Tukiko Ch. 06

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Finally, we get to the nude beach. The location, O’Neils Beach, over a short walk of sand dunes from Te Henga Beach. Yes, locations in this series of stories are very real. We often go there ourselves over a mid-day high tide, as its a great place to get naked and enjoy the beach like in the story.

I decided, since Tukiko was the most nervous about this nude thing, I would get her to tell the story of how she got naked. I was particularly interested in her thoughts and feelings on getting nude on an open beach for the first time. In this way, I can relate closely to Tukiko. Being a woman and actually having my first nude beach experience at this same beach, I allowed myself to get into Tukiko’s head and write how I thought she might have been feeling.

It was also my intention of developing her relationship with Mike a very popular character in our stories. For now, I’m going to leave you to figure out where that is going too.

So enough from me. Time to go ready the story. Please enjoy, Anne

* * * * * * * *

Going to the Beach.

Tukiko here now.

When it was decided they were going to try this nude beach thing, there was no way I was going to miss that. Yes, I knew it would involve me being nude too. Getting naked scared me a bit – well, scared me a lot actually – but I also thought, the fun of going, would far outweigh any discomfort I might have with getting my gear off on a public beach.

I reasoned it was just a body, my body. I’m happy with it too. Everyone has one, a body that is. It would not be like I was the only one getting naked, the only woman being seen. Most everyone else would be too. I kept coming back to the thought, the hard part was going to be taking me bikini off. Once I’d done that, I was sure I should be fine. I intended to enjoy myself.

The morning we were going, I woke fairly early, took a shower and came back to my bedroom wearing just a towel around my waist with my breasts bare. I could have even gone naked if I wanted.

Since we had gone naked at the waterfall, (See Tukiko CH 01), my parents had been more relaxed with their nudity around the house in front of me. I was a bit surprised at first, particularly seeing how comfortable they seemed to be. Often they would spend the whole evening like that. Walking around as if it was nothing. Soon, I decided to join them.

At first, I’d casually let Dad and Mum see me nude a few times. They’d seen me naked at the waterfall so really it was no big deal. Just being naked, of course. Nothing sexual, just us passing as I’d gone to or from the shower room. This became even being topless or nude when I went through to the kitchen or lounge. We all seemed relaxed with each other, no one seemed to bother.

We have a hidden place in our backyard so I had also begun to sunbathing naked to get rid of my bikini lines. Sometimes, when Dad or Mum was at home, they must have seen me out there but nothing was said. Sometimes, I hoped they would have joined me but they always seemed so busy, with Dad in his home office and Mum with cooking, doing housework and stuff. She also had an almost full-time job too.

So, as I said above, that morning I could have gone to and from the shower naked and neither of them would have even noticed but this time I elected to use a towel. In my room, I immediately dropped the towel and stood in front of the mirror looking at myself.

‘You will be showing yourself off at the beach, showing everything.’ I said to myself.

Yes, I was still a bit nervous about this public nudity thing. It was taking some getting my head around. I wondered how many people would be there. How many strangers were going to see me? I looked at myself in the mirror. Since I’ve developed, I have liked the look of my nude body, thought it was pretty good. The two boyfriends who had seen me naked, both commented on how great I looked. So, I had no problems there.

My breasts are smaller, as typically many Asians’ are. I have no problems with that either, in fact, I like their shape. Viewed front on they are almost completely round, with my larger nipples at the centre of each peak, darker against the lighter colour of my flesh. Viewed from the side, my breasts curved up to their peaks with my nipples pointing straight out as I’m small enough to be self-supporting while still holding my natural shape.

Down lower my flat belly led down to my pussy which I liked too. Not the full triangle I’ll grow as I get older, but for now, more of a thick band down the centre. I had decided to leave it almost natural, just shaping around the edges and trimming any hairs that threatened to come out from under my bikini bottom. Yes, I liked what I saw. From the standing position, there were enough curls to hide my cunt lips but, in another position, such as sitting or lying down, I knew there would be more exposed to viewing.

Reaching for my bikini bottom, I stepped into it. It was my new red bikini, the tiny one. Would I really consider wearing anything else? Far sexier than anything I’d ever worn before. I brought it mecidiyeköy eskort when we went shopping for a bikini for Mum, I was a bit surprised that she had allowed me to buy it, actually. (See Tukiko CH 05), Thought there would be some resistance to it. But Mum was buying a bikini herself so I think that might have distracted her a bit.

Mum in a bikini! I’d never seen that before. A tiny one too, sexy one at that. As small as mine. She would have nothing to worry about from Dad. He seemed all for her wearing it which had also surprised me too.

And that was another thing. It kind of surprised me how hot they were over this exhibitionism/nudity thing. Both Mum and Dad seemed to have no doubts about getting naked in public, actually looking forward to it, daring each other to do it. The way they’d been carrying on the last few days it was like it had been pent up inside them, waiting to suddenly burst out.

I pulled the bikini up my thighs and fitting it over my pussy so the material stretched tightly over my pussy mound. Running my fingers up each edge, fitting the bikini tightly into the groove at the top of each thigh. I brushed my hands over my pussy as I looked at the effect in the mirror. I liked how the bikini pulled across the tops of my thighs to end at nothing more than a string around each hip. Yes, it looked pretty good. I like the shape of my pussy mound, how it rounds out at the bottom of my stomach before dropping down underneath between my thighs. The smooth red made it look even better. I thought I must remember to keep my legs slightly apart when standing. It looked sexier that way.

Taking the bikini top, I fitted it around my body with the back clip to the front. Clipping the clip, I pulled the top around until the clip was to my back. I had already tied the neck strap when I’d worn it before so it was just a matter of pulling the straps up over my head so the cups covered my breasts in front.

Watching again in the mirror, I adjusted the front, adjusting each cup so they covered much of my breasts, the bump of my nipple towards the centre of each one. Not all of my breasts could be covered, of course. This halter style left some swelling cleavage in front. But that was the idea of this bikini style, to flatter and show rather than to cover and hide which I kind of like too. Really, it wasn’t much more than two triangles pulled up over my breasts. By tanning topless, regardless of how I positioned the top, there wouldn’t be the white of tan lines.

Being unlined, the nubs of my nipples could be seen as bumps through the light material. Later when the bikini got wet, I knew my nipple shape would be much more pronounced, more clearly defined. Again, I didn’t mind that either. Nipples are natural things. Every woman has them. Why do they have to be completely hidden under padded lining pretending as if I didn’t have them?

Down below I knew there was the chance of a camel-toe in the single colour material when it got wet. Even worse if I get sexually excited. But I was aware of that possibility and could deal with it or allow it to stay, depending on my mood at the time. Yes, this bikini was sexy. Going to be exciting wearing it.

Stepping into a pair of shorts, I then pulled a T-shirt on over my head. Now, I was ready. Travelling light, yes, that’s me.

* * * * * * * *

Taking my beach bag and a towel. I went out to where mum was fussing in the kitchen, making something for a picnic lunch. I could see the neck strap of her new bikini too. So, she was intending wearing it at the first beach. Dad would be pleased, I hoped he could behave himself.

I smiled at that as I went outside.

Dad was messing around with the car. Probably waiting while Mum held us up, but wise enough not to say anything.

“Are you ready?” he asked as he watched me throw my bag onto the back seat.

“Yes,” I replied. “Just a bit nervous.”

“You’ll be fine,” he encouraged me, giving me a quick hug.

Giving me a hug. Not something Dad does a lot of, since I’d matured. It was the typical Japanese way between fathers and their daughters. Not that it bothered me, but I would have been ok with a few more hugs from him.

“It’s just that I hear lots of people will be there,” I explained.

“But they’ll all be naked so just follow them.”

“Ok,” I nodded. “I know that but it’s still a bit bold.”

“Now Tukiko,” he said, his voice becoming serious. “You don’t have to go naked. If you want to leave your swimsuit on, no one will worry you.”

“Yes, Dad. I know that. But I want to do this. Try skinny dipping at the beach.”

He smiled and said, “Yes, it will be fun. Your Mum and I are looking forward to it.”

“I’m surprised about Mum.”

“Don’t underestimate your mother, Tukiko. She can be very bold when she wants too.”

“I know that Dad. Found that out at the waterfall.”

“This exhibitionism thing has been a part of us for a long time. Always a fantasy for the bedroom. We’ve enjoyed it, played with it. Now is our chance to live it out, escort bayan act it for real.”

“Dad!” I protested. I didn’t need an explanation of their sex life.

“Sorry, honey.”

“Anyway,” I told him, “I’ve sort of noticed that.”

“Yes, we did get a bit over the top, these last few days.”

“A bit! You guys lost the plot completely.”

He just laughed.

“Thanks, Dad,” I said, giving him a hug back. I was pleased with his attempt at encouraging me.

* * * * * * * *

It took us a while to drive out to the beach they had selected. I’d been there before but neither of my parents had, so I directed them to the car park and then the track past the mobile beach shop, leading to the beach itself.

It was a bit of a walk but when we got out near the ocean, we found lots of people there. The beach itself was a surf beach with black sand. I heard the black was caused by a very high content of iron. Of course, the black attracts the sun so the sand gets extremely hot. At mid-day, too hot to walk on in bare feet.

It took us a few moments to locate our friends until we saw Joseph walking towards us, waving. He greeted Dad with a handshake but both Mum and I got a hug. No straying hands I noticed with so many people watching. That would have been something to see, this Indian man coming up and hugging two Japanese women like that.

Then he led us over to where Lizamoa and his friends were sitting. After meeting everyone we joined them putting down our gear and laying out a beach mat between Lizamoa and another couple Mike and Shanti. They were an Indian woman and a European (white) man. I was sitting closer beside the man. When he said ‘Hi,’ we spoke a bit. He seemed nice. There was another Indian couple Brian and Mega there just behind us too.

Joseph told us they were waiting for two other couples to arrive. Meanwhile, we could go swimming here if we wanted. I sort of decided to just sit on the beach and wait for the rest to turn-up but Mum suddenly got the idea of having a swim. Well, to be correct, it was kind of Dad’s fault.

“Go for a swim, honey,” Dad told her.

She looked across at him with a cheeky smile, “So I show my wet bikini off?”

“Yes,” he replied with a big grin.

These two, Mum and Dad, were like a couple of kids, teasing and daring each other. You could catch the excited energy between them.

“You’re coming in too,” she told him.

His reply was to start undoing his shirt as he said, “I’m not going to miss this.”

Next to him, Mum soon was pulling her T-shirt off to be followed with sliding her shorts down. She was sitting there, in just her tiny bikini. I was impressed she had even got that far. I must admit, Mum still has a bikini figure which I hadn’t noticed until I saw her in the shop that day.

“Come on, Tukiko,” she said turning to me. “You’re coming in too.”

I nodded ok and started by pulling the T-shirt off over my head. Sure, there were lots of people around but I really had no problem wearing this tiny bikini in front of them.

Meanwhile, Dad was checking Mum out. “Wow! Sexy girl!” he told her looking more at her chest than her face.

“Horny, man,” she replied touching his chest.

“Dad! Mum! Not here!” I complained with a whisper.

“What’s your problem, Tukiko?”

“You two. The way you are carrying on, hitting on each other, you’ll be shagging on the beach next.”

“Now, that’s an idea,” laughed Mum.

I just rolled my eyes. These two, they were beyond help.

By now I was down to my bikini too. “Come on,” I said standing up. “Let’s go swimming. Might cool you two off.”

“Might not too, when this gets wet,” I heard Mum say.

That started them laughing and flirting again. Like herding cats, these two.

“Come on Sexy Girl and Horny Guy,” I said. “Let’s go.”

They stopped and looked at me. For a moment I wondered if that might have overstepped the mark and offend them, but no, they both just laughed, jumping up to go with me. I got the feeling they liked the names.

So, there I was, walking off, following Sexy Girl and Horny Guy as they walked down the beach. The way they were still carrying on, touching, hugging each other. Giggling and teasing each other. Mainly in Japanese but anyone watching could figure out what was going on. It was embarrassing! I wondered who else was watching. Probably just the whole beach. I was too scared to turn and see.

Soon others from this group were getting up and joining us as we walked down the beach. I dropped back as if they had nothing to do with me, leaving Sexy Girl and Horny Guy to lead us out in front.

* * * * * * * *

The water was cold at first and the waves were quite large too, each crashing in on the beach, coming up to surge around us as we stepped deeper into the water. By now two younger girls had come up alongside me. Two younger women who appeared to be late teens by the look.

They were friendly, saying hi to me so we introduced ourselves. One girl, the older one was Kathy, the bayrampaşa escort daughter of the couple Mike and Shanti. Very beautiful girl. The younger girl was Sabeena, Joseph’s daughter. Both of them were wearing bikinis, neither as daring as mine was. Together, the three of us followed the others deeper into the water. I later found out Kathy was a year younger than me 19 and Sabeena was 18.

We’d caught up with Mum and Dad now and the cold water certainly wasn’t cooling them off. A wave came in and caught Mum’s bikini top, pulling one of the cups aside so her nipple was showing. She noticed it straight away but made no attempt to replace it.

“Now I’m showing,” Sexy Girl laughed to Horny Guy.

“Nice nipple,” he said.

“Hard. Ready for you to suck,” she replied.

He actually reached over and gave her nipple a tweak with his fingers.

“Dad!” I protested.

They both turned to look at me. It was so embarrassing!

“Cover that up,” I said.

Still giggling, Sexy Girl pulled her top back in place with some unnecessary help from Horny Guy.

“Tukiko, you are such a prude,” she said.

Me, a prude? I couldn’t believe it. My mother had just called me a prude!

During the rest of the swim, Sexy Girl’s nipples appeared from time to time as waves hit her. I think if she had tightened her top more like mine, she might have stayed covered but I also think they were both enjoying the displaying.

* * * * * * * *

We left the water and were walking up the beach towards those waiting for us. I was a bit interested in these two girls. I asked them, “Are you going to the other beach too?”

“To the nude, beach?” Sabeena asked me.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Of course,” Kathy replied. “It’s fun going there.”

“You going nude too?”

I was a bit surprised that these younger women were going with us to the other beach.

I think Sabeena realised I was new at nude beaches. “It’s more fun nude. So much freer without these things on,” she said pointing down to her own bikini.

Kathy asked, “Are you going nude too?”

“I’m thinking about it.”

“It’s easy, once you’ve done it,” Kathy said.

“Aren’t you worried about being seen nude?” I asked.

“That is no problem,” Sabeena replied. “My brother and Kathy’s brother look but no one else cares about us.”

“I don’t mind showing my tits, the boys can see them,” Kathy explained. “The boys always look at our cunts too, but I don’t care about that either. We look at their things too.”

That made both girls giggle.

“Sometimes they get hard, too,” Sabeena said.

“Then they get all embarrassed and try to hide,” Kathy said.

“That’s funny too,” Sabeena added as both girls laughed.

I must confess at being a bit surprised at their relaxed attitude towards nudity in public. They seemed more amused at their brothers than worried being seen naked themselves.

We were approaching those on the beach now and the other two split off going to where their gear was and I turned to where our gear was. In doing so, I turned directly towards Kathy’s father, Mike.

I looked at him and he was looking back at me. Sabeena had said, ‘No one cares.’ Well, this man did. He was checking me out, for sure. But I knew, wearing this daring red bikini, I looked good. Maybe you might even say hot although I don’t really consider myself as hot.

I’d seem myself in the mirror and knew what he would be looking at. My top, two red triangles that pull up over my breasts leaving a fair amount of swelling beast exposed between them. I also knew that being wet, now the shape of my nipples would be showing clearly. I wanted to look down and check but thought better of it. It would draw his attention to the fact I knew what he was looking at.

Lower, below my breasts, there was a lot of bare flesh between both parts. I am trim and knew he would notice my flat belly. My bikini bottom started well below my belly-button, just slightly above my pussy hairline, a tiny red triangle between the tops of my thighs. His eyes would be there too. I wondered what I was showing. The round mound of my pussy, of course, the wet bikini bottom pulled tightly against it. Then the thought came to me, being wet, maybe there was a camel-toe crease too. This bikini had almost no lining so maybe there was. If so, he’d be looking straight at it.

As I said, I wanted to look, check out what I was showing but I didn’t. I kept looking at him, smiling and talking as I reached for my towel. The thought was persistent in my mind. What was he looking at? What was I showing? And it excited me too.

He asked how the water was and I said it was a bit cold at first but great.

As I dried my face and hair, I could have turned, then only my bikini-clad arse would have been seen. But I purposely didn’t. For some reason I found myself wanting him to look. See the full-frontal view. I discovered I was actually enjoying him looking and enjoying showing off for him. Does that make me an exhibitionist too? Like Mum? I hope not!

* * * * * * * *

Getting Naked on the Beach.

We had left it a bit late and by the time we got to the river crossing the waves were coming right into the base of the cliff. It looked like we weren’t going to get through without getting wet.

