Mayıs 24, 2021

The Reunion

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An excerpt from a story I began about 2 years ago.


We saw each other in the airport, and in an instant, we knew what would transpire… Our eyes locked, and with each step bringing us closer and closer to each other, we spoke volumes without saying a word. My ears focused on the staccato sound your heels made as they clicked across the terminal floor. You measured my distance from you by taking in the warm fragrance of my scent – pheromonically enhanced by both my cologne, and my arousal upon sight of you. As we finally stood face to face, close enough for a kiss, we exchanged the sexiest of smiles only – and submitted to the reunion, to each other.

Purposefully, our initial embrace was brief, and we managed to stave off the initial urge to exact what had been building now that we finally reached each other through time and distance…it didn’t make things any easier. The sensual tension was broken only a couple of times through shared humor, but was quickly reestablished after stealing steamy, lustful glances, anticipatory of the oncoming carnal eruption. Your skirt was tastefully short – enough to allow my eyes to trace the lacy tops of your thigh-high hose all the way down to the smooth, sleek contours of your four-inch stiletto pumps. My peripheral vision has always been acute… so I didn’t miss you gripping the steering wheel as you softly bit your lip, displaying the oh so subtle signs of erotic anticipation.

As we left the elevator of the hotel, my own journey of romantic anxiety had taken it’s toll illegal bahis – the combination of the multi-angled reflection causing visual stimulation my mind wasn’t quite ready for, coupled with the floral essences emanating from your skin, nearly drove me mad in the confined space. You knew this though, as you smiled at my efforts to keep my composure with the elderly couple sharing the ride gleefully smiling at me, as if they were somehow intent on seeing me lose it. Once the doors closed, and our strides slowly quickened, the card couldn’t go in the slot fast enough. The touch of your hand on my shoulder turned me around – into what had to be the most fervent and heated kiss we ever shared…

…in perfect synchronization, our hands roamed and massaged, unbuckled, unfastened and unhooked, as we collapsed in a torrid embrace on the bed. Our bodies responded to each sweet discovery – from the moment I felt that your delicates were in absentia of your attire, to your revelation that your fingers still traced every muscular cut just as your mind remembered. As you remained in only heels and hose, my tongue reunited with every inch it desired. My shirt, ripped open in passion, drifted softly off my shoulders as my mouth enveloped the hardened pinnacles of your heaving bosom. Open-mouthed shudders escaped making way for the softest of moans, as my oral massage continued its path, all over your quivering skin, towards the softest place on earth. Upon arrival, the savored essences of your glistening skin paled in comparison to the illegal bahis siteleri taste of your sweet nectar.

I freed myself from the confines of my trousers, as I relished not only in the most decadent of treats for my tongue, but in the intensified breathing and aural response that accompanied my exploration of your vulnerability – my tongue showed no mercy, and combined with digital stimulation, it wouldn’t rest until I’d quenched my thirst of you. In an instant you stopped resisting and became aggressive all at once, demanding you be rewarded with what you ached for – gratification through penetration. Throbbing beneath me, my hardened phallus felt a soft splash, indicating our intimate contact as your grip on my neck and waist pulled my lips toward yours, calling me to share another embrace of tongues.

In your hands beneath me, you softly gripped my length as you guided it – and as our lips touched, I felt you give a satisfied smile…whether it was for the touch or for your expectation, I wasn’t sure or concerned – only that you were pleased. With a soft pop, the engorged mushroom-shaped tip slid effortlessly past your soft, wet entrance, and sent us both gasping for air as the contours inside of you and outside of me met with the most sensual friction…

The touch of your heels, stroking the outside of my thighs, prompted me to turn and delight at the sight of your ankles flexing intensely, and your toes pointing as if you were standing on the balls of your feet, letting me know I was giving you what canlı bahis siteleri you longed for. Deep, strong strokes met the firm, rhythmic grinding of your hips; your hands caressing the small of my back, urging me to apply more gravity and frequency, and awakening the sexual beast in me…

As your head turned to the side, and your moans and gasps for breath grew louder and more abbreviated, my body responded in turn by increasing the undulating ebb and flow of our bodies to a steady, pounding thrust, slapping my thighs on the inside of yours, and bringing us both toward a massive climax. My arms, bulging and muscular gave you a place to grip, as we both turned and relished the sight in the mirror to our right… our naked bodies locked in a frenetic, intense, erotic state making the most racy of adult films seem tame. As you uttered my name amongst the obscenities and vulgar instructions for me to continue, I felt the explosion welling up deep inside of me. The long wait to give you my essence was here, and I had no intentions of disappointing you…

It almost made me faint. All at once, every muscle in my body contracted, and every blood vessel pulsed far beyond normal parameters. Your body quaked, and your moan escalated into a soft scream of joy and agonizing sexual release. I unleashed a geyser of milky, creamy, smoldering hot desire deep inside of you like I never had. The uncontrolled bursts almost seemed to make you spasm with each blast of my orgasmic treasure remaining. The quality and quantity was sufficient enough to fill you to capacity, and send a warm, pleasurable stream of overflow past your back door, and onto the bed – where we rested…relishing the aftershocks…

…locked in an speechless embrace…

…and awaiting the second round.

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