My Daddy Now

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I looked up to see a three storey building towering over me.

“Its quite posh isn’t it.” I finally spoke. Carrie shrugged her shoulders and led me to the front door.

“Not quite as posh on the inside.” She replied nonchalantly. We stepped through the door and what I saw astounded me. The inside of the house was even more beautiful than the outside.

“Is that you Carrie?” Came a male voice from the kitchen. And that’s when it started. That day lead me to lose my virginity in the best possible way ever and remind me of the best sex of my life.

Let me describe myself to you. I have just turned 18 and I’m about 5’7″ with light brown hair that falls on my shoulders. I have always been told that my eyes are as deep as an ocean and about the same colour as they are greeny-blue. I am slim with curves in all the right places and slightly athletic due to years of dancing. My skin is a light brown colour and I often get asked if I am mixed black and white even though I am full black. I was blessed with an ass to die for but unfortunately not breasts to match, from the age of 13 I have had to live with humble 34B breasts. But this didn’t stop me from getting attention from the opposite sex.

Back to the story

Carrie was the first person that I met when I started at college and we became friends very quickly. The next day she invited me back to her house for dinner. Carrie was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever met, she was slightly shorter than me but as her body was quite petite she was able to carry it off well. Also she was tanned but didn’t look orange the way a lot of other white girls look. kürt porno

Carrie responded to her father by saying “Yes daddy it’s me, the only other person who lives here.” Her father stepped out of the kitchen and sighed heavily, then he looked at me quizzically before saying, “And who is this stunning beauty?” I swear to God that must have been the most I have ever blushed in my life. Carrie hit her dad playfully and told him to stop teasing and get dinner started.

After dinner Carrie’s dad went upstairs to do some work in his study while Carrie and I watched a scary movie. I personally hated scary movies but Carrie was adamant that we should watch it. About 30 minutes into the movie I turned to talk to Carrie and noticed she was asleep. Typical I thought. Just then I saw the door to the living room slowly creep open, I screamed at the exact same time as the woman on screen.

“Shit!” I yelled, but quiet enough so that Carrie didn’t hear.

“I’m sorry for scaring you.” Carries dad replied. He asked me why I was even watching such a scary movie when I was practically alone and I explained that Carrie wanted to watch it. He asked me if I wanted him to keep me company while I watched it but I said no thanks and switched it off. He then offered to make me a drink which I accepted and followed him into the kitchen. We talked for a while about college and a bit of politics, and joked around before he finally went serious and said “Vanessa, I think you’re beautiful.” I was a bit taken aback and almost chocked on my drink. Before I could respond he pulled me close and kissed me, deeply and passionately. I felt his cock get hard in his trousers and he pushed it against me even harder. I forced myself out of his embrace and took a long hard look at him. I saw his salt and pepper hair, his warm chocolatey brown eyes and his tall body that looked extremely toned for someone who was close to 40. Suddenly I noticed that I had started to get wet. “Let’s go upstairs.” He whispered. Well he didn’t have to tell me twice. We went upstairs to his room and he kissed me with urgency as I started to get out of my clothes. He stopped and looked at me. The sort of look that seemed as though a light had just switched on in his head.

“This is so wrong.” He finally said. “My daughter’s friend.” But it seemed as though he was talking to himself rather than me. Nevertheless I thought I would put him at ease as he seemed so genuine.

“I want this.” I replied. In two seconds flat he was completely naked and I saw one of the biggest hardest cocks I had seen in my life. Although I was still a virgin I had jerked a couple of my previous boyfriends off, but none of them were even in the same league as Ben (that was his name) when it came to size. I saw a thick drop of pre-cum ooze from his prick and I felt myself get even wetter.

“You still a virgin baby?” he asked. I nodded my head. “It’s gonna hurt a bit then.” He ran his finger along my now incredibly moist slit. He found my hole a gently pushed it his finger in.

“Fuck! This has got to be the tightest pussy I’ve had in a while.” He worked his finger in and out while flicking his tongue latin porno delicately across my nipples. “You like that baby?” he asked. I could only moan in pleasure and he flashed me a grin that made me weak. Just as I was about to cum Ben removed his finger and I gave him a confused look. “You’re ready for me now babe.” He adjusted himself over me and lined his cock up with my hole. I held my breath in anticipation, he must have sensed this as he told me to relax. He gently pushed one inch in at a time until he got to my hymen, then he stopped and looked into my eyes. He held my gaze as he whispered “I’m sorry baby.” And thrust his full length into me. I screamed the loudest that I have ever screamed and he held still to allow me to adjust to the invasion of his 9 inch cock. He moved in and out slowly but soon could not take the tightness of pussy contracting around his hard cock and he started pumping in and out of me at a rapid speed. After a few minutes I felt myself about to cum.

“OH GOD!” I panted. “I’m about to cum.

“Say my name first” Ben replied. I started to scream “Ben!” loudly but he just shook his head. “That’s not what you want to call me, you and I both know that. Now say it.” Without even realising it the word ‘Daddy’ escaped from my mouth. “Good girl, now cum for daddy nice and hard, I want my cock covered.” I came for the first time that night and it wasn’t the last. Ben pumped away for another 10 minutes all the while with me moaning ‘daddy’. Finally I felt him tense and unload his cum inside me. As we rested from the session ne turned to me and asked me if I was protected. I slowly shook my head.

“Well.” He started “Carrie’s always wanted a brother or sister.”


Leave comments please. All are appreciated. If you criticise please tell me what to work on. And tell me if you like it or whether I shouldn’t give up my day job lol.

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The White Wolf 04

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All characters are over 18. The second installment doesn’t contain any sex either, I’m pretty sure it will be in the next one. I’m trying to slow down my writing process a little. Feel free to comment and suggest changes. I am still looking for an editor if anyone is interested.



I met his amber eyes, I had smelled his spicy scent as soon as I went through the door. It was kind of funny that all of the packs agreed to make the announcement the day before I met my mate.

He was beautiful.

Sitting down I could not tell how tall the man was, but I’m sure I’ll know soon. I stared into amber eyes as I made his way through the dance floor.



I forgot to breathe. I fiddled with the glass in my hands. For some reason I could not shy away from those silver eyes. I had yet to take in any of the man’s other features, but those silver eyes held secrets. Secrets that I desperately wanted to know.

Before long, the man belonging to those silver eyes was in front of me. He smiled. I tried to smile, I don’t know if I was successful. I was nervous..I missed what he said.




I reached the man before long. I smiled at him. His small smile back was all I needed.

“Can I buy you a drink?” It came out of my mouth before I realized how corny it sounded.

“What?” He replied. He hadn’t heard my first question, I got to try again.

“I’m Blaine.” I stuck my hand out.

He blushed “Aloke” he took my hand in his and we shook for a little longer than necessary.

“Are you here with someone?”

“I came with my friend” he said as he pointed to a short blonde on the dance floor with one of my pack members Anali. I reached out to my connection with Anali “Is that your mate?”

“Yes Alpha.” Anali looked to see where I was in the club and upon making eye contact bowed her head in submission.

“Good. Take her home, I will be accompanying her friend Aloke, my mate.”

“Congratulations Alpha. Thank you.” Usually there was a process that mates had to go through with meeting the alpha before they could mate, it involved a meeting at my workplace to see if they were submissive or dominant, and to see if they could potentially be an alpha. I could already tell from the way Aloke’s friend danced that she was not an alpha. Her mind was lost with Anali as she danced, not seeking out potential threats like an alpha would. She also danced freely, and if Anali hadn’t been holding on to her I’m pretty sure someone else could have stepped in and taken either of them as their partner, something else an alpha would never risk with their mate.

I heard Aloke shuffle in his seat. “She’s pretty.” I said.

“Yes, she is.”

“Is that her girlfriend?”

Aloke minyon porno balked at my openness. “They just met.”

“I have a feeling that they’ll be together until the end, I’m pretty good with these things” I winked at him. I actually wasn’t good with these things but I needed him to know what I was thinking. He was special and I intended to take him.

He blushed again, damn he was cute when he blushed.



When I pointed out Naomi, Blaine stared at her for a couple of minutes. Great. He was into girls. He probably saw us walk in together and wanted to get to her through me. I shuffled in my chair, trying to make my erection less obvious now that I knew he was straight.

“She’s pretty.” He finally said when he withdrew his eyes from her.

“Yes she is.” I replied as my heart shattered. I don’t know why I had such strong feelings for a guy I just met.

“Is that her girlfriend?” He asked like it was the most common question in the world.

“They just met.” I said trying to not looked shocked at his comment. Then he came out with a doozy.

“I have a feeling that they’ll be together until the end, I’m pretty good with these things” And winked at me. Was that an invitation? I could feel myself blushing. I was very attracted to Blaine, he was gorgeous and there was the tiniest of chances that he wanted me.

Then I saw Naomi leaving. I panicked. “Um, I have to go, my friends leaving.” I saw her glance my way. She looked at Blaine. She smiled and waved. I was confused.

“Don’t worry Aloke. I’ll take you home.”

That didn’t sound right to me. He was going to rape me. He would take me in his car and throw me out somewhere no one would find me. But when I looked into his eyes I couldn’t help but trust him. “Okay.”



I was enjoying Aloke’s company when he sputter out “Um, I have to go, my friends leaving.” He looked alarmed. Of course he didn’t know they were mates yet but his words hurt me, I didn’t want him to leave yet.

“Don’t worry Aloke. I’ll take you home.” I said without even thinking. He looked even more nervous then, fear flashing in his eyes. That hurt more than him wanting to leave with his friend.

“Okay” He finally replied in a small voice. I relaxed all the muscles that I didn’t know had tensed upon waiting for his answer. But I didn’t want to take him home just yet.

“Would you go to dinner with me?” I asked feeling the anxiety over his answer fill me again.

He looked at me, confusion, happiness, worry all mixed in those amber eyes of his. “Okay” he replied and finished off his water as if suddenly parched. I smiled. “But I have to be home by midnight.”

“Alright” I replied just a little confused.

“I olgun porno live with my parents” He offered with a blush upon seeing my confusion.

“Oh. I’ll have you home by 11:45 to make a good impression.” I smiled my brightest smile. His eyes made their way to the ground and stayed there. My smile turned into a frown. I reached out my hand and with two fingers pulled his chin up so that his eyes met mine. “What’s wrong little one?” I asked.

He blushed “They can’t know I was with you tonight. They’re strict, they won’t accept it.” I kept my finger under his chin to keep eye contact, but also to keep touching him because he felt like heaven.

“Whatever you say goes Aloke.” I replied even though I just wanted to take him right there and scream to the world, HE’S MINE. “Will you come with me now?” He nodded. It was just past 10 and I only had two hours with my beauty, I sure as hell wasn’t going to waste them.

It turned out Aloke wasn’t so little after all. At 6′ even he stood below me by only a couple of inches. It unnerved me, and excited me at the same time. His nickname wasn’t going away too soon though, until I could call him better things that he knew the sincerity of.

I took him to a small Italian place a couple of blocks away from the bar. It wasn’t fancy, but it had good food. I wanted to hear him delight in their food, their desserts. I took his jacket and put it on the back of his chair and held it out for him to sit. He blushed.

“So what’s good here?” He asked clearing his throat obviously a little uncomfortable with the situation.

“Everything.” I replied and he looked overwhelmed. “Did you have dinner yet?” He nodded. “We’ll just get dessert then.” I smiled. I wanted to see him eat one of their delicious cannolis. I waved the waiter over. “Two cannolis please.”

He wrote it down on his pad “Coming right up sir” he scurried away. Aloke put his menu down.

“What’s a cannoli?” He asked, he had never had one? I was surprised.

“You’ll see.” I said as I saw the waiter approaching us again with two plates a cannoli on each of them.



I was nervous. Blaine took my jacket and held out my seat for me to sit. He was ever the gentleman. It made my heart flutter.

“So what’s good here?” I asked him because italian food was not my forte. I had traditional indian meals cooked by my mother since the day I could chew.

“Everything.” He replied and I was overwhelmed with the things on the menu. Chicken parmesan? Torta Rustica? Chicken Piccata? What were these things?

“Did you have dinner yet?” I nodded, I had dinner with my parents before I went to the bar with Naomi.

“We’ll just get dessert then.” He smiled. He motioned the waiter. “Two cannolis please.” şahin k porno

The waiter looked at him with lust as he said “Coming right up sir” and he sauntered away. I put my menu down, trying to control the possessiveness that had overtaken me.

“What’s a cannoli?” I asked.

“You’ll see.” He said.

The slutty waiter came back with two tan rolls filled with a white cream and place a plate in front of each of us. I looked at Blaine waiting for him to take a bite so I could follow his lead. He didn’t move. His eyes looked at me expectantly. “Well, are you going to try it?” He said

I was not going to ask him how to eat it. I looked around to see if anyone else had the strange roll and saw a woman holding one in her hand, she hadn’t done anything with it yet but I figured I should pick it up.



I intentionally did not touch the tempting cannoli in front of me. I wanted to see what Aloke would do with the new food. “Well, are you going to try it?” I asked, trying to goad him on. His gaze wandered around the room. I kept my eyes locked on him.

He picked up the cannoli. His tongue darted out to taste the filling. My eyes were glued to his tongue. He kept lapping at the filling until he reached an impasse where the shell started. He was hesitant, but took a bite. And as cannolis do oh so often it crumbled in his hand.

He blushed. I smiled. He looked sad and adorable at the same time. He looked up at me “Well how are you supposed to eat it then?” He said with the most sass I had heard from him yet.

I picked up my cannoli and took a bite, forming a suggestive O shape with my mouth before I did so. I flipped it around and took another bite. Then I took the middle and held it out to him. He reached his mouth out and took the whole thing in one bite. His soft lips brushed against my fingers in the process. My cock jumped, it had been hard since I first saw him but now it was calling for his attention.

His phone went off. He picked up. “Yes. Thanks Amar. I owe you one.” He said as he hung up the phone.

“That was my co-worker. He said they were getting off early. His parents are friends with mine. I need to go home now.” I was disappointed I motioned for the bill. The waiter came over and I tipped him double.

“Come on let’s go.” We got into my escalade and he told me his address. It was 15 minutes away. We drove in comfortable silence. I got to his house way too quickly, even though it had taken the exact 15 minutes that he said. He went to get out of my car.

“Wait” I said breathing in his scent. “When can I see you again?”

He sat back. “I don’t know. I don’t think this is a good-“

I cut him off, “Where do you work?” He told me the address, I memorized it immediately. I looked at him lustfully. “Goodnight Aloke.”

He hesitated and opened his door, but I heard him whisper “Goodnight Blaine.” Before he shut it. He strode across the lawn, I knew I would see him again, the first chance I got, but my wolf was not pleased.

I drove away.

To be continued…

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Taming Feminists to 1950s Housewife

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How am I supposed to feel about Senator Jenna Kennington? I was a successful lawyer when I met her. One of the few women to have gotten through law school. I could have just kept my head down and went on with my life. But here was this glamorous Hollywood actress with a social conscience. She knew how to tug my heart strings. Made me feel I had a duty to help all my oppressed sisters.

Well here we are now. I remember walking into Court, strong and confident, my womanliness hidden away behind my smart grey suits. Now me, a lawyer, I’m dressed like a cheap stripper whore. Forced to dance for the thrills and pleasure of the Misogynist bastards who did this to me. She manipulated and used me for her Feminist subversive treason. Lured me in good. Yes I do resent Jenna for leading me down this path, costing me everything, reducing me to a dancing slavegirl. And yeah I do take some schadenfreude in seeing the little Red hellraiser in the same straits. I like how naked she is. Seeing every curve in her body. No bigshot Senator anymore. Strong Feminist Senator reduced to a toy, a soft plaything for Men.

I always followed her, I was her loyal lapdog. I’m glad, that now in our slavery she has to serve me. I layback and the Senator submissively applies makeup to my face. She makes me more enjoyable for Men’s pleasure. Thats whats become of this great Feminist. I look up at the lights trying to hold back a smile. But I can tell by her frowning, that she can feel my joy at her debasement. I might be a slave myself, but I love the feeling of having this arrogant bitch bend to my will. Shes the lowest ranking slave-dancer and all the other girls take pleasure in bossing her around. She used to be such hot shit and now shes the slave of slaves.