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The Window Ch. 05

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For Women

(yep, all 18+)

She watched him for a while, but all he was doing was sitting and obviously thinking very hard; interesting, but she had things to do. She checked the sheers and realized that while she could see him, there was not a real chance he could see her… Some fast rearranging and now she had a comfy chair with a perfect view out.

A few seconds sufficed to lose the T and shorts, two steps lost the old sneakers and left Jen naked. She walked over to the bag of new toys to pull out the cinnamon heating oil and the bullet-vibe. She eased back to the chair, sat and read the directions on the oil: “pour in hand and rub in” seemed simple enough, so she did. She hadn’t realized quite how fast or how -warm- it would get; she decided with an ice-cold puss it would have been frozen-to-slut in about 10 seconds, but it wasn’t hurting anything: far from it. She edged the chair over for a better view of Johnny and took a little time getting the bullet out and loaded, then slid it over her clit and hit the button. A few minutes of purely clitoral stimulation took mecidiyeköy escort its’ invetitable course and she lost sight of “her man” for a while.

When she could see again Johnny wasn’t sitting on his stoop: that was NOT in the plan! She looked for him for 10 minutes or so, but he was definitely not visible. Seemed like a good time for a drink, and wine was the choice. Wine led to hunger, and Jen was in the kitchen throwing a salad together when she heard the ch-kunk! sound drifting in, a peek out of that window showed Johnny, shirtless, splitting fire-wood out behind his house. That view was enough to hold her interest as she finished getting the salad ready: he was definitely leaner than he had been, and he was splitting wood with an intensity that suggested his mind was elsewhere struggling with something.

She sat and ate, and watched him work and sweat; the pile of firewood already under the (new) shelter told her he was taking something out in work, instead of dealing with whatever it was: she had a pretty good idea of just kağıthane escort what that might be, and decided it was time to make it harder for him to ignore.

Cleaning up after her meal didn’t take long; it took longer to go upstairs and find a very old T-shirt she had sometimes used as a nightgown; washed-thin and fragile, almost transparent, and now falling barely below her hungry pussy; the sun behind her, any breeze, or a very-slight stretch would leave her wantonly exposed. It was time to take out the compost: completely coincidentally the route would take her within about five feet of Johnny.

As it worked out; flawless: the sun was behind her, the breeze was blowing up as evening approached, and the way she held the basket snugged the T in against her breasts and hitched the hem up more than enough. He didn’t hear her walking; the sound of the axe covered almost any sound she could have possibly made, and she was within arms-reach before he noticed. She had time for a fast turn, so as she dumped the basket all he saw was her ass beşiktaş escort and freshly-shaved lips. When she turned back again, he had seen everything she wanted to offer him.

He said nothing, just stood and stared with the sweat of a more-than-honest days work rolling off him, and suddenly all the carefully-rehearsed words she had ready evaporated. He was looking at her with all the white-eyed intensity of the stallion she’d once seen mounting a mare. Her mouth went dry, and all she could say was “Johnny I want… I want…” The stuttering made it worse, but she finally got it out. “Johnny, I want you, I want to give you something. I want to give you me, because I love you.”

He just stood for a moment, then turned and slammed the axe into the stump. the longer he stood hunched ove the axe the more she dreaded his words.

“Talk to me, please.”

“You don’t know what you’re asking, or offering.”

“I know you want me, I’ve seen you looking.”

“You’re too young…”

She watched him walk away, it got blurry through the tears, but she watched him walk inside his house before she turned and ran home.

Once inside she charged up the stairs and into her room, and was sobbing before she hit the floor. The tear-storm didn’t last all that long: she wasn’t the type. Hiccuping from sobs she started thinking.

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The Therapist Ch. 03

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Big Tits

The day after Anthony’s second therapy session with Charlotte McKensie, when he was effectively seduced by her, he started having second thoughts. The sex was amazing, she seemed to know exactly how to send him over the edge, but he also felt somehow manipulated. She played this role of sex expert, asked him all these questions, got him all turned on, and then sort of…well…used him. It was fun, and exciting as hell, but he also felt like HE wanted to be the one doing the seducing, the one in control. It just didn’t sit right with him. He decided not to go back for another session.

When Charlotte called him the next day after school, he just sent the call to voicemail. I probably should talk to her, he thought to himself. But when she gets that Vice Principal voice and starts peppering me with questions about what turns me on, do I like this, do I get turned on by that, I just seem to freeze up. He decided to work up his courage and then break it off.

Then there was Angela. Angela was his high school sweetheart, a petite gymnast/cheerleader who loved him to death. She just didn’t want to have sex with him. Well, she WANTED to have sex but she couldn’t because they weren’t compatible physically. She was a small girl, not only in stature but also…down there. When they tried to make love, it was painful for her. Too painful for her to enjoy it. So they gave up.

That’s when Dr. McKensie, Charlotte, came into the picture. She taught him the art of seduction. How to build up the intensity. How to take it slow. She showed him how a woman could adjust herself to his body, “acclimate” she called it, so that she could accept even a guy as big as he was. If he could only get Charlotte’s knowhow into Angela’s body.

Angela was a smart, warm-hearted, athletic girl who just happened to be the hottest girl in school. At least he thought so. She had strawberry blond hair, intelligent green eyes, and full, bee-stung lips. She only stood 5’2″, but had a tight little body, with perky little breasts and a great ass. Every guy in the school had the hots for her.

She was also a virgin. She didn’t want anyone to know that. She had made up her mind to lose her virginity to Anthony. She admired him, liked his integrity, and was attracted to his dark Italian looks. After four months of going out, she decided she wanted him to be the one to share that ultimate intimacy.

The big night was carefully planned. Her parents were out of town and they had her house to themselves. She made dinner for him, which they ate over candlelight. She had dressed for him, in a tight fitting mini-dress with a low cut neck. She’d even put on makeup for him, not much, just a touch of lipstick and some mascara to accentuate her cat eyes. They sat opposite each other at the table, telling stories, her bare feet reaching under the table to rest in his lap. Throughout dinner, aksaray escort she slowly massaged him with her toes. She could feel his hardness and that excited her. It was the prelude to what was to come.

After dinner, he made a fire and they lay on a down comforter by the hearth. They kissed for the longest time, holding each other, their tongues intermingling. It was very romantic. Then, when she was ready, she took his hand and placed it on her breast. He knew it was time. He slowly reached under her shirt, slipping it under her bra, and cupped her pert breast. He caressed it, so perfect, so soft, brushing his fingers over the nipple until it became firm and extended. His hand found the other breast and caressed it til that nipple hardened. After a while, she took his hand and slowly lowered it to the spot between her legs.

He was surprised by how wet she was already. Even through her thong he could feel the warm wetness. When he pulled down her thong, she raised her hips, another sign of her readiness. It was so exciting for him to have the green light, to know that she wasn’t about to say “Don’t”. He forced himself to go slow. Very slow. He didn’t want to blow it. He gently slipped his finger between the folds of her pussy. It felt so warm and wet. He let his finger slip inside her and was amazed at how tight she was. Even with one finger he could feel her pussy squeezing him.

“Let’s get naked” she whispered.

He pulled the dress over her head and took off her bra. What an awesome body she had. Years of gymnastics and cheerleading had sculpted a perfect, petite figure. She lay there with her pert breasts standing tall and her nipples pointing to the sky. Her little blond bush was partially shaved. He wondered if she’d done that just for tonight. He pulled off his own clothes and then started at her feet, slowly kissing one side and then the other, ever so gently, her ankles, her calves, her knees, the inside of her thighs. By the time his lips found her pussy, it was dripping wet.

He licked her for the longest time. He knew from feeling her with his finger that she was really, really tight. If she felt tight when he used just his index finger, how was it going to work when they tried to have intercourse?

So, he took his time, licking her labial lips, stroking her clit, and pushing his tongue deep into her pussy. She was tiny enough so that he could eat her pussy and still reach up with his strong arms and hold her firm, round breasts in his big hands, letting the nipples roll between his fingers. He began to flick her clit with his tongue and When she began to writhe he squeezed her breasts and tweaked her nipples until her body trembled and she came. She came quietly, biting her lower lip, but he could feel her pussy contracting on his tongue.

“Make love to me” she said after her orgasm passed. topkapı escort “I want to give my virginity to you.”

He moved up so his face was next to hers.

“I want to be the one to take your virginity” he whispered, looking her in the eyes.

She wrapped her leg around his hips.

“I want you to, Anthony. I want you to take my virginity. Take it. Right now.”

He took his hard cock and began to rub the tip against her dripping wet pussy. She closed her eyes.

“We’re going to be as close as two people can be” he whispered in her ear.

He was slowly rubbing the tip of his cock up and down the length of her pussy.

“We’ve going to be like one person, connected” he whispered again.

“Oh, yes” she whispered. “I want that.”

He was rubbing her clit now. She was arching her back, her breasts pressed upward, and she was biting her lip. He was watching her, whispering in her ear.

“One body. Moving together. One breath. One life.”

“Oh yes, Anthony. Do it. Do it now!”

He raised himself on top of her and slowly pushed his cock against her pussy. He felt the warm, wet folds against the tip. He pushed harder.

Her eyes suddenly opened. Wide.



“Try again.”

He pushed the tip into her and she cried out. Louder this time.


He pulled away and looked down at her pussy.

“Maybe if we tried spreading your lips more.”

He spread her labia with the fingers of one hand and pressed himself into her again.

“No! That hurts. I don’t think you’re doing it right!”

It went like this for nearly 45 minutes. He’d try, it would hurt. They’d stop. He’d try again. It was an unmitigated disaster.

That was what led to the first therapy session with Charlotte McKensie. She was a friend of Anthony’s parents and she’d had experience with young people and sexual issues. Or so she said. She invited Anthony to her office after hours and one thing had led to another. The good news was he had sex, incredible sex, with a beautiful older woman and she enjoyed it as much as he did. The bad news was it wasn’t Angela.

When Charlotte called again, Anthony decided to take the call. He had to resolve this once and for all. It was driving him nuts.

“Hello, Anthony?”


“Why haven’t you been returning my calls?” Her voice sounded concerned.

“I’ve been busy.” Anthony was a lousy liar.

“Anthony, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I’ve just been busy.”

“Anthony, is there something troubling you?”

“No. Well, yes. I don’t know.”

“Maybe you should come in and we can talk.”

“No!” he said sharply.

There was a long pause.

“Anthony, did I do something to upset you?”

Anthony didn’t respond.

“Didn’t you enjoy our last session together?”

He sarıyer escort was still silent.

“Anthony, communicate with me. Didn’t you enjoy our time together yesterday? You seemed to. I could see you were very aroused. Didn’t you like it when I sucked your cock? When I lowered my wet pussy onto your rock hard penis? When I rode you and let you suck my hard nipples? When you shoved your huge cock in me til I screa…”

“There you go again!” Anthony barked. “It’s always ‘do you like to suck my nipples, don’t you like the way I suck your cock’. Well I don’t care anymore, how do you like that? You’re not the one I want. Angela is.”

There was a long silence.

“I totally understand, Anthony” she said, contritely. “I think you’re completely justified to feel that way.”

“You do?”

“Yes, it’s perfectly natural for you to want to take what you’ve learned and apply it in your existing relationship.”

“Yeah. That’s what I want.”

“Of course you do. You’ve been longing for a fulfilling sexual experience and now that you know you can have that, you want to bring that to your relationship with Angela.”

“Yes. Exactly.”

“It’s just…have you thought about Angela? Is she ready make the same leap?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, she hasn’t had the benefit of the same experience as you. She’s not yet at your level.”

“That doesn’t matter.”

“Doesn’t it? When you and Angela last tried to have intercourse, were you successful?”

“No, but…”

“And your lack of success was attributable not to you, but to her, her body, wasn’t it?”

“I guess so.”

“You see, you’ve taken the leap to the next level but she hasn’t. If you tried to have intercourse now, you would suffer the same outcome as before.”

“But what am I supposed to do!” Anthony said, desperately.

“Don’t worry. I have an idea of how we can remedy the situation. Angela needs to achieve the same breakthrough as you did. In order for the two of you to be on the same experience level. Do you understand?”


“What we need to do is to help Angela achieve that breakthrough. Here’s what I propose. Anthony, would you be willing to allow me to consult with Angela privately? To talk with her separate from you. Of course, I wouldn’t reveal anything about what your and my, uh, therapy consisted of. That would be entirely separate. Would that be okay?”

“I don’t know…”

“Don’t you want to see if you and Angela can be compatible? Don’t you think she deserves that?”

“Yeah, she deserves it.”

“Good. Then why don’t you tell Angela that you arranged for some couples therapy and that the first session is an individual one. I bet she’ll be touched you care so much about your relationship to do that. Don’t you agree?

“Yeah. She probably would be.”

“Then why don’t you bring Angela to my office tomorrow. Around 5?”

“OK. I’ll talk to her.”

“Thank you, Anthony. I assure you this is the right thing to do.”

When Anthony hung up the phone, he felt a sense of relief. This whole thing might turn out okay after all.

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Together For The First Time

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They met online, innocently enough. Both were living quiet, introspective lives, mostly hidden away for the world’s view. They were equally private and somewhat shy people, yet with an untouched abyss of emotional feelings that neither of them could ever imagine was about to be unleashed between them.

Each had inadvertently stumbled onto the literary website and had begun to read the variety of erotic stories presented there. He was older, widowed and for all intents and purposes, alone and isolated. His children were scattered across the country and around the world. He had never even thought about the dating scene and when several of the single and even married women he knew in their small community had dropped hints of invitation, he brushed them off, usually without even realizing what they were proposing.

She was twenty and had graduated from High School a year previously. Her first year in college did not live up to all the hype and hoopla. She was pretty and petite, and when “dressed up” was quite a stunner. Yet her social life was minimal.

She had dated one of the football team members for only a few weeks, after which time she was completely revolted by his arrogance, stupidity, and his crass vulgarity. Since she had made it clear that she wasn’t going to “come across with the goodies”, he was very happy to let her go when she finally gave him his marching orders. They had had a few “intimate” moments without any invasion of privacy and she had not been left with the most pleasant memories of that particular basic sexual tryst.

The literary website had a small chat-room attached to it, and they both ventured in one evening out of idle curiosity, arriving at the same time, when no-one else was present. They said a quick “Hello” and shared the information that they were new to the site, new to the chat-room and new to this whole type of literary experience.

They laughed with each other a little as they joking explained their mild embarrassment at some of what they had been reading, but both agreed it was a new and refreshing look at life though the eyes of some of the authors. They discussed a little private information and, in spite of their age difference, they were surprised at the immediate and warm connection they found with each other. After a little more time of small talk, they took their leave of each other, promising to come back on the following evening and say hello again and report back on any article on the site that had been especially meaningful to them.

Thus began their “online relationship”. There was never anything suggestive or offensive between them, but very quickly, each of them knew that their feelings for the other were changing and rapidly moving beyond the “friendship” stage.

Little by little, small terms of endearment crept into their conversations and personal, more intimate details were added and openly discussed between them.

After several weeks, they surprised each other in their chat one evening when they began to share details of where they actually lived. They laughed uproariously when they learned that they were no more than about an hour’s drive away from each other. One thing led to another and they were soon agreeing to meet on the next Saturday, two weeks away, and have lunch together. As they prepared to part for the evening, he emphasized his age again and told her he would quite understand if she wanted to change her mind. She in turn reminded him of her age, and offered him the opportunity to re-consider as well.

Both protested vigorously and the day and time was set. They offered their “Good-nights” and both left their computers happier and feeling more alive than they had been for quite some time.

Saturday finally arrived and not surprisingly, both cars pulled into the car-park of the family restaurant almost simultaneously.

She parked at one of the far end spaces and he pulled into the one next to her, so that escort şişli his car door was adjacent to her driver- side door. Neither had given much thought as to how they were going to greet each other, but as they stepped out of the vehicles, each opened their arms in a signal of embrace. They hugged tightly and kissed lightly as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do.

Neither felt embarrassed by the intimacy and hugged once again with an added kiss, this one a little longer and more personal than the first.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you at last face to face”, she whispered, as if afraid someone might overhear them

“Yes it is” he replied, and with a laugh he added “and more like lips to lips. I hope I haven’t overstepped any mark?”

“Of course not ” she replied cheerfully, “how else would two best friends greet each other than with a nice hug and a very sweet kiss.”

The emphasis she placed on the word “very” was not lost on him, nor was she unaware that he was still lightly holding her fingertips with his.

“Well”, he continued, “we did meet for lunch. Ready?”

She nodded her head in approval and they headed towards the entrance of the restaurant. The sign at the door advised everyone to “seat yourself”, so they looked around and found a booth at the far end of the dining room, beside the front windows. The waitress took their drink order and suggested the cheeseburger and fries as their most popular dish and left them alone.

