Going the Extra Mile

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‘Ugh – all men are pigs!’

Lisa slammed the register closed as she completed another lingerie sale from a dirty old man who had repeatedly asked her to model his sale for him – never mind the fact that the outfit he was buying for his wife was 4 times too large for the small framed college student behind the register. Lisa had taken a summer job at the lingerie store in between her junior and senior year of college as her friend had convinced her to come work with her, telling her it would be a fun way to spend the summer. The money turned out to be good, but Lisa was beginning to wonder if it was worth it in the end. Lisa had always known she was attractive with her slim form, pretty face, and ample breasts – not too large but definitely not small by any means, basically the perfect size for the average height girl she was. Her shoulder length dirty blonde hair matched with fiery green eyes got the boys going too. But the perky college student had come to realize just how hot she really was when she started her job at this store, as every man it seemed was always ogling her and asking her to try things on – even when their girlfriends or wives were right next to them.

Walking around the store Lisa tidied things up, purposely ignoring the stares of several male customers. It wasn’t like she wore provocative clothes at work either – today she was wearing an almost knee length loose flowing skirt and a simple red blouse – but just the fact that she worked next to revealing clothing all day somehow instantly made her a sex symbol to all the males coming in to shop.

Making her way around the store the young saleswoman came across an older man, probably in his forties from the looks of it, staring at a matching lace bra and panty set in his hands. The man seemed harmless, in fact he looked a little sad, so Lisa walked up to him to see if he needed any help, figuring he wouldn’t try anything crass with her.

“Hi there, do you need help with anything?”

Her presence seemed to startle the man as he jumped slightly.

“Oh, uhm, no, I uh, I think I’m okay. . .”

Lisa shrugged and went to walk away, but she paused as she could see the man was clearly struggling.

“Are you sure? You seem a little lost. Is this purchase for your wife?”

The man smiled sadly, gripping the lingerie in his hands tightly.

“Yes, it is.”

Lisa thought the man’s smile was strange since he should be excited about getting his wife lingerie – even if it wasn’t the sexiest pair she had ever seen. Judging from the rather small size of the set he held in his hand his wife must be fairly slender as well, making it seem to the salesgirl that this guy had a good thing going on here.

“Ok, well what kind does she like to wear?”

The man looked at the floor, shuffling his feet nervously.

“Well, I’m not sure anymore, and I can no longer ask her – she passed away a few years ago in a car accident.”

Lisa’s heart immediately went out to the clearly depressed man, feeling instantly bad for her customer.

“I’m so sorry to hear that, that’s horrible!”

“Thanks, I’m slowly getting used to it by now. But one of the things I used to do when she was alive was go out for her birthday and buy some nice matching underwear – which of course ended up being more for me than her, but it was something I did every year without reprieve – it kind of became our tradition. I decided after she passed that I would continue to do it, even now that she’s gone and can no longer wear it – it’s my way of never forgetting her birthday. I know, it’s probably stupid.”

Lisa reached out and gingerly touched the slender older man on the arm, feeling sorry for the still grieving widow.

“I dont think its stupid at all- so what kind does she like to wear?”

The man held up the set in his hand, a sheepish expression across his face.

“I was thinking this, but I feel like I have gotten something very similar to these before – without seeing them on her they all kind of blend together in the end.”

Impulsively grabbing his hand, Lisa suddenly had a crazy notion as she led the older gentleman to another section, her heart beginning to race a little faster from her sudden idea.

“I think we can do a little better than that – here, come with me.”

Heading over to the more risque section in the store Lisa perused the lingerie, glancing over at the gentleman from time to time to try and get a read on him

‘This poor guy, his wife dies and he’s clearly still heartbroken. He buys this lingerie every year and then what? Hangs it up in a closet for it to gather dust?”

A strange feeling suddenly overcame Lisa, and the thought made her slightly giddy with excitement, as well as extremely anxious at the same time. Picking out a slightly risque but not overly revealing set, she held it up to to her customer.

“What about this one?”

The man eyed it over warily, but Lisa could tell that deep down he liked the slight raciness of the outfit.

“Well that’s a little more . . . revealing than we are used to, but I think she would like fixbet it; it is for her birthday after all, and this would definitely have made her feel younger – it looks like something your generation would wear, after all.”

