Alice Manipulated Ch. 16

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How does a pretty but religious and very naive 21 year-old virgin, who sings in her local church choir and prays to God every night, get enticed into first time torrid sex in a downtown motel? The seduction and sex starts here.

First and foremost blame it on tiny Alice, the horny part-time fantasy model who was wearing the tight pussy hugging Spandex legless shorts at the supermarket when she bumped into the shy suburban divorced daddy called Danny. Their chance meeting gave the quiet and respectable 42 year-old man from the leafy middle class suburbs a chance to ask a modern young woman his daughter’s age how he should approach his dearest Dawn to say how he’s desperately lonely for you know what he’s missing.

Being a regular church goer too, he knows that incest’s very very naughty but if it’s in good taste the way it happens, consensual and it’s between adults it’s still terribly sexy if only to read about it. That’s especially so for a naive suburban daddy trying to reach out to an equally naive suburban girl-next-door.

Spunky Alice was so taken aback by this forlorn and harmless character she took him aside at a local motel for a crash course in things he could do to help delicious Dawn appreciate his company a whole lot more. (hot Chapter 15) One thing for sure Dawn could show her daddy the value of all that oral exercise she gets singing in the church choir and give him something to crow about.

It’s a double whammy here: a man who married too young (big mistake) a religiously bent divorced doting daddy in his early 40s who’s missing sex. He’s got a 21 year-old naive virgin daughter with no idea about men because of her cloistered upbringing yet she’s toting a hot sassy body with a tight ass any real man would drool over, a really cute younger-than-she-is face with mouth watering full luscious lips and dreamy bedroom eyes.

She’s remarkably like Alice in many ways – her tits are so tiny there’s no point her wearing a bra and undressed it upsets her that her adolescent-like body belies her real age. Most people Dawn meets are amazed she’s a working girl.

She’s so spiritually close to the church the diocese administrator, a 58 year-old balding bachelor she always addresses as Mr Barrett, gave the clerical assistant position to Dawn and guess what? Since she started work there at 18 for the past three and a half years he’s encouraged her to keep wearing to work her teen-type short skirts saying it makes the office more refreshing to see such youthful vitality in his surroundings. You know why don’t you? He’s got a ceiling high bookcase with high ladder to retrieve books and files he always asks her to get for him. Being a gentleman he always holds the ladder for her safety.

Dawn’s so small at 4 feet 9 inches and with curvy but trim and tiny 27Acup-20-33 inch measurements that her doting daddy can imagine how easy it would be to flip her over into different positions on the bed in a close encounter of the naughtiest kind. And even better, if she’s riding on top he could handle the horsing around with such a lightweight jockey in the saddle making him show his real colours. Trouble is, Dawn’s his daughter and he’s told Alice it makes him feel guilty. She thinks she can turn his guilt feelings into a positive reasoning and help his young peach out of a predicament at the same time.

Alice knows what it must be like for Dawn with a similar build for that age. Alice gets tired of people mistaking her maturity but at least she’s learnt in her part-time fantasy modelling jobs how to turn it to advantage by her getting off with guys turned on by perceptions of an even more personally secretive kind.

Danny struck gold when he saw Alice at the supermarket and recognised how much she resembled his Dawn in shape and size and even took her for a junior high school hottie. He thanked God when he found out she wasn’t jailbait but a real live and kicking 21 year-old working receptionist little sexpot. Just like his innocent daughter.

To cut a long story short Alice’s pledged to help him get Dawn on side for a more liberal relationship in their two-person home getting him to bring her to the same shopping centre cafe where he spilled his beans to her the previous week, humiliated but thankful. He’s been told to buy her a sexy pair of black silk thong panties to make her wonder what he’s up to and talk her into wearing them for him on this particular day. She’s doing it to please him because she knows he’s been a dear doting daddy all along and knows he’s feeling miserable. Besides no one else knows she’s wearing such provocative panties.

She’s off to meet Alice wearing them under her cute new black and white spotted miniskirt, a matching sleeveless top that falls to just above her navel for a bare midriff look and secured over the shoulders by thin black straps. Her teen-look outfit is complemented by her short bobby socks and pink joggers.

Dawn’s fallen for the trap of dressing for the age she looks rather than something more sophisticated, but young habits die hard and some of her habits bursa escort bayan make Danny hard. She stands an inch shorter than tiny Alice with brown hair that spills several inches past her shoulders. Like Alice she doesn’t wear a bra because she doesn’t need one.

