Tina Pays a Debt Pt. 02

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Ever since I’d fucked my way out of a debt I’d been feeling guilty, not least because by the end of it I was beginning to enjoy it too much. I knew I had to make it up to my husband but in a way that he wouldn’t be suspicious, and I had just come up with the perfect way. His birthday was coming up shortly, and I was going to give him a threesome!

We have a great life together, both with thriving business and Mick plays rugby at a semi-pro level. Our sex life is excellent, and we are totally open with each other (apart from my little experience with Tony and Pete but that’s an earlier story). We’ve been tentatively discussing having a three-way with another woman involved; I think it’s less threatening for the man. Mick had even said that if I felt uncomfortable with him being with another woman, he would just watch as he really, really wanted to see me with another girl!

Well, I was going to give him his wish, and he would get to join in as well.

I knew the perfect woman to ask, our best friend and neighbour Chloe and what’s more, I knew they both fancied each other like mad. We had all been friends from Uni and knew that if Mick and I hadn’t hooked up together, he and Chloe surely would have, but we knew they would never act on it now. It was the perfect arrangement Mick and Chloe would finally get together, he gets his threesome, there’s no danger to my marriage, and my conscience is cleared, all I needed to do was set it up and hope that Chloe wouldn’t freak out when I asked her.

I asked Chloe over from a glass or three of wine the weekend before his birthday to broach the subject, we’d got the wine flowing and were just chilling out in my lounge, but Chloe could tell I was tense. I didn’t know how she would react to my suggestion.

“Come on Tina what’s up, is everything ok between you and Mick,” she asked at last.

“Fine couldn’t be better, and our sex life is incredible,” I replied “But; I don’t know how to put this. You know it’s his birthday next Saturday, I want to give him a three-way as a birthday surprise, and I want you to be the other girl,” I blurted outgoing, bright red with embarrassment.

“I know you’ve always fancied him, and him you, and that it wouldn’t affect our friendship. Please don’t think badly of me.”

Chloe was stunned nearly dropping her wine as she looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes wide open.

“Wow! Give me a minute to think this through babe. Okay you want a threesome with Mick and me, are you sure?”

“Definitely,” I replied and then she shocked me to my core.

“Yes I’d love to do it, and I do fancy Mick, what girl in her right mind wouldn’t he’s a hunk, are you sure you want to share him? But to tell you the truth I fancy you a hell of a lot more and have done ever since we roomed together at Uni, I’ve just been so scared to ask. I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, and your marriage, but now for me, it’s a win-win situation. I get to fuck both of you together.”

That statement was unexpected and shocked me, but thinking back on it we had nearly got together when we had been in our room slightly drunk one Friday night when Chloe had leaned over to me and placed the gentlest of kisses on my lips. How far that might have gone if Mick and a couple of our friends hadn’t stormed into the room no one knows.

“OK, next Saturday is his birthday, so if you come over about 4 we can set things up as Mick won’t be in then, he’ll be down at the rugby club and then the gym.”

“Isn’t he injured at the moment, dislocated and broke his finger last week didn’t he?” asked Chloe.

“The first minute of the game, but you know rugby players, put it back himself before the physio could treat him and played on. Anyway, he can’t play and hates to watch when he’s injured, but he’s going down to the club to help with the warm-up and then is going to hit the gym for a couple of hours. He will be all nice and showered and pumped up with testosterone after lifting all those weights” I said.

“It’s a date what do I wear if anything?” Said Chloe.

“Something super-sexy, but then again you always do!”

Saturday arrived after a long week of me feeling horny and expectant, Mick was surprised when I refused him sex on Friday night, I said I had a headache but I’d make it up to him tomorrow for his birthday, little did he know how. Off he went to the rugby club about 12.

Chloe came round early, and she looked stunning as always, we set things up in the bedroom as she had brought over a small portable fridge and a couple of bottles of Champagne to lubricate the evening and some beers.

Mick came home about 5 and shouted.

“Hi lover, is that Chloe’s car in the road?”

“Yes, she’s come over to help me pick out something to wear for your birthday.”

“Why don’t you come up and see what I’ve chosen for her,” giggled Chloe.

When Mick came into the bedroom his jaw nearly hit the floor and who could blame him with the sight before him.

I’m Escort Sincan tall, blond and have an athletic figure with 34B boobs, tight arse, long slim legs and was dressed in a powder blue baby doll nighty that was semi-transparent, nothing else, my hair falling in long tresses about my shoulders and my pubic hair which could just be seen through the nightie was fluffed up.

