Giving into the Lust Pt. 07

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Writer’s note: These are all based on real people and real life events, but their names are changed. Everything part 5 and after is fictional, but since the real affair is over I wanted to continue their story as if it didn’t. It doesn’t end like the real couple did and that’s definitely not a route they would have taken, but when I was writing it I just felt it naturally go there. I hope reading it gave you as much pleasure as I got in writing it. I started it as a letter to “William” so it always talks about him as “you”. I never did have the courage to send him the stories, but he loved erotica as much as I did, so I hope one day he’ll stumble upon them and recognize our story.


Weekend one of Operation Wife Swap was a success as far as I was concerned. The soreness in my groin agreed. I stand on your porch waiting for Rick and Sarah to arrive for the swap back. You’re behind me, arms wrapped around me, face in my neck. You plant little kisses down my shoulder. “Don’t go.” You whisper.

I laugh. “We’ve been given so much more than we deserve let’s just appreciate that.”

You slip something in my pocket. “Don’t look at that until you’re alone, and then burn it.”

That’s weird.

I hear the familiar roar of Rick’s truck. It stops but they don’t get out. I see Rick tenderly place his palm on Sarah’s cheek. Their faces are close and they’re speaking back and forth. This goes on for several minutes.

I feel you stiffen behind me. “What the fuck?” You storm past me and I struggle to keep up with you. You glare at them as you walk past the cab of the truck to grab her bag out of the back. I’m a little jealous that you’re jealous. I pass Sarah as she gets out of the truck. She doesn’t make eye contact and I notice she doesn’t look at you as she walks into the house.

When the truck is backing down the driveway I watch your back as you disappear into the house. I feel the tears sting the back of my eyes.

Rick doesn’t speak. He stares straight ahead as he drives. I begin to feel Operation Wife Swap is a shit show.

Later that night I lay in bed, my back to Rick’s back. Very few words were exchanged tonight. I suddenly remember that you slipped something in my pocket. I wait until I hear Rick’s snores. I creep down the stairs to the laundry. I pull out a single piece of yellow paper with 4 words…I love you too

I tear it into as many pieces as possible and scatter them in the fireplace.

Two weeks later and my life is semi back to normal. Rick’s speaking to me again. We made love matadorbet once and I tried not to notice that he was just going through the motions, not meeting my eyes.

One day at work I see your truck across the street in the park. I tell my assistant I’m taking a break and hurry over. You’re sitting there staring off into space, a troubled look on your face. I climb in the passenger seat. “What’s wrong?” I ask.

“Look in the bag.” I notice a brown lunch bag on the middle console. A pregnancy test. A positive one. My heart sinks. I feel a knot take up residence in my belly. I can’t breathe.

“Oh my god.” I set it on the floor of the truck. “I didn’t know you were trying.”

“It’s not mine.” You say dryly. You have tears in your eyes that haven’t made their descent yet.

I place my hand in yours and you squeeze too tightly. “It can’t be Rick’s.” I defend. “It’s only been two weeks and if she’s taking a test she’s missed a period which means she’s probably at least a month along.”

You look at me. The tears suddenly dried up but replaced with an anger in your eyes, one that causes me to pull my hand back. “When you and I ended things 4 months ago I couldn’t have sex with Sarah anymore. I either couldn’t get it up for her or I couldn’t finish. Did you see the way they were together? They were way too familiar, too intimate. They played us both.”

I replay the last 6 months in my head. The lies I didn’t catch. The secrets he didn’t tell. I replay Wife Swap weekend. The way they held hands at breakfast. The whispers. I was so caught up in our own affair I missed theirs.


I slam your truck door without a goodbye. Anger clouds my vision.

When I get home Rick is on the back deck. I sit across from him without a word.

“I’m leaving.” He says with no pretense, no kindness.

“How long have you been sleeping with Sarah?” I demand to know.

“Six months.” Finally his eyes meet mine. I rear back and slap him so hard my hand instantly swells. He grabs me by the arms and shakes me.

“How long have you and William been fucking behind our backs, huh?” His words are full of anger and bitterness. “Sarah saw a hotel charge on the credit card bill and bribed the hotel manager to show her the footage of you two going into the room. She brought it to me and we followed you and watched you two fuck in his truck at the park. That’s when she suggested we get even by fucking each other, but you know what? We fell in love, and that’s on you. Yes, she’s pregnant. Yes, it’s mine. matadorbet giriş I’m leaving.”