They sat quietly for a few moments—each simply looking at the other and impounding mental images into their brains for future recall. The girl thought her date was anything but “old” as he had described himself. She looked again at him and decided that he was more “distinguished” and “dignified” and he was certainly still very good looking and very charming. Not at all like the uncouth, foul-mouthed morons she had to deal with in college and she liked the fact that he had held the door open for her as they walked in and that he had waited for her to sit down first before he did.

Meanwhile he was looking at her with awe and almost juvenile adoration. He agreed to himself that yes she was petite but strikingly beautiful and as for being , in her own words, “ordinary”, she was anything bought. Attractive, sophisticated, mature beyond her years, confident without the aggressive harshness of many career women he had met over the years.

Their conversation turned lively and interesting and for the next two hours they chatted and laughed about a variety of topics, only allowing themselves to be interrupted by the waitress providing refills. Not long into the date, after they had finished their meal, they had gingerly reached across the table and held each other’s fingertips again.

“Are you sure I’m not overstepping any boundaries?” he asked quietly, then added: “The last thing in the world I would want to do is be offensive and pushy, but holding your hand for me just feels so natural at the moment.”

She reached out and intertwined her fingers with his, tightening her grip and smilingly said: “There, does that let you know I want you to hold my hand? And I am going to be very bold and say that between us right now, I don’t sense any need for boundaries.” With those words, she lifted his hand to her mouth, look into his eyes and gently kissed each fingertip.

When she had finished, he took both her hands in his, and lifting them to his lips, caressed each one softly with the tip of his tongue, and then looking straight into her eyes , he said: “Well I guess I’m not leaving you in any doubt that I have come to look on you as more than just someone I know.”

She furtively looked around the restaurant and realizing that it was now empty, she half stood up, leaned across the table, took his face in her hands, and kissed him on the lips. As they continued the kiss, she opened her mouth and pushed open his lips and in merter escort an instant their tongues were caressing each other, not in some wild, unbridled fashion, but softly and tenderly.

She released him and sat back down at her place and lowered her head. In a whispered tone, she asked him: “Have I overstepped your boundaries?”

He reached across and lifting her chin, he leaned towards her and returned her kiss, and then holding her hands again in his asked: “Will we go find some better privacy?”

She nodded quickly; he called the waitress for the check, paid the bill, and they left the restaurant, heading towards the parked cars.

A wet, soaking drizzle had started while they were eating, and it had now increased into a steady downpour. As they reached his car, a large four-door sedan, she grabbed him by the arm and called out: “Would you mind if we sat in the back?”

He nodded his head, clicked the automatic door-locking device and held open the back door so she could scramble in out of what was now a torrential downpour. He settled beside her, and seeing her shivering from the cold, reached across to the passenger front seat and grabbed a heavy blanket which he always kept there in case of winter breakdowns, and opening it up fully, he threw it over both of their knees and pulled it up towards her chin.

She smiled her thanks to him and snuggled as close to his side as she could. He put his arms around her shoulders and through her wet blouse could feel her breasts on his chest.

He reached across and took her face in his right hand and looking tenderly into her eyes, he began to kiss her –softly and gently at first, but as she returned his kisses with her tongue, they both kissed and tongued each other more passionately. Suddenly, he broke away from her embrace and held her at arms length.

“I don’t want to start something we can’t finish.” he gasped as he continued to recover from their passion. “I’m beginning to want you more than with just a kiss or two.” He looked at her questioningly, but instead of answering him, she slowly began to unbutton her blouse. As her cleavage appeared in the opening, she looked at him and said: “I have no intentions of starting this and not finishing.”

With her blouse fully unbuttoned and her black lace bra showing the outline of her breasts and hardening nipples. she moved closer to him again and, cupping his face in her hands, she kissed him with her lips and tongue in a long and inviting kiss that stirred him much more that he had been for years.

She released her tongue from his mouth and, keeping her lips close to his, she whispered: “I am still a virgin. And there is no -one else in this whole world I would rather give this gift to than you. I want you to be the one to deflower me and make me the woman I long to be for you.”

He took her back into his arms without saying a word, and between kisses, he slowly removed her blouse, unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor at their feet.

He cupped her breasts in his hands and began a slow circle around each nipple. Her hand had been at his neck and chest, now she let them fall to his crotch where she could easily feel his hard-on inside his pants.

She unbuckled his belt with some difficulty, he reached down and unzipped his pants for her and then gasped with the sheer pleasure of it as she worked her hand inside his shorts and took the whole of his shaft in her fingers.

She pulled herself away from his kiss, looked down at the thick shaft she was holding and whispered: “This isn’t only the first time for sex for me. it’s the first time I have been with a man in this way.”

Without saying a word, he returned them to their love-making as he continued to caress her breasts and nipples. She held his cock firmly in her hand and slowly worked it up and down in her fingers. Then she felt his hand slide down to her tummy as he unlatched her jeans istanbul escort and began to help her slide out of them. She continued to fill his mouth with gentle strokes of her tongue as she lifted her hips and he peeled off everything so she could kick them aside. As the same time, she easily removed his pants and boxers; he broke her kiss to peel off his golf-shirt and then covered their totally naked bodies with the large blanket.

Both knew the decision they had made was final.

They threw themselves into their passion with disregard for where they were or who might see them. They felt secure in the pouring rain and began their lovemaking with kisses and caresses that pushed both of them over the edge and towards the point of no-return.

She continued to work his cock in her fingers while he took turns on her breasts with his mouth and tongue.

Then again breaking free, he slipped his hand up her thigh until he found her already throbbing pussy lips and felt the bushy fur of her mound. Stroking up and down her slit, he could feel the juices dripping from her cunt.

He pushed her gently onto her back, spread her legs as best he could in the confined space and buried his mouth over the chasteness that was about to become his.

He pushed through the lips and found her clit which he massaged carefully with his tongue, then he began a deep penetration of her tunnel making her gasp and moan with each thrust inside her.

“Ohh Fuck!! Ohh Yes!!! Ohhh!!! Ohhh!! Fuck that feels so good.”

He withdrew his tongue, kissed her again on the point of her nose and said:

“Why don’t you go down and enjoy me?”

She sat up again and taking his quivering cock in her hands, she bent down and engulfed his shaft with her mouth. He could feel her tongue caress across the slit on the crown of his cock. Then her fingers played with his balls as she sucked him and licked him until he was almost ready for orgasm.

He lifted her head away from his throbbing cock and said:

“I think it’s time we really fucked before we lose it.”

He pushed her back down again and she stretched out almost her full length along the car seat. He placed himself between her legs and she lifted her heels up over his back.

Without either needing to guide it, his cock found her pussy lips, pushed them apart and the head penetrated slightly. She reacted nervously, then relaxed and he pushed further in. Very gently he withdrew a little and then thrust more deeply. As he finally pushed his whole shaft home, she cried out a little, then whispered:

“Keep going. I’m ok.”

Immediately together, they began their full fuck. He withdrew until only the tip of his cock was at her lips, then he plummeted back inside again filling her cunt to its full capacity. She was tight around his shaft, and they both enjoyed the tension that was building between their legs.

As he fucked in and out, she raised her hips to each thrust and the pleasure overtook them and soon he cried out:

“Oh fuck… I’m cumming….. I can’t stop.”

She wrapped her legs tighter around his back and cried out: “Oh fuck me…let it come… my whole cunt is throbbing … I think I’m cumming too.”

He thrust in and out several more times, then with one final great effort, he pressured his whole cock shaft into the deepest recesses of her virgin cunt, and shot stream after stream of his hot cum inside.

Her face was awash with sweat and as he pushed his shaft as far inside her as he could, she moaned :

“Oh fuck!! I loved it!! I loved it!! Thank you!! I loved it.”

He wiped the sweat away through her hair with his hand and, still gasping from his performance, whispered:

“No baby. It’s be should be thanking you. You were wonderful.”

She took his face again in her hands, kissed him softly on the lips and smiled as she whispered:

“Then we’d better do this again and often, just so we can thank each other every day.”

He said nothing, but collapsed into her arms, and soon with the beating rhythm of the rain, they feel asleep, no longer just friends, but lovers, satisfied and pleasured for the first time as true lovers should be.

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Becca and Julie Get Married Ch. 06

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This will be the conclusion of this series. For now, my name is Becca. I am an older BBW and a whore. I have been a whore since I was 18 and now I am in my 60’s. About a years or so ago, I got married to one of the women that was the owner of the whorehouse I worked in. We are about the same age and she is a BBW as well. Since she was an owner of the brothel, she did not whore herself as much as I did, but her tastes in sex were just as kinky and nasty as mine are. Her name is Lily Ann, but most people call her “Madame or Annie.”

Madame does not like it when the girls that worked for her called themselves whores or sluts. She insisted that we were prostitutes of just “prossies.” She felt that whores or sluts just let people fuck them for the money. A prossie is a professional that has skills and pride in her work that makes her a professional at what she does.

My sister, Julie, also worked in the whorehouse since she turned 18, but she is not a genetic woman, but has been on hormones since she was 18. She has been a beautiful sissy almost all of her life. She still has a small cock and balls, which we call her “clit and lady parts.” She and the other brothel Owner, Mistress Nancy (a genetic woman), just recently got married as well, it was a double ceremony.

Shortly after the marriages our Mom passed away and then all 4 of us got sick at different times. We are finally all healthy and emotionally secure so we went back into the lifestyle. This will be my first story since then. I hope you enjoy it.

Finally, I would strongly suggest that you read the other chapters in this series. I wrote chapters 2 and 4, while my sister wrote chapters 1, 3 and 5. Her chapters are listed under her name; Pretty_Sissy_Julie. Once again, please enjoy.

As I wrote this story I decided to break it up into 2 different parts. The first part will be the branding of Julie and I as slaves. Parts of it will be intense and some may not care for it. The second part is where the kinky sex kicks in. You can skip the first part if you wish and still be able to follow what happens in the second part.

Part I — The Branding

By the end of the week, all 4 of us were exhausted and smelled of cum, sweat piss and shit. As promised, Julie and I physically and mentally abused Mistress and Madame. We did this because this is what they wanted. Both of them wanted to get in touch with the newly discovered submissive sides. Now on this last day, the four of us sat together in the barn to decide our mutual future.

Mistress spoke first “Girls, Madame and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate what you did for us this last week. The extreme abuse and humiliation was exactly what we needed to regain our self esteem. We, especially me, realize we did nothing wrong and our reactions to the sexual abuse and humiliation were understandable. If you are still willing, we would love to marry you both!”

Julie and I hugged our wives to be and then hugged each other. I said “Nothing would make us happier. We love you both so much!”

Mistress then said “Remember we told you before all this started that Madame and I had something important to ask you? Now is the time.” She looked at my sister “Julie for years, Madame has owned you as her slave and you have been branded by her. Those brandings were always just temporary and wore off after a few years. Now that you will become my wife and slave, I want to brand you permanently with branding irons like Master Scott branded his slave/wife Sue.” (Sue worked with us at the brothel and became a dear friend to all of us, she had been branded by her Master/husband when she married him).

We all heard Julie gasp. She said “I remember how Sue told me how much it hurt, but also how proud she was to be branded like an animal. Her arse always looks so sexy with her Master’s marks on her. Yes Mistress, I would be honored to wear your brand.”

Madame spoke next. “Becca, if you are willing, I want to have you branded as well.” I never hesitated, “Yes Madame, I would be honored as well.”

Madame told me “Here is what I want. On one ass cheek I will have branded the words Prossie and underneath that will be Wife. On the other cheek will be the word Slave and underneath that will be the symbol my family used in the past to brand their animals 10 small circles forming a larger one. That was the temporary brand that Julie always wore for me. Is that agreeable girl?” I said “It’s perfect, thank you.”

Mistress said “Julie, for you on one side it will say Whore and underneath it will slave Wife. One the other side it will say Slave and under that it will have a symbol I designed. It will be a circle with the letters M and N linked inside the circle for ‘Mistress Nancy.’ Do you like that dear?” Julie answered her by dropping to my knees and kissing her feet. “I will take that as a ‘yes’ thank you Julie.”

It had been a long day and the next morning we got up to plan our wedding. Mistress and Madame showered while Julie şişli escort and I prepared breakfast. All of us were nude as we sat down to eat. Madame spoke first “Girls, what we have planned is actually 2 ceremonies. The first will be a simple ceremony. We will all go to town hall, get our marriage licenses and get married by the Deputy Mayor. I have already called and made the arrangements and Master Scott and Sue will be our witnesses. If that is acceptable, we will get married tomorrow.”

Both Julie and I said that was great. Then Mistress spoke “Later this week Master Scott will brand you both. Once you have healed enough, we will have a ceremony that will be attended by the members of our kinky community from both New York and Tennessee, We thought we could decorate the barn and host it there.”

The next day we all went to meet Master Scott and his slave/wife Sue at town hall. It was a simple ceremony and we went back to our house to have a drink and talk about what was next. Master Scott told his wife “Sue, tell the girls what to expect as they get branded.”

“Yes Master, girls I will not lie to you, it is very painful. Master tied me with my ass in the air, I am glad he did. He tied me so I could not move and that made the process faster. I shit myself and then vomited as I started to smell my flesh burning.” Julie grabbed my hand and held it tightly as Sue continued “There is nothing sexy about it girls. It not sexy scat play, it is simply your body reacting to extreme pain. Are you sure this is what you want?”

I said “Julie and I have talked about this before. We are women. Most women suffer great pain as they give birth. We never had the chance to experience that kind of pain, so we are happy to experience a different kind of pain as women.”

We finished our drinks and started to get comfortable. We all got naked and fucked our partners and then had another drink. As we lounged around I saw cum oozing from Mistress’ cunt and Sue’s asshole was oozing cum as well. I looked at Julie “Can you fuck my ass too Julie, I want cum dripping from me as well.”

Madame just rolled her eyes at me as Julie and I started to fuck. I got on hands and knees and felt Julie’s tongue along the crack of my ass. I knew my asshole was gaping wide because Madame had used her strap on dildo as she fucked me. It was the dildo that had nasty bumps and ridges on it so I knew everything “back there” was quite loose.

As Julie licked my asshole and pushed her tongue inside me, I reached between my legs and started to finger my cunt. I looked out and saw Sue was sucking Master Scott’s cock and Mistress and Madame were fingering each other. Finally I felt Julie get behind me and push her clit into my ass and we rocked back and for slowly building to a nice orgasm. I heard Julie start to moan as she started to cum. Her moaning set Master off and he grunted as he came all over Sue’s face. I soon felt Julie squirting inside my bowels. I love this sensation and Julie’s small clit really spews out a lot of cum.

Julie and I collapsed with her on top of me, her clit still buried in my asshole. I glanced and saw that Madame and Mistress were laying side by side with contented smiles on their faces. I felt Julie pull out of my ass and she leaned over to lick me clean. Before she could, Master Scott called out “Don’t do that Julie.”

Master came over and put his tongue between my ass cheeks and started to lick the cum up. He made loud slurping sounds as he pushed his tongue deep inside my ass. Then he got on his knees and took Julie’s clit into his mouth and suckled her clean. As he did, Julie got hard again in Master’s mouth.

Sue came over to me still wearing the cum on her face from when she sucked her Master. We both watched as her Master brought Julie to another orgasm. Julie’s body shook as she came again. I am always amazed at how often and quickly Julie could produce cum. Once Julie came she and Master kissed sharing the cum. I giggled as I looked at Sue “It seems your Master is full or surprises.”

Madame said “It’s been a long day. Scott we would be honored if you and Sue would spend the night her. Becca and Julie have prepared our spare bedroom for you. Master smiled “Thank you Annie.” We all went into our bedrooms and had a very restful sleep.

The next morning I woke up and slipped out of bed so my new wife could get some extra sleep as I prepared breakfast. Julie and Sue were already up and making breakfast for their owners. As usual, we were all nude except for stockings, garters and heels. Master startled us when he came into the house from the back door. Looked at Sue and said “I did not realize your Master was up Sue.” Sue just nodded quietly and finished making his breakfast.

As our new wives came out, we crawled to them and kissed their feet and then leaned up and lightly kissed their cunts respectfully. After we all had a nice breakfast Master said “Girls it is time now.”

Julie and I look at each other taksim escort confused, but followed Master as we all went outside. The sight I saw both terrified and excited me. There were a small fire burning and in the fire were a series of irons. Mistress said “Girls, you can still change your minds, but if not, Scott is going to brand you girls.” We looked at each other and Julie said “This is what we want Mistress.”

Master took us to the split rail fence we had and bent us over and tied our ankles and wrists to the posts so that our asses were sticking out. The fences were arranged so Julie and I were facing each other and could see could watch each other being branded. Additionally Mistress and Madame brought out mirrors and set them up so we could see our own assed being branded.

