Girls and Their Toys

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Ever heard the saying boys and their toys? Well my girlfriend loves her toys, and when I say she loves them, I mean she fucks them. Perhaps I should be shocked or angry and take it as an insult to my manhood, but she lets me watch, which I enjoy almost as much as she does playing with them. Afterwards we both get so Horny we fuck like crazy. It’s not that they replace me, they are extra to our lovemaking and if anything, they just augment our very happy sex life.

Judy has lots of toys, we usually buy at least 1 each month. They range from simple to very exotic. I have noticed though that there are not many nights go by without her ending up with a dildo of some sorts bringing her to a shattering climax. Usually its also a dildo that puts me to shame in the size department, not that I am small, I’m a good healthy 7in fully erect, but she does seem to like a big, thick dildo that will never let her down.

Usually she puts a show on for me but sometimes she lets me join in, sometimes she even lets me pick the toys, but I don’t have the same imagination as she does. Some of her toys involve me, like the sex swing and cock rings, though she can find interesting ways to use them without me while I watch. She likes me to watch, sometimes she gets me to take photos or videos for her to watch later. She likes to watch the videos of herself playing while we fuck.

Judy tells me little stories while she is playing, little fantasies, she uses them like music that she is playing along to. She is like an actress playing out a script in her head. Some of them are really wild, she has a dirty little imagination that gets her into all sorts of situations, all ending up with her getting fucked by different men, or women, or both.

Last night she had me tie her up in a park, we were caught by a gang of drugged up hells angels, who ravished her all-night long. As she told me this little fantasy she changed dildos often as the men took turns with her. After she had worn out the gang, and her toys all needed new batteries, she turned her attention to me and still had enough left in her to wear me out. Even then she still managed to bring herself off one last time with her middle finger. I love Judy, who wouldn’t.

Saturday was her 30th birthday, she was looking forward to a nice present. I didn’t know what to get her. I didn’t want to get her another toy, she has so many, and we get them all the time anyway. I wanted to get her something special. Judy dropped lots of hints though, all toys.

I had booked a meal in a nice Italian restaurant and wrapped a few gifts up, and popped them into a bag. Judy looked gorgeous as always. Lady in red, red dress, low cut that showed her ample bussom off, in a push up bra, narrow at the waist, accentuating her hour glass figures, tight over her hips making her ass look terrific, and short. If she bent over to touch her toes you could see her matching silk and lace panties. Her long legs were naked, cleanly shaven, and lightly oiled making them shine. When I saw her, I didn’t want to go out, I wanted to take her to bed then and there.

We were shown to our table, it was a small round table for 2 in the corner, covered in a long white tablecloth, the lighting and music was low, plenty of candles dotted around giving the place a romantic feeling. Judy sat with her back against the wall looking into the restaurant and I sat facing her with my back to the other diners.

She was excited because I had not given her her present yet, I told her she had more than one present and I would give her them through the night. I had them all gift wrapped in the store, and they were all together in a fancy bag for life. Once we had ordered our starters I gave her the first present. She had been hinting she wanted a John Homes replica dildo. I had never heard of him, apparently he was porno star from the 70’s who made about 600 porn movies and had a 12 inch cock. I told her I couldn’t find one and they were not made anymore.

Judy and I have been going out for 3 years, although we never really planed moving in together we just sort of drifted into living together. She stayed over on our 4th date and just never went home. She beamed when I went down on one knee and opened a small box, when she saw the diamond ring, she said yes, even before I asked her to marry me. She teased me tuzla eve gelen escort asking where her toy was, she said a John Homes would never fit in a box so small. I told her I was her forever toy.

When the main course came I gave her another present. I told her it was a 2-part present, her eyes lit up when she saw the shape of the box and guessed rightly it was a toy, but not the one she really wanted. She asked what the second part was, I said, a story. I never made stories up for her, that was her department. While we ate I told her a fantasy story.

I told her, the story started when the meal finished. I said I had forgot my money and couldn’t pay for the meal. They were going to call the police until she offered to pay by putting on a special show for them. I told her she opened her new present, they all gathered around the table and she laid back on the middle of it, opening her legs wide, she christened her new toy while they all watched. I said the show was so hot they couldn’t stop themselves and they all fucked her, all I could do was watch and let them as I wanked myself silly. I said they enjoyed the show so much they gave us a free desert afterwards. I had apple pie and custard, her desert was strawberries with Italian cream milked fresh from their cocks.

