The Woodsman Ch. 2

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She sat in the chair over him and closed her eyes. She felt his pointed tongue licking between each of her toes. He bent her right foot so that he could lap at her instep and with each lick she felt electric pleasure racing up her leg only to pool in the deepest parts of her pussy. She groaned loudly in a long low animalistic growl. That spurred Adam to double his efforts and with each lick she felt herself flowing freely in wanton desire.

He body began to ache for his touch. She wanted to be consumed by this mountain of a man. She withdrew her foot from his mouth and stood over him. Her legs straddled his chest and looking up he had a perfect view of her neatly trimmed bush. He saw her swollen lips and her clit, slick with a film of her creating, jutting out proudly from its hooded hiding place. His eyes were filled with a kind of sadness, and she was certain she saw fear there as well. She felt the power rising in her once more. She knew he wanted what he feared to ask for. The idea of making him wait only served to excite her more. She lowered herself over his chest. Her breasts covered his face as she arched her back, brought her shins over his hips and delicately positioned herself so that her toes caressed his heavy balls. All the while Adam licked, kissed and sucked her breasts. He was frantic now, his head moving from side to side between them. She placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed herself up from him. Her toes wiggling now and slipping toward the base of his revived cock. She smiled at him, cocked her head so that her long hair fell to one side, and asked, “What do you want? Tell Sarah what you want.”

He looked at her wondering what to say. He stammered and said, “I want you.”

“You want me,” she said with a playful teasing voice. “You want me how? What do you want me to do?”

” I want you,” was his quiet answer.

Sarah could feel herself becoming more excited. “What did he mean, what does that mean,” the question resounding in her head. She began to realize that this was no quickie fuck in an alley. This was no bathroom blowjob. He felt something. It frightened her to think what that might be but the wetness that flowed from her now overwhelmed her fear.

Belek travesti I think I know baby, I think I know.”

She lowered herself over his body. Her clit was so swollen now that even the slight brush of his body hair there sent a shiver through her body. His cock had grown hard from her foundling and as she slid lower she reached back between her legs and lifted it off his belly. Her eyes widened as her hand closed around its large head. Until now she had not truly realized how large it was. He tiny hand was barely able to circle it. She slid down his body until his tip parted her lips. She stopped.

She starred into his eyes and waited for him to move. Peter would be deep within her by now but Adam lay frozen. She took his cock and rubbed it up and down her length. “God baby, do you like this? You feel so good right there.”

The heat in his eyes seemed to grow more intense. He nearly barked his response to her question. “Yes, oh god it feels good.” She saw his face soften and he began to plead with her saying, “let me, please let me.”

She felt each word as if it where a stroke of his beautiful cock. She purred and moaned, smiling at him as she lowered herself slowly on his dick, sheathing it in her warm wet and rapidly opening canal. “Oh god baby, you so big, so big,’ she moaned as more and more of him entered her.

She was determined to have all of him in her. She let herself fall over his entire length until she felt herself bottom out on him. His cock filled her completely. She wanted to fuck him now, to go completely wild on his long thick cock and feel him come within her. She held back, slowly grinding and gyrating on him while she engulfed his entire length. “Oh you like that, you like that. You like Sarah’s pussy. You want to come in Sarah’s pussy don’t you,” she said in deep hot tones, which came from the spot where the tip of his cock met its end within her.

“I……….I………. want you,” he said almost painfully.

She began to move now with purpose. She lifted her hips and rocked over him, riding his cock with wild abandon. He began to move with her, slamming up deep within her. She had never felt so full and she loved each stroke. His hands Kemer travesti came up to cover her ass. It was the first time he had touched her with his own initiative and it drove her to move even harder on his cock. He grunted and groaned and moved piston like within her.

She was surprised when he moved. She felt herself being turned to her side and gently laid on the floor. He was still inside her as he moved her. He laid behind her now the tip of his cock still hot inside her. She brought her legs up toward her chest exposing her pussy to his assault more completely. She kept her legs together as he drove his cock deep within her. He was frantic, wanting to be deeper in her, but the position kept him from his goal. He rocked and moved with a speed she hand never felt before. She lifted on leg and laid it over his hip so that he might have more of her. Her juices flowed out from her like a hot syrupy stream. Her pleasure was almost too much for her. She felt his hand moving over her belly, and then, one finger from that hand found her clit. She moved her hips in little gyrating motions on his cock. He held his finger motionless on her clit, forcing her to move faster on his cock so that she might feel the pleasure offered by his finger. “Adam,” she cried. “Oh god Adam, fuck me, baby please fuck me.”

“Do you want my come,” he whispered in her ear. “Adam’s gonna fill you up, gonna make you his, gonna come Sarah, deep, deep in you.” You like that.” “Oh fuck, oh fuck.

She felt him stop moving. She ground her hips on him and his finger moved lightning fast on her clit. Her orgasm rocked them both. He felt her inner walls pulsating over his cock, milking his come deep into her.

She felt his cock twitching and throbbing as it offered up its prize to her. “Oh god baby, like never, like never,” she moaned.

“You like my cock, you love my cock, you want me,” he moaned as he drained himself within her.

They lay there now gleaming with perspiration. His held her in his arms, one hand covering her breast the other stroking her side. She felt his breath bellowing from behind her onto her neck. With each breath she took she shuddered. She had never had an orgasm like Konyaaltı travesti this one and emotions flooded her brain. He whispered, “don’t leave me.”

The pain in his voice made her ache. She fought to find reasons in her mind to move. She could not bare the pain in his voice but she could think of nothing comforting to say to him.

“If you leave me I will go back,” he said sadly, “I don’t want to go back.”

“Back? Back where?” she asked.

She heard him draw breath to answer and then she heard an odd thwack. “What is that noise,” she asked distractedly.

“Don’t listen. Please Sarah don’t listen,” he begged.

The thwack sound returned and returned again. Adams voice grew faint. She heard him say, “Please, please Sarah, if you leave me I will go back.” His voice faded more with each word he spoke. Thwack, ping, was the next sound she heard.

She smelled the musty canvas of the tent even before she opened her eyes. She blinked her eyes opened and grew frantic. “Adam,” she whispered. “Oh god!”

Peter heard her shout and ran to the entrance to the tent. He threw back the covering and leaned in. “You alright sweetheart,” he asked absently.

She nodded and tried to smile. It was a dream after all and she knew it really didn’t matter. Peter walked back to his wood and began to chop. Sarah lay in her sleeping bag and thought about her dream. Her body told her it was not. She felt the warm afterglow she always felt after really great sex. She relived the dream and she swore to herself that she could feel his tongue, his cock, the strength of his orgasm, and she could taste him. It was too real, and yet it had to be a dream. To believe otherwise would mean she was insane and she was certain she was not that.

Later that day as they hiked through the woods the couple came upon a meadow. Sarah’s nerves ran cold as she realized it was the meadow from her dream. Across the meadow there was a cabin. It was in fine shape and from a distance they could see another couple inspecting it. There was no smoke from the chimney now and as they got closer they could see that it was a cabin maintained by the Park Service. They climbed the stairs and stood on the porch. There was a plaque on the door. Sarah did not want to read it and tugged at Peter’s arm to move him away. He stood his ground and read. Adam Clark built this cabin in June 1868. He lived here alone until his death in 1910. Known to his fellow Park Service employees as the Woodsman.

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The Wild Side

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Gram was sitting at his computer when his sister walked into the living room with her best friend Maria. Maria was a small Latina girl, with nice tits and a great ass. She was barely five feet tall, but size didn’t matter to Gram, the fucking girl looked hot. She had curly black hair, a soft smile and a mole on her right cheek.

“What are you doing?” his sister asked him, “are you writing another one of your scary stories.”

“No,” he said quickly. As matter of fact he was. The Vampire Master. A crazy horror story about a girl who feasted on unsuspecting men. He shut off his computer and got up from his seat.

“So what are you two doing here?”

“It’s raining outside,” Maria said. Her voice brought music to his ears and stiffness to his penis. God, if he could only have her.

“We’ll stay for just a while, then we’ll get the fuck back out of your way, okay little Stephen King.”

“Little, I’m older then you.”

But Maria and his sister were walking away from him. Gram watched Maria’s ass worked her magic until she was out of eyesight. When she was gone he felt empty. His penis was shrinking back to its normal size, his beat at its regular pace.

No longer interested in writing his stupid horror vampire story, Gram walked back to his room. He had thoughts of putting on a porno, but with his sister and Maria in the kitchen, that would be too much of a risk. There was nothing at all to do. It all seemed so empty. He had to have Maria to get rid of this emptiness.

Outside the thunder shook the world.

What was it about his sister’s friends that turned him on. Bonnie, Cleo, Tiana, Shelley. He’d gone and fucked them all. He was attracted to every female she brought home. Sure they were all sluts with great bodies, but he could go out and get his own…

…then it hit him. He couldn’t go out and get his own. He was to scared to communicate in a world with other men. Women were his fascinations and his sister was the bringer of his fantasies come true. Other men represented a challenge he was not willing to meet. When his sister brought the sluts home, there was no competition. He’d when them over and bend them over without a threat to take place.

He smiled a little. He would have Maria, there was very little doubt in that. She would spend the night, they would talk, his sister would fall into her dead sleep and bang. It always worked out this way. He was cute and equipped for the situation and Maria was a horny slut just like all his sister’s friends. He laid back and went to sleep.

An hour later the voices of his sister and Maria woke him up from a dreamless sleep.

“GRAM, GRAM, GRAM,” they repeated.

“What do you want?” Gram asked. His eyes remained closed.

“I’m going to Jason’s house.” Jason was her new boyfriend.

“So what?”

“Well I’m coming back in about an hour, do you mind if Maria stays here. I swear she won’t get in the way of your writing.”

His heart was racing again. This was better than the usual fuck before his sister woke up.

“Sure, sure,” he played off as uninterested. “Uh, what time is it?”

“Going on nine,” Maria said. “Is your nap over?”

“It is now.”

“I’m going Gram.”

Finally Gram opened his eyes. His sister was wearing her usually leather outfit, probably with the panties that showed off her nasty vagina. These thoughts did not turn on Gram at all, the thought of incest revolted him. The thought of Maria made him horny though.

“Show him a lovely time,” Gram said as he yawned. His sister and Maria walked out of his room. When the kitchen door slammed, Gram got out of bed and headed for the kitchen.

She was sitting at the table, hands folded, an empty bowl in front of her, watching the news.

“Left you here with me, huh.”

“She always leaves me alone.” Their eyes locked for a moment, then Maria looked away from him.

Gram walked to the refrigerator. His nap was over and it was late. Gram was starving. He hadn’t a bite to eat all day. He wrote for over seven hours and then his sister came, and he napped. His stomach was growling. He fixed himself a ham and cheese sandwich.

“Like sandwiches, do you?” Maria said.

Gram never looked in her direction, but he said he did.

“Your sister made me her chili.”

“Did she? That stuff makes me want to gag.”

“It sure is horrible.”

“Why did you eat it?”

“Want to play my role Lara Travesti as your sister’s best friend to perfection. She knows a lot a modeling agents and other important people.”

She sure does. She fucks everyone of them and she get forgotten the next day. Gram didn’t say this though.

“Want to be a model, huh? You sure do look good enough to do that.”


“What’s uh-oh mean? I’m just complementing you on your beauty.”

She started laughing real loudly. “You don’t have a chance in hell of fucking me.” She stuck her tongue out at him.

Gram’s heart sank a bit. He was feeling empty again, but also surprised. As if he had been caught robbing a bank surprised.

“What makes you think-“

“Your sister told me about you. She brings her friends over and you fuck them. Sorry, but you don’t have what it takes to screw me writer boy. Sure, your cute and you have a decent body, but you don’t have what it takes. I’m into danger. I like to walk on the wildside.”

Suddenly Gram remembered who Maria was. He had overheard a conversation on the phone.

“You’re that girl who was caught eating out that one bitch, Cindy, behind the garbage can.”

Maria blushed. “How do you know that?”

“I overheard it.”

“I am that girl so. I ate her out in the middle of the alley. I also fucked her in the ass with a dildo in the middle of the swimming pool.”

“You like getting wet?” Gram said.

“It’s exciting. Something you ain’t. You’re the kind of guy a girl can call a friend. Reveal their secrets too, shit like that, but your not the kind of guy girl spends all night fucking.”

By the time Maria was done talking Gram was done eating his first sandwich and was making a second one.

“So speak to me,” Gram said. He was putting extra mustard on this sandwich. His heart was crushed but he was going to start removing the weight. “Do you like sandwiches?”

“When there is a black guy on top and white guy on the bottom. But you wouldn’t know anything about that would you?”

“You are on the wild side. Ever fuck a family member.”

“Hell no, you nasty bastard.”

Gram was just checking to make sure this slut was not too wild. “Why do you hate me?” Gram gave her a sad look.

“Don’t give me any puppy dog look. I don’t like you because you take advantage of your sister’s friends. You write the cruelest things about women in your story.”

Gram couldn’t believe this girl had read his work in progress. Gram didn’t allow anyone to read his stories when they were still being written.

“You read my story.”

“Damn right. All that murder and rape. All them vampires feasting on girls. And that slut you kills them guys, I mean, that’s rude. Why can’t a woman kill with brains and muscle instead of her tits and ass.”

“I think you liked my story. You like to walk on the wild side. I bet reading my stories makes your vagina get all wet in your panties. And I don’t even write erotic stories.”

“You’re an asshole.” Maria got up and tried to leave, but Gram grabbed her by the shoulder and turned her around. Gram looked down at Maria. The bulge in his pants couldn’t be hidden.

“What was your favorite part? And I know there is one. You enjoyed my story.”

She shook her head and smiled. “You’re right, I do enjoy your stories. They are a bit on the wild side. And my favorite part in the story was when Minnie, the male killer, and that professor guy, Mitch, went outside on the roof and fucked in the rain.” She paused for a moment. Maria had not gone the school since she was fifteen, she had never enjoyed reading and rarely remembered what she wrote, except when it came to Gram’s stories.

“Your sister has been sneaking stories over to my house for a couple of years now. I love reading them. They’re so wild. They’re the whole reason I changed my life. After I read Moon Man I went out and fucked three of the strongest guys I could find. I hung off of them while they fucked me in the ass. I wanted to have the sensation that I was soaring in the air while I was getting fucked. Just like Robin in Moon Man.”

Gram was honestly surprised. “You really have been reading my stories.”

“But your not that wild in real life Gram. You’re stories our fun, but you’re really, really boring. The kind of guy who sits around at his computer and dreams up fantasies all his life can’t be that interesting.”

