Our Deprived Client

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This story is part of an ever growing list of encounters and sexual adventures of my main protagonist, Kevin, myself projected into these lines. Most of my stories will be fictitious; some will be drawn from truth. You decide where that line is drawn…


Anna was my best Customer service rep, (CSR). She was also my favorite to visit. She had the exact outlook on life that was required by the city she serviced, Los Angeles, CA. I didn’t fully enjoy shitting where I ate, but as I would spend upwards of 2 weeks in a hotel each month, having a friend, and a little more than a friend, in some cities made traveling all that much easier. My position requires I travel about 1-2 weeks every month. I am a systems trainer and when traveling, I may be training clients, I may be setting up their software, or I training a CSR with some new software updates. This time away from home, and my girlfriend, allows for quite a bit of free playing. I didn’t fuck clients. That was my top rule, in my eyes, mixing business and pleasure was too much of a risk. They would expect things, start offering sexual favors for price breaks, or worse, if things went sour, they would send me up the river with blackmail of sexual harassment charges or Lord only knows what else; but I had made many friends along my travels and rarely spent weeks alone when away from home. Anna was one of three CSRs I would fool around with in the company, and she was by far my favorite.

Anna loved what I was doing and was determined to get a job that would allow her to do the same. I told her to study up; if I ever moved on I’d recommend her for my position. Then she’d be able to shag her way through the contiguous US. She was a minx, my favorite find throughout my travels, she was one of the first CSRs I helped to interview and hire when I started my position. She was brilliant, her resume was flawless, she had fantastic internship references, and possessed immaculate people skills. When I first met her, I thought she was just a sweet, genuine, exceptionally attractive, outgoing Southern California girl. It didn’t take long to learn who was really behind the mask.

She was a freak. She had this tiny little body, relatively flat chest, barely a handful maybe on the small B side, with maybe quarter sized light pink areolas, nipples that stood out only about a quarter of an inch, which sort of went against my preference of large breasted women; but her ass was spectacular, and it perfectly accompanied my 8″ rod whenever she got the chance. It stood out like a shelf below the perfect curve in her lower back. Long wavy dirty blonde hair and these green eyes that just made you freeze when you looked into them. Man, woman, child, everyone always complemented her gorgeous eyes, and they worked clients over like lovers. She frequently dressed for clients in tight dresses accentuating her assets when we’d work on sites, attempting to get me to do something dirty on the job any chance she got. She loved getting naughty in public, plane rides, backs of cabs; hell a dark corner of the bar was a good spot to her to get frisky.

Anna really held the look of a model. She once told me she contemplated skating as an Ice girl for the local pro hockey team, made it through tryouts, but was turned down due to her small stature. She stood at only about 5’6″, but was every inch a model in my eyes. She lived at the beach, her tan lines essentially nonexistent; she’d arrive early in the morning on the weekends complete with a day’s worth of supplies and the skimpiest bikinis I think they’d allow on a public beach. She’d spend entire days in the sun, her friends saying she was immune to the tiring effects long days on the beach. She apparently tuned up these tans with trips to a salon as well, because outside of her small pubic bush, which stood tightly trimmed in a small strip above her pussy, she bore little to no lines whatsoever on her perfect bodice.

I was never a big fan of shitting where I ate, but Anna, and a few other CSR’s were too much to resist. The first time I visited LA to train Anna, she was flirting almost instantaneously. The game is actually very easy to play when traveling; all meals are expensed, so you eat out at restaurants for almost every meal. Booze flows quite freely, and with most of us being in the mid 20’s to early 30’s, sex is almost always a topic of conversation. The second night I spent with Anna I had her in her apartment. I learned quickly she was not as advertised in her interview. We broke her couch, a table, two lamps, and I essentially suffered a concussion, but the sex was epic and carefree. She was almost a perfect match for my sex drive, and was the absolute definition of fun. She had me contemplating leaving my girlfriend back home, but I had my reasons for staying. Fucking coworkers is always dangerous, especially when ones like Anna like to get naughty on client’s sites, but we found little ways to play, never actually involving clients though. Once we found ourselves in a situation with a client one night while on a rush job to get them up to speed for the next day. The encounter almost made me quit cold turkey.

