A Weekend Retreat

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Female Ejaculation

He said he was going to take her away for the weekend. He was going to pamper her and give her a taste of being cared for. Everything at home was so stressful… the kids, the job, the divorce and a monster of an ex always hounding her…

Jimmy had taken her to lunch a few times, but they were never more than 10-minute stops at the office food coach. Triana worked hard. She had to support her kids by herself now. Even though her husband had loads of cash, he had managed to hide just about all of it; so the courts never even assigned him much by way of child support and nothing by way of alimony.

She didn’t want to lose her house. She didn’t want her kids to suffer because she and her husband failed at marriage. Then when she heard that the boss was going to have to let a few people go, she nearly freaked out. Her job was safe – for now, but the tension had been unbearable.

When Jimmy had asked her to go away with him for a weekend, she was shocked. Except for the few lunches and a quick peck on the cheek, there was never any reason to look at him as her knight in shining armor. He convinced her though. He even got his kid sister in to baby-sit her kids for the weekend. He managed to counter every argument she made. And when he gave her a set of sheer baby dolls he had been honest. Jimmy planned to pamper Triana in even the most intimate of ways. What the heck? She hadn’t been with any other man except for her husband and sex had been all about him. It was time she was with a man who made it very clear her pleasure was his priority.

Jimmy held her hand as they entered the secluded cabin he rented for the weekend. Their two small bags were tucked under his other arm. Just the way he looked at her was enough to make her wet between her legs.

“Just give me two minutes.” He kissed her lips lightly and set their suitcases down in the corner. Then he entered the bathroom.

Triana heard water running into the tub. When he appeared a minute or two later, his skin was flushed from the steam of the tub. He had removed his shirt, his shoes and his socks. It was the first time Triana had gotten a look at his muscled chest. His arms and shoulders were muscular and she came to him easily when he reached a hand towards her. Never letting go of her hand, he pulled her close to ravish her mouth. Their clasped hands were in the small of her back as he leaned down to cover her mouth with his own.

He gently poked the tip of his tongue between her lips. She opened her mouth just a little to let him enter. Slowly he tasted her, drinking in her sweetness with a deliberateness that made Triana’s knees weak. If this was the way he used his tongue to make love to her, she was looking forward to putting her body into his hands – literally.

His palm cupped her breast and she felt his thumb caressing the nub through the thin fabric of her blouse, he had asked her not to wear a bra. Still holding one arm behind her back and never removing his tongue from her mouth, Jimmy managed to unbutton her blouse and rubbed her tender nipples against his hair roughened chest. Triana couldn’t escape, she didn’t want to escape, the oral lovemaking. She used her one free hand to caress his lean hips, moving it until she could feel the male bulge behind the zipper to his pants. He wouldn’t let her unzip his pants.

He brought her next to the tub as he finally withdrew his tongue. “I want to see you naked.” His voice sounded rough as he slowly slid her blouse off of her and pushed her skirt down from her hips. She stood wearing only the scantiest of pink bikini panties. He slowly ran his finger under the fabric, first the waist and then each leg. He paused when he touched the curls between her thighs and smiled when he felt the moisture already oozing from her pussy. Triana’s breathing was already coming in short spurts. He put both hands under the fabric and cupped her cheeks lightly squeezing as he pulled her against him. kuşadası escort Then he pulled her panties down her legs with a barely restrained patience.

“I want to bathe you.”

She nodded feigning shyness. “I want to see you.”

His eyes met hers, his stare was intent. Jimmy unsnapped his pants and slid his trousers and underwear down his long legs in one quick movement. She tentatively touched his thrusting rod, it was so hot and hard. He stilled her hand. “Not yet. You are so beautiful and if I’m not careful I’m just going to shove my cock into you and shoot everything I have. I don’t want it to be like that. This weekend is all about you.”

His words mesmerized her. Jimmy reached to turn the water off. He poured a capful of fragrant oil into the steaming water. Then he sampled it with his hand to make sure it wasn’t too hot. Holding her hand, they stepped into the tub together.

Sitting, facing each other, she sat between his bent knees, her legs wide open as each ankle straddled the sides of his waist. Jimmy picked up a large, plump loofah and gently lathed her body with the slightly scratchy surface. He roughened her nipples with the loofah and then drew each one into his mouth holding the swelling buds between his teeth. Biting with just enough pressure to send shockwaves through her body, he sucked greedily. His hands dropped under the water and between her legs. She felt him fingering her and then sliding one, then two and then three fingers inside her. He stroked her from deep inside. His thumb pressed on her clit. He used his body, his arms, to press her legs open wider.