I was feeling generous when I woke up this morning, I was pleased she hadn’t had any accidents after spending the night tied, and was going to untie her legs from their painfully strained position. When the Commie bitch started mouthing off to me with her Red Propaganda. She had the nerve to badmouth my distinguished husband. She went on and on about his crimes against women. She had the audacity to address me, his wife, as her fellow woman and oppressed sister.

Look at this pathetic bitch. Tied up in those ridiculous polka dot panties and stockings. Totally powerless and humiliated. And she still goes on with her Feminist bullshit. I’d admire her spunk, but its hard to admire a cunt after you’ve seen her crawl like a dog. Shes at my mercy just to use the bathroom.

I was sure to tape up her smart Red mouth. I had enough of her silly rants. I pressed the masking tape hard against her lips. I wanted it to be extra painful, when the tape was finally ripped off. She looked at me with puppy dog eyes. The strong Communist bitch was gone. She just wanted mercy. But she wouldn’t find any from me. I wanted her to know I was not her sister, we had nothing in common. I was a Patriotic American, proud to be a housewife. And I would go out of my way to show loyalty to my country by making this Red’s stay in our household a living hell. I want her to fear and hate me, even more than my husband.

Womyn’s Herstory 238 The Founding Mothers

The Red Scare is the hardest part of Herstory for me. It brings me shame to be reminded of all the humiliations our poor gender suffered under the Old Patriarchy. Truly Men are merciless beasts. I’m thankful to live under a Feminist Matriarchy in which the cruelty of Males has been removed. I will never forget the horrors Males subjected us to, while they held the power.

Our Founding Mothers struggled against Patriarchy during the worst of times. Senator Jenna Kennington was an early champion of our movement. She spoke out on the floor of the Senate against Male Rule. For this she was accused of being a Communist and sentenced to forced domestication. It pains me to read about how our Founding Mother suffered such humiliation. I can’t believe the 1st President of the Feminist Republic was reduced to being a traditionalist 1950s housewife. But this should only give me more courage to struggle on, when my comrades and sisters endure the same treatment. Woman’s spirit of resistance is unbreakable. Even after such debasement, Jenna still went on to accomplish great things for Feminism.

When Jenna disobeyed her Patriarch she would be sent to the Box as punishment. Tied up in her underwear. I was shocked the 1st time I saw the photo. I had always seen Matriarch Kennington as a strong Feminist leader. But there she was helpless tied up in her underwear. Her head down in defeat. Her eyes are closed, she looks utterly exhausted. The rope cruelly cuts into her skin. A broken, weak, helpless woman. I’m thankful that this class helped me see beyond the Misogynist propaganda. And instead of seeing a defeated victim, I now once again see a woman of courage.

I am confident that Feminism will someday prevail in the Great Gender Civil Wars, and we shall never forgive nor forget the terrors our early leaders suriyeli porno were subject to. Men will pay for every tear they ever caused womyn.

Matriarch Kennington will be avenged!

A Slave Story

The Congresswoman had always been a great inspiration to me. Totally at the mercy of Master’s whims, I had been deeply moved to see a strong, intelligent woman on the television. Against the hostile shouts of the rest of Congress, she had bravely called for the repeal of the anti-feminist laws. I saw Master’s face turn red with rage.

“God damn Commie scum” he kept repeating as he tore into the armrest. IT was an especially hard night for me.

I was utterly heartbroken when I saw the Congresswoman brought in as another common slavegirl. A sister in the harem. I never imagined such a powerful woman could suffer this fate. It broke any hope I had for Women’s Liberation. I had never seen her like this before. She had always looked so proper and professional in her smart pantsuits. But here she was totally exposed. In stockings and high-cut white panties. I had this vision of Communists as Man-Women beasts. It was shocking to see her as just another soft round woman.

Still despite her reduction, I wanted to take the opportunity to talk to my fallen heroine. This was a big mistake and strictly against Master’s rules. He was just itching for a chance to break my image of the Congresswoman.

He had both of us gagged and tied together. Here she was, the Radical Congresswoman who had stood up to Patriarchy. A helpless slave sister. I could feel the weight of her body on top of me. Every bead of sweat dripping from her soft skin. The friction of her warm skin against mine. Every fold of her flesh. I tingled at the warmth flowing from her crotch. This level of intimacy with a woman I had once so admired. I could feel her on top of me, twisting and turning in her bonds. I pitied her, and yet I couldn’t hide my disappointment. There wasn’t going to be any Feminist salvation. These Reds were just as weak and feminine as the rest of us. She was just another woman, for Master to hurt.


Part of my maidly duties includes whipping Communists. I can’t say I don’t enjoy it. Of all my domestic chores, taking out the Red Trash is my favorite. After a long hard day of doing whatever Master wants, it feels good to finally have some power of my own. I love the way she squirms. These Commie skanks think they are so far above us regular good ol’ American gals. Lording it over us. I used to see her using all her big words in her movies. Going to Paris or Rome, on some serious melodrama. And then a woman, elected to Congress, imagine that. Always the same speal on and on about how we women are no different than men.

Seeing her before me, she seems to be as much woman and any other broad. Soft and weak. These Feminists bleed like the rest of us. I love whipping her traitorous ass red. I wonder how she feels knowing her sister women takes more pleasure in it than the Patriarch. Oh how she cries out and begs. Seeing that tough Commie bitch, squeal and whimper like a little girl. In her lacy corset and stockings, shes nothing like those tough Red Army snipers I see in the movies. Shes no Russian, shes an all-American broad under her loud Feminist rants. I love the way her soft feminine buttocks shake as I slap ’em.

She thinks shes better than a little ol’ housemaid like me. Ms.Big Hollywood Actress, Ms.Congresswoman. But now shes totally at my mercy. I don’t need her to save me, she needs me to show pity to her. Underneath her pantsuits, it turns out shes just another girly. Oh God I love hurting her.


The Soviet Feminist Republic holds massed protest rallies demonstrating against the American Patriarchy’s imprisonment and degradation of political prisoner and Feminist Congresswoman Jeanne Kennington. The Women’s Republic is founded on the revolutionary overthrow of Male Rule.

Two Soviet colonels are sent on a daring rescue mission to break Feminist political prisoners out of prison. They have fallen into a trap. All Feminist POWs have already been relocated to housewife slavery. Now the Red Army special forces team are themselves imprisoned.

The harem of enslaved Feminist activists awakes from their sleep at the foot of their Master’s bed to drowsily bat their eyes open to a shocking site. There would be Soviet liberators are the newest addition to the harem sisterhood. These tough, strong Soviet military women who had served as snipers in the subzero winters of the Eastern Front are now reduced to soft little kittens. Let this be a lesson to all American subversives, that you tough Strong Soviet Amazons, are just weak little women underneath like the reset of em. They are mockingly forced to give their new Master a military salute and then begin their new duties.


It had started as an innocent Girls Night of gossip, giggling and makeovers. But then the President of the Young Lady Patriots, brought up the ticklish subject of how she never saw Brenda in home economics class. The other girls started chiming in that they never saw her in any of their domestic homemaking classes either.

Don’t you want to know how to take care of baby and please your man? they teased

Brenda thought this could be a good educational opportunity to raise her roommates Gender Consciousness and teach them about Feminism.

“I believe there is more to life than being a baby-making machine and doing whatever a man says” she answered defiantly

All her roommates suddenly got a sinister look.

Ooooh I see whats going on said the Young Patriot, “we have a god damned Red living with us girls!”

The roommates all gasped in shock. But then they started getting curious. Communists were rather mysterious creatures they knew only from the movies. Fierce man-hating Amazons. They wanted to get a look at this she-devil superheroine underneath.

“Stop, please what are you doing?” Brenda shouted as her sisters tore off her clothing stripping her to bra and panties.

Her unmentionables were a bit of an anti-climax for her tormentors. They were expecting something a little more exotic from a mysterious Red Amazon. She just had on a plain black bra and high-hip panties like any other coed.

Still as good American would-be housewives, they needed to teach this uppity commie shrew a lesson she would never forget. They tied her down and gave her a good Red, White and Blue ass-spanking. Her asscheeks would be as Red as her Feminist Politics.

The Red Amazon disappointed again, when she cried out, sobbed, begged whimpered like a weak little girl instead of being a tough Soviet soldier. This only seemed to incite further cruelty from her fellow women.

When it was all over, the Young Patriots knew they had totally broken the spirit of this Feminist subversive, when she was willing to join in and spank her beloved fellow women. So much for Feminist Sisterhood.

I expect to see you in Childcare 101 tomorrow, the Young Patriot taunted as she left the defeated Red with her soar red butt.


It was my 1st day doing household chores for the Senator’s household. Mrs.McCarthy just insisted that I was doing every little thing wrong. She seems to take pleasure in the fact that she is a fellow woman giving me such hell as if that proves the Feminist Sisterhood is all a lie. Sometimes she can be worse than the Senator. She made me lick the floor clean with my tongue, which was just the most frightful horror.

How I hate her! When I tried to give her lip, she had me tied to the child’s chair like a little kid and she gave me the most frightful whipping on my little tushie. I just couldn’t stand it. I didn’t want to yell out in pain like a little girl. But the pain was more strong than my dignity. I hate giving her the satisfaction. She thinks it proves her and their whole ideology right. Well, we’ll see. I’m going to keep Feminist Rebellion alive in this house anyway I can. I just can’t endure being tied up like an animal, like a piece of butcher meat. I know they are trying to break me. And perhaps they are making progress.

The ideology of the Feminist Seperatist Republic was laid out in the Memoirs if its’ 1st President- Jenna Kennington. The daughter of an influential Suffragette leader, Jenna became a famous Hollywood starlet. She was one of the few prominent actresses who attempted to use her celebrity to support Women’s Rights. She was elected as a Congresswoman running on the Feminist Party ticket.

The New Patriarchy Laws identified the Feminist Party and all allied movements as Communist Fronts and outlawed. During this period Congresswoman Kennington went underground with the Feminist Resistance. She was captured and put on trial before House on Un-American Activities HUAC. After serving a brief prison sentence, it was decided that the best way to rehabilitate her would be to force her to serve as an all-American housewife. Unlike many of her comrades however, she remained true to her Feminism throughout her slavery and was eventually able to escape to the Queendom of the Amazons. Armed with Amazonian and Soviet support she was eventually able to return and launch the Great Feminist Rebellion. She was proclaimed First Matriarch of the Womanist Seperatist Republic thus launching the first wave of Gender Civil Wars.

Her diaries were written sneakily during her period of enslavement. They were smuggled out through underground Feminist networks and published in segments. Later published in full in the Amazon Queendom, it would become the Manifesto of the Feminist Revolution.

Diary of a Communist

I don’t want to give in like so many of my sisters. I have to maintain my dignity and integrity no matter what ridiculous things these Men do to me. In some ways I wish I was still in prison. This whole idea of making us Feminists into travesti porno housewives to discredit the movement, it is just horrible. We are forced to be the toy pets of our worst enemies. I can’t stand the constant photographs, the repeated attempts to humiliate me. When they photographed me in my underwear to show the world my new place as a houseslave, I just hung my head in shame. I hid my face in my hands, and tried to hide from the world. I have to remember who I am. I’m a world-famous actress and a Congresswoman, not a mere fucktoy. I have to stay strong. Mother endure the same torments as a Suffragette and she came through. Half the human race can’t be kept in bondage forever. Someday.

I have to keep writing. It is dangerous to have all these Feminist ideas in writing. It would earn me terrible punishments. And yet its the only way to remind myself that I’m still a political agent and not merely a pleasure-slave for Him. I have to keep the Feminist torch burning even as a household slave.


The obedient housewife beams with pride at the new flowered housedress that her kind husband is allowing her as a privilege. Even after all these years she still winces in embarrassment as being seen in public in a dress that leaves her panties so exposed. She had gotten swept up in the Suffragette Movement as a teenager, full of youthful idealism about the Women’s Right to Vote.

When the Anti-Suffrage law was passed she was imprisoned and then forced to become the housewife of a Patriarch leader. She had bristled under the humiliation of being a mere pet to her worst enemy. The man who had destroyed all her political dreams and ambitions. A Man who regarded her sex as mere furniture. She told herself that she was just living to fight another day. She simply couldn’t endure constant beatings over trivial matters just to satisfy her Suffragette pride. And so she had slowly earned privileges.

After the constant forced nudity, it had come as a great gift to even be allowed lingerie and nightgowns. She beamed at her pretty pearls that showed she was a cherished pet of her Husband. Now she had an actual dress, marking her full recovery into womanhood from her Suffragette punishment. Despite her radical past, she couldn’t help look her nose down on the budding upcoming generation of young Feminists around her, who were willing to risk the same punishments. It had taken so many years for her to simply being allowed the privilege of wearing clothing again, and these young hotheads were so eager to throw it away. Well so much the worse for them, as Top Bitch she could use a new slave to help with chores around the house.


Dancing in your underwear every night for horny men, had its drawbacks, but the Burlesque Dancer had enjoyed the liberation of the Nightlife. While 99% of women were stuck in the kitchen, she was out in the world supporting herself in the only job available to girls. She was financially independent and used her sexuality to gain power. She was an artist and entertainer. But then the Theocrats Morality Police had raided the Burlesque House, and detained all the dancers. She was forced to become the very suburban docile housewife she hated. To add to her humiliation, she was forced to wear her burlesque stripper outfit even while doing her housework chores, which was meant to remind her of her sinful past, but just made her look ridiculous.


The House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) held special hearing on Red influences on the American Womanist Party. Eventually the entire Women’s Rights racket was determined to be a KGB Front.

The Womanist Party Presidential candidate was arrested and in accord with her egalitarian ideology kept in prison with men. The patriotic criminal thugs were not above roughing up the Feminist Red bitch. The tabloids had a field day with the Womanist leader, and the American people were desperate for more sensationalism.

HUAC organized a photo-op for the Presidential Candidate. The public was eager to know what kind of unmentionables Commie broads wore under their masculine pantsuits. It came as somewhat of a letdown to see, that the Womanist Party Chair wore high-cut plain white panties just like a regular American housewife. Still it was titillating to see the Red Feminist traitor with her hands huddled over her knockers, trembling in fear in nothing but her undies. And Womanist dreams of Equality would never again be taken seriously after their leader had been publicly humiliated in such a manner.


During the War, Bonnie had been made manager of the arms industrial plant and held important leadership responsibilities in the Home Front. After the War, she became quite uppity about her place in the Peace, and started getting ideas in her head, that she could be more than a secretary or housewife. Agitators like her were not alone, and there was a risk of a resurgent Feminist Movement.

Uncle Sam couldn’t have all his GI heroes coming home to bitchy cunts stealing their jobs and giving them lip. A new Law was passed drastically changing the role of women in the workplace. Now they would provide sexual entertainment for the returning GIs. Instead of industrial overalls, women would work the offices in their panties.

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The Bet

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“How about you entertain me tonight?”

“What?” Sven looked up from the book he was reading. “Now?”

She rolled her eyes. “Yes, now. What did you think I meant?” Mimi kissed him, pulled the book from his hands and set it on the table. “Do you think you could?” her hand curled into the space between his neck and the collar of his shirt, persuasive.

“Are you doubting me?” he raised an eyebrow..

“No, not at all.” Mimi shook her head. “I’m tense. I need a little…” she paused, her head rolling in a wide, languid circle. “something.”

“Such as?”

“A shower, maybe. A glass of wine and if you’re lucky, maybe more.”

“Okay then.” Sven slid off the sofa and headed towards the kitchen. The possibility that he might actually get laid tonight thrilled him in its intensity. Since they had made their little bet he’d found himself desperate for Mimi’s warm softness, her scent, her smile and realised that more than ever, he was utterly focused on making her happy. He surmised it must really be a way of living vicariously through her with her pleasure taking the place of his own. He rather liked it, liked the man it made him and, most of all, liked the woman it made her. He had always loved her but now she glittered to him, existed as the apex of everything he wanted. And yet, when he told her this she would smirk at him and tell him not to be such a silly boy, that she was just a woman, just like any other then pat him gently on the cheek.

Sven opened the fridge, glass bottles tinkling in the door and plucked out the wine he’d picked up on the way home, opened it, poured it into the waiting glass. Behind him, she stretched, watched him move from foot to foot like a restless horse, like he did when he was tied up and standing or waiting for something. Mimi had vague thoughts about invisible ropes and then remembered the real ones would need replacing soon enough. It had been years now and they were still using the cheap, soft ones they had bought together all those years ago. For a moment she wondered if she really needed them anymore, if he would stay in place without them.

