The Sexual Odysseys of Two Women

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Kimiku and Rachelle were bisexual lovers for four years now and decided to take a trip to France to escape the pressures of daily life in America. For Kimiku, this was an opportunity to be away for her boyfriend for a week. Likewise for Rachelle, this was a golden chance for her to be with Kimiku since she was not seeing any men at the time. Kimiku was a beautiful brunette who was 27, about 5’4″ tall and was breathtaking when both sexes saw her. Rachelle was a gorgeous blonde, who was 23, slightly smaller at 5’2″ but nonetheless very attractive. For both of them, this was a time where they could spend more time together and enjoy it in the process.

They had just been in France for a day, when they were along Kimiku and Rachelle were bisexual lovers for four years now and decided to take a trip to France to escape the pressures of daily life in America. For Kimiku, this was an opportunity to be away for her boyfriend for a week. Likewise for Rachelle, this was a golden chance for her to be with Kimiku since she was not seeing any men at the time. Kimiku was a beautiful brunette who was 27, about 5’4″ tall and was breathtaking when both sexes saw her. Rachelle was a gorgeous blonde, who was 23, slightly smaller at 5’2″ but nonetheless very attractive. For both of them, this was a time where they could spend more time together and enjoy it in the process.

They were in the southern part of the country on a beautiful afternoon in late May. As they drove along the countryside in their BMW, Rachelle wanted Kimiku to pull over to the side of the road because Rachelle was feeling hot and wanted to make love to her. As Kimiku pulled over, Rachelle put her hand inside Kimiku’s panties and started to massage her clit. Kimiku started to moan a little bit, and Rachelle started to finger Kimiku’s love canal in search of finding oral treasures within Kimiku.

Rachelle reached over to kiss Kimiku with her lips. As they kissed passionately, Rachel’s tongue slithered through Kimiku’s lips and found her dancing tongue – and her hands came around the back of Kimiku’s head and her fingers played and twirled Kimiku’s curly and wavy hair. Kimiku’s hands were all over Rachelle’s body. Their kiss became more passionate as each of their tongues locked with the other in what would become a raging, lustful tempest. And, their heat began to become warmer against the other’s flesh. By this time, a few cars had passed them by as they heard whistles and jeers from ongoing traffic. However, all Kimiku and Rachelle wanted was each other. Rachelle broke off the kiss as she told Kimiku, “I want to make love to you so badly, baby.” Kimiko looked back at Rachelle and said, “I do too, honey.” Kimiko, looked at map and found out the closest city was Nice, over by Monaco, about 100 kms. away. Rachelle grew a little impatient at Kimiku and told her that while Nice would be a great place to make love, she wanted to be intimate with Kimiku, now not later.

Kimiku listened and agreed with Rachelle. They drove around and saw a forested area a few miles down the road on their left. They turned into the area and parked their vehicle. They took their blanket and a battery-operated dildo with them and walked about 100 meters away clear out of sight – no one would see them there. When they got there, Kimiku and Rachelle looked into each other’s eyes deeply and embraced in an erotic, passionate kiss. Their bodies intertwined with the other’s and their hands were on each other as they went down to the ground.

As they fell on the blanket, Rachelle landed on top of Kimiku. Rachelle proceeded to remove Kimiku’s clothing off of her, as Kimiku did likewise to her. They were next to each other, flesh to flesh, as they started to become one. Rachelle moved one of her hands down to Kimiku’s pussy and started to massage her clit somemore, gently at first. Kimiku let out a few gently moans and started to finger Rachelle’s clit in her pussy. As this continued, both women’s moans became more imminent as each woman sucked and licked the other’s pussy lips. Each was on the verge of cumming in the other’s mouth. Rachelle was the first to feel herself explode as she told Kimiku to hump her pussy harder and faster.

As Rachelle’s clenched walls became slicker from the juice generated from Kimiku’s tongue, Rachelle was fast becoming flustered and suddenly exploded in Kimiku’s mouth – wave after wave of volcanic lust flowed out of Rachelle and into Kimiku. As Rachelle exploded, Kimiku felt the effects of the explosion and was about ready to cum any second. Kimiku did, reciprocating lustful lava into Rachelle’s mouth. Each woman licked the other’s pussy dry, and both felt a little drained but happy. Rachelle moved up besides Kimiku, and rested her head next to Kimiku. They looked up at the sky and felt they were in sexual utopia from their releases. Kimiku proceeded to kiss Rachelle tenderly on her lips and held each other close.