I follow him to the door. The tears a steady stream. “Please, Rick, we can fix this.” He grabs the bags I didn’t see before. He doesn’t look back. I drop to the ground in the foyer. I let the tears flow. My phone is in a near constant state of vibration as I know you’re blowing up my phone after going through what was probably a similar scene across town. I can’t bear to face you right now. What we’ve done. What they’ve done.

After about 30 minutes of staring at the wall, I tear off my clothes and crawl into my bed fully and throw the covers over.

I hear the doorbell. I hear pounding. “I know you’re in there! Open up!” You shout. I can’t.

I must have left the back door open because I hear your footsteps on the stairs.

A few minutes later I feel you crawl into bed beside me. Your arms wrapped tightly around me. I let more tears fall as you hold me.

Eventually I fall asleep. When I wake I no longer feel anger or sadness or shame. I feel an awakening. I roll over to find you awake, watching me.

I run my hand down your shirt and under the waistband of your boxers. You’re already hard. I revel in the fact that you couldn’t get hard for Sarah but you’re almost always hard for me.

I replace my hand with my mouth. I circle your head with my tongue, I run it down the shaft. I’ve done this so many times but it feels like this first. This time is different. My mouth works up and down as you moan and tilt your hips up to meet my mouth. I bring you all the way in, lowering my face so my lips kiss your pubic bone. My throat opening up for entrance. You taste like home. I cup your balls and tug lightly. I feel your cock twitch and a warm stream of cum flow down my throat.

I crawl back up and kiss you. “Can I ask you a question?” You say.

“Yes, you have the biggest dick I’ve ever seen.” I joke.

You weave your fingers through mine. “I’m serious. Will you go on a date with me? Dinner? A movie?”

I smile. “Like in public?”

You kiss my neck. “It’s safe now. I want to show you off.”

“Yes.” I squeal. “Of course!”

Your kisses on my neck become more urgent. Moving down my chest, to my stomach. Lower. But then you sit up right before your mouth finds the sweet spot. “We should get ready for dinner.” You say.

I groan. No fair. You’re such a tease.

“I’m going home to change. Wear something nice.” You stop at my closet and pull out a black dress. Rick hated that dress. Too short. Too much cleavage. Men stared. “Holy shit. Now that’s a dress.” You hold it up to me. “I look forward to peeling that off you later.”

An hour later I’ve squeezed myself into the dress. Boobs pushed up nicely. Teeny lace panties on underneath. I answer the door and you have on a nice button up shirt. You hand me a single red rose but your jaw drops when you see me in that dress. I spin for you. “I see you’re speechless.”

You pull me in for a deep kiss, your tongue dancing with mine. Your fists ball up the material. You turn me around and run your hand over my ass. You groan. “Fuck dinner, I’m gonna eat you.” You slam the door behind you and push me down on the couch. Your face meets the place it so agonizingly left off at earlier, your tongue making slow circles over my soft folds, entering, flicking, destroying. Your mouth devours every inch, your fingers move magically, spelling out secrets. I cry out your name as I come violently and fabulously.

Panting on the couch, you stand up and reach for my hand. “Dinner?”

We missed our reservation so we wait for an opening. You hold my hand, your thumb rubbing circles over it. Every once in awhile you smile at me. It feels wicked being in public, flaunting our affair. A family comes in and sits across from us. They have a baby. I see the pain flicker in your eyes briefly. It never occurred to me that you’d want kids.

“You want one don’t you?” I ask.

Still smiling at the baby you say “I’ve always wanted kids. Sarah wanted to wait.”

You look at me “What about you?”

Rick and I never wanted kids. It’s what kept us together so long honestly. That’s why him leaving for Sarah was shocking. I don’t tell you any of this because the way you look at that baby stirs up something in me. A desire.

“Yea, I’d like to.” You squeeze my hand tighter and lean closer. “I think we should try right now.” You nod towards the door.

I laugh. “You know it doesn’t work like that, I’m on the pill.”

“Yea but we need to practice.”

I grab your hand and follow you out the door skipping out on the second reservation of the night.

Before you start the truck I crawl over the console and put my knees on either side of your legs.

“Can’t wait, huh?” You purr into my hair as I pull out your hard cock.

“Fuck me now and shut up.”

I lower myself on you. Your dick opens me up and fills me. Your head goes back and you close your eyes. I’m bouncing up and down fucking you hard. It doesn’t take long for you to come in me. You use your hands to push me down as if you could penetrate my womb and force a baby in there.

You kiss me and put your hand on my stomach. “I love you.”

“I love you too. Let’s go home.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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