I Lost the Poker Game Ch. 03

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Any feedback is greatly appreciated. It encourages an author to continue writing, and helps frame future segments, which this story will have. This story is about a male who comes to realize his submissive dreams, about his humiliation, and dominant women. If these fantasies are not your thing, then don’t waste your time, simply move on. Leave this one for those of us who do like to be dominated, or to dominate. For those of us who long to realize these dreams.


I don’t know how long Maria and I dozed on the lounge chair. I would guess about an hour. I noticed that Miranda and Scott were now swimming in the pool and thought that they must have inadvertently wakened us. I toyed with her hair, and gently caressed her face, tracing my fingers along her features. She smiled up at me, then seemed to notice that her thigh was covered in precum that had seeped from my caged manhood as we slept.

She reached down and wiped some of my fluids up with the flat of her hand, then moved that hand to her mouth and sensuously licked and sucked her fingers, always maintaining eye contact with me. My cock twitched and tried to harden, which of course it could not. I groaned. She giggled.

“Would you like me to release you so you can fuck me, lover?”

“Oh, hell yeah…”

She toyed with the key that Monica had given her, which now hung from the necklace she wore. She leaned in close to me and kissed me passionately, then patted my straining cock, “Too bad. You heard what Monica said, baby. I don’t think you will be spurting tonight…but we’ll see later…maybe.” The mischievous glint in her eyes aroused me even more.

She laughed and sat up next to me, “Would you like a drink, honey? I’m thirsty.”

I almost offered to get the drinks myself, as it would require her to go inside, where I knew monster cocks waited to molest her. Then I thought better of it. It was going to happen, and I needed to trust her. “Sure, I’d love one. I think I deserve a beer or a scotch at this point.”

She laughed again and stood, then made her way into the house. I watched her breasts swaying and her incredible ass swinging as she left me. Damn. Even in my current predicament, I am one lucky bastard. I lay back on the lounge chair and admired the array of stars above me. A soft breeze cooled my precum-covered manhood through the vent holes of my chastity cage. MY chastity cage. Crap. That thought took some getting used to. In my mind this still wasn’t a long-term situation. Was it?

I sensed someone walking up on me from the direction of the patio doors. I thought Maria was coming back with our drinks. But when I looked over I discovered that instead it was Marcia, the mousy little blonde, and girlfriend of Scott who had so adequately serviced my Maria earlier.

She walked up and regarded my imprisoned cock. Reaching down she grasped it in her hand, moving it back and forth, up and down to examine it. I must have turned six shades of red. What the hell?

She released it and stood looking down at me, smiling, “Poor little thing…so neglected.” She laughed. Not a conspiratorial, mischievous laugh like Maria’s, but one laced with mirth and pleasure at my torment. She had been mean to me all night! What had I ever done to her to deserve her ire?

“I hear you’re the clean-up boy, and that you really like it.” Smiling again. A smile that sent a chill down my spine. What was she talking about? Was house cleaning to be added to my humiliation? Then it hit me. A vision of me devouring Maria’s sex, covered and filled with Scott’s cum, came to my mind. My eyes moved down to Marcia’s midsection. Sure enough I could tell that it was sloppy with what appeared to be copious amounts of while fluid, small trails of which ran in rivulets down her thighs.

I looked back into her gleeful eyes and stammered; “No…that was different. levent escort That was Maria…I had to show her I loved her…I’m not like tha…mmmmpppphhhhhh”

It was too late. While I had been stuttering out my explanation Marcia had been swinging one of her legs over the lounge chair and lowering her sex to my stuttering mouth, then covering it. I tasted the pungent odor of sex and of her fluids mixed with who knows whose. I tried to struggle, but she held my held in place, her fingers interlaced in my hair, her strong leg muscles locked onto my head. I felt her sex against my lips, and the wetness of the cum trails on her thighs against my face and ears.

“Shut up and eat up, bitch.” Words like this seemed completely out of place coming from Marcia’s tiny little body. She pulled my face more tightly into her sopping sex. I finally stopped resisting and opened my mouth. I was just beginning to think to myself that her swollen, velvety labia actually felt pretty damned good against my face when the first glob of cum slid down into my mouth. She reached up with one of her hands and pressed it against her lower abdomen. My eyes went wide as my mouth suddenly filled up with hot cum. I swallowed as quickly as I could, trying to keep up. Finally the flow seemed to ebb.

