Like a Good Neighbor Chapter 3 , 4

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The next few weeks were the worst in my young life. My entire family did die that night for no reason other than some idiot decided to have a few drinks then get behind the wheel of a thirty-five-thousand-pound truck. He claimed he was running late and trying to make up time, but he was arrested and charged with felony manslaughter.

The company he drove for, Global Logistics had already contacted me and offered to help in any way. My mother had a brother who was an attorney and he contacted me right away and told me not to make any decision concerning the accident with anyone.

I had to purchase a tomb and because of the horrific crash viewing the bodies was not an option. I decided on a cremation and buried each member in my family in the tomb in separate urns.

Since my dad had put me on his checking account for the business, I was able to pay for everything. I was shocked that my dad had over eight hundred thousand dollars in his checking account for the company. My uncle called me, and we set up a meeting which he would come down from north of the state and meet with me.

After the initial meeting, my uncle went over most of the family paperwork that was in the safe. He had secured all six death certificates and filed them with the state. Both my mother and father had life insurance policies on each other for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars each. Then each one of my sisters had a policy which my parents bought for fifty thousand each. My uncle accompanied me to the bank, and we sorted through all of my parents accounts and liabilities.

Everything my parents owned was paid for in full. The only debts they had were utilities, insurance and whatever else was needed. My parents had accumulated quite a large sum of money through the years not that it really mattered. All the bills were changed into my name and would still be sent to the house.

Some nights I laid in my bed and wondered if perhaps in some way I was responsible for what had happened. Was this perhaps fate getting back at me for what I had done with my sisters. In some way, I did blame myself for what I had done with my sisters but that was a secret no one would ever discover.

The crew my dad employed stepped up and was close to finishing both projects that been going on when my dad was alive. I had not taken any other jobs and was discussing selling the business to the foreman of the crew. For some reason I could not find any peace with myself. I would just go on and on about what happened and why it happened to me.

I found myself going to the gym more and more every day. The only time my mind would be clear is when I was pushing weights around. After a few months of being a “regular” as they called it, I began to understand how some of these guys got so big. They all had one thing in common, performance enhancing substances. They would allow the body to recover faster from a workout, so you were able to work each body part several more times a week.

Every gym has the one guy who can get whatever you need. After a while, I took the bait as well and started going on cycles of six to eight weeks. It was amazing how quickly you added weight to each exercise and how your body reacted. In less than a year, I had put on twenty-eight pounds but hardly any body fat. I was right at two hundred twenty-five pounds but still maintaining a thirty-inch waist.

At the close of my parent’s succession, I sat down with my uncle as he explained my current finances. I had a check for five hundred thousand dollars for the life insurance on my parents. And another check for two hundred thousand for my four sisters. My parent’s had over three hundred thousand in their personal checking account and my dad still had four hundred thousand in his company account when the houses were finished. That left me at one million four hundred thousand in cash and possession of my parent’s home and the house my dad had bought for me.

The trucking company, Global Logistics had made my uncle an offer of three million dollars to settle the case. My uncle knew that once the driver was convicted, we were in the driver’s seat. Honestly, I didn’t care about the money, I just wanted my family back.

The trial lasted all of six days before the jury came with six counts of involuntary manslaughter. That was the lowest charge of murder that you could get. Once the verdict came in the freight company started calling my uncle daily.

The driver was sentenced to twenty years without the possibility of parole. It seemed odd that six people lost their lives and it was only worth twenty years. Once that was out of the way my uncle retained a well-known lawyer in town to help him with the case. My uncle was a civil attorney and did not have much experience in a wrongful death suit.

The back and forth went on for almost three months before Global Logistics and their insurance company settled for twenty-six million dollars. My uncle and the second attorney charged three million dollars for their representation in the suit.

My uncle then set me up with a financial advisor who helped me invest the money wisely. I bought fifteen one-million-dollar annuities with earned me thirty-five thousand dollars a month. He then set up some certificates of deposits and a stock plan.

I still had the family account with over a million dollars in it as well as the two homes. I decided to sell the family home on a sleepless night. There were just too many memories there for me to live there permanently. I sold the home for seven hundred and ten thousand dollars through a local agent.

The crew had finished the home my father had bought me, and I sold that as well for a little over four hundred thousand. I then decided to find me a new home in the north part of town. It took me over four months, but I finally found the right home. It was all stone and glass ultra-modern look. The house was six thousand seven hundred and twenty-two square feet in a high security gated subdivision. It had four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a gym, home theatre room and a huge living area.

The home was equipped with a huge gourmet kitchen and massive dining room. The master bathroom as large as our old family room. There was a huge soaking tub and a shower that four people could use at once. It had a state-of-the-art security system with twenty-one cameras around the house. There was a huge pool in the back along with a small cabana to change in that also had a bath with a shower. There was a large glass room on the back of the home as well for entertaining. I was able to buy the home for one million two hundred and seven five thousand dollars.

I spent close to three months with a woman who owned Wilson Luxury Furnishings in town. She was in her mid-thirties and loved modern furniture like I did. After close to three hundred thousand later, I had finished furnishing my home. I moved in and tried to get my life back on track and move forward. I know that is what my mother and father would want but somehow, I felt so alone.

I started relandscaping the property with the local nursery providing me what I wanted. The lawn was huge, so I bought a fifty-inch zero turn mower with a bagging option to keep the lawn cut. I was out front on a Saturday morning cutting the grass when a small girl came walking from the house next door. She waved to me, so I stopped the mower and got off.