“My Manavgat travesti sister’s friends-“

“Are just looking for a dick. I could be the girl of your dreams, but you’ve got to learn to be more fun and wild. Like the guys in your stories. I’ve become the girl in your stories. And even though the girls in your stories have eaten out another girl, fucked thirty guys in a row or fuck their teacher for better grades, I’m sure they would’ve in an erotic story. Maybe you should try writing one. I’d read it.”

Gram finished his second sandwich while she spoke her almost hurtful words. But he discovered she was right and he began feeling love for her because of that.

“Why are you here?” he asked.

“To check you out. I wanted to see the kind of man you were. You looked everything like I thought you would, but I’m sorry to say I am dissapointed deeply. Maybe you should take my advice.”

“I have a better idea.” Gram took her by the hand and forced her to the area where he had made the sandwich. He picked up the mustard and squeezed some on his hands. Than he wiped it all over her neck.

“What the hell-“

Gram attacked neck like a vampire and ate at the mustard hungrily. Despite mixed emotions, Maria found herself turned on. She began putting her fingers through his hair as he licked and bit the mustard off of her neck.

He began pulling down her pants and rubbed her vagina through her panties. Maria’s eyes moved all around in her head. Gram took a knife from the sink and shredded her shirt off with it. He looked at the amazing titties of this five foor beauty. He took the knife and tore off the bra. He gave her nipples one quick bite each. He bit the first one so hard it started to bleed a little.

“Oh God,” Maria moaned. She was reaching into his pants to take hold of the seven inches of steel she felt throbbing against her leg.

They kissed each other hard. Their tongues tasted each other. But Gram wasn’t the kind of guy who liked kissing. And today it was really useless. He had Maria where he wanted her. He planned to give her a night she’d never forget.

Gram forced Maria out of her pants and pushed her away from him. “You want me to fuck you now, huh. Well I changed my mind.”

“NO,” she screamed. “I’ll do anything.”

“I knew you’d say that.” A smile took form on his face. “Cut your panties off your body with the knife.” Very carefully she did. “Good. Now, Missus Wild Girl. Stick the handle in your pussy.”


Maria looked confused at first, but she did guide the handle of the knife into her pussy. In and out she did it, at first slowly, but then she went faster. While she fucked herself with the knife handle, Gram undressed.

Standing here naked with a slut fucking herself with a knife, this was greater then the original plans. He watched, completely naked as the knife did his dirty work.

“It hurts so much, please…let me stop.” She went a little faster and then sliced her thumb with the blade. Gram saw the blood spill with utter fascination. He walked to her. The knife handle was still lodged in her pussy, the blade hanging out like a violent enemy against invasion. He pulled the knife out and let drop to the floor. He took her thumb and put in his mouth. The salty taste of the girl’s blood made him harder then ever.

“You are wild,” she said. “I was wrong.” She was stroking his cock. She horribly wanted it in her mouth.

“You want my cock,” he said when he released her thumb. Maria shook her head yes and got on her knees. She attacked, sucking like a woman who had seen a cock in years, or a slut with the same problem. Gram grabbed her head with both hands and pulled her in for more of his cock. His dick was oozing with pre-cum, everytime she let out of her mouth to lick his balls it would get all over her lips. She spit on the head of his cock and start sucking it again. If she kept doing this we would cum and the night would be over.

She sucked him a little faster.

“God your good at this.”

She stopped, looked up at him and smiled. “Cum in my mouth,” she said. And then went back to work like she hadn’t said a word.

But he would not take her request. He took the cock out of her mouth, seconds before came. “I’m not done with you. I have to fufill your fantasy.”

She tried to get more of his cock. She was denied again. He took her Side travesti by the hand and led her out of the kitchen.

“We’re we going.”

“To the roof, we’re going to pull it off.”


“I’m going to fuck you on the roof.”

Lightning illuminated the windows. Thunder shook the house. Maria could hear how hard the rain was falling.

“Are you sure about this?”

“This is what your fantasy is.” He turned around and kissed for a long time. It was very passionate and caring. His way of saying for earlier. “Here’s the door. Stand against real quick.” She did.

“This the wildest thing I ever did.”

“You misjudged me.” We got on his knees. He had- felt it was right to repay for the blowjob from a few moments ago. While he was eating her out in the same fashion she showed Cindy, Gram realized he really did love her. That they were made for each other. And as he got up and looked down at her, face to face, he said it. “I really love you, even though we’ve only known each other for about an hour.”

“I’ve loved you longer. Ever since the first story I read that you wrote.”

“Are you ready?”

“Let’s go.”

Gram opened the door and led her to the roof. The rain immediately soaked their naked bodies. They held each other close because they couldn’t see in front of each other. Gram took Maria to the ground with him. They kissed again, then Gram inserted his penis inside her. Maria rode his cock as fast her body would move. The sensation she felt while riding was different from all the other guys. She really enjoyed Gram inside. She could feel his cock leaning against her stomach. She loved the feel of his hands on her breasts. She looked up into the sky and put her hands into the air as if she was reaching out for some unseen hand. Gram was holding her by the waste and humping in and out of her.

Maria leaned down and start kissing Gram all around his neck. His cock was moving in her a lot faster now. She was moaning with all her lungs but no sounds could be heard. The rain was going down faster too.

Gram picked Maria up without losing his pace. He put her on her back and lifted her legs into the air. He was holding her by the legs as rammed in and out of her some more. He kept stretching her legs farther back every second as well. Her hair was getting and muddy and for the first time it didn’t matter. When her legs met her shoulders she had her first orgasm, then a second, then a third. She was cumming everywhere. Despite the rain and the wind of the outside, she was blazing hot. And Gram continued the pace.

Gram stopped again. He whispered in her ear and by some miracle she heard him. He wanted to fuck her doggie style, but she didn’t know he was going to fuck her in the ass. She got on all four. Gram lifted her ass and rubbed cock up and down her butt cheek. Then he forced it in. Her asshole was not as tight as he wished, but still, he enjoyed. He grabbed her by the waste and pumped the life out of her. She was screaming so loudly that Gram could hear her through the rain. Harder and harder he moved. Maria was grabbing the back of his legs and pushing him in harder. She was also pushing her ass back into his cock. Gram felt he was going bust inside her. If he fucked any longer he thought his dick would just fall off inside her. His fingers made there way into her mouth and she was sucking and biting at them.

Still fucking, Gram lifted her for a second time. He left cock deep inside her ass as he walked her to the ledge of the roof. The rain had died down some so he could hear her talking.

“What are doing?”

“Fucking you while you fly, Moon Girl.”

She was hanging in the air and Gram was fucking her asshole once again. He was going surprisingly fast considering he was holding her up in the air. She looked down and saw puddles of water below the building. A guy riding his bike in the rain. He didn’t see her. She felt free. She put her hands in a superman position and let her man fuck the shit of her while she dangled in the air like laundry on a wire on a windy day.

“I’m gonna cum, Maria…oh God.” Then his balls exploded and cum shot deep inside her asshole. He stood there with Maria hanging from his cock and came for three minutes. When he was done, Maria got on her knees and licked him clean, then sucked him off until he came in her mouth. This was her other fantasy. A guy had never came in her mouth, no matter how much she begged. Now she had her man’s salty goodness in her mouth.

They walked back in the house, naked, hand in hand.

Their relationship ending three days later.

Gram discovered he could fulfill his fantasies with any girl he wanted too.

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The Vicar of St. Dunstan’s Ep. 15

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Auditors come in many forms. An archdeacon can be worse than an IRS representative, and Divine Intervention can be all that saves your ass.

A pair of luscious breasts with a huge crucifix swinging between them transfixed me. Candlelight gave them a lustrous, warm glow, and cut red glass stones embedded in the crucifix threw sparkling lights before me. Up and down it bounced, twirling, spinning, rebounding as the pendant ricocheted from mound to mound. It skimmed light brown nipples, bringing sighs and gyrations, as a voracious vagina clenched my John Thomas and milked it greedily. My eyes locked on the crucifix as my senses built to a delicious culmination.

Barbara insisted on wearing her veil and crucifix as we made love naked in Plato’s Cave the first Monday of every month. She was growing her hair out, and I saw it more frequently as it reached a respectable length, but here she wanted to retain these two pieces from her other role as Mother Mary Rufus of St. George’s Convent. Her eyes were closed as she rode my erection, her hands resting on my six pack abdominal muscles and her strong thighs bulging with effort. My hands was kneading her nicely rounded buttocks, and I could tell she would be ascending her mountain of delight soon.

We came within seconds of each other, and she fell exhausted on top of me, twitching. Over the six months after we became intimate she was a fairly silent lover, doubtless trained by years of convent restraint, but afterward she would want to talk about my recent adventures with my hierarchy. The space heater made up the difference between the body heat we could provide and the frosty January air in this hidden room; she lay slick with sweat and panting on me as we came back down to earth, still connected at the loins. The corpus of the crucifix pressed into my chest, but not painfully, so I held her on top of me in the afterglow.

After a while, she sat up a little, and her lips creased into a wicked smile. “That was wonderful, Beloved, as usual.” Bending over for a long kiss, she tousled my hair and sat back. “You owe me the beginning of a story.”

My wits were floating on a calm sea of being: I doubt if I could have told her my name right then. “Which one?”

“The one from last week with Archdeacon Tommy Hughes. I was in the last act, but you need to fill me in about the first scenes.”

“Oh yes,” I murmured as the logical portion of my brain booted up again. “Why didn’t I tell you on Friday?”

“I had to leave before you were done with Tommy, and it’s been a long weekend for both of us. Time for the rest of the story, Father Alfred.”


Artie and I were in his sitting room on Thursday morning, sipping steaming cups of coffee. The air was brisk that day as I walked over to St. Edmund the Confessor. He was in his mid thirties, short, dark, thin, dressed in a dark trousers and a jumper. The jerkiness of his manner told me he was nervous about something: “What’s up Artie?”

“Lunch at a parishioner’s today. Hortense Bayless.”

“Mike’s wife, Fred’s sister-in-law?”

“The same.” He took another nervous sip of coffee. “She’s finally got me locked into coming by for lunch today; I’ve been putting it off for months.”

“You’re worried.”

“Damn straight, pardon the pun. One of the pushiest, rudest, most intrusive busybodies I’ve ever known, and thinks she’s Madonna as well.”

“Which one?”

“Mrs. Ritchie.”


‘I’m afraid that Mike’s going to be away somewhere and she’s going to put the moves on me.”

“Really? Doesn’t she realize that she’s trying to run a Mac program on Windows?”

“Oh, yes, quite probably, but she’s convinced that she’s the one who could set me straight. I’ve run into several women like that, who think they can do a reverse Anne Heche.”

“And you think she’s after your bod?”

“Oh yes. Little suggestions, little innuendos, suggestions that are banter on the surface, but underneath, ooo. . .”

“Think she’d mind if you brought along a buddy?”

Artie’s face brightened. “What a splendid idea! Would you? God that’d be glorious. Let me ring her up and see if it’s all right.” He left the room and had a murmured conversation in the next room, then returned.

“You’re on, mate,” he said as he settled back into his chair considerably more relaxed. “She had a time saying no, because she likes to suck up to clergy so much, and a time saying yes, because she wants me alone to herself. You being from Fred and Doris’ parish tipped the scales. I owe you one, mate.”

“Happy to help. Repayment starts now. Tommy Hughes is coming round on Monday for the big audit. . .”

“I’ll pray for you.”

“. . .and I was wondering what I need to be careful about.”

Artie looked right and left conspiratorially, and leaned over to speak in softer tones. “Tommy’s almost a lock for next bishop. You know him: he’s damned bright and damned cunning. On your menu tomorrow: little things to gripe about how the Church was redone a year ago, nothing strictly outside the bounds. Wonders why you don’t have Üçyol travesti a Curate and why you spend so much on sweet Niall the Choirmaster and lovely young Agnes the assistant. Questions about little improvements like your recreation room and the housekeeper’s apartment refurbishment. The roof repair.”

“Christ, the damn thing fell in.”

“I know. Wants to know why your lot hasn’t given the Bishop more money. . .”

“Really, Artie! I saw the numbers for the parishes in the deanery and the diocese and we’re the top contributors per capita to the Bishop’s causes. We can prove it.”

“Nicely put. The main questions will be the rumors about your love life. . .”

“Of which he can prove nothing.”

“Agreed, of which he can prove nothing, and your dealings with Lucinda Parkhurst-Frazelton. Thinks you may have pushed her too much, taken advantage of her old age to squeeze more than you should have from her.”

“God, the woman’s richer than Richard Branson, and it’s old money. She could rebuild the whole damn parish, endow us forever, and not notice the loss.”

“I know, but it would be better if someone could back you up about her contribution history. I take it she’s indisposed.”

“She back in hospital, and sedated again. It’s been a long haul for her the past year, and we haven’t asked her for anything since she’s been ill. I can prove that from her daughter.”

“Daughter? I thought all her children lived abroad.”

“Mother Mary Rufus, of St. George’s. She’s Lucinda’s caretaker and Mary Sterns is her solicitor.”

“You should have one of them handy when you talk with Tommy. Be on your best game, Alfie, Tommy is a major leaguer and if you fuck up, he literally will have your ass, take my word for it. Or rather, take Jimmy Wilson’s word for it, over at St. John’s. Screwed up his books and word on the street is that Tommy actually had him bent over a chair.”

“Eeek!” While clenching my buttocks, I took a big gulp of my coffee and wished it were something stronger. “Thanks, Artie, forewarned is forearmed. The books are immaculate and the choir is ready to sing together. Just a couple of calls to make, and we’ll be ready for Tommy.”

“Excellent.” He looked at his watch, and beckoned me to rise. “It’s time to go over to Hortense’s house. She’s excited enough to have two vicars instead of one, probably can barely keep herself from peeing, so be ready to get fawned over.”


“Yuck, indeed.”


Barbara was lying with her head on my chest as I told her the first part of the story. I was still half-erect inside her, and she twitched her hips from time to time to keep herself lubricated. She looked at me and said: “Artie is pretty queer, isn’t he?”

“Rather. Or so I thought until Thursday when we went to Hortense’s house.”

“Oh? I vaguely remember hearing about her, pushy broad. Wouldn’t think she could turn anyone’s head, much less a gay man.”

“Agreed. I’ve seen few as pushy as her; thank God nobody around St. Dunstan’s is that bad.” I cupped her cheek and gave her a kiss. “But what happened Thursday. . .”