“That’s a good little boy. Now clean me up.” She guided my lips to each of her thighs as if I was a human vacuum, sucking up the wetness there. Then she guided me back to her waiting sex. What would Maria think if she came out and found this woman sitting on my face? Would she yank her off of me in a fit of jealousy? Would she be angry with me?

A smack from Marcia brought me back to the task at hand. I began running my tongue up and down the slit of her vagina. I realized that she had a really soft, tiny little box, very firm. She was shaved completely smooth and it felt wonderful against my mouth. And as I got most of the man cream cleaned from her I realized that she really tasted good. I forgot all of my other concerns and began to immerse myself in my tasty task. I hardened my tongue and drove it as far into her tunnel as I could, trying to find her g-spot. I was rewarded with a satisfied moan.

Encouraged, I flattened my tongue and bathed her lips from top to bottom several times, finding her little clit and massaging it firmly. This drew a craven whine from her…I knew I had her now. I sharpened my tongue to a point and began darting it back and forth, up and down over her little nub, lashing at it.

I looked up as I continued my ministrations. Up past her tiny little breasts her now erect nipples I saw that the mirth in her expression had been replaced with a surprised joy. Her mouth was open in a sensuous “O”.

Her now soft little voice was music to my ears, “Oh holy shit…yeah…just like that…don’t fuckin’ stop. How do you know where…yeah, right there….ooooohhhhhh…mmmmmmmyeah..”

Her fingers were no longer grasping my hair to keep me in place (it was no longer necessary anyway) but clutching desperately at me for support and to release building sexual strain. Her breathing had become quite labored, and she was bucking her hips, riding my face. I continued to work her, toying with her clit, alternately darting back and forth across it, then rubbing it with my flattened tongue. At the same time I was caressing her tender lips with mine. I had a lot of practice at this, as Maria can testify. I love going down on my wife, and was discovering that I love going down on women in general! So satisfying.

I felt it building up within her. Her legs started to quiver around my head, I felt her body begin to shudder. She stopped bucking and became still above me. She let out a long, slow whine, and then, “Oh fuck….oh fuck….oh f-u-u…Yeeeeeeesssssss…I’m cumming…..” She held my face tight against mecidiyeköy escort her box. She thought she had hit her peak, but I had a surprise for her. As her orgasm coursed through her, I sucked her clit and most of the flesh around it into my mouth, expelled it partially, then sucked it back in. I continued this as if I was fellating a tiny little cock with unbridled passion.

I had my reward. Marcia threw her head back and literally screamed in shock and ecstasy as the intensity of her orgasm rose, wave after wave of increasing fire rose within her. All of Miranda’s neighbors had to have heard her! She could not speak; she just panted, desperately trying to catch her breath. I kept up my attentions to her as orgasm after orgasm cascaded over her, one after another in a continuous stream. Finally she let go of my hair and pushed me away. She didn’t stand…I don’t think she could. I know I was smiling ear to ear in satisfaction, even though my own sex was straining and bouncing in unrequited desire against it’s cage.

Marcia sat heavily down onto my chest, still breathing heavily and trying to recover. It felt so good! It occurred to me that Maria should have been back long ago. Her reaction if she found Marcia on top of me occurred to me once again. I turned my head to look towards the French doors leading into the house. I spotted my love and Monica sitting at a patio table, watching Marcia and me. I realized that I needn’t have worried when I saw Maria’s proud smile.

Maria and Monica both stood and walked over to the lounge chair. Marcia, her palms resting on my thighs for support, her chest still heaving, looked up at Maria, “Is he always this good?”

Maria smiled with satisfaction, “Yep, he sure is.”

“How? I mean, how did you teach him?”

Maria laughed, “That’s what’s great about it. I didn’t have to teach him…he loves it. I’ve had him down there for hours before. I’ll cum and think that I’m completely used up. He’ll stay there and slowly, gently caress me with his mouth and his tongue and before I know it I need him again.”

“You bitch.” Marcia smiled as she stood, still straddling me, “I didn’t think any guy actually liked it”

I leaned up on my elbows, bending my face into her sex. Barely even touching her, I tenderly caressed her vulva, tracing an outline of her velvety lips. Then I ever so light delved my tongue between them, barely grazing her clit so as not to over stimulate it. She let out a long, soft moan of pleasure. I looked up into her surprised features, “I do. I really, really like it.”

