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I looked up to see a three storey building towering over me.

“Its quite posh isn’t it.” I finally spoke. Carrie shrugged her shoulders and led me to the front door.

“Not quite as posh on the inside.” She replied nonchalantly. We stepped through the door and what I saw astounded me. The inside of the house was even more beautiful than the outside.

“Is that you Carrie?” Came a male voice from the kitchen. And that’s when it started. That day lead me to lose my virginity in the best possible way ever and remind me of the best sex of my life.

Let me describe myself to you. I have just turned 18 and I’m about 5’7″ with light brown hair that falls on my shoulders. I have always been told that my eyes are as deep as an ocean and about the same colour as they are greeny-blue. I am slim with curves in all the right places and slightly athletic due to years of dancing. My skin is a light brown colour and I often get asked if I am mixed black and white even though I am full black. I was blessed with an ass to die for but unfortunately not breasts to match, from the age of 13 I have had to live with humble 34B breasts. But this didn’t stop me from getting attention from the opposite sex.

Back to the story

Carrie was the first person that I met when I started at college and we became friends very quickly. The next day she invited me back to her house for dinner. Carrie was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever met, she was slightly shorter than me but as her body was quite petite she was able to carry it off well. Also she was tanned but didn’t look orange the way a lot of other white girls look. kürt porno

Carrie responded to her father by saying “Yes daddy it’s me, the only other person who lives here.” Her father stepped out of the kitchen and sighed heavily, then he looked at me quizzically before saying, “And who is this stunning beauty?” I swear to God that must have been the most I have ever blushed in my life. Carrie hit her dad playfully and told him to stop teasing and get dinner started.

After dinner Carrie’s dad went upstairs to do some work in his study while Carrie and I watched a scary movie. I personally hated scary movies but Carrie was adamant that we should watch it. About 30 minutes into the movie I turned to talk to Carrie and noticed she was asleep. Typical I thought. Just then I saw the door to the living room slowly creep open, I screamed at the exact same time as the woman on screen.

“Shit!” I yelled, but quiet enough so that Carrie didn’t hear.

“I’m sorry for scaring you.” Carries dad replied. He asked me why I was even watching such a scary movie when I was practically alone and I explained that Carrie wanted to watch it. He asked me if I wanted him to keep me company while I watched it but I said no thanks and switched it off. He then offered to make me a drink which I accepted and followed him into the kitchen. We talked for a while about college and a bit of politics, and joked around before he finally went serious and said “Vanessa, I think you’re beautiful.” I was a bit taken aback and almost chocked on my drink. Before I could respond he pulled me close and kissed me, deeply and passionately. I felt his cock get hard in his trousers and he pushed it against me even harder. I forced myself out of his embrace and took a long hard look at him. I saw his salt and pepper hair, his warm chocolatey brown eyes and his tall body that looked extremely toned for someone who was close to 40. Suddenly I noticed that I had started to get wet. “Let’s go upstairs.” He whispered. Well he didn’t have to tell me twice. We went upstairs to his room and he kissed me with urgency as I started to get out of my clothes. He stopped and looked at me. The sort of look that seemed as though a light had just switched on in his head.

“This is so wrong.” He finally said. “My daughter’s friend.” But it seemed as though he was talking to himself rather than me. Nevertheless I thought I would put him at ease as he seemed so genuine.

“I want this.” I replied. In two seconds flat he was completely naked and I saw one of the biggest hardest cocks I had seen in my life. Although I was still a virgin I had jerked a couple of my previous boyfriends off, but none of them were even in the same league as Ben (that was his name) when it came to size. I saw a thick drop of pre-cum ooze from his prick and I felt myself get even wetter.

“You still a virgin baby?” he asked. I nodded my head. “It’s gonna hurt a bit then.” He ran his finger along my now incredibly moist slit. He found my hole a gently pushed it his finger in.

“Fuck! This has got to be the tightest pussy I’ve had in a while.” He worked his finger in and out while flicking his tongue latin porno delicately across my nipples. “You like that baby?” he asked. I could only moan in pleasure and he flashed me a grin that made me weak. Just as I was about to cum Ben removed his finger and I gave him a confused look. “You’re ready for me now babe.” He adjusted himself over me and lined his cock up with my hole. I held my breath in anticipation, he must have sensed this as he told me to relax. He gently pushed one inch in at a time until he got to my hymen, then he stopped and looked into my eyes. He held my gaze as he whispered “I’m sorry baby.” And thrust his full length into me. I screamed the loudest that I have ever screamed and he held still to allow me to adjust to the invasion of his 9 inch cock. He moved in and out slowly but soon could not take the tightness of pussy contracting around his hard cock and he started pumping in and out of me at a rapid speed. After a few minutes I felt myself about to cum.

“OH GOD!” I panted. “I’m about to cum.

“Say my name first” Ben replied. I started to scream “Ben!” loudly but he just shook his head. “That’s not what you want to call me, you and I both know that. Now say it.” Without even realising it the word ‘Daddy’ escaped from my mouth. “Good girl, now cum for daddy nice and hard, I want my cock covered.” I came for the first time that night and it wasn’t the last. Ben pumped away for another 10 minutes all the while with me moaning ‘daddy’. Finally I felt him tense and unload his cum inside me. As we rested from the session ne turned to me and asked me if I was protected. I slowly shook my head.

“Well.” He started “Carrie’s always wanted a brother or sister.”


Leave comments please. All are appreciated. If you criticise please tell me what to work on. And tell me if you like it or whether I shouldn’t give up my day job lol.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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