Danny and Dawn are about to arrive at the shopping centre where Alice is waiting sportingly in ankle length pale blue lycra tights without underwear to show off her curvaceous camel toe cleavage all the better between her shapely thighs.

All Danny’s told Dawn about Alice is that she works for a doctor but he fibs about her having qualifications in psychology and studying in sexual anatomy. It was her idea for him to tell Dawn that so she can accelerate the seduction process, and she’s so confident she’s already booked a room at the Daydreamer’s Motel.

“I don’t mind meeting this woman daddy but I still can’t figure out why it’s so important and why it must be today,” Dawn asks as they get out of his Lexus.

“I tried to tell you honey but you were watching that dopey soapie on the box that I want you to meet this lady as she’s a spitting image of you in her looks. Not the face or hair as she’s blonde with twin pigtails but just about everywhere else. And you know how you’ve told me several times you feel cheated by not having a fuller figure or being taller and people mistake you for being much younger and how much it bugs you; well this Alice has been through the same thing that’s all.

“What’s important I had a talk to her about me being worried about you being so serious and prim and proper and you don’t seem to be enjoying life like lots of others chicks your age.

“You know, she works for this doctor; he’s very good and Alice she’s into psychology and all that stuff about female and male attitudes. It’s over my head but it might help you.”

“What’s she like though, to talk to I mean, you know I’m very shy daddy and being put on the spot makes me a bit nervous.”

“Alice, she’s a crackerjack kid just like you only she doesn’t go as far as joining her church choir like you. Yeah, but with her work and her studies she understands what makes men tick. This is what you don’t know anything about. That’s why I’m worried about you kid.”

“Don’t be a silly old man daddy, you know I love you dearly,” Dawn says taking his hand just as he spots Alice through the throng of people walking through the mall. She’s sitting at the same seat at the alfresco cafe so he hopes she keeps her voice a lot lower level this time.

Alice stands up to meet them and to Dawn’s surprise, gives him a light kiss on the lips. “It’s lovely to meet you too, Dawn, she gestures, leaning across with one hand touching his daughter on the side of the face and giving her a slightly more impressionable soft kiss on the lips. It’s subtle and looks a normal greeting but it’s enough to send a little tremor up Dawn’s spine. No man, let alone a woman, has ever kissed her even gently on the lips.

They sit and Danny orders coffee and sandwiches. What Alice doesn’t know and even Danny doesn’t know amazing as it seems, Dawn’s one of those uncommon females that’s leading up to sex here without knowing it, yet she’s pre-orgasmic – she’s never brought herself to self-induced orgasm. Some chicks deeply religious are like that, believing that good girls don’t touch themselves. On the occasions she started to do it, her guilt complex stopped her from going on with it. Talk about mind over matter.

They eat and sip coffee for half an hour talking small talk until Alice senses the chance comes up to open the discussion to where she wants to manoeuvre the conversation.

“Oh on that point Dawn,” Alice asks, “I take it you don’t have a boyfriend?”

“Oh no, I don’t go out with any boys.”

“At your age isn’t that a bit unusual?”

“Well I just don’t have the confidence I guess because I’m so small that after church it’s always older men coming up to talk to me, but no one my own age group. Daddy thinks I’m putting them off by being in the choir, you know, like the street corner tambourine girl in the Salvation Army band, they know you’re especially dedicated to the church and not out for a good time.”

“Yes I can see that and you’re tiny just like me that’s why Danny wanted us to meet. I used to worry about the same things as you do now, I’d look in the mirror and see a girl’s body, not a woman’s body and I thought that’s a turn-off for men so I didn’t try to mix and try to match it with the other chicks my age at high school.

“I got knocked back at my first five job applications because when I turned up for the interview and got rejected they all said I needed more time to mature; I’m sure they thought I quit school early. Thanks to my uncle Bernie he got the local doctor to at least try me out. He sure did.”

“I agree you don’t look your age either,” Dawn admits.

“Well Dawn, it was my doctor that convinced me there are lots of men who actually love a chick my size so I should be proud of it and make it work gorukle escort for me.”

