One Sleepless Night

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It had been a really long stressful day and Kayla was finding it incredibly hard to sleep. She had been tossing and turning for what seemed like hours. She knew she had to do something or she would never get to sleep at all. So she decided she’d have to go into her imagination in order to solve this problem.

First she pictured herself as a beautiful, young woman with full soft breasts and a perfect body.

“What the hell, ” she thought “it is my fantasy, after all.”

She pictured herself with flowing, honey colored hair and nice full lips. Hell, she was getting wet just picturing herself. In her mind, she ran her hands over her wonderful, new body, enjoying the feel of it. She allowed the fingers of one hand pinched her nipples, while the other slid down to her already moist pussy.

She was enjoying the feel of the flawless shaved lips of her newly imagined treasure. She moaned as she finally slid her fingers inside feeling its silky smoothness and heat. Her fingers eagerly explored the depths of her warm, wet vagina and then slid up to her sensitive love button already swelling with desire.

Since this was her fantasy, she decided to add a little more spice. She looked up at the open French doors that led to her deck and in through the billowing, white sheer drapes walked this beautifully tall, gorgeous well-built man. His skin was the color of caramel and, of course, he was totally naked. The man of her creation, she named Adam.

“No need for clothes here, ” Kayla said as she smiled to herself.

“What the hell, ” she thought further, as she added yet another element ümraniye escort to this already steamy scene; Right behind this hunk of man walked in the sexiest woman Kayla could imagine. She was tall with a big beautiful green eyes and luscious, full lips. She also had wonderful breasts with large, perky nipples. Kayla’s tongue almost ached to lick on them.(In reality she had never been with a woman, but she had often wondered about it, so adding a woman to her fantasy only made her more excited). Of course, her name had to be Eve.

Together her two new companions approached the bed, smiling. They stop right in front of Kayla and turned to each other and shared a long hot French kiss while exploring each other’s bodies with their hands. Kayla began to stroke her pussy while watching them. Finally, when she had them turn to notice her, she noticed Adam had a huge, wonderful erection. He had a wonderfully thick member that made her mouth water. She leaned forward and took it into her hand and gently stroked it before taking it into her mouth.

After watching for a moment, Eve knelt and joined Kayla in licking Adam’s stiff cock. As their tongues touched, Kayla felt her pussy twitch with this new sensation. Liking the way this fantasy woman’s mouth tasted, Kayla soon forgot about Adam and began to put more thought into Eve. In her mind, they began to kiss deeply. Enjoying the thought of another woman’s tongue swirling around her mouth, she took it another step further. She touched the woman’s breasts, making her new partner moan with pleasure as she gently pinched her nipples. She then pendik escort lowered her mouth to an erect nipple and took it into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue, gently biting it.

Adam, feeling left out, began kissing Eve again while stroking Kayla’s hair. Finally, the threesome broke their embrace and climbed onto the bed with Kayla. Both of her “guests” began exploring Kayla’s body making her skin tingle with excitement. When she watched Eve’s beautiful, pouting lips lower to her breasts, it took Kayla’s breath away. She imagined the pretty mouth work on her nipple and it was her turn to moan. As Adam kissed her earlobe and neck, he caressed her body, making his way down between her legs. She spread her legs to give him easy access. She arched her back as he slipped a finger inside her.

She began to kiss Eve’s mouth as the man passionately kissed his way down Kayla’s body, stopping briefly to suck and bite her breasts. As his mouth kissed over her belly, she began to fondle the woman’s pussy and when his mouth began to kiss her slit, she decided she’d like to taste her first pussy and had Eve straddle her face. She then tasted the wonderfully sweet taste of another woman’s cum, first on her lips then on her tongue as it began it’s maiden expedition of this beautiful woman’s pussy. Learning from what the man was doing to her and her own instinct, Kayla began to thoroughly enjoy eating this magnificent fantasy pussy. She hungrily found the clit and gently began sucking and licking it. She knew she must be doing something right because she imagined her new lover moan with pleasure. bostancı escort Eve began to ride Kayla’s tongue and soon she was coming all over her face.

Now Adam had Kayla’s full attention as he continued to suck her pussy and finger fuck both her asshole and her pussy at the same time. She loved all of this attention. And as good as he was at eating pussy, she wanted some of his enormous cock inside her.

She imagined him laying on his back while she straddled him with her back to his face. She impaled herself on his engorged cock, loving the way it felt as it filled up her soaking wet hole. He grabbed her hips and began to move her up and down making her feel so good. Eve moved in front of Kayla and began to kiss her, tasting her own juices on Kayla’s mouth and hungrily devoured every drop that was left. The woman then moved down to Kayla’s breasts and sent chills of delight down her body as Eve pinched one hard nipple while biting the other one gently. The combination of being fucked by a huge dick and having her sensitive tits gently tortured sent Kayla into a wonderful, shaking orgasm.

It didn’t take long for her to recover as she imagined Eve moving towards her sopping wet, quivering pussy. Kayla grew more excited as she imagined the woman sucking her cum off the mans balls before tickling Kayla’s clit with her tongue. Kayla further imagined Eve moving her tongue between the cum covered cock sliding in and out of Kayla and back to her aching, swollen clit. This was almost too much, even for Kayla’s imagination to dream up as another earth shaking orgasm came from her body, making her scream out in pleasure, bringing her trembling, now satisfied body back into reality.

Smiling to herself as she drifted off to sleep, Kayla knew she had found the perfect fantasy for her to enjoy any time she had another sleepless night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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