Dean’s Office

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One day while at school, something interesting happened. I should start by saying that I am eighteen years old and attend a private college. It is a coed school and all the boys and girls are required to wear a uniform. I am there on an academic scholarship and must maintain a certain level of excellence to keep my scholarship. The rules here are kept quite strictly. One day in class our teacher, Mr. Black decided to give us a pop quiz. No one had really studied. I noticed that the boy next to me was looking onto my paper for the answers. How dare he! One thing that had been strictly enforced was cheating. If one was caught, it could result in expulsion and no school would want someone who had been thrown out of a highly rated college. School policy was that if you saw someone cheating to report it to the teacher or to the dean.

After class ended and I was making my way out, the boy who had been cheating off of my paper slipped me a note on my desk as he left. I opened it, “meet me right after school in room 127 downstairs. It will be important that you be there!” Now what did he want?

When school ended I made my way downstairs and walked into the room I was instructed to. I sat down in a school desk and waited for the boy I had seen cheating off me. I think his name was Billy. After about twenty minutes, he walked in with such confidence I knew something was suspicious.

He got up in my face and told me, “I am going to make this simple: I know you saw me looking on to your test today and that the rules say that you are to turn them in. However, if you do, I will just deny the whole thing and have my dad get me off scott-free and you will lose your scholarship in the end.” He moved a little closer and I watched as his eyes moved up and down my body, again. “And don’t worry, if I have doubts that you are going to tell, you will pay!”

“But what if someone saw and they know that we each know, then we will both get it.”

“Meet me at my house tonight and I will tell you my plan, but I got to run now, agreed?”


That night I went to his house expected just to be there for a little while he explained his plan to me about how I wouldn’t get in trouble. Little did I know. I knocked on the door and he answered. We went upstairs to his bedroom and I sat on the bed as he closed the door.

“Madison, you know how I told you about a plan of how we wouldn’t get in trouble and you wouldn’t have to loose your scholarship?”

“Uh huh,” I said curiously.

“Well, I think we should make a small deal. You do a little favor for me and I won’t have your scholarship taken away.”

“You? How could you do that? What’s your favor?”

“Let’s just say I have my ways,” he came closer to me and sat next to be one the bed and continued to say, “I want a blowjob from that hot mouth of yours.”

“No way, Billy.” I said as I moved farther away from him on the bed. He cheated off me! He was the one who did something wrong and now I was the one who had to pay?

“Oh yeah, I think so. And look what you’ve done to me already.” He looked down at his pants and there was a bulge quite large. “And let’s say that if you don’t start soon you will have to pay even more.”


“Uh huh. I’m not playing around now. Come on Madison, I bet you’re one hell of a cocksucker. Why don’t you show me?” I looked back down at his bulge. It was as if he was pointing right at me. I just stared for a moment. “Now, Madison. Go ahead take it out. It’s begging for you.”

“I can’t Billy. I’m sorry.”

“I told you I wasn’t playing around. Now you’re going to have to do it twice as much.” He said suspiciously.

“Oh Brian, why don’t you come out here and give me a hand with Madison?” And in a few seconds, another one of my classmates walked in with a giant grin on his face. He walked over to the bed where Billy and I were both seated. He sat on the other side of me. I looked back at Billy and I saw his give Brian a sign. What was he going to do? Or should I say what was he going to do to me? He went to the other side of the bed. Next thing I know Billy is pushing me backwards on the bed so that I am now laying on my back. I feel someone grab my wrist and hold them above my head. I tried to get free, but in my current position I couldn’t move an inch. Everything is happening so fast. I watch Billy. He is grinning at the other end of the bed where my legs are. I see his hands move towards me legs. His touches my knee and my body jumped.

“I told you we couldn’t have done it an easier way, but no. You had to be stubborn. Now we’ll see how you like it.” His hand moves higher and higher up my leg. I give him an icy look hoping that he would discontinue his actions. I was wrong. His hand continued to make its way under my skirt to my panties. He rubbed my pussy.

“Oh yeah. She’s already hot.” My pussy was really wet and there was nothing I could do.