“How are you?”, I asked.

“I’m fine……… my name is Jennifer, but you can call me Jen if you want.”, she said very sure of herself.

“Well ok then Jen. My name is Jace Johnson.”, I replied, shaking her small hand.

“Why do you have all of those muscles, Jace?”, she asked.

“Uh, you don’t have to answer that. That’s not very nice Jen.”, a beautiful blonde woman interrupted.

Obviously, this was the little girl’s mother, and they were my next-door neighbors whom I had never met. The woman who could not have been more than twenty-five walked right up to me.

“Please excuse my daughter. She is very precocious for five going on eighteen. At least that is what she thinks. By the way, I’m Shelby Phillips.”, she said, extending her hand.

“Nice to meet you ma’am. I’m Jace Johnson.”, I replied taking her hand in mine.

“Ma’am, how old do you think I am.”, Shelby giggled.

“I’m not sure ma’am but being raised with five women I was taught there are some things you don’t talk about. Age is one of them.”, I replied.

“Fair enough, Jace. But I’m only twenty-three.”, she said, winking at me.

“So why do you have all those muscles?”, Jennifer asked again.

“Well, that is because I lift weights every day. It took a lot of years to get this big.”, I replied.

“Is that your job…… to lift weights?”, Jen asked.

“No, it’s not my job. I just like to do it.”, I laughed.

Just about that time a tall slender man came out the garage and turned towards us. He appeared to be somewhat annoyed and placed his hands on his hips.

“What the fuck are you doing Shelby?”, he growled.

“Just meeting our new neighbor Tim.”, she replied, grabbing her daughter by the shoulder.

“Well, get the fuck back over here.”, he commanded.

“I better go, nice to meet you Jace.”, she replied, acting extremely nervous.

She walked back towards her house and when she got close to him, he grabbed her on the back of her neck with his left hand pulling her close to him. He began to talk to her in a low tone, but I could not hear a word he said. I almost said something but decided maybe they were just having a bad day. He took one look back to see if I was still watching him. I was.

I finished the yard and showered then went to a restaurant to eat. I got home early Saturday evening and there was a sticky note on my door. It was from the neighbor across the street who was inviting me to a small get together for people on the block. I decided to go for a lack of anything better to do. I had a wine cellar in the house, so I grabbed a bottle of white wine and a bottle of red to take with me.

I walked across the street to the address that was wrote on the yellow note and rang the bell. A woman in her forties answer the door dressed casually.

“Hi, I’m uh……… Jace Johnson from across the street. You left a note on my door.”, I stammered.

“Oh yes, I’m Rose McGowan. Please come in, Jace.”, she offered, opening the door.

I followed her to the back of the house where at least eight couples were seated talking among themselves. She cleared her throat to gain the attention of the room.

“This is Jace Johnson, our new neighbor from across the street.’, she announced.

“Oh boy Jace, are you going to be a hit on this block. I’m Ted McGowan when my wife allows me to be.”, he laughed extending his hand.

“Thank you, sir, it’s nice to meet you.”, I replied, shaking his hand.

“Sir, he has manners too. We will break you of that.”, he laughed once again.

“My mother and father insisted on it, or you paid the price.”, I replied.

In the next few hours, I learned the names of close to twenty of my new neighbors and what they did for a living. The men all had executive type positions or owned their own business. The women by their own admission just spent their husband’s money except for Rose who was a vice president at a bank.

I in turn shared my story on how I landed in the middle of their block. All in all, I put a damper on the party for a while discussing my family’s death, but everyone bounced back soon after. Rose pulled me on the side and leaned over to me.

“Have you met Shelby and Tim Phillips your next-door neighbors?”, she asked.

“Actually yes, I have. I talked to Shelby and Jennifer for a few moments this morning until her husband came out.”, I replied.

“Be careful with Tim. He is a ruthless bastard that knocks the shit out of her when he gets pissed. He is very possessive of her and gets jealous easy. I’m surprised he didn’t tell you something. But then again, you’re three times his size.”, Rose Laughed.

“He appeared to be mad this morning with the way he grabbed her neck. I will keep that in mind.”, I answered.

“I feel bad for her, I really do. No one will talk to her because we are afraid, he will take it out on her. So, we keep our distance for her safety.”, Rose informed me.

“Why don’t she get rid of him?”, I asked.

“Honestly, I just don’t know.”, Rose said, sighing.

Most of the people on the block were in their thirties or forties. It seemed that Shelby and I were the youngest people on the block. Most of the guests had no children as well which I found odd, but the men were professionally driven as I could gather by their conversation. I left about eleven thirty and walked back home with the promise of many more get togethers with my new neighbors.

During the next six months or so I began training in Muay Thai which is also called Thai kickboxing to some. This martial arts discipline is called the art of eight limbs. It represents the idea of using elbows and knees to strike an opponent bursa eskort just as much as using fists and feet. For some reason I learned very quickly sometimes taking two classes a day. Muay Thai had nine levels of training but there was no universal grading system or belt colors. My instructor was a Muay Thai Kru who was a master of the art. He had fought in national and world competition and loved nothing more than a student who wanted to learn. My instructor was Mu Myad from Thailand and was forty-one years old. I moved up quickly and soon the only person I could spar with was my instructor, so I was pushed to the limit every day.