“What are you grinning at?” he placed the glass in front of her.

“Nothing.” She shrugged, still smiling. “Just about how pretty you look in rope.

“Is that what you’re planning?” he sat down next to her, slid his feet onto the coffee table. Mimi batted them away, gave him a sideways glance. “Feet off. You know that.”


“You will be.” She grinned, kissing him on the mouth, tasting like summer and sunlight. “If you like you can run me that bath.”

“I thought you wanted a shower.”

“Changed my mind.” She kissed him on the mouth again. “And before you ask, no; you can’t come.”

Mimi finished the second glass of wine while she towelled off. She dried her hair and pulled on an old, thin sundress she often wore around the house. She had refreshed her eye makeup and happy from the wine and the tension dissolving properties of the bath headed out into the bedroom to finish what she had started. Mimi laughed to herself as the thought crossed her mind; two weeks without and orgasm and she was sure that he’d finish pretty quickly. Still, she mused, it would be fun anyway. Closing the bathroom door behind her, Mimi noticed that he was looking up at her as though it was the first time again and they were not yet used to one another’s habits.

“Why are you pulling that face?” she asked, sitting next to him, kissing him on the mouth. He held her hand and smiled.

“Just watching you.” He said, his fingers catching her clothes. “I’ve always liked you in that dress.”

“You do?” she raised an eyebrow. “You want a better look at it? How about I take it off?”

“Please.” He laughed. “It’s been a long, long day, baby.” He pawed at her thighs from his place on the edge of the bed, rested his head against her belly. Gently, she ruffled his hair, her chest fizzing as he nuzzled into the movement.

“You are so cute when you’re needy, sugar.” She duly dispensed with the dress, left it lying over the chair in the corner of the room. “Washday, I’m afraid, I had to recycle the shitty underwear.” She gestured to the greyed underwear she was wearing and laughed.

“Well.” He shrugged, pulled his own shirt off. “You’d better get them off, too.”

He lay back on the bed with her, pushed her down so that she curled her arms around him, felt his hard on press against her thigh.

“I have been thinking about this all day.” He confessed.

“You have?” she answered, “Really? Or is that just a sweet line to make me feel better?”

Sven frowned at her, said nothing for a moment. “You’re the most cynical person I have ever known. Do you know that?”

“Do now.” She grinned. “But really, is that a line or what?”

He nodded again, nuzzled her neck, sent a line of kisses skating across her clavicle. “I missed the exit on the way home thinking about it.”

“So that’s why you were late tonight?” she laughed. “Pull the other one.”

“No, masturbasyon porno really. I swear. I was just…” he edged the greying bra strap off her shoulder, kissed the space it left behind. “Thinking of you.”

“Shut up.” Mimi said, her hands flat against his chest, pushing him upward so that once more they sat opposite each other. “You’re a liar.” Her fingers found his face and cupped his jaw. She kissed him hard as she spoke, the words leaking between the moments when their mouths met. “You’re a big, fat liar…and…I think…there’s only…one thing that should be done with liars.”

“What’s that?” he grinned.

“They should be punished.” She said, forcing him onto the sheets again, pinning him down. “Jeans off.”

“Yeah.” His hands pushed forward to help with the belt but she simply batted his hands away so they fluttered like useless moths above his hips. He settled them across his chest and watched reverently as she parted him from his denim and, soon enough, his boxers, too, so that he lay out naked on the sheets, his erection skewed between them. She kissed him hard, pushing his lips apart with such ardour that his eyes flew open with surprise, then closed again as she touched him. Mimi’s fingers sank lower until they brushed his cock, jerking it to life. He moaned against her, his back arching a little, betraying him.

“What was that you said?”

Sven opened his eyes and found her face was inches from his. “I, uh..”

“What did you say?” Mimi repeated.

“I…” he could feel his cheeks reddening, the tension rising in the back of his throat. “I said no.” He admitted. “Sorry, I didn’t…I…” In the face of her mild amusement words failed him. Again. Ugh.

“You are so cute.” She leant forward and kissed him, laughing at the way he still got coy. “I want you to come for me, okay?”

He nodded, sucked his lip. “Can we do this some more? I like it. I like to be denied.”

“I know you do.” Mimi said. “But I also like to see you come and I want you to fuck me because you’re good at that.” Her hand sank flat against his belly, pushed downward until it met his straining cock. “Can you do that for me, baby?”

“Yes.” He smiled, kissed her back his hand flying upward. “Oh fuck. Fuck, Mimi, this is going to be fast.”

Mimi laughed again and pulled her hand away, watched him exhale and his dick twitch. Sven tried to centre himself, taking deep breaths, looking up at her. “It’s been two weeks.” He moaned.

“What a noise!” she said, the phrase escaping her lips as a high, musical laugh. She leant back and he mewled again as her long shock of hair trailed across his thighs, bright blonde this week, like the rays of some strange sun. “You know it drives me crazy when you moan like that.”

He smiled, blushing into the pillow. “Well maybe if you weren’t so…”

“So what?” she asked, sucking his neck. “Hm?”

“I don’t know.” He lied, answered the question with a kiss. “Please just let’s do this.”

“Someone’s eager today?” she teased. “I see not touching yourself is proving quite the experiment. I knew I’d win.”

“Ah, fuck,” he groaned. “It is so distracting, you have no idea. Now, please, just-“

“But I do.” Her voice was a sing-song, mocking, beautiful in its derision. “I know exactly what it’s doing to you.” She smirked. “You’re so helpful now, so utterly, utterly eager to please me. I like it.”

“So do I.” he breathed.

From her curling toes to the ache in her throat, Mimi wanted him more then than she had in a long time. It was an overwhelming rush that meant her hands gripped at him like he was the shore and she clung on, pulled backward by a great tide of emotion. He met her action, luxuriated in her need as she let herself sink against him. Their legs tangled together and she kissed him, pulled him onto her as she settled herself in the warm sheets. Mimi found herself burning for him, not for his mouth or a vibrator or his skilled pianist’s fingers but his dick inside of her, his mouth against her neck. Her fingers curled against his shoulder and with unexpected force she pushed him back and climbed onto him. “You have no idea how much I want you now.”

He grunted, cursed in the dark, his fingers pulling her nearer, digging into her hips, trying to temper the movement. “Slow, slow, slow…” he breathed, her enveloping wetness near unbearable. He swore into her hair and held her tight, laughed when she kissed him for it.

“You can do this?” she stopped, pulled her muscles in and relaxed them around his length. “I bet I wouldn’t have to move all that much. I could be a really lazy fuck, couldn’t I?” she teased.

“Damn you.” He laughed, his hands tangling into her hair, pushing it from her shoulders. “Oh, shit, babe, it’s not going to take much.”

“So you keep telling me.” Mimi raised her eyebrows and shifted her weight, her hands falling against the wooden slats of the headboard. “I’ve only got to move just a little bit and-” mature porno she tailed into more delighted laughter again, watching him grit his teeth. “Look at that face.” Mimi landed the lightest of kisses against the corner of his mouth, nuzzled her cheek against his. “You smell so good, you know that?” she stroked his neck, moved on her knees again, upping the pace, her body pressed against him. “Can you hold it ’til I come?” she asked, watching him suck at her nipple. “Can you?”

“Yeah.” He said, his fingers still pressing into her thigh, his hips pushing upward to meet her movements. “Oh, God. It’s so good.” He sighed, lay back against the headboard and the awkward fan of pillows beneath him, luxuriated in the feel of her slick warmth enveloping him. Sven inhaled the scent of her soap scented skin and the first bloom of sweat on her neck. It was too hot in the room but he was past caring, mesmerised by her and how much better it was once it arrived. She leant back so that his length pushed further into her, began angling herself in such a way that every every ridge and vein, each millimetre of flesh tingled with building desire. He cursed himself for each orgasm he’d had without her, every wasted opportunity hidden behind the bathroom door.

“Baby-” the word came twisting into the dark, made her eyes flash open as she watched him come, shaking beneath her, cursing himself and then, stilling, breathing hard and hyper aware, watching her move above him. Thrilled by his reaction, she moved faster, delighted in the way he mewled and winced and waited for her. Sven exhaled hard and was rewarded for his trouble with a kiss that barely slaked his need, evaporating in the face of the need that tore through him like a single droplet of water in the midst of an unforgiving drought. Inevitably, Mimi thrilled in his need, drank it up as she fucked him, bending to kiss him and whisper glittering insults into his ear. Soon enough, the tension in her gut became too great and she sank her nails into his shoulder.

“Oh,” her hips moved in slower circles, smaller and tighter, building toward the inevitable. “Oh, you’re such a good boy.” She purred. “My sweet boy.”

Her hand pressed awkwardly into the cleft of his neck and Sven winced, urged her on despite the difficult angle; he was too full of love and endorphins to care, too desperate to watch her orgasm in his lap to think of much else.

“Do it, baby. Do it.” He breathed. “Come for me, baby. Come on.”

Mimi’s grip on his neck hardened and she moved harder despite her cramping leg and the heat in her thighs. The shiver between them was too good to stop, the feel of him inside of her, his scent and sweet words made her own mouth ache until she realised she could hardly wait for the second time before the first had even finished. She wanted to gorge on him, to use him until every desire of hers had been slaked and he was broken by it. It was that thought, flickering up in the dark behind her eyes that did it; the thought of him exhausted and begging her to stop that brought on the unstoppable wave of orgasm. She pushed her palms into the headboard, his face buried in the smoothness of her torso as she spasmed, hard and slick against him. For a moment she stilled, breathing hard, then moved sideways, pulling away and lay sprawled across the bed, their legs still knotted awkwardly together.

“You okay?” he grinned.

Mimi nodded, laughing, breathing hard. “Yeah. Fuck.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Mimi laughed again, still humming with post orgasmic heat. “Please do.”



Sven bit his lip, blushed a little. “Sorry it was so quick.”

Mimi shrugged. “I know. Don’t worry. Maybe next time you’ll be better.”

“When’s next time?” he asked.

“Ah,” Mimi jabbed him in the arm. “Like the denial, do we?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Well, it sure does make you attentive, that’s clear.” Mimi mused. “Imagine if we do it properly and I get you a chastity device.”

“Oh.” Sven sat up, propped his head in his palm. “Really?”

“I’m toying with the idea.” Mimi said. “The only thing is, I quite like having him out all the time.” Her hand brushed her boyfriend’s cock.

“It’s your call.” Sven said.

“And yours, sweetie.” Mimi brushed a strand of hair away and kissed him again. “Maybe I’ll just keep the no touching rule for now.”

“Okay.” Sven smiled. “I’d like that.”

“So would I.” Mimi sat up and walked over to the wardrobe. She pulled the toy bag from the bottom of the wardrobe. “I’d like to tie you up now. Do something else. I’ve barely even begun.” She said, her voice taking on that familiar musicality again, full of plans and promises.

“what?” Sven watched her eyes flicker from the bag to his face and then back to the bag again.

“Just thinking.” She said. “Also, I’d like you to sit down to pee from now on. So you’re not tempted to touch.”

“Oh.” Sven blushed, found himself full of the delicious heat milf porno of subspace. “You would?”

“Yes.” Mimi said, the delight clear in her voice.

“All the time?”

“You shouldn’t even have to ask.” She said. “Of course I mean all the time.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” He said, giggling like a schoolboy.

“Oh, so you think it’s funny, do you?” she bounded over and straddled him again, their mouths meeting. “Every time you take a piss you’ll think of me and of not touching, sugar, and I promise you, you won’t be laughing, not for a moment.” She kissed him on the forehead. “Now, how about a little tying up? Wouldn’t that be fun?”

He nodded, grabbing her harder now. “You are the very devil herself.” He laughed. “And an angel, a gift from the Gods and I don’t ever know what I’d do without you.” He kissed her hand, the hard edge of her engagement ring catching his lip. “You are more brilliant and more tortuously delicious the longer I love you.” He grinned.

Mimi laughed, pulled him close. “Listen to you.” She sighed, “All that sweet talk is going to get you in trouble one day.” She pecked him on the cheek.

Sven grinned. “Good.” He said. “Can’t wait for that.”

It was perhaps the most ironic part of denial, he realised, that the less he was allowed to touch the more he thought about it or, more accurately, thought about her touching him.

“Stop that.”

“What?” Sven looked up from the storyboard he was reading and eyed Jim.

“Stop clicking that fucking pen. You’ve been doing it for ten minutes. I’m trying to work.”

“Sorry.” He kept his face deadpan, went back to looking at smiling families eating Sunbake bread.

“Everything okay today, you seem distracted?”

“Yeah.” Sven said. “Fine.”

He thought about the conversation again when he sat waiting for the devil herself in a café across the street.

“Hey you.” Mimi grinned and dumped her bag on the table, kissed him on the cheek. “Did you order yet?”

“Nope.” He smiled. “I was waiting for you. Have a good day?”

Mimi nodded, pulled her hair into a ponytail, moved the bag to the floor. “Did you?”

He laughed, raised an eyebrow. “Apparently, this level of distraction goes away. I just have to persevere.”

“It’s only the fifth day. You will.” She said, gestured to a passing waiter. They both ordered coffee, decided to eat later. “Anyway, you’ll be fine. Ready for le gym?”

He nodded. “Of course. Thanks for the helpful suggestion.”

“Thanks.” Mimi chose to ignore his sarcasm. “How’s the bread thing you’re doing?”

“Bready.” Sven said. “I never want to look at it again and their people are so indecisive. I’ve never seen anything like it. We’ve come up with three good ideas and they hate them all.”

“Can’t you decide for them?” Mimi asked. “Give them a nudge.”

“We’re working on it. Phil and I are seeing them tomorrow.”

“You? Sold the Marie Celeste yet?”

“Don’t call it that.” Mimi groaned. “No one wants that damn painting. The people who buy this stuff want well-known artists. Harry’s prediction that Daniel Hirschmann would be the next big thing is clearly misguided. That said, the commission on it would be very welcome.”

“Good otherwise?”

“Yup. Anyway, gym.” Mimi leant back as the waitress returned, planted two steaming mugs onto the table. “It’ll do you good. Help with things.” She raised an eyebrow and looked down at her cup, hid her smile behind it.


“If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been thinking about this most of the day, today too.”

“You have?” Sven said. “Really?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Mimi answered. “It’s hot.”

“I didn’t think you liked it. I thought you said you liked it when I was available.”

“You are.” Mimi spooned sugar into her cup. “For me.”

He bit his lip, and she laughed, looked nonchalantly out of the window. Mimi hadn’t expected to find it appealing, it seemed to go against everything that made any kind of sense at all but, there it was flickering inside her. “You know I’m really surprised, actually.” She explained. ” I had no idea how appealing I’d find this. It really feels like it’s truly, definitely mine now.”

“You have got to stop talking like that.” Sven shook his head, the spoon poised over the cup. “Honestly, not in public.”

“Why? Am I making you uncomfortable?”

“You have no idea.” He shifted in his seat, crossed and uncrossed his leg from his lap for the nth time that day. “How was Sophie? Didn’t you meet her for lunch today?”

“When have you cared about that?” Mimi laughed, surprised to hear him ask. “I like this new you. Interested in my plans with the girls all of a sudden.”

“It’s not new.”

“I know.” She agreed. “I think I’m more open than I used to be and you’re making more of an effort. It’s good.”

“Definitely. I like it.”

“So do I.” Mimi smiled. “I feel like I have the dynamic I always wanted. It’s the old tension back. Like we used to have back in the beginning when you were so desperate to please me.”

“I always have been.” He said, feeling like he could split with love. “Not for a minute have I stopped wanting to make you happy.”

“Aww.” She laughed again. “Making me feel like the girl who won first prize all the time.”

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Taking What Is Hers

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The masked charity ball is boring but you are enjoying watching me work the room and charm everyone who I meet. I have been introducing to all my counterparts to you as we move from group to group around the large ballroom. After I introduce you to a wealthy museum benefactor and his wife, you get caught in an all too familiar awkward conversation with her as I continue an in-depth fundraising conversation with her husband. She is smiling too hard at you and laughing at jokes you are not making. You’ve been in this position before, having women throw themselves at you. It annoys you because I happen to find this phenomenon particularly amusing and I’ve told you more than once that especially all dressed up in a suit or tuxedo that you are panty dropping hot. When she moves in too close and rubs her hand up and down your arm you hastily step away and look up to find her husband talking with a new group of people; his back to you and I am nowhere in sight. You scan the immediate area assuming that I couldn’t have gone far but you don’t see me anywhere. You turn away from the woman who is once again trying to invade your personal space and walk away without a word or a backward glance.