Reaching over Lisa plucked the lingerie set the man had out of his hands in order to get the size needed for her set. Goosebumps broke out all over her body as she read the size.

‘His wife was about the same size as me, just a little smaller in the bust area, but this should work out perfectly.’

Heart fluttering she looked the older man over, suddenly seeing that her customer was in fact a very handsome man, even if he was twice her age.

“Alright then, let’s get this set. I’m Lisa, by the way.”

“I’m Tim. Thank you so much for your help Lisa, if you’ll just hand me those I’ll go pay and be on my way.”

Instead of handing them over Lisa pulled them closer to her body, contemplating one last time whether she should go through with her crazy idea or not.

‘Am I really willing to go through with this? I’ve never done anything like this before. . .’

Seeing the visibly saddened man in front of her steeled her resolved once and for all, and she plowed ahead with her plan.

“I have another idea Tim. How about this year you get to see your purchase a little differently, as in on a real person?”

Tim looked at her with a confused look.

“What do you mean? Like someone modelling it for me?”

Lisa smiled warmly, becoming slightly aroused by the words that were about to come out of her mouth..

“Not someone; me. It’s the least I can do for you. I think you deserve to see what it would have looked like on her, and your wife and I seem to share a similar build.”

Tim looked around nervously.

“You dont have to do that. . .”

Grabbing his arm Lisa led him to the changing rooms, her pulse quickening with every step.

“Nonsense, I insist.”

Nearing the fitting rooms, however, Lisa suddenly became very anxious.

‘Oh my god, am I really getting half naked in front of a complete stranger?’

But as she reached the rooms her arousal overrode her nervousness as she had to admit the thought of her semi exhibitionism actually excited her, and without a second thought she slipped into the first stall. Stripping down she paused to admire her naked body in the mirror.

‘There’s no way he’s not going to enjoy this,’ she thought with a smile before slipping on the new panties. As they snuggled up against her privates Lisa became slightly concerned since she realized she was becoming a little wet down there due to the fact that she about about to show off her body to a complete stranger, but she decided Tim wouldn’t mind.

‘Now they’ll even smell like a real woman too.’

Snapping the bra on Lisa found it was in fact a size too small for her, and her breasts were pushing at the edges of the material, threatening to burst out.

‘Even better,’ a now pretty horny Lisa thought as she looked herself over in the mirror one last time, liking what she saw.

Stepping out of the stall Lisa walked down the short hallway and out the fitting room door to look for Tim, very quickly realizing that she was now completely out in the open as several men nearby in various parts of the store stopped what they were doing and stared at Lisa with open mouths. Covering herself up as discreetly as she could Lisa saw Tim and motioned for him to come inside the fitting room area, quickly bolting back inside the cover of the hallway. Tim followed her inside, nervously looking around the small fitting room area to see if anyone else would notice him there. Now alone, Lisa lowered her arms, displaying her fit body to her older customer.

“Let’s take a look at them in here – not everyone needs to see your wife’s lingerie on display.”

Slowly spinning around, Lisa gave the older man a full view of her supple figure, making sure he saw every inch of the college girl’s tight body.

“So, what do you think? Is it right for her?”

Watching Tim’s expression Lisa could tell the widow was turned on. He was trying as hard as he could to not openly stare at Lisa’s bulging breasts behind the too small bra.

“Wow. Uhm, I uh, I think she would love it, yes. Thank you for . . . showing them off to me.”

Lisa giggled like a schoolgirl, becoming super turned on by the older man checking her out. Another idea popped into her head.

“Yeah, this is alright,” she purred as she stepped back into the stall and closed the door, “but I think we can do better.”

Slipping her blouse and skirt back on over the store merchandise Lisa popped back out of the stall.

“Why don’t you wait here; I’ll go find some other outfits to try on.”

Tim sat down heavily in the waiting chair, and Lisa couldn’t help but think he did so to hide a growing erection.

The thought made her even more giddy with excitement and she ran off back into the store, walking around and snatching up several outfits that she liked. After she grabbed several revealing sets Lisa stole fixbet giriş a look around the store.

‘Oh good, it’s close to closing time so there’s barely anyone here. While I’m super thrilled to give poor Tim a show, the last thing I want is all the other people to catch a glimpse of me – especially in the outfits I’m picking out.’