“That’s fine for you Alice but daddy knows only too well, I’ve had no experience whatsoever with the opposite sex and I know I’m staid and boring but my only interest is mixing with people at the church hoping to meet a guy as shy as me.”

Alice leans across the table and wags her finger. “No! That’s the wrong thing to do. You need a man who’s experienced, not a learner or worse, a virgin like you otherwise you’ll both face years of unhappiness for not knowing how to please each other. Do you masturbate often?”

The question came so fast and unexpectedly it seemed as though Alice fired it from a gun right at her heart. Dawn blushes and looks around in case the remark’s overheard. “That’s a bit personal isn’t it? I mean you’re asking me about something no girl would talk about even if she did it.”

“Hey Dawn I’ve got news for you, nine out of ten chicks do it regularly or occasionally; it’s a pretty natural thing you must have learnt that as a kid. I’m asking you for a good reason not to be smart by half.”

Dawn looks at her father, blushes again, looks around in case anyone heard and whispers to Alice.

“No, well I was one of the kids that mom taught me to believe it’s not the sort of thing a good girl does so at times when I wanted to I felt real guilty and stopped. Why are you asking me this?”

“Because I can see you’re a young lady with a good future likely to be ruined because you’re missing out on so much you should know about right now. Your father’s frantic, I mean he’s frantic over it; he’s worried you’ll meet a guy one day who’ll whisk you off and you’ll get in the family way the first time you do something.”

“What are you getting at? I don’t knock around with strange men.”

“No Dawn but you’re 21 for God’s sake and so am I but I woke up to the fact I was hopelessly inadequate in knowing how to cope with sex and that was because like you are now, I was in denial about my size. I thought no man would be attracted to me.”

“Well how did you get over it?” the choir girl queries.

“It was my doctor, I asked him thinking I was too small to receive ah, let’s say a well endowed man and like you, I used to avoid dates rather than risk being embarrassed. I was so innocent and naive. Well the doc checked me out and found I was okay there, yeah small on the outside but plenty of room inside.” (Chapters 1 & 2)

Dawn looks embarrassed and feels uncomfortable realising that at 21 she shouldn’t be hiding behind her own skirt. “I suppose it makes me look pathetic that I know nothing about the whole thing at my age but that’s just how it is.”

Alice admonishes her for accepting defeat so easily sensing that Dawn’s submissive and there’s every chance she can coax her to be more adventurous.

Wouldn’t you like to be like other chicks your age and still go to church just the same and still sing in the choir like Danny told me?”

Dawn looks at her father with a flabbergasted expression and faces Alice. “I don’t know what to do about it, where to start or anything; I just hoped to meet a guy as hopeless as me so I wouldn’t look bad.”

“Let me tell you something straight Dawn, I work with a doctor and I’m studying aspects of sexuality between males and females and I can tell you this, things are different now to when your mother first told you that good girls don’t pleasure themselves. So you still haven’t?”


“I find that incredibly hard to believe,” Alice responds, “but your daddy told me you need help so here I am.”

“What? You’re going to help me know how to please myself or a man? What? Sitting here at a cafe in the mall?”

“No Dawn, we’re going somewhere else to work on it; look you’re a fine good looking young chick but really you’re not a girl anymore you just look like you are and act like you are. You need to have the kid in you taken right out of you so you become a woman and think like one.”

“How do I do that- knock the little girl thing out of me just like that?”

“By letting a man put you know what in you and the girl becomes a woman, that’s how.”

“Oh sure,” Dawn jests, “just like that, I don’t even know anyone who could do that and I’d not let him do that unless we were married anyway.”

Danny shakes his head and quips, “See what I mean Alice, it’s not easy.”

“Okay Dawn you want to marry someone and let it happen later. Well I’ve got news for you, you’re courting disaster and anyway, the way you’re going you could be another ten years older and you’re going to leave your youth behind you without ever knowing the real joy of youthful passion. What you need is some discreet lessons with someone you can trust that won’t hurt you by dumping you and talking about you behind your back.”

“Oh sure, I’ll put an ad in the paper,” the pint sized sexpot-in-the making jokes.

“No, you can turn to your own daddy to show you.”

“What?” Dawn says in a raised voice and bursa merkez escort bayan leaning forward.”Are you serious? Daddy’s my father.”

