One Last Family Holiday Pt. 01

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With a screech and a jolt, Monarch flight 150142 touched down at Ibiza Airport. Amongst the many holiday makers onboard were the McQueen family; on their first holiday together for seven years, and possibly their last as a family.

With the kids (Jo and Danny) now young adults, Mum and Dad (Mel and Brian) wanted one last trip together as a family.

Reluctantly Jo, 20, and Danny, 18, agreed to come as long as they all went somewhere with a bit of night life as well as fantastic beaches and guaranteed sunshine. The family made their way through the terminal towards baggage reclaim.

Jo, the eldest, led the way. She was only 5’4, a natural blonde with a slim petite frame. Jo had always tanned better than most and she was already dressed for the occasion. She may have felt daft back in rainy Manchester but now she didn’t look one bit out of place in the ibiza sunshine. She wore a tight light blue vest top that exposed plenty of her pale skin to the sun’s rays. The top stopped just short of her belly button and she wore a loose fitting skirt that barely covered her ass cheeks and which danced with every step she took.

Following behind her was Danny, he was tall like his dad, with brown hair and broad shoulders. He had dressed for Manchester weather though and was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and although he had taken his hoodie off, as he was already sweating.

Then followed their parents. Mel & Brian had been married 21 years. Mel was 38, a little taller than Jo, with the same shade of blonde hair. She was still very slim, although being a fitness instructor for the past ten years had helped. She wore a long flowing summer dress, which really showed off her figure.

Brian was 40, but didn’t look his age. He was 6’2 with an athletic build and he was already wearing his shorts and t-shirt.

After waiting for their luggage and after a long coach journey, the family finally arrived at there home for the next seven days, the Tropicana Beach. A huge ten story hotel complex located right next to the beach. Brian had wanted this holiday for nearly 7 years and didn’t mind paying a bit extra to go all inclusive. He wanted it to be a holiday to remember.

The receptionist checked them in and handed them the keys to two 5th floor rooms that were next door to each other, 507 & 508. They took the lift up to the 5th floor, Jo grabbed the key for room 508 and ran down the corridor towards the door.

“I call first beds,” she shouted as Danny chased after her. They dived into the room & less than a minute later they re-emerged.

“That’s your room Mum, there’s just a double bed in there,” said Jo as she took the keys to 507 and opened the door.

“Oh, there’s just a double bed in here too,” exclaimed Jo.

“There must be a mistake,” said Brian as he flicked though the paper work that reception had given him.

“Oh, we are meant to have two doubles. I must have made a mistake when I booked it. I’ll go down to reception and see if I can pay for another room for the week,” suggested Brian.

“Don’t bother, Dad,” said Jo, “I don’t mind sharing with Danny if he’s OK with it. I don’t want us to spend any of our holiday money needlessly.”

“Fine by me,” said Danny.

“Right!” exclaimed Mel, “You kids go and get your suitcases into your room and Danny get some shorts on. Then lets go into the town, I could do with a drink.”

A good few hours later the McQueens staggered back to their hotel rooms. They had eaten out at a local bistro and visited a few of the bars in the town.

Mel and Brian said goodnight and went into their room. Jo grabbed her nightie and went into the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and checked herself out in the mirror. Slipping out of her skirt and vest top she kept her purple bikini on.

Although it wasn’t a particularly revealing bikini it showed off her flat stomach and cute ass. Her bottoms had a tie on each hip and the top was two pieces of triangular fabric tied round the back. Jo’s breasts were only a 32B but they were in proportion with her slender frame. The bikini wasn’t needed for support, it was merely for decoration and to preserve her modesty.

Jo reached for her nightie, a white baby doll dress with black polka dots, and slipped it on over her bikini. At home, she would be just in the baby doll dress or nude but sharing a bed with her brother made her want to cover up more than normal.

She came out of the bathroom to find Danny was already in bed. She could see his bare shoulders sticking out of the covers.

“You had better not be naked under there!” demanded Jo.

“What if I am?” replied Danny.

Jo moved over to Danny to punch his arm but he quickly pulled back the sheets to show that he was wearing his boxer shorts.

“I’m just messing, Jo,” said Danny.

“Good! Make sure you keep your hands to yourself in the night. Good night,” said Jo as she turned out the light.