Happy with her selection Lisa skipped back to the fitting rooms to find Tim anxiously awaiting her arrival, his leg crossed over his crotch in what Lisa hoped was an attempt to hide his still present erection.

“Okay, I got some good stuff!” She told him with a playful smile. “Now you just wait right here, mmkay?”

Tim only managed to nod before Lisa slipped back into the stall. Rummaging through her outfits she arranged them by how revealing they were, planning on wearing less and less every time. The first outfit she picked was a corset that shoved her breasts up nicely, putting them out front and center to grab Tim’s attention, now knowing the older man had a thing for nice boobs. The outfit came replete with lacy black underwear – not a thong by any means, but definitely sexier than the pair Tim had originally picked out. Lacing up the front to pull it all in tight Lisa strutted out the stall.

“How’s this one look?”

This time Tim couldn’t conceal his open ogling of her breasts, shifting in his chair to adjust himself.

“Holy cow! I mean, that looks great, but I’m not sure Susan would have worn something quite like that. . . but it looks like it was made for you!”

Lisa bent over to pretend to scratch her leg, her boobs now practically in the older man’s face.

“I understand. I hope you at least enjoyed looking at it though. Next one then!”

Slipping back into the stall Lisa looked at the next outfit.

‘Oh my god, am I really going to wear this?’

On the hanger in front of her hung a sheer teddy and a little lacey red thong. The teddy would leave her breasts completely visible behind it, as it was totally see-through. Getting even wetter with excitement, Lisa snatched the outfit up and quickly changed into it. Looking in the mirror she stared at her basically exposed tits, resisting the sudden urge to reach down and rub her now openly yearning pussy.

“Here goes nothing,” she muttered lustfully under her breath, a slight shudder rocking her body from the adrenaline rush she had from being almost naked in front of her customer.

Opening the door, she checked to make sure no one else was around before slowly stepping out.

As Tim looked up and saw her basically naked chest Lisa’s nipples hardened from excitement, her tits pressing up against the see through fabric even more. Seeing her the older man buckled in his chair, his hand unconsciously reaching out to adjust his dick in his pants, no longer able to pretend to hide his erection. Lisa stretched her arms above her head as she took a step towards to older man, the teddy riding up and exposing her thong and fit belly.

“What about this one? Is this one more your style?”

“Holy shit,” was all Tim managed to sputter out as he stared at the slender college girl’s lithe body. That turned Lisa on even more and she did a slow spin for him once more, although this time she was wearing a thong and so her whole ass was visible now. Stepping up to him she thrust her chest in his face.

“Would you like the feel the fabric? You’ll find it’s quite nice,” she whispered in his ear as she leaned even closer to him.

At first Tim just sat there, but eventually he clumsily reached up and touched the bottom of the teddy before immediately dropping his hand.

Y. . Yes, it does feel good.”

Pulling the teddy up Lisa stood up so that her crotch was now in Tim’s face, sure that her customer could smell her pussy juices from the close distance.

“Well, you have to feel the panties now too.”

Taking a deep breath, Tim reached out once more and grabbed the hem line. Grabbing his hand, Lisa led him to the front, gently rubbing his hand up and down her pussy through the thin red fabric.

“That feels good, right?”

Once again, a nod was all she received. Taking a step back Lisa pretended to slip, her hand going right between Tim’s legs as she fell ontop of him.

‘I knew it!,’ she thought jubilantly as her hand brushed up against Tim’s erect – and rather large from the feel of it-cock.

“Sorry, must have slipped! Well, I have one more outfit for you to see!”

As Lisa slipped off her thong in the stall she found it to be nearly soaked through.

‘What is this guy doing to me? I’m not so sure he’s the only one who is benefiting from this anymore. . .’

Grabbing the last outfit Lisa looked it over with a lustful stare, her pussy now throbbing with excitement.

‘This will give the guy something to jerk off to tonight for sure.’

Like her prior outfit, this one was sheer. Unlike the teddy though, this time both the micro bra and panties were see-through, meaning both her tits and pussy would be visible to her customer this time. Doning the basically non existent outfit Lisa looked up at the clock on the wall.

‘Oh crap, the store closed ten minutes ago! Oh well, I’m the one closing tonight anyways, so it should just be me and Tim here now anyways.’

