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**DISCLAIMER- All characters, locations, and events in this story are purely fiction. If they happen to mirror real life events in some form or fashion then it is nothing more than coincidence. As well, all characters are eighteen or over. As well, this is dedicated to my loving husband, I hope you enjoy!**

Jessica Parker sat behind her desk in her small but comfortable office, looking over a file. In the waiting room, a surly young man sat slouched in his seat, waiting to be called in. Matthew Henderson, Jessica mused to herself as she read over the file. Eighteen years old, Matthew had been kicked out of every public and private school his parents had enrolled him in over the four years of high school because of his behaviour. Skipping classes, cheating on tests, harassing other students and faculty, swearing, stealing, lying… The list went on and on. Out of desperation, the Hendersons had come to the school Jessica worked in as a last resort.

Soleil Learning Center was a boarding school, privately owned and funded, specifically intended for students such as Matthew. They only accepted the most troubled and problematic students that applied. The reason for this was that Soleil offered a different program, designed to manage students like this, so that they could get the education they needed to get by in their lives. The faculty were trained to handle these students appropriately, and the place was very highly secured to keep the students on the grounds, and prevent harm from coming to either students or staff.

Jessica closed the file and picked up the phone.

“Sarah..yes, I’m ready for Mr. Henderson. Please send him in.”

Sitting back in her chair, Jessica looked over her office, waiting, and when the door opened after a moment, she stood and smiled as Matthew walked in, ignoring the hostile look she got in response.

“Mr. Henderson, hello. My name is Jessica Parker. I’m very pleased to finally have a chance to meet you.”

Matthew’s dark eyes moved quickly over the office, then finally rested on Jessica. She looked awfully young, and Matthew noticed immediately that she was a total looker. She wore a plain black skirt and white button up blouse, and had shoulder length auburn coloured hair. Her face was heartshaped and pretty, with big hazel eyes behind simple black framed glasses. As Jessica moved around the desk to offer him her hand, Matthew’s eyes swept over her figure. She was soft and luscious, with full hips and large, heavy breasts. Matthew swallowed and met her gaze as he took her hand, shaking it briefly.

While Matthew looked her over, Jessica took the opportunity to study the younger man. He had fair skin and black hair that was messily spiked, with dark brown eyes. His frame was lean and wiry, and he wore a pair of black jeans with holes in the knees, and a wifebeater. He was an attractive young man, and Jessica could see why it was so many had had problems with him in the past. His face had a certain quality to it that just made him..charming, and endearing, and he knew it. Jessica suspected he used this to his advantage to keep himself out of trouble for as long as he could get away with it.

After shaking hands, Jessica motioned him into one of the overstuffed chairs, and once he’d dropped into it, she sat down as well. Crossing her legs, she tugged her skirt down so that she didn’t expose herself indecently, and Matthew’s eyes flickered over her thighs to where the line of her thigh high hose were held in place by garter straps. That’s sexy, he thought to himself, and slouched in the chair.

“You’ll sit up please. I don’t allow people to sit improperly in my office.” Jessica’s tone was friendly, but firm, brooking no argument. Matthew stared at her for a moment, then finally straightened.

“Now then.” Jessica smiles. “Welcome to Soleil Learning Center. You are a very bright young man, I’m sure, so I won’t bother explaining to you why it is you’re here. You already know.”

Matthew nodded tayland porno and his eyes drifted down to her breasts. Gazing at them, his mind already started drifting, and he started to daydream about pinning this broad back on her desk, and sliding his cock between those huge, lovely breasts…

“Excuse me, my eyes are located a bit further up, Mr. Henderson. I would appreciate having your attention on me, not my breasts.”

At the intrusion to his daydream, Matthew snapped up, looking at Jessica. He almost blushed in embarrassment, no one had ever called him out like that before.

“As you know, this is a live in school, and your parents have brought your things. We’ve already had them taken to your room, which I’ll take you to in a little bit. After that, I’ll give you a tour of the grounds and we’ll go over your class schedule. First, let me lay some ground rules for you.”

Jessica sat back and watched him, a faint smile on her lips. Shifting slightly to recross her legs, she spoke again.

“There are four dormitories on our campus, two for boys, two for girls. The boys are at one end of campus, the girls are at the other. At no point in time are girls ever allowed in the boys’ dorms, nor boys in the girls’. You will be given time for open socialization, which is when you may spend time in public areas with your friends, be they male or female. We have several functions a year to offer our students opportunities to socialize, such as dances, date nights, things like that. We absolutely do not discourage relations between the sexes, but we do discourage sneaking about, and things of that nature. As far as sex goes…we realize that there is nothing we can really do to stop it. Teenagers are going to want to have sex, and they’ll find a way, regardless of what we do. So really,” She smiles and leans forward slightly.