You grab a glass of champagne from the tray of a passing waiter as you start to maneuver your way through the heavily crowded room. You need to find a vantage point that will enable you to catch my location but nowhere seems right. You curse silently under your breath and wish that we had never left the limo. You’d been forced to rush earlier and even though you had found release by driving hard into my tight pussy, you were not satisfied. You had wanted to take your time and peel me out of my dress getting a good look at my stockings and lingerie before you tasted my skin and nipped your way between my thighs.

You audibly sigh in frustration now and decide that as soon as you find me, you are dragging me out of the ballroom and checking us into the hotel, where you can do anything you wish to me without interruption.

As you turn to head across the ballroom towards the exit and the check-in desk you crash straight into twin blondes. They are cute and young and momentarily distracted you don’t notice that they have each latched onto an arm and are propelling you towards a back door. Still stuttering over apologies, you almost miss the one on the right say “Don’t worry baby! This is going to be fun!”

Within moments of the obviously intended crash, the three of you are in a service elevator heading up and the blondes have you pushed up against the back wall, effectively blocking the exit. They both try to get in the space directly in front you, aggressively pawing at you and moaning softly. You can feel their perky breasts pressing up against your chest while their hands are unbuttoning your shirt and their lips kiss across your jawbone. Normally you would be more than willing to randomly hook up with two hot young blondes who are down to fuck but for some reason despite their very palpable eagerness to fuck you senseless in this service elevator, you cannot seem to get more than half excited. You try to shake off your apathy and concentrate on their bodies and their hands; which are now inside your shirt and working on undoing your pants, but you just aren’t interested and thankfully before you are forced to explain to them why you don’t want to be in this threesome, the elevator dings and the doors open. The blondes pull you forward again, moving quickly out and through a service corridor and into a proper hotel hallway. You quickly figure out that they’ve brought you up to the penthouse level and as you reach one of the only two doors on the floor, they stop and knock.

When the door swings open, it takes a moment for you to register that I am standing there in front of you wearing leather boots, my thigh high stockings and a one piece black lace teddy which is pushing my breasts up so high that you are sure they are going to burst out of the top at the slightest movement. My raven hair is loose floating around my head and my lips are curved up in a wicked grin.

At the sight of everything you’d just recently been wishing for, your cock instantly becomes hard and you lift your hand to reach out and run your fingers across my collar bone, intending to move down from there to my straining breasts.

I turn away from the door before you can touch me and as I walk away and deeper into the room I say in an authoritative tone, “bring him in here girls, divest him of his clothing and don’t forget to shut the door.”

The blondes wordlessly follow my orders, shutting the door behind us and moving you forward into the suite’s second room, which you observe has a four poster king size bed and oddly enough a makeshift throne up against a wall of windows that overlook the twinkling city lights. You see immediately that I have seated myself on the throne and that I am watching you as the blondes gag you and strip off your tuxedo. Your cock is very hard now and you look at me pridefully as the blondes coo over your muscular body. You let them push you down to your knees and the last thing you see is a devilish glint in my eyes as I look at your hard cock and they put a blindfold over your eyes. Several minutes pass by and the blondes are greedily running their hands across your skin and stroking your cock which is already dripping pre-cum and then you hear me say;

“You are no longer needed girls.” It is kind order and immediately the girls begin to protest.

“But you said we could have some fun with him,” the one on your left whines.

“Yeah you said he would be fun!” Complains the second blonde, “but he only just started to get fun now!” And she emphasizes her complaint to me by grabbing a hold of your erection.

For a moment there is nothing but silence and then in what is possibly the most menacing and yet quiet voice you have ever heard, I say “Get out. Now!” And for a split second nothing happens and then you can hear them scurry up and leave the room. After several more seconds you hear the door open and close and then we are alone.

You begin to strain your ears, trying to tell if I’ve moved yet from my throne in front of you and your pulse quickens as a burst of adrenaline floods your system heightening your anticipation.

“Put your hands out in front of you,” I order from somewhere close by. You feel the air shift on your right side and you smell my perfume. You hesitate for a moment and then put your hands out in front. The cold metal weight of handcuffs settle around your wrists and you hear them snap shut. Then with a tug, I motion for you to rise to your feet and I lead you in the direction of the bed. kızlık bozma porno Your back comes into contact with one of the four wooden bedposts and you finally feel the heat of my body as I move in close and raise up your arms, securing them over your head. You moan in frustration, as I move away and you lose the heat from my skin and you pull on your bindings testing their strength, but you find that they are solid and you are at my mercy.

You feel me move in close again and this time I press into you and your cock rubs up against the lace of my teddy and creates a delicious friction as I lean up so that my lips reach your ear. “I will take off the gag Babe,” I whisper to you, “if you promise to behave?”

You nod vigorously and the slow friction continues as I reach up and around to untie the gag. Once it’s gone, I begin kissing you, tasting your mouth and swirling your tongue around with mine. I move away from your mouth and kiss antagonizingly slow along your jaw to your neck, kissing up your pulse line to just below your ear and then move back down the way I came, biting lightly and then with more force. Every movement I make shifts your cock against my belly and pushes my tits into your chest. I claim your mouth again and you kiss me hard and passionately, earning a moan from me and making you wish you could move your arms and grab my ass to pull me in even closer to you.

When I finally pull away breaking the kiss, you growl in frustration and hear me lightly laugh before I say, “If this becomes too much for you, just say stop. Do you understand?” Again you nod vigorously, silently vowing to yourself that there is no way in hell you’ll be telling me to stop anything.

And just as you finish that thought, I whip you hard across the abdomen and a stinging pain blooms outward across your skin.


You inadvertently shout after being caught by surprise and you hear me lightly laugh again. All of your senses are now on high alert as another burst of adrenaline floods your system to try and cope with the pain and then you hear the swish of air as the whip hits you again. Three more times I hit you across the abdomen and then you feel my tongue slide across your skin replacing the sting with hot wet softness. My hair teasingly brushes over your cock as my mouth kisses and licks the pain away and changes it into a hot frenzy of need. Then I spin you around and your lower back and buttocks receive the same treatment. Stinging whips, followed by hot caresses.

When I flip you around again you are expecting more of the same but after one stinging whip I surprise you by taking your whole cock into my mouth and sucking hard. I move you back out of my mouth and swirl your head around with my tongue. Lavishing the taste of your pre-cum and teasing your sensitive head. Then I suck you back in, taking your full length deep into my throat. I cup your balls in my hands and continue to move you in and out sucking and humming in an unrelenting rhythm. You can feel your orgasm coming fast and every time your cock hits the back of my throat, you move closer to the edge. You really want to be able to grab fistfuls of my hair so that you can control me but you can’t get free and your body instinctively pumps your hips to match my motions.

When my teeth gently scrape along your length the sensation köylü porno is too much and your orgasm hits hard spraying your load into my mouth, which I gulp greedily down.

While you are still trying to regain your compose from the haze of ecstasy, I unlatch your wrists from the bedpost and unlock your handcuffs moving you to the side of the bed. I push you down and I straddle myself across your hips and pull off your blindfold. You lean up and kiss my lips, as your hands grab my ass.

After the sounds of my moans as we kiss start to drive you insane, you reluctantly move your hands off my ass and tear open the top of my teddy. My breasts spring free as the fabric rips open and you take each one in your mouth, licking around each one in turn and sucking the nipples into your mouth. I moan and squirm, rolling my hips against your newly growing hard on. You continue to lightly and then more forcefully bite my nipples as you move your hands back down to my ass. You squeeze my cheeks and then slip your fingers into my pussy. I am dripping wet and I moan again as you work your fingers in and out of my tight sheath, stretching me in preparation to receive your now completely hard and huge cock.

You pull your fingers out and put them in your mouth tasting my sweet juices and then offer them to me. I lick them clean, tasting my own arousal.

As you watch my lust filled eyes as I suck on your fingers, the sudden realization that you are free to move as you wish hits you and you flip me onto my back, pining me under your body and effectively take my control away. You rip my already shredded lace teddy off, leaving me in only my stockings and boots and you push back my legs and plunge your tongue into my cunt. Licking up and around, you avoid my clit and instead lick deeply inside me. I wiggle, bucking up against your face and my fingers run into your hair holding you in place and allowing me push your tongue even deeper. When you finally latch onto my clit, my orgasm hits and I cum hard, grinding against you and filling your mouth with my honey.

Before I can fully recover, you roll me back on top of you and plunge your cock into my still pulsating pussy.

I gasp as you fill me up, stretching to accommodate your rock hard erection. You alternate between squeezing my bouncing tits and grabbing my ass as I ride you. By now I am completely lost to the lust your sex and when I throw my head back and scream as my second orgasm starts you pull out, eliciting a whimpering moan from me. Then you flip me onto my stomach and pull my legs off the bed. Standing behind me you take one long lingering look at my ass before slipping the head of your cock back into my hot wetness. Next time you are going to spank that ass raw, you think to yourself. Then you grab my hips and you pull me back hard to meet your thrust as you plunge violently into me. You can’t stop now and you continue to thrust at a frantic pace now, desperately needing to find your own release. My moans get louder and louder and you can feel my pussy starting to tighten again around you, preparing for a third climax. You grab a fistful of my hair and pull, my neck arches back allowing you to claim my mouth, and quiet my now constant moans of pleasure. When you release my hair, you slam your cock as deep into my pussy as you can go and as my climax causes my pussy to clamp down onto your cock you lose control and explode with cum, branding me with your hot seed.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity the waves of pleasure subside and you gather me up in your arms, and tuck us both in under the covers of the bed and we lie together in a boneless post coital bliss.

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Feeling Fa for Frank

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My god… Is that…? It can’t be. I didn’t know Stacy Kiebler had a twin sister. I know dim bar lighting plays tricks, so I HAVE to get closer to those fabulous legs. When she left her escort and wobbled slowly to the bar, I wiped my drool and moved toward her. Despite her towering height, she had to scrunch up onto the high stool and rest her heels on the bottom rung. Her snug black skirt climbed from a few inches above her knees to far up her long, sexy thighs. When she twisted slightly toward the bar, the hidden front slit opened nearly to her beguiling crotch. She quickly flipped it closed. When the adjacent stool became free, I took it and struggled to avoid staring at my fantasy come true. A moment later I heard her sob gently. A single tear escaped her constraint and, hoping I wouldn’t regret it, I had to ask why. She waved me off and sniffled. While taking small sips, I silently imagined those long, toned legs around my neck and…

“I didn’t mean to be so rude. It’s just…. just…. well, today’s my birthday and I HATE my F’ing husband!” Well! That’s sad. I hate to take advantage of her, but I can still admire her legs while I console her; probably even get away with touching them.

“Happy birthday. If you need an ear, you can borrow mine. What’s troubling you, gorgeous? May I ask how young you are?” Her angry, flushed face softened to frustrated sadness.

“My cruel husband, Frank, keeps pushing me to be more daring…in how I dress… (sob) in public. That’s just not me. I was always the gawky one with the hideously long, skinny legs and flat chest. The kids called me LURCH or asked where my neck bolts were and now my nasty husband makes fun of me too.” YES! An underappreciated beautiful woman who doesn’t know how hot she is can be a fun project. I think I can make us both happy. She hoisted one foot up two stool rungs to prop an elbow on her knee and gave me a deep, enticing view up her silky thighs.

“If you’ll let me, I think I can help. Would you like to get revenge on Frank? I can make him eat his words if you go along with me and are brave about it. I’ll make sure we have fun doing it too. Bottoms up. Ohh, that just means your drink for now.” She looked at me warily and a small smile crept onto her pretty face. Now that I could focus on her face, I could see the years etched there. Instead of Stacy’s clone, she was still, perhaps, her youthful, beautiful mom.

“Fifty-one. I’m only telling you because I brought it up and I’m obviously too old for you to hit on. A little revenge, and fun, is just what I need now. What do you have in mind.” Bingo! A few drinks made her so amenable; I hope they also dropped her inhibitions.

“Well, we can give him too much of what he wants from you. FIFTY-ONE!? Are you kidding? I guessed you were thirty-five, max; honestly. So, yes, I was hitting on you. How mad would Frank get if you got naked here and strolled over to him? Is he violent?” I finally noticed her chest. Like Stacy, she looked like a small C-cup which isn’t impressive on her large frame, yet more than a mouthful and certainly adequate. Her shear, white, half-sleeve button down blouse covered a shear beige cami with a deep and wide scoop, which hardly covered a thin ‘nude’ bra. My naked suggestion turned her modest nipples hard and dark. As they grew, they went from barely noticeable to demanding attention.

“I don’t think I’ll be getting naked here or anywhere in public! He may notice that, but since that falls within his sick fantasy, I don’t think he’d object. We’ve been married eighteen years and I’m fed up with him too. He asked me to flirt with someone and wack him off here while he watched. He’s too kinky! If I gave oral, he’d want to see that too since he hasn’t had any from me in at least ten years. Oh, dear. Am I saying too much? Two drinks loosen my tongue. I haven’t even told you that my name is Felicia; Fa for short.”

“That’s useful info for us. I wonder what happens after three drinks…” I smirked at her and ordered another drink. She smirked back with a raised eyebrow. When she gulped it down, I pressed to the next stage. “Yes, I know your name Felicia. I’m going to tell you something I shouldn’t. You better have another drink.” She stared, open mouth until I handed her her fourth drink. I moved my stool closer and slipped my knee between hers. Her short skirt fell off her outer leg and she looked at it briefly, yet didn’t cover up. As I reached out to brush her beautiful blonde mane behind her ear, I traced her ear lobe lightly and caressed her soft cheek. “Can he see us? I want him to see this.” She shivered at my touch.

She leaned into my hand as she snuck a look toward her ungrateful husband. “No, he’s busy hitting on the busty red headed stripper at… oh, he’s looking now. How do you know my name?”

“OK. Make it look like you’re picking me up. Suck my finger like you’re blowing it. That should get him thinking.” I dared to put my other hand on her knee and stroked up it slowly, but decisively. Frank had made her wear hip high stockings. She began to suck my finger and kept an eye on Frank through the densely crowded dancers. She watched, wide-eyed, as I pushed her slit skirt away until her beautiful bare skin above her stocking was exposed to my hand and eyes. Wether she knew or not, her bright white, semi shear boy shorts were exposed to me and everyone behind me. The crowd seemed unusually focused on her. Frank had dressed her well. “Slide toward me a bit when he’s looking. Show him more of this precious thigh. You’re still exposing less than when you wear a swimsuit. Yes. Let your legs open around my knee. I bet you have his full attention now. Gently rest your hand on my thigh and let him see you slide up my leg. You’ll find your growing target very quickly.”

“Even four drinks aren’t enough to get you a blow job. I wand to knoe how you knew my uhh name.” So she needed another drink! I ordered one and told her to find the bulge in my pants and rub it.

“That hot, hard, swelling mass you’re skirting around is because of you and all for you. It’s testifying to just how hot WE think you are… for a thirty-something! Frank doesn’t believe you have the balls to stroke my balls and dick – certainly not here! Be brave! Hold it. Rub it and squeeze it for me. When you’re feeling fearless, you can take it out and wank it for Frank. Don’t wait too long or it won’t flex thru the zip.” The booze was melting her prudence and she inched higher until she squeezed my hardness with her sizzling hand. My eyes closed blissfully, “Mmmmm, that’s very good.” She scraped her nails along my third leg. “Let’s show him a little more before the next dance starts.” I confirmed Frank was watching his beautiful wife rubbing my dick while I stroked the inner thigh of her exposed leg. His hand was oscillating under his table while the red head watched closely.

I tossed the other side of Fa’s slit skirt off her other leg and she flinched. Her knees clenched my leg, but her hand kept rubbing my stiff dick. Though I wanted to kiss her wet mouth and feel her pretty face against mine, because of Frank, I first wanted to sink my fingers deep into the source of the growing wet area between her lengthy, toned legs. Either of them might cut me off at the next stage. I took a big risk while sliding my thumbs up her inner thighs and pushed her skirt fully open so even she could see her exposed, wet panties. “What I’ve been afraid to tell you, Fa, is that I know Frank. When I told him how absolutely hot I thought you were and how lucky he was to have such a gorgeous wife every day, he waved me off. He told me you rarely have sex any more and that it’s been a dozen years since you sucked him off. I don’t know how he feels about you, but he said he dressed you up and took you out for your birthday so you could attract someone and flirt hard with them. I called him a fool to risk you like that, but he said you were too uptight to do anything or even dress sexy on your own.”