He took off his pants and there was a huge tent poking through his briefs. My mouth watered, but I showed no sign of enjoyment. I was getting so turned ulus escort on and I don’t even know why. He looked at me as my eyes wondered straight to his cock as he peeled off his underwear to reveal a beautiful cock. He came closer to me and sat right next to my body that was unable to move. He put his finger to my chest and ran it down to my pussy. He was teasing me and it was working. He straddled my waist. His cock was sticking straight out at me. It glistened with a wetness that made me even wetter. He ran his hands over my breasts and then pushed up my white tee shirt and bra. He pinched my nipples. I yelled in pain. He then moved his hands over my head and positioned his cock closer and closer to my face.

“Come on Baby, make me cum. I know you want to.” It was all on me now. I didn’t want to get in trouble and didn’t see another way out of this. I opened my mouth and licked his cock and kissed the head. Once I had the head in my mouth he put it in farther. I began to suck him. He moaned. I felt his hands hold me down and Brian moved somewhere else. Soon I feel my skirt being raised and a hand searching around my pussy. Brian’s hand went over my pussy lips and rubbed gently. I knew he knew that I like what he was doing and wanted more. Next his hand slipped under my panties and a finger was probing my wet pussy. I continued to suck Billy’s cock and a moan escaped me and I almost gagged on it as it slid farther down my throat. In some sick way, I think I really liked this rape-like scene. Brian’s finger went into my pussy and I tried to get it in deeper, but he just teased me.

“Hey Billy, you should check this out. She wants it really bad. And she’s so wet I can’t believe it.” Brian said in amazement.

“Don’t worry I’ll take care of her after she makes you and I cum.” I couldn’t wait. “Come on Madison, suck me harder. I know you can do better than that. Mmmm, oh yeah, that’s it baby. I’m gonna cum real soon if you keep that up. Oh god, I knew you were good at this.”

Brian kept playing with my pussy and teasing it. It just made me suck Billy as hard as I could. When I felt him getting close, I opened my throat and let his slide deeper inside my mouth. I bobbed my head and he fucked my mouth faster and faster.

“I’m gonna cum.. Oh yes.. Don’t stop.. Make me cum hard Madison.. I’m.. CUMMMMIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGG!!!” He filled me will his seed and I swallowed every drop, but I wasn’t done yet. Billy changed position so that he was still holding my wrists, but was no longer straddle on top of me. I looked down at Brian. He was smiling and soon took the position that Billy had. And I began to suck him off just as I had done to Billy. Within a few minutes he was close.

“Oh yes baby. Suck me harder!! I’m soooooo close!” Just as Brian yelled out in pleasure I felt something between my legs. Billy’s hand had managed to get in my panties. He started fingering me. It felt so good. Right then, Brian came and let go of my hands. Then Billy placed his cock at my pussy and rubbed my wet slit. I was so close to cumming.

“Mmmmmmm. No, you can’t do that.” I tried to say.

“I know you want me to make you cum.” And I did so desperately. But he removed his cock and just walked away leaving me there wet and horny as hell. I grabbed my stuff and ran. As I walked out the door I could hear Billy telling Brian that he got me wanting him now and that I was left so hot that he could fuck me anytime he wanted. He was right, but I couldn’t let him see that part of me.

The next day I got called to the dean’s office. I began to get very nervous. Couldn’t image what he possibly wanted. I sat in the secretary’s office for what seem like forever before Mr. Richardson called me in through the intercom. Goosebumps ran up and down my whole body, my teeth began to chatter, and I could feel my nipples getting hard through my bra. I walked into the huge office slowly. It was a beautiful office. Not your typical one either. It had two antique red velvety seats in front of his desk. A library with many books to the right of the door as I walked in that seemed to take up the whole wall. The next thing I set my eyes on was his desk. It was a smooth red colored wood and seemed to be fair empty for someone who usually had lots of paper work to do.

I continued to walk in slowly and I looked directly at Mr. Richardson. He was seated behind his desk in a large luxurious chair with his hands probably on his lap just staring at me. He was an older man, but rather handsome. He had a little bit a gray, but it just added to his good looks. And he always wore nice suits and made his stand out like a gentleman. The girls had talked about how his body was underneath and we just guessed that he had a nice muscular body that he hides under his fine suits. But he didn’t give his personality away too but seems to always be serious when the time was needed for it, which is why I guess he is the dean now. He was giving me a look that felt like his eyes we going right through me. It just made me more nervous. I was so scared and couldn’t imagine what yenimahalle escort he wanted. Nobody gets called to the dean’s office unless you are rewarded or in severe trouble. I stood next to the chair and waited for his instruction, “Please have a seat Madison,” he said in a stern manner. I sat. The seats were very comfortable and smooth to my skin.

