Seven in a Row

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A few weeks ago I was feeling really hot and bothered again so I decided to see if I could get my eager mouth around a cock or two at my local cruising venue.

When I arrived I got naked and headed to the showers feeling that stirring in the groin that you get when you’re anticipating some raunchy fun. I soaped up and made sure that I gave my penis a disproportionate amount of washing so that the guys around me could see that I was there to play.

I got into the hot tub and watched the porn up on the wall mounted TV and pretty soon I was stroking my hard cock as two hot hunks 69’d each other on the screen. I sat up on the edge of the tub with my legs spread wide apart and let the other guys in the tub have a perfect view of my fist sliding up and down on my slippery cock.

The guys sitting on either side of me were both stroking too and the guy to my left was watching me closely so I slipped into the water and stood bending forward and lowered my mouth onto his hard prick. He didn’t say a word but groaned softly and leaned back to allow me easier access. I thrust my head back and forth so his pole slid in and out my mouth while I stroked my own cock hard and fast.

The guy to my right had moved closer for a better view so I pulled away from the first guy and faced him. He moved back and sat on the edge of the tub and I again bent over and started just licking the wet tip of his manhood. In this position I had my back to the other four guys in the tub and because I was bent over my shiny wet little ass cheeks were pointing at them. The first guy I sucked moved behind me and plunged his face between my cheeks. He was enthusiastic and licked up and down over my tight rosebud. Having my ass eaten drives me wild and the guy who had his cock in my mouth was definitely reaping the benefits. I sucked wildly on him in response to the incredible feeling of a tongue probing my hole.

I took turns sucking the first two guys until one had to go and I asked the other guy to cum on my face. He said he wasn’t ready yet but he’d find me someone to fulfil my need. He turned to the guy next to him and said ‘hey, how would you like to cum on this guys face?’ The guy looked really surprised but he jumped out the tub and walked around to me. I was sitting on the edge so he stood in front of me and started stroking his cock right in front of my face. I stuck out my tongue Onwin and started licking the tip as he stroked it.

I couldn’t wait so I dived forward and took his semi hard cock right into my mouth. His cock responded immediately and I felt it growing in my mouth which got me even hotter. I pushed forward until his pubes were touching my nose so he was deep in my throat and I sucked hard and pulled back. I pumped his cock and after a couple of minutes he started twitching so I pulled it out of my mouth and jacked him off while he blew a nice load over my face.

By now all the guys in the tub were stroking their cocks but one in particular caught my eye. He was a slim smooth Asian guy with a pretty big cock. Not too long but nice and thick and dead straight. He was staring straight at me because I was naked, wet and had a face covered in cum. I smiled at him and he raised his hips off the seat and lifted his big stick out of the water and kind of waved it at me. I wasn’t going to need a second invite so I moved straight over to where he was and grabbed his cock in my hand.

I stood in the middle of the tub wanking myself slowly and pumping his mighty member with the other hand. I didn’t do that for long because I couldn’t wait to taste that beautiful cock! I bent over again and went to work on him, licking his balls and shaft then sucking the head into my mouth and swirling my tongue around the tip. He obviously enjoyed it because he grabbed the back of my head with both hands and gently pushed my face down until my face was pressed against his belly and I could feel his hardness pressing against the back of my throat.

I worked tirelessly on him, sucking, licking and kissing that rock hard cock for about 15 minutes solid. In the meantime a few of the other guys in the tub started touching me thighs, gently squeezing my balls and running their hands all over me. I was so excited by the piston in my gob that I didn’t stop them or even look to see who it was. I felt a strange sensation between my cheeks and realised that someone behind me had lubed their finger and was slowly forcing it into my very tight asshole. That was a little bit uncomfortable but also felt so sexy so I focused on my mouthful of meat and let him continue.

After a couple more minutes of being violated at both ends the finger was removed from inside me and replaced with a hot Onwin Giriş tongue the wriggled in and out of me and drove me insane with pleasure. The Asian guy thanked me and left the tub and disappeared and I was really disappointed that I hadn’t managed to get some cream out of him.

