Haziran 13, 2020

first try writing

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first try writing
Jennifer was standing in front of the mirror in her heels and red dress, putting last pieces of make up, before walking out of the house with her fiance to the taxi awaiting for them to drive the couple to the restaraunt on a weekend night.
They were already late, and she irritably said: “John, dont disturb me”, as she felt strong hands of her fiance slide across her waist.
“You look so beautiful in this dress, you know i cant resist it” – whispered John, moving himself closer to her, sliding her hair to the side and gently kissing her shoulders and back of her neck.
His lips moved higher to her ear, and wrapped around her earlobe, making Jennifer release a slight gasp and press her head back into his shoulder.
John lightly pressed his teeth on his casino oyna beautiful fiances earlobe, and started slowly moving his hands up from her waist, looking at the mirrow how they slide across the sexy lines of her body covered in a red tight dress.
He felt blood rushing to his cock, getting more and more aroused from the sexy body of his beautiful young lover, from the smell of her gorgeous long hair.
Jennifer felt Johns cock against her butt, standing hard, almost vertically in his pants, and smiled, biting her lower lip.
That feeling of being desired, being wanted and lusted over exited her, and she slowly moved her body down and up, grinding over Johns hard bulge through his pants, pressing hard against it, feeling as it slides between her buttcheeks.
John kaçak casino squeezed his palms on her breasts, losing control from that tease. He felt as if his cock was exploding from pressure, as the blood was pumping through it, making big veinst pop through the sking of his shaft.
He pushed Jennifer a little forward, making her lean on the table in front of the mirror. She closed her eyes and breathed heavily in anticipation, hearing the sounds of Johns belt and zipper.
She slowly leaned forward and arched her back, bringing her sexy butt higher in the air, breathing heavily, feeling as she becomes wet just thinking about her lovers hard cock.
One of her arms reached behind and lifted the skirt of her dress up, revealing her sexy legs and panties. Suddenly she canlı casino felt as they were dragged down in one swift motion.
She couldnt hold a moan, as she felt the head of Johns cock slide over her pussy, teasing her, spreading her lips. Her fingers squezed harder, as if she was trying to leave marks on the table, as she felt her fiances shaft hitting against her pussy.
She needed it! His cock felt so hard and hot, she started moving her lower body, trying to slide his cock inside. “Please…” – she begged. Her eyes widened and mouth opend in a moan, when she felt
big head of Johns cock pushing inside, making her little tight pussy swallow it.
John couldnt hold a groan, slowly pushing his cock deeper. His fiances wet pussy wrapped tightly around his exploding cock. He froze for a moment, closing his eyes and enjoing the feeling.
His cock was throbbing inside of her making her moan and driving John crazier and more aroused. He started slowly grabbing Jennifers hair in a fist…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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