“Our official policy is that it isn’t allowed, period. Our unofficial policy is if you are going to do it, don’t break our rules to do it, and don’t let yourselves get caught.”

Matthew’s eyes drifted down to Jessica’s breasts again when she leaned forward, and he nodded vaguely.

“We do not allow drugs on our property. This includes alcohol and cigarettes. If you’re caught with them, there will be consequences. The handbook you were given goes over these consequences, and that handbook is the only warning you get, so you would do well to read it over.

“We do not allow or tolerate tardiness, absences from class, skipping homework, or cheating on tests. Again, if you do these things, there will be consequences.”

Jessica paused, realizing she had lost Matthew’s attention once more. She watched him for a long moment, then her eyes drifted down. Sure enough, she could see the telltale bulge in his jeans. Sighing a bit, Jessica stood and went to her door. As she stood, Matthew’s eyes shifted to her full, round rear and he stifled a groan, trying to disguise it as a cough, shifting uncomfortably.

Jessica closed the door and locked it, then turned back to look at Matthew.

“You seem very distracted. Would I have your attention better if I simply showed you what you’re working so hard at imagining? I really don’t have time to sit here and repeat myself to you over and over because your young mind can’t stay away from sex for more than thirty seconds at a time.”

Matthew blinked uncomprehendingly, looking at her. For the first time, he spoke, his voice a mellow bass, though fused with tension at the moment.

“Say what?”

Jessica walked over to stand before him. Looking down at him, she smiled.

“Go ahead. Unbutton my shirt, get a good look.”

Matthew stared at her. Was this a trap? Was it a dream? Holy shit if it is don’t let me wake up any time soon, he thought to himself. Swallowing, Matthew’s hands lifted cautiously to her shirt. When Jessica just stood there looking at him, he started to undo the buttons slowly, his heart in his throat. Soon tecavüz porno he had the blouse unbuttoned down to her navel, revealing her breasts, held in a light pink bra, and her smooth, soft belly. Matthew let out a low groan as he looked at her, then lifted his eyes to meet hers. Jessica smiled faintly, nodding to him.

“Go on, then.. Touch me.”

With little hesitation now, Matthew’s hands moved to her breasts. He cupped and squeezed them, so large his hands wouldn’t fit around them. Stroking and squeezing her gently, Matthew could feel her nipples hardening, pressing through the satiny material of her bra. Jessica sighed in quiet pleasure, closing her eyes for a moment.

Matthew took advantage of this and leaned in, licking at her cleavage while tightening his grip on her breasts. Jessica’s eyes flew open and she looked at him, chuckling quietly.

“Well. Aren’t you forward.” Still, she made no move to stop him, her hands moving to his shoulders to rest lightly there.

Matthew grinned up at her, then bit her sharply on the breast right above the areola of her nipple. Jessica gasped and shuddered, whimpering in pain and pleasure. Encouraged further by this, Matthew’s mouth moved to draw the nipple into his mouth, sucking hard on it while his hand moved down over her stomach, towards her sex. Slipping up under the skirt, Matthew traced his fingers over the inside of Jessica’s thighs, teasing her with the light touch until she was trembling and panting for breath.

Finally, his hand moved to her sex, to stroke her through the satin underwear she wore. Jessica groaned softly, her hips pressing towards his hand. Feeling brave, Matthew looked up at her.

“Sit on the couch, Miss Parker, I want to taste you..”

Jessica looked at him, arching a brow, then she smiled and nodded, moving to sit on the nearby loveseat. Matthew moved over to her and knelt down on the floor in front of her. His eyes on hers, he placed his hands on her knees and slid them slowly up her thighs. He pushed her skirt up around her hips, licking his lips as his eyes moved down over her body. She was wearing a pair of black satin panties, and he could see the damp spot already forming on them.

Jessica watched him as his hands moved back to her knees, and when he gently pushed her legs further apart, Jessica smiled faintly. Matthew moved in between her legs then, kissing and nipping along her inner thighs, gradually making his way up to her sex. He could smell her arousal, a musky, intoxicating scent.

“You smell good Miss Parker..”

Jessica chuckled quietly, moving her hands to his head to run her fingers through his hair.

“I’m glad you think so, Matthew.”