We walked over to our destination. The sky was dark, heavy with threatening clouds, but not ready to burst quite yet at midday. The wind was gusty, but not too bad, and the temperature was moderate for January. As usual, Artie chattered about various events around his parish and around the Chancery. We approached the Bayless house, and Artie brought up a surprising tidbit. “I had dinner with Percival Clyde-Walker last night. Says his lady is with child.”

“Really. That’s a surprise.”

“Rather. Seems the rabbit just died: she must have gotten knocked up around the end of October/first of November. Just after Perce fell off his horse playing Polo.”

“Surely you’re not saying Clarissa’s having the second Virgin birth in history.”

Artie snickered. “You’re wicked, Alfie. Perce tells this story about one morning: he comes out of his sedation with Clarissa’s hand on his John Thomas and a dollop of creamy whiteness in a small basin. He can’t move yet, so he can’t stop her from doing anything. Going into a corner, she sucks up the lot in a turkey baster and inserts it down in her birth canal with a shit eating grin on her face. Next morning the same, and the morning after.”

“How did Percival accomplish this? Wasn’t he under medication for pain then?”

“Yes, indeedy. I was on the same stuff after an operation, and couldn’t pop a boner until I’d been off it for three weeks.”

“Medicine works differently on different people.”

“That’s what Perce’s doctor told him. And there are many ways to–collect the dew from the peaches, so to speak.”

“Of course, of course. So how did Clarissa get pregnant? Was it the baster, or did another breeding stud jump the fence? I guess when the baby is born, there’s DNA testing. . .”

“Not in this case, Alfie, my boy. Old Mother Clyde-Walker is just aglow with the prospect of a new generation. Percival is an only, and given his bent and Clarissa’s previous lack Alanya Travesti of interest in reproduction, she gave up on an heir to the family name. Now that Clarissa’s got a bun in her oven, Old Mother C-W’s in Nirvana, and Perce doesn’t want to screw that up..”

“So a gay man, in a marriage of convenience, gets his wife pregnant while on pain medication for a concussion by ejaculating in his sleep and his wife putting his seed in her vagina via a turkey baster.”

“Yes, Alfie, that’s it. You wouldn’t know more, would ya?”

“No, absolutely not. Only conjecture, Artie. I guess it doesn’t matter if it were a prince or a street cleaner that actually did the deed.”

“Probably. Knowing Clarissa though, she probably was very picky about her sperm donor.”

And how much fun she could have collecting the donation, I thought to myself. We came to an ordinary house with a small yard. “Is this our destination?”

Artie nodded, and we ascended the stairway. “Vicar, so wonderful so see you,” a gravelly voice fluted raspily from the door that opened before we could knock. “At last you grace my humble abode with your illustrious presence. And you brought the Vicar of St. Dunstan’s with you, honor upon honor! Fred and Doris have so many lovely things to say about you. Come in, come in. I’m sorry that Mike can’t be here with us, but he’s up visiting our body in the Lake Country. Please give me your coats, boys and be at home.”


Barbara rolled off me and got a blanket to cover us. Snuggled together, she looked at me with confusion. “I’ll come back to Clarissa. What does Hortense look like?”

“Short, plump, five one, yard wide hips, floppy breasts, mousy hair. Carries herself like Madonna or Janice Dickenson.”

“Okay, looks aren’t everything. So how was lunch?”

“She had a table full of stuff, three different entreés, six side dishes and two desserts. Fussed over us and chatted the entire time about silly trivia; we hardly got a word in edgewise. Almost has Mavis Hazelton’s reservoir of energy. I can see why Artie gets worn out by her.”

“Doesn’t she do a lot around that parish?”

“Yes and no. She’s always around, but she pushes people around and tries to push Artie when she can get away with it. Not really helpful in actually doing stuff, but supervises a lot.”

“Ugh. We’ve got a couple of sisters like that.”

“What, you all don’t love each other to pieces, work together without asking and live in peace and harmony?”

She punched me hard on the shoulder. “You know better than that. There’s ways to cope with them. What happened after lunch?”

“We got a tour of her house, complete with a display of her commemorative collections. It went on forever. She even took us to the basement, and when we passed through the family room, things got interesting. . .”


“Now this is an ordinary English basement, complete with wash on the line. Oh my goodness, I even have my unmentionables here, what an embarrassment. I hope Vicars, that you’ve seen delicates like these before, although perhaps not as nice as these are.” They were rather large and sturdy, yet frilly and suggestive in a bizarre way. I’d never seen a thong that big before, and shuddered to imagine Hortense wearing it. The lady of the house was trying to play coy over the revelation, but Artie pushed on to a door beyond the clothesline that was standing ajar. Hortense shifted from coquette to panic in milliseconds: “No, Vicar, don’t go in there, it’s just, just, just a mechanical room, nothing to see here.”

Artie ignored her and entered, coming back out with a broad grin on his face. “Hey Alfie, you’ve got to get a look at this, mate,” he beckoned as Hortense toddled desperately after him.

I was amazed to see a dungeon in this ordinary English home. My Recreation Room was set up primarily for exercise and was occasionally used for other purposes; this room was for erotic punishment only. There was a set of stocks, hooks and chains hung from the ceiling and walls, a pair of restraints set into one wall. Artie whistled and said, “Who did this?”

Hortense lost all her energy. “Mike did this,” she said in a small voice, “we like to, to, to, play–dress up, from time to time.”

“Really,” Artie observed, his features animated. I stayed in the doorway, and Artie went over to the wrist restraints by the near wall that hung from the ceiling. Grabbing one and holding over to Hortense, he smiled broadly. “These look nice. How do they feel?”

“I don’t know,” she whispered, “Mike likes them.”

She was close to Artie, so he grabbed a wrist and locked it into the leather bond. Maneuvering her to the wall before she could object, he locked her other wrist up and she stood with her hands by her head. Her lower lip quivered as Artie stepped back to look at her.

“So Mike likes them,” he began. “I’ll bet you have a lovely bustier in your drawer upstairs to wear for him when you tie him up down here.” She hung her head, and said nothing. He went over to a small cabinet and started rummaging through Konyaaltı travesti it. “Nice, nice. Ball gags, whips, clamps, dildos. Everything an ordinary housewife would need to keep her husband happy. You naughty, naughty girl.” He took out a large pair of shears; her eyes grew large as she regarded them.

Artie brought them over and traced up and down the front of her blouse. “I guess this is the first time you’ve been. . .the submissive, isn’t it?” He had an evil gleam on his face that I could barely stand to look at. With a quick motion, he clipped the buttons off her blouse and tore it off her body. “I’ve seen how you look at me, Hortense. How you flirt, how you tease. You really want me to see your bra like this, don’t you?” Her eyes rose a little. He snipped the shears again, “You want to see me without your bra, quite probably, quite probably.” A few more snips and she was naked from the waist up, her breasts tumbling down as they were released.

My vantage point was to the side through this. Artie put the shears down and approached Hortense, teasing her with his hands just off her tits, moving within millimeters of her nipples. He licked a finger and traced wet circles on her left nipple; it erected and she let out a sigh. “Look at these jugs, Alfie. Ever seen anything like these?” He picked them up with his hands and palmed them up and down, letting them bounce. She struggled between embarrassment at her exposure, outrage at her arbitrary treatment, and rapture that her beloved Vicar and lust object was finally touching her.

Artie spent several minutes playing with her breasts asexually, like a child would play with a couple of balloons. He mashed them together, squeezed them, slapped them, pulled the nipples, without regard to Hortense’s desires or responses. Finally, he slapped the sides so they would bounce together for several moments before stepping back. Her head hung down. “Well, Horty, we’ve had a lovely time today, thanks for lunch. Let’s do this again, real soon. C’mon, Alfie.” He turned on his heel and marched out the door.

Hortense was still bound to the wall, topless, tears streaming down her face. I went over and unbound her, whispering, “Sorry, sorry,” before I left her fumbling to cover herself.


“That was rather cold of Artie, don’t you think?” Barbara asked.

“Absolutely. If I knew something like this could have happened, I would have let him go there alone. Mary Bayless was telling her friends after Evensong yesterday that her sister-in-law was in the dumps lately. I knew Artie could be wicked, but I never knew he could be as cruel as this.”

“It takes all kinds. There are Catholic priests with attitudes that wreak such havoc, I wish they had wives to take them down a peg or two. Problem is, these guys are such jackasses, no self respecting woman would have them, even if they were free.”

“Well, I don’t think I’ll go visiting with Artie anytime soon.”

Barbara pondered for a moment. “Shouldn’t Artie be afraid of Mrs. Bayless causing him trouble for this?”

“Artie was crowing about how he didn’t have to worry all the way home. Hortense wouldn’t want it known she has a dungeon in her basement; it would destroy her image around St. Edmund’s as the pious matron. She also wouldn’t want it known she took her Vicar to her basement with her laundry hanging out so Artie could see her bras and panties. Artie being famously gay doesn’t help her either; who would believe that he’d play with her tits?”

We lay there for a moment, staring at the ceiling. She put her arm on my chest and laid her head on it. “So tell me about your interview with Tommy. What’s his position again?”

“Archdeacon is a close subordinate to the Bishop in our system. Don’t know what your equivalent would be.”

“Probably a Vicar General or something like that.”

“Probably. He does whatever Horace tells him to do. Anyway. . .”


I sat across my own desk from Archdeacon Tommy Hughes, who was ensconced in my place in my chair. He was a distinguished man in his 50’s: salt and pepper hair, fair skin completely smooth shaven, blue eyes just developing crow’s feet, slender with delicate hands. The parish ledger was open in front of him, the Baptismal Register, Marriage Register and Vestry Minutes underneath, and his half lens reading glasses were perched at the end of his nose. “Now, Vicar, about the tuckpointing you had done earlier last year, why didn’t you accept the lowest bid you received for the work?”

I pulled a file from my cabinet across the room, and opened it in front of him. “As you can see by these reports, the two companies with the lowest bids have an unfortunate track record in customer satisfaction. The low bidder has several complaints with the local Building commission, and the next bidder has just been shuttered due to fraud and negligence of the higher ups. The firm we awarded the contract has an excellent reputation, so fine that the primary donor, Mr. Frederick Titterington, O.B.E., was happy not only to contribute but to make a further donation of cement at cost. The Vestry voted unanimously to approve the contract. So the overall expense to St. Dunstan’s ended up with an expense equivalent to the lowest bid submitted, with the best guarantee that the work would not have to be repeated in the near future.”

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The Voice Student Ch. 02

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The next few days were great at home. Chris was transformed sexually. Whatever I wanted, I got without complaint. A blow job in the shower before she went to school in the morning? No problem. A quick ass fuck between my lessons at the studio? Absolutely. I’m sure Brenda heard Chris moan from that interlude.

I got Chris and the boys off for Chicago the Friday morning before Christmas and packed my bags for Washington. My tuxedo, some work out clothes, my navy pinstripe suit, pajamas, a pair of jeans, a sweater – just the basics.

Emily and Brenda arrived at our house to leave for the contest at 10 AM. We made good time on the 110 mile trip, but you could cut the competitive tension with a knife. A full ride to Georgetown was on the line, and Em was started to feel it. I remembered her crumbling at her lesson a few weeks earlier and shuddered inwardly.

It started snowing as we approached our nation’s capitol. We took the 14th Street Bridge into the government district, drove past the National Christmas Tree and Menorrah, the White House, made a couple of quick turns and found ourselves at the J.W. Marriott Hotel. The original Marriott looked as beautiful as I remembered. But since its primary clientele were business travelers, Brenda had been able to book the rooms for Friday and Saturday night online for a song. Em stared in wide-eyed amazement at the four-star lobby. We checked in, changed for the preliminary round of competition and met back in the lobby. It was still not four o’clock, so I warmed Em up at the piano in the lobby bar. She breezed through her warm-ups, every trill and turn a light, flexible, thing of beauty. The Amazing Em was who I was warming up right now – the sweet kid that lived to sing and did it with a passion.

I leaned back from the piano and looked at my star student. The little girl was gone, and an amazingly beautiful young woman stood before me. She had grown to a nice 5’4″, and weighed an athletic, trim, 125 pounds. The hair that had been a straggly, dishwater blonde mop was now thick, a little curly, and had become a beautiful shade of auburn. She had it swept up behind her graceful neck, and wore her grandmother’s pearl choker for luck. Her eyes were perfectly made up to compliment her deep, brown eyes. The lips had a lovely, not too tart-ish coat of pink lipstick on them, and made them seem even fuller. Her alabaster skin disappeared at her generous 34c cleavage into a beautiful black blouse that fell over a red, satin, tea length skirt. Her arms ended in perfectly manicured French tips with a clear coat on them. What shapely calf I saw ended in a stylish, black, strapped heel that was just the right height for her singer’s posture. Due to the vocal training and Alexander technique posture training I had given her, Emily did not look like a teenager playing dress up like most high school seniors. Instead, she had the look of strength, confidence and ease that most women of 25 would envy.

I awoke from my silent assessment after a moment, swallowed hard and said, “All right, then. You sound great. You look great. Let’s go do this.” We donned our coats and got a cab outside the hotel. We arrived at the performing arts center, went inside and hung up our coats. I found the registration desk and checked Emily in for the competition. We were told that the preliminaries were running a little ahead of schedule, and that Emily would need to be ready to perform in 15 minutes, not the 45 I had anticipated.

I took a few minutes with Em in the warm-up room, with Brenda hovering nervously. I asked Brenda to go find a seat in the auditorium, and that seemed to relax my star significantly. A knock on the door told us it was time and we walked across the hall to the stage door. As I heard the emcee read Emily’s competition resume, I stood behind her rubbing her shoulders. She cracked her neck and bounced a little, not unlike a gymnast before taking the floor. “You’re ready,” I said. “Go have some fun.” She nodded strongly, and I knew it was going to be a nice performance. The emcee came to the conclusion of his introduction. “And now, from Midlothian, Virginia, please welcome Miss Emily Ransom.”

Would the girl or the woman show up right now? After the five note introduction, Emily bounced into her warm-up song of the set, Caldara’s “Che’ Fiero Costume’.” The Italian art song bounced along like a toy boat in the ocean. Her eyes danced, her body swayed, her tone perfect. This was the singer that had been kicking butt all over the Mid-Atlantic for the past year and a half. I grinned, nodded, and chuckled as I heard her breeze through the French “Apres un Reve” and John Alden Carpenter’s haunting “Light, My Light.” When she had finished the last note, there was a hush, then hearty applause. Based on the fact that the only people here were the judges, a few college professors and students and Emily’s competition and their families, I knew she had easily made the final.