“Madison, I have been looking through your file and see that you are an excellent student.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“You understand here that we have rules that students must follow and when followed well will maybe even be rewarded?”

“Yes sir, I try to follow all the rules here. I am very appreciative to go here, sir.”

“Then you understand that when a rule is broken, someone must take responsibility for the action?” He said and I watched as his eyes went down my body and back up meeting with my eyes.

“Sir, have I done something wrong?” I say very nervously of the respond I might get. Did he know what I had done with Billy? I started to remember and see myself with Billy again and I felt flushed. I started to lose feeling in my legs and uncrossed them awaiting a response. I noticed that while I uncrossed my legs, Mr. Richardson was staring right at my legs. Was the dean trying to look up my skirt?

“Yes, Madison. I am not going to beat around the bush,” right then he looked my straight in the eyes. “Today, I had someone come talk to me about you.” I sat more on the edge of my seat not noticing that my skirt was going higher and higher up my thigh. The suspense was killing me.

“I have proof now that you have been cheating in one of your classes.” I thought to myself, me? Damn Billy. He must have been the one who told Mr. Richardson that I had cheating just because I wouldn’t let him fuck me! Damn that kid!

“I am afraid to say that the punishment for cheating will result in the loss of your scholarship and I will have to call your parents immediately.” As soon as he finished my heart sank and he started to call his secretary for my home number. What was I going to do? If my folks found out I would never be allowed to go to school and lose all respect from them. The secretary called in over the intercom and told Mr. Richardson my number as he wrote it down and thanked her.

As he went to pick up the phone to call I couldn’t help myself, but I jumped up and touched his hand and said, “Please Sir, there must be something I can do.” He stared at how my hand touched his. “I’ll do anything Sir, but please don’t call my folks.” I pleaded. Realizing that I had just said I would do anything and that he might have know about what I did with Billy I started to get a little aroused and very nervous. I thought my heart was going to beat through my chest. He moved his eyes off my hand and looked at me in such away it made me shiver. Then removed his hand off the phone and sat back in his chair comfortably.

“There is a book on the very top shelf of my library that explains school policy for this. Bring it here.” I stood up and walked over to the library. I could feel his eyes on my body as I walked across the room. I saw there were a few books on policy of school discipline. With my back to him, I reached up to grab it. I had to stand on my tippie-toes. I could also feel my skirt rising higher and higher up my thighs. I touched one of the books as I felt my skirt rise right below my ass and asked, “Is this what you wanted, sir?” Hoping he realized that I was talking about the book not my position.

“Yes.” He said with a different tone. I tingled. As I tried to get the book down for a brief second I could tell that my panties were exposed to my dean. It turned me on a little more. I knew I was getting wet already. I carried the heavy book around to behind his left side of his desk.

“Put it there.” He instructed to the right side of his desk. The farthest point possible. So I reached over him trying to reach across but I wasn’t long enough. Before I could do anything I realized that I had just positioned myself over his legs with my arms on the other side of where I was standing. While still trying to place the book where he asked, I felt his hand touch my leg. I froze. I couldn’t move my body and I couldn’t speak. I felt his hand trail higher up my leg.

“I can think of one way that I wouldn’t call your folks and a way to punish you for what you’ve done.” His hand moved slowly under my skirt over my panty-covered ass, which was right below his face by the way I was positioned. “What cute white cotton panties, very nice.” Oh my, I hope he didn’t see the huge wet spot.

“God, you have a beautiful body, Madison. I see you walking through school in that hot sexy uniform not caring about what effect you have on the boys and me. You don’t know how you make me feel just by looking at you in that short skirt uniform,” he said gently as I felt another hand exploring and squeezing my ass. I felt his hands reach to the crotch of my panties and he rubbed them. All I could do was moan as he said, “mmmm, she’s already wet, very nice.” It was true. I was so turned on and getting wetter by the minute.

I felt his hands on each one of my hips as his grabbed the elastic sides of my panties with each thumb and pulled.

