Reddened Lips

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Her hips swayed in the black flowing dress that offset her pale skin. Her eyes were a fiery green and her reddened lips smiled across the room to Him. He was beautiful, the body that someone such as she could call more than handsome, and she wanted Him. Her lack of panties were made stunningly more aware as the juice from her loins leaked down to her milky thighs. How picturesque her pale skin would look against His dark hue. He did not notice her to her knowledge, something that never surprised her. She was no beauty, too thick in the hips, too pale, too broken, yet she still yearned to feel his big dark hand caress her blushing cheek as He called her His own.

An unbridled stare found His eyes as a blush spread across her face and chest that suggested she was dreaming of more than just the weather. Something wicked that would leave her whimpering to her own probing hand as the clock in her room blinked two a.m. The pathetically sad translucent pink alarm clock that stared at her every waking moment. He probably had a sleek silver clock that hung on his dark red walls to tick away His time.

“Hello.” a deep voice spoke to her, waking her from a meaningless dream of clocks. She turned quietly to find Him.

She opened her mouth to speak but fumbled over her words. She coughed and still only a timid “Hi” escaped.

His lips broke into a smile and then soon a chuckle. “Well aren’t you a cute little thing. Staring at me all night with out the bravery to say a full word.”

She stared up at His tall frame, “I’m sorry Sir. I didn’t mean to stare,” she didn’t mean for him to notice the stare in the least, “Please accept my apology.” He smiled at her.

“No no little pet. I think you can apologize truthfully now. No white girl blushes to the thought of an accidental stare.” His tone hinted a bit of laughter to it. She stared up into his eyes momentarily then stared down to his feet with yet another blush.

“Sorry for staring at you Sir. May I ask your name? I’m Rai.” She shyly looked up to him again.

“Jay. Nice to meet you.” His warm hand reached out for her chilled fingers and pulled them to his mouth to kiss them softly. The play was starting again. She smiled politely almost excusing herself when he said, “Come watch the rest of the play with me baby girl. My seats are quite a bit empty and yours is pathetically far from the stage.”

He did not wait for a reply but led her to an empty box seat. It was cozy, romantic even. Dark green drapes and oak floors surrounded her. Many chairs sat in rows. Three rows of two and one final row of a single chair. She remained motionless, waiting for him to move to his previous seat. He smoothly stepped to the single chair and seated himself. He pulled her body, caressing her hips, so that she stood between his legs.

“You may kneel girl, or you may sit in my lap.” She stared at him quietly in slight disbelief. His right eyebrow raised at her, daring her to challenge his authority.

“Your lap please Sir.”

“Sit little white girl.” she sat on his lap poetically, facing the stage as the lights around her dimmed. His arms wrapped around her to hold her close to Him as the play progressed. “Have you seen this before baby girl?” His lips brushed against her ear softly, electing a soft whimper from her throat. Betturkey

“Yes Sir.” She whispered as she stared at the stage.

“Did you like my lips against your ear baby girl? Hmm? Does that make your little white pussy drip just for me? I bet you are one of those sluts that get off on pain. Aren’t you baby girl?” she coughed softly, embarrassment flushing her body and sending volts to her pussy. “Are you a good little white girl? Do you suck your Masters cock? Just to swallow his cum…Mhm I know your kind baby girl. Perverted little white whore.” His teeth bit into the flesh of her ear. “How long have you wanted this Black Master girl? How long have your greedy little fingers been rubbin’ that clit of yours, whimpering out in climax to the thought of my whip against your white ass?” She whimpered, spreading her legs unconsciously. “Look your even spreading your legs for me girl. Is your little white cunt dripping all over this fine dress?”

“Yes.” she whispered in reply as His big dark hand roamed up her thigh.

“Stand little slut.” she stood immediately. “Now take off that pretty dress before your slutty cunt juice gets all over it.” she stared at him. In the brief second that she considered refusing his hands found her left nipple and twisted it painfully.

“Yes Sir.” His hand twisted her nipple harder. “Yes Master?” Still harder, she fought not to scream out into the theatre.

“Yes Black Master, bitch.” He punctuated each word with a hard squeeze.

“Yes Black Master.” His hand released her nipple. Her hands flew to the bottom of her dress to lift it off her head. She laid the dress on an adjacent chair and stood in front of Him submissively.

“Hold those tits up for me girl”

“Yes Black Master.” her hands groped the bottoms of her breast, pushing them upwards to present them to him. His hand flicked each nipple roughly then tenderly swirled his finger around it, a feeling that weakened her knees.

“I expect complete silence slut.” she nodded quietly. He pulled a set of silver nipple clamps out of his pocket and dangled them in front of here eyes. “Kiss what causes you torment girl. When I am done with you, you will be an obedient little slave. A grateful slave for ever lash her Black Master gives her and every rare orgasm along with it.” She stared into his eyes then kissed each of the clamps that dangled from his dark hand. “Close your eyes slut” Her eyes fluttered shut as his lips sucked on her twisted nipple. His teeth grazed it softly bring it to a full erection. Her eyes winced as his mouth pulled away and was replaced by one of the tightly set clamps. He dropped the chain causing a sharp intake of breath.

He pulled her by her hips close to Him. The clamp swayed painfully. His teeth bit at her breast that had just been clamped. She wiggled her hips unconsciously to relieve the pain from her nipple. He pulled her down by the chain so that her ear was pressed against his lips. “Does that feel good baby girl? Does that make my little pain slut wet?” He nibbled at her ear. She groaned. “Oh poor little white slut. You are going to pay for that. I had wanted to tighten the clamps until your eyes teared up… and now I have the opportunity. Stand up strait. Pull against that clamp you little whore.” She struggled to stand, Betturkey Giriş pain seared from her nipple to her clit as she pulled the weight of her hand up with her sore nipple.

