t been able to do that before,” I said, trying to be helpful.

Alice nodded. “I can see why that might be a challenge!” Both women giggled and Alice turned her attention back to Charlie. I felt relief like when a teacher turns their attention away from a student that hasn’t studied.

“I’ll do a quick ultrasound to make sure everything is ok. How long since your last smear?” the doctor asked, getting the equipment ready.

“Ehm, about two years ago?” Charlie said, unsure. “The winter before Jules’s wedding,” she added nodding.

“Ok, and nothing unusual that you remember?” Charlie shook her head. “You got the HPV?”

“Yes, I got it in school,” sounding definite about that.

“Ok, good to know!” Alice said as she readied the ultrasound. She squirted some jelly on the handheld and rubbed it on. Then said, “This will be a little cold!” as she put some on Charlie’s lower abdomen. Charlie exhaled and giggled.

“That’s more than a little cold, Doc!” she said, smiling.

“Sorry about that,” Alice said, glancing at Charlie before returning her gaze to the screen. With one hand she directed the view of the handheld, with the other, she re-entered Charlie’s pussy with her fingers. But I noticed they weren’t gloved this time. Charlie moaned as the fingers pushed inside and her eyes rolled back in her head. She flopped back in the seat and put her hand out for mine. I took it. I watched as Alice slowly pushed her fingers further in and eased them back out. Nobody spoke. I was enthralled watching what was going on, Charlie was in ecstasy at the attention and Alice seemed to be focused on the ultrasound screen. “And how does this feel?” I saw some movement on the screen and Charlie moaned. “I’ll take that as a good feeling,” she paused, more movement and more moans from Charlie.

“Oh yeah,” Charlie rolled her hips, trying to get more into her. “More… more…”

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Wonderful Neighbors

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They had become our closest friends. Since moving to Florida we had not had much time with work and the kids’ schools to meet many people. Luckily, John and Anna lived next door and had befriended us on the day we moved in. They were close to the same age yet a few years older and we all seemed to hit it off well from that very first day. John was the large muscular type that is always helpful to have when you are moving. He worked as a personal trainer for a local gym. Anna was a beautiful lady and looked much younger than she actually was and she worked in a local downtown office. Both had outgoing personalities and we found them very easy to talk to; almost as if we had known them for years.

We all enjoyed lounging around the pool and having drinks; talking and laughing at whatever had happened to one or the other of us that day. We had a small stone patio built onto the back of our home that connected to the pool on one side and the privacy fence on the other. My wife had worked so hard on getting all her plants arranged just right. We had, with the help of our neighbors, landscaped the entire back yard. We had lined the pool with landscaping lighting that gave off just enough light to see to walk around but still dim enough to allow my wife and me to take the occasional skinny dip without fear of being seen. This setting was perfect for entertaining our neighbors and it had become almost a nightly ritual.

Most evenings started with drinks to ease the tension of a long workday. I normally excused myself to shower since I worked outside in the Florida sun and normally came home sweaty, which is no way to entertain guests. My wife would keep the neighbors occupied until my return and we would talk away into the night on most occasions. On very hot evenings, we often stood in the pool or sat on barstools in the pool to keep cool. These nights were very enjoyable for all but we had no clue how much fun it would eventually become.

One unusually muggy evening, we had several drinks when John announced he was taking a dip in the pool. He arose and pulled off his t-shirt and stepped out of his sandals onto the somewhat cool stone patio. John glided underwater for some way and then surfaced facing us on the patio. He was smiling and motioning for us to follow him in. As he made eye contact with my wife, I noticed her blush and giggle and began whispering to Anna. She appeared like a schoolgirl with a crush and it took me several minutes to recognize the look on my wife’s face as lust. I had noticed the occasional glance at John whenever he had his shirt off, and tonight my wife was taking a longer look than usual for her. As I sat gazing through the half-light towards my wife and Anna, I thought I saw Anna smile at me and wink but in the dim lighting I could not be sure. This excited me and a hundred thoughts and feelings coursing through my mind and I could not tell if the arousal was from my wife’s lust or Anna’s possible flirtation.

A moment later, the girls stood up and announced they would need to put on their bathing suits so they could also enjoy the cool water of the pool. At this, John suggested that they could simply swim naked if they preferred. The ladies giggled and went into the house to change. I stripped off my shirt and joined John in the pool awaiting our wives.

“That wife of yours is really quite a beautiful woman.” John commented to me once I entered the pool.

“Yes, she is. And your wife, well she is quite beautiful also. We are two lucky guys, I guess.” I said awkwardly, still dealing with my confused feelings from moments ago.

In a few moments, the wives returned wearing their bathing suits. They brought a couple of cold beers for us guys and they walked down the steps and into the pool. Anna waded over to where I was propped on the side of the pool and handed me a cold beer and then took up a position beside me leaning into the side of the pool. John was positioned directly across from me and my wife handed him his beer. Although I was behind her on the other side of the pool, I could see the edges of her face as they gave away the big smile she was showing John. She, contrary to what Anna had just done, took up the spot next to John.

Small talk ensued between the couples for the next few moments. Then my wife asked John how to go under without holding his nose. This spurred laughter from both sides of the pool. My wife had always held her nose when she went under and I loved that ‘girlish’ trait. I had tried on several occasions to show her that holding her nose was not needed but to this day she still did. It was one of the small things that any husband notices about his wife and loves her for it. John offered to work with her to overcome this and she gladly accepted his invitation.