They fell asleep for a very short period of time, cloud storage not caring if they were found. As Rachelle woke up from the nap, she felt revived and became horny once again. She went to get the battery operated dildo, and turned it on low. As she inserted the dildo in her pussy, she felt pleasurable sensations coming from the dildo and she left it in her for a few minutes. By that time, she turned it up another notch and started to feel even more sensations in her pussy and moaned a little bit. Rachelle knew another orgasm was about to hit her, so she turned it on high and put it back in her. As more time passed, she started to moan more and louder and Kimiku woke out of her rest. She looked over at Rachelle, asking, “Can I help you with that?” Rachelle grinned over at her, begging her to have the honors. Kimiku did, holding the dildo in Rachelle’s pussy and Rachelle started moaning louder and louder – her orgasm building strong.

Rachelle couldn’t take it anymore and her pussy juices flowed out of her immensely and said, “oh my god, I’m commmmmmmmmmmmmmming”. At that point, Kimiku took the dildo out of Rachelle’s love canal and started to lick up what flowed out of Rachelle. She moaned greatly to Kimiku’s masterful tongue and licked up every ounce of Rachelle’s lust. Rachelle started to recover shortly afterwards and looked over at Kimiku. Rachelle evilly smiled over at Kimiku, asking, “Mind if I help you with this?” Kimiku french-kissed Rachelle, then told her, “yes my love, I need this and I want you to do this”. Immediately, Rachelle put the dildo in Kimiku’s pussy and turned it on slowly. Kimiku felt some sensations starting to flow in her, and Rachelle turned it up another notch. Kimiku was really feeling it now and she started to cum, as the juices started to flow out of her and down her legs. “Damn” Rachelle thought, “she’s really cumming”. Rachelle removed the already soaking cummed dildo and replaced it with her best and lapped up every bit of Kimiku’s desire. Rachelle cried out to Kimiku, “fuck me, bitch”, and they engaged in 69 for a while. Both women came at least twice more each and fell totally exhausted from all the fucking that went on.

As both women regained their composure, Kimiku looked at the time on her watch. “Holy crap” she said, “it’s about evening”. Rachelle agreed with her, and each of them got up, put their clothes on. They got the blanket and the dildo, and headed back to their BMW – holding hands along the way. Kimiku looked at the map once again and smiled, looking over at her lover. “Only a hour to Nice, where we’ll spend the night”, as she winked over at Rachelle. Rachelle let out a huge smile and said, “I can’t wait to make love to you all night as well”. Kimiku could only smile as they headed towards Nice.

As they drove along the Mediterranean Sea, both women were awed continually by the French coastline that hugged the Sea. Rachelle fell asleep on Kimiku’s shoulder, but Kimiku just smiled over at her. As they got into Nice an hour later, Kimiku kissed Rachelle on her lips to let her know they had arrived. Rachelle kissed her back, and both were relieved to be at the hotel. They brought their luggage into the hotel and looked in the local telephone directory under restaurants to see what was listed. They found this one place that served American cuisine and went over to the restaurant.

They came into the parking lot of the restaurant, when they noticed what looked to be another female couple who walked by them – hand in hand. Kimiku and Rachelle smiled, blowing kisses at the couple. The couple in return blew kisses back at the two women. Kimiku and Rachelle walked with fingers interlocked into the restaurant and was greeted by their hostess, who exchanged kisses on the cheek with both women and sat them down at a table not close to the others. The table they were at, also had a door for privacy purposes. Kimiku and Rachelle thought this was a little different but they were not worried.

A male waiter greeted the two women and asked in his best broken English if the two women if he could get either a drink. Rachelle grinned over at Kimiku, and said to the waiter, we would much prefer drinking you. Rachelle motioned for the waiter to shut the door, and both women proceeded to take the waiter’s pants and underwear off, leaving his cock open for the women to explore and taste. Kimiku and Rachelle briefly french kissed each other, then went to work on the waiter’s cock Each woman took a waiter’s ball in her mouth and started to massage it nicely. The waiter started to arch his back in the process and closed his eyes to what he was going through right now.