Her warm hand stopped rubbing me and froze while still pressing down hard on my anxious dick. “When I said I would be thrilled to flirt with you, he scoffed -‘good luck’. He pointed out how you kept the slit in your skirt clamped shut and dared me to pick you up. He said I would only win the dare if you kissed me hard on my mouth. ‘Hell,’ he said, ‘I DOUBLE dare you to bring me back her bra. In fact I’ll put up $100 you can’t get it off her in here, while I watch. And another hundred for her panties! I’m so sure she won’t blow you, I’ll put $500 behind that! Go! Have fun with my frigid wife. I’ll watch you crash.’ He really pissed me off with that attitude. If he were willingly and lovingly sharing you with me, I’d be ecstatic, instead, he’s treating you badly. I was walking away when he taunted me, saying I must know how you wouldn’t melt so I’d better walk away. Fa, I’m torn. I value you too much to be part of his abuse, but I really can use the cash. So I thought I could turn this around on him and make him pay for his thoughtlessness. But I didn’t want to take advantage of you, so I had to confess my part in this. We can still have our revenge and have a great time at his expense. What do you say? Are you fearless enough to get even?”

I hoped the booze and anger I stirred would kill all her inhibitions. “You prick!” She slapped my balls hard enough to make me wince. “If you had gone through with this without telling me, you’d be as bahad as he is, the little shit! Hell yeah I want to make him suffer. The $700 you are about to win will make him cry!” She warmed my dick again and leaned toward me. Did she say $700? Ohh, my… “Kiss me hard and put your hands on my tits.” Who was I to argue? Her tit was surprisingly firm and so warm. Then I felt her lips press mine and her skillful tongue wrap around mine. She didn’t seem out of practice at all. When I squinted toward Frank, he was staring intently at us and his hand was lying in his lap. I rolled Fa’s nipple brazzers and tugged it to greater heights and saw his jaw drop; though maybe that was due to RED’s hand squeezing his exposed dick. After countless moments engrossed in Fa’s sweet, wet kiss, she leaned back and asked, “How do I get the bra off and make it seem natural to him?”

As I reached for her blouse and opened the top two buttons, I added, “I’ll make it look like we’re all caught up in each other, ignoring everyone around us, and urging you to lose it. You’re not supposed to know about the dare, so I’ll take it and show it to him while you kiss me again.” I reached into her cami and the bra to pull on her bare nipple. After a moment, I hooked a finger around it and tugged it over the bra cup while pushing that strap and cup below her tit. The effect was that a beautiful mammary hopped out of the sagging cup and over the cami. The shear white blouse did nothing to hide it from any onlookers and she was too pissed off to mind. I opened the last button and pulled the blouse open so I could lift her soft tit and lick and bite her thick, rosea nipple publicly. While sucking that beautiful tit, I released the bra’s rear catch and the other cup slipped away from her other tit. “Fa, slide the straps past your elbows and hands so I can pluck it from you while he watches.” She did. I reached into her loose cami and rummaged over each puckered tit before grabbing her bra with two fingers and pulling it free. I dangled it for Frank, and others, to see. “These tits are heavenly. How dare he besmirch them!” I chose not to point out that with the blouse open and the bra gone, only the shear cami kept one tit ‘hidden’ while I massaged the other, fully exposed one. She was rubbing my dick again and tentatively toying with my zip as I dove into her mouth again. “If he can see you, push two fingers into your obviously wet pussy and coat them with your thick, sweet nectar. Make sure he sees you put those soaked digital delights into my mouth. Mmmm, you taste so sweet and lusty.”

When I finished feasting on those delicious fingers, with fire in her eyes she said, “You have $100 so far. He’s seen me watching him, so let’s bring the party to his table and make him watch you earn the rest of the bet.” I was still dizzy and breathless when she stood up and pulled me up with an obvious tent in my pants. With her tit still caught outside her cami, she bent and unzipped me. Looking at Frank, she pushed a hand inside and rummaged until she got past my briefs and could wrap her hand around my bare, stiff, throbbing cock. She looked at her exposed tit and, since the other was nearly as exposed though still under the cami, decided not to tuck it away. Instead, tit bouncing openly, she lead me by my stiffness thru the crowd, to her surprised husband. I knew I had to keep him from exposing my plan. I didn’t know him! I’d made up everything about the bets, and guessed at her plight. She let loose her fury.

“Hey, ashshole, is THIS what you had in mind?” Pointing to her tit and her hand in my pants, she added, “Don’t you say a whherd! Just watch the show. Hey you…. I dun evfen know your name. You’re a great kisser. Did you see how wet you made me? Course ya did. Here, take my panties and your naxt $100.” She pulled her skirt up until the slit was at her groin and most of her long, luscious thighs were exposed to half the room, then leaned over the side of the table on her forearms, next to Frank.

I looked at him warily. He smirked and pointed to his camera phone then nodded his approval. I folded the split skirt onto her back and slid the rest of it past her hips so her wet panties were exposed beyond the low waistband. She sucked air deeply at the cool feeling. Frank took a series of photos with each step. I rolled the lacy panties over her shapely, bare ass and pulled the front down by slipping my hand over her damp curlies, through her sexy slot and between her legs. The crotch lagged behind and Frank bent to take that photo. When I slid the panties down the long, long path to her ankles and helped her step out of them, I held them to my nose and deeply inhaled the fragrance of arousal. Frank caught that too and my bliss at sucking the tasty gusset. Her beautiful, swollen, shaven lips were completely exposed and offered to me. They were glistening wet with her dew. I licked and sucked my fingers dry after running them between all her nether lips. I kneeled behind her, between her lengthy legs and spread her cheeks, exposing her bleached, pale brown hole to me, Frank and the shifting crowd. My nose dove into it and I licked the musky sweat from it. She flinched then immediately relaxed back onto my tongue. My hand clamped her mons and my two middle fingers explored her wet, swollen pussy while my index finger found and teased her clit. She moaned slowly and deeply. Much as I wanted to cum in her mouth and pussy, I also wanted her to cum copiously on my face and mouth. The red head released Frank’s stiff, uncut cock and fake taxi porno reached into Fa’s blouse. She slipped the cami straps off Fa’s shoulders so both breasts could swing freely. She teased the dangling tits and pinched her nipples while freeing one of her own very big tits and feeding it to Fa. I relished the slurping tit sounds and only then realized the music had stopped and most of the crowd was watching us closely.

Since my neck was straining, I pulled Fa up and turned her to lie on the table on her back. I pushed her long legs apart and enjoyed the beautiful sight of a wet, bald and pretty pussy waiting for me. As I stood, RED offered her huge tit to Frank and pulled his balls from his open pants. I lifted Fa’s legs from behind her knees and the crisp vision of those long, smooth, toned legs inspired me to say “A perfect thighway to heaven” before I could censor myself. Two delicious thighs converged on heaven and I dug in. Tossing her knees on my shoulders let me lick her lips open while two fingers explored and dug for more precious nectar. My tongue slid under her hood and around her clit. I sucked gently, warmed the pearly treasure then sucked hard while her moans grew louder and faster. My fingers moved from her inner clit to her textured G-spot. With my simultaneous assault on her clit and G, she cried out and shuddered a long moment as her tits and neck flushed bright red and she flooded my face with the welcome drink of the gods. Frank, holding the camera, casually said “That was very nice. Now it’s time to fuck her, then you can fuck her mouth with your dirty dick.”

Who was I to argue at this point? I didn’t stop to consider how superficially he was taking all this public exposure or if he just wanted to humiliate his wife. As I stood, RED held my pants and they slid off without unbuttoning. She pulled my briefs down to my ankles and squeezed my dick before pulling it to Fa’s snatch. She was still moaning thru her orgasm when I took one more long lick of her heavenly lips then easily slid my dick into her slippery hole. It was irresistible and sucked me quickly into the hilt. I paused deep inside her and enjoyed her warmth as it spread over me. When I pushed her knees to her chest, her long thighs let them reach her ears. Frank took more pictures as I broached his wife and her gripping lips clung to my shaft as it pulled out. I forgot about the crowd of at least half the patrons staring at us, of the image of my bare, hairy ass exposed to them and how my own winking hole must look. Fa began climbing toward another orgasm as I pounded her pussy. Since she had stroked me earlier to hardness and teased me so long, I knew I couldn’t last. As my breathing quickened, I noticed RED sucking her finger while staring at me and grinning. I wrapped a hand around each breast and pinched Fa’s nipples. As I sensed myself getting closer, I felt a wet finger circle and quickly enter my ass. A few quick pumps inside me, complementing my pumping a warm and welcoming pleasure patch, and I exploded a torrent of cum. Fa nearly screamed her climax. I pulsed several times, grunting loudly with each throb and fell onto Fa’s chest. The finger gently exited my ass. Warm hands surrounded my balls and guided me away from Fa. RED held my dick up while she buried her face in Fa’s flooded pussy and vigorously licked and sucked my cum from her. She flicked Fa’s sensitive pearl while deeply fingering her to her third orgasm. When she was satisfied she’d drunk all of our mixed juices, she released my dick just in time for Fa to get up and take it from her.

“Well, I guess it’s time for you to earn that last $500.” Fa got on her knees next to Frank and sucked me like a pro. Her tongue swirled around my crown before inhaling my whole cock deep into her throat. She gulped me without gaging once. This was not the work of one who hasn’t sucked dick in years! If I hadn’t cum five minutes ago, I’d have cum quickly from this intense throat job. Then I felt the wet finger slide into my ass again. It found its target and milked me to another ball emptying eruption deep into Fa’s throat. I grabbed a chair and collapsed. “Thanks Gail, I ahh needed that extra proto…protein shot down my belly. I love the taste of mixed juices.”

“What? Who are you people? What did I get into?” Before my befuddled mind could spin further out of control, Frank spoke up. He explained that RED was Gail, Fa’s sister.

“I’ve been trying to get Fa to loosen up SOBER for years. After four drinks, she can’t remember what she did. She wakes up with a sore pussy and doesn’t know why. She believes we haven’t had sex in years, but the three of us get it on every weekend. We usually start here. THIS time, I’ll have proof when she sobers up, though I’m not sure when I’ll show her. YOUR part was to be her pickup. She was supposed to give you a sob story about a birthday, or anniversary, anything to make you pick her up. As a last resort she was to offer you $200 to get revenge on her scumbag husband, me. See, I have a deal with the owners here. Everyone here paid $50 for the show you and she and sometimes Gail put on. Here’s your $200. I split the rest with the house. Half the people here were caught up with Fa and her fabulous legs and have fucked her while we watched.”

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Tears in a Dry Land Ch. 04

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Big Tits

At the end of a long corridor lit by flickering wall sconces scented with cedar, two servants stood at a thick, wooden door. As the two women approached, the door was opened for them, light streaming forth into the darkness.

Penelope guided her into the room, stopping for a moment to take in the seating arrangements and the number of guests. It was a happy accident her father had returned from his quest tonight. Other travellers were also seeking his patronage and advice. She was glad she did not have to make excuses for his absence for longer than a few hours.

The room they entered bore a high ceiling, vaulted with plain, gleaming, black, alabaster-faced columns. The furnishings were sturdy and well-made, of the highest quality, gathered from many lands, but there was little or no gilding. Many different lamps of brass or bronze filled the room with a soft glow. Several low couches were situated around a collection of tables laden with aromatic dishes, fragrant rice, and sweetmeats. Again, the serving dishes were finely made, but not overly ornate

Sophia’s eyes flickered around the room until she found Yunan reclining on a couch in front of a beautiful fresco. Through a painted window covered with overhanging grapes, the scene showed fishing boats about to set sail on an azure sea. It was a scene so reminiscent of Sophia’s own home, she almost cried out, but her attention was caught by Yunan.

Penelope was whispering to him as she greeted her father with a kiss. He rose gracefully to a sitting position, indicating Sophia should seat herself on a vacant couch nearby. A handful of people were seated similarly, two men and two women. Penelope joined a couple sitting to her father’s right hand.

Yunan smiled. “Please, be welcome to our table.”

For a moment, Sophia remained standing at the entrance to the room, unconsciously drawing all eyes to her. With her chestnut hair hanging down her back and in her new clothes, no-one would have recognised the witless dancing girl Yunan had found just a few days before.

Taking a deep breath, she went and knelt before Yunan, taking his hand, kissing it and reciting a very old and formal blessing of thanks for safe protection under his roof together with good wishes on his family and his ancestors unto the fifth generation. porno

No-one could deny how heartfelt her thanks were nor that she would have offered her blessing with or without witnesses. This was her first opportunity to really thank him and to show him how grateful she was.

Yunan inclined his head, acknowledging her words and actions.

“That was very graciously said, Sophia. Thank you.” Once more his hand waved towards the couch next to his. “Will you sit and dine with us? We should be honoured.”

His courtesy was not forced, it was part of him – part of his essence.

Sophia nodded, closing her eyes in assent; sitting demurely where he indicated. One by one, Yunan introduced her to their dining companions. The first was a tall man, with a shaven head and a full grey beard. His expression was grave with dark, hidden eyes.

“This is Mordh Kauras – he is – how might I describe you Kauras? He is – let me say -a smuggler.” The bald man blinked but said nothing, inclining his head to Sophia. “The lady with him is a very good friend, I think.”

Kauras cleared his throat, “This is Limma.” The young woman blushed as he spoke her name, but said nothing. Despite the flowing silks of her robes, her young body was curved and voluptuous, echoing the thick, tangled curls of her jet-black hair. Her mouth glistened with syrup from nibbled sweatmeats as she licked sticky fingers, her large black eyes accentuated by the khol she wore.

Her gaze flickered over Sophia, judging whether of not she would be a rival to her companion’s attentions, but soon decided she faced no threat since Sophia’s obvious pregnancy put her out of bounds.

Yunan gestured to the man seated on his right.

“This other gentleman is a countryman of mine named Ikton and his companion is his sister, Herea. This is the Lady Sophia, recently rescued from a dreadful ordeal of which we would rather not talk.” He turned to smile at Sophia, “How are you now, Lady?”

“My body is much eased by the kindness of your daughter, my Lord. My mind…”she stopped, looking him full in the face, “….my mind returns.”

He smiled, offering her a platter laden with stuffed figs. “Indeed, my Lady – I can often find a long journey leaves me most disoriented – do try one of these.” He nodded anime porno encouragingly as she took one from the plate, holding it carefully in both hands as she nibbled the delicacy.

The smuggler, Kauras, was gazing at Penelope with an openly interested expression, much to the annoyance of his companion. Penelope was deep in conversation with Herea, the two women sharing points of significant amusement.

“I see your daughter is here, Kallikrates. I thought she was sent away, since…”

Yunan smoothly picked up the unfinished sentence without missing a beat. “She returned some days ago. I missed her so; it seemed a greater hardship to be without her.” He turned to Sophia, his gaze level and meaningful, “So, Lady Sophia, my daughter tells me you remember your last visit here?”

For a moment, Sophia hid behind closed eyes but then opened them to face him.

“I remember being here, yes – not everything, but enough to know what occurred.”

A momentary spasm, like a cloud flickered across his face, but it passed almost unnoticed. “Then we shall exchange reminiscences – later perhaps…?”

“If it pleases, you, my Lord.”

Without faltering he became once more the genial host, calling to the servant holding the wine carafe.

“Where are my manners? Wine for the Lady. You will try some of the local produce?”

Sophia could not remember the last time she drank anything other than water or fruit juice.

“Nothing too strong, I fear I have no head for it these days.” A sudden thought came to her. “I believe you are fond of a fresh white grape.” She named a local wine from her father’s land.

Yunan sipped from his own goblet thoughtfully.

“Indeed, yes. It was a favourite of mine, although in recent years, there has been a change in quality, a loss of spirit or flavour. They say a great tragedy befell the family that owned the land. They had no heart for the grape or the craft any more.” He looked at her curiously. “How came you to remember that?”