As the oldest, Master came over to me. I did not want to see what was going to happen so I closed my eyes. Suddenly a sharp pain radiated from my ass as Master branded me with Prossie.” Before I could react, I felt another searing pain as Wife was added to my ass. I started to scream and pull at my ropes, but they held tight. I watched in amazement as I saw Master get behind Julie and brand her ass Whore and Wife. In a moment I smelled my flesh burning and puked the entire breakfast I had just eaten. I looked up at Julie and saw she just did the same thing.

Master moved quickly and branded my other ass cheek Slave and then under it Madame’s designed for animals. When the design brand touched my ass, my bowels released and I shit all over Master’s feet. He expected as much and quickly finished his task. Then he went over to Julie branded her other cheek Slave and applied Mistress’ design as well. Julie shit herself as well and I remembered what Sue had told us earlier. This was not sexy at all, it was simply nasty as our bodies reacted to unimaginably pain.

I looked at my sister hanging limply on the fence post and smiled “It’s over girl.” She smiled weakly and nodded.

Our new wives untied us carefully not to step into the mess we made. Then then led us to some bales of hay and had us lay down on our bellies. I was so thankful that Mistress was a doctor! I felt her apply a dressing to both sides of my ass and watched as she did the same to Julie. As Mistress tended to us, I watched as Madame and Sue cleaned Master. The poor man had shit and vomit all over his feet and legs. I should have blushed, but I was too far into “sub space” to even care.

I must have fallen asleep, but woke up as I felt Mistress applying bags of ice on my ass. I looked up and saw Julie’s ass was bandaged with a thin towel over the bandages and ice bags over the towel. Madame knelt down in front of me and kissed me lovingly. “Becca, I am so proud of you. I can’t possibly express the gratitude that I have for what you just did.”

I leaned up and kissed my new wife “I am so honored to wear your branding Madame. Now everyone will know I am your slave and property.”

Mistress gave us both something to help ease the pain and then said “Girls, the worst is over. You will be sore tomorrow, but the pain should fade in a few days.” As she spoke we saw Sue nod in agreement.

Madame said “You are our slaves and our property. Nancy and I take that seriously and promise we will always love and care for you. Property like y’all and Sue should always be cherished. Thank you both.” I looked at Julie and saw she was crying, not from pain but at how loved she felt. I understood that because I was crying too and felt the same.

After a bit, Master and Madame helped me walk into our bedroom and laid me on my belly to sleep. The last thing I remembered was Mistress and Sue laying Julie next to me as we both fell into a deep sleep, helped along by the pain killers.

Part 2 — The Ceremony

Its about 2 months since the branding and both Julie and I have gotten passed the initial pain. As we healed our wives started to treat us as they did before the branding. The first time they spanked us, it was more like love taps. The first anal was done gently and with smaller dildos. In time the spankings and fuckings became more severe, the dildos bigger, until our Owners felt that we were ready for the final ceremonies. Our Owners/wives sat us down and we started to plan.

Julie and I were naked as we knelt at their feet, our heads resting on their thighs contentedly. Both Mistress and Madame were dressed in skirts. It is very rare for either of them to wear jeans, they almost always wear dresses or skirts. Out of habit, we all parted our thighs slightly. This is a habit we all picked up as prossies. Cheap whores spread their legs wide, leaving nothing to the imagination. A good prostitute will part her legs just enough to catch someone’s eye without be obvious.

Madame stroked my hair as she said “Girls, you seem to have fully recovered, am I right?” Both Julie and I agreed so she continued “Then we need to make the arrangements. We have decided on having the beşiktaş escort ceremony on July 1, this will give our New York friends time enough to make arrangements to get here to Tennessee.” We spent the rest of the day making plans and later that night we went into the barn and the four of us fucked like bunnies and fell asleep together in a sexy heap of flesh.

When the day came, we finished decorating the barn. We had rented lots of card tables and chairs. Some of our kinky friends came by early to help us set up. By tradition, the Dominants were dressed and the slaves were in various stages of undress determined by their Owners. I smiled as I saw the male slaves moving fast so that their nice cocks swayed.

We arranged the tables and chairs so that there would be an aisle down the center. On either side of the barn we placed bundles of hay on the floor that would act as makeshift beds when the ceremony was over and people would start to fuck.

Once the barn was set up, all of the slaves knelt as the Dominants chose a slave to pleasure them. Owners did not use their own slave and I was used by a black man who had an especially large cock. As I sucked, he grabbed the back of my head and drove his cock deep inside my mouth and throat. I was drooling like the animal I was and slobbered all over his cock and balls as well as my tits.

He knew exactly what he was doing and his cock pummeled my face. I waved my hand and he pulled his cock out just long enough for me to puke, then pushed it back inside me and spurted down my throat. Once he was done he thanked me and then spit on my face. I was proud to wear his spittle and cum as well as my own puke dripping all over my chin, tits and belly.

Everyone left to get dressed to return in the evening. Our wives were dressed in beautiful long skirts and silk blouses. Neither wore a bra. Julie and I were dressed in silk panties, stockings, garters and heels. We both wore the same leather collars we have been wearing for years. My panties were green while Julie’s were lavender. Our wives put ball gags in our mouths and then said we are all ready. Our wives went into the barn to wait for us. In a few minutes Sue came over and told us it was time.

We walked over to the entrance of the barn and got on our hands and knees. The ball gags made it impossible not to drool and we giggled as we saw each other’s tits covered in drool. When we heard the recording of “Here Comes the Bride,” the doors were opened wide and Julie and I crawled down the aisle.

As I crawled up the aisle I saw people standing and watching us. Dominants dressed nicely and slaves mostly naked. Many of the male slaves had their cocks and balls locked in cages, the keys hanging around their Owners necks. Many of the females had nipple clamps and chains on. I was so happy to see them all, many of them I knew from my years at the brothel. Once at the end of the aisle, we moved to kneel at our wives feet.

Master Scott was standing there as “Master of Ceremonies.” He told people they can be seated. He welcomed people to the wedding and then said to Madame, would you speak please? Madame looked at the crowd and said “Thank you all for being here, though we are calling it a wedding ceremony, we were all married months ago in a vanilla ceremony. This wedding ceremony is to celebrate our kinky lifestyle with our kinky friends.” Everyone laughed and then when the laughter died down she looked at me.

“Stand up Becca.” I did as commanded. Madame removed the ball gag and said “Tell our friends what decisions have been made slave.”

I curtsied submissively and said “Madame I have accepted my position in life as not only being your wife but as your slave as well.”” With that I turned away from the audience and took off my panties and bent over for everyone to see my new branding.

I remained bent over as Mistress and Julie did the same thing. Once we were both bent over Master Scott invited the people to come up and inspect our asses and brandings. For the next 15 minutes we felt people’s hands on our asses. Some just felt the lifted skin of the brands others slapped our asses as well. Many of the slaves kissed our asses as well.

Once that was done, we stood up again and faced our wives. Mistress spoke first. “Julie, I accept your bondage to me and I promise I will always love, cherish and honor you. Let me show you that love.” She reached up and took off Julie’s old collar and replaced it with a brand new one. The collar had imprinted on it SLAVE. One either side of the word it had small lavender jewels. Julie’s birthday is in February, the stone is amethyst. A dog tag hung from the collar that said “Property of Mistress Nancy.”

“Now bend over girl.” Julie did as commanded and reached back to spread her ass cheeks wide apart, lewdly displaying her asshole to everyone there. I could not help but admire my sister’s beautiful ass. Master handed Mistress a bottle of lube and she pushed her lubed fingers deep inside Julie’s asshole. Then Mistress took out a very large butt plug. It was both thick and long. At the end of the plug was another lavender stone. Mistress brought it to the anal opening and then in one quick thrust pushed it deep inside her asshole.

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The Shoot Ch. 02

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Jane was still over the moon about last weekend’s raunchy hot shoot that involved movie star Derrick Phillips and her two extremely busty assistants; Ellen Good and Connie Grills but it what happen after the shoot that Jane couldn’t stop thinking about. The imagines of Derrick blowing load after hot load of his spunky jizz over her and her top-heavy assistants in a wild all nighter until dawn that took place at her luxurious penthouse. Jane, the owner and leading publicist to DAMSEL magazine couldn’t wait to see her assistants in action again and this time, she had a different choice for the girls to play with. The lucky candidate was Jane’s just newly turned 18 year old virgin nephew Glenn.

Glenn was your typical sad sap . He always kept to himself and had no social skills. His only real friends were those sitting behind a computer playing World of Warcraft or any other RPG games. He did have three pet hamsters and named all three after the ironic characters from The Three Stooges; Larry, Curly, and Moe. Glenn was also a huge sci-fi enthusiast as he attended almost every sci-fi convention, dressed in costume and all.

Glenn never had a girlfriend. Besides the women in his family and a few female teachers, the only other women he ever talked too were through role-playing at sci-fi events and in character only. Jane felt sorry for her only nephew. Her sister, Glenn’s mother, had reached out to Jane and asked if he would possibly get a job at her fashion magazine to open him up a bit before he heads off to college. Of course, his mom had to ask quite a few times as Jane in the past had refused but after the events of last weekend, Jane was keened to get another hot “photo shoot” session going and her nephew couldn’t be more of the complete opposite of movie star Derrick Phillips.

He was a frail yet adorable thing standing only 5’4 and weighted only 125 due to having a high metabolism. He had chestnut brown poofy curly hair, thick dark eyebrows, dark brown eyes, thin lips, and a small cleft chin. Stare at him long enough and you could see he was reasonable cute behind the extra small Anime tee-shirt and suspender jeans. Jane couldn’t wait to see his reaction to Ellen and Connie. She’s been working with them for over a week and she still can’t believe her eyes at the enormous heavy jugs they carry around on their chest everyday. Jane didn’t feel bad about using her own flesh and blood for her own enjoyment as she figured he would get enjoyment out of being used.

“Glenn. Can I have a word with you?” requested his aunt Jane.

“Sure Auntie,” he replied in a soft but nervous tone.

Glenn was busy photocopying some papers on his first day on the job. He hoped that his Aunt wanting to see him didn’t mean he was in trouble on his first day. She sounded kind of serious. Glenn followed his Aunt back to her office and took a seat across her.

“Glenn. I know this is your first day on the job but I’m kind of in bind right now. You see, I can’t get my hands on a male model for this upcoming photo shoot that I desperately need done right away by the end of today. I know you don’t have any modeling experience which is why this shoot will be easy for you,” Jane explained. “All that I require from you is to sit on a bed in your underwear.”

“My underwear??” Glenn responded alarmed and blushed red.

“Yes. I would really appreciate it if you could do this for me.”

“Gosh Aunt Jane. I don’t know. Never done anything like that before. I don’t want people seeing me in my private wearing attire,” Glenn replied.

“Don’t worry Glenny. It’s an underwear ad and your face is not require. People will only notice your torso down to the underwear and although you don’t have any bulging muscles or any muscles for that matter, skinny as a toothpick is in.”

Glenn was still a bit uneasy about accepting.

“You know Glenn. I have connections in Hollywood being the owner of a huge fashion magazine and chief and editor. If you do this for me, I could make a dream of yours come true.”

Just this, Glenn’s eyes light up.

“You mean that? You mean if I do this underwear ad, you’ll let me meet the cast of the original Star Wars and George Lucas???” he exclaimed with excitement.

Jane felt disappointed in her nephew but didn’t show it behind the bullshit smile she gave him.

“Play your cards right nephew.”

“Sweet lord oh mighty! Deal!” Glenn happily agreed.

“Great! Shoot starts in 10 minutes. Be ready and one last thing, lets not mention this to your folks. This will be our little secret.” Glenn nodded his head in agreement and left his Aunt’s office super excited and left his Aunt feeling super horny.

10 Manavgat escort minutes later, Glenn appeared on the photo shoot set in just a pair of plain white men’s briefs and his long wooly socks. He didn’t have much fat or muscle on his body, as he was as his aunt mentioned, very skinny. Glenn had a really pasty and hairless body with a flat chest and stomach. Although he had just turned 18, he had the body of a 10 year old. His Aunt Jane soon came onto the set followed by two mysterious bulky figures cloaked in Jedi-Knight robes with the hoods fully clothing their faces. Needless to say, Glenn was a bit confused and looking at the two mysterious figures closely, he could tell they both were tremendously busty underneath their robes. He had seen a lot of anime where busty girls hid behind robes. His cock quickly started to arouse.

“Aunt Jane? What’s going on here?” he nervously asked, as he swiftly placed his arms over his arousing lower region in an attempt to cover up his indecency.

“I told you I was going to make a dream of yours come true and I believe its every man’s dream to have a 3some,” Jane replied. “Ladies…”

The hoods came off the girl’s heads and Glenn wasn’t much surprised to see Connie and Ellen beneath those Jedi-Knight robes. He remembered them both very well when his Aunt first introduced them. He remembered saying hi to their breasts and being completely astonished by their sheer massive size. He never laid eyes on breasts so large even on the Internet during his night weekly jerking off sessions.

“He’s definitely no Derrick Phillips,” Ellen whispered to Connie.

“Yeah, I know,” softly chuckled Connie. “But he’s still kind of cute.”

“Consider this a late birthday gift from me to you Glenn,” said Jane. “Now just sit back and relax and let my assistants do all the work but feel free to explore their wonderful bodies.”

Glenn’s cock was fully hard from listening to his Aunt speak and staring blankly at her two top-heavy assistants. The only times his cock ever became achingly hard was from seeing Princess Leia in her gold bikini from a scene in Return of the Jedi. His breathing started heaving and droplets of sweat formed from his forehead as his noticeable bulge packed tightly in his underwear. Connie and Ellen walked over to Glenn and they stood on opposite sides of him. His eyes were squarely focused on the enormous orbs jutting from beneath their Jedi-Knight robes and over and over again in his mind, he thought this couldn’t be happening and none of it was real.

“Just like your aunt said. Just relax and enjoy yourself nerd boy,” said Ellen. She and Connie started to disrobe and Glenn’s eyes widen as large as saucers once those robes hit the ground at their feet.

“What do you think Glenn? Think you’ll be able to handle all that soft squishy flesh smothering your face and cock?” teasingly asked his aunt.

Glenn wasn’t much of a talker so needless to say he was rendered speechless and dumbfounded by the nearly nude assistants of his aunt. First his widen eyes soaked in the unbelievable sight of the huge soft and peaky cantaloupe-round tits with the shy nipples that Ellen possessed before moving over to the remarkable mammoth and pendulously sloping gelatin bags of Connie’s oversized teardrop-shaped jugs with the huge nipples. Without warning, the young virgin prematurely creamed his underwear.

“For fuck sakes Glenn, they haven’t even gotten started and your already cumming,” lashed his aunt.

Ellen nodded her head in disappointment and disbelief while Connie felt sorry for him. Embarrassment overwhelmed Glenn at this moment.

“Sorry,” he softly spoke.

“Don’t worry Glenn. We’ll clean the mess up and get you nice and hard again,” said Connie. She crouched down in front of the young virgin with her supple ass on the heels of her bare feet and grabbed his cum-stained underwear by the hem. Glenn was in delight as he felt Connie’s monstrous knockers rubbing and jiggling against his legs while she removed his underwear completely down to his feet and off. His cum-covered cock was small after his premature ejaculation. Connie seized his sticky dick with three fingers and tugged on it hastily. She learned forward on her toes splashing her humongous milk cans on his thighs and sucked his small dick into her mouth. She licked and sucked up all the cum that covered his cock. Glenn moaned and leaned back on his elbows and closed his eyes as he was receiving his first blow job.

“That’s right Glenny. Enjoy yourself and try not to cum to soon again,” instructed Jane.

Ellen climbed up on the bed beside Glenn and locked lips with him. She had Manavgat escort bayan a stupendously enormous tongue that she slip into his mouth. Her massively heavy jell-o bags cascaded all over his poor little chest as her tongue ravaged the inside of his mouth. Connie felt Glenn’s penis increasingly becoming hard between her lips. She lifted up his legs and placed them on her shoulders. She locked her arms halfway around his thighs and vigorously deep-throated his stiff little cock with her mouth until her narrow chin squished against his balls.

Glenn’s toes curled from the stimulation and he persistently moaned even with Ellen’s large tongue lodged down his throat and the warmth of bare large breasts for the first time on his naked chest especially ones as enormous and perky as Ellen’s, was just too much for the young virgin boy to tolerate. His sexual excitement was in full overdrive.

Connie felt the unanticipated gush of hot cum spurting down her throat. She gagged and coughed out Glenn’s penis. Some burst of cum spewed across her chest and on the tops of her heavy hangers. His dick fell upon the bed and quickly finished unloading his second burst seed.

“Jesus Glenn. You are a real disappointment. How are you expected to get laid anytime soon when you can control yourself?” his displeased Aunt asked.

Ellen took her mouth off his so he could answer.

“I’m very sorry Auntie. I’ve never experienced such a sexual rush like that before. All of this is happening all at once, so very, very quickly. I’m only an inexperience human being when it comes to sex and anything of that nature,” Glenn pleaded.