His hand dropped the chain causing it to swing against her body. His lips took her other nipple softly, tenderly. His teeth held the stub as it began to harden more while His expert tongue flicked at the swollen nub. She felt the chain lift from her body and then felt the sharp pain of His teeth tarring into the tender flesh of her nipple. She gasped but managed to fight back the awaiting scream. His tongue then began to lap at her nipple tenderly, soothingly. As she sighed relief the second clamp, tighter than the first, clamed onto her victimized nipple. She bit her lip roughly.

“None of that” he chided as he flicked each clamped nipple. “Biting your lip is uncalled for, slut. Just because you can not speak” Her left clamp became tighter, “Does not mean,” her right tightened, “that” left, “you” right, “can” left, “bite” right, “your lip” left, “in” right, “defiance” both. Tears streamed down her face in intense pain. “Look me in the eyes girl.” Her watered eyes found his, they begged of a pain that she had not felt in a long time. “Do you expect pity from this Black Master for alligator tears?” Her eyes looked at him, defeated. She gracefully fell to her knees and rubbed her cheek against his foot.

“Do you like to worship your Black Master’s feet slut?” She continued to rub her cheek against his foot. He reached down and pulled her up by her nipple chain. “Answer me bitch.”

“No Black Master, I hate feet. But please Black Master, Please have mercy on this white slave girl. It hurts Black Master, Oh unholy God it hurts.” her tears streamed down her face to hit his shoes softly.

“Take off my shoes slut.” Her fingers untangled the bow shakily. After a few moments his shoes were removed then placed to the side. “Socks now.” Her fingers moved to the top of his socks to pull them off his feet. She removed them more quickly than the shoes and set them in each respective shoe. “Now show your Black Master how sorry you are.”

She stared at his feet in disgust. She hated feet with a passion more than any other soul she knew yet she could not stand for those damned clamps to be tightened one more time. He gave her a moment to choose, a small pity on the girl.

“Start at the top girl. Nice soft kisses and licks. One foot at the time, or just stand and I can finish tightening your clamps then hang the chain from the coat rack until I am ready to leave. Her eyes looked up to the coat rack. She would have to remain on her tip toes to not get her nipples ripped off and they throbbed as they were. Her soft pink tongue reached out to his dark foot and licked it softly. “Now girl, your gonna have to do better than that. If you do a poor job or it pleases me to do so I will still hang you up…Now go on. Last chance.”

Her tongue found his foot with a new gusto. Tears streamed down her face not from the pain but from the deep humiliation she had to endure. Her lips kissed, licked and sucked every part of his foot. He then held up his foot so she could reach the bottom, “accidentally” trapping the chain on the top of his foot. She did not pause as pain was sent more refreshed back to her nipples. She took each toe and sucked it into her mouth, licked between each, and kisses and lapped at the entirety of the sole of his foot. He smiled down at her eagerness to please. He untangled his foot from her chain and then let her repeat the process on His other foot. She cried pitifully the entire time. His cock throbbed.

“Kneel girl.” She knelt, her knees spread to display her pussy, bottom resting on her heels, arms at the small of her arched back, chest pushed forward. “Good girl.” He kissed her lips softly and wiped away her tears with His big hands. “Such a good little white slut. Now use that pretty little white mouth of yours to take my big black dick out.” Her teeth pulled at the fabric for a few moments until the button came undone then almost innocently pulled down the zipper to His black dress pants. Her nose pushed into the opening to try to get His cock out from his boxers. After a few minutes He chuckled at her attempt, tapped her nose, and pulled His cock out of his pants for her to play with. She rested her lips against the tip of His cock waiting for instructions. When He remained silent she rubbed her cheeks and lips against His dick. He smiled down at her. “Such a good little girl.” She stared up at Him with her lips pressed against His head. “You may suck my dick white slut. Want to take that big black dick all the way down your throat until you choke?” she nodded eagerly.

Her moist reddened lips parted around His head. She tasted the salty pre-cum, becoming immediately addicted to its flavor. His cock pushed to the back of her warm throat thanks to the eagerness of her mouth. He looked down at her pretty pink lips stretched tight around His dark cock, sliding in and out of her hot, wet mouth. His hands tangled in her mass of neat long brown hair to set the pace that her lips moved. She moved her head back and forth along Him until His cock throbbed with a need to desperately cum. His tangled hands held her head still as He fucked her mouth like a pussy. Soon a soft groan escaped His lips as hot gooey cum was swallowed by the girl on his cock.

He stared down at the girl at his feet. “Good girl. Come up into my lap baby.” She snuggled against him, tucking her head against His chest. “Would you like for those clamps to be removed baby girl?” She nodded softly. He pulled a handkerchief out of His pocket and stuffed it between her reddened lips to muffle her cries. He took off the right clamp, hearing her scream into the cloth, He took her nipple to suck on it softly. “On the next one cum for me baby girl? Ya’ hear me?” She nodded weakly, deep in subspace. He removed the other clamp, her cries of mixed pain and pleasure were muffled by the cloth as her pale body trembled with orgasm. He took her nipple between his lips, sucking it softly.

“Cum Rai, cum for your Black Master.” Her body tensed, toes curled, nails digging into his flesh as another powerful orgasm coursed through her body. His fingers traced her ear, he pulled her closer, His teeth bit into the flesh of her ear. “Cum girl.” Her body tensed again, screaming into the cloth gag then fainting into a limp form on His lap. His muscled arms held her close and whispered in her ear, “Such a good girl. A good little girl. My good little girl.” He repeated soft whispers in her ear until she awoke. He looked into her green eyes softly. He kissed her lips gently. “Good girl.” She smiled up at Him.

“Thank you Black Master.”

“Your welcome my little slave girl.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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