Emily floated off the stage and into my waiting Bornova travesti arms. “Way to go, Em. You had fun and gave the audience a performance. You didn’t worry about the score or the competition, and you just performed. I’m so proud of you.” “Thank you,” she whispered into my tie before Brenda scooped in to smother her oldest. “You were AMAZING!” “Thanks, Mom. It was fun. Can we watch some of the others now?” I grimaced inwardly, but said, “Sure, why not?” Why not, indeed?

We entered from the back of the auditorium and listened to seven of the last eight performers. None held a candle to Emily, and we knew it. The last performer was a girl from Bloomington, Indiana, and her resume was the lower Midwest version of Emily’s. The 6 foot tall, thin, pretty blonde was named Katie Souder. I recognized Katie’s teacher, and knew she would be outstanding. Dr. Sherrie Lawhon was a wonderful soprano, and seriously knew her craft as a voice coach. Sherrie had been a doctoral student when I was doing my master’s. She met her husband while we were in the same studio. In fact, I sang at their wedding.

When Katie finished, Emily looked impressed and crushed at the same time. Quickly, I said “Don’t worry. We’ve still got “The Queen of the Night” up our sleeve. You can beat her.” Em shook her head slightly in such a way that made me know she didn’t believe it. Brenda stared at the opera star Barbie in open hatred. “Let’s go get some dinner,” I said.

We hailed a cab and went to Chopsticks, a popular Japanese steak house. We were having fun watching the chef go through his sow and Emily lit up like a firefly. Brenda and I both had a couple of sake’, and we were feeling fine as well. We went outside, and the snow had become a full-fledged shower. We took a cab back to our hotel, and went to our rooms. I was on the tenth floor, while Brenda and Emily were up on the twelfth. It was 8:00 PM, Friday night, and I had NOTHING to do. I changed, went down to the hotel gym, ran on the cross trainer for 45 minutes, went back up to the room, showered, and got into my pajamas. I found a college basketball game to watch on tv and raided the mini-bar. By 11:00, I had finished five of the little bottles of Jack Daniels. I was feeling VERY comfortable, and called my wife in Chicago to say good night. She asked how Em had done and I told her she was in the finals the next evening.

“What do you think of her chances?”

“Well, Sherrie Lawhon is here with one of her students. Em’s going to have to be at her very best to beat her.”

“Well, tell her I hope she does wins.”

“I will dear. Hey, how was….wait there was a knock on the door.”

“Who would knock at this hour?”

“Just the $800 hooker I ordered,” I quipped.

“It better not be,”

I looked through the peep hole and saw Emily standing there in a robe. “It’s just Emily. I better see what she wants. Love you.”

“Love you too!”

I opened the door and looked at Emily. Hair wet, make up gone, in a thick, white robe and barefoot. “Hi, Mr. Michaels. I finished my swim and went back to the room. Mom’s asleep already, and I don’t want to wake her with the tv. Can I hang out here for a few minutes while I wind down?” All kinds of bells and whistles should have been going off inside my head, but the Jack had my better angels silent. “Sure,” I drawled. I have a sofa you can sit on for a while.” “Cool. Do you have an extra towel?” I want to rinse the chlorine off.” “O.K. I’ll give you your privacy in the bathroom and watch the game,” I replied. Em padded off to the shower and started singing “The Queen of the Night.” I knocked on the shower door and said,

“Emily. If you attract the attention of the management with your beautiful voice at this hour, I’m going to have a hard time explaining why I have a 17 year-old girl in my shower.”

“I’m 18 now. Remember, my birthday was last month.” How had THAT day eluded me?

“Still, there are other guests. That might like to sleep.”

“Okay, Mr. Killjoy, I’ll stop. But the acoustics are great in here!”

I went back to my basketball game. I stared at the screen, but my thoughts lingered on my star student in the shower. I though about how beautiful she looked in the red and black outfit earlier, and how adorable she looked in the robe. Against my will, my cock started to grow. I heard the water stop and Emily bounced out of the bathroom in the robe I had just been imagining. “Who’s playing?” she asked. “North Carolina and Tennessee. From Alaska, of all places.”

“Boooooooooring!” She grabbed he remote off the bed beside me, flopped down on the pillow next to mine, and started to flip channels. She landed on a movie that had just started, “Poison Ivy.” “I love this movie. VERY scary.” I nodded and prayed she hadn’t noticed the bulge in my pajama pants.

Em coughed and grabbed the glass out of my hand. She took a drink of my bourbon, widened her eyes and said, “Whew. That’s got a kick to it. Dad only drinks beer, Buca travesti which I hate, and Mom marks her wine bottles so I won’t get in to them.” Em paused, looked into the glass, saw only ice cubes, frowned and continued, “I drank all of yours. Let me get you some more.” Before I could protest, Em had bounced off the bed and gotten another one of the little bottles out of the mini-bar. She poured the brown liquor into the glass and clambered back on to the bed, handing me the drink and leaning on my chest with her still wet auburn tresses. I tried not to look, but her jostling made me keenly aware that she had left her sensible, one piece swim suit in the bathroom to dry. I groaned inside my head.

Emily shifted around until she had made herself comfortable, her bare legs meeting mine below the knee. We sat in silence as we watched a teenage Drew Barrymore befriend fellow high school student Sara Gilbert, work her way into her family’s life and start to plant the seeds of seduction in Gilbert’s wealthy father. Poor Tom Skerrit never stood a chance. I didn’t either.

Emily would occasionally grab the drink from my hand and take a quick sip, then reach across my body to put it back. On a couple of occasions, the soft underside of her forearm grazed my now fully erect, pajama clad cock as she pulled her arm back to herself. The first time, I was sure it was just an innocent mistake. I moaned softly the second time she did it and looked at the mirror across from the bed over the dresser. She had a little grin on her face that made me certain she had NOT done it by accident. Then she stunned me with a question.

“Do you think I’m pretty?” she softly asked. “Oh, Em, of course I do. I’ve watched you grow from just more than a little girl into a beautiful, graceful, young woman.” My voice was low and strained, and Em could tell the tension was getting to me. “Then how come none of the guys at school ask me out?”

“Honestly?” I replied. “You seem much older than your age, and 17 year-old boys are probably scared to death of you.”

“Your sweet to say that, but I think it’s because while I have a nice body, they don’t think I’m sexy. Am I?”

“Are you what?”

“Sexy, you silly man!”

“Of course you’re sexy. You just don’t carry yourself like someone who is interested in sex. That probably doesn’t make any sense. I’ve had a little too much to drink.”

“It makes perfect sense. But I AM interested in sex.” She reached her hand across my body to take the glass from my hand and dragged her whole forearm and the cold, wet glass across my groin, slowly and with pressure this time. “Very interested.”

She took a sip and did it again on the way back across my body, this time leading with glass of ice. Only this time, she didn’t put the glass back in my hand, but reached all the way across my body and put it on the night stand, her robe covered breasts leaning into my cock. On the way back, she paused her head near my cock, blew softly and warmly down the length of the shaft, then turned her head towards my face and smiled widely. “You have a big problem down here. A VERY big problem,” she cooed. “I have a problem too. I’m still a virgin, and I don’t want to be. But the boys at school are right about one thing – I’m not interested in sex with THEM. I need someone who knows what he’s doing to teach me. You’re far and away the best teacher I have. Teach me this.”

“I can’t,” I feebly protested. “You’re my student, you’re too young for me, and you’re mom’s my office manager. Not to mention that I’m married. You know my wife, for crying out loud. Those are all great reasons we should NOT do this.”

“They’re reasons, but nothing I can’t get past. Yes, I do know your wife, but not as well as my Dad knows her. I saw her van at his house Thursday after school. I was supposed to have play practice, but it got cancelled. Dad gave me some money to do a little Christmas shopping since rehearsal was cancelled, but I left it at home. Susan took me by the house to get the money, and I saw Mrs. R’s van in the driveway. Guess I know why rehearsal was cancelled. I went in quietly and got the money off the kitchen counter. I could tell by the noises coming from upstairs that they were having sex. Dad sounded like he was in pure agony.”

I stared at her, dumbfounded at her revelation. “I also looked at dad’s cell phone history when he was working in the yard. Almost every call was to or from a number identical to your cell, except for the last digit. It was a two. My cell is only one number off from my dad’s. Who has the number after yours?” It was at that moment I realized she was telling the truth. “Still worried about the Mrs.? I didn’t think so.”

With that, Emily turned her head back down and gently kissed the underside of my fully erect shaft through my think pajama pants. “Am I doing this right? I don’t know much, just what I’ve seen in the movies or read in some of my mom’s novels.”

“Ohhhhhh, that feels great. Konak travesti More, please,” I begged softly. Her hands unsnapped the fly on my pajamas and she pulled my thick, uncut eight inches out. Then with her French tipped fingernails, she gently scraped the tip and then the underside of the ridge around the tip. My head flared immediately, and a little pre-cum came out. With her index finger, she started at the little drop and pulled her finger down the underside of my fully erect cock, ending at the base of my balls.

“Scrape them with your nails, ever so lightly, then pull them gently between your thumb and forefinger,” I instructed. Em did as I asked and I began to pant slightly. When my balls released through her fingers, my head snapped and I groaned in blissful agony. That elicited a smile from Emily and she reached up with her fingers to do it again, this time taking the thick head of my cock between her lips. And pulling up with her head as she pulled down with her fingers. The “pop” was simultaneous, and more pre cum came out of my cock. She repeated the process, taking a little more of me in her mouth and increasing the pressure of her fingers with each repetition. Finally, she increased the pressure to the point that she could not easily pull my balls through the circle of her thumb and forefinger. She kept pulling my balls taut with her right hand and scraped the taut sack with the fingernails of her left hand, my shaft, buried deep in her pretty little mouth. When she finally pulled all the way off, still holding my boys tightly with one hand and scraping them with the nails of the other, she said, “Kind of salty, but tasty. Is that all that comes out?”

“Nooooo, that is most definitely not all that comes out. When I cum, there will be a lot more, and it will be thick and milky white,” I answered.

“Why isn’t it coming out now?”

“Partially because I’m trying not to cum yet, and partially because you’ve just been teasing it so far. If you set your mind to it, you could probably get all of it out of me fairly quickly.”

“How would I do that?” Emily asked sort of lazily.

“Increasing the speed and pressure with which you suck or stroke usually leads to the man finishing faster. And by stroke, I mean either inside or outside your body. I have to warn you, I don’t have any condoms, so I’m not going to put my cock inside you.”

“Aw man, how will I have an orgasm then?”

“You will. I promise.”

“I want to see the white stuff.”

“Then you have some work to do.”

“What do I need to do?”

“Go back to what you were doing with your mouth and keep up what you’re doing with your hands. It’ll come out soon enough.”

Emily went back to work happily. I encouraged her by telling her how amazing it felt, and coached her on how to not go to the same depth and pressure each stroke, and to twist her head as she came off my cock. After a good 10 minutes of this, she stopped again and asked why I hadn’t cum yet.

“You haven’t asked or told me to come yet.”

She stared down at my cock and said, “Please, cum for me.” Nothing.

She sucked a little more and said the words again with my dick in her mouth. I moaned in ecstasy at the sensation, but still didn’t oblige. She pulled off and removed the scraping hand from my balls and shook her finger at my cock, and reprimanded it, “Bad boy! I told you to cum!” With that she spanked my still taut sack three times hard. Now I was the one who would attract the management.


“I said, cum!” She removed her other dainty hand from around my balls and started pumping my dick with her fist while spanking my balls with the other hand. Cum started gushing from my body. She showed no mercy, and kept pumping it until no more semen came forth.

“That looks messy. What does it taste like?”

“Lick what’s on your fingers.”

Emily complied, a little gob of cum sticking on the outside of her unmade lips. “Yummy. VERY salty. Is it bad for me?”

“No, just all protein. I need to get cleaned up,” I said as I started to get up and go to the bathroom. “I’ll be right back.”

Emily pushed my back by my chest and said, “No, I’ll clean it up. I could use the extra protein.” She started licking my shaved balls from the bottom and continued the tongue bath all the way up to the tip of my cock. Then she took the head in her mouth and sucked what was left out of the tip. I was SPOTLESS.

“So how do I get to have an orgasm?”

“Come up her and let me help.”

Slowly, I started kissing her lips deeply. I cradled her face with one and roamed her exquisite body with the other. I slipped my hand inside her still belted robe and circled the outermost flesh of her left breast with my index finger. She shuddered at the near miss of a sensitive area and I grinned. I moved my hand over to the other breast and repeated the process. I lightly ran my fingertips down her taut stomach till I hit the belt in her robe. I slowly untied it and pulled the belt off the terry cloth robe.

My hand slid further down and found her fresh, virgin mound. I moved around a bit and rubbed her beautiful, young legs. I reached her ankles and gently pulled her down to where her feet where near the side edge of the bed.

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The Two Bus Rides

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It was the beginning of December and the landscape along the highway was snow covered. She blankly gazed out the window of the bus, lost in her portable cd player.

Their song was playing. She had set the cd player to play it on repeat and hadn’t switched it off for the whole, hour and a half, bus ride.

“This was it!”, she thought. She finally was doing something wild. She had met Ryan years ago, but had lost touch. Only recently did she discover his number in one of her numerous notebooks and decide to call it.

As she hashed over the past in her mind, she was awakened by the jerk of the bus stopping. She looked out the window, scanned the bus terminal in the strange city she hardly knew. She looked around for Ryan but couldn’t see him through the mass of people. As she stepped down off of the bus she went to collect her bags and as if out of nowhere he appeared.

A huge grin appeared across both their faces as Ryan embraced her. She planted a sweet kiss on his lips. Both of them savoured the peck as it was there first kiss together.

“Love you,” Ryan said timidly. They had said it many times over the telephone but never in person to each other.

Stephanie smiled and said, “I love you too.”

Ryan picked up Stephanies backpack, holding her weekends worth of luggage and headed for the parking lot. They got in the car and the grins persisted on their faces; they were both in a dumb state of shock.

“So how are we going to spend our weekend together?”, Ryan asked. “I’m up for anything!”, she replied.

They arrived at Ryan’s parents house. Steph would be taking his room in the basement and he was to sleep on the upstairs couch.

They spent the afternoon talking and Ryan played their favourite song on his guitar for her.

His music made her fall deeply for him. There was something in his voice and the songs he wrote and played that drew her to him.

It was nearly supper time and Ryan had volunteered to his father to go and pick up some Chinese Food for supper. Steph and Ryan got back in the van, if only to steal a kiss.

They placed their order at the Esat travesti Chinese take-away and decided to go to a nearby parking lot. Steph had gotten Ryan a gift. A big care package with lots of little things to remind him of her.

