Nisan 17, 2021

Sunday Morning Fun

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It’s a lazy Sunday morning and we’re both lying in bed, the radio is playing quietly and you are sat up slightly reading the newspaper. I shift down the bed slightly so that my feet hang off the end and my movement pulls the duvet down with me, exposing your bare chest and stomach. I watch your chest rise and fall for a moment before freeing my arm from under the quilt, pulling it further down as I turn onto my side, my face level with your hips. I study your cock thoughtfully, your morning wood has left it half erect, just a tiny bit of the tip visible under your foreskin, teasing me.

I reach out my hand and lightly run my index finger from the base to the tip and it twitches slightly, responding to my touch. You ask me what I think I’m doing in a mock-stern voice and peer over the top of the paper at me.

“Nothing”, I respond innocently, as I place my thumb and index finger on each side of the head and slowly draw back your foreskin.

You moan a little as I release my grip and let my fingertips trail slowly back down your shaft and over your balls. I absentmindedly cup them, my gaze still focussed on your now full erection. I realise that you are still attempting to read the Sunday paper and this amuses me, I like a challenge.

I lightly pull back your foreskin again, exposing the head and I notice the first hint of precum escort bostancı at the tip, “I can’t remember what this bit is called,” I tell you.

“That’s a penis,” you reply wryly, not looking up from your paper.

“Oh very funny, that’s not the bit I meant.”

“Well which bit did you mean?” you ask, still only half paying attention.

“This bit,” I reply as I slowly reach my head down and brush my lips on the underside of your cock, where the head meets the shaft. I have your full attention now.

“That’s called the frenulum,” you tell me, folding your paper and placing it on the bedside table.

“I like it,” my lips brush against it again, parting slightly. You respond only with a moan.

I don’t look up; instead I am focussed on the glistening drop of precum I can see. I kiss the head of your cock, and it smears against my top lip. As I lick it away I finally turn my head to look at you and smile mischievously.

I begin kissing your cock again, moving down the shaft until I am kissing and licking your balls, my hand still gently holding your erection in place as I lick my way back up towards the top. I kiss the tip lightly again, and part my lips slightly, drawing them over the sensitive skin as I pull away. I kiss you over and over, taking more of your hard cock in my mouth each time.

Your ümraniye escort breathing is getting heavier and I realise that mine is too, I run my tongue around the head a few times before returning to kissing it, soon my lips are meeting your foreskin and the tip of my tongue brushes against your cock every time I take you in my mouth.

With about an inch of your cock in my mouth I begin to suck gently and start running my fingers up and down the length of the shaft, feeling myself getting wet as you moan and shift position. I move to kneel in front of you, straddling one of your thighs. Tasting more precum I look up at you and swallow gratefully before returning my gaze to your swollen cock and without warning I suck it deep into my mouth, feeling my lips bump over the rim at the bottom of the head and slide down the shaft until I feel the tip at the back of my mouth. You gasp and writhe slightly under me, your hips lifting to meet me and your thigh raised slightly so that it presses against my pussy.

I enjoy your moans as I very slowly draw back almost to the tip of your cock before sucking you back into my mouth again, I repeat my movements, teasing you, running my tongue along the underside of the shaft as my lips slide down to take you deep into my mouth again.

The taste of you turns me on so much and I kartal escort bayan grind my hips against your thigh, smearing my juices on you as your cock fills my mouth. I start to bob my head down, sucking you into my mouth over and over, drawing my hand up your shaft to meet my lips each time. I cup your balls in my other hand and you moan loudly again, running your fingers through my hair and holding it out of my face so that you can watch as I hungrily work on your throbbing erection.

My lips bump over the rim of the head of your cock with increasing urgency and I run my tongue up and down the shaft, occasionally bringing it up to the tip to savour more and more of your precum. I feel you swelling slightly and your balls start to tighten against my other hand. I am moaning almost as loudly as you, your cock filling my mouth.

I work your cock as best I can, desperate for your cum, pressing myself against your thigh as you thrust your hips upwards. I squeeze your balls gently and feel them respond to my touch, feel your orgasm building. I want your cum so badly.

Your cock is thrusting into my mouth hard and fast and I know you’re going to cum for me, I can’t bear the anticipation, I need you to cum. You grip a fistful of my hair and cry out as you thrust deep into my mouth. I tighten my hold on your balls as you cum hard, spraying hot jets of fluid into my mouth. I swallow quickly as you spasm again and empty your balls completely, I make sure I have licked up every drop before swallowing again and falling back onto the bed beside you. Both of us breathing hard, spent and satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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