Triana rested her hands on his shoulders and she looked up into his dark eyes. His stare held her captive as he continued to fondle her sensitive spots. She could feel his fingertips as they sought out her G-spot and tortured it with an unyielding pressure. Bolts of pain and pleasure shot through her suddenly. Before she could catch her breath, he had her shoulders resting on his knees, her head dropped back to skim the surface of the water and with both hands on her ass cheeks, he lifted her wet pussy to his mouth.

She thought his tongue had been marvelous in her mouth. She felt his tongue stroke her and tease her clit. Then he thrust his tongue into her slit, in and out, in and out. Then he nibbled and sucked on her clit until he heard her gasp. He didn’t stop. Triana felt her body spasming over and over as he continued to hold her in midair and sucked and jabbed. With her head hung back and the room beginning to spin, she thought she was going to go crazy.

“Jimmy, Jimmy, I want you in me.”

“Soon.” He smiled as he continued to fuck her pussy with his tongue until she finally screamed from the pleasure.

When he finally let her sit back down in the tub, she was sure that the moisture glistening on his lips wasn’t just the bathwater. He deliberately licked his lips and savored her juices while she watched. Then he leaned forward and kissed her sharing her flavor with her open mouth. He tenderly finished their bath and dried them both with the same fluffy towel.

Both naked, they returned to the bedroom. He made her wait again while he removed soft strips of fabric from his suitcase. He tied the strips to either side of the headboard. Then he took a swig from a bottle of liquid on the nightstand.

He turned and saw her wide eyed stare. “Trust me.” He pulled the bedspread and covers off of the bed and then picked her up in his arms to lay her down. Looping the fabric loosely around her wrists he smiled at her. “You can pull your hands out easily, but you are going to want to hold on.”

Triana felt excited to be lying naked under his gaze, her arms held above her, almost defenseless to his ministrations. He went back to his suitcase but he hid whatever he was carrying from her gaze. He put the mystery object down next to the bed. Jimmy spread her legs as he knelt between them. Then he began to kiss her on her mouth, her neck, her breasts. He slowly drew each nipple deep into his mouth and sucked firmly. Then he used his tongue to trace a wet path down her body to the light brown curls of her thatch.

Once again he probed deeply with his tongue into her pussy. This time he used his hands as well. With one hand he shoved fingers deep inside her. She rode his fingers as they fucked her and pressed against his lips as he sucked her already swollen and sensitive clit. She wasn’t expecting it when he took his wet fingers from her pussy and slowly and determined pressed them into her asshole. One finger was quickly followed by a second, third and forth. The stretching was painful and pleasurable at the same time. He used his free hand to continue fucking her pussy.

Triana writhed on the bed and yanked on the cloth strips at her wrists. She pulled against them, holding them as if they weren’t just pretend. For all the times her husband had fucked her, he had never paid her so much attention. She had never felt her senses so alive. She felt every time he pulled his fingers out and thrust them back in both of her holes. She felt his teeth biting her clit as his tongue flicked it constantly. He didn’t stop even as her body tensed and she moaned and thrashed from side to side. Triana felt her juices flowing from her pussy and he drank it up.

“Oh baby, you taste so good.”

“Jimmy, I want you to come into me.” She was breathless and close to begging.

“Soon.” He smiled as he let her rest. He brought himself up to his knees and straddled her upper chest. His hard dick was poised over her mouth and he guided it to her lips.

Triana sucked his long, hot cock greedily. She ran her tongue along his length. And she sucked again. She enjoyed the taste of the drops of cum that oozed from the tip. She drew his cock into her mouth and it reached the back of her throat. Did she only imagine that it seemed to grow even bigger as she sucked on it? It was going to feel so good when he finally came into her pussy.

He laughed as he pulled away. “Don’t get too carried away. I have things I want to do to you.” Jimmy picked up a small plastic container and squeezed a few drops into his palms. “This is massage oil, it heats up. While I’m rubbing it onto your tits and into your cunt, I want you to tell me your fantasies.”

Still trying to catch her breath, Triana smiled gratefully. “What more can a woman fantasize than to be with someone like you?”

He smiled back at her. His hands began to massage the area between her legs. Triana could feel the heat from the oil on her breasts. Everywhere he touched her between her legs was hot. It amplified every time he touched her swollen pussy lips.