If that weren’t enough to blow his mind, Chloe who is slightly taller than me and has short dark hair and a more Amazonian figure with bigger boobs, I’d say a half cup more, that had rosebud nipples looked stunning in a red and black bra and panties set. To make things even sexier, we were stood next to each other each with an arm around the other’s waist like a pair of porn star tarts.

I looked at Chloe, and she was biting her lower lip and looking at Mick through her eyelashes, so I started to pout at him and ran my hand over Chloe’s hips. Chloe had her other hand pushed provocatively into the top of her panties, just pulling them away from her hips.

“What the fuck!” Went Mick as Chloe leaned in and kissed me.

“Your birthday party threesome,” I managed to say, “now grab a drink and watch the show for a bit. You’ve always wanted to watch me with a girl.”

“Or do you want to come over and unwrap the presents now?” Chloe asked.

Chloe and I turned to face each other and began to kiss. I wasn’t sure how I would feel at first, kissing another woman but I just felt sexy, kissing this gorgeous half-naked woman with my husband looking on.

We continued to kiss for a while swaying slowly together, then Chloe reached down and began caressing my left boob; she then lifted it out of my nightie bent her head and began to kiss and gently bite my nipple. I just moaned with delight. Then her hand traveled down my body and under the hem of my baby doll, cupped my pussy and without any warning pushed all four of her fingers into me. My scream of ecstasy must have hit decibel levels only animals could hear.

I lost it completely ripped her bra off, and began licking and sucking on her boobs, this didn’t last long as I sank to my knees pulled her panties down and sunk my eager mouth on her pussy, I wanted to taste it so much.

Somehow we managed to get onto the bed without breaking our embraces of each other, immediately and seemingly naturally getting into the sixty-nine position, with me underneath and Chloe on top; we were just attacking each other. My tongue was running around Choles outer pussy lips and then darting into her slit, she tasted divine, all the time she was fingering me regularly while at the same time using her thumb to rub my clit. We were both close to coming.

Chloe looked up and said to Mick, “Come on guy, two sexy girls want you to fuck them.”

“It’s ok girls, you keep enjoying yourselves, I’ll have another beer and enjoy the view it is so sexy, and I’ve always wanted to watch Tina with you,” said Mick.

I glanced over and caught sight of Chloe and me in the bedroom mirror, God it was hot, Chloe on top with her head buried between my legs with me looking up and licking her cunt. Mick must have been in heaven watching the free sex show.

“Mick,” I said, “if you get over here now and begin to fuck your birthday presents, then nothing is off limits to you.”

“Can’t refuse an offer like that, and you mean nothing is off limits?”

“Nothing; and that’s for both of us!” said Chloe. She was really taking the lead.

When we were setting things up, I’d asked Chloe if there was anything she wanted to do or more importantly not do.

She looked at me dreamily; I will do anything and everything especially for you two.

“Will you let Mick cum in your mouth? Please. I don’t like it so much. I love sucking him but don’t like finishing him?”

“You are tempting me now you know, course I will, it will be fun, and I love a man cumming in my mouth, so no big deal. Maybe seeing me do it will help you too as well. Hey maybe he could come in my mouth and then we can kiss and swap his cum, like in the porno movies,” said Chloe. Wow, this girl was hotter than I thought and it did give me a way to start sucking Mick off fully without him wondering why.

Mick put his beer on the table and approached us at the side of the bed.

“What do you want me to do ladies,” he said, forever the gentleman!

“Get behind her and fuck her,” I ordered him, “I want to watch your cock in her cunt while I’m licking it.”

Chloe giggled at that and said, “Yes please and don’t be too gentle, I’m a girl who likes to be FUCKED.”

Mick knelt on the bed behind Chloe, and suddenly I had sight of his seven-inch cock as it appeared at the entrance to Chloe’s dripping hole. He held it just at the entrance with the foreskin pulled back, as it touched the entrance to Chloe’s cunt; I reached up with my tongue and licked the underside of the head. Mick gradually eased into her and the sight of her pussy opening to accommodate my husband’s cock was Eryaman Escort one of the sexiest sights I have seen, then in one swift and hard moved he slammed into her, his balls hitting me in the face. Chloe screamed in delight and came. Mick didn’t stop pounding into her, and it was one of the most erotic sights I have had watching my husband’s cock, slide in and out of my best friends pussy, while I was licking her labia lips.