They both laid there in silence. They could hear the background noise from matadorbet the traffic below and the beats vibrating up from the nightclub in the hotel’s basement. They could also make out a faint knocking on the wall of their bedroom. After a minute or so, they noticed it had become louder and a little faster. Jo put the light back on and they both sat up in bed. Then it seemed to dawn on the both at the same time.

“Are Mum & Dad fucking!?!” exclaimed Jo.

“I think so,” said Danny as they both sat there and listened intently.

In the next room, Brian and Mel were fucking away. Maybe it was the alcohol or the heat but as soon as their bedroom door had closed they couldn’t keep their hands of each other.

Brian had come up behind Mel and started kissing her neck. He quickly moved on to her 36E breasts, squeezing and rubbing them, he took her strapless summer dress and pulled it down exposing her bra. She let the dress fall to the ground. She stood there in her black and red matching bra and thong set. Brian took a moment to take in the sight in front of him then he pounced on her, kissing her passionately, he reached round to find the clasp of her bra. After a brief bit of fumbling he managed to unhook it. He pulled it off her and threw it to the floor. Mel’s breasts jiggled as he did it. She had spent the previous fortnight visiting the sunbeds to give herself an all over base tan & her skin was already a healthy bronze colour.

Brian’s mouth immediately latched on to Mel’s erect nipples, sucking and licking. Mel moaned with pleasure, she reached for Brian’s cock. Grabbing it on the outside of his shorts it was already rock hard. She tugged at his shorts, Brian took a step back and removed his t-shirt whilst Mel removed his shorts. His 7″ hard cock was now staring her right in the face, with out hesitating she wrapped her lips around it, pumping away frantically. She took him right to the brink then released her mouth.

“Not yet,” she said as she removed her knickers and climbed on to the bed.

She positioned herself on all fours with her back to him. Brian joined her on the bed, he ran his cock along her pussy, he could feel how wet she was. He teased her for a moment then thrusted his cock deep inside her she screamed with pleasure as he pulled out and thrust again, this time going deeper. His pace began to quicken, the headboard began to bang against the wall. Mel’s screams became more frequent and louder. Brian could feel he was getting closer he began to groan as he felt his cum escape from his balls and into his wife’s pussy. Mel was now screaming in pleasure as she came simultaneously with her husband.

As Brian pulled out, he watched a little bit of his spunk dribble from Mel’s pussy. As they both caught there breath they lay in each others arms and fell asleep.

In the room next, Jo and Danny sat there looking at each other in disbelief, not really knowing what to say to each other. They just looked at each other and started giggling.

“Shall we tell them what we heard?” asked Danny.

“I’m not sure,” replied Jo, “let’s see how embarrased they are in the morning.”

With that, she reached for the light and they went off to sleep.

The next morning Jo and Danny were woken by a knock at the door. Jo looked down her chest to see her nighty had shifted in the night exposing her right breast. She quickly tucked it back inside the top before her brother noticed and then jumped out of the bed to answer the door.

“Morning you two, hope you slept well? Me and your Mum are ready to go down for breakfast,” said Brian, as he bounced into their room.

Unsurprised by their Dads apparent spring in his step, Jo and Danny exchanged knowing glances.

“Are we going to the beach today, Dad?” asked Jo.

“Me and your Mum fancy the pool if you both want to come along,” Brian replied.

“Yeah, as long as I’m in the sun,” replied Jo.

“I’ll come too,” said Danny.

“Good, now hurry up lets get some breakfast, we’ll see you down there,” said Brian as he left the room.

Jo came back to the bed and removed her nightie.

“You slept in your bikini?” asked Danny.

“And…?” replied Jo.

“Do you wear your bikini to bed at home?” asked Danny, as he put on his t-shirt.

“Not usually,” she replied as she fumbled around with her suitcase.

“Don’t look I’m changing my boxers!” exclaimed Danny.

“Why would I want to look anyway? Why don’t you change in the bathroom,” she replied.

“Because Dad said to hurry, and you’re still looking!” said Danny.

“OK just hurry up,” said Jo as she pulled out a pair of denim hot pants and turned away.

She looked round a minute later to see Danny fully dressed, Jo had slipped on her hot pants whilst she waited for her brother.

“Right, lets go down to breakfast,” said Jo, heading for the door. “I bet there was nothing to see anyway.”