“It was the story of Penelope, told to a small child many, many years ago that I remembered. You had a glass of the wine in your hand as you told the tale.”

Yunan did not respond, instead looking into the middle distance seeming to see through walls to arap porno something a long way away.

“There was a girl who said in a very clear voice she would never wait ten years for any man, King of Ithaca or not and that she’d have rattled the suitors’ teeth with her spinning weights if she’d been Penelope.”

He turned towards Sophia, their shared smiles mirroring one another.

“Small girls do not understand time, my Lord.”

“We none of us do. We seek to catch it in an hourglass, or burn it in a candle and yet there is never enough, but always more of it. I have spent months that seemed like years and days that fled like minutes.”

She nodded, her eyes never leaving his, “I’m sure that has been true for all of us.”

In the quiet silence following their exchange, they became aware Ikton was making inconsequential talk about the weather and building materials. Sophia gained the impression he was an architect of some kind.

“Speaking of time, Kallikrates,” he said, “I was astounded you managed to get those repairs done in here so quickly. The damage from the fire was quite severe. I see they have followed my plans to the letter, I hope you are pleased with the results.”

Yunan frowned slightly, concerned by the turn of the conversation. He nodded towards Ikton, stealing a glance towards Sophia to see if she heard. She was serving herself from a dish of lamb with saffron rice and dried fruits. He saw her pause, her spoon hanging in midair for a long moment. He spoke clearly and slowly, aiming his remark at her ears, but apparently speaking to Ikton.

“The important thing is we all came through unscathed in the end and the damage has been repaired. I am very pleased with the artist you recommended. His frescos bring me much pleasure.”

The talk turned to other things, the meal continuing through several courses until everyone had eaten and drunk their fill. Sophia leant back amongst the cushions letting the conversation wash over her. The softness of her couch soon lulled her tired body into sleep. As her eyelids flickered, she thought herself back in her own home listening to the tales of merchants come to visit her father and haggle over the price of wine.

She hardly noticed when someone picked her up and carried her to her room, nor the gentle hands which unwrapped the clothes from her body, sliding her between silken sheets covering a mattress filled with the softest down. She slept soundly for the next day and night, not waking until the stars were once more high in the sky.

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Exposing Katie 015

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Our most recent adventure, that involving Sharon interrupting our Sunday morning play, had been spontaneous and unexpected. I loved how Katie and I were getting to the point where we could just go with the flow and know pretty much what the other’s thoughts were about what was happening. There was no jealousy nor was there a fear that the other was jealous. In a lot of ways, it felt good that Katie was just as quick to expose me as I was to expose her. Letting Sharon masturbate me was a bit more than I could have expected considering that we had a rule against people touching Katie during our adventures, but Larry had hugged Katie on two occasions that she was completely naked and gotten in some good fondling. Believe me, it wasn’t something that I was going to argue about!

But as I waited for Katie’s and Sharon’s return I began to have a few fears. Not about anything between Katie and me, but I began to second guess Sharon’s reaction to things. She had started out excited by the temptation of seeing me naked, but when she realized that she had caught us in the middle of sexual play it had unnerved her quite a bit. I guess that just seeing me naked could be seen on a non-sexual level, but seeing the remains of our sex had crossed that line. She had regained her composure and seemed to get into things, but was somewhat quiet and withdrawn after I had climaxed. Perhaps a bit embarrassed by her obvious enjoyment of what had happened?

I trusted Katie and her judgment, but had to admit that I was a bit concerned that we had moved too quickly with Sharon. I did not want to have everything fall apart before anything had a chance to even happen.

When Sharon just dropped Katie off without coming in, I was almost convinced that we had gone too far. Katie quickly put my mind to ease, though. She said that she and Sharon had a good discussion and that Sharon only had to get back to her family and had said to be sure to say hello to me and give me a kiss for her.

I think that what Katie had to learn most in all of this was to trust me not to treat her as badly as others had done in her past. For me, I think that what I had to learn most was to trust Katie’s judgment when it came to dealing with others. She definitely has a lot more skill in dealing with people than I do. And I think that her skill has only gotten better as she has come to see through my actions that not everyone was out to harm her in some way. If only I could learn to quiet my own inner fears as well as Katie has done with hers.

We talked a bit about her conversation with Sharon, but I got the impression that there was a certain amount of “girl talk” that I just wasn’t going to hear about. That was fine. I knew that Katie would tell me anything that was really important. She did mention that Sharon had been interested to hear about our adventures with exhibitionism. Although Katie told how Sharon kept saying that she could never do anything like that herself, Katie thought that Sharon was just a little too interested to be able to turn around and casually forget about doing such things. I couldn’t help but wonder whether anyone else in the coffee-shop had gotten an earful of their conversation. I’m sure that Katie was discreet in her storytelling, but I could imagine that as she got into the excitement of a story her voice would rise and she would not have been paying as close attention to her surroundings.

The rainy day did put a bit of a damper on our activities for the day. We took some time taking care of the usual household chores and then settled down to read the Sunday paper together. When Katie and Sharon had left for the coffee-shop, Katie had just thrown on some clothes. She had grabbed a pair of jeans and one of her button down Oxford cloth shirts, leaving the shirt unbuttoned to a point between her breasts. The shirt fit snugly enough that it did not gape open to show off her breasts, but it did show off skin from her neck down across the flat of her chest. I think that the look is a great tease. Not really showing anything she shouldn’t be, but pretty obvious that she is not wearing a bra and that only a couple buttons are between decency and having her breasts exposed.

Once she was home again and we had started in on the household chores, it was not long before another button or two was released from its bonds. Katie knows how much I love to just look at her and is sure to humor my desires. For the most part she was still covered, but as she was cleaning her movements would often give me a view of a breast peeking out from her shirt. I’ve gone on about how much I love to just see Katie fully naked, but I have to admit that getting a “peek” of her nakedness has a certain thrill to it of seeing something forbidden even after all the years that we have been married. I love watching her from bare naked to wrapped completely in a winter parka with her face barely showing and everything in between!

Our chores and the Sunday paper only got us to about mid-afternoon. By the time that we sat down to the paper, bakire porno another button or two had become undone. So her breasts were both on display at times. That seemed to make the dreary state of world affairs somewhat easier to take. But with the paper finished, we were once again at a loss for activities. The weather did not have either of us in the mood to go out someplace. It just seemed like a day to stay holed up inside. We could not seem to hit on anything that we wanted to do.

Nothing interesting was on television, neither of us had a good book we were reading, we were not in the mood for watching one of the movies we had. It was just one of those times when absolutely nothing seemed interesting. Of course, boredom is the devil’s playground as they say.

Katie’s teasing through the morning had definitely set the stage for continued games, but it was more of a playful mood than just heading off for a romp in the bedroom. If the weather had been warmer, I could have possibly convinced Katie to play naked in the rain in some secluded spot. But the day was dour enough that doing so just did not seem appealing. I think that it was the combination of the playful mood and the desire for a more pleasant day that got my mind to thinking.

I suppose that a little back-story is required at this point. This was after the point a few years ago that the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue came out with the body-painted swimsuits. I had bought both the magazine and the calendar that came out afterwards. After the year was over, I took the calendar down but kept the two of them together on my bookshelf. One day Katie came across them and pulled them out to look at them again.

She commented about how that took the term “painted on clothing” to a whole new level and questioned whether it was art, whether in and of itself it was something that turned people on, or whether it was mostly just an attempt by Sports Illustrated to push the boundaries by really having naked models while attempting to maintain the guise of showing swim-wear. She pointed out that they included all the information on the swimsuits that were used for reference as though it was all about showing off the swim-wear, which to her only confirmed that they were doing their best to sidestep the issue of the models being naked. “Thou protesteth too much!” and all of that.

Her question about whether the body-paint in itself was a turn-on led to me telling her a story about how back in grade school I saw one of my father’s Playboy magazines that had a pictorial of Veruschka in body-paint. Some of the designs were abstract, but a number of the photos were of her with “painted” clothes on. If you looked at it from a distance, it just looked like she was fully clothed. Only upon looking closer could you see that she was really naked. One image that I can picture clearly to this day was of her painted up as a gangster with a dark jacket, white shirt, and red tie. The only physical props she had were a gun, fedora hat, and a cigarette. Everything else was paint. The pictorial left a definite impression on my young mind and the idea of a woman with “painted” clothes has always been a turn-on for me.

Katie always (even to this day) gets this funny smile on her face when I start going on about something from my past that she has never heard about before. We have known each other for over fifteen years now and she sort of thinks she knows me better than I do myself at times. Much of the time I have to admit that she actually does know me pretty well. Then something like this comes up and she cannot believe that she has never seen this particular side to me.

At first, she could not quite understand why a naked person that looked like they had clothes on was a turn-on for me. This led to another story, about how my one roommate in college maintained that nobody paid any attention to greetings. He set out to prove this at his evening job at a fast food place. He was getting sort of tired of the job anyway, so he was not too concerned about the consequences. He was required to say to each customer, “Welcome to —, may I take your order?” He changed this to, “Welcome to —, may I fuck your daughter?” A bit forward of him if you ask me, but his point was that they sort of sounded the same if you said them quickly. In any case, he did this for a week without one person actually hearing what he was really saying. He finally gave up on his little game, mainly because he got bored with it. So two slightly weird stories from my past in one evening had Katie considering that I was more of a lunatic than she had ever previously thought.

So I tried to explain further. Have you ever noticed that you usually only serve to dig a deeper hole for yourself the more you try to explain something? I told her that it often seems like a majority of the population operates on auto-pilot, never bothering to look beyond their definition of what is normal. Although some people take delight in blatantly crossing those boundaries evli porno and getting in people’s faces, sometimes there can be a lot of fun in crossing the boundaries more covertly and seeing what you can get away with. So the body painting was a human trompe l’oeil of sorts. Luck was on my side and the light finally dawned for Katie and I knew that I had explained myself to her.

This discussion led to us searching the internet for pictures of body painting and nudity and we ended up finding a lot of pictures of Fantasy Fest in Key West. We had seen pictures of Mardi Gras before, but after seeing a few women flashing their tits for beads you’ve pretty much seen all there is to see. Only the sizes and shapes change. Fantasy Fest intrigued us both, though.

I guess that it was a combination of the accepted partial or full nudity instead of just merely flashing coupled with the creativity of the body-painting that appealed to us both. We each have our artistic interests and we were amazed at the detail involved in some of the designs. I’m not sure which one of us was more interested in the full body paint costumes. The idea of a woman being completely naked except for paint had quickly become a real turn-on for both of us. We downloaded a number of the pictures and brought them up a couple times to talk about them since first seeing them.

You can see that my fetish for body paint has a long history. Now it began to work in my mind that it also had the potential to provide the possibilities toward achieving my other fetish of having Katie completely naked in public. I think that is much of the reason that I found myself drawn to the images of painted clothes in particular and also why I like my term of “human trompe l’oeil” so much in referring to such body paint — that by “misleading the eye” the wearer is allowed some secret freedom. We’ve actually found a few related experiences where people that were fully naked except for body-paint at Fantasy Fest or similar venues received less attention than people in revealing clothes that still had all the important parts completely covered. People just did not realize what they were really seeing.

So, getting back to the story, the playful mood and the wish for warmer weather combined to remind me of Fantasy Fest in sunny Key West. We had never quite gotten to the point of discussing actually doing any paint work ourselves, but this rainy afternoon seemed like the perfect opportunity to put it to a test. I excused myself for a moment and went into my study where I pulled out my set of acrylic paints. It has been years since I have actually done any painting with them, but I keep meaning to make some time for it again. This was not exactly the use that I had been meaning to put them to, but it would work. I rifled through them a bit and turned up a few colors that I thought might look good. A tube of black, one of white, alizarin crimson caught my eye, hookers green just begged to be used, and I finished off with a tube of hansa orange. I grabbed a couple brushes and set everything on my palette to take out to the living room.

At the doorway I told Katie to close her eyes for a moment and finish unbuttoning her shirt. She sat there smiling with her eyes closed as she did as I instructed. I don’t think that she could have imagined what I was up to, but I guess that she had decided that whatever I had thought up would be better than sitting around bored for the rest of a rainy Sunday afternoon.

When she was ready, I came into the room and knelt on the floor in front of her. I put my supplies down on the floor and decided to start with some white. I squeezed a bit onto the palette and ended up deciding to forgo the brush. First I pulled her shirt down off her shoulders to make sure that it would stay out of the way and then I dipped my finger into the paint and raised it to the naked canvas in front of me. I paused for a moment, trying to decide what I was going to attempt to paint on her. I finally decided to just go with something abstract. I raised my finger towards her shoulder and drew my finger down along her breast just to the outside of her nipple and continued down towards her belly in a bit of a sweeping curve until the paint ran out. She had flinched slightly when I first touched her from the coolness and slippery feel of the paint. She knew something was up, but I wasn’t sure if she knew what I was doing yet.

I dabbed my finger into the paint again and mirrored my first stroke down the other side of her. I squeezed out a bit more paint and decided to try a brush. I loaded it up pretty good and worked on filling in what I had started with my fingers. I think that the brush tipped her off to what I was doing, but she continued to sit there patiently with her eyes closed.

I squeezed out some crimson and used a second brush to paint in two crescents across her breasts and over her nipples. Imagine sort of a v-neckline in white with cups of red across her breasts. I realized that I needed something to wash fake taxi porno my brushes out in, so I told Katie to stay put for a moment and I would be right back. I dashed to the kitchen and quickly filled a jar with some water. When I returned, Katie was still sitting there with her eyes closed and a grin on her face. I don’t know if she had peeked, but she seemed to definitely be enjoying what was happening to her.

I dipped the brush in my jar of water to rinse it out and loaded the brush up with black paint. I touched my brush to Katie’s nipple and could see the shiver run through her body as she reacted to the cool slime of the paint. I carefully painted just her nipple so that it would contrast starkly from the rest of her crimson colored breast.

The tremors that passed through her body as I concentrated on getting my paint-job just right told me of the effect that I was having on her. To her credit, she kept her eyes closed (at least I did not catch her peeking) and held relatively still so that I managed to get her first nipple painted. I started in on her other nipple and could tell that she was really having to hold back from the sensations that I was imparting to her sensitive spots. I got her second nipple about halfway painted when Katie finally could not keep her silence any longer.

“Umm… I can pretty much tell BASICALLY what you are doing to me, but what EXACTLY are you trying to do to me?” she asked.

Playing naive, I said, “Oh, nothing much. Just painting your beautiful body.”

“Any particular reason you may be doing this?” she asked.

I explained that I had been thinking about the Sports Illustrated calendar and the Fantasy Fest pictures that we had seen and just thought that I would try my hand at it. By this point I was nearly finished with her nipple.

“So, am I going to get to see this masterpiece?” she asked.

“Of course, dear,” I answered.

There was a bit of a pause. Then she asked, “Nothing else going on?”

“I don’t think so. Why?” I asked.

“Ummm… Well, you’re doing a damn good job of getting me all hot and bothered with the way that you are playing with my nipples there,” she said.

I finished up with my painting and told her that she could take a look. She opened her eyes and looked down at herself then asked if she could go look in the mirror. With my permission, I followed her into the bedroom so that she could stand in front of the full-length mirror.

She looked at herself for awhile, turning a bit to look at her breasts from different angles. Then she turned to me and asked what was next.

I said, “I don’t know, what would you like to do next?”

“Do you plan to paint any more of me, or is that it for now?” she asked.

“Well, to paint any more you’d have to take the rest of your clothes off.” I told her.

“That could certainly be arranged. But I do think that it would only be fair that you removed some clothing too, mister, and that I got to paint on you as well,” she said.

That definitely was not an argument that I was going to have with the lady, so we both quickly stripped. Katie went to the closet and came back with some old towels, which she laid out on the floor of the living room so that we would not have to worry about any accidents. I got the rest of my paints from the study and we both sat down on the floor. It worked better to take turns painting. With both of us trying to paint at the same time, we’d invariably end up moving at just the wrong moment and messing up the other person.

We lost track of time a bit and spent a good portion of the afternoon painting each other and wound up looking like we were the victims of some drive-by hippy graffiti artists or something.

Katie had a harder time of it since painting over my body hair was a bit difficult. She had fun painting my penis and balls, though. She painted the head of it blue and then painted white and red stripes along the shaft. She said that she was going for a patriotic theme, but it sort of ended up looking more like a barber pole. She painted my testicles blue (what other color would they be, she asked) and painted two big eyes on them. She painted little flowers and other patterns across other parts of my body.