Anna then mentioned dikmen escort to me that she had noticed me swimming and relayed that she wished she could swim as easily as I did. She confessed that her swimming was more of a splashing treading of water rather than actual swimming. Seeing as swimming lessons would be norm tonight, I offered to help her with her swimming stroke.

I looked across the pool and for a moment and was mortified. My wife and John was no where to be seen and I had not seen them leave. Before panic could fully take hold, I saw the two of them surface on the opposite side of the pool. They had been submerging and practicing going under. I laughed to myself and turned my attention back to Anna who had noticed my concern.

“They will be fine, darling.” She said softly to me with a wink.

“If you will hold me up, I can show you how I am swimming, or trying to swim.” She relayed with a giggle.

“Of course, I apologize.” I said as I approached her.

She took my hand and placed it across her stomach as she held onto the side of the pool and my left shoulder.

“I kick my feet like this, but it doesn’t seem like it helps move me in the water.” She said as she demonstrated her usual leg movements during swimming. She was facing into me and her large breasts seemed ready to pop out of her top with each thrust. I could almost make out her nipple through her suit. I watched with barely controllable anticipation for just such a pop-out event to occur.

Momentarily, holding Anna as she kicked and moved I began to feel aroused. I was filled with fear that my neighbor’s wife would feel the ever hardening bulge in my loose trunks. I tried to guide her farther away but her kicking motion would keep her close to me. After several moments, she stopped and stood close in front of me.

Then the realization came that my wife may see the bulge in my trunks which would be much worse than Anna noticing. I glanced out of the corner of my eye to the other side of the pool and saw they were still going under together. It seemed that my wife was able to stay under for quite some time and she was now doing so without holding her nose. They seemed occupied and I felt confident my erection would not be noticed.

Guilt overtook me. John was trying to help my wife and all I could do was lust after his. This guilt luckily helped my bulge subside and in an effort to ‘get back on the right track’, I excused myself to get more drinks. My wife noticed me getting out of the pool and followed behind me to the bar.

“Don’t be mad. Please. I am sorry; I don’t know what came over me.” My wife said in a most earnest tone.

“Mad? What would I be mad about baby?”

“I didn’t mean to make you mad, it was just kissing. We were just joking around. It didn’t mean anything.”

Suddenly, I realized that while John was underwater with my wife that somehow kissing had taken place and my wife thought I left after witnessing it. She was afraid that I would immediately spring into ‘jealous husband mode’ and fly off the handle. I felt the swelling in my crotch again and was surprised at how it turned me on to know my wife was kissing another man.

“Honey, it is ok. I honestly am just getting us a cold beer. I am not mad at all. I did not even know you two were getting along so well” I said in my most reassuring yet sarcastic voice. “Did you enjoy kissing John?” I asked trying to veil my excitement.

“I don’t know what happened. We were just going underwater together and he moved my hand from my nose and kissed me. It surprised me, but I did kiss him back. When we surfaced and you were still working with Anna, we went under again, I don’t know why. But when his tongue was in my mouth, I was so turned on. Then each time we came up for air and went under again, we would kiss more passionately than before.” She said as she looked into my eyes to note my reaction.

“But that is it; I am not going back into the pool. I am sorry. I never meant to hurt you or make you mad.” She said with obvious dejection.

“Nonsense, honey. We have been married for way too long for me to get jealous over something like that. But I am not sure how Anna feels about it and she may very well get very mad.” I said in a low murmur as to not be heard by our guests. “You may just want to keep this between us.” I advised.

At this point, my wife noticed the obvious erection in my shorts and looked up at me with a confused look.

“You want me to kiss him, don’t you?” she said with noticeable irritation, “I will bet you want me fuck him too, don’t you? You want to watch me suck on his huge cock, don’t you?” she said defiantly.


“Don’t Honey me!” she interrupted, emek escort “I know you have talked about swinging before, but I never knew you would really want it? Do you?”

At that, she quickly turned and walked back to the pool. I quickly followed fearing what was definitely going to be a ‘scene’.

My wife dove in and went underwater straight to John and surfaced only inches from his face. I was wading behind and as I approached John to hand him a cold one, I noticed that my wife’s hand was inside his trunks. I could clearly see in the crystal clear water that she was stroking what apparently was a huge cock that definitely loved the attention. John nodded to me as he took the beer from my hand as if nothing was going on at all.

Dumbfounded and not sure what to do or say, I placed my wife’s beer on the side of the pool and then waded back over to Anna.

“Thank you Love”, Anna said taking the cold beer from my hands and then patting the side of the pool as if commanding me. I dutifully took my place leaning against the side where she had patted. As she moved her hand, she slowly let it trace down over my shoulder, down my chest, and across my half-hard cock. As I looked at her in astonishment, she smiled and winked again and I felt all my inhibitions and reservations float away in the pool.

“You know what we should do?” she asked as I stood there stunned from the glance of her hand across my crotch. “We should turn off these lights and skinny dip.”

As if on cue, my wife turned to Anna and complimented her on her idea. Then the ladies walked up the steps and went into the house to turn off the dimmer switch.