I kept mostly to myself leaving for the gym early in the morning and coming back after dark. I was now two hundred thirty-five pounds but training very differently than before. I was now training for striking power and how much injury I could inflict on someone else. I was approaching twenty years old with no real direction in my life other than fighting.

I had just gotten out of the shower on a Friday night and was walking down the hallway when I noticed that a light was shining in one of my guest bedrooms windows. I walked in the room and pulled the curtains back to see that I was looking directly across the way into one of Shelby’s bedrooms. The light was on, and the curtains were pulled back, but the room appeared empty. I was just about to go to the living area when I noticed Shelby walked into the room. She was wearing a white very short robe that barely covered her ass.

I moved over a little further so I could not be seen directly behind my window. I watched her moved around the room for a few minutes then she abruptly turned and looked directly into my window. I froze for a second then pulled back away so I could not be seen. I took a quick peek out of the window again and Shelby was gone, and the light was out.

The next morning, I was once again working in my yard when Shelby pulled her small Mercedes sedan in the driveway. She got out alone and promptly waved to me.

“Hey Jace, how are you?”, she asked.

“I’m fine Shelby, how are you?”, I asked.

“Lonely. My daughter is staying with her grandparents and Tim is out of town on a trip.”, she said, smiling.

“Well, at least you can relax and enjoy some quiet time.”, I answered.

“I’m not a quiet time person. My daughter is my life. I miss her so bad when she goes to his parents.”, she sighed.

“I’m sorry to hear that. I’m going to clean the pool later if you would like to join me.”, I asked, without thinking.

“Oh…… uh well I guess that would be ok.”, she replied.

“Come on over through the gate whenever you’re ready. I’ll be back there cleaning the pool.”, I offered.

About an hour later Shelby came through the gate in a short pair of spandex shorts and white tank top. Shelby had an amazing body, and it was natural. I could tell it was natural and I doubt she spent any time working out. She had long slender legs with a very tiny waist. She had small breasts, but they stood straight out from her chest. She had a beautiful face and a smooth natural complexion with gorgeous deep blue eyes. Toss in the blonde hair and you had a real live Barbie doll. Tim might have been an asshole, but he had great taste in women.

“Hey Jace, I cleaned up a bit. Anything I can do to help?”, she asked.

“No, I’m almost done. Sit down under the umbrella and relax. I will be finished in no time.”, I replied.

Shelby walked over to one of the reclining lounge chairs and stretched out on it. I was on the opposite side of the pool without a shirt on and just shorts. I could tell Shelby was intently staring at me as I finished scrubbing the sides of the pool. I finished up and put the long brush back in the cabana then turned the pump on. I put my t-shirt back on and walked around the pool.

“Jace, I have to say you are some kind of fine for a young man.”, Shelby said, smiling.

“Well……. thank you, Shelby. But you’re gorgeous yourself.”, I answered.

“Yes, I’m so hot my husband hasn’t touched me in eight months. He prefers his brunette bombshell of a secretary. He’s been fucking her for close to a year now.”, she laughed.

“I’m sorry I did not know. Why don’t you confront him and tell him how you feel?”, I asked.

“He doesn’t care about me or Jennifer. We are just pieces in his life. Unfortunately, I made a horrible mistake marrying him but now I am stuck.”, she sighed.

“Why are you stuck ……… walk out on him.”, I answered.

“To what……… I have no job, no money and no place to go other than to my parents. Tim controls everything. If I move back with my parents, he will make their life a living hell.”, she complained.

She finally apologized for complaining about her situation and asked me about what led to buy this house. I explained to her about what happened with my parents and sisters. Then about the money and how I found this house. She asked me if she could look inside so we got up and I showed her the entire house. She really like everything and was amazed that a single man my age could own a home like this. We finally went back outside and sat back down. I had grabbed two beers from the fridge and offered her one. We sat there and talked about her daughter and how much she enjoyed being around her. Just about that time Shelby’s cell phone rang. She looked over at the screen and frowned. She put her finger up to her lips telling me to remain silent.

“Hello”, she answered.

“No, it’s been on the charger most of the day. I’ve just been laying around.”, she stated.

She answered his questions as if she were being interrogated by a police officer. Obviously, he wanted to know what she did every minute of the day. She made a mention of someone named Cheryl who I guessed might have been the secretary he was fucking. Turned out I was right. The conversation lasted about three minutes or so before she hung up.

“What an asshole. Questioning me on what I’m doing with that whore in the room with him.”, she stated.

“When is he coming home?’, I asked.

“Not until Tuesday night late. Not sure of the exact time.”, she answered.

We sat there until it got dark talking about our childhoods and what life had dealt us. Shelby and Tim were high school sweethearts and got married right out of college. Tim Phillips was the Vice President of his father’s company. His father owned Fidelity Investments Inc, a stock firm that specialized in 401K’s, IRA’s, Annuities, and stock sales. Shelby said his father handed him the job right out of college. She also mentioned that his father was exactly like Tim. A man that cheated on his wife their entire marriage until she died from depression a few years ago. Now he dated a long list of young women who only acknowledged him for his money. Apparently, the apple did not fall far from the tree.

