Her New Professor Pt. 05

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Chapter 1 The Morning After the Night Before

First thing the next morning Riley stormed into the Professor’s office.

“Where were you last night?” she yelled at him, throwing punches at his chest with her small hands.

He held her wrists, restraining her easily.

“I was called away to the hospital. . . my wife. . .”

Riley froze.

“They thought she was having a miscarriage.”

Riley didn’t know what to say.

“Is she…?”

“She’s okay, and the baby’s okay. Why what happened?”

Riley collapsed into the chair.

“It doesn’t matter. Nothing happened.”

“It doesn’t look like nothing.”

“Amber got hurt.”

“Amber? Who’s Amber?”

“Fucking Amber from my fucking course that you fucking sent there!”

“Oh. . . that Amber. . . Is she okay?”

“I don’t know.” Riley began to cry.

“I don’t know whether I can do this anymore.” she said.

He knelt in front of her and took her in his arms, kissing her tenderly.

“I need you, Riley. You can’t leave me, not now, you’re my muse.”

“You bastard, don’t. . .”

He kissed again more urgently, tasting the tears on her lips.

She didn’t respond, but then submitted as she felt his passion for her. But then she pushed him back.

“But what about those girls? They were from the Uni, Amber said you set them up.”

He shrugged, “They needed cash, I helped them to earn some. They knew what the situation was.”

Riley looked dubious.

“I don’t think Amber did.”

“Then she’s a silly bitch, what did she think she was going there for? If I had been there then I could have sorted it if someone was getting out of line.”

“So, are you some kind of pimp?”

“No, I resent that. A lot of girls come to me with money problems, I just link them up with people who can help. I’m doing them a favour.”

“So what sort of things do you link them up with?”

“Oh, just being a hostess really, like Amber last night.”

Riley knew this wasn’t completely true as Amber had told her about the girl at the lap dancing club, but thought she might keep that knowledge to herself for now, although she did want to know how much further he might have gone.

“So. . .” he said, with a twinkle in his eyes, “what did you think of the show?”

She punched him again, but with less intent this time.

“You bastard.”

“You know it and that’s why you love me. So?”

“It was really hot, the guys there were just, like, wow!”

He started teasing her by kissing her neck.

“What did they do that turned you on?”

“They fucked one of the girls in all her holes at once.”

“Mmmmm, that does sound sexy.” He dropped his head and found her nipple with his teeth through her t-shirt. “Would you like that one day?”

She laughed and pushed him away, “You are a complete bastard, you know. I need to go, I have a lecture.”

“That reminds me, I have something I’ve been meaning to give you.”

He went to his desk and got out a small box, wrapped in shiny black paper, with a red ribbon and bow.

“Open this in the morning, and follow the instructions.” he said. “It’s time to start your training.”

Riley frowned at him, but popped the box in her bag, and left, indulging him with a little kiss on the cheek as she went.

She didn’t actually have a lecture, but had arranged to meet Zac at one of the campus coffee shops. As she walked she wondered how she had let the Prof get around her so easily, but felt a little buzz that she had lied to him for the first time and had a secret assignation.

In future years she often wondered whether indeed this had been the turning point; if she hadn’t let him off the hook so easily on that day, if she hadn’t met with Zac, would everything had worked out differently? Was that the last day she could have walked away? When she was feeling less good about herself she beat herself up for not having had the determination to challenge him more, forgetting how young she had been, and how much in love.

Zac gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek as they met, and he bought their coffees. Neither of them brought up the night before, although he did ask whether Amber was okay. They chatted about their work. Zac confirmed that he hadn’t got the PhD place, but he was going to be around the campus doing a research assistant internship. He was curious about the Prof. but Riley avoided the subject.

Riley noticed Emily working alone on her laptop in a quiet corner of the coffee shop, wearing her Thai Boxing Society sweatshirt, and black Lycra leggings showing off her long slim legs, but they barely acknowledged each other. Riley again noticed how beautiful Zac was, but appraised him only in a detached, objective way, as she would another girl. In a strange way he reminded her of her younger brother. They seemed to get on really well, he was easy to talk to and they had a lot in common.