“He makes a good point. Perhaps one on one he could hold out longer,” suggested Ellen.

“Okay then Glenn. You get to decide which one of my girls you want taking your virginity,” said Jane.

This was an obvious hard choice for Glenn as both Ellen and Connie were the first females he ever saw naked and touched him sexually. As he thought about his choice, Glenn felt his cock hardening and in no time it was up and pointing directly at Connie, whom still crouched before him.

“Connie,” Glenn spoke.

Connie blushed as she was honored to be the one chosen to take away her first boy’s virginity. Ellen wasn’t too pleased but understood his decision as she climbed off the bed with her giant boobs flopping and swaying wildly and stood next to Glenn’s aunt.

“Alright. No more foreplay Connie. Just ride his dick,” instructed Jane. She tossed Connie a condom as she didn’t want to explain to her sister and brother-in law why their son, her nephew, got some young girl knocked up and ruined his future. Connie stood up and Glenn’s eyes immediately darted for her colossal hanging jugs, as they swayed heavy with each of her movements. Connie tore open the condom wrapper and wrapped the condom around Glenn’s stiff 6 inch cock.

“How do you want to fuck me? Missionary? Doggy-style? Cowgirl?” Connie asked.

“You on top, please,” Glenn suggested.

Connie climbed up onto the bed and straddled over Glenn. Instead of taking her granny panties off, she pulled the front of them aside and bared her shaved wet pussy to Glenn’s eyes. Glenn’s mouth watered as Connie seized his dick and slowly lowered herself onto him. Her mammoth gelatin bags were draped across his chest and stomach and he gasped as soon as he felt their softness made contact. He grunted and moaned as Connie pushed his hard cock between the slick tight walls of her pussy. Connie’s legs were on the outside of his as she sat all the way completely on his cock. Having his cock deep inside his first pussy and Connie’s humongous soft breasts draping down heavy across his whole upper torso was the greatest feeling Glenn ever felt.

Glenn clutched Connie’s soft pliable ass cheeks, still fully clad inside her granny panties as she rode him steadily. Her enormous double H knockers were walloping against his upper torso and made their way up to his face. Glenn looked down to see two monstrous lumps of gelatin flesh with big hard erase-sized nipples dangerously close to smothering him.

Connie quicken her pace and leaned over a bit so her titanic tits dangled over Glenn’s shoulders and trapped his head between her mile long soft gorge of cleavage. It took everything Glenn had not to lose control and cum just from the first few minutes of his first fuck and finding his face smothered between the softest pile of flesh he ever felt. It was all just too overwhelming to bear.

Glenn motor-boated his head between the two titanic gazongas and wildly kissed any part of the wobbly flesh surrounding his head. Even with the condom on, Escort manavgat his cock felt fantastic being devoured by Connie’s warm wet pussy. Jane and Ellen could hear Glenn grunting and moaning within Connie’s deep full cleavage with enthusiasm.

“My nephew sure is enjoying himself,” stated Jane, as she observed Glenn kneading Connie’s soft supple ass as her assistant rode his cock. “And its about damn time be grew up into a man.” Jane looked over at Ellen and saw her pinching her nipples and giddy at the chance to fuck her nephew. She looked back over at the action and saw Connie was in full bouncing mode on top of Glenn. She remembered that awe astonishing sight of Connie’s gigantic fun bags bouncing and flopping all over the place while she rode movie star Derrick Phillips. The sounds of her tits flopping down hard and heavy and slapping against her skin was sweet music to Jane’s ears and that tone was once again playing as Connie bounced on top of her nephew with the full intend of taking his virginity.

Glenn cried out which meant he was closing in on his epic climax. The young man was beside himself being deflowered by a young girl who possessed tits bigger then his head and her own and watching them floppy up and down was all too exhilarating. The wetness, the softness, the warmth, and tight clutch that Connie’s pussy had on his hard cock didn’t help him avoid blowing his load.

Connie knew Glenn was ready to explode from the way his eyes were rolling back into his head, so she quickly stood up, monster tits lewdly flailing uncontrollably and removed the condom from his blistering red dick. She plopped her milk jugs on his thighs and used her hands and arms to gather them up and smother his hard cock deep in her cleavage. Virtually, there was no signs of Glenn’s penis seen from beneath the mountains of soft flesh that encircled it.

“Oh fuck! I can’t.. I can’t.. hold on.. I’m cumming!” screeched loudly Glenn.

Within seconds, a shaking out of control Glenn let out a long moan and released his built-up load of cum between the two massively huge mammeries that smothered it. Glenn let himself go into pleasure, cumming long and hard like never before. His first batch of hot seed shot up to reach Connie’s neck and dribbled to the tops of her overly plump breasts. The rest of his semen spewed out within the warmth inner sanctum of Connie’s cleavage. Glenn was spend as his cock drained itself in between the most profound cleavage he ever came in contact with.

After Glenn’s balls were completely drained and his cock fell flaccid, Connie lifted up her gargantuan breasts off his pasty thighs and showed Jane and Ellen the average-size sticky puddle of spunk Glenn made between her tits. Glenn just laid in bed motionless, exhausted, catching his breath with a huge shit-eating grin on his face and realized that this wasn’t a fantasy. He truly was no longer a virgin unlike the rest of his Internet pals.

“Bravo, my nephew, bravo. Not much but it’s a start,” congratulated Jane. ” Your going to love college life my boy. All that pussy and ass waiting to be fucked and I’m going to make sure you’ll a well-oiled fuck machine before your parents send you off.”

“Wow,” said Glenn, as he glazed up at the ceiling still with a huge smile on his face. “That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever done.”

“The day is long Glenn. I told your parents you’ll be working 6 hour shifts for the entire summer and we’re only 45 minutes into your first hour. Plenty of time to make you into a horny sex fiend. Ellen, I believe your up next.”

Glenn turned his head to observe Ellen as she approached him. His eyes fixated on her overly large swinging breasts. His cock started to erect once again. Ellen wasted no time in giving Glenn a blow job and an amazing tit-fuck. Glenn strongly held back from cumming as he wanted to get a good fuck out of Ellen. He fucked her doggy-style and milked her huge swinging melons until his hands grew tired. He managed to fuck Ellen hard enough that she came. She was the first girl he ever give an orgasm to.

Soon Glenn came inside the condom within 5 minutes of balls-deep fucking Ellen from behind. Jane was pleasantly surprise with the change she saw in her nephew as he had his way with her busty assistants. For the next five hours, he fucked Connie and Ellen in every position and had enough strength and confidence to have them both at once. Needless to say, Jane saw her nerdy nephew grow into a stallion of a man within a few hours.

The following day, word started spreading quickly that the owner and lead publisher of DAMSEL was filming porn within her company. To keep what’s left of her name in task, Jane had to redesign and let go of Connie, Ellen, and her nephew go to keep their names out of the press and scandal. No longer an owner of a fashion empire or editing chief, Jane decided to herself that it was time to start a new venture into what she’s truly passionate about…

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The Neighbour

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After Sex

So you want to hear about my first time. Well, first let me give you a bit of background. I was 21, my parents hadn’t long finalised their divorce, and I was living with my mother in a council house in a not particularly friendly neighbourhood, but we got by.

I was unemployed at the time, so spent most of my time at home playing videogames. It was on one of these days that I happened to glance out my window and see a moving van drive up and park up outside the house opposite ours. Being a bit bored I moved to the window and took a closer look, as I did a car pulled up behind the van ‘must be whoever is moving in’ I thought to myself. Out of the car stepped the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was wearing a simple Iron Maiden t-shirt and blue jeans that hugged her figure perfectly. She had long flowing brownie black hair. It was a hot summer day so I could see beads of sweat gently rolling down her beautiful, almost porcelain coloured skin. She glanced over the road, and I jumped away from the window, hoping she wouldn’t see me, but I did just manage to catch a glimpse of her hazel eyes.

“What were you looking at?” my mum had walked into the room without me noticing.

“Oh moving van, looks like someone’s moving in across the road.” I said trying not to look sheepish.

“Well it’s about bloody time, that place has been empty for months. Still don’t know who owns it. It’s not council to well looked after, did you see who was moving in?”

“I only saw some woman late 20’s maybe early 30’s at a push.” I replied trying to sound nonchalant.

“Alone?”She asked.

“Just her and the movers… I think. Didn’t see anyone else”.

Mum thought for a second then said “Tell you what, why don’t pop over and introduce ourselves? We’ll till tomorrow of course give her chance to get settled in.”

“What you mean is go over under the pretence of being neighbourly to nose.” I responded.

Now she looked a little sheepish for a moment then said “Are you seriously telling me you’re not a little curious? Plus if she is ok we have to make sure those bloody reprobate’s down the road don’t scare her off.”

“Yeah, you’re right, I suppose” I conceded.

That night I couldn’t stop thinking about her questions in my mind. Who was she? Why would someone like that move onto a shitty estate like this? My thoughts moved to her shapely body the beads of sweat rolling down her neck, then under her shirt. I imagined getting close to her, caressing her, exploring her body with my hands. As I drifted deeper and deeper into this fantasy I felt a familiar stirring in my boxers. I instinctively reached down and began to wank through my shorts. Little splodges of pre-cum began to form on the front of my boxers, but I didn’t care. Then a thought occurred. “Why would a woman like that be even remotely interested in a Muppet like me?” With that the moment was gone. I sighed to myself, turned over and went to sleep.

So, as agreed we went over to the new neighbours’ house. I was excited and nervous at the same time. My Mum must have noticed something was wrong, because she looked at me and snapped.

“What’s wrong with you?” As she knocked on the door.

There wasn’t time to answer as we saw a figure moving towards the door.

“I’m not buying anything, and I’m definitely not interested in finding Jesus.” came a voice from behind the door.

My mother chuckled, “No fear there, my love. We live across the road, saw you move in yesterday. Just wanted to introduce ourselves.”

“Hmmmmm OK.” came the voice, still a little suspicious, but she opened the door.

I was able to get a much closer look at her this time. She was wearing simple cut off jean shorts and a plain white t-shirt and had her hair tied back in a ponytail. I would put her around 5’5″ in height with an hour glass figure. Her legs were slim and elegant and perfectly proportioned. Her hips were mesmerising as she stood there. Although I could only see from the front I could tell she had a round, perfectly shaped ass. I could see she had lovely round breasts. I could only speculate on size, but they were big enough for me.

I realised I wasn’t paying attention to the conversation and shook myself back to reality. I have a tendency to day dream, giving me the perfect alibi.

“Sorry what was that?” I asked.

My mother glared at me, annoyed that I hadn’t been paying attention. “I said since she’s living here alone that you probably wouldn’t mind helping Ms. Cavendish with her TV setup later.”

“Please call me Rachel” the lady interjected.

“Umm, yeah OK. I…I… I’ll take a look if you want.” I stammered. “What time did you want me to come over?” I asked.

“About half six?” Rachel suggested.

“That’s perfect.” My mum responded without giving me a chance to open my mouth. “You’ll pop over straight after dinner.” she continued.

I just nodded agreement and we left. I couldn’t believe it I was actually going to be alone with her! I started to fantasise about what might Manavgat escort happen. Then said to myself “don’t be an idiot, nothing’s going to happen is it!?”

I arrived at her door with a full ten minutes to spare, and nervously knocked at the door. A short time passed then as I was just turning to leave, I heard a voice shout from inside the house.

“Just a minute.”

I obliged and waited. A moment later the door opened.

“Oh hello Alex” she said looking a little flustered but still enchanting to me.

“Sorry am I to early?” I asked.

“No it’s fine”, she replied “just I’ve been having a bit of a nightmare getting this place organised. Come in, come in so glad you’re here.”

I followed her into the house up the short hallway past the staircase, and to the right into the living room. It was hard to believe she’d only just moved apart from boxes and the wires of home entertainment centre strewn about. The place looked pretty much immaculate.

“Oh I can’t take all the credit” she said seeing the look of astonishment on my face “my Mum and sister were over yesterday helping out”. “Think you can sort that lot out?” Rachel asked gesturing towards the TV and the mass of cables and speakers sat in front of it.

“I think so.” I replied, “Might take a little while though.” I continued.

“Not in a hurry are you?” She asked.

“No, I got plenty of time as long as you don’t mind having me around.”

She smiled at me and my legs almost turned to jelly, “Aww you’re such a sweetheart for doing this.” With that she went into the kitchen and I sat down and set to work.

After a short time, Rachel came back into the living room, and sat on the sofa behind me, “Here you go” gesturing with a bottle of water she had in her hand.

“Oh thank you I was getting a little parched” I replied taking the bottle from her. She opened her own bottle she’d been holding in her other hand and began to drink. “I needed that.” she said while pausing for breath.

I too, took a few swigs from my own bottle. We began to engage in a little small talk, and before I knew it we were just chatting away about various things completely forgetting about the task at hand, she then asked me.

“So, you sure a young lad like you hasn’t anything better to do on a Friday night than sit here playing with cables?”

“Not really, never really been the club/pub type” I replied.

“Really I used to be out every weekend when I was younger, too old now though” she replied.

My brow furrowed “Too old!?” I questioned.

“How old do you think I am Alex?” She asked and I had no idea how to answer so I just decided to be honest.

“Mid to late twenty’s maybe, thirty at a push” I answered.

A warm smile spread across her face, “you really are lovely” she said. “I’m 37.”

My eyes widened. I was genuinely shocked by this, and then she looked shocked. “You really thought I was still in my twenties?” she asked.

I had no idea how to respond so I just sat there with my face feeling hotter and hotter, she looked at me brows slightly furrowed then her eyes widened suddenly and she said “Oh my god, you fancy me don’t you? Wait, don’t answer that.”

I couldn’t if I’d wanted to.

“Oh, did you think…?” She began to ask.

“No! No, I just wanted to help and thought maybe I could get to know you a bit better. I’m no idiot. I realise I’d be punching well out of my weight class with you. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.” Where was this coming from? The words were just falling out of my mouth before I could stop them.

“No one’s called me beautiful since…” she trailed off, an awkward silence followed. Rachel suddenly jumped up off the sofa and said “Well, I’m going to go up and have a shower and sort some things out upstairs. You ok to finish up? She asked.

“Um, yeah not much left to do now. I was going to quickly test it all then that’ll be it.” With that she disappeared upstairs and I went back to work cursing my big mouth.

Time passed I had long finished my work and absently flicking around on the TV wondering what to do. Do I wait, do I leave? I really couldn’t decide, so I just sat there admiring my handiwork. Then I thought I heard a voice from upstairs, so I shut everything off and called “Hello?!”

“Alex,” came the reply “are you done down there? If so can you come up here and have a look at something in the bedroom?”

So I got up and made my way upstairs assuming that there was a TV or something she wanted me to have a look at. As I reached the top of the stairs I looked to my right and saw that the door to the master bedroom was wide open but I saw no sign of Rachel. I walked into the bedroom and had a look round. Clearly Rachel had an affection for red and black as a colour combination as the rug on the hardwood floor the curtains and the bedspread were all black with red trim, the walls were plain white which made these colours stand out all the more. As I looked around the room I saw Manavgat escort bayan antique dresser with 3 mirrors on top against the right hand wall the window with drawn curtains was to the left, the bed was against the back wall with a small bedside table to the left of it. For some reason there were 2 glasses on the bedside table on was empty the other had a green liquid in it. The room was illuminated by 2 stand up lamps which were in each back corner. I was a little confused as I saw no sign of a TV or anything, the only electrical devices I could see were the lamps a radio alarm clock that sat on the bedside table and a hairdryer on the dresser. What had she called me up here for? Then I felt someone enter the room behind me.

I turned around and saw her, and immediately fell backwards onto the bed in shock. Rachel stood there, wearing a black corset with red trim with matching panties, sleeves and stockings that came up to just above her knees with little red bows on the top. She was truly a magnificent sight to behold, gently swaying her hips from side to side, her soft brown hair hanging each side of her face falling over her shoulders, stopping just above the top of her breasts. She wore ruby red lipstick and just a little bit of black eye liner. My focus was the corset itself which had red lace going up the front of the corset then splitting to cup her breasts. I couldn’t help but stare and was unsure whether I could see her nipples through the lace or not.

“So what do you think?” She asked. I couldn’t answer I had no words. “Oh so you like it!” She smiled noticing the growing bulge in my shorts. “You know it’s been a long time since I dressed like this for anyone. Makes me feel sexy again.” She continued.

“How could you ever not feel sexy? You’re magnificent.” I managed to blurt out.

“You’re sweet. Maybe you’ll understand when you’re a little older.”

I found her answer a little patronising. I think she sensed my change in mood, because she leant into me, brushing my erection as she did, looked deep into my eyes and then kissed me. I was filled with a desire that went beyond simple lust. I leant forward and was about to put my arms around her, but she pulled away again. She stood before me again with a naughty smile on her face.

