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This short vignette was written back in 2006, a piece of speculative fantasy fiction based around the potential that Directed Erotic Visualisation© could have. Until now it has never before appeared in a public forum, only on my personal website. It was pure self indulgent, wish fulfilment writing.

A great deal has happened between then and now, but I have never encountered a Chloe…

It has inspired an audio experience, perhaps I should release that here as well?

I wonder what you think?



Essemoh Teepee © 2006

Soft skin slipping under his hand, her whimper of protest and want in his ears, stiffened his cock. The soft, pliable weight of her body across his lap felt warm and sensual as he lifted the hem of her skirt.

The first stinging slap made her jump and gasp. It was as though she hadn’t expected him to actually strike her. The second sharp slap of his palm on her bottom made her writhe, trying to grind her clit hard against his thigh.

He eased his hand between her trembling thighs and spread them wide. Looking down he could see his finger marks reddening on her skin. The curves and hollows leading to her sex were a fascination. He never got bored looking at women. He tapped her labia with the flat of his hand, the soft, sensitive flesh absorbing his strike. Her thighs opened even wider, as though to encourage more of the same.

“Soon my sweet, ulus escort soon.” He whispered. He began slapping her pussy in a slow rhythm, punctuated by her cries, each strike a little harder than the one before. Tightening his grip on her hair, he held her firmly on his lap as she bucked and arched in response to the intimate punishment.

He changed his style of attack before she tipped over into orgasm.

A rain of sharp stinging slaps to her quivering buttocks made her arch and sob with pleasure, pain and humiliation. He paused to admire the way her hips twisted on his lap.

He took a bottle of lubricant from the side table and drizzled a stream of liquid between her buttocks. The cool gel on her stinging skin and sensitive labia made her gasp and wriggle under his restraining hand. With his cupped hand he spread the slippery liquid over her sex and ass, all the while she moaned and ground her hips against his thighs. Then he plunged two stiff fingers into her sopping wet heat and his index finger deep into her ass, his little finger ground against her slippery clit. She groaned, soul deep, sounding like she so needed to come.

He searched internally with questing fingers for her spot, feeling his fingers through the thin membrane between them. His probing explorations stretching and filling her, making her writhe wildly around his penetrating hand. He felt his cock trapped between yenimahalle escort her hip and his groin, react in response when he found his goal and she cried out.

“Oh Fuck! Yesss, there. Harder, do it harder.” She sobbed.

“Patience, Little One, patience.” He leant closer to her ear and crooned, in that low voice that she so adored.

“I shall allow you to cum soon.”


He read the e-mail again.

‘Sir. I felt I must to write to you. Your stories arouse me and your recordings give me so much pleasure. You have such a deep, intimate effect on me, I just had to let you know.

I wanted to say thank you and ask that you please don’t stop.’

He considered the mental image of this woman he had never met, listening to his voice in her room, alone. He envisaged her arching her back and climaxing. It was a very satisfying image. He pulled the keyboard closer and began to type a polite thank you for her feedback.


He watched her on the screen, the Skype image was very clear. Her hands punished her breasts, fingers squeezing and pinching her nipples.

Her every action was at his direction, his objective to take her deeper into submission to his will.

“You can feel my breath, hot on your skin. Open for me, let me cover your sex with my mouth, feel me suck you.”

He watched as her legs spread and her hips writhed wildly. Her breathing was coming in deep, gasping draughts and her head thrashed from side to side.

“Feel my tongue slip into you, searching for your spot. Stretching you. Filling you.”

Her intense reactions to his words, the sounds and the wet gleam of her labia, told him she was very ready.

“As I count from three, you feel my tongue moving faster, harder. As I count down the pressure to come gets stronger. When I reach one, you will feel ready to explode in ecstasy.”

Every word seemed to impact upon her; she was twisting and bucking, moaning with increasing intensity.

“Three…” His voice was firm, demanding.

“Oh God!” Chloe, cried out as though he had struck her.


“Fuck, sooo want to cum.”

“One…” he deliberately withheld his next words, drawing out the tension wracking Chloe.

“Pleeease! Let me cum…”

He smiled as he watched her hips grinding against her invisible lover.

Drawing a deep breath he spoke the words Chloe desperately needed to hear.

“Come hard for me!


She was sprawled naked, face down on the hotel room bed, the smooth soft skin of her bottom, red from being spanked. Her inner thighs were slippery, slick from the orgasms he had already dredged from deep within her.

He stood over her, one hand stroking his erection, the other dangling the leather cuffs with which he was going to restrain her.

“I am going to do very bad things to you, Chloe.” He spoke in that low, intimate voice that she had said made her tremble and melt.

“Yes please, Sir.” he heard her whimper into the pillow.

**The End**

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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