Chapter 2 Anal Training

It wasn’t until the next morning that she remembered the Prof’s present. She kuşadası escort unwrapped it and opened the box to find what looked at first like a small dildo and a tube of lube. She puzzled over why it was only thick in the middle, tapering to a point at each end, and why it had a large flat base at one end.

The instructions said “Wear this all day. When you’re wearing this (and only when you’re wearing this), you must wear a skirt.”

She knew she had seen something like it before, but wasn’t sure what it was for.

Riley reached for her laptop and pulled up a website for a sex shop. She quickly found what she was looking for.

She was curious, and wanted to try it out right away.

She went to the bathroom, where there was a full length mirror she could use. She took off her panties and kneeled, sticking her ass out towards the mirror. She looked at her tiny pink puckered asshole and rubbed some lube into it before starting to push the tip of her toy against it. At first it resisted, and just kept slipping away to one side or another. She gave herself a good talking to, reminding herself that it must open wider than that every day, and concentrated on relaxing her muscles. This time, as she pushed, her anus gradually opened around it, and she kept pushing until it passed the middle, at which point it slowly pulled itself in to the base.

Riley admired it inside her, and twisted it so the base aligned with her bum crack. She explored the feeling – it was intriguing; she felt full, but in a new way. She stuck her ass way up, and, still watching herself in the mirror, played with her pussy and clit, as with the other hand she turned and pulled the butt plug, feeling the resistance as her sphincter held onto it.

She knew that her lover wanted to fuck her in there, and, having now seen other girls take it, she wanted it too; to become a complete woman. It excited her to realise that she had another virginity to offer her man. She put on her shortest skirt and went off to her lecture.

He had always ignored her in lectures, but today Riley saw a glint in his eye as he took in her skirt. She made a point of sitting in the front row and parting her legs under the desk. He wouldn’t be able to see anything, but he would have noticed the gap between her knees. It felt so weird to have something in her bottom, the base being agitated by the seat so she was continually aware of it.

At the end of the lecture he asked her to stay behind. As everyone filed out he said,

“I take it that you have started your homework.”

Riley smiled coyly and nodded.

“Show me.” he said.

“I can’t! Someone’s gonna walk in!”

“I know, come and look out the window.”

One of the windows was towards the corner of the room, not quite in view of the door, so they would have at most a second or two if anyone came into the lecture theatre.

Riley leaned her forearms on the windowsill and watched the hundreds of students walking past, just a few metres away, as they moved between lectures. He lifted her skirt up and pulled her panties down to the top of her thighs. He found her butt plug, and toyed with it, like Riley had earlier, testing how her sphincter resisted him pulling it out.

He did though; pulling it out to the point where the tip was still just inside, before squeezing it back in, dilating it to the maximum as it past the mid point, then it contracting tightly as it pulled the rest in.

“You do realise that that is just the smallest size?” he said.

Riley nodded.

“I think you are going to need quite a bit of work before you are able to take me in there. It would really hurt at the moment, but maybe you’d like that?”

Riley shook her head as he continued to move it, each time taking it out to just before the mid point, then watching in fascination as her ass slowly pulled it back in. She tried to look more relaxed as she noticed someone looking at her curiously from outside.

“I want you to be wearing that tonight. Meet me at my office, we need to play some more.”

There was a crash behind them as the next group of students came piling into the room, chatting loudly. He instantly dropped her skirt and turned from her.

“Come in, settle down as quickly as you can, we have a lot to do today.”

Riley snuck out, feeling every eye in the room on her; aware that her panties were still below her bottom, and praying that the plug wouldn’t fall out.

That evening he played properly with pulling it in and out, licking her empty hole as it popped out, and substituting his finger. He thoroughly lubricated her ass hole, enabling the plug to move in and out more rapidly, and got her to the point where sometimes, if he pulled it out quickly enough, it would stay gaped for a split second before closing up again.

They left it in her while they fucked. They finished with her riding him cowgirl style. He reached around at the last minute to discard the plug and replace it with his index finger. He was able to push it all the way kuşadası escort bayan in, way more than she’d ever been able to take before. She came so hard from feeling him possessing her so deeply, and he from the sensation of being squeezed so tightly- his finger and cock alike.

