Haziran 11, 2020

Business Trip

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Business Trip
I had been at my new job for about six months when my boss called me in to his office and told me he needed me to travel to Tampa and spend a week or two sitting down with a management team of a company we had been working with. I was happy to be out of the cold for a couple of weeks and the job seemed easy enough so i gladly accepted and began making arrangements.

The company i was visiting was a small but profitable family business that managed several dozen self storage facilities and was looking for a buyer so that the owner mr Marcus Salter could retire after the death of his wife. My job was to sit with mr salter and his manager and to come away with everything ready.

A month earlier my marriage had finally ended in divorce and i found myself at 35 single and on my own for the first time in my adult life. My wife and i had met young and had never really managed to sustain our happiness. She wanted out and so did i and when this chance jumped up i was happy to also get my mind off of things for a while so i packed for two weeks in Florida and hopped on a plane, my company had rented me an apartment for the duration of my stay and i was to land, check in and head over to the offices of the Salter company for introductions and to begin planning the engagement.

at 35 i had managed to retain my youhtful looks and often surprised people when they learned my age. To combat the troulbes of my marriage i had taken up running several years earlier and my body was lean and muscular with nice shapely legs.

I finally got to the Salter offices in the early afternoon and was met at the door by a friendly secretary named robin who apologized and told me Mr Salter himself wasnt there at the moment but i could meet with greg, his manager who would get started on the proposal with me. Greg was a younger white man in his late 20s with beautiful tanned skin and a charm illegal bahis about him that i found masked how obviously bad he was at his job. He explained he had met Mr Salter when he was a college student and had been working for him ever since and just kept telling me how much i would like working with him.

as the day wound down Rachel appeared in the conference room to tell me she had talked to her boss and he was very sorry to not be able to make it in to the office but that i should meet him for dinner and gave me the address to a restaurant not far from my apartment. I told her i would be there and went back to my apartment to shower and changed in to a tight white t shirt with a blue blazer and a pair of tight dark jeans that i thought looked business casual.

I got to the restaurant and told the hostess i was there for a reservation for mr Salter and she smiled and led me to a table in the corner of the restaurant where mr Salter was seated.

He was a large man, i couldnt tell how tall because he was sitting down but he was wide with salt and pepper hair and dark black skin. he looked up at me over his glasses and looked me up and down before mumbling
“jeans to a business dinner, thats a new one- sit down”
i stammered and went to introduce myself and he looked at me again and said
“yes i know who you are i invited you didnt i?”
i felt stupid
he started laughing- “im just k**ding with you boy, you northerners are so uptight i like to fuck with you please Eric sit down”
i smiled- relieved i didnt just ruin the relationship and sat down

throughout dinner we talked about work and his plans for retirement and how he and his wife didnt have any c***dren and thats when he said something that didnt seem weird at the time but would make more sense later, he referred to himself as gregs “daddy”

as the night went on and the ine kept pouring the topic of my bedava bonus veren siteler divorce came up and we talked about being on your own after being married and the loneliness that can happen and it was good to talk about because we found common ground. He picked up the check and said he was enjoying himself and would i like to come to his place for a nightcap and we could finish our chat. I agreed and soon we were in a taxi headed to his house.

When we were walking up the stairs to his house i started to feel really drunk and stumbled backwards when his huge hand grabbed me by the ass and held me up. His big hand on my butt cheek made me tinge with warmth and i startled myself before locking eyes with him and saying “thank you Marcus”

no problem Eric, nice and firm too he said through smiling teeth. you keep yourself in great shape
i thanked him and we went in his house, it was large and dark with a pool in the backyard, he poured us drinks and led me to sit down on the couch across from him while he looked me up and down again

“did you and your wife divorce because of infedility?:
because you arent all straight or something he said smiling again

i laughed and said i didnt know what he was talking about (and also thought to myself how the hell would he know something like that- years earlier i had developed a taste for gay porn but had always managed to keep that a secret and my ex wife never knew about it)

“you looked at me with lust when i touched your ass Eric, didnt you notice that or maybe you dont even know it”
“im not Gay Marcus” i said, pulling myself back
“im not gay either Eric but i know that look”
“what look”

“the look like you wanted me to kiss you when my hands were on your body”

” I DID NOT LOOK LIKE THAT” I SAID, kind of laughing and flirting now
he leaned in and placed his huge hand under my chin and leaned yatırımsız deneme bonusu in to me, kissing me and sliding his tongue inside my mouth and i dont know what came over me, i closed my eyes and kissed him back the feeling of intimacy was exciting

he pulled away and smiled again “see i told you i know that look Eric you cant lie to me”
i nodded “you’re right”

“i know i am boi, you liked that didnt you”

“yes yes i liked it ok”

“now, how about you come over here and suck this dick boi”

this seemed like it went crazy very quickly but before i knew it i was kneeling in front of him while he unzipped his pants, he slide his pants down and i was facing the darkest thickest cock and biggest balls i had ever seen before, i swallowed in nervousness, and MArcus pointed his cock towards me and with his other hand grabbed the back of my head and pushed my mouth towards him

“suck this fuckin dick Eric”

he pushed his cock in my mouth and it grew harder with each suck until i was barely fitting the head in my mouth i was overcome with emotions and couldnt believe what i was doing, on my hands and knees sucking this massive black cock

Marcus stood up and dropped his pants the rest of the way

“no i said suck this fuckin cock Eric”

he began pumping his massive dick in and out of my mouth while i struggled to take it, pulling out and wiping it all over my face before shoving it back in and he fucked my mouth for what felt like forever before holding the back of my head down and throwing his head back before i felt his hot cum shooting down my throat, stream after stream of hot salty cum pumping down my throat.

he pulled his slimy cock out of my mouth and i stayed on my knees out of breath while he fell back to the couch smiling at me.

i felt like my head was spinning and hadnt even noticed that at some point i had cum in my pants while sucking him off.

“you should take those off and get cleaned up eric”
“nno im going to alrigh…”
“that wasnt a question Eric, take your fuckin clothes off”
i stood up and started undressing myself in front of this older black man who i had just blown

what had i gotten myself in to…..

to be continued

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