Kimiku and Rachelle each took a hand and ran their nails on a side of the waiter’s meat and the waiter lost composure, as he felt his cock almost exploding. Rachelle nodded for Kimiku to go ahead and suck the waiter’s cock dry, and Kimiku went ahead and did so. Kimiku circled the top of the waiter’s cock cloud file storage and slit sensually, and the waiter made some moaning sounds. Rachelle smiled, fondling both of the waiter’s balls as Kimiku sucked his stick. Kimiku moved her lips down on the waiter’s cock, using her tongue to pleasure his love. Kimiku looked up at him as he smiled, and she started to swallow him deeper – her lips clenching his beast. She started to bob up and down on his monster, and he could not take the pressure of Kimiku’s expertise any more. His liquid pleasure exploded in Kimiku’s mouth with such fiery she was not able to swallow it all as fast as it came in her mouth. Rachelle saw this and lapped up the remaining cum with such lust that the waiter’s cock was wiped clean.

Rachelle looked over at Kimiku and engaged in another passionate kiss with her, wanting more of the waiter’s deposit in Kimiku’s mouth. As they kissed, Rachelle closed her eyes as she felt some of the waiter’s cum transferred over to her mouth as she swallowed it all. As they parted their kiss, the waiter looked at both women and smiled. Both women winked back at the waiter first and then at each other, knowing they had performed magic in that room. The waiter asked what they wanted to drink, and both women wanted a glass of the best French white zin they had, and the waiter went to get their full glasses.

As the waiter left, the waitress who seated the women came into their booth. The waitress asked how everything was going and told them, “I was wondering where the waiter went and all, he seems to never be around”. The women smiled back at her, not saying anything except that all was fine and he was doing a great job. After the waiter came back to serve their white zins and take their entrée orders, the waitress proceeded to tell both women she had become aroused when seeing both women swallow the waiter’s cock. She said, “I didn’t mean to pry or anything, but we do have cameras in this restaurant and all and I noticed how you two were enjoying the waiter’s cock as well as yourselves. Oh by the way, my name’s Yvonne”.

They exchanged pleasantries, and Kimiku told Yvonne, who was a little taller than they at 5’6″ and very attractive herself and could pass for her mid 20’s although she was actually 40, that they had enjoyed what they did very much. Yvonne went on ask, “Are you two in love with each other?” The two women said they were, but also were looking to have a lot of fun while they were in France. Yvonne went on, “one of my other waitresses, Yvette, saw you two as well. We would like to meet you after work is over, is that ok with you?” She added with an evil grin, “…for some fun.” Kimiku looked over at Rachelle with a concerned look, but Rachelle intentionally bumped her arm, and Kimiku said to Yvonne, “sure, we’d love to join you both.” Yvonne grinned wonderfully at both women, saying “Here’s my telephone number here at work. Give me a call later on this evening when we’re done, and we’ll join you”. After telling them when she would be done, they exchanged tender kisses on their lips with each other – and the waitress left, smiling and after being groped by Kimiku and Rachelle. Rachelle grinned at Kimiku, smiling, “That Yvonne, she must like being with women.” Kimiku countered, “My love, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know when a woman loves being with you”. The waiter came back with their entrees, and Rachelle started to slide her foot up and down Kimiku’s leg. Kimiku smiled at her, eating away as Rachelle did. Shortly thereafter, Rachelle moved her hand down inside Kimiku’s panties and started to massage her clit. Kimiku moved closer to Rachelle, and Kimiku started to moan lounder, but not loud enough for people to hear. This was driving Kimiku crazy, so she reached inside Rachelle’s panties, that were already soaking wet, and massaged her clit as well.

Both women were starting to lose it when Kimiku got to her senses and told Rachelle they best wait until they got back to the hotel even though they knew they didn’t want to. As they were eating their meals, Kimiku made an evil grin at Rachelle, putting a food in Kimiku’s mouth, and told her, “This is your pussy I am eating. I am sucking it and eating you as well”. Rachelle closed her eyes and envisioned Kimiku eating her out, then and right there. As Rachelle did, she inserted a finger temporarily into her pussy and started to massage her clit again before stopping.

After they were finally done eating, both women left a tip on the table and left. On the way out, they saw Yvonne and both women blew a wink and kiss at her. They got back to their hotels and decided after seeing a jacuzzi in their room that it would be the best thing for each of them right now. They helped each other slip out of their clothes, when Kimiku took Rachelle’s hand and led her into the jacuzzi where the water felt very wonderful to both women. After they entered the jacuzzi, Kimiku and Rachelle put an arm around file upload the other and reminisced about the past four years from the time they met to now.