I could tell that the beer was starting to get to Shelby because she began flirting with me in a big way. She had changed the story to sex and how she had not been laid in close to a year. And in my situation, although I had fooled around with my sisters, I had never had intercourse with a female before. Whether that made me a virgin or not was unclear in my head. It took a while but finally Shelby threw it out there.

“Uh Jace………. Would you consider taking me to bed right now?”, she whispered softly.

“Shelby, you’re married……… that’s a big problem.”, I replied, quickly.

“Jace, he won’t touch me at all. I desperately want to feel like a woman again. I’m tired of getting myself off.”, she stated.

“If he finds out…… then what? I will have to deal with him.”, I responded.

“I won’t say a word, Jace. Please fuck me, please.”, she begged.

“Let’s get cleaned up first. I’ll take a shower and you do the same. Come back in thirty minutes and come through this back door.”, I offered.

Shelby jumped up and ran back to her house as I went back inside. I got a clean t-shirt and shorts and took a long hot shower then dried off. I had just thrown the dirty clothes in the hamper when I heard the back door open. Shelby walked in with a long red pullover that went almost to her knees. Even though I knew this was not a good idea I was so attracted to Shelby I listened to the wrong head. I grabbed her by the hand and took her to the master bedroom pulling her over to the huge bed. She stopped and pulled the red pullover off giving me the first glimpse of her gorgeous body. She had a pair of white lace panties on with a matching bra. She pulled me down on the bed with her wrapping her soft arms around me. I leaned in and kissed Shelby for the first time and every nerve in my body felt like it was on fire.

Shelby’s kiss was soft and moist with just a little pressure from her lips. The first time her tongue touched my lips a shudder went up my spine causing me to shake my upper body. Shelby pulled her lips from mine and smiled.

“Did I just make you shudder?”, she whispered.

“Yes, you did.”, I answered.

Shelby leaned back in and pressed her lips to mine once more. Only this time her kiss was firmer almost desperate with lust. I slid my hand down her firm stomach and slowly inside the waist band of her panties. As I lowered my hand, I realized that she was completely smooth and soon my hand felt a very wet pussy. She inhaled deeply as my finger touched her for the first time. I started off slowly like I had been taught paying special attention to her clit which had begun to harden under my touch. Shelby was on fire and eager due to the lack of attention she had been getting.

“God damn, you sure know how to play with a pussy.”, she whispered in my ear.

“I’m glad you like it………. You know what else I know how to do?”, I answered.

“What?”, she moaned.

I pulled away from her and moved down her body until I was between her long smooth legs. I reached up and gently pulled her panties down her legs and tossed them on the floor. I moved down between her legs gazing at her pussy for the first time. She had very thin lips and her center was bright pink with considerable fluid leaking from it. It was the most perfect pussy I had ever seen. I leaned down and slowly licked her center from bottom to top. She moaned loudly in pleasure letting me know how much she liked it.

I gently reached up with one hand and eased her lips apart exposing her tiny clit. I began to lowly flick her clit with the end of my tongue stopping every once and a while to gently suck it between my lips. Shelby’s breathing had already become erratic, her face and upper chest a soft crimson in color.

“Jace, you’re going to make me cum.”, Shelby moaned.

Letting me know she was close was exactly what I wanted to hear. I pushed my mouth a little harder against her pussy pressing my tongue hard against her clit. She instantly arched her back and grabbed my head with both hands like she was drowning in the middle of the ocean. Seconds later, Shelby’s orgasm erupted spraying my face with her cum as her entire body shook in my strong hands. Her orgasm was very wet and very powerful. As she started to come down and her body started to relax, I began to softly stroke her clit with my tongue tasting what was left of her recent orgasm.

Several minutes later, I moved up the bed and took her in my arms staring at those beautiful blue eyes. She had the most contented look on her face, and she was absolutely glowing.

“No one has ever done that for me before. That was the best orgasm I have ever had.”, she whispered.

I leaned down and kissed her again this time softly pushing my tongue between her lips. She accepted my mouth and began to taste her own orgasm presumably for the first time. After a minute of kissing Shelby had fully recovered and pushed my shorts down my legs. She rolled me on my back and quickly straddled me. She grabbed my rock-hard dick and pushed the head into her wet, soft opening. As she looked down at me, I saw the pleasure in her eyes as my cock stretched her for the first time in months.

“Oh my god, Jace. Your dick feels so good inside me.”, she moaned, extending her tongue and licking my lips.

“Shelby, are you taking some kind of………………”, I began, very concerned.

“Yes, I’m on the pill.”, she whispered, softly kissing my lips.

With caution thrown to the wind my mind focused on Shelby’s pussy and how it felt. She was extremely wet and very hot. It felt like my dick was inside of a silk tube as she moved back and forth on me. I knew I was not going to last long but I was hoping perhaps Shelby could come again. Thankfully she had the same mindset as I did and began to move faster on me. She leaned over and looked deep into my eyes.

“Come with me baby. Shoot that load deep inside me. Please baby……., she moaned.

I grabbed Shelby by the hips and pushed as hard as I could upwards. My dick erupted deep inside of her coating her walls with hot white cum. The feeling of my cum inside of her sent her over the edge for the second time as she slammed down on me hard her upper body shaking in bursa escort bayan pleasure. After ten seconds or so, Shelby collapsed on top of me. She rested her head on my shoulder as I held in tightly in my arms. I felt myself going limp and finally my dick fell out of her my cum dripping out of her pussy. She slowly lifted her head and looked at me with a smile on her face.