“Someone’s getting a little eager aren’t they?” She teased. “Although I think you’ve earned a little treat for being so sweet.”

With that she removed one of the sleeves and dropped it to the floor, the other she took a bit more time over then swung it above head before throwing it my direction. She danced around the room seductively before leaning into me; her beautiful breasts right in my face before backing up and beginning to unfasten her corset. I leant forward in eager anticipation.

Rachel undid her corset top, but held it in place with her right arm just for a few moments to increase the anticipation, before opening her arms with a “ta da” as it fell to the floor. I couldn’t take my eyes of them they looked magnificent, large but still firm and pert. Her nipples and areola’s almost matching the colour of her lips. I yearned to touch them, to hold them, to gently lick those nipples. Rachel could tell I was enamoured with them. She folded over her bosom and giggled.

“Think we can safely say you’re a breast man, but I’m not done yet.”

She gently slipped her hands from her chest, and slid down each side until she caught the top of her panties with her thumbs. She then tucked her thumbs under the waistband pulling it outward from each side and began to slowly and carefully pull her panties down over her stockings without disturbing them. Bent all the way over she stepped out of them gently backwards before picking them up and holding them out gleefully with her right hand. I could now appreciate this earth bound goddess in her full splendour.

Rachel stood there looking at me leaning slightly to her right with a cheeky little smile on her face. She had a truly divine body, her hips the perfect width. Her lady garden, as I like to call it, was perfect jet black and perfectly groomed. My cock was iron girder hard and it almost ached.

Rachel kneeled before me and whispered “Let’s see if we can’t do something about that, shall we!?”

As she reached for my waistband and pulled down my shorts and underwear in one fluid motion, over my feet and off to one side. My dick sprang straight back up completely rigid. I can’t remember being this hard before or since.

“Oh is that for me you are too kind.” She purred huskily as she gently took my member in one hand and gently cupped and tickled my balls with the other.

“Oh my God” I gasped, finding the sensation of being touched there by a foreign hand for the first time almost overwhelming. I threw my head back and gasped once again.

“You like that?” she teased “well I’m just getting started” She continued.

Rachel gently pulled back my foreskin and began to tongue my head, as she slowly stroked with one hand, still cupping my nuts Escort manavgat in the other. I again threw my head back once again and squinted my eyes. As I did so, I felt warmth over my member looked down to find Rachel had enveloped every inch with her mouth.

“Oh my god” I said hoarsely as my mouth was almost completely dry at this point.

Rachel’s head began to slowly rise almost to the top of my cock before falling down again, each time sending electric sensations through my whole body. The pace began to quicken I could barely see Rachel’s head bobbing up and down through squinted vision.

“Ahh! Can’t take it, gonna blow!” I exclaimed.

Rachel just picked up the pace even more. I lay back on the bed.

“gonna cu—”

I couldn’t finish my sentence before exploding in her mouth, unleashing shot after shot of what felt like a gallon of semen escaping my member. My arms flayed up and down, my head jerking up and down involuntarily as the orgasm took over my entire body. Rachel slowed down then stopped at the tip of my cock and stroked the last few drops. She then released me before moving over to the bedside table and spitting my juices into the waiting glass, and took a mouthful for the green liquid swished it around and spat that in to the other glass. “Right so it was mouthwash” I thought out loud. Rachel just smiled and kissed me with her now minty fresh mouth.

I lay on the bed trying to recover from what had been the most intense experience to date, sexual or otherwise in my entire life. When I had regained my faculties I looked over to Rachel who was lying on her side with head cradled in her left hand looking at me with a smile that said I’m happy with my handiwork.

“Thank you, thank you so much.” I said my, mouth still a little dry. “Oh my god that was the most intense experience of my entire life thank you again” I continued.

“You’re welcome, sweetheart. So glad you enjoyed yourself” she replied.

“Oh I did” I said, as I moved in to kiss her passionately once again, my hands groping at her beautiful breasts.

I rolled her over on to her back, continuing to kiss and grope her. Once there, my kiss slid down from her lips. Rachel arched her head back as I began to kiss and nuzzle at her neck.

“Ummmmmm” came the approval from Rachel.

I then began to slowly move down her to the top of her chest, kissing all the way, taking care not to rush. I continued down kissing the small gap between her breasts, before pushing them together and kissing them individually.

I stopped for a moment and looked up into Rachel’s eyes and asked “May I?”

She just nodded, and smiled. I grinned back, before beginning to alternate between licking and sucking her left nipple while tweaking the right with my fingers. I kept this up for a few minutes occasionally swapping nipples. I moved down from her chest, kissing her belly from left to right, slowly moving downward in a typewriter like motion until I reached her navel, and cheekily stuck my tongue in.

Rachel gasped for a moment then smiled down at me “Oooh, cheeky” she cooed.

I continued the kissing until I reached the north edge of her lady garden. Once again, I looked up and asked, “May I?”

I got the same response as before; just this time was a little more enthusiastic. I gently parted Rachel’s legs a little to get a better look. Like I said before she was well groomed, with what I could only describe as an archway over her lips.

“Ooohh nice” I complimented.

I wet a finger with my tongue and began to rub it up and down her sex, taking special care not to enter. Rachel moaned arching her back slightly, I moved may hand away and repeated the same motion with my tongue. That was met with another approving moan from Rachel.

Believe it or not, I had never done anything like this before in my life. I had never even seen a woman naked in the flesh before, and yet here I was performing cunnilingus on the most beautiful woman I had ever clapped eyes on. This had to be a dream, but it wasn’t. I continued tonguing for a short while, then I began to alternate between teasing her clit with the thumb and forefinger of my left hand and tonguing it, resting my right hand on Rachel’s hip. This was met with “Ooooooh good boy” from Rachel. She then reached down to where my right hand lay, gently grasped the first two fingers and guided them to her mouth and sucked them for a moment. I knew exactly what she wanted me to do. Once she released my hand, I moved it down and while maintaining the rubbing with the other hand, I gently eased in the now saliva damp fingers into her wanton sex. Once they were all the way in, I began to lightly jiggle up and down inside, enjoying the mild squelching sounds and moans. I was loving this, so I got a bit more adventurous and started pulling out till only the fingertips were still inside, then easing back in all the while teasing her clit between the thumb and forefinger of the other hand.

“Ummm, you like playing down there don’t you? You’re like a little boy with a new toy.”

I just glanced up smiling and nodded in the affirmative as I began to little by little pick up the pace. I felt her tighten around my fingers slightly, but was still able to maintain the pace as she was getting wetter by the second.

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The Princess and the Soldier

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His broad shaggy chest brushed against her soft nipples and she whimpered. She was frozen against a pillar, woolen travelling dress and ripped corset pooled around her feet.

She couldn’t believe this was happening.

He held her hands tight above her head as she looked into his familiar face. Her father was dead less than four hours. She should be fleeing the castle and mourning him, not naked and pinioned by Lord Argile against a pillar.

She shuddered as his tongue dipped and tasted her neck. His rough swordsman’s hands pinched a pink nipple. They had lost the war and now she would lose this, it seemed. Panic swatted at her breast in time with the thrusts of his hard erection under cloth still encased in brais. She struggled, rubbing her wrists against his steel grip. Despite his age, Lord Argile was a soldier still in his prime. The arm that held her fast flexed over his hairy armpit.

“Don’t fight this Hortensia,” he said. “I’ve wanted you since you visited our court for that joke of a treaty.”

That was three years ago.

“I was but a girl,” she sobbed out. Eighteen now, though. A princess ripe for marriage. An alliance with Prince Roger of Burges was planned for this year. Her father, the Prince and brother to King Roger I of France was next in line to the throne. Her pedigree didn’t matter now. Count Baldwin of Flanders attacked their castle and now this. She could still hear sounds of battle in the courtyard below as he rubbed his hand down her body.

His mouth moved lower and bit her taught nipple where his hand had been. She gasped at the pleasure pain and resolved to crush the pleasure. She would not enjoy this.

She remembered her knife disguised as a comb in her hair. The one her mother made her wear when the war began.

She watched the bone and sinew in his thick neck below black and grey hair as his head moved to her other breast. The neck was tan and course with muscle. Even in the throes of despair she could not bring herself to take his life. She could hurt him. Do something rather than meekly accept his body into hers. She reached for the knife in her hair and couldn’t grasp it. She stretched, masking the movement with a moan and felt the rose shaped tip of the knife. Argile groaned. He thrust his other hand down her naked belly to the soft red hairs covering her vagina. He pushed a hard thumb into her and she gasped, losing the grip on the hairpiece.

“Yes my princess whore. I think I’ll keep you chained in a dungeon to fuck when I want.”

His words spurred on her determination to get free. She was a princess and a descendant of strong women since Joan of Arc. She would not yield.

She twisted, her breasts swaying as she moved. He turned her and pushed her towards the bed. She tasted the feathers in her coverlet. No chance of reaching the knife now. His hard erection pressed into her naked buttocks. He spanked her and she squealed. He thrust one finger deep in her vagina and she moaned in pain.

“You’re wet for me mijn kat,” he spoke in Flemish now but she knew the language. A creak and the door burst open. Argile flew back towards his sword on the floor near the pillar and Hortensia scrambled off the bed and turned to face the enterer.

“Markus,” she gasped, running to him. Her dear childhood friend now a soldier in her father’s army. His bulging blacksmith’s arms held a hammer in one hand and sword in another. His long brown hair was streaked with blood. There was a cut on his chest and one on his head, fresh from the fight still raging in the courtyard below. Even defeated, her people would not surrender.

Markus looked at Hortensia naked and trembling next to him. He began to shake and then turned hate filled eyes to Argile. Manavgat escort Hortensia tried to pull him out the door with her, uncaring for her nakedness, but he was a stiff wall of muscle. Argile was the best swordsman in Flanders. He would cut Markus down like a puff of pillow.

“Go Sia,” Markus said. The nickname sent warmth and fear through Hortensia. She knew he meant to sacrifice himself for her. He pushed her towards the wooden door but she could not leave.

Argile wore a smirk, knife held at the ready and sword in his other hand. Markus attacked with a yell, hammer high and sword thrust forward. Hortensia wanted to flee but fear for her friend held her frozen. Argile laughed and parried Markus’ blow, knocking the hammer aside with his sword and thrusting a knife at Markus. It grazed his side and Markus hissed.

“I was going to fuck her gently her first time,” Argile said. “Now I’ll make her scream in pain after I kill you.”

Hortensia knew what Argile was doing.

“Don’t let him distract you,” Hortensia said and the bloodlust in Markus’ eyes cooled and concentration entered his expression. He attacked again with short precise blows which Argile parried.

Hortensia felt like a useless lamp standing there just waiting to shatter. What could she do? There was no one to help outside the door. If only she had learned to fight. Women were worse than useless in battle, she thought. A burden to defend.

She took the knife from her hair, the long auburn strands unraveling down her body. She did not want to kill but perhaps she could distract. She may very well die but she couldn’t watch Argile murder someone else she loved. The realization that she loved Markus surprised her but she tried to focus on the clang of swords. She would explore that feeling later, if they survived. She inched her way to the side of the room behind Argile and when the enemies moved apart she yelled and flew onto his back driving the knife into his shoulder.

He grunted in pain and threw her across the room. Her head hit the stone wall and she collapsed, unconscious.

In the opening Hortensia provided, Markus pushed his sword deep in Argile’s chest and Argile dropped to his knees. Markus widened his eyes and let go of the sword in surprise. He had expected to die defending Hortensia’s honor and give her a chance to flee. Argile gurgled a breath, his eyes rolled back in his head and he dropped.

Markus took out the cross he wore to say a quick prayer. As angry as he was at Argile’s perfidy he would ease Argile’s path to death’s greedy arms.

He turned, and found Hortensia crumpled on her side. She looked asleep except for the lump starting on her ivory skin above her brow. Worry filled him. He used to watch her asleep by the pond near his father’s forge. A silent guard. His eyes traced her naked curves and he felt like a letcher but his cock sprang to attention. He had been on a long campaign with Sia’s brothers and the last time he had seen her, from a distance at a celebration meal in the castle, she had just become engaged.

He hated to put his dirty hands on her but head injuries were tricky and they needed to leave. It was the Count of Flanders’ castle now and they had to flee. He touched a finger to Sia’s cheek. He had kept his distance near the river in their youth and he resolved to keep his desire under check and keep his distance now. He wrapped his cloak around her and lifted.

It was dark and her head ached. Still she knew where she was.

It was an old hermit’s cottage between the mountains to the east of the castle. It wasn’t visible from the castle as it edged around a mountain far from the road. The vines on the house made it look like an overgrown bush. Manavgat escort bayan The perfect hiding place for her and her brothers when they were children.

She sat up and started as the heavy coverlet fell off her to reveal her nakedness under a cloak. It all came back to her in a sudden rush. Her father’s death in a surprise attack. Her mother telling her to pack whatever she could carry. Her almost rape. Markus attacking Sir Argile.

Where was Markus?

She pushed the fur covers aside. She closed the cloak to hide her bare body and walked to the rusted old door half off its hinges. She swayed and held the handle for balance. The door opened and she startled. Markus framed the door, heavy eyes intense on her cataloguing her body. The sword and hammer crisscrossed his back. He had washed and his hair was still wet. She flushed under his quiet regard. He was carrying firewood and she was blocking the doorway.

She turned away to let him inside. Now that they were alone, she felt awkward and unkempt. She belatedly realized she should be worried for her family, but her foremost feeling was relief that she was safe. She had this man to thank for that.

Markus put the firewood down in the old fireplace. She heard the snap of matches and a glow lit up the dark wood. He came close to her.

“How do you feel?” He asked. “You should lie down.” He walked her to the bed.

“I feel fine. Thank you for…” she couldn’t finish the sentence.

Markus sighed heavily and sat next to her on the bed staring at the flames.

“Did he…” he couldn’t finish the sentence either.

“No,” she said and tried to project brisk confident though she felt shaky. She sat next to him and took his hand. They sat there listening to the fire crackle and spit. A moment of peace in a savage day.

“We must move on,” Sia said. “To Lord Almark, then west across the Scheldt river to French territory. Are there others you can trust? My brothers?”

“Yes, but I’m not sure I can locate them.”

Or if they are dead, she thought. He thinks to spare me worry.

She turned to him, her sweet scent still present after her travails. Soap and something warm like vanilla. He inhaled a deep breath. Once they got to Ghent, there were allies there who would sweep her away from him. He’d probably never be this close to her again. He should not sit so close to her. He began to stand. Sia put a hand on his chest.

“You’re injured too,” she said. She reached into his tunic and felt heavy muscle. How strange his body was, so strong and fragile. She shivered. She had almost lost him today.

He put his hand on hers to stop her.

“Sia,” he almost groaned it. “I can’t have your hands on me,” she stilled and her brown eyes arrowed into his lighter ones.

“Why not?” she said, but she knew. She wanted to hear him say it.

“I’ve loved you since we were little,” he said. Her eyes widened. “It hurts when you touch me.”

She kept her hand over his heart.

“I wanted you too,” she said.

He sprang up off the bed and she fell over onto the fur, her cloak opening to show him the curve of her belly and hip, the bead of her pink nipples, and the reddish hair covering her mons. He closed his eyes and turned away as if scalded.

“You can’t. We can’t,” he sounded like a lunatic. His hands were shaking. The part of his brain that had wanted Sia for a lifetime whispered to him: Who was he, a mere mortal to say no to such a goddess? He would live for her pleasure.

“I was almost defiled today. I want you to make love to me.” she said. She knew she wasn’t thinking clearly. Her virginity was prized and meant to be sold by her father, promised to another man. Escort manavgat Her father was dead and her future was uncertain. Except for this brave man.

She stood up, he was so attuned to her that even with his back to her he could hear the rustle of movement. He wondered if the cloak still gaped open. The answer was yes, he saw when she moved in front of him.

“Markus.” She touched his rough stubbled face and brought him down to her for a kiss. Their mouths met with so much heat he thought he would burst. Her tongue, tentative at first, traced his lips. “I need you.” she said and he moaned and let his eyelids drop. He pulled her to him as if she would vanish. Maybe this was a fever dream and he was actually in a tent dying after battle.

He opened his eyes. Sia was still there, pulling his shirt up and running her hands over his stomach and his chest then dipping down past the hair on his belly and inside his pants. His cock was so hard it hurt and her soft hand cupping him was the most exquisite torture. He was shaking. He summoned every particle of strength he possessed and stilled her hand.

“Sia, this shouldn’t happen. Not between us. You were meant for someone better than me. A count, a prince.”

“A Lord like Lord Argile?” she asked, anger in her expression.

Her lush lips pronouncing his name made him clasp her arms and pull her closer. Her naked breasts pillowed against his chest. She shuddered.

“I don’t want someone better,” she said. “I want you. I’ve wanted you for a long time. He was going to take this from me in violence. Let me give it to you in love instead.”