She looked down and our eyes met. She grinned, “I misjudged you, Mr. Sean. I thought you were a little prick. Now I know that you just have a little prick, but you aren’t one.” This time she had a sweet, teasing smile on her face, not a hint of evil in it. I smiled back at her, laughing at her joke at my expense even as my poor tortured “little prick” pulsed helplessly against the inner walls of its prison.

She moved off of me, and Maria handed me a bottle of beer that she had been holding. I swung my legs over and sat, taking a swig of my drink. We all sat and made small talk for a few minutes, some of it sexual, some of it not.

After awhile I sat the empty bottle down, which was apparently what Monica had been waiting politely for. She stood and walked over to me, but looked at Maria, “May I? I seem to have developed a bit of a mess myself while you two were napping.”

Maria smiled, “Of course. It’s my pleasure.”

Nobody had asked me, which I now found somewhat arousing, especially since it was Monica, who we’d discovered was an experienced domme. A very kind one so far, but definitely a domme nonetheless. I smiled up at her and lay back onto the lounge chair again.

She straddled me and I marveled at a sight new to me. The contrast of the milky, kağıthane escort foamy cum upon her ebony nether lips was striking. I didn’t get to think about it for long however. Those puffy, pink-laced lips descended to my mouth. Again the cum within her was first expelled into me and swallowed. Then I began to make love to her nether regions with a passion, wanting to make them proud of me once again.

I was overjoyed as I felt the familiar touch of Maria’s fingers tracing paths along my calves, then my thighs. I felt her weight on the bottom portion of the lounge chair. Then to my shock and my joy, I felt her hot, satiny mouth enveloping my testicles; the only part of my manhood now exposed. She sucked them gently into her mouth and played with them while I tried to maintain my concentration on the task at hand.

This became even more difficult when she discovered (much to my surprise and joy) that she could delve her tongue into the vent holes and the slit at the end of the CB-3000 and thereby make contact with my craven cock. She continued to make tender love to my cock the entire time I was servicing Monica. She only stopped after Monica had moaned her way through several intense orgasms of her own.

It was strange. Even though I was driven to near madness by the fact that I couldn’t have an orgasm of my own, Maria’s attentions had put me at peace. When Monica lifted herself up from my body, Maria and I kissed tenderly. Damn I love her!

We both stood; the trio of us basking in what we had shared for a moment. Monica smiled at me, and I felt the need to hug her. I did so, then took her hand in mine, “I want to thank you Monica, for what you’ve done for us tonight. I don’t think I would have ever gotten through this experience without your help.” Maria nodded her agreement.

Monica’s motherly smile reassured me, she patted the back of my hand with her other hand and spoke, “You’re most welcome, honey. You aren’t through all of it yet, though, so don’t relax too much…your wife hasn’t been had by my James yet, and you still have some more tests as her boy.”

I know my face flushed as I thought about James plowing his python-like cock into Maria’s tiny little pussy. Would he hurt her? Would she ever even feel me again after that when we made love? Boy? What does she mean “her boy?”

“Oh, and Sean dear?”

“Yes, Monica?”

“I really like you, Sean, and I am truly happy to help you, but I have my position to think about.” She placed her hand softly against my cheek, “I’m afraid I can’t have you referring to me in the familiar, honey. From this point on I’ll expect you to address me as ma’am, or as Mistress Monica. O.K.?”

“Sure…I mean yes, ma’am.” I could understand that. I still wasn’t quite certain what her relationship with James was (he doesn’t refer to her as ma’am or Mistress), but I knew she was a domme.

“You know, Sean, if you were in a full-fledged domination scene, you’d obviously be a sub, right?” I nodded, although I was not entirely certain of that yet. “Then why don’t you practice tonight? I think for the remainder of the evening you should refer to Maria as Miss Maria or ma’am.”

Maria grinned, “Oh, I like that.”

Monica continued, “In fact, you will refer to all of the women here as Miss blank or ma’am, and all of the men as sir. Can you do that?” This time it wasn’t really a question.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Good.” She patted the hand that I had used to hold hers, “And for the remainder of the night, you will ask permission before you touch anyone dear, including your wife. Let’s go inside. I could use another drink, couldn’t you?”

Thinking about the discussion we’d just had and what it might mean, I replied, “You bet your sweet a…I mean, yes, ma’am.”

We all shared a laugh as we walked inside. I was between both of the women and noticed that they were looking past me to each other as if they were thinking the same thing, grinning. Suddenly they each swatted my ass, hard, at the same time, laughing. Maria looked at me, laughing, “You may not realize it yet babe, but I think you just bet your sweet ass!”

To be continued…

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