The customer contact was a woman, Heather, 43, cute cougar Betturkey material. Long straight brown hair she’d tease in the ends into slight waves, fit my preference as a large breasted woman, and completed the mix with large child bearing hips she said had already carried four kids for a husband who “No longer feels the urge often enough.” I personally had been working with her for two weeks onsite with Anna at the time of our ‘issue’, so we had the opportunity to get well acquainted. Anna had worked with her on and off for a few months prior to the service visit, so she knew some of the personal info on Heather already, so once we began to finish up the job and arrived upon our the last night there, some personal information and confessions began to spill from this woman. It was like she knew her ‘release valve’ was going away; the sympathy I felt for her, along with the excitement that came from a woman as gorgeous as herself talking about sexual desire, eased me into letting my guard down. Coming up to the early evening, we began to see the light at the end of the tunnel for our project spanning the prior two weeks.

“Ok, so how many hand held scanners do you think your team will need?” I asked Heather, trying to gauge how many of our inventory scanners her company would need synced with her central computer system.

“Well, we normally have 2-3 attendants in the main inventory room here, plus one in each lab wing for disposal, and 1 attendant in the service room on the 5th floor, so I’d say 18 at least.” She estimated, informing me of the daunting task standing between me and a flight home.

“I thought you were running your entire disposal through the service room, not individually in labs.” I answered, knowing what her request entailed.

“I thought about it, and I figured where our researchers are awful in reporting their tags when they dispose of a bottle, an individual scanner in each wing should increase the numbers for proper disposal.” Heather countered. “Will that be an Issue?”

“No, it will just take a few hours to sync all of them up across the building and making sure the signals are strong enough, they should be though, I don’t think that should be an issue. Anna, you have enough in your car though?” I asked Anna, knowing full well what her answer would be. We originally scoped the job for less than Heather was asking.

“No, actually, I think I have about a dozen in the trunk, we can run to my office real quick though. I have about 40 or so left in my stock room.”

“We’re going to have to.” I acknowledged. “Sorry about this Heather, we really only anticipated the inventory and service rooms.”

“That’s fine, I’m actually starving. Let me take the two of you to dinner for our last night here on the way to get them!” Heather replied, rather exuberantly.

“You don’t need to do that.” I told her, “You’re our client. Let us treat you!”

“No need, you guys have been so helpful, and besides, I feel kind of guilty after spending the last two weeks complaining about my husband. Not to mention the guff I gave Anna before you got here!”

“That really isn’t a big deal at all,” Anna added, “You really need someone to talk to about that, glad I could help!”

Heather had in fact spent the last month venting to Anna, and two weeks of the same while I was here. Her husband no longer was the sexual entity he was in the years prior. She was a middle aged woman, somewhere along the lines of her peak of sexual desire. She read dirty romance novels and kept naughty websites bookmarked on her phone, he had relegated himself to a lazy boy at home and spent his weekends tinkering with an old truck he invested far too much time in, and fishing with his friends. Although the one thing they still obviously shared was an enduring passion for their family, children especially.

Bill, Heather’s husband, had worked for the same bank he joined after college. He had worked his way up into a regional management role and spent a lot of his days working from home. He had let a lot of personal ambitions go in life for the sake of his children. Working out, hunting, sporting events, but one thing Bill kept front and center was family. Heather did admit that she would be hard pressed to find another man that would show the same dedication and love for his children as Bill, and for this reason the thought of cheating never entered her mind. Just as her husband had done, Heather disregarded many personal desires for her children, including an active sex life. Working out, however, was not one of them. Although a 50+ hour per week salary woman, she found the time to squeeze in yoga, Pilates, zumba, and any other group exercise activity she could jump around at. She kept her body at the peak of physical fitness, especially for a mother of 4.

“You guys really have been great; let me make it up to you, please?”Heather continued, insisting to treat us to dinner.

“I guess.” I somewhat still objected to being treated to a meal by a client.

“Ok, awesome, well, I’ll go get my car out of the garage and we’ll head to your office. I’ll call ahead to this little Italian joint I know in town. You like Betturkey Giriş Italian right, ha, who doesn’t?” Heather said excitedly as she grabbed her purse off her office desk and rushed out the door, long dark hair flowing behind her in a whirl of excitement.