“No one has ever loved me like that. I have never felt this good in a man’s arms.”, she whispered.

We just laid there holding each other for several minutes before she raised her head again. For the first time, I saw a very mischievous look on Shelby’s face.

“I certainly hope you’re not a one and done type of guy.”, she giggled.

“Hey now……. The score is two to one and you’re ahead.”, I replied.

“Well, let’s fix that.”, she replied, getting up and pulling me out of bed.

She walked to the master bath and asked me to turn on the shower. She was amazed at how big the shower stall was and the eight jets that were around the enclosure. We both stepped in, and Shelby grabbed the soap and began to gently wash my upper body. I reached over and grabbed a second bar and began to do the same to her.

Shelby had this way of looking at me that made me feel like I was the most important man in the world. It was like she was amazed that I wanted to make her feel this good. She reached down and began to wash my dick soaping it up with both hands. I began to grow again in her soft hands which made her look up at me and smile.

“So, you’re not a one and done.”, she giggled.

She let go of my dick and began to gently wash her pussy all the while looking into my eyes. I was watching her hands stroke herself as she cleaned the cum from inside of her.

“You like to watch me play with myself?”, she asked.

“Yes, I do.”, I replied.

“Remember that night you watched me through the bedroom window.?”, she whispered.

“You saw me?’, I asked.

“Oh yea……… I came back a little later hoping you would still be watching. I was going to masturbate for you.”, she admitted.

“Fuck…… I knew I should have stayed.”, I groaned.

“But when I went back to bed, I fingered myself with Tim lying right next to me. I came twice thinking of your big strong arms holding me. And now, here we are.”, she softly said.

Shelby had me so excited again I turned her around, so she was facing the shower wall. I knelt behind her and pushed her thighs apart. I reached up and pushed her ass cheeks apart as she leaned forward slightly. I extended my tongue and pushed it between the lips of her pussy.

“Oh fuck, baby.”, she wailed.

I could already feel the fluid run out of her and remembered what my sister had said about being able to tell when a woman was about to cum. I shifted my right knee slightly causing my tongue to dislodge from her pussy and brush up against her asshole.

“Oh my god…….”, she screamed.

If it wasn’t a signal, I took it as one. I separate her ass cheeks and pushed my tongue into her tiny tight asshole. I felt her thighs tightened up and she stood on her toes trying to give me better access. I spread her cheeks even further apart and pushed my tongue as deep into her as possible. Shelby was already too far gone to even care. She reached down between her legs and began to furiously masturbate her red-hot pussy. I placed my hand over hers so I could feel her hand movements. That was all it took.

Shelby’s entire body went rigid and a stream of cum sprayed over both of our hands that were between her legs. She screamed in pleasure as her third orgasm wracked her entire body. I pushed her hand away and softly began to lick her pussy from behind. As she recovered, she appeared to be unsteady.

“Please, let me lay down for a while.”, she begged,

We both walked back over to bed and fell into it locked in each other arms. We just laid there and held each other for a long time. Later, we made love twice again and threw caution to the wind as Shelby slept with me that night. She got up early in the morning and gently kissed me goodbye and snuck back home. Somehow, I knew that I had created a problem for the both of us.

The following morning at around nine o’clock I was sitting on the back patio when I heard Shelby’s voice over the fence.

“Jace, I just wanted to thank you for last night. I told you I wanted to feel like a woman again. And last night, I felt like the most important woman on earth. Thank you for that.”, she said in a soft tone.

“Shelby, I felt the same way. I’m not sure what to think or feel but I know last night was not enough.”, I replied.

“We will have to pick and choose our moments carefully. I can’t in anyway act differently than I do every day. If I do, he will know something is up.”, Shelby promised.

“I just can’t stand the thought of him touching you.”, I sighed.

“Jace, he doesn’t touch me, I promise you that. He’s too busy fucking Cheryl and lately I hear that he is hitting on a new girl at work as well. He’s way too busy for me and after last night why bother? I now know what it means to feel special to a man.”, she affirmed.

“Look, take my number and put it in your phone. Then you can call me during the day. But make sure you clear the call off your phone.”, I replied.

I gave Shelby my phone number and she stored it in her phone. Tim’s parents were bringing Jennifer home later and we knew if Jennifer found out our secret would get spilled.

Over the next few months, I continued training and working out get bigger and stronger than ever. Somehow, even though she was married to another man I felt I somehow had a future with Shelby. She was close to three years older than me but none of that mattered. I was positive that I had already fallen in love with her.

I must admit Shelby was good at keeping her cover. The few times I saw her she just casually waved barely looking in my direction. Of course, I would always get the awkward stare from Tim but who cared. But the few times we were able talk on the phone it was amazing. Shelby would masturbate for me while talking on the phone and let me hear her cum. Then she would talk to me and I would do the same. But I was longing to hold Shelby again and gaze into those deep blue eyes of hers.

Then the annual Fourth of July block party was being held on our street this year hosted by Rose McGowan. The subdivision comprised of six streets and every year there was a Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve block party. I had the local caterer bring four hundred chicken wings to Rose’s house earlier in the day. I took a shower and put on some jeans and a white compression shirt which fit like a glove.

I went over to Rose’s house and help set up the tables and chairs as well the coolers, canopy tents and the fireworks area. We were just wrapping up when the guests started arriving walking down the block. Everyone brought something to eat or drink and the block was packed. I was introduced to so many people I could not keep track of everyone.