“Yeah, she is quite a beautiful woman you have there.” John said to me from the other side of the pool. “This could be quite a night. What do you think?” John asked as the lights went off.

I stood there stunned in the dark and really could not find the reply that would fit this situation. After a few seconds of silence, the ladies returned to the pool. I could see the silhouettes but could not make out which figure was Anna and which was my wife. They both walked down the steps and one lady approached each of us. I felt my anticipation build as I wondered if my wife would now be joining me or if it was Anna.

One of the ladies approached me and took my hand. In the moonlight, I could see this was Anna and she was guiding me up to the shallow end of the pool. Once I was in about three foot of water, Anna instructed me to sit on the edge of the pool. I followed her instructions and was thankful it was dark due to the bulge in my trunks.

As I raised myself up out of the pool, in one smooth movement, Anna removed my trunks and tossed them into the yard. I tried to cover myself, but Anna’s hands were on my cock already. She softly stroked my cock up and down and then with one hand began removing her suit. I watched in the dim moonlight as she guided the strap from her shoulder; her hand slowing tracing down the thin strap and pulling down to her breast. Then she was moving slowly and seductively to the other strap, again tracing it down from her shoulders to her breast. In one fluid motion, she removed her top and her large breasts came free. Her breasts were very large with very little sag and her dark silver dollar sized nipples stood at attention as if posing for my gaze. She held both breasts, kneading them in her hands and watching me intently for my reaction. My bulge ever increasing, I had momentarily forgotten about everything except Anna.

Anna leaned into me pressing her hard nipples against my chest and with one hand pulling my lips to hers. I felt her tongue as it entered my mouth and I gave into the passion of the moment and returned her kiss with as much fervor as I could muster. She began to slowly trace her tongue down my neck. I could not believe the sheer eroticism of the moment as she gently kissed and caressed my chest.

As she continued to kiss her way lower and approaching where I wanted to be kissed the most, I could just make out our two spouses in about the same position on the opposite side of the pool. I could see my wife as she was sucking the largest cock I had ever seen in my life. She was taking the long cock deep into her throat and bobbing up and down as if she was milking his cock. My wife had always been especially good at sucking my cock, but as I watched I realized that she was really having fun with this enormous cock, undoubtedly the largest she had ever seen, much less sucked.

I was surprised that this site did not enrage me in any way. I actually felt more aroused knowing that my wife appeared to be enjoying John as much as I was enjoying Anna.

As I looked down, I could see Anna taking my balls eryaman escort into her mouth. She was alternating between licking and sucking them as her hand stroked my hard shaft. She then arose and placed my hard cock between her large breasts and squeezed them tight enough I could feel the hardness of her nipples as they raked across my cock. Each time she would lower herself and my cock would become visible between her breasts, she would place the head into her mouth and tickle it with her tongue. Over and over she continued with this wonderful worshipping of my cock and with each thrust, I could feel the tension of my load building.

As I gazed across the pool, I now saw my wife bent over the edge of the pool and John was thrusting his cock into her tight pussy. Each time he thrust inward filling her with his huge cock, I could hear her moan in pleasure.

“Fuck me John, oh God Yes!!! Fuck Me!” I heard her scream.

“And it is about time you fuck me too.” I heard Anna say as she placed both knees on either side of me.

I felt her hand as it clutched my cock tightly and guided it into her love hole. She was so tight which surprised me having seen that huge cock my wife was worshipping this very moment. As she rocked back and forth on my cock, I could feel her fingernail occasionally as she rubbed her clit intently while using my rod for her pleasure. In only a moment, I felt the warm gush and the unmistaken twitching of the female orgasm. As she came, Anna thrust her tongue into my mouth and mine to hers. I could feel her pussy clutch onto my cock and squeeze tightly in spasms as she climaxed.

“I want to taste you. Cum in my mouth…. Cum for me Baby”, I heard my wife say. I stole a glance to see that she had now begun to milk his cock and wanted to feel his essence spray into her. This surprised me only in the fact that for years she had refused to take me that way but for John, she was definitely going to make an exception. As her hand jacked his cock into her mouth, her other fingers were clawing scratches down John’s chest which he seemed to enjoy. I saw as he tensed and my wife took his entire length into her throat. I watched intently as he came for what seemed minutes as my wife took it all and seemingly wanted, no needed, even more. She swallowed all he could produce and began licking his cock and balls in an attempt to get another rise from this big cock.

This was too much for me and as if Anna felt my cock swell in anticipation of a climax, Anna hopped into the water between my outstretched legs. She placed my cock into her mouth and using her tongue to trace the head, began to moan onto my cock. The vibrations from her moaning coupled with her fondling of my balls brought me to climax quickly. She took every drop that I could produce and sucked my cock begging for more for her to swallow.

As if by plan, she then glided to the other side of the pool as my wife glided to me. Once I could see my wife’s face and the exhausted look of pleasure, I knew that she had enjoyed herself. As she approached me, she allowed her hands to trace up my legs to my cock and she began kissing and licking my cock and balls. It was only a moment until I was erect again and my wife lovingly sucked my cock as she had never done before. She was so aroused and was taking my cock so deep that it only took a couple of minutes and I was giving her my load just as I had seen her taking another load earlier.