As they talked, Rachelle put an arm around Kimiku’s neck and said to her, looking, “I love you, honey”. Kimiku responded back enthusiastically, “I love you too, baby” and proceeded to lick her lips on Rachelle’s and then part her tongue through Rachelle’s lips. Rachelle hungrily took in Kimiku’s tongue, wanting to not only please it, but Kimiku as well. As their tongue danced lustfully and intertwined, the two lovers were locked into a deep moving kiss with each other. Rachelle’s nails graced along Kimiku’s face, as Kimiku closed her eyes to the pleasurable touch. Kimiku touched Rachelle’s face, gracing her face with her nails as well. Both women were feeling as if they were under the influence of an aphrodisiac, as both of these women have always had a wonderful chemistry together, sexual and otherwise. Each woman moved her hands wildly over the women in flaming lust of the other and found a hand of the other in their pussy, their clits being rubbed in harmony. Then, Rachelle whispered to Kimiku, “turn me around”, which Kimiku did. Rachelle felt the jets of the jacuzzi flowing in her pussy. Rachelle arched her back a little from the pressure of her jets and continued to kiss Kimiku passionately. Kimiku playfully touched Rachelle’s ass, and Rachelle moaned loudly from the pleasure she received. As the pressure got to be too much for Rachelle, she let out a shriek and came. “Oh gawddddddddddddddddddd”, she exclaimed to Kimiku, “this is so fuckingggggggg gooddddd”. Kimiku smiled, now released from the kiss with her, and massaged Rachelle’s neck and shoulders and worked magic on them. Rachelle melted into Kimiku’s hands, her stress gone.

Kimiku switched places with Rachelle and kissed her, as Kimiku felt the power of the jacuzzi jets massaging her pussy very nicely. She let out a moan, and Rachelle took a finger and started to move it in Kimiku’s ass. Kimiku groaned at the simultaneous feel of both things happening and started to lose herself in paradise. Kimiku humped Rachelle’s finger faster and felt the power of the jets thrust into her whimpering pussy, making Kimiku whimper at the thought of being fucked herself. Kimiku told Rachelle, “fuck me harder…faster…deeper”, which Rachelle did with her finger up Rachelle’s ass. Kimiku arched back more, and her moaning left Rachelle wanting more. Rachelle pumped her pussy with another finger and started to get wet again quickly. As Rachelle did the both of them, they started to moan in unison now, louder and louder, and exploded shortly and moaned, “oh gawedddddddddd” after one another – waves of pleasure shooting through each of them.

They fell into each other’s arms, exhausted once again from cumming. Orgasm City had reared it’s wonderful head in this hotel room, as both women kept having one orgasm after another, even as they started to recover. Kimiku and Rachelle decided it would be best if they had held off for a while and just relaxed. Grinning at what took place, Kimiku got out of the jacuzzi and turned some romantic mood music on. Rachelle smiled up at Kimiku and got out of the jacuzzi herself. Both women dried off the other and decided to rest on the bed, waiting for Yvonne and Yvette later on this evening. Both women fell asleep peacefully, Kimiku’s arms around Rachelle’s.

A couple of hours had passed quickly, when Rachelle heard a startling noise outside their hotel room. Donning a robe, Rachelle went to investigate, found nothing, and came back in the room. “What happened?” Kimiku asked. “Nothing from what I can tell”, Rachelle mentioned to her. Rachelle then disrobed her lovely body before Kimiku and sat down besides her. Kimiku looked the clock. “Oh shit, we had better call Yvonne up before it’s too late.” Kimiku called the restaurant where they had met her earlier in that evening.

“Yes, I am calling for Yvonne please, is she there?” Kimiku inquired. “This is Yvonne, may I ask who’s calling?” she asked. “This is Kimiku. Rachelle and I came into your restaurant earlier this evening.” Kimiku mentioned. With a happy look on her face, Yvonne smiled, “oh yes… ever since you two left, I’ve been thinking about you all night and have wanted to fuck you both all evening. Are you still interesting in meeting?” Kimiku looked over at Rachelle, winking, then said to Yvonne, “very much so, honey” and gave her the directions to where they were. “Yvette and I will be over shortly in less than 30 minutes.” They blew each other a kiss over the telephone and then hung up.

Rachelle asked Kimiku what had transpired. Kimiku grinned at Rachelle telling her that Yvonne had been thinking of both of them all night after they left and wanted to fuck them very badly. Rachelle gleamed as she kissed Kimiku and saying, “I can’t wait to do the same likewise to her.” Rachelle turned to face Kimiku and kissed her tenderly on her lips again, wanting nothing more at this current time to be with the woman she’s always wanted and desired lustfully after. Kimiku reciprocated, kissing her back. Then they laid in each other’s arms peacefully, playing with the others hair and giggling.

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