Somehow though, this one woman from two blocks over definitely made an impression on me. I was helping Rose refill a few ice chests when she walked up on us.

“Okay Rose, why the fuck are you keeping this fine young man all to yourself?”, the redheaded woman asked.

“I’m sorry Toni. Jace this is Toni Martin from around the corner. Toni this is Jace Johnson, he lives across the street. He bought Martin’s house.”, she said.

“Nice to meet you Ms. Toni.”, I said, shaking her hand.

“Ms. Toni……… I’m not that old Jace. I can still fuck like an eighteen-year-old. What about you?”, she laughed.

“I can hold my own.”, I replied, smiling.

“I bet you can.”, she laughed, rubbing her left thigh.

She walked off and Rose warned me about her. She was married but loved to fool around. She had broken up more than one marriage in her day. Toni’s husband was an alcoholic and could care less what she did. It’s funny how everyone knew everything about everyone’s business. Rose and I finished up and I threw the trash in the can returning to where she was standing.

“Well, Jace I must admit one thing. You are a hit now. There are a lot of damp panties around here tonight.”, Rose laughed.

“You’re saying I could get lucky?”, I laughed.

“Uh, I’m guessing you could fuck at least half the women on this block tonight, including me.”, Rose winked.

“Uh Rose…… I don’t think Ted would approve of that.’, I joked.

“Ted doesn’t need to approve……… I’ll be the one cumming.”, she laughed.


I learned about the neighborhood that night and there was no shortage of willing women willing to jump into bed with you. We were roughly an hour into the party when Shelby, Jennifer and Tim came out of their home. It was easy to see in the first few minutes that Tim was not well liked. The second thing I noticed was that he was already holding a drink in his hand.

Over the next hour or so Tim refilled his cup with Jack Daniels and coke several times. The more he drank, the more outgoing he became. I would look over at Shelby several times and more than once she would look back. I was sitting at a table eating a small plate of food when Shelby’s daughter Jennifer ran up to me.

“Hey Jace, how are you?”, she asked.

“I’m doing good. How about you Jen?”, I asked.

“I’m doing ok too. But I’m trying to learn how to play softball. It’s hard.”, she admitted.

“Anything seems hard the first time you try it. But the more you practice the better you get.”, I assured her.

“Did you ever play softball?”, she asked.

“No, but I did play baseball and it’s almost the same except for a few rules. All four of my sisters played softball so I know a lot about it.”, I stated.

“Would you show me some stuff sometime?”, she asked.

“Sure, I will. If that’s ok with your mommy and daddy.”, I promised.

“I’ll ask my mommy…… my daddy don’t care. He won’t help me.”, Jennifer replied.

Jennifer waved at Shelby and started to wave her over towards Rose and me. Naturally Tim saw his child motioning, so he followed Shelby over to where we were.

“Mommy, Jace just told me that his sisters played softball. And he played baseball and can show me how to play. If that’s ok with you?’’, she said, very excited.

“I’m sure this young man has better things to do then to play softball with you, Jennifer.”, Tim laughed.

“It’s not a problem. I would be more than happy to work with her a little if that’s ok with the two of you.”, I answered.

“If you want to waste your time, I don’t give a crap.’, he laughed.

“Thank you Jace, that’s really nice of you.”, Shelby said, looking into my eyes.

I wanted to walk over to Shelby and take her in my arms and kiss her in front of everyone. I’m not positive I was in love but if it got better than what I felt for her, sign me up. The three of them walked away and back to the other side of the street. Rose came up behind me and put her hand on my shoulder.

“Jace, I may be completely out of line here but……… Shelby is in love with you. I saw the two of you look at each other. Moreover, I think you feel the same. If I had to guess, you already took her to bed.”, she said softly.

“No way, Rose. She’s married.”, I said denying it.

“Married or not, she loves you. You two better be careful. If I can see it other people can as well.”, she said, patting me on the back.

I sat back down in the chair looking down at the ground. How the fuck did Rose figure it out. Just from the way we looked at each other. She was just guessing……… she had to be. But to be on the safe side I decided to be even more careful.

I left the party early and went inside before the fireworks even started. I had taken a shower and was in bed by the time the fireworks started. I looked at the clock and it was almost eleven thirty. Several minutes later my doorbell rang. I got up and put some shorts on and went to the front door. It was Ted McGown and another man from down the street.

“Jace, we have a problem. Tim Phillips is drunk and his wife has tried to get him to go inside his house but he refuses. He wants to fight everyone who tries to talk to him. He’s already pushed Shelby away twice. I don’t want to call the police. Would you try talking to him?’, he asked.

“Ted, I barely know the guy.”, I protested.

“Exactly, that’s why it might be better if you do.”, he admitted.

“What the hell……… I will try.”, I said, closing the door behind me.

I walked across the street with Ted McGowan to where a large group of people were formed. Shelby was still talking to Tim trying apparently to talk some sense into him. He saw me coming twenty yards away.

“What’s the matter Ted……… You had to go get the new kid on the block?”, he laughed.

“Honestly, I don’t know why Ted came to get me Tim. But since görükle escort I’m here let’s try to make some sense out of all this. Why don’t you call it a night and get some sleep before things get out of hand.”, I asked.

“What, you’re threatening me now boy?”, he shouted.