“Tell me every secret. Did you ever want to get fucked in the ass? Did you ever want to feel two cocks in you at once? Did you ever want to be tied up and get fucked for hours?”

He was exciting her with his hands and the heat from the oil. He was exciting her with his words. Her body tingled and even though the unknown made her nervous, she had to tell him yes to all of it.

Jimmy smiled at her response. He knew how excited she was getting again. She was writhing on the bed. She was holding the cloth straps as she pulled against them. Even though she knew she wasn’t tied down, the sensation of being a prisoner to him excited her and she was surprised.

He reached behind him. “I brought some toys.”

Triana strained to see.

“Meet my friend Richard.” Jimmy was holding up a lifelike looking dildo, very lifelike down to the mass of balls at the back end. “He’s a real cocky guy.” And Triana had never seen a real cock that huge.

She looked at it with nervous anticipation at the idea of something so big being inside her.

“But first…” Jimmy rubbed his oiled hands over a conical butt plug and gently inserted it in her ass. There was a little resistance when he reached the third, largest ridge and she drew in a deep breath as she felt it filling her hole. Then he pushed a little button on the end and it began to slowly undulate inside her. “How does that feel?”

The sensation was strange and good. “Weird.”

He smiled. After he poured some of the heating massage oil along the shaft of the dildo, Jimmy flicked another hidden button and Triana could see ripples slowly moving along the shaft. He worked it into her slowly until she had taken all of it. “Tell me how it feels to be fucked by a dick this big.”

She was panting already. She felt incredibly full and every sensation, every nerve, was focused between her legs. Jimmy used his thumb on her clit again as he held the massive dildo in her.

“Oh… ah… oh god… oh, oh…” Triana was coming again. She was thrashing and noisy. And each time she made a noise, Jimmy made sure to push a little deeper and smile a little broader.

He took the dildo out of her so slowly it was nearly tortuous as the ridges kept titillating her sensitive pussy. Then, less gently, he pulled the butt plug from her ass and before the hole could close he inserted a vibrating plastic wand. It went deeper and was thicker than the ridged butt plug.

Triana’s eyes were wide when she got a good look at Jimmy’s cock, it had grown and it was almost as big as the dildo she had just fucked.

Jimmy laughed. “You can believe some of those TV commercials,” he said cryptically. And then he shoved his rod into her as deep as it would go. “Oh god, I can feel the vibration in your ass.” And Jimmy began to fuck her with long, deliberate strokes.

She could feel his balls slap against her and she swore he was still growing. She knew the vibration in her ass was turning him on even more. And it was so good to finally have him in her.

He was pumping harder and harder. He screamed her name as he began to throb. She felt his hot cum filling her. The hot spurts from his rod brought her to the edge once more. And she could feel the vibration and fullness in her ass. And she screamed as she came again.

Jimmy collapsed against her and lay there still inside and not getting any smaller. She could feel cum seeping out. And the wand continued to vibrate in her ass. The wand worked against Jimmy’s still large cock and he grew hard inside her. And again he pumped away until they both screamed their names out loud

Jimmy left Triana pseudo tied to the bed and naked for most of the night. And he fucked her in every hole with his cock, with the dildo, with the vibrating wand and with the butt plug. By morning she was spent. They took a shower together and he fucked her again.

The only thing he would let her put on the next day was the sheer baby doll lingerie he had given her. He wore only jeans. Jimmie had brought food in a small cooler which he had left in his car. There were no interruptions, everything was done for her.

He finally let her suck his cock until he came in her mouth after she begged him. And then he fucked her again and made her come repeatedly until he shot his load into her.

She didn’t want to go home at the end of the weekend, but her kids were waiting for her. So were the bills and the crappy ex-husband and the demanding job and so many worries…

“I was thinking, how about you let me move in with you?” Jimmy surprised her with his words. “You have to know how much I’ve wanted you since the first day you came to work.”


“No buts,” and then he smiled as he thought of all the fun they had with her butt. “Seriously Triana, I want to be with you. I could help you pay the mortgage. I like kids. And while we certainly couldn’t live this fantasy every night, the sex would be fantastic.”

“I’ve got so many responsibilities…”

“And I could share them with you. I really am crazy about you.” He ginned as he picked up the dildo lying on the nightstand. “So is Richard.”

She laughed. And he kissed her. And they made love again before they went home.

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