When we finished our main course, she put the unopened box in her handbag and went to the ladies’ room. A short time later she came back, kissed me, then sat down. She said she was a lucky girl and was having the best birthday ever, she got engaged, had a fantastic meal and I made her a story. Now it was time to test drive her new toy. She tossed something on the table in front of me, it was her red silk and lace panties. When I realised what they were I quickly picked them up and put them in my pocket. She placed her handbag on the floor under her chair and as she sat up removed her birthday present.

The waiter came and asked if we wanted desert, I ordered apple pie and custard, she said with a smile she would have hers later. She shuffled forward on the seat and for a second fiddled with both hands under the table, then she brought her right hand back on top of the table and held my hand, looking right into my eyes. Her left hand was still under the table, it was hardly moving, but it was moving. Very slowly with two fingers she was pressing the end of her new dildo, then releasing the pressure, she allowed gravity to withdraw it a little, then more pressure from her finger tips pushed the 8in long cock all the way back into her greedy cunt.

I dropped my spoon and bent to see if she was bluffing, she wasn’t. she was sitting on the edge of her seat, leaning back, legs parted for anybody to see, with a thick, 8in long, life-like silicone cock, slowly been pushed in, and out, of her beautiful soaking pussy. The waiter brought my sweet and looked at her. He asked if she was ok, she didn’t answer, her eyes had started to lose focus and she was lost in some fantasy, in her mind she was staring in a show for him and the other waiters. She would be their desert.

She squeezed my hand harder and closed her eyes, mouth parted in a silent scream as she trembled and shuddered to her first climax of the night. When she had calmed down, she removed the dildo and brought it out from under the table, absentmindedly placing it in my empty dish next to my spoon. I pointed with my eyes, she laughed and quickly took it and put in in her bag. I paid and we left in a taxi.

I gave her a new present in the taxi on the way to the club. She opened it right away, it was a string joining 2 eggs together. She had some ben-wa balls but they were small round balls with a battery box and they vibrated. These were different, for a start they were larger, like duck eggs and didn’t have a box with batteries, when they moved something inside made them jiggle.

She asked me for her panties back. As she was sat behind the driver he couldn’t see what she was doing. She simply opened her legs and popped one egg in her pussy, they are almost 3in diameter so it took a bit of pushing without lube, luckily, she was still wet from the dildo. She slipped her panties on and moved the gusset to one side and pushed the other egg inside. The second egg pushing the first deeper inside. Been so large they could not fit side by side. tuzla otele gelen escort The string joining the balls was on the outside of her panty gusset, to make sure they couldn’t go too far in and get lost. They were already far enough in, in total they measured 3in wide by 6in in length, so she had quite a cunt full. The movement from the taxi made the jiggle mechanism do its thing. Re awakening her pussy.

Walking from the taxi to the disco, the eggs rubbed together and moved around inside her. Just walking felt like she was being fucked. As we queued she couldn’t stand still, every move adding to her pleasure, everybody could see her and could tell she was excited about something, but nobody knew she was been fucked from the inside by 2 large duck eggs.

Judy found this very exciting. If only they knew what she was feeling. Judy loved to dance, but tonight she seemed to be loving it more than usual. I told her I had twisted my ankle and it was hurting, I said I needed to rest it.

While I was being served at the sex shop, I was looking at a pretty black lace masquerade mask that was on the counter, the sales assistant thought it was mine and started to scan it into the till. I said it was not mine and she said, oh well as you’re such a good customer you can have it anyway for free, complements of the management. I forgot about the mask until I took the eggs out of the bag, I just stuffed the mask in my pocket.

I took the little mask out of my pocket and fitted it to her face. I told her, “I command you to enjoy yourself on the dance floor anyhow you seem fit and with whom you see fit, while I go to the bar and get pissed.” I was just messing about.

I went to the bar and got us some drinks, then I made my way to a table where I could sit and watch her. I love to watch Judy dance, she is a great mover, and such a sexy lady. She always gets a lot of attention on the dancefloor, and always ends up dancing with other guys, not slow dancing or anything, just normal dancing.

She was dancing, two guys had noticed her dancing alone and moved in, one in front and one behind her. I thought its their time, they can waste it how they like. That’s when I took out the remote control, and switched the eggs on. She had no idea they were vibrating remote controlled eggs. She almost hit the celling as the sudden powerful vibrations from deep inside her pussy hit her. She was already over excited just by them moving inside her as she danced, the vibrations triggered her second orgasm of the night, a wild erotic one, while dancing on the crowded dance floor, sandwiched between 2 guys.

I didn’t turn it off but left it running, she had to ride the waves out like a surfer. When she moved away from the guys, I turned it off. Every time she danced with a guy, I turned it on, when she danced alone I turned it off. Soon she caught on and spent most of the time dancing with some guy or another.