“No Tim, I’m not threatening you. I just don’t want to see you do something you might regret tomorrow or perhaps somebody call the police.”, I answered.

“No one is going to call the police.”, he laughed.

“Tim, please come inside with me……”, Shelby begged.

“Bitch, I told you for the last time get the fuck away from me.”, he growled.

“Tim, there is no need to talk to her like that……. Shelby is making good sense. Please go inside with her.”, I asked, even though that is the last thing I wanted to happen.

“Look boy, that belongs to me and I’ll do whatever I want to her.”, he bragged.

“Tim, that’s your wife. Please treat her with respect.”, I asked.

Tim turned and looked at the both of us then scanned the crowd. He took another long drink of whatever he was drinking then a huge smile crossed his face.

“Oh, now I get it………. You want to fuck Shelby. Well, be my guest, I don’t give a crap.”, he laughed.

“Tim, you’re not thinking straight please go with Shelby and sleep it off.”, I asked again.

Shelby walked back up to him and took him by the left arm and tried to pull him towards their house. He quickly swung around and punched Shelby in the right side of her face with his left hand. He now had his back to me and everyone stared at him in disbelief. Shelby went down to the ground and landed on her side. I came up behind him and wrapped my right arm around his neck and laid my left arm over the top. I began to squeeze my right arm against his throat cutting off his air supply. His left knee buckled and he went down to the ground. I stayed on him until I knew he was out cold which was about twenty seconds or so. Ted was trying to pull me off him when I finally left go and rolled him off me. I got up and walked over to where Shelby was lying to see how she was. One look and I immediately knew Shelby had a fractured jaw. She was having difficulty speaking and couldn’t seem to close her mouth. I asked Rose to call 911 and tell them we needed an ambulance immediately.

Shelby was trying to protest not wanting to get her husband in trouble, but we were past that now. Shelby had to be taken to the emergency room and get treatment.

“Jace, what did you do to Tim. Is he ok?”, Ted asked.

“He’s fine Ted, just unconscious. He will come to in a few minutes.”, I replied.

It took perhaps five to seven minutes for the first police officer to show up. Everyone was shouting and screaming before Ted McGowan took control of the crowd. He explained to the officer that Tim, who was still unconscious had punched his wife in the face knocking her down. He then explained that I simply restrained Tim from hitting her again and he simply passed out. Everyone in the crowd agreed with the statement as several more officers showed.

There was going to be no going back from this point. But I still had to be extremely careful at this point. In another minute or two the paramedics showed up in the ambulance. Shelby was still groggy and in a lot of pain. Tim was beginning to come to as the officers were attempting to question him. One of the officers pulled me to the side and began to talk to me.

“Look, I know this piece of shit…… I went to school with him. This is not the first time he hit her. But we never had any evidence until now. Thank you for what you did……… he may have hurt her even worse if you had not stepped in.”, he stated.

“Wasn’t going to happen. I choked him out.”, I replied.

“Sir, I didn’t hear that and don’t say it again.”, he said, slapping my back.

By the time they loaded Shelby on the stretcher, Tim had been placed under arrest, handcuffed and was in the back of a police unit. The paramedics loaded Shelby into the ambulance and I told them I would follow them to the hospital since her husband was going to jail. I talked to Rose and she thought it would be better if I took Jennifer with me to the hospital. So, I took the child into my home and sat her down until I got dressed. I then buckled her in the back of my car and we drove straight to the hospital and parked in the emergency room area.

We walked in hand in hand and went to the information desk and explained to the nurse that this was Shelby’s child. I told her I was the neighbor and her husband had gone to jail. She told me to sit in the waiting area and she would see what was going on. After about fifteen minutes or so the nurse summoned me over.

“She’s in x-ray right now then she must have a CAT Scan done. There is a police detective with her now trying to get a statement. We will let you back as soon as we can.”, she promised.

About thirty minutes later a man in a suit came out and spoke to the nurse for several seconds then she pointed at me. The man walked over quickly and I stood up as he approached me.

“You’re here with Shelby Phillips?’, he asked.

“Yes sir, I am. This is her daughter, Jennifer.”, I replied.

“How are you involved in all of this?”, he asked.

“I’m just her neighbor. Several of us were trying to talk some sense into her husband when he went off and punched her.”, I answered.

“Well, he did a good job. He has a hairline fracture of the jaw and a concussion as well. He is going to be charged with felony domestic abuse.”, he promised.

The nurse called us into the emergency room and took us to one of the smaller rooms when Shelby was lying in a hospital head with her head elevated slightly. I could see Shelby was still in a lot of pain. She reached out and grabbed my hand and tried to say thank you as best she could. I picked up Jennifer and held her up so she could see Shelby and touch her. Shelby then pointed to her jeans which were on the chair.

I walked across the room and picked them up and looked in the pocket she pointed to. I pulled out her cell phone and brought it over to her. She opened the phone and scrolled down until she stopped and pointed at the name Dad. She handed me the phone and nodded.

“You want me to call your dad?”, I asked.

She simply nodded yes and then turned to hold her daughter’s hand. How do you call a man to tell him that his daughter’s husband broke her jaw at one o’clock in the morning. But I knew it had to be done so I pressed the name Dad and waited for an answer. The phone rang several times before a groggy voice answered the phone.