“Hey,” I sternly said to Anna. “How deep did your chat sessions get with her before I got back?” I asked Anna.

“Deep how? How do you mean, like sex and shit?” She asked, dodging the question telling I was slightly unnerved at the thought of sharing an intimate meal with Heather.

“Aside from talking about her husband being disinterested as of late, what else did she tell you?” I responded as I began to close out the final stages of what could be done in our software set up without the scanners we required.

“Ha, toys, cam sites, sex forums. She’s was completely unhinged before you got here. Believe it or not, she kind of tightened up these last two weeks!” She answered, laughing with her response. “I gave her a couple pointers, but I don’t think they really swayed her at all. She’s pretty messed up over it all, she’s lost on what she wants to do.”

“Well, what did you tell her to do?”

“Eh, I said just, if you can’t fix Bill, find a friend!” She stated.

“You told her to cheat!” I jumped at the offer Anna proposed.

“Pretty much, but she won’t. She still loves him, and wouldn’t risk her family; her kids are all still pretty young.”

“Yeah, I figured out all that, I could write a book on her family after the last two weeks. Let’s try and keep this dinner quick and clean, alright? I really don’t like talking sex with clients, you know that!” I answered.

“No, you’ll talk it, I’ve seen you, and I’ve heard stories from other CSRs… You just don’t like fucking your clients!” She shot back.

“Well, either way, let’s try and keep a little composure, this fucking set up’s going to take us into the morning, and I was hoping to fly out before the end of the week.” I responded as Anna’s phone rang in her bag.

“That’ll be her.” She answered as she walked over to her purse. “I thought you’d stay and play over the weekend? If not, maybe we’ll just have to fool around a little tonight, maybe give Heather a little peep show…” Anna joked as she slapped my ass, passing me out the office door.

“Heather?” Anna said, expectantly answering her phone. “Ok, we’re on our way, what do you drive? Ahh, very nice, see you in two.” She said hanging up her phone. “Our client is well paid, Jaguar convertible; perfect for the warm Southern California evening!”


I let Anna take the front seat as I hopped in the back. As Anna had stated, Heather’s black Jaguar convertible was quite nice. Leather, loaded, rag top, premium sound system, not what you expected the mother of 4 to be driving.

“So, this uh, really isn’t the mommy wagon I sort of expected you to be driving.” I stated as we began to drive off from the site, exquisite gardens and landscaping adorning the commercial park Heather’s office was situated in.

“Ha!” Heather Laughed as she answered, throwing her hair around as she playfully showed off the attractive young look the car helped add to her. “We have the minivan at home, my husband drives an SUV as well. Most of the time he’s the one picking up the kids if either of us needs to do so. He works from home a lot so that makes it easy, plus my oldest just got her license a few weeks ago, so I get to drive the fun car more often now!”

“It suits you well, you look great driving it. Your boobs look great in that shirt too by the way!” Anna blurted out, apparently trying to take the conversation where I really didn’t want it to go at the moment.

“Well, ha, glad you like them. Bill hasn’t touched them in a little while. I try to dress sexy for him, you know, just to see if he’ll say something, a compliment here or there, but you know, nothing!” She responded, a little stirred up by the comment.

I’ll admit, they did look great. Heather was wearing a dark blue top which looked like two separate sashes of cloth going over each breast and then wrapping around her midsection under a light white sweater. It accentuated her gratuitous cleavage and just began covering flesh as the curvature of her breasts began at the bottom of each orb. The shirt was a perfect complement to, what seemed to be at least, 32D’s proudly on display.

“Well, if my opinion matters, I think your husband may have a mental issue if you’re not getting the attention you want.” I interjected, feeling like she could use a little reassurance. I hadn’t spoken much on the matter the past two weeks, but felt a little more motivated to do so considering I’d probably never see the woman again after tonight.

“I don’t know what his problem is, really. After our last child, I had my tubes tied, and he just, like, stopped being interested. It’s like ‘Oh, she’s barren now, what’s the point?'”

“Well, you said things were good before the kids, right?” Anna asked.

“Yeah things were great! We were all over each other for years!” Heather responded, “It wasn’t anything crazy, but at least we’d still fuck more often than once a month, he’d go down on me, he’d slap my ass once in a while, flirt in public a little, show me off, but now, he’s just dead. I don’t think he’s cheating. I hope not, I doubt he would actually, he’d destroy the kids. I know he looks at a lot of porn though, for a man that works on the computer so much, he’s not very good at hiding that.”