I continued the abstract theme rather than really painting anything in particular on her. She wasn’t sure that she wanted to have to clean paint out of her pussy, but did allow me to get a little creative down there. I painted her white up to the edges of her lips to accentuate her pink and then painted her clit crimson with a black stripe down across it to continue the theme I started with her breasts and to make it stand out as well.

It was definitely a fun afternoon, but we quickly realized that the acrylic paint was not going to work very well for body paint. As it dried, it would crack and “alligator” with any movement. Eventually it began to peel and flake off. But we had a good afternoon out of it and left our “decorations” on for dinner. It was a sort of silly thing to do, but there is nothing wrong with being playful and I’m never going to argue with anything that gets Katie out of her clothes. The evening found us in the shower together with some cold cream and quite a bit of scrubbing to the get the last remnants of it off of our bodies.

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Mitzi Ch. 05

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When I got home I was full of black men’s cum. My only thought at that time was who the father would be. I was very close to being fertile – too close for comfort. All I knew was that I had to avoid James until next week because I just could not say no to him. Nature intended for females to mate with the alpha males, and James was definitely an alpha male.

I was so tired I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. My deep sleep with a pussy full of black DNA consumed my dreams all night. I dreamed of my belly, normally nice and flat, swelling up to big and round over the next nine months.

My mother woke me up on Thursday morning because I had forgotten to set my alarm. I looked at my alarm clock and had to rush out of the house to avoid being late for school.

This meant I had no time to shower or clean up from last night’s naughtiness. I spent the morning thinking about James as the semen continued to ooze out of me, coating my thighs. Between classes I would have to rush to the girl’s room to clean up. Instead of being worried, I actually got horny thinking that I may be pregnant by a black man.

But I had to get rid of those thoughts. They were crazy – I was going crazy! By the time I got home from school and cheerleading practice I was exhausted.

I ignored my parents and their talk of their weekend trip. After I finished my dinner I went to my room, telling them I had homework to do. All I could think about was James and his big black cock. By the time I climbed into bed I was so horny that I half-hoped he would come by tonight and seed me.

I did not realize how tired I was until I got into bed naked and put my head on the pillow. Once again I was out like a light. That night my dreams had James mounting me, pounding into my bare pink pussy. And when he came my belly swelled before my eyes – pregnant with a black man’s baby.

My alarm woke me up in time that morning to shower and get dressed before seeing my parents off for their trip. I stood on our front stoop, waving goodbye while clenching my thighs. The last two days of not having sex with James and my dreams had gotten me so horny I couldn’t stand it. My pussy was drenched and all I wanted was a mind-blowing orgasm. And only one thing in the world could give that to me.

I knew I had to break up with Kevin. I had to leave to make it to school so I didn’t have time to even self pleasure myself at all. When I got to school I ran into Kevin in the parking lot.

We had a long talk about our future once the semester was over. We had not chosen the same college to attend and they were thousands of miles apart. It was a relief when Kevin said we should break up because it would allow us time to get over it before going our separate ways in the fall. Thankfully I didn’t have to mention the real reason as my pussy tingled at the thought.

The school pep rally had become a tradition at our school. It was a chance for the graduates to say good bye and welcome the next senior class. All went well and when it was over the graduating cheerleaders all returned their uniforms.

It had not dawned on me until I got home that today was the last day I would cheer for our school as a cheerleader. From here on out, I would be a cheering spectator.

My thoughts quickly changed thinking about school to having three days alone in my house. I started thinking about how reckless I had become since James took advantage of me. I don’t know what happened that first time he came in me but whenever he is around we had unprotected sex. I was a smart girl and was well aware of all the sexually transmitted diseases I could catch. It is even worse if his friends are there, because once he inseminated me I willingly took them raw too.

The worst part was that I always made Kevin wear a condom, so I wasn’t using birth control. Wednesday night was close to my fertile time, and three men came inside me. Their sperm seeking to fertilize my defenseless egg… and they were all black.

I don’t know what it was about James that had its hold on me. His cockiness, confidence, arrogance just made me drop my panties and let him use me as a sex toy. Or was it the risk of it all? The chance of disease, or pregnancy? Could it be a combination of all that, or just the fact I am white and he is black? I just could not figure it out. All I knew was it felt so right having his black tadpoles gushing into my unprotected Caucasian womb.

Before I realized it I was having an orgasm. My hand had worked itself unconsciously into my shorts, and my pussy seized around my roving fingers. I was so horny I made myself cum twice more. But as good as they were as I thought about James and his big black cock, they were not the mind blowing orgasms I needed.

It was after dinner time once I finished pleasuring myself. I decided to shower, dress, and go out minyon porno for a bite to eat.

I knew I had to avoid James at all costs this weekend. If I wasn’t already knocked up, it would definitely happen this weekend otherwise. After my shower I briefly thought about wearing panties – until I thought of James. I knew he would be angry if I saw him with them on.

I chose a white lacy demi cup bra with a white tank top and short black knit skirt with five-inch strappy spiked heels for my outfit. I admired my angelic body dressed to the nines in my mirror. I realized the skirt I chose was so short that, if I wasn’t careful, I would expose my precious pussy to the world. James would approve.

Then I left, driving around absent-mindedly trying to decide which party to attend. All I knew was that I didn’t want to run into Kevin or see James.

Somehow I found myself in a pizza by-the-slice shop. While I was sitting at the window looking out at the dirty streets and tenement buildings, I realized I was in the ghetto.

Looking out, I started wondering if the myths and rumors were true about the size of a black man’s appendage always being bigger while I watched them walk by.

I was startled back to reality when a very handsome black man knocked on the window. His bright pearly whites shown as he mouthed, “Wake up.” My baby blues caught [his gaze as I sipped my water. Before I noticed he was sitting next to me.

“Hey girl,” he said, “What’s a pretty white girl like you doing in da hood?”

I shook my head, “My boyfriend dumped me. I guess I was daydreaming and got hungry. I hadn’t noticed.”

His lips curled up into a bright smile, “Baby girl, ya better quit daydreaming in dis neighborhood.”

I looked into his steely eyes, “Why’s that? Is it against the law?”

He laughed, “Naw.” Patting my bare thigh, “But ya keep flashing dat white poon at all da brothers, and you won’t be leavin’ da same.”

I looked down at my splayed thighs. Quickly clamping his hand between them, “Oh my God! I didn’t realize. I’m sorry.”

His gaze fell to my chest, “No need ta be sorry. I liked the show.”

I felt my face getting hot from embarrassment. His pinky finger grazed my moist pussy lips as he removed his hand. An electric shock ran up my spine. I took another sip of water, “Thank you. I’m soooo embarrassed.”

“Fer what?” He smiled.

He was rubbing his pinky with his thumb, “For letting me know I was flashing people.”

“I think you like teasing da brotha’s,” He said sniffing his finger.

I shook my head no, “I didn’t do it on purpose.”

He changed the subject, “Ya ever been with a brotha?”

I shivered, “What do you mean?”

He laughed, “Ya ever let a black snake slither ‘tween yer creamy thighs?”

A smile crossed my lips as I lied, “Not yet.”

His grin got bigger, “Ya wanna give a brotha a chance?”

I feigned a frown, “I can’t this weekend. I have plans with my girlfriends.”

I finished my water as his smile never diminished, “Plans next weekend?”

“Not yet,” batting my baby blues.

I got up to leave. Walking to the trash can my water bottle rolled off my plate. I bent at the waist to pick it up. A faint whistle, “Damn girl, quit yer teasin’.”

I stood up and threw my garbage away. “I’m not teasing you,” I said over my shoulder as I was walking out to my car,

He was right behind me as I got in, “My name’s Xander by da way.”

I shook his hand, “Nice to meet you, Mitzi.”

“Ya got a pen?”

I rummaged through my purse handing him a pen and paper. He jotted his name and number down, “Call me.”

I glanced at the excitement in his shorts before I smiled brightly and drove away.

My smile wouldn’t go away as I about what had just happened. I placed my hand under my skirt and found my pussy soaking wet. I started thinking about James again, growing hornier by the minute.

I couldn’t believe how easy I had become in such a short time. I’d just flirted with a black guy from the ghetto – even got his number! He was handsome, but was he a thug? A gangster? The riskiness of it all drove me insane with lust.

My imagination started running wild remembering the phrase Xander said. My mind went straight to James’s black snake slithering between my creamy thighs.

Oh God,” I moaned to myself, and felt my pussy flutter around my fingers.

It was nearing nine o’clock so I drove to a couple of parties I knew of. My mind was still on James, and not seeing his vehicle I drove to another, And another. Until finally when I saw his van I parked, I cut the engine and went in.

There I found James talking to Mandi. I couldn’t help but feel the jealousy rise up in me. I could feel my vagina tingling with excitement, knowing just what a dangerous game I was playing.

But I had been there about an hour, and James was totally ignoring me. Not even olgun porno a nod when we made eye contact. Frustrated and horny, I went home mad.

When I got home I stripped off my sexy attire and climbed into bed naked. I started playing with my pussy, trying desperately to scratch the itch I had suffered with for the last hour. I was startled when my bedroom door burst open. James stood there.

“Wha… what the fuck are you doing here!?” I screamed.

James smiled down at my naked form, “Heard the parents were gone dis weekend.”

I gazed up at him as he started taking off his shirt, trying hard to maintain focus. “So? Why are you here?”

“To keep you company,” He said, “Didn’t want you all alone over the weekend.”

I watched transfixed as his onyx body came into view. A true alpha male, his muscles chiseled and his physique black as coal. My hand cupped my oozing vagina. The sight of his statuesque torso increasing my urges. I slid out of bed onto my hands and knees and crawled to him. I helped him remove his pants and engulfed his cock when it was bared.

I was acting like a wanton whore. Kissing and licking his ebony cock, fondling his sperm filled balls, moaning like a bitch in heat through it all. Taking the helmet into my mouth, I teased the sensitive area behind his purple mushroom. He held me by my hair as he started face fucking me. I started drooling down my chin. The excess dribbled onto my tits.

He pulled my pale face into his dark pubis. I gagged a little with each stroke until I suppressed my gag reflex. I could feel his coarse hair tickle my nose, his musk flooding my senses. His control over me had my pussy gushing.

I worked his cock like a slut, working my hands up and down the shaft to follow my mouth. After a few minutes he picked me up and tossed me on the bed. My legs splayed open and he crawled into the cradle. Without thinking I grabbed his cock and aligned it to my bare love opening. When the silky head of his black snake popped into me I gasped aloud.

“Oh God! That feels so goooood!”

James started thrusting into my slutty snatch. My darkest thoughts rang out as his smooth shaft slithered in an out of my silky love nest. “You’re going to get knocked up.”

But now it fueled my urges. My heels spurred his ass, my nails dug into his back. It was like my pelvis had a mind of its own, slapping up against James hips with a loud smacking. My pussy’s naughty squelching filled the room with my sexual aroma. It drove James to fuck me like an animal. I couldn’t stop cumming.

“James,” My blue eyes locked on James as my brow furrowed, “I’m cummmming! Fuck meeee!”

James rolled us over. I started riding his shaft as if riding a horse at a full gallop. My pussy juice coated his dark cock in glistening cream. The mushroom head grazed my G-spot, sending shivers of ecstasy through my body.

I was on a glorious high of pleasure. The high only a black cock could bring. My head was tossed back, eyes closed and mouth open as shooting stars went off in my head.

James started tweaking my nipples as my white hands rested on his dark chest. I felt like I was in heaven as another orgasm flowed through me.

“Oh my God, James…” I moaned, “You’re making me cummmm!”

James rolled me onto my back again, pummeling my pussy to another savage orgasm immediately. My legs clenched his waist, my pelvis grinding on his shaft. My pussy convulsed around his African manhood as I screamed, “OH MY GOD! I’m cummmmming again!!”

I couldn’t catch my breath during my orgasm as my nipples rubbed his ebony chest. James’ onyx lance began pulsing and expanding inside me, stroking my G-spot. I started trembling as his hot dick drove against my cervix.

“You love that black dick baby?” James grunted.

My pussy began grinding harder on his pelvis, “Oh God! I love that black dick.”

The first rope of his ebony sperm spewed forth into my pale pussy. Another orgasm burst inside me as my legs clenched his body to mine. I basked in the moment, blissful as the taboo feeling of being impregnated felt so right. My vagina continued convulsing around his shaft, encouraging my black lover’s cock to ejaculate all his seething sperm into my white pussy.

Twice more that night before falling asleep, James filled my pussy with his dangerous spunk. Every time I lay there moaning his name, willingly accepting every drop into my pale womb.

When I awoke the next morning I was surprised to feel the warmth of James body nestled against mine. His hard ebony staff was tight against my butt. Carefully I got out of bed, having to use the bathroom and start a pot of coffee. After relieving myself and walking back through the kitchen, I spotted the dark caramel coffee filling the pot. I touched my stomach absent-mindedly, picturing my belling slowly filling out with a similar roundness with a baby of the same color.

I şahin k porno returned to my bedroom to find James now lying on his back, his love muscle pointed at the ceiling like a dark marble obelisk. I knelt on the bed and began worshipping his African manhood with my tongue.

I cleaned all the dried flakes of our comingled juices left over from his dick. Then, straddling his thighs, I slid down onto his shaft with a low moan. He just grumbled as I started posting on him. When my moans grew more pronounced, he slowly opened his eyes.

“Sorry James,” I gazed into his eyes, “I couldn’t help myself…”

A sinister grin crossed his lips, “You really are my black cock slut.”

“Oh fuck,” I tossed my head back, closing my eyes from all the satisfying fullness, “Yesssssss. I’m easy for your black cock.”

James growled and rolled me over as he pounded my poor white pussy. I held his hips gently as his black shaft glimmered in the morning light with my pussy juice.

“Say it again,” he commanded.

“I’m your black cock slut,” I cooed. He leaned down to kiss me as he thrust harder.

We were in the throws of morning passion when suddenly his phone rang. He picked it up glancing at the caller I.D. “Let it go to voice mail,” I moaned. To my horror he answered it and put it on speaker.

“Kev, my boy! What’s up?”

“Ah, not too much James.” I froze as my former boyfriend’s voice filled the room, “Broke up with Mitzi, which sucks but makes sense. Playing ball today?”

I started feeling devious as they talked. I started thrusting up to meet James thrust as he continued lancing into me. I had to bite my lower lip to keep from moaning.

“Not today Kev. I got lucky last night- up a foxy white chick picked,” James said, smiling down at me, “Real lucky- she’s a total slut. Only got a minute while she’s in the shower.”

“Damn, really man? You lucky bastard!”

I had a really naughty thought as I wrapped my arms around James’ neck and pulled him down to me. Giving him a quick peck on the lips I whispered in his ear, “Ask Kevin if he ever got to fuck me without a condom.”

“Kev, I sure hope this bitch is on the pill.” I shook my head no, “She never said a word, even as I sank my raw bone into her.”

“Man, I wish I could get that lucky Mitzi always made me wear a raincoat,” Kevin said. James and I exchanged a knowing glance. “Sure does make it hard to cum wearing one.”

“I know what ya mean, Kev.” I laughed quietly as he continued, “Listen, I gotta go. The shower just turned off.”

“Alright buddy. I hope the bitch ain’t on the pill and you knock the slut up. Would serve a fucking slut like that right to get pregnant! Fuck that slut good and hard for me,” Kevin laughed.

“If she isn’t already, she’ll know in a couple months,” James and Kevin laughed. I whined with need. I started thrusting my hips harder as James hips meet mine. He hung up right before I wailed aloud.

He kissed me with passion as my coital movements became frantic. I was on the verge of an orgasm when James stopped. I stared into his dark gaze.

“Why did you stop? Fuck me like your personal slut.”

“Did you hear what your ex wants me to do?” James started gently sawing in and out of me.

I nodded, “Fuck this slut good and hard. Oh God, please do it!”

James picked up the pace a little, “What does he want me to do to you, bitch? Answer me.”

James started pounding me. I held his neck as our hips smacked together. I could hear Kevin’s voice in my head: “Would serve a fucking slut like that right to get pregnant!”

I could feel an orgasm building as I envisioned my belly swollen with a baby. I could hear the sluicing of James black baby maker pistoning in an out of my lily womb. My pink pussy walls convulsed around his shaft as I got closer to cumming.