“Yes sir, I’m at the hospital with your daughter Shelby and your granddaughter Jennifer. Your daughter has been injured but she is going to be just fine. She wanted me to call you and tell you where she is at.”, I started.

“Where is Tim?”, the man asked.

“That’s a long story sir but right now he has been arrested for felony domestic abuse.”, I explained.

“So that piece of shit put my daughter in the hospital?”, he asked.

“Yes sir, but she is going to be ok.”, I once again reassured him.

“Please stay with her. My wife and I will be there as soon as we can.”, he promised, hanging up.

I walked back in the room and told Shelby that her mother and father were on the way. She grabbed my hand again and squeezed it gently with nothing but love in her eyes. I sat down on the chair next to the bed and put Jennifer on my lap and tried to talk to you and assure her that her mommy was going to be ok. They came and got Shelby and took her back to get a second CAT Scan to further check her concussion. It was right after that when an older couple probably in their fifties walked into the room.

“Papa and Maw Maw.”, Jennifer yelled, running over to them.

“Hey sweet pea, how’s my favorite girl?”, he asked, scooping her up.

“I’m ok but daddy hurt mommy. But Jace stopped daddy and he went to jail.”, Jennifer recalled.

Shelby’s dad was now completely confused and I told him we should step outside for a moment and I would explain everything. Jennifer sat back down in the chair and went back to looking at the magazine she had from the waiting room.

Shelby’s parents followed me outside where I started to try and explain what had happened to their daughter.

“My name is Jace Johnson and I lived next door to your daughter. They were having the annual Fourth of July block party like they do every year. Your son in law had too much to drink and would not co-operate with the neighbors. I had already left the party and was home in bed when they asked me to try and talk to him. So, I got dressed and went outside trying to talk some sense into him.”, I started.

“But that only seemed to make things worse. He began calling Shelby names and belittling her in front of everyone. She made on last attempt to pull him towards the house when he spun around and punched her in the jaw. At that point I simply grabbed him and choked him out until he lost conscious. But as the police said, don’t repeat what I did. He simply passed out on his own.”, I continued.

“So as of now, Shelby has a fractured jaw and a slight concussion. She should be back in here in a few minutes.”, I promised.

“Thank you for everything you did for my daughter.”, he said shaking my hand.

About twenty minutes later, they wheeled Shelby back into the room and she started crying when she saw her parents. They both tried to console her as best they could in this tough situation. They had put a brace on Shelby’s neck so that she could not move her mouth or jaw. So, she couldn’t speak for the time being and the bruising had already started on the left side of her face.

At around five o’clock in the morning Shelby was admitted into a room on the fourth floor for observation. Her parents took Jennifer home with them and her father promised to be back in a few hours. I went home and took a shower and changed clothes and went back to the hospital. They allowed me back in the room since I had been with Shelby when she was admitted. Around seven o’clock a police officer came into the room and began to talk to Shelby.

He explained that her husband had been bailed out of jail returning to their home for now. The police had filed a temporary restraining order against her husband that would be in effect for forty-five days. In that time, he could in no way attempt to contact her or see her in person. Any attempt would violate his bail and he would be rearrested.

Shelby slept most of the morning and sometime around ten thirty a well-dressed man walked into the room. He looked at Shelby in the bed then looked over at me.

“Who the hell are you?”, he asked.

“I am her next-door neighbor. Who are you?”, I asked.

“I’m her father-in-law. She’s married to my son.”, he growled.

“Oh……. “Was my only comment.

“You better get your ass out of here before he shows up or there will be more trouble.”, he advised.

“That’s not going to happen, sir. The judge filed a temporary restraining order for the next forty-five days. Your son can’t come near her.”, I responded.

“That’s bullshit. She wouldn’t agree to that.”, he laughed.

“She didn’t agree to it…… the detective filed it because of her injuries.”, I replied.

“I’m going to have the charged dropped to a misdemeanor in court. My son has no record and this will never stick.”, he boasted.

“That is for someone else to decide sir.”, I answered.

Just about that time, Tim got off the elevator and starting walking towards the room. His father quickly went out to meet him and stop him from entering. He was furious when he saw me. Thankfully, he was thinking a little more clearly this morning and by the time security got there he was on his way out.

After taking Shelby for more x-rays, they decided surgery was not necessary, but they decided to wire her jaw shut to help it heal. I had left the hospital and went home to get some sleep when her parents showed up. I worked out the next morning then stopped at the hospital to see Shelby.

They had already wired her jaw shut but she was sleeping so I simply sat down on the chair. The nurse came in and checked her informed me that she could probably go home the following day. Shortly thereafter, Shelby woke up and motioned me over. She grabbed my hand softly and I bent over and kissed her forehead. A small tear ran down her cheek as her squeezed my hand. Seconds later, her mother walked into the room.

“Hello Jace, I’m Beth. Thank you so much for watching over my baby. My granddaughter is home with my husband. When I go home, he will come up to visit. Shelby is going to come home with me for the first two weeks or so. That way I can look after her and Jennifer until she heels up. You are welcome to visit anytime.”, she added, patting my forearm.

I decided to leave and since I knew Shelby was going to go to her parent’s home, I felt a lot better. Now more than ever, I had to be extremely careful with the added attention that was going to be on her relationship with her husband.

Shelby texted me and suggested that perhaps I not visit her at her parent’s house for the time being. We could text on the phone and in case he was watching her parent’s home I would not become an issue.

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