“Yes Dawn I your daddy’s your father, I knew that before we got here and he’s a good father, at least he didn’t walk out on you like your mother did.” Danny puts his arm around his daughter knowing she’s confused but he also knows she’s at the crossroads and he hopes she prefers to take the straight up route to work out her dilemma.

“I love you Dawn, you know that and I just want you to have every chance in life; and it’s important you know how to handle a guy for your own sake,” he says to her softly, giving her a squeeze.

“What are you really saying Alice?” asks the nervous choir girl.

“What I’m saying Dawn is that we’ll go somewhere very private and you can get some important lessons from Danny.”

“It finally dawns on Dawn what that means, a new horizon in her life called incest.

“I can’t do that, it’s wrong, and besides I read somewhere that some females end up emotionally confused later in life when a father does it with his daughter.”

Alice won’t relent and has the answer for anything Dawn puts up as a barrier. “Yes Dawn but only when it’s done badly. You don’t get to hear of the bigger number that wanted it, enjoyed it and looked back knowing it didn’t harm them; we all know that the negative side of a story makes the news but don’t let the facts get in the way of a shock headline,” she says critical of media sensationalism. “Besides some of the very self same crusaders would choke on their halos if the truth were only known.”

Dawn turns up her nose. “Okay I heard you and sure, I love my father but why pick on him? He wouldn’t want to teach me those things.”

“I’ll come back to that Dawn but at your age you really should be much more experienced; there are chicks out there to put you to shame”

“What? Because I’m a virgin and go to church?”

“No not that, in fact it’s lovely for a woman to be virtuous in her day to day life but she still needs to know what sex is about regardless for her own sake. Do you want to go to your local doctor to find out what things like intercourse and orgasms are about?”

“Heavens no!” she replies almost snappily.

“Okay then so you’re a virgin, that’s fantastic provided you’re prepared to know things you should know for when a boyfriend wants something and you don’t want to lose him. Is your hymen intact or did it break playing sport or stretching or something?”

“It’s gone ages ago.”

“Well good. That’ll make things a whole lot more simple for you; now I want you to answer a personal question but he honest with me, when’s the last time you wondered about how big your daddy’s penis is?

Dawn blushes so easily. “That’s getting a bit personal isn’t it?” she fires back. “He doesn’t want to know the last time his daughter thinks about him that way. Besides I don’t write things like that in a diary.”

“Ah!” Alice pounces. “So it’s crossed your mind more than once eh? That’s normal don’t worry.”

“Hey I don’t sit there all day thinking about it don’t get me wrong, it’s just that sometimes I did wonder.”

“Okay then what did you actually wonder?”

Dawn glances at her father to see if he’s looking at her and goes red in the face when she sees him smiling and appearing to be giving her a gentle approving nod. She looks down at her lap as if to hide as if she’s been flushed out of hiding and wants to go back to where it’s safer.

“Well I’m a grown girl after all surely I can think what I like without explaining anything,” she says defensively.

“Okay then that’s good,” chatters Alice, “so being a grown girl like you say you can easily say the words I want to hear; you know from one chick to the next.”

“I can’t,” she insists. “Daddy’s listening and I’m embarrassed enough as it is.”

Alice gets him to put his hands over his ears and he does, but he cuffs them slightly so he can still hear anyway.

“Well Alice,” she starts without any sign of confidence turning to see if he’s blocked his ears, “I only wondered how big it was and (whispering) if he ever got an erection touching it.”

Alice smiles. “That’s better, a bit of frank honesty, you can take your hands off your ears now Danny,” she gesticulates.

“Now Danny without telling you what Dawn just told me, let me ask you a question, how big’s your old fella and have you ever got hard by rubbing it as though it’s Alladin’s Lamp?”

It’s a smart move by Alice, drawing the novice closer to complete capture only she doesn’t know – that’s why she’s still a novice. Danny puts his hands out as though he skiting to another man about catching a big fish. “It’s seven and a half inches long and two inches across and yes, I’ve had erections at home thinking about Dawn and wondering how big she was in the same place.”

His young sweet and lovely looks at him and straight back at Alice, mouth agape, not knowing what to say so Alice breaks the ice.

“That’s good. Hear that Dawn, your daddy’s a typical man after all, he wonders what’s under your clothes so there, you both need to give each other some visual answers. Just for the record Dawn, seven and a half inches is good, it’s considered on the bigger side but lots of men have much bigger ones though most don’t. Work that one out.”

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