Until that point, I didn’t know how I would feel watching Mick enter another woman, but with Chloe, it just seemed right and turned me on, and I mashed my cunt hard into Chloe’s mouth.

Mick pushed into Chloe for about another thirty seconds and then pulled out and pushed his glistening cock into my mouth, it was beautiful with Chloe’s juices on it. We continued like this with Mick alternating his cock between Chloe’s pussy and my lips for another ten minutes or so. All the time Chloe was licking and fingering me in such a way that I felt my orgasm building nicely again.

“Mick, I told you nothing was off limits,” said Chloe “and there is another hole that’s positioned for you to use.”

Mick stopped his thrusts, “You sure?”

“Yes for god’s sake,” went Chloe.

Mick pulled his throbbing cock from her pussy, positioned it at the entrance to her arse and gently eased his head in, waited for Chloe to relax and then slammed in hard and resumed his steady thrusting. After about ten thrusts he pulled out, and to my surprise instead of putting his cock back into Chloe’s pussy pushed it into my mouth. I came hard.

We continued with the alternating pussy, ass, mouth routine for a bit more until Chloe moaned “I’m cumming,” as she hit her first orgasm of the night. That was enough to drive Mick over the edge, and I could sense his orgasm mounting as he pushed into Chloe’s cunt and I could see her pussy clamping and squeezing his cock, with a shout of “Oh God Chloe that’s fucking great,” he came.

I watched as his cock pumped his jizz into Chloe as I licked her clit, and as he pulled out I grabbed his cock and pushed it into my mouth cleaning him off, then in a state of wanton lust put my mouth against Chloe’s cunt pushed my tongue deep into her and licked his cum from her cunt. This sent both Chloe and me into another orgasm at the sheer wantonness of the act.

After we’d finished, we were lying on the bed all arms and legs together, when Mick went to clean off a bit and grab another beer. I leaned into Chloe and said, “Will you suck him off soon?”

“Next time he finishes, but I want you to do something for me after. I want to watch you fuck him reverse cowgirl style and then I want to lick your cunt as he comes in you.”

“What’s a reverse cowgirl?” I asked, and Chloe explained.

As Mick came back into the bedroom Chloe and I were in each other’s arms again kissing and caressing each other, hands flying everywhere.

Mick said, “If you two girls are so happy together can I watch rugby on telly”‘

I looked at him and said, “You are joking! You’ve got two women giving you a live sex show with participation expected, and you want to watch rugby. If you’re putting anything on telly, put some porn on, the one with your two favorite girls.”

I could tell Mick was joking, but we do like to have a porno movie on in the background when we have sex at times, and he does have a couple of girls that he really loves to watch.

I broke away from Chloe’s embrace and got off the bed walked over to my husband and said, “Get on that bed I want to watch you fuck Chloe, and make love to her if you want, not just a fuck, you two deserve it. Don’t worry I’m going to play with myself as you do.”

Mick walked over to the bed climbed on and took Chloe in his arms and gave her the longest deepest kiss you could imagine, I was wracked with jealousy even though I’d told them to do it, then I realized it wasn’t jealousy but envy. Envy at the pair of them, I wanted to kiss them both like that.

Chloe had her hand on his cock slowly stroking it between one finger and thumb teasing him with the softness of her touch. Mick had broken the kiss and placed his mouth on her tits, taking one of her nipples in his mouth teasing it with his tongue, while pulling on the other one with his other hand. Chloe stated moaning at this action, slid her body up so that her legs were either side of one of his and began to rub her pussy into his thigh.

Chloe had obviously got even more worked up by now and broke their embrace and sat up in the bed then straddled Mick positioning his cock at the entrance to her pussy and slowly ever so slowly sank down on him so that half the length of his cock was inside her. Then she pulled back, and he popped out, she repeated this torture of him for a while when with a sigh sank down fully on him burying his shaft deep inside her.

All the time I was playing with myself, running my hands over my body, squeezing my boobs, but most of all, thrusting two fingers into my cunt.

Both of them groaned Keçiören Escort with pleasure, and then Chloe began to ride Mick with a frenzy that couldn’t last as he played with her tits. I was watching on in envy and lust and couldn’t hold back anymore, I know I’d said I wanted to watch them and I did, and I wanted them to cum together, but I had to join in.