A couple days later a parcel arrived at her halls. Thankfully she recognised the shape of the box, so didn’t open it in front of anyone. Her new plug was about 50% larger than her first, and she relished sucking it, before lubricating it properly and putting it in her ass. She had learnt by now how to put it in, but, as it entered her, she could feel the extra size challenging her poor tight asshole to the limit.

She took it out again, and assessed it. She estimated that it was still a bit slimmer than the Prof’s cock, and nothing like as long, but she knew that she wanted it to still be a challenge when he first put it in there, so thought that this may be her last size before she offered herself to him.

She thought that she had better make a good job of getting used to this one first – and quickly, as her hunger to take him was growing. She wore it all that day.

They had booked a motel room for their next meet up. He was disappointed when turned up in jeans, but when they were naked on the bed, with her licking and teasing his cock with her mouth, she looked up at him and said,

“I’m ready for it, I want you to fuck me in the ass tonight. I can’t wait any longer, I don’t care if it hurts.”

His cock showed its approval by growing harder as spoke, throbbing impatiently.

They took it slowly, holding themselves back from the main event. She continued her blowjob, but he turned her around so that he could lick her pussy at the same time, and although focussing there, every so often he reached further to explore her ass a little with his tongue.

He fucked her missionary style, bringing her to successive orgasms; holding her tightly as she cried out, and kissing tenderly as she subsided.

He flipped her over and inserted his index finger in her asshole. It looked tiny, but he noticed how much more easily it slipped in her. He lubricated his fingers, and this time squeezed two fingers in there.

She smiled back at him happily, lifting her ass further, and biting her lip at the new sensations inside her, his fingers feeling real and moving around so much more than the plugs had. She brought her fingers to her clit, out of a mixture of lust and a wish for a distracting sensation.

Then it was time. She rubbed some lube over his cock, which only succeeded in making it look even more swollen and angry, and he positioned its fat head at her entrance. He started pushing gently but got nowhere, Riley had tensed up despite her good intentions. She took a deep breath and concentrated on relaxing as he pushed harder. His glans was gradually swallowed up, and once it had passed her sphincter progress became easier.

It was still incredibly tight though, he had felt nothing like it before and she felt much more stretched than she had by the plugs. She worried for a moment that he would split her, but then it started sinking in further with his insistent pressure until she had taken maybe half of it. She kept working her clit as he began to move it back and forward. The sensations were new, but she could feel the pleasure alongside the pain, especially as she added the feelings from her clit.

He looked down admiring the smallness of her butt, making his cock look even more massive in her. He gradually increased the pace, aware of the need to be gentle, but unable to control his passion. Bit by bit more disappeared into her, although there was no way he was going to get all of his cock in her.

Riley focussed on the feelings coming from her ass; it felt different to him being in her pussy, but it was certainly giving her lots of sensory stimulation, which, paired with her hand on her clit, made for a sexual high. The biggest turn on though was the knowledge that she was taking her man in her most private place, somewhere she wouldn’t dreamt of letting anyone go just a few weeks before. It was special, a something more that she could give, a virginity more exclusive and rare, as much as it was lewd and pornographic.

As he raised the pace she pushed her ass back to meet his strokes. She put two fingers in her pussy, feeling his cock’s motion through its walls. She came hard, feeling so full, so fucked, so loving.

She felt, or imagined she felt, the splatter of his cum into her bowels, spraying her insides, as he moaned in ecstasy, holding her ass against him. They collapsed together, holding each other tight. Her ass felt bereft; stretched and empty now, but she looked forward to the soreness that she guessed would follow, as a reminder of her achievement.

Chapter 3 The Prof. Exerts His Control

The next time something was different. He was reserved, preoccupied, almost sulky, and he wanted to meet in his special room.

He tied her face down on the wooden escort kuşadası horse, and spanked her thoroughly, before fucking her hard. He was rough with her breasts, reaching around and digging his fingers into them as her fucked her from behind. He took her ass again, but without care, making her squeal, and screw her face up in pain. He made it gape with his fingers, before dribbling his spit into it, rubbing it in, then ramming his dick back in.

