Husband’s Humped after Honeymoon

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This is a sequel to the story “Husband’s Humped on Honeymoon”; while this is a stand-alone story, you would appreciate it better if you read that story first, right here on .

Also, to respond to a common question that we’ve been asked — Yes, this is all real, and not a figment of our imagination!!!


It had been a really busy Friday at work, and I had spent all week clearing out the backlog that had piled up during the three weeks that I had taken off for my marriage and honeymoon thereafter. I was quite exhausted and looking forward to the weekend.

As I reached home, which is in a large apartment complex, I wearily trudged from the parking towards the lift. As I loosened my tie, undid my collar button and unbuttoned my cuffs, my mind began to relax. I soon picked up my pace, anxious to meet my dear wife.

Since the wild honeymoon, the first week at work had been quite tame. We’d had sex only once, and that too a plain old-fashioned classical fuck. Guess the daily routine had taken its toll on both of us, but I was hoping the weekend would bring something special.

As I rang the doorbell, I was fully expecting my wife to rush out and hug me, as had been the case during the rest of the week. My wife’s voice rang out loud and clear, “Come!”

Surprised, I tentatively tried the door, and, finding it open, I entered. I assumed that my wife was pre-occupied with some chore, and hence could not come to the door; I couldn’t have been more wrong!!

The living room lights had been turned off, and there was only the soft light of a corner lamp. I was pleasantly surprised, and thought that I was in for a romantic evening. But all such fallacies quickly evaporated when I saw my wife.

She was sitting ram-rod straight on the couch, dressed in a snug fitting leopard print full length night robe, tied tightly round her waist. She was wearing black high heels, and had one her legs crossed in such a manner that the slit in the robe was showing off her shapely legs all the way till mid-thigh. Her hair was set in loose waves that surrounded her stern looking face, eyes lined with mascara, and she was wearing a really dark shade of lipstick. The robe had a really deep plunging neckline, and a good one-third of her juicy boobs were glowing in the soft light.

“I’ve been too lenient with you, bitch!” She said, wagging a finger at me.

“Yes ma’am,” I quickly responded, recalling the previous incident during our honeymoon. It was pointless to resist, and I had no intention of giving her any excuse to be even stricter than whatever she had already planned. “Do you remember what I said to you during the honeymoon?” she demanded, rising to her full height. With those heels, and that hairstyle, she was a good inch or so taller than me, and the lighting clearly added to that effect.

“Yes ma’am,” I murmured, as I quickly looked down, hanging my head.

“And what is that, my bitch??” she enquired, grabbing my chin tight with a manicured hand, and lifting my head so that she could look me in the eye.

“Ma’am, panties….,” bebek escort was all I could manage, as she grabbed my semi-erect dick with a sudden fluid motion with her other hand amidst a rustling of the silk robe.

“Mmmm…..getting hard, eh?” she laughed, “Well, we’ll see how long that lasts!”

“I’ll do whatever you say, Ma’am,” I pleaded, “please be lenient with me, I’ll behave, I promise!!”

At that, she gave my dick one tight squeeze, and then pushed me back roughly with her other hand. She picked up a bundle from a nearby side-table, and threw it at me. As I caught it, she said “Put these on, you naughty boy! I want you out here in 10 minutes flat!!”

I scampered to the bedroom and quickly opened the packed, for I knew that not meeting her deadline would be akin to waving a red flag in front of a raging bull. Inside the packet were a blue denim mini-skirt, a white and grey full-sleeved pullover, and the sexiest black lace lingerie set that I’d ever seen. The panties were designed so that was an extra fold of lace that hung around the body like a really short skirt. The bra was padded, and also had some lace fringes.

As I hurriedly undressed, I heard her call out, “Hurry up, naughty!! I’m waiting!!!”

I quickly got naked and first put on the panties. It was a weird feeling at first, feeling the lace against my skin, and especially against my balls and dick. I was completely hard by then, and my dick was at its usual best, leaking pre-cum all over. No matter what I tried, it was difficult to fit my fully erect pole into the panties, and it kept peeping out over the waistband of the panties. Finally, I solved the matter by placing it slightly diagonally. By that time, the rear of the panties had ridden up my ass, and was clinging to my butt-crack tightly.

Getting into the bra was another challenge altogether. Conceptually, I knew how to wear one, but since this was my first time, I made a real mess of it. After much struggling and trying, I finally managed to get it on.

“You’re late!! Come out quickly, naughty!!” She summoned, as I scrambled into the pull-over, and then the mini-skirt. It was an utterly new sensation, having my legs loose. I suppose the closest that I had ever come to this was while stepping out of the shower wearing a towel. As I rushed out the room, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and I felt a tingle run up my spine.

“And walk sexy when you come out!!” She ordered, and instead of running out, as was my original intention, I slipped into a catwalk. She was sitting as before, back straight, and a commanding look on her face.

“Not bad,” she said, “I must say you look quite pretty!”

I blushed, and said “Thank you, Ma’am.”

“Now for the finishing touches,” she said, whipping out a lipstick from within her robe’s pocket. She quickly painted my lips, and then stepped back to admire her handiwork. She went back, and perched herself back on the couch and ordered, “Now dance for me, you naughty bitch!”

Unsure of where to begin, mecidiyeköy escort I started by moving my hips in what I hoped was a suggestive manner, while moving my hands all over myself, as I had seen in the movies.