Exhausted, I collapsed at poolside. Once I collapsed, I watched as my wife rejoined Anna and John on the other side. Anna was astride of John’s massive cock as she had done mine and was fucking him for all he could handle. My wife, at the waters edge, was in perfect position and proceeded to lick John’s cock in between Anna’s strokes. Up, Anna would go and my wife would lick the underside of John’s swollen cock. Down, Anna would go and my wife would lick John’s balls and lick up to trace Anna’s pussy and then down again. This continued for several moments until John was ready to explode. Anna dismounted him and held his cock into my wife’s mouth and allowing John to pass her his second load. John then laid back in exhaustion.

When John lay back, my wife moved in between Anna’s legs as she was sitting poolside now. My wife began to run her tongue up and down the beautiful pussy lips that Anna had stretched around my cock only minutes earlier. She began sucking on Anna’s clitoris as Anna began convulsing and in a wave my wife brought Anna to climax. Anna hugged my wife and then as my wife rose out of the pool, they embraced one last time and I saw as their tongues darted back and forth between each others lips. I was amazed and aroused, since my wife had never expressed any attraction to women before now. After several minutes of kissing, the ladies too stretched out on the cold concrete of the pool deck and enjoyed the cool cement on their naked exhausted bodies.

John and Anna come over still, each and every day. We don’t always ‘cut loose’ like we did that night, but we are definitely closer friends than before. And I hope we stay friends for quite some time.

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The Party Boat

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After he exited the shower and finished drying off, Harry quickly bunged on a pair of jeans and a polo top before sitting at the desk in his hotel room and opening his lap-top. The screen came to life and the screensaver shot of himself and his wife appeared before him. He looked at it briefly, before making a mental note to change it before he was finished with his job search.

His seventeen-year marriage had, at least to him, come to an abrupt end. His wife having admitted to him that, with him away at sea for, sometimes, months at a time, she had found solace in the arms, and the bed — he thought to himself, of an old school flame. Although it still seemed recent news to Harry, that was five months ago and he had been in this hotel room ever since.

It seemed to Harry that his life was being turned upside-down. Not only had his domestic life hit the proverbial rocks but his career was at a crossroads. The cruise liner he had captained for the last five years had been sold off by the company and he had been placed on furlough by his company as they did not have any vacancies for a ship’s captain at the present. Sure, he was still receiving a salary — but, in line with the small print in the contract he had signed, it was only 50% of what he had been on. The cost of the hotel was eating into his savings and he would need to find somewhere cheaper to stay very soon, unless events took a turn for the better. He could get by, but he wanted to do more than that and was determined to find new employment so that he could start his new, bachelor, life.

He carried out his daily search of the usual maritime job agencies for available positions; Captain’s vacancies were rare indeed and usually went to people already employed by the company, either sideways moves or promotions to those whom had proved themselves worthy. He was now getting to the point where he would be prepared to lower his sights, if the need arose — maybe not a cruise liner — if necessary, he would captain a ferry, though the drop in salary would be substantial but it could be a stepping-stone until something better came along.

He jotted down notes of contact details for a couple of jobs that were available; pulling a grimace at the salaries on offer, then he went back to the search page and clicked on an agency he had never visited before. The first advert caught his attention immediately — “Cruise Liner Captain required — previous experience a must!”. He read all of the available information, before reading it again. He hesitated at the paragraph that began “Applicants must be sexually experienced and have a liberal attitude towards life on board.”

Satisfied that he met all of the regular criteria, he decided that he was, indeed, sexually experienced, albeit having been in, on his part, a faithful marriage for seventeen years with limited sex due to his frequent time spent away from home. He still had the fond memories of his late teens and early twenties when his wild oats were well and truly sown. The phrase “liberal attitude towards life on board” concerned him slightly; he was used to running a tight ship where everyone knew their place and carried out their roles perfectly. Still, this was the only vacancy that was equivalent to what he was used to and offered a corresponding salary. He could raise any concerns at an interview, should he get that far.

He clicked on the “Apply” button on the screen and completed the application form, attaching a copy of his cv before hitting the “send” button. Feeling somewhat better that he had found a suitable vacancy, he switched to his emails. Most of the ones received were personal, expressing sympathy with him for his impending divorce; he responded to these, thanking them for their kind wishes and concern. When he saw the name “Stevie Huntsby” he paused; the woman whose ex- husband was now lying in his bed, fucking his wife. They were friends, well, more acquaintances, having met up on odd occasions such as wedding anniversaries and special birthdays. He opened the email — this one was not offering sympathy or any concerns for his well-being; it merely asked “Wanna meet?” — he clicked on the attachment to see a picture of Suzie in black lingerie, her shapely figure displayed to full effect in the sexy attire. He smiled for the first time since the bombshell had been dropped; then he sent his response, declining the offer in the politest way he could. As he was about to log out of his emails, a new one arrived from “Party Ships”; he opened it up to find an acknowledgement of his job application, requesting a recent photo in his uniform and advising him that he would hear within one week if he had been short-listed.