Taking a deep breath Lisa resisted the urge once more to rub her pussy, knowing it would be evident she did this time seeing that her panties were sheer. Squirming in the stall she threw the door open, super ready for the final show. Backing out the stall she first showed her backside to Tim, which was only covered by two thin lines – one across her back for her sad excuse for a bra and one around her waist, connecting to the small see-through patch in the front with a dental floss thin string going down her ass crack. Sexual drive going full blast Lisa turned to face Tim, watching his jaw drop as he viewed her pussy through the thin see-through panties.

“Yes, oh god, yes.”

Lisa smiled.

“Oh, so this is the set for her, then? Well okay then.”

An wave of passion overtook over the saleswoman then and she strutted towards her customer, lust now overtaking reasoning. Turning around she crouched down in front of him, her bra strap inches away from his reach.

“Well if this is what you want, go ahead and take it then.”

Tim didn’t seem to understand at first, but then it hit him what the young woman wanted him to do and with shaking hands he reached up and undid the straps on her bra, taking several seconds to get the clasps fully undone. Lisa shrugged the item off as she stood up and the bra fell to ground at her feet, her tits now fully out in the open. Turning around she she placed her hands on Tim’s shoulders, her completely exposed breasts dangling in his face. Looking him in the eyes she glanced down at her panties.

“I think you’re missing a piece.”

The older man just stared at the tiny see through panties. Taking a deep breath he took both his hands and placed them on Lisa’s waistband. Ever so delicately he tugged on them, pulling them off the slender girl’s body and revealing her now soaked pussy. Stepping out of them Lisa paused, unsure of what to do next as she had never planned on taking things even this far. She didn’t have to figure it out though as Tim suddenly took charge, his hands reaching up and grabbing the young sales woman’s bare ass cheeks, with them firmly in his grasp he lifted the slim girl off her feet and dropped her naked body in his lap.

Sexual desires taking over Lisa shoved her breasts in the man’s face and shook them around before pulling the girls back and replacing them with her face, their two sets of lips locking in a steamy kiss. They continued to make out for a while longer, Lisa’s hand slowly reaching down and undoing Tim’s belt. Pausing from their lip locking the naked college girl stood up and in one fluid motion pulled Tim’s pants and boxers off, his now free larger than average cock flopping back and forth.

A moment of clarity reached Lisa as she got down on her knees to suck the forty-something’s cock.

‘What am I doing here? It was never supposed to come to this! He was only supposed to see me in the first set when I thought of all this originally! Oh well, we are both enjoying the moment, I’ll just make sure to finish him off quickly with my mouth before things get more out of hand.’

Grabbing his dick in her hand she kissed it lightly before opening her mouth wide and taking his whole member inside of it. Tim groaned with pleasure as her lips caressed his cock, her tongue expertly licking his long member up and down. The noise made Lisa hornier and she went to town on her customer, bobbing up and down on his rigid dick with enthusiasm only a young girl like herself could muster. Tim reached out and grabbed her arm, squeezing tightly, indicating to her that he was about to finish.

‘Good, I can finish him right now, right here.’

But the older man seemed to have other plans as he bent over and grabbed Lisa under her armpits, pulling the slim girl up onto his lap with a strength the college girl didn’t think he was capable of. Before she realized what was going on Tim grabbed her by the hips and lifted her up, arranging her so that his erect cock was just below her wet and pulsing pussy.

‘Uh shit, I think he plans to. . .’

She couldn’t finish her thought before the tip of Tim’s cock pushed up against her pussy lips. A slight moan escaped her as the older man lowered her even further, Lisa’s pussy now stretching out to take in the well endowed member.

“Oh god, yes, thats feels so good,” Lisa moaned as she no longer cared that she was being fucked by a complete stranger twice her age. She opened her pussy up even further, taking Tim’s full cock inside of her as she sat down on the man’s lap, his shaft completely filling up her insides.

“Fuck me Tim, you fuck me hard!” She yelled unnecessarily as her customer had already began to pump her slender form up and down on his dick, his seemingly super strength holding the young college girl up with ease. They continued to fuck a while longer, Lisa’s screams of pleasure ringing throughout the whole empty store. Suddenly Tim stood up, his dick still deep inside the young saleswoman, and he lifted her lithe body up and down on his cock once more while she dangled in the air.

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