James started grunting. I could feel the pulsing in his shaft quicken. I was blinded by stars shooting in front of my eyes. My nails dug into his back as my legs clung to his waist. My bodies need to breed took over. I had to answer him.

“Do it,” I moaned, “Fill me with your black babies.”

My head rocked side to side. My baby chute convulsed wildly as the pulsing and expanding of James weapon became frantic. James was holding back his orgasm. I lost it as my orgasm washed over me.

“James! Plant your seed in my fertile garden. Knock your white slut up!”

James onyx cock burst forth. His African warriors bathed my pale pussy sealing my fate.

I was fertile, and ready.

“Oh GOD! I want your nigger jizz. I want your nigger babies – I’m CUMMMMING!!”

James lay atop me as my pussy walls continued milking his virile sperm into me. My eyes locked onto his dreamily as he leaned in for a kiss. Our tongues dueled for what felt like forever as his sperm pooled deep inside me.

I blacked out momentarily from excitement when James rolled off. When I awoke James was gone. I scanned the room his clothes still piled on the floor.

I got up and went back upstairs, still naked. With no one else home, I could let James’ spunk leak down my legs shamelessly. I heard the shower going through the half open door. The smoked glass of the shower doors made James even more appealing.

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Exposing Carol: Way Back When

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Bobby Running Bear was my brother Jason’s best friend. He was cute, a great dancer, and a really nice guy. Bobby and Jason were both popular in high school and both were headed for college that fall.

By March of that year, they had both turned eighteen. It was a time of innocence and confusion. A time of horniness and inhibition. They were adults—and they were still kids.

I was two years older than Jason and finishing my sophomore year at the university. Unlike my brother, I was pretty shy. I dated guys occasionally, frat boys and townies. I even let them feel me up now and then. But I wouldn’t go all the way. I just couldn’t. Sometimes, I would stand naked at the window of my darkened dorm room, wondering if anyone was looking at me. Sometimes, I’d touch myself. Just a little. Or maybe a lot.

Spring break was the first week in April. Mom and Dad were going to Ireland on business and they asked me to take care of the house and keep an eye on Jason. So, instead of Fort Lauderdale or the Bahamas, I spent the break lazing around at home.

Jason was in school that week. He’d leave in the morning before I got up and return after baseball practice in the afternoon. I’d make some dinner and then read a book or watch TV. Jason spent the evenings doing his homework and talking on the telephone with friends. It was nice, though, being home for a bit.

On Friday, I cleaned up the house, washed my clothes, and did some preliminary packing for my return to campus the next day. Mom and Dad would be home on Saturday and then I’d leave after dinner with them and Jason. I remember it rained on Friday afternoon, that slow, soaking rain that always made me think of Heathcliff on the moor.

I was half asleep on the sofa when Jason walked through the front door. Trailing behind was Bobby, drenched just like my brother. They must have thought I was asleep when I didn’t move or greet them. They tried to keep quiet as they walked upstairs. To this day, I swear that I heard Bobby say, “Boy, Jason, your sister is hot!”

About twenty minutes later, I got up from the sofa. I could hear Jason and Bobby talking and laughing upstairs in Jason’s bedroom. Bobby’s comment still lingered in my mind. I grabbed my books from the coffee table and headed up to my room. As I passed Jason’s room, the door was ajar and I could see them hunched over a magazine. Backing up, I nudged the door open and said, “Hi.” Startled, they turned around toward me. Jason tried to hide the magazine but I could see it was one of those with nude women in it.

“Hey, Sis. Did you have a nice nap?” He tried to act nonchalantly. I smiled and told him it was okay to be looking at the magazine. I put my books down and sat on his bed. I could see that both of them were a little embarrassed so I changed the subject and we talked about baseball and school and a couple other things. I could see Bobby eyeing me when I was speaking to Jason. I liked him looking at me. Jason did the same when I was facing Bobby. I liked that too.

Then, as if some unknown force was guiding me, I brought the discussion back to nude women. “So, why is it that you guys like to look at pictures of naked women in magazines?” I stared at them, shifting my glance from one to the other. “C’mon, I’d really like to know. Jason? Bobby?” I don’t know what had come over me to act so bold.

Bobby looked at Jason who looked at me. “Most guys like to do it,” Jason said. “Must be the hormones or something.” We both looked at Bobby.

“I don’t know. We’re horny, I guess,” he said. Now they were both looking at me. My shyness came back and I lowered my eyes. No one spoke. Then I broke the silence.

“I want to ask you both something and I promise I won’t tell anyone what you have to say.” They were watching me intently and I felt self-conscious but I pressed on. “How many naked girls have you seen live, you know, in the flesh, so to speak.” I was ready for some big-time fibs.

“153,” Bobby said, and we all burst out laughing.

“Is that all?” Jason said. “I saw that many last month.” We laughed again.

“Come on,” I said. “I promise I won’t tell even if it is zero.” I could sense their hesitation in being candid with me and I could sense a little increase in the charged atmosphere in Jason’s bedroom. Again, they were looking at me and, again, I looked away. Bobby cleared his throat.

“Well, don’t tell anybody, but I’ve türbanlı porno only seen my mother and that was by accident,” he said. “She was coming out of the shower and didn’t think anyone was home yet.” He seemed relieved by his admission. “Okay, your turn, Jason.”

Bobby and I watched him squirm a little and waited. “Well,” he drawled, “I want to say seven but the answer is one. And it was just her tits. Jenny and I were swimming at the creek and she took her shirt off when I dared her. But she only kept it off for about thirty seconds.”

“You saw Jenny’s boobs!?” Bobby said. “Wow, I wish I’d been there.” It was like he had forgotten I was there for a moment. “Sorry,” he said, red-faced.

“That’s okay,” I said. Our eyes held each other’s for a second.

“So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen,” Jason said. “Two cool guys telling a sister that they’re still virgins in more ways than one.” We chuckled at that remark and I felt the age gap between us was more than two years. I wanted to do something for them. And for me. I wanted to be bolder than I had ever been before.

I stood up from the bed. “Can I see that magazine a minute?” I said. Jason reached behind him and handed it to me. I flipped the pages, searching for the photos. By today’s standards, they were pretty tame. I looked at a lot of them while the guys quietly watched me. Then I held one up.

“See this,” I said, pointing to an airbrushed photo. “She looks nice, but she looks fake. I mean, you never will see a girl or a woman who has perfect skin in real life. And we’re all not built like this,” I said, raking my finger across the model’s breasts. The guys just stared at the photo, raising their eyes only when I spoke. “What do you think of her, Jason?” My brother looked at me.

“She’s pretty cool, I think.”


“Uh, I agree. But then, all I have to compare are other pictures,” he said.

“And your mother,” Jason said, laughing.

“Well,” I said, not quite believing my own voice, “do you want to see what a real woman looks like with no clothes on?”

“What do you mean?” Jason asked.

“What if I could get a real person to show you her body? Would you want me to arrange that for you?” Their faces lit up.

“Sure!” they both said, simultaneously.

“Well, here I am,” I said, with a little shudder in my voice as I opened my arms to them. I couldn’t believe I had just done that. They looked at me, mouths open.

“God, Sis! I don’t know about this. I mean, you’re my sister!” His voice quivered. Bobby just stood there, looking, his eyes capturing each part of me.

“Look,” I said. “There’s nothing wrong with this. We’re not going to have sex or anything. I’m just going to show you what a real naked woman looks like. So, do you want me to or not?” I was about to chicken out.

“Yes,” they said.

“Okay,” I said, trying to remain calm and sound like it too. Then I had another idea. “How I want this to work is”—I paused—“I want both of you to undress me. Can you do that?” they looked at each other and then at me. I could see “yes” in their smiling faces. They shook their heads.

“What should we do?” Jason asked.

“Okay, here are the rules,” I said, making it up as I went along. “Each of you can take turns removing one piece of my clothing at a time. That’s all you can do. No grabbing, no touching, nothing else. Understood?” They eagerly said yes.

“Who wants to go first?” They looked at each other again. Bobby told Jason to start. He looked at me and I smiled nervously. My own brother and his best friend were about to undress me in his bedroom.

“Okay, baby brother, you can begin.” He walked up to me and then hesitated as if he didn’t know what to take off first. “Do my blouse first,” I said, another shiver running through me. He reached out and fumbled with my top button. He was tantalizingly slow; not realizing the effect his prolonged effort to remove my shirt was having on me. Finally, the buttons were undone. Jason timidly eased the shirt off my shoulders.

“Could you turn around, please?” I did as he asked and felt his fingers curl around my shirt collar and pull it down. I kept my arms at my sides so that he could slide the shirt off me. When he did, I turned around and caught him looking at my bra and breasts.

“Okay, Bobby, you’re up,” I said, trying but failing blowjob porno to lessen the sexual tension in the room. He went straight for my jeans, undoing the button and pulling down the zipper. That was the easy part. My pants were tight and I saw that he wasn’t sure what I’d let him do to get them off me. He stuck his thumbs between my hips and the jeans and yanked but it was soon clear to him that his approach wouldn’t work. All he’d done was tug my white panties down a bit with the waistband of the jeans.

“Here,” I said. “I’ll hold up my panties and you try to inch the jeans down over my rear end. Then, I’ll sit on the bed so you can pull them off my legs.” He was a quick learner and, in about 45 seconds, I was standing in front of Bobby and Jason with only my white bra and cotton panties on. My brother moved in back of me. I knew he was a virgin at these things by the way he struggled with my bra clasp. I thought he was going to rip it off. But he finally unhooked it. This time, he didn’t hesitate in removing the item.

Self-consciously, I cupped my breasts in my hands and turned around to face them. Without a word, I dropped my arms and watched them see my naked tits for the first time. I knew they were turned on. So was I. This exposure was new to me too. But I tried to keep very cool and calm. My nipples, though, were growing hard and my areolas had crinkled up. I know they saw them. That’s all they were looking at! I broke the spell.

“Okay, Bobby. You’re next and last.” So far, neither of them had said much. Bobby came up to me and squatted down. He reached up and quickly pulled my panties to my ankles. Just as quickly, I stepped out of them. He stood up and gently placed my panties on Jason’s desk. I faced them, naked, open, embarrassed, and thrilled. My brother and Bobby kept looking, unashamed at what they were doing, enjoying it more with each passing second. I smiled at them, feeling more comfortable being nude in their presence.

“Well,” I said, “what do you think?” I love the fact I was naked and talking with two fully-clothed young men. “Come on,” I said, “tell me what you’re feeling. Is it what you expected?”

“Alright, Sis, I’ll say it. You look hot! Better than any of those pictures. Right, Bobby?”

“You’re right, man. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe I’m here. You’re the neatest sister I’ve ever known.” At that, we all laughed really hard. My breasts jiggled and, without thinking, I grabbed them. By their expressions, I realized what I had done. It gave me another idea.

“I wasn’t going to do this,” I said, “but, if you can handle it and not be immature, I’ll show you a few things about the female anatomy, my anatomy to be precise.” I watched their eyes move up and down my body. “Well,” I said, “are you ready for a lesson or should we call it a night?”

This time, Bobby spoke first. “We’d like the lesson, Carol. Right, Jason?”

“Absolutely. I still can’t believe you’re doing this, Sis.”
“Neither can I,” I said, growing more excited by the second. “Come a little closer. I want to show you something.” They stepped toward me, both of them with bulges in their crotches. I reveled in the effect I had on them and rejoiced in the effect they had on me.

“Look at my nipples. They’re sensitive to the touch. They get hard when they’re touched or squeezed or when I’m turned on. They are…

“Can I touch them?” Bobby blurted out. His eyes pleaded with me. Jason looked eager to handle them too.

“No,” I said. Disappointment crossed their faces. I was losing control of the situation. I wasn’t sure where this was going. Being naked was one thing. Having them touch me was another. I wanted to keep the situation going but I knew I had to stay in control. “Look,” I said. “I have an idea. This has been fun for all of us so far. But I don’t want this to turn sexual. I want you both to learn something. I confess that I love being naked in front of you. It turns me on and I know it turns you on too. I’ll let you touch me but you have to do it the way I tell you. And, if I say ‘stop,’ you stop. No arguments or anything. Just stop. Do you agree?”

“Yes,” they both said. I had regained some control but I was still nervous. And I was very excited.

“Okay.” I took a deep breath and turned toward Bobby. “Put your hands on top of my head. Now, close your eyes. Good. Now, very slowly, use esmer porno your fingers to feel my hair and my face. Keep your eyes closed.”

Bobby did as he was told. Jason watched us both intently. “Okay, Bobby, feel my neck and my shoulders. Keep it slow.” He had a light touch and seemed to be exploring me like a sculptor might explore the contours of a model. My chest rose, lifting my tits with every breath I took. Looking at Jason observing this made me hotter. But I had to stay in control. I struggled to sound calm.

“Open your eyes, Bobby.” He did. “Do you want to keep touching me?” He nodded. “Okay, start with my shoulders and work your way down my body slowly. If you want me to turn around, just say so. But keep your eyes closed so that you can concentrate on feeling what a real woman is like. Understand?” Again, he nodded ‘yes.’

Bobby’s breathing had quickened but he kept trying to act cool. He circled my breasts and felt their weight. Then he lightly pinched my hard nipples and pulled on them. His hands roamed over my belly and found my hips.

“Turn around,” he said. As I did, his fingers stroked my pubic hair. He moved down to my labia and seemed surprised that they were moist.

“My pussy’s wet from your touching me and from being naked in front of you both,” I said. He did not linger there. Instead, he wrapped his hands around my left leg and slowly slid them down to my foot. Then he grasped my right foot and slowly felt his way up my leg to my crotch. I widened my stance just a bit so that he could go as far up as possible.

“Open your eyes. Remove your hands. That’s it. Now, smell your fingers. That is the true scent of a woman.” I took hold of his hands and helped him to stand up. His cock pushed against his pants. I smiled at him and looked directly at his hard-on. He blushed. Then, I looked at my brother.
“Do you want to touch me, Jason?” I had never been so open with him. Several years later, he told me that he almost said no. But, he said he was so horny and wanted so much to finally feel a naked woman that he tried to pretend that I was not his sister.

“Do you want to touch me like Bobby did?” I asked again.

“I do. Yes. Please.” He sounded so sweet and I felt good about letting him do it, about letting him see me naked, about letting him feel me up. I had never been more exposed.

Jason closed his eyes and put his hands on my head. His touch was heavier than Bobby’s, his fingers more rough. As he moved around my body, I thought of Lady Chatterley’s Lover. He was insistent, thorough, bold even. He savored the smell of my sex. While Jason touched me, Bobby watched. I wanted both of them feeling me at the same time.

And they did. Without asking me. Without me protesting. I was losing control again, so I stopped them.

“Wait. I have another idea,” I said, moving away from them toward Jason’s bed. I sat down and then reclined on the mattress, my head on the pillow. “I don’t want this to get sexual but I think you should learn one more thing about anatomy.”

I tried to sound like a school teacher so that I could ease the growing tension in them and in me. I told them to sit on the bed near my feet. Then I lifted my knees and spread my legs.

“My pussy is like every other woman’s and it responds a lot like others. But every woman is unique and you have to learn what they like, what turns them on.” They were staring at my cunt, listening carefully. I took my fingers and spread my lips so that they could look deeper. I showed them everything. My clit protruded from under its hood and I stroked it.

“This really turns me on. Some women can’t take it. But I love it!”

“Can we touch it?” Jason asked.

“Yes, but gently.” He reached forward and put his index finger on it, rubbing it slowly. Bobby followed and I raised my hips to meet his thumb. I took his hand and guided his middle finger into me. I reached out to Jason and pushed his finger inside me too. I held them there, not letting them move, as I squeezed my cunt around them. I closed my eyes, feeling other people inside me for the first time. Then, I slowly pulled them out.

“Someday,” I said, “your cocks will know what your fingers have felt. And I’ll squeeze a cock as it cums in my cunt. But, now, let’s have something to eat.”

I led them down to the kitchen and prepared some pasta and salad. I stayed naked the whole time, loving the looks and the appreciative smiles. Then Bobby had to leave. We said goodbye to him and went upstairs—to our separate rooms. I don’t know about my brother, but it didn’t take long for me to go over the edge.

Jason’s never seen me naked again. Bobby? Well, that’s another story.

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