Ryan leaned in and kissed her sweetly. They paused for a moment and then resumed kissing. Their lips tingled at the feel of each other. Their tongues danced as they held each other, eyes shut.

After a kiss that lasted for eternity they picked up the food and went back to eat dinner.

Later that evening they decided to take a drive. Ryan took her to his favourite spot in the city. A quiet park which was his own special place.

They sat in the car and both fueled by hormones kissed again. Ryan placed his hands around her waist and she wrapped her arms around his neck. They barely paused to breathe as they lost themselves in each other. The sweet taste of her lip gloss and the silkiness of her tongue excited Ryan.

Stephanie stopped their kiss and noticed Ryan’s bulge. She asked if she could straddle him. He was more than willing. She hopped seats and was now sitting on him. They resumed their make out session kissing and fogging up the windows. Stephanie was very hot for him now, she decided it was time to go a little further.

Stephanie begun grinding herself into Ryan’s bulge to which he reciprocated. She put her hands up his shirt and felt his smooth chest. After a while she lifted up her shirt to reveal her 34c breasts to Ryan. Ryan touched them gently… his eyes marvelling at their perfection and beauty.

It was getting late so they decided to head back home. They rented some movies for the night and settled in on the couch.

After everyone had gone to bed they resumed their make out session in their pajamas. They were lying on the couch totally ignoring the movie that was playing. Ryan’s hands roamed her breasts as he kissed her and their tongues battled.

“Want to go to the bedroom?”, Stephanie asked. Ryan hesitated… “I’m not sure we should.” They both debated the idea and decided to stay and cuddle on the couch longer.

They Kızılay travesti cuddle up and Stephanie could feel Ryan’s cock pressing up against her ass. She coyly moved her hands to run her fingers along his waist line at the top of his boxers. Soon enough they were engorged in one another and she was fondling his cock and balls while he ran his fingers through her curly pubic hair.

She parted her legs and Ryan’s fingers were greated with a great, warm, wetness. He slipped a finger into her warm pussy and she quietly moaned.

Enough was enough… they could not control themselves anymore. Ryan carried her to the bedroom. They were worried that Ryan’s parents would find out so they layed down on the flower.

Ryan lay slightly on top of her as he fingered her and made her eyes roll back into her head. She pulled down his pajama pants and jerked his cock hard. She marvelled at it’s size.

Eventually they both found themselves naked. It was, in essence, the moment of truth.

Ryan began to enter her but she was incredibly tight. He grabbed for some vaseline which he usually kept handy for masturbating and coated both of them. He inserted his 7 inch cock into her almost burning depths and sighed. They slowly made love, kissing, looking into each other’s eyes.

Ryan’s cock began to stiffen to it’s full extent. He grunted as his cum shot deep inside of her.

“Are you on birth control?”, he asked in a frenzy.

“No…”, she replied quiety. “Oh well, it’s too late now.”

It didn’t really matter because they loved each other. They had planned on eloping but didn’t now exactly when it would happen. But if for some reason she did get pregnant, they were not worried.

They decided it would be best to go to bed and see each other in the morning.

They next day they went for another drive. Ryan wanted a cigarette badly. He had broken the rules by sleeping with Stephanie, so he threw all his ideals out the window. Ryan and Stephanie both smoked at the park they had made out the day before. They sweetly embraced each other and kissed.

They Alsancak travesti rest of the day was spent pretty normally, seeing as Ryan’s parents were around. But they again decided to go for a drive at night.

They drove to a huge parking lot that opened up onto a field. They got in the backside. Stephanie felt wild and unzipped his pants and started giving Ryan head. She savoured the smooth cock in between her lips and ran her tongue down it’s length.

Ryan tore off her pants and in the back of the car they started to make love again. But this time it was much more rough… I guess you could call it fucking. Stephanie got on her hands and knees and Ryan pushed into her doggie style. The windows were all steamed up but they could see the lights of snowmobilers all around the field.

Stephanie begged Ryan to give it to her hard. He rammed his cock into her dripping pussy and let his balls slap against her clit. “Again!” she cried. Ryan slammed into her again and began a rhythm that had her screaming and him with his mouth gaping open.

Finally Stephanie came but Ryan kept going and a few minutes later unloaded his cock into her depths.

They were both high from the sex, the kissing, the cuddling, the love. They weren’t thinking straight.

“Come home with me.”, Stephanie said. Ryan was hesitant… he wondered about leaving his job and family behind. He knew he loved her, and he knew he wanted to be with her and that’s what gave him the strength to say yes. After all, he knew, and so did she, that they couldn’t spend a night alone ever again.

So the next day, after fabricating a story about going up to visit her town. They both boarded the bus at the terminal. Ryan and Stephanie sat arm in arm looking out the window. They arrived at her small town in the middle of the night and this became the beginning of their life together.

They both had many new firsts together. Ryan taught Stephanie how to give a world class blow job and she admitted taht he was the first she ever had finished with her mouth. And Stephanie introduced Ryan to anal sex. They experimented with sex in public places, always seeking the high. They bought toys and rented movies and 69ed. They found their freedom. They became totally comfortable around one another. They were truly in love and that christmas they had the justice of the peace marry them.

The End.

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The Trip to London

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Big Tits

I have many memories about a particular girlfriend that I would like to share. I have been contemplated sharing these stories for a while so I thought I would choose one of my more favorite romps. As you can tell from my pen name, I have an uncanny memory for sex. In particular, sex with women from my past. Might seem odd to some, but not to me. I hope to share more stories, but I am going to start off slow and see what type of reaction I get from this one.

I was flying to Chicago for the holidays, planning on taking my girlfriend at the time to visit my parents in London. We were going to spend a couple days in London, but the real reason for the trip was to go to Paris for New Year’s. Along the way we would stop at different spots through out the French countryside, and ultimately get to Paris and celebrate. It actually was an exciting time because my girlfriend and I had actually met in Europe. This was the first time we were going to go back together. Oh, another good detail to share. I was living in SF at the time and she was in Chicago. Long distance relationship….the best thing I would never want to do again. You can imagine, every time we left each other was like breaking up, but we had honeymoon sex each time we were with each other.

I met her in a restaurant at ORD and we proceeded to catch up over some beers. Being away from each other was tough and it wasn’t the most ideal relationship, but we knew the trip back to Europe was going to be special. We caught each other up with what was going on in our respective cities, but we couldn’t wait to be able to get back into bed and fuck. She was gorgeous and I was crazy about her. She turned me on big time and I always wanted to have sex with her. We had a ton of phone sex while being away from each other, but we couldn’t keep our hands off each other when we were back together. Since we were flying, we could wait. Thinking back on it we should have done the mile high thing, but whatever.

The flight was fine, we got in early and we were completely jet lagged. My Mom suggested we try to get some sleep, which was fine because that meant we would be able to jump into bed and get the first fuck out of the way. We were practically sleep walking, but we still were hot and horny.

She was wearing black leggings with a white turtleneck sweater. I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. We got under the covers in one of the guest rooms at my parents place and I naturally snuggled up against her back. I wasted no time. I slipped my hands underneath her sweater and started to massage her incredible tits. To give you an idea of what these looked like, picture a typical model. She was tall, long legs and stayed in great shape. She had these perfectly shaped tits that legitimately didn’t need a bra to keep them up. They were perfect B size tits that were wonderful to get my hands on. She also had perfectly size nipples that would get Osmanbey travesti extremely hard when I would rub them or slightly pinch them.

I was feeling her tits and getting her nipples hard while she smiled and she could feel the hard on that I had, thru my pants. I started kissing her neck and slowly sliding my hand down her stomach to her waistline. I switch my hand from the front of her stomach to her ass and soon was digging my hand into her leggings and fingering her hot, wet pussy from behind. I love fingering her because she immediately started moaning ever so slightly and she knew I was about to tear my pants off and slip my hard cock into her. Without taking off her top, she lifted her hips, staying on her side. This way I could remove her pants. I then took off my pants and then slide right back into place. My cock was rock hard at this point and I started rubbing her pussy to just wet the tip of my cockhead. I could feel the heat that radiated from her body. I positioned my head at the tip of her pussy and I slide my hips up against her cold ass. I was slowly getting my cock in there. I felt how wet she was and she let out a little moan again. You have to remember, my parents are in the kitchen, on the other side of the wall, and so we had to be quiet.

I remember her ass being cold to touch but I loved cupping her cheeks. The wetness of her pussy told me she was hot and horny. I was thrusting into her while fitting myself into her back, not letting go of her tits. My balls were aching because I had been anticipating this for so long. I knew this wasn’t going to last a long time. I thrust my cock as deep as I could and I didn’t stop fucking. She was practically asking for more by moving her hips back to meet mine. All of a sudden my toes start tingling, my balls start tingling, my mind starts racing and I explode an enormous amount of cum into her. I pumped 2 or 3 more times, the whole time holding in my moan and squeezing my eyes shut. It felt incredible, and she was reaching back cupping my ass so that I could stay deep inside. Short, sweet, hot and fun. Little did I know, that was only the beginning.

Fast forward to nighttime. We finished eating dinner and were still a little groggy from traveling. All of us were done watching TV and everyone was retiring for the night. We were going to head out early the next day so we wanted to get some sleep.

The girlfriend, who will remain anonymous, and I went back to our room and I knew it was going to be a hot night. We had already gotten our first fuck out of the way and we ended up having a great day. We walked outside, get some fresh air and had some good wine at dinner. Overall good day, but for some reason I just knew it would be a hot night in bed and be our first of many solid fuck sessions during this trip.

After readying ourselves for bed, we both got into bed and lied next to Ayrancı travesti each other on our backs. She adjusted to her side, facing me while I stayed on my back. I had mesh shorts on and she had on a t-shirt and underwear. Comfy clothes for bed, but they weren’t going to be on for long.

While talking to her about nothing in particular, she started to massage my chest and stomach while staying on her side. She was right handed so she was on my right, which made for great leverage. We started to kiss real slowly and every once in a while our tongues would touch and we would kiss deeper. I was staying on my back when she decided to take my shorts off. My cock was slowly getting hard and she had it in her hand. She was amazing at giving hand jobs and she was stroking my cock to complete stiffness. She would take her hand off my shaft and slowly rub my balls, which just paralyzed me with excitement and horniness. I remember thinking that my cock had never felt this hard or big ever. I loved watching her use her hand in such a gentle, sexual way. She lowered her head to my stomach and took my cockhead in her mouth. Her mouth felt so hot and she started to take the entire thing in. Her lips were locked around my shaft and I started to pump my hips up and down to simulate fucking her face. She loved this, she would moan and flick her tongue all around my cock. I was in heaven.

I shook myself out of my state of bliss to notice that she had taken off her shirt, underwear and she was on all fours. She was blowing me like she was hungry for dick. Her ass was to my side but facing me and I could see through the dark room that her pussy was getting wet. I reach out and starting rubbing her ass and spreading her cheeks open to see her asshole and pussy. She responded to this well because I could feel her sucking my cock faster and harder. I think she knew what was coming next. I used my hands, which were holding both sides of her hips, to adjust her one leg over my chest. She was now straddling me and we could sixty-nine. I moved her back so that her pussy was on top of my mouth and I started to feast on her pussy. She loved it. She actually had to take my cock out of her mouth so that she could breathe, and moan passionately. We could be louder now. We were far away from anyone else. I kept my hand on her ass cheeks and I kept spreading them wider and wider so I could dig my tongue deeper and deeper into her pussy. I wet my right index finger and started to circle her asshole, which made her even more wet and me even harder.

After about 10 minutes of sucking, licking, moaning and rubbing, we repositioned ourselves so that I was on top of her. Like I said earlier, she had a model’s body. Her legs were long and I loved putting them up against my chest while fucking. I would lean into them and she would have her feet on either side of my head. Once I had her in the right Cebeci travesti position, I slide my cock into her and started a rhythmic pounding. It was incredible. Her facial expressions were amazing. And I vividly remember them turning me on with each stroke. Her eyes were shut, she was moaning for more and you could tell she was really into it. To my amazement, I was able to look down to watch my cock jet in and out of her. I noticed probably the hottest thing to happen to me during any sexual encounter. I don’t know if it was the angle or our position, but each time I stroked in, the bottom half of her ass, which was visible since I had her legs so far back, would spring back up to meet me. It was perfect synergy and it was one of the hottest slapping noises I can still hear to this day. That made my cock swell, made me want more and made me go faster and breather deeper and hold onto her thighs harder.

We then switched to doggie style and I slipped back into her pussy. She would swing her head up with pleasure. I gripped her hips again and probably was moving at a 15 MPH pace. I was fucking her so hard and felt so good. The whole time I am thinking to myself I won’t cum too quickly because I already got one out of the way. I would slide my hands up her side and pinch her nipples and rub her perfectly shaped B cup tits. Her moaning got deeper and deeper while I was thrusting faster and faster. I slide my hands to her shoulders and pulled her back while I was throwing my hips forward. We were fucking, in unison and the heat coming from both my cock and her pussy was supernatural.

I pulled out of her and I could tell I had one more position in me. I knew we wouldn’t have that much time before I shot another sizable load. I got on my back and she climbed on top of me. With almost no effort, my stiff dick slid right into her. She was a pro on top. She was a champion. She would arch her back and throw her head back while cupping her tits. She would lean all the way forward and come down to passionately kiss me. I would grab her tits and help her bounce up and down while we both let out moans and words of encouragement like “fuck me, yea, fuck me!” I told her I was about to cum and she jumped off me to my side and took my cock in her hands. I thru my hands behind my head to make an effort to stay out of her way and she proceeded to grip my fat cock. She jerked me probably 3 or 4 times and bam! All of a sudden I shot a hot, unrestrained load of cum all the way to the top of my chest. Maybe 4 ropes of hot liquid that was making my toes twitch. I had lost my breath and couldn’t speak. She loved it! I could hear her talking shit to me, “yeaaaaa, you love me stroking your cock. It’s so hot watching you cum; I can feel your cock throbbing in my hands. What a big cock you have!” I was shaking like a little boy coming out of a cold pool. She had complete control over me while I tried to regain my composure.

After about 5 to 10 minutes of complete silence, she slid back up into my arms and we just held each other. We both knew what had happened was incredible and probably was the best sex we had had with each other.

What a great start to the trip.

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The Tour Pt. 01

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I got the off the bus and stood in front of an impressively large building with the words MINI in large type. I met my group inside the Mini car factory in Oxford. On the left was a small museum of the history of the Mini Cooper car.

After browsing the museum for a few minutes and admiring some of the cars in the collection, the announcement was made that the two hour factory tour was about to begin. I walked into the waiting area to get the purple safety vest and safety glasses for the tour.