At that point I got a look at the hot Maori guy who had his tongue in my ass and he asked me if I wanted to go up to the porn area. I followed him up and he found a seat and I went straight into the kneeling position and rewarded him for his busy tongue with my hot mouth all over his hot sausage. Then he stood up and I lay on the seat and he stood in front of me and shoved his cock back in my mouth. I was sucking on him like a total slut when my Asian friend from before appeared.

I immediately took the other guy out my mouth and he shoved his machine of a cock back in my mouth. The two guys started kissing and squeezing each others nipples as I lay on my side at groin height and stroked the one while the Asian guy took to fucking my mouth. He had serious stamina and he pumped away into my mouth for ages. He was obviously damn horny by this stage because he grabbed my hair and pulled me in and I was forced to deep throat that baton as his balls bashed against my face with every stroke.

The other guy was loving the view and as I fisted his cock he started squirting his jizz all over my naked body. That must have turn my face-fucker on because he grabbed by head and forced his cock as far down my throat as he could with the head starting to pulsate. Then all of a sudden I could feel powerful jets of sperm hitting my throat and he groaned and pumped me full of his seed. Finally I’d got what I’d hoped for and it was well worth the wait.

With cum all over me and in my mouth I headed back to the shower a very happy man. I showered and thought I’d just relax in the hot tub for a while. There was only one guy a few years older than me there but he must have seen my earlier hot tub fun because as soon as I sat down he stood up with his hard fat cock in his hand, walked up to me and just stuffed it in my face. I was a little worn out but I’m only human and who could resist.

I immediately latched onto his tool and sucked for all I was worth. I took it out my mouth and jerked the shaft as I rubbed the tip all over my face. He had a lot of pre cum and was dribbling Onwin Güncel Giriş all over my cheeks and lips and he was clearly enjoying the sight of his cock all over my face. I could tell he was nearly there so I sucked the head hard and tickled under his balls with my hand. He started to moan quite loudly so I pulled it out again and jacked it fast while rubbing the head on my tongue. That pushed him too far and he started to squirt his hot man sauce directly at my face. The first blast landed on the bridge of my nose but the next two were straight onto my outstretched tongue. It tasted sweet and it was really thick and creamy so I sucked him back into my mouth and cleaned up every last drop until he started to soften in my mouth.

We had been alone but when I came up for air I realised another guy had come in and was standing behind me wanking his fat cock inches from my ass. I stayed with my ass in the air and let him rub his cock all over my ass cheeks. He rubbed it all over my bubble butt and then gently rubbed it past my hole. I knew if I stayed in that position he would probably try to shove it up my ass so I turned around, lowered myself to eye level with it.

I started to run my lips up and down the shaft. Then I sucked one of his big balls into my mouth and sucked it gently before switching to the other one. I reached through his legs and pressed my finger against the opening of his ass and he pushed back trying to get me to finger him. I resisted at first and just sucked on his fuckstick like there was no tomorrow. He was really horny and said to me ‘I want to see you taste my load’ while he tried to reach round and shove a finger in my exposed hole. I said OK and got out and lay at the edge of the pool. ‘Jerk that hard cock all over me’ I said and he knelled with one leg either side of my head and stroked his cock hovering above my forehead.

I knew he was getting there by the huge drops of spunk oozing from his tip so I pressed my finger up against his hairy ring and slipped the tip of my forefinger slightly into his ass. That was enough to tip him over the edge and he blew what felt like litres of really warm white baby-batter all over my face and chest. I stuck out my tongue and he rubbed his cum-covered cock head around over it so I could lick it up. His cum was a bit salty but there was so much that I lost it with excitement and jacked my own cock off all over myself as well.

I lay at the edge of the tub covered in two loads of come as guys wandered past looking at me and smiling knowing that I’d just been spray painted. Not a bad visit at all but hopefully next time I’ll get a few more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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