Although there were plenty of photos of him in his uniform posing with passengers on his previous ship, these were all in the company’s files and they claimed copyright over them anyway. He got up from his computer and went to his wardrobe, pulling out his uniform. He quickly stripped out of what he was wearing and esat escort donned his uniform, checking himself in the mirror. In his mid-forties, he felt he still cut a dashing figure; one of the benefits of being Captain of a cruise liner was that he got to use the on-board gym and he usually worked out every day. Now for the difficult part; taking a selfie. He had never mastered the knack of this; most of the pictures taken of him were by a professional cameraman on board ship and he rarely felt the need for selfies. He made several attempts but none came out to his liking; he was either staring strangely at the camera or he got the angle wrong. Just then there was a knock on the door, “Room Service,” came the female voice.

“Sorry, not now — can you come back later?” he enquired.

“Of course, sir,” came the polite response.

Almost immediately he realised what an idiot he had been. He rushed to the door and opened it, catching sight of the young woman in a maid’s uniform pushing a trolley along the passageway.

“Excuse me, miss,” he called after her.

She stopped in her tracks and turned around, her eyes lighting up at the sight of him in his uniform.

“Yes, sir, can I help you?” she asked.

“I was wondering — I need a photo and I’m useless at selfies — would you be so kind?”

She smiled demurely at him as she parked her trolley to the side of the passage and walked towards him.

“May I enquire?” she began, “Is it for a fancy-dress party?”

“What? Oh no — for a job application — these are my working clothes,” he responded.

“Oh — so you are in the Navy?” she asked, her eyes roving over the tight body in uniform.

“No — not the Royal Navy — if that’s what you mean — I’m a captain on commercial ships — cruise liners,” he answered, noting the look of attraction in her eyes.

“Where would you like me to take your picture? In your bedroom, maybe?” she enquired, as she took his phone from his hand.

“Yes — I think that would be better than the hallway,” he said, as he turned his back on her and led her into his room.

He walked towards the window and stood in front of it, standing almost to attention as he posed for her. When she had taken the picture, she handed the phone back to him to check that it was okay. He smiled and then a thought occurred to him, “Could you take one more, please?” he asked.

“Of course, captain, anything you wish,” she answered, taking the phone again, her hand lingering on his for a few seconds.

He resumed his position, but this time took off his hat and tucked it under his arm. The maid was about to take the picture when she saw an excuse to get close to him again.

“Wait a moment,” she instructed, “your hair’s all messed up.” She went to the dressing table and picked up his comb, stretching up on tip-toes to comb his dark locks back into position, her breasts brushing against his chest as she did.

Feeling her pressing against him, Harry felt the temptation to pull her into his embrace. She was pretty, probably about half his age and had a very nice body, from what he could make out. He was a single man again and she was coming on to him; why shouldn’t he have the pleasures of a woman in his bed? His moral code kicked into gear though; his training throughout his career frequently covered the issue of passengers “coming-on” to men in uniform, particularly officers, and he resisted the temptation of the young woman pressing against him.

Disappointed that nothing had come of her advances, the maid stood a couple of paces back and took the second picture. Returning the phone to him, she smiled, “If there is anything else you need — anything at all — please call reception and ask for Natalie.”

“Thank you, Natalie — I’ll bear that in mind,” he answered, “Now, I can’t keep you from your work — I’ll be out in about half-an-hour — you can do my room any time after that.”

As she reluctantly left his room, Harry sat down at the desk and linked his phone to the laptop — downloading the pictures, before sending them off to “Party Ships” in a response email.

The days passed slowly; Harry was not used to having nothing to do — used to either being busy captaining a ship with roughly two and a half thousand souls dependant on him or, in his previous domestic life, carrying out all of the odd jobs that had accumulated in his absence. He carried out job searches every morning, checked his emails — responding to the sympathy “cards” and waited, impatiently, for a response from “Party Ships.”

Finally, it was there — he clicked on it immediately, scanning the message — he was invited for an interview the next day, at their office in London. He had already had his uniform dry-cleaned and he set about polishing his shoes. Checking the mirror, he decided that a hair-cut was in order and called reception to see if the in-house barbers could fit him in. He was given etimesgut escort an appointment at five-thirty that afternoon; everything was ready, now he just needed to impress at interview.

Next morning, he left in plenty of time, not wanting to leave anything to chance. When he arrived at the rather drab looking building an hour before his appointment, he was caught in two minds. His present employers’ offices were quite swish, with no expense spared to impress on-lookers and prospective customers alike; this building looked like the offices for a second-rate company who were just floating above the bread-line. He looked around and spotted a café on the opposite corner; as he had an hour to kill, he decided to have a coffee and consider whether to continue with his job application or not.

Sitting in the window of the café, he kept gazing at the building opposite. Various expressions filtered through his mind — “You can’t tell a book by it’s cover,” “First impressions are lasting impressions,” the latter countered by one of his favourite novelists, Franz Kafka “First impressions are always unreliable.” Deciding that he had nothing to lose, he concentrated on his coffee, taking a mild interest in the people passing by. He smiled to himself at the number of women who did a double-take when they looked in the café window; it still amazed him the effect a man in uniform had on women.

The time arrived for him to make a move; he went to the counter and paid for his coffee, smiling at the young girl as she took his money. Exiting the building, he made his way across the road and into the foyer of the office, approaching the reception desk where an elderly man stopped reading the newspaper to assist him. He was directed to the lift and told to select the fifth floor where the reception for “Party Ships” was. He checked himself in the mirror in the lift, adjusting his tie and ensuring his hat was on straight.