I look up and our tour after getting dressed at our guide Sara, in her white factory coat. She smiled and said hello. She was French, red hair, 5′ 7″, and pretty smile on her 20 something face. She had small breasts hidden behind a little added weight evenly distributed the length of her body.

After the obligatory video safety briefing, we headed out to the factory floor. Sara started talking in her wireless mic as our group listened intently with our wireless ear pieces.

I looked at Sara intently listening to her every word. I tend to look directly at people as I listen and she took note. Sara smiled at me and stared back as long as she could without looking socially awkward to the rest of the group.

As the tour progressed she kept smiling at me as I smiled back at her. Sara started shifting her safety glasses back up her nose with her hand flirtatiously while she stole glances at me. Although it was obvious she has given this tour a hundred times, she stumbled on her words occasionally as, clearly, something else was running a cross her mind. Her glances and body language left little interpretation about what she was thinking.

During the middle of the tour she looked at me intently, smiled, and mentioned that we will see the marrying of the body and the engine in a few moments but did not want to spoil anything.

After a few moments we were watching this process as the frame and the engine came together.

Sara said that “Mini called it the marriage because this relationship will be life long.” as she looked at me.

I was clearly getting the hint from Sara.

She was not my typical type of girl but clearly she saw something there. I liked her flirty style and cute smile. I started standing closer to her and asked a few questions to participate. This flirty pattern of looks and smiles continued between us to the end of the tour.

Once the tour ended and she collected all of the headsets. We talked for a bit. She told me about her PhD program in mid-evil history and we talked about mine. She was going back to France next week to continue her program and I was going back to the states.

“Would you like to have a drink with me at the pub?” Sara asked?

“I have my teenage son with me on this trip.” I replied.

“Any chance meting after he goes to bed?” She asked.

Thinking it would be fun to have a female Çankaya travesti friend that lives 5,000 miles away, it should be safe. “Sure, I would be happy to.” I replied. “How about 10pm at the Trout Inn?”

“Sounds perfect.” She said.

It was a long day thinking about what Sara’s intentions were and how the evening would go. I walked about a mile down to the pub from the hotel. It was a beautiful summer evening about 60 degrees as I strolled across the bridges of the Themes river with the stunningly, old large trees, and a fresh breeze guiding the way.

Once I arrived, I saw Sara sitting in out on the patio nervously nursing a glass of water. Her hair down to her shoulders now with a fresh coat of light red lipstick. I walked up to her.

She stood up and gave me a hug like an old friend not seen in quite some time.

“I was nervous you would not come” Sara said.

“Of course, I would never consider otherwise” I replied back. What can I order you Sara?”

“A glass of wine.” She replied.

I excused myself, went to the bar and ordered two glasses of red wine. I returned to Sara eagerly waiting in the stool overlooking the river. I handed her a glass and said “Cheers, to us and a new…” pausing to fun the right word.

“To a new us.” she said.

We sipped our wine and talked about her days as a tour guide, schooling in France, and what her hopes and dreams were for the future.

“Max” she asked as if she needed to get my full attention. “Can we get go for a walk?” Sara wanted to escape from the prying ears and looks from the other patrons around the pub.

“That sounds nice.” I replied.

We walked over to the gate next to the pub which opened up to the huge Port Meadows which stretched on for miles. She reached over to hold my hand as we started to follow the river’s edge deeper into the park. We walked quietly, comfortably, together for a while until we came to a large weeping willow tree on the bank of the river.

Sara stopped, looked slightly up at me in the pale moonlight and kissed me gently on the lips. I returned her advances. I reached around to embrace her. We kept gently caressing each other’s lips with our own until she spoke.

“I know this might sound strange since we just met today, buy I have never just instantly fallen in love with anyone, but I have with you.” She said. “I don’t know how you feel and understand if you don’t feel in love yet but I did not want this to be an opportunity to just slip by.” She finished.

“I don’t know what to say other than I am very humbled by your words and refreshed by you being honest. Let’s see where this goes.” I responded.

Sara reached into her shoulder bag and pulled out a small blanket. We both took two corners and laid it down under the willow tree. She sat down on the blanket and kicked off her sandals. She reached Dikmen travesti over and pulled the strings on my shoes then patted the empty space next to her. I kicked off my shoes and sat down next to her with our hips touching. She began to kiss me again but this time with more passion and purpose.

She threw a leg over both of mine, and sat on my lap as we kissed. She pushed me gently back as she laid her bodyweight on me. Her hand found the hem of my blue polo shirt and she reached inside up to my chest.

“I like what I feel.” Sara said as she ran her fingers through the hair on my chest.

I reached down to slide my hands under her blouse to her naked back. I ran my fingers gently up her back as she cooed in my mouth.

She sat up slightly and threw her blouse over her head. In the pale light I saw her lacy bra and A cup beasts calling out for my touch. I reached up and ran my hands over her bra. She looked at me intently with her hair hanging beside her face nearly touching mine. She reached back, I clasped her bra with one hand and let the straps fall to her sides. I reached up to her shoulders and slid the shoulder straps down her arms.

She kissed me again as I gently cupped both my hands around each breast. Slowly closing by index and middle finger gently trapping her nipples. She jumped slightly from her sensitivity as I I rolled her nipples ever so carefully between my fingers further stoking the fire within her.

I sat up slightly putting my lips to her right nipple. I inhaled her nipple slightly and worked around it with my tongue. She let out a impassioned soft moan as I caressed her nipple in my mouth.

“I want you inside me.” Sara whispered into my ear.

“Are really sure?” I asked not wanting her to regret anything, making sure that she knew I did not want take advantage of her.

She smiled and nodded. “More than anything.” She said.

Sara reached down to with both hands and I buckled the black belt on my jeans. She released the button on my jeans and lowered the zipper. She reached up to my hips and firmly grasped the sides of my jeans. I lifted my hips as she pulled them down past my knees. She reached up and grabbed the sides of my boxers and had them join my jeans. She came back up and gently encased my hard penis with slightly wet head with her long slender fingers as she kissed my chest. She moved down to my stomach leaving the sensation of her lips on my skin. She released her grip on my penis and inserted it into her mouth making me groan in pleasure. She caressed my penis with her tongue as I had done with her nipple.

Sara reached down and removed her panties from under her knee length skirt as she was suckling me. She slid up quickly and kissed me as she took my penis with her hand and guided it to her vagina. She slid it up and down he outside of her opening showing Eryaman travesti me how wet she was for me. She slid her weight down and gently but quickly enveloped my penis entirely inside her.

We both moaned as we were as deeply entwined as we could be. She kept me deep inside her moving enough to feel amazing but making sure I stayed deep within her.

We were both so close to the edge right from the beginning, lost in the pleasure we were getting from each other. Sara shook hard and quietly moaned “oh my god” in her impassioned French accent. I ran my fingers up and down her back causing her to shiver from my touch.

After a moment when she started coming down from her climax she started moving, the same as before. I wanted to come inside her with every fiber of my being. Was she on birth control? Was she in the middle of her cycle? Does she care? Would she care? All flashed through my mind. I did not want to disrupt this moment either of us but then she whispered said “finish inside” as she felt me get even harder. I exploded inside of her feeling a rush of passion but also a tinge of worry. Sara came again, even harder than before.

She laid on top of me for some time with her head on my chest and my penis inside of her. As the minutes passed we both calmed down and she moved her body to the right, beside mine, still with her head on my chest and her right leg on top of mine.

She reached down and held my left hand inside of hers. “We’ll need to talk about this.” Sara said as she was turning my wedding ring on my finger, especially when I get pregnant.

I was quiet for a moment, not knowing what to say, not really thinking things would go thus far.

Sara spoke “It’s okay. I don’t know how your relationship is but all I know is that I need you in my life. I don’t know how it happened but I love you more than life itself, and that will never change. We will figure out how to proceed from here. All I know is that we have four more nights together and I want to spend each one if them with you, making love to me.”

I looked down at her and she kissed me.

After a while we helped each other get dressed and packed up the blanket. We started the long walk back to the pub.

“I hope I was not too forward tonight.” Sara said.”I don’t want you thinking I am the wrong type of girl.”

“Not at all, Sara.” I said.

“I just love you so much and I wanted to make sure you knew.” She said. “I would be heartbroken if I lost you.”

I wrapped my arm around her waist. “I know how you feel, that is clear.” I smiled at her as we continued to walk in comfortable silence together.

When we reached the pub, we walked to the car park and she offered me a ride back to my hotel. It was late, she had to work in just a few hours and I had my group tours to go on.

When we got to the hotel, she looked at me and said “can I pick you up, the sane time tomorrow?”

“I look forward to it.” I said.

We kissed deeply for a few minutes and agreed it was time for bed.

I got out of the car, closed the door, and waived goodbye as she waived back driving in the darkness of the night.

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The Text Pt. 01

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Jason had just gotten into the shower when his phone chimed. Not once, but three times. I sighed, and laid my book to the side. Probably his brother, or mom, especially this late in the evening. I reached for the iphone and tapped in his passcode. Three new messages. I clicked on the first one and up popped a photo I instantly recognized as his coworker, Rachel. In the photo she was all dolled up to go out, her long chestnut hair curled to perfection, makeup that must have taken at least an hour, and a low cut top showing most of her C-cup breasts. The picture was followed by two more texts, ‘How do I look?’, and, ‘Wish we could go out sometime.’

My pulse quickened and I glanced at the bathroom door. The shower was still running. I looked back at the phone in my hand and realized this wasn’t the first text from Rachel. The scrolling bar on the right side of the screen was tiny, indicating a long message history. I quickly scrolled to the beginning and began reading the messages.

They started off innocent at first, talk about work, running late, meetings and such. Then them messages became more frequent. The two of them were texting each other multiple times throughout the day, usually joking about work, and teasing one another. Then it got interesting. Rachel seemed to be having boyfriend problems and began asking Jason for relationship advice. After reading about how her boyfriend had treated her, I hoped she was breaking up with him, like Jason advised, and I kept scrolling to find out. Sure enough, texts a few days later revealed she had kicked him out, but she was lonely, and seemed to be coming on to Jason strong. I read the next string of texts in astonishment.

I’m so bored tonight. I hate being here alone. I wish we could hang out. You know, just watch a movie or something.

You know I can’t, Rach. Maybe you should get out of the house?

And do what? I don’t feel like going out. I’d Şişli travesti probably do something stupid like hook up with some random stranger. I’m feeling lonely in more ways than one. Lol


Do I have to spell it out for you? I’m so horny I think I would fuck just about anyone.

Is that so? What would you want him to do to you?

Well, first I’d want him to kiss me, long and slow. I’d want him to lick my neck, and I want to feel his hands all over my body, I want to feel how much he wants me…

And then?

I’d take off my clothes, leaving only my panties. Lacy black thong, in case you were wondering.

Yeah…I shouldn’t be doing this.

This isn’t cheating. You’re just helping a friend out. It’s much safer to stay here and text than it is to go out and meet some strange man. Right?

Yeah. So, only a lacy black thong? Would you like him to suck on your nipples?

I would like you to suck on my nipples, Jason. Right now… Oh…I’m so wet thinking about it.

I’m sucking on your nipples, they’re so hard I want to pinch them. My hands are wandering south toward your belly.

Yes, Jason, that feels so good. Keep going. I’m going to do whatever you say.

I’m slipping that black lacy thong down your legs, spreading your legs apart so I can lick your belly, kiss the insides of your thighs…You’re gorgeous.

That’s right. Keep going baby, I’m getting my vibrator. I want you to lick me.

My head is between your thighs, I’m licking all around your clit, you’re so wet now,

I am wet, so wet, oh, don’t stop!

I heard the shower turn off and knew I only had a few minutes before Jason came out and crawled into bed with me. I was horrified by what I read, but also throbbing with desire. My hand slipped into my panties as I continued to read.

I’m slipping my fingers inside you as I suck on your clit, I’m finding your g-spot and Taksim travesti tickling you there as I suck gently.

Oh my God, Jason, I’m so close to cumming. Don’t stop. What are you going to do next?

I’m slipping out of my jeans now. I want my dick inside you. I want to fill you up. Oh, I’m so hard, Rachel. I’ve got to release this, I’m sitting here with my cock out, it’s throbbing wanting you so bad.

Put it in me, now! Fill me up with your big dick, Jason!

Rachel, you feel so good, your pussy is so tight, I’m thrusting into you hard and fast, do you like that?

I do! Don’t stop, God, I wish you were really here inside me right now. I’m cumming Jason, oh God, this is the best orgasm, it’s so long. You’re cock is so big and hard.

I’m cumming inside you, filling you up, you’re full of my jizz and it’s running out of your soaking pussy.

Wow, Jason, that was amazing. I can’t believe you just did that to me! I’m going to want more of this…

Haha, me too. I just shot a huge load imagining fucking you.

Thank you for taking care of me tonight. Talk again soon?

See you at work tomorrow. Goodnight.

Can’t wait. Goodnight.

I quickly closed the texts and put the phone back on Jason’s nightstand. He would be out any second, and I was so wet and horny I couldn’t stop touching myself. My heart raced as quickly as my mind. Was he cheating on me? Is sexting cheating? Rachel didn’t seem to think so. It sounds like it was all just texting, that they hadn’t actually fucked. Of course, I hadn’t finished the entire thread. There was more to read, and I was trying to figure out how I was going to do just that, when Jason came out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist, his dark hair wet. I admired his strong body, wondering if Rachel had seen him like this. He walked to his side of the bed and let the towel drop as he sat down. I reached across Gümüşsuyu travesti the bed to run my hands down his back. I pulled him backwards toward me and he stretch out next to me, slipping his hand under my short nightgown.

I couldn’t wait. I slipped my panties off and climbed on top of him, leaning down to kiss him hard and fast. I could feel his dick growing and getting harder, reaching up to tease my wet lips. I rubbed back and forth, my juices wetting his cock. “You’re mine, Jason. Now fuck me.” I cried, and reached to guide his cock into me. I pictured him with Rachel, wondering if he had really fucked her, or if he’d only wanted to.

“I’m yours, baby. I’ll fuck you. I’ll fuck you any way you want me to.” He grabbed my ass as I continued to ride him, feeling him deep inside me. I ripped my nighty over my head. I wanted him all over me. Nothing between us. I wanted his skin against mine as I fucked him. I lay my breasts against his chest, feeling him thrust his hips up again and again, harder and harder. I dug my nails into his shoulders and found his throat with my mouth. I sucked hard, knowing I was going to leave a mark. I was angry, and horny. We’d never fucked like this before.