“Well, if he looks at porn, then you know his dick still works.” Anna told her, which was, of course, true.

“I doubt he’s cheating,” I stated, hoping to drive the conversation on a tamer road. I felt as though I sounded more like a moron, as I had no basis for the comment never meeting the guy.

“I don’t really think he would do such a thing. Like I said, it would devastate the kids and he’s a great father. They’re what are most important to him. He’d never risk hurting them.” She answered.

“Well, what do you think the problem is? I thought I remember you mentioning you tried talking to him about it??” Anna propositioned.

“I did, I did, he uh, well, he makes excuses, says he’s always tired, that he’s getting old; I don’t know what to think it is. I wonder if he no longer finds me attractive.” Heather responded, fidgeting a little with the comment, adjusting her sweater, closing it a bit in the front.

I laughed almost immediately. I didn’t mean to, and I knew it was the wrong move as soon as I saw Heather’s eyes meet mine in her rearview mirror, but I didn’t laugh to degrade her. “No, no, that’s not why I laughed,” I pleaded as I started to excuse my reaction. “It’s just impossible for him not to find you attractive. You take great care of yourself, you’re an absolute smokeshow.” I felt as though I was still digging myself out of a hole with the comment, so I made my next words more personal. “Hell, I’m incredibly attracted to you.”

“Well… Well thank you very much!” Heather stumbled through her response. “I appreciate that very much!”

“It’s too bad you don’t want to cheat on your husband, Kevin is very good in bed. His cock fills you up just right, and it’s strong… Just like the rest of him.” Anna seductively stated, grabbing my knee through the space between the front seats, completing this conversation’s trip over the cliff I was trying to agilely navigate.

“I knew you two fucked!” Heather screamed, swerving the car slightly in her exuberance. She seemed relieved as if she were Sherlock Holmes finally completing an investigation. “I’ve seen some of the ass grabbing and looks you’ve shot each other. Hell the heat from the two of you got me wet a couple times. You seem like a porn couple, you’re both so attractive, someone should film it!” She exclaimed as I started to question where she was going with this. I was taken aback, somewhat out of my comfort zone discussing such things with a customer. Luckily she took the conversation off of us and back to herself. “I couldn’t cheat, I won’t. I still love him, he’s still cute and romantic sometimes, but once a month is just not enough!” She proclaimed.

“Well, something has to be done, a gorgeous woman like yourself doesn’t deserve to go wanting between the thighs.” Anna declared as we pulled up to the local office.

Anna and I jumped out of the car to head in and grab the scanners. The office parking lot was poorly lit at night, so as I jumped out Anna slid her hand along the front of my slacks as I climbed from the back seat, brining my dick to life. I didn’t think Heather would be able to see, but with all the talk this evening, I started to believe a sight like that may help her out.

“I’ll rearrange my trunk while you’re in there. I’ll call Bill and let him know I’ll be a little late tonight, don’t be long!” Heather shouted as she opened her door, popped the trunk and ran around to the back.

Heather had parked about 20 yards from the door as another company that occupied a neighboring building kept a couple of vans parked in the spots directly next to the door. Anna unlocked the office door and walked into the building before me as I held the door for her, taking a chance to admire her ass in the tight purple dress she had chosen for the day. Whenever we worked together, she always would dress seductively, in some garment that didn’t really allow her to do the ‘dirty work’ that I always found myself crawling around in tight spaces to accomplish. She adorned this ensemble today with a matching pair of flats, just the complement to her attire as if to say ‘I’m dolled up but I’m here to work!’ It was a newer office space in a business park, larger than what Anna and the fellow billing personnel actually used it for. It was built to accommodate roughly a dozen or so employees; but we only had Anna, and two invoicing women working out of it. It was in a relatively convenient location close to downtown and the price wasn’t terrible, especially considering the revenue Anna’s division maintained, she was our second highest revenue generator. Still, the space was larger than necessary and she was forced to store some materials isolated from her office which was up in the front corner of the space. I knew where she kept all the other supplies, in another locked up storerooms in the back corner of the office space.

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