Exiting on the fifth floor, his attention was captured by the framed photos on the walls. The first few were of ships, presumably in the “Party Ships” fleet; but as he walked further along the corridor to the reception desk, he was stunned by pictures of ship’s crew with scantily clad and, on occasion, topless women. Arriving at the reception, he looked down at the buxom brunette, dressed in a sexy sailor’s uniform. She smiled up at him and asked his name; when he provided it, she picked up a phone and announced his arrival to the Personal Assistant to the Managing Director. Directing him to take a seat, her parting words were, “I’ll serve on your crew any time you want, Captain,” giving him a sexy wink as he looked down at her again, her cleavage so very clearly on view.

He took a seat and picked up one of the company’s brochures from the coffee table in front of him. As he flicked through the pages, he realised what the expression “liberal attitude to life on board” meant; as far as he could establish, the company specialised in floating orgies. He fidgeted uncomfortably in his seat; looking occasionally at the receptionist, who seemed to be constantly watching him. When a door opened and a woman came out in a smart business suit, he got up and introduced himself.

“Welcome, Captain — I hope Gloria has been looking after you?” she enquired.

“Well — she’s been keeping an eye on me, if that’s what you mean,” he responded, shaking the proffered hand.

“I’m Synthia Albright — PA to the board — if you’d like to follow me, please,” she turned and led Harry through the door and along a corridor to a door labelled “Board Room.” Once inside, Synthia introduced Harry to the two gentlemen sitting at a desk and asked him to take a seat.

After the initial introductions and some general preliminary questions, digging deeper into his nautical career, the Managing Director, Sam Prempory, asked, “So Harry — I see you are recently divorced. I hope that a good-looking young, fit man like you is keen to get back on the bike, so to speak? You see, we at Party Ships encourage our staff to help our customers enjoy themselves to the extreme — we get a lot of good feedback and a lot of returning passengers once they have experienced a Party Cruise! So, basically, what we need to know, because we are impressed with your experience, is are you willing to go that extra mile to satisfy our clients?”

Looking at the two men sitting opposite him, Harry’s face flushed as he remembered the photos lining the reception areas walls.

“Umm — I really would like the opportunity to captain my own ship again — as you will have noticed from my cv, I’ve been on furlough for five months and the money isn’t great. Can you explain, just what would be expected of me in the way of customer satisfaction?”

“Well, I know you’ve seen the brochure that was outside and I’m sure you will have noticed the photos hanging on the wall — our clients are often very wealthy individuals — they etlik escort have been known to express their appreciation very generously. The reason for this vacancy is that the previous captain got himself married to one of the passengers, an extremely wealthy widow, and they are now cruising around the world together. But, back to your question — the simple answer is anything they want you to do, Harry. Within reason of course, if you’re not bi-sexual, we wouldn’t expect you to carry out any sexual acts with a man — but, if a woman wants you, you need to be there for them. Now, obviously, we couldn’t ask you about sexual preferences, experience etcetera, in the job advert — but we do need to know — are you straight? Bi? Gay? And how experienced are you? If you have only ever done missionary, then, sorry — the job isn’t for you.”

Harry looked from one face to the other, then turned his face to look at Synthia, who was perched in an armchair, taking notes. She looked at him inquisitively, awaiting his response. His eyes looked down at her crossed legs, encased in sheer black nylons; he licked his lips and looked back up at her face, which now wore a smile. Turning back to Sam and the other man, Jeremy, Harry answered.

“I’m straight — that is, I’ve only ever been with women. Umm — sexually, I tried out a lot when I was younger — before I got married — but the sex-life became a bit routine after the wedding, and being away at sea so much didn’t help.”

“Okay,” said Sam, watching Harry closely, “now, I need to know — the reason for your wife finding another man — it wasn’t due to some shortcomings on your part in the bedroom was it?”

“No — of course not — other than the fact that I was hardly ever there — but, like any man who’s been at sea a long time — once I got home, I couldn’t get her into bed quick enough,” answered Harry, feeling flustered and insulted at the suggestion that he was no longer able to satisfy his wife.

“Given your surname Harry — I do assume you pronounce Chayne as chain, do you?”

“Yes, Mr Prempory — exactly like that,” he answered.

“No need for formalities Harry — call me Sam — now, as I was saying, given your name — some of our clients may expect you to be up for some BDSM fun — is that something you have experience in?”

Harry looked at the two men, a stunned expression on his face. He fumbled around in his memories and finally came up with something.

“There was this girl, before I was married, she liked to be handcuffed and blindfolded — but that is my only experience,” he stated. His eyes glazed over briefly as he pictured her helpless on the bed before him.

“Well, that’s a start, I suppose,” said Jeremy, who, up until this point, had left all of the talking to Sam.

Sam looked at Synthia and nodded his head. She got up, but instead of approaching him, as Harry had expected, she opened the door and left, returning a couple of minutes later with Gloria.

As they entered the room, Synthia returned to her armchair while Gloria made her way over to Harry. Her skirt was even shorter than he had thought from first sight and barely covered her arse as she twirled in front of him.

“So, Harry, if you want this job, it is likely to entail a lot of public sex — we need to know that you are capable of performing in front of an audience. Are you willing to give us an example of your willingness?”