The 2 she had originally been dancing with kept coming back. She turned her back on them and bent over twerking at them, in that dress, and with those panties on, I could tell what a beautiful sight they had, I had never seen her do that before. One moved closer and ground his cock at her from behind, she ground back, I could tell she was bent so far over, his cock would be pressing against her pussy, with the eggs vibrating on full, her hips grinding back at him, I guessed she was probably close to another orgasm. She told me after, she was not close, she was having a tremendous cum at that exact time.

I have never seen Judy dance close and sexy with another guy before, I must admit it was hot, I was hard as iron. She danced with both men, putting her hands around their necks and grinding her pussy into them. She let them run their hands down her back and stroke her ass. At one point one pressed up against her back, his hands fondled her tight tummy and moved up over her tits, gently rubbing across her nipples. I could see them harden up.

The other guy was in front of her grinding into her pussy and kissing her on the lips, his tongue deep inside her. He must have felt the vibrations on his cock through her pussy, the eggs moving inside her, must have felt like he was actually fucking her. I let her dance till midnight, then I turned off the eggs, soon she came tuzla sınırsız escort back to me.

She held me and kissed me passionately saying, “I had been a great boyfriend, but now I have a fantastic fiancé.” She asked me, “Are you going to be the best husband a girl ever had, one of those husbands that likes to watch his wife fuck other men.”

I have never seen her so Horny, I thought she was going to fuck me in the club. I told her the eggs were her last birthday present, but I did still have one more gift for her, not for her birthday though, I had an engagement present for her. Unfortunately, I had left it in the bag in the restaurant. I told her I had phoned them and they had found it, they would save it for us, but they close at 12 and its 12 now. They said it took 30mins or so to clean up before they lock up. They told me if we were there by 12:30 they would wait for us, so we had to go right away. She removed the mask off and put it in her bag.

We took a taxi back the restaurant. On the way she told me about all the things she had done on the dance floor, some of which I had seen, but apparently not all. She was so excited. I had seen her been naughty tonight and put it down to high spirits. She had been quite a bit naughtier than I thought. She had let the guys rub her pussy through her knickers, and she had rubbed their cocks, which I hadn’t seen. She said it felt like they were really fucking her when they ground into her with the eggs inside her. She told me the thought of actually fucking them on the dance floor surrounded by people was such a turn on for her, she couldn’t stop herself, she had cum many times. I said it sounds like she enjoyed the eggs more than her other presents. I asked if they were her favourite.

No, she said, the best was when I went down on one knee and proposed, the ring was her favourite gift ever, but the thing she had got most pleasure out of tonight, was the mask. I was so surprised because the mask was not really a present, it was just a freebie gift from the shop. I only gave it to her as a joke. I asked her why the mask, she told me she would not have been able to behave as she had on the dance floor without it.

She said as soon as I had put it on her, it was like I had given her permission to be somebody else, some fantasy girl who could be naughty. Without the mask she would never dare to dance like she had with other guys, to grind and twerk with them, to kiss them and let them fondle and grope her, or to cum so freely with them, not even in private let alone on the dance floor.

She said when we were home and she played with her toys it was like she was a mask, underneath was a wild naughty girl looking out into the real world and living through her. When she put the mask on it was like she changed places. She was looking out through the mask into her fantasy world and the naughty girl was living through her body.

I asked if that was exciting, she said it was yes, but also scary, because unlike her the naughty Judy didn’t have any limitations, she felt like she would do anything, and because I put the mask on her, I had given her permission to do anything.

Judy had taken the eggs out in the taxi and put them in her bag. We arrived at the restaurant, it looked closed, but the door was unlocked. It was dark except for one light, over the table we had sat on. There in the middle of the table was her present.

She opened it, it was her John Holmes replica dildo, 12inch of pure cock. She turned with a massive smile on her face and threw her arms around me. Looking over my shoulder she saw 4 olive skin waiters sitting on chairs, as if waiting for something. I whispered in her ear, it is the tall guys 18th birthday and they think you are the stripper. They are waiting for their show to start.

She looked at me and said, “For real?”

“Yes,” I said, “Time to make your fantasy come true, you, John Holmes and an audience.”

“What if they want to fuck me after?” she asked.

I shook my shoulders and said, “Its your show.” And kissed her on the lips.

She handed me the mask and said, “With your permission sir, I think I am going to need this then.”

She closed her eyes as I fitted the mask to her again, I could swear when she opened her eyes it was a different Judy looking back.

She pressed play on her favourite play lists, her phone broke the silence. She turned to the guys, a fire burning deep inside her.

She said, “It’s my birthday today as well, who wants to help me celebrate.” It was not a question, she started to dance as she unwrapped her John Holmes, and said, “So that’s all of you then.”

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