“Mmmm….something’s missing,” she pondered, “I know. Your boobs are not good enough. Wait a sec, let me fix that!!” She glided into the bedroom, her heels making a sharp clicking sound against the marble floor as the robe flowed in her wake.

She returned with a pair of ‘Squeezees’, a soft inflated polyurethane ball the size of a large apple, with soft spikes on the surface. She lifted my pullover and put one into the cup of each bra, and then patted down my ‘boobs’ after putting the pullover back into place.

“Oooooo…..,” she murmured, as she squeezed my new boobs, “so this is what it feels like to enjoy a pair of soft and sexy boobs!”

“Yes Ma’am,” I blushed, as I got used to the feeling of having a bust instead of a chest.

“You know, you look so pretty, I would have married you even if you had first met me dressed like this,” she giggled, and proceeded to plant a kiss on my left cheek. Then she reached under my skirt and grabbed my ass, and began tracing the line of the panties along my butt cheek.

“But enough of this! You took too much time to get dressed, and I’ve also been too lenient with you!! Now it’s time for your punishment!!!”

“But I’ve done everything you’ve asked me to…., ” I meekly countered.

“How dare you question me?? Have you forgotten your place, haaan?” she retorted.

“No Ma’am,” I ventured, trying to back out of the conversation, but to no avail. She responded by giving me a hard whack on my butt. Luckily, the denim skirt offered some protection, something that she must also have realized.

“Wait! I’ll teach you what it means to disobey me!!”

She stepped into the kitchen for a minute, as I waited, trembling with fear, as to what was coming. She returned, armed with a wooden spatula. I realized what she intended, and quickly turned around, bent and offered my ass to her. She brusquely ordered me to lift up the skirt, so that it wouldn’t come in the way.

Whack! Whack! Whack!! Blow after blow rained down on my poor panty covered ass. ”That’ll teach you to behave!!” she gasped, as she continued to work on my ass.

After what seemed like an eternity, she stopped, and plonked herself down on the couch. She ordered me to remove the skirt and the pullover, and soon as I was standing dressed only in my lingerie. After a couple of 360 degree spins so that she could view me from every angle, she ordered me to stand right in front of her.

She kicked off her high heels, and then lifted one leg to my lace-covered crotch. As she placed her foot directly over my dick, she ordered me to come closer to her, so that she could exert sufficient pressure.

“Now put your hands on your head,” she commanded, “and spread your legs wide like a slut”

I complied, and then she started moving her foot up and down against my dick. I had never florya escort experience such a total loss of control, as she started moving her foot in circular motions against my dick, which was now leaking pre-cum freely.

“You like that, don’t you, naughty?” she asked, as she switched from one leg to another, and increased the pace of her foot motions. Then she ordered me to turn around, and after a couple of quick spanks and pinches, she put her leg in between mine, and started rubbing her foot against my dick and balls from under. By that time, I had completely taken leave of my senses, and all I could do was make low moaning sounds.

From my heavy breathing, she figured out that I was close to cumming, and just as I was praying for a release, she stopped. She laughed, “Oh no, my pretty, I am not going to let you cum. Remember, you’re there for my pleasure and not the other way around!!”

“Yes Ma’am,” was all I could manage, as I collapsed in a heap on the floor. She undid her robe, and threw it aside. As I looked up, I saw that she was dressed in nothing but a pair of really short black denim shorts, and a tight leopard print bra, that showed off more of her magnificent bust than it hid.

“Staring at me, eh?” she laughed, “Now turn around and bend over! It’s time to fuck you once again!!” As I removed my panties, which by then were wet with pre-cum, and sweat from my reddened ass, she brought out her 8-inch strap-on from beneath the couch, and expertly put it on. She adjusted the straps with one hand, and worked some Vaseline into my ass with her other hand.

“How do you want it? Rough or gentle?” she inquired, and before I could respond, she had thrust into me in one smooth motion. I moaned, and she laughed, “I’ll take that as rough!!”

She maneuvered me so that I could grasp the back of one of the chairs in the living room, and give her good access to my ass. She switched on the vibrator within the strap-on, and soon my ass was pounded like never before

“Ohhhh…..fuck me…..fuck me..,” was all I could manage, as she increased the depth of her thrusts. Then she grabbed my shoulders, making me stand straight, and then reached around me to squeeze my ‘boobs’, while continuing to fuck my ass.

I could feel my knees going weak, but my dick was standing to attention as if it were as fresh as ever.

“Okay, I shall let you also have some fun!” she declared, “Use your hands to cum while I fuck your ass!!”

As I began wanking my hardness, she redoubled her efforts, and soon, all that could be heard in the house was two rasping breaths.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh……fuck meeeeeee….” I whined, as she worked her ‘dick’ in and out of me. “Okay, now then, on the count of three!” she commanded

“One!!” she gasped, and gave me a medium depth thrust, as my hands worked my dick,

“Two!!” she moaned, as I could feel the pressure building up in my dick,

“Threeeee!!!” she screamed, and thrust with all her might as I came at the same time, spraying my cum all over. We both collapsed on the couch thereafter, exhausted, and it was five minutes before she gathered enough breath to speak.

“I’m going to get you more panties…..”


Well, that’s it for now! As before, we would love to hear from you, dear readers. All feedback, both positive and negative, is welcome!

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