Harry gulped as he watched Gloria slowly and sensually swaying before him. He looked at the two men and then at Synthia, who were all watching attentively.

“So, if Gloria is playing the role of a passenger, am I supposed to wait for her to tell me what she wants me to do?” he eventually managed to ask.

“Harry, my friend, you have a lot to learn in a short space of time — if one of your passengers approaches you and dances like that, without saying anything, she wants you to take the lead — she wants you to be a caveman — to take her, to use her — ultimately to satisfy her needs.”

After Sam had finished talking, Harry looked from Gloria to him and then back again. He rose to his feet and put his hands on Gloria’s hips, swaying in time with her to the imaginary music. As she smiled at him, he moved his hands around and under her short skirt, grabbing her arse and mounding the soft flesh. Pressing herself against him, Gloria kissed his neck, her hands reaching behind and grabbing his arse. He reached inside her panties and slid his fingers along her slit, causing her to gasp.

Pulling slightly away from him, Gloria quickly undid and removed her skirt, sliding her panties off at the same time. She looked lustily at him as she got on all fours on a shagpile rug in the middle of the room, waggling her arse as she waited for him.

“It’s now or never,” thought Harry, as he looked at the audience again. He took off his jacket and trousers and lowered his boxers, before positioning himself behind Gloria and stroking his hard cock up and down her slit. At this point, Synthia rose from her chair and wandered over — she looked down as if inspecting his cock.

Turning to Sam and Jeremy, she said, “Not bad — I’ve seen worse — I don’t think we’ll get any complaints.”

Feeling the need to prove himself, Harry drove his cock hard into Gloria, causing her to moan out loud.

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Wild Oats – The Party

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“Sally, my birthday is next week and I wondered, if I pay for everything, could I have it at your house?”

“Jason, what exactly do you have in mind?”

“Saturday we both get off work at 5 and we both have Sunday off this week. Saturday I will be twenty. I was thinking some burgers on the grill and some beer. You know, just a relaxed celebration among friends. These are buds I went to high school with and we do not get together very often.”

“That would be fine, but I am a proud woman. Even though I don’t have much, before you invite friends over, this place needs to be super clean and neat. I will expect you to help me dust, vacuum, and clean during the week if we are going to party Saturday night.”

“Oh thank you, Sally. I have Wednesday off and will dedicate it to cleaning your house top to bottom.”

When I came home from work Wednesday evening, Jason was just finishing mopping the kitchen floor. Everything looked great. He had also set up a charcoal grill in the backyard and a portable fire pit with six outdoor chairs around it.

“Looks like you have everything set. How many guys are we expecting?”

“Only four besides you and me.”

“Have I met them?”

“Well, you met the twins when we went hiking and you really liked them. Tom came into the store the otherday, he works in construction and played a basketball guard in high school. He is 5’10”, 160 lbs. Then there is Roger who is 6’3″, 200 lbs. who was a wrestler in high school and is a carpenter by trade.”

Saturday night I got home about 5:30 and took a shower. The guys were expected at 7. Jason was already there. He had a pony keg of beer set up on the back porch, wood piled in the fire pit and charcoal ready to light in the grill. He was dressed casually in shorts and a T-shirt so I decided to do the same.

During my shower, I shaved my legs and pits and trimmed my bush, just because I like the neat, clean feel. I dressed in some pretty peach colored panties, loose shorts, and a loose T-shirt. It was going to be dark in the backyard by 8:30 and no one would know that I was not wearing a bra. My perky, full, natural, DD breasts could move unfettered.

The twins were the first to arrive and both gave me a kiss and a full body hug. Tom and Roger arrived while I was hugging the twins and after introductions, they hugged me too.

Tonight was going to be fun. Just me and five young hunks.

We all grabbed a beer and settled around the fire pit while Jason and one of the twins flipped burgers on the grill a few feet away, but close enough to be involved in conversation.

After dinner one of the guys cebeci escort pulled out some weed and we all took a few hits as we passed it around. We all had enjoyed several rounds of beer and began taking turns visiting the bathroom.

The mosquitoes began to get bad so I suggested that we move into the house and sit around the kitchen table. As we were moving inside, Roger spilled his beer on Tom. After a lot of laughing, Tom just took off his shirt. Nice abs.

A few more beers and someone suggested truth or dare. It sounded like innocent fun so we all joined in.

The first few rounds were innocent enough, but we kept drinking and soon we all became more sexual and suggestive. I will not bore you with everything, but at one point they were talking about their best sexual experience, who had the biggest cock, etc. I was dared to give someone a hand job and then someone was dared to lick my breasts. Roger was dared to take me in the bedroom and make out for 5 minutes. Let me tell you, that guy can kiss. His hands were busy and the 5 minutes flew by.

We moved into strip poker and since no one was wearing much, we were all naked within 30 minutes.

All the guys were well hung. The twins, as you will remember, are long and thin. Roger was about 7 thick inches and Tom was about the same, a little thinner, but instead of standing out straight, it curved up.