I got on the bed sat over Mick and pushed my dripping pussy onto his face, and joined his hands in enjoying Chloe’s tits. Chloe upped her action on Mick as she was apparently coming to her climax, and she screamed, “Fuck me, Mick, fuck me hard make me cum for you and Tina,” as she came.

As Chloe finished, she slipped Mick out of her, bent her head over him and took him deep throat in her mouth, working him in and out time and time again.

“Cum in her mouth Mick,” I told him.

He couldn’t speak as he was licking my pussy, but I felt him groan as he came into Chloe’s hot mouth. Chloe held him there as I leaped off Mick and slid down the bed to face her and making sure Mick could see us kissed her deep and passionately pushing my tongue into her mouth to share Mick’s cum. Chloe and I kept kissing and passing his cum between us until we had swallowed it all. I looked back at Mick smiled at him and said, “That’s not too bad.”

“You sexy pair of fucking bitches you know how hot that looks don’t you,” we nodded and licked our lips. Yes, we did!!!

After lying around for a while caressing each other Chloe got up and went to the fridge wiggling her perfect arse at the pair of us as she went, got a couple of drinks for us and said “Okay you two, you’ve both watched me in action, your turn. I want to watch my two best friends fuck, not making love, fuck each other like there’s no tomorrow.”

Mick looked at me with a grin and said, “Well you did bring her in for my birthday present I suppose we had better do as she says.”

As he began to paw at my tits. I flipped around on the bed and got over him and took him deep in my mouth. How many deepthroats was this guy getting tonight? Mick got into position underneath me in the sixty-nine position and pushed his tongue slowly, deep into my pussy, tongue fucking me for a while, before exposing my clit with two fingers and taking the nub into his mouth. I was in heaven, feelings of excitement and lust pulsing through my body and could feel my orgasm building but didn’t want to at that time, well I did, but I wanted to prolong it. So with one more powerful thrust of him in my mouth, I broke away eliciting a groan from Mick.

I took up the position Chloe had asked of me earlier straddling Mick with my back to him and facing her. I got his long hot cock lined up with my pussy and unlike Chloe had done slammed myself down on him as hard as I could clenching him tight as I did, Mick groaned with delight, “Oh, that’s good you feel sooooo tight on me.” Tight on him, I was feeling stretched to breaking, and I shouldn’t have been I was so wet.

I was staring deep into Chloe’s’ eyes as I rode Mick, she was playing with her clit looking intently at us nodding at me, mouthing “Yes, oh yes, fuck him like that.” I continued riding Mick at a steady pace knowing he liked the feel, I was clenching my pussy on him all the time, he was groaning “Oh, oh, fuck yes, oh fuck, yes baby, yes,” all the time.

Then I rose up drew Mick out from my pussy and repositioned him slightly, then ever so slowly placed him at the entrance to my arse. Trying to relax I sat down on him, feeling him open my tight arse. I paused to get used to the feel and for the initial pain to ease, then sank down fully on him feeling him fill my arse for the first time ever.

Mick was stunned, and Chloe looked amazed.

I knew this wouldn’t last long as I started to ride Mick hard, I could feel him tensing and throbbing in my ass. I signalled to Chloe to come and join us which she did kneeling at the foot of the bed and pushing her face into my pussy.

She licked and sucked on my pussy driving me into heaven, I cried out, “I’m cumming, Mick cum in my arse now; PLEEEEAASE.”

Mick gave a groan and one hard thrust and shot his load into my waiting arse. I could feel it fill me up. Chloe pushed two fingers into my cunt and licked like mad as I hit a shuddering climax. “OH FUUUUUUUUUUCK,” I screamed. Collapsing in a spent heap over the two of them.

At the end of the night, we were lying on the bed, the two girls propped up arms around each other while Mick was laying with his head in Chloe’s lap, looking up into her pussy as she idly played with it. Mick was slowly fingering me while Chloe was pulling on one of my nipples.

Chloe asked, “How do we move on from here, this has been intense, I’m happy for it to be a one-off session so that I don’t lose you guys as friends.”

Mick said “I’ve loved it. I can’t thank you, two girls enough for giving me such a great birthday present, even though I can’t tell the guys at the rugby club about it! But I don’t want any of us to think each time we meet up we are going to wonder what is going to happen.

“There’s one thing I would be happy with; you two girls getting together, as long as it is just you two and nobody else joins in especially another man. You were both so into it, you need to keep it up.”

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