She kissed his neck, sucked him, tasted him. He groaned again. He wished he were stronger but he wasn’t. He bowed her onto the bed, and lay on top of her, tasting her, his tongue lashing every inch of skin on her breasts. She grazed his hands over his arms, back, his neck. She sucked at his ear and licked at his neck like a cat. Like an experienced sorceress.

He gripped the round globes of her bottom, full and lush. He spread her open and rubbed his clothed cock up and down her slit. She was so wet his pants were soaked. He wanted her wetter. He dove his head down on her vagina, sliting it open and licking inside, tasting her salty treasure. She panted moaned, pulled at his hair. He rubbed the nub above her slit with his thick finger and forced his tongue inside her. She arched off the bed, calling his name. He still couldn’t believe this was her. His Sia. The woman he had watched grow so beautiful and so far out of his reach.

Their scents mingled and he couldn’t tell where he began and she ended.

Finally she groaned, her thighs clenching around his head as he licked deeper. His finger found the nub at the top of her vagina. She would have screamed if he didn’t think to put his other hand above and block her mouth. She bit down on his hand and moaned long and loud as he tasted a gush of her cum and lapped it up.

He rose above her looking like a fierce warrior, more animal than man. Breath pounded out his nostrils and she imagined he looked like his viking ancestors plundering her shores. He shoved his brais down and thrust inside her trembling cunt, hard and deep.

“Ahh,” she moaned, stretched tight. He heard pain in her voice. He had meant to go slow.

“I’m sorry,” he said loving how tight she was. He was barely able to speak, but began to withdraw.

“Don’t stop,” she said and moved her hips up, gripping his naked buttocks tight. He lost control. He moved in and out with fervor as her nails scratched his bare buttocks and he groaned. Her face was a mask of ecstacy and her large breasts heaved with every thrust. He licked and sucked one nipple then the next until she brought his face up for a kiss. Her tongue on his tipped him over the edge and he pistoned in and out of her, yelling her name as he filled her with his seed. He kept his wits long enough to reach down and rub that nub again and she came. This time he captured her scream in his mouth.

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The Exchange Student

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There was much excitement as Robbie stepped off the train and met his host family. It had been a long trip to Amsterdam and then onto the train to meet the family before going out to where they lived. Robbie was a tall gangly 18-year-old full of enthusiasm to see the Old World before he went on to university. Willem and Anneke were in their early 40s and had two children. Their eldest daughter had left home which meant they had a spare room for an exchange student and a companion for their son Johnny. They lived quite a way from the railway station on a large property with a few cattle and a small farm.

A few weeks after Robbie’s arrival Willem and Johnny had to take the train to Amsterdam where Johnny needed to get some special medical tests. They were left at the railway station and expected to return the same day but late in the afternoon Willem phoned that they needed to take more tests and that they wouldn’t be returning until tomorrow sometime. Anneke’s mind sprang into action in a flash. Purely by chance she had walked past the bathroom and the door was slightly open while Robbie was drying himself in front of the mirror. He didn’t see her but in that split second she saw in the mirror that he had a very long penis, much longer than Willem’s. There was no doubt that she was very happy with Willem in every respect but the sight of Robbie’s penis imprinted on her mind and returned at regular intervals as she contemplated what she had missed out on by marrying her first boyfriend and never experimenting, not even once.

The image returned at the most unexpected moments and remained for a few seconds while Anneke felt herself getting wet. In quiet moments she contemplated what it might look like fully engorged ready to penetrate her willing pussy. The idea that she might somehow be able to enjoy this figment of the imagination which was becoming an obsession haunted her on a regular basis.

The moment she realised that she would be home for the night with Robbie, she calculated that if she played her cards right she would be able to experience a really big penis for the first time. She had read that size did make a difference and she wanted to find out for herself. What to do? How to organise it that Robbie would give her the excitement of a really big penis in her vagina? She was fairly certain from his conversations that he was a virgin who didn’t have a girlfriend back home. There was no single reason to explain Robbie’s lack of sexual experience. The girls that were interested in him didn’t seem all that exciting and by the time he had decided he was interested in a girl, someone else had taken her. This didn’t stop him taking a great interest in what he would actually do with a girl when he finally found one. The skills he would need were honed by watching porn and in some ways he was like a well-trained athlete who never actually got on the team to compete. He never imagined that the opportunity would come from left field in the most unexpected way.

It was a great opportunity for Anneke to demonstrate her experience and teach him how to make love. What an opportunity? Her mind spun and spun and finally she decided she would invite Robbie to accompany her on a jog around the property and then she would somehow inveigle him to massage her and she would take it from there.

Everything went to plan – they jogged for 20 minutes and they raised a slight sweat and came back. Anneke suggested he should have a shower and she would follow. While he was in the shower she would slip in beside him and see what happened. Robbie went into the shower and water cascaded over his hair and face and while his eyes were closed she slipped in behind him silently and pushed her breasts up against his back. The feeling of her curly pubic hair sliding across his cheeks sent a cascade of thoughts through his brain. Robbie was taken aback because this was totally unexpected and he instantly recognised the possibilities of the situation. He always imagined his first sexual experience would be with some pretty young girl but the opportunity to be with a pretty 40-year-old woman with a good taut athletic figure was not to be sneezed at.

His hands moved behind him and slipped over her wet cheeks while her hands slipped in front of his body and soaped his chest and slowly but surely moved down to where his penis was. She couldn’t see it but when she finally felt it, she knew that it was as hard as anything she had ever felt and the length, the length. Her dreams were going to come true. She led his hands between her legs and for the first time Robbie was feeling the wetness between a woman’s legs and that little hard bud that he knew was her clitoris. Who knew how long this continued before Alanya Escort escort Anneke stepped out of the shower and started to dry herself and Robbie came out and she was able to get her first sight of his enormous penis. It wasn’t actually enormous but it was certainly a lot larger than Willem’s.

They dried themselves slowly while keeping their eyes on each other. Robbie had seen porn but he had never seen a naked woman in the flesh before and his eyes moved constantly from her fullish breasts to the dark triangle between her legs which she exposed from time to time. He was a little self-conscious that she was looking at him because he had never been seen by a woman before but he felt confident that she would enjoy looking at his penis. He knew it was longer than most and was very proud of that fact.

When they were finally dry she got out the hairdryer and dried herself completely with the hot air between her legs and then the hot air on his penis.

“Are you enjoying this?”

“Yes. Great.”

Her hand moved forward and grasped his penis firmly.

“That’s some weapon you’ve got there. It’s really big.”

Robbie didn’t know how to respond and just said, “You look great too.”

“Willem and Johnny won’t be coming back tonight. Would you like to have a bit of fun?”

“I was hoping you would say something like that. You’ll have to teach me. This is my first time.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you enjoy yourself. Let’s go and have a bite to eat.”

Without getting dressed, she moved to the kitchen and made a quick snack. Robbie couldn’t keep his eyes off her and she couldn’t keep her eyes off him. When they were finished eating she took his hand and led him to her bedroom. She had already made the calculation to herself that she was on the pill and couldn’t get pregnant and that if he had never had a girlfriend, he wouldn’t need a condom. She was looking forward to the prospect of getting his really long dick inside her. Would it feel different?

“I want to kiss you. You have really nice lips.” She was much shorter than he was and she gave him a really passionate kiss while feeling his erection poking her in the stomach.

She drew him to the bed and they both naturally fell onto it.

“You’ve never been with a girl before?”

“No. You’re the first woman I’ve ever seen naked and I’ve never touched a girl down there before.”

“Okay. Let me show you what to do.”

She drew his hands to her stomach. “Gently rub me here until your finger is between my legs and touches my clitoris and then rub gently and you will feel me getting wetter and wetter which means you’ll be able to slip inside me nice and easily. You will feel my clitoris get harder too.”

Robbie was a willing student and learned very quickly. All the time Anneke was asking herself the question, “Do I suck his dick first or do I let him stick it in first? Do I give him a guided tour of my pussy and explain everything? I’ll bet he’s never seen one before. If he starts looking he might get too excited and he won’t last very long. I want him to last a long time. I want to really feel his dick. Should my pleasure come first or his? No, I can’t wait. There will be time for him to look at me later.”

“Robbie, I can feel I’m really wet. Kneel between my legs and I will guide you into my pussy. Nice and gentle. You could hurt a woman with a penis as big as that. Just keep looking into my eyes. I like your eyes. They are so sexy.”

She lay on her back with her knees up and felt for his penis and guided it up and down her slit until she positioned it in the vestibule to her vagina. She pulled him forward so that it slipped in nice and slowly. Robbie strained to see exactly where his penis was going to go but all he could see was a hairy triangle with a lot of hair between her legs which when she separated her lips revealed a long pink slit and the long pink protrusion at the top. It wasn’t obvious where her vagina actually was but the tip of his penis could sense the moisture and the elastic opening which he slipped into.

“Nice and gentle. Move in and out slowly. Nice and gentle. Push until you feel you can go no farther. How does that feel?”

“I could never have imagined how good it feels. No wonder they say it’s like heaven to be in a woman’s pussy. Are you enjoying it?”

“I’m loving it. You’re going to make a really good lover. Can you feel yourself getting excited?”

“Yes. I’m going to come soon. Is that all right?”

“Whenever you’re ready is okay by me. Just keep moving in and out, in and out. Put your hands on my breasts and twiddle my nipples.”

Robbie exploded and she could see Alanya Escort bayan the combination of pain and pleasure on his face. She hadn’t had an orgasm but that wasn’t important – she wanted to feel what a really nice big penis felt inside her and she had achieved that.

“I’m getting soft. What do I do now?”

“Pull out slowly and I will wipe your penis. Would you like to have a rest and do it again?”

“I would really like to have a close look at your pussy and take in the nice smell and then do it again.”

“In that case I will go and get a washer and clean up.”

Robbie watched as she cleaned up between her legs and then put the warm washer onto his dick. Boy did that feel good.

“Now you can look. Can you see my clitoris? It’s the little pink button just there.”

Anneke lay on her back and separated her legs revealing her hairy pussy. She separated the lips revealing her open pink slit and the clitoris. Robbie put his head down to look closer and as he did she pulled him forward and said,

“Just lick me there. I like it and you’ll like it.”

Robbie could tell from the sounds she was making that she was really enjoying it and kept on going until finally a spasm overtook her body and she jerked around and her legs gripped his head.

“You just gave me an orgasm. It was beautiful. Did you like that?”

“Wow. My first orgasm.”

“Lie down. I’ll do the same for you.”

Anneke closed her lips around his penis and massaged with her hand until it became fully erect again. It gave her a chance to look closely and see how with each pulse it seemed to get longer and stiffer and longer and stiffer. She lifted herself up and lowered herself down onto it.

“Put your finger on my clitoris and I will come again. Isn’t that nice?”

“I love it.”

Her breasts sagged a bit, not surprisingly considering her age. His hands moved and pulled her breasts and nipples as she lifted herself up and down.

“Keep rubbing and I’ll come.”

In a short time her face contorted and her stomach contracted and spasmed as Anneke had a really big orgasm.

“Wow. Wow.”

She climbed off him and wiped his penis with the washer again and then put her mouth around the tip of his penis and applied every trick she knew to make him come. As the first spasm came she put the washer over his dick and watched until she was able to squeeze the last drop out of him.

“So which one is better? My pussy or my mouth?”

“Your pussy. It feels so natural to put my dick into your pussy. I dream of putting it into your pussy, not your mouth.”

“I’d really like to know something. I never had a chance to ask anybody this before. What’s it feel like to put your dick inside a pussy? I mean why does it feel so good?”

“Well for a start the only thing that’s been around my dick before has been my hand. The moment my tip slipped inside you I could feel the warmth and how wet you were. It just felt great and then as I got further and further in, it felt so warm and welcoming. How does it feel for you? I am puzzled about one thing. When I watch porn I see that a lot of young girls show discomfort when a penis is pushed into their vaginas and yet you enjoy it. I don’t understand.”

“I’m used to it now but in the beginning it was a bit of a shock. In the beginning I was tight but I gradually relaxed and stretched and then I began to look forward to being opened up by Willem’s dick. Gradually I learned to look forward to the touch and as soon as I opened up, this wonderful feeling overcame my whole body and now I love it. You are getting hard again. Do you want to go again?”

“Show me something different. I have watched a lot of porn but what has happened tonight has been totally different to what I expected. I don’t know why.”

“I’ve watched a little bit of porn with my husband and I think the major difference is that I’ve got hair on my pussy. What do you think?”

“You are right.”

“What do you think of the hair on my pussy?”

“It’s not the sight so much as the feel. The curly hair on your pussy feels like nothing else and it gets me very excited. Can you imagine rubbing the head of a person without hair? I want to look again. I want to look at your clitoris again. With most of the ones I see on porn you can hardly see it. Your clitoris is very large and prominent.”

Anneke let Robbie separate her lips. She was very proud of her clitoris which she knew was very large and prominent. She pulled the hood back to let him see the exposed clitoris. She pulled his head down to lick it again. She really really liked that. Even when Robbie tried to pull away she kept his head down Escort alanya until she had an orgasm.

“You’re really good at this. I could let you do this all night long but I know that you really want to fuck me again. That’s okay. I like that too.”

This time Anneke was so excited by the foreplay that she actually had another orgasm while Robbie was fucking her.

“I hope you had a good time. It’s getting late and time we slept. I’ll see what time Willem is coming back tomorrow and we might have time for some more. Are you glad we did it?”

“Yes. I’m really glad. I often read about doing it with a girl who was a virgin and I was really concerned about not hurting her but this way I could concentrate on what I was doing and it was wonderful. I recommend it for everybody.”

“Good night. Sleep tight.”

In the morning Anneke stirred first and looked at the young stud sleeping next to her. What would she do when he woke up? She blew on him gently. He must’ve felt her looking at him and when he did she was looking straight into his eyes. She gave him a kiss and a cuddle and then without asking rolled Robbie on his back and presented her open pussy and clitoris to his lips. Robbie had no choice in the matter but to suck the clitoris between his lips and continue until she had an orgasm. She tasted good and he was able to see the smile on her face morph into contortions and she let out a few sounds. She then slipped down his body and positioned her pussy over his erect penis. Silently she moved up and down for what seemed like ages until Robbie exploded inside her and she rested her body on top of his chest.

“This is bliss don’t you think? “

“I’m not sure if I’m in a dream but it sure feels good”

“Please don’t mention any of this to Willem when he comes home. You won’t, will you?”

“Of course not.”

“Come and I will make you a cup coffee.”

Robbie sat down and Anneke approached to set the coffee on the table. She was blissfully unaware that the tip of her swollen clitoris was peeking out from her slit and was so obvious – a little pink beacon nestling in a forest of curly hair. Her pussy was very close to Robbie’s face and the pungent juices of their sexual activity very noticeable. As Anneke put the coffee on the table Robbie’s finger was drawn to her clitoris and began rubbing vigorously. Anneke stood stock still at this unexpected assault on her love button and the delight spread through the body until she had to put her hands on the table to steady herself as an orgasm ripped through her body.

“Oh God. I never expected that.”

Anneke pushed the coffee away and lay on the table with her knees up and legs wide apart exposing her pussy.

In those few seconds while Robbie was positioning himself between her legs Anneke recalled in vivid detail the first time that Willem had ever looked between her legs. It was a Saturday afternoon soon after her 18th birthday and her parents had gone out for the day and Willem had come over. She remembered how he took off her top and bra and then slowly pulled her panties down and her mixture of emotions and feelings that had caused such confusion in her mind. The feeling as his fingers riffled through her pubic hair and then wandered aimlessly between her thighs Nobody had ever seen her naked before and yet she wanted to show herself off to this nice young man whom she hoped would marry her. He was very gentle and his finger entered her slit and rubbed softly on her clitoris and somehow she ended up on her back on the bed with her legs wide apart. His fingers gently separated the hair covering her lips and exposed her clitoris and began to rub gently until she felt very wet. She followed his eyes as they examined her closely and when she felt he had seen enough, she removed his pants and played with his dick until it was hard and then she sucked him dry. The very thought of this moment always brought a slight shiver to her body.

“Your eyes show the same level of excitement and interest that Willem’s did when he first looked at me. I’m ready and I can see you are too.”

“I love looking at your pussy. I could look at your pussy all day long. It’s like an open invitation to slip my cock right up your vagina. A man welcomes a woman with open arms. A woman welcomes a man with open legs.”

“I know. It never fails.”

There were another three fucks that morning before the phone rang with the message from Willem to come and pick him up at the train.

A few days later Anneke said, “I play tennis with a good friend of mine Marieke and I mentioned you to her. Her husband died two years ago. She would like to invite you to stay over with her on the weekend. Is that okay?”

“I can’t wait.”