Tom followed me to the bathroom and that is how it all began. When I came out, Tom was in the hall. He said, “Sally, you are beautiful.” He gave me a kiss and with all the beer, weed, and male hormones, I literally opened myself to him. I was horny and kissed him back. While we were kissing and hugging, I could feel his hard penis poking me. I lifted one leg, grabbed him in my hand, moved him up and down my slit a few times to get him wet and positioned him at my love entrance. He pushed in and his curved cock rubbed over my G spot as he stroked in and out of me. I must have screamed. All the guys came running in from the kitchen. When they saw that it was a scream of joy, they stood back and watched as Tom and I fucked standing up in the hall.

It seemed like I was having a continuous orgasm as Tom’s dick kept rubbing my G spot until he finally came. He gushed stream after stream of hot creamy cum into my vagina. I clung to him and wrapped my legs around him to hold him in as long as I could. He shrank and slipped out and I could feel his cum oozing out.

I looked at the naked guys with their beautiful cocks standing out proudly and said, I need to clean myself up. Then, why don’t we çukurambar escort move this to the bedroom and I will take care of any of you who want me.”

In the bathroom I cleaned my pussy and gave myself a quick enema just in case we went there also.

When I came into the bedroom the guys were arranged around the bed with space for me in the middle. “How do you want me?”

“On your back with your hear up here.”

I placed a pillow under my butt to raise my pussy up because I like the angle better than if I lie flat. The guys began loving me.

I had a twin on each breast, Jason by my head, Tom licking my pussy, and Roger rubbing my belly. Tom said, “I want to taste you.

“Guys, before we get started, there is one thing I want you to know. If you cum, cum inside me. I will swallow if you cum in my mouth. I love to feel your warm spunk in my vagina, but I do not like cum on my face, in my hair, or on my body. Everyone understand?”

They all eagerly nodded and Tom returned to exploring my pussy with his mouth, lips, and tongues.

Jason began with some deep kisses and then presented his cock to me and I loved him orally.

The twins sucked, licked, and played with my DD breasts and erect nipples.

Roger just kept running his hands over my trunk and arms – gently caressing me as if just touching me was enough.

It seems the guys had decided on a counter clockwise rotation because in about fifteen minutes they all moved. No one seemed to be in a hurry to cum. We all just enjoyed the loving. I did have several orgasms of my own from the intense stimulation.

After Tom loved me orally, all the other guys fucked me when it was their turn in my pussy. By the third time around, each of them had cum in me at least once except Roger.

I think he was determined to fuck me to climax that third time because, although I was certainly nice and loose by now, he kept changing angles and rhythms until he finally began thrusting harder and faster. It seemed like his cock took over and he was fucking short strokes in and out so fast it seemed like a blur. Then his balls exploded into me. His cock pulsed as he expelled his cum into me.

“Oh Sally, that was so good. I have not been with a woman all summer. I think you got it all! Thank you.”

One of the twins wanted me on top of him so we switched places and I straddled him cowgirl and he played with my breasts. They bounced wildly as we thrust ourselves together. He pulled me down on him and his brother began teasing my back entrance. He used the moisture I demetevler escort was providing and spread it around my sphincter and on his fingers as he began to open my ass. One finger and then two. He was gentle and patient and I was fully relaxed as I fucked his brother vaginally. I felt him teasing with his erect cock and then he was in. I was glad he had a skinny cock as this passage is not often used by my lovers. I could feel both cocks in me rubbing together through the thin membrane between ass and vagina and I had one of the best orgasms that I have ever had. My orgasm triggered theirs and all of a sudden I felt penis spasms and warm spurts in both holes.

Now that my ass was open, all the guys wanted a turn. Roger, who was longest and thickest of the bunch waited until last and by then I was ready for him. It actually felt sensual as he fucked me in the ass and when he came, he literally erupted again. Male juice was flowing into me like an open fire hose and I was enjoying every moment of it.

The other guys left, but Roger stayed with me. He slipped out as he shrank and I went into the bathroom to clean up. I brought back a warm wash cloth, soap, and a towel to lovingly clean Roger. We kissed, cuddled, and went to sleep holding each other.

I woke up several hours later with Roger caressing my breasts and I reached down for his penis to check its current state. He was only semi hard so I slipped lower and began licking and sucking to get him fully erect. I knew I would be wet without even checking.

“Roger, how do you want me?”

“Let’s kiss first and go from there.”

We kissed with him lying on me and as I felt his hard cock between us, I spread my legs to accommodate him. While we kissed he reached down and moved his cock up and down my slit to moisten the tip and then moved it around on my clit.

“Roger, put it in me. I want you now!”

I reached between us and directed his cock to my love hole and pushed up to force it in. I guess the slick warm feeling of my vagina surrounding his cock was enough stimuli because he easily slid all the way in. We began a slow loving dance of love. I was so wet I could hear the squish as we pushed together and pulled apart. Roger’s staying power was great and we must have leisurely fucked for twenty minutes before he began to pick up the pace and began slamming into me. Now I could hear the slap of flesh as we came together. I felt him swell as he approached his climax and as his cum coated the insides of my vagina, I came with him.

We lay together. We rolled over, still joined, so that I could lay on him and we slept the rest of the night that way with my head on his chest and his cock deep in my pussy.

Like the other Sally stories, this was told to me by Sally. It took place in the 1970’s before the threat of AIDS. Sally has always enjoyed sex and she strongly believes that there is a difference between sex and love. There is sex without love, sex with love, and love without sex.

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