“Oi!” shouted Danny, as he closed the door behind himself. matadorbet giriş

An hour later a well fed McQueen family were laid out by the pool.

The pool was large circle with a shallow end you could walk into at one end and a deep end at the other. In the middle was a mini island with a bridge extending across the deep water. Surrounding the pool was a bar, an ice cream stall and plenty of sun loungers.

They had picked a quite away from the bar area.

Jo had wasting no time in removing her denim hot pants and had already positioned herself on her sun lounger.

Brian pulled his sunglasses & his book from his bag and sat down on a sun lounger next to Danny. Mel was the last to sit down. She slowly removed her vest top and skirt she had been wearing to reveal her striking red bikini. The bottom’s really showed off her toned bum whilst the top, which didn’t have shoulder straps, pushed her breasts together fantastically. Danny and Brian both did a double take when they saw it.

“Anyone need sun cream?” asked Mel.

“No,” they all answered in unison.

“Just me then, hunny, will you do my back?” Mel asked as she threw the bottle to Brian.

Brian got up and sat beside Mel whilst she lay down on her stomach.

He squeezed the sun cream on to her back and she shuddered at the cold sensation as the lotion touched her skin. He began to spread it over her body, up to her shoulders and down to her legs and feet. Massaging it into her skin, his hand started creeping around her body, extending round to the sides of her breasts, groping them every time his hand passed over them. He also paid special attention to her ass cheeks and in between her legs, catching her pussy with his hand. Mel buried her head into her towel, not wanting her facial expressions to give away the pleasure she was feeling.

Jo knew what was going on and had been watching the entire time, secretly enjoying it too. She had also noticed the big extension in her dads shorts that he was trying to keep hidden.

Mel was getting close to climaxing but it was becoming quite noticeable how long Brian was taking to rub in a bit of sun cream. When he was finished, he sat back on his sun lounger with his towel placed over his lap to cover his arousal. Jo couldn’t take her eyes off her dad’s crotch. She wondered how big it was and then thought back to the sound of him using it to fuck her mother that night. At the risk of getting too excited, she decided to go for a dip in the pool. Mel went to join her.

Brian and Danny sat back in their loungers soaking up the sun and taking in their surroundings. Just to the left of them a group of three girls, no older than 21 were just setting up by the pool. One of them was already topless. Brian put on his dark glasses so he could have a better look at the girls without making it obvious. He watched as they sat down on their sun loungers. The other two girls took their bikini tops too, exposing their very tanned breast to everybody around the pool.

Danny too had noticed what was going on to the left of him and had his eyes fixed on the group. He watched them pull out the bottle of sun cream just praying for them to apply it to each other.

They didn’t have to wait long before one of the girls poured some suncream in to her hands, she rubbed it in to her chest and stomach and then, as if she was building up to it, on to her breasts, making sure her nipples were well covered. She moved on to her legs, her shiny breasts dipping down every time she bent over.

It made Brian think back to the holidays he and Mel used to have before the kids came along. Mel would always sunbathe topless. She still did after the kids were born but it had become less frequent.

Just then a shadow came over them. It was Mel and Jo back from their swim.

“Enjoying the view were we?” asked Mel.

“Erm… I… Was… Erm,” stuttered Brian.

“How about I give you something to perv on,” She said as her eyes lowered to her own breasts.

“What about the kids?” whispered Brian.

“What about them? They’ve seen boobs before, they’ve seen my boobs before,” said Mel as her hands reached round the back to the clasp of her bikini top. Unclipping it, she removed her top and handed it to Brian.

“Will you look after it for me?” she asked as she looked down at her breasts, as if to almost inspect them. Her nipples were already erect from the swim and the beads of water on her breasts made them glisten in the sunlight.

Jo and Danny just stared not sure whether to be embarrassed or turned on.

The view, however, didn’t last too long. Mel went to lay down on her front on her sun lounger. Pausing slightly whilst on all fours causing her breast to dangle and swing, before she lowered them into her towel and out of sight. All that could be seen were her breasts bulging out of the side.

Hours later Mel woke up on her sun lounger, forgetting she was topless she turned to Danny.

“Danny love, will you get me a Coke from the bar?” she asked.

“Ok Mum,” he replied barely able to keep eye contact with her.

When he came back Mel was sat upright. Jo and Brian were no where to be seen.