Anneke had been very open to Marieke about what had happened and when she asked whether it made any difference that he had a big penis, Anneke answered, “It’s not the number of centimetres, but the number of times you do it that makes the difference.”

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The Lake House Lessons 05

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The next morning, I arrived at school as usual and went to class. By second period, I noticed something strange—a few pretty girls actually made eye contact with me in the hall, and a few even said, “Hey” at me and smiled as they walked by. Initially, I was surprised and didn’t respond, but after a couple of times, I nodded, or said “hey” back.

When I was at my locker, before lunch, I waited, as I always did on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, for Dana to walk by. For most of senior year, seeing her walk by was one of the highlights of my week. Today, however, instead of just walking by me without a glance, she stopped and came over to me. She looked great, as usual.

She put her hand on my shoulder, leaned into me so that I got a strong whiff of her scent and whispered in my ear, “I hope you don’t mind, but I mentioned some of your hidden talents to some of my friends. I think it might be a good thing for you and maybe it will make up for my bad behavior.” She squeezed my shoulder and pulled away. “Tomorrow at 5, again,” she said, maybe a bit louder than necessary.

“Yeah, see you then,” I croaked, as she walked away.

I was still overcome by her presence as I watched her ass wiggle down the hall. I realized that everyone in the hall was watching me, so I tried to pull myself together and go to lunch.

I joined Fred and Gina at our table. Gina started in on me right away.

“What the fuck is with you? You’re like some sort of man-slut,” she hissed.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, feigning ignorance.

“Look, I know what happened with you and Dana.”

I shot a look at Fred, who sputtered, “I didn’t say anything.”

Gina jumped in, “No, he didn’t have to tell me, it is all over the school. I was in the girls’ room, and everyone was talking about how you and Dana had done it, and that she said that you were quite the stud.”

I had to smile. Dana really did control the social network here. She could have said that I had horns and a tail, and people would have believed it.

“Why is that any of your fucking business?” I asked Gina. “I know that this whole thing is out of the blue, but can you blame me? You don’t get to tell me who I can date, or sleep with.”

She stood up and said, “I just thought you were better than that, that you wouldn’t just become whatever with Dana after the way she has treated us.”

I responded, “Look, I have been basically a social outcast forever here, and now things are going my way, for whatever reasons. I plan on taking advantage and making up for lost time.”

Gina turned and stormed out of the cafeteria.

I turned to Fred and asked, “What’s her problem?”

He looked at me, as if I was the crazy one, shrugged and started to eat his sandwich. We ate together in silence, and I could sense the eyes of everyone in the cafeteria staring at me.

Before going home, I decided to stop at the coffee shop for a latte. I entered the shop, and savored the spicy coffee smell. I ordered my drink, and while it was being made, I noticed that it was pretty crowded, groups of high school kids drinking and goofing around, older people working on their laptops and one old guy, just sitting and drinking coffee. I saw this one cute redhead sitting alone, staring into an iPad, drinking coffee. She had a pile of textbooks on the table.

I realized that one thing that I hadn’t had the nerve to do yet was to ask a strange girl out. Someone who wasn’t already set up to sleep with me, for example. I remembered the advice I had gotten at the lake house, to be confident and not scared. So, I decided to challenge myself and to ask this redhead out for a date. If she said, no, at least I had tried, and I figured it would get easier each time. And if she said yes, then I would have a date with a cute girl.

I got my latte, screwed up my nerve, took a deep breath and went to her table.

“Excuse me,” I asked, “can I sit here?”

She looked at me with surprise and swiveled her head around.

“Why?” she asked, “there are empty tables.”

“Because I wanted to meet you,” I said, with as much bravado as I could fake.

She blushed, and said, “O.K., I guess, have a seat.”

“I’m Jack,” I offered, sticking out my hand.

“Fiona,” she said, shaking my hand.

I sat down and gave her a closer look. Red hair, shoulder length. Light brown eyes, fair skin, nice looking. Irish, probably. Nice tits, it appeared. She was watching me look at her.

“I go to North,” I said—”you?”

“South,” she said. “So, I guess we have to hate each other,” she joked.

“Not necessarily,” I said, trying to make conversation. “What year?” I asked.

“Senior,” she responded.

“Me too.”

We mentioned the names of people we knew at the other school, and realized that we had both been on our schools’ math league team. It was clear to me that Fiona was about as socially inept as me, which, strangely, made me more comfortable. We chatted about school, and college Alanya Escort escort (she was going to be going to a very good school on the West Coast), and before long, we were finished with our coffees. It was time for me to put up or shut up. I asked her to go to a movie with me that night. She seemed surprised, but agreed. We made arrangements for me to pick her up, exchanged cell numbers and went our separate ways.

I went home, and Sarah was sitting out at the pool with some big, muscled guy, who she introduced as Dave, one of her friends from college. Sarah’s bikini left little to the imagination, and I briefly flashed on her naked before rushing that image out of my mind.

I asked her if they minded if I swam some laps, and they didn’t, so I changed into my suit and started swimming laps, thinking about what had gone on at school. When I came out of the pool, Sarah and Dave were gone. When I went up to my room to change, I could hear them going at it in her bedroom. I was happy for her. I went upstairs, went on line for a while, then showered and changed for the date.

I picked up Fiona at her house on the other side of town. She looked very nice, conservatively dressed, but I could tell that she did have a pretty good body. We went to a restaurant for a quick bite before the movie, and we both labored to make conversation. We went over some of the same areas as earlier, and discussed our families, schools, and the like. At one point, our hands briefly touched, but she pulled back, as if shocked. Which was not a good sign. We then went to the movies and found seats about halfway back. Of course, we had to share an armrest, and we kind of jockeyed for position, finally ending up with my arm on the bottom and hers resting on top of mine. The movie was O.K., and after, I drove Fiona home. I tried to kiss her goodnight, and she turned her face, so I kissed her on the cheek. I drove home, a bit frustrated.

It was about 11 when I got home. Dad was talking to Sarah with the TV on.

“How’d it go?” she asked.

“Not sure,” I responded, “actually, not so great, I think.”

Sarah responded, “It was good that you did it, maybe next time will be easier.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I responded. We chatted a bit longer, then Dad went upstairs.

I went to my room and checked Facebook. I sent out a friend request to Fiona, and to Dana, and was about to go to bed when my phone went off. I had a text, but it was not from Fred, as I expected.

It was from Cara– “Jack, get over here now. I need you.”

It had been a long day, and it hadn’t ended well. Plus, I had school tomorrow. I thought about the fact that I was about to turn down likely kinky sex with a beautiful college girl and texted back, “I can’t now, sorry.”

A minute or two later, she responded, “Really? Don’t make me do this myself.”

There was a picture attached, and when I downloaded it I was looking at a closeup of Cara’s shaved pussy, with her middle finger stuck inside.

I closed the picture and responded, “On my way.”

I decided that school the next day was not a big deal. I went down stairs, and Sarah asked me what was going on.

“I think I just got a ‘booty call’ text from Cara, so I figured I’d go there and check it out.”

Sarah laughed, and said, “Cara, unbelievable. So, Jack, the night won’t end in frustration, I guess. Just be careful.”

“Yeah,” I responded, rushing out the door.

I got in my car and started driving to Cara’s house. My phone rang, and it was Cara. I put it on speaker and put the phone on the seat.

“Are you on your way, Jack?” she asked, sounding a little drunk.

“Yes, I’m in the car,” I responded.

“I thought I could convince you.”

I laughed, “You can be pretty persuasive.”

“When you get here, no one is home. The door is open, so come on in. My room is at the top of the stairs.”

“Got it,” I said, navigating the car over the dark roads, driving as fast as I could.

“I’m naked,” she growled, in a low, sexy voice. “My pussy wants you bad,” she moaned. “Tell me what you are going to do to me when you get here,” she pleaded. “I’m a very bad girl and need to be punished.”

I figured that I had to play along. “You are a bad girl,” I said with a snarl, “I’m going to put you over my knee and give you a spanking.”

I heard her sigh and say, “Yes, I deserve a spanking. Then what are you going to do?” she asked.

I had no clue what to say, but I figured I needed to say something, “I’m going to tease your pussy until you beg me to fuck you,” I said, trying to sound like I had a plan.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned, “Then what?”

“Um, then, when you are begging me to fuck you, I’m not going to. I’m going to tease you more, until you can’t take it anymore and are crying and on your knees pleading for me to take pity on your unworthy pussy.”

“Yes, Yes,” she panted.

I continued, “Then, when I am satisfied that you are sorry, I’m going to shove my rock hard Alanya Escort bayan cock into you and pound your pussy until you scream with pleasure and cum.”

“Oh, yes, that is what I want,” she sighed.

My cock was already rock hard against my pants as I pulled into Cara’s driveway. I ran into the house and up the stairs to her bedroom.

As promised, Cara was lying naked on the bed, with the phone in one hand and her other hand fingering her crotch. Her puffy nipples jutted out from her small, shapely tits and she moaned softly as she gently pleasured herself.

I ripped off my clothing and without another word, I sat on the bed, and said, “Take your hand off of there. Only I can give you pleasure tonight, but you have been a very bad girl, and you need to come here for punishment.”

She crawled over to me looking contrite, and positioned herself on my lap, her perfectly shaped ass, and her tattoo, offered up for me to mete out my discipline. I noticed some bruising on the smooth pale skin of her ass. My cock pointed to the ceiling, wedged between her hip and my stomach.

“Yes,” she said softly, “I need to be punished.”

I slapped her left butt cheek pretty hard, so that I could see the red outline of my fingers before it faded, and she sighed, with what sounded like pleasure. I alternated slapping her cheeks, gradually increasing the power of my strokes, and she arched her butt up to meet my hand, growling, moaning and sighing as I hit her. I slipped my left hand between her legs, and it was drenched by her juices as I began to finger her pussy while spanking her until she was on the verge of climax.

I figured, what was good for the goose was good for the gander, so I said, sternly, “You miserable slut. You may not cum until I tell you to,”

When she didn’t answer right away, I smacked her ass hard, and said, “Did you hear me?

She quickly and meekly responded,”No, I won’t cum until you tell me to.”

I told her to get off my lap and lie on the bed, and she complied.

I looked at her slim body and shaved pussy and then buried my face in between her legs, drinking in her scent and feeling her juices. Then, I remembered my “promise”, so I slowly began to lick her and finger her until her ass began to lift off the bed and pressed her bare pussy against my face. I kept going slowly, occasionally flicking my tongue against her clit, causing her to moan and writhe wildly. I gradually increased my pace, and she did, too, until she was bucking against my face and I held on to her ass. I reminded her that she was not allowed to cum and she started begging me to fuck her,

“Stick it in,” she yelled, “fuck me with your cock, now, please,” she bellowed.

But I would not. I needed to be a man of my word. I slowed my pace a bit, and brought her down from the verge of climaxing, then slowly increased my tempo until she again was lifting her hips to my mouth. I then started to tease her asshole gently with my fingers, slick with her juices, when she pressed down and my finger slipped into her asshole up to the first knuckle. She screamed and began to buck up and down so that on the down strokes my finger went further up her ass and on the up stroke, my tongue flicked against her clit ring and clit.

I essentially stayed still while her hips did the work of bringing her to close to an orgasm, so I said, “O.K., you can cum now,” and she reached a screaming, shaking orgasm.

“NOW, PLEASE, FUCK ME,” she screamed.

I stood up, and said, “Not until you get on your knees and beg.”

She leapt off the bed and knelt before me, with a crazed look in her eye and said, “Please, please fuck me now.”

My cock was sticking out and vibrating. I decided to see how far she was willing to go.

“Are you sorry?” I asked, not exactly sure what she needed to be sorry about, but playing the game.

“Yes,” I’m sorry,” she said, and bent down and kissed my feet.

It was getting stranger.

“Your apology is accepted, but first you must kiss my cock.”

She leaned forward and gently kissed the tip. “Is that good?” she asked, meekly.

“Yes. It was acceptable,” I said, “now what do you want?

“Please, I’m begging you, please fuck me with that cock.”

“Get on the bed and spread your legs wide,’ I demanded, and she did as told. I looked at her skinny, sexy body, with her dripping pussy and I crawled up and rammed my aching cock deep into her. Once I entered her, she wrapped her legs around me and was, as last time, a wild woman. We fucked harder and harder until I told her that she could cum again, and I screamed out and let loose a river of semen as I collapsed on her chest, panting, and my heart racing.

We recovered briefly, when Cara said, “That was great. I wasn’t sure if you had that in you, but you played the role quite well. Sometimes I like to be told what to do, but it doesn’t work unless the guy can pull it off. Now,” she continued, reaching into her night table drawer and pulling Escort alanya out a condom and a tube of something. “Have you ever done anal?”

“No,” I admitted, “I’m still kind of new at all of this.”

“Want to try?” she asked.

“Sure, why wouldn’t I?” I responded.

I had tried so many different things in the last few days that I would have been up for pretty much anything.

“O.K., here’s what you do,” she said. “This is lube. You gently use it to rub my asshole, and gradually insert your fingers in. I will loosen up, then you put on the condom and use plenty of lube and slowly start pressing your cock in.”

“O.K.,” I responded, pretty much open to anything at this point.

“I’ll let you know when to stop,” she said. “You are big, but I’ve had bigger in there.”

She rolled over onto her stomach and lifted her now pink ass in the air, sticking a couple of pillows under her. I started to rub her slick pussy and ass hole, and she moaned softly. I squeezed some lube onto my finger and started to tease her asshole with my finger, beginning to press in, a little further each time. I felt her sphincter open slightly as I pressed in. I added more lube and went in deeper and deeper. Soon, I was able to insert two fingers and move them around in the tight hole. I reached underneath her and played with her clit while continuing my focus on her asshole. She continued to moan as I played with her ass, and pressed against my fingers, pushing them deeper and deeper. I got a faint whiff of shit, but figured that was part of the deal. I kept adding lube and playing with her, as her sphincter relaxed.

“O.K.,” she said, “put on the condom and more lube and start sticking it in.”

Which I did. I actually had to push a little to get past her sphincter, but once I did, I was able to get about half way in. It was tight, much tighter than her vagina, but not unpleasant. Cara was moaning and sighing, so I slowly began to withdraw and then press forward, each time pressing further down into her ass. I was holding her hips to brace myself, and Cara was pushing against me as we began to move faster and faster.

It was different from regular sex, but felt pretty good, and Cara was screaming every time I pressed into her ass. I reached around with my right hand and started rubbing her clit as I buttfucked her as hard as I could. With my left hand, I grabbed her long blond hair and started pulling it until her head started tilting backwards.

She yelled, “Yes!” and her sphincter squeezed my cock, forcing me to come hard into the condom. My cock began to become limp, and it slid out of her ass. I removed the full, slick and smelly condom and placed it on the night table. I then kissed both of Cara’s ass cheeks that were still sticking up in the air. Eventually, she lowered them, and I rubbed her back while she lay there quietly.

A few minutes later, she turned to me and said, in a sleepy, satisfied voice, “Thanks for coming over here. There was nobody at the bar at all interesting and I was desperate for a good fucking. You gave me exactly what I needed.”

“Any time,” I said, and meant it.

I got out of the bed and went to the bathroom, took a piss, cleaned off, returned and got dressed—Cara was still lying on the bed, butt naked, the pinkness from my spanking receding from her cheeks. I kissed the back of her head and her perfect ass and left the house, got in my car and went home, quietly going to my room so that I wouldn’t have to answer questions. It was close to 1 a.m., and I needed to get to sleep.


I staggered out of bed on Thursday morning, tired, sore and smelling faintly of sex and shit. I took a long shower and dressed for school.

When I got to school, Fred said, “You look like crap—were you out drinking last night?”

I said, “No,” and told him about my lousy date with Fiona, and then the booty call from Cara.

He was both annoyed (jealous, I guess), and curious. I told him about the picture she sent, but refused to show it to him.

“What did you do with her?” he asked.

“I spanked the crap out of her, at her request, then went down on her until she literally got on her knees and begged me to fuck her, so I did, then she asked me for anal.”

“NO,” he gasped. “You are my fucking hero,” he said, salaaming at me sarcastically.

“I really can’t explain this, but I have had an amazing lucky streak, and I going to enjoy every minute,” I said.

“I would, if I were you,” he admitted.

Thursday was similar to Wednesday at school. Increasing numbers of attractive girls acknowledged my existence, and I even got unsolicited high-fives from some of the guys. I had notes stuck in my locker from a couple of younger girls looking to “hook up.” I was both enjoying and a little embarrassed by the attention.

At lunch, Gina sat alone, at another table, still, it seemed, mad at me for the sin of trying not to be totally unpopular. Fred and I chatted, as we usually did, about the usual things, without acknowledging the obvious stuff that was going on. For my part, I really wasn’t focused on anything other than my next tutoring session with Dana, or, more to the point, the post-tutoring session. I tried to figure out what Dana might have in mind, and my imagination was running wild.

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