She was left sore, weak, and shaky, like she’d been through the wringer and hung out to dry, and although he was gentle and loving with her after he came, she wasn’t sure whether she had done something wrong.

A few days later she unexpectedly got a text from him at midnight.

“Come outside, I have something for you.”

She pulled some clothes on and went downstairs. He was waiting outside in his black Range Rover. He gestured for her to get in the back, where she was concealed by privacy glass, and he drove off towards town.

“I have a present for you to play with tonight. Put on the blindfold.” he said, and she complied.

After around 10 minutes driving, they parked and he led her out of the car, into the cold, and then into a warm building. She thought she recognised the smell of stale perfume, alcohol and sweat, and she could hear the bass beat of some muffled music.

He tied a gag in her mouth, apologising, “I’m sorry for this, but you’ll understand why you mustn’t speak in a few minutes. I suspect that you will want to use your mouth though, so hopefully it won’t have to stay.”

He led her into another room, where the music was blaring, and when he removed the blindfold it took a few moments for her eyes to become accustomed to the light. She couldn’t believe what she saw.

She was back in the nightclub where the party had been. In the centre of the room, where the table had been, was a single figure illuminated by spotlights, his hands tied above his head to a rope from the ceiling. His lean body was completely naked, except that his head was hooded. His torso had red marks around his rib cage.

Emily was standing in the shadows grinning at Riley’s shocked face. She was wearing gym kit; tight Lycra shorts and a skin tight vest top, showing off her bare midriff.

Riley’s shock doubled when she realised who the man was, it was Zac.

The music provided an effective aural mask, and the Prof, taking Riley by the arm, said in her ear,

“I heard that you had found yourself a little boyfriend and thought that we should all get better acquainted.’

‘Perhaps I haven’t explained this properly to you, but you need to understand that you can’t see anyone else whilst we are together.’

‘As you didn’t know I won’t punish you, but it won’t happen again. You can even play with him if you want, but it looks like Emily has got there first.”

With that Emily stepped in and put a powerful roundhouse kick just under his ribs, using the full power of her long legs. He yelped and groaned, and sank a little on the ropes.

“Emily has been looking for some extra Thai boxing training. So much more motivating than a punchbag don’t you think?”

Riley pleaded with him with her eyes.

“Oh, you want her to stop?”

Riley nodded desperately.

“Ok. Well I promised you a present, so here’s the deal.’

“I love you, so I will give you one more time with him. To stop me feeling too jealous Emily will look after me as you do him. If you can make him cum before I do then we will let him go and never bother him again. If you can’t then Emily can have him all night, which will probably mean he will leave here without any balls the way she kicks.’

He looked at Zac appraisingly.

‘To be honest if I’m not man enough to last longer than that kid, then I should let her kick me in the balls, although from the look of him he’s not exactly feeling horny. You might have quite a challenge. This might be interesting.’

‘Can I trust you if I take the gag out?” She nodded, and he removed it.

“Don’t make me do this, please. He’s not my boyfriend, I haven’t done anything with him!”

“Hmmm, but he’s here now, and all tied up. We can’t waste that. You need to show me you know how to have some fun, and will do as you’re told.” he said stroking her face lovingly.

Riley felt frozen, but found herself nodding.

“Good girl, I knew you wouldn’t let me down.”

Emily strutted over to the Prof, and started rubbing his cock though his pants.

“Looks like you better get started. For obvious reasons you’re not allowed to speak to him.” he said.

Riley walked over to Zac and evaluated the challenge in front of her. He looked beaten physical and mentally. He was supporting his weight solidly enough, but it was obvious that he was just waiting for the next blow, with no way of knowing when it was coming. His cock was shrunken, and his large balls were doing their best to withdraw back into his body.

Scared for him, she kneeled in front of him, and stroked the back of his thighs, which were covered in short wiry blond hairs. He tensed and tried to twist away. She persevered, moving her hands to his smooth, muscular butt, and suckling his limp cock into her mouth.

He stopped trying to get away, but probably more out of fear for his dick than anything.

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