Matthew nodded and started to nuzzle and lick at her sex through her panties. Jessica groaned quietly and arched her hips towards him, her fingers tightening in his hair. Matthew nipped at the sensitive flesh in the crease of her thigh, causing her to jump slightly, shivering in pleasure. He continued to tease and torment her through her panties until she finally begged him to stop teasing.

With a low chuckle, Matthew tugged aside the underwear, sitting back to look at her sex. She was clean shaven, except for a “landing strip”. Matthew smiled in pleasure and leaned in to kiss the swollen and aching lips of her sex softly. Jessica squirmed and whimpered desperately, rocking her hips towards him.


With that, Matthew wasted no more time. He dove into her sex, devouring her with his lips, teeth and tongue, tasting her and groaning in pleasure. With his hands, he quickly unfastened his jeans and pulled his aching cock out to stroke himself as he continued to go down on her.

Jessica writhed against him, gasping and moaning in desperate, pained pleasure. His teeth hurt, but it was a delicious pain, shivering through her and leaving her breathless. She could feel the tension building in her belly with a speed she hadn’t tombul porno expected, and she knew it wouldn’t be long before he had her screaming in release.

“Oh God..” she groans, her voice husky with her desire. “Oh God, Matthew, I’m going to come…”

At her words, Matthew redoubled his efforts. He trapped her clit with his teeth, pinching it just enough to cause more of that delicious pain, and he started to flick his tongue rapidly over it. Jessica’s eyes flew open and she arched against him, her fingers pulling at his hair roughly as she grinds her hips into his face. After just a few moments of this, Jessica felt the tension in her belly explode, and she had to bite down on her lip to keep herself from making too much noise as the orgasm ripped through her body almost violently. She bucked and shuddered and writhed against him, and Matthew kept attacking her clit as she did.

Finally, finally, he let her go, and Jessica slumped back against the couch, near tears from the strength and length of the orgasm. Still shaking, she gasped for breath, her fingers loosening their death grip on his hair. Smiling, Matthew ran his tongue over her sex, licking deeply to take the taste of her release.

He moved up over her body then, biting her nipple once more as he did, then he leaned in and kissed her deeply, his tongue pressing deep into her mouth. Jessica kissed him, her hands moving to hold his face as she stroked his tongue with her own, moaning at the taste of her sex in his mouth. Breaking the kiss after a few long moments, Matthew looked down at her. He rocked his hips against her, running the length of his cock along her sex.

“Can I fuck you, Miss Parker?” He whispered, his dark eyes on hers.

Jessica smiled slightly. “Would it stop you if I said no?”

Matthew smirked. “No.”

“I thought not..”

Matthew shifted slightly and pressed into her then. His eyes closed and he groaned as he sank into her heat, a slight shudder moving through his wiry frame.

“Oh fuck you feel so good Miss Parker..”

Matthew took ahold of her legs and lifted them up to wrap around his hips, then he took her hands, pinning them down by her sides. Straightening, he looked down at her as he started to fuck her with hard, deep strokes, bottoming out inside her with each thrust.

Jessica moved with him as best as she could, arching her hips up to meet his deep thrusts.

“Harder, Matthew..make me feel it.”

Matthew bared his teeth in a vicious sort of grin, and nodded once. Pausing for a moment, he readied himself, then he started to slam himself into her, hard enough to rock her body. The sounds of their flesh meeting filled the room, and the smell of them only drove Matthew on. Leaning over her to press her knees up against her chest, Matthew thrust into her faster still, grunting with his effort. Sweat dripped from his face onto her breasts, and his hair clung damply to his skin.

Jessica did her best to stay quiet, but he was fucking her harder than she’d ever had it before. Her cries started to raise in volume, enough so that Matthew had to release a hand to cover her mouth. She gripped desperately at the edge of the couch with her freed hands and her screams came freely now, smothered by his hand pressed tightly against her lips.

When Jessica came again, Matthew couldn’t hold himself anymore and he jerked himself out of her. Shifting just enough, Matthew came on her stomach with thick, long spurts, a shudder spasming through his body with each release of his seed. When he was finally done, he slumped against Jessica’s limp, sweaty body, gasping for breath. After a few moments, he lifted himself off of her, and looked down at his seed on her belly.

Glancing to Jessica to find her watching him through bleary, sated eyes, he smiled faintly and leaned down to her belly. Carefully, meticulously, he licked up every bit of his seed off of her skin, nipping at her navel teasingly as he did. Jessica watched him in surprise, having never expected that.

Matthew moved away from her then, standing. Casually, he tucked himself back inside his pants and rebuttoned them. Combing his fingers through his hair, he looked down at her.

“Is it time for that tour of the campus, Miss Parker?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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