“I think naughty girls who cheat should get a good spanking.” He said as he ever so slowly slid my panties over my ass and down my thighs and left them at my knees. I thought I was going to cum right then, but I didn’t. He slowly raised my skirt exposing my ass to his eyes and everything else. He caressed my ass and thighs without ever touching my pussy. It felt so good. It was like he was trying to tease me and get me hot.
And it was working well. I wanted him to play with me. Getting so hot and wet with the boys yesterday and not being able to cum then was killing me. I needed to cum and was hoping that Mr. Richardson would be of great help.

“Lay across my lap now.” He commanded. It was turning me on so much how he was telling me what to do. I did what he said. As soon as my weight was on him I could feel the warm from his body not to mention something hard and poking me in the stomach.

“I’m going to spank this lovely ass now and give you your punishment you naughty girl,” his dirty words were making me so hot. All I could do was let out a moan of passion.

“Have you ever been spank, Madison?” But before I could speak, SMACK!!! Oh my god, he spanked me and it was hard. I felt a light sting on my ass along with a familiar tingle, too.

“No, sir.”

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He was hitting me hard. Each time he slapped my ass I could feel myself rubbing against what seemed like a huge cock. SMACK! SMACK! I could feel my ass turning red and it started to hurt. It was also setting my pussy on fire.

“Then I better make this is good one.” SMACK! SMACK!

“Sir, please. It hurts so much. Please stop!” I cried out.

“This isn’t for your pleasure, Madison, but a punishment you got yourself!” SMACK! SMACK!

“Please, sir, I beg you. I can’t take anymore. It’s hurts too much, please!”

“Really.” He said sarcastically. “You don’t like me spanking your sweet ass?”

“No, sir, please stop!” this little game had made me more aroused than I had ever been. My pussy was so hot I knew I was close to cumming. I hoped that he didn’t notice.

“That’s right, beg me to stop.” SMACK! SMACK!

“Please, Mr. Richardson. I beg you. Please stop spanking my ass. It hurts too much,” I whimpered. And he stopped. He began to caress my red-hot ass and it felt wonderful to his touch.

“Did you like me spanking you?” Again before I could answer I felt his hand roam my ass and this time he went straight to my pussy. Oh god. He ran his fingers over my swollen wet pussy lips. All I could do was moan and tingle. He was teasing me with his slow fingers and I loved it more than anything.

“Oh my. I think you liked it. I think you loved it. Your pussy is drenched. And I bet you came a few times, too.” He said as he slipped a finger over my swollen clit and took it away.

“Mmmmmm,” escaped my mouth. I wanted him to play with me and never stop. And he could tell that’s how I felt, too. He rubbed my pussy slowly and pushed a finger inside of my hot wet tunnel. He began to fuck me too slowly. I tried moving my hips so that I could force his finger in farther, but it didn’t work too well and he knew it.

“What do you want?” He knew he had me right where he wanted me and wanted to hear me beg him to touch me.

“I want to feel you touch me, please sir,” I begged like he wanted. I then felt his finger slide in deeper.


“My pussy sir,” I said saying the word pussy slowly and in a pleading and sexy tone. He began to finger me a little harder and faster. My breathing quickened and I moan many times. He got harder and faster while he thumbed my stiff clit. I felt another finger enter me. I could feel my inner walls stretch a bit. His two fingers went in and out of my pussy really fast and he brought me to orgasm rather soon.

“OOOoohh, mmmmmm.” I came all over his hand and could feel it flow down my ass. I watched as he brought his cum covered fingers to his face and licked and sucked them clean. After I came down from my hard trip, I realized that his cock was pushing though his pants and even had a little wet spot on the front. After staring and watching his cock move a little I looked back into his eyes. Mr. Richardson gave me a stern look as if he was commanding me to give him a blowjob without words. It was such as hot look.
I got off his lap to sit on the floor behind his desk so he could pivot his chair so that my face was between his legs. I looked up at him with a look of innocence.

“I want you to take my cock out that your hot little spanking has made so hard and suck it,” he ordered. I reached up and ran my hands over where his bugle was. I could tell he wanted to be go slowly and take me time so he could enjoy this as much as he could. I unzipped his pants and took out his cock that had been so patient in getting some attention. It stood up and just starred at me. It was so long and pretty thick too. Made me wetter just by looking at it. I ran my fingertips along the shaft and watched for it to try to keep in touch with my fingers. It was so hard and stiff.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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