My orgasm was building. I was so close, “Don’t stop, Jason. Just like that, fuck me hard! Harder! Yes!” He was slamming into me and I was coming. An orgasm that lasted and lasted. “Come now, Jason, come with me.” I cried, my fingers still digging into his shoulders.

I felt him let go, grunting as he lost his load inside me. We orgasmed together, and as it slowed, I relaxed on his chest, pressing my face into his neck and cheek. His arms wrapped around me in a tight hug. We were both breathing hard, hearts still racing. Finally Jason took my face into his hands and looked into my eyes, “What was that all about? Not that I’m complaining, that was amazing, but you have never been like that before.”

“I was reading while you were in the shower. It was hot and really turned me on,” I replied, kissing him again.

“Well, whatever it is, I hope you keep reading it.” He chuckled, smacking me on my ass.

“Oh, I will. It’s a really intriguing story.”

To be continued…

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The Swap-Club

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After reading feedback from a reader that they have a swap club, I was both excited and motivated to contribute our real wife swapping experience for the benefit of readers, especially for the couples. The story has gone little long but I have tried to recollect each and every detail of the experience. Since I have taken special pains I would request the readers specially the couples to read till the end and forward their views.

I am a well-placed and handsome officer engineer. My name is Sunny. I have a beautiful wife. Her name is Pooja. WE BELONG TO PUNJAB. Three years before our sex life appeared to become routine though we were regularly having sex. We had been reading stories and seeing blue movies. This introduced us to threesome, foursome, lesbian and wife swapping concepts. Pooja used to get excited seeing a Negro fucking a female with his big cock in the movies. Initially we did not think about swapping too much both of us being from conservative families. But subsequently we started fantasizing while making love. We started telling each other our fantasies thus bringing each other too fantastic climaxes. She would tell a fantasy involving her English professor or a class fellow whom she had liked in her hindsight before marriage but never dared to even think of it. I also started telling her fictions stories about the woman I liked. As the days passed by we started asking whether we would actually like to do it with another partner. I readily agreed. She being a shy lady was hesitant to say yes. But I knew she wanted it.

Though I was possessive about my beautiful, innocent and sexy wife I took the plunge. I advertised in a couple’s column of a magazine. We got few responses but since we were beginners we selected a couple who are doctors. We met twice but only restricted to stripping, kissing and massaging each other. Though we enjoyed every bit of it but we did not get into fucking each other’s wife. I found myself to be possessive about Pooja where as she seemed to be ready for fuck from the gentleman without hesitation. The lady doctor was also mad after me for fucking her, however I disappointed her too. Finally we were transferred from that city so things came at a temporary halt. After a gap of two years we came across a couple when we finally got into fucking with some other partner. Till date Pooja is ready to be fucked by this man any time. She has become very fond of his thick cock.

Our friends were again introduced through a magazine. After one or two letter exchanges, we exchanged our telephone numbers. To cut it short we met one day at their place. The guy is an electronic engineer and the lady is a housewife. His name is Dheeraj and her name is Swati. Dheeraj is a handsome gentleman with broad shoulders. Swati is a good-looking lady with sexy eyes. It was evening time. Since both of them like drinks we started off with drinks. My wife also started sipping after some resistance since she was a non-drinker. I think Dheeraj had impressed her with his talk. During our discussion Pooja had observed that Dheeraj was an intelligent man. Swati seemed to enjoy her drinks and in between we were exchanging looks exploring each other. In between the discussion Dheeraj mentioned that he had a great cock and no lady has ever said no to him. Swati also confirmed his statement and added that he was very good at fucking. Pooja looked down shyly but at the same time getting impressed. Dheeraj asked her not to feel shy instead enjoy the evening. He told her that one should enjoy every moment of life in each and every form. By this time Dheeraj, Swati and I had finished four drinks each. My darling Pooja was on her first drink. Swati went near her and helped her to finish her drink. Dheeraj poured another drink for every one and moved near Pooja saying that this drink he will have near Pooja.

Dheeraj gave the glass to Pooja and started praising her beautiful body. He mentioned that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever met. He took a sip from Pooja’s glass and touched the rim of his glass to Pooja’s soft lips. She hesitantly took two or three sips. By this time I could see the huge bulge in Dheeraj’s Bermuda. Encouraged by Pooja’s response he got hold of one of her hands and put it on his bulge. She shyly withdrew her hand after he had made her feel his bulge. At this stage I had a mixed feeling of sex and possessiveness of my wife. Suddenly I saw Dheeraj hold Pooja’s hands and making her sit in his lap. I could see the shy cheeks of Pooja going red with the touch of the hidden cock. He made her finish her drink in his lap. Infact now they were sharing each other’s drink. In between I could see his hand move to her boobs and have an assessment of them. He kissed her gently on the cheek making her comfortable in his lap.

Meanwhile I moved towards Swati and took my arm around her while sitting on the sofa. I cupped my hand on one of her boobs and told her she was looking sexy. We finished our drinks. By this time things had warmed up and every one of us was excited. I kissed Swati on her cheeks and lips. She also reciprocated. Both of us found ourselves looking at Dheeraj and Pooja. Dheeraj had made Pooja sit on his thighs with her legs Cihangir travesti spread on both sides of his legs and her face towards him. He was sucking and kissing her cheeks and lips madly. Pooja had also surrendered fully to him. He lifted her shirt and started massaging her back. Pooja had closed her eyes with shyness and pleasure. The temptation was too much for Dheeraj as he quickly removed her pink bra and started fondling with her huge breasts very fondly with both hands. I could see Pooja’s erect nipples due to the treatment given by Dheeraj. He was very happy to see her shapely boobs and started sucking them hungrily like a child one by one. While having sucks, bites and licks on Pooja’s tits and nipples Dheeraj removed her shirt that was hampering the process. I could see Pooja’s legs stretched to the full indicating that her cunt must be itching to get it from him since she was already in his lap. Dheeraj was madly showering kisses on her boobs, arms, cheeks, neck and ears driving her to a wild ecstasy.

Meanwhile I had been sucking Swati’s boobs with my face in her lap as she was sitting on the floor. I had made her milk plants naked by unhooking her ceramic bra and removing her shirt. She was getting her boobs sucked as if she was feeding her child. My hands reached in between her pyjamas and felt the smoothness of her thighs and buttocks. I put my hand in her panty and inserted my finger inside her wet cunt to feel her. She gave out a moan. and kissed me gently. I saw Dheeraj changing position with my wife; he removed his T-shirt and brought Pooja’s face near to his nipples so that she could give them a lick. She gave his nipples good licks and bites as his hands started exploring her ass. He hugged her tightly and I could see Pooja’s huge breast crushing against his hairy chest. He untied the cord of her salwar and removed it. Oh god Dheeraj had made my wife naked exposing her milky and shapely thighs clad in a pink panty.. She could put any model to thoughts with her shapely body.

With this Dheeraj’s tool in his Bermudas got further enlarged trying to defeat the fabric on it. Dheeraj murmured” you have got a nice ass Pooja, your legs are too good” At the same time he cupped her ass cheeks. He gave her a good hug (in Punjabi we call it a juffi) with his chest pressing her boobs and crotch touching her crotch. She also locked her arms around him. His hands were madly on her thigh and buttocks and his tongue had met her tongue while doing all this. He was kissing her with full passion. He lifted her gently and placed her on the sofa. He started licking the fingers of her feet. He was more particular to give nice licks in the space between the fingers. Pooja was now moaning with the pleasure. He took his tongue to her legs and knees tasting each and every portion and then to her thighs. Meanwhile I had also removed Swati’s pyjamas and shirt and given her a lick and massage everywhere on her body. She was looking good in her ceramic panty. She also removed my T-shirt and jeans on my request. Now I was in my red jockey only. My cock was fully erect. Swati praised, my tool, my body and said I had a firm ass.

Dheeraj overturned Pooja on the sofa and started licking her back starting from the neck to the top of her ass. Pooja moaned aaaaah oooohhhhhh for every flick of her tongue due to the ticklish and sensuous sensation. Her shyness had vanished as Dheeraj had rightly justified that no lady had refused him till date .He licked her ass cheeks and gave light bites on them by gently adjusting her panty with his fingers to expose them. Dheeraj was moving towards possessing my wife in whom she was cooperating though she had every time negated the proposal. On the contrary I was slightly hesitant towards any action further though Swati and myself were enjoying the act. Dheeraj again commanded Pooja to sit on her back to which she willingly obeyed. It was obvious that she now wanted the big one really inside her. No sooner she adjusted her big sexy ass on the sofa Dheeraj removed her pink panty which was now slightly soaked with his hand and straight away took his mouth in between her thighs, “you have a nice pussy darling’’ uttered Dheeraj and inserted his tongue on her clit by widening it with his hands. He started tongue fucking every part of her vagina in between taking the clit in his lips .Pooja also lifted and adjusted her ass to make best use of the opportunity. While doing this Dheeraj took his hands to her nipples and stared twisting them gently, in between increasing the force and at times pressing her boobs in full.

Pooja seemed to be at moon with pleasure as it was imminent from her moans of pleasure i.e. ahhh ooooooh. The scene on our side was that Swati was in my arms as I went about fingering her pussy with my fingers through her panty. Her skin was quite smooth for enjoying. I also removed her panty and gave her a nice lick at times massaging Swati’s hole with my finger. But we found both of us were paying attention towards Dheeraj and Pooja probably due to possessiveness. In my case no body had earlier fucked my wife.

With those inhibitions on, I saw Dheeraj removing his Bermuda in one go. There came out Fındıkzade travesti the thick monster saluting Pooja as he stood with his crotch near her face. It almost touched her nose as he further moved near her. Though his cock length was as good as mine but it was thicker and fat. ‘‘PLEASE TAKE IT IN YOUR SWEET MOUTH DARLING POOJA”, said Dheeraj. To my surprise she held it in her hands and felt it . ” It is so thick I won’t be able to “, she said shyly. Dheeraj immediately adjusted his ass and knees on the sofa and made his cock touch her soft lips. “Take just the top portion, Pooja you will like it”, said Dheeraj. Pooja opened her mouth and took the cap of the monster inside it and started giving her lick and suck treatment.

Out of possessiveness I said, “Not beyond this Dheeraj”. Dheeraj replied, ” Come on yaar, you enjoy with my wife” at the same time inserting half of his cock in Pooja’s mouth which had to be opened more than the normal to accommodate the thick penis. I think Pooja had also become greedy for the meaty cock as she seemed to enjoy the suck session. Dheeraj took Pooja’s hands behind him and asked her to massage the area between his balls and the ass hole that she very artistically did, in between putting her finger inside his hole voluntarily. He told his wife to suck my cock instead of looking at them. She took my cock and placed her hot and wet lips on it and started sucking it with passion thus diverting my attention for the time being. This gave a chance to Pooja to fully enjoy Dheeraj’s cock though she had trouble opening her mouth to accommodate the thickness and length. After sucking it for few minutes she took the cock out saying “My mouth is tired, I will just lick it now.” Dheeraj agreed and said, “Ok darling lick it and enjoy it. It is made for you by the god”. She started licking from the base as Dheeraj sat on the sofa adjusting his ass suitably to let his genital area in front of her face. She was kneeling and licking his balls occasionally taking her tongue to the area between his balls and ass hole. “Uuh ooh ahh superb Pooja, I am in heaven” said Dheeraj.

Encouraged she gave a total lick to his cock with special sucks on the top. I could see my wife’s sexy and monumental ass clearly since she was kneeling. Swati and I were also engaged in licking and kissing when I saw Dheeraj gently lift her and carry her on the bed. He laid her on the bed and kissed on her face and spoke,” Meri Jan Pooja, now I will give you the fuck of your lifetime”. He widened her legs which she also willingly did and positioned his knees to rub his tool on her clit. He was about to enter her hungry love hole when I interrupted saying” we will fuck own wives. ” Though he didn’t like he stopped and gentlemanly controlled his movement. Pooja like a good desi female didn’t say anything though she seemed to be disappointed by my action. I think Dheeraj’s wife was also feeling possessive about her husband as she supported d my idea.

Now we got hold of own wives and fucked them on the same bed i.e. Dheeraj fucked Swati and I fucked Pooja. I have cut out the details here to accommodate other details of this experience. We had our dinner and went to sleep with own wives on separate beds. When the lights were off, my wife and I were in a deep hug lying on the bed. I asked her if she enjoyed and requested her to tell me what all she enjoyed in particular. She told me it was very nice. I could guess her disappointment from her talk of not allowing Dheeraj to have her. She went to sleep and so did Dheeraj and Swati. However I could not sleep as I was wandering why I didn’t let them enjoy. It was like I wanted it and also at the same time had mental block of my wife not to be fucked by other man. While thinking this I was holding her tight as if Dheeraj will come and have her, but I found myself enjoying fantasizing Dheeraj’s dick inside Pooja.

My cock was again erect but I didn’t disturb my lovely wife who seemed to be tired. I might have slept for only one hour when the morning arrived. It must be around 6 AM when I woke up with big erection and started rubbing it on her bare ass by lifting her nighty. She woke up and turned towards me with her bare ass facing towards Dheeraj and Swati who were sleeping at some distance. We hugged and kissed tightly as if we had met for the first time. I let her head rest on my right shoulder and put my left leg in between her legs so that her boobs could touch my chest and my erect cock was in between her thighs. I was feeling her naked ass with my left hand and kissing her furiously. Our heavy breathing suddenly woke up Dheeraj. He hesitantly came on our bed and lay down on the other side of Pooja. Motivated by our act he gained in confidence and put his hand on Pooja’s bare ass.

I tried to be ignorant as I thought he could do everything except fucking her. Slowly he moved further and touched his crotch on Pooja’s ass. I knew how much Pooja liked when I embrace her from behind and press my cock on her ass when we go to sleep. She must have felt the effect of a fatter cock on her ass. He increased the pressure. Now Pooja was sandwiched as she also adjusted her ass to meet his crotch. So it was Fulya travesti quiet clear that both of them wanted to fuck to glory despite my restriction of cock cunt contact. Keeping the contact he removed his Bermuda and became totally naked. He again touched Pooja’s ass with his naked cock that might have swelled to its full-length courtesy Pooja’s voluptuous ass. I was just softly rubbing my cock on her thighs paying more attention to our breast chest contact and kisses. My left hand happened to go in between her thighs and by chance touched Dheeraj’s cock. It was a great feeling to touch others man’s swelled cock as it was only my first time. As I shyly tried to withdraw my hand I could feel Dheeraj bringing his cock near to my hand so that I could feel it without any effort,.