“Thanks hun, have you seen your Dad and Jo?” she asked.

“They’ve gone for a walk around town,” he replied.

“Oh,” said Mel as she poured sun cream on to her hands.

She started on her legs, rubbing it on the front and back of her thighs. Then on to her stomach and breasts. She seemed to take longer on her breasts making sure she covered every bit of skin.

“You’ll have to do my back for me, Danny,” she said holding out the sun cream bottle.

Danny’s heart began to race. Did he hear that right, she wants him to rub sun cream into her back.

He took the bottle and poured it on his hands. He sat behind his mother and pressed his sun cream covered hands on to her back. He began spreading it around her back. Not daring to go anywhere near her sides for fear of catching her boobs.

“Make sure you get everywhere, I don’t want to burn,” she demanded. “Get down my sides as well.”

With that Danny spread the cream on to his Mums side, catching the side of her breast as he did. His heart skipped a beat. He ran his hands back up and across the side of her breast again. He was stunned his Mum didn’t mind him not only seeing her breast but practicality touching them.

Panic then set in, as he felt the early twitching of an erection forming in his shorts.

He rubbed the last bit of cream into his mums back as quick as possible but it was no use. He knew his mum would spot it if he stayed so he made his excuses and ran to the toilets in the far corner of the pool area.

He locked himself in the cubicle. He looked down at the bulge in his shorts and thought about what he had just done. He pulled out his cock and began masturbating furiously. Within seconds he was cumming, his spunk pumped out of his cock and into the toilet bowl.

He opened his eyes to the realisation that he had just masturbated over his mum. He smiled to himself and rejoined his family by the pool.

After a lazy day by the pool Mel & Jo went back to the rooms to get ready to go out for a few drinks in town. Brian and Danny had decided to stay in the hotel bar that night and watch the football on TV.

Jo had a shower in her room and went to Mel’s in her towel.

“Hey mum are you decent?” she called out as she entered the room.

“Just getting out of the shower,” Mel shouted back, “Can you bring me a towel?”

Jo grabbed a towel off the bed and opened the bathroom door. She let the steam escape and she stepped inside just as Mel was pulling back the shower curtain.

“Sorry Mum,” she said as she caught sight of her Mother standing in front of her completely nude.

“Why hun?” asked Mel as she took the towel from Jo. “You saw me naked but for some bikini bottoms this morning.”

“I suppose,” said Jo, as she sneaked a look at her neatly trimmed bush.

She watched as Mel dried her body. She started with her hair causing her breasts swung from side to side as she rubbed the towel through her hair. Her breasts then disappeared momentarily as she dried her chest and stomach.

Jo, not knowing wear to look pretended to be brushing her hair but she made sure she had at least one eye on on her Mum.

Mel then put her leg on the side of the bath as she dried her feet, giving Jo any even better view of her pussy.

“Pass me the after sun honey,” asked Mel as Jo passed it to her.

Mel rubbed the lotion into her body starting with her arms & legs then her stomach and finally her breasts.

“I hope I haven’t burnt these,” she said to Jo whilst rubbing in the final bit of after sun into her boobs.

“They’re tanning nicely, I’m jealous,” Jo replied a little startled at her mums new found comfort with nudity and openness.

“Why don’t you go topless with me tomorrow?” Mel suggested.

“No!” Jo replied instantly.

“Just a suggestion,” said Mel passing the after sun to her. ” Will you do my back?”

Mel turned around so Jo could apply the lotion to her mum’s back. She could feel the heat coming through her skin as she touched her. When she had finished, Mel took the bottle from her.

“Right! Time to do you,” said Mel as she squeezed some after sun into her hands.

Jo looked in horror. Thoughts started running through her head, did her mum know she was naked under her towel? Would she have to remove her towel? Was was her mum going to apply the lotion herself?

Then a realisation hit her. Why was she bothered? It was only her mother that would see her naked and thought of them being naked together also made it easier for Jo.

Jo untied the knot in her towel turned and placed it over the side of the bath. The cold of the after sun took her by surprise as her mum squeezed the bottle on to her back. Mel began rubbing it in. She started at the top and worked her way down her way down Jo’s back. She then squeezed a bit more into her hand and started on Jo’s legs, occasionally catching the edge of her ass cheeks as her hands moved up and down.

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