This was a sensational feeling especially when we both were sandwiching my wife. I could feel his hand touching my cock and moving the outer portion of it to take me to pleasure zone. I also held his cock voluntarily now as I liked its swelling and softness. He adjusted his position in such a way that his cock was on the rear portion of the partition of Pooja’s thighs. He slightly opened her thighs so that the head of his cock was just near her love hole. Suddenly he managed to get his right leg in between her legs by displacing my left leg to let his thick cock rub her cunt lips. Pooja was excited to glory and I could make out that she had arched her back slightly and moved her ass backwards to adjust his cock head fit in the cunt lips on the entrance of her juicing hole. I could feel this with my hand. With this encouragement and cooperation from her his love hungry cock went inside her cunt giving no time to my hand to stop it.

I could see the pleasure on her face as she tightly hugged me crushing her heaving breast against my chest and relieving her portion below the waist from me and further adjusting her thighs and ass to get his cock inside her cunt. I didn’t mind it this time as I was also hypnotized by the proceedings. I gave her few kisses on her lips and cheeks which totally signalled her to surrender her pricey cunt to Dheeraj and also Dheeraj to go for the fuck.

Dheeraj was now fully into his elements as he thrust his cock fully into her after few light knocks. I could see a slight pain on her face initially as it was also obvious from the words she uttered, “Suu iiiii “. The pain was probably overcome by her already lubricated hole and the tight hug with me. Probably Dheeraj was slowly doing it. Dheeraj readjusted his position with aggressiveness by lifting / folding Pooja’s right top leg for deeper thrusts sending out loud moan “Aaaah aaah “ from Pooja. He held one of her boobs with his hand took his mouth near Pooja’s rosy cheek to kiss it. Pooja also greeted him by turning her face towards his lips and let him suck her lips. She too kissed him on his cheeks that he liked very much. Now the tempo was set for the actual real fuck as he got his knees in between her legs and Pooja left my hug to rest her ass on the bed for his and her convenience. Dheeraj showered some quick kisses on her ass cheeks and gave few licks on her demanding cunt.

He went into a dominant position from this by pressing his shoulders against her thighs thus raising them a little and placing his lips on her tits and sucking them one by one letting his huge cock touch her hips. He further moved to kiss her and crush her boobs with his chest. He increased his grip on her by bringing his thighs near her ass and slightly raising and widening the gap between her legs thus bringing the cock totally on the pussy. Sucking her lips he moved his ass in such a way that he could thrust his cock in her cunt. Pooja moaned, “Suu iiiii awash “, as his fat penis straight away went inside her in the missionary position. Now he left kissing her and started thrusting his cock in her love hole with speed. “Aaaahh ooohhhh uii “moaned Pooja as Dheeraj was fucking her with vigour. These sounds were getting mixed with THAP THAP THAP THAP __ _ _ _ sounds which were produced when his front portion of the thighs were slapping against her rare portion of thighs. Like this “THAP suu THAP THAP THAP uiii uuuuu THAP THAP THAP THAP oooooh aaaaah “. “Aahhh Dard ho raha hai Dheere “Pooja uttered at the same time clinging her legs to his body. Dheeraj replied “Darling dard me bhi maza hai thori der baad dekhna “.

I moved towards rear of Dheeraj and could see his firm ass moving vigorously to set the piston movement of the cock in the cunt. Movement of the muscles of his ass cheeks was visible with each thrust. I could see his balls slapping on her ass near her ass hole. I moved my eyes below his balls to view his cock inside my beloved. On seeing I could realize why she was moaning in pain as I could watch that the monster cock had stretched her cunt lips to a width to which they were never extended earlier. It was tightly fitting. I touched his cock and felt the exterior of her pussy with my hands. I felt his ass cheeks with my hands and naughtily inserted my finger in his hole that he liked. In between he took out his cock fully and insert it again, followed by thumping which sometimes shook the whole bed. I could see juices flowing from Pooja’s hole as she uttered ahhh ahh ahh. Now he placed a pillow under her ass so that he could carry out deep thrusting. He raised her legs as erect as possible to accommodate his tool. In between he kissed her legs briefly by slowing down his movement.

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The Teacher

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He’d seen her before. She would occasionally stop for an iced tea at the same little place he did, but this time it was a little different. She’d taken a booth and had spread out a bunch of papers and was engrossed in writing on them. A little here, a little there, rather curiously.

Then it struck him. She’s grading papers! She’s a teacher! Now it all made sense. He’d never really known a teacher before, but the rhythms that he’d observed her during could be explained by her being a teacher. Now, at least he had something to talk about, and today was the perfect day for it since the place was full and there was nowhere for him to sit at the moment. Except for the unused portion of her booth. Walking directly to her, not taking his eyes off her, then stopping some three feet short of the table, he quickly said, “Ist hier frei?”

This had worked before. He would apologize for his absentmindedness and quickly explain that he had spent some time in Germany and it was perfectly normal to share a table with someone unknown to you after first asking permission. Only this time something seemed to have gone wrong.

She simply nodded and said, “Ja.” For a second he stood staring blankly, wondering why she wasn’t looking up when it dawned on him. She’d answered him in German! This was new to him. Always before, the woman would look at him confused and allow him to have the upper hand. Only this time, he was looking confusedly at her and she wasn’t paying any attention to him at all. Well, this certainly wasn’t going quite the way he’d planned. Actually, he hadn’t really PLANNED anything, other than the lead in. That usually was enough to pry a little chink in whoever’s armor he’d spotted. This time, however, the chink wasn’t so obvious.

Or was it? Quickly regaining his balance, he said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I lapsed again, but then, so did you. How long were you in Germany?” Marianne looked up, finally, not a little miffed at losing her train of thought. Displeasure soon departed as she looked the source of the interruption over. Her eyes slowly climbed from tabletop to the top of his head, with growing approval with each inch. She smiled a coy little smile while feeling just a slight twinge in her crotch, a signal she never ignored.

She said, “I’m sorry, I heard you say Germany, but I really wasn’t listening until then. What did you say about Germany?” And what did he mean by lapsing, she wondered. Larry had felt her penetrating sweep of vision examine him thoroughly in just a few seconds and was thrilled by the fact that she had done it. This one was different. This one thought like he did and he liked that.

“I just asked you how long you had spent in Germany.”

Before she could realize that she wanted to ask how he had known she had been in Germany she said, “I was born there.” She quickly added her question. “How did you know I’d even been there?”

This guy was starting to look intriguing because he was smart. She liked smart. It always made for a fun time. Not brilliant, not stuffy academic smart, but just above average intelligent. With a sense of humor. She began instantly hoping this guy, whoever he was, had a sense of humor. “Oh, OK, that explains it.”

“Explains what?” she asked. “Your answering my question in German,” he said, with a grin that said something to her, but she wasn’t sure just what. “Did I? I wasn’t really paying Halkalı travesti attention. I guess I was too deep into Harry Potter essays. What did I say?” She laughed at this. This was exactly the cue Larry was hoping for and he took full advantage, sitting his tray down carefully so as not to disturb her stacks of papers. “You said yes.” This was said with a quick smile and a pause while the words sank in. Larry hoped that Marianne would see a double meaning to them just before he explained the innocent meaning.

“I asked if I could sit down and you said yes. Is that still OK, now that you’re fully conscious?” He laughed and she smiled, both of them feeling that this, whatever ‘this’ might turn out to be, was starting out very nicely. Marianne thought to herself that this warmth she felt warming her inside felt just right. Larry found himself breathing slowly, consciously slowly, feeling air enter his lungs, pause a while, and then slowly, purposefully exit them. For the longest moment they just looked at each other, communicating, but not really knowing what they were communicating, except that they knew they both liked it and they knew the other one liked it as well.

“So, what do you teach?” Larry said, breaking the spell before it got too heavy and possibly spoiling things because it started too soon. “Sixth grade. These are essays about a Harry Potter book we just finished reading. Some of them aren’t too bad. And then we have some others…..”

Her voice trailed off, leaving no doubt what she meant. He immediately picked up on her meaning and asked what else she taught. He wanted to know if she taught all the subjects or did her students move around to other teachers? He said that his sixth grade teacher had been a man and they had everything with him, except gym. She started in with an explanation that she had a teammate and they shared the basic subjects and after a minute realized that he had her talking quite readily and was completely attentive to her every word. This made her pause and ask him if he was really interested in all this. He smiled without taking his eyes off of her and said, “I’ve always wanted to be a teacher so this is fascinating to me.”

“Well, before you decide you want to be a teacher you should have some idea what you’re getting yourself into. You should help me grade some of these papers and that might change your mind.” Marianne laughed, thinking this would make him say something about already having a busy schedule and that he wouldn’t really know what to do. Instead, he responded, “I’d love to. What do you want me to do?” Now it was Marianne’s turn to be off balance.

She heard herself telling him she was about out of lunchtime and had to get back but she’d be grading after school in room 214 if he was serious. “I’ll be there” was all he said as she gathered her papers and made a getaway, wondering what was going to happen next.

What she taught that afternoon Marianne never knew. Her mind was elsewhere. She could not get the stranger from lunch out of her head and she didn’t even know his name! He wasn’t strikingly handsome or strikingly anything, but he did have a nice smile and the way he looked at her made her start to heat up inside. That made no sense because he hadn’t said anything, or reached to touch her hand or even shake it. But something about him had her attention and she Levent travesti could not seem to let go of it.

At 3:15 the bell rang and 27 pent up bundles of energy fled her grasp for something more interesting than social studies. She found herself looking at the door, waiting for HIM to come in, while at the same time thinking that idea was crazy. He was just a pleasant diversion at lunch and not anything else. She was back into the essays now so she didn’t hear him approach. She started a bit at his, “Hi!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I guess I should have knocked, but the door was open.” She remembered that she’d left the door to her room open even though she usually kept it closed in the afternoons. “Oh, that’s OK. I usually get into my grading and lose track of what’s going on around me. I didn’t really think you’d come. Do you really want to help with this grading?” He smiled and said, “I’m here, aren’t I? I would like to help. I’d like to get a feel for what you do all the time.” She thought he sounded sincere and she really could use the help, plus, he still had those eyes that smiled at her and made her feel wondering inside. That feeling reminded her that she still didn’t even know his name. “I’d love to have some help with these….uh…….?”

“Larry,” he said, realizing immediately what it was she wanted to know. He offered his hand and she gave hers in return. The first moment their hands touched something passed between them that they both felt. He held her hand just a moment longer than necessary and she made no attempt to pull it back until he released it. She lost track of what she was supposed to be doing in those few seconds and he waited but a few more before asking what she wanted him to do.

That snapped her back into focus and she handed him an example of a good essay and told him to read it. Their hands touched again when the paper passed between them. Again, neither of them made a move to break the contact. It was as if a force was holding them together, letting them feed energy from each other. Larry had moved to her side of the desk ostensibly so that he could look over her shoulder. But he knew and she hoped he had moved there to be closer to her. She smelled of soap and shampoo and the image of freshly clean was exceedingly heady as he bent down to put his head level with hers to see what she was showing him.

She could feel him right there, right next to her, confident, sure of what he was doing, and very male. She KNEW he had moved to be close to her because he wanted to be close to her. His hand lingered in contact with hers because he wanted to touch her. She loved the idea that this man desired her company, desired her nearness, desired her. She never figured out exactly how it happened, but as she turned her head to say something to him he turned at the same time. They were close, very close. He kissed her. And she let him.

As he continued to kiss her, feeling her respond and not pull away, he let the kiss take on a life of its own. He felt her mouth slowly open and her tongue inched its way out, hesitantly. He met her tongue with his and they began a dance. Probing, licking, investigating, their tongues got to know each other.

Her arms had found their way around his neck while he had pulled her slowly to her feet and now held her firmly in his arms. His hands Şirinevler travesti had progressed to her beautifully rounded ass cheeks and she felt herself being pulled into him, becoming instantly aware of the hardness in the front of him that pressed against her belly.

As she savored what she had done to him one of his hands had wandered around to her breast and was cupping it, rubbing it’s thumb over the fabric over her nipple, which was rapidly growing as stiff as his cock. She moaned and he ground his pelvis into her, telling her with body language just how much he wanted her. His hand had slipped under her top, under the bra, and was now fondling her bare flesh, sending tremors to her groin, forerunners of greater tremors and floods to come.

She had to have him, and now! Without breaking the kiss, without moving his hands, she reached down and undid his belt, unzipped his pants, and reached in. Feeling along the length of his fabric covered cock made him catch his breath. She smiled at that, looked deep into his eyes, and then dropped to her knees, flipping the waistband on his briefs over the engorged head of his cock and then sliding them part way down his legs. Her mouth engulfed his cock and her tongue explored its eye, eliciting a gasp from him. As she slowly worked his throbbing cock deeper and deeper into her mouth she felt her skirt being pulled upwards. He gathered all the material of her skirt into both his hands as she feasted on cock.

She was sooooo good and he had to strain to avoid cumming too soon. With her skirt up around her shoulders she came up for air. He took advantage of the timing to stand her up and slide her soaked panties down her legs. He then had her sit in her chair and proceeded to lick the inside of first one thigh, and then the other, gradually closing in on her neatly trimmed bush. Soon, his nose was wet and enjoying thoroughly the aroma of her dripping pussy. It’s taste was soon familiar to him, too. Gently sucking on her clit brought her to the edge of the chair and to the brink of orgasm. He slowly lapped at her lips, avoiding her clit for now, letting her come back down from the edge. When she was breathing a little more slowly he began sucking again, alternating sucking her very erect clit with licking as deeply into her cunt as his tongue would go. Again, she began shaking, only this time he did not back away.

He felt her stiffen and then start to buck, then stiffen again. Picking her up, he sat hin her chair, lifted her above his skyward pointing cock and sat her down on it. Caught between orgasms, she helped fit herself down onto him, burying his cock to the hilt, dripping pussy juice over it knowing it was running down over his balls as well. Completely impaled, she rested, and they looked at each other and kissed again. This kiss began as gently as the first, but quickly escalated into urgency. She had cum, was about to cum again, and he needed to cum badly.

Feeling her suck his tongue into her mouth was all it took. He could feel his cum come rushing up, up, up the length of his cock and burst into her pussy, spraying its walls thoroughly with spurt after spurt. She could feel him cum and that put her over the edge once again and she clamped down on his cock, milking it of every drop his balls had to offer.

They were spent, but still joined. He did not want to leave and she did not want to get up. They wanted this to last. If they could stay this way for a while longer he would get hard again and they could make this go on. But suddenly it dawned on them that this was